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The seats of Wang Weiyi and August are the pair of wings under the two wings of the Albatross fighter plane.Passengers have to natures only cbd gummies near me cbd gummies for sale in bulk lie on the wings and firmly grasp the vertical rods connecting the upper and lower wings with both hands.Any mistakes during the flight, if they let go, will put the passengers in a situation where they cannot recover.But for now, Wang Weiyi and August don t care about these anymore.Your Highness, please first.Wang Weiyi very politely and politely invited His Royal Highness the German Crown Prince to enter his seat first.No matter how daring August was, he still felt uneasy at the thought of having to fly on the wings of a plane into the blue sky in a short while.Hey, Ernst, aren t you going to board the plane Richthofen called out with a smile.Come on, hell, this is not a pleasant trip.Wang Weiyi hopped onto the other wing Manfred, you can t dance in the air.Ha, I can t promise, especially in the When encountering British fighter planes.Richthofen started the plane while smiling.At this time, the British chasers have arrived The red fighter planes began to start slowly The British were dumbfounded, God, there are German planes here When they reacted and started shooting at the fighter plane, the red fighter plane had already slid out of the ground and rushed towards the blue sky It was too late, and all efforts were in vain.Lieutenant Colonel Robin stared blankly at the German plane whizzing past their heads, and shook his head bitterly.They were almost going to succeed, but it was only almost With the strong wind howling in their ears, even a man as bold as Wang Weiyi couldn t help feeling a little worried.After a long journey and fighting again and again, Wang Weiyi found that he had fallen in love with this kind of life.One hundred and fourteen.It is not easy for the super rich to gather so many future great generals and big men together, but Wang Weiyi has successfully done it.When he returned to the front line, he received the warmest cheers from the officers and soldiers of the supplementary battalion.Only Guderian said with a straight face Sergeant Guo Yunfeng, because you violated military discipline and left the army without cbd gummies and bloating permission, you will be punished by confinement.Wang Weiyi translated the words to Guo Yunfeng, and Guo Yunfeng smiled innocently, not caring at all.As long as Major Ernst can come back safely, let s close the confinement.After accepting the welcome from the officers and soldiers, Wang Weiyi had to think carefully about his mission.As soon as he entered the tank, Rommel briefly asked the tank soldier how to start the tank, and then smiled and said, Thank you, sir.I Before the tank soldier could speak, he had already suffered a blow to his head.With a heavy blow, he fainted on the ground Fritz, help cbd gummies for dogs to sleep me throw him out.Rommel greeted Manstein who entered the tank, and started the tank The tanks of Wang Weiyi and Orcus started at the same time Just as Guderian was about to jump into the tank, a French captain rushed over Hey, who are you He was answered by a gunshot, and the captain fell to the ground in pain, clutching his abdomen We are Germans.Gudelina muttered, and then quickly entered the tank.The riding environment inside the tank is not so pleasant.Dirty and messy, the air is turbid, so some people say that you must not fart in the tank, otherwise all the people in the tank will surrender without the enemy s action The strange situation here finally aroused the French Watch out, a lot of soldiers are starting to come here.People are often so strange.A cowardly person always thinks that he will brothers botanicals cbd gummies be scared to pee his pants when he goes to cbd gummies and bloating the battlefield, but once he really goes to the battlefield, he will be accompanied by some people who are not afraid of death.The fear in his heart will be dispelled unconsciously.He would see himself as one of them Only when the bullet pierced their hearts, at the moment before he died, he would think with some regret, if I was still a coward, maybe I wouldn t have to die But at this time, he has changed Became a hero These German soldiers who decided to fight to the death with Colonel Thomas, definitely not everyone was so brave, but there was only one brave man who showed their courage and inspired their comrades , then everyone will feel that death is not such a terrible thing From this point of view, Colonel Sylvester Thomas and Major Ernst Brahm have many similarities They conquered his subordinates with their compassion and courage The French began to attack, and there were patches of them at a glance.Vandys Rommel s eyes widened Did you go to the Russians Seeing Wang Weiyi nodded, Rommel smiled wryly Damn it, God knows what s going on in your heads.Ernst, I am very grateful for your kindness, but I can t take such risks in the future.You are a legendary German officer, your life is the most important Compared with natures only cbd gummies near me cbd gummies for sale in bulk Richthofen, Rommel was much more serious.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Erwin, our whole life Always be on an adventure.War, bloodshed, death I will cherish my life, but I will not think too much about it.I think we will all live until the what cbd gummies do for you end of the war Rommel was taken aback, he seemed to hear some faint meaning from Ernst s words, why He recognized Ernst.Bram is always full of life.Go and be with the bride, Erwin.Wang Weiyi smiled and gave Rommel a push.To be continued.If you like this cbd gummies and bloating work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.Wanderer, a large number of Russian troops are chasing after you.You are still about an hour away.Xiaoling passed the news to Wang Weiyi in time.It s Colonel Fritoac s pursuer Wang Weiyi quickly made this judgment.Stop advancing Stop advancing In Wang Weiyi s loud call, the Skeleton Commando and the Russian 27th Infantry Regiment stopped advancing at the same time.I think Omjet s pursuers will arrive soon, and we cannot face threats from the rear while attacking Kashanov s troops.Wang Weiyi found a very good excuse to cover up why he cbd gummies and bloating knew The enemy s pursuers are approaching.Why are you fighting here Rommel quickly understood what he meant.Yes.The Russians would never have imagined that we could give them an cbd gummies and bloating ambush cbd gummies and bloating after fleeing in a hurry.Wang cbd gummies and bloating Weiyi smiled on his face And now we have more than 600 people.There are so many light and heavy machine guns on the opposite side, and their firepower has reached a terrifying level, and there are even tanks and mortars to help out.Now, he finally began to understand why the Skeleton Commando was called the elite of the elite.The entire 79th Infantry Brigade was disabled, and the faces of the French soldiers who were driven by the officers to attack were full of panic and fear That s not the kind of war humans should have Perhaps the most frustrated was Colonel Crowell, who commanded the 79th Infantry Brigade.When he first came to Lance, his heart was full of pride.He once participated cbd gummies and bloating in the Battle of Verdun with General Ben Weihao.At that time, he was still a lieutenant colonel.The general gave himself the most difficult task.A regiment under his command suffered more than two thirds of the casualties.Yes Yes, Colonel.Model quickly turned his gun on them.The spies have never seen such an cbd gummies and bloating arrogant and unreasonable person.But they were very sure that the colonel would really order his subordinates to kill them.You, name.Thomas, Thomas Henry Mott.Position Information officer, sergeant.Sergeant Thomas, tell me what you are here for.Executive Francie Operation Francis.What is Operation Francis We re looking for a man named Ernst Bram s people, and all his information, and precisely locked his location, and then brought back all the information.Wang Weiyi and Model glanced What are you looking for him for I don t know, hey, Colonel, I really don t know.It s all about the command above.I just vaguely heard that there seems to be some kind of team that is researching how to kill this Ernst Brahm.Seek shelter on your own, rather than keep running.At this point, the Japanese soldiers did a good job.But it s a pity that what they faced was a group of soldiers who could definitely be called mechanized.The truck quickly followed the jeep and rushed up Wang Weiyi jumped out of the car and directed are cbd gummies good for you cbd gummies and bloating a shuttle in front Four knives, one on the left, yours.Three knives, one on the right, yours The three submachine guns roared together, crushing the target so that it was impossible to fight back.Then, a large number of soldiers jumped out of the truck.All kinds of weapons in their hands fired together.And the machine guns on the truck never stopped firing for a moment.With such ferocious firepower, such an absolutely superior force, and such an open place where there is not even a place to hide, even if the Japanese soldiers are well trained.Songjiang security commander Wang Gongma sighed Battlemaster Wang, I only have some local troops in my hands.There were originally more than 700 people in total, but after the battle, there are still 400 people left, and the equipment is poor.I m afraid I can t help you.What a busy.I want these hundred people.Wang Weiyi s answer is still so firm War does not necessarily require a large number of people.Soldiers don t have to dare to die.I am willing to issue a military order, hold on to Xiguan until 12 days, and then withdraw to Songjiang for defensive operations Can you last until 12 days in Xiguan Wu Keren s eyes lit up.Yes, Wang Weiyi promises that he will never lose Xiguan before 12 o clock at night on the 12th day good Now Wu Keren, if he doesn t believe it, he can cbd gummies and bloating only choose to believe it.It depends on Naomasa s own good fortune Matsui Iwane has issued an order to continue a fierce attack on Matsui.And Wang are cbd gummies good for you cbd gummies and bloating Weiyi who was in Songjiang at this time.In fact, it was not at all planned that Japan would give up Songjiang.All he wants is one thing time On the day when the Japanese army stopped attacking, he had bought enough time for himself.The remnants of the 43rd Army and the security team were all incorporated into the Guard Battalion, and now Wang Weiyi has 1,600 troops under his command.Some weapons have been distributed to the new entrants, and the battle to fully defend Xiguan is about to begin.This is the lifeline to stop the Japanese army from directly attacking Songjiang The fortifications were rebuilt overnight.Especially under the command of Wang Weiyi, a large number of simple air defense fortifications were built.Repelled 11 Japanese attacks in one go In front of the position, Japanese corpses were piled up like a mountain.Guo Yunfeng was still holding a gun, carefully aiming at those corpses.Any Japanese person who is not completely dead will be shot and killed by him as long as he raises his head a little bit Unlike in the European battlefield, there is no need to think about demeanor when treating R himself Do everything you can to kill every r person cbd gummies and bloating you can Here, called country Here is a prelude to a nation that is suffering but will eventually rise Because a person who did not belong to this era appeared Wang Weiyi Xiguan.It is an iron wall The battlefield is an insurmountable steel defense line But living water cbd gummies it is not made of flesh and blood.Instead, it was exchanged for the calmness of the HCMUSSH cbd gummies and bloating officers and the firm and strict