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Looking at the falling figure of the murderer, Gu Mingzhu opened her hand, and there was a small bronze mirror in her hand, everything went smoothly as she imagined.She was a little happy, but also a little disappointed.Such a murderer was probably just a pawn.She only hoped to get some clues from this murderer.Next, she should yell loudly to attract everyone.The idea just flashed, but she heard the sound of a branch breaking.There are others here.It can t be that person s accomplice, otherwise he should have reached out to help in an emergency.Since she is not an accomplice, but has been hiding by the side and has never shown up, is she suspicious of what she just did, or is there another purpose.Baotong Gu Mingzhu s feet softened, and she sat there, panicked.Baotong, where are you Panicked, the girl s voice became hoarse, she didn t seem to realize that she was also slowly sliding down the hillside, and soon she would end up with the same result as the murderer.Just when she was halfway down, a rope wrapped around her waist, and her whole body was pulled up.Gu Mingzhu turned her head and saw a pair of deep eyes.The man had a stern face and cold eyes, and he was looking at her quietly, as if he had peeped into her secret through her eyes.She immediately became more flustered, tears kept rolling down her cheeks, and she didn t dare to make a sound.Miss, miss came the shout.Zhuzhu Zhuzhu Hearing this voice, Gu Mingzhu s face burst into joy, she got up with difficulty, and was about to walk forward, but forgot that there was still a rope around her waist.He stumbled over the rope and rushed towards the man.Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand subconsciously, clawing at the man s robe with claws and teeth.Chapter 7 The moment Gu Mingzhu climbed onto the man s robe, a strong force rushed towards her, cbd gummies 2022 throwing her body away, and then she fell firmly to full spetrum cbd gummies green otter cbd cube gummies the ground.In this robbery case, they began to look for clues separately, and if they found something, they would only focus on each other.They were very ashamed, but this time he did not find much information.Every time he has to lose a bit, he can t help but feel a little frustrated, but since it s not the end yet, everything is still uncertain.Nie Chen hurried back to the city and was about to go to the government office when natures only cbd gummies quit smoking a man blocked his way.Mr.Nie The man said, My lord is here to invite you.Chapter 9 Afraid that Nie Chen walked into the gate of Cui s house and was taken to the study in the front yard.The Cui family of the Marquis of Dingning, made great contributions to grant the iron certificate of alchemy during the Taizu, and now it has been handed down for four generations.The third generation of Marquis Dingning lost a battle in the frontier and buried tens of thousands of soldiers.There are also some pharmacology and medical books and prescriptions, which made her eye disease worse after reading it.In order to save her eyes, she had to give up.Regardless of whether she can accompany her or not, she is cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for ed problems a caring maid, and she has to arrange many things for the young lady.Just thinking about these things makes her feel relieved.After the young lady finishes reading, she will ask her to take it out and sell it.The books she bought and sold in the past few years are piled up to be as high as the beams of the house Miss, Baotong said earnestly, You don t want to take the No.1 Scholar Examination, do you I heard that the Tribute Court will conduct a body search.If someone finds out that you are a woman, it will be really bad, unless their Eyes are as useless as slaves.Gu Mingzhu didn t look up I have learned a new set of acupuncture to treat eye diseases, and I haven t tried it yet.Cui Si and lay on the cbd gummies 2022 bed.In the darkness, Master Cui Si said again What did the women of cbd gummies 2022 the Zhou family say I didn t say anything, Mrs.Cui Si said, I just have that kind of thought for Master Hou.Fourth Master Cui said indifferently You are overestimating your own strength.The Zhang family has violated the Tai Sui in the past two years, but Mrs.Ding Ninghou is not unable to hold cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies 2022 on to her position.Fourth Master Cui stopped talking, closed his eyes as if to Fell asleep In the dark prison, the jailer was washing the blood on the ground.The murderer was interrogated for a whole night, but he didn t say a word.When the Tongzhi of Taiyuan Mansion turned his head to look at the case, the comatose murderer suddenly bit off his tongue.Blood gushed out from the murderer s mouth, soaked his clothes, and flowed on the ground.If Hou Ye refuses to enter the game, they will not give up Thankfully, Zhuzhu is fine, otherwise Otherwise, they are in the situation of losing their beloved daughter.Now, even if they know that this may be a trap set by someone, they still have to investigate.They want to investigate Zhuzhu s person wholeheartedly, but since the person who set up the trap has already controlled everything, they will most likely be influenced by those people.The prince has spent a lot of hard work in Shanxi these years, Cui Zhen said with a stern expression, I m afraid the prince will eventually be implicated in the investigation of the case.When the prince was mentioned, Mrs.Lin s face became even uglier, and the prince was something they could provoke.Those who confronted the prince had no good results.Back then, when the emperor appointed the eldest prince as the crown prince, there was a lot of discussion in the government and the opposition.Cui Zhen frowned slightly The case of Jinta Temple has not been closed yet.Let Madam stay But the steward said Maybe I can t stay, Miss Gu is clamoring to leave.What s going cbd gummies for pain on Cui Zhen recalled Gu Mingzhu s smile just now, Didn t it be fine just now What The steward repeated the reason Missy was bitten by some insect while she was sleeping, and she said that there were insects in the yard, and she insisted on going home, even Madam Huaiyuanhou couldn t persuade her.Master Cui Si said Otherwise I ll go and have a look.Let them go, Cui Zhen said, Arrange more nursing homes to follow, don t make any mistakes.the meaning of.The steward responded, turned and left the room.Mrs.Lin didn t bring many things to Cui s house, and it was very easy to leave.She asked someone to clean up and pulled the carriage to come.In other words, she is safe.I hope that next time she has to do something important, she won t meet this feri again.It s hard for her to pretend to be stupid last time, but she pretended to be dumb this time.I don t know what to pretend next time.The identity of this doctor cbd gummies 2022 woman must be used for a long time to be worthwhile.Gu Mingzhu told Liu Su If anyone in Yong an Lane asks for a doctor, he must write it down, and the news will be sent to the elder.If someone asks about me, he will say that he has gone to the village.Liu Su nodded in agreement.Gu Mingzhu said We may have to go to the Elder when we meet again in the future.She just wants to be safe and smooth, is it difficult to achieve this goal Why do I have to be terrified every time The Cui family.Master Cui Si was awakened from his dream.The imperial court couldn t provide food for distribution for a while, many people starved to death, and the plague was prevalent in the city My master boldly deduced that the person who burned the Ao warehouse and stole the silver from the treasury was not necessarily the Pearl Thief but someone else.I feel that my master is bewitching the public with his lies, and I also suspect that my master is an accomplice of the Pearl Thief and deliberately came to disturb the audience.Because of this incident, many people who are good at detectives have been arrested and interrogated.My master implicated innocent people and was tortured, and he couldn t let go until he died.Nie Chen looked at Wei Yuanchen solemnly If Ku Yin was not taken away by the Pearl Thief back then, then someone set up a trick to deceive everyone.

