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Glory be with you.Glory be with Germany.Wang Weiyi responded loudly.But not only him, but all the Germans around him were somewhat disappointed.Was it just another Iron Cross, First Class, and a promotion to captain The miracle created by Ernst Brahm, the whole of Germany, no, no one in the whole world can do it, and no one will be dissatisfied with his promotion to major.It was obviously unfair to Ernst Brahm to do cbd gummies 25mg 5 count so.Captain Ernst, do you have any complaints William II asked at this time.No, Your Majesty, no.Wang Weiyi s answer was still so calm I said that fighting for Germany is not for rewards, but for honor.William II nodded General Galwitz, Feng General Bello proposed to promote you to major, and Field Marshal Hindenburg and First Class General Ludendorff also thought so, but after a long time of thinking, I personally interfered and only awarded you the rank of captain.

Guests began to say goodbye one after another.Wang Weiyi felt that it was time for him to leave.He expressed his gratitude to Wilhelm II, Marshal Hindenburg, and General Ludendorff again, and then left the palace.Compared with these big figures, August still makes people closer.Manstein and Richthofen left together with Wang Weiyi.The atmosphere on the road was a bit dignified.It seemed that the words of His Royal cbd gummies 25mg 5 count high dose cbd gummies for anxiety Highness the Crown Prince had planted something in the hearts of several people.It s just that no one broke it.After sending Wang Weiyi to the Berlin Hotel, Manstein and Richthofen left.Walking towards his room, Wang Weiyi kept thinking about August s words.He was thinking that if the current emperor of Germany is August, then where will Germany develop Think about it, I feel a little funny, what does this have to do with myself My only task here is to persist until November 1, 1918, and then leave here and go home 750 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg 5 count As for what will happen to Germany in the future, it is not for me to consider.

Depusey left here without saying a word.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, such a difficult thing, but in the eyes of the Countess, it is so easy, isn t it too hasty to agree to do three things for her But now he didn t care so much cbd gummies 25mg 5 count how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost to save Guo Yunfeng.Fifty seven.And the countess please recommend Baron Alexon, don t worry.Leonie is not worried at all Depusey will rescue your Chinese friend in a while.You can rest assured Sitting here, drinking wine and chatting with me, I was woken up so late by you, and you have to take the responsibility of chatting with me.This responsibility is simply unheard of.But to be honest, this countess is not only very smart and powerful, but also so beautiful, it would be nice to chat with her.Xiaoling s information came immediately Countess Leonie Debuier von Schiller, one of the most powerful women in Germany, married Count Schiller for life after her death.

Steck took it, took a sip, and then Handed it to Captain Ernst Captain, take a sip.Wang Weiyi also took a sip, handed it to Guderian, and then HCMUSSH cbd gummies 25mg 5 count said to the Frenchman What are your names Captain, I am Pi Corporal Pondeau, this is Will Tinland.I ran a small wine shop before the war, and cbd gummies 25mg 5 count Will He is a tailor.Louis stared at Wang Weiyi, and Wang Weiyi suddenly became alert, thinking that he had hatred for him, cbd gummies 25mg 5 count but then Louis was very dissatisfied and said Captain, your military uniform doesn t fit very well, I think it must have been found somewhere temporarily.right cbd gummies 25mg 5 count Wang Weiyi couldn t help but laugh.When is this time, he actually has time to care about what other people wear If the neckline can be slightly larger, it will be much more beautiful.Will doesn t care what others think of him at all, and is serious and authentic.

Wang Weiyi was very calm when he said this Thirty minutes, only thirty minutes, you and all your subordinates will become corpses You re crazy, you re crazy muttered Watts.Maybe.Wang Weiyi said indifferently, and then seemed to casually say Is what I said true, maybe you can get confirmation from Countess Schiller. Watts was stunned Who Ah, maybe calling her Countess Leonie will impress you more.Countess Leonie After hearing this name, Watz s eyes shone brightly Hey, lieutenant , why didn t you say it earlier If you are a friend of the Countess, I can even give you another bottle of wine Wang Weiyi is now beginning to believe Countess Leonie s words, Watts is indeed her crazy One of cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies the suitors, with just one name, completely wiped out the malice of Mr.Watts.Watts suddenly felt something was wrong You are not French It doesn t matter who I am.

Moreover, the mysterious shooter hiding on the roof of a house was so accurate in marksmanship that as long as someone As soon as he appeared, he would cbd gummies 25mg 5 count be shot accurately.Now Major De Sade knows why Ernst Brahm was able to escape under heavy siege several times.His performance on the battlefield was indeed very outstanding.But there is nothing to worry about, there are only a few of them, and the bullets will be exhausted soon, even if they grow wings, they will not be able to fly Ocus, speed up Manstein yelled, slapping the roof of the car.The gunshots are getting closer, the major is fighting there, and now he needs support Manstein picked up a submachine gun and threw it to Guo Yunfeng Hey, let s fight together.Guo Yunfeng checked his weapon and pulled the bolt.The truck driven by Orcus rushed forward crazily.

If this continues, Ernst Brahm will soon slip away.Major, I just got a strange news.Second Lieutenant Jeremy walked in Several of our patrols encountered General El Raffarin last night, but then I went to confirm this The news is that General Raffarin never left his headquarters at all That s Ernst Major De Sade immediately reacted He must cbd gummies 25mg 5 count have a destination when he ventures out at night, otherwise he wouldn t It would be so risky.Where are you going Where are you going The roads are so strictly inspected, he dare not go anywhere After all Major De Sade suddenly stopped his words, and thought for a while while holding his chin Jeremy, is Watts here today Not yet. Watts home Major De Sade stood up suddenly Ernst can only go to one place, Watts Watts house, hell, why didn t I think he would go there Major, he wouldn t be so adventurous, would he After all, if Watts doesn t show up for a day, we will be suspicious, and he also has a lot of men.

Early morning The wind was bitingly cold, Wang cbd gummies 25mg 5 count Weiyi tightened his clothes, went out, and found that the outside was already full of bones.Since I saw it, we can t let them be exposed like this all the time.Rommel said calmly I am going to bury them together I don t believe in curses, but I think there is something that can be done for them.Wang Weiyi nodded Let me help you together.After burying the bones, a simple grave was set cbd per gummie relax gummy up for them.A group of team members stood in front of the grave silently for a while, and then left.There are indeed some evil ways here, and even a cbd gummies and antibiotics wild animal cannot be seen.If it is not The daring people like the Skeleton Commando, I am afraid that no one dares to spend the night here.In the evening, Sidney Riley came here according to the appointment.He is really a very capable person.

The nurse said without any fear.Rommel glanced inside and found that a doctor and several nurses were nervously doing the operation.They were not affected shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies 25mg 5 count by anything outside at all.Rommel quickly let his soldiers retreat.It went on Sorry, Miss Nurse, I didn t know you were undergoing surgery, please let Dr.Katz finish his work with peace of mind.Ah, Miss Nurse, I have to salute your bravery, what is your name Kelly Mountbatten After the nurse finished speaking, she hurried into the ambulance station.Captain, is it necessary to be so troublesome Adolf Hitler came over with Guo Yunfeng and asked incomprehensibly.We have already made a mistake before.Rommel sighed We accuse British nurse Edith Cavell of helping rehabilitated Allied soldiers flee from occupied Belgium to the Netherlands.She was convicted and sentenced to death on 10 11 1915the death of Edith Cavell.

I think you should find some other way out.Samoksky nodded Although I have lost my rights, I still have a large number of intelligence cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies personnel The Bolsheviks are very dissatisfied with the current temporary zh ngf , and they ape cbd gummies may stage another riot soon.Wang Weiyi admired this person a little bit, and the information was exactly the same as what he knew.Samoksky continued I think Russia will soon be controlled by the Bolsheviks, and it is a good choice to take refuge in them.They are forming their own intelligence agency, and I, a veteran intelligence officer left over from the Tsarist era, may be able to come in handy.You must know, Mr.Ernst, that I will do nothing but inform.I know.Wang Weiyi let out a long breath You will be useful, the Bolsheviks will definitely use you, they will form a very large intelligence agency, and you are exactly what they need urgently.

The Germans couldn t afford a second unit like this In early September, the Skeleton Commando officially set off for Caporetto.A huge skeleton battle flag fluttered in the wind on the a7v tank.When the convoy and tanks started slowly, every German officer and soldier knew that a fierce battle was coming Otherwise, the top management will not use their treasure Skeleton Commando Strike In the front is the slow moving A7V, in the middle are trucks carrying soldiers, fuel, supplies, and ammunition, and at the end is the Mark 1 that is holding the line.And the front.It was a stylish Peugeot Baby convertible, the driver Ocus, and sitting next to him was the captain of the Skeleton Commando Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm Since I got this Peugeot Baby from Desimov.Wang Weiyi found that he liked the feeling of riding in this car.

