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Candy immediately smiled, Thank you Xiaoshuang.She took a sip of the little bear, her complexion changed a little, and she said, Huh Why does it taste weird Tang Shuang said, It s delicious, sweet and sour.This is a new formula and a new taste.Many children like it.I m drinking this.Tang Shuang took another sip after hearing this, Tang Shuang immediately looked at her with an expression that the taste must be good, Tang Tang blinked her big eyes, a little confused, but nodded and said delicious Tang Shuang laughed heartily, are you sure the candy tastes good Did you say it out of conscience Ha ha.Standing on Tang Shuang s side, you can see that the bear s box has been cut open, and there is a bottle of gooseberry invigorating spleen oral liquid inside.The straw is inserted into the oral liquid, and the candy is actually drinking the oral liquid Tang Tanger soon finished where to buy botanical farms cbd gummies drinking the oral liquid, Tang Shuang asked, Do you want another bottle Tangtanger burped, shook his head and said no.Seeing Tangtang pouted, I allow you to play computer games for a while, Can you Tang Shuang immediately said crisply Yes I want to play with the big fish and eat the small fish.After finishing speaking, the little guy briskly ran back to his small room, and Tang Shuang asked, Why are you going No Are you playing games I ll be right back Xiaoshuang wait for me.After a while, Tangtanger appeared with her little seahorse water gun, and proudly said If the big fish is disobedient, hit it with the water gun.Tang Shuang Opened the game for Tangtanger, and saw that she was playing very neatly, biubiubiu, manipulating the big fish to frantically chase the small fish, and constantly devouring the small fish to grow up.Tang Shuang ignored her and continued to write After the death of all the disciples of Lincheng Library, Hero seemed to break through the bottleneck, ushered in an explosion of readers, amazon cbd gummies and the reading volume surged fiercely.If you are so tired, go to sleep for a while.It will take a while to have lunch, and then I will wake you up to cook, don t worry Tang Shuang Dare I serve you Tang Shuang said Why did I fall asleep Are you hypnotized Tangtang er was grinning, very proud.Normally, only Xiaoshuang told her stories to hypnotize her, but today Xiaoshuang was also hypnotized by her, ha Xiaoshuang, did you hear me tell the story I have been telling her for a long time.Really, my mouth is dry, alas, I am exhausted Telling stories is so tiring Aren t you talking about Shuke and Beta How can you tell a story But Tang Shuang doesn t know how to ask.When she asks, the villain wants to miss her brother and mouse again, and keeps nagging.Tang Shuang Now you know how hard my mother and I have worked Candy said sweetly, I know Xiaoshuang is great, eh The last one is a blown kiss.And Girl s Day on the same stage was deserted and rarely mentioned.It s very bad for Girl s Day that the last sudden scene was aired as it was and not cut.Tang Shuang believed that the brokerage company must have negotiated with the TV station, but they failed to convince the other party in the end.What the TV station considers is the ratings, and those programs that can bring ratings are all good programs.As for the negative impact on a certain guest, this is a secondary issue.Poor Girl s Day thus became a background board, bringing out Li Yuzhang s radiance.Of course, Li Yuzhang cannot be blamed for this.Without him, Girl s Day would not be as simple as a background board, it might be a pedal board.Tangtang er doesn t understand these things, she only sees her sister s boundless beauty, she is so envious that she is drooling.Whenever Tangtanger hears about little white rabbits, she immediately thinks of the sixty little white rabbits standing in front of her.He built a ladder on his shoulders to kiss the giraffe, and said worriedly Is the little white rabbit standing on his shoulders and kissing the big bad wolf I don t want to listen Tang Shuang Don t think about these pessimistic things, think about something good This time, my brother is telling the story of the little white rabbit and the big bad wolf fighting wits and courage, and there are songs to sing.Tang Shuang is prescribing the right medicine Because Tangtanger likes to sing very much recently, it is mainly because of the aftereffects of watching Tang Zhen s episode What song Sing it to Tangtanger.Tang Shuang coughed, picked up a cup of yogurt and took a sip, Tangtanger said anxiously This is mine I ve drunk it Tang Shuang I don t dislike yours, come on, I m going to sing.Tang Zhen knew that her personality was not suitable for the slick entertainment industry.Li Xiaozhi and Bai Yang er privately laughed at her as the king of the cold, and she was indeed worthy of this title.This question is not easy to answer, and if the answer is not good, you may be beaten.Tang Shuang Uh, not suitable.As expected, as soon as he finished speaking, he was patted to death.Chapter 95 The darker the sky, the brighter the stars, Sister, have you ever really thought about quitting the entertainment industry You have been here for five years, and you know how difficult the entertainment industry is, and it is even more difficult to become famous.Now you Although you are famous, the foundation is not solid at all, as long as there is no news for half a year, the entertainment industry will forget you.He has revenge So he intentionally sat next to Tang Zhen, squeezed her body to one side, and before she could amazon cbd gummies reprimand him, he snatched the book from her hand again.Show me, you re obsessed all day long, so don t let it go.Tang Zhen Give it back to amazon cbd gummies me quickly Tang Shuang wanted to tease the Frost Goddess, and said forcefully, I don t.What he did was not killing him by touching his head, but the stunt of pulling his ears that he had used for more than ten years.Tang Zhen s ear pulling was like Xiao Li Feidao.All opponents knew that he was going to cbd dog gummy how long do cbd gummies last in system throw a flying knife, and they thought they were fully prepared, but the end result was the same.The prestige of no case without false hair.Tang Shuang thought she was ready to deal with Tang Zhen pulling her ears, amazon cbd gummies but she still couldn t avoid it The right ear was grabbed, and he was instantly beaten back to his original shape.Tang Dajian went home with Candy in his arms, and said to Tang Shuang as he walked, I heard that you failed all the exams Are you studying hard Tang Shuang was filled with righteous indignation This is definitely a rumor, who spread such irresponsible If so, I will confront him face to face It s true that good things don t go out, but bad things spread far and wide, who the hell is talking behind his back If you get caught by me, you must an eye for an eye Tang Dajian said with a grim expression, I heard that you hit candy Tang Shuang was furious Who Who said it I want to confront him face to face Why Tang Shuang felt a little jealous of this uncle It was because of him I like I heard too much, and I don t know why he is so well informed.He looks like a bright and honest man, but he has a heart that likes to collect gossip, and there is a little girl living in his heart.A female reporter asked.The noisy scene suddenly became quiet, and countless pairs where can i buy bay park cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies of eyes stared at Zhang Fei who was sitting amazon cbd gummies on the stage.Even the few directors who were present watched it, and everyone wanted to know about his new movie.Zhang Fei said calmly under the eyes of everyone I have been idle at home for two years, and I am indeed preparing to start filming.I just bought the film copyright of a novel recently, and I will start preparations when I return to Shengjing.Noisy, reporters gathered like sharks smelling blood.Director Zhang Director Zhang May I ask what is the theme of this new film It s still a question, it must be a realistic theme, Director Zhang Will you pay attention to the issue of left behind children this free cbd gummies free shipping time Director Zhang May I ask the male and female protagonists Who is it cbd dog gummy how long do cbd gummies last in system Did you book Zhang Minglu Director Zhang Hu Zhongyuan said the day before yesterday that he wanted to transform into an actor.

