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You will be injured, bleed, and even die.You must protect yourself well.A smirk suddenly appeared on Wang Weiyi s face Little Ling, you care so much about me, do you fall in love with me I don t want to have too much communication with people who feel too good about themselves.Please don t forget that I am just a computer.I care about you because I am afraid that if you die, I will have to stay in this era alone and never go back.I really want to see what you will look like after you become a chengr n.Wang Weiyi put on his military uniform with a smile, picked reviews on liberty cbd gummies up his weapons and ammunition Okay, I m ready.The door of the base was slowly opened, and a ray of sunlight shot in, which made Wang Weiyi s eyes unable to get used to it.You can go, Ernst Brahm.Wang Weiyi still couldn t get used to the name, but he knew that his time had finally come.The British Mark I tank began to crunch and drive towards the German position, and soon disappeared from the sight of the British commander.However, before the 32 tanks reached the German positions, another 14 tanks lay on the ground either there was a technical failure, or they got stuck in a quagmire, or fell into a bomb crater.In this way, only 18 tanks remained in the world s first tank battle.Those tanks drove slowly towards the German positions like old scalpers.The German soldiers who were waiting in the trenches suddenly heard a cbd gummies philly very strange metal noise coming from the direction of the British position.Not knowing what the mystery was, they stuck out their heads from the trenches to spy.The German soldiers suddenly discovered that a strange mechanical device came out of no man s land in the fog and crawled straight towards the German position.We are shouting frantically, rushing frantically, and fighting with every enemy frantically Those exhausted German soldiers burst out with courage at this moment those injured German soldiers got up from the ground without hesitation at this moment those timid German soldiers completely released their energy at this moment All for Ernst This familiar slogan resounded on the battlefield again.Similarly, when Ernst Brahm appeared on the battlefield, the British soldiers began to appear uncontrollable chaos.Among the Germans, Wang Weiyi has a nickname the cbd gummies on a plane infinite cbd gummies creator of the miracle of the Somme And among the British, Wang Weiyi also has a nickname The Devil of the Somme Now, Ernst Brahm s name resounds not only in Germany, but also in England and France.Everyone knows his name, everyone talks about him.The German general s The military uniform obviously doesn t fit, and it s obvious that he found it temporarily from somewhere.When he took off the military uniform, revealing the messy hair, aha, he s a shitty German general, obviously a French deserter French deserters Richthofen was taken aback.Yes, a deserter, his name is Kevin.Gerronin replied very positively He was captured from the battlefield and temporarily imprisoned with us.He is not bad, he can speak a little German But it seems a little crazy to me, always like to talk about alchemy with us.Ha, can you imagine what a French deserter would look like when he was dressed as a German general God knows what the French are doing there.Richtho Fern grumbled.Geerlongyin put down the already empty wine glass They were talking a lot there, I couldn t understand much, but I understood the name, and it seemed familiar.Baron Alexon is fighting in diana and riley khalili cbd gummies Reims.He has to make Major De Sade think that his plan has succeeded, and we can take you back to the German position calmly.Although Second Lieutenant Ma Ma said it easily, his heart was heavy.He didn t know what was going on with Major Ernst.He once suggested that Major Ernst should come here to snipe and hold Lance s enemies by himself.But Major Ernst flatly rejected this suggestion Only if I am here, can Major De Sade believe it.Second Lieutenant Ma Li, please go and carry out your mission.I will go back, trust me.Second lieutenant, our time is running out, please evacuate as soon as possible.Lieutenant Ma Li nodded and asked someone to take von Kierock out of here immediately.At this time, another explosion sounded from the direction of Lance, which made Lieutenant Ma Li s heart tighten.I have two bad news to tell you.General Raffarin s face was ugly cbd gummies on a plane infinite cbd gummies The first one.After launching the offensive, the Germans have broken through many of our forward positions and are Further advance.The second General Raffarin was silent for a moment I just got a message that our patrol found an cbd gummies philly attacked truck outside the city Major de Sade s heart sank, he did not wish to hear the terrible newsbut.General Raffarin s subsequent words made him completely desperate It has been confirmed that it was the truck that Kilok was riding in.And hemp bombs cbd gummies melatonin Kilok is also missing Major De Sade s face was pale, and he said nothing not come out.He knew why Ernst stayed here, and he also knew that instead of having any effect, his carefully designed plan was seen through by Ernst.Just count He thought that Ernst was a stupid person, but he never thought cbd gummies philly that he would fall into the trap carefully designed by Ernst But the only thing he couldn t figure out was that Ernst How did Sturt find out about his plan Major, we lost Kierok, it s hard to explain to the higher ups. Watts Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he felt a trace of fear.If the person in front of him is Ernst Brahm as Major De Sade guessed, then he will be in big cbd edible gummies side effects cbd gummies on a plane trouble.By the way, my name is not Moyol.I have to introduce myself to you and your guests.Wang Weiyi took a sip of wine My name is Ernst Alexson von Brahm.Watts heart sank completely The Skeleton Baron the devil of the Somme Ernst Brahm Some of the guests exclaimed, but some didn t even know who Ernst Brahm was.I am a German major When Wang Weiyi s words came out, all the guests panicked.Quiet, quiet.Wang Weiyi kept the guests quiet Yes, German Major, I was ordered to come here to perform a mission, and I had some misunderstandings with General Raffarin, so I had to come here.Dear gentlemen and ladies, please don t panic, if there are no special circumstances, I will not hurt you These words made the guests feel a little relieved.Look, these people are menacing, God knows what terrible things they will do Wang Weiyi saw a bottle of wine on the table, so he poured himself a glass When I HCMUSSH cbd gummies philly entered the village, I saw a river outside the village, don t you think Baron Albrecht should take a bath Hey, wait, wait Seeing Rommel and Manstein walking towards him with stern faces , Richthofen hastily shouted I know that Berlin There is a very nice restaurant, are you on vacation I invite you to Berlin for a big meal Wang Weiyi said with a smile We are not going to Berlin, we are going to Danzig, Erwin has to arrange the wedding Yes.Ah, Erwin, congratulations.Richthofen said hastily, As your best friend, I will bear all the expenses cbd erectile gummies cbd gummies philly of Erwin s wedding.It s so cold.Wang Weiyi shrank his neck It would be really uncomfortable if I was stripped naked and thrown into the river this day I will also bear all of your expenses.How can a defeated man come and talk to a colonel like this After dawn, I m going to catch them in front of me, the gallows I ve got ready for them Vasilevsky, now From the beginning, you will act cbd gummies philly premium jane cbd gummies reviews as my assistant, and all you have to do is to complete the task exactly according to my instructions Yes, Colonel.Vasilevsky said helplessly.He firmly believed that what he did was right, but he couldn t argue with the colonel.The colonel followed the usual ethos of most Russian military officials arrogant, cbd gummies on a plane infinite cbd gummies arrogant, and rude.Only failure can make them more honest Vasilevsky can bet that what Ernst Brahm hopes most now is that the Russian army will launch a search across the city.Then he will have the opportunity to leave here Major Kiriyenko Vasilevsky was silent for a while I have another sad news to cbd gummies philly tell you, your nephew Hit by enemy bullets last night Kiriyenko shook his body, and then scratched a lice on his chest Poor little Dirk Second Lieutenant Vasilevsky, go and help the colonel catch those Germans to avenge my nephew.Guderian said very seriously Remember, we only accept Spanish gold coins and refuse to accept the rest of the currency.Yes, until you pay back, We will calculate the interest generated every day.Manstein agreed.Wang Weiyi was dumbfounded, he owed a huge debt for no reason Twenty eight thousand gold coins Where did I get such a large sum of money He hooked Manstein and Guderian affectionately Listen to me, what is a comrade in arms Ah, you don t quite understand, comrade in arms, friendship is more important than life, what is money But he soon found to his dismay that all his subordinates shook their heads at the same timeElena was even included Ah, here comes the bride, here comes the bride The music sounded in time, finally helped Baron Alexon out of the siege This is a perfect wedding, the beauty of the bride Lucy makes everyone feel happy.Kugla Riley seems to be a know it all It s very remote there, especially after the war broke out, and no one went there.It is said that in the year when Tsar Alexander III just came to the throne, a great plague occurred in the manor, and everyone died.It