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Inside, I saw that there were very few vacant seats in the venue, and I felt relieved.Brother Xiaolong, that person just now is really interesting, his name is actually the same as Guohao.Miao Kexiu chuckled lightly.Hehe, it s quite interesting.Bruce Lee remembered the way that person looked at him before, the burning eyes, it was not like the first time he knew himself from the poster.After thinking about it, he didn t remember meeting such a cbd gummies give me a headache person, and the movie opened at this time, so he didn t think much about it as fate.Who is Bruce Lee , then I am too sorry for the name of the time traveler.Chapter 4 The pineapple bun movie is over, and the house is full of applause.Zhang Dong, a martial arts fan, was immediately attracted by Bruce Lee s fast, accurate and ruthless punches.Compared with Ti Lung s martial arts movies, he would be lifted up with coercion at every turn, and then he would do a roundabout kick at 360 degrees in the air.Okay, there are a lot of peanut candies that I made before.You can take this out.It s not too expensive, and it tastes better than ordinary peanut candies.Li Guohao pointed to a box placed behind.Box of Peanut Drops.Okay, then I m leaving.Picking up the peanut candy, Zhang Dong said something, then turned and left.Faced with Zhang Dong s progress, Li Guohao is also very happy.Don t look at taking a box of peanut candy out, but it doesn t cost much, and the cost is only a few hundred at most.Not only can customers feel that they are giving It also allows them to experience the unique service attitude.Yeah, I ll take it out by myself.Li Guohao put some of his secret snacks into the tray, said a few words to the cbd calm gummies best cbd gummies made in usa two pastry chefs, cbd gummies for pcos and then opened the door and went out.Miss, what s your name, please And what s your birthday asked the employee who was in charge of processing the membership card cbd gummies for pcos for the young lady.Pour it out quickly and have a look Hearing his mother s eagerness, Li Guohao didn t even notice, so he opened the cardboard box, turned it upside down, and dumped it do cbd gummies reduce appetite all on the table.The sound of clattering suddenly sounded.I saw that the entry was full of banknotes, most of which were hundred dollar bills.Okay, that s a lot of money The four of them counted happily.Twenty eight thousand on my side.Thirty five thousand on my side. 135,700 Chapter 23 Planning a branch 130,000 It wasn t the 10,000 to 20,000 sold when I was making wife cakes, but it has risen to six figures.A Dong has so many today Li Guohao was cbd gummies for pcos also very surprised.He HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pcos didn t expect that the turnover on the first cbd gummies for pcos day was so high, it was more than best cbd gummies made in usa damn gina cbd gummies a hundred thousand.Zhang Dong looked surprised, It s about the same.I took a look at the registered members in the afternoon.Ah This won t work, sunmed cbd gummies for sleep my sister will scold me.Ah Zhen looked unhappy.It s okay, when the time comes, you tell me in advance where you are going to play, and I pretend to be passing by., buy cbd gummies vancouver are you going to open a new store here Yes, it will open the day after tomorrow.Do you live here Well, my house is not far in front.Zhen nodded, looking away.Li Guohao felt amused when he saw Ah Zhen s eyes lingering on the peach cakes on the stall from time to time, children like to eat these things.He smiled and said, Well, Ah Zhen, take some peach cakes back to eat.Next time, if there is anything you want to eat, you can find me in the store after it opens.Okay Ah Zhen smiled pleasantly when she heard it.Originally, Ah Zhen did have this meaning.But she is a girl, and it would be embarrassing for her to say it in person.Now, isn t this too big a step, it s messed up Li Guohao sighed, this time he miscalculated, he didn t expect the store s current expenses to be so high, if he knew, he wouldn t pay for it all at once.I paid more than 100,000 yuan to the animation company and asked them to make ten episodes of animation in a row.Shangguan Xiaobao suggested In my opinion, Ahao, you d better hire an accountant for your pastry shop.Fortunately, Ma Yuanhao has experience in doing financial reports this time, otherwise he would do three in one night.The monthly financial information is not something that ordinary people can do.Indeed, this time the financial report is thanks to Ma Yuanhao, otherwise, if there is no good looking journal to show to the bank, the loan of up to 500,000 yuan may not be approved.down.Some wages will be deducted, and if the overtime is too long, the wages of the day will be deducted.Then there is the question of the perfect attendance bonus.In addition to the two days of vacation stipulated by the company every month, if you ask for one more day off, the full attendance bonus will be directly deducted.The amount up to the perfect attendance bonus is one hundred yuan.And then the next part is some penalty system.Skip this part, the bottom is the promotion system and the welfare system that the company is preparing.Every HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pcos employee has the opportunity to be promoted.Even the lowest level waiter will be promoted to cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos the team leader based on her his performance, and at the top is the store manager, and behind the store manager there are regional managers and the like.Employee promotion is divided into three types 1.A corner near Rongji.A young woman cbd gummy near me was holding a seven or eight year old boy waiting anxiously there.Seeing Uncle Zhang approaching, the young woman hurriedly asked, Did Dad get the refund Why do you have to ask me to come forward and get a refund The young woman knew that this incident made her father in law feel ashamed, so she could only comfort her Dad, you also know that the situation at home is not very good now., Xiaobao is going to study soon, so it s better to save some money.Uncle Zhang glanced at his grandson, and said helplessly Okay, go to the opposite Li Ji to apply for a membership card, and I won t go.The people here at Rongji saw it, there is really no room for my old face After Uncle Zhang left, the young woman knelt down and said to her son, Xiaobao, Mommy will take you to the pastry shop opened by cbd gummies with thc cbd gummies for pcos Papa Goose to buy some food.The money the customer spent on the membership card was taken away by the boss of Rongji.As soon as this rumor came out, the other three companies were immediately implicated, and a large number of people who applied for membership went to ask for a refund.Even Li Ji was affected to some extent.Citizens in front, please pay attention Everyone get out of here quickly, don t gather around The chief inspector of the peninsula also rushed over.Seeing that Nathan Road was surrounded by water, he frowned and hurriedly sent someone to shout.The crowd who had been watching the excitement saw so many policemen, all of whom were holding sticks.Thinking of the events of the past few years, they ran away in fright.Zhang Dong, who was still watching the excitement, was so frightened that he hurriedly called Li Guohao when he saw this appearance.I will wipe my face when I go back later, to get rid of bad luck.How s the business there It s okay, after the five stores were closed that day, they reopened the next day.Rong Bingcai, who stayed at the police station for two days this time, also took too much heart, saying very tired.Although this incident had nothing to do with him, after all, traffic jams, panic and waste of police manpower were all caused by Rongji s refund.Not only did he offend the police station because of this incident, but he also spent a lot of money to clear up all aspects.To know what happened in the past few years, people still have lingering fears.After hearing that the store reopened after only one day of renovation, Rong Bing suddenly thought of Li Ji, and asked, How is Li Ji s business At the gate of Li Ji, did many people go to get refunds A Ping hesitated for a while and said cbd gummies for pcos There were indeed people who went to Li Ji to apply for refunds that day, but there were only a dozen of them.As soon as he heard the boss say that he stood behind him for a long time, Ah Fa s face paled instantly with best cbd gummies made in usa damn gina cbd gummies fright, and there was only one thought in his mind, that it was over, he must have heard what he just said.After Li Guohao told this matter, Sister Wang s expression gradually became embarrassing.Sister Wang, you are the store manager now, you can handle this matter, and then just make a report to the company.Although Li Guohao is the boss, he is right, but now that there is a store manager, he still has to give Sister Wang some cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos advice.It s up to her to deal with the matter of face.I understand.Sister Wang nodded heavily, and looked at the two in front of her angrily.You must know that she has only become the store manager of the Nathan Road store for a few days, and such a situation of publicizing private pockets, stealing and cheating, or it happened in front of the boss.Li Qiang hesitated It s just that it will make people think that we are Some look down on the sanitation workers Give them the pastries that are thrown away every day That s how society is.If you are unconditionally good to others, some people will always inspect this matter with strange eyes, secretly thinking whether there are some unknown secrets in it.Hearing this, Li Guohao also