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Gu Mingzhu evaded people and walked all the way to the lake.Without hesitation, she immediately slid into the water, swimming lightly like a fish into the lake.She wanted to put her 200 mg cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods purse in the place where she had thrown it during the day and finish it silently., will not be noticed by anyone.Cui Zhen led the people to the lake, he looked at the calm water, it was already dark, even if he wanted to salvage, he would have to wait until tomorrow, but he is not a person who likes to wait.Chapter 4 When the thief Cui Wei arrived, he saw his elder brother taking off his outer robe.Brother, Cui Wei hurriedly said, You want to go down to the lake It s so dark that you can t see anything, and then Miss Tuesday was vague, maybe the things are not in the lake at all, why don t you ask your family to look for them in the garden tomorrow It s not too late to go fishing after dawn.These details let her make a rough guess about this person.He is probably a member of the government office and has an official position.He appeared here because he was targeting the murderer.Whether or not this is the case needs to be further corroborated.As for the appearance, she didn t look too carefully, the face of a person is the most deceiving, for a stranger, she is first interested in his habits, clothing, and the objects he carries, and the last thing she thinks about is his demeanor.So there is only a rough outline in mind.Those phoenix eyes as deep as a cold pool cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods made her recipes for cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods feel somewhat familiar, but the indifference and alienation in them were unprecedented in her life.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it when she faintly saw someone approaching not far away.When she saw Mrs.Lin clearly, she immediately yelled Mother Mother I am here.It would be good to live like this, but she is also a dead soul in prison.Coincidentally, her death was related to the first prince saved by her father back then, who is now the crown prince.Perhaps it was the blessing of her parents that made her become Gu Mingzhu.She practiced calligraphy again, changed her habits, became a good daughter of Gu s parents, and completely broke away from Zhou Rujun.Unresolved grievances.Just as Gu Mingzhu turned two pages of the book in his hand, Baotong brought a plate of candied fruit to her eyes.Gu Mingzhu picked up one and put it in her mouth, it was so sweet In Mrs.Cui Si s room, the mother in charge told Mr.Cui Si all about the Jinta Temple.After ordering the mothers in charge to step back, Mrs.Cui Si stepped forward and said, Master, you rushed back because you heard about the Jinta Temple If so, it would be too fast.The doctor looked even more anxious than when she was suddenly stopped just now.Wei Yuanchen shook the porcelain bottle, sniffed it at the end of his nose, and looked at Chu Jiu Let them go More cross examination The third master obviously found something strange, what is in the porcelain bottle Chu Jiu returned the medicine box to the doctor, and took the porcelain bottle from the third master.This is my wife s medicine.Since the third master let them go, there must be no problem with the porcelain bottle.Just as he was about to return it to the doctor, the doctor rushed over at this moment.It fell from the doctor s hand.With a HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods pop , as the porcelain bottle shattered, a rotten stench was emitted immediately.Chu Jiu couldn t help covering her breath, but the doctor felt like a treasure being ruined, groping the ground with her hands, and then wiped the spilled things from the porcelain bottle on her face.Nie Chen pursed his lips.Of course he knew the prince s status in Shanxi, who would dare to touch the prince.In case of trouble, there must be someone willing to protect you, Wei Yuanchen stared at Nie Chen for a moment, Dare to come to me and say can i give a 10 year old cbd gummies such words, you have already guessed who I am, since you dare to come, you must have support in your heart.As soon as Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, Chujiu stepped forward and stretched out his hand to Nie Chen.Nie Chen was forced to have no way out, cold sweat dripped from his forehead, and cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods he hesitated for a long time before taking out a map from his arms Put it in Chu Jiu s hand.Nie Chen said This is a little clue I found, here I haven t checked it yet.Wei Yuanchen took the map in his cbd gummies no thc for pain hand and glanced at it Don t know the Marquis of Dingning Nie Chen replied honestly I don t know.The yamen arrested those people in Yong an Lane.If they are thieves, they must find the property they robbed.Without these things, how can they be convicted.The place marked on this map is outside the city, not far from Yong an Lane.What is the thing that Yamen wants most right now stolen goods.Nie Chen also had such a guess that he would throw the map to him.If it was really stolen, only he dared to cross the yamen to get these things, because he was ordered to investigate the case by secret, and it was only natural to intervene in the case.He got the evidence, even if he took control of the cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods whole case.It seems that Nie Chen took important things to surrender, but in fact, his identity, official position, intention of coming to Taiyuan Mansion, and even the relationship between the Wei family and the prince were all calculated.Gu Mingzhu nodded again, Ah Jin looked old fashioned, but she was forced by the predicament, but her mind was pure and her thoughts were simple.She came here with Ah Jin.If something happened to Ah Jin, she would definitely be interrogated, so she had to understand the whole situation quickly so that she could make the best choice at the critical moment.The boat quickly approached the largest painting boat in the lake.There are five painting boats parked in the lake, and each painting boat is brightly lit, reflecting the golden and green everywhere on the boat.Gu Mingzhu looked around, as if lost in the prosperity.Let s go, Ah Jin stepped forward and took Gu Mingzhu s hand, The girl is still waiting for you.Gu Mingzhu s eyes swept across the faces of the guards on the boat, and there was a bit of mockery in the eyes of those guards.

Isn t it a great shame My lord, please drink tea.Zi Yuan brought tea over with her own hands.After entering the door, this young man kept his head down, as if he was very shy and didn t dare to look up at her.At this age, this behavior is likely to be the first time he has come to sail., so she served tea with her own hands to appease the young master so that he would not be nervous.Wei Yuanchen picked up the tea to drink, and Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell presumptuously on the yellow face in front of him.This yellow face is really not as good looking as before.Only in this way can the comparison reveal his previous bright glow 200 mg cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods It s so eye catching.Through Master Wei s performance just now, she can be sure that this note has nothing to do with Master Wei, so her previous guess is correct, someone on this boat has been helping Miss Ziyuan.After swimming away for a certain distance, Gu Mingzhu turned her head to take a look, and vaguely saw that the person who jumped off the big boat following her was caught by two figures.Now is the best time to get out.Gu Mingzhu speeded up, she only needed a moment to disappear without a trace.The shore was getting closer and closer, and Gu Mingzhu was about to speed up her movements when she felt a wave coming from behind her.A figure quickly stepped forward to catch up with her, without giving her any chance to react, and firmly grasped her wrist.She covered her face to look, and saw that the figure should be Mr.Wei.Gu Mingzhu s heart sank, and Master Wei discovered her intention to escape.Before she came to Huafang, she had a bad feeling.The Cui family, Yamen, and Mrs.Chen were all cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods easy to deal with, but the only one who worried her was Master Wei.Wei to bring him to do meritorious service, otherwise, wouldn t he have bribed so much beef for cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods nothing, even though all the beef went into the belly of a chicken, that s still Bribe.Cui Zhen said Surround the painting boat.No matter it s real or fake, just go and see it.Chapter 38 Enemy My lord, you can make the decision for me, the old bustard immediately greeted Han Yu and the others, Those thieves have damaged many things on my ship, how can I live this day Han Yu He reprimanded in a deep voice Speak well.The old bustard was overwhelmed by Han Yu s official authority, so she could only speak politely Those thieves have their eyes on the property brought by Mr.Ding, cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods and they swam aboard while recipes for cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods they were having a banquet in the big boat.The boat stole the belongings, thanks to being discovered by the steward of the Ding family Han Yu listened to the words and walked inside Where is the thief Where is it Just as the old bustard was about to speak, he saw Mr.But the man picked up the teacup from the table, as if he didn t hear the yacha s words.Mr.Ding suddenly said This person must be the leader of the bandit, my lord, quickly take this person down.Is this still the Taiyuan Mansion of Da Zhou The man standing on his back finally turned around slowly.Bold and lunatic, you actually ignore the government office cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods cbd gummies near here The office manager couldn t wait any longer, he drew out the cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods long knife at his waist and was about to step forward to grab someone.Han Yu s complexion changed drastically, and he scolded, Quickly back down.The Yacha didn t react for a while, and took two steps forward.Immediately, he felt a strong wind blowing, and the person who was guarding the door Bandit was in front of him in a blink of an eye, and then Yacha s legs hurt, and his body fell to the ground involuntarily.Wei might impeach him, let alone his future, his life might be in danger.Thinking of this, the deputy general hastily bowed and said, It s me who didn t think carefully and made a mistakethe general is willing to accept the crime.As he spoke, he went to peek at Han Yu.Wei Yuanchen ignored the deputy general and continued, Where did Lord HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods Han and Marquis Dingning go out of the city They left with their hands so late, but because they got important clues Han Yu said Master Hou and I discovered that Lu Shenzhi was missing, and the guards at the city gate received Lu Shenzhi s paperwork to let him out of the city, so Master Han suspects that Lu Shenzhi is colluding with bandits Wei Yuanchen nodded rarely., To be honest, my lord, I was thinking the same way.If it wasn t for someone covering up in the yamen, how could the thieves be so rampant.Suddenly there was a sound of breathing in the room As the sky gradually dawned, Wei Yuanchen went all the way back to the small courtyard to rest.As soon as cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods he opened the door, he saw a medicine box on the table.Chu Jiu hurriedly said This is the doctor s box.Seeing that the doctor was suspicious, he took the box back and examined it carefully.Wei Yuanchen nodded.Mr.Sun is here, Chu Jiu said, I ve been waiting for you.Your wounds are not comfortable.Why don t you let Mr.Sun take a look.Okay, Wei Yuanchen said in a rare soft tone, Mr.Jiang please come here Chapter 40 Taixu Wei Yuanchen opened the doctor s medicine box to check the contents.There were all kinds of bottles and jars of medicinal materials and medicinal powders.There was only one bamboo tube that looked particularly awkward.Wei Yuanchen held the bamboo tube in cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods his hand , A piece of paper was poured out from the inside, on which a few boats were simply outlined, with marks everywhere on the boats, which should be the news that Ziyuan s master and servant asked the doctor to bring to Mrs.

