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After hanging up the phone, I was left alone in the room thinking about it and couldn t think of a reason.When I arrived at the police station, I saw the kit that I lost yesterday.The difference is that when the landlady gave it to me yesterday, the kit was studded with gold threads and full of luxury, but the kit placed in front of me at this moment is covered with blood handed over together with the kit I also have a few photos of the murder scene.When I received these photos, I was too scared to catch them, and the photos were scattered all over the place.These photos were taken at the scene of the murder.The scene is very strange.I can be sure that it is a place I have never been to, but the corpse in this photo is very strange, because he is not lying on the ground at all, but standing on the ground.As soon as I opened the door, I kept a pale face and kept one foot up, trying to step in and couldn t move If the string of white footprints before my uncle came back last time was scary, how about the densely packed one in this room now It s nothing compared to nothing I can t help but think of the old lady of the landlady and the photo of the dead man.The difference is that the places where they died are full of silk threads, but here are all footprints, whether it s the table, the ceiling, The wall, or the sofa Holding the big red box in my arms tightly, I took a deep breath and put my feet back on the spot, and quickly closed the door.I wanted to call my uncle, but it showed that the phone had been turned off It was already past ten o clock in the evening, and there was no one in the community, and the surrounding lights were very dim, and only the moonlight could barely illuminate the road ahead.Let s go.I stood up and took Natuo s bag containing the bloody wedding dress on the ground.I wanted to walk out of the coffee shop with him, but the moment he stepped out of the coffee shop, he stopped and turned his head.ask me.Do you believe that there are ghosts in this world Seeing that I didn t speak, Qin Zheng moved, and opened his mouth while walking outside.I know you won t be able to go back tonight.I ll take you to the police station to stay overnight.After I heard this, my eyes widened in disbelief.I was about to say something, but he pushed me into the car.So, did he know something to ask me out tonight When we arrived at the police station, there were still on duty policemen inside.They were not surprised to see me here, as if they all recognized me.After nodding to Qin Zheng, he took me to a lounge, and then threw the quilt for me.It s for yin marriage.Having said that, grandma paused, looked at me silently, and sighed.It s your yin marriage.When I heard that, I was so frightened that I asked grandma with my eyes wide open.Mine Why Grandma didn t continue, but turned her gaze to the yard, looking at the peaceful scenery that was approaching evening.Just as I was about to say something, a picture suddenly appeared in my mind.It was the scene from the night I uly cbd gummies reviews 750 mg cbd gummies review was raped.The person who raped mecouldn t be Junli, right And it s grandma and uncle who plan this drama, right Involuntarily, I turned my gaze to grandma, goosebumps all over my body, and asked grandma.Then my yin marriage, has it been matched Grandma shook her head and said no, the corpse was not taken out, but his soul appeared, which was abruptly interrupted.Suddenly, a chill came to my heart, and I felt that I was sorry for Junli.Let s talk about it 750 mg cbd gummies review green ape cbd gummies on shark tank the day you can kill me, but before that, we can see who can get her heart first.He said her.Refers to me.Gu Yicheng regarded me as a bet between him and Junli, and I suddenly felt insulted.However, it seems that cbd morning gummy squares Junli live well cbd gummies 300mg did cbd organic gummies not agree to this bet.In the next second, Gu Yicheng and Chen Yanjin disappeared from everyone s sight.What did Chen Yanjin say to Gu Yicheng to make him leave After Gu Yicheng left, Junli didn t even look at Qingjingzi and Suxiu, grabbed me and jumped out of the window.Along the way, I wanted to ask Junli countless times why he appeared, and it seemed that Gu Yicheng and him were old acquaintances But they all stopped because of his stern face.When we got home, Junli suddenly threw me on the sofa and pressed his whole body on me.Before I could react, a deep kiss was printed on my lips.A person who practices sorcery is already terrifying, but a person who studies Qimen Dunjia is even more terrifying Because the things he calculated are sometimes much more accurate than Feng Shui, otherwise it would be a hemp bomb cbd gummies 50ct bottle waste of its title of the highest forecasting science.And a person who can understand sorcery and is good at turning Qimen Dunjia is really a terrible enemy.It is no exaggeration to say that as long as he wants to, he can clearly calculate the next itinerary of Suxiu and me But fortunately, this thing also has its disadvantages, that is, the same game cannot be counted repeatedly within nine days, otherwise I will not be killed, but I will also be forced to become disabled.Back home, Su Xiu simply got into my bed to accompany me, and even pasted yellow talisman papers all over the room, big and small, where the air was heavy.I saw Su Embroidery flipping left and right, and looked at a lot of things, but I stood at the door like a fool and watched her movements.I was a little bored for a while, and walked in so boldly empty handed.After walking a few steps, dust was blowing everywhere, and it was clear that a fierce battle must have taken place last night.After walking a few steps, I saw Suxiu turning into my room.I was about to follow up and step on a small wooden board, but suddenly my feet sank, and the floor collapsed.I didn t think too much about the collapse of the floor, I just thought it was because the fight last night was too fierce, and the place was a little unsteady, but I wanted to pull out the sunken foot, but I made a smart move.The sun is shining brightly outside and the weather is very good, but I can t feel the slightest bit of warmth when 750 mg cbd gummies review 750 mg cbd gummies review cbd 50 mg gummies the sun shines on live well cbd gummies cost my body.But at this time, I could no longer maintain my previous composure, and panicked I was trembling all over, and I could clearly feel the sarcasm from Gu Yicheng.Second obeisance to the high hall.A few seconds later, the voice of Daoist Wukong sounded again, and I was once again severely pressed down by the shadow beside me.Even though I don t want it in every way, it seems that everything has long been a foregone 750 mg cbd gummies review conclusion.I was very scared, my whole heart was hanging in the air, and my face was as pale as if soaked in formalin.He silently recited Junli countless times in his heart, but Junli really did not appear as Gu Yicheng said.The paler my complexion was, the more proud Gu Yicheng s face became, as if he had already planned everything and controlled the overall situation.The sound of husband and wife praying to each other sounded from my ears, my heart was already half cold, a feeling of powerlessness emerged spontaneously, tears rolled down the corners of my eyes, I tried desperately to struggle, but was pressed down by the paper man beside me tighter.Early the next morning, when I was sleeping deeply, I was woken up by Su Xiu s phone call, and I got up abruptly to pack my things.When I went downstairs, I found that she and Qingjingzi were already waiting for me downstairs.I greeted them and got in the car.The tomb of Fuyan is in Qinghai.Suxiu already booked the air ticket yesterday.When I arrived at the airport and got on 750 mg cbd gummies review the plane, it was already noon after I got off.Since everything was prepared in advance, I don t need to worry about it.Just follow them.I have nothing to do , actually carefully looked at Minsheng behind them.I stared at the cover of this book for a long time, and green otter cbd gummies reviews not pot cbd gummies reddit suddenly found that this book, which is dedicated to teaching people how to take shortcuts to practice evil ways and kill chain ghosts, is actually called Minsheng 750 mg cbd gummies review When I thought about it suddenly, I felt a little weird.Bai Yupei was still in the mouth that was jumping stiffly, and I didn t have anything to defend myself.I wanted to escape, but the injury under my feet kept stimulating my 750 mg cbd gummies review nerves.With all my strength, 750 mg cbd gummies review green ape cbd gummies on shark tank I wanted to crawl towards the gate on the other side, but the golden boy and jade girl had already arrived in front of me.Only later did I know that there are formations in the formations in Fuyan s tomb.Even though we entered the Jingmen, there were eight small formations arranged in the order of the eight gates inside the Jingmen, and the one I fell into, It is the door of injury.The main villain who injured the sect, and was forced to be fierce by Jugen Palace in this formation, is considered to be the most vicious of the eight small formations in the Jingmen, and today, it is really possible for me to fall here and At this moment, there was a bang dang sound in my ear, and the heavy breathing sound of jumping stiff came to my ear again.Taking a deep breath, I turned my gaze to Junli and asked him what to do He didn t answer me directly.Instead, he stepped forward and tugged at the chain bridge.At the moment of tugging, the sound of clang, clatter from the iron chains colliding with each other could be heard in his ears, and the chain bridge had been destroyed by time.The sound of corroded planks falling from iron locks.I swallowed, found a big stone from the side, and threw it down, wanting to see how deep it was, but found that two people threw the stone the size of palms down, and there was no echo for a long time The next second , Junli turned around and asked me.Do you dare to go this way I shook my head with a pale face, and said something with my lips tightly not pot cbd gummies reddit cbd gummy for sleep pressed together.No not too dare.Jun Li laughed out loud, and squeezed my hand tightly.Standing alone on this battlefield with piles of bones, there is no one else except the woman in front of her and the piles of corpses under her feet.Where is Junli I turned around abruptly and looked around, only to find that the place was eerily quiet, except for the sound of the woman in white walking towards me, the only sound left was my own breathing.The picture of the woman in white without facial features, just walking towards me quietly like this scares me so much that I want to back up, but I accidentally trip over the corpse behind me, and I sit on the corpse with my buttocks on it.He leaned behind his back, but his hands were covered in blood.Seeing the woman in white getting closer and closer to me, I moved back more and more frequently, until finally, I was covered in blood, and when I looked up, the woman in white had arrived in front of me, I was so frightened that I wanted to call for help, but no matter how much I cried, I couldn t even make a sound Just as I was about to say Junli s name silently three times, my eyes suddenly went dark, and a feeling of dizziness