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You can win a black and white TV set worth up to 1,000 Hong Kong dollars Really Could it be cbd gummies shipped to texas a liar Liji Tea Restaurant I know this store, don t they run a tea restaurant Why did they sell wife cakes again A group of people chattered endlessly.Aunt Wang, who first brought up the topic, said mysteriously, This how long do cbd gummies side effects last is true, my son does business there, and it s not because he is a neighbor that he bought a catty of wife cakes.I got a lottery ticket, what did you guess What did you win I won a 500 Hong Kong dollar shopping coupon for Hong Kong Department Store The aunt said that she was very proud, as if she had won the 500 Hong Kong dollar shopping coupon of.500 HKD shopping voucher Can it be used Others expressed doubts.Seeing that everyone didn t whats better cbd oil or gummies believe it, Aunt how long do cbd gummies side effects last Wang, who was about to show off, was in a hurry, and quickly found out which Xiangjiang Department Store shopping coupon from her bag, and said, Don t believe me, I just went to the department store to confirm that it is indeed They got shopping coupons, and they asked me if I wanted to buy something It s true 500 Hong Kong dollars, whats better cbd oil or gummies 250mg cbd gummies which is equivalent to half a month s salary of my son Seeing this, all the women were envious.You have two All the car washes are mortgaged to the bank.If you fail to repay the loan by the end of this month, Boss Qi, the bank has the right to seal off your publishing house and car wash as a mortgage As the largest law firm in Xiangjiang The lawyer who came out was very eloquent, and he exposed Qi Shan s old background in a simple and clear manner.Haha, Mr.Li is really good, and you have found out all of this.Following Fang Jian s words, Qi Shan s expression gradually turned pale, but he still forced a smile, Okay, since Mr.Li knows everything, then I don t What are you talking about, 300,000 Li Guohao shook his head, 100,000 I will bear the money owed by the publishing house to the bank.Impossible 100,000 is too little, 200,000.Qi Shan didn t expect Li Guohao to bargain so hard.It seems that Boss Qi still doesn t understand the situation.So, the movies are all fake He said with a big smile.This is not those martial arts movies made by Shaw Brothers that jump around.This is real kung fu, with powerful punches and kicks After saying this, the white fan stood up and gestured for Bruce Lee s signature moves.Real kung fu There is still real kung fu these days Of course, that kid named Bruce Lee not only has strong muscles, but also has a bowed back.Oh my God, it s so powerful.When I read Oriental Daily in the morning , it said that Bruce Lee used to open a martial arts gym in the United States, do you think he can open a martial arts gym for foreign devils and teach Kung Fu The white fan frantically took out a newspaper bought in the morning from the car Handed it to Dakoufa.Dakoufa took the newspaper, only to see a few large characters written on the front page headline.I love her I will give my wife a rose cake.Xiangjiang people pay attention to Feng Shui and meaning.For example, the rose wife cake produced by Li Ji this time.At the beginning, everyone just wanted to try something new, but after Li Guohao made it, many people with daughters in law and wives bought it one after another to give their lover a surprise at home Rose has always been the meaning of love, and beauty.The rose wife cake means, love your beautiful wife.Hehe, very old routine, but this trick is very practical, whether it is now or in the future.Zhang Dong shook his head, I don t know, I also asked the boss, and he said he had never seen that person, but the boss said that the person who bought the roses had only entered once, and how long do cbd gummies side effects last hadn t been there since then.Hehe, rose flavored The secret recipe of the wife cake is not so easy to crack.In fact, Zhao Yazhi has always had a strong sense of professionalism, or she is not reconciled as a woman.A Zhen rolled her small eyes, and said with a weird idea, Sister, if you don t want to fall in love now, You can ask that boss Li to pretend to be your boyfriend By then, not only will you have fooled your mother, but you will also be able to avoid that Dr.Huang.Pretending to be a boyfriend Yes, there is such a plot in Qiong Yao s novel, and it s perfect Ah Zhen said confidently, but she thought to herself that she would not tell you.Later, her fake boyfriend became a real boyfriend.The main reason why Ah Zhen tried so hard to introduce Li Guohao to Zhao Yazhi was her membership card The money in the store is already empty.Chapter 35 Three publicity plans early in the morning.Li Guohao brought the new store manager Sun Dafu and a group of well trained employees to Central Ring early in the morning.Seeing that there was a dim sum area not far away, she took Followed her sister He Chaoqiong to walk over there.As soon as they arrived at the dim sum area, He Chaoying and his sister Arjun heard an exclamation at the same time.English Wow, what kind of dessert is this It s really delicious A foreign girl covered her mouth and said excitedly in English.After hearing this, quite a few companions next to the foreign girl curiously picked up all kinds of pastries on the table.Sister, I want to eat He Chaoqiong looked at the cakes on the table, drooling already, and looked up at her sister and said.Okay, I ll pretend for you.He Chaoying picked up the white plate next to it, took another clip, and led her sister to look for her favorite snacks on the huge long table.Chapter 50 After Li Qiang served Li where can i find botanical farms cbd gummies Guohao s last dessert Hundred Flowers , the pastry making basically came to an end.When I went to the store to have a look, there was a lot of fuss.Yesterday, Rongji s refund frenzy was caused by myself.Lee Kee now only has three branches.One on Nathan Road, one in Central, and one in Mong Kok that just how long do cbd gummies side effects last opened.Of these three stores, only two are not far from Wing Kee, while the Mong Kok store is some distance whats better cbd oil or gummies 250mg cbd gummies away.It s no wonder that Nathan Road and Central were the ones who made a fuss about the refund yesterday.However, as the popularity of Kung Fu Panda continues to ferment, it is expected that more and more people will come to Li Ji Palace Pastry to buy dim sum With the official operation of uno cbd gummies reviews how long do cbd gummies side effects last the pastry company.Li Guohao also took a break.Instead of visiting the store every day, or helping to make pastries.The matter at hand is easy, but because of the Rongji refund this time, a lot of relevant information was reported in the newspapers, which also made many people resist the membership.Not to mention several times, at least double the purchase.After all, the ratings are here.You must know that TVB s ratings completely crush Li s TV station on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.Even with the broadcast of Kung Fu Panda , the ratings of other programs gradually increased in the period before and after.Not only the ratings of cartoons are high, but also the ratings of other programs on the TV station have increased.Why are TVB executives not envious But in the final analysis, who made the price that Li Guohao negotiated so low The TVB executives thought that an extra 10,000 yuan would be a gift to Li Guohao.After all, the does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies popularity of Kung Fu Panda depended on TVB.The right to broadcast the second part was given to Li s TV station, which would mean losing his wife and losing his army.I randomly checked some of them, and only a small amount of flour has not expired.Even if it has not expired, the quality of the flour itself is not very good.Our Rongji business may be affected.Just before Rong Bing continued to say something, he heard a voice from outside the warehouse gate.I said, brother, why have you been so greedy for cheap things for so long and still can t get rid of it A man who looked like Rong Bingcai walked in.Rong Binghua What are you doing here Rong Bingcai said angrily when he saw the person coming.Seeing Rong Bingcai s furious appearance, Rong Binghua smiled proudly Why can t I come Anyway, I also have a lot of shares how long do cbd gummies side effects last in Rongji.Although my father gave Rongji to you before he died, But it doesn t mean you can cover the sky with one hand When Master Wang and A Ping saw that they were the second boss, they obediently walked outside.Come and eat, come and try Yung Kee s most famous gold medal roast goose.The roast goose here is famous in Hong Kong and Macau.Even those ghosts love Yung Kee s roast goose.The purchase limit is only 1,000 pieces a day Rong Bing Hua picked up a piece of roast goose thigh and put it in Manager Zhang s bowl.Hey, why are you being so polite If I want to eat, I ll pick it up.Isn t this because I m afraid of your birth, I haven t asked you out for dinner how long do cbd gummies side effects last top cbd gummy brands 2022 for so many years.Speaking of this, Rong Binghua sighed for a long time in one breath.Manager Zhang asked curiously What You look very unhappy, no, your family was the wealthiest when I was young, how long do cbd gummies side effects last and I still have time to buy some from Rongji Bakery and take them home to taste.It s always been good.You know, my brother used to be in charge of my family s bakery, but some time ago, Li Ji s palace pastry how long do cbd gummies side effects last popped up, and my brother couldn t breathe.I know The chairman.Wang Zhenzhen nodded, analyzing the market and cost benefit is the responsibility of the finance department, and suddenly remembered something and asked By the way, the chairman, the store manager Wang from Nathan Road came to me and asked me what It s time to issue a new set of staff uniforms, saying that the employees in the store have been wearing the same set of clothes from the beginning to now, which is not conducive to changing and washing. Leave this matter to Manager Zhang.Li Guohao glanced at Zhang Dong and said A Dong, You have to take care of the work clothes for the employees.It is best to purchase summer clothes as well.Employees have at least two pieces of clothes per quarter, which can be used for changing and washing.You should not purchase according to the current number of people, it is best to buy more One point, to ensure that every yardage is available.Okay, old lady In the 1970s, Xiangjiang was very lively at night.Even though there were not many night markets everywhere, there were quite a few.Yau Ma Tei Temple Street.There are people coming and going around, and there are countless hawkers and stalls on the road.Li Guohao asked in surprise Are there so many people in Temple Street at night Zhang Dong nodded Yes, it s not like you haven t been here before.Why are you so