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Huaiyuan Hou s eldest daughter is stupid, and everyone in the court knows it.As a female member of the Xungui family, how can she pretend to be crazy for more than ten years Unless the entire Gu family is helping to deceive outsiders.What is the purpose of the Hou Mansion s painstaking arrangements He couldn t find a suitable reason to question Miss Gu s stupidity.But the future is long, Huaiyuanhou s case is still in his hands, he will find an opportunity to find out the truth.Wei Yuanchen raised his feet and walked down the mountain, but Gu Mingzhu who was lying on the ground immediately got up and caught up.Miss Gu had tears on her face, looking weak and helpless, she was extremely pitiful.It s like the dew on the grass leaves, crystal clear and harmless, but as long as you walk over, you can be silently wet by them.

In this case, she might as well make it clear through Zhou Ruzhang.Ma am, people from the yamen have come and said they found the murderer at the foot of the mountain.Mrs.Lin was overjoyed Let s go and have a look.Miss Gu was found on the mountain, and the yamen found the murderer who fell from the hillside.This person was wearing a monk s robe and looked like a monk.The abbot of the temple stepped forward to identify him and found that he was not a member of the temple.Amitabha.The monks in the temple couldn t help chanting the Buddha s name.Fortunately, the Bodhisattva blessed him, and tre house d9 cbd gummies nothing major happened.The general judge of Taiyuan Mansion hurried over, glanced at the murderer who was seriously injured and unconscious, and immediately went to see Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou Madam, can I ask Missy to go and identify her The murderer, but she danced and danced to let everyone know the ins and outs of the whole thing.

Mrs.Lin said to Mrs.Cui Si After a few days, Zhu Zhu will come here noisy, but I m bothering the Marquis, and I will send someone to follow.You do cbd gummies stay in your system 2000mg cbd gummies are being polite, Mrs.Cui lord jones cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin Si said.Thanks to the help of the Gu family, we will keep it in mind.The carriage drove forward slowly, and Gu Mingzhu, who had been restless all this time, finally showed a smile on her face.The Cui family in the Marquis of Anding s family has a big business, and there are many children in the clan.Looking at the scenery outside, in fact, it is not easy to control the number of people, and the business is easy to be coveted.What Cui Zhen said to his mother, she heard some , being targeted by Empress Wei s mother clan, Cui Zhen s life is destined to be difficult.What Cui Zhen said was right.Their Huaiyuan Hou Mansion is just the in laws of the Cui family, and it is not appropriate to get involved in this fight, lest they be affected by Chi Yu, so it is not appropriate to live in the Cui family all the time.

He thought it would go on like this, but he witnessed the murder of a shopkeeper who was familiar with him, and the assailant ran away with his face covered.He wanted to help the shopkeeper They went to the yamen, walked all over the streets and alleys, no matter how they ran, they found nothing, until someone revealed the reward list, and then caught the escaped murderer.From then on, he made up his mind to do this kind of work, so he went to the Escort Bureau as a trooper, served tea and water for Wuzuo, and served around.When he was sixteen years old, he met a master detective who was good at detectives.He finally succeeded as a teacher and followed his master around.Somewhat confident, the Elder gave the clues, so how can he still do nothing.After searching around Yong an Lane carefully, he finally found a few suspicious people, and followed them along.

The yamen arrested those people in Yong an Lane.If they are thieves, they must find the property they robbed.Without these things, how can they be convicted.The place marked on this map is outside the city, not far from Yong an Lane.What is the thing that Yamen wants most right now stolen goods.Nie Chen also had such a guess that he would throw the map to him.If it was really stolen, only he dared to cross the yamen to get these things, because he was ordered to investigate the case by secret, and it was only natural to intervene in the case.He got the evidence, even if he took control of the lord jones cbd gummies whole case.It seems that Nie Chen took important things to surrender, but in fact, his identity, official position, intention of coming to Taiyuan Mansion, and even the relationship between the Wei family and the prince were all calculated.

