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Manager Zhang came to his senses and stood up immediately Okay, I ll ask the front desk to call the business owners.To deal with such ungrateful people, the pressure of public opinion from the owners of the community alone is not enough.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone, pretending to search for the phone number, and continued A reporter from the Yanyang Evening News can cbd gummies increase libido just happened to go to our office a few days ago.We have been interviewed here, please provide news clues, this is also a hot spot, you can invite reporters to come and interview.Han Chaoyang sang red face, Jiang Changgui sang bad face tacitly, and said earnestly Miss Tao, I suggest you don t put It s really not good for you to make things big, and you will not only have to accept punishment, but also bear huge pressure from public opinion, it s not worth it, it s really not worth it.

You can t say that your son is not good, but what if they slip up And who are mom and dad liberty cbd gummies where to buy One has been teaching for more than 30 years, and the other has been a cadre for more than 30 years.Han Chaoyang was not afraid of embarrassment, but worried that his parents who had worked so hard to raise him up would be disappointed, so he sighed softly, Let s take one step at a time.The job in front of me has been doing a lot, but because of his professional background and lack of active overtime work, he is not welcomed in the office.Xu Hongliang felt that he was wronged, and said sincerely Chaoyang, I want to change the views of the leaders and people in the office.In fact, it s not difficult, if you solve a few cases, make some achievements, and win some glory for the office, Liu Suo and the instructor will definitely change their views on you.

It mainly patrols around the passenger station during the day and patrols some roads where the security situation is more complicated at night.Sometimes it assists the community team to investigate construction sites and Chaoyang Village.Check the residence permits of outsiders.What about the internal staff There are two internal staff, one is in charge of household registration, household registration and ID cbd gummies 100mg cards, etc., and the other is in charge of case materials, finance and logistics in the office.They have to receive the police and be on duty as usual.The work in the office is so busy, so you have to go back sooner or later the old factory manager pondered.My situation is quite special.To be precise, the situation in Chaoyang Community is quite special.The police station is on Zhongshan Road, and there are schools, hospitals, and bus stations nearby.

There is no clause in the does cbd gummies show up on a drug test 2021 liberty cbd gummies where to buy duties of the community police about checking whether the express mail is registered or not, but it is in the other tasks assigned by the superior , and there does cbd gummies show up on a drug test 2021 liberty cbd gummies where to buy have been surprise checks more than once before.The collection point is next to the police office.Han Chaoyang didn t want to be found out that there were unregistered couriers sent out, and he didn t want her house to become dark under the lights , so he simply took down the registration book and took out the A stack of courier orders, one by one compared and checked.Miss Boss, that s not right, this express mail was sent yesterday, why isn t it in the register Impossible, show it to me.Look, the date was yesterday, and there s nothing in the registration book at all.The proprietress obviously didn t pay much attention to whether to register or not.

Wu Wei sat in front of him, lifted the bun and took cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes a bite.How many have you taken down Seven.Okay There was no proof that we couldn t take them before.They are not well educated, and many of the false certificates were filled out with the help of the principal criminal, who has this information in his mobile phone, and they cannot deny it even if they want to.Although it is very sleepy, although the next step is to continue However, Wu Wei was still very excited when he brought up the case.He is a workaholic, Guan Xiyuan has long been used to it, put benefit of cbd gummy down his chopsticks and sighed What we are suffering now is Han Chaoyang s fault, he is just like a fake kill but don t bury , he took shit luck to destroy a den, Catch a few suspects, slap their ass and leave as soon as they show their faces, and let us wipe their ass, and we don t even know how long it will take.

The Finance Bureau and even the District Committee and District Government.Secretary Tong, don t they think highly of you Han Chaoyang was skeptical.I m really liberty cbd gummies where to buy convinced.Let me tell you, I just met them today.Shan Xiaoming s wishful thinking, everyone said that I was his girlfriend, and he dragged me to the restaurant.He couldn t let him down when he was so popular.It was so difficult to get there, but he introduced him to Secretary Tong, Secretary Zhou and Chairman Bai.Chapter 45 Someone is here Back at the neighborhood committee, getting out of the car was like getting into a heat wave.After a morning of exposure to the sun, the concrete floor was estimated to be 50 degrees Celsius.Under the scorching sun, I directed Huang Ying to reverse the car and watched her drive the car out of the compound.

I m a community policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Manager Jin should be going to work soon.Please sit down for a while and interview when Manager Jin arrives.There was a crutch on the shoulder, and I thought it was an auxiliary policeman, but I didn t expect it to be a regular policeman.A young man who graduated from the Judicial Police Academy looked enviously at the public security armband on his sleeve, stood up and said, Thank you, Officer Han.Officer Han, smoke.You re welcome, I won t smoke, I still have some I ll see you later.They were all strong and strong young men, among whom there seemed to be five veterans who were party members, and their ID card information was all in their resumes.In order to be sure, last night, I checked them one by one with the police report to prevent criminals or ex convicts from mixing into the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community.

Han Chaoyang stood outside the car with the four urgently transferred team members, using a flashlight to take photos with Director Su.The happiest person was not Han Chaoyang, but Director Cai of the Comprehensive Management Office.He held up his mobile phone, which was not very effective at taking pictures at night, and snapped a few shots.He signaled the community cadres, working group cadres, and village cadres to maintain order and prevent the surrounding villagers from crowding into the cordon, while calling the leader.report.Secretary Yang, I m Cai Xinyang, you re calling so late to report some good news.What good news Secretary Yang opened his hazy eyes and asked, yawning continuously.The investigation has achieved great results.A robber was just caught an hour ago, and now a murderer has been caught He is really a murderer.

If it meets the standard, it is not easy to be reimbursed.Not up to standard Liu Jianye s expression changed.Well.There are relevant regulations on the means of transportation that the police take when liberty cbd gummies where to buy they go out to perform tasks.According to the mileage, those who are close can only take hard seats, and those who are far away can buy sleeper tickets.It is not completely forbidden to sit on the plane, but it must be a special case.Liu Jianye came to his senses, looked at the receipt, and immediately picked up his mobile phone to call Deputy Director Feng.Boss Feng, I, Liu Jianye, last time I went to Qianhu City to arrest the suspects who made and sold fake certificates.Because of the urgent time, we couldn t buy train tickets.Didn t you let us take the opportunity to go by plane Now the finance says it doesn t meet the standards.

Stop and go, talk and laugh.No matter what questions the merchants raised, whether they belonged to the police or not, Grandpa Gu would take out a small notebook and record them.Han Chaoyang leaned over to take a look, and all liberty cbd gummies where to buy he saw were scattered and trivial things, dense but orderly.Boss Deng, is your family recruiting Grandpa Gu asked, pointing to the sign at the door of the store after recording the water leakage from the air conditioner condenser upstairs.Hi, we re short of two waiters and one handyman.The owner of Dafu Restaurant thought he was checking his identity card and residence permit, so he hurriedly added, Don t liberty cbd gummies where to buy worry, you and Officer Han, I don t want anyone without an ID card here.If you work here, as long as you live in the dormitory that I rent for them, you not only have to go to the health and epidemic prevention station to apply for a health certificate, but you also have to go to the community to apply for a residence permit.

If a certain number of door locks are blocked and a large economic loss is caused, it is a crime and criminal responsibility must be investigated.We don t know, we don t know much about the law.If we knew about it, we would have told you.Lao Wan, who had been arguing with Lao Hou, obviously knew about it, and took the trouble Officer Han, the Chaoyang No.5 team is the one where we used to live.The landlord s house has a facade, which has electric welding machines, cutting machines, repairing electric vehicles, repairing rolling gates, everything.I used to sell purified water, which is the kind of pure water that is delivered to people in barrels.The owner of the shop liberty cbd gummies where to buy That kid does maintenance during the day, and goes out to block other people s locks at night.He specializes in blocking the locks of the rolling gates.

Tang Junwei paused, and cbd sleep gummy liberty cbd gummies where to buy then said again My cousin played well with her when she was young, but she got married later, and I don t know if they have contacted after that.Ask for me.Okay, here It s inappropriate to call, it s bad luck, I ll ask you when I go back tonight.Thank you.You re being polite to me.While chatting, a familiar figure appeared in the woods.Han Zhaoyang was surprised that smiles cbd gummies reviews Zhang Beibei came, and he was relieved to think that her uncle s ashes were buried here.Bones were being burned outside the forest.Many villagers in the forest were burning paper and digging graves.The atmosphere was smoky and strange.A beautiful girl suddenly appeared in the forest, which was really eye catching.Tang Junwei also noticed it, and subconsciously asked Chaoyang, do you know me It s not cbd gummy bears uk appropriate to watch a girl do this kind of work, but helping will cause big trouble.