Lin Madam, do you have the prescriptions that Miss Gu has used in recent years Carry those prescriptions with you wherever you go, just in case.It vida cbd sour patch gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews is common for doctors to take a look at the prescriptions they have used in the past.Miss Gu s prescriptions have been read back and forth by countless doctors.There should be no problem, but Gu Mingzhu is inexplicably nervous.Especially since Mr.Wei is still a guest at Gu s house, 3000 mg cbd gummies he will notice even the slightest clue.What exactly is Master Wei doing here The matter recipes for cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods of the Jinta Temple has always made him suspicious, and he is really a long term lover.Now that the case has progressed, he wanted to see the position of the Marquis of Huaiyuan, so he came to check if there was anything unusual about her.That being the case, it is better to let him finish reading earlier and go out earlier.Lin s words were still in my ears Zhuzhu is just a gummy cbd pure hemp tincture child.She raises rabbits and fights crickets on weekdays Wei Yuanchen immediately stopped in his tracks.Mrs.Lin was about to call Zhuzhu to go back to the room with her, when she saw the mother in charge running towards this side, and then she saw Wei Yuanchen s figure.Why did he come back again, Mrs.Lin couldn t help being startled, and was about to go forward to speak, Wei Yuanchen had already walked behind Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu squatted on the ground, caressing Yuan Xiao carefully, and she was quite surprised when she saw Wei Yuanchen.How could this person go and come back This time he just stood beside her quietly, thinking about something.Gu Mingzhu stood up, turned around inadvertently, raised her hand, and the rabbit fur that Yuan Xiao had just shed in her palm was scattered on Wei Yuanchen s face with the wind.Something happened to Zhuzhu.Speaking of Zhuzhu being hugged By the way, if Mr.Wei hadn t mentioned this incident, she would have forgotten whether Mr.Wei had touched her Zhuzhu.I, Zhou Ruzhang did not dare to lie, I went to talk to some ladies, and then I heard that Zhuzhu disappeared.I don t know anything.Wei Yuanchen continued to ask Did you see a monk with an ugly face Is it Nono, Zhou Ruzhang said while looking at Mama Bai on the ground, Mama Bai is with me, we didn t see anything, Mama Bai, do you think so Mama Bai turned pale from the pain, There is still nothing to worry about, so I can only nod again and again.Zhou Ruzhang tightly clutched the veil, she was still kneeling on the ground, no one came to help her, she had suffered a lot of humiliation today, thinking about her, she couldn t help sobbing and crying.Just now, she felt that Mr.Wei was more indifferent and ruthless when facing the cbd gummies 2020 Zhou family.Could it be that Mrs.Wednesday promised Mrs.Wei something, but later found out that the Wei family was implicated in the treason case, so she turned around and regretted it.Master Wei s resentment arises from this Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on Zhou Ruzhang s face.The shrewd Lord Wei would not look at Zhou Ruzhang, but five years ago, Lord Wei was still a young man, who didn t do one or two ridiculous things when he was young.Now that Mr.Wei has seen through the Zhou family, all the kindness of the past is probably gone, leaving only resentment.Mrs.Zhou mentioned this at this time, not to intercede cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods for the Zhou family, but to expose Mr.Wei s scars.Wei Yuanchen s jaw clenched, and his gaze became extremely gloomy Mrs.Wei Yuanchen looked at the servants of the Zhou family in the prison.It took some effort to interrogate them one by one, but he had already seen the clues.Mother Yu obviously had a secret.At this time, as long as he put in more effort, someone would confess.I know, before those two fake Taoist priests entered the mansion, I saw Yu s mother talking to them on the street.Later, when the two Taoist priests entered, Yu s mother pretended not to know them.Yu s mother in the end What s going on You said, cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods cbd gummies near here don t hurt everyone, you are the dowry of Mrs.Tai, you made a mistake in the mansion and were sent to Zhuangzi, if Mrs.Tai didn t forgive me, how could you go back to Cui s inner house to work Madam Yu, you are so sorry.Mother Yu spat out the blood in her mouth, and looked at the old lady Bloody mouth, you aredeliberatelyframing meWhat evidence do you have She has One son is called Sun Yong, said the woman, he works in the clan.Lin.Although it is still raining, no one cares much about it at this time.Mrs.Lin walked to the door, and the guards of the Cui family immediately surrounded Mrs.Lin and ran forward to protect her.After a group of people walked for a while, the mother in charge of the Cui family found out Mrs.Didn t keep up, Miss Gu is mentally weak, Mrs.Lin is a double body, isn t it Don t worry about them, Mrs.Lin said, Where are we going to find someone in such a heavy rain Let s go back to the Zhuangzili will send someone to check.Mrs.Zhou couldn t help but heave a sigh of relief when she heard this, she was afraid Mrs.Lin would stop, and running for her life is the most important thing at such a time, if she has the energy to take care of others, maybe Lin Mrs.Gu recipes for cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods and Miss Gu have already been arrested, and those criminals may not come to chase them after they get the mother and daughter of the Gu family.

Gu Mingzhu looked around and saw Cui Wei and an adult wearing official uniform got off their horses.She had seen that adult before.It was Han Yu, the prefect of Taiyuan Prefecture.She and her mother had been guests at Han s house, so they met.Chapter 57 Rescue Soldiers Mrs.Lin pulled Gu Mingzhu, and the group looked very embarrassed.After Cui Wei dismounted, he immediately asked for a bamboo hat from his royal cbd sour gummies attendants, and handed it to Madam Wang who was beside Mrs.Lin.Cui Wei said It s raining heavily, why did my aunt and cousin get out of Zhuangzi They re gone, I don t know where they are, go and look for them.Cui Wei was stunned for a while, before realizing Auntie, what do you mean My mother Mrs.Lin looked at Zhou s Zhuangzi behind her We met murderers on this Zhuangzi.We were going to escape together.Just like what Wei Yuanchen said, it was strange that his mother was caught.Those criminals were too confident, even if they could rely on their mother to leave Zhuangzi, how far could they escape I ll bring people in, Wei Yuanchen said, The people in the yamen just keep guarding this village and don t let the murderers leave.It might be dangerous to go in like this, so why don t you bring a few good people from the yamen to work with you Wei Yuanchen shook his head No need, I think about it myself.The magistrate of Yangqu didn t dare to say anything more, just went to see the yamen Protect this place.Brother, Cui Wei pulled Cui Zhen, You just let Wei Yuanchen take someone there with confidence He won t care about his mother s life or death.If something really happened, we regret it before it s too late.Chu Jiu nodded You told us to keep an eye on the Gu family, or Miss Gu.This matter must be clarified.Wei Yuanchen said Miss Gu.Chu Jiu nodded again Then if Miss Gu is in danger, should we come forward The Gu family is very important to this case, Wei Yuanchen said 200 mg cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods If it is very critical, it is natural You can t stand by and watch.Chu Jiu retracted his neck, straightened his back, and looked like an old god, he almost fell into the trick of the third master, saying that he was staring at him was clearly protecting him secretly.If he hadn t been clever, he might have made a big mistake.Who can understand such obscurity That is him.Chu Jiu smacked his lips, the master of this generation is not easy to take care of, he has a feeling that he will not be able to take care of him.Chapter 79 Arranging things for my ninth day and returning to the house.The Yamen hasn t asked me yet.However, he treated me as a criminal, called everyone around me to interrogate me, and asked me about my relationship with the Han family.Now it s all right, if he doesn super chill high dosage cbd gummies t come to see me, it s fine.I also called Brother Wei away, and I desperately gave birth to him, and I planned and plotted for him, as long as he is a little grateful, he will not act like this.The mother in charge hurriedly stepped forward to persuade It may be that the Marquis is in a hurry, so I didn t come in.What s the matter Mrs.Lin said, Taiyuan Mansion is going to belong to smilz cbd gummies side effects the Wei family, yum yum cbd gummy and he is still working for the Wei family.Will the Wei family think of him at all Now the court is fighting openly and secretly.Back then he said that he could not rely on the eldest princess, even if his decision was right, but now he cannot cbd relaxing gummies stand with the Wei family no matter what, no matter whether it is the emperor, the concubine, or the prince, he will not let the one in the palace give birth to a cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods prince, as long as If the stomach doesn t move, the Wei family is dead, can t cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods he see it The mother in charge looked around cautiously.Don t talk about it, Cui Zhen said, solve the matter in front of you first, maybe everything will be clear by then In the courtyard of the Zhao family.The steward of the Zhao family watched these uninvited guests shuttle in the yard, and the Mr.Wei suddenly took out the key just now, his expression couldn t help changing, he probably saw his panic, and Mr.Wei ordered the servants to break into the house to look for it.Yachai, Nie Chen and others searched for a long time, but they still couldn t find the lock that matched the key.Gu Mingzhu grabbed Nie Chen and pointed to the roof Let s go up and have a look.Nie Chen was a little surprised, could the lock still be on the roof Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice Some doors may not be on the surface.Look at the structure of this house, you can probably know the direction of all the houses, and then compare it with the reality.He found this box from the inner room of the main room of the Zhao family.There was a butterfly like copper lock embedded in the box, except that the butterfly had eight wings, which looked like a mechanism lock, so he immediately brought it to the third master for inspection This kind of mechanism lock box contains extremely important things.If it is opened forcibly, the water or firearms inside will immediately destroy the contents.Fortunately, mechanism locks can also be used to transmit messages.The key will open the lock.Of course, not everyone has such ability.Coincidentally, his third master s intelligence is unmatched, so this thing should be within reach.Gu Mingzhu took a closer look at the lock on the box.This cornbread cbd gummies reviews is the eight spring lock that Yan Tanhua mentioned.This kind of lock has eight organs, one under each wing, and there is a swivel that can be rolled under the wings.

