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I know, I m not a child.Tang Shuang s big eyes were already sunk in the delicious food, and she didn t bother to look at Tang Shuang.There are not many people in the restaurant, there is a family of three in the distance, and there are several men and women sitting on the other tables.Not far from Tangtanger, there is an empty table, and there are two tall and beautiful girls.The cute little man ate such a big plate of food alone, pursing his lips and grinning.Candy didn t have time to talk to them, she was engrossed in eating, it seemed that she was really hungry today When Tang Shuang came back with food, Tang Tang raised her head in the midst of her busy schedule, and motioned Xiao Shuang to look at her clean and beautiful face There is nothing dirty on her face Amazing Keep eating.Tang Shuang said nothing Sincerely praised.Candy rubbed Tang Zhen s face affectionately, and said triumphantly, I m not ashamed.Miles, sister, tell Candy a story.Tang Zhen is good at singing, but not at telling stories.Seeing Tangtanger s expectant eyes, he couldn t bear to let her down, so he rummaged through her barren stories and finally found one.However, the beautiful Tang Zhen couldn t tell a story well even if she had a story.She was not suitable for telling a story, and she finished cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep the wonderful plot without any suspense.Candy was very generous, so she insisted on listening to it, and then ordered Tang Shuang to tell one more.Tang Zhen s so called stories didn t satisfy her needs at all, but made her want to listen to the stories even more.Tang Shuang What Remember me Go, get me a glass of water Tang Zhen pampered Tang Zhen, and Tang Zhen could subdue Tang Shuang, so she said forcefully, You must tell me and my sister a story Tang Shuang sneered Pour water Pour water It s not polite at all Tang Tang looked at Tang Zhen eagerly, meaning to ask her sister to come out and subdue Xiao Shuangzi.The comprehensive opinion can cause gummy cbd lemon tincture headaches can be signed, not cheated.In the end, he expressed great doubt and shock at the fact that Tang Shuang was going to publish a book, and called out that he had missed it.Tang Shuang said solemnly that he should treat each other with admiration for three days.Although his talent was delayed by playing around in the past, the essential things will not change.As long as he is patient, being pregnant is like being pregnant.People can tell.In the end, Tang Shuang told Tang Huohuo cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep to quickly abandon the old cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep perspective and look at him with a new perspective, otherwise he would not be able to keep up with his rhythm and be thrown into the ditch by him.Tang Huohuo was speechless at Tang Shuang s frightening words.It seemed that his sullen personality remained unchanged.He didn t want to discuss this topic anymore, Tangtanger was his little princess, he cared about her very much, and kindly invited her to come to his house to play.Two boxes Are you sure Candy nodded, raised the half eaten ice cream in his hand and said, This is the second one.Tang Shuang chose to believe her Are you martha stewart cbd gummie a little pig Didn t I tell you Can only eat one box a day delta 8 cbd gummies are cbd gummies Tang Shuang reluctantly handed the ice cream in her hand to Tang Shuang Then I won t eat it.Tang Shuang Oh so good Are you willing I really take it away I ll eat it.Tang Shuang pretended to take it, but Tangtang suddenly regretted it, hid it in her arms again, and said with a smile I ve eaten Candy, I m drooling, Xiaoshuang, if you want to eat it, there are still some in the refrigerator.Yes.Stingy Even my brother can t bear it.Tang Shuang walked towards the refrigerator, Don t tell me, I almost forgot, it seems that ice cream can t be put here, it should be put on a higher floor, you little pig I can t control cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep myself, I can t stop eating.Suddenly Tang Shuang turned her cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep head, and Tang Tanger froze instantly.She was holding Hu Luobei to the back of Tang Shuang s head, but now she was facing his face.Candy used Hu cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep Luobei as a gun, jiu jiu lightly poked Tang Shuang s face, and said, Hehe, bah you re dead Tang Shuang hugged her sideways, and couldn t help begging for mercy Let me go Xiaoshuang, I don t dare anymore woo woo woo You re pretending to cry again Tang Shuang grabbed the chick and squeezed her Her face is now very skillful in pretending to cry.Suddenly Tang Shuang felt something was wrong, the main HCMUSSH cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep reason was that the hand pinching her face just now didn t feel right, and she pinched it again, the feeling was not settled, so she pinched it again, which caused Tang Shuang s dissatisfaction The Lun family is cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep a girl Tang Shuang was serious Tang Shuang asked her eagerly Why do you feel that you have lost weight What do you think Candy said loudly Isn t it You didn t let me eat meat yesterday Tang Shuang Didn t I give you meat Then Who are cbd gummies ate all the succulents If you eat them, you won t admit it.Tang Zhen straightened her arms and legs, doing some simple yoga movements.After a while, Tang Shuang sat down and squeezed beside her, interrupting her movements.Before Tang Zhen was dissatisfied, Tang Shuang said, Press my shoulders.I worked hard all night.As the host, I have to express my condolences.Let s go.Tang Zhen Is it so hard Even though he said so, his hands kept moving, and he pressed Tang Shuang s shoulder to give him a massage.Tang cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep uly cbd gummies amazon Shuang Tell me, what is your company s plan for you Tang Zhen was silent.Tang Shuang What s wrong with me Tell me, I ll give you some advice.Tang Zhen curled her lips, What do you know Tang Shuang was not convinced, and said with certainty that he knew a lot Seeing that Tang Zhen didn t believe it, he explained his analysis of baypark cbd gummies scam Girl s Day.In a word, your combination is dangerous, and if you don t do it, you will be in ruins.Tang Zhen returned home, told Tang Shuang what happened, sat on the balcony at night and thought about it for a long time, and finally told Tang Shuang that she wanted to leave the company.The company s actions today are too hurtful, but the biggest worry is that she won t be able to leave , the contract does not allow.Tang Shuang thought for a while and said, Don t worry, there has never been a problem of not being able to leave.Li Xiaozhi is different.You can go if she can.Even if there is no such thing as Li Xiaozhi, I say you can go if you can.I have a solution, show me the contract first.Tang Shuang looked at Tang Zhen s contract, and became angry when she saw the first sentence, and became even more angry after reading it, and almost tore it up.He didn t study law, so he had to find a professional to have a look, so he made a phone call and first complimented Lawyer Huo Huo for taking several cases recently, saying that he was very happy, and then expressed his intention to come.After standing still, Tangtanger pointed at Tang Shuang with a small seahorse water gun, and said triumphantly, I m going to lick you, don t move Tang Shuang Why don t I move, you re going to lick me, don t you want me Move Tangtanger If you want to be obedient, I will gently kiss you.Tang Shuang Don t kiss me, I did my hairstyle today.Tangtanger muttered to the stinky Tang Xiaoshuang, Please beg me for mercy, and I will give you a kiss.I won t grow your hair.Tang Shuang said angrily, Thank you, but you can t grow my hair anywhere.Tang Tanger said angrily, I don t I m going to grow your hair.Oh, the kid is stupid So cute, so much nonsense, hurry up and shoot Tang Shuang chuckled and said, I m going to the World of Ice and Snow today.If you spoil me, I won t take you there.Make up your mind.Finally, the day before the lecture, the interview draft was approved.Facing the interview the next day, especially thinking of meeting such a celebrity face to face, Li Wenzhan, a big man, couldn t help being nervous and excited, but it was Zhong Weichen who came to comfort him and cheer him up.The next day, the two rushed to the scene anxiety depression anxiety cbd gummies excitedly.Zhong Weichen dressed neatly and held a pen and interview book, and Li Wenzhan carried a long gun and a short cannon.The two were ready to fight.However, the plot did not go according to the established script.The lecture had just begun, and the director of the academy told them that because the plane of the great writer was delayed, the time originally scheduled for the interview was squeezed out and the interview was cancelled.After preparing for a week, how much effort was spent, how much emotional ups and downs they experienced, and the last light sentence made all these efforts go to waste.Tang Sanjian, Huang Xiangning, Tang Shuang Tang Shuang This is TV, and there is no way to pause it.Are you in a hurry, either go quickly or wait a while.Candy Huh After thinking about it, he said, Then, just bear with it.TV , Tang Zhen finally said the first sentence.In order to prevent guessing the identity of the guest through the voice, the voice of the speech was processed, and Tang cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep Zhen s voice became a cute little milk voice.Sister Jingjing is right.There is a cute little friend in my family.She likes pink bunnies, so I chose this outfit.Candy s big eyes are full of little stars, It s me My sister spoke The voice is mine What the idiot means is that the cute kid in the family that my sister said is her, and at the same time, my sister s voice is the same as hers, it s a be happy be you cbd gummy hemp multivitamins little milk voice, the most cute in the world No.He can t beat me Hehe Dabai taught Candy Kung Fu Tang Dajian, cbd gummy candy cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep who was still stern faced a second ago, immediately put on another amiable mask, and said to the cute Candy That candy Do you like Dabai Tangtanger I like it do you and kissed one.Tang Dajian smiled happily and strode in the door.The favored Candy lay on Tang Dajian s shoulder, and whispered to Tang Shuang triumphantly, Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, I lied for you.Can I reward you with a box of ice cream , Tang Shuang, who was originally relieved, immediately froze in place, looking at Tangtanger, the silly white sweet, who had nothing to say.She thought she whispered, since even Tang Shuang heard it, there was no possibility that cbd gummies and lexapro Tang Dajian, whose ear was next to her mouth, could not hear it Sure enough, Tang Dajian looked back at him, then left without saying a word.Back then, after Shi Guangnan trained him, he turned around and called Tang Sanjian to complain, which caused cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep Tang Shuang to go home and be scolded.Tang Shuang thought cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep it was over with a nod, but she didn t want Shi Guangnan to stop and chat with him.She was surprised that Tang Shuang was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination.Why is everyone so surprised But she still gave Tang Shuang encouragement, saying that if she needs help with her studies, just ask.This gave Tang Shuang a cbd gummy candy cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep new understanding of her, and she couldn t help letting go of the deliberate alienation in her heart.Your sister is very cute.Is her name Tang Tang She s such a smart little girl.I really want to meet her if I have the chance.She must be very weird.Shi Guangnan was full of smiles, which surprised Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang nodded, and said cutely I promise to be a good baby and not cause trouble for little Shuangzi.Tang Shuang patted Baby s head and said with relief You re right if you think so , brother is very pleased, my Tang Tang is getting more and more sensible.Hehe, well, it s a bit early to judge Tangtanger is a curious baby, when Tang Shuang led cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep her on the plane, the welcoming flight attendant smiled at her Say welcome kid.Candy stopped cutely, looked up at the other party s long legs, and exclaimed Wow Sister, your legs are so long You are so beautiful Like Sister Meimei, do you know Sister Meimei Tang Shuang hurriedly took the chick away, this small talker could chat with anyone cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep she was interested in without stopping.Based on Tang Shuang s understanding of her, as long as the flight attendant talked to her, she would immediately talk endlessly.There were too few songs in her music library, and she needed to replenish them quickly.The most important source was Tang Xiaoshuang.Immediately nodded excitedly, Then you sing quickly.Tang Shuang stood in front of the microphone, and the chick still did not forget to hold on to the cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep pole of the microphone tightly.not worried.Tang Shuang didn t see how clever Xiaozhuzhu was to the outside world just now.He fought wits and courage with the bad young girl, and finally won.Deng Ke was very excited, Shenren was about to release a new song, he quietly turned the recording system to the maximum, no matter how small the sound was, he could record it clearly, and the sound of air leaking from between his teeth would not be heard.Tangtanger is very serious.When it comes to singing, she has always been very attentive.Amidst the turbulent crowd, one of Bai Liangliang s leather shoes was squeezed out, but the train had already started and began to speed up.The fourth act of the story Since Tang Xiaomi couldn t forget the pair of leather shoes and kept staring at them, he soon found the one that was squeezed out.He trotted over, stretched out his hands, and picked them up carefully, with a focused expression, and his eyes were full of light from his extreme love.This is a pair of shoes that he longed for so much, right in front of his eyes, and it took no effort to get them.But Tang Xiaomi didn t hesitate at all, and immediately chased after the moving train, trying to return the things to their original owners.If it s not mine, I ll give you back what I got.As soon as the camera turned, Bai Mingliang was standing in front of the unclosed car door in the last car, holding the doorknob and looking back anxiously.What do you think There cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep are too many, let s take the role of Tang Xiaomi first.Tang Yu cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep pleaded again, this time he started with Tang Tian s hobbies, Tang Tian likes to play e sports, if he had this opportunity back then, he would definitely get his wish, become a professional player, and realize his childhood dream.But now there is an opportunity in front of his son, if he doesn t cherish it, he will regret it for ten thousand years and repeat the mistakes of being a father.To make a dream come true, or to shatter it with your own hands Such a simple question still needs to be thought about Know how to choose without thinking about it.Tang Tian s brain is super easy to use, so he finally agreed.Seeing Tang cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep Yu s appearance as a monkey out of the cage, he worriedly asked that the homework must be completed.Ding ding dong dong The ukulele is held in the arms of Candy, and it is played skillfully.The brisk and joyful notes are bouncing and jumping in the sun, naughty and cute.When they are combined together, it is a simple and loud song Mouth music melody.If it is accompanied by an innocent and clear child s voice, it will be really wonderful.So Tangtanger opened her small mouth and sang in her immature are 1 to 1 thc cbd gummies strong voice ABCDEFGHIJKLMN As she sang and played, there were exclamations of surprise all around her.Tang Tang really knows how to play the little gourd She plays well and sings even better This is Tang Tang from the first class She is so cute Li Xiaoyu is not as good at playing as Tang Tang Teacher Zhang blinked, she didn t even know that Tang Tang had this skill, she only knew that this little doll likes to dance, sing and tell stories, as well as snacks.Candy in this state gave Tang Shuang the most headache.Look, everyone is back, but hawkeye hemp cbd gummies reviews she is still in the madness of Qiu You, and she refuses to go home with Tang Shuang obediently, but wants him to arrest her.What to catch Tang Shuang is very experienced in this kind of situation, and she must not rely on Tangtanger.If she really goes to catch her, it will be over, and she will be even more energetic.Today will definitely be endless.So Tang Shuang was indifferent to Tangtanger s voice, and said calmly and calmly You think I m full and have nothing to do.If you want to run, run.Anyway, I ll wait for ten minutes.If you don t come back in ten minutes, I will drive back by myself.Family, you can do whatever you like, the old Tang family can t control you anymore.Tangtang er was a little dumbfounded, she didn t play the game of eagle catching chickens, she didn t want to be reconciled, she resorted to aggressive methods, and said loudly Hmph You thought I was a kid and didn t know You like Teacher Zhang Heh heh Tang Shuang was taken aback, looking at the little piggy who got into the group buy cbd gummy bears online of dolls, she didn t expect her to use this trick.Da ouch Tangtang er was hit on the head, put her head in her hands, said aggrieved chill gummies cbd review and dissatisfied Why beat the child I didn t do anything wrong, why beat the child Tang Shuang drove away, You called me stupid, you said whether you should hit me or not.Candy Humph Because you lied to me, saying it would explode, but it wouldn t happen at all Do you think children don t know anything, hum Damn emmm Tang Shuang pretended not to .

does cbd gummy bears get you high?

hear, and concentrated on driving.Candy was silent for a while, then suddenly stretched out her small hand, spread out her palm, and said as a matter of course, Ice cream Give it to me Tang Shuang said after a while, You think so beautifully, where did you get the ice cream Candy said loudly Said You said, you said there is a box of ice cream in the car, and you want to treat me to eat, where is it Tang Shuang You think too much, little classmate, think about your homework, don cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep t just know Ice cream.Candy was dissatisfied when she heard that, and yelled Xiao Shuang is not allowed to find a girlfriend Tang Shuang You are so cruel, .

how long do cbd gummies take to start working?