At the beginning, he could occasionally enter the top three, but later he basically fell behind.Seeing her refusing to admit defeat over and over again, Tang Sanjian and Tang Shuang were surprised and admired, and felt distressed at the same time.Tang Shuang Rest for a while, drink some water, okay, don t tire our little piggy, rest The little piggy ignored it, and ran wildly Tang Sanjian also rarely asked Candy if he wanted it Eating ice cream, trying to quench the chick s thirst.The little piggy ignored it, and ran wildly Huh Say what ice cream I want to eat I want to eat Although very tired and obsessed, when she heard the ice cream, Little Pig s eyes lit up instantly, and she stared at Tang Sanjian.It was so strange that her father actually bought her ice cream The opportunity is rare, and the opportunity will never come again, Xiao Zhuzhu nodded desperately.Even Pan Wenling beside her looked at Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang wanted to cry but had no tears, so she could only lower her head to look at Troublesome Girl.This girl had a cute face and smiled at Tang Shuang with a sparkling mouth.Beautiful people are so good looking even when they are angry and glaring.For example, Luo Yuqing, when she glared at Tang Shuang, it didn t seem like she was expressing dissatisfaction or disgust, but rather like a kind of love between men and women, which made Tang Shuang couldn t help but feel her heart skip a beat.Luckily, Luo Yuqing just stared at her for a second, or third time Tang Shuang might have a thump, a quick heartbeat, and then hiccup.If this happened, it must be a serious case, because even Tang Shuang hiccupped That s right, the idiots present must hang up a few steps first, and die as soon as they die It s like pouring pesticides into a fish pond, turning everything white Luo Yuqing left under the watchful eyes of everyone Tang Shuang seemed to be able to hear the sound of swallowing her saliva.The Qin Dynasty respects black.We watch TV, I often hear such a sentence, Fengtian Chengyun.This carriage refers to the fate represented by the five elements and five virtues.In other words, King Qin once went hunting and captured a black dragon.This is cbd 900mg gummies a symbol of water virtue in the five elements.The king of Qin thought he was the virtue of water and admired water, and the color corresponding to the virtue of water is black.Here, black not only represents King Qin s orthodoxy, but also represents King amazon cbd gummies Qin s authority, coldness, deepness, and loneliness.After speaking, Tang Shuang walked over to Liang Qiao and Zhang Yu in red, amidst all eyes on the scene., said Red represents enthusiasm, lust, jealousy, etc.It is the main color of the Zhao Kingdom, so it also represents Can Jian Feixue s Zhao identity Zhang Yu looked at Tang Shuang curiously, she joined the latest, and she didn t know much about the film.Tang Shuang drank the water and said with a smile You are also a little girl if you stand with her.Girl.Shi Guangnan poured another glass for Tang Shuang and said, I m old fashioned.The willie nelson power cbd gummies student named Li Yu was embarrassed by what you said just now, but don t think that everything will be fine.You best cbd gummies for pain have to be HCMUSSH amazon cbd gummies mentally prepared.I have many enemies, and I saw several boys confessing to her downstairs in the dormitory.Tang Shuang What do you mean There are many boys chasing Zhao Yayi Shi Guangnan Isn t she your friend Don t know Tang Shuang I don t pay much attention, I only go to the library at school, I m curious.Shi Guangnan She is beautiful, she is one of the most beauties among the freshmen.Moreover, she is studying mathematics, you know, there are not many girls in the mathematics department, and such a big beauty suddenly came, it does not cause a sensation, it is said that every classroom is full of people now.Tang Shuang asked uncertainly Only that pig Isn t it Yuezhou Evening News How did it go to Huaxia Daily Tang Tanger imitated the tongue in a childish voice Pig, isn t it , no, how did you get there Tang Shuang held down the little cute baby s face and pushed it away, but just as she was about to use force, she quickly let go, because Bai Riri opened her mouth again.Huang Xiangning It s the supplement of Huaxia Daily.Tang Shuang The supplement is also very good.My dad is so awesome.It is difficult, so the supplement is almost the highest honor.Tang Tanger that s amazing, my dad is so awesome.Huang Xiangning saw Tang Tanger talking nonsense to Tang Shuang, and said unhappily, Be civilized in front of Tang Tang.Tang Shuang looked down Looking at the sticky little man like a puppy, the little man grinned silly at Tang Shuang, hehehe.Tangtanger just remembered, yes, Xiaoshuang s mobile phone has rings, it is not comparable to her children s mobile phone.Now excitedly sat back beside Guo Zifeng to amazon cbd gummies prevent Tang Shuang from confiscating the phone.Ye green apple cbd gummies cbd dog gummy Liang Tangtang, you can play, I will deal with Xiaoshuang, and your brother Guo Zi will protect you.Eh Guo Zifeng was still there and didn t say a word for a long time.Tangtang er grinned and chirped in Moments, seeing the photo Ye Liang just posted, this must be liked, chirp One click is not enough, ten clicks are necessary, tweet Seeing this, Tang Shuang felt that the situation was a little out of control, and she had to stop the unstoppable chick, and said, Tang Tang, I advise you to stop now and hand over your phone, otherwise I won t I ve packed something delicious for you.He discussed Tang Shuang s current contract with the company, and finally decided to give him another one.A more favorable contract is given according to the highest standard of the website, showing sincerity.As soon as Li Haonan came out of the editor in chief s office, he immediately called Tang Shuang.He not only discussed the contract with him, but also the copyright of Dragon Snake Film and Television.Some of them are film and television companies, some are well known directors, producers, and even celebrities.The current situation is similar to robbing the oiran.With the first person to bid, it is equivalent to sounding the clarion call for battle.This is a good thing for Tang Shuang and Xingkong Culture.They just need to wait for the competitors to win, and the one with the highest price wins.Candy Candy Don t eat it, hurry up, the little peacock is crying Candy Candy Come here when you re full The little peacock is crying so sad No.218 The shouts of the little girlfriends who Zhang attacked combined punches finally brought Tang Tang s children s shoes back to their senses in the dream.What The little peacock is crying crying very sad why Who bullied my little peacock Where is my little peacock Who stole my little peacock Give it back to me quickly Where is my little peacock Candy said to the little radishheads in the front, back, left, and right sides, my sister is still busy with work, and the work is important, so I won t play with you.There will be opportunities in the future, and I will often go to the small class.You will continue to welcome me Xiao Niuniu took the excuse that the old Tang family told her, and cbd and thc gummies near me used it for herself.

Zhang.Li Dun, a big face with no desires and no desires, also came.Before that, he had been sitting alone on the grass, chewing jerky with relish, not listening to anything outside the window, and focusing on watching the waves.He is a child who loves the sea very much.He likes to collect shells and make sailboats by himself under the guidance of his father he likes all kinds of creatures in the sea, and he can already know many kinds of sea fish.But now when he heard that Tang Tang was going to play the little gourd, he ran over immediately.With his thick body, he forced a passage to the front line.Tang Tang, I want to hear about kittens Oh, by the way, Li Dun is still a cat lover.Not long ago, he just listened to the story of Tinker Bell told by Candy, and he couldn t forget it.Such a strong child, holding a kitten in his arms, tender and sweet, tsk Candy thought for a while, and said There is no cat song Actually, there is Xiaoshuang once sang her a song about Tinker amazon cbd gummies do cbd gummies make you hungry Bell s story.She has never communicated with her, and she doesn t know much about her personality.She only stays in the impression that she is too beautiful.This year Tang amazon cbd gummies Zhen staged a fairy tale about a sparrow turning into a phoenix, but Luo Yuqing actually had a similar storyline.This year is the first year of her rise.With the song Too Beautiful , she not only won the Golden Melody Award of the Year, but also released an album, so far, the best selling album in China this year.In Chengmai, with Su Lixian cbd dog gummy how long do cbd gummies last in system gradually receding, Luo Yuqing has faintly become a pillar among the female singers, surpassing Li Yuzhen and other male singers.Guangdong Province has well developed media resources, and the entertainment industry is the best in China today.The entertainment evenings during the festivals have very high ratings, and singers do not have enough status to be on its stage.She just ate a meal and her hands and mouth are covered with oil.Be careful with your clothes, don t be left with a series of little claws.The candy child took his eyes in Hengtang frost in an instant, and lowered his head slightly Hmm uh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Don t whine, be honest, there are guests here, be good.Tang Shuang carried Tang Tanger down, Go, wash your hands and face, it s dirty, it s a joke.Tang Zhen looked down Looking at the clothes on my body, I was cbd dog gummy how long do cbd gummies last in system speechless, there were really imprints left by candy So I greeted Li Yuzhen and others, and went to wash my face and change clothes.Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang I can wash my hands now, can you let me go Tang Shuang caught Tang Shuang and pushed her to the sink, trying to slip away on the way.Is there any more The little man felt that there was still a surprise in the box.Sure enough, Li Yuzhang took out four little mice of the same shape one after another, one white, one black, one brown, and one piebald.They all stood up and looked up.Looking at the top of his head, he didn t know what he was looking at.Li Yuzhen arranged the five little rats one by one, and then put the cat next to him, forming a very loving picture.A cat proudly looked down at the five little ones in front of it, while the five little mice in front of it looked up at the condescending cat without any fear.It turned out to be a pair of natural enemies, but now it looks like a mother with a group of children Chapter 234 Initial Impressions Li Yuzhen likes to raise cats, so he gave candy, a cat and five little mice, Luo Yuqing likes pottery and porcelain art , so I sent a pink sleepwalking doll.And this book The Romance of the Dragon and Snake written by Tang Shuang talks about the national art, but it is actually the art of killing.In the first hundred chapters, amazon cbd gummies hundreds of people have been killed Tang Sanjian sneered in his heart while listening to Liu Weiru s eloquent attack on Tang Shuang.The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn t stop.Not causing trouble doesn amazon cbd gummies do cbd gummies make you hungry t mean being afraid of trouble.When friends come, there is wine, and when jackals come, there are shotguns Liu Weiru finally said Every author should consciously shoulder social and moral responsibilities.We writers of the older generation all have such responsibilities, oh, including Professor Tang of course.But the younger generation, who were born in the information age, Just like Professor Tang s sons, their writing may not be to promote the truth, goodness and beauty, but naked interests, commercial interests But I think there should be amazon cbd gummies a balance between pursuing commercial interests and shouldering social responsibilities, and we don t require They guide the society to reject evil and focus more on good, and they don t have such high requirements, they just hope that they will not do amazon cbd gummies do cbd gummies make you hungry evil.The whole gun was not made in a hurry until the moment before going into battle.Although crudely made, Tang Hongjun is a treasure.After all, on the battlefield, this gun is a life saving guy.He named the gun the Soul Breaking Gun.One level means that on the battlefield, you are invincible and invincible.Another meaning is that since you join the army to fight, you must be prepared to die on the battlefield at any time.Don t be greedy for life and fear death, and be a shameful deserter amazon cbd gummies There are a lot of dead souls under the gun Later, when he was in an ambush with the troops, he used this gun to capture a small officer of the enemy army alive, and got an old rifle cbd sleep gummies vs melatonin as a reward.Although he had a rifle, Tang Hongjun was reluctant to throw away his soul breaking gun and carried it on his back every time he went to the battlefield.The two realized that they had gone the wrong way.This place didn t look like a college.Qiu Sen said, That fat guy lied to us.Shi Man also felt that he must have been fooled by that little fat guy.This is definitely not going to the Ocean College, as the tall buildings outside the school can already be seen not far ahead.The phone rang, and it was from the reception desk of Guangdong University.They had already contacted Qiu Sen and would pick them up at the school gate.It s just that Qiu Sen and Shi Man came a lot earlier, so they walked around the school first to see how the environment is.Qiu Sen hung up the phone.Sure enough, there is no Ocean College here, and it is the way out of the school.Shi Man didn t know whether to laugh or cry, but she was cheated by two children and walked such a long way.Seeing that she didn t pay attention to her, she bent down with a smile , wanted to play in the water.Just then, a terrifying voice came from behind.Looking at you be honest effects of 25 mg cbd gummies It s Tang Xiaoshuang Humph Huh, why is it Xiaoshuang again How can he always catch himself Mom didn t even notice.Candy said unwillingly Xiaoshuang, why don t you go to sleep Tang Shuang You like to play with water when I m asleep, right Candy shook her head quickly, her face was full of concern, and said, No, I am concerned about Xiaoshuang s body.Teacher Zhang said that when you are old, you should go to bed early and get up early, so as to maintain your health.Huang Xiangning smiled and touched Tang Shuang s head, and said, Xiao Shuang also needs to maintain her health.Tang Shuang said to Tangtang angrily You can t remember what you should remember, and what you shouldn t royal blend cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies remember.

