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Hearing Hitler s report, he turned his head and looked at Wang Weiyi Lieutenant, welcome to the front line.Ernst Brehm I was ordered to take over the third company, and I salute you, Major Okay, Lieutenant, the situation is urgent, so there is no need to talk about it.Major Deng Xiwei didn t have too many polite words, and directly called Wang Weiyi to the front of the map Lieutenant, According to the forward reconnaissance, the enemy will continue to launch a large military offensive in the near future.Our battalion is arranged in this area, and your task is to lead the third company to firmly hold on to point B.Do you know your task Yes, Major.Wang Weiyi has already colorado gummies cbd elderberry cbd gummies silently recited his own mission countless times in his heart.The enemy must not be allowed to jump over.Deng Xiwei s voice was stiff, not allowing others to doubt After the retreat order is issued, if the enemy breaks through point B, it will be the greatest shame for the German soldiers Although I know that the third company is The previous battles had severely reduced personnel, and they were not replenished, but I don t want to hear any excuses.to great benefit.General, we have caught the whereabouts of the Germans At this moment, a huge piece of good news stimulated General Smead What s going on One of our patrols encountered the Germans, and now There was a firefight, three of us were killed, but the Germans couldn t get out for a while.Where are the tanks Have you seen the German tanks Smead asked the question he was most concerned about.No tanks were found.General Smead frowned.Where are the tanks Where did the German tanks go Was it not the Germans who were intercepted However, all speculations are meaningless at present, and General Smead quickly made a decision Send best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review Lieutenant Conk to lead a company there, remember, you must catch me alive.Yes It was indeed Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng who were blocked, it was a bit of a coincidence.There will always be losses in such a place, and Lieutenant Conker can accept that.Cautiously continue to grope forward But what these British people don t know is that the killer in the woods has not gone far A new target is locked That cruel smile seemed to freeze at the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth The British appeared again.Wang Weiyi knew that a new ghost was about to be added to this jungle hunting game.It has already entered the shooting range.Don t be a soldier again in your next life.Wang Weiyi murmured silently in best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review his heart, and ghostly bullets shot out like lightning along with the sound of gunshots the second The British soldier died inexplicably, he had no way of knowing where the bullet came from Before the ambush, Wang Weiyi had already planned the retreat route, hit it with one blow, and never stopped The British couldn t catch the hunter at all The British took another step slower.When he found that Elena s mood was still so calm, Bi Mengai became more and more crazy.I can t get it myself.And never give it to anyone Especially Elena, who was so charming, he couldn t even imagine how he felt when she was lying in someone else s arms.kill her Kill this woman No one can get her Bimonai s finger is on the triggerdon t do it.My beloved Elena Hey, hey, stop The sound of the explosion drove Lance into colorado gummies cbd elderberry cbd gummies a frenzy, and a large number of soldiers were dispatched to the front line immediately.Several French soldiers guarding in front of General Raffarin s temporary private residence saw a few people also wearing French uniforms approaching, and immediately stopped them loudly.Don t shoot, I m Lieutenant Moyol.I m bringing clothes to the general.Seeing that it was Lieutenant Moyol who had been here before, the French soldier put down his gun Lieutenant, the general is under his command.Those French soldiers who were in a hurry felt a little strange when they saw this truck.What are you doing driving so fast around town Have the Germans already reached Reims Manstein puts a bunch of grenades within easy reachDamn it, couldn t colorado gummies cbd the Orcus go any faster The truck was bumping very far away, and it got closer to the place where the gunshots rang out Major, I m out of bullets.Steck threw away the amp that had been emptied.The Rosa submachine gun drew out the pistol, and viciously pierced through an enemy s head.Ernst, usa cbd gummies I don t have many bullets left, I ve thrown away all the grenades.Rommel also cried out anxiously.Wang Weiyi s situation is also not much better, with the last bullet left.Where the hell is Manstein Is it really going colorado gummies cbd to die here this time The enemy seemed to have sensed something, and they got up from their hiding places one after another, tiptoely attacking here again.She was probably Hermione.Baron Alexon.Seeing Wang Weiyi appearing, Countess colorado gummies cbd Leonie looked buy cbd sleep gummies best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief very happy Come on, we are talking about you Depusey, pour a glass of wine for the baron This is the proud Baron Alexon of Germany.They prefer to call him Baron Skeleton.Countess Leonie introduced to the woman opposite And this low key lady, Ernst, I have to give you a good introduction.She is Ms.Hermione Wittgenstein Do you know his father Karl He is a German and the richest man in the Austro Hungarian Empire However, the artistic talent of the Wittgenstein family far exceeds their wealth Sure enough, it was Hermione, the head of this generation of the Wittgenstein family, a lady who had never married in her life.He will sail alone with the big ship of the Wittgenstein family in the First best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review and Second World Wars Ms.After looking at it carefully, I signed my name on it.The colorado gummies cbd contract comes into force.Now, he has also become one of the investors of the Wittgenstein family.Having the box moved out of the hotel again, Hermione solemnly said You are now one of the partners of the Wittgenstein family, one pur cbd gummies million marks, I will send someone to you before you leave Berlin, respect Baron Alexon.Wang Weiyi smiled and didn t care too much.God knows if he will have a chance to get this huge investment in the future, and what era will he travel to next time He has no bottom at all.Let God decide everything After a break, Manstein, Richthofen and Elena came to the hotel, best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review relying on the intuition of women.Elena seemed to be aware of something Fortunately, Richthofen rescued Wang Weiyi in time Hey, Ernst, let s go .

do cbd gummies help with headaches?

and see the same thing with us.Bivorge also let out a cold snort.If not, he would have wanted are cbd gummies detectable to lock up all those Italians a long time ago.There is one more thing.Laurende lowered In his own voice This is top secret information.No matter what it looks like on the front, it doesn t matter.The 93rd Infantry Division commanded by Major General Trunway is marching best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review in the rear of Udine.The s team has worked out a detailed plan.Plan, and after careful deployment, this time the Skeleton Baron will die here.Bivorge suddenly realized, and now he finally understands why the higher authorities attach so much importance to Udine.All for that skeleton baron.Indeed, if the plan can be implemented smoothly, the Skeleton Baron will HCMUSSH colorado gummies cbd not be able to get away no matter how powerful he is.Using so much power to deal with a Skeleton Baron, isn t it a bit of a big deal So profound.Hitler raised his hand straight up All for Ernst All for Ernst End of the first volume of Infinite Military Base All for Germany.Volume II My National Wedge Chancellor of Germany.On his political path, he received strong support from the elite of the former Skeleton Commando Erwin Rommel, Fritz von Manstein, Heinz William Guderian, After Manfred von Richthofen was elected Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler signed the decree At Berlin Parisplatz for former Skull Commander Ernst Alexson von.Baron Bream erects a huge statue.It was a gallant officer, with a heroic, resolute countenance.His chest is full of medals, the Iron Cross First Class, the Blue Marx Medal, and the Grand Iron Cross.On his neckline, he wears a striking skull badge.That is the symbol of the Skeleton Commando.His right hand is holding a P1 submachine gun, and his left hand is holding colorado gummies cbd a rose.Qian Dexing waved his hand, and after Sun Qinghao left, he looked embarrassed Brother, this medicine has to be transported back to Nanjing.I m afraid it will be difficult to deal with it if it is lost.Hey, it sounds like I, the director, is a colonel, but it s really difficult Among other things, my son is about to get married, and I don t know where to get the gift money Two gold bars were stuffed into his hand Qian Dexing put away the gold bars, and gave a thumbs up Brother, you are straightforward in doing things.I have made you my friend.If you have anything to do in the future, feel free to ask me.It s done, brother, thank you very much I There is still something to do over there, I have to go and have delta 8 vs delta 9 cbd gummies a look.You go and do it, you go and do it.A few gold bars are nothing to Wang Weiyi, they were originally intended to be used when he was planning to assassinate Zhang Xiaolin in Shanghai, and now they are left It happened to be all given to Qian Dexing, which solved his big problem of weapons, ammunition and medicine.And those snipers hiding in the dark were also constantly shooting and