reverberated In my mind, when I opened my eyes again, I found that I was actually lying in Junli s arms.After Zhao Yijun left, I looked at the empty corridor and my cbd gummies mg chart 750 mg cbd gummies review back felt a little chilly, I suddenly opened the door to the side and got in, and I was relieved until I returned to this strange room.I don t know if it s because of psychological effects.I checked the room on the third and outer floors to make sure there were no corpses, and then I lay down on the bed with peace of mind.After lying on the bed for a few seconds, he suddenly jumped up from the bed, looked under the bed to make sure there was nothing dirty, and then breathed a sigh of relief.The whole night, I was very anxious, afraid that a corpse would come out of the window, and there would be a female ghost standing beside how long do cbd gummies stay good the bed.But I spent the whole night in peace, and I slept until dawn, and nothing weird happened.This made me a little different, but I made Chen Yanjin so angry, with her vicious temperament, why don t you just peel me off But the tranquility of the whole night made my heart flustered even more.It was very miserable.It was the first time I saw this scene.I stared blankly at the ghost who led the female ghost into the ground and disappeared I stupidly froze in place for several seconds, but I didn t recover from it.Thiswhat the hell is going on There was a sudden sound of unlocking the lock behind me, and I subconsciously turned around, only to see a familiar face.It was Zhao Yiyun who came here If I remember correctly, it should be past eleven o clock in the evening, right Are you okay She looked at my pale face and said, I was relieved and shook my head and said it was okay.Then asked a sentence.How did you get in But she replied me three words, take you away My eyes widened suddenly, and my voice instantly became softer and I asked a question.You want to rob prison Zhao Yijun slapped me directly on the head.Although he couldn t use it, he still bought him.In the evil books, apart from some crooked evil books and Qimen Dunjia, there are also some righteous things, even including talismans.I have to say that although this evil book Sparrow is small and complete, even if I learn a little superficial, I will not be like this.This small hotel is not big, and the room also has a musty smell.One of the light bulbs in the room burned out, and the light inside was very dim.I checked the room carefully.After confirming that there was nothing dirty and there was no pinhole camera, he closed the window and spread the purchased things on the bed one by one.Opening the evil book, I turned directly to the sheet of Qimen Dunjia, followed his description above, focused on thinking about what I wanted to count, and then made a well on the yellow talisman paper.You may have a bloody disaster recently.After hearing this, I almost scolded my mother.I have such a big thing as a bloody disaster.She delayed where can i buy live well cbd gummies talking to me until now He held his breath alive in his heart, and kept stroking his chest with his hands, uly cbd gummies reviews 750 mg cbd gummies review so the breath went smoothly.Before hanging up the phone, she still reminded me to read the book carefully.It contains not only forecasting, but also feng shui formations to catch ghosts and refine ghosts, even corpse refining.Please don t be lazy, otherwise the effect of the three pills will wear off.After a month, no one rescued me.At the end, she also said that she doesn t like cbd gummies mg chart 750 mg cbd gummies review silly apprentices.The meaning is obvious, if I accomplish nothing within these three not pot cbd gummies reddit cbd gummy for sleep months, she will be kicked out of my home.The more people mentioned Qimen Dunjia in front of me, the more curious I became.I m afraid something will happen 750 mg cbd gummies review to you, so come in and have a look.The words were full of concern, but the second the door closed, the evil spirit flashed across my face, which made me terrified, and my heart suddenly began to panic.Swallowing saliva, asked him.It s so late, can t you come tomorrow if you have something to do While speaking, he walked towards me step by step, and I kept stepping back, hitting the wall behind me hard.The room was very small, and with the door closed, a feeling of depression and badness emerged from my heart.Chapter 77 My Shengjun is Dead There is no light in the room, the light is very dim, half of Tang Maru s face is covered by the moonlight, it is very anyone fail drug test using cbd living gummy rings strange, seeing 750 mg cbd gummies review my back hit the wall fiercely , he suddenly stopped.Ask me a sentence.Zhang Chunxia, are you afraid of death I raised my head instantly after hearing this and asked him.Rich conditions.But now, besides cheating me, cheating me, before apprenticeship, after apprenticeship completely changed the style of painting After saying this, she laughed at me twice and hung up the phone without even saying goodbye I almost smashed my phone, but when I thought that I didn t have any extra money on me, I couldn t bear it.Although I don t know what Tang Maru s status is in Xuanzhen Sect, and whether he is strong enough to make bleeding women, but no matter whether he is strong or not, I groupon just cbd gummies dare not live in this room for a second.But I just opened the bedside table and saw about 3,000 yuan inside, so I shrank back immediately.When I rented this house, I gave him three months rent and one month s money.The days are still so long, and I don t have much money left in my pocket.As a character, I was sleeping on the bed and was picked up by the blood girl.After asking and asking, he didn t get a positive answer.He took out a contract from his pocket with a gloomy face.I recognized this contract.I signed it with him when I was renting the house.When he took out the contract, he He also returned the 3,000 yuan I gave him earlier, saying that this house is not suitable for me to live in, and asked me to move out in a few days.Confusion flashed across my face, but I was so happy in my heart He almost jumped up from the stool The sub acre group carried it.In an instant, I felt that Tang Maru, a scumbag, was pleasing to the eye a lot Seeing the confusion on my face, Tang Maru frowned and asked me.Haunted house, don t you want to move If it wasn t for me last time, you would have died at the hands of that female ghost When I heard this, I couldn t stop laughing at Tang Maru from the bottom of my heart.This obliteration intent came and went quickly, but I was shocked to see the bottom of my heart.If this obliteration intent could kill people, Xiao Jue probably could be killed by Yun Jing s eyes.You were sealed 750 mg cbd gummies review by your power because of Junli, and you lost your memory.You plotted against him to rape Xiao Xiao.When you married Xiao Xiao, why didn t you think that one day, Xiao Xiao would run away because of your plot Yun Jing opened his mouth in a very peaceful tone, but I was shocked when I heard it, and even my breathing slowed down involuntarily This is what I mean, I broke into the enemy, and I really started to understand the truth from another angle Unexpectedly, as soon as Yun Jing finished speaking, Xiao Jue suddenly replied.Xiao Xiao is just a child picked up from a mass grave.I fed her well and dressed her well.Perhaps there were many people eating, so I didn t feel that it was so abrupt, so I can i bring my cbd gummies on a flight moved my chopsticks.We ate this meal for more than half an hour, but at the end of the meal, only Yunjing and I were left in the huge living room.But I will not be narcissistic to Yunjing because the first time I saw me and fell in love with me, it was so special to me.After all, with my current how much is ocanna cbd gummies face, even the aunt in the vegetable market looks better than me.After a full meal, Yunjing asked me to accompany him for a walk in the yard, and I bit the bullet and agreed, but we walked in the yard for a long time, we were silent, no one spoke, and in the end it was I couldn t bear it anymore and asked Yunjing.What do you mean by Inner Court Envoy As soon as he finished speaking, Yun Jing stopped in his tracks and asked with a slightly different expression on his face.Kunming is some distance away from Luofeng Village.Junli and I sat in the back seat like this for several hours, with a certain distance between them., refused to be thousands of miles away, or I was deliberately keeping a distance, until we got off at the entrance of Luofeng Village, I was numb all over.Seeing me like this, Yunjing secretly smiled at me, looking at his smiling face.Probably took me for a nympho.On the other hand, Junli, ever since he arrived at the entrance of Luofeng Village, his complexion has been tense, and he even took off a branch from the side.He didn t know what a person was doing next to him, until he turned around and said to me and Yunjing , I can go in, I secretly looked back.It was discovered that Junli had actually used tree branches to draw a Bagua array at the entrance of the village.Sighing, I took out the beauty picture in the whisk and the white jade pendant in my pocket.Anyway, there is no one here, and I can defend myself when necessary, but I was about to change from a sitting position to a standing one, when I suddenly heard There was a burst of rhythm around me, and even the soil under my feet began to loosen, which scared me and sat back down.The moment I sat back, the movement around here stopped instantly At this time, my heart is really worse than a dog.If you want me to meet a ghost or something, even if it is a group, if you can discuss it, you can surpass it.If you can t surpass it, you can fight it.The rhizome has already grown to the point where I can pull it back after only two steps.I lowered my head and took a few deep breaths.Just as I turned my gaze to these corpses, I suddenly saw the blood amber on my neck, and called out to the blood girl twice, and the blood girl appeared from the blood amber , the moment she appeared, I secretly breathed a sigh of relief.At this moment, Junli s voice sounded like a god again.Bite the tip of your tongue, and you ll be able to come out.Enduring the nausea on my arm, I bit the tip of my tongue violently, but the moment I bit the tip of my tongue, I heard the woman say something faintly to me.We will meet again Chapter 105 The moment I bit my tongue in the afternoon, I woke up.The moment I woke up, I wanted to raise my left hand to see if it was covered with maggots, but the moment I raised my hand, my whole body hurt like being run over 750 mg cbd gummies review by a truck, and I didn t have the strength to raise my hand at all.Is it better Junli s voice sounded from beside my ear.At this moment, I realized that I was lying on the hospital bed.I wanted to turn my head to look around, but I found that the whole person seemed to have died once, and it took a lot of effort to even turn my head.When I saw her like this, I was a little worried.I just wanted Zhao Yijun to put something back into her mouth, but she stood there with one foot propped up as if she didn t hear her, and looked at 750 mg cbd gummies review the snake girl with a faint smile.Xu was set off by the weird atmosphere around him, the smile on Zhao Yiyun s face was particularly