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Han Chaoyang picked up the Civil Servant Law and looked through it with his head drooping.Read Article 53 Civil servants must abide by discipline and must not have the following behaviors Fourteen, brackets, engage in or participate in profit making activities, and hold about cbd gummies concurrent positions in enterprises or other profit making organizations.I can t even read a legal clause, and I still have parentheses.What a mess, can such a person be a policeman The director became more and more enraged, and threw a red headed document from the city bureau, Reread this again It is strictly forbidden for the police to sing in public entertainment venues.It is strictly forbidden for the police to take a bath in the public bathroom and enter the private room.Those who really need massage and health care should do so in the business hall.With that little salary, it s difficult to support his family and yet he feels good about himself, but he is not without curiosity.How do you look, does the girl look good, do you feel it It s no fun, I didn t plan to go, but my mother forced me to go.It s not good, don t you feel it Human He looks pretty good, he has a good figure, and he has a good job, so he has a sense of superiority, which is very realistic, and he doesn t like me.Feeling that the car should not be so hot anymore, Xu Hongliang stubbed out his cigarette and called Han Chaoyang to get in the car.Your family s conditions are so good, and you are so talented, why should she look down on you Han Chaoyang felt a little unbelievable, because the conditions of this person beside him were so good in all aspects.Xu Hongliang put on his seat belt and said with a wry smile She works in a bank and looks down on me as an auxiliary police officer.Learning instrumental music costs more money than studying other majors.Any musical instrument costs thousands or even tens of thousands.As about cbd gummies a result, students are unemployed as soon as they graduate, and school teachers are also anxious.So contact students who are better outside, and mobilize what can be mobilized.All the network resources, and even provide funding, let us graduates come out to open piano shops, sell musical instruments, and conduct training.Your teachers are so kind.That is, they are much more humane than our leaders.Pack your bags , called the senior brother who was depending on each other , and said goodbye to the tearful junior sister.Seeing her reluctant to leave, Han Chaoyang felt very uncomfortable.He repeatedly emphasized that he would come back as soon as he had time, and she felt a little better.Xiao Han , this is your fault, as a people s policeman, there must be no problem with your style of work.Aunt Yu, you misunderstood, let me introduce, this is my classmate Xie Lingling,I work in the Boyi Piano Store in Guangming District, mainly engaged in performance about cbd gummies training.In the future, anyone who has a child who wants to learn to play can find her without too far away.By the way, HCMUSSH about cbd gummies Lingling has a boyfriend, a graduate student at Normal University, who just went abroad for an exchange some time ago.It turned out to be a classmate, Mr.Xie, about cbd gummies what do cbd gummies do for your body welcome.Two professionals came at once, the old factory manager was very happy, and gave up the middle position of the band to the two.Erhu to Mr.Xie, let the old man join the choir.I have never encountered such a funny thing.Xie Lingling sat next to her brother and laughed from ear to ear.It s a pity that the cbd gummies help stomach coffee table is too small.It should be because there are too many types of false certificates.The coffee table can t fit at all, so it can only be placed on the dining table.As a result, there was not enough space on the dining table, so I had to bring a few cardboard boxes and stack them up as a display stand for the stolen goods.Good guy, there are hundreds of them Xu Hongliang took out a heavy cardboard box from under the wire bed in the inner room, which contained various seals.Put it here.Han Chaoyang glanced back, and continued to search the female suspect s bedroom.He didn t know if he didn t search, but he was startled when he searched, and found a large plastic storage box from the closet, which was neatly stacked with estimates There are thousands of courier bills at the bottom, as well as account books and a thick phone book.The problem of food Eating problems can be easily solved.Doesn t the property in Dongming Community have a cafeteria, and you can partner with them.Whether it s registered as a security service company or established as a voluntary community security patrol team, the police are only guidance .Han Chaoyang will not comment on where the funds come from and how they are spent, let alone this is a good thing.Seeing him nodding, Su Xian suddenly changed the topic Xiao Han, why some cadres in Chaoyang Village are not very active in merging into the community The reason is very simple.The village can be said to have a first level finance., but it undertakes a large number of administrative functions, and the contribution and return cannot be directly proportional.Han Chaoyang was confused when he said these things, and could only listen carefully.The old factory manager patted his chest, got up immediately and said Xiao Wu Xiaoqian, okay, okay, I bought what should be bought early, and I won t buy your insurance if I haven t bought it.I m here tonight.You go back early, we Start rehearsing Chapter 42 Blind date 1 Sure enough, Manager Zhang, who had no better choice, finally made up his mind to break the wrists of a strong man and agreed to outsource the security of Dongming Community to the future Chaoyang Community Security about cbd gummies Service Company.As for the cost Han Chaoyang was too lazy to inquire.Just because Han Chaoyang doesn t care doesn t mean the owners don t care.Security costs accounted for a large proportion of the property fee.Although the property company was strong, the owners were the real owners of Dongming Community.In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, and to set up a voluntary security patrol as soon as possible, Director Su and several community officials rushed to Dongming Community early in the morning, together with Manager Zhang and other management personnel of the property company, called the community building manager and owner representatives We have a meeting.In the yard of the third house in the east of the second team, the cadres of the working group were doing work for the landlord.Seeing that the landlord hesitated to speak, he continued It s not just about how much money to pay, nor how much is fined.This involves population management, and it s also a kind of protection for you.What are you exempt from liability for Exemption for what the landlord asked with a straight face.There was a villager in Fenghuang Village who rented a house to others without filing a natural hemp cbd gummies record.As a result, the outsider who rented the house died in his house, and his relatives ran to make trouble.In the end, he had to compensate the relatives a large sum of money.I don t know why he died.It wasn t that he was killed, anyway, the other party refused to do an autopsy, and even lost the lawsuit, so we can t take advantage of the small gains and suffer big losses. Officer Han, it s not just about money.I m sorry, I ll give it to you.Sorry for the trouble.No trouble, it doesn t matter if it s a big about cbd gummies deal.Thinking of the scene about cbd gummies of being interrogated that day, Zhang Beibei felt sore, and choked kanna oil cbd gummies up and said Officer Han, the inspectors of your branch have all come to me.I know that borrowing money is not as easy as you said.I m sorry, I shouldn t care about your borrowing money.Money.It s all over, so what s the point of talking about about cbd gummies it Let s talk about something else, how the lawsuit is going.The court just accepted it, and it said that the court will start at 8 30 am next Friday.The court also needs to go through procedures.There is no rush, the reason is on your side, I believe you can win.Thank you Officer Han.Here we go again, sit down, sit down and talk.He simply picked up the patrol inspection terminal and checked the identities of the outsiders wandering outside together with the police and auxiliary police guards at the intersection of the second team.certificate.Why don t you bring your ID card when you come out Uncle policeman, I live in front, I just took a shower, I just changed clothes, and I don t go far.Why do you bring your ID card Give me your name and treetop cbd gummies ID number.Yu Xiaoping , ID number 330521 The young man remembered very clearly that Liu Jianye entered the query to confirm that there was no problem, and then asked, Do you have a residence permit Without a residence permit, you will be fined.Tian added a WeChat group in Chaoyang Village, explaining Uncle policeman, I just HCMUSSH about cbd gummies moved here from Chaoyang Village.People from the Chaoyang Community Service Station and the Police Office asked me to about cbd gummies work here.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished introducing the situation, he agreed straight away I thought it was a big deal.It s a lot of work for you, but it s easy for us.Anyway, we have to go to the street every day.Let me ask by the way.I don t know about other districts.I can assure you, you can rest assured in our district, call them early tomorrow morning, and you can find out at the latest the night after tomorrow.Thank you very much, I am looking up the kid s mobile phone number, once I find out about the small advertisements he posted I ll take a photo of the pattern and send it to you.Thank you, I m not an outsider, and this is our business.Captain Tang thought for a while, and couldn about cbd gummies t help suggesting Han Da, if this is the case, let s find out first.Find out the situation first.If I can confirm that the kid has committed many crimes, I will report to the superior.It was sent to your mobile phone, and Chen Jie secretly took one, so we will see yours next.Don t worry, it s easy to find if you have a target, I want to see how many they posted and how many shutters they destroyed.Don t about cbd gummies what do cbd gummies do for your body make too much noise, so as not to overwhelm the snake.Understood, don t you feel relieved when I do things Work hard, run with me, don t give the guy in charge a look, Yu Zhenchuan don t want to sleep tonight.The dredging project can t be completed in a day or two, maybe you won t be able to sleep well tomorrow night Chapter 103 Unexpected Harvest Senior brother won t come back for a while, so Han Chaoyang simply took the takeaway he ordered for senior brother into the car, and rushed to the entrance of Taizhuang Village to let