I slept until half past six in the morning.Old Jin, how are you getting ready Just after breakfast, I saw Director Su standing in the yard in a very formal business attire talking to Lao Jin.We have made all the arrangements here.It is said that Secretary Yang of the street will come to participate in the flag raising ceremony later.Lao Jin was very excited and responsible, and introduced while gesturing The flag bearer and the flag guard will come from there later , go to the first square and kick goose step, kicking all the way HCMUSSH liberty cbd gummies where to buy to the bottom of the flagpole.The team members line up at this position, Director Su, you will stand here with Secretary Yang later, and everyone else will stand behind you Very well prepared Before Director Su could speak, Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone and said with a smile, Director Su, don t worry, I ll call Director Wang and ask when they will arrive.

The house has not been demolished, and it will take two years at the fastest to wait for the relocation house to be capped, and if the house price rises again within two allintitle cbd gummies for pain years , the villagers are likely to go back on their word, and Su Xian also felt that this idea was unreliable, so she smiled embarrassingly That s what liberty cbd gummies where to buy I said, buying a house should be carefully considered.Well, I will discuss it with my mother tomorrow..Chaoyang, Liusuo approved the leave.You asked for two days, and Liusuo approved it for four days.It s important to buy a house.I want you to accompany your mother to look at the house wholeheartedly.Gu cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol Guoli put down his phone and added with a smile Liusuo also asked me Let me tell you, don t make any other arrangements tomorrow afternoon, let us accompany your mother to visit the institute, and in the evening we will greet your mother at the Garden Restaurant.

It s the first row, and it s a great view from the balcony.Ma Fengying looked here and there, and thought it was beautiful anyway.Han Chaoyang not only thinks it is beautiful, but also knows that Dr.Da has spent a lot of money on decoration, because the kitchen utensils and sanitary ware, including home appliances, are all famous brands, and even the walls are made of diatom mud that has become popular in the past two years.The best friend was embarrassed to speak, Huang Ying didn t have so many scruples, and said bluntly Auntie, Jiahui bought this house before the price increase.It was 12,810 square meters, including deed tax and house maintenance fund It cost more than 1.8 million yuan including the underground parking space, and 300,000 yuan for decoration, furniture and appliances.Now that the housing price has risen, some people say that this area has risen to more than 20,000 yuan.

Now if he looks for someone else, of course they don t believe him.The more Gao Junfei thought about it, the more depressed he became, and couldn t help but turn around and stare at him.Chen Yabing was not afraid of anything, only Gao Junfei, his brother in law, smiled resentfully, with a look of embarrassment.For the sake of this business, Gao Junfei not only sold everything he could, but even risked his life.He was so angry that he was about to say a few more words to him when his cell phone rang suddenly.Chen Yabing came to his senses all of a sudden, glanced at the caller ID, and hurriedly pressed the call button.Boss Chen, where have you been Brother Miao, we are here.We are in the parking lot.We are driving a white Toyota with the car number Yan A023BE.How about you, when will you arrive Have you brought any money Bring it, how can you do business without bringing money.

Seventeen people have actually arrived, but four people are on duty at the original unit, please instruct Without red sleeves, they are security guards, but with red sleeves, they are voluntary security patrols.Since he is a patrol member at this moment, he will assist the police in carrying out the task of maintaining order, and he will report according to the establishment and title of the patrol team.Li Xiaobin has changed from the first squad leader of the security company to the squadron leader of the patrol team.It became well deserved, and he didn t feel embarrassed when he just arrived at Liu s Office and the trainer, so he raised his hand generously in return Arrange your clothes and check your equipment.Yes Liu Jianye was not very familiar with the situation of the patrol team.Understood, just thinking about how to come here, Gu Changsheng led more than a dozen team members to arrive, riding electric bicycles, looking like a martial arts team.

What s good about Yanhe Park Take a walk.You just wear In this suit Wait, I ll go in and change into casual clothes.Grandpa Gu had already fallen asleep, and when Yu Zhenchuan went downstairs, he answered a phone call and rushed back to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, probably because of some police situation, the on duty personnel were too busy Need to work overtime.Thinking that the police office cannot be far away from people, and the walk cannot be far away.Thinking that everyone in this area knows him, it doesn t matter if they change their casual clothes or not, Huang Ying grabbed his arm and said, Forget it, if there is another police case later, it will be troublesome to how to buy cbd gummies from shark tank change it, so let s go Chapter 163 Evil nature liberty cbd gummies where to buy It was the first time we took a walk together, although wearing a police uniform and not getting too close or holding hands, Han Chaoyang was still in a very happy HCMUSSH liberty cbd gummies where to buy mood.

Thinking that Han Chaoyang should leave Zhongshan Road in a police car, he simply opened the door and sat in the driver s cab, called liberty cbd gummies where to buy reviews martha stewart cbd gummies liberty cbd gummies where to buy Director Su, and drove home with the engine on.In fact, Han Chaoyang was not driving at the moment, but was sitting on the co pilot of the bread police car wearing equipment.The five people on the other side may have murder weapons.Be careful and pay attention to safety.Every year, the public security police and auxiliary police assisted in sacrifice.The stab proof vest purchased, while wearing stab proof gloves, reminded We must pay attention to safety, and we must also pay attention to the safety of the suspects.If they are indeed involved in illegal crimes and dare to resist, try to use steel forks.Ruthless, it will be very troublesome to get them injured.

Han Chaoyang really didn t expect his future father in law He is so good with his mother in law, he said with a smile Please, if you don t have time, you have to take time.I will go when the sky falls.Help me think of some gifts.Does my father smoke or drink My mother likes it.What to eat What are our parents, my parents, okay It s coming soon.Shameless I m just shameless, I m happy, I m proud.Looking at his smug look , Huang Ying laughed wildly, Han Chaoyang was really happy, he switched the phone to his left hand, looked at her with a smile and asked, Yingying, I m not kidding, let s get down to business, what do you think I should buy, it s my first visit How can I be empty handed.It s rare for him to have this kind of heart, Huang Ying was very satisfied, and smiled lightly You are nervous now, don t waste the money, my parents know about buying a house, if you make it too exaggerated They are not happy on the contrary, just 250mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes buy some fruit, just make it up.

Okay, listen liberty cbd gummies where to buy to you.Chaoyang, don t talk about my parents, talk about your parents, did you tell your mother about us No, it s not that I don liberty cbd gummies where to buy t take it seriously, I just want to give them a surprise.How You have a rest on Sunday.We can pick you up at the station together.If we hold hands to pick them up, my mother will be very happy.Happy, must be very pleasantly surprised Hand in hand, you think so beautifully Not only was he an unlucky guy, but he was 250mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes also a little hooligan, the more Huang Ying thought about it, the more amusing she became, and she pretended to be angry and made an extremely ugly face at him.What s wrong with holding hands We re in a relationship How could Han HCMUSSH liberty cbd gummies where to buy Chaoyang miss this opportunity, and said with a flattering smile, Yingying, I m really reluctant to rent such a good house to others.

Huang Ying, you can t hide such an important matter from Teacher Ma Come on, let s take a photo together and show Teacher Ma.You are so beautiful and have such a good figure.Teacher Ma must be very happy.Huang Ying was so embarrassed that Han Zhaoyang hurriedly said Sister Miao, let s order first, and take pictures later, and besides, my mother has met Yingying, and knows Yingying Yes Yes.The younger brother was very dishonest when he was in school.Teacher Ma asked him on the phone.Miao Haizhu had a strong sense of responsibility and felt that it was his responsibility to help Teacher Ma discipline him.He stared at him suspiciously and asked, Really Do you know each other I really do, Yingying introduced you cbd sleep gummy liberty cbd gummies where to buy to buy the house of Bright Future.Why didn t you tell your mother I want to give her a surprise.

He committed crimes on the No.102 bus some time ago.At that time, there were three people.There are surveillance cameras when they committed the crime, and I have seen the screenshots of the surveillance.There is really nowhere to find them, superchill cbd gummies and it takes no effort to get them Deputy Director Gu was overjoyed, and asked HCMUSSH liberty cbd gummies where to buy with a smile, Do you have that screenshot Yes, I save the screenshots in the computer.Send them quickly, to my phone.Yes The tone of the leader is very urgent, and this situation is very useful.Han Chaoyang really had such a small sense of accomplishment, he hurried into the police room to turn on the computer, logged in to WeChat on the computer, found the surveillance screenshots and sent them to Gu Suo.Gu saw several photos of the suspect when he committed the crime, and ran downstairs to the detention room to check on the suspect.