surprised The two used to be in Kowloon, but they were just playing around., there is no place they have not been to.It s just that Li Guohao came through the soul, so naturally he doesn t know these things well.I forgot, I haven t been here for a long time.Li Guohao smiled awkwardly.Li Qiang next to him pointed not far away and said, Not far in the past was the oldest shop of Rongji, and the founder of Rongji made his fortune here. Li Guohao knew that Rongji was going to open a branch, and Rong Binghua naturally knew about it too.Didn t you get stuck with their loan Why does Li Ji still have the money to open a branch Shouldn t it be opened with members money Rong Binghua thought about it and thought it was impossible.Some time ago, members refunded The frenzy has just passed, and Li Ji probably doesn t have the guts to use members money to open a branch at this time.If there is a refund, the loss outweighs the gain.Did you get a loan from another bank Rong Binghua thought to himself that this was the only possibility.Damn it, if I knew it, I wouldn t have given Big Eye Boy a 5 point rebate.It didn t help at all Rong Binghua cursed, feeling very unwilling.Originally, he wanted to get a loan from the other party.Let it be a step later, and the good stores in other districts were rented out first, but who knew that when I went can i eat cbd gummies to Xiangjiang Island with the staff to inspect in the afternoon, I found that some stores waiting to be rented in Haoshikou had already been rented out.For Li Guohao, who has lived in the south for more than 20 years, spending the winter in Xiangjiang is simply not too pleasant, there is no such damp and cold, and the whole person does not how long do cbd gummies side effects last need to wrap himself up like a brown bear in clothes.We have already started preparing for the expansion of new stores near Kai Tak Airport, Temple Street, Queen s Road, Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, etc.We plan to fully open the store before the end of the year.We are opening five branches.A total of ten stores will be expanded within three months.We cooperate with Maggie Decoration Company, and after deducting the rent, the average decoration cost of a store has been reduced to about 30,000 Hong Kong dollars.Of course, some stores are larger, and the cost will also increase.The overall price is about 30,000 Hong Kong dollars.I believe everyone understands what I mean.That is an ancient secret recipe, which may be contradicted by the current food additives or some excessive content.How is it How is HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies side effects last the inspection by the Department of Health Li Guohao walked into the conference room, I saw Li Qiang, Xie Honghe and others sitting there.The results came out in the afternoon, but fortunately, this matter did not affect the business of the newly opened branch too much.The training room is presented in front of customers at a glance, so that it does not affect the business in the store slightly.It s just a little bit, but the impact must be there.People who honey cbd gummies come to the palace to buy pastries are basically from good families and pay more attention to hygiene, so many parents do not choose to buy pastries to take home for their children.Li Guohao politely said hello It s okay, Aunt Fat.Ah Hao, the stock market has been booming recently, Aunt Fat has a way out, why don t you invest a little Make quick money.Aunt Fat didn t fool him like Li Huifang , Knowing that it took Li Guohao only half a year to have a capable company, he can t be fooled by himself.Stocks I don t understand this.I won t do it.Thank you, fat aunt.Li Guohao shook his head with a smile, and said to Li Huifang, Mom, I m hungry.Hungry Go back and cook rice for cbd oil gummy worms you.Li Huifang turned to Aunt Fat and said, I ll go back and discuss it with my husband before I can answer you.Yes.She opened the door and entered the room.Mom, why did that fat aunt ask you to buy stocks Li Guohao asked.He doesn t understand stocks, and there are too many ways to do it.If you venture into this unknown field, you will definitely lose money.I discussed with the chairman before and decided to best cbd gummies for ibs set up a product technology department, hire cbd gummies for anxiety walgreens whats better cbd oil or gummies some pastry chefs with unique insights into pastry, and develop new pastries.I believe everyone knows that the rose wife cake was invented by our chairman.A novel stuffing.We authorized the signboard to others, what if that person makes trouble, or the same problem as Rongji happens Xie Honghe asked.Our marketing department and the franchisee management department that will be established next will be fully responsible for this.Li Qiang added Next, our company will establish a franchisee management department to be responsible for the training and guidance of franchisees.As well as all the business and other issues.For details, you can take a look at the document just sent out, which has a detailed franchisee business model.Those who make pastries and sell them are not the kind that some shops make pastries one day and sell them the next day.And I think the friends present should know more or less about making pastries.Our court pastries are now on the market.There are more than 100 types of pastries, and they are still increasing.In addition to out of season pastries, we maintain a new variety a week, of course, the premise is that this pastry meets the taste of the public.Everyone should know the history of our palace pastries , my ancestors used to be imperial cooks during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, and our family has also been cooks for generations.The requirements for making pastries are extremely strict, not the kind that are made casually in the market, so franchisees must be certain Technical training.Zhao Yazhi didn t have a boyfriend, so how could she call her here Ah Zhen, who messed up the matter, said, I ll call him She ran out in no time, and went straight to the palace not far away.pastry shop.After Ah Zhen ran away, Zhao s mother was not happy.What do cbd gummies 1000mg jar justcbd you mean, you can t let our parents see if you have a boyfriend large skewers.Zhao Yazhi wanted to explain, but Zhao s mother couldn t help but say, Don t lie, I can tell you are lying He didn t leave, and talked and laughed with Zhao s father and Zhao s mother, I want to see if Yazhi s boyfriend is worthy of Yazhi Well, Dr.Huang is not reconciled, he works in Xiangjiang Hospital, and at a young age Being at the director level, I am whats better cbd oil or gummies 250mg cbd gummies naturally full of ambition.Facing the young and beautiful Zhao Yazhi, I must have some ideas in my heart.Although there is no problem in the production technology, it is a new store after all.Our company has more varieties of pastries.Bear Yi wants to ask if all of them are made in the branch.What do you think Me How do I know, you are the boss, and I don t know much about franchisees.Zhang Dong shook his head and said.In the beginning, I positioned the palace pastry as a boutique store.You should know that, but since I got a chain franchise, it may not be suitable to take a single mid to high end route.I think it is appropriate to take a cheap route.This piece Li Guohao also thought about it before.After all, if you go to a boutique, it will be difficult for franchisees to manage it.In addition, Xiangjiang has not yet reached the economy of the 1980s, and the wages of ordinary families are not very high.It was after the Dragon Boat Festival, so we opened it earlier this month.People in Xiangjiang generally believe in Fengshui auspicious days, so for such a big event as opening a store, it is natural to open on the auspicious day of the zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and uno cbd gummies reviews how long do cbd gummies side effects last said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store at this time, but Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.In his previous life, Li Guohao also had some memberships, most of which could not be refunded, and he didn t care much about the hundreds of dollars, anyway, it will not disappear in the existence, and it will be the same when you come to spend next time.The last ferry crossed the sea to Macau.Chapter 117 He Qianjin s new store opened at six o clock in the cbd gummies for anxiety walgreens whats better cbd oil or gummies evening.Li Guohao stepped onto the shore with one foot.Looking at the Macau pier at this time, there was a lot of voices.Apart from my own ferry, there were actually several other ships waiting to dock.Boss At this moment, Gu Qianqian shook her how long do cbd gummies side effects last hand and shouted loudly from not far away.Seeing this, Li Guohao led Zhang Dong and Mai Xiaomin, who had just landed, to walk over quickly.Manager Gu really troubled you.Li Guohao greeted with a smile.Gu Qian smiled and said The boss is too polite, he should come to pick you up.Miss He here knows that you are coming today and specially booked two rooms in the hotel for you.Miss He Before coming again, Li Guohao I called Gu Qianqian in advance.After all, he was going to Macau for the first time, and he didn t know the way.Li Guohao Divide the glutinous rice balls into small balls one after another, pointing to the mooncake mold next to the yellow crane.Huang He subconsciously handed over the mooncake mold.Li Guohao took the mold and put it aside, he said Just now I have wrapped the bean paste filling in, and the next step is to print the mold directly.After a while, Li Guohao gave more than 20 small glutinous rice balls to the mold.Printed into a beautiful moon cake shape.After it was done, he said, Okay, let s try it.You don t need to roast it Huang He asked in surprise.No, the snow skin mooncakes don t need to be baked.Time is not allowed, otherwise they will taste even better after being put in the refrigerator Li Guohao laughed.When Li Guohao used to eat this kind of snowy mooncake, he liked to put it in the refrigerator to chill before eating.What do you mean The how long do cbd gummies side effects last smilz cbd gummies for sale Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon, and I plan that the company will fully produce our Ronghua Mooncakes, I believe Boss Gu should know that our Ronghua mooncakes are absolutely the best cbd gummies for anxiety walgreens whats better cbd oil or gummies in Xiangjiang.I know this, Boss Liu s mooncakes are absolutely delicious Gu Yonghe s words are not adulterated.After taste, its sales volume has always been in the leading position in Xiangjiang.This time, I want to swallow the entire Xiangjiang Mooncake Market Liu Peilin said proudly.That s unlikely Gu Yonghe interrupted, I believe that no matter rich or poor people will buy mooncakes and take them home to eat during the Mid Autumn Festival.There are about three to four million people in Xiangjiang now, and I ll estimate three hundred.Ten thousand people, counted per person, is