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It illuminates the entire lobby like daytime.The hotel receptionist and passing hotel waiters will bow and say hello.For people, this kind of decoration and service can only be described as luxury, but for Yue Ming s background, these are too commonplace.When they walked into the elevator, Yue Ming suddenly became nervous because he didn t know what cbd gummies for sexual arousal he was going to face next.Naruto felt that the whole hotel was filled with an ominous atmosphere.Thinking of this, Yue Ming couldn t help but shudder in his heart.The elevator stops on the 7th floor.As soon as he got out of the elevator, Yue Ming saw many policemen taking notes for some hotel staff in the aisle.At this time, Wei Renwu suddenly said to Yue Ming After a while, what you see may make you uncomfortable.Wait for me here.It s okay, I can do it.

Besides, you are not a woman at all.Lin Xingchen didn t mind Wei Renwu s teasing, but calmly said I don t know as much as you, hurry up Let s solve the case.Wei Renwu smiled again, and said, There is still a big question.When Lin Xingchen and Yue Ming were waiting for Wei Renwu to continue, Wei Renwu made an astonishing move.He suddenly lay down on the ground, They were stunned after kissing the lips of the deceased, Yue Ming opened his mouth wide, Lin Xingchen strode forward and pulled Wei Renwu away, cursing angrily What hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus the hell are you doing Wei Renwu put his hands together Yi Tan grinned and said, Don t get excited, she s so beautiful, I couldn t hold back for a while.Lin Xingchen was still furious, and said angrily, Damn it, it s okay to be a little bit cooler at ordinary times, but now you re actually molesting someone to death.

Reply to Wei Renwu.Immediately, Wei Renwu took Yue Ming out of the hotel, and before Yue Ming could ask Wei Renwu his opinion on the case, the reporters hiding in the dark surrounded them.One of the young male reporters with black rimmed glasses asked first You are Wei Renwu, the criminal investigation consultant.I know you.What happened in the hotel Wei Renwu smiled, pointed at Yue Ming and said, This is My assistant, if you have anything to ask him, I m going back to rest.I Yue Ming just said a word, and suddenly Wei Renwu stuffed him with a note.Wei Renwu said to Yue Ming again Tomorrow at 2 o clock in the afternoon, come to this cbd gummies for sexual arousal how long does cbd gummies to start working address to find me.After cbd gummies for sale near me hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit finishing speaking, before Yue Ming had time to respond, Wei Renwu got into a taxi with one stride, leaving Yue Ming alone.Facing cbd gummies for sale near me hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit the numerous media blankly.

Second, this is because the deceased deliberately wanted the murderer to only have the first situation, so she prepared a plan b.It is very likely that she made a backup copy of the things, hid them in the lipstick, and then hid the lipstick in a certain place.A place A certain place What kind pure nr3 cbd gummies of place could it be Yue Ming interrupted Wei Renwu, asking questions continuously.Don t interrupt me, let me finish.Wei Renwu continued, I don t know where, I just think the deceased was very smart.She deliberately left this clue when she was putting on makeup.I hope the police There is also a smart person who can find something, because if she doesn t want anyone to find the lipstick at all, she can buy another one.So, she will definitely leave other clues for cbd gummies for sexual arousal us.The murderer, you know who it is Is it I have a clue, but I can t be sure.

Li Xuanran said calmly Actually, .

are cbd gummies legal in north carolina?

just from the old calluses, Mr.Wei should not be completely sure that it is me.This kind of callus can be caused by many reasons.Prove that you have the ability to enter the deceased s room from the window.The smell of smoke on the rope that hangs him proves that the murderer was a smoker.The deceased s nerves were paralyzed all over his body, including the lungs, so there would cbd gummies for sexual arousal be suffocation.There is a kind of poison, but the amount is too small, so the autopsy can t find it out, which is why there is a very small hole in the neck of the deceased.If I guess correctly, this poison should be tetrodotoxin.Indeed It s tetrodotoxin.Tetrodotoxin is often used as an anesthetic if the amount is controlled properly.For you, an anesthetist, it s easy to get these things.

The gloves are a pair, which means that his right hand should also be wearing gloves.If he is wearing gloves, why put his hands in the entrance In the pocket It means that he is holding something invisible in his right hand, and he put it in his pocket for easy hiding.When he heard that the person might have dangerous items, Yue Ming was frightened into a cold sweat, and asked cautiously Then what hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus is he hiding You have to keep calm, it is very likely that it is hidden in your pocket, and my intuition tells me that he is here to target me.The man s eyes are stern, and he looks like a professional killer.I am now hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus What should I do Yue Ming began to panic.You re watching him now, and reporting his movements.I m watching him now.What is he doing He s looking at me, too.Is he looking at you That s right, he s not only looking at me, but he s also walking towards us.

The occasion.Lu Tong looked unhappy.Yue Ming quickly explained That s not the case, he is really sick.Well, Xiaoyue is an honest man, I believe you.Lu Tong said he believed it, but in fact he still had a lump in his heart.Yue Ming thought that he arrived at the hotel at eleven o clock, which was relatively early, can you overdose on cbd gummies cbd gummies for sexual arousal but when he entered the hotel, he found that Quankai and Lin Xingchen had already arrived.As soon as they met the two, they had the same question Why didn t Wei Renwu come Yue Ming marthastewart cbd gummies had to explain again Wei Renwu is sick and can t come.Lin Xingchen said unconvincingly Wei Renwu must be somewhere.I m confused, so I didn t come here.Quan Kai believed what Yue Ming said, he said, No, Wei Renwu is really sick.Lin Xingchen asked doubtfully, How did you find out Quan Kai said Xiaoyue has a smell of banlangen on his body.

What a coincidence, I also studied in that department.Really That s really great, Maybe we can be assigned to a class.Then hurry up and follow me to the dormitory, the counselor is waiting for everyone to report in the dormitory, I asked her to assign us to the same class, and also asked her to assign us to the same dormitory.Then Hurry up and take me there.Lu Tong s dormitory is in the No.1 dormitory building, and the counselor is waiting for the freshmen at the door.The counselor is a woman in her thirties, with long hair, an ordinary appearance, and slightly fat.The counselor s surname is Liao, and Lu Tong calls her Sister Liao.Sister Liao, I just met a buddy who is also a freshman in our department, so I brought him to report to you.Lu Tong chatted with Sister Liao.Let me see.Liao sister looked up and down fully opened.

One sentence Ignorant human beings.Lu Tong was so angry that he couldn t calm down, Quan Kai agreed to go around the campus with him in order to make him happier.Lu Tong s anger didn t last long.When he saw the youthful and beautiful college sisters walking around like butterflies in front of his eyes, he was thrown out of the sky after what happened just now.It s a coincidence that it s the opposite.There is no beauty in his eyes, but the bearded boy just now is in his mind.He always feels that there is a special magic power exuding from him, but he can t figure out what that magic power is Hey, fully open, look over there.Lu Tong patted fully open on the shoulder with his right hand, and pointed to the distance with his left hand.Fully open and looking in the direction Lutong pointed, there was a short haired girl in a sweatshirt standing in the distance looking at them.

Hey, the voice is so familiar.Lin Xingchen said to himself.No matter what Lin Xingchen said, Lu Tong ran to Wei Renwu and introduced himself, Hi, my name is Lu Tong.At this moment, he could already see the long haired woman s face clearly, she was simply beautiful.Ruo Tianxian, among the vast and uneven college girls, is definitely cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummies for sexual arousal the most shining kind of girl.The long haired woman said, Hello.Lin Xingchen and Quan cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummies for sexual arousal Kai also followed.Quan cbd gummies for sexual arousal how long does cbd gummies to start working Kai did not greet the long haired woman, but greeted Wei Renwu Wei Renwu, I brought back your textbook for you.Sister, why cbd gummies for sexual arousal are you here Lin Xingchen called out in surprise.Sister Quan Kai, Wei Renwu, and Lu Tong called out in unison, and the three of them were in sync as if they were rehearsing.It turned out that the long haired woman was Lin Xingchen s older sister, named Lin Yan, 24 years old, a policewoman, who came to the school for business this time, and planned to see Lin Xingchen by the way, but bumped into her on the way.

It s gone.Let s catch up quickly.Lin Xingchen said hastily.He shook his head fully and said, Wait a minute.Wei Renwu laughed and said, He has already run away, where are you going to chase now, even if you didn t run, your two legs can outrun other people s four tires Lin Xingchen was not convinced He scolded Then you came so early, why didn t you chase after me Wei Renwu said First, I was a step late second, even if I arrived in time, I would run on both legs.Only four tires third, I have no obligation to save people, I came here to catch people.Lin Xingchen cursed again You are such a cold blooded animal.Lu Tong also helped Lin Xingchen and said Then you can t do anything Why are you still here Wei Renwu said coldly Of course you ordinary people can t understand what I want to do, and I have no obligation to answer you.