Tang Shuang Look, I was looking at Sister Yu I grew up watching Sister Yu s movies.Zhang Yu s face was flushed, as if he had drunk alcohol just now.It s over 30, and I m old.Tang Shuang didn t answer, but seemed to be interested in visiting the decoration of the room.Zhang Yu was a little disappointed, but didn t show the slightest bit.How is it The room is not bad.Tang Shuang pointed to a painting hanging in the middle of the living room and said, What s missing from this painting.This is an imitation of a famous painting called Orange Grove , which once fetched a high price of 100 million yuan at an auction.A blank drawing From a distance, there is nothing there, but if you look closely, there are repeated grids on it, and each grid has a different color.Zhang Yu thought Tang Shuang didn t know him and introduced amazon cbd gummies him.Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian both went to class, and Tang Shuang started her daily life with her baby again.After serving Xiaozhuzhu for breakfast, Xiaozhuzhu took Bai Jingjing and wandered around the house, murmuring, not knowing why.Tang Shuang didn t bother to care, as long as she didn t make any noise.He called his uncle Huang Xiang and reported to him what he saw and heard when he visited Wei Wei.Now that Huang Weiwei has connected the signal, everyone can contact her at any time.After Huang Xiang, Ye Liang called and learned that he had gone home, so he immediately said that he would come over and have something to discuss.Then Tang Shuang called Tan Si again to ask about their progress.Then, he turned to Zhang Yu s mobile phone number, after pondering for a while, he pressed it down, stood up, looked around, huh Where s the little pig I was still wandering around just now, so I wouldn t run out to play by myself.The cbd gummies ny legal kitchen was full of hatred for a while Laughing wantonlyhahaha In Old Tang s house, whoever rules the snacks and kitchen is the king.Tang Shuang Pick up your little butt, and hit yourself ten times.Candy asked pitifully, Will you forgive me if I hit you Yes.Pia pia pia Tang Shuang Ten blows, it s done, Xiaoshuang, do you forgive me The child is so cute, I can t bear to bully cbd gummies contraindications him anymore, Tang Shuang Look at you being so naive For the sake of my lordship, I don t remember the villain s faults, so I forgive you, and I have to show more respect when I see my brother in the future.Tang Tanger asked the key point Can I have lunch Tang Shuang You will have lunch at noon.Take a amazon cbd gummies sip, go back, sit at the dining table and confess for three minutes, and sing another twenty times, only brother is good in the world, hurry up Candy er was dissatisfied, with a puffy face, and said loudly Tangtang er has to sing a hundred times Oh, Tang Shuang looked at her with admiration.After fully satisfying Candy s vanity, it s time for the amazon cbd gummies little animal story conference to begin.Tangtanger was busy, arranged the dolls in a circle, and arranged for Little Putao and the animals to sit together.She hugged Tang Xiaoguo herself, and Tang Xiaotang gave Little Peacock to hug her.Little Putao said that she wanted to sit with Pug because she was a puppy.Qiqi said that he was also a puppy, Li Dun said that he was also a puppy, and Xiao Jin said that he was also a puppy.Everyone looked at the little peacock, and the little peacock blushed I, I, I belong to Mickey Mouse.Candy said with a smile You and Jingjing are a family Xiaojin asked Candy, do you belong HCMUSSH amazon cbd gummies cbd gummy bears benefits to Mickey Mouse What Tangtanger took it for granted, I m a little fairy hehe Who is lying to children, there is no such zodiac sign Tangtanger thought about it and said that she might belong to the little princess.It s shameful to bully a child in full view, so Tang Shuang stopped after two steps, this little one Although I was upset, but when I finally sent the little pig away, the surroundings were instantly clean, and I felt that the goal had been achieved.I have to say, this baby is really noisy.When he came to the school, he hadn t been here for a while since he was fleshed out, and today happened to be holding a school sports meeting.Li Wenzhan was wearing a tracksuit and was playing basketball.When he saw Tang Shuang coming, he replaced him.He wiped the sweat off his face and said, The girl who played the radio today must have lost her love.Play the song First Dream early in the morning., It hasn t stopped until now.Tang Zhen s new song First Dream was playing on the school radio.Tang Shuang asked Single repeat amazon cbd gummies Li Wenzhan Isn t it My child, make a phone call and ask her to change the song, she is about to throw up Everyone laughed together, and some people said that we all love to listen to it and don t want to change the song Some people say that we all love Tang Zhen, and a beautiful HCMUSSH amazon cbd gummies voice is even more beautiful Never get tired of listening to it for a lifetime.It s not over yet, as the sprinkler keeps approaching, the little pig s sense of urgency is greatly increased, and he pedals the car desperately, his potential is fully stimulated, and he shifts to fourth gear in one fell swoop.There was a fierce chase scene on the street a fleshy, super cute little girl pedaled a pink slippery car, and ran away quickly on the street.Behind her, there was an equally pink car with hellokity printed on it.The sprinkler is approaching quickly The little girl stepped on the hot wheel, blazing, screaming, the sprinkler was slow, not in a hurry, and the single looped the beautiful .

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melody that only her mother can do in the world.Maybe it was infected by the music.Little Pig thought of his mother, looked back, and said loudly Oh, don t chase me, why are you chasing me I m catching up, what can I do now Mom, come and help me Ah where s Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuangzi The passers by on the street saw this funny scene, and they were about to laugh.Tangtanger told the story of the tortoise and the hare to the camera, the meaning is very good, but the effect is probably not good, because she is amazon cbd gummies very cute, many people will not pay attention to her story, they are amazon cbd gummies thinking about this little sister So cute.After telling the story, Tangtanger still wants to say ten or eight sentences.If you are in a good mood, you can continue to work hard and continue to say five or six sentences.Children are not good at math, so how many sentences are five or six sentences It s a little unclear.Candy can say five or six sentences in one breath.If counted according to the tone, then 6 6 36, which is 36 sentences, huh Hehe However, the dream is full and the reality is the backbone.Candy forgets do cbd capsules work the same as gummies that the big devil is guarding by her side The Great Demon King is coughing again This guy must have a cold and a platinumx cbd gummies tested stuffy nose What does coughing mean Children don t understand, just pretend, continue to blah blah, the big devil coughed three times, little piggy was a little worried that he would be taken away by force, his sense of urgency increased, he spoke very fast, he said 5 sentences in one breath, and it s almost there She s at her limit Tang Shuang saw that Xiaozhuzhu turned a blind eye to him, and said, Ahem What s the matter, words don t count Do you want to be stupid Tang Shuang smirked and said to him Xiao Shuang, are you sick Why do you keep coughing, De Brother Hua is here, bio cbd gummy let him prick your ass with a needle, five or six needles will be enough Seeing Tang Shuang s unfriendly eyes, Xiao Zhuzhu was startled, but he didn t finish what he said Well, little Shuang, you can t cough at Lun s family, you will infect the Lun family, you d better go out, there are so many children amazon cbd gummies here.As soon as she reached the straight road, she savagely pursued her and overtook two small cars in a row., in front of her half body, is one of the twins, Jiajia or Meimei Can t figure it out Anyway, there is another one in front, which is also one of the twins.These two sisters are really powerful, occupying the top two, and they are very stable.Candy Huchihuchi and Jiajia Beautiful They were neck and neck, and immediately entered the curve again.Her cornering skills were not good, and Jiajia was dismissed Beautiful Squeezed cbd gummies london ontario to the outside, and was pulled down half a body position.But as soon as he reached the straight road, Flying Piggy immediately caught up, and this time he overtook him all at once, chasing Jiajia Beautiful Which one is it Flying Pig is very troubled, I don amazon cbd gummies t know who the opponent is, I can t figure it out, it s a headache.