She knew Mr.Cui Si and Cui Si.The Fourth Wife has been with her for a long time, and she always feels that they are not that kind of people.You just let me make sweet scented osmanthus cakes for Zhuzhu.That s all I can do now, Mrs.Cui Si said, biting her lips, If you re worried How could that be Mrs.Lin said Don t think too much.The two of them were talking, and the two children of Mrs.Cui Si also ran over.Gu Mingzhu took the bamboo dragonfly from Baotong and waved to the two children.Show eager expression.Mrs.Lin sighed secretly, and full spetrum cbd gummies green otter cbd cube gummies looked at Mrs.Cui Si, Go and do your work.I ll take them to play in the garden.Mrs.Cui Si went all the way to the small kitchen, and the surroundings finally became quiet.She tried her best to sort out the thoughts in her head , just put the sweet scented osmanthus cake on the steamer, when the mother in charge said The second uncle is here.If your lord is worried, let this little brother pretend to be my entourage to act with me.If I find out the news, this little brother You can also know, so that you won t be afraid of my hiding things.Let him pretend to be a follower to serve Nie Chen Chu Jiu frowned, how could this be possible, except for the third master, cbd gummies for sleep walgreens near me he would not take orders from others.Wei Yuanchen glanced at Ah Jiu.Ah Jiu nodded immediately Don t worry, third master, I must keep a close eye on him.Anyway, this is all fake.Wei Yuanchen stepped forward first, and his figure quickly disappeared in front of the two of them.Ah Jiu said coldly Let s go Nie Chen smiled, and as he walked, he escaped a purse from his arms and stuffed it into Ah Jiu s hand The dried meat from Baiweiju is delicious.Ah Jiu threw the purse back into his hands, and said with a cold face, Go quickly.Chen hurriedly caught up Lady, don t go, I said before that I would find you a job, but now that the job is here, I will give you a bunch of money as a deposit, cbd gummies 2022 you see Is it possible Seeing that the doctor didn t refuse, Mrs.Chen stuffed the money in her hand It s just for the girl from Huafang, so I won t make things difficult for you.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Mrs.Chen smiled and said, That s it.The two of them walked towards the city of Taiyuan Prefecture together.She had never visited her own grave before, and it might be an opportunity to take advantage of the chaos in the Cui family s ancestor s grave.Chapter 27 The tomb of Cui s ancestors was caught on fire, and the news spread throughout Taiyuan Mansion in a short time.At the foot of benefits of cbd gummies long term the mountain, many people gathered to discuss.The members of the Cui clan patrol around the ancestral tomb every day.Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on the plates on which the pastries were placed.She walked over and picked up the plates and looked at the light.These plates are made of sweet white porcelain.If you exchange them for some silver, you can buy more Medicine dregs.However, it may also attract the attention of the Cui family.After all, this matter involves a fire full spetrum cbd gummies green otter cbd cube gummies in the ancestral tomb.It is okay if there are some pastries.It s a pity, I wanted to accumulate some merit for the Cui family, but now it seems that it is not appropriate.Gu Mingzhu shook her head and sent the plate to its original place.Sure enough, as he expected, Wei Yuanchen s gaze became even colder.The doctor woman wanted to walk along with the plate.After she picked up the plate, she looked around like a thief, probably because she was afraid of being caught by the Cui family.Zhou Xueshi s daughter, a woman who is both talented and beautiful in the population, is not as beautiful and rigid as the person in the painting, but so playful and lively.Thinking of his behavior of peeking at this time, he couldn t cbd gummies 2022 help but feel a little strange.He had never stared at a female family member like this at his age.After she finished eating the pastry, she stood up and was about to leave.She straightened her dress and took off the veil on her head, but she didn t see a flower petal on the skirt.How can I let her show the slightest clue in front of people.Thinking cbd gummies strong of this, he took a detour, and was in the garden of the banquet.Taking the opportunity to pay his respects to the eldest princess, he waved his sleeves, causing the breeze to blow away the corners of her skirt and blow the petals off her clothes.So surprised, Cui Zhen had long suspected that there was something wrong with cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies 2022 Lu Shenzhi, and now it really showed the clues.Cui Zhen said You must find Lu Shenzhi, and then ask someone to ask the guard at the city gate if anyone has seen Master Lu leave the city.The guard responded and walked out quickly.Cui Zhen s eyes sank, he raised his head and told the clerk Bring over all the records related to Lu Shenzhi.The Pearl Thief case seven years ago caused the officials of the entire Taiyuan Mansion to change up and down.Lu Shenzhi should not excluded.How did Lu Shenzhi return to the government office Where is Lu Tongzhi The voice of Han Yu, the magistrate of Taiyuan Prefecture, came from outside the door, It s getting worse and worse.The government office is so busy, but he doesn t see anyone all day long.Wei Yuanchen stood there with his hands behind his hands.As a nursing home, Xiaomin has nothing to do with anything on the boat.The sharp weapon on my body was also given to me by the steward, but I have never used it.Just now when I saw the girl on the boat fall into the water, I jumped out of the boat to save her in a moment of impatience In the lake, these two officials came to arrest me.I thought it was bandits, so I had to struggle hard, only to find out later that it was people from the yamen who came to question me.I don t understand what the lord said, what about the doctor, the people in the mountains the matter on the flower boat has nothing to do with me.After saying this, the man knelt down and kowtowed non stop Your Excellency, the small sentence is true.Hearing what the man said, Wei Yuanchen walked towards the bow of the boat without saying a word.Ding Turning around, he wanted to run away, but he never thought that a figure had already arrived in front of him, stretching out his hand and hitting him on the back of the neck.Chu Jiu looked at Mr.Ding who was lying limp on the ground, and finally let cbd gummies 2022 out a sigh of relief.He pretended to be captured here and lost all face, and this was the only way cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for ed problems to save his dignity.Master full spetrum cbd gummies Wei came to Huafang tonight, but did he find any clues Cui Zhen, who had been silent all this time, suddenly asked.Wei Yuanchen came slowly Yesbut I don t need to tell you.Cui Zhen continued Then Lu Shenzhi is in Master Wei s hands Turned.His gaze was cold, and his eyes were as deep as the sea Taiyuan Mansion Lu Tongzhi is in my hands.Cui Zhen said Then it is Mr.Wei who ordered people to leave the city tonight Wei Yuanchen glanced over Cui Zhen s face, with a slightly contemptuous expression Dingning Hou, you have exceeded the rules.

Wei Yuanchen set up a big net first, ready to be the last oriole.It s a good plan, and the case should be closed soon.It also made her realize that Mr.Wei is really omnipotent, even using a silly girl as a pawn.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he frowned suddenly and shouted Who is it As soon as the voice came out of his mouth, the thing in his hand had already bounced out.Ouch.With a scream, a figure staggered backwards and fell out, followed by the woman s painful wow.Everyone 750 mg cbd gummies looked towards the sound, and saw the mother in charge of the Zhou family clutching her legs and crying loudly, and Zhou Ruzhang was also knocked to the ground by the mother in charge s sudden retreat.A master and a servant look so embarrassed.With tears in his eyes, Zhou Ruzhang looked at Mrs.Lin for help I saw that Mrs.Fake Taoists, looking for my bad luck everywhere.Mrs.Lin said Has the yamen come to Zhuangzi The yamen wants to ask Mother Yu s son Sun Yong to ask questions.Mrs.Lin frowned when cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies 2022 she mentioned this.Then Sun Yong usually works in this village, and now I don t know where he went.Mother Yu s son, Sun Yong, disappeared.Gu Mingzhu thought, did Sun Yong escape or was silenced Does Lord Wei know about this An accident happened at the Cui family s ancestral grave, although it wasn t long before Master Wei also interrogated Cui s steward in time, but the person who arranged everything knew the joints here, and might have prepared for it when Yu s mother was arrested.hands best cbd gummies for dog anxiety cbd gummies 2022 on.In this way, it is inferred that Sun Yong is probably related to this case.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mrs.Lin Tai, who was full of anger on her face, and she was still reprimanding the steward Let someone quickly find that Sun Yong.He left this note I hope that people from the government office will find the note, and the purpose is to expose your crime.Wei Yuanchen paused for a moment, watching Han Yu s emotions gradually lose control This is his real purpose, to let the truth of the case seven years ago Dabai, so it is impossible for him to poison you to death, I have seen it too, your wound has not turned black, and the arrow is not poisonous.You have been fooled These words became the last straw that crushed Han Yu, and he suddenly Struggling up You lied to meyou lied to me Wei Yuanchen glanced at Han Yu So, we still have a long way to go, you won t die easily, and I won t let you die unless You will confess all your evil deeds clearly.As soon as Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, cheers came from the yard, and soon the cheers turned into crying.Lin s eyes fell on Wei Yuanchen s clothes, which were still the ones she wore on Zhuangzi.Mr.Wei must have not returned home to investigate the case.Thinking about what he reminded just now, Mrs.Lin s heart softened.It s time, Mr.Wei hasn t eaten yet, right Mrs.Lin said softly, I ll ask someone cbd gummies 2022 to prepare some pastries.Mr.Wei will leave after eating.Chu Jiu answered for the third master in remedy oil cbd gummies his heart No need.The third master never eats out, and Mrs.Lin s words are kind to others, but to the third master it means seeing do just cbd gummies get you high off guests.Sigh, let s go back with the third master now.You don t need to think about it.There must be a cold pot and a cold stove at home.It s useless to raise a rooster, and it can t even lay an egg Then please trouble your wife.Master s voice, Chu Jiu shivered, as if awakened from a nightmare, opened his eyes wide to best cbd gummies to relax see Wei Yuanchen, is this something the third master can say It s not time for meals now, it s so troublesome to keep people busy, it s really rude.Gu Mingzhu raised his head, Wei Yuan Chen told them the news on the note, was it because he was grateful for his mother s care After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he continued to walk outside.Mrs.Lin looked at Wei Yuanchen s back and couldn t help shaking her head.The Wei family was not easy.My son, the situation of the Wei family may not change.I don t know how difficult it will be in the future.The closer I get to the power, the more dangerous it is.Mrs.Lin suddenly felt that she was very funny.Their Gu family was just a fallen noble, so where would it be their turn to worry about this Today s accident passed smoothly, and it will be as if nothing happened in the future.On the ninth day of the ninth day, Wei Yuanchen was helped onto the horse, and the third master looked mighty and extraordinary again.The people in the yamen were not skilled enough, but the guards left by Mr.Wei were able to go to investigate quietly.On the east mountainside, there is movement in the shack built by Orion, Zhang Tong said.Even if we are good at it, we can t get closer, and it will alarm the people inside.Among the two people, one cbd gummies for arthritis relief of them is not inferior to him in his lightness.He is not an ordinary murderer.If such a person can make Mr.Zhao Er run out to ask for help, it must be a trap.Lu Shenzhi swallowed and moistened his chapped throat.It seemed that their guess cbd gummies 2022 was right I asked the Yamen to continue searching on the west mountain, and try to find it slowly, so as to delay the time.Go, the prince s people have no reason to take over, after all, it s not that they didn t look for it, they couldn t find it for a while.A dead friend is not a poor fellow Of course she is not that kind of person, let alone threaten Master Wei blatantly.She is just a little scared and wants to seek protection.After all, she is a weak woman and cannot bear too much.I hope Master Wei can understand , don t scare her again and again, if she gets frightened and gets into trouble, it won t be good to anyone.Gu Mingzhu s feet hadn t landed on the ground yet, she only felt a gust of breeze brought by the clothes clips blowing on her face, and immediately there was a figure in front of her.Master Wei.Gu Mingzhu stood obediently with her head bowed, she knew that Mr.Wei was moral and worthy of trust, and it was the right choice for them to cooperate with Mr.Wei.Prince.The prince kept staring at the luthier, who stood timidly, as if panicked and didn t know what to do.I have worked hard to bring you up, and it is hard to get where you are today.I don t want to be rich, I just want to live in peace, who knows You still have to go through these things.Didn t your eldest brother teach others with a straight face all day long He also said that I was a burden to the Cui family, and he was the one who harmed the Cui family in the end. Mother, don t say that, Cui Wei said, Didn t the elder brother send you off Has my aunt gone back home Maybe it can calm her down, as long as she doesn t say anything, no one will know about it.Mrs.Lin turned around and sat back on her chair After this pure kana premium cbd gummies full spetrum cbd gummies time, I can see that your aunt is not like us.One heart, no matter how good she is, it is useless.If outsiders really know what happened today, it must be the trouble of the family.

