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I put the money in my pocket, and when I was about to open my mouth, she cbd gummies for social anxiety took out another piece of paper, which was a real estate transfer letter, and said that I should not dislike her old house, she liked me very much, and she had no children.Girl, insist on letting me accept it.But how dare cbd oil in gummies I want something from a dead person Just when I was about to resign, cbd gummies for social anxiety the landlady s old lady cried.While weeping, she also grabbed my hand and said how pitiful she had been in her life.She was so old, and if she died without children, she didn t give me this room for nothing.Call her, if something happens to her one day, someone will still think about it.If I hadn t seen the death certificate of the landlady s old lady before, I would have been bluffed by her words.The sky outside has gradually dimmed, and the word death in her words has completely woken me up , Let me know that something might happen if I stay here, so I quickly refused, saying that it s okay to call her, but I really dare not accept this house.

Just when I thought things would pass away like this, I dreamed about that weird bridegroom again It was still the very simple but festive courtyard, but I was not as lucky as before.I was directly held tightly by his cold hands, and I finished the worship At the moment after the worship, I heard the surrounding Xixi.Xi murmured, and when I looked back, I found that there were strange people standing behind me.I stared at them for a long time, but I couldn t see anything strange about them.Until I turned around again and saw a livid face It was the groom who was worshiping me and glaring at me all the time, but at this moment, I could see his facial features clearly.A white and purple face with a pair of peach blossom eyes, which made the face with sharp water chestnuts a little softer, and the color of his thin lips had long since lost color.

The school club is going to perform.The clothes arrived.I couldn t hold back and tried them on.Then why are you running The uncle frowned slightly and put down cbd gummies for social anxiety the newspaper.When my uncle asked this question, I didn t know how to answer for a while, and paused for a few seconds before opening my mouth.A cockroach just ran under my feet, and I was frightened.Unexpectedly, as soon as my voice fell, the footsteps of da, da, da in the room came out again, and my whole body suddenly cbd gummies for social anxiety stiffened , swallowed his saliva, and cast his eyes on the uncle, only to find that the uncle was flipping through the newspaper as if nothing had happened.Uncle didn t hear such a loud voice Involuntarily, I asked a question.Uncle, did you hear anything Uncle colorado gummies cbd raised his head and asked me with raised eyebrows.What sound My heart was overwhelmed Could it be only I can hear this voice Seeing that I didn t speak, my uncle asked me what the sound was.

Don t be afraid, I know you definitely didn t do these things, cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam you tell me everything that happened to you yesterday.I nodded, from having a nightmare to getting married yesterday, There were also weird footsteps in the middle of the night, blood was flowing from the faucet when I got up to wash my face, and I told Qin Zheng all these things about Gu Yicheng looking for me.After Qin Zheng heard it, he automatically ignored all the previous things, and only grasped the three words Gu Yicheng in the back, and asked me to roughly describe Gu Yicheng s image to him.After colorado gummies cbd huuman cbd gummies 500mg I finished speaking, Qin Zheng asked me to wait, and then called up dozens of surveillance reports about Gu Yicheng and asked if I was him I stared at the inconceivable eyes wide and asked Qin Zheng.Where did you get it Qin Zheng told me that when he was investigating the death of the landlord s old lady and the girls who died in the landlord s old lady s house, they found it in a nearby surveillance area.

Presumptuous It was him Chapter 10 She is mine only for a moment, I was picked up by the waist, and the cold hands that were pinching my neck before were also sent flying a long way.Zhang Lili, who seemed to feel that she was attacked by someone and was knocked into the air, was very upset.Her face, which was already in a mess pierced by silk threads, was also extremely distorted at this moment.She roared at Gu Yicheng and rushed over directly, her appearance was very scary.Not only was Gu Yicheng not afraid when he saw this, but the corners of his mouth were slightly bent, with a hint of disdain.The moment Zhang Lili was about to rush cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam towards us, he heard a bang.Zhang Lili exploded like a balloon She is mine now.Gu Yicheng s warning voice sounded, but as Zhang happy hemp cbd gummies Lili was shattered, there was no one around, and no one responded at all.

Xiao Xiao, do you know how I met Chen Yanjin and the others How I asked.Qin Zheng told me that it was Chen Yanjin and the others who contacted him on their own initiative Because of this series of strange murders, Qin Zheng was also looking for someone who could solve the case, so he knew about Master Chen Yanjin, the leader of Taoist Wu Kong who was well known, so he agreed to cooperate with them.After listening to it, I suddenly felt a little funny.This step by step is interlocking, pushing me directly into the fire pit, the calculation is really dead.After taking several deep breaths to calm himself down, he asked Qin Zheng what he planned to do next Qin Zheng replied that he didn t even know Chen Yanjin s method of killing people is too secretive, there is no evidence at all that she killed people, and we don t even know why she killed these people At this moment, I suddenly thought of a person.

, pretending to feel my pulse, diverted the question, and looked at me seriously.It s very likely that you re pregnant.Hearing what she said, my heart skipped a beat.It seemed that I was really pregnant, but who was the father of the child Unable to help, I asked a few tentative questions.Son, does it belong to Gu Yicheng Chen Yanjin replied that I couldn t see it But I didn t mention this name in front of her at all, and on the surface she also did not know Gu Yicheng.Sure enough, as soon as she finished speaking, she reacted abruptly, cbd gummies for social anxiety and her whole body froze for a few seconds before she interrupted with a smile and asked me.Who is Gu Yicheng Suddenly, a hint of amusement ignited in my heart, but I still asked with an innocent face.Sister Yanjin, why did you ask me who Gu Yicheng is after answering that the child is not from Gu Yicheng Xu Shi realized that he lost his composure a lot today.

But the next day, these skins used fire to half roast the poisonous chicken and duck carcasses before throwing them into the yard.Now the big wolfhounds couldn t bear the temptation of the delicious food in front of them, and they didn t have any sense of hygiene, so they were torn open after a few bites and swallowed.As a result, it is conceivable that several big wolfhounds died in one battle All poisoned to death With this move, even the manager of the Zhao family had to sigh These things are so damn good They all learned is hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies for social anxiety how to poison The skins without opponents started to make trouble again.Not only chicken blood and duck meat were thrown into the yard, but also some dead cats and dogs were thrown into the yard, the stench was very strong Neighbors in the surrounding area also suffered disasters.

Hold my hand.Chapter Twenty six Monstrous Junli Seeing this person, my eyes widened in disbelief, and I seemed to have been scared to death.I thought that my uncle would show up to save me, and I even thought that my grandma would show up, but I never thought that Jun Li would actually come Moreover, at such a critical moment At this moment, he is completely different from the cold look before, as black bellied as he is.Naturally, Gu Yicheng would never have imagined that Cheng Yaojin would be killed halfway at such a time.What s more, those five corpses are still the five soul corpses he carefully cultivated However, Gu Yicheng s appearance did not seem to be the first time he saw Junli, but he was very familiar with it.Sure enough, in the next second, Gu Yicheng s pupils constricted and he opened his mouth in disbelief.

Chapter 27 I Killed Someone When I heard that Jun Li wanted to talk to me about the child in cbd gummies for social anxiety my stomach, I couldn t help shivering and swallowed He swallowed and asked him.How to talk As soon as Junli grabbed my hand, it inexplicably gave me a sense of belonging, and made my trembling hands and feet settle down.Xiao Xiao, have you ever thought about it, is the child in your stomach mine I shook my head, then nodded again, not knowing how to reply.I once fantasized that the child in my stomach might belong to Junli, but there was no evidence, which made it difficult for me to grasp what I thought in my heart.But Junli turned his eyes on me at this moment, his eyes sparkled with seriousness that had never been seen before.Although I don t have previous memories, I often have a dream.This dream is very beautiful and real.

While playing, he also told me to let me find a way to go first But Meng Yue s goal is not Suzhou Embroidery at all, but me.While fighting with Suxiu, he fixed his eyes on me from time to time, so that I just took a small step, and I was frightened and stood there in a daze.It would be fine if she was an ordinary ghost, but this Meng Yue s death was very miserable, full of resentment, and her death was maliciously used by someone.The resentment prevented her soul from leaving her body after death, and she was forced to become a corpse alive.Moreover, this soul locking method is an extremely vicious method.It not only prevents the deceased from being reincarnated, but also aggravates her resentment, making her a most yin and evil thing, causing disaster.It is also because of her pitiful death condition that she can only be saved but not killed directly.

A few seconds later, the black mark on my ankle disappeared, and I breathed a sigh of relief, but Jun Li suddenly pulled me up from the sofa and walked towards the door.I was a little nervous, and while trying to break free, I asked him.Where are you going He ignored me at all, until he walked out of the house, then he turned his head and said something with his eyes frozen into ice.Are you something that others can bully I didn t understand for a moment, my eyes flashed with a daze, and he added a sentence.I m the only one who cbd sleep gummies with melatonin near me can bully you.Hearing these words, my eyes lit up suddenly.Is he trying to avenge me I can t help but see Junli more and more cbd gummies for social anxiety pleasingly in my eyes And my movements became more and more dog legged, not only sticking to Junli and laughing at him, but also taking the initiative to stop the two of them from opening the car door and sending Junli in, before I sat on it.