is said that the people cbd gummies philly premium jane cbd gummies reviews in the manor were cursed.Baron Alexon, people here really believe in curses, no one wants to go there Okay, let s go to the cursed manor.Wang Weiyi stood up and put away the map of Omjet Two days later, you will come there to find us.Riley nodded, and quickly started to act.Everyone get in the car and go to that cursed manor Wang Weiyi greeted his team members loudly.Ernst, do you trust cbd gummy rings cbd gummies philly this person What if he brought the Russians Manstein raised his concerns.Wang Weiyi let out a long sigh of relief and said People like us sometimes have to take some risks.William II broke out into a hearty laugh, and continued So, Baron Alexon, what kind of gift did you bring me In unison, everyone s eyes fell on Wang Weiyi His Majesty the Emperor openly asked for a gift, which is a rare thing Yes, Your Majesty, I will give it to you Brought a small gift.Wang Weiyi said frankly.Ah, come here, my hero, let me see what special gift an invincible baron brought me.William II said enthusiastically.Wang Weiyi came over, and then took out his gift, and William II took it.He showed the gift to all the guests, so that everyone can clearly see it This.It s a cbd gummy rings cbd gummies philly gold skull badge On the back of this badge, the name of William II is engraved.It s not particularly valuable William II said slowly, but he raised his voice.My own voice But this is the best gift I have ever received Ernst Alexson von Brahm, I will cherish this gift and wear it on my body cbd erectile gummies cbd gummies philly forever After finishing speaking, William II really put this badge on his neckline Applause rang out like a flood, and the mountain roared like a tsunami.Such a day is peaceful, comfortable, and full of wonderful atmosphere Of course, some people are not happy, such as soldiers who have to patrol every day.Like Sergeant Tony.Today it s Sergeant Tony s turn to lead the patrol team again, seriously.He loathes such work.Do you know what time it is now It s only nine o clock in the morning, cbd gummy rings cbd gummies philly which is a great time to enjoy.When the captain is in a good mood, he has to suggest to the captain to cancel the damn daily patrol.Could it be that those Austrian troops hemp bombs cbd gummies 750mg will fight here Don t forget, in addition to the machine gun, there is also a very good mountain cannon Sergeant Tony yawned and wandered listlessly with eight soldiers.In this hour, they can go back and have a good meal Guo Yunfeng and Hitler were wandering in the woods, and they realized that they had gone too far.Colonel, what about you Stino seemed to feel something faintly.I cbd gummies philly m very tired, I need to take a break.Colonel Diego smiled Get out of here, go and surrender those Germans, Lieutenant Colonel Stino, this is my order Stino said sadly Going out, he knew what terrible things were going to happen.Colonel Diego sat there for a while, then took out a pen and paper, thought for a while and wrote My dear wife, today, I have experienced The saddest day in my life, Udine, which I was in charge of defending, fell into the hands of the enemy.I now have two choices, one is to surrender to the Germans, and the other is to commit suicide.Of course you understand my temper, I am Definitely wouldn t medicinal cbd gummies make the first choice.So I have to end this shame in an extreme way.Please don t be sad, my dear Cabrera.I can t let myself live like this, that s not what an officer should do.Model raised one of his arms, and the whistles of the officers on the German position also rang.The German soldiers, who seemed a little lazy just now, immediately returned to their positions, and their light and heavy machine guns and rifles were ready to shoot at the same time.The British army began to attack rows and rows of British people appeared in the field of vision.Come closer and closer.Model, who was as calm as cbd gummies philly a rock, calmly issued his order Come closer, don t shoot again Closer, steady and steady The enemy was getting closer and closer, and their faces could almost be seen clearly.At this moment, Model said in a deep voice Start Now, it s time for the Germans to perform The muzzle of the machine gun began to jump, and the bullets like a rainstorm hovered cbd gummies philly in the air, forming a graceful figure, and then penetrated into the enemy s body one by one.Under the bombardment, there is no longer any resistance.Attack Following General Liggett s order, densely packed Allied soldiers swarmed towards Montfaucon Ah A sharp eyed reporter suddenly pointed to the front shouted.The reporters went there one after another, and when they arrived, the skeleton battle flag that had disappeared under the artillery bombardment was flying again on the German position Skeleton Baron Someone erupted in such a voice, and then, there was a burst of cheers from the reporters They are actually cheering for their enemies Skeleton battle flag that is a battle flag that never falls The charging allied army was swept away by the last ammunition from Montforkon.Pieces of Allied soldiers fell, and the only thing left was to step forward on the corpses of their companions.They attacked here.The troops of the Chinese people Riichiro Katayama said with a stern face, Is their commander Wang Weiyi Ichiro handed him a piece of paper Look for yourself.To the commander of the Japanese army Thank you for the weapons and ammunition, very good, this will allow me to kill more Japanese people, looking forward to our next meeting Meet.Lieutenant Wang Weiyi of the Zh ngy ng Teaching Corps of the National Revolutionary Army of the Republic of China.After reading this, Kobayakawa Hongyi s complexion also changed.What an arrogant Chinese officer, what an arrogant behavior, even if he attacked here, he still didn t forget to leave a note to tease the soldiers of the Great Japanese Empire Your Excellency, brigade commander, where did you find this There was a trace of sadness in Katayama Riichiro s eyes Mr.We actually saw each other here Hiroshi Yamaguchi Wang Weiyi laughed haha Hiroshi Yamaguchi Did you play well in the hall last time Hiroshi Yamaguchi looked a little embarrassed You are Wang Weiyi.Yes, I also wrote cbd edible gummies side effects cbd gummies on a plane that letter to Kobayakawa Hongyi Yes.You are a very bold officer, Mr.Major.Hiroshi Yamaguchi felt helpless.That time in Shanghai, he suffered a lot from Wang Weiyi s hands.Although he was annoyed, he actually admired him somewhat in his heart.Not only did he successfully get rid of himself, but he also succeeded in assassinating Zhang Xiaolin in such a short period of time Hiroshi Yamaguchi, is cbd gummies legal in south carolina this time I am here for the matter of Naomasa Sugawara.Wang Weiyi broke the truth of Hiroshi Yamaguchi The purpose, since this is the case, Hiroshi Yamaguchi felt that he had nothing to hide Yes, Mr.Head Wan was really hijacked away, and none of these people can get away with it Just when Guo Yunfeng and Zhang Sandao were about to use Qin Hebiao and Meng Konghua as hostages to force their way in, there was a sudden noise outside the regiment headquarters, and then countless soldiers with submachine guns cbd gummies philly and machine guns rushed in, pointing their guns at the people here.people.Wang Weiyi, head of the Huben Guard of the Ninth Army, has arrived With this voice, Wang Weiyi appeared in front of everyone.Hearing that the heroes who fought bloody Sanhuqiao and Songjiang had arrived, the guns in the hands of the soldiers of the 3rd regiment couldn t help Wang Weiyi, who had just arrived in Changshu, immediately knew something was going to happen after hearing what Guo Yunfeng had left for him.The reason is very simple.The cbd erectile gummies cbd gummies philly accent of Sendai Akiu cannot be imitated by a non native.I saw Yona Iida s hand pressing on the command knife.Otsukahara Wei said coldly Iida kun, don t be impulsive, maybe he wronged you, but let him finish his sentence.Captain Ma took down the command knife at this time.It s also the surprise on the face.How could the person who kidnapped him speak Japanese Could it be that he is also cbd gummies philly the Japanese himself Captain Ma is really confused.What about you I still don t know your name Otsukahara Wei s eyes fell on Wang Weiyi Do you have any evidence against Captain Iida My name, It doesn t matter, I m just an imperial spy sent by Ying Zuozuo.Wang Weiyi stepped forward Of course I won t slander an imperial officer for no reason.I have been lurking in China for so many years, and finally got a very important In the case of the situation, the Chinese people have arranged a large cbd gummies philly cbd gummies philly number of spies in the imperial army very early.Probably, right The second lieutenant was not very sure Soon, he knew whether the weapon could cbd gummies long beach be fired The moment they approached, the two Germans suddenly raised their weapons Fire Terrible tongues of flame spewed out from the muzzles of the two submachine guns in his hands.A violent storm swept across the Japanese army.In an instant, the eight Japanese fell into a pool of blood with almost no resistance The Chinese people on the street didn t even have time to realize what was going on, they were all dumbfounded , Why did two people in old fashioned military uniforms suddenly shoot at R himself A man in an officer s cap.While closely monitoring the surroundings, the person wearing the eagle helmet came to the second lieutenant R ben who hadn t died yet.Baka who are you Second Lieutenant R Ben said with .

are cbd gummies good for sleep?