little man, you want me to be single for the rest of my life.Tang Zhen s wish is that the new album will be a big hit, This is a simple wish, because judging by the current strength of those songs, big sales are the minimum requirement, and the biggest possibility is that they will fly.Now Orange Mai pays close attention to the recording progress of the album, and Xiao Na goes over to check it every three days.The whole company pays are cbd gummies uno cbd full spectrum gummies so much attention to it, which puts Deng Ke under a lot of pressure.After Tang Zhen, it was Huang Weiwei.The short haired girl said, I want to teach in the west.Huh Everyone was surprised and looked over with concern, including uncles and aunts.Seeing that it was almost done, Tang Shuang concluded Well, it s okay to pick flowers, and I can help, but I want to test you.Do you know Li Bai s poems Tang Zhen has been paying attention to them all the time.Now that cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep Tang Shuang said that she was going to take a poetry test with Tangtanger, she looked at her silly brother speechlessly.He was very enthusiastic about teasing children.When Tangtanger hears poetry, she thinks of Sanjian s father, hey What she is most afraid of is reciting poems, just like chanting scriptures, she has no idea what she is reciting.But at such a critical moment, she obviously couldn t say no, and she had to deceive Tang Xiaoshuang, so she decided to use her little wit to break through.I will I m super good My father taught me three hundred Tang poems Li Bai, um, Li Bai, Li Bai is also super good Li Bai, what Li Bai, is messing around again, Tang Shuang thought, what three hundred Tang poems , if you can recite a song, I will admire you There is a very famous poem by Li Bai.Little Zhuzhu didn t give up, and after Huang Xiangning finished best cbd gummies for weight loss washing the dishes and came out of the kitchen, she sneaked in, and then came out secretly holding the stainless steel basin, and played cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep in her room for a while, stumbling around, Clang clang.Pain and happiness Such a fun game, but cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep can only be enjoyed by one person, I feel so uncomfortable.Xiaozhuzhu quickly analyzed who could play with her in Old Tang s family, and her parents were quickly ruled out.If they bumped into them, they could only confiscate their helmets.Then only little Shuangzi is left Do you want to go play with Xiaoshuang Tangtanger thought about it, and felt that the risk was very high, and it was very likely that she would never come back after going there.However, if even Xiaoshuang can t do it, then who else in Old Tang s family can play with her Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, In the end, Tang Tanger came to Tang Shuang s room by luck, and then, there was no more.Pan Fugui said Okay then Just buy strawberry flavored ones, oops, it s not good, the glass ball candy costs one yuan and five now, and we don t have enough money.Candy pouted and asked, Then what else can I eat Pan Fugui thought for a while, and golden cbd gummies couldn t let cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep the Candy was disappointed, and had to think of something delicious that could be bought for a dollar and enough for two people.After thinking about it, seeing Candy staring at him eagerly, he suddenly said cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep happily Wow, I remembered, we can buy .

how to make cbd gummies no gelatin?

Eat mm bean Candy doesn t know what mm bean is, but she is still very happy, as long as there is something to eat, she doesn t chew anything in her mouth, and her baby teeth itch.Besides, how do you call watching a movie without eating while watching a movie Pan Fugui rushed to buy MM beans, while Candy watched eagerly to see who was eating in the dark, and what was he eating Sniff, smells like rice cakes Hmm, it s a bit like chocolate, it seems to have a meaty taste, smell, why does it taste creamy Angry, angry, what is it, can you give me some to eat.Tang Shuang was about to ask where Pan Fugui had goneTang Shuang took Candy by the hand, followed by Bai Jingjing, and came to the grove.She didn t find Pan Fugui, nor did she find any bad guys, nor even the two fishing rods.Footprints Chapter 307 Rescue Pan Fugui Tang Shuang looked at the string of small footprints, and said to the smirking Tangtanger with an unfriendly expression, I told you many times, you are not allowed to go to the lake alone I will say it again today.Once, you are not allowed to go to the lake alone If this happens again, you will be grounded You are not allowed to enter the grove for a month What a fierce Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang pouted, lowered her head and whispered, I know Tang Shuang touched her little head, her tone softened, and said, The lakeside is very dangerous, what if a child like you falls into it Every year, many children fall into the river or drown in the lake.Tang Shuang shook her head and said no.Although the financial team involves money, it is the most reassuring, because this large project needs external financing, so every move will be open to third parties, open and transparent, first accept the thorough evaluation of the third party company, and then after the financing comes in, Many parties will form a new financial group, and there is nowhere to hide every money flow.Playing tricks here is the most risky and the most stupid.Chapter 316 The flattering meeting is over, Tang Shuang drives to the kindergarten, it s time for the children to leave school.On the way, I first sent a text message to Wei Tingting to agree to the interview, and the next step was to make an appointment and outline the interview.During the drafting process of the outline, it will be sent to Tang Shuang at the same time, fully respecting Tang Shuang s opinion.Director Zhang has told us more than once, I hope I had the opportunity to cooperate with Zhang Yu, when we were discussing the script of Hero with us, I said how this Feixue looks so much like Zhang Yu At this point, everyone present has already understood that Tang Shuang and Zhao Yang are building a bridge, Create opportunities for Zhang Yu and Zhang Fei, and settle their suspicions.Zhang Yu is a very smart person, and said Screenwriter Tang Tang Shuang Sister Yu, just call me Xiaoshuang.Zhang Yu said with a smile Xiaoshuang, I .

where can i purchase green ape cbd gummies?

must respect Director Zhang with you for this glass of wine Special thanks to Director Zhang for inviting me many times The situation here, everyone at the scene saw it in their eyes, and their hearts were relieved So far, the dinner has been very successful, and both material and spiritual goals have been achieved.The kitchen was full of hatred for a while Laughing wantonlyhahaha In Old Tang s house, whoever rules the snacks and kitchen is the cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep uly cbd gummies amazon king.Tang Shuang Pick up your little butt, and hit yourself ten times.Candy asked pitifully, Will you forgive me if I hit you Yes.Pia pia pia Tang Shuang Ten blows, it s done, Xiaoshuang, do you forgive cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep me The child is so cute, I can t bear to bully him anymore, Tang Shuang Look at you being so naive For the sake of my lordship, I don t remember the villain s faults, so I forgive you, and I have to show more respect when I see my brother in the future.Tang Tanger asked the key point Can I have lunch Tang Shuang You will have lunch at noon.Take a sip, go back, sit at the dining table and confess for three minutes, and sing another cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep twenty times, only brother is good in the world, hurry up Candy er was dissatisfied, with a puffy face, and said loudly Tangtang er has to sing a hundred times Oh, Tang Shuang looked at her with admiration.If Tangtanger finds out about this, she will definitely babble and jump out of bed to chase after her Today, Xiaozhuzhu is already so jealous, and Tang Xiaoshuang This guy not only doesn t reflect on himself, but even uses her sleeping appearance to please other girls And she drools when she sleeps, it s a picture of mouth watering.Too much Luo Yuqing and Tang Shuang chatted about Tang Shuang s sleeping position for a while, and suddenly asked Do you know who is the happiest woman in the world today Chapter 359 The happiest woman in the world today Luo Yuqing suddenly asked You Do you know who is the happiest woman in the world today Tang Shuang was stunned, wondering what it meant, the happiest woman in the world today Could it be her Why because of him Tang Shuang felt that she was too narcissistic, and Luo Yuqing was a relatively reserved person, so it was impossible to say such words to him that were almost equivalent to flirting.They really came And it s all here Although he was mentally prepared, Nie Min was still very pleasantly surprised.Chen Long spoke on behalf of everyone Hello everyone, we are the Infinite Challenge program group, I am Chen Long, because I know that the bride and groom are Luo cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep Yuqing s fans, so this time I specially invite Yuqing to come to the scene and join us in celebrating the bride and groom.The bride sings the wedding song.Luo Yuqing was pleasantly surprised, she didn t expect that the couple in the program group were her fans, and she hadn t heard it from the program group before In fact, the program team tried their best to invite Luo Yuqing because of this consideration.Chen Long said to Chen Mengli Mr.Chen Mengli, the reason we were able to come to the scene is because your wife, Ms.Wei Tingting HCMUSSH cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep You don t go to work at this time, come here to chase stars, be careful that Jiajia will sue.Meiqi pointed to a young man in the crowd, and smiled triumphantly I m not afraid of that little fairy Jiajia.There s Xiao Li here, so she won t sue.After finishing speaking, Majesty leaned over stickily and said, Do you have Tang Shuang s WeChat Let me scan it.Wei Tingting pushed her away disgustedly Aren t you Do you have a boyfriend, don t hook up with anyone.Majesty Handsome men, HCMUSSH cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep ladies are good, if there is a better one, of course I will pursue it, what s so strange about it Wei Tingting shook