I was so surprised that it was about to explode, but others couldn t understand, couldn t understand, really anxious people scratched their ears and scratched their hearts.Tangtang er went shopping absent mindedly, her little head kept looking around, her big eyes were wide open, and she planned not to miss even a bamboo dragonfly.Sure enough, the harvest was very rich.Along the way, she saw at least 20 bamboo dragonflies.She ran to ask them, and they all said that they were sent by Dingdong or Dingling, but no one knew where these two small animals were.Until I walked to the square of the pedestrian street, the big screen here was originally playing an advertisement, but it was suddenly interrupted, and a piece of news was inserted.A guy who looked like a host said that magical animals, amazon cbd gummies good partners of children from all over the universe Tinkerbell Brother and sister, Little Dingling, are about to take the time minibus to the earth, what are they doing here Give a lucky Earth kid a paper birthday ha Where on earth is a child so lucky Can you tell me a little bit What cannot Let me reveal a little bit Well, let me reveal a little king of chill cbd gummies bit, it is said that the reason why Tinker Bell and Tinkerbell came all the way to the earth is because the how much cbd gummies should i eat elder brother of this kid paper passed through any door and risked his life to come to Barabara The planet pleases them.Xiaoyi smiled and said, It s rare for Sister Zhenzhen to be so tough.Not only the two of them, but many people at the front desk didn t expect the taciturn Tang amazon cbd gummies Zhen to be so tough suddenly, and Chen Shenfeng was stunned.Chapter 451 Brother s pectoral muscles If you want to rely on words to resist Tang Zhen, Chen Shenfeng froze for a moment, then became furious, slapped the table with a bang, stood up and said loudly, You young man is not polite at all Tang Zhen He said nonchalantly Whatever you say, anyway, I don t want to argue with you, whether it s reasonable or not, everyone will see it.In fact, what I thought in my heart was that it would be great if Xiaoshuang was there.Chen Shenfeng was speechless.As an elder sister, she is not as eloquent as Xiaoshuang, so she can only stop calmly.The little man has been completely tearful these days.Tang Shuang found a photo album from the drawer, turned to one of the photos, and pointed it to Tangtanger This is our grandma.Tangtanger hugged the photo album, and saw four people on a yellowed photo, one of whom Tangtang knew was Grandpa.At that time, Grandpa could still stand, unlike sitting now.Grandpa holds a child in his arms, and beside him stands a sister with a sweet smile, who also holds a child in her arms.This child is even smaller than the one in grandpa s arms, and is still a baby.Tang Tanger stared at the beautiful young lady intently, and said, Is this really grandma She is so beautiful and young, like a sister.From the photo, Tang Shuang s grandma is indeed very similar to Tang Zhen.Her young Shi was a nurse on the battlefield, met Tang Hongjun on the battlefield, and committed herself to marrying.If Deng Ke didn t where can i buy bay park cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies say this, he would have ignored it at all, but since Deng Ke opened his mouth, it s not too difficult, so he gave him a favor and nodded.promise.Not long after, a strange call came, it was a very thick male voice, who claimed to be Fan Liwen from Disciple Entertainment.Fan Liwen s first sentence was Hello, Mr.Yuxiang, you are so cannava cbd gummies easy to amazon cbd gummies find.It was true that he was easy to find.After the meeting with Chen Shenfeng in the morning, he Trying every means to contact Yu Xiang, the easiest way is Weibo, but there is no response at all on Weibo, and after waiting for a long time, there is no reply from Yu Xiang, so he can only find another way.This is complicated.They wanted to contact Yu Xiang for a long time, but they couldn t get in touch, and they couldn t find any contact information at all.It makes sense, think about it, emmm Tang Shuang really took her to the shopping mall, and originally planned to grab her and then withdraw, but both of them became addicted to catching, and after catching for an hour, they caught three where can i buy bay park cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies small animals A little squirrel, a puppy and a little monkey.Tang Shuang looked at the time, oops, no, I can t indulge in it like this, pinched herself, and then forcibly led the little man away Don t arrest me, don t arrest me, go home The little man was extremely unwilling and shouted Yelling Catch another one, we will soon catch the caterpillar, just a little bit, next time we will definitely catch it, Xiaoshuang, that s our caterpillar, it s so pitiful to throw it in the mall, They will be taken away by others Seeing that she had difficulty carrying the three dolls, Tang Shuang took the little monkey from among them, held the monkey s tail upside down in her hand.Ye Liang was confused What s the rule Miao Wen understood a bit and said, Firecrackers are going to be set off when the stone statue is uncovered.Sure enough, the staff of the stone statue company skillfully brought a set of red firecrackers that were rolled up and rolled up again.Tang mike tyson cbd gummy Shuang grabbed Ye Liang who was about to hide in the house You can t go, go, set off firecrackers Me You bought it, you go Ye Liang wanted to withdraw, and setting off firecrackers was not his specialty.Tang Shuang This is your house Of course you, the master, have to come in person.Ye Liang looked at the firecrackers that had been placed on the ground with the character 8 by the staff, and said angrily, Okay, give me a fire.An employee of the company handed over a lighter, and Tang Shuang said, This is very particular, you can t use a lighter.Played a friendly football match, and the result was that Shundong beat Java.Java believes that Shundong cbd gummies mango s players have no professional ethics, and they crippled their prince and the team s trump card as soon as they played.Coupled with the bias of the referee, the team lost.The Shundong Kingdom was furious, and detained all the visiting Java envoys.The king of the Javanese Kingdom was green apple cbd gummies cbd dog gummy furious, and sent elite soldiers to form a powerful air force in balloons to attack the Shundong Kingdom, so that a friendly match turned into a war Xiao Jin pointed out that the picture shown to Tang Shuang was that when the soldiers of the Java State were about to fly to the Shundong Kingdom, the soldiers of the Shundong amazon cbd gummies Kingdom shot the balloon with arrows, and some soldiers fell into the sea one after another.Inescapable responsibility.Of course there is an unshirkable responsibility Can love be called Dad Tang Shuang said, a little chilled, Is this Jian Siming a amazon cbd gummies pervert After all, Shi Guangnan and Jian Siming are colleagues.So I didn t take up this topic.Because of the school s refusal, Xu amazon cbd gummies do cbd gummies make you hungry Chengyang s sister posted the emails and WeChat records of Xu Chengyang and Jian Siming to the Internet in the past few days, exposing many conversations between the two, which is creepy to watch.For example, a WeChat conversation that is widely circulated now Jian Siming Xu Chengyang Xu Chengyang Here Jian Siming Please go to the tea restaurant at 18 20 to help me buy shredded pork with shiitake mushrooms, cucumber, fungus and eggs, and rice, and deliver them to my home.Thanks Xu Chengyang Yes There are many dialogues in this mode, but the time and meals are changed.

Chapter 493 Lu Jian gave a yell at injustice Jian Siming didn t know Tang Shuang, otherwise he wouldn t have said what are you Tang Shuang remembered it in his heart.Jian Siming, who was in his early 50s, was thin and tall, with half white hair, hale and hale, and dressed very carefully.He looked like a amazon cbd gummies highly respected, well educated senior intellectual.He didn t gummies cbd thc uk expect such a dark heart to kill a young man in his prime.Not only without a little repentance, but with contempt and ruthlessness.Looking at the chat between him and Xu Chengyang, I feel that the relationship between the two is very good.The statement of Tongji University in Guangdong Province admitted that there is a relationship between him and Xu Chengyang.At the memorial service, he lacked the most basic respect for the deceased.After Xu Chengyang s incident happened, many students, especially those from the Chinese Department, organized gatherings, signed joint signatures, and helped Xu Chengyang s family members publicize the incident on the Internet.In the first few days, the momentum was great and the effect was obvious.However, it quickly disappeared.According to Tang Shuang s information, the college gave verbal warnings to the leading students, especially Xu Chengyang s roommate Lu Haoming.groups, his postgraduate graduation was suspended.Tang Shuang had a very bad impression of the school when Yuan Jiangwei and others blatantly suppressed the students.Some administrative executives were obviously bureaucratic and ignored the interests of the students.Tang Shuang felt the same and was filled with righteous indignation.Xu Jiaojiao told Tang Shuang that Jane thinks about tomorrow these days Call her every day, her tone is different every day, tough and sarcastic on the first day, try to compromise on the second day, and ask to meet up on the third day, everything is negotiable Tang royal blend cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies Shuang told her that there is no need to meet him at this time , the public opinion is raging, he is just a small sampan, his fate is doomed.However, the progress of the matter did not go according to Tang Shuang s plan.The school s Academic Affairs Office did not know where it got the news, but it knew that Tang Shuang had pushed him behind the scenes and contacted him to hope to meet.Tang Shuang didn t tell others about it.In his opinion, it 2 1 cbd thc gummies was a trivial matter.That s right, he was indeed the one who contacted Penguin.com, but so what, the school has no way to pursue this matter, and it is impossible to pursue it, and he is not afraid of pursuing it.Although they don t know the specific situation, they can be sure that the cheers came from the signing event of.Chapter 511 Xiaoshuang Xiaoshuang The host looked at Tang Shuang enviously, and after the crowd cheered for a while, he said into the microphone amazon cbd gummies Aren t the series of numbers just now particularly shocking Today is not only the signing event, but low thc cbd oil gummies also the sales volume of Romance of the Dragon and Snake breaking through one hundred.Wanqing Gonghui, do you want to hear a few words from your idol Let the idol speak Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, look here Host, stop talking, we just want to hear Tang Shuang Tang Shuang quickly collected her mood, and bowed to everyone again before speaking A very shocking number.Before writing the book, I knew this book would be popular, but I never thought it would become so popular.Several people split up, and at the same time, Tangtanger was chatting with Balabala in the car heading to the Bird Hotel.The younger sister with yellow, yellow and green hair saw this and said Emma, amazon cbd gummies get keoni cbd gummies this is not a dumb person, this is obviously a chatterbox, He kept talking.Tang Tanger said unhappily, Why do you talk about the Lun family like this The Lun family is still a child, you really are not sensible at all.The yellow green haired girl said You Dare to say that I am ignorant, you are a child who is ignorant, you said how did you run out at such a young age Run away from home Did your parents give birth to a little brother and don t want you Haha.Tangtanger heard the words, Stand up from the back seat of the car, lie on the back of the co pilot s seat and say My parents love me so much, I don t have a little brother in my family, I have brothers and sisters in my family, I m a little princess, everyone loves me so much, and I don t care.Candy s anxious voice came Why, why It s none of their business, Tang Shuang ran out by herself.Tang Shuang explained Because it is their responsibility to take care of every kindergarten child, they must ensure that every child is safe and sound, and come home from school one by one.It s not that they lost one during class.If they lose one, it means they didn t do a good job and they will be punished.Tang Tanger asked in surprise, How did this happen Tang Shuang thought for a while and said Because it s their responsibility, do you know what responsibility is Although it was on the phone, Tang Tanger shook her head first, and then said, I don t know, what is this Emmmm Tang Shuang tried to speak plainly Then explain to Candy what responsibility is.Responsibility is to do everything well.This is the responsibility.This group of boys and girls was eager to go out, amazon cbd gummies but where can i buy bay park cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies was blocked by a little man in front.This little man with amazon cbd gummies long hair was taking small steps with his arms full of records.Someone noticed what the little man was holding in his arms, and said pleasantly Look Isn t this Tang Zhen s Flowers in Dreams Ah there are so many, who is this long haired kid, and how can I buy it So much Chapter 537 There are dimples Oh, this is mine, this is mine Don t move Tangtanger saw that she was instantly ambushed from all sides, and a large group of people on the other side were staring at her arms She said anxiously, Aren t you ashamed to touch children s things Don t move This belongs to the Lun family, and the Lun family spent a lot of money on it.A girl squatted in front of her, Ask in a negotiating tone Little sister, you are so cute, can you show me the record in your arms Although it is very happy to be praised, Tangtanger is not so easily dismissed, and said loudly vigilantly What are you doing This is bought by the Lun family.It is the book of the same name by Wang Wang Team, called Wang Wang Team Makes Great Contributions.The billboard standing on the ground is a group of puppies, that is, Candy.He often summons the Wang Wang team to teach Tang Shuang a lesson.The little man was immediately attracted by the dogs, left her vegetable essence, and stood in front of the billboard.This billboard is relatively big, and the dog on it is almost as tall as Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang enthusiastically beckoned Tang Shuang to take a look, pointed to a spotted dog in red clothes and said, Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang Shuang, do you know it It s called Maomao, and it s a firefighter Then he made a poss, pretending to be extremely handsome, and said The Lun family, fire with full power Tang Shuang said something powerful without sincerity Well, he didn t know any of them, and he didn t want to know them.