more than three million moon cakes, are you sure our company can handle such a large market All the teahouses, restaurants, and teahouses in Xiangjiang cooperate.Yes.Yes.Li Qiang nodded with a smile and asked, What are you betting on What are you betting on Li Guohao thought for a while and said, Just gamble for a meal, and whoever loses will invite everyone in the company to a restaurant for a meal. The whole company together Yes, the whole company together, including the employees of the store.That s how long do cbd gummies side effects last not a small bet There are at least dozens of people in the company.If you add store employees, there are at least a hundred people.One is the boss and the other is the general manager of the company.Treating guests to a restaurant must not be too shabby, so to speak Come on, you may not be able to afford tens of thousands of dollars for a meal.Say it directly, dare you bet Li Guohao looked at Li Qiang with a smile.Bet Why not gamble.Li Qiang naturally hoped that the more sales the better, seeing that Li Guohao wanted to gamble, he took advantage of the situation.Ming how long do cbd gummies side effects last Pao newspaper published an article in the morning, written by Yi Shu.Conscience how long do cbd gummies side effects last dim sum, conscientious company, and conscientious businessman.This article focuses on the three consciences, how long do cbd gummies side effects last and writes in detail about some conscientious companies that do charity and public welfare.Among them, the palace pastry company and Li Guohao are the most written.This Yi Shu thinks highly of me I feel a little embarrassed for always writing articles to praise me Looking at the Ming Pao in his hand, Li Guohao was a little overwhelmed by Yi Shu s praise, half of the entire article was written on yesterday s TV The reported orphanage incident boasted him as a business conscience.Dingling Suddenly, the office phone rang.Li Guohao put down the newspaper in his hand, picked up the phone and said, Hello there Ahao.Mother Zhao walked forward with a smile, held her daughter s hand and said, Very well, this hairstyle matches your cheongsam dress very well.Really Yes, very beautiful.Ah Zhen was a little envious Looking at the dress on Zhao Yazhi s body, she said eagerly, Sister, you are so uno cbd gummies reviews how long do cbd gummies side effects last beautiful today.Did Li Guohao give do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction how long do cbd gummies side effects last you this dress Yes.After Zhao Yazhi replied, she turned her head to look at herself in the mirror, Carefully observe whether the makeup on the face is ill.Dong Dong Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.Zhao s mother hurriedly said It should be Ah Hao, Ah Zhen go and open the door.Oh.Ah Zhen reluctantly ran out to open the door.At this time, Zhao Yazhi suddenly shouted Mom, bag, bag, I don t have a bag Suddenly remembering that she didn t have a satchel to match her dress, Zhao Yazhi wandered around in a panic.What s wrong Li Guohao frowned.Before the TV station reported that our palace cakes were sending cakes to the orphanage, several companies contacted us, hoping that we could donate some cakes to those children.The pastries are all genuine goods at a fair price, cbd gummies for kids dosage and it doesn t matter if there are more, after all, there are not many pastries delivered every day.It s not that Li Guohao is stingy, the main reason is that eating too much snacks is not good for children, and try to donate some snacks suitable for morning and afternoon.Donate, just donate.After all, you said before that the company will expand the scope of charity, but these people are too annoying.Speaking of this, Zhao Yazhi s face turned red, as if she was very angry.Okay, don t be angry, what s going on Li Guohao comforted.I said you can donate.In the past, the affairs of the association were basically dealt with by Li Qiang, and the association has no major affairs until now.Apart from handling the membership procedures for each member, it is to promote the association outside and invite some pastry chefs to join.Actually, I don t really want to bother the president, but this matter is indeed a bit tricky.Wang Zheng thought for a while and said President, you should know that our pastry association has not been established for a long time, and it has little influence in Xiangjiang.The members are basically the pastry chefs of the president s company.Well, I know this, haven t you been promoting the association outside shark tank cbd gummies scam Why Didn t it work at all In other words, the promotion has been going on for several months, Li Guohao also allocated a hundred thousand to the association.This movie was also a starting point for Li Guohao to go to Guangzhou to learn Cantonese tea.It will cost a lot of money to hold such a large pastry contest Wang Zhengdao This is much more than the cost of advertising in newspapers and TV To hold a game, at least there must be preliminaries, group matches, semi finals, finals, championship matches and other messy events.What s more, since it is a competition, there must always be a bonus, and others are not willing to participate if there is less, and it is not worthwhile if there is too much.Who said that competitions have to cost money Li Guohao smiled.There are many competitions in later generations.Not only did they not spend a dime, but they also made a lot of money by relying on competitions.But you still have to try it out.Huh It doesn t cost money to host the competition Wang Zheng asked in surprise.It was almost three o clock, and he had been blowing in the association downstairs for more than an hour before he knew it.Holding the pastry competition was not Li Guohao s sudden idea.He had such an idea before, but the company s conditions did not allow it at that time, and he didn t have the money or ability to do it.It are cbd gummies good for pain relief s different now.As long as the company develops steadily and survives the stock market crash, it will be able to get on the right track.Dinglingling The phone rang suddenly, startling Li Guohao.He picked up the phone and asked, Who Mr.Li, this is Du Deye.Manager Du s how long do cbd gummies side effects last voice came from the other end of the phone.Manager Du Well, Mr.Li, I have something to tell you here.I think it should be related to you.What is it Li Guohao asked curiously.What is the connection.Recently, another group of companies are seeking to go public.Boss, give me a pack of bear biscuits for fifty cents.Bring me a pack too.I want it, I want it too.A group of 12 and 13 year old kid took out their only pocket money one by one Qian, besieged in front of the canteen, clamoring for the boss to get him a pack of bear biscuits quickly.Old man Li, the owner of the canteen, is in his fifties.He bought this shop a long time ago.At first, he operated some breakfasts and sold them to the students here, but his skills were not good enough, so he changed his career to a canteen.The business has been good., Every day, students who go to and from school buy snacks, pencils, and paper how long do cbd gummies side effects last stationery here.The business was good before, but it was not as hot as the past two days.Every day at school and after school, the students gather around the door, clamoring to buy a new batch of bear biscuits.Zhang Zhi tore open the exquisite packaging bag, and rummaged through the inside without caring about the biscuits that smelled of milk.The attached card, after a while, you can see a panda card wrapped in a small transparent plastic bag at the bottom.The little hand reached into the bag, fiddled with it for a while, and then took out the card.On the back of the card, there were four large characters of Kung Fu Panda.Zhang Zhi flipped through it Seeing the front of how long do cbd gummies side effects last smilz cbd gummies for sale the card, Zhang Zhi opened his eyes suddenly, gasped heavily, the veins in his neck bulged, his whole body trembled with excitement, and finally shouted Ah I won I won a rare card It s A Bao , oh my god, I won the draw Show me A Bao Wow, I m so envious.Zhang Zhi, you re lucky, and you actually won the A Bao card I m so envious The classmates next to him looked at Zhang Zhi with envy or jealousy.Li Qiang shrugged helplessly and said, I thought you would like desserts very much.Li Guohao rolled his eyes at him, and said to everyone Everyone eats one kind, and after eating, tell me that besides sweets, there are other desserts.Stuff Ah As soon as these words came out, everyone cried out.No way, who made Li Guohao the boss.The big guys had no choice but to bear with it.Everyone tried to choose a dessert that didn t look very sweet and ate it.Huang He is a thief, he saw a box of chocolate bars, and thought to himself that the chocolates must not be very sweet, so he immediately picked up this, causing the big guy to look at him angrily.After Huang He opened it nonchalantly, he took out a long biscuit covered with chocolate sauce.As soon as he took the first bite, he regretted it Damn, there is a filling in the biscuit, or a syrup filling Seeing Huang He s nauseous look, everyone burst into laughter.If you make solid fillings , then it s not called popping mochi. I know that.By the way, Chairman, what other popping cookies did you just say Huang He asked.Well, next I ll teach you how to make poppy cookies, which are similar to mochi. After teaching the popping mochi and popping cookies to Huang He and the others, Li Guohao also followed Li Qiang to the rented house.He just got off the plane in the morning, and he drove how long do cbd gummies side effects last smilz cbd gummies for sale for another hour or two.In the afternoon, he taught everyone how to make pastries , and a little tired.Looking at the very American style room, he had no intention of admiring it.Instead, as soon as he changed hands, he threw away the suitcase in his hand, lay on the white sofa, and sighed, I m so tired.Li Qiang saw Li Guohao lying on the sofa Taking a break, he also shook his head with a cbd gummies vancouver wa wry smile.Looking at the shop full of customers, Li Guohao smiled and thought to himself, they have made a lot of money, the craftsmanship of the famous chef and the low price are definitely a profit.The business in the store was very busy, seeing that Li Huifang was too busy alone, Li Guohao took off his suit jacket and put it in the cash register, picked up the table rag and tray on the cash register, and turned around to help Li Huifang.Chapter 179 The Chain Restaurant Idea Ah Hao, you don t need to come, mom is in a hurry.Seeing her son pick up the tray, Li Huifang took a dozen papers and pens from the cash register, and hurried over and said.Li Guohao grinned and said with a smile, It s okay.Look at you, what if you get your shirt dirty Li Huifang doesn whats better cbd oil or gummies 250mg cbd gummies t want her son to do these jobs now, after all, Li Guohao is a big boss anyway, why Can also do miscellaneous