Quan Kai laughed suddenly, and he said with a smile You want us to retreat, but it proves that you want to cover up something.From the time when the ghost rushed out to when we rushed in, It cbd gummies platinum is very difficult for you to deal with a large amount of drugs in such a short period of time, so the more guilty you are, the more it means that you have not completely dealt with drugs.Yue Happier The best place to dispose of drugs is the toilet, so drugs must also be hidden in the toilet, so that drugs can be disposed of as quickly as possible.Quan Kai said while tapping the tiles of the toilet with his fingers.Dangdang.The voice was crisp, and the tiles were solid.Dangdangdang.The voice was crisp, and the tile was solid underneath.Everything.The voice was low, and the tile was hollow under it.Touch the seam of this tile with full opening.

You mainly tell him about the case to attract attention.His attention secondly, Lu Tong, you have great strength, go around behind Captain Wu, see the right time, and throw him down.You must quickly control his right hand.He is a right handed person.The position hidden on his body must be hidden.It was easy to get it with the right hand again, I rushed up to control his left hand finally, Brother Ran came up to hand him in.Only in this way can we have a chance to arrest him.Lu Tong and Li Jiaran thought about it carefully.If so, I am afraid that I will miss a process.The next step is to wait for Captain Wu s arrival.The three of them sat together without saying a word, and their hearts were so nervous that they were dying.Quan Kai kept smiling and looking at the two of them.In fact, he knew very well that his plan could not be 100 successful, not even 30 successful, but as far as the current situation is concerned, even if it is 100 Thirty also has to try, otherwise there will be no chance at all, and he must force himself to be calm.

Now he is the psychological support of Lu Tong and Li Jiaran.If his spirit breaks first, then the other two will surely follow.of.Half an hour passed, and Captain Wu hadn t come yet, and cold sweat began to break out on his fully opened back.An hour passed, and Captain Wu hadn t come yet, and cold sweat had already wet his entire back.An hour and a half passed, and Captain Wu hadn t arrived yet.Lu Tong couldn t sit still, he said, It s a bit strange Li Jiaran also said, He just escaped, so he shouldn t be far away.It s been half an hour and you still haven t come Before the words finished, Boom boom boom There was a knock on the door.The three of them shook at the same time.Go and open the door.Quan Kai said to Li Jiaran.Li Jiaran s feet were a little weak, he forced himself up and walked slowly to the door.

Quan Kai stood up and said, It s almost time, I have to go, or I won t be able to get on the plane in time.Wait, Mr.Quan, I have another question.Yue Ming said anxiously.What s the problem Quan Kai asked in confusion.You just said that Mr.Wei s wish in the past was to be a detective, but now he never wants to admit that he is a detective.Why Quan Kai sat down again what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation and said, It s because of another thing, It changed Renwu s mind, and the news about that matter was sealed, and I only heard a little bit about it.The words of Quan s opening aroused Yue Ming s interest, and he said Then please ask Mr.Quan to Tell me what little you know.With a dignified expression on Quan Kai s face, he said slowly I hope that after I tell you about this, you don t tell anyone you know about it, including Ren Wu.

And a little dehumanizing.When Yue Ming was about to speak again, suddenly a figure sprang out from a dark corner and suddenly appeared in front of Yue Ming s car, scaring Yue Ming to step on the brakes.Bang.But it still didn t have time to stop and knocked the man to the ground.Okay, okay, I hit someone.Yue Ming was so upset that he quickly took off his seat belt and was about to get out of the car.Wei Renwu said calmly Do you want to go down and have a look Of course.While speaking, Yue Mingren had already rushed out of the car.Wei Renwu also got out of the car.Under the light of the Beetle headlights, lying in front of the car was a man who was less than 1.65 meters tall, wearing a black down jacket, less than 30 years old, and a crew cut man.The man was lying on the ground, holding his right thigh all the time, and shouted in pain It hurts, it hurts Yue Ming squatted down quickly, and asked with concern Are you okay I m sorry, Hit you.

He is obviously divorced, and he often comes to see that woman.I think when they get married, his hat is already green, so get rid of this woman., I ll find the next one quickly, but in the end I still have to run over and post it, I m so stupid.Wei Renwu laughed and said Three big sisters, I understand what you said, it seems that my employer s husband has not been raped by this vixen., but I still have to pay you.Wei Renwu gave Yue Ming a wink.Yue Ming took out 1,000 RMB knowingly and handed it to the young woman.After Wei Renwu and Yue Ming left the old building area, Wei Renwu suddenly asked curiously Why did you give one thousand I m afraid the three of them can t be divided equally Yue Ming showed a wicked smile, and he said with a smile cbd gummies for sexual arousal I just want them to argue about money.I hate this kind of people who chew their tongues.

It was done by two people, and that person is also in this room.The door of Xiao Hua s bedroom was closed, Wei Renwu opened the door, and shouted to the inside You can come out, former Mrs.Xiao.9.Stealing Not long after the dragon turned into a phoenix, a woman came out of Xiao Hua s bedroom, a young and beautiful woman.That s right, it was indeed Liu Ruyan, Liu Ruyan walked out with her head is cbd gummies legal in arizona down, she didn t want others to see her face, because she felt extremely hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus ashamed, in fact she just hid in the closet, although she could only vaguely hear There was no movement, but she could still hear what was generally said outside.When Liu Ruyan came out, Duke was of course very surprised, and Yue Ming was also unexpected.Yue Ming shouted in surprise So she is here too.Of course, that s why Mr.Xiao tried his best to stop us The real reason for coming here.

My name is Wei Renwu.Very well, I remember the name, and I want to ask, with your ability, you should not Mixed like this Why is that What kind of mixture Humans are not like humans, and ghosts are not like ghosts.Rather than talking about people and ghosts, I think I am more like a fairy.Oh With you Is this kind of fairy No one cares about him, and he doesn t need to care about anyone.He is unrestrained and unrestrained, quiet and quiet, the earth is his wife, and the sky is his quilt.Isn t this a fairy Wei Renwu breathed out a smoke ring deeply Xiang Tianxiao nodded in praise and said What you said is very reasonable, but I would rather be a saint than cbd gummies for sexual arousal a fairy.A sage is worse than a bad person.Xiang Tian laughed and said, It s none of your business, the Sanxian who hangs high up seems to be no better than a sage.

I said so, have you found your true heart Originally not, but today you gave me a bath A place for me to eat, and a good place to sleep, to be honest, I owe you a big favor, for this favor, for you, today I should find my true heart again.5 , The evidence is convincing Wei Renwu slowly said Then I ll start.Wei Renwu first carefully observed the details of the entire room.The deceased was lying on the desk with blood all over the desk.The murder weapon was a mace, which fell to the ground.The body was also stained with the blood of the dead, but there was no blood on the handle of the hammer.And Xiang Tianxiao was wearing an expensive suit, and there was a big pool of blood on the suit.Wei Renwu said Boss Xiang, can you tell cbd gummies for sexual arousal me what happened Xiang Tian looked at the ceiling with a smile cbd gummies nightime and said, This person is Jiang Jin, the chairman of the Guojianglong Group , and he came here specially to discuss business with me this time.

Your so called consideration of the overall situation cbd gummies for sexual arousal has resulted in the current situation., What a good one who takes the overall situation into consideration Wei Renwu s words were slightly mocking.At that time, I was so hot headed that I killed the killer, but now I have caused my father to go to jail.Li Kai defended himself.If you do it, you have done it.A man should do things alone.If you kill someone, you let your father take the blame.Not only is this not what a man should do, but it is not what a son should do.Do you just think Run away without paying attention, and live with guilt Wei Renwu spoke harshly, and his volume increased a lot.Li Kai took a deep breath and seemed to have come to his senses.He stood up and said, You are right.I dare not let my father take the blame.I will surrender myself and let them let my father go.

Zhao He was listening to Wei Renwu s words.He lied several times in a row, but this amazon cbd gummies for tinnitus time he learned his lesson.I ll help you get rid of Li Kai in turn.However, I also have a condition.My condition is that I want you to promise 70 to Li Kai.Wei Renwu showed an evil smile.Zhao He laughed heartily, and he said with a smile Your conditions are a bit too much.My parents made my stomach bigger, and there are fewer things, and my stomach is full of dissatisfaction.Okay, I promise you, as long as you can get rid of Li Kai and let me sit on the position of chairman of the Guojianglong Group , kioni cbd gummies so what if you earn less money.Then next, Brother Zhao, you will all All under my command.You say what to do.You still continue to pretend to cooperate with Li Kai, and I m cbd gummies for sexual arousal still making suggestions there, and when your goods arrive at the port, we suddenly tear ourselves apart and let him He was killed on the spot.