frightening.I stood aside and felt a little panicked The snake girl cried for a long time, almost uttering what she could say.I told them all, but seeing Zhao Yiyun and me so calm, she suddenly became quiet, trembling in fear.When Zhao Yijun saw her, he patted the snake woman s face lightly with one hand a few times, and then asked her.Why don t you shout anymore Isn t it loud and cool It seems that when Zhao Yiyun held the snake girl hostage, he had already quietly set up a formation around here, no matter what happens here Anything, there will be no trouble outside.I laughed suddenly, and asked again with a mocking flash of light in my eyes.Is Tang Maru over there too Although it was a question, the affirmation in the tone was beyond ordinary people.This time, the snake girl didn t speak anymore.It seems that she still has some affection for Tang Maru.It can only be said that bitches and 160 mg cbd gummies dogs last forever.The moment I got up, I gave the bloody woman a wink.At the moment of winking, a howl pierced the air, and the blood girl rushed towards the snake spirit girl like crazy.The scene was so bloody that I couldn t even watch it.But the sentence that the snake spirit girl asked before she died.Didn t you promise not to kill me I turned around with a smile and gave her an accurate answer.Yeah, I won t kill you.But I didn t say, don t let others not kill you.Do you think that the person who hurt me can still walk out 750 mg cbd gummies review green ape cbd gummies on shark tank of here alive The smell of blood filled the air, filling all the breath around, but at this moment, the blood girl returned to the blood amber with tears all over her face.The rain that fell at the age of seventeen will not rain again at the age of twenty seven.So what if twenty year olds can afford ten year old gifts The time passed will not come back, and the wounds will leave scars forever.Chapter 116 The death of the girl who caught the turtle and snake spirit in the urn was quite miserable.I only took one glance at it and felt my scalp go numb.But I think her death is not a pity, let s not talk about what she did to the blood girl, just taking her to be the deputy envoy of Youlan Palace is enough to see the ghosts who died under her hands.The moment of separation.Words came out of her mouth.I don t want to know.The next second, Zhao Yijun bit his finger fiercely, squeezed out blood and wrote the names of Kai, Hugh, Life, Death, Shock, Hurt, Du, and Jing on it.The moment the writing was finished, the eight pennants rose into the sky and suddenly hovered around Zhao Yiyun.A magic seal instantly rose from her hand Five elements and eight gates, soaring to the sky and falling to the ground, ghosts are yin gods, gods are yang essences, the flag is an order, do not stop, respect my orders, yin and yang reverse After reading it, shout out the word Ling.The yin and yang qi began to circulate, and the airflow hedging made the flag flutter.In the formation, the things that belonged to Yin began to be restrained by Yang, and the things that belonged to Yang also began to be restrained by Yin.With just one glance, I fell into it.I have never seen someone with such captivating and beautiful eyes.Combined with his exquisitely sculpted face, it is hard to find another person.What are you thinking about Jun Li said, his voice was hoarse but charming and charming.But on his handsome face, he didn t even see the slightest bit of lust.Involuntarily, I cursed secretly in my heart.Really can pretend Chapter 127 Xiao Jue sets up a trap, but this Junli can really bear it, he hugged me into his arms, and said two words on my head.Sleep.Then there was no sequence But the calmer Junli became, the more frightened I became.The day when Junli gets back his own body Could it be that he won t be able to get out of bed for three days a night without dreams.Sleeping in Junli s arms was very peaceful.I took a deep breath secretly, and began to think about how to escape from Bise s grasp.But Bi Se saw through the trick in my heart with one glance.The moment she stretched out her hand to take the whisk from me, I bit the tip of my tongue and spit out a mouthful of blood.The moment the blood spurted out from the tip of my tongue, I secretly exerted my strength and broke free from the imprisonment of these two paper figurines.He suddenly took out two yellow talismans from his pocket and patted them on them, then quickly squeezed the whisk in his hand to take out the beauty picture, and knocked her away.I finished all this in a smooth manner, and within a few seconds of the whole process, Bi Se was dazzled by the blood from the tip of my tongue, and by the time she realized it, it was already too late.I nodded to her and said I know, I know everything.He also said, don t worry about walking inside, the things here can t hurt us.When the blood girl heard this, shock flashed across her face, and she asked me.Why I hooked the corners of my mouth with a half smile and replied to her.Because, my master has already made arrangements.A few shocks flashed in her eyes and she didn t speak, but I looked at this familiar yet unfamiliar tomb, but I really wandered in it recklessly.The gate of life is a bit far from the gate of death, and the mechanism of the tomb here is fluid, and the feng shui of the entire tomb is very flexible.What HCMUSSH 750 mg cbd gummies review happened last time, it will definitely be completely different this time.The whole gate of life is just like its name, for a living, there is nothing blocking me and the blood girl, even some coffins felt the anger in my body and were about to cheat the corpse, but they were suppressed by the evil spirit emanating from me up.Although the woman has a big belly, the atmosphere around her makes people feel very comfortable.It is as bright as the autumn moon, the moon is beautiful, and the appearance is alluring, like a painting.If there is anything that can describe this woman, maybe there is only a lotus flower.Clean 750 mg cbd gummies review green ape cbd gummies on shark tank and clear, free from worldly dust.Nature is like pines and cypresses, tough and upright, ignoring the troubles of the world.Looking at the man again, his face was stern.The inadvertent pampering that can be shown when looking at women will make any woman envious when she sees her.With a smooth and fair face, there was a sharp edged and cold handsomeness.The dark and deep eyes were full of charming color.The thick eyebrows, the high nose, and the beautiful lip shape all exude nobility and elegance.Thick eyebrows raised slightly rebelliously, under the long and slightly curled eyelashes, there are a pair of clear eyes like morning dew, a straight nose bridge, pink lips like rose petals, and fair skin plus The natural temperament on the face makes people feel that he is the pride of the sky, the leader of the people, with a handsome face, but domineering.When I heard this, my heart suddenly became cold.Although Yunjing has never seen a fight, it can be seen from Yunjing s drawing of symbols, starting games, and showing his face that Yunjing has more research on numerology than fighting.Afterwards, I exchanged some pleasantries with Zhao Yijun, and I lost interest.After hanging up with her, I kept calling Master, and I almost smashed my phone.In the end, I still felt sorry for my money, so I held back up.But when I thought that Yunjing was going to break the trap set by Master to cover up my fate, I couldn t sit still in such a hurry, I kept walking up and down Junli s house, and wanted to call Yunjing several times Advise him not to break the bank, but when I make a call, isn t it because there is no money here, and no one suspects me, so I take the initiative to give people a chance to doubt me At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang downstairs, I went downstairs and opened the door, only to see Yun Jing s excited face, followed by Yi Xue, Yi green otter cbd gummies reviews not pot cbd gummies reddit Xue walked in with a big bag, Put it on the table and go straight out.You found it.After hearing this, Yun Jing seemed to think that was the case.But the thing that broke the game had already been brought, and I couldn t let it go for a while, and I froze in place for a while, not knowing what to do.Seeing such a cute Yunjing, I quickly stepped forward and carefully closed the backpack in his hand, but the moment he closed it, Yunjing suddenly raised his head and asked me something with a half smile.Chunxia, why do I feel that you don t want me to destroy Xiao Xiao s fate As soon as he finished speaking, I was so scared that I trembled, and before I raised my head, Yunjing s voice sounded again.What are you afraid of I lowered my head.Rolling his eyes fiercely, he suddenly pulled up the whisk placed on the sofa and threw it directly at Yunjing s face.I care about you, but you still doubt me All right, then you can solve Xiao Xiao s matter yourself When I said this, I felt very hopeless in my heart, and my back was so terrified that I was so scared, but my face This anger directly frightened Yun Jing, when Yun Jing saw that I was angry, he put down his previous expression and said something.I couldn t even get in touch with Master, and Yunjing didn t take the initiative to contact me.Until the eighth day, I couldn t bear it anymore, and set up a game for myself.I was dumbfounded when I saw the Fuyin game in the situation The master of Fuyin is quiet, the master does not move, and the master cannot break through, but apart from the Fuyin bureau, I can t even figure out anything else.Is it good or bad for the Fuyin bureau to appear at this time At night, I tossed and turned on the bed non stop, and finally couldn t help it, so I called Yunjing.I thought Yunjing was angry with me that day, but he didn t take it to heart like a normal person, and instead asked me why I didn t contact him these days.I replied, I didn t contact you, won t you contact me But Yun Jing replied that there are a lot of affairs in Xuannv Palace these days, Gu Yicheng has been looking for other things, he will not think of me for a while, it happened that I lost my temper that day and asked me to be quiet.I like people who have similarities with Huo Yan the most, so that I can add to her and play again.When I said this, the bloody light in Bi Se s eyes was extremely frightening, and my brain suddenly buzzed.Added to Huo Yan What the hell is this Before I could react, these phantoms turned into human shapes and passed directly through my body.Every time I passed through a shadow, my soul felt as if it had been pierced by countless pinholes, and I lay down and rolled on the ground in pain stand up.But at this moment, Bi Se stood in front of my eyes, looking down 750 mg cbd gummies review at me, her eyes 750 mg cbd gummies review were full of madness.Anyone who looks like a wretched face should be damned Chapter 157 Feng Shitian As more and more shadows pass through my body, my painful soul is a little numb, but more unbearable than these It s the resentment they put in me through my body.I didn t understand it all at once, but when I asked him why, he told me not to worry, now everyone is ignoring me.because The day before I woke up, the tomb of Fuyan collapsed The eight hilltops built according to Qimen Dunjia Bamen collapsed into eight big pits overnight, and the coffin of Huoyan disappeared, and even the unnamed