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But what can you do if you beg others now Even if you feel drowsy now, you have to hold on.At this moment, the door was pushed open, and Depusey appeared in the living room, and then said in an unusually calm tone Madam, Baron Alexon, I brought back the person you want.Brother We recommend it, please Fifty eight.Hyena Wang Weiyi suddenly stood up.The Guo Yunfeng who appeared in front of him was simply social cbd gummies review not the original Four Knives.There were scars all over his body, especially the knife wounds on his chest were shocking.No one needs to say what kind of torture he had suffered in the Military Intelligence Service.Depusey stuffed a pocket into Wang Weiyi s hand This is your companion s item brought back from the Intelligence Bureau.The blow is an insult to the German officers Even though Guo Yunfeng is a Chinese, he is a subordinate of a noble officer, and the dignity of a noble officer cannot be provoked.The current Montagut is still very small, but after the end of the First World War, it will soon grow in the hands of Will Tinland.Xiaoling carefully explained In 1925, in Will Tinland Under Rand s leadership, Montagut launched women s underwear and stockings by knitting for the first time, which successfully established the brand s popularity.During the Second World War, the shortage of natural silk raw cbd solutions gummies materials cbd solutions gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank prompted Montagut to invent artificial silk instead of natural silk.The unique silk fabric produced by multi step processing procedures of polyamide fabric, because the appearance, comfort and feel are comparable to natural silk, and its strength and durability are similar to nylon.This kind of silk is called bright silk The knitted sweater has become Montagut cbd solutions gummies s signature.And the leader of the invention is also Will Tinland.So far, we haven t figured out the specific residence of von Kierock.Manstein said straight to the 5mg thc 5mg cbd gummies point The spies who were supposed to connect with us here have not yet appeared, and we have no information at hand The spy didn t show up Wang Weiyi frowned.Manstein shook his head affirmatively.What s wrong Once cbd solutions gummies the spy who responded to him was captured by the French and confessed to the special unit, the situation would suddenly become complicatedeven the whole team would be in dangerto complete the kidnapping For von Kierock s mission, intelligence has become a crucial point, but now this most important point has been cut off at once.There was an agreed knock on the door, and everyone picked up the weapons in their hands.Guderian stood up and opened the door, and the horsepower came in.Found the whereabouts of that Chinese man.And this also increased Pease s determination.He didn t dare After too much delay, he immediately left the hotel to do what Moyol told him.At this time, the police also arrived, and Wang Weiyi slowly returned to his room.He called Manstein over F Ritz, do you like acting I don t like it very much.I prefer to play with the enemy on the battlefield.Manstein said with a serious expression.But this time you have to act, and put on a good show.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly I think you will like the role you play, which is much more exciting than on the battlefield. Manstein thought for a moment are cbd gummies legal in wisconsin cbd solutions gummies What exactly do you want me to do One hundred twenty three.At the reception, the French generals understood the words romantic, free, and enjoyable far better than the German generals.Even though the war was so tense, even though the German army had just launched a new offensive in Reims, this did not affect General Raffarin s determination to hold a reception in the slightest.I m on a military base right now and feel, dr oz cbd gummies review feel Lonely Wang Weiyi spoke out for her first.Yes, lonely There is a problem, there is a problem.Wang Weiyi frowned These are emotions that only human beings have.I have heard that scientists have also studied computers with human emotions in the past, but they have never been successful.Did that damn Dr.Qin develop it successfully Xiao Ling, is there any code about feelings in your program No, I checked carefully, no.Xiao Ling s answer is very affirmative.Wang Weiyi is a little confused.According to the normal thinking, Xiao Ling began to have his own feelings.There is only one possibility, that is, Dr.Qin invented some kind of emotional program, but now it seems that it is not Like this.At this time, Xiao Ling said There is another thing that worries me a lot.He is not a machine, he is just a normal human being.After staying in one place for a long time, there will always be feelings, such as himself and Germany.When he appeared in this era, he just regarded himself as a passer by, went to the battlefield mechanically, and mechanically completed the tasks assigned to him by the base.However, as time went by and as the number of friends around him increased, he found himself on the battlefield.Unknowingly, I have regarded myself as one of them.This is emotion, the most normal emotion of human beings.The present Adolf Hitler is not the future head of state Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian did not sweep the battlefield The three famous generals, they are just their own friends When I will leave one day, will I let it go Wang Weiyi can t give himself the answer What I want to remind you is, Don t meddle in things within the Hohenzollern family, such as Crown Prince William and Prince Joachim.cooperate How to cooperate Riley was taken aback.You provide me with the information I need.For example, the first information I need is how the news of our entry into Russia leaked out.How much force the HCMUSSH cbd solutions gummies Russians have sent to round us up, what is their specific plan, and where do they want to set up an ambush for us Wang Weiyi said calmly You have one day to collect, and one day later you are still here.I think I can see what I want, right No, I can t do it in a day.Reilly said embarrassedly.You can.Wang Weiyi didn t give him any chance to distinguish at all You have many connections in Russia, I think you can escape the Russians this time, maybe it s not because of your dexterity Riley smiled wryly.Indeed, he was not that capable of evading the pursuit of the Russian cavalry.He did use some of his secret contacts in Russia, and he paid a sum of money for it.

Sure enough, these words immediately moved Mikhail Really Really Speaking of this, Zhukov couldn t hold on anymore, he threw away his pistol and sat down again I m sorry for what I just did, but please hurry up, otherwise the German general will be caught by Lieutenant Kudrich It s Lieutenant Mikhail, who was relieved, gave Zhukov a fierce look Sergeant Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov, I will discuss with you about the matter of you holding a lieutenant hostage.Settle the score, but now I have to catch that German general Lieutenant Mikhail left in a hurry, the temptation to capture the German general overcame his fear He successfully what does cbd gummies do cbd gummies for tendonitis deceived Lieutenant Mikhail, but Zhukov didn t feel happy at all.On his first day as a soldier, he was full of yearning for war.He decided to use his loyalty, bravery, and wisdom to defend the country and defeat the Germans.Wails sounded everywhere, and the division headquarters had become Hell on earth Protect the general, protect the general Shevaski, the chief of staff of the HCMUSSH cbd solutions gummies Eighth Division, yelled frantically.Hell, these German bombs seemed to have eyes, and the bombs kept falling on the division headquarters.Shevaski, don t panic At this time, Major General Boris still kept his composure.No, General, you have to leave here immediately Shevaski desperately pulled up Major General Boris You guys, come with me, get out of this ghost place quickly Another bomb fell, and it landed in the office where General Boris came out just now.General Boris was still in shock.If he came out a little later, he would be killed there.One hundred and eighty one.Wait The bombing of this wave of German planes was so accurate that it was unbelievable.It seemed that he recognized Lieutenant Colonel Shevaski, and he ran towards here in surprise.Come down, Corporal.General Boris was there, he was wounded.It was the damn air raid.My truck was almost blown up too.The corporal kept cursing, and quickly called his companions to come down.When the Russian soldiers approached, Shevaski suddenly shouted They are the enemy Then, he rushed towards Wang Weiyi Shevaski knew that this must not go on, otherwise the honor of the soldier would be completely lost, and he and General Boris would not be able to escape so easily.He also It can be seen that this Ernst.Bram is the one who matters, and buy cbd gummy retail ma once he s subdued, his companions can t do anything Then, the general can also be rescued However, just as he threw himself out, the submachine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand had already fired ahead of time Shevaski s body fell to the ground, his eyes wide open.At least they seem to prefer to maintain such calm until the end of winter.But this is just the calm before the arrival of a bigger war Taking advantage of this rare free time, Wang Weiyi reorganized his skeleton HCMUSSH cbd solutions gummies commando team.The team is still four teams, but it has been expanded to five hundred and five Ten people, each team member here is carefully selected from various German troops.With the top brass of the German army and their fullest support, the current skeleton commando team has become the trump card of the German army, and they will be sent to complete many impossible tasks one after another.Armed with heavy machine guns and mortars, this trump card unit will be satisfied no matter what request Ernst Brahm puts forward.The Germans own tanks were still in the factory, and Generals von Bellow and von Galwitz managed to get Ernst Brahm four tanks captured from the British.The soldiers were all bored on the ground, Steck and Boncrere were chatting there, Sean was cleaning his gun there, and Adolf Hitler was still writing his diary there as usual.Wang Weiyi can t quite understand what is written in A Tale of Two Cities.Why would someone be willing to die under the name of his rival in love This is simply unreasonable.Kaden is such a fool Wang Weiyi threw A Tale of Two Cities aside and muttered.Elena, who came to him, picked up the book.This was the second time she saw someone reading this book.The last time was Bimonai, and it was this book that he saw when he died.Kaden is not a fool.Elena smiled and put the book aside He couldn t get Lucy, but he didn t want to see the one he loved suffer, so he replaced the damned Dale without hesitation.On to the gallows Well, you re right.I have to see what kind of person the skeleton baron who defeated me is.You have to know that you have a great reputation here.Wang Weiyi He sat down and said, There s nothing particularly noteworthy, I m just doing my own duty.Me too.Crowell nodded, and suddenly asked, Lieutenant Colonel Ernst, Please answer me a question, did I show any cowardice on the battlefield Wang Weiyi cbd solutions gummies thought for a while, then shook his head.It must be admitted that when Crowell took Gustav, the French army showed a completely different courage on the battlefield than before.No one can fault Crowell for courage.But why did I suffer such a tragic defeat Crowell said in a daze I did my best, and even appeared on the front line many times in person, directing my soldiers to launch an attack.I did this in Verdun, I won, I didn t make any special changes here, but I failed.