Wei Renwu didn t panic, kicked the skinny man in can you overdose on cbd gummies cbd gummies for sexual arousal black with his right foot sideways on the left face, the man in black immediately flew three meters away, slammed into the cage full of dogs superior.Yue Ming was stunned and exclaimed Wow, Mr.Wei, you are too powerful., I don t know how to use these. You don t need it, you can teach me in the future, I want to learn. If you want to learn, I will teach you, but I have a condition. What condition The family is not allowed to raise Dog.Later, the police took all three dog thieves away.Yue Ming also successfully returned the little girl s dog to her.The little girl thanked again and again Thank you, Mr.Detective, you are really a reliable detective.Yue Ming rubbed the back of his head and smiled embarrassedly Hahahaha, this is just a little effort, don t worry too much about it.

He answered Of course I was eavesdropping outside the door.Wu Wei stood up awkwardly, supporting his knees.Yue Ming shook his head and said, Why are you doing this Wu Wei smirked and said, I have been at the door for the past two days and saw that you have established a detective agency, so I want to know about your latest case, but I am afraid it will be too abrupt.I just eavesdropped at the door, I really didn t mean it.Wei cbd gummies for children Renwu stood against the wall and said quietly There is one thing that went wrong, not that we set up a detective agency.He pointed to Yue Ming and said It was he who set up Detective Agency.Wu Wei looked at Yue Ming with adoring eyes.Yue Ming smiled embarrassedly Hahaha, I m fooling around.Wei Renwu nodded and said, I agree with that.Yue Ming gave Wei Renwu cbd gummies for sexual arousal how long does cbd gummies to start working a white look.

Yang Yang left feeling uneasy.After Yang Yang walked away, Yue Ming asked, What s going on Wei Renwu touched his aching chest, and said, I kicked him, and let him run away.Yue Ming let out a puff Laughing, he said green otter cbd gummies review with a smile, You still have today.Wei Renwu blushed with anger, and scolded, It s because you couldn t stop him and let him run away as a bastard.II m not good at fighting.Yue Mingqiang tried to excuse himself.However, to be honest, that advanced health cbd gummies person s skills are really good.The move of walking on the wall is from parkour.Wei Renwu still praised the other party.Yue Ming nodded and said It cbd gummies for sexual arousal how long does cbd gummies to start working s really powerful.I took yours and swiped a few times.I couldn t even touch his cloak.I ran past the wall beside me, and it felt like I was floating., You are also very good, and those actions have been completed, but you still let him run away.

Yang Yang had already noticed that there was someone behind cbd gummies for sexual arousal him, and he turned around and shouted, Who is it At this moment, Yang Yang realized that the person following him had a green face and long fangs, and was wearing a black cloak covering his whole body.Hehehehehe This man, who looked like a human but not a ghost, let out a cold laugh.Yang Yang was not intimidated, he also said coldly Who are you Yang Yang s voice was calm and cold, not like his voice.The masked man said slowly, I am the one you are looking for.No, you are not.Yang Yang said firmly.Oh Have you seen me Why don t you think I m not Yang Yang didn t answer, but just sneered.The masked man said again If I m not Then who is Yang Yang looked at the man, pointed at the dark place, tilted his head, and said, If you want to know who is, why don t you ask him Hahahahahaha There was a burst of arrogant laughter in the darkness.

1.The bottom line in my heart is the silent night.Silent street lights.A man who is not silent runs in a panic in the silent night, shuttling through the groups of lights formed by silent street lamps.This man was dressed in black all over, with long hair fluttering, and sweat dripping from his panicked face.He was running desperately, turning his head from time to time, as if he was avoiding something, and judging from his expression, what he wanted to avoid must be something terrible.Running and running, with a plop, the man in black slipped and fell to the ground.He didn t care about the pain caused by the fall, and he didn t have time to see if he was injured, so he quickly got up and cbd gummies for sexual arousal HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sexual arousal prepared to continue running.But as soon as he rushed out, he hit a hard object, which was as hard as a wall, and he fell down again.

Don t chase.Yue Ming stopped Yang Yang.Yang Yang said aggrievedly Brother Yue.Hey Yue Ming sighed, and said slowly He is so excited because he has something on his mind.Is something wrong What is Mr.Wei thinking about What about it Yue Ming said Everyone has shadows cbd gummies for sexual arousal more or less in their hearts.You have had them before, and I have had them too.Mr.Wei is also a human being, and he will have a bottom line of fear in his heart.Hey Yang Yang also let out a long sigh.After Wei Renwu left, he didn t go to the Miracle Bar to have a big drink as usual, nor did he go to Xiaoli and Xiaomei to relax his muscles and bones.He went home unexpectedly, he didn t turn on the light, leaning on the window sill of his room alone, looking at HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sexual arousal the night sky in Chengdu, smoking a Lanjiao brand cigarette with blue smoke, the sparks of the cigarette were in the dark room It s flickering in and out.

Wei came alone, so I m not afraid that I ll ambush you, and then Have you and Lin Xingchen been killed Hahahahaha Wei Renwu suddenly laughed.Yang Xi also laughed, and he said with a smile So, we both came here alone, which means that we want to go together.So don t worry about this matter, let cbd gummies for sexual arousal s talk about business.Wei Renwu Throwing the travel bag in front of Yang Xi, This is yours now, you can let it go.Yang Xi smiled and shook his head.He picked up the travel bag, weighed it in his hand, and threw it back to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu asked suspiciously What do you mean Yang Xi smiled and did not answer.You don t want money anymore Yes, money is a good thing, of course you have to.In this world, money and beautiful women are the only things you can t refuse.Then you still take it I will, but not now Wei Renwu didn t understand Yang Xi s meaning, cbd gummies for sexual arousal he asked If you don t want to take the money now, then why did you ask me to come here What are you doing here Yang Xi laughed and said I have two purposes for coming here Yes, the first purpose is to come to see you, to see you who have no countermeasures, to see you who is being played by me the second purpose is to tell you what to do next.

When Lin Xingchen talked about this past, his mood was no longer as heavy as before, after all, there was a heavier Wang Chaoyang in front of him., what is this little thing about her This incident has a big impact on you.That s right, why do I try my best to get more cases I just want to fulfill my sister s dream.My sister has determined to be an excellent criminal policeman since she was a child., Now she can t finish it, so I will take her will to become an excellent criminal policeman.I can understand your feelings, but everything must be done step by step, and you can t rush for quick success, you will hurt yourself, or even Hurt the people around you.In the whole world, maybe only Wang Chaoyang can understand Lin Xingchen s mood.Lin Xingchen said I understand what the captain means, I know that my ability is not enough, but without more dangerous training, I can t really become a talent, and I have confidence in you, captain, as long as you can get rid of the shadow of the past.

After driving the motorcycle for a long time, the motorcycle man brought Lin Xingchen to a dark stream.The motorcycle man turned off the motorcycle, and Lin Xingchen jumped off the motorcycle.You damn ghost, finally willing to come to see me.Lin Xingchen cursed in a low voice, although the language seemed to be scolding, but the tone was full of warmth.The motorcycle man took off his motorcycle helmet, and a face cbd gummies for sexual arousal with Chinese characters and a well trimmed mustache appeared in front of Lin Xingchen.This man is actually Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu laughed and said, You man, we haven t seen each other for two years, and when we meet, it s fine if you don t say you miss me, why are you still swearing Do you think you should be scolded On the day of graduation, you didn t even get your graduation certificate, and you left without saying a word.

The rest of the second team was even more shocked.Zhang Feng, Lin Xingchen and others have followed Wang Chaoyang for so long, but they never knew that Wang Chaoyang had a daughter.Wei Renwu and Lin Xingchen walked out of Wang Chaoyang s house.As soon as Lin Xingchen closed the door, he immediately asked, Captain Wang has a daughter Why didn t I know Wei Renwu walked downstairs and replied, He It s just that he didn t tell you, it doesn t mean he doesn t have a daughter.Lin Xingchen followed Wei Renwu downstairs and asked, Then how did you know Hiding a bunch of toys, dolls, etc.under his sofa, Of course, it is for girls to play with.The style of the toy is very old, but it is spotless, fun drops cbd gummies mayim which means that Wang Dui often takes it out to wipe it.It seems that you Wang Dui and your daughter don t meet often, so you can only take out toys to remember.