He doesn t need to go to other places to perform duties.During this time, he is in the police station every day.Brother Dai, did you have supper It was rare for him to be on duty in the police room.Dai Jisheng didn t want to go in and sit down, so he lay down on the police reception desk and smiled, I did.I ll eat in the back.How about you I didn t exercise much, I m not hungry, I can t eat. Don t patronize reading, it s not good for your eyes, just read it for a while and go out to get some air. Well, I won t read. Where s Han University Dai Jisheng looked up at the door inside, Not without curiosity.It s time to rest, Brother Yu is also asleep.Has he bought the house The formalities are almost done, just wait for the bank to release the loan.His father and mother will go back in the afternoon, and come back when the bank has news.

Xiaobin, I m Han Chaoyang.I ll report the situation later.Please organize standby personnel to rush to the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Yangzhi Street immediately.Zhenchuan is right there.When we arrive, accept Zhenchuan s command.Changsheng, I m Han Chaoyang, please organize the standby personnel to rush to the intersection of Renmin Road and Yangzhi Street immediately.Sergeant Gu is reporting to the station, and soon there will be policemen passing by.Whoever gets there, you should follow the instructions and act accordingly.Hurry up Chapter 186 is dead At 1 36 in the morning, the police lights flashed on the road west of Xinde Electric Company in Fengyong County, and there were only a few people.This is not only the junction of Fengyong County and Yandong District, but also the high tech development zone of Fengyong County.

However, after waiting for more than ten seconds, there was no movement inside.I know there are people inside.It is the duty of every citizen to cooperate with the public security organs in the investigation.Hurry up, please don t interfere with official duties After calling twice, there was still no movement inside, and the people inside cbd gummies in wisconsin still did not open the door.The criminal police standing in front of the door immediately let Opening his body, the criminal policeman with oros cbd gummies cost a crowbar swiftly inserted the flat part into the gap in the security door.Director Du really wanted to give the people inside a chance, and suddenly said Listen, people inside, I am Du Laiqing, deputy director of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.I not only know that you were in Fengyong High tech Development Zone more than three hours ago.

So soon I thought it would take a week, but when I applied in the morning, people called to verify the information we uploaded in the afternoon.They not only called our neighborhood committee, but also called the police station.The background interface showed that our WeChat official account was successfully authenticated.At that time It s a government department, and there is no fee for certification.I made a random template and cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol uploaded a liberty cbd gummies where to buy few photos, or I ll send you the QR code, and you can scan it to see if you can pay attention.This WeChat official account can make money if it is liberty cbd gummies where to buy done well, Zheng Xinyi is very concerned about it, and she is very happy to confirm that the certification has passed.If it is done well, there will be advertising fees, and if there are advertising fees, the neighborhood committee liberty cbd gummies where to buy will have funds Su Xian was also very interested in this, and didn t want to trouble the police station.

It is not easy for the sub bureau to give these, but what is it for the district Political Commissar Huang felt that he should add more, fearing that the police behind him would hear him, so he suddenly leaned over and said, Comrade Zhou, Bureau Du, Comrade Han Chaoyang must not have enough qualifications, but cbd quit smoking gummy the results are obvious to all.A long standing criminal suspect, he played a huge role in the investigation of the 7.17 case.Especially the 7.17 case.Case 17 has been registered with the provincial department.Meritorious service must be rewarded, otherwise, no matter how to boost morale, two third class merits will basically not escape.Not to mention our sub bureau, looking at liberty cbd gummies where to buy the city s public security system, there are several policemen who can win the third class personal merit twice within a year.

During the rehearsal, Director Wen has listened to it countless times, and he likes listening the most.There are echoes and responses, singing and chorus, one after another, majestic, resolute and heroic, passionate, but tonight obviously sang better than usual, The treble and bass are integrated under the command of the most handsome policeman.The opening song was very successful and really shocked the audience.Unsurprisingly, thunderous applause rang out.Han Chaoyang turned around and raised his arms to salute the audience.The two hosts walked to the front left of the stage with smiles on their faces.The curtain was lowered slowly, and the policemen of the sub bureau chorus could no longer be seen.The applause from the audience continued for a long time.Thank you for the wonderful liberty cbd gummies where to buy reviews martha stewart cbd gummies performance of the chorus of the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang Public Security Bureau.

As long as our patrol team actively assists the work in the office, the leader will naturally help us think about it.Funding issues, after all, we can t post money to help, even if we want to post, we don t have the money to post back. Yes, yes, why didn t I think of this, oops, in the future, if you have anything to do with your police station and sub bureau, you can t be petty, all you need is a phone call , We can dispatch as many people as we can Chatting and chatting, we drove to the door of the police room before we knew it.Grandpa Gu was talking to Lao Tang from the Xinyuan Street Police Station in front of the police station, when Yu Zhenchuan was actually packing his things.Han Chaoyang was taken aback, and pointed to the bedroll that Yu Zhenchuan had packed up and asked, Master, what is this for Jin Chuan will go back to work in the office, if he is too busy here, cbd sleep gummy liberty cbd gummies where to buy he will come to help.

Did you bring your ID card I didn t bring my ID card, but I brought my driver s license The driver s license is also fine, show meAfter asking Bao Su Shien, Bao Shien s wife, and liberty cbd gummies where to buy the basic situation of the couple, Han Chaoyang raised his head and said, Now you can say, What s going on, why did you hit someone Comrade police, we didn t hit anyone, we were in self defense, that old guy is an old hooligan.Don t believe her, why did my wife do it first, it was the old hooligan who started Can you move your hands Bao Shien, you are being unreasonable, there is surveillance at the door, and whoever makes the first move will be known as soon as the surveillance is dialed out.Tan Xiaoying gritted her teeth angrily, having never seen such a shameless person.Did you hear that There is a camera at the door, and the monitoring room is next door.

If you refuse to disclose the public benefits of the community to us, and do not let us know where every money is spent, you are infringing We have the right to know, and we can sue the court at any time What exactly did she do, she liberty cbd gummies where to buy reviews martha stewart cbd gummies said one thing after another.Manager Zhang was overwhelmed by the questioning, and subconsciously looked at Han Chaoyang.As the owner of a real estate company, he is definitely one of the most tragic ones.Not only did he meet an owner like Tan Xiaoying, but his real estate company was cut off, and the security guard was no longer a member of the real estate company.Not only Wu Junfeng and other security guards have always remained neutral and watched him being besieged with a cold eye.Several owners even proposed to fire him just now to drive away such black properties as him.

Jiang Li glanced back and couldn t help laughing Chaoyang, you are really a lucky star.You came to our office yesterday, and it rained in our new camp yesterday.Today Come to Lijiayao with me, that bastard Feng Changdong will show his face.If possible, I really hope you will come more, and bring us good luck.Brother Jiang, you are still in the mood to joke, everyday optional cbd gummies will i fail my drug test if he What should I do if I run away You have seen the traffic here, there are only a few roads in total.He is an A level wanted criminal, and the bureau will not miss this opportunity.At this moment, several police stations and traffic police teams around Checks were set up on the road.Once several roads are blocked, where can he go If he doesn t take the main road, he only takes the small road Crossing the mountains Yeah.Running out is not as easy as you said, and some mountains are so steep that there is no road, and you can t climb over if you want to.

If you have the opportunity to go to Yanyang, you must notify me in advance so that I can take care of it.Let me show you the friendship of the landlord.There is a chance, there must be a chance Instructor Hang hiccupped, grabbed the luggage and walked downstairs, and said enthusiastically Our county bureau and your branch bureau are paired units.After a while, we will organize the police to go to your place to exchange ideas.Even if I can t go, someone else will go.Even if we don t have a chance this year, we will have a chance next year.Even if it s our turn, it s our turn.However, their exchange in Yanyang is different from the exchange in Yandong Branch.Although Yanyang is not considered an international metropolis, it is also a provincial liberty cbd gummies where to buy capital city, and its conditions are much better than Longdao County in all aspects.

The business cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol is not so easy to run, the sky is still there It s so hot, these two students went home after running for a few days, they didn t want to do it, they didn t contact Zhu Youwei much after they got cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol back, and I don t know where Zhu Youwei is.Old Zhu, have you ever been to the tobacco and alcohol wholesale business where your son works Yes, I went to can cbd gummies cause sleepiness the boss, and the boss said that he ran away after less than a month of work.He thought we were going to ask for wages., I didn t work for a full month, I didn t complete the basic tasks, I didn t pay my family Youwei s salary, and I don t know where Youwei has gone.Lao Zhu has a photo of his son in his phone, a young man with pimples on his face, He looks older than his actual age, and has strong genes, and is as tall as his father.Such an adult and a college student, what can happen.