According to the current progress, there will be a few more major tasks, and the self reform and upgrade of the military base will be complete.Walker Wang Weiyi also received new fire support.As he completed tasks faster and faster and made more contributions, the fire support he received suddenly became more abundant But these are not That s not the point, the point is that Xiao Ling told Wang Weiyi one thing under her continuous efforts to search, the second piece of y element has some uncertain whereabouts.Really When he heard the whereabouts of the second y element, Wang Weiyi s spirit suddenly became excited.Yes, during this period of time, I was looking up information there almost 24 hours a day, and by chance I found something interesting In May 1917, the specific day did not appear, the Paris train A robbery and murder took place in a slum mainly populated by foreigners near the station.A big picture of encircling the 9th Infantry Division opened up General Terenway and his subordinates.Facing an enemy several times their own, there was no way to break through.The raiders carried all light weapons.Under the crazy artillery fire of the German and Austrian coalition forces, the casualties were too heavy to be counted.Isn t it a great irony that amazon cbd gummies for arthritis the hunter becomes the prey On February 29, 1997, the 9th Infantry Division of the power bank cbd gummies British Army was besieged.The German Austrian allied forces launched an assault in the afternoon, defeated the British army across the board at 5 o clock, and forced General Trunway and his remnants to retreat to a very small area.Surrender became the only choice that General Trunway could make.At 7 o clock, after a round of negotiations, General Trenway announced that he would lay down his arms and surrender to the German army.One ZB26 light machine gun and one improved P1 submachine gun were distributed to the soldiers.Will it work After getting a positive answer, Wang Weiyi asked, How is the situation ahead now Report, the 1st Division may not be able to withstand it.Xiao Dongyang attacked the 43rd Regiment of the 22nd Brigade The 43rd Regiment, Regiment Captain Takeshita Sangden Xiaoling s information was quickly passed on.Wang Weiyi called Mengzi over Tell me about the situation carefully.Yes, sir Your Excellency, Captain, although the Chinese people s resistance is tenacious, it has collapsed under the tenacious attack of our imperial army Very good Takeshita Sangden nodded Order, the Neikou Infantry Battalion will launch an attack, and we must destroy the 1st Division of China today Hayi The Neikou Infantry Brigade, the most powerful combat force of the 43rd Infantry Regiment, was thrown into the attack.This is a win Victory was originally piled up with countless human lives In this battle, all officers and soldiers of the 107th Division of the Northeast Army used their blood and lives to restore the lost dignity In this world, there is nothing more important than cbd solutions gummies the dignity of a soldier Teacher Jin Kuibi s hands are trembling In the telescope, he saw with his own eyes how his soldiers fought bravely, and he saw with his own eyes how his soldiers exchanged their own lives for the lives of the enemy What a cute soldier Master seat.Wu Qian, the brigade commander of the 319 brigade beside him, said in a low voice, Are we ashamed Not yet.Jin Kuibi, who put down his telescope, shook his head slightly Our cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd gummies for sleep anxiety shame will have to wait The day when the Northeast is recovered will be completely cleaned up.Although this may become the enemy s target, there is no way now.It is the first time for soldiers to carry out this type of combat.Even though I emphasized to them repeatedly on the road, it was still difficult for them to cbd solutions gummies digest in such a short time.Chariots need infantry to spot the enemy, scout the road, and remove obstacles.This is very important.What the infantry needs is cbd solutions gummies the chariot to remove the enemy s firepower for themselves Tu Tu Tu A string of machine gun bullets swept over.Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng fell to the ground at the same time.But a soldier beside him was not so lucky, and he was killed by bullets when he couldn t dodge.Another soldier hugged the broken leg in pain and wailed there Get down, get down Under Wang Weiyi s stern order, all the scouts fell to the ground Report the loss Wang Weiyi shouted.Explosions and gunshots rang out, making it impossible for the Japanese army to get a rest.In this situation.The Japanese army had to order a temporary suspension of the attack in order to make new adjustments in the face of emergencies on the battlefield.Since the outbreak of the Battle of Shanghai, the Chinese soldiers of the 26th Army, who have been fighting on the front line, finally got a rare opportunity to rest A name resounds across the battlefield Wang Weiyi It is him, from Sanhuqiao to Songjiang, and then to Changshu, who has created miracles on the battlefield one after another It is him who has completed one mission after another that is almost impossible to complete It was him, almost relying on his own strength, that caused the Japanese army s attack to suffer the worst defeat Even in the Japanese army cbd solutions gummies base camp, chaos began to arise.

Inside, there are a large number of French patrols searching everywhere, outside.A large number of Japanese soldiers blocked the exit.Gustav s with the French flag cbd solutions gummies The car drove out and was soon stopped by Japanese soldiers.This is the car of the consulate, and the Japanese themselves have no right to inspect it.However, Gustav seemed to let HCMUSSH cbd solutions gummies the Chinese who drove him go first in order to show his innocence.Get down.A Japanese major carefully looked at the Chinese driver, and did not see any flaws.This man is definitely not the Chinese who is being arrested.Then, Gustav opened all the doors again, as if looking for What The corner of Major Zuo s mouth showed a smile, the Frenchman was really cooperative.The consulate s car could refuse to be inspected, but the Frenchman still told R himself in another way I didn t have anything in my car People go out Excuse HCMUSSH cbd solutions gummies me.He donated cbd solutions gummies a sum of money that time, but he always felt that his intentions were not fulfilled, so he decided to go back to his hometown in Ningbo and donate it to raise a huge sum of money.Wang Weiyi said with emotion To be honest, I actually didn t have a very good impression of my son in law at first, but what he did later is still admirable.Seeing that he praised his son in law, Tang Naian laughed haha My vision for choosing a son in law is absolutely It can t be wrong.At this point, seeing his wife blinking at him, he suddenly realized Brigade Commander Wang, ask something cbd solutions gummies that shouldn t be asked, does Brigadier Wang have a family Huh This question is a bit difficult for Wang Weiyi.Logically speaking, Wang Weiyi even has a son, but the problem is that Wang Weiyi is still a young man in this era.Traveler, I ve been in Jiangjia Village for such a long time.Zhang Lingfu hurried out.Wang Weiyi smiled Don t worry, there are many opportunities to fight.This time we are fighting with artillery, vehicles, and infantry.This way the Guards Brigade has practiced countless times, but I m afraid you are not familiar with it.So, this time You will act as the guards.Looking at Zhang Lingfu, he was still a little reluctant Lingfu, the same sentence, there are many opportunities to fight, and there are many opportunities to kill Japan.It is because you are not familiar with our combat methods.Secondly, the 305th regiment has stood firm in Jiangjia Village until now, and the casualties are relatively high, you need to take a good rest.Zhang Lingfu nodded helplessly.Okay, all departments should prepare as soon as possible, and launch an attack at 4 30 in the morning Wang Weiyi slammed his hand on the map The 65th Alliance can be regarded as our old opponent.After repelling the Japanese machine, they quickly launched an attack on the Japanese army on the ground.This is really something that people could not have imagined before The Chinese Air Force is conducting a full scale air strike against the Japanese flintstones cbd gummies army The Chinese infantry brothers were boiling, they kept shouting and shouting selflessly.It seems that the excitement and ecstasy in my heart are completely expressed through this situation And the Japanese soldiers who were swept away by the bombing and evaded in embarrassment.But he had to curse those damn air force effect of a15mg cbd gummie loudly.They actually suffered such a disastrous defeat in the battle with the China Air Force.In fact, they should also think are cbd gummies legal in wisconsin cbd solutions gummies about it, didn t they also fail miserably on the ground Dizhou Libing almost collapsed.What kind of situation is this Now, not only the army on the ground keeps failing, but even the air force in the sky can t beat the Chinese Since when did the fighting power of the Chinese people become so powerful This is simply an unsolvable problem for Ogizhou Libing The chief of staff, Yusaburo Tsukuda, also couldn t figure out what was going on.Political differences aside, I am amazed by your outstanding performance on the battlefield.I am looking forward to meeting you, but that is already impossible.I don t know how the war in the world will end, but I I believe that your and my names will be remembered by everyone, of course, in the future story, I am a loser, but you will appear as a winner.I want to ask you something, I have already Decided to cut seppuku to wash away my shame, and I will order my subordinates to bury me in Jiangjia Village, please order your subordinates not to destroy my tomb, I want to see who wins the war in the end I have to I saw it with my own eyes, so please agree to my request anyway This is a very strange request.Dizhou Libing actually hated those people in the country to the extreme.He wanted to see how his successor would fight the war.At that time, they were still young and their status was still very low, but thousands of reasons could not change the fact that the Skeleton Baron had easily defeated them This is a boulder weighing on the hearts of Zhukov and Vasilevsky, a shadow that cbd solutions gummies will never go away no matter how many years have passed Now, he s back He not only came back personally, but also brought back the pride and honor of Germany Bring back the sacred mission and confidence of the German soldiers Zhukov and Vasilevsky had to continue to face the most terrifying enemy again.Comrade Commander, come and see.Vasilevsky pulled himself together and brought Zhukov to the map From Ernst has resorted to a series of tricks since his appearance, ordering the German Second Armored Army to launch a fierce attack in Minsorsk, and deliberately let us intercept the telegram, he even deceived his own people.