killing those officers.The group leader s eyes were red, and he yelled Aww , and kept uttering curse words that others could not understand.A Japanese sniper quickly discovered the target, and quietly aimed his gun at him With a bang, the regiment leader fell blood stained the positionthe corpses are everywhereThe brothers of the cbd gummies 500mg side effects 107th division launched a charge with their bravery and loyalty, but they soon discovered that this was not what they wanted.This regiment was almost crippled, and the corpses all over the place were crying out The Japanese army took the opportunity to attack across the board and seized the position here with relatively small casualties.Wu Qian s eyes were also red, and he threw colorado gummies cbd down the binoculars forcefully Damn it, gather all my guards and fight back, fight back Called Traveler, be careful Then he threw the brigade on the ground A bomb exploded not far away Traveler, brigade When Wu Qian heard the call and opened his eyes with difficulty, he found that his captain of the guard was dead.I only need the equipment of one regiment, which is not an excessive requirement.These aid supplies to China were originally used to fight against the Japanese, and I don t think it will affect your principles to which army to aid Keluer still shook his head I admit that what you said is very Makes sense, Mr.Major.But He was silent for a while, and then said Neither Hannah nor I have that much power Werner looked at Wang Weiyi and shrugged regretfully.Wang Weiyi He had already expected such a result, so he didn t get angry.Instead, he said suddenly, Then I can only give up He reached into his pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes Just as the pack of cigarettes was being taken out, something fell out of his pocket incidentally The eyes of the three people looked there buy cbd sleep gummies best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief together, and suddenly, the eyes of the three people froze on got there Wang Weiyi was about to bend down to pick up such a thing, but Klore suddenly said loudly Wait, Mr.It s really amazing.What are we doing now What do you think Guo Yunfeng asked after taking a sip of water.Tao Jinsong tilted his head and thought for a while Why don t we go sneak attack colorado gummies cbd again at night The little devil has entered Jiangjia Village now.Did you forget what the commander ordered Guo Yunfeng returned the water bottle to him At night, it is strictly forbidden to attack.Devils who have suffered during the day will definitely strengthen their defenses at night.The devil s night combat ability is barely better than mine.Moreover, we are sneak attacking during the day.The devils don t know where we are.The possibility of success is very high, but It will be different at night.Once discovered, it will become a violent attack, which will not be worth the loss, and we will never do such a thing.The cost will also increase greatly.That s not a problem at all.Lowelow Don t care about it And I can give you a suggestion.I heard that you have a batch of obsolete weapons in your hand.They are all second hand goods that were not used more than ten years ago.You haven t been able to sell them, right After getting Gustav s affirmative answer, Luo Weiluo lowered his voice Gustav, I suggest you sell all these weapons to China Will they want it These weapons are older than my father Gustav asked suspiciously.I will.Luo Weiluo replied very positively The premise is that you are willing to spend money in the early stage fundrop cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd to bribe those Chinese officials who are negotiating.As long as their requirements are met, even if you tell them it is a mortar Cannon, they will pretend not to see it.Aha, I like it.This is William Hey, group seat, there is an American over there who is coming to help us fight fundrop cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd the war American Wang Weiyi was taken aback, and walked over with his subordinates.When they saw the American, their eyes met, and they called out cbd plus gummies together It s you In Nanjing, the American young William who bumped into Wang Weiyi recklessly.Mr.Officer William recognized the Mr.Officer at a glance Ah, your name is Wang Weiyi Your memory is very good.For some reason, Wang Weiyi was full of enthusiasm for this young American.I have already had this feeling from the first time I saw him Where is your mother Isn t she waiting for you this time Ah, Mr.Officer, I think you misunderstood, I My mother is waiting for me to go back in the United States William said quietly She has sent several telegrams urging me to go back, but I still decided to stay here Wang Weiyi smiled I told you that day, never let your mother wait for a long time.Yes.Elena nodded, pointing to the Russian woman before leaving I seem to have seen her somewhere.Oh Wang Weiyi was a little strange, and looked at the Russian woman This Russian woman was about thirty seven or eight years old.For some reason, Wang Weiyi saw her for the first time.Just like Elena s feeling, she felt very familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before.The Russian woman finally woke up, her eyes fell on Wang Weiyi s cbd infused gummies uk face Thank you Then, she was stunned there as if seeing a devil, her whole body was dumbfounded It is completely impossible to describe her expression in words, horror, surprise, surprise These expressions appeared on one face at the same time What s wrong with you Wang Weiyi said with asked in Russian.You Monsieur German officer are cbd gummies illegal in georgia said the Russian woman in a trembling voice.Mrs.Rorisa smiled and said You tell Mikenor that if someone who claims to be a baron asks him for supplies, he must unconditionally Give it to him Yes, I have explained it carefully.And he will carefully search for the baron s whereabouts Eliott, you will have great achievements in the future.Mrs.Lorisa Approved.Ma am Elliot hesitated to speak, but still said boldly I know, the person you are talking about is the Baron Skeleton, colorado gummies cbd and you also know that I have been madly adoring this man I have never seen wyld cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd before.Baron, but why don t you colorado gummies cbd let me go to China Maybe I will find the Baron Madame Rorisa smiled If the baron doesn t want to see you, no one will be able to find him.If he wants to see you, no matter where you are, he will take the initiative to find you.At this time, the white haired but still hale and hearty butler Prossie walked in Madam, Bankhead William Brockman, Speaker of the U.What I want is not your head, but the news of your victory.Chiang Kai shek paused I heard that you are a little dismissive of the fighting power of the Japanese Are you being too selfish Wang Weiyi hesitated there The subordinates are not self sufficient, but to encourage their determination.But to be honest, Japan is not as terrible as imagined.I remember General Falkenhausen, the chief adviser of the German Advisory Group, once said , Judging from colorado gummies cbd the performance of the Japanese army on the battlefield, in fact, they cbdfx cbd gummies with melatonin are full of flaws everywhere.If we can seize the opportunity and defeat them in one fell swoop, then it is not impossible to win the War of Resistance in an all round way.Chiang Kai shek said with a smile on the corner of his mouth I see , you go back and prepare for the battle.I don t want to hear anything sorry Matsui Iwane roared angrily You have biolyfe cbd gummies male enhancement been defeated by that Wang Weiyi again and again, and you have lost all the face of the Emperor Now, even the flag of the 65th Regiment has been lost, how do you want me to colorado gummies cbd elderberry cbd gummies face His Majesty the Emperor and all the citizens Dizhou Libing and Dian Yusaburo didn t dare to say a word They also knew why the commander was so angry.This was not just the reason for a fiasco, but it would affect the commander.Your Excellency s tough attitude towards total war Those local war factions in the country can now have a reason China is not so easy to conquer, look, look, you have suffered defeat This is the most important thing Influence Wang Weiyi, Wang Weiyi Matsui Iwane kept chanting the name, and the name stuck deeply in his heart like a thorn When this person appeared, the invincible Imperial Army suffered such disastrous defeats one after another Some local victories achieved by a Chinese general are not enough to change the situation of the entire battlefield.These don t have much to do with the military soldiers who are preparing for the battle.The fierce battle is coming, and now they pay more attention to this.The soldiers were busy, and Guo Yunfeng was also busy.For the past few days, Fu Yu seemed to be inseparable from this taciturn officer.She didn t talk much, and she just silently helped Guo Yunfeng colorado gummies cbd elderberry cbd gummies there.A group of refugees from the north sat a few HCMUSSH colorado gummies cbd hundred meters away from here, waiting for the opening of the porridge shed for disaster relief.A young man stood up and walked around bored.He saw that many Japanese soldiers were busy there, and he also wanted to help.Helping to carry a few sandbags there, the young man straightened up and exercised his muscles and bones.There, reinforce it again A police officer commanded in that voice.The young man couldn t help but glanced there, and then, he seemed to froze.However, one thing Wang Weiyi can be sure of is that Xiaoling must not be provoked, otherwise this will be the most terrifying thing.On this day, Wang Weiyi will never forget the anger of one person Xiao Ling s anger Three hundred and eighty two.Countdown Last three days Wang Weiyi knows better than anyone that the strength of the Japanese