execution of tactics by the soldiers.Guo Yunfeng was furious when he heard that, he didn t have a good impression of natures only cbd gummies where to buy natures only cbd gummies near me that regiment leader.It seems that Qin Hebiao is going to give up Changshu.Once Changshu is lost, Suzhou, Jiangyin, Wuxi and other places will directly face the Japanese attack, and the entire defense line may be shaken.Come here, report the situation here to the head of the regiment immediately.Guo Yunfeng called a soldier and ordered, and then turned to Jiang Huasheng Squad leader Jiang, you will be under my command from now hplc testing of cbd gummies on You are familiar with the situation here, what do you say How should we stop the Japanese themselves Battalion Commander Jiang Huasheng hesitated The east bank of Kuncheng Lake to Xiangcheng cbd gummies and bloating Town is the defensive position of the 26th Army.Our cbd gummies and bloating place is actually the second line position.Commander Qin doesn t take my advice seriously.Arrogant Chinese.Lieutenant Colonel Beyer muttered.If he could, he was really willing to bet a hundred francs that he could kill the people inside within three minutes Prepare Lieutenant Colonel Beyer just said natures only cbd gummies near me cbd gummies for sale in bulk the words, a figure appeared from the door of the ballroom, and then the two captive guns in his hand rang like firecrackers.Lieutenant Colonel Beyer was so frightened that he fell to the ground, and The screams sounded from the side, and two French soldiers were shot and fell to the ground The two lapel guns were like two small machine natures only cbd gummies where to buy natures only cbd gummies near me guns, and the muzzles kept jumping.Those French soldiers and patrols who had botanical farms cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies and bloating never fought before.Like the lieutenant colonel, they all fell to the ground, not daring to move.Under the light, the man in the pure black coat suppressed all the enemies by himself.Three hundred and twenty one.The Skeleton Baron Reappear in the world Miss Wei Hong, I don t know if you like this kind of thing.When this kind of thing was picked out, everyone s eyes straightened.It was a huge emerald, shining with dazzling light.This is an insignificant collection of the Tsar s treasures.Wang Weiyi carried it with him, but he didn t expect it to come in handy now.Although the Tang family is a wealthy family, how can their financial resources compare with that of the Tsar This is the first time they have seen such a gemstone.What is even more surprising is that Wang Weiyi casually gave away such a priceless gem.He said that he owns manors in Germany, wineries and companies in France and England, I am afraid that not only is it not fake, but his wealth is probably far more than these.This is William Hey, group seat, there is an American over there who is coming to help us fight the war American Wang Weiyi was taken aback, and walked over with his subordinates.When they saw the American, their eyes met, and they called out together It s you In Nanjing, the American young William who bumped into Wang Weiyi recklessly.Mr.Officer William recognized the Mr.Officer at a glance Ah, your name hemp bomb cbd gummies 375mg bottle 25ct bottle is Wang Weiyi Your memory is very good.For some reason, Wang Weiyi was full of enthusiasm for this young American.I have already had this feeling from the first time I saw him Where is your mother Isn t she waiting for you mixed fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg this time Ah, Mr.Officer, I think you misunderstood, I My mother is waiting for me to go back in the United States William said quietly She has sent several telegrams urging me to go back, but I still decided to stay here Wang Weiyi smiled I told you that day, never let your mother wait for a long time.Why Puyi frowned.Because I didn t receive your order to leave the palace.This is Manchuria, and I am the emperor.Do cbd gummies and work I need to ask you for instructions if I cbd gummies and bloating want to leave the palace Puyi, who was only thirty years old, suddenly became impatient.Your Majesty, my task is to protect your safety.You are not allowed to go anywhere without receiving an order Jiro Tahara refused to give in absolute hemp cbd gummies at all.Youyou Puyi was so angry that he couldn t speak, but he didn t dare to offend the Japanese himself, stomped his feet angrily, turned around lab tested cbd oil square gummies for sale and returned to the palace.He sat down on his buttocks, holding a bad breath in his chest What is this Is this Manchuria Is it the emperor cbd gummy bears whole foods If I want to leave the palace, I need the approval of the Orientals Your Majesty, Don t be angry, it how long do cbd gummies effects last s not worth it if you get angry.Thank you, Director Frank.Mr.Moyol took out another list Handed it over to Director Frank Mr.Director, the law and order in New York is really breathless.It s all done by gangsters.I got this list by accident.They are all bad guys.They are destroying this city.Challenge With your authority, I think they should be arrested.Yes, they should be arrested Frank glanced at the list, there were many familiar names on it, but nothing, now he recognized After making a fortune, they are useless.Instead of collecting tribute from these people scatteredly, it is better to count on one person What s more, the wealth this person brought to him far exceeded the sum of those cheapskates who always liked to bargain and haggle over every detail They should all be arrested, Mr.Moyol, we must return New York to a good environment Director Frank said with righteous indignation.Bombs fell like raindrops.Thousands of Soviet soldiers died in their sleep.Facing the sudden and violent German bombing and shelling, the Soviet army fell into an extremely passive situation for a while.By noon that day, the Soviet army lost 1,200 planes, of which 800 were blown up before taking off at the airport.By evening, the German army The tank force had advanced 50 kilometers into the Soviet Union until 7 15 that night, when the Soviet Union officially ordered to open fire on the invading German army.A ship launched a full scale attack on the Soviet Union on the 1,500 kilometer front from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.The German army was divided into three groups.The granary situation in Ukraine is very dangerous for the Soviet Union the German army on the North Road penetrated 400 450 kilometers best broad spectrum cbd gummies into the Soviet Union s belly within 18 days.They came at the right time.The repeated fierce battles made the Skeleton Master s weapons and ammunition almost exhausted, and the arrival of supplies made the Skeleton Master glow with strong combat effectiveness again.Now, Wang Weiyi s strength has been strengthened by progress.The Paipa battle group and the Altino battle group are the most elite units of the German army.The arrival of Tiger cbd gummies and bloating tanks and self propelled artillery also gave Wang Weiyi the confidence to continue to deal with the Soviet army.At 5 pm on June 6, the encirclement was closed again by the equally tenacious Soviet army.Tear it apart, close it, tear it apart again, and close it again, bloody battles, fights again and again, cbd gummies and bloating the German and Soviet armies have been completely red eyed in the Radev area.Be fearless.Responsible for tearing open the gap of the Soviet army and covering the retreat of the German army, their fighting will is so high.Under the cover of a large number of infantry, it rushed towards a target Nafyevi Forward, Skeletor Forward, Battlegroup Ernst Forward, Deutschland This possible explosive force, once unleashed on the battlefield, will make any enemy tremble The Weidmann Assault Company rushed to the forefront the Philipson Assault Company rushed to the forefront The 609 tank rushed to the forefront Burn Demyansk The Soviet army in Nafyevi must now face the strongest German breakout When batches of shells fell on their positions, equivalent tanks appeared, and equivalent German soldiers poured out, every Soviet soldier in Nafjavi would face the most terrifying enemy Ernst Brehm The Tiger tanks gave full play to their advantages of long range.The advancing tanks smashed the shells viciously on the enemy s position, and then caused an explosion, burning the flames soaring into the sky.Moyol, you can call me Carl.The assistant of Riley called Wang Weiyi s alias Her name is Ronanova, a former Russian Daughter of the nobleman, she came to work today, and you are cbd gummies good for you cbd gummies and bloating are her first guest, I can guarantee that she is very clean.Daughter of cbd gummies and bloating the nobleman Wang Weiyi smiled.It seems that those nobles who fled Russia before the tsar was deposed are not doing very well now.Karl closed the door quietly, and Wang Weiyi glanced at the nervous Rhonanova Do you speak English or Russian Ah, sir, I was born in the United States, and I can speak English.Rhonanova quickly replied.God, it is said that Russian women are more beautiful when they are young, and they are.And with such a hot body, she is really a stunner that men can t control.Wang Weiyi calmed down Tell me, how did you get to this point Sir, many Russian nobles are like this now, and some are even more miserable.They have heard countless times from their parents how luxurious their past life was, with balls, receptions, and cbd gummies and bloating gorgeous decorations, but with the appearance of those damned Bolsheviks, all these were ruthlessly deprived Now, an opportunity is placed in front of these people to take back what belongs to them And there was only one man who could bring them all Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm.Your Excellency the Baron With infinite gratitude, Gregory, Marquis of Bierstoka, bowed deeply to His Excellency the Baron.Your Excellency the Baron All the Russian nobles bowed deeply.Marquis Bierstoka, and my friends, you have worked hard.Wang Weiyi greeted them lightly.Your Excellency the Baron, I must congratulate you on what is cbd what is cbd gummies your victory in Kharkov.Gregory said flatteringly, We heard the good news when we first entered Ukraine.In yesterday s battle, he killed more than a dozen enemies by himself, but a bayonet pierced through him.General, cbd gummies and bloating I m going to die Guo Yunfeng said with difficulty, No, you won t, I assure you that you will not die Wang Weiyi hugged his good brother tightly, he is still his compatriot, General, you are lying to me, I know I will die I m really going to die.Guo Yunfeng tried his best to squeeze a smile on his face I m not afraid of death, I m really not afraid of death, you see, I was just a laborer, but when I got here, I became a German lieutenant God, I never even dreamed about the general, I beg you one last thing, send the money I saved back to China, my family is here You send cbd gummies help get you high it back yourself Wang Weiyi interrupted him Four knives Now that you and I know each other, when have I ever lied to you I said, you won t, I promise It s just that you will forget some things and you will forget that we fought here together.At the most difficult time in my life, a noble person suddenly appeared.Thank God, thank Mr.Moyol for bringing him a new life journey for Williams.Wearing a newly bought suit, he officially became a member of Jinrank Securities Investment Consulting Company.Of course, Williams had absolutely no idea what to do with stocks.Garcia taught him tirelessly and brought him to the stock market.He asked Williams to pick a stock by himself as a simulated operation.The operation that did not involve money made Williams feel no pressure, and he decisively chose a stock.In the afternoon, the stocks .