The 1st Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht is under the command of General Ernst Brehm I didn t expect to be able to see you when I was alive, Your Excellency the Baron The commander of the 1st Armored Division, the rude and even neurotic Major General Balck s eyes twitched with the same enthusiasm as all Germans The 1st Armored Division I will fully obey your orders Balke, the Skeleton Division will take charge of the attack, and you will be responsible for covering my left wing Combat Group Altino is responsible for covering my right wing Wang Weiyi issued this order with a blank expression.Yes, General, it is our greatest honor to provide you with cover Assemble all troops, and in the early morning of tomorrow, the whole army will launch a breakout The Skeleton Division of the SS and the 1st Armored Division of the Wehrmacht were all assembled.Damn it Yes, do you want to tease me about wine Seeing so many exquisite wines in the wine cellar, Pipondu felt distressed.But before he could react, the people in the wine cellar had been pushed away.A man in a German uniform appeared, and the lights in the wine cellar were dim.Can t see the German s face clearly My friends, you will really enjoy it When the voice reached Pipondu and Will s ears, the two of them stood there as if they were struck by lightning God, God They haven t heard this voice for more than 20 years.They even thought that they would never hear this voice again in this life, but now, this voice actually appeared.Is this in a dream That German Walking down step by step, when he finally stood in front of the two of them, Pipondu and Will found their tears streaming down Ernst Alexson von Brehm Some people call him Baron Skeleton, but the French prefer to call cbd solutions gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank him a more romantic nickname Baron Rose He is still so young.When they entered a cafe, they would let the lady go first.When where can i buy uly cbd gummies watching a movie, they will consciously join the queue.Even if they are about to arrive, when they see the elderly, weak, women and children, they will give their seats to them first.This also quickly aroused the favor of the French.Coupled with the beautiful military uniforms and handsome faces of the German military officers, this even made them admired by most Parisian women.However, with the intensification of resistance organization activities and the mistakes of the German army in the occupation strategy, this harmonious situation has undergone some changes.Attacks and sabotage incidents began to increase.However, with the arrival of Baron Alexon, the situation was reversed again.The German headquarters in Paris once again strictly stipulated military discipline, and the Gestapo and the secret police, under the orders of Baron Alexon, also chose to treat the French in a more friendly way.God, since the outbreak of the Soviet German war, how many prisoners have the German army captured Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Such a voice suddenly sounded on the battlefield Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm appears on the battlefield Baron Alexon, holding the marshal s scepter, kept nodding slightly to his soldiers.This group of brave soldiers completely defeated the two Russian armies in just two days The Russians once again paid nearly one hundred thousand losses on the battlefield Yes, there are indeed many Russians, but if this kind of battle happens a few more times, maybe the balance of victory will be tilted.The losses of the German cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd gummies for sleep anxiety military were dr oz and oprah cbd gummies so small that they could be ignored.It is cbd solutions gummies not that the combat effectiveness of the German and Soviet armies has reached an irreversible point, but is caused by a series of problems.I personally will contribute three million marks to maintain the development of the fund.If someone is willing to donate, I will express my gratitude to him on behalf of the German zh ngf and all the soldiers.A reporter took the lead I applauded, and then, applause rang out from all around.Maybe this is the charm of Baron Riarickson in the eyes of the Germans.He is so ruthless on the battlefield, but in peacetime, he is so merciful.Mr.Marshal, I will donate two hundred marks.The reporter of Bild was the first to call out.Hey, Baron, I think I ve reached my limit with a personal donation of five hundred marks.Ah, I don t have that much money, but I can give three hundred marks.Here, the reporters One after another began to donate first, Thank you, thank you.Wang Weiyi expressed his gratitude as much as possible Some people will ask, with one Germany, why do we have the courage to challenge the whole of Europe We can tell them now, because we We are united because of our spirit.As soon as the car she was in left, Wang Weiyi flashed out from the darkness.Did he promise to come to Song Ziwen s banquet, but he didn t promise that he would come with Miss Ruiman Hi, I m Mr.Moyol, and I want to see Mr.Song Ziwen and Mr.Tang Naian.Moyol Do you recognize this person Song Ziwen asked curiously.Several people shook their heads, but Tang Weihong frowned, as if she had heard the name somewhere.How many people did he come One person.Song Ziwen pondered for a while Let him in.A figure walked in slowly.He is wearing a hat.Covering most of his face But why is this figure so familiar to the Tang family Tang Weihong stood up suddenlyit was too familiar, this figure was too familiarin her dreams, she had dreamed of this figure countless timesshe never cbd solutions gummies I believe that person will leave me because of the plane crash, never believe it Mr.

However, our government has entrusted me with the task torch cbd gummies of serving as the general adviser of the Turkish army in Ankara.Isn t that ironic General Rosen smiled sarcastically The problem is that I cbd solutions gummies am a soldier and I must obey Command as my vocation.Swelling.Ambassador Lier heard the helplessness in the general s words.Yes, soldiers must obey orders as their bounden duty, but have those domestic guys thought about other issues How to coordinate the contradiction between Britain and the Soviet Union if the crazy German attack is stopped These two countries have their own interests in Turkey, and no one is willing to give up.Even if the British and Soviet troops really participate in the war, who will command these troops in a unified manner General Rosen sighed When I was in the Somme, I once faced the Skeleton Baron, but I failed that cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd solutions gummies time.This family is the leader of the Episcopal Church in the United States.The Anglican Church is a basic church organization established by the United Kingdom after it fell out with the Holy See.In England, the head of the Anglican Church is England.In the United States, it is not the White House, but Morgan.Nearly all of the Hornets are at least nominally members of the Anglican Church.In the United States, the Morgan family is representative of the Wasps , while the Rockefeller family is representative of German Americans.Therefore, Morgan and Rockefeller never hated the Germans.Instead of hating them, they were very close to them.Especially Baron Alexon, a prominent and substantial controller of Germany.In addition, the two world wars, to put it bluntly, were the Hornets and our group competing for the world.Montgomery was the first to be beaten by the Skeleton Baron, the future Confederate general.The undefeated Baron Skeleton, the undefeated Skeleton Commando, the names of these two people have always hovered in the hearts of people like Montgomery like a nightmare.Now, are cbd gummies legal in wisconsin cbd solutions gummies he is back with the glory of a German soldier, Returning with the pride of the Skeleton Baron, he was a huge success in Russia and a huge success in Turkey.What about in Africa Would he still be as successful Montgomery couldn t answer himself.Now he and Alexander, the British commander in chief in the Middle East, had heard some rumors.Germany intends to conduct some secret negotiations with Britain to end the war in Europe.But Mr.Winston Churchill, the hardline British Prime Minister, did not intend to accept such a proposal.When Wang Weiyi stepped into the palace, he realized how many famous people came this time Big shot.British Ambassador to Cairo, Mr.Storey American Ambassador to Cairo, Mr.Airy General Alexander, Commander in Chief of the British Army in the Middle Eastand General Montgomery, Commander in Chief of the British Eighth Army All the Englishmen here would never dream of one thing, that their worst enemy, the Baron Skeleton, is with them Even when Mr.Roliman introduced Baron Andrew Toxon to General Alexander and General Montgomery, these two supreme British commanders in Egypt did not have any relationship between the young baron and the Baron Skeleton Mr.Baron, you have the adventurous gene of the Toxon family flowing in your body.General Alexander shocked Wang Weiyi with his mouth I remember many years ago, I met your father, old Baron Andrew, at that time You are still very young The old baron always likes to take risks everywhere, and he also went to Egypt to explore I didn t expect that after so many years, I can still meet his descendants here Wang Weiyi screamed in his heart, the real Baron Andrew happened to be in London right now.But fortunately, Wang Weiyi He has a trump card in his hand Xiao Ling And Wang Weiyi is going to ask Xiao Ling to provide him with a brand new set of codes that cannot be deciphered Who else in this era can surpass Xiao Ling s legit cbd gummies on amazon interception ability Which department can design the most perfect password Xiaoling, only Xiaoling can do this.The enemy s intelligence department can t even imagine that they are fighting with an omnipotent computer Fei Colonel Erles said at this time Mr.Baron, according to our previous discussion, now we need a brave man, a German .

