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Suddenly there was a loud voice, followed by someone saying Someone is robbing the prison, quickly report to your lord.All the prisoners in the prison woke up one after another.Zhou Rujun faintly heard someone shouting Let me out, let me out The detained female relatives also started to get up to check the situation.Zhou Rujun shrank her legs to hide her slender figure deeper.The prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice is heavily guarded.Who would dare to rob the prison No matter what the result is, it has nothing to do with her.She has no ability to take advantage of the chaos and leave, so she can only hide so as not to get hurt by Chi Yu.The fighting became more and more intense, and the sound of chaotic footsteps and fighting could be heard endlessly.Hurry up, people from the Beijing camp are here.Mrs.Lin was overjoyed.The daughter remembered what she said casually to her daughter.Are you getting better slowly She hurriedly stopped thinking, she couldn t expect too much, maybe some girl mentioned a few more words, she would ask Baotong later and she would know.Mrs.Lin was about to speak, but Gu Mingzhu, who was lying on her lap, got up Baotong said, mother needs to rest more.It was Baotong as expected.Mrs.Lin nodded Okay, mother promises you.She also hoped that this child will be a boy, so that when the master and she are old, someone will take care of Zhuzhu for them, and she will feel at ease.After saying this, Gu Mingzhu suddenly thought of something Mother, I m going to take a bath.After all, she was still a child.Okay, Mrs.Lin smiled dotingly, Go, mother will talk to you after taking a shower.The general judge of Taiyuan Mansion had sweat on his forehead.If the Cui family and the empress knew that he had neglected Lord Wei like this, I m afraid his result would not be too bad.it is good.This is the son of a relative who is deeply trusted by the emperor.Wei Yuanchen spoke bluntly How much do you know about that Miss Gu The judge of Taiyuan Mansion wiped the sweat from his forehead That person has been suffering from dementia since childhood.Is there nothing wrong with that Wei Yuanchen continued, I saw her push the murderer down the hillside with my own eyes.Chapter 8 Chunshan Taiyuan Mansion General Judge was taken aback when he heard Master Wei s words, frowned and thought for a moment, as if he had already figured it out.My lord, said the judge of Taiyuan Mansion, I think this is just a coincidence.Chu Jiu opened the door to signal Nie Chen to go out.Nie Chen muttered, Does your lord have any orders Wei Yuanchen didn t say a word, Chu Jiu s face drooped.Nie Chen had no choice but to walk out the door.Seeing the door closed, a big stone fell to Nie Chen s heart.Oiled his feet and ran away from the yard.Standing under the moonlight, Nie Chen took a deep look back again.That adult is really stingy, he took the clues but gave nothing.After tonight, he has confirmed the identity of this person, and it is Mr.Wei that the elder said.Since Mr.Wei took the map and let him go, they have reached a consensus with relax cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression Mr.Wei.In the future, he will go around to investigate the case.Mr.Wei should not be embarrassed, but he doesn t understand why the elder wants to give away the clues that he has finally obtained.If something happens cbd tinnitus gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression to the fourth child in the future, it will be too late for you to regret it.Fourth Mrs.Cui felt Mrs.Lin s aggressive aura, and she shrank.I ve been housekeeper in the family for many years.I don t know if anyone in cbd gummies for anxiety depression Zhuangzi has entered the village cbd tinnitus gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression Brother Zhen can rest assured that he will hand over the affairs of the family to you.Is this how you manage the family Now that something like this has happened, Brother Zhen will also be taken care of.Involved in it, Brother Zhen s life and death are at stake in the Xuan Mansion, and now he still has to worry about it, I saw you doing things properly in the past, cbd gummies for anxiety depression but now it seems Mrs.Lin s voice stopped abruptly, and the corner of her cbd gummies for anxiety depression clothes was pulled.Aunt That was Gu Mingzhu.Mrs.Lin Tai looked over and saw that there seemed to be a small black spot on the back of Gu Mingzhu s hand.The village is related, so as not to bring disaster to the village.Anyway, they are all refugees, and their household registration is not here.As cbd gummies for anxiety depression long as they don t open their mouths, the yamen can t find out, but they forgot one thing, Mr.Lu knows their relationship with the village, and Mr.Lu regrets that he wants to deal with the people in the village.Can t escape.Is that Lu Shenzhi the man next to the old woman couldn t help but said, He accused Mr.Zhang and the others and traded our heads for wealth.Mrs.Chen immediately shook her head Lord Lu is not like that kind of person, And after Zhang San was arrested, the yamen never came to look for me.Mentioning can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 can cbd gummies help you stop smoking cigarettes this, everyone in the courtyard became vigilant.The soldiers and horses from the yamen just went into the mountain to search, the man said, how did they know about our place I don t believe it was Zhang Sange and the others who confessed, so it seems that only Lu Shenzhi is there.Putting a bag of silver money close to her body, Gu Mingzhu walked towards Zi Yuan s room.After the doctor left, a window was slowly opened.Chu Jiu looked out and immediately closed the window again.Third Master, Chu Jiu looked at Wei Yuanchen who was standing next to him drinking cbd gummies for anxiety depression tea, You said you were not angry, and you met that doctor again.They had a bad relationship with someone, but it happened that they were ugly and Smelly doctor.And the doctor woman also ate the red bean cake made by the third master himself.Injustice or not injustice The third master was about to explode with anger now, Chu Jiu thought about moving to the side, so as not to be affected by the fish in the pond.Wei Yuanchen turned the teacup in his hand, first Yong an Lane, then the Cui family s ancestral grave, and he was painting a boat again tonight, what a coincidence.Apparently the note had been burned.After ordering the servants to clean up the broken porcelain in the house, Zi Yuan looked at the doctor You can stay in my room tonight, and I will take you to the shore after dawn.After explaining this, cbd tinnitus gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression Zi Yuan felt tired , ready to go back to rest behind the screen.Miss Ziyuan, a guest is here.The door was opened by the servant, and the two of them were invited into the room immediately after.Gu Mingzhu looked up and saw two unfamiliar faces.Thanks to the bamboo hat on her head and the gauze covering her face, she couldn t hide her surprise.It was a yellow faced boy and his book boy.As if he didn t see her, the young man went straight to sit on the brocade tree, but Gu Mingzhu felt those eyes as deep as cold pools fall on her right hand.There was still a note in her hand that she hadn t had time to read carefully.When he got the news and arrived in Beijing, Mr.Zhou had already been buried.He hurriedly went to the grave to pay respects to Mr.Zhou, and then went to see Mrs.Zhou at Zhou s house.Mrs.Zhou hugged him.The little Rujun looked sad, and he persuaded Mrs.Zhou that she was dead, and she must raise the child.Mrs.Zhou nodded in agreement, and also asked him not to mention the relationship with Mr.Zhou to anyone, not even the Zhou family.Later, Mrs.Zhou hanged herself.Although he had doubts in his heart, how could Mrs.Zhou cruelly abandon him Little sister Jun But after all, Mrs.Zhou was a female family member, so he couldn t go to check on the body, so he had to listen to the news outside.In the end, the yamen s official came to check and confirmed that there was no doubt that she had hanged herself, and Mrs.