Although we are not retreating, we are retreating as victors Wang Weiyi looked so high spirited in front of everyone Today s retreat is for a bigger counterattack tomorrow I am honored that we will stick to Udine and stop those damned British and French We will never let those enemies pass here, even if we lose our last soldier Long live holy Germany Long live holy Germany The crazy clamor rang out again, not only the German soldiers, but also some HCMUSSH cbd gummies 25mg 5 count Italians also shouted.Wang Weiyi glanced at those people quietly, and found that the guys who came to scout intelligence all seemed to be as if nothing had happened , He smiled and continued We will represent the victory and pride of Germany, and the 62nd Infantry Regiment will also fight with us.Colonel Stodler, we are strong enough to stop any enemy We will perform another miracle in Udine Skeleton commando, invincible The 62nd Infantry Regiment is invincible Germany, invincible Skeleton commando, invincible The 62nd Infantry Regiment is invincible Germany, invincible Amidst the waves of cheers, Colonel Stodler frowned slightly.

Wang Weiyi was a little surprised Colonel Nicholas, why are you here Now, those grievances between him and Colonel Nicholas have been written off.Prince Joachim was dismissed from the position of the head of the Military Intelligence Bureau.I heard that His Majesty the Emperor personally gave the order, and I was also implicated and was kicked out of the position of the Military Intelligence Bureau.Nicholas With a wry smile I asked to join the Skeleton Commando and fight side by side with you, and my request was granted.Colonel Nicholas, you are also a fool.Wang Weiyi shook his head We are the most dangerous place here now.You should not have come here.General, I have to apologize to you.Nicholas cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies became very serious I used to think you were a traitor, but now I know I was wrong, no one Traitors are still fighting for their country at the front line at such a time.

Li Lu yelled heart piercingly, Brothers, let s go, go desperately with the little devil Go, let s go, go with the little devil The devil shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies 25mg 5 count is fighting The emotions of all the brothers were mobilized at once, and the brothers took up their guns and were about to rush back, Stop Ouyang Yu with red eyes shouted The captain died with the little devil for us, and I did the same Want to avenge him But have you forgotten what the captain said Use the smallest price to get the greatest victory Live Only by living can you avenge the captain Everyone lowered their heads Go, go to the second You can kill devils there Ouyang Yu shouted the order with a hoarse voice.The brothers took one last look at the Sanhuqiao position, and they swore that they would never forget the captain.They swear that they will avenge the captain.

The battalion commander is going up, go up Someone yelled loudly, and then countless cheers resounded across the battlefield, and the soldiers rushed up with shouts.Stop Stop Ouyang Yu, the officers who had been fighting with Wang Weiyi since Sanhuqiao, shouted anxiously.But their cries were soon drowned out by the cries of the soldiers The Japanese army here fled in a panic after throwing HCMUSSH cbd gummies 25mg 5 count away more than a hundred corpses under the strong impact of the infantry and tanks of natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies for post work the guard battalion.The losses of the Guards Battalion were forty five killed and thirty three wounded.Not even a 1 1 casualty ratio Such a casualty ratio has never been achieved by the team since the Japanese war began Those soldiers who participated in the Battle of Shanghai couldn t believe that they had achieved such a result, but when they confirmed it, the cheers sounded again.

Songjiang security commander Wang Gongma sighed Battlemaster Wang, I only have some local troops in my hands.There were originally more than 700 people in total, but after the battle, there are still 400 people left, and the equipment is poor.I m afraid I can t help you.What a busy.I want these hundred people.Wang Weiyi s answer is still so firm War does not necessarily require a large number of people.Soldiers don t have to dare to die.I am willing to issue a military order, hold on to shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking where to buy Xiguan until 12 days, and then withdraw to Songjiang for defensive operations Can you last until 12 days in Xiguan Wu Keren s eyes lit up.Yes, Wang Weiyi promises that he will never lose Xiguan before 12 o clock at night on the 12th day good Now Wu Keren, if he doesn t believe it, he can only choose to believe it.

They put away their smiles and banter at this moment.They knew that the moment of life and death had arrived Twelve hours The hawaii cbd gummies Japanese army must not be allowed to approach here within twelve hours They desperately repelled the attack of the Japanese army, but nearly a hundred brothers died in this attack It succeeded, but there was no laughter or any celebration They sat silently, silently waiting for the next attack This is war, there will be bloodshed, people will die But, they have no choice To live, isn t it to die The Japanese army attacked again and again, and the security team insisted on their lives time and time again.By 11 o clock, they repelled the enemy s four attacks During these four attacks, nearly 200 security guards fell down there are still several hours before 3 00 p.m thirsty, hungrytiredThe fear of deathAll threats are rushing towards the security team members.

Help him up.Wang Weiyi put away the gun.Two soldiers raised their glasses, his face was pale.His legs kept shaking there.Are you shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies 25mg 5 count afraid Wang Weiyi asked lightly.The glasses kept nodding his head, it could be seen that he was really scared.Press the muzzle down an inch and you will die.Wang Weiyi said calmly and indifferently This is the battlefield, and no one knows whether the bullet will hit you in the next second.What can you stay here Mortars or heavy machine guns Or help us carry ammunition We don t need it, you have no battlefield experience.You will only be a burden here Who sent you here What are you here for Show your courage No need He pointed at the retreating brethren Because of you, my troops retreated an hour later than originally planned Do you know what this hour means to the army It means losing a battle.

Wang Jinyong sat on the ground blankly, and Luo Yu was lying in his arms.The bullet that flew from somewhere hit Wang Jinyong s chief of staff.The brilliance of life on Luo Yu s face was fading, and his eyes were staring at the sky, not knowing what he was looking at there.Traveler, I m going to die.Luo Yu said softly.Fart Wang Jinyong shouted I didn t let you die, how can you die Chief of Staff, listen to me, medi green cbd gummies live well Traveler, I want to live too, but I really can t Ah.Blood kept coming out from Luo Yu s wound, his body was throbbing, but he still tried his best to say We have been partners for so many years and fought countless battles, but I really I never thought that I would die here and wait for the devil to be beaten away, remember to send me back.After finishing speaking, his eyes slowly closed Doctor, doctor, where is the fucking doctor Wang Jinyong s eyes were red roared loudly.

The two teams met by chance, and the members of Li Lu s team were severely laughed at by Wei Dong.Judging from their expressions, they have nothing to gain during the day, and they will definitely have to work tomorrow.While waiting for the army to attack at night, these soldiers began to rest.It looks funny.Fang dug a trap waiting for you to jump, but the other party ignored you at all.Fang kept his eyes open all night and waited for the attackers, while the other party was sleeping and fighting.Not only can it be solved by weapons, but The psychological contest between the two sides is also very important.When the dawn gradually came, Iida Yona, who was in charge personally, was a little helpless.That night, apart from the constant attacks by those unknown bugs, the real attackers were not even seen.

The Russians were startled and stopped in a hurry.Wang Weiyi Pointed at one of them with a gun, and said in standard Russian You.Go and turn on the gramophone and play me some nice dance music.Ah, I hope you will do what I say, or I will be very unhappy.Under the threat of gunpoint, the Russians came to the phonograph with fear Soon, the music started Now, I want to dance with this lady, please leave.Wang Weiyi still said so politely.The Russians are very smart and turned around and ran away.Tang Weihong was really not afraid at all.Instead, she was full of excitement Mr.Moyol, are you going to kidnap me Ah, you can say so.Wang Weiyi put live green premium hemp cbd gummies away the gun Of course, I will not ask for any ransom, the only condition is to be able to dance with you again.Then.When the dance music is over, I can leave.

They should go to the Paris square to worship the statue of the baron.Oh, my God, it s terrible.Are there still rules And do you know that private land is sacrosanct When the baron comes back, I have to put all this Tell him all French Paris Is our most terrible enemy still alive Until now, we have not forgotten the terrible and respectable Baron .

what is a normal dosage for cbd gummies?

Skeleton, news came from Shanghai, Skeleton The Baron may still be alive.Should we be afraid, or should we be grateful.As enemies, we are afraid.But cbd gummies 25mg 5 count the war is over, and we should be grateful that such a great soldier may be alive.Losing him will be a loss.Yes, Such a great soldier is like Napoleon, no matter what position he takes, he should always be remembered.Of course, what stupid things did our army do cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies in Montfaucon It managed to save the skeleton baron from being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people Run away For the Baron For the cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies Baron Piponduhi had just clinked glasses with Wilding Rand, and he drank the first glass of wine that he didn t know.

