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It is also a very strange creative mode, so I think she should I didn t compose poems according to Ping Zhe.Yue Ming echoed.Suddenly Wei Renwu stood up abruptly, patted Yue Ming on the shoulder, and said excitedly, Xiao Yue, you are so smart What are you talking about Yue Ming was taken aback, completely dumbfounded.Oh Haven t you noticed yet I thought that wine could bring me inspiration, but it turned out that it was you who inspired me Wei Renwu seemed to have two big characters excited written on his face.I still don t quite understand, what happened to me just now Yue Ming became more and more confused.Oh Why did you suddenly become stupid again Let me ask you, after the deceased wrote that poem, she signed it as Malmos.What do you think she wanted to express Yue Ming rubbed his head and thought for a while Minutes later, he asked tentatively Is it because she knows that her time is approaching, and she wants to find a contemporary Sherlock Holmes to rescue her When I saw this inscription for the first time, I didn t think of Sherlock Holmes, but Morse code.fear.At this time, the big man walked into the factory step by step with firm and vigorous steps.Although the factory was abandoned, it was full of all kinds of domestic garbage brought in by garbage trucks, and the air was filled with waves of garbage.the stench.However, the bad environment in the factory did not hinder the big man s steps.His steps were still so firm and vigorous.He opened a light path with the help of the hazy moonlight and the light from the flashlight function of his mobile phone, and continued to move forward.His cbd gummies wichita ks destination It was a flickering candle in the depths of the darkness ahead.The big man approached the candlelight, and gradually he could see his face clearly, a face with sharp edges and corners.The big man said Mr.Wei, I m here.It really is you.A magnetic male voice came from directly in front of the big man, and the big man followed the sound, and there seemed to be a hazy figure standing in the dark place.2.While Detective Wei Renwu was talking, the police also arrived.They were old acquaintances, Lin Xingchen and her two right and left hands Fang Ronghua and Zhang Feng.As soon as Lin Xingchen came up, he spoke sourly Look, isn t this our celebrity detective Wei Renwu Sure enough, there are so many people who are famous, and Mi Fensi came to chase him so soon.Fortunately, the famous celebrity is blessed with great life.Ah.Big celebrity What do you mean Wei Renwu was surprised.Tencent Dacheng s headline You, Wei Renwu, are now a hot topic in Chengdu.Lin Xingchen laughed.Wei Renwu looked at Yue Ming, immediately turned on his phone, and checked Tencent.Sure enough, the headline was Detective Wei Renwu , so he immediately clicked in to browse.At about 10 o clock on November 12th, a female student from Peking University was found hanged in the hotel room at Minyoun Shangya Hotel, Chengdu.people.The mother of the deceased said No problem, my son lux cbd gummies shark tank s doctor is Dr.Huang from the Adversity Counseling Institute, and I will give you his phone number.Dr.Huang is a middle aged woman wearing glasses.If you don t look at the appearance, she may be quite intellectually beautiful, but if you look at the appearance, if she is younger and thinner, she may be a beauty, but she is too fat now.To be honest, Yue Ming doesn t really want to chat with this doctor Huang for too long.When a fat pig sits in front of you and talks while eating snacks, you may be more impatient than Yue Ming.Especially when Dr.Huang said No, I can t give you the patient s information, this is professional ethics , Yue Ming really felt like cursing others.After all, Yue Ming is a person of quality, so Yue Ming still said politely Doctor Huang, human life is at stake, and professional ethics can be flexed appropriately.What do they need most It is to alleviate the mental damage caused by depression.Medicine and medicine, only with companionship and care can they treat their illnesses.The suspect took full advantage of this.From the surveillance we saw in the Wanda Studios , we can see that the boy who fell was very close to the suspect, but she I still need more information to deduce how to find these young people her purpose is probably for money, which is considering the economic conditions of the three people s families but what confuses me the most is How did she make all three of them commit suicide After the conclusion, the cigarette in Wei Renwu s hand was only the filter.Yue Ming originally wanted to express some opinions, but he was afraid that his how to take cbd gummies for sleep opinions would be too naive.Wei Renwu raised his head, closed his eyes and said, Zhang Feng, you go back first, I have to think alone.Wei Renwu pushed Yue Ming away and said, Knowing him is not something to be proud of.Eh By the way, tell me about any interesting stories you had during your college days.Yue Ming said with a smirk.Wei Renwu lay down on the sofa and said, There is no interesting story.Who are you lying to Didn t Mr.Lu say that you have a love triangle I promise, he is definitely not joking.Son, don t be too curious.Heavy.If you don t tell me, I will bother you all day today.Yue Ming also played a rogue.Wei Renwu sat up from the sofa and hurriedly said, No, no, I ll tell you briefly.Really Say it quickly.Yue Ming ran to Wei Renwu excitedly.Actually, both of them like me, and are often jealous of me.Is that so Yue Ming couldn t believe it, and always felt that something was wrong.I haven t asked you yet, has the letter been sent Wei Renwu quickly changed the subject.Although Yue Ming thought so, but after Quan drove away, Lin Xingchen said He actually just doesn t want to hear Wei Renwu s opinion on this case.As soon as Lin Xingchen saw Wei Renwu, he joked Hey, Wei Renwu, why don t you Not dead.Sitting on cbd gummies wichita ks the bed, Wei Renwu said weakly I m dead, don t you want to be a widow Lin Xingchen laughed and said You can fight back, which means your illness is not cbd gummies wichita ks serious.Wei Renwu said Joke, How can I be overwhelmed by this little ailment, I am a dignified seven foot man, I guarantee that tomorrow I will be able to go out to enjoy the joy of fish and water.Lin Xingchen said with a sinister smile Then I have to take a good look, you will be able to play tomorrow.At this time, Yue Ming was not in the mood to joke, he said seriously Mr.Wei, something happened today.Wei.The chip is my little brother, right It really fits your style of the Fengshenhui.To put it simply, you give us the list, and we release him.What if I don t Then you may only collect the body of your little brother.You dare not kill him, you kill him, Then I have to hand over the list to the police.It seems that your little brother can t die.I think so too.But I seem to be able to torture him, two hands less, two less A leg, as long as it s alive, it s not bad.You seem to be right, so I can only make this deal with you.Yes, you have no choice.You don t have any choice.You should also tell me the trading time and trading location.Trading time, within 24 hours, any time is fine, but it can t exceed 24 hours, more than one minute, your little brother will lose one When all fingers are gone, hands and legs will start, so you have to hurry up, time waits for no one.The reason why the stewardesses of some small domestic flights are not beautiful, and they are not young, may be because the mechanism of flight attendants is stricter, and more experienced stewardesses are needed.But what Wei Renwu needs is not an experienced flight attendant, he needs a beautiful flight attendant.He cbd gummies wichita ks was disappointed, he could only look at the passengers, but the first class and the economy class were separated.There are no beautiful women in the first class, only an old couple.How to do it No way, Wei Renwu had to choose to sleep.When the plane landed, Wei Renwu was woken up by Yue Ming s shaking.Yue Ming laughed and said, Who said that you are away from home and not sleeping Wei Renwu rolled his eyes, pretended to think for a while, and said with cbd gummies wichita ks a puckered mouth, Did anyone say that I don t remember.