do you need a medical card to buy cbd gummies?

military officer who dares to sacrifice.Wang Weiyi fell silent After a while, he called Klingenberg in.In the room, only Wang Weiyi, Rommel, Fels and Klingenberg were there.He took the risk from Cairo The returned Klingenberg, the creator of the miracle of Belgrade , did not know what tasks were waiting for him.If there is an excellent general commanding them, this will be a very reliable force on the battlefield General Bruton has not yet issued a clear order that is suitable for the current battlefield.The Australian soldiers have decided not to wait.They established a temporary defensive position in the rear that had not been completely cut off by the Germans, and mobilized all available forces for defense.Guarantee the retreat of the remaining troops.In front, the Australians cbd solutions gummies can i give my dog a cbd gummy who were trapped in the siege had given up hope of escape.They struggled to resist the attack from the Germans, but they had only one purpose to buy as much time as possible for their companions to retreat From this point of view, the sacrifice spirit shown by these Australian soldiers is admirable.Since you can t break good cbd gummies for sleeo through, leave the hope of life to your companions General Belt has undoubtedly discovered this, and in his telegram to Marshal Ernst Brahm he said I have seen a great group of soldiers engaged in a great battle, and at this moment I cannot help feeling sorry for those The Australian soldiers cheered.

They only used three to five Ju88 bombers at a time, and they invaded under the escort cbd solutions gummies of many fighter jets.They invaded up to eight times a day.They Just bombing military targets such as airports and docks.The Luftwaffe dispatched such a small number of aircraft, not because of the weather in the past that they could not use a large fleet to fight.The advantage of this tactic is that it does not give the enemy a chance to breathe.The disadvantage is that cbd gummies uk reviews the enemy can concentrate the entire air defense system to deal with the few invading bombers.The two are contradictory.In particular, the ju88 aircraft had to descend under the intensive fire of the Maltese anti .

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aircraft guns.As a result, the loss was too great, and almost no aircraft returned without being injured.I m on the left side of the squadron leader s plane.Rommel vs.Montgomery Previously, Rommel lost to Montgomery.This caused Germany s huge passiveness in North Africa.Although there were various reasons for the failure, for Rommel Say, defeat is defeat.The shame of failure.It must be washed away with a hearty victory Now, the situation of the German and British armies in North Africa has undergone earth shaking changes.The supply problem of the German army has been solved, but with the bombing of important cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd gummies for sleep anxiety supply warehouses of the British army and the resistance of the Egyptians, the .

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supply of the British army has suddenly become serious.More importantly, after are cbd gummies legal in wisconsin cbd solutions gummies the Second Battle of Alamein , the morale of the German army was high.Allied morale was hit the hardest.What s more terrible is that the United States, which has been tortured by the domestic economic crisis, has temporarily no power to continue to provide assistance to the Allied forces Rommel has even seen the hope of victory November 11, 1942.They fired their guns indiscriminately and resisted perfunctorily.The question was the same question was on the mind of each of them what did the war in North Africa matter to them Why are they dying here Mentality determines the direction of a war Under the fierce impact of German armored forces and commandos, the Indians who were unwilling to fight had no way to continue to resist.In what does cbd gummies do cbd gummies for tendonitis less than 20 minutes after the start of the battle, two thirds of the positions defended by the Indians fell to the cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd gummies for sleep anxiety Germans.This is not war anymore, this is simply a game.Major General Alman has completely lost control of the Indian battalion.The orders he sent could not be conveyed to the Indians at all, buy cbd gummy beara miami gardens and the Indian officers themselves lost control of the soldiers.Before dark, the Indian battalion completely collapsed The brigade commander of the 21st Indian Brigade, Major General Jasan, had a fierce quarrel with Major General Alman.Wang Weiyi handed a telegram to Rommel You are considered to be the commander in chief of the German Army in Africa, and you will have the command and control of the region.All rights, congratulations, Marshal Rommel.Hey, Ernst, are you canceling me Rommel laughed What s next Don t stop in Egypt Wang Weiyi shook He shook his head In Egypt, after we completely defeated the Allied Forces, there are not many forces in Africa that can resist.You can choose the next attack target yourself, but I personally suggest that you stabilize the situation in Egypt first and use political power The pressure is forcing those African countries that are still against us to choose to cooperate with us Erwin, war is not the main thing.Sometimes political pressure is far more useful than hundreds of thousands of troops.However, Baron Alexon is still alive and well It s hard to imagine.How on earth did they do it Britain s most important guest, Marshal Ernst Brahm, was despicably assassinated in London, which has always been extremely safe.As soon as the news spread out.The whole of Britain was shocked quickly.You have to know, what kind of terrible situation would it be if those assassins really succeeded German planes will fly back over London in droves, and thousands of bombs will roar again.Countless German soldiers will re launch attacks on various battlefields regardless of everything Uninterrupted and craziest attacks Germany will spare no effort to empty their last soldier, with only one purpose to avenge the Baron whom they respect and admire so much At that time, there is no force that can stop the crazy Germany Fortunately.Now in the heart of the cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd solutions gummies British Prime Minister, the French are synonymous with meanness.If you want them to admit it readily, you might as well hope that the war will end tomorrow.General de Gaulle.Of course I want to believe that you have never been involved in such an incident.Churchill forced his voice to sound softer But, can you explain to me why the captured spy Lieutenant Colonel Naris Is the radio frequency exactly the same as the one you use Also, why do the handwriting on these orders belong to you after identification General de Gaulle, what does cbd gummies do cbd gummies for tendonitis I need a reasonable explanation I don t know De Gaulle still looked extremely angry However.I have repeatedly stated.I have never done such a thing, and it is impossible for me to do such a thing On the contrary, I am very worried about the current situation in the UK Mr Prime Minister, don t you think Britain and Germany are getting too close I didn t even say that Britain is preparing for so called peace talks with Germany, is it That is a matter for the British Government, General de Gaulle.

That would be more blood, more death Wang Weiyi clearly discovered the changes in the Soviet offensive.He knew that the commander of the Soviet army was going crazy, and this was exactly what he needed.Marshal, the Arco Group and the Imperial Division will pass through Maeslo.The Grossdeutschland Regiment, Viking Division, Hohenstaufen Division, Prinz Eugen Mountain Division, and Nordland Battlegroup have also arrived at the designated battlefield.General Paul Hauser The report made Wang Weiyi smile Tell them, once Val s troops launch an attack in the rear of the Russians, all the troops will be involved in encirclement and annihilation Yes, Marshal.Paul Hauser said politely Congratulations on your upcoming victory.Our victory Wang Weiyi said indifferently Germany s victory.Yes, this is another upcoming victory for Germany, the siege of Erklin, will It was an extremely good start to the Battle of Stalingrad for Germany.The population of Germany is not very large, and the army is not the largest, but they were able to start two world wars and continue to win victories, not at all because of their population.It s a pity that no HCMUSSH cbd solutions gummies one, including his own chief of staff, can understand this point.When he was in France, he carefully studied the operations of the German army.He really wanted to build such a team in the Soviet Union, but the domestic environment did not allow him to do so.It is really a regrettable thing cbd solutions gummies Comrade Commander, Comrade Rockcliff was killed What When hearing this shocking news, Ma Linovsky and Yakelevich were stunned at once God, Comrade Potska Rocklav, who was brave and good at fighting, died In every tough battle, Comrade Rockcliff always commanded his troops to take on the most difficult tasks, and he never let his superiors down.But Wang Weiyi threw the topic to De Sade General De Sade, when you were working for France.He must have studied the Red Marshal very thoroughly, right Yes, we have carefully studied all the senior Soviet generals.De Sade has no modesty Voroshilov participated in almost all the purges of the Soviet Union.During the Great Purge in the Soviet Union from 1936 to 1938, when the door to the bloody purgatory created by Stalin was opened.Voroshilov did not hesitate to ignite the fire of brutal suppression.He directly participated in the killing of as many as 5,000 mid level commanders, and their families were also subjected to inhuman torture.There are countless cables through which he approved the arrest and execution, among which the famous ones are Khabarov Haq, Blyuchel, Answer No.88, Trial Sverdlovsk, Gorbachev.Please don t hesitate any longer, there is still a chance now, we shouldn t all die here Come on, tell all the Soviet comrades, tell them the truth about what happened here Dawamirski knew that his friend had made up his mind to sacrifice at this moment, but how could he leave him what does cbd gummies do cbd gummies for tendonitis to face death alone My dear friend, remember what I said to you Struff said slowly Compared to death, I am more afraid of being insulted to my reputation I am not afraid of death, cbd solutions gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank but I am afraid of being judged by my HCMUSSH cbd solutions gummies comrades and then being thrown into history.Shame on the pillar So, please help me to fulfill my wish Dava Mirsky understood, and he took Striff s hand Comrade Striff, Please believe that the truth will never be concealed I believe Streff smiled slightly, and then bid farewell to his friends.Facing the swarming German troops, he shouted Comrades, for victory for the Soviet This was the last battle of Straff, and also the last battle of the 81st Panzer Army.There are hundreds of tons of gold in his base, and a lot of wealth enough to shock the world, saying that he is now the richest man in the world.This statement is not an exaggeration at all.There is an opportunity to make a fortune, do you want to grasp it Anyway, you are idle now Xiaoling HCMUSSH cbd solutions gummies s words almost made Wang Weiyi spit out.A marshal who commands millions of cbd solutions gummies troops is actually idle and idle Victory is only a matter of time, and your command on the battlefield, your subordinates are better than you Xiao Ling s words were not cbd solutions gummies polite at all During the Battle of Stalingrad, Stalin ordered the entire country s resources to ensure the victory of the defense of Moscow.Of course, he has another purpose.Once the defense of Moscow cannot be successful.Then at least he still has the capital to make a comeback.But now, under the bullets.They have no ability to resist.The whole office was completely red with blood Dead, these people are .