Guan Xiyuan, who had been busy for most about cbd gummies of the night, eat first.Now it seems that there is a clothing stall in Huayi Shopping Mall behind Xinglong Department Store, which specializes in selling clothing.Is Chapter 122 worthwhile Three days later, the police organized visits and questioned thousands of people.Not only did they fail to find any valuable clues, but the more they got to know the victim s family, the more complicated the case became.The detection work kushly cbd gummies owner has come to an impasse, and Xi Hongbo is feeling irritable.Just about to go out to smoke a cigarette to get some air, Zhou Ju called cbd oil gummies wholesale again to inquire about the progress.Zhou Ju, I disappoint you.This case is more difficult than expected.Although the victim Zhang Qiuyan s mother in law remarried and even had a child with her current husband Yang Guangcheng in middle age, this is still a very ordinary family platinum x cbd 1000mg gummies Qiao Xianhong s disappearance is indeed suspicious, but his actual behavior before disappearing is not suspicious, and it is almost certain that he and Zhang Qiuyan are neither involved in gambling, nor in drugs, nor about cbd gummies in gangsters.Liang Dongsheng sighed cbd gummies louisville lightly, got super cbd gummies reviews infinite cbd gummy reviews into the police car and dialed the phone number of the deputy head of the special case team.After listening to the report, Xi Da said coldly Comrade Dongsheng, if there is no clue, there is nothing to do.If there is a clue, we must investigate it to the end.Aren t you there By the way, bring this Ren Haixiang back can cbd gummies help with depression so 20 mg cbd gummies effects that the economic detectives can understand the situation of fraudulent loans.This All the 4S stores will be closed for a while, take a break after you bring them to the task force, and visit all the 4S stores in the city tomorrow morning, and continue to track down that Yao.Chapter 136 The determination is made Wu Wei and him The master was busy visiting and inquiring, very tired.Han Chaoyang was also very tired when he took his mother around to look around on an electric scooter.An unfamiliar number, Han Chaoyang looked at the caller ID, pressed the call button and asked, Hi, hello, are you Chaoyang, He Yichang of the Second Economic Investigation Squadron, I only added WeChat last night but didn t save the number.Team Guan Liang asked for your mobile phone number.Hi Team He, Team He, what instructions do you have No instructions, I just want to ask you for a favor, or the incident last night, we have the surname Yao The courier address and mobile phone number, but that address is actually the University of Science and Technology.The mobile phone is always turned off, and the call records can t find anything.We can only use QQ to contact him.We sent him a courier, and Polytechnic University is opposite your police office., is the jurisdiction of your integrated police platform.They found them and checked the monitoring of just cbd gummies 500mg dosage Building 5.Several houses are under renovation.The real estate agent found nothing abnormal when checking the surveillance, so he was advised to call the police, but the owner later said that he made a mistake, and the matter was left alone.Old Feng, you mean that Qiao Xianhong was in Hairun Have you ever worked in the new village Hairun New Village s property management is very formal, no matter which house is being renovated, you about cbd gummies have to pay a deposit and sign an agreement.There are records of what work you do every day, and there are two copies, one for filing and one for the door of each house.The inspection records of the building chief show that on the day the owner of Room 1102 in Building 5 claimed that the decoration materials were stolen, Qiao Xianhong was in Work in room 1103 Zhou Ju followed up Who is the owner The owner s surname is Gao, Gao Junfei, a native of the city, opened a clothing chain store on Qianjin Middle Road.My mother probably won t object.I ll leave this to you.There is still a parking space.Ask if there is any.People are willing to rent.I know, buying a house for you is more important than buying a house for my own family Han Chaoyang, human cbd gummies for dogs you owe me a lot of favors.When you get over it and have money in hand, treat me to a good meal.My fair lady, a gentleman is so good.In the past, he had nothing and had no confidence, but now that he has a house and owes a whole lot of debt, Han Chaoyang has some confidence, and half jokingly said Yingying, you can actually treat yourself as your own house, how about the two of us get along together , how about you being the hostess of this house.It s a good idea to get along with you, isn t it just a house, what s so great about it If this girl is so materialistic, let alone a house with a bright future, a villa Both Chapter 146 The first real voluntary patrol member Huang Ying put down the phone and secretly thought about what he meant, whether he was joking, or expressing his love in this almost joking way.He took the initiative to report the good news and helped make the arrangements at night.It turned out that the drunkard s intention was not to drink, and Han Chaoyang was confused, but thinking about it, it s not a bad thing.He stared into his eyes and asked very seriously Hongliang, do you really like Lingling Don t tell lies.Chen Jie said again abruptly.I like it.Xu Hongliang nodded, fearing that Han Chaoyang would not believe it, he emphasized I m not joking, Chaoyang, I m not kidding, I really like it.Lingling has been hurt, she can t be hurt again.I know, I told you this, you don t know what kind of person I am.This kid has impeccable character, and his family is rich Han Chaoyang felt that he could help match up, so he patted his arm Okay, I ll help her persuade her to see if I can tell her not to go to Donghai.After saying this, I suddenly felt that Qiao Xianhong didn t hide very far at all.He should have been hiding in Yanyang, maybe near his house, but he hid better and was not seen by acquaintances.That s all. It s possible.Just as he was speaking, another large car slowly drove into the parking lot.The driver jumped out of the car and walked around the car, checking the tires and checking whether the ropes that tied the goods were loose.The co pilot s door also opened, and a woman came down, said a few words to the driver, and went straight to the toilet about cbd gummies with toilet paper.This is the nearest parking lot to the departure area on the national highway, and the people who come in are mainly large trucks and passengers.The drug trade is worth several million, and it is a cash transaction.The possibility of drug dealers taking a large amount of drugs in a bus to deliver the goods is very small, and the possibility of driving a small car to trade is also very small.It s about cbd gummies a big deal, and besides, isn t it good now A man should have a little heart and a little tolerance.Master, I m actually not a chicken hearted person.If you don t mention it, I ll almost forget about it.Fearing that natures stimulant cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction about cbd gummies the old fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg about cbd gummies man might not believe it, Han Chaoyang nodded emphatically again.Having been together day and night for so long, Grandpa Gu didn t know what kind of person his apprentice was, so he couldn t help laughing and said I believe you will soon forget, but it s not because you don t remember grudges against Wu Wei, it s because you re too busy, because you want to buy a house, because I m in a relationship, I can t remember, I can t think about it.How is it possible, I really forgot.Master, I am actually very generous.Okay, okay, you are very generous.Grandpa Gu taught his apprentices that about cbd gummies Just stop, take out your phone to check the time, and immediately change the subject It s almost 12 o clock, take off your belt, is Accountant Huang coming to pick you up, or do cbd gummies for pain no thc you go directly about cbd gummies to her house Secret, I asked for leave the day before yesterday, and went to buy a big bag of fruit last night.This is the theme of the Soviet Union s Holy War , Latent and Soldier Assault The song is adapted from this song.The TV series Latent and Soldier Assault are so classic that audiences inside and outside the venue have almost never watched them.The melody created by the Soviet musician Aleksandrov is more classic.During World War II, the Red Army s field choir sent this song to every corner of the front line, from Belarus to the Ukrainian plains, from Smolensk to Sevastopo The Red Army soldiers in the Fortress, every trench, and every foxhole heard this passionate war song, which inspired the Red Army soldiers to finally plant the red flag on the German Parliament Building Exciting and majestic, when the stage sang the closing lyrics, the audience applauded like thunder.This time the curtain was not lowered, and the two hosts did not thank XX for their wonderful performance as before, but asked sensationally Guests, friends, is it good It sounds good Do you want Huahua Street Another song with the chorus of Yandong Branch Yes I m sorry, due to time constraints, today s performance can only be here, please allow me to thank the choirs of all units for their wonderful performances on behalf of all audiences inside and outside the venue, and more importantly Thank you to our revolutionary martyrs.There fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg about cbd gummies is no voluntary security patrol team, not even auxiliary police.Several leaders of the PolyU security department are not very active in mass prevention and control.Director Xing mentioned it to them when the police platform was established, and they find various reasons to shirk.Now we You can talk to the school leaders, as long as the school leaders pay attention to it, and as long as the school leaders support it, you can definitely set up a voluntary security patrol team in the Xinmin community.Principal Nie, this is a good idea Director Du was really interested, and couldn t help but look at Yu Zhenchuan, who seemed a little restrained.Han Chaoyang wanted to relieve the pressure on his brother not just for himself, so he said while the iron was hot There are more than fifty security guards in the PolyU Security Office.It is mainly responsible for campus security and stability work, public security management, traffic management, fire management, household registration management, student military education and national defense education, conscription, comprehensive management of the campus, etc.Minister Yan also serves as the director of the Comprehensive Management Office and presides over the department Comprehensive work I also serve as the deputy director of the