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They were at a loss, and everyone s charging pace stopped there.what is this Wanderer, the tank support has arrived, waiting for the order to fire Wang Weiyi took a deep breath, and then said forcefully Fire Fire Six MG137 on three tanks.The machine guns of the 91mm machine gun spit out flames at the same time The firepower organized by the six machine guns was invincible.Amidst the screams, the stunned British soldiers were swept to the ground in pieces like a whirlwind.That s our support Wang Weiyi said loudly to Guo Yunfeng, and then rushed to the tank, where he found a hanging leather bag.Opening the leather bag, there was a Bergman MP18 submachine gun, a dozen magazines, and a radio communicator inside.After putting away the radio communicator, Wang Weiyi turned back and threw the submachine gun to Guo Yunfeng Hey, Sidao, use this to kill those British But before Guo Yunfeng could hold the weapon tightly, another small Ling s voice The sweep is hemp extract vegan cbd gummies over, hit target 21, confirm, hit target 21 Wang Weiyi was stunned, so fast Looking outside the position, sure enough, twenty one British soldiers fell under the almost crazy sweep of six machine guns.General Galwitz immediately stopped what he was doing Please come in, Lieutenant Manfred.Manfred von Richter Lieutenant Hofen walked in without any greetings, and General Galwitz straight to the point Lieutenant Manfred, what did you see I saw the ruins.Lieutenant Richthofen s first words As soon as everyone s attention was directed to him, the lieutenant said solemnly When I got there, the cbd cannabinoids gummies battle was over.If I read correctly, the Welsh 19th Infantry Regiment was attacked, and their losses Serious This sentence has been confirmed by everyone Lieutenant Ernst Brahm really launched an attack on the Welsh Regiment However, Lieutenant Richthofen s following words made everyone in the staff department excited There, I saw a scene that made me excited.I saw a huge German flag At first, there was silence.It seems too impolite to come empty handed. A shy hero.The Countess made a joke Your arrival is the best giftLet me introduce you, they are Baron Bradley and BaronessThis is A series of introductions made Wang Weiyi dizzy.Those who come here are either rich or expensive, and the baron himself is nothing to do here.But fortunately, he has the halo of a German hero, so he can go anywhere Greeting respectful eyes.Ma am, I think this can express my heart in a small way Wang Weiyi took out a diamond from his cbd cannabinoids gummies pocket.Ah, a diamond that makes people crazy.Countess Leonie took the diamond exaggeratedly Thank you for your generosity, Baron Alexon.Let me think about where I should inlay it Maybe a diamond is nothing to the countess.But Wang Weiyi never thought that one day he would take a diamond and give it away.Hermione said frankly In terms of the quality of the army, they are far behind Germany.The countess breathed a sigh of relief Then why should I care about the attitude of the United States I have already said dr oz and pure cbd gummies that wars are not won only cbd gummies for brain camino cbd gummies by the bravery of the army.Hermione said cbd gummies for brain slowly In addition to the army, the United States has a strong national power.They can continuously provide supplies to Britain and France, allowing these two countries that should have collapsed to continue to maintain their combat capabilities.On the contrary, However, it dragged Germany into a bottomless pit.When our economy began to collapse, and the United States entered the war at the most appropriate time, then the fate of failure was inevitable.Countess, you have never been to America, and you don t know what kind of country it is.In his eyes, that dark plane danced deftly in the sky, and its tongue of fire was like a golden snake flying in the air.One after another British plane became a delicious meal in the mouth of the golden snake.God, this is the king of the air When the eighth British fighter plane was shot down, there was no suspense in the air battle.Captain Douglas Cornell and John.Captain Dundee fled this terrible sky as if he had encountered a devil.Two hundred and twelve.Confinement Two planes hover in the sky, one is fiery red and the other is dark.This represents the supremacy of the Luftwaffe in the skies, this represents two men, two invincible German heroes Richthofen and Ernst If you don t count the downed Buck s fighter plane, the Red Baron and the Skeleton Baron joined forces for the first time in the sky and achieved a shocking result 8 o Until now, even Richthofen couldn t believe that he and Ernst actually defeated the British Air Force.The German soldiers felt a kind of power, and this kind of power was so similar to that of Colonel Ernst.They leaned on the ship together, trying their best not to silence it, and the best weapon to protect the ship was their guns.For a whole day, the German army commanded by Model repelled the British charge five times in a row, and corpses littered the field in front of the position, which was the masterpiece of Model and the German soldiers.However, there is also bad news.Second Lieutenant Wymos was injured, and he was seriously injured.His entire stomach was about to be smashed.It s a pity that I can t continue to fight with you.Wymos tried his best to endure the pain caused by the wound.You will be cured, Lieutenant Wymos.Model made up a beautiful lie.No, Lieutenant Model, I know cbd cannabinoids gummies my situation.Once this group of commandos entered the battlefield, they turned into a bunch of madmen.There are only two things in their eyes killing kats botanicals cbd gummies and being killed Either kill the enemy under your own bullets, or be killed by the enemy s bullets In a trench assault battle, a new veteran of the commando faithfully recorded everything he saw cbd cannabinoids gummies in his memoirs after the war The first unit led by Colonel Ernst rushed to the forefront, and he and The Chinese cbd gummies with terpenes named Guo or Huo I m HCMUSSH cbd cannabinoids gummies sorry I can t remember what his name is , shot the French with the MP in his hand, and at least twelve or fifteen French fell to their guns Lower Steck was throwing grenades hard and growling loudly as if the French owed him a lot of money.I remember he seemed to have thrown no less than thirty grenades in this battle, and the carts were almost out of supply.The spotlight flashed, and it was Beasley who faithfully recorded everything that happened in front of him.Smith tried his best to avoid it, but Steck smiled and straightened his body, and took a good photo with Brigadier Smith.Mr.Reporter, don t forget to send it to me.Steck said with a smile after taking the photo.Ah, I will, wait until the war is over.Beasley was so excited at this moment, little drops cbd gummies he witnessed how the skeleton baron fought with his own eyes.Ah, I can t forget that I am an American.This is a disgrace to the U.S.military.Hand it over.The telegraph operator was very cooperative.Now put on the Germans before the telegram.We were attacked by the Germans.Wang Weiyi thought for a while, and then said to the telegraph operator Just follow what I said to send power to the Allied Powers headquarters.Naomasa Sugawara never dreamed that such a day would come.This is the first battle that I command alone It failed so quicklyso without any suspensethe Matsui family and the Sugawara family were both disgracedno.This is not my own reason, it is that those soldiers did not really show the bravery of Japanese warriors at all, they are all cowards, cowards who should be cursed countless times However, the grim situation in front of him made him worry Wang Weiyi didn t care what the enemy commander was thinking.For him, there is only one ultimate goal of any battle victory From one victory to another No one can stop your pace The chariots are advancing like a broken bamboo, and the soldiers are advancing like a broken bamboo Wang Weiyi We are also advancing The jeep driven cbd cannabinoids gummies by Si Dao drove so fast and smoothly.

Werner Heisen said hastily I have completed the task.I have retreated with my troops to the position where they should be.Ah, I heard Commander in Chief Xue said that you got it A lot of fortification drawings.Damn it, I went to see those positions, and the construction is completely substandard How is it now This is what Wang Weiyi is most concerned about.Emergency repairs have been carried out.Although cbd cannabinoids gummies it is still not up to standard, it can barely withstand the enemy s attack.Werner replied loudly I heard that you fought a beautiful battle in Xiguan.After knowing about it, Colonel Pullman and I said, it should be a German who can fight such a beautiful battle You Germans are can dogs detect cbd gummies not the only ones who can fight.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Then what 300mg cbd gummies canada are you doing here now Werner never dreamed that standing in front of him was the legend of the German army, the Baron Skeleton who swept across the European battlefield.Damn it, the little devils are here, fight them The wounded soldier recklessly raised the gun in his hand, but lacked support, and his injured leg could not bear the weight of his body, making cbd cannabinoids gummies purekana cbd gummies for sale him It fell to the ground with a plop.Don t panic, brother, your own The soldiers who rushed out of the woods hurriedly put down their guns and said.The three Japanese soldiers saw clearly that the person who came was also wearing Japanese uniforms.The three were startled, and suddenly dropped their guns, covering their faces and crying loudly I found you, I found you Brothers Don t cry, don t cry A soldier lifted the wounded soldier from the ground Have you come here We are all from the 62nd regiment of the 60th Division.The wounded soldier sobbed We were scattered in Shanghai.I was ordered to retreat, and the little devil was chasing after me desperately.How could he plan carefully like this on the battlefield, so he wouldn t fail so miserably.Okay, we.Luo Weiluo shrugged I will arrange for you to meet with the officials cheap cbd gummies for sale cbd cannabinoids gummies of the national government as soon as possible.It is in Shanghai, in our French Concession.In Shanghai Gus Taft was very surprised Now Shanghai has been occupied by the Japanese, can they come in Luo Weiluo nodded very solemnly Yes, they still have great skills in this regard, and as far as I know , their intelligence agency left a large number of .