The gentleman said, The news from central Beijing said that Huaiyuan Hou was very worried about the war horse case on the surface, but he was either walking birds or playing with insects behind his back.He was impeached and sent to the imperial court because of this, and was just fined three months salary by the emperor.Prince Edward His eyes were full of hostility, he placed Han Yu in Taiyuan Mansion just to get some money for use, how big a deal could it be The imperial court collects war horses every year, which is not inferior to him.Without the money earned by smuggling war horses, how can he win over people to be loyal to their mother and son Chen.Now Wei Yuanchen is making a big fuss, saying that Shanxi has privately opened a lot of Tieshan mines.He really has so many Tieshan mines, and still worry about not having enough money every year Besides, there is no war in the big week now, and if there is a war, it is enough to buy horses with silver.Chu Jiu watched Cui Zhen s movements and glanced at the third master.The third master s face remained unchanged as usual.Chu Jiu felt anxious and coughed, could the third master be holding Cui Zhen right This Cui Zhen used his in laws to touch Miss Gu, and the third master could bear it The third master seems to be all right now, he won t suffer from internal injuries and cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods get sick when he returns home, right Wei Yuanchen looked at Cui Zhen and Gu Mingzhu, Cui Zhen was very protective of this cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods cousin, when one day Cui Zhen knew that Miss Gu was not only not stupid, but smart and cunning, what would happen Do you hate her, or do you value her more Gu Mingzhu is now targeting Mrs.Lin because of this case.After this case is over, the Gu and Cui families are still relatives by marriage after all, and they will definitely continue to communicate with each other.Wei has already said that this case has nothing to do with this palace, why should we clear up the troubles At first, I thought that even if Mr.Zhao Er is dead, there will be no clues in this case for a while, and it has nothing to do with the overall situation.The main culprit, Han Yu, has been caught, and the rest of the people may not be able to cause too much trouble, Wei Yuanchen said.To the murderer who killed Master Zhao Er, When I saw that the murderer was the guard of the Eastern Palace, I changed my mind and used the guards of the Eastern Palace to frame the Crown Prince.It can be seen that the person behind the scenes is capable.He not only hides deeply, but also He is a powerful character.Such a person is more terrifying than Han Yu, and can often kill people invisible.The prince knew in his heart that this was a trap set by Mr.Wei Yuanchen went all the way down the mountain, told Lu Shenzhi about the matter, and then found Nie Chen who was waiting at the foot of the mountain.It was Nie Chen who came to report Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law just now.Everyone is alright Wei Yuanchen asked flatly.It s okay.Nie Chen didn t know why Mr.Wei asked this suddenly, he just made it clear that Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law s family was neat and tidy, and there was no damage at all.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, and cbd gummies near me 32922 Nie Chen continued When we arrived at the house of Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law, we found that there was no one in the house.After inquiring, we found out that after Wang cbd gummies sunset november Daochang died, the neighbors never saw Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law again.Searching around, I found an oil lamp on the table.She was in such a hurry to get a final confession from the Wang family, obviously because she was afraid that the prince would cause trouble.How old is Miss Gu He hadn t come out to handle the case at this age, so even if he knew this, he might not be better than her.Not to mention that besides that, she also knows about organs, medicine, tuning the piano, and the sound of the piano Third Master, the interrogation has begun..Wei Yuanchen pulled back his thoughts, frowned involuntarily, and glanced at Chu Jiu, he was disturbed by Chu Jiu, if it wasn t for Chu Jiu s words, how could he think about this.Chu Jiu shrunk his neck, for some reason he had the feeling that he was going to be unlucky, it seemed that he had to be more careful, when he was unlucky, he would fart on his heels.Wang s daughter in law began to complain to Lu Shenzhi.Cui Zhen walked into the study for a long time before writing the official document , opened the door and walked out, and saw Zhuzhu sitting in the yard weaving straw rabbits.Cui Zhen had never played with these things when he was young, and his father supervised him very strictly.The time is spent on the battlefield, where is there any leisure to play with these flowers and plants.Thinking this way, Cui Zhen slowly walked up to Gu Mingzhu, and saw that Gu Mingzhu had a fluffy grass rabbit under his hands.The ears and the four short legs are very cute.Unconsciously, Cui Zhen picked up the dog s tail grass on the stone table and learned to weave it.Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes to look at Cui Zhen with a calm face.The dog s tail The grass looked a little weird in his hands, how could he be interested in these little things After busying for a while, Cui Zhen weaved the grass rabbit and handed cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods it to Gu Mingzhu.