Comprehensive natures stimulant cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction about cbd gummies Management Office, assisting Minister Yan to take charge of the overall work, and at the same time in charge of the Public Security Section, Traffic Section, Fire Protection Section, Technical Defense Office, School Guard Team and 110 Emergency Duty Room Vice Minister Ye is in charge of the Armed Forces Department and the office Vice Minister Xuan is in charge of the Security Offices of the two new campuses.Besides, there are witnesses.Han Chaoyang knocked on the table, stared at him, and warned very seriously There is a surveillance video, so don t take chances.Come with me to the office.Officer Han, I admit that I overturned his car, but there is a reason for this.Chapter 232 Something went wrong in the base area 2 What reason We have signed a contract with the property management, and we pay 10,000 yuan a year to the property management.The waste products in the community can only be sold to me.If I sell all of them to others, won t I be compensated Bao Shien turned to look at Manager Zhang, He emphasized And our industry has its own rules.I do business in the about cbd gummies community I contracted.I don t want to steal other people s business, and others can t come to steal my job.Chaoyang, we didn t sign a contract with him.Tan Xiaoying pointed the finger at Bao Shien who natures stimulant cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction about cbd gummies was hanging his head again Besides, the Anti Unfair Competition Law also It is stipulated that operators shall not use property or other means to bribe to sell goods, otherwise they will be investigated for corresponding responsibilities, including fines, confiscation and even criminal liability.You use commercial bribery to obtain franchise rights and hinder the interests of other waste collectors.It also belongs to unfair competition I met an expert, but luckily she was not targeting me.Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that just knowing the intrinsic hemp cbd gummies in store Public Security Punishment Law was far from enough.If he always knew almost nothing about the law as he is now, he might suffer a big loss when he meets such a client in the future.Manager Zhang also realized that he had met an opponent.The leader refused to let him go, so Han Chaoyang could not leave, so he could only stay where he was, and was embarrassed by Fan Ju, who laughed at him on the phone, and Jian Yunping, who kept making funny faces.Zhou Bureau, on such a big matter, I can joke, dare I In fact, I received a report from the Disciplinary and Political Committee of Longdao County Bureau at night.I was afraid of making a joke, so I rushed to the mountains overnight.The car couldn t get in.I walked for more than ten years.Lishan Road, I didn t arrive at the scene until 8 30 in the morning, yes, yes, I saw everything I needed to see, and now delicious cbd gummies I m standing on the top of the mountain where Xiao Han has been holding on for four days and five nights, and the arrest scene is at the foot of the mountain.Go to study The communication can capture a level A wanted criminal who shot and resisted arrest and injured a policeman two years ago, and then sneaked back to his hometown to kill two people a few days ago.School starts, new students report, what are you going to do Zhou Ju didn t understand for a while, and asked with a puzzled look on his face.There are a lot of people in the school.Nowadays, college fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg about cbd gummies students have poor self care ability.Many new students are sent by their parents.I called the teacher and asked the teacher.My teacher said that the nearby hotels and hostels were booked out half a month ago.The school also considered that there is no Parents who have booked a room and some parents with difficult family conditions are reluctant to live in a hotel, and plan to let the parents play the floor in the indoor gymnasium and library.This involves population management.As long as all those who live about cbd gummies in the school must register, the security office may not be busy Come on, our police station and even the patrol cbd gummy worms fredericks spa team have to help.This area must be developed, and it will be sooner or later.Thinking of the bright future, Lao Du showed a knowing smile again.It is also land acquisition and demolition, and it is also located in the urban rural fringe area, but you about cbd gummies who created smilz cbd gummies don t expect to enjoy the demolition standards of Chaoyang Village.Han Chaoyang thinks it is a bit funny, but now is not the time to talk about these things, so he asked while the iron is hot Master Du, your family lives You work here every day, so you should be familiar with this area. That is, I know all the bosses who do business by the river, and I know several swiss relief cbd gummies sugar free ingredients steel bosses in the market. This Are there people who always make trouble out of nothing and like to do things that hurt others and benefit themselves .

how many mg of cbd gummies to take?

Idle around, don t do business properly, and cause trouble all day long Yes.A few bold villagers found that they looked scary, but they were actually quite talkative, so they laughed and asked for money.How could the boys give them money Cai Shijie s face suddenly changed again, staring at the most shameless one, and asked sternly What did you just say, why the hell say it again Brother, I I am I want to help.The short and thin villager was so scared that he hurriedly backed away after the gun shot him in the head.Brother Six, he asked us for money just now Money Robbery What the hell, dare to ask labor and management for money, are you tired of working Cai Shijie rushed up and grabbed the short villager, roaring Who else wants money Stand up for labor and management How do you do it, how do you beat people You re blocking infinite cbd gummy reviews social cbd gummies the road and robbing, labor and management are justifiable defense Cai Shijie grabbed the short villager and yelled back Big brother, big brother, someone is looking for trouble, and his grandma doesn t even ask who I am.Let s report first.Han Chaoyang just smiled, and the phone was connected, only to hear Teng Da asking on the other end of the phone Xiao Han, what else is there Reporting to Tengda, Comrade Li Kaiyi and Comrade Xu Guoqiang, the policemen of the Serious Case Squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of our branch, agreed that since Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao s gang opened an underground casino in our city, it is impossible not to leave clues I really thought of going together , I am having a headache from which unit to dispatch the police to investigate this line.The investigation of about cbd gummies the case has entered a critical stage, and Teng Jiming no longer cared about whether he would take credit for about cbd gummies the Yandong branch, so he asked calmly, Xiao Han, so your manpower is not very tight Report Teng Da, The leaders of our sub bureau attach great importance to this case, and the bureau leaders support it, as do the leaders of Changfeng Police Station and Huayuan Street Police super cbd gummies reviews infinite cbd gummy reviews Station, and now there are five policemen, including me and Wu Wei.It about cbd gummies is estimated that the invoice will be so super cbd gummies reviews infinite cbd gummy reviews high.As he spoke, Feng Ju unexpectedly began to gesture.This is also the reason Zhou Ju thinks about it.Looking back at Du Ju, he couldn t help but say with a smile The murder case must be solved, and the body of the victim in this murder case was found in our jurisdiction after all.We only arranged five policemen to investigate with them.I can t justify it.Du Ju understood, tacitly understood and said seriously Old Feng, since it is a joint investigation, I think you should take the helm.Yes, you should take the about cbd gummies helm.Zhou Ju nodded emphatically, forcing Holding back a smile, he said, Although Xiao Han and the others are brave enough to fight, they are inexperienced.At the critical moment, a veteran like you is needed.How could Bureau Feng not know their good intentions , and said dumbfoundingly It s not appropriate to do that.Han Chaoyang asked curiously I met an acquaintance, who, do I know Yes, Lao Xu Which Lao Xu Old Xu s family opened a night market food stall Han Chaoyang was surprised, with a look of incredulity on his face.What s so strange about this He often said that he wanted to open a small restaurant or a food stall.He said that opening a restaurant requires paying rent or setting up top selling cbd gummies a food stall is less risky.It used to be unconditional, but now you are covering it.The investment is not big, why not do it.I m covering it, stop kidding, what can I cover him Urban management, with you here, can Team Tang make things difficult for him Wu Wei patted Han Chaoyang s arm, and then He added with a half smile I heard from him that Team Tang helped find the food stall.As long as there is no barbecue, as long how to make cbd gummies for pain as the ground is not messed up, the Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade will not drive him away, let alone I won t detain his guy.Bring your bank card.When we got to the place, when we were playing inside, there were people watching outside.They were very respectful and never had any accidents.The underground casino is in the high tech zone, with pick up and drop off, and security checks, making it so mysterious.Who else could exist in Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao s gang Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, and asked What is the surname of the person who organized the game The surname is Guan.We all call him Boss Guan.I don t know what his name is.Only one surnamed Guan Boss His surname is Guan.He has two subordinates, one surnamed Yu and the other surnamed Chen.I really don t know what their names are.They re just there for fun.Just be safe.Who s going to inquire about these things.I don t know the names, and I don t even know the surnames.This time he really came back with honor.I just started working and I don t know anything.It s luck Okay, I made Qi Suo laugh.Don t be modest, it s not so easy to get a second class merit.I will add a WeChat later, and I will contact you often in the future.By the way, Lao Miao has a treat in the evening, and we can see each other in the evening.Yes, my mother told me.One for you and one for Haizhu.Our town has two police officers.Now you are both a hero and do smilz cbd gummies work the most handsome policeman loved by the masses.Haizhu is also doing a good job, working in the provincial department.You two are really proud of your hometown, who said that we can t produce