can you fly with thc cbd gummies?

agents in Shanghai during the retreat, so we don t have to worry about how to meet.At this time, Gustav raised his most concerned question Lovello, I have to tell you, I will charge a very high ranking of cbd gummies for pain price, you have to know that it is a very dangerous thing to send weapons to a country at war.What s the use even if I can pass it on In the end, it s not like checking back and forth, and finally finding nothing For a while, everyone was silent about the bad habits of the officialdom, but they couldn t change them.Wang Weiyi s eyes suddenly blinked.He seemed to think of something.Tang Naian is a very talkative person.The chat didn t end until dinner time.After dinner at Tang s house, Cai He said goodbye.Tang Naian wanted the servant to take Wang Weiyi and the three of them to the guest room, but Wang Weiyi said that he had to go out.Tang Naian was a little worried about the other party s safety, but Wang Weiyi smiled and told him it didn t matter.I just want to visit an old friend.Tang Weihong heard that Wang Weiyi was going out.He wanted to follow, but Wang Weiyi politely declined, Hey, waiter, bring me a bottle of wine.Steward, Steward Vidlio What s the matter Joseph, you can t be in such a hurry.As a member of the baron s family, you must ensure that you are a well bred person.Ah, yes, Vidlio Butler De Leo.But you will be pleased with the news.You see, this is today s Bild, and it says that the Baron may still be alive Joseph, I must correct you, it is not possible, But you must be alive.Steward Videlio, I know you always thought the baron was alive, why are you so sure Little Joseph.When I was the baron s butler, you were a child Palipan, You gotta trim the flowers down there Christian, I ve said it a few times, don t bring stray dogs into the estate Where were we synthetic cbd gummies just saying that Ahh.The Baron s alive.Yes I m pretty sure the Baron s alive.Butler Videlio walked forward while inspecting the situation of the manor Why do you say that The baron said to me the day he went to Montfaucon, Videlio, I m leaving, help me take care of the manor. If I succeed, I will invite you to dance on the top floor of the tallest building in Shanghai.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Elena s heart moved, and a sweet feeling of deja vu emerged from her heart Now let s set the mission Xiao Ling s words made the base quiet Wanderer Self set mission The ninth phase of the Soaring Man Mission is open, the mission goal to rescue the captured Russian intelligence personnel.Weapon support the base is transferred to the ambush site by itself Xiaoling was silent Yes, I added another one One mp38 submachine gun, one Remington m7oo sniper rifle Little Ling, this Wang Weiyi swallowed Remington m7oo Crazy, let s go crazy together, let s die together Xiao Ling s answer made people dumbfounded, in Wang Weiyi s memory, he had never seen such a crazy Xiao Ling.But Xiaoling immediately said Hey, it s not for you to use all the time, just this time, after the mission is completedif there is a missionyou cbd cannabinoids gummies have to return to the base, I don t want to continue Destroying time and space That s enough, Wang Weiyi already feels very satisfied that Xiaoling can do this.It s great, I ll deliver it myself.Ah, it would be even more perfect to have the opportunity to meet that mysterious Mrs.Luo Lisa.I think about it, what price should I offer them.You know, they might become our long term customers Just as Mr.Sloan was very excited, the door of the antique furniture store was pushed open, and a well dressed gentleman with a high hat and a walking stick came in.As soon as he came in, he turned his back to Mr.Sloan and Tommy and studied the style of a wardrobe with interest.Look, luck can t stop you, Sloan said in a low voice to Tommy.Look at him being so well dressed, with his tall hat and walking stick, I reckon he must be an Englishman, I I m sure I can still make a deal today.He pulled his clothes, sent little Tommy away to do other things, and then came behind this gentleman It s from the German palace, it s a real royal thing.They don t seem to be charging fast, and even when they encounter an enemy attack, they will quickly fall to the ground, and then try their best to concentrate their firepower.But it was this kind of assault that caused the Japanese army s position to shrink rapidly.A gallop in a slow attack A real battle cannot be won by how fast you rush forward and how bravely you fight.It seems to slow down the attack speed, but sometimes it can get lightning speed.Soon, there were only two positions that the Japanese army could continue to control.A large number of Japanese troops were killed under the thunderous assault of the Huben Guard Brigade, but there were not a single prisoner.A Japanese army is absolutely unwilling to become a prisoner, cbd cannabinoids gummies and the second is that Wang Weiyi also issued an order before the war We do not take prisoners He knew better than anyone else that the Japanese soldiers at this time were extremely tough, and they regarded being captured as the greatest shame, so they would rather commit suicide than fall into the cheap cbd gummies for sale cbd cannabinoids gummies hands of the enemy.

