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Why can t civil servants be allowed to do their own things in their spare time Why can t civil servants be allowed to earn money in their spare time Supporting a family However, the cbd gummies without thc benefits superiors do not allow civil servants to engage in occupations other than work.There are reasonable reasons for doing so.The superiors must have weighed the pros and cons when formulating laws and regulations.It s the current reality.Now the police are really vulnerable groups , and if they are not careful, they will be complained by the masses and even ordered to drink boiled water by the procuratorate.There is a strange phenomenon in society nowadays.It seems that whenever civil servants, especially the police, are mentioned, it is not in line with the trend if they do not scold them.Although I didn t do anything wrong, but if the matter of helping the brother save the field really cbd gummies and melatonin caused a stir, life in the institute would definitely not be easy.Jiang Changgui has seen pythons raised before, but he has never seen such big ones.He patted the table several times No matter how you raise the snake, it is a cold blooded animal after all.There have been many cases of children being raised at home in the United States.The tragedy of Burmese pythons attacking or even killing them.The snake beauty felt that this was scaring, and was about to speak, Jiang Changgui continued In our country, Burmese pythons belong to the national first level protected animals.Or other special circumstances, they can be how long does the effect of cbd gummies last raised with a license.It is absolutely not allowed to be used as a pet.It turned out to be a first class protected animal, and Han Chaoyang was so happy that he couldn t help asking Team Jiang, so you want to buy and sell this animal Is the act itself illegal Illegal, 100 illegal.As usual, ask the caller first.Zhang Beibei didn t seem to trust the village cadres very much, so he hesitated before saying They brought people into my house early in the morning, insulted me in every possible way, and forced me to move out, saying that the house belonged to them.The house was obviously left to me by my uncle., They moved if they asked I didn t agree, they rushed into the main room, I blocked the door and refused to let in, Jiang Xiaolan did it Not only did she bring the evidence, but she also brought the laptop cbd gummies and melatonin that played the evidence.With a high definition camera, the picture is very clear.The fact that Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang beat people by hand can be regarded as clear facts and conclusive evidence.Han Chaoyang finished his notes, looked back at the two village cadres, and shifted his eyes to her again Zhang Beibei, it s definitely wrong for them to swear and beat people.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and then said You guys should put the money for the photos first.Remember to ask the owner of the photo studio to ask for an invoice.If you don t have an invoice, it s fine.I ll reimburse you when the time comes.Old Xu didn t say what he thought in his heart Reimbursement, to put it lightly, how do you report to others Not only did Han Chaoyang not know what he was thinking, but he felt that it would be no problem to reimburse this little money.He not only had to ask Director Su for reimbursement for the photo shoot, but also asked Director Su for more or less money.After all, the establishment of a voluntary security patrol team was originally community work.Just as he was thinking about how to speak to Director Su, the police phone rang suddenly, and it turned how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last cbd gummies and melatonin out that Xu Hongliang was calling from the caller ID.Han Chaoyang didn t even need to look at the music score.He closed his eyes and pulled up.The melodious and beautiful melody sounded.Xie Lingling followed closely.Stage fright, the band members in the back were pulling and blowing twice to test the sound from time to time, but suddenly there was no movement when they heard such a professional performance.There is music as long as there are many people watching from behind, so I don t care so much, the old factory Chang waved his arms vigorously, and Aunt Yu and Aunt Wang also sang loudly in a tacit understanding.The water of Honghu Lake, the waves, the waves, the shore of Honghu Lake is my cbd gummies and melatonin hometown, and the boats go early in the morning to cast nets., Come back at night and the cabin is full of fish Wild ducks and water chestnuts are everywhere, and the autumn harvest is full of rice fragrance The band is not professional, and the two lead singers shocked the audience as soon as they opened their mouths The musical beauty of the tone and rhythm, being able to participate in the Good Voice , can be regarded cbd gummies and melatonin as a professional level, and won warm applause.Now it s not half a year ago, and Liu s office is not even Wan s, so I don t think he would hand over the case to the Criminal Police Brigade so easily. While Chen Xiujuan was talking cbd gummies and melatonin on the phone with Lao Tao, Liu Suo had asked the police from the case handling team and several auxiliary police officers who had just arrived to put the suspect into the police car, and at the same time signaled to the instructor to call a security leader from Dongming Community, who followed closely.A policeman and a few auxiliary policemen went to the west of the cbd gummies and melatonin cbd gummies quit smoking city, and ordered Han Chaoyang, you are not familiar with cbd full spectrum gummies near me the situation in Yanbei Village, so you don t have to cbd gummies and melatonin go.Hurry up and hand over the evidence to the case team.Hurry up and return after handover.The police office is on duty.The case handling team is all who sells cbd gummies for tinnitus elites, responsible cbd gummies and melatonin for handling all criminal and public security cases in the station, which is equivalent to the serious crime team of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Put it here too.The USB flash drive is mine.Are there many photos and videos The capture of the four suspects is just the beginning, and the action must be fast if you want to break the entire chain, Liang Dongsheng is busy studying the suspects.Wechat, QQ and text messages, thinking about how to pry their mouths open in the shortest time, how could they care about these trivial matters, and their tone was a bit impatient.Han Chaoyang secretly wanted to call you Captain Liang, you are the captain, what s so special, and besides, you can t control me, so he said neither humble nor overbearing Not many, not many.You should join the wechat group in the institute, right You should have Wu Wei s WeChat, just send it to Wu Wei.Okay, I ll send it back.Wu Wei suddenly raised his head, hesitating to speak, Han Chaoyang picked up the USB flash drive as if he didn t see it, and didn t turn his head.In the past four days, Han Chaoyang maintained order in the meeting place during the day, and patrolled the village or fields with how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last cbd gummies and melatonin the cadres of the working group at night to prevent villagers from engaging in illegal construction, and at the same time prevent villagers from suddenly planting Chinese herbal medicines or various trees in the field, and dealing with sudden incidents.In the event of an emergency, the police will be dispatched upon receiving orders from the institute.Although he is not a member of the working group, he actually entered the WeChat group of the working group at the request of the working group leader.Not only did he meet several director level and deputy level leaders, but he also handed in many committees of various bureaus in the district that he would never have the opportunity to hand in.The young man was a scout before retiring from the army.He still insists on exercising.Looking back, he held the steering wheel on the left and continued to drive forward, and raised the walkie talkie with his right hand and shouted Xiaobin, Changsheng, I am Han Chaoyang, there is a situation in the fifth team, you bring two people over here each, and the speed must be fast.Yes.I ll be right there Chaoyang Village is so big, the three squad leaders are all on the main road of Zhongjie, and they knew what happened through the walkie talkie, and immediately dispatched patrol members to drive to the intersection of the fifth team.Xiao Chen, go and replace Wang Bing.Han Da, let me take part in the action.When he arrived at the place but had no chance to take part in the action, the young man was frowning.Han Da, sit down, sit down Chat, let s talk while eating. Actually, we have cooperation with your police station, a bespectacled parking attendant in his fifties took a cigarette from Han Chaoyang, and said with a smile, I don t have much dealings how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last cbd gummies and melatonin with the police station., I have a lot of dealings with the traffic police team, and the traffic police from the fifth brigade often come to us.Many things can only be understood but not explained, Han Chaoyang said with a smile They also want to complete the task.The more you talk, the more you are a temporary What kind of old qualifications do workers have with official policemen Captain Tang was humiliated, and when Deputy Captain Lu finished pouring wine for everyone, he stood up again Everyone, you may not be clear, Han Da is an ordinary policeman at the police station, but he is a member of the security patrol team on the street.Han Chaoyang put down the key card, Guan Xiyuan slammed the doorknob, and the heavy solid wood door pushed open This is a luxurious big bed room.I saw that there were people all around the big bed.Since the door was the bathroom and wardrobe, I could only see their backs, and I didn t know what they were doing.Guan Xiyuan was stunned for a moment, and the people inside reacted and looked back one after another, followed by a scream, a woman s scream.The police station checks the room, stand where you are and don t move Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay, he walked into the room immediately, and pushed a middle aged man with a flustered look aside, he was stunned by everything in front of him.Two women in their twenties, with good figure and pretty face, sat cross legged on the big bed naked, with their hands crossed over their chests, their legs tightly together, their heads drooping and trembling with fear.Such a coincidence Yu Zhenchuan, who had been tormented by them, was happier than Guan Xiyuan, and couldn t help laughing No problem, I will figure out how to get the car myself.I will call the office and ask the office to send a car.Remember to