Some people say that this woman is just a foreigner.The name is not right and the word is not right.The master of that family works in the imperial court, so every time he comes, he will cover up to prevent people from seeing him.However, there is no evidence for these rumors.The only thing that is certain is that whether it is a neighbor or a People who did odd jobs in that house have never met the master of that house.A young woman lived alone in a big mansion all year round, no pure kana premium cbd gummies full spetrum cbd gummies matter how tightly the news was kept secret for a long time, someone would gossip behind her back, so It is easy to find news, but many of these news are rumors, which need to be carefully distinguished and verified.Wei Yuanchen said Has anyone seen Wang Daochang come to the door Nie Chen shook his head No.Wei Yuanchen continued How long has the house been purchased Nie Chen said It has been more than six years.Liu Su looked at the dumbfounded Chu Jiu and the cold stove, and suddenly found that Master Wei s servants were not so easy to do Miss, Baotong said with a happy face, Liu Su has come to the post house.She walked around with a lantern in her hand, went to the front yard to ask the post chief and the steward for a charcoal fire and a herbal medicine, and finally found the idiot.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look at the hourglass, and her mother was coming back from the west courtyard soon.Go and come back quickly.Gu Mingzhu tidied up her dress and walked out of the room quickly.There is a rockery in the backyard, which is convenient for concealing whereabouts.Gu Mingzhu heard Liu Su tell what he had found out.The person who was looking for someone cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies 2022 was probably the son in law of Princess Huairou.Wei won t mind, right I plucked a few tail hairs of that big black chicken.The hairs looked smooth and shiny.I thought I would pluck some hairs to make shuttlecocks for the young lady when full spetrum cbd gummies green otter cbd cube gummies I had time to spare.Fortunately, I haven t done it yet, otherwise the chicken butt Already bald.The chicken is still alive but its buttocks are bare, so you can t die of embarrassment.Gu Mingzhu is also a little uncertain, but Master Wei s heart is like Kunyu Qiushuang, and he should be embarrassed to care about it when I tell him clearly.But she always feels a little bit sorry Gu Mingzhu said Bring some flower cakes, and take some meat cakes from the kitchen and send them over as an apology, and don t keep the tail hair.Although it can t be glued back, it s still an excuse to take it.Cannibals have short mouths and short hands, even if they didn t do it on purpose, they were at fault first.Mrs.Lin thought in her heart that besides letting her know about the village, the head of the village should have something else to say.Mrs.Lin followed the village chief back to the yard where Mrs.Cui Si was placed.The head of the village bowed again and said, Madam, have you ever thought about staying in the village Mrs.Lin hesitated We will attract rebels, isn t the head of the village afraid I am afraid, but even if the ladies leave, we will not be safe and sound.The cbd gummies 2022 rebels need food and horses to feed grass.Where do these things come from They must harass the village.If the village is occupied by the rebels, the rebels will If we stand here to resist the imperial army, we will have no way out.When this village fort was built, the imperial court had already said that if there is a war, it must be used by the imperial court.But among these people, there is no shadow of Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen used the prince to lure the crowd away, and fled with the people around him.Cui Zhen ordered Leave a group of people here, and the rest go to chase Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen s lieutenant pulled the prince, looked at Cui Zhen and others vigilantly, and was about to threaten Cui Zhen not to go forward , An arrow suddenly came towards him.Amidst the prince s exclamation, the pair shot an arrow in the forehead and fell off the horse with the prince.Hot blood dripped down the crown of the prince s head, and immediately the prince felt a heat on his head, and the torch in the lieutenant s hand fell on his cbd gummies 2022 hair at some point, and it caught fire.The prince was terrified full spetrum cbd gummies green otter cbd cube gummies and wanted to get up and run away, but who knew that the general was still holding him tightly when he was dying.Mrs.Lin Tai regretted it very much.If she had been following the Gu family s family members and people in the government office, and hadn t tried to escape by herself, she might not have fallen into the hands of the rebels.She was too sure that her brother would not deal with her.Mrs.Lin Tai was afraid that Cui Zhen would catch up, and in a daze she resented that Cui Zhen didn t catch up to save her.Maybe Cui Zhen wished that her mother died.She always felt that it was strange that she fell into the hands of the rebels this time.Maybe it was Cui Zhen s arrangement.He made an agreement, but didn t reveal a word to her, cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies 2022 just to plot against is cbd gummies legal in ohio her.When her mother falls into the hands of her uncle, Cui Zhen will kill her relatives for the sake of Da Zhou s righteousness, in exchange for a better future.Thinking of this, Madam Lin gritted her teeth.Finally, she was caught up, and Mrs.Lin saw the Cui flag flying high from a distance, and her eldest son and her younger brother met.Before Mrs.Lin had time to feel sentimental, she was lifted up and stood in front of Lin Sizhen.All the shining sharp weapons were aimed at her, and Mrs.Lin was so frightened that she almost fainted.Cui Zhen, Lin Sizhen said, do you want to kill your mother Cui Zhen heard the voice and looked over, only to see Lin Sizhen and his guards holding a woman hostage, that was Mrs.Lin and Zhao Gongren.Cui Zhen looked at Lin Sizhen quietly, and suddenly felt that this was a joke.The younger brother, whom the mother wholeheartedly defended, was now threatening her son with her life.Cui Zhen narrowed his eyes, this was not accidental, since his mother tacitly agreed that Lin Sizhen attacked his father, it was destined to have such a result.The old imperial physician Chai smelled the smell of medicine on Wei Yuanchen s body, and he couldn t help but heaved a sigh of relief.Maybe Mr.Wei came here to ask him to see a doctor.He had heard about the military rebellion in northern Xinjiang, Mr.Wei was a hero in suppressing the rebellion, so it was inevitable that he would be cbd gummies for alcohol injured in the battle.Thinking of this, old cbd gummies 2022 imperial physician Chai rolled up his sleeves silently.God had given him this opportunity, and let him avenge his shame.his medical skills.The old imperial doctor Chai cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies 2022 couldn t help feeling a little excited when he thought of this.Wei Yuanchen looked at Old Physician Chai Old Physician Chai Well, Old Physician Chai responded silently.I want to ask cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies 2022 the old imperial doctor what happened five years ago.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were burning, and the old imperial doctor Chai couldn t help but froze.

Seeing this, Mu Qiu turned pale with shock Third Master.What the hell is going on, it is impossible for the Third Master to best cbd gummies for dog anxiety cbd gummies 2022 be able to wrestle.Mu Qiu ran to him, only to see that Wei Sanye didn t get up, but sat there with his hands half propped up, his eyes were full of waves, and he couldn t control himself for a while.Chapter 198 Hope Third Master.Third Master.Mu Qiu s voice seemed far away.Wei Yuanchen was still frozen there and couldn t move.Some scenes were covered in mist five years ago, but now the mist seems to have dissipated a bit, and he vaguely saw someone busy in front of the bed.After I yelled for a while, the lady called the eldest lady s name, you know I know, I know.Hurry up, hurry up Come back, mother is here.Mingzhu, Zhuzhu come back quickly The girl lying on the bed had her eyes closed, her complexion was pale, and she looked unusually thin.Chu Jiu ran out in a hurry and almost bumped into Mu Qiu who walked in.Mu Qiu handed the robe in his hand to Wei Yuanchen.Fortunately, Mrs.Tai had two new gowns made, one with a blue patch, the lapel and cuffs were embroidered with cloud patterns in dark floral satin, it looked very beautiful, but it seemed too gorgeous.Wei Yuanchen took out a wooden box from the purse at his waist, opened it, took out a candied fruit and put it in his mouth.Mu Qiu swallowed, this candied fruit, haven t you eaten enough during the dinner Now you have to put tea in your mouth, isn t it too sweet Wei Yuanchen rearranged his purse, raised his head to look at the robe, and said calmly, Do you have a cloak Mu Qiu immediately said, No But I can ask, Mrs.Tai ordered someone to do it.Maybe lil pump cbd gummy it s not ready yet.The third master never wears a cloak, the second master sent one before, but it s still under the box now, the third master said that wearing a cloak is too troublesome, and now he doesn t mind it Are you in trouble Get ready by tomorrow.When we met for the first time in Taiyuan Mansion, she gave him a bottle of Awei.This is God s will somewhere.Third Master, Mu Qiu said in a low voice, I m waiting for you to speak.The third master was fascinated by something, the corners of his HCMUSSH cbd gummies 2022 mouth curled up and he showed some smiles, which might attract criticism under the eyes of everyone.Wei Yuanchen came back to his senses.Baotong also pulled Gu Mingzhu back into the carriage.Miss, Baotong said in a cbd gummies 2022 low voice, we re back in Beijing, you have to take good care of it.During this period of time, the eldest lady ran around in the village, she was dark and thin, at least one It takes months to restore the former appearance.Gu Mingzhu knew what Baotong meant.She was famous in the past, but cbd gummies 2022 what was the use Anyway, she was very beautiful in the eyes of her father and mother, and that was enough.This is a good thing, butit is also a good way to win people s hearts.Wei Yuanchen picked up the pen I m going to have someone ask how many children with different surnames the Shen Family School has recruited.The pen didn t come down.Gu Mingzhu lowered her head to look, it turned out that the ink in the inkstone was dry, she reached out HCMUSSH cbd gummies 2022 to pick up the ink stick, and started to grind it in the inkstone, but she grinded too hastily, a drop of ink splashed on the back of Wei Yuanchen s hand.Chapter 205 Generous ink drops on the smooth back of the hand, extra conspicuous.Master Wei s hand holding the cbd gummies 2022 brush stopped there.There was a clean towel on the desk, Gu Mingzhu hurriedly passed the towel over without pure kana premium cbd gummies full spetrum cbd gummies thinking, but Wei Yuanchen didn t take it, seeing that the ink was about to dry up, Gu Mingzhu pressed the soft towel on the back of