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He hurriedly went back to the back kitchen to take a look at the materials.What s the matter, Guohao Grandpa Li Renzhong also relaxed, sitting in a corner of the back kitchen and started smoking a pipe.Maybe we don t have enough wife cakes to sell There are still a lot of flour and eggs, but there are not many rose fillings, and probably only a hundred or so at most will be gone.There is no way, the cost of this game is already expensive, and Li Guohao was worried that he would not sell much, so he didn t prepare too much.Although he didn cbd vs hemp gummies dr oz cbd gummies website t prepare too much, it still cost nearly 10,000 yuan.No way Li Renzhong was also surprised.Hastily extinguished the dry tobacco, walked over to take a look at the few fillings left in the barrel.Then what should we do Li Renzhong asked anxiously.At the beginning, Li Renzhong and Li Dexiao felt that 10,000 Hong Kong dollars was too much stuffing.Although there are not many people who read it, most of them are housewives., see if there are any discounts on it.Oh.Li Guohao nodded, suddenly thought of something and asked, Do you know which newspaper sells better now.Ming Pao, I love the martial arts in Ming Pao Novel.Ming Pao Li Guohao muttered thoughtfully.He naturally knew that Ming Pao was founded by Jin Yong, a master of martial arts novels.After reading Xiangjiang novels for so many years, he also knew that Ming Pao was supported by Jin Yong s novels in the early stage.Forget it, let s not talk about it.Even if you want to publish it in the newspaper, it s too late now.It will open early tomorrow morning.Li Guohao shook his head, shaking all the messy thoughts in his head.Let s go, A Dong.Do you cbd vs hemp gummies remember that you will come over at four o clock tomorrow morning After Li Guohao bid farewell to Zhang Dong, he didn t go back to the tea restaurant, but went home directly, preparing to go to bed early, after all, he had to get up early tomorrow morning.Coming down.Chapter 22 The first day s turnover In a company in a building on Nathan Road.At this time, it was the lunch break, and a group of young and energetic white cbd gummies calcai collar workers were sitting in the company s break room bragging to relieve boredom.They wore light makeup and had delicate facial features.The little girl suddenly asked, Do you know which pastry shop opened just across from Nathan Road Wing Kee I know, didn t someone come to the company to distribute leaflets the day before yesterday, and he was scolded by the manager before leaving.Someone thought of a young man who went to the building company to hand out leaflets the day before yesterday, and now they think it s funny.You re talking about the new dim sum shop that opened this morning, right Yes, that s the one.I passed by somewhere in the morning, and found that there were a lot of people in line, and there were a few promotional advertisements on the side.In plus reality, Xiangjiang was originally a place of martial arts.Boxers who came from the mainland in the early years set up martial arts gyms of various schools here one after another.Among them, the well known figure is Ip Man s cbd vs hemp gummies Wing Chun.Of course, this is mainly due to Bruce Lee and Zhen Zidan.But at this time, the most famous martial arts in Xiangjiang in the 1970s was Hongquan, and Cai Lifo Central.Why did Li Sheng come here without saying hello Mai Qi, who was instructing the workers to decorate, suddenly caught a glimpse of a young man standing at the door, and looked closely at it, wasn t it Li Guohao Li Guohao said with a smile, It s nothing, it s just that the store hasn t been very busy recently, so I ll come and have a look if it s not idle.It is in a very stable state, and the income is stable at several thousand Hong Kong dollars every day.But there is no way, most of the recipes these days are secret things.Ahao, you don t stay in the store every day now.You disappeared when I went out to buy goods at noon.As soon as I walked in the door, I heard Zhang Dong whispering.Li Guohao rolled his eyes at him, I just went to the Central to look at the new store.Suddenly remembered something, Zhang Dong said, By the HCMUSSH cbd vs hemp gummies way, Ah Hao, when I went to buy roses before, that man followed me Who has been buying in large quantities recently, is there someone who wants to imitate our rose wife cake.Li Guohao frowned and asked, Someone bought roses Do you know who bought them You must know that Li Ji s roses now Wife cake is very hot.Rose Wife Cake is not the top brand of Li Kee Pastry, but it is the one with the most sales.After all, who let Li Guohao get the advertising words well.The fastest one was Wang Jing, who made a movie within seven days, and the box office was very good.Thinking about seven days, making a movie of more than one hour does not sound very difficult, but in fact it is not the case.It is necessary to consider the schedule of the actors, whether the actors are in the state, and whether the employees below can cooperate well., and so on a series of questions.Two days ago, Li Guohao and Shangguan Xiaobao worked out the plot outline of the first Kung Fu Panda.It took only two days to hear the good news from Shangguan Xiaobao, saying that it will be printed and published smoothly in a few days.It s not like drawing the first plot directly at once, because considering the serialization, Shangguan Xiaobao only drew the first volume, which has about thirty pages.Grandma said with a smile.That s fine.Liji s peach cakes are all baked with the best ingredients, and they are not only crispier than other peach cakes, but also taste great.Want a piece I want to take it home for my granddaughter to eat.Grandma was a little embarrassed, and her hands were bound together.Looking at the wrinkles on Grandma s face, I saw that the clothes she was wearing were very old, and there were traces of sewing in many places.This scene reminded Li Guohao of his grandma in his previous life, who also kept delicious food for himself every time, and he rarely went back to his hometown.Whenever he ate the food left by his grandma, many of them had expired.Perhaps because of being stared at by Li Guohao for a long time, the grandmother looked a little embarrassed, and she lowered her head subconsciously, apologizing, I m sorry pretty boy, it cbd vs hemp gummies dr oz cbd gummies website s the grandmother who is greedy.Li Guohao said I don t know, Brother Yuan, just tell me directly.Eight hundred copies Shangguan Xiaobao said a little excitedly.It s only 800 copies I thought it was 8,000 copies.Looking at Shangguan Xiaobao s excited face, he thought it had sold a lot, but when he heard that only 800 copies had been sold, Li Guohao shook his head in disappointment.Seeing Li Guohao like this, Shangguan Xiaobao couldn t help laughing and said, If you don t understand this industry, you will naturally think that 800 copies are very few, but you have to understand that although strongest cbd gummies cbd vs hemp gummies our cooperative sales points are all over the whole Xiangjiang, we only account for 4 of them.More than ten, there are still 60 of the sales outlets that we have not contacted.Even if the rest of the sales outlets cbd vs hemp gummies best brand of cbd gummies for pain are included, it will only sell 2,000 copies at most, which is far from my expectation.By the way, how did the boy Ayi go to Li Ji to collect the protection fee Rong Bingcai asked suddenly.A Ping said Brother Yi has already sent someone, but you know, Master Rong, there are police patrols on Nathan Road every day, and they dare not openly come to collect protection money.Rong Bing was angry when he heard this.Said I know these bastards have no guts I spent so much money to hire him in vain That s right, the young and Dangerous boy who wandered around Li Ji every day was the one Rong Bing was looking for.Rong Bingcai used this method when pastry shops in other districts opened branches on Nathan Road before, and the effect was very good.It s just that after the British government stepped up efforts to crack down on gangsters and anti corruption in the past two years, some gangsters from small gangs no longer dare to collect protection fees so blatantly.This route is acceptable.Now that Hong Kong s economy is developing rapidly, people have more and more spare money.What I said is that I have pursued the improvement of the quality of life.The mid to high end is no longer serving the rich as before, and the common people can afford it, and they are willing to eat delicious and more expensive pastries.After listening to Li Qiang s words, Li Guohao also felt that he Maybe I have too much confidence in myself, I think I am a time traveler, and under certain circumstances, I have the halo of the protagonist, and I can succeed in anything Just like now, the pastry shop has opened another branch, and Kung Fu Panda comics are also becoming popular in Xiangjiang.Mr.Li Qiang, what you said is very reasonable.It s true that I was too whimsical Li Guohao swept the dust away and said with a smile, As expected of a student who graduated from the Management Department of XN University in Australia.If you miss your son, just call and ask.Ask, why don t you want your mother to call you No, how come.Li Huifang dotes on her son very much.In the past, Li Guohao would hang out with her every day, but now she only sees her once every three cbd vs hemp gummies days.Except at night, she seldom sees her.Naturally, she misses her very much.At this moment she said It s nothing, strongest cbd gummies cbd vs hemp gummies I just want to ask if you have been talking about a girlfriend recently Talking about a girlfriend Who told you Li Guohao shook his head and said, Nothing.Then Why did A Dong tell me that you were very close to a girl before Li Huifang fully expressed her female curiosity.This big mouth Li Guohao thought to himself.When it came to betraying their friends, both of them were not inferior.Li Guohao changed the subject instantly and said, Don t listen to cbd vs hemp gummies A Dong s nonsense.Shangguan Xiaobao on the other end of the phone suddenly remembered what happened yesterday and asked Yes Yes, the people from Datong Toy Factory came over and asked me if I could sell the characters in Kung Fu Panda as dolls.Datong Toy Factory Well, there is a toy factory in Yuen Long that is not very large.Big, but according to the information they provided, the equipment is quite complete, and they are now doing OEM for Disney.They want to get rid of the factory that has always been doing OEM, and want to develop their own dolls, but you know, now Xiangjiang The hottest and hottest cartoon is our Kung Fu Panda, so this time we contacted our publishing house.What do you think Li Guohao asked, because Li Guohao previously shared the copyright of Kung Fu Panda with Shangguan