her head helplessly and said Don t make trouble, If you have the ability, go ask him yourself.When Majesty pestered Wei Tingting to ask for Tang Shuang s WeChat, Tang Shuang wanted to enter the interview room, but was stopped by the staff.It s shameful to bully a child in full view, so Tang Shuang stopped after two steps, this little one Although I was upset, but when I finally sent the little pig away, the surroundings were instantly clean, and I felt that the goal had been achieved.I have to say, this baby cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep is really noisy.When he came to the school, he hadn t been here for a while since he was fleshed out, and today happened to be holding a school sports meeting.Li Wenzhan was wearing a tracksuit and was playing basketball.When he saw Tang Shuang coming, he replaced him.He wiped the sweat off his face and said, The girl who played the radio today must have lost her love.Play the song First Dream early in the morning., It hasn t stopped until now.Tang Zhen s new song First Dream was playing on the school radio.Tang Shuang asked Single repeat Li Wenzhan Isn t it My child, make a phone call and ask her to change the song, she is about to throw up Everyone laughed together, and some people said that we all love to listen to it and don t want to change the song Some people say that we all love Tang Zhen, and a beautiful voice is even more beautiful Never get tired of listening to it for a lifetime.It s not over yet, as the sprinkler keeps approaching, the little pig s sense of urgency is greatly increased, and he pedals the car desperately, his potential is fully stimulated, and he shifts to fourth gear in one fell swoop.There was a fierce chase scene on the street a fleshy, super cute little girl pedaled a pink slippery car, and ran away quickly on the street.Behind her, there was an equally pink car with hellokity printed on it.The sprinkler is approaching quickly The little girl stepped on the hot wheel, blazing, screaming, the sprinkler was slow, not in a hurry, and the single looped the beautiful melody that only her mother can do how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety in the world.Maybe it was infected by the music.Little Pig thought of his mother, looked back, and said loudly Oh, don t chase me, why are you chasing me I m catching up, what can I do now Mom, come and help me Ah where s Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuangzi The passers by on the street saw this funny scene, and they were about to laugh.What fundrops cbd gummies charles stanley do I have with you Before he finished speaking, the person who came after him swung a stick and smashed it down on his head.Tang Shuang quickly raised his hand to hold him back, and at cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep the same time raised his foot to kick the person s stomach.The person groaned , even retreated several steps, still unable to relieve the impact, and sat on the ground with a plop.This kid has a lot of strength, everyone be careful the man shouted.Tang Shuang rushed to the right, swung the short stick and smashed it open several times.Suddenly, there was a wind in the back of his head, and he lowered his head hurriedly, and the thick stick cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep brushed his hair.Tang Shuang couldn t care about what was going on behind her, so she aimed at the person on the right, and threw the short stick at him.After flying his stick, she knocked the person down again, quickly picked up the short stick on the ground, and held the stick in both hands.Xiaojin is a big fan of Tangtanger, so he ran out of the classroom as soon as he heard this, and called the principal s aunt.Auntie Principal Auntie Principal Uncle Li fell cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep off the ladder Candy immediately reported the situation to the auntie Principal who came over.Auntie, the director, came trotting all the way, leaving Xiaojin behind, because Xiaojin was bluffing and talking about it, and Uncle Li was paralyzed on the bed Not only the principal came, but also other teachers followed, and everyone heard Xiao Jin s roar.Teacher Zhang patted Tangtang er s head.This little guy had a cute face, and he squeezed in front of Uncle Li with great concern, asking him how he was feeling, if he was uncomfortable, if he needed an injection, where is your medicine Hand it over Uncle Li grimaced and shouted frantically in his heart, I ll just change the light bulb Chapter 392 The Candy Capital Dragon Snake Project held a signing ceremony with Penguin Technology, Fantasy Workshop, and Small TV Screen as scheduled.Tangtanger was the first to find out and called Teacher Zhang in time.So every time I saw Li Baibai, Candy had to take good care of her and looked very nervous, even more careful than the baby in Meng Qianbin s arms.As for Li Baibai, he has formed a year end friendship with Tangtanger since then.This little doll is very charming, especially fun, carefree but sometimes caring and warm.With so many friends and relatives here, of course we had to take a group photo.Everyone is on the podium, with a few cute kids standing at the front, everyone straddling a slide car, arrogant and high spirited, and about to go to the arena, everyone is full of confidence, everyone is like scissors, candy The tooth smile is very happy, this is a little sun, which will always transmit warm and positive energy.The slide racing competition has officially started, starting with the 2 year old group.Tang live green hemp cbd gummies Shuang was furious, bent down and walked back with her in her armpit.Little Zhuzhu kicked his hands and feet wildly, and immediately fell down as if resigned to his fate.She knew the ending well.Every time Children really don t have a little freedom I really hope to grow up soon, when she will talk in front of the people of the whole universe, talk all day, and tell them stories.The host chased after him, Tangtanger was still holding his microphone in his arms.Tangtanger giggled, are cbd gummies uno cbd full spectrum gummies and had no choice but to return the microphone to the host.Host Little Tang Tang, I think you are so talkative and cute.How about you being my hosting partner It s not good, let s go.Mom is looking for you.I think she misses you.Tangtanger Why do you miss me We just separated.Children should be free.The Lun family is a little fairy, buzzing everywhere Fei, I need to find someone to talk to and collect honey everywhere, I m busy Tang Shuang said angrily, Then I ll make my mother not love you, so you go wandering alone.It doesn t matter if you see it or not, it doesn t matter whether you win the first place or not.What matters is that we have gone all out and made breakthroughs.Tang Shuang Look at how brave the cbd 60mg gummies uk little peacock is.He fell down twice and finally won the fourth place.Isn t it impressive Tang Tanger tilted his head to think about it, nodded and said, The little peacock is awesome Da, she is so brave today.In the past, the little peacock would hide alone when encountering setbacks, huddled in a corner and shed tears silently.No matter how sad the little girl was crying, she kept whispering, just like she laughed softly.Except for being bullied by Li Xiaoyu during the last autumn outing, she cried very sadly and loudly that time.Tangtanger, like a big sister, went up to hold the little peacock in her arms, stroked her little head, and comforted her softly.There are not many children who can tell the difference between gold and copper.Tangtanger was shocked, and nervously snatched the trophy from Tang Shuang, looked left and right, and asked, The third runner up The third place Isn t it the champion The first place Tang Shuang sometimes shrewdly, sometimes The silly little pig explained that this is the trophy for the third place Tang Tanger blinked her eyes wide, and something serious happened That is, that is, this is Meimei s trophy Isn t it Jiajia s Tang Shuang touched her head and said, Isn t it, Jiajia s is a gold cbd with thc gummies for anxiety cup , Meimei s is a copper cup.You exchanged your silver cup for Meimei s copper cup.You suffered a great loss.Did you misunderstand Jiajia and Meimei It must be, they both look alike, and I can t tell who they are who is it.Tangtanger thought about it, with a sullen face and pursed mouth, holding the copper cup and twisting her little butt, she rushed to find Meimei.Duan medicated gummy bears cbd recipe Yushuang is not like Liu Yan, who has a big heart and no city government.She is thoughtful and thoughtful.When she came to Old Tang s house, she had already thought about what to say, but she forgot just now Because she was startled, the first time she saw Tang Shuang and that little sister, she remembered that she had seen Tang Shuang before, no wonder they felt familiar.One evening before the start of the Cantonese Film Festival, she was dating her ex in the grove of the school, and Tang Shuang and that little sister bumped into her.She remembered that there was a little fat guy there.Unexpectedly, it turned out to be Professor Tang s family.It is very shy to be surrounded by people and have a tryst with a lover, so Duan Yushuang completely forgot the set of arguments cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep he had prepared just now, and hurriedly left with Ma Daha and Liu Yan.If the publisher agrees to publish, it is not so easy to print samples Hurry up.Li Haonan said.Tang Shuang nodded to show that she understands that if she pays for herself, she pays for herself.Old Tang s family has a boss who pays for herself, and she is used to it.In the evening, Tang Shuang received a call from Li Haonan, and Shengjing Publishing House agreed to publish it.Their marketing director, Mao Chun, knew Tang Shuang.He heard that it was Tang Shuang s work.After reading it, he noticed that meijer cbd gummies it was the work of Tang Shuang s younger sister.He smiled and agreed., cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep is not simply a friendship sponsorship.After Tang Shuang hung up the phone with Li Haonan, she immediately called Mao Chun to express her gratitude.Candy is frantically flipping through the drawers again at this moment, she won t let it go until a Ding Dong pops up, but this time it s not all about Ding Dong, but also her picture book A Garden of Vegetables Becomes a Gentleman , where to go up It was still on the little desk last night.Chapter 430 The sun rises as usual At the regular meeting of