Both are civil servants, and they are also volunteer patrol members of our patrol team.Okay, be careful.What can happen in broad daylight.The old factory manager is full of confidence in the two boys, regardless of what they are going to do , walked to the door with his hands behind his back and said with a smile, Yingying, let s go, I ll go inside with you The police situation is an order.stone field.Before the car was stable, he pushed the door and got out of the car, grabbed a worker who had just weighed a large truck, and asked, Master, where is the dormitory Is Pei Qimin in , he should be here.Take us there.Comrade policeman, what are you looking for Don t ask if you shouldn t, hurry up.Okay, I ll take you there.Han Chaoyang followed the workers to the dormitory, keeping his composure Pull out the roots.

If you call an online car hailing car as before, you don t know how much it will cost, and the online car hailing car is not a taxi.At least the online car hailing car in Yanyang does not have an invoice.Without the invoice, you can t get reimbursed at the financial department.Doing things for the unit makes me feel bad.Parked the police car at the entrance of the police office, stood by the car and waited for three or four minutes.Xu Hongliang arrived in cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol a white BMW.Han Chaoyang said goodbye to 250mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes Zheng Xinyi, ran over and got into the driver s cab.Wu Wei opened the door and got in almost at the same time.co pilot.Hongliang, let s go first, you know Yingying s side, please help.Let s go, let s go, you are busy with your work, I will call you if there is anything.Time was running out, so Han Chaoyang couldn t care less about asking, so he turned on the turn signal and drove the car onto Zhongshan Road.

, Act on time at 4 o clock.You may not be able to come here in time, but it doesn t matter, he is a murder suspect, and we will hand him over to the task force as soon as we catch him.Chapter 353 Arrest 4 Director Feng called Teng Jiming to inform him.As soon as he put down his phone, he opened the door with Juju Qiu and walked out of the monitoring room.After watching the surveillance video, we can confirm that Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang are not in the community.It is meaningless to check the liberty cbd gummies where to buy surveillance again.Besides, he volunteered to come here in the middle of the night because he wanted to see the suspect arrested liberty cbd gummies where to buy with his own eyes.Han Chaoyang put down the mouse and followed closely.The community was extremely quiet late at night, and I didn t meet a single person along the way.Walk into the doorway with a plainclothes criminal policeman, take the elevator to the 5th floor, and then tiptoe up to the 6th floor from the fire escape.

Fengying.Teacher Ma calmed down and said quickly Brother, sister in law, are you hungry I 250mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes ve finished the meal.Mom is waiting for you at home.You can sit with Chaoyang first.Yingying s car goes back, and I ll ride an electric bike. No need, our electric bike is parked downstairs at your house, and you can ride the electric bike back by the way. Take Yingying s car to go back first, and Xiaoshan will come back to pick up the electric bike No need Ma Fengjun didn t want to bother his sister, nephew and nephew s girlfriend anymore, not only did he not liberty cbd gummies where to buy reviews martha stewart cbd gummies let Huang Ying and Han Chaoyang see him off, he even refused to let his sister go with him, he insisted on liberty cbd gummies where to buy taking his wife and son to school to pick up the electric car Just go back.Seeing their leaving backs, Han Chaoyang felt sore and asked with a choked voice, Mom, are we really not going It s not that you don t know your uncle s temper, and he would be unhappy if you went with him, Teacher Ma sighed.

I don t worry about you leaving alone.No, their leader seems to give him another What kind of task is assigned, I will go to the county town to take the bus the day after tomorrow afternoon, and he will drive back after finishing the task.There is a task, what kind of compensation is this I don t know, you can ask him later.Third Chapter 157 Going home 3 Han cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol Chaoyang was how to infuse gummy candies with cbd not used to returning to the home he had been away for a long time.This unaccustomedness is not just returning from the noisy city to a quiet town all of a sudden, nor is it just that you were so busy yesterday that you are suddenly idle today, but that you are not used to living the life of a bachelor.In order to reflect the does cbd gummies show up on a drug test 2021 liberty cbd gummies where to buy rigorous and upright family style of the old Han family, and also consider the feelings of his father in law and mother in law who are far away in Yanyang, Teacher Ma cleaned up his former room and let Huang Ying sleep in the small room that has been used as a liberty cbd gummies where to buy reviews martha stewart cbd gummies study.

If the house is gone, the family will be broken up, and the family relationship will be weakened, what are cbd gummies best used for and no amount of money can buy it back. No wonder my father complains that he didn t Build a house in my hometown.Your dad doesn t have a house in his hometown No, it was difficult before, and my grandparents gave birth to several more.When my uncle got married, he still lived with my grandparents and uncles and aunts., My dad has already served in the army, how can he have a house in his hometown.Where will I go back to live now Live at my uncle s house, Huang Ying raised her arm and pointed to a small two story western style building not far away.He smiled and said My uncle s house is similar to the previous one.There are seven or eight rooms upstairs and downstairs, all of which are suites, but they are not decorated and furnished, so they look a little empty.

Maybe considering that the suspect is hiding abroad, and he doesn t know which country he is hiding in, and he is a little helpless.The No.2 Investigation Squadron is following.There is nothing the Bureau can do, and Team He and the others can do anything, and there are no specific measures.As expected Liu Jianye couldn t help laughing and asked, How do you plan to arrest him next Liu Suo, I really don t know about this, but I suspect that the three small contractors who suffered the most losses are also looking for Huo Xuebin.Two of them have already been contacted, and the other has changed his number.I cbd sleep gummy liberty cbd gummies where to buy can t get in touch for the time being.Maybe I thought I was investigating the matter of organizing migrant workers to go to the gate of the district government to pull up banners and ask for an explanation, but the two contractors I contacted were unwilling to talk to me on the phone.

Han Chaoyang and Grandpa Gu looked at each other, both felt that Director Su was crazy about money, and actually wanted to collect the hard earned money of the security guards.The security guards both felt that it was sudden, and also felt that this equity incentive was unreliable.There was a commotion in the conference room, and everyone whispered and whispered.Comrades, I know that everyone has doubts.Director Su knocked on the table, looked at the crowd with a smile and said in a melodious tone There is a piece of news that I forgot to announce just now.At 2 o clock this afternoon, the city held a meeting at the Chaoyang Village Committee., Deputy Mayor Meng, who is liberty cbd gummies where to buy also the leader of the leading group of the Chengdong Transportation Hub Project, attended the meeting in person and gave important instructions.

Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing when such a thing happened, Shiju, so it s really hopeless to work in the institute You re thinking liberty cbd gummies where to buy wrong.Working in the institute can really train people.I have benefited a lot from the experience of working in the institute with my master.I was still very relieved of my junior brother Shi Ju, and my eyes suddenly shifted to Yu Zhenchuan.He said meaningfully Zhen Chuan, master never mentioned Chaoyang to me, but he mentioned you more than once, saying that you are very similar to me back then.Shi Ju, I Yu Zhenchuan was embarrassed by the words, wishing he could Find a crack in the ground and drill in.Being a policeman means becoming a criminal policeman.What s so embarrassing Shi Ju said with a smile as he greeted his juniors for a drink.Transfer to the police station, and there are relatively few transfers from the police station to the criminal police team.

Zheng Si was also waiting for this sentence, pouted his buttocks and leaned over to open the tool box, took out the electric drill and turned around in a hurry, not knowing where to insert the plug.Liu Jianye was completely speechless.He didn t know what to say about him.Han Chaoyang gave him a quick wink.Lao Fan came to his senses and hurried to knock on the door of Room 3303 to borrow the phone.Facts once again proved that Zheng Si was not a bit of a vain name, but a 100 vain name.The technology to unlock the lock was not good, and the violent unlocking was not very professional.It took more than ten minutes to open the anti theft door.Han Chaoyang made up his mind that in the future, if he encountered people who lost their keys and couldn t get in and asked for help, no one would be able to turn to him.

But now is not the time to think about these things.I followed the director into the house and saw that the living room was empty, the three bedrooms and the bathroom were also empty, and Xiaokang was still sharp eyed.I only heard him shout Liu Suo, there is something in the attic Here we come.Liu Jianye came over and looked up, then turned around and said, The man surnamed Bi definitely climbed up the water pipe.His fingerprints should be on the water pipe.Don t touch the water pipe, and you can t go up the water liberty cbd gummies where to buy pipe.Young man, go up the water pipe.Hold liberty cbd gummies where to buy your hand, let me go up cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol and have a look.Okay.Before Xiaokang could speak, Li Xiaobin squatted with why does cbd gummies not work his back against the wall, and stretched out his hands to support Liu Suo s feet.One look at this posture and you know that you have been a soldier, and you have been a soldier Liu Jianye smiled slightly, and took advantage of the opportunity to go up.