When I passed HCMUSSH cbd gummies for social anxiety by the third to last room, I proposed to open the mahogany coffin inside to see if it was as empty as the last room.But Junli said something to me with a smile on his face.It s also empty inside.Chapter 43 Silver Eyes I still couldn t believe it when I heard it, but I didn t know how to be afraid anymore, so I strode in and opened the mahogany coffin in the center.The moment I opened the coffin, I took a few steps back, for fear that a big zongzi would pop cbd gummies for social anxiety out from inside.But the inside is really empty as Jun Li said Involuntarily, I turned my head and asked Junli differently.How do you know Junli smiled and didn t answer me.He dragged me towards the stairs on the third floor.He didn t say anything until he reached the door on the third floor.The corpses inside are the ones we encountered before.

He was referring to the female corpses hanging from the tree before we reached the west building.But how could the corpse in the mahogany coffin on the second floor run to the tree so far away Involuntarily, I asked Junli.The last time you came to pick up the corpse by yourself, were there any coffins in the west building Jun Li shook his head and repeated what he told me before.The feng shui of the west building changes very quickly.Every time he comes, the layout and structure inside will change.In other words, has Junli been here many times before I wanted to ask this question, but I didn t ask it, I held it in my heart.When I went to the third floor, I was ready to open all the rooms, but I never thought that the entire third floor would be opened.As soon as I opened the door, I felt a gloomy atmosphere around me, and when I raised my eyes, I saw the walls and the windows were covered with pieces of yellow talisman paper.

I don t know if Gu Yicheng is a corpse or not, let s take Junli as an example, I have seen a dead corpse so far that looks like a living person, and only Junli.But these corpses are not only gorgeously dressed, but also have good faces, even the exposed necks and arms are very pink, except for the paleness of their faces, it is really difficult to connect them together.At the moment when I was stunned, Junli actually looked back at me and said in a low voice.You go first in a while.Before I could react, Jun Li actually teleported to the door, pushed the door open with one foot and pushed me in.The moment he let go of my hand and closed the door, he told me that there is not much danger after passing this sacrificial pit.I was in a daze, and when I was about to say something, he had already closed the door, and I was plunged into darkness.

When I saw this, I was even more frightened, but at this moment I couldn t hear the sound of the funeral objects breaking.There is only the sound of feet stepping on debris, walking towards me Didn t cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies for social anxiety it be agreed that the road after cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies for social anxiety passing the burial pit is not dangerous How can such a weird place be called safe While listening to the footsteps behind me, I started to dance and kick the door anxiously, but this wooden door is stronger than the corpse door.No matter what I do, I can t even smash a hole in it.Come.I was so anxious that I was about to cry, and the shadow behind me was getting closer and closer to me.I don t know if they were playing tricks on me on purpose or what, the closer they were to me, the slower they walked, and the sound of small footsteps coming from my ears kept filling my heart with fear.

There was no sound other than the bump.But my already manic heart suddenly calmed down.The only one who can save me now is myself.Ordinary people would not engage in such a big fight if they want to kill me.The only person who wants to marry me is Gu Yicheng except Junli.If Gu Yicheng is really playing tricks behind the scenes, then there is still hope for my life.After all, he also knows that I am innocent and has been plotted by my family, so the grievances between him and the Xiao family have not been involved with me for the time being.Is this a stroke of luck The corner of my mouth hooked slightly, and my brain gradually regained its sanity and began to analyze.This is Junli s tomb.It is impossible for Gu Yicheng not to know something that grandma and uncle know, so it is not impossible for him to set up an ambush here in advance.

Swallowing my saliva, I stepped down from the red sedan chair cautiously.The moment my feet touched the ground, I felt a very cool breath blowing towards my face, which froze me completely.At the beginning, he was completely frightened and dumbfounded.Here I ve been here Not only have I been here, but I have also been here many times I stood in place and stared at this very simple but gorgeous house, only to see a picture hanging on the very center of the house.plaque.Gu Mansion.People of all kinds occupy the front of Gu s mansion.To say they are people is really an exaggeration, because these people of all kinds are exactly the same as those seen in the dream.They are all paper figurines.The red curtains set off the festive and eerie atmosphere.After walking a few steps, I saw the high hall where Gu Yicheng and Gu Yicheng worshiped in the dream I always thought that everything that happened in the dream was just a dream, but I never imagined that Gu Yicheng would take what happened in the dream Everything moved to reality He is, determined to marry me Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps behind him, no need to guess, I knew, who else could there be besides Gu Yicheng for such a lazy and playful footsteps Sure enough, the next second, Gu Yicheng s voice sounded from behind me.

He spit out Bai Yupei.I was so frightened by this scene that I trembled all over.I changed from reciting Junli silently to shouting Junli s name, and even took out the golden brocade pouch from my pocket.Junli can t save me What about Gu Yicheng I still remember, Gu Yicheng once said, if something happens, don t cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam be brave, he will appear if you open the kit.TM is narrow escape But I have already been irritated by this jumping stiffness, how can I have the time to open up the kit It rushed towards me suddenly, I shook my hands nervously, and the kit fell to cbd gummies for social anxiety the ground.Oops The next second, I saw a flash of white light in front of me, and the white jade pendant flew up from the ground again, helping me block the fierce blow of jumping stiff.There was a voice in my heart that kept telling me.Open compassion, open compassion.

It seems that some people don t want to appreciate it.As soon as Junli s words fell, the floor under my feet suddenly began to shake.Before I could recover, I was hugged by Junli.The surrounding ground was suddenly pried up by a force, and the whole hall was completely changed.A solemn and ancient force hovered around, and in an instant, grandma s voice rang in my ears.In the vast Fengdu, there are many Vajra Gates, and the immeasurable light of Lingbao shines on the caves and flames.Hell, cleanse the ghosts, the gods of the heavens, the ghosts and gods of the earth This is the hell breaking spell Unlike the ones performed by Xiao Jue and Jun Li before, the spell that grandma chanted was solemn and sacred.When Jun Li saw this, he immediately became a little nervous.There was the sound of sand falling from the side.

This piece of amber can be brought Gather the soul, when the time comes, the soul will gather, and the child will come back.After I heard it, I asked the old woman how long it was, but cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam she didn t give me an accurate answer.When I asked her if this child belonged to Junli, she was stunned for a moment, then nodded to me and said yes.Ya Jin Guang garbage.I was overjoyed for an instant, but when I thought about the child, my eyes instantly faded again.I want to ask the old lady of the landlady, since Xiao Jue plotted against me, he just wanted to use it to revive the evil face, why did he go to such lengths to plot me and Junli into bed.Why do you still want to plot against me and Junli to get married But the old landlady replied to me that I will know when I am strong enough to confront them with my own strength.

Don t worry, little cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam girl, I don t think you look like a murderer, and you have no grievances with the boss, nothing will happen.When I heard this, I immediately glanced at the policeman with a square face and nodded to him., but he glanced at me with a sigh, then turned and left.After eating the food brought by the police, it was already late at night, and I didn t have the time to study the evil books.What if I was being watched now The entire detention center is eerily cbd gummies for social anxiety quiet, and even the annoying hiccups and farts of other detainees can be heard clearly.Knowing that what I need to do most now is to find a way to get out of here, but I just can t concentrate at all.I don t know if it s a psychological effect, but I actually feel that the surrounding air seems to be getting lower and lower, and even the cold air has penetrated directly into my bones, making me shudder from the cold.

As soon as I heard the contract of master servant relationship in her mouth, I immediately became interested, raised my eyebrows slightly, and told her.I can help you break this contract, and I can also save you, but you must sign a master servant contract with me.This contract.I have seen it in evil books, and I know a little bit, but I didn t cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam take it seriously at the time.The blood girl s eyes widened suddenly, a flash of anger flashed in the eyes instantly, and the surrounding air also became a bit colder, but I was not afraid at all, I held the beauty picture in my hand and kept patting, the corners of my mouth slightly curled up.He looked at her sullenly.Aren t you afraid that I will reveal your identity to the Xuanzhen sect She said, her voice already very gloomy.I shook my head casually and said something.

The moment I opened the door, looking at the dark room, I was still very scared.Especially when I look at the window sill, I always feel that there is someone hiding behind the curtain, and I also feel that there is a figure standing on the window sill, but when I turn on the lights in the whole room, there is nothing.Sighing, I just feel that tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.After taking a shower, I lay back on the bed, took out the blood amber, and wanted to communicate with the blood girl inside, but I saw her with a ferocious expression in the blood amber, struggling constantly, as if something was pressing on cbd gummies for social anxiety her body, tossing phil mickelson and cbd gummies and turning inside Keep rolling.I don t know if it s because I regard her as a friend.Seeing her uncomfortable appearance, my heart arose, and I couldn t bear it for a while, so I asked her.

Before making tea, he raised his eyes and said something to me.Take out your token and show him.After hearing this, cbd gummies pensacola fl I groaned, and took out the token that Yunjing had given me earlier from my pocket.When Xiao Jue saw it, his face was full of disbelief, and he pointed at me and said.Just her The envoy of the inner court Although I don t know what the envoy of the inner court is, judging from Xiao Jue s tone, it should be of extraordinary status The next second, Yunjing said indifferently, Yes , and let the The man took a piece of paper and a pen and put them in front of me, and said something to me.You start the game, I ll break it.But I really don t know how to start the game, just about to refuse, but Yun Jing locked his eyes on Xiao Jue and asked Xiao Jue.What do you want to be I could tell from Xiao Jue s face that he really wanted to say something back to cbd gummies for social anxiety Yun Jing, don t you know what I want to be Asian giants.