village where so many people died were destroyed.For flat ground.After I heard this, I was terribly frightened.Just as I was about to say something, gusts of cold wind blew through the window.I was so cold that I ran back to the bed.Without paying attention, I knocked my head directly on the head of the bed, but this knock , but 750 mg cbd gummies review green ape cbd gummies on shark tank suddenly reminded me of the scene I saw in my dream.Swallowing my saliva, I cautiously asked Junli Feng Shitian and Feng Jiu, do you know each other He went down and got me something to eat.I quickly picked up the phone, thinking there was something important, but she said a happy new not pot cbd gummies reddit cbd gummy for sleep year to me, and then there was no further text.I swallowed and said to her.My disguise is over.I know, she said.What should we do now Both Yunjing and Xiao Jue are only staring at me, and you said last time that if the medicine wears off and I still achieve nothing, you won t have my apprentice I asked nervously.When she arrived, she said um slowly, saying that she would have forgotten if I didn t mention it.Since I have achieved nothing now, then don t be her apprentice.When she said this, her tone was quite cold, and I was taken aback.As soon as I blurted out my surprise, I heard Master s laughter.She asked if the game will start now, and the judgment method is also inseparable.ten I nodded after listening, but the master asked me to tell her what she said to me before.His son s hatred paves the way.Chapter 163 Prince Junli After I heard this, I couldn t help but ask differently.Isn t Yunjing called Sister Feng Shitian She should be younger than her.Yunjing was stunned for a moment, and asked me sarcastically with a bit of inquiry in his eyes.When did I tell you that Yunjing called Sister Feng Shitian As soon as he finished speaking, my face trembled for a uly cbd gummies reviews 750 mg cbd gummies review moment, and only then did I realize that I seemed to be revealing myself.Hastily smiled awkwardly and asked Yunjing.Isn t Feng Shitian a disaster But as soon as he said this, he realized that his words were even more revealing Yunjing s eyes flashed a bit of murderous intent, and he said something in disgust, in his heart Feng Shitian is Feng Shitian, and Huo Yan is Huo Yan.At that time, I didn t understand what Yunjing meant.No one knew what this letter said, but after Junli received this letter, he went crazy and searched for Princess Rongle s body all over the world.Feng Jiu gave up.Yun Jing, the former national teacher of Chu State, was wanted all over the world, but in the end, the body of Princess Rong Le was still not found.Suddenly looking back, I realized that the person I love is in a dimly lit place, but when I wanted to find her, I couldn t find her anymore.Everyone is guessing why Jun Li is looking for the dead Princess Rong Le all over the world, but he divorces the crown princess Feng Jiu who looks exactly like cbd gummies mg chart 750 mg cbd gummies review Princess Rong Le.Perhaps only Junli knows the answer.Ruo Shui only takes one scoop of three thousand, it must best rated cbd gummies for sleeping be her.The divorced crown 750 mg cbd gummies review princess Feng Jiu disappeared from everyone s sight, and even the national teacher Yun Jing never appeared again.At that time, such a high city not pot cbd gummies reddit cbd gummy for sleep wall had jumped, so how could he not leave a way for himself when Jun Li killed her.From his tone, I could hear full of trust, and even full of expectation, but the more this was the case, the more I couldn t help but ask.You mean, when Junli was going to kill her, she already knew about it Yun Jing let out a hmm , a few hints of sarcasm and hatred suddenly flashed in his eyes, but they were all fleeting.The irony is that Fuyan knew that Junli was going to kill her, but sent her to the door herself, hating hated Junli, right I don t know which tendon was wrong, uly cbd gummies reviews 750 mg cbd gummies review but I actually replied to Yunjing.The misfortune is on me.Although I don t know how to wake it up, if you can tell why Junli approached me, I can help you.When awakening the misfortune, I will let you see him.Brother in law, it s just this kid who spoiled my good deed just now and beat me fifty six lashes.Before he finished speaking, the big man s hand pointed hard at Feng Shitian s body.Compared with these officers and soldiers.Feng Shitian s side seemed to be a bit weak, besides himself, there was only one 750 mg cbd gummies review follower left, but there were as many as twenty or thirty officers and soldiers Take it away The man with the appearance of a petty official opened his mouth, and the 750 mg cbd gummies review surrounding officers and soldiers rushed forward in an instant, surrounding Feng Shitian, the little boy and the old woman.Children will cry and complain when they are being bullied.Unexpectedly, when Feng Shitian saw this scene, not only was he not afraid, he even sarcastically said something.Don t do it yet Seeing Feng Shitian s arrogance, Xu Shi felt a little anxious for a while, and waved his hand to let the group uly cbd gummies reviews 750 mg cbd gummies review of officers and soldiers rush up.Wonderful I brought everything together before going out, but I put the two volumes of pictures of beauties under my pillow.After all, the fused pictures of beauties are like dead objects and are useless at all.If I go to Xiao Jue and he gives me What kind of trap did you set up just to get my beauty picture The moment the door was closed, I still couldn t help looking back, and softly said sorry to Junli.I m sorry I can t tell him everything before he confesses to me completely.But I just came out of Junli s house, looking at the extremely dark street lights around me, my right eyelid always twitched a little fiercely, left for good luck and right for evil, left eyelid twitched for luck, right eyelid twitched for evil, I couldn t help but my heart was suddenly clouded.I had a bad premonition I walked out of the community and typed, I quickly took out a pen from my pocket, and carefully rehearsed the stems and branches of the time in my hand, set the sun shield, arranged the land, the sky, the nine palaces, Eight Gates, Nine Stars, and Nine Gods, directly set up a game to cut off my life tonight Xu Shi saw me writing and drawing on my hand with a pen at night.This jade pendant actually turned into a sword and landed firmly in my hand.I breathed a sigh of relief, my heart settled down a bit, and even my feet on the stairs on the second floor became more stable.If the door can t go out, then I will find another way The moment Bai Yu put on HCMUSSH 750 mg cbd gummies review the sword, Bi Se s sharp laughter echoed around again, she laughed for a long time and said something that she couldn t tell whether it was a compliment or a sarcasm.I can t see that you and Huoyan s soul are fused so well.You can use her things so smoothly I didn t speak, my face turned slightly pale.It came directly towards my face and wrapped my whole body in it.I waved the white jade sword in my hand to disperse this cloudy energy, and the surrounding area lit up in an instant.There are bunches of red light hitting the top of the head.Then I fell into a warm embrace, but before the embrace lasted for two seconds, Junli let goFor me, the question that was about to be blurted out was also held back, and I directly pulled out the picture of the beauty in my hand and asked.You met Xiao Jue just now I nodded, and the voice in my heart that wanted to know Junli s opinion of me intensified, and before Junli could speak, I interrupted him directly.Junli, have you ever thought that Fuyan and I are actually related Junli s expression froze.I haven t asked you where you sneaked off tonight, you re covered in blood, why are you dragging so far away I looked at Junli seriously for a few seconds, and actually described everything that happened tonight without a word.The omissions were told to Junli.I have been 750 mg cbd gummies review deliberately avoiding Junli cbd gummies mg chart 750 mg cbd gummies review for the past few days, but after a long time, I am going crazy myself After Junli heard this, he asked me a question in a low voice.Those with different abilities are called one hundred and eight 750 mg cbd gummies review thousand miles.There are many people who practice the Taoist method, and there are many people who have successfully established a foundation, but those who have entered the late stage of foundation establishment, and those who have successfully formed alchemy, are very few, let alone the realm of Nascent Soul.And the Realm of Lihun, and the realms above the Realm of Lihun, are legendary existences After saying this, the voice in my head suddenly stopped, but my heart was full of churning.Once the soul and the inner alchemy are integrated, even if you die, as long as you find another host and devour its soul, you will not enter reincarnation and become an adult again The person possessed by Zhao Yijun will not be Nascent Soul Realm Chapter 190 Devouring Zhao Yiyun Afterwards, I followed the instructions in the evil book to sink the dantian, consolidate and widen the dantian, and prepare for refining and transforming qi.Where is my grandma How can you leave without saying a word Although my grandma and uncle plotted against me and almost killed me, I will never forget the kindness of nurturing me for more than 20 years.In this world, apart from Junli, maybe the only person who has given me warmth is my grandma, right The scenes of living with my grandma suddenly flooded into my mind, tears fell from my eyes, Zhao Yijun stepped forward, hugged me in his arms, and patted my shoulder lightly.It wasn t until I finished crying that I suddenly realized, what the hell am I crying for If I can t get out 750 mg cbd gummies review of the village, 750 mg cbd gummies review I could die here Wiping away our tears, Zhao Yijun and I checked the house inside and out, and found nothing except the trace that no one lived there for a long time.But I found my clothes in my grandma s closet.By the way, Xiao Xiao, your uncle is Xiao Jue, and grandma is Xiao Jue s mother, right Who told me that Huoyan valued Xiao s family very much during his lifetime, but Xiao s family didn t know how to praise him, and in the end they even killed Huoyan together with Junli.Don t tell me that your grandma gave you this key, because this key has always been in Fuyan s hands When I heard Zhao Yiyun s words, I was a little dumbfounded Although when I saw the paper with the handwriting written on the wretched face, I guessed whether my grandma and uncle treated me 750 mg cbd gummies review like that, there might be something hidden, but according to what Zhao Yijun said, my thoughts became more intense But how did Zhao Yijun know so clearly But I didn t ask.I always felt that even if I asked, she would use their Taoist reasons to prevaricate me.Don 750 mg cbd gummies review t you believe that you have the ability to come back and save me price of fun drops cbd gummies As soon as the bloody girl finished speaking, I was about to say something when there was a sound of footsteps behind me Chapter 200 Grandma is dead When I heard the footsteps, I was taken aback for a moment, but there was a gasp behind me.Hey Xiao Xiao, I m so exhausted.It s a good thing