Madam Lin frowned slightly, seeing that Wei Yuanchen was young, but how could he be so calm and expressionless, as if he had no emotion at all, which seemed rather reckless, no wonder the emperor would use him to investigate the case.And just now she just had a thought, thinking about the doctor s visit, Master Wei immediately noticed it.It was terrible.Mrs.Lin stood up Master Wei, sit down first.Although she didn t know what Wei rethink cbd gummies reviews Yuanchen wanted to ask Zhuzhu, she could tell that the decision made by this man could not be changed, and confronting him head on was not the solution.What s more, he also saved Zhuzhu.Madam Lin breathed a sigh of relief when she got out of the room, and Madam Wang next to her also covered her chest Madam really want Mrs.Wei to meet the eldest lady Why did she feel so uneasy.Gu Mingzhu pointed to the south, indicating that she wanted to play there.Mrs.Lin Tai said Further to the south is someone else s Zhuangzi.The land on the Zhuangzi is not as good as ours.Recently, I came to a new owner and wanted to plant medicinal materials in the fields.They said that the medicine was worth a lot of money, and it was good for patients with abdominal pain to eat, and all the dignitaries in Beijing liked it.Mrs.Lin remembered one thing The Zhuangzi should be Bought by the Zhou family.While talking, the steward came to report Mrs.Tai, Mrs.Zhou and the second lady are here.I heard that you are at the Zhuangzi, and I want to invite you to sit with the Zhou family.Gu Mingzhu Looking to the south of Zhoujiazhuangzi, I m afraid it is a place of right and wrong.Is someone going to do something here It was earlier than she expected, probably because Mr.Madam Lin handed the Tamba wild rice to Zhuangtou Go and have a look.Madam Lin saw that the family sister had made up her mind, so she stopped persuading her, and they all walked up to Zhou s Zhuangzi together.Taking advantage of everyone s inattention, Baotong lowered her voice Miss, or I ll check around.Gu Mingzhu shook her head, it was really too dangerous for Baotong to go alone, now she deliberately said that there were snakes, so that the people in the village People search around, maybe they will find clues, even if they can t, they are on guard.Gu Mingzhu stopped in her tracks and leaned into Baotong s ear.Even a fool can talk to a maid relax gummies cbd infused extreme strength reddit like this.As long as others don t hear what they are saying, they won t arouse suspicion.Gu Mingzhu said Go to the carriage and get my saber bag, let our nursing home come over, and say I m afraid there will be more snakes to disturb me.conclusion.If this is the case, the Zhou family will be implicated.Mrs.Lin said I m just speculating.The government will naturally investigate the where to buy koi cbd gummies facts.The amount of treasury money is quite large, and the land relax cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression dug up in front of me is also very large, which just happens to match.And those who took away the treasury Yin s people are extraordinary, we didn t bring many people, so it s not suitable to chase them now, it s better to let the guards send us to the eldest sister s Zhuangzi first, the Cui family s manpower and guards are more familiar with their own Zhuangzi, so Only with better protection can we be safe.Gu Mingzhu took her mother s cbd gummies for anxiety depression slightly cold hand, and her mother knew exactly what to do at critical moments.But Mrs.Lin will definitely listen to her mother.Mrs.Lin is such a temperament that she will not allow anyone to overshadow her in front of her.Hearing this, the attendant also said My lord, let the doctor cbd gummies for anxiety depression cbd gummies for weight loss reviews come over Go find it.Bao Tong didn t wait for Han Yu to speak, and immediately ran away, looking for Lang Zhong to bring him here.The eldest lady said that there is no evidence without a confession, and the eldest lady used datura cbd gummies for anxiety depression flowers instead of poison on the arrow, so Mrs.Han felt guilty and thought she had been poisoned.Find a doctor to come over and explain everything Mr.Han said.I ll go find you, servant girl.Bao Tong didn t wait for Han Yu to speak, and immediately ran away, looking for Lang Zhong to bring her here.The eldest lady said that there is no evidence without a confession, and the eldest lady used datura flowers instead of poison on the arrow, so Mrs.Han felt guilty and thought she had been poisoned.Find a doctor to come over and explain everything Mr.He hadn t dreamed of her for a long time, and this time she was so clear.After she inspected it, as if she was about to leave, fear suddenly arose in his heart, strength came from nowhere, he got rid of the weakness of his body, and grabbed her wrist.Chapter 72 Embracing Gu Mingzhu Standing outside the guest room, she saw servants bringing warm water and ice cubes in.The cbd gummies for anxiety depression sound of Ah Jiu using ice cubes came from the room, but Wei Yuanchen didn t make any movement other than that.What kind of disease can become like this Mr.Wei has a deep and introverted personality, so it must be very serious to make others lose their manners.Bring some more warm water, I m afraid it won t be enough.The voice of the mother in charge came.Wei Yuanchen fell ill here suddenly, which frightened everyone in the Gu family.Cui Zhen looked at Zhao s mother chill cbd gummies drug test What is the purpose of you sending someone a letter to me Why didn t Auntie tell me directly Zhao s mother pursed her lips I have no other choice, so I came to find Hou without telling the truth.Lord, the maidservant should have told Mrs.Lin Tai, but Mrs.Tai is sick now I m afraid I don t have the energy Cui Zhen said with a sullen face Tell me, what happened Mother Zhao looked at it again Looking at the door, I m sure there is no one who can lower his voice and say Master Hou, you have the opportunity to persuade my Gongren not to trust her mother s family.Although I was brought by Gongren from her mother s family, now the slave looks like Zhao Er The master is a bit too outrageous.Cui Zhen said I m cbd gummies for anxiety depression afraid I can t control these things.What about my aunt and natal family, how can I, a nephew, intervene Mother Zhao hesitated to speak But if this continues, I m afraid that the master will be killed.After Lin Runzhi finished speaking, he felt that he had caused trouble, and his cbd gummies for anxiety depression mother told him not to mention seeing the second uncle.There was a sudden silence in the nearby study.Zhao Gongren frowned, and stared at Lin Runzhi in the yard, sure enough, if he played with fools, he would be tainted with cbd gummies for anxiety depression foolishness.Zhuzhu, Cui Zhen waved to Gu Mingzhu, bring me the sweat towel in your hand and show me, I ll send someone to buy you sweets later.Hearing this, the corners of Gu Mingzhu s mouth curled up slightly , happily entered the door.Yesterday, she saw this brand new sweat towel around Lin Runzhi s waist.It was made of high quality Lu silk.Shanxi produced Lu silk.Pearl sweat towels cannot cbd gummies for anxiety depression be bought at will, they must be prepared quietly.On the sweat towel was a young man who played Cuju, presumably Lin Runzhi liked Cuju quite a lot.

Wei is cbd gummies for anxiety depression in Taiyuan Mansion, he can find out the prefect of Han, and other things must not escape his eyes.Thinking of Mr.Wei s cold gaze, Zhao Gongren couldn t help but shudder Trembling, when Cui Zhen walked out, he slumped on the chair.Everyone in the courtyard seemed to have gone out.Zhao Gongren muttered to himself Where did the second brother go Is there anything wrong Amitabha bless the second brother to return to Songjiang Mansion smoothly.Gu Mingzhu was sitting on the corridor.Why was Zhao Gongren so afraid that others would know about the second master Zhao What about in Taiyuan Prefecture Zhao Gongren is so nervous about the war horse case, the second master Zhao must have something puppy cbd gummies to do with the war horse case.Gu Mingzhu thought carefully about the war horse case.On the surface, the father came to Shanxi after being convicted of a crime, and found that there were a lot of war horses in Xingtaipu Temple in Shanxi, so he invited the court to come to review the horses.Wei Yuanchen came out from the corner.Chu Jiu s eyes widened, who is that Could it be Could it be the person who met Miss Gu Chapter 83 Elder Wei Yuanchen turned his head and looked at the exit of the secret passage.The exit of the secret passage was hidden in an inconspicuous low warehouse.Secret door.The person who built the secret path was really thoughtful and provided her with a lot of convenience, but seeing her agile skills, she could find a way to get out even without the secret path.Cui s and Gu s guards are still around the house, but they don t know that they are just decorations.Who would have thought that a girl with a mental deficiency would be so powerful This is the ability to have such a skill by learning the origin from childhood.Both the Pearl Thief and the doctor s wife pointed clues to her.Mr.Gong, the steward said anxiously, enduring the pain, the government office not only wants to investigate this courtyard, but also seizes all the property of the Zhao family in Taiyuan Prefecture.Zhao Gongren immediately looked at Wei Yuanchen in surprise Master Wei, what do you mean She turned her head to look at Cui Zhen and Cui Wei.Cui Wei was about to step forward, but Cui Zhen stretched out his hand to stop him.Master Wei must have his reasons for doing this, Cui Zhen said, his gaze fell on Wei Yuanchen s hand, What did Master Wei find out Wei Yuanchen did not answer Cui Zhen s words, but looked at Zhao Gongren Why did Zhao Gongren come to Taiyuan Mansion Zhao Gongren s lips trembled slightly I came to visit Mrs.Lin Tai.When I met Zhao Gongren at Gu s house, Zhao Gongren lied to me, saying that I had just arrived in Taiyuan Mansion.Naturally, he needs various arrangements to win over important officials by their side.The war horse is quite profitable and can meet the needs of the concubine party.However, according to Mr.Yang, every item has its value, and exchanging for silver is the most short sighted choice.If you want to maximize the value of an item, you must give it to the person who needs it most.The greatest value of a war horse is not only silver, but also a cavalry, a victory, and even the throne.Without horses and cavalry, border cities cannot be defended, and even the most powerful generals will lose battles.At the critical moment, the horses were given to them, allowing them to cbd gummies for anxiety depression win military exploits and gradually become the ministers of the Great Zhou.Those who accepted the horses also handed in the certificates of honor, and they lived together from then on.The Zhao family s house is in the south city of Taiyuan Prefecture.Being a doctor is not difficult.Little lady didn t lie to me I still have my grandson.I didn t lie to you, Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, You will be fine.The mother in law seemed to believe Gu Mingzhu s words, and her mood gradually improved A few, with trembling lips Good hearted lady, God bless you have a long life.There was a bang, and I immediately went in to check it out, and what I saw was this mess.Mr.Lu was afraid that someone would take advantage of the chaos again.The Zhao family s stewards hadn t been interrogated separately.If something went wrong, it would be unfavorable to the future settlement of the case, so he first took the Zhao family s stewards to prison for custody.The steward of Zhao s family sent him away, and saw Master Wei s personal guards invited the doctor to enter the door.Cui Zhen turned the beeswax around, and Gu Mingzhu realized that the sign was missing a corner.Cui Zhen relax cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression said I once hung this piece of beeswax on my chest, and it helped me block a blow.It can be seen that this object has been prayed by the eminent monk.It should be spiritual, so give it to Zhuzhu, and keep Zhuzhu safe When Madam Lin heard these words, she immediately refused It s impossible, Brother Zhen should keep such a precious item for himself.Cui Zhen looked solemnly I have always regarded Zhuzhu as my younger sister, and if my aunt doesn t accept me, she is alienating me.He really cherishes this object.If the person who sculpted this object had not passed away, he would definitely go delta 9 and cbd gummies to see it.That person planted the cause, and they were rescued, and they all had the same idea, that is If he wants to exchange for the peace of the frontier, he will be able to negotiate.Zhang Tong nodded, it was rare for Mr.Lu to think of such a good way to find out the real situation so quickly, and then he can send news to the third master.Lu Shenzhi said There is still something you need to do.Zhang Tong looked at Lu Shenzhi, when did Mr.Lu become so confident, and he spoke with a gust of wind, when the young master asked him to stay and help, Mr.Lu kept silent all the time, as if they were just a few pieces of precious porcelain that could only be placed and held, but he dared not use them for fear of falling.I 20mg cbd gummies don t know how Mr.Lu suddenly became enlightened and knew how to get along with people like them.Lu Shenzhi continued What Miss Jiang said is very reasonable.The third master also asked me to investigate Wang Daochang s affairs.Although Wang Daochang has no family members, he has a brother and sister in law in Sanli Village outside the mansion.When Wei Yuanchen seldom had such respect, he bent his waist, which made the prince feel a little terrified Get up, get up, the prince stretched out his hand to help cbd gummies male enhancement pills Wei Yuanchen up, Of course Mr.Wei won t do this, I will never believe those words.Feng Anping took cbd gummies uses the opportunity to bow down The prince is wise.Said After he was done, he looked at the officials next to him, and the officials eyes averted one after another.Wei Yuanchen pondered So I want to report this matter to the imperial court and ask the imperial court to investigate carefully, but even so, we should not be careless.Only by investigating the case from the beginning to the end without any doubts can we be worthy of the court of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Clear up troubles for the crown prince.The crown prince cbd sleep gummies australia frowned slightly, and Wei Yuanchen took him in for a long time, as if the case was not investigated, and he would be in great trouble, a joke, if Wei Yuanchen did not come to Taiyuan Mansion to investigate the case, Where did he get all this trouble The crown prince said Master Wei must investigate the case for Da Zhou to the end, but Mr.