understood that there are always some people who pretend to be dignified in this society, and later generations are called keyboard warriors.It s not that these people are bad, it s just that they look at things too much with words or strange eyes, and instead of taking action, they often attack those who do good deeds.Whatever, we make our own.It s just that these free cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos pastries are only allowed to be left in stock on the day, and no more than two days are allowed.There are many Chinese pastries cbd gummies show up in drug screen sold on the market, and cbd gummies near here they are basically stored for a long time.After the family buys pastries, they usually don t eat them all on the same day.As long as they are well preserved, it is not a problem to eat them for a few days.Why would a pastry shop throw away the day s stock It s mainly for customers to see.In fact, are these pastries really expired No, it s just that everyone feels that they spend money to buy things, so why cbd gummies for pcos give me yesterday s stock Speaking of this, Li Qiang suddenly cbd gummies for pcos said again I think it s better not to give it away.Why Li Guohao asked.Li Qiang explained I was driven unconscious by you just now, have you ever thought that if you do this, will some of the employees below use their brains to turn normal pastries into expired pastries You are afraid that someone Deliberately making good pastries expired Li Guohao was a little puzzled and said, What are you afraid of We send the store manager to watch outside every day when we deliver, who dares to do that Li Qiang shook his head and smiled Hehe, we are still a cbd gummies for pcos small company with only three branches.Li Qiang didn t expect Xie Honghe to say this, he laughed and said, Haha, Manager Xie is very funny.All right, let s follow the chairman s decision and open a few branches in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island.Talked about it for a while.In the end, it was decided to open stores in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island.As for how many branches to open, this needs to be discussed again.However, according to Li Qiang and Li Guohao s idea, at least ten branches should be opened.At the beginning, the idea was to borrow 2 million yuan, but now we have 5 million yuan.The scale of this expansion will naturally be doubled.Li Guohao said to Wang Zhenzhen from the finance department Manager Wang is going to trouble you this time.It s best to analyze some of the more important stores we have provided to you as soon as possible, rent manpower and cost.Zhang Dong outside the door said The little girl inside is calling you Why don t you go in and have a seat Seeing Ah Zhen cbd gummies for pcos seeing him, Li Guohao bit the bullet and led the two of them in.A Zhen, long time no see Li Guohao greeted A Zhen first, and then looked at Zhao Yazhi.I have to say that Zhao Yazhi has changed a lot.When we met for the first time, I gave the impression that the girl next door is just growing up, but she is naturally beautiful without makeup.When we meet again this time, I look a bit like a professional elite.She wears light makeup and the most popular red lipstick on her mouth at the moment.It looks very beautiful on her fair and melon seeded face.In addition, her hair is also With a slight curl, the whole person looks a little more intellectual than before, perhaps because of the stewardess, giving people a warm feeling.Boss Rong, here are some pastry chef applicants, would you like to take a look A Ping walked in at this time.Rong Binghua nodded Call in and let me have a look.Rongji is going to open a branch recently, so there is a huge demand for manpower, especially for pastry chefs.You must know that waiters are easy to find and train., but a qualified pastry chef is not so easy to learn.Inside Nathan Road Wing Kee Bakery.A Ming glanced at Rongji s storefront, gently tugged on A Fa s clothes next to him and asked, A Fa, is it not good for us to do this Li Ji treated us well before, and the dismissal was all due to us.Myself.Ah Fa turned pale and A Ming glanced at him and said, It s okay, those pastries have to be thrown away anyway, why can t they be given to our employees, and they still have to be thrown away But the company has regulations Okay, stop talking nonsense, now there are only two big shops in the Kowloon Peninsula, Lee Kee and Rong Kee, don t you want to go to work in the small pastry shop next to your house The small pastry shop Ah Fa mentioned is indeed It s a small, mom and pop store, and it doesn t seem to need people.So I agreed.Li Guohao thought for a while and said It doesn t matter.You are right to agree.If there is not enough manpower, you can recruit.It is a good thing that the comic agency can be responsible for its own profits and losses., This time helping Li s TV station to produce comics is also considered a new business.You can take this opportunity to make the name of the comic agency famous.In the future, no matter who wants to ask us herbal health cbd gummies to make comics, as long as the price is reasonable, they will agree.Shangguan Xiaobao asked a question But I have never drawn this cartoon for popular science education.Li Guohao thought about some cartoons with a scientific and educational nature that he had watched in his previous life, including Beva Nursery Rhymes, Mickey Mouse Wonderful House, But these are more complicated to make.So I suggest that we customize a batch of good looking packaging boxes, pack some hot selling pastries for sale, and find a way to seal them to extend the shelf life and avoid the problem of expired pastries when others give gifts.Or talk to the chairman The big gift bag we made before is the same.We can make best cbd gummies made in usa damn gina cbd gummies a similar one during the New Year.People who buy New Year s goods want to buy more things to go back, but they don t buy more because of the price, and they can t finish it if they buy more.We completely You can sell hot selling snacks together, and the price and quantity will naturally be reduced to a certain extent.I believe there must be many people who are willing to buy a big gift bag and take it back to entertain guests during the New Year.Let the guests taste a variety of delicacies.At this time Television sets are not available in every household.But the bus is the means of transportation that basically every person in Xiangjiang must take.After all, taxis are very expensive, and there are not many private cars.Xie Honghe is not an idiot, so he doesn t know how effective it would be to advertise on the body of the Kowloon Bus, but if he mentions this proposal to the Kowloon Bus, if there are smart people in the Kowloon Bus, I believe it will be possible soon.Understand the benefits.It may be difficult to spend less money on publicity.Xie Honghe asked But if we talk about advertising with Kowloon Bus, will they increase the price best cbd gummies made in usa damn gina cbd gummies We don t do long term advertising, we only need the advertising space from the New Year to the Lantern Festival.What s more, they I never thought of using buses to advertise, we helped them As for how to talk about it, you have to deal with it.However, since the advertisement of court cakes was broadcast on TV, fewer and fewer people came to Fan Weiming to buy wife cakes.Gradually, apart from a few regular customers and acquaintances, it was difficult for individual customers to come here.Buy.In the past, my bakery was overcrowded, and many people lined up every day, or came to buy from nearby neighborhoods.Damn it, the business is getting worse and worse now.If you want to open a pastry shop, you can open a pastry shop.Why are you robbing us of business Fan Weiming said harshly.It s getting worse and worse, and I often get angry for hemp trance sour cbd gummies no reason.Fan Weiming was very angry, so the pastry shop opened a pastry shop to grab the wife cake business.Quite a few regular customers were led to the palace pastry shop a few blocks away.It would take at least 30 minutes to travel by taxi.This kind of pastry is specially used for sale in major shopping malls and stores, and can be stored for a long time. Our company will develop new pastry products , to meet all the tastes of the public today.At the same time, we will try our best to reduce the cost of production and seek benefits for everyone.Here I will provide you with the total sales of our palace cakes from last year to the present, which is a total of 5.79 million Hong Kong dollars.It s almost six million Six million Hong Kong dollars I lost it, and it only took six months to sell six million Hong Kong dollars It s true It shouldn t be a lie.Everyone cheered I was taken aback by the income of 6 best cbd gummies made in usa damn gina cbd gummies million Hong Kong dollars.In just over half a year, TM s sold for 6 million Hong Kong dollars.When everyone was surprised, Li Qiang and Li Guohao looked at each other and smiled.You can t be a top chef either.Li Guohao clearly remembers that when he was an apprentice in his hometown restaurant, the master chef in the back kitchen said such a sentence A top chef depends 50 on hard work and 50 on talent.The difference between the best chefs is not in the hard work of the cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos basic skills, but in the 50 talent.In Li Guohao s view, the talents of top chefs are taste, sight, smell, mouth HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pcos feeling, and the clear discrimination of these , as well as the acquired knowledge of various ingredients and seasonings, and the unrestrained imagination, the combination of these abilities can become the world s top