I just want to I heard that Captain Wang did have a wife many years ago, but it seems that cbd gummies for sexual arousal his wife was terminally ill.Sadly passed away.Little did we know he had a daughter.Lin Xingchen still couldn t believe it.Wei Renwu spread his hands and said helplessly According to my estimation, your team Wang and his daughter may have broken up, otherwise he wouldn t hold a toy to remember.Everyone has secrets, and he naturally doesn t want to share his secrets with others.Speaking of secrets, where have you been dead for the past two years What kind of mystery do you pretend to be with me.Lin Xingchen changed the subject and brought Wei Renwu back.Wei Renwu rolled his eyes and turned his face aside, and replied Secret.Lin can you overdose on cbd gummies cbd gummies for sexual arousal Xingchen sighed softly You, you are still the same.You were mysterious when you were in college.

I cbd gummies for sexual arousal wanted to hold on, but I couldn t hold on, so I fell asleep in the bushes.After falling asleep, I seemed to hear some movement in a daze, but I still couldn t get up.When I tried to open the When I opened my eyes, I found that several people in black clothes lifted up a big snakeskin bag and ran outside.I tried to run to chase, but I always felt that my legs were not strong enough, and after two steps, I ran out again.I fell down, and just watched them escape like this.Lin Xingchen said in surprise, Don t think about it, the snakeskin pocket must be filled with Wang Ling, and the symptoms you mentioned seem to be poisoned by ecstasy.Mixiang Zhang Feng wondered, including several other people who were also very puzzled.This is a kind of gas that has been handed down from ancient times that can make people fall asleep quickly.

Why not Because I changed another phone card.Lin Xingchen pouted and said, It s really you.Being able to become an cbd gummies for sexual arousal expert consultant for the second detachment of serious crimes to solve criminal investigation cases laid cbd gummies for sexual arousal the foundation.After Wang Chaoyang died, the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau held a major funeral ceremony for him.On the day of Wang Chaoyang s burial, the whole team of the serious case second detachment attended., And Wei Renwu also followed Lin Xingchen to the cemetery.On this day, it was raining continuously, as if God was also sad because of the sacrifice of this dedicated and good policeman.Wei Renwu stood silently beside Lin Xingchen, held an umbrella for her, and watched as Wang Chaoyang s ashes were buried.Lin Xingchen sighed softly, and said to Wei Renwu, Why did you come back Wei Renwu pointed to Wang Chaoyang s ashes, and said, Look, I was afraid that you would become like that that day, so I came back to look for you, without me By your side, with your way of doing things, it is easy to be sacrificed, and I don t want to wait until I see you, and you will become a box of ashes.

Fang Jingyu phone number for cbd gummies looked at Wei Renwu, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he shouted fiercely Are you just dressed like this You don t respect me too much Wei Renwu responded I wear this to prove that I value you , I where to buy penguin cbd gummies didn t even have time to change clothes and dress up, so I rushed here.When Fang Jingyu saw Wei Renwu, he was not nervous, and his body stopped shaking.He sat cross legged on the ground, laughed and said Wei Renwu Ah Wei Renwu, you re finally here.I cbd gummies for sexual arousal how long does cbd gummies to start working m here now, so what do you think you re looking for Where did Baihu go The hall master asked me to come here to give you a message.It s just You don HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sexual arousal t need to make such a big battle.Fang Jingyu shook his head and said, For a person reviews on natures only cbd gummies like you, talking to you like this is suitable for you.Wei Renwu also shook his head and said, I say you Ah, why bother, it is obvious that you will die today.

Yue Ming asked doubtfully.I think we can make a detour to extend the time.After all, cbd gummies for sexual arousal we still have plenty of time.If we end the battle too quickly, things will become boring.Wei Renwu replied leisurely.Wei Renwu is such a person, sometimes everything he does cbd gummies for sexual arousal how long does cbd gummies to start working seems so reasonable, and sometimes everything he does seems so unreasonable.8.MUSE When the host looked forward to the middle aged bald man and hoped that he would pay cbd gummies for sexual arousal another 550 million directly, the middle aged bald man suddenly raised his hand and said The words made the host stunned..xnb.I abandon the auction As soon as the voice fell, the audience was in an uproar.Did no one understand the purpose of his abandoning the auction If it was just to set the price, it was obvious that there was no need to say that he abandoned the auction.

to revenge.Lin Feng was taken aback for a moment, could it be that he encountered a top price of the same nature as before Abandon the auction Although the host was disappointed for a moment, he still said in a professional spirit Abandoning the auction is the right of every auctioneer.Now it is 510 million once, 510 million twice.The host paused intentionally, but still no one made a top price, so he could only make a .

when did cbd gummies come out?

final decision 510 million, deal, and the final buyer is Chairman Lin Donglin of our Jianfang Real Estate Company.Congratulations He There was warm applause at the scene, although this lot was not the one with the highest price in the entire auction, but as the finale lot was taken by Lin Feng, this person should be respected, the reason is also very simple, this is the According to the rules of the industry, the person who took the finale of the auction deserved such applause.

When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng and it is cbd gummies for sexual arousal cbd gummies 600mg still cbd gummies for sexual arousal irreversible , Lin Feng will not be too happy.But Boss Wu is also a smart person, he knows that if he breaks the cbd gummies for sexual arousal contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of cbd circle gummies ruining his Qin family if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, this card has 6 billion in it, and the other 2 billion is my point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can take me more Lin Feng looked at Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move.

If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took pictures directly, you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.

At the same time, the company already knew that Lin Feng attacked Longsheng Real Estate Company at an auction held by Tianqi Auction House last night, and asked the other party to buy the second piece of green ecological land at a price of 8 billion.With the acquisition of a pile of green and ecological .

what cbd gummies are good for pain?

land, Lin Feng s prestige has once again risen to a higher level.6.Stalking and Anti stalking Just when the host looked at the middle aged bald man expectantly and hoped that he would pay another 550 million directly, the middle aged bald man suddenly raised his hand, One sentence made the host stunned.New address .xnb.I abandon the auction As soon as the voice fell, the audience was in an uproar.Did no one understand the purpose of his abandoning the auction If it was just to set the price, it was obvious that there was no need to say that he abandoned the auction.

When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng and cbd gummies for sexual arousal it is still irreversible , Lin Feng will not be too happy.But Boss Wu is also a smart person, he knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of ruining his Qin family if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, this card has 6 billion in it, and the other 2 billion is my point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can cbd gummies for sale near me hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit take me more Lin Feng looked at cbd gummies for sexual arousal Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move.

One person is divided into half, that is, four billion.This guy is quite self conscious, and he divides his four billion can you overdose on cbd gummies cbd gummies for sexual arousal in half to honor himself.You must know that two billion is not a small amount for anyone, especially For an iron cock like Boss Wang, he would be willing to spend two billion.But for such a gift, Lin Feng naturally would not be embarrassed, and took it as a matter of course.Secretary Li and Zhu Ganai next to him were very surprised that Lin Feng could increase the profit of this event so much.For a businessman, he had already made a profit of 8 billion before the project started, which is simply a myth.When returning to Yiqing Bieyuan in the evening, Mo Xiaonian gave Lin Feng a hug as soon as he entered the door Someone earned a little too much today, is there a dividend Cut, I don t know how long it cbd gummies make you happy will take Only in this way can reddit cbd gummies anxiety we repay all the shares Lin Feng carried Mo Xiaonian to the rocking chair outside How is your stock market earnings today I heard that some sensible people in the company have been frowning recently, so I asked After knowing the reason, I realized that they lost money because the stock market has been turbulent recently That s because they are stupid Mo Xiaonian rolled his eyes Although .

can cbd gummies make you tired the next day?

money in the stock market is easy to make, it will always fall into it.

At the same time, the company already knew that Lin Feng attacked Longsheng Real can you buy cbd gummies online legally Estate Company at an auction held by Tianqi Auction House last night, and asked the other party to buy the second piece of green ecological land at a price of 8 billion.With the acquisition of a pile of green and ecological land, Lin Feng s prestige has once again risen to a higher level.17.The late father was looking at the middle aged bald man expectantly when the host hoped that the price would be 550 million, but the middle aged bald man suddenly raised his hand , said a word that made the host stunned.New address .xnb.I abandon the auction As soon as the voice fell, the audience was in an uproar.Did no one understand the purpose of his abandoning the auction If it was just to set the price, it was obvious that there was no need to say that he abandoned the auction.

And his family is undoubtedly his favorite case.Only the case can give him the most cordial warmth, relieve his emptiness and loneliness, and make him feel the meaning of life.If he can t love the case, then he is really a walking dead.Wei Renwu walked in the howling cold wind, and the wind was filled with the smell of gunpowder.To be precise, it was not gunpowder, but fireworks.Fireworks could be seen everywhere on the street, children playing with each other, and bright lights from house to house.At 9 30 in the evening, Wei Renwu got into a bachelor apartment, which was the address of Wang Aimin.Because most of the tenants of the bachelor apartment were people who came to work in Chengdu from other places, the building was almost empty.Outside the building, the sound of fireworks was like thunder, but inside the building was eerily quiet.