The imperial court thought that these generals had military exploits, and the mutiny was also aroused for a while.Fortunately, they lost their way and repelled the Tatars to defend the Dazhou pass.Tombs are not allowed to worship, and future generations will never be able to become officials.This incident finally hurt Da Zhou, and then caught up with famine, mutiny and rebels caused small scale civil strife, and some people in Shanxi put up cbd gummies for anxiety depression a banner to tell the grievances of those old generals, saying that they were framed by others for their wholehearted defense of the country.The turmoil continued for two or three years.At that time, the commander of the Shaanxi Xingdu Division who quelled the Shanxi mutiny came to quell the rebellion.Although he killed the rebels, he was seriously injured by the rebels and died a year later.Your elder brother was protecting the mother and daughter a few days ago.I hope this time I won t be disappointed.After this incident, he You have to cbd gummies for anxiety depression remember well, if you refuse to listen to me in the future, I will question him about Shanyin.Cui Wei hurriedly comforted Mrs.Lin.Mrs.Lin sneered again.Brother Zhen was also afraid this time.After all, his title and future were involved.Thinking about the appearance of Brother Zhen when she was humiliated a few days ago, God was punishing him for being unfilial.After Madam Lin finished speaking, she only heard Baotong s voice.Please tell me, my lady s purse is missing.I searched the yard for a long time but couldn t find it.It may have been left in the house.Mrs.Lin frowned and looked around.I saw a taupe colored purse inside.Mrs.Lin Tai said Send her out quickly and send her away.Cui Zhen seemed to be fine on the surface, but his spirit was as messed up as the loose hair.The rain fell from the armor and wet the ground, but he kept his head down, completely immersing himself in the darkness.Brother Zhen, Mrs.Lin said, you came here in the rain.It s fine in the rain, why is your hair still loose Quickly send someone to find clean clothes, and then bring a cloth towel.Mrs.Lin ordered.Auntie, don t bother, Cui Zhen said flatly, I will leave after a few words with my aunt.The servants placed more lamps in the main room, illuminating Cui Zhen s face more clearly, his expression seemed calm , but there was an unconcealable tiredness in his eyes.Cui Zhen said Now cbd gummies 50mg near me I have found some evidence, speculating that Lin Si really killed my father on purpose.Mrs.Lin couldn t restrain her shock when she heard Cui Zhen s words Why did he do this Cui Zhen raised his head The Shanxi mutiny may have been framed.The guards are all working outside, and there is no one serving in this yard, so next time he has to find a way to find a mother in charge to take him HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety depression with him.However, the mother in charge is too demanding.To be able to ride horses all the way with these men, and to be smart enough to satisfy the third master.With the cold face of the third master all day long, I am afraid that many people in the mansion will be discouraged After Wei Yuanchen said a word, he concentrated on looking at cbd tinnitus gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression the official document in his hand.Chu Jiu brought the tea, and he picked it up occasionally to take a sip.The tea was bitter and astringent, Chu Jiu couldn t even do such small things well, he still hoped that Chu Jiu would be considerate at critical moments What happened the day he fell ill at Gu s house He originally wanted to ask Chu Jiu, but when he saw Chu Jiu s innocent and calm expression, he became angry.A bit of envy flickered in Princess Huairou s eyes, and she couldn t help saying If I have a daughter with my son in law, it should be the same.But after saying this, Princess Huairou looked a little lonely again, but she is a princess after all, she always She felt that this identity was like a wall between her and the son in law.Although the son in law was usually courteous and courteous to her, she had no idea what the son in law was thinking.Princess Huairou turned around and sat back on the stone bench, and told the mother in charge Let s find the son in law again.He has been in Shanxi for so long, and I am very worried about him.If you can see him, tell him that we are one.He shouldn t have how long does cbd gummies stay in urine can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 kept anything from me no matter what.Princess Huairou couldn t help tears from her eyes when she said that, she hurriedly turned her head and wiped it with a veil, and when she calmed down, she took off the veil just to face Gu Princess Huairou smiled to cover up Missy s eyes, but luckily Missy Gu doesn t understand worldly affairs, otherwise her mind green otter cbd gummies mayim might be seen through.Wei won t mind, right I plucked a few tail hairs of that big black chicken.The hairs looked smooth and shiny.I thought I would pluck some hairs to make shuttlecocks for the young lady when I had time to spare.Fortunately, I haven t done it yet, otherwise the chicken butt Already bald.The chicken is still alive but its buttocks are bare, so you can t die of embarrassment.Gu Mingzhu is also a little uncertain, but Master Wei s heart is like Kunyu Qiushuang, cbd gummies for anxiety depression and he should be embarrassed to care about it when I cbd gummies for anxiety depression tell him clearly.But she always feels a little bit sorry Gu Mingzhu said Bring some flower cakes, and take some meat cakes from the kitchen and send them over as an apology, and don t keep the tail hair.Although it can t be glued back, it s still an excuse to take super chill cbd gummies 500mg it.Cannibals have short mouths and short hands, even if they didn t do it on purpose, they were at fault first.He lives in a small house in the clan and studies with the cbd gummies for anxiety depression clan s children.In the future, he also wants to be like a clan brother Just as Zhou Zesheng s life was stable, he heard the bad news from Beijing.His clan brother Zhou Zecheng passed away.Zhou Zesheng hid in the house and cried for two days.Later, the clan sister in law also left with the clan brother, leaving behind a young girl, Zhou Rujun.Zhou relax cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression Zesheng felt that he and this niece were connected by the same fate, and with the kindness of the clan brother, he would often take advantage of the opportunity to do things for the clan.Go visit Rujun.Although Zhou Zesheng and Rujun are different in generation, they are only seven years older than Rujun, and Rujun calls him uncle.Rujun was in an accident in Beijing, Zhou Zesheng was far away in the southeast military camp, when he got the news, Rujun had passed away for a year and was buried in Cui s ancestral grave.Brother.Cui Zhen frowned Recently, you are always focusing on these court battles, why not think about these cases, I have already said that we only need to do our own thing well, serve the court wholeheartedly, and will not follow anyone , if you have this thought, you should stretch your foot back early, lest you make a mistake and no one can save you.Hearing this, Cui Wei was surprised Why do I have such thoughts, I have been following By my elder brother s side, the elder brother should know me best.I just remind you, Cui Zhen said, Don t learn from cbd gummies for anxiety depression my uncle, for the sake of profit, I will do anything, even if I am rich and prosperous for a while, the debt I owe will have to be paid back sooner or later., Stolen things will never last long, if people can t be frank, how can they stand in front of others in time If you really want to do great things, you have to set cannativa rx cbd gummies reviews your heart right.