army on the battlefield at this time is no longer the 3rd Division.With the annihilation of the 64th Wing and the 6th Wing, the strength of the 3rd Division has been severely weakened.Now the strength on the battlefield is the Ueno Detachment Although the Ueno detachment was also hit, they still maintained a colorado gummies cbd relatively complete sequence.With the support of the Air Force, the attack on the 3rd Division was only tentative in nature, and Wang Weiyi soon discovered that the combat effectiveness of the 3rd Division was severely weakened So, now it s time to focus on diamond cbd oil gummie rings the Ueno detachment Get rid of the Ueno detachment, and the 3rd division will never do anything on the battlefield again However, in order to successfully kill the Ueno detachment, the entire Huben Guard brigade must be dispatched, so what about the defense of Jiuhu Town At this time, Wang Weiyi put his eyes on Xiao Zhichu for help.I m afraid this buy cbd sleep gummies best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief is the only explanation.Everyone is silent, is this really the case A person like Guo Yunfeng didn t even keep his remains But what other reason is there Zhang Sandao colorado gummies cbd sat down on the ground, crying.Sidao died for himself Fu Yu was still watching obsessively.After a while, she raised her head, looked at the sky, and said in a low voice Brother, you are not dead, are you You went to work, right You don t want to see Come to us, but you promised me that you will come back.Brother, I know you are not dead, I am waiting for you, no matter how many years, I will be waiting for you.Brother, don t forget that you still have a girl here, There is a daughter in law, brother, remember to come back 385.The death of Dizhou Libing Guo Yunfeng martyred.This is the largest loss of the Huben Guard Brigade since its establishment.The secret telegram in Matsui Iwane strongly hints that Dizhou Libing should use a decent way.To recover the impact of colorado gummies cbd elderberry cbd gummies the fiasco.decent way Dizhou Libing soon understood Commander, you want me to commit seppuku.Dizhou Libing sighed.No, your Excellency, Division Commander, the responsibility for the failure cannot be completely borne by you Tsukuda Yusaburo said in a voice No matter who it is, it is impossible to do better than you here.Besides, I have not completely failed yet.It s irretrievable, and now even His Excellency the Commander is about to resign.Dizhou Libing smiled bitterly Now it is not a war decision, but a political decision.Those factions in the country are fighting each other for power.Any victory or defeat , may be caught by them and used as a powerful weapon to attack each other.With such a force attacking Poland, Poland was simply unstoppable.Hitler hated Poland.Danzig is now in the hands of Poland, and there is the place where he and the skeleton baron once fought side by side Poland s defense is indeed very weak.Its air force is obsolete, its army is bloated and its navy is close to zero, but the Poles are tough and the people are united.Together with the enemy, ready to fight to the death against the invaders.Young people donate their bicycles for military use.The reserve army was urgently mobilized, and a large number of patriots gathered at the conscription station to sign up for the army.In Britain, Prime Minister Chamberlain seems to have woken colorado gummies cbd up.He once bet his political life in Munich, and after the German army fell to Czechoslovakia, he has become the laughing stock of the world and the worst political designer in the world.Soldiers and snipers using g34 machine guns are the group.And some Type 4 tanks and hunters are quietly waiting for the ambush to start The Soviet tanks didn t notice the coming danger at all, and they still moved forward swaying.There are several Soviet observation posts Guo Yunfeng raised his gun and quietly asked the sniper beside him What s your name Leandro, Mr.Officer.How is your marksmanship Mr.Officer, I know you once He is a Bavarian sixth level marksman.But I think my marksmanship is not bad.Guo Yunfeng smiled Okay, observation post, the one on the left is yours, and the one on the right is mine.Yes, Mr.Officer Guo Yunfeng and Leandro raised their guns at the same time and got closer closer Then, two gunshots rang out simultaneously.The Soviet soldiers in the left and right observation posts fell to the ground The Soviet army took the cbd gummies hair loss best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review bait, and all the tanks rushed here They are menacing.The officer who played the music for the baron looked back quietly, and then poked his companion Hey, if this is reported in the newspaper tomorrow, will it cause a sensation You must not have such a Thought, Roman, the Baron would be unhappy.What s the matter with you I m only joking, how could I betray the Baron Ah, but the girl is beautiful, she s wearing an SS uniform, but I see She s cbd gummies are they safe a girl.Idiots can t figure it out.Where did the baron find this girl Could it be the baroness Hey, stop talking, the baron and the girl are here.The two officers rushed up Baron, we have prepared the car you want.A Peugeot Baby convertible was parked there.Wang Weiyi opened the door Miss Heinrich, may I invite you to visit Paris Thank you, Baron.Elena, whose face was still flushed, got into the car with a smile.You know, I have spent a lot of money on them these years.I will compensate you.Wang Weiyi is too clear that dealing with people like Riley is fake, only Money is what matters.He will not be loyal to you, but he will be loyal to your money.Riley suddenly seemed to think of something Mr.Baron, have you arranged many people around me to watch me Why can you always find me no matter where I go I said that after I decided .

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to end the adventure Before, I could colorado gummies cbd find you wherever you went.Wang Weiyi said lightly Now let s discuss Russia.When you broke through in Demyansk, your people provided me with the most accurate information, so that I can calmly kill the commander of fundrop cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd the German ace army.From this point of view, I appreciate you very much.So what else Do you have any connections in Russia that you can use immediately certainly Riley was full of pride, but then he seemed to understand something Are you going to attack Russia again Yes, and this time I need your full assistance my dear friend Four hundred thirty two. Wang Weiyi liked him a little more, at least he was telling the truth.I ve already thought about everything.Wang Weiyi also said very frankly In the State Security Bureau, do you have any enemies I m talking about the person who always likes to fight against you Of course.Timilenko I just said a few words, and suddenly my eyes lit up Aha, I understand what you mean, you are going to let me go Yes, that s what I mean.Wang Weiyi smiled It s the best of both worlds, isn t it I rescued the person I wanted to save, and you killed your first enemy, and then I took my people away, and you are still your comrade deputy director.Dimilenko nodded slightly Yes But colorado gummies cbd I betrayed my country.Mr.Timilenko.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Whether Germany will win the final victory or the Soviet Union will win the final victory, neither you nor I know.Mr.Hodwich, let s be honest.Wang Weiyi sighed When we were on the front line, we attacked a German headquarters and got a batch of very valuable Things.That gold watch is one of them, and we still have some in our hands, but we can t get rid of it under cover.Hodwig s eyes lit up.It has long been heard that those senior commanders on the front line caught a lot of valuable things during the war, and some even put them in trucks.It now appears that the rumor is true.What are they Hodwig asked nonchalantly, Maybe I can help you find a way.Wang Weiyi took out a suitcase.Lower your voice Marshal Timoshenko said that as long as these things can be safely sold, the person who actually handles this matter can get 30 of the profit.Hordevich s heart beat, and Timoshenko The marshal s things must be the same.Each of us is a warrior, each of us is willing to give all of Germany colorado gummies cbd for our country, and we will be invincible The applause of the reporters once again sounded Ernst hurt The news of the establishment of the Disabled Soldiers Fund quickly spread throughout Germany.All Germans were deeply moved by Baron Alexson s donation of three million marks.This does not mean how rich the baron is, but that after the baron s victory, what he best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review thinks of is not personal honor, but all those soldiers who have lost their ability to live normally.This is the most important thing.In a short period of time, the Ernst Fund for Disabled Soldiers received a large amount of donations and began to operate quickly.This fund cannot solve all the problems of disabled soldiers, but buy cbd sleep gummies best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief it clearly conveys a confidence to the whole of Germany When you fight for the country, the country will never forget you To be continued.Japan, let human civilization be ashamed Germany will fully support the Chinese zh ngf , their army and people in resisting all just acts of aggression.Germany, with its own permission, will give China all military, political and moral support German people, please remember the traditional friendship between China and Germany.I am willing to regard China as our ally.Now, I am here to express our goodwill to China, and hope that this goodwill can be accepted by the Chinese side.The Germans listened very quietly, and now they know the attitude of the German zh ngf towards the Sino Japanese .