difficulty.Ludendorff shook his head If he doesn t want to see you, no one can find him cbd gummies philly with the baron s abilityI think the baron hasn t come to see you until now because you haven t met yet.His preparations Hitler and Richthofen were taken aback, not quite understanding what this meant.Everyone in Germany was ready, waiting to see the Baron anytime, anywhere Ludendorff looked at them with deep eyes Is it Do you think you are ready No, you didn t What the baron needs is a strong, unified, and united Germany, a Germany that makes all countries fear again.When we make Europe tremble again, I swear, the baron will definitely come back best cbd gummies at walgreens and lead you to continue fighting together We ll do it, General, I promise Hitler solemnly made his promise to the general.General Ludendorff breathed a sigh of relief Adolf, the manuscript on the table is my memory over the years.He was adopted by Aunt Hermione from the orphanage.He was infinitely grateful to Aunt Hermione, but he had great respect for his wife.What impressed Elliot the most was when he was a child, in this yard, together with William, listening to his wife and Aunt Hermione tell a story about a person.Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm.The baron s story made him and William s blood boil from time to time.Sometimes tears welled up in my eyes.Especially Madam, when talking about the Baron, the careful cbd gummy rings cbd gummies philly Elliot would always find that Madam s eyes were full of joy, nostalgia, and a little sadness.That s not when she s talking about any other man.When Elliott and William grew up and asked his wife if she recognized the baron, the lady would always tell them that she only met the baron once in a while.That s all.Not yet, not yet.Wang Weiyi naturesonly cbd gummies said lightly I haven t decided yet when I will return to Germany, but I will go sooner or later.You have to keep my affairs secret for me for the time being.I still have some things to do in China.Several people nodded.Now that the skeleton baron has appeared, there is nothing difficult to do.I came to you this time, hoping to get your help.Wang Weiyi stated his purpose China is fighting a war of resistance, and I am helping them fight the war now.I need a lot of assistance Leonie and Hermione looked at each other and smiled I have already transported them for you.A large amount of weapons, ammunition and medicines were transported by the Minnesota Rose.Ah, there cbd gummies philly is no problem with the loyalty of Meekner who is responsible for the delivery.I can tell you how to contact him.The Japanese army fell one by one, and in an instant, the ground was already covered with corpses And this was just the beginning.With the arrival of the main force of the Huben Guard brigade, a destructive killing of the Ueno detachment finally began.What cbd gummies on a plane infinite cbd gummies is war This is war What is fear For r himself, it is fear now What is death Every Japanese person already knows it On April 1, 193, the decisive battle on the defense line broke out, a decisive battle that could change history This day will be fondly remembered by every Japanese member of the Ueno Detachment Three hundred and seventy five.Battle of Punishment monthly ticket required for the third update This is a battle of massacres, and some people call it War of Punishment.The name War of Punishment was first proposed by the Germans of the Skeleton team.Pieces of enemies fell under the blows of a storm.This is an irresistible force this is a war between man and machine A red flare soared into the sky, and the general attack of the Huben Guard Brigade began Ouyang Yu s and Li Lu cbd gummies philly s troops took the lead in the attack, and with the support of planes and mortars, they quickly cut the Japanese army from the end to the end, and isolated the middle.An Fei saw cbd edible gummies side effects cbd gummies on a plane it.He knew the time for revenge had come For my cousin, General An, and for all those brothers who died in the Battle of Shanghai He stretched his hand forward, premium jane cbd gummies and the soldiers jumped out one after cbd edible gummies side effects cbd gummies on a plane another, sweeping up like an unstoppable torrent Tanks, chariots, and armored cars appear at the same time They used their own artillery and machine guns to frantically sweep at how long to cbd gummies last every target, frantically interspersed among the Japanese army, making the already chaotic Japanese army even more chaotic.Marshal Cuikov of the Northern Front of the Soviet Union decided to stop the German assault in Minsosk, and completely cut off the German army s hope of breaking through the encirclement He has also heard of the Skeleton Division countless times.Its predecessor was the invincible Skeleton Commando, which is the greatest pride of the Germans As long as they can annihilate no, as long as they can block the Skeleton Master s breakthrough, the enemy s myth of invincibility will be completely shattered A large number of Soviet troops gathered in Minsorsk, all weak points on the battlefield were strengthened, and all gaps were cbd gummies philly tightly closed.Thanks to those intelligence personnel, they successfully cracked the enemy s telegram and notified the front line as soon as possible, allowing Marshal Chuikov enough time to re perfect his deployment.Maybe he went to cbd gummies philly that mysterious place again, and when Germany was in danger, he appeared in Demyansk, Russia, and was commanding the German army surrounded by the Soviet army to break through.William stood up again I m going to Russia, I m going to find my mother Stop, William cbd gummies philly Leoni s tone suddenly became severe Your father will never like you to be so impulsive, and what I just told you are secrets, you must strictly keep these secrets, especially your identity as a German It cannot be disclosed.Remember, you are an American, and you were born an American Because your father has bigger things to entrust to you William stared blankly at his mother, then sat down slowly.Your father has already arranged your way.Leoni s tone became more relaxed Maybe you will not be able to cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen admit that you are the son of the Skeleton Baron for the rest of your life.They lined up in a few neat rows, and after the counting was over, the imperial armored troopers trotted up to Erwin Rommel, and said loudly, Report to the vice captain, the skeleton commandos are assembled The captains were standing in the front row of their respective teams, and the head of state, Adolf Hitler, also moved among the team members, just like an ordinary soldier.Rommel saluted Mali cbd erectile gummies cbd gummies philly back Captain Mali, please return to the team They didn t even wait for the return of the baron.When they left this world, they were still alive with endless regrets.They are undoubtedly lucky that they finally waited until this day Sergeant Adolf Hitler, please straighten your chest At this moment, Erwin Rommel said without the slightest politeness.Yes, Major Adolf Hitler immediately straightened his chest.type, but I believe it will not be long before the Russians will also develop better tanks to deal with the Tiger type.So we are constantly competing, in order to win, we continue to develop a large number of new weapons, and then continue to send Go to war, but the enemy can do the same.How many resources does Germany have that can be consumed like this I am worried, and I tell you, I have never been more worried than I am now His friends fell silent, and the baron s words were exactly right, In fact, when the war did not go as cbd gummies martha stewart reviews smoothly as Germany imagined, some senior German generals also had the same worries as the Baron.But only the baron dared to say that.We quickly occupied Paris, and the domestic audience cheered, thinking that France has completely failed, and we can spare our energy to concentrate on dealing with Britain, but is this really the case Wang Weiyi s face gradually became serious France s resistance is not over yet Resistance organizations, guerrillas, and all kinds of forces that oppose us can t solve this problem by relying on a cbd gummies allergy puppet zh ngf .Why not make good use of it Remember, our worst enemy is not France Then what about Britain Manstein asked immediately.I have already figured out a solution for the UK.Wang Weiyi said slowly But it will take some time to prepare what we have to do now, how to stop the Russian counterattack on the Soviet German battlefield Now.When it comes to the topic, everyone s attention is concentrated.Wang Weiyi thought about it for a while We failed to attack Moscow, but were surrounded in cbd gummies philly Demyansk.Russia has great potential for war.It will be very scary if the whole of Russia is mobilized.None of us will fight.Sure to win.As I said during the day, I will personally rush to Russia and organize cbd spectrum gummies two beautiful counterattacks to make the Russians fearful.Stop the Russian offensive, and then think of other ways.He told Newen Maas, for the freedom of Paris, let s fight.And then said a lot more.As a result, Newnemarth was persuaded to join their resistance until they were captured.He never killed any Germans.The only action he participated in was setting fire to an abandoned warehouse and writing several anti German slogans on the walls.When he was captured, he and his companions thought they were going to be hanged but instead cbd erectile gummies cbd gummies philly they were free.All because of Baron Alexon And that poor baker.Now he is still locked up in the police station, which makes Nuenmas feel even more lucky.Do you have a wife and children, Mr.Newenmass.Baron Alexon s words interrupted Newenmass s thinking, cbd gummy rings cbd gummies philly and he hurriedly said, Yes, I do.Your wife and children are here Is it Come, come.Nuenmas hurriedly called the crowd s wives and children over This is my wife Louisa.Head nurse, what s the name .

is cbd gummies legal in spain?

