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In recent years, with the recovery of the economy and the gradual increase in people s wages, everyone would go shopping and eat in their spare time.For entertainment, watching movies is one of the cheapest pastimes.Guohao, wait, I m going to buy tickets Seeing many people crowded at the ticket office, Zhang Dong said to Li Guohao, then turned around and squeezed in.Yes, there were too many people crowded in.A movie ticket is not expensive five or six yuan, everyone can afford it.In addition, today is the weekend again, students on vacation, white collar workers resting, or couples come here one after another.Okay.Before Li Guohao could reply, Zhang Dong had disappeared into the crowd.Li Guohao stood on the street, looked around, and looked at the movie theaters in the 1970s.The movie theaters at this time are incomparable to those of later generations.

Really, the local dealers are all here to pick up the goods, but there are too many goods, and they will meet them soon Too busy to ask us to help.When Lao Zhang saw Li Dexiao coming out, he seemed to find a punching bag and poured out all his complaints.Li Dexiao chuckled lightly, If you don t get up early a few times a year, today is considered rare, hahaha.Don t talk about it, do you have anything to eat I just came here, and I haven t got anything How about How about I go and see if there are any leftovers from yesterday, and make you a bowl of fried rice with eggs It s too late, forget it.Lao Zhang, who was just about to get up, suddenly smelled a faint fragrance.I said, Lao Li, what are you doing behind Why is it so fragrant Li what is the benefit of cbd gummies Dexiao was stunned for a moment, and then realized that it might be the smell of his wife s cake.

What are you talking about Li Huifang looked at the busy street, fearing her son s embarrassment, she hurriedly interrupted Li Dexiao s words, and gave her a hard look.From the beginning to now, Li Renzhong has been observing the environment around him, as well as the situation of the Rongji Bakery opposite, and now he also said, Go in and have a look.Yes, keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies parents, grandpa, go in and have a look.Led by Li Guohao, a group of people walked into this unopened store.Wow, son, your outfit is so beautiful Upon entering, Li Huifang looked at the decoration in the store and exclaimed in admiration.Hmph, how can it not look good cbd 10mg gummies after spending so much money Li Dexiao just walked in, and was amazed by the decoration, but when he thought that it was all his own money, he felt unhappy.The decoration is really good.

Rong Bing, who was sitting on the recliner, listening to the music on the radio, shaking his head and drinking tea, saw that buy cbd gummies los angeles the employee who came in was frizzy, and couldn t help yelling, What are you doing, running so fast to reincarnate Hoo The employee panted heavily, bent over with his hands on his knees, and said after a while, Master Rong, when I came back from delivering the goods across the street, I found that we opened a new store cbd 10mg gummies just across the street.I You know, they have been renovating for a month, what does it have to do with us The boss who sold clothes across the street liked to eat Rong Kee s pastries, and he would buy some of them every day.Even as a half neighbor, Rong Bingcai also learned from the boss that the store has changed people.I know, but I passed by there, looking at the things inside, and someone sent tables and chairs up, it seems to be a coffee shop.

The waiter smiled and introduced the cbd 10mg gummies huge puppet, and hightech cbd gummies then said, Look, there is a row of such Po over there.Muppet.I think Miss likes this doll very much, why don t you get a membership card, you can not only receive a puppet for free, but also have a chance to draw a lottery, and you can also get a discount when you buy things in the store.Membership card When my sister was subconsciously about to refuse, the younger sister, Zhen, tugged at the corner of her clothes and stared at her with pitiful eyes.Do you want a doll Yes, old lady, this panda is so cute.Look, the dolls over there have different expressions A Zhen pointed to a row of A pandas with different expressions placed behind the cashier counter.Treasure doll.The older sister looked at the expectant eyes of her younger sister A Zhen, cbd 10mg gummies and was about to cbd 10mg gummies say no to it, so she took it back, and asked softly, What about the membership card When the waiter heard that he wanted to apply for a membership card, he also became energetic, Miss, look, this is our membership mechanism.

The long haired man put a finger to his lips, glanced around in a mute gesture, and said, Isn t this What yellow books, this is a doll book, you know After finishing speaking, the man raised his eyebrows, blinked his small eyes with shit in the corners, and looked like a wet guy.Out of curiosity, wanting to see the salty cartoons of the 1970s, Li Guohao took the doll book from the man.Just out of curiosity really, no weird ideas.While Li Guohao was thinking this way, he also looked at the book.There were about 30 sheets, not very thick, and the paper used for printing was also the cheapest kind, and it was a little prickly when touched by fingers.On the cover is a woman in scantily clad clothes, with three traditional cbd gummies near me cbd 10mg gummies Chinese characters written on it from right to left, Small Bar Girl.Turn a page at will.

Li Guohao came here just to have a look.In the publishing house, Shangguan Xiaobao, who was discussing with a few assistants, glanced at a person standing at the door from the corner of his eye, looked up and said with a smile, Ahao, you are here Well, working How about I wait a moment.Li Guohao asked.Nothing, just to talk about the plot of cbd 10mg gummies Kung Fu Panda, it s good that you are here, come and see the plot we planned.Shangguan Xiaobao took out a piece of paper from the table as he said.What plot Li Guohao took it and watched it.After watching the plot of the first part, Li Guohao had a strange look on his face.how to say The plot is roughly about a panda named Po, whose parents were killed by villains.As a newborn, he accidentally came to a small village, and was adopted by a big white goose.

Zhu Qiaomei rolled her eyes at the short haired girl who followed closely behind her.Listening to Zhu Qiaomei s complaints, Li Wen stuck out her tongue and said a little embarrassedly, I m sorry, Amei, I want to hurry up too, but walking is really tiring.Zhu Qiaomei also waved her hands, and said helplessly, OK Yes, it will be here soon After speaking, Zhu Qiaomei looked around and took out a leaflet from her bag, and Nuonuo said to herself, It should be this one, it s not about xx Central Is it Amei, do you think it is that store There are a lot of people queuing up outside When Zhu Qiaomei was cbd 10mg gummies wondering, Li Wen looked up and saw a store full price of hazel hills cbd gummies of people not far away, but she was a bit nearsighted, so Can t see the name on the signboard.Zhu Qiaomei heard the prestige and looked over, squinting her eyes to see the impressively written Palace Dim Sum on the signboard, and it was indeed here, she said overjoyed, Yes, that s it, let s go there quickly Next, Li Wen, who was still in a daze.

At this time, a girl in her twenties, Tao Li Nianhua, with obvious mixed race features, came down from upstairs, saw the little girl sitting on the ground, frowned and said Ah Qiong, don t sit on the ground, you will catch a cold, use it as a sofa Go.Oh.Arjun nodded blankly, picked up the comic book and sat on the sofa.What are you looking at You re so interested.The mixed race girl walked over curiously, sat beside Arjun, and glanced sideways at the comic book.Sister, it s Kung Fu Cat Seeing that Sister was interested, Arjun spread the comic book on her lap generously, pointed at the comic book, and asked, Sister, is there really a treasure I want to eat this with Po too.Listening to her sister s strange words, the older sister looked sideways at the comic book, and saw a cute animal in the comic book eating some kind of pastry with its mouth wide open.

No, Li Ji must not be allowed to get the loan.Rong Binghua rolled his eyes for a while, and then said to the drunken Manager Zhang Big Eyes, are you My good brother Yes, of course Manager Zhang said drunkenly.Okay, Li Ji wants a loan, I believe it must be for the expansion of the store, as long as you help me get stuck with their loans, brother, and when I get the whole of Kowloon in order, then Li Ji will be dead Card loan Manager Zhang was suddenly awakened by these words.Yes, block Li Ji s loan, or not lend to them at all.This Manager Zhang hesitated, and at this moment he regretted drinking so much just now.Rong Binghua naturally saw Manager Zhang s hesitation, and he said, Big Eye Boy, as long as you are stuck with Li Ji s loan, by the way, give me a loan of two million, and I will give you a commission Looking at Rong Binghua Hua stretched out his palm, and Manager Zhang was shocked 5 points Ten thousand yuan Big Eye Boy, I can only rely on you this time I don t want the store left by my dad to collapse.

Impolite.In fact, until now Zhao Yazhi has not quite figured out who Li Guohao is in front of her.She can t be blamed either, after all, the two of them only met once, after more than half a year, and they met by cbd gummies near me cbd 10mg gummies chance, it s strange to be able to remember who the other party is.It s embarrassing, at this moment, Li Guohao cbd 10mg gummies felt that he was a little self indulgent.After all, when I used to read novels, those Hong Kong entertainment actresses would post them instantly after seeing cbd 10mg gummies each other.Li Guohao tried his best to keep a smile on his face and said, Nothing, nothing.Ah Zhen saw Li Guohao s embarrassment, so she smiled and said, Why is Boss Li so free to eat out so late today By the way, I will go there in the afternoon.I wanted to find you at the Central store, but I didn t find you there Li Guohao remembered what Ah Zhen said to himself before, I m sorry, Ah Zhen, I have been staying in the company for a while Company You Aren t you working in the store Ah Zhen asked.