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war.Wang Weiyi s voice became low and deep We no longer need to hide anything.From the beginning of China s War of Resistance, the German advisers He was directing the squadron to fight.Even on the Chinese battlefield, there is a skeleton team.After a short period of negotiation, Guo Yunfeng accepted the three demands made by Marshal Goris.Subsequently, Marshal Goris walked out of the Istanbul Arena, announced his surrender, and at the same time ordered all Turkish troops in Istanbul to stop resisting and surrender to the opposite German army on the spot.The battle for Istanbul is over It was a terrible, unforgettable battle for the Turks.From the start of the attack to the present, only six and a half hours have passed, and Istanbul, a famous city that has suffered countless wars in history but has always stood tall, has suffered the most terrible defeat.Two legions, totaling 60,000 Turkish troops, suffered a disastrous defeat, most of which were killed, captured, and surrendered.Although this is not particularly brilliant in all the battles of the German army, it is undoubtedly a very significant battle Twilight of the Gods has taken a crucial step, and Wang Weiyi s entire plan for the decisive battle has also taken a crucial step.The gods took ash branches and made man, and elm branches made woman.The male name is Ask and the female name is Embra.Odin gave them life and soul, Willy gave them reason and action, and Fei gave them emotion, appearance and language.This is the ancestor of mankind Hearing this, Guo Yunfeng couldn t help muttering Isn t that similar to the story of Pangu opening up the sky and Nuwa creating man in Chinese myths and legends Kahn didn t understand at colorado gummies cbd all What are you talking about, General In China, there are similar myths, but China s Pangu and Nuwa are the most remarkable figures.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Guo Yunfeng, Ymir failed in the war, but his body turned into a world.I hope you can persist in fighting like Ymir in Geinik, but you can I have to survive.Your corpses can t be transformed into the universe.The shelling just now was really terrible Some Turks who managed to escape the shelling stood up staggeringly, but they were quickly shot by submachine guns.At this time, Lieutenant Lum, who was on the front, also commanded the team members to launch an attack.Under the attack from both sides, the loss of this building was only a matter of a few minutes.Kleiman and his team members carefully inspected the corpses here, searching for any survivors.In the battle that just ended, they actually only captured nine prisoners.It seems that the Turks here came with the determination to die.Captain, there is one alive here.The voice of his subordinates attracted Kleiman to him.It was a lieutenant colonel of the enemy, and he was seriously injured.Are you okay, Lieutenant Colonel Kleiman squatted down, he was not sure whether the other party could understand German.And this is one of the purposes of Wang Weiyi s trip Look, Mr.President, we all think the same.Wang Weiyi said relaxedly Being a generalissimo in Germany is also the most ungrateful job.You sit on a stove under your buttocks, and on my buttocks is a sharpened iron hook During this trip to the United States, many high level Germans also opposed it.They believed that there was no need for Germany to make friends with the United States But you still came, didn colorado gummies cbd elderberry cbd gummies t you Mr Baron.President Roosevelt asked slowly.Yes, I m still here.Wang Weiyi nodded, and he lit a cigarette for himself This is colorado gummies cbd a conversation between patients Patients President Roosevelt was startled Are you mocking my disability No, Mr.President, I think you have misunderstood.Wang Weiyi said calmly The so called patient refers to you, President Roosevelt of the United States, Mr.Only a wise president can lead the United States to prosperity.Mr.President, your time is up At this moment, a young man walked in.When he met Wang Weiyi s eyes, his whole body trembled.That was William Ernst The son of Baron Brahm William William colorado gummies cbd stared at Baron Alexon, that was his father, the father he had been missing, and now his father was standing in front of his eyes.In an instant, William Dazed, he seemed to see Baron Alexon, as if he saw the Chinese general Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi smiled and extended his hand to him Hello, I m 25mg cbd gummies benefits Ernst Brehm.I m William, Mr.Ernst.Controlling the great excitement in his heart, William said so.At this moment, Wang Weiyi knew that his son had grown up, and he already knew how to control his inner emotions.Five hundred and twenty seven.Although the exchange with President Roosevelt did not fully achieve the goal, it still satisfied Wang Weiyi.Five hundred and thirty four.Erwin Rommel 2nd update The great reputation of Marshal Erwin Rommel of the German Empire reached its peak in the African battlefield.When he was in charge of commanding the German army in Africa, the German army was facing a very difficult situation.Even Crowell and General Westphal were now jaundiced.Rommel was not without worry Soon, I will be the only German officer who has been fighting here from beginning to end.However, Rommel was not intimidated by the difficulties in front of him.He first successfully withdrew the main force of the German army., Successively through several beautiful battles, successfully defeated the British attack.Beginning in May, Erwin Rommel fought a decisive battle with the British army in Africa.A series of battles caused the British army to suffer terrible losses.This is the most frightening thing.Iran is just like Turkey, and its position is too critical for the Allies Ernst.In the end, Baron Alexon von Brahm showed his strategic intentions unreservedly in front of the whole world First, conduct one or two major counterattacks in Russia to minimize the strength of the Soviet army and stabilize the Soviet Union.Then, open up the second battlefield Once the Turkish battlefield is completed, it can attack the Soviet Union or Iran at any time, and then attack the Middle East, and join the African battlefield.In this way, the Allies will be forced to follow The backs of the German army moved back and forth, exhausted.Now, the good show has begun, and Iran is engaged in fierce fighting, while the United Kingdom is focusing on the North African battlefield, trying to use a large scale war to end the war in Africa.When parting.The general said to him Well then, thank me for shooting down fifty enemy planes.How about it, young man Yes, sir.Marceiu replied solemnly.The car ran all night.The next day, Marseille proudly arrived at Gazala Airport in a high speed car with a general s flag on it.Squadron Leader Gerhard Holmt was startled when he saw him.It turned out that the squadron stopped at Benghazi Airport overnight and just flew wyld cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd here two hours ago.Marseille walked 800 kilometers at a speed similar to that of the me109 aircraft, which is really not slow There are many stories of this kind of Marceau style.When passing through Derna, the Admiral Opel car must be refueled here, and Marchiu used this vacancy to collect his salary.When the accountant was about to enter the matter into his military handbook.That s the way it is.Usually some contradictions accumulate there and are not easy to be noticed, but once a major event is encountered.For example, in a fiasco in a war, such contradictions will completely erupt.And the disastrous defeat of the Allied Forces in the Second Battle of Alamein was the trigger for the outbreak of conflict between Egypt and Britain Not only that, but something that worried the Egyptians even more happened without warning In Egypt, a large number of Egyptian pounds and coins piasters and milims appeared Lots of This is by no means a good phenomenon In just a few days, with the emergence of these currencies, the Egyptian currency plummeted and prices soared.Originally, as the war progressed, the price of goods in Egypt had reached a very high level, but now, it has reached a level where ordinary people cannot survive These things happened very strangely.The Germans don colorado gummies cbd t even know what their combat effectiveness is And when the German army arrived in Konlavev, Montgomery knew that it was necessary to stop the German army at this place and win as many troops as possible for the perfect defense of Kantara.time.He then ordered Major General Alleman of the 8th Royal Irish Regiment to be the commander of the Konlavev area, ordering him to stop the ferocious advance of the Germans at all costs.It s just that the Konlawev area is a bit chaotic at this time.The Irish Corps who had just retreated here were mixed with the Indians, the fortifications had not been repaired at all, and some heavy weapons had assurance cbd gummy bears not had time to be brought up at all.The entire battlefield presents a sense of disorganization.Major General Alman also wanted to buy as much time as possible.He tried to break through a few more times, but all the gaps had been tightly blocked by Germany, leaving him no chance at all.The shouts sounding everywhere seem to be blowing the funeral song for the British in North Africa Montgomery now delegates the command to the officers, asking them to defend and break out according .

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to the battlefield situation, without having to go back to the battlefield.report to him.It was the last thing he could do.In fact, Montgomery has always had a wish.He wanted to write a memoir and tell everyone what happened in all the wars he participated in.He also wanted to focus on introducing one person to others Ernst Alexson von Brahm.In World War I Or to be more precise, during the European War, the young Montgomery met Lieutenant Ernst back then, and he almost died at the hands of Lieutenant Ernst.In the adjoining room, two circular perforations faced the commandos, and Heisenberg was immediately fired upon.Fortunately, no one was hit.Give me a hollow charge, said the nimble paratrooper, holding out his hand, and another paratrooper slipped him one.He pulled the fuse and threw it around the corner.The hollow charge hit the iron door, making a sound of metal collision, and then adsorbed on the iron door.The explosive power of the hollow charge was so powerful that Soviet Russian soldiers firedThere was a scream.Heisenberg looked around the corner, and saw that the iron gate had been blasted open.The commando quickly rushed in, only to find that the defenders in the room had been blown to death.At this moment, Heisenberg heard several explosions from colorado gummies cbd the next floor, accompanied by gunshots.In the Naval cbd gummies effectiveness Hospital, patients who had been recuperating in the hospital were sent to temporary wards outside to make room for the wounded who were brought in on stretchers.Many young sailors lost arms and legs, and hundreds more supreme cbd gummy bears were burned by the flames.The bravery of these young men was unbelievable the ward was full of injured people, many seriously injured