You have to eat more.Tang Shuang encouraged, lifting cbd dog gummy the basket containing the books and holding the candy with the other hand.You don t need to carry the basket by yourself, don t worry about not being able to lift it, Xiaoshuang is the king, he can carry as many books as you want, so Tangtang er started buying books like crazy, and after a while, the book basket was half full, when Tangtang er was in a hurry again While picking up a thick picture book, Tang Shuang said Hey, hey, there is no problem buying books, but you have to read them after you buy them, otherwise you can t buy them, do you understand Candy stood in front of him, cute Moe nodded, indicating that she understood.Tang Shuang Then you have this book in your hand.This is a cooking book.Why did you buy this Candy asked suspiciously What is cooking Oh, cooking is cooking This is teaching people to cook.Tang Shuang said.It was originally a high level conference room for 20 people, mainly used for shareholders meetings.Ding Xiaoquan said with a smile It s vacant if you don t use it.Shareholders can t hold meetings a few times a year.It s spacious.It s comfortable to use.It is basically idle, but thinking that this is the intention of Ding Xiaoquan and others, he nodded with a smile Okay, the decoration here is very good, thank you.Ding Xiaoquan pointed to the wall behind the royal blend cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies chairman s desk and said There is still a painting missing here, and the office is looking for some good ones, Chairman, do you have a favorite painter Tang Shuang looked back, and there was indeed a blank space here There is no need for famous paintings, and amazon cbd gummies don t hang them, give them to me Just hang a sword, ordinary ones are fine.Although Huang Xiangning had seen it just now, he still pretended to be surprised and said Ah, what a cute doll, Tangtanger wants to take them on a trip together Tangtanger squatted on the ground and refused to get up.Nodding That s right take them all away The Lun family held a meeting late yesterday, and they have chosen for a long time, and everyone wants to go, but there is no other way, I can only bring so much The little man, Barabara, It turned out that she held another small animal amazon cbd gummies meeting last night, and elected the small animals that can go to see the snow with her today, and the winners are now lying in the box.After working for a while, Huang Xiangning squatted down and listened to the enthusiastic introduction of the little sister of the Tang family.Every doll in the box has its own story.Tangtang er happily pushed the rice noodles to the edge of the bowl, sucked the rice noodles with her small mouth, and sucked the rice noodles into the mouth In his mouth, his cheeks were bulging, and he spoke again after eating, the muzzle still pointed at Tang Sanjian Dad, Xiaoshuang and I left home, you have to take good care of mom, mom is our baby, you have to let me Isn t she happy Huang Xiangning laughed, and Tang Sanjian also smiled and said, Don t worry, my mother is also my baby, and I promise to make her happy.Huang Xiangning kicked him under the table, cbd gummies near 35901 blaming him Luckily Xiaoshuang was not around to say such nasty words in front of the youngest daughter, otherwise she would be very embarrassed.Candy is so simple and innocent, she couldn t understand the numbness in her father s words, so she asked curiously Dad, what are you going to do with your mother Are you going on a date again Will you send bright red flowers That s right.Candy, you haven t finished eating yet, fill your stomach first Huang Xiangning shouted.Tangtanger stopped in her tracks, turned her head and said to her mother, Xiaoshuang amazon cbd gummies will run away.Huang Xiangning assured her, Don t worry, brother won t leave you behind, mom promises.Tangtanger thought for a while, then took a step back , stopped again, and shouted to Tang Shuang who was gone Xiao Shuang don t leave the candy behind, wait for me, do you want to hear me sing Come quickly, I will sing for you.This routine.Tang Shuang s voice came from upstairs You finish your breakfast first, and I will wait for you.Okay Xiaoshuang is really good.Candy returned to the dining table happily, and said to Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning Xiao Shuang, this little guy is really nice.Then he shouted loudly to Tang Shuang on the second floor Xiao Shuang, Tangtang praised you in front of Mom and Dad , regardless of whether he could hear it or not.Okay, we will pay attention to safety, sister, don t worry, I will take good care of my little sisterwell, okay, okay Tang Shuang kept talking on the phone, and as soon as she hung up the phone, she saw Tangtang Staring at him blankly, touching his face, there was nothing there, and asked, What are you doing Tang Tang er had been huddling beside Tang Shuang to eavesdrop on the phone, but she didn t hear a word, and she always felt that Xiaoshuang This troublesome elder brother seemed amazon cbd gummies to be hiding something from her, the little princess, and he couldn t help asking suspiciously Xiao Shuang, what are you talking about with your sister How can you say yes, and you can t say no Tang Shuang laughed, my little sister has a good intuition, but I won t tell you now As a human being, you must be positive and optimistic.The latter must see the back of the previous one, and then she does The team leader walked in unison amidst her slogans, and then Tang Zhen saw the scene, the beauty was smiling the whole time.As for the kitchen conversation between Candy and the master chef, the topic is how to make delicious food, and the most important thing is how to make homemade ice cream in summer Tangtanger never thought of this topic in her dreams.She always thought that ice cream could only be bought.She never amazon cbd gummies thought that she could make it herself, so she would have known better She makes it at home every day, not only can she eat endless ice cream, but also feeds the transistors, and her parents and mother Xiaoshuang take care of it.The topic of ice cream ended a bit hastily, but there was no other way, because she had to entertain guests, Tangtang thought that she was the little master of the house, and she had to do a good job of receiving them, so she endured the itch in her heart and didn t think about ice cream.If she grows up in the future, Xiaoshuang will grow old How can you play with her Chapter 600 Tang Shuang s changes in the past year are obvious to all.She used to be a bastard, but now she has to worship Lu Mingyi as her teacher.Tang Sanjian was happy.He drank a few more glasses for a while, and became a little drunk.No more, start chattering.It is said that the three brothers of the old Tang family are all alike, such as Tang Dajian, who looks devilish and muscular, but in his heart lives a little pink girl, who wants to snatch the little sugar guy away.Tang Shuang understood Brother Sanjian in this state, and knew that it was better not to speak at this time, otherwise she would be entangled and nag you cbd gummies texas to death.He dodged in time, Tang Sanjian didn t entangle him, nor did he entangle Miss Xiangning, but instead entangled the only villain in the family Little Tang.