Six people people stood at the door of the palace pastry shop.New store Abao said This is the mysterious palace cbd 10mg gummies pastry The most sacred place in the legendary pastry world And why do the surrounding animals all look the same People When several people were surprised, Father Goose came from Walked out of the store.Seeing the crowd, Father Goose shouted excitedly Oh, you guys are here too It s just in time, come in quickly, a new event will be held in the mysterious holy land, come and participate Then he The addresses of eight branches appeared.Finish.Eh, cough.Xie Honghe coughed, turned off the TV and said, Well, it s not bad.At least these comic characters, A Bao, blend in with the people around them, and they don t seem so obtrusive.This is Xie Honghe watched the official version for the first time.

When she learned that the store was ordered by the staff of the Department of Health to close down for rectification due to hygiene problems, and to report to the Department of Health, she was so frightened.Senseless.Okay, stop crying, Xiao Min, I ll go back right away When Li Guohao heard the word Sealed , cbd 10mg gummies 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews he thought to himself that it might be the gang of young and Dangerous boys before, but then he thought it shouldn t be, if it was the young and Dangerous boys, Xiao Min should have directly said that someone was making trouble just now, or she would have called the police herself.seized.seized.Not quite sure what it meant, after Li Guohao hung up the phone, he told Sister Wang Sister Wang, I ll go back to the store on Nathan Road.There is something wrong condor cbd gummies for sale cbd 10mg gummies there.If there are still so many people waiting in line, you Just tell them directly that all those who get the newspaper of the day can continue to line up in the afternoon, not limited to the morning, and remind condor cbd gummies for sale cbd 10mg gummies them not to gather here, and those who should be busy should go to work.

I believe everyone understands what I mean.That is an ancient secret recipe, which may be contradicted by the current food additives or some excessive content.How is it How is the inspection by the Department of Health Li Guohao walked into the conference room, I saw Li Qiang, Xie Honghe and others sitting when to take cbd gummies there.The results came out HCMUSSH cbd 10mg gummies in the afternoon, but fortunately, this matter did not affect the business of the newly opened branch too much.The training room is presented in front of customers at a glance, so that it does not affect the business in the store slightly.It s just a little bit, but the impact must be there.People who come to the palace to buy pastries are basically from good families and pay more attention to hygiene, so many parents do not choose to buy pastries to take home for their children.

Okay, it s okay to be happy with each other Zhang Dong said with a grumpy smile, and said The preparations for the franchise store are almost ready, and the ten stores are located in the Central and Western District, the Eastern District, the Southern District, and the Wanchai cbd 10mg gummies District., Kwun Tong District, Sham Shui District, Wong Tai Sin District, Sai Kung District, Sha Tin District, Tuen Mun District.I know, Xiao Wang showed it to me in the morning.From the documents sent, the selected ten branches are already clear.Zhang Dong nodded, sat down on the swivel chair and said, Well, as long as you know.Xiong Yi asked me to ask you, do all these ten branches cbd 10mg gummies serve our palace cakes What do you mean Li Guohao asked back.Zhang Dong explained We don t have many pastry chefs.This time we sent ten of them to help the franchisees open.

Ho s.Sister, I want to eat a hundred flowers Arjun said while lying on the stool with his head tilted, and glanced at his elder sister.He Chaoying glanced at her sister and said Don t think about it, we will go back to Macau tomorrow, look at how much you ate dim sum recently, you have gained a lot of weight The former Arjun was very beautiful and cute, wearing a princess dress , especially like a half breed little princess.But ever since she became obsessed with eating snacks, her weight has been getting higher and higher.Compared with before, the whole person seems to be swollen.Although she is still so beautiful and cute, she has indeed gained a lot of weight.Huh I want to eat, don t you want to eat Arjun was naturally unhappy when he was told that he was fat, and said with a cold snort and folded his hands.

People in Xiangjiang generally believe in auspicious feng shui days.For such a big event as opening a store, it is natural to open on an auspicious day according to the zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store cbd gummies near me cbd 10mg gummies at this time, but Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.He has never opened a store before, so he doesn t understand these things that seem to be the most normal now.May 20th is a good day, we can definitely hold a 520 couple event.

After Li Qiang finished speaking, he took a deep breath, let the cigarette roll in his lungs, and exhaled a long puff from the end.Qi said I think as long as Warner s profit is not mentioned later, you can cooperate with .

what cbd gummies are good for pain?

the other party.Why Li Guohao frowned.Li Qiang leaned his back against the wall, glanced at Li Guohao and asked, Have you ever thought about opening the pastry shop to the United States Open to the United States Li Guohao asked in surprise.Hmm.Li Guohao thought for a while and said, I don t have this idea yet.Although there are Chinese in the United States, HCMUSSH cbd 10mg gummies it is a white society after all.Most of them like to eat pastries, donuts and cakes, and may not like Chinese pastries.Besides, we haven t done a good job in Southeast Asia yet, so going to the United States is a bit counterproductive.

As for why these franchisees are not allowed to recruit themselves, there are two aspects.On the one hand, the employees recruited by the franchisees, whether they are master chefs or ordinary pastry chefs, are not very familiar with the varieties of palace pastries.Difficult to make a pure taste.The second is to try to ensure that the technology is not leaked.Although this is difficult to guarantee, the pastry chefs trained by themselves will strictly state that the technology must not be leaked when signing the contract, otherwise they will lose a lot of money.As for whether someone secretly sold some baking processes and fillings, it depends on the supervision of the company s managers.After chatting with Chen Zhipeng, Li Guohao checked the back kitchen and found that it was very clean inside.

Gu Qianqian replied.Li Guohao pondered for a moment and asked, Did you ask Ms.He if she could have a pastry shop in the casino cbd 10mg gummies In the casino Gu Qianqian looked at Li Guohao suspiciously.That s right.After all, the gambling industry is the most developed in Macau.Most of the people who go there to play are rich or gamblers.We can ignore the gamblers, but we can t let go of this group of rich people.Gu Qianqian listened to Li Guohao s words , roughly understood what he meant, shook his head and said No, although I have been helping Ms.He manage the opening of the store before, I have never been to a casino, and I have never mentioned this to her.You have Miss He s phone number Li Guohao asked.Yes.That s fine.Wait for a while, maybe half a month.You call her and ask how her business is.If the business is good, you can mention by the way whether it is possible to set up a pastry area joyce meyer cbd gummies in the kitchen inside the casino.

This is Cai Lan, my long time friend, who is now working as a producer at Shaw Brothers.Cai Lan glanced at Li Guohao and stood up with a smile, I ve always heard people say that the owner of the palace pastry is a young talent, and today I saw it, as the rumors say.Although the appearance of the person is a little younger, it is indeed Cai Lan, who was later called one of the four great talents in Xiangjiang.Mr.Cai is how long does cbd gummie take to work polite.Li Guohao shook hands with Cai Lan very politely.Mr.Li is much more handsome than I thought.Seeing Li Guohao s generous demeanor, Cai Lan couldn t help admiring.As soon as I finished speaking, I felt that my words were a little weird, and I said quickly I mean, Mr.Li can achieve such a big career at such a young age.It is really amazing., I often said in interviews in my later years people can definitely judge by their appearance, and I am a person who absolutely judges people by their appearance.

Each family must invest at least 100,000.If Some people don t have enough money or whatever, others can pay more to buy this stock.One hundred thousand yuan is trivial, if someone doesn t have enough money to tell me, I ll buy his share Gu Yonghe slapped his chest and pointed at everyone Said.I said Boss Gu, it s only 100,000 yuan.Is there anyone here who can t take it out You really think everyone is a cbd 10mg gummies beggar.The chubby man said with a strange tone.The people next to him echoed That s right, Boss Gu, don t think that you are the only one who made money in the stock market, and I also made a lot of money.If you are tight, I can also pay a little more to buy your share.Haha, I have plenty of money Gu Yonghe laughed and said, Do you know what I ate yesterday What did I eat Boss Gu ate abalone or bird s nest again Gu Yonghe said triumphantly Oh, I m too lazy to eat these things.

