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Could it be that the white shadow just now was this girl Then she made a big joke.Miss Biao, why are you here Cui s steward looked at the girl, Miss Baotong is looking for you everywhere.Where is Baotong The girl smiled happily, looking very childish, I m picking flowers in the garden, and I can t find her in a blink of an eye.Before the girl finished speaking, a voice rang out Miss, miss Immediately afterwards, a maid walked in the door in a hurry, swinging her big feet.Before Zhou Ruzhang and others could see clearly, they rushed up to the girl, Miss, I have found you.The servant girl looked at the girl carefully as she spoke, and when her eyes fell on the girl s messy clothes and loose bun, she immediately looked up.Frowning, she looked at the people in the room rather unkindly Who bullied my lady The girl shrank her shoulders and hid behind the maid.The uninvited guest s eyes were indifferent, as if he didn t see her intention, he stood there motionless.Gu Mingzhu took another step forward, and a man in short brown clothes was stopped in front of him This doctor, my son is here to invite you.Gu Mingzhu turned her head again, and the man s jaw was as sharp as a knife.Going too far 3:1 cbd:thc gummies adds to the grimness.Liu Su beside her immediately looked at her, Liu Su was waiting for her order, as long as she nodded, Liu Su would fight them desperately.It s not necessary, and she doesn t want Liu Su to suffer.Since she couldn t take it off, she wasn t going to leave.Gu Mingzhu hugged the medicine box tightly, walked towards the man, stood on top of him along the direction of the wind, and then shook her clothes inadvertently.A strong smell of medicine came out immediately, like entering a pharmacy that hadn t opened its windows for decades, the smell went straight to the forehead, Wei Yuanchen couldn t help frowning., Who did you kill, and who held the knife in your hand If you don t know these things, the Cui family will be like those honorable nobles in the future, and they will be charged with a felony overnight.Cui Wei was taken aback and swallowed.Cai said Then let s not send troops.If there is some movement in the border, it is said that the soldiers and horses have been tripped.Cui Zhen said Therefore, it is an unforgivable crime to cause chaos in Taiyuan Mansion.Only when the whole matter is clarified can the Cui family be kept in an invincible position just like five years ago.Cui Wei finally understood the power of it Since the eldest brother has already thought of it, we just need to be careful.Who else in Taiyuan Mansion has more vision than the elder brother Even if the Wei family comes, we may not necessarily lose., We are really being targeted by the yamen, and we don t need them to do anything, we will die by ourselves.The old woman s eyes were filled with tears, and she patted Lu Guang s shoulders with rough hands over and over again, trying to comfort him, but she knew These are all in vain.Everyone in the courtyard fell silent, and after a long while, Mrs.Chen said, I can t come anymore, lest I be targeted, and you don t want to go out, Brother Zhang Let s go and save, Lu Guang interrupted Mrs.Chen, We will think of a way, since they framed us as the Pearl Thief , we are, and if there is another theft case outside, let s see how they frame Brother Zhang.Mrs.Chen s eyes widened You are going to steal Lu Guang nodded Looking at Mrs.Chen It s a pity that you can t help now.Ziying must be more careful when doing internal affairs alone.In the famine in Shanxi, many people starved to death.Mr.Jiang said that instead of waiting for the government to provide relief, it is better to redeem therapeutics sleep gummies cbd find a cbd gummies make you laugh way to live by himself, leading the people to quarry stones and smelt iron.The money sold is enough for the people to eat and wear.He thought This is a way of life, but I didn t expect Those people enslave the people, they don t care about the life and death of the people for the ore, but all those who resist will be killed.Anyone who reported would be severely punished, and the entire Taiyuan Mansion was tightly surrounded by them, like an iron plate, until Mr.Jiang received the news that someone was coming to Shanxi to investigate the case.Help the imperial court catch those people, Wei Yuanchen said, It s a worthy death.Yan Hao s blood rushed to his chest, and his heart suddenly jumped Those bandits are on board.On the ninth day of the ninth day, tears almost fell.When he comes back, he will kill those five black chickens and eat their meat.Let it know what is meat debt Gu Mingzhu looked at the cicada slough on the table, and reached out to touch it.Unfortunately, even though it was just a shell, she had put a lot of thought into it, cbd gummies sellers and hoped that Mr.Wei would be satisfied.Master saw so much of the Jiumai case today, I 500mg cbd gummies for sleep hope she didn t see any clues.Standing beside Master, she always has a feeling of being seen through.When Master cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe looked at her, the platinum series cbd gummies review expression would always overlap with that of five years ago.Miss, let s rest early Baotong said, I don t know what will happen tomorrow.Gu Mingzhu lay on the bed after washing up, closed her eyes but couldn t fall asleep, it would be great if she could have a long talk with Master all night.Gu Mingzhu was obviously frightened by Mrs.Lin Tai.Seeing this, Mrs.Lin said distressedly I ll take Zhuzhu to play in the garden for a while.Mrs.Lin also regained her breath and struggled to comfort Mrs.Lin I ll be back in a while.You premier hemp sugar free gummy bears with cbd shouldn t be cruel to Zhuzhu.Madam Lin nodded, took Gu Mingzhu s hand and walked out.As soon as he walked into the garden, Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong Cake, cake Mrs.Lin told Baotong Zhuzhu wants to eat cake, sara relief cbd gummies go and have a look in the kitchen.Let her take a walk.I haven t been to Cui s house for a long time.Maybe there is something new Mrs.Lin Tai glanced at her long lived tortoise again.The turtle s head rolled to the door as if it was staring at her.Mrs.Lin Tai immediately closed her eyes.She dreamed of a wounded tiger lying there, and she wanted to save it, but the tiger opened its mouth and bit her fiercely.She felt that the dream was a sign to her that the old Marquis did not die back then, and the one who left was she is gone.After the old Hou Ye left, her nightmares disappeared as expected.From then on, she believed in these things very much.Although she was deceived by reviews of cbd gummies a fake Taoist priest in the capital, her dreams would never go wrong.Broken, is she really near the end of her lifespan She had to find another way to save her life.Mrs.Lin thought of Zhuangzi as her dowry.When she lived in Taiyuan Mansion with her two children, she went to live there for two days when she fell ill, and her condition soon improved.There was an accident at the ancestral grave, and Yu s mother was arrested.She wanted to move to Zhuangzi, and now she couldn t wait for a moment.She would leave tomorrow.First, she would go to recuperate.Lin can probably think of the reason why Mrs.Lin asked her to come over.Mrs.Lin still has a hundred acres of the farm in her hands.Land, Mrs.Lin Tai s mother bought the village with her mother back then, and the mother spent less money, so she entrusted all of it to Mrs.Lin Tai s mother, and only looked at the accounts at the end of the year to collect some profits.Later, this Zhuangzi became Mrs.Lin Tai s dowry, and she never asked Mrs.Lin HCMUSSH cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe for money.Mrs.Lin Tai was always thinking about the one hundred acres of land, she didn t want it.Mrs.Lin thought about telling the steward Take the fish scale book from the field.I gave it to Mrs.Lin this time, so as to avoid future calculations.The mother in charge responded, but quickly went back Madam, the fish scale book is missing, it s not in your small box.