I brought the soul shocking talisman and formation breaking talisman left by my ancestors.Otherwise, I would really have died there.The voicewas Zhao Yiyun s, I was scared His face froze suddenly, and he quickly asked the blood girl to return to my blood amber, but it was too late Hey, you are not Zhao Yijun who was standing behind was stunned, his face was full of astonishment, He opened his mouth wide, pointed at me and the blood girl, and suddenly didn t know what to say.Hahahahaha.Laughter kept echoing in the entire tomb, and the demonic energy gushing out of the coffin was about to condense into a solid body at this moment Although I am already in the ground now, the sound of the ground breaking that day directly rang into my ears Even if I didn t see the scene outside, I can think without thinking that the sky outside must have changed Ling Shun broke through the seal, why did he escape, and what if he leaves the underground palace and starts killing I asked Junli differently, but the moment I finished speaking, a familiar voice came from behind, It s Yunjing.Holding two glass bottles in his arms, he seemed to have successfully rescued the proprietress and sisters, and behind him was an extremely familiar figure, Bi Se.Layers of devilish energy surged behind Bi Se s back, as if it wanted to directly cover the sky.It has to be said that Ling Shun must be a good character if he can make Junli jealous, can be like Huo Yan, and make people panic before he is born with a name.I just don t know Ling Shun has arranged so many things, can the three of us easily leave his tomb without meeting him I lightly turned my gaze to Junli, but saw that his expression was as calm as before.As if all the changes were still under his control, he had already had a contest in his heart.Chapter 213 Yun Jing, the Yin soldier of Chu State, was inattentive and was almost hit by a flying arrow.It was Junli who kindly shot a white light and shot down the flying arrow.When Yun Jing saw Jun Li helping him, he ran to Jun Li s side and hid directly I of body rear but me.Hiding behind Junli Looking at such a cloud scene, I just feel that I am a fucking dog, how can he have the sunset cbd gummies 750mg majestic and majestic look of Master Yunjing on him While Junli helped us block the flying arrows falling from the wall, he showed Yunjing what was behind the dead door of the hexagram that was raised earlier.Bi Se stood quietly outside the broken window, staring at me with a pair of green eyes, weird like a snake and scorpion in the dark night, making it impossible to guard against.My scalp was a little do cbd gummies show in drug test numb from her stare, but she showed me a very weird smile, turned her eyes to Gu Yicheng behind her ear, and said to him This is none of your business.After falling, Gu Yicheng laughed outright, and saw him lightly hmm , and then replied to Bise Xiao Xiao s matter is my matter.Bise smiled coldly , the whole person presents a very sinister feeling, as if since Gu Yiyun appeared, Bi Se has become very quiet, whether it is the breath coming out of her body, or what she said, or what she did.Even her eyes were like a puppet made by someone, very stiff, if it wasn t for sure that Bi Se was not possessed, I would really think that she was controlled by Gu Yiyun.As soon as she finished speaking, Gu Yicheng pulled me out of the broken window.Wang Wang took out a yellow talisman from his pocket and put the blood girl in, but it seemed too late to leave now Bi Se s crazy voice kept echoing, and the strong enough to cover the sun and the moon s demonic voice.Qi completely enveloped the surroundings, and directly covered the road ahead of us, even the small three story western style building of Jun Li s house was completely covered.I have never seen such a strong demonic energy when I grew up, and my messy heart became even more frightened at this time.I raised my head and looked at Gu Yicheng with a weak face, and asked him Bise used her own blood Did you summon something Gu Yicheng nodded, and protected me behind him, his eyes were full of vigilance, he kept looking around, and replied to me faintly She summoned Daheitian.I was so upset that I didn t want to go downstairs, but Yunjing stopped me at this moment and asked me to go down.After going down, Yunjing asked me to sit aside, and asked me a question very seriously When your grandma gave you the key to seal Ling Shun, did she give you something else Unexpectedly, Yunjing would suddenly ask this, nodded, and said yes, it was a letter, but Yunjing asked me to bring it over.I asked him what he was doing with that thing, but he said, You ll know when you take it down.I nodded ignorantly.See Xiao Jue has been making faces to me I froze in place for a moment, do cbd gummies work for anxiety I couldn t figure out why Xiao Jue made such a face on me Why are you standing there, don t you go get it Seeing my hesitation, Yun Jing asked.I smiled awkwardly, completely ignored Xiao Jue s expression, glanced at Junli, saw that Junli was reading the newspaper, and sighed, then went upstairs to get the letter left by Fuyan.When I heard Xiao Jue s words, I didn t answer him immediately, but stared at his face for a long time, trying to see some flaws in his face, but I couldn t see anything.At the earliest time, I felt that Xiao Juecheng s mansion was deep, he was very shady, strategizing, scheming, and very powerful, he never did things that were thankless, let alone things that were not good for himself.But what he did afterwards was far from the feeling he first expressed in front of my eyes.Ever since I entered the tomb of Fuyan, activated the beauty map, escaped from the dead and was rescued by the master, and never called him uncle again, the impression he gave me was that he was extreme, reckless, paranoid, and rather brain dead.Nothing else.But looking at him so introverted now, why do I feel in the fog Instead of answering the question Xiao Jue asked earlier, I asked him instead What does it mean that the highest level of a chess player is to use himself as a pawn Xiao Jue smiled, did not speak, but threw a question to me , Ask me, has he ever harmed me I answered without hesitation Yes.but.Huo Yan was still in his heart, and he gave him the method of using the beauty picture everything was clear, and I was dumbfounded when I heard it I didn t expect to kill me, Xiao Jue and grandma plotted against me, It turned out to be a game that I was under in my previous life everything, it turned out to be me who was plotting against myself, and the cbd gummies for pain reddit calculation was so seamless that even I got into the game and couldn t extricate myself from acting But what was the purpose of doing this in my previous life Why do we have to wait until this life to play this eternal chess game Swallowing, I slowly adjusted my breathing and heartbeat, and asked Xiao Jue, Apart from you, grandma and me, does anyone else know about this The corner of Xiao Jue s mouth twitched lightly.Ask me Before I tell you, can you guess it I shook my head in embarrassment, and said no, but suddenly realized it Even I can t see it myself, how could anyone else see it If I m not wrong, the reason why everyone what should i feel from cbd gummy believed me so much that I m not a mischievous face is just that when HCMUSSH 750 mg cbd gummies review I was reincarnated, there was a bit of mischievous thought.You know what Xiao Jue did, that s why you care so much about Xiao Jue s whereabouts, right When he said this, his tone was very light, without the slightest sense of pressure.In my ears, I feel very uncomfortable, and there is always a feeling that I have been ripped apart.Seeing that I still didn t speak, Gu Yicheng lowered his head lightly and fixed his eyes on me Do you still remember that I answered the phone while I was on the green otter cbd gummies reviews not pot cbd gummies reddit road His words revealed two meanings.The first is that he already knew everything, and when I didn t tell the truth just now, he didn t tell the truth either.The second is that he doesn t know anything yet, and he wants to use this tone to cover my words.And no matter which answer I answer him, I will be led away by him, but if I don t answer, I will be led away by him the same way Going around in circles in this demon realm is the best proof Although the road I chose was quiet and empty, it was not as safe as it appeared on the surface, but Gu Yicheng pulled me to avoid many organ formations intentionally or unintentionally, and even stepped on many of them.Which girl doesn t want to have her own child, and which mother doesn t like her own child Moreover, this child has a predestined relationship with me and Junli.He was left behind when he was in such a mess, and when he was pregnant with him, he was counted so many times by others.In the end, he lost his soul and was summoned again.Gathering souls, but I lost them carelessly again I was so anxious that I wanted to kill someone, I scolded myself severely, I have never hated myself so much, but I also understand that even if I kill myself at this time, it is useless.Holding the phone tightly in my hand, I kept circling the countermeasures in my mind, does mayim bialik sell cbd gummies but at this moment my mind was already in a mess, and I couldn t figure out what I was thinking Finally, gritted my teeth, and I replied to the anonymous number You stole the blood amber Unexpectedly, the anonymous number replied to me How can you say it so badly, what is stealing The blood amber was obviously brought to me by someone else.When I heard what he said, I frowned, but I didn t doubt the people 750 mg cbd gummies review green ape cbd gummies on shark tank around me.Junli is the person closest to me, but he is also the person who is the least likely to give the blood amber to others, for nothing else, he is the child s biological father And Yunjing can also be ruled out, I don t know why, I just want to believe in Yunjing.Even if he hurt me in his previous life.As for Gu Yicheng, green otter cbd gummies reviews not pot cbd gummies reddit Xiao Jue and the others, they don t have many chances to get in touch with me, and it s unlikely that Gu Yiyun and Lingshun will take away my things while fighting with me.Who would it be After much deliberation, I still couldn t think of a reason.I wanted to text this anonymous number back, but I kept holding back, fearing that my fear would be revealed.If it is possible, I also think that there is no weakness and no need for armor.Why is there a dragon here I asked Yun Jing cautiously, but my eyes were fixed on Junli, but I saw that Junli was staring at the black dragon in front of him, as if he was confronting him.Looking at him, there is a bit of convincing arrogance in his eyes.I don t know either.Yun Jing replied to me lightly, his eyes were a little hazy like mine, misty in the uly cbd gummies reviews 750 mg cbd gummies review clouds.Tell me, the person who stole my blood amber, does he want us to come to him quickly, and if he wants to, what does he want to do with all these weird things I asked unhurriedly , but Yunjing replied sarcastically Who knows Seeing that I couldn t ask anything from Yunjing, I could only sigh and give up, but my eyes turned back to Junli, and I saw that Junli was still staring at the black flood dragon, and I was about to say What, a cell phone ringing suddenly