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I m working on it.Demolition, a lot of things, I will contact you later.I ll go, if I say I don t care, I don t care Han can you give dogs cbd gummies Chaoyang was in a hurry, and was about to emphasize the seriousness of the problem, when a beeping busy tone came from the phone.No way, now is a typical society of strangers, neighborhood committees, village committees and other flanking forces have withdrawn one after another, and they never care about any disputes between residents or villagers.The attitude has always been to call 110.If you really don t want to call the police, then you Solve it yourself, don t you still have to call the police if you fight It seems that he can only solve it by himself, Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, put away his phone and walked into the property office.What are you doing, don t scare my Yanyan, I ll be in a hurry with you if you scare Yanyan The owner of 1204 is 27 or 28 years old, tall, with exquisite features, heavy makeup, and big eyes with false eyelashes.

Let the down to earth comrades chill.In fact, what I want to tell you is another thing.Isn t the superior engaged in the selection of star rated police offices Chaoyang Community Police Office must participate in the selection.Director Su has read the selection criteria, The software can basically meet the standards, but the hardware is slightly insufficient.On behalf of the branch bureau, the Du Bureau promised to support the construction of the police office, and will instruct the relevant departments to coordinate with telecommunications as soon as possible to help you connect the public security intranet and equip you with a computer that can access the intranet.A computer, and a police car for the police office.By the way, there is also a terminal for swiping the ID card, and one will be equipped at that time.

You will punish a village and issue more than 200 tickets.The law enforcement team will punish those villagers, and your police will also punish those villagers.The villagers will be can you give dogs cbd gummies punished.Considering that you are too busy alone, I have agreed with you Bureau Du.Tomorrow, the security brigade of the sub bureau and your police station will send people to the Chaoyang Village Committee to work with us on the spot.On site punishment, yours The main task is to maintain good order.Chapter 60 Difficulty Finding the police to investigate the operation It was almost dawn, and Han Chaoyang thought he could sleep until noon.As a result, I received a call from the master at 9 30, and told me to quickly sort out the evidence collected during the night inspection and prepare for the fine in the afternoon.

How can you, a girl, be so mean and mean Can you be more reserved Su Xian couldn t help laughing and cursing.I m not condor cbd gummies customer service number a lady, why should I be reserved, Huang Ying asked back, carrying a small bag on her back, clamping the phone around her neck, and locked the office door while laughing and asked By the way, is the unlucky guy in your neighborhood committee Just let me be reserved, let me be a lady, you can t let me take the initiative to ask him out This girl is really weird.Su Xian couldn t help asking with a smile If you take the initiative, you can take the initiative.Last time, you drove to pick up someone to go on a blind date.Anyway, it s not the first time for you.He s in the neighborhood committee, come here quickly.What about you I didn t sleep all night, and I ve been working all day today.

If you really make this call, The leader must think that you are jealous of him and want to retaliate against him.Liu Jianye had never been so helpless before, with a stern face, he didn t know what to say, when the phone rang suddenly, and when he checked the caller ID, it turned out that Bureau Du himself was calling.Hi, Bureau Du.We are studying the case.Do you have any instructions Study the case of photographing human bodies yesterday Yes, there are no corresponding laws and regulations.This case is more troublesome.We are studying it and trying to find a way..What s the trouble Director Du looked up at the chief of the legal department who had just reported his work, and held up his mobile phone and said angrily, I usually ask you to pay attention to studying laws and regulations, but you end up either engaging in formalism or finding various reasons.

Commissar Huang realized that the young man might not know how to address him, so he couldn t help laughing Comrade Xiaohan, don t be nervous, Director Du just said that Comrade Gu Guoli can you give dogs cbd gummies will not only be your senior, colleague, and comrade in arms, but also the master we hired for you., let s call him master.Find a restaurant at noon, hold a teacher s apprentice banquet, and toast the master.Gu Guoli was really reluctant to be transferred away from the Dongfeng Street Police Station where he had worked for more than ten years.But in order to transfer him here, the leader of the sub bureau made four phone calls one after another.He had to give the leader face and obey orders.From the moment he walked into the Huayuan Street Police Station, he adjusted his mentality.He smiled and said, Political commissar, you can t drink alcohol on weekdays.

How could Cao Zhiming believe his words He simply asked Li Xiaobin to help deliver the stolen goods and the means of transportation electric tricycle used in the crime to the police first, and proposed to go to the place where the suspect rented while the iron was hot.Back to the Eastern Furniture City is also exposed to the sun outside, at least there is air conditioning in the police car.Naturally, Han Chaoyang would not refuse, and together with patrol member Liu Yaping escorted the suspect to follow him.Although the police investigation showed that the suspect had no criminal record, the facts proved that he was definitely a repeat offender, very cunning, and his words were completely wrong, and he dared does cbd gummy bbears relax you to lead Cao Zhiming to circle around aimlessly.It wasn t until Cao Zhiming got angry, turned off the body camera, and put on a look that he wanted to show some embarrassment, that he honestly gave the correct address.

Outside the courtyard, I asked Lao Wan, Lao Hou and Lao Huo and other migrant workers who moved to Yangguan Village to inquire about the situation of Qiao Xianhong s family and keep an eye on Qiao Xianhong s whereabouts., let Xiao Yu and Xiao Ma be responsible for sending the two girls back safely, and it was already past nine o clock in the evening when they arrived at the police station.Chen Jie, where is my master Inspector Gu is out on patrol.Jia Le just came back from Yanhe Park and said that he met Inspector Gu by the river.Han Chaoyang walked into the inner room, closed the door, and left a There was a gap, and while changing the police uniform, he asked, He went out to patrol alone.How is it possible, Chen Jie put down the mouse, stretched her waist and said, I didn t know before, but now I know that your master is a second level hero model.

There can you give dogs cbd gummies is his small advertisement on the door, and the lock is just right Too bad, how can there be such a coincidence in the world, if you can grasp eight out of ten cases, then we will see how he denies them.Chapter 100 Joint Operations The foreign population inventory operation officially kicked off.Compared with Licha Fenghuang Village the night before, the lineup tonight is much stronger.Bureau Feng dispatched more than 40 police officers from various units, and more than 70 auxiliary police officers and assistants participated in the operation.Even the traffic police team was dispatched to check the passing vehicles on the main roads around Yangguan Village.How easy it is for people to do things Liu Jianye inspected the village and confirmed that each group had carried out investigations in their respective areas of responsibility as planned.

We just arrived, and we have only been here for a few days.And we can t stay for a few days, and we will leave after finishing the work here Record registration As soon as Guan Xiyuan finished speaking, Han Chaoyang walked in, looked around at the migrant workers sitting on the floor, and asked sharply, Who owns the little red electric car outside The foreman was stunned, and then looked at Sitting in the innermost one is a little young man.Your Han Chaoyang walked up to him, staring into his eyes and asked.The young man was stunned, and while looking for his ID card, he hesitated and said The carthe carthe car is just bought.We don t have such a car for sale in our hometown.I bought it because it looked fun.I bought it in a few days.Go back and give it to my sister.He hesitated, his eyes flickered, and there was a problem at first sight.

When I arrived, the stagnant water had already overflowed to the steps of the public toilets.Otherwise, the road would be full of defecation.Huang Ying was completely convinced, and couldn t help asking So you re doing it to vigor cbd gummies be lazy I m also doing it to drain the stagnant water on the road as soon as possible.It doesn t matter why, what matters is how you, the most handsome policeman , keep up with your superiors.Explain.I bet, tomorrow afternoon at the latest, a reporter will come to interview you.Your public security is paying attention to your image now, and your leaders will definitely not miss this good opportunity for publicity.Think about it carefully, and what should you say when the time comes.Chapter 111 The most handsome policeman 2 It s time for dinner.The master and apprentice are fully armed like noon.

Holding He Qiyuan s hand tightly, he said with a smile Student He, we are also very honored to meet you.You may not have anything in common with me, an old man, but you definitely have something with Chaoyang, he is a college student just like you, he just graduated last year, you can leave a phone number, add a WeChat, you can keep in touch frequently, and you can often go to our police office to play.President You can t be a bachelor for a lifetime Han Chaoyang felt that he could find a girlfriend in PolyU.How could he miss this opportunity He quickly took out his police and civilian contact card Hi, there is my phone number on it, and my mobile phone number is also a WeChat account.Better to have the police than not to know.He Qiyuan took the policeman s cbd gummies vegan exotic fruit 300mg can you give dogs cbd gummies contact card, took out his mobile phone and said with a smile Officer Gu, Officer Han, you two will cook first, I will save the number first, and find a table for you two first, and add WeChat later.

Han Chaoyang was completely convinced that he linked public security punishment with land acquisition and demolition, and when he saw Li Xiaobin driving the police car over, he motioned them to step aside and said coldly Land acquisition and demolition It s cbd gummies melatonin uk what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain land expropriation and demolition, gambling is gambling, and one yard is worth one yard.Besides, even if you are your own people, you can t break the law and commit crimes, and I can t bend the law for personal gain, let s get out of the way, let s get out of the way, don t interfere cbd gummies vegan exotic fruit 300mg can you give dogs cbd gummies with public affairs.Chaoyang Village is like this Big, the news about the gambling spread quickly, and in a blink of an eye, all the seven aunts and eight aunts of the gambling people came, and even Li Tianzheng s little fat man not only came over, but even stood beside the patrol car and hugged him tightly.

