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Another slightly shorter beauty said to the tall slender beauty angrily Don t try to take Xiao Wei Wei to yourself, he belongs to me alone.The tall slender beauty said biolife cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies for anxiety and depression contemptuously That depends on your ability.All the beauties were jealous of Wei Renwu, and Wei Renwu just stroked his beard, smiled and didn cbd gummy bears wholesale t speak.The shorter beauty said unconvinced Little Wei Wei, you should say something, are you going to be with me or her tonight , I had no choice but to not speak, and silently waited for Wei Renwu to make a decision.It s so difficult, who should I choose Wei Renwu put down his hand stroking his beard, slowly stretched out his finger, and said, Since it s so difficult, I can only go with him tonight.Then, the finger did not point to the two One of the beauties pointed to the gate of the bar instead.The majesty of the police still took Yue Ming away Ming bluffed.Yue Ming didn t just watch them go, they stepped out of the bar gate, and Yue Ming followed them out.Wei Renwu and Officer Fang got into the police car, and Yue Ming immediately stopped a taxi.Fortunately, there were taxis waiting for customers outside Jiuyan Bridge, otherwise Yue Ming might easily lose them.As soon as Yue Ming got organabus cbd gummies cbd gummies for anxiety and depression cbd fx gummies into the car, he hurriedly urged the taxi driver Master, please hurry up and catch up with the police car in front.The taxi driver was a little hesitant, and said in very poor cbd thc gummys in spokane Mandarin, Young man, I didn t cbd gummy bears wholesale hear that.Is it wrong, you want to follow the police car in front You won t cause any trouble, right Master, I cbd gummy bears wholesale guarantee that there is no problem.If you have any problems, you are cbd gummies worth it should be responsible.It doesn t matter.It is our duty as citizens to cooperate with the police.Mr.Ye is quite generous.Wei Renwu asked the businessman surnamed Chen Mr.Chen, are you in the food business Mr.Chen replied Yes.How did cbd gummy bears wholesale Mr.Wei find out Mr.Chen, there is a big gap between the palm and the tiger s mouth.thick calluses, so I guess Mr.Chen was a professional pig butcher when he was young, and it was also at that time that he developed the habit of taking a bath every day.Mr.Chen laughed loudly and said Mr.Ah.Wei Renwu asked the doctor surnamed Li again Doctor Li, what department are you in charge of Doctor Li replied I am an anesthesiologist.Then will the anesthesiologist operate the scalpel on the operating table Dr.Li also has thick calluses on his palms and cbd gummy bears wholesale on his tiger s mouth, so he probably uses a knife often.During the past few days, I have not visited anyone.I have communicated with her parents.Their family has no relatives in Chengdu.I don t know if they have any friends.The strangest thing is that she has not visited anyone, but every day They all go out and take the subway.From going out in the morning to returning to the hotel at night, except for the meal time, they have been taking the subway.Every two stops, they will get off once, then wait for the next train, and then get on the train until they return at ten o clock in the evening.The hotel just took the subway for a few days.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache, and it was rare for him to think about the problem so seriously.After a long time, he said Officer Yang, after the meeting is over, take me to see Watch the surveillance video of Tian.Li Xuanran said calmly Actually, just from the old calluses, Mr.Wei should not be completely sure that it is me.This kind of callus can be caused by many reasons.Prove that you have the ability to enter the deceased s room from the window.The smell of smoke on the rope that hangs him proves that the murderer was a smoker.The deceased s nerves were paralyzed all over his body, including the lungs, so there would be suffocation.There is a kind of poison, but the amount is too small, so the autopsy can t laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummy bears wholesale find it out, which is why there is a very small hole in the neck of the deceased.If I guess correctly, this poison should be tetrodotoxin.Indeed It s tetrodotoxin.Tetrodotoxin is often used as an anesthetic if the amount is controlled properly.For you, an anesthetist, it s easy to get these things.The deceased was very smart.Since he knew that he would die, he handed over his computer and mobile phone to you to show that he had given you the list., and then use suicide to dispel all your doubts.But what she doesn t know is that the poisonous needle she got won t kill her, that amount of poison will only paralyze her nervous system.She doesn t know, but as you Anesthetist, you must know that the poisonous needle will not kill you.In fact, you got up early and hanged her after she was in a coma.You can not only pretend to be a suicide scene, but also completely obliterate her.It really kills two birds with one stone.It s a wonderful move.Oh, it s cbd gummy bears wholesale gummies cbd for anxiety really embarrassing Mr.Wei is so good that what he said is not bad at all, as cbd gummies for anxiety and depression cbd fx gummies if you were watching everything that happened on the spot, and you really can t be fooled.The basement suddenly burst into flames, and the entire dark room suddenly became bright.The fire light came from the candles on the candlesticks hanging on the wall.No one was around the candlesticks, and it was unknown whether the candles were lit by themselves or by whom.There is a woman in the middle of the basement.This woman is kneeling on one knee.Under the candlelight, she can clearly see that this woman is wearing a long blue dress, and her facial features are quite correct.Although she cannot be called a beauty, she is still in the upper middle class This woman is the romance novelist named Zhang Xiaoyan who had sex with Wei Renwu.Right in front of this Zhang Xiaoyan was a grand master chair with her back facing her.The grand master chair was very wide and tall, and it was difficult to see whether there was someone sitting behind the chair. Editor Wu Yue.Wei Renwu HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears wholesale read it word by word.Yue Ming turned his face aside, not daring to look at Wei Renwu at all.Don t guess, this knower must be you.Wei Renwu said this to Yue Ming.Originally, I didn t want to tell him, but he begged me for a long time, and my heart softened for a moment Yue Ming blushed like a monkey s butt.You ve seen the consequences.If I wasn t so good, we might go to the Underworld to drink tonight.Wei Renwu was so angry that his mustache stood up.You guys want to quarrel, go home and quarrel, explain to me first, what s the situation Lin Xingchen pointed to the dead killer on the ground.Wei Renwu spread his hands and said This is obviously a killer.You have seen the murder weapon.It is a pss whispering.It should be hired by my enemy.However, he has committed suicide by swallowing poison now.The 36th floor of the Youyou Scenery community.Wei Renwu asked Yue Ming to drive the Beetle to the scene as quickly as possible, during which he ran through three red lights.After getting out of the car, Wei Renwu rushed to the scene.There was blood all over the ground, and there was also a girl who died in a miserable state.Wei Renwu stomped his feet in excitement, completely ignoring the eyes of the sad family members of the deceased and the surrounding reporters.When Wei Renwu didn t cbd gummy bears wholesale even wear gloves and was about to start examining the corpse, Lin Xingchen, who was ignored by Wei Renwu and standing beside him, grabbed Wei Renwu and said, No need to check, we have already checked, and the situation is almost the same as that cbd gummies no melatonin of last week.It s the same as the boy who committed suicide and fell from the building, except that someone saw her jump this time.The bar is full of college students playing games, and the smell of cigarettes and instant noodles is flying together.Wei Renwu was not affected by the harsh environment, and was concentrating on searching for something on the