talents in Linshan Town.Here again, Han Chaoyang was embarrassed by the compliment of the police station director in his about cbd gummies hometown, so he simply changed the subject Qi Suo, cbd gummies dosagw you don t know how to speak now.In the past few days, I have seriously investigated the social relations of the suspect and his relatives, and found that his father, Huo Jianliang, was very close to a contractor named Gui Liuqun.Every time the economic investigation team of the sub bureau sent someone to his home , or 30mg cbd gummies reddit a creditor came to collect debts, he took the whole family to Gui Liuqun s house to hide.I have already reported this situation to Team He, and Team He said that it is difficult to use technical means against Gui Liuqun based on these alone.Refuse to pay labor remuneration Liu Jianye asked in a low voice.Well, the Economic Investigation Brigade filed a case for investigation on suspicion of refusing about cbd gummies what do cbd gummies do for your body to pay labor remuneration.Liu Jianye nodded slightly, thought about it and asked, Who is responsible for this case now This question really caught Han Chaoyang, After being stunned for a long time, he smiled wryly Judging from Director Feng s tone, the bureau attaches great importance to this case.Open the office door of the Finance Office.I thought my girlfriend was busy doing accounts, but I didn t expect her to sit on a chair and make a phone call.There is a flea market on Dongfeng Road.It s quite big and sells everything.I ll accompany you there on Sunday.But we can t just go.You can ask Xiaokang if he has time and if he can take a rest.Just ask him to ride a tricycle, and if there is anything suitable, just buy it and let him help you bring it back Han Chaoyang gently locked the door, sat in front of her and waited for a long time, until she hung up the phone before curiously Ask Wife, who is it Zhang Beibei.Zhang Beibei, why did she think of calling you What is she doing buying second hand about cbd gummies goods Huang Ying couldn t help laughing and said She has talked with Sister Su about renting out the Chaoyang Village Memorial Hall to open a hotel.He was agitated and dropped something.The people in the business hall didn t dare to touch him, so about cbd gummies they called 110 to call the police. Twenty yuan, what a big deal How about calling the police If everyone is like you, there won t be so much trouble.Thinking of Grandpa Gu s usual style of doing things, Chen Jie couldn t help laughing and said, Da Han, why don organabus cbd gummies t we call the police Bet, I bet your master settled this dispute out of his own pocket, if you win, you will treat me to fruit, if you lose, I will treat you.Is there a need to bet, he must settle this way Han Chaoyang glanced at her, He opened the cover and walked into the office area, took out the key of the electric car patrol car from the drawer, and was about to visit the Chaoyang Village demolition site and the high speed rail station project site when the landline rang again.The public security police, the person in charge of the security company and the person in charge of the security department of each construction unit will about cbd gummies be stationed together.Come on, it s easy to plan and coordinate Mr.Qi, Mr.Deng, Mr.Xuan, I think this plan is feasible.It s all for the construction of the project, and you can t just make small calculations, don t you think Mayor Meng, you Having said that, what else can I say.Mr.Deng I have no objection.It turns out that this meeting was not for nothing, it turns out that the leaders of the street and the sub bureau have already prepared.The security company won a big order, Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, subconsciously took out his mobile phone, and secretly sent WeChat to Director Su and Lao Jin under the table, telling them the great news.Understood, but What else is there Master, I m worried that neither side will be offended, and maybe both sides will be offended.It must be admitted that the little apprentice s concerns are reasonable.The bureau also asked the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Alarm Reception Platform to reimburse the invoices from the branch command center, and allocated vehicles to the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Alarm Reception Platform.It made it clear that the alarm reception platform was treated as a unit.It became a small police station, and it was responsible for key projects in the city.It would be fine if Kang Haigen wasn t so impatient , but if he was a little impatient HCMUSSH about cbd gummies , Liu Jianye s temper would definitely be a good show.I didn t expect to encounter such a thing when I was about to retire.Grandpa Gu couldn t give any good solution.Knowing that Grandpa Gu and Han Chaoyang didn t smoke, he would be fine He said with a smile while pointing it up for himself Determine the target first and then coordinate, otherwise there is nothing to coordinate.Inspector Gu, Chaoyang, when we came over, Lao Ding and I walked around the neighborhood and found that the memorial hall is in a good location.Others think it s unlucky.We don t mind it, we can definitely borrow it.Did you make a mistake, you fell in love with the memorial hall Han Chaoyang stared into his eyes and asked in a low voice Kangsuo, the Chaoyang Village Committee is quite big, can you coordinate with the engineering headquarters and let them borrow a few rooms The Chaoyang Village Committee is quite big, but There are more people in the engineering headquarters, so it may not be possible to coordinate, and even if it is coordinated, it will be inconvenient.Just as he was feeling secretly, Grandpa Gu suddenly smiled and about cbd gummies said Old Ding, Chaoyang, you two discuss who is on duty tonight.The Kang Institute is not very familiar with the engineering headquarters.I am familiar with the leader, so I can accompany Kang to the office, and see if natures stimulant cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction about cbd gummies I can find an office to help Kang settle down first.Lao Ding thought to himself that you are a third level police supervisor anyway, who is the leader of the engineering headquarters about cbd gummies I won t even give you old face, and it s impossible not to give you old face, and hurriedly said Inspector Gu, I will be on duty at night.I have something to do with my family in a few days, and I may have to ask for leave, so It s okay, it doesn t matter, who doesn t Do something Kang Suo, let s go first.Grandpa Gu picked up the luggage after finishing speaking, Kang Suo asked his old man to help him carry it, quickly grabbed the luggage and opened the door, and asked him to walk in front.Because of this relationship and the help of kind hearted people, he finally found out the approximate whereabouts of Huo Xuebin.The policemen in the economic investigation team of our sub bureau don t know overseas Chinese in Thailand, even if they can apply for funding for the case., What can we find out if we go to Thailand and don t know the place Boss Chu, our police are human beings, not gods Looking at Boss Chu s thoughtful expression, Han Chaoyang said while the iron was hot And in the past two years, our police officers are not gods It s not that you didn t do anything.You just went to Huo Xuebin s house at the end of the year.The police officers from our sub bureau go there not only at the end of the year, but also on weekdays.If you don t believe me, go back to your hometown and ask the neighbors of Huo Xuebin s house.Although Han Chaoyang had never looked for him, he had his cell phone number just like his colleagues in the office.Facts have proved that this guy is a bit of a waste of money.He fiddled with tin foil for more than ten minutes, sweating profusely, and the lock still didn t open.He turned around and asked in embarrassment Director Liu, this lock is not very good.Open, can I use an electric drill Drill the lock cylinder Liu Jianye asked coldly.Zheng Si wiped off his sweat, and said cautiously, You can t open it without drilling.Liu Jianye was so embarrassed, he took out a cigarette and gritted his teeth and said, Usually, if the chain is blown to the sky, and the chain is dropped at a critical moment, I think you can also be equipped with a key, so let s just open the lock.Liu Suo, this lock is difficult to open., There are laws and regulations, but it is too difficult to practice, and I want to strictly investigate and deal with it, what a joke.Sister Miao, what do you mean by that, can t you still not control these guys who engage in black broadcasting and fake base stations It depends on how to manage and how to investigate and deal with it.If it is so easy to manage and investigate and deal with, such cases of violating radio management regulations in recent years will not show an intensifying trend.How many stubbles can come out.You understand Han Chaoyang asked.Please, have you forgotten what I do Let s put it this way, every special action against violations of radio management is a joint operation between the radio management department and the public security economic investigation department.He s not an economic investigation policeman.How could he be asked to assist in the joint operation of the Food and Drug Administration and the Industrial and Commercial the vitamin shoppe cbd gummies Bureau Zheng Xinyi poured water for the old man while explaining the cause and effect.Grandpa Gu finally understood, and immediately got up and opened the door to check The suspect in the inner room immediately closed the door and muttered Why don t you send the suspect to the prison for interrogation It s not like there is no detention room in the prison.What s the point of shutting down the police room It s too much fun Sergeant Gu , Our place is not only the Chaoyang Community Police Office of the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Branch, but also the comprehensive police receiving platform on Zhongshan Road of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Moreover, Mo Yunhu has neither lost control, nor lost contact, nor committed crimes again, so what if the inspector finds out, I don t believe they will pursue me I almost forgot about the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road.According to his explanation, the inspector about cbd gummies really has nothing to do with him.Thinking of this, Miao Haizhu became even more depressed, and said angrily You can fool me.The inspector can t fool me.Me and I Do you know that the master was hurt by you Han Chaoyang realized where can i find cbd gummies near me that her outburst must have something to do with the phone call she received during lunch, and asked in a low voice, Sister Miao, is there someone who doesn t welcome Mo Yunhu to live in Xinmin Community Not someone, but a lot of people A lot of people I don t know, I