of that nurse Wang Weiyi asked in a low voice, pointing to the blond nurse.Sophie is my best nurse.Do you have any questions You, soldier Wang Weiyi pointed to the soldier beside Sophie and said, What s your name Chem Rodkchem Soldier Qiemu, I now order you to search for this beautiful nurse beside you When Wang Weiyi gave the order, the faces of the head nurse and Sophie changed.Chem smiled.Marshal, I protest.Before the head nurse protested, Wang Weiyi said indifferently Sophie, I personally suggest that you don t move around, or I can kill you in seconds Sophie originally wanted to lift His subordinates froze there.Wang Weiyi then smiled calmly So cbd erectile gummies cbd gummies philly Sophie.I suggest you take out the things yourself.It s not good to be stretched into your chest by a strange man.Of course, I still advise you not to do anything wrong.It was a beautiful battle, and those damned Bolsheviks were completely defeated by you.I was very happy after seeing it, God is still so merciful, and you came to America this time, I think you have a purpose For some It s a personal matter.Wang Weiyi replied casually.He knows these fallen nobles all too cbd gummies philly premium jane cbd gummies reviews well.They were driven out of Russia by the Bolsheviks and lost everything they had.Their anger at the Bolsheviks far outweighed their hatred of their former enemies.Gregory nodded Then why do you want to help us Ten thousand dollars I can t remember how many times I haven t seen cbd gummies philly so much money, but I believe you must ask us to do something for you For ten thousand dollars, I can kill cbd gummies philly someone.Ilya muttered beside her.Ilya, please pay attention to your manners.Gregory said seriously.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly I learned from Rona Nova that your situation is not very good.Project Glorious Five stage restart, target, kidnap Oppenheimer, Taylor, Fermi, Bohr, Feynman, von Neumann, including scientists support, Guo Yunfeng, Elena Xiaoling, I need a lot of powerful sedatives, cbd erectile gummies cbd gummies philly and also need Can you meet me at the right time He glanced at the repair cabin, and then slowly said I want you to erase all their memories and implant new ones just like you changed Guo Yunfeng and Elena , let them always think that they are ready to play for Germany from birth.In Germany, cbd gummies philly there is a big laboratory waiting for them Crazy.You have been crazy in the past, and now it is even more proof that you are simply Madman King, I have no way to disobey your order.Once again, I hope you will consider the hemp bridge cbd gummies serious consequences this may cause.I have considered it carefully, please accept the order, little spirit Wanderer s order accepted Let Guo Yunfeng and Elena come out of the repair cabin, we don t have much time, but there are many things waiting for us There are too many people on the kidnapping list.in his plan.Ankara will concentrate the last strength of Turkey, all 500,000 troops.At this time, the military support of the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union became cbd gummies on a plane crucial.But then came another piece of news that made the Ankara government cbd gummies philly very passive On July 17, the commander in chief of the German Balkan Army and the legendary skeleton baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm issued a solemn statement Reject the Ankara government s proposal for peace talks, and will withdraw the German plenipotentiary negotiator, German ambassador to Turkey Kahn The massacre of overseas Chinese in Germany has not been resolved, and the great dictator Ismet Inonu in Turkey has not stepped down.Germany will cbd gummies philly not accept any peace negotiations until Turkey restores true peace, democracy and freedom Now, the truth about the secret negotiations between Germany and Turkey was exposed at once The situation of the Inonu government suddenly became awkward Britain and the Soviet Union immediately condemned Inonu s perfidious practice.Go home, Turkey will need you in the future, the Germans will not occupy our land forever At this moment before the surrender, President Inonu of the Republic of Turkey was still very calm and calm.Five hundred and eighth.President Inonu of the special court chose to surrender, which seemed unseemly, to end His own political career.Yes, his political career ended here.And his surrender was crucial to the whole war in Ankara.When President Inonu ordered all the resistance When the sound of soldiers laying down their weapons rang through the radio and tweeters in Ankara, the war here was over It was an almost miraculous victory.The expected greater fierce battle did not break out.Wang Weiyi in Ankara ended the Turkish war with Turkey.Now, the whole of Turkey is basically in the hands of the Germans.Thank you Klingenberg said to Marshal Ernst saluted.Then, let s start.Wang Weiyi took a long breath General Guo Yunfeng, Major Myristel, are you all ready Yes, Marshal, we are all ready Then, let s end it all now After Wang Weiyi gave this order, the German army s final attack on the British 1st Armored Division began.And this will also be the biggest and most critical annihilation battle in the Second Battle of Alamein.It can even be said to be a key battle that determined the entire North African War.The German army, under the command of Marshal Ernst Brehm, will completely reverse the previous passive situation in North Africa.The goddess of victory is now silently watching these brave and fearless Germans The last day to ask for a monthly pass.The last day of August is here, what are you waiting for if you have a monthly pass Brothers, give it all to the spiders, thank you, sincerely thank you all Five hundred and sixty seven.The origin of raw materials has seriously damaged the interests of Egypt Harvest, this is definitely a big harvest Originally, Wang Weiyi just wanted to test Canlemu s attitude, but he didn t expect that his heart was full of resentment towards the British, and he didn t even hide anything from the British Baron Andrew.Then, a series of things designed by myself may be much easier to handle Yes, some things my country has done are indeed worthy of discussion.Wang Weiyi expressed his approval of Kanlemu s proposal.Opinion This time, for example, the Allies suffered their heaviest defeat at El Alamein, but the Egyptians must not be held accountable for that failure.Although a British, I cannot betray myself as a The conscience of an upright gentleman The feeling of confidant made Canlemu completely forget the identity of the other party Sir Andrew, there are just and unjust in any country.Before that, they would cbd gummies on a plane infinite cbd gummies refuse to let anyone go.Major General Cammondson, who commanded the three brigades on cbd edible gummies side effects cbd gummies on a plane the British side, categorically denied that the British used counterfeit banknotes, and severely demanded that the Egyptian soldiers release the hostages immediately.As a result, the conflict intensified It is entirely conceivable, how could the British believe that the wages issued were counterfeit The banknotes were strictly protected all the way from being transported to Egypt to the military camp, and there was no problem at all.The Egyptians 10 benefits of cbd gummies are just there looking for an excuse to demand more money because prices are skyrocketing.As for the Egyptians What they are holding in their hands are all counterfeit banknotes Major General Cammondson made a decision that later appeared to be very wrong he issued an ultimatum to the Egyptians, asking them to release all British hostages immediately and unconditionally within three hours.Marshal Ernst, what are you doing Now, this leader who claims to be the ruler of Africa, puts all the responsibility on the Germans body.His logic is very absurd.He regards Cairo as his own, but once something goes wrong, the responsibility falls entirely on the Germans.Wang Weiyi was not angry at all Yes, Mr.Prime Minister, I also think that the law and order is too bad.I express my heartache and anger for your assassination.I have ordered my people cbd gummies philly to search and arrest all over Cairo.At the same time, I ordered The entire German army has strengthened its control over various places.For this reason, I also specifically request that three more infantry divisions and one armored division be sent to North Africa, please believe me.The situation is now completely under our control.Mussolini said this He felt a little more at ease, but the Germans sent four additional divisions into North Africa on such a large scale, which made him feel that something was wrong It should be Italy s massive increase in troops But.Heisenberg found an anti tank battery, they had a small caliber gun, probably a 20mm anti tank gun.They fired and loaded the guns rapidly.He aimed the reticle of the scope on the gunner and pulled the trigger.He held his breath as the heavy k98k fired a round.After about a second, the bullet hit its target.When Heisenberg aimed, the position of the reticle was slightly higher, and the point of impact of the bullet was slightly lower.He saw a dark red bullet hole appear in the chest of the hapless gunner, and he fell.Heisenberg watched him through the scope, and the Russian writhed and screamed in pain.Blood spurted into the air.A Russian soldier tried to reassure him, and another Russian continued to man the anti tank gun, but he obviously took more time.He had loaded the shells and was now about to fire again.Since 1933, in order to curb Japan s expansion, the United States has further increased construction, making it the main naval base and important logistics base of the United States in the Pacific Ocean.Since May 1940, the US Pacific Fleet has been stationed at Pearl Harbor, and Pearl Harbor has become a thorn in the side of the Japanese army s southward advance.After the US Pacific Fleet was stationed at Pearl Harbor, it began to strengthen the defense of the Hawaii area.The U.S.Army established the Hawaii Garrison Command in February 1941, headed by Walt.Lieutenant General Short served as the commander, and unified command of the 24th and 25th Infantry Divisions, Coastal Artillery, Army Aviation and other units in the Hawaii area, with a total of about 4.30,000 people.The commander of the Pacific Fleet is Admiral Kimmel.It was not until the baron reminded that the major realized Ah, we are under attack.Damn it, who is it No one could answer him, only the dense gunfire the two vehicles No one got off the bombed car, and almost all the people inside were killed.On the opposite side and behind, dozens of figures are constantly flashing, with flames constantly spitting out from their hands Baron, we are probably surrounded Major Luo Jieming, who gradually calmed down, actually used the word probably at this time.He played with the cold humor of the British.Wang Weiyi s favor for the major increased Yes, we are surrounded, we probably will be killed After finishing speaking, the