Chunxia.He suddenly frightened me so much that I stammered Ahah , and then he asked me about the game.Have you ever been to the tomb I just wanted to say no, but I found that Jun Li turned his eyes to me at this moment.My heart instantly plopped in my chest, plopping non stop, my face turned red instantly, but at the same time, my back also felt terribly cold.A bad thought came up from my back, hecouldn t he want me to accompany him to the grave I was afraid of being recognized by Junli, but I was even more afraid that Junli would not recognize me when I was sitting in front of Junli.Seeing that I hadn t spoken for a long time, Yunjing called my name a few more times, so I whispered something.It seems, I should, let gummies cbd 1000mg s go down He directly ignored the four words in front of me, and when he heard that I had gone down to the tomb, he quickly asked me to accompany him into Junli s tomb.

You took the branches all over the village to write and draw all afternoon, just to set up the formation Yun Jing asked, Jun Li nodded, and said yes, otherwise, would I have so much free time Then he added lazily.I m really grateful to that grandma Xiao Xiao, who helped me confirm that Xiao Xiao is in this village.She has helped me so much, and she still doesn t get paid.As soon as Jun Li s voice fell, Yun Jing was so surprised that he could have stuffed an egg.The mouth grew bigger, and he asked Junli if he didn t expect Xiao Xiao s grandma to help him guide the coffin from the beginning.Just want to make sure Xiao Xiao is in this village Junli nodded, and said naively that s right, otherwise why would he waste so much effort to set up the formation.After saying this, he went downstairs without waiting for Yunjing and I to react.

A scent of ink came from the tip of my nose.I suddenly widened my eyes, but in the next second, Junli threw it directly on the floor.One hurt, and the back of my head cbd gummies for social anxiety hit the floor directly.At the same time, Yun Jing also jumped down from the top.Looking at my miserable appearance, he gave a tsk tsk and joked.Junli, you really don t eat fireworks in the world, and you don t care about fragrance and jade at all.Do you still plan to be a broken sleeve Junli didn t even give Yunjing a look, but walked to the side on his own, carefully Take a closer look at the murals on the wall.Yun Jing stepped forward and pulled me up, pulled me up from the ground, and said kindly , he saw that I had been staring at Junli all the way, so he wanted to create opportunities for me, but he didn t expect Jun Li is so ignorant.

Built his own tomb into a three story palace Moreover, a small three story building was choice cbd delta 8 gummies also built on the ground The hall on the first floor was very empty.Apart from the buildings that should have been there, not to mention the funerary objects, not even a corpse or a coffin appeared.But before I took two steps, I suddenly heard the sound of fingernails scratching the coffin board above my head.I subconsciously wanted to turn around, but was suddenly pulled aside by Yunjing.Only then did I realize that there were no coffins on the ground, all because these coffins had already been hung on the beams In just an instant, the coffins and coffins locked by iron chains were all lifted, and the corpses jumped off the coffins one by one, but before I could react, I heard a soft sound beside my ear.

Even if I can t escape, at least the blood girl is with me, and I cbd gummies red am not facing it alone.The moment the blood girl appeared, she let out a wow and looked around before asking me.Xiao Xiao, what are you is hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies for social anxiety doing When she said this, the bloody girl s eyes hadn t turned to me, but the words were only halfway, the moment the bloody girl s eyes turned to me, she stared in disbelief.With big eyes, he kept pointing at my face, and couldn t even say a word.I looked at her in surprise, and I was about to reach out and touch her head to see if she had a fever and she was crazy, but she said something to me in the next second.Xiao Xiao, you are so beautiful.As soon as I heard this, I felt a thud in my heart.I dropped the thing in my hand suddenly, touched my cheek with both hands, and touched it several times.

I swallowed a few mouthfuls of the water that Junli poured me, moistened my throat, and then I asked Junli, and I looked at Junli several times, I could see the full of pampering from his eyes.But it was also mixed with fear and unquenchable anger.There are even some emotions that I don t understand.In the end, I broke my tears and laughed, and asked Junli with a bit of joy for the rest of my life.I entered a dark space after I fell into a coma.Is that an illusion Did you save me in cbd gummies for social anxiety the end Jun Li didn t answer me in a hurry, instead where can i purchase natural paradise cbd gummies near me he fixed my quilt and let Yun Jing go out first, saying He wanted to talk to me alone.After Yun Jing heard this, he glanced at me unhappily, but the second he gave me a look, zatural cbd gummy bears he was frightened by Jun Li s cold and thorough eyes and ran out of the ward directly.

On the top of the bun is a hairpin with beads and flowers, with tassels hanging from it.The tassels flickered as she spoke.She has a fair face, soft and thin skin.The eyebrows are slender and picturesque, and the eyes are shining like stars.There is a small mouth under the small bridge of the nose, with thin lips, and the corners of the mouth are slightly curved upwards, with a sad smile.The whole face HCMUSSH cbd gummies for social anxiety is delicate and beautiful, so refined, it doesn t have the slightest smell of human fireworks.Draw with the Holy Diao.She was wearing a white blouse and a white pleated skirt.Sitting there, dignified and noble, quiet and elegant.So pure.Tender, like a budding hibiscus, spotless.But there is such a muddy and untainted breath, and there is a bit of wind and dust that I can t understand.And this time when I saw this woman, it was no longer on the battlefield as before, but in a petite courtyard, beside the woman, sat a maidservant, and the two of them were whispering, I was too far away to hear what they were saying.

Looking at the appearance of this turkey in the mirror, what appeared in my mind was the appearance of Huo Yan in my dream last night, which was muddy but not stained, clean and ripples but not demonic.In contrast, it is simply a sky, a place I had just tidied myself up and walked out of the public restroom when I bumped into a person in this community.Only then did I remember that Tang Maru and Junli lived in the same community.At this time, beside Tang Maru, he was leading a coquettish woman with a charming appearance and a smile between her brows and eyes, like a hibiscus emerging from water.Looking at the woman holding Tang Maru s hand, I suddenly felt like a lady holding a shepherd dog.Chapter 108 Sneaking into Xuanzhen Sect and I used the identity of Zhang Chunxia, Tang Maru naturally recognized me.

Who are you I didn t deny or affirm, but I had some temptations, but in the next second, the black robed man who kidnapped the snake woman directly took off the hat on his head.A cute baby face, matched with that neat short hair, directly caught my eyes.I looked at her with wide eyes in disbelief and asked in a low voice.Zhao Yiyun She nodded excitedly, almost at the same time, cbd gummies for social anxiety Zhao Yijun and I asked each other.Why are you here But the next second, both of us froze in place.Me and her, whoever is cbd gummies for social anxiety here has a problem.In her eyes, I was a fool who didn t believe in gods and was stared at by others, but now I summoned such an awesome female ghost to come out to help, and I was even more skilled in holding a green lobster cbd gummies whisk and picking up a few talismans .And in my eyes, she is simply the embodiment of justice.

But they didn t know the next sentence, beautiful women are like poppies, whoever touches them will die or be injured.My complexion paled instantly, and I asked Yun Jing, what exactly is the picture of a beauty Yun Jing shook his head, saying that the cbd gummies for social anxiety cbd gummies rochester ny beauty picture is just like his sister, and it has always been a mystery.After I heard this, I was suddenly taken aback.Like his sister, I have always been a fan.What does this mean With giant mixed blood.Isn t Fuyan Yunjing s older sister As soon as I asked this question, Yun Jing s complexion changed instantly, and gloom, resentment, and even bloodthirsty that I had never seen flashed in his eyes Just one look, and I was startled from the bottom of my heart, and cold sweat broke out all over my body.Yunjing actually has this side In an instant, Yun Jing put away his appearance, got up and thanked me, saying that his heart was a little disturbed and he went to rest first.

When I heard this, my scalp felt numb, and before I could figure out how to respond, Junli replied directly for me.If you want to get out, get out, why are there so many nonsense It was the first time for me to hear Junli s rudeness.When Gu Yicheng heard this, his whole body suddenly became so angry that he almost didn t disturb the Yunjing hall.It was a mess.In the end, Yunjing couldn t stand it any longer, and Xiaoxiao made a big fuss, which calmed down the war chaos.But as soon is hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies for social anxiety as Gu Yicheng left, Junli pulled me out of Yunjing s house without even saying goodbye to Yunjing It wasn t until I reached the door that I let go of his hand, looked at Junli strangely, and asked him.What do you want Junli replied me with two words.go home.I got into Junli s car peacefully, and the two of us were so quiet along the way that we didn t even have a word.

You don t tell me, do you still love her now Are you afraid of mentioning her and thinking about the past But I asked Junli like this he return yes No Say talk I just felt that I couldn t bear it any longer, and stood up directly from the sofa, looking at Junli.Don t prednisone and cbd gummies you admit it When you married Fuyan, didn t ten miles of peach blossoms bloom all over Chang an When you fell in love with her, didn t you fulfill the duties of the world When she disguised herself as a man, didn t you still chase her I just felt that I had said a lot, until I almost couldn t catch my breath.Only then did Junli raise his eyebrows with a cbd gummies for social anxiety smile and ask me something.Finish Chapter 125 Recovering Identity When I saw myself sputtering so much, Junli didn t even react at all, and was so angry that I almost threw the whisk on the sofa directly on Junli.

Do you think he is ugly Chunxia has a big face, small eyes, two smears of plateau red on her face are a little more obvious, the big mole on her mouth is a little bigger, and her clothes are a little rustic.Do you care about it You have Xiao Xiao, why are you going to hook up with Chun Xia You answer me Junli put away the smile on his face, but the smile that flashed in his eyes could no longer be resisted, Junli and I Li looked at each other, and the two couldn t hold back anymore.The moment both smiles burst out, Yun Jingqi went crazy.At is hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies for social anxiety a time like this, are you still flirting with each other Sure enough, Junli, I really misunderstood you.I told you everything about Chunxia at that time, but in the end, you are a kind hearted person who loves the new and dislikes the old.Treat Chunxia like this As soon as I heard that Yunjing told Junli about me, I couldn t help looking at Junli, but Junli s expression changed instantly.