don t know, but I m shocked when I know, this Mo Yunhu has done all kinds of bad things back then Not only is he rampant in Chaoyang Village, but he also comes to Xinmin Community.In my hometown, it turned out that Zhang Ziyue was abducted and trafficked by human traffickers five years ago.She seems to be a mentally ill person.Her brain is not very good, and she is not smart after giving birth.No matter whether you are smart or not, you will go to about cbd gummies what do cbd gummies do for your body school in the future, even 20mg cbd gummie if you don t go to school.The old bachelor who bought her went to the village, and the village found the police station.The infinite cbd gummy reviews social cbd gummies local police went to his house to natures stimulant cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction about cbd gummies investigate the purchase of the kidnapped woman.Considering that the kidnapped woman had mental problems, she couldn t tell where her hometown was.After she was rescued, she couldn t even survive, and later the abducted woman was allowed to settle in the local area with the consent of her superiors, and even the name was obtained with the help of the village cadres.She, a waiter , can t help if she wants to.She can only pass the time by watching TV and surfing the Internet She always wants to go online, and what she is most afraid of is going online, especially in the past five or six days, every time she sees Ling Bin s letters to her on her blog, every time she sees Xinxin s photos, every time she thinks that he and his daughter are more than 80 kilometers away When Yanyang looked for her, his heart felt like a knife was being twisted, and tears streamed down his face.But the more I was afraid, the more I wanted to read it.I read the blog over and over again.Every day I saw it at one or two o clock in the morning, thinking that about cbd gummies what do cbd gummies do for your body Ling Bin and his daughter should be asleep, and then secretly logged on to the QQ of his sweetheart, and saved the photos about cbd gummies uploaded by his sweetheart to his mobile phone Xiaoxia, are you still asleep my cbd edibles gummies I don t know what time I saw it, but Sister Wei s familiar voice came from outside.Han Zhaoyang took a deep breath, turned around and said, She should still .

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be in Building 16, there are windows at the corners of every staircase, and there are also windows in the elevator corridor, but you can only see the north side, you can only see 13 , Building 14, and Building 15, if she wants to see the street in front of her, she has to go up to the roof How could Wu Junfeng miss this opportunity, and volunteered to say Han Da, I will take two people up to have a look.Don t worry No When Han Chaoyang opened his mouth, Grandpa Gu said eagerly It s a good thing and a bad thing for people to be on the roof.The good thing is that she can t escape if she blocks the stairs on the 24th floor.The bad thing is that she finds it difficult to fly with wings and has no face to see Ling Bin and the child.The suspect was actually dressing up.Wang Jianping realized that there was a reason for the incident, and as soon as he entered the door, he saw Grandpa Gu standing by the side, hurriedly pushed Lao Song, and went forward to salute and say hello Inspector Gu, Inspector Gu Chief, Kang Suo, I m sorry to trouble you this time. You re welcome, you should.Qiu Genmao reacted, and hurriedly leaned into Lao Song s ear Master, Inspector Gu is the master of the Stone Bureau.Lao Song was stunned for a moment, and quickly stepped forward to salute and say hello.Grandpa Gu .

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held his hand, looked back at Wan Xiaoxia who had been stunned, and suggested in a deliberative tone Captain Wang, Lao Song, let s go out and talk, no matter how urgent it is, don t rush it for a few minutes.Okay, we re infinite cbd gummy reviews not in a hurry.What are you doing Chapter 462 Spring Festival travel Ling Bin is willing to cooperate, and Lao Song also has a new job , changing into a gray overalls to burn the boiler with Lao Guan.His apprentice, Qiu Genmao, turned himself into a literary youth about cbd gummies what do cbd gummies do for your body looking for poetry and the distance.He either plucked the strings of the guitar that Han Chaoyang borrowed for him, or went to the corner to play drums.The guitar is not so easy to learn, but the drum kit is easier to learn.After three days of learning like this, I can play it well.With their master and apprentice guarding Ling Bin and Xinxin, Han Chaoyang didn t have to stay in the hotel all day, and went to work as usual.But when I got back to work, what I had to do was not normal.Xu Hongliang s first fire when he took office was in the police office.From the perspective of instrument configuration, a good symphony band has been transformed into an orchestra.All of them, look to the right, look forward, take a break In front of his girlfriend and about cbd gummies his students, Xu Hongliang didn t want to be like Han Chaoyang s subordinates, and directly ignored the link of reporting to the team leader and team instructors, Looking around at the security guards who participated in the reception, he said in a HCMUSSH about cbd gummies cadence Comrades, the students from the Judicial Police Academy who came to our community for internship will arrive soon.Because it is the first time to cooperate, Vice President Chen of the college attaches great importance to this, and he spared precious time from his busy schedule.Time to send the students over in person.Comrades, please cheer up and welcome the leaders, teachers and students of the Judicial Police Academy with full enthusiasm.Wu Wei is the officially appointed squadron leader, and Wu Junfeng is the officially appointed deputy squadron leader.Miao Haizhu didn t expect that the anti pickup team would have an instructor, let alone that she would be appointed as an infinite cbd gummy reviews social cbd gummies instructor.After hearing the appointment announced by instructor Xu, her blood boiled with excitement and she was ecstatic.Han Chaoyang thought to himself, so what if you become an instructor, I m still the team leader But now is not the time to be complacent.As soon as Xu HCMUSSH about cbd gummies s instructor finished speaking, he quickly took over the conversation again, and said in a cadence Comrades, with the development of society, police auxiliary personnel are fighting crimes, social patrols, traffic order maintenance, and administrative tasks.Services and many other aspects are playing an increasingly important role.We need to humbly ask the old about cbd gummies man The predecessors studied and trained a pair of piercing eyes, which can recognize the thief from the vast crowd at a glance, and catch him when he commits a crime.Comrade Wu Wei is a policeman who handles the case and has been working in the case handling team.In the future, he will use his spare time to tell everyone about the public security organs This is the minimum business skill, and it is as important as learning how to recognize the thief and catch the thief.If we can t do this, we will work hard to catch the thief.It s also impossible to effectively attack them.Wu Wei placed his position very well, and said tacitly Don t worry, Han, I will organize training as soon as I have time. Okay, you have to worry about this.Han Chaoyang laughed He smiled, and then changed the topic The two old seniors are in the yard.Affectionate praise and infinite love Since it is a flash mob , it cannot be done for too long.As soon as the music stopped and the passionate and affectionate song was sung, the band members, including Han Chaoyang, bowed tacitly to thank the audience, and immediately packed up their instruments like normal people, carried their bags, and dragged their luggage Box scattered.It about cbd gummies what do cbd gummies do for your body s over, let s play another song.A passenger was still thinking, and his eyes followed the most beautiful Xie Lingling.A lady in her thirties put down her mobile phone and said with a smile This is a flash mob, and people will flash after the performance I like to do this.It s pretty good, a middle aged passenger said while walking towards the security checkpoint, holding up his mobile phone and saying, Xiaoqin, do you know what I saw at the airport Flash mob with a group of kids about your age, playing I am the Heart of China in the airport lobby, and then flash away after the performance.Oh.Huang Ying hurriedly hugged Han HCMUSSH about cbd gummies Chaoyang s waist, almost lying on his back and asked Husband, who is that person who said goodbye to you at the gate of the police station just now I about cbd gummies what do cbd gummies do for your body don t think I ve seen him before.Sun Guokang, the policemen who have just been assigned to the Huayuan Street Police Station should have been trained in the police officer training center.The superiors considered that the police force in each unit will be tense during the Spring Festival, so they should go back and forth for internship first, and then go back to continue training after the new year.You guys.Isn t the police office separated from the police station Why didn t he practice in the station, why did he come to your police office Passing a section of the road with many electric vehicles, he explained Our police area overlaps with the jurisdictions of the two police stations.Sister Miao, what a big deal, and it s really out of our control.You even called to report to the supervisor on duty.What about it The supervision of the masses is not a joke.The superiors have an assessment of the satisfaction rate of the masses.The instructor of our previous director was transferred because the satisfaction rate of the masses in the institute was low.The sub bureau now has requirements for the satisfaction rate of the masses in our institute.It s 100 percent, what we did was meant to offend people, how could we possibly satisfy all the masses, even if the ordinary masses are satisfied, the family members of the suspects would not be satisfied either. Then what should we do Try to satisfy the masses Oh.Miao Haizhu sighed softly, and continued You can t believe it when you say it, some time ago a member of the public lost her mobile phone, and she didn t take care of it, so it s not up to us, and people will complain.As a newcomer, although Sun Guokang slept late at night, he got up just as early.He also participated in the Grand Parade of the voluntary security patrol brigade.After a long circle, I really realized that the voluntary security patrol team of the sub bureau is not easy, and the young master is even more difficult.But just calling master like that, he still couldn t say it out.Han Da, what are your plans for the morning Han Chaoyang put down the