It was a very old leather suitcase, so old that the leather had lost several layers.How can a person who likes to be so tidy tolerate such a dirty and old suitcase, even if it is dusty in the sundries .

can you use cbd gummies while pregnant?

under the bed, and those sundries are almost brand new, so this suitcase looks different from can you overdose on cbd gummies cbd gummies for sexual arousal different.Although the suitcase was locked, it did not bother Wei Renwu at all.We must know that Wei Renwu s lock picking skill was no less than that of any lock picking king.live a good life.Wei Renwu opened the box very lightly, but he couldn t figure out what was in the box.It turned out to be some girls clothes, dresses, girls school uniforms, hairpins, etc.Wei Renwu was at a loss, he couldn t think of why an cbd gummies for sexual arousal old man would collect these things The only explanation is that Wangmin may have a daughter, and these are his daughter s clothes.

Zhang Xiaoting sighed, and said, Yes, I picked him up and he was released from prison, but he left again, and left here.Gone He has been in prison for ten years, okay Yi came out to reunite with his daughter, but he chose to leave Wei Renwu said in surprise.Zhang Xiaoting suddenly looked sad, and said Yes, Dad is will cbd gummies make you fail a drug screen gone.Before he left, he said that he was a sinner and that living with me would cause me a lot of inconvenience, so he chose to leave.I tried to persuade him to stay., but he still insists on leaving, and there is nothing I can do about it.Then do you know where he has gone Wei Renwu asked anxiously.Zhang Xiaoting shook her head and said, I don t know.Wei Renwu stroked his hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus mustache with a slightly disappointed expression.Zhang Xiaoting asked curiously You ve been asking Dad, now that I ve told you what I know, don t you need to invite me to dinner , not to mention inviting beauties to dinner.

Wei Renwu nodded and said Yes, if you are full, you should really take a walk.You can chat while walking.Zhang Xiaoting stood up and said Chatting depends on your kosher cbd gummies mood.I think you should be in a good mood now.Wei Renwu also stood up, and then greeted the restaurant owner, Boss pays the bill.After leaving the Chongqing Forest , the two took a walk in Sichuan University in the campus.Zhang Xiaoting walked in front, jumping and jumping, like a carefree little girl.Wei Renwu followed behind with his hands behind his back and a smile on his face, like a kind old father watching his daughter grow up in a sea of joy.Zhang Xiaoting suddenly turned her head and said with a smile, You know what I really like my life now.I am carefree and free.No one will hurt me anymore.Wei Renwu frowned suddenly and asked, What do you mean Do you want to say that someone has hurt you before Zhang Xiaoting stopped, stood in front of Wei Renwu, looked at Wei Renwu in pain, and said, Father just wanted to protect me and didn t want others to hurt me again, so he ended up like this Yes.

However, after chasing out of Qingshuihe Park , only the shadow of Zhang Yuning s car can be seen from a distance.Just when Wei Renwu was about to give up, a silver Beetle car rushed out from the corner and stopped in front of Wei Renwu.The car window was rolled down, revealing a delicate round face.Wei Renwu was shocked, isn t this Yue Ming Yue Ming shouted at Wei Renwu It s too late to explain, get in the car.11.Plead guilty At first, Wei Renwu couldn t run a garbage truck with three wheels relying on his legs, but now Wei Renwu replaced his legs with four The Beetle with wheels quickly narrowed the distance with the garbage truck.However, Wei Renwu had long forgotten about chasing Zhang Yuning, and now his mind was entirely on Yue Ming who was concentrating on driving.Wei Renwu looked at Yue Ming, shouted and reprimanded Why are you back Didn t I tell you to stay there Yue Ming didn t turn his head to look at Wei Renwu, but stared at the running garbage in front of him.

This small door was added during this period.Why did you put this small door on purpose Yue Ming asked puzzled.Wei Renwu took out his universal wire and said, It s more practical to go in and have a look.Wei Renwu opened the small door and entered the milk tea shop.The milk tea shop was pitch black, and Yue Ming turned on the light of his mobile phone to barely see the furnishings in the milk tea shop.The milk tea shop was clean and tidy.It was obvious that the owner had cleaned it carefully before closing the shop.Yue Ming spread his hands and said, It doesn t seem to be anything special.Wei Renwu shook his head and said, Don t worry, there must be a need for existence if there is something strange, and you need to observe it patiently.Yue Ming observed carefully again Looking at the surroundings, he suddenly glanced out of the corner of his eye to a long cabinet that looked like a wardrobe in the corner, and pointed to the long cabinet and said, Mr.

The next day at 12 30 noon, Yue Ming, Wei Renwu, and Wu Wei stopped at the entrance of the Public Security Bureau in their silver Beetle.In the car, Yue Ming asked Mr.Wei, why are we here Shouldn t we go directly to the court Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I m still worried, cbd gummies for sexual arousal so I want to see how Lin Xingchen s deployment is going.Wu Wei Said Mr.Wei is too careful.I heard from Brother Yue that Captain Lin mobilized a large number of police forces to form an escort team.I believe that the White Tiger can t escape.Wei Renwu always felt a knot in his heart.On the surface, it seems that this kind of deployment of the Fengshenhui is very difficult to rescue the Baihu from the police.Besides, I also ordered Lin Xingchen to let everyone in her serious case second team bring a team of plainclothes policemen to guard every day.

Wei Renwu understood that Yang Xi had completely lost track of him when he got on the motorcycle.Yang Xi.Wei Renwu immediately called Yue Ming Where did you die Yue Ming replied on the phone out of breath Youyou ran too fast, II really can t keep up with where you are now Wei Renwu said Don t worry about where I am, your car broke down and I need you to get a car right away.Yue Ming replied Oh, give me ten minutes.Yue cbd gummies for sale colorado Ming hung up the phone and he has already I saw that there happened to be a Maserati 4s shop next to it.Yue Ming strode into the 4S store, and the receptionist immediately greeted him courteously.The receptionist asked politely Excuse me, sir, do you have any intended models Which car do you have can you overdose on cbd gummies cbd gummies for sexual arousal in stock The receptionist replied We happen to have a newest Maserati gt with a price of 2.

Yang Xi s belief is firm, and the speed of the motorcycle has increased.Although he can t get rid of Maserati , he can guarantee that he will never be caught up.In the Maserati car, there is also a person with firm belief, that is Yue Ming.Yue Ming said to Wei Renwu I will definitely catch up with him.Seeing that he was about to reach the Mashi Bridge , suddenly Yang Xi s motorcycle slowed down.This was something Yue Ming didn t expect, and he also slowed down.Yang Xi parked his motorcycle on the side of the Mashi Bridge and took off his helmet, laughing at the slowed down Maserati.8.In a desperate situation, Yue Ming and Wei Renwu saw that Yang Xi had stopped running, so they stopped the Maserati slowly on the side of the road.Wei Renwu got out of the car and shouted at Yang Xi, Hey, what are you laughing at Yang Xi laughed and said, I laugh at you for chasing me like idiots, but in the end it was all futile.

The group of women finally left.After the women left, Wei Renwu asked Yue Ming again You are blaming me, aren t you Yue Ming said coldly, It s not because you lied to me., Is wine a liquid Wei Renwu smiled sinisterly.So what, you re just a bandit s logic.Yue Ming was not convinced at all.Wei Renwu spread his hands, and said helplessly, You can t overthrow this logic at all.Yue Ming couldn t argue, and could only snort coldly again, sullen.Wei Renwu sighed softly Don t be so disappointing, we are here, please be happy, we are in a happy place.Yue Ming also sighed softly Hey I can t deal with you, it s okay to leave alone Take care of you.The person Yue Ming mentioned came soon, and when she appeared, Wei Renwu s face turned green with fright, not to mention Wei Renwu, the other guests around him also hid away in fright.

Li Yi turned around and said, Sure enough, he s still a clown.You play slowly, cbd gummies for sexual arousal and I won t serve you anymore.Li Yi put his hands behind his back, and wanted to leave the museum, and shouted loudly behind his back Xiao Li, Xiao Li But Li Yi seemed to be deaf, completely ignoring the full opening, and left on his own.Quan Kai said awkwardly to Wei Renwu I m sorry, Renwu, Xiao Li is still young and ignorant, I hope you don t mind.Wei Renwu spread his hands, looked at Yue Ming innocently, and said, You are also very You are young, it seems that you are quite sensible.Yue Ming shook his head helplessly.Quan Kai said anxiously Let s stop here today, anyway, there cbd gummies for sale near me hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit are still three days left, I believe in your ability, I ll go see Xiao Li.Anyway, I came to Beijing from Chengdu with you, and you didn t treat me to a meal.