what is the best cbd gummy for pain?

selected by Williams jumped upward until they reached a very high price.Williams was elated, and Garcia was full of praise My God, Robben.Mr.Williams, you are a genius in this field.Few newbies can have your vision.The office outside was given to you by me.Just treat it as a small thank you for making money for me.Bar.Williams wished he could kneel down now, otherwise he would not be able to express his gratitude, Let me think about it, what else can I give you Hearing what Mr.Moyol said, Williams hurriedly said Sir, Enough, enough cbd gummies and bloating of all this.No, not enough, don t you forget that you saved my life Mr.Moyol seemed a little stubborn on this matter It suddenly occurred to me that I bought a new Ford sedan, a convertible.Mr.Williams, this car is now yours.After finishing speaking, he really took out a car key and threw it to Williams.Williams caught the key, his eyes were red at the moment, what should I say I just helped Mr.Moyol cbd gummies for anxiety while pregnant once, but in exchange for the happiness of his life Go, my boy.Mr.Moyol said kindly Driving your new car, let s take Miss Carlos to have dinner together.Of course, everyone is still not optimistic about the possibility of any cbd gummies and bloating victory for Jinrank Securities Investment Consulting Company.Williams kept yelling and shouting that this fight was too important to him.However, the real trader is not here.Mr.Claire, what we just sold has been bought again, and now the stock price of Berlane has jumped to 44 dollars.Claire frowned, Jinrank is not about to collapse at the first touch, but still has a certain ability to resist.In this case, there is no need to continue playing, and kill this ignorant little bird in one fell swoop 50,000 shares, then sell another 100,000 shares, and give me Berlane to 30 50,000 shares of Berlane stock suddenly appeared on the stock market, and the price of Berlane s stock was instantly sold to 37.Eat in.Hermione s expression was still so calm and composed Mr.However, as a veteran, he gradually discovered why those Germans were always invincible.In the case of an absolute advantage, they still did not charge blindly.Shells and machine guns continue to consolidate their superiority, and the Germans regard life as very important They are not afraid of bloodshed, they just don t want fearless sacrifice.And once they need to bleed, they will not hesitate at all.On this point, Marshal Gleluman was convinced.A bullet passed through Lieutenant General Higru s head, and Lieutenant General died without much pain.The blood of comrades in arms is flowing by my side, and the corpses of comrades in arms are beside me.Marshal Gleluman was surprised to find that he didn t feel any pain at all.Because I will follow him soon At this time, as the defensive force of the Turkish army approached the point of collapse, the cbd gummies and bloating German army finally began to attack.A war against the sick comes President Roosevelt s expression suddenly became serious Baron Alexon, are you sure what you just said is correct Yes, I can take responsibility for every word I say today.Wang Weiyi took a deep breath The bombing of Britain has stopped, and the attack will not continue.There is a saying in China that if the lips are gone, are cbd gummies good for you cbd gummies and bloating the teeth will feel cold.Frankly, I don t believe that the US will continue to do nothing while the UK homeland is under attack You have provided a cbd thc gummies diarrhea lot of assistance to the UK before, and the barriers of isolationism are actually being broken down.I absolutely do not want to see Germany and the United States go to war.The United States is a big country, and Germany is also a big country.A war between a big country and a big country will be very terrible, and it will cause destruction HCMUSSH cbd gummies and bloating President Roosevelt was silent for a while You are very frank, If Germany attacks Britain, I will ask Congress to pass the War Act at all costs.General Woodrow took out his pistol and lazarus naturals cbd gummies gesticulated on his head.When the pipe was exhausted, General Woodrow put down his pipe and went out, pistol in hand.The deafening sound of guns and shouts everywhere made General Woodrow sigh What a magnificent war He saw the German troops coming from the left and right flanks, and he saw the German troops coming.tanks are appearing.General Woodrow suddenly laughed at this time, and then repeated what he said just now What a magnificent war Then, he pointed the gun at his head On October 25, 1942, at 1 55 pm, the British frontline commander, General Woodrow, took his own life with a pistol.He would rather die than become a prisoner of the enemy.He used a bullet to finish his last journey as a soldier.The moment he fell, a tank stopped in front of him.The Italian colonel came out are cbd gummies good for you cbd gummies and bloating very majestic.Look at his straight military uniform, look natures only cbd gummies where to buy natures only cbd gummies near me at his shiny leather bootsCompared with him, the German commandos have some low self esteem.These German commandos who fought hard, everyone s combat uniforms were covered with dust and blood, dirty and dilapidated.Look at the Italians again.After such a large scale battle is over, there is no dirt on their bodies.Colonel, you Klingenberg hadn t finished speaking, but was interrupted by Colonel Tawaski Are you sure natures only cbd gummies near me cbd gummies for sale in bulk you are German I m sure, Colonel.Klingenberg smiled wryly Let me tell you again, I am Major Fritz Klingenberg, and I am directly under the supervision of Ernst Klingenberg.Commanded by Marshal Bram.Aha, that skeleton baron Hearing that the person who appeared in front of him was actually a German, Colonel Tavaski became excited and said that he was free Well, who won the war us.Now, we are a group of counterfeiters Of course, these two counterfeiters can use genuine currency in Cairo Germany.One of Germany s means of attacking enemy countries is to counterfeit the country s currency in large quantities, destroying their economy, and at the same time, it can be used for their own expenses, killing two birds with one stone.Bernhard Kruger, a member of the Nazi SS, was in charge of counterfeiting British pounds at the time.Hundreds of Jews in concentration camps were selected, and a total of 600 million pounds of counterfeit money was produced.600 million pounds is enough to completely disrupt the economy of a country.Now, Wang Weiyi never thought that he would become a counterfeit money one day The manufacturer.Not only did he ask Bernhard Kruger to ship a large amount of fake pounds for himself, but he also ordered him to start making fake Egyptian pounds immediately.General Canlemu, who already had a high reputation, is now beginning to be regarded as himself by more and more Egyptians.The hero in my heart What Wang Weiyi is looking for is the hero in the eyes of the Egyptians Kan Lemu And the way he met General Canlemu was very simple.A Baron from England Mr and Mrs Toxon.Originally, General Canlemo was unwilling to see any British at all, but under the repeated request of Baron Andrew , General Canlemo reluctantly accepted them.and gave them 20 minutes.Surprisingly, as soon as he sat down, Baron Andrew said, cbd gummies and bloating I heard that you are a descendant of Gamastin Ahmed, the Egyptian hero who resisted France.I admire the reputation of the Ahmed family., so I came here specially to visit.Hearing that the other party actually mentioned his hero s ancestor, Gamastin Ahmed, and heard the respect from the other party, General Canlemu immediately expressed his gratitude to the British lady.The British, on the other hand, used tanks to carry out brutal suppression.The fierce battle officially started at 3 00, and until this time, the Egyptians hadn t figured out what happened.However, rumors quickly spread in Egypt the shameless British used fake banknotes instead of wages to deceive Egyptian soldiers, and the deceived Egyptian soldiers rose up to resist, and were quickly suppressed by the British.Those Egyptians who hated counterfeit banknotes quickly expressed sympathy for the mutiny soldiers at the first time, and then, this sympathy developed into substantial support, and the Egyptians began to use their own methods to support the Egyptian soldiers in battle.This is what the British did not expect, and what was even more unexpected was the tenacious combat effectiveness shown by the Egyptian mutiny soldiers.At this time, the situation in Cairo was irreversible for General Montgomery.The failure in North Africa would force the British to obediently carry out the follow up work according to Wang Weiyi s wishes.The initiative is in the hands of the Germans Of course, Wang Weiyi has to do one thing now.His old friend Farouk I is about to run away.A message from Sir Andrew to Lord Andrew.Probably Mr.Roliman would never have guessed that Baron Andrew actually has another identity Baron Alexon Five hundred and ninety three.The last battle in North Africa Now, it is time for Wang Weiyi to do what he should do.Farouk I is a very important pawn for the future German rule in Egypt.Such a person should not be allowed to continue to be controlled by the British.In fact, Farouk I was unwilling to leave Cairo at all, and nearly half of his wealth was in this city.The only requirement natures only cbd gummies where to buy natures only cbd gummies near me of Farouk I is to protect his throne and property, as for the others.He is absolutely unwilling to intervene It s just that the Egyptian king was extremely surprised.The Baron Andrew who played a game with him was actually the famous Baron Alexson Really It was too surprising.Queen Farida was no less surprised than her husband, and the one who spent a romantic night with her turned out to be the Baron Skeleton.God.He was so young and so attractive.Compared with him, my husband is a pig.Now Queen Farida s last bit of unhappiness about her encounter that night has also cbd gummies and bloating been thrown out of the sky, and she is looking forward to seeing that young and charming baron again Unfortunately, Wang Weiyi is temporarily I don t have the time to think about these things yet, and there are more important things