Thank you.This is a kindness from the senior brother, and Han Chaoyang is not pretentious, so he accepts it generously.The two apprentices got along well, Gu Guoli was very happy, and was about to say that he had to settle the accounts after dinner, when Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered something Master, Zhen Chuan, why don t you go over first, Li Tianzheng s son is still in the police station.I forgot to tell Aunt Tan to make an extra meal, so I ll take him over to eat together.The security company implements a meal sharing system, one lunch box per person, and the canteen is not in the neighborhood committee, so Aunt Tan ran back to Dongming Community to make another meal It s too much trouble for the food to come.Gu Guoli was relieved that the little apprentice cared about the people in the area under his jurisdiction.

Master, Xuanxuan, you go in first, I ll answer the phone.Let s go in first, and you can order your own later.Okay.Watching everyone enter the restaurant, Han Chaoyang pressed the call button and held Pick up the phone and ask Director Wang, what do you always do Two things, the first thing is going to the neighborhood committee to raise the flag tomorrow morning, we plan to rehearse at night, it will start on time at 7 o clock, you must come The flag raising cbd gummies melatonin uk what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain ceremony is a big event, Han Chaoyang agreed, Okay, I ll go there after dinner.The old factory manager had already arrived at Yanhe Park, and while instructing the old guys to pull the wires to support the lights, he said Xiao Han, do you remember that there was a brat who used to paddle a raft to electric fish in the river, and Lao Lei finally got caught by the cat His surname is Qiu, his name is Qiu Zhimin, and he lives in Anbei New Village.

Speak and come Han Chaoyang was caught off guard and subconsciously asked, Dad, isn t he coming How cbd gummies melatonin uk what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain can he get away They are busy now.They go to the village during the day and go back to work to sing at night.The leader sneaked back tranquil leaf cbd gummies reviews tonight.Mom, you haven t traveled far, so I don t worry about you coming alone.Don t change cars, why worry Besides, Feng Xiaojie is my student and knows I m motion sick.He said let me sit in the front, the first row In Linshan Town, anyone under the age of 35, as long as they have attended junior high school, there are a few students who are not her students.There is really nothing to worry about along the way.Han Chaoyang doesn t know why he still doesn t want his mother to come.After thinking about it, he said Mom, this is buying a house.You have to look at it first.

Although his family is not as rich as Xu Hongliang s family, it s okay to be able to afford a house. His father seems to be a cadre, and his mother is a teacher.Being an only child again, this condition is not good can you give dogs cbd gummies but definitely not bad.Thinking that the apprentice is almost thirty one years old and has nothing, Liang Dongsheng continued So it is said that people are more popular than others, and there are many things that cannot be compared.Yes, you said that because he has good parents, he can save decades of struggle, and he still envies Xu Hongliang.Thinking that Han Chaoyang, who was assigned to the office together, has not only become the most handsome policeman , but also the key training object of the branch office, immediately There is another house in the city, but he owns nothing, Wu Wei sighed sourly The more he messes around, the better, better than Guan Xiyuan.

Xi Da, I was chatting with Han Chaoyang just now, and he inadvertently mentioned a situation I used to find a random place to hide my keys when I was renovating my house.There was nothing inside anyway, and I wouldn t use the decoration keys after the refurbishment.Now many The owner doesn t even use the original lock, and after the decoration is completed, he replaces the electronic lock with the fingerprint lock, Qiao Xianhong knows where the key is, or accidentally sees where the key is stored in other people s cbd gummies in san antonio house, it is entirely possible to go from house to house.Xi Hongbo reacted with a snap Slapping the table Well, this situation is very important.We may have gotten into a dead end before.Xiao He, you don t have to worry about it here, we will adjust the deployment, you stay on guard wholeheartedly, and can you give dogs cbd gummies report any new situations in time.

Han Zhaoyang opened his eyes, and couldn t help but interjected What black and white accounts Black accounts are users with overdue credit records.An account is a user who has no credit card or other loan records, just fill in the real name mobile phone and ID card, and you can make a payment.You don t understand, and this is not something you should care about, why ask these questions, and listen carefully , Just understand and understand, Gu Guoli coughed dryly.Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, took a peek at He Yichang, and dared not interrupt.Chapter 144 Blackness eats blackness He Yichang didn t care about Han Chaoyang s actions at all, and asked abruptly, Where are you on the 17th of this month On the 17th in Qingfeng Mountain.Want to say again I went in the afternoon of the 15th and came back in the evening of the 18th.

People spend money on their parents when they go to college.Qian, you go to college to make money, if I knew I would also apply for the Conservatory of Music Although the score line for applying for the Conservatory of Music is not very high, you must have a foundation and a skill.Since I was 8 years old, my mother forced me to learn from Teacher Yang who lives next door.Qin, after more than ten years of learning and practicing for more than ten years, it is similar to learning a craft, and cbd gummies and smoking weed it is can you give dogs cbd gummies not too early to start making money in college.He grew up in a teacher s family and was trained to be versatile since he was a child.I can t be envious.Yu Zhenchuan was about to say that he had no music talent, when a beautiful figure opened the glass door and walked into the police room, leaning on the police station and asked, Officer Han, are you here, are you busy It turned out to be Zhang Beibei, what are you doing here , and look for Han Chaoyang as soon as he arrives.

Han Zhaoyang sighed lightly, recalling After being admitted to the Conservatory of Music, I started to work study.Almost everyone in our class went out to run or tutor to make money.It was easier for girls to find part time jobs.I didn t know how to do it at the time.It took me a long time to find a job in the field.Son.To be precise, I found a grass stage troupe specializing in performing arts.There were two can you give dogs cbd gummies singers, one who could do magic and one who could do acrobatics.They performed at events like wedding banquets, store celebrations, and sales promotions.One of the female singers liked I take special care of her, she looks good, she sings well, she performed together every three days, and the relationship is getting better and better, once she took me to her place, I I fell in love with her in a moment of confusion.

Guan, call if you have anything to do.Go I drove the patrol car, called Lao Xu, and arrived at the Yangguan Village office at 10 30 in the morning.It s better to come early than coincidentally.Secretary Chu, Village Chief Cui, Accountant Chang, and Director Lin were all present.Han Chaoyang greeted Xiao Cheng, a community grid member, and ran up to the second floor with his bag in his arms.He took this precious opportunity to talk to the village officials.Let s talk about setting up a security joint defense team.The street leaders had called because of the security joint defense team, but the branch secretary didn t have any objection to Han Chaoyang, but he was just as embarrassed when it came to Qian, the airborne can you give dogs cbd gummies village party secretary.Chaoyang, it s not that we don t pay attention to the management of migrant population, it s not that we don t pay attention to the security of the village, and it s not that we don t support your work.

Han Da, what s the matter, what a baby , I m dying of laughter.As soon as he walked out of the west gate, Dai Jisheng couldn t control his burst of laughter.That s why you can t dote on women too much, or it will become like this.Well, you can t dote on women.If my life is like Chen Jun s, I might as well not find a wife.You can t say that, find someone now Is it easy for a wife After finding one, of course you have to be coaxed, but you have to master it.Han Chaoyang was feeling very emotional when can you give dogs cbd gummies his phone rang suddenly, and when he took can you give dogs cbd gummies it out to see the caller ID, it turned out to be Lu Jiaxi, a nurse from the emergency center of the Sixth City Hospital.Sister Lu, what s the matter Chaoyang, are you in the police office, come here quickly, a patient has escaped from my place Did you pay the medical bill It s not that he didn t pay the medical bills.

As soon as he finished speaking, he was dragged aside by the plainclothes policeman and another criminal policeman, and the other criminal policemen who had prepared earlier rushed into the garage, one of them put on handcuffs and controlled them all.Before the female suspect was escorted out, she cried inside Uncle policeman, they were the first to strike.They played hooligans and beat people.We are acting in self defense They were injured, and some cbd gummies quebec of us were also injured.Catch them together, you can t sideline the fight, you can t protect them During the fight, the video taken by the onlookers showed that she not only fought the same thing, but also beat the dead Liu, which was very sad for her.Director Du sighed secretly, and pointed to the few police cars that had just driven in Get in the car first, ask them in the car, and let them talk in the car.

Han Chaoyang glanced at his girlfriend, and then said One more thing, I prepared a board cbd gummies melatonin uk what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain of watermelon cream lozenges, a small pack of tissues and a small bottle of mineral water for each of you.If you have to sing for two or so hours, comrades with an uncomfortable throat can take a piece between the two songs, when the host is speaking, and when the light hits the host.You can sing one less song, But keep your mouth in place, wait for the lozenges to dissolve, and continue singing when your voice is comfortable comrades who are thirsty can also take advantage of the host to drink a few sips of water quietly, and spit on a tissue if they want to spit.You can move your legs and feet quietly.In short, make full use of the gap between the two programs.Xiao Han, you are so thoughtful It should be, right, once the lights turn on the stage, you won t be able to see the stage The audience is off, please watch my gestures when the time can you give dogs cbd gummies comes, don t be nervous, just like the usual rehearsal, okay, that s it, there are still ten minutes, hurry up and get ready just finished explaining here, the street invited The second group of guests has arrived.