5 million Hong Kong dollars is more than enough.After all, you don t need to open your own shop, you only need to rent a large factory and buy some baking The equipment can be quickly put into production after gathering manpower.It s a bit like a small workshop in the mainland later on.It s self operated, produced and sold, but the scale is much larger After a few days.A couple pastry shop in Kowloon.How does Boss Liu think Zhang Zhiqiang, the salesman, asked.Boss Liu pondered for a moment, then glanced at his wife and asked, If according to what you said, your Daronghua Company provides pastries, how will the profits be divided Let me tell you, after removing the cost, we will split the profit in half, which means that you don t have to do anything, you just need to provide a store, and then you can get half of the profit by selling it yourself.

If he does this, how many pastry chefs will lose their jobs Li Qiang nodded Yes, according to my opinion I know that in Yuen Long, New Territories, many pastry shops have fired pastry chefs, including restaurants and tea houses, and almost a hundred people have lost their jobs.Liu Peilin has played this skill very well.He relied on the secret recipe of the remaining 14 shareholders, the old signature pastry shop, and cooperated with these pastry shops, teahouses, restaurants, tea restaurants, and icehouses, playing a good hand.These places will more or less sell some pastries in full spectrum cbd with thc gummies the store.Even if they don t sell them, they will be added to the menu of the store because of Liu Peilin s promotion.For Liu Peilin and these bosses, this is a win win situation.Liu Peilin earns half of the profit after the sale, although he has to pay the wages of the employees and the rent of the factory building, he can t stand the small profits but quick sales.

The method harms others and does not benefit oneself, and Liu Peilin himself knows how much you can sell in a store in a day, and it is impossible to make more for you to waste.That s it Li Guohao s mind flashed a gleam, but seeing Li Qiang say that now, he stopped in vain.Ahao At this moment, Zhang Dong broke in suddenly, seeing Li Qiang was there, he said awkwardly, I m sorry, I didn t know you were talking about something.Zhang Dong said with a happy smile, I ve made you lose your money After speaking, Zhang Dong took out an invitation card from his pocket.Huh Are you ready for the wedding Li Guohao saw that Zhang Dong took out a bright red invitation card, but he didn t understand that it was a wedding invitation.That s right, October 7th, two weeks after the Mid Autumn Festival.Zhang Dong said happily.

A group of members of the Mai family hurriedly opened the door and ran downstairs.Mai Xiaomin was in the house, listening to the noise outside the door, frowned and asked, What s going on outside, cousin I ll go out and have a look.After the cousin finished speaking, she opened the door and cbd gummies for hair went out for a walk.After a while, she walked back to the house and said happily, Xiao Min s wedding car is here.what Dong is here When Mai Xiaomin heard that Zhang Dong was coming, she panicked.This is not the first time for Zhao Yazhi to see Mai Xiaomin.She met him when she was shopping with Li Guohao before.In her impression, Mai Xiaomin belongs to the kind of carefree, A girl who loves to laugh, loves to play, but now Mai Xiaomin looks flustered and bewildered, which is very different from the previous image, and Zhao Yazhi immediately cbd 10mg gummies smiled and said Xiao Min, don t be nervous.

What Are you kidding me, one million US dollars, equivalent to Hong Kong dollars, is more than five million With five million, I can open dozens of branches in Xiangjiang Li Guohao sneered.Then two million Hong Kong dollars. To so much money The price in the United States is different from ours.Two million Hong Kong dollars is only more than 400,000 U.S.dollars.American labor is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and they can t fucking work overtime.What do you think If he works in the United States, Li Qiang is still very satisfied, but if he goes to do business there, he is a little unhappy.That s fine.Li Guohao nodded and cbd 10mg gummies 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews agreed.Then I ll go make the preparations.After speaking, Li Qiang left with a look of excitement.Watching Li Qiang leave, Li Guohao couldn t laugh or cry, he couldn t see that Li Qiang must have something, that s why he wanted to go to America so eagerly.

What s there to think about I wondered, this is a win win situation.When the company goes public, we can invest with shareholders money and expand the scope of business.It is no longer limited to pastries.We can completely compete with those shops.Cooperation, such as pineapple buns, shrimp dumplings, rice rolls, cbd 10mg gummies we can make these for them and send them over, and send them warm Gu Yonghe said a little annoyed.Since the last Mid Autumn Festival, the company has lost a lot of money, which is not the point, after all, as long as it is in the pastry in the future, it will make money back sooner or later.However, shops such as tea restaurants and teahouses sell pastries, pure cbd oil gummies las vegas and the number of pastries sold is not very large.After all, it is impossible for people to only eat pastries when they go to these places.

IPO, IPO.Li Guohao read it twice silently.IPO at this time is a very safe choice, because the stock market is booming, and a company with nothing but leather bags can be listed in the mix.Liu Peilin s craftsmanship is good, and there will be more in the future.How can no one invest in a company that is likely to develop.Thinking of next year s stock market crash, Li Guohao sneered, originally thinking about how to solve Daronghua Company, who ever thought of breaking it without attacking it.Dongdong Secretary Xiao Wang came in and said, Chairman, Manager Li just sent a HCMUSSH cbd 10mg gummies fax.Li Qiang Li Guohao curiously took the fax from the secretary.A short fax of a few hundred words was quickly read.Seeing the end, Li Guohao couldn t help laughing.Li Qiang sent a fax, probably saying that he has found a new store in the United States, a two story building near Chinatown in San Francisco.

The guests invited this time, in addition to Cai Lan, a big foodie, Wang Zheng also relied on Li Guohao s face to invite Mr.Jin, as well as Yi Shu, Ni Jia, and many other full spectrum organic cbd gummy bears literati and writers.At the same time, Li s TV station also showed its power, and asked the cbd gummies vs pot gummies artist department under the TV station to select a few popular artists, regardless of gender, stimulant cbd gummies reviews and asked to participate in this competition.Because it is still in the planning stage and no formal publicity has been carried out, basically no one knows about Xiangjiang.Wang Zheng also talked about the planning of the competition.Li Guohao was quite satisfied after listening to it, but he felt weird about the schedule.At the beginning, he was just talking about the Super Girl competition in the future.He didn t expect Wang Zheng Actually added it.

Cut, I was scared to death.Someone dared to rob I also thought that the law and order here is much worse than Xiangjiang.Li Guohao breathed a sigh of relief, maybe he watched too many American movies.You re overthinking.Li Qiang rolled his eyes at Li Guohao, and then said, However, they are taxi drivers at keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies the airport, so it doesn t mean they re still taxi drivers after they take you out.Before Li Guohao could be confused.I saw Huang He running over panting, I finally found you, Chairman Li Guohao smiled and said, I m sorry for bothering you two, organic cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy but shouldn t you wait for me at the security check gate Why do I see you They ran in from outside the airport.Speaking of this, he suddenly caught keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies a glimpse of a yellow skinned woman following behind Huang He.Li Qiang next to him saw this and introduced Ahao, let me introduce you.

Come on, this restaurant is an old sign in Chinatown.The taste is very good.The owner of this restaurant has opened here since the last century.Li Qiang pointed to a Chinese style decoration in the distance, and he knew it was a restaurant at a glance.The store smiled.Along the way, most of the pedestrians seemed to be Chinese, and only a few whites and blacks wandered in this area.Most of them are Chinese here.From here, it stretches for 16 blocks, and there are about 50,000 to 60,000 Chinese living here.So lunchbox cbd gummies 1500mg as long as you are here, you don t have to worry about language communication, and you don t have to worry about getting lost.Considering that Li Guohao came here for the first time, Li Qiang went all the way, introducing the local cultural environment along the way.Here we are, this is it.

The nearest of them is directly opposite the Palace Bakery in Central, which is a bit ridiculous.At the beginning, Li Guohao also opened a shop directly opposite Rong Kee Bakery.At this moment, someone unexpectedly made him tougher.The Woodshun brothers of Maxim s Bakery really imitated the example, and they drove to my door.Li Guohao chuckled twice.But looking down, Li Guohao couldn t stop laughing.There are a total of 57 branches in Hong Kong.There are Maxim s Bakery in Kowloon, Xiangjiang Island, and the New Territories.At the same time, there are many large shopping malls and supermarkets.branch.Some important business districts and high end residential areas also have condor cbd gummies for sale cbd 10mg gummies their presence.With so many stores now, I really hope you can still laugh out loud in a while.Li Guohao chuckled, and he has also read some financial books recently.

That s weird.Li Guohao took out a check worth 80 million from a securities company from his pocket, took out his passbook, passed it through the small window and said, Here.The female salesman took the check casually, I glanced at the amount above, and suddenly opened my eyes, 80 million Rubbing his eyeballs, he cbd gummies near me cbd 10mg gummies carefully looked at the anti counterfeiting mark on the check, and then he was sure that it was a real check worth nearly 100 million.He glanced at the smiling young man in front of the window with a little trepidation.First, sir, the amount of your check is too big, we need our manager to come over.The female salesperson has never received such a large check.In the past, it was only a few hundred thousand at most.The largest one I have ever seen That s more than ten million.Hmm.Sir, wait a minute.