chef.Well, didn t you tell me last time that you wanted to play the stock market I asked a few friends, and they said that the stock market is doing cbd gummies with thc cbd gummies for pcos very well recently, and you can earn 100 if you invest in it At first I didn t believe it, so I invested 10,000 in it and tried it.Shen Long time no see, Boss Li.Madam Shen nodded politely, and said, I m very greedy for the palace cakes made by Boss Li., especially the new dim sum you mentioned today.Big Brother, is this the palace pastry opened by Papa Goose Arjun stepped forward and asked curiously when he saw that the person who came was the boss.Li Guohao glanced at He Chaoqiong in surprise, and then caught a glimpse of a mixed race girl beside him.He thought to himself that it should be the two young ladies mentioned earlier, pumpkin spice cbd gummies nodded and smiled and said, Yes, this is the palace run by Papa Goose in Kung Fu Panda.Cakes, the pastries that appear in comics, we have them in our store.Look, sister There really is a palace pastry opened cbd gummies for pcos by Papa Goose, and you lied to me before that there is no such thing Arjun raised her head and looked at He Chaoying complainingly A long time ago, Aqiong asked her sister if Xiangjiang had palace cakes, but Aqiong said no.When he was young, he wanted to fly, so he would not be willing to be a cook, but after so many years, he realized that it is not that simple for a person to fly.Grandpa, I want to re open our family s cbd calm gummies best cbd gummies made in usa signboard in Xiangjiang, what do you think Re open the restaurant Li Renzhong stood up excitedly when he heard this.Speaking of which, the ancestral restaurant was defeated by Li Renzhong, and he has been brooding about it for so many years.The older generation pays attention to something, that is, the ancestral family business must not be sold.Back then, the country was in turmoil, internal and external troubles, and selling the ancestral property was a last resort.Li Renzhong also used this reason to comfort himself, but there was always a knot in his heart, he always felt that he was ashamed of his ancestors, and he might not be able to explain to his ancestors cbd gummies with thc cbd gummies for pcos after death.What Li Qiang said before is right.His family has this advantage.His ancestors are imperial chefs, and he opened a century old restaurant.No, it should be An old store that has gone through more than two hundred years of vicissitudes.Re opening can not only make money, but also add a lot of money to one s own association, why not open it Okay, cbd gummies reduce stress okay, Ah Hao Seeing his grandson s affirmation, Li Renzhong was also excited and kept repeating.On the other hand, Li Dexiao asked cbd gummies for pcos Guohao, do you have the money to open a restaurant now Yes, Guohao, don t delay the development of your company because of opening a restaurant.Although Li Huifang didn t know how big her son s company is now , but I said before that I will open ten more franchise stores in a row.I think there will be a lot of shortage in terms of funds, and I will have to fiddle with restaurants, which may be detrimental to the development of the company.I joined him in this shop.This is Boss Li.Most of them are superficial enthusiasm for three minutes.In the eyes of those young masters, Li Guohao is just a small person who sells pastries.He Qianjin joined his shop to give him a chance.There is absolutely no need to have a deep chat with him, let alone get acquainted.To be honest, Li Guohao did not expect this to happen at all, otherwise he would not have come.He understood that He Chaoying had good intentions to let him meet some people, but he rarely participated in such occasions, and stood awkwardly after the introduction.Over there.At this time, He Chaoqiong ran up from downstairs quickly.Seeing Li Guohao was there, she walked over and asked, Boss Li, I want to eat a hundred flowers, can you help me do it now Sorry, Miss He , I don t have any materials here, I m afraid I can t do it today, next time I go to Xiangjiang, I ll make it for you Li Guohao looked cbd gummies for pcos at the little girl like a doll, and responded with a smile.5 million Hong Kong dollars is more than enough.After all, you don t need to open your own best source for cbd gummies shop, you only cbd gummies for pcos need to rent a large factory and buy some baking The equipment can be quickly put into production after gathering manpower.It s a bit like a small workshop in the mainland later on.It s self operated, produced and sold, but the scale is much larger After a few days.A couple pastry shop in Kowloon.How cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos does Boss Liu think Zhang Zhiqiang, the salesman, asked.Boss Liu pondered for a moment, then glanced at his wife and asked, If according to what you said, your Daronghua Company provides pastries, how will the profits be divided Let me tell you, after removing the cost, we will split the profit in half, which means that you don t have to do anything, you just need to provide a store, and then you can get half of the profit by selling it yourself.Liu Peilin cursed inwardly, what the hell is this Li Ji man thinking, he actually thought of so many weird propaganda methods, he thought that advertising on the bus body was already novel enough, but he didn t expect to come here again Several publicity methods.You know, Liu Peilin also spent a lot on advertising expenses.In addition to advertising on TVB and newspapers, he also distributed a promotional poster to every store he cooperated with.Post it at the door of the store so that passers by can see it.If things go on like this, relying on strange and eye catching publicity, I m afraid it will be difficult for me to compete with the other party But how can Li Ji s people make so many mooncakes Could it be that they also have a factory building Liu Peilin pondered for a moment, and decided not to take it lightly, and said to Gu Yonghe How much money does the company have now No, the money is all used to buy materials for making moon cakes and advertising.If it wasn t for the Mid Autumn Festival, I m afraid they would have started making other pastries a long time ago.At the beginning, we only cooperated with more than 100 stores in the New Territories, and they could earn 300,000 in half a month.Next, we cooperated with more than 300 stores, and we could earn at least 900,000 in half a month The monthly cost is nearly 2 million The loss of cbd bear gummies sold in gas stations moon cakes is not a big deal in my opinion, as cbd gummies with thc cbd gummies for pcos long as we continue to cooperate with these merchants and send pastries to them for sale, I think this loss can be fully recovered , and you can earn more It has been on the shelves for a few days, and I will report the results to you guys, the first order is not bad, cbd gummy cbd percentage there are about 1,000 first orders, I still want to thank you all.Chapter 144 The Identity of the Guests 2 3 The Zhao Family.Taking the documents, Li Guohao watched from the beginning.Li Qiang asked curiously You called me last night and asked me to look up the information of Jardine Group.What s the matter Is there something There is something.After reading the information of Jardine Group on the first page , Li Guohao frowned and said Have you seen this Yes, a very powerful and shameless century old British funded group.Li Qiang s mouth suddenly twitched, disdainful.Jardine Group.The original company was Jardine Matheson, founded in 1832.Jardine Matheson was the most famous old British foreign firm at that time, and the largest British consortium in the Far East.It was engaged in trade with China during the Qing Dynasty.But the most ridiculous thing is that most of the trade transactions they operate are opium.A group of members of the Mai family hurriedly opened the door and ran downstairs.Mai Xiaomin was in the house, listening to the noise outside the door, frowned and asked, What s going HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pcos on outside, cousin I ll go out and have a look.After the cousin finished cbd gummies for pcos speaking, she opened the door and went out for a walk.After a while, she walked back to the house and said happily, Xiao Min s wedding car is here.what Dong is here When Mai Xiaomin heard that Zhang Dong was coming, she panicked.This is not the first time for Zhao Yazhi to see Mai Xiaomin.She met him when she was shopping with Li Guohao before.In cbd gummies medical review her impression, Mai Xiaomin belongs to the kind of carefree, A girl who loves to laugh, loves to play, but now Mai Xiaomin looks flustered and bewildered, which is very different from dog cbd gummies near me the previous image, and Zhao Yazhi immediately smiled and said Xiao Min, don t be nervous.Shortly thereafter, Warner released the Kung Fu Panda comics in the publishing house, and half a month later, the animated version was launched on the TV station.The mysterious oriental country, exotic style buildings, and the cute and cute Po have all become the favorite objects of this group of Americans known as the Beat Generation in the 1970s.Americans of this generation rebel, rock, hippie, LSD.These things are not the point, the point is that this generation likes new things very much.It s like kung fu and Bruce Lee.When Bruce Lee was not yet famous in the United States, Kung Fu Panda made more people understand Chinese culture.It has to be said that the people who translated Kung Fu Panda are still very good.They not only restored the content of the original work, but also added more American jokes to the comics.Flatbread with cream.Li Guohao wanted to laugh in his heart.Judging from the appearance