things.Flour will not be supplied until the contract is signed.Yes.Luo Bin said from the side They said it was because the new company took over the flour mill and needed to inspect and reorganize, but this time will not be too long, and as long as the contract is signed.Xie Honghe also said Chairman, I think this may be a conspiracy, first using the company reorganization as an excuse not to provide flour, and then using the new contract to restrain us, trying to increase the price of flour again.If it is true according to what you said, then it is not a conspiracy.It s a conspiracy They want to monopolize the flour market nakedly.If they want to raise the price of flour, they will raise the price of flour.Li Guohao slammed the table and said angrily.Ever since the price of flour was suddenly raised not long ago, he had already felt a little strange.Level.Moreover, no one dares to take over the price of more than 60 yuan now, and the stock market crash is still continuing, and the stock market will continue to fall.Originally, the scale and stock price of Landmark Real Estate were not as good as Milk Company.If it were not for the people of Jardine Group Adding fuel to the flames, coupled with the booming stock market and the strategy of exchanging five shares for one share, it is completely impossible for Hong Kong Land to acquire Milk Company.Li Guohao doesn t care about Hong Kong Land and Milk Company.Now he only cares about Lam Soon s stock price and some major shareholders he holds.This is green ape cbd gummies a scam is what he is worried about now.Li Guohao asked, What did the Ying family in Singapore say A few days ago, Li Guohao asked Ni Xingqing to send someone to Singapore to discuss the acquisition of equity with the Ying family.Okay.Li Guohao said to the waiter Then you go first.Okay sir.After the waiter left, Li Qiang took the lead to ask I heard you said you were going to acquire Nanshun Group Do you have any plans Is that much money Didn t I buy some stocks before, and I made a little money by taking advantage of the boom in the stock market, and I got a loan of 70 million from HSBC and bought shares with Ms.He, and I also made some money.Listen to Li Guohao Having said that, Li Qiang also thanked with a smile I still have to thank you very much.If you hadn t sent me a fax to let me sell the stock, I m afraid I would have ruined all the more than two million yuan I earned before.Li Qiang also used money to ask a friend to buy some stocks.After going to the United States, he also entrusted the stock to that friend.yes.There was a loud noise, and everyone in the meeting quickly left the conference room.Seeing that everyone had left, Xu Deming whats better cbd oil or gummies 250mg cbd gummies frowned and asked What s going on I I went to the people from Jardine according to your how long do cbd gummies side effects last request, but, they said that it is not good for Jardine to intervene in the acquisition of our company by Li Guohao.Xu Guangming said.Don t interfere Xu Deming asked anxiously Didn t you tell me before that people from the Jardine Group would help us The people from the Jardine Group did agree to us before, but recently the newspaper said that the recent stock market decline was caused by the forced acquisition of the Milk Company by Hongkong Real Estate.In addition, many people went bankrupt and committed suicide by hemp cbd gummies utah jumping off a building.A few days ago, a group of stockholders who suffered serious losses due to one for five shares of Landmark gathered together to march on Queen s Road, asking the government to decide for them This When Xu Deming heard this, he didn t know that the people of the Jardine Group were difficult to protect themselves.Li Guohao didn t know if he would make money by doing this, but he didn t want others to intervene, just like Xu s father and son, who obviously didn t deal with him, who knows if he will be playing tricks secretly.In addition, if the impact of the stock market crash is minimized and the voices condemning Jardine come down, and when the people of Jardine return to support the Xu family and his son, and then propose a capital increase or something, Li Guohao has no money to talk to them Play.Although Li Guohao can use his controlling rights to refuse the capital increase, he is also afraid that some irresistible forces will happen.Therefore, in Li Guohao s view, the full acquisition of Nanshun earlier, although it may cause problems in the capital chain, is much better than holding a controlling stake how long do cbd gummies side effects last Soon, the two cars arrived at the downstairs of the building where Nanshun Group is located.Okay, I see.Li Guohao thought for a while and nodded in agreement.Chapter 222 The day after the wedding.Li Guohao went to Zhao Yazhi s house.Since the relationship between the two was established, Li Guohao would also come to the door with gifts during the New Year and holidays.In Zhao Yazhi s bedroom.Ahao, is what you said true Zhao Yazhi blinked her big eyes, looked at Li Guohao with joy, and was extremely happy in her heart when she saw him saying this seriously.Of course it is true My mother even asked when we will get married Li Guohao laughed.As soon as Zhao Yazhi heard the word marriage , she lowered her head shyly and blushed, she took a peek at Li Guohao and asked, Then So what do you think Li Guohao liked to see Zhao Yazhi s shy face the most, so he teased and said, It depends on what you mean, you can get married whenever you want, but don t wait until the seventies are talking about it., Bao Daheng and others all have real estate there, so they think that is the best place.But in the eyes of Xiangjiang people, the best place is the villa area on the top of Victoria Peak, where you can look sideways at the beautiful scenery of the entire Xiangjiang Island, Victoria Harbor and Victoria Peak, not only can you see rows of high rise buildings, but also Even in the vida cbd gummy bears reciews vast sea, the Kowloon Peninsula and even the distant New Territories are clearly visible.Speaking of Taiping Mountain, it happened that Zhao Yazhi was driving a car along a long road at this time, and Li Guohao looked at the seemingly distant Taiping Mountain from the inside of the car window.There are some scattered white dots on it, as if it is a villa on the top of Victoria Peak It was not Li Guohao s original intention to return to the company on the first day of the new year, but mainly because Li Qiang s girlfriend Zhang Nana was leaving for the United States tomorrow to discuss with the local food company about importing Xiangjiang food.It s only twelve acres of land It s twelve acres of land, which is about 72 acres of land.72 acres of land, if you count it, the actual area of the factory built is actually not that big, and it will be pointed out in the future Maybe there are other uses, Li cbd gummies and heart rate Guohao asked Is it too small I only calculated the land area of the food processing factory.Make more, and simple cbd gummies reviews build a factory area together. How much is an acre of land now It s not very expensive, about 2 yuan per square foot, and one acre is equal to 36,000 square feet, which is almost an acre of land It s about 72,000 yuan.Li Guohao made a simple calculation in his mind, one acre costs 72,000 yuan, and 10 acres is about 720,000 yuan That s pretty cheap Li Guohao laughed, he didn t expect the land in Yuen Long, New Territories, to be so cheap.What kind of underworld, what is Infernal Affairs, what is lame man, Li Guohao has watched these movies, and he also understands that how long do cbd gummies side effects last the evil forces in this era are extremely rampant.In the 1990s, even the son of Li Jiacheng, who was the richest man in Xiangjiang at that time, could be kidnapped Let alone ordinary people.Traveling back almost three years, Li Guohao was thinking about his own personal safety, the safety of his parents, and the safety of his girlfriend for the first time.What s the use of spending so much money You can t always count on others purekana premium cbd gummies to help you The first time he returned to Nanshun, Li Guohao called Jin Jiashi to come and see him.Jin Jiashi knocked on the door, and the secretary in the room, Xiao Liu, also stepped forward to open it quickly.This is a female secretary newly recruited by the company.When Zou Wenhuai was short of funds, he also allowed Xu Guanwen to go out and find investors on his own.This did not lead to Li Guohao.At first Xu Guanwen simply wanted to raise some how long do cbd gummies side effects last funds, but Li Guohao actually invested one million directly, not only cooperating with himself and Cai Lang to start a company, the remaining funds were enough to make one or two new movies by himself.Name Li Guohao thought for a while, and then he wanted to call Guohao Film Company, but he still had to rely on Xu Guanwen, Cai Lan and others, so he said in his heart, How about calling it Buddy Film Company Friend Listen When it came to this name, Cai Lan and Xu Guanwen were also speechless.The name was simply too casual, but it also fit the theme.Naming Difficulty Chapter 230 patent application Guohao Lam Soon Company.The members of Xiangjiang Jockey Club are basically divided into three types.One of them is ordinary members of the Jockey Club.The first condition to join the Jockey Club is to be at least three years old The second is to pay a high membership fee when you join the club, and then you have to pay a certain amount of fees every month.The second is corporate membership.The Hong Kong Jockey Club is a non profit private association , and at the same time it is a company, the company s board of directors cbd gummy hemp multivitamins will not earn a penny from the Jockey Club, and almost all donate it mayim bialik gummies cbd to charity.As for whether this is the case, only their insiders know.The company members only need to pay Many, plus you are an elite talent, then you can join without the recommendation of old members.Of course, you must apply in advance, and the other party will approve you to join after the assessment.You are wrong if you think so, the big hotel is whats better cbd oil or gummies 250mg cbd gummies not You only make money by quantity, but you make money by quality Zheng Jiachun said with a smile Recently, my company has a hotel project, and I have been looking for a partner.I think Ah Hao, your ancestor is an imperial chef, do you want to invest a little Li Guohao After pondering for a while, Zheng Jiachun invited himself to do business together for the first time.Regardless of whether the business is profitable or not, he must give the other party face, otherwise it would be bad for the other party to refuse to refute the other party s face.Brother Zheng told me, I ll vote.Okay, you two He Qianjin next to him said cautiously If there is a good deal, exhale wellness cbd gummies don t bring me with you HahaAh Ying wants to play then go ahead Let s vote together.Zheng Jiachun laughed.Ah Hao, this Li Huifang looked at the