leave someone to watch the construction site , In case something is lost, it s a problem. Don t worry, I know what to do.Once the foreman entered the police station, he could no longer command the migrant workers to work at night by remote control.Yu Zhenchuan didn t think that the few honest migrant workers squatting by the river would be accomplices in stealing electric cars, so he asked one of them to watch the cbd gummies and melatonin construction site, while the others got into the cars sent by the Xinyuan Street cbd bear gummies Station and sent them all to the Huayuan Street Police Station.Tang Junwei was stunned for a moment, then stepped aside and asked, You mean it s impossible for him to instruct Wang Jun to destroy the door lock It depends on how you define crazy.Do the math.It takes at least half an hour to repair a door.He rushed from Chaoyang Village to his house.It takes about ten minutes for the nearest one, and half an hour for the far one.That is to say Three or four doors can be repaired at most in one morning.The store owners whose door locks are broken must be in a hurry to open their doors for business.Unless there are accomplices.It must be admitted that the analysis of Captain Han has some truth.Tang Junwei thought for a while and then asked, Where is Wang Jun What is Wang Jun doing now I helped someone repair electric cars just now, and now cbd gummies insulated I m sleeping on a rattan chair in front of the shop.Aunt Mi was not happy, she put down her phone and sat opposite her daughter and said unhappily, I only have this hobby, just a few old partners and old friends, what do you mean by being more active than going to work Besides, what is cbd gummies for kids you are more busy than the other, or you won t come back., when I come back, one is holding a mobile phone, the other is holding a computer, I don t even have anyone to talk to, can I really find you a stepdad My mother is very sensitive, last year because of square dancing in the community, several young people She said something like it s not cbd gummies no artificial color that the old man has become bad and it s that the bad person has become old , and she was cbd gummies and melatonin 5 cbd gummies so angry that she couldn t eat for a few days.Li Yun realized that she had said the wrong thing, and hurriedly said Mom, I didn t mean to blame you, I was just joking with you.Come on, say the car belongs to them, isn t this robbery Comrade Public Security, look at this, she doesn t know me, her husband does, and her husband borrowed 200,000 yuan from me, clearly written in black and white, The car was delivered to me before I got on, and my fingerprints were stamped What is my husband, I don t have a husband, I m single I ve seen cbd gummies and melatonin a lot of fake divorces, don t you just want to renege on the debt do cbd gummies make you constipated and not pay it back, hiding in the community I can t do anything against you here, don t come out if you want to My surname is Tao, I will definitely drive this car away today.It is only right and proper to call 110.Don t get excited, speak slowly, one by one Say.Gu Guoli pushed him aside, walked to the front of the car and looked at it, then turned around and asked, What s your name Tao Hui.It s not an outsider, don t be so polite.Yes, Ms.Tang, I also know Accountant Huang, so I m not an outsider.First Huang Ying, now Tang Xiaoxuan, Yu Zhenchuan is very envious of his junior brother If you are lucky, you can t help but show your hospitality.Huang Ying from the Sub district HCMUSSH cbd gummies and melatonin Finance Office is too high sighted.Director Su said that it seems that the young apprentice has no chance.Since he has no chance, he can t hang himself on a tree.Gu Guoli felt that this backtracking was a good one, and wondered why the police couldn t find a beautiful and rich partner.The main thing to talk about in this kind of relationship is about feelings, so he decided to help the little apprentice, and said excitedly Chaoyang, I received a phone call just now, and Director Feng called in person, saying that the clues you provided to the task force this afternoon are very valuable, and I commend you, our police department, and our Huayuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang looked behind him and cbd gummies and melatonin asked, How many of them are there Li Tianzheng had just been dealt with, and he didn t dare to be glib, so he lowered his head and said, This is the first time I played with them, and it was also the first time I played such a big game.They played with others ingredients for cbd gummies whitelabel cbd gummies before, and they can t go back if they don t make it clear.Regardless of criminal cases or public security cases, it is impossible to only deal with the current arrest.They were lucky not to be caught, and the police who were caught handling the case must dig deep and investigate, and give them a new account to settle the old account together.Unexpectedly, he, a gambler, turned out to be a first offender , at least it was the first time he played such a big game.Feeling very surprised, Han Chaoyang walked out of the hall and pointed to the police car Get in the car, just on the way.Originally, I planned to go to Yangguan Village in the morning, but I obviously couldn t go today.Han Chaoyang locked the ledger back from the office into the safe, turned around and said, Hongliang, Director Wang said last time that the boy from Dianyu might come over today, I ve made an appointment with Team Tang, and he has already contacted him.After passing the fishery administration department, I even found a small boat from sanitation for cleaning up garbage in the river, and parked it beside the riverside park.I have a meeting in the afternoon.I don t know if Zhenchuan will come in the afternoon, and my master doesn t know either.Do you want to call the police, I will leave the matter cbd gummies and melatonin of Dianyu to you, and if that kid really comes, I will bring a few people to assist Captain Tang and his French team.Another rotten person in Shenghai Garden Han Chaoyang had a headache when he mentioned cbd gummies and melatonin this project, and couldn t help but say Secretary Yang, no matter how prepared we are, we can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause.We may not even be able to cure the symptoms.This is not a time bomb, but a bomb that may detonate at any time.And the bombs will continue to explode, and our patrols alone cannot solve the problem.It s not just that patrols alone can t solve the problem, neither can the streets or even the district.Encountering such unlucky things, Secretary Yang was more depressed than Han Chaoyang, took a deep breath, and said expressionlessly The city is trying to solve it, it seems that there are several sets of plans, and the plans have even been reported to the province, and they will be resolved sooner or later.Then there is the fishery administration department, and it s never his turn to be responsible for this as a small policeman.With a hero model master, he became the most handsome policeman in a daze, and even changed his mind.Huang Ying didn t know whether to praise him or blame him, so she immediately changed the should you take cbd gummies on empty stomach subject Stop talking about it, talk about business, aren t you Do you want to buy a house I have a friend who is going to Donghai to work.I plan to sell the house I bought last year and just renovated this year.Splendid future, 21st floor, building 5, three bedrooms and two living rooms, 128 square meters, transparent from north to south, fine decoration, home appliances The furniture is all new, 2.6 million should be able to win.2.6 million, too expensive Please, you have to look at the location.In case 17, Han Chaoyang contacted He Ziqiang when he was waiting for them at the gate of the police station, and Guan He Ziqiang asked for some photos of how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last cbd gummies and melatonin their fellow villagers gathering.As soon as I got out of the car, I took out my phone and dug out the photos.Lifting the curtain, walked into the cbd gummies and melatonin Internet cafe, looked at the network administrator sitting at the bar, then looked at the photo, turned around and nodded to Liang Dongsheng.Zhu Linong Ah The network administrator raised his head and was stunned for a moment when he saw the four policemen who had cbd gummies and melatonin just entered.You are Zhu Linong Yes, Uncle Policeman, what s the matter, Zhu Linong subconsciously stood up, looked at the guests who were surfing the Internet, and said anxiously All those who come to the Internet have ID cards, no students, no minors.Pushing open the car door, he said with a smile, Okay, let s split up.I ll order takeaway for everyone later, and I ll buy everyone a drink after the suspect is arrested.No wonder you can be captain at such a young age.Han Chaoyang liked dealing with him very much, so he took out his mobile phone and called Captain Yang of the Security Team of the PolyU Security Department.It is an obligation to cooperate with the police in handling the case, let alone just borrowing the Dongmen messenger room.Captain Yang was very enthusiastic and cbd gummies heb asked Han Chaoyang to hand over his mobile phone to the security guards, so that the security guards on duty could provide assistance.The view inside is good, and you can see the street that is about to be filled with courier stalls.He Yichang lowered the roller blind, leaving only a gap of about 30 centimeters to ensure that he could see the outside, and immediately asked Han Chaoyang to help him move the desk in the security lounge to the window, and took out the laptop and a high definition camera from do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies and melatonin his bag , put the camera on the window sill, adjust the angle, sit at the desk and start surfing the Internet, and pay attention to every move outside through the small window on the small computer monitor.Looking at the caller ID, Han Chaoyang was shocked, stood up calmly, walked to the reception room and leaned against the window and asked, Captain He, what s the matter That woman in the black dress in the north, He Yichang put down the walkie talkie, Not without excitement, he said Xiao Xu reported that she got off a white SUV.I went to meet them and see what the driver looks like.You stare at this woman.Yes.Holding a sun umbrella The woman who walked slowly was tall and slender, with shawl length hair and a pair of sunglasses.Han Chaoyang went back to the courier booth again, and waited for about two minutes for the beautiful woman to arrive.She took out her mobile phone, pulled out the logistics information of the courier, and said in standard Mandarin, Master, take the courier.Surname What The surname is Yao, Yao Guangming.Han Chaoyang didn t know what Chen Jie was