Xiaobao , although not much, but can make money, do you still care about how much copyright I think it s okay.Li Qiang didn t expect Xie Honghe to say this, he laughed and said, Haha, Manager Xie is very funny.All right, let s follow the chairman s decision and open a few branches in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island.Talked about it for a while.In the end, it was decided to open stores in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island.As for how many branches to open, this needs to be discussed again.However, according to Li Qiang and Li Guohao s idea, at least ten branches should be opened.At the beginning, the idea was to borrow 2 million yuan, but now we have 5 million yuan.The scale of this expansion will naturally be doubled.Li Guohao said to Wang Zhenzhen from the finance department Manager Wang is going to trouble you this time.It s best to analyze some of the more important stores we have provided to you as soon as possible, rent manpower and cost.He asked, I have a few familiar friends, but I haven t had much contact with them since I resigned.Does Ah Fa want to make money Rong Binghua After hearing what he wanted to hear, he asked with satisfaction.Of course I missed Boss Rong Seeing cbd vs hemp gummies Ah Fa s money greedy appearance, Rong Binghua said happily, I have something here that I want you to help me with.I ll give you 10,000 Hong Kong dollars when it s done Boss Rong can tell you what it is.At this time, Ah Fa probably understood what Rong Binghua ordered him to do, which should be to go to Li Ji to play tricks or something.Rong Binghua smiled and said cbd vs hemp gummies dr oz cbd gummies website I ll get you something tomorrow, and you secretly take it to the baking room behind Li Ji.As long cbd vs hemp gummies as you can finish it, the ten thousand Hong Kong dollars will be yours It s very simple, right Bring something, it s very simple.The largest food supplier in Xiangjiang is Lam Soon, followed by Xiangjiang Flour Factory and other raw material factories.This time, Nanshun disagreed with the cooperation proposal, so he had to find a factory of the next level to cooperate.It s not that Li Guohao doesn t have the idea of building a food supply chain on his own, but this thing doesn t just need to be established.You need to find a good source of goods and build a processing plant, and you need to have your own distributors.Adding all these things together, the required funds are astronomical for Li Guohao now.The food supply chain is from agricultural production, to transportation, to raw material processing, and then to raw material marketing.To put it simply, the wheat grown in the ground is the source, until the wheat products presented to the public, such as bread, buns, etc.I think they should be seen on the market in the near future.Take a cbd gummies louisville ky look, this is our doll.The contract with Datong Toy Factory.After receiving the document, Li Guohao opened it and read it.Wei Mo was surprised and said They really promised to only produce for one year, and they only sold it in Xiangjiang Disney s dolls, so I have a lot of worries about whether I can make money. Well, it s good, I talked to Liao Bufan, the manager of Li s TV station, and he said that Kung Fu Panda will be in Thailand and you in Singapore soon.As long as the ratings are high, we will delegate the production rights of Kung Fu Panda in Southeast Asia to others.Li Guohao had already thought about it before, as cbd vs hemp gummies long as Kung Fu Panda can become popular in other countries, then Doll stickers around Kung Fu Panda can be sold at a good price.This kind of pastry is specially used for sale in major shopping malls and stores, and can be stored for a long time. Our company will develop new pastry products , to meet all the tastes of the public today.At the same time, we will try our best to reduce the cost of production and seek benefits for everyone.Here I will provide you with the total sales of our palace cakes from last year to the present, which is a total of 5.79 million Hong Kong dollars.It s almost six million Six million Hong Kong dollars I lost it, and keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy it only took six months to sell six million Hong Kong dollars It s true It shouldn t be a lie.Everyone cheered I was taken aback by the income of 6 million Hong Kong dollars.In just over half a year, TM s sold for 6 million Hong Kong dollars.When everyone was surprised, Li Qiang and Li Guohao looked at each other and smiled.General Manager Li s factory in Yuen Long is almost done.The final payment should be paid.Call RB, so there are more than 600,000 left.Only more than 600,000 left Li Guohao frowned and asked.In addition to the 600,000 yuan, the company still has more than 3 million yuan in the bank, but the money is all saved by members and paid to suppliers.You said before that you can t move it, so I didn t count it.Inside.Wang Zhenzhen explained.Li Guohao pondered This is not possible.Recently, we will expand the stores in Macau and Wanwan, and at least open five branches.The money may not be enough.We also want to open directly operated stores best cbd gummies for memory in Wanwan and Macau, and wait for the bakery business to start, so as to drive local people to join.Wang Zhenzhen saw that Li Guohao was worried about money, so she asked Chairman, why can t we use the members money You must know that the money is already ours, and putting it in the bank is just a little interest.It was after the Dragon Boat Festival, so we opened it earlier this cbd vs hemp gummies month.People in Xiangjiang generally believe in Fengshui auspicious days, so for such a big event as opening a store, it is natural to open on the auspicious day of the cbd vs hemp gummies dr oz cbd gummies website zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store at this time, but huuman cbd gummies ingredients Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.In addition, the money at this time is still very valuable, 500 yuan can maintain the living expenses of an ordinary person for a month, so it is inevitable for some people to ask for a refund.And I will never sell the copyright super chill cbd gummies reviews live well cbd gummies of Kung Fu Panda to other companies.Yes Chapter 114 Before the cooperation was reached, the comic agency cooperated with Li s TV station, and at the beginning of the year, it had already sold the animated version of the first part of Kung Fu Panda to Taiwan, and then contacted the publishing house in Taiwan to publish it.The comic version of Kung Fu Panda was sold.From the beginning of the year to the present, the manga and animation versions have been sold to several countries in Southeast Asia.Although the prices given are generally relatively low, most of them are only a few thousand Hong Kong dollars per episode, but they can t stand the volume.A cartoon in a country can earn at least hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars, and at least more than one million Hong Kong dollars in total To be honest, George didn t want to come to Xiangjiang to discuss cooperation with Kung Fu kore organic cbd gummies free samples Panda this time, but James said that after completing this task, his position will be promoted to a higher level, and he will have a week can i buy cbd gummies at walgreens cbd vs hemp gummies s paid vacation , I bought a ticket and came back.After tasting it carefully, I found that the taste was not bad, a bit like the bridge rice noodle later on, but it was made from vermicelli.The taste is relatively strong, but it is quite delicious, and it tastes like fish broth.Unable to satisfy his hunger with a spoonful, Li Guohao quickly put the Wanzai fin in the bowl into his stomach, chewed a piece of minced meat in his mouth, and found that it was made of fish.Beef and fish are the cheapest.Why is Wanzai Chi called Wanzai Chi Because Wanzai s fin itself does not contain shark s fin ingredients, but its appearance is similar to that of HCMUSSH cbd vs hemp gummies broth based shark s fin, and it is served in a small bowl, so it is called Wanzai s fin.This was one of the few pleasures that ordinary people enjoyed at the time, after all, shark fins were not something that ordinary people could afford.After all, at this time, most of the cbd vs hemp gummies pastry shops are small and small Noisy, it is completely incomparable with the company, and the old brand shop is not good either According to statistics from the other two regions, Xiangjiang Island sold 8,650.5 million Hong Kong dollars, and cbd vs hemp gummies the New Territories sold the least, but there were also 7,085.41 million.Today, a total of 2,286,721 were sold, nearly 2.3 million Hong Kong dollars Li Qiang also said happily Chairman, it seems that you have decided to give out red envelopes Li Guohao said cbd vs hemp gummies before that as long as the sales of mooncakes are good this time, he will give the company up and down, whether it is the manager, the cleaning staff, or the shopkeepers.The waiter gave out a big red envelope.A total of 2.3 million Hong Kong dollars was sold in one day alone, and Li Guohao knew how cool he was just thinking about it, and said proudly Haha, the red envelopes have been prepared a long time cbd vs hemp gummies ago, as for how much everyone can get, it depends on your own efforts.Because Liu Peilin s eagle hemp cbd gummies cost mooncakes are sold in bulk, unlike Li Guohao who packs the mooncakes into boxes and sells them one by one.There are several flavors of mooncakes, and the prices are also different, so the calculation is more complicated.Some mooncakes are sold by the catty, while others are sold by the piece.Sold 200,000 mooncakes The total sales are more than 500,000 Liu Peilin shouted happily when he heard the financial report Gu Yonghe and the other three shareholders are also extremely excited.You must know that this is the first day, and they sold more than half a million yuan.After removing the cost and profit sharing, they can make a profit of at least one hundred thousand yuan, and one day can earn more than one hundred thousand yuan., It s incredible The profit cbd vs hemp gummies of moon cakes is actually very high, just like Li Guohao sells moon cakes with three prices the price is not equal to the taste, there are several flavors at the same price , the most profitable one is the snow skin moon cake with rose filling for 35 yuan a box.Today s sales volume is certain, but it is unlikely that there will be more than one million more mooncakes suddenly.You must know that this is the most expensive snowskin mooncake sold for more than 1 million Hong Kong dollars, and there are nearly 30,000 boxes of rose mooncakes, which is a total of 300,000 mooncakes.Li Guohao felt that it was incredible to suddenly sell so much more.If Li .

who is the ceo of smilz cbd gummies?