There was a muffled Plop , and the figure that was still standing upright like a mountain just now knelt down in front of her in an instant.After knocking three times before raising his head, Cui Zhen s face came into Mrs.Lin s eyes.Mrs.Lin immediately understood everything.It s you, Mrs.Lin Tai said sharply, you are the one who harmed meyouyou want me to die afterall these years.Such a rebellious son Cui Zhen s jaw was tense, his face was calm and calm, his eyes still contained the cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods unique majesty of a general, he knelt motionless and said nothing.You want me to die, good good Mrs.Lin suddenly saw the spear on the ground, and in a rage, she reached out to pick it up and stab Cui Zhen.There was a burst of surprise around.Cui Zhen didn t reach out to stop him, but closed his eyes.Chapter 132 Determined to thank the leader Bao Erya, Master Hou.After giving him a contemptuous look, it cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods flew up to the wall and offered its treasure to the reed chicken next door.Chu Jiu suddenly felt that the third master was actually very similar to the five black chickens, except that the five black chickens had reed chicken, and the third master made such a pile of red bean cakes without anything.The third master is really pitiful.Thinking of this, Chu Jiu immediately stopped his thoughts, so as not to accidentally overheat the fire and ruin a pot of red bean cakes, and it would be his stomach that would suffer.Third Master, do you want to send these red bean cakes to Miss Zhou s grave Chu Jiu carefully mentioned that there are enough red what are the top rated cbd gummies bean cakes for worship.Wei Yuanchen did vida cbd sour patch gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews not speak, and continued to press the red bean cake into the mold.What is the similarity between Miss Gu and Rujun They all know medical skills, and they all know Mr.The female official nodded Your servant understands, maybe our palace gate will be opened because of this Although the palace gate was open, the empress was not allowed to go out, this was known to everyone.Empress Wei glanced at the female officer complainingly In the future, you are not allowed to say such things again.Do you know how much hard work they have to spend because of your words I am fine here, and there is no need for them to bleed for me.Said It s the servant who made a slip of the tongue.The servant just feels sorry for the mother.I don t feel hurt, I m fine.Empress Wei picked up the brush and began to carefully copy the Buddhist scriptures.In the empty study room, most of the books on the shelves are missing.The rest of the books are related to women s virtues.The emperor is so wary of the empress.There must be a vote of honor.What will Lin Si really use cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods as a vote of honor in exchange for the trust of the Tatars Wei Yuanchen looked at the map and gradually lost his mind, and brought tea to drink again.A sweet and sour taste spread in his mouth, and he couldn t help frowning slightly and raised his head.Chu Jiu stood beside him Third Master, is the tea not bitter this time There are black plums and caramel in it.If you think it tastes good, I will bring you another cup.Wei Yuanchen looked worried and did not answer Chu Jiu It is impossible for Chujiu to remember to put ebony plums in the tea.He looked out the door Who is here Chujiu said It s Nie Chen and his junior cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods sister.They have been here for a while.The third master has been looking at the map.I didn t dare to green otter cbd gummies reviews vida cbd sour patch gummies go up and disturb.Is she here Wei Yuanchen loosened his brows and narrowed his eyes.Chapter 146 Little servant Liu Su walks up to Wei Yuanchen.My lord, Liu Su handed the food box to Chu Jiu, This is the meal made by the farmers.Although it is not so delicate, it is delicious.It s not like the people in the East Palace spend a lot of money to buy some exquisite food, but the meals of this kind of local farmers are simple and have a special flavor.Chu Jiu pried open a corner of the food box, smelling the aroma of the food wafting out of it, he swallowed involuntarily.Wei Yuanchen didn t look at the food box, and said nonchalantly, What do you want to report Liu Su and Nie Chen looked around for information along the way, and it was worthwhile, otherwise they wouldn t have the confidence to vida cbd sour patch gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews come to Mr.Wei.There is a village five miles away from the post house.The farmers harlequin cbd gummies there said that six days ago, some men came to inquire about the news and asked where there were horse thieves and robbers in the nearby mountains.Lu Seeing this situation, Shen Zhi urged his horse to catch up.Brother Lu, Cui Wei said, I ll go ask the prince first The prince may not be in the car, Lu Shenzhi said, I will report the prisoner to the prince when the horses stop to rest.I went there, but the prince refused to meet, the curtain of the carriage was blown by the wind, and I vaguely saw that there was no one inside.Lu Shenzhi said with a serious face Is something wrong He was left by Mr.Wei to guard Prisoner, take care of the convoy.Now that there are soldiers and horses nearby, it is natural to pierce the window paper.Cui Wei hesitated I ll send someone to investigate.It s too late, Lu Shenzhi said, Order the scouts to prevent those people from approaching, and we have to get our men ready.Cui Wei frowned The crown prince Where did you go Do you want to inform the people in the East Palace We use our own people without permission, I m afraid it s against the rules.

If he hadn t been suspicious of Wei Sanye s behavior, and Wei Sanye and Chu Jiu reminded him many times, he would not have noticed this.The girl Wei Sanye had his eyes on was really unusual, perhaps not as good as Juncha.The carriages and horses of Mrs.Lin 200 mg cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods and the female family members of the Zhou family have not come.Zhou Zesheng was thinking about it, and the guard stepped forward to report.Zhou Zesheng frowned and looked over, but sure enough, the two carriages were not behind.The guard went on to say I heard that Mrs.Lin s carriage still has the real family members of the Lin Temple.Zhou Zesheng sneered, What tricks are you playing again Leave them alone, protect the Gu family s carriage and move on Mother, What are you going to do Cui green light cbd gummies Wei chased Mrs.Lin s carriage.Mrs.Lin Tai pointed the hairpin at her throat, surrounded by Zhao Gongren who was picked up by Cui Wei, and the carriage drove westward all the way.With Zhou Qiye following, you will be fine.Don t worryMiss Gu will be safe.What worries me Wei Yuanchen He frowned and looked at Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu lowered his head and whispered, I still don t admit it Wei Yuanchen sneered.Third Master, there is going to be a war soon, and there are some things I can t vomit quickly, Chu Jiu said while chasing Wei Yuanchen, It s almost enough, the old man said before, accept it when you see it, otherwise you will be the one who suffers..In the past, Wei Yuanchen would definitely give Chu Jiu a long way to follow the rules, but now that important matters are on his head, he doesn t have the time.Chu Jiu obviously didn t know the principle of accepting what you see, so he came over again and said, The third master is contemptuous of Miss Gu.We have all seen it.Cheng Yi didn t refuse, Then I ll trouble the princess.Princess Huairou said, Don t be polite to me anymore.Mrs.Zhao was quickly sent to the carriage.Seeing Mrs.Zhao s appearance, green otter cbd gummies reviews vida cbd sour patch gummies Princess Huairou couldn t help but feel a sore nose.It was the son in law s biological mother, she was so thin that her shoulders were wrapped in a thick cloth towel, and blood leaked out from behind the cloth towel.Mother in law was injured.Princess Huairou immediately took Zhao Shi s hand.Zhao Shi s palm was rough and her fingertips were cold.Before Cheng Yi could speak, Mrs.Zhao opened her eyes with support.After seeing Princess cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods Huairou, Mrs.Zhao showed a loving and respectful expression, but she didn t have the strength to speak.Princess Huairou immediately said Mother in law, take a good rest first, and we will talk about it later if we have something to say.It s a pity that Lin Si is really useless, and someone discovered the clue.But this is also good, she can take this opportunity to encourage Lin Sizhen to rebel and let Da Khan help Lin Sizhen.After returning, even if he is not named Jinong, he can still lead a tribe in the tribe.That s why she didn t let someone kill Mrs.Zhao.Mrs.Zhao s so called legal wife was only recognized by the Zhou people, so it was not worth mentioning in her eyes.This time, she negotiated with Lin Sizhen to attack the troops entering Beijing and capture the women of the Da Zhou family.She doesn t care about the women of the Cui family.Lin Sizhen made arrangements in advance.The prisoners who are being escorted are fine, but unexpectedly the team that entered Beijing seemed to be prepared, reacting faster than she thought, and fled all cbd gummies acne the way here.Under such circumstances, Zhuzhu was not afraid at all, and ran around the village all day, as if she was very happy and at ease.Zhuzhu s behavior also affected Madam, and made Madam feel better.Every time she saw Zhuzhu, Madam smiled happily, her brows and eyes completely stretched out, and her face gradually became rosy.Gu Chongyi watched his wife and daughter talking together I always feel that during these days in Taiyuan Mansion, it is not Madam who is taking care of Zhuzhu, but Zhuzhu is taking care of Madam.Besides Zhuzhu likes to be busy in the village, she always sneaks to the village castle.During this period of time, the guardhouse gradually became quieter, so he didn t restrain Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu wanted to go and watch as she wished, as long as there were people around her to protect her.Wei Yuanchen stepped forward quickly Uncle s head is injured, he needs to is it safe to take cbd gummies every day rest for a few more days.Zhou Zesheng frowned and looked at Wei Yuanchen What are you testing Wei Yuanchen looked indifferent, just followed the window lattice vida cbd sour patch gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews The sunlight outside is changing, and there seems to be emotion in his eyes I will tell my uncle when I am sure.Now he can t say clearly, unless he has a definite answer in his heart, otherwise it is too much to say.It only makes my uncle more worried, and if it is not what he thinks, he will be happy in vain.Knowing Wei Yuanchen s temperament, Zhou Zesheng didn t ask any more questions.He looked at the candy on the table 120 cbd gummies and couldn t help laughing You are so troublesome, it seems that Miss Gu s dementia is not what she said.Wei Yuanchen Without rebuttal, he turned around and picked up the soup on the table and handed it to Zhou Zesheng.