computer February 14, 2015, 00 00 am.Festival.A young woman who was about to enter the wedding hall put on a beautiful white wedding dress at her home on the night before the wedding, and ended her life with a white silk that was as beautiful as the wedding dress.The body was found at 6 00 a.m.on February 14, 2015 00 was found.The cbd gummy bears wholesale groom and the relatives and friends who came to congratulate him had to change the happy wedding scene into a sad funeral.Seeing this kind of news, Wei Renwu felt a chill down his spine.Wei Renwu gasped, and flipped through Shu Xin s blog again.Lin Xingchen said It may take some time.A while.Quan Kai said It s okay, we are not in a hurry, I also want to sort out the clues good cheap cbd gummies I have learned.Lin Xingchen said Then let s withdraw first.Lin Xingchen left behind her men They took notes on those present.The three walked out of the hotel, and Lin Xingchen suggested That Wei Renwu is seriously ill, let s go see if he is dead.Yue Ming also echoed Yes, Mr.Quan, let s all go and see him, I miss him You will be very happy.Quan Kai said, No, you guys go.I ll go back to the hotel to sort out the clues, after all, human life is more important.That s right, this is the biggest difference between Quan Kai and Wei Renwu , Quankai pays more attention to human life, cbd gummy bears wholesale but Wei Renwu regards human life as trivial, and he pays more attention to whether the case can arouse his interest.At that moment, I swore secretly that I must kill this couple.Dogs and men.I worked hard to make this plan.I lie next to this fat pig every day to make him happy.Do you know how disgusting I am Just like this, gradually scrape all his property from him.Once the property is in hand , his life is worthless, but I HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears wholesale can t take advantage of Yan Xiluo, that bitch.That s why I poisoned cbd gummy bears wholesale Lu Tong to death and put the blame on Yan Xiluo.But people are not as good as God What you didn t expect is that this matter is still an accident, otherwise you wouldn t have to kill Guo Long.Guo Long is very clear about my affairs with Lu Tong, and he also knows that after Lu Tong s death, I will not kill Guo Long.He is the most beneficial person.Therefore, he can find me, he is actually greedy for money, he hopes to biolife cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies for anxiety and depression make a deal with cbd 50mg gummies me, let me give him 30 of Lu Tong s property in exchange for cbd genesis delta 8 thc gummies him to shut up, and he also promised to kill me Turn to Yan Xiluo.Now she was shaking with fear.Don t worry, I will definitely find a way to find Lin Yan.It s not too late.Let s start now.Quan Kai s words were like a reassurance, alleviating the frustration of everyone present and rekindling the situation.Get up the fighting spirit.Lin cbd living sour gummies Xingchen nodded firmly, and Lu Tong shouted with high morale Sister Lin is such a beautiful beauty, I will spare no effort to help when encountering smilz cbd gummies reviews reddit cbd gummy bears wholesale such a thing.Even Professor Yang said If you need my help Yes, you must tell me.Quan Kai said By the way, Professor Yang, what is Wei Renwu looking for you for Professor Yang asked suspiciously He came to me to ask about this case.As for him, you Do you have any questions Quan Kai smiled and said, It s okay, I just asked by the way.Then he said to Lu Tong and Lin Xingchen, Let s go.Quan Kai first called the taxi driver Lin Yan took Hello, is this Mr.Zhao On the cbd gummy bears wholesale other end of the phone Yes, who are you Quan Kai said This is Zhao Master, I am a policeman.You took a white skirt woman about 24 or 5 years old at the China Criminal Police Academy at four o clock this afternoon.She is a suspect.I hope Master Zhao can find out where the white skirt woman got off the bus.But I don t know if Master Zhao can remember On the other end of the phone Yes, I remember, I remember very clearly, that woman, as soon as I got on the bus, asked me to follow the taxi in front, sneaking, I felt It s a little strange, it s really a woman with a problem.I followed the taxi in front of me until I reached Shangsha Village next to the Yunlong Lake Bridge , and she asked to get off.A very beautiful woman followed Another strange person went to the wilderness, which is really strange.I didn t expect that cbd gummy bears wholesale there would be business after leaving the police station.Where are the young people going Smiling, he said, Master, we are going to Shangsha Village.What The driver suddenly panicked, No, no, I won t go to that place even if I m killed Why don t you go Quan Kai pretended to be puzzled.I was pointed at by a fierce man just now, and insisted on going to that Shangsha village.I finally escaped and reported to the police.I will not go back there.I will not go no matter how much money is given to me.The driver hurriedly urged the three of them to get out of the car.Lin Xingchen asked urgently What does that person look like, can you see clearly No, no, if I saw his face, he would probably be dead by now, so get out of the car quickly.Helpless, the three were driven out car.At this time, Quan Kai said solemnly We have to go to Shangsha Village quickly, the other party has it, and the situation is extremely dangerous.Three.I understand.Yue Ming was thoughtful.Fang Yun looked at Yue Ming and said doubtfully What do you understand Do you guys like to ask weird questions Fang Yun was a little unhappy.No, it s not what you imagined.Yue Ming quickly explained.I thought Fang Yun didn t finish speaking.What do you think Yue Ming is really a wooden fish brain.The girl can t explain her thoughts clearly, so she can only guess for herself.Yue Ming always asked questions that had nothing to do with dating, so she was a little angry.But Yue Ming wanted to ask again, Fang Yun immediately exploded, she stood up and said disappointedly Forget it, I d better go home, you don t want to go on a date at all.This made Yue Ming anxious, He hurriedly stopped Fang Yun and said, That s not the case, actuallyactually Yue Ming also acted like a little girl at this time, not daring to speak directly.And a little dehumanizing.When Yue Ming was about laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummy bears wholesale to speak again, suddenly a figure sprang out from a dark corner and suddenly appeared in front of Yue Ming s car, scaring Yue Ming to step on the brakes.Bang.But it still didn t have time to stop and knocked the man to the ground.Okay, okay, I hit someone.Yue Ming was so upset that he quickly took off his seat belt and was about to get out of the car.Wei Renwu said calmly Do you want to go down and have a look Of course.While speaking, Yue Mingren had already rushed out of the car.Wei biolife cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies for anxiety and depression Renwu also got out of the car.Under the light of the Beetle headlights, lying in front of the car was a man who was less than 1.65 meters tall, wearing a black down jacket, less than 30 years old, and a crew cut man.The man was cbd gummies for anxiety and depression cbd fx gummies lying on the ground, holding his right thigh all the time, and shouted in pain It hurts, it hurts Yue Ming squatted down quickly, and asked with concern Are you okay I m sorry, Hit you.Wei Renwu pursed his lips and said, I don t have much time to take a shower and change clothes.You called me to have dinner just after I finished my work.Of course I chose to eat first.Or, should we change places Eating, eating here, always feels a little unreliable.Yue Ming s unreliable refers to other people s eyes.I m not going, I m too lazy to run away, order something for me quickly, I m starving.Wei Renwu yelled loudly.Yue Ming ordered a few traditional Sichuan dishes, such as mapo tofu, shredded pork with green peppers, etc., but none of these were to Wei Renwu s taste.Wei Renwu devoured it voraciously, but Yue Ming didn t have a particularly strong appetite, mainly because of Wei Renwu s smell.Yue Ming asked in a low voice, What are you looking for when you go to the trash dump Wei Renwu also lowered his voice, and said with his mouth .

how much do cbd gummies usually cost?