They have not had time to clean up when they first arrived.Everyone is too busy to touch the ground, and they have never sent someone to guard there.The problem is that there is only one key.The mother in charge reached out and touched it.The key at the waist, the cold key in her hand exudes a chill.She has always hung the key on her waist.Although she never touches it from time to time, since it is still here, it can be seen that she has never lost it.How can you take something without a key Mrs.Lin Tai said Call Zhuzhu over and I ll ask her.Others can lie, Zhuzhu can t tell lies.After a cup cbd gummies breastfeeding of tea, Gu Mingzhu was invited into the room.Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin picked up the doll and said intentionally, Tell aunt, who gave it to you Gu Mingzhu stared at the doll, then opened her mouth and said crisply Me.

It is a good virtue to see through and not tell the truth, so she restored the ghost stick and put it back.Although there was such a turmoil today, Mrs.Lin would probably blame Zhou Rujun.After all, things escaped from the locked box, except for human beings, it was ghosts.So Mrs.Lin will not give up her previous plan easily.No matter who wants to plot against the Cui family, it should achieve its goal this time.Gu Mingzhu only felt that the mother in charge kneaded her legs just right, and that the people in Mrs.Lin s house were really good.The kindness is hard to give up, so she do cbd gummies stay in your system 2000mg cbd gummies will rest here for a while, and there are still many things to do when she recovers.The mother in charge noticed that Miss 2000mg cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies Gu had been leaning on the pillow for a long while without moving, so she couldn t help but raised her head to look.

Whether it is the crown prince or several princes, the court situation may change at any time before the real aspiration for the throne is reached, and easily getting involved in it will put the whole lord jones cbd gummies Cui family in a state of doom.So every time there is a slight hint, he will wipe everything out invisible.Not only did he fail to win the initiative this time, but he was also plotted by two parties.Brother.Cui Wei called out anxiously again.Cui Zhen recovered from his contemplation There are problems in those three villages.There are very few men in the villages, and they all said that they died of earthquakes.I checked the documents of the government office, and the corpses I found were far from the number of people who were expelled.The Yamen only used the phrase there are countless people buried , what if those people were not buried Cui Wei said Brother, do you mean that some strong men were hidden These people deliberately hid in the mountains and became thieves.

Unexpectedly, before I had time to arrange it, there was a bigger earthquake near the village.I took people to check it.It turned out that the accident was an iron mountain.The gunpowder blew up half of the mountain.The people who complained to me were all buried in it.Those lord jones cbd gummies stoves must have noticed something strange and killed them.All the clues are gone, and what is presented to me is that the villagers failed to mine without permission.If the court pursues it, those villages The remaining women, children and old people will lord jones cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin also be accused of crimes, so I am going to treat this case as an earthquake before I find more clues.Wei Yuanchen said coldly Lord Lu is incompetent as an official, but doing these things is a shame.Very good.The sarcastic tone made Lu Shenzhi s face look sad.Lu Shenzhi said I am ashamed of the official uniform on my body.

It can be seen that the plum blossom sore is severe.Zi Yuan was so indifferent, as if she had long since put life and death aside.Gu Mingzhu s gaze swept past Zi Yuan s waist, and she took the opportunity to check Zi Yuan s illness, which she had just checked, and Zi Yuan hid a dagger in her waist.The short dagger is suitable for close up assassination, does Ziyuan have any plans You must know that it is irrational to assassinate or steal property.The government will not think that the people caught in Yong an Lane are innocent because of this, but will think that they are all accomplices.Girl, don t think about it, Ah Jin said, Where did the plum blossom sore come from You just need to rest easy and recuperate.You can redeem yourself and leave this flower boat in a few days, so you can live your peaceful life.

She is a weak little girl, but she wants to fight with all her might to kill that Young Master Ding.Her slender body trembled a little due to tension, but she didn t give up just yet.She has been in the Goulan Courtyard for many years, she has suffered all kinds of cold looks, and suffered all kinds of pain.If it wasn t for the lord jones cbd gummies person in her heart, she would have died long ago.For her, living is more painful than dying.Letting her do the last thing tonight would be a worthy death, and she would have the face to meet the person in her heart.She clenched the dagger tightly funky farms tropical fruit cbd gummies and stared at the figure not far away.Finally, all the guards around Mr.Ding left lord jones cbd gummies Now is the best time.She approached Mr.Ding step by step.Mr.Ding looked at the lake and didn t notice her behind him.Her footsteps are so firm, she walks this road to death, to her destination.