Although the three month ceasefire period that the Germans hoped for may not be achieved, at least the war will last for a period of time They will not continue to erupt.The work of training soldiers is also in progress, and Wang Weiyi does not need to worry too much.The brothers under him are completely trustworthy.Therefore, Wang Weiyi made up an excuse He received a secret mission , I have to go to another place once and this secret mission, even Commander Xiao Zhichu doesn t know about it.Of course, people like Ouyang Yu will not ask about the Tuan Zuo s affairs, they cbd gummies 25mg 5 count just run around all day with the Tuan Zuo.It s a bit curious to have so much energy.William, who has just joined the army, enthusiastically asked to go with Wang Weiyi, but Wang Weiyi refused.He asked William to stay in the guard regiment and study Chinese well.

They are completely obedient to the Wanderer , no matter what the Wanderer wants to do, they will follow them without hesitation I want to regain control of the base Wang Weiyi reiterated his words again Maybe I can t succeed once, maybe I will fail.But I have to try, this will be my first step.No matter how strong the base is, it will always be It s a machine.And I m a human being, so I should be the one who controls natural cbd gummies for ed the machine You ve changed.Xiao Ling said slowly, When you first boarded the base.Although you were full of complaints, you still obeyed resolutely and tried your best.Go all out to complete the tasks assigned to you by the base.But when you were called the Skeleton Baron , I realized that you have changed.Your current appearance scares me, do you know Little Ling, you will also Lonely, does cbd gummies give you a high cbd gummies 25mg 5 count you will be afraid Wang Weiyi 750 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg 5 count smiled lightly You are also changing, right I am under the control of the base, and you are under the control of the program.

An has brought back General An s head What shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies 25mg 5 count up.At this moment, tears filled the housekeeper s eyes Really, it s true, General An s head was really taken back from the Japanese by Madam An The woman named Sun Zhifang, 25 years old this year, pregnant with Liujia, took her 6 year old daughter in her hand, and resolutely walked into the Fifth Brigade of the Third Division of the Japanese Army, which was lined with bayonets and hung red plaster flags.Regiment headquarters.The woman s decisive tone shocked the commander of the Japanese army, Katayama Riro I am the wife of General An Zhu I am here to take my husband s head Katayama Riro took a breath, he did not expect that this woman would dare to come Ask for An Zhu s head.An Zhu cbd gummies are made from is a political general who fears and hates Katayama Riro.Although An Zhu died in his hands in the end.

Crazy blow to the sky fulfills people s wishes Wang Weiyi finally waited for a chance to kill the Japanese general Numata Tokushige The terrain of Samurai is just too good for a nice ambush.A large number of Chinese soldiers lurking here are waiting quietly and patiently Wang Weiyi is also waiting Xiao Ling, Elena, I need your support.In a place where there is no one, Wang Weiyi activated support from the base I need aircraft support, precise shooting, and completely disrupt the 116th Wing.Unlimited support The Rambler s request is acceptedweapon support six camouflaged Soviet made Iraqi 15 fighter jetsdo you need artillery support Xiao Ling offered again support.Need.Wang Weiyi was overjoyed What kind of artillery support can you provide me You will know when the time comes With Xiaoling s comprehensive support, Wang Weiyi s last worry disappeared It was very strange.

God, Xiaoling actually let the attack firepower of Ziguang Military Base be fully fired Now, the whole sky has been shrouded in the shooting range of Ziguang Military Base Inside What happened to Xiao Ling Wang Weiyi really doesn t know what s going on.But the current reality in the sky is that one Japanese plane after another is directly hit.There is no chance for Japanese pilots to even parachute to escape The Chinese pilots in the air were equally stunned, they were indeed still fighting, but they could be sure that their machine guns would never produce such mighty firepower The only explanation was that the Type 95 fighter had a serious mechanical problem , ora special agent planted a bomb on the plane Apart from these two possibilities, the Chinese pilots could not find any shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies 25mg 5 count answer Fort No.

When Wittmann and Philipson told these German soldiers that they were going to reinforce the shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies 25mg 5 count Skeleton Baron, the group of German soldiers actually gave a chaotic cheer Two lunatics with a group of lunatics What is cover have no idea What is offensive support unnecessary What should I do if I encounter resistance from the Russians Call To Wittmann and Philipson, these cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies are the most trivial of little problems.There were indeed some obstacles along the way.But rely on the power of the Tiger tank.With the assistance of the German infantry, 750 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg 5 count this small group of troops managed to rush over without any injuries.Bold people are always lucky Sergeant Wittmann, there are Russians in front, about one battalion.Corporal Peake, who commanded the infantry, pointed to the front and said.Prepare to attack.Wittmann, who was exposed in the command tower, said indifferently.

But all this is not a problem at all in the eyes of the German soldiers who are preparing to fight.Only with the Skeleton Baron, all difficulties will be overcome The main force of the German army will be the 11 Tiger tanks of the Pailan battle group And it was General Ernst Alexson von Brahm who commanded them to fight Tiger tanks are waiting quietly The figure of T34 gradually appears The location of the decisive battle chosen by Wang Weiyi is extremely beneficial to the German army cbd gummies 25mg 5 count whose tank numbers are seriously at a disadvantage.The terrain here is narrow, and it is completely impossible for the huge number of Soviet tanks to be deployed.Take all the favorable sides to your side as natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies for post work much as possible The Soviet army apparently also found the German tanks lying in front of them, and several T34s rushed over first Demyansk tank battle broke out On the battlefield, the German tanks occupied an excellent position on the battlefield crazily and arrogantly, and calmly smashed shells at the Soviet tanks.

On that day, the gate of cbd gummies 25mg 5 count the police station was full of family members of the captured persons, anxiously and excitedly waiting for their relatives to be cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies released.Whether France is occupied or not has nothing to do with them at present.What they care about is the safety of their relatives.At 9 o clock, the door of the police station was opened, and immediately, the French swarmed around.The police and soldiers quickly stopped them, while some German Gestapo and French secret police disguised themselves as ordinary people and mixed in the crowd, secretly monitoring everything around them.Baron Alexon can t even lose a hair in France, otherwise no one can take such a responsibility The first batch of prisoners was released.When their family members saw the familiar faces, they couldn t help but burst into tears and called out the names of their sons, fathers, or husbands.

Z s safety Director Frank, Major Orvis, the Army Intelligence Bureau has sent people here again.Orvis was startled, but Frank chill cbd gummies synthetic was quite dissatisfied and said How many people will the Army Intelligence Bureau send Could it be that the FBI still can t protect them A Mr.Z Orvis didn t quite understand why where to buy cbd gummies to stop smoking General Glovis did this when the captain named Anderson and the second lieutenant named Martinez handed a copy of General Glovis s order to Ovie At the time, the cautious major was still worried Chief Frank, where can I find the phone I have to check with the general.James, take the major.As he spoke, Frank glanced at Anderson.So bold, really too bold.Mr.Moyol actually came in person.He obviously put on makeup and made himself look younger, but Frank, who had been a police officer all his life, still recognized him.

Holding hands Marshal Ernst of the Marshal Scepter remembered Captain Klingenberg with a high evaluation From now on, you are promoted to major, and I allow you to lead an assault squadron alone, and this assault squadron , I will personally command it.That is my greatest honor, Marshal.Klingenberg s heart was filled with happiness.To be able to fight under the personal command of Marshal Ernst is the dream of countless German soldiers Give power to Berlin.Wang Weiyi pondered for a moment Twilight of the Gods has begun, and I am standing in Chobulu, and I will attack Silivri and Kyrgyzkoy in two directions, aiming directly at IstanbulOrders, the Bulgarian and Yugoslav armies must capture BandirmaErnst Brehm before the 12th.There was no turning point in his order He must use the fastest speed to attack Istanbul.

A brave man.Mr.Kahn sighed.Yes, a brave man.Wang Weiyi also sighed It s a pity that his indecision ruined all his HCMUSSH cbd gummies 25mg 5 count efforts.Inonu was charged with as many as 19 crimes, but the determined former president refused.He did not admit any of his charges, and fought resolutely with those judges in court.He didn t have a lawyer, and he iris gummies cbd was defending himself completely by himself, and his defense was so wonderful that Wang Weiyi even wanted to stand up and applaud him several times.It s a pity that Wang Weiyi knew that no matter how wonderful Inonu s debate was, he would not be able to get away with itbecause his fate was already doomed The prosecutors and judges of the temporary court were rendered speechless by Inonu alone.If this was a fair court, Inonu had already won.Unfortunately not.After repeatedly interrupting Inonu, the cbd gummies 25mg 5 count judge forcibly stopped the trial.