or dying.But there was silence, no one groaned.After the first attack wave, the US military is ready for battle.The second wave therefore came under heavier anti aircraft fire.Twenty Japanese planes were shot down, including 6 fighters and 14 bombers.At 9 45, the second wave of planes began to return.Fuchida circled Pearl Harbor at a low altitude to take pictures of the scene after the bombing, and was the last one to return.At ten o clock, the task force led by Lieutenant General Halsey and centered on the Enterprise aircraft carrier completed the task of transporting reinforcement fighter jets to Wake Island and was on its way back to Pearl Harbor.Still in World War I.Major General De Sade has fully demonstrated his talents.Of course, he is well known to British intelligence agencies.It s not his talent in intelligence, but he was teased by the skeleton baron several times.Even under heavy siege, the Skeleton Baron and his commando snatched the tank and managed to escape from under his nose.And when Paris fell, Major General De Sade lurked in Paris, commanding the French underground resistance organization to continue fighting.And when the skeleton baron visited Paris, he organized an unsuccessful assassination.It wouldn t be surprising if he wanted to assassinate the Skeleton Baron again in the face of the assassin s confession.Colonel Menzies still didn t believe it easily, he carefully asked everything colorado gummies cbd he wanted to know, and the assassin s explanation was extremely clear.That s not fun, I promise it s not fun.Wang Weiyi seemed to be in a daze There will be blood and death, which will make you feel extremely cruel.At this time, Wang Weiyi seems to have come to the Russian battlefield.It is a new war, the last stop of Germany Perhaps, it is also his last battle Six hundred and forty six.For the dream fight 1943 On January 26, 2010, something that shocked the whole colorado gummies cbd of Europe and charles stanley eagle cbd gummies the whole world finally happened The German and British governments announced at the same time on this day Germany and Britain reached a peace agreement the London Peace Agreement was signed, and the official ceasefire will begin today The two governments did not disclose the specific content of the peace treaty, but the announcement alone is enough The long war between Germany and Britain ended The United States and the French Vichy government took the lead in expressing their welcome to the treaty, and President Roosevelt also strongly praised it All the efforts made by Baron Alexon and Prime Minister Churchill for peace.She calmly approached a policeman and asked permission to walk into the cordon to have a good look at the prisoners.Seeing her kind face, the police felt that she should have no malicious intentions, so they agreed to her request.So, she walked through the cordon and came to the captives, tremblingly took out a calico bag from her arms.Open the layers of cloth, inside is a piece of dark bread.Embarrassed, she stuffed this piece of dark bread into the pocket of an exhausted young prisoner who was struggling to move on crutches.He still said in his mouth There is only so much, I m so sorry, you can eat some while you live.The young prisoner stared blankly at the woman in front of him, tears streaming down his face in an instant.He threw away his crutches, knelt down on the ground with a plop , and kowtowed heavily to the kind woman in front of him Then, the angry atmosphere in the whole crowd suddenly changed.When the skeleton cbd gummies malik baron appeared at this moment, he had already arranged everything.Yes, he admitted that the Skeleton Baron had arranged it very well.But there is one thing, if you agree to cooperate with the Skeleton Baron, you will completely betray your own colorado gummies cbd country Time is running out, you have no choice Wang Weiyi stood up at this time I will arrange for your children to go to America.It is a very nice country And I can make sure that only I know your identities So.Tomorrow in the east of Moscow will happen The new explosion, and I hope that the troops in the west of the city are all transferred to the east of the cityMr.Timilenko, I know that this thing can be done, and you can do it without your own presence.Yes, is it With that, he picked up his hat and put it on.He bowed slightly to Dimilenko and Anna, and then left here He didn t need the couple to answer him.He can flexibly choose which side to break through from.What we are considering now is to judge the direction of his breakout Really Then he can t save the Skeleton Baron Vasilevsky s words made Khrushchev stunned.He looked and looked at the map, but he couldn t think of a third way for the Baron to break through.Vasilevsky pointed to the map What if he continues to launch raids in Canklar despite everything What This is impossible Khrushchev said decisively The 81st Panzer Army can continue to hold on for a while, and.Even if the Germans break through Tenklar s line of defense, there are Krasnodar and Mozdok ahead of him.Taking another 10,000 steps back, the two places were also breached by him.But we still have the Terek So, you re not the Baron Skull.Vasilevsky kept his eyes on the map He will not choose to break through to the east or west, do you know why Comrade Military Commissioner He knew that Khrushchev could valley cbd gummies not answer, so he gave his own answer Ernst Brahm has only one purpose in all operations, and that is Stalingrad.If the war has really reached an irreparable point, then Shumilov General Shumilov was left with the last option.The speed of the enemy s advance is accelerating.This means that the defeat of the Soviet army is getting closer.On the night of the 29th, General Shumilov s headquarters was attacked A surprise attack by the German assault force.Fortunately, his guards fought back.And the German commando did not know that he had captured the headquarters of an enemy army.After several unsuccessful attacks, the German commando voluntarily withdrew from the battlefield Although there is no danger, meghan kelly cbd gummies it is also sending a strong signal to the Russians there is no safe place in Stalingrad After nightfall, Stalingrad what happens if a child eats cbd gummies showed no signs of calm, but terror everywhere.The German army became more rampant at night.After all, there are currently a large number of Surrenderers have seriously shaken the mentality of the troops The 20th Army under the command of Lieutenant General Ershakov participated in the first colorado gummies cbd defense of Moscow.It is the wyld cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd elite of the elite of the Soviet army, and this group army has also placed great hopes on Zhukov.He hoped that a miracle would happen to this army When he appeared in the 20th Army, the morale of the entire army was quite optimistic.The positions were excavated in a very layered manner, and the weapons of the troops were relatively sophisticated.A large number of machine guns and sand submachine guns equip the troops, and an armored army and an artillery division have become their reliable are cbd gummies drugs backing.Lieutenant General Ershakov carefully introduced the defense deployment of the troops to cbd oil gummie recipes Marshal Zhukov, and Zhukov was also very serious.They themselves carried weapons.In terms of appearance, although the weapons looked a bit strange, they were very well built, which made Gaius even more confident in them.They carried a small round shield on their backs, and they used a weapon that was completely different from the dr oz pure cbd gummies 300 mg Roman short sword.They were long and slender.Wang Weiyi told Gaius that it was a war knife, which came from the far east.Have you ever been to the East Gaius began to use the title you.Ah.Yes, I have been there before.Wang Weiyi said perfunctorily.Lord Gaius, the teams are all ready.At this moment, Daikius walked over and said.A death squad of three hundred soldiers was waiting there, each of them lightly armed with iron bolts and ropes for securing the tent.Soon, Gaius, who had regained his indifference, appeared in front of them with Wang Weiyi and Richthofen.So many Vandals are suffering as slaves, I will not let this happen again.And he He pointed to Wang Weiyi I don t know where the Holy German Empire is, and I don t know what a noble position a baron is.But all I know is that he just defeated Caesar not long ago I think everyone asks themselves, before this, did we ever think that we could beat cbd gummies bad reactions Caesar No, I never thought about it anyway.I don t know if we can finally conquer Rome as the Baron said, anyway, I m going to try it now Speaking of which, he slammed his direct right fist into his chest forcefully Baron Alexon, all the Vandals are willing to follow you to fight together Baron Alexon, all the Germanians who have seen your bravery are willing to fight with mothers market cbd gummies you This is what Anluges said.No one has more confidence in colorado gummies cbd elderberry cbd gummies the baron than he.A great sword was sent to Marris hand superior.At this time, bursts of cheers came from the mouths of the Romans Marris Marris The Beast Marris walked out shaking his huge body.The sky was actually a little dark.Guo Yunfeng will also face a brand new challenge that he has never faced in his life Seven hundred and forty two.The blood devil Marris Marris Marris R Germania r Germania r Germania A burst of louder voices resounded through the battlefield, regardless of Whether it is the Romans or the Germanians, they are completely crazy about the upcoming duel.Probably all the Romans, and some of the Germanians, believed that Marris the Beast would win the best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review final victory.He is a myth in the Roman botanical farms cbd gummies cost arena, he defeated all his opponents, not only is known as the top three gladiators in Rome, but also was given freedom by Caesar because of his outstanding performance in the arena.If you can bring Rome the large amount of food they need most, then cbd blend gummies you will soon become a new hero in the city of Rome Pompeo enthusiastically expressed his gratitude to Congressman Spulius, and Wang Weiyi told him.During the days when I was away, I didn t want anyone to disturb my residence in Paladin Hills.Pompey readily agreed.Now, Senator Spurius is his lucky star.No matter what he was asked to do, he would do it.Wang Weiyi knew that this was a good opportunity.Taking advantage of the rapid movement of the Ziguang military base, Pompey and everyone else never thought that they could travel between Rome and Gaul quickly and freely.He also bade Servius farewell, and gave him a large sum of money to raise his legions.Servius once again expressed his gratitude and told his friend of his first victory.Can you believe it, Captain Ron Major Davis smiled bitterly The Germans actually got weapons from us.Major, they are familiar with this place, and they know how to fight Captain Ron also looked a little frustrated But we are just the opposite.We have no way of knowing what is hidden in this forest, and none of our colorado gummies cbd soldiers have experienced how to fight in this