thinking.Solving the murder case was the most important vegan cbd gummies 1500mg thing, so he didn t have time to think about it.He sat down on the chair that Chen Jie had just stepped aside, stared at her and said, Zhang Xin, my surname is Han, and my name is Han Chaoyang., It s the police from the Yanyang Public Security Bureau, I m going to ask you a few questions, please answer truthfully.When you were caught here just now, the people with you even showed their guns by the side of the car, and they knew you were Policemen Zhang Xin didn t care to cry any more, and said eagerly, Officer Han, I don t know anything.I haven t known him for a long time.I cbd gummies and melatonin met him online.We only got together during summer vacation during summer vacation.When did you meet each other What matters is where you were before and after the homicide in Yangguan Village.Police cars, electric patrol cars, comprehensive law enforcement cars, official cars, and even police community electric cars all came, cbd gummies and melatonin all with their lights on, and the migrant workers who were watching the excitement outside rushed in to report to Liu Gong and other management personnel.Chaoyang, what s the situation The senior brother also came, he had already passed the probationary period, he has the right to enforce the law, and he drove the 110 police car from the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang was full of confidence, and looked back at Liu Gong and the others , Loudly said Surprise inspection of ID card and residence permit, I didn t bring the patrol interrogation terminal, did you bring it Let s investigate together later.Han Chaoyang turned around and gave the patrol team an order Changsheng, arrange two people to block the south gate.Huang s mother looked happy, took her daughter s bag, and helped her daughter get her slippers.What made Huang Ying even more surprised was that her father was also awake, sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette and playing with his mobile phone.The TV was on and the voice was very low.It was obvious that he was focusing on the mobile phone instead of the TV series that was broadcasting.Dad, why are you smoking in the living room I m happy, I just smoked one, and I won t smoke anymore.Huang s father was more afraid of his daughter when it came to smoking, so he hurriedly snuffed out the cigarette butt, knowing that his daughter didn t like the smell of cigarettes, he got up and opened it again.Move the door, go to the balcony and open the window for ventilation.Yingying, sit with your dad for a while and talk to your dad.He is supposed to be on duty in Dongming Community today.Dare to hit him, Han Chaoyang was taken aback, looked at his girlfriend apologetically, pushed the door and got out of the car and asked, Who hit him, what s the matter When I came back, the car was not parked properly, occupying two parking spaces.But Tiantian asked to stop again, and they cursed, not only stopped the car, but also pushed and slapped Ketian twice.Fight back No, Manager Jin said every day, how dare he fight back, he held back.It s fine if you don t fight back.Did you take a picture of the whole process The boys are full of blood, how could they stand the grievance, they just held back, the more they think about it now, the more unconvinced they are, and they are going to Building No.2 to find those bastards.Gu Changsheng was worried that they were too impulsive, afraid that they would make the reason unreasonable.For a person who has studied music for more than ten years, as long as he can be on stage, no matter how much he pays, it is worth it Huang Ying, who was not very interested in this at first, became very concerned about it when her aunt said it.She sent Director Su up to the second floor, and was not in a hurry to go home.She patrolled with him just like the night before, and snickered as she walked.It s okay to apply to join the music association.You have conditions.If you don t have the conditions, you can still find a way to join an association.Who There are many, our street has more than one.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing Secretary Yang is a member of the Provincial Calligraphers Association.Lao Qian contributed articles to newspapers and magazines every three days.After publishing a few articles the size of tofu, he became a member of the Municipal Writers Association.The old factory manager would not look for this Pan Guangcai if he had nothing to do.Han Chaoyang guessed a little bit, and subconsciously asked Director Wang, you invite Brother Pan to come over, do you want Brother Pan to join the band and participate in the Bayi Song Concert together Yes , That s what I think.Director Wang looked back at Wu Wei and Xiaokang who had just returned from patrolling, and said cheerfully You are right last night.Our band is too informal.Some of them play Western instruments.For those who play ethnic musical instruments, it s okay to play by themselves, but not to participate in activities.The old man is really interested in participating in the August 1st Song Festival.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and raised his head and asked, Brother Pan, there is no money to participate in the song meeting, and if you decide to participate, you have to rehearse.I received it, we will pay attention to it, you hurry to look back and see how he got there From the Sixth Hospital, check whose name was registered when paying the money.Okay.Han Chaoyang put down the police report and was about to turn back and ask Lao Gui to go down to get the medical records, when Lu Jiaxi had already run in with the records.Han Chaoyang didn t bother to thank him, took a look at the record, and picked up the police phone again The record shows that the injured man s surname is Cao, and his name is Cao Kejin.He is 20 years old, a local, and lives in Zhengxing Road, Yandong District.No.126 No This name should be fake, I have been to Zhengxing Road, it is a very short street, no matter how you line up, you can t get No.126.Yu Zhenchuan had already chased the Chaoyang Bridge at this moment, but no trace of the four people was found.Comrade police, rice can be messy Don t talk nonsense when you eat, what egg cbd gummies and melatonin yolks, you re hitting my brand, there are crab roe in my crab roe buns.The proprietress was not happy, she took out a drawer of crab roe buns, took out one with a clip, and wanted to break it open for them to see , let them taste it, and then thought that it was a small business, they were a little reluctant, so they simply put it back, which caused another burst of laughter.Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du specifically explained before they left that the branch bureau had to sort out a set of materials from the discovery of clues to the reporting to the arrests.Although the four suspects were captured in the area under the jurisdiction cbd gummies and melatonin 5 cbd gummies of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, one could tell from the tone of the bureau leader what happened to the Xinyuan Street Police Station.We just mediate, you don t participate How is it possible, I will definitely participate if I have time.If my master and I don t have time, please ask the neighborhood committee to arrange special personnel to participate, the police office Also send someone to take pictures of the whole process and take cbd gummies and melatonin notes at the same time, how about letting Xinyi and Chen Jie be your clerks.It s idle, you can try to mediate.Thank you very much, Wang Factory director, why don t you go to the police office to have a glass of water first, and I ll go purekana cbd gummies amazon to Director Su, our mediation committee also needs an office, so let s solve the problem of the office space first.The Foundation has an office, how about the mediation committee Can there be no office The old factory manager thought so deeply.In the future, there will be opportunities for you to use your spare heat.No She was determined to eat Director Su s meal , Director Su s heartache must be eaten, otherwise Director Su will not have a long memory.It s funny that a woman is jealous, and she s jealous because of herself.Han Zhaoyang was so happy, he turned off the light in the conference room, gently hugged her in his arms, and smelled her familiar and how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last cbd gummies and melatonin pleasant fragrance of hair , leaned into her ear and coaxed like a child Honey, don t be angry, it s not like you haven t seen those women at night, each one is uglier than the other, don t say you don t know me at all, just take a photo, even if you know me, you can still see me.What happened to them What if I meet someone who is prettier than me Huang Ying struggled, but couldn t get away.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.In my opinion, you are the most beautiful.Are they all there Yongqin went to Daxin Street to look for HCMUSSH cbd gummies and melatonin fellow villagers, and the others are all there, and they just came back.As long as they are all there Han Chaoyang knocked on the door of the girls dormitory, shouted to check his ID card, and immediately stepped aside.There was a crack in the door, and a chubby girl poked her head in and said, Uncle policeman, can you wait a moment, we are getting dressed.I m fine if I go in.Huang Ying opened the door and brought Qi Jie s lover Walking into the bedroom, less than 30 seconds after entering, I only heard an exclamation from inside, followed by the cry of the child s mother.Tingting, leave as soon as you say, why don t you call home, you made us anxious Sister in law, it s a good thing to find Tingting, don t cry, wipe yourself first.There are six or seven departments, including the general office, public security department, traffic department, and fire department.There are also several functional offices under each department.The general office assists the leaders in handling daily administrative affairs, liaison, reception, school political security and comprehensive management one section chief and four section staff in the transportation section are responsible for accident handling, claims settlement, vehicle identification, vehicle insurance, vehicle management, etc.Campus traffic order management and traffic publicity, etc.the Fire Department is also a section chief and four staff members, who are responsible for campus fire safety management, fire facility renovation and maintenance, campus fire publicity, training, campus fire file management, etc.People in the mountains are like this, they are very united.Jiang Li paused, then continued Besides, there are more people named Feng in Lijiayao than Li Although they are not considered village tyrants, none of the villagers want to offend them.Besides, Feng Changdong s family had a good time before the incident happened.They made