Ah, no need, just let Miss Carlos see me off.Wang Weiyi waved his hand and said.Watching Mr.Moyol leave in the company of Miss Carlos, a wonderful future unfolds before Williams Miss Carlos, how has he been HCMUSSH cbd gummies 25mg 5 count behaving lately Being more and more arrogant, Mr.Moyol.He has made suggestions to Morgan and Rockefeller, and is about to abandon you.Ah, yes, the same as I said to him before.It s exactly the same.Mr.Moyol, how long will I have to stay with this odious, annoying upstart Come on, Miss Carlos.You re complaining about it.Is it Oh, no, Mr.Moyol, I swear.When you first rescued me from being a whore and gave me this task, I swore I would never betray you.Miss Carlos, loyalty is a good thing, it can give you happiness that you never imagined before.I have had Switzerland buy you a residence, and I have deposited enough money in your bank account that you can live a lifetime of wealth.

Especially recently, that Baron Alexson cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies actually appeared in Africa and re commanded the African Army.This will cause us a lot of confusion It is undoubtedly a happy thing to be appreciated by an enemy, especially when the words come from the mouth of the famous general Montgomery.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly What about you I think you can become Baron Alexson s opponent.After all, even Marshal Rommel was defeated by you No.To be precise, Rommel The marshal was not defeated by me, he was defeated by his own people and allies.Montgomery s expression was very serious His African Army almost ran out of fuel before launching a reluctant attack.But it is still tenacious Fighting us.And making us suffer.If he had enough fuel and tanks, I don t think we would have won At the same time, I don t think it is a wise choice for Germany to choose Italy as its ally This remark touched Wang Weiyi s sore spot Adolf Hitler misunderstood what he meant and thought In order to defeat Russia in a blitzkrieg situation, the Barbarossa plan was launched Then, Adolf Hitler, who had witnessed the incompetence of the Italian army, mistakenly believed that an incompetent ally would be easier for Germany to control , while completely ignoring the great damage that the Italian army can bring to its allies on the battlefield But what can be done Things have developed to this extent.

Wang Weiyi was not worried at shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies 25mg 5 count all whether this would expose him.Arranging these guards, Farouk I must not know, he would never have the guts to kill a British baron.Everything was arranged by Queen Farida in private.After finishing off these killers neatly, Wang Weiyi saw that the lights of a house in the distance were on.He tidied up his clothes and walked towards it calmly He pushed away At the door of the house, the woman who had been waiting for a long time turned her head Take the gem It was Queen Farida.But she couldn t say what she said next, because she saw Baron Andrew standing right in front of her.Ah, Mr.Baron, you are here.Queen Farida quickly regained her composure, as if nothing had happened.Yes, I m here.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Those ignorant slaves, no one came to inform me.

I have no brothers, so now I am in charge of the jewel Sure enough, it was exactly what he thought, Wang Weiyi laughed He smiled It s a cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies pity that you are not a competent custodian.I heard that you always like to take this gem as a mortgage when you are in a hurry.Because I can get it back smoothly every time, except this time.Queen Farida stared at Wang Weiyi Tell me, what price do you need to return the gem to me How much do you need I will raise it for you.Even if I secretly open my husband s safe I don t hesitate My wealth is beyond your imagination Wang Weiyi put away the gems Do you think your husband is the richest person in the world You are wrong, his Less wyld gummies cbd thc than one percent of my cbd gummies 25mg 5 count fortuneah, I think I m flattering him too muchso money is just a symbol to me Law Queen Rida was really surprised this time.

Surprisingly, this temporary drawing In the circle, there was only one escape incident among 1,500 captives Draw the ground as a prison Wang Weiyi laughed in his heart.But the only escape incident also aroused his curiosity.Colonel Abigail The most clear, because those Italians went to them Colonel Kettering nodded his companions and said.Colonel Abigail also showed a smile on his face It s unimaginable The fleeing incident That evening, I was preparing to command the army to enter the battlefield, and suddenly I saw a large number of Italians appearing.I thought I was attacked by the enemy, cbd flower gummies and I was about to order the soldiers to prepare for battle.Who Come to think of it that s not the case at all I met Colonel Tavasch, the Italian, and he told me that he had escaped from Colonel Kettering for the very simple reason that the English there did not serve them coffee Wang Weiyi and all the British military officials were dumbfounded.

We did the same thing in Egypt, constantly spreading false information, and then tricking our enemies into taking the bait.Now, the British are just repeating us.things that have been done.Wang Weiyi sneered and said Your so called genius intelligence officer Eddie Chapman is just a double agent.As soon as this sentence was uttered, everyone was stunned.A double agent A talented spy who is proud of the German intelligence agency, but it is actually a double agent And the person in charge of the Gestapo Himmler began to look at his competitor with a mocking look.Marshal, youyou must have made a mistake Canaris stuttered Said.No, I m not mistaken, and I can t be mistaken Wang Weiyi s tone has never been so harsh I didn t tell you clearly that this person is a double agent.He sold German intelligence to Britain, and British intelligence to Germany to maintain his extravagant life Chief Canaris, I now order you to recall Chapman immediately, you told him that he will receive the highest award in Germany Now you can go cbd gummies bears for sleep away Yes, Marshal.

George VI cbd gummies 25mg 5 count did not participate in political affairs or interfere in the cabinet, but he used his ingenious way to guide the direction of Britain.Just look at the popularity of Baron Alexon here, the armistice between Germany and Britain has become an inevitable trend No, I never believe that you don t know.The completely angry De Gaulle said loudly This is a conspiracy.On behalf of the Free French Movement, I must lodge the strongest protest to the British government Who is standing there What kind of enemy, I ask you to arrest him immediately He used The word demand challenged Churchill s self esteem.You know, when France was in its most difficult time, only Britain extended a helping hand to it, and helped them no matter the cost, but now, this Frenchman actually asked himself This is a British matter and a private matter.

De Gaulle Colonel Menzies knew that his task was completed, and now it was Prime Minister Churchill s turn to have a headache Faced with a lot of detailed evidence, Prime Minister Churchill really had a headache to the extreme.While having a headache, he also felt extremely angry.The French actually did such a despicable and shameless thing, pushing the British government and themselves into an extremely embarrassing position time and time again.De Gaulle and the organization he led completely disregarded how much Britain had contributed to them, and did not consider at all that if it were not for the generous support of the United Kingdom, France would have been completely over.They cbd gummies 25mg 5 count did not consider the bloodshed of British soldiers on the battlefield.The French movement, the French National Liberation Committeehas been dismembered long ago.

If it weren t for him, even Wang Weiyi still has great trust in Wade Ross Okay, let s continue eating.Wang Weiyi stood up at this time Major Wade Ross, please come with me.Ah, take Wade Ross s companions down and hand them over to Mr.De Sade for interrogation After speaking, under the guard of Guo Yunfeng and Ludwig, Wang Weiyi quickly left the officer s restaurant probably because his identity was exposed, and Waderos, who had always seemed very calm I was a little nervous at this time.Relax, Major Waderos.Wang Weiyi comforted cbd gummies 25mg 5 count how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost Waderos in turn We can have some pleasant conversations.See, spies should be hanged, but I don t want to do that.You probably know, Here, there is always a way to get you to talk.So I think we should skip those unnecessary procedures and speak directly.What do you think Major Wedros nodded silently, once the spy is captured, he will No one knows better than him what he will face Under Wang Weiyi s questioning.

The Germans were too tenacious.Under the powerful impact of the Soviet army, they were in danger, but they repelled the enemy s impact time and time again.There was a strong smell of blood in the air.Troovic opened his mouth and took a deep breath of cbd gummies 25mg 5 count the air.The blood flowing there was full of comrades blood Comrade Colonel, Comrade Commander s phone number.Oh Comrade Commander, I m Trovich Yes, the fighting is still going on, we have a lot of casualties Yes, I need reinforcementsyes, even a company is fineyes, I have sent the officers and they cbd gummies 25mg 5 count are very brave I don t know if I will be able to make a breakthrough today Yes, I will do my duty as a Bolshevik Well, long live the Soviets Putting down the phone, Trovic s face looked so serious.No matter what, he couldn t continue to wait like this.

Boy, when difficulties arise, we have to think about how to overcome it.Instead of giving in to it.Every difficulty, there is always With great opportunities Every difficulty always breeds this great opportunity There is nothing that can predict the enemy HCMUSSH cbd gummies 25mg 5 count s first general, an natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies for post work excellent commander, when a crisis occurs, how to get rid of the crisis as quickly as cbd gummies 25mg 5 count possible, and in turn give the enemy a fatal blow Vasilevsky was without a doubt the best commander.When the battlefield is at a disadvantage, he can sacrifice boldly and use troops boldly.Successfully cbd gummies 25mg 5 count put the legendary invincible skeleton baron in a very passive state, and may even be completely annihilated by the Soviet army Wang Weiyi also has his advantages.Responding quickly, and how to turn a crisis into an opportunity.but.I have to admit that.