Chapter 62 Faceless Zhou Ruzhang opened his eyes wide, his mind went blank, he even forgot to breathe, and quietly waited for the sharp sword to pierce her through.The tip of the sword barely stopped in front of her.Zhou Ruzhang wanted to see clearly again, but he felt a pain in his stomach, his whole body was kicked away by a force, and he fell heavily to the ground.Frightened, Zhou Ruzhang couldn t make a sound, but just lay there with ashen face , dare not move.Looking at Miss Zhou who was kicked away, Chu Jiu heaved a sigh of relief.The murderer blocked Miss Zhou in front of him as a meat shield, and the sword in his hand almost couldn t hold back.Kill her, not so good.Let her go, I really feel bad, so I just let her suffer.Now that there is no one in sight, Chu Jiu felt very relieved and swung the sword in his hand again.I will interrogate them one by one.Feng Anping responded, they have all experienced Mr.Wei s ability to interrogate what is green ape cbd gummies people., Tell the Cui family and the Zhou family members about this matter, I am afraid that they will be scared to death just as soon as they recover.Wei Yuanchen took the people away, Feng Anping looked at Master Wei s back, feeling uncomfortable, always felt that there was something important to do, and he saw Chu Jiu in the blink of an eye, and immediately had a glimmer of hope.Ninth day.Feng Anping happily ran over.Chu Jiu immediately smelled the aroma of beef.Beef stuffing.Feng Anping stuffed the oiled paper bag into Chu Jiu s hands, and finally removed the big stone on his chest.Sure enough, after the bribe, he felt much more at ease.In Mrs.Lin Tai s village, Han Yu s face was covered with sweat.Missy, do you know where the study is This is the Gu cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe bio life cbd gummies reviews family s yard, so no matter how stupid you how long do the effects of 25mg cbd gummies last are, you should be able to find the study, otherwise, how can you run around in your own yard go.Gu Mingzhu nodded again, and immediately jumped off the chair, when Baotong happened to be looking for her.Miss, so you are here.Baotong said and was cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe about to go forward, but unexpectedly Gu Mingzhu ran out of the room like a gust of wind, and Baotong immediately followed.Mrs.Lin Tai breathed a sigh of relief, and she remembered it when she saw Zhuzhu.Although she can t go to Zhigeer, she can use Zhuzhu to do things.Anyway, Zhuzhu can t understand anything, and she won t say yes when asked.Although what she instructed, although I don t know how useful it will be, there is still a glimmer of hope, even if it doesn t work out, at least Zhuzhu will suffer in front of Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen picked up the tea and took a sip, then reached out to pick up the chopsticks Gu Mingzhu just got out of the secret passage when she sneezed suddenly.Chapter 105 The Past Gu Mingzhu waited for a moment before Liu Su caught up.What did Baotong tell you Gu Mingzhu asked.Bao Tong insisted on following cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe her out of the secret road, and when she saw Liu Su, she went up to talk immediately, presumably because she was scratched the last time she went out, and it was really dangerous to encounter a firearm at Zhao s house, so she had to tell Liu Su more sentence.It s no wonder Liu Su, many things happen in the blink of an eye, it s impossible to prevent, and it s nothing to save cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe people from injuries.Rush to die.Liu Sudao Miss Baotong is right.I have to practice my fists and kicks so that I can protect the eldest lady.He cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe always lamented that it would have been better if Xueshi Zhou purekana cbd gummies shark tank where to buy cbd gummies for diabetes was alive back then.The voice to audio sound is very similar to the sheet music that Zhou Xueshi filled in.After Zhou Xueshi died, Zhou Rujun was the one who had this cbd gummy bears 1500mg cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe ability in the Zhou family.Unfortunately, Zhou Rujun also died.Prince, Mr.Shen persuaded in a low voice, there is movement outside the city The prince waved his hand, and the piano sounded.This kind of incident happened suddenly at the banquet, and the officials began to talk a lot.Mr.Shen followed the prince, ready to find an opportunity to persuade cbd gummies for ed reviews him, don t let the prince continue to listen, it will really get out of hand.Chu Jiu took advantage of the chaos and walked to the screen, Zi Yuan also leaned forward and said in a low voice Master Zhao Er was kidnapped and hid in the mountains not far from the city.Lin Sizhen is in charge of the Suzhou Guard, so why doesn t the Second Master Zhao go to find his brother in law After the war horse incident, Master Zhao asked his cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe sister for help again, and Wang Daochang returned to Zhao Gongren s inn in the middle of the night, and all the movements seemed to be related to Lin Sizhen.This time, I heard about the Shanxi mutiny from Wang Da, Lin Sizhen made military achievements during the Shanxi mutiny, Wang Daochang also served during the Shanxi mutiny, and this evasive Wang Da.This time, Gu Mingzhu felt that they had found the right direction this time, and perhaps they could find more problems following the Shanxi mutiny.Girl.Liu Su urged Gu Mingzhu again, if she delays any longer, I m afraid the Gu family will make a mistake.Gu Mingzhu got up and bid farewell to Lu Shenzhi, and then Nie Chen could go around to inquire about the news, and when the clues gathered again, maybe some truths would be revealed again.Cui Zhen walked into the study for a long time before writing the official document , opened the door and walked out, and saw Zhuzhu sitting in the yard weaving straw rabbits.Cui Zhen had never played with these things when he was young, and his father supervised him very strictly.The time is spent on the battlefield, where is there any leisure to play with these flowers and plants.Thinking this way, Cui Zhen slowly walked up to Gu Mingzhu, and saw that Gu Mingzhu had a fluffy grass rabbit under his hands.The ears and the four short legs are very cute.Unconsciously, Cui Zhen picked up the dog s tail grass on the stone table and learned to weave it.Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes to look at Cui Zhen with a calm face.The dog s tail The grass looked a little weird in his hands, how could he be interested in these little things After busying for a while, Cui Zhen weaved the grass rabbit and handed it to Gu Mingzhu.Chapter 129 Mishanded Gu Mingzhu thought cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe she was going to take a solid fall, but before she recovered, she fell into Mr.Wei s arms unharmed.Just as she was thinking about how to say thank you, Mr.Wei hugged her But the arms around her waist stopped, and her whole body tilted slightly to her side.Gu Mingzhu raised her head, just in time to meet Wei Yuanchen s eyes.Under the moonlight, his face was not very clear, but his eyes were exceptionally clear.Compared cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe with the past, he seemed to be less deep and indifferent.He stared at her fixedly, as if he could see her true nature through the gauze.Allow.She hadn t recovered from the panic just now, but now that she was being watched like this again, her heartbeat, which was already a little faster, rang in her ears like a drum beating.Master Wei, what happened Did she reveal some flaws that he discovered When she fell, the fence didn t fall off, and her face was completely covered.

Mrs.Lin rushed forward with enthusiasm, her body subconsciously dodged backward again, and hit the wall behind her heavily.The man slowly stretched out a long spear, opened the curtain as thin as a cicada s wings, and stabbed Mrs.Lin with the point of the spear straight.Ah Mrs.Lin cried out, Don tdon t It s the old Hou Ye, it must be the old Hou Ye who came to ask for her life.Madam Lin knelt down and begged for mercy while crying.Brother WeiBrother WeiCome and save mother, Brother Wei Madam Lin desperately called Cui Wei s name as if clutching a life saving straw.The hand holding the spear trembled slightly, and stopped not far from Mrs.Lin Tai.Why did you kill me Finally a hoarse voice sounded.Mrs.Lin Tai panicked and felt that the voice belonged to the old Hou Ye.The old Hou Ye wore this chain mail and carried a long spear to fight in the killing field.Ah Second Master Wei stroked the two corners of his mouth.After leaving the mustache and growing a beard, he looks stable and down to earth, and he can also have some face in front of his old lady, so as not to be often mistrusted when doing cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe things.Second Master Wei showed a bit of eagerness on his face What does the emperor say Can my brother Chen find out the case It is impossible for the Wei family to not know about the Taiyuan Mansion, but Huaiyuan Hou just followed the words and praised Wei Yuanchen Master Wei is really a rare young talent.He found out the clues of the case not long after he arrived in Taiyuan Mansion.Second Master Wei nodded repeatedly My Brother Chen cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe has been smart since he was a child, proficient in six arts, both civil and military, and he treats others with kindness and courtesy.No hurry, no hurry, he must have other ways In the palace.The servants sent the rewards to the empress s palace one after another.There are all kinds of decorations and clothing materials.Queen Wei took a look and told the female officer Send it to the treasury Many years ago, she regarded the objects given to her by her husband as treasures, and she could see his affection for her from them.Later, the concubine in the mansion became pregnant, and her child died repeatedly.She finally saw it clearly, and smashed the Avalokitesvara painting screen given to her by her husband, and dropped the pomegranate tree made of precious stones.Items that are not sincerely sent are not worth a penny.But cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe Empress Wei was very happy today.She specially wore a lotus color dress, and a peony hairpin inlaid with jewels was inserted in her hair.What s wrong with the tea he brewed tonight He tasted that it was not bitter at all, Chu Jiu brought the tea out of the room.Wei Yuanchen s eyes became more and more familiar.To the east of Suzhou Wei is the Alxa Right Banner, and Yulin Wei is facing the Aoer Dusi.In comparison, in recent years, HCMUSSH cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe the Alashan Right Banner is not as strong as the Aoer Dusi.The Great Khan was ambitious, and the Battle of Yulin Guards made Da Zhou suffer so much.If he was Lin Sizhen, he would naturally be more willing to take refuge in Aoer Dusi, not to mention the Shanxi Mutiny more than ten years ago, Lin Sizhen and cbd gummy bears 1500mg cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe Aoer Dusi There may have been collusion between them, and if there is trouble again, they will hit it off immediately.However, collusion and mutual benefit are simple, but it is not easy to seek refuge.Princess Huairou couldn t help smiling, although Miss Gu was stupid, she still knew etiquette, although she kept staring at the bamboo dragonfly, as if she was afraid that she would take it away.Princess Huairou stretched out her hand to hand over the bamboo dragonfly, and Miss Gu happily went to pick it up, but who knew that the bamboo dragonfly had just landed in Miss Gu s palm, and the bamboo handle at one end of the wing broke off all of a sudden.Princess Huairou couldn t help but startled, even though she didn t break the bamboo dragonfly, she felt a little sorry in her heart, although these small things are worthless, children are very precious.Sure enough, the smile on Miss Gu s face gradually disappeared.Princess Huairou looked at the bamboo handle in uly cbd gummies cost cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe her hand, then looked at the broken wings, and remembered those years when she was in the palace.He stopped and slowly turned around to look HCMUSSH cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe at Miss Gu who was in the yard again.Miss Gu put away the bamboo dragonfly and kicked shuttlecock in the yard.A man stood beside him holding a lantern.It was getting dark, but Miss Gu was full of fun.Zhuzhu.Mrs.Lin called out, It s getting dark, come back quickly The scene in front of him was very ordinary, and there was nothing strange about it, but Mr.Shen watched it for a long time until the courtyard returned to tranquility.Mr.Shen raised his feet and walked out, all the files and documents of the Taiyuan Mansion case were in his mind.He had read the incident of Han Yu being attacked by the Pearl Thief on Zhuangzi many times., then there is only this stupid Miss Gu, who happens to be unable to explain anything clearly.And the dead man in Jinta Temple was also injured by Miss Gu.The old farmer told the truth that there was a gang of self thief in the east, but the government Recently, when bandits were captured, those people did not dare to come out to commit crimes, some hunters passed by the mountain where they once occupied, there was no one in the stockade, and they all dispersed to avoid the limelight.Liu Su continued The old farmer invited those people to come in to have a rest.Those people filled the water bag and left after resting for a while.When they left, they gave the old farmer some money.The old farmer said that although those people were wearing short brown clothes, But the fabric is very delicate, and it must come from a rich family.The head of the man is twenty six or seven years old, and he speaks Mandarin, but occasionally he can carry some Shanxi accent, and his expression is very anxious.Liu Su looked at the dumbfounded Chu Jiu and the cold stove, and suddenly found that Master Wei s servants were not so easy to do Miss, Baotong said with a happy face, Liu Su has come to the post house.She walked around with a lantern in her hand, went to the front yard to ask the post chief and the steward for a charcoal fire cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe and a herbal medicine, and finally found the idiot.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look at the hourglass, and her mother was coming back from the west courtyard soon.Go and come back quickly.Gu Mingzhu tidied up her dress and walked out of the room quickly.There is a rockery in the backyard, which is convenient for HCMUSSH cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe concealing whereabouts.Gu Mingzhu heard Liu Su tell what he had found out.The person who was looking for someone was probably the son in law of Princess Huairou.