villa in front of her in surprise, walked to Li Guohao s side in a daze and stammered.Mom, this how long do cbd gummies side effects last is the villa I bought some time ago.I ve been asking A Dong to help with the renovation recently.I ll take you to see it with Dad and Grandpa as soon as it s finished.We ll live here from now on.Li Guohao laughed He watched Li s mother and Li s father and grandpa walking behind him.This Ah Hao, did you buy this How much does it cost Li Dexiao looked at the three storey villa in front of him in shock, and scanned the surrounding environment, only to see in front of him a grassy field, a swimming pool about ten meters long, and two other small buildings around it.It s not how long do cbd gummies side effects last smilz cbd gummies for sale very expensive, more than 1.6 million Li Guohao smiled.He is still very satisfied with the price of this house.Without me Order no one to stand up, otherwise don t blame me There were seven people in this operation, except Brother Qiang and a younger brother who drove a van and followed Li Guohao s car, there were four people here, and one person was On a cbd gummies from c4 healthlabs secluded wharf in Kowloon, where there is a dilapidated diesel boat.For the kidnapping of Li Guohao this time, they have already prepared complete countermeasures.As long as Li Guohao himself can be caught, a group of people will sail across the sea to the slums of Macau for a few days, and then they will call Li Guohao s home or company, let them prepare the ransom.Damn it, who told you to shoot Raptor walked over quickly with a submachine gun and a gun in his arms, slapped Vietnam Boy, and cursed angrily.Vietnam boy was slapped in the face and the whole person was stunned.Many citizens bought newspapers one after another when they knew that Ming Pao reported the exclusive interview with Li Guohao.They wanted to see what this new rich man who had been kidnapped had to say.measures.Most of the content was scoffed at by the public, because when the rich talked about their family history, they mostly talked about the difficulties, and then how they overcame the hardships and reached the current peak step by step.But one of them is very recognized by everyone, and that is the help of noble people.Li Guohao did not mention some people who helped him during the interview, but simply said that there are noble people who help him.So who is the nobleman There are also many people who are secretly guessing.Among them, He Qianjin is the one who guesses the most It is Li Guohao s nobleman, and many people are secretly guessing whether He Qianjin has taken a fancy to Li Guohao to help him like this.It do you get high from cbd gummies s just a moment of emotion.You also know what happened a few days ago.For the first time, I have an aversion to being rich.Li Guohao also said that before.Thinking of the pretentious video of the old horse that he had seen before, he applied it in a moment of excitement, and regretted it after he finished speaking.Ha ha you you Zheng Jiachun laughed, and after a while, he also laughed, looked at Li Guohao and said You are lucky this time, if you really let those robbers succeed, I am afraid it will not be that simple.Yes, fate So I came here this time to ask Brother Zheng for help, to see if I can get a gun license and a gun club license.The gun club s license Gun license Zheng Jiachun knows that several of his subordinates have gun licenses, but he really doesn t know what the license plate of this gun club is, and it has something to do with his lack of attention to this aspect.The ones used basically hit people, as long as they wear combat uniforms, it hardly hurts.Isn t it very whats better cbd oil or gummies 250mg cbd gummies painful That is to say, it hurts a little What if it hits the eyes If you want to do it, you must put safety Well, you guys go down later and find a way to reduce the power of the air gun a bit.It is best to be naked HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies side effects last and hit people without too much pain.Li Guohao attaches great importance to safety, if it is because some people come to play, it will not hurt Be careful if you hit the eye, it will be bad if you are blind.Yes, we will ask the air gun dealer later to see if we can reduce the power of the air gun a little bit.Yeah.Nodding slightly, Li Guohao said again, At that time, we must send someone to look after the venue, and at the same time ensure that every Anyone who comes here to play is safe.Li Guohao saw Jian Fu s thoughts.When Li Guohao was willing to introduce the master to himself, Jian Fu was overjoyed, Really That s really great, and it would be great if Li Sheng called me Jirui in English.Mr.Jian has always been too born for Mr.Jian.Jerry good.Jian Fu nodded, and asked a little fawningly, When do you think Li Sheng will take me to meet that master Li Guohao didn t expect Jian Fu to be so impatient.He raised his eyebrows and wondered in his heart whether Jian Fu might be a superstitious person.Li Guohao also met a superstitious person, and that was the one next door to the old house.My fat aunt, she has to burn incense and worship Buddha every day when she goes out.Li Guohao has something to do recently, so he thought about it and said, How about next week Row.As soon as Jian Fu heard about the next week, he counted the time silently, took out a business card from his pocket and said, This is my business card, Li Sheng just call me when the time comes.This is the clearest and easiest method, other methods are basically difficult.When starting a company, HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies side effects last whether you lend money to the company yourself or withdraw money from the company, you have to pay taxes.Basically, in order to develop, companies rarely pay year end dividends under normal circumstances.Even if they earn more money, they will invest in more projects and businesses instead of dividends.This is also why many company bosses sell part of their shares to cash out the first thing after listing, because they are afraid of poverty just kidding, cashing out is the most convenient way.Then do you want me to go to Manager Shen Now if Li Guohao has any loan matters, he will go cbd gummies for anxiety walgreens whats better cbd oil or gummies to Shen Bi directly instead of contacting the loan manager of HSBC.Because this is something that increases Shen Bi s leverage.Soon, the dumplings were cooked, and the man ate the dumplings, and soon a bowl of dumplings was wiped out.On the other side, the woman brought dumplings to the table for her son to eat.Is the son delicious The woman looked at her son with a smile.The son ate the dumplings, and when he heard this, he raised his head and said innocently, Mom, it s delicious Love, it s not complicated.Guohao Sanquan dumplings bring you and your family Most intimate love Looking at the commercials of his company s food on TV, Li Guohao is generally quite satisfied.Huang Yaohua s work is quite good, and he has produced such a loving commercial in such a short period of time Son, is this made by your company Upon hearing the word Guohao , Li Huifang and Li Dexiao looked at their own words together.Now Li Huifang and Li Dexiao, apart from visiting tea restaurants occasionally, watch TV or newspapers at home, and sometimes contact some neighbors to play cards.I contacted Mr.Cai before and learned from him that you came to the United States.Then I found a way to get your phone number.Bruce Lee said with a smile.Oh, that s right Before Li Guohao asked Bruce Lee what he wanted from him.I just heard Bruce Lee say Mr.Li, you re out of touch now.Why don t you want to come to America to play with me New York Not in San Francisco No.What HahaI m in New York too Chinatown in New York New York Chinatown.Almost all Chinatowns overseas have the same appearance, except for different regions, different streets, and different buildings.Every Chinatown has a memorial archway at the entrance of the street.In addition to the three big characters of Chinatown , it is occasionally accompanied by Sun Gong s The world is for the public sign.Yesterday Bruce Lee called and wanted to visit Li Guohao.On that day, he explained If you are guilty, you will definitely get God s forgiveness and favor.As soon as these words came out, Li Guohao suddenly came to his senses He remembered that the war started on the specific day, that is, October 6th, the holiday that the Jews must celebrate, Yom Kippur This Middle East war was also known as the Yom Kippur War in later generations.It was because the Middle East countries raided Israel on this day that Israel was defeated so quickly on the eve of the war.You must know that Israel s military strength cannot be underestimated, especially with the military assistance and military guidance of the American father.Thinking that the war was about to break out on October 6, Li Guohao how long do cbd gummies side effects last also ordered Ni Xingqing to rent a box at the New York Stock Exchange a few days in advance to operate stock transactions, so cbd gummies for anxiety walgreens whats better cbd oil or gummies as to avoid too many shareholders and unable to trade normally.He never imagined that the Americans at this time maintained an arrogant attitude towards the war in the Middle East, and almost believed that those countries in the Middle East would be defeated, so everyone Going up Ni Xingqing has considered this situation before.The war uno cbd gummies reviews how long do cbd gummies side effects last broke out, and the stock market will either go up or down.However, considering what Li Guohao said about the oil crisis, he also decided to short some stocks.But he is not an American, and he does not know that Americans are overbearing.This is what led to the current situation.No The news of stopping the transportation of oil is either today or tomorrow Be sure to stick to it Li Guohao bit the bullet and sent a message to Xiangjiang by fax, authorizing Di Yimin to gather all the funds in his group and remit them to HSBC Bank today.Boss Zhang Bowen drove his car around the road not far away and stopped at the gate of HSBC headquarters.Yeah.Seeing Zhang Bowen rushing over, Li Guohao turned his head and said to Chen Sheng behind him A Sheng, A Jie, and A Ming, you three should go back and rest for a few days.It is true that you will go to the United States for more than a month this time.I m a little tired, so I ll let you take three days off.Come back to work in three days. Thank you, boss.The three of Chen Sheng nodded.They had been in the United States for more than a month, and they were a little homesick.I gave them a big red envelope, so I was happy to take the money and go home to be happy.Well, you can take a taxi back by yourself, I ll go back with Bowen.