Guohao knew that the extra mooncakes sold were from Daronghua, he would have laughed.That s right, the main reason for the sudden increase in sales of ice skin mooncakes this time is that the mooncakes at Da Ronghua have completely collapsed.Yesterday, a full 200,000 mooncakes were sold, which greatly boosted Liu Peilin s confidence, so that the employees worked overtime to rush to make mooncakes and send them over.Mai Xiaomin is wearing a traditional bridal gown, wearing a phoenix crown, thick foundation, and blush on both sides of her face.She looks like a classical beauty.Sister Zhi, your hair isn t messed up.Mai Xiaomin turned her head and asked Zhao Yazhi.Hearing this, Zhao cbd vs hemp gummies dr oz cbd gummies website Yazhi thought of herself two days ago, smiled and said It s so beautiful.Very good looking cousin. Cousin is fine.A few cousins of Mai Xiaomin next to him also echoed.Mai Xiaomin was very nervous, his hands cbd gummies dosage for inflammation were sweating uncontrollably, thinking that he was going to get married soon, a little sweet and a little sad.Wedding car coming The groom is here.The man from the man s side is here.At this time, a group of people standing at the window looking out of the window suddenly yelled loudly.Upon hearing this, Mai Qi hurriedly said Let s go, you go down to pick up people.You can see that you are sweating nervously.After that, Zhao Yazhi picked up the paper on the table and wiped the sweat off her strongest cbd gummies cbd vs hemp gummies forehead, and then picked up the foundation to help her reapply her makeup.Boom At this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door.The bridesmaids suddenly became nervous, and the cousin asked, Who Cousin, I m in the wheat field.My cousin told me that the groom is coming up soon, so I asked you to prepare.said Mai Xiaomin s cousin outside the house.Oh, I see.My cousin replied.Mai Xiaomin said at this time Cousin, don t be too noisy later.Yo, Xiaomin hasn t married yet, so she turned her elbow The cousin said with a strange smile when she heard this.Suddenly, a group of women in the room burst into laughter.No, how can there be.Mai Xiaomin blushed, and didn t say anything more.He was looking for the bride s red shoes again, and doing some strange things, It HCMUSSH cbd vs hemp gummies was too noisy inside.Not too familiar.Zhao Yazhi followed Li Guohao to wait outside the house.Ah Hao.Zhao Yazhi said suddenly.What s wrong Li Guohao asked.I only heard Zhao Yazhi say Zhang Dong is married.Yes.Li Guohao let out a melancholy, for sunday scaries cbd gummies remembering the young man who followed him everywhere to shop and was busy opening a new store.He married his wife in just one year.Getting married, time flies by really fast.Zhao Yazhi glanced at Li Guohao, and asked a cbd vs hemp gummies little shyly Ahao, have you ever thought about when you will get married Azhi, when is the best time I don t know.Immediately, two blushes appeared on Zhao Yazhi s face, so charming.marry.Li Guohao has not thought about it for the time being, he is a person of later generations, and his thinking and concept are a little different from those of today s people, that is, it doesn t matter whether he gets married sooner or later.That s no problem, chairman.What Huang He cares about is the manager s seat, he doesn t want to go out on a business trip by himself, and give the manager s seat to someone else when he comes back.Where s Chen Zhipeng Li Guohao asked.I have no problem.Alright then, let s go back and get ready.You won t have to go to work for the next two days.Find the two of them as soon as possible and report to Manager Wang in the finance department.She will help book the plane tickets together.Then let s leave the chairman.Yeah.As soon as Huang He and Chen Zhipeng walked out of the office, they saw Zhao Yazhi suddenly appear at the door.Manager Huang, is the chairman in there Zhao Yazhi asked.Miss Zhao is here.Seeing that it was the proprietress, Huang He nodded immediately.Okay.After finishing speaking, Zhao Yazhi knocked on the door and walked in.There are not cbd vs hemp gummies many people.Li eagle hemp cbd gummies stock price Guohao asked.The Eagles are not very famous, but I believe they will become famous in the United States sooner or later They are a very powerful band, but it is a pity that the hippie style is still popular in the market now, and there are not many pure rock music of theirs.Zhang Nana said regretfully.Li Qiang took out a cigarette from the cigarette case, lit it, took a deep breath, looked at him and said, Actually, I m still not used to crowded places, and I always feel a little awkward.Zhang Nana smiled and said, Then No, if you do business in the United States, you must understand American thinking and understand their culture in order to develop your own business here.Although Zhang Nana usually dresses up like an old woman at work, she actually has a deep heart.It seems that they are coming.Chapter 181 Flour Price Rise The acquisition of the flour mill by the people from Nanshun Company raised Li Guohao s vigilance.The other party not only wanted to flex its muscles in the pastry field, but also wanted to monopolize all raw material markets in Xiangjiang.Although Lam Soon Group was established in Singapore, most of its business has been concentrated in Xiangjiang in recent years, and the business in Southeast Asian countries is also relatively general.This time the other party bought the flour mill, thinking that they want to further expand their business.After the acquisition of the flour mill, they will monopolize most of the Xiangjiang flour market, and they are taking this opportunity to develop their catering industry In a flash, half a month passed.Brother Qiang smiled and said Don t worry, you stay with me for a while, this matter will take a while.Hearing what Brother Qiang said, A Fei didn t care too much, nodded and said Okay Brother Qiang, Just call me if you need it.It looks like you ve been tired all day, go to the toilet, take a shower and go to sleep.Okay.A Fei picked up a change of clothes, and was just about to enter the small toilet when he listened Brother asked By the way, Ah Fei, you said earlier that the young man who dropped that piece of paper was wearing a black suit and trousers, and he was quite handsome, wasn t he Ah Fei thought for a while and nodded, Yes.Okay, I see, you go take a bath.Brother Qiang smiled and greeted Ah Fei to go in to take a bath.After Ah Fei went in, Brother Qiang smiled, remembering the person he saw on TV last night, combined with what A Fei said , I already have a rough idea of that person s appearance in my heart, but there is such a huge crowd, where can I find it It seems that we really need to find some people to help.Yi Shu looked at Li Guohao with a smile and said I said Ah Hao , that Chang Xiaotu is from your company, right Ok Li Guohao nodded blankly and asked Yes, what s wrong HCMUSSH cbd vs hemp gummies I just said, you still don t believe the vegetable basket Yi Shujiao smiled and glanced at Cai Lang.She had cbd vs hemp gummies been betting with Cai Lang before, saying that the contestant named Chang Xiaotu must be from the palace bakery, and only people from the palace cake can think of so many Chinese and Western combinations.Some dim sum to eat.Cai Lan smiled wryly, Okay, I admit defeat, I ll treat you to Yung Kee Restaurant tomorrow pure organic cbd gummies night The two of them made a bet before and whoever how to measure dosage for cbd gummies loses will treat the guests to dinner.Yi Shu won the bet and said with a happy smile Ah Hao, you also come over tomorrow night.He made a bet with me on the vegetable basket.Ah Wang Zhenzhen looked at Li Guohao in surprise.She thought that the other party wanted to ask her for something, but she just wanted to ask how much money she had.Wang Zhenzhen thought for a while and said Since the Mid Autumn Festival, the company s account has almost 17 million yuan, and some of it has been returned to HSBC, and there are more than 10 million yuan left, which has been given to Manager Li for more than 2 million yuan.Go to the United States to open a store.After that, the company opened a store in Wanwan, and there were some personnel expenses and costs, which were about five million.Recently, the company s revenue has dropped significantly, and the current account should be about Wang Zhenzhen really didn t pay much attention to the number of the company s accounts recently, so she said a number casually It should be around 10 million or so.At this time.A car came from a distance and stopped at the door.At first Li Guohao thought it was He Qianjin who had arrived, but after the driver s seat rolled down the window, he saw a strange woman sitting on it, she glanced at Li Guohao, and drove in by herself.Inside the villa.Bao Daheng sat on the sofa and listened to his subordinates reports.Boss, I ve already checked the information on this Li Guohao.Well, let s talk.Bao Daheng lit a cigarette and smoked.Compared with other bosses, he disliked cigars the least.His subordinates said Li Guohao was born in 1954 and is now 21 years old.In October 1971, he opened the first palace pastry shop on Nathan Road.Relying on the secret cbd vs hemp gummies recipe of the palace left by his ancestors, in just a few months, he opened a patisserie.Opened several shops in a row.Prepare to win the dim sum business in various company government restaurants in Macau and ask for your own help.At that time, He Gambler also readily agreed.At first, Gambling King He thought that Li Guohao developed the pastry shop business to Macau because of his daughter s cooperation with him, and he himself was at best a pastry chef with some skills.Unexpectedly, the other party actually initiated the news of the acquisition of Nanshun, which made He Gambler interested in it.I checked the information on the acquisition of listed companies in the 1970s for a long time, but most of them were just a few words.Based cbd vs hemp gummies on the current requirements for the acquisition of listed companies, combined with some classic acquisition cases at that time, I slightly reduced some rigid requirements.The requirement to formally acquire it after one month is considered a gold finger., to use this to suck the blood of stockholders, and after sucking up the cbd vs hemp gummies blood of stockholders, they ran to suck super chill cbd gummies reviews live well cbd gummies the blood of Chinese businessmen.After some blood sucking, this led to the outbreak of the stock market crash, otherwise how could the Hang Seng Index, which was rising well, suddenly It fell as soon as it fell, because the British capital had absorbed enough and sold all the stocks.Damn it I just said why the Hang Seng Index fell as soon as it fell Also, I exchanged all my shares in the Milk Company for Landmark shares.I thought I could make a lot of money by exchanging one share for five shares.A person on the table suddenly patted the table angrily and said.This movement caused the diners around to look sideways.company.Boss, take a look.These are some articles I asked someone to write.He got up and pushed open the door of the conference room and left.Seeing the person leave, Xu Deming took his vision back and was When he was about to continue talking, he heard the door of the conference room being