A plate of red bean cakes, secretly tasting the taste of the red bean cakes, he suddenly entered the door, the third master can t avoid it, forced himself to hide the red bean cakes behind him.After cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods cbd gummies near here thinking about it randomly, Chu Jiu realized that he seemed to have forgotten to report to the third master that the imperial court had sent them to return to Beijing immediately Wei Yuanchen was about to return to Beijing, so the guards and generals of the Wei family would naturally leave together.However, since the third master didn t ask to take it home, Zhang Tong still left a few people to secretly protect the Gu family s daughters.When Gu 200 mg cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods Houye arrived in the village, the generals did not dare to get too close to the courtyard where the Gu sticky green cbd gummies family s daughters lived, lest they would be misunderstood by Gu Houye.As long as she can survive, the rest he can do without.But now, Wei Yuanchen slowly closed his eyes and opened them again, but he couldn t let go, not only wanted to figure it out, but also wanted to stay by her side.Five years ago, he failed to stay by her side, what about five years later Can he make her happy He fell silent.After such a long time, he has changed, but when faced with the same problem, he is still so flustered and at a loss.What if she refuses.She refused to admit that it was Ru Jun, and she was unwilling to accept him, so what should I do Today s Gu Mingzhu is more powerful than Zhou Rujun in the past, and she is being persecuted urgently.Maybe she will always be a stupid girl in front of him, send everyone away, and refuse to show other faces in front of him.she The moonlight fell on Wei Yuanchen s face through the window.If someone in the Cheng family knows what happened back then, my son in law should pay more attention.Cheng Yi looked at Wei Yuanchen, Wei Wei Is your lord reminding him that the Cheng family might have been involved in this case back then The mother was arranged to go out of Beijing to attend the funeral, cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods and the serenity cbd gummies tinnitus accident happened on the way, whether the Cheng family was afraid of being implicated in the murder, or whether they were involved in it, so we really need to find out clearly to get rid of the mother to avoid future troubles.Cheng Yi saluted Wei Yuanchen Thank you, Mr.Wei, for your reminder.Wei Yuanchen didn t say much, and when Cheng Yi and Gu Chongyi rode away, he took the reins from Mu Qiu, and the master and servant returned to Wei s house all the way.As soon as Chu Jiu saw Wei Yuanchen, he heard the third master order Have someone clean up the yard outside the mansion, send a message to Liu Su, let them come tonight, I have something 200 mg cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods to tell them to do.The identity of that idiotit depends on how he ends up at that time, if he didn t think about how exciting that scene would be, he would have He wouldn t have the patience to listen to Nie Chen s nagging.After entering the courtyard, Liu Su said It s something, the eldest lady asked us to pay attention to the two Mrs.Qiao from the Criminal Department, andlet us keep an eye on the Yuan family.Which Yuan family Nie cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods Chen immediately asked, Taiyuan He is very familiar with the mansion, but he knows nothing about the officials in the capital.It seems that Liu Su knows more than him when he arrives a few days later.He cannot vida cbd sour patch gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews lose to Liu Su.the brightest.There was a burst of aroma from the kitchen, and Nie Chen s stomach gurgled.By the way, Nie Chen thought of a very important matter, Did Master Wei give us money Miss Gu is young and weak, so she can t be fooled by Master Wei.This world is very big, but small is also small, avoiding and avoiding, always get together, Master Wei is willing to rescue even Peng Liang, and will never make things difficult for a little girl like her.Besides, there are still so many enemies in the Wei family.She and others have been helping Mr.Wei all the time.If there recipes for cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods is no credit, there will be hard work.If Mr.Wei has done too much, it is inevitable that he will lose people s hearts.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu dejectedly turned around and walked back to the chair.If Mr.Wei insisted on revealing her identity, then she had no choice but to cry to him as a last resort.It s not easy for her either, she just wants to investigate a few cases in private, and she disguises herself because she is afraid of causing trouble to her family.Besides, she is a house lady, if she is found out, how should she get married It s best for Mrs.When the cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods prince heard this, his expression became even angrier You are still like this.No matter what happens, just use these few words to prevaricate me.I have heard enough.After finishing speaking, the prince raised his hand to Pei Shangqing Fighting up, there was a burst of exclamation from around, Pei Shangqing didn t dodge, and the official hat on his head fell on the hall.The prince immediately laughed when he saw Pei Shangqing s appearance Pei Qing is not the same as me.If my palace is abolished, what benefits do you have Don t think that this palace doesn t know.Many of you are the eyeliner of the third child.They are all doing things for the third child.Pei Shangqing bent down and picked up the official hat, put it on calmly, lifted the official uniform and knelt down to plead guilty Your Majesty, your highness is not good enough to help you, and you have neglected your duties.

Long Jinwei stepped forward and took the prince out of the hall, and the prince struggled and shouted Song You, do you dare to swear You swear that you will never be the crown prince in this life Otherwise, there will be lightning strikes.Father, Father, don t you love your son the most If you give your son another chance, your son will definitely be a good heir, and he can do many things for you.Second brother and aunt oh Hmm.Apparently the crown prince s mouth was covered by Captain Long.The third prince, Song You, lay prone on the ground.Wei Yuanchen finally shifted his attention to the abolished prince.What the abolished prince wanted to talk about was the case of rebellion between the eldest princess Yongkang and the second prince.The prince said My son can do many things for you.Does it include the treason case Chapter 263 The promoted prince was expelled from the main hall, and the officials of the East Palace bowed to the emperor and then left.She should be concerned about her father, so she looked away thinking this way.It can t be her fault either, the two of them are already together, and they can t tell each other apart.She has been with Baotong for a long time, and she probably also contracted an eye disease, staring at her side Gu Chongyi began to struggle , Wei Yuanchen was like a young wolf cub with great strength, he struck with a knife and gun more than ten times in a row, and the strength of the iron gun increased instead of weakening, and he seemed to be about to lose.After all, he was born with great strength.He was taught martial arts since he was a child.He followed the path of a family, and his skills were particularly solid.Although he was not very powerful, he had inherited the heritage of the Gu family and had been taught by his old father in law.When he swung his arm, a sharp pain came from his lower dantian.Seeing Mr.Wei getting closer and closer, Gu Mingzhu s mind was confused and unreasonable, but her body was extremely honest.She subconsciously responded to the imminent danger.She decisively pulled Mr.Wei s arm off, and found the The silver needle was still there, and immediately moved a little deeper, hoping to wake up Master Wei, and she also took this opportunity to escape.If the calculation is good, everything will go smoothly, Master Wei also lost some of his alcohol, and she was able to get away, but after being drunk, Master Wei is still agile.The moment she just squatted down, long arms struck her again.Although she didn t know much about boxing, she knew how to deal with villains.She has long been familiar with the movements that should be done HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods in an emergency, such as dodging, bending the elbow, and sending it forward.Mrs.Lin asked the mother in charge to help Zou Linshi and the child up, and when the two sat down, Zou Linshi said Although the house belongs to Mrs.Lin, the yamen also brought people in to check, and we were all kicked out.Come out.Zou Lin couldn t help coughing when he said this, and the child next to him immediately went to pat Zou Lin s back.Zou Lin continued The clan is in chaos now, all clan members who have close contacts with Lin Sizhen have been interrogated, and many of them have been put in jail.Thanks to the cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods cbd gummies near here support of your old lady, now the old lady takes people to go there every day.The yamen, helping the yamen to investigate the case and bring the innocent clansmen back to the clan to take care of them as much as possible, really saved a lot of people.We all know that if there is no Lord Marquis and his wife, the Lin family will definitely suffer disaster.Lin didn t ask any more questions, and ordered the steward Clean up one of the guest rooms in the backyard, and then invite old imperial doctor Chai to come.Zou Lin immediately got up and thanked.Clan sister, don t be like this, Mrs.Lin said, At that time, Zhuzhu was sick and had a rash on her body.Everyone was afraid that it was pox, but the clan sister was always helping me take care of Zhuzhu.Now that the clan sister is sick, I am the same.The family sister should not think about other things, the most important thing is to get cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods a good medical treatment.Zou Lin nodded, her eyes green otter cbd gummies reviews vida cbd sour patch gummies fell on Zou Xiang, her expression flashed with sadness, and her heart kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies was full of mixed feelings and became a mess.She knew that Mrs.Lin would not agree immediately, but after all, they were left to live in the mansion, so there was still a glimmer of hope.The queen mother was a little surprised when she heard this Did you find this medicine from Sun Huixiu Mo Zhenren said I only found Tamba wild rice.Although this Tamba wild rice is also strange, it is not the same cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods cbd gummies near here as the medicine used by Bai Gong., so the Taoist wants to get the medicine from the Empress Dowager and take a closer look.The Queen Mother ordered the female officer Give some of the medicine to Mo Zhenren.The female officer responded with a cry and stepped back.The Empress Dowager continued The Ai family already knew that even if they hid in the palace, they would count on Ai s head.The East Palace was abolished, and 3600mg cbd gummies the situation in the court would be chaotic.Some people in the harem are watching a play, and some people want to be orioles.Who has no selfishness The only person with little selfishness is still confined by the emperor in the palace.