, are considered commonplace.He even enjoys such an adventure.Under Wang Weiyi s order, he formed a commando team of 200 people.Of course, Benz and Aurum, two subordinates who had followed him from North Africa, were needed.Heisenberg and Edim, the two Brandenburg commando guys, also joined the commando.And some other players.For example, that guy named Fratz Sipple, it is said that one of his good friends died in the hands of the Russians, and since then this guy has been a little crazy, especially on the battlefield.He simply regards the Russians as his father killing enemies.ah.Such a person Klingenberg likes As for the kid named Stella Dom Klingenberg sees him as just a kid Originally He didn t allow Dom to join, but Dom repeatedly begged the major to give him a chance.Dom didn t want to come to his hometown without any medals on his chest after the war this idea Major Klingenberg was impressed, and he approved Dom to join the team Major Fritz Klingenberg, have you finished your preparations When Ernst Brahm When the Marshal appeared, Klingenberg and his team members straightened themselves up Yes, Marshal, we are ready.

Khrushchev nodded, and Marshal Vasilevsky judged the enemy commander s thinking very clearly.I have ordered the strength of the three armies to invest in blocking the German army, hoping to stop their attack.Vasilevsky was not at all relaxed when he said this.Indeed, he predicted what the enemy would do next, and made corresponding preparations, but the extent to which the specific war would develop was out of his control.Because he couldn t go to the front line in person.And this is his greatest sorrow Comrade Commander, we have found Davamirsky Khrushchev s words immediately attracted Vasilevsky s full spectrum sugar free cbd gummies attention Li Really Where did you find it How is he doing now When we found him, there were only three guards left around him, and the situation was not very good Khrushchev sighed I have already sent someone to bring him here, and it will arrive soon.

Another day has passed During the day, the German army lost most of its positions.Now, all the troops are forced to huddle in a very small position for the final resistance.They killed countless enemies, and each soldier killed several times, ten times, or even dozens of times more enemies than them But no matter how many enemies they killed, they could not stop them The new attack of the Soviet army, for the German army, the Russians are too many.Surprisingly many.The results of the assault group in the German army have been very exciting.Wittmann alone has achieved an amazing record of destroying 46 enemy tanks and 21 self propelled artillery after the war started.The number one ace tank player is none other than him.But what s the use of killing more The armor strength of the Russians is still so huge.

What can you fly with thc cbd gummies do you say that person s 10mlg cbd oil gummies name Vasily Zaitsev Major Cunnings accepted Marshal Ernst s order respectfully, and was a little strange.How did the Marshal know the name of the Soviet sniper so clearly Yes.Vasily Zaitsev.Wang Weiyi nodded Major Cornings, you are the best sniper in Germany, fight back against the Russians.On the battlefield, there s no one to limit anything you can do ah.I have something to remind you.It s a good way to attract enemies with a helmet, but enemies can also use a helmet to attract your attention.As the best sniper, I think patience is always the most important thing Yes, Marshal Well, you go.When seeing Major Cunnings who accepted the order to leave here, Wang Weiyi set his sights on Heisenberg and Edim who were ordered to come Mr.Heisenberg, Mr.Edim, I think Major Cunnings Need some help.

Everywhere they attacked, under cover of tanks and artillery.Shumilov insists that his soldiers are still very brave, but now they have to face the most serious problem they are running out of ammunition The lifeline of Stalingrad is firmly in the hands of the Germans.The Soviet soldiers defending the city had to consume a lot of ammunition every minute to cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies stop the German attack.As long as it is consumed and there is no supply, even the brave troops cannot persist in such a war.But for this serious situation.Neither Shumilov nor Chuikov had a good solution on the night of the 29th.The Mislov Brigade of the 64th Army of the Soviet Army was annihilated.This was the thing that bothered Shumilov the most.Few people know that Mislov is Shumilov s most beloved younger brother.At the beginning of the Battle of Stalingrad, Mislov was placed high expectations by Shumilov.

That s Marshal Ernst Brahm The text accompanying the photo reads cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety uk we never doubted victory because we had the great Baron Alexon, Lord of Warall enemies, All will tremble before the Baron, all enemies.All will crumble to the loud song of the German army.What we have, the enemy never had, what we have is a true king of war from The cry of Demyansk.The roar to Kharkov, our king, has brought us miracles again and again, our king.Will lead us to witness a piece of history.Moscow is already in sight.Our tanks will Drive into the enemy s capital, our soldiers will destroy the enemy s capital Failure, it will not belong to Germany failure, it will only 750 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg 5 count be left to our enemies.Our king will lead our war machine, rumbling mill Shatter every power that seeks to stand in our way.Our King, will leave to Germany the most glorious day Only one thing worries us When the day of victory comes , the Baron will probably leave us.

Leonie, why do you say that Hermione was very strange The more and more developed traffic, let Germany and the United States The distance between them is getting shorter and shorter, and now Germany and the United States maintain a very good relationship, as long as you want, you can come back anytime and anywhere No, I can t explain why, anyway, I I have this feeling, after returning to Germany this time, we will never see each other again.Leonie said in a daze I know the Baron, when the victory comes, he will leave quietlyyou know what When he left for the first time, I waited for him for nearly twenty yearsTwenty long years, I endured loneliness, lonelinessI have no way to wait for whole foods store cbd gummies the next one Twenty years have passed, so I decided that no matter where the baron goes, I will always follow him.

Whether it s a hot day or a cold night.Even if the yellow sand hits our faces, we are still in a happy mood.Our chariot, gallop to the storm Our chariot, gallop to the storm Accompanied by the roar, we are flying at lightning speed.Under the cover of armor, we meet the enemy.Charge with brothers, only we fight side by side.So we go deep, break through the enemy line So we go deep, break through the enemy line If there is an enemy, appear in the field of vision, quickly fill up the accelerator, and then go straight to the enemy s line.As soldiers of the motherland, what is our value To sacrifice for the motherland is the highest honor To sacrifice for the motherland is the highest honor The enemy used landmines and barricades to try to block them.We sneered and detoured.The artillery that threatens us is hidden in the rolling yellow sand.

Sometimes a position consisting of only two or three people will take several hours or even a whole day for a commando of the German army. This is the cruelest part of urban warfare.All the Soviet troops are huddled in their positions, no matter what the enemy does, they will never leave their positions.Meanwhile, those snipers who had chosen their positions long ago continued to shoot in the dark, giving the defense troops maximum support.The two sides compete with each other s fighting will and fighting qualities here.The Soviet tanks are no longer the opponents of the German armored forces.What Yersakov can count on is the sacrifice spirit of those soldiers.every cbd gummies 25mg 5 count once in a while.Those German planes would appear, and then viciously drop the bombs, and in bursts of HCMUSSH cbd gummies 25mg 5 count rumbling explosions, they would destroy the position that the Russians had worked so hard to build.

Will cbd gummies 25mg 5 count charge like a real soldier.Like a real soldier, when rushing in front of the enemy, he will directly pull the grenade on his body, and then drink the enemy to die together Mercy, what is taken away can only be your own life still those old men and women When the battle has reached the present, all people have fallen into a state of disordered madness, especially the Russians.They don t need anyone to mobilize anything, they know exactly what they should do.Soldiers in the Soviet Army also knew how to surrender in utter despair.But those civilians probably never cbd gummies 25mg 5 count how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost thought of the word surrender.They frantically sacrificed everything for their capital and their leaders, completely ignoring the enemy s firepower to kill them.They probably think that they can stop the enemy s charge with their own lives.

She stayed.But Xiao Ling will not be lonely, at least there is Sophie and her who keep bickering and fighting for the ownership of the body At the same time, Xiao Ling also allowed them to master cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies the most fashionable language of the Roman Republic and ancient Germanic, relax gummies cbd strnegth so that they no longer had any problems in communication.However, this team, which is completely ahead of this era in terms of equipment and overall quality, has one frustrating thing not only do they not have a carriage.There wasn t even a single horse, which meant they had to walk on foot until they found a carriage.This made Butler Depusey very dissatisfied The baroness is a nobleman, I think you people don t understand the meaning of nobility at all.A baroness absolutely cannot walk such a long distance.Mr.baron, I must tell you Make the most serious protest, and beg you to find the carriage immediately.

Forever You can t get anything else Ah, I remembered, you are the first to climb the mountain.You deserve a reward of 10,000 sesterces.Lord Gaius, I d rather I am willing to take this ten thousand sesterces as my personal tribute to you.Wang Weiyi didn t take this little money to heart at all.Sestes was the smallest unit of currency in Rome, but 10,000 sesterces was a huge sum of money for ordinary people.But Wang Weiyi refused without blinking.This made Gaius more curious about Wang Weiyi while being gratified.It seems that this young man named Ernst should have very strong financial resources In the Roman Republic, it is not enough to have excellent military literacy, and it is necessary to have the support of powerful figures and rich financial resources.Such was the case with Caesar back then.