submachine gun in his hand swept out, and with a scream, a figure approaching here fell down instantly.I think, I have to say sorry to you Major Luo Jieming emptied a round of bullets in one breath, and said while changing the magazine I did not fulfill my responsibility to protect you Hey, you gotta save some bullets.Wang Weiyi nodded Although the Russians are more adaptable to the climate here than we are, there is a limit.They will also feel the cold, and their combat effectiveness will also drop sharply in such terrible weather.However, as the first line defensive position and the first line offensive base, Elklin has great strategic value, and the Russians will not ignore it for no reason.I will command an cbd erectile gummies cbd gummies philly armored division to advance swiftly to Elklin, and once there, will assume a simultaneous attack east and west.The Russians can t figure out our real purpose.If you were the commanders of the Russians, what choice would you make Manstein was silent for a while If I were to command the Russian army, I would take the initiative to launch an attack on Erklin and force the enemy to fail to achieve cbd gummies philly the strategic vision if I cannot figure out which direction the enemy is attacking Yes, you think so, and the Russians think the same way.From Samiros, one glance.Those crazy Russians can be seen everywhere.They once again ignored the fierce firepower on the German positions, stepping on their comrades The dead body launched a wave of impact.And the most surprising thing is that all the officers rushing to the front of the team What happened to the Russians The German officers were very surprised.The German army The snipers in the middle started to get busy, and they could easily kill a Russian officer with almost no need for aiming.Layers of corpses were laid on the battlefield, and at a glance, what happens if a child eats cbd gummies it made people want to vomit.A large number of Soviet officers fell under the intensive firepower of the Germans.In fact, this is the most meaningless sacrificean officer.It is not used as an ordinary soldier, if it is not the most desperate There was absolutely no need for the Russians to do this.The Russians, who didn t cbd gummies philly know what death was, finally saw fear on their faces At 12 noon on the 12th, German soldiers with high morale.Finally, it was Elklin who launched a direct counterattack.A large number of German soldiers jumped out of the trenches, with an unstoppable belief in victory counterattack counterattack counterattack I admit that I was shocked by this great counterattack at the time I was also with the Skeleton Division during the Demyansk breakout battle, but that was a tragic breakout, and we suffered Huge lossesbut this time it s completely different, we re on the offensive.Annihilation the most glorious victory for Germany I firmly believe that no force can stop us from winning, and we have brave German soldiers.We have the amazing Baron Alexon, we have all the foundations for victory cbd gummies philly Of course, the Russians are also staunchly resisting, which creates a very special situation on the battlefield some battlefields.He quickly reported the situation to Marshal Ernst Brahm.And the order he got was Don t let a single Russian pass through While Lindelof launched a breakout operation, Tasotsky also began to desperately move closer to Samilos at the same time.He must lead the troops to rendezvous with General Lindelof, and this is their last hopebut.Ernst Brahm, the baron from hell, will never let go of the fat that has already reached his mouth so easily.The planes of the Luftwaffe took off frequently and bombed the Russians on the ground again and again The German artillery used their cannons.Viciously smashing shells at the Russians German armored soldiers.Driving their battle, roaring and tearing apart the formation of the Russians The general offensive the comprehensive general offensive begins with the full retreat of the Russians Tiger and Leopard are running rampant, they are destroying the enemy s tanks German soldiers are running rampant, they use the guns in their hands to take the lives of the enemy The German grenadiers are running rampant, and the continuous explosion of bombs is venting the determination of the Germans to win the final victory No one can stop Germany No one can stop Ernst Skeleton division, Viking division, Grossdeutschland regimentall these elite German armed forces.What about yourself What kind of choice should I make Just as Timilenko was deep in thought, Anna suddenly said Yesterday, Tayeshava was arrested What General Sotsky s wife, Tayesawa Yes Anna nodded It is said that the charge is for providing information to our enemies.Absurd, it is simply too absurd.Dimilenko looked very angry I recognize Tayesawa, that is a person who doesn t even know how to one or two cbd gummies for sleep go to Moscow, how could she have any contact with the Germans And Tasotsky and Linde Rove is different, he gave his life for what he believed in It s true, my dear husband.Anna s cbd erectile gummies cbd gummies philly eyes showed sadness Tayesawa is from me I tried everything I could to defend her, but it was of no use Now, we have no idea where she is, and even their three children are missingDimilenko, when will it be our turn to encounter such an encounter Dimilenko couldn t help shivering Yes, when will such an encounter be my turn Timilenko knows all too well what happens when he loses power, having spent time in a labor camp himself.But at this time, Wang Weiyi s determination has been made up My officers, our opportunity has arrived, at the Terek River.It will inevitably be the beginning of our great victory I order, for the victory of Germany assault For Germany Victory Assault When this order was issued, countless German flags began to fly, and among them, the most eye catching one was that flag the skull battle flag Are you ready Four knives Yes, Marshal, I m ready Are you ready, Mr.Klingenberg Herr Myristel Yes, gummy cbd 5mg Marshal, We are ready What about you Mr.Weidmann.Are you ready Marshal, I am ready to fight for you anytime, anywhere So, what are we waiting for Wang Weiyi jumped on His tank waved forward slowly Target.81st Panzer Corps.Let s defeat them together Under the leadership of the Baron Skeleton, the biggest German attack has begun This attack was different from any other one.This is what Dawamirski did not think of.The constantly assaulting cbd gummies philly German tanks and the constantly attacking German commandos rushed up violently, completely tearing apart the 56th Army, which had already suffered heavy losses.Dawamirski s flanks were seriously lacking in effective protection, and the Soviet troops were very far away from him.This caused the 56th Army and the 81st Panzer Army to be completely exposed to German fire attacks but could not receive reinforcements.Davamirsky was in a hurry, and while organizing resistance tenaciously, he reported what happened here to Marshal Voroshilov and asked for immediate support.But Voroshilov remained silent for a long time for now.It is necessary to temporarily rely on the personal strength of Dawamirski and Straff to stop the German offensive The German army swarmed up, and the war became a one sided game for the Germans.Hey, hey, Second Lieutenant, what s your name Am I going to lose to Jurgen Brandt s gunner Wall looked particularly annoyed.Along with his yelling, another t 34 unfortunately became a victim of the s21 tank.It seemed that Brandt was competing with Wittmann, and he fought head to head to destroy the last T 60.There are only three T 34s left on the opposite side.But it is still not close to the effective range of the t 34.These Russian tank players were probably unlucky when they encountered the two tank aces of the cbd erectile gummies cbd gummies philly German army.Brandt fired first.The t 34 continues to be the unlucky ghost.Now he and Wittmann s record is 2 2.The number of tanks on both sides has also become 2 2.Wall uses his excellent mobile shooting ability to give his command The official won the glory, the fifth Soviet tank was the victim of s21.Especially the note left by his wife hurt his feelings even more and made him feel angry.The note was full of reprimands and accusations against him personally and on some political issues.It was at a time when the coercion of peasants into collective farms in the countryside was at its worst, and she heard tales of cruelty from classmates and friends Horrified, she blamed him, and for Stalin, this final note from a woman he regarded as his closest and most loyal friend was a devastating betrayal.He was distraught, and during the farewell ceremony for the remains, he stood close to the coffin for a while, then suddenly pushed the coffin away with both hands, turned and left.He didn t even go to the funeral Standing in the office, Stalin kept looking at a photo in his hand, in which was his wife Nadya.Pintorov is also very clear.When the German army s next attack begins, it is time to end all this You, the doctor, and you.Nurse.Please stand up.Pintorov looked at the German indifferently and stood up Then, please come here immediately.Sergeant Matthewman knew what he wanted to do Do you want to shoot us in the back Major, if possible, I want you to kill us in front of us Torov roared loudly I want the Germans to see with their own eyes, their doctors and nurses can t even save their cbd edible gummies side effects cbd gummies on a plane own lives I want them to see with their own eyes how their so called patron saint died tragically Yes Staff Sergeant Matthewman smiled faintly.He found that Nurse Linda was shaking all over, and he held Linda s hand.She said softly Thank you for coming back, Linda, if fate destined us to have such an ending, please accept it bravely.He didn t want the marshal to worry about the situation on the front line.But the truth is that Malinowski knew that his troops could no longer survive today.The attack of the German army can be described as crazy They launched waves of attacks on the Soviet positions.Every attack must make the Soviet army pay gold top cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes the heaviest price.Every attack kept causing the Soviet army to lose its position.On several occasions, even Malinovsky s headquarters came directly into contact with the enemy.The pace of failure is getting closer and closer to the Soviet army When the German army launched a new offensive, Marshal Vasilevsky called again.This time, the marshal s tone on the phone was very severe Mali Comrade Novsky, please tell me the real situation on the battlefield, now is not the time for you to be brave, but I must fully understand what happened on the battlefield Malinovsky was silent He paused, and then slowly said Comrade Marshal Vasilevsky, if you really want to know, then I can tell you that according to my estimation, my army will be broken through by the German army today.The Kremlin is right in front of them, one last step and they will be victorious.Right now right now The cries of