Lin, there are other spies.Zhou Zesheng yelled immediately after kicking down Cui s housekeeper mother.Whoosh whoosh whoosh a guard of the Cui family saw the failure of the steward s mother, and immediately where to buy cbd gummies for diabetes who owns green otter cbd gummies pulled the crossbow in his hand.The three crossbow arrows were blocked by Zhou Zesheng and Cui s guards.Zhou Zesheng threw the short blade in his hand and pierced the Cui s guards heads impartially.Cui s guards were killed immediately.There was another chaotic sound of horseshoes in the distance, probably the rebels were catching up.Protect the female relatives and go quickly.A series of changes made the scene even more chaotic.Mrs.Lin was about to pull Gu Mingzhu when she felt Zhuzhu s arm resting on her waist, and then Mrs.Lin stood up effortlessly.Gu Mingzhu held Mrs.Lin s hand, and Baotong ordered the people next to him to lift Mrs.But among these people, there is no cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe shadow of Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen used the prince to lure the crowd away, and fled with the people around him.Cui Zhen ordered Leave a group of people here, and the rest go to chase Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen s lieutenant pulled the prince, looked at Cui Zhen and others vigilantly, and was about to threaten Cui Zhen not to go forward , An arrow suddenly came towards him.Amidst the prince diamond cbd delta 8 square gummies extreme force s exclamation, the pair shot an arrow in the forehead and fell off the horse with the prince.Hot blood dripped down the crown of the prince s head, and immediately the prince felt a heat on his head, and the torch in the lieutenant s hand fell on his hair at some point, and it caught fire.The prince was terrified and wanted to get up and run away, but who knew that the general was still holding him tightly when he was dying.Lin Tai.After thinking for a moment, he stepped forward to help Mrs.Lin Tai up.Mrs.Lin suddenly felt that the person in front of her was her younger brother whom she missed day and night.Sizhen, Mrs.Lin Tai cried, I know you were wronged I also remember the people who wronged you.Needless to say, there are vicious people in our Lin family.The mother and daughter want to send you to the prison.I the reason why I chose another path is that I don t want to protect them.You know that I hate them in my heart, and if I have the strength, I will kill them with my own hands.Mrs.Lin Tai held Lin Sizhen s arm with her hand Let me see if you are injured.Mrs.Lin Tai carefully looked at Lin Sizhen up and down before saying It s okay, it s okay, But thinking of the current situation, What are your plans and what are you going to do Mrs.Seeing this situation, others would probably think that Miss Gu is just imitating Liu Su, that s all.I don t know any medical skills at all.Soon Miss Gu got up and left the bed, and then Zhou Zesheng heard the sound of Miss Gu eating.What a child At that moment Zhou Zesheng couldn t cbd gummy bears 1500mg cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe help sighing from the bottom of his heart, but soon he came back to his senses, Wei Sanye asked him to pretend to faint, and asked Chu Jiuduan to bring goat milk, which was an ulterior arrangement, and Miss Gu He came to check his pulse and drank the bowl of goat milk.On the surface, it seemed that the child was mischievous and caused trouble, but in fact he helped him by mistake.Why did Miss Gu help him Is it thanks to cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe bio life cbd gummies reviews his guards these days That s not right, how does Miss Gu know that he can t drink goat milk Thinking of this, Zhou Zesheng sat up, and when he was about to speak, cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe he suddenly felt his world spinning.After he arrived in Shanxi and knew the ins and outs of the whole incident, he also wanted to quietly help the court find out who was behind Minglin Sizhen.It seemed that he would join hands with the Wei family in the future.But this speed must be grasped well, a patron is a patron, you can t walk too close, Wei Yuanchen is so smart, and he will understand what he means in the future, and there are many dignitaries in the Wei family who get close to him alone Zhou Ruzhang couldn t help but lift the curtain and look out again.The figure in the crowd is so eye catching.After all, it s a relative of the emperor, it s just different, Mrs.Wednesday was very frustrated, as if she had lost a good opportunity to fly into the sky, When I met Mr.Wei, it happened that your elder sister was married to the Cui family, so it was delayed.Yang was that the two leaked the news to the Tatars.Since then, these two people have been held in the hands of the Tatars.Whoever colludes with these two people now has something to do with Tatar.Master Cheng immediately looked at Su Fu when he thought of this Master Su, just now you asked me if I knew these two people, I I really don t know, I I was so angry that I said something unscrupulously, and my lord can t take it seriously.Su Fu ignored Mr.Cheng, and now is the critical moment of the trial, and he has to complete the document in one go.Su Fu s position as governor of the Shuntian Mansion was appointed by the emperor, and there were many cases involving dignitaries in a year.Su Fu relied on the distinction between public and private to be able to sit here steadily.The emperor praised him as the first man in the dynasty.Standing beside Miss Gu like this, people can see that they are doctors and apprentices walking around the streets, and they won t cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe make people suspicious at all.Miss cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe Gu s posing as a doctor is also cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe a little different in Taiyuan Mansion.She looks a lot bloated, and she must have worn a lot of dresses.With a bloated figure, a stooped back, and the old woman s bun, cbd gummies sanjay gupta she looked at least forty or fifty years old.Nie Chen s voice was a little tight.When he was in Taiyuan Mansion, he seemed to have called the doctor s wife Mother in law, thinking of this, he couldn t help but feel ashamed.How could such a young young lady be his mother in law, and he didn t know how the young lady laughed at him.But Mr.Wei is so shrewd, but he was also deceived by the eldest lady, and he is still kept in the dark.Thinking of this, Nie Chen felt much more at ease.The sparse and curly hair scattered on the head, looked very frightening at first glance.What where to buy cbd gummies for diabetes the prince looked at the princess resentfully, Are you afraid of me too Are you waiting for the document to abolish the prince so that you can ask the emperor to make peace with me By the way, I can t call myself I m already in my palace, I can t go back to the East Palace anymore, no no I have to go back, I have to go back.After the crown prince finished speaking, he suddenly curled up on the couch and began to cry.The concubine tremblingly stepped forward to persuade the prince.Since his return, the prince s temperament has changed drastically.He looks crazy, crying for a while, angry for a while, and he has to go to the palace to see the emperor and the imperial concubine.The imperial concubine has ordered that there should be no movement from the mansion, and she tried her best to appease the crown prince, but if this continues, cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe costco cbd gummies she may not be able to hold on anymore, so she sent people to inquire, the emperor drafted a document to abolish cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe the crown prince, just waiting After the war in northern Xinjiang subsided, the matter was announced to the world, and the imperial concubine acquiesced in such a result, who would have the ability to fight What s going on outside The prince seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly raised his head, Have you found the person who harmed me Has Wei Yuanchen who stabbed me been punished And Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning, if not He is useless, and this palace will not end up like this.