On TV because of littering What the hell is this garbage bug Seeing that Li Guohao didn t know about Garbage Bug.Zhao Yazhi explained it again.It turned out that this cv sciences gummies synthetic cbd oil Garbage Bug is a comic character specially made by the government in order to improve environmental protection and sanitation.Take to the streets to patrol.At the same time, a group of cleaning brigades were also set up to catch those who litter on the street.Now it s just for making a promotional film, so most of the cbd 10mg gummies people are actors they find themselves, to avoid entanglement due to conflicts.But in a few days, the crime of littering will be officially implemented.Chapter 186 Hu Yue and A Fei third update While eating, Zhao Yazhi cut a piece of steak, stuffed a piece into her mouth, chewed and ate it slowly, glanced at Li Guohao secretly, hesitated to speak, and wanted to Asked but was afraid that the other party would say that he was nosy, so he couldn t help asking curiously Ahao, is the company in trouble recently Who did you listen to Li Guohao looked up at Zhao Yazhi in surprise and asked road.

When the audience entered the arena just outside, Eugene suddenly saw about a dozen little ghosts walking in, although there were keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies all Parents, grandparents, and grandparents were holding hands, but as soon as they entered the studio, they became noisy and ran around.It s also thanks to their parents who scolded them, otherwise, it would be really difficult to deal with.I m really sorry, Director You.I didn t expect that Wang Zheng didn t tell you clearly.Li Guohao said apologetically when he heard that it was his own mistake that caused You Jinjie to be irritable.Mr.Li doesn t have to blame himself.We also blame ourselves.It s not because of Mr.Li, but because our program department didn t take the emergency measures well.You Jinjie shook his head, not blaming Li Guohao at all, but instead Blame it on yourself for not doing a good job.

In the past, some customers would choose to walk a few blocks to our store to buy, but since they After opening, many people chose to try the taste of pastry, which is why the decline is so fast.Li Guohao nodded, a new thing appears in front of the public, it is always easy to attract people s attention, and it will become popular after a while Attenuation, in any case, the business in the store may not be as good as before.After all, with strong competitors, sales decline is inevitable.What s the situation at the flour mill Why hasn t the contract been finalized after two days I remember that keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies we don t seem to have much flour in stock.Li Guohao asked slightly dissatisfied when he remembered the matter of flour.Gu Qianqian shook her head and said, I m not sure, how about I ask Manager Luo to come in Yes.

Although the price of flour imported by the company from Wanwan was the local ex factory price, it was because of the transportation cost.For the problem of Xiangjiang, it is almost 10 20 higher.I have a new idea, you come back and talk about it first.Chapter 197 The Stock Market Crash Arrives 5 The next day.pastry company.Jin Jiashi rushed back by boat overnight yesterday.Chairman, why are you calling me back in such a hurry I have already negotiated about the price of flour at Wanwan, which is basically the same as the previous company s price at the flour mill.If the quantity is large, there will be a little more Discount, if we help them introduce some people, the price may be lowered a little bit.Jin Jiashi said with some complaints, you must know that he has spent a lot of effort and spent a lot of effort to get the stable price of flour as soon as possible.

Shun s acquisition directly made it difficult for us to make money from franchisees.Xiangjiang is like this, let alone develop the company to Southeast Asia and other countries, so I have keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies to acquire Nanshun, an old company, so that the company s franchisee plan Bring it to the whole of Southeast Asia He Qianjin also understood the key point after hearing Li Guohao s words.The company s franchisee plan, the profits earned are mainly in raw materials and fillings.Xiangjiang Flour Factory was acquired by Nanshun, which made the company s profit much less.This is the HCMUSSH cbd 10mg gummies main reason why Li Guohao wanted to acquire Nanshun reason.You may think that with such a franchisee plan, the company can t make much money at all, and the franchisees earn most of it.In fact, this is to allow franchisees to make a lot of money in order to drive more people to join the company.

It not only listed the big gift packages for the Spring Festival, but also many new dim sums on the market, even the new Western style dim sum produced by the company.The cost of a color advertising leaflet is many times higher than that of black and white advertising paper.If Li Guohao s own comic agency has special color printing equipment, he may not be willing to spend such a high cost on printing.After all, the public usually throws away the advertising paper after receiving it.In order for the advertising paper to organic cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy play a role and not be thrown away casually, Li Guohao asked the Propaganda Department to set up a 10 discount activity for advertising paper.Watching Li Guohao and Zhao cbd 10mg gummies Yazhi go upstairs.The young man who handed him the advertising paper earlier looked at Li Guohao s back with eager eyes and said, It s so majestic I can wear that black coat anytime.

Ah Xing, why are you standing there in a daze You re not happy Hurry up and distribute the leaflets.Oh, I see, here we come.Chapter 209 officially initiated the acquisition and returned to the company.The employees in the company looked at the boss eagerly.The idea of the boss s prestige rose in everyone s heart.Chairman, Mr.Jin and Mr.Ni are waiting for you in the meeting room.Secretary Xiao Wang ran cbd gummies near me cbd 10mg gummies over and said at this time.Oh, I see.After speaking, Li Guohao walked quickly to the office.Leaving Xiao Wang looking at Li Guohao s back with a little envy, this coat is so condor cbd gummies for sale cbd 10mg gummies handsome, I will buy another one next time.meeting room.You ve been here for a long time, why didn t you notify me before, so that I can come back as soon as possible, so that you won t have to wait.Li Guohao opened the door and came in, and saw two people sitting there drinking tea and chatting.

Li Guohao took out his own check, wrote down the amount for purchasing Xu Deming s shares on it, and said with a smile, Chairman Xu, you take care of this Xu Deming took the check and glanced at the amount.It was indeed negotiated before Yes, he snorted coldly and said, I hope Mr.Li treats Nanshun kindly.After speaking, Xu Deming turned around and left.Definitely.Li Guohao looked at his back and said, But after the delisting, Nanshun s name may have to be changed.As soon as he finished speaking, Xu Deming s walking steps became obviously stiffer, and he paused.He didn t look back and left with his lawyer and finance.Mr.Li, let s go first.Seeing that Xu Deming had left, the three small shareholders had no intention of staying any longer.Anyway, the company had nothing to do with them, so what should they do Thank you three for your help.

After handling the comic agency, Li Guohao hurried back to celebrate New Year s Eve.Today If Shangguan Xiaobao hadn t called to ask him to go to the comic book club, Li Guohao would never have gone out.Leisurely Zai Zai is another year of spring.Considering that Li Guohao moved into the new house last year, Li Huifang moved this year s New Year to the new house.Hearing the unique sound of the anti theft door, Li Huifang, who was making dumplings, looked at Li Guohao who entered the room with a smile and said, Ahao is back.It s stuffed with chives Yes, your favorite stuffed chives.Li Huifang s parents are from the north.They came to Xiangjiang in the early years, and the custom of eating dumplings during the Chinese New Year also came from that time.Li Huifang controls most of the Li family, so eating dumplings during Chinese New Year has become a family habit.

Both of them shifted their gazes to Ah Zhen who was beside her, only to see Ah Zhen eating with her head sullen, without saying a word.She suddenly understood in her heart that it seemed that the girl Ah Zhen was eavesdropping on the conversation between the HCMUSSH cbd 10mg gummies two of them, and was running to Zhao s mother to make a small report.Zhao Yazhi said with a rosy face, Mom, there is no rush to get married.Why don t you rush Zhao s mother glared at her daughter and said, When I was your age, both your elder brother and elder sister were born My mother also started to force the marriage, and after thinking about it, she said, Auntie, actually, Ah Zhi and I have also considered the matter of marriage, but we have no experience in this area, and I will ask my parents to discuss it with you in a few days.

When I went to see it last year, it was almost five yuan per square foot.It s just that the stock market has plummeted and the land has dropped a lot.It s the most cost effective to buy now.Okay, that s it, you Send someone to calculate the land for the three factories, and take advantage of the cheaper land price to enclose a little more land.Okay.Li Guohao knows that the land price in Xiangjiang will be higher and higher in the future, except for a period of time, because of the reunification People panicked, causing land prices to plummet, but that happened more than ten years later, and now should be the cheapest time for land prices in the past few years After coming out of the pastry company, Li Guohao thought about it, and decided to go to the food processing factory and ask Huang Yaohua personally why the factory was smashed.