a lot of money from drug trafficking, and they were very generous to the villagers.They set up wine on New Years and festivals, and they could almost borrow money from whatever happened to them.A little kindness bought gold bee cbd gummies the villagers, not only bought, but also tempted even Develop other people s drug trafficking.When the net was closed two years ago, 15 accomplices were arrested, of which 8 belonged to Li Jiayao, and the other 7 were not from Li Jiayao, but they were related to the Feng family.In the past, the villagers might how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last cbd gummies and melatonin have watched with cold eyes.But now is not the past.Feng Changdong s brutal murder of Feng Changqin s mother and daughter aroused the public outrage of the villagers.Even Feng Guobao, Feng Guoyu and other Feng family members went up the mountain to search for them with machetes, rakes, shovels and other agricultural tools, and at cbd gummies and melatonin the same time participated in the war.Police and armed police officers and soldiers led the way, not to mention other people, especially the family of Feng Changqin s mother in law.Looking down the mountain, there were people everywhere.It was cbd gummies and melatonin a real carpet search.The logistics support is also in place.The county and township leaders mobilize the women in the village to help cook, prepare and even help send to the scene of the search and arrest, and send it to the observation posts on the surrounding hills.If there are bright spots, just compile the materials, and if there are no bright spots, forget it.Director Du thought further, lit a cigarette and muttered Zhou Bureau, political commissar, if Xiao Han is their policeman, they will definitely report to the provincial department, and then the provincial department will report to the Ministry of Public Security.Suspected of killing two people, the impact is too bad.But Xiao Han is not their policeman, and the awards will be delayed until the end of the year, so there may be long nights and dreams.You have a reason to think about it.Lao Fan said on the phone that the search and arrest command has been dispatched.The gag order only announced the arrest of do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies and melatonin fugitives, but did not disclose the details of the arrest.They did so for a reason, and they must not make the common people think that the hundreds of police, armed police, and cadres who participated in the search and arrest are not as good as a police who went to them to learn and communicate.It s really a return with honor, the superior attaches so much importance to it, and the standards are so high Chen Xiujuan felt that it was a bit exaggerated.This is also reasonable, the instructor Xu Weizhong put down his bowl and chopsticks and said with a smile Chaoyang arrested a Level A wanted criminal of the Ministry of Public Security, and he was wanted and killed two people after he was wanted.Injured a policeman, this time he also had a gun in his hand.The local public security agency invested more than 700 policemen and armed police, and mobilized hundreds of cadres and the masses.Think carefully about Chaoyang, if he is from the Longdao County Public Security Bureau The policeman, the first class merit is estimated to be impossible to escape.It is likely cbd gummies and melatonin to be awarded by the monjour cbd gummies review Ministry of Public Security.This is the division of labor, if you don t go back to rest, you won t be energetic tomorrow.Han Chaoyang was not hypocritical, he greeted Liang Dui and Wu Wei, first sent Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin to the police station, and then used the bus for private use with his girlfriend, and drove the patrol car ingredients for cbd gummies whitelabel cbd gummies all the way to the downstairs of the teachers dormitory.Team Liang and Wu Wei don t know how long it will take.Also sleepless tonight is He Pingyuan, director of the Xinying Police Station of the cbd gummies and melatonin Longdao County Public Security Bureau thousands of miles away.The working group led by the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, after two days of comprehensive and meticulous investigation, has basically figured out the situation.It can be confirmed that He Pingyuan did not curse him to death for the old man.The most handsome policeman is clearly a black hearted policeman If I had known that my parents had reported the case, I would have known that this unscrupulous policeman was here, and even if I killed him, I wouldn t let him see the phone.Zhu Youwei regretted it too much, but he made up the lie himself, and he couldn t do without handing in the phone, so he could only bite the bullet and go to the security office with Han Chaoyang.Chapter 282 Welcome 3 There is a reason for bringing people to the security office instead of the police room.The University of Polytechnic has very strict regulations.Students who steal more than 500 yuan or are detained for more than 3 days will be cbd gummies daily beast expelled from the school.In this way, the police handling the case is very difficult.In order not to easily destroy a child s education opportunities because of handling the case, under normal circumstances, no compulsory measures are taken against the student suspected of theft to restrict his personal freedom, let alone the lack of evidence to accuse him of theft.4 Criminal Police Squadron of the Yanzhong Sub bureau.I don t care about this matter, but I can help you intercede with the police who handle the case.The police also have to report to the squadron leader.But you parents can have this Attitude, I believe the squadron leaders will consider it as appropriate.Thank you Officer Gu, thank you Officer Gu.Don t be in a hurry to thank me.Grandpa Gu shifted his eyes to Vice Minister Jiang who had been gloomy all the time, and said meaningfully Your son s crime is not a trivial matter.According to the law, he will be cbd gummies spotsylvania va sentenced to three years.If you parents can have this attitude, now it depends on your son s attitude of pleading guilty.If the attitude of pleading guilty is good, the criminal police team will have room for accommodation.As for whether you can continue to study and complete your studies, it depends on the school s opinion.This is a rare opportunity.As long as you find out that they are loan sharks, you only need to pay back the principal.You don t need to pay interest, but you will be refunded the handling fee Facts have proved that this trick works After waiting for about three minutes, a line 250 mg hemp cbd gummies of text appeared on the phone screen The police are at the school Deng Jing was ecstatic, and quickly replied I am at the security office, I am busy, if you don t come, I will leave Xiao Jing, don t lie to me, people from Jiutian Finance have really been arrested Why did I lie to you, many people saw it.I ll go back right away, tell the police for me, and ask them to wait a little longer.The person should be in the city, otherwise he cbd gummies and melatonin would never have said to tell the police to wait a little longer Deng Jing was so excited that she nodded repeatedly, but forgot to reply.Master Xu, who sifted sand here, had a nephew who worked at Changmazi s mixing plant Master Li, who shoveled sand on top of the sand pile, had a cousin who opened a small cbd gummies and melatonin shop at the gate of Changmazi s gravel factory.Through Master Xu and Master Li, he inquired about many situations, and even got a not very comprehensive list of workers.He was too lazy to go out to buy boxed lunches, so he ate the leftover steamed buns in the morning in three bites, went to the gravel factory office to get water to take a bath, changed into a clean police uniform, and after thinking about it, he took out a third rank police superintendent from his bag to change On the morning, he went back to the work area again to say hello to Han Chaoyang, got into the 110 police car with his briefcase in hand, turned on the lights and slowly drove out of the gravel factory. How much memory does your driving recorder have, and how long can it record video It seems to be 16G, so I don t know how long it can record. Do you usually use the car a lot A lot, how many hours do you drive cbd gummies and melatonin on average every day A lot, a car is a means of transportation, and you drive it every day, on average, at least one or two hours a do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies and melatonin day.The recorder inadvertently photographed the vehicle where the corpse was thrown, and the video recorded at that time had already been overwritten, and I don t know how many times it was overwritten.Although he doesn t like his current job very much, Han Chaoyang wanted to catch the murderer and throw away the body as soon as he started working, and secretly complained that he didn t think that the driving recorder might capture key clues until today.Report to Gong Da, Interpol Fifth Squadron reported that the Toyota car with the license plate Yan CL03D6 is equipped with a driving recorder and a memory of 32G.The owner of the car said that he was on a business trip in the past week, and the car has been parked downstairs in the company and has not moved.Similar reports have already been received.To more than 20, cbd gummies and melatonin being able to contact does not mean finding someone, or waiting to find a car at the first time.The dozen or so police officers in the special case team are all outside to investigate, and even Tengda has personally stepped in just now.Gong Da had no one to assign, so he simply walked up to Han Chaoyang, leaned on the back of the chair and said, Xiao Han, Xiao Wu, you two run, leave cbd gummies and melatonin it to me here.Going out to check is better than sitting on the phone and taking notes Before Han Chaoyang opened his mouth, Wu Wei got up and said, Yes Hold the car keys, drive slowly on the road.I have them too There are also family members.She was so grand in her work, Xie Lingling was not surprised, she sat on the co pilot sideways and smiled and asked Don t be tricky, I don t need surprises, what did you bring me Your gifts are ready , it s all cosmetics. cbd gummies and melatonin I know you won t bring anything else, I just need these. Just like it, Sheng Yanwen smiled, turned around and picked it up when she got into the car and didn t put it in the trunk, but put it in the back Holding the piano box cbd gummies thc free near me at the corner of the window, she held it in front of Huang Ying and sent it to Huang Ying Yingying, this is for Chaoyang, I know he is busy, so there may not be a chance to get together this time, so I can only leave it to you, to you It s the same as giving it to him.Carrying it on her cbd gummies and melatonin back all the time, unlike other gifts stuffed in the