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dead, and they all died on the orders of Comrade Stalin This is probably the saddest day.Some of these men were ready to surrender to the Germans, and some were indeed ready to die for their own cause.But now, Comrade Stalin did not give them this opportunity at all when the last shot fell.Beria still did not forget his responsibility.Take a pistol and shoot every corpse before you can rest assured.Beria never dared to take the tasks assigned by Comrade Stalin lightly.He didn t leave here unhurriedly until all this was over.As for how to dispose of these corpses The enemy is almost here, who else would care about the corpse In another office, Beria saw Stalin sitting there blankly, and then he cbd solutions gummies stood there silently.

And now, the Germans are coming The battle for air supremacy has become extremely important.The United States is also eager to end the war as soon as possible, and they unconditionally support Germany s use of such super weapons to force Japan to surrender early.How powerful is the atomic bomb Not only the Americans don t know, even the Germans themselves don t have much background.Although the atomic bomb has fully demonstrated its destructive power on the battlefield in the previous test explosions.More and more German and American air forces joined the fight, although the Japanese used kamikaze for a suicide attack.In an attempt to save the defeat on the battlefield, their attack method of one man, one plane, one bomb for one ship caused great losses to Germany and the United States.But it can t prevent the loss of air supremacy at all.Wang Weiyi kissed her lips, kissed her earlobe, kissed her neckErina seemed to be half paralyzed, and completely gave up resistance.Out of her mouth Although this is not the first time he has had sex with Wang Weiyi, but there is a woman beside him.This is absurd, but full of excitement Perhaps Wang Weiyi could not have imagined that he was the first in this era.That s how one night went.Thinking about it, I also felt that it cbd solutions gummies was ridiculous.Apparently, Elena s groans also stimulated Leoni, she desperately hugged the back of Wang Weiyi s Kissing every inch of Wang Weiyi s skin, and soon, this simple residence was destroyed Wrapped in an intoxicating atmosphere A fantastic evening to remember forever and a pretty good start.Seven hundred and twenty eight.The Romans fought like Anluges, and few people thought that the Baron could return alive after going to the Roman camp.Now you can talk, Ernst.Nelia said very curiously.Wang Weiyi touched his nose subconsciously Yes, in the places conquered and ruled by the Roman Republic, all people are proud of everything in the Roman Republic.Surname, accent, way of life, but not every place is like thisOr to gummy bear thc cbd be more precise, the Roman Republic is definitely not the center of the worldit does not have the most land, it is not the largest country, and it does not have the largest population These words sounded unbelievable to Nelia.In the eyes of all Romans, even their enemies firmly believe that no country can have more land, more population, and no city state can be more powerful than the Roman Republic.Wherever the Roman cbd solutions gummies legions went, they were able to destroy all forces that resisted them.Even the Germans, who are resisting the invasion from Rome, never think that they can really defeat the Republic.When winter comes, the cold Freeze all the wine in the tank and completely seal the wide Danube River, thus opening the door for the barbaric tribes who came to burn, kill and loot Krasicius recited natures boost cbd gummies website the verses in The Lamentations with a sad tone, This is written by Ovid who never pays attention to his own doom It seems that he will no longer sing cheerful love poems.If the glass can be filled with good wine every day, and the house is always full of sincere friends.What more could I ask of the living gods Listening to the conversation of his guests, Servius stared at the wine glass from Alexandria in his hand, and the Campania wine in the glass was particularly charming in this precious vessel.His words caused a burst of praise from the guests.Speaking of fine wine.Generous Servius, you are cbd gummies safe for dogs don t mean to feed us with wine When do we have a meeting I can already smell the tempting aroma coming from cbd solutions gummies the kitchen.After successfully killing a few soldiers, more than 200 German soldiers led by Wang Weiyi appeared Buckets of strange liquid that smelled pungent, were also The Germanic warriors, who did not know what it was, poured it on the bridge.Their consuls told them that when the flame touched the liquid, it would burn like a fire.To be honest, the Germanic people did not really believe it.The dark liquid will have such a beating effect.All the gasoline has been poured out, and until now, the sleeping Romans still have no response.Wang Weiyi smiled and looked at the subordinates who had completed the task, and then took a torch, Gently put it on the gasoline The fire that filled the sky instantly ignited, illuminating the entire night sky.The Germans were dumbfounded, and couldn t believe that such a liquid would actually play such a big role They looked towards the consul.It was a sign that they agreed to the three young men joining their ranks.Heilmann waited for a while, and nodded without hearing any disapproving sighs.Two big men with spears and shields stepped out from the crowd.They were the fathers of Magath eating too many cbd gummies and Lokerenz.They handed their spears and shields to their tribal leaders.Hermann looked solemnly and looked directly at Magath and Lokerenz.Magat Lorenz From today onwards, you are Saxon warriors These cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd solutions gummies are the weapons your father made for you.Remember from now on, they are your life Hellman s high pitched voice Echoes around the camp.Then Heilmann looked over Magath and Lokerenz, who were ecstatic with weapons in their forehand.It fell to Rehhagel Jr.The child was standing firm, flushed, biting his lip.Tears rolled in the eyes and refused to fall.

When the Romans were in a hurry to besiege you, he asked me to find a way to attract you.Attention of the Romans.Open a way for you In an instant, all the Germans understood that this was the most important reason why the Romans suddenly retreated when they were about to win Although this person who called himself Guo Yunfeng said it lightly, they must have done a lot of hard work A kind of grateful heart is quietly rising in the hearts of these Germans These Germans who participated in the uprising ended the uprising in a tragic way, completed the breakout in an incredible way, and then Miraculously received the support of the Germanic League.When they came to the headquarters of the Germanic League, they finally saw something that surprised them even more This is a completely different world from what they knew before.They chased and killed the scattered Parthians all the way, and the Parthian cavalry, who had become frightened, did not get a moment s respite often just stopped to cook, Yakulius s pursuit troops arrived.After they scattered and fled in all directions, the prepared meals just filled the rumbling stomachs of their pursuers.After the pursuers crossed the Euphrates River and trekked eastward for a while, the thousand year old ancient city of Kale appeared in front of these dusty cavalry.At this time, many Parthian soldiers who fled gathered outside the city.They were hesitating whether to attack the city.When they saw the flag of Yakulius, these Parthians immediately lost their courage.Under unbearable circumstances, most people chose to surrender.Yakulius A heroic young Roman warrior rushed out of the city on a black horse.Spulius has become so famous in Rome recently that everyone wants to invite him to their home, but few people can succeed.However, this time he accepted his invitation, which is a great honor for cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd gummies for sleep anxiety Anthony.The banquet was prepared very early, and Anthony decided to let Spurius spend an unforgettable night.At the same time, he also invited many guests.He must let everyone see .