the mountains and tsunami have already sounded, and the final battle broke out here.On the narrow ground, both sides invested all their strength, and the huge shock almost destroyed everything here.Everyone is fighting, but everyone is waiting for the war to be over.The news of Marshal Vasilevsky s surrender has reached the ears of Marshal Zhukov.Zhukov is not angry at all, but happy for his friend.Surrender is indeed a good choice, why do you have to end your career by dying in battle When the last moment comes, he will also choose to surrender, Zhukov thought so.He will continue to be with his good friends, maybe spend his whole life in a prisoner of war camp, maybe go to the trial seat together But at least, their suffering will be over by then Comrade Stalin s phone call came a few minutes ago.There was a quick and short sound from the leader s mouth.Probably some order was given, and those people quickly waved their weapons and rushed towards Guo Yunfeng.With a dodge, avoiding the fatal attack, the dagger in Guo Yunfeng s hand stabbed out like lightning There was a sound of Pu .The dagger pierced the opponent s heart accurately.The man screamed.He fell to the ground immediately.The other party was obviously stimulated.They are wearing chain mail that weighs 9 kilograms, is made of leather, and is connected in series with iron rings.It can play a very good defensive role on the battlefield, but now it can t stop the opponent s weapon.prick Taking advantage of this moment, Guo Yunfeng handed over the dagger to his left hand, picked up the short sword with his body, and put all his strength on guard.Your thirty dinars.Wang Weiyi took out the money and handed it to Anthony Congratulations, you have won.I like the feeling of winning.Anthony took the money contentedly Of course, this small amount of money is very important for you.It s nothing to you, but for me, the schedule the day after tomorrow will be much easier. Why, are you leaving Rome Wang Weiyi asked.Anthony nodded Yes, I have been summoned by Caesar, and I will rush to Gaul to meet him.It s a pity that I just recognized you, but I have to say goodbye to you.Caesar wanted one more A powerful assistant, Wang Weiyi had this thought in his heart Although Anthony s character is eccentric and his life is dissolute, he has a high commanding ability in military affairs.What Wang Weiyi couldn t understand was why Pompey agreed so easily to Antony to go to Gaul.I have heard countless predecessors say that that was the first time Baron Alexon appeared on the battlefield.The astonishing unbelievable miracle of the Somme , he alone defeated countless enemies.This time, why do I feel that history is repeating itself General, I don t think such a thing can happen cbd gummies first time again, after all, there is only one Baron Alexon.By the way, what cbd gummies philly cbn cbd thc gummies s the name of that major Moyol, I don t even know which unit he belongs to.General Olitz sighed If we have more Moyol With someone like Er, maybe the situation won t be so bad.What a brave major, he is going to use his sacrifice to save those civilians Speaking of this, he calmed down We Can t let him down.Yes, General, what should we do According to what he said, keep sending out false information to confuse our enemies.I ll do it right best cbd gummies for muscle pain away, but Major Moyol is afraid He couldn t cbd gummies for diabetics come back alive.He didn t know who was standing in front of him, and he didn t even know.No one in the whole of Germany dared to give the so called order to the man in front of him.He is the true leader of the whole of Germany Now, I have the final say here.Wang Weiyi s words were still cold Colonel Chelus, you have three choices.The first one is to find a way to return to Berlin by yourself, but I believe that you will walk a few steps at most.You will become a prisoner of the Americans again in one step.The second option is to tell me the information you know.I will convey it to Berlin for you.The last one is what I say.You must do what I ask Chelus The colonel had never encountered such an aggressive subordinate who was inferior to him in rank.He was silent for a cbd gummies philly while Major, you have the final say here.I see, Colonel.When you come back, you will You have been generously rewarded for your loyalty.Thank you for your generosity, it is an honor to serve you.Okay, let s hurry up and act.Colonel Papasolovsky watched Konrkoff cbd gummies philly premium jane cbd gummies reviews leave.Picking up a glass of wine, how long cbd gummies stay in system he took a big gulp.That damned Frenchman actually wanted to take 25 from himself He can t even get a penny Otherwise, I don t deserve to be called Colonel Papasolovsky Twelve truck houses.Delivered from Chekvelski s home, quietly replacing Colonel Papasolovski s belongings.Twenty one trucks in all, how many did Papasorowski loot in Poland Papasolovsky personally escorted them from Shamotuvi.He showed great confidence in Major Abel.But what exactly he wants what is a cbd gummy bear to do is probably only known to him.After watching the truck leave Shamotuwei, and then watching Kong Erkafu and his action team quietly follow behind the cbd edible gummies side effects cbd gummies on a plane convoy, Colonel Papasolovsky turned back to Shamotuwei.Major Konrkaf closed his eyes in pain.When the last Russian was also killed, Major cbd edible gummies side effects cbd gummies on a plane Gaekley walked to the colonel s room.Beside him, he whispered something in his ear.Colonel Kevic sighed long, and what he cbd gummy rings cbd gummies philly was worried about happened in the end.A team of convoys had already left when the fierce battle broke out at Goethe University.Frankfurt.That Henry Ren .Who the hell is Major Abel What is in .

can you buy cbd gummies over the counter?

the convoy It s a pity that no one can give Colonel Kevic an answer so far Eight hundred and nine.Baron Guards Is Colonel Chelus really rescued When he heard the news, Kl ll, the German head of state, asked in disbelief.Yes, F hrer, Colonel Chelus has been successfully rescued and can reach Berlin tonight.Wolf, the head of the intelligence agency, replied respectfully This is simply a miracle.No one knows that Mo How did Major Joel know.Yes, I hope everyone here can see the victory coming.Although it is not realistic. Wang Weiyi cbd edible gummies side effects cbd gummies on a plane s tone was very peaceful So, Captain Scherer, go and get ready to retreat.Yes.marshal When Captain Scherer came to the door, he stopped suddenly, hesitated and turned around Marshal, I never thought that I could see you, and I never thought that I would fight with you.I remember it all my life.Then he raised his right hand again Long live.Ernst He strode out Fels, you have limited mobility, follow General Guo Yunfeng to retreat first.Wang Weiyi turned his gaze to Fels You will be my representative.Be the first to enter Berlin and keep abreast of what s going on in Berlin.Yes, Marshal.Fels nodded So what about you I don t recommend taking cover missions yourself.Wang Weiyi smiled Don t worry, Fels.I also don t want to die so soon.I also hope that you can continue to accompany the spider all the way cbd gummies philly to the end Thanks again to all the brothers Eight hundred and fifty one.Operation Buran, carefully planned by the allied forces of the German general and the American major, suffered major setbacks from the outset.The 33rd Infantry Division of the French Army suffered one of the worst defeats, with 2,123 soldiers killed and 3,306 soldiers captured and missing.What is even more tragic is that their division commander, Major General Jean Doss, cbd gummies philly also became a prisoner of the Germans.A major general was captured, which was the greatest shame in the eyes of the Allies.What s even more tragic is that the German army cbd pharmacy sale on gummies recovered the positions that were deliberately given up in one night.Marshal Ernst Brahm is back, and the first large cbd gummies philly scale battle he commanded after his return has achieved such a beautiful victory from the beginning.In this case, the German right wing position composed of irregular armed forces may be a good breakthrough Those Italians must be hopeless, and the French have to get out of the shadow of failure.Under such circumstances, General Garden must mobilize the US military.The two brigades of the German National Army had to face even more brutal battles.Marshal Ernst Brehm successfully commanded troops to destroy the French army.He has already left here and returned to his headquarters, but Feng.General Opperman will never forget what the baron said to himself when he left General Opperman, I am very relieved to leave this place to you.There is only such a simple sentence.But it was enough for General Opperman to feel the Baron s trust cbd gummies philly in him.As a German soldier.As a soldier entrusted with important tasks by the baron, Opperman knew what he should do and what he should give here.It s ridiculous to talk about gentlemanly behavior now, but in our time I think most people would Do that.It s ridiculous to talk about the behavior of a gentleman now, but in our era, I think most people would do that This sentence immediately aroused Romeo s infinite yearning , How much he wanted to go back to the era Sir are cbd thc gummies safe Rosen was talking about.At this time, the air defense siren sounded terribly, and Romeo hurriedly said Sir, you should leave here.Although I know that you have more experience in war than I do, you have more important things to do.Romeo really This is the only thought in Sir Rosen s heart The war is still going on cruelly, and everyone here are cbd gummies approved by the fda has completely forgotten the threat of death.Even though the god of death waved and practiced in the air over and over again until harvesting countless lives, no one would notice this.Both Riddle and Manstein are trustworthy.The Allied forces probably had a headache for Model.This Marshal Otto Moritz Walter Model was the famous Iron Wall Model back then.It was not easy to break through his defense.The same is true for Xiao Ling s feedback on nearby investigations.The Germans are on the offensive.This news is very encouraging.After Wang Weiyi issued a counterattack order in Berlin, the German army in North Africa organized a counterattack in such a short period of time.It s a pity that the Ziguang military base has never made mistakes before.It actually landed in Aswan, otherwise, I might have seen Model by now.Wang Weiyi suddenly thought, whether it is an American.Italian.He is still a German, and he would never have guessed that the Marshal of the German Empire appeared in Aswan alone Hey, we need tank support.However, the more this happened, the more Colonel green lobster cbd gummies customer reviews Nesko had an impulse let all the Germans tremble under their own guns When this offensive started, Colonel Nesko had already made the most difficult preparations Sure enough, when the U.S.army entered the range of the German army, all