the director team of See Faithful , everyone conducted the final round of information communication and docking on the next episode of the program.Since all the people invited to read aloud are celebrities, so there is no need for any details.Can not be negligent, the details determine success or failure.Every star participating in the program has a dedicated team to provide one stop service.Of course, the letters they read aloud on the program are fully provided by the program team.Generally, at least three alternative letters will be provided in advance, with the same theme.Pick from.After the assistant director Wang Kai reported all the situation, he said After our efforts, Hu Zhongyuan has agreed to read Ding Zhanjie s The Last Side.The winter night comes early, before 6 pm, the sky has gradually darkened, a strong wind blows outside the house, and the sea breeze howls, sending chills, but the old Tang s house is as warm as cloud nine cbd gummies spring, full of laughter and laughter.Huang Xiangning, his aunt Ma Xia, and Erniang Peony put the prepared fruit drinks and various dinner foods on the long table.The atmosphere was free.Everyone took what they wanted to eat with plates, and they were free to sit or stand.Seeing that Tangtanger hadn t come out yet, Tang Zhen was about to look for it, but the little person rushed out like a gust of wind.Tang Zhen quickly caught her and told her not to run down the stairs, but to walk slowly and watch the path under her feet.Candy is holding a folded card in her hand, and she can see the pattern of a bunny on the card, which is still her favorite style.Signing is both painful and happy, so let s not talk about happiness, it s painful Xiao Shuang, can I write Little Turtle After signing many copies, the little man said to Tang Shuang who fun drop cbd gummies price happened to be in the queue.What do you mean Tang Shuang had a bad feeling.Hee hee, Tang Tang is so difficult to write, let s write the little turtle.Tang Shuang You mean that the word Tang Tang is difficult to write.You are tired of writing, and now you want to write about the little turtle Yes.Xiaoshuang, you are quite smart.Tangtang gave a big praise to the clever Xiaoshuang, the word Tang Tang is cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep too complicated and difficult for a little person to write, and it took a lot of time to teach her strength.Hehehe Although I gave it a thumbs up, I m still very upset, why should I just write about the little turtle Are you sure the little turtle is not a curse word In the end, Tangtang er drew a little turtle on Tang Shuang s A Garden of Green Vegetables Become a Gentleman , that s right, he drew a turtle Not the word Little Turtle This guy wanted to be a painter crazy, and announced that from now on she would no longer write, and would only draw, so Teacher Zhang, don t give her homework, because she doesn t plan to write Her specialty is drawing.She only heard her father ask Xiaoshuang that way.Besides, what plans can she have, just eat, drink and have fun, and just grow up happily.Tangtanger just wanted to lift his feet up to put them on the sofa, but now he quickly put them down, put them together obediently, and said solemnly Go to kindergarten, take the elementary school entrance exam with Little Putao, Little Peacock, Qiqi, Li Dun and Xiaojin.Tang Shuang Elementary school doesn t need exams, don t panic, I won t eat you.You ask the Lun family like this, the Lun family is so scared, do you want the Lun family to work part time It s too, too young.Tang Shuang said with a smile I don t mean that, I just want to ask if you have any plans.Have you finished drawing the picture book of you and grandpa It will be published soon.Have you thought about drawing another one He breathed a sigh of relief, and said So it s this one, oh, I should have said it earlier, it s true Patting his small chest, he said The painting is over, it s the end of the painting, and I will draw another one Draw, what are you painting How about the story about Tang Xiaoye I told just now Tang Tanger happily said Yes.Tang Sanjian reminded, recently a colleague of his was in a car accident and saw off a leg.It cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep s a pity that he doesn t know if he can come back to teach.This Porsche is indeed very ostentatious.It parked at the entrance of the kindergarten and attracted the attention of many people.Tang Shuang was sitting in the car scrolling through Weibo, but Chen Shenfeng fought back again.Tang Shuang was very annoyed when Chu talked about the matter, saying that the Lun family is a little brother, not an old man, and there is no godfather relationship Last time I was going to post a selfie to clarify my little brother, but it was smashed by the candy villain, so cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep I was embarrassed, so I put it on hold.Now that I have time, Tang Shuang sat in the car looking for various angles, clicking and clicking, Finally, I chose one of them, which not only showed his youth and wealth, but also did not show his face to everyone.Tang Sanjian handed the mobile phone to her, and the villain hung it around his neck with a smile, happily talking power cbd gummie bears Walking outside, she muttered, What is Xiaoshuang doing You haven t called Tangtanger for so long.Ask him why it took so long to have a meal.Then, the little hand dialed the number 3 button.Chapter 533 When the liar Tangtanger called, Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing were emmmm As soon as the call was connected, there was a burst of yelling, making Tang Shuang s full of complaints nowhere to vent.In the end, she could only Mmmmm, then hung up.Luo Yuqing laughed and said, cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep Is it from Candy Her voice is really healing.Although Tang Shuang didn t turn on the speakerphone, if she got close and the voice on the other end of the phone was loud enough, she could still hear her.some voices.He s a small chatterbox, cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep blah blah blah, blah blah.Tang Shuang brought a book basket, put it on cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep the ground and said, Put the books here, you re tired from holding them.Tang Tanger carefully placed the books in the basket and lifted them up with difficulty, ouch, add After picking up the basket, she couldn t lift it anymore, so she laughed at Tang Shuang, and said embarrassedly Tangtang is still too young, she needs to grow up a little bit, look She said, bending her arms, It s weird, outsiders can t understand it at all, but Tang Shuang understands it in seconds, because the little guy learned this movement from him.In summer, Tang Shuang often shows off his triceps to her to show that he is very powerful I have chicken too cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep uly cbd gummies amazon said the little man unwillingly.Is it hard not to pretend Tang Shuang was speechless, stretched out her hand and pinched it, and the bulging clothes shrank instantly, and the slender arms could be pinched through the thick clothes.Tang Shuang tossed the little man for a while and let her go.Little Piggy lay on the sofa gasping for air, and after a long while, he straightened up and said loudly, I m going to pull out Xiaoshuang s beard Chapter 576 Love is Simple Tang Shuang You want to hurt best cbd gummies that are on the market me to death Tang Shuang You want to tickle me to death Immediately, she stretched out her hand to pluck Xiaoshuang s beard, Tang Shuang quickly blocked the little pig, Go away, go away You are serious You know How painful is it to pull out a beard Seeing Xiaoshuang s fierce resistance and seeing that she couldn t reach her goal, Tangtang er took the initiative to withdraw her hand, touched her non existent beard with a smile, and asked, Xiaoshuang, when will I grow it Beard You re a girl, you don t know how to grow a beard.Tang Shuang said, seeing the puzzled look of the villain, she thought it was over, a hundred thousand whys came, the next question must be why girls Will not grow a beard.It ended yesterday, and now it is the recorded broadcast.Tang Shuang registered on this show under the name of Yuxiang, but he didn t go to the finals, nor did he watch the live broadcast, but he knew that a young man from Shanghai won the championship.Xiao Na had chatted with can you buy real cbd gummies from amazon him, after all, Tang Shuang was going to write a song for the championship, so she had to know him well.The show My Most Hip Hop was the hottest show in the past year, and the organizers, sponsors, guests, and contestants all became the biggest winners.In the week before the final, there was a lot of relevant news, even those who didn t know about the program My Most Hip Hop and had never heard of hip hop music knew more or less about it during this period.It can be said that this program has created a hip hop music popularization activity for the people of China.Huang Xiangning stood beside him, looking at the door with a smile, waiting for his little sister to perform.Tang Sanjian shouted towards the empty door Tang Tang, start your performance.Then, in the eyes of everyone, Little Pig tilted her head, held her hands in her hands, and walked in like a headache The program she performed today was called Going Shopping with Duck.Chapter 674 Kanda Duck Going Shopping that made Tang Shuang furious The Koda Duck played by Candy came in waddlingly.Huang Xiangning saw her covering her ears with her hands, not knowing what it meant.Tang Shuang explained in a low voice, saying that it was covering her head, not her ears.Because her hands were short, it looked like she was covering her ears, but it was not.Sister Xiangning asked curiously why she covered her head.I want to share this beautiful feeling with you.Everyone.Are you going to Guangdong for business Tell me honestly.Really not.Really not Really not.You are blushing and dare to say no.Ha , I won t tell you anymore, I ll make an appointment with Zhenzhen, Sister Kang, you can book a restaurant.Kang Yu watched Luo Yuqing leave happily, and felt strange, feeling that Luo Mei was acting weird during this time.She wanted to have some snacks and observe carefully, don t have a sweetheart.Chapter 678 The round table faction started in the female dormitory of Guangdong University.The school is on winter vacation today.Many people have already bought their tickets and are going to go home early tomorrow morning.Some