But I was so cruel that I hung up Junli s phone call.I m already very cowardly, and I can t extricate myself from it.I don t want to show my cowardly side to everyone.I d rather meet myself covered in scars outside, lick my scars and move on, and I don t want Junli to know that such a poor me still has such a weak side.In my park, I cried for half an hour, my eyes were red and swollen from crying, I stood up from the stool in a daze, and walked forward alone.But Jun Li never called me again.I don t know how long I m going to walk alone outside, I cbd gummies for social anxiety m really scared, I m afraid to face all this, I really want to change my identity and start again in a strange city where no one knows me.But I can t bear it, I can t bear Junli.Habits are the scariest thing.I have long been used to having Junli by my side.

I couldn t help but sneer twice.It s really not a big deal to watch the excitement.If they knew, the people who died here were killed by ghosts., it cbd gummies for social anxiety is estimated that it can scare away directly.Lifting the cordon, I got in from the inside.The police outside knew me, but they didn t stop me.I walked straight towards the murder scene, but when I got to the corridor, I smelled a disgusting smell , Only then did cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies for social anxiety I realize that it was the policeman who came to handle the case who saw the murder scene and was disgusted and vomited outside.I covered my nose and continued to walk up.After walking a few steps, I saw Qin Zheng who came downstairs to look for me.He handed me a mask, and the moment he handed it over, he said something.It smells especially bad when you wear a mask.After saying this, he pointed to the vomiting policemen beside the corridor.

When I heard this, I was really confused.What does it mean to look forward to my rebirth Didn t it be agreed that everything will be clear after opening the coffin And isn t there a picture of a beauty in the coffin Why did a small white note and a poppy appear when I opened the kit I asked this question to the master, but she said something.Get on stage.Isn t the picture of the beauty in Fuyan s tomb already in your hands Afterwards, he added another sentence.The truth has long been in front of your eyes, but you are unwilling to believe it.The master s first sentence means that the beauty picture in the kit she gave me was originally taken from the tomb of Huoyan.And the truth The flower language of poppies is to regain hope after death.In other words, rebirth from the cocoon.Closing my eyes, I hung up Master s call, and suddenly laughed at myself.

I just wanted to kiss lightly at first, but as soon as I kissed, Junli turned passive into active, hugged my waist with one hand, and clasped the back of my head with the other, ruthlessly pushing the active The right was taken away.I was gradually intoxicated by Junli s kiss, until a gust of cold wind blew by, and cbd gummies compared to thc gummies colorado gummies cbd then I realized that Junli let go of me when I was in a state of confusion and love, and kept laughing at me with his playful eyes.My face turned red immediately, if there was a hole next to me, I could really go straight down, but at such an embarrassing moment, Junli got up from me and walked to the toilet.There was the sound of running cbd gummies for social anxiety water coming from the toilet.I thought it was Jun Li who was infatuated and couldn t hold back to take a cold shower, but he came out of the toilet, picked me up from the bed, and threw me Into the bathtub You smell so bad, do you still want to stay on the bed Junli s voice sounded, and a few smiles of disgust flashed in my eyes, but I always felt like I was being targeted by villains.

I nodded and smiled at her.I didn t know how to answer, but Junli asked the man directly.Chu Mo, did you and Lian Zhu walk around here just now Did you find anything Chu Mo nodded, saying that the things had been stolen.I really didn t expect that someone else would dare to break into that person s tomb.From their conversation, I learned that the hexagrams I calculated were probably correct, and they had already guessed whose tomb it was before they came But that woman s name is Lianzhu, the lotus of the lotus, the decoration of the colorful dots, the name is really nice The next second, Junli suddenly turned his gaze to me, and asked me to spread my hands and remove the broken piece just now.Tell them the bureau, when he said this, the arrogant look on Junli s face made me really want to hit him, but the tone of showing off treasures from Junli s mouth made me secretly happy.

As soon as the call was connected, Zhao Yijun asked me aggressively why I didn t call her after I agreed to go cbd gummies for social anxiety home and call her.I used Yunjing as an excuse to explain, and the young lady let go.Before she could speak, I couldn t wait to ask her a question.Is the concealed destiny easy to be deciphered Zhao Yiyun was stunned when he heard this, and asked me.What s the matter Has anyone covered up your fate I joked with a smile, no, I saw something covering up your fate in an ancient book.I was very curious, but I couldn t understand it, so I asked you.After she heard it, she said oh , and told me that covering up fate is very similar to modifying fate, which is equivalent to changing fate against the sky.A person s numerology is fixed from birth.If you want to cover up your fate, you are fighting against the sky.

But Yunjing pulled me excitedly and said, Chunxia, I always feel that such an awesome moment of breaking the game set by others cannot be without witnesses.Today, my brother will let you see how my brother broke the game set by others Bureau.After I heard this, my frightened face was pale and my lips were tingling.At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang downstairs, I went downstairs and opened the door, only to see Yun Jing s excited face, followed by Yi Xue, Yi Xue walked in with a big bag, Put it on the table and go straight out.But Yunjing pulled me excitedly and said, Chunxia, I always feel that such an awesome moment of breaking the game set by others cannot be without witnesses.Today, my brother will let you see how my brother broke the game set by others Bureau.After I heard this, my frightened face was pale and my lips were tingling.

There were about ten private rooms on the entire third floor, and we were the only ones.There are people sitting in the room.Yun Jing nonchalantly played with the tea set in his hand while asking Yi Xue.How long until it starts Yi Xue looked at the time and replied respectfully.One hour.Yun Jing nodded and said nothing, but the unfathomable expression in his eyes always made me feel that Yun Jing was a lion, a quiet lion.He stares at a person without showing any thoughts, and will only appear as a lion at the most critical moment, giving the opponent the hardest blow, making him unable to stand up once.I was staring at the window in a daze, and saw Zhao Yiyun, who appeared to be a group of high ranking officials and dignitaries, and the people standing beside cbd gummies for social anxiety her were all very respectful towards her, almost worshiping her as a Buddha.

Yun Qi was cowardly, afraid that the matter between himself and Concubine Xian would be exposed, so he kept persuading Concubine Xian to abort the child in her stomach.But the child in my stomach is my own.Even if it s an illegitimate child, if you can t see the light, you can t bear to kill this child The two were at a stalemate, so there was no more to say, and the days passed like this.In the imperial palace, cannibalism does not spit out bones, how can there be a total pure brand cbd gummies wall that does not leak The news of Concubine Xian s pregnancy naturally spread to the ears of another noble concubine.Although Concubine Xian is not favored, one thorn in the side may be removed, but one is missing after all, isn t it However, this noble concubine was .

what mg to to take of cbd gummies?

also very calm, until the day when the concubine Xian gave birth, everything was prepared, and she directly led the emperor of Chu to the palace of the concubine Xian.

Yun Jing s sluggishness was due to the moment when Chu State was destroyed and Feng Shitian died, he knew exactly cbd gummies for social anxiety what he wanted.Local private Zhenba.In cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies for social anxiety fact, the most important thing in human life is not hatred at all, but love, isn t it It was because of love that Concubine Xian would rather die and give birth to him, and even held him in the urn for so many years, just to see him, it was also because of love that he and Feng cbd gummies for social anxiety Shitian would meet and give him that radiant light.If there is no debt, how can we meet.Everything flashed through Yunjing s mind, but what if Yiren died with regrets If he could do it all over again, Yunjing should choose the road of revenge, right cbd gummies for social anxiety And Junli s sluggishness is because he doesn t know why he would be so excited when a princess of a subjugated country died, and rushed directly to the imperial city It wasn t until the entire Chu State was completely conquered and incorporated into the territory of the Yan State that he received a mysterious letter.

As soon as I heard it, there was a difference.I took the picture of beauty from Junli s hand, but I still couldn t believe it.It was so easy for HCMUSSH cbd gummies for social anxiety Junli to give me the picture of beauty.At this time, the picture of beauties is like a sleeping picture scroll without any color, but Jun Li told me at this time that the reason why the picture of beauties is so powerful is because it has a record of hundreds of ghosts sealed inside it.The Hundred Ghosts Record can seal hundreds of ghosts, summon hundreds of ghosts, and cbd gummies for social anxiety transform the world s fierce ghosts into his own attacking weapons, but the beauty map is more precious than this, and it is only this that can be discovered by others.As for the others, he doesn t know Although I have long known that the picture of beauties can summon hundreds of ghosts is very awesome, but I really haven t connected it with the record of hundreds of ghosts.

The female ghost looked at cbd gummies red me and smiled even brighter, but at the moment the female ghost in front of her laughed.The corpses that were set aside laughed The bursts of laughter seemed even more terrifying in this already quiet and cbd gummies for drinking weird atmosphere.As soon as I thought about it, I bit my index finger and remembered what Yunjing once taught cbd gummies for social anxiety me The volley drawing talisman directly used blood to draw a ghost killing talisman in the air.Taishang Laojun is as anxious as a law The moment the curse was cast, this talisman slapped fiercely on the female ghost, and a flash of inspiration suddenly appeared, and the female ghost was shattered by the blood talisman, and I immediately relaxed Tone, I was about to pick up the mobile phone less than half a meter away from me, but there was a click behind me, and there was the sound of the door opening I slowly turned my head away, and found that the door was opened by someone.