to solve.Watching the gate of Pia.When he saw Mussolini s car approaching, he rushed out.Unfortunately, it was discovered by the driver early.The driver initially tried to run him over, but saw him with a grenade in his hand, and then increased his speed.fly away.Luchetti threw the grenade out forcefully.Unfortunately, the throw was too high, and the grenade exploded 50 meters away from the car.Luchetti was sentenced to 30 years in prison.Later, a new law was promulgated that anyone who attempted to murder Mussolini should be sentenced to death, and Luchetti was executed.This was the last thing Mussolini wanted to mention, but now it came out of the mouth of the German Marshal.Wang Weiyi calmly said Let s say it frankly and honestly, there are many forces against you in Italy, and the same is true in Germany, and what we have to do is to completely eradicate these forces against you.He walked to the front of the conference room and ordered everyone to sit down.Good afternoon First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone here.You are handpicked and the best soldiers among us.You have been selected to perform a highly confidential and extremely important mission.I am Captain Dorn.I ll be your commander during the operation.Standing up, he spread out a large aerial photograph, which he tacked to the wall behind him with a few thumbtacks.The photo shows a huge mountain fortress, with some artillery deployed, and several blockhouse style buildings.Heisenberg had never seen anything like it before.This is Polpov, a fortress of strategic importance in the mountains of Petros, overlooking most of the front line Then he added ominously It cbd ediables gummies is considered It is a very terrifying single fortress, and it is even more difficult to deal with than the Maginot Line for infantry and tanks.Wang high mg cbd gummies Weiyi smiled Once the attacker becomes the defender, our task will become much easier.Let the Russians attack in the cold, our artillery and machine guns will make the fight much easier Both Manstein and Guderian also laughed.This may seem strange, but the Russian commander would never have guessed that the German troops who occupied Erklin actually did not want any more The further move.At least until the spring comes.The Russians will bleed in Erklin, and Erklin will consume the enemy s vitality to the maximum.When spring comes and the decisive battle really breaks out, El The Russians opposite Kling were already what dose of cbd gummies is right for me exhausted.At that time, the German assault would be easy and effective.God knows what Ernst thinks, he seems to be treating the war more and more as a game Ernst, do you think History of War is a game Manstein still couldn t help asking out the doubts in his heart.Destructive the entire organization from the top to the bottom The peripheral organization has been destroyed in the most terrible way.And he is now a prisoner.De Sade doesn t care about his own life or death, he cares about the future of France.The only thing he will never forget is his only meeting with General de Gaulle , General de Gaulle s encouragement to him, the words he said to him, it was from that day that De Sade had made up his mind to die for General de Gaulle.But now he is in a situation where he wants to die but cbd gummies and bloating just cbd gummies 250mg can t die Calculated from the time, I have been in this room for about ten hours, but until now no one has asked me, no one has even come to give me a bite to eat or a drink Yes, say even one word to yourself.This is the scariest thing Is it daytime now, or is it dark De Sade didn t know at all At this time, the door was pushed open, and a ray of light flashed in, making De Sade s eyes uncomfortable A person walked slowly Entering, this figure looked so familiar, De Sade s heart tightened, he forgot how many times he hadn t seen this figure.He from hell He will lead a scene of terrible human massacre February 12, 1943.The battlefield was surrounded by a strong smell of blood, and corpses could be seen everywhere.In yesterday s war, the losses of the Soviet army were completely appalling.When the sun slowly rose, the Russians had no idea that terrible things were approaching them.These people who survived yesterday s brutal war, after a hasty breakfast, did not even have time to check their weapons, and they were ready to face death.Then, a new attack started again.There is no difference from yesterday.From 6 00 am to 10 00 am, the Soviet army carried out eight consecutive charges, and the sound of Ula continued to sound, and there were still numerous casualties.Numb, the Russians have been completely numb They don t care if they are injured, they don t care if they are still alive, anyway, as long as they are not dead, the next attack will still be their turn.Soldiers who want to become soldiers in this army cbd gummies and bloating must pass through spiritual and moral screening, and their height must not be less than 1.77 meters.No criminal record, received a good education, in this point is very different from the SS.Major General Bertes von Scherft commanded the most elite unit of the German Wehrmacht Someone once said it.Once Belters von If General Sherft took off his uniform, he would look more like a university professor than a general on the battlefield.Indeed, General Belters is fluent in German, English, French, Russian, Polish, and a little Portuguese, and he is good at art and painting.He has profound attainments, and his research on European history is not inferior to a real history professor.Others even said.Being a general is nothing more than some private hobbies that Belters pursued when he was bored with his are cbd gummies good for you cbd gummies and bloating studies Of course, such private hobbies will never prevent Belters from becoming a great and excellent general.Wang Weiyi still had no expression on his face, it seemed that everything was under keni farms cbd gummies his control very early.Seriously speaking, he still admires Lindelof very much, and even gained new admiration for him.He would not say those threatening words unless it was a last resort But, One question was bothering him, if he had to, would he do what he said to Xenia and Avrona Wang Weiyi thought for a long time, but he couldn t give himself a correct answer He let out a long breath and decided not to think about this question anymore.Now, before the Battle of Stalingrad, according to Lindelof According to the confession and the report of the German scouts, he has decided to seize a strategic point as crucial as Erklin first Burstein This task was handed over to the 12th cbd gummies and bloating just cbd gummies 250mg Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht and the Brandenburg Commando It was another risk free adventure, but this time for Heisenberg and Escher.But now the situation is completely different.With the continuous victories of the German army on the battlefield, a large number of Soviet forces were wiped out.From the very beginning of the war, the German army s intentions were very clear, sweeping away all foreign aid from Moscow, and completely isolating Moscow.The Germans did it Now Moscow has completely become an isolated city.Although on the outer line, there are still a few reinforcements who are desperately trying to reinforce Moscow, but these reinforcements are like a drop of water falling into the sea, and they can t do anything at all.Moscow can only rely on its own strength, but this strength is so small.Now, the only thing they can do is to delay the time as much as possible I hope Marshal Budyonny can delay the enemy s advance as much as possible outside the city Hua Xi Levsky sighed softly.The days go by so fast, and it s almost the end of cbd gummies and bloating the month again.Do you have a new monthly pass in your hands If you have any, please vote for the spider, thank you for your support, bow Seven hundred and eight.The sunshine of love on the battlefield is no cbd gummies and bloating longer warm, on the contrary, the sunlight shining on the earth is full of strong smell of blood.The corpses all over the ground made people look horrible, and it was impossible to look directly at them.The gurgling blood seems to tell everyone what kind of tragedy happened here yesterday.Some women s ambulance teams appeared on the battlefield.They examined the dead bodies, hoping to find some soldiers who were still alive.Surrounded by countless snipers from the German army, their guns had already aimed at these Russian women, but most of them, after thinking about it, quietly lowered their guns.In fact, by this time, Zhukov had also considered the possibility of surrender.But the dignity of a soldier still prevents him from taking this last step Look, this is the battlefield.Volwork pointed to the battlefield and whispered Do you think there is still hope No.Zhukov said frankly Even if you give me ten more divisions now, I have no way to save the war.Perish Zhukov shook his head slowly No, I don t want to see perish here, but I still have my own responsibilities.Responsibility, do you understand General VolworkComrade Stalin and our The Party, entrusted me with the glorious task of commanding here.Then what I have to do is to complete my task Comrade Stalin and the party Wolwork smiled sarcastically Before the Battle of Kharkov, Comrade Stalin also said the same thing to Marshal Timoshenko, but later never mind.It is incomparable to the Republic He carefully introduced the Han Empire to Caesar.This also made Caesar listen very carefully.and Nelia.Like all Romans, they all believed that the Republic was the most powerful country, but what they didn t expect was that in this Ernst.In Bram s mouth, there is actually an empire that far surpasses the Republic.Caesar pondered and asked What about their army Their army is amazing.Wang Weiyi made no secret Their metallurgy is ashamed.There are also many types of weapons, from siege to The division just vibe cbd infused gummie candy from the category to field warfare is extremely detailed.With the disappearance of chariot warfare, weapons suitable for horse warfare have prospered, ranging from cavalry spears to infantry crossbows.All natures only cbd gummies near me cbd gummies for sale in bulk of them were produced for horse warfare.And there have been weapons for delaying the enemy.Countless