He has been competing with me for many years.How could he suddenly lose his temper Put your face down and come to me Wei Renwu s words awakened Yue Ming, to be honest, when Quankai appeared outside Wei Renwu s ward, such a thought flashed through Yue Ming s mind, but it was only a flash, and there was cbd gummies for sexual arousal no more after that.think.Wei Renwu continued Let me ask you, from Chengdu to Beijing, and then to the Capital Museum , has Quankai published a reasoning of its own on this case Yue Ming shook his head and said, Indeed, apart from introducing us some knowledge about Tutankhamun, Mr.Quan really didn t mention his own opinion on this case.Wei Renwu said, You need to know who Quan Kai is He is the president of the China Detective Association , a great detective, but he asked others for help on a case, and he didn t have any suggestions.

place.When the video started playing, Wei cbd gummies help with Renwu was really like a statue, motionless, not even blinking his eyelids.Yue Ming tried to watch the video, but soon became dizzy.He tried to watch it for a while, but he still felt nauseous.Wei Renwu s ability to reach such a high level in the criminal investigation field is definitely not accidental or talented.He can browse more than ten or twenty fast playing monitors like a computer, and he will not miss a single detail.He must have undergone intensive training.It can only be done, and Yue Ming can t help but wonder about Wei Renwu s past.After he experienced something, Wei Renwu became the current Wei Renwu.Three hours passed, and Wei Renwu didn t say a word, didn t take a sip of water, didn t move his body, and didn t even blink his eyelids.

Oh, grandma , cbd gummies for sexual arousal I ll cook right away.Like a good boy, Li Yi immediately turned into the kitchen.The old grandma faced Wei Renwu and the other three with a smile again, and said, Three, please don t stand at the door.She opened her mouth and said, Then we won t be polite.The three came to the living room of Li Yi s house, and Li Yi Longjing tea was HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sexual arousal prepared for the three of them, and the grandmother prepared fruits and melon seeds for the three of them.The four of them sat together in a circle, relatively silent, and everyone was silently tasting the tea in their hands.Instead, the old lady next to her kept asking Where are you all from You don t look like people from Langfang.I know all of Xiao Yi s friends in Langfang.Li Yi said impatiently Okay, Grandma, stop nagging, you go out first, we still have some important things to talk about.

He should have done a lot of physical work, but his skin is quite fair.He must have done it underground or in a cave.Am I right Mr.Shu As if Wei Renwu said that the person was not him, he said lightly What Mr.Wei said makes sense, but you said that I used to be miserable, and Shu cbd gummies for sexual arousal dare not agree with it.In my opinion, only the heart is suffering.Only then can it be regarded as real suffering, but I have always felt very happy, even if I suffer a little bit of physical suffering, it is just a mosquito bite.Wei Renwu nodded and said, Mr.Shu s words make me very ashamed.I take back the wording just now.Mr.Shu was not suffering before, but had a laborious job.Can Mr.Shu accept this Shu Po said with a smile Gladly accept.Wei Renwu added It s hard to imagine that people who used to do this kind of work can become detectives now.

A middle aged man in a long gown with narrowed eyes got out of the passenger seat.This is Shuper, hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus and there is no one in the police who does not know him.Shu Po also recognized Lei Long and You Yelai, and he said coldly I know you, you are members of the Second Serious Case Team.Oh, isn t this the famous Detective Shu Da We will meet in such a car accident.Lei Long was very surprised, of course, this expression was all faked by him.You Ye also stood up and interjected, Detective Shu Da, although you are a celebrity in the police circle, it doesn t mean that the current matter will not be dealt with Shu Po snorted coldly and said, How do you want to deal with it Lei Long looked at the damage of the two cars and suggested You know, this is my private car.Now that it has been hit, it is inevitable that I need to apply for insurance.

However, there are always problems with his car.Not only can he not get close to the Buick car, but the distance is getting wider and wider.As soon as he was about to follow Dio Soup, an unexpected incident happened.This unexpected incident was definitely not expected by Lei Long and You Ye, and perhaps even Shu Po did not expect it.The Buick car turned over suddenly.A car will not turn over for no reason.Of course, it will turn over due to the action of external force.This external force is very strong, and the force comes from a bus.This bus hit the right side of the Buick directly, causing the Buick to roll over.I dare say that the current Buick car is absolutely completely disabled.Why did a bus suddenly rush out at this time This made Lei Long and You Ye very puzzled, they had to get out of the car to see what was going on.

He said that I already have the ability to stand alone.Lin Xingchen sat down on the office chair and said angrily What an irresponsible man.Yang Wen covered his mouth with a smile and said, Captain, don t be angry, isn t Mr.Wei always like this He is only responsible for the things he is interested in.Lin Xingchen sighed, Said Forget it, forget it, this case has reached the final stage, Zhang Feng will tell you about the current situation.Holding the report in his hand, Zhang Feng read More than 30 members of the Five Dou Rice Gang have been arrested, and 20 of them have pleaded guilty, and more than ten people are still at large.Now we are organizing the police to hunt down the remaining members of the Five Dou Rice Gang.The Mi Gang has collapsed.There is another thing worth mentioning.Commander Zhao Jun of the No.

For matters such as manners, a man like Xiaoyue should do it.I ll just be responsible and do whatever I can.The short haired woman gradually lowered her hands , her palms were full cbd gummies for sale near me hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit of blood, and her nose was also bleeding profusely.Instead of complaining of pain, she laughed, and said with a smile, Hahahaha, you are such a scary man Wei Renwu.Short haired woman Looking up, Wei Renwu could really see the woman s face clearly.Although her nose was covered with blood and her makeup seemed to be much older, Wei Renwu could still tell that she was Jiang Mengdie.Wei Renwu found a sofa and sat down, smoking a cigarette, and said No matter how scary a man is, he is only scary on the surface.It is said that the most poisonous woman s heart, let alone a woman like you who can change seventy two.Jiang Meng Die stood up, picked up the tissue paper on the coffee table, wiped the blood off her nose and hands, and said, I m curious, how did you find me , I will definitely not leave immediately after slapping my ass.

At that moment, the smoke seemed to turn into a fairy spirit.Jiang Mengdie extinguished the cigarette and threw it aside.She slowly approached Wei Renwu s ear and said in a magical voice, Isn t Mr.Wei a man Isn t he fascinated by me Wei Renwu swallowed Drooling, he replied softly I am also a man, and I also like beautiful women.Jiang Mengdie put her hands around Wei Renwu s neck, looked into Wei Renwu s eyes, and slowly approached Wei Renwu s lips with red lips.A word was softly uttered from his lips Only Mr.Wei is willing just cbd gummies lawsuit to let me go.Tonight, I am yours.Jiang Mengdie s lips got closer and closer, and Wei Renwu also smelled a strong fragrance of roses , Seeing that his lips were about to be red, he was about to kiss Wei Renwu s lips.Jiang Mengdie closed her eyes, and was about to give Wei Renwu a passionate kiss.

Yue Ming signaled, Let s go.My car is parked downstairs.My legs and feet are not convenient.You can drive later.Jiang Mengdie nodded shyly., but this feeling is not bad for her.Supporting Yue Ming, Jiang Mengdie sneaked downstairs and got into Yue Ming s Maserati.The car keys were temporarily kept by Wei Renwu.Fortunately, Yue Ming s special hidden compartment at the bottom of the car was hidden as a spare.Car keys, so they can easily light the engine of the Maserati and start the car.The gate of the Public Security Bureau has a checkpoint.Maserati ignored the checkpoint at all, and went out directly.The guard at the gate could only see the cbd gummies for sexual arousal rear lights of Maserati in an instant.And all of this was seen by the two people in a Jetta car not far from the gate of the Public Security Bureau.The two people sitting in the Jetta car are Wei Renwu and Lin Xingchen.

In people s pursuit of love, there is nothing that can stop it.If there is anything that can stop love, I think it should be first love.Now Yue Ming is caught in a dilemma, one is his so called true love, and the other is his first love that has been sublimated from a lover to a relative, and the two are bound to be incompatible.Shen Yi walked in from the door with her cbd gummies for sexual arousal head held high.There was only one person in her eyes, the woman her boyfriend swore to take away.Although this woman had a scar on the bridge of her nose, she could still tell that this woman was full of charm, It s the kind of woman men like best.Although Yue Ming did not explain his relationship with Shen Yi, Jiang Mengdie could tell from Yue Ming s expression and Shen Yi s hostile eyes that Yue Ming and Shen Yi definitely had a romantic relationship.