pierced the air, shattering this peaceful and strange atmosphere.Obviously, she just wanted to tell me.Afterwards, I raised my feet and walked towards her and Yun Jing, but just as I walked in front of her, she sobbed softly, saying that she was sorry for me, she was so useless, and was taken to Gu Yicheng s room I went home, but was used by Gu Yicheng, causing trouble for me every time.Although I am also a woman, I am a man from the inside out.I hate women crying.When I saw a bloody girl crying like this, I quickly stepped forward to untie her, and I was about to take her out of the candle ring I came out, but suddenly found that I could come out, but the bloody girl couldn t come out at all This ring of candles was like a natural cage, locking the blood girl inside.I was immediately amazed, and looked back at Junli and Yunjing, but saw their expressions at this moment, as if they were carved out of a mold, with no expression on their faces Afterwards, 25mg cbd gummie I comforted the blood girl in this candle circle for a long time, and then I asked her You just said that Gu Yicheng took advantage of you, so Gu Yicheng tied you here, what exactly does he want She nodded and said that Gu Yicheng had kidnapped her, but she didn t know what he wanted to do.Then I asked again Then do you know how this blood amber got on your neck As soon not pot cbd gummies reddit cbd gummy for sleep as I said it, I could clearly see a bit of timidity in the blood girl s eyes, and then she said to me in a trembling voice I I don t know.I was dressed as a city It s in a bottle, and I ll be here when I m released again. Then how long have you been tied here Has Gu Yicheng been here I continued to ask, but the bloody girl kept shaking her head, She said that she couldn t remember clearly, and then acted out a 750 mg cbd gummies review scream when Nanny Rong stabbed Ziwei, and kept covering her head.If it is said that when I saw her crying earlier, I still felt that she was really being plotted by someone, and Yun Jingqi s decision to stop her from stealing Xuepo was wronged.But when I see her like this now, why do I feel that she is the one who was placed by my side to plot and take Xuepo away However, she kept mentioning Gu Yicheng, and intentionally or unintentionally put all the blame on him, which surprised me a bit.Could it be that he also tampered with the blood amber Bar Fortunately, I checked the blood amber inside and out, and there was nothing wrong with it, and I showed it to Junli and Yunjing, and it was confirmed that there was nothing wrong, so I was relieved.But this 750 mg cbd gummies review hanging heart hadn t completely settled down, but a little bit of doubt suddenly rose in his heart.How can the robber still tear up the ticket after getting the money He just gave us the thing so easily, and it s still genuine blood amber I thought that some unexpected things would happen in the forest with weird photos, but I didn t expect that the three of us left the forest safely before the night fell.After walking along the trails of the township for about an hour, a town finally appeared in front of me.I asked a passerby to ask in a low voice, but found that we went from Kunming to Xining overnight, and the difference between Kunming and Xining was 100,000 yuan.Then 750 mg cbd gummies review he turned and left.Arriving at home, as soon as he opened the door, he saw Yunjing lying on the sofa at Junli s house with one foot up, Junli sitting silently looking at the scroll in his hand, the not pot cbd gummies reddit whole picture 750 mg cbd gummies review was extremely harmonious.But how do I look at it, why do I feel that Yunjing seems to be relying on Jun to leave home and swag cbd gummies 1500mg never leave You stay here every day, don t you want the Xuannv Palace I looked at Yunjing and asked lightly.Unexpectedly, Yun Jing said shamelessly and confidently What is it so ugly to be here My brother in law s home is my home My things are my brother in law s things.What is the Xuannv Palace, brother in law I want to stand behind him and point out the world for him When I heard this, the first sentence was fine, but the second sentence sounded weirder and even more basic As soon as Yun Jing finished speaking, Jun Li put down the scroll in his hand, where can i buy cbd gummies in salem oregon and uttered the word roll expressionlessly.Goosebumps all over his body from being disgusted all of a sudden, the villagers in Changbai Mountain must be mentally handicapped, right This is obviously not an evil god, but an evil thing.She looks so weird, how dare you worship her as a god But even if I have a general understanding of the matter of Songzi Niangniang, it is still useless.Let alone such a weird temple, I dare not go alone.Let me just say that the Songziniangniang Temple disappeared seventy or eighty years ago., I want to find her, where can I find her Involuntarily, I took out my mobile phone and sent a text message to Master, 750 mg cbd gummies review asking her for the exact location of the Songzi Niangniang Temple.After the text message was sent, she didn t reply to my question immediately, but asked me that she probably didn t leave with Jun And Yunjing said these things, right My back felt a little chilly, after all I had mentioned this to Yun Jing with my big mouth, although I didn t make it very clear, 750 mg cbd gummies review but Yun Jing had long been suspicious in his heart.It was as if his body had exploded.A stream of yin and demonic energy suddenly flowed out of her body and the master s body began to shrivel up like a broken balloon When I saw this, I said secretly in my heart If I knew it would be so effective, I would have used it earlier But the moment this power flowed out of her body, it did not dissipate, but kept surging around, as if Looking for the next host My eyes widened suddenly, and I ran outside in fright, almost sucking my feet But this god is fucking playing with me, this force keeps chasing me, chasing me more and more fiercely, I am so nervous that my face is pale and trembling, but it is useless.If I were to be doomed by this force, I would probably be the next one to deliver my son Does Gu Yicheng fucking want to help me or play with me Such a dangerous thing.They have lived for so many years, what scene have they not seen Even if I use this gaze to scan them, both of them are calm and tense But I was still shocked If I guessed correctly, the poison on Bi Se s body was poisoned by Ling Shun and Gu Yiyun Compared with rescuing Bi Se, it is naturally easier to kill people with HCMUSSH 750 mg cbd gummies review poison directly.And when they did this, it coincided with their act of staying and holding the little bi color note.I have to say that Ling Shun and Gu Yiyun are really ruthless.Even if Bi Se was taken away and became a prisoner, she still didn t confess the things between them, but the two of them acted preemptively and wanted to Kill Bise.The human heart is indeed the dirtiest thing in the world.When I was young, I thought there were only two colors in this world, black and white, and there were only two attitudes towards problems, right and wrong, but when I grow up, everything will change.He stopped and pulled me back to his side, otherwise, if I was kidnapped by Bi Se, the consequences would be unimaginable Xiao Xiao Bi Se s blunt and eerie voice suddenly sounded from my ears, and the voice of gnashing teeth was fully revealed during the speech I nervously glanced at Bise, then looked at Junli and Yunjing, but saw that the expressions of the two of them were very relaxed, and they directly ignored the demonic Bise, and Yunjing even said something to me in a joking manner Xiao Xiao, do you know why the sky is so dark today I subconsciously replied Why The sarcasm was unabashed.But the meaning of what he said was that he was secretly cursing Bi Se, Gu Yiyun, and Ling Shun for their calculations, which were bragging and mistakenly thought that the clothes were perfect, but they still failed You Bi Se was so angry that she was almost speechless, but because of Jun Li s location, she couldn t move.So, have we temporarily saved Xiao Jue once But since Bi Se is involved in this matter, it must have something to do with Ling Shun and Gu Yiyun.In this case, the three of them arranged a game so quickly to invite Jun into the urn, what kind of trick are they trying to play I didn t think much about it, the sky outside was already bright, I hugged Junli very unscrupulously, and then fell asleep in his arms.This time, I slept soundly, and when I woke up, the sun was almost drying my buttocks, and Junli and I got up from the cbd gummies mg chart 750 mg cbd gummies review bed leisurely, not like people in danger at all.But just as we got up and were about to wash up, a young man s voice came from outside the door He said in a panic Master Dao, my father s body is gone Junli listened Afterwards, I didn t react much, but I heard it in my ear, but I was shocked., Is it good to see After buying all the genuine goods, the owner of the store saw him and couldn t help but ask us three questions Is this the first time you three are foreigners coming to Beijing Jun Li didn t speak, and turned his gaze to me.I was about to answer, but Yun Jing took my words abnormally, and said Yes, boss, the things in your store are really good.In Yun Jing s tone, there was He was a bit flattering, but his tone of cbd gummies mg chart 750 mg cbd gummies review speech was not annoying.On the contrary, it made people feel that he was admiring cbd gummies for sleep issues from the heart.When the boss heard it, his face immediately lit 750 mg cbd gummies review up, and he said Hey, young man, you still know the goods.The things in my store are no worse than those in Beijing Panjiayuan When I heard the boss s words, I almost couldn t help but burst out laughing.Although I haven t had much contact with antiques, I have visited so many tombs, and I have seen many things, big and small.But Yunjing, who can talk to ghosts for half an hour, nodded at this moment, looking at the boss with a deeper level of admiration in his eyes and said.Boss, from the moment uly cbd gummies reviews 750 mg cbd gummies review I entered this store, I felt that you were a man of god.You really are extraordinary But it s not that something happened to our ancestors in green otter cbd gummies reviews not pot cbd gummies reddit Guangde Building, but I once heard my grandfather say, When he was young, he came to the Guangde Building in Yanzhi Hutong, Beijing, and listened to a girl called what s singing.Yiner Xu Yunjing s flattery was good, and the boss heard what he said., directly fell into his trap Seeing this appearance, I couldn t help sighing in my heart Yunjing and Junli are really a perfect match.One can set you up in the open, and the other can kill you in secret.Fortunately, I didn t become an enemy with them, but an ally, otherwise I might count money for them if I was skinned alive by them Upon hearing what the boss said, Yun Jing nodded excitedly and said Yes Boss, you are really a god, you are called Yin er My grandfather said that this Yin er is not good looking, and the voice is not good.As soon as Junli said this, I interrupted him immediately, and asked in a low voice Ling Shun and the others know that Yunjing under our command will predict, and I will predict, how could they not conceal their fate But at