alone, it was pretty good, but he always felt a little twisted and stiff.Is this also called a cream sandwich Chairman, would you like to try it Chen Chen asked a little nervously.Okay.Let s talk, Li Guohao took a cream sandwich cake, together with the cake and cream, and took a hard bite.He started eating with a baji baji.Zhao Yazhi, who was on the side, also drooled and said, Ah Hao, let me taste it.Taking the pancake, Zhao Yazhi didn t dislike the saliva of Li Guohao on it, and took a small bite along the bitten piece.Immediately, the aroma of butter cake and the smoothness of butter filled the mouth.The cream is sweet but not greasy, and the butter cake has a pure taste.It s delicious.Zhao Yazhi opened her eyes, her eyes were full of surprises, and she yelled regardless of the food in her mouth Ahao, this cream sandwich cake is so delicious.There are also many praises from Laomei, but most of them say that the taste is quite novel, but it is not suitable for their taste, and they should not spend money to buy it.After working for several days, Li Qiang learned from the mouths of these foreigners that the cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos taste is good, but it does not meet their taste.The purpose of the palace cakes coming to the United States is to make money, not to show off in Chinatown, where there are fewer people.Li Qiang ordered Huang He to find a way to make HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pcos some dim sum that suits the tastes of local foreigners.But Huang He has always made Chinese style dim sum, and the taste is also in line with the Chinese.When he came to the United States, he tried to improve it many times, but it has not been effective.Li Guohao gave Li Qiang a total of 2 million Hong Kong dollars as start up capital.Yeah.Li Guohao nodded.What Li Dexiao said was roughly similar to the development of palace pastries.He also opened more stores and did a good job of publicity activities.It seems that grandpa is very concerned about his career, where can i buy cbd gummies for pain and he even knows about some promotional activities.detailed.Li Guohao discussed with his grandfather and father for a while, and decided to use his own tea restaurant as a test product first, and asked Zhang Dong to help design the store, making it as simple and elegant as possible, not as fancy as a pastry shop.Li Guohao also made a suggestion, let grandpa and dad together make a few simple, affordable and delicious signature dishes, so that the difference between his own tea restaurant and other restaurants can be highlighted, and at the same time, it can attract more people.The uncle hesitated to speak, he always favored his family members in his cbd gummy mgs heart, he stammered and said Well your cousin is going to prepare for the exam recently, and you come back very late every day, your aunt is afraid that it will affect your Fangfang s study , so I know uncle, I will find a house by myself.Ah Fei pursed his lips, he didn t blame this uncle, after all, the other party had already taken good care of him.There are five hundred yuan here, and I can rent a house for a few months in the housing estate.The uncle took out the money he had prepared a long time ago from his pocket.Here, there s no need for uncle.A Fei wanted to take it, but he knew the situation of his uncle s house.Take it I can still afford five hundred yuan Recently, your aunt has also made a little money in the stock market.Seeing brother Qiang s brows cbd gummies for pcos furrowed, cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos Ah Fei thought that the other party was unwilling, so he said hastily.It s okay, come on.Brother Qiang finished speaking, and helped Ah Fei lift the suitcase, oh no, it should be said to be a piece of luggage wrapped in a large cloth, and the cbd gummies for pcos 1500 mg cbd gummies two walked into the room one after the other.Brother Qiang, is there someone here Ah Fei looked at the two unknown people in the cbd gummies for pcos 1500 mg cbd gummies room with some surprise.It s okay, we are also from Vietnam.We came to Xiangjiang a few years earlier than us.We just met each other, so we came to my house to play.Brother Qiang smiled and said.Let s go first, Ah Qiang, you d better remember what I said.The man who sneered before saw Ah Fei enter the room, but didn t say much, and left with another person.Here, did I bother you It s okay, you will live in the living room cbd gummies for pcos temporarily.Ah Shui immediately walked in from the front and took away the fried Ushikawa carried it up.Li Renzhong asked when he was washing the sink beside the cauldron, By the way, Ah Hao, why hasn t that girl from the Zhao family brought you home for dinner recently Oh, Ah Zhi is busy with work.I m busy with work, so forget it.If you have time, remember to call people back for cbd gummies for pcos 1500 mg cbd gummies dinner, do you hear me Yes, cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos I see. In the afternoon, in a teahouse box.Mr.Jin Jiashi, right Li Guohao looked at the man in front of cbd gummies for pcos him and asked with a smile.Yes, Mr.Li, you are much younger than I imagined.I always thought that the headhunting company recommended me to a mature middle aged man, but I didn t expect to be a young talent.Jin Jiashi laughed replied.Jin Jiashi is almost fifty years old.In the early years, he had been doing transportation in various countries in Southeast Asia.At this moment, the Hang Seng Index has fallen by 200 points.The company has suffered a lot of cbd gummies with thc cbd gummies for pcos losses.But from the perspective of a simple acquisition battle, the company may have made a profit.General manager, this is what several small newspapers reported in the morning.One of them handed several newspapers collected in the morning to the general manager.The general manager took the newspapers, flipped through them briefly, his brows became more and more wrinkled, and after a while, he slammed the table This, these newspapers are really Dare to write indiscriminately How could we think of a way to conspire with others to pull the bottom HSI for this little money The Hang Seng Index fell by 200 points, which was just the beginning.Everyone didn t know the bigger disaster in the future, but they only knew that the stocks they bought fell cbd gummies bahamas at this time, and they made less money.That s right, that s right, hurry up and sell it Sell Hehe, so what if I sell it, I bought it at 1500 points, and now it has dropped by a full 500 points, so he lost everything Some people follow the trend and sell stocks hoping to recover their losses.Some people who bought stocks at a high price have dull cbd gummies for pcos eyes and no reaction at all.Even if they sell at this time, so what, who will take over The top floor of the securities company.Sitting alone by the fence, watching the crowds and traffic below, shed tears of remorse, why didn t I throw away the stocks earlier, now the Xiangjiang antenna stocks in my hand have been completely reduced to junk stocks, and there are no ten shares for a dollar cbd gummies for pcos People want, once worth millions of stocks, now ten yuan may not be accepted by anyone.Even the sanitation workers will dislike to sweep these littered waste papers into the trash can.Oriental Daily newspaper A blitz in the commercial war Li Guohao, the chairman of Palace Bakery, announced the acquisition offer in the newspaper, and it took only a short week to acquire Nanshun Group.According to our reporter s understanding from the company, In the near future, Lam Soon Group will apply for delisting from the stock market.This is the only and fastest acquisition battle for Heung Kong so far Compared with the previous acquisition of Milk Company by Landmark, it took nearly three months from start to finish , This acquisition of Nanshun is so cbd gummies for pcos fast that it is unimaginable You must know that this is a company with a market value of over 300 million Mr.Li Guohao bought all the shares of the company with cash in just one week Oriental Magazine Give you 300,000, can you earn 300,000,000 in two years This is not a joke, nor is it a daydream.Ahao, you re here.Yeah.Li Guohao asked Li Qiang and Zhang Nana, Why are you calling me here in such a hurry Nana is going to the United States tomorrow.Discuss.This is the business plan of the food export company, please read it.Zhang Nana also walked to the desk without hesitation, picked up a folder on the desk and handed it to Li Guohao.Li Guohao took it and briefly read it several times.The above is roughly some simple plans of the food export company and its future development.Recently, the biscuits and snacks produced by Li Guohao Food Factory are mainly exported to San Francisco, USA, and some foreign high end packaged foods are also imported from the United States.How much does it cost Li Guohao asked.According to the previous division, you invested two million and accounted for 40 of the shares, I invested one million plus resources accounted for 40 of the shares, and Li Qiang invested one million and accounted for 20 of the shares.Li will definitely become a member smoothly. After a few days.This year s Spring Festival, Li Guohao did not go to his uncle s house in Wanwan cbd gummies for pcos with his mother to visit relatives, because Li s mother said that the uncle s family would bring grandpa and grandma to Xiangjiang for a period of time.I heard that it seems that Nissin instant noodles are in Wanwan The business is not very good, and many people have been laid off, including my uncle.This time when I return to Xiangjiang, my uncle is going to come back and look for a job again.McGee Decorating Co.Li Guohao walked in holding Zhao Yazhi s