So, Yue Ming, you don t want me to know Is it In Shen Yi s words, there is obviously a strong jealousy.Yue Ming quickly explained Yiyi, it s not what you imagined, Isheit s not The more Yue Ming wanted to explain, the more he couldn t say anything.He was at a loss in this matter.Shen Yi snorted coldly and said, No need to explain, I ll ask you now, do you want her or me He really couldn t bear it, he cbd gummies for sale near me hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit looked at Shen Yi again, Shen Yi s eyes were full of anger, which made him really afraid, and he could only turn his eyes back to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu sighed and said What choice should I make I have already said it a long time ago.It is only because you have not listened to me that I messed up the situation.Now it is useless for you to look at me.You have to make up your own mind.Yue Ming couldn t make a decision.

Wei Renwu said to Yue Ming, Go to the waiter and get two sets of bowls and chopsticks.Come.Yue Ming responded and left.Mr.Yu found a place to sit down, and his subordinates stood behind him.Yue Ming took two sets of bowls and chopsticks and two wine glasses, and he handed a pair to Mr.Yu.He wanted to hand a pair to Mr.Yu s subordinates, but Mr.Yu just shook his head coldly, and Yue Ming had to put it down.on the side.After filling Mr.Yu with a glass of wine, Wei Renwu raised his glass and said, I only know that Captain Lin is definitely not looking for something to do with me.She must be entrusted by someone, but I still didn t expect Mr.Yu to be you.I have to thank Mr.Yu for this meal.Mr.Yu drank his wine in one gulp, and said with a smile, Why can t Captain Lin come to see you for something Why can t Captain Lin treat you to dinner Wei Renwu said leisurely Captain Lin will tell me directly if he comes to me for something, and he will never play tricks like treating guests, let alone entertain me so lavishly, because I will never refuse Captain Lin s request.

Since she was discovered, there must be loopholes in what she did.Although she herself didn t know where the loopholes were, the matter cbd gummies for sale near me hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit had come to an end, and the only thing she had to do was to survive.Boomboomboom There were footsteps, although the footsteps were very thin, but the sensitive Xu Jiu could hear them clearly.Xu Jiu became even more nervous, she held the pistol tightly, and quietly opened the safety catch.This is a community that is about to be demolished.No one lives here, and no one else will come here.Those who will come here will naturally come to find her.Xu Jiu made up his mind that as long as this person opened the door, Xu Jiu would shoot him to death.Sure enough, a corner of the door was opened, and a flashlight was shining through the opened door.boom Xu Jiu pulled the trigger without hesitation.

He asked awkwardly, Mr.Wei, do you have the key Bang Wei Renwu smashed the driver s window with a punch, and he reached in and opened the door.Yue Ming pursed his lips and said Okay, fists and car keys are similar.The two got into the car, and Yue Ming said again Let s at least turn on the car key.The wires under the steering wheel.Wei Renwu found the ignition thread.Nourish Nourish Nourish After clicking three times, Wei Renwu really ignited the Porsche 911.Yue Ming pursed his lips again and said, Okay, it seems that you really don t need a car key.Wei Renwu said impatiently, There s too much nonsense, let s go quickly.Sit tight As soon as Yue Ming finished speaking, the car was like a rocket Generally ejected.23.An unreasonable plan Although Yue Ming followed Wei Renwu s order and chased after Xu Jiu, he still hesitated in his heart.

Wei Renwu put away his smiling face and said seriously I think Borrow a friend s mobile phone.The bald man put his hands cbd gummies for sexual arousal on his hips, pointed at Wei Renwu with his big belly and raised chin, and said, What if I don t want to borrow it Wei Renwu showed an evil mouth, and said sternly What are you talking about The bald man quickly shivered, and apologized with a respectful smile I said, I will give it to you, as long as you like it, you can take it away.The bald man took out his hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit mobile phone from his pocket and handed it to Wei Renwu.The bald man was not willing to give Wei Renwu a cell phone just now, why did he suddenly change his attitude 180 degrees I think most people would behave the same way when they encounter a bald man, because very few people would treat a guy with a pistol pointed at them badly.

The little girl witnessed a tragic tragedy in the Mashiqiao , which will leave a trauma to a young heart.She must forget that memory, so she will never leave again That road, even if you will take a detour on your way home from school, don t take that road.I see.Yue Ming finally understood, Then, are you going to continue investigating Reaper Wei Renwu patted his chest, Said Of course, I put so much effort into this case, how could I give up so easily, besides, I, Wei Renwu, have never been a person who gives up lightly.Yue Ming sighed softly Yes , I have even forgotten the name of the person who said before that he would abandon the case.The two of them went out in a hurry like this.Yue Ming drove his blue Maserati to the Mashi Bridge.In the driver s seat, he said to Wei Renwu, the co pilot Mr.

Yue Ming followed behind, and as the two of them made a big circle to the Poly Kangqiao Community , Yue Ming was more sure in his heart that this was the little girl he was looking for, because Poly Kangqiao Community was closer to Poly Kangqiao Community Mashiqiao , which fully meets the prerequisites Wei Renwu said, can you overdose on cbd gummies cbd gummies for sexual arousal they took a long detour to go home, which is actually completely unnecessary.But when the old woman and the little girl had just stepped into the gate of the community, suddenly the old woman ran away with the little girl.Yue Ming said anxiously to himself Oops, cbd gummies for sale near me hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit the stalking has been discovered.Yue Ming made two steps at the same time, and also galloped.Fortunately, Yue Ming was young and strong, but the old woman and the little girl, one old and one young, naturally couldn t get rid of Yue Ming.

Although I can tell at a glance that this is not a den of drug dealers, I still want to ask Miss whether she has found any suspicious people on this floor.The woman said with some embarrassment I didn t find any suspicious people before, but today I found two.Wei Renwu pointed to Yue Ming, then pointed to himself, and said, Could it be that Miss said there are two of us The woman Said I was talking about the two of you, but the police officers have produced police IDs, so the two are not suspicious people, so I don t know other suspicious people.After finishing speaking, the woman wanted to close the door again, but Wei Renwu still pushed the door tightly, and said, Since the cbd gummies for sexual arousal lady didn t find any suspicious person, can the lady leave a contact information, so that I can contact the lady at any time, and let the lady cooperate with me to investigate this floor It was very ugly, she cbd gummies in pakistan was dressed like this, she was not suitable to be exposed in front of two men all the time, but now Wei Renwu was HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sexual arousal sticking to her like a dog s skin plaster, unable to get rid of her even if he wanted to, and even tried to ask for her contact information.

The deceased s house, found the door of the deceased s house was not open, so he went in on his own initiative, only to find the deceased lying in a pool of blood.Friend Wei Renwu how long does a cbd gummy take to kick in questioned.A smile appeared on the corner of Zhang Feng s mouth, cbd gummies for pmr and he said with a smile It s actually not his friend.When I recorded the statement for him, he faltered and asked him about the details of the deceased s life, but he couldn t answer.Under interrogation, he finally revealed the truth.It turned out that he was not a friend of the deceased.He was there to collect the debt.The deceased owed a cbd gummies at airport large amount of usury.Yesterday during the day, the deceased said that he would pay back the money at eight o clock sharp, so that person would be at that time.Go to the deceased s house, and when he saw the deceased s death at the deceased s house, he was afraid that others would suspect that he did it, so he called the police.

Facing the folder, he said to himself with satisfaction I knew this thing must be useful.Look at it.Seeing that guy is so nervous, I knew it would be useful, and since that guy is dead, it shows its can you overdose on cbd gummies cbd gummies for sexual arousal importance even more, I have to find a way to turn it into money, otherwise it will be worthless.Suddenly the boss said In addition to the computer screen in front of him, there is a giant figure behind the computer screen.The boss looked up and saw a man wearing a hooded sweater, and the man had a hood on his head.Due to the backlight, the boss couldn t see his face clearly.Whether the man s face can be seen clearly or not, the orange slice cbd gummies boss can confirm that this person must be a customer.He politely asked Does the customer want to take a photo or develop the photo The man did not speak, but just took off the hood.

Yue Ming wondered Haggis Isn t it everywhere Especially Jian Yang.Wei Renwu waved his fingers and said cbd gummy bear businesspdf disdainfully This haggis is not that haggis.In our common sense, haggis refers to some internal organs of sheep, while the haggis in Yingshan is a sheep.Miscellaneous meat , simply put, is steamed mutton with flour, especially when paired with Yingshan s special red oil, the taste is simply ecstatic.Yue Ming was already hungry, but when he heard Wei Renwu explaining Haggis , his saliva almost hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus spit out, he hurriedly said Stop talking nonsense, let s go eat Yingshan Cold Noodles and this Haggis.These two kinds of food can be seen everywhere in Yingshan County, and almost every restaurant has these two kinds, but Wei Renwu didn t let Yue Ming choose one to eat at random, he had to choose one carefully.