of them are impatient and will leave tonight.Duan Yushuang is packing her things and preparing to go home tomorrow.Tangtanger Hahaha ga The atmosphere at the scene was suddenly quiet, Tangtanger quickly glanced at Xiaoshuang, and sure enough Xiaoshuang was looking at her viciously.The little man threatened to pee, pretended nothing happened and ran away.Little Peacock followed, and so did Little Putao, and girls like to go together when peeing.Xiao Jin didn t know that he had said something he shouldn t have said, so he cheerfully said that Tang Tang s brother Tang Dawang and Xiao Putao s aunt were in a relationship, because they had been talking since they entered the door, cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep only the cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep two of them talked, and the others They don t care, hehehehe, it s amazing that he can find this.Kiki rolled his eyes and ran away.Li Dun realized it later, but he also realized that something was wrong, so he fell to the ground with his limbs spread out to bask in the sun, supplementing calcium.Do you want to be so scary Seeing Xiao Xiao looking at him, Da Xian er quickly cleared up her expression and tried her best to look serious, with her hands behind her back, slapping her fingers, and she had to have a drink or two to be happy in the evening.Xiaoxiao smiled and said to Luo Yuqing Very cute little sister, how old is she Ah, she is really cute, she is 6 years old, a little girl with long hair.Luo Yuqing looked at the radio equipment to make sure if she still open.Seeing this, Xiaoxiao said, The show is over, and the devices are all turned off.She stroked her hair, It should be longer than mine.Xiaoxiao has clean, short hair, as long as her ears.Luo Yuqing Well, it s longer than my hair.Seeing Luo Yuqing s long hair shawl, Xiaoxiao was a little surprised and said, That s special.After muttering a few words to vent his emotions, Xiao Zhuzhu accepted his fate, and he couldn t accept it, so let s save his life and go home.This is the only way to do it now, otherwise, what else can I do People may choose face, but Xiaozhuzhu definitely chooses death.After all, it is a little pig that can bend and stretch.Ding The elevator arrived.Tang Shuang came out holding Tang Shuang s little hand.People were coming and going.When they saw Tang Shuang, they greeted them politely.Then they heard a little milk voice also greeting them.They looked down., yo, it s a big star, Maoyanhongren, Tang Zhen s little sister, and their chairman is the brother of this cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank little sister.This little sister is amazing.It was reported that the sponsor was willing to pay a million dollars to invite this little sister to shoot an advertisement, and she even named a children s clothing brand, but the other party didn t refute the rumors.Tang Shuang forbade, Tangtanger wanted it, the two chattered back and forth, and finally Ding Lu said it didn t matter, he could help take care of the little sister, anyway, he had nothing else to do and would always be here.Tang Shuang Is it really okay Will it disturb your training Ding Lu It s okay.I just took a break.I ve been playing cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep uly cbd gummies amazon cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep after breakfast until now, and I m a little tired.Seeing his sweating profusely, Tang Shuang said, It really needs a combination of work and rest.At the same time, Ding Lu s hard work deep impression.Then, I ll leave Tang Tang here, please.Ding Lu quickly said no trouble.At this time, a voice from a little girl cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep said Please, little brother, the Lun family will be obedient.Ding Lu looked at the little girl with long hair, and quickly said, No trouble, little sister, you are really sensible.Tang Shuang laughed blatantly now, hehehe hahaha Thinking of the moment the little piglet opened his arms and rushed up to hug Tang Zhen just now, he wanted to laugh, and at the same time he was glad that the little piggy was not one meter away from her.If you don t want to be hugged, you would rather fall into a calm cbd gummies set of pancakes, or you might really fall into a pancake today.Tang Zhen is not him, so he may not be able to hug her.You re still laughing You don t have love Seeing Tang Shuang smiling so happily, Tang Tanger became even more monkish.Pan Wenling and He Zhenyi hurriedly turned around and hurriedly put their luggage on the car.Staying here was afraid they couldn t help laughing out loud, and then they would be remembered by the younger sister of the Tang family and punched bobo.Tang Shuang quickly comforted Tangtanger not to do anything, not to get angry, and helped her, patted Tang Zhen on the shoulder, and said, Excuse me, excuse me, two fairies, don t you think something is missing That s right, we Your little sister is at your feet, she has been waiting for a long time with open arms, Zhenzhen, can you hug her quickly, she will hit me if she gets mad, and she is going to cry.Don t cry Tang Zhen comforted the poor Tangerine.The little piggy hugged her legs and curled up into a ball.She was unhappy from the moment she got in the car.If Tang Sanjian hadn t caught her in the car, she definitely didn t plan to get in the car.She still needs to look in the mirror, and she hasn t finished watching the cartoon yet.Let s go see brother, brother s movie.Tang Zhen continued to comfort her.Huh Tangtanger Bee, chirp, chirp, gurgling, ding ding dong dong blah Tang Zhen I really don t understand what you re talking about.Tang Tang, don t you want to go to see brother s movie Although Tang Zhen couldn t understand Tang er s alien language, Tang Zhen continued, today is a festive event, and the little sister can t let her face cry all the time.Tang Tang looked at Tang Zhen curiously, and moved her lips, but she didn t make a sound, she was still angry.At the same time, the feathers blown by the wind were messy, and they were almost blown off the branches several times.Then according to what you mean, you want to teach them to sing and dance together to keep warm Tang Shuang asked.Candy nodded, that s right, that s what it meant.Tang Shuang praised are cbd gummies uno cbd full spectrum gummies Well, yes, this is a good idea, very caring, and worthy of recognition.If the little sparrow dances with you, it will definitely be very warm, but cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep what are you dancing You are dancing randomly Right Candy laughed shyly, nodded, yes, she just danced wildly, and learned it from the aunt who danced in the square.Xiao Shuang, let s dance cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep uly cbd gummies amazon together.Tang Tanger invited Tang Shuang, and continued to say that she can t dance, so you take the lead.Tang Shuang waved his hand Brother, I don t know how to dance.Really my good father, my good mother, thank you for your hard work Salute to you Okay, okay, don t get excited, calm down now.Tang Shuang reminded her that the premiere was about to begin when Tang Tanger was dreaming and satisfied.I m thanking Mom and Dad Candy said dissatisfied.Tang Shuang was surprised Thank you for what Thank them for giving birth to me Puchi Tang Zhen was laughing.I Tang Shuang took a deep breath and gave Tangtanger a thumbs up You are amazing.Tangtanger said proudly, It s mom and dad who are amazing.Tang Shuang confronted her Then You go and thank them, don t just talk and don t practice.Tangtang er immediately turned to thank Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian, although the two adults didn t know what the little sister thanked them, but let cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep her accept it first.Thank you, hum Tang Tanger said to Tang Shuang, hum, do you think the Lun family dare not thank you.Let s go there, there are few people there.Tang Shuang pointed to the river not cbd gummies for sleep vitamin shoppe far away, where there was only one girl squatting by the river.Speaking of this girl, it is really strange.There are two river lanterns beside her, which are in the shape of birds, and they are lit on the beach.The girl splashes in the river with one hand, without saying a word, and her hair hangs down to block the water.She couldn t see her face clearly at the moment, and felt that she was always looking at the dark river and the floating lights on the river.Hearing the sound of footsteps, the girl quickly mayim bialik cbd gummies for sale turned her head to look.When she saw Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen, she was startled in disappointment.She looked past them and looked into the distance.She didn t see the person she wanted to cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep see, so she continued to turn her head.So good Tang Shuang was very surprised.This guy is usually a princess and claims to be a master.It is difficult to ask her to work.Last time I asked her to drag her.He and Sister Xiangning were all tricked into defrauding him.Tang Shuang nodded like a chicken pecking cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep at rice Mmmmmm, the Lun family is so good, who made you an elder brother, and younger sisters should do good things for elder brothers, right , you can think so, I am a little are cbd gummies uno cbd full spectrum gummies relieved, come on, I will give you a chance to dress my brother well, but then again, although you didn t pick it off, you are also responsible, right, if you didn t pick my shoes hard And pants, I won t let Xiao Zhen take off her clothes, after all, you are atonement, buying your life.Tang Tanger nodded quickly Buy the little man s life Tang Shuang touched her Looking at his little face, he said with admiration, Oh, it s really alright, you ve become a lot more obedient, and your elm bumpy head has finally opened up, not bad.The sun was shining brightly above his head.It is dry and lacks water, but here is a treasure land of geomantic omen.Water molecules are constantly floating on Aixi Lake to nourish all life around.There is a small forest outside the yard.Most of the trees here have withered, but there are a few banyan trees with green branches and leaves.Tang Huohuo even heard the soft, sparse birdsong.It s such a beautiful weather, but Tang Huohuo couldn t get interested, he lost his interest, and when he thought of Candy s coming, he beat drums and gongs in his heart, which almost knocked him