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Hurry up and help your old man chop vegetables There was a deep voice from the kitchen downstairs.A furious cry.Here we come Hearing the man s shout, Li Guohao casually said something perfunctory, then shook the mess in his head, stood up and walked downstairs.Li Guohao was born in a prefecture level city in mainland China in 1989.He had an average education and family background.After graduating from high school, he didn t spend money to go to those pheasant universities.After working as an old man at home for several months.The parents at home decided to find a job for Li Guohao.Go to the largest local restaurant as an apprentice.For the older generation, wealth is worse than a skill.In this way, 18 year old Li groupon cbd gummies cbd gummies best for anxiety Guohao went to the largest local restaurant to learn his craft.In 2007, the apprentice s salary was cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies very low, only a few hundred yuan.Your kid has been living in this tea restaurant every day since he graduated from sixth form, and he doesn t go out to pick up girls.Why Be a good boy Zhang Dong pushed open the door, sat down in front of Li Guohao, picked up the lemon tea on the table, and drank half of the cup without thinking about others.You Li Guohao frowned.He was about to talk about hygiene, but after thinking about it, he shook his head and gave up.He asked, What movie Big Brother Tangshan seems to be starring Bruce Lee.They are all posters of this movie.Bruce Lee Hearing Bruce Lee s name, Li Guohao showed a strange expression.Who is Bruce Lee, I believe most people in the country know that he is the first Chinese Kung Fu superstar who is famous all over the world.These are not things about Li Guohao s embarrassment, the main reason is that his name is exactly the same as Bruce Lee s son, both named Li Guohao.What is the family heirloom of the Lee family It is a cookbook written by the ancestors of the Li family when they served as the imperial chef in the Qing Dynasty.It not only records the traditional eight major cuisines, various pastries, but also the most famous, the production process of the Man Han Banquet.The ancestors of the Li family once served as the royal chef of the imperial palace during the Qianlong period.As the saying goes, companions are like companions to tigers.In his later years, Qianlong lost the enlightenedness and talent of his youth, and ordered the ancestors of the Li family to be beheaded because of a cold and tasteless food.Since then, the Li family has left behind family rules, not being allowed to be an official, not allowed to be a cook for dignitaries.Relying on this cookbook, the descendants of the Li family returned to their hometown and opened a local restaurant.Dad, it s time for dinner.Let s go eat.Li Huifang cleaned up the house at this cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies time, saw her grandpa and grandson talking, so she interrupted.Okay, okay, let s go eat, and stop by to try the wife cake made by my grandson.tea restaurant.Li Dexiao knew that the old man was coming, so he went to the nearby vegetable market early, bought some dishes that the old man liked to eat, and then started cooking, and he didn t even do much business at night.It s finally done Li Dexiao wiped his sweat.This is the first time in his 20 years of experience as a chef that he finds cooking so difficult.No way, the old man used to be a very famous chef in his hometown.After coming to Xiangjiang, he also took in some apprentices.Most of these apprentices are now working as chefs in various well known restaurants.Master Zhang, Master Wang, the two bosses have come all the way from Wanchai.Rong Bingcai had been guarding the door early, waiting for the two Rongji masters to come.Hastily went out to meet.Boss Rong is too polite, why bother you to come and pick us up in person Master Zhang said with a smile when he saw Rong Bing came over.Rong Bingcai said honestly, What happened there, Master Zhang and Master Wang are the signatures of our Rongji.If I don t come to greet them in person, it will be a joke to outsiders.You must know that the development of Rongji is inseparable.For the efforts of both of you, anyone can do without Rong Ji, but you can t do without the existence of both of you.Haha, it s all thanks to everyone Master Zhang was a little boasted, and he laughed while stroking his beard.Just as the chat between the two started, Master Wang who had been looking at Li Ji s pastries for a long time suddenly asked, Is that the shop opposite Where he was looking, he nodded HCMUSSH cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies and said, Yes, it s the Liji dim sum shop opposite.Go, the office worker also changed from walking to running when he heard groupon cbd gummies cbd gummies best for anxiety the voice behind him, for fear that someone would find him buying a wet doll book.Shangguan Xiaobao Li Guohao just heard Shangguan Xiaobao s words, followed the voice, looked across the road, and shouted for fear that he would disappear in the street again.Who Who called me Chapter 27 Kung Fu Panda Hey boy, do you want a doll book That one just didn t suit your appetite It doesn t matter.I have a lot of others here.How about European and American ones Shangguan Xiaobao caught a glimpse and called to himself The person in question was the young man who just sold the product, and seeing his companion leave, he mistakenly thought that he was embarrassed to buy it just now.Hearing Shangguan Xiaobao s words, Li Guohao felt chills.My dad basically stuffed some fruit in there, and after saying a few words, those people left.There is nothing luscious in Tung Choi Street.That area is full of slums.From my point of view, they are just some punks.They just eat and drink.Listen to what you said just now.These people have been eyeing our store for a while, and they haven t taken any action yet.It seems that they want to find out about our business situation, and want to make a fortune.According to the plots of novels and movies he watched in his previous life, Li Guohao can roughly figure out the thoughts of these people after a little reverie.Ah Then what should I do Zhang Dong was terrified when he heard it.These days, it is normal for young and Dangerous to kill people in the street.He called the police, and he left long ago when the police arrived.Do you know any big brother or something Or someone who has something to do with it.What big brother do I know Zhang Dong had a bitter face.Although he was not good at cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies price studying, he had never been around outside.Where did he know such a person , thinking he might know some people.What is Dragon Tiger Master Li Guohao asked puzzledly.Zhang Dong explained, It s just to make a movie as a set, and to serve as a stand in for some people to hang Wia or something.Oh, it s this one.After listening to the explanation, Li Guohao realized that Dragon and Tiger Martial Artists are some stunt performers who specialize in dangerous work.Mixed up, he has been working as a dragon and tiger martial artist in Shaw Brothers.Well, do you have your cousin s contact information No, but we can go to him directly tomorrow.While modifying some unsuitable plots, I am dubbing and selling to TVB or Li s Yingsheng the predecessor of Li s TV and Asia TV.Li Guohao asked in disbelief Could it be that Xiangjiang has not made a cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies just cbd gummies 1000mg reviews cartoon by itself so far Have Which one Old Master Q Upon hearing that it was Old Master Q, Li Guohao asked helplessly Is there only one Old Master Q in Hong Kong produced by a local animation company Well, after all, the Old Master Q cartoons have been out for more than ten years, and there are still many audiences in Xiangjiang.Now many adults grew up watching comic books.After TVB opened in 1968, the old master Q cartoons have been on the market.Got it, it got very high ratings as soon as it aired last year.Shangguan Xiaobao is still very concerned about the comics industry.So far, since the two local TV stations launched, apart from Disney s classic Mickey cartoons, the cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies only local cartoon is Old Master Q .