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao got into the car, Zhang Bowen nodded to Chen Sheng and the three of them, then got in the car and started the engine to drive to Li s villa on the way.The child is kept in the drum.This time I went to the United States and made money from the stock market again.It was still in US dollars.Even if it was not as much as the newspapers said, it should be tens of millions of US dollars, equivalent to hundreds of millions in Hong Kong dollars Boom There was a knock on the office door, and Di Yimin pushed open the door and walked in, followed by a middle aged man in a Chinese tunic suit.The two walked to the desk, Di Yimin took a step back, He gave up the predecessor to Pang Heshuo, and introduced later Chairman, this is the Mr.Pang I mentioned to you yesterday.Li Guohao glanced at Pang Heshuo, and saw that he was honest and honest.He was wearing a black tunic suit.From the inside to the outside, there was a literati atmosphere of the old society in his bones.After thinking about it, he didn t refuse the other party s door to door sales.After all, they are all members of a manufacturer s association., Whoever buys it is not who, why give money to the islanders.Mr.Lei s machinery factory can manufacture food assembly lines Li Guohao asked suspiciously.Our factory is naturally not capable of making some machinery, but our factory can still make mechanical assembly lines for food packaging, filling processing, and food processing.Lei Hongren said quite proudly.You must know that in the entire Xiangjiang, only he, Lei Hongren, was the first businessman to make heavy industrial machinery.It belongs to their own mechanical assembly line.There is absolutely no problem with the quality of the machinery, but there is one thing, that is, they cannot make a lot of precision cannactiva cbd gummies machinery, and they can only make some less important mechanical assembly lines.After Qin Feng finished asking, he immediately picked up a pen and paper to record Li Guohao s words.It is true, but considering that unlike the later generations, people need some chicken soup for the soul, and said Maybe it s because of hobbies Some newspapers should have reported my family situation before.My father and mother opened tea restaurants.I have lived in this environment since I was a child, and I am more interested in cooking.Then why didn t you open a tea restaurant Open a pastry shop instead Speaking out, I m not afraid of your jokes.My cooking skills how long do cbd gummies side effects last are very poor.Apart from knife skills, I don t have any talent in cooking.According to my grandfather s words, I should belong to the kind of person who is not talented enough.In addition, I was relatively young at that time, and I didn t want to live in the fumes every day, so I pointed the finger at the pastry Qin Feng asked a lot about the situation that Li does cbd oil come in gummies Guohao encountered when he opened his first store, and Li Guohao was also happy to answer this.While whats in cbd gummies Li Guohao was chatting with his cousin, Li Dexiao came out of the kitchen with delicious dishes and said, Okay, how long do cbd gummies side effects last tidy up, and we re ready to serve dinner Immediately, Mother Li spread out the cards and said with a smile Okay, okay, let s eat.Oh, Huifang, I m such a fool Grandma couldn t help complaining when she saw her good hand.Mom, let s eat first, I ll play with you later.Li Huifang laughed, turned around and ran to the kitchen.Seeing Li Huifang running away, grandma couldn t help sighing and laughing, This girl is still the same. Ten minutes later, the whole family was sitting at the table, eating a table full of sumptuous delicacies, and everyone how long do cbd gummies side effects last was full of praise for Grandpa Li Renzhong s craftsmanship.The TV was playing TVB s Happy Tonight Spring Festival special.As usual, Fat Shen Dianxia walked onto the stage, giggling, and greeted the audience in front of the TV with her simple and HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies side effects last honest smile.Sir Mai, Ms.Shen, thank you how long do cbd gummies side effects last very much for participating in the opening ceremony of my industrial park how long do cbd gummies side effects last Li Guohao stepped forward and shook hands with MacLehose and others with a smile.Li Sheng is the head of catering in Hong Kong, so I, the governor of Hong Kong, naturally need to come to see him MacLehose said funny.Haha, Sir Mai is joking, I am not Mr.Mustache.MacLehose was taken aback for a moment, and then realized that the other party was mocking Xi.Teller immediately smiled and said That s right, that Mr.with a mustache is not as handsome as Li Sheng.Chapter 332 The manifestation of connections Fourth Uncle, you are here too, thank you very much.This industrial park was built by our company , how can you not come over in person Li Zhaoji grinned like a seven or eight year old child, when he just came here, he saw a lot of business leaders coming, even the Governor of Hong Kong came in person , invisibly advertised for his real estate company.I am very happy to be able to share my joy with you It has been more than a year platinum cbd gummies reviews since the Guohao Group was established, and it has been three years since I first founded the Palace Pastry Company.People often say that I am a business genius.In fact, I have never even studied in university.Everything I found out.The success of Guohao Group is not only due to the hard work of everyone in the management, but also because we have a sincere heart to bring the best service to every customer.The hard working staff personally supervised the production, and the success of Guohao Group has been accumulated in general.It is because of the support and love of many friends that there is today s food industrial park Here I would like to thank you very much It is because of you that Guohao Group has achieved what it is today Papa Suddenly, there was a loud applause from the audience.The following is the auction willie nelson cbd gummies lawsuit item provided by Ms.Shen, the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong, a 1900 Lady Cartier diamond watch As soon as the auctioneer said this, the venue immediately erupted You must know that the Cartier brand has always been synonymous with luxury goods.Since its establishment in 1847, Cartier has been providing exclusive jewelry and watches for European royal families for more than a hundred years.Known as the emperor s jeweler, the jeweler s emperor.The 1900 Cartier ladies diamond watch was the first product that Cartier combined jewelry and watches in 1900.At that time, it was only provided to the European royal family, and there were only a hundred watches in total After so many years of consumption, there may only be a few dozen pieces left in the world, and after a few decades, it may be even less.It will be a mess and no one can guarantee the interests.Upon hearing this, Li Guohao pondered carefully, He really doesn t understand Thailand s politics.If he was in the mainland, he would have no worries at all.But he is in Thailand at this time, and there is no guarantee that there will be no troubles in the future.After thinking about it, he feels that as long as he invests normally, it shouldn t be a big deal.Question, Li Guohao said It shouldn t be a big problem We are from Xiangjiang, and we are covered by British guys.Thailand should not dare to do anything to us.As long as the signed contract is legal, we will take it wherever we go If you really dare to do something wrong, I d like to see how the Thai government will introduce investment in the future If you can buy it, I m afraid it will cost a lot Chen Xuewen said.Lee Kee Tea Restaurant.Li Dexiao stood in the store and walked a few steps to the east and west, then stood still and couldn t help but look at the clock hanging on the wall.Just go back and forth a dozen times.Time seemed to be against him, it was moving very slowly, and Li Dexiao s irritability, anxiety, and tension surged into Li Dexiao s heart, and he couldn t help cursing Pujie, why is it not yet o clock Hearing this, he sat down.Li Guohao, who was on the stool, turned his head and glanced at Li Dexiao.Seeing his nervous and irritable expression, he said, Dad, don t be nervous.Isn t it just the opening of a new store It s not like you didn t participate when I opened the store Li s mother next to her also took advantage of the situation Yeah, isn t it just the opening of the store You don t have to be so nervous.Zheng have any opinions on the Xiangjiang Supermarket Zheng Baoxing hesitated for a while, and then said The opinion is No, I just feel that the supermarkets in Xiangjiang are not formalized enough, they are developing too slowly compared to Carrefour, and they are not very friendly to ordinary citizens.Oh Why For example, take Dalian Lilian as an example.It should belong to the first batch of regular supermarkets in Xiangjiang.But the items they sell, whether it is department stores, daily necessities, food, home appliances, etc., are almost all more expensive than ordinary small stores.In Carrefour abroad, the prices of items in the supermarket must be much cheaper than those in small stores outside.Di Yimin asked in surprise Cheap Why It takes only one year to open such a big supermarket.Yes, thank you, Mr.Li.Although Li Guohao didn t get an affirmative answer, Huang Yulang would be ecstatic as long as there is a turning point.Back to the company.Li Guohao directly called Shangguan Xiaobao and asked about the infringement of Bruce Lee s name before.After learning that Huang Yulang was abandoned by his boss Huang Guang and wanted to pay 200,000 yuan in compensation, he finally understood why Huang Yulang would He ran over and begged himself to let him go.Huang Yulang is still a bit talented.How about this, if you sign a long term contract with Huang Yulang, this compensation will be regarded as his salary paid in advance.Shangguan Xiaobao was obviously taken aback on the other end of the phone.I didn t expect Li Guohao to call in person because of this matter, but the boss could only nod and said I know the president.In an instant, more than a dozen reporters were cheering.Running in the direction of the convoy, there were two young men dressed as reporters lazily walking past the crowd.Don t these people on the street know that the boss never accepts interviews from outsiders Besides, even if he accepts interviews, how much information can we get HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies side effects last One person watched other newspaper reporters rushing over, sneering.Another person laughed do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction how long do cbd gummies side effects last and said, I interviewed the boss twice, you will come with me later.When Master Wang learned that the chairman would come to the school in person, he immediately asked the dean and several teachers to follow him.Go out how long do cbd gummies side effects last and meet together.Seeing the reporters rushing out suddenly, Chen Sheng and the others immediately got out of the car to stop the reporters from advancing, while Master Wang who was about to come over on the other side also asked