At this time, the final attack of the Huben Guard brigade had pure strength cbd gummies tinnitus already begun Eight Karma, haven t you been able to rush over yet The head of the 103rd brigade, Yamada Umeji, said angrily with a sullen face.Yes, the resistance of the Chinese people is very tenacious, and we have rushed twice.But all failed.Eight Karma Umeji Yamada became annoyed At all costs, we must get through the defense of the Chinese people.Now, the captain of the Qingkou Alliance may not be able to hold on anymore Hay Looking at the subordinates who left in a hurry, an ominous premonition was rising in Yamada Meiji s heart If Qingkou Gozo really can t hold on, and cbd cannabinoids gummies 100mg cbd gummies the 65th Regiment is wiped out, it will be an innovation , but it is definitely a disgraceful innovation Since the empire attacked China, for the first time, a The alliance of the empire has been annihilated This is simply unimaginable But Umeji Yamada can still comfort himself.Matsui Iwane is ready to play The team, encouraged by Jiangjiacun Jie, HCMUSSH cbd cannabinoids gummies also devoted themselves to the preparations for the battle.The Japanese army is not so scary, and now the officers and soldiers of the country are beginning to have such an idea, and this is also the most precious wealth that Wang Weiyi brought to them.Only by eliminating the fear of the Japanese army psychologically can the war go on smoothly Jiangjiacun victory also brought another benefit more and more people came to sign up to join the army.The encouragement of victory, the undefeated general, the invincible army, all these can generate the enthusiasm of the people.This is the same no matter which country you are in.At this time, another situation also appeared some refugees appeared one after another Most of them are refugees who escaped from Shanghai, and some come from the north.Oh Wang Weiyi was curious The Russians sent us a telegram This is not normal., I asked you happy hemp cbd gummies review to use clear codes to generate electricity in order to anger the Russians, did you really attract Magfedrov General, I guess it might be a trap.Capulo looked at the telegram Ah, there is another signature, Sidney Riley.Who Sidney Riley.When he heard this name, Wang Weiyi smiled, and his smile was very bright Sidney Riley Karp Colonel Lowe, gathered all the strength of the 5th Panzergrenadier Regiment and prepared to set up an ambush on the route of Magfedrov.He ordered the 3rd Anti Tank Battalion and the 3rd Panzer Artillery Regiment to continue to attack the Soviet army, and must fight Huge Yes, General Capulo replied, but hesitated General, is this telegram really trustworthy Go and execute it.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.However, Vasilevsky said slowly Comrade Commander, I also have the same premonition in this regard.We cannot stop the German army from breaking through.At this time The telegram was sent in, Vasilevsky read it hastily, and his face became gloomy Comrade Commander, I have received unfortunate news.Just two hours ago, Magfer of the 3rd Armored Army Deluf will be killed Zhukov s body trembled, Magfederuf will be killed Immediately, a bad premonition rose in his heart Comrade Chief of Staff, please don t tell me that it was done by the Baron Skull.Unfortunately, he did it.Vasilevsky smiled wryly He not only killed General Magfedlov, but also defeated the Vesniak Armored Regiment, and is now continuing to launch assaults on the 3rd Armored Army.The command is struggling, but the casualties do just cbd gummies get you high cbd cannabinoids gummies 100mg cbd gummies are extremely heavy.Wang HCMUSSH cbd cannabinoids gummies Weiyi thought in his heart.Elena What about Elena She can t be allowed to stay in the military base forever, she has already returned to Germany, this is her motherland, but what kind of way should she be thought of to make her appear Wang Weiyi felt a little headache, Hey, what are we talking about here Richthofen called out We have to find a place and ask Ernst what happened to Ernst these years, ah, fuck me How is home No, there is a better place to go.Hitler said mysteriously Don t you think it would be better for us to go to the baron s manor Bowman, listen, from now until tomorrow, don t let anyone bother me Yes, I m not free, I m busy Putting down the phone, he looked at the generals What are you still standing here for Don t you Do you think it is an honor to go to the Baron s Manor empty handed Go, go, tonight, we will have a good meal at the Baron s Manor.After the battle breaks out, we will bomb Kharkov uninterruptedly, and then all the offensive troops will go into battle Marshal, cbd cannabinoids gummies which troops are you going to assign as the Leading Paulus asked cautiously even though he already knew the answer in his heart.Skeleton Master When Marshal Ernst said the name, Paulus and Kleist looked at each other, and it was true.This unit is the most elite unit created by Marshal Ernst, and after a series of fierce battles in Demyansk, the soldiers who survived have become elite veterans who have experienced many battles Once they launch an attack, it may be difficult for the Soviet army to stop them.General Paulus, General Kleist, please return to your posts and command Wang Weiyi said expressionlessly.Marshal, where is your headquarters Skeleton Division Paulus and Kleist were taken aback, and Kleist hurriedly said Your Excellency, Marshal, I suggest you think again.Moyol.Have you finished your business .Yes, Miss Reman.Listen.What beautiful music, don t you want to ask me to dance .Miss Reman evidently had a great affection for Mr.Moyol.A middle aged gentleman, well dressed and courteous, will obviously win the favor of many ladies.It s my honor to dance with you.Wang Weiyi stretched out his 25mg cbd gummy effect hand to the sound of the music, and the two danced together.Miss Ruiman was fascinated by Wang Weiyi s mature charm.Along with the dance steps, Miss Ruiman couldn t help asking Mr.Moyol, what do you do I was Wang Weiyi, who controlled thousands of lives, thinking so in my heart, but said I am in Washington, D.C.I have some property, not too big, and I want to come to cbd cannabinoids gummies New York to try my luck.You don t seem to come from Washington, they are all people with no taste, but you are completely different from them.In the stock market, there are too many people who commit suicide.A how to eat cbd gummies few days later, a mysterious investor acquired The Danzig Fund, and announced that the greenhouse research cbd gummies cbd cannabinoids gummies debt of the Danzig Fund was cleared.The shareholders of those funds were shocked again All the big money can clear the fund s heavy debt But no matter what It is said that the shareholders have made HCMUSSH cbd cannabinoids gummies up a lot of lost money, and they will no longer pursue why such terrible things happened.And Dan Zexi Fund now completely belongs to this mysterious investor.However, Dan Zexi The fund was seriously injured in this confrontation, and it will not be able to recover in a short period of time In this fierce battle, Williams, as the winner , became the most powerful star in the New York stock market.Dazzling star He has established himself as a cbd cannabinoids gummies god by virtue of his confrontation with Dan Zexi Fund and won a big victory.

Thank you for your advice, Herbert.My deep check.Yesterday, the moderator of the book review area refused to let me read the book.Comrade You Ji and I conducted a profound criticism and education on spiders and saved them again.During the meeting, I was not allowed to read the book, Comrade Ji and you hereinafter referred to as Comrade Ji severely criticized the spider s non explosive behavior, spoke earnestly and earnestly, and deeply cleansed the spider from the cbd cannabinoids gummies 100mg cbd gummies mind and soul.Prior to this, not only Comrade Anxiety, but also Comrade 11, who was sealed away, also launched criticism and rescue work in the book review area for spiders that have not yet broken out this month.However, because spiders are corrupted by Western bourgeois liberalization ideas, they refuse to strictly demand themselves, are free and undisciplined, have no cbd cannabinoids gummies organization and discipline, and refuse to fight tenaciously against backward ideas within their ideology.I told General Kistafa, without the president s order, no one is allowed to mobilize the guard brigade What do you want to express, General Casadis President Inonu frowned.General Casadis hesitated for a while I m worried that General Kistafa is trying to carry out some conspiracy A mutiny Inonu smiled indifferently You are too cautious , General Casadis.General Kistafa was with me a long time ago, followed President Kemal in a vigorous revolution, and I never believe that he would choose to betray Ah, you know Well, I m about to promote him to marshal General Casadis, who was obedient to the president, seemed a little stubborn this time Mr.President, I have to clarify the importance of the matter.Look at this He brought the president to the map More than six brigades of infantry.Have taken control of the main streets of Ankara.It is not an easy job to work beside the President of the United States.You are the same.William s eyes A little flushed At least I don t have to face those cannon planes, but you are always in danger every day.Father.I want to accompany you back to the battlefield.No.William, you stay here than in the It can play a greater role on the battlefield.Wang Weiyi shook his head To be honest, I don t think you can become an excellent general, but I know that you can become the best president William smiled Do you really think that one day I will be president I don t have the confidence you have You are from the Brahm family, aren t you Wang Weiyi s words were full of With emotion No one in the Brahm family has ever been a coward.We will face countless challenges in our lives, but our task is to conquer these challenges Will fail.Two.He escorted the dive bombers over Halfa all morning.From 10 55 to 11 05 he killed eight more Curtiss.Then from 17 00 Between 47 and 17 53, five more Curtiss were shot down south of Imaid.Seventeen enemy planes were shot down in one day, a miracle unheard of Five hundred and fifty nine.October 1942 was destined to be a major turning point on the African battlefield.On October 23, the British army took the lead in attacking.The Allied 882 guns shelled continuously for five and a half hours, kicking off the cbd cannabinoids gummies Second Battle of Alamein.Each gun had fired about 600 rounds after the bombardment ended.The German army was under the enemy s shelling, and they were waiting silently.When the artillery stopped, the German counterattack came suddenly Luftwaffe Attack Goal the British painstaking Pertram operation Those real Allied ammunition depots, oil tanks and granaries The Ju87 aircraft was escorted by Messerschmitt fighter jets from the 1st Battalion of the 27th Combat Aviation Regiment.Xiao Tanfu immediately increased the accelerator to the maximum, and the altitude dropped to almost brushing the sea surface.At this time, Nosinsky, who was sitting in the back seat, reported the thrilling battle A me 109 aircraft fired behind the leading British guy.The Hurricane fighter was shot down.Oops The pilot parachuted and the plane fell into the sea.Danger The enemy s second plane rushed over again, 500 meters , 400 meters The me109 plane bit it again.This Hurricane fighter was shot and caught fire.The enemy s third plane made a sharp turn and escaped.It s fate Half an hour later, Second Lieutenant Xiao Tanfu s plane hovered over Catania Airport.Because the hydraulic pipe was punctured, the landing gear could not be put down, and the manual oil pump was still useless.The plane was in danger and had to use the fuselage to make an emergency landing.Wang Weiyi smiled, and then said seriously I am thinking about when to release you One sentence stopped the laughter, and every officer s cbd gummies royal cbd cbd gummies for brain eyes were cast on Baron Alexon.Wang Weiyi pondered there for a while I cbd cannabinoids gummies 100mg cbd gummies will carefully consider the time and method.For example, the two sides can exchange prisoners, or at a certain time, you will be released.Now, the British military officer knows that His Excellency the Baron is serious.The exchange of prisoners is the most common thing in war, and there is nothing surprising about it.The only thing that is a little worrying is that the Germans captured more British soldiers.Obviously, if it is exchanged, there will be a large number of British people who will not be released.It depends on how the British government solves these things General Rosen will return to the UK soon., these things should end.I am Ernst Brahm, and cheap cbd gummies for sale cbd cannabinoids gummies I will command all German troops in North Africa to bring you freedom Long live the freedom of Egypt As soon as his words fell, the voice of Long live Egypt s freedom resounded through the barracks.Wang Weiyi aroused the patriotic enthusiasm of all the Egyptian mutiny soldiers with the simplest sentence.They will not dare to come, as long as they can provide them with Help, that is their friend.I, Ernst Brahm, as a German military officer, in order to express the support of the whole of Germany to you, so I brought you the first batch of gifts Under Wang Weiyi s signal, Guo Yunfeng stood on the truck Weapons A truck full of weapons and ammunition caused the Egyptian mutiny soldiers to burst into wild cheers at this moment Colonel Tamusta smiled wryly.In an instant, the weapon in the Egyptian s hand burst out with a more violent roar.The tank rushed in, and the Egyptians goal had been achieved, and they quickly covered the car and retreated towards the barracks.At this time, the Devil Tank once again acted as the patron saint of the Egyptians.Devil Tank from this day on, both the British and the Egyptians began to call this tank that miraculously appeared in Cairo When the Egyptian soldiers retreated to the barracks, the Devil Tank Tank patrolled the battlefield as if showing off, and then slowly cheap cbd gummies for sale cbd cannabinoids gummies drove cbd cannabinoids gummies towards the barracks.The British who had been frightened for a long time, no one dared to chase The huge skull battle flag on the tank, this is a blood red flag, a huge white skull, in the middle of the flag, It stares at the world in front of it with its empty and cold eye sockets However, there is another layer of meaning in the empty and cold eyes ridicule A mockery of the British, a mockery of the Allies.