, There are not many personal guards to protect the carriages and horses, and if there is a estrangement in the heart, it may not be good for the situation.The prince sighed If I don t say joe rogan cbd gummy anything, I m afraid Wei Yuanchen will target you.Cui Zhen smiled faintly Wei Yuanchen and I have been in trouble for a long time, and now I don t know why.The prince s eyes flickered until he stopped Perhaps the northern border was once guarded by the Wei family.Cui Zhen s eyes With a flash of energy, there was faint discontent on his face What does the Wei family have to do with the territory of the Great Zhou It would end so hastily.The prince naturally understands what Cui Zhen is thinking at this time, and for no reason, he has passively moved the guards around him, and anyone will be furious.You must know that these guards are no small matter, touching them is like being forcibly stretched into his arms.Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand and opened the door, and Zhou Zesheng walked over immediately Princess cbd gummies for anxiety depression Huairou left the post house with her guards early in the morning, and someone from the East Palace chased her, what should we do No hurry, Wei Yuanchen said, Let s see what the prince s decision is.If the prince knows the inside story and organizes his troops to fight against those people, which is still a bit like the prince of the Zhou Dynasty, he will try his best to assist and keep the prince safe and sound.If the prince has other ideasthen he has to make some sacrifices for the people benefits of cbd gummies reddit of Dazhou.Wei Yuanchen was about to go out with Zhou Zesheng to check the situation when Liu Su came in with porridge.A bowl of brown rice porridge was steaming, and Liu Su waved her hands to drive the fragrance to Wei Yuanchen without leaving a trace.Zhao would leak the news to the son in law, and they wanted to cbd gummies cured my anxiety use Mrs.Zhao to lure the son in law and kill their mother and son together.Later, they found out that Han Yu was arrested, and Lin Si was really out of danger.In the movie, the princess and the prince also came to Shanxi, so they thought about it again.Zhou Zesheng, who was standing next to him, understood it.He is a general and naturally knows the danger of the current how long does cbd gummies stay in urine can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 situation If the people of Ningwusuo also betray Da Zhou, once Ningwuguan is opened, the old camp will be attacked by enemies, and the frontier pass may fall.Follow the response, and the entire northwest line will fall into the enemy s hands.Zhou Zesheng immediately looked at Wei Yuanchen I know you have a way, let me guard organixx cbd gummies the pass, I can t protect a few female relatives here.In HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety depression fact, my uncle may not be able to escape this time.My aunt has already admitted that the Zhao family was ordered by my uncle to sell war horses.This is a capital offense.Moreover, my elder brother also said that my uncle raised soldiers privately.Privately stationing troops in the frontier is regarded as treason.So no matter what, it is a dead end.Mrs.Lin s three souls and seven souls seemed to be withdrawn from her body.Her younger brother rebelled Why did he do this It s impossible.He wholeheartedly serves the country, so it s impossible for him to do this.Cui Wei ran out of time and was about to leave Mother, don t worry, the son will protect his mother even if he dies.Cui Wei was about to leave, but Mrs.Lin Tai held her arm tightly cbd gummies period cramps Why did your uncle send troops to surround us Cui Wei said I have thought about it carefully.A few guards are not bad, but after all, there are few guards and they are not their opponents.But how is the situation she encountered so far different from what Mr.Shen said Who is helping these people Could it be that Wei Yuanchen had noticed in advance and made proper arrangements The more Yang thought about it, the more confused she became.Break out first.Yang s voice just fell.The flames on the city wall suddenly swung up and down.The rebels only heard someone shout Kill They were preparing to respond, when the people resisting them in front of them suddenly turned their heads and ran back, and quickly retreated into the village fort.Then the sound of horseshoes sounded from behind.Cheng Yi took the lead, and before the rebels could react, he beheaded a man with a single knife, blood splashed on his face, and then he raised the long knife in his hand.The war horse hissed, and the horse s legs couldn t stand the heavy blow and immediately fell to the ground.The prince on horseback was unstable and fell to the ground.The prince s hands were bound, unable to struggle at all, he could only shout Save Before Bengong could say the words, he had already fallen to the ground.The prince heard a crisp bone breaking sound from his nose, followed by a large amount of blood pouring out of his nasal cavity, he had to open his mouth to pant, in the confusion he seemed to be kicked twice by a horse s hoof, just when he felt that he was about to be kicked by a horse s hoof When he was trampled to death, someone finally stretched out his hand and dragged him up from the ground.The prince raised his head and how long does cbd gummies stay in urine can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 saw that HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety depression it was Lin Sizhen.Seeing that Lin Sizhen was about to bring him back to the horse, the spear stabbed at him again, Lin Sizhen hastily let go of his hands to dodge, and as a result, the prince fell to the ground again.I heard that Zhao brought it from the Yuan family.The Yuan family knew it Peng Liang He tried his best to control his trembling hands What else Hou Yong stared at Qian Yunsheng, shaking his head constantly, trying to stop Qian Yunsheng from continuing.Qian Yunsheng didn t know why, his mind became more and more unclear, and in a daze, he subconsciously told the truth Also there is a wound we cut on the root of Zhao s leg, and the hole between her breasts was cut by Hou.Yong took a bite, although it has been so long, the tooth marks may still be there After Qian Yunsheng said this, Hou Yong knew that something was wrong, and he was about to turn around and run away when he saw Qian Yunsheng was limp He fell to the ground in can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 Peng Liang s arms.Killkilled.Looking at the ferocious Peng Liang, Hou Yong couldn t help shouting Quick save help Peng Liang looked at Qian Yunsheng in his arms, and couldn t help being stunned.There was no room for change.I only went to the General Administration Department this year, and cbd gummies for anxiety depression immediately found out the war horse case.This Mr.Wei couldn t rub half a grain of sand in his eyes.What he said may be full of loopholes to Mr.Wei s ears.Wei Yuanchen went on to say Bring your files for daily city inspections.Are you on duty tonight Should you be here at this hour The captain saw the soldiers being escorted out of the inn, apparently to During the interrogation, he couldn t help panicking I m not on duty tonight, but this is all arranged by Lord Qianhu He intended to mention Lord Qianhu as cbd gummies for anxiety depression natures only cbd gummies walmart proof for him, but after saying this, he suddenly turned back God, doesn t it seem like he dragged Mr.Qianhu into the water by doing this You Qianhu Tang Rong happened to be nearby, Wei Yuanchen said with a smile on his face, In order to catch a murderer, you actually used a Qianhu, a captain, and three crossbowmen.

Gu Mingzhu finished preparing the medicine and was waking Hou Yong and Qian Yunsheng, when she heard this, she stopped.Wei Yuanchen looked at Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu said The two of youwill not wake upto be cautiousmy lord can go outsideto talk.Wei Yuanchen raised his feet and walked to the outside room, Chu Jiu sent the people around him away.Standing still outside, Peng Liang looked at Lord Wei s figure standing with his hands behind his back.Peng Liang knelt down on the ground with his knees sinking My lord, please forgive me and let me kill those two beasts.I will go to the yamen to confess my guilt.I will always remember your kindness in my heart, and I will repay you by being a cow or a horse in the next life.Wei Yuanchen stood there quietly without saying a word, as if he had already guessed what Peng Liang wanted This is what the Cheng family wants to see.If you dress up like this, no one will recognize you An old voice said, Look what you look like What does it look like Thanks to you, you are still the general judge of Taiyuan Prefecture.After saying this, he said in distaste Go over there, how can you be present when interrogating the prisoner Then I heard Feng Anping whisper Master only thinks that I am serving on the sidelines.You didn t realize it before, don t cbd gummies for anxiety depression say you are my student when you go out, hurry up don t get in the way here.How lucky you are, if this case is not investigated, you will be sentenced to prison , feel free to say something in front of me.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help smiling, and then saw Cousin Feng walking over with an embarrassed expression.This is the duty room where the prison guards rest.Officials who come to work on weekdays can t directly face the prisoners, they will stop here and wait.Mama Lu left Entering the large kitchen, the mothers in charge of the kitchen nodded to her one cbd gummies on shark tank for tinnitus after another, only to see Mother Lu bring out a small box with various models in it.The mothers in charge looked surprised but didn t want to go forward to ask.They saw that Lu s mother rolled up her sleeves and was busy in the kitchen neatly.Mama Lu kneaded the dough skillfully, which fascinated everyone.I m really bothering Mom.The cook looked at Mom Lu and said.Mother Lu smiled and said, No.The person who came to the door today may be the third master s guest.Although the third master didn t say anything, but some things don t need to be ordered by the master, a slave must understand in his heart that the person who came to the mansion to deliver cbd gummies for anxiety depression food today is the head of the village who works for the third master, and the third master will not stop going to the yamen for no reason.So the sudden trust caught her by surprise.She can deduce what Mr.Wei is thinking about on weekdays, but today she is a little uncertain, as if she never thought that Mr.Wei would always think about the matter of feeding medicine in the prison, Mr.Wei Saying that sentence suddenly made her calm HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety depression heart suddenly rippling.Besides my uncle and master, who else cares about Zhou Rujun Zhou Rujun is dead, all matters related to Miss Zhou are over, there should be no more entanglement, for a dead person it doesn t make any sense, people can t be resurrected, who would waste energy on a dead person.When she was alive, an orphan like Zhou Rujun was just a pawn cbd gummies for anxiety depression in the hands of others, even if she had crossed paths with anyone, she would sooner or later forget it.After how long does cbd gummies stay in urine can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 being reborn as Gu Mingzhu, she thought it over clearly.What is she going to do here It s better trubliss cbd gummies free trial to use it on Brother Chen to make Brother Chen s journey easier.If you want to use the Wei family, you can, but she is already unusable.The emperor spends his mind on others, such as Brother Chen, and letting Brother Chen do things, Brother Chen can also use this to let go of his hands cbd gummies for anxiety depression and feet.The Wei family would also understand her thoughts, so they never asked to come to see her in the palace.The real family members know what is best for each other, and it is good to care silently.Empress Wei felt very comfortable Gu Mingzhu met Xue Laotong and walked towards the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu looked at Liu Su If Xue Laotong 20 to 1 cbd gummy ordered Nie Chen to do something, there is no need to tell Mr.Wei the inside story.She could see that Xue Laotong was still thinking about Yan Tanhua s case, which involved Northern Xinjiang.Gu Mingzhu felt her head loosen, the small crown that fixed the bun was taken off, and her hair immediately slipped from the top of her head.Wei Yuanchen looked at the person in front of him, her long hair was fluttering, she raised her head, her face became more and more clear, and cbd gummies for anxiety depression natures only cbd gummies walmart finally completely overlapped with the person in his memory.That s very good.His voice was low, and when he uttered the last word, he was even a little hoarse, as if he was whispering or sighing, then he bent down, his eyes were deep, and his figure continued to approach her.Getting closer, without any intention of stopping, Gu Mingzhu s hand was already on his chest.Gu Mingzhu was a little flustered.Master WeiMaster Wei No matter how she yelled, he cbd gummies for anxiety depression didn t notice it, and his eyes were fixed on her.The strange breath came down, and Gu Mingzhu remembered the silver needle that was stuck in Wei Yuanchen s hand just now, and didn t know if the needle was still there.The two returned to the small courtyard of the Wei family.The mother in law opened the door with a nail in her hand.She glanced at Wei Yuanchen s face and said immediately, Master, are you drinking Are you drunk I m going to make sober up right away.Soup.Third master drunk Chu Jiu looked skeptical.Seeing Wei Sanye walk into the house and close the door, Chu Jiu realized that the third master might really be drunk, and he seemed to be on the sidelines on the road.Chujiu broke out in a cold sweat immediately, rushed into the kitchen to take the fire stick from the old lady s hand, and started to burn it hard Make a few more bowls of hangover soup.I hope it s still too late to make up for it.Wei Yuanchen was lying on the bed, looking at the silver needle in his hand, it was piercing really deep, and the hand was quite heavy, until now he still has waves of pain in his lower abdomen.It s all because of you, otherwise I wouldn t be what I am today.The mother in charge still wanted can you have cbd gummies while breastfeeding to persuade.Bai Gongren shouted Get out, get out of here.The mother in charge was pushed and staggered, and Bai green roads cbd gummies on ebay Gongren finally stand up as she wished, but her two legs could not support her body , her whole body fell down.The mother in charge immediately stepped forward to help, but she couldn t stop Bai Gongren s falling body, and the two of them fell to the ground together.Bai Gongren acted as if she couldn t feel the pain, she looked at her legs in a panic Why, why is this, I m obviously better.The mother reviews of liberty cbd gummies in charge persuaded Don t worry, Gongren, you will get better slowly It will be fine.Bai Gong raised his hand and suddenly slammed it on his leg, looking like a madman.The mother in charge was about to call for someone to come in to help, but Nu Guanzi, who had been standing outside for a long time, couldn t help but quickly walked into the house, and helped the mother in charge to comfort Bai Gongren Don cbd gummies for anxiety depression t worry, good people, the master said it will take some time.