As long as it doesn t damage anything, it doesn t matter.Police officer Wei is also for work.I can understand that.Mr.Xiao can understand, it would be great.What I want to ask is, Mr.Xiao ever divorced Yes , how do you know I saw a photo in your home, but half of the photo was torn off, it should be a group photo, but now there is only half a photo of yourself still in the photo, I saw You look very happy and happy in the photo.It should be the photo of you and your ex wife when you first got married.In addition, there is a ring mark on your left ring finger.After you divorced, you took the ring off.Officer Wei As expected, he is a professional police detective, and he really knows everything.Mr.Xiao, don t compliment me.I just want to ask, how long has it been since Mr.Xiao divorced his ex wife It s been more than a year.Later, cbd gummies wichita ks 5 cbd gummies Xiao Hua If the murderer was Xiao Hua, how did he push Shen Wende downstairs If he pushed Shen Wende downstairs at that time, it would not match the time of Shen Wende s death in the autopsy report.It really wasn t him At that time, he immediately pushed Shen Wende downstairs.Later, he also returned to his own room and did not go out again.Could it be that he knew how cbd gummies wichita ks 5 cbd gummies to penetrate the wall and went to Shen Wende s house again Or did he open a tunnel to sneak into Shen Wende s house Neither.Then what is it I ask you, where is Shen Wende s home It s in room 1111.Where does Xiao Hua live No.1211.Xiao Hua sent her home.After cbd gummies wichita ks kosher cbd gummies finishing Shen Wende, where did you go back Room 1211.Which room did Xiao Hua send Shen Wende to Room 1111.Wei Renwu shook his head sharply and said, No, it s a big mistake.Then let you see the way I manage people. Mr.Xiang can t Li Kai persuaded loudly.Shut up Xiang Tian looked at Li Kai angrily, Do you still want to control me Li Kai cbd gummies wichita ks 5 cbd gummies lowered his head and said in shame, I dare not.Go get the car out, I want to take this brother back. I ll go right away.Li Kai gave the beggar a hard look before leaving.And the beggar made a grimace in response.Xiang Tianxiao s car is an extended version of Rolls Royce , Li Kai is in charge of driving, and the beggar and Xiang Tianxiao sit in the back seat.The whole body of the beggar looks like he has just come out of a garbage dump, it is terribly dirty, but when he sits in this car, it is like sitting in his own car, without any sense of restraint, because there is a lot of space in the back seat, the beggar Lying directly on the leather seat, Erlang s legs were raised.I m hungry, so hurry up.What Mary and Ah Zhen prepared for Wei Renwu was a guest room.The size of the two guest rooms is not small, a full ten square meters, and it can be used as the master bedroom in an ordinary family s house.The is a two meter wide Simmons big , and the quilt is a real silk quilt.Wei Renwu was very satisfied, and almost fell to sleep.Unfortunately, he got up late, and he was so hungry that his chest was stuck to his back., the top priority is to eat.Mary and Zhen, prepare a hearty lunch for Wei Renwu, all kinds of meat, beef, chicken, duck, fish.Wei Renwu hadn t eaten good food for a long time, and he was so moved that he was about to burst into tears.He was about to move his chopsticks, but he stopped suddenly, and said to Mary and Zhen who were standing next to him, Can you two not stand next to me Mary and Zhen looked at each other, and said, Then the two of us Step back.Li Kai lowered his head in shame.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache, and said slowly I have almost understood the first question, let s talk about the second question.Second, what s the question How do you check it Is there a problem with the Guojianglong Group in Jiangjin Oh, this matter, it s like this.Before this, we had a short period of cooperation between the Sunflower Group and the Guojianglong Group.It was also an accident.I went to inspect the port at night and found them There was heroin hidden in the goods I brought in.I told my father about it, but my father said that the Guojianglong group is an influential company.If you report them rashly, you will not grasp the actual evidence., it was not good for us, so in the end, we just stopped cooperating with them and did not report cbd gummies wichita ks them.Not to be outdone, Zhao He shot back Fatty Xiao, don t be complacent, you haven t taken that position yet, and everything has not yet been determined, let s wait and see.It looked pretty, but Zhao He no longer had any confidence in his heart.He sat on the chair in his office, crossed his legs, not to mention how ugly his face was.Two of his subordinates were also standing in the office, but seeing their boss in a bad mood, they didn t know how to persuade them, so they could only tentatively ask, Brother Zhao, how is the situation on the board of directors Zhao He picked up a cup and threw it to the ground.There was a snap, which made the foreheads of his two subordinates sweat profusely.Zhao He scolded It seems that the work is about to be done, but that bitch Fatty Xiao stepped in.It seems that the position of chairman may fall into his hands.Who is the illegitimate child, because Chairman Jiang said that the less people know about it, the more valuable it is.Boss Jiang is very farsighted, but I know who the illegitimate child is.Who is it Li Kai.What It turned out to be him.Zhao He was surprised again.Otherwise, why do you think Boss Xiang wanted to keep Li Kai by his side That s do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies wichita ks right, if he wasn t Xiang Tianxiao s illegitimate son, Xiang Tianxiao wouldn t have trained him to be his successor.It s not over yet.There s one more thing you don t know.What s the other thing Actually, the person who killed Boss Jiang wasn t Xiao Tianxiao, but Li Kai.What Zhao He punched It was smashed on the tea table, which was originally made of fragile glass, but it was smashed into pieces by Zhao He s punch, and Zhao He s hand also burst into blood, but Zhao He s anger overwhelmed the pain in his hand.The girl at the front desk can cbd gummies make you high suddenly looked at Wei Renwu and Yue Ming with strange eyes, and then said impatiently Then I will ask him to come out.Yue Ming answered, No need, tell me where he is, and we will find him by ourselves.The girl at the front desk continued to put on her makeup, and said while doing so, Go inside, turn left, and you will see him.On the way inside, Yue Ming asked Wei Renwu in a low voice, It s not your style to suddenly give up picking up girls.Wei Renwu pursed his mouth and said in a low voice Because I saw a corner of the paper drawn with a watercolor pen in her purse, which was obviously drawn by a child.I am not interested in the child s mother at all.In addition, I found that Yang Yang is very uncomfortable in the company.You re welcome.How do you know that Look at that lady, as soon as I mentioned Yang Yang s name, that attitude speaks for itself.

Under a narrow dark alley, Wei Renwu was cbd gummies conroe tx on the right, Yue Ming was on the left, and the ghost was in the middle.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming surrounded the vapor fi cbd gummies ghost.Hahahaha Wei Renwu laughed suddenly, Can t you cbd gummies wichita ks see You are already surrounded.If you don t take off your mask, you will be captured.The ghost turned its blue faced fangs around, looked at Wei Renwu, and did nothing.What is the response.Wei Renwu said fiercely What Do you want me to come over and take off your mask in person Hehehehehe The ghost suddenly let out an extremely cold laugh, which made Yue Ming feel terrified.Just when Wei Renwu was about to attack, the ghost moved first, and it rushed towards Yue Ming.Yue Ming was caught off guard, and quickly raised his hand to stab the menacing ghost.The ghost did not fight Yue Ming head on, but dodged the stabbing one.Somewhere in the distance.A dark, mysterious space where you can t see your fingers.In this dark space, the only light is a looming oil lamp.Under the light of an oil lamp, a person sat cross legged.The person sat cross legged, motionless, closed his eyes, and breathed steadily.Under the light, one can clearly see the face of this person, with a crew cut, about thirty years old, it is the head of the Fengshenhui and White Tiger Hall Smiling Tiger Yang Xi.Yang Xi opened and closed his lips slightly, and said calmly Why are you here A man s voice responded in the darkness Master, how long are you going to stay here Yang Xi still closed his eyes tightly Said calmly The Emperor of Heaven punished me to think here for three months, and it is only the first month, which is still very early.But, if you don t come out of the mountain, Hall Master, the Baihu Hall will soon be destroyed.Zhang Feng said cbd gummies wichita ks Mr.Wei, Captain Lin is not here now.I hope you can take charge of the overall situation.Wei Renwu said As long as you take all actions and follow my cbd gummies wichita ks command, we will be able to rescue her.This Fang Lixin had something to say.Speak directly.Wei Renwu said coldly.If you want to do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies wichita ks help, can you count me in Fang Lixin said bravely.Can you help Wei Renwu s tone was slightly mocking.Fang Lixin said Lin Xingchen is my girlfriend, and I have the responsibility to participate in the rescue operation.President Fang, save yourself, you are just an ordinary cbd gummies wichita ks commoner, and we are the ones who do this professionally., your participation will only hinder us.Wei Renwu said leisurely.You Fang Lixin s anger was instantly ignited by Wei Renwu.Seeing that the situation lyft cbd gummies was about to get out of hand, Yue Ming hurriedly acted as a peacemaker and said to Wei Renwu Mr.Fang Jingyu originally wanted to anger Wei Renwu, but now he was angered by Wei Renwu.He said fiercely Don hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews t worry about it, Mr.Wei should take care of yourself first.Your confidante, Miss Lin, is in my hands now.Come on, shouldn t you ask me The two of them detoured for a long time, and finally got to the point, and Wei Renwu s tone became serious What do you want to do to her And what do you want me to do How Actually, Mr.Wei, you also know that our Fengshenhui is a gangster, and the gangsters put their necks on the tip of the knife every day.What is it for Isn t it just for money.But if you want to make money, I m cbd gummies wichita ks very poor.However, cbd gummies wichita ks Mr.Wei is a wise man, and wisdom