suitcase, for fear of being crushed and broken by the porters at the airport when checking in the luggage by plane, it shows how much she values this gift.It s impossible for them to have too superb deception skills.Theft is also not Too likely, stealing can steal some money, and it is difficult to live his luxurious life by stealing.Drug dealing is not very similar.If they are drug dealers, it is pure cbd gummies 1000mg impossible to find out that there is no clue about drug involvement in this business.Wu Wei pondered Gamble I also think the gamble may be very big.Yang Jiandong probably opened an underground casino, and only gambling can make money so quickly.Han Chaoyang recalled the case reported by Luo Zhi and Teng Da, with a serious expression on cbd gummies and melatonin his face.Chapter 334 Changfeng Street is located in the southwest corner of Yandong District, adjacent to Yaoxin Town in Fengyong County.It is the most remote street in Yandong District.one kilometer.Who would go there if it s okay, not only Han Chaoyang has never been there, but Wu Wei is also not familiar with it.Very serious and serious, like interrogating criminals, Tian Jiming was casper cbd gummies stunned all of a sudden.Village head Cui also felt that something was wrong, so he didn t bother to max cbd gummies make a second cup of tea, so he walked across to Han Chaoyang and asked, Xiao Han, what s going on, I know what kind of person Mr.Tian is best, what problems can he have Chapter 345 Two cases Han Chaoyang looked up at Village Chief Cui, and then turned his gaze to Tian Jiming who had just recovered from his slumber and said, Mr.Tian, you are a straightforward person.I won t make circles with you, so I ll just ask you a question, do you have any questions Have you ever played Ralac So that s what happened Tian Jiming came to his senses, took out a cigarette and lit it, took a few puffs in a row, and said lightly I played it a few times, what s the matter, someone reported it Where did you play and who did you play with.Bonus, how much bonus is there It depends The situation, anyway, will not be less, and it will be kept strictly confidential.Afraid that the old lady might have concerns, Han Chaoyang emphasized We are Yanyang s police, and we will return to Yanyang after we catch people and pay the bonus.Anyone who has nothing to do will come here.We don t tell anyone who knows, so you can always rest assured.Okay, I ll keep this for now, and I ll tell my son about it at dinner tonight.When the old lady heard that there was a bonus, she burst into laughter mouthHan Chaoyang transferred more than a dozen households while the iron was hot, made more than a dozen promises that he didn t know if he could keep them in the future, returned to Huo s house, got into the car, took out his mobile phone and dialed He Yichang s number.Su Xian and Huang Ying asked about her recent situation cbd gummies and melatonin the same way they did when they first arrived.They ate delicious cakes and expressed emotion, denouncing the tourism industry with all kinds of shady scenes and unspoken rules.Zhang Beibei came to play, not to complain, and she was really not suffering, so she hurriedly changed the subject Director Su, I came from Renmin Road.Demolition, what do you do with the small piece It s not that you don t want to demolish it, it s that no one wants that piece of land.Why Su Xian wiped the corners of her mouth and patiently explained The memorial hall is not in the traffic area.In the planning area of how to make cbd gummies with cbd flower the hub, although it is so close to the future high speed rail station and long distance east station, it is only a small road away.The district began to feel that the location is good, and there must be developers who want it.You know the situation in the station very well.Then together, the few cars downstairs are really not enough, so they have to use private cars for public use, Xiujuan s car has traveled 60,000 kilometers in three years, and more than half of the mileage was run by the police.The leader will not say these things for no reason.No matter how stupid Han Chaoyang was, he understood what the director meant, and quickly said, Liu Suo, I don t know what the bureau leaders think about.Anyway, we don t need two police cars in our police office.We have electric patrol cars, and there are several of them.If you need a car in case of an emergency, you can borrow it from the Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, or from the Security Office.Okay, that s it, we will borrow the car for a while after we get it.If the life of the community wants to be better, we can only find other ways.It is a bit exaggerated to say that Chaoyang Community Security Service Company loses money and makes money , but not making money is true Thinking about it carefully, the only thing that can help the community make money now is the WeChat official account of the voluntary security patrol team, and the profit is not much.The little money earned from posting living information is barely enough for the office expenses of the neighborhood committee.If you want to do something at the grassroots level, how can you do it without money Han Chaoyang understood what she was doing, and asked with great interest, How is it going When will the Chaoyang International Youth Hostel open It will cbd gummies quit drinking take a month at the earliest.The pine and cypress trees that the villagers planted when they buried their ancestors, and even some tombstones and coffin boards have not been cleaned up.Where is Old Du Five minutes ago, I called and said that I had just arrived at the Provincial Department.The chapter bureau personally how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last cbd gummies and melatonin helped us call the leader of the Criminal Investigation Team.The Provincial Department should have news soon.The case is worth more than 20 million yuan and involves government projects., Zhou Ju firmly believes that the provincial department will definitely pay attention to it, and will definitely help coordinate with Nanyun.While raising his hands to the several deputy district chiefs who were going downstairs, he asked again, Is Xiao Han there Director Feng opened the window and looked downstairs, and said, The arrest operation has been carried out by the criminal police brigade and the economic management team.The investigative brigade couldn t do their best, and cbd gummies and melatonin no matter who passed by, they could only stand by the border and wait to receive the suspects, and since the comprehensive police 750 mg of cbd gummies platform on Zhongshan Road was busy, I told him to go back first.That s right, we All the organizers could do in the past was to accept the suspects, recover the stolen money, and escort the suspects back.He is neither a criminal policeman nor a policeman for economic investigation, so he can t help much.How could Director Feng not know why his immediate superior Asking the most handsome policeman, he couldn t help laughing Zhou Ju, it s not easy for him to track down such an important clue in time, and he has already made meritorious service.The more he thought about it, the happier he was, and he laughed as he went downstairs It s the job of the community police to provide clues to the criminal investigation department.He just did what he should do.Especially at this time, he must not be cbd gummies and melatonin allowed to cock his tail.Chun City encircled and suppressed the stolen goods village, why so many patrol members were dispatched from the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road, but he was not brought along, because he was worried that his boy would become inflated.Considering the special circumstances of the case, the sub bureau has not had much contact with it before.Based on the current situation and evidence, the application for criminal detention is not acceptable.It will definitely be approved, so we must continue to investigate and collect evidence.Just like what Haizhu said, no matter how serious the circumstances are, you must come up with something convincing.Kang Haigen paused, and continued This involves a deadline , the summons cannot exceed twelve hours, so the first thing to do tomorrow is to apply for a detainee interrogation of the suspect.Lien interrogation, summons, and subpoena are all acts of public security organs exercising their powers.The three behaviors are very similar.The police of the public security organ will bring the suspect to the public security organ for interrogation or interrogation.He simply went to the police car and called his girlfriend to tell him the good news.Huang Ying was also aesthetically tired , and she couldn t help laughing So you want to treat again Two thousand yuan bonus, including the last award, the total is only three thousand yuan, what kind of guests are three thousand yuan I also don t think there is any need to ask for it again, Huang Ying cared more about fixed income than the rare bonus, and asked in a low voice, What about the regularization Did you ask when the job will be fixed Han Chaoyang looked behind him, and said with a smile How do you ask me to inquire about this kind of thing Go up.Liu Suo said last time that I will go to the police officer training center for training in a few days, and I will become a full time officer after the training, and I will be awarded the title.There is a saying that Well done, time will tell everything, if you want to truly get forgiveness from others, and truly ingredients for cbd gummies whitelabel cbd gummies integrate into this society, you need to take more practical actions, and let others see that you have really changed your ways and started a new life.Han Chaoyang said this Realize the good intentions of the master The most depressing person today is not Big Sister or Old Tang, but cbd gummies helps with anixtey reddit the parolee in front of him.If he doesn t solve it in time, he may cbd day and night gummies commit crimes in a fit of anger.While secretly blaming himself why he hadn t thought of this, Mo Yunhu took a deep breath, and said with a sad face Chief Gu, I m not afraid of your jokes.I ve been sitting around for the past few years.I ve been really stupid.Can you explain clearly, What should I do It s not that you re stupid in prison, it s because you can t adapt to the new environment for a while.Today, only some owners are here, and there is still a long way to go to really hold the owners meeting.For Grandpa Gu, the establishment of Xinmin Community The owner s meeting and the hiring of a property company are almost impossible tasks.He was very happy to hear the news and couldn t help laughing This girl Haizhu can do it.Let me just say, as long as you are skilled enough, you can grind an iron rod into a needle.It s good to have hope, a good start is half the battle All the people who came today were Mo Yunhu s enemies and previous