, Call the institute later to explain, it shouldn t be a problem if you don t go.There are a lot of things to do tomorrow For example, after confirming the seriousness of the suspect s circumstances through the Food and Drug Administration and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, it is necessary to prepare a criminal case filing report and other materials.After the formal filing of the case, it is necessary to apply for mandatory criminal detention of the suspect measures, which means that the suspect must be taken to the hospital for a physical examination, and the suspect will be sent to the detention center after the physical examination.It is difficult to handle a case and it is impossible to seize only a bunch of black broadcasting equipment, which means preparing materials to apply for legal Freeze the suspect s money in the bank, and go to the bank to ask the bank to assist in freezing after getting the Notice of Assistance in Freezing.

Thinking of this, Zhou Ju s mood suddenly improved a lot, but after thinking about it, he asked inexplicably United No Management Bureau, how come I don t know about such a big event Yes.So Kang Haigen also participated Not just participating, but now it can be regarded as organizing investigations.Director Du smiled, and continued He just called me to report, and it can be heard that he has made up his mind.Determined to dig deep and investigate carefully, some of his ideas are still possible, cbd sleep gummy liberty cbd gummies where to buy such as follow the vine, join forces with health, food and drug, industry and commerce departments to carry out a joint operation to can i give dog cbd gummies investigate and deal with those hospitals and pharmaceuticals that use black broadcasting to conduct false propaganda and conduct illegal operations dealer.Zhou Ju was stunned, and couldn t help laughing It s interesting to extend from cracking down on crimes that interfere with radio management order, to cracking down on illegal business operations and food and drug crimes.

Sorry, I was training at the Party School today, so I liberty cbd gummies where to buy reviews martha stewart cbd gummies couldn t welcome you.It turns out that he is the most handsome policeman in Yanyang Cao Zefang looked him up and down, held 250mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes his hand tightly and said with a smile Party school training is so important, what s there to be ashamed of Chaoyang, you don t know me, but I know you.I saw you conduct at the Bayi Song Festival Chorus.Secretary Tong talked to me before I came here, not only mentioned you, but also asked me to form liberty cbd gummies where to buy reviews martha stewart cbd gummies a team with you and lead the community volunteer patrol team together.It seemed that there was no airs at all, but when he opened his mouth, Secretary Tong wanted to talk to him Excuse me, isn t this showing off It may also be that the fact that he seized financial power as soon as he came here is a bit repulsive.Han Chaoyang s first impression of him was not good, so he pretended to be surprised and asked Secretary Cao, do does shark tank support cbd gummies you mean that Secretary Tong remembers me Yes, I don t remember how I mentioned you.

You have an absolute advantage in this respect, and you must win the first place He didn t react, Xu Weizhong added Don t you have a public account, hundreds of thousands of followers, as long as one tenth of the netizens vote for you, as long as you mobilize the teachers and students of PolyU, you will basically be fine.Another vote Opening WeChat is all about voting.Gentlely post the voting link in Moments or WeChat groups, and brutally directly chat with you the voting link, which makes people tireless.Han Chaoyang didn t even think about it and had a day to solicit votes for himself, and said with a bitter face Liu Suo, instructor, we have a WeChat official account, I can shamelessly ask the community and teachers and students for help, but not now In the past, nine out of ten people with Wechat hated this, so it would be counterproductive to pull this vote, and even if you pull it, you may not be able to get the first place.

Repost something again, this is what bothers me the most Tang Xiaoxuan turned liberty cbd gummies where to buy reviews martha stewart cbd gummies her head and glared at her.Huang Ying didn t care if she wanted it or not, first forwarded the link to the two of them, then picked up Tang Xiaoxuan s phone, entered the password she had never changed in the past few years, opened WeChat, and forwarded it without treating herself as an outsider.Tang Xiaoxuan was driving, so she could only repost it, and could only ask with a bitter face, Second brother, what are you reposting Before Huang Ying could speak, Xu Ying, who was watching the content, said, cornbread organic berry cbd gummies Don t worry, it s not an advertisement, nor is it a commercial.A canvasser.What s that A missing person notice, Xu Ying smiled as she looked at it, This dad is pretty handsome, and this little girl is also pretty, the Zhang Ziyue I m looking for is really in the middle of nowhere.

No Sister Wei tried her best to control her emotions, trying not to step forward to admit it.How could Grandpa Gu just end it like this, taking advantage of her confusion, 250mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes he asked while the iron how much is 500mg cbd gummies was hot Big girl, by the accent, are you from Fengyong Yes, from Fengyong.I am the most familiar with Yong.I don t know if you have any impression of Hongxing Machinery Factory.It is just west of the grain and oil company.I have a relative who works there, but that happened decades ago.Not only did the factory close down long ago, even he is gone Hongxing Machinery Factory, that s an old calendar, and the young people today may not have heard of it.Sister Wei was dumbfounded, not knowing whether to talk to this annoying old man, Grandpa Gu said enthusiastically again Chengguan, Liqiang, Xiangning, Yanggou, Aikou more than a dozen villages and towns in Fengyong I have been to all of them.

It s not Zhang, Zhang Ziyue s identity is fraudulent, her surname is Wan, her name is Wan Xiaoxia, she was suspected of drug trafficking before she met you, and she was the main culprit in a key drug target case of the Ministry of Public Security.Impossible, Ling Bin really didn t believe this was true.To be precise, he couldn t accept this cruel reality.He grabbed Han Chaoyang s arms and said hastily Officer Han, you are 100 wrong.No one understands Zi better than me.Yue, she can t be a drug dealer, let alone the main culprit of a drug gang Huang Ying was also stunned, her mouth was wide open and she didn t know what to say.Brother Ling, I don t want to believe that this is true, but the truth cannot be faked, and the fake cannot be true.Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, grabbed his arms and said, She has already been arrested.

On the contrary, this has become their arrogant can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico capital.The auxiliary police and security guards are worried about being retaliated against, so they often choose to turn a blind eye.Their worries were not unreasonable.The year before last, a security guard in his twenties was stopped can i drive on cbd gummies and beaten up by several people after get off work, and the murderer has not been caught until today.Han Chaoyang felt that this place should focus on rectification, and said in a low voice You are busy with your work, I will go around and ask for you.Call.Okay.Han Chaoyang was not in a hurry to help them visit and inquire, and went back to patrol in front of the three security checkpoints, walking through the crowd, focusing on not bringing luggage, blinking eyes, or seeing him Just hide on the person.I turned around and questioned a few people who seemed to be acting suspiciously, but found nothing.

Looking back, I should have calmed down at that time.The prodigal son will not change his money when he returns, so he shouldn t be treated like that.You just said double standards, I didn t deal with this matter Well, it s a double standard to treat him.The old man s apology was beyond words, and Han Chaoyang comforted him liberty cbd gummies where to buy Master, don t blame yourself.After doing something, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.Grandpa Gu didn t want to talk about this topic anymore, and asked in a low voice Let s not talk about him, how do you plan to find that child.There seem to liberty cbd gummies where to buy be two highways in the west of the city.There shouldn t be many districts, so go and ask them one by one. The service area on the expressway is tens of kilometers apart, how long will it take to run it all Grandpa Gu took out his phone and pulled out a number, and said with a smile, On the expressway Traffic accidents are under the control of the high speed traffic police, and public security and criminal cases are still under the control of the local public security.

I am on duty on New Year s Eve and the first day of the new year.Since you are also on duty, let s have a New Year s Eve dinner together.The New Year s Eve dinner here is definitely richer than that of the security company.Why don t we have a friendship and make the police All the staff on duty in the office were called over, and we had a lot of fun together.Why is this so embarrassing What s so embarrassing, you are the captain of the voluntary patrol team of Chaoyang Community, and the captain of our voluntary security patrol team at PolyU.During the period, both sides will be on vacation, and there are not many people left behind.It s a good time to get together and get in touch with each other.In the future, the cooperation will be more tacit, and more importantly, we can take care of each other in case of emergencies during the Spring Festival.

It only takes about ten seconds.I watched liberty cbd gummies where to buy them do it.Yes, the effect is not bad. The rice is on the desk, you can warm it up by yourself, let s take a look first. Look, take your time.Han Chaoyang cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol lifted the cover, walked into the case handling area and picked up the plastic Lunch box, walked to the tea room between the security dormitory and the community health care service station, heated cbd sleep gummy liberty cbd gummies where to buy it with a microwave oven, then knocked on the door of the dormitory, looked at Wu Junfeng and other stinky boys who liberty cbd gummies where to buy were still asleep, and asked with great interest How is it, open No How could it not be opened Wu Junfeng moved his legs, and said cheerfully while beckoning him to sit down, I caught a current one, caught three thieves, you may not believe it, they are all women Female thief Not only are they women, but they are also disabled.