Well, this is to buy him, but why is it only 10 yuan dollars To send beggars away Why is it only 10 yuan Dad s treasure chest is so poor Tang Shuang took the 10 yuan first.Candy s eyes were fixed on Tang Shuang s action of collecting the money, until she confirmed that it was put in her pocket, then she looked away, and said with a ulixy cbd gummies where to buy smile Hehehehe I don t know, my mother asked me to do this, I also You can t figure it out, you can ask your mother.Looking at her expression, Tang Shuang was sure that she must know, it was only 10 yuan, really Tangtanger Xiaoshuang, shall we go shopping tomorrow Spring is coming, we must buy some spring clothes, buy some food and drink, spicy sticks, and some toys.I want a noodle People There were a lot of little people, Barabara, in endless longing, and suddenly she was arrested by Tang Shuang again, and then her trousers and pockets were searched.He said something to Huang Xiangning, and then went back to the living room, sat in the corner, and looked at Xiaozhuzhu s room.His sixth sense told him that there was something going on here.Sure enough, after a while, I saw the little piggy looking around upstairs, behaving like a thief, seeing no one, so she slipped down.Tang Shuang noticed that she was carrying a small schoolbag, what was she doing Woolen cloth run away The little piglet ran down from the second floor in a flash, and jumped straight to the door.Tang Shuang laughed loudly Haha Let s see where you are going Stop The sudden shout scared the little pig who was about to slip away while running, and sat down on the ground with a bang.Looking back, she only saw a person standing up from the sofa, but she couldn t see who it was, but no matter who it was, as long as it was a person at this time, she was quite scared, and subconsciously crawled on the ground for a while, and finally Feeling ashamed of the little fairy, she got up with her small schoolbag on her back, saw Tang Shuang, and said bluffingly Xiao Shuang is you, you bastard, are you trying to scare the little baby to death Really To scare the little baby on purpose My child.Fortunately, she Didn t say No wonder they are mother and daughter , Teacher Zhang has already told them that Tang Tang is not Tang Zhen s daughter, but a younger sister, and their little brother, Tang Shuang, is not Tang HCMUSSH amazon cbd gummies Zhen s husband, but Tang Zhen s.Brother, it is true that they are a family, but it is not the relationship between husband, wife and daughter, but the relationship between brothers and sisters.Teacher amazon cbd gummies Yu lowered his head and looked royal blend cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies at Candy with a smile, nodded excitedly and said, It really looks like it, it s so cute, Tang Zhen must have looked like this when she was a child, oops, I didn t expect there to be a little Tang Zhen in our kindergarten, so excited.Tang Tang touched her face in a daze, wondering what the two little teachers were doing, Tang Tang and her sister were very similar Of course it does, isn t it obvious, why are you making such a fuss, the little man stretched his neck to look at the long hair of the two little teachers, and murmured, hum, it s true that the hair is long but the knowledge is short.Candy was startled, ah has pooped since the last class How long has it been This kid Tang Baoling didn t lie Did she really start pulling from class Is she, is she constipated Over there, Teacher Yu was still asking, Then have you wiped your poop yet She was usually the one who wiped Tang Baoling s poop.Little sister Tang Baoling nodded Wipe it Teacher Yu asked worriedly Have you wiped it clean Okay, this is questioning her work.Tang Baoling wiped her poop.Did you ask that What does it mean Do you think she is not good at wiping poop snort Teacher Xiao, Teacher Xiao, little girl Tang Baoling wiped her poop and it s clean.If you don t believe me, smell it Little friend Tang Baoling, take off your pants and let Teacher Xiao smell it.Little Tang Baoling felt very shy, but Miss Tang amazon cbd gummies Tang was right , Teacher Yu was also very concerned about her appearance, so he asked Mr.Zhang Changan helped him out and said, Yuan Lin What are you doing in a daze Hurry up and apologize to everyone After getting in touch with Ding Xiaoquan a lot, he summed up some rules.If he is not serious and does not meet his expectations, he will taunt and mercilessly taunt him, but during non working hours, he is a very kind person and will joke around.Just now Li Yuanlin made a mistake at the beginning of the performance, obviously not a technical problem, but an attitude problem.This is more annoying than lack of ability.It is no wonder that Ding Xiaoquan is not angry.Even if the chairman is here, he is merciless.Poisonous mockery.Oh Oh Li Yuanlin quickly cleared up his mood, and said to Tang Shuang and Ding Xiaoquan I m sorry, chairman, Mr.Ding, I, I was distracted, I m sorry I can do it, please give me another chance.She is a self proclaimed little sun, beaming every day.What are you talking about The Lun family only eats a little for breakfast, so you don t let the Lun family eat.The Lun family is growing tall.When Tangtang grows taller, I won t let Xiaoshuang stand on it anymore.If you want to watch dancing, you can Watch the dance, don t ask Xiaoshuang I take my mother to see it every day, without Xiaoshuang, let Xiaoshuang play by herself.After speaking, she opened the menu curiously, opened her mouth like a lion, and was about to slaughter Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang glanced at the little man who blatantly slaughtered him, smiled, and didn t stop her.Sister Xiangning is here, can she not stop her Sure enough, Candy ordered a lot, but was rejected by Huang Xiangning and dropped more than half.After repeated confirmation with the little man, three dishes were left, and then she ordered one herself.Good boy I m proud of you.I m going to record it for you.I ll show it to my mother later.Let her praise you.What do you think Tang Shuang took out her phone and started recording.Tangtanger nodded happily, rolled up her sleeves, and stood on the stool to wash the dishes diligently.Her concentration was exactly the same as that of her cleaning the toilet in the children s professional experience hall.This is a child with blood, an unstoppable child.Old God Tang Shuang stood comfortably behind Tang Tanger, nominally taking a video of her doing the dishes, but in fact he was taking selfies with one hand in his pocket and the other with his phone.Chapter 655 Happiness lies in the little acquired days, except for Tang Zhen, the old Tang s family dressed up to attend Bian Huijie s wedding.The wedding scene is simple and grand.When the girls saw Huang Xiangning, they greeted her one after another.Mr.Huang is here Mr.Huang, can you help me see this movement They didn t know each other, then nodded, smiled and looked at Tang Shuang together and muttered.Looking around, Tang Shuang saw that this place was like a kingdom of daughters, and he was the only one in the body, so she was a little excited.Tangtanger, this little piggy, is like a fish in water, very happy, slipping around among all the beauties, patting this young lady s long legs, touching that young lady s palm, and licking everywhere.Of course, she was also taken advantage of by everyone, this one patted her head, that one pinched her face, and some wanted to kiss her Hidden by her.Three younger sisters grabbed her, squatted down and muttered, and then Tang Shuang saw the little piggy turning to look at him, talking cbd dog gummy how long do cbd gummies last in system to someone furtively.

The little pig in white was so frightened that he squatted on the ground and cried loudly.The tears rose further and soon flooded the city.The whole world was flooded.Then, the little pig in white and the little pig in black saw a person I was cutting down trees to build a ship, and I saw, wow it s Tang Xiaoshuang, the Great Demon King This will keep his belly from turning over What a big devil The whole world can t stop him Here we are, get out of the car Tang Shuang s voice sounded at the right time, waking up Candy who was immersed in the play.Little Piggy glanced at Tang Shuang in horror, thinking that he was about to attack, and she had to resist, so she went quietly The car landed on the ground and ran, running wildly on the street, yelling Tang Shuang instantly petrified, standing in front of Tuzi Entertainment Company, speechless for a while.They came here amazon cbd gummies yesterday morning.The bird scratched her eyes, made her half dead, and savagely struck down the hair on the bird s buttocks, making it bald.Tang Xiaowu was furious.Hovered in mid air and yelled for more than an hour.But she was also very angry.She was disfigured and wore a blindfold, just like the pirate the little master showed her.She was so ugly that the dog wanted to cry.At night, she and Tang Xiaowu didn t fight any more because they were taught a lesson.At night, after the humans fell asleep, she fought Tang Xiaowu again.The two were very experienced in fighting, and they fought silently for a while without making a sound.Finally, Tang Xiaowu flew out along the open window of the living room.Fei scolded her.She thought the bird just went to play for a while, but she never came back, but she didn t worry about it, and then fell asleep.If it is in your hands, then Call it a toy.Who was crying and howling just now It s just to make you happy, do you really think I m afraid Don t talk about this, let s go Come to my place for a drink.Ye Liang said.Let s go Guo Zifeng thought for a while and followed suit.When getting into the car, Ye Liang suddenly said Who bought our prop at that time Tang Shuang asked suspiciously, Which prop that phone Or that bank card Definitely mine.Ye Liang No, I mean the lottery ticket. Lottery Guo Zi bought it.Tang Shuang pointed to Guo Zifeng.Ye Liang asked in surprise Guo Zi Did you buy it Guo Zifeng said I bought the mobile phone, the lottery ticket, and the bag.Ye Liang looked at Tang Shuang, without concealing his contempt You are really picky, you are so rich and you still squeeze Guo Zi.Tang Shuang Tsk Guo Zifeng quickly waved his hand I bought it, but Xiaoshuang paid for it.Candy Suddenly, a small heavyweight tank was stopped, this time it was Erniang Peony Er Niang Tang Tanger yelled sweetly, her little face was flushed because of running wildly for a while, and there were two obvious patches of apple red.Xiao Yu, come here, let me show you the muscles of the Lun family Hmph Although Tang Yu was in Erniang s arms, Tang Yu still had a heart for Tang Yu s previous you are fat.Erniang Peony smiled and said Oh, our Tangtanger has muscles, is this it She pinched Tangtanger s face.Er Niang, grandpa Let Er Niang pinch first.Mudan smiled and continued pinching.Tang Tanger shook her head, trying to avoid Er Niang s poisonous hands, and asked again Er Niang, grandpa Then pinch it for grandpa.Tang Tang er puffed her face and said loudly, Where s my grandpa Don t pinch it The Lun family is drooling At this time, Tang Hongjun came out with the help of Tang Erjian.He couldn t help but think of the night Luo Yuqing was about amazon cbd gummies to leave when he was in Shengjing, and the feeling of kissing her in the dark, thinking like a fountain, bliss to his heart, just standing like this, playing casually on the keys with both hands a few times, a few times An extremely melodious note popped out.Liang Qiao couldn t help asking, What kind of music is this Sitting in front of the piano, Tang Shuang said, The River of Your Heart , for my cat.Immediately, her slender fingers pressed the black and white keys, buzzing softly In the loud studio hall, there is a gentle music elf flowing in an instant.Where there is amazon cbd gummies music, no one speaks.Chapter 814 The River of Your Heart River flows in you is a famous song from the previous life, which can be translated as You Will Always Flow in My Memory , or The River of Your Heart , or translated as My Heart Flows Tang Shuang dr oz and cbd gummies s favorite is still the name Your Heart River.After being discovered, Tang Shuang thought about it, this was all the result of the conflict between him and Chen Shenfeng It could have been played as a trumpet, but now that it has a mass base, its words and deeds are like shooting stars in the dark night.Not only will it be discovered immediately, but there will always be people waiting for it.For example, someone who said something in 500,000 messages was arrested in one green apple cbd gummies cbd dog gummy night, and his body was whipped Go to the front row Really How can people fall in love In this way, The River of Your Heart spread rapidly at a speed that Tang Shuang could not imagine, and HCMUSSH amazon cbd gummies even his name became widely known.Those who knew him were finally proud, Tang Zhen s younger brother should be so awesome.People who don t know him amazon cbd gummies do cbd gummies make you hungry look at it, shit My sister is Tang Zhen No wonder they are so powerful, the whole family is a genius Tang Shuang unexpectedly became the hottest name in this Spring Festival.At the end, I added What s more, I still Tang Zhen and Tang Shuang s younger sister.At amazon cbd gummies do cbd gummies make you hungry the end, he added Still so cute.At the end, he added again It s so cute.Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered something important, and told the two editors You cut the sentence first, and then left.After returning to the office, Sun Jin made a phone call.After connecting, he first paid New Year greetings to the other party, and then said Old Xu, weren t you worried about the guests of Baby is Coming last time How where can i buy bay park cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies is it Have you found all the people now Not amazon cbd gummies yet Are there two missing Hey, Lao Xu, don t say I didn t help you, listen carefully.After you told me about this last time, I have been paying attention, yes, yes, yes I recommend this option to you, what I didn t tell anyone about it, how can I talk about it, you have to invite someone yourself, it s not sure if it will work.He smiled and said Yuxiang s identity is not good, I want to use another better identity to participate.Tang Zhen asked What identity The prince of the old Tang family, the younger brother of the Goddess of Frost.Tang Zhen smiled.With a smile, he suddenly said, I would like to invite Ah Hui to be the host.Tang Shuang was taken aback for a moment, and asked doubtfully, Ah Hui Shang Hui Tang Zhen Yes, Shang Hui, isn t she the host of Guangdong TV Station Human Just right.Tang Shuang pondered, seeing Tang Zhen staring at him, smiled wryly, You don t want to hit me again, do you Hmph Because of Shang Hui s matter, Tang Zhen beat Tang Zhen severely Cream a how many cbd gummie bears should i take meal.Tang Zhen and Shang Hui knew amazon cbd gummies each other.When Tang Zhen was in her second year of high school, Shang Hui was in her first year of high school.