owners who supported the establishment of the owners meeting.The reason why this investigation group was able to take place was largely related to Mo Yunhu.Han Chaoyang opened the patrol car door, hehe laughing Said Sister Miao is so dedicated, I knew she could chew this hard bone The incident forced Manager Zhang to lower the property fee. She just opened a hotel in the memorial hall Wang The director of the factory glared at him, and said angrily You are still not convinced, let s open a hotel, and he came all the way to this unfamiliar place, and successfully inherited the house her uncle left her.In order to strive for equal treatment on the issue of compensation for demolition, I even went door to door to work with most of the village representatives and agreed to her moving her household registration.Thinking of it, she looked at him with a smile and said Chaoyang, don t be convinced.That girl Beibei is quite powerful.Look at who treats her as a foreigner.This is something that ordinary people can t do.Okay Well, she s amazing, and I m worthless.Although Han Chaoyang was not convinced on the lips, he was still convinced deep down in his heart.Compared with Yanyang City or Fengyong County, Aikou Town, located in the mountainous area in the northwest of Fengyong County, is colder in winter, especially late at night, when the outdoor temperature only reaches minus ten degrees.The mountain has been closed since autumn, and it will be closed until spring when the flowers bloom.During the months whitelabel cbd gummies what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep when the mountain is cbd gummies and melatonin 5 cbd gummies closed to protect the forest, no tourists can be seen, and few people can be seen on the mountain road leading to the pass scenic spot.It is deserted, and many farmhouses are closed because of no business, and they will reopen in a few months when there are tourists.Sansao Leisure Farm may be the only farmhouse around the scenic area that insists on operating.Although other houses are closed and there is no competition, there is also no business.He looked down at the caller ID and found that it was Lao Guan, a boiler worker from the Youth Hostel.Uncle Guan, I cbd gummies and melatonin m Chaoyang, what s the matter Chaoyang, didn t you show me a picture of a woman, and asked me to help keep an eye out for anyone looking for Ling Bin A woman came just now, just like the one in the picture The woman looked alike, and said she came in to find the toilet, and looked around as soon as she came in.Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and asked eagerly, Where is she The more I think about it, the more I will call you.Lao Guan pushed open the kitchen window as he spoke, wanting to see if cbd gummies and melatonin 5 cbd gummies the woman was in the yard just now.Where cbd gummies and melatonin is Ling Bin, where is Xinxin, has she seen Ling Bin and Xinxin Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment, he didn t even bother to put on his winter duty uniform, so he took the car keys and opened the cover of the police station and rushed out of the police station.Sister Wei is just her eyes, It s just her ears It s enough for her, Grandpa Gu raised his arm to look at his phone, and said lightly, Keep waiting, she won t call Ling Bin easily, I guess we have to observe For a while or even a day.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, frowned and said It seems that I think things too simply, for us this is just a task, for her, once her identity and whereabouts are revealed, she will die.You can t keep it, so you have to be careful.Think about it, if you were her, what would you do Grandpa Gu asked back.If it were me, master, if it were me, I would never sit and wait for death in the pass scenic spot Go on.Han Chaoyang straightened his mind, and analyzed in a nutshell Hiding in the scenic area, it will be difficult for us to find her for a while.But if they move, especially when they come to the Youth Hostel to look for Ling Bin, there is a possibility of revealing their hiding place.He would lose face if he didn t move.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to go with Old how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last cbd gummies and melatonin Tang to the Security Section of the Sixth Hospital, confirming that the Sixth Hospital was willing to lend the three bungalows on the right side of the gate to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and rushed to the police station without stopping to face the leaders report.This Xu Hongliang only has money in his mind Liu Jianye was so depressed, he patted his desk and said, The comprehensive police reception platform has only been cbd gummies and melatonin established for a few days, and it is too childish to move his buttocks before they cbd gummies and melatonin 5 cbd gummies are hot Xu Weizhong also Thinking this was ridiculous, he frowned and said, It s not as simple as moving a few tables, chairs and benches.In order to set up a comprehensive police platform, the sub bureau coordinated with the Street Light Management Office to install a large light box on Zhongshan Road, and even dedicated it to the police.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, when Xu Hongliang knocked on the table and said Since Junfeng and the others insist on joining the anti pickup team, let them and Lao Wu catch the thief.But there are gains and losses.The team is an anti pickup team member, and they can no longer get the salary of the squad leader and deputy squad leader.As for what to do after three months, HCMUSSH cbd gummies and melatonin we will talk about it at that time. Hong Liang, it s not good to lower the salary Plus, Xu Hongliang looked back at Wu Wei with a smile, and said meaningfully Old Wu, you either don t come, or you will poach all the backbone of my place when you come.I support your work.If you don t say anything, you will You have to think for them, otherwise who will obey you and who will work hard for you.Hongliang, you think highly of me too much, how can I have the qualifications to raise wages for people Isn t your branch going to allocate tens of thousands of supporting funds Well, you are the squadron leader of the Anti Picking Squad, so you have the right to say how the money is paid.Teacher Ma couldn t help but praised her prospective daughter in law again, put down her chopsticks and said with a smile, I never thought that Yingying, my family, could cook, and it was so delicious I learned it from the Internet.Huang Ying was very embarrassed by the compliment.Huang s mother, as always, did not give her daughter face, and couldn t help laughing Ms.Ma, it s not that she can t do it, she s lazy, and she s how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last cbd gummies and melatonin afraid of getting smelly, so she usually doesn t want to do it.Reasonable.How much is the clothes they wear, and how much are the clothes we wear, so it s not worthwhile to oil .

how long before you feel effects of cbd gummies?

hundreds or even thousands of clothes for a meal. Mom, my clothes are not so Expensive The one on you is more than 600 yuan, so it s not expensive Huang Ma didn t hesitate to expose it, and then changed the subject Miao Boss, Haizhu, I just have nothing to do tomorrow, I will accompany you to see the apartment.I was going to buy a cbd gummies and melatonin 5 cbd gummies ticket to go back.When I arrived at the station, I saw that child., exactly the same as my nephew, I I was just confused for a moment How could Mr.Ji believe his words easily and continued to cross examine.Wang Xiande is also cooperative, answering every question.It s easy to check whether the situation he explained is true, but it doesn t sound like he s talking nonsense.Wu Wei thought it was pointless to continue the interrogation, so he walked out of the police room and called the head of the duty to report, with a somewhat disappointed tone.What s the matter, I m sighing.Han Chaoyang looked at the mother and child sitting inside through the electric sensor door.It turned out to be abduction in the end.I thought it was abduction.Han Chaoyang really didn t understand, and asked subconsciously, Is there a difference First, the object requirements are different.Mo Yunhu thought for a while, and continued The thin man sitting next to Gu Tongjun is called Monkey He and his younger brothers arrived last, and as soon as we sat down, they asked us if we wanted fireworks for the Chinese New Year.He seems to cbd gummies and melatonin be in the fireworks business now, and the truck and van in front belong to him.To transport and store fireworks, a certificate is required.Remind Bao Suo to check that guy s car later to see if there are any flammable and explosive fireworks in the car.If there are any, check that he has incomplete procedures for handling fireworks.Han Chaoyang recorded it again and reminded Go on.Gu Tongjun sitting next to Monkey called him Old Four , and he seemed to be collecting debts for others, and he was not in the mood for a meal.Monkey didn t know him well., Lao Liu knew him and was very close to him, and asked him if he was addicted, I could hear clearly that he must be addicted to drugs.And on the night of the concert, the policemen and auxiliary policemen on duty inside and outside the stadium In addition, there are thousands of traffic policemen in the surrounding area, not only our sub bureau canceled all vacations, even the policemen of the city bureau were not allowed to leave the urban area that night, and all had to stay at home to prepare for duty. That s an exaggeration What do you think, Han Chaoyang laughed Laughing, he added By the way, I haven t received any overtime pay for the concert security I participated in so far, because our branch bureau has implemented monthly overtime pay for the police since last year, and no matter how much overtime is paid, it will only be five dollars.One hundred.Xu Hongliang also felt that he should say a few words, and suddenly raised his head and said, It s not cheap to ask for a security company.Li Xiaobin was stunned for a moment, and then grinned As long as it rises, the higher the better, the better.Don t fall.Are you kidding, you don t plan to buy a house anymore I m not kidding, Chen Jie took the bait and said nonchalantly, It s okay to go up, anyway, no matter whether it goes up or down, we can t afford it.If the house price falls by half, we still can t afford it, so shameful.But you can t There is no house We have, Li Xiaobin helped Chen Jie clean up the desk, and smiled proudly We bought it in our hometown, the best location in the county, high rise, and the environment of the community is not worse than Splendid Future, and It is a double school district.It is 4,310 square meters, with free underground parking spaces.After the new year, it will ingredients for cbd gummies whitelabel cbd gummies be renovated.When