out.A stinky daughter in law always has to see her in laws, and this is how he feels now.He took out 10 yuan from his pocket.It was a brand new neat bill, and it was obvious that the holder cherished it very much.Tang Huohuo stared at the ticket in a daze.Tang Shuang said with a smile, That would be jail time.Guo Zifeng looked at Tang Shuang with a surprised expression, but does rite aid sell cbd gummies he quickly regained his composure and remained silent Ye Liang thought for a while and said, You re right.If he dares to think about other things, it s not a matter of not returning the lost property.We can sue him.Tang Shuang Hehe, be honest.You will have to stay in prison for several years.Ye Liang You have already thought about it, right Layer by layer, waiting for him to fit in.Tang Shuang You can t blame me for this.Return to the original owner, I will let the adult not remember the villain s faults, let this matter go, but if he dares to be greedy, just wait to fall in.Ye Liang nodded and said This is using human greed as a bait, old Xu cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep uly cbd gummies amazon If you are greedy, at most you will be punished a little cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep bit, if you are not greedy enough and move your bank card, then don t blame us for being cruel.Tang Shuang grabbed her and sniffed her closely.A smell of sweat wafted out, but there was no smell of alcohol.He said to Huang Xiangning Mom, our little fairy has become sweaty, and she smells of sweat.She had a lot of fun today, and she sweated a lot.She must take a bath.Candy raised her little hand and smelled it by herself.Smell it, and said, There is no sweat smell It smells good.Tang Shuang curled her lips, Tang Tanger saw it, and wanted to give Tang Shuang to smell it.Tang Shuang ignored her, and pushed her away Go away, it stinks.Candy was huffing and puffing, annoyed, just now she said that the Lun family was a fairy, but when she turned around, she said that the Lun family stinks, how can a little fairy stink This is impossible are cbd gummies legal in aus Tang Shuang changed the subject and said, This painting of Gouzi is very cute.Tang Dajian looked at this cute baby, emmmmm I can t teach you a lesson Yes, turn around and leave.Tangtang er looked up at Dabai leaving with her little head up, thought for a while, but didn t follow, and stayed here, the scene here had a new change because of Xiaoshuang s arrival.As soon as Tang Dajian left, the people who were being scolded immediately came to life, shaking their heads and sighing.Tang Shuang asked curiously What s the matter Is life so sad without me Tang Yu couldn t wait to say Uncle Uncle Huo Huo broke the big porcelain vase when he was playing with chicken Then uncle I got angry.Which big porcelain vase Tang Erjian likes to collect porcelain, and there are many porcelains in his home.Tang Tanger said excitedly, It s that one, the big red vase The one with plum blossoms in it Tang Xin said, It s the blush vase in the study.Thinking of something, she snorted and turned her head away from him I don t believe you, I believe my sister.The meaning is already obvious, and I hope Tang Zhen will take her to participate in the TV show.Tang Zhen thought about it seriously, squeezed her baby fat, and said, Okay, my sister will show you on TV, and make Tangtanger s New Year s dream come true.Tang Shuang said, Sister, aren t you going to hold a concert soon Then bring candies.Tang Zhen s album Dream Flower broke records, so after cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep the Spring Festival, a thank you concert will be held.A fan s concert, a small one.It s ok.Candy, is it ok Do you have the guts to go on stage with your sister As expected, Tang Bodhisattva Zhen.No, no, no problem.Candy was so pleasantly surprised that she stammered excitedly.Zhang Yifen smiled and said, In that case, Tangtang, would you like to dance for us now Upon hearing this, the others sent out invitations one after another, asking the little fairy to dance for everyone, to cheer up and have fun.Tang Shuang was listening to the host when he was recording the show.He didn t pay much attention to it himself, he just wanted to play.Tang Zhen in the audience listened carefully, and immediately took out her mobile phone to search, and found that a large number of news was born overnight, and the social media was especially lively.Not only celebrities, but also music professionals cbd gummy candy cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep also changed their aloof cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep attitude and jumped out to comment.What made Tang cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep Zhen happy was that most people praised the song Your Heart River , except for a few badass After the founding of the People s Republic of China, any small animals were not allowed to become elves, but they were produced in large quantities.Therefore, these elves must be dishonest, illegal, and not authoritative.They are poor little creatures struggling cbd delights 3000 gummies to survive.After adjusting the moon, she picked up the little piggy and put it on the .

what cbd gummies are good for pain?

chair, and asked her to look into the telescope.a joy.Tonight s moon is extremely clear, and the moonlight is pouring down, covering the world with a hazy light blue color, like a dream.Observing Moon Rabbit s candy, first he muttered that he couldn t find the rabbit.Could it be that the rabbit went to bed so early tonight On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, I also said that I went to bed, so I didn t see it, and now it s like this again snort Why are you so lazy Candy is not happy Before long, however, she claimed to have seen a rabbit eating carrots on the moon.Tang Shuang leaned over to look, but didn t see anything, but Tang Tanger said with certainty that she did.As for why Xiaoshuang couldn t see it It s not because he is a bad guy, the little rabbit won t show it to bad guys Well, this is a real hammer.After more than a month, she got together with her children again, especially the little peacock.The little peacock who came back from his grandmother s house is a little fatter, are cbd gummies uno cbd full spectrum gummies his chin is a little rounder, his smile is a bit more, and his personality looks much more cheerful.Tang Zhen and Huang Xiangning went to Tangtanger s start of school, Tang Shuang didn t go because she had something to do.According to where to buy cbd gummies florida Huang Xiangning who came back, the arrival of Tang Zhen caused the kindergarten to erupt.At cbd gummies promo code first, the teachers erupted.The children couldn t figure out what the teachers were excited about, so they also yelled.At this time in previous years, Tang Zhen had returned to Shengjing early and started working.But this year, until the sixteenth day of the first lunar month, she was still at home and had no plans to return to Shengjing in the near future.Ha, Xiaoputao eats grapes without spitting out grape skins, grapes eat grapes, grape skins, grape skins eat grapes, grape skins don t eat Grapes I couldn t continue, so I changed the subject Isn t it sweet Tang Shuang touched his conscience and said, It s really sweet, let me try it for my sister.Okay Candy was affirmed by Tang Shuang , in a happy mood, picked a bigger purple skinned grape from the small plate, and dedicated it to the eldest princess graciously.Tang Shuang asked at the same time, Tangtanger, how did today s parent meeting go After Tangtanger fed Tang Zhen a grape, she squeezed another one and wanted to feed it to Tang Shuang.The cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep uly cbd gummies amazon heaven shattering filial piety said, Candy, you can eat it yourself.Candy happily held the small plate in both hands, sat on her small stool, and ate grapes with her small mouth, taking time to reply Very good, Mom is very happy.Fortunately, Candy didn t go.You I can t go, so I said such sarcastic remarks.Huang Xiangning pinched her little face What old man How can you say that Tang Tang, you are very rude.Tang Tang er rolled her eyes, stuck out her little tongue, and said with an embarrassed smile Hehehe, Mom, the Lun family said the wrong thing, I m sorry That s not an old man, it s an old man There are so many old men, some with white beards, some with black beards, some with hair, some without hair, and some who have lost their teeth Yes, there are some who have lost their teeth, some who are aggressive, some who are laughing and cute, some who are talking blah blah blah, and some who are in a daze and sleep late in class You are such a good chatterbox, you can read it in a flash out so much.Huang Xiangning had a big head, so she sat down, beckoned Tangtanger to sit beside her obediently, and changed the subject, Did brother come out just now It s just the beginning.I m the youngest Tang Shuang asked.Fang Zhikai Yes, you are the youngest among the candidates for this year s nominations.If you can finally win the award, you will be the youngest among the winners of the Huaxia Literature Award.History is waiting for you to create.To confirm, ask Are you 21 Tang Shuang It s already 22.I remember your birthday is in December.Tang Shuang was a little surprised, it seemed that Fang Zhikai knew his age specially.Yes, birthday in December.The current youngest record is 28 years old, only three months older than Yin Bo.What a lucky guy.Fang Zhikai smiled You are even luckier.Senior brother is better.Fang Zhikai won the Zijin Literature Award in his 30s.Fang Zhikai is the youngest recipient of this crown in the literary world.The host is still introducing My Name is Red , author Su Hong.On TV, he cbd gummy candy cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep was so fierce that he beat people everywhere with a big bear doll The little guy was muttering, walking around in small steps in his room, thinking about the problem worriedly, and in the end he might not be able to figure it out, so he brought Tang Shuang and whispered, when is the next time Baby is Coming will be filmed, Xiao Tongzi s father Will he come again She is so afraid of him now, she doesn t want to see him again, and asks Tang Shuang if she can fire him.Tang Shuang said no, Tangtanger asked him if he could protect the little sister by then, and further said that she needed to bring the little brain tiger and the little yellow seahorse water gun for self defense.This obviously worried