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that he invited the richest person in Rome Those beautiful female slaves.All the guests were called out by Anthony, no matter who they liked, regardless of the occasion and location.No matter how many people are around, you can immediately have intercourse with female slaves here.This is the way of life in Rome.Therefore, in Anthony s banquet hall, you can see a pair of men and women doing this unsightly exercise, while the people around them turn a blind eye to it, which is quite normal for them.at last.It was Caesar himself who said I have fought in Gaul for less than ten years, but I have swept more than 800 cities.I have conquered 300 peoples, and at different times I have fought a total of 3 million soldiers for a long time.In hand to hand combat, one million enemies were directly eliminated, and the number of prisoners was far more than this number.In the whole of Rome, no one has made a greater contribution to Rome than me Speaking of this, he paused for a while He continued And there are 10 legions that have been battle hardened and disciplined, and are willing to fight anywhere with me.Such a force, even if the whole of Rome is cbd solutions gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank added up, it is not as huge as me.When the Senate decided to betray me At that time, did they think about this No, they didn t, they naively thought that I would do anything according to their orders, there was no resistance, no different voices, but they forgot one thing, I am Caesar They forgot to read one thing plus cbd gummies sleep I am Caesar When he said these words, Anthony cbd solutions gummies and Callini felt unprecedented encouragement.He was waiting, cbd solutions gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank waiting for the appearance of an ally who was his enemy.And he was very sure that this ally would not let him down no matter what Servius didn t realize that the danger was quietly approaching him He wouldn t have thought, The civil war between the Romans would be greatly changed by some barbarians.His fate will also change here.The battle situation on the battlefield has reached a stalemate.Caesar looked up at the position of the sun, and the surprise soldiers should have appeared by this time.The sun moved little by little suddenly.On the left side of the Servius Legion, the dust was flying, which attracted Servius attention, and he couldn t help looking there In the dust, some cavalry appearedno, that s not real cavalrythat sthat s barbarians With a bang of Boom, Servius head exploded.A German family was driven out of their residence by a Russian police officer.The host was arguing loudly to the Russian police officer, but was quickly beaten by the Russians.The host, with a bruised nose and a swollen face, barely stood up amid the cries of his family members.He had to watch helplessly as his house was occupied by the Russians.Richthofen tried to get out of the car several times to teach these Russians a lesson, but he was stopped by Wang Weiyi every time.Now is not the time to be impulsive.Manfred.Wang Weiyi whispered We will always come back for revenge, trust me.Richthofen suppressed his anger Four Knives.Wang Weiyi called out the word Four Knives.Guo Yunfeng has already interrupted him Hey, have you forgotten that I am not Sidao now I think the name Guo Sidao is known to many people like Baron Skeleton.

In front of such a humble and polite officer, he and his subordinates would probably not suffer any harm.The commanding tribe fell into the hands of Wang Weiyi and the Skeleton Commando, and all Canadian weapons were removed.Occupying here is only the first step, they must also meet the upcoming challenges here.A straight machine gun was set up.Boxes of grenades were brought out.Wang Weiyi had to admit best pain relieving cbd gummies that the location chosen by Colonel Wennery was very good.Here, the threat of artillery fire could be avoided to the greatest extent, and air power could not control it.A good officer.Wang Weiyi muttered Alan.Come here.Yes, Major, what can you do Look, the battle will start soon.We will drag the enemy here For a while.Wang Weiyi said lightly But we can t stay here all the time, we have to escape.Is that so Allen wondered if he heard it wrong Major, did you just say escape Yes, run away.Wang Weiyi nodded very seriously Do you think we can defeat so many enemies with our people When we can t hold on, of course we have to run away.Otherwise, what is it called Tactical retreat Hell, we don t have to lie to ourselves.Allen smiled, what the major said was too straightforward.Look, you need an escape route to escape, right Wang Weiyi looked around I need you to bring someone to find an escape route for us.Remember, it must be an absolutely safe route.I need to take our The loss is minimized.Okay, Major, I will find a safe route.This was the first time Alan performed a mission alone, and he seemed a little excited.He likes to work under Major Moyol, the major led them to create many miracles on the battlefield, and what is even more commendable is that the major never deceives his soldiers The machine gun has been erected, and the black hole is aimed Outside the position.Fight everywhere.When the new skeleton commando comes out again, it means that a new mythical chapter on HCMUSSH cbd solutions gummies the battlefield has begun.If the enemy likes death and killing then, use ten times and a hundred times more death and killing Give them back From early in the morning, the Americans launched a frenzied attack.But in the face of Brest s tight defense, the Americans did not take any advantage.In the first attack, they threw After recovering more than a dozen corpses, they had to retreat back in embarrassment.But obviously they did not intend to give up at all.In the second attack, they concentrated their superior forces in an attempt to make a breakthrough.But the Germans also fought each other , with the joint firepower of machine guns and submachine guns, and with the cooperation of grenades, the enemy s attack was repelled again.When he led the small team to raid, he had already demonstrated his formidable ability, cbd solutions gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank and when he commanded the large force, he showed great strength.It is also so outstanding.Where did this person come from What kind of situation does this person have to go to before he is willing to go to war Not only that, the German propaganda machine is also fully activated.After he has achieved After the victory of the first counterattack, the German side rendered Lieutenant Colonel Moyol into a new German myth, and rendered the troops under his command into an invincible miracle.The name Moyol has become a new German myth.The pride of the German soldiers has become the confidence of the German soldiers to fight to the end.This is very terrible for the Allied forces From the beginning of the offensive and defensive battle of Berlin, the German soldiers had already shown tenacious confidence.Wang Weiyi breathed a sigh of relief.There must be underground resistance organizations here.It might be easier to get their help.Captain, there is a person injured there your people Suddenly, someone pulled Wang Weiyi s clothes and said.Looking back, it was a young child.Seeing the US military officer turning around, the child said cbd hemp gummies effects in extremely blunt English Your soldiers are on that road.Alley was hurt.Captain, come with me.After finishing speaking, the child beckoned to Wang Weiyi, and cbd solutions gummies then walked towards the alley Wang Weiyi felt some curiosity in his heart, and followed the child towards that.But when he entered the alley, But none of the soldiers saw it.Hey, where is the person you are talking about Wang Weiyi had just finished speaking when he suddenly felt a gust of cold wind blowing from behind him.Tell him that what we ve been waiting for has finally happened Ah, I don t think so, Marshal Model must have heard.Manstein no to be honest.He is crying.I shed tears.These are the tears of a German Marshal.He came back, he promised his brothers, he would come back sooner or later.What could be more exciting than this Now, the heavy burden on himself can finally be let go He can t wait to see the baron again today Cry, let the tears dance in the wind as HCMUSSH cbd solutions gummies much as you want It s impossible, it s impossible Westmoreland said with a livid face He died a long time ago, how could he come back It s just nonsense, the enemy is spreading rumors General, don t worry, I think This is a lie concocted by the enemy out of desperation.It is impossible for the Skeleton Baron to still be alive. Yes, General, I think so too.

A large number of artillery and armored vehicles were destroyed, and a large number of soldiers died under such a sudden attack.The entire battlefield was in chaos because of this completely unexpected attack.All the Allied commanders were asking loudly what was going on in the positions of the US 2nd Armored Cavalry Division, but no one could give them an accurate answer.And on the opposite side of them.A large number of German troops were gathering, which made the commanders of the Allied forces afraid to act rashly for fear of being attacked in the same way.When the artillery fire is ready to end.The curtain cbd gummies for ed of the vigorous counterattack was finally fully opened For the glory of Germany counterattack After Wang Weiyi finished speaking, he got into his tank, and the Leopard tank issued Rumbling roar, the first to rush out of the position.There s also a makeshift kitchen with a stove in the basement, and even an underground shower and toilet with little yellow ducks embroidered on every towel.Everyone was given an inflatable camp sleeping mat , pillows and blankets.Avril Lavigne and I moved their bed to the corner together and drew the curtains around it, so that it is more intimate.Although the space is not big, it is how long do the effects of cbd gummy last very warm, comfortable and very relaxing A sense of security.Every night, Avril will always be with Blue Love until her sister falls asleep.She will also massage her feet, especially after they have walked all day, the feet always feel very heavy and difficult.Lifting, buttocks will be sore, Avril Lavigne will always give her sister some massage at this time to relax the overly tense muscles.At the same time, Avril Lavigne will always say something to comfort her sister, and she has an optimistic attitude towards everything.All of them stand at attention With a swipe , all the old soldiers and all the German officers and soldiers stood up straight.Marshal Paul Hauser almost exhausted his strength to give such an order Ludwig, check the military appearance Report to the Marshal, the military appearance inspection is complete Ludwig said loudly in a trembling voice.Marshal Paul Hausser almost moved his heavy steps and walked in front of the generalissimo, saluting Germany is assembled, please review, Marshal Ernst Brehm German is assembled, please review Marshal Ernst Brahm When Marshal Paul Hausser said these words, every German present had no doubts or hesitation, and each of them raised his right arm straightly Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Both soldiers cbd solutions gummies and civilians were making such voices one after another, and the voices never stopped for several minutes.When preparing to mount.He sprained his foot accidentally, and the horseback riding plan was canceled.His adjutant, having obtained the Marshal s permission, mounted the marshal s horse.But when the gallop reached the second lap, the adjutant fell off the horse and was dragged by the cbd solutions gummies horse for a long distance.If the marshal was on the cbd solutions gummies horse, the consequences would be disastrous.I checked quietly afterwards and found that the saddle had been tampered with Thinking of the secret words between Kroll and Oliver made me shudder.Terrible, could it be a marshal of an empire.Attempt to assassinate a distinguished marshal of the Empire But like any time before, I have no conclusive evidence.I secretly sent someone cbd solutions gummies to strengthen the protection of several marshals, but it was soon discovered by North Oliver.Every goodbye is the beginning of the next reunion The injection was injected into Boncrele s body.Boncrele smiled and waited for him to continue.Something he knew happened.His consciousness gradually became blurred.He felt someone helping him to wade down.He knew that it was the baron he trusted most.Wang Weiyi put down cbd solutions gummies Boncrele, who was gradually comatose, and suddenly he One thing came to mind Bang Lelei, is Adolf Hitler dead In fact, Adolf These were the last words that Bonkelilei said before falling asleep.Wang Weiyi was a cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd solutions gummies little helpless, he just remembered to ask this question.Unfortunately, Bonkelilei could no longer answer I am alone.Is Adolf Hitler still alive Wang Weiyi pulled up a chair and sat down to accompany his brothers.They met on the Somme River, fought fiercely in Russia, and finally fought for Germany at Montfaucon Fighting for glory Then they made a stunning breakout in Demyansk, a historic counterattack in Kharkov, a thrilling reversal in North Africa.Casanovich is definitely not a rogue, he is the king of New York, he can do whatever he wants in New York, you should not call him a rogue.As for your women and children, let me think carefully.The smile on Pipondu s face grew brighter Yes, you used the word threat just now, and I have to admit that I was threatening you.In New York, that cbd solutions gummies is your most beloved woman and your most beloved son But what is that If you fail to comply with my request, your son will be killed, and your woman will be sent to a madhouse.What a terrible experience.I almost forgot that you were in Italy There are also wives and children, right Do you think you can protect them After saying this, Pipondu s face became gloomy When you violate the spirit of the contract, you 25mg cbd oil gummies are tantamount to betraying me.For Why should I be merciful to those who betray me I will order you to be arrested immediately Berthruel roared.