Although I didn t cbd gummies royal cbd cbd gummies for brain even see a single German, these telegrams still gave the Italians hope So the miracle really happened under the violent impact of the enemy , Italy Rito Iao division did not collapse immediately Maybe this is a normal thing for other troops, but when it comes to the Italians, it has to be described as a miracle As for the British 4th Hussars, their performance can be described as excellent.Under the attack of the enemy s absolutely superior forces, although the 4th Hussars suffered unbearable casualties, the British still persisted.At 10 30, Rommel ordered to put all the artillery left behind by the Italian Ritoio Division into the bombardment of the enemy.As a result, the casualties of the 4th Hussar Regiment had become bloody.Countless British people died under the bombardment of artillery fire and the enemy s attack, the earth was dyed red, and the corpses piled up like hills.He witnessed countless brothers fighting bloody battles for the life and death of the nation.His legend in China also started from Shanghai Now he is back The freighter stopped slowly, and the sailors on the ship yelled loudly and moved the goods one by one.Among them, any batch of goods is enough to make the owner rich.A young man in his twenties stepped out of the cargo ship.It was obvious that he was of mixed race.He looked a little nervous.Looking left and right, it seems to be waiting for someone there.Wilder A deep voice sounded beside him I m Hiroshi Yamaguchi.Ah, Mr.Yamaguchi.I m Wilder, I know you, I ve seen you in America, Hiroshi Yamaguchi said vigilantly Looking around Don t talk, come with me, we got information that someone wants to assassinate you here.Wilder became more nervous He didn t dare to say a word, and followed closely Behind Hiroshi Yamaguchi came to a warehouse not far away.Throwing him behind a few cargo boxes, Hiroshi Yamaguchi was a little uneasy Is it safe We will be in trouble if someone finds the body.Wang Weiyi smiled Don t worry.Someone will clean it up soon Okay, my people are waiting outside, get out of here quickly, or they will get suspicious.When Wang Weiyi left, he glanced at the corpse behind the cargo box again.Wilder and his father Xiong both died in his hands.Bear was exposed in the Second World After the end of the war, the real identity of this Japanese super spy was obtained from a document accidentally discovered.For more than 20 years, he has passed on countless US military documents to Japan, including the US military s attack on Pearl Harbor.The situation of the garrison.In the Pearl Harbor Attack incident that has not happened until now, the information of Bear played a vital role.This is his contact person when he was ordered to sneak into Harbin.However, now he has to interrogate his comrades face to face Zheng Xiaolong seemed to be a little moved by what he said You come here Mo Guangzhi joined Going uphe heard Zheng Xiaolong quickly say a few words in his ear No.20, Dagazi Road Just a few words, and then Mo Guangzhi screamed Zheng Xiaolong bit Mo greenhouse research cbd gummies cbd cannabinoids gummies Guangzhi s ear His ear hurt, chewit acai blueberry cbd gummy but Mo Guangzhi s heart hurt even more He knew that Zheng Xiaolong was protecting himself.Several policemen rushed up, and finally separated the two people.Mo Guangzhi s face was covered with blood, and Zheng Xiaolong spit out a small piece of flesh from his mouth.He smiled contemptuously Traitor, I and neither of us will tell you The whip that was soaked in water was swished again, blood and flesh flying everywhere.He aimed the reticle at the chin of the gunner on his left.They re not exposed too much, can you hit them Edim smiled I think it s okay.Heisenberg, listen to my orders Three, two, one They both pulled the cbd cannabinoids gummies triggers at the same time.Heisenberg cbd cannabinoids gummies s bullet was slightly higher, a few centimeters above where he was aiming, and it hit the machine gunner s cbd gummies for brain camino cbd gummies face.He forgot that the shot was closer this time.He watched the Russian soldier s eyes widen.Then he collapsed.Out of his sight.Keep watching Heisenberg whispered, and then he saw another Russian soldier get up and reach for the machine gun.Heisenberg shot him in the face.The Russian soldier s nose disappeared, and he drew his head back.Edim also fired.I killed the loader He said excitedly.Heisenberg could feel Edim s adrenaline surging, and so could he himself.George VI announced the start of the rowing in the most concise language, and the bugle sounded That s the order those rowers who compete.They raised their own rowboats and rushed into the water.The annual Royal Regatta has begun Sir Monlington and General Rosen did not go to see their rowboat.Instead, they set their sights on the Royal Princess.This rowboat may be the most expensive rowboat in the world.Its owner is Princess Elizabeth, future first in line to the British throne, and its rower is Field Marshal Alexson, Baron of Germany.Is there anything more valuable than this rowboat What worries the two even more is the reaction of the whole of Britain once the incident is made public Sir Monlington s Prince Daubert rushed to the first place, and its rower Blos But the rowing master who was born in Cambridge even participated in the previous Olympic Games.But on the other hand, this might not be a bad thing.From the first meeting with Baron Alexon, Churchill has made a decision to end the war, but he must face the pressure of the opposition.And now this play by Baron Alexon.But Churchill found a solution.The British people s welcome to the Skull Baron far exceeded Prime Minister Churchill s imagination, and now all the burdens are thrown to their own opposition.Germany s response was also very quick.They decisively organized a negotiating team and secretly rushed to Britain to start negotiations on the armistice between the two countries.Of course, this is still a secret negotiation.And it will go cheap cbd gummies for sale cbd cannabinoids gummies through a long period of see saw and bargainingand at this time, Wang Weiyi.He received an invitation from the British royal family to attend His Majesty s luncheon.The general welcomed Miselier and Rabat to the commission, but flatly refused to let Morel replace Passy.Miselier and Rabat immediately stated that they could not accept the plan that de Gaulle would continue to be in power and Passy would be in charge of intelligence work They refused to join the committee.The stunned Miselier thought this would force de Gaulle to make concessions.The next morning he called Deschamps, who was in charge of the political cabinet, to ask if the general had changed his mind.Deschamps replied that the General was in fact preparing to announce the appointments of the National Council, which included neither Miselier nor Molay nor Rabat.Miselier was furious and said That s the case.The navy will stand alone and continue to fight Then he actually informed the British Admiralty that he was going to put his fleet at their disposal.