No one listens to my heart, no one interprets my dreams.No one holds my tears in my words, no one worries about my walking alone.Looking back at the bleak place, no one waits for the lights A place in a recession.The date of inscription was 2 cbd trubliss gummies o clock in wellness brand cbd gummies the morning yesterday, and the author s name was Shadow.Tang Shuang lifted her spirits.She didn t know what kind of encounters and circumstances this person whose ID was called Shadow had experienced, but the deep loneliness was clearly visible between the lines.These characters are handwritten, the characters are very beautiful, it is a very standard italic script, with a little elegance.He never expected that there would be such a message in Tang Zhen s Weibo comments, and he was a little touched.He read the poem five times before looking at its replies.The girl who was at the same table as Guo Jing said disdainfully Hey I look down on you boys who just talk but don t do anything Xiao Jing, let s go to the music building.After hearing this, everyone happily walked out of the classroom and went to the artificial lake The music building next to it is ready for class.Xingyun District of Guangdong Province is an important school district in Guangdong Province.Two major universities, Guangdong University and Tongji University, are located here, as well as other normal universities and universities of science and technology, etc., which are basically concentrated in this administrative area.This is also the place where high schools are concentrated.Guangdong No.3 Middle School is a key high school in Guangdong City, and it is located here.There is a dedicated music building in Guangdong No.Tangtanger excitedly sang in a rhythm that was a few beats slower If you love deeply, will you be unbalanced Because of love difficulties, you tormented the rabbit Love what you should love, hate what you should hate Carrots want Save a few for the rabbit the unique innocence of a rabbit woman Tang Zhen almost sang wrongly, and hurriedly left this magical place.Listen to the little sister continue to sing, she will definitely sing the wrong words.Tang Shuang was still 100 enthusiastic and sang to the sister who turned and left The unique innocence of rabbits Tang Shuang pulled the villain back and pressed him on the chair Stop singing, rest, drink some Water, eat a banana for some energy.Let me ask you, little rabbit, do you want carrots Since there are carrots in every line of the lyrics, don t you have a few to suit the occasion Didn t you sing Keep a few for yourself just now Candy was startled, and asked Tang Shuang in surprise, Carrots Wow, let s give the little rabbit two to eat Then, under Luo Yuqing s shocked eyes, Tang Shuang really took out a carrot from her bag.Wow my father is amazing, Xiaoshuang writes novels, and father also writes novels , These are two amazing guys.Puchi Tang Zhen almost spit out a mouthful of oatmeal, quickly covered her mouth with her hand, said sorry, and hurried to the bathroom, probably spit it out.Tang Shuang looked at Tang Zhen, and then at the villain.It s none of your business, hang on high.Seeing Sanjian s father looking at her helplessly, Tangtanger knew that he seemed to have said something wrong again, so he smirked.Huang Xiangning patted her little head and said, How can you call me dad and brother It s very impolite.Hehehe, mom is right.I m sorry, dad.Get an apology, who let him have nothing to do with himself.What about me Tang Shuang asked.It would be fine if there was no apology at all.Now Sanjian s father got an apology, but he didn t.Luo Yuqing was sitting in her apartment watching TV.She won the Golden Melody Award for Song of the amazon cbd gummies Year at the Golden Melody Awards last year, which is coveted by all singers, but unfortunately, no new works have been released in the past year, so any awards this year are almost irrelevant to her.But whenever she heard Tang Zhen s name, she was equally happy, especially when she heard that Yu Xiang was shortlisted for the Best Lyricist of the Year and Best Arrangement of the Year, she could hardly help calling Tang Shuang to congratulate her, just thinking of him At this moment, I must be in front of the TV with my family, so I can only give up.In a certain apartment, the door of the bathroom opened, and Li Xiaozhi came out from the lingering steam, naked, with seductive eyes, sexy and coquettish.Seeing that her mother didn t mean to praise her, she added in a low voice Tang Tang is really pretty too.Tang Sanjian sat calmly On the couch, hands clenched into fists, actually nervous.He looked at Tang Shuang on TV, and suddenly felt a little emotional.The son whom he scolded every day as a scumbag who couldn t support the wall, had grown up to the point that he could be proud of.Chapter 883 The youngest winner Zhen Zhen didn t participate in the Golden Microphone, she went to Tang Shuang s side There was a lot of discussion over there at the literary festival.Don t you want any music awards She is a big hit, will it be affected if she doesn t participate It s not the past.The organizers don t dare to share the cake anymore.This is a gift from Chen Shenfeng.It will be affected to a certain extent.Old Tang s family, Tangtang er was taught a lesson, lowered her head and sighed.Tang Sanjian said with a straight face Are you obedient or not If you are not obedient, go back to your room and sleep now .Sure enough, he is a good baby who can bend and stretch.Then sit on the sofa obediently, and stop thinking about running to find brother Tangy, don t run, fly away.you go back to your room and sleep The Lun family, be good.Be obedient and never run again.Then sit down and don t bend over What should I do if my stomach is swollen Then you d better stand up and digest.Father, Xiaoshuang still Will he come out This royal blend cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies white haired old man is not good looking.Don t worry, brother will come out.In fact, he doesn t know if he can come out, but he hopes to come out, because the Zijin Literature Award, maybe Tang Shuang Can also be shortlisted.Who can tell.Oh I ll call my brother to congratulate him Huh The Chinese Literature Festival is still going on.After Tang Shuang won the Silver Literature Award for short stories, the novella award was won by Ma Ying s Girls , which is another female writer the novel award was won by Li Wei s Among Us.Now that the Silver Literature Awards have been awarded, the most important award, the crown jewel of the Chinese Literature Awards the Zijin Literature Award will be announced soon.In principle, both short and medium stories can win this award, but historically, novels win most of the awards.The finalists this time don t know The Zijin Literature Award does not announce the list of nominations in advance, and only temporarily announces them at the scene.So at this moment, everyone is waiting with bated breath, including Tang Shuang, who can also look forward to it.

Wei Daqun laughed and said, It s not that I didn t want to write, but I wrote it.They are all scum, and I can t stand it, so I set a rule for myself, only reviewing books, not writing books, for decades, looking back, this rule is right, otherwise what you see amazon cbd gummies now is not the same A critic, but a third rate author Wei Daqun.After eating and sitting for a while, Tang Shuang left, and Wei Daqun sent him downstairs.In the community, I saw two young people cutting hair for old people.Most of these old people are very old, sitting in the sun, basking in the sun, chatting in twos and threes, while waiting for a haircut.You don t need to queue up, once one is over, the next one will pass by consciously.Wei Daqun said Two young people came to the barbershop in the community after the new year, and they are these two.Once such a fun kid paper is on the show, it will definitely attract a lot of attention.Tang Shuang ordered two cups of coffee for Li Xiulun and Cao Kai.Li Xiulun had been secretly watching Candy.Said Why are you looking at me all the time , just like she did to the bone dragon.Director Li, are the other guests confirmed Tang Shuang asked.Li Xiulun looked away and replied, It s all confirmed.Besides you and Tang Tang, there are also Feng Chaoqun and his 5 year old son, Feng Xiaofeng.This Tang Shuang knew that he liked football, so it was impossible not to know Feng Chaoqun.Xia Dashan and his 5 year old daughter Xia Wenqiao.Li Xiulun was worried that Tang Shuang didn t know Xia Dashan, and introduced Xia Dashan is a foreigner from Canada, his daughter is of mixed race, and his mother is Wen Pinru from Xiangjiang.Tang Shuang smiled and said, It s not that we can t finish eating, let s take some back.At this moment, the siren sounded again, calling for Miss Xia Wenqiao to go.Not long after, Miss Xiao Qiao came back with a badminton racket.Everyone asked her what she used it for.She shook her head and didn t know anything.Next, the children went to the principal one after another.Li Yushu came back with a water ladle, Feng Xiaofeng, a little man, came back with a small and exquisite spoon, and Zhang Weitong brought back a pair of table tennis bats.When Tangtanger, who had eaten and drank enough, realized that she was the only child left in the audience who did not go to the principal.She got up and was going to find the director, but Tang Shuang stopped her I didn t call you.Tangtang er Go to the Lun family and ask the director why it s not called the Lun family.If you cry, I will watch you cry without speaking.Chapter 918 Dreaming that I Can t Find You Anymore After comforting a few children not to cry, Li Guanping brought everyone to Tangtang er, and gave each of them a bottle of warm milk to drink.At the same time, he seized this opportunity and asked Candy why he was wearing a small comb.When asking this question, he tried to keep his tone gentle and objective.Cao Kai stood aside and watched quietly.He was a little worried about the communication between Li Guanping and Tang Tang.After all, it was his son who was beaten, and he could tell from his performance this day that Li Guanping doted on his son and wanted to If you want to be able to understand, you will be a child when you are old.He even wanted to handle the children s fight by himself to avoid embarrassment for Li Guanping.This is the result of a night of sea breeze blowing last night.On the stone wall of the yard near the sea, there are large and small flower pots, in which are planted various succulent plants, facing the rising sun on the sea and growing freely.Chirp chirp chirp chirp The old hen led a group of fluffy yellow chicks walking around the yard chirping for food.Everything is vibrant and makes people feel happy.Tang Tanger looked at the little chicken, and while letting Tang Shuang comb her hair, she sang happily.angangang Tinkerbell helps me realize all my wishes Make children, adults, and bad people become good people Hi Hello everyone, I m Tinkerbell Dalin, who was taking the camera, and Xiaofu, who was standing behind him, couldn t help Smiling, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, ah, what a beautiful morning.I ll put it back into the pot and make it .