is your wealth.You will definitely find a way.Fang Jingyu couldn cbd gummies wichita ks t help but sneer.In fact, I really want to ask, why didn t your hall master come out to negotiate with me yourself, and let you come to talk with me.Yang Xi s ten masked men and the woman pretending to be Lin Xingchen have fallen down inexplicably, and Yang Xi himself is also sitting on the ground, and is threatened by a cold hand around his neck, and this is Wei Renwu of.Fang Jingyu was not much better, and the back of his head was also compared.After Yang Xi s team fell one after another, Wei Renwu and Yue Ming s team increased a lot.Lei Long, Xiao Wei, Fang Ronghua, and You Ye all suddenly appeared in the factory, and compared to Fang Jingyu, It was Thunder Dragon.But the difference between the four is that they all wear glasses with red lenses similar to swimming goggles.This kind of glasses is exactly Yue Ming s plan.This is a kind of infrared night vision goggles, which can detect dark objects through infrared rays.It was developed and produced by Yue Ming s family company, so he got a few pairs for Thunder Dragon and the others.That s right, let s go.After speaking, Yang Xi and Fang Jingyu ran out of the factory.Wei Renwu and others cbd gummies wichita ks watched Yang Xi and Fang Jingyu escape, but they could do nothing.Wei Renwu said dejectedly It was just a little bit, I was able to catch a living one, damn it, there are still such hands to save him.Yue Ming persuaded Mr.Wei, don t be distressed, although No one was caught, but at least we rescued Captain Lin.Wei Renwu sighed softly, blue moon cbd gummies reddit You don t understand, as long as we don t catch cbd gummies wichita ks anyone, it means that the danger is still not over, and Baihu will definitely come back.At this time, Xiao Wei asked Mr.Wei, can we save Thunder cbd gummies medford oregon Dragon now I saw through the night vision goggles that Thunder Dragon has shed a lot of blood.Wei Renwu said, Go, the hands should go , he just wanted to save White Tiger , but he didn t want to hurt our lives, otherwise Thunder Dragon and I have been shot in the head just now, and now that Bai Hu is gone, I think my hands should go too.Wei Renwu not only has the world s top mind, but also the world s top law.Although this may sound exaggerated, Yue Ming is used to Wei Renwu s ability to make Some things he couldn t imagine, so he also boldly guessed that Wei Renwu could achieve accurate sniping from a thousand yards away.Unfortunately, Wei Renwu disappointed Yue Ming.shooting.Yue Ming sighed Hey I think too highly of you.Wei Renwu continued However, I know a person who can do it.Who is it Yue Ming asked curiously.A dead man.Speaking of this, Wei Renwu felt a dull pain in his heart as if he had been stabbed by a needle.Yue Ming saw the change in Wei Renwu s expression, so he didn t pursue the question, but immediately changed the subject and asked, Then, have you found any clues to the hand that attacked us Wei Renwu stood up, put away the binoculars and said, Of course there are clues.Director Liao, I want to say a few words.At this moment, a crisp female voice keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies ffor sleep HCMUSSH cbd gummies wichita ks came from the corner of the conference hall.3.Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers Liao Fan looked around the corner, and saw the voice of Lin Xingchen, who had just debuted for only two years.He said curiously It turns out that he is a newcomer to the second team of serious cases.Do you know anything about this case What do you think Liao Fan s tone was a little contemptuous, of course he can t be blamed, not only him, maybe the police in the whole hall didn t think highly of the second team of serious crimes, because this team is too young, and the leader of the team, Wang Chaoyang He was already in his dying days, and he didn t even think that the Second Serious Case Team would participate in the speech.Lin Xingchen stood up and said, I have some questions about this case.

Wang Chaoyang looked around, trying to find any clues about that person.Suddenly, there was a figure passing by in a corner, and only a shrewd criminal policeman like Wang Chaoyang spotted it out of the corner of his eye.Wang Chaoyang shouted Over there, follow me.Wang Chaoyang immediately took out his match and ran towards that person.Everyone took out their accessories one after another to keep up.Although Wang Chaoyang was fifty eight years old and was about to retire, he was always in good health.His running speed was not inferior to these young men, and he was able to run ahead.He ran towards the corner where that person had appeared.It turned out to be an alley.After running into the alley, he stopped suddenly, and gestured for the Second Serious Case Team to also stop.There is a corner at the end of this alley, Wang Chaoyang asked everyone to follow behind him, he raised cbd gummies wichita ks 5 cbd gummies his hand to aim at the corner, and walked into it step by step.Wang Chaoyang whispered I think they must wait for us to get drunk before attacking.Then Captain Wang, are you drunk It feels like you re already drunk, right Lin Xingchen smirked and said, I haven t even tasted it yet.The two looked at each other and laughed.Wang Chaoyang said again There is another person who is also quite strange.Who Look at the man at the bar.At the edge of the bar, there was a man with his back to them, wearing a brown jacket, from his A small whip can be seen on the back of the head.Is that person strange Lin Xingchen asked doubtfully.He has been sitting there, drinking silently, and his eyes have never glanced anywhere.It s strange, but this is a bar.Lin Xingchen thought for a while, and replied It s a little strange, as if he is interested in anyone.Things are generally indifferent, so it will make people feel that they are pretending.It is a gas that is mixed and burned with raw materials such as datura flower and goat flower.Its power is comparable to sleeping pills.In ancient times, some wealthy people did indeed They are using Mixiang as a sleeping pill, Lin Xingchen explained.Xiao Wei was surprised and said I ll go, there really is such a thing, I thought it was a rumor.Lin Xingchen said Where there is no wind, there are no waves, and the rumors may not all be false.If I hadn t encountered someone using Mixiang once when I was in college, I would have thought it was fake.So, I have been addicted to Mixiang Zhang Feng still didn t understand the situation.Lin Xingchen nodded.The guilt in Zhang Feng s heart suddenly decreased a lot.It turned out that he let the robbers succeed because he was poisoned by the fragrance, not because of his own negligence.Once the lead wire is broken, both pieces will explode.Fortunately, I have sharp eyes and saw the wire.What should I do now Wu Wei was very anxious.Come with me, put the two on the ground.Pay attention to the distance between the two.This lead wire is very fragile.If you apply a little force, it will be torn off.Wei Renwu directed Wu Wei to put both on the ground.After letting go, Wu Wei finally breathed a sigh of relief.Wei Renwu prostrated himself on the ground, studying the two carefully.Mr.Wei, what should I do now Just stand still.Wei Renwu replied absent mindedly.Wei Renwu disassembled the two detonators, which were full of various lead wires.Wei Renwu said Generally, various lead wires are installed in the detonator devices.Some cbd gummies wichita ks fuses can detonate immediately, and only one fuse is the total device that can completely clear the detonating device.Mr.Lin, our boss has a weird personality.Since he opened the auction house, he has rarely shown his face in public.I am almost in charge of business cooperation and negotiation, so if there is any poor hospitality, please forgive me, Mr.Lin. After the management of Tianqi Auctioneer printed the seal of Apocalypse Auctioneer on the contract, he handed the bronze sword to Lin Feng There is also this bronze sword.Our boss said that no matter how much the price is, only those who are destined You can get it, it seems that Dong Lin is a destined person, and here I would like to congratulate cbd gummies wichita ks Dong Lin.Naturally, Lin Feng didn t take this sentence to heart, this is a skill of a businessman, especially in the antique business, you say The cost of an antique cbd gummies ffor sleep botanical farms cbd gummies where to buy is so little, not much to invite, but why can such a high price be paid Is it because of hobbies Thought faith Because of history So in Lin Feng s eyes, this kind of nonsense about predestined people is just a marketing tactic.Lin Feng nodded, it seems that it is true, this girl Mo Xiaonian will make these messy things for herself, but I have to say that although Mo Xiaonian I have been staying at home all the time, but Mo Xiaonian at home can also be said to have helped me a lot.For example, this time, if Mo Xiaonian did not help me to take pictures of this land, it would take a while to get the frame.Find a suitable green and ecological land, so that there will be some delays for your own projects.The longer a project is delayed, the company s profits will be lost.After signing the contract with Boss Liu and transferring the ownership of the first piece of green ecological building land, Lin Feng found the second piece of green ecological land, Boss Wu.According to the agreement between himself and Boss Wu, the 8 billion deal The price has its own 4 billion in it.If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took pictures directly, you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.Lin Feng smiled mischievously, and directly picked up Mo Xiaonian and walked to the bedroom Hey, if you want to eat me, I ll tell you earlier, I ll let you eat me keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies ffor sleep right now, okay Bastard, bastard, put me down quickly, you scoundrel Mo Xiaonian exclaimed, You scoundrel, I m not allowed to do this when my relatives are here today.It s okay, it s okay to run a red light occasionally Lin Feng smirked and threw Mo Xiaonian onto the soft big breasts Hey, before dinner starts, you are the appetizer. The next day, Lin Feng came here with a full face When he arrived at the company, the project manager of the green ecological project team was already waiting for Lin Feng in the meeting room.Lin Feng handed them the drawings and materials of the first piece of green ecological land that he traded from Boss Liu yesterday, and asked them to start with This piece of construction land was newly designed and started construction at the fastest speed.