that Tang Shuang would be able to protect her.Humph q s t r Tang Shuang immediately puffed up the muscles on her arms and asked the little man See what this is Chicken The more muscles there are, the more they are cbd gummies uno cbd full spectrum gummies can provide me with strength, strength The bigger you are, the more your brother can defeat villains, tell me, who else can t your brother beat Tang Tanger shook her head in a daze.Tang Shuang rolled down the car window and waved to her in response.The girl froze on his car in an instant, with a bright smile on her face, and waved vigorously Chapter 965 Tang Tang is going to be a grandma After the program team sent everyone to the airport, everyone bid farewell to each other and boarded the plane to leave.The stewardess standing at the boarding gate to welcome the guests saw that Tang Tang took the lead, squatted half squatting and smiled and said You are Tang Tang, I know you, I am very glad that you can take our plane, I hope you have a happy journey.Tang Tang nodded Happy.Thank you, sister.The flight attendant handed a candy plate in her hand to Tangtanger, and said with a smile, I guess you must like candy.Tangtanger smiled and nodded, eyes on the candy plate Turning around, I finally took a purple sugar coated one, thanked the flight attendant obediently, and then dragged my small luggage into the cabin.Tang Zhen Xiaohong seems to be very weak, I need to feed it some food.Hurry up and grind the fish food into powder and give it to Xiaohong.Tang Shuang quickly what do cbd gummies do uk ran to prepare the fish food.Tang Zhen was preparing another small fish tank, filled it with water, and prepared to transfer Xiao Hong are cbd gummies uno cbd full spectrum gummies to it.Candy said suspiciously Sister, why is the baby fish swollen and not moving Tang Zhen said while busy, The baby fish hasn t hatched yet, it will take a few days.Candy come and help sister, Let s help Xiaohong change to a new home.Tangtanger immediately suppressed the doubts in her heart and began to help her sister.Everyone is working hard, but still a step behind.When Tang Shuang ran over with a small bag of ground fish food, Xiao Hong in the fish tank had turned over her belly, only the fins were still shaking slightly, and there was no movement in other parts.Tang Shuang said It s not like you haven t done anything.For example, you bought clothes for mom, bought cosmetics, and took her shopping.You did all of these for mom.Tang Zhen shook her head What are these It s not what my mother wants.I wasn t there on Mother s Day, cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep uly cbd gummies amazon and I wasn t there on my mother s birthdaybut on my birthday, my mother flew to Shengjing specially.As she spoke, her voice became deeper and deeper.Tang Shuang suggested In this case, shall we do something today Tang Tanger rolled her eyes and said, Make something for mom to eat.Oh, what a caring baby, okay, let s Do as you said, let s make dinner for mom, okay Tang Tanger nodded without hesitation Okay Tang Zhen said Okay.Tang Shuang Mom cooks for us every day, We seldom cook for our mother.Today we have to work hard so that our mother not only does not have to cook, but also eats happily.Tang Shuang roughly understood that the other party was actually Those who don t want to leave are probably exhausted by their entrepreneurial experience.The price of 5 million Make an appointment, and I ll talk to them face to face.Tang Shuang said, he has no objection to 5 million, but he wants to persuade the three members of the management team to stay.That afternoon, Tang Shuang and Peng Lei met the other three.Tang Shuang told him about his studio s follow up development ideas verbally, and the other party was very interested in the Tinkerbell comics that Tang Shuang said, holding the drafts of the first three episodes he brought over and over again, amazed, and couldn t put it down.The three readily agreed to stay and show off their strengths.Next, the three of them took Tang Shuang to the studio for a visit.Seeing Tang Zhen s happy face now, she was even more excited than cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep uly cbd gummies amazon herself for winning the award.Unspeakable feelings emerged in Li Xiaozhi s heart, including sadness, jealousy, envy, and helplessness.Tang Zhen has noble people from all over the world to help her, but she works alone, relying on herself to fight for all cbd gummies best brand the resources, so she is scheming, so she is very decisive, even ruthless.We re still a little shocked, Tang Shuang, can you give us a brief explanation How did you become the Rain Phase Shi Yu asked the most wanted question for everyone.Liang Qiusha was still shocked, and echoed Yuxiang is so young She only met Tang Shuang because of the program Baby is Coming.From time to time, I compare my parents with Brother Xiaoshuang , and think that my parents are not as fun as Brother Xiaoshuang.Since the group disbanded, they haven t been in contact with each other, nor have they spoken to each other, nor have they spoken ill of each other.They just ignored and mayim bialik smilz cbd gummies remained silent in such a tacit understanding.Hmm Tang Zhen replied softly, her expression quickly returned to before, and she continued to pick cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep things from the table and put them on the plate.Li Xiaozhi didn t take it seriously.On the one hand, he was used to Tang Zhen s expression, and on the other hand, he was mentally prepared to be treated coldly before saying hello.She turned to Tang Shuang and said, Congratulations to you too, Tang Shuang.It s really unexpected.Tang Shuang smiled and said, Thank you.Li Xiaozhi I like all the songs you wrote, and Zhenzhen sings very well.Tang Shuang didn t know what she came here for, was it pure congratulations, or was she trying to take the opportunity to reconcile with Tang Zhen The main thing is that I sing well, and my songs have gained a lot of points because of my good singing.Tang Shuang is also a cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep uly cbd gummies amazon person who is very good at chatting.She can chat with anyone.Everyone talks to each other, and the atmosphere is very happy.Luo Shanlin didn t arrive until lunch time, he was shy when meeting him, he was really a thin skinned boy.After lunch, Mother Luo asked Yuqing to take Tang Shuang around the small town.Although this 300mg cbd gummies wholesale small northeastern city is not prosperous, it is a famous historical city with an antique flavor.It is now the end of May and almost June, the spring breeze has already blown, the sun is shining warmly, and it is very comfortable to go out for a walk.When I got home, it was already 4 o clock in the cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep uly cbd gummies amazon afternoon.Luo s mother and father were not there, and neither were my aunt and uncle.Luo Peiqi, who followed her home, saw this.The little girl was very clever, and immediately pulled her brother to make excuses and left.I just heard Dean Li say Ming Gang Fuck me Are you are cbd gummies uno cbd full spectrum gummies going to learn flower arranging Tang Sanjian Tang Zhen The contrast between before and after is a bit big.The middle aged man named Ming Gang didn t answer her, but pointed Tang Zhen to her, seeming to think that the dean didn t recognize him, and shouted Big star, the big star is here, it s the big star, Lear s favorite star, Lear I want to tell Lear Dean Li hurriedly stopped him, and after muttering for a while, the other party finally calmed down his excitement.He shrugged his shoulders, looked back at Tang Zhen, and said to Dean Li with a smile Secret, this is our secret, don t tell Li Er, Li Er won t let me watch TV, so I won t tell her.Hee hee.Yes, you are doing very well, what are you going to do Arranging flowers I saw Jasmine and Xiaofang dancing just now, do you want to go too Aren t you learning ballroom dancing Ming Gang immediately yelled that he wanted to do ballroom dancing.It was made of resin.Tang Zhen picked up the painting that fell under the bed, and suddenly saw something under the bed, a pink hellokitty treasure chest There are not only treasure chests, but also all kinds of weird things HCMUSSH cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep Under the bed is another world, a treasure cave for children For example, Tang Zhen saw a string of cicada shells There are also various small stones, small wood, small shells a simple slingshot made of tree branches, and a pen holder with several pens in it She even saw a Givenchy lipstick Right next to the mini seahorse water gun Tang Zhen took out this lipstick, she was sure that it belonged to her It was one of several missing from her room The little fellow must have often burrowed under the bed, where it was clean and dust free She took out the pen holder again, and she could be sure that it belonged to Xiaoshuang s study In addition to the three pens in the pen holder, there are three candies, one chocolate, and two boiled peanuts And a roll of colorful candy wrappers Tang Zhen clutched her forehead, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, a child sneaked under the bed stealthily eating while admiring the exotic treasures in her collection cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep like a money fan.Tang Shuang patted her little butt amusedly and asked, Is it so sour Tangtang er said weakly, Oh, brother of the Lun family, why don t you eat and see if you are swollen, Tangtang er is so sour that you want to cry Well, the Lun family is so strong that they want to cry.If you eat it, you will definitely cry.Sigh These uncles even told the Lun family that sweet and sour is a good baby.It s a lie It s all a lie Big lie Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh Tang Shuang couldn t hold back her laughter.When Huang Xiangning bought a big apple, Candy was by his side.When he saw the yellow orange kumquats, he wanted to eat them without spending any money, so he discussed with the boss, buying a big apple and giving cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep two small kumquats as a gift.Well, the boss gave it to him , He also boasted that his kumquats are very sweet, and presented candy with a word sweet and sour is a good baby, welcome to buy a good baby who still wants to eat it next time.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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