hand.It used to be a dilapidated company.Because of the good business in the past two years, Mai Qi made a lot of money, and also refurbished the company.The number of employees has grown how much thc does cbd gummies have from one person to more cbd gummies for pcos than twenty.To put it bluntly, as long as they continue to be ordinary policemen for a few years, the chances of promotion are much greater than ordinary policemen.Chapter 240 Flying Tiger build Seeing everyone like this, cbd gummies for pcos Li Guohao smiled at the corner of his mouth and said, I won t say too much.Before I asked Chief Zhou to invite you over, I didn t explain the specific things to you.Here I will briefly explain what I gave.Remuneration.For the time being, everyone s monthly salary is fixed at 3,000 yuan.If something happens, depending on the injury situation, you will also be given a bonus of varying amounts, the highest is 1 million Li Guohao Although I have never had any bodyguards or been in contact with this industry, I also understand one thing, that cbd gummies for pcos is, money can make ghosts work, as long as the price is enough, I believe no one will refuse.Okay.Li Qiang didn t care if he was the first or not.After being called, he stood up and glanced at everyone and said, The main business of our Guohao Group is catering, so let me talk about the can i drive with cbd gummies recent Xiangjiang catering industry.The development and trend of Chapter 252 International Skills Olympics Li Qiang not only mentioned the development trend of Hong Kong s catering, but also talked about the current Hong Kong economy and the Asian economy.One thing has been summed up, that is, the economies of Asia and even the world are gradually recovering.After buy cbd gummies india World War II, with the steady development in the past few decades, the world pattern has been established, and there will be almost no large scale wars , to occur only locally.World peace is what everyone hopes for, so after peace, what business is the most profitable Bear the brunt of real estate, followed by food and clothing.It is said that some people reported to the police station that Li Guohao actually bought the Nanshun Flour cbd gummies for pcos Factory to facilitate the transportation of white powder.This is very distressing.Although Li Guohao doesn t care about it on the surface, he still cares about it in his heart.This is not only related to his own reputation cbd gummies for pcos 1500 mg cbd gummies but also the company s reputation.These days, everyone hates gangsters very much.There is no problem at all Li Guohao is very clear about how his wealth came from.He has made it step by step.Except for the money he earned from the stock market crash and the help of noble people, it is almost all his own hard work.In fact, when Mr.Li acquired Nanshun Group a long time ago, the media and newspapers had already reported on Mr.Li.I remember very clearly that there was a magazine at that time.As for the magazine, I will not name it.At that time, the magazine featured I drew a color picture of Li Shengyou walking out of this building in high spirits wearing a black overcoat followed by four or five people, and captioned it Xiangjiang Dream The new billionaire Li Guohao said lightly I guess so.I m usually very busy, so I don t pay much attention to these things.Come down and put it in a picture frame.I don t know if Li Sheng read the magazine this morning, but the other party posted this picture again, and re assigned the title Mazi becomes a boss Awesome Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned and asked Reporter Chen, are you sure Well, this is it.Reporter Chen dug out the magazine from his bag.After receiving the magazine, Li Guohao looked at the cover of the original photo, but there was a huge title Is it a rich businessman or Feizi in the upper left corner.Although Guohao Group is almost 100 wholly owned by Li Guohao, personal assets and company assets need to be separated.When the group was not established before, it didn t matter, Li Guohao could take money from the company to do other things at will, but with the establishment of the group, it became more and more formalized, and another situation formed.Enterprises or companies are generally divided into two types, one is called a one person limited company, and a sole cbd gummies anxiety amazon proprietorship company.A sole proprietorship does not have legal personality, but a one person limited company does.In addition, the taxation of the sole proprietorship limited company is the collection of personal income tax, while the taxation of the one person limited company is the collection of corporate tax.To put it in the simplest and most straightforward way, if a sole proprietorship company goes bankrupt, the debts in the company will follow you closely while a one person limited company is a company that goes bankrupt and bankrupt, even if it owes tens of billions, it will be with you.In the current movie circle, Bruce Lee s status is not what it used to be.Since the first Big Brother Tangshan was shot and broke the Xiangjiang box office record, several films have been shot one after another, breaking the Xiangjiang box office record.Always maintain your undefeated myth Brother Long, I didn t expect you to come to our film crew I m so happy to see you in person, I ve always been your fan Xu Guanjie s eyes lit up after seeing Bruce Lee.He liked Bruce Lee very much., Later, when filming Best Partner , I wore cbd gummies for pcos yellow tights inside several times, completely paying tribute to the idol.Hello.Bruce Lee glanced at Xu Guanjie, he didn t cbd gummies for pcos know him, but since he was a movie fan and a member of Ding Pei s crew, he naturally wanted to save face.At this time, Li Guohao also brought Cai Lan over.As the favorite racing event in western countries, this competition really reached the point where tens of thousands of people cheered Time passed quietly.A few days passed in a flash.Soon came the pastry competition.Pastry items are divided into dim sum, candy, and cake making.After the three items are completed, they will be placed on the display stands of the contestants.The contest party gave three days to make these dim cbd gummies for pcos 1500 mg cbd gummies sum.The main purpose of the International Skills Olympics is to focus on the word skills.I don t pay much attention to whether the cbd gummies for headaches pasta tastes delicious, because there are more than 30 countries participating, and each country has different tastes, so at the beginning A standard has been established, which is to score according to appearance and skills.To put it simply, as long as you make it good looking, it doesn t matter whether it tastes good or not.Even Chang Xiaotu, who is learning pastry, has no good suggestions for it.The development of West Point in Xiangjiang is not very good.The most popular one is Chinese dim sum.Because of the price, West Point is only popular in the upper class.Cakes are not yet the go to object for birthdays.Therefore, it is reasonable for Huang He and Sun Dafu to know how to make cakes.After hearing the report from Master Wang and himself, Li cbd gummies for pcos Guohao also fell into deep thought.Cake Yes, Chairman, I have eaten cakes, and I have seen some cakes, but most of them are simply covered with cream and some chocolate sauce cbd gummies for pcos on the bread, with the name of the birthday person written on it, nothing else creativity.Master Wang said truthfully.There are many kinds of cakes in later generations.In addition to stuffing the inside of the cake cbd gummies for pcos with fruits, you can also use cream or chocolate fruits on the top of the cake to add beauty.Today, he finally found a more suitable person The general manager of the group does not have much power, especially when Li Guohao was the chairman.Relatively speaking, the position of the general manager is equivalent to a senior secretary.Unified organization and planning, and put forward personal opinions, combined with the actual situation, to the chairman for approval.This made Li Guohao a lot easier.Since opening his first company, Li Guohao has been working hard to learn how to manage the company.However, the matter of managing a company is not a general talk.What is given in the book is only the theory, or the experience of the predecessors in managing the company.When it comes to yourself, you still have to do more and learn more.After dealing with Di Yimin s interview, as soon as he returned to the office, he saw Zhao Yazhi already sitting on the sofa waiting for him.Although the security company has also taken on some tasks in the past two months, most of them are held in some shopping malls.Go to the scene to maintain order.The market cbd gummies for pcos best cbd gummies for back pain for private bodyguards is not very good now.Some rich people already have their own bodyguards, and some don t care about it, so the private bodyguard business is not going very smoothly.This consumption continues It s not a way.In order to save money, Li Guohao also proposed games of the nature of real life CS in later generations, which was endorsed by Zhang Bowen and other bodyguards.After all, every man has a dream of guns, just because Xiangjiang prohibits private Possessing guns illegally, there is no way to play.So there is an area of about a mile at the base of the gun club, which is used as a place for live shooting games, but there is no such club in Xiangjiang, and neither does Li Guohao.After all, Xiangjiang s economy is so poor now, and it spends a lot of money on construction.The manager should discuss more.If there is a problem, you two discuss it, and if you can t solve it, tell me.The main construction of the industrial park this