opened again.He frowned.He thought it was the employee who just returned.Just as he was about to reprimand him, he saw that it was his son Xu Guanghe.dad Xu Guanghe ran in with a panicked expression and shouted.What s going on I m in a meeting Xu Deming said unhappily.II have something important to tell you.After finishing speaking, Xu Guanghe glanced at dozens of people in the venue.Hearing the meaning of his son s words, Xu Deming said to everyone Let s disband first, you hurry up and get the rest of the retail stocks.Contact the remaining minority shareholders, including those in Singapore.Li Guohao didn t bother Li Qiang.Now the other party is not only his wage earner, but also one of his partners, but this also made him feel a little bit worried.Chapter 224 The housewarming banquet discussed with Li Qiang and Zhang Nana about importing eagle hemp full spectrum cbd gummies and exporting food.After Zhao Yazhi settled her affairs, she bid farewell to the two of them.When she was about to take Zhao Yazhi out for a stroll, she heard the ringing cbd vs hemp gummies of the office phone sounded.Li Qiang took the phone, chatted for a few words, and said to Li Guohao who was about to go out Ahao, your phone number.Mine , when I heard someone calling to find me, I was also subconsciously curious about who it was.Hello, who He took the phone casually.Ahao, I am Brother Zheng Zheng Jiachun s hearty laughter came from the phone.Brother Zheng Li Guohao asked in a human voice Brother Zheng, what do you want from me Didn t it just get the keys after finishing the decoration today, and I m going to the platinum series cbd infused gummies hold a housewarming party at night, and I invite you to come and have fun.It can be clearly said that since the stock market rose in 1971, almost hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong have more or less invested in the stock market, and only a small number of them withdrew from the stock market before the stock market crash, or The investment has been reduced, and more people are still trapped tightly, falling into the predicament of wanting to sell but no one takes over.Most people are envious of some stockholders who once bought Lam Soon stock, because Li Guohao spent a lot of money to buy back Lam Soon stock.As the stock market continued to fall, those stockholders who sold Lam Soon stock were also very lucky.Chairman, the milk company has almost been integrated, and the Pokfulam Ranch is also preparing to transfer the ranch to the New Territories.said Cao Xiujie, the person in charge of the real estate project of Hongkong Land.When Li Guohao heard He Qianjin s words, his heart was full of turmoil.He also knew the name of the Xiangjiang Jockey Club.He once read a report in later generations that said that Ma Dabao wanted to join the membership, but he joined after several twists and turns.Zhao Yazhi on the side was quite excited when she heard that Li Guohao was going to join the Xiangjiang Jockey Club, it was as if your boyfriend was suddenly invited to join Ding Shi s dinner.I m very interested in joining the horse club Then I ll trouble Miss He.Li Guohao didn t pay attention to Zhao Yazhi s expression.After thinking for a while, he knew that He Daheng, He Qianjin s father, couldn t have recommended him for no reason.I don t want to ask myself, I m afraid I also want to make friends with one or two, Li Guohao s background is not enough, so I am happy to have a senior to guide me.It is entirely possible to set up a special group meal organization to provide meals for major hospitals, schools, and government departments.After listening to Li Guohao s words, Jin Jiashi was thoughtful.At first, he thought that Li Guohao s acquisition of Nanshun was to provide convenience for the pastry company and to manage a little flour raw material business along the way, but he didn t expect the other party to think so big.Even vegetables, fruits and meat are included.It is not something that can be done in a short time to really bring all the raw materials related to catering into the scope of the company.I will try my best to do it.Li Guohao didn t expect Jin Jiashi to finish it in a short time, but he just told him Don t rush to do these things, after all, it may not be effective in a short time.After returning to the company, Li Guohao immediately went to the new department, the Charity Department.In order to take care of Zhao Yazhi as much as possible, Li Guohao also added a lot of manpower to the charity department.Now, besides Zhao Yazhi, the manager of the charity department, there are also several assistants and salesmen who are dedicated to helping Zhao Yazhi reduce the burden.In the spacious and bright office, Zhao Yazhi also got up and helped Li Guohao make a cup of tea and put it on the table.Seeing Li Guohao who was becoming more and more tycoon like, she was also sitting beside her, fascinated by her big black eyes.Noticing Zhao Yazhi s gaze, Li Guohao touched his face and asked, Is there something on my face No.Zhao Yazhi chuckled.By the way, have you found the costumer you were looking for Ever since he attended the charity banquet last time, Li Guohao had a deep understanding of one thing, that is, he had to find a special costumer to help him match.On the other hand, this building in front of you is American style.There is a parking lot, and there are servants and security guards.Li Guohao stepped HCMUSSH cbd vs hemp gummies forward, put his hands on the pier, and looked at the green water and green mountains below the mountain, and the high rise buildings in the distance.These two different scenery make people fascinated How much Li Guohao turned his head to look at Xiaofang, the real estate agent, and asked.A total of 1.57 million Hong Kong dollars.In addition, there are several good cars in the garage.If Mr.Li buys it, the owner said it and planned it.Mr.Lee s name.Xiao Fang of the real can i buy cbd gummies at walgreens cbd vs hemp gummies estate agency also said respectfully.Only 1.57 million Hong Kong dollars Li Guohao glanced at Zheng Jiachun in surprise, and vaguely remembered that he went to his housewarming party not long ago, and seemed to remember that he said that his house cost more than one million Hong Kong dollars, and that his own was twice as big as the other party s, and he also gave away a few cars.Mr.Li, I wonder how many people you want to choose Chief Zhou asked.Shen Bi didn t say how many people he wanted in detail before, but just asked him to bring all the students who were eliminated from the first batch to interview, and Shen Bi didn t say who he would choose.A few days ago, Shen Bi gave Li cbd lemon drop gummies Guohao the list of eliminated personnel, ingredients in cbd gummy bears and Li Guohao also read all 15 lists, among which only five people were satisfied, and these five people were very suitable in terms of personal files, resumes and family conditions.The standard yuzu cbd gummy of one s own personal bodyguard.Mr.Zhou, please let me Li Guohao whispered to Mr.Zhou and read out the names of the people he liked.Zou Yu, Zhang Bowen, Tong Liqin, Yu Weicheng, Chen Sheng Here The five of them took a step forward in unison.Chief Zhou said You five stand to the right.Lawyer Fang, did you drive here Li Guohao asked.No, my car broke down and is being repaired.Fang Jian said.Then why don t you take my car back Then please trouble Mr.Li.Fang Jian smiled.The two got into the car.To be honest, Fang Jian never imagined that Li Guohao would become prosperous so quickly in his heart, and they had known each other for more than a year.He thought that the other party was just the owner of a pastry shop at the beginning, but now he has become Xiangjiang.For a new billionaire, the speed of upgrading is too fast.Is Lawyer Fang interested in joining our company Li Guohao glanced at Fang Jian.The other party was very familiar with him.Li Guohao would call Fang Jian for many contractual matters.The other party was also the pastry company s legal counsel Really join Yes, Guohao Group does not have a legal department that really belongs to the company, so I hope that lawyer Fang can join our company, so that the legal department will be managed by lawyer Fang.From the late 1950s, Valerie, who was in her twenties, set up an orphanage with her friends and converted her house in Xiangjiang to adopt homeless orphans.Very rare thing.Especially if the other party does this,It has persisted for more than ten years without stopping.Mr.Li is really too polite.You have so many things to do every day.It is really rare to be able to visit Annie in the hospital.Valerie smiled, and suddenly introduced to Li Guohao, Sorry, I forgot to introduce to you, the reporter next to me is Ming Pao reporter Chen, this time I am here mainly to report on some situations of the orphanage, hoping to attract more Xiangjiang citizens to pay attention to these children.Hello, Mr.Li, you are really famous.Why don t we meet, our chairman has always been full of praise for Mr.Li, saying that you are a young talent in the new era.When he heard the news, he remembered that the boss s son seemed to be called Li Guohao.Go to the cash register and make a call.The villa in the middle of the mountain area, Li s family.Li s father, Li mother and others are watching TV, when a piece of news is interrupted suddenly, and they are all panicked when they see that the news is about their son.Husband, it s my son. I know, call the police Don t let anything happen to you security company.After Zhang Bowen saw the news report, he was also shocked.He never expected that something happened to the boss, so he called all the people together and sent some people to Li s house to protect Li s father and Li s mother.At cbd sexual gummies the same time, he personally led the team to Pok Fu Lam.Ho s.The Huo family.Zheng family.Shen Bi.Jin Jiashi, Li Qiang, Ni Xingqing, Shangguan Xiaobao and other people who knew Li Guohao from the company were shocked., the price is extremely expensive, and Xiangjiang people pay attention to Feng Shui and tradition, the price of the cemetery is getting higher and higher.Fortunately, ordinary people can still afford it now.Ten years later, land prices soared.Apart from queuing up and waiting for government arrangements, almost no one could cbd gummies sverige afford to build a private cemetery.At the birthday party, Li Guohao met He Mu and chatted for a while, but because of He Mu s health, he hurriedly cut off the topic.That night, after the banquet, Li Guohao did not spend the night in Macau.After paying his respects to He Qianjin, he took the evening ferry and rushed back After returning from the He family s birthday party, Li Guohao also participated in the opening ceremony of the hotel in cooperation with Zheng Jiachun.I was also thinking in my heart, could this be the rumored Ding Pei who killed Bruce Lee.Hello, Miss Ding.Although he was curious in his heart, Li Guohao shook hands with Ding Pei on the face.Hello, Mr.Li.Ding Pei, who was wearing light makeup, also looked curiously at the rich man in his early twenties who was already well known in Xiangjiang.At this time, a motorcycle suddenly drove over in the distance.I saw a thin man with long hair getting off the motorcycle and shouting at Xu Guanwen as he walked, Awen, I m sorry for being late Hurry up, Shi Tian Xu Guanwen glared angrily.At a glance.Shi