A Ping did a simple calculation, and after deducting the cost plus the gift amount, the one million can earn about cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies a hundred thousand.Rong Bingcai nodded in satisfaction.Earning hundreds of thousands in such a short period of time was something that he never dared to imagine before, and the cash at his disposal in the store also exceeded one million.Where s Master Wang Master Wang returned to the Central Store yesterday.Huh Rong Bingcai said angrily when Master Wang left without saying goodbye, This Wang Qianhua is too useless, wasting so much money in the store.If you don t see him as a master in the store, he would have been driven away a long time ago A Ping, who was standing by the side, didn t dare to talk too much, one was his boss and the other was in the store.The old master who has served there for more than ten cbd gummies for arthritis uk years, how could he, a small employee, have the guts to talk about it.This route is acceptable.Now that Hong Kong s economy is developing rapidly, people have more and more spare money.What I said is that I have pursued the improvement of the quality of life.The mid cbd gummies sold near me cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies to high end is no longer serving the rich as before, and purekana premium cbd gummies amazon the common people can afford it, and they are willing to eat delicious and more expensive pastries.After listening to Li Qiang s words, Li Guohao also felt that he Maybe I have too much confidence in myself, I think I am a time traveler, and under certain natural sleep cbd gummies circumstances, I have the halo of the protagonist, and I can succeed in anything Just like now, the pastry shop has opened another branch, and Kung Fu Panda comics are also becoming popular in Xiangjiang.Mr.Li Qiang, what you said is very reasonable.It s true that I was too whimsical Li Guohao swept the dust away and said with a smile, As expected of a student who graduated from the Management Department of XN University in Australia.Not cbd gummies best for anxiety best cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep to mention several times, at least double the purchase.After all, the ratings are here.You must know that TVB s ratings completely crush Li s TV station on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.Even with the broadcast of Kung Fu Panda , the ratings of other programs gradually increased in the period before and cbd gummies burn throat after.Not only the ratings of cartoons are high, but also the ratings of other programs on the TV station have increased.Why are TVB executives not envious But in the final analysis, who made the price that Li Guohao negotiated so low cbd gummies for sobriety The TVB executives thought that an extra 10,000 yuan would be a gift to Li Guohao.After all, the popularity of Kung Fu Panda depended on TVB.The right to broadcast the second part was given to Li s TV station, which would mean losing his wife and losing his army.When Ah Ming heard Ah Fa s words, he was surprised to think of what he was doing at this time, and he was so scared that he was sweating profusely , I wanted to remind, but I was afraid that this unknown executive would find something suspicious.Oh, then sit down for a while.Ah Fa nodded.It is true that making pastries is quite tiring, and he has to work in places with extremely high temperatures every day.Although the weather is getting colder at this time, the temperature inside is natures stimulant cbd gummies still quite high.of.While kneading the flour, Ah Fa reminded Hurry up, it s time to get off work, take advantage of the off duty time, make more pastries, and when you throw them away at night, remember that you have to talk to Manager Wang Say, you throw it It s over When Ah Ming heard what Ah Fa said, he had only one thought in his mind, that was the end, the company executives had discovered this matter At first, I wondered why they ordered this.When I was in school, my dad liked you the most.Every time I come to the store, I will bring you delicious food.You.Rong Binghua saw Manager Zhang s heartbeat, and used human relations at the last moment.Manager Zhang grew up in a poor family and worked hard in school.After meeting Rong Binghua, he often went to Rongji to play.Rong Binghua s father knew that Manager Zhang was a good boy, so he often gave him some pastries.Okay Just this once, and I don t want anyone to know about the five points.Don t worry brother, if you come out of this door, God knows you and I know you Chapter 68 Since Zhang Dong resigned from the position of store manager and became the manager of the purchasing department, it is also very difficult to see each other cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies again.Apart from being able to meet him every day at the company, it was difficult to meet him in other places, cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies which made Mai Xiaomin very annoyed, and once asked the company to ask Zhang Dong to accompany her to the movies., our palace bakery has always been committed to satisfying people s demand for high quality pastries, which means that our store is positioned as a relatively high end shop cbd gummies best for anxiety best cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep from the beginning, and the price is slightly more expensive than ordinary pastry shops.After Yang Kun finished speaking, secretly Glancing at the expressions of the people in the venue, seeing that there was nothing unusual, he reassured and said Since our court cakes are positioned as high end, I think we should cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies give people a more high end and luxurious concept in the packaging.Generally Most of the pastry shops use oiled paper or convenient bags to pack their products.Our company has done a good job before, and has always used paper bags with the words palace pastry printed on them.But because during the New Year, many people use it for gift giving, so simple use Packaging in paper bags is neither aesthetically pleasing nor table top.It s nothing, just some cockroaches and mice.Rong Binghua didn cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies t hide anything, and directly revealed the contents of the cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies bag.Cockroaches and mice buy cbd gummy bears Yeah.When Ah Fa heard this, he didn t understand Rong Binghua s meaning.He wanted to deal with Li Ji with hygiene problems, but the store had both cockroaches and mice.These two kinds of creatures , is by far one of the most difficult pests in human history.Ah Fa said But it seems that every store has this.Even if you put it in the bakery of Liji Bakery, it doesn t make any sense.I don t care if you can get in Liji s pastry, even if you can t, you have to sneak in at night and put the bag in Liji s shop Seeing Rong Binghua s gloomy expression, Ah Fa s heart suddenly Some regret agreeing to this matter, but who let me agree, the 5,000 yuan I received before is almost spent.What you just said, let people Hearing that, I thought we had some dirty deal.Li Guohao said with a smile.Hahaha Everyone laughed after hearing this.Sun Dafu also laughed out loud.After laughing, Sun Dafu said The day before yesterday, I had dinner with a good friend of Rongji Bakery.He didn t know that I worked at Liji s.He drank a lot that day, he might be drunk Then he told me about a recent incident in Rongji.Is it this incident Li Guohao thought that Sun Dafu was talking about this incident.Sun Dafu shook his head and said, No, he said that Rongji imported a batch of inferior flour from Thailand.There were quality problems and it was useless, so it was piled up in the warehouse of the Mongkok store.He also said that the two bosses of Rongji They are all idiots.Inferior flour Li Guohao s eyes flashed when he heard this word, and he had a vague idea in his heart.

If you want to do a good franchise company, the most important thing is personnel management, as well as chain experience and later help to franchisees.General chain companies are basically items that are relatively simple in technology, easy to understand and easy to use, such as milk tea, ice cream, hot pot, etc.It is more difficult for a pastry shop.If the franchisee does not have the technology to make pastry, it will be very difficult to learn The next day, at the entrance of Nanshun Company.Li Guohao walked out disappointed.Nan Shun can t do it, so go to Xiangjiang Flour Factory.Although the flour from Nanshun is not as good as it is, the flour from Xiangjiang Flour Factory is also good.Li Qiang said.Xiangjiang Flour Factory is still not good.Although their flour is not much different from Nanshun, they can tell the difference when making cakes.It s good for us to live here, and it s close to the tea restaurant.If we move there, it s not convenient to travel.Well, anyway, the house hasn t been renovated yet, and it will take some time until it s finished.We ll talk pure organics cbd gummies about it later.Although the house was bought, it is also a ready made house, but it hasn t been decorated yet, and it will take a while to move in after the decoration is completed.Li Guohao didn t try to persuade Li Huifang, anyway, the days are still long.Where s grandpa Li Guohao asked while eating the dinner brought to the table by Li s mother.Grandpa is in the store.Today, Mom feels a little uncomfortable, so I came back early.Mom, what s wrong with you Do you want to go to the hospital Li Guohao asked anxiously when he heard Li s mother say that he was not feeling well.Would you like cbd gummies sold near me cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies your mother to help you out You are much more handsome than A Dong.Mom will definitely find you a good looking one.When you get married and have children, mom will retire early and help you take care of the children at home.Speaking of himself, Li Guohao was a little depressed at first, but when he heard about looking for someone, he couldn t help but Thinking of Zhao Yazhi, a smile involuntarily crossed the corner of her mouth.Chapter 104 Positioning Since breaking up with Zhao Yazhi last time, Li Guohao also invited her out to play several times.Like a couple in love for the first time, they went shopping in shopping malls and parks.company.Well, I see.When will you come back A week So long Li Guohao was sitting in the cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies just cbd gummies 1000mg reviews office and talking on the phone, just as he was getting tired of Zhao Yazhi.I m going back to Macau tomorrow, and I don t know when I will come to Xiangjiang next time, so I just missed the delicious dim sum.He Chaoying was also very speechless.I didn t expect that the palace cakes in the comics actually exist in reality Sorry Aqiong, my sister doesn t know, otherwise I would have brought you here long ago.He Chaoying glanced at her sister apologetically.Okay.Forgive you He Chaoqiong was not the kind of overbearing and unreasonable little girl, and she nodded in satisfaction after receiving her sister s apology.Now Li Guohao saw that he could intervene and said, Ms.Shen and these two ladies, let s go in and talk.Ms.Shen nodded.Yes.Li Guohao led Ms.Shen and the He family sisters into the largest box.The Nathan Road store is the most carefully decorated by Li Guohao, and it is also the longest and largest store.He does the pre planning of the store.Gu Qianqian She doesn t seem to know much about franchising.Li Qiang frowned.Gu Qianqian is the manager of the marketing department.Apart from analyzing the stores and the market, not much is known about franchising.She is the most suitable.After all, Ms.He is a lady of everyone.If you send Xiong Yi over, considering the difference between men and women, you may not be able to meet and talk with him for a long time.It is better to send Gu Qianqian over, at least when you usually talk and meet.It s more convenient.That s right.Then let Gu Qianqian go to Macau.As for the documents related to joining, I will give her the documents and ask her to bring them.Li Qiang nodded, and also felt that Gu Qianqian was still a woman in front of Ms.He Light is most suitable.Then Boss Liu means that Li Ji can t threaten us Gu Yonghe asked nervously.You must know that in order to cope with the Mid Autumn Festival this time, the company has spent a lot of effort and money on this aspect.Simply investing, almost one million Hong Kong dollars has already been invested The money for the two workshops, the money for materials paid in advance, and some expenses such as labor, water and electricity.Basically, Li Ji can only sell it in his own store.Even cbd gummies sold near me cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies if he sells more, he can have as many as us And they don t dare to make too much at one time, otherwise they won t be able to sell it.Li Ji is a threat, but it s not a big threat.After all, how delicious their snowy mooncakes are, quality groupon cbd gummies cbd gummies best for anxiety assurance is a problem, and the second and most important one is that they have too few stores.Liu Peilin cursed inwardly, what the hell is this Li Ji man thinking, he actually thought of so many weird propaganda methods, he thought that advertising on the bus body was already novel enough, but he didn t expect to come here again Several publicity methods.You know, Liu Peilin also spent a lot on advertising expenses.In addition to advertising on TVB and newspapers, he also distributed a promotional poster to every store he cooperated with.Post it at the door of the store so that passers by can see it.If things go on like this, relying on strange and eye catching publicity, I m afraid it will be difficult for me to compete with the other party But how can Li Ji s people make so many mooncakes Could it be that they also have a factory building Liu Peilin pondered for a moment, and decided not to take it lightly, and said to Gu Yonghe How much money does the company have now No, the money is all used to buy materials for making moon cakes and advertising.The three accountants are still calculating the sales situation today.Including Li Guohao, all managers and above are all staying.After all, for this promotion, Li Guohao spent most of his energy, connections and money.Just asking Cai Lang to help give moon cakes to those literati and writers, this is a favor, not including the love of advertising in Yongan Building, this is the thread that Shen Bi helped lead, otherwise you really think that there will be fewer bosses in Yongan Building this money Not to mention the cost of renting more than 200 refrigerated trucks, TV, Kowloon buses, and major newspapers.Among them, the part time students and the driver s money are just small money.Seeing Li Guohao sitting there, Wang Zhenzhen from the finance department looked quite normal, but her brows were frowning from time cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies to time, and she looked a little anxious, so she opened her mouth and asked the three accountants Forget it, how much did you sell today A box of mooncakes Still counting Soon to be counted.