the firepower on the German army s position was turned on.Those assault guns, accompanied by bazookas, roared and returned the shells to the Americans.Unfortunately, several tanks and armored vehicles became sacrificial objects.They lost the power to move on, and the tank soldiers inside climbed out desperately.Turn around and run towards the back of yourself.However, those German bullets poured mercilessly into their bodies.Any battle is enough to turn the battlefield into a hell on earth Wang Weiyi and Nesko thought of this at the same time.Sometimes a soldier doesn t know what s going on, and he will be thrown high into the sky by the shells.Who is the dead body The soldiers became numb.They attacked and defended mechanically and passively.They couldn t tell the difference between life and death.A U.S.Army soldier whose leg was blown off Soldier.Still trying to crawl forward, to be honest, he didn t know why he did it at all.Crawling, he suddenly stopped moving, he left his life on this strange land.He was probably only in his twenties this year, and he was very young when he died, and he where to buy gold bee cbd gummies probably didn t know that at the same time, on the opposite German position, a German soldier who was about his age also died, even the dead The methods are similar.The things that seem wholesale cbd gummy to have no intersection are confirming the cruelest reality This place has been compiled into a hell battlefield Life is suffering in it, and the soul cannot find rest.Hewitt will meet you at Amister Bridge.But Commander, the troops cannot do without your command Corporal Fisher interjected.Hewitt smiled wryly You have flattered me too much.Now that the bridge is broken, the ministries have no way out.They can only fight on their own until the last soldier dies.Too much meddling is only going to get worse, and I ll be back to join you soon.Of course sir.Corporal Steiner accepted the order.Hewitt pushed the hood of the car and leaned out of the car.The glare of the sun shone on Hewitt s face, and a gust of hot wind rushed towards him.The wind was filled with gunpowder smoke and blood.Hewitt He quickly climbed out of the turret and jumped onto the rear deck of the tank.The tank was still advancing at a low speed Falling down.Nora is trying hard to stop the bleeding of the wounded, but because there are too many wounds and too deep.Such an cbd gummies philly appointment is a shock.Everyone knew that the Grand Duke looked down on his two sons in law, but now the Grand Duke s attitude has undergone a gorgeous change.The Grand Duke handed over a large part of the power of Moscow security to his two sons in law.What happened in the end Only Khmelitsky and Milosevic knew that Baron Alexson s priceless golden horse made the Grand Duke so ecstatic that he even forgot about the rebellion from Ukraine for a time.They have successfully won the trust of the Grand Duke and now it is time for them to repay Baron Alexon Of course, Gregory did not completely delegate power to the two sons in law.There is also a security minister on the head HCMUSSH cbd gummies philly Yinuo.General Lilipolski.This is Gregory s absolute confidant, a guy who can t be bought in any way Is there no way to make it cbd gummies philly cheaper Ah, yes, ma am, it can t be any more It s cheap.I ve told you, I ll be back here soon Wang Weiyi said lightly During the time I m away, you have to behave more docile and helpless than before.If you need help, this is the number to call.Wang Weiyi took cbd gummies philly the paper shaq cbd gummies and pen, and wrote a cbd gummies philly green otter cbd gummies shark tank phone number on it Remember, the other party s name is Capone.You can tell him that Mr.Moyol asked you to find him.No matter what, he can help.Ah, don t keep the phone, keep it in your head and destroy it.Solkina recited silently several times, then nodded to Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi lit a match and watched the paper burn into ashes in the flames See, a person s life is like this piece of paper, It only needs the power of a match to burn it completely.Solkina, you are cbd gummies philly the match that destroyed Grigory completely.Solkina nodded in a daze.She never knew that she still possessed such great power, and she never thought that she could destroy Grand Duke Berstoka.The German positions were already in a mess at this time, and everyone was fighting hard.The French machine HCMUSSH cbd gummies philly guns did not show mercy to anyone, sweeping away the German soldiers on the positions one by one.Wen Nat saw an MG62 not cbd gummies philly far away from him, and the machine gunner was already dead.He gritted his teeth and rushed up quickly.He opened the ammunition box, pulled out a whole bullet, hung it around his neck, and loaded it Inside the trigger Kaka cbd gummies on a plane infinite cbd gummies Pud chug chug To be alive that means you still have to fight, to be alive means that the responsibility still exists on you In front, there were several corpses lying in disorder.And in it, he sees a German kid who is still alive, only wounded.Moaning in pain in a pool of blood.Cover me Guo Yunfeng roared, and then quickly rushed out of the position.Now, it has completely proved his Judgment.If it is said that the victory of the first Berlin defense battle had a lot of accidental factors, then the victory of the second Berlin defense battle was completely expected.The opening of the Constance base, the awakening of the Imperial Heroic Legionall together form the basis of victory Several German war hawks whizzed past overhead, which finally made Wang Weiyi raise his head.He likes this kind of battlefield.I like this feeling, I like to see the powerful German army in the sky and on the ground.The goddess of victory is smiling at herself This is March 21, 1966 General, the 66th Infantry Regiment of the French was defeated by us Leave them alone and continue to approach the core position of the French General.A Canadian army is approaching us Order the National Army to block it.Cherissa felt sorry.The closer to collapse, the crazier it is.Cherissa and those people would never think about it.Xie Lisa said enthusiastically Last time you invited me and Alice to dinner, today it s my turn.Mr.Moyol, can I invite you to drink coffee together In the cafe, Wang Weiyi roughly figured out Xie Lisa s current situation.In theory, Xie Lisha did earn a lot of money on the house contract, but she couldn t cash it out.She used those house deeds.Got more loans for myself, in addition to re renting a bigger house.I bought some clothes for myself and my daughter, and the remaining loan was invested in the housing contract market without hesitation.In fact, this is simply a castle in the air that can be seen but cannot be cbd gummies philly touched Recently, the housing contract market is really doing well.Nochier estimated from the periscope that the distance between Klaus Leopard 9 and the anti tank gun is at least 600 meters.That distance Target and very inconspicuous, very small Klaus s Leopard 9 failed to destroy it, but it blew up the three Russian gunners who operated the gun, and their limbs were blown away Leopard 9 what haooens when i eat cbd gummy bears is moving forward Nuoqier felt bad for him He actually continued to move forward with peace of mind Bodilla wanted to call Klaus, and Nocher knew what he wanted to say to that bastard, yes, that anti tank gun was going to be completely destroyed Instead of killing their gunners It s not a cure for the symptoms, right Nochiel stopped Bodilla from doing that.Nine hundred and seventy two.After the victory Nochiel stopped Bodilla from doing that.He looked at Nocher, who had taken his radio completely, with a puzzled look on his face If not soonthe tank will Nochier frowned You ve worried too much For the first time, Nuoqier felt some kind of dissatisfaction with himself from Bodilla s eyes, the first time Nuoqier actually felt a little bit of guilt from the bottom of his heart, and it was only a little bit , But gradually, gradually, it became stronger Nuo Qier took a deep breath I always thought that I would be a HCMUSSH cbd gummies philly person who distinguishes between public and private, it seems that I was wrong He returned the radio equipment to Bodilla.As enemy tanks and infantry drew closer, Volyn Katzky fired the last bullet.He looked aside, but found no weapons.Ah, no, he also saw a sapper shovel, God knows who the original owner was.He picked up the engineering shovel, and for some reason, he remembered sugar free cbd gummies amazon a song from the Soviet era, and he hummed softly The field is quiet, the grass does not move, the trees do not shake, only melancholy songs Floating gently in the distance.Listen to the melodious singing, the shepherd is singing, this touching song is missing the good girl the field is quiet, the grass does not move, the tree does not shake, only the melancholy song is far away Listen to the melodious singing, the shepherd is singing, this touching song is missing the good girl You listen to this moving song, you are thinking of the good girl He kept humming, humming over and over again, and then he walked up to the enemy step by step.Those buttons are also made of gold You know, the Grand Duke Bierstoka has a passion for gold Grigory s heart was bleeding, but he didn t Without any means, he could only pull down his buttons one by one So, soon, Grand Duke Bierstoka stood there awkwardly wearing a shirt without buttons The grand duke with this appearance looks very funny I m going to negotiate with the second lieutenant.Andreas carefully put away these things Please believe me, you are very You will be able to leave here soon.But before that, please stay here.Make sure you are safe.Andreas walked out, leaving only Gregory and his loyal captain Simmy Mr Love Gregory didn t dare to go anywhere, he only dared to stay in the house obediently, but he waited and waited, but he never saw Andreas come back.Gregory really wanted to go out and see what was going on with Andreas, but he never had the courage.Renew the alliance with Germany.officially HCMUSSH cbd gummies philly joined the ranks of the Axis powers.The Turkish army quickly ordered that all allied forces in Turkey must leave the country, and at the same time ordered the army to prepare for battle.After the specified time comes, if the Allied forces do not implement the order cbd gummy rings cbd gummies philly of the Turkish government, then they have the right to shoot at any enemy they see.Although such an order was issued, the young men in the Turkish army couldn t wait.As a traditional ally of Germany, it was an unwise choice for the Turkish military to join the Allies and fight against Germany, which also aroused unanimous opposition from the young officers.These officers who graduated from the Turkish Senior Military Academy have never forgotten it.In the most conspicuous places in the school, there is always a picture of a person hanging Ernst Alexson von Brahm The baron is known as the father of the new Turkish army.Bentonson, is the 183mm