wrapped around his mouth, Do you still remember when we were in the surveillance smilz cbd gummies reviews reddit cbd gummy bears wholesale room We were playing one of the surveillance videos I asked the security to pause once. Although psychological reasoning is not cbd gummy bears wholesale convincing, it can quickly lock suspects through criminal motives, which is true in actual combat.It is more effective.You seem to understand psychological reasoning very well, who are you You are not my book fan at all.The young man with glasses began to question Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu laughed cbd gummy bears wholesale loudly, and he said with a smile I m really not your book fan, how did you find out My novel hasn t been published yet, where did I come from as a book fan, who are you Wei Renwu He stood up, adjusted his clothes, and introduced himself, My name is Wei Renwu, and I work in criminal investigation.The young man with glasses also stood up, took off his glasses, and said with admiration, You are the detective Wei Renwu HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears wholesale Knowing you, I didn t expect you to come to my house, haha, I m so lucky.Everyone is wandering on the street with the mood of shopping, and their eyes should be shark tank quit smoking cbd gummies focused on the dazzling array of products., but something happened on that street, which drew the eyes of those people away from the merchandise.Or it can t be said to be one thing, but it should be said to be a person, a man lying on the ground, smelling of alcohol, whether he is dead or unconscious, in short, this person is lying on the ground, eyes closed, motionless.This man has messy hair, a full beard, and ragged clothes.He looks like a beggar.He lay impartially right in the middle of this pedestrian street, and he lay there all morning, maybe more than one morning, and he might have been lying here last night.When you go shopping, when laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummy bears wholesale you see a beggar for the first time, you will avoid it, let alone look at him twice, but when you walk over, you see him, and when you walk over again, he is still there and walks over again He was still there, especially when he was lying straight and motionless.Yang cbd gummies for pain uk Yang asked suspiciously You know You have to know, I am a detective.After accepting your commission, I naturally did a lot HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears wholesale of investigations, and it is normal to know the location of your home.Yang Yang said with a look of admiration, Wow, that sounds amazing., Sure enough, professional ones are different.Yue Ming said proudly, Of course.Wei Renwu gave a disdainful cut.Along the way, Yue Ming and Yang Yang talked and laughed, but Wei Renwu was silent.Even if Yang Yang wanted to talk to Wei Renwu deliberately, Wei Renwu would only answer perfunctorily.By the way, did you feel that stalker today Yue Ming asked suddenly.Yang Yang shook his head and said, It s strange, I didn t feel that stalker all day today.What about yesterday I didn t have anything yesterday, but I found something after I went home.It s a shadow, right Yue Ming s voice was full of joy, as if he had discovered the treasure of One Piece.That s right, it s cbd gummies for anxiety and depression cbd fx gummies the shadow.Wei Renwu said.But Yang Yang s shadow can do this Yue Ming was confused again, and after talking for a long time, he was still at a loss in the end.Wei Renwu said Shadow is just an adjective.The one who can do this must be a person, but to Yang Yang, it is like a shadow and cannot be noticed.It doesn t sound like something ordinary people can do.Can appear at any time, disappear at any time, and be undetected under the eyes of another person, can this be done by a human being Indeed, biolife cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies for anxiety and depression it s not like a human can do it, so I call him Shadow , but since someone can do it, there must be a most reasonable explanation, and an idea has already appeared in my head.Wei Renwu said meaningfully.Wei, can i take cbd gummies on airplane I am very grateful to you.You have really helped me a lot.I know you are amazing, but I cannot let you protect me forever.I have to face some things by myself.Besides, even you have things that you dare not face, so I want to be a detective, relying on my own hands and efforts to truly protect myself.Wei Renwu showed approval, and he looked at the Looking at Yang Hai, I saw Yang Hai buried his head, couldn t HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears wholesale see his face, only heard a sound similar to sobbing, the voice was very low, gradually, the voice became louder and louder, it was Yang Hai who really Sobbing.Yang Hai raised his head and burst into tears, tears covered his tired face, he choked up and said Brother Yue, I I really, really thank you very much, but I am really afraid, afraid of this society, even if I try my best to blend in, but I always fall down, I have no friends, I only have myself, I can only protect myself by splitting a completely different personality, I really didn t expect it, I I can still meet a good person like you.But Yue Ming wasn t worried at all.He summoned the second team of serious crimes and held an emergency meeting at his home.Zhang Feng took the lead and said Xiaoyue, the matter you asked us to investigate has made progress.Yue Ming said Then can you explain it to me in detail Zhang cbd gummy bears wholesale Feng said In the abandoned factory in Pi County There are a total of ten gangsters inside, and Captain Lin was tied up there.Yue Ming said We have seven people in total, it sounds like the odds of winning are not great.Xiao Wei said However, what we have the advantage of is that They don t know that we have discovered their hideout.Yang Wen er said No, there are only five of us, brother Zhang and I were injured, this operation, we may be a little bit at a loss.Yue Ming said That s right, you two don t go.Zhang Feng shouted What are biolife cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies for anxiety and depression you afraid of I have been with Captain Lin for so long.In this factory, the only person who is still a little nervous may be Yue Ming, who suddenly asked Wei Renwu Mr.Wei, I have a question.Wei Renwu said, What do you want to ask Yang Xi was also very curious, what would Yue Ming ask at this time.At that time, when police officer Fang was observing the sky, he followed the car from Baihutang to the alley next to Shishi Park.Later, I went to check the scene.The car was still there, but the person was gone.How did they take Captain Lin away in public without anyone noticing Wei Renwu laughed and said, Haven t you understood the counterfeit The one in the car is not Captain Lin at all, but this counterfeit.9.Lin Xingchen s whereabouts Yue Ming didn t understand what Wei Renwu meant, and asked doubtfully, The cbd gummy bears wholesale one in the car at cbd gummy bears wholesale that time was this counterfeit Wei Renwu nodded.Xing Ling was taken aback, and he said in surprise Impossible, it is impossible for our bank staff to do cbd gummy bears wholesale such a thing.It happened.Wang Chaoyang laughed and said, We are only suspicious, President Ling, don t be too nervous.But, I don t think it was done by our internal staff, it must have been inquired by those gangsters in other ways.President Ling is still trying to explain to Wang Chaoyang that, as the head of the line, he has the responsibility to protect his employees.Lin Xingchen stepped forward and said President Ling, don t misunderstand, we just don t want to let go of any doubts.Since this matter is suspicious, I believe President Ling also hopes that your staff will not really have anything to do with this matter.Yes, right President Ling thought for a moment, and replied Officer Lin is right, who do you want to investigate, I will do my best to cooperate with you.Lin Xingchen said Yesterday afternoon, I went to the sky monitoring room to check the escape route of the car.Follow the route I mentioned.Wow, Xingchen, you have thought of this a long time keoni cbd gummies 500mg ago.Zhang Feng said in surprise.Lin Xingchen smiled and said, These are just basic homework.Wang Chaoyang nodded in approval and said, Xingchen s police professionalism is very mature, and you should learn more from her.We will definitely work hard.Zhang Feng and Xiao Wei replied passionately.Wang Chaoyang pointed forward and shouted, Let s go.After setting off, Lin Xingchen said The robbers deliberately avoided the main road in order to avoid the sky s surveillance, and they often deliberately made detours in order to distract the police.But they still can t do without a main line.Wang Chaoyang asked Which main line Lin Xingchen replied Huayang River.back into the living room.Zhang Feng opened the door and said to Lin Xingchen, Come in quickly.What Zhang Feng didn t expect was that Lin Xingchen brought a man in.Zhang Feng pushed the man s chest and said with a stern expression Who are you Lin Xingchen explained This is my friend.This man is naturally Wei Renwu.Wang Chaoyang naturally also saw Wei Renwu, he blamed Lin Xingchen and said Xingchen, this is an important meeting for us, it is not appropriate for you to bring a friend here.Lin Xingchen walked up to Wang Chaoyang and explained Captain Wang, This friend HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears wholesale of mine laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummy bears wholesale is my classmate in college, and he can help us solve the case.Wang Chaoyang looked at Wei Renwu carefully, and really couldn t figure out what kind of ability this young man with an old mustache could solve the case.Wei Renwu pushed Zhang Feng s hand away, walked into the living room with a carefree attitude, looked at the crowd, immediately found another seat and sat down, raised his cbd gummies with turmeric and ginger cbd gummy bears wholesale cbd gummies for ed amazon legs, took out the Nanjing cigarettes in his bag, and took out a pack of Nanjing cigarettes.Lin Xingchen said.Wang Chaoyang sighed softly It s my fault, I shouldn t have chased him away yesterday.Lin Xingchen said It s okay, he will definitely kill me today, I think the robbers will also captain you immediately, I suggest we first Take out 60 million and be ready at any time.Xiao Wei said Xingchen, what do you mean, return 60 million to those robbers Yes, I mean that.Lin Xingchen said.Doesn t this mean that everything we have done has come to naught Xiao Wei was very upset, he didn t expect the duck in his beak to fly away.Yes, Xingchen, this is what everyone has worked so hard to find.We can t waste everyone s efforts because of my daughter s affairs.I will handle my daughter s cbd gummy bears wholesale affairs myself.Although Wang Chaoyang was .

does cbd gummies cause weight gain?