Xiao Li glanced at the mooncakes wrapped in a paper bag, smiled and said, Forget it, I ll go back first.The brother in law was a little strange, seeing that Xiao Li refused, so he gave up, thinking that he would send mooncakes to his brother in law on the day of the Mid Autumn Festival After sending Xiao Li away, he suddenly caught sight of two boxes of mooncakes on the table.One is beautifully packaged and the other is just casually packaged in a paper bag.My brother in law also suddenly understood the reason.Moon cakes are not only food and snacks for eating, but also a kind of emotion.Some people in later generations compare moon cakes to emotional consumption.When the whole family is reunited during the Mid Autumn Festival, or when you are alone in a foreign land as a stranger in the Mid Autumn Festival, eating a cbd gummies español cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies piece of moon cake is a kind of emotional sustenance.If it wasn t for the Mid Autumn Festival, I m afraid they would have started making other pastries a long time ago.At the beginning, we only cooperated with more than 100 stores in the New Territories, and they could earn 300,000 in half a month.Next, we cooperated with more than 300 stores, and we could earn at least 900,000 in half a month The monthly cost is nearly 2 million The loss cbd gummies for children federal law of moon cakes is not a big deal in my opinion, as long as we continue to cooperate with these merchants and send pastries to them for sale, I think this loss can be fully recovered , and you can earn more It has been on the shelves for a few days, and I will report the results to you guys, the first order is not bad, there are about 1,000 first orders, I still want to thank you all.Chapter 144 The Identity of the Guests 2 3 The Zhao Family.Suddenly, a question came to mind, and Li Guohao asked By the way, do I need to bring a female companion to the banquet I have never participated in this kind of banquet.I used to watch TV dramas and movies, and it seemed that I had to bring a female companion with me.I don t know, I haven t participated in it either.I think I need to bring a female companion.Li Qiang shook his head.He is not a high class celebrity, so if he has the opportunity to participate in a banquet of this scale, he has attended some parties in the United States, but they are all entertainment parties.I will ask others later.It s the first time to participate in this kind of charity banquet, Li Guohao naturally doesn t want to be like a fool who doesn t understand anything.Hmm.Li Guohao recalled the cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies just cbd gummies 1000mg reviews previous incident at the securities company, cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies and asked You said that a company that has nothing and has not yet opened has announced its listing, and there are many people who value it and want to dragon cbd gummies invest in stocks.Little sister, your skirt is also pretty.Zhao Yazhi said to Aqiong with a smile.After chatting a few more words, considering the time, several people entered the venue.As soon as I entered, I saw the Governor of Hong Kong, Ms.Shen and her family at the door to greet her.Chatted a few words, because someone came from behind, and they didn t chat much, so a few people went in.Chapter 148 Jardine Group 3 3 begged for a subscription as soon as she entered the banquet hall.I saw that the hall was full of people, and it was very lively.One by one wore bright and bright dresses, or communicated with friends, or greeted others, and cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies what s more, they took this opportunity to discuss business matters.Li Guohao frowned.This is the first time he has attended such a banquet.Ms.Shen said in detail before that a buffet style banquet will be held at the beginning, and then everyone will be invited to enter a venue similar cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies to an auction for today s charity auction.When people watch comics and animations, the palace pastry that appears most frequently in it has attracted the attention of a group of people who love sweets.Some practitioners, or Americans who live not far from Chinatown, drove to Chinatown one after another, trying to find these oriental dim sum.But after searching cbd gummies español cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies around, they found that there were indeed many dim sum with the same appearance, but the taste was not satisfactory, which made them very disappointed.Li Qiang s classmate in Australia is also a Chinese.Knowing that the original version of this manga is in Xiangjiang, he tried to contact Li Qiang and asked if Xiangjiang had palace pastries.After learning that Kung Fu Panda was a big hit in the United cbd gummies sold near me cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies States, even the palace pastry shop was frequently mentioned by Americans, which made Li Qiang s heart move, and he wondered if he could open the store to the United States to make money up.Boss water Qiqi next to her handed over the water she had prepared long ago.Li Guohao didn t hold back, took the water glass and drank it in one gulp, finally suppressing the nausea of this sweet person.Obediently Li Guohao looked at the table full of American dim sum, and suddenly regretted letting Huang He buy so many How can I finish this A person who is sweeter than eating a Snickers bar in his previous life It is indeed so sweet.Although the author has never tasted it, there are mentions of American desserts in the search information.Most of them are too sweet to make people sick.How does it taste Li Qiang looked at Li Guohao with a smile, He didn t talk too much before, just wanted Li Guohao to taste these American desserts himself.It s delicious Li Guohao gritted his teeth and glanced at Li Qiang, as if asking him why he didn t say it earlier.Chairman, cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies what are the popping mochi and popping cookies Huang He asked curiously.He knew mochi and cookies, but he didn t know what popping cookies were.Mochi and cookies, I believe you all know what they are, as for the popping Li Guohao said while preparing materials, he said Have you eaten Xiaolongbao Just like Xiaolongbao, the soup will flow out after taking a bite.Small steamed buns Chairman, you said that the stuffing is made into liquid Huang He immediately understood what Li Guohao meant.Yes.Li Guohao put the glutinous rice flour and sticky rice flour in a large bowl according to the amount in his hand, and said while operating, Look carefully, you may have eaten mochi but you haven t cooked it.First, pour the right amount of sticky rice flour and glutinous rice flour into the mixing bowl.Nan Shun has also risen The price of flour in the market is about 10 higher than in the past.Both price increases together Hmm Chapter 182 Building Your Own Food Supply Chain Seeing that Li Guohao wanted to discuss something with others, Wang Zheng also stood up and said to Li Guohao tactfully, then turned and left.His business was not urgent, just asking Find cbd gummies medix out how to cbd gummies español cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies use membership fees.After Wang Zheng went out, Li Guohao looked at Luo Bin and asked, Didn t I tell you anything He repeated what the person in charge of the flour mill said before.The reason given by the flour mill for the price increase is very strange.It is similar to the reason given by Nanshun to the supplier.They all say that they can t recruit manpower now, so they can only increase wages to alleviate the current scarcity of manpower.