Feng Shitian did not meet Feng Jiu according to the arrangement of Emperor Chu and the others at all.Instead, he knew the truth at the very beginning of their plan Although Feng Shitian in the picture is young, he has already understood a lot of truths.Knowing that some things cannot be revealed in person, she chose to turn around and leave the main hall.After she walked out of the hall, she was found by the maid and brought back to the palace.I looked at the loneliness on her face, and my whole heart was pulled together in pain.No wonder I in my previous life chose to jump off the imperial city to die for my country when everyone betrayed me.In fact, I know everything, but I don t want to, I don t have the heart to expose it all.The scene changed quickly, half a year later, Feng Shitian was taken out of the palace by the Emperor Chu to worship the ancestors.

The moment Feng Shitian stepped out of the screen, a charming smile appeared on his face.He stuck out his tongue at Emperor Chu.Father.Emperor Chu loved Feng Shitian very much, seeing her mischievous appearance, instead of getting angry, he laughed heartily a few times.Here comes an introduction.But at that time, unless it was an untitled emperor s heir, or a close relative, he would only call his name in private.Everything is hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies for social anxiety else is called a title.Even when the Emperor Chu introduced Junli and Gu Yicheng, they were both Prince Yan and Prince Wei.And Emperor Chu called Feng Shitian in front of so many people, and even called her title, Rong Le.The people around kept praising Chu Huang, Princess Rong Le was resourceful and resourceful, Chu Huang, who was said to be talented at a young age, was elated and laughed again and again.

In my last life, Junli wanted to kill you.I stubbornly threw myself in front of him and watched him kill you with his own hands.After finishing speaking, the master seemed to think of something again, and directly vented his anger on me.Do you know how long your blood has been bleeding For two full hours, the last drop of blood on your body was drained before you died If you hadn t arranged everything in your previous life, I really don t want you to go back to Junli in this life.Beside me.As soon as Master s words fell, my heart felt as if countless sharp knives had been pierced through, and I was agitated.I was about to say something, but there was a sudden sound of footsteps next to my ears.Master s phone call Also hangs up randomly.The moment the door was opened, I pretended to be playing with my mobile phone on the bed, and Junli walked in from the door, his expression darkened instantly.

When I was young, the images I saw the most were my father holding a cbd gummies for social anxiety hairpin in the direction of the cold palace, looking at things and thinking about people, secretly deploying his own power in various dangerous situations.Until I personally destroyed Chu State in my hands, and forced to death my beloved woman, Feng Shitian.It dawned on me.It turns out that everything in the world is just floating clouds, the most real, the most cherished person, and the thing I care about the most can only be seen clearly at the moment when I destroy it with my own hands.When I met Feng Shitian, I was actually ten years old, but I was short and looked like I was only seven or eight years old, so Feng Shitian always regarded himself as my older sister.Her appearance rushed into my heart like a fairy who fell into the world.

She I m afraid she can see it better than anyone else The moment Feng Shitian jumped down from the imperial city, I felt as if I had lost the whole world, I couldn t bear it any longer and rushed directly in front of her, but I didn t even touch a single hem of her clothes.She died, before my eyes.Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.I forced her to death, what right do I have to say I love her If cbd gummies for social anxiety it weren t for her, my life in the Chu Palace would be as cheap as a dog, who would take pity on me The day she died was beautiful, and the surprise will always be imprinted in my mind, but at the moment she died, I could only tell her carefully from the bottom of my heart.I love you.Tudao Yinba.When I rushed over, Jun Li also rushed over, maybe he didn t know why he rushed over until Feng Shitian died, right Whenever Jun Li felt that Feng Shitian was familiar with him and wanted to ask me about Feng Shitian s situation, I used various reasons to avoid it, and the battle between the two armies was so urgent that Jun Li had no time to think too much.

But my current identity is not Zhang Chunxia.I was a little confused at once, what if Zhao Yiyun regards Zhang Chunxia as a good sister, doesn t know that I am Zhang Chunxia, and came to my side for a purpose Seeing that I hadn t spoken for a long time, Xu Shi stretched out his hand and platinum series cbd infused gummies 1200 waved it in front of my eyes, asking me what s wrong and why I was in a daze.I is hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies for social anxiety smiled and said it HCMUSSH cbd gummies for social anxiety was nothing, and told her about the cbd gummies for social anxiety emptiness of the house, but she asked me to show her the game I got.I was taken aback for a moment Could it be that she also understands Qimen Dunjia I deliberately diverted the topic and asked Zhao Yiyun if he also understood these things.But I saw her say with a smile When I was young, in the Taoist temple, the master .

are cbd gummies legal in pa?

often studied the things left by Huo Yan, and I saw a lot when I stood by, so I understand a little bit.

The spoon fell to the ground.The moment she picked up the key, she made two tsk tsk sounds.It s really cooperative, and it s not in vain for me to set up such a big game.Damn it The moment her voice fell, I suddenly came to my senses, since she approached me, so early This game of chess is already being laid out, and every time a piece is made in the game, it is interlocked with the chess game set up before.So, she cbd gummies for social anxiety killed grandma and threw grandma into this dungeon to force grandma to get the key, but grandma didn t give it to her, so she set her sights on me And she didn t act before because she guessed that I didn t have the key on me at the time, and the stone lion statue at the door was also testing me, whether the key was in my hand Even if you beat me to death, you can t believe that Gu Yiyun, who saved me twice and took care of me with all my heart, turned out to be an enemy more terrifying than Bi Se.

Along the way, Junli acted like an old man, and Yunjing looked like his housekeeper.No matter what Yunjing said to him, he would say um leisurely and stopped talking.But I always have a premonition in my heart, this time I came to Changbai Mountain, it seems that something is about to change.But where this premonition comes from, I am a little unclear myself.At the foot of Changbai Mountain, the hostel s homestay was cordoned off by the police, and the three of us found a hotel named Unforgettable to stay at.Xu Shi saw that the three of us had been staring at the homestay opened by the proprietress, and walked up to us enthusiastically, asking if we were foreigners and had just arrived at the foot of Changbai Mountain Junli and Yunjing each had a paralyzed face and did not speak.I what is cbd gummie saw the boss s expression of wanting to gossip with us, and quickly followed his words Yes.

What are you planning Afterwards, Junli pulled me and turned around and planned to go downstairs, but the moment we were about to go downstairs, the eyes of these ghosts in the room were suddenly stained with bright red, and they went straight to We rush.My back froze from being blown by the strong yin energy.Before I could react, Jun is hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies for social anxiety Li smiled and said to is hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies for social anxiety Yun Jing, You still don t accept ghosts Yun Jing gave Jun Li a vicious look, obviously All these changes were planned by the two of them, and Jun Li took out a command flag from his pocket, recited the mantra seemingly casually, and directly said that these ghosts were included in the flag.The whole process didn t take more than five seconds.I just stared dumbfounded until I realized that I asked Yun Jing Aren t these ghosts imprisoned Why can they still attack people Seems like.

After hearing this, the owner nodded and didn t speak until I stepped out At the moment of the hotel, I heard the boss whisper It s not easy for a girl to be a tour guide nowadays, and she has to accompany two gays to go out to see the snow in such a cold day in the middle of the night.When I heard the boss s words, my face suddenly changed When he got dark, he looked back at the boss with murderous intent in his eyes, but the boss seemed to have no idea what my eyes meant, and pouted his lips in sympathy for me.I just feel that there are ten thousand mud horses galloping past in my heart.How can I be like a tour guide When did I say I was a tour guide Moreover, if two men chill cbd gummies synthetic walk together, can they be regarded as gay by this gossip boss wana cbd thc 1 1 gummies review When I thought of this, I immediately aimed my eyes at Junli and Yun Jing, and the moment I aimed at them, I trembled when I saw the two of them staring at me sullenly.

He stretched out a hand, hugged me in his arms, and then went directly to the chain bridge.The chain bridge was in disrepair all the year round, and no one had walked on it.The moment he stepped on the chain cbd gummies for social anxiety bridge, it was full of dust and rickety.When Yunjing saw it, he secretly scolded Junli for not being loyal enough Then he followed directly and boarded the chain bridge.Strange to say, ever since he got on the chain bridge, the devilish energy was directly isolated on the opposite side of the bridge.But at this time on the bridge, there was billowing yin energy At the same time as the yin energy rose, there was a sound of guzheng in my ear Tubian Licai.If I heard correctly, it is the song played by Fuyan in the illusion, the song played by Yunjing when I saw Yunjing for the first time I was also in the dream, dreaming that Fuyan was kneeling at Ling When Shun stepped down, Ling Shun sat in the pavilion on Changbai Mountain and played the song.

When I opened my eyes, I realized that I was actually lying in Junli s arms, and Yun Jing was standing beside him with a pale face, his whole body was wet as if he had just been fished out of the water, very embarrassed.But wasn t I lying on the ground just now I what s wrong with this I opened my mouth differently and opened up space.I turned my head to look around, but saw a bright red liquid passing by the corner of my eyes.I suddenly widened my eyes.Should I Could it be bleeding I raised my hand to grab it lightly, but only a little bit was wiped off, but my forehead was still extremely smooth.Your blood Junli nodded, saying that Yunjing and I had fallen into an illusion just now.I broke free from his arms in different ways, but when I stood up from the ground, I wanted to look up and look around, the tumbling yin energy around me made my legs and feet weak from fright Here, it s like a huge karst cave, with a ray of light shining down from the top of the head, but the surrounding area is full of dense, dark coffins When did I and Yunjing fall into this illusion The coffins were so dense that my scalp became numb, and I asked Junli in a low voice.