The bureau leader was going to announce the appointment and dismissal today, and the two of them would definitely go back to the meeting.But there was one thing that Han Chaoyang was very strange.He waited and waited until he got the notification from the office, so he couldn t help liberty cbd gummies where to buy calling and asking about Kang Haigen.Kang Suo, have you received the notification I haven t received it yet.No, I m also waiting for the notification.The bureau leader sent Gu Suo to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to take up his post.Why don t you come to our station to announce it first Appointment and dismissal.Adjusting the leadership team is a matter of one minute will affect the whole body.When Gu Suo went to Xinyuan Street Police Station to serve as an instructor, someone must replace Gu Suo, and according to the procedure, he should first be removed from his position at the Huayuan Street Police Station.

Try to find a way to get someone, anyway, you are just tricking him into giving him money.Chapter 518 Send someone here While they were eating, Zhang Jinhai, the captain of the PolyU campus guard, and Ke Xiao, the security chief of the Sixth Hospital, arrived, and Han Chaoyang hurriedly stood up to greet them.Han Da, let me introduce you.This is the Mei Tiejun I mentioned to you before.Minister Jiang specially transferred liberty cbd gummies where to buy him back from the new campus.Shen Xin does not need to be introduced.You are familiar with Xiao Wei.They are all party members and our school guards.The elites, who will be on duty in the police room and who will join the anti pickpocketing team, you look at the arrangement.Hello, Han Han Da, we are here.Welcome, don t stand outside, come in Say.It was only then that Han Chaoyang noticed that Zhang Jinhai had brought three young men.

Section Chief Xiao did not want to waste too much time for Han Chaoyang, so he said without losing the opportunity Chaoyang, our hospital Similar to PolyU, the leaders of the hospital agreed, and the salaries of Laoqian and Xiaoxiang were paid normally.As liberty cbd gummies where to buy for the matter after three months, we will study after three months.The leaders of the hospital still attach great importance to safety and security work, especially the police department Since its establishment, the security of the hospital has obviously improved, and it will definitely help solve a little bit, it s just a matter of more or less.Thank you, Section Chief Xiao.Seriously, if it weren t for your support, I would be really useless as a team leader.Group defense and group governance should be actively involved.I m leaving too, you guys talk.

Fearing that Han Chaoyang would think these people were irresponsible, Chen Jie liberty cbd gummies where to buy interjected as if offering a treasure The two of them will bring him back regardless of what happens.What if something happens to us, I will ask Wang from the emergency center The doctor came to see him, and Dr.Wang said that he was drinking too much, so it s fine when he wakes up, and it s nothing serious.It s fine.Han Chaoyang smiled, lifted the cover of the police station and walked into the case handling area, looking through The phone recorder urged Angkor, Sister Miao is on duty tonight, leave this place to Sister Miao, you go to rest early.Chen Jie, Xiaobin, you go back early too.It s okay, let s wait.Chen Jie looked at Miao Haizhu, then at Wu Wei, suppressed a smile and said, Kor Ang just ordered takeaway, we have to eat supper before leaving.

Said Understood, I will let Jiayong and the others go back, and I will turn around for a while.Uncle Wu, come back too, I am worried about you being outside alone.In broad daylight, there is nothing to worry about.It s fine if you don t come back, but if you find someone acting suspicious, you must call me first, and you can t act until reinforcements arrive.The old man is very stubborn, persuasion is useless, and Han Chaoyang can only retreat.Wu Wenge secretly thought that the anti pickup was to catch the current situation.When the reinforcements arrived at the scene, the day lily was cold, but he still agreed Okay, I will obey the order and follow the command.If I find any situation, I will call and report in time.That s it.It s fixedHan Chaoyang hung up his mobile phone, and while wearing the eight pieces, he said, We will divide the work, and when the pickpocketing team returns, we will be divided into three groups.

In order to plan to go to the branch office later, the senior brother and the running friends that the senior brother helped invite are also rushing to the branch office.The people were all invited by Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang couldn t how much thc do cbd gummies contain let people wait at the gate of the branch office, so he could only say hello to the instructor Gu, and drove to the branch office without stopping.Facts proved that it was right not to eat at the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Kang Wei had already arrived with seven or eight girls.Han Chaoyang hastily called Director Wen, and first invited friends who participated in the performance to go to the conference room on the third floor.The large meeting room is also the venue for social activities.Officer Feng and other policemen from the Political Department are busy setting up the stage.

If you make a mistake, you don t have to grab credit like this Han Chaoyang was confused, but the attitude of the two old leaders was very firm.If they didn t agree, what would they say Bite the bullet and agree.After finally sending away the two old leaders who were inquiring about their crimes, Lao Hu s phone call came again, and he complained as soon as he opened his mouth.Chaoyang, you were too dishonest about what you did in the morning.You told half and half of it, and I was scolded by Liu Suo for more than half an hour.You are young and have a degree.You will be promoted to a minor soon, and you can improve in the future.How old I am, it really doesn t matter if I make meritorious service or not, but I still have to work for ten years before I can retire, and I still have to work in the institute.

This is not a post from any netizen, but a piece of news.The headline is very eye catching, and it reads 24 year old policeman plans to promote deputy department raises doubts , and the news was posted on a portal website with a lot of traffic, and the source is Yanyang Online.The content is a standard news format According to the Yanyang Online report, many people under the age of 24 are still studying hard in college, but some people are about to become deputy department level cadres.On January 18, Yandong District of Yanyang City publicly announced the selection of section level leading cadres in 2016.A 24 year old ordinary policeman from the Public Security Bureau of the district will soon be promoted to be the chief of the Zhongshan Road Police District of the Yandong Public Security Bureau and a volunteer security officer.

It was so shocking, and the strong reaction of netizens was completely expected.Director Wen and liberty cbd gummies where to buy I felt that this It s just the beginning, after all, it s only been two hours since the video was uploaded, and as netizens continue to forward it spontaneously, the impact will become bigger and bigger.So Han Chaoyang will become more and more popular Definitely.Promoting the most handsome policeman is promoting the Yandong branch.How can Zhou Ju miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, pondering Isn t there still a few paragraphs, you should study it, grasp the rhythm, and choose the best time to post it on the Internet one after another.We are responding to netizens doubts, and we can t just publicize that the young man has How heroic, but also to show that the young man has leadership abilities.

I have never encountered such a strange thing before.Han Chaoyang walked inside, confirmed that he could not jump out of the window, and turned around and said, Miss Jiao, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Your friend saw the circle of friends you posted., I am worried that you have an accident and call to report the case.Since the acceptance is accepted, I have to ask the matter clearly, please cooperate.Not only was the little fairy not 5 pack cbd gummies even the slightest embarrassment, but she asked angrily What can I ask Emphasis, We are on official business Han Zhaoyang straightened his face, took out a pen and paper and asked, Have you been living here these days Well, where can I live if I don t live here Han Chaoyang looked down at the man who was still on the bed.

Especially fire safety , Check at the same time as the visit, if you find hidden dangers, record and file them, report to the village committee in time and ask for assistance, such as asking them to arrange for people to clean up debris accumulated in alleys, public baths, etc.I can call out the inspection records for future reference.Check the rental housing and the registration of migrants, check the information of the residents in the village, and meet or learn about the current situation of the ex convicts, key groups and mental patients in the village.It is best to coordinate with the village , see if there is a publicity on fire prevention and anti theft during the Spring Festival, remind the villagers to lock the doors and windows when they go out to visit relatives, do not gamble, drink as little as possible, set off fireworks and firecrackers must be in designated places, and be careful when setting off Safety Doing these trivial matters again, it is better to stay on duty in the police station than Wu Wei when he goes to the village, at liberty cbd gummies where to buy least he can deal with the police whenever there is a case.

Good.That s right.Han Chaoyang liberty cbd gummies where to buy quickly drew a floor plan, Jiao Da took it over and looked at it, then pulled out the gun from his waist, unloaded the magazine to check it, and pushed open the car door Just follow your deployment just now, we will Go in first, wait until you climb the fire stairs, and then notify the group that is attacking from the front.Yes The expert will know if there is one as cbd gummies for anxiety canada soon as he makes a move.Jiao Da was in his thirties, but he was as agile as a twenty year old boy.He grabbed the steel pipe on the iron gate and went up.They were wearing long down jackets, and their movements were not as swift as theirs.Jiao Da and the others had turned in and ran a long way before jumping off.When climbing the iron stairs, Jiao Da s footsteps suddenly slowed down.Apparently worried that the sound of footsteps would disturb the people inside, he walked up one step at a time, and Han Chaoyang tiptoed to follow.