I am afraid there are some goods that cannot be seen.I sent someone to go to the military and horse department of the five cities to inquire.Yes.The emperor s eyes sank, and the Metropolitan Procuratorate colluded with the soldiers and horses of the five cities.Could it be that the gates of the capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty were can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 can cbd gummies help you stop smoking cigarettes wide open Qiao Song went on to say I have a small case in my hands, a hundred households sued five city soldiers and horses, a thousand how long does cbd gummies stay in urine can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 households, Wang Qiao, and others for privately buying and selling imported goods in Beijing.The Ministry of Punishment also sent people to conduct a secret investigation, but unfortunately no evidence was found, and now the two cases happen to be connected.The emperor took a sip of tea.It is difficult for the left servant of the criminal department to notice such a small case, but Qiao Song is different.This is a person Xue Laotong can trust.According to Xue Laotong, Feng Anping s qualifications are mediocre, and he has some minor problems that can t be put on the stage, but fortunately he is not wrong.Su Fu said I see.Xue Laotong was still worried Your Excellency, don t confront Qiao Song head on, save yourself to continue the investigation.Su Fu responded.Xue Laotong left the Shuntian government office all the way, and rode his horse out of the city gate.At this moment, he was a little anxious, but fortunately, his thoughts were very clear.When Wei Yuanchen interrogated Bai Jingkun, he mentioned his mechanism, He thought of Yan Shen who was injured by the eight spring lock.When Yan Shen was serving as a judge in Yingtianfu, he would come to Beijing on the day of Muxiu to mention some unsolved cases with him.It was more than half clear, and Yan Shenhui told him everything he found from the beginning to the end.As a result, Yan Shen was plotted against in northern Xinjiang and lost both hands.Yan Shen kept silent about everything.He HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety depression wanted to find out the person who harmed Yan Shen and avenge Yan Shen, but Yan Shen left without saying goodbye.Yan Shen reappeared It was time to be arrested and imprisoned by the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Xue Laotong didn t want to implicate Shuntian Mansion and Su Fu, and planned to investigate Yan Shen s case carefully after he resigned from the Shuntian Mansion Yamen, but now that these doubts were exposed in front of him, he couldn t wait any longer Wei Yuanchen brought Gu Mingzhu out of the prison, and the two of them went all the way to the small courtyard of the Wei family.You should kill your mother immediately to make it more beautiful.Tell me, when are you going to send me to the prison Mrs.Lin stared at Cui Zhen Just say something, and your mother will use her life to fight for your fame one last time.Mother, Mrs.Zhang said eagerly, Don t say that about Lord Hou, Lord Hou When you are out fighting, winning battles is for you.You don t have a place to speak, Mrs.Lin said with a sneer, Is the butler comfortable these days Is it finally possible to support your natal family unscrupulously The Cui family is just pulling the cart Ma, you and the Zhang family don cbd tinnitus gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression t have to do anything, but stay behind and enjoy the blessing.Mrs.Zhang s eyes turned red and she lowered her head.Mrs.Lin still wanted to talk, Cui Zhen said lightly I see that my mother s injuries have healed a lot, so I can rest assured that the imperial court has arrested many clansmen in the Lin family, cbd tinnitus gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression and the imperial court ordered the Shaanxi Yamen to deal with it.Mrs.Lin and Mrs.Gu looked at each other Do you have a plan Mrs.Gu said with a smile It is precisely for this matter that I came to ask my nephew and daughter in law, and Sister Wan followed me.When Mrs.Ding Ninghou went to the banquet together, she met the eldest wife of the Tan family, who was the eldest sister in law of Tan Dingfang, Minister of the Ministry of War.This Mrs.Tan had a son of the right age who was not yet married.Serving as the general banner in the Beijing camp, although the current official position is not high, but being able to serve in the twelve guards of the Beijing camp has won the trust of the emperor.With an uncle like Tan Shangshu, are you afraid that cbd gummies for anxiety depression you will not have a good future Sister Wan is married You will have a good life in the past.Mrs.Lin listened carefully without interjecting.The Anjiyuan in Beijing, Tan Shangshu has It will pass in time, it is common for Shi Mi to apply medicine, and he personally applied medicine to the disabled soldiers.Tan Sanye often followed his uncle to help.There are many sick children in Anjiyuan.Chongwen asked quietly Those children are gone, children will not lie, Tan Shangshu is definitely not putting on airs, he really pities those people.Marrying into such a family, having a reputation and a future, is really a step up to the sky, even if Mrs.Gu falls asleep Will wake up with a smile.Mrs.Lin nodded In this case, I have spoken to Lord Hou, and I will ask people to go to the Tan family to ask them what they mean.We are the woman, and we always want the Tan family to find Baoshan to marry.If the Tan family is willing, they will follow the rules and treat Wan well Sister, if the Tan family is not sincere, the old lady has to think carefully.Did they do this to preserve Yuan s position in the Cheng family No, there must be something inside that they haven t found out.Didn t Yan Tanhua find the capital from the sea back then, and then went to northern Xinjiang, Yan Tanhua s line is the source of the final touch.Now that they have cleared up most of the case, as long as they get some more clues, they can find out the rest of the people one by one.Bai Jingkun confessed that the person who really controls the Lu family is a woman named Ah Yu.Gu Mingzhu immediately regained her spirits when she heard this.Wei Yuanchen looked at those shining eyes.He knew why Zhuzhu was happy.He investigated the case in Shanxi HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety depression for the sake of Gu Hou and Master Zhang.Now he must want to catch the person who harmed Yan Tanhua back then.Also in the prison, she cared more about Yan Tanhua and the others than he did.Naturally, Wei Yuanchen s official position could not be compared with that of his father Wei Congsheng, but it made people feel that the Wei family would pay back again.toward the feeling.The emperor probably also had such concerns, which is why he cbd gummies for anxiety depression let Qiao Song from the Ministry of Criminal Justice intervene in the case.It is still unpredictable what the final outcome of this case will be.After all, the Wei family is unfathomable, Gu Chongyi thought about it, but the scene of the second master Wei pulling his pants appeared out of place in Gu Chongyi s mind.That s why in the Wei family, a single rat droppings didn t spoil a pot of porridge.Cui Zhen watched Gu Chongyi s eyes become far reaching, he didn t know what Gu Chongyi was thinking, and just waited for Gu Chongyi to come back to his senses.