The extravagant and desolate life in Rome had gradually made him lose himself.Only when he was on the battlefield could he regain his blood.However, these words of Wang Weiyi completely stirred his heart The secret.You said, what should I do Gaius asked with difficulty.The smile on Wang Weiyi s face became even brighter I can buy some barbarians with a huge sum of money and let them carry out an attack on Caesar s legion, and your troops can hold still, Caesar was sent to the rescue when he was in the most danger.In this way, the myth of Caesar s invincibility will be broken, and his prestige will be hit hard.What about you But because of rescuing Caesar, he can get more attention from him, and it also directly increases your prestige directly.What do you think of my opinion Gaius was silent.

He struggled desperately with fate for a while.But in the end he couldn t escape the sanction of death.he died.Su Keers, the chief centurion in charge of the attack of the Roman Legion, died just like that.All this fell into the eyes of all the soldiers who were fighting, and the Germanians aroused a fanatical fighting spirit because of the brave performance of the consul.But this has a completely different meaning to the Romans The chief centurion is dead, and the chief centurion has no ability to resist in front of this skull mask man.This is too serious a blow to the psychology of the Romans.The severe disadvantage of the terrain made it impossible for them to display their superior forces.The death of the chief centurion also seriously shaken their cbd gummies 25mg 5 count determination to win.Now, the balance of victory is tilting towards the Germanians The Romans are even getting used to it, and this is the most terrible thing.

Or to be more precise, the manufacturing process of these trebuchets has surpassed the skills that the Romans could master The Germanians even couldn t wait to try the power of these new weapons.Something strange happened to the Romans.The barbarians stopped harassing the Romans, and the work progress of shark tank episode cbd gummies the auxiliary soldiers was greatly improved.Although I don t understand what the barbarian is thinking, at least this is pretty good news.Obstacles were quickly cleared away, and now, the Roman Legion can attack unscrupulously, but probably they would never have imagined that the barbarians who have no culture in their eyes have prepared a state of the art Weapons are quietly waiting for their arrival Caesar still handed over the command of the front line to Kaleini, whom he trusted so much, and Kaleini is also ready to express it with a hearty victory.

Brahm s people will be his biggest opponents.He likes this kind of challenge, and he is willing to enjoy this kind of stimulation.A cowardly opponent is not worthy of his respect.Only a strong enemy can stimulate his ability to the greatest extent.Even if he loses this time, there is nothing to be afraid of.The Roman Republic has inexhaustible power, and he can make a comeback next time This is the terrible thing about Caesar, he can enjoy the glory brought to him by victory, and he can also accept dixie cbd thc gummies a defeatOccasionally a small setback will make him feel angry, but when he meets a truly powerful Instead, it will make him excited, just like a wolf that smells blood.Sulpiki.Caesar suddenly called Sulpiki s name.Sulpiki was taken aback.He suggested to contact the Franks and he personally implemented it.

He exercised on Tieria s body again and again, and put it on Sylvia s body again and again.A soft exclamation came from Sevia s mouth. Saivia turned her back to Wang Weiyi, even though Wang Weiyi was swimming on her body, she dared not turn around.But the clearly audible voices around her, and the groans from her sister s mouth, made it impossible for Sylvia to avoid all of this.Wang Weiyi s body movements became faster and faster, and his movements on Saivia s body became more and more skillful. Finally, Sylvia turned around.Tirlia s hands suddenly hooked Wang Weiyi fiercely, and her body was also tightly attached to Wang Weiyi s body.Even her legs were tightly hooked to Wang Weiyi s waist, which almost made it difficult for Wang Weiyi to breathe Then, Tieria let out a contented scream. My sister solved it, and soon, Wang Weiyi, who was not satisfied, put his next target on his sister Saivia.

Through the Arc de Triomphe under the wall of Sevea Tullia and the streets of Rome, this field is the holy place in the hearts of Roman soldiers Mars Square, God of War.Only heroes who have made outstanding military exploits for Rome are eligible to be buried in this square Around the Field of Mars.Hundreds of thousands of Romans are gathering here.Twelve expedition priests the priests who served the Mars God of War on the expedition appeared first.They all wore embroidered short jackets, with broad bronze shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies 25mg 5 count belts for combat around their waists, daggers hung on the left side of the belts, and a gorgeous purple robes, with shields in their left hands and an iron baton in their right From time to time they raised their staffs and struck the sacred shields carried on poles by priestly servants.Behind them, several Roman legions were marching in formation these teams were extremely mighty and majestic, showing neat order and strict discipline.

Will be named after Spurius.This made Wang Weiyi feel a little funny the first victory That is the battle with the barbarians, and the leader of the barbarians is himself the biggest patron of Servius If one day they can meet on the battlefield.What a ridiculous scene would that be Wang Weiyi didn t care about his sponsorship at all, which made the Germans 750 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg 5 count have another enemy.If Germain wants to become truly strong, he must hone himself in battle after battle.When the Germans were no longer afraid of war, and even began to fall in love with war.Then this nation will become cbd gummies 25mg 5 count the most feared enemy of the Romans And this time may come soon Sisters Tieria and Sylvia.Wang Weiyi did not take them away with him, but left them in his own mansion on Mount Baladin.They, who have recovered their status as free citizens, can now be called the hostesses here.

1 On August 10, Caesar crossed the Rubicon River and quickly approached Rome in the name of defending the people has power Pompey failed, and failure was inevitable.When Xiaoling finished speaking, Wang Weiyi said slowly What we have to do is to pull the track to the path we need according to this history Seven hundred and sixty nine.The Saxon night fell quietly, and the bridges that had been almost built were lying listlessly on the river.Those exhausted Roman soldiers had already fallen asleep, and they probably never dreamed of At this time, the barbarians will have the idea of this bridge.Since Centumarus decided to use troops against the barbarians and began to build bridges until now, they have never encountered barbarian attacks, which also makes them completely They probably would never have imagined that a person had returned German Confederate Consul Ernst Brehm More than two hundred figures appeared like ghosts, the Romans who had fallen asleep, Unexpectedly, the danger was quietly approaching them.

There are 6,000 fighters.There are only so many left Centumalus smiled wryly.For a moment, who could have predicted such a thing to happen Iyou Centumalus didn t know what to say.However, the nightmare of the Romans was far from over, and countless barbarians had been killed from all directions.That earth shattering cry, that terrifying cry made the soldiers of the Auxiliary Legion look at each other in blank dismay.A fire, not only conor cbd gummies burned a Roman legion.And completely destroyed the combat desire of the auxiliary legion.They don t want to fight at all.The savages had surrounded them, when cries of anger resounded here.Centumalus mission will also end here.The barbarians rushed up, and the barbarians slaughtered these Romans who had lost their last fighting spirit Senardi plucked up his last courage and tried his best to command the soldiers to fight to the end, but at this time, his prestige had been completely wiped out by a fire, and no one would listen to his orders anymore.

Venicius Yakulius drove his mount straight over, and the two embraced tightly on the horse.Yakulius, you have won, and Pompey will be proud of you Seven hundred and eighty one.The elders who accused the Senate were sitting in danger.When Pompey came in, applause broke out in the Senate.Some cheered sincerely, and some may not necessarily cheer for Pompey from the bottom of their hearts.Today s Pompey doesn t want to care about these things.For him, how to completely remove the threat posed by Caesar is what he wants to do first.He quieted the cheers, and got straight to the point without spending any more words Dear senators, noble nobles, members of parliament who came to the 750 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg 5 count meeting, I think you have heard the unfortunate news before, we are here Germania has been cbd gummies 25mg 5 count defeated, and our aristocratic Centumares has fallen into the hands of barbarians, who demand a ransom of thirty auris from noble Rome Sighed first, and then an angry reprimand came from the mouths of these Romans No, the barbarians must not be given even a Caderas ransom Conscript more troops to destroy these barbarians People Kill those barbarians, let Caesar march, and let cbd gummies 25mg 5 count the mighty barbarians tremble before our vengeful rage Such voices rose one after another, Pompey listened calmly, and waited until the voices died down a little.

And this It cbd gummies 25mg 5 count s an agent of the CIA, Major Davyn.Hello, General.Baron Platt Wang Weiyi said with a smile Please represent my personal respect to you, and introduce you to my wife Dill.Syrmont van Preet Beckettris Wilhelmina Waldeck.Molo.She is Baroness Preet, and Baroness Waldeck.Brigadier General Johnson swore that he shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies 25mg 5 count would never be able to remember such a long list of names, and he kissed the back of the baroness s hand It is my honor to meet you, Baroness Preet, Mrs.Waldeck baron.Then, he turned his gaze to Wang Weiyi Then, you can tell me now.Is there anything special about your visit to cbd gummies 25mg 5 count Dessau Wang Weiyi did not answer immediately, but looked around General, are you going to talk to us about these things right here yes.This is my negligence, baron, baroness, please come to my office.And you, Major Davyn.