situation.Artillery fire can t play here at all.effect Major Davis nodded.Yes, what Captain Ron said was not wrong at all.Here the U.S.military s advantage is completely lost.Troops of more than one company cannot be deployed at all.However, Lieutenant Colonel Karls has already issued a death order, no matter what, it is necessary to tell those Germans to be wiped out here He gritted his teeth Captain Ron, the troops must be concentrated and cannot be dispersed anymore.Skull Squad It s that damn Skull Squad again They shamed themselves, the US military, and the entire Allied Forces time and time again How far do they have to go before they give up Under the repeated request of Lieutenant Colonel Kars, who was eager for revenge, Lieutenant General Kerrett agreed to set up the Kars Rapid Action Team under his command.This action team has only one purpose to annihilate the Skeleton Commando In order to ensure that their goals can be achieved, Lieutenant General Kreit s subordinates cooperated with all the equipment he needed as much as possible.When Lieutenant Colonel Kars heard that the Skeleton Commando had appeared in Brest, he led his action team here immediately, but it was still a step late.Just like those Germans had done countless times before, after killing and humiliating the Americans to their heart s content, they left here calmly.At this time, the child was holding a wooden stick tightly in his hand, and looked at Wang Weiyi with incomparable hatred, as if he would jump up to eat people anytime and anywhere.As soon as the previous assailant was free from the restraints, he immediately took the stick from the child and tried to pounce on it, but then his body froze there.The muzzle of a pistol was staring at him Put down your weapon.Wang Weiyi said coldly.The attacker hesitated, and finally put down the weapon in his best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review hand Don t hurt him, I forced him to do it in pure German.Wang Weiyi smiled Yes, you did it all.Then.He made the assailant put down the weapon in his hand in surprise Look, I don t have anything now.Let s talk cbd gummies for kids wisconsin calmly, shall we The assailant had no idea what the American military officer was doing.What s your name When asked by the U.The envy in Krazer s eyes could not be concealed, but when he saw the dilapidated manor, his expression darkened immediately Unfortunately, half of this place was blown colorado gummies cbd up What was blown up can be rebuilt Joseph didn t particularly care You know, even if the whole manor is completely blown up, it will return to its former glory sooner or later.Because here It s Alexon Manor, the baron s manor.It s a pity that the baron will never come back Classe sighed.Why do you say that, little Claze.Joseph was slightly dissatisfied In the past, some people always thought that the baron would never come back, but he came back.I know he will come back again.The countess will also come back.Videlio The butler will be back, and the butler Depusey will be back Speaking of this, he found his voice was a little choked up, and hurriedly covered up Okay, little Claze, it s late, find someone Rest in the room that was not bombed.These cursed people not only lost Ibor, but also handed over so many weapons and ammunition to the enemy.Relying on the weapons and ammunition of the Americans, although Ibor seems to be in danger, the city is still tenaciously in the hands of the Germans.After the bombardment.The soldiers of the Nordland Combat Regiment and the armed fighters of the Elder Combat Brigade all entered their positions.And those are also tanks and armored vehicles seized from the US daily health cbd gummies military.It has become the most reliable mobile fortress.Guo Yunfeng felt that he should really thank Colonel Gay Mortars, machine guns and grenades started to speak at the same time, and Ibor, who was shrouded in gunpowder smoke, was showing her tenacious vitality.Gunshots and explosions filled the entire battlefield, and the offensive and defensive sides had long been accustomed to the pungent and unpleasant smell of gunpowder smoke.As long as the order to retreat is not issued, they will be nailed here like nails Brigadier General Budger was extremely annoyed at what happened in front of him.He really couldn t figure out why he would face such a stubborn enemy.Obviously occupying an absolute advantage, but the final blow has never been realized General, an order from the commander in chief.Lieutenant Colonel Kars came to his side and said in a very low voice The air force colorado gummies cbd will take off again and start bombing Ibor again.What Restart the bombing Brigadier General Budger was taken aback What about those prisoners The order didn t clearly state it, but I think I can understand the meaning of the general headquarters Lieutenant Colonel Kars said in a deeper voice The Skeleton Division is very close to here, and our reinforcements have not arrived yet, I think the general headquarters Ready to give up Colonel Guy and his men.What he was waiting for was the arrival of his troops.It seemed.After the Skeleton Baron came back, the German counterattack had begun in full swing Night fell quickly, and the news from the front was somewhat depressing.It is said that the offensive of those troops was not smooth, and they encountered .

is 500mg cbd gummies strong?

the most tenacious resistance of the German army.But these have nothing to do with the French artillery, they just need to do their own thing well.Some soldiers who were drunk in the tavern staggered back to their camp with the help of their companions.Soldiers still on duty could only cast envious glances at their companions.damn it.Who keeps them on duty There was also the faint sound of gunfire in the distance.This is the usual practice of the Allies, and they have to use this method to make the enemy feel tired.She thought of her own childhood, in the dreaded tick.She thought of her girlhood, in the dreaded tick tock.She thought of those who loved herself and those she had loved, in the dreaded tick.Such slow psychological torture is completely capable of breaking people down.The sound of tick was best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief still going on, beating Anne Marie s heart one after another.An inexplicable fear suddenly rose in her heart, did how long does a cbd thc gummy last she just die like this No, I am only 26 years old this year, and I shouldn t die in this way at this age.She still wants to live, to live to see tomorrow.But now the only thing accompanying her is the tick sound of blood flowing out.Half of the blood in the body has been drained, right How long can I persist She wanted to speak out, but she forced the words back In colorado gummies cbd the third hour, the fear in Anne Marie s heart had unstoppably spread to her whole body.Soon it will be dawn, and soon I will be back on the battlefield.Wang Weiyi fell into deep thought But when I think that there is a spy who is hidden so deeply by the enemy behind me, I feel chills all over my body.And you, Fels, are you afraid I am afraid.Knowing the seriousness of the situation, Fels nodded and said.However, the clues were completely cut off at Anne Marie General, new documents have arrived.At this time, a bunch of new documents were sent in, and Fels signaled to put them here.The documents were piled up on the desk in front of Wang Weiyi, and Wang Weiyi s fundrop cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd eyes swept over the pile of documents.Suddenly something aroused his curiosity.It was the corner of a pink envelope.He took the letter out from the pile of documents, opened it, and smiled when he saw it Fels.Our old friend wrote again.Behind him, followed by Rommel, Guderian, and Richter Huofen, every member of the Skeleton Commando The last one to leave the base was Wang Weiyi Baron Alexon He walked wyld cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd out of the base with Elena.Xiao Ling took a look, and Xiao Ling told them with a smile Go, the Constance base has been fully opened.You will have everything you fundrop cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd want, and the base and I will always fight side by side with you now.Everyone is ready for the biggest miracle Constance Base, the night of December 21, 1965.Karen Bu Rommel has been waiting here for a long time.He received orders not long ago, Ernst.Marshal Bram will come to the base, and the baron s guard will be ready to enter the battlefield at any time.Kalumb is excited.He has been waiting for this day to come.Fight to the death for Germany.The only thing he didn t understand was, why did Marshal Ernst come here in person All he needs is a phone call, and all members of the Baron Guard can give their lives for him in any situation Look, general Suddenly, a soldier pointed to the front and said.His superiors had received orders from General Arthur and passed them on to Major Ludman.But what makes people laugh and cry is that Major Ludman completely misunderstood the meaning of his superiors.Victory is insignificant.Mr.Ernst Brahm must be kept under strict surveillance, and he is not allowed to take any more risks In Major Ludman s understanding, this Mr.Ernst Brahm must be a counterfeit Baron Alexon, his disrespect to Marshal Model has probably offended the respected Marshal, right It is estimated that there will be the most severe punishment.Although he admired Mr.Ernst Brahm s bravery in this battle, he even had to admit that without Mr.Ernst Brahm, his commando team would still be fighting.But admiration is all admiration, the orders of the superiors must be carried out I regret to inform best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review you.S.military.His Majesty s Defense Minister Marshal Kanlemu and his wife are here With this voice.A familiar voice came in.Wang Weiyi knew fundrop cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd this person too well, he was General Canlemu, the most important supporting role in the first Cairo mutiny led by himself.Ah, he s a marshal now.What about Colonel Tamusta, the head of the Egyptian Officers Corps Where is he now General Roy, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Egypt, has arrived There was applause in the hall.The complacent General Roy appeared, accompanied by the US ambassador to Cairo, Holliday, and a large group of staff officers.King of Egypt and Sudan, ruler of Nubia, Kordofan and Darfur, His Majesty Muhammad Fuad II arrives When Fuad appeared.Wang Weiyi almost suspected that he was wrong.This this is just a ten year old child Does this kid actually have the ability to cause so many things in Egypt Even put Queen Farida under house arrest But when he saw the person standing beside Fuad, Wang Weiyi immediately understood.Sergeant Shostka made a bet with another sergeant to see who would occupy the white house at the entrance of the town first.More than half of the two battalions attacked by the U.S.Army were killed or injured.The remaining U.S.troops relied on their experience to fight a bloody road and fled back to their positions in the center of the town.heavy tank.The German army that rushed up like locusts was beaten by fierce firepower.Several U.S.planes swept and dropped