you have money, you can buy a car.The captain of the patrol brigade, he will become a deputy department level leader at such a young age, which has aroused many netizens doubts Chapter 546 Too many things happened cbd gummies and melatonin today.I am very concerned, and I don t even bother to turn on the computer to watch the news.You just said something, you re dying of anxiety What do you want me to say Han Chaoyang looked up at Grandpa Gu, and said listlessly Who doesn t talk about others behind their backs, who doesn t get told behind their backs, who doesn t talk about people behind their backs What can I do about the face of the elders.Besides, I am not afraid of the shadow slanting when I am upright.What is there to be afraid of when I, Han Chaoyang, sit upright, walk straight, and walk upright You re messing around with the deputy department.I don cbd gummies and melatonin t have time today, how about tomorrow Tomorrow, where can I find you tomorrow Besides, saving people is like putting out a fire.Is this something we can wait for Han Chaoyang walked out of the warehouse, signaled Wu Junfeng to start the police car quickly, and signaled Meng Lang to lock the door quickly, and continued holding the phone tightly, Mr.Cao, I m really sorry, the Chinese New Year is almost here, we how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last cbd gummies and melatonin re going to have a holiday this afternoon after we re done working.Could you Come today, if you don t come today, you can only wait until the next year. You can t wait for a day, and you keep saying that you are sincere.Believe it or not, I will complain to you at the Consumers Association Mr.There are more than a hundred members, we will withdraw almost in one afternoon, Ms.Jiao is the last one, if she is in person, I will transfer the money directly to her on WeChat, there is no need to wait at all, this is a special situation for you.As a newcomer, although Sun Guokang slept late at night, he got up just as early.He also participated in the Grand Parade of the voluntary security patrol brigade.After a long circle, I really realized that the voluntary security patrol team of the sub bureau is not easy, and the young master is even more difficult.But just calling cbd gummies and melatonin master like that, he still couldn t say it out.Han Da, what are your plans for the morning Han Chaoyang put down the police record, raised his head and said, There are not many how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last cbd gummies and melatonin police cases in the morning, and the station is not very busy.You can visit Yangguan Village with Wu Wei first.Sun Guokang asked puzzledly, cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews What are you visiting Collect clues and public opinions.Han Chaoyang didn t want to leave a difficult impression on highly educated apprentices, and patiently explained For example, hidden ingredients for cbd gummies whitelabel cbd gummies dangers to public security and firefighting, various cults, possible mass incidents, etc.There will be more, and it is safer, so they are unlikely to take drugs for a while and leave.We don t need to worry, communicate with the anti drug team first, and then act together when the people from the anti drug team arrive.Wu Wei doesn t want to Being criticized by Liu again, he virilex cbd gummies said eagerly Chaoyang, isn t it just a few people taking drugs We can handle it Make small calculations.Okay, cbd gummies and melatonin I ll listen to you.Chapter 584 New Year s Eve 2 Sun Guokang only wanted to handle big cases before, but after hearing Han Chaoyang s words, he suddenly realized the issue of the jurisdiction of the case and endured it.Can t stop asking Han Da, we are cross district law enforcement, do you want to say hello to the Chengxi Branch, do you want to ask the Chengxi Branch for assistance I used to do it, but now I don t need it.Only then did he take Mr.Hong back to the police room.Uncle Hong, you always sit here.Han Chaoyang invited the old man into the conversation room, looked back at the TV set that was just installed a few days ago, and said with zen bear cbd gummies a smile It wasn t much at first, and all the interesting programs are in the back.Take your time, I ll ask Xiaokang to make you a cup of tea.I brought tea, you should try it too, my son sent it to me.You can tell it s cbd gummies and melatonin good tea just by looking at the packaging, but let me drink Zhenbai I m blind, I can t get a good drinkKnowing that the old man is hard of hearing, for fear that he might not be able to hear clearly, Han Chaoyang was about to find the remote control to turn up the volume of the TV when the landline outside rang again.Hastily picked up a pen and paper while taking notes while answering.He looked much more energetic.And he is not only very satisfied with this clothes which are 70 to 80 new, but also cherishes them very much.On the way to the Second Criminal Police Squadron, he kept smoothing out the wrinkles on the clothes.Han Chaoyang closed the car door, looked back, and quickly ran into the duty room of the Second Squadron.An auxiliary policeman stood up and asked, Hello, what can I do Is Team Qin here Who is on duty today Dai Lishi, who came in, raised his arm and pointed to the corridor Zhang Zhi is the second office on the east side.Okay, thank you.In charge of the Second Squadron, as a policeman of the former Huayuan Street Police Station, Han Chaoyang came here a lot.He found the instructor s office with ease, raised his arm and knocked on the door.Who, please come in.How did you solve it in the end Don t worry if you don t ask.Okay, I ll report first.Han Chaoyang briefly introduced the solution in the bureau, and then said helplessly What Liu doesn t know The Second Squadron took over, and the Second Squadron avoided it, and in the end it fell into his hands.Until his condition stabilizes and the demolition is confirmed, the detention center will definitely not take him into custody.After finally catching an online fugitive, it turned out to be a big trouble Bao Qingshan really didn t know that such a funny thing had been discovered in the past 20 hours, and said happily Chaoyang, this can t be blamed on the bureau.The suspect was caught by you, and the trouble is that you found it.If I were the leader of the bureau, I would let you be responsible to the end.Thank you in cbd gummies 300mg for sex advance.While chatting, the police buzzer rang up.He took out the caller ID and saw that it was the leader of the old unit.Han Chaoyang smiled apologetically, connected to the phone and said, Liu Suo, shouldn t you be resting today Why did you think of calling me You police department, we ve arrived at the gate, are you there Yes, it s in the security department, wait a moment, I ll go right over. Don t HCMUSSH cbd gummies and melatonin worry, it s fine anyway, I happened to be smoking a cigarette do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies and melatonin at the gate.Trotted to the gate of the police station, Liu Suo stood in front of his old Volkswagen smoking a cigarette and talking to Old Tang.He didn t wear a police uniform today, so Han Chaoyang didn t salute.He leaned over to look inside the car.He asked comprehensibly Liu Suo, where are sister in law and Lingling They went inside to find the bathroom.It s not just that I didn t notice it or even thought about it, why do you think they got better in silence I didn t expect that either, Huang Ying took a sip of water from her glass and said with a smile, It s actually nothing, male university It s normal for people to talk to a married woman.Besides, Zhen Chuan is a good looking talent and a civil servant, and her qualifications are quite good, so she is worthy of her Zhang Beibei.Mentioning this, Miao Haizhu blushed pretty, hesitated for a moment with a few words She said embarrassedly I know something about them, but I didn t expect it to happen, and so quickly.You know Yeah.Miao Haizhu nodded, blushing and explained He The two are connected by your master.Your master really cares about you apprentices, and he really cares about you.He just started thinking He wants to match me with Zhenchuan, and he always tells me how good Zhenchuan is.Eat there.No matter what, Han Chaoyang had no choice but to give up.Huang Ying s previous car drove back in the afternoon, and the young couple just picked up their parents to have a reunion dinner, and Huang s father and Han s father also stopped Like the cloud toast on the night of the New Year s Eve, but face to face.You toast me, I cbd gummies and melatonin toast to you.The two of them drank a bottle and a half as if they had never drank alcohol before Although Dad is not very obedient , I m a bit greedy, Han Chaoyang is still very happy to be able to celebrate the New Year with my parents, my mother in law, and my parents in law Mother in law s house.Early the next morning, Huang Ying drove back to accompany Father Han and Teacher Ma.As usual, Han Chaoyang led a team to patrol the streets, and returned to the police station to continue on duty after the security guards on shift were dismissed.Four of the people riding electric cars are the owners of the family home, and the other two are supposed to be visiting relatives , Xiao Wu is going door to door to find out whose relatives are.Anything else The three pedestrians who went out and the two unidentified electric bike riders should not be thieves from the smoking hotel.It didn t mention it, and there was nothing hanging on the car, and two of them were women.Okay, you are responsible for guarding the three doors, and let Xiao Wu stop asking.Immediately organize other people to conduct a sweeping search.Be serious.Be careful not to miss any blind spots Understood Chaoyang, are you not going Zhang Jinhai asked puzzled.Han Chaoyang pointed to the back window of the tobacco shop at the entrance of the cave, and said helplessly, I want to go, the key is not to leave people here, if the thief catches it, the stolen goods are also seized, but the result is not the same as what was lost in the store.Han Chaoyang believed that since it was confirmed that the tobacco shop was suspected of selling fake cigarettes and alcohol, Liu Suo would definitely not miss this opportunity to cooperate with the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau to crack down on counterfeiting.There are counterfeit cigarettes in the store, and there may be some in the store.Officer Liang is reporting to his superiors, and he is asking the tobacco inspector to verify the authenticity, and the results will be available soon.Officer Han, stop joking, how could it be fake Whether it is fake cigarettes or not, we will know soon.Impossible, Lao Liu has always done his business very well, how could he sell fake cigarettes.I also know Boss Liu, and I usually greet him, talk cbd gummies and melatonin and laugh when we meet, and I don