He was about to order some refreshments, but suddenly found that there were snacks selling Da Ronghua.What s more, pretty boy Don t be dumbfounded.Xiaotaimei urged angrily.One more wife cake, one pineapple oil and two egg tarts.Li Guohao thought for a while, and decided cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies to order a Ronghua wife cake to taste.Speaking of which, he hadn t eaten dim sum other than his company s for a long time.When I was bored, a kid selling newspapers came over with a newspaper in his hand and said, Sir, do you want to buy a newspaper Ok Li Guohao touched his pocket, found some coins, handed the child a Hong Kong dollar and said Then get a copy of Ming Pao. Okay.The newspaper seller smiled and found Ming Pao s today s newspaper from the stack of newspapers hanging in his hand and handed it to Li Guohao, then found some change from the backpack hanging on his chest and put it on the table before leaving.The uncle hesitated to speak, he always favored his family members in his heart, he stammered and said Well your cousin is going to prepare for the exam recently, and you come back very late every day, your aunt is afraid that it will affect your Fangfang s study , so I know uncle, I will find a house by myself.Ah just cbd flavoured gummies 3000mg cbd Fei pursed his lips, he didn t blame this uncle, after all, the other party had already taken good care of him.There are five hundred yuan here, and I can rent a house for a few months in the housing estate.The uncle took out the money he had prepared a long time ago from his pocket.Here, there s no need for uncle.A Fei wanted to take it, but he knew the situation of his uncle s house.Take it I can still afford five hundred yuan Recently, your aunt has also made a little money in the stock market.Xu Guanghe said.Xu Deming pondered for a moment, nodded and said As long as we don t take the shares from us, it doesn t matter.As long as we firmly control the shares, this Nanshun belongs to our Xu family But we still have to pay attention, this Jardine Group is Cannibals don t spit out bones.Yes, I know.Xu Guanghe said nonchalantly, he has been fighting with Mr.William recently, and the cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies relationship between the two is very good now That night, after five o clock.Li Guohao got into the driver s car and rushed to Li s TV station.Tonight s pastry competition finals, but invited a lot of celebrities and writers, in addition to Cai Lan Yishu and some acquaintances who met Li Guohao, there are also cbd gummies español cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies many guests invited cbd gummies sold near me cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies HCMUSSH cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies by Li s TV station, otherwise Li Guohao alone would not be so good Big face can invite these celebrities to join.Daheng Shao said with a smile That s right, the people from Lijia intend to sell the shares of the TV station, and I m ready to take over.That s a good thing.Originally, the largest shareholder of the TV station was Lijia.How can there how to infuse cbd into gummies be more six brothers, if it wasn t for the sixth brother s Shao Brothers who have been helping behind, the ratings of the TV station don t know where it will drop.Shao Daheng frowned, and scolded Okay, don t say this in the future Speak out.Fang Yihua said Sixth brother, although the film market is very good recently, I always think that TV stations are the future development trend.You can see that from the beginning of 1968 to the present, the revenue of TV stations has gradually increased every year.On the contrary, Shaw Films Movies have losses and profits, I think Sixth Brother, we should spend more time on the TV station.The simple square cake has a simple appearance, but the addition of shredded coconut not only increases the beauty, but science cbd gummies reviews also adds a little coconut fragrance.Chang Xiaotu explained.Master Wang on the side also said Actually, you added milk before, and there is absolutely no need to add shredded coconut to increase the coconut fragrance, but you handled it very well.The combination of shredded coconut and square cake is perfect, and cbd gummies best for anxiety best cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep it doesn t taste too much On the contrary, it is very good to combine the two into one.Zheng Yuan said with a smile The idea is very good.The shredded coconut and milk commonly used in western pastry are integrated into the traditional square cake, not only does the milk and coconut The silk took away the original taste of the square cake and added a new taste, yes, eight points.Then Mr.Li, will the stock market continue to fall Du Deye asked.I don t know.I just think that the stock market is so good recently.Li Guohao didn t want to reveal that he knew that the stock market would fall, so he found a reason to reply to the other party.It makes sense.Du Deye also felt that Li Guohao s words made sense.The stock market is too crazy now.Some of the company s small employees have all resigned.Relying on some inside information stolen from the company at the beginning, they have dominated the stock market.Many colleagues at the same level as him have long since Invest in the stock market.By the way, I want to ask you something, Manager Du.Li Guohao asked when he remembered something.What is it Has the milk company been bought You re talking about Hongkong Land s acquisition of Xiangjiang Milk Company good.He started from scratch at a young age.It has set a net worth of tens of millions.Some listed companies have been listed for more than ten years, and their market value has not exceeded tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars until now Hehe Li Guohao also laughed when he saw what Wang Zhenzhen said, and he was right.In fact, Wang Zhenzhen s estimate of the company s value was a bit inflated, but considering the reputation of the palace pastry in Xiangjiang and its There are branches overseas, and it is also a leading company in the pastry industry.Combining all these points, the company s value has been placed cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies just cbd gummies 1000mg reviews at around 30 50 million.Together, when it was less than 50 million Hong Kong dollars, Li Guohao was very disappointed.After several years of hard work, it was not as good as an accidental stock I knew that I should have invested tens of millions in the first place.Colorful lights shine on the dusty but charming Pearl of the Orient, Xiangjiang.Sitting in his private car, Li Guohao looked at the lights on the signboard through the window.Now the night in Xiangjiang is getting brighter and brighter.In the past few years, there were not so many neon signs.Zhao Yazhi sighed.Yeah.Li Guohao recalled the year when he just traveled here, and went out to play with Zhang Dong at night.At that time, most of the streets in Xiangjiang, except for street lights, rarely had such radiant signs, but in the past two years, there have been more Out a lot.not for a while.The car arrived at Kai Tak Airport.The driver Zhang Guangming said at this time Boss, we re at the airport.Yeah.After green cbd gummies united kingdom Zhang Guangming parked the car, Li Guohao led Zhao Yazhi s men out of the car and walked to the airport hall.

The value of the stock was not as good as a piece of toilet paper, and it was too hard to wipe your butt.Da Ronghua s side is basically about to hit the limit, if it is not still making some pastries, I am afraid it will be the same.If the acquisition report is submitted to the stock exchange, then the acquisition must be completed within two months, otherwise, I m afraid Ni Xingqing hesitated for a while, then took a peek at Li Guohao s face before saying I m afraid it will cause embarrassment.And the attention of the group.Don t worry about this, after submitting the acquisition report, in cooperation with the fund manager, I think they should take over the shares held by Xu s father and son and some small shareholders in a short time.Li Guohao smiled optimistically, He HCMUSSH cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies tried his best to think about the good side of things, and didn t think too much about gains and losses.Therefore, they should be given the opportunity to withdraw 2.The shares held by major shareholders have the value of controlling the company, and should not only belong to the major shareholder holding the shares, but to all shareholders of the company.Therefore, the acquirer is The premium paid for controlling the company should be shared equally by all shareholders of the company.Countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, France, Singapore, and Hong Kong have adopted the compulsory tender offer system, and the starting point varies from 30 to 50.The starting point for Xiangjiang at this time is 50 , and a mandatory tender offer can be initiated when half of the shares of the listed plus cbd mango gummies company are reached Nanshun Company is holding an emergency meeting at this time.The conference room was also full cbd gummies best for anxiety of people.This time they sent Li Guohao to acquire Nanshun, just to see if the people from Jardines would intervene Besides, the daily news now except for a stockholder jumping off the building, it is that stockholder because he borrowed People who traded stocks at usury were hacked to death on the street.Everyone read the news badly, it s time to make something interesting and attractive Just imagine A young man in his early twenties, in just two years, relying on himself With his ability, he created a big pastry company, and spent hundreds of millions to acquire the old cbd gummies sold near me cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies Nanshun Group The man said more and more passionately, and he waved his fist excitedly New Xiangjiang Dream The title How attractive Chapter 213 Xu Deming s Giving Up No one came down to pick it up Jin Jiashi frowned and looked at the door on the first floor of the building.No, you Going this afternoon too. Jardine Group.Group Chairman William sat in his office and read some recent newspaper news, his brows became more and more frowned.Since the stock market crash broke out, both newspapers and TV stations have reported a piece of news, that is, the reason why the stock market fell, Heng The reason why the decline is so fast is all because British capital manipulated the stock market and listed some junk stocks to confuse the public, which caused the stock market to fall all the way to the bottom.Now the stock market has fallen below the 500 point mark of the Hang Seng Index, almost a short period of time.One month back to the HSI index three years ago.And all this did not stop there, but because more and more small listed companies went bankrupt, more people lost their assets.This time it took almost an afternoon to try on and put on clothes, and Li Guohao was very bored.Zhao Yazhi said softly Well, my mother knew some behind the scenes costumers of Shaw Brothers before, and they used to help the actors configure costumes.It shouldn t be a problem to get dresses.Well, you can ask the costumers to help you with one A dress, and you can go with me at the Jockey Fair tomorrow.Okay. Sitting on a chair in the office, Li Guohao looked at the documents submitted by his subordinates.It said that the international price of wheat has been gradually increasing cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies recently, and it is expected gummys cbd that the price of flour will increase in the future.The price of wheat Li Guohao frowned.The price of wheat will increase.The most obvious thing is that the price of wheat products will increase.It is completely different from the current glutinous rice paper.The current glutinous rice paper is not yet capable of wrapping hot things, but according to the information I checked, it is said that the heat and humidity resistance of the glutinous rice paper is being improved.Chapter 231 Sharpshooter Team At dusk, the howling cold wind gusts of wind cut people s cheeks like blades, bringing piercing pain.Xiangjiang Happy Valley.Hiss It s so cold today.As soon as Zhao Yazhi got out of the car, she was shivering from the bone piercing cold wind.Didn t you tell me to put on a coat What Didn t you bring it Li Guohao frowned seeing Zhao Yazhi shivering.He also took off his black coat, stepped forward and threw it on the other s shoulders.Seeing her lover s movements, Zhao Yazhi was not hypocritical, sniffing Li Guohao s unique breath in HCMUSSH cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies the coat, not only warmed her body, but also warmed her heart, I didn t expect that it was fine in the morning, but who knew it would be cold in the evening It s so fast.How about Ahao If I didn t know cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies that the owner of this villa is going to sell it and return to the United States recently, otherwise I would have bought the previous one This is the house that people live in Standing on the top floor of the villa, Looking at the buildings in the distance, Zheng Jiachun had the aura of looking at all the mountains and small mountains.He looked very high spirited, but it was the twelfth lunar month, and a howling cold wind blew past him, so cold that he couldn t help but fight a sneeze.Zheng Jiachun took out a handkerchief from his pocket, wiped his nose briefly, and asked, How Are you satisfied with this house I searched a lot on the Internet.Although the decoration style of this house is okay, it still looks a bit old in some aspects.Is this okay Then your requirements are really high.Zheng Jiachun didn t expect Li Guohao to be dissatisfied with this house.How big is Brother Zheng s place Um Zheng Jiachun thought for a while, but couldn t remember clearly, so he asked the real estate agent next to him How big is Xiaofang s house Xiao Liu, the real estate agent, opened the house information that he brought, glanced at the content on it, and said, Mr.Zheng, Mr.Li, there are a total of more than 600 square meters here.It occupies more than 200 square meters, and the garden and swimming pool are almost 100 square meters.More than six hundred square meters It s twice as big as mine Zheng Jiachun is not envious.It s not that he can t afford 600 square meters, but he regrets buying that English style villa at the beginning.Although the villa is magnificent, the interior decoration and exterior patterns are very beautiful, but It is almost very common in HCMUSSH cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies Xiangjiang nowadays, as long as the houses of rich people in the UK are almost in this shape.