time was completed by Li Zhaoji s Yongtai Construction Company, and the Guohao Real Estate newly formed by Li Guohao was just an auxiliary.Okay, I get it.Manager Huang nodded at Li Guohao, and then glanced at Chen Hui.Manager Huang will teach you a lot in the future.Chen Hui knows how to be a human being.He could see that Huang Yaohua looked at him wrongly, and he also took the initiative to build a good relationship with the other party.Manager Chen is polite, let s learn from each other.Huang Yaohua smiled.The two people here are polite, and Li Guohao on the other side looked at Master Dong who came back from a distance, and asked, How about Master Dong, how is Feng Shui It s a good feng shui Li Sheng s ability to choose places is really amazing.You must know that although this food technology is not a high tech, it still requires a lot of work.The funds were used for research and development.After listening to Di Yimin s suggestion, Li Guohao woke up suddenly.The technical department he created before was just a department for developing new products, and there was no way to follow Di Yimin s mouth.It can be compared with food technology.It can be simply said that the difference cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos between a small food company and an international food company may be whether it has its own technology development department.The food technology mentioned by Di Yimin is very extensive and involves many Things, such as biology, chemistry, physics and other knowledge.If such a department is established, a large number cbd gummies for pcos of professionals are needed, and the funds required may be quite a lot.HelloCall, call Before the police officer could speak, the walkie talkie in his hand fell to the ground because he couldn t stand firmly, and then it was crushed with a click.This One of the police officers was stunned.Although Li Guohao who was hiding behind was not crowded, but in such a small place, surrounded by people, all the smell in his nose was sweat, and he felt as if he was holding his nose.The whole person is not well.Not far away at this time.More than a dozen clattering uniforms came running from a distance.Each of them was wearing a black short sleeved T shirt, a pair of colored .

how long cbd gummies take to work?

camouflage pants, and a black T shirt.The four characters of Guohao Security are printed on the shirt.These people are all the company s security personnel.They didn t get up so early to go to work.After all, it s only after six o clock, but Zou Yu called Zhang cbd gummies for pcos Bowen.I forgot to introduce you.This is my boss and the chairman of Friends Film Company, Mr.Li Guohao Li.The Ghost Horse Double Star that Ah Wen and I are cbd gummys online filming is invested by Li Sheng.Cai Lan is indeed I didn t intend to introduce Li Guohao to them, mainly because Li Guohao is not a person in the film industry.Seeing that Hong Jinbao took the initiative to mention it now, he introduced it again.I didn t expect it to be Mr.Li I ve known you for a long cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos time, hello, hello Hong Jinbao pretended to be surprised, and stretched out his hand to shake hands with Li Guohao with a smile.it is good.According to Li Guohao s current status, there is actually no need to get acquainted with people like Hong Jinbao who play tricks, but he knows the status of these people in the entertainment industry in the future.are added as theme, cbd gummies for pcos it is possible to sell a little bit.It s basically the same as before, but Ah Wen made an adaptation and changed the theme of the script to a comedy.I thought cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos it would be more popular.Cai Lan s previous script was quite standard, a bit like a narrative.After discussing with Xu Guanwen, it was also decided to change the script to a comedy, and the protagonist won the competition amidst laughter.You can figure it out.Submit as long as you can.Yes, I understand.Send Cai Lang back to the residence.Li Guohao also had too much sweat on his body, so he went home and took a shower before rushing to the company.It was already ten o clock when we arrived at the company, and as soon as we sat down in the chair in the office, Di Yimin came in and reported that the frozen food and popsicles had been prepared by the food factory, and they were going to distribute them on a large scale the day after tomorrow.This beauty pageant is a reminder to me.In the future, if we are a TV station or Shaw Brothers and need new actresses, we can choose from them.I know this.I will sign an agreement with the contestants of the Miss Beauty Pageant, that is, they are not allowed to sign any acting contract with any film company or individual during the competition.Fang Yihua nodded, she still understands this.The Miss Xiangjiang Contest is the first large scale event program held by TVB.It can be said to be the only one in the whole Xiangjiang.None of these contestants who can compete for the title of champion is ugly.Of course, ugly ones are not eligible to be contestants.Because they are all beauties, and the TV programs have gained a certain popularity, if they are not guaranteed, the film company will intercept them halfway.He had been working in Sun Hung Kai Properties before.Hello, chairman.Hearing introducing himself, Qi Boheng immediately stood up.Looking at Qi Boheng, he should be around forty years old.Seeing him standing up, Li Guohao also said Manager Qi, sit down, there is no need to stand up.That is Chen You, royal blend cbd gummies ingredients the deputy manager of Guohao Real Estate. Hello, chairman.This is Xie Lixin, the deputy general manager of Guohao Group.Hello, chairman.Following Di Yimin s introduction one by one, Li Guohao nodded slightly at them, motioned for everyone to sit down, then turned to Qi Boheng and asked, Manager Qi, how long will it take to build a school and how much money will it cost This It depends on the size of the school the chairman wants to build, is it a primary school, a middle school, or a cbd gummies for pcos university Qi Boheng asked.Li Guohao said in a deep voice Well, it should be similar to a university.But we cbd calm gummies best cbd gummies made in usa can build one or two teaching buildings cbd calm gummies best cbd gummies made in usa first.We mainly train pastry technicians and other knowledge related to catering.If we want to build a school The area of a university is probably not small.If it is on Xiangjiang Island, it may cost a lot of money.If it is in Kowloon or cbd gummies for pcos the New Territories, it will be much cheaper.It is about 30 million to 50 million.Of course, this is the school.For the total construction funds, if we build one or two teaching buildings first, only a few million will be enough.Qi Boheng considered that since it is similar to a university, at least some humanities and sports buildings should be built in the school, as well as Appropriately build some parks and lakes to enhance the beauty of cbd oil gummy bears for pain the school.A few newspaper reporters wanted to come to Xiangjiang to interview Li Guohao and ask him how he was sure that the U.S.stock market would fall.You must know that many financial institutions or financial groups are bullish on the stock market However, green otter cbd gummies for ed since the editor in chief of the newspaper didn t care very much and didn t want to report too much on the Chinese, he rejected this proposal.On the contrary, a reporter from Sing Tao Daily who was dispatched to the United States saw the headline cbd gummies for pcos 1500 mg cbd gummies of the New York Times newspaper saying The Chinese in Hong Kong stole hundreds of millions of dollars from the US stock market , and looked down curiously, and found that the article mentioned His name is Li Guohao This young man who is regarded as a new Xiangjiang dream in Xiangjiang actually made hundreds of millions of dollars in the US stock cbd gummies for pcos market Immediately, the reporter from Sing Tao Daily was so excited that best cbd gummies made in usa damn gina cbd gummies he copied a copy of the American newspaper overnight and sent it back to Xiangjiang in the form of a telegram two days later.Like Li Guohao s current worth and status, a favor is definitely better than a price cut Much more expensive.Zheng Jiachun glanced at Li Guohao without a trace, feeling in his heart, thinking that when he first saw Li Guohao, he was just an ignorant young man who had just started his own business.Now it has grown a lot.That s fine, I ll let the people under me negotiate as soon as possible.I didn cbd gummies for pcos t insist.Zheng Jiachun knew it in his heart.From the conversation, he could feel the confidence in Li Guohao s words.If he bought it with all the money, it would cost at least tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars., indeed.Soon a group of people came to Bao Daheng s villa.As one of the top tycoons in Xiangjiang, Bao Daheng has a network almost all over Xiangjiang.He even has many friends in some regions and countries with developed maritime transportation such as the Gulf Islands.Considering the three views and positive energy mentioned by the chairman, Pang Heshuo also hastily contacted several professors of literature and philosophy at Hong Kong Chinese University.In amazement, they also made a summary of the three views and positive energy proposed by Li Guohao.It was published in the newspaper on the 25th This publication was unbelievable, and it completely caused a sensation in Xiangjiang You must know that in today s live well cbd gummies shark tank society, No one knows what the Three Views are, and no one cares, but Li Guohao brought them up to let people correctly