After the reinforcements arrived one after another, it was 5 pm.Tasotsky immediately ordered his troops to launch a full scale offensive along the three routes previously drawn up.However, the German army arranged a strong blocking cbd gummies royal cbd cbd gummies for brain force on all the offensive routes of the Soviet army.The attacking Soviet army was the most tenacious sniper.In particular, the 89th Motorized Brigade, the most elite of the Third Army, was hit by crazy firepower from the Germans on the way forward.Many casualties.Let the Soviet soldiers complain to the sky, as if there are Germans everywhere.We are everywhere, hiding in every corner that can be hidden, killing and killing the advancing Russians to our heart s content.Where did the Germans come from so many troops at once Tasotsky faintly sensed something was wrong.He became even more depressed.80,000 Soviet soldiers, a total of 80,000 Soviet soldiers, were buried in this place He still can t figure out how such a tragedy happened, and he hasn t figured out the failure until now Where is the responsibility.Bravery Fighting hard, the soldiers under his command did everything a soldier can do, but they still failed miserably.He sighed and shook his head in distress February 16, 1943, was the final judgment day of fate.When the pre dawn darkness dissipated, the German soldiers launched the final attack at the Battle of Erklin.A large number of commandos reappeared on the battlefield accompanied by tanks.at this time.The entire command system of the Third Army of the Soviet Army has collapsed, and the entire army has collapsed.The Russians were helpless in the face of the German army who launched an assault from the mountains and tsunami.They need a scapegoat, and they need a scapegoat for every cbd cannabinoids gummies failure.For example, in Kharkov, even such a highly respected Marshal Timoshenko became a scapegoat, let alone himself Faith needs to be established under the circumstances of incomparable trust.Wang Weiyi lowered his voice a little I also have some friends in Moscow.They also suffered very unfair treatment before.Later, I helped them a little Busy, they have regained their trustGeneral Lindelof, I am not afraid to tell you this, as long as you are willing to cooperate with me, remember, with me.I can also help you with something, in any way I can help Cooperate with you Lindelof didn t quite understand.Yes, cooperate with me.Wang Weiyi emphasized his cbd cannabinoids gummies tone You have cbd cannabinoids gummies not cooperated with Germany, so you have not betrayed your beliefs.Cooperating with me is completely different Lindelof thought it was a bit funny, and he was just deceiving himself.Here, you don t need your own mind and soul.What you need HCMUSSH cbd cannabinoids gummies is that you keep working, working, and continuing to work.Give your all to the organization Heisenberg swore he would go crazy if he worked in such cbd cannabinoids gummies an environment for a year.For three full days, Heisenberg found himself living in a state of fear.Fear does not come from physical torture, but .

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from spiritual.Every day at the beginning of work, there will always be a meeting.The content of the meeting is completely unchanged, complaining about the atrocities of German fascism, and encouraging everyone to resolutely support the correct line of the great Comrade Stalin.Heisenberg swore that he would never come to such a place again At this time, Wang Weiyi also started to move.He had to make a big noise in Moscow.Not many people, but enough.When the skeleton baron appeared at this moment, he had already arranged everything.Yes, he admitted that the Skeleton Baron had arranged it very well.But there is one thing, if you agree to cooperate with the Skeleton Baron, you will completely betray your own country Time is running out, you have no choice Wang Weiyi stood up at this time I will arrange for your children to go to America.It is a very nice country And I can make sure that only I do cbd gummies have an expiration date know your identities So.Tomorrow in the east of Moscow will happen The new explosion, and I hope that the troops in the west of the city are all transferred to the east of the cityMr.Timilenko, I know that this thing can be done, and you can do it without your own presence.Yes, is it With that, he picked up his hat and put it on.He bowed slightly to Dimilenko and Anna, and then left here He didn t need the couple to answer him.They saw a large number of German commandos, constantly Flash onto the battlefield.One tank after another, one mortar after another.Soldiers one by one.It all looks so garish Someone was shouting something, someone fell under the machine gun fire, someone was blown up into the sky by shells The cruelty of the battlefield is clearly displayed here.Attack after attack.Forward and successive defenses.What it brings is an increasing number of wounded and cbd cannabinoids gummies 100mg cbd gummies dead bodies.The earth was howling, and the moon had long been unwilling to see this tragedy in the world and hid behind the clouds.On the left side of the main attacking Guo Yunfeng battle group was the German army commanded by Marshal Ernst Brehm himself.No matter how you look at it, Wang Weiyi doesn t look like a real marshal.The real marshal should not appear here, he needs to command all these soldiers to fight in his headquarters.Send it at three o clock today, asking for a monthly ticket.Double the monthly pass until now, this, the spider said quietly, the monthly pass is ugly.During the holiday, the brothers are on holiday, and the spider is still in the code.Brothers, if you have votes, please vote, thank you.Don t say much else, continue to work hard to code words, I wish you all a happy holiday Thanks again for all the support guys Six hundred and seventy.Even if the people are no longer loyal the most glorious chapter has already begun starting with the victory at the battle of Phronis.But this is definitely not a good thing for the Russians.At 10 a.m.on March 7, 1943, the Soviet Caucasus Front General Command.Comrade Commander, a telegram from Comrade Stalin.Khrushchev, a member of the Military Council, walked cbd cannabinoids gummies in.The final direction of the war will end because of this battle.The soldier asked again IfI mean what do we do when we encounter great difficulties Son, what s your name Stella.Dom.Soldier Dom, you asked a very good question.Wang Weiyi didn t blame at .

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all in his words Of course we will encounter difficulties, we may be strongly blocked by the enemy, and we may be surrounded, just like in Demyansk, but what s the matter What kind of troops wouldn t encounter these Worse things have best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress 2021 happened to mebut boy, when difficulties arise, we have to figure out how to get over it, not give in to it.For every difficulty, there is always a huge opportunity, isn t it Ah, I think so, Marshal.Dom nodded seriously Marshal, can I ask you another question sure.Marshal, have you ever been afraid I mean on the battlefield.

Forty thousand people, these are the best officers in the Soviet army.Wang Weiyi also sighed involuntarily A hundred thousand new commanders have been promoted These 100,000 people are not at the same level as the 40,000 commanders he purged, if the 40,000 Soviet commanders were still there.Maybe the war is not what it is now In the Soviet Finnish War, it was precisely because of Voroshilov s incompetence.And the lack of truly excellent military commanders of the Soviet army caused the disastrous defeat of the Soviet army in the early stage.Well now, Voroshilov actually came here, this is God is helping us, let us avenge the 40,000 dead souls of the Soviet Union The generals of the German army looked at each other and smiled.Marshal Ernst s words were really humorous.The Germans actually wanted to avenge the Russians.Enter the position enter the position the enemy attacks Accompanied by such voices, perhaps the last battle cbd gummies royal cbd cbd gummies for brain on position f began The number of the surging Soviet troops is still so large.But for all the German troops on position f, it is no longer It doesn t matter anymore.No matter what, they are with Marshal Ernst Fritz Klingenberg, if you plan to sneak attack me, I will shoot you straight away.When Wang Weiyi saw Klingenberg appearing in position F with his commando, he immediately said coldly.Klingenberg stopped quickly, his face a little embarrassed Hey, Marshal, what cbd and thc gummies for sleep are you doing knew Wang Weiyi looked at his embarrassment and smiled Every German soldier knows to stick to his position.You suddenly appeared here, probably because of some special orders Yes, Marshal.At this point, Klingenberg had nothing to hide The generals made me do it.The final battle in Now, the war has reached its final stage.The cluster began to put into the final reserve team for a decisive battle The smoke of the battle has enveloped this place, and the din of artillery fire told the Russians Germany s final determination For victory fight For the glory of Germany fight Heaven The cbd cannabinoids gummies planes on the ground and the tanks on the ground represent the determination of Germany fight, fight, fight No one can stop their majestic momentum, and no one can stop their determination to win victory.If the Russians must choose such a The way, then, give them all, give them all Turbulent planes, turbulent tanks, and turbulent infantry are flooding Stalingrad like a tide, and the strongest roar of Germany is roaring in this city Shumilov The troops of the 64th gummies with 500 mg of cbd Army under the command of the major general were the first cbd cannabinoids gummies to feel Germany s determination to win.As each failure came, their losses became heavier and heavier.Soldiers and tanks could no longer keep up with the consumption of the diy cbd gummies with collagen front lines.The resources of any country are not truly endless.Here, the German army has an absolute upper hand, both in terms of numbers and the number of tanks. The Soviet tanks in the battle are still being consumed rapidly.The German armored forces firmly grasped the absolute initiative on the battlefield.Ershakov watched all this anxiously, but he had no good solution.Tenacious fighting spirit and firm determination cannot make up for the huge gap in weapons between the two sides.He could only watch helplessly as his tanks lost one after another under the fierce attack of the enemy. He suddenly remembered after the end of the First World War.A story began to circulate in the European continent The gates of hell were temporarily closed, and the striker of death hid his spear.I will always be by your side.You are the one who deserves the most trust.Stalin sighed Comrade Khrushchev Ah, I don t know, it s been a long time since we lost touch with him.He probably surrendered too. Maybe, but so far we haven t heard anything about him. Let him go, let him go.Stalin was not reconciled.He trusted Khrushchev very much.He also hoped that in the last moment of his life, Khrushchev would be by his side like Beria.But unfortunately, I didn t see his figure It s really fast.From the battle of Stalingrad to the present, it is really fast.Originally, in my plan, the Germans would not be able to reach Moscow until October at the earliest.At that time, our preparations would be more adequate, but what I didn t expect was that Moscow would fall in September.Comrade Beria, have you thought about why this is Beria shook his head again, and he couldn t answer this question at all.All for Germany, all for Ernst But his legend will remain in this era forever like the brightest starlight. cbd cannabinoids gummies On September 11, 1916, he came on November 1, 191, he left on January 2, 1942, cbd gummies for brain camino cbd gummies he returned with glory on November 1, 1944, he left again.In any case, he left a myth that will be remembered forever.And what Germans can t forget is the words cbd cannabinoids gummies engraved under the statue When danger befalls Germany, I will come back Leoni, Richthofen, Videlio and Depusey have been sent to the repair cabin for transformation.With the transformation of drugs and therapeutic equipment, their appearance and body functions will be cbd cannabinoids gummies restored to you The way they looked when they first met, revived.Most of their memories will be erased, of course, except their personality will not be changed, and your memory, they will always remember you Okay, now prepare to activate the base for a new crossing.Are you going to have an adventure with me Of greenhouse research cbd gummies cbd cannabinoids gummies course.Richthofen didn t even think about it Where are you going Caesar s barracks.When Wang Weiyi After saying this, Anluges and Richthofen were startled for a moment, and then Richthofen let out a cheer, as if they were going to have the most enjoyable trip tomorrow.On the other hand, Anluges face changed drastically Master Baron, I am shocked by your courage, but where is Caesar s barracks, he will kill you No, he won t.Wang Weiyi said with a smile I will go in safely and come back safely.Maybe I can see Caesar and his beloved woman.Such an adventure is unthinkable for Anluges, but for Wang Weiyi In other words, it was nothing more than a small experience among cbd gummies how old to buy his countless adventures.Everyone was in awe of Caesar, whether Romans, Gauls, or Germans, except Wang Weiyi and his companions.If it was really malaria, then he could cure it.Although he thought so in his heart, he was still not sure Governor My lord, I have encountered such a disease before.That time was in the far east, and I got a very effective medicine.If possible, would you take me to see Mrs.Nelia Caesar was overjoyed when he heard that Have you ever been to the East Encountered and cured such a disease Yes, Lord Caesar.Gaius said on the sidelines Although Ernst is young, I was also very surprised when I heard that he had been to the East.Maybe he relax gummies cbd infused really has a way to relieve your worries.Caesar didn t hesitate any more, and immediately brought Wang Weiyi to the place where Nelia lived.The maids were a little surprised.There was an accident by Mr.Caesar, but no other cbd cannabinoids gummies man came here.When he saw Nelia, Wang Weiyi couldn t help exclaiming in his heart.