Qiao Zheng frowned involuntarily, he had never seen such a scene before.The smile on Qiao cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods Song s face disappeared, but his whole person was still gentle and calm.This was what Wei Yuanchen wanted him to see.Qiao Song said Why did Yuan Zhixing s family members become like this Because of the fairy medicine, Wei Yuanchen said calmly, the fairy medicine her brother brought to Beijing, the medicine can t cure the disease, but will be slowly taken away As long as people s minds don t use medicine, they will feel extremely painful.Qiao Song said So, her brother is trying to harm her As soon as Qiao Song finished speaking, Bai Jingkun in the cell finally couldn t help it I didn t I didn t harm the second sister, I just wanted to treat the second sister s illness, I vida cbd sour patch gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews didn t expect this to happenMy brother in law said that the second sister s condition improved after taking this medicine, I thought it was true.The weather was so bad that Gu Chongyi was going to stay with Cui Zhen for a while, when he saw the steward saying, Second Master Cui is here.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, and saw vida cbd sour patch gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews Cui Wei being led into the door.Cui Wei stepped forward to salute Gu Chongyi and Cui Zhen with a smile on his face, and said, I knew that my elder brother was here to visit my uncle and aunt, so I would come with me.Before Gu Chongyi could speak, Cui Zhen stood up and said goodbye to Gu Chongyi It s getting late Now, it s time for us to go back, my uncle rested earlier, and our brothers will come again some other day.Cui Wei s smile froze on his face.Gu Chongyi did not expect that Cui Zhen was about to leave.Brother, why are you in such a hurry Cui Wei didn t follow Cui Zhen s intentions as usual, I haven t even had time to talk to my uncle, brother is leaving.Huai Wang came out of the palace and went straight back to Huai Wang s mansion, even before he had time to change his clothes.into the study.Seeing the figure in the study, King Huai s heart was still in his throat.He saluted the person sitting on the chair Sir.I can t afford it.King Huai said, If Mr.Shen hadn t planned for me, I wouldn t be where I am today.Just now, my father reviewed what I have done these years, and I only have gratitude to Mr.Shen.Shen Guicheng is The eldest son of Shen Shoufu is now in charge of the Ministry of Rites.After Shen Shoufu took over as cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods Minister of Rites, he was promoted to a bachelor, and then became a bachelor of Shoufu.Shen Guicheng and his father walked the same path of promotion.Although Shen Guicheng was not as famous as Shen Shoufu, officials who had good relations with the Shen family often said that the Shen family vida cbd sour patch gummies would produce two chief assistants.I was shocked when I saw Aunt Zhen for the first time.There are so many people, it s not surprising that the two of them look alike.When the real person came to Anjiyuan, I was afraid that Aunt Zhen would stir up the real person s sadness, so I didn t mention it to the real person.Mo Yangming s HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods expression remained unchanged This Anjiyuan How many people have seen A Chan Yu Zhenhai didn t know Mo Zhenren s intention of asking this question Why does the real person ask these things IThinking about it carefully, Miss Bai has been there for many years, and so are the people who came to Anjiyuan.In and out, I m afraid there is no one but me Yu Zhenhai s voice was obviously slightly lower after speaking, as if he cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods couldn t even convince himself.How could Mo Yangming not see something strange Is there really no one else Yu Zhenhai simply didn t look into Mo Yangming s eyes Nono one else.When she introduced the cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods Tan family to Lotus Hutong, she probably didn t think too much about it.Cui Zhen thought of this and walked forward.He wants to get along well with Mrs.Zhang, maybe because the family has not been peaceful recently, and it is inevitable that he has not done well.Dingning Marquis, the steward of the Gu family stepped forward and said, My Marquis invites you to the study.After the steward finished speaking, he walked to the side to lead the way, and still did not forget to make it clear Master s study has other guests.Cui Zhen Subconsciously stopped Who is it The steward said The third master of the Wei family.Cui Zhen narrowed his eyes, Wei Yuanchen Uncle met Wei Yuanchen at such a time, but because of the case of the lotus alley Does cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods royal blend cbd gummies for pain uncle trust the Wei family so much now Mrs.The mother has decided where to how long do cbd gummies take to wear off go, and the son will see her off in person.Cui Zhen s cold eyes fell on Mrs.Lin Tai, and Mrs.Lin couldn t help shivering, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods she believed that the eldest son could say it.If she could do it, she naturally didn t want to go to a nunnery or prison.Mrs.Lin gritted her teeth and stared at Cui Zhen Okay, okay, I won t go, I will stay here and see with my own eyes how long you can last as Marquis Ding Ning.After saying this, Mrs.Lin was deeply moved.He gave Cui Wei a serious look, his eyes filled with the love and concern of a mother.Cui Zhen clenched his fingers lightly.Mrs.Lin Tai was brought back to the house, and Mrs.Zhang was also helped out.Cui Zhen glanced at Mrs.Zhang You don t need to come out when it s cold, let s go in and raise her For a few days, Mrs.Zhang didn t even dare to take big strides when she walked.

After Mrs.Zhou passed away, we cleaned up the cell carefully, and found a corpse in Mrs.Zhou s cell.The man was wearing the clothes of the Yamen, but he was not from the prison of cbd gummies for runners the Ministry of Criminal Justice.This person was holding a sharp weapon in his hand.Once you are in Mrs.Zhou s cell, you can imagine what she wants to do.Tian Mang looked at Cui Zhen s face and found that Marquis Ding Ning did not intend to stop him, so he continued The reason why the man didn t succeed was because he was arrested The man stabbed the heart with a sharp weapon.Cui Zhen said How do you know that the Zhou family killed that person Tian Mang did not hesitate at all The woman in the prison went to sort out Mrs.Zhou s body and found that Mrs.Zhou was holding Mrs.Zhou s body.A bamboo tube, with a three edged thorn hidden in the bamboo tube.Cui Wei does not take the right path, no matter what the result is, he deserves what he deserves.Poor cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods Cui Zhen, his uncle, mother, and younger brother have all been against him for a year, and now only the inner house can give him some comfort, but the Zhang family Gu Chongyi Sighing in his heart, Wei Yuanchen doubted the Zhang family and Mrs.Zhang.Although he couldn t bear to tell Cui Zhen at such a time, he still had to raise some points.Cui Zhen has been leading troops outside cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods for many years, so cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods he still has these responsibilities.Gu Chongyi said Your father in law is going to work in Guangzhou Shipbuilding Department, can I ask you for help Cui Zhen s eyes darkened I lead troops outside all the year round, and I only care about frontier wars.I should not ask about the appointment and dismissal of the imperial court.Zou Lin wiped the tears from his face, nodded and said Master Hou remembered.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, and looked at Zou Xiang I remember that when I went back to the Lin 200 mg cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods clan with my mother, I lived in that house.He chose a cbd isolate gummies near my location few girls to be his concubines, but he refused at first, and refused a few times, and then he couldn t bear his mother s repeated whispers in his ear, so he accepted a girl.He vaguely remembered that the girl was very gentle.Wan, who knows etiquette quite well, where to buy cbd gummy bears 60463 is still in his heart.His mother brought the girl back to the capital, and he knew that the Zhang family would arrange it properly, so he ignored the matter and went back to Datong directly.Later, he hurried back to the capital and heard that the concubine s grandson Auntie was pregnant, and Auntie Sun had a miscarriage due to poor service by a girl.He was completely defeated, not in front of the enemy, but in his own hands.After the death of his father, his The indifference started, and too many people were harmed, his concubines, his children When Cui Zhen came back to his senses, the sky was covered with dark clouds, so that no light could be seen through.there.Cui Zhen looked along the wind lantern, Zhu Zhu was talking to the doctor, and the two were discussing Zou Lin s condition.What Zou Lin said was right, thanks to the fact that she did not take Zou Xiang to the Marquis of Dingning, if she had brought Zou Xiang to the Hou recipes for cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods s mansion, there would not be such a result, Zou Lin would have been gone long ago, Zou Xiang maybe it would be What situation.Master Dingning, said the mother in charge in a low voice, Our Lord is waiting for you in the study.Role.Cui Zhen said After I came back from Shanxi, Cui Wei asked me to visit Tan Dingfang.In fact, Tan Dingfang, Minister of the Ministry of War, has been trying to win him over these HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods years.At first, he thought that Tan Dingfang was the emperor s confidant.If Tan Dingfang and the Zhang family were working for the people behind the scenes, it would make sense.One was in the open and the other was in the dark.The green otter cbd gummies reviews vida cbd sour patch gummies purpose was to contain him and get the troops stationed in Datong.With Lin Sizhen in the northwest and Tan Dingfang in Daning, plus his garrison in Shanxi, the entire northern border fell into the hands of that man.Now, coupled with the coastal navy, they already have the strength to compete with the imperial court.Cui Zhen was silent for a moment and said I ll go back to the mansion to investigate the Zhang family first, and the Zhang family will definitely panic.Shen s face was full of tears.It was a look of astonishment.Although the court did not imprison the second elder brother, it clearly ordered the cbd gummies dover nh second elder brother not to leave the city.Wouldn t the second elder brother abscond in fear of crime by doing so The second brother said a few days ago that he wanted to investigate this case, so why did he do such a stupid thing in the blink of an eye.How long have you been away Shen stood up, Where is the master Does the master know The mother in charge said The master received the news and led someone to chase him out.I wonder if he can bring him back.If he can t be persuaded to come back Shen took a long breath Bring the second brother back before the court finds out.The second brother usually looks weak, but in fact high quality cbd gummies affordable he is very stubborn, will he not listen to the master The mother in charge said in a low voice If you don t write a letter to the second master, and persuade you in the letter, at this juncture, the Shen family will point to the second master and you, and the second master has left the Shen family will be fine.