Factory Manager Wang, Aunt Qian, and Teacher Liang sat in the back row in a tacit understanding, without joking or asking other questions, observing the discipline of the venue one by one.Not to be missed.Su Xian signaled Chen Jie to make tea for the old factory manager and others who had just arrived, and then changed the topic As can you give dogs cbd gummies you all know, we do a lot of work in the community, and the patrol team also does a lot of work, and the work pressure of Sergeant Gu and Chaoyang is even greater.Well, when there is an emergency, we are too busy to do our best.Everyone is so caring, we can actually set up a Chaoyang Community Helping the Dangerous and Relief Foundation to engage in public welfare and help Xiao Binbin together.I agree Director Wang was the first to raise his hand.I also agree, Director Su, I can be a volunteer.

Another example is that those irresponsible parents who are interested in money go to the police office and first confirm the relationship between them and their children in a business like manner.Have a good talk.As a result, plans are not as good as changes, and it may be more appropriate to describe it as it depends on people to make things happen.Everything was ready, but they didn t bring their children, at least the colleagues in the office and the eyeliners all over the street didn t find them.It s worth mentioning that Yu Zhenchuan and Wu Wei s luck was not very good, they went to Xinmin Community whenever they had time, but the guy who stole the battery car didn t go again, and they spent so many nights in vain.The only thing that is gratifying in the past few days is that under the leadership of Auntie Ye, the Foundation for Helping the Distressed and the Poor has done a great job.

I m the head can you give dogs cbd gummies chef.My surname is Han, and do cbd gummies make you tired the next day my name is Han Chaoyang.I m a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Call your boss and tell him that I have something to do with him.Apply for a residence permit.The police came to the door, and this kind of thing can t be ignored.The head chef can only take out his mobile phone and call the boss.Chapter 214 Xu Suo was very happy that the restaurant where Qi Tingting worked was under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Whether the boss had applied for Qi Tingting s residence permit in time would not be under Han Chaoyang s control.Why best cbd gummies for sleep can you give dogs cbd gummies did the hotel hire a girl as old as Qi Tingting Han Chaoyang couldn t care less.There are not many children who come out to work at the age of sixteen or seventeen.For children in remote areas with a relatively backward economy, it is really a way out to work and find a job.

Gu Jindou, who also just took office, felt the need to talk to the most handsome policeman in Yanyang who was once a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water, but is now highly regarded by the branch leaders and even the district leaders.He smiled and greeted Han Chaoyang to sit down.Next, let sit down and speak slowly.a specially appointed lecturer is not a specially appointed professor, and it is not an honor, but if he does not accept the offer and does not move to the faculty dormitory of PolyU, PolyU will not hire my classmate, let alone support the establishment of a voluntary security patrol in Xinmin Community.What kind of unit is PolyU Now it is de administrative , regardless of the level.In the past, PolyU was really a department level unit, and the president of PolyU was really a department level principal Every time the sub bureau organizes various units in the jurisdiction to hold an internal security work meeting, at most one deputy director of the security department of PolyU will go.

Okay, I ll go there right away, and I ll see you off. Why, I m not going on a long trip.Don t I have a key Come here when you have time, your dad wants to tell you, you guys talk, I ll go and throw out the trash.The design of the room is good.Once the furniture is moved in, the curtains are hung, and a little cleaning is done, it will look like home and even have the atmosphere of home.Recalling the days when he had no house in the army, Dad Huang was filled with emotion.Turn off the newly adjusted color TV, look around at the small home of the daughter and son in law, and sigh Chaoyang, this dormitory is can you give dogs cbd gummies good, and I was treated like this when I was in the army.The cbd gummies vegan exotic fruit 300mg can you give dogs cbd gummies school arranges housing for you, and you have to help the school Get the band up.There are soldiers in the iron camp, and the students are like one group after another.

, Huang Ying couldn t help laughing.Is there any mistake How could it be possible to fight side by side with me The grassroots police stations in Yanyang, Jia an and Cangjiang cities started a one year study and training life as ordinary policemen.I thought I would be assigned to a grassroots police station with difficult conditions, but I was assigned to your branch and then to the new police station.Yuan Street Police Station.Police stations with difficult conditions, rural police stations may be more difficult, but there are no people in the countryside now, and the rural police stations are fine.Letting you government cadres go down will not be effective for training.The leader said the same.Yes, cbd gummies melatonin uk what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain it s okay to come to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to exercise, didn t expect us to have the opportunity to work together, right I really didn t expect that, but I m a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, and you re working at the Xinyuan Street Police Station, so we don t count as colleagues.

There are also geographical reasons.Our province is a province that must pass through the Eurasian Continental Bridge.Xinlan City is a can you give dogs cbd gummies transportation hub and trade distribution center that connects the east to the west, connects the east to the west, and is open to both east and west.This special geographical location and environment allow crime Molecules can take advantage of it.Drugs flowing from Nanyun and the Golden Triangle via the Eurasian Continental Bridge, India via Qinghai Tibet, and the Golden Crescent into your eastern provinces will all pass through us.I know the Golden Triangle, where is the Golden Crescent The area at the can you give dogs cbd gummies junction of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran is shaped like a crooked moon.Now the Golden Crescent has can you give dogs cbd gummies replaced the Golden Triangle as the world s largest opium gummy cbd producing area.

Mei Shengli was deeply impressed by Shi Ju.Thinking that the old soldier often caused trouble to the government, and thought that the bureau had sent people to Xinlan City more than once to participate in the dinners of their old comrades in arms, Bureau Shi asked in amazement Let Mei Shengli go, He Pingyuan , are you out of your mind Shiju, do I dare to take such HCMUSSH can you give dogs cbd gummies a big matter as a joke He Pingyuan looked up can you give dogs cbd gummies at the trainer Hang, and explained with a wry smile It s not like I can t make a deal with him, but he is still a good person.I know him better.Although he often makes troubles for his superiors, he is absolutely unambiguous on the issues of right and wrong.Moreover, since he became the village party secretary, he has been going from house to house cbd gummies melatonin uk what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain to buy miscellaneous grains for more than ten years.

It is now the beginning of September, and farmers have already harvested the ephedra grass, which will be sold next, and pharmaceutical factories and drug dealers with relevant procedures will come to buy it.It is normal for the police to check on the road to ensure that the HCMUSSH can you give dogs cbd gummies ephedra herb does not flow into illegal channels.In fact, the anti drug work meeting held in the village in the morning is to convey the spirit of the county party committee and the county government on the management of ephedra herb and to study the management of ephedra herb in the whole township.Shi Ju didn t know what He Pingyuan was thinking, and continued Now wait for the news of Mei Shengli, if you can confirm Feng cbd gummies melatonin uk Changdong s exact location, organize the arrest immediately, and catch him by surprise with lightning speed When there is no news at 4 30, or its location cannot be confirmed, then it will be scheduled for action at 3 00 tomorrow morning.

There were several boxes of medicine on the kang, she must be suffering from some kind of disease.An eleven or twelve year old boy is watching TV in the main room.The TV is black and white.It looks old, but the picture and sound are quite clear.Maybe the quality of electrical appliances in the past is better than now, and there is a satellite TV receiver on the roof.The signal is also better.Little friend, what s your name The little guy was a little shy.He didn t even bother to turn off the TV.He ran to the door and hid behind the old man who was talking to Jiang Li.uninvited guest.Jiang Li apparently told the old man what was going on nearby.The old man had a disbelieving expression on his face.He took off his hat and scratched his hairless head.He motioned for the two to wait a moment.Then he ran into the yard and took out a machete, leading them from house to house in the village.

Several policemen vomited profusely, had sores on their bodies, fell and were even bitten by snakes, and had to be rushed down the mountain for treatment.Is it possible that they ran away Chaoyang said it might be It s not very serious, saying that the fugitive should still be in the encirclement.Not only did the police who set up checkpoints outside not find him, but they also found a lot of clues in the search inside.From the trajectory, it can be seen that he is playing hide and seek with the search team. Locals, Familiar with the terrain and the environment, it s not easy to catch.Xie Lingling laughed and said, It s a matter for the Longdao County Public Security Bureau, Chaoyang will be liberated if he persists for ten days at most. I am afraid of people when I think about it.I stayed on the same mountain for four days and four nights.

During the day, I stand guard with the little guy, and at night, I watched the night with Uncle Yan wrapped in old bedding on the top of the mountain.During the day, you must concentrate on observing the movement down the mountain, and the same is true when you take turns on duty at night.When you take turns resting, you must take the time to sleep, and get up whenever there is a disturbance.You can t call or video with your girlfriend for too long, let alone play games with WeChat.Han Chaoyang was about to collapse, wishing he could rush down the mountain to participate in the search.Brother Jiang, how are you doing It was a false alarm.It wasn t a human being, but two wild boars.Fortunately, they didn t dare to join in front of the campfire, otherwise it would be a little cbd gummies vegan exotic fruit 300mg can you give dogs cbd gummies troublesome.There are wild boars in the mountains Han Zhaoyang felt a little strange.