some teachers to help.Intense applause sounded in the square.Li Guohao stepped up from the backstage and took a look at the audience, there were at least six or seven hundred people.He was still a little nervous before going on stage, but he how long do cbd gummies side effects last really felt relieved to be standing here.Hello, students, parents, reporters and friends It s already past three o clock in the afternoon.We originally planned to hold the entrance ceremony for freshmen in the morning, but because some students came to the school a little late, we had to postpone it to the afternoon.Here I will To make a long story short.You may how long do cbd gummies side effects last see that the school we are in is still relatively simple, but in two months at the latest, our new school will be built near Marian best cbd delta 9 gummies Road in Tai Po District, and we will provide dormitories for each student.With the cafeteria Papa papa Principal Li has prepared a film screening for you.Okay, then I ll hang up.A blind voice came from the microphone, Li Guohao was obviously stunned, and a helpless smile crossed the corner of his mouth, Sighing in his heart, Zhang Dong was his only good friend when he first cannaleafz cbd gummies canada started his business and opened the store.But now, except for the hundred day banquet or the birth of a child, I will be notified of happy and good events, and basically I will rarely call to find myself, let alone sit down and chat, drink tea and count the money In fact, Li Guohao didn t have the idea of despising or unwilling to make friends with friends who had no money in the past when he became a rich man, but Zhang Dong couldn t help himself thinking this way, who is the reality of this society.After contemplating alone in the company for a long time, at the end, Li Guohao called Zhao Yazhi who cbd gummies for anxiety walgreens whats better cbd oil or gummies had just left, told her about Mai Xiaomin s child s 100th day, and asked her to help prepare a gift.But after thinking for a long time, I still didn t take the initiative to go upstairs to ask the other party. Wing On Building.Glancing at his own newspaper in his hand, Li Guohao couldn t help but pick up the phone and called Pang Heshuo Hello.Chairman What s the matter Editor Pang, I know that newspapers sometimes need exaggerated rhetoric to attract attention.Reader, but this is too exaggerated Before you asked me if I was going to get married, I said yes, and you asked me if I spent millions of dollars on a set of jewelry, and I said yes But then I didn t Just hung up the phone, why did you say in the newspaper that I spent 100 million to hold a wedding After hearing Li Guohao s complaint, Pang Heshuo couldn t help laughing and said, I really don t know about the chairman.It s not that I don t know that I m mainly responsible for news and commercial content, and people s livelihood and entertainment are not handled by me, but by the subordinates.I don t want my child to be an imbecile from birth.Zhao Yazhi swallowed when she heard that if the child was not born naturally, she might be congenitally mentally handicapped and low energy, how long do cbd gummies side effects last smilz cbd gummies for sale and said Then it s better to give birth as naturally as possible.Yes.But the natural birth was extremely painful, and I still have lingering fears Mai Xiaomin couldn t help laughing when he thought of something You don t know, this little kid weighed eight catties when he was born.Didn t you come to the hospital to see me before I gave birth You know how big my belly is.The doctor said that it is rare for such a small belly to give birth to such a heavy baby.The two whispered some more, and Mai Xiaomin asked By the way, aren t you and Ah Hao getting married next month I read in the newspaper yesterday that Ah Hao spent 100 million to prepare for the wedding, is it true I I don t know if it cost so much.It s not ideal.Ni Xingqing pondered for a moment and said Several states in the United States have banned the use of monosodium glutamate in the catering industry.As soon as I applied for the chicken essence company, it was rejected.I reiterated to those people many times that chicken essence is not monosodium glutamate, but in their eyes Coming is one thing.And there is no monosodium glutamate factory in the United States, all of which are imported from island countries, but now Americans are cbd gummies near me now seriously boycotting monosodium glutamate, making it difficult for the world renowned monosodium glutamate brand Ajinomoto Seeing the serious resistance to MSG in the United States, Li Guohao frowned.As early as the year before last when he went to the United States to open a palace pastry shop, he had already learned that Americans are now boycotting MSG in the local Chinatown Uncle Chang, but he did not expect it to pass For more than a year, it has developed to the point where the government took the lead in prohibiting the use of MSG, which completely curbs the development of Chinese food.No, it s .

does cbd gummies help tinnitus?

mine You brat, bring it quickly Woooo The little ghost reluctantly taught the red envelope to his father with a mournful nose.Seeing this, the little devil s mother couldn t help but said It s just a red envelope, how much is it, how about giving it to the child as pocket money Before the mother could finish speaking, the father hurriedly opened the thick The red envelope is full of hundred yuan bills The little ghost s mother was very surprised This The father counted it carefully and swallowed One thousand Hong Kong dollars Dong also distributes them at will, and how much money he can get depends on his luck.There are some cavans recently, and I will write them as soon as I get married.Single dogs are not worthy of marriage.Chapter 375 Wedding 1 Like all wedding reception ceremonies, Li Guohao had just brought people upstairs when he was stopped by a group of relatives of the eighth and seventh aunts.Among the vast sea of people, all kinds of men and women meet.They may become passers by, or meet and fall in love, but eventually form strangers.Today our new couple seems to be destined for their encounter to create a different relationship.Ordinary stories, destined by fate, their story will become a sweet love story for a lifetime.As the saying goes, a match made in heaven, a couple made in heaven Shen Dianxia s opening speech this time is not like what she usually brings to everyone on TV.Joy, but a more dignified, sincere and cherished tone.After the four to five minute opening remarks ended, Lydia Lydia said with a smile on her face Love is what people yearn for the most in life, and marriage is the end of love.Let us give the warmest applause to welcome today s most handsome groom, Li Guohao Mr.Li Guohao smiled and said It s Ah Zhi who I knew when I opened a palace pastry.Oh Shen Dianxia made a long sound, and asked pryingly Then what were you thinking at that time I didn t think much about it, I just thought Ah Zhi was very beautiful, so I wanted to chase her.As the wedding progressed, the atmosphere gradually reached its peak.Soon, Shen Dianxia said in a slightly envious tone I invite the two new couples to wear wedding rings that symbolize eternal love.This wearing will last forever and ever Soon the staff next to him carefully handed over the tray.Opening the ring box, Li Guohao took out the huge pink diamond.The venue was quiet for a moment.They put on the rings.Shen Dianxia asked Li gave birth to you Is there anything you want to say to Ah Zhi At this moment, Li Guohao thought a lot, bits and pieces of the past came to his mind, took the microphone from Shen Dianxia and said For the rest of my life, you will be the wind and snow, you will be the ordinary, you will be the poor, and you will be the glory As soon as she heard the first sentence, Zhao Yazhi couldn t help the corners of her eyes turning rosy, her pretty face was paired with her watery how long do cbd gummies side effects last eyes that seemed to be full of tears, Li Guohao immediately touched her face with his hand in pity She continued Whether the dust settles or the waves hit the rocks, I will never regret my love for you in the next life.By the way, Chairman, I didn t tell you that you got married yesterday.Mr.Bao has sent someone to hand over the cargo ship, and it is now parked at the Xiangjiang Victoria Wharf.Oh Has it been handed over Li Guohao didn t expect the cargo ship The handover happened so quickly.Bao Daheng said before that the cargo ship is now at Wanwan.Yes, do you want us to recruit some crew members and captains who are familiar with Thailand Just drive the boat over and let Manager Jin handle it.Shen Bi, as the current boss of Xiangjiang HSBC, has a personal network that covers almost the entire HSBC Group.His main role this time is to contact some well known sports brands in the world and some related brand companies.The second is to contact powerful TV stations in various countries to cooperate in this world fighting competition.Cotton candy is not unique to China, it is quite common in the United States.Many people have eaten cotton candy more or less.Someone held the cotton candy without any desire to eat it, and said to the people around him with some sarcasm Oh, my God, is this future delicacy for us to taste cotton candy If this is also a future delicacy, Then the dog food that my Henry eats should be regarded as the food of the future Hehe, although I feel that this press conference is a bit tricky, the taste of cotton candy is still good Yes, I have been talking about it for many years I haven t eaten marshmallows before, for the sake of this marshmallow, I will report the content of the how long do cbd gummies side effects last newspaper more pertinently this time. It s a piece of shit Who would eat marshmallows Shot, this is also the future Food Looks like another gimmick, there is absolutely no need to waste the happy time of Christmas I will go back to Jack first, there is no point in staying here anyway, just make up the contents of tomorrow s newspaper.The press conference suddenly became chaotic , almost everyone thought that Li Guohao was playing with them, and some even left the scene directly.After about two minutes passed, Li Guohao stood on the stage without saying a word, but calmly looked at the reporters who left.It was estimated that a dozen or so reporters had just left.When the last reporter who got up and left disappeared at the door, Li Guohao said with a smile Okay, some people who want to leave have already left, so I will officially start the press conference of future food Cotton candy, some people may think that I am teasing you, but I am not.Everyone should understand that a seemingly simple screw took a lot of manpower and wisdom when it was actually made.Cotton candy seems to be innumerable on the street.In fact, it also has a very high meaning New York s Fifth Avenue, Panda Express.Time magazine to interview yourself Li Guohao frowned slightly, thought for a few seconds, and then said, You invite