The guard couldn t help hesitating when he heard this, and was just a little dazed when the Crown Prince had already rushed to him.Big The third prince just yelled a word, the prince threw himself on the third prince, raised the broken porcelain in his hand and scratched at the third prince s neck.The broken porcelain cut through the skin of the third prince s neck, and blood flowed out immediately.The prince gritted his teeth and waited for another deep cut.The third prince came back to his senses and grabbed the prince s arm with all his strength, trying to shake off the prince with his hands and feet.The prince was pushed staggeringly, gritted his teeth and got up to fight the third prince again.He had a ferocious face, veins floating on his forehead, and the broken porcelain piece in his hand scratched his palm, but he didn t realize it, and was determined to kill the third prince.The old lady Zhou stood up and told Zhou Ruyue Third girl, if you come to deliver food in private again to help, I will punish HCMUSSH cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe you sisters here together, and no one will be allowed to step out of the house this year.This year Zhou Ruzhang s HCMUSSH cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe eyes widened.Wouldn t she be grounded for several months Grandmother, Zhou Ruzhang knelt down immediately, Granddaughter is wrong, please let granddaughter go back.I heard that mother is ill, and granddaughter is worried about mother, so she wants to go to mother s house to attend to the illness.Seeing this, Zhou Ruyue also cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe pleaded Grandmother , the second sister knew she was wrong, the weather is getting colder and colder, and she may suffer from a cold after staying in the nunnery for a long time.The old lady Zhou gave Zhou Ruzhang a cold look Do you think I am punishing her I am saving her by doing this.Walking out of the room, before Chu Jiu could speak, he saw Miss Gu turn her head and hand him something, which was a bulging purse.Some snacks, Gu Mingzhu said, It s hard for you to teach Liu Su boxing and kicking.This is a reward for him There should be food in this purse, Chu Jiu s eyes turned hot, in Miss Gu s heart, he is indeed better than the third master, otherwise why didn t Miss Gu give it to the third master.Chu Jiu said in a low voice It s my good fortune to be able to do something for the eldest lady.It s just that I can t tell the third master about this good fortune, lest I uly cbd gummies cost cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe end up with the same result as five black chickens.Seeing Chu Jiu love hemp cbd infused gummy bears s excited expression, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but feel a little strange.She didn t give anything good.After a while, she asked Liu Su to give Chu Jiu some repairs, but Chu Jiu was the general cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe of the Wei family.An iron spear in Wei Yuanchen s hand danced vigorously, and Gu Chongyi s long knife was not to be outdone.The sharp weapons collided together and quickly avoided each other s sharpness.The long spear slid down the back of the knife.sparks.Gu Mingzhu had seen her father practice swords before, so she was naturally not as clumsy as the outside said, but this was the first time she had seen such a fierce fight.The body is stretched, the movements are like clouds and flowing water, and the body can be controlled freely, so that it is not bad in the master s moves.No wonder martial arts practitioners usually have a straight posture, sitting and lying in a decent manner, and there is always an indescribable demeanor on their body.Gu Mingzhu suddenly found that her eyes seemed to be staring at Master Wei all the time.But drunk Gu Mingzhu was thinking, her eyes lifted whats a cbd gummies up, from misty to clear, the tiredness immediately disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.But his hand was still on her shoulder, and his palm was hot as if it was on fire.Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu said, Are you drunk Do you want to go back and rest first She often goes out at night, and every time she sees Wei Yuanchen, he is busy, and she has time to catch up on sleep during the day Well, Mr.Wei still has to go to the Yamen on weekdays, so it will definitely cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe be too much for him day after day.Gu Mingzhu looked around, Chu Jiu was not there, so leaning on her was not an option, but Master Wei didn t intend to retract his arms.In the tranquility of the night, it seems that only the heartbeat of each other can be heard, and the strange atmosphere lingers around.I don t know which family the Gu family is looking for, Mrs.Lin said, If it s a good one, I d like to extend my hand.If it s really a good thing, it s also necessary to fill in a dowry.The Gu family has few members, so there should be more.Take care of me.Yang s mother nodded I m afraid that the hearts of the people are not enough, the lotus alley has been seeking more and more in the past two years.Mrs.Lin said People are like this, the higher they stand, the more they seek.After moving to the capital Well, Gu Chongwen has also made money by opening a shop, but now the problem is .

how long will a cbd gummy stay in your system?

that no one in his family is an official.This time, he will definitely find a son in law from an official family.Maybe he already has a reputation.Eyes, but nothing.Mama Yang could tell that Madam had thought about this matter carefully for the Lotus Hutong, Mama Yang pursed her lips and smiled.It is not difficult to find Bai Gongren who is resting here.Baotong stepped forward and said in a low voice Miss, you have thrown me away.How could those mothers in charge run as fast as she and Miss.Gu Mingzhu looked forward, thanks to the daytime, otherwise it would be easy to get lost in the Taoist temple, now that she has come here smoothly, it will not be difficult to go further Bai Gongren took the medicine and lay down on the bed relaxedly.Originally, her body was tortured like a solid piece of ice, but now that she took the medicine, uly cbd gummies cost cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe the ice seemed to melt little by little, causing her to suffer completely.No, Bai Gongren let out a long breath of relief, at this moment she seemed to be able to get up from the bed and walk outside.Thinking of this, Bai Gongren struggled to sit up from the bed, and then moved his two withered legs.It was her leg Ah Bai Gongren screamed loudly.Chapter 283 Deceived By Someone Just as Bai Gongren yelled, her mouth was tightly covered, and a dagger was pressed against her throat.The dagger slowly scratched across her flesh, as if looking for something Appropriate place to start.Bai Gongren s eyes widened immediately, and suddenly remembered the tragedy of Ah Chan s death.He froze there and couldn t move, looking at the person in front of him in fear, his whole body trembling.The light in the room was dim, but the face of the man was cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe clearly visible.The man was old, but his eyes were still clear and sharp, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.She slowly withdrew her hand that was pressing on Bai Gongren s face.Bai Gongren seemed to be able to breathe at this moment, she opened her mouth wide and breathed heavily, even though she couldn t control her trembling body, tears kept streaming down the corners of her eyes.

Sun Zhenren s eyes seemed to be quiet, but his expression was a little more sinister.Xuan Wei went on to say Today when master was giving medicine to Yuan Jiashan, the Yuan family s mind was knocked down by his uncle.Master was afraid that his uncle would become suspicious, cbd gummy bears 1500mg cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe so he asked Xuanyang to go to the back mountain to spread the word, and let those people take advantage of the sky.Hei left the Taoist temple, Xuanyang never came back, and the back mountain was on fire again, Master saw that something was wrong, and ordered me to take out the Tamba wild rice hidden in the temple and destroy it, lest people from the yamen come to search.Su Fu.Hearing where to buy cbd gummies for diabetes who owns green otter cbd gummies this, he said That s why Sun Zhenzhen has been refusing to show his face, just to stop us from entering the temple.They are still refusing to show up, because they are planning to rush in together when he searches the Taoist temple, disrupt everything, and take the opportunity to help Sun Zhenren cover up.How, who knows How can someone who is respectful even to her Lord Hou be so unbearable The Marquis of her family let Mrs.Lin live in the old house of cbd vs delta 8 gummies the Cui family.After Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu returned to Beijing, the Marquis asked her to go to Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion to thank her, which shows the status of the Huaiyuan Hou family in the Hou Ye s heart.This time the Marquis can survive the catastrophe smoothly, perhaps there is a secret help from the Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion.Mrs.Zhang got into the carriage and followed the carriage of the Third Prince s Mansion.The carriages and horses of the Third Prince s Mansion walked very slowly, as if even the horses pulling the carriage were walking heavily.I m afraid that the Third Prince s Concubine was also flustered at this time Bar Mrs.Zhang was thinking, and there was a gleam in her eyes.She is too lazy to intrigue with those people because of the suspicion of the court and the harem.This time is different, Miss Gu is just a little girl, even if a little girl stomps on the ground three times, cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe she won t make any noise.After cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe thinking about this, the Queen Mother finally closed her eyes wearily Shuntian Mansion Prison.After Master Lu was caught, he was thrown into prison, and no one came to interrogate him.Could it be that Fu Ya really regarded him as an ordinary merchant He still doesn t understand how he was caught after walking such a small path.Master Lu couldn t help shaking his fingers when he thought of this, just when he couldn t calm down, something was thrown from the darkness and landed by his hand.Master Lu was taken aback.Seeing that it was a fancy lock by the dim light of the fire, he couldn t help picking it up tremblingly.There was also a chair made by Empress Wei, covered with thick cushions, and a small lumbar pillow placed around her waist.Just now she smelled a faint scent of wormwood, which should have come from the lumbar pillow.It can be seen that the palace people took good care of Empress Wei thoughtfully and meticulously.After she and her master entered the house, the housekeeper who cleaned the yard stood outside the palace gate, with several pairs of eyes on the medicine box in the hands of the palace servants.If it wasn t for Queen Wei s pressure, they would have taken the medicine box away and checked it inside and out.The superficial things are easy to attract the eyes.If you want to find out the truth, you must experience it carefully.Empress Wei saw the young girl smiling sweetly at her, and then bowed to her Madam, can my servant go over The young girl pointed to her side.Cui Wei stretched out his finger to the backyard Brother has so many women, why do you have to make trouble with me Cui Zhen s eyes suddenly changed What nonsense are you talking about Didn t brother also think that Zhuzhu is very good Otherwise, why did you come all the way back from northern Xinjiang Didn t bring anything to anyone, and asked someone to send a box of shadow plays to Huaiyuan Hou s mansion Those of us got something from big brother Cui Wei said, Brother, don t you want to bring Zhuzhu back to your backyard Before Cui Wei could finish speaking, he felt the neckline tighten Then there was Cui Zhen s angry expression Don t go crazy here, it doesn t matter if you ruin your own reputationand it also hurts the Huaiyuanhou Mansion, and Zhuzhu doesn t know anything.Cui Wei clenched his fists, and a trace gradually appeared on his normally gentle face Shady prey.After hearing this, Princess Huai finally relaxed Tone It s fine.King Huai changed his clothes and was about to go to the study to read.Concubine Huai subconsciously said, Are you going to read those sutras again The doctor brought the students here, and they want to see the little gadgets that the king made a few days ago.Princess Huai said You don t plan any more King Huai said I just discussed with Shen Shangshu, The vice capital censor will return to Beijing in a few days, and it is not appropriate to act rashly right now.Princess Huai can t say anything more, she also hopes that the vice capital censor Shen Tonghuai will return to Beijing earlier, it s not that she doesn t trust the Minister of Rites, Shen Guicheng, compared to him The second uncle s temper is a bit dull, and the prince always listens to him, so .