Let s open it and have a look.Unexpectedly, at this time, Xiao Jue also turned the topic 360 degrees, and smiled mockingly at Gu Yiyun You are not that capable, you can use me as a gunman.A group of people People, we have already contested several times during the conversation, and everyone has their colorado gummies cbd huuman cbd gummies 500mg own considerations in their hearts.But I cbd gummies for social anxiety am even more curious, what is in this coffin that can make the Gu brothers and sisters turn against each other I looked at Junli, then at Yunjing, seeing Junli s expression was indifferent and didn t express anything, and seeing Yunjing s smiling face, I was relieved immediately.No matter what happens in this scene, since Junli and Yunjing are here, I ll just hug my thighs tightly.The scene suddenly calmed down like this, no one mentioned colorado gummies cbd huuman cbd gummies 500mg the matter of opening the coffin, and no one mentioned what cbd gummies in amarillo tx to do with the coffin.

But the master didn t answer my question, but told me to pretend that I didn t know her when I saw her in the future.Also, let me let go and do what I want, and don t worry too much about her The more I listened, the more I felt that Master was giving an explanation, so I suddenly asked Master, is it because Ling Shun s appearance destroyed the layout of my previous life But on the other end of the phone, there were a few beeps I was so angry that I smashed the phone on the ground, but when I saw the phone fell into pieces, I felt a little regretful.I picked up the broken phone from the ground, and tears fell from the corners of my eyes one by one.Squatting in the empty hall of Jun Li s house, alone, I feel a little strange for no reason, and even have the fear overflowing from my bones.what to do I seem to be at a loss for cbd gummies for social anxiety the future My grandma is dead, my master is missing, and Junli and Yunjing are not by my side.

With a pale and ferocious smile.The street lamp hit her body, making her look quite terrifying I glanced at Gu Yicheng nervously, but saw that he didn t have any expression, so I couldn t guess what he was thinking, but the difference in his eyes let me know that he was quite shocked when he saw Bi Se.With her toes, she could imagine that Bi Se appeared now to cause trouble, but because Gu Yicheng was sitting next to me, she didn t think of it, so she didn t act rashly, but quietly looked at the people in the house from the window.everything.I just wanted to ask Gu Yicheng what to do in a low voice, but when the words came out of my mouth, I swallowed them back.If I take the initiative to ask Gu cbd gummies for social anxiety Yicheng to help now.I must be at a disadvantage I couldn t help but secretly took a deep breath, my face was tensed, and I seemed very calm.

Ten minutes after the call was hung up, Xiao Jue had brought Su Xiu and Qing Jingzi to the door of Junli s house.When he saw the red coffin, his cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam face was extremely ugly, and he even clenched his fist and slammed it on the door of Junli s house.Just as Xiao Jue hit the gate with his fist, Yun Jing said indifferently, The gate is thirty eight thousand, you smashed a hole in it, remember to pay for it.As soon as the words fell, Xiao Jue s face froze, The anger that was all over the wall was immediately swallowed back, his face was ugly, and in his heart, probably because of Yunjing s words, he began to vomit blood Afterwards, Xiao Jue breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to Walking in towards the gate, Yunjing said Hey and said, Pay the money before you come in, what if you renege on the debt When I saw Yunjing like this, I rolled my eyes in my heart.

Junli said hmm , and then said, At that time, I didn t know anything, and everything was covered by me.You were kept in cbd gummies compared to thc gummies colorado gummies cbd the dark, and you forced me to marry a woman I didn cbd gummies for social anxiety t even love, so whenever I ask you something, you just answer me, so I don t know.When I cbd relaxation gummies heard this, I immediately Dumbfounded, this tone is a bit like that of cbd gummies for social anxiety Huo cbd gummies for social anxiety Yan, but what Jun Li meant, was he planning to use the words I used to fool him to fool me A little anger flashed in my eyes, but Junli smiled.I actually thought his smile was a little dull a little silly I really thought about hiding it from you before, but now that I think about it, if you want to know, I told you in advance, so what At the moment when the voice fell, Li colorado gummies cbd huuman cbd gummies 500mg changed his posture, put his arms behind my neck and let me lie down, and then cleared his throat, saying that he was going to start talking.

Could it be that the thing on this yellow talisman is actually related to the use of the beauty picture Thinking of this, I hurriedly found a flashlight, almost with big eyes, and carefully observed the yellow talisman from head to toe.But this yellow talisman is useless except that the lines on it are different from other yellow talismans.But I really didn t expect that even if this evil face left behind a Taoist temple that flattered her, it wouldn t mean that so many precious yellow talismans were left behind, right What s more, this Taoist temple was finally controlled by Gu Yiyun.How could she be such a strategic planner that she could not count that there will be changes in the Taoist temple After thinking about it for a long time, I still haven t figured out why, my whole mind is in a mess, finally I found a piece of paper and a pen, imitated the appearance of this yellow talisman, and concentrated on another yellow talisman Draw it down.

When Yun appeared, I couldn t help sighing again, Yunjing really didn t read the almanac when he went out The moment Gu Yiyun smashed down four nails, that rampant laughter resounded in our ears again, and at this moment.I only felt a chill on my back, and the moment I turned around, I saw Bi Se s incomparably ghastly figure, my scalp went numb in fright, Jun Li pulled me behind me abruptly, dodging Bi Se s attack.In an instant, all kinds of commotions emanated from the coffin array, and in an instant, a skeleton full of demonic energy crawled out of the ground, directly surrounding Junli and me.The sound of beating the coffin and Yun Jing s roar sounded in his ears, obviously Yun Jing was very upset about being locked in the coffin.Got irritable.But I don t know what are the four nails under Gu Yiyun s top, Yun Jing couldn t get out of this coffin for a while, and hurriedly drove the coffin to roll around, but couldn t break it Junli turned back indifferently, and asked me, Are you afraid I shook my head, but I didn t say anything, but I was eager to try it in my heart I finally advanced to the strength of the realm of extinction, and I haven t tried it yet.

What is the easiest way to dispel my doubts That is when cbd gummies compared to thc gummies colorado gummies cbd he comes close to me and becomes the person next to me, my vigilance towards him will naturally decrease I widened my eyes in disbelief, glanced at Yunjing, and asked, Could it be that Gu Yicheng did it Yun Jing shook his head inscrutablely, saying that he might not have done it, but even if he didn t do it, he must have helped in it.Yun Jing didn t say the following words, but there was a voice in my heart telling cbd gummy high reddit me.Gu Yicheng s help inside refers to the blood girl, right Could it be that the bloody girl was deliberately let go by Gu Yicheng But what do I think, why do I feel that something is wrong, I simply don t think about it anymore, instead I sit here quietly with Yunjing and wait for Junli s return.Waiting for Junli here, I am more or less worried, after all there are so many snakes there, and the dragon seems to be not bad, the snake gall is colorado gummies cbd huuman cbd gummies 500mg equivalent to the snake s heart, if a snake gall is taken, the snake s cbd gummies for social anxiety heart It s gone.

With a distance of eight thousand miles, does it mean that we can drift so long on the sea in one HCMUSSH cbd gummies for social anxiety night I found a small hotel to stay, and had no dreams for a night.Early the next morning, I left the remote town near Xining, and then took an earlier flight back to Kunming.Everything seemed so harmonious, Xue Po was taken back, and the threatening blood girl who had been lurking beside me died, but the more this happened, the more strange I became It wasn t until the moment Jun colorado gummies cbd huuman cbd gummies 500mg left home that I suddenly remembered something The child s soul body was collected in the blood amber, how to get the child out, and this child is a soul body, how to become a human Involuntarily, I turned my gaze to Junli and asked.When Junli heard this, he seemed to have just remembered this matter, so he was stunned for a moment, and then turned his gaze to Yunjing.

He twitched the corners of his mouth, smacked a sarcasm smile, and said to himself It seems that Gu Yicheng and I really did nothing wrong in cooperating.It stopped for a cbd gummies for cholesterol while, and I didn t see anyone wandering in front of me.Even Gu Yicheng, who said he would call me the next day, lost his sequence.It wasn t until Qin Zheng called me that he had found out cbd gummies for social anxiety about the Songzi Niangniang Temple, that there was a small wave of waves.Qin Zheng gave me a lot of information about the Songzi Niangniang Temple, and I couldn t explain it clearly on the phone for a while, so I made an appointment with him in a coffee shop.After arriving, Qin Zheng handed over a stack of information to me.hand.When I saw that there were so many materials, there were some discrepancies at once, and I asked, What are these He replied, I ll help you record all the legends about the Temple of the Son of God on Changbai Mountain for you.

In my last life, I knelt down three times, but in this life, I only knelt down and knelt down to my parents.I didn t even have parents, so the arrogance in my bones would not allow me to kneel to anyone Really don t want a child Bi Se was still laughing at me, the face that was completely changed by my talisman, but in such a short period of time, it healed perfectly and her and I have exactly the same face, but HCMUSSH cbd gummies for social anxiety there is something vicious and sinister everywhere.Didn t you say that I know this Empress Songzi I turned around, glanced at Bi Se, and asked calmly.Tsk tsk, you really don t know this concubine After hearing what I said, Bi Se opened her mouth wide, full of artificial hesitation , as if she had been greatly frightened.Even so, I still couldn t help turning my eyes to the statue of the Empress Songzi again, but this time, my eyes stopped.