Your sub bureau is responsible for assisting.Chapter 289 A day at the evil gate As soon as the haggard looking Zhu Man entered the security office, two police officers from the Economic Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Bureau arrived together with He Yichang, the second squadron leader of best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 cbd gummies melatonin uk the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Municipal Bureau.Who is He Yichang The most powerful economic investigation policeman in the sub bureau As soon as Han Chaoyang saw He Yichang, he immediately felt that the girl who just went upstairs was saved, and couldn t help laughing Captain He, you came so fast.Deng Jing and Jing Aisi, who were at the stairs, asked in a low voice, I heard that you arrested three debt collectors.Where are they Xinyuan Street Police Station.Call can you give dogs cbd gummies Xinyuan Street Police Station for me.

When the money was deposited into the account, can you give dogs cbd gummies the bank should have a record. This is the running order, Teng Da handed over Go to the bank statement, walk to Yan Ju and point to several transaction records marked with a pen Before May 12, there was only more than 30,000 yuan in the account.At 3 26 pm on May 12, deposit 20,000 yuan.Five thousand yuan at 10 o clock in the morning on May 28th, I deposited cbd gummies vegan exotic fruit 300mg can you give dogs cbd gummies a total of 40,000 yuan all the money was spent, and all the money was deposited, and all of it was deposited after coming to Yanyang.Yanyang s money is so good Earn money, so we think this is a major doubt.The deputy head of Luo, can you give dogs cbd gummies who had been silent all the time, said suddenly 178,000, this is not a small number.If it is a financial murder, why didn t the murderer ask for the bank card password , why not take the money from the card Chapter 298 Prank When he woke up, washed his face and went to the work area to change shifts, he suddenly found that Wu Wei s head, face and body were covered with dust.

I don t know if you ever played pranks when you were young.Anyway, I did a lot when I was young.What do you mean The corpse may have appeared in other places at first, and was deliberately transported here by can you give dogs cbd gummies the murderer or someone else, and buried in the sand on purpose.It may be to disgust or even revenge on Boss Hou, or it may be for nothing.Fun.Usually there are only gravel carts in this area, even if the surrounding villagers wander around, they won t be able to visit here.In other words, the murderer is unlikely to trick the victim into this gravel factory.But this area is a It s a good place to dump the corpse, there are few people, and it s not easy to be found in a short time.Do you think my analysis makes sense Han Chaoyang asked with a smile.There is a possibility of a prank, Wu Wei s eyes lit up, and he said while can you give dogs cbd gummies clutching his arm If it wasn t a prank, it would be difficult to explain why the corpse appeared here.

Okay, Thank you.Walking into the office with his bag under his arm, Chang Lihua asked curiously before he could speak Officer Wu, are you looking into the case of Hou Jiakang s death Manager Chang, you are very well informed.Wu Wei looked up at the photos and names of the managers hanging on the wall, put down his bag and sat down at his desk.Chang Lihua opened the filing cabinet, took out a paper cup, went to the corner and helped him fetch water, cbd gummy bears for anxiety and smiled gloatingly The police station and criminal police team came to ask us, and even showed us the photos.Although we and Hou Jiakang They are business competitors.Although the relationship between our two families is not very good, human life is at stake.We cannot make trouble in this matter.We have never met that person.He is not a worker of Hou Jiakang, so he should have nothing to do with Hou Jiakang.

Xu Hongliang could feel Han Chaoyang s pressure, so he couldn t help laughing So it s Chaoyang who failed the test.It s Chaoyang who became Chen Shimei.She s going to come to Xingshi to question her.Who would have thought that she would return to China What now What to do How do I know, anyway, it s a big trouble, Yingying is so kind, and now I feel very can you give dogs cbd gummies sorry for Yingying, and I don t know how to explain to Yingying when Yanwen comes tomorrow.Does Chaoyang know Yes, I called him in the best cbd gummies for sleep can you give dogs cbd gummies morning. What did he say He didn t say anything, maybe it s inconvenient to talk. He was transferred to the task HCMUSSH can you give dogs cbd gummies force, and according to regulations, he can t even answer the phone If you can t answer, you have to call him.He has to solve the trouble he caused by himself I ll call and ask first.Xu Hongliang felt infinitely sympathetic next plant cbd gummies 600mg to his good brother, and took out his mobile phone to make a call, but the other party had turned off the phone, and then Call the police, the other party is still off, can only shrug.

Now it can be confirmed that the sand and gravel field is not the first site, and even under the approach bridge of the Second Beitai River Bridge is just the site of corpse dumping.It is not convenient to set up the headquarters in the steel market where it is not only inconvenient to go anywhere, but even to buy things.Suitable.I don t know if the suspect has been identified.Wu Wei didn t want to miss the arrest, so he turned on the police lights and sounded the siren and rushed back.When he arrived at Yuanfeng Hotel, he didn t care whether the laundry before rest last night was dry or not, and put it directly into the plastic bag.Plug, not to mention stacking.He rushed to the second squadron in a hurry, identified himself with the auxiliary police on duty in the lobby, and ran up to the third floor in one breath under the guidance of the auxiliary police.

Teng Da then turned around and ordered Xiao Han, Xiao Wu, hurry up and stop the car at the door.If there is a taxi, stop the taxi.Call the taxi online, hurry up.How many taxis will be stopped and called Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.Four.Yes Han Chaoyang hurriedly took out his mobile phone, followed Wu Wei downstairs and opened the car hailing app on his mobile phone.The man in best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 cbd gummies melatonin uk plain clothes chased down cbd gummies vegan exotic fruit 300mg can you give dogs cbd gummies the stairs in one breath, while several criminal policemen in police uniforms hurriedly took care of the traffic police to borrow the plain clothes.Chapter 327 can you give dogs cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies Envy but not envy Taxis are hard to stop.When you want to take a taxi, you can t see it for a long time.When you don t want to take a taxi, one after another passes by.Fortunately, the No.2 Traffic Police Squadron is located in the downtown area, and online car can you give dogs cbd gummies hailing cars are easy to call.

Wu Wei rolled down the window and said, Thank you, I won t get out of the car, we re here to pick you up. Sir, this is the lobby, which building do you want to pick up the guests from The guest rooms here are all detached, and there are a few luxury electric cars parked at the door to take care of them.Ferry , Wu Wei stared at the Mercedes Benz in front of him, and said impatiently My friend told us to wait at the entrance of the lobby.We won t stay here for long.We will leave as soon as he arrives.Okay, thank you.As soon as the waiter moved away, he saw a woman wearing sunglasses and even a mask get out of the RV at night, and walked quickly into the lobby surrounded by two burly men best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 cbd gummies melatonin uk in suits and leather shoes and a short haired woman.Another young man came down, and together with the driver, he opened the suitcase and loaded five or six suitcases of various sizes onto the luggage cart pushed by the waiter.

But he still smiled and said It s a little bit, it s a little bit.Okay, the fighter opportunity is fleeting, let s start to act Simply go back to the dormitory to pack your luggage.He took the keys and went downstairs, said goodbye to Tengda and the others who were also preparing to set off, got into the Toyota car provided by the criminal police brigade of the High tech District Bureau, and hurried back.Wu Wei looked at the rearview mirror while holding the steering wheel, and said in a low voice Chaoyang, what kind of business do you think Yang Jiandong is in What kind of good business do you think a person like him can do Of course it s impossible It s right, otherwise I wouldn t kill people and throw away corpses. It s unlikely to be robbery, and it s not like fraud.People nowadays are both easy to deceive and difficult to deceive.

I called her.Is there any mistake It s not that I want to see her.I ll send you her mobile phone, and you can call her yourself.That s right, send it over, I ll call her.The girlfriend is still very magnanimous.Han Chaoyang finally let go of his breath.As soon as he received a text message from his girlfriend, he dialed the number on the text message.After waiting for seven or eight seconds, the call was finally connected, only to hear a voice that was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time Hi, hello, who are cbd gummies savannah ga you Han Zhaoyang was puzzled I felt sour, and cbd gummies research said awkwardly Yanwen, I m Chaoyang, I m sorry, I knew you were coming, but I was transferred to the special case team.I have to perform tasks and abide by the discipline of confidentiality.Not only do I have no time to treat you to dinner I ll accompany you around the city, and I can t even make phone calls.

I don t know if I don t come, he is also a bitter child , at least the environment where he grew up is relatively difficult.Huang Ying was about to ask if there would be a landslide in the mountain behind if it rained heavily, when Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Hello, who is your name The caller ID showed an unfamiliar mobile phone number, and it was a local number.He had no contact with his junior high school and high school classmates.Han Chaoyang was surprised to receive such a call suddenly.Xiao Han Yes, I m Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang realized that he didn t need to speak Mandarin with the people in his hometown, so he quickly answered in his native dialect.I m Qi Guangyu, the director of Linshan Police Station.Xiao Han, your father is by my side.I asked your father to ask for your mobile phone number just now.