The Xu Guanwen in front of him has made a lot of movies related to gourmet food, such as Chicken and Duck Talk , Teppanyaki and so on.He asked with a smile After the filming of Ghost and Horse Twin Stars , I wonder if Mr.Xu has any ideas for a new movie.Hearing Li Guohao s words, Cai Ling and Xu Guanwen were obviously taken aback.The film is still in cbd 10mg gummies preparation, so it s too hasty to think about making a second film.However, Xu Guanwen pondered for a while, and replied honestly Actually, when I was conceiving Shuangxi Ghost and Horse , I had another idea, but it was just an idea.After all, cbd gummies near me cbd 10mg gummies Shuangxi Ghost and Horse has not been filmed yet, so I didn t write it into a script. I have an idea, cbd 10mg gummies 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews you guys can see cbd 10mg gummies if it can be made into a movie. Li Sheng, but it s okay. My idea is the theme of the pastry competition held by my pastry company last year.

Do you have any ideas Xu Guanwen had been working in TVB before and hosted many variety shows, and Xu s comedy was also cultivated at that time.People go to high places.He has been in the TV station for many years.He also made movies in Shaw Brothers earlier, and gradually he had the idea of making movies by himself.He also met with the producer of Shaw Brothers before.The Shaw Brothers only paid a low salary, and Xu Guanwen had the idea of starting his own film company.In addition, cbd 10mg gummies 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews the Xiangjiang film market is extremely hot at this time driven by Bruce Lee.No matter what kind of movie it is, as long as keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies it is released, it will make money.I contacted Golden Harvest earlier, and Golden Harvest s Zou Wenhuai also agreed to invest, but the United States was already discussing with Golden Harvest about the shooting of Enter the Dragon.

When Zou Wenhuai was short of funds, he also allowed Xu Guanwen to go out and find investors on his own.This did not lead to Li Guohao.At first Xu Guanwen simply wanted to raise some funds, but Li Guohao actually invested one million directly, not only cooperating with himself and Cai Lang to start a company, the remaining funds were enough to make one or two new movies by himself.Name Li Guohao thought for a while, and then he wanted to call Guohao Film Company, but he still had to rely on Xu Guanwen, Cai Lan and others, so he said in his heart, How about calling it Buddy Film Company Friend Listen When it came to this name, Cai Lan and Xu Guanwen were also speechless.The name was simply too casual, but it also fit the theme.Naming Difficulty Chapter 230 patent application Guohao Lam Soon Company.

After the establishment of the sharpshooter team, there were almost 300 people.Even if one tenth of the sharpshooters were cbd 10mg gummies eliminated this time, there were more than 30 people.This is not a small team.Number.Yes, if you are dissatisfied, I had an idea earlier, that is to form a security company It s just that there is no manpower all the time.You just said that the government intends to eliminate part of the manpower, which provides convenience cbd 10mg gummies to the security company Li Guohao mentioned the idea of forming a security company to Li Qiang a long time ago, but unlike in the mainland later, there were a lot of veterans.Even if he wanted to go to the mainland to look for it now, but because the Cultural Revolution was not over yet, Mr.Deng cbd 10mg gummies hasn t come organic cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy on stage yet.Except for the few veterans who swim by themselves, there is almost no cbd 10mg gummies way to bring them here.

St.Mary s Hospital is a famous medical school in the UK.The hospital cbd 10mg gummies how much does cbd gummies cost viralex cbd gummies of the same name in Xiangjiang is also an affiliated hospital of which one in the UK.It is one of the most prestigious hospitals in Xiangjiang, and it is also the first hospital to build a pediatric department.The reality is Mary s Hospital Ten minutes later, we arrived at Xiangjiang St.Mary s Hospital.Mr.Li, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit the children in the orphanage.Valerie was dressed very beautifully today, wrapped in an elegant long sleeved sweater.Left untouched it looks a bit dull.If there, I just come here occasionally, unlike Ms.Valerie, who has been working for the orphanage for so many years.Li Guohao really cbd 10mg gummies admires Valerie, especially after learning that she is After the contributions made by these orphans, I would like to thank this foreign girl from the bottom of my heart.

I beg you, can you go, our family is here, please go, don t bring disasters to us.A middle aged man dressed as a villager also begged.The gunshot outside just now made their family terrified.This Li Guohao hesitated.To be honest, having a house as a harbor also made him feel at ease., If you go out now, it is very dangerous not to mention whether you will meet those people.Chen Sheng said next to him, Boss, let s leave first.It s not very safe here.Let s run to the barren hills behind.I don t remember If you are wrong, if you cross this barren hill, you will be in the adjacent mid level area of Pok Fu Lam not far away.Going to the north of Pok Fu Lam is Mount Davis, and after crossing Mount Mount, walk about one mile to the mid level area.This is a famous community in later generations, but now it is still a barren land and barren hill, which has not been fully developed, and only a small part cbd gummies international shippinf of the area has been built.

It turned out that after Li Guohao passed out yesterday, the people from the special operations mission company also quickly sent him to the nearest St.Mary s Hospital.As for Yu Weicheng But he was taken back by .

what would gummy bears with cbd oil do for you?

the police station to make a record.That night, a large number of policemen searched the mountain, and at the same time, a gun battle broke out with Brother Qiang and his gang.Four gangsters were killed on the spot, and one was seriously injured.He died after being sent to the hospital.Another brother Qiang was also caught.Does that mean the matter has been resolved Li Guohao was delighted when he heard that among the six people chasing him, five died and one was arrested.Mr.Li has been able to cooperate with our actions recently.certainly.That afternoon, Li Guohao was discharged from the hospital and went home.

Fortunately, the big boss didn t have any accidents.negligence.Regardless of your affairs, this group of people has been planning for a long time, there is a saying that is good, only a thousand days to be a thief, how can a thousand days to guard against a thief.Li Guohao did not blame Zhang Bowen too much, After all, the security company has just been established, and these people have only been on the job for a week.It is inevitable that many things are not prepared.As soon as the voice changed, Li Guohao also said However, this incident has given me a vigilance.No matter where I go or do anything in the future, I can t act alone.Do you know that there is a bulletproof car Bulletproof car I know that there is an explosion proof car at the Police Department, which has also been modified to be bulletproof.

Chairman The more than a dozen important managers of the group s subsidiaries who had already been seated in the conference room all stood up and said in unison.Well, let s all sit down.Li Guohao walked quickly to his seat and motioned for the big guys to sit down and chat.Looking at the dozen or so in front of him, there are unfamiliar and familiar faces, Li Guohao is also quite proud.After nearly three years of rebirth, he has developed to the present and established a group.Not to mention how powerful it is, but it has also exceeded his original idea.Today s meeting is the first time cbd 10mg gummies that the big guys get together.So you don t have to be too restrained.You can speak freely.You can also mention any new ideas or new views on the future development of the group, not limited to business It s the first time to preside over a group meeting, Li Guohao has no experience, but this kind of thing is often the first time, after doing a lot of things, you will be familiar with it.

Yes.Li Guohao came back holding Zhao Yazhi s hand, and the two of them also took a look at the display stands of other contestants just now.A hundred flowers bloom A very familiar name.Wei Chengzhi heard the name of this dim sum was very familiar.He glanced at the somewhat familiar Li Guohao, and suddenly asked in surprise Are you the Li Guohao from the palace pastry you know me Li Guohao asked in surprise.I m also from Xiangjiang.I only came to study in the UK last year.I read the report written by Ms.Yi Shu in Ming Pao.Wei Chengzhi said in surprise, I didn t expect you to come to the UK to participate in the competition.Yes, brother , do you want to vote Support it Huang He smiled from the side.It s easy to talk about.Wei Chengzhi was also very happy to meet a fellow villager Wei Chengzhi had been looking for his girlfriend for a long time in the venue, and finally saw her at a display stand in the corner, and hurriedly asked, Lianyun finally found you You didn t vote for anyone else s ticket Right No Why Don t you dislike these snacks Ren Lianyun was taken aback for a moment, then teased.

First of all, factories that produce pastries, factories that produce packaging bags, factories that produce fillings, factories that produce quick frozen dumplings, instant noodles, and many other food plans in the future.Even the issue of chicken essence, Li Guohao has also thought about it.After the factory is built, will he build a condiment factory in the future, specializing in the production of seasonings for cooking After all, there are many secret seasonings and sauces in the recipes.If this continues, it will not be solved by a factory, and I am afraid that an industrial park will be formed in the end.hang up the phone.Suddenly there was a knock on the door.Secretary Xiao Liu also stood up and opened the door tactfully.Chairman, the headhunting company has already found a candidate who meets your requirements.