Thank you, and I also wish you a long life together and a baby.Bao Qingshan waited for Han Chaoyang to come from the luggage Taking out the new year s goods from the box, he turned around and smiled, Jianguo, let me introduce you.This is Chaoyang.This is Chaoyang s new wife Huang Ying.She is also a civil servant and works in the can you fly with cbd gummies 2019 administrative service center of our district.Just married, congratulations.The middle aged man took out two red envelopes from the inner pocket of his woolen coat, walked up to Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying, and said with a smile Chaoyang, Qingshan always mentions you every time he calls, so I finally met today.But he I never mentioned you and Xiao Huang s marriage on the phone, and it s not too late to know now, so please liberty cbd gummies where to buy give me some thought.It turned out that he became the director of the police station at the age of 27, but he didn t control himself after being the director for a few days.

I gave Jiajia 1,800, and the little girl didn t want it at first.She talked about her seniority, so she liberty cbd gummies where to buy had no choice but to accept it in the end.Why did you just pack one thousand and eight, why keep two hundred What do you know, do you know how to be a human being Huang Ying rolled her eyes at him, and explained, Brother Ni will definitely be unhappy if you don t charge him a cent, maybe he will mistakenly think that we look down on him, and accept two hundred, Returning him for one thousand and eight means that we will take it.Honey, you are so good at being a man, I really didn t expect this.Huang Ying chuckled Actually, I also learned from Teacher Qian at our school.Wan Xiaoxuan and Shihan sent red envelopes to Teacher Qian, 188, and Teacher Qian replied 166, I think this is very good.

In addition, the medical expenses and food expenses during the hospitalization period are paid for by me personally.You will have a ticket for how much you spend.Give me an IOU later.Officer Han, please write an IOU.It s easy, but I don t have any money to pay you back, really nothing. There is no future now, a living person can be suffocated to death with urine, don t worry, just rest in peace and recuperate, there will always be a way.Six hundred and zero Chapter Four Positioning Measures Residential surveillance is a compulsory liberty cbd gummies where to buy can you fly with cbd gummies 2020 measure.It is not appropriate to handcuff the person under residential surveillance during the period of residential surveillance.If it is really handcuffed for 24 hours, it is not a compulsory measure, but a disciplinary measure.Uremia is cbd gummy text spam not a cold, and he will die without dialysis.

They don t rely on their parents like you, and they have no education.In the end, they all get rich, and you are the only one.In this way, we should really reflect on ourselves.Recalling back then, Dai Lishi was so remorseful that he was speechless in the face of Han cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol Chaoyang s questioning.Back in the police office, Han Chaoyang asked him to go back to the temporary ward by himself, sat down and called Director Xing and Huayuan Street Police Station Director Liu Jianye to report the matter.Unexpectedly, ten minutes after hanging up the phone, Director Du already knew about it, and even called him himself.Han Chaoyang thought that the leader was afraid of trouble, so he eagerly explained as soon as he got connected Boss Du, I know it s more troublesome to solve this way, but I always feel that it s not appropriate to ask him to directly apply for demolition of the house in advance.

It would be best if you can find out the famous halls, but if you can t 250mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes find out why, then you will lose your face, and you will lose your face to the foot of the emperor , to the capital Beijing Political Commissar Huang thought so too, patted the table and gritted his teeth and said There is no solid evidence, no reliable tip, just because the kid is suspicious, it s okay to arrange someone to follow up to investigate, everyone is happy if they can find out, and it s just a waste of money if they can t find out the clues.Funding.It s good for you.You are not sure, and you have made such a big commotion.Beijing is waiting for a reply.What should you do now Tell me how to end it It liberty cbd gummies where to buy s definitely not good to tell the truth.It s a joke. Now Knowing that you are afraid of being laughed at by your colleagues in Beijing, what did you do Chapter 629 Anti drug special class 5 What does it mean to shoot a stone at one s own foot This is like shooting a brick at one s own foot Han Chaoyang didn t expect that because of Lao Hu s bad idea, the Yandong Public Security Bureau and even the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau were in trouble.

After walking a HCMUSSH liberty cbd gummies where to buy few steps, Han Chaoyang s attention was attracted by the row of toilets 250mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes every few meters.Because I have never seen so many toilets, let alone a toilet that requires a lock to lock the door.No one in the village cbd sleep gummy liberty cbd gummies where to buy farms the land.Most of the villagers only income is renting houses to outsiders.Three or four families can live in one yard.Xiao Sun introduced in a low voice With so many people suddenly added, the original toilet in the yard It is not enough, and the only seven or eight public toilets in the village are not enough, and they are too dirty, so each household built a new toilet by the roadside for the use of their own tenants.It turned out that the landlord did not want passersby to go HCMUSSH liberty cbd gummies where to buy in to solve the emergency , The private toilet outside was regarded as a public toilet, so a lock was added to the door.

One of you is in charge of the interrogation, and the other is in charge of researching the clues and evidence collected.Xiao Han, you comrades in Yanyang are also divided into two groups, one group participates in the interrogation, and the other group studies together Analyze the clues.It is now 4 28, and try to get the truth out before dark.Yes Following the order from the leader of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Nanshan Branch, everyone immediately became busy.Self knowledge is what counts, so Han Chaoyang did not dare to join the interrogation team, and joined the research and judgment team with Lao Hu, Wu Wei and cbd gummies colorado gas station Yu Zhenchuan, walked into the case handling area with Team Ni, and came to a large conference room on the second floor , and suddenly found that there were thirteen packets of methamphetamine and forty or fifty bags of imported biscuits neatly placed on the conference table.

Bao Haibing raised his head anxiously.Mao Kangle said coldly What s your name The ID card was just found out by Wu Junfeng, and it was placed in front of the computer together with the unspent money that was snatched the day before yesterday.Honestly said Bao Haibing.Where do you live and where are you from Huangyu Town, Qingshan County.Do you know why we arrested you Yes.Be more specific III robbed someone s things.Mao Kangle looked back and found that there was nothing but the ID card and a stack of cash, and asked, Where is the thing you robbed Throw it away.Throw it liberty cbd gummies where to buy reviews martha stewart cbd gummies away Did you throw away your mobile phone I didn t throw away my mobile phone, but cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol I sold my mobile phone.Chapter 669 Face saving Bao Haibing, like most suspects, was extremely vicious when he committed the crime, and he was terrified to death after being arrested.

The lost money will be transferred directly to Chengquan s father s bank card.And let Chengquan s cousin and brother in law not only attend the on site payment meeting, but also pack up all of Chengquan s belongings, and hand them over to them later.Hand it over to the elders directly, otherwise you don t know how sad you will be when you see things and think about others.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly and said nothing.Everyone, including the master, .

can you take cbd gummies with buspar?

was let go, and there was no way to stay in the inpatient department.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to go downstairs together with Xu pearl cbd gummies Hongliang and the others.He had no appetite at all and was not sleepy after a night of sleep.After walking, he came to the police room in a daze.Lao Ding, who was supposed to be at home for compensatory rest, went to work early and was sitting in the police room on duty.

Han Chaoyang declined the cigarette he offered, and explained with a smile The leadership team of the Huayuan Street Police Station has been adjusted, and the original deputy director has been transferred away.The branch has not yet appointed a The deputy director, the office is too busy, and the Kang office can only go back.The bureau asked me to take over from Kang to take charge of several construction liberty cbd gummies where to buy sites, and the filing and registration of outsiders is also centralized in the Chaoyang community.I said to go to the headquarters today, the police Why is the door of the room locked The police force is tense, there is no way.The current construction site management is very good, the fence is beautifully built, completely painted, and even various nurish cbd gummy slogans or about the core of socialism have been sprayed on the wall.

Zhang Beibei and Xu Hongliang came to see the progress of the project every day to see what areas still needed to be improved.Han Chaoyang waited for them to finish their work, and stood at the door of the large cafeteria where the epoxy floor was being made, and asked, Mr.Zhang, Mr.Xu, do you need to tie bank cards to the access cards of several project sites There is such a thing, what s the matter Zhang Beibei asked puzzled.Xu Hongliang knew exactly what Han Chaoyang wanted to ask, and quickly explained The bank sponsored the card, and the card is free, which will not increase the financial burden of migrant workers.It s free to get the card, but there is a charge for using the card.Zhang Beibei reacted and explained patiently The bank said that there is no handling fee or annual fee, forever I don t want to use their card, I don t want to go to their bank to open an account, and I don t even need to activate it.

Sleeping in broad daylight is not about laziness, let alone becoming a leader and specializing, but for big actions at night.Every time there is a large scale investigation, there will be some gains.No matter what kind of criminal suspects are captured, no matter what clues are collected, the organization and even the police involved in the large scale investigation are busy, and they don t know how long they will be busy when they are busy.Rest early to recharge your batteries.Before going to bed, I not only set the alarm clock, but also called Huang Ying.Huang Ying didn t call him after get off work, and didn t go to the youth hostel.Instead, she went directly back to PolyU, went to the big cafeteria to have dinner, took a meal to take back to the dormitory, and then sat in the small living room to read the previous paragraph.