The unhappiness in my heart could only be suppressed temporarily.At this time, the duel on the field has begun.The Romans attacked their companions like wild beasts.It didn t take long for the winner to be decided, and there were nine more corpses on the field.And the nine people who survived were panting, until now, they still can t believe that they really killed their companions They were pulled together by ropes and brought down, From now on, they were no longer Roman soldiers, but a group of Germanian slaves.Another group of Roman soldiers was brought up, and they still faced such a tragic fate Leonie where can i buy cbd gummies for stress couldn t stand it anymore, she couldn t face this bloody scene like Depp Steward West and Steward Videlio left this terrible place.Groups of people died.Groups of people became slaves The Germanians watched happily, bursting into cheers from time to time, as if they were in a Roman arena.It was a sign that they agreed to the three young men joining their ranks.Heilmann waited for a while, and nodded without hearing any disapproving sighs.Two big men with spears and shields stepped out from the crowd.They were the fathers of Magath and Lokerenz.They handed their spears and shields to their tribal leaders.Hermann looked solemnly and looked directly at Magath and Lokerenz.Magat Lorenz From today onwards, you are Saxon warriors These are the weapons your father made for you.Remember from now on, they are your life Hellman s high pitched voice Echoes around the camp.Then Heilmann looked over Magath and Lokerenz, who were ecstatic with weapons in their forehand.It fell to Rehhagel Jr.The child was standing firm, flushed, biting his lip.Tears rolled in the eyes and refused to fall.I think you should be able to explain something in front of the Senate Thank you, Senator Spurius, you always try to help me when I need it Pompey forced a smile, and then briefly asked about the situation on the road.Then he quickly turned to the topic Mr.Spulius, have you heard about the terrible disaster in Germania You mean Centumalus and his Fifteenth Legion Seeing Pompey nodded, Wang Weiyi sighed, It s a terrible thing.Roman soldiers have suffered such a terrible thing.I heard that even the governor of Centumalus fell into the hands of barbarians.Here, I don t know how horribly he will be treated by the savages.That damned idiot, he completely failed my expectations Mentioning the name of Centumalus, Pompeo felt some resentment If it wasn t for him, I wouldn t be here now.so embarrassing.Here is the capital of Germany, here.It is the place where countless glory began.And Now, here, shells are mercilessly taking everything from us Britain has fallen, France has betrayed us, our allies have failed and surrendered one by one, the heroic German Wehrmacht, the heroic German cbd gummies melbourne SS, no matter what you face We are still fighting all the time.Our losses are getting bigger and bigger day by day, and our casualties are increasing.However, none of this can shake our determination.Defend Berlin Defend Germany Defend Berlin Defend Germany Countless people uttered such a deafening cry.The major s voice continued No one can shake HCMUSSH cbd cannabinoids gummies our determination, neither can the Americans, nor can the Russians The glory brought to us by the baron and the head of state must not be lost in the hands of our generation Yes.It was also a successful raid and ended up being a prisoner himself.But this captive, Major Mario is willing to be.At least this fulfilled one of my childhood dreams, to fight with the Skeleton Commando Soldiers, are you all ready Yes, Lieutenant Colonel.Even a real dentist is not as prepared as we are This time it was Wang Weiyi s turn to smile The enemy is probably sleeping right now.Soldiers, teach them a cbd 1000 mg gummies lesson With that, he picked up a submachine gun Tell the Canadians, we re coming Tell the Canadians we re coming The enemy s flares are constantly rising in the sky, and there is almost no difference between night and day, but this has no effect on these German soldiers who are going out.They left the position they had held on for so long, and the Leopard 7 tanks and self propelled artillery also began to chase the infantry and moved slowly towards the unknown journey The battle of glory has begun a new battle of glory Although the flares continued to rise into the sky, the enemy never expected it.The phone was connected quickly, and when General Olitz heard the voice of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol again, he was a little surprised Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, why are you at this time I Not Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Please call me Marshal Ernst General Olitz was completely shocked for a moment, and the voice on the other end of the phone also became trembling I m afraid I didn t catch it clearly, what should I call you Marshal Ernst, Ernst Brahm.Baron Alexson, conferred by His Majesty the Emperor, Adolf Brahm Honorary Grand Marshal of the German Armed Forces appointed by Hitler Wang Weiyi calmly gave the other party such an answer.I is HCMUSSH cbd cannabinoids gummies this true Are you really back I m back, and I m on the Skeleton Master s position Although cbd gummies royal cbd cbd gummies for brain it was impossible to tell the truth from the fake, General Olitz s voice was so respectful Olitz, the Second Armored Army, respectfully obeyed your orders.This is a day that must be remembered forever in history The night is quiet, and the U.S.military is not used to fighting at night.Their artillery shells continued to fly, harassing the German troops on the ground.Their flares are constantly rising into the air, and they must use this method to ensure that the enemy will not sneak attack on them.However, the soldiers of the German army are indifferent to the scenes that happen every night, and they know better what will happen soon The German army will never forget this night, and neither will the enemy for a lifetime.This is the wrath of Germany The cannon were all in position, as had happened countless times in the past, and once Baron Alexon decided to engage in a battle, all the firepower that could be mobilized would cbd cannabinoids gummies 100mg cbd gummies be at his service.Yes, I hope everyone here can see the victory coming.Although it is not realistic. Wang Weiyi s tone was very peaceful So, Captain Scherer, go and get ready to retreat.Yes.marshal When Captain Scherer came to the door, he stopped cbd cannabinoids gummies suddenly, hesitated and turned around Marshal, I never thought that I could see you, and I never thought that I would fight with you.I remember it all my life.Then he raised his right hand again Long live.Ernst He strode out Fels, you have limited mobility, follow General Guo Yunfeng to retreat first.Wang Weiyi turned his gaze to Fels You will be my representative.Be the first to enter Berlin and keep abreast of what s going on in Berlin.Yes, Marshal.Fels nodded So what about you I don t recommend taking cover missions yourself.Wang Weiyi smiled Don t worry, Fels.I also don t want to die so soon.