While I am proud of getting money, I always use Li Guohao as an example for every fortune teller.This is Empress.Dong Haonan is over fifty, and his memory is not as good as before.When he saw a woman next to Li Guohao, who looked like the one he met last year, he asked without being sure.Say it, don t call me your mother.Zhao Yazhi said helplessly.When Dong Haonan heard this, he also confirmed Zhao Yazhi s identity, and shouted, What s wrong with this, no, no, my lady is honorable, I m just a mortal, how can I call my lady by her name directly.Okay, don t talk about Master Dong here.Li Guohao asked with a smile, You are here to tell your fortune, do you know a fortune teller named Dong Surnamed Dong Dong Haonan thought for a while.There are seven fortune tellers in this area.Except for himself, there seems to cbd 10mg gummies 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews be no one with the surname Dong.

Li Guohao Among them, marriage testing is the most common.What cbd gummies near me cbd 10mg gummies Master Dong said just now is the most straightforward, even a fool with an IQ what do cbd gummies feel like reddit of only five can understand it.Where there is thunder, there will be wind, and where there is wind, there will be thunder.What a good metaphor.It s much better than what you are the wind and I am the sand.In the end, Li Guohao handed over thousands of dollars in cash to Master Dong, and even specially took a business card of Master Dong, but on the business card was written Bone touching, fortune telling, fortune telling, divination, feng shui, burial, traditional Chinese medicine Hehe, to make a living.Perhaps seeing Li Guohao s doubts, Master Dong also smiled hehe.Speaking of feng shui, Li Guohao happened to have plans to build a food industrial zone at the company, and with the mentality of believing or not, he also invited the other party to come and help him look at the feng shui of the factory after a while.

Now he suddenly heard Li Guohao mention his job, and thought that the other party would pull him into his company, so he was excited endlessly.When Brother Zhao s wife next to him heard this, she pinched her husband indiscriminately.Why are you pinching me Brother Zhao asked in a low voice, knowing that this was a gesture his wife was used to, and it also meant whispering.Look at your brother in law, he is talking so well with Ah Zhi s boyfriend cbd 10mg gummies 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews now, it looks like he wants to give that boy Ah Hui a fortune.After finishing speaking, Brother Zhao s daughter in law glared at her husband angrily., let him get closer to his little sister on weekdays, if he doesn t listen, well, let his brother in law be one step ahead.Okay, don t talk about it.Brother Zhao s heart sank.After all, it was a matter of face.

Zhao s father, Zhao s mother and others also went back home separately.Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi were left behind.Ah Hao, actually you don t need to do this for me.Sister and brother in law are doing okay.Zhao Yazhi pursed her lips and said.Little fool, we are almost becoming a family, so why bother about so much.Besides, I am indeed planning to start a real cbd 10mg gummies estate company.I don t know much about it.I asked my brother in law to come and help me.I also want to thank him.Li Guohao scratched Zhao Yazhi s nose with his small hand.Hmph.With her nose scratched, Zhao Yazhi snorted softly, Okay, I get it.She knew in her heart that this was just Li Guohao s words to comfort herself, knowing that the other party didn t want to think that she was with him for money, seeing Li Guohao That said, I feel a lot more comfortable.

The higher peak on the right is a crouching tiger Following Master Dong s Explain, but Li Guohao understands that, according to Master Dong, this place is a place with excellent feng shui, and the business here will definitely prosper after opening the factory.But Li Guohao carefully looked at the hills on both sides, and he couldn t see where it looked like a dragon and where it looked like a tiger.Li Sheng, just remember that when that industrial park is built, there must be a stone dragon on the left side of the entrance, and a stone tiger on the right After speaking, Master Dong cbd 10mg gummies 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews stroked the beard on his chin and praised him.Okay, just follow Master Dong s suggestion.Li Guohao nodded with a smile and agreed, and it would not cost much to put two stone statues.Regardless of whether the Feng Shui Master Dong said is correct or not, as long as he wants to feel at ease.

Almost all of them are villages and fields, which are of no use value at all.Boom Zhang Bowen knocked on the door with two security personnel carrying equipment and guns and came in.Zheng Jiachun, who heard the movement, saw the long gun in Zhang Bowen s hand, his eyes lit up, and he took three steps together.He walked up to him in two steps, took the gun from Zhang Bowen s hand, and said with surprise, I didn t expect you to have an AK here Oh, it s quite heavy.They are all air guns.For the sake of safety, we deliberately asked foreign manufacturers to reduce the power a lot.The power of the bullets is at most enough to break the balloon.Li Guohao came over and explained.Xiao Bai ignored the conflict with Li Guohao at this time.After seeing the guns, he walked over excitedly and picked up all kinds of guns that the security put on the table, including pistols, submachine guns, and AKs.

The food industrial park was planned to be completed in one year.Of course, he tried his best to shorten the time as much as possible.Mr.I joined in, because it is the first time to cooperate, and some things need to be adjusted.Li Guohao had already set up his own real estate where to get botanical farms cbd gummies company earlier.The main business was not to buy land to build commercial buildings for sale, but for the internal construction of the group.Previously, he cooperated with his fourth uncle Li Zhaoji to develop a food industrial park, and he had gathered some manpower and accumulated With a little experience, the real estate company has recently stepped up efforts to recruit workers and grassroots management.Li Guohao thought that most of the construction of the club would be done by his own Guohao Real Estate, so that the company can make money on the one hand, and more on the other.

Now that Xiangjiang s economy is in a recession, if he invests too much, he may lose money.Li Guohao is also thinking about this parallel that he traveled through In the world, the oil crisis has not happened, so what will happen You must know that Bruce Lee is not dead But after thinking a lot, Li Guohao decided to give it a go.Except for Bruce Lee, almost many things are exactly the same cbd 10mg gummies as in his previous life.Nixon s visit to China , 73 Xiangjiang stock market crash, Miss Xiangjiang, and many other things that I know have already happened.Then where to buy cbd gummies online in canada the oil crisis must follow the history.I think the oil countries in the Middle East officially announced the suspension of oil exports, which should be around the beginning of October, around the 4th or 5th.You make the layout as soon as possible, and what to do to deploy in advance.

Support, I m afraid Li Guohao really can t hold on to cbd 10mg gummies the news that the oil countries in the cbd 10mg gummies Middle East announced an oil embargo.Shen Bi was definitely responsible for earning so much money from the U.S.stock market this time.If Shen Bi hadn t unconditionally believed in Li Guohao who was far away in the United States, and had illegally borrowed 100 million yuan, facing Li Guohao would have been bankruptcy and liquidation.It is very likely that the defendant is suspected of two crimes of embezzling company finances and misappropriating company finances.Capitalism is like this.Your company does not mean that it really belongs to you.As long as you took money from cbd 10mg gummies 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews the company and did not return it, or did not pay taxes, then sorry, the law does not allow it, and you will be sued by the tax bureau and the court.

From time to time, he would pick up vegetables for himself.Now he came to look for her alone at night, but he seemed to ignore her.What s wrong Zhao Yazhi twisted her body, looked at Li Guohao s face while cbd 10mg gummies lying on her side, and said, Didn t you just go to America to stay for half a month But you have been there for a month and a half Upon hearing this Li Guohao said with a smile You also know that the United States is different from Xiangjiang., I have already arranged to come back.Li Guohao doesn t plan to say anything about the US stock market.On the one hand, he is afraid that his family will worry about it.On the other hand, the less people know cbd 10mg gummies about this matter, the better.He pays attention to not revealing his wealth.I don t know if there will be such a thing as kidnapping.Really Hearing Li Guohao s sincere tone, and Zhao Yazhi didn t take this matter to heart, after all, she is not the kind of unreasonable temper.

At the same time, Bruce Lee won the competition with New York karate champion Mike.This simple fight was also spread by a Chinese filmed before and sold to a keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies TV station in New York.When the reporter named Fei Erke saw the video of Bruce Lee s competition on the TV station, he caught a glimpse of Li Guohao This made Philke think a little bit, visited Chinatown, interviewed Bruce Lee, asked cryptically who was the man standing beside him at that time, and was told that he was a friend of Xiangjiang.After learning Li Guohao s name, Philke quickly wrote a report and published it in the New York Times Magazine.It caused a great stir in the United States.After all, someone who can make money in the stock market is Asian, which makes many people jealous.However, Li Guohao has already returned to China, and no matter how the news is reported, there is no way to lead him.

The loss is basically no loss, because it was sold to Li Guohao according to the market price.As for whether there is any profit, it depends on the future development of real estate.Excluding the 200 million loaned to the group, Li Guohao spent less than 100 million Hong Kong dollars this month, which made him very distressed.There was still almost 900 million Hong Kong dollars in his bank account.For a while, he really couldn t find anything good items to spend.As for the food company, the research and development of instant noodles has also been completed, the new production line is in place, and the cover and packaging are already being prepared.According cbd 10mg gummies to Li Guohao s intention, it is named Master Li Instant Noodles.There are three flavors for the time being, one is seafood, and the other is seafood.