Before he could finish crying, they all left.He couldn t stay alone on a happy day.Suddenly, a shadow of a person appeared in Wei Congzhi s mind Yes, to find Marquis Huaiyuan, the female family members of Marquis Huaiyuan were eating wine at his house, so he took the opportunity to accompany Marquis Huaiyuan, so as not to be lonely In the palace.The noble concubine listened to the female official s report The empress dowager agreed, and asked the empress to send something to the wife of the Wei family to celebrate her birthday.It was the empress dowager again.Recently, the empress dowager seems to be very protective of Kunning Palace.Your efforts will be in vain.The noble concubine dropped the chess pieces in her hand on the chessboard Don t worry, I m about to finish this chess game.Didn t Wei Yuanchen find out some clues Tell Dali Temple to be more diligent, and wait for me to catch them all.Wisps of green smoke billowed from the corpse, and a pungent burnt smell rushed over.There was another corpse curled up next to that corpse The size of the corpse looked like a child.Wei Yuanchen walked into the house He asked people to find Master Nalu s daughter, who is the concubine Bai Jingkun confessed to No news came from Shandong or Zhending.But now that I cbd tinnitus gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression know that Ah Yu is from the Lu family and has stayed in Shandong It will be a matter of time to find her, especially since she is bringing the child born to Bai Jingkun with her.Wei Yuanchen looked at the corpse carefully, there was something black beside the leg bones of the corpse, Wei Yuanchen took the towel from Zhang Tong s hand and picked it up.After carefully wiping off the ashes on the thing, one can see that it is an iron cylinder, which is an object similar to a box.Gu Mingzhu didn t speak, Master Mo had already lifted the sackcloth and saw the wound on Aunt Zhen s wrist, then Master Mo frowned deeply, and a puzzled look flashed in his eyes again, apparently thinking of the deaths of Aunt Zhen and A Chan It is so similar.They all commit suicide, and they all use such a drastic method.There may be a relationship between them.Mo Yangming put down the sackcloth on Aunt Zhen, and looked sideways at Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu, I can t do things for Aunt Zhen today, I m going to Anjiyuan.I m with Master.Gu Mingzhu left Coming to Mo Yangming, Master Mo wanted to ask the steward of Anji Academy for news about Aunt Zhen.Sitting on the carriage, Mo Yangming was holding the whisk, thinking of Taoism in his heart, but he still couldn t calm down.Ah chan s appearance when he died clearly appeared in her mind.What s more, you have just been left in the Shuntian government office, and the official department has not officially Please be more cautious when you get the papers out.Feng Anping nodded and obeyed Master Gu s words.In fact, his grandmother is only a member of the collateral clan of the Gu family, and he has no contact with Hehua Hutong.To be prudent, please invite Mr.Ji, the promoter of the government office, to preside over the overall situation, and he will follow Mr.Ji s instructions from the sidelines.Chongyi.A call came, and Mrs.Meng helped Old Madam Gu out of the door.Seeing Gu Chongyi, the old lady staggered even more and almost fell to the ground.Seeing this, Gu Chongyi rushed forward.Chongyi, Mrs.Gu s eyes were red, what s the matter What does the government want to investigate How did such a good person come to our house Do you know where Chongwen is Gu Chongyi s face remained unchanged and he ordered the steward Someone will come from the yamen in a while, and do as the yamen ordered.Maybe it s because he has seen too much, and Wei Sanye is very humble.Gu Chongyi has an illusion that the person standing in front of him is his own junior.The three sat down.Only then did Wei Yuanchen look at cbd gummies for anxiety depression natures only cbd gummies walmart Gu Chongyi and said, Master Hou, did the lotus alley find Tamba mushrooms Tan Zigeng knew that something might happen to the goods before the yamen found out the goods of the Gu family.Gu Chongyi received Wei Yuanchen knew that Gu Chongwen s case was related to the Tan family, but he didn t know the details.Wei Yuanchen said If this was a game set up by someone, they might have targeted the Gu family early on.Although Hou Ye did not hold an important position in the court, he uncovered the war horse case.Those people must hold grudges in their hearts, but Hou Ye ruled Jiayan, Madam is in charge of the central government and there is no mistake, they can t find a chance to attack the Houfu for the time being.Mrs.Li looked at the mother in charge Brother Chen never asked me, do you think he knows Chapter 366 Too sensible mother raised her head to Mrs.Li With her eyes, she knew what Mrs.Tai was asking.Ru s mother thought about it carefully and did not respond directly to Mrs.Li s words When the third master came back today, he was going to go back to his yard to change clothes, but he was dragged by the second master, but the servant can see that it is because of Mrs.Lu By the side, the third master followed the second master s wishes.Ru s mother kept kneading and kneading It can be seen that Mama Lu s position in the third gold top cbd gummies master s heart, when the elder master arranged Lu s mother to the third master, there was nothing much Said, Mama Lu doesn t care about other things in the house on weekdays, just nests in the courtyard of the third master.Who can believe it But it doesn t matter, when I enter the prison, I will bite to death.Everything is under your orders.I don t believe that after all this is revealed, you will be able to explain it clearly in front of the emperor.It doesn t matter, Tan Dingfang looked at Chen Weicheng, as long as I can catch you, so what if I take my life Tan Dingfang said with a long sigh of relief Only in this way can I live up to Ah Chan.His expression was blurred , as if caught in the memories of the past.The two were talking, and a few figures came out from behind the tree next to them.They were Qiao Zheng and others from the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Chen Weicheng s face changed suddenly.He obviously didn t expect Tan Dingfang to let the people from the Ministry of Criminal Affairs ambush him nearby.Gu Chongyi s mind Suddenly, seeing her daughter walking over to give Wei Yuanchen a pulse, it seemed that her daughter had transformed into a real apricot grove master.Gu Mingzhu checked Wei Yuanchen s pulse, Mr.Wei s pulse is stable and there is no sign of poisoning, and the cleaning of the wound can be left to Jiang Langzhong.After packing up the medicine box, Gu Mingzhu walked out with Baotong, and walked out of the study in one breath.Jiang Langzhong arrived just in time, and when he saw the medicine bottle left by Gu Mingzhu, Jiang Langzhong also praised him again and again After all, it was made by the real Shangqing Guanmo.These are good wound medicines.I just apply them to the third master.Waiting for Jiang Langzhong to wrap up the wound on his shoulder, Wei Yuanchen got up and said goodbye to Gu Chongyi I still have to go to the Yamen, and the Lord Hou has to pay more attention to the movement of the lotus alley in the past few days.

Lin grabbed Cui Wei s hand I m afraid he wants to lock me back up again.No, Cui Wei s eyes flickered, Brother is afraid that the court will blame me and has to let my mother hide from the limelight.It s different now.If someone blames me again this time, The son supports the mother.Mrs.Lin s rickety back straightened a lot, and she fixedly looked at the eldest son who rushed back Brother Zhen doesn t know yet, your younger brother has made a great contribution.Chapter 380 A long lost smile appeared on Mrs.Lin Tai s face, as if she could finally see the blue sky.And the thick dark cloud in front of her, the thing that annoys her, is this the son she gave birth at the risk of her life.Cui Zhen s expression did not change, he didn t even move his eyebrows at the scene of loving mother and filial piety in front of him, and he didn t even intend to answer Mrs.Xue Laotong took out a few documents from his pocket Pass it to Wei Yuanchen.The merchant named Naxiu has been doing smuggling business in the Shandong area for a long time.He used to collect people as pirates in several villages along the coast of Shandong.As luck would have it, from the seaAfter getting a windfall, he made a fortune in no time.The Xiu family began to grow their people secretly, and recruited many people to be sailors.After a long time, those who went into the water to do this kind of work knew that the Xiu family gave them a lot of money, and they were willing to join the Xiu family, and the Xiu family began to annex other seamen.The fleet of cbd gummies for anxiety depression thieves gradually became famous at sea.Old judge Xue paused for a moment when he said this After two or three years like this, the stewards of the Xiu family began to recruit people in private, saying that they followed other people s ways.If she had a bigger appetite, there would be no chicken left in the pot.In fact, she even left half a chicken for Nie Chen and the others.But on the second day, she felt that the food at home was not so delicious.Seeing this, her mother invited a doctor, so she had to excuse that she had eaten too much and accumulated food.She didn t eat too much at all, she just felt that Master Wei s cooking was better than that of the cook at home.If Master Wei didn t become an official and followed Master Wei to open a few restaurants, the business would be very good.It s a pity that Mr.Wei s status as a cook seems a little inferior.If Nie Chen and the others knew that Mr.Wei was the son of the current son, they might not dare to eat the chicken in that pot.Gu Mingzhu sat on the warm bed and opened the letter sent by Liu Su.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help being startled when relax cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression he saw this.Qiu Hai went to the Shen family seventeen years ago.The Shen family, then that person deliberately arranged it for seventeen years.If Qiu Hai s identity is confirmed, it is even less likely that the third and fifth princes are behind the scenes.Gu Mingzhu withdrew her thoughts and continued to read.Qiu Hai comes from how long does cbd gummies stay in urine can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 Yingtian Mansion.His ancestors were steering wheel craftsmen.Qiu Hai was able to read and write with the village master.After his parents died, he went to work as a handyman in the Shen family.Later, Qiu Hai became a steward and helped the Shen family manage some business.Eight years ago, Qiu Hai was in Yingtian Mansion, and after Mrs.Zhang got married, she followed Mrs.Zhang to the Zhang family in Guangzhou.Judging from Qiu Hai s background and whereabouts, he is very similar to the ship steward that the Xiu family mentioned.Although these relationships in the family are complicated, he and his mother have not yet reached the point where they are in the same situation.He wants to hand over the Cui family s inner house to Zhang s hands logically.When Yao Qing had an accident, he came back from Datong and heard that the girl brought back by his mother was restless, and what appeared in his mind was the appearance of his mother s scheming.If it hadn t been for the mother s scheming, he would not have lost his concubine and child.Hearing that Mrs.Zhang had stabilized the can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 can cbd gummies help you stop smoking cigarettes overall situation, he called the steward over to ask about the situation, and the matter was considered to be let go.Taking advantage of the turmoil in the inner house, he never asked his mother to arrange a concubine by his side.He thought that everything was under control.Madam Zhang couldn t sit still any longer, she saluted and said goodbye to Madam Lin I ll go back and have a look, otherwise I won t be at ease.As she spoke, she glanced at Gu Mingzhu intentionally.Zhu Zhu was making tea with the servants, and there was nothing strange on her face.Mrs.Zhang s heart was beating wildly, and she wished she could follow Cui Zhen s footsteps immediately.Shen Shi also got up to say goodbye.Mrs.Lin sent the two cbd gummies for anxiety depression natures only cbd gummies walmart of them out the door.Mrs.Zhang walked so fast that Shen could hardly keep up You are a double body now, don t walk so recklessly Before Shen finished speaking, Zhang Madam grabbed Shen Shi s wrist Sister in law, I feel a little confused, why don t you go back with me and find out what happened.Unable to bear it, she nodded Okay, then I will send you back to the Hou Mansion first.After talking about Qiu Hai s matter, Gu Mingzhu mentioned Zhang s matter.Zou Xiang is Cui Zhen s son, Gu Mingzhu said, Ms Zhang used Zou Xiang s mother to kill Cui Zhen s concubine and newborn child, and then got rid of Zou Xiang s mother.Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin s mother and son were at odds with each other in the inner house.This was done in one fell swoop.After achieving her own goal, Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin became more resentful to each other.That s why when she was in Shanxi, Mrs.Lin would treat Cui The attitudes of Zhen and Cui Wei are very different.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen If the marriage between the Zhang family and the Shen family and Dingninghou s mansion was planned, then Gu Mingzhu didn t continue, but she felt that Wei Yuanchen could understand.So as Zhou Rujun, she died tragically in the prison, is it also related to the Zhang family Wei Yuanchen frowned, and his eyes became as deep as the sea.I m leaving.Wei Yuanchen stood up, It s almost dawn.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Fortunately, everyone in the family was looking after her mother tonight, and Yang s mother couldn t care less cbd gummies for anxiety depression about coming to the small study, otherwise she would have to Block it straight.Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand, Gu Mingzhu hesitantly passed it over, Master Wei s hand always seemed to be warmer than hers.The two walked to the door holding hands and looked up at the sky together.It is said that the sky is darkest when it is about to dawn, but now that the moon is in the sky, Wei Yuanchen remembered that today is the Lantern Festival, and the lanterns in the courtyard of the Gu family just happened to be lit, so he stood with her to watch the lanterns.Wei Yuanchen looked down at Zhuzhu beside him, and the cbd tinnitus gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression girl raised her head slightly, wondering what she was thinking.