I just bought this villa.Not long after, let them look around, check for any problems, and put an end to them early.Ahao Why are you still standing there, why don t you come in quickly.Zhang Dong had already parked the car at this time, and walked to the At the main entrance of the villa, looking at the group of people who were still near the gate, he hurriedly shouted.When Mai Xiaomin saw this, she jumped up and ran over excitedly.She knew from Zhang Dong that Li Guohao had bought a very high end villa, and she wanted to come and have a look.I came to the villa to have a look, and I followed.Parents, grandpa, let s go in and have a look.Li Guohao led the crowd to the villa.After buying and decorating this villa, it was the first time he saw it, and he was quite interested in the interior decoration A low cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies rent house in Kowloon.St.Mary s Hospital is a famous medical school in the UK.The hospital of the same name in Xiangjiang is also an affiliated hospital of which one in the UK.It is one of the most prestigious hospitals in Xiangjiang, and it is also the first hospital to build a pediatric harrelson cbd gummies department.The reality is Mary s Hospital Ten minutes later, we arrived at Xiangjiang St.Mary s Hospital.Mr.Li, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit the children in the orphanage.Valerie was dressed very beautifully today, wrapped in an elegant long sleeved sweater.Left untouched it looks a bit dull.If there, I just come here occasionally, unlike Ms.Valerie, who has been working for the orphanage for so many years.Li Guohao really admires Valerie, especially after learning that she is After the contributions made by these orphans, I would like to thank this foreign girl from the bottom of my heart.it is good.This construction team was made by the government.In order to expand the Pok Fu Lam road, the government also spent a lot of money to build new roads here.A boy went to the intercepted construction site early to investigate the situation ahead, and suddenly saw a car slowly approaching in the distance.The rear window said Brother Menglong, there seems to be a car coming up ahead Are you sure it s the kid surnamed Li Menglong asked.It should be right.I remember cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies that the kid surnamed Li was riding a Rolls Royce, which is rare in Xiangjiang.Just now I saw that the car was indeed a Rolls Royce, and it was only 500 meters away from us.The distance is too long Ma Zai thought for a while and said.Then let them get ready The Raptor held the miniature submachine gun and the gun in his hand, and heaved a long sigh of relief, which could be regarded as throwing out the tension in his heart, followed by violent and excited emotions.Discussions from people nearby are not mentioned.A group of more than 200 people stood there quickly and neatly, and one of them, a British man dressed as an officer, walked cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies up to Chief Inspector Hansen, Hello, I am the commander of the Xiangjiang Secret Special Warfare Mission Company, Mike, I believe The governor has already greeted you.Hansen looked the man up and down, and asked in surprise, Are you a soldier You used to be in the British army.McCoy finished without waiting for Hansen Sen replied, and quickly asked, Are the hostages sure to be on the mountain No, no.Hansen shook his head, The gangsters didn t kidnap Mr.Li, they were just chasing him.According to reports from my subordinates, Li Mister ran to the barren hill with two bodyguards, and those gangsters were chasing them.Chasing McCoy was slightly surprised.It s a blessing to let you go after paying the ransom.If you don t let go after paying the money, If you tear up the ticket instead, then I m afraid it s really a disaster.I ll help you ask about the gun club license.Then I would like to thank Brother Zheng.Li Guohao said with a smile.Zheng Jiachun also said By the way, the hotel will start working in a week.There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at that time, don t forget it.Well, I ll be here sooner.Li Guohao received the notification from Zheng Jiachun early in the morning for the ribbon cutting ceremony, so naturally he will not forget it.company.The chairman s evidence has been collected.Lawyer Fang Jian put the collected evidence on the table.Li Guohao flipped through it briefly, and asked, How big do you think the victory cbd gummies español cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies is That would be more difficult, but Dongfang Magazine directly printed your photo on the cover, and added these words beside it, according to the current British law, these are enough to prove their crime of defamation.At Mother He s birthday party, Xiao Bai also rushed over.When he saw Li Guohao, Xiao Bai s face was as ugly as if he had eaten shit.You must know that such birthday parties are almost always very close partners or friends.participated.Xiao Bai was also invited to participate because of He Gambling King.He thought that He Gambling King had taken a fancy to him and was about to recruit cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies just cbd gummies 1000mg reviews him as his son in law, but he didn t expect Li Guohao to be there This is annoying.Whether it is from the perspective of personal ability or business, Li Guohao is a few blocks away from himself.Xiao Bai relied on his father s relationship to become the second generation of Xiangjiang, while Li Guohao relied entirely on his own efforts to become an equal seat with most of the rich in Xiangjiang.Li Guohao is in the catering industry, not to mention that he has a future, but at least he can say it nicely.Ren Lianyun didn t notice her boyfriend s departure.Instead, she looked at the dim sum on the table and swallowed.The extremely delicate pastry seemed to be beckoning to her stomach.Huh Suddenly, Ren Lianyun noticed an English sign next to the display stand, which read French Muxi Cake Company, makers Aaron Steinbeck, Larry Broad At the bottom of the row of names there is a big prompt, which reads If you like it, please vote for your most precious tickets.This is related to whether we win the championship After reading the notice board, I saw a huge box like a mailbox on the left side of the exhibition stand.Ren Lianyun came over in a daze.It turned out that this competition was scored by the public, so just throw the tickets in your hand into it , it counts as one vote.Do you want to vote for this group So tangled, there are so many good looking snacks over there Ren Lianyun took out the two tickets from his trouser pocket, hesitating whether to look at other dim sum to evaluate.After that kid learned that Li Guohao was going to England, he begged Li Guohao to bring him an authentic Rolex in London.After receiving his gift, Zhang Dong also put the watch on his hand in satisfaction.You boy, you came to our company just to get gifts Li Guohao scolded with a smile.Zhang Dong sat on the sofa chair in the office carelessly, as if he regarded this office as his own, and when he heard Li Guohao say this, he also smiled and said Of course, otherwise, why do you think I came to you Xiao Min will be born in another six months, and I am so busy every day.How is the business of Manager Mai s company Last year, everyone made money from the stock market.They either bought new houses to renovate or fun drops cbd gummies scam renovate old houses.They made a lot of money.This year, it will be much worse.From the beginning of the year until now, apart from cooperating with some small real estate developers, The company came out alone to pick up a dozen new and old house decorations.