police record, raised his head and said, There are not many police cases in the morning, and the station is not very busy.You can visit Yangguan Village with Wu Wei first.Sun Guokang asked puzzledly, What are you visiting Collect clues and public opinions.Han Chaoyang didn t want to leave a difficult impression on highly educated apprentices, and patiently explained For example, about cbd gummies hidden dangers to public security and firefighting, various cults, possible mass incidents, etc.Huang Ying glanced down at her phone, leaned over to pick up her down jacket, listless Said I can t take it anymore, go back to sleep for a while, and don t sit here and do nothing.It s better to take a nap in your busy schedule than to do nothing.Okay, I ll take you back first It is always better to change.Just as he and his wife walked out of the police room, the phone rang again.The caller ID was a completely unfamiliar mobile phone number.Han Chaoyang stopped in his tracks and answered the phone and asked, Hello, who are you Officer Han, are you Xiao Han Yes, I am Yandong Branch Police officer Han Chaoyang, who are you The voice was familiar, but he couldn t remember who it was for a while, Han Chaoyang glanced at Sun Guokang who was talking to Xiaokang, and signaled him to be ready to go to the police.They don t rely on their parents like you, and they have no education.In the end, they all get rich, and you are the only one.In this way, we should really reflect on ourselves.Recalling back then, Dai Lishi was so remorseful that he was speechless in the face of Han Chaoyang s questioning.Back in the police office, Han Chaoyang asked him to are cbd gummies good for dementia patients go back to the temporary ward by himself, sat down and called Director Xing and Huayuan Street Police Station Director Liu Jianye to report the matter.Unexpectedly, ten minutes after hanging up the phone, Director Du already knew about it, and even called him himself.Han Chaoyang thought that the leader was afraid of trouble, so he eagerly explained as soon as he got connected Boss Du, I know it s more troublesome to solve this way, but I always feel that it s not appropriate to ask him to directly apply for demolition of the house in advance.I never thought about finding a wife.To be sugar free cbd gummy worms precise, it s not that I don t want to, but I dare not think about it.When Han Chaoyang said this, Uncle Hong asked in a strange way Is the child so talkative now Anyway, the few I met are quite talkative, not only talkative but also very filial and understanding of the old man, Han Zhaoyang greeted him Sitting down, he smiled and said, I natures stimulant cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction about cbd gummies think Aunt Lu is pretty good.I have been to her house and seen the photos before.She was similar to a celebrity when she was young, and she was well maintained.No matter how you look at her, she doesn t look like someone in her sixties.Old Xu ran out to smoke and chat with some security guards from the Sixth Hospital, but there was no outsider in the police room.Uncle Hong scratched his head, and said with some embarrassment Xiao Lu is very nice, but she is only sixty two, and I am seventy three, eleven years older than her After inquiring about people s ages, Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and said, I don t think age is a problem.It is said that the profit of the tobacco industry last year was in super cbd gummies reviews infinite cbd gummy reviews the trillions, and the about cbd gummies total fiscal revenue paid in was also in the trillions, while the total national fiscal revenue was only in the tens of trillions.That is to say, the tax paid by tobacco has been as high as more than 10 of the national fiscal revenue all the year round.Therefore, cracking down on cigarette counterfeiting is not just a corporate behavior, it is actually a national behavior There is a leadership office for cracking down on cigarette counterfeiting in the city, as well as in the district.It is dedicated to coordinating functional departments such as tobacco, industry and commerce, public security, and taxation to crack down on the problem of counterfeiting and selling cigarettes.The sub bureau organizes joint meetings between the Public Security Brigade, the Economic Investigation Brigade and the Yandong District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau every once in a while to study how fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg about cbd gummies to crack down on counterfeiting.I have a gun on my body, and the gun cannot be brought into Beijing.I can only rush over to say hello to you and see if I can find the nearest police station to store the gun.Let s go The emergency lane is purely a last resort.After speaking, he untied his coat and let the traffic police see the gun.ID cards, police cards, gun certificates, and letters of introduction issued by the Yandong Public Security Bureau were all available.Looking at Lao Hu s guns, the young traffic policeman realized that Yanyang s colleagues were not joking, and immediately returned the documents to Lao Hu.Glancing at the vehicles behind on the emergency lane, he said calmly, Hurry over, I ll give you a call on the walkie talkie, and ask the people in front to respond.Thank you.The public security is a family, so you re welcome.It is necessary to quickly investigate and break, open a few .

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rooms, and organize an interrogation on the spot.Ask the person in charge of the hotel if there is a parking lot behind or nearby, and drive the suspect s fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg about cbd gummies car there.In addition, remind the person in charge of the hotel that the public security organs will handle the case , ask them to keep the secret, and anyone who leaks it will be held criminally responsible.Yes You open the room first, organize the interrogation first, and I will report to the bureau immediately.After the report, I will pack up and go to meet you.Don t worry, Han super cbd gummies reviews infinite cbd gummy reviews Da, we are determined to complete the task.As soon as Xiao Sun got out of the car, he could not only hear clearly but also see clearly, seeing that the most handsome policeman in Yanyang who was about his age disagreed with taking the suspect to anti drug team, suddenly realized that he seemed to be busy for nothing, not only did he have nothing to do next, but also the anti drug team had nothing to do, even if there was, it would still provide assistance as before, and the work would be just as wasted This is not a trivial matter.Song team, this is a new situation, and I have to report it to the bureau.Antivirus is like that.Song Kaiqiang stood up and said, Report, I also want to report to my superiors.Especially for Liu Qingjun s line, the next step is inseparable from the assistance of the Internet police, and may even require technical means, and may require the assistance of technical investigation.With such a large number of drug dealers, Lao Hu was still not at ease about cbd gummies after thinking about it, and said in a low voice Da Han, Captain Song, the information of the interrogation just now is about cbd gummies all in the transcript, why don t you put the transcript here, I will go back to the room and continue to detain the suspect.Chapter 644 2.12 Task Force 3 After finally catching a big fish, Song Kaiqiang did not dare to act rashly.My younger brother bought methamphetamine in the group.After Liu Qingjun found out, he thought it was a way to make a fortune.He asked Guan Peng to contact the seller of methamphetamine to find the source of the supply.After being cheated several times and buying high priced methamphetamine a few times, he found it in a daze.A big seller.So he let Guan Jie and his nephew Liu fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg about cbd gummies Xiaobo also mixed into this group, quietly poached the corners of this group, pulled marijuana addicts into their small group, and then sold methamphetamine to those drug addicts.Zhou Ju pondered So infinite cbd gummy reviews social cbd gummies Liu Qingjun s gang found their superiors through that marijuana group, and developed a group of downlines Yes, that s what they did.into two cases.Drug dealers are very cunning, they can be said to keep pace with the times, they sell drugs through the Internet, a group of some kind of pilots is actually as high as hundreds of people, how many people cbd gummies and alcohol involved in drugs can be imagined Realizing why Han Chaoyang was in such a hurry, Zhou Ju said in a low voice Xiao Han, don t worry, just watch over there first, and then report in time if there is any situation.Yes Thinking that all these situations were overheard at the door just now, Jiao Da and Team Liang didn t need to overhear, but they were busy interrogating the can you buy cbd gummies at walmart suspects with their counterparts in Beijing, so they had no time or chance to make phone calls.If there is a situation to report in time, maybe the people inside noticed the eavesdropping at the door just now, and now the door has been closed, and there is infinite cbd gummy reviews social cbd gummies not much to learn, at least not first hand.I don t know how to report the situation in time Bureau Zhou didn t know what Han Chaoyang was thinking, and couldn t care what Han Chaoyang would be thinking.While looking for the phone number, he said with a blank expression, Political Commissar, the Nanshan Branch Bureau has reported to the Beijing Municipal Bureau, and we have to report to the Municipal Bureau as well.Don about cbd gummies what do cbd gummies do for your body t know about the marijuana case.As long as it involves bargaining, there is the possibility of long nights and dreams.Han Chaoyang realized the importance of cutting the mess with a sharp knife.As long as he strictly followed the previous agreement from the beginning, he would be less likely to argue about these things in the future.Room, wait in the lobby with Lao Hu, Wu Wei and Yu Zhenchuan.It was already 8 27 in the morning when we went out to buy some early Xiaokang and arrived at the anti drug brigade of the Nanshan Sub bureau together.Sure enough, Director Du was standing in the hallway waiting, and with him was Second Inspector Lao Xu who chased them away like a duck yesterday afternoon.Report to Bureau Du, the road was blocked for a while This is Beijing, traffic jams are normal, and you are not late.It was very fulfilling, and two days passed without knowing it.At 4 00 p.m.on Friday, just after organizing the students to perform together, Huang s father and Huang s mother drove to PolyU on time.Han Chaoyang greeted Xie Lingling and others, and hurried to the dormitory to get the luggage packed last night, stuffed it into the The trunk was already full, and they .