He got married early, his son is four years old, and now he has a big belly, and he plans to have a second child Back then, those classmates, especially the female classmates, got married relatively early.Being a mother is normal, and having a second child is brazil cbd gummies also normal.But Miao Haizhu didn t like it when she heard it, and muttered She is her, I am me, what is the comparison I make up my own mind about my affairs, and you don t need to worry about it.No matter what my father tells you, Just listen to it, don t take it seriously.Understood, who are you, do you need others to worry about finding a partner Han Chaoyang asked back, suppressing a smile and said But there is one thing I think you Dad doesn t want to be joking, he really plans to go best cbd gummies for sleep can you give dogs cbd gummies to Yanyang to buy a house.Why don t you ask Yingying to inquire after she goes back to see if there are any owners in Splendid Future who plan to sell the house, and if so, just buy it in our community, so that we can be neighbors in the future.

It s not that I can t pass the exam, it s that I have no chance to take the exam at all.I heard that all the positions recruited in the city this year require a postgraduate degree.Those of us on the street want to improve Yes, and danny the count cbd gummies they are all preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination.This is not to say discouraged, it is reality.Thinking that some institutions now only require graduate students, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing, So I m also very lucky.I just found out.I m too lazy.I really don t want to study.I really can t continue to study.I can only hope that my husband will become a dragon.You work hard and see if you can HCMUSSH can you give dogs cbd gummies apply for an on the job graduate student.The time is just enough.Wait for the branch to set up a police station in front of the station to investigate.When selecting candidates for the leadership team of the Zhanqian eagle hemp cbd gummies for diabetes police station, having a master s degree will definitely add points.

Maybe considering that the suspect is hiding abroad, and he doesn t know which country he is hiding in, and he is a little helpless.The No.2 Investigation Squadron is following.There is nothing the Bureau can do, and Team He and the others can do anything, and there are no specific measures.As expected Liu Jianye couldn t help laughing and asked, How do you plan to arrest him next Liu Suo, I really don t know about this, but I suspect that the three small contractors who suffered the most losses are also looking for Huo Xuebin.Two of them have already been contacted, and the other has changed his number.I can t get in touch for the time being.Maybe I thought I was investigating the matter of organizing migrant workers to go to the gate of the district government to pull up banners and ask for an explanation, but the two contractors I contacted were unwilling to talk to me on the phone.

After waiting for about ten seconds, there was a burst of electric can you give dogs cbd gummies current from the intercom.The second cbd mini gummies squadron has received it, the second squadron has received it, Han Da please tell me.The first squadron received it, the first squadron received it, it s over Han smilz cbd gummies mayim Da Han Da, the third squadron received it, the third squadron received it Everyone Squadrons, all squadrons, there is an urgent arrest mission.There are nine suspects in total.They are eating at the Sichuan Restaurant outside the west gate of PolyU.Please send four of you to gather at the south gate of PolyU.You must act quickly, I will be there right away.The first squadron received it, it s over The second squadron received it, it s over Although PolyU is also obliged to patrol the security team, although PolyU is closer, Han Chaoyang still I think it is more convenient to command the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community.

Thinking.You are different, you are his youngest apprentice, but he is similar to a junior when you say he is an apprentice, and he will not say anything no matter how well you are in charge.Master, the old man doesn t want to retire, let alone do anything to celebrate his retirement This is the same reason that my uncle hates other people to visit when he is sick Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, and asked with a bitter face Bao Suo, let me take care of it, but what about the bureau, what s the opinion , Is the Bayi Song Club doing a good job, I will leave this matter to you, let you come up with a plan as soon as possible, after the plan is made, the bureau will study it, and then consider whether to invite the leadership of the city bureau.Third Chapter 174 International After eating in the conference room cbd and thc gummies benefits on the first floor, the interrogation on the second floor also made progress.

Unexpectedly, the stinky boy is not something you can suppress if you want to suppress it.Just after the siege of the village of selling stolen goods, he suddenly made a contribution.Really answered that sentence gold shines everywhere Bureau Feng thought it was a bit funny, but now is not the time to laugh.As soon as he hung up the phone, he went downstairs to summon the heads of the criminal police brigade and the economic investigation brigade to study the case.What he didn t know was that Zhou Ju said on the phone just now that he couldn t make the young man cock his tail, and within a few minutes after speaking, he chased down the stairs to report the latest progress of Huo Xuebin s arrest to several district leaders.The matter of the office building of the Veteran Cadre Bureau is a time bomb, and it is hoped that it will be resolved in can you give dogs cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies a short time.

Others don t know Gu Guoli, but the old factory manager knows it.He knows that Gu Guoli is not a big tempered official, but he doesn t lose his temper with the masses.He knew very well that retirement was nothing to others, but to Gu Guoli, letting him take off his police uniform would really cost him half his life.But when you reach the age, you have to retire.It is impossible to work until you die.The old factory manager sighed softly, and pondered With your master s temper, even if your bureau holds another ceremony to celebrate his retirement, he may not be willing to participate, and even if he does, he may not be happy, so I say you It is more comprehensive for the bureau leader to entrust this matter to you.But I don t know how to handle it It is definitely not suitable to set up a few tables to eat and drink like a birthday celebration, and it is not appropriate to hold a conference or a symposium.

After all, he did not do the work alone, and the achievements were not achieved by him alone.For example, the arrest of the murderer Ji Qingyun, the achievements cannot be counted on his head.Moreover, he can now be regarded as an advanced model of the sub bureau, and the superior s requirements for him will no longer be the same as before, but will only be higher than before.The superior has higher requirements for Pig Man.What does this mean Zheng Xinyi thought about it and asked again Inspector Gu, so Chaoyang will solve small cases in the future, and then catch the thief who slipped the door and lock the door, the superior.Don t praise him, don t give him credit or awards Since he has become a model and an example for others to learn from, he must set an example and not just think about meritorious service and receiving awards.

The evidence is enough, there is no need to apply for further detention for interrogation, but it is a race against time to send the suspect to the case handling center of the sub bureau within 24 hours from the moment the suspect is summoned.As a policeman of the branch, Han Chaoyang only took a look at the command center from the outside.Not only did the case handling center never come in, he had never even been in this building.This is the place established by the sub bureau last year to solve law enforcement problems, improve law enforcement efficiency, and standardize law enforcement levels.Centralized case handling, intelligent management, information application, and one stop service law enforcement and case handling.The entire center is divided into case acceptance, case handling, and case involvement.

It s the same with the satellite TV receiver in the past.Zhang Zhishu said by analogy The manufacturer can produce it, and the wholesale market can sell it, and you can do it too.It can be bought, but it can t be pretended or used, and it will be confiscated if people from the Radio, Film and Television Bureau see it.Thinking about it was a bit contradictory, Han Zhaoyang realized it, and couldn t help laughing Since they didn t produce and sell illegally, then we There is no need to go to Dongguang, and it is useless.You can find the manufacturer to find out the situation.After finally getting a clue, best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 cbd gummies melatonin uk Miao Haizhu really didn t want to just give up.Han Chaoyang really didn t want to go, and reminded Sister Miao, those best cbd gummies for sleep can you give dogs cbd gummies bosses are so smart now, they can give you the customer information, which is a commercial secret If you fight hard with them, they tiger cbd gummies will hire thc in cbd gummies a lawyer to talk to you, Even call 110 to call the police.

You conducted the opening song can you give dogs cbd gummies and the final chorus.I still have your photo in my phone.I also paid attention to the WeChat official account of your community voluntary security patrol team.Really, look at my memory, maybe too many people didn t notice you at that time.It s not too late to know you now.Is there any mistake, so fast We chatted, and it was so hot.Huang Ying felt depressed, and pointed to the small road in front of her Officer Han, there is no one shoveling over there, so go over there quickly, we are here, the people s police should do more, it s nothing to do foreign work here Okay, I ll go to the front.A little stimulation is enough, and if you go back, you will really kneel on the computer keyboard.Han Chaoyang chuckled, and ran forward with the shovel on his shoulders.There were quite a few female students who participated in the training, and almost all of them knew him.

Do you know where he lives Yes, he lives at his sister s house., live in Room 202, Building 3, Xinmin Community.It s okay if you don t know, and Miao Haizhu is even more angry if you know, and asks through gritted teeth Since you know, why didn t you tell me Aren t you busy with Bi Xunchang s case the other two days , forget it in a hurry You can forget anything, can you forget this kind of thing Miao Haizhu patted the steering wheel and said bitterly Han Chaoyang, it s not that my sister is scaring you, this time you are in big trouble I m in big trouble, what do you mean, did Mo Yunhu commit another crime Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.He hasn t committed a crime for the time being, but you have committed a crime Are you kidding me, what can I do He is a key population in the area under the jurisdiction of your Huayuan Street Police Station.

Miao Haizhu didn t want to run back and forth to the neighborhood because melatonin cbd gummies uk of this matter, and didn t want to see the conflict intensify, so she muttered, Let me think about it, let me discuss it with my master, if it doesn t work, that s the only way to go.Chapter 424 Taming the Tiger After finishing the afternoon class, Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying didn t go directly back to the faculty dormitory of PolyU.One went straight to the police office, and the other got off halfway to the hotel.It s still snowing, just can you give dogs cbd gummies not as much as it was in the morning.Han Chaoyang brushed off the snow on his body, opened the door and walked in.The corner was filled with ten catties of rice and barrels of salad oil.Xinyi, what is this for Do you want to give us benefits .Zheng Xinyi looked up to see how much snow was falling outside, and then turned around and said, I bought it in the community.