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it is inevitable that he is too bookish.He went in and reported Old lady, people from the yamen went to your house and tookthe medicines you used The steward went to see Gu Chongyi as he spoke.When Mrs.Gu heard Gu Chongyi say Tanba wild rice , she knew something was going to happen.What medicine Just as Gu Chongyi asked, he saw Feng Anping walking in the door accompanied by Mr.Ji, the Tuiguan of Shuntian Mansion.The yamen behind Mr.Ji was holding a box.Mr.Ji saluted Gu Chongyi Master Huaiyuan, I found Tamba wild rice in Gu s house.Mr.Ji said, Take it to Lord Huaiyuan to have a look.There were two jade tubes and some ground leaves in the box.He took some out and put them on his nose to smell them, and it really was Danba wild rice.Gu Chongyi s expression was even more serious.He looked at the old lady Gu Where do these bland wild plants in my aunt s room come from The ones we bought in our hands were definitely not transported to Beijing by our family We are wronged, we were wronged by others.The emperor intends to let me take over as the censor of the right capital of the Metropolitan Procuratorate Sooner or later, I will take up a post in the Metropolitan Procuratorate, and it is only natural for Yuan Zhixing to take orders from me.Gu Chongyi looked at Tan Dingfang and did not speak for a long while.Tan Dingfang smiled slightly After I say this, do you also feel that these cases are related to me That s why officials in the court and China will also think about it.Gu Chongyi thought for a moment and said You can t be suspicious of you just by a few words.There must be real evidence.Yuan Zhixing was arrested, and he has not been able to interrogate his confession, Tan Dingfang said, As long as Yuan Zhixing confesses to me, there will be witnesses.Gu Chongyi said It cannot be concluded that Yuan Zhixing is Instigated by you.

After fighting several times, they became more and more aware of the behavior of those people, and for the same reason, those people also understood them, so naturally they also Will secretly take action to deal with Wei Daren and her.Gu Mingzhu had a feeling that those people might follow the clues to find out the relationship between her and the people in the market.Liu where to buy cbd gummies for diabetes who owns green otter cbd gummies Su understood what Gu Mingzhu meant, and looked around cautiously In the future, when I come out with the eldest lady, I will arrange a few people to follow from a distance.If there is any problem, ask them to call the police immediately.After saying this, , Liu Su thought for a while and then said Miss is so worried, do you think that the person behind the scenes is not King Huai They all point to King Huai, we also need to keep a trace of clarity.Cui Wei s words didn t shake Cui Zhen at all, he raised his eyes to look at the steward What are you waiting for Mother in law He stepped forward and supported Mrs.Lin Tai s arm.Seeing this, Cui Wei knelt down to Cui Zhen Brother.Seeing Cui Wei kneeling like this, Mrs.Lin yelled, You are trying to force your mother and younger brother to death Outside People still think you are some kind of Changsheng general, but you are actually a black hearted beast.Brother Wei, get up, you don t have to kneel to him, I don t recognize him as a son, and you don t have a big brother from now on.We, mother and son, moved out , We don t have to rely on him to live. Mother can go, Cui Zhen said coldly, It s just that when you step out of the gate of Dingninghou s Mansion, there are only two places to go, either the prison where the female relatives are held, or Cui Zhen.Wei Yuanchen stood up Sir, rest early, I will come to discuss government affairs with you some other day.Pei Shangqing nodded Go Seemingly calm, he listened carefully to the sound of leaving footsteps.Slightly heavy, but very firm without cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe the slightest impetuousness.It s hard for the third master, Pei Shangqing said, The empress only wanted to find a way out for the child back then, but she didn t know that she had found a chance for Da Zhou.The cbd gummies from icbd 300mg 600mg 1200mg and 1500mg empress did not let them reveal the truth to the third master before, and she didn t want the third master to bear the burden.Living cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe a burdened life, the third master fell into a slump due to the case of the second prince.He revealed one or two things, and the third master struggled to get better with a heavy burden on his shoulders.Five years ago, Wei Sanye found him after cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe he recovered and asked him for advice on how to quickly understand the political situation.But don t worry, the women in the prison have all eaten the medicine made by Mrs.Zhou, and they will never treat Madam badly.When they were finally carried out, many people saw that the women served Madam neatly., very decent.Cui Zhen didn t breathe a sigh of relief because of Tian Mang s words, where to buy cbd gummies for diabetes who owns green otter cbd gummies and then asked Did the Zhou family not go Tian Mang said The two masters of the Zhou family came.They looked at the body and asked about the general situation.They heard that Mrs.Zhou had to be shot to death by the second master Wei in desperation.The two masters turned and left.prison.Mrs.Zhou was charged with crimes at the time, and her parents died young and were not around.No standard cbd gummy milograms wonder the family members were so indifferent.Thanks to your kindness, Lord Hou, Mrs.Zhou has a place to live.Cui Zhen also thought the same way before, he was able to take in Mrs.Cui Zhen saw Tian Mang s strangeness, Cui Zhen frowned .

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and said What else do you know Say it together, even if it involves Master Wei, it doesn t matter, what I want to hear is the truth.Tian Mang nodded and said At that time, I didn t know many things when I was not in front of me, but later I heard a woman who was working as a handyman in the prison gossip.Tian Mang was very embarrassed, looked up at Cui Zhen again, and then continued The old woman said that the big family just ignores human life.They can shoot those rebels directly, but they want to pay for the life of a woman.The mother in law also said that she clearly saw Mrs.Zhou raised her hand, and Mrs.Zhou was holding a sharp weapon in her hand.If the Cui family hadn t shot the arrow at Mrs.Zhou first, Mrs.Zhou might have escaped from the rebel.She often remembered her experience in prison, so those Mr.She remembered what Yan Tanhua and Lady Rong said very clearly.Mr.Yang said that it s a pity that the old man accidentally followed the wrong person and was sent to take the blame.They are now in a hurry to let the old man die, otherwise the old man can plan for you and save you from danger.These stupid people have harmed me so much.You have to know that with me, even where to buy cbd gummies for diabetes who owns green otter cbd gummies if he has nothing now, I will plan everything for him.In the future, he will soar into the sky.Without me, it will be difficult for them HCMUSSH cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe to accomplish anything.What they abandon is not a small staff member, but a unparalleled national soldier After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she looked at Wei Yuanchen and said I used to think that Mr.Yang s case was the simplest.He was implicated by the second prince and sent to prison, so he didn t think much about it.Even if Mr.Zheng is not afraid of offending Shangfeng, he is willing to speak for us, but who will listen to Mr.Zheng What After Shen finished speaking, she began to cry softly Second Uncle and Eldest Brother went the cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe wrong way, I m afraid there is no way to save them, I just dreamed that they died.Don t cry.Eldest Master Zhang said Sighing for a long time, he couldn t find the right words to comfort Shen Shi.Shen said I just want to keep my second brother and Shen s innocent people.Grandpa Zhang said while patting Shen s back Let me think about cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe it There must be a way.After so many years in the court, it is not possible to just wait to die like this, father in law is the chief assistant of the cbd gummy bears 1500mg cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe two dynasties.Shen sat there cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe blankly, as if frozen, and managed to recover I I remember my father once said that no matter how high he climbed, he would inevitably die well.Hi, I asked about the affairs of the court, but this time is different, when my pregnancy is stable, I will tell Hou Ye, and beg Hou Ye to help clear it up.Hearing this, Mrs.Shen thought about Zhang The lady cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe suffered from the heirs, so she couldn t help saying It s hard for you.You have to worry about me just now.Where is the sister in law My sister in law is a relative of my natal family, and now when I need me, I will definitely do my best.Shen looked at Mrs.Zhang s belly I hope your pregnancy will go smoothly, and it is best to get a boy in one fell swoop., in this way, you will no longer have to be blamed by Mrs.Zhang.Mrs.Zhang put her hand on her belly, with a soft smile on her face I hope so too.Mom greeted Mrs.Zhang and Mrs.Shen at the door.Seeing the pretty girl in the peach red dress, Shen couldn t help being startled.