Germanians followed closely behind them, but together they witnessed the beginning of a period of Germanic history A drunken centurion came out.When he saw cbd gummies and bloating just cbd gummies 250mg these people suddenly appear, he stayed there completely, without any reaction at all.Guo Yunfeng was the first to rush forward fiercely.The two short swords intertwined and waved a terrible cold light, and a head was chopped off like this.At this time, some patrolling Roman soldiers appeared, and it was impossible to continue hiding.Wang Weiyi raised the saber in his right hand forward For Germania For Germania Richthofen burst jane cbd gummies into such a cry.For Germania cried all the Germanians.Rise of cbd gummies and bloating cbd gummies and bloating the Germanic.Start now The entire Roman camp was shaken.Under the attack of the Germanians, they had no defense at all, and fell into chaos in an instant Countless Germanians appeared, countless Germanian warriors started a terrible massacre here Caesar and his Romans never thought that this day would appear One by one torches were thrown from the hands of the Germanians, and in an instant, the Roman barracks were flooded by raging fire The Romans, who were in chaos, started a disorderly resistance in a panic.Hmph, coaxing me again.You actually had the heart to abandon me and run to that desolate Germania, and you still said you were not cruel Singroa lightly stretched out his hand and thumped Centumalus chest, holding back She said with a sweet smile But you look so good in this dress Singroa played with the ornaments on Centumalus official uniform with his fingers.Although it is desolate there, there are a lot of precious amber.I will pick the best one and bring it back to my goddess.but.No matter how beautiful Amber is, it can t compare with Singroa s face.Centumalus kissed the sweet lips of natures only cbd gummies near me cbd gummies for sale in bulk the beauty in his arms.I don t want any amber.If I could choose, I d rather have you by my side than those savages.Singaloa sighed faintly.Hehe, my Singale, it s the barbarians you mentioned that gave us such a headache that even the mighty Caesar couldn t completely conquer them.Most of the resistance force completely collapsed under such a destructive attack Bows in Guo Yunfeng s speech After being called, the Germanian archers appeared.Now, it is the turn of these barbarians to perform.Amid the sound of swish , arrows like rainstorm rushed towards the Roman soldiers ferociously.Miserable The shouts sounded just like just now, but now the screams are from Roman soldiers who are constantly falling to the ground.Germanians these warriors who have been with beasts for a long time, bows and arrows are one of their most reliable weapons.However, despite The Romans were hit, but it didn t affect their phalanx at all Facing the enemy s crazy arrow rain, they still maintained a complete formation and kept moving forward Soon, they were out of the shooting range of the bow and arrow.The 1,500 Roman captives would face the same treatment they had given the Germans a miserable slave.What they have done to the Germans in the past, the Germans will return to them untouched Every German knows who brought them such a glorious victory.Every German knows that as long as he is under the direction of this man, the impossible is possible He is Ernst Brahm the messenger from hell So when Wang Weiyi came down from the battlefield.He was greeted by countless awe inspiring gazes and waves of cheers At this time, Wang Weiyi already existed like a god in the hearts of every German But But this is not what Wang Weiyi cares about the most How is the Gaius Legion Wang Weiyi asked.Halfway after they chased us, they heard the news of Caesar s failure, so they all retreated.Pilut, who did not kill many Romans, was a little unhappy Dear Mr. After a while, Pompey s body got out of the sedan chair.The ruler of Rome rubbed his eyes, smiled embarrassedly, and said to the dense crowd Friends, I fell asleep on the road., you know, I hate getting natures only cbd gummies near me cbd gummies for sale in bulk up early.Well, I went to bed early enough 25 mg cbd per gummies last night.A burst of laughter raised the sound waves of the square again.Under the huge noise, Pompey straightened his purple robe, and walked peacefully towards the steps of the Senate in the passage cleared by the crowd countless hands stretched out to him, eager Can hold hands with him people cbd gummies and bloating are constantly shouting Pompey s name, and cbd gummies and bloating praying to the gods in the sky to bless him bouquets of spring flowers are thrown at the old man, and the delicate petals stick to Pompey s shoulders, skirts, and On his already slightly aging skin.Pompey faced all this with a smile, his demeanor was dignified yet kind, and his gentle eyes made everyone feel that they were being watched by him.The barbarian rushed up, and the Roman shield soldier squatted down quickly, blocking the attack of the barbarian with the shield in his hand.Then, a large number of spears protruded from behind the shield, and stabbed straight out.The first row of barbarians fell, but stepping on their bodies, more barbarians rushed up.A great battle on the plain broke out under such circumstances. The barbarians roared and shouted, slashing and killing the enemy with the weapons in their hands.The Romans were also roaring and shouting, stabbing the enemy with their weapons.This is a battlefield for the strong, and any cowards have no chance of surviving here Among all the fighters, the most eye catching one is botanical farms cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies and bloating undoubtedly the one with the skull mask and the Vulcan mask.Like two lunatics, they kept killing Roman soldiers one by one under their own weapons.Caesar Caesar Caesar Servius Servius Servius The soldiers on both sides uttered such a hoarse cry.The six soldiers stood there, and the cry disappeared in an instant.The ones on the left and right are me and Sidao s.Richthofen said first.Wang Weiyi looked at his enemy Celius Why is my enemy the biggest Because you are a rambler Laughing loudly.Richthofen and Guo Yunfeng had already killed them.With a roar, Celius waved the short spear in his hand and rushed towards Wang Weiyi viciously.When he approached the enemy, Wang Weiyi used his The round shield tried to block it.Then the short sword swung out with all its strength.With a click , the short sword in his hand was too sharp for the Romans, and the short spear in Celius hand was cut in two.Holding the broken spear, Celius froze full spectrumhemp gummies with cbd there, unable to believe that such a thing would happen.Davyn introduced the fair haired beauty to Baron Preet.She is cia agent Annette Brody, the second batch of cia agents who entered Dessau for reinforcements.Mr.Baron, although Agent Annette is a woman, you must not underestimate her ability.She is enough to guarantee your safety, and he is very familiar with everything in Dessau.In Davyn s introduction, Annette was given a lot High rating.Hello, Baron.Hello, Agent Annette.Wang Weiyi smiled and shook her hand, and then shook her hand for an extra second.Look into Angette s eyes.It seems to be full of tenderness.This can t help but make Annette feel something different about this HCMUSSH cbd gummies and bloating handsome baron in her heart Leonie, who witnessed all this, smiled.He knew that Baron Alexon was going to be on Agent Annette s body.Some breakthroughs have been made The guests invited by Brigadier General Johnson on behalf of the baron came one after another.Immediately, she felt her body had been hugged horizontally, and then she was gently placed on the bed.Annette Just as she was preparing for a new round of passionate kisses, she suddenly HCMUSSH cbd gummies and bloating found that her hands were handcuffed to the railing of the bed.What do you want, Baron Although natures only cbd gummies near me cbd gummies for sale in bulk she guessed the other party s purpose at once, Annette couldn t help but smile coquettishly.Handcuffs can have many, purekana premium cbd gummies price many uses Wang Weiyi slowly took off his clothes, and then kept moving his fingers outside Annette s bra, arousing Annette s desire little by little.Annette gasped even louder.She couldn t wait.Waiting for the man to enter.Wang Weiyi was not in a hurry, but slowly moved his fingers to remove the last barrier in Annette s heart.He didn t take off Annette s body until there was a pleading sound from Annette s mouth. You put Where is the list saved Wang Weiyi was a little puzzled Why didn t you just hand it over to your superior Colonel Chelus smiled bitterly Major, you have to understand one thing.Those people have high positions in Germany.If you don t Certainty would drag me into terrible things, let alone just doubt So I wrote down cbd gummies and bloating the names of these people, just in case.But soon, I was sent out on a mission again , at that time, I was captured.I have always had doubts about natures only cbd gummies where to buy my capture, and I am sure someone has leaked information about me.If Colonel Cherus is telling the truth, then it is too Terrible.The reason why Germany can challenge the whole of Europe with its own strength depends on its unity.But now there is a cbd gummies no thc for anxiety problem at the top.Is this related to Germany s failure so quickly Wang Weiyi is still unable to give an answer Major, can you promise me Under Colonel Carus s infinitely expectant eyes, Wang Weiyi nodded.Wang Weiyi said Said With the help of Papasolovsky s convoy, we can send our supplies out It s so easy to trust others, unless you can be more greedy than him.He has a creed that only people of the same kind as himself can be friends.What kind of creed is this Wang Weiyi smiled involuntarily.I can only be responsible for sending you out of Shamotuwei.Chekwellski said slowly But how to pass Frankfurt, you have to rely on yourself.I am very grateful for this already.Chekwellski Mr.Ji.Wang Weiyi calmly said After leaving Shamotuwei, we will figure out a way by ourselves.Then, let a greedy Major Abel show up in front of Papasolovsky at night When the sky gradually dimmed down.Colonel Papasolovsky showed up at Cekowelski s home during the calibration.He is very concerned about the safety .