Now there is HCMUSSH cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies a project to do It is also a good choice Send Li Zhaoji away.Huang Yaohua looked at Li Guohao and said, Chairman, why don t we set up our own company to complete this project Huang Yaohua had already created the prototype of the industrial park the day before yesterday, and after showing it to Li Guohao, he decided to build it immediately.To build such a large food industrial park, at least tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars, plus some new machinery, and scattered expenses, I am afraid that it will also require nearly 60 to 70 million funds.For the group, it is a large sum of money.Now that the group has no money, it can only find a bank loan.I don t know when I will cbd gummies español cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies do it myself.It s better to find someone to lead in the door.If there are any real estate projects in the future, let my company do it.After all, Xiangjiang s economy is so poor now, and it spends a lot of money on construction.The manager should discuss more.If there is a problem, you two discuss it, and if you can t solve it, tell me.The main construction of the industrial park this time was completed by Li Zhaoji s Yongtai Construction Company, and the Guohao Real Estate newly formed by Li Guohao was just an auxiliary.Okay, I get it.Manager Huang nodded at Li Guohao, and then glanced at Chen Hui.Manager Huang will teach you a lot in the future.Chen Hui knows how to be a human being.He could see that Huang Yaohua looked at him wrongly, and he also took the initiative to build a good relationship with the other party.Manager Chen is polite, let s learn from each other.Huang cbd gummies groupon sale Yaohua smiled.The two people here are polite, and cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies Li Guohao cbd gummies español cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies on the other side looked at Master Dong who came back from a distance, and asked, How about Master Dong, how is Feng Shui It s a good feng shui Li Sheng s ability to choose places is really amazing.Brother Zheng, this place is not small He Qianjin, who was standing near the window at this time, also laughed lightly when he heard Zheng Jiachun s words.Oh Hearing what He Qianjin said, Zheng Jiachun also stood up and walked to the window.Although the height of the second floor is not very high, it can still have a panoramic view of a large area of land in the distance.Looking at the wall in the distance, Zheng Jiachun exclaimed, I take back what I just said, Ahao, your place is really not small, is it a hundred acres Li Guohao walked to the two of them with a smile and said, One hundred and fifty acres It s about the size of fifteen football fields, and there s some land next to it that I m about to buy.Tch, how much is it to buy 150 mu of land in Yuen Long.Xiao Bai showed disdain.The land in Yuen Long is already cheap, let alone in the barren mountains and mountains of Ping Shan.Not only the franchisees have to make profits, but the pastry company also has to make money.It is equivalent to saying that the pastry company ordered a batch of packaged snacks from the food company at the ex factory price, and then sold them cbd gummies 25mg amazon to the franchise stores at a price lower than the market price, and the franchise stores sold cannaco cbd gummies them at the market price, and all three parties could obtain profits.Even if it is not a sole proprietorship, it must follow the procedures of the company and the company.After all, it has to pay taxes.You must know that the tax bureau of Xiangjiang is following the procedures of the British tax bureau.The trouble is that it is a little troublesome, and there are more tax aspects.There is no way to do this.In the past, the food factory was affiliated with the palace pastry, so there was no need to pay more taxes.This is the clearest and easiest method, other methods are basically difficult.When starting a company, whether you lend money to the company yourself or withdraw money from the company, you have to pay taxes.Basically, in order to develop, companies rarely pay year end dividends under normal circumstances.Even if they earn more money, they will invest in more projects and businesses instead of dividends.This is also why many company bosses sell part of their shares to cash out the first thing after listing, because they are afraid of poverty just kidding, cashing out is the most convenient way.Then do you want me to go to Manager Shen Now if cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies Li Guohao has any loan matters, he will go to Shen Bi directly instead of contacting the loan manager of HSBC.Because this is something that increases Shen Bi s leverage.5 million Hong Kong dollars.And Enter the Dragon , a movie that was released not long after Bruce Lee s death, did not lead to a box office hit because of the departure of a generation of superstars, only a mere 3.3 million box office.Compared with the past three films, the box office of Enter the Dragon in Xiangjiang is really too low.In the final analysis, cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies Enter the Dragon is a co production film, and the role played by Bruce Lee is more in line with the European and American concept of Chinese, which is one of the reasons why this movie is a big hit at the overseas box office.Back to the present.Bruce Lee did not die due to illness, and the box office of Enter the Dragon was much lower than in the original history.The day before yesterday Golden Harvest s Zou Wenhuai also announced in front of the media, Because Mr.Health care Fang Yihua smiled.By the way.Sixth Uncle Shao suddenly thought of something, and quickly asked, How many people have signed up for Miss Xiangjiang s beauty pageant recently A lot.People come to the TV station to submit their resumes almost every day.How many good seedlings are there Since it is a Miss Beauty contest, one of the most basic elements is beauty.Otherwise, no matter how high your diploma is, no matter how good your education is, it will be useless if you are full of knowledge and talent.Shao Liushu has been making movies for decades, and he knows the audience s preferences like the palm of his hand.There are a few, and they are pretty good in terms of family background and appearance.Fang Yihua thought for a while and said.Then you can cbd gummies best for anxiety best cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep sign a contract with them in cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies advance.Only agreeing to one TV station is tantamount to directly offending another TV station.Now there are only two TV stations in Xiangjiang, TVB and Li s TV station.If he hadn t advertised on TVB, Li Guohao might have agreed to Liao Bufan s invitation from manager Liao Bufan of Li s TV station.However, Huang Yaohua has already sent someone to discuss the commercial with TVB.This is not a good choice.It s not that I m afraid of anything, it s just that there s no need to offend one of the TV stations because of such a trivial matter.In this era, there is no so called self media and the Internet.If the TV station slanders you or magnifies a small defect of yours infinitely, even if you go to court, the court will rule that you win, so what At worst, the other party should pay some money, then make a public apology, and it s over.

Of course, this is just a metaphor, and it cannot be taken too seriously.You It is impossible to cook a meal with a scale.After Li Guohao read the plan in detail, he couldn t help being a little surprised.He glanced at his usually sloppy father.This plan is very good, and it puts forward the core idea of the future fast food chain.There will be many fast food chains in later generations, such as Real Kung Fu , Yonghe King , Ajisen Ramen , Yoshinoya and so on These fast foods all have one thing in common, that is, they have their own set of standardized brand concepts.These ideas and ideas put forward by Li Dexiao are very good, and they almost hit the core of a fast food brand.How is Ah Hao Is this plan feasible Li Dexiao looked at Li Guohao expectantly.Dad, some of the ideas you put forward are great.Although many newspapers and TV stations in Hong Kong have been tracking and reporting the events in the Middle East, due to technical reasons, the news will always come a day or two late.Li Guohao wanted to go to the United States early to wait for the opportunity.After selecting several English speaking bodyguards with Zhang Bowen, Li Guohao cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies returned to his office, and just sat down when he heard the phone ring.Hello President, I, Shangguan Xiaobao.Shangguan Xiaobao s voice came from the phone.Brother Yuan What s the matter Did you call me for something Didn t the group send a lawyer s letter to Baoguang Publishing House a while ago Violent bloody pornography is involved.The comic Little Rascal has completely stopped selling, and we will compensate us for a loss of 100,000 Hong Kong dollars After listening, Li Guohao remembered that he seemed to have talked about this matter with the other party not long ago, but because it was really a trivial matter, he didn t remember it.Boss At this moment, Ni Xingqing walked over, looked at Li Guohao with dull eyes, swallowed his saliva and shouted.Huh Li Guohao raised his head in doubt and asked, What s the matter Is there something wrong Ni Xingqing said slowly In order to ensure that we can get the maximum benefit and prevent other things from happening, this time apart from the oil stocks, we will They are also planning to buy down various automobile companies and industrial companies, especially Ford Ford Li Guohao was stunned for a moment, and then he understood what Ni Xingqing meant.The oil crisis was born, and Middle Eastern countries banned the transportation of oil.Outside of those industrial enterprises, there are only large displacement cars left.Americans like muscle cars very much, that is, the kind of car with a particularly large displacement and serious fuel consumption.Otherwise, he may go bankrupt when the market opens tomorrow.If brokerages want to close their positions, they should also I will wait until the afternoon before the trading is closed.In the afternoon, Li Guohao managed to contact a reporter from the New York Times and gave him some money to tell him the latest Middle East news tomorrow.This matter is very important to that reporter., there is no problem at all, because he has sold news to some financial institutions and stockholders many times in the past few cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies days.On October 15, the stock market opened in the morning.Just ten minutes after the opening of the market, the stock price rose by two percentage points all the way.As time went by, the stock price continued to rise.At one point, Li Guohao almost collapsed.If you are giving 200 million Hong Kong dollars, or 100 million Hong Kong dollars, then you can wait until the Middle East countries announce groupon cbd gummies cbd gummies best for anxiety the news of the oil embargo, and I am afraid that you will make a lot of money by then.The foundation has been completed, and the rest is still under construction.It is estimated that a batch of factory buildings and canteens will be completed around March next year.We are also stepping up the construction of staff dormitories in advance to ensure that the first batch of construction is complete.The factory will come out with supporting facilities.Under normal circumstances, the factory does not have to worry about not being able to recruit manpower, because the work of the factory is relatively simple, and basically it only needs to operate the machinery well.However, considering the long working hours of the factory and some other factors, Li Guohao planned a piece of land in the industrial park for the construction of staff dormitory buildings.En After listening to Huang Yaohua s report, Li Guohao nodded slightly, then glanced at Jin Jiashi, and asked, Where is Guohao Nanshun In addition to expanding the flour market in Southeast Asia, Nansun s We have also sent employees to Wanwan, the Philippines, Thailand and other places to discuss agricultural cooperation with some large local growers Jin Jiashi has always followed Li Guohao s instructions.policewoman at the same time.Global Shipping Group.Bao Daheng sat in the office with his head muffled, although he is now known as the number one ship king in Asia, in fact most of his ships are oil carriers.It is specially leased to some oil companies for the transportation of oil.But now that the oil is embargoed in the Middle East, Bao Daheng has suffered heavy losses.Many ships are docked at various docks, and there is no oil transportation.The idea of abandoning the ship and going ashore in my heart became cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies more and more prosperous.In recent years, are gas station cbd gummies good shipping and transportation have not been as easy to do as in the past.At the end of last year, Bao Daheng thought about whether to invest in some industries.But this is just an idea.After all, it is too risky to abandon the ship and go ashore.The group is purchasing raw materials such as wheat, sugar, cane, and sugar , the money spent has increased a lot compared to two months ago, which has led to a decline in the company s revenue.Fortunately, the price negotiated with some suppliers has already signed a contract, otherwise, it is very likely that it will suffer a loss for the first time.It is because of the information I don t understand, that s why Xiangjiang failed to link the war situation in the Middle East with raw materials in a timely manner.A company has entered a formal company, and they pay attention to policies, news, world events, etc.all the time.It seems that these follow You have nothing to do with it, but in fact they are closely related, as if the mainland will take back Xiangjiang in the future, and the land price of Xiangjiang will plummet.The loss is basically no loss, because it was sold to Li Guohao according to the market price.As for whether there is any profit, it depends on the future development of real estate.Excluding the 200 million loaned to the group, Li Guohao spent less than 100 million Hong Kong dollars this month, which made him very distressed.There was still almost 900 million Hong Kong dollars in his bank account.For a while, he really couldn t find anything good items to spend.As for the food company, the research and development of instant noodles has also been completed, the new production line is in place, and the cover and packaging are already being prepared.According to Li Guohao s intention, it is named Master Li Instant Noodles.There are three flavors for the time being, one is seafood, and the other is seafood.