this moment, Yunjing interjected with a smile and said, Of course they will cover up their fate, but they forgot one thing What s the matter I asked hastily.Yun Jingshen walked up to me mysteriously, lowered his head, and whispered in my ear If you don t cover up your own fate, what s the use of covering up your own fate , suddenly frowned, and asked Yun Jing Do you think Ling Shun and the others are Gu Yicheng At least Gu Yicheng has a Xuanzhen Sect who can train a group of followers, but Ling Shun and the others have always acted as three people Yun Jing shook his head at this moment, and said that I was only half right.The boss looked at us a few times, as if he wanted to say something, but when the words came to his mouth, he told us to wait here.He went out to see if anyone wanted to sell something, and then left the room.When leaving, he did not forget to close the door of his quaint room.When I saw his thing, I twitched the corners of my mouth and said jokingly The boss is really relieved to let us stay in his room like this.Junli and Yunjing didn t speak, but after the boss walked out the door , stood up, walked in front of these yellow talismans, and looked at the yellow talismans posted on the wall one by one.After reading them, Yunjing still remembered the arrogant mocking sentence Brother in law, what do you say about these yellow talismans Is the Fu painting not as good as mine Jun Li raised his eyebrows, looked at Yun Jing like a fool, sneered, but unexpectedly agreed with Yun Jing, and gave a faint um.The three of us, Junli Yunjing and I, stood under the beam of light, raised our heads slightly, looked at the light above our heads, and suddenly found that the place where the light appeared above our heads was round, like a circle.Iguchi the same In an instant, I couldn t help but widen my eyes, and pointed at the wellhead above my head, but Yunjing and Junli gave me a shh , and then pulled me into the dark place suddenly.Only then did I realize that it was here On a stone wall next to the cave, there is also a small mechanism, press it open, and there is a stone room inside that can just hide people.Hiding behind the stone room, my heart was thumping in my heart, thumping non stop, as if I would find some shocking event in the next second, I was very frightened Swallowing my saliva, I turned my gaze to Junli and Yunjing and glanced at them, as if I wanted to test my conjecture, so I hurriedly asked, Is this the courtyard where Yin er lives, in the southwest corner Is it under the nearby well As soon as he finished speaking, Yun Jingting nodded, and I was about to say something, but Jun Li suddenly covered my mouth and gave me a soft shh.Hasty footsteps sounded from my ears again, unexpectedly, they came really fast But at cbd gummies mg chart 750 mg cbd gummies review this natures only cbd gummies ceo time, I understand very well that in the boss s room, we can still have a secret passage to escape, and we can find a stone room 750 mg cbd gummies review to hide in the secret passage.If we are still found in this stone room, then we really have to He had a head to head encounter with Ling Shun and the others.Immediately, all of my heart was in my throat, I was so nervous At this time, Junli and Yunjing also put away the previous teasing, and put on a serious and solemn expression.You dug the tunnel really cleverly.Ling Shun s voice sounded, and judging from his tone, he should be talking to the owner of an antique shop.It s not just Ling Shun, but even I, I m very puzzled How could an antique shop owner who had seen Yin er and was afraid that Yin er could not reach her, and even plastered yellow symbols all over the room in fear, how could there be a secret passage in the room leading directly to the place where Yin er lived In the well in the courtyard Moreover, this secret path is very ingenious, and it really cannot be dug out by ordinary people.After all, how can this errand be an official in the Yin Division , Calling people out casually, nothing wrong, it s not very good after all.Unexpectedly, the boss not only believed my slap in the face, but also stood up, rummaged through the room, and finally took out a lamp from the bottom of a big red box.Although this lamp is extremely dark, the craftsmanship is not simple, and the patterns on it, if I read correctly, should have been created before the Ming and Qing Dynasties.If the boss took a picture of a beautiful woman or something, maybe I would still be scared, but he brought out a lamp, I still didn t understand it, so I couldn t help turning my eyes to Yunjing, but Yunjing didn t speak, but He looked at the boss with a smile on his face.The boss brought 750 mg cbd gummies review the lamp to the table, and the moment he sat down, he sighed and asked us Do you still remember that Yin er often holds a lamp in her hand He glanced at me, then at Yunjing and Junli, even after taking out the lamp, he still couldn t say what we wanted to know, as if we could ask him to say one or two things.But what the boss said.But I was shocked The boss said that his father ran back home after stealing the lamp.But it didn t take long to run home.The courtyard unexpectedly caught fire, quickly destroying all everything evidence If it wasn t because Yin er was a weak woman, his father would not 750 mg cbd gummies review have suspected Yin er, otherwise, his father would have thought that Yin er was hiding in the dark, and he would have stood up for him after he stole the lamp As soon as he finished speaking, the boss sighed and said My father is very fond of antiques.He has held this lamp for most of his life, and he still held this lamp almost before he died, but he still has 750 mg cbd gummies review some regrets.I understand why this Yin er wanted to flee when she was so popular, why did she leave behind this lamp and that fire, and who set it off.He wanted to find a reason to help us cover up the past But Yun Jing directly ignored Granny Su s expression, as if he didn t 750 mg cbd gummies review see her expression, and turned his gaze to Tong Xin.Tong Xin was obviously also taken aback.She didn t know whether she didn t expect us to ask this directly, or what, after hesitating for a moment, she asked, Ask Guangde Lou, what s the matter Yes, of course there is.Ah Yun Jing hurriedly answered, but at this moment, Tong Xin asked in surprise Aren t you related to the people who broke into our yard these days Three hundred 750 mg cbd gummies review green ape cbd gummies on shark tank and cbd gummies mg chart 750 mg cbd gummies review twenty eighth Zhang Yin er s beauty, Tong Xin, had just finished speaking, and Junli Yunjing and I all changed our expressions, and delta 9 gummies with cbd we could guess with our toes that the question Tong Xin asked was whether we were 750 mg cbd gummies review with Ling Shun and the others.Granny Su s face turned pale immediately, but Tong Xin was relatively calm, and instead smiled at Yin er, the moment herbalist oils cbd gummies the smile spread.He turned his attention to the three of us.The three of us were not afraid of ghosts and ghosts, and never thought that Yin er would appear suddenly, so we were naturally unprepared, Tong Xin looked at this indifferent appearance, and the defense in our eyes deepened.It s been a long time to pretend.It would cbd gummies for tinitus also be tiring, Yunjing and Junli obviously didn t want to put on a show, and Junli s proud aura instantly stretched out.And Yun Jing, that foolish look, also replaced the previous submissiveness.I m still the same as before, nothing changed, but the moment the breath of the two of them changed.Tong Xin had already stood up and took a few steps back, not forgetting to pull up Granny Su who was sitting on the seat.I was so angry that I even took my anger out on Bi Se in front of me, fighting her desperately But before Bise and I had done a few tricks, Gu Yiyun, who was standing on the sidelines, moved, and rushed towards Yunjing suddenly.Although Yunjing pitted me, Yunjing would never be without any The reason pushed me into the fire pit Involuntarily, I stepped forward to block and directly blocked Gu Yiyun s attack, not pot cbd gummies reddit cbd gummy for sleep but there was an opening behind me, which gave Bi Se an opportunity to slash a hole in my back fiercely.Although I couldn t see behind me, the hot feeling swept over my whole body in an instant Go away.Gu Yiyun s voice sounded, his tone was a little anxious, his eyes were fixed on my back, Yun Jing direction.I don t know what Yunjing 750 mg cbd gummies review did behind the scenes purmed cbd gummies to make Gu Yiyun so afraid.I wanted to turn back, but I knew that I couldn t turn back now, so I had to grit my teeth and move desperately to block the two of them.But Yunjing replied to me, saying that there is no need to waste time and energy with boring people, and there are important things to do.Afterwards, I asked him again Then where is this But Yunjing replied, Don t worry, I won t sell you.Half of the white eyes were returned to him directly.Standing in the woods for a long time, there was no second person.I was a little annoyed.I was about to say something, but my peripheral vision suddenly flashed, and I found a blue light appeared in my peripheral vision.Suddenly, I turned my head, only to see that the light came from the lamp held by Yun Jing, and this colorado hemp cbd gummies lampisn t it the ancient lamp held by the owner of the antique shop Immediately I was a little surprised, and frowned and asked Isn t this lamp in Gu Yiyun s hand Just now when you threw the smoke bomb, you brought this lamp along Yun Jing didn t answer me, but rather sullenly.The moment the woman opened her mouth, a strange sense of familiarity suddenly appeared in my heart, as if I knew this woman wrapped in a black robe in front of me, and I had a very good personal relationship, but hearing her strange and old voice, I Can t tell who she is at all In a flash from the corner of my eye, I found that the moment the old man s voice fell, Yin er squatted aside in fright, trembling violently, as if the old man in front of me was a scourge But when no one responded, the old man planned to The moment he left I don t know 750 mg cbd gummies review if the frequency of Yin er s trembling was a little too loud, and there was a click sound next to his ear, as if a tree branch was accidentally stepped on.My face turned pale with fright, and my heart was tightly held together.I was about to see who stepped on it, but the old man had already stepped forward and walked towards us This time Not only was Yin er trembling with fright, even the four mothers in law beside her turned pale from fright, and trembled according to her frequency Seeing that the old man was about to walk in our direction, there was another click , as if some branch had been cut off, the old man turned his head suddenly, and all of us looked at him , but found that there were three familiar and unfamiliar figures walking in front of them It does cbd gummies affect blood pressure turned out to be Ling Shun, Gu Yiyun, and Bi Se When I saw this scene, I breathed a sigh of relief.But regarding the matter of my grandma s coffin, they will investigate patiently.So, there was the scene where the two of them were playing charades, saying that my grandma s body in the coffin would not be a fake at all.On the surface, the two of them were