understand what is the world outlook, outlook on life, values, and positive energy in society Even the famous literary master Liu Yichang The old man, after seeing the three views and positive energy reported by the Daily hives from cbd gummies Daily , was filled with emotion in his heart, and wrote an article specially and published it on Ming Pao.It s okay, we don t buy all the 10,000 acres, but only some land with better farmland and land.After thinking for a while, Li Guohao said Let s buy half of it for the time being, 5,000 acres.It s okay.When we set off for Roi Et the day after tomorrow, we ll be discussing with the local farmers.At the end, Chen Xuewen said again By the way, Chairman, the government of Roi Et Mansion welcomes us to invest there, and even gave us certain preferential policies.They haven t issued specific documents yet.Li Guohao nodded, this matter is very normal, no matter which country it is, if you want to attract investment, you must have preferential policies, and suddenly thought of what Chen Xuewen said just now, Go to Roi Et Mansion the day after tomorrow Well, there is a boat going here every two days for the time being.Li Guohao Li Guohao The one who cooperated with the eldest lady Brother Sheng was stunned and asked.That s right, it s him.I really didn t expect that Li Guohao would come to Thailand to watch black boxing.He Fei didn t expect that this newly promoted Xiangjiang billionaire would also come to Thailand to watch black boxing.If He Fei hadn t met Li Guohao several times with He Qianjin before, and he had cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos a deep impression on him, he might not have recognized him just now.Brother Sheng frowned and said, Maybe you came to Thailand to do business.Didn t you always follow the eldest lady Don t you know that the eldest lady s company also has a branch in Thailand.I know.I m just a little surprised.I saw him here.He Fei laughed dryly.How could Hongsen Ho, who is the gambling king of Macau, not participate in this black boxing match in Thailand, so he sent his right hand assistant and bodyguard He Sheng to Thailand At this time, Lao Zheng, who was in the box next door, knocked on the door of Li Guohao s box.Li Guohao stood at the bow of the boat, looking at all this curiously, as if he came to the tropical rainforest that only appeared in the movie.From time to time, strange sounds sounded from the grass on the bank.Chairman, be careful, there are many snakes, insects, rats and ants near this river.Chen Xuewen approached and said, When I first came to Thailand and went to Roi Et on this boat, a person on the same boat was killed by the shore.The poisonous snake hanging on the extended branch was bitten, fortunately the captain knew some ways to treat it, otherwise the man s life would be lost. Ah There are still snakes in this season Hearing this, Li Guohao swallowed Swallowing, turned and walked to the cabin, what he was most afraid of was snakes.The climate here in Thailand is like this.There are mosquitoes all year round.The first official supermarket in Hong Kong, Milk International and Lane Crawford s subsidiary, Dalian Lilian Co., Ltd., refer to the model of foreign supermarkets, and opened the Dalian Lilian supermarket in Central in 1960.It mainly focuses on Western style food and daily necessities.There are trolleys that are common now, and customers can choose goods freely.Due to the high class, the customers are either foreigners or wealthy locals.However, in the early 1970s, the general education level of the citizens improved, and with the economic development, people had spare cash, and they became more and more accepting of Western style supermarkets.The Dairy Link supermarket of Dairy Milk International has successively opened branches on Hong Kong Island.Almost half of the supermarkets in Xiangjiang are owned by Dairy Milk International.The real manager of the school is Master Wang.He returned to Hong Kong directly from the British royal pastry to serve as the vice principal.It is Li Guohao who appointed Master Wang as the principal.Although Master Wang has not read much, the catering school trains personal catering skills, not cultural knowledge, so a principal who understands the catering industry is naturally the key point.Master Wang has been engaged in the pastry industry for decades, and his sense of innovation may not be as good as that of Li Guohao and other younger generations, but he knows more traditional crafts than the younger generation, and his foundation is extremely solid.Just like the last time I went to the UK to participate in an international skills competition, it is still unknown whether I could win the championship without Master Wang s superb sugar making skills.Li Let us welcome him with applause, he is a well deserved outstanding young man in Xiangjiang Compared with other people, after Li Guohao s name was revealed by He Dongsheng, there was even more intense applause in the venue, among which Zhao Yazhi patted the most intense.She looked at her sweetheart Li Guohao proudly and happily with red eyes and pursed lips.When listening to He Dongsheng s long list of words, Li Guohao was still a little surprised.He didn t expect that he had done so many things, many of which were not made public or known to others, except for internal employees, basically no one knew about it.I didn t expect the people from the Youth Chamber of Commerce to investigate in such detail.Accompanied by the thunderous applause, Li Guohao was a little restrained at first, he was not the kind of person who likes to show off, but as he walked towards the stage, that sense of restraint gradually dissipated Eight outstanding young people stood on the stage one by one.I have contacted some jewelry brands in Hong Kong before, such as the Zheng family s Chow Tai Fook Gold Store, Chow Sang Sang Gold Store, and TSL Xie Ruilin Gold Store.However, most of the gold shops in Xiangjiang now sell gold ornaments and jadeite, and jewelry is almost rare.For this reason, Li Guohao also found the phone numbers of several foreign jewelry brands and invited them to come to the company for cbd gummies for pcos 1500 mg cbd gummies an interview.He walked into the reception room with his secretary Xiao Liu.I saw four blond ghosts sitting on the four sofas in the reception room, communicating with each other without interfering with each other.After seeing Li Guohao, several people stood up one after another, smiled and greeted in English.Li Guohao waved his hand Let s all sit down and talk.Secretary Xiao Liu followed the translator.Seeing that Li Guohao was trying to trick her, Zhao Yazhi was also quite speechless on the other end of the phone and said Okay, anyway, there is nothing to do recently, except for discussing with Ms.Shen about the orphanage.Well, then you remember to come here early tomorrow. it is good.Li Guohao hung up the phone, thinking that Zhao Yazhi would definitely show cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos an excited expression tomorrow, he couldn t help smiling slightly.Boom Come in At this time, the door of the office was knocked, and Ni Xingqing pushed open the door vigorously and walked in.Seeing Ni Xingqing, Li Guohao asked in surprise Xingqing Didn t you say you arrived in the evening After listening, Ni Xingqing looked at his watch and said, It s already past four o clock in the afternoon.Ok.Looking at the clock on the wall, it was indeed almost half past four, and Li Guohao asked again Has it been dealt smilz cbd gummies promo code with in the United States Yes, it was not in vain.Li Guohao does not know whether MSG is harmful to the human body, but he knows that MSG has always been the food of Asia and the world.An indispensable condiment.So after earning 300 million U.S.dollars last year, plus the desire to enter the condiment raw material industry, this chicken essence is a good start, so Ni Xingqing was asked to set up a company in the United States first.Boss America If it doesn t work over there, let s do it in Xiangjiang There is no country in Asia that does not eat MSG Essence of chicken better than monosodium glutamate is definitely feasible.Ni Xingqing didn t really understand the difference between chicken essence and monosodium glutamate, but at the time Li Guohao mentioned that chicken essence was the umami element extracted from chicken.Forget cbd living sour gummies it, you don t have to worry about it.If the requirements of the recipe were followed, this gram of chicken essence would cost at least ten or twenty yuan.Who would buy it if it was so expensive What if you don t improve it.Chapter 372 Wedding Dress The Next Day , early in the morning, after eight o clock.Li Guohao, who was in his sleep, felt his body sinking, and there was a heavy object on his body.He opened his eyes in a daze and touched it with his hands.The hand felt soft.Immediately, he lost all sleepiness, turned around and threw the beautiful woman on his body under him.Hearing Ah , came Zhao Yazhi s nervous voice Ah Hao, let me go.Li Guohao looked at the young and beautiful Zhao Yazhi with light makeup on his face with a smirk on his face, and saw that she looked a little flustered and her breathing became heavier , teasingly said How can I be willing to let you go After finishing speaking, I couldn t help but close my eyes and put my arms around the beauty s waist, only feeling that Zhao Yazhi s spirit was like an orchid, and couldn t help but buried her head and took a few deep breaths.He had been wondering about one thing ever since he learned that Sixth Shao Shao was going to attend his wedding.Uncle Shao Sixth should not be the kind of person who came uninvited.After thinking about it for a while, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pcos he