Thai basmati rice is a kind of rice food that is well known all over the world.Li Guohao plans to start from the most primitive, first build sugar cane sugar and other raw material factories to fill the shortage of palace pastry raw materials, and slowly expand other business aspects.General Manager Jin has already arranged for people to talk, and has initially discussed with the local government about the construction of the factory.With Li Guohao s private loan of 200 million Hong Kong dollars, the strength of the group has increased significantly, and it has been in preparation for a long time.The raw material supply chain has also been cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies implemented.Well, this is not urgent.The main thing is to communicate with the local government and obtain a license.At the same time, we must also ensure the safety and quality of the raw materials there.In other words From secular common sense false to religious understanding of truth empty , it is empty view Not only Mr.Liu Yichang wrote a special article to praise Li Guohao s three views, but many literary masters and philosophy masters in Xiangjiang have expressed their own understanding of the three views and the meaning of positive energy.Among them, Mr.Jin wrote the most It can make ordinary people understand.The content of the article is When I wrote The Legend of the Condor Heroes in the early years, I put forward the concept of the great man serves the country and the people.With new experience, people often say how unfair this society and the world are to them.Some people can enjoy rich clothes and fine food from birth, but they have to work hard all their lives.And Li Sheng s Three Views can explain the root cause of all this for you.At this time, Li Zhaoji He has not yet had such strong capital and strength as the later generations.After taking the stage now, he is still hard at selling his own real estate company.After talking for a long time, he finally mentioned congratulations to Li Guohao for the opening of the industrial park.Long time, half an hour Left and right, after several guest speakers and several managers of the group took the stage to give speeches, Sister Feifei took the stage again.She glanced at the manuscript in her hand, smiled and said to the guests in the audience Let us applaud Guohao The cbd gummies best for anxiety best cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep chairman of the group and the founder of the food industrial park, Li Guohao Li Xiansen Crack, clap This time the applause was unusually intense.Apart from welcoming the host Li Guohao to appear on the stage in person, he was glad that the opening ceremony, which lasted for more than half an hour, was coming to cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies an end soon.After being made public, there was a wave of enthusiasm.It was noon, Li Guohao looked at the weather, and said to Chen Sheng Asheng, cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies you will drive ahead and lead the way, and take you to my uncle s Jinhua Restaurant.Okay Asheng nodded and turned around Go to the parking lot.After instructing Chen Sheng, Li Guohao walked towards the crowd and said with a smile, Mr.Mai, Chairman Liang, I have already prepared an afternoon banquet, how can I go there Li Sheng s invitation is disrespectful President Liang laughed.Sir Mai was a little embarrassed.He said I still have some business to attend to at noon, I m afraid I won t be able to attend Li Sheng s banquet.It was originally interviewed by reporters, but Li Guohao canceled the event because he was thinking about his own newspaper, and asked Huang Yaohua to send some big gift packages for the Spring Festival to many newspaper reporters and guests, and then led the guests to go Went to eat.Chapter 337 Gold Jewelry for Mother Li In my previous life, I only saw Zhang Daqian s portrait in textbooks.At first, I always thought he was from the Republic of China period.Later, I learned that he was born in the late Qing Dynasty and lived until the 1980s before he died.Li Guohao felt very honored to be able to meet old Mr.Zhang Daqian.This was more exciting than seeing Bao Daheng Huo Daheng and others.After all, Mr.Zhang had been living in textbooks, and he had heard and read too much about him.s story.When communicating with Mr.Zhang at the banquet, Li Guohao always spoke to each other in the tone of a junior, which greatly benefited Zhang Daqian.The two chatted very happily.Before leaving, they left each other s phone numbers.Zhang Daqian also invited Li Guohao to participate in his art exhibition held in Xiangjiang Town Hall in June this year, and Li Guohao readily agreed., the scenery is beautiful, and the land looks relatively fertile, and the stevia cbd gummies details will be finalized after the surveyor surveys.Speaking of this, Li Guohao said with a smile By the way, let s see what preferential policies the government of Roi Et Government will give us tomorrow., Is it tax reduction, or some other incentives. I think it should be tax reduction.Before Jin Jiashi came cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies just cbd gummies 1000mg reviews to Thailand, he had already prepared the information, and he said Thailand s main tax law was established in 1938 more than 40 years ago.It is stipulated that all individuals who come to Thailand to invest or work must pay personal income tax, and if they are enterprises, they must also pay corporate income tax.It is roughly cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies the same as Xiangjiang, but the tax is a little lower than Xiangjiang.Li Guohao is waiting for specific inquiries During the tax law in Thailand, I heard Chen Xuewen s shout not far away, Chairman, come quickly Hearing the news, he rushed over.Soon, only Li Guohao and Huang Yaohua were left in the conference room.How many soda water companies are there in Xiangjiang now Soda water Huang Yaohua s eyes lit up, and he mistakenly thought that Li Guohao had agreed to the soda water factory he mentioned last year, and asked quickly The chairman wants to build a soda water factory Yes and no.Li Guohao said with a smile, I m planning to start a beverage company, not only producing soda, but also fruit juice, tea, etc.Beverage company At this time, Xiangjiang, most of the The sodas are all glass bottles that we used to see when we were young, the kind that cost 50 cents a bottle.In addition to the initial lemon flavor, with the development, the orange flavor, soda flavor and so on were gradually added.Those various diversified beverages of future generations have not yet occurred.Now that your company is getting bigger and bigger, you must focus more on your career.At the end, thinking of Zhao Yazhi, Li Renzhong smiled and said It s me If you want to hug your great grandson, you have to hurry up, the old Chen who used to live next door to our house has already hugged two grandchildren.Yes, Ah Hao, you and Ah Zhi will be married in a few months It s time Thinking that her son was going to get married soon, Li Huifang came to her senses, and said with a slap on the forehead, According to the calculations, the days are less than two months away, so I have to make a good calculation.Some old relatives have to consider whether to invite them.Li Dexiao has no other cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies relatives in Xiangjiang except for his grandfather Li Renzhong, and his grandmother died early, and most of her relatives are in the mainland.