t want him to be dealt with for selling fake cigarettes.After showing the ticket, I walked into the carriage under the guidance of the beautiful stewardess, and found that the cbd gummies and melatonin passenger area only occupied a small half of the entire carriage, with only two rows of five seats.Two hours drive, the second class seat is 89.5 yuan, the first class seat is 138 yuan, and the business seat in front of you is 259 yuan, but the chair is really beautiful and the space is really large.Han Chaoyang put his luggage away, looked at the passengers cbd gummies and melatonin on the left, and then at the two girls behind him, and asked puzzledly Beauty, why are your chairs different We are first class seats.The girl who looked at him chuckled and said, You are a business class, and you spend more than us.Of course the chairs are better than us.In the same space, because the chairs are different, you will spend twice as much as others This is a business trip.If Han Chaoyang spent his own money, he would not buy a business seat, so he couldn t help but teasingly said So what if the chair is good, and you can t move it home.The two girls laughed, and the business seat on the left The middle aged lady in the seat couldn t help laughing too.Chapter 631 Overreaction As the saying goes, If it comes, it will be safe.For the current Han Chaoyang, since he set off, he was destined to take the blame for his old unit.If he wanted to be ashamed, he would be ashamed.At most, he would be laughed at by his colleagues in Beijing for a few days.Who would know who after he came back In addition, it was the first time to sit in a business seat, which was quite fresh, and I stopped thinking about it, and as soon as I sat down, I was curiously studying the various buttons on the chair like a child, to be exact, like a turtle.Why don t you just stand there In the alley Standing in the alley is definitely not good, not only is it easy to expose, but also it is too cold.Speaking of this, Lao Hu felt very embarrassed again, hesitated for a while before saying awkwardly I also went in to have a look just now, and found that There is a trash bin five or six meters away from the courtyard gate, which can accommodate two or three people Did you make a mistake In order to stare at does cbd gummies help blood pressure a suspect who didn t know if there was any problem, he actually got into the trash can and squatted.Xiao Sun didn t know whether to laugh at them or to admire their spirit of not being afraid of hardship, tiredness, or dirt.He was glad that he knew that he would no longer need to cooperate with them in joint investigations, otherwise he would have to take turns digging through the trash can like them.The purity is so high that it only sells for 100 yuan per gram.This is a wholesale price, which means that he is in volume and has a stable purchase channel, and his previous family is likely to be the source I m careless.I didn t expect Yanyang s gang to catch a big fish.Ni Guoxiong regretted it, but cbd gummies and melatonin after thinking about it, he still do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies and melatonin said firmly You send me the location, they don t want to come, right If you don t want to come over to me Yes, I ll post it right away. Ni Guoxiong had to report to his superiors when such a big event happened.While he was on the phone and running towards the parking lot, Han Chaoyang was also on the phone to report to Political Commissar Huang.Okay, that s great, well done, Lao Hu, Xiao Wu and the lads in your patrol team are all good guys, but now is not the time to reward meritorious deeds.I have something to do.Of course he wanted to mention something funny at this time, and Han Chaoyang couldn t help but say, Uncle cbd square gummy Hong has a high retirement salary, and his children are capable.Not only don t he ask for money, but he always gives money.He is rich and powerful, as if it were fake.The local tycoon often buys snacks for the aunts and aunts in our community, and even treats the aunts and aunts in our community to dinner.He has money, so he can spend it as he wants, we don t care.Listen to me.Han Zhaoyang laughed With a smile, he continued Factory Manager Wang is not used to his doing this, and is not very happy.If the two old men quarrel over this matter, you should help persuade them when you see it.Jealous Wu Junfeng endured I can t help laughing.Don t say it so ugly, the main reason is that Director Wang has always had a high prestige, and he can be said to be well received.He held a farewell ceremony, and your sub bureau held a memorial service for him, held a farewell ceremony, and the party committee and government of his hometown also held a grand ceremony for him to welcome the hero home.The matter is almost settled, and the next step is criminal and civil lawsuits, to investigate the criminal and civil responsibilities of drunk driving drivers.Knowing that they are hard to accept this cruel fact.Qiu Ming took out his mobile phone and played the farewell ceremony and the video of the farewell ceremony, as well as the news pushed by the official Weibo and official WeChat account of the Yandong branch.2.Case 12 is a key drug do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies and melatonin target case supervised by the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and needs to be kept strictly confidential.As soon as Wu Wei and Xiaokang entered the special case team, they changed their mobile phone numbers.Miao Haizhu looked sideways at Old Tang s police contact, pure leaf cbd gummies and said in as calm a tone as possible Yang Xiaorong, even if you don t tell us, we can still contact your family members, but I think a man should be brave, no matter what happens You should face everything bravely.Yang Zi, be obedient and listen to the police comrades.The foreman couldn t help but say something.It could be seen that Yang Xiaorong respected the foreman, licked his lips, and said falteringly, ingredients for cbd gummies whitelabel cbd gummies I don t know.Run away the foreman asked in surprise.They keep beating me.If you don t run away, you can let them beat you at home Who keeps beating you the foreman asked subconsciously.Yang Xiaorong choked up and said, My dad, and the girl my dad is looking for.Where s your mother Miao Haizhu asked.My mother was beaten away by my father.Liu Jianye picked up his mobile phone, Find a photo of the suspect This man s surname is Chen, and his name is Chen De.According to the preliminary investigation, this man should be the main criminal of the gang Chapter 712 Big Action 2 MLM leader They did not register any company, but in the name of the company, they helped the MLM personnel to go to several communities to handle the registration of outsiders.They thought that this operation would not arouse the suspicion of the public security organs, and it seemed that they were very formal.In the end, they were clever but were misunderstood by their cleverness.Liu Jianye and Bao Qingshan According to the technology company registered in the population management ledger, they followed the clues to find out several of their dens in Yandong District.You are not allowed to play with your mobile phone.Except for going to the toilet, you are not allowed to walk around in the yard at will, and you are also not allowed to visit.Liu Jianye, Bao Qingshan, and several comrades from the Economic Investigation Brigade did whitelabel cbd gummies not receive such treatment.They stayed in the meeting room on the first floor with Fan Ju, Zou Ju and other leaders and media reporters, making frequent calls and keeping in close contact with the comrades on the front line.Master every move of the members of the MLM gang.The special operations team has a dormitory.Compared with the other teams, the market supervision branch of the special operations team has the least law enforcement personnel.There was only one captain of the Law Enforcement Brigade and two law enforcement officers, then Li Qingming, the instructor of the No.People don t let them in.Even us policemen have to register to deliver materials.After registering, we can t go upstairs.The elevator We have to swipe the card.We don t have the access control card of the Municipal Bureau.We can only cbd gummies ohio free shipping call and ask someone to come down to pick it up.Sometimes the phone is not connected, so we can only wait in the lobby.Du Fang, what is this Officer Ding, have you been to the Municipal Bureau I went there last year, and the person who sent the materials was the false evidence case you discovered.Didn t the office cooperate with the Criminal Police Brigade to investigate The do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies and melatonin Municipal Bureau knew that they needed to know the situation and relevant materials.The head of the criminal police team couldn t get anyone out, so the Liu Office asked me to send it.I didn t expect that it was really hard to get in and ugly.Although the security company has undergone shareholding reform, the community is still the major shareholder, and it was established with the support of the street.It has always accepted the leadership of the street, assisted the street to maintain stability, assisted the street s comprehensive law enforcement brigade to enforce the law, and even assisted the street in emergency rescue and disaster relief.In short, the security company has the background and backing of the street Even if the security industry wyld strawberry cbd gummies review is special, the branch can only provide guidance on business.To use an inappropriate analogy, it depends on the owner to beat a dog.The branch office has to give face to the street, let alone deliberately make things difficult for the security company.Xu Hongliang is confident, and he is definitely not afraid of tearing his face.Nearly 200 people, the person in charge of the supervision company, and the large and small contractors at each construction site crowded the small meeting room.Strengthen the supervision of major hazards, key parts, large scale equipment, high formwork and deep foundation pits on each construction site.The on site command must specify a special person to be responsible for safety production supervision.When signing a contract, safety production should be taken as a key clause.Incorporate it into it, and formulate corresponding reward and punishment methods, and all construction teams will be financially punished in accordance with relevant regulations for violating regulations and uncivilized cbd gummies and melatonin construction A meeting has been held today for construction safety work during critical periods, and the headquarters will issue documents next to make specific requirements for construction safety work during these critical periods.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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