Lin Feng nodded, it seems that it is true, this girl Mo Xiaonian will make these messy things for herself, but I have to say that although Mo Xiaonian I have been staying at home all the living gummies cbd time, but Mo Xiaonian at home can also be said to have helped me a lot.For example, this time, if Mo Xiaonian did not help me to take pictures of this land, it would take a while to get the frame.Find a suitable green and ecological land, so that there will be some delays for your own projects.The longer a project is delayed, the company s profits will be lost.After signing the contract with Boss Liu and transferring the ownership of the first piece of green ecological building land, Lin Feng found the second piece of green ecological land, Boss Wu.According to the agreement between himself and Boss Wu, the 8 billion deal The price has cbd gummies wichita ks its own 4 billion in it.If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to cbd gummies wichita ks use it, because the auction can you cut a cbd gummy in half has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took pictures directly, you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.The choice of the location of the corpse Wei Renwu looked at the caller ID and found that it was Zhang Feng who called.Did Zhang Feng call at this time to wish him a happy new year peach ring cbd gummies Wei Renwu answered the phone Heywhat are you talking aboutyou can t hearit s too noisywait a minute, I ll find a quieter place.Wei Renwu took the mobile phone and carefully observed Wang Minjia, It also seems to be quieter in the toilet.Wei Renwu got into the toilet, closed the toilet door tightly, and shut out the noisy voices, and then said to Zhang Feng on the phone You can talk slowly keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies ffor sleep now.Zhang Feng said I Now in the Shiling Forest Park , Mr.Wei, you must come over immediately.He died again Wei Renwu asked in surprise.That s right, he s dead too.Wei Renwu was very surprised.He really didn t expect this perverted serial killer to commit crimes so fast.Who is so ignorant to call him at this time Needless to say, the man in the mask quickly jumped into the garbage truck and fled.Wei Renwu had no choice but to chase the garbage truck with his own legs, but how could human legs outrun motor vehicles.The garbage truck was getting farther and farther away, but Wei Renwu did not give up chasing.While chasing, he took out his mobile phone to check, and the caller ID told him that the unknown person was Zhang Feng.Wei Renwu ran to answer the phone, only to hear Zhang Feng say on the other end of the phone Mr.Wei, there is one thing But Wei Renwu wouldn t care what are the best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress about Zhang Feng s business, he cursed You fucking didn t call Call, don t call at night, at this critical time, you call, if I lose Zhang Yuning, I want you to look good later.Without further ado, Wei Renwu hung up the phone immediately, and continued to chase after what should be Zhang Yuning s mask man.I thought they abused you to make you dumb, but now I find that they are all telling lies.You will He talked a lot and was even willing to share some thoughts with me.Yang Xi stopped laughing and got up from the ground and said, I don t talk to them because I think they are not worthy to talk to me.Then I Thank you also for looking up to me.Wei Renwu said politely.Yang Xi shook his head and smiled, You are the one who defeated me.I have no right to look down on you.Wei Renwu sighed and said, If you weren t too stupid, maybe I would have no chance of defeating you.Oh Then I will Ask me where I am stupid Yang Xi was calmcures cbd gummies naturally unconvinced.Wei Renwu said You have two stupid things.The first is that I shouldn t be too attached cbd gummies wichita ks to me.It s because I caught your mentality that I always think about you, so no matter how many times you try, you will never be me.The Fengshenhui will definitely meet the Baihu and then find a way to get him cbd gummies ffor sleep botanical farms cbd gummies where to buy out of the city Now that he has weapons, he is cruel and cunning, and he will definitely create some panic in the downtown area to make the police exhausted and create space for his escape, so now the photos of White cbd gummies wichita ks Tiger are released through the major media to cbd gummies wichita ks make people pay attention to avoid him.Although Lin Xingchen was angry with Wei Renwu now, she had to obey Wei Renwu s method, so she suppressed her anger and replied, Okay, I ll do it right away.After hanging up the phone, Yue Ming had already rushed to the subway when he saw the subway The mess in the station was almost speechless.Before Yue Ming could cbd flav gummies speak, Wei Renwu said first Baihu got into the subway station and immediately created panic.This is because we can t guess how he will escape without our sight.88 million Before the receptionist finished introducing the car, he saw Yue Ming took out a Citibank black gold credit card from his pocket and said, Pick up the car.Seeing the black gold credit card in Yue Ming s hand, the so called king of cards receptionist s eyes lit up.On the other side, Wei Renwu shared his current location with Yue Ming through WeChat on his mobile phone, and then patiently waited for Yue Ming.Twelve minutes later, Wei Renwu got gummy coated cbd a little impatient waiting, so he called Yue Ming again, but he still couldn t hear Yue Ming answer.Wei Renwu couldn t help cursing The bastard was two minutes late after the ten minutes agreed upon.Huh, huh, huh Suddenly, the sound of a huge engine came from afar.Wei HCMUSSH cbd gummies wichita ks Renwu looked towards the sound, a blue can you get cbd gummies in australia light and shadow quickly approached him from a distance, and soon stopped in front of him.There is one more point Any other point Yue Ming still couldn t believe it.Wei Renwu said Don t you think that as an outsider, he is particularly concerned about the White Tiger Is there Yue Ming tried hard to think back for a while, and suddenly felt that what Wei Renwu said had some truth.Indeed, the two actions Wu Wei participated in were related to Yang Xi, and he asked to participate on his own unabis cbd gummies cbd gummies wichita ks initiative, but he had to make him doubt again.Yue Ming, a person who has already been approved by him, still can t do it, just like Wei Renwu was framed by Yang Xi as the mastermind of kidnapping Lin Xingchen, even though everything points to Wei Renwu, he also consistently believes in Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu said I know you can t accept it in your heart, but we can t let go of any doubts.Besides, we don t know Xiao Wu very well.