communicating when they said this, but in fact, they were testing Yin er For no other reason, the two of them rushed to Luofeng Village in a hurry, and didn not pot cbd gummies reddit cbd gummy for sleep t let me open the coffin to see my grandma for the last time.Isn t it just 750 mg cbd gummies review telling Yin er quietly, is there something wrong with this coffin It is very likely that the reason why they rushed to Luofeng Village in such a hurry has something to do with this coffin That s why the two of them were sleeping, and Yin er quietly left to dig up my grandma s coffin, cbd gummies reba but finally couldn t open the coffin, so she took the path back from the direction of the west building.roll.Since this is the case, what are they going back to Beijing for Not thinking too much.At this time, I have already boarded the plane to Beijing with Junli and Yunjing.After arriving in Beijing, Junli and Yunjing did not choose to stay in the more luxurious hotel as before.Instead, they found an intermediary company and picked a rental room here.In Yunjing s words, staying in a hotel, the hotel is too ostentatious, renting a house, at least you can use your identity as a North drifter to cover yourself.And this rental house is near Yanzhi Hutong, only a few tens of meters away from Yin er s yard.Sitting on the balcony, you can see everything in the house clearly.The body of the antique shop owner disappeared long ago, leaving a pool of black and red blood on the ground, and the yard was still a little messy.The moment he jumped down, his gasp suddenly sounded in my ears.As soon as I heard his voice, I was a little surprised.I quickly 750 mg cbd gummies review green ape cbd gummies on shark tank wiped my eyes, raised my head, and suddenly found that there were a few words on the plaque that looked like they were written in ancient times.I don t know when these words were written.They were very complicated and simple.I couldn t understand them for a while, but looking at Yunjing, I clearly recognized the words in front of me.Involuntarily, I opened my mouth softly and asked Yunjing in a low voice What do the words on it mean Unexpectedly, Yunjing replied me with three words I don t know.He rolled his eyes and snorted coldly I don t know yet, why are you gasping I don t not pot cbd gummies reddit cbd gummy for sleep know what the words engraved on it mean, not me cbd gummies and copd I don t know these words.Yun Jing answered me lightly, rolled his eyes back, but didn t move, and stood there with a strange expression, staring at the plaque on it.After I heard it, I couldn t help asking in a low voice Then tell me, what is the word on this plaque , quickly asked What immortal family Seconds later, he added Didn t you notice that the first few words on this plaque have been obliterated Wei Sui retorted.To be honest, Yunjing didn t say it, I really didn t see it.Not to mention that the tomb is dark, I can t see the words carved on the plaque at all, I just say that I don t know the words on it, in my eyes 750 mg cbd gummies review it looks like a ghost drawing amulet without words, how can I take it seriously ah But when I heard about the fairy family tomb, I couldn t help but tremble slightly in my heart.Half of the tomb with some kind of fairy, some kind of god is already very awesome.At this time, I really entered a tomb related to fairy Could it be that the thing buried here is a fairy But if there are really immortals buried inside, why is this tomb located in Yanzhi Hutong in the capital, and under Yin er s yard, such a sensitive place After thinking about it for a long time, I couldn t figure it out.The three of them behaved kindly to me casually, and I would treat them with all my heart and soul, and treat them as very good friends.As everyone knows, there are not many friends at all.One or two who are caring and who can stand up at critical moments are the only ones.enough.Otherwise, no matter how many of your friends you have, they will all be cronies and you won t be able to get on the stage.And too easy to trust others, is a good thing, but also a bad thing.The good thing is that the original innocence is still left, and the bad thing is that it is easy to be taken advantage of by those who want to.Thinking of this, I couldn t help sighing, and gave Gu Yicheng a smirk, then Gu Yicheng gave me a blank look, ignored me, and 750 mg cbd gummies review stretched out his hand to push open the tomb door hidden in the dark.Why can someone s facial features be so delicate It s like being carefully crafted, without any dead ends.And Jun Li seemed to be aware of the way I was looking at him at this moment, he turned his head slightly, lowered his head to look at me, and the words that came out of his mouth were icy cold.Do you still feel uncomfortable His words immediately brought me back to reality.I twisted my neck suddenly, but found that my body didn t hurt anymore And Jun Li s hands holding me seemed to have a steady stream of power pouring into my body.Are you helping me heal I asked in surprise.But Junli shook his head at me, and corrected me It s not healing, it s just helping you untangle your muscles and bones.After I heard it, I didn t know why, and my face suddenly turned red.I always felt that what Junli said, why did you listen Something weird I didn t think about it, I was 750 mg cbd gummies review about to jump out of Junli s arms, but at this moment, Junli hugged me into his arms, put his hands on my shoulders, and put his lips on my ears beside.After pointing for a long time, I didn t understand what she meant and what direction she was pointing at.In the end, I only heard her say something, saying that this place is very dangerous.Not a place for people to stay at all.When I heard her words, I was also dumbfounded I have already lived the fourth life, where have I not seen it I didn t feel how scared I was when I came here, let alone Gu Yiyun, Yunjing, Junli and Gu Yicheng beside me But it was precisely because of her words that Gu Yicheng s face tensed instantly.If an ordinary person who has never seen any big scenes or experienced any dangers said this, it would naturally not attract much attention, but the person in front of him was Gu Yiyun.Coupled with the miserable state of Bi Se before, and the possibility of disappearing with the three of them entering this tomb, I suddenly had a guess in my heart Could it be, the few of us were tricked Compared to the miserable experience of the three of them, the few of us are nothing but the more dangerous palace of the big spider.Just relax and follow me, okay Seeing Ling Shun like this, I couldn t bear it.All the things I did with Gu Yiyun and Bise have been dissipated in my mind.If we want to avenge Ling Shun and I, we must avenge it privately.When will the old man in this tomb intervene All of a sudden, I was about to cut off the rope hanging Ling Shun, but at this moment, Ling Shun suddenly burst out with a force and pushed me out, his face was grim, and his words were still lingering in the air.Get out I can t imagine how Ling Shun, who was at the end of his life, burst out with such power.Even the moment I realized it, I couldn t resist.I could only watch myself being pushed out of this grave, while Jun Li Together with Gu Yicheng and Yunjing, they also left the tomb.But the three of them are different from me.As for Gu Yicheng s Bai Yupei matter, he gave me such an answer can you swallow cbd gummies whole and left suddenly, which can already be seen.But before that, Gu Yicheng didn t do anything that would make me suspicious Could it be that, as Chu Lianqiao said, Gu Yicheng has been so obvious that even he can see it, but I haven t seen it all the time Thinking of this, I smiled slightly at the corner of my mouth, closed my eyes, held the white jade pendant tightly in my hand, turned my eyes to Chu Lianqiao, and said to him Sister, I m Now go in and get the painting, you wait for me outside, if you are in danger, run away Hearing what I 750 mg cbd gummies review said, he cut me off, and said in a childish voice My mother said, Running away when a woman is in danger is not something a man does.Although the atmosphere around here was very solemn, I couldn t help but burst out laughing after hearing what Chu Lianqiao said, blinking my eyes, and asked him A man Are you a man When I said this, I didn t forget to look him up and down, and at the moment when his face turned red from anger, I stepped directly into the hall in front of me Enter At the moment of the palace, I always felt that the surrounding air dropped several degrees, and it seemed that there was a uly cbd gummies reviews 750 mg cbd gummies review gust of wind blowing from the side, blowing my whole body, and I couldn t help shivering fiercely.Seeing me like this, Yin er seemed to 750 mg cbd gummies review be frightened, and hurriedly said tremblingly, It s justin this palace.Where I frowned slightly, she swallowed, and pointed to our feet The meaning is very obvious.They are underground My master and Junli Yunjing are here underground I asked softly, Yin er nodded, and I asked again Then why did my master send me and Junli away Yin er kept shaking her head , said she didn t know, and kept begging me to let her go, when I saw her like this, a killing intent flashed in my eyes, but I disappeared in an instant, and then said Take me to find them The moment the voice fell.I directly asked Yin er to show me the way, but she actually brought me to the well of the cold palace in the palace, and said that there is a tomb down from here When I heard her words, my brows frowned slightly, and I asked her Whose grave But besides shaking her head or shaking her head, she obviously didn t know.Suddenly, I remembered something, I turned my head and asked Junli What is your white jade pendant for Unexpectedly, Junli replied me with two words Agreement.Yicheng gave me the same answer Is it an agreement between the three of us I asked softly, Junli nodded, but suddenly sighed, looking at the stone gate, green otter cbd gummies reviews not pot cbd gummies reddit as if he could see through the stone gate and see everything inside, and he said quietly He said I hope he can abide by the agreement.I didn t understand what Junli meant, and I was about to ask in surprise, but what I said was to tell him that the white jade pendant he gave me was broken.When he heard that the white jade pendant was broken, he didn t react much, but nodded lightly, as if telling me that he knew.The three of us and Chu Lianqiao stood outside this door for a long time, until there were various bang bang bang sounds how long do cbd gummies last after eating inside, then the three of us suddenly got up and wanted to break open the stone door in front of us, but we don t know what the stone door is The thing is made, but it can t be opened at all I was suddenly a little surprised, even Junli and Yunjing were a little surprised, there are doors in this world that they can t open The voice inside intensified, but the three of us could only stand outside and stare blankly, unavoidably getting a little angry, but at this moment Chu Lianqiao got beside me, pulled my clothes and raised my head, using that clear The incomparable gaze blinked at me, and said, Why don t I try it With such determination in his eyes, he couldn t help but nodded Okay.

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