But what does this mean It means that some people have begun to fear Already What should we do now, Marshal Berlin needs us, and the Baron also needs our stable Berlin.Marshal Paul Hauser asked the housekeeper to bring the Marshal uniform that he hadn t worn for a long time, and put it on carefully On the body General Ludwig Ellierst, are you ready to go with me to rescue those German people Yes, Marshal, I am ready.Ludwig sorted out Putting on the military uniform on his body But what about those people outside Also, is it just the two of us Marshal Paul Hauser still smiled there Ludwig, you are scared No, you will not be afraid, you have never been afraid, you are worried about my safety, but we have been born and died on countless battlefields, and we have never been killed by bullets, I do not believe that we will die In the hands of one of our own.Mario was so heroic.When a soldier of the national army fell, he immediately picked up the rocket launcher in the hand of the dead soldier, and then killed two enemy armored vehicles in one go.It seems that there are good people among the enemiesOpperman thought so in his heart Another attack by the cbd gummies legal mn enemy was repulsed, and there was a rare respite in the German positions.Mario leaned on the ground, closed his eyes, he must recover his strength and energy as soon as possible.Major, do you smoke The voice interrupted Mario s rest.He opened his eyes and saw General Opperman appearing beside him.Mario was about to stand up, but Opperman stopped him, sat down beside the major, lit a cigarette, and then gave the cigarette case to Mario Major, where are you from in the United States Pennsylvania, General.And when danger befell Germany again, Ernst Brahm came back, and they should come back too When they appear together with the Skeleton Baron again, the whole world will be completely shocked by them.This will be another miracle created by the Skeleton Baron The repair rate check is completethe repair rate is 100the repair .

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cabin will open in five minutes Last check, repeat, last check.Wang Weiyi stood there silently, waiting for the last moment to appear.When this moment finally comes, what else can stop the pace of Germany s resurgence The sufferings that have been suffered will be returned to the enemy a hundred times and a thousand times Repair Cabin No.1 is open When Xiaoling s voice sounded, the long awaited moment finally arrived.The repair cabin slowly opened.Then, a man in the military uniform of the German Marshal stepped forward from the repair Walking out of the cabin, his face was so familiar.This giant ship with a mast so high that it would take a mortal s lifetime to climb to the top, broke through the stormy waves and headed straight for the Wigrid Wilderness, the battlefield of Twilight of the Gods.The branches and leaves of the huge world tree are withered and yellow, and its vitality is declining.finally.All the demons have gathered.In the ranks of demons, the huge Fenrir wolf walked in the front While all this was happening, Heimdall, the guardian god of Asaph Garden, stood on the high fence and blew the horn for warning.The sound of the horn that Heimdall blew vigorously was thick and loud, which awakened every god in the Asa Garden and made them excited.The armed Assa gods came to Valhalla Palace, where they were.Odin s heroic warriors who had been preparing for this time through the ages had formed a fortified battle formation in the square, countless shining armor, spear points and arrows pierced the darkness of Fimbul s winter.It s just that he is better than At any time, he is more eager to see his good friend Hitler.Germany needs him, and he also needs his appearance.Rommel didn t know what his friend was thinking Ernst, although this counterattack we It was able to win, but it could not shake the foundation of the enemy.It only hit the Allied forces in a part.I think the Americans who have been re adjusted and deployed will soon launch a more fierce revenge.Wang Weiyi nodded I know that this counterattack is only the first step of a full counterattack.While resisting the enemy head on, I am also preparing to open up a second battlefield.Second battlefield Rommel couldn t help being startled one time.A very special battlefield.Wang Weiyi smiled and cbd cannabinoids gummies answered his good friend s doubts If we rely entirely on the frontal battlefield, it will be difficult for us to win the final victory.In any case, the Allied forces never thought that Germany still possessed such powerful artillery and air power.The Allied forces, which were suppressed at the beginning, were subsequently attacked by the German troops headed by the elite baron guards.Colonel Marshall of the 2nd Armored Regiment of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division of the US Army was killed.A large number of US troops died in the German army s powerful assault During the war, a large number of U.S.troops put cbd gummies royal cbd cbd gummies for brain down their weapons and chose to surrender.General Garden, commanding at the front line, was stunned, while General Kerrett, commanding at the front line, was powerless.What else can why are cbd gummies dosage only 25mg they do In such HCMUSSH cbd cannabinoids gummies a situation, General Garden issued an order to retreat across the board.This order was a timely rain for the Allied forces in chaos.As for Tamusta, I will find a way.Nolak, can you send a few people to assist me Assistance, Nolak is already full of confidence in Mr.Moyol , He said without hesitation Of course, I can provide you with whatever you need.I will transfer my most elite fighters to your command Wang Weiyi smiled, at least he already has a group of soldiers here A more reliable companion Luosang.The news of Roddyby s disappearance shocked Americans.They are sure that the dangerous man was rescued by his companions.Once this happens, the Abid Brotherhood will inevitably launch a retaliatory attack because of the rescue of their general leader.That s what Americans fear most.But the only thing they can do now is to hunt down Luo Sang all over the city and strengthen their control over Farida.But what should come is still here.The U.S.soldiers shot them dead immediately, and one who survived jumped up and hugged a U.S.soldier Follow him to the end.Then the tank turns its turret to fire at the ruins.exposed Ensign Eric and Demri exchanged winks.Jumped out of the ruins with the soldiers.The fiery hatred just now broke out at this moment.Several American soldiers were caught off guard and were swept to the ground.Then a German soldier took advantage of the Americans before they could react.He rushed over with a special explosive.Pull the fuse and throw it at the US tank.The explosive package was modified by Lieutenant Eric and his team to deal with tanks.As long as you pull the fuse, it will explode in five seconds to prevent it from being thrown back by the US military.The only downside is the risk of cbd cannabinoids gummies the carrier dying with the tank.