Master Wei s hand.Mrs.Zhang stood there, the moonlight fell on her face, but her expression could not be clearly seen.Lord Hou asked someone to send another letter from northern Xinjiang.The letter did not ask Mrs.Lin and Cui Wei, but asked her to go Look at Mrs.Lin and Zhuzhu.Hou Ye was disappointed with Mrs.Tai and Cui Wei, she could understand, but why did she suddenly get cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies 2022 close to her aunt s family again Chapter 207 True Love Begins to be cold in autumn nights.Mrs.Zhang stood outside the door for several hours, and the mother in charge persuaded her Madam, you are weak, you should go back and rest Mrs.Zhang shook her head Mrs.Tai doesn t need me to serve by her side, but I can t leave either.Mrs.Tai and Lord Hou have a heart to heart relationship, if I don t look like a daughter in law, it will be even more difficult to do when Lord Hou comes back.Stay here for a while.When Mrs.Zhao heard this, her whole face seemed to light up a little I am really a lucky person, she looked at Madam Lin, I made Madam laugh, I originally invited Madam to come over as buy cbd gummies in australia a guest I didn t expect my wife to look at our family.Mrs.Lin couldn t help cbd gummies 2022 laughing That s because the cbd gummies with melatonin near me princess, son in law, and wife don t avoid me, and the whole family is just as good.Mrs.Zhao took a look at the steward.Mom, the mother in charge immediately cbd gummies for pain pain rub sent some pairs of embroidered shoes.The shoes are very big, and they look like they are for people who are full.Mrs.Zhao said with a smile I pure kana premium cbd gummies full spetrum cbd gummies have nothing to do to make a few pairs of shoes for my eldest sister.The craftsmanship is crude.I hope Madam will not dislike her.Putting it down How good is this, you have to work cbd gummies 2022 hard for Madam.If there is something wrong with my mother, Cheng Yi said suddenly, I pure kana premium cbd gummies full spetrum cbd gummies will go to Cheng s house and kill him to avenge you.Upon hearing this, Mrs.Zhao grabbed her son s hand.Her fingers were cold and her face was cold.She was full of panic You can t do such a thing Then mother will tell me, Cheng Yi said, How on earth are they blackmailing mother Zhao Shi s mouth tightened.Cheng Yi looked at Princess Huairou Princess, please take care of my mother.After saying that, he got up and was about to go out.What are you doing Mrs.Zhao panicked.Cheng Yi turned his face to the side, with a firm expression on his face Mother doesn t care about anything, as long as she is raised in the mansion with peace of mind, and the outside things are left to her son.Zhao said tremblingly You go to Cheng s house and ask them Don t go There are some things I don t want to ask Princess Huairou has never seen Zhao s panic like this.Yan Tanhua was calculated to lose both arms, and he has been tracking down his murderer.Master, maybe Yan Tanhua has found some clues.With these as the premise, she wants to read those little things that Mrs.Li said.Even if there are no clues, she best cbd gummies for dog anxiety cbd gummies 2022 can learn a lot, but Master Wei clearly You can ask Mrs.Li for these things, why did you mention it when she was a guest with her mother.A small cage was brought up.Mrs.Li said lovingly to Gu Mingzhu Look, Zhuzhu, here There is something you like.There are many things in the box, from small frogs to wooden birds, and some small tops.Gu Mingzhu was attracted by a few small locks, and stretched out her hand to take the bunch of small locks in her hand.Mrs.Li smiled and said The empress also liked to play with these objects when she was in her natal family.

They are exquisite, and cbd gummies 2022 you can t buy these things in ordinary places, so don t be rewarded from above Seeing Master Hou s face becoming serious, Mrs.Lin said Mrs.Li said that these are all the craftsmanship of Bai Guanzheng, the Qin Tianjian.Mrs.Li gave it to the juniors in the family.This means that it is not a reward from the palace, but it is just as valuable, Gu Chongyi thought and looked at other things, there is a pomegranate bonsai, and some food boxes.Gu Chongyi frowned and thought Ma am, I don t think it s right for the Wei family to do this.Did the wife of the Wei family say anything else to Madam It s not Mrs.Li, Madam Lin sighed, It s Mr.Wei.Wei Yuanchen After Madam Lin finished speaking, Let s go into the room and talk.Gu Chongyi helped Madam Lin up, and the two of them walked into the inner room.He had just carefully observed that Zhuzhu didn t seem to have changed from a few years ago, but there were indeed many things that people couldn t figure out about what happened between his aunt and Zhuzhu when they were in Taiyuan Mansion, especially when it came to his mother Zhuangzi.That time, it seemed that he had to be more patient.After changing into a clean robe, Cui Wei showed a modest smile to the steward, Thank you very much.Cui Wei and Mrs.Zhang had dinner before leaving cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for ed problems Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Zhang Tong, who was guarding outside Huaiyuan Hou s mansion, reported the news to Wei Yuanchen.Cui Wei didn t know what to do.When he came out, he changed his clothes, and then went back to Cui s house with Mrs.Ding Ninghou.Wei Yuanchen raised his head when he heard this Changed his clothes Zhang Tong Nodding, they don t know why.Hui Xiang began to tremble, This matter has nothing to do with me, it s not me Xue Laotong judged Madam Yuan dismissed the others, leaving you alone, who else is it Hui Xiang looked into the yard.Second Master Cheng said at this time You went to see your father in the study today.What did you say science cbd gummies reviews Cheng Yi sneered The witness is here, and you still don t admit it The old master mud bodhisattva can t save himself when he crosses the river, but will he save you as a servant Hui Xiang couldn t kneel anymore when she heard this, and sat there paralyzed Although the madam has no evidence in hand, she still threatened the old man and said that she would reveal Mrs.Zhao s affairs, and the old man called me to question.I am honestly saying that the madam has not obtained any evidence yet, but the old man thinks it will be a matter of time.It seemed that she cared about her and wanted to win over her father.She was curious about what the third concubine would do While talking, several people came to the gate of Taiqing Temple, and a thirties year old Kun Dao female Taoist priest was waiting there with several female crowns.This Kun Dao had clear eyes, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and his face seemed With a hint of a smile, the smile is not ostentatious, are well being cbd gummies legit hidden on the slightly raised corners of the mouth, other than that, there is no other expression, and after a long time, it only feels unfathomable.Fusheng Wuliang Tianzun.Sun Zhenren stepped forward and saluted.The third cbd gummies 2022 prince and concubine said I haven t seen you for a long time.How is the real person Is this journey going smoothly Sun Zhenren said The patriarch of Sanqing protects you and cbd gummies 2022 brought back the relics of the senior brother.Zhuzhu.There are many female relatives going up the mountain, and it is difficult for people to guess her identity without stating her surname clearly, but Mo Yangming has heard this name from the Queen Mother.You are Miss Gu Mo Yangming said.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Really, Mo Yangming remembered about the Gu family, Huaiyuan Hou accidentally uncovered the war horse case, Huaiyuan Hou s various empress dowagers did not go into details, but mentioned that Huaiyuan Hou s daughter, Gu Mingzhu, was born with dementia , cbd gummies 2022 nicknamed Zhuzhu.The apple of the eye.The Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife did not dislike their daughter suffering from dementia, just like Master Bai and his wife did not dislike A Chan back then.Thinking about it this way, Miss Gu is somewhat similar to Ah Chan.Mo Yangming looked carefully at the fancy lock in his hand, and saw that the word Dan was engraved on it, and it really was the lock made by Ah Chan.Bai Gong stood there blankly, thinking about the pain she experienced in those years.She was in severe pain.It was the wet nurse who helped her apply the medicine.Besides, there was also the master who took good care of her.When her wound rotted the last time, she wanted to die.The master kept comforting her and told her to persevere.It is impossible for these two people to betray her, and they will never betray her.Mo Yangming continued You Ever seen Ah Chan s ghost Bai Gongren was still lost in his own thoughts, and subconsciously nodded when he heard this Yes, I have.When you saw Ah Chan s ghost, was there anyone around Yes, the master is by my side.He can t see Ah Chan.Mo Yangming continued Then you can see the appearance of that ghost clearly Bai Gong shook his head She has disheveled hair, so she can t see clearly, but she is covered in blood, and she is dressed like Ah Chan.Gu Chongyi said Have you gone to inquire about the news Cui Wei nodded After we arrived, I asked.Cui Wei went on to say The master of the Taiqing Temple has contacts with those merchants who sell private goods from the sea.The Yamen of Shuntian Mansion captured him and sent him to the prison for interrogation.Gu Chongyi listened carefully Shuntian Mansion Someone from the yamen He didn t expect that Shuntian Mansion would get ahead of Wucheng Bingmasi this time.That thing from the Wei family came here in a hurry, naturally not because of some marriage sign, but because the Wei family was involved in this matter.Gu Chongyi didn t need to look for Wei Congzhi, he knew that Wei Congzhi would avoid everyone and choose a remote path up the mountain.Let people prepare the carriages and horses.Gu Chongyi ordered his followers, Send the Gu family s daughters home in a while.After they had been busy all night, they finally saw a smile on the third master s face.They must not be ruined by the crow s mouth of Chu Jiu.up.Chu Jiu licked his lips, and as a family general, he had to say something Third Master, Miss Gu is very good at opening her mind, but have you ever thought that if Miss Gu enlightens, she will take over the palm of your hand to watch you in the future What should I do Others might not be able to, Miss Gu is different, I am afraid that the third master s brain can t beat Miss Gu.The atmosphere suddenly became cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for ed problems cold.Chu Jiu said Miss Gu has treated the third master very well these daysyou seeit s not like the chickens, ducks and pigs in the mansion.When they are about cbd gummies 2022 to be sent to the kitchen, the master always treats them better.Of course, except for the five black chickens, the third master s position in Miss Gu s heart should not be higher than that of the five black chickens, right On the ninth day of the ninth day, before I could sort out my thoughts, I felt a strong wind blowing above my head, and I felt like the wind and rain were coming and the building was full of wind.