worried about his daughter s safety, he still Will consider the feelings of subordinates.man s back.Wei Renwu laughed and said Now everyone is fair, we can start to talk about the deal.15.Forgive Dad.Wei Renwu said First of all, you have to return it.The Mohigan man kicked back to Lin Xingchen and the others one by one the mates of the Second Serious Case Detachment at his feet.Lin Xingchen and others quickly retrieved their match, and aimed at the Mohawk man and others.And then the Mohican man asked again.Wei Renwu said Then, exchange the person in your hand with the person in my hand.What if I don t The Mohigan man sneered, and the bald man pressed his mouth heavily on cbd gummy bears wholesale Wang Ling s temple one time.That depends on whether the person in my hands is more important to you, or the person in your hands is more important to me.Wei Renwu also smiled sinisterly, HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears wholesale You must know, that is not my daughter, I They may not necessarily be with them.Wei Renwu wondered What are you doing Yue Ming took two steps back, pointed at Wei Renwu and said, I should ask you, what are you doing in there Whose nightgown is it Wei Renwu laughed and said This nightgown is mine, and I will feed Captain Lin with boiled water inside.Oh, your nightgown.Yue Ming almost believed it, No, why is there your nightgown here When I first came to Chengdu, I lived here, so I still have a nightgown here.Wei Renwu replied, walking towards the balcony.Yue Ming followed to the balcony and saw a washing machine on the balcony.Wei Renwu threw Lin Xingchen s clothes into the washing machine and turned on laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummy bears wholesale the washing machine.Wei Renwu said with satisfaction I ll wash mine after her clothes are done.Yue Ming was shocked again.Although Wei Renwu used a washing machine, it was the first time he saw Wei Renwu washing clothes.to revenge.Lin Feng was taken aback for a moment, could it be that he encountered a top price of the same nature as before Abandon the auction Although the host was disappointed for a moment, he still said in a professional spirit Abandoning the auction is the right of every auctioneer.Now it is 510 million once, 510 million twice.The host paused intentionally, but still no one made a top price, so he could only make a final decision 510 million, deal, and the final buyer is Chairman Lin Donglin of our Jianfang Real Estate Company.Congratulations He There was warm applause at the scene, although this lot was not the one with the cbd gummies for anxiety and depression cbd fx gummies highest price in the entire auction, but as the finale lot was taken by Lin Feng, this person should be respected, the reason is also very simple, this is the According to the rules of the industry, the person who took the finale of the auction deserved such applause., Many people can t avoid falling into it, so they often go bankrupt in the stock market, but have you ever seen a sad face You forgot when the stock market was in turmoil and you suffered losses Lin Feng pinched Mo Xiaonian s little nose.After several days of quarrel, Lin Feng had no idea why Mo Xiaonian was making trouble with him at that time, and Mo Ming had played chess well for several days.Later, Mo Tianxing told himself that if the stock market was in turmoil, he would never Don t provoke Mo Xiaonian, otherwise the consequences will be serious.But as soon as he said this, Lin Feng saw that Mo Xiaonian s face began to become agitated.This was a sign that Mo Xiaonian was about to get angry.Lin Feng, who had already touched Mo Xiaonian s temper, said quickly at this time Hey, don t get excited, baby, whatever you want to eat tonight, I ll make it for you I want to eat you Mo Xiaonian said viciously.Lin Feng nodded, it seems that it is laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummy bears wholesale true, this girl Mo Xiaonian will make these messy things for herself, but I have to say that although Mo Xiaonian I cbd gummy bears wholesale have been staying at home all the time, but Mo Xiaonian at home can also be said to have helped me a lot.For example, this time, if Mo Xiaonian did not help me to take pictures of this land, cbd gummy bears wholesale it would take a while to get the frame.Find a suitable green and ecological land, so that there will be some delays for your own projects.The longer a project is delayed, the company s profits will be lost.After signing the contract with Boss Liu and transferring the ownership of the first piece of green ecological building land, Lin Feng found the second piece of green ecological land, Boss Wu.According to the agreement between himself and Boss Wu, the 8 billion deal The price has its own 4 billion in it.If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin cbd gummy bears wholesale Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took pictures directly, you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.Mr.Lin, our boss has a weird personality.Since he opened the auction house, he has rarely shown his face in public.I am almost in charge of business cooperation and negotiation, so if there is any poor hospitality, please forgive me, Mr.Lin. After the management of Tianqi Auctioneer printed the seal of Apocalypse Auctioneer on the contract, he handed the bronze sword to Lin Feng There is also this bronze sword.Our boss said that no matter how much the price is, only those who are destined You can get it, it seems that Dong Lin is a destined person, and here I would like to congratulate Dong Lin.Naturally, Lin Feng didn t take this sentence to heart, this is a skill of a businessman, especially in the antique business, you say The cost of an antique is so little, not much to invite, but why can such a high price be paid Is it because of hobbies Thought faith Because cbd gummies vs cbd oil of history So in Lin Feng s eyes, this kind of nonsense about predestined people is just a marketing tactic.Mr.Lin, cbd gummy bears wholesale our boss has a weird personality.Since he opened the auction house, he has rarely shown his face in public.I am almost in charge of business cooperation and negotiation, so if there is any poor hospitality, please forgive me, Mr.Lin. After the management of Tianqi Auctioneer printed the seal of Apocalypse Auctioneer on the contract, he handed the bronze sword to Lin Feng There is also this bronze sword.Our boss said that no matter how much the price is, only those who are destined You can get it, it seems that Dong Lin is a destined person, and here I would like to congratulate Dong Lin.Naturally, Lin Feng didn t take this sentence to heart, this is a skill of a businessman, especially in the antique business, you say The cost of an antique is so little, not much to invite, but why can such a high price be paid Is it because of hobbies Thought faith Because of history So in Lin Feng s eyes, this kind of nonsense about predestined people is just a marketing tactic.to revenge.Lin Feng was taken aback for a moment, could it be that he encountered a top price of the same nature as before Abandon the auction Although the host cbd gummies gold harvest was disappointed for a moment, he still said in a professional spirit Abandoning the auction is the right of every auctioneer.Now it is 510 million once, 510 million twice.The host paused intentionally, but still no one made a top price, so he could only make HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears wholesale a final decision 510 million, deal, and the final buyer is Chairman Lin Donglin of our Jianfang Real Estate Company.Congratulations He There was warm applause at the scene, although this lot was not the one with the highest price in the entire cbd gummy bears wholesale auction, but as the finale lot was taken by Lin Feng, this person should be respected, the reason is also very simple, this is the According to the rules of the industry, the person who took the finale of the auction deserved such applause.Hey, Mr.Wei, today It s so early.Zhang Feng joked on the other end of the phone.Stop talking nonsense, what was the name of the deceased last night Wei Renwu didn t have time to talk nonsense with him.As soon as he heard Wei Renwu being so serious, Zhang Feng shouldn t be negligent The deceased yesterday was named Yang Bufan, the boss of a real estate company, what s wrong Arrange me to visit his house right away, hurry up.Seriously, We must find a breakthrough this time, otherwise someone may die tonight.I understand, I will arrange it now.As soon as Zhang Feng heard that someone would die, he immediately prepared to hang up the phone and prepare.Wait, don t hang up the phone yet.Wei Renwu said suddenly.What s wrong Zhang Feng asked in confusion.Come and pick me up by the way.After Wei Renwu hung up the phone, he fell asleep.On the contrary, my heart became more relaxed.With the death of the principal, I no longer have to live because of fear and fear.It was also at that time that I discovered that killing people can actually save my soul, especially killing those who have violated me.The one who passed me.Zhang Xiaoting turned her attention to the man on the bed, the corners of the man s mouth twitched in fright.Zhang Xiaoting went on to say But you can t walk out so easily after killing someone.The matter has to be resolved, so I used the principal s phone to call Dad, told Dad everything, and then locked the door of the office and waited for Dad to come.Dad is here.Then let me go there quickly and he will cbd gummy bears wholesale