Ding was standing just now, but Mr.Ding had disappeared.She looked around in a five cbd gummies free panic, her heart sinking into the abyss like a stone being dropped.She backed away in a daze, and then saw the guards of the Ding family walking towards this side.She didn t expect them to come so fast, and she didn t have any time to breathe.The person who prevented her from assassinating Mr.Ding shook his head to her, signaling not to act rashly, and he was about to turn around and leave.At this moment, .

do keoni cbd gummies work?

she lifted the corner of her skirt and climbed over the railing of the bow, and fell into the lake.Someone fell into the water.Shouting resounded overhead.The person who blocked her jumped into the water without any hesitation Wei Yuanchen was about to leave the big boat when he heard shouts.The guards around him immediately went to check the situation, and came back after a while to report The doctor jumped out of the boat, and the people who prevented her from assassinating Mr.

Mrs.Lin swallowed, she seemed to have no reason to reject Mr.Wei, and Mr.Wei couldn t just stop him, right Mrs.Lin ordered the steward Bring someone over here Wei Yuanchen and Sun Langzhong walked into Gu s house one after another.The small courtyard of Gu s house was silent, and no one dared to raise their heads to look at Mr.Wei.Wei Yuanchen s azure robe was spotless, his face was frosty, his eyes were deep, his figure was straight, and his every move showed an unkind indifference.Mrs.Lin couldn t help but shudder when she saw it.Madam Huaiyuanhou.Wei Yuanchen stepped forward and saluted.Master Wei.Mrs.Lin immediately returned the gift, asking Wei Yuanchen to take a seat in the room.When the servants brought the tea, Mrs.Lin s eyes fell on the tea bowl, and she really wanted to lift the lid to see if Zhuzhu had put ingredients in it.

Chapter 44 Rabbit fur that slaps the face, like catkins in March, can be hung on the face at will.But catkins are pure white, and the rabbit fur in front of him, do cbd gummies stay in your system 2000mg cbd gummies like its owner, is black.The rabbit on the ground hopped forward, the injury on the leg was still not healed, but the scorched hair had grown a lot, and it was fatter than when he saw it at the Cui family s ancestral grave.It can be cooked in the pot.Wei Yuanchen raised his hand and brushed the rabbit fur off his face, but contrary to his wishes, those little furry things immediately cbd gummies and smoked covered his body and scattered everywhere.The little girl in front of her was still smiling, and there were still tears on her face under the sun, and her big eyes were in a daze of innocence.Her lips were slightly curled up, and her expression was a bit cute, which made her look more innocent.

Lin s grandfather, that old general who had never been defeated in his life.It s a pity that Mrs.Lin s grandfather was betrayed by the lieutenant general of the battalion when he was fighting abroad, and the Tatars kidnapped his family members.His wife and three sons were killed, and only the youngest son was taken back.Old General Lin felt sorry for his wife and never continued.He devoted himself to raising his youngest son.Old General Lin s youngest son is Mrs.Lin s father, Lin Qicheng.Lin Qicheng watched his mother and several brothers being killed when he was young, and left a knot in his heart.He didn t want his do cbd gummies stay in your system 2000mg cbd gummies son to inherit his father s business and enter and exit the military camp.A day of peace.Old General Lin was also an open minded person, he didn t make many demands on Lin Qicheng, and let his son live in peace, if there were any outstanding children in the Lin clan, hemp bombs gummies tested contain no cbd he would teach them, Mrs.

Gu Mingzhu tugged at the corner of Nie Chen s clothes again Brother, tell Master Wei about what you found in the inn outside the city Cui Zhen would also secretly investigate this matter.Find out everything before the Cui family.Seeing