Lin.Madam should call her elder sister.This elder sister, Zou Lin, went to Hubei with her husband s family after she got married.With no one to rely on, she ran all the way back to her natal home.Seeing her pity, the elders of the Lin family let her live in the clan.On weekdays, the Zou Lin clan does some work in the clan, so it is considered that she is settled in her natal family.When Mrs.Lin took Zhuzhu back to her natal family to recuperate, Zou Lin helped her take care of Zhuzhu.A few years ago, I heard that Zou Lin was getting old, and Mrs.Lin asked Zou Lin to be the housekeeper of Lin s other courtyard.The other courtyard was bought by Mrs.Lin Tai.When Mrs.Lin did not return to Shaanxi, the house was empty for a long time, and there was not much to do, so it was considered a place to retire.There is no room for mistakes in the Taoist holy place.You should tidy it up carefully.If you encounter trouble Just come to the palace to look for Aijia, Aijia doesn t ask about the affairs of the previous court, but they can take care of them.Mo Yangming understood that what the Empress Dowager meant was to let her rest assured to investigate the cbd gummies 2022 full spetrum cbd gummies green otter cbd cube gummies cause of Ah Chan s death, and she saluted again, which was just one step away.Step out of the Compassion Palace.Gu Mingzhu looked at the Yulouchun in the hands of the female officer, and followed the crowd all the way to the Kunning Palace.She thought that she would get some news when she came to the Compassionate Ning Palace this time, but she didn t expect to see the empress.Chapter 307 Seeing Kunning Palace for the first time.Empress Wei was holding a small hand stove and watching the palace maids making female celebrities.That s not his Zi Tong anymore, that s a shrew, an unreasonable shrew who doesn t understand the overall situation, she first failed him, failed his expectations, and the entrustment of the first emperor.The third princess died, and the relationship between them came to an end.Although she was still her queen, he never slept with her again.To the outside world, he also saved face for the Wei family.He only said that the third princess Wei gave birth to was weak and needed to rest.Died.He was kind enough to the Wei family, and he gave in again and again.As long as she could do her duty as a queen, he would still let her enjoy this honor, but because the Wei family had no sons, they encouraged the imperial censor to force him To have another child with the queen, he knew that the Wei family would not be willing to subdue the child, until the case of the second prince, Wei Congcheng lost his life, and she was also imprisoned in Kunning Palace.Your pulse is fine, it must be because you have worked too hard, Gu Mingzhu stood up, I ll see if Baotong has brought food.Gu Mingzhu walked out of the room quickly, afraid that a voice from behind would call her out.It seemed that since she became Gu Mingzhu, she had never felt any fear, but that moment just now made her inexplicably flustered.Master Mo said, her heart is calm and best cbd gummies for dog anxiety cbd gummies 2022 there is no disturbance.Could it be diamond cbd gummies dosage that her heart has been moved Master Wei It really shouldn t be Just after walking out of the yard, I saw Baotong walking over with a food box.Miss, this servant stole two bowls of noodles and two bowls of mushroom soup while the cook wasn t paying attention.If you ask the kitchen to cook again, I m afraid you ll be drinking sticky rice soup again.Think about sticky rice soup, and then think about the people in the room.Now it is really different, the eyebrows are dyed with ink, and the skin is fair Is it really because the knot in the heart has been untied Maybe people will become soft hearted when they see beautiful scenery and people, and the longer they look at it, it seems that they can t bear to continue to deceive him.As Gu Mingzhu was thinking this way, the sound of rustling rain came from outside the house.Suddenly it began to rain.The thunder rumbled, as if the black sky above his head was about to be suppressed.Gu Mingzhu stood up and walked to the window.Under the illumination of the wind lamp on the porch, the raindrops seemed to draw a thin line of light between the sky and the earth.The how much does true bliss cbd gummies cost rain became heavier and heavier, slowly illuminating the sky and the earth.Wei Yuanchen woke up, opened his eyes and saw the girl standing in front of the window, the girl stretched out her hand to catch the light in the palm of her hand, then she curled up her lips slightly.Bai Jingkun also passed on the craftsmanship of the Bai family to Ah Concubine, and Ah Concubine also gave birth to a son for Bai Jingkun.With such a bond, it s no wonder that Bai Jingkun will bear all the charges.Wei Yuanchen continued Bai Jingkun came to Beijing this time, and my concubine also followed.My lord, have you found out the whereabouts of my concubine Wei Yuanchen raised his head, and sure enough, he saw the girl with a big smile on her face , showing a few neat and white HCMUSSH cbd gummies 2022 small teeth, who said that women have to smile without showing their teeth Why do you have to cover up with a handkerchief when you are happy With such a bright smile, people can t help being happy together.Wei Yuanchen said Then my concubine is in Baoding Mansion.Something happened to Bai Jingkun.She must have left, cbd gummies 2022 but she will also leave clues.Since then, Mrs.Zhang The master often finds excuses to come home.She and the master saw the clues.Although the Zhang family was not of a high family compared with the Shen family, the uncle of the Zhang family was a good looking talent.After getting along with him a few times, cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies 2022 even the uncle liked him very much.It would be good if she could get out of that incident because of this, and she helped to persuade my sister in law twice, and my sister in law gradually let go of the old things and agreed to this marriage.After the sister in law got married, she went to the south with her husband s family.Now she has a son and a daughter.Mr.Zhang is very good at business.He will send a lot of .

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things to the Shen clan every new year.In addition to the gifts from Elder Zhang, there are also various utensils such as paper, ink, brush and inkstone.Before Tan Zigeng could speak, the old man next to him said loudly to Wei Yuanchen The people in Zhuangziare deadall dead.Hearing this, Tan Zigeng immediately realized what happened, and he immediately defended I don t know what happened on Zhuangzi.I just came to Zhuangzi and was about to check the situation on Zhuangzi.Who knowssomeone rushed out to kill me.I accidentally injured them in order to protect myself Wei Yuanchen looked into the village, the fire was getting bigger and bigger, cbd gummies 2022 Zhang Tong invited the surrounding farmers to put out the fire, but even if the fire was extinguished, everything in the house would be burned.This fire has nothing to do with me, Tan Zigeng cbd drops vs gummy dosage said eagerly, I don t know cbd gummies 2022 It doesn t count if I say anything about it, and it doesn t count if Tan Zongqi says it.