Intense applause sounded in the square.Li Guohao stepped up from the backstage and took a look at the audience, there were at least six or seven hundred people.He was still a little nervous before going on stage, but he really felt relieved to be standing here.Hello, students, parents, reporters and friends It s already past three o clock in the afternoon.We originally planned to hold the entrance ceremony for freshmen in the morning, but because some students came to the school a little late, we had to postpone it to the afternoon.Here I will To make a long story short.You may see that the school we are in is still relatively simple, but in two months at the latest, our new school will be built near Marian Road in Tai Po District, and we will provide dormitories for each student.With the cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies cafeteria Papa papa Principal Li has prepared a film screening for you.There are many aspects of cooking.For example, which of the eight major cuisines do you specialize in, and baking is the same.That s right.Zhao Yazhi nodded half understanding.On the other hand, Li Guohao, who was at the side, saw that Chen Zhi s words were logical and that he had indeed put in a lot of effort, so he secretly thought about it.The group went back to the square after looking cbd gummies for dummies at the student dormitory and cafeteria.At this time, the sky was dark, and Dim Sum produced by Friends Film Company was playing on the huge canvas.Li Guohui, played by Xu Guanjie, and Xu Guanwen, who cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies played the role of the master master, were competing with each other.People were turned on their backs, and the students, cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies parents and reporters who watched the movie again burst into laughter.Boss Seeing Li Guohao coming back, Cai Lan couldn t help but said, I see the performance of those students and parents just now.This kind of thing is too common in later generations.To demolish old buildings and build new ones for sale is just like demolishing three generations of rich people.Hearing this, Di Yimin and Zheng Baoxing s eyes lit up at the same time.This method should be feasible, but it still needs to be done.Ask the Housing Department.After all, most of the demolition of old houses is to rebuild communities in situ, and there are very few cases where they are converted into commercial land.Di Yimin pondered.Zheng Baoxing also nodded and said Yes, if you follow cbd gummies high potency 75 this method, although it is a little troublesome, the commercial land approved by the government in Xiangjiang Island is getting less and less.Still very cost effective.If possible, then ask.Chapter 374 Getting Married July 3rd.Early in the morning, after seven o clock.The cheapest ones cost thousands of dollars, and the most expensive ones cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.Ajie couldn t help but click his tongue when he saw the prices.When a few people came to the Omega store, Ajie s eyes were fixed on a watch inside the glass frame.Li Guohao, who was choosing a watch, saw this scene, walked over and said with a smile What Do you like this watch Li Huifang looked at the contents of the newspaper in her hand, and couldn t help but say Twenty million Ah Hao, why do you always like to be so lavish Mom, I m not happy, and it s not just giving out money for no reason.Li Guohao smiled, but did not explain to Li s mother the main purpose of sending red envelopes.Let it go, but Li Huifang didn t get entangled with Li Guohao on this matter.She didn t understand anything about the company.Chen Shao ran so anxiously because the cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies just cbd gummies 1000mg reviews factory didn t allow cars to come in, he smiled and said, Okay, don t be so anxious.Director Zhang, please find a place nearby, I have something to tell you.yes.Upon hearing this, Factory Manager Zhang immediately whispered a few words to the entourage next to him, then raised his hand, pointed to cbd gummies español cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies the distant factory lounge and said, Chairman, Manager Chen, please over there.Soon, Li Guohao and Chen Shao followed Factory Manager Zhang to the staff lounge in the factory building.Seeing the words staff lounge on the door, Li Guohao stepped in and saw that the room was quite big , about 50 square meters, and there is no rubbish on the ground, it is very clean.There are two small beds and several rows of long wooden sofas inside.Director Zhang said Chairman, the place is quite leaky.Why can t I eat it Chen Shao didn t think this food was delicious.The moment he took it in, the explosive feeling spread in his mouth, it really shocked him.Okay.Li Guohao interrupted Some people like this thing, best gummy cbd for pain and some don t.It s normal.After all, there is no product that can satisfy everyone.After chatting about popping candy for a while, Li Guohao asked about the recent sales of the food factory.From Chen Shao and Zhang s factory manager, I learned that since the beginning of the year, all kinds of food produced by Guohao Foods , the current sales are about the same as last year, because the prices pure isolate cbd gummies shark tank of many foods still follow the prices of a few years ago, which is still relatively unprofitable in today s inflationary Xiangjiang, so profits are also declining year by year.Chairman , do you think we are going to increase the price of some food Take the bear biscuits that we currently sell the most.Let s deal with it, so we won t accompany the three of you.When we have lunch, Xiao Fang will take a few of you to the restaurant.I won t be here today.We ll go north together tomorrow morning.Okay, President Liang You are busy.Bao Daheng said with a smile.Then I won t disturb everyone s rest.President Liang turned around and left with a smile.Before leaving, he specifically asked the supervisor of the guest house to treat the three guests well.After the people left, Bao Daheng looked at the environment of the guest house and couldn t help sighing I came all the way from the port and found that the people in the inland are full of vitality.During that time, people lived like walking corpses.Looking at them along the way, although most people looked at them with doubts, they were full of energy and cbd gummies best for anxiety best cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep energy, which was many times stronger than before.Li Guohao smiled and said If I say that in the next 30 years, the mainland will be more prosperous than Xiangjiang, Bao an County will be better than Xiangjiang, the houses will be taller, and the cars will be more.Do you believe it How is this possible cbd gummies español cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies Li Guobang, who was born in Bao an County since he was a child, doesn t know the situation in Bao an County, not to mention tall buildings, even cars are rare goods, and the ground is all muddy.On the concrete road, the feet are clean and free from dirt.Believe me, the mainland will definitely be better than Xiangjiang in the future.Li Guohao recalled that in Bao an County, which was later Shenzhen, those local demolished households were demolished and divided into several houses, each of which was worth hundreds of millions.Rich, thinking of this, glanced at his cousin slightly, if not unexpected, he should also be a demolition upstart.

After all, many high tech companies in the United States and Hollywood film and television companies at that time had people from the island country.Listening to the chairman s words, Huang Yaohua thought to himself that what he said was reasonable, but after spending so much money and giving up the markets in Europe and America for nothing, it made him feel very uncomfortable.I know you must be upset.After spending so much money and barely achieving the situation of three legged confrontation, we will definitely lose a lot if we quit at this time.But think about it, instead of three legged confrontation, why not dominate the Asian market Once we firmly control the Asian market, won t it be easier to sweep Europe and the United States Li Guohao s words are beautiful, but he is very clear that cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies the European and American markets have slowed down now, and if they want to enter in the future, it will be difficult heavy.But there are still more than ten percent of the shares, which have always been in the hands of the West family.Their family is currently the second largest shareholder of Hutchison Whampoa and the founder of Hutchison Matheson.At present, Watsons has only two businesses.One is the food business such as distilled water and soft drinks that has been in operation for more than 100 years, and the other is the retail business, which cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies is the Baijia supermarket.These two businesses, except Baijia supermarket.Apart from some assets, the food business has long been defeated by Li Guohao, and they are living in fragments.This is one of the reasons why Li Guohao proposed to split Watsons cbd gummy bears for night and got the approval of the board of directors of Hutchison.After all, Watsons is currently in a long term In a loss making state, although Baijia Supermarket is doing well, it is barely able to make ends meet under the double attack of Jardine s Dalianlian and Li Guohao s Baihui Supermarket.Li Guohao felt the tenderness in the beauty s words, and couldn t help lowering his head and kissing the other s tenderness lips.After a long time, the four lips separated.Maybe it was because the kiss was very sudden, or maybe cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies it was very hot, anyway, Zhao Yazhi was so ashamed, cbd gummies español cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies a faint blush rose on both ends of her cheeks, she secretly glanced at Li Zecheng, who was still playing by herself, and took a picture.Touching Li Guohao s chest, he said delicately I hate it, the child is still watching Li Guohao looked at Zhao Yazhi s shy face, and said with a smirk on purpose Just watch it, isn t it natural for husbands to kiss their wives Zhao Yazhi Blushing slightly, she listened to her husband s words, rolled her eyes at him, and said angrily Okay, don t be an upright person.Didn t you say you re going to the next door for a meeting Why don t you hurry up Well, then I Go ahead, watch your son.Li Guohao thought for a moment, then shook his head, he was still young, and his two children were still young, so he could leave it to whoever was smarter in the future.Immediately, he turned to Ni Xingqing and Fu Zhengguang and said, In this case, follow your previous plan and discuss with Liao Liewen and Liao Liewu privately about the acquisition of Chongxing shares, and try to settle everything before May this year.Li Guohao has been waiting for the arrival of the Sino British negotiations, and then he can take advantage of the shock brought about by the negotiations and seek benefits from them.Yes.The two groupon cbd gummies cbd gummies best for anxiety of them didn t suspect him, they only thought that the chairman was anxious about the bank s affairs, so they decided to win it before May, and then nodded in agreement After returning to Guohao Building, Ni Xingqing, Fu Zhengguang and others went back to the floor where the finance company was located, and continued to think about how to open Guohao Bank smoothly.I didn t expect that it would take so long for my real estate company to go bankrupt and liquidate, which makes Brother Xie unsafe in his old age. Fortunately, I don t have much investment in Xiangjiang, otherwise, I m afraid I ll be hurt too Let s go He Gambling King may have seen many people go bankrupt because of gambling.In addition, he is a native of Macau, so he is not as good as his home base in Macau in terms of Hong Kong real estate investment, and the loss is not too much, so he is quite optimistic about this real estate collapse, but just sighs.The Chartered Ship King is also having a headache recently.He tried his best to acquire Wharf two years ago, and managed to make a little money by taking advantage of the stock market boom in the past two years.But when the real estate collapse came, he went back to before liberation.As for whether you will continue to increase funds, it depends on your wishes.I hope that this time I can make a lot of money so that I can give it to me.The cub earns money for milk powder.The charter king has always believed in Li Guohao s fortune, after he had a preliminary understanding of some bottom hunting plans and what how much are cbd gummy bears dragons den Li Guohao said, he said without a word I will invest 1 billion Because of his son, Zheng Daheng and Li Guohao has a good relationship, seeing the other party s swearing appearance and understanding of him, he also nodded and said I voted 1.5 billion Huo Daheng thought for a few seconds and said 1 billion I know that the mainland still hopes to negotiate peacefully, and they don t want to send troops to Xiangjiang.After all, if it gets to that point, Xiangjiang will become a wasteland if it is taken back.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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