Let s cooperate, we can put aside the past, and you can also be free to do some things you still want to do.No, I don t agree Yue Ming strode towards Yang Xi, even if Yang Xi had a gun in his hand, he would still arrest him Stay with Yang Xi, otherwise Yang Xi will definitely HCMUSSH cbd gummies wichita ks run away, he knows Wei Renwu too well, as long as Yang Xi is willing to cooperate with Wei Renwu, Wei Renwu will definitely let Yang Xi go, he must not let this happen.Yang Xi pointed the gun at Yue Ming again and shouted cbd gummies wichita ks Don t come here.Yue Ming was not intimidated.Now he has put his life and death aside and only wants to catch Yang Xi.Don t.Seeing that Yang Xi was about to shoot, Wei Renwu rushed to Yang Xi s face, grabbed Yang Xi s hand holding the gun and raised it high, Yang Xi pulled the trigger and shot into the sky.It stabbed his eye and caused him to lose his vision for a few seconds.When he regained his vision, he found a child appeared in front of his car.In order to avoid hitting the child, he turned the steering wheel quickly, but the car crashed into you and the white tiger The speed of the car was too fast and it was too late to brake, so the tragedy happened like this.Wei Renwu stared at the ceiling numbly and spit out slowly It s unscientific, how can there be such a coincidence in the world, have you checked it out Really Yue Ming nodded and said Yes, I have verified that everything he said is true.He does have a wife who gave birth to the company that day.I have also investigated that he is an honest office worker.There is no criminal record.I also found the parent of the child who suddenly appeared in front of his car.I must investigate this matter myself, but The longer the time dragged on, the more blurred the clues.Don t worry, don t worry, it s a big deal to let Reaper go this time, and catch him next time.Yue Ming persuaded HCMUSSH cbd gummies wichita ks again.Fart Wei Renwu didn t buy it, Do you know how often the Reaper appears And how many accidental deaths are there every year in the whole country, and how many times are Reaper doing it If you let him run away this time, the next time When I get the chance, my beard may turn gray.Then what can you do now After all, HCMUSSH cbd gummies wichita ks you are still a human being, not a superman, and you won t what are cbd gummy bears good for be able to heal immediately even if you are injured.Yue Ming said with pouted lips.Wei Renwu sighed lightly If I had been farther away from the White Tiger at that time, I wouldn t be lying here now.Yue Ming said angrily You have the nerve to say that now that 500mg cbd per gummy you are in better spirits, I I want to ask you, why are you going to let Bai Hu go, don t you know how dangerous he is Wei Renwu said leisurely I know you can t understand this approach, but Bai Hu is chasing down the Fengshenhui The point is, only by gaining the trust of the Bai Hu can we extract the information of the Fengshenhui from him, and the only way to gain the trust of the Bai Hu is to give him freedom.Mr.Yu said with some doubts You want to say, As long as we don t intervene, the media will not have the opportunity to increase their influence on this case Then, as long as this case is entrusted to you to investigate and handle, it will definitely be able to win this case, right That s right, that s what I mean.Wei Renwu smoked calmly.You are really confident.Mr.Yu laughed.Wei Renwu spread his hands and sighed softly There is no way, the strength is here, it is so confident, not to mention that I am not fighting alone, I have my assistant, as well as Detective Quan and his assistant.Help.When Wei Renwu said this, he glanced at Li Yi, who was not convinced, and Li Yi snorted fiercely in response.Mr.Yu said Having said that, if it is handed over to you, it will undoubtedly be a rape.If it fails, what should we do As far as the people are concerned, it doesn t seem to matter whether cbd gummies ffor sleep they live or die.Guo Ling signaled the security guard to sit down, and said, We are here to watch the surveillance video of the scepter being stolen that day.You can call out the video and let us have a look.The security guard said respectfully, Okay, I ll call it out right now.Wait.Wei Renwu said, I want to watch the surveillance video of the entire building at that time.The security guard was stunned for a moment, he didn t know Wei Renwu, and he couldn t follow Wei Renwu s command casually, so he turned his attention to Guo Ling again.Guo Ling said This gentleman said he wants to watch the surveillance video of the entire building, so you can release it.The security guard had just released the surveillance video with Guo Ling s permission.In this monitoring room, a wall is covered with monitoring TVs, monitoring every corner of the entire museum.At this time, Guo Ling had already come out of the kitchen , he prepared a sumptuous dinner, roast duck, Beijing sauce shredded pork, raw cucumber, fried dumplings.Wei Renwu s saliva was about to flow out.He hadn t eaten anything since he got off the plane.He felt sorry for his stomach.He rarely wronged his stomach.Now is the time for Wei Renwu to comfort his wronged stomach.Guo Ling smiled and said, Mr.Wei, is my craftsmanship still to your liking Wei Renwu didn t have the time to answer Guo Ling s question.His mouth was already filled with delicious food.Of course, this might already be the answer.Yue Ming laughed and said, From his appearance, you can tell that Director Guo s culinary skills are profound.Guo Ling said with a smile Usually there are not many things in the museum, so in my free time, I like to tinker with useless things.Wei Renwu laughed and said It s actually not too difficult.First of all, assuming that you are the White Horse Pirate , then the first thing you must do is to familiarize yourself with the distribution of the Capital Museum.Including the layout of the museum and the distribution of his monitors, as well as the security patrols, and then enter the museum in a simple way.Yue Ming asked doubtfully, What is the easiest way to enter the museum Wei Renwu said Of course he walked in swaggeringly.Yue Ming was surprised Isn t that crazy He is a big thief.If he just walked in swaggeringly, wouldn t he be caught Wei Renwu said No People have really seen the White Horse Pirate , as long as he doesn t wear those exaggerated clothes, who can know him in cbd gummies wichita ks 5 cbd gummies broad daylight among the tourists visiting the Tutankhamun exhibition Yue Ming finally came to his senses , Yes, if the White Horse Thief is mixed in the crowd, no one will know that he is the White Horse Pirate who wants to steal the scepter, so Yue Ming replied Oh, I understand, that is to say, he During the day, he sneaked into the museum, hid in a certain place, and never came out.Expose what I haven t done anything.Boss Li just refused to admit it.Shu Po laughed and said, You are enough to go to jail just because of your possession of guns.Don t you want to plead guilty I am guilty of possession of guns, but you can t put other shit on my head.Li The boss said harshly.Shit pot You buckled it up yourself.Shupper paused and said, You are not an ordinary bar owner at all.You are actually the boss of the Sanmuhui , a tobacco society gang in Chengdu, and this bar is also yours.stronghold.Boss Li stopped talking, as if acquiescing to what Shu Po how do you use cbd gummies said.Shu Po went on to say The deceased is the boss of the Tiger Gang , and you are the boss of the Sanmu Club , the two of you were originally business partners, but there have been some problems in the business recently, and your relationship has also been broken.

Yue Ming quickly covered his mouth.Wei Renwu first checked the refrigerator, and there was a lot of food in the refrigerator.Wei Renwu said There are still several days of food, which means that the deceased did not know that someone murdered her that night, and she died in an emergency.Yue Ming didn t answer, he knew that Wei Renwu didn t tell him , but to Wei Renwu himself.When Wei Renwu came to the washroom, he saw that there was only one pair of washing utensils placed on the left side of the washstand.Suddenly he ran into the small bedroom cbd gummies wichita ks of the deceased, and Yue Ming quickly followed.Wei Renwu didn t go to check other places, but directly opened the closet, which was full of women s clothes.He closed the wardrobe and opened another one, but this other one was empty.Wei Renwu went to the closet and sniffed it with his nose.He should have done a lot of physical work, but his skin is quite fair.He must have done it .

can cbd gummies make you itch?

underground or in a cave.Am I right Mr.Shu As if Wei Renwu said that the person was not him, he said lightly What Mr.Wei said makes sense, but you said that I used to be miserable, and Shu dare not agree with it.In my opinion, only the heart is suffering.Only then can it be regarded as real suffering, but I have always felt very happy, even if I suffer a little bit of physical suffering, it is just a mosquito bite.Wei Renwu nodded and said, Mr.Shu s words make keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies ffor sleep me very ashamed.I take back the wording just now.Mr.Shu was not suffering before, but had a laborious job.Can Mr.Shu accept this Shu Po said with a smile Gladly accept.Wei Renwu added It s hard to imagine that people who used to do this kind of work can become detectives now.Originally, Shu Po asked him to monitor Wei Renwu s suspicious behavior, but he didn t expect to let him see Wei Renwu s corrupt life.17.Yue Ming s thoughts Xiao Yue, Shu Po will probably send someone to follow me.In order to prevent our actions from being controlled by Shu Po, I will leave the rest to you.This is Wei Renwu and Yue Ming.When Ming left, Wei Renwu told Yue Ming unabis cbd gummies cbd gummies wichita ks the last sentence.Yue Ming, Wei Renwu, Zhang Feng, and Fang Ronghua acted on their own.Yue Ming knew what Wei Renwu meant.Wei Renwu wanted cbd gummies wichita ks to rush to cover and attract Shu Po s attention, and Yue Ming went to complete the most critical part of the incident by himself.Yue Ming s responsibility is heavy, and his heart is full of pressure, but Wei Renwu entrusted him with such an important responsibility out of a kind of trust.Lin Xingchen said with embarrassment Thismaybe not a good solution.Is there any difficulty Yue Ming has already noticed that Lin Xingchen and others are in a dilemma.Lin Xingchen said slowly You know, Shu Po is the well being cbd gummies for tinnitus person Director Liao favors, and the search warrant must also be signed by Director Liao.You let us tell Director Liao that there is something wrong with the person he is optimistic about, and we are going to search , This is should i use cbd oil or gummies undoubtedly a big mouth cbd gummies wichita