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rushed to Yandong District Administrative Service Center to wait for Huang Ying to get off work.Yingying hasn t got off work yet.We ll start off after get off work.We ll bring food and have dinner on the way.It s probably after ten o clock at night when we get to Qingshan.It s too late.Don t wait for us Huang s father sat in the car In the living room, he called Lao Han enthusiastically into the Bluetooth microphone in the car.Yandong used to be a suburban county, Huang Ma didn t come here very often, and it was the first time she came to the administrative service center.The time passed minute by minute, when the car drove to the entrance of Qingshan Expressway, the mobile phone finally rang, and the caller ID was Liu Suo.Liu Suo, have you arrived at the Sixth Hospital I I arrived ten minutes ago, Liu Jianye never expected such a thing to happen.Miao Haizhu, Xu Hongliang and others suppressed their grief and said, Chaoyang, the medical staff did their best, but the main reason is that the injury was too serious Liu Suo, what happened to Chengquan The car that caused the accident hit too hard.Xiao Liu fell too hard, and hit the back of his head HCMUSSH about cbd gummies on the steps of the police station, causing fatal injuries.Didn t he be infinite cbd gummy reviews social cbd gummies rescued No, Liu Jianye liked the boys from the anti pickup team very much, and looked at the second boy who had just walked in to find a doctor to understand the situation.Liu Ergui couldn t control it any longer, and cried out heartbreakingly while clutching Xu Hongliang s arm How could this be When he came back, he said he would come back and stay for a few days before leaving after the first month and a half.Quan er, why are you so cruel, you just left and let about cbd gummies me and your mother live Uncle Liu, I m sorry, I m sorry.Apart from being sorry, Han Chaoyang didn t know what else to say, his heart was like a knife, and tears streamed down his face.The old party secretary helped to persuade, the deputy director Li of the local police station helped to persuade, and the neighbors who had figured out the ins and outs all came in to help persuade.Several neighbors who watched Liu Chengquan grow up couldn t help crying.For the villagers, the Spring Festival is not over yet, and the Liu family should be very festive, but with the sudden bad news, the yard of the Liu family was full of crying.Han Chaoyang doesn t know what to do and what to do.I felt extremely uncomfortable in my heart, and my head hurt badly without rest for more than 30 hours.I just slumped on the sofa, rubbed my temples, and fell asleep in a daze.When I woke up again, it was already dark, and I took out my phone to check the time, it was already 8 23 in the evening.I don t know who helped to cover the quilt, got up and about cbd gummies walked outside, Miao Haizhu and Sun Guokang may have gone back to rest, only Lao Ding and PolyU security guard Mei Tiejun were left in the office area.Hungry, I left you a meal.Lao Ding raised his arm and pointed to the lunch box on the opposite table.Han Chaoyang still didn t feel hungry, so he lay down on the police station and asked, How is Mama Chengquan There should be nothing natures stimulant cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction about cbd gummies wrong.Old Ding sighed, and continued Chengquan s parents, including his sister, brother in law and cousin, are very reasonable and agreed to hold a memorial service the day after tomorrow.This is called only state officials are allowed to set fires, and people are not allowed to light lamps.High speed rail station and East Bus Station The project mainly requisitioned the fields of Chaoyang Village, and the homestead of the old Chaoyang Village has now been about cbd gummies turned into residential and commercial land.The developers from the south are very powerful.They will build more than 40 high rise residential buildings and a commercial center larger than Yanxing International.After the completion, most of the villagers in the old Chaoyang Village will move back.The walls are too high to see inside.Han Chaoyang put the tools into the patrol car, and asked inexplicably, Didn t the foundation laying ceremony be held a year ago A few shovels of soil, today is the official excavation of the foundation, several excavators came in the morning, and there are estimated to be more than a dozen carts pulling the soil.He was busy, and Han Chaoyang and the others didn t dare to interfere with his work, so they just waited in the doctor s office for nearly an hour.Jiang Yan had gone to the hospital for an internship before, so she knew that this was something that could not be rushed.Her boyfriend Bai Yaping is also a medical student, and he is also relatively calm.Han Chaoyang waited anxiously, and was about to go to see how many wards were still unfinished when Wu Junfeng called suddenly.The office is not a place to talk, so Han Chaoyang walked quickly to the fire escape, connected to his mobile phone and asked, Junfeng, did those people have any abnormalities Really engaged in pyramid schemes Wu Junfeng ran to the alley on the left side of the building, and said with some excitement They really rented a big office on the 8th floor of Xingye Building, and there are about 60 people working in it right now.Xiao Han, no, no, Zhou Ju about cbd gummies what do cbd gummies do for your body was in a super cbd gummies reviews infinite cbd gummy reviews good mood, and half jokingly said Xiao Han, don t you call me again , I really thought you guys forgot about me.They say that people leave for tea, I haven t left yet, and I shouldn t, do you think so Ju Zhou, I participated in the pass through operation last night, I didn t go to sleep until after nine o clock in the morning, and I just woke up, and just heard the news that you are going to be promoted. I know you participated in the operation at night, I m joking with you, your patrol team performed well last night, just now when you were eating in the cafeteria, Fan Bureau I m still doing credit for your patrol team. Thank you Zhou Bureau for your praise, raising soldiers for a thousand days and using them for a short period of time, these are all what our patrol team should do.It was not known if it was a murder.Deputy Director Xing was taken aback, and hurriedly said Chaoyang, protect the scene and contact the Huayuan Street Police Station as soon as possible.I will report to Xi Da immediately.The criminal police, technical police and forensic doctor will be here soon.Yes Chaoyang called and learned that a dead body was found in the jurisdiction.Bao Qingshan got big and said eagerly Chaoyang, don t about cbd gummies let the informant go, I ll be right there.Master Luo is by my side, he won t leave.Okay, wait.Lao Luo didn t expect that the person lying on the grass was a dead cbd gummies legal minnesota man, and he was so frightened that he couldn t keep his wits about him.He took out a cigarette and wanted to light it.Over there.Forget it, if you can t smoke, don t smoke.Tie Jun, don t worry about it here.Go to the gate of the factory and wait for Bao s office.Are you The first one to go to the scene, what s the situation He also talked about natures stimulant cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction about cbd gummies Xiaokang and Chen Jie, but he was actually talking about the 3.14 case.Perhaps the thieves carrying bags and pickpockets along Zhongshan Road are afraid of being caught by them.It is difficult for om edibles cbd gummi melange them to get anything out of the streets now, and they are too busy trying to solve big cases Chapter 725 Murder 4 The old fertilizer factory went bankrupt long ago, there were not many people in the factory area, and there were no people around the factory area, and the body of the deceased was found at night, so 3.Case 14 is not like the murder case in Yangguan Village last year.Not many people know about it.The new director thinks it s good.Everyone is strictly confidential.As a policeman, you should abide by the discipline of secrecy.Undoubtedly, they went to investigate the family situation of the old workers HCMUSSH about cbd gummies in the chemical fertilizer factory that they learned about last night.