As soon as he finished speaking, a few figures appeared in the crowd and wanted to escape.They seemed to be afraid of being caught by Yunjing, and they would die without a place to bury them.Li s action is fast.After three or two strokes, they were pulled back to the original place by Yunjing and Junli, and tied together with a slender rope.It wasn t until the group of people were captured that Yun Jing gently tore the paper in his hand, then stepped forward, quickly pinched the jaws of these people, and took out pieces that looked like paper from their teeth.wrapped things.If I m not mistaken, these things should be poison, right The mission failed, and these people just crushed the medicine hidden in their teeth and committed suicide As for the four people who died just now, it was Ling Shun and Gu Yiyun who inserted into Xuannv Palace to act as scapegoats for the four of them.

But Junli and Yunjing didn t make any movement at this time, as if they were guessing whether they had anything left behind, so they didn t act rashly.I have to say, being involved in this chess game is really tiring If you are not careful and take a wrong step, it will be a wrong step.When you fall into the abyss, it is difficult to figure out by yourself.At this moment, the surrounding demonic energy suddenly became a little stronger, and many dark shadows suddenly appeared outside the window of Yunjing s house.The moment these shadows appeared, thunderclouds continued to cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam roll in the sky, as if they were roaring, as if someone touched some taboo, and a thunderstorm was about to be born And these shadows don t have any yin energy on them, so they re obviously not ghosts, and combined with the vision in the sky, if I m not wrong, those figures outside the window must be demons Demons are not allowed by nature, and they cannot come to the world at all.

With a little understanding, I looked back at Junli, but saw Junli s face was indifferent, as if he was following my disposal.Seeing this, I was about to follow Su Xiu into the crowd, but all the surrounding villagers suddenly fell silent, and all best sour gummy bears cbd of them turned their gazes to the outside, and Su Xiu and I followed their gazes and turned to the outside of the door.The moment he turned his eyes to the door, he saw a very old man walking in, and the moment the old man appeared, the villagers all made way for him and greeted him one after another., Call him the village chief.As soon as I saw this scene, I immediately understood that the village head in front of me probably has a high prestige in the village, which is why the villagers value him so much.As soon cbd gummies for social anxiety as the village chief came in, he took a look at Qingjingzi, me, Suxiu, and Junli, then he bowed his hands to us and said very politely Welcome everyone.

The moment the voice fell, Junli gave a faint um as a response, and then gently attached himself to my ear, and said something.Chapter 293 Are you still telling the truth For a while, remember to be careful.The moment Junli s voice fell, I glanced at Junli in surprise, and asked him in a low voice, What are you careful about Let me go outside.Apparently it s a point, cbd gummies for social anxiety not everything was told to me.Remember to carry the female.After leaving the door, Junli glanced indifferently at the villagers outside the door, then turned his head to look at Qing Jingzi and Su Xiu who walked out of the door almost at the same time as us.Then he looked away and asked the villager to take us to the scene of the incident.The place where the incident happened is not too far from the aunt s house, and it took less than ten minutes to walk there.

It is better to lift the sand that cannot be grasped.Everyone knows this truth, but how many people can do it At this moment, Xiao Jue s voice that seemed to be about to die sounded from my mind You know me, if you can t get something, you will either destroy it, or you will destroy yourself.His character is too extreme But when I heard his last words, my eyes were filled with tears, and I said softly in my heart Love is deep, and love is deep, who is it Trembling all over, I wiped the tears Gan, walked forward, picked up the blood amber on the ground, and turned her gaze to the position of the previous corpse, she had already turned into nothingness, and on the ruins, there were still bits and pieces of hair falling.light stuff.I was about to put the blood amber on it, but at this moment, these things were actively embedded in the blood cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam amber, and kept turning around in the blood amber until all the spirits were fused with the blood amber.

Sighing, I gradually brought my thoughts back, looked back at Junli, and asked him What kind of person do you think Xiao Jue is Junli replied blankly You Don t you know Obviously, I didn t want to answer my question, and I didn t intend to ask more, but I suddenly remembered that Qingjingzi and Suxiu had been living with me and Junli for a few days before this They live in another room at Auntie s house.Will there be anything left in the room After all, before there were three volumes of cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies for social anxiety beauties and no way to crack Xuepo, but now Xuepo has been cracked, but after being wrapped by Ling Shun, there are four volumes of beauties that have not been found.I don t know if it was a bit of luck, I searched all the relics of Qingjingzi and Suxiu, but I couldn t find anything, so I was very disappointed.

Why don t we do something interesting Chapter 311 Marriage proposal Before I could react, another deep kiss fell hard, which gradually burned my whole body into heat, but he took advantage of this time to take off all my clothes.Even the shameless TIAODOU touched my most cbd gummies el paso tx sensitive nerves, with sexy and flirtatious lips.Gently tearing my earlobe, brought the trembling all over my body, and at this moment, the big hand was walking on my body.My breathing is almost in sync with Junli.But he stopped at the last level and asked me with a sly smile.Xiao Xiao, at this moment, don t you want to say something Um what The moment I uttered the first word, my face turned red, and I was so frightened But at this moment, Junli licked my lips, and said lazily, Don t you want it It s obvious This Junli s black belly wants me to speak HCMUSSH cbd gummies for social anxiety first, but it s obviously He turned me into TIAODOU s desire to stop, but turned it into another, I took the initiative I was so angry that I immediately rolled my eyes in my heart, and I didn t want to talk to Junli, but the heat provoked by Junli still refused to dissipate I almost gritted my teeth hard, closed my eyes, and yelled in a low voice Sentence Jun Li.

She wants to be free After listening to this, I really understood the whole thing, but I was full of doubts in my heart.Everyone came to the surface, and even the truth of the whole thing came out.Who is that mysterious old man A person who can have a picture of a beautiful woman, and even be proficient in Qimen Dunjia, gossip, divination, and Liuyao, is almost very rare And this person, not only has the beauty map, is proficient cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam in these, but also understands the beauty map very well, and even It is very likely that he is the person next to me.I quickly ran through the figures of the people around me, only to find that the elderly, women, and those who are capable, except my grandma, are my master.But both of them died so that there was not even a scum left, and even one of them might have lost his wits, and the other one was still under Ling Shun s control.

I don t know either.Junli answered me cbd gummies for social anxiety again with an unknown number, which made my already flustered heart even more flustered After taking a few deep breaths, he mustered up the courage is hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies for social anxiety to stretch his eyes out again.These yellow skins did not enter the yard, but were all lying on the wall outside the yard, or lying on the door.And the door of my house was opened by someone at some point, and the cold wind blew in from outside the door.When the door was blown, there was a sound of creak, creak.I stared at these yellow skinned people for a long time, but suddenly realized that the eyes of these yellow skinned people were all in another room That is my room, the room Yin er and the others live in now Could it be that these yellow skinned people came to my house not because of me and Junli Yunjing, but because of Yin er and the other five It is undoubtedly the first time for Ke Yin er to come to Luofeng Village, plus she and the four mothers in law are all living in the city of Beijing, and Beijing is thousands of miles away, so it is difficult to make a relationship For a while After a while, I couldn t figure it out, and I didn t have the HCMUSSH cbd gummies for social anxiety courage to open the door directly to meet Huang Pizi head on, so I couldn t help but hide in the room and quietly pay attention to everything outside.

But regarding the matter of my grandma s coffin, they will investigate patiently.So, there was the scene where the two of them were playing charades, saying that my grandma s body in the coffin would not be a fake at all.On the surface, the two of them were communicating when they said this, but in fact, they were testing Yin er For no other reason, the two of them rushed to Luofeng Village in a hurry, and didn t let me open the coffin to see my grandma for the last time.Isn t it just telling Yin er quietly, is there something wrong with this coffin It is very likely that the reason why they rushed to Luofeng Village in such a hurry has something to do with this coffin That s why the two of them were sleeping, and Yin er quietly left to dig up my grandma s coffin, but finally couldn t open the coffin, so she took the path back from the direction cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies for social anxiety of the west building.

Gu Yicheng hadn t appeared for a long time, and disappeared from my sight for a long time, as if the world had evaporated.Naturally, I didn t expect that he would help us behind the scenes.However, it turned out that Gu Yicheng was helping behind the scenes, so many things can be said.After all, although Junli and Yunjing are powerful, they really can t cooperate in many things.Involuntarily, I sighed, gave Junli and Yunjing a hard look, and said in a low voice, You two have really close mouths.They didn t answer me, so I continued to ask.Then the three of us, what should we do next Why is your mind so dull You have covered up your fate, and it s easy to go back to Beijing Back to Beijing I was taken aback cbd gummies for social anxiety for a moment.If they didn t talk about it, I thought Huiluofeng Village was secretly monitoring Ling Shun and his group.

I ignored Bi Se directly, didn t even bother to say a word to her, and left her lying on the spot alone, yelling at us both.The words I scolded were particularly unpleasant, and what I said the most was that we would die if we didn t want to save them, and there would be karma and so on.If ordinary people listened.I guess I will go to save her, but Yunjing and I are not stupid.Demons of her level have become figures of the level of demon saints.To her, these scars are nothing more than trifles At best, it will make her suffer for a while.At this time, Yunjing and I saw Bise, but we also read some information from Bise s body, that is, something must have happened here, otherwise Bise is such an gold leaf gummies green apple cbd arrogant person.How could he be reduced to begging for two ordinary people How could he be so flustered Thinking of this, Yun Jing and I couldn t help but slow down a bit when we walked towards the tomb door at the end.

reduced to ashes.There are many obvious signs of fighting around the tree.It seems that the fighting is still very fierce.Half of the wall collapsed, a lot of sand flowed out, and the floor was shattered a lot.I was shocked a lot.Seeing this, I carefully picked up a branch from the side, ran to the side of the tree that had been split in two, and poked it with the branch to make sure that the tree was completely dead, and then loosened it a bit.tone.Fortunately, someone killed this tree before I came here.Otherwise, even if I exposed myself, if I used beauty pictures and various tricks to fight this weird tree, I would not be able to beat it.Thinking about it, I was about to continue walking forward, but suddenly there was a sound of collapse next to my ears, as if something had sunk I turned my head suddenly, wanting to see where the sound came cbd gummies for social anxiety from of But the moment he turned his head, he froze in place On the edge of the tree, a large pit unexpectedly collapsed, the pit was full of dry corpses, and wizened vines passed through their bodies.