who sells cbd gummies locally?

of his treasures, and there are constant rumors in the country that his enemies are about to attack him, and may deprive him of his position in the army.This is my certificate.The one in charge here The American sergeant took the major s ID, checked it carefully, and then gave it back to him Major, where are you going at this late hour too unsafe Wang Weiyi pointed to the convoy I have already reported to Colonel Kevic, and got the colonel s consent, you can call to check, Sergeant.Oh, no, the colonel is very busy now.The sergeant had someone remove the obstacle Major, let your convoy pass.The sergeant s trust in his allies, or more precisely his carelessness, saved him and his companions.Because when he was talking to the French major, countless guns in the car had already pulled their safetyOnce there was an exchange of fire, none of the American soldiers on this sentry post would survive.The convoy passed by the sentry post slowly, and the Americans watched casually there.We don t have the password to activate the base.Boncrele was a little helpless Several core parts of the base need to be unlocked, otherwise it will cause destruction.When the baron left, he handed over the password to Adolf, but the head of state left too suddenly, and he couldn t keep the password.The flame of hope that was so easily raised was extinguished again, and Kalumbu did not give up Asked Can t it be opened by force This is the base designed by the baron.Bon Crayley said in cbd gummies 25mg 30 count a daze Forcing the opening will completely destroy the entire base.This is something none of us want to see.There is only one possibility to activate the Constance base He was silent for a while.Then he said slowly, Unless the baron can return Kalumbu smiled wryly, this is impossible at all.All Germany knew that the Baron would never return.Damn snipers.Tell me what to do.Sergeant Gyunser shook his head helplessly.Well We should blow up the barbed wire and hide in the trenches.Mick had an idea I have dynamite.said Thomp.After speaking, he hung the explosives on the barbed wire.Attention.I m going to light a fire Tomp ignited the explosives.The German soldiers covered their heads tightly.There was a loud bang.The barbed wire was blown away.Sergeant Gyunthel led the soldiers towards the trench under machine gun fire.The U.S.troops inside were killed.Mick, you are now a machine gunner, set up the machine gun, and shoot the U.S.troops in the second trench.We are in charge of clearing the trenches.Gyunther ordered.Thomp kicked open the door of the wooden shed, and Sergeant Gyunthel swept away the American troops inside with a submachine gun.He never believed that Sergeant Shostka, who had narrowly escaped death twice, would be killed.Now, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.Colonel Fan Siteng also came, and his words cheered everyone up Soldier, hold on for a while, one of our armored troops and two battalions are coming to reinforce us.They should have just They were blocked by the U.S.military.They have broken through the U.S.blockade and will arrive in a while At this time, two U.S.light tanks in front of the position were hit and caught fire.Long live Our reinforcements are here Ten Leopard Yin and five Destroyer 3 tanks of the German army lined up and aimed at the U.S.army for a while, and the U.S.army retreated quickly.The heavy tanks behind also slowly arrived.Colonel Fan Siten shouted to the German soldiers Soldiers Reinforcements are coming We have lost too much, it s time to let those Yankees pay the price, charge All the German soldiers rushed out of the trenches and buildings, shouting and charging.Let all their efforts come to naught.Instead, they were targeted for annihilation.Regarding this war, Marshal Wartuksky recalled this way we almost wonthe reasons for the failure are many.Shameless Persia Cheek s capitulation, the disgusting things I trusted Travert to do to our rout I have a clear conscience at Robin Stall because I ve done one All the responsibilities that the Russian Marshal can do When reflecting on this war.We should blame the bureaucrats in the country General Taborsky died in battle.He was painful to me Said he was out of ammunition and fuel, where were the supplies that were supposed to arrive long ago I didn t know until after the war that the supplies we needed were still in the base.The reason Ironic, even irritating reason, because the War Department and the Logistics Department haven t agreed on how much supplies should be shippedfor God s sake, I want to strangle these bastards Marshal Huatuksky thought he had a clear conscience and was fully worthy of the uniform he was wearing. However, I will not stick to it blindly.Seeing the right moment, we rushed out to fight the Yankees.Then, Kiritz asked the commander of the second company to return to his command post to command, preparing to meet the American attack.The first company could not last for too long.Kiritz boarded the tank with the crew and sat in the familiar cab Here, smelling the long lost diesel smell, Kyritz felt extremely excited.My God Those who stepped on landmines in front were German prisoners of war Captain Mel s panicked voice came from the wireless receiver Our soldiers have collapsed The company s position has been lost The number of the U.S.military attacking in front of us has been identified it botanical farms cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies and bloating is a division of the 21st Army of the U.S.First Front Army and two tank regiments of the 2nd Tank Army and the 9th Tank Army.It s not because of how fierce the war is going on here, but because of the shocking combat effectiveness shown by the German children in the Junior Division.Avano, who is romantic and prefers being a screenwriter more than being a general, faithfully recorded everything he saw with a pen and sent it to the domestic cbd gummies and bloating Grand Paris.An army of children is fighting , and soon the Great Paris HCMUSSH cbd gummies and bloating published such an article.It was also through this newspaper that the story of the German Army Junior Division quickly spread in the European continent and in the United States.Everyone knew what was going on in Berlin, everyone came to know that a group of German kids were fighting for their country.What did we gain in the war, what did we lose in the war Someone began to reflect on this question.Yes, someone should take responsibility for this war Wang Weiyi is also watching the performance of those HCMUSSH cbd gummies and bloating children, he is even more concerned than anyone else, If possible, he is willing to withdraw all the Army Junior Divisions from the battlefield immediately.Wang Weiyi didn t care much about cbd gummy bears maximum strength Ukraine s victory.This was the victory he expected.Now, his only concern is the further development of the war situation.Your Excellency the Baron, I just received news from the front.Karenbu quickly appeared in front of Wang Weiyi, pointing to the map and said The Brandenburg Commando and Sweet Commando, as well as the Bulgarian 12th Army have already Launch an assault on Orbjok, if Orbjok falls into our hands, Kursk will face our blow directly Kursk, Kursk.Wang Weiyi muttered the name again During World War II, we launched a shocking tank battle in Kursk, starting from Kharkov.Yes, you personally led the Kharkov counterattack.Karenbu said respectfully.Then let s start again.Wang Weiyi smiled on his face Let the Ukrainian 1st Division move immediately and move towards Orbjok at full speed.This also made King Walker very satisfied Yes.There is no doubt that the Moscow cbd gummies and bloating Herald has slandered the Grand Duke Bierstoka.The character of the Grand Duke is worthy of respect.The Grand Duke has never done a pioneer.Anything that is preached.We have filed a lawsuit in court, and this is the best expression of the Grand Duke s respect for democracy But what do you think of the incident with Colonel Chernak Boch a reporter exclaimed It came out I am a reporter for the New York Times.Colonel Chernak Boch testified that the Grand Duke Bierstoka ordered him to assassinate the reporter Bordov.This is a very serious accusation.A blatant death threat from a good reporter Nonsense King Walker said without thinking, Colonel Chernak Boch is just a traitor.He is under investigation by a special committee for corruption and treason.It is said that an extremely fierce battle broke out here.About one battalion of American troops stayed here, causing the German and British coalition forces to suffer relatively serious casualties.After the battle, almost all cbd gummies and bloating the U.S.troops in a battalion were killed, and the few U.S.prisoners left were massacred by the local uprising German people.total allied forcesCommander Westmoreland believed that this was a very serious incident and accused the German army of massacres, but this was quickly refuted by the German side.German soldiers or British soldiers had never participated in the massacre of prisoners of war.It is a manifestation of the anger of the angry German masses, and hopes that the Americans will first ask what the US military has done locally, especially whether they have committed any brutal acts against the local Germans before accusing them.On the fifth day of Christmas, my beloved gave me five bottles of the dodgy Motorov cocktail, four beetail needles, three bars of soap, two delicious roasted peace doves, and a Insurance grenade.On the sixth day of cbd gummies and bloating Christmas, my beloved gave me six atomic bombs, five bottles of dodgy Motorov cocktails, four bee tail needles, three bars of soap, two delicious roasted peace doves, and an unsecured grenade.The lyrics sound very cheerful, but no matter how you listen to them, they reveal a kind of desolation 123.Stade Attack Part 1 L beck has returned to the hands of the Germans, and with Brigadier General Duby Surrendered, and