The victims went south in order to find a way to survive.The north of Yongping Mansion was in chaos.Group, I stayed here, based on my years of experience in the field, the more chaotic it is, the easier it is to detect the movements of those people.So the others went south, and he went north all the way, chasing the footsteps of merchants and stewards.The old man went on to say Finally, I found those people near Guangning.They were carrying rice from Guangning to the north, and they encountered heavy snow on the way.The convoy had to stop, and I could only watch from a distance.I said, I didn t bring much clothes, and I was about to freeze when I was hiding in the ice and snow.I was HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety depression about to move my body, when I saw someone walking over, so I hurriedly restrained my breath, not daring to make any movement, and came The person responsible was the steward of the caravan who was investigated by Yan Shen back then, and I heard the steward of the caravan talking to the people around me, so I realized that their losses were not small this time, two guys who transported rice froze how long does cbd gummies stay in urine can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 to death, and frostbite was not uncommon.Concubine Jiang Gui cbd gummies bad experience said It s nothing.The pain on her fingers seemed to confirm the uneasiness in her heart.Concubine Jiang turned her head to look outside the hall, maybe it was because the happy event came too fast that she felt that it was a little unreal.Concubine Jiang s eyes became brighter, even the smart Wei family ended up like this, whoever dares to compete with her for the position in the middle palace, there is only one result, don t blame her for being cruel.As night fell, a servant walked quickly along the palace wall.The servant had cbd gummies for anxiety depression a pack of poison in his sleeve.Everything had been arranged, but who knew that the situation in the palace was changing rapidly.Empress Wei, who had already come out for a walk, suddenly Then he was imprisoned again, and the inside and outside of Kunning Palace were additionally sent to guard, every move of Empress Wei and the palace staff was under the emperor s nose.With a bang , the palm of the hand seemed to touch a hard rock, but it was obviously a flesh and blood body.Cui Zhen s body didn t move at all, and the food box in his cbd gummies help with sleep hand didn t even seem to shake.Zou Xiang stood there in a daze, and he raised his head to look at Cui Zhen s deep face.Cui Zhen said indifferently If you want to push me, it will take another ten years.No, Zou Xiang said in a childish voice, Two years is enough.Zhen didn t say anything, and the look was clearly showing contempt for him.You can push me within five years, Cui Zhen said, I will let you enter the family tree of the Zou family.Zou Xiang said, You don t need to agree.Cui Zhen handed over the food box again, and cbd sleep gummies casper Zou Xiang reached out to take it this time.Cui Zhen turned around and walked out, walking out of Huaiyuan Hou Mansion.Wei Yuanchen met him at a flat food stall, the two sat down, and the man started to make flat food.Cui Zhen didn t speak, because Wei Yuanchen should know why he came because of his intelligence.The man finally brought up two bowls of hot flat food.Cui Zhen was not focused on the flat food, but when the flat food fell on the table, his eyes flashed sharply.The man put the bowl lightly, especially the bowl for Wei Yuanchen.The hot noodle soup was right next to the bowl, but it didn t tilt cbd gummies for anxiety depression natures only cbd gummies walmart at all.This flat food stall was planted by Wei Yuanchen, Cui Zhen already knew it very well, no wonder Wei Yuanchen was able to find clues so quickly.This man should be an ordinary person, with a strong aura of smoke and fire that walks in the open all the year round, it is difficult to be found in the crowd.Gu Mingzhu said Catch him.After preparing in advance, now it s time to catch a turtle in a urn.If she is right, the three are the Zhang family, and this is the last resort of the Zhang family.Gu Mingzhu raised her head and looked at the gradually brightening sky.Six years ago, she was plotted by someone without knowing it, and now none of these people can escape.Chu Jiu walked out the door quickly, and Yang s mother saw Chu Jiu s back from a distance, and thought to herself, why does this person look like the talkative young man next to Mr.Wei Chapter 442 Fufa Yang s mother wanted to see clearly, but her sight was blocked by her pupils.Mom, why are you here Baotong s sudden appearance startled Yang s mother.Mama Yang took a closer look, and there was no get smilz cbd gummies sign of anyone.She grabbed Baotong Who was that just now The one who talked to the eldest lady It s Jiang San who raises pigs in Zhuangzi.If he really did this, the consequences would be disastrous.Chen Xiang was identified by the female officer of Yongchun Palace, and was stared at by the emperor like this, his face was full of panic, his legs softened and he knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing The emperor spares my life, the emperor spares my life.Chen Xiang s voice seemed to be panicked, The emperor felt an extraordinary calmness from him.Say, the emperor s voice seemed to be squeezed out from between his teeth, Who ordered you to do this Chen Xiang was silent for a moment, then turned his head to glance at Concubine Jiang not far away, the meaning was clear but.Concubine Jiang s heart trembled, and the hairs on the back of her neck immediately stood on end Your Majesty, my concubine has been wronged.I don t know about these things.Gu Mingzhu did not expect that the Zhang family, Qiu Hai, Tan Dingfang, and Zheng Ruzong had so many cases that they failed to notice this detail.Gu Mingzhu said When will the poison attack Wei Yuanchen said One or two months.Gu Mingzhu nodded If we don t find Zheng Ruzong, there is no definite evidence, even if the imperial court arrests Tan Dingfang, it will be a while.The trial could not be concluded for a while, and the case was dragged on like this.Tan Dingfang suddenly died of poisoning in the prison a month cbd gummies for anxiety depression or two later, and this became an unsolved case.At that time, the emperor will inevitably suspect that the Lord has tampered with it.Thinking about Liang in this way Wang is really good at planning, so he made arrangements early on.Gu Mingzhu raised her cbd gummies for anxiety depression eyes Your Excellency is going to Northern Xinjiang soon, right I don t know if there is any news from the Northern Border Guards.They were acquainted, and later my elder brother worshiped Mr.Cao as his teacher, and mentioned that lady.He heard that her husband went to Yongzhou to seek relatives and left Cao s mansion, so my elder brother didn t know much about that lady, so I didn t dare to trust her completely The female gentleman persuaded the eldest brother again This matter is related to the court and society.She was only used by others after being coaxed by others.The reason why she was able to tell the truth after arriving in the capital was also for the safety of the eldest brother, because the people she served were too powerful.Well, the whole northern border is his eyeliner, cbd gummies for anxiety depression if it is found that she wants to escape, those people will kill her.She said that two days later, she would try her best to get away and go to an inn on West Street.