Tian When he heard the name Shi Tian, Li Guohao also looked sideways in surprise, only to see a young man walking in front of him.Judging from his appearance, he was indeed a bit like the dragon four who later played in The True Colors of Heroes 2.In this competition, in addition to the medals for each item, there will also cbd vs hemp gummies be a title of the best pastry chef.It is to choose the most popular pastry chef from these several cbd vs hemp gummies items.It can be said that this title is very, very powerful.Just like the best players in football. The International Skills Olympics will not officially start until the 8th.The pastry competition will not be officially held at the Victoria Hotel until the 10th.So Li Guohao, who came to London for the first time, also took Zhao Yazhi to play around here.I have to say that London is still a very attractive city.The ancient buildings, charming scenery, cbd vs hemp gummies tom selleck cbd gummies and very contemporary clothing draw a charming picture.In the past few days, Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi almost to visit most of the scenic spots in London.Elizabeth Tower , Buckingham Palace , cbd vs hemp gummies British Museum , Westminster Abbey , etc.Because of Li Guohao, Shangguan Xiaobao s Bruce Lee painting at this time is more in line with reality, without too many bloody and pornographic images, but it is also because of this that Little Rascal came from behind.Huang Yulang Li Guohao was taken aback, he knew this person.As the founder of Yulang Comics, Huang Yulang had a life experience that was full of ups and downs.Yulang comics were taken away by others.In the end, he took back the comic company with his own ability.His comics such as Fengyun and its Chinese Heroes have been sold well to later generations.Yes, I also know this person , I used to stay in a comic company.Shangguan Xiaobao said, How do you think the president will handle this matter If I remember correctly, we have obtained the exclusive authorization from Bruce Lee Except for us, no one else is allowed to draw any comics related to Bruce Lee Li Guohao glanced at Shangguan Xiaobao lightly and said.How can you know that this well dressed A decent middle aged man wearing cheap clothes is a billionaire.Fourth Uncle.Seeing his chairman greet Li Guohao, Huang Yaohua next to him also yelled.Li Zhaoji looked at Huang Yaohua, who looked familiar, and suddenly thought of something, exclaimed, Are you the grandson of Mr.Huang Cheng Huang Yaohua nodded lightly.How is Mr.Huang doing now It s also been a long time since I saw each other. Grandpa passed away last year.That s such a pity, I ve always wanted to see Mr.Huang once again.Li Zhaoji sighed.Hearing that Li Zhaoji actually knew Huang Yaohua s grandfather, Li Guohao also glanced at Huang Yaohua in astonishment.Very powerful.In the early years, Huang Yaohua s family was considered a relatively well known figure among the rich Chinese in Xiangjiang.I didn t expect the other party to study so much in private.Continue.yes.Seeing that the chairman is interested, Di Yimin was overjoyed and continued to talk.Most of the group s business is now in the food and catering industry.I think the group will continue to work hard in this area in the future.Tian Food Industrial Park is also officially started, so I thought about raising this issue with the chairman.Well, go ahead.Foreign food companies, including catering companies, almost all have their own technology development department.Of course, our group also has them, but I checked and found that the technology department in cbd vs hemp gummies the company is only developing new products, not thinking about how to improve food technology Di Yimin talked for about half an hour, his mouth was dry, and after super chill cbd gummies reviews live well cbd gummies he said the last sentence, he also took a peek at Li Guohao s face.If there were not some low trenches and sandbags blocking it, I am afraid that people from one end could go directly to the other end.Said that the first issue was finished, so I wanted to come and have a look.After hearing Zheng Jiachun s complaint, Li Guohao also shrugged helplessly.After receiving the wet cbd vs hemp gummies towel handed over by the bodyguard, Zheng Jiachun wiped his face regardless of his appearance, and only wore a camouflage vest to wipe off the colored powder on his arms and neck.Wipe it clean.Li Guohao said, There is a shower upstairs, why don t you go up and take a shower I ll go again later.After Zheng Jiachun tidied up the obviously dirty place on his body, he threw the towel to the bodyguards, told them to go super chill cbd gummies reviews live well cbd gummies out first, and closed the door by the way.Before Li Guohao could ask, Zheng Jiachun said, Ahao, you didn t just come here for fun Let s shoot Haha, I really can t hide it from Big Brother Zheng s eyes Li Guohao laughed.It stands to reason that the construction of cities is often built in the largest place, not only the place is large, but also the development of the city can be expanded in cbd vs hemp gummies the future.But the actual situation is that cbd vs hemp gummies Lantau Island is the slowest developing area in Hong Kong.It was not until 1989 when Governor MacLehose launched the Airport Center Project , relying on the construction of a new airport, which drove the economic construction of Lantau Island.The outlying islands are much smaller, only about 6 square kilometers, and most of the people living on them are local people or some Xiangjiang aborigines.There are dealers in Lantau Island and outlying islands Li Guohao looked at the two regions at the bottom of the report in his hand, and glanced at Huang Yaohua in surprise.These two cbd vs hemp gummies places have almost no profit to gain, not only the transportation will cost a lot of freight.Brother Xiaolong came to see me this time Li Guohao motioned for the two to sit down, and found a chair to sit down himself.I heard from Mr.Cai that I was saved this time because of Li Sheng.I came this time to thank Li Sheng for saving my life.Bruce Lee thanked.I didn t do anything there.Apart from thanking Li Sheng this time, there is one more thing.What s up The doctor told me that my body is fine, but because of the long term training in the past, some changes have taken place in the function of the body, and I will not be able to engage in some high risk jobs in the future.I m afraid this Enter the Dragon may be my last movie.Bruce Lee s eyes were gloomy.For him, movies are not only his life, but they are also an indispensable part, because only by making movies can he let more people know his martial arts philosophy.Now these three newspapers are the best selling in Xiangjiang.Soon, Secretary Xiao Liu brought the coffee.Li Guohao read today s newspaper while drinking coffee.In this era without the Internet and mobile phones, if you want to obtain the latest international information or local news, you must learn to read newspapers patiently.Dongfang Daily is still reporting some social and people s livelihood news in Xiangjiang.Today s front page is written Xiangjiang Oriental Beauty Contest and Miss Xiangjiang Beauty Contest.Two beauty contests Feeling the novelty, Li Guohao watched it with great interest.It turned out that when TVB TV station was preparing for the Miss Xiangjiang Beauty Contest , Li s TV station, which was the deadly rival, also got the news.Li s TV station also immediately contacted the people from the Xiangjiang Oriental Beauty Pageant, hoping to move the beauty pageant, which had been selected privately in the past, to the TV station.Since then, business has gone from bad to worse.If there were only these, Maxim s Cakes wouldn t close forty stores at once.The most important thing was that Li Guohao s palace pastries were also made with western pastries, and some of them tasted even better than Maxim s Cakes.These alone are not the root cause of the decline of Maxim s Cakes.The most fundamental thing can i buy cbd gummies at walgreens cbd vs hemp gummies is that Nanshun Group was bought by Li Guohao Last year, in 1972, the Jardine Group had already set a policy.In the future, most of Hongkong Land s business will be transferred to the catering industry, relying on catering to drive real estate.West Point is just one of them.At the beginning, he didn t think about opening a cbd vs hemp gummies pastry shop, but who made Li Guohao s palace pastry become popular in Xiangjiang, and the stock market was so good that everyone had money to buy it.After acquiring the Xiangjiang Flour Mill, Lam Soon Group is ready to invest in Hong Kong Land and has disclosed information about several important shareholders to the other party.What I didn t expect was the stock market chaos.The stock market crash broke out.And because Hongkong Land acquired Milk Company not long ago, stockholders took to the streets to protest and boycott Hongkong Real Estate.The acquisition of Nanshun s shares has been delayed.Thinking of waiting for this matter to ease down, when buying Nanshun Group, cbd oil gummies for tinnitus he never wanted to be temporarily intervened by Li Guohao.Originally, according to Hongkong Land s catering plan, after acquiring Maxim s Bakery, they acquired part of the shares of Lam Soon Group, relying on storefronts and raw materials to suppress Li Guohao s palace pastry and other pastry shops.However, many women are no longer the same as before.They only work as housewives, gradually provoking the burden of the family, and working outside to support their families.This leads to a problem.I usually don t have time to cook.Instead of wasting time buying vegetables, washing vegetables and cooking, quick frozen dumplings are relatively more convenient.You only need to buy them and put them in the refrigerator, and you can take them out to cook at any time.eat.Yeah.Li Guohao suddenly said to Li Dexiao Dad, I will arrange someone to deal with the tea restaurant after a cbd vs hemp gummies while.It s not urgent, wait until your company s affairs are settled.Li Dexiao said with a smile. The quick frozen food was officially put on sale the next day.Thanks to the partners of the previous food company, the distribution of quick frozen food is more extensive this time.This is almost nothing in the world pattern after World War II.It is no wonder that after the birth of the oil crisis, the strongest cbd gummies cbd vs hemp gummies economic losses of the United States and the world have been so heavy.Almost cbd vs hemp gummies all the members of the Arab countries were mobilized.Dozens of oil exporting countries gathered together to ban cbd vs hemp gummies the export of oil abroad.One can imagine how much influence it has Dingling The phone in the hotel rang.Li Guohao put down the newspaper in his hand, went to the phone and answered it Hello there Asked You are Li Sheng is me, Bruce Lee.Brother Xiaolong Why did you call me Li Guohao asked in surprise.You must know that my phone number is only given to Zhao Yazhi from Xiangjiang, her parents, and Di Yimin.As for his purpose of coming to the United States, he only said to deal with the matter of the American pastry company, and did not disclose too much information.This time for his 55 year old birthday banquet, there were too many guests to count.He ran into someone who was either an important