Gu Mingzhu, together with the empress dowager, looked at the dim sum made by the imperial dining room.The masters in the palace were not allowed cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods cbd gummies near here to show their preferences in front of others, and the food in the imperial dining room would not be biased towards anyone s taste.This was done to avoid poisoning, but this palace People have always been unable to hide secrets, and it is not unusual for Concubine De to know that the Ninth Prince likes chestnut cakes.However, the imperial cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods concubine must let the palace people keep a close eye on the Ninth Prince and be careful everywhere.Even the banquet should let the palace people taste the food first, so the poison cannot be the kind of poison that has immediate results, otherwise it will be exposed easily.The chestnut cake was safe and sound.If the Ninth Prince had an appetite, he would naturally eat some.The poisoning of Concubine De was a trap set by Yongchun Palace itself, with the purpose of killing the Ninth Prince and blaming Zitong.The emperor heard the female officer and the palace people continue to speak in a panic, and watched the female officer pull the robes of the eunuch, the chief of ceremonies, and the raging anger poured out of his chest, as if he was about to ignite his whole body, and finally he could no longer Restraining himself, he stepped forward and kicked the screaming female officer.The whole body of the female officer was kicked out, and she knocked down another servant.There was a miserable cry, and the two fell to the ground together.The female officer struggled to get up and wanted to speak, but spit out blood in a mouthful of wow.Just now, she was caught off guard.Once the imperial court investigates everything, it will be revealed, and his plans in northern Xinjiang for many years will eventually be seen.The reason why he didn t want to escape was that he was going to use the emperor s suspicion to entangle Wei Yuanchen to buy time for the emperor and his father.Now that the secret is known, everything has come to nothing.Whether his case will be tried or not It doesn t make any sense, and he doesn t seem to have any use Because the imperial court will send troops to northern Xinjiang, the troops he has placed in Daning can t just stand by and help the Lord win this battle.Once the war is fought, everything will be clear, and there is no need for so called evidence at all.Wei Yuanchen won.This person knows when to check carefully and when to take a risk.A faint breath came into her nose, her breathing became chaotic, but she felt a little sweetness in her panic.Wei Yuanchen looked down at Zhuzhu, the girl s eyelashes trembled slightly, she came back to her senses, and gently tugged on his robe, but he was reluctant to let go.Have you got it The person in his arms froze slightly, his hands touched his waist, his fingers gently untied his purse, not as fast as in the past, just when she was natures boost cbd gummies reviews about to untie it, he couldn t help but He stretched out his hand and pressed her catkin.Gu Mingzhu s heart seemed to be pulled hard, and she felt a little pain in panic.Zhuzhu.Yeah.Ajun.Yeah.Miss Jiang.Yeah.Would you marry me Yuan Chen stood up in his arms, with a little surprise in his eyes.Gu Mingzhu hurriedly changed her words I I didn t hear clearly just now.Zhou Ruyue had just uttered a word when she was interrupted by Zhou Ruzhang s sharp voice.On weekdays, people pretend to be virtuous and virtuous, and even want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the eldest sister.Bah, you deserve it too.Chapter 484 My favorite play, Zhou Ruzhang, broke into the yard recklessly, as if he wanted to catch Zhou Ruyue out.shredded.The second room steward wanted to step forward to stop him, but Zhou Ruzhang pushed him away.Zhou Ruzhang said When you see something going on in your family, you will make trouble.Who said that it has something to do with our third room Maybe the second room is behind it, and we have no separation.Then Xu Gui is not just working for my father.A few days ago, I saw Xu Gui green otter cbd gummies reviews vida cbd sour patch gummies talking to the second uncle.The second room manager said Second miss, you can t talk nonsense.Doesn t this mean that she admitted that she had a premeditated plan Been waiting for a chance to try it No, he s not that kind of guy.It seems that next time she will be able to see the rouge of safflower juice on Chujiu s face, Gu Mingzhu nodded Okay, Chujiu, you can walk by my side Large female family members probably won t cause too many surprises.Liu Su couldn t help being startled when he saw Chu Jiu, he and the eldest lady always went out together, now that there is such a servant , Liu Su felt a little weird, could it be that Chu Jiu will leave the Wei family from now on Are you serving the eldest lady The three of them left the prison and walked down the street.Before dawn, there were not many people on the street, Liu Su looked at Chu Jiu You will be one of us in the future Chu Jiu shook his head, he just wanted Missy to be happy.

The emperor stretched out his hand to help Concubine De up, and Concubine De shrank into the servant s official uniform, looking even more petite and pitiful.Concubine De raised her face, tears dripped from her cheeks, the emperor wanted to see clearly the person whom he missed day and night, but found that he couldn t see clearly no matter what.The emperor frowned My eyes are not working Concubine De stretched out her hand to cover the emperor s mouth You are a golden man, don t say such words, your illness will be cured, and the frontier battles will also be cured.If you win the fight, you are a Mingjun, and you will bring prosperity to the people of the Great Zhou.This is just a small ups and downs, and everything will be fine if you get over cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods it.The emperor s complexion improved slightly, he liked Concubine De s temperament, which made him feel The concubine completely relied on him.Unexpectedly, Xu Gui turned back to his sister in law s yard on the way.After hearing the movement, Bao Er was startled and hid again.If Xu Gui had rushed into the house to save others at that time, he would have been killed by Bao Er, but Xu Gui did not go in to check, but turned to look for Zhou Cherui, Xu Gui Such a move saved himself, and also completely cut off his sister in law s life.Seeing that his sister in law died, Bao Er hurriedly escaped from Zhou s house.There will always be some mistakes in the busy schedule, Bao Er only focused on Zhou Zerui and Xu Gui, but he didn t realize that he had gone the wrong way, and he arrived near the courtyard of the second room, so he was spotted.All of this seemed to be God s will in the dark, and the Cao family s handle was brought to him.As long as he made good use of it, 200 mg cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods he could get everything he wanted.Now he will definitely be able to use Bao Er to stand up.Zhou Zejing walked out of the teahouse, and he followed Bao Er with two people.He wanted to take Bao Er down without anyone noticing, so that he could deal with the Cao family.Holding a sharp weapon is better than bare hands.Be careful.Zhou Zejing told his cronies, he spent many years cultivating these two cronies, they are good at skills, they should be able to take down that Bao Er together.Bao Er walked through two streets, and there were pedestrians coming and going in the bustling market, so naturally he couldn t do anything here.Zhou Zejing waited patiently.Be careful, watch carefully.After several carriages and horses passed by, Bao Er s figure suddenly disappeared before Zhou Zejing s eyes.Zhou Zejing s eyes widened, 200 mg cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods and he searched around with his cronies.The emperor resented Liang Wang, so it could not be said that he also disliked her because of this, after all, she was already with the emperor at that time.Concubine De couldn t sleep anymore, as expected she was still too soft hearted at that time, if Mr.Xin was killed, there would be no troubles behind.She thought that Mr.Xin treated her well, taught her a lot, advised her by her side, and let her firmly grasp King Lu s heart, so she gave cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods Mr.Xin money and asked her to find a place to retire.Her kindness left a disaster for herself.Zhou Zecheng met Mr.Xin, and probably knew that Mr.Xin was recommended to her by King Liang, so HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods he used this as an excuse to come to threaten her.That s all, Zhou Zecheng also found out that she secretly raised a woman as eyeliner, and there were people she placed around the eldest prince.After a while, Empress Wei stood in front of Shen Lan.Empress Wei how long do cbd gummies said Before Concubine De entered the palace, you were serving Concubine De, right Shen Lan nodded, Your servant has been with Concubine De since childhood.Empress Wei continued Then you should I know the female gentleman who teaches the concubine qin music.Shen Lan didn t know why the empress asked about this, she made up her mind not to reveal the secret of the empress de concubine, but this lady shouldn t be an important matter.Shen Lan nodded.Empress Wei went on to ask Where did that lady go Shen Lan said That gentleman is not in good health, so he went home to visit his relatives.No, Empress Wei suddenly raised her voice, Someone saw that lady at Mrs.Lee s in Pyongyang.A female gentleman.Shen Lan s whole heart seemed to be raised, how could anyone know about this Caught off guard and being stabbed to the point, Shen Lan couldn t recover for a while.Huang Chang said Not yet.The emperor frowned This Su Fu has become less effective since he investigated the case with Wei Yuanchen.What s the use of not mentioning these things The emperor was about to He continued to think about something, but his forehead hurt again, which made him unable to cheer up.Okay, put the memorial there, I ll get back to him later.The emperor waved his hand as he spoke.Huang cbd gummies medsbiotech Chang responded, put the walker back into the secret box, and then took a deep look at Concubine De.This glance made Concubine De s heart tremble.The emperor fell asleep, Concubine De and Huang Chang retreated carefully.When he got to a place where no one was around, Huang Chang stopped and looked at Concubine De Your Majesty, something has happened.The Shuntian Mansion found out about Zhou Zecheng s case, and also found the Zhuangzi where the Cao family placed those girls.