bombs in the sky, and the tanks in front were quickly blown to pieces.But batch after batch of German troops rushed over again.The U.S.machine gunners sometimes swept wildly, and sometimes shot precisely, never letting the Germans approach the position at all.The road was not particularly wide, and the German army became a living target.Of course.Macklin hastened to express his position.You must not hurt that girl. of course.Never let Annie.Carrousel is in the slightest danger.Once you have it, you must transfer her abroad.Solomon showed embarrassment when he heard this.He was thinking about how he could hijack people through layers of obstructions because the White House is heavily guarded.And now, this McLean is actually ingeniously asking him to break through the heavily fortified American border That s easy to say Solomon said with a sneer.Macklin smiled slightly I admit colorado gummies cbd that this task is very difficult.but.The kidnapping incident must be played up with an international color.Otherwise, Rayburn would not have turned to the Germans.Solomon nodded in agreement.Better take her to Greece, where she will be met. All right.Take it to Greece.Zoff Let s go, 100 mg gummy cbd don t look at it.Heisenberg walked best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review up to the big man and patted him on the shoulder When we finish this battle, you take this calendar and use it at night.Heisenberg smirked beside him I don t want I leave it to you.Zoff didn t smile, the big man turned his face slowly, and Heisenberg found that there were faint tears in his eyes.Heisenberg asked him what was wrong, and he said that the woman on this page of is taking cbd gummies good for you the calendar reminded him of his mother.Come on, Zoff, maybe your grandma is in there.Heisenberg pushed him away from the picture, the big man rubbed his eyes with his hands, and reluctantly put on his helmet.Come on, it s time to have a good talk with armored soldier Rutherford. Yes, it s time.When Heisenberg and Zoff came out of the hotel, a Russian attack plane just whizzed past the town.Before that, they once thought they had been abandoned.However, now they can know very clearly that Berlin has not abandoned them, and Germany has not abandoned them.Send the Akele battle group to Robin Stell.Calm down from the excitement, General Miller issued such an order.This was the last reserve team he could use Tell Robin Stell to all the children who are still fighting, Marshal Ernst is here, and our reinforcements are here.He was sure that such The good news can maximize the determination of those German soldiers to fight to the end Order all the troops to advance at full speed Standing on his tank, Wang Weiyi coldly issued such a command Order.With the miraculous surrender of Great Russia, there is no obstacle on the way forward.Even, Boschek and his troops acted as the vanguard of the whole army. Guo Yunfeng suddenly found that something wet flowed out from the corner of his eye. Fu Yu smiled and cried Brother, did you hear me, I will be your wife from now on.I miss you every day, miss you, look forward to you, remember to come back soon Girl is waiting for you girl is waiting for you to meet in your dreams . He never saw Fu Yu again, but in Germany, he met Fu Yu s child.I was adopted by my mother, and my mother has never been married in her life.Yun Feng.Fu no, he should be called Fu Yunfeng.He didn t know what Guo Yunfeng was thinking My mother told me the story of Guo Yunfeng since I was a child, so she gave me this name.General, are you alone Seeing the anticipation on his face, Guo Yunfeng shook his head vigorously No, soldier, we are not alone, I have not participated in the war in China.Ah, that is such a pity.Fu Yunfeng was somewhat disappointed My mother later accidentally learned that there was a very great general in Germany, also named Guo Yunfeng, so she asked me to come to Germany to see with my own eyes whether you are the same person.Unfortunately, I also want to It s the same person.Guo Yufeng said lightly, Tell me, soldier, is it true that your mother has never been married Guo Yunfeng on the battlefield, she always thinks that the hero in her heart is not dead.For a moment, Guo Yunfeng felt like crying.RS nine hundred and forty nine.The cruelest battlefield Russia, March 1966.Captain, didn t you say that we can reach the supply station on the third day The face of the loader appeared in front of Takot.Uhhow many days is it now Tucket reluctantly opened his eyes, feeling as if his face was covered with somethingheavy and tired.What we understand Liberty.It colorado gummies cbd may demand close unity in all matters connected with the conduct of war it may demand silence on all matters of every kind but it can never demand that Italy refrain from insurrection or submission to a tyrannical dictator.Italy will never renounce her freedom The lofty determination His speech soon aroused a mountain of cheers like a tsunami On the night of March 26, 1966, the Turin Uprising broke out.This was a great uprising that had a profound impact on history.The rebels even played the name of the hero Garibaldi in Italian history.During the night, wyld cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd the insurgents attacked the Turin police station, and the policemen confronted the rebels.Did not take any excessive resistance measures.The insurgents easily occupied this place and obtained the weapons they desperately needed.But Klaus passed by Noqier unsteadily Brothers in the support department, please watch my asswhy do I feel so happy all of a sudden Nuoqier cursed secretly in his heart Bastard Nochier ignored him.If he had the same knowledge as him, then his rare emotional upsurge would also disappear into nothingness.Bodila and Ramel were already guarding the tank.If it is said that the battle is about to start, but If they leave their posts without authorization, they will be charged with shooting From a long distance, Nochier can feel the real combat desire emanating from them.The German army entered the 098 at the fastest speed.In the abdomen Each perform their duties Nocher will be the eyes, ears and nose of this Destroyer 3 tank Bodilla is still the communicator Schmidt and Hans are the gunner and loader.Then he smoked leisurely.A few minutes later, with a gunshot, the Russians moved.A battalion with a population of more than 300 people began to march towards the stronghold.The attack is about to begin.Since the Russians did not know the details of the German army, it was also a tentative attack.But what they didn t expect was that there were only about 20 people on standby for their reloading.The Russians trotted on the ruins and sand piles, and the surroundings were very quiet.They didn t know what the Germans were going to do, and there was not even a single person.The fact is that there are indeed not many people with more than 20 people.What changed the situation of the battle was that a Russian soldier stepped on a landmine planted by Naba, Boom.Yellow air waves soared into the sky, and the color gradually deepened, turning from yellow to green, and then from green to black.I tried my best not to think about it, but I still can t help it, the more I don t want to think about it, the more I think about the scene where I was blown away and a part of my body was torn out.As you may not know, I don t get a good night s sleep these days.Before I experienced a real battle, I still had fantasies, just like this time I sent out a request to perform a mission.I was indeed very enthusiastic at the time, mike weir cbd gummies and part of it may come from the instinct of my body.But in fact, I underestimated the difference between theory and practice too much.If time went backwards, I would definitely do anything to not go.I am really afraid of death.As he spoke, Sweet sat down on the sand, took out a cigarette, and smoked vigorously.Troman was about to persuade him, but was immediately stopped by a gesture from Sweet.Ronanova didn t ask any questions, just like Serkina , obedience seems to be their nature Just before leaving, Ronanova finally asked Father, won t you leave with me No, my dear daughter, I still have some things to do in Moscow.Gregory shook Shaking his head Those delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg who betrayed me have not been punished, I have not lost everything, and I will never give up until the last moment.Those traitors and pariahs are trying to bring me down, and I will never let them get what they want.I still have the army and the police, I will make the land of Moscow stained red with blood Ronanova sighed softly, she wanted to tell her father that all this was caused by himself of.He was a betrayer before he hated a betrayer.The real punishment has only just begun.My father still doesn t know what kind of terrifying opponent he is facing She dare not say any more, because the baron is silently watching all this in the dark The life saving money has been arranged, which makes Gregory relax a little bit, except for the 600,000 U.Except for Ronanova, no one was willing to take a second look at Gregory.However, even Ronanova eventually left the room with a sigh.You, what do you want to do Gregory asked in horror.He even took a step back because of his overwhelming fear.Wang Weiyi smiled I said, I just want to talk to you alone Nine hundred and ninety eight.Farewell, Grand Duke I just came to be alone with you.In Wang Weiyi s words, there was no anger at betrayal, nor joy after revenge.His tone and attitude were so calm that it even made people feel scared.Gregory feared this man more than anyone else, and now he knew how his nightmare had come about.Are you feeling happy now Gregory laughed bitterly You have achieved everything you wanted to do, haven t you To be honest, I really didn t think it was you.If it was someone else, it would definitely not be successful Yes.I just explained The people in the venue sat back.Now, the nature of the inquiry meeting has changed Fristoya said coldly Back then, Cass The murder of the Geivoff family has always been an unsolved case, but now there is a major breakthrough.I demand that the trial of this case be restarted immediately and the relevant suspects be arrested.Members of the Special Investigation Committee, please start your vote.The vote was almost unanimous.Who would vote against at this juncture and make themselves a public enemy of Russia The change happened so suddenly that Khmelitsky could not react at all.The previous humor had run away.He disappeared without a trace, he is now in exactly the same situation as Milosevic.They went from prominent marquis to murderer After a long discussion, Fritoyaev Only then did he solemnly say cbd gummies storage With the unanimous approval of the Special Investigation Committee.The duet of Gawyn s Canon with the American piece is just perfect The speed of the melody, as well as the grasp between the high and low sounds are simply seamless Gawyn is truly a superb flute player.It s so handsome The soldiers looked at Gawyn and listened to his duet with the Americans, all of them actually laughed a rare smile appeared on their faces blackened by the flames of war.Gawyn s fingers danced nimbly across the keys.He was so involved, he forgot