government official or a rich man in the business world.Li Sheng Li Sheng s side Jian Fu, as the son of the Director of Education, was naturally lucky enough to come to see the world with his father, otherwise he would not be able to appear at a banquet of this level.While drinking and chatting with a group of second generation friends, I suddenly saw Li Guohao and Zheng Jiachun coming in from the door, and hurriedly greeted them.Zheng Jiachun is almost a round older than Li Guohao, and his circle of friends is naturally people in their thirties.Seeing Jian Fu greet Li Guohao now, he said Ahao, go over, I happen to be busy with something.Okay Li Guohao nodded slightly, and when he was about to hold Zhao Yazhi s hand, He Qianjin walked over not far away.Bao Daheng, the protagonist, was dressed in a traditional Chinese tunic suit.After a few opening remarks, the banquet officially began.In fact, according to Bao Daheng s frugal habits, he would not be so laborious and mobilize people to hold a birthday banquet.It was just that he wanted to meet Li Guohao at first, and it happened that his birthday was two days old, so he used this as an excuse to invite him to his home.This incident also caused her daughter Bao Rong to misunderstand, thinking that her father wanted to hold a special birthday banquet, so she called many celebrities, wealthy businessmen and politicians to invite her.When Bao Daheng knew about this situation, his daughter had already invited more than a dozen well known wealthy businessmen in Xiangjiang, so he had no choice but to make mistakes.After the meeting, I intend to sell the products of my factory Members of chambers of commerce who sell overseas can go to him to sign up.Upon hearing this, there was an uproar in the venue.You must know that importing and exporting is not as simple as it was later.In order to ensure the interests of the factories in your own country, many countries like Thailand basically cbd gummies tested use them for imports of industrial products that the country does not have, such as hardware and textiles.Domestic production, for better or worse.This time, the import and export market in Southeast Asia has been broadened, and Xiangjiang merchants will grow stronger in the next ten years.At one time, Xiangjiang became the head of the four small dragons in the Asian economy After the meeting room ended, everyone in the venue did not leave, but chatted with each other one by one.Boss, the reporter from the newspaper office is here Chen Sheng knocked on the wide open door and said.Here Let him come in directly.After a while, a well dressed reporter came in with a briefcase under his arms.Chairman The reporter yelled as soon as he entered the door.That s right, this reporter is exactly the reporter of Daily Daily , Qin Feng.Well, sit down.After the commander Qin Feng sat down, Li Guohao said Don t treat me as the boss today.Just treat me as someone who accepts your interview, don t be restrained, and ask the questions you have prepared , I will try my best to answer all your questions.In order to promote the instant noodles and the newspaper, Li Guohao was going to formally accept a reporter s interview.After the acquisition of Nansun last year, in order to expand my reputation and publicize the strength of the group, I wanted to find a reporter from Ming Pao to interview me.Fleeing to Hong Kong.At that time, a large number of mainland escapees from Hong Kong were robbed by the police and blocked in Wutong Mountain in Sheung Shui.This matter was very sensitive, and the leftist Ta Kung Pao , Wen Wei Po and other newspapers did not dare to report.Only Ming Pao They clamored loudly to give opportunities to compatriots in the mainland.At the same time, they opened up the newspaper North Looking at Shenzhou in the newspaper, and established their own image of independent speech.From the bottom of his heart, he placed the position of the newspaper on an authoritative knowledge newspaper.Pang Heshuo thought about it, and he said What the chairman means is that we position the newspaper in line with what people think in their hearts and uphold principles to promote good things Do you know what energy is Li Guohao asked suddenly.What What s the matter, Lingling Li Guohao glanced at his cousin Li Lingling, who has been in Xiangjiang for more than half a year.Perhaps because of the soil and water, her skin is much better than when she first came to Xiangjiang.Can I ask you something After finishing speaking, the cousin secretly glanced at the aunt who was playing mahjong.Let s talk. I cbd vs hemp gummies dr oz cbd gummies website I don t want to study anymore, I want to go to your culinary school to learn how to make pastry.Li Guohao frowned and asked, Is it your own idea Ok Facing this unfamiliar cousin, but with an adult air, Li Lingling nodded weakly.Thinking that her cousin seems to be only 16 years old and has not graduated from the sixth form, Li Guohao asked again Why don t you think about it read I don t think I can continue to study.I didn t study very well in Wanwan.Li Renzhong still has a way of teaching his disciples.Opening the Zuye restaurant, except for Guan Yunfei who opened the restaurant by himself, almost all the rest came back to help.After all, working there is not a part time job, and the grandson of the master, Li Guohao, is a well known rich man in Hong Kong.Maybe the business of the restaurant will expand to various regions in the future, and they will be prestige as veterans by then.Chapter 331 The Food Industrial Park opened on January 25, the second day of the Lunar New Year.Today is a rare sunny day.In this cold winter, a ray of sunshine shines down from the clouds, making people who are spending the winter a little more warm.Xiangjiang is not very cold at all, and the sun is shining brightly today.Many young men and women on the streets are wearing light long sleeved jackets to go out and play.With a sound, the red rope boy was hit hard by the whip leg, and suddenly he felt his eyes go dark, and the sky turned around.The black rope boy was in a trance, and when he saw the red rope boy s expression in a trance, he backed away a little.Two steps, and then a sudden step forward, the whole person flew into the air, and slammed into the opponent s head with the hardest knee bone.With a plop , the red rope boy was OK on the spot, fell to the ground and tried to crawl I got up, but my head was hit by this impact, and I obviously had some concussion.I gritted my teeth and stood up slowly, staggered a few steps, and finally fell to the ground.This seems to be a long period of competition, but it is only a short one or two Minutes later, this shocked Li Guohao who was standing in the audience.Old Zheng walked in with the bet ticket, and when he handed it to Li Guohao, he asked, Where did you get this thing This Old Zheng saw Li Guohao pointing at the glass pot, He replied This seems to be a kind of water produced by a local Chinese.After drinking it, people high peak cbd gummies tend to be excited and not easy to sleep.It is a kind of water that Muay Thai fighters like to drink most.After listening, Li Guohao was finally sure that this thing should be It is the predecessor of Red Bull His favorite functional drink in his previous life was Red Bull, and most of the others, such as Dongpeng, tasted bad.It may be because of the habit of drinking that it will reject other brands.I also deliberately searched for some information about Red cbd vs hemp gummies dr oz cbd gummies website Bull on the Internet.I thought it was a domestic brand, but in the end I found out that it was invented by Thai Chinese, and there are two types of Red Bull in the world.Therefore, in modern society, how to keep the secret recipe intact is absolutely irresistible to the reverse deciphering of technology.The worst thing is that there is a slight change in taste.But before Red Bull went out of Bangkok, out of Thailand, and rushed to the world, Li Guohao took the lead in launching functional drinks with capital, so the name of the father of Red Bull might be placed on Li Guohao s head.This method is more insidious, and it is also the routine used by most capitals.Li Guohao does not want to use this method for the time being, after all, it is too easy to be choked Seeing that Xu Guangbiao disagreed with the purchase of the formula for 1 million baht, Li Guohao frowned and said, Mr.Xu, why don t we find a place to sit down and have a chat Xu Guangbiao glanced at Li Guohao and saw a dozen people behind him.Xu Guangbiao was so excited that he set up a company with 50 million baht and gave himself half of the shares, which is equivalent to 25 million And also give myself an extra one million baht in cash.This was far beyond what he thought in his heart, and when he was about to agree, he remembered the overseas sales of cbd gummy bears calories fairy water mentioned by Li Guohao cbd vs hemp gummies dr oz cbd gummies website just now.No, I want half of the shares in countries other than Thailand Xu Guangbiao said greedily with his eyes shining.Li Guohao didn t expect Xu Guangbiao to be so greedy, and sighed in his heart that people s desires are indeed endless.In that case, forget it.Li Guohao turned around and left directly.Chen Xuewen and others immediately followed after seeing this.Boss Li At first I thought that Li Guohao wanted to play hard to get, but Xu Guangbiao was still sitting there, waiting for Li Guohao to come back and continue talking with him.It is a standard transport ship.It can be seen from the hull of the boat exposed to the river that the boat is old, the surface is rusty, and the ground is wet.Hello, my friend.The captain, wearing a yellowed white short sleeve, walked up to welcome Chen Xuewen happily after seeing Chen Xuewen.Hello Basong.Chen Xuewen replied with a smile in Thai.Get your people on board, we are ready to leave for Roi Et.Okay.After a while, the last person boarded the boat.Your people are all here Well, the boat can be set off.Chen Xuewen looked around and saw that there was no one of his own on the pier, so he called the captain Basong to set off the boat.Here Li Guohao just boarded the boat and was about to leave Bangkok for Roi Et.In Bangkok s Chinatown, Chen Guangbiao was eagerly looking for something.After finally finding Lao Zheng in a shop in Chinatown, he hurriedly asked Where is the boss Li who was with you yesterday Lao Zheng looked at the person who came and thought for a while, then said in a daze Who are you from yesterday Ask Boss Li He has gone back to Xiangjiang.We grow rice here.It can be cooked four times a year, while in other places it can only be cooked three times.Boss Li, we can grow not only rice, but also various fruits Hearing Chen Xuewen s translation, Li Guohao couldn t help but smile.All they said was to praise how good this place is.After looking around the land he was about to contract, Li Guohao thought of the factory and asked, Who do you choose Where is the best place to build a factory On the other side, blocked by vision.Chen Xuewen pointed to the blind spot of the viewing angle and said There is a flat land over there.I went to inspect it before.The environment is good, and several factories can be built.Dad, look what I caught Suddenly, I saw several teenagers running over excitedly grabbing a half meter long snake.Seeing this scene, Li Guohao swallowed .