cbd gummies for ed amazon find a way to solve it.I ran away and I didn t know that my father admitted to the police that he killed himself and was jailed and homeless.2.The tiger in the cage Wei Renwu walked to the sofa and sat on the ground, pouted and said, Look at the layout of this room, they are afraid that you will commit suicide.White Tiger.That s cbd gummy bears wholesale right, the man lying on the sofa is Yang Xi, the White Tiger of the Fengshenhui.Yang cbd gummy bears wholesale cbd gummie greensboro nc Xi sat up from the sofa and said, Yes, but in fact they are so unnecessary.I would never think of committing suicide.I am a person who is very afraid of death.Wei Renwu took out the food from the bag and put it on the ground and took out a bag A bottle of Wuliangye liquor cbd gummies for anxiety and depression cbd fx gummies and two wine glasses said, Since we re here, I can t come to see you empty handed.Yang Xi sighed softly, Why Come and give me the last supper Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I m not so boring Besides, tomorrow is just the trial and not the last meal of the execution.Many people have already died.Wei Renwu shook his head and said If we don t go to the north, we are not sure that we can stop Baihu.The safest way is to go to the east to block him.Butbut we have to try, what if we catch him Yue Ming is still unwilling to give up.Be sober.This will only make White Tiger go away.Once he goes, more people will be hurt.The only thing that can stop him is to catch him.The only way to catch him is to go to the east and block him.Sometimes Wei Renwu really wanted to slap Yue Ming, he always felt that Yue Ming was always thinking about things at critical moments.Perhaps this is the contradiction between rational and emotional people.But Wei Renwu s words did make Yue Ming s heart rippling, because Wei Renwu also said that the chance of catching Yang Xi in the north is almost zero.How many times have he changed it, but he still can t change it.Wei Renwu said I think his personality is quite good, better than yours.Wen has a much better temper.Quan Kai just smiled.Guo Ling said Mr.Wei, now that you promised those two leaders, are you really sure you will get the scepter back within three days Wei Renwu said calmly, Not sure.Guo Ling heard this , the face is green.Wei Renwu laughed and said Director Guo, don t be nervous.I, Wei Renwu, have never fought with confidence.Most of the time, this is how to solve a case.After checking, I am more and more sure.I just have confidence in myself.That s all.Guo Ling cast his eyes on the more familiar and trustworthy Quan Kai, but Quan Kai looked at Wei Renwu with a trusting face, at this moment, he understood that Wei Renwu was a trustworthy person.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, Okay, I will go to his opening ceremony tomorrow.After eating, Wei Renwu went back on his own Home, after returning home, Yue Ming s anger still persisted, he said, Why, let s eat and drink outside.Wei Renwu didn t answer him, but sat on the sofa with a straight face.Yue Ming remembered this expression, which was Wei Renwu s thinking expression, which meant that something must have happened when Wei Renwu went out this time.Now that something happened, Yue Ming didn t have that kind of childish temper.He quickly let go of the preconceptions between the two and asked, What happened Wei Renwu said leisurely, I feel like I ve been challenged.Yue Ming didn t know So, he asked, What s the matter Wei Renwu told Lin Xingchen to him, and then repeated it to Yue Ming.Because, from today, my Dongpo Detective Agency has been established.If you have any difficulties in the future, please come and step on the door of my firm.Shu Po will do everything he can to die.Liao Fan stood up and announced, In the name of the Public Security Bureau, I announce that the Dongpo Detective Agency is formally established today.Actions will be regarded as legal actions by the Public Security Bureau, and every word and deed of the firm will also represent the behavior of the Public Security Bureau.From now on, the security environment in Chengdu will enter a new era.Shu Po also followed suit Get up and say Then please Director Liao and Captain Zhao will cut the ribbon with me.At this time, two men held a ribbon across in front of the three of them, and another sexy beauty in revealing clothes was holding a tray, charmingly He stepped forward and handed the scissors in the tray to the three of them one by one.Now.Wei Renwu shrugged and said That s not necessarily true, after all, he is HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears wholesale an enemy, and he will definitely come back, but we can cbd gummies with thc delta 8 t talk and laugh when we meet in the future, we can only fight each other.Yue Ming said Then this Shu What about him How should we deal with him To deal with him Why should we deal with him Wei Renwu said with a relaxed face.Yue Ming wondered, Isn t he considered an enemy now He s already riding on our heads.He s not a criminal, why should we deal with him Wei Renwu s words awakened Yue Ming, indeed, no matter what Hate him, he is not a criminal, Yue Ming should not forget their original job.Wei Renwu said again Although you can t deal with him, you can challenge him.Challenge him Good idea Halfway through speaking, Yue Ming suddenly realized something was wrong, Wait, you mean I m going to challenge him .In short, all of this It is in line with the state of suicide by hanging, so I can think that she committed suicide.I think it may be that the work pressure in this best cbd gummies gnc factory is too high, which made her choose the way of suicide.Shu Po nodded and applauded Yes, yes , The reasoning is well founded, you really have the potential cbd gummy bears wholesale to become an excellent detective.Yue Ming laughed triumphantly and said, How is it I won this time.Seeing that Shu Po agreed with Yue Ming, Zhao Jun asked curiously Mr.Shu, is Yue Ming s reasoning really like this Shu Pu did not answer Zhao Jun, but said to Yue Ming Before we decide the winner, I have a question to ask the big detective.Yue Ming looked up to the sky and said with a smile Hahahaha, if you have any questions, just ask, I know all the answers.Shu Po squinted his eyes and said, Since the deceased committed suicide by hanging, there is no bench around her to rest cbd gummy bears wholesale on.Yue Ming shook his cbd gummy bears wholesale head and said, No, Shu Po thinks that Boss Li did it, and there is basis for it.Wei Renwu said Your basis , It refers to Boss Li s motive for killing.Yue Ming said Yes, Boss Li and the deceased had disagreements over business, and Boss Li had every reason to kill the deceased, and he was also the one with the best chance.Wei Renwu Shaking cbd gummy bears wholesale his head, he sighed lightly Xiao Yue, you are really superficial.Yue Ming said in a daze, What s wrong Wei Renwu said Your judgment is cbd gummy bears wholesale influenced by the conventional causal relationship.What do you mean Yue Ming was even more confused.Wei Renwu explained Because Boss Li has a motive, and he also has the opportunity to poison, so of course he should be the murderer Yue Ming asked doubtfully, Shouldn t it be him Said So, let me ask you, has Boss Li pleaded guilty This time, Yue Ming really stopped asking, Yue Ming shook his head and said Boss Li has not pleaded guilty.Wei Renwu didn t expect Yue Ming to answer, he knew the answer himself, he continued He didn t run away anymore, because he thought there would be people from the Fengshenhui who would save him there.Stop at that position, I guess He may have seen cbd gummy bears wholesale some cbd gummy bears wholesale information, and it can only be seen at that location.What this can finally explain is that this is a premeditated plan, first of all, to use the White cbd gummies for anxiety and depression Tiger s psychology of wanting to escape, to give him a little hope, let him Successfully stand in a position where you will be hit to death, and then pinpoint the timing, so that the car can smoothly cause an accident.Yue Ming frowned, and said It sounds like ordinary people will not do it.I always feel that killing the White Tiger would be too complicated, sometimes a single bullet can do it, why make the plan so complicated Wei Renwu said This is the style of the Reaper , and this is also the reason why he has survived until now and has not been arrested.Wei Renwu himself is not completely sure that he can solve this case.Although Wei Renwu looks very confident, Yue Ming understands that Wei Renwu does not have much confidence in his heart.Yue Ming s ability to see this is entirely due to the long term understanding between Yue Ming and Wei Renwu, because in previous cases, Wei Renwu would solve the case as if everything had been planned long ago, but in this case, Wei Renwu had no clue and could only solve the case.Look for clues step by step like a beginner.Yue Ming didn t want to discuss the Reaper case anymore, so he changed the subject and said, Let me tell you cbd gummy bears wholesale about the situation in the Public Security Bureau today.By the way, Officer Zhang is going to fight for the position of the captain of the No.1 Serious Case Detachment.That s what he deserves.You know, you are not only My assistant is also my friend.Well, I really believe you agree.Yue Ming still had lingering fears.Then my friend, let me ask you, when will you move Wei Renwu was starting to put on his SpongeBob SquarePants underwear.Soon, I ll look for a place to