The girl s eyebrows and eyes were stretched out, and she looked extraordinarily beautiful, especially the smile on her face, which added a touch of brilliance to her.People can t help but feel happy when they look at it.Although Mrs.Zhang told her before that Miss Gu s illness was cured, she still couldn t believe it when she saw Gu Mingzhu like this.She heard that Miss Gu was seriously ill when she was in her boudoir.They refused to go out and walk around, never thought that Miss Gu would look like this.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to salute Mrs.Zhang, and then looked at Shen Shi This is Zhang s cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe sister in law, right Shen nodded In a blink of an eye, I didn t expect Miss Gu to be so old.Gu Mingzhu smiled , Several people walked into the Gu family s inner house together.Mrs.Lin was waiting in the flower hall.Who knew that the changes would be so fast, Huaiyuanhou s mansion was fine, but it was her natal family who had the accident.Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Zhang again Is this journey tiring I didn t want you to come here, but you refused to listen.Mrs.Zhang lowered her head shyly I m fine, auntie, don t worry, it s the Lantern Festival now.It s my fault that I haven t come to say hello to my uncle and aunt for so long.Mrs.Lin laughed and said, Nothing is as important as your body.Within three months, according to the custom of the elders, you can t say it , but Dingninghou s mansion has never had a son and a half daughter, and Cui Zhen didn t believe it, so he didn t hide it from Mrs.Lin.Mrs.Lin ordered the steward Mrs.Zhang s meals must be arranged by the steward s mother next to her, lest you hurt her body if you don t understand.He was given to someone by his biological parents and sold.Thanks to Zou Lin s love for him, who knows that Zou Xiang Mrs.Lin is seriously ill, and seeing that he won t survive this month, it s no wonder he looks like this.Mrs.Zhang said I saw Aunt Zu and thought she was in good spirits before.How come it s only been a year Mrs.Lin sighed I will find a few more good doctors to enter the house, hoping to make her condition better.Some more.After Madam Lin finished speaking, she ordered the mother in charge Let the cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe bio life cbd gummies reviews kitchen hold a banquet Cui Zhen said to Madam Lin, I ll go find my uncle and go with me.Seeing cbd pharm kiwi gummy bears delta 10 Cui Zhen leaving in a hurry, Madam Lin shook his head.Shaking his head They are still so busy all day long for Chinese New Year.Mrs.Zhang smiled and said It s much better than at the same time, at least I can see you every day.First, it s because of Qing girl cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe s entrustment, and second, I also have resentment towards Mrs.Tai and Lord Hou.Even if Mrs.Zhang did it, you won t Is it half wrong Wasn t the Zhou family who hadn t passed the family murdered by the Cui family Let me hand over Brother Xiang to you, it is better to let Brother Xiang be a servant of the Gu family.With this in mind, I went to the Huaiyuanhou Mansion to prove that I was right.The Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife did not HCMUSSH cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe treat me and Brother Xiang badly.Son, let alone treat Brother Xiang as a servant.Zou Lin looked at Zou Xiang kindly Brother Xiang, you shouldn t do this today.There are many bad people in this world, cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe but there are also many good people.Think about Madam Hou and Miss anxiety cbd gummies Gu, you should be good.live.Cui Zhen felt a hot pain on his cheek.Cui Zhen looked at Jiang s mother on the ground and said, How did you harm Aunt Sun and the child, tell me carefully.Mother Jiang kowtowed a few times, and said in a hoarse voice I put the cold medicine in Aunt Sun s birth preserving medicine.Aunt Sun had a miscarriage, and after the baby was born, I took advantage of the fact that no one else was paying attention, so I wiped the poison into the baby s mouth again.Cui Zhen said, Who told you to do this, and where did the poison come from Jiang s mother looked at Mrs.Zhang It s Madam Madam asked me to do this.I framed these things to cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe Yao Qing, and then Madam took me to the big kitchen, and after another year, I became the chief manager of the kitchen.Shen frowned, in her impression Zhang was definitely not a cruel person, did Zhang really do this Mrs.The queen has lost her prestige., It is impossible to return to the throne.Hearing such news, the previous dynasty would also completely abandon the Wei family.Unfortunately, Empress Wei was punished this time because she lost her manners before going to the memorial and could not implicate the Wei family.The abolition of King Huai caused troubles, and Wei Yuanchen also contributed to the troubles.She still has to settle this account with the Wei family.Unfortunately, it s a bit late, Jiang Guifei sighed, If it were a year ago, the situation cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe would be completely different.The smile on the female officer s face froze Don t worry, your majesty, the emperor is like this at this time, it must be I feel that the empress and Mrs Prince Gong are wronged, so they compensate the empress in this way, as long as the empress ascends the throne, everything will be in order in the future.Pei Shangqing took out the account in his arms and handed it to Wei Yuanchen You have to be prepared, there is a big problem with the accounts of the coastal shipyards.Every year, the timber purchased by the imperial court is used to repair the warships of the guards.The repaired warships can basically be checked, but the maintenance of the ships has to be done every year, and the procuratorate does not check all the year round, so they don t know whether the records in the public accounts are true.Pei Shangqing took another letter out of his arms Unfolded and spread what is the best cbd gummies for anxiety on the table This is the result of the third master s trip to Beijing.These warships maintained this year should have been replaced in the public account.In fact, the situation inside the ship is the same uly cbd gummies cost cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe as it was five years ago.Baotong said.Really Yang s mother remembered that Jiang San was a little fat and couldn t walk so fast.Baotong nodded resolutely I can see clearly even if I have an eye disease.I can t be wrong.There was a smell cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe of pig excrement when I walked super chill produce cbd gummies past.She was right, the monkey really smelled of pig excrement.Bao Tong silently said sorry to Jiang San, comparing Jiang San and cbd gummies victoria tx Chu Jiu together really wronged Jiang San, you must know that Jiang San is very capable, every year he will raise the piglets in cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe bio life cbd gummies reviews Zhuangzi to fat, Very gratifying.Mother Yang was dubious, muttering and walking into the house.Baotong pursed her lips, she saw that this matter would not be hidden sooner or later, there is a saying that goes well, if you often walk by the river, there is no way your shoes will not get wet, Master Wei and his servants come and go all day, it really makes her fuck Heartbroken, unless the two families become one family, then she will be relieved.