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, and ate about cbd gummies as if he didn t know anything.At the scene, he took out his mobile phone and called Mr.Ji.Chaoyang, what s the matter It s nothing, I just want to ask what you and Uncle Wu are up to. What do you think we can do Ji Kaiyuan stood by the electric car, looked back at the community that had just come out of it, held up his mobile phone and said, Lao Wu and I are not familiar with this area of Xinyuan, but there are friends who are familiar with this area.I bought two, and found out the current address of the three, and planned to find a restaurant nearby to have a meal.After eating, I went to the old man of the three fertilizer factories I found out in the morning.Grandpa Gu asked Old Wu, Lao Ding, what do you think.Wu Wenge lit a cigarette and said lightly I have no objection.Inspector Gu, I also have no objection.Four to one Ji Kaiyuan suddenly regretted bringing Grandpa Gu in.Seeing that Wu Wenge had no objection, he could only reluctantly say It s okay to tell Liu Jianye, after all, he knows and is familiar with it.Regardless of whether the information cbd gummies in houston we have is useful or not, he has to This is the case.Grandpa Gu didn t mention the report because of this, he turned around and said, Chaoyang, call Liusuo, and call now.Okay Liu Jianye stayed up until three in the morning last night It was too late, and I couldn t bear to go back to my room and sleep with my clothes on.As soon as the phone rang, I immediately got up, looked at the caller ID, rubbed my eyes and asked, Chaoyang, what s the matter Let me tell you, I am worried about misleading the investigation direction of the special case team, and now that I think about it, I still think I should tell you Han Chaoyang introduced the situation here and the work done by the two in the past in detail, and then turned back Looking at the crowd, he added My master and Sergeant Ding are also here., I didn t have time to say hello to Feng Ju when I was busy.Feng Ju also tacitly didn t disturb his work, so he and Grandpa Gu studied and found out the personnel one by one, and analyzed and judged them until after nine o clock in the night.Long distance bus The East Railway Station does not leave at night, and Lao Dai got off work early but did not go home.He has been busy assisting Lao Ding and the others to find out infinite cbd gummy reviews social cbd gummies outside.I don t know if their team s investigation tasks are not heavy, but it is more efficient to have him join.Those who came back in batches, as soon as they came back, they went to the cafeteria with Feng Ju to eat at Grandpa Gu s strong request, and then went back to the how much cbd gummies should i take a day conference room to analyze and judge together.So busy.Just as I was about to say hello to Bureau Feng and go to the cafeteria for dinner, Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu also came back, and reported as soon as they entered the door Report to Bureau Feng.There are shops selling mobile phones in front and small restaurants in the back.People in our shop often go there to eat.Thinking that the police may not believe it, The girl emphasized again We usually eat in the store, green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review but sometimes we also go out to eat, such as someone s birthday, about cbd gummies or want to have a party or something.She has worked nearby and may be related to Yu Xiufen, so she couldn t help asking Look again, and see if it s the same person The girl said in a positive tone Don t look, it s him, we ve been there Many times, and there is only one waiter and him as the waiter in Chuanwei Restaurant.What s his surname, what s his name It seems that his surname is Teng, I don t know what his name is, but you can ask Sister Yu, Sister Yu should know , He and Sister Yu seem to be from the same village., The position is very correct, not daring to regard the old classmate as the leader, took out the mobile phone and turned out a photo, and handed it to Liu Qiuping along with the mobile phone Report to Bureau Liu, from the current situation, he lives in Taoyuan Community, Xinyuan Street Wei Ping from Taoyuan New Village, that is, the middle aged man in the photo, is a major suspect Too many coincidences are not coincidences, not to mention that Liu Jianye not only has photos of the suspects in his hand, but also suspects who returned home before the crime.There is even a video of the suspect returning to Yanyang before the incident, and a ticket purchase record for the train leaving Yanyang to Dongguang after the incident.More importantly, it has been verified that the suspect s wife knew the victim, and their relationship It s extraordinary.You think that the referee will stand at the start and end with a stopwatch as before.So advanced Huang Ying was skeptical.What era is it It s not that advanced.Mentioning this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Technology is developing too fast, and many people can t keep up with the times.Just like the traffic police who can identify license plates through the city s traffic surveillance, many suspects People find it inconceivable that they were caught because of this, but in fact this technology is very common, and now new residential areas have installed similar access control systems, the cameras can identify whether it is the owner s car of the residential area, and if it is not in the computer, they will not lift the pole.Huang Ying reacted, Exclaimed Really, even Dongming Community can automatically recognize it now. There s no need to go on like this, it s done now.Liu Hui pulled Huang Ying into the conversation room, closed the door, and said in a daze, The afternoon before yesterday, there was Dozens of people went to Nanzheng Street to make trouble because of the demolition and resettlement.The Nanzheng Police Station could not ignore it.They led the squad leader and all the policemen on duty to the street to power cbd gummies review maintain stability.District Chief Liu didn t know what to think, so he asked the command center to send Nanzheng Police Station The police were called, and the people in the office were all on the street to maintain stability, and the police were slow, and it seemed that they arrived at the scene after waiting for more than 20 minutes.Huang Ying asked curiously And then Then I was criticized, according to the regulations If you have to arrive at the scene within five minutes, District Chief Liu, regardless of whether it fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg about cbd gummies is a special situation, criticized the Nanzheng Police Station for not doing a good job in group defense and group governance, joint defense and linkage, saying that even if the police cannot get away, they should notify the nearby police in time The community cadres should go and have a look first.Seven hundred and eightieth Chapter 1 Something Happened to Boss Hu s Construction infinite cbd gummy reviews social cbd gummies Site 7 Xu Min was the pillar of the family, and his death was a great pity for his family.But in any case, he died of illness, and the construction unit did not shirk responsibility.Thinking about it differently, the construction unit was also very wronged, and it was really unlucky.Han Chaoyang not only sympathized with what happened to the Xu family, but also understood the Sanjian Company, especially the small contractor surnamed Yang.He thought to himself that the Xu family could quarrel if they wanted to.However, he wanted to handle it coldly , but the first secretary of the community who had just taken office couldn t bear the Xu family s quarreling downstairs, so he asked Director Xie who lent the office and conference room to the Sanjian Company, and immediately lent him to him after he figured it out.First, he The troops he served in are far away, and the second is that there is discipline in the propaganda, which needs to be approved by the head of the army, and he has been retired for two years, and many of his comrades who fought together at that time have also retired, so how do you find them Han Chaoyang is constantly emphasizing Regarding the difficulty of interviewing the army, Feng Ju suddenly said If you want to go to Xiao Liu s former army for interviews, we can help you to contact fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg about cbd gummies them.Journalists are not afraid of trouble, and we shouldn t be afraid.Ju Feng, can we really get in touch Chaoyang subconsciously asked.I don t have such a strong feeling if I don t come here in person.Director Feng wanted to help Liu Chengquan get some treatment after his death.He patted his thigh and said, If we can t get in touch, we can ask the Armed Forces Department to help us.The one who ran Didi Han Zhaoyang asked dumbfounded.Speaking of cbd solutions gummies which, you have seen it before.It was the last time I went to the store to ask me about Gan Jianren.I remembered that his hometown seems to be the same place as Luo infinite cbd gummy reviews social cbd gummies Weixing.This is a new situation Han Chaoyang didn t think there was such a coincidence in the world, so he asked eagerly, Miss Boss, do you have his mobile phone number Do you know his full name Phone, I don t know what the full name is.He said it, but I don t remember these little things. It s okay to have a mobile phone number, you can look for it and send it to me. Okay, wait a minute.Zhang Yuli s attitude towards the police is not very good, but she is more reliable in about cbd gummies her work.After waiting for five or six minutes, a mobile phone number was indeed sent.Han Chaoyang hurriedly checked the mobile phone number provided by Master Xu just now, compared it, and was immediately ecstatic Eat or not, why are you smirking Huang Ying asked impatiently as she opened the door.Before, I only thought about a tall performance venue, but now that the venue is settled, the audience is another problem Zheng Yutong murmured I ll post it to Moments later, and post it to all the groups.The May Day holiday doesn t mean everyone goes home.There are tens of thousands of people in several campuses of our school.It should be no problem to gather 2,000 people There may be more than 2,000 people who don t go back on May Day, but it s hard to say who is willing to go to the concert.Not everyone likes to listen to music.He Qiyuan looked back at Nie Xuan, and continued And whoever goes, who doesn t, There are too many uncertainties about not going when you promised to go, or going again when you said no.There are too many uncertainties.You can t do this when you hold an event, especially such a large scale event.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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