live, and if I find me, I ll move, Yue Ming said.Are you in a hurry After putting on his underwear, Wei Renwu began to put on his cartoon pajamas again.I m in a hurry, don t worry, and I won t rush to tell you.Yue Ming sighed softly.Wei Renwu put on his pajamas, and said Since I have to leave, can you do me a favor, friend.Yue Ming nodded and said, As long as it is something within my power, I will try my best to help you, just ask.Wei Renwu I stood up, stretched my waist and said, I need you to help me make another lunch, I feel a little hungry.The staff member was stunned, and he suddenly realized that Yue Ming was not a customer, but a real father.The staff did not reply to Yue Ming immediately, but told Yue Ming Please wait a moment.Then he got into an office and closed the door of the office.But he didn t make Yue Ming laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummy bears wholesale wait too long, he came out soon, and brought a middle aged man out, it was obvious that this middle aged man was the boss of this company.The middle aged man walked up to Yue Ming and said courteously, This handsome guy, would you like some tea Yue Ming shook his head and said, You don t have to be so polite, I just want to ask if you have any housing resources here, if not I ll change to another house right away, I m cbd gummies for anxiety and depression cbd fx gummies in a hurry.Yes, yes.The middle aged man was afraid that Yue Ming would leave, so he immediately ordered the staff member, Hurry up, bring that.Yue Ming said like a savior, I m not afraid of being hurt, I m afraid of you being hurt.Jiang Mengdie also felt Yue Ming s sincerity, her eyes revealed a bright light, it was a A ray of hope.Jiang Mengdie said to Yue Ming sincerely Take me away, let s leave here and go to a place where no one knows us, where we will not be hurt by anyone, we can get married and have many babies, Live a truly happy life.To be honest, Yue Ming really hesitated for a moment, to start a new life again, give up everything he has now, give up everyone he knows, including Lin Xingchen, Quankai, the serious case number one The second detachment, and the criminal investigation heady harvest sour cbd gummies consultant.But Yue Ming s hesitation didn t cbd gummies and drug test reddit last long, and he turned his back.Being able to spend a lifetime with a woman like Jiang Mengdie is something that many men dream of.As soon as he answered the phone, he heard Jiang Mengdie s hurried voice Yue Ming, I need you.8.He must be a murderer.Human beings will subconsciously make some movements when they are frightened.Yue Ming was quite frightened now.He sneaked into this private house, but now he was discovered.He didn t even see what the other person looked like, so he subconsciously took out the high voltage electric shock he had prepared.The rod stabbed straight behind the source of the sound.Ah The man fell down HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears wholesale in response, and at the moment when the man fell, Yue Ming saw his appearance clearly.It was an uncle with a wrinkled face, wearing a pure white nightgown, and his body was still exuding a strong smell of alcohol Yue Ming was a little worried at this who sells cbd gummies for anxiety moment.He had never tested the power of the electric shock baton, and he didn t know if the wounded would be life threatening after it hit someone.He carefully looked at the cat s eye on the door, and the cat s eye suddenly changed from white to black.This was the opportunity Wei Renwu was waiting for.At this moment, Wei Renwu suddenly turned around and kicked, and kicked hard on the door with his right leg.Ah A scream came from behind the door.The door opened, and Wei Renwu calmly took out a cigarette from his bag to light it, and said to the short haired woman lying sugar free cbd gummies special justcbd on the ground in a nightgown and holding her nose in pain, Hello, little mouse, I finally I ve got you.The short haired woman sat up, still smilz cbd gummies reviews reddit cbd gummy bears wholesale covering her nose, and said in pain, You treat a woman so violently, as a man, you must have a good demeanor.Wei Renwu closed the door and walked to the short haired woman s room.In front of him, he spread his hands and said with a grin I m not a good man with manners.Lei Long clenched his fist, like an iron hoop tightly clamping down on the best cbd gummies nyc punch, Lei Long only then realized that the punch was made by Jiang Mengdie in front of him.Lei Long taunted Young man, laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummy bears wholesale I still want to sneak attack Before Lei Long finished speaking, he suddenly felt his eyes go dark and passed out.Behind Leilong appeared the body of Yue Mingwei an.Jiang Mengdie saw that such a strong person as Lei Long was knocked unconscious by Yue Ming, she felt incredible, she was surprised My God How did you do it Yue Ming stretched out his finger , Said proudly This is the way Wei Renwu taught me to stun with one blow.Press hard on the Yuzhen Point on the back of his head.Jiang Mengdie finally understood that Yue Ming was not the cbd gummy bears wholesale same as when she first met him.The silly boy who can t even speak clearly, he is much more capable than she imagined.Yue Ming signaled, Let s go.My car is parked downstairs.My legs and feet are not convenient.You can drive later.Jiang Mengdie nodded shyly., but this feeling is not bad for her.Supporting Yue Ming, Jiang Mengdie sneaked downstairs and got into Yue Ming s Maserati.The car keys were temporarily kept by Wei Renwu.Fortunately, Yue Ming s special hidden compartment at the bottom of the car was hidden as a spare.Car keys, so they can easily light the engine of the Maserati and start the car.The gate of the Public Security Bureau has a checkpoint.Maserati ignored the checkpoint at all, and went out directly.The guard at the gate could only see the rear lights of Maserati in an instant.And all of this was seen by the two people cbd gummies for anxiety and depression cbd fx gummies in a Jetta car not far from the gate of the Public Security Bureau.The two people sitting in the Jetta car are Wei Renwu and Lin Xingchen.How is Jiang Mengdie now Are you eating well Did you sleep well Is her injury healed Why would she want to be a liar Countless questions surrounded his mind, how could he sleep.Once a person is free, he will think about many problems, which is why Yue Ming wants to keep 750 mg cbd gummies review himself busy.To Wei Renwu, this night was very short, but to Yue Ming, it was as long as a year.Yue Ming came early to wake Wei Renwu up, and Wei Renwu got up with difficulty.When he opened the door, he saw Yue Ming with dark circles under his eyes, and asked curiously, Did you not sleep last night Yue Ming replied weakly Do you think I can sleep Wei Renwu sighed softly Then I hope you don t send us cbd gummy bears wholesale cbd gummies for ed amazon under the cliff when you drive.It is not far from Xichang City to Bumo Township in Butuo County, but the mountain road is rugged and the mountain road is rough.Whatwhatwhat s the situation Yue Ming was so frightened that he couldn t speak coherently.Wei Renwu looked back and said calmly Here we come.Whatwhathere Yue Ming was still nervous enough to talk nonsense, he clearly knew that what Wei Renwu was talking about was the appearance of the gunman, and it was right behind them , but he wants to drive a car, so he can t look behind the car casually, the unknown is the most terrifying.Okay, he saw through the dummy, and he was shooting at the trunk.Wei Renwu s cbd gummy bears wholesale mistake made Yue Ming almost HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears wholesale lose his mind to drive.The only thing he could do was to step on the accelerator and speed up the car.boom There was another loud noise, and Maserati was pushed again.Wei Renwu was not calm anymore, he shouted The marksmanship is too accurate, he has already seen that the car is reinforced, so he continues to shoot at the same position just hit, if there is another shot, I am afraid the trunk will be destroyed.This kind of scene is very embarrassing to think about.Wei Renwu and Xu Jiu, who were originally confronting each other, were suddenly intruded by Yue Ming and broke the explosive gunpowder.Their attention was completely attracted by Yue Ming who was holding food in both hands.Yue Ming was stunned and said, What are smilz cbd gummies reviews reddit cbd gummy bears wholesale you two doing Wei Renwu said, I m asking Miss Xu if she s hungry, and complaining to her, why some people haven t brought back cbd gummy bears wholesale the food Xu Jiu nodded and said As he said, I am cbd gummy bears wholesale very hungry.Although the conversation between the two was colluding, Yue Ming still felt a little weird.He didn t expose it face to face, but just lifted the food in his hand and said, Since everyone is hungry, let s eat while it s hot.We ate a meal peacefully.Because this house is the hiding place of the Tiancheng Gang , even if they don t prepare meals for the gangsters, they will definitely prepare wine for them, which can be regarded as calming down the fearful gangsters.Tang Yu shouted with the last of his strength Don t look for it, it s too late to stop the bleeding, help me up quickly, let s go to the backyard.Xu Jiu was already panicked, she froze for a moment, she didn t know that she should give Tang Yu the blood first.To stop the bleeding, let s go with Tang Yu first.Tang Yu s injury looks too serious.If