Wang Weiyi nodded and came to Leoni s side When we leave, Xiaoling will take you back to the base, and wait for me there.I will wait for you to come back.Leoni smiled said.She didn t worry at all that her husband would fall into the hands of the Americans, no one could catch the skeleton baron Wang Weiyi turned back and jumped into the jeep Let s fab cbd gummies go.Major, did you leave such a beautiful lady here alone Colonel Chelus asked in surprise.One woman, two housekeepers, they have no ability to resist when encountering enemies.Wang Weiyi smiled Don t worry, maybe they are more capable than you imagined.Guo Yunfeng had already started the car, but Colonel Chelus still felt that it was too unbelievable.A woman, two housekeepers who look weak, is there any other way to meet the enemy But looking at Major Moyol with confidence, he didn t seem to be worried at better delights cbd gummies review all.

Hurry up, I always feel that the Americans are going to catch up.Just as he finished speaking, a strange sound came from afar.sound.Richthofen poked his head out, looked into the distance, and then retracted quickly Helicopter A helicopter rushed towards us from a distance, and then the bullets inevitably hit the ground vehicle fell.Cars and trucks desperately avoided the bullets.If Colonel Chelus was not by his side, Wang Weiyi really wanted to call Xiaoling for support again.The attack of the helicopter is cbd gummies 25mg 5 count how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost very fierce.Even if you drive around the S shape, you still cannot avoid the threat posed by the helicopter.The terrible thing is that now everyone doesn t even have a weapon for self defense Abandon the car, abandon the car Wang Weiyi issued such an order loudly.The car stopped abruptly, and then several figures rolled out of the car.

After a while, one came The aged butler opened the door, and was a little surprised when he saw a German marshal standing in front of him.Hello, I m Ernst Brahm, and I hope to be summoned by Her Majesty the Queen.Ernst.Brahm When he heard this name, the butler was even more surprised, but he was well trained, and he didn t show his surprise on his face Okay, Marshal, please wait here for a while, I have to go See if His Majesty has gone to bed.Wang Weiyi stood cbd gummies 25mg 5 count there waiting patiently, and he looked around It s too small, let the Queen have the largest room in the Empire State Building.Yes, Marshal.Marshal Ernst , Your Majesty the Queen cbd gummies 25mg 5 count and His Royal Highness are eagerly waiting to see you.Wang Weiyi tidied up his military uniform, and then walked in with a HCMUSSH cbd gummies 25mg 5 count calm pace Baron Alexon and the Prince who have been separated for 20 years Queen Elizabeth finally stood face to face once again.

A very rich man with great wealth.Even if he is an old man, there will always be women flocking to him.People in high society in Italy are proud to have received Mr.Pipondu s opening invitation, and those who didn t get it.Try to get one too.Especially those women in Italy.Regardless of whether he is pretty or not, he is trying his best there.You must know that as long as you can get close to Mr.Pipondu, you may be able to get a lot of benefits from him.They probably all thought that Mr.Pipondu was a fool who only spent money on beautiful women Even the Italian Prime Minister Bertrul was invited to 750 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg 5 count come.There are some unconfirmed rumors in Italy.It is said that Bertrul was true full spectrum cbd thc gummies able to become prime minister entirely because of Pipondu s financial resources, which allowed the new Italian dictator Vittorio Mussolini to appoint He is the new Prime Minister of Italy.

Be careful, I m leaving first.Okay, you too.Slat smiled and walked back.At 2 o clock in the afternoon the next day The recruits arrived as scheduled, and this time the manpower increased to 120, hehe, in fact, it didn t increase much, only 8 were added.Slat looked at the group of recruits and couldn t help smiling You are the pride of the empire, you are the heroes of the empire Now you are about to follow your predecessors to the fiery front You will experience the test of life and death We We have experienced the enemy s ambushes twice Many comrades in arms have fallen beside us But for the honor of the empire and the freedom and strength of the empire, charge Slat told the recruits loudly that these things can improve The words of morale, when those veterans heard Slater s words, they couldn t help but bow their heads.

Fabaman s counterattack reinforcements finally arrived When the cannon sounded and it was learned that it was the artillery fire of the reinforcements, the German officers and soldiers on the entire Fabaman battlefield burst into earth shattering cheers in an instant.Hard waiting, hard waiting, everyone is working hard for this moment.Fabaman will inevitably become a battlefield that everyone will never forget Wang Weiyi fired all the bullets in the magazine, and then smiled and looked at the cheering battlefield.He knew that the German hero Manstein, who was also invincible, had once again succeeded.In cbd gummies 25mg 5 count January 1966, after the Persistence of the Fabamand Army, the 6th Northern Mountain Division of the SS arrived at the battlefield first, and then a large number of German troops arrived one after another.

Soon, however, the last machine gun fell silent More, more Ivans appeared in the trenches, stepping over all obstacles in their way.A thick blood flowed from his mouth, pulling out a long streak like snot Heisenberg tilted his head and saw the one where he and Zoff first met Hasen this morning The hotel appeared next to me He squeezed his right hand hard, trying to make sure that Zoff s Iron Cross was still in his hand.exist.I am very relieved.When Hazen took Heisenberg back to the armored bridgehead, Heisenberg remembered how the armored soldiers saw him.They looked at him with incredible eyes, trying their best to imagine what kind of baptism I had experienced in front Why didn t you go to the cemetery Why didn t your tank go to the cemetery Why did you grind The corpses of your own people Why you mean reinforcements Where are armored reinforcements Where Where Liars Bastards They are all bastards you fucking liar Heisenberg hissed He yelled and hissed at Rutherford at the top of his lungs, but more blood flowed out.

Ah, it is the same for me.Wang Weiyi looked at the cards in his hand, but they were not so good, a 9 and an 8 7 points.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly I want a card.A card was closed and pushed in front of Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi looked at it with no expression on his face, and then he slowly showed the card out.2 It turned out to be a 2 of hearts 9 00 No, it s impossible The fat man turned pale.Then, he jumped up suddenly You cheated Wang Weiyi didn t explain himself at all.He knew someone would stand up for him Mr.Tuckerdov, I can assure you that Mr.Petergoff did not cheat.It was Tatyana who spoke, and she already knew what Wang Weiyi s name was without condor cbd gummies reddit even asking him face to face.Fat Tukhdov seemed very afraid of Tatyana, opened his mouth, and sat down in frustration.Wang Weiyi smiled Look, Miss Tatyana, as I said, if there are only three things, I will always change my luck.

The poor captain and those agents fell into a pool of blood immediately Marshal Kolkorok heaved a long sigh of relief, but his family members were frightened by this sudden change Silly.Just when the major and his companions finished off these agents, an accident happened.An agent who had gone to a distance to relieve himself had witnessed all this terrible thing.He knew that with his own strength, there was absolutely no way to contend with these murderers.The only way is to leave here as soon HCMUSSH cbd gummies 25mg 5 count as possible to get rescuers.He quietly slipped towards the back Originally he could have succeeded Hey, I m Ernst.A voice sounded in front of the agent.Then the agent heard a gunshot and fell to the ground clutching his chest.Wang Weiyi smiled, put away his gun, and strode up to the major and the Russian soldiers.

If they join the battle now, it may have a serious impact on the final direction of the war.Pipondu s work has been fruitful.Although he did not directly participate in the battle, his contribution to catalina island cbd gummies Germany is by no means measured by how many enemies he destroyed If Germany can win the final victory of the war, then.Pipondu and people like him should receive the heaviest medal The general offensive is going on, and what Wang Weiyi needs now is no longer a small victory, but a final victory.Colonel Coleham took part in the battle himself, as did General Jonall himself.Every German officer.They were extremely eager to see the moment of victory with their own eyes.This will allow their names to be permanently recorded in cbd gummies 25mg 5 count German history.one night time.The German army in the attack achieved the most brilliant results.

This sudden blow kelly clarkson cbd gummies completely stunned the Russian soldiers, and they were at a loss.Isn t it surrender Why did the German army open fire on the Russian army The Russian soldiers instinctively dropped their weapons from their shoulders and prepared to fight back.However, these Russian soldiers forgot a very important point.The bolts of their guns had all been removed before departure, and the other weapons did not carry magazines.The way they fought back further confirmed the suspicion and distrust of the German army towards them, so the German army s machine gun fire did not stop firing, other firearms in the company fired one after another, and even the artillery of the battalion joined in the massacre.In the fire net woven by the hail of bullets, the Russian army fell down one after another.