those two reporters in.Yes Fang Ming hurriedly went downstairs to pick up the two reporters.Soon, a man and a woman followed Fang Ming to the second floor of the fast food restaurant.The female is blond and blue eyed, while the male has an Asian face.Judging from the appearance of his face, Li Guohao doesn t look like a person from Bangzi Country or how long do cbd gummies side effects last an island country, nor does he look like some Southeast Asians, but he looks like a Chinese.His face looked familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before.Hello, Mr.Li, I m an interview reporter from Time Magazine.My name is Lena, and this is my HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies side effects last colleague named Tom.I m here to interview Mr.Li about the molecular gastronomy you mentioned earlier Self proclaimed Lena The foreign girl told her name and purpose very straightforwardly.I will take this opportunity to talk to Master Guan.Li Guohao paused for a few seconds, then continued I plan to set up Fumanlou as a company and create a brand for it.Just like my palace pastry, after the company, I will open several branches in Xiangjiang.If the effect is good, I plan to promote Fumanlou to the whole world in the future.Promote to the how long do cbd gummies side effects last whole world Guan Yunfei s eyes widened.That s right.Li Guohao said Fumanlou is my family s ancestral property anyway, so I naturally hope to do the best business for the restaurant.This time, I also want to invite Uncle Guan to join us in Fumanlou.Li Guohao s plan is to build a brand new catering group, which is similar to Quanjude, but there are also big differences, probably similar to the later Yum Group.Yum Group is the largest cbd gummies for anxiety walgreens whats better cbd oil or gummies catering company in the world.He picked up the teapot and empty cup on the table, poured a cup of tea for the other party, and said, Uncle Bao, have you also received the notice from President Liang Yes.Bao Daheng took the tea cup and put it in his hand, sighing.He took a deep breath and said, I don t know.It s a good thing or a bad thing to tell us to come here this time Speaking of this, Bao Daheng took a surprised look, glanced at Li Guohao, and said with a hint of complaint Say Get up, Ah Hao, what you did is wrong, why didn t you tell me in advance when you received President Liang s invitation to go north, I just found out today that you were also invited. Uncle Bao, it s indeed mine this time.Wrong.Li Guohao smiled naively and said Chairman Liang uno cbd gummies reviews how long do cbd gummies side effects last invited me to go north, the time may be the same as Uncle Bao, it was in October, I think it will be the same when the time comes, anyway, we should be Let s go together.Second brother, is this Dexiao s son Li Renzong glanced at whats better cbd oil or gummies 250mg cbd gummies the suit and leather shoes, Li Guohao, whose temperament was obviously different from ordinary people, asked in amazement.When Li Renzhong mentioned this precious grandson, it can be said that his face was full of pride.I didn t expect that the little kid back then would have such a big son now Speaking of which, when De Xiao and your second brother went to Xiangjiang, they were still so young, but now they do cbd gummies effect stomach are married and their sons are so old Li Renzong gestured to Li Dexiao s height in the past, and then glanced at Li Guohao, who is handsome and elegant, and couldn t help but admire how long do cbd gummies side effects last Second brother, you are really lucky.I just think that Guohao s temperament must be one Unbelievable character It s a bit of an accomplishment.Li Renzhong laughed, then poked his head out to look at the room, and asked By the way, Renzong, why don t you see your siblings She took the German side out to buy ingredients.In the past, Xiao Fang, who used to be arrogant and arrogant, was accompanied by his side, which is enough to show that he is a big man Li Renzong said happily again Let s go, go in and talk, go in and talk Immediately, everyone followed Li Renzong into the house.Just when Li Guohao was about to enter the house, he thought of something, grabbed Chen Sheng and Ajie, and told his grandfather to go to the toilet.Under Li Renzong s explanation, he found a public toilet outside.Li Guohao didn t go into the toilet, but asked the two of them Asheng, Ajie, which one of you whats better cbd oil or gummies 250mg cbd gummies speaks Mandarin better Boss, I can t speak Mandarin Ajie shook his head, his ancestry is from Guangdong HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies side effects last People, who have been speaking Cantonese, can t speak a word of Mandarin.But Chen Sheng said I ll talk a little bit.Okay, then Chen Sheng, go back to the guest house and bring me a white box inside my suitcase.But there are only tens of thousands of cows on such a large grassland, which still supplies more than half of the output of the three northeastern provinces, which is very unreasonable.At the same time, knowing that their fresh milk processing technology was relatively backward, Fu Shengkuan thought of Guohao Dairy of his own group.Guohao Dairy has developed to this day.In addition to its business in Australia, it also sells a lot of dairy products in Xiangjiang and even half of Southeast Asia.Because fresh milk can be stored endlessly, it can be made into dairy products, which can be sold more conveniently and with high quality.The Hulunbuir milk factory also faces this problem.Their insufficient production is one problem, and their lack of good fresh keeping technology is another problem.Mi Gao is going to talk to you recently.What about the inland Guangdong cooperative power network Hehe, this matter was reported in the newspapers at the beginning of the year.Yes, we at CLP Power do have this plan, and we are already negotiating.This is not something that can be concealed at all., Mi Gao naturally wouldn t say no.Li Guohao said with a half smile Mr.Mi Gao, the result of my negotiation is not very satisfactory He wants to cooperate with the mainland, Guangdong and Xiangjiang s networked power stations, but everyone knows what the mainland market is like at this time.It is said to be reform and opening up, but it is definitely impossible for him, a foreigner, to participate in some industries.That s why he wanted to use the public opinion of the newspapers to try to make the mainland fearful.In the Guohao Building, Li Guohao was sitting on the sofa, drinking tea, and glanced at Li Zecheng who was brought to the company by Zhao Yazhi to play during the holiday.When he saw his son playing with a ceramic pen holder on the desk, he was quite helpless.Looking at Zhao Yazhi, she said, I said, Ah Zhi, why did you bring Zecheng to the company This kid is messing around, don t break anything for me.Zhao Yazhi looked at her husband s helpless eyes and chuckled lightly.Said I don t want to bring Xiaobao to disturb you either.Your own son insisted on coming to the company to find you.Hearing this, Li Guohao put down his teacup, turned to look at his son and asked, Ze Cheng, you have something to do with your father.Is it Ah Li Zecheng looked at Li Guohao in confusion, shook his head and said, It s okay.This time, Guohao Group applied for a banking license and opened its own As far as the bank is concerned, whether it is the group s cash flow, savings funds, or employees accounts, or the bank accounts designated by partners, it is absolutely necessary to withdraw 100 to their own banks.It s as simple as hundreds or thousands of people, but tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people, and the amount involved is at least billions In HSBC, Shen Bi temporarily A meeting was held, and the content of the discussion was naturally related to Guohao Group s establishment of a bank.At the beginning of the meeting, someone slapped the table angrily and said viciously What does Li Guohao want to do We at HSBC have cooperated with him for so many years, and we gave him a loan if he wanted funds.Li Guohao thought for a moment, then shook his head, he was still young, and his two children were still young, so he could leave it to whoever was smarter in the future.Immediately, he natures on cbd gummies turned to Ni Xingqing and Fu Zhengguang and said, In this case, follow your previous plan and discuss with Liao Liewen and Liao Liewu privately about the acquisition of Chongxing shares, and try to settle everything before May this year.Li Guohao has been waiting for the arrival of the Sino British negotiations, and then he can take advantage of the shock brought about by the negotiations and seek benefits from whats better cbd oil or gummies 250mg cbd gummies them.Yes.The two of them didn t suspect him, they only thought that the chairman was anxious about the bank s affairs, so they decided high off cbd gummy to win it before May, and then nodded in agreement After returning to Guohao Building, Ni Xingqing, Fu Zhengguang and others went back to the floor where the finance company was located, and continued to think about how to open Guohao Bank smoothly.On this point, Di Yimin and others It was answered.Ni Xingqing frowned and asked Then chairman, what if there is a fight If there is a fight Li Guohao thought for a few seconds, then smiled and said Then China must win, and it must be China.win.Fast forward to the end of August.Since the end of the Falklands War, there have been gossips in Xiangjiang, saying that the mainland will take back Xiangjiang, and the news of taking it back by force is not ruled out.In an instant, the Hong Kong stock exchange index fell by several percentage points in an instant.At the bud pop cbd gummies same time, countless citizens discussed the news that the mainland sent troops to Xiangjiang in the streets and alleys.The soaring housing prices in Xiangjiang also stagnated during this month, and there is a faint downward trend.Although many people believe that this war cannot be fought, more people still think that it is very likely to be like the Falklands War.The panic brought about by the rumors of communism has surpassed the fear brought about by the war.Whether it is a wealthy business class or a commoner class in Xiangjiang, they are unwilling to reconcile their money that they have worked hard for a lifetime to be communism.Even poor people who cannot afford housing and live in low cost public housing are not very happy to be communist in the Mainland.There is a saying that they would rather be a phoenix tail than a chicken head.You must know that the image of the mainland in the eyes of Xiangjiang people at this time is nothing more than a poor relative who is poor and can t eat enough.They don t know that this poor relative has quietly developed.When Xiangjiang was in a state of panic, on April 7, He Wei, who had been in the mainland for half a month, finally reached an agreement with the mainland.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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