he rashly enters the sewer with her, it will be difficult to last until he enters the Weihe River.Tang Yu knew what Xu Jiu was thinking, and he scolded angrily What are you waiting for, I won t die, help me up quickly, and if we delay, we will really die.Tang Yu is right, his willpower is very strong.Be strong, it s not that easy to die, but if you delay, when the Fengshenhui comes to your door, the two of you will really have no chance.Xu Jiu went to help Tang Yu up.Does it have to be like this Xu Jiu asked with some concern.Wei Renwu said firmly It must be like this.However, if this is the lair of the Fengshenhui , the people of the Fengshenhui probably know us.You will be beaten into a hornet s nest.Xu Jiu still didn t quite agree with Wei Renwu s approach.Wei Renwu said indifferently Yes, if biolife cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies for anxiety and depression you go in like this, you will be recognized.I m afraid we need to dress up.Dress up Xu Jiu didn t understand what Wei Renwu meant.Wei Renwu sat back in the biolife cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies for anxiety and depression passenger seat, and said with a grin You need all kinds of skills if you come out to play, otherwise you won t be able to survive at all, especially people like us who live on the edge of a knife.Xu Jiu said Then What skills do we need from you now Wei Renwu took out a box from his pocket, opened the box, and found some cosmetics inside, Wei Renwu showed a proud smile, and cbd gummy bears wholesale said with a smile Of course it is the skill of changing faces.Wei Renwu s feeling was very accurate, he really touched the door.Yue Ming really admired Wei Renwu s senses, if one day Wei Renwu becomes blind, he should soon become a qualified blind man.Wei Renwu tried to push the door, but there was no resistance, which showed that the door was not locked.Wei Renwu gently pushed the door open, making sure that there would be no sound when the door was opened.After pushing open the door, Wei Renwu saw a little light in the distance.Wei Renwu s intuition told him that where there is light, there must be people, but if there are people, it means there is danger, but if there are people, it also means that Xu Jiu may be locked here.Wei Renwu signaled Yue Ming to lean against the wall, get closer to the darkness, and walk slowly towards the light, so as not to be easily spotted., maybe a person from the Fengshenhui will appear on the side of the road.As soon as Yue Ming heard the word Fengshenhui , he became nervous and hurriedly started the car.You must know that the Fengshenhui has left too much psychological shadow on Yue Ming in the past few days.After more than two hours, the three finally arrived at the end of the mission Beijing.Twenty eight, parting kiss Wei Renwu is about to bring Xu Jiu to Beijing, and Mr.Yu immediately rushes to the Guo Mao Hotel.At the same time, he also notifies an important person to go to the Guo Mao Hotel.Latest and fastest update As soon as Mr.Yu walked into the lobby of Guomao Hotel , a waiter stepped forward to say hello Mr.Yu, you are here.Mr.Yu just nodded slightly and asked, Has Miss Z arrived The waiter .

can you take cbd gummies on an empty stomach?

said respectfully I m already waiting for you in the room.Yue Ming said In this way, the Fengshenhui The case has also reached a stalemate.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache, sighed, and said, Tomorrow, I can only go to Captain Lin to find out if there are any small cases that can be investigated, otherwise I will suffocate to death.Yue Ming said That s the only way to go, although I don t think those cases will arouse your interest.Wei Renwu felt that he was full, so he put down his chopsticks and said, I m full, you can wash the dishes and chopsticks.Yue Yue Ming suddenly said What time is it Wei Renwu didn t even look at his watch, so he said About three o clock in the afternoon.Yue Ming was startled, stood up, and shouted It s terrible, it s terrible, It s about to start.Wei Renwu asked curiously What s about to start Yue Ming rushed to the cbd gummy bears wholesale sofa, picked up the remote control, and turned on the TV.So that s it That s it That s it Wei Renwu repeated three times, he was so excited that he lost his composure.The old lady and the little girl were frightened by Wei Renwu s demeanor, and they didn t understand why he suddenly became like this.What happened Yue Ming asked.Hahahaha Wei Renwu laughed again, completely ignoring Yue Ming.Wei Renwu said with a smile So, the child likes the Minion doll very much, and you don t buy it for her How do you know The old lady looked like she saw a ghost.It s exactly right, Yes, my son and daughter in law are supporting the country in Africa, and I m the only one with my granddaughter at home.I always feel that I can t spoil my child too much, so my child asked me to buy this for her several times.I didn t even agree to the yellow laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummy bears wholesale man s baby.Understood.Lin Xingchen was on the other end of the phone, and said suspiciously Xiaoyue, what s wrong Yue Ming said anxiously It s like this, Mr.Wei has encountered difficulties Therefore, Yue Ming told Lin Xingchen all about the bottleneck Wei Renwu encountered in the Reaper case and Wei Renwu s current state, and asked Lin Xingchen s help.Unexpectedly, Lin Xingchen was not worried at all, but laughed and said I didn t expect Wei Renwu to be like this, I really want to see his ridiculous expression now.Yue Ming said awkwardly Captain Lin, now is not the time to joke, Mr.Wei needs Your help.Lin Xingchen said with a smile His loss is because of the case, maybe he needs another case to divert his attention, I can t help him to open up his heart knot, but I just happen to have another case that needs his help.Some people have indeed seen the deceased and Long Qian have a dispute.According biolife cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies for anxiety and depression to my estimation, the reason for the dispute is precisely because the deceased has mastered the dragon.Qian s secret, I want to blackmail Long Qian.So, canada cbd gummies sleep I was right to catch Long Qian.Zhang Feng was a little excited, after all, he did something prescient.Wei Renwu laughed and said, That s right, it really saves a lot of things.Zhang Feng said, Does Mr.Wei still need to study the corpse Wei Renwu shook his head and said, The corpse part can stop here.Time to meet this great magician.Are you leaving Yuan Yuanping narrowed his eyes and asked.Wei Renwu said Yes, time is really tight, and I don t have time to get together with Yuan Yuzuo.I m really sorry.After this case is over, I will definitely make a special trip to see Yuan Yuzuo.Wei Renwu said Maybe Wang Qu won t understand, after all he is anxious, but I think your approach is right.Long Qian said Xiao Wang not only didn t understand, he also scolded me a few times at that time, saying that I was ungrateful, crossed the river and demolished the bridge, said that he has silently dedicated to me for so many years, there is no credit but hard work, but I can t even do this little thing.I didn t even want to help him.Now that he died, I realized that I was wrong.I should have helped him at that time, otherwise he wouldn t have suffered from usury Long Qian s voice was a little choked, he I really can t go on.Wei Renwu said The dead cannot be brought back to life.Master Long please express our condolences.However, Master Long concluded so quickly that Wang Qu was killed by usury, isn t this conclusion a little too early Long Qian stabilized his emotions before he said Don t Mr.Long Qian said I suggest you take out your mobile phone now, open Tencent News, and you will know why.Long Qian is very confident, as if he knows that once Wei Renwu reads the news, he cbd gummy bears wholesale can change Wei Renwu s mind.Wei Renwu took out his mobile phone very curiously, as Long Qian said, he opened Tencent News, and as Long Qian said, as soon as Wei Renwu saw the news, he could know why Long Qian asked Wei Renwu to read the news.Because the headline on the homepage of Tencent News reads Longqian throws a big banquet to celebrate the success of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon crossing magic.Forty tables of banquets will be held for the media from all parties to warmly celebrate the success of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon traversing magic.After reading the news, Wei Renwu s expression changed drastically.Wei Renwu said I told you the answer so early, how can the story cbd gummies for anxiety and depression cbd fx gummies continue Let me collect the evidence slowly, and you will know the answer slowly.Yue Ming said Even if I am not in a hurry, smilz cbd gummies reviews reddit cbd gummy bears wholesale time will It s urgent, Long Qian will be free in a short time.Wei Renwu said indifferently His freedom is his business, I do mine, there is no conflict.Yue Ming doubted What you have to do , isn t it just to arrest biolife cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies for anxiety and depression him Wei Renwu said leisurely If he is in the Public Security Bureau, I can arrest him, but if he is not in the Public Security Bureau, I can still arrest him.All I have to do is to arrest him.It has nothing to do with the Public Security Bureau leaving.Yue Ming said incomprehensibly, It s becoming more and more difficult to understand you, before you were quite afraid of Long Qian coming out of the