can cbd gummies get u high if there 20 mg?

his saliva.Soon, what is in green ape cbd gummies only Li Guohao and Huang Yaohua were left in the conference room.How many soda water companies are there in Xiangjiang now Soda water Huang Yaohua s eyes lit up, and he mistakenly thought that Li Guohao had agreed to the soda water factory he mentioned last year, and asked quickly The chairman wants to build a soda water factory Yes and no.Li Guohao said with a smile, I m planning to start a beverage company, not only producing soda, but also fruit juice, tea, etc.Beverage company At this time, Xiangjiang, most of the The sodas are all glass bottles that we used to see when we were young, the kind that cost 50 cents a bottle.In addition to the initial lemon flavor, with the development, the orange flavor, soda flavor and so on were gradually added.Those various diversified beverages of future generations have not yet occurred.After all, you can pick the fruit in advance and wait for it to ripen during the transportation.As long as the timing is good, it will not spoil or rot.But vegetables are different.Under normal circumstances, after vegetables leave the land, they can only last for three days without freezing, and even if they are frozen, they can only last for about five to ten days.In terms of time, it is completely enough to transport from Thailand to Xiangjiang, but vegetables are different from fruits, and it is difficult to guarantee their taste after freezing, and not all vegetables are suitable for freezing.Therefore, Li Guohao directly discarded fresh vegetables.It s not that we don t want to grow vegetables anymore, we still have to grow them, after all, Thai people also need vegetables.In addition, there is no vegetable bag in the instant noodles, which always makes Li Guohao feel a little strange.Hearing what Cai Lan said, Li Guohao thought for a while, and then he remembered that there seemed to be no premiere at this time, and even the Cane Biting Gang hadn t appeared yet.No, no, you are wrong if you think so , Movies are always movies, and textual descriptions can never replace movies, so what if he writes out the general plot Can a comedy style movie be described in words Any movie cannot be simply described in words.Li Guohao said again In fact, these reporters should be happy can i buy cbd gummies at walgreens cbd vs hemp gummies to help us report movies for free, so as to attract more people to go to the cinema to watch movies. maybe.Cai Lan always believes that movies should maintain a sense of mystery, so as to attract audiences to spend money to buy tickets to watch.Li Guohao did not refute Cai Lan s cold response.Importance.Just say Okay, after the movie is released, you send someone to the movie theater to do a survey, and ask them how they heard about this movie.love story Chapter 369 When Ocean Cruises reported in the Daily Daily that Li Guohao spent a lot of money to build a luxurious wedding, cbd vs hemp gummies Bao Daheng also sent employees to Yongan Building to discuss with Li Guohao the plan to cooperate with the cruise ship.According to Bao Daheng s meaning, it is to connect Xiangjiang, Macau, Nanyang and other places into a stable tourist route, but can i buy cbd gummies at walgreens cbd vs hemp gummies considering that some small countries have unstable regimes and serious local turmoil.In addition, the He family and the Huo family also have similar ship travel companies, so they only include the island country of Wanwan Macau in the plan for the time being.The specific matters need to be carefully quantified, but it has been discussed that Bao Daheng and Li Guohao each invested 50 million Hong Kong dollars to establish a new ocean travel company.It s better now.When I was just born, I saw it for the first time in the hospital When he saw him, he was taken aback, and thought to himself, was this born by me Why is he so ugly After all, he has inherited my genes 300 mg cbd gummies super chill cbd gummies reviews from Mai Xiaomin.It s fine if the skin is dry, and it s wrinkled like a seven year old.She looks like a little skinny monkey who has shed her fur.When Mai Xiaomin said this, she covered her mouth and laughed.Maybe it was because of his mother s laughter that the originally quiet little fat man immediately laughed cheerfully, like a baby like laugh, no, it was a baby like laugh, which made the nearby family and friends laugh too stand up.Li Guohao asked Have you chosen a name for the child Zhang Dong hesitated for a while It should be considered a name What else is there to call it a name Li Guohao complained.My dad cbd vs hemp gummies means Zhang Cheng, and my father in law means Zhang Wen.What about you Me I didn t think Zhang Dong touched the back of his head with cbd vs hemp gummies a little embarrassment and said, It s not like you don t know how I can think of a good name because I m so bad at studying.Hearing what Zhang Dong said, Li Guohao rolled his eyes at him You should learn to make decisions on your own.You are already married and have children.If your father disagrees with your father in law, you need to resolve it yourself.I know.Zhang Dong nodded slightly.On the other side, Zhao Yazhi, who was teasing the little fat man, was chatting privately with Mai Xiaomin.Xiao Min, did you have any pain when you gave birth It hurts, it must hurt, I m about to roll on the ground in pain Thinking of the process of giving birth, Mai Xiaomin couldn t help shivering and said Let me tell you that giving birth is really painful.At least hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars will be spent on publicity every month.You can calculate how much extra money will be spent in this year, not including the labor and rent of the local branch.Li Qiang sighed when he said this Tone In fact, going public now is the best choice.Firstly, it can raise funds, and secondly, it can better expand the company s influence and scale.Li Guohao frowned while holding the microphone.He didn t have much influence, but he had a great influence on He Qianjin and Li Qiang.After all, both of them have shares in the palace pastry company.If they go public, the value of their shares will soar.Since He Qianjin mentioned this matter to himself last time, Li Guohao has always kept this matter in his heart, and occasionally thought about whether it is good or bad to go public.He has experienced many earthquakes and natural disasters, but the one that left the deepest impression on him was Wenchuan.I remember that he was still a high school student at the time.After the report, I donated all of my only 20 yuan change to the Red Cross on the street.At this moment, I saw a 7.I don t know, maybe it s the boss s relative, or his son.The colleague also said blankly.I don t think so.I heard people say that our boss seems to be a young man.Could this be our chairman Another person said suddenly.While the people below were whispering to each other, Bai Zhiming clapped his palms and shouted to everyone in the office area in front of him Everyone, stop for a moment and put aside the work at hand.Hearing this, everyone They put down their work one after another, stood up and looked in the direction of cbd vs hemp gummies Bai Zhiming, but most of strongest cbd gummies cbd vs hemp gummies them were staring at Li Guohao behind him.1 studio, the roar from He Zuozhi was already heard outside the door.After scolding for a while, He Zuozhi was also tired.He glanced at the singers performing on the stage, and couldn t help but sighed, Let s do this first.Let s rest for ten minutes and rehearse Uncle He, what made you so angry I have a headache.Li Guohao smiled and walked in slowly from the door.He Zuozhi turned his head and saw that it was Li Guohao who came, and sighed again There is no way, the TV station is short of manpower recently, so we have to recruit new people, but these people have no stage performance experience, and they can sing the lyrics wrong in rehearsal , Waiting until the opening fyi cbd gummies free sample day of the competition, I really don t know what to do.The three sat down respectfully.If Li Guohao was just a simple billionaire, they wouldn t be so respectful, but the other party is the host cbd vs hemp gummies dr oz cbd gummies website of a fighting competition, so how could they be careless.Cotton candy is not can i buy cbd gummies at walgreens cbd vs hemp gummies unique to China, it is quite common in the United States.Many people have eaten cotton candy more or less.Someone held the cotton candy without any desire to eat it, and said to the people around him cbd gummies 101 with some sarcasm Oh, my God, is this future delicacy for us to taste cotton candy If this is also can i buy cbd gummies at walgreens cbd vs hemp gummies a future delicacy, Then the dog food that my Henry eats should be regarded as the food of the future Hehe, although I feel that this press conference is a bit tricky, the taste of cotton candy is still good Yes, I have been talking about it for many cbd gummies anderson cooper years I haven t eaten marshmallows before, for the sake of this marshmallow, I will report the content of the newspaper more pertinently this time. It s a piece of shit Who would eat marshmallows Shot, this is also the future Food Looks like another gimmick, there is absolutely no need to waste the happy time of Christmas I will go back to Jack first, there is no point in staying here anyway, just make up the contents of tomorrow s newspaper.This is also one of his usual routines and abilities.Disadvantages Mr.Hu said it s okay.Li Guohao waved his hand.As far as I know, Guohao Group currently has several subsidiaries, namely Guohao Nanshun, Guohao Food, Guohao Security, Guohao Real Estate, Guohao Dairy, Palace Pastry, and Panda Comics Co., Ltd., Daily Newspaper, Jiajiale Chicken Essence, Red Bull Company, Snow Skin Mooncake Company, Chinese herbal herbal tea the other side.Cheung Kong Industrial