As for now, Doll Noodles is a strong competitor of Nissin s Demae Itcho.The public in Hong Kong in later generations almost always use doll noodles to call instant noodles.No matter what brand of instant noodles, they always call them doll noodles.Now, Doll Noodles is not as well known as it was later, but there are still many loyal fans.After all, this cooked in three minutes noodles not only taste good, but are also very efficient.And Li Guohao s idea is to change the misunderstanding of doll noodles in Xiangjiang people, and let them call instant noodles instant noodles instead of doll noodles The instant noodle factory, under normal circumstances, is rarely photographed, and everyone knows the specific reasons.However, in order to solve the problem of rational utilization of waste oil, Li Guohao thought of a way for later generations, which is to make soap Palm oil soap is still very effective in removing stains.

Hearing the voice, he turned his head and saw that it was Zheng Jiachun.Li Guohao walked up with a smile and said, Brother Zheng, I didn t expect you to come in person.Thank you so much.Look, congratulations.After Zheng Jiachun finished speaking, he felt a lot of emotions in his heart.When he first met Li Guohao, he was just the owner of a small pastry company.Now in the blink of an eye, he has become a giant with his own food industrial park dominating cbd gummies near me cbd 10mg gummies Xiangjiang.Haha, thank you, Brother Zheng Li Guohao was naturally very happy when the industrial park opened today.The industrial park, which took more than half a year to build, is arguably the largest industrial park in Xiangjiang, although only less than a third of cbd gummies near me cbd 10mg gummies it has been completed.Chairman Di Yimin walked over at this time.What Mr.Jin, Mr.

After being made public, there was a wave of enthusiasm.It was noon, Li Guohao looked at the weather, and said to Chen Sheng Asheng, you will drive ahead and lead the way, and take you to my uncle s Jinhua Restaurant.Okay Asheng nodded and turned around Go to the parking lot.After instructing Chen Sheng, Li Guohao walked towards the crowd and said with a smile, Mr.Mai, Chairman Liang, I have already prepared an afternoon banquet, how can I go there Li Sheng s invitation is disrespectful President Liang laughed.Sir Mai was a little cbd and melatonin gummies uk embarrassed.He said I still have some business to attend to at noon, I m afraid cbd 10mg gummies I won t be able to attend Li Sheng s banquet.It was originally interviewed by reporters, but Li Guohao canceled the event because he was thinking about his own newspaper, and asked Huang Yaohua to send some big gift packages for the Spring Festival to many newspaper reporters and guests, and then led the guests to go Went to eat.

The following is the auction item provided by Ms.Shen, the wife of the Governor cbd 10mg gummies do cbd gummies help with appetite of Hong Kong, a 1900 Lady Cartier diamond watch As soon as the auctioneer said this, the venue immediately erupted You must know that the Cartier brand has always been synonymous with luxury goods.Since its establishment in 1847, Cartier has been providing exclusive jewelry and watches for European royal families for more than a hundred years.Known as the emperor s jeweler, the jeweler s emperor.The 1900 Cartier ladies diamond watch was the first product that Cartier combined jewelry and watches in 1900.At that time, it was only provided to the European royal family, and there were only a hundred watches in total After so many years of consumption, there may only be a few dozen pieces left in the world, and after a few decades, it may be even less.

Chen Xuewen said helplessly There is no way, I booked one third of the hotel s rooms at once, and their lobby manager directly arranged for these people to stand at the door Wait, I won t listen to any persuasion.You can do whatever you want.Hearing that the hotel arranged to welcome people, Li Guohao waved his hand casually.Suddenly, a man walked up to Li Guohao with his palms folded, followed by two Thai women in traditional costumes.As soon as the three approached, they were stopped by Chen Sheng and are cbd gummies safe while pregnant others.The man hurriedly said Busy Sawadika What did he say Li Guohao was at a loss, except for Sawadika who understood, the others seemed to be listening to the scriptures.Xiao Fan quickly translated Chairman, he said that he is the manager of the lobby, who specially welcomes distinguished guests on behalf cbd 10mg gummies of cbd gummies 10 x infused spices the hotel, and said that he would send flowers to the chairman.

But with fighting skills They have abilities, but they are far from that strong.Chapter 342 RedRed Bull HCMUSSH cbd 10mg gummies I saw dozens of children in front of them hugging a big tree and desperately practicing knee bumps, their energize cbd gummies legs were obviously red and swollen, and some even caused skin damage and bleeding due to friction.Old Zheng pointed to the A group of children said Muay Thai fighters generally start learning Muay Thai from a very young age, and knee bumps and elbows are the most lethal moves in Muay Thai, so they have been training hard for a long time, practicing their knees and elbows.to a certain hardness Li Guohao looked at paradise hemp infused cbd gummies a group of children in front of him, the average age was only about thirteen or fourteen years old, among which there were seven or eight children topnrated cbd gummies cbd 10mg gummies who looked only eight or nine years old.

I called Pang Heshuo downstairs and asked him to publish a news item in the Daily Daily the next day.At first, Pang Heshuo didn t understand why the chairman wanted to publish this matter in the newspaper.After all, it should be regarded as a commercial secret, and publishing it may damage the company s image in the hearts of the public.Today, several newspapers headed by Business Daily reported on this incident, and they seriously distorted the facts, and maliciously led the public to put the company s food off the shelves of supermarkets on substandard quality.On cbd 10mg gummies the one hand, it is to give supermarkets a step up, and on the other hand, it is to slander Guohao Food Company in this way.This matter also made Pang Heshuo very angry.Other newspapers reported maliciously, but Business Daily can be said to be a newspaper founded by him, and he actually participated in it.

After all, you can pick the fruit in advance and wait for it to ripen during the transportation.As long as the timing is good, it will not spoil or rot.But vegetables are different.Under normal circumstances, after vegetables leave the land, they can only last for three days without freezing, and even if they are frozen, they can only last for about five to ten days.In terms of time, it is completely enough to transport from Thailand to Xiangjiang, but vegetables are different from fruits, and it is difficult to guarantee their taste after freezing, and not all vegetables are suitable for freezing.Therefore, Li Guohao directly discarded fresh vegetables.It s not that we don t want to grow vegetables anymore, we still have to grow them, after all, Thai people also need vegetables.In addition, there is no vegetable bag in the instant noodles, which always makes Li Guohao feel a little strange.

Even though he had a pastry shop with a daily sales volume of more than 100,000 yuan, almost all of them were the money stored in the membership card by the members.In terms of actual sales, the money is equivalent to the customer paying in advance for the pastries to be purchased in the future.But the tea restaurant is different, that is the actual sales of the day, after deducting the expenses, it is the net profit.Yeah, the average daily sales of each store breaks 10,000.Li Dexiao s face was full of joy.You must know that the plan of the tea restaurant was handled by him alone, and even the decoration of the shop and the selection of tables, dishes and chopsticks were all done by him.It can be said that the Liji tea restaurant is full of passion for his struggle in his forties.That s enough, that s all, I m just proud of my little achievements, and I don t even look at who paid for it My precious son is the best, and he has become a millionaire in just a few years.

Li Guohao said with a wave of his hand.Okay, I ll go back to rest if I m fine.I haven t reversed the jet lag just now. Go ahead.After Ni Xingqing left, Li Guohao called the technical department and told Huo Zheng not to leave work in a hurry, saying that he would come over later Technical department.I m sorry, Professor Huo.I will trouble you if I get off work soon.Li Guohao apologized.Although Professor .

where can i buy kenai farms cbd gummies?

Huo works under Li Guohao, he is still a professor of chemistry at Xiangjiang University, so he doesn t completely follow Li Guohao s face.It s nothing, I just have something to do, I am going to work overtime today and go back home.Huo Zheng smiled and asked, Chairman, are you looking for me You know MSG, right MSG I know what s wrong Have you ever studied MSG, is it harmful to the human body Huo Zheng was puzzled and said Why did the chairman ask about MSG so well.

The moment she got off the carriage, her elegant and indifferent posture, dressed in white The gown, with a crown on the head, is simply the princess look every woman dreams of.Don t worry, your wedding dress is absolutely not inferior to the Queen s Li Guohao smiled.For this wedding dress, Li Guohao asked someone to find a relationship before asking the designer for help, and spent more than one million US dollars to get the other party to agree Zhao Yazhi, who was full of anticipation, had been looking at her watch since she learned that she came to Li s house to try on a wedding dress, and couldn t help but ask every five minutes How long is it until Ah Hao arrives Come on, yesterday It is said that it is the plane this morning, and I have already sent someone to pick it up.Li Guohao was not sure about eating the porridge.