Zhang Tong didn t expect that the people in Zhuangzi would suddenly bump into the long knife in Tan Zigeng s hand.Seeing that one of the people in Zhuangzi was dead, and the other was fighting with Tan Zigeng again, he shot the hand of the remaining person with a hidden weapon.Elbow, as soon as the man let go, Tan Zigeng was about to kick the man away when he got the chance.In a panic, the man pulled the mechanism on Tan Zigeng s wrist, but fortunately, the mechanism missed his aim hastily, and the flying knife shot obliquely into the man s chestno viscera were injured.When Tan Zigeng went after the old man Zhang Tong stepped forward and saved the man.Zhang Tongdao Third Master How do you think the people in Zhuangzi look like dead men They died on purpose by Tan Zigeng.If they didn t come with Tan Zgeng, what they saw would be Tan Zgeng killing people with his own hands.The mother who was in charge of the Gu family complained secretly, not knowing how to explain to Lord Hou and Madam when they returned home.It s really naughty, Mo Zhenren couldn t help looking at Gu Mingzhu, Didn t you best cbd gummies for dog anxiety cbd gummies 2022 agree with your family Gu Mingzhu s face showed a bit of pleading I don t worry about Aunt Zhen.It s also your fate, since you are here Let s go in together, Mo Yangming said while looking at Gu Mingzhu, Are you afraid Gu Mingzhu shook his head.Mo cbd gummies 2022 Yangming thought it was the same, there was no trace of fear on Zhuzhu s face, this child was different from ordinary female relatives.Aunt Zhen lived in Anji Yuan before, and she had no relatives around her, so she had no one to help her with her funeral affairs.Mo Yangming and Gu Mingzhu walked into the room where Aunt Zhen s body was kept.I was in Anjiyuan more than ten years ago, and I met them sitting and talking together.Miss Bai didn t tell Zhenren Mo and the elders of Bai s family, probably because she felt that I suffer from leg disease, so it may not be what will happen in the future.Mo Yangming stroked the whisk in his hand.A chan was a child who didn t want to cause trouble to others.Unfortunately, as A chan s master, she didn t see what her apprentice was thinking.Later, she saw some clues, but wanted to let it go.Naturally, Ah chan will tell her everything in the end.After Ah chan died, she had doubts about the people in Anjiyuan But she was also blinded by Tan Dingfang s behavior.Yu Zhenhai continued I can see that Miss Bai and Tan Shangshu are getting closer Tan Shangshu treats people so well Miss Bai followed the real person and also treated many refugees I also hope that they will have a good result After Tan Shangshu went to northern Xinjiang, Miss Bai still often came to Anjiyuan.Lin sighed, I think you are just too careful, how can a family count on this, it seems strange.Hearing this Mrs.Zhang froze.Mrs.Lin said with a smile No matter what needs him to do outside the house, it is natural to leave it to him.Mrs.Zhang said blankly Auntie, do you think I am too stupid I can t figure it out, no wonder You have such a good relationship with your uncle.Before Madam Lin could speak, Madam Zhang gently tugged on the handkerchief I m not afraid of my aunt s jokes.I admire him from the bottom of my heart.After marrying into the Cui family, I secretly made up my mind to make Lord Hou happy and always happy.I hope that Lord Hou can have all the joyful things.Unfortunately, things backfired.I have never been able to make Mrs.Tai look like this.Pregnant.As Mrs.Zhang was speaking, she suddenly saw the curtain move at the door, and then she met a pair of eyes unprepared.He didn t know if Wei Congzhi really cared about his nephew.He talked more cheerfully than anyone else, but when it came to an important moment, he couldn t see anything wrong, so he needed to remind him.Not waiting for Wei Yuan As soon as Chen spoke, the second master Wei looked full spetrum cbd gummies green otter cbd cube gummies for Wei Yuanchen It s terrible, why is there so much blood.Gu Chongyi s heart sank, and it was as if the sky had fallen when the Second Master Wei yelled like this.Master Hou, Wei Second Master frowned, Is there a doctor in the house Before Gu Chongyi could answer, Second Master Wei liked to appease Wei Yuanchen Brother Chen, don t worry, Lord Gu Hou will definitely save you.He stared at Gu Chongyi without blinking.Gu Chongyi was also a little worried.Hearing Wei Congzhi s words, he wanted to take Wei Congzhi out first and put him in the pond in his backyard for a rinse, so that Wei Congzhi could calm down first.King Hui s coffin was also parked in Jing an Temple back then, which is where can i order cbd gummies considered to be her kind mother s heart.The queen mother asked someone to help her into the hall, It s been a hard time for the queen.Empress Wei saluted the queen mother.The Empress Dowager immediately lifted Empress Wei up Look at you, you are much thinner than before, but your hands are not cold, and your complexion is much better.Empress Wei said I will miss you a lot.This concubine warmed the queen mother cbd gummies 2022 s heart.I still remember that one year, she was not feeling well, and she was sick in a daze when Princess Lu s cbd gummies 2022 Wei family entered the palace.At that time, Wei was calling her mother, and calling She feeds her medicine.After she recovered from her illness, she became much closer to Wei Shi, and Wei Shi didn t change her words when there was no one around, and kept calling her that way in private.Lin s words, but lightly ordered the steward Mrs.With the wind and cold, send Mrs.Tai into the house.The smile between Mrs.Lin s brows and eyes disappeared immediately.She grabbed Cui Wei s arm and scolded sharply Cui Zhen, do you just expect me to die like this I don t see any of you dare.Cui Wei Zhen stood there with a straight posture like a mountain, shocking all the people in the mansion, and the steward walked forward with a few women.Brother, Cui Wei couldn t believe it, and a look of fragility flashed across his face, Seeing that it s almost the new year Mother made a mistake but was punished, and she has an explanation to the outside world, now close the door Come on, so what can I do if I let my mother walk around The family is not a military camp, brother, don t be so disregarded.Mrs.Zhang looked at Cui Zhen s back, did this happen that she didn t know about Cui Zhen sat in the study with his thoughts on his mind, carefully looked at the map for a while, and Tian Mang s words rang in his ears again.What kind of temperament is Zhou Shi She is not as virtuous and virtuous as the Zhou family said, nor is she as well rounded and scheming as he knows.Originally, he shouldn t spend too much how to make full spectrum cbd gummies time on a dead person, but thinking about cbd gummies 2022 the tragic situation of the Zhou family and Wei Yuanchen, he couldn t help thinking more.Cui Zhen suddenly remembered that after the Cui family and the Zhou family got engaged, the Zhou family gave some things as a return gift.The steward s mother asked him to take a look.He was not interested in those things.When he saw a box of books in it, he asked the steward to keep it.

Master Fang Er confessed that the idea of killing the Lu family was the elder brother s idea, and that the Lu family in Daxing Zhuangzi had been disposed of before Fang s family arrived in the capital.If Master Fang Er said the truth, those who worked for the Shen family secretly betrayed the Shen family.The eldest brother would not lie to him, otherwise he would not let him find a way to find out the eyeliner planted in Shen s house.Nie Chen went on to say pure kana premium cbd gummies full spetrum cbd gummies Another thing, you once found Ying Tianfu to judge Yan Shen to investigate the case, why didn t you let it go Yan Shen was seriously injured for this, and you didn t care about it until Yan Shen was sentenced for murder.Cut.Did you abandon Yan Shen Master Shen Er s heart skipped a beat, the people in the market really knew about this past, were they questioning him and the Shen family on Yan cbd gummies 2022 Shen s behalf Sure enough, the mistakes made can never be erased.Cui Zhen settled down and said I have something to ask Aunt Zu, please pack it up, and I will take Zou Xiang into the house.A layer of cold sweat broke out on Zou cbd high strength gummies cheap Lin s forehead, Cui Zhen s tough attitude cannot be doubted, could it be possible What do you know Master Hou Is it Zou Xiang made you unhappy He is a child, please look at it for my sake, Master Hou, don t Before Zou Lin finished speaking, Zou Xiang roared, You don t ask him, even if he kills me, I don t cbd gummies 2022 want you to beg him.He just fell off the kang, but luckily the maid beside him stepped forward to help him.Zou Lin said Master Houwhy did you kill you Don t talk nonsense This time before Zou Xiang spoke, Cui Zhen said coldly He is right, such a young child will kill, I shouldn t have kept it.Zou Lin s chest stopped, and he was about to faint, and finally took a breath Brother Xiang won the won t Zou Xiang s fine hair seemed to be They cbd gummies 2022 all stood upright, and said sharply He s right, I m going to kill people, I m going to kill Madam Zhang, I m going to kill him, kill them all, and I will accompany you to see your mother.This year s crabapple blooms must be good.Mrs.Li looked at Gu Mingzhu gently, Miss Gu knew what she meant just now She is such a transparent child, no wonder she was targeted by her grandson early in the morning.I didn t realize that her grandson usually doesn t talk much, but he is steady and ruthless in cbd gummies 2022 his actions, which top rated cbd oil gummies is completely opposite to his second uncle.A few people were talking and arrived at the Chuihua Gate, .

how much are cbd gummies to stop smoking?

just in time to meet the steward who reported The old lady and the wife of the lotus alley are here.The old lady of the Gu family was walking towards the back house with her daughter in law, and bumped into Mrs.Li and the others head on.with.Gu Mingzhu introduced Mrs.Li to Mrs.Li, and they separated after a cbd gummies 2022 few words.The old lady of the Gu family looked at Mrs.Li s back Which family did Zhu Zhu say Mrs.Wei Yuanchen nodded So if you check carefully, you will find problems.There will always be caravans traveling with them.Gu Mingzhu s eyes lit up Qiu Hai is using the banner of the Shen family to open the way for those caravans, and that s why he wants to stay in the Shen family.Now, many things will be much easier to do.With a caravan, someone will open the way for them, and they can send whatever they want.After a long time of doing this, people will definitely find out.Someone in the Shen family has discovered the clues.The Shanghai thief Xiujia reminded that the five masters of the Shen family began to investigate the matter, so Qiu Hai asked people to kill Shen Wu and the Xiu family.Qiu Hai almost exposed his identity.In order to avoid the limelight, he followed the Shen family.Accompanying the room went to Zhang s house, and at that time Qiu Hai s people had already figured out the various checkpoints, even if they didn t need the Shen s house, they could go through this road.Concubine Jiang said Then I must be able to become a queen.The female officer heard this The words startled slightly, in her opinion this was a certain thing You are a noble concubine, who else could it be Concubine Jiang looked far away, punishing the cbd gummies study Wei family is a good thing, but why at this time She was by the emperor s side every day.The emperor didn t give orders when the prince was in the East Palace.How could he wait until now Of course she hopes to step on Wei s family to ascend to the queen s position step by step, but she is afraid that someone will cause trouble, thinking like this, Concubine Jiang suddenly felt a pain in her finger, she subconsciously withdrew her hand, it turned out that her hand was too close to the warm cage.Be careful of getting burned.Your Majesty The female officer hurriedly went to check.The light food box seemed to be blown away by a gust of wind, but it seemed heavy in Cui Zhen s hand.Gu Mingzhu looked at Cui Zhen s back, she helped this favor, most of it was for Zou Xiang, hoping that Zou Xiang could survive Zou Lin s death.As for Cui Zhen, as Zhou Rujun, whether Cui Zhen is arrogant or used, she has already learned a lesson from this incident, so those things are just passing by.As Gu Mingzhu, Cui Zhen cared for her cousin, so this was her reward.Another important point is that even though Cui Zhen has many shortcomings, at least he has a righteous heart, and having such a general on the frontier is a blessing to the common people Zou Xiang was going to the small kitchen to see if Zou Lin s medicine was ready, and just as she went out, she saw a tall figure walking towards her.It is harder for a wise man to rejoice, because he sees farther and is more sober.When he was discussing the affairs of the world with the prince in the guardhouse, he had seen through the political situation, knowing that the person on the throne would definitely not let the prince and Daning go.They all know that the prince is more suitable to sit on the throne than the current emperor, but it is a pity that the prince is the youngest son of the previous emperor.The weak cannot compete with the current emperor, so they came up with a plan to be suppressed by the emperor s troops, and secretly wait for the opportunity.One day this world will belong to the prince.So what if he gave up his status as a guard general What he wanted was never such a small official position, he was a handsome talent, the unique handsome talent in the Great Zhou Dynasty, cbd gummies 2022 even his heir was firmly in the position of Shangshu of the Ministry of War, and all the soldiers and horses in the world were under the control of his Zheng family.would have trubliss cbd gummies scam the symptoms of De Fei.Your Majesty, the imperial physician said tremblingly, or use the sesame oil again Drain the sesame oil to make people vomit, maybe it can get rid of some toxins.Although the emperor was reluctant, saving Concubine De s life was the most important thing, so he nodded his head as he agreed to cbd gummies 2022 the imperial doctor s request.Empress De Concubine, the imperial physician stepped forward and said, It will inevitably be uncomfortable to inject sesame oil for a while, you have to bear with it.Huang Chang ordered the palace servants to come forward to help Concubine De, and the imperial physician erected the screen.After a while, the sound of Concubine De s struggle came from behind the kung fu screen.The emperor s eyes were fixed on the screen, and he gritted his teeth after a cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for ed problems long while and said What about the palace maid who poisoned her Skin her skin and cramps, and find out who ordered her to do so.