Four hundred and twentieth The eighth chapter takes care of what you want, and the promotion plan is not as good as change again.Han Chaoyang drove to the institute, and found Liu Suo, instructor Xu, Gu Suo and Liang Dui standing in the hall talking and laughing happily.As best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 cbd gummies melatonin uk soon as they saw him, they all came up to express their congratulations, and then asked them to have dinner at the Liu Hotel in the alley behind , there is no need to ask Huang Ying to stay.Except can you give dogs cbd gummies for the head of the team and Kang Suo, who is resident in the East City Transportation Hub Project Headquarters, all the big bosses in the office have come.Said Liu Suo, the trainer, let me come tonight, I will pay the bill tonight, you two must give me this opportunity.Xiao Han, this is not an exception for promotion, but an exception for the title Liu Jianye is very happy best cbd gummies for sleep can you give dogs cbd gummies today, looking back at the police rank on his shoulder, he said with a smile The first to be awarded the second division, and I have been working for so many years.

The two of them got dressed and rushed to the police office.Sure enough, Wu Wei arrived first, and was standing in front of the police station talking to Old Tang who was on duty tonight.Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying greeted Old Tang, thinking that all the restaurants around them seemed to be closed at the moment, so they dragged Wu Wei to the hotel together.Liu said that he has great hopes, why is it yellow again What s going on Han Chaoyang usually didn t carry cigarettes, so he bought a pack of cigarettes in a small shop at PolyU when he came out, opened them and handed them a pack of cigarettes.roots.Wu Wei took a few puffs of the cigarette and smiled wryly as he walked My aunt introduced me, she asked me not to be so demanding, saying that although the woman was divorced but had no children, she was very beautiful and had good financial conditions.

No matter what you do, the salary in Yanyang is higher than that in Fujiang.It is normal for people from Fujiang to come to Yanyang to be confinement maids.I will go to Fujiang to be a confinement wife as a nanny I thought I remembered something, but it turned out to be this.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that you haven t been completely dazzled by love, at least you can think of this obvious doubt, picked up the cup and took a sip of water, and said calmly It s a good idea for people from Yanyang to go to Fujiang to be a nanny.It s not in line with common sense, but it s not impossible.For example, the husband is doing business in Fujiang, and the wife can you give dogs cbd gummies doesn t want to be separated from the two places.After arriving in Fujiang, she couldn t find a suitable job, so she engaged in housekeeping.

Although you may not be able to become a policeman after graduation, you can t become a security guard before graduation.And since it is an internship, there must be an internship appraisal at that time.The appraisal issued by the security company is valid.What s the use, is it possible for people to tell the interviewer when they are looking for a job in the future that I have practiced in a security company and have some work experience, so I am qualified for this position Afraid that Han Chaoyang would not help, Chen Jie said Han Da, all police officers School students, at least forty of them can come.Think about it, we can save a lot of money by bringing them in for internships, and can you give dogs cbd gummies we don t even need to issue uniforms Police school students are definitely more obedient than those recruited from the society, but this is not a trivial matter.

This is normal, as long as most people who have used QQ have encountered it, they have never been to that place, and QQ has not been stolen, but they are prompted to log in from a different place.It should be due to the server or the line.He just finished his work and helped Ling Bin turn off the computer.On the way back to PolyU, Huang Ying talked about Ling Bin again, and talked about the letter Ling Bin wrote to Zhang Ziyue on his blog.It s uncomfortable to watch, and even I will cry if I watch it again.What kind of mood do you think Zhang Ziyue will feel after watching it This is a hypothetical question, the premise is whether she can see it, and whether she will go Look.After so many days of tossing and tossing, he was as tired as a dog, but in the end there was no progress at all, Han Chaoyang really didn t want to talk about this topic anymore.

Wan Xiaoxia has been here for almost a month, and there is no business in the store.Even the third sister in law spends all day playing mahjong with the women in the village.She, a waiter , can t help if she wants to.She can only pass the time by watching TV and surfing the Internet She always wants to go online, and what she is most afraid of is going online, especially in the past five or six days, every time she sees Ling Bin s letters to her on her blog, every time she sees Xinxin s photos, every time she thinks that he and his daughter are more than 80 kilometers away When Yanyang looked for her, his heart felt like a knife was being twisted, and tears streamed down his face.But the more I was afraid, the more I wanted to can you give dogs cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies for ed read it.I read the blog over and over again.Every day I saw it at one or two o clock in the morning, thinking that Ling Bin and his daughter should be asleep, and then secretly logged on to the QQ of his sweetheart, and saved the photos uploaded by his sweetheart to his mobile phone Xiaoxia, are you still asleep I don t know what time I saw it, but Sister Wei s familiar voice came from outside.

Don t expect Minister Jiang to be the same as before.Support our work.Miao Haizhu heard clearly the call just now, and said in a low voice It s not possible, he is such a big leader, he should be sensible.The leader cares about face, we let the leader lose face, the leader can give us Have a good face Han Chaoyang sat down at the desk, smiled wryly and said, If I had known that Lin Hongfang was a cbd gummies melatonin uk what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain family member of a PolyU teacher, I wouldn t have let you and Sergeant Tang go.Go away calmly, and I ll tell you in a few days.So that you can arrange a faceless policeman in your office, so that it has nothing to do with us.Miao Haizhu is very clear about the consequences of not giving Vice Minister Jiang face, and said in a low voice It s too late to say anything now Hurry up and think about how HCMUSSH can you give dogs cbd gummies to remedy it.

When he mentioned the anti pickup team, he said happily With money and people, and with the help of Chief Gu, please ask the old anti pickup team to become a master.I m sure the anti pickup team can do it.As a result, the street money embezzlement cases at the East Bus Station and even the area under the jurisdiction of our police platform can definitely be controlled, but it is impossible to cure them.After three months of hard attack, they will rise again in a few months.This is not true.It s a matter of solution, after all we only have a total of three months funding. And most of the street crimes are small cases, even if they can be caught, they may not be enough for a sentence.Many thieves are caught and they ll just talk about the facts and just confess to being caught.This is the current one.

Han Chaoyang explained everything, escorted the thief back to the police office, and Mr.Wu helped push the electric car.As a result, Mr.Ji, who had just handed over the thief to Xiaokang and Chen Jie, came out of the inner room with Grandpa Gu, was not happy.He glanced at the dejected thief and turned around to protest.Old Wu, didn t you lifestream cbd gummies go to buy antihypertensive drugs Why did you catch a thief and come back This is like a race.You ran out before the starting gun fired.You are cheating, this is a foul, do you know that Ji Team, I didn t do it on purpose, I didn t know that I would run into a thief when I went to buy medicine.Grab one before the old enemy, let the boys know what it is called old anti pickpocketing, and let the community leaders know that there are thieves twice a month.Thousands of salary will not be given in vain, Wu Wenge was in a very happy mood, walked to the case handling area and said with a smile Inspector Gu, please give me cbd gummies melatonin uk what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain an explanation, I have encountered all kinds of problems, can I just sit idly by Grandpa Gu hurriedly Smooth things over How can we not catch them Old Ji, you can t blame Lao Wu for this, and this doesn t count.

The people behind followed closely and pinned down the thief in a hurry.One handcuffed the HCMUSSH can you give dogs cbd gummies thief, and the other took out his ID card from his arms and shouted Don t watch the excitement, we are from the Huayuan Street Police Station.We are here to catch the thief.What s there to see Another young man quickly took out a mobile phone from the thief s trouser pocket, raised his head and shouted towards the entrance of the station Miss Miao, the thief is under control, please come and see if this is her mobile phone With so many plainclothes, what do cbd gummies do for anxiety Manager Qi opened his eyes and murmured Old Ding, do you know the people in your cell The facts speak cbd gummies vegan exotic fruit 300mg can you give dogs cbd gummies louder than words.I don t know, I didn t expect that the anti pickup team really started Anti pickup team Manager Qi, you just said that Xu Hongliang s work is not honest, but you are wrong to blame him.

He discussed with his partner and decided to adjust the deployment.Old Mao, report the situation.That boy Han Chaoyang arrested four crimes yesterday, and arrested seven suspects.We arrested three yesterday, and the bureau leaders are very dissatisfied.The bureau leaders are dissatisfied, and they will even be laughed at by the brothers.The detective elder Mao of the second detective team was stunned for a moment, and said in a low voice Team Jiang, don t ask, you know that their four crimes must have been caught by the two old ancestors.If we With the ability of the old guy, we are also anti pickup heroes, so the comparison is not fair.The bureau leaders don t think so.Besides, we do have more people than can you give dogs cbd gummies them.Jiang Guangdong threw away his cigarette butts, gritted his teeth and said, I ve discussed with the instructor, it s not okay to go on like this, and it s too passive to go on the streets like this.