that he was still a soldier, he forgot that he was armed to the teeth, he was completely like a flute music in front of hundreds of audiences on a stage full of spotlights Home His body kept shaking with the rhythm of the music.What a miracle Since ancient times, German soldiers and American soldiers have never played such a piece of music together, and they played it so perfectly.Other Allied soldiers around also noticed it.In this situation, all raised their weapons and pointed at the private car.The scene suddenly became extremely tense.The Asian soldier pointed his rifle at the head of the car owner.He asked loudly what the strange device in the car was, and at the same time demanded that the car owner immediately Get out.Soldiers jumped out of the convoy and surrounded them, leading other civilians away from the scene.What the hell is that Tell me now The Asian soldier roared in the half baked Hafenstar language.I m not American.The man raised his hands and looked wyld cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd back at the Allied convoy behind him again, as if he was waiting for something.Get out of that damn car Hold your head in your hands and lie on the ground Now The soldiers of the 3rd Assault Brigade and the 4th Marine Division held their weapons and kept their postures low.General Robito must be found in the shortest possible time, otherwise the situation will get out of control Berkeley is being reprimanded by President Katri, Prime Minister Sinag and Marshal Lucien every day.There were a few times where he was almost driven mad by themhell, how did he know where the hell the General chose How did he know that the damned general chose to live or die But the anger cbd gummies taste in his heart didn t dare to show it in front of the big man here, so.He pinned all his hopes on that Mr.Moyol.The same goes for his father in law Rotini.The situation of French Dewey Bank is not optimistic at all.If there is another run, Dewey Bank will go bankrupt best cbd cbg gummies anytime and anywhere, and that will be the last thing Rotini fundrop cbd gummies colorado gummies cbd wants to see.Will and Pipondu don t seem to be interested in investing, so now all hope can only be pinned on Mr.He can be sure that Berkeley will become a dog by his sidesuch a person , there is nothing worthy of sympathy.He must be responsible for the things he has done After a long, long time, Berkeley finally asked softly Tell me, who are you Of course I m not Moyol.Wang Weiyi shrugged If you must ask my name, then I can tell you that I am Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm.Berkeley was no longer afraid, not even shocked.Baron Alexon, Baron Alexon The person standing in front of him turned out to be Baron Alexon He now has two options, one is to arrest him immediately But he knows that he has no such best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief royal blend cbd gummy review ability.The enemies of the baron all over the world have captured him for decades, but they have never succeeded, and he is no exception.There is another option.It is to become a baron Or to be more precise.These include the king s relatives and most of the nobles.Some people criticized this policy as killing the nine clans and inhumane.But in any case, Robespierre used this method to stabilize his rule, and he never regretted it until he was sent to the guillotine.He knows very well that the victory of the revolution is accumulated entirely by blood, and there is no need for any sympathy, and there is no need to discuss their pre revolutionary dreams with anyone.The only thing he has to do is to stabilize his rule through various means.This is true for any revolutionaries One cbd oil gummy bears near me thousand and forty six.stumbling block The so called revolution is nothing more than that.Langtes achieved his goal, and at this moment he was in high spirits.He can be very sure that there are not many people who can block his way forward.From this point of view, Robespierre is quite great.That s it, it s too late Members of the Revolutionary Commune who did not receive the order to attack were automatically disbanded in the middle of the night.That night, the National Convention announced the deprivation of Robespierre s citizenship, and he was sent to the guillotine the next day.Speaking of this, his face suddenly became gloomy Come down Robespierre is great, but he is also stupid.He can use more violent means to HCMUSSH colorado gummies cbd stabilize his regime, so I will never be such a colorado gummies cbd stupid person like him Clay Go and arrest all suspicious officers and shoot them immediately Yes, Your Excellency, I will immediately follow your orders One thousand and fifty one.The betrayal of the French Paris Uprising quickly received direct support from the military, which also caused an instant change in the situation.Some senior officials in the Fenton administration.As the war progressed, they began to contact their enemies frequentlyPresident Fenton had secretly summoned him, asking him to find out the identities of these people in the shortest possible time However, although Nash is the national police chief, it is clear that he has no power to launch a comprehensive investigation of these senior officials, and President Fenton does not want him to do so, which will cause unnecessary speculation and conflict among officials.not trusted.Do you have any information on these officials Nash asked tentatively.I think I colorado gummies cbd have some lists.Wang Weiyi s voice gradually became low Some terrible names, some people who seem unlikely to do these things.For example, the Minister of Finance, Yes, I suggest you conduct an investigation on him.In Europe, France, Italy, and Russia have betrayed the United States one after another, and the Fenton government of the United Kingdom is also facing a great test In the country, the cruel economic situation makes it almost impossible for Mr.President to breatheIf you must want to hear the truth after the incident at Castri College, then the only thing I can tell you.It was Mr.President who was very angry.He furiously blamed the inaction of the Oakland city government, and furiously accused the actions of the Oakland city will only make the United States fall into a more difficult situation The more Obak heard, the more frightened he was.In his In memory.William, the youngest president in American history, was a very calm person.Maybe a series of events made President William lose his calm.Mills said immediately We will send a large number of intelligence personnel to lurk in London, Coventry, Manchester and other major cities in the UK to form our own.The guerrillas are constantly attacking and destroying the enemy, making them unable to breathe for a moment.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, have you prepared your lurking list Yes, it has been formulated.Wang Weiyi said in an interface We have selected a colorado gummies cbd can you bring cbd gummies on the plane large number of elite personnel from the Secret Service, intelligence agencies, and the police to form a latent list.They will be active in various cities.The code name of this plan is Azure.Azure Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, a very good name.Colonel Jade also said at this time Similarly, the CIA has also trained a large number of British agents.They will also At the same time, join the latent plan.Mars almost thought he had heard wrongMayor of Auckland Does Huey think that such a thing can be done with a black man and an organization he leads that are running around Mr.Marrs, I know your heart is full of doubts and concerns about us No trust Huey smiled But you probably don t know who is behind us.Supporting our organization.In Oakland, you are a very rich person.But your Assets are completely incomparable to the power behind us.Their power will make you feel fear and trembling.Their power will shock the whole of Oakland and even the whole of the United States.They can easily do whatever they want To tell the truth, Mr.Mars colorado gummies cbd believed Huey s words and how In any case, the person standing in front of him is a black man, how can a black man say such a thing colorado gummies cbd Crazy, he must be crazy.Huey came to the phone, dialed a phone number, said a few words into the phone, and then said politely Mr.Don Tanner didn t know what was going on, and after a while, his adjutant hurried in General, outside the barracks, a truck full of HCMUSSH colorado gummies cbd explosives tried to break through our checkpoint, but was shot by the guards., the truck exploded, and none of our guards survived.Don Tanner s face quickly turned gloomy, and the report that came immediately made him even more HCMUSSH colorado gummies cbd upset.A large number of armed men have appeared in Southampton.They have sophisticated weapons and have begun to attack some important departments of Southampton Police Station and TV station.Guerrillas, those damned guerrillas again It was only at this time that Don Tanner remembered that Bacchus was still waiting for his answer, and he put the microphone to his mouth again General Bacchus, I have also been attacked here, and the situation is not optimistic.More soldiers can be dispatched.What else could he do Under the onslaught of the enemy, Don Tanner himself appeared on the front line several times, and he was shocked to see his troops crumbling.A large number of troops have been annihilated, and the enemy has advanced very close to the city hall.Maybe next time with only one charge, they will be able to appear in front of him.General, where are the reinforcements Where are our reinforcements It was Colonel Deplata who shouted, a very brave officer.But Depra, who was standing in front of Don Tanner now, looked very embarrassed.Don Tanner didn t blame Colonel Depra s rudeness, because he himself promised that their reinforcements would arrive soon, but now that the enemy was about to overwhelm the defense line here, the reinforcements didn t mean to arrive at all Don Tanner knew there were no reinforcements, and reinforcements would never arrive before their defeat Colonel Depra, I have to tell you some truths, but I hope you don t spread this information.Goodbye, my dear Tesla Goodbye, my dear General.Two dull gunshots rang out.At 21 00 on the night of October 13, 1966, General Denardo, commander of the Oldford theater of the British government army, and Colonel Tesla, his chief of staff, shot and killed each other when they were surrounded and had no possibility of escape.If General Denardo s command ability is not worth mentioning, his bravery and loyalty are worthy of everyone s respect.When they heard the news of the general s suicide, those British soldiers who surrendered made a request to collect the remains of the general and staff officer Han.Major Stroop complied with their request.To be honest, he also retains sufficient respect for General Denardo.A commander who can love his soldiers so much on the battlefield and can use the most tragic method of suicide to ensure the dignity of soldiers is always worthy of respect The battle at Oldford was ended in the swiftest fashion, and the gates to London were opened.

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