heavy duty mortar arranged The German army brought four 183mm heavy self propelled mortars for this expedition, and the high explosive bombs and special fragmentation grenades fired by them are extremely lethal to cluster targets.Strength, it can come in handy at this moment.The layout is ready, and we are waiting for your order Don t hesitate Fire Several 183mm artillery shells suddenly fell from the sky and hit the group of American infantry.In an instant, the infantry group, which was still shaking, now fell down a large piece Romeo called the communication soldier on the side Order the rockets to cover the valley Quick Yes yes The communication soldier tremblingly contacted the artillery behind, and was overwhelmed by fright several times on the way.Nearly a hundred rocket shells hit an open field in front of the valley almost at the same time.The machine guns and grenade launchers in their hands were already aimed at the unsuspecting U.S.troops.Steinman watched the approaching US troops and held his breath.He turned around and looked at the rear.A machine gun in the rear had also been deployed urgently, and the muzzle was aimed at the infantry on both sides of the tank.The battle is imminent.Only Steinman remained silent.The attack begins Boom The assault gun fired first, knocking down the leading tank with one shot.Bang bang Just as the American infantry on both sides were about to disperse, the explosives planted by the German troops on both sides of the road were detonated.The narrow roads make it almost a slaughterhouse.The scattered shrapnel flew around in the narrow neighborhood, constantly rebounding, almost all the infantry on both sides of the tank were smashed into pieces, and the tank in the middle of the road was also scratched and bruised.President, I know Ernst.Bram is known as the Baron of Magic, but I think maybe he s not that great yet.Major Jagger must have been our best Secret Service man.You don t know Ernst.William s tone actually contained a trace of elusive admiration This baron s magical power is unmatched by anyone.From the First World War to now, he seems to have never failed.No, he has never even failed.Haven t aged.Can you explain all this At least I can t find an answer.Yes, maybe Major Jagger is very good, but he is facing a terrible opponent who can no longer be described as excellent I have a strange feeling that Major Jagger has been arrested, General Wren has also been arrested, and we will never get that information again.Turner hesitated for a moment But at least we still have The Harvester William smiled wryly.The doctor took a quick look at Doe s ass and administered a dose of penicillin.Handed him another roll of gauze, and left in a hurry.The fighting on the ground continues.Cole basically used the sniper rifle as an assault rifle because the target was so close.Buvich moved his position with difficulty, all kinds of shells exploded around him, and muddy water splashed everywhere.An old woman in ragged clothes dragged four children through the streets full of gunfire, but the intensity of firepower was cbd gummy rings cbd gummies philly not weakened by these few civilians.The old woman and the children ran to the other side of the street and curled up in a corner they thought was safest in fact, it was the least safe place.The rain was pattering on the old woman and the children, and the cbd edible gummies side effects cbd gummies on a plane cold wind made them shiver.Every once in a while, a few full spectrum cbd oil gummies soldiers ran past them, but neither the German soldiers cbd gummies philly nor the American soldiers noticed them, as if they were living beings forgotten by the creator.If he can t find a huge investment in the near future, then you will lose everything, even the house you are living in here Katrana was completely shockedeven Burr So did Clay They all looked up and said in unison Mr.Moyol, can you help our father Wang Weiyi s eyes fell on Rotini, and he found organabus cbd gummies reviews that the banker s eyes were also full of expectations Please note that it is a huge investment, an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars, which is not something that anyone can easily get.from.I believe that Mr.Rotini has found many people before this, but they have all been rejected, right Rodini couldn t help but nodded Wang Weiyi smiled Yes.They all refused, because they hate to know that it is definitely not a wise choice to invest in Dewey Bank under the current situation.Besides, the economy is so weak.To be honest, We have cbd gummies philly done a long evaluation before this, and I have had many conversations with Mr.Rotini himself.Therefore, we have come to a conclusion that the Lion Fund will do whatever it takes to help Dewey Bank to revitalize it Boom.The directors became extremely excited, this is the best news they have heard recently After a careful decision Wang Weiyi said slowly Lion Fund will decide to invest 100 million U.S.dollars in Dewey Bank first.Gentlemen, I need to remind you that this is only an initial investment.In the future, whenever Dewey Bank needs it, we will provide unlimited investment.Funds for unlimited reinforcements In the future, whenever Dewey Bank needs it, we will provide unlimited funds for unlimited reinforcements What could be more exciting than these words What could be more exciting than these words Yes The director couldn t wait to call the bosses behind him to report the good news Please be quiet, please be quiet Rotini had to take great pains to silence them I don t think Mr.Gotta Think about it for yourself.The ending of survival or death is actually not particularly difficult to choose I have already contacted the leader of the revolutionaries Wang Weiyi has already won at this time In the grip They promise that if you can support the cbd gummies philly premium jane cbd gummies reviews revolution, instead of holding you accountable, they will regard them as heroes of the revolution.Presumably some of you think that what those revolutionaries say is not safe.Then I can also reveal to you that when the revolution succeeds, your beloved General Robito will be promoted to marshal by the revolutionary government and serve as the first president of the new republic These officers A satisfied smile suddenly appeared on his face Yes, General Robito is a general they respect.Although he did not achieve any outstanding military exploits on the battlefield, these methods Many of the officers were once his subordinates.Douglas shook his head helplessly The police are all dispatched, but those niggers don t seem to exist in Oakland at all, and we can t find them.Is this the answer of a police chief Duila went back and forth anxiously Walking around No, no, I don t need such an answer, what I need is to find those damned guys immediately The mayor s words sounded very light.But how does this allow Douglas to cbd gummies on a plane infinite cbd gummies do it Another black riot occurred in another place.At this time, the phone on the desk rang, and Duila picked it up and paused for a while.Then he said helplessly This is the third incident that happened today, and there is still a riot about to happen.Mr.Mr.Douglas, please tell me, what should we do now Hell, you are the mayor of this city , not me Douglas muttered in his heart, but tried his best to maintain a calm look on his expression Mr.And he is even more convinced that even cbd gummies philly if reinforcements can arrive in time, it is impossible to stop the enemy s attack with those meager troops.Maybe retreating is his only option The advance speed of the British Royal First Division is astonishing.A large number of tanks and armed personnel carriers continued to pass on the road, and the intelligence transmitted from London played a huge role at this time.The commanders of the Allied Forces knew exactly which road was to be followed which was closer, safer, and easier for most advances.They don t even have to worry about being attacked.And all this must be thanks to one person Baron Alexon Without his efforts.Without his intelligence, the coalition forces would never have advanced so smoothly.Although he wasn t on the soldiers side, his influence was everywhere.Not for anything else, just because the words of Baron Alexon are still ringing in the ears of each of them We have not won a real victory.Southampton is just an insignificant part of countless cruel and hard battles.The real victory is to plant our flag in London, let our soldiers walk into London with their heads held high, and then, with the most enthusiastic cheers, welcome our Queen to re enter the city that belongs to her Marshal Ernst, I think I should return the command of the troops to you now.When he saw Baron Alexon, Jonall said loudly.Wang Weiyi shook his head slowly No, General Jannar, you will continue to command the Central Assault Group.Each level of commander has his responsibilities and powers.I will not interfere with any commander at will.I command you, General Jonnel, Colonel Romeo, that the main force rest in Southampton for a day, leaving part of the troops to defend, and the rest marching to London Trucks, trains, all the forces at your disposal must be fully utilized Use it Yes, Your Excellency Marshal.Moyol, what do you want us to do I believe you all know each other.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Now we can cut to the chase, you are all serving me.You, Captain cbd gummies on a plane infinite cbd gummies Roger, and you, Mr.Moyol.So you are colleagues in that sense.Colleague Captain Roger and Captain Pattinson had wry smiles on their faces at the same time one from the CIA and one from the FBI.The heads of the two most important departments of the United States in London have become some kind of colleagues.And what s even more absurd is that they are actually serving an enemy s spy at the same time.If this news leaks out, it will become the biggest scandal in the history of American intelligence.There is nothing to be surprised or blame yourself.Wang Weiyi probably saw what they were cbd gummies philly thinking The progress of the war has completely out of the scope of your control.The soldiers tried their best to barely stop these people.The car stopped.Wang Weiyi, Hitler and Elizabeth II looked at everyone with a smile.After a long time, the cheers gradually quieted down.The microphone was placed in front cbd erectile gummies cbd gummies philly of Queen Elizabeth II, and in this car, Elizabeth II s voice was transmitted to the whole of Britain, Europe and the world through this microphone At this moment, my mood and that of each of you Individuals are exactly the same.When I was driven out of this city by the traitors, I knew that one day I would return.Because I have you, loyal subjects of England Cheers another uncontrollable outburst.Queen Elizabeth II continued to wait for the cheers to calm down with a smile never in the history of Britain have we faced a crisis of this magnitude.Something to be proud of.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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