We re waiting for the bus at the gate of the Second Hospital.We ll go back right away.Is it okay Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.It s all right Miao Haizhu looked back at Jiang Xiaoquan, who was grinning silly, and explained with relief The doctor said that the wound may be infected only when saliva is sprayed on the wound, and even if there is a wound, the chance of infection is not high.Xiao Jiang s face is not injured., there is no wound on strongest and best value cbd gummies the face, and to ensure everything is safe, the doctor also prescribed blocking medicine, which is taken orally, and Xiao Jiang has already taken it, so it will definitely be fine.Han Zhaoyang didn t understand this, and he was still not at ease, and asked Stop What kind of drug is the anti drug, and does it work It is a drug that blocks the virus.The doctor said that as long as it is taken within 72 hours, it can kill the active HIV virus, and the effective rate is 95 percent.

The real long is purely the head of the army.Later, for a period of time, in order to carry out the superior s intention of preferential treatment of the police , the branch asked the organization and personnel department to coordinate several establishments, appointed several deputy department level sheriffs and inspectors, and later implemented the sheriff system If it is changed, the policy of preferential treatment of the police will come to an end.In short, there are now two kinds of sheriffs, one is the first to fourth can you give dogs cbd gummies level sheriffs who have been reformed as investigators, deputy investigators, chief staff members, and deputy chief staff officers, and this sergeant is mainly reflected in salary.The other is appointed by the police station, which has nothing to do with salary and treatment, but just asks you to do more work.

The comrades at the police station will act in unison when they arrive Chapter 511 Inquiry 1 Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang braved the snow and ran to the police station.Section Chief Xiao just called, and we can draw five people here.Okay, thank you very much.Han Chaoyang shook Lao Pang s hand tightly, turned around and said, Angkor, Junfeng, I m going to the branch office Reported, Director Xing ordered us to assist the Xinyuan Street Police Station in the investigation.Bao Suo and Gu Instructor should have received the order, but it will take 20 minutes for them to arrive at the scene at the fastest.You two have to work hard, go over and find out if there is any Fire escape, is there a back door Okay, let s drive the electric car.It s snowing so much outside, the road is too slippery, we d better take the patrol car.

Han Chaoyang looked at Xiaokang who just ran in, and ordered Xiaokang , you drive Angkor and Junfeng there in a patrol car, don t get too close to the hotel, and don t turn on the police lights, turn around and come back to pick them up after sending Angkor and Junfeng nearby. Yes Considering that there is not enough transportation, Han Chaoyang turned back and said, Captain Pang, the patrol car can accommodate two people, so you take a security guard there first and stand by near the hotel.Okay, I ll call Lao Wang.Xu Hongliang was also there Called, said a few words and turned back Chaoyang, the first squadron, the second squadron and the third squadron can each transfer six people, I will let them go directly to meet Lao Pang near the hotel.Okay, you are in charge of the community., and strive for follow up personnel to be in place within fifteen minutes.

Okay, I ll wait here Instructor Gu.Chapter 529 Patrol the streets At 11 45, instructor Gu arrived with a policeman and three auxiliary policemen.Han Chaoyang, Wu Wei, Miao Haizhu and others took the four slightly injured boys to the emergency room to treat the wounds.Tong Weijun, who was the most seriously injured, also came out with the examination results, saying that he had a mild concussion.Stay in hospital for observation for 24 hours.Their names, home addresses, contact information, and even the basic information of which university students they are from have all been clarified.Instructor Gu made a record for Tong Weijun in the ward, telling him to stay in the hospital and not to run around.The Yuanjie Police Station called to report, and waited until the 24 hour observation period expired to take the initiative to go to the police station for processing.

Manager Zhang stopped suddenly, and said with a smile, Chaoyang, I won t be handing can you give dogs cbd gummies over shifts with you guys.Chen Jie and Xiaokang are going to interview later.I happen to have nothing to do in the morning, so I will drive them there.Han Chaoyang suddenly Remembering that Chen Jie and Xiaokang first worked with him and were recruited later, he couldn t help laughing It s okay, you are their old leader, and HCMUSSH can you give dogs cbd gummies my current leader has no time, so I can only ask you, the old leader It s gone.Chapter 557 Renovation in front of the station 1 After changing shifts in the square of the East Coach Station, Han Chaoyang, Wu Wei and Miao Haizhu did not leave with the main force, but went with He Hong and others who had rushed to the street The law enforcement officers and coordinators of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade held a small meeting in the square together.

And then The man looked back and best cbd gummies for sleep can you give dogs cbd gummies pointed at a person hiding inside.The young man gritted his teeth and said The kid took me in and told me to wash infused gummies cbd my hair first, and then I sat on the chair after washing my hair.He told me that the person who cut 39 had a rest today, and only cut 69 and 100.Twenty nine s master is here.My monthly salary is only 69, and I can t afford to cut this hair.I said no, but they stopped me.Officer Han, this is not a routine What is it, this is not a black shop, what kind of can you give dogs cbd gummies shop is it Very typical routine Han Chaoyang put down his pen and pointed to the young man inside Why are you hiding Come here.I didn t hide.The young man muttered and walked to the bar resentfully.Han Chaoyang looked at him, then looked back at the female shop assistant, and asked seriously, Is what Mr.

Sun Guokang said with a bitter face ButBut we don t understand either Han Chaoyang turned on the police lights, held the steering wheel tightly and said with a smile, If you don t know, you don t know, but you have to go, otherwise he really smashed the weak electric box, and if you can t see the Spring Festival Gala He s not the only one, maybe the residents of the whole building won t be able to see the Spring Festival Gala or even access the Internet, and it s deliberately sabotaged, so we ll have to call the police. What s the matter, when our police are omnipotent.Isn t that what the community police do Han Chaoyang asked back, concentrating on driving without saying anything.Hurriedly rushed to Xinjiang Garden in Taoyuan Community, found the caller according to the address forwarded by Xiaokang, knocked on the door and saw that there was an old man in this house, his wife passed away half a year ago, the portrait was placed in the living room, and in front of the portrait was filled with up fruit.

If there is anything can you give dogs cbd gummies you are embarrassed to call me, I will tell her.Chapter 651 2.12 Task Force 10 followed the escort convoy into the compound of the anti drug team, and five or six policemen were standing outside the hall waiting.As soon as the two cars came to a complete stop, the police rushed forward, opened the door and took Liu Qingjun and Qiao Peiming out of the car.Three of them were in charge of one, and they were taken directly into the lobby.There are no suspects in Han Chaoyang s car, so he can t pretend to be a wolf with a big tail.He drove the car into the can you give dogs cbd gummies hallway, looked around, found a parking space, drove the car over and parked it right there, then took the seized methamphetamine and walked to the hallway forward.Wang Zhi, Jiang Da, this is Comrade Han Chaoyang, Captain of the Voluntary Security Patrol Team of Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau, this is Lao Hu, a policeman from Yandong Branch, and this is Xiao Wu Ni Guoxiong introduced with a smile , Han Chaoyang was taken aback.

What s more, blacksmithing must be done by yourself, the charging items must be clear, the cbd gummies melatonin uk what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain charging standards must be reasonable, and must comply with relevant regulations.There must be documents from the price department, and it must be combined with the reality of Xinmin Community.At the same time, the service must keep up, and people must not think that you are paying Money doesn t work.Chaoyang, Sister Miao, don t worry about the fees, Zhang Beibei took over the conversation, and said very seriously Manager Zhang and I have calculated that the monthly property fee of 85 cents per square meter can only maintain normal operations., including the taxes and fees that should be paid, it is impossible to make a profit.To put it bluntly, it is to provide a few job opportunities, support a few people, and expand the scale by the way.

Han Chaoyang paused, and then emphasized Although he is not an official policeman, his work is no different from that of our official policeman.He assists us in fighting crime and maintaining social order.Last year, he was awarded by our city bureau.Sacrifice on duty The old branch secretary subconsciously asked.Yes.Can you be named a martyr Thisit s a bit difficult, but we will try our best to help you get all the posthumous treatment we can get.The old party secretary didn t ask any more, raised his arm and pointed to the one in front of him.Xiao Yarder Here we are.This is his house.You guys came a little early.His parents probably haven t woken up yet.His sister s marriage is not far away.She s in our village.Thank you.Several cars stopped slowly can you bring cbd gummies on plane At the gate of Liu s house, Han Chaoyang, Xu Weizhong, Feng Haijun, Xu Hongliang, Chen Xiujuan, Wu Junfeng, cbd sleep gummies no melatonin Li Xiaobin and others pushed the door and got out of the car.

Lu Jieping and Liu Chengyan are definitely going, but they have to go back to pack their things and hand over the children to their parents in law to take care of them.Liu Chengjun is the person in charge of the Liu family, so if he wants to go, he still needs to go home and explain.The old party secretary is highly respected.If can you give dogs cbd gummies the old party secretary can go together, the work of relatives will be much easier.Feng Haijun called the bureau to ask for instructions, and Director Wen agreed to invite the old branch secretary into can you give dogs cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies the car.Considering that Liu s family didn t have breakfast, Wu Junfeng went to the small store in the village to buy a box of snacks such as milk and bread and biscuits while Lu Jieping went home to pack up.A large plastic bag of bread and biscuits was brought from the village to Yanyang intact.