Public Security Bureau, but now you re not worried at all.Here, you don t think that walking along the river will fall into the river.Therefore, when walking by the river, there will always be one time when he falls into the river, and Mr.Wei will always make the first mistake.What Long Qian said was very reasonable, Yue Ming couldn t refute it at all, and in his heart he hoped that Wei Renwu would make the first mistake.He clasped his hands tightly, gritted his teeth and said, To be honest, Master Long, Mr.Wei laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummy bears wholesale and I have been to your hometown.Long Qian looked very surprised Have you been there did you find anything Although Long Qian seemed very nervous, Yue Ming felt that this was normal.After all, Long Qian cbd gummy bears wholesale cbd gummies for ed amazon had experienced such a tragedy of family ruin and death, so it was inevitable that he would feel nervous about his past.Yue Ming said We found out that your name was not Long Qian before, you should be called Zhang Qian, and we also know that you had a good friend at that time named Cheng, but his whereabouts are unknown, and he cbd gummy bears wholesale died in the fire that year.Then let s go.After repeated confirmation, Yue Ming dared to believe Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu walked in front, followed by Yue Ming, the two did not communicate the whole time, Yue Ming only noticed at this time that Wei Renwu s left palm was tightly tied with gauze, it seemed that Wei Renwu was injured.Yue Ming just wanted to ask what happened to Wei Renwu s injury, but it just so happened that Wei Renwu had already walked to a relatively remote room in the Public Security Bureau building, and said to Yue Ming, It s here, go in by yourself.Yue Ming laura ingraham cbd gummies cbd gummy bears wholesale heard Long Qian Right here, he quickly opened the door and rushed in.However, as soon as the door was opened, he was stunned.Long Qian was indeed in this room, but he was no longer a complete Long Qian.No complete person would be covered in blood.The fastest update is error free, please visit and collect the latest on this site Thirty one, the secret of magic Yue Ming s tears were about to fall out.How can such a person transfer five million to others If he really has five million One million, why not use it to repay the usury So, this bank receipt is not his at all.If it s not his, who could it cbd gummy bears wholesale be Yue Ming asked.Wei Renwu was not in a hurry to answer, he suddenly glanced at Long Qian who had been silent all smilz cbd gummies reviews reddit cbd gummy bears wholesale this time, pointed at Long Qian s nose, and said loudly This bank receipt should belong to our great magician.Three 12.The instigator Brother Qianno, Long Qian s At this time, Yue Ming s title for Long Qian also changed, and sometimes the change of title also indicates a change in one person s attitude towards another.Wei Renwu nodded and said Yes, this receipt belongs to Master Long.Master Long was not a guest at the Public Security Bureau a while ago.At that time, the police officer of the first detachment of serious crimes took Master Long s fingerprints very responsibly.This It s really a bit embarrassing.The security guard pouted, You know, this is my workplace, and I can t just leave my job without authorization.Lin Xingchen said I admire your professionalism, but I suggest to do what the police officer next to me said.I don t want you to make things difficult and not cooperate with our work, which will make our important cases difficult.Again, I think it s better not to easily offend the police.If you leave your post without authorization, you will lose your job at most and offend the police.So, the security nodded and said Okay, I will give you the monitoring room, and I will guard the door.I am not too far away, and it is not considered AWOL.Of course it is not AWOL.Yue Ming patted Anbao s shoulder, And we appreciate your spirit of understanding the general situation.Old man Hu said resolutely What are you afraid of Let s rush in.There is no such thing as cheating.I still have gold bars.I believe my wife will forgive me.According to what you said.Brother Zhang took out a piece of wire from his pocket, in fact, when he was young, he was not only a simple occupation like lockpicking king , he also made mistakes and cbd delights gummies was a thief, but fortunately he was not caught Let s go, he quickly changed royal cbd gummies for sleep his ways, but to commemorate that experience, he always carried his crime tools with him.Brother Zhang signaled everyone to keep quiet, and he concentrated on fumbling with the wire on the door lock for a while.The door opened, and old man Hu led best cbd gummies for anxiety amazon everyone in cbd gummy bears wholesale lightly.The living room was pitch black.It seemed that neither Mr.Hu s wife nor his wife s girlfriends were in the living room, but there was a white light in the shape of a door at the end of the living room.He also has to coordinate the work of each of the Five Generals , and he to develop and initiate a plan.Xiao Tan didn t use his treasure of information immediately, but opened his e mail first.As soon as he opened the mailbox, Professor Fang s email appeared in his sight.Xiao Tan opened the email, and it was a scanned hand drawn painting.The lines of this painting are outlined with a pencil, very clear and complete, it can be seen that the person who drew the picture is a good painter.This painting is to observe the entire Miracle Bar from Professor Fang s perspective.Professor Fang was sitting by the bar at that time.There was no bar in his perspective, so there was no bar in his painting.He turned his back to the bar and observed the whole bar.In this painting, you can basically see the whole picture of the bar, including the singer who is addicted to singing on the stage, the bar guests who are laughing and laughing, and Wei Renwu, who is sitting in the corner.Looking at the microwave oven, Liu Hongyun was thinking, how can the insecticide be perfectly delivered into the microwave oven In any case, the first thing Liu Hongyun had to make sure was that there were insecticides stored in the bar, because if the stimulant cbd gummies reviews microwave oven explosion was to cause an accident, the insecticides could not be brought in by Reaper , and had to be the bar s own insecticides.You can t confirm that there are pesticides in the bar just by looking at them.Of course, Liu Hongyun can t make it clear and ask the waiter at the bar, otherwise, if Wei Renwu finds out, it will be very dangerous.Liu Hongyun actually had an idea in his heart, and he was fully prepared.He took out a plastic bottle from his bag, which looked like a medicine bottle.Liu Hongyun took the bottle and walked into the toilet.It s me.This time it was Lei Jia s voice, You just called at a really bad time.Wang Xuanmin said At least I didn t reveal the truth.Lei Jia said Fortunately, although he was very angry, he really didn t cheat, what do you want from me, you d better tell me quickly, I don t have much time.Wang Xuanmin Said Everything is ready, I only owe Dongfeng.Lei Jia said Dongfeng should cbd gummy bears wholesale cbd gummies for ed amazon refer to me.Wang Xuanmin said Yes, I am talking about you, everything has been prepared, It s up to you to prepare, so you decide the time to do it.Lei Jia said Well, the time is set at ten o clock in the evening three days later, I ll put gasoline in the microwave oven first, and the rest of the order is up to you.Arrangement, but you have to give me a signal to blow up the microwave oven.Wang Xuanmin said Well then, when you see iron nails next to the microwave oven, this is my signal to you.Yue Ming said excitedly Have you been following us Wei Renwu nodded and said Yes, from the moment you returned to Chengdu, I have been following behind you.Yue Ming also patted Wei Renwu on the shoulder.Although he didn t speak, everything was in his mind.Wei Renwu smiled and said However, you haven t grown enough.Yue Ming wondered Is there anything I did wrong Wei Renwu said Next time, maybe you won t be followed for so long by others.The chill hit Yue Ming s back.Wei Renwu was right.Wei Renwu followed Yue Ming for so long, but Yue Ming didn t notice it.Fortunately, it was Wei Renwu.I don t know how I died.After talking with Lin Xingchen and Yue Ming for so long, Wei Renwu almost forgot the protagonist here Wang Xuanmin.Wei Renwu walked up to Wang Xuanmin again, sat cross legged on the ground, and looked at Wang Xuanmin, like a lion looking at a prey that has lost its mobility.Wang Xuanmin gritted his teeth and said, What happened Wei Renwu laughed loudly, and he laughed and said, You have overlooked one more thing.A play needs not only actors, but also a group of behind the scenes workers.However, I found a group of outstanding behind the scenes workers.Wang Xuanmin now fully understood, he said chillingly So, something happened to them all Wei Renwu laughed and said To be honest, I don t know the details, because I didn t do it, but judging from the results, it seems to be like this.Wang Xuanmin asked When did they have an accident Wei Renwu replied Maybe it was before you were caught by me, maybe it was just now, to be honest, I really don t know, I only notified them to do it today, and didn t specify a specific time point.But the results show that my friends are really reliable.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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