The deputy general next to Gu Chongyi went to help.No need, Gu Chongyi said, capture those generals in the Beijing camp.With Wei Laoer s skill, he won t die under Qiu Hai s sword, they just need to surround them slowly.Qiu Hai felt that there were fewer and fewer people around him, and finally there were only four or five people left including him.Marquis of Huaiyuan Gu Chongyi had already stepped forward with a sword in his hand, but there was no movement from Zhang Congju, either he had fled, or he had already left.caught.Don t worry about it, Gu Chongyi said, Zhang Congju escaped by himself.Zhang Congju was released on purpose by them, they homemade cbd gummy bears captured Qiu Hai and reported to the court, and then followed Zhang Congju what is cbd chill gummies to find the spies in the seaside guard, so that the emperor could believe that Qiu Hai and Zhang Congju were in collusion Coastal guard.The emperor reached for the memorial.Your Majesty, something happened in the palace of Concubine De, and it seems that the empress has been poisoned.Huang Chang tried his best not to look so panicked, but he still couldn t control his trembling voice.Chapter 449 Concubine Zhenqing De is the biological mother of where to buy cbd gummies for diabetes who owns green otter cbd gummies the frail and sickly fifth prince Su Wang.Before the fifth prince was named Su Wang, she was just a small concubine.Concubine Nade entered the palace after the emperor ascended the throne.At that time, Concubine De was eighteen years old, and she was considered an old girl.She was not suitable to participate in the selection because her father was a famous Confucian in the Imperial Academy, and Concubine De was virtuous in her boudoir.Only by having a good reputation outside, this can be included in the roster of candidates.Deputy General Zhao is not the only rebel in Yanqingwei , Now they saw that the situation in the guard had changed, so they led troops to rebel.This is only one guard in Yanqing Guard, if the surrounding guards also respond, the result will be disastrous.Return to aid, Peng Shi said, within an hour, take down the turbulent soldiers.In addition to stabilizing the guard, he also wanted to send the news back to the capital for the emperor to decide the capital.Tan Dingfang was sitting in the main room, and the steward ran into the room quickly Master, there are a lot of forbidden soldiers outside our house, and I don t know what to do.Tan Dingfang looked indifferent, and his hand holding the tea was still steady I see.He knew that the emperor would do something, but it was only sooner or later.The three of them, father and son, gather less and leave more, for the day when the Lord s great cause what do cbd gummies do will be accomplished.A sound of footsteps came from behind, Tan Dingfang turned around and saw a team of imperial guards entering the mansion, led by Long Jinwei commanding Tongzhi.Tan Dingfang opened his eyebrows slightly, there are not many people the emperor can trust, and Captain Long must be overwhelmed right now.Long Jinwei commanded Tongzhi to stand still in front of Tan Ding Master Tan.Tan Dingfang nodded Why is this, Master Tongzhi Commander Tongzhi Ma Dai did not answer, but asked Tan Dingfang according to the emperor s will The emperor ordered me to come here and ask my lord to verify something.Tan Dingfang listened carefully.Ma Dai said My lord, do you know Qiu Hai Tan Dingfang shook his head I don t know.Li next to her continued, There is something we need to do right now.Mrs.Yuan was stunned What s the matter Mrs.Li said solemnly Marriage, Brother Chen s marriage.Chapter 467 When the master heard Mrs.Tai mentioning Brother Chen s marriage, Mrs.Yuan couldn t help but stand there in a daze.Brother Chen didn t seem to have any plans to get married.Mom, Mrs.Yuan said, are you the one who has something in mind Which girl, have I met Mrs.Li suppressed the urge to laugh.Her daughter in law is good at everything, but she is too honest.If she didn t mention something about the things in front of her, she wouldn t think about it, not to mention the two children Chen and Zhuzhu were so alert, and if they wanted to wait for their daughter in law to find out, they might have already exchanged notes with the Gu family by then.Mother, Mrs.Yuan became anxious, Why don t you speak Don uly cbd gummies cost cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe t make my daughter in law anxious.Mrs.Li still smiled and said nothing.Madam Yuan looked resentful.How about this, Mrs.Li said, you steamed two pears for me, and I ll tell you.Mrs.Yuan said in embarrassment Two are best cbd gummies brand too many, the pears are cold and damp, yesterday you secretly let the mother in charge I made two.Mrs.Li didn t expect her daughter in law to find out about this, but in order to eat pears, the old lady quibbled It s my mother Chen coughing in my room, and I asked her to steam pears to eat.Mrs.Yuan Don t believe me Didn t you taste it No, I fell asleep.Mrs.Yuan said You know when you are asleep Mrs.Li said Didn t Mother Chen tell me that early in the morning Mrs.Tai Lie and quibble, just for two pears, although Mrs.Yuan was unwilling cbd gummy bears 1500mg cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe a hundred times, she still softened her heart One pear, no more.Red up What should my sister Wan do When they first got the news, they didn t dare to tell Sister Wan.The purekana cbd gummies shark tank where to buy cbd gummies for diabetes master had found out the exact news, and now it s time to disclose it to Sister Wan, so that Sister Wan will also die.The idea of marrying the Tan family.Meng Shi thought about getting up and going to see Sister Wan, at this moment the mother in charge came to report Madam, the eldest lady is gone, she may have taken the servant girl out through the back door.Meng Shi felt dizzy when she heard this, Sister Wan will not go out to find the Tan family uncle, right This child, Meng Shi didn t know what to say, because she was spoiled by her, Hurry up and get someone to chase him If there is another mistake, she baypark cbd gummies price will not be able to live.Chapter 468 It s Not Easy Feng Anping stared at the back door of Gu s family in Hehua Hutong.Zhou didn t know why, when she heard Zhou Zesheng s words, she really felt a pair of eyes falling on her, looking carefully at her.Looking at her, that was Jun girl s gaze.Zhou Zesheng ignored the old lady Zhou, and ordered the steward Take out the list of servants at home, and report everything related to Xu Gui, especially the steward who works for the third master.Who dares to do anything, Zhou said.The old lady s eyes widened, You are not from our family, how dare you do it for me Zhou Zesheng s attendants moved a chair, and Zhou Zesheng sat on it The yamen will come to the door soon, what will happen if you have something to do with the rebel party , you all know that it was covered up for the rebel party, and if you are found out in the future, don t blame the Zhou family for not saving you.

Gu Mingzhu told Liu Su Take a few people into the side room, where we can interrogate.Don t blame me for being ruthless, Zhou Zesheng said, It s fine for other things.No one wants to be implicated in a big treason case.It s fine if a man is killed.All the women s family members will be filled in Jiaofangsi.Has the clan aunt ever been to Fenzi Hutong The people here are still in the courtyard of Zhou s family today, so they may become low ranking citizens tomorrow, and their children and grandchildren will not even think about escaping.As a servant, if the master is kind, there will be a day when he will become a leader, and he will really be admitted to the Jiaofang Secretary The lowly nationality, really will never see the light of day.Zhou Zesheng said lightly People don t kill themselves for their own sake.The cbd gummies will it show up on blood work old man passed away, and the eldest wife s family members withered away.No one is in charge of the overall situation.There is only one young young lady left.No one is in charge of the long house.After finishing speaking, Wang Mama swallowed At that time, I couldn t allow the servant to think too much.The servant went out to call for someone, and the old lady rushed over quickly.Afterwards, the old lady sat in the room and took charge.Those who serve the eldest wife are all kneeling outside the door and are not allowed to go forward.The old lady wanted to control the affairs of the eldest wife, and any doubts she raised at can you buy cbd gummies at 18 that time would definitely be silenced, and it was because of this that she was sure, The death of the eldest wife must be inseparable from the master on Wednesday, otherwise the old lady would not come to deal with the aftermath.Zhou Zerui s body hit the wall, and there was no way for him to retreat.Fortunately, the jailer outside entered the cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe room at this time.Zhou Zerui was delighted, as if he had grasped a life saving straw, he pointed at Zhou Zesheng eagerly.Hehehe Unexpectedly, the jailer didn t raise his eyes to look at him as if he didn t hear it, but closed the door and backed out.The moment the door of the duty room was closed again, Zhou Zerui s heart went completely cold.The officials of the Ministry of Punishment obviously colluded with Zhou Zesheng, no matter how loud he yelled, people outside would ignore him as if they didn t hear him.He is too familiar with this kind of thing, when he controlled the life and death of others, he had done it proudly.Like sister in law.Zhou Zerui seemed to understand, why Zhou Zesheng did this, he already knew.If the Yamen can t find evidence, the Cao family will say that he made a false accusation.Zhou Zejing gritted his teeth.The Cao family really turned their backs and refused to recognize anyone.Has he helped to plan less these years King Su has today, and there are many of them At least it s his credit, but now it s just cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe a small matter, the Cao family is so cold, Zhou Zejing is going to go to Cao s mansion to personally ask Cao Dashi, how he plans to arrange him next.Just as Zhou Zejing pushed open the door, he heard a noise outside.What s wrong Zhou Zejing looked at the steward, what happened again Even the yamen s trial is not so fast, besides, didn t all the people from the third room be arrested What are you making a fuss about in the mansion again The steward hurriedly sent someone cbd gummies online reddit to inquire, then turned around and came back to report.Rui Qingniang said Rui Qing s death is also strange, she died of illness on the road, when we arrived, her body had already been disposed of, because there happened to be an epidemic in that place, the local yamen put Rui Qing s body with those who gave birth The sick were burned together.It s not just me who thinks there s something wrong, Rui Qingniang looked at Zhou Zejing, The second master also seemed to suspect Rui Qing s death, and asked me to go to the clan to ask me if Rui Qing had mentioned anything to me At that time, the eldest lady had already Passed away, I I can t change the result if I say itso II just concealed it and didn t mention it.Hearing what Rui Qingniang had said, Zhou Zesheng can you drink alcohol while taking cbd gummies looked at Zhou Zejing When my sister in law passed away, you can ask someone to go to the yamen to take care of it.Once the mouth is opened, it is impossible to close it again.Feng Anping said Then tell me, how do you know these things Zhou Zejing took a deep breath to let himself recover some strength Before the elder brother passed away, he was a bachelor of the Hanlin Academy.Li s family took part in the imperial examination, the imperial court sent envoys to issue an imperial edict, and the Imperial Academy ordered the eldest brother to give lectures to Li s family.After returning from that mission, my elder brother will be promoted to a bachelor of the Imperial Academy according to the transfer, and then go to Taichang Temple to serve as Shaoqing, in charge of rites and music.My elder brother has a deep knowledge of rites, music, and ceremonies, and I also paid special attention to rites and music when I went to Pyongyang.Put it on quickly.Feng Anping reacted first, picked up the fence on the ground and put it on Gu Mingzhu s head, It s too unsafe for Zhuzhu to reveal her identity here.Gu Mingzhu tidied up the power fence, and Feng Anping was relieved.Gu Mingzhu looked at the expression on Feng Anping s face.She should have told Cousin Feng the truth earlier.This is not an extra danger, but an extra Safety.Su Fu and Xue Laotong entered the room, Su Fu took off the coir raincoat on his body, took the documents in the hands of the clerks to check, and remained silent for a long while.Feng Anping said My lord, this case is probably not simple.Gu Mingzhu nodded secretly, and it was always right to ask her cousin to persuade Mr.Su.Mr.Su is concerned with the imperial court, and after weighing it, cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe he would probably be willing to cooperate with them.At that time, the eldest prince was obsessed with listening to music and appreciating dances at a young age, which aroused the emperor s dissatisfaction.Only by letting the emperor always hate the eldest prince, could her son have a chance to inherit the throne in the future.This is a situation that she has worked so hard to achieve, how can it be destroyed by Zhou Zecheng like this She tried to persuade her, hoping that Zhou Zecheng would stand by her side.She thought that Zhou Zecheng would agree to help her because of his old relationship.Who knew that Zhou Zecheng regarded herself as the eldest prince s party by virtue of lecturing for the eldest prince, and if she insisted on finding out the whole matter, she had no choice but to get someone to deal with Zhou Zecheng.If there is a cause, there will be an effect.