Concubine De wants to say something.The emperor looked at Concubine De s appearance and thought about what the female officer said just now.He didn t know whether it was because he was too disappointed with Concubine De, cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for ed problems or because he was too angry, his chest was churning best cbd gummies with thc for anxiety again, and this time he couldn t help it no matter what.Huang Chang saw the strange cbd gummies 2022 state of the emperor, and hurriedly stepped forward to help him.The emperor pushed Huang Chang away and walked quickly to the side room, just after entering the door, he spat out wow.In the filth, there is a decoction just taken, and some fishy things.Huang Chang wanted to shout, but he finally closed his mouth under the stern stare of the emperor.The emperor wiped the corners of his mouth with a soft handkerchief, and it took him a while to breathe smoothly.There were too many things he needed to deal with, and he couldn t just be knocked down like this.He is the emperor of the Great Zhou, and he has seen more storms, these are nothing at all.The emperor clenched his hands tightly, raised his blood red eyes and told Huang Chang, Please come in, Empress Dowager.Huang Chang responded.The sound of the emperor vomiting could be heard clearly outside, but the emperor did not ask for an imperial doctor, obviously he did not want to say anything, and everyone present knew this truth.Huang Chang came out to invite the queen mother, and the rest of the people knelt on the spot, but the female officials and palace servants of Yongchun Palace were dragged down.Concubine De looked at the female officer, and saw that the female officer seemed to have lost her soul, her expression was flustered, her eyes were distracted, and when she wanted to speak, her mouth was blocked by the servant.Ma Dai continued Does your lord know who Zheng Ruzong is Tan Dingfang s eyes froze.Chapter 459 I laughed at Tan Dingfang.Although Tan Dingfang was only briefly absent minded, he knew that Captain Long had seen it Tan Dingfang still suppressed his emotions, pretending to be calm and said I want to see the emperor.Ma Dai stopped asking, and said to Tan Dingfang, Master Tan, come with me to Long Jinwei.For a very important prisoner, it is difficult to get out of Long Jinwei s prison.Tan Dingfang looked at Ma Dai and said again I want to see the emperor.Ma Dai said indifferently, Your Excellency will see you.Because the emperor does not know his father.Now that his father s identity is exposed, he may be arrested, and the emperor will know about the northern border.It involves King Liang and his plans over the years, and the emperor will send people to go to the northern border to check.I wonder if your lord is willing to listen Wei Yuanchen didn t refuse, let alone let Long Jinwei avoid it.Looking at Wei Yuanchen s calm look, Tan Dingfang couldn t help smiling Master Wei has never believed Chen Weicheng s words He has always doubted me Wei Yuanchen said Although the evidence points to Chen Weicheng, there are many details that are doubtful.What do you say The Liang family framed Old General Zhao in order to obtain the soldiers and horses of the Yongping Mansion Guard.At that time, the Liang family was still in trouble, and Prince Huai was still young.It was the fellow of the Liang family.I found the dry compass made by Bai Guanzheng in Qin Tianjian.The first trial of this dry compass was on a three masted gunboat, which was loaded with artillery.Baiguan was adding six red cannons.Gu Mingzhu followed suit, congratulating the Empress Empress, but she quickly shook her head I haven t thanked Mrs.Tai, without Mrs.Tai, my mother and younger brother would have to suffer less, and this time it was carefully arranged by the empress herself., I can t help you either.Wei Yuanchen watched the girl s eyebrows stretch, her long eyelashes seemed to be dazzled with brilliance, cbd gummies 2022 and after a while he said, Then do I still have to thank you for saving your life Prison, once in Shanxi.Gu Mingzhu s cheeks felt a little hot, she didn t admit that she was Zhou Rujun, but Master Wei had already identified it.There was another silence.Gu Mingzhu felt that it would be good to sit opposite each other without saying anything, but she had other preparations.Your Excellency will definitely return in triumph this time.She was only three years old at that time, and these memories should have been blurred long ago, but because it was related to the death of her parents and had a great impact on her, these pasts were still hidden in the deepest part of her mind.After her parents passed away, she was taken to her grandmother s house.For a long time, she couldn t smell the incense in the nunnery of her grandmother s yard.When she smelled it, she would feel sad, thinking of the dark coffin, thinking of the heavy filial piety.Mai, thinking of her parents leaving her far away.When she couldn t sleep at night, she would huddle under the quilt and try to keep her eyes open.She really wanted to see her parents push the door and walk in.She thought about the places can you mix alcohol and cbd gummies where the monks and priests said her parents went.Could she go How can I go Will their family be the same after going there At that time, she only knew the pain of losing a loved one, but she didn t think about whether there was any inside story.Even if she was woken up, her mind was still dizzy.Report to the old lady and let the old lady check whether Jiang Yue was drugged.As a result, the drug was found in the old lady s cabinet.When the old lady saw this, she said that the old lady s death was decided, so she let Jiang Yue I fell asleep.I usually take care of the big wife s cabinet, I have never seen the small porcelain bottle containing the drug, I told Mama Wang about it, but Mama Wang said she seemed to have seen svg cbd gummies it before.Mother Wang said Aren t I doing it for you What good will come of your entanglement like this You and I are servants, how can we do things against the master s family If it weren t for the seventh master to make the decision this time, I wouldn t dare Tell me what you see.Mother Liang s eyes were fiery What did you see Who killed the eldest wife The third master Mother Wang said in a low voice I just saw the third master enter the eldest wife s room I knew it, Liang s mother said with grief and indignation, It was fine when the elder was here, but after the elder left, the third master looked at his wife too presumptuously.The emperor has been waiting patiently until he ascended the throne and stabilized the political situation before he brought Concubine De into the palace.Such thoughts have never been spent on other women.So when he was in the cbd gummies 2022 palace, he saw Concubine De concubine attacking Zhou Zecheng, so he helped him out for no other reason.With such a handle in his hands, Concubine De will definitely be used by him in the future, and he expected it up In the palace late at night.Not long after Empress Defei returned to Yongchun Palace, in the small courtyard behind Yongchun Palace, there will cbd gummies pass drug test was a plop sound from a water well, as if something had fallen into it.Fortunately, there was some distance between the main hall of Yongchun Palace in the small courtyard.Otherwise, the sound could wake up the entire Yongchun Palace from sleep.