will cbd gummies help with depression?

again, Xiao Qiao, wait a moment.Xia Dashan said, and went back to the kitchen with the blackened chicken legs.Miss Xiao Qiao quietly covered her stomach, which was growling and starving.The adults ate the local delicacies of the Dai people during the day, but the children didn t eat anything.After playing all afternoon, I was already hungry.It s just that Xiao Qiao is very sensible, she didn t say anything, and kept comforting her father.At this time, the life assistant stood behind the camera and asked Xiao Qiao Xiao Qiao, are you hungry Xiao Qiao nodded, shook her head again, and smiled embarrassedly.I have chocolate here, do you want to fill your stomach first The life assistant was worried that the child would be starving, so she planned to give her some snacks.Why don t you let me go Don t you think I m a villain Hey, little butterfly is scared.This is in the forest.There are elves in the forest.Candy smirked.Tang Shuang glanced at her angrily Yes, wouldn t it be better to have elves What are you afraid of Tang Tanger suddenly lowered her voice and said, There are also ghosts.Chapter 959 Elephants attack the little man s big I looked around, but I couldn t see any ghosts in the tent.But Tangtanger thinks that there are outside the tent and in the forest of Black Bulongdong.She and Little Butterfly are both little girls and need the protection of adults, so Xiaoshuang cannot be without Xiaoshuang.Leave and don t let me go, and say I m a bad guy, what do you mean You can live here, you have to close your eyes and sleep, don t blah blah blah.Candy muttered to Tang Shuang.After the birth is over and the baby fish grows up, they can be put together.Now they must be separated.Huang Xiangning educated.In fact, it is cbd gummies charleston because the big goldfish will eat the baby goldfish, so they must be kept separately.The Lun family is mother, um, grandma, the Lun family is here to help mother.Candy immediately became enthusiastic about her work.Mom help mom Grandma helping mom It s all a messy relationship.Then why don t you let go of Mommy s legs first This thigh hugger Let go my mother.Tangtanger rolled up her sleeves with a smile, and wanted to follow her mother for amazon cbd gummies a long time Mom, what should we do Huang Xiangning said We must first prepare a fish tank, clean it, and fill it with water., and then prepare a small fishnet, fish Xiaohong out of the pond, and put it in the fish tank.

Mr.Tang is really young, everything about you is incredible.The host praised with a smile.Thank you.Shall we start now Tang Shuang asked.Yes.Li Yaqing straightened Tang Shuang s clothes immediately.He was wearing a casual suit today, which Luo Yuqing bought for him when he participated in the Chinese Literature Festival.At that time, he wore the clothes Tang Zhen bought for the ceremony.He didn t wear Miss Yuqing s, so he made up for it today.Is it okay for me to dress like this Tang Shuang asked, do I have to dress more amazon cbd gummies old fashioned euphoric cbd gummies price to be on the news broadcast The host smiled and said, Of course.Although it s on the news network, we re not that serious.Taking advantage of the staff s time in the simple setting, the host and Tang Shuang chatted casually.She saw a long sword hanging behind the desk, and curiously asked Tang Shuang if she knew kung fu.At that time, Sister Xiaomu was very happy to hear that, especially after hearing that Xiaoshuang liked her nose, she was even more happy.The nose is straighter and longer.You re smart, but you re using them in side ways.Tang Shuang took a pack of seafood snacks from the little man s pocket, opened the bag, and poured out a little in the palm of his hand.After smelling it, it was quite fragrant.have eaten.Ah, Xiaoshuang ate it Tangtanger was shocked when Xiaoshuang accidentally took the snacks away.It s delicious, I ll give it back to you.Tang Shuang returned the snack to her.Humph q s t r The villain himself ate, chewing.The fight just now was exhausting.Tang Zhen continued to read the comment Dare to hit my cousin Let Zhen Zhen cbd dog gummy how long do cbd gummies last in system beat you up Stretching out his fist and waved, Beat you up.Hee hee hee, beat him up Candy was busy eating Snacks, while nodding happily.Tang Zhen also came over, but she left after having lunch and went directly to the concert site.With one afternoon left, Tang Shuang took Candy and walked around the hotel with Sister Xiangning and Brother Sanjian.It was the first time Tangtanger came to Shanghai, so she was amazed.It s just that now it s different from the past, Tang Shuang has to wear a big mask, even for a little girl like Candy, otherwise she will be chased and intercepted all the cbd dog gummy how long do cbd gummies last in system way.Wow everyone wants to come to Qin Lun s little face these big villains, hehe Candy exclaimed, it was admiration, not panic, this guy seemed very unhappy, but in fact he was very happy proud.A collection of thousands of pets, isn t this a little princess I have been staying at home before, and I can only feel that someone likes me from the Internet.Candy amazon cbd gummies has been painting Tinker Bell and Little Bear for a day today, and now I really want to know if the big fish they caught back home are eaten for dinner, and if they are eaten, is it delicious Tang Shuang The child s focus is amazon cbd gummies really strange.Facing the little man s gaze, Tang Shuang simply nodded in order to save trouble, It s super delicious.Wow Candy immediately stretched out her little tongue and licked her lips, and said with a smile, The painting by the Lun family is delicious.Big fish, it must be delicious, I really want to eat some Xiaoshuang, can we eat big fish tomorrow How many more do you want to eat Half of it will blow nc selling cbd gummies you up.You can t eat fish, it has fish bones and it will get stuck in your throat.Candy Man has been banned from eating fish this year, it s too dangerous.Despite all the precautions, when she ate the sweet and sour fish made by her mother in spring, a small fishbone got stuck in her throat, and she tossed and cried for a long time.If there are more such partners, of course there will be more opportunities to attend the party together.But siblings like Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen are very rare.Tang Shuang smiled at the camera and made a questioning gesture.Shi Yu immediately said, Tang Shuang and I are very good friends, so I know that he and Tang Zhen have very different personalities, very outgoing and cheerful.What I want to ask is, how do you two get along Everyone looked at Tang Shuang.Everyone was curious about this question, especially those fans.A staff member cleverly handed the microphone to Tang Shuang.Tang Zhen also looked straight at Tang Shuang, Luo Yuqing also looked at her sweetheart curiously, she was curious too.While the audience was watching, Tang Shuang didn t answer the question directly, but asked Shi Yu, Have you ever bought perfume for your girlfriend Shi Yu nodded subconsciously, Yes, uh, I bought it for my mother.Because the three of them had already practiced the song Listen to Mother s Words at home, and the recording went smoothly.Not only the three person chorus was recorded, but also the three people sang separately, including Tang Shuang s gong sound, Candy s small voice and a little milk sound, Tang Zhen s crystal voice, and Tang Zhen and Tang er s voice The two sisters sang together, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen also sang together, and Tang Shuang and Tang Tanger sang together, anyway, it was as fun as it was, and it didn t matter what level it was.The three of them had a great time playing in the recording studio, from the time when the sun was high until amazon cbd gummies the sun was setting and the moon was rising.At this time, Miss Xiangning had already called to urge her to go home for dinner.Back home, Tang Tanger ran into the kitchen, stood one meter away from Huang Xiangning who was cooking, held her head high and said, Mom, I love you so much.After speaking, she quickly hid her hands, narrowly avoiding the little man s big mouth You really are It was the top 5 cbd gummies for anxiety little dog who reincarnated.Humph Mom said that those who pinched the face of the Lun family are big villains I am the big devil, I am not a big villain Tangtanger grinned at the back of the big devil, wanting to pounce on it.Woooooo But afraid of being beaten to death.What is that snake Boles.Candy asked curiously, curiosity had overwhelmed her desire for revenge.Surprise, haven t you studied British history I don HCMUSSH amazon cbd gummies t know what it means I m also very good at English.But the Snake Bulesun family forgot.Candy argued with her head held high.Really, since your British history is so powerful, then quickly think about what it means.Tang Tanger thought for a while, and said uncertainly, What does mother mean Tang Shuang looked down at this idiot The child smiled and said, You really are a stupid child.Today, a mother can only be a mother, not a teacher.Mom, let s go, the Lun family will do their filial piety to you.Candy stretched out her small hand to hold Huang Xiangning, and walked out.Huang Xiangning turned to Tang Shuang with some embarrassment Xiao Shuang, mom is going to class.Tang Shuang pushed her from behind Don t worry, I have already asked your grade leader for leave.You have a day off today, and the class will be replaced by Teacher Xiao Liu.At this point, he turned to the long haired female teacher in the office Said Mr.Xiaoliu, I will trouble you today.Teacher Xiaoliu said with a smile No trouble, Mr.Huang, you can celebrate the festival with peace of mind today, and leave the lessons to me.Don t worry.Huang Xiangning laughed and said It turns out that you have made arrangements.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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