ks for Director Liao, do you think Director Liao will agree Yue Ming said anxiously Mr.Wei and I re investigated the case investigated by Shu Po last night.Mr.Wei told me that recipes for cbd gummies this This operation was approved, and I thought the search warrant should not be too difficult.Lin Xingchen sighed softly It seems that Wei Renwu didn t fully tell you the truth.He knew that what Yue Ming said was absolutely serious, but he was a little helpless.Seeing that Wei Renwu didn t move, Yue Ming stood up and said, You re not going, are you I ll go.Yue Ming rushed out the door without looking back.Wei Renwu didn t stop Yue Ming, he was not good at expressing his true thoughts, even if he wanted to apologize to Yue Ming, he couldn t express it, he could only watch as Yue Ming misunderstood him and left, but he knew HCMUSSH cbd gummies wichita ks that Yue Ming Ming will always come back, because the truth is the truth, the truth is that he is really for the good of Yue Ming, and the truth will bring Yue Ming back.Yue Ming left the new home he bought for Jiang Mengdie.Instead of taking the elevator downstairs, he chose to take the dark stairs from the top of the building.Yue Ming didn t want to take the elevator, he didn t want anyone to see his current face, this face full of tears.Before Yue Ming had time to react, Lin Xingchen crossed his shoulders After falling, Yue Ming fell to the ground in a daze, and his neck was supported by Lin Xingchen s knees, making him unable to move.Captain Lin, what are you doing Yue Ming said excitedly.Captain, if you have something to say, you re all on your own.Xiao Wei stood aside to persuade him, but he didn t dare to help.Lin Xingchen ignored Xiao Wei, but angrily scolded Yue Ming I still want to ask what you did Why did you go to Liu Yonghao s house and hurt cbd gummies ffor sleep botanical farms cbd gummies where to buy Liu Yonghao like this Hehe is a murderer Yue Ming He tried his best to explain.Murderer Lin Xingchen asked suspiciously, You said the richest man in Sichuan is a murderer Yes, he is a murderer.You d better give me a satisfactory explanation, otherwise, you may be in trouble next time.I don t understand why you have to stay here all the time Lin Xingchen sighed softly I m not afraid that you will be bored alone.Yue Ming said You will not be bored, I think you should go outside and find some evidence to prove Jiang Mengdie s existence instead of guarding This is a waste of time.Lin Xingchen said Just now Xiao Wei called and said that Wei Renwu has come back, and he is looking for evidence outside, so you don t have to worry.Yue Ming said coldly Him No, I I don t trust him.Lin Xingchen asked suspiciously What happened to you two But no matter what unpleasant things you have had, it cannot be denied that Wei Renwu is the only person who can prove Jiang Mengdie s existence, and you should still rely on him to be saved.Yue Ming snorted heavily, and said, I don t need him.He won t admit that he knows Jiang Mengdie at all.Wei jealous of Yue Ming when he says that Wei Renwu took a deep breath of the cigarette and said, Women are really amazing, they know how to use their bodies and wisdom, The men were so fascinated that they even forgot what they were doing.Jiang Mengdie suddenly took out a lipstick from the cosmetic bag next to the TV cabinet, and gently painted her lips with bright red color, and her demeanor immediately returned to the state of being overwhelmed.Jiang Mengdie twisted her graceful figure, and swayed towards Wei Renwu step by step.She saw the most primitive desire of human nature from Wei Renwu s eyes.She slowly sat on Wei Renwu s lap, and her soft body was light on Wei Renwu s body.With a flick, she took off the cigarette in Wei Renwu s mouth, took a puff by herself, and spit the smoke on Wei Renwu s face heartily.

Lin Xingchen asked Then, how to prove what you said Wei Renwu replied cbd gummie You can take some of her blood samples for comparison, the blood on the broken glass is hers, but she In fact, there is no wound on her body that was hit by the glass, which can prove that she was not injured by the glass, but smeared blood on the glass by herself.Fart, it s all fart Yue Ming shouted from the side, If Xiaodie is a liar, then why didn t she come to cheat me of my money Wei Renwu turned his head and scolded back Are you an idiot If she didn t take care of me, you would still have your money in your wallet.She just knew that she couldn t get past me and cheat you of money, so she redesigned the plan, led you to Liu Yonghao s villa, and misled you to take the police to arrest Liu Yonghao, so that she could not only contain you, but also contain me through you, She can get away again.After all, my assistant is not a vegetarian, but if I leave If Jiang Mengdie was alone, she smilz cbd gummies scam would definitely not have Xiaoyue s ability to escape, and my plan is really perfect.Wei Renwu couldn t help but feel proud.Lin Xingchen said Then I would like to ask, why did you let her go Wei Renwu explained Although Jiang Mengdie was arrested, the whereabouts of the huge sum of money she defrauded from Liu Yonghao is unknown.For those who are determined, torture and torture must never pry her mouth, and you can t lynch casually.The only way to find the money she hid is to let her escape.The wild goose who just escaped from the hunter s gun , I will definitely go back to her lair to have a look, she will definitely go to get the money now.Your plan sounds very good, and it is going well, so now the problem is coming again, people have run away, and they have run away without a trace.Yue Ming is a person who is easy to soften his heart.At this time, he looked at Wei Renwu who was blowing his beard and staring at him, and he felt very uncomfortable.He began to soften his words and said Mr.Wei, keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies ffor sleep although we are in this matter There was a dispute, but now all the money that Xiaodie cheated is here, I beg you to let Xiaodie go.Yue Ming misjudged Wei Renwu, he himself is a soft hearted person, yes, but Wei Renwu is not , Wei Renwu said very resolutely No, she can t go.You Yue Ming was green ape cbd gummies stop smoking completely disappointed in Wei Renwu, so disappointed that he didn t want to recognize this mentor or friend anymore.Jiang Mengdie didn t want cbd gummies wichita ks to see Yue Ming and Wei Renwu like this, she held Yue Ming s hand and persuaded Yue Ming, forget it, I m a liar, don t make enemies with them for a woman like me , you have a better future.Yue Ming immediately understood what Wei Renwu meant.His car was too conspicuous, and parking in the Xili Community meant telling others that they were here.According to Wei Renwu s instructions, Yue Ming parked the Maserati in the opposite community, because there was no underground parking lot in the opposite cbd gummies wichita ks 5 cbd gummies community, Yue Ming could only find a very inconspicuous corner in the parking area on the ground, and park the Maserati.it is good.After such a frightening day, Yue Ming could finally take a breath of relief.Wei Renwu walked to the back seat, pulled off Xu Jiu s clothes on the dummy, and said to Yue Ming in the front seat Open the trunk.Without Wei Renwu s words, Yue Ming almost forgot that there was another person in the trunk, and more importantly, the person in the trunk had been there for more than three hours.It is obvious that you helped I missed her.Tang Yu also laughed, and he said with a smile You don t come here too, these were discovered by Prime Minister Turtle, otherwise you wouldn t have found this place so quickly.Yang Xi laughed and said Hahaha, I was defeated by you, indeed Prime Minister Turtle found out, he already knew that you had a hiding place here, so he also knew that you would hide that stinky here.So, Tang Yu, you have no other way out, why don t you simplify things Tang Yu put away his smile, and he said fiercely What if I don t pay What are you going to do Yang Xi also Put away his smile, he was angry, Tang Yu provoked him, and he shouted Tonight, whoever takes Xu Jiu s head will be rewarded with one million, and whoever takes Tang Yu s head will be rewarded with two million.Xu Jiu was very entangled and walked very slowly.She hoped that Tang Yu could catch up.She was afraid that she would not be able to wait for him if she walked too fast.However, when Xu Jiu had reached the end of the secret road, he still did not see Tang Yu catching up.Xu Jiu waited for two minutes at the end of the secret road, Tang Yu still did cbd gummies wichita ks not catch up, Xu Jiu gave up, although she knew Tang Yu was very powerful, but Yang Xi was not a vegetarian, Tang Yu could not escape from Yang Xi s hand so easily.Xu Jiu s eyes were full of tears.She did give up.Although Tang Yu couldn t come back, she couldn t give up on herself.If she had something else to do, all the sacrifices made by Tang Yu would become worthless.Xu Jiu held back the pain in his heart, put away his tears, and pushed open the secret door of the secret passage above his head.Immediately afterwards, the sweetness in the throat turned into pain, but the pain was so great that they couldn t cry out, because their throats had been disabled.Soon the two fell down holding their throats.Before they lost consciousness, their eyes could still see.They saw Wei Renwu, who had been tied up by them just now, standing in front of them, holding a bloody blade in his hand.Watching them die with pride.Only then did Yue Ming chase him out, and said to Wei Renwu Why didn t you say hello I will definitely persuade me to think again.Indeed, Yue Ming, who has never killed anyone, would indeed hesitate, he didn t even dare to look at the two men in black who died slowly, but Yue Ming knew in his heart that the two One should be killed, so he didn t blame Wei Renwu as usual.Wei Renwu had to hurry up to retrieve his things, and these things happened to be placed on a table.After Wei Renwu got up, the three of them simply tidied themselves up and put on the clothes that had been dried by the flames.They first walked through the wilderness to the main road, followed the main road, and walked all the way to Hua County.Now that they came to town, they couldn t walk to Beijing anymore.They HCMUSSH cbd gummies wichita ks bought a second hand car in Hua County, and immediately set off pure organic cbd gummies again after lunch.Yue Ming and Xu cbd gummies wichita ks Jiu drove alternately to prevent one from being too tired.They planned to arrive in Beijing within today and not stay anywhere to avoid being intercepted by the Fengshenhui again.Along the way, Wei Renwu suddenly talked about something, he said Miss Xu, I want to ask you about that Emperor of Heaven , who is he Xu Jiu said coldly I suggest that you don t come to ask me.I know nothing more about him than you do.