The pain that Germany once tasted is now tasted by the Americans It s General Oppermann, Marshal Ernst has arrived.What did you say General Opperman was taken aback Who are you talking about Marshal Ernst Brehm has arrived Opperman was dumbfounded.Did he hallucinate Baron Alexon actually appeared here But this is not an illusion.Baron Alexon really came, and he brought a lot of reinforcements.Marshal Ster, Commander of the National Army Opperman welcomes you Opperman could hardly hide his nervousness in front of the baron.The soldiers of the National Army were as nervous as their commanders, and some of them even began to tremble.God, say it Others will not believe it, but I actually saw Baron Alexon here Feng.General Opperman, thank you and the National Army for your efforts.Wang Weiyi eased the tranquility cbd gummies other party s tension with a smile I heard that you have participated in the final attack on Moscow Yes.Remember this day, all German soldiers, all German citizens The loudspeaker roared at cbd solutions gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank the highest decibel The great Germany, under the command of the great Marshal Ernst, is making a great counterattack Victory belongs to Ernst, victory belongs to Germany Berlin was cheering.They knew that such a counterattack would come sooner or later, but they never expected that it would come so quickly and be so shocking.The fire of revival was lit When the base opened with the return of the Baron, Victory has already returned to the German side It has cbd solutions gummies what does cbd gummies do cbd gummies for tendonitis to be said that the Allied forces were not at all It will fail so quickly, but they are too numb to the Baron s declaration of war.They simply cannot believe that Germany still has the power to counterattack, and the power is so powerful.The U.S.Second Armored Cavalry Division and The 12th Infantry Division had already suffered heavy casualties in the cbd solutions gummies previous bombing, and more importantly, they lost half of their artillery and armor.The American soldier holding Martin laughed loudly and said, The German is serious.He can t even protect himself and return it to someone else.What are you talking about Martin managed to utter a word.A sharp knife emerged from behind the American soldier, and then, with a twist of the wrist, he cut off the American soldier s trachea.It sGyuntherSecretary Sergeant After Martin finished speaking, he passed out and fell into the snow.It is estimated that 70 of it was frozen and 30 was tired.Sir, Martin cbd solutions gummies will be frozen if he is left here.WaitI ll figure it out Be careful Gyunser lowered his head.The American troops outside the trenches were shooting at them.Two tanks came over, and the machine guns and cannons on the tanks drove away the American troops outside the trenches.We need artillery support Come as you say The artillery positions behind the German army opened fire, but many shells landed in the trenches, killing many German soldiers.You will be asleep like Rommel and others.Then you will be awakened.You will use your strongest energy to reorganize the Middle East Army.I don t know what you will do, but I trust you Do anything Manstein didn t even hesitate for a minute When I heard that you came back again, I was sure that you possessed a great magical power.You can do a lot Things that others seem to be impossible to do.The general offensive of the German army has begun.Under the watchful eyes of Marshal Ernst Brehm and Marshal Manstein, the German army launched the last and most violent attack on the American army.General Heilimann felt that he was burdened with courage, but behind him were two of Germany s most outstanding marshals.Once I can t complete the task, or complete the task within the stipulated time, then I will be ridiculed by everyone.They have absolute authority in any country.They have successively discovered huge oil fields in the Middle East and North Africa, and any company that has hired them has made a fortune from them.Therefore, this geological survey team is completely worthy of everyone s trust.Migroski and Ilya, son of the grand duke, quickly put all their energy into the cooperation of Professor Rodney, but Mr.Petergoff was neglected by them.Wang Weiyi didn t care at all.Just let yourself exist like a shadow Gregory, the Grand Duke of Bertowska, has already learned that the Kolkorok family has fled Moscow, and that all the agents have disappeared.The Grand Duke what does cbd gummies do cbd gummies for tendonitis was furious, and General Roshchenko of the Intelligence Bureau and Colonel Guadrav, who was in charge of monitoring the Marshal, received the most severe reprimand for this.Nowday four Simon tilted his head and glanced at Otto, who nodded gloomily.Tucket took out the map from his hand and looked at it.Well, kids, Tackett announced loudly, We re totally lost Simon dropped his head in frustration and let out a sigh of I knew it would be Otto retracted his cheeks into his mouth habitually.Simon, come here.How much oil is there in the tank It s enough for three days maybe Simon looked a little dazed.Are you sure we didn t pass by here yesterday How far are we from this village Takot pointed at the map and looked at the young man.I, I don t knowIt was white everywhere yesterday, I don t remember what village we passed by Simon looked at Takot in embarrassment.No no, look here, didn t we walk through this side road the day before yesterday What that is Say we re not on this road at all Annoyed, Tuckett threw down the map, but when Tuckett looked up, from the observation port of the hatch cover, Tuckett saw the endless white outside.

As for the infantry, there were only a cbd gummies side effect few left.Brigadier General Gott watched Captain Max die in front of him.The captain was very brave.When the enemy can teenagers take cbd gummies s bullet was about to shoot Gott, he used his body to protect the general s safety, but he died.What a silly and cute captain, what difference does it make if he dies early or dies late The Germans probably found that they had surrounded an American general, they stopped firing, and then slowly surrounded them.Want to capture yourself alive Gott quickly understood the other party s intentions.Some people surrendered in the war, they are a group of cowards, but such cowardice will never come to themselves.He dropped the weapon in his hand, drew the pistol from his belt, and stuffed it into his mouth.The gunshot rang, and Brigadier General Gott ended his military career in this way.But Bodilla stood up and leaned against the car body.He looked around.Nochell could see it.He wasn t looking at the soldiers.Rather, looking for something.Bodilla didn t seem to hear clearly What do you mean by what you just said right Nuoqier raised his head and stared at him with puzzled eyes.Did he really understand Still pretend not to understand Nochier had to say honestly It s always a headache to fight against the Russians for the first time Bodilla suddenly realized Well, you just get used to it The Russians are like lunatics.That s pretty sweet Nocher loves his sense of humor But at this time, Nuoqier couldn t laugh.Nuoqier sighed I have a hunch Maybe our war will not be as smooth as before Bodilla shrugged towards Nuoqier Maybe We do our own thing, so we don t need to worry about other things.These three directions are the main defensive directions of the Russian army.These three directions are equipped with a large number of light machine guns.What we are going to do now is a full scale attack, I will leave it to you This task is to divide all the soldiers attacking cbd solutions gummies in these three directions into multiple squads and disperse them.Don t rush over in a group.The crowd tactics are endless targets in front of machine guns.If you are close, use a grenade to blow me up.Be sure to take these three points away.The rest of the people will follow me.I will disperse the opponent s left wing, and then the large force will be able to take down the logistics base.Got it.Do you understand Relying on years of combat experience, after a few minutes of thinking, Eldon immediately determined the tactics.This is the price we must bear Wang Weiyi said calmly Terton will become the core part of the entire battle, and will even become a big counterattack All of us must be prepared for this, the world situation has undergone a major turning point, I think the war will be carried out according to our wishes The war will be carried out according to Germany s wishes, Wang Weiyi and his Germany is ready One thousand and five.fire Rumble rumble rumble rumble The sound of tank engines came from the valley ahead, and the whole ground trembled inexplicably, as if a large cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd gummies for sleep anxiety group of tanks were rushing towards the position in the valley.The metal friction sound from the friction between the track and the road wheel echoed in the valley, which was extremely harsh and terrifying, and made the remnants of the army terrified when they heard the sound, as if they had already been caught in the torrent of American armor.At this time, the re entering tank was less than 20 meters away from the position Hundreds of British soldiers held explosives, shouted and rushed towards the US tanks that were close at hand.This is the most tragic battle in the entire war one thousand seventeen.The last gentleman Yes, the British army launched an attack rashly, but it was defeated.For this attack, even the German General Staff was not aware of it.The few troops they worked so hard to build were destroyed.What cbd solutions gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank a blow Outside Hannover, General Caroner said with a gloomy face After the collapse of the two wings of the British Army s assault group, the difficult situation it has fallen into can no longer be described in words, but fortunately, in Teton The Steinman battle group has taken the initiative to provide timely reinforcements to the British army.Moyol.Let s clink glasses for cooperation.Katalina stood up and said enthusiastically.This is a smart woman.She knows very well that now that her father s bank has changed owners, if she wants to continue to live like this, she must please Mr.Moyol.Bo Clay let cbd solutions gummies out a long breath.In fact, he is not particularly interested in business matters.The reason why he can sit here patiently today is only for one purpose, true bliss cbd gummies shark tank the whereabouts of General Roberto.Mr.Moyol, your call.At this time the butler said.Wang Weiyi took the phone and listened for a while, then returned the phone to the butler.Then he turned to Berkeley and said, Mr.Berkeley.A call from Mr.Butler.Berkeley s attention was all concentrated at once.Wang Weiyi said calmly I have to admit that Mr.Beedler is a very capable person.He has fully figured out the situation in less than 24 hours.