Seeing his cronies act decisively and neatly, Zhou Zejing calmed down a little, but things cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for ed problems did not go as smoothly as Zhou Zejing thought.The two cronies fought with Bao Er for a long time, but they were still unable to win Bao Er.Zhou Zejing frowned, his hands were cbd gummies 2022 covered with cold sweat, the two trusted followers seemed to kanai farms cbd gummies reviews feel Zhou mmj cbd gummies Zejing s anxiety, they gritted their teeth and sped up their movements, Bao Er obviously began to struggle.After a few more meetings, Bao Er staggered and almost fell to the ground.Zhou Zejing s heart was beating like a drum, and it seemed that all this would be over soon.Er Yi kicked it away, and the cronies covered his stomach, and blood gushed out of it.Zhou Zejing s eyes widened, and he saw a cold light flash on Bao Er s feet.It turned out that he had hidden sharp weapons in his boots.She was in prison six years ago, and she was not convicted by the court to thank Rong Niangzi.Mistress Rong refused to admit that she had seen her during the trial, which prevented her from being fully involved in the conspiracy case.Gu Mingzhu looked at the flames in front of her through the fence.There are only Zhou Zesheng, Feng Anping, Gu Mingzhu, Chu Jiu, and Liu Su in the room.Gu Mingzhu didn t hide it It s not appropriate to disturb the Cao family now.We must suppress the case first.When Mr.Su comes, we must try our best to convince Mr.Su.When we have evidence, we will take down the Cao family in one fell swoop.Feng Anping probably knew the reason, but Miss Jiang s voice was cbd gummies 2022 more serious than he thought.Gu Mingzhu said Currently the northern border and the coastal areas are at war, and if there is any chaos in Beijing, I am afraid that the imperial court will have no time to take care of it.General, let s go The deputy came to protect Cui Wei, and the group wanted to leave here while Cui Zhen was breathing.Cui Zhen discovered Cui Wei s intentions, but he got off his horse and stood there without moving.Perhaps the elder brother wanted to let him go, but Cui Wei just had a thought in his mind when he suddenly heard a sound of piercing through the air, and countless arrows were shot at them.Cui cbd gummy dosage for anxiety mg Zhen, Cui Wei opened his eyes wide, Look at the government you are loyal to, regardless of your life or death When Cui Wei shouted these words, he found that Cui Zhen s expression did not change, as if he had expected it.Cui Wei understood that this was arranged by cbd gummies 2022 Cui Zhen early in the morning.Cui Zhen, you are crazy.Cui Wei roared loudly.Cui Wei s voice was quickly lost in the sound of firearms exploding.Lu Guang rubbed the wet corners of his eyes, cbd gummies 2022 Zhu Wu is such a stingy person, he would not make a loss making business, and leave himself and his firearms to the cbd gummies 2022 eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank episode rebels On the battlefield, Wei Yuanchen led the cavalry to charge several times, but he was still straight and straight, without any signs of fatigue.The corpses around him also piled up, and the rebel soldiers who came cbd gummies 2022 to fight him retreated step by step under his might.If the lieutenants around King Liang hadn t used thunderous means to rectify the soldiers and horses, many people would have become deserters.All go up.More rebels swarmed up.Wei Yuanchen hissed his horse under his crotch, and finally couldn t hold on and fell in front of the battle.The King of Liang has an order.Those who kill Wei Yuanchen will be awarded ten thousand gold.The imperial soldiers searched the mountains, and finally found King Liang and his rebels in the scorched black.Fortunately, the armor and sword worn by King Liang were different from others, otherwise it full spetrum cbd gummies green otter cbd cube gummies would be difficult to find King Liang s body.There was a sound of joy in the mountains.The soldiers worked hard and arduously, and finally quelled the rebellion.Don t be careless, the lieutenant general ordered, General Wei ordered me to search the mountain later, in case any fish slipped through the net.The soldiers got the order and began to search the mountain carefully.It was not until dusk that the officers and soldiers slowly retreated from the mountains without any harvest.Even so, Wei Yuanchen still left soldiers to guard at the foot of the mountain.If there was any movement in the mountain, he would send a letter to the nearby government office at any time.Ma am, Zi Ying, who had just left the house, came back with a look of joy, The dark guards have found the prince, and the prince will be here tomorrow morning.The prince is not dead.Tang s eyes lit up, and his face was full of surprise What time did you agree I m going to deliver a letter to the Li family s ship in Pyongyang.Zi Ying said, My lord said, we will leave at the end of the Yin hour.Tang nodded, and set off at the end of Yinshi.It would not be bright until the ship was far away.Even if Da Zhou found out by then, it would be too late.Ten miles away from Dagu.King Liang changed into a short brown suit and huddled in the woods.After escaping from the mountains, his whole body seemed to be tensed.Until now, with the dark guards around him, King Liang could take a break, but for some reason, King Liang still felt that Wei Yuanchen s eyes were fixed on him.Thinking about it this way, she couldn t be frightened.With a bottom in my heart, I will no longer be so flustered.Madam Lin took a sip of tea, and finally waited until the master returned to Beijing, and she waited to see how the master would handle this matter.Chapter 529 I forgot that Mrs.Lin was thinking about it in the room, and suddenly recalled that Zhuzhu went out to meet Lord Hou, why didn t she go Beijing is very peaceful, she doesn t need to take care of affairs in the mansion, and she has recovered well, she can go out and walk around, she didn t lock up Zhuzhu but locked herself at home instead.What a fool.Mrs.Lin told Mama Yang Hurry up, get someone to prepare the car, and let s go after Zhuzhu On the ninth day of the ninth day of the lunar new year, I hurried out of Beijing to meet the third master.Speaking of which, Mr.Wei and his aunt really have some similarities.Thinking of this, Gu Chongyi looked at Wei Yuanchen, and Wei Yuanchen kept looking at the direction in which Empress Wufenglou left.Gu Chongyi couldn t help but stepped forward and patted Wei Yuanchen on the shoulder.Empress Wei has been grounded for many years, and the Wei family must be very concerned about it.Now that they can meet each other, they naturally have mixed feelings in their hearts.When the official ceremony is over, the empress should summon Wei Yuan alone Chen.After presenting the prisoners, Wei Yuanchen, Gu Chongyi and other generals went to the Hall of Mental Cultivation Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Mrs.Lin full spetrum cbd gummies green otter cbd cube gummies couldn t help but breathe a sigh of relief.Thanks to Zhuzhu s reminder, they greeted the master at the gate of the city.

Cui Zhen saw a small foot, and he was sure it was Zou Xiang.I heard that you went to Hubei with the coffin and buried your aunt.You did a good job, Cui Zhen said, You need to study more in the future.After a few days, I will ask the steward to pick you up and return to the Marquis Mansion.I won t go Zou Xiang said coldly, I m here.Zou Xiang, Cui Zhen said, you will come back sooner or later.Everyone has their own responsibilities.If I want to cbd gummies 2022 take care of it, you have to do it too.Zou Xiang didn t want to hear Cui cbd gummies 2022 Zhen teach her a lesson, so she turned and ran forward.Hearing the sound of footsteps getting farther and farther away, Cui Zhen s eyes were deep, and he didn t go after Zou Xiang.Zou Xiang needed time to think carefully, and he also had things he should deal with.Have a stand for being a father.Luo Yu tried his best to beg Cui Zhen, if Cui Zhen agreed, he could use Luo Yu in exchange for greater merit, and that was what they cared most about.In front of the government and the great cause, she has paid so much, but in his heart it is insignificant.This is Luo Yu s true face.It wasn t the handsome young man in her heart who worried about the country and the people, nor was it the gentle and considerate Yu Lang who only had her in his heart.In order to survive, Luo Yu can say anything and do anything.Perhaps the imperial court will really keep Luo Yu and let Luo Yu take the rest of best cbd gummies for dog anxiety cbd gummies 2022 the Liang Wang Party.I ll kill you.Zhang s whole body was enraged, she couldn t tolerate and couldn t believe that she would be deceived like this.Zhang yelled but failed to pull the mechanism in his hand, but threw himself on Luo yum yum gummies cbd content Yu in the most clumsy way and bit him.Don t worry, mother, Gu Mingzhu said with a smile, Brother Chun is going after Xiaobai.Now Xiaobai and Yuan Xiao are Brother Chun s best playmates.Fortunately, Yuan Xiao has a docile temperament, do cbd gummies cause weight gain no matter how Brother Chun touches her, she doesn t struggle.Xiaobai is different, he aggressively teases Brother Chun.A child and a chicken were chasing each other in the garden all day long.Brother Chun kept running and falling, making him look like a mud monkey.What is rare is that he never gave up.Brother Chun finally succeeded yesterday and took Xiaobai away.feather.Regardless of her son, Mrs.Lin took Zhuzhu s hand and was about to speak when she suddenly remembered After changing the auspicious clothes, have you tried again Gu Mingzhu nodded I have tried, mother, don t worry Mrs.Lin Some worried I ll go to your room again to see if there is anything that is not ready.Xi Niang coughed lightly, and Gu Mingzhu came back to her senses.She seemed to be stupefied looking at Mr.Wei, and forgot that there was a room full of female relatives watching the ceremony.Chapter 560 Huanxi Gu pure kana premium cbd gummies full spetrum cbd gummies Mingzhu blushed and looked around, and sure enough, she saw pairs of smiling eyes.There were quite a few female family members from the Wei family.The one at the front is the eldest sister in law Zhang, and next to Zhang is the second sister in law Xu who married into the Wei family last year.Gu Mingzhu looked at them all.Although she couldn t know their identities, she recognized them familiarly.It will be easier when you recognize your relatives.Wei Yuanchen looked at Zhuzhu s clear eyes, and easily moved away from him to look at the female relatives, and couldn t help but glance at Xi Niang.Wei Yuanchen whispered Are you tired Gu Mingzhu shook her head, Zhai Guan shook slightly, she nodded again, the thing on her head was really heavy.Wei Yuanchen couldn t help raising cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies 2022 his lips when he saw this, and smiled I still have to go to the banquet in best cbd gummies for dog anxiety cbd gummies 2022 front.Elder the third master, go quickly.Gu Mingzhu gave a light push, and she was suddenly a little dazed after she finished speaking., There seemed to be a bit of coquettishness in her voice just now.Wei Yuanchen said I ll be back soon Gu Mingzhu was about to nod her head when she felt her hands warm and was held by Wei Yuanchen again.Wei Yuanchen said There are many guests at home, so don t run around, lest someone bump into you without knowing it.Gu Mingzhu shook her head I m not going anywhere, I m just inside the house.Although it was very lively outside.I ll get it for you.Gu Mingzhu nodded.As soon as he moved, she rolled off him and lay back on the bed.Immediately after a cup of tea was brought to her mouth, Gu Mingzhu took it and drank it all in one gulp, taking advantage of Wei Yuanchen s time to put the teacup, she hurriedly got back under the quilt.Wei Yuanchen put away the teacup and lifted the quilt, Gu Mingzhu s heart beat like a drum, feeling him slowly approaching, she hurriedly closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep now that it would be too late.Zhuzhu, are you asleep She nodded, but how can a person who is asleep have a promise Wei Yuanchen said softly Then go to sleep, but if grandma asks about it tomorrow, you can cover it up so as not to worry grandma.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help asking Why is grandma worried Sighing deeply, Gu Mingzhu turned around curiously, as if she had something to hide.Speaking of the Mu family, Wei Congzhi had a weird look on his face.Gu Chongyi s heart moved slightly, this thing went to the southwest, so nothing happened to it, right Gu Chongyi said What did cbd gummies 2022 you do Wei Congzhi shook his head I just accidentally lost my way and caught a cbd gummies 2022 general from the Mu family to lead the way and explore the situation in the southwestern border I ate and slept with that general, and I also I taught him all the martial arts, and everything I do is good.I shouldn t be in such a situation.Now that the Mu family came to him, he couldn t go back to his home, so he could only hide around.Chapter 566 Fan Wai Can t Escape Second Uncle Fan Wai Wei Congzhi sat down and began to eat and drink, Gu Chongyi looked at the two mustaches moving up and down with disgust, it looks like he hasn t eaten for eight days, listen This sound is simply deafening.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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