Hannover returned to German hands.After the start of the Ernst Group assault, everything was on the right side.The enemy has been completely played in the applause.Now, the Allies have to consider more than just Is it possible to occupy the whole of Germany, but consider whether it will natures only cbd gummies near me be surrounded by the Germans Now, the Italians have completely torn off their disguise, publicly announced their withdrawal from the Allies, and joined the ranks of the Axis powers.He was afraid of dying alone and no one would know.The rain splashed on Arkrit s body.He fell to pieces.Bright red blood flowed from his legs and onto the wet ground.Slowly washed away by the rain.He realized what real war is.Perhaps wars were waged to satisfy the needs of a few.War satisfies, or has satisfied, man s aggressive instinct, but it also satisfies man s desire for plunder, destruction, and brutal discipline and strength.But no one cares about these.Someone patted Fred on the shoulder, indicating that it was his turn to retreat next.Fred took aim calmly, held his rifle flat and knocked down one after another of the American soldiers who were trying to approach.When the enemy had a gap in firepower, Fred seized the time to stand up, patted the shoulders of the soldiers around him, and then ran towards the inspection shaft.Our Cathar government confiscated a large number of German properties, including companies and factories, which also made countless French people unemployed.And that s just the tip of the iceberg Unemployment remains high in France.The crime rate is on the rise.Where did that old Paris go Where did the old France go But our aloof President Katri is still enjoying the power brought to him by the rebellion He used the word rebellion.Indeed, in the former Vichy government, Katri It s the Minister of the Interior.There s nothing wrong with using the word rebellion.Sinager s face is so gloomy that it s frightening Berkeley has already reported to himself just now, and the tweeter can t do anything about it.Being able to close it damn it, how did Yetiri do it Faintly, a huge ominous feeling is rising in Sinaag s heart Let us rise up and overthrow this government Yetiri s voice was still unstoppable Let liberty and honor return to France.He sniffed.Blinking his eyes, he took off his goggles and wiped his face with his hands.Wipe away the tears.The convoy staggered on the bumpy and muddy road, shaking the people in the car drowsy.The sound of the guns gradually faded away, and the surrounding scenery moved back quickly.The convoy rolled over the cbd gummies and bloating potholed road.Drove about ten miles.Drive out natures only cbd gummies near me cbd gummies for sale in bulk of the ninth area.The street scene outside the car window was desolate.Gradually, refugees suffering from hunger and cold appeared on the road.There were one or two at first, and as the convoy moved forward, more and more refugees came, gradually turning from a sparse group to a large group that filled the streets.Like migrating birds, the wave of refugees with their families and their families moved slowly towards the direction of the convoy, and some even reached out to the convoy to pray for food and water.After the run on incident, it was relying on these official strengths that Rodini managed to cbd gummies and bloating survive the crisis.Obviously, he has gradually lost the trust of the officials.If it were not for the fear of immediate withdrawal of funds, not only would Rotini not be able to spend so much money, but once the news spread, it would cause even more terrible reactions, which would directly lead to Dewey Bank In the end, their investment cannot be recovered.Maybe those officials have done that But delaying it is not a good solution, it just makes things go in a direction they don t want to see However, when the officials were at a loss, an exciting piece of good news reached their ears from Mr.Moyol, the manager of the Lion Fund in the United States After conducting a detailed investigation, it was decided to inject a huge sum of money into Dewey Bank God, this is the best news these people have heard in a while and it is also Because of this, before the new board meeting is cbd gummies and bloating what do cbd gummies do for sleep held, all officials have confirmed that their representatives will attend the meeting.You must know that the US military also has a large number of troops stationed in France, and their navy can provide reinforcements to Paris at any time.So this is why I have to ask Sinager to agree to all my demands Wang Weiyi didn t seem to be worried at all A large number of German commandos will enter France in various ways.Gentlemen, I don t think you have any worries at all.We will capture the beautiful city of Paris.The baron s words seemed to have a special magic power, which quickly made them feel relieved.As for Berkeley, he had already made his own plan.In the process of seizing power in Paris, Robito could not be alone.Such a great honor.Although Robito controls the army, he also holds advantageous weapons in his hands, that is, a large number of police and secret police.They are more familiar with the situation in Paris and the whole of France than those soldiers The police and the secret police are ready.To seek help from the government But now the government itself has been battered.How can there be time to take care of the affairs of the Director of the Personnel Affairs Bureau Do you just sit there and wait No, God knows what terrible things those crazy thugs will do Just when he was at a loss, someone gave him an idea.Go to the Dewey Bank and ask Mr.Moyol Wittgenstein for cbd gummies and bloating help, maybe he can think of a way.Salam also has a large amount of deposits in Dewey Bank.At first, when he heard the news, he didn t really believe it.Does a financial person really have that much power But he was desperate.I can only take a risk and try it.When he went to Dewey Bank.I thought the bank was closed, but what I didn t expect was that the bank was brightly lit, and there were a large number of armed guards guarding the place with live ammunition.Mr.Captain, let us carefully analyze the words honor and responsibility.While other nations consider bravery to be honorable, the German spirit regards it as a responsibility, which means that bravery is an obligation you should cbd gummies aurora il fulfill.No matter what the result is, you should face it calmly.But look at ourselves, whenever we muster up the courage to do something, whether we are happy because of success or discouraged because of failure Although he was speaking well of his opponents in the war, Stam The lieutenant colonel still couldn t help but nodded.Mr.Moyol paused for a moment Let s take a look at tenacity again.The tenacity embodied in the German spirit is world renowned.Heine once said.Germany is not a nation that acts rashly.Once it embarks on any path, it will persevere in this path to the end With a steady decision and a tenacious pace, he slowly drove to the position like a tank.In London, resistance organizations are also constantly active, and there, I also need their help.Lieutenant Colonel Hughes hesitated for cbd gummies and bloating a moment, then asked cautiously Mr.Moyol, I have a question.You don t have to answer it at all, because this is probably not what I should ask.I think you must be a great big man Otherwise, Sir Rosen would not personally give me orders.Maybe, maybe I am a great person in the eyes of many people.Wang Weiyi smiled But here, I am just like you, just an ordinary person.It s just a task performer.Lieutenant Colonel Hughes seemed to understand something One thousand sixty four.General Vincent London, a city with a rich history.From 1801 HCMUSSH cbd gummies and bloating cbd gummies and bloating to the beginning of the 20th century, as the capital of the British Empire, a world empire, London became the largest city in the world at that time because of its outstanding achievements in politics, economy, humanities and culture, scientific and technological inventions and other fields.He has maintained a long term close relationship with the Morgan family and the Rockefeller familyThese big American conglomerates are in your hands The domestic influence is too great Wang Weiyi picked up his coffee and took a sip And we have other information.It was through the Wittgenstein family that Yess secretly established contact with Germany., He had been to the United States a few years ago, and it was at that time that he met Elliott.Mr.Nash, their contacts are becoming more and more frequent, and the Queen s intelligence department promised to give The Yess family will protect them, and at the same time give Yess a huge sum of money, on the condition that Yess must sell the interests of Britain and the United States Nash hated such traitors very much.He couldn t imagine why a senior official who was so trusted by the president would do such a despicable and shameless thing.Nash does not allow anyone to enter his office without his permission.His office, and no one is allowed to touch his safes.When the documents are opened one by one, the whole of Britain has no secrets for Wang Weiyi.All the lists of spies, whether it is The names of those lurking in Germany and even in the United States appeared in front of Wang Weiyi s eyes.What could be more pleasant than this The more he looked down, the more interested Wang Weiyi became.No matter what Nash What kind of personality is this person, but at least natures only cbd gummies where to buy natures only cbd gummies near me he is still so good in essential work.His work ability and scheduling ability are also amazing.What Wang Weiyi did not expect was that Nash would actually be placed in many key departments in various countries So many of my own peopleand so many insiders have been planted in the British underground resistance organizationeven the director of the cbd gummies and bloating Secret Service, Chris, who is next to President Fenton, is also there She became Nash s person last year.Wang Weiyi also probably understood the thoughts of these two people.