Building.In Li Chaoren s office.Ma Zhengkanghui, the real estate general manager of Cheung Kong Industries, reported Chairman, the plastic factory in Tianshuiwei, New Territories has been completed.When you see it, do you want to go there in person and participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony Oh It s already built Li Superman nodded slightly, and pressed the internal phone.Hmph, I saw it this time too.Next time Xiaohua shows off in front of me, I can say that I have seen the Xiangjiang people The younger sister suddenly curled her mouth and said nothing.The elder sister looked up at the big sun in the sky, it was how many calories in cbd gummies about eleven o clock, and urged Okay, let s go, hurry up and deliver the food, don t be late, it will delay the third grandpa s business, mom will call Kill us.Understood.The younger sister nodded reluctantly, and before leaving, her eyes were still fixed on Li Guohao and the others On the way to the hotel, Fang Qianjin has been introducing Baoan County at this time.Because it is an important place connecting Xiangjiang River, it is more developed than cbd vs hemp gummies some inland cities in terms of infrastructure construction and prosperity., but the population is much smaller.Ever since Manager Huang told me that I hope The laboratory was able to develop a new type of beverage, so I started to prepare it.I referred to all the beverages that are currently available in the market, whether they are local or foreign in Hong Kong.Then I asked Manager Huang to help investigate the most popular beverages in the market.Among several beverage products, except for Coke, Sprite has the best sales volume, and of course juice drinks also have a lot of sales. Juice drinks are very simple, so I focused on Sprite.With Sprite s Inspired by distilled water, which was very popular in the past, and referring to the sparkling wine that must be drunk when eating Western food.So I added a small amount of glucose to the lemonade Xiao Changhan made this This is a brand new drink, the taste is very similar to Sprite, but it is more like sparkling wine, except that it does not contain alcohol, the taste is still very similar, it is not very sweet, but it is refreshing and thirst quenching How about the cost Li Guohao is most concerned about the cost issue.Zhou Dakang may have an impression of Li Guohao That s right, plus the higher ups cbd vs hemp gummies have been paying close attention to this matter, and he also said cryptically that the matter may be negotiated, but the sovereignty must be on the mainland side.Mi Gao closed his eyes and pondered.It s not that he didn t believe Li Guohao s words, after all, the other party was The Chinese must have some inside information that he, a foreigner, does not know.After thinking about it for a long time, he finally decided to take a look first, then Mi Gao said At the HSBC board meeting, as long as Manager Shen puts forward something, Nothing to do with me, I think I will support your Li Sheng.Don t worry about that Li Guohao smiled, and he said As long as Mr.Mi Gao supports me, I will definitely do my best to help you with the Guangdong Xiangjiang Power Networking.7 best cbd gummies sleep 5 10 HCMUSSH cbd vs hemp gummies cbd gummies in yuma cbd gummies 50mg cbd vs hemp gummies cbd vs hemp gummies cbd vs hemp gummies 1.1 761 super chill cbd gummies reviews live well cbd gummies super chill cbd gummies reviews illuminati hemp cbd gummies review 97 8 5 cbd vs hemp gummies 10 6.Huo Zheng just said that there are few people researching this technology, which is meaningless to the group, but the fundamental meaning is that we are just an ordinary catering group, and researching this technology is useful.It s not to win the Nobel Prize, it s better Study more molecular foods or invent a few beverage formulas, and make money comfortably.You know that the group has invested in agriculture in Thailand, Australia, and mainland China, right Understand a little bit.Huo Zheng heard the chairman mention agriculture, and when he thought of genetically modified technology, he had a vague concept in his mind.I want to study genetically modified technology, and I want to apply this technology cbd vs hemp gummies to crops.Li Guohao said with great care I have read the relevant materials on genetically modified technology.Li Guohao had no choice but to put the laboratory of genetically modified technology in the United States.There are many scientific researchers in Xiangjiang, but they are far inferior to those in the United States.In addition, the experimental equipment expired cbd gummies in the United States is very advanced, so he can only put the laboratory in the United States.There.Chapter 770 Precursor of the collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate Okay, chairman.After Huo Zheng listened to the chairman s words, he nodded silently, his mind was full of plans and ideas for setting up a genetically modified laboratory, and he didn t care at all about letting himself rest for a few days that he mentioned.Li Guohao doesn t know how to read minds, so he couldn t tell that Huo Zhengzheng HCMUSSH cbd vs hemp gummies agreed, but he was actually thinking about returning to the United States as soon as possible, but continued to talk about the second task Well, the second task is to get the molecular food laboratory A branch will be relocated to the Xiangjiang side and merged with the experimental building.If a small bank can be acquired first and merged into the next applying bank, Whether it is for business, savings or personnel, it is of great help.Li Guohao doesn t know about the opening of the bank, but he also understands that the bank can t be opened if he wants to.Since Fu Zhengguang and the others all mean this, it is necessary to think about it.He nodded and said Then buy a small bank , Do you have any suggestions This question is based on Fu Zhengguang s strengths.As the former president of Standard Chartered Bank, he also holds multiple important positions in the investment department and finance department.Naturally, he knows how many big and small companies there are in Xiangjiang.bank.At present, there are more than 140 banks in Hong Kong, and more than 40 small banks.These small banks include family banks, joint stock banks, etc.September 24th, the day of formal negotiations between China and Britain.Since the morning, the three TV stations in Xiangjiang have been opening up a separate channel to broadcast the scenes of Kyoto in the mainland in real time.From time to time, political science, economics and other experts invited by various TV stations chatted there, imagining the outcome of the Sino British negotiations.The host of Phoenix TV turned to Jin Sheng, a well known political commentator in Xiangjiang, and asked, Mr.Jin, what cbd gummies recommendation dose do you think the final result of this Sino British negotiation will be He can i buy cbd gummies at walgreens cbd vs hemp gummies held up three fingers and said There are three kinds of results.One is that the UK agrees to China s recovery of Xiangjiang the other is that China agrees to continue to hand over the jurisdiction of Xiangjiang to the cbd vs hemp gummies UK The Falklands War will happen soon.Just when the Hang Lung Group came out, Li Guohao persuaded Huo Zhenting to give up, vaguely reminding that the real estate in Xiangjiang is too prosperous at present, the real estate prices are ridiculously high, and he will wait and see for a while.Huo Zhenting, who had just taken power not long ago, naturally did not have the courage to spend billions to compete with Hang Lung Group, so he had no choice but to give up.At the beginning of this year, seeing that land prices continued to rise, Hang Lung Group s Cotton Tree Building on Murray Road in the Central District was almost completed, and the quotation was several percent higher than last year.For this reason, Huo Zhenting also complained to Li Guohao in private, saying that he was too careful, otherwise, they would have taken this opportunity to make a lot of money.As the only Yangtze River Real Estate in Hong Kong that has cooperated with Canadian real estate developers, it naturally attracted extra attention from these people.In the past three months, dozens of people at the beginning, hundreds of people later, and even thousands of people recently, all chose to buy houses in Canada with the help of Changjiang Real Estate, and the housing prices in Toronto, Canada were suddenly raised. December 29, 1982.Inside the crowded gun club, Li Guohao s exclusive oversized box.Zheng Daheng, He Gambling King, Huo Daheng, Chartered Ship King, and their respective juniors, son in law and others attended the scene one after another.A dozen people sat at a long table drinking tea and chatting.Huo Daheng sighed I didn t expect the Carnian Group to go bankrupt and liquidated Zheng Daheng also shook his head and sighed Yes, when I established New Century Real Estate, Xie Jinlai s Carnian Real Estate was already among the top ten in Xiangjiang.Even the ending is a bit sloppy, but no matter what, it is already finished and cannot be revised.The new book is still in the process of being prepared.I have already written more than 20,000 words.I am going to submit it to the editor tomorrow.If it goes well, it will be published in a few days.The subject matter is infinite sci fi, and I feel like I have made a big breakthrough.In terms of the character of the protagonist, I am also trying my best to find a way to write it well, and try to avoid being mediocre like this book.At the end, I still want to thank all the friends who have subscribed, voted and supported this book, thank you very much On February 18, 2019, at 5.46pm, it was over.There are too many people to thank, so I won t name them one by one.I know that the content of this book is actually not very good.

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