Huang Chang didn t continue to persuade, but said Then we can only say no.Defeated in the battle, waiting for Empress Wei and the Queen Mother to come to question the empress, the empress has thought about how to explain it What kind of person is Empress Wei, the empress will not know, since Su Fu has found those women, the imperial concubine empress You will know that the girl Ruan Qin next to King Gong belongs to the empress, and Concubine Jiang will also stand on the side of Empress Wei.The empress should not delusional to find out the case.In the case of investigation, buy cbd organic vegan gummies there is no need for slaves to talk about how Qiao Song is.Once everything is revealed, the empress will have no chance to break free and can only bow her head and plead guilty.Concubine De clenched her hands tightly.What s more, what she gave to Prince Gong wasn t just Ruan Qin As early as when Prince Gong was eleven years old, he was fascinated by the Lehu she sent.Huang Chang stretched out his hand to test the emperor s breath carefully.His breathing was a little weak, and he seemed to have fainted.Huang Chang was overjoyed.If the emperor suddenly became seriously ill, it would save his effort , but just to be on the safe side, he still supported the emperor and poured the tea in his hand into the emperor s mouth.The emperor clenched his teeth in a coma, and Huang Chang couldn t pour in the tea for a while.Suddenly the emperor s eyes rolled up, and his whole body twitched.Huang Chang stretched out his hand to tightly cover the emperor s mouth and nose, and turned over and pressed the whole body on the emperor s body, so as not to make too much noise.Fortunately, there are all his people outside now.After being suppressed for a while, The emperor s struggle gradually became weaker, Huang Chang let go of his hand, and he stretched out where to buy cbd gummies for diabetes who owns green otter cbd gummies his hand to detect the emperor s breath.What will the king of Liang do with you then What The emperor trembled all over, trying to stretch out his hand to pull Empress Wei, but he didn t even touch Empress Wei s sleeve.Empress Wei took out a piece of paper and handed it to her servant The emperor has an order to order cabinet scholars and others to enter the palace to discuss countermeasures.The emperor looked at Empress Wei.Hot blood surged into the throat again, and a stream slowly trickled out from the corner of the mouth.Empress Wei looked sideways, with a slight smile in her eyes The emperor must take care of the dragon body.There is still a long way to go, and the concubine has to accompany the emperor all the way.Chapter 511, etc.As soon as Empress Wei finished speaking, Captain Long brought Huang Chang and Concubine De over.Peng Shi sighed in his heart.Although he knew the result, he was powerless to change it.From this moment on, all the courtiers who were loyal to the emperor would also be used by the empress.Peng Shi saluted and led the people down to do things.Seeing Peng Shi leave, the emperor s hands trembled slightly, as if he uly cbd gummies cost cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe wanted to hold Peng Shi back, but he really had no cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe strength, his body was like a big Zhou Jiangshan, and it was getting out of his control little by little.The emperor was going to see Empress Wei, but he stretched out his hands out of nowhere, moved his head, and then his eyes fell on where to buy cbd gummies for diabetes who owns green otter cbd gummies Concubine De.After straightening the emperor s head, Gu Mingzhu let go.The moment the emperor saw Concubine De, his face turned red and his eyes were about to burst into flames.Concubine De s face became even uglier.But at this time, no matter what happens in Jingzhong, it cannot just retreat.Fighting all the way here, his morale was high, and he left here.What he knew was that he was waiting for the opportunity, but what he didn t know was that he was afraid of that Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen has repeatedly spoiled his affairs, and this time he hastily raised troops because Zheng Ruzong s father and son s identities were exposed.Wei Yuanchen killed many of their soldiers and horses in the northern border, and the soldiers around him were holding their breath, wanting to take Wei Yuanchen s head, seeing the Wei character flag, everyone was eager to try.The deputy general was about to leave, but was stopped by Liang Wang Don t underestimate the enemy, the cbd gummies 5000mg Wei family has always been scheming.The lieutenant general responded, and not long after, the banners in front of King Liang s army waved, and launched an offensive against Gongji City again.It s all over, it s all over.I don t know if it was an illusion, but Zhu Wu s hand seemed to be clenched even tighter.It s okay, it s okay.Lu Guang touched the scar on the back of Zhu Wu s hand, tears fell on the back of Zhu Wu s hand, and said in a coaxing voice Fifth brother, third brother is here to pick you up, third brother is here Take you home.Don t worry, the third brother will look for you in a while, and he will definitely find you.He will find the best sewing in Beijing and sew you up.I want to make you look good I don t know if it s because Lu Guang s words were useful, and Zhu Wu s hand loosened a little.Immediately afterwards, a slightly warm object fell into Lu Guang s hand.Lu Guang brought the torch closer, only to see a piece of broken silver in his hand.Zhu Wu, Zhu Wu, how greedy you are for money.Whatever it is, just cbd gummy bears 1500mg cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe live.The torches slowly gathered around Lu Guang, and Lu Guang saw a figure running towards him holding the hem of his skirt.It was Miss Jiang.Seeing Miss Jiang, Lu Guang finally smiled in relief.Chapter 521 Concerned about Lu Guang wanting to have a word with Miss Jiang, but for some reason, his eyes went black for a while, and then he fell backwards.Lu Guang.Liu Su stepped forward holding a torch.Bring two boards and send them to the military tent.Gu Mingzhu ordered quickly, and then put her hands on the necks of Lu Guang and Zhu Wu to test them.Can feel the pulsation.Gu Mingzhu breathed a sigh of relief and carefully checked the injuries of the two.Zhu Wu was seriously injured, with a cut on his head, bruises all over his face, a collapsed sternum, and a broken arm.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help gasping.He has also heard about the things Miss Gu did in the palace.It is the third master s blessing to have such a marriage.Pei Shangqing took tea to drink, according to him, this marriage can be accomplished, the third master and Miss Gu are both smart people, if they are really unwilling, they will not make this step Master Hou.Hearing Baotong s voice, Gu Mingzhu raised her head and saw her father enter the door.Daddy.Gu Mingzhu welcomed Gu Chongyi into the room and sat down.Looking at his daughter s smiling face, Gu Chongyi sighed in his heart, his own flesh and blood are always the best, even if he knows that Wei Sanye is the descendant of a dragon, he still feels inferior to his pearls.No matter how much trouble he has, as long as he sees Zhuzhu s smile, his mood will be much brighter.Gu Chongyi reached out and touched the top of Zhuzhu s head, and asked someone to take his daughter away from him.

In a small courtyard in the capital.Zhu Wu was dressed and ready to kowtow to his adoptive father.Nie Chen reported his affairs to the elder, and the elder agreed to meet him.About to enter the door to kowtow to his adoptive father, Zhu Wu looked at Liu Su Look at me Is there anything wrong Liu Su nodded Everything is fine, let s go in Zhu Wu was very happy, this time This time he was the only one who came to see his adoptive father, and even Nie Chen was sent away.Who can compare to this honor Looking at cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe Lu Guang s envious and resentful eyes, he felt indescribably comfortable.Finally he got up the courage to open the door and walked in, vaguely saw someone sitting behind the screen, Zhu Wu walked around the screen.Not daring to look up at his adoptive father, Zhu Wu knelt on the mat and kowtowed Father, my son greets you.She didn t cbd gummies abc store hawaii feel it when she fell asleep just now, but she felt thirsty when she woke up.Gu Mingzhu looked at the table beside the bed, and there were indeed two cups of tea on it.Normally, she could reach out with her hand, but now she had to pass over Wei Yuanchen to get out of bed.She tiptoedly lifted the quilt and tried to climb over without disturbing Wei Yuanchen.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe bio life cbd gummies reviews with one foot first, she quietly looked at Wei Yuanchen, Wei Yuanchen was still asleep, and looked the same as before, Gu Mingzhu heaved a sigh of relief, bowed her waist and continued to crawl out.Putting her hand on his side, she felt a little weird, as if she was doing something suspicious.I don t know if it s because of the red curtain, Master Wei s lips look plump and bright red, and the events of the night when Master Wei returned from victory flashed through Gu Mingzhu s mind.I ll get it for you.Gu Mingzhu nodded.As soon as he moved, she rolled off him and lay back on the bed.Immediately after a cup of tea was brought to her mouth, Gu Mingzhu took it and drank it all in one gulp, taking advantage of Wei Yuanchen s time to put the teacup, she hurriedly got back under the quilt.Wei Yuanchen put away the teacup and lifted the quilt, Gu Mingzhu s heart beat like a drum, feeling him slowly approaching, she hurriedly closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe bio life cbd gummies reviews now that it would be too late.Zhuzhu, are you asleep She nodded, but how can a person who is asleep have a promise Wei Yuanchen said softly Then go to sleep, but if grandma asks about it tomorrow, you can cover it up so as not to worry grandma.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help asking Why is grandma worried Sighing deeply, Gu Mingzhu turned around curiously, as if she had something to hide.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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