In the underground palace outside before, Yunjing also let me go first, and faced it alone, I already regretted it very much, how could I leave Gu Yicheng at this time In just an instant, I arrived at Gu Yicheng s side, stepped on this clump of spider silk, and wanted to tear it apart, but when I was standing on this clump of spider silk, I wanted to lift my foot The moment, but suddenly found out The soles of my feet were actually stuck to the spider silk.The moment I lifted my feet, many thin spider silks were pulled up, like chewing gum, stuck to the soles of my feet.It was disgusting How could this happen I opened my mouth suddenly, and looked at Gu Yicheng with a look of astonishment, but Gu Yicheng choked out a sentence Take the picture of the beauty and go first I didn t intend to leave at all, Hearing what he said, I naturally became more determined to stay here to save him, and suddenly threw the beauty picture at the spider silk.

The construction of this tomb is neither brilliant nor simple, but it has its own characteristics, making it unforgettable.It can even be said that it is the most characteristic tomb among so many tombs I have entered And this bridge naturally followed the construction model of the tomb.It is not ostentatious, luxurious, or simple, but it gives people a comfortable feeling at a glance.It seems that this bridge should exist here, and everything around is very peaceful, and this is a very safe place.If I hadn t been tricked here and almost died here, I would have been deceived by such a strange and peaceful atmosphere.Just when the four of us were about to approach the bridge, there was a sound of water splashing in the moat, as if something jumped out of the water.I turned my eyes suddenly, only to find that the water There was really something in it, but it didn t jump out of the water, but a pair of blue coffins floated out from the bottom of the water.

But Jun Li didn t answer in a hurry, but glanced at Gu Yicheng, paused, and then said slowly We are going inside, we are very likely to be caught in the urn.Unexpectedly, Jun Li said The words that came out turned out to be like this, I was dumbfounded when I stood there, even Yunjing Gu Yicheng s eyes were a little surprised.Involuntarily, I asked Junli Catch a turtle in a urn, we are turtles, this tomb is an urn, who came to catch us The old man who stopped us We were disguised and changed our fate at colorado gummies cbd huuman cbd gummies 500mg that time, how could she recognize us Come out And the moment I said this, Yun Jing also answered, and said a lot, and the point of this pile of words was nothing more than bragging about the array he had set cbd gummies prices up to conceal his fate, and It is absolutely impossible to make mistakes in the talismans we carry on our bodies.

I walked very slowly, even breathing with my heart beating step by step, and walked towards Ling Shun cautiously, until I came in front of him, I stopped lightly, Gu Yijun gave me a seat, He looked at me warily.Obviously, it is her and my estrangement, no matter when, no matter where we are, no matter what our identities are, it will be difficult to eliminate.But I suddenly felt, is she a bit tired like this Gu Yiyun and I have fought for two lifetimes with Bise, and in both lifetimes we have left ourselves covered in scars, people are neither human nor ghost, and we failed to live our first life well, so we began to plan the plot for the next life.I don t know if they are tired, but I am tired.I just want to go on well with Junli, do what I want to do, live the life I want to live, and become the person I want to be.

I returned all the pictures of beauties that I got, and I can t leave him behind just for these two cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam volumes of pictures of beauties What s more, Yin er is just a young man, how can Ling Shun, the devil king of the devil world, be worth much I sighed lightly, and was about to make a decision, but Junli gave me a meaningful look at this moment, and said slowly, I think we can find pictures of beauties.Look for a picture of a beauty, what should Ling Shun do After hearing Junli s words, I was a little dumbfounded.I never thought that Junli would suggest the same way, but as soon as I finished speaking, Junli was so lazy I lazily replied Don t worry, I won t die.Although I don t know the specific situation of Ling Shun, I am relieved to have Junli s words as a guarantee.Since Junli said that he can t die Then he shouldn t be able to die, right But it was still hard for me to leave Ling Shun behind, but Yun Jing also began to suggest that I leave here and look for pictures of beauties.

Yun Jing and Gu Yicheng walked aside, each of them held a flashlight in their hands, like two super light bulbs, illuminating Junli and me.The wind in cbd gummies compared to thc gummies colorado gummies cbd the grassland is very light, and the fragrance of green grass is everywhere.If we can live here, it must be very beautiful.If we are not here for the last scroll of beauties, but for all the mundane trivial matters.How good is life Thinking of this, I sighed, but I also understood that these things can cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies for social anxiety only be thought about, after all, the road ahead is getting more and more dangerous, and what will happen when I get cbd gummies for social anxiety natures one cbd gummies scam the seventh volume of the beauty map, everything It s all unknown After walking for a long time, the more I walked forward, the more familiar I felt, until the moment when I climbed over a high slope and the huge lake cbd gummies for social anxiety appeared in front of our eyes, I was completely dumbfounded If I just thought it was a little strange before, I was just skeptical At that moment, seeing this familiar lake that cannot be in the familiar lake, I was only shocked in my heart This lake is exactly the same as what I saw in my dream.

The palace in front of me colorado gummies cbd huuman cbd gummies 500mg is so familiar The moment I saw the palace in front of me, my heart felt as if it was blocked by something, and it was very uncomfortable.If the memories I recovered are correct, the palace in front of me is the palace of Chu State, right And the position I am in now should be in a very remote small palace in Chu State, so I don t have any impression of this palace.But the royal palace of Chu State was already occupied by Yan State and even destroyed when I was still a woeful face.Why do things that did not exist in the previous life appear in this life, and colorado gummies cbd huuman cbd gummies 500mg it is still in the lake under the prairie The shock on my face couldn t express my mood at the moment, so I had to drag Chu Lianqiao to run ahead, and in an instant, I pushed open the door in front of me.The moment I saw the extremely familiar building of the Chu Palace, tears of excitement kept rolling around my eyes, as if they would fall directly in the next second.

No matter how much I kicked and kicked her, she would not let go, and she even pinched her nails tightly around my ankle in disgust.I gritted my teeth angrily, and yelled at her directly If you don t want to die, get out But just as I finished speaking, she suddenly burst out laughing.The hatred in the eyes can eat people Why should I let go I don t know what happened to Yin er who was taken away by the old man, I just feel that she looked at me like an enemy, but I didn t pay attention to Yin er What have you done On the contrary, she is doing a lot of tricks behind my back to plot against me All of a sudden, I made a wave of air in cbd infused gummies justcbd my hand, trying to knock Yin er who was pulling my feet away, but she stood up straight from the ground like a carp in an instant, dodging my attack, and then slammed towards me.

Before that, she had been living in my master s body, eating away all the memory and power in my master s mind like a parasite.In this life, my master died before he could help me collect all the pictures of beauties, her soul He was even controlled by Ling Shun and the others for a period of time, thanks to her My master has always told me not to trust the people around me, because he was afraid that her own sister would pretend to be her and approach me to harm me And the reason why this old hag has been hiding behind the scenes until now is because I have collected seven volumes of beauties and reaped the benefits Chapter 381 Finale 8 Finished listening These, I suddenly remembered The old witch in front of me is not my master, so what about my master Just for a moment, I looked at her with wide eyes and asked, but she still smiled except for that wild smile.

If the beauty map is used again, she is almost invincible I want to save Chu Lianqiao.I also wanted to take the last volume of pictures of beauties to make a final fight, but the old hag didn t give me a chance to choose.After giving me a fierce look, she instantly pinched Chu Lianqiao s neck into her hands, and the black long pointed The thin nails pierced his cbd gummies for social anxiety neck suddenly, and it was unknown if it was poisonous.Chu Lianqiao s face turned black instantly, and her eyes widened as if she was in great pain.But even though Chu Lianqiao was young, she was still a resounding man, she didn t cry out for the pain, but suppressed all the pain in her heart.at this time.The countdown suddenly came out of the old witch s mouth, making my brain super chill cbd gummies 1000mg unable to think at all One.Two.Three Wait When I counted to three, I said suddenly, stopped her, held up the beauty picture, and took a deep breath I ll change it The moment the voice fell, Gu Yicheng, who hadn cbd gummies wholesale cbd gummies for social anxiety t looked at me all this time, suddenly raised his head to look at me with wide eyes, as if he didn t expect that I would give up the last volume of beauty pictures for this little kid like Chu Lianqiao.

Huo Yan saw him, but he was already familiar with it.Junli had always said that he wanted a boy before, but after giving birth to a daughter, he was not good at having a baby.Every time Chu Lianqiao appeared, he turned into a baby protecting madman to stand in front of him, but this paralyzed face was afraid of losing face, so he held back every time After Chu Lianqiao left, he said a lot of bad things about Chu Lianqiao to Junxi, which made Junxi afraid when he saw cbd gummies for social anxiety Chu Lianqiao now.Fuyan waited in place until Chu Lianqiao appeared, and brought Chu Lianqiao to the valley ahead.The owner of this valley was her master, Liao Cuilian.Every year on August 15th, the three members of their family would go to see Gu Yicheng who had been in a coma for many years, and make an appointment with Yunjing to meet here every year.

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