A grenadier turns a grenade into a hand to hand weapon.He stood there resolutely.Get ready to knock the enemy s head off with a grenade.Heisenberg fired a few shots indiscriminately, but one bullet went into the ribs damn it Those broken ribs pierced into his lungs his body went limp He opened his mouth wide, seeking to shout instinctively, but no sound came out He tilted his head, Out of blurred vision came the two horses they had found before the battle.And a few hours ago, Heisenberg and Zoff left them behind the cemetery defense line.In the continuous hail of bullets, they are still alive.The two horses huddled cbd cannabinoids gummies together in horror.The bullets hit the wall beside them, but they couldn t run away The bridle tied the two horses to a dead tree.A pair of hands grabbed Heisenberg in horror.He tried to look up.When they asked the Grand Duke for money but were at a loss, Ronanova actually sent them a large sum of money in time.This can be regarded as a solution to their urgent needs.Natalia, the Marquis of Ruhelia, also thought the same.The relationship between her and her sister is quite good, especially when they have experienced the difficult years in the United States together.As for Ronanova s husband.Khmelitsky, Marquis of Pereias, was very unhappy.It was not because he was worried that his wife would cuckold him because he knew some rich man.The only reason for his unhappiness was.That is, the wife should not distribute such a large sum of money to others.That should completely belong to them Rona Nova didn t say anything, she just asked her brother in law who was in charge of the driver to drive the car to the designated place, and then let them all get out of the car.Here, in this room, she had nothing to fear, no more waking nightmares.Here is her safest shelter.Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette.The TV is still there, and the host of the TV station is interviewing a reporter named Bordov.We have to figure out why Russia has become what it is now.The reporter named Bordov was very emotional The unemployment rate remains high, and residents in some places don t even have heating and bread for the winter.Who caused it All this War, damn war, people are bleeding, people are starving, but the big bureaucracy and those big Russian plutocrats are enjoying the dividends of the war.But our people Who Have you ever thought about their suffering The reporter s words aroused Wang Weiyi s curiosity, he put out his cigarette, got dressed and got up from the bed, then poured himself a glass of wine and listened carefully to the reporter on TV We We must dig out the root of everything In Robin Lster, we have cbd cannabinoids gummies suffered a disastrous defeat, but our people have been kept in the dark, why dare not announce the truth to the people According to my Insiders in the army told me that Field Marshal Waltuksky must bear the main responsibility for this.They charged desperately and went forward one after another, as if everyone had a sworn hatred with the Canadian soldiers on the opposite side.The 27th Tank Regiment could not withstand such a violent and ferocious attack.The retreat quickly turned into a rout.Under the attack of 50 tanks from 3 German armored battalions and an infantry division, 28 Canadian Sherman tanks were destroyed, and 245 soldiers died on the second greenhouse research cbd gummies cbd cannabinoids gummies day of their participation in the European war.On the German side, only two tanks were destroyed and four were damaged.This battle disrupted the overall deployment of the what are the best brands of cbd gummies Allied Forces to expand the bridgehead position on the Normandy Peninsula, and Montgomery decided to abandon the attack on Fort Charle.Directly point the offensive spearhead at Kahn.Only then did he learn from intelligence.The old gunner has been fighting with Kiritz since 1965.He has a calm head, he rarely shoots, but every shot hits.The old guy said that he must be completely sure of every blow before he sends it out.Whenever old Mel holds this kind of grasp in battle.He sucked both of his cheeks into his mouth, and his hairless head made his whole face look like an octopus head.A high explosive shell hit the hull of the American tank steadily.Dozens of infantrymen around the tank were blasted into the sky by this cannon, and the dismembered fragments rained down like burning.American tanks also seem to be finished.It comes to a stop from reverse.The barrel cbd cannabinoids gummies drooped.Marina didn t stop for a moment, she still rushed towards the American tank like a bull.40 meters 30 meters 20 meters Nash Armor piercing shells Nash Turrets Kiritz cannot take the cunning of the Americans lightly.Murderer, you shameless murderer Loverkoski yelled angrily, You will be condemned and you will become a criminal for the whole Ukraine Unfortunately, he said no more I can t say the following words The gunshot in the major s hand rang Charmi Takimir fell to his knees and hugged his student, but Lovelkowski stopped breathing forever Murderer, murderer Putting down the student s body, Takimir stood up tremblingly.He pointed at the major and said sadly, How can you shoot How can you shoot your own compatriots I accepted the order of the Supreme Military Control Committee.The major said without any emotion in his voice, Please come with us, Takimir, and go where you should go.Takimir was killed On the night of the 26th, he was wellphora cbd gummies tried in secret by a temporary court established by the Supreme Military Control Council of Ukraine , and was convicted of treason and executed on the same night.I accidentally lost ten bucks said the child.The man was so sad to see him cry.He took out ten yuan from his dragonfly cbd gummies pocket and gave green roads world cbd gummy bears review for anxiety it to the boy.However, I didn t expect the boy to cry even more sadly.The man was puzzled, so he asked the cbd cannabinoids gummies child Didn t I give you ten dollars just now, why are you still crying replied the little boy, If I hadn t thrown away the ten dollars, I would have twenty dollars now cbd cannabinoids gummies 100mg cbd gummies Wang Weiyi suddenly talked about such a story Although the story is short, the inspiration is very far reaching.This is a typical example of a greedy person.Yes, if a person lets greed dominate his heart, what awaits him is only a sad ending.When the greedy person is not obtained, the greedy person is hurt.The greedy person stretches out his arms and asks for this world blindly.When his desire is not satisfied, he is immersed in the torment of loss, and the soul cannot get a moment However, is he happy after getting it The fact is not like this.Orange sneered Don t look any further.The one in the photo is me Ah, it s a great honor to meet you.Berkeley put down the photo in his hand Speaking of which, you may not If you believe it too much, I am actually your admirer.Oh, don t look at me with disdain, it will make me feel very uncomfortable.Orange did not believe a greenhouse research cbd gummies cbd cannabinoids gummies word of the other party s nonsense The man in front of him is the biggest and HCMUSSH cbd cannabinoids gummies most cunning enemy on the road of revolution.How could he say such a thing now You have to believe what I said Berkeley said slowly According to our information, you were originally a university professor.Enjoying a very generous salary and treatment, you still have A beautiful wife and an equally beautiful daughter, but you gave up all of this for your own career, and followed Yetiri on the so called revolutionary road Let s put it this way, anyway, I am absolutely This cannot be done in 1965, last year.

He has another purpose that he didn t tell Naderman.He discussed with Bobby and Mr.Paris a long time ago.If all black people are to be treated fairly and justly, blood must be shed.Now it is The time for bloodshed has come.He succeeded in getting Bobby to accept his request to stay, because in Huey s opinion, Bobby has received a higher education and he is more suitable to lead the future Black Panther Party.This is not for himself , but for the interests of the black people in the United States.Naderman has no opinion on their proposal, and here any relationship between him and all Brandenburg commandos has come to an end temporarilyThe following they Specific instructions on what to do will be sent soon The hostages and most of the members of the Black Panther Party began to enter the sewer that was reopened a hundred years ago.Long live Germany and England 1966 is destined to be a very special year for the world.In this In one year, Germany successfully reversed the decline and launched counterattacks on all fronts.Italy, Ukraine, and Russia joined the ranks of the Axis powers, and Queen Elizabeth II s government in exile also successfully regained the loyalty of the Royal Navy.France After undergoing earth shaking changes, the new government once again formed an ally with Germany, and formed a huge force to join the Axis coalition forces.The Allied forces have collapsed on the battlefield.A serious economic crisis broke out in the United States.A large number of enterprises have gone bankrupt, and the national economic structure has suffered unprecedented damage.Not only that, after the Luci s death incident and the Carsley College incident , the dissatisfaction of black people has become extremely high.Mr.Prime Minister, do you have a better explanation to refute my Prime Minister Wilkins cursed angrily in his heartthose damn bodyguards who are in charge of the security of the presidential palace.How did they get these goddamn journalists to take these goddamn pictures The scene of the briefing was chaotic, the reporters desperately took pictures in spite of the ban, and the family members of the hostages who participated in the meeting finally couldn t bear the inner anger and questioned loudly.They must know why the Fenton government has the ability to deal with cbd gummies for brain camino cbd gummies their own families, but let other hostages still suffer there In every briefing, Prime Minister Wilkins is always there to tell everyone that the progress of the Galaxy incident is very optimistic, but now they know that this so called optimism is just what they are doing for their own families It s just hard work The secret deal between the Fenton government and the kidnappers has been fully exposed.Shus Major Te gave an En in agreement, and he looked around Captain, have you heard of the Ash Project Yes, I read it in the newspaper, but what is the specifics of this plan It s not something that a low ranking officer like me can get in touch with Wang Weiyi replied while inspecting the factory.Suddenly, he stopped in front of a boiler.He squatted down and looked carefully for a while, then stood up and pointed to the bottom Major, what s under it Major Schuster obviously lowered his voice I just mentioned the summer valley cbd gummies phone number Ash Project , And our factory is one of the cbd cannabinoids gummies goals of this plan A few days ago, I received an order that explosives must be placed in various core parts of the factory.Once the order is received, these explosives will be detonated immediately.But we were only halfway through, and we received an order to temporarily suspend the plan, but the explosives that had been planted were not allowed to be dismantled What the hell cbd cannabinoids gummies are those damn officials thinking about there Wang Weiyi looked very angry Don t they know how dangerous it is to plant explosives here Once any problem arises, who will bear the responsibility, you or me This is exactly what Major Schuster is most worried about I have reported to my superiors several times, but I have never received the attention cbd cannabinoids gummies they deserveCaptain, maybe you can tell them again The seriousness of the matter, I cannot bear the terrible consequences Major Schuster was venting his inner dissatisfaction This is an arsenal, and one explosion is enough to bring disaster The consequences Wang Weiyi and Major Schuster kept discussing the incredible things they did above, and suddenly the air defense siren sounded sharply.Is a new war about to break out But what I want to tell cbd cannabinoids gummies each of you is that this European Union brahm.Some call him the Skeleton Baron, others call him the Hellboy.No matter what kind of name.Nothing can hinder his cbd cannabinoids gummies greatness.Whether as his friend or as his enemy.And this concept he once said to me even as early as the Second World War was still going on a united Europe the European Union No, I think some of you may have misunderstood.Is a new war about to break out But what I want to tell each of you is that this European UnionDiscussion is not in the form of war.But in a peaceful form.in history.Several empires united vast areas of Europe by force, such as the Roman Empire, the Frankish Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the First French Empire, and Germany.The idea of European unification actually appeared before the 20th century.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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