Disorderly ministers and thieves.Peng Shi ordered people to go forward to capture Huang Chang, and all the truth came to light, Huang Chang made an edict, Concubine De and King Su conspired against each other, then Long Jinwei had no doubts, and only had to be ordered to put down the rebellion.How is your majesty The emperor heard the voice of Empress Wei, he turned his head to look over, and saw Wei standing beside him gracefully, with a calm expression on his face, calmly coping with everything.The emperor wanted to see Wei Shi s eyes clearly.Was there any contempt and ridicule towards him She won, and in the end she had the last laugh, seeing him in such a mess.But the more he wanted to look, the more blurred everything in front of him became.Wei s gaze did not fall on him, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods but was cbd gummies for sale at walmart cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods cbd gummies near here looking at the doctor beside him.At this moment, Liang Wang realized that his head was also a space candy brand3000 mg hemp cbd gummies great achievement for the soldiers of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Protect the prince.The lieutenant next to King Liang shouted loudly.More people surrounded King Liang.Whoosh an arrow pierced through the air, and King Liang swung the long knife in his hand to knock down the arrow.Not far away, Wei Yuanchen, who retracted his longbow, swung his spear again, and the tip of the spear pierced into the heart of the traitor in front of him, blood staining each other s armor red.Almost at the same time, another general of the rebel army went to kill Wei Yuanchen, but Wei Yuanchen did not turn back, allowing the two guards on the left and right to stab the rebel general off his horse.King Liang suddenly laughed when he saw this scene.The stupid emperor targeted the Wei family everywhere, but he didn t stop the Wei family from continuing to train generals.Liang Wang arranged this way, and his help should be Pyongyang Lee.The Li family in Pyongyang has colluded with the King of Liang all the year round, which is not good for the territory of Liaodong in the Great Zhou Dynasty.Even if he captures trupotency cbd gummies the King of Liang here, the Li family can continue to have trouble with the remnants of the King of Liang.The war in northern Xinjiang will not stop for a while.Maybe he can recipes for cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods borrow King Liang to solve the Li family in Pyongyang by the way.If the Li family can be loyal to the court again, King Liang s soldiers and horses in Liaodong will also be restrained.Wei Yuanchen ordered Zhang Tong After the fire is extinguished, count the corpses of King Liang s party members and bring their heads back to the capital to return to command.The fire in the mountain burned for half a day before it stopped.When I went to see my mother in the palace, the imperial doctor saw it, Wei Yuanchen said, There is nothing serious.Gu Mingzhu was very happy for Master Wei when he heard this.After more than 20 years, the mother and son finally recognized each other.Gu Mingzhu said My lord, you don t have to worry anymore.Thank you very much, Wei Yuanchen said, My mother was able to walk out of the Kunning Palace smoothly, because you helped cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods me after clarifying the case.Gu Mingzhu said It turned out to be very A long time ago, is there a difference between cbd gummies and hemp gummies the case of King Liang linked everyone together.Thinking carefully about how much humiliation the empress had suffered at that time, in order to keep Lord Wei from dealing with the emperor, even after giving birth to Lord Wei Once pregnant.The empress must have struggled and did not want to get pregnant again, because the empress has exhausted all her efforts to keep Lord Wei, and it is impossible to keep the next child.Wei Yuanchen said, Don t worry, seventh uncle.Turning his head and intertwining his eyes with Gu Mingzhu, There was a smile in his eyes, like the spring breeze blowing on his face.Thinking of something, Wei Yuanchen said Seventh Uncle, can you go to Yan s house for a banquet Old General Yan is in charge of Tianjin Guard, and Zhou Zesheng once served under General Yan s command.Zhou Zesheng s expression froze I ve been there.Wei Yuanchen said with a smile, What about Uncle Qi Old General Yan praised Uncle Qi in front of everyone.This time Uncle Qi returned to Beijing to serve, and General Yan also recommended him., it can be seen that Old General Yan attaches great importance to Seventh Uncle.In addition, there is an unmarried young lady in the Yan family, and Wei Yuanchen guessed that Old General Yan has the intention of marrying a daughter.Hearing this, he changed his mind, and his mother was also waiting for him to go back, but it was not for her son.hope, but resentment.In this case, it would be better for him to go back a few days later.It was also for this reason that he came out of the palace, so he didn t go back directly to Dingninghou s mansion.Intellectually, he knew how to deal with these things.The kindness and resentment between him and his mother should have a result, and there is always someone who will carry this hatred.He wanted to go ahead, but for some reason, he seemed unprepared and didn t want to face it.Arrange all the housework, will everything pass Maybe, but he would have nothing left.Mother, Cui Zhen said, my son has never believed in gods and Buddhas all his life, but now he hopes that his mother will leave safely.

It was discovered that Ming Wan was stopped.Mrs.Meng was thinking, only to hear Princess Huairou say I heard that the Wei family opened the door to welcome guests before dawn.The third master Wei went to the Taimiao with Lord Qing, and he will come to pick up the pearls after the sacrifice.Mrs.Lin was startled when she heard this, and Mr.Wei went to the Taimiao.Did Lord Qing intend to arrange this Mrs.Lin looked at Princess Huairou, and Princess Huairou nodded, confirming her guess.Princess Huairou grabbed Mrs.Lin I would like to congratulate you again.After knowing the identity of Mr.Wei, cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods cbd gummies near here she became closer to cbd gummies healthy the Gu family.Princess Huairou did not expect that Wei Sanye was the direct son of the emperor and empress, it was like a dream to her.No, even in my dreams, I would never have imagined such a good result.The congratulatory voice of Xi Niang came The third master and third grandma are full of children and grandchildren.The younger children followed suit and clapped their hands happily.After making a fuss for a while, Mrs.Zhang said Everything is ready, let s go to the banquet The female relatives walked out, but the children still refused to leave I still need to see the new sister in law more.The purses prepared in advance were distributed to the children, and the children left with a smile.When everyone dispersed, Lu s mother and Baotong also retreated.There was no one else in the new house, Gu Mingzhu remembered what Mother Chen told her before she got married, and suddenly became a little nervous.Although she used to be alone with Master Wei, it was different now, and she couldn t help but look away as she thought about it.Gu Mingzhu felt his waist being embraced, and then his whole body was hugged.It s time for us to go back and rest.Gu Mingzhu replied in a daze, feeling that the adult in front of her was extraordinarily good looking, and couldn t help stretching out her hand to wipe Wei Yuanchen s eyebrows.of.Don t sleep, Wei Yuanchen whispered, We ll be there soon.She responded, but felt that the embrace was very warm, she stretched out her arms to wrap around his neck, and buried her head in it.She never knew fruit wine could be intoxicating, Gu Mingzhu felt that Baotong washed and changed her clothes, lying on the bed, she subconsciously rolled up the quilt and shrank into the bed.After adjusting her sleeping position and preparing to sleep until dawn, when she was about to fall asleep, Gu Mingzhu seemed to remember something was wrong.The night was still growing, so she really shouldn t worry about Mr.Wei, she should be worried.Woohoo, she reached out and hugged Wei Yuanchen s shoulder My lordThird Master Her legs were sore.If I knew it earlier, I wouldn t prescribe any medicine to invigorate the kidney qi when should i eat cbd gummies before bed for the adult.He cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods doesn t lack this.In the end, he is not the one who suffers.Chapter 562 Hand in hand with Gu Mingzhu, she just felt extremely tired, much harder than running out to investigate the case for several nights in a row.Her temples were wet with sweat, and her body seemed to be falling apart.Although she took the initiative, the final result was far cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods from what she thought.Although it hurt the first time, but fortunately it passed quickly.She was HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods full of tenderness towards the lord in her heart, and cared for his difficulties for many years.Master Hou didn t say that beforehand If she had known that Master Wei Er would come, she would have prepared in advance.Thinking of this, Mrs.Lin seemed to understand, no wonder Hou Ye wants to send the food to the study, he must want to host a banquet for the second master Wei, but he is too embarrassed to tell buy cbd sleep gummies her.It s true, old couples are still doing this, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods she complained that Lord Hou has too many things in the yamen recently, so he never went back home for dinner.But if you just say a few words, will you really get angry When did she become so unreasonable The Second Master Wei just returned to Beijing, and he didn t even return to the Wei family, so he came here to meet the master, and with this thought, he had to take good care of him.Mrs.Lin said Take Mr.Wei Er to the study The master always said that Mr.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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