Wei Renwu put away his smiling face and said seriously I think Borrow a friend s mobile phone.The bald man put his hands on his hips, pointed at Wei Renwu with his big belly and raised chin, and said, What if I don t want to borrow it Wei Renwu showed an evil mouth, and said sternly What are you talking about The bald man quickly shivered, and apologized with a respectful smile I said, cbd gummies for nicotine withdrawal I will give it to you, as long as you like it, you can take HCMUSSH cbd gummies wichita ks it away.The bald man took out his mobile phone from his pocket and handed it to Wei Renwu.The bald man was not willing to give Wei Renwu a cell phone just now, why did he suddenly change his attitude 180 degrees I think most people would behave the same way when they encounter a bald man, because very few people would treat a guy with a pistol pointed at them badly.From the footage of the second live broadcast, it can be clearly seen that a group of dazzling red fireworks flew straight into the air on the opposite side of the cliff.Long Qian s voice came from the TV again Now let s switch the camera back.When the camera was all over, I saw Long Qian s smiling face again.Long Qian pulled the camera and said, Everyone should have noticed that there is a huge box on the other side of the cliff just now.In fact, we also have one on our side.There is also a box at the position of Mi, which is exactly the same box as the second live broadcast.Long Qian walked to the box, opened it, and it was empty, Long Qian joked As you can see, this is an empty box.At this time, Wei cbd gummies how to use Renwu complained in front of the TV Isn t this nonsense Yue Ming gave Wei Renwu another look.Yue Ming was thoughtful, seemed to understand a little bit, but still didn t seem to understand.Wei Renwu doesn t need Yue Ming to understand too cbd gummies wichita ks much, it is enough for him to understand, he said I mean, the key to this case is the motive, why did the murderer kill his acquaintance, the motive of killing is very important, important The dead must die.Zhang Feng asked What could be the motive Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I don t know yet, I have to look for it.Wei cbd gummies wichita ks Renwu rushed into the inner room with one stride, Yue Ming and Zhang Feng Hurry up and follow.This is a small living room with one bedroom and one living room.There is only one bedroom, and this bedroom is of course the deceased s.The bedroom of the deceased was very messy, and it seemed that someone had searched it.Who did it Wei Renwu didn t need to reason, Zhang Feng and Yue Ming would think it was done by the murderer.Under Wei Renwu s careful selection, Wei Renwu and Yue Ming finally sat at the dinner table.When the owner of the restaurant was cooking in person, Yue Ming said suspiciously Mr.Wei, I have a question.Wei Renwu held a cigarette in his mouth, stroked his mustache, and said leisurely, If you have farts, put them away.Yue Ming deflated cbd gummies wichita ks He said What I want to ask is that when Mr.Wei goes to restaurants, no matter how the decoration is, Mr.Wei will definitely find some very popular restaurants, but the restaurant he found today doesn t look very good.This restaurant It looked a little deserted.If Wei Renwu and Yue Ming were removed, the store would not only be deserted, but would have no business at all.It s no wonder that Yue Ming didn t understand that the restaurant Wei Renwu chose was too abnormal.A resolute female voice came from behind Yue Ming.Yue Ming looked back in frustration, and it turned out that Lin Xingchen in police uniform was standing behind Yue Ming.Yue Ming wanted to give Lin Xingchen a smile, but he couldn t smile at all in cbd gummies wichita ks his current mood.He still tried to make a joke Captain Lin, you really sound like Mr.Wei.Lin Xingchen said disdainfully He learned from me, when he was studying, he followed me like a follower.Yue Ming said Captain Lin, why are you here Lin Xingchen replied I came to see you, Wei Renwu has already told me that he gave you the task before he left, and he also told you that once you fail, you will definitely wana cbd sour gummies reviews be full of frustration, and eventually even the courage to do the task will disappear.Yue Ming said Then Wei Mister told you, where did he go Lin Xingchen do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies wichita ks shook his head and said, Don cbd gummies ffor sleep botanical farms cbd gummies where to buy t think that he will tell me everything when he is so close to me, but in fact, you are closer to him than me, and he didn t tell you.That s right, my affection for him is even higher than that of my parents.Yue Ming said I m afraid you are not just friends or friends anymore.Master student, or the audience, should have a deeper relationship, a relationship that may not be accepted by the world.Yue Ming said it very vaguely, but the meaning was very clear, Long Qian was taken aback when he heard it, and then He acquiesced to Yue Ming s statement.Yue Ming said cbd gummies wichita ks 5 cbd gummies with some worry Master Long, actually I don t think there s anything wrong with this.Although I m not that kind, I can understand and I support it, so don t worry about what I said just now.What can t be done.Long Qian smiled and shook do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies wichita ks his head It s okay, I should thank you for your support, but how did you know You found it in my hometown Yue Ming shook his head and said No, it s just because I am a dragon As a fan of Master Long, I have watched gossip news about Master Long.For the first time, I felt the pain of losing him.It was more painful than losing my life.Even though we were so close , but we seem to be separated by thousands of mountains and rivers.I am koi cbd gummies effects not close to food and drink.In just gummy cbd stop dates over ten days, I lost more than ten catties.Really, at that moment, I really wanted to end my life.What s the point in this world Long Qian finally couldn t hold it back, tears welled up in his eyes.Yue Ming had no way to comfort Long Qian, the only thing he could do was to take a few papers from the coffee table and hand them to Long Qian.Long Qian took the tissue that Yue Ming handed him, wiped his tears, and sobbed After many painful days, finally one day when school was over, Pengcheng took the initiative to find me, and he dragged me to an alley Li, told me that he could no longer bear the days without me, and he wanted to elope with me.Wei, I really misread you, you actually Want money Wei Renwu said, It s nothing to be curious about.Everyone will be nervous.The reason why your assistant threatened you with this is not because he needs money to repay the usury.Long Qian said contemptuously Wang Qu He is do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies wichita ks a good gambler, and everything he does is his own fault, but Mr.Wei is different, you are a hero in my heart, so Mr.Wei suddenly wants money, which is really unexpected to me.Wei Renwu took a deep breath Taking a puff of a cigarette, he said slowly, Heroes Heroes are all bright sides that everyone can see.What would a real hero be like What kind of bad things will they do when there is keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies ffor sleep no one around Who knows So, Long Master, stop saying that I am a hero, even if I am a hero, do you really understand me, Master Long Long Qian laughed and said, That s right, Mr.