It was not known if it was a murder.Deputy Director Xing was taken aback, and hurriedly said Chaoyang, protect the scene and contact the Huayuan Street Police Station as soon as possible.I will report to Xi Da immediately.The criminal police, technical police and forensic doctor will be here soon.Yes Chaoyang called and learned that a dead body was found in the jurisdiction.Bao Qingshan got big and said eagerly Chaoyang, don t let the informant go, I ll be right there.Master Luo is by my side, he won t leave.Okay, wait.Lao Luo didn t expect that the person lying on the grass was a dead man, and he was so frightened that he couldn t keep his wits about him.He took out a cigarette and wanted to light it.Over there.Forget it, if you can t smoke, don t smoke.Tie Jun, don t worry about it here.Go to the gate of the factory and wait for Bao s office.

Han Chaoyang was really fooled, thinking that the two of them were arguing everyday, he hurriedly said Uncle Ji, you are always a senior with real skills, otherwise my master would not be able to invite you and Uncle Wu to go out, but we really can t get involved in this case.First of all, Director Liu has dispatched so many persons in charge of units and so many key case handling personnel, we are not even qualified to assist in visits and inquiries to collect clues.The masses You always talk about mobilizing the masses and collecting clues What s wrong with that The influence is not good.The influence is not good, yes, the current leaders are worried about this.But we are not ordinary people.No, take us to the old fertilizer cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes can you take cbd gummy and drink alcohol factory.Uncle Ji, last night the sight was not good and I couldn t see clearly.

What s their surname, what s their name, where do they live now, can they be contacted now It happened so many years ago, why do you know these things Old Man Wang asked puzzled.I m sorry, it s not that I don t trust you, but I have the discipline of keeping secrets.Since you want to keep it secret, I won t ask.Mr.Wang is also a senior smoker.He took the cigarette from Lao Ji and said in a deep thought If you want to know about these situations, you are right to find me.I used to be the accountant of the chemical fertilizer factory.I handled all the salaries and bonuses of the leaders, supply and sales staff and workers.Impressive.Great, please recall.The first factory manager was surnamed Wang, called Wang Jianbao.He was originally the director of the township work office.He was capable and courageous.

Got it.Liu Jianye was really afraid of something, and Liu Jianye was so cold.Director Feng heard it clearly, and was extremely disappointed.He squinted his eyes and stared at Liu Jianye, and then retracted the words.Liu Jianye was stunned for about two minutes before recovering.He hesitated for a while and asked in a low voice, Boss Feng, what should we do now You are more familiar with the case than I am, and you were the one who directed the case in the past few days.You make up your mind.I ve been waiting for half a day, let s wait for another dozen hours.Bureau Feng didn t know what Liu Jianye was waiting for, or what else he had to wait for, but considering that he was General Liu s liberty cbd gummies where to buy order, he put on his bag and stood up.He said That s fine.It s getting dark anyway, and I can t do anything else if I want to.

I ate there when I was there, and it seemed that Liu Jianye was also a guest at that time.Where to eat or not, Bao Qingshan has no objection, Grandpa Gu has no objection, Lao Tang and Lao Ding also have no objection.As a result, the location was sent to Miao Haizhu, and Miao Haizhu and the two old men arrived first.But they had to wait as they arrived first, because the boss and the proprietress had just steamed the buns, and it took about ten minutes to eat them.Han Chaoyang greeted liberty cbd gummies where to buy Ji Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge, walked into the store, walked around, returned to the small table just set up at the door and said with a smile Master, we also ate here last year.Guan Xiyuan wanted to eat crab roe buns, but Liu Suo didn t agree.We won t be polite to Liu Suo today, how about a few cages to try Grandpa Gu knew very well that if they didn t let them kill Liu Jianye, they would definitely not be reconciled.

Zhou Ju probably felt that drinking with Han Chaoyang was boring, so he didn t have a few drinks.Zhou Bureau and Du Bureau were not in their positions and did not plan for their own affairs.They tacitly didn t talk about the work of the branch office, and they were all talking about their parents idiosyncrasies.Although I didn t drink much, there was liberty cbd gummies where to buy reviews martha stewart cbd gummies no alcohol to add to the fun, but the meal was enjoyable for the guests and the host, especially the four ladies, chatting and laughing happily, so lively.On the third day after Zhou Ju left, Liu Ju was nominated as the candidate for the deputy district chief, and the Standing Committee of the District People s Congress approved Liu Ju as the deputy district chief of the Yandong District People s Government.The style of the new and old leaders can be seen from the titles.

Seven hundred and sixtieth Chapter 6 Set your mind right About the new leadership team of Huayuan Street, Secretary Yang hinted before leaving, and everything is about to become a reality.Director Gu replaced Secretary Yang as the secretary of the Huayuan Sub district Working Committee.Cao Zefang, who is temporarily serving as the first secretary in Chaoyang Community, has been working in the sub district office for the past few days.His formal appointment will come soon, and he may directly serve as the director of the sub district office.Even who will does cbd gummies show up on a drug test 2021 liberty cbd gummies where to buy succeed him as the first secretary of Chaoyang 250mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes Community is already an open secret.If nothing else, it should be Tang Yicheng, director of the Standing Committee of the District People s Congress.The district attaches great importance to this work.

Solve it, if the funds liberty cbd gummies where to buy reviews martha stewart cbd gummies for the anti pickup team are not available, I suggest that Junfeng and Xiaogu return to the company to work once the three months are up, so that they can not only pay wages but also solve social security and medical insurance, especially social security and HCMUSSH liberty cbd gummies where to buy medical insurance will not be interrupted.This is a very realistic problem.You can t just let the horse run and not give the horse grass.Han Chaoyang said helplessly If there is no other way, this is the only way.Xu Hongliang nodded slightly, and continued I know Jun Feng and the others, they are all dying to save face, and they might broad spectrum cbd gummies 25mg not be able to keep their faces if they return to the team like this, so Beibei and I helped to fight for them in the street before coming here.Comprehensive law enforcement coordinators and 30 community workers, they can use this opportunity to join the comprehensive law enforcement brigade, and they can also work in the community.

Call up.Coincidentally, their director came to Yanyang to arrest people before, and asked our branch to cooperate, so he was very polite.We are the provincial capital after all, and it is normal for brothers to come to our jurisdiction to handle cases and ask us to cooperate.Han Chaoyang said this, but he was thinking in his heart that a phone call and an investigation letter could do the job, why did he have to make a trip.It is very troublesome to reimburse the expenses, and it is difficult cbd thc gummies review to come back after traveling so far.Very tired.Wu Wei didn t know what he was thinking, and continued The procedures for liberty cbd gummies where to buy checking the call records have been completed, and we will go there as soon as the mobile company starts work tomorrow.There are a few records of ticket purchases for planes, trains and long distance buses, but they are from two months ago, and there are no recent ones.

You should get a room first and go to T2 after dawn.The police office of the terminal building is looking for me, and I will take you to meet the bureau leaders.There is plenty of time, and we are sure there will be no problem.Thank you Xiong Suo, you have helped us a lot.Here liberty cbd gummies where to buy again, please be polite See you, let s go, I ll take you to the hotel.As Han Chaoyang worried, Luo Weixing didn t sleep well all night, and because he didn t rest well, his eyelids kept twitching in the morning, thinking it was not a good thing omen.Yonggen, what time did Boss Qian say you ll arrive The plane at 9 35 a.m.can arrive at 11 a.m.if it s not delayed.Jiang Yonggen knew what he was worried about.He took out his phone and opened a travel app for booking air tickets and hotels.Searching for the flight information of Jiang Zhongfei Donghai via Leken, he held it in front of Luo Weixing Brother, look, he is taking this flight.

The participants by the window subconsciously looked out and saw three police cars slowly driving into the yard.Bureau Fan attended the meeting on behalf of the branch.As the leader of the bureau, of course he had to meet the hard working policemen who chased and escaped.After apologizing to the leaders on stage, he squeezed out of the conference room and walked to the foyer.The security guards who were apologizing at the headquarters had been prepared and ran over to form a large circle to prevent the arrested suspects from jumping over the wall in a hurry.Several staff members of the headquarters were holding cameras and mobile phones to shoot videos or take photos.Han Chaoyang, Wu Wei, Yu Zhenchuan, Miao Haizhu, Sun Guokang and others escorted the two suspects out of the car, then walked to Fan Bureau and stood at attention to salute Report to Fan Bureau, the criminal suspects Luo Weixing and Jiang Yonggen have been arrested, please give instructions Hand over to the police handling the case and escort him to the detention center.

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