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, you are an American.In this way, our future work and cooperation will become much more logical.Colonel Jed looked at the documents on cbd gummies and bloating just cbd gummies 250mg the desk intentionally or unintentionally I I don t think you will refuse this kind of cooperation.Wang Weiyi smiled, this time he smiled sincerely Colonel Jed, Lieutenant Colonel Mills.Yes, I am also an American, and I will provide you with selfless All the help you need, you can read every file here, I think there will be a lot of things you are interested in.The eyes of Colonel Jed and Lieutenant Colonel Mills shone brightly.This is the main purpose of their coming here.Since Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has agreed that they can view these documents at will, what is there to be polite Looking at the two people who put all their minds on those documents.During the date, you were so much Sally who said, that cheapskate Shu Kako, you didn t give me a tip when you came here today, I really hope he gets hit by a car when nature only cbd gummies he goes out Mr.George, what did you say that George s complexion changed drastically, Bart quickly stood up No, I object to the defense lawyer asking questions that have nothing to do with this case.It has a lot to do with it Randolph said calmly, This will prove my client s innocence.Yes.The judge looked at the two lawyers, and then said The objection is invalid, and the defense lawyers can continue to ask questions.Randolph did not pause for the slightest Mr.George, your curse has come true, my client was not killed by the car Knocked down, but got caught up in a murder case that had nothing to do cbd gummies without thc relieve pain do with him.Do you admit that you said that Do you need cbd gummies and bloating me to put your girlfriend Sally on the witness stand George looked In an instant, it became extremely pale But Randolph was unwilling to stop there Mr.He fulfilled his promise and successfully rescued their families, so that they no longer have to worry about it.And perhaps out of repayment to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , perhaps in order to resolve the Yinhe incident as soon as possible, President Fenton gave Lieutenant Colonel Moyol more power, and he asked the lieutenant colonel to have full powers Responsible for the Yinhe incident, and can use all normal or illegal means.The president specifically mentioned illegal means, and probably everyone knows what that means.And at the subsequent briefing on the progress of the Yinhe incident.Prime Minister Wilkins seemed much more energetic.He told the reporters present A major breakthrough has been made in the Yinhe incident.We are confident that we will find more hostages in the shortest possible time.The explosion in the arsenal Lieutenant Colonel Moyol miraculously disappeared under the surveillance of so many policemen There is no place to hide in the entire office, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol How did the colonel get out of here I m afraid no one will be able to give Brigadier General Luke the answer.The amazing Lieutenant Colonel Moyol When the news that Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is a spy spread in a small area After the word spread, he got such a nickname.In London, in the whole of the UK, he could call the wind and rain, and he made the impossible possible under heavy siege.In fact, until now Brigadier General Luke Didn t figure out a thing, many people are serving this Fantastic Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Captain Pattinson, Captain Roger, even General Gendra.If he wants, he can do it Everything he wants to do.At that time, which side will Her Majesty the Queen stand on Your Excellency the Baron will stand again.On which side That s an Irish affair.We have no intention of meddling Will replied best cbd gummies for memory loss without hesitation At the same time declare allegiance to the Queen Or continue the civil war What I can assure you is that Her Majesty s army will never interfere.The German army will not intervene even more.It is better to solve your own internal problems by yourself.Reeves nodded in satisfaction.I have something for you.Will took out a letter from his pocket This is a letter from Her Majesty the Queen. who Reeves couldn t believe what he heard.Elizabeth II.When he received the letter, Reeves hands trembled a little.He could never have imagined that Her Majesty the Queen would write a letter to him in his cbd gummies and bloating whole life.It can t help the battle situation in any way.Don Tanner really couldn t figure out why the situation of the Allied forces would be passive to such a situation with the start of the enemy s cbd living gummies side effects New Sea Lion Project.On October 12, 1966, with the end of the Battle of Liboston, the 1st Division of the Royal Army appeared in Southampton.Her Majesty s flag is flying again at Southampton.And in Southampton.Someone gave out huge cheers, and leaflets began to appear frequently in the city. Let s fight for Her Majesty Such slogans are known to more and more British people in Southampton.They secretly assembled, secretly formulated action plans, and secretly prepared to welcome the arrival of Her Majesty s army.God bless the queen God bless England For Don Tanner, it was not all bad news.On the night of the 11th, the first reinforcements finally arrived in Southampton.Not only did he appear here desperately, but he even came to persuade himself to surrender.Mr.Annuo.I respect your courage, but I don t know what kind of confidence you have to say such a thing.Vitak looked at the other party as if looking at a monster Is it because of your A mob that has not had any military training No, I don t rely on those mobs, I rely on the courage that Her Majesty the Queen bestowed on me.Anuo remained calm I think.You probably have seen It s the direction of the war.Yes.You can arrest me now, or can cbd gummies help with copd even shoot me, but our victory is no longer something you can reverse.Vice Chairman Whitaker, the powerful Queen s Army and the powerful Axis Soon will be storming Southampton and you will be arrested, then you will meet the same fate and be shot for brutally murdering a loyal subject of Her Majesty s Majesty.They are serving Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.I believe that even if the most unacceptable day comes, the lieutenant colonel will not abandon them.Rumbuka.This is an inconspicuous tavern in the common area of London.Whenever night falls, a large number of dockworkers or thieves and robbers will gather here, wanting a glass of the cheapest drink, and then yelling and venting.Dissatisfied throughout the day, drunk, not going cbd gummies and bloating back until midnight, sleep at the end, and then continue to start the next day s hardships.Captain Roger had been here before, but every time he came to capture members of the underground resistance organization, he never sat here to have a drink.Today is different, someone called himself.Let yourself be here waiting for him.That was the person Captain Roger was most afraid of meeting, but he had to come to meet him.There is no escape, and there is no way to escape.At this time, Captain Pattinson came here.He hadn t seen the captain for several days.When he saw Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , Captain Pattinson quickly said Mr.Moyol.A special plane We are ready, once London is unable to hold on, the special plane will soon leave London with the core officials of the Fenton government.Aren t they afraid of being shot down Wang Weiyi smiled.Ah, it looks like they have made sufficient preparations.Captain Pattinson quickly replied, I don t think it is very likely to be shot down.Wang Weiyi was just joking there, and he was silent there.After a while I see, Captain Pattinson, thank you for bringing me such news, you will be rewarded for your loyalty.You can continue to do what you should do, when the special plane Let me handle it.I am waiting, and you are all waiting.General Vincent said slowly We know what we are loyal to, and we know what our beliefs are.We have never surrendered, just like His Majesty, we have never surrendered..Before, I met a man who told me.One day I will realize my dream, and the time has come.A split second.Everyone knows what s going to happen.Victory, or defeat.Live, or die.General Vincent s words sounded so calm Gentlemen, I m ready, and you I m ready, are you The whole of London has been ignited by the anger of the uprising, and the vigorous uprising completely ignited London into a battlefield.As for General Gandra, he knew how bad the situation had become, but he no longer had the energy to care about these uprisings.He had to ask himself to put all his attention on the frontal battlefield.Yes, he also felt extremely sad.What kind of soldiers are they They re just a bunch of cowards Major Bruce adjusted his breathing Colonel, I think you have made a very correct decision.In my opinion, the war is already over.Our only mission is to wait for the fate to judge us, and It s not like continuing to flee like this.After speaking, he glanced at Colonel Pierce Please give the order, Colonel, no matter what choice you make, we will always stand by your side Colonel Pierce smiled, At this moment, he felt extremely relaxed.Yes, he has never been so relaxed, as if a heavy burden has been completely lifted Order the troops to stop advancing Including the president Yes, including the president Colonel Pierce He nodded solemnly At the same time, control all officials including President Fenton The team suddenly stopped, which made President Fenton very angry.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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