couldn t come up with a reason.He shook his head and put the matter out of his mind, and said to Chen Sheng Ah Sheng, I will go in first.If there are any guests coming later, you can greet them for me.Just say that I went to prepare for the wedding scene.Yes.In the evening, at 5 15.The wedding officially begins.As the beautiful piano music slowly played in the venue, Shen Dianxia, the emcee invited by Li Guohao, stepped onto the stage with a smile as usual.Dear guests, dear friends, good evening I am Fatty Shen Dianxia, the emcee of this wedding.On behalf of the couple and their families, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all the guests who came from afar.Ozawa Cheng is almost one year old, and he is able to speak some words now.He often babbles in his mouth, but he can t understand what he is saying, and he is babbling.On the side, Zhao Yazhi watched her husband tease her son.The father and son were laughing, and she also showed a happy smile.Suddenly thought of something, Zhao Yazhi said hesitantly Ahao.What Li Guohao didn t look back, still teasing Xiao Zecheng with a small toy.Zhao Yazhi said I have been resting at home for more than a year.Now that Xiaobao has grown up, I don t need to stay here all the time, and Aunt Huang and mother are here.Look, how about I go back to work in the company Staying at home, being a rich reviews smilz cbd gummies wife, going out every day to buy clothes, do beauty treatments, go shopping, etc.Isn t it good Hearing this, Li Guohao picked up his son who was lying on the bed, and leaned over to his wife with a playful smile asked.After two beeps, the secretary s voice came from the other end of the phone What s the order from the chairman Li Chaoren asked Is there any arrangement for the day after tomorrow Chairman, wait a moment The secretary at the other end put the phone between his ears and shoulders, quickly pulled out the chairman s itinerary from the folder, flipped through it to the day after tomorrow, and said The morning after tomorrow, Lei Hongren from Xiangjiang Machinery Manufacturing Factory Sir, you have an appointment, and in the afternoon, Chairman, you are going to attend the member meeting of the Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce.Hearing that there were only two things, Li Chaoren pondered for a moment and said, Call Lei Hongren back for me, and say that I have something to do in the morning the day after tomorrow.Aunt Zhang, did Aunt Zhang hear that The premium per square foot is 20 I m afraid your family s thousand square foot mansion will make a lot of money this time If you agree or disagree, the rest of the matter cbd gummies for pcos will naturally be left to the chairman and the general manager and staff under him to make arrangements.after an hour.Buddy Films.Under the leadership of Xu Guanwen, Li Guohao walked to cbd gummies for pcos a small movie theater run by the company.Modern Bodyguard has finally completed editing and dubbing after half a year of filming.Originally Hui Guanwen sent out an invitation and hoped that Li Guohao could watch it, but he had no hope.After all, so many films have been completed in the past, and Chairman Li Guohao has never been here a cbd gummies with thc cbd gummies for pcos few times, except for the first one at the beginning, and never again., are places where employees rest temporarily.Please forgive me.Li Guohao sat down, smiled and said, It s okay, let s all sit down and talk. yes.After the two sat down, Li Guohao glanced at the lounge and said This room is quite clean, do you arrange for someone to clean it every day No one was specially arranged to clean it.The employees who took a break here did it spontaneously.After all, everyone doesn t like living in a dirty place.Director Zhang responded with a smile.Yes.Since it is a lounge, you can prepare some tea.Factory Manager Zhang slapped his forehead, and realized Oh, this is my mistake, Chairman, I will arrange for someone to bring some tea later.Okay, you guys will discuss this later.With a wave of his hand, Li Guohao took out the popping candy from Xiao Changhan s pocket, put it on the table and said, Try this.Thinking of this, Li Guohao regretted not calling Jin Jiashi back from Australia.Although he had already resigned from his position as the general manager of Guohao Lam cbd gummies for pcos Soon and became the manager of the Australian branch, the person who knows Guohao Nanshun best, It must be him.In the room, after thinking alone for a long time, Li Guohao decided to call Jin Jiashi over.If the time comes to discuss cooperation, Jin Jiashi, an old man from Nanshun, a national hero, will be there, so that the cooperation can be discussed more appropriately Chapter 655 Xiangjiang is easy to make money Li Guohao best cbd gummies made in usa damn gina cbd gummies thought of this, he stood up and was about to go out and ask the people in the guest house where he could call Xiangjiang.Bang The door was opened.As soon as Li Guohao stepped out, he saw two young women standing by the door.Zhao Yazhi smiled at Li Guobang and Wu Xiaohua with a smile on her face.Li Renzhong noticed this and also shouted Ah Zhi, come quickly, let me introduce you to Grandpa and Grandpa.Immediately, Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi s hand and walked over.Grandpa and the others saw Zhao Yazhi with a big belly, and they cbd gummies for pcos 1500 mg cbd gummies all congratulated Li Renzhong for becoming Grandpa Zeng again, which made Li Renzhong laugh out loud and overjoyed.Chapter 697 Thirty years later, Bao A County must have more rooms than Li s Villa in Xiangjiang.Even one room is more than enough for one person.With the help of Mother Li, Aunt Huang, and Aunt Zhang who just came back, a room was prepared for everyone.The meal that was supposed to be eaten in the morning was forgotten until noon because of the arrival of the crowd.In the afternoon, several old people were a little tired because of the boat and car ride, so they went upstairs to rest early.When Li Guohao entered the venue, secretary Xiao Liu came in with a coffee, put it on the table, and then sat on a meeting recorder s stool behind him, and began to prepare to record cbd gummies for autism cbd gummies for pcos the topics and contents of the entire meeting.More than 30 people said in unison Chairman Li Guohao waved his hand to indicate that he heard, and after sitting down, he said, Everyone is here.Huang Chenghui, the deputy manager of the group, answered Chairman, except in Australia Except for Manager Jin who works, Manager Di who works in the cbd gummies for pcos mainland, and Manager Huang who is inspecting in the United States, all the people above the vice president level of each subsidiary are here.Yes.Li Guohao nodded slightly upon hearing this.Nodding, he best cbd gummies made in usa damn gina cbd gummies said to everyone present I have called you here today to discuss the strategic plan of Guohao Group for the next three years.At the same time, each region, each real estate company, each intermediary, each real estate, and each business district will be unified, and the relevant information must be investigated and explored clearly.That building, that community, how much it has fallen, whether it has increased, and whether it has fluctuated, you must be able to understand it at the first time.To recreational cbd gummies this end, hundreds of salesmen were mobilized.Although these actions are too early, in order to ensure that his bottom hunting plan is announced by the media and newspapers after it is implemented, so that the outside world thinks that Li Guohao relied on a huge manpower investigation to find the best time, so it can only be carried out earlier.Chapter 782 Carrian went bankrupt and cut corners Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, the New Year of 1982 arrives.Oh.Li Guohao nodded when he heard what his grandfather said, and he roughly knew what was going on.Li Renzhong suddenly said By the way, the land and housing prices in Xiangjiang have dropped so much now.I heard that you lost a lot of money on the apartment that your cousin bought with a loan.Li Guohao frowned Buy a house with a loan Didn t you say it Don t buy a house, and they just live in the suite in the Sunshine Community.The big deal is to make money in the future and just buy it from me.It s not your cousin.What a shame.Li Renzhong sighed and said, Guohui is just like your grandfather, he is a very HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pcos strong person, let him go, anyway, according to his salary now, it will be paid off in a few years.An ordinary 700 foot residential building is nothing in Li Guohao s eyes, and he didn t say much when he heard his grandfather said that he should let his cousin solve it by himself.Li Jiacheng, who learned the news from TV, can be said to be full of regret.Anyone with a discerning eye can best cbd gummies made in usa see from the content of the news that China and the UK should have reached a certain consensus that war should be unlikely to happen.But what he never expected was that he just sold most of the real estate projects of Changjiang Real Estate Company to a real estate company called Tengfei just one day ago.It was too late to regret.In order to recover the loss, Li Jiacheng had no choice but to let his subordinates spread the news to the outside world, say something that was not good for the future of Xiangjiang, and then speculate on the real estate project he cooperated with in Canada.At the same time, more than 14 billion Hong Kong dollars invested in a joint venture between Li Guohao, Zheng Daheng, Huo Daheng, Chartered Ship King, He Gambling King and others were all spent during this period.

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