At this time, a woman who was talking to Zhao s mother was After seeing Ah Zhen coming out, she praised Yo, this is Ah Zhen She has grown up so much, she has been a beauty since she was a child just like your sister, and after a few years of growing up, she is just like your sister she has keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies become slim Ha ha This girl knows how to play like crazy all day long, and she doesn t know when she will grow up to let us both worry Zhao s mother next to her organic cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy covered her mouth and laughed happily.Miss Xiaofen, you are very lucky.You have three daughters and three golden flowers.You worked so hard to bring them three sisters back then.Now you can be regarded as enjoying the happiness of life..Yes, Xiaofen, I heard that your son in law gave a lot of bride price this time, right Hearing someone ask about the gift money, a group of relatives nearby all looked certified natures cbd gummies reviews sideways.

You don t even know about this Li Guohao s wedding Is it the 100 million wedding that the newspaper said some time ago The friend asked deliberately, Yeah, you don t know which New World I opened yesterday Passing by the entrance of the hotel, guess what I saw What did I see More than a dozen large trucks full of roses.My friend enviously said I m still surprised that there are so many roses in Xiangjiang, so I went here specially.I asked the other party before, and they said it was shipped from the Netherlands.More than a dozen cars of roses Got a dozen cars of roses.Chapter 376 Wedding 2 According to Zheng Jiachun s original plan, the New Century Hotel should have opened long ago, but after hearing that Li Guohao was going to get married, he also postponed the opening date.Prepare well, only in cbd 10mg gummies this way can we make a name for ourselves in one fell swoop.

By the way, Chairman, I didn t tell you that you got married yesterday.Mr.Bao has sent someone to hand over the cargo ship, and it is now parked at the Xiangjiang Victoria Wharf.Oh Has it been handed over Li Guohao didn t expect the cargo ship The handover happened so quickly.Bao Daheng said before that the cargo ship is now at Wanwan.Yes, do you want us to recruit some crew members and captains who are familiar with Thailand Just drive the boat over and let Manager Jin handle it.Shen Bi, as cbd 10mg gummies the current boss of Xiangjiang HSBC, has a personal network that covers almost the entire HSBC Group.His main role this time is to contact some well known sports brands in the world and some related brand companies.The second is to contact powerful TV stations in various countries condor cbd gummies for sale cbd 10mg gummies to cooperate in this world fighting competition.

The end of the year Only a little over three months away He Zuozhi exclaimed after counting the days.Yes, this is what I asked about the TV license.It seems that our new TV station may not be able to catch up.We can only choose between TVB and the beautiful TV stations.Li Guohao said regretfully.No way He Zuozhi refused and said Li Sheng, you have to be clear, if you choose one of their two TV stations, then the future will be a devastating blow to our own TV station willie nelson free cbd gummies Just think about it, for example, if you hand over the live broadcast rights to TVB to operate, then people who watch TV programs will subconsciously think that TVB TV station is really rich and powerful, and it can actually host such a worldwide fighting competition.This is very bad news for the establishment of our future TV station.

He smiled and said, Uncle Bao might as well go back and think about it.Send someone to Kwai Tsing to have a look, and investigate the port s income by the way.In a few days.Director Gao made phone calls to Li Guohao and Bao Daheng respectively, and after probing their intentions, they made an appointment to have a meal with the director of the Land Administration Department.The cooperation plan was simply finalized on the spot, but they have been deadlocked over the shareholding cbd 10mg gummies and operation of the port.What Li Guohao and Bao Daheng mean is that they each have 30 and that the operation of the port is handed over to them.The Lands Administration doesn t think too much about the port s shares.Anyway, it s the government s money, not theirs, but the operation is different, and there are many twists and turns.

Who would have thought that the old I can still live here.Zhao s father smiled and said nothing, why didn t he think of living on the top of Taiping Mountain when he was young On the other hand, grandfather Li Renzhong didn t care about these things, he kept looking at the surroundings of the villa, and couldn t stop nodding his head in applause.That night, the family didn t even leave with Zhao s father and Zhao s mother, but directly lived in the new villa.Anyway, the furniture and bedding were brand new.Chapter 546 Two days after the wind and rain.The Voice of Xiangjiang has been publicized for half a month, and almost everyone knows keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies it, especially the stage that only cares about sound mentioned in the advertisement, which has excited countless ordinary people who love music.A brand new singing competition mode, with four singers at the level of Xiangjiang s music industry as mentors, and the best sound equipment in Xiangjiang, the popularity is condor cbd gummies for sale cbd 10mg gummies no less than when Miss Xiangjiang first started a few years ago.

Chapter 651 The price of the product is determined by supply and demand Chen Shao and director Zhang were both taken aback at the same time.Try this Chen Shao picked up the bag of popping candy on the table, and glanced at the powdery unknown object inside.It s a new kind of candy developed by the laboratory building, you have a taste.Li Guohao didn t say the taste and magic of the popping candy, but looked at the two with interest, each of them poured a little from the bag and put it in his palm.Chen Shao heard that it was the candy developed by the laboratory building, and swallowed it.He swallowed and asked, Is it really edible Factory Manager Zhang also nodded in approval.He felt uncomfortable when he heard the word laboratory building.He always felt that the things developed there were weird and weird.

Li Guohao suggested How about we go out for a stroll It s rare to come to the Mainland.Bao Daheng laughed and said That s right, Ah Hao, you are the first time to come to the Mainland.You must be very curious.The guest house is very boring.It s good to go out and have a look.After discussing that they want to go out together to see Bao an County at this time, Li Guohao went upstairs and called his grandfather, and he went to call before moving forward.Fang Qianjin asked curiously Mr.Bao, Mr.Li, do you want to go there and see Li Guohao said casually Just stroll around, it happens to be lunch soon, why don t wana cbd thc gummies price we go outside and see if there are any restaurants What, try some local Tujia cuisine Well, just listen to Ah Hao and go shopping.Bao Daheng also visited the mainland a keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy few times in his early years, but he hardly stayed in Bao an County.

There are also many small shops on both sides of the road, and there are many small grocery stores, which are rarely seen in inland cities.In particular, Li Guohao also saw a puppet toy of panda Po in a grocery store, because it was a bit far away, so he couldn t see it very clearly, but the black and white Po cbd 10mg gummies doll was found by him himself It was designed and made, how could it be wrong.Along the way, looking at Shenzhen, which was still called Bao an County at this time, Li Guohao couldn t help but lament the construction ability cbd 10mg gummies of the Chinese people.In just 40 years, a two story flat building was built everywhere, and the ground was still a paved road.A small county town has developed into a world class first tier city.Walked for about ten minutes.Fang Qianjin led native hemp cbd gummies the crowd into a small alleyway, pointed to a private house and said, Mr.

The Banking and Financial Supervisory Authority applied for a Tier 3 banking license.The Oriental Daily did not know where it got the news.It learned that the Guohao Group was going to apply for a banking license from the koi cbd gummies nutricion Authority.On the third day after the application, it reported the news in the newspaper.Oriental Daily Guohao Group has recently formally applied for a banking license from the Hong Kong Bank Financial Supervisory Authority.International and diversified development After the news of Guohao Group s application for a bank license was published, most citizens just watched the fun.From the perspective of ordinary people like them, opening a bank has little connection with them.But for some banks in Xiangjiang This is really bad news.Not to mention those large banks, small and medium sized banks are the cbd gummies near mansfield most vigilant.

Just when the Hang Lung Group came out, Li Guohao persuaded Huo Zhenting to give up, vaguely reminding that the real estate in Xiangjiang is too prosperous at present, the real estate prices are ridiculously high, and he will wait and see for a while.Huo Zhenting, who had just taken power not long ago, naturally did not have the courage to spend billions to compete with Hang Lung Group, so condor cbd gummies for sale cbd 10mg gummies he had no choice but to give up.At the beginning of this year, seeing that land prices continued to rise, Hang Lung Group s Cotton Tree Building on Murray Road in the Central District was almost completed, and the quotation was several percent higher than last year.For this reason, Huo Zhenting also complained to Li Guohao in private, saying that he was too careful, otherwise, they would have taken this opportunity to make a lot of money.

The improvement of the property market is already unstoppable.In November, a large amount of foreign funds poured into Xiangjiang.With the help of the improvement of land and housing prices keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies in Xiangjiang at this time, they carried out the same bottom hunting plan as Li Guohao.It is a pity that they came a little late, but keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy bluebird cbd gummies even so, according to the current property market Judging from the rising trend, it is still very profitable.In December, the housing transaction volume of Hong Kong s real estate in January broke through the record 1.130,000 transactions, compared with the past few decades, reached an unprecedented high transaction volume.Chapter 788 Epilogue March 17, 1985.After half a year of recovery, the property market in Xiangjiang has returned to the peak period three years ago, and it is even higher than it was at the beginning.

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