I could only watch my father rush out to find Aunt Long.I followed behind my father.Standing at the door of Aunt Long and Pengcheng s house, she didn t dare to go in, so she could only listen to her father yelling at Aunt Long and Pengcheng as monsters outside the door.Consoling Aunt Long at the side.Really, at that moment, I felt that my father was like a devil, and this was the only thing I knew about a devil.Yue Ming could sincerely feel Long Qian s hatred for his father, because he himself There is also a father who makes him hate to the bone.This is the so called empathy.Once two people can empathize with each other, the subjective favor will definitely increase a lot.Yue Ming cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummies for sexual arousal no longer regards Long cbd gummies for sale near me hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit Qian as a suspect at all.He even thinks that He should be friends with Long Qian.Long Qian lowered his head and said After that time, Pengcheng and I never dared to see each other again.

I put down my luggage and was about to rush in, but the neighbors around me stopped me, and they refused to let me cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummies for sexual arousal in.There was no way, I could only watch the fire continue to intensify and burn outside, but I was powerless.At cbd gummies for sexual arousal that moment, I was really useless In the end, none of the four people came out alive.No, only three people were found at the scene.A corpse, and it has been verified that there is no Cheng in the body, which means that Cheng may not be dead.Yue Ming questioned strongly.Long Qian shook his head and replied bitterly Who knows Maybe the body has been turned into ashes, maybe he didn t die, the fire miraculously survived and disappeared from this world, but no matter what the result is, I just know, I What s the difference between losing him and his death Long Qian s words are very reasonable, if you can t see a person you want to see in your whole life, then what s the difference between this person and death This is like Yue Ming s father, Yue Zhongyuan, who has been lying to Yue Ming.

An extremely weak voice replied I won t get up.Yue Ming saw that Wei Renwu was unwilling to get up, so he wanted to lift Wei Renwu s quilt, but Wei Renwu hugged him tightly.Get up quickly, have you forgotten that we are going to have a banquet for brother Qian tonight Wei Renwu said I haven t forgotten, I just have a stomachache, I must have eaten skewers last night, and my stomach was ruined.Yue Ming heard Wei Renwu He claimed to be sick and didn t want to get up, so he immediately became anxious.He said anxiously, Mr.Wei, don t pretend, get up, I know you re not sick.Oh, what s the matter with you kid I m really sick Wei Renwu yelled, vowing to defend the sheets to the death.I made a special trip to make another appointment with Brother Qian.Finally, others agreed to our dinner regardless of past suspicions.

Yue Ming shook his head and said, You didn t completely lie to me either., at least the story you told me about you is true, even though you are not dead.But we killed people Cheng said excitedly, Didn t you look down on us Yue Ming sighed softly We are human, we will make mistakes, this is unavoidable for anyone.Of course, you did make a big mistake this time, and you should be punished.I just hope that you will be released from prison in the future, and you can start a new life.Hey Cheng Chang sighed, To be honest, Xiaoyue, I really want to be friends with you, this is absolutely from the bottom of my heart, there is no trace of falsehood.What are you talking about Yue Ming scolded, I thought we were already friends, but you didn t regard me as a friend.No, no, no. Cheng quickly explained, I didn t mean that, I meant that I m not worthy to be your friend, I A sinner, and you a good man, I certainly hope we can still be friends.

The Reaper is like the officials in the underworld, and the officials in the underworld are generally referred to as Yinsi.The end of the Death Express is Yinsi Street in Fengdu Ghost City Scenic Area.Lin Xingchen put down his chopsticks and said, It s not too late, let s go and have yukon valley cbd gummies a look.Are you full Yue Ming asked doubtfully.Lin Xingchen shook his head and sighed Only when I was eating, I realized that I couldn t eat at all.Maybe I could only eat after I really caught the Reaper.Yue Ming stood up and said the same I feel the same way.Let s stop eating and go to Yinsi Street to have a look.Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen came to Yinsi Street in Fengdu cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummies for sexual arousal Ghost Town Scenic Area according to the car navigation.Fortunately, today is not a holiday, and there are not too many tourists in Fengdu Ghost City.

Yinsi Street is just a very ordinary archway street, and tourists will not gather here, so there are only two people here, Yue Ming and Lin cbd gummies for sexual arousal Xingchen.On the empty street, although the sun was shining brightly, Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen didn t feel any warmth.Instead, they felt a chill in the air.Yue Ming noticed a big postbox on the side of the street, pointed at the postbox, and said to Lin Xingchen, It should be that one.Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen approached the postbox, and a huge skull was graffitied on the green postbox , as if implying Yue Ming that this mailbox is the end of death.Yue Ming said This mailbox should be enough to hold tens of millions of cash.Lin Xingchen said Don t you think the style of this mailbox can you overdose on cbd gummies cbd gummies for sexual arousal is 50mg hempful living cbd yummy gummy bear candy gummies somewhat inconsistent with the Qing Dynasty architectural style of this street Yue Ming nodded I also noticed that this is not a postbox that the scenic spot has built independently.

I can t think of it for long., he will turn into a dead man in that chair.Zilong said Can you be sure that Wei Renwu will go there every night Professor Fang said with certainty Yes, I observed him for seven days, he I went there for seven days, arriving at nine o clock at night at the latest, and leaving at twelve o clock at the earliest, rain or shine.Zilong said How many people does he usually go to the bar Professor Fang said Sometimes can you bring cbd gummies on a plane usa there will be two people, Sometimes he is alone.Zilong said Since you have decided to kill Wei Renwu on the wine cbd gummies scam or not table, have you thought of any way to kill him Professor Fang said I have a framework, the following You need to put together the puzzle.Zilong said, Let s hear it.Professor Fang paused and said, I found that there is a microwave oven next to the toilet in the bar.

Liu Hongyun laughed again, and he said with a smile, What does it feel like The waiter s face was flushed with alcohol, he put down his glass, and said, I feel a sense of excitement.Liu Hongyun whispered in his ear That s right, it s the excitement of tasting the forbidden fruit.The waiter asked curiously Why do I feel this way Liu Hongyun explained Because you secretly drank without telling the boss, everyone There will always be such rebellion, you and I are no exception.The waiter was puzzled Guest, why do you want me to do this What do you want to do You mean to let you drink Liu Hongyun asked back.The waiter nodded.Liu Hongyun laughed and said, I m telling you by drinking secretly.I know that your boss will get angry when he sees you holding the insecticide, so you shouldn t let him see, or your bonus this month will not be taken away.

Wang The voter replied Yes, I have indeed cbd gummies for sexual arousal thought of a way.Before I went into the bar toilet, I found a nail on the edge of the door frame that was a little loose.This is my way.Professor Fang praised The nail is a good idea.My idea, you want to use the microwave oven as a gun, and the nails as bullets, when the microwave explodes, you can push the nails to hit Wei Renwu, right Wang Xuanmin laughed and said Yide is really powerful, I just want to When you mention the nails, you have thought of my plan.Yes, I will use the nails to give Wei Renwu a fatal blow.At that time, I will put nine iron nails next to the can you overdose on cbd gummies cbd gummies for sexual arousal microwave oven.I just want you to help me Calculate the exact location of the iron nails so that I can kill Wei Renwu smoothly.Professor Fang said I can hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus do this, but I need a little time.

A short man at the table with the two of them suggested Boss Zuo, seeing my sister in law is in such pain, Why don t we withdraw today, and we can talk about it another day, you send sister in law back first, her health is important.The left boss hugged Jiajia and nodded in agreement.No, you guys want to talk about important things.You can t put aside important things for me.Jiajia shook her head, enduring the pain.But, I can t bear to see you in such pain.Boss Zuo said sadly.For Boss Zuo, the pain was on Jiajia s body, and it was also on his own heart.Enduring the pain, Jiajia got up from Boss Zuo s embrace, and she slowly took out a glass full of water from her purse, and said, I brought brown sugar water, ask the waiter to warm it up for me, I ll be fine after I drink it.Boss Zuo asked doubtfully, Can a glass of brown sugar water natures only cbd gummies en español work Jia Jia nodded and said, It s not the first time I ve had dysmenorrhea, and brown sugar water can do it.

The inmates were chattering and chattering all the time, and in every corner of the hall stood a heavily armed prison guard.Boss The young prison guard behind the bearded man shouted loudly, and soon the noisy prisoners became quiet, so quiet that there was no buy cbd gummies for arthritis sound cbd gummies for sale near me hemp bombs cbd gummies calming blend reddit in the whole hall, maybe even a needle dropped on the ground could be heard clearly hear.The bearded man walked forward, and the prisoners in front of him immediately moved out of the way.The bearded man walked to the center of the hall, jumped onto the iron table in the center, and shouted at all the people in the hall My brothers, today is the day when we are reborn, let us destroy the world together Good job, let s go out, I have something very important to announce today.The prison guard moved the door away, and the bearded man walked out of his cell leisurely, while the prison guard followed closely behind the bearded man, Like a bodyguard.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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