Wei for his concern Wei Renwu said You are welcome, we are friends, this is what I should do.Long Qian said Then, I will give you Ten million, when will the next ten million be given to you Wei Renwu said Today is the trading day for the two of us, and you will give me ten million at this time every year.You see, this arrangement is reasonable.Is it Long Qian said, lofi cbd gummies review Even if I think it s unreasonable, will Mr.Wei change his mind Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I don t think so.Long Qian paused, walked towards Wei Renwu, and walked behind Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu, who was sitting on the sofa suddenly, had a gold plated bank card that could blind people s eyes, appearing in front of Wei Renwu.Immediately behind Wei Renwu came Long Qian s voice This is five million yuan, which was originally prepared for Wang Qu.Lin Xingchen said coldly Thank you, we are not hungry.The security guard said nervously Officer, don t be nervous.I really don t mean anything else.I just feel that the two police officers have been inside for many hours.I m afraid they will be exhausted.Lin Xingchen said I don t Nervous, I think you are nervous.II m notnot nervous.Although the security guard said so, the cold sweat on his forehead had already betrayed him.When Lin Xingchen was about to close the door again, he heard Yue Ming s voice from the monitoring room Captain Lin, we found it Yue Ming s voice seemed to be the warm wind in spring, and Lin Xingchen s cbd gummies wichita ks cold face There was a sudden look of joy on the screen, she even forgot about the existence of the security guards, and forgot to close the door, and immediately rushed to Yue Ming s side, and said to Yue cbd gummies joint pain Ming, Where is it Yue Ming pointed to the monitoring screen, Said I ll show cbd gummies wichita ks it to you.He touched it and found that the pocket for the five gold cbd gummies wichita ks bars was still fastened to his waist.I can give you gold bars, and freed cbd gummies I can also give you a big gift, but you must not die, because you are mine now.A gloomy man s voice came from behind Old Hu.14.The voice of losing the soul made old man Hu dispel the idea of walking into the river.It was not that the voice persuaded old man Hu, but that the voice itself was more terrifying than death, and it completely controlled old man Hu.Body.Old man Hu was very familiar with this voice, and it was the owner of this voice that became the turning point of old man Hu s ordinary and happy life tonight.Old man Hu turned around.Although the moonlight was thin, it was difficult to see the man s face behind him clearly, but with that pair of sunglasses and the full beard, it was difficult to see anyone else.I brought them all.They all smelled of blood.Old man Hu s wife, old man Hu s wife s best friend, and three companions who went to catch rape with old man Hu, all their heads were in the suitcase, and none of them was missing.Old man Hu couldn t help but burst into tears, he cried to the bearded man You did it The bearded man didn t deny it, he said I did it, but they did it because of you And die, because you want them to die, so I killed them.Old man Hu did say that, but that was just angry words of old man Hu, how could he really kill them, that is simply a devil Things that can only be done, but now they have come true.Although just cbd vegan hemp gummies Old Man Hu did not do it himself, they still died because of Old Man Hu.Perhaps, the bearded man is really a demon.The old man Hu cried Why did you do this Is it just for me The bearded man said Don t you like it You know, no one in this world knows about your scandal anymore.Lin Xingchen could finally sleep well gummies cbd put away his pistol and listen carefully to Old Man Hu s speech.Old man Hu said Of course the story I told is true.I guarded that mailbox for seven years, and also received seven years of death courier for that devil.I don t know what the point of him making me do this is., but after so many years, I finally saw one thing clearly.What is it Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen asked at the same time.The old man Hu looked at the ceiling and said fearfully All of this was planned by that bearded man from the very beginning.He asked me to gamble, gave me gold bars, asked me to catch rape, kill those people, and drive me to a dead end., just to let me do things for him wholeheartedly.He is not only a devil, but also an extremely cunning and insidious devil.I believe that this mailbox and these ghost coins also have a special purpose.I was able to find the Reaper , but it turned out that the Death Express was a dropped Death Express , and you are not the real Reaper , we came here for nothing, and many things may have to be investigated again.Hu The old man said Have you ever thought about why the death courier they send out is the money of the living, but it becomes the money of the dead when it comes to me I ve already thought about it, but after the courier arrived at Yinsi Street, I haven t had any contact with it except you Before Yue Ming finished speaking, he seemed to think of something again.Lin Xingchen wondered What s the matter Did you think of something Old man Hu suddenly laughed again, he actually thought of something with Yue Ming, he smiled and said I guess you have thought of it too.Yue Ming The hut suddenly opened, his face was filled with excitement, he nodded and said Yes, I have been ignoring one point, I thought that if someone dropped the package on Yinsi Street, it was the person who took the package, but in fact, this Not necessarily, if the courier was not dropped by someone on Yinsi Street, then it may have been dropped by someone before it ended up on Yinsi Street.Liu Hongyun first found a hotel to live in, approached, and took out cbd gummies wichita ks some clothes from his luggage that he thought were very earthy.In fact, what he thought were very earthy clothes were plaid shirts and straight leg jeans.These college students often Clothes and pants that will be worn.Liu Hongyun put these on her body with a little disgust.To keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies ffor sleep be honest, if it wasn t for the task, he would never touch such dirty clothes in his life, but the task of Reaper is the most meaningful thing in his life for him, even more meaningful than racing , so he can forgive Xiao Tan for the phone call that made him lose the racing championship, because he knows that Xiao Tan is calling him to do something more meaningful.Liu Hongyun is different from the previous Professor Fang.Professor Fang needs to pave the way for their future tasks and needs to do a lot of research, but Liu Hongyun s goal is unabis cbd gummies cbd gummies wichita ks very clear, which is the microwave oven of the Miracle Bar.Liu Hongyun said seriously I ask you, am I a customer The waiter nodded and said Of course the customer is our most valued customer.Liu Hongyun Hong Yun said again Others often say that the customer is God, so am I, the customer, your God The customer is God, this is an indisputable truth in the business world, and the waiter can only nod his head.Liu Hongyun smiled, and he said with a smile Since I am God , then God told you to sit down, why don t you sit down The customer is not in compliance with the rules, but he does not obey the customer.If the customer makes a fuss, his responsibility will be even greater.Liu Hongyun said You d better sit down quickly, or I will sue your boss.Before he finished speaking, the waiter was already sitting beside Liu Hongyun.Liu Hongyun laughed and said, That s right.

If you put the brown sugar water from the guests in and heat it, it will inevitably smell like gasoline.Holding the water glass, the waiter glanced at Boss cbd gummies wichita ks 5 cbd gummies Zuo s booth.He found that Boss Zuo hadn t noticed it for a while, so he put the water glass aside and turned on the microwave oven, hoping that the smell of gasoline would dissipate in a few minutes.Then put the water cup in and heat it up.At this time, a new customer came to the door of the bar, a man with cropped hair and hip hop clothes.It was not the welcome waiter who greeted the man, but another waiter in the middle of the hall, that waiter rushed to the hip hop man, smiled and said, It s you, guest, do you still remember me Thirty two, the man in the hip hop outfit smiled and replied Of course I remember you.Didn t I tell you last time I came here that we will meet again if we are destined, and the fate will come soon.Wang Xuanmin didn t dare to make mistakes.Without thinking too much, he could guess that the gun against the back of his head was a gun that could go off at any time.He followed the order of 750mg cbd gummies for adult the woman behind him and slowly raised his hands.At this time, Wang Xuanmin stretched out a hand behind his back and took away his key.Wang Xuanmin glanced over and saw a big thick hand.It was obviously a man s hand, which meant that there was more than one hand behind him.A woman, and at cbd gummies wichita ks least one man.Then, Wang Xuanmin s whole body was touched by two men s hands.Wang Xuanmin knew that this was to search him for weapons.The cbd gummies wichita ks woman s voice appeared behind Wang Xuanmin again Now, put your hands behind your head and turn around slowly.The gun left the back cbd gummies wichita ks of Wang Xuanmin s head, but Wang Xuanmin knew that the gun was still aimed at him, so he He could only obey the woman s words again, put his hands on the back of his head, and turned around slowly.Yue Ming didn t know, but he had no choice, he couldn t just watch Lin Xingchen be killed by Wang Xuanmin in front of him.Wang Xuanmin ignored the conversation between the two at all, and continued to direct Yue Ming My key is in your hand, you go and open the door now.Wang Xuanmin may be planning to kill Lin Xingchen and Yue Ming, but he certainly does not want to kill Lin Xingchen and Yue Ming.He will do it outside the door.Fortunately, no one is passing by to see this scene now, but it is inevitable that someone will bump into him outside the door.If he is bumped into, the news will leak out, which will be very detrimental to himself.He must solve Yue Ming secretly And Lin Xingchen, at his home.Wang Xuanmin grabbed Lin Xingchen by the collar, stepped back a few steps, and gave Yue Ming the doorway of his house.I saw the monster suddenly jumped up, and then landed gently on the ground.boom With a loud bang, the monster stood on the street, watching Liu Hongyun s car crash into a big tree on the side of the street, the Ferrari was instantly destroyed, and Liu Hongyun and Lei Jia also flew into the sky, and then fell heavily The ground fell to the ground, and the blood of the two people spilled all over the ground.These three things, plus Wei Renwu s capture of Wang Xuanmin, Reaper just came to an end from the stage of history and the altar of the killer world.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache, and said leisurely to the tied up Wang Xuanmin Is there anything else you want to say As if he was the one who made it.Wei Renwu was puzzled and said, What are you laughing at What s so funny Why are you still laughing at this moment During the punishment, he either repented of his sins or was full of hatred towards Wei Renwu.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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