well.After sending the two uncles to prison, she also found out the inside story of the death of her father and mother.If her parents knew about it, she should be relieved.She is fine, those people should be the ones who are uneasy.Ninth day, Gu Mingzhu said, take a pen and paper, and I will also send a letter to your lord.She wanted to tell lord Wei about the case she found, maybe there would be a commotion in Beijing.Chu Jiu couldn t help but said Miss, have you finished does cbd gummies work for arthritis reading the third cbd tinnitus gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression master s letter Gu Mingzhu came back to her senses now, she was anxious to explain the case to Master Wei, as if she forgot to read the letter further.Gu Mingzhu said cbd gummies for anxiety depression I cbd gummi bears ll finish reading it when you find the pen and ink.Chu Jiu responded, maybe the third master s writing was too long winded, and the eldest lady didn t want to read it, or Chu Jiu said enthusiastically Eldest lady , if you don t like to read it, you can leave it to me, I can bear to read it Besides, I can also write letters for you.After King Lu ascended the throne, the Wei family naturally ascended to the position of queen, and her mother s family was just a prince, so how could she have the ability to fight against the Wei family.At that time, Prince Lu told her that there was no need for the Cao family to do anything, and everything was arranged by him.She was happy tasty froggies cbd gummies and afraid at the same time.What was happy was King Lu s promise to her, but what was worrying was that people s hearts were changeable.If Lord Lu abandoned her one day, she would really have nothing.At this moment, she got to know Liang Wang Zhao Qi again.Knowing that she likes music theory, Zhao Qi gave her Guqin and piano scores, and recommended a female gentleman to teach her.She found that the more she learned from the female teacher, the more Lu Lu Wang Huanxi, but she felt sorry for Liang Wang.Liang Wang Yingwu and Renshan secretly control Liaodong, and they can make Wu Liangha willing to serve him.If they can make great contributions when King Liang ascended the throne, they will be able to get more care in the future.King Liang promised to hand over the fifteen cities of Liaodong to the Li family.In the future, King Liang will help him and his descendants succeed to the throne.Secure the throne.It s worth the risk to get these.Li Zhao thought about closing his eyes and slowly falling asleep.After sleeping for an unknown amount of time, Li Zhao felt a biting chill enveloped him.He moved uncomfortably.The cold feeling became more and more obvious, especially on his neck, which was cold and itchy No, it was painful, as if he had been cut by something.Li Zhao stretched out his hand to touch his neck, and what his fingertips touched seemed to be something similar to iron.Gu Chongyi immediately went ashore with his soldiers, but Wei Congzhi disappeared after capturing Liang Wang.Now this old loach has gone to nowhere.Master Wei, Lord Wei is here.Hearing the voice of the deputy general, Gu Chongyi turned around and looked over, and he saw a group of people coming towards this side, and the cbd edibles gummies massachusetts one in front was Wei Yuanchen in armor.When Gu Chongyi was in Andongwei, he received the battle report that Wei Yuanchen stopped Liang Wang s army outside Gongji City.Wei Yuanchen disrupted Liang Wang s position with hundreds of cavalry.Zhou s military spirit.Gu Chongyi couldn t help lamenting that although Wei Congcheng left early, the descendants of the Wei family were relax cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression really competitive.If his son could reach half of Wei Yuanchen s, he would be satisfied.Master Hou.Wei Yuanchen bowed first, and his straight figure immediately bent down, well behaved and meticulous, just like a junior respecting an elder.Mrs.Li couldn t help laughing Look at your mother and son, you know what to say.Empress Wei looked at Wei Yuanchen, his son is here well, so there are many things that need not be asked, only one How is the marriage in Huaiyuan Houfu The most important thing right now is for Brother Chen to marry a wife.Wei Yuanchen felt the eyes of his grandmother and mother were on him, his cheeks were slightly red, he raised his eyes, his eyes were shining brightly Tomorrow my son wants to ask my grandmother to go to Gu s family.Mrs.Li couldn t help laughing Brother Chen Can t wait for a day.That s right, Queen Wei said, Settle it early, so as not to have long nights and dreams, such a good child, I don t know how many people are watching.Wei Yuanchen said Tomorrow my son wants to tell the Marquis of Huaiyuan everything.The gentle wind blew over her face, but it couldn t take away the hot temperature.She pressed her hand against his chest, and felt his heartbeat seemed to be faster than hers.She seemed to have forgotten where she was at this moment.For a long time.She was a little out of breath, and she didn t know what to do, she just felt light on her body, and he hugged her whole body, and then he walked quickly into the room.Gu Mingzhu really panicked this time, Mrs.Wei s body was scorching hot under the palm of her hand, scorching her like coals, her heart seemed to jump out of her throat.Her body fell between the mattresses, and she finally spoke.My lord There was a bit of panic in the voice.He looked at him with a very calm expression, but also seemed to be more nervous than her.Ajun, I have admired you for seven years.Taking advantage of the chaos in Liaodong, he took back a few more cities, because after this battle, he could only fight with the rest of the rebels for a long time., Wuliangha, etc.fell into a hard fight.Cheng Yu nodded Master Hou, take a break first.Go to the Chinese military tent to discuss the matter first.Cui Zhen stood up and walked out.Cheng Yu shook his head.Marquis Ding Ning killed his younger brother.On the surface, he seemed unaffected, but the haze left in his heart might not go away for a while.Killing his own brother was to defend the northern border.Marquis Ding Ning probably put all his beliefs on it.If there is something wrong with northern border When Marquis Ding Ning was alive, he would not let such a thing happen.At this moment, Cheng Yu felt that Marquis Ding Ning was somewhat similar to Lord Wei, and Lord Wei had such thoughts when he returned to Beijing to face King Liang.Wei Yuanchen said, Don t worry, seventh uncle.Turning his head and intertwining his eyes with Gu Mingzhu, There was a smile in his eyes, like the spring breeze blowing on his face.Thinking of something, Wei Yuanchen said Seventh Uncle, can you go to Yan s house for a banquet Old General Yan is in charge of Tianjin Guard, and Zhou Zesheng once served under General Yan s command.Zhou Zesheng s expression froze I ve been there.Wei Yuanchen said with a smile, What about Uncle Qi Old General Yan praised Uncle Qi in front of everyone.This time Uncle Qi returned to Beijing to serve, and General Yan also recommended him., it can be seen that Old General Yan attaches great importance to Seventh Uncle.In addition, there is an unmarried young lady in the Yan family, and Wei Yuanchen guessed that Old General Yan has the intention of marrying a daughter.

Lin thought for a while Master cbd tinnitus gummies cbd gummies for anxiety depression Hou, the pigs on our village are so tasty and drinkable, is it not for the sake of eating meat in the future, Master Hou, is that right I have to take care of it.After Madam Lin finished speaking, she took people to the kitchen to work, and Gu Chongyi was left alone to worry, he must have been with Wei Congzhi for HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety depression too long, and Wei cbd gummies for anxiety depression Congzhi passed the bad luck to him, otherwise he would not be here now.Why is it so annoying Don t let this bastard get into the Gu family in the future In the Hall of Mental Cultivation, Empress Wei looked at the list of rewards sent to the Gu family.These items were all chosen by her, including a lot of clothing and female celebrities.The female officer whispered Your Majesty is really thoughtful.That Miss Gu is good at dismantling things rather than being a female celebrity, and everyone in Kunning Palace knows it.It is also reassuring to scream twice in this way.Everyone wants the throne, but he never fights for it.He knows that this country is not so easy to sit on.The emperor on the kang felt the pain on his face and body, he knew what those imperial doctors were doing, they were such a jerk.Sweat drenched the front of his clothes, and the emperor fell kurativ cbd cbg gummies into a drowsy sleep.How is your majesty the queen asked the imperial physician, These days, your majesty is not at peace.The imperial physician bowed and said The emperor s illness is just like this, it will flare up at some point, and he is now stable.Everyone inside and outside the palace knew that the emperor s illness was too erratic.If the empress hadn t been by his side, he would have been incurable.The queen nodded You can t be careless.The imperial hospital left a few people in the Hall of Mental Cultivation.Yes.The imperial physician withdrew respectfully.Empress Wei looked at Old King Qing Uncle, you have seen it all, the most important thing right now is to take good care of the emperor, stabilize the political situation, and when the root of King Liang s curse is completely pulled out, the frontiers will also be stable, and perhaps many things will be resolved.It will be solved easily.Lao Qing Wang said There must be someone to inherit the country of the Great Zhou.Empress Wei was not in a hurry The emperor still has a few princes under him, and they will grow up by then, and they can take on the responsibility.Heavy responsibility.Empress Wei finished speaking and looked at Old King Qing Maybe the old uncle has other plans Do you want the Ninth Prince who will now establish Concubine Jiang You know, it s hard for the Ninth Prince to convince the public.After Gu Mingzhu heady harvest cbd gummies review said this, Zhu Wu opened his eyes wide again, JiangJunior Sister Jiang, yes, why didn t he think of it, so when he was in the village, it was not Miss Gu who followed Liu Su, but Mrs.Liu Su followed Miss Gu, and it was the same when he arrived in Beijing.Liu Su was always by Miss Jiang s side.How are they so stupid It turned out that the adoptive father they had always wanted to see was by their side.After reading the diagram, Zhu Wu can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 can cbd gummies help you stop smoking cigarettes carefully put away the diagram, then bowed to Gu Mingzhu and said, Miss, from now on Gu Mingzhu said, Whatever you want, you Just understand in your heart.Zhu Wu was relieved after hearing this.Zhu Wu thought for a while, but the line of adoptive father still can t be spent, otherwise the people in the world can t be united, and the other brothers and sisters still have to visit the foster father.After entering the hall, Cui Zhen saluted Lin Qicheng and Gu Chongyi.Get up, Lin Qicheng said, It s hard for you, I m coming to see you.Lin Qicheng looked at Cui Zhen carefully while speaking Are you injured I saw that you lost a lot of weight.Now Beijiang has won the battle., you need to take care of yourself when you come back.Cui Zhen looked really different from before, he seemed to be a different person, before he was high spirited, his eyes were clear and bright, and he was full of self confidence, but now he is too thin to say the least , There is a twilight between the brows.Lin Qicheng sighed inwardly, this kid Cui Zhen has the heart to serve the country, and he is fair in doing things on weekdays, but he is dragged down by his mother, younger brother, and wife.I went to see your mother, Lin Qicheng said, If her illness doesn t improve, I m afraid she won t have much time.She had just finished eating, and the sweetness in her mouth hadn t faded away.Princess Huairou laughed After I saw the sedan chair, you must have something to eat.I also ate it secretly.Princess Huairou smiled like this, and the atmosphere in the room became more relaxed.Who says no.Who can eat until evening after being hungry.I didn t dare to eat it.The first bite HCMUSSH cbd gummies for anxiety depression was a raw dumpling.I touched a longan from the bed, and the master came into the house halfway through eating.When I was nervous, I swallowed the nuclei.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help laughing when she heard these words, she won t be hungry, it s no fun being confined in the room, she always has to go to the banquet to have a look.Miss, Baotong said in a low voice, My lord asked the servants to ask, should the barricade be lighter or heavier Gu Mingzhu said without thinking, Let Ziyan do whatever he wants Temperament, I have already guessed who will block the door of the Gu family, and where they will be given a chance to choose.Look how good it is.Cuckoo my stomach growled loudly at this moment.There were tears in the corners of Wei Congzhi s eyes.Why did he suddenly become so pitiful He has caused many disasters since he was a child, and he has never been so embarrassed as he is now.Just bear it, bear it and it will pass.Wei Congzhi closed his eyes with tears and fell asleep.It was getting dark.The boat boss finally returned to the boat, seeing that Wei Congzhi didn t jump into the river, how long does cbd gummies stay in urine can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 the boat boss smiled all over his face Master, we are going to go There is actually a kind of reluctance in my heart.Let s go The boat left the shore and walked along the waterway.After walking for a while, I heard Chuan Lao Dao It s strange, why are there so many people on the shore tonight, and a big boat is approaching.Second Master, Second Master, you Where is it Shouts came from the shore and from the boat.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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