Han Chaoyang declined the cigarette he offered, and explained with a smile The leadership team of the Huayuan Street Police Station has been adjusted, and the original deputy director studies cbd gummies has been transferred away.The branch has not yet appointed a The deputy director, the office is too busy, and the Kang office can only go back.The bureau asked me to take over from Kang to take charge of several construction sites, and the filing and registration of outsiders is also centralized in the Chaoyang community.I said to go to the headquarters today, the police Why is the door of the room locked The police force is tense, there is no way.The current construction site management is very good, the fence is beautifully built, completely painted, and even various slogans or about the core of socialism have been sprayed on the wall.

In fact, there are many places in the city where there are underage workers, especially those restaurants.Believe me, there is nothing to worry about. What s your name, where are you from Miao Haizhu held a notebook , without losing the opportunity to ask.Yang Xiaorong, from Xichuan.It cbd gummies 20mg per gummy was easy to speak up, Miao Haizhu asked Where is Xichuan, which county and which town Dawang Town, Meishan County.Which village is Dawang Town Yang Xiaorong raised his head and glanced at the foreman , and said in a low voice, The Sixth Group of Tuanjie Village.That s right, Miao Haizhu praised, and then asked, How old is this year Sixteen.Does your family know when you come out to work best cbd gummies for sleep can you give dogs cbd gummies Yang Xiaorong peeked at everyone, then lowered his head and remained silent.Old Tang was not idle just now, he had already checked his household registration information with Jingwutong, and his name, home address, and age were all matched, but he hadn t gone to the local police station to apply for an ID card, so he only had household registration information without a photo.

Miao Haizhu looked sideways at Old Tang s police contact, and said in as calm a tone as possible Yang Xiaorong, even if you don t tell us, we can still contact your family members, but I think a man should be brave, no matter what happens You should face everything bravely.Yang Zi, be obedient and listen to the police comrades.The foreman couldn t help but say something.It could be seen that Yang Xiaorong respected the foreman, licked his lips, and said falteringly, I don t know.Run away the foreman asked in surprise.They keep beating me.If you don t run away, you can let them beat you at home Who keeps beating you the foreman asked subconsciously.Yang Xiaorong choked up and said, My dad, and the girl my dad is looking for.Where s your mother Miao Haizhu asked.My mother was beaten away by my father.

The innermost part is underwear, and then long johns.Outside the long johns is a pair of thermal pants, and outside the thermal pants is a pair of slacks.When the suspect transported the body to the river, his hands may be stained with the incontinence of the deceased after he was killed.The excrement and urine of the deceased will not necessarily stain the ground and grass.Xiang Yaxin organized Yu Guosheng, Lao Kong and Xiao Chen and other technical policemen to investigate the scene carefully for several hours, but they still did not find the victim s urine trace, so they had to adopt the most stupid method, drawing a grid on the scene, each Take a sample from the grid.The test materials were sent to the Forensic Medical Examination and Appraisal Center of the Municipal Bureau, and the police in the DNA laboratory really did special work.

Director Feng didn t want to pour cold water on him, so naturally he wouldn t tell him that the Technical Squadron had checked the scene again in the afternoon and found no trace of the suspect s urine at the scene.Just as he didn t know what to say, best cbd gummies for sleep can you give dogs cbd gummies Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Bureau Feng, from the police office, there may be a police case.Go, don t interfere with the work of the police area.Yes.The call was from Jiang Xiaomin, and there was indeed a police case.A young mother sent a child with a high fever to the emergency center of the Sixth Hospital in the middle of the night.After examination, it was found that the child had suffered from lobar pneumonia and needed hospital treatment.There was no bed in the pediatric ward, so the child had to be placed in the infusion room for infusion, because the next There was a child in the can you give dogs cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies chair who was also being treated for hand, foot and mouth disease.

Until the next morning, I first called the hotel owner to ask for leave, and then asked Another colleague answered the phone and asked a girl who was a waiter to go to Sichuan Restaurant to find Teng Aihua after work at noon.The girl went, but she didn t see Teng Aihua, so I had to ask the waiter best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 cbd gummies melatonin uk of Sichuan Restaurant to ask for Teng Aihua s mobile phone No, tell her the phone number.Chapter 756 Money is not a problem The situation was not complicated, Bureau Feng said be careful on the way back and hung up the phone.Bureau Liu, who had remained silent all this time, lit a can you give dogs cbd gummies cigarette and murmured Everyone is dead, so we must not be best cbd gummies for sleep can you give dogs cbd gummies able to contact you.Based on what Qin Tao and the others have just learned about the situation and the time, Wei Ping should have been unable to do so in front of the children.

What happened Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.Nothing happened to the gate of the big camp, but something happened can you give dogs cbd gummies to the gate of the small camp.Huang s father knocked on the cigarette ash, and continued There is a crop field outside the gate of the small camp.On duty, the guard changes every two hours.One night, the little soldier on duty was in a hurry to urinate.He probably thought that no one would come, so he leaned his gun on the sentry box and ran to pee in the shade behind the sentry box.As a result, his front feet just Let s go, a soldier who had drunk too much at a fellow townsman ivermectin cbd gummies s party came there drunk.Seeing that there was no one at the gate of the small camp, and the gun was just outside the sentry box, he played a prank and hid the gun in a place not far from the sentry box.

In the future, we will strengthen the strength of the Special Patrol Brigade, and the patrol team will not be as important as before, you have to get used to these changes.It s not that the patrol team is not important, it s that the Bureau doesn t need it anymore.How could it be unnecessary, if not Why not disband the patrol team I know that Hongliang s ideological work is not easy to do, but they still have to do it.The better you do it, the only vapor fi cbd gummies way to prove the importance of the patrol do cbd gummies cause anxiety team, believe me, there cbd gummies gor sleep must be opportunities, it depends on whether you can seize them.Seeing Han Chaoyang s pensive look, Grandpa Gu took a sip and continued, Ju Zhou and Ju Du treated you very highly when they were here, but now that Ju Ju Zhou and Ju Du are gone, District Chief Liu treats you not only Not very important, and very strict, even made you write two inspections in a row, I know you have a psychological gap, I know you are not in a good mood, but in my opinion this is not a bad thing.

Not only do the old brothers have ideas, but the people below are not convinced.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, then asked What are Xiaogu and Jiayong s plans I m going to learn how to drive a crane from Manager Yang.Drive a crane The salary is very high.Where is Liu Yishan Liu Yishan wants to go back to his hometown, and his family introduced best cbd gummies for sleep can you give dogs cbd gummies him to a girlfriend.Who is the girl s father For renovation, he wants to go back and do renovations with the old man.Wu Junfeng paused, and then said Jiang Xiaoquan and Yang Tao plan to return to the company like me, but don t worry, three months will be three months, we promise to stand up The last shift will never make it difficult for you.Han Chaoyang really wanted to tell him that there is always a solution to the funding problem, but everyone has their own ambitions, and they have already figured out their way out, so they can t be forced to stay.

We are only responsible for investigating whether it is a work related accident or not.Whether it is a liability accident.Han Chaoyang I really didn t know whether there was a work related accident, whether it was under the supervision cbd gummies melatonin uk what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain of the safety supervision or the labor bureau.It was not until the construction site in the jurisdiction that a person died that the safety supervision bureau was only concerned with whether the construction unit violated the laws and regulations on safety production, especially when can you give dogs cbd gummies it came to compensation.The labor arbitration should be can you give dogs cbd gummies under the jurisdiction of the Labor Bureau.Anyway, there is no police tonight, can you give dogs cbd gummies and there is nothing wrong.First take them to the morgue of the Sixth Hospital to look at the corpse, then take them to the police station to meet the contractor, and then accompany them to the construction site to understand the situation.

No one listened to the songs I sang, no one watched the dances, and ran over to make a fuss.For the sake of political achievements, I even called a group of community officials to be the audience.Applause, take pictures, is it interesting, who do you want to coax Coax the higher ups A woman squeezed to the front, pointing at the stage and mockingly said Still setting up a stage and such a big sound system, making it look like a Spring Festival Gala, this is a waste of money Because of the preparations for the construction of the owners meeting After this incident, the residents of Xinmin community became unprecedentedly united.Street cadres and community cadres were blushed by what they said.A few young community workers even felt ashamed and quietly took off their yellow vests as volunteers and hid behind the crowd.

Jiang Yonggen can you give dogs cbd gummies put the cooked dishes on the table and brought bowls and chopsticks from the kitchen., then opened the box and took out a bottle of beer, bit it open with his teeth, and handed it to Luo Weixing.These days, Luo Weixing has no appetite at all, and nothing tastes good.After taking a sip of wine, he asked, Did you go to Ruyi Restaurant today A peanut, gritted his teeth and said Zhang It s too late to say anything now, stay away from the limelight, wait for the police to catch Gan, and wait for you to get the money back, then you can talk about anything.Jiang Yonggen put the cooked dishes on the table and brought bowls and chopsticks from the kitchen., then opened the box and took out a bottle of beer, bit it open with his teeth, and handed it to Luo Weixing.These days, Luo Weixing has no appetite at all, and nothing tastes good.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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