He will not surrender, but now the situation has changed a little.His 11th Army has suffered heavy losses under our repeated attacks.He couldn t get supplies.Moreover, he and Warren Katzky are very good friends, maybe the death of Warren Katzky will bring him a strong stimulus Wang Weiyi pondered for a while Who should be sent Major General Hayelaf.Korkorok brought up the name of this person without hesitation He just surrendered.All I know is that Heyeraf has always been Dalkrenf s subordinate before.On some important issues, Dahlcroft is also open to negotiating with Hayeraf.Maybe Hayelav can play some surprising role Wang Weiyi nodded.Perhaps the hope of success is not great, but it is worth trying anyway It s still the same sentence The words he has mentioned countless times War, in many cases is not just fighting The death of Warren Katsky.

However, he was not upset at all.The German who arrested him was actually the famous skeleton baron Ernst.Bram This is enough to make him proud, how many people can let the skeleton baron carry out the arrest himself It s a great honor cbd gummies 25mg 5 count to meet you, Marshal Ernst.Even though he was in jail, Ren didn t seem too nervous I ve heard a lot of your stories before, and I m finally honored to meet you in person today.Ah, I don t think there is anything special about me.Wang Weiyi smiled I also know that there are many stories about me on the battlefield, but I really don t like war.What about you, General Rennes, do you like war No, I hate war.Wren replied without hesitation If possible, I would prefer to be a music teacher.You have to know that I like music and I have studied it deeply.I can play Very beautiful piano music, and you can use the cbd gummies 25mg 5 count how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost violin to make people mesmerized, but unfortunately, I chose the military industry.

The enemy actually sent back Colonel Joaquin s body General, The colonel s body is outside, so I ll take my leave if nothing happens.Captain, please convey my gratitude to Marshal Ernst for me.Brigadier General Dolby calmed himself down Please help me tell the Marshal that no matter the outcome of the war, I will let all Americans know what he has done.There was a long silence at headquarters as the captain left.A gentleman in the field, isn t he After a long time, Brigadier General Dolby said A real gentleman, he still upholds the good qualities since the First World War, and these qualities have never appeared in us, have they He was shocked by cbd gummies for pain relief what Marshal Ernst did He knew for the first time that wars can actually be carried out in this way Sometimes wars are not just about life and death.

an excellent venue.Suddenly, a black shadow cbd gummies 25mg 5 count flashed, and disappeared in a pile of rocks in an instant.Eric was excited, the target had been found.Eric shrugged easily, his lips grinning, and a confident smile spread from the corner of his mouth.Hey, buddy, you made a mistake.At that moment, Eric had identified the opponent s position, the gray brown mountain rock.Yes, he must be hiding behind that slippery rock.You can t run away, baby.No one can escape from my grasp, Eric cried eagerly in his heart Come on, my new prey, you know I ve been waiting for you Is it As if in response to Eric s silent call, a black dot popped cbd gummies 25mg 5 count out from behind the boulder.Eric slowly and extremely carefully raised the sniper rifle that he had never left in his hand, and stretched out its dark barrel from the bushes.

It is said that it has some subtle connection with the love view of some contemporary young people.Eric lay down, trying to stretch Eric s limbs and relax all the muscles in his body.He saw the transparent sky, gray clouds, quiet forest, messy and weird shrubs, and green grass swaying in the wind What you get is the fragrance of wild flowers and the fragrance of the earth.How colorful and unrestrained nature is.How all this is like in a fairyland.There was an unusual smell in the air.This is a breath that only masters have and only masters can smell.It was a fierce murderous aura.Eric s adrenaline kicked in and Eric started to get high.He immediately entered the battle state.Check the camouflage positions, check the cbd gummies 25mg 5 count camouflage suits on the body, and check the firearms.After confirming that everything was correct, Eric opened the gun and fired a long sniper with a 7.

He told everyone loudly There is nothing to be afraid of.In 1789, the government also dealt with it in the bloodiest way.Insurgents, all we have to do is use our own lives to fight for the power we deserve Uprising uprising uprising Such voices erupted from around.Lieutenant Colonel Adams seemed to be infected Mr.Leader, I admire your determination to fight for France, and because of this.I brought you a gift Under his command, more than ten trucks drove over, No one knows what s in the truck A weapon to fight for freedom Lieutenant Colonel Adams hopped into a truck.Pulling back the tarpaulin above, suddenly, a large number of weapons appeared in front of everyone.There was silence at first, and then cheers that could pierce the sky resounded through the sky.Long live Lieutenant Colonel Adams cbd gummies 25mg 5 count someone uttered such a cry.

Lieutenant Hiram, who was facing the helicopter gun, died dead Staring at the cbd gummies 25mg 5 count large caliber bullets fired from the machine gun, watching them rush towards him in a cbd gummies 25mg 5 count straight line.Lieutenant Hiram also felt that he was a complete lunatic, and he had been a lunatic since the day he joined the German army.Since he was a lunatic , then you have to be crazier than anyone else, otherwise this lunatic doesn t care.Da da da That day and night.Robin, the US ambassador to Paris, ordered Colonel Wenger s Marines to leave Paris after urgent negotiations with the French government.They were lucky that they did not die in do cbd gummies interfere with medications a foreign country.On the 20th, a French army consisting of 6 divisions arrived at Nordica to assist the Germans in attacking the US military base at Nordica.It was the largest and perhaps the last battle fought in France.

And the subsequent new product display also aroused the enthusiasm of the guests General Gandra is not particularly interested in these things, anyway, any of them is an absolute consumption with his salary Great.He was a little bored looking around, but what he was thinking about was when he could go back.Or it would be nice to find an excuse.General Gendra.At this moment, a greeting came from behind.General Gendra turned his head and saw that cbd gummies for post work cbd cherry gummies Mr.Andrew appeared behind him with a natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies for post work young man.Mr.Andrew stretched out his hand with a smile on his face It s really great to see you appear here , I am also worried that the invitation letter will not be delivered to you.General Gendra did not know until this time that the invitation letter was sent by Mr.Andrew himself, but he was a little unclear, except that he had just assumed the post of the commander of the US military stationed in London.

Grislow felt a little helpless , once the Baron had any problems in London.Then he has an inescapable responsibility.But the key problem is that the Baron doesn t seem to take this danger seriously at all.Kill him Wang Weiyi suddenly said coldly There is still a long distance from the American barracks to the Fenton government, and that is what we can use the most.Make an ambush on this road.Win for us Maximum time.Grislow nodded vigorously, and at this time he has no better choice than continuing to trust Baron Alexon The full scale attack on Britain has begun, in London, in In the United Kingdom, there must be someone like the baron standing guard, and then wait for the re arrival of Her Majesty the Queen.And looking at the baron s appearance, it seems that he has already made up his mind about all this.

I can t guarantee that I can control every one of them, But most of them will not be able to cbd gummies 25mg 5 count leave London from now on.Mr.Robert, your attitude determines the future of our cooperation, and your current attitude is very satisfying to me.Wang Weiyi smiled and said When a person It is very satisfying to have done your part and it will secure your future.There are many other partners of mine in the Fenton government and you are the newest addition.But you are my The most important member.Since you have made a promise to me, I can also make the same promise to you.When the war is over, you will see your wife and children as soon as possible, and you can choose to continue to serve Allegiance to the new British government, and you can choose to go to any city in the world, this is the condition I promise to each of our friends.

Gentlemen, when Her Majesty the Queen was forced into exile because of a traitor, we British Empire The officers did not fulfill their oath to stand up in time, but chose to compromise with the traitors, which will cause an indelible shame in our lifetime.Every one of our descendants will say this when discussing us , behold, it is what our fathers did that made England suffer so much.Behold, it was what our fathers did that we shall never lift our heads again Come on.What can we do Just watch all these things continue to happen Or try to make up for the mistakes we have made Find ways to prevent our future generations from living in shame in the mistakes we have made Gentlemen, Can anyone give me the answer The meeting room was completely silentno one knew how to answer the general s question General Cassano sighed softly If the final result of the war is that the Allied Forces win, maybe .

are cbd gummies bad for your health?

we still have a chance to recover, but now who thinks we can win You, or you At least I have I am desperate for this kind cbd gummies for post work of war.

Her Majesty has given him everything he wants, including reputation, but this is something that the Fenton government and the Americans cannot give him.I ve always liked working with smart people.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly It is very lucky that you are such a lucky person.So, I guess you ve thought about yourself and your army Bacchus nodded silently, picked up the phone on the desk Pick me up to General Don Tanner s office General Don Tanner, I m Bacchus.Ah no, nothing happened to my army.Have you received intelligence from the enemy Yes, I also received it just now.The enemy will cbd gummies 25mg 5 count soon attack Southampton.I personally think that my 6th Division lacks the preparation for tough cbd gummies 25mg 5 count battles and the psychological quality it should have, and is more suitable for the role of partner support.Ah, you think like me That s great.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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