He looked back, only to see a lot of American soldiers with m16 and sniper rifles less than 200 meters away, aiming at him.The dense bullets surrounded the roaring The screeching sound passed by him, and Eric jumped and lay down on the ground.The high speed bullets broke through the criss crossing branches and made a crisp sound of creaking.The dense leaves above his head seemed to be hit by a rainstorm.The same was smashed into pieces, shattered and flying, and landed on him one after another.Damn it, fight with these Yankees Even when you die, you have to pull a back Eric thought fiercely German soldiers cannot be insulted He was chased by the U.S.military for a long time, tired and hungry, which made him exhausted and embarrassed.As the saying goes, a dog jumps over a wall in a hurry.At this moment, Eric, who was forced to go nowhere, suddenly had a murderous look all over his body.The gun was carefully camouflaged, with tattered military field camouflage strips of varying lengths wrapped around it, looking like a dead tree trunk covered with dead vines and leaves.Although ugly, it is one of the most advanced and accurate sniper rifles in the world today.German Hunter 7.62mm semi automatic sniper rifle.Its effective range is 800 meters, and its tactical performance is very superior.It is Eric s favorite.Eric opened the folding stock.The biggest advantage of using this gun in the jungle is that its butt can be folded, which shortens the length of the gun and makes it much more convenient to carry.The entanglement of the branches is reduced, which also increases one cbd gummies for tendonitis s own flexibility, which also increases the coefficient of survival on the battlefield.After all, no one wants to play with their own lives Eric held the cbd solutions gummies gun in a standard kneeling position, with the hardwood butt resting firmly on his shoulder.Only in this way can our larger plan be implemented smoothly.And the promise I can give you has not changed.Lantes, you will You will be the Prime Minister of the future French government.Sam, you will be the foreign minister of the future French government Langtes and Sam s noses were red with excitement This is their countless previous I had dreamed cbd solutions gummies about it once, but it was just something that appeared in my dream But Baron Alexon is about to make this impossible thing become a reality What else Could it be more exciting than this Please go back and prepare.Wang Weiyi suddenly said in a calm tone Next Saturday, it will be the time to change everything Yes.Next Saturday, it will be the time to change everything Langtes and Sam said in unison.Watching their backs, Colonel Heisenberg lowered his voice and said, Your Excellency Marshal, cbd solutions gummies do you really think these two people are trustworthy cbd solutions gummies On the way to Paris after receiving the mission, we carefully read the documents you gave us.Why were your comrades arrested Why cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd solutions gummies do we know your whereabouts so well Because we know everything, because someone is constantly providing us with information.Ah, there is nothing like an insider The enemy wants to get rid of my internal opponents, which makes me more happy Lontes All this was done by Lontes Orange suddenly realized.At this moment, he finally figured out everythingwhy only his own people were arrested, why the enemy knew his whereabouts so clearlyeverything, it was Lantes That betrayed himself and those cbd solutions gummies comrades who had sacrificedthe despicable person, no one is more despicable than himhe completely sold his organization and soul because of his own selfish desiresBecause of his own greed, he did not hesitate to cause the revolution to suffer heavy losses At this moment, Orange was so desperate.He has maintained a long term close relationship with the Morgan family and the Rockefeller familyThese big American conglomerates are in your hands The domestic influence is too great Wang Weiyi picked up his coffee and took a sip And we have other information.It was through the Wittgenstein family that Yess secretly established contact with Germany., He had been to the United States a few years ago, and it was at that time that he met Elliott.Mr.Nash, their contacts are becoming more and more frequent, and the Queen s intelligence department promised to give The Yess family will protect them, and at the same time give Yess a huge sum of money, on the condition that Yess must sell the interests of Britain and the United States Nash hated such traitors very much.He couldn t imagine why a senior official who was so trusted by the president would do such a despicable and shameless thing.If we said that the previous ones were all small troubles, then this time it was the death of two federal agents Lieutenant Colonel Mills, who was furious, wanted to leave and catch the murderers, and then shot them on the spot.One case after another is constantly unfolding in London.In just one day, there were 19 attacks.This caused Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Nash to be overwhelmed, and a large number of agents and police were quickly dispatched for emergency response.However, the attacks did not stop because of their high attention, but intensified.Seven or eight cases occurred in a row that night, more than half of which were aimed at those British and American agentsOf course, this time the prepared agents did not let the attackers succeed, but they also failed.Successfully catch any attacker.

February 1965 On the 21st, he was assassinated by a black man at the Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan, New York.March 21 25, 1965.Under the protection of the army, Martin Luther King led more than 3,000 people to march peacefully from Selma to Montgomery.On August 11 19, 1965, black armed sniper soldiers and police brutality occurred in the Watts district of Los Angeles.August cbd solutions gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank 12 of the same year.Two days of armed conflicts between blacks and what does cbd gummies do cbd gummies for tendonitis 2,000 military police also took place in Chicago s Lake West District.This year, the black armed resistance struggle developed to 9 cities.After the Luci s Death Incident broke out, the Black Panther Party was established.The Black Panther Party is also a radical anti racism and political equality organization.It was founded in Oakland, California, by two black Merritt College cbd solutions gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank students, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, who started the radical organization.Captain Eduardo took it with trembling hands paperthen he tried to keep his voice steady This is Galaxy and I am are cbd gummies legal in wisconsin cbd solutions gummies Captain Eduardo in charge of this escortI declare that I have successfully All the passengers on the Galaxy have become hostages.The Fenton government must accept the following conditions, otherwise, the safety of the hostages on the Galaxy will not be guaranteedI demand that the Fenton government be disbanded immediately, and all political prisoners arrested, including the family of former Treasury Secretary Yess, be released immediatelyI must remind you not to use warplanes to try to force We are returning, the Galaxy has been filled with explosives, and we cbd solutions gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank will be forced to detonate this extremely important aircraft to you Captain Eduardo read the manuscript word by word, and then Captain Angus closed the connection with the ground The reading is really great, I think you can become a qualified actor, Captain Eduardo.1999.William and Elliott But anyway, they re lying Randolph raised his voice I don t know why they did this.Maybe they, like George, were threatened by certain forces, but they are using lies to ruin the life of a young man Shukako.Gandra Mr.Stuke, Mr.Peter, Mr.Tell, I need you to tell the truth in front of the judge and all the jurors, tell them where my client Mr.Shukako was that night, and whether my client was involved in the crime.This terrible murder The truth, all we need is the truth It looked like Stuke was the first to break down, and he actually started crying in court Oh, no, no, yes, we wronged Shukako, he s not guilty, are cbd gummies legal in wisconsin cbd solutions gummies he wasn t involved in the murder, He s not involved in anything.There was an uproar in the courtroom.As a veteran lawyer, Randolph certainly would not give up such an opportunity.Maybe this night, maybe tomorrow morning, this tragic city can no longer hold on Layers of defenses have been breached, and positions one by one have fallen into the hands of the Axis forces.For the Allies here, their final doom has come.This is the last battle in Britain, and it will be the last battle of World War III.When the last gunshot falls, everything will return to calm.Decades later, it was as if nothing had happened.Suddenly, there was a violent explosion, which was the factory area of British Industry.Ash Project When London determines that it cannot continue to hold on, the Ash Plan will be launched as soon as possible to blow up all targets in the plan and cause huge damage to British industry.And now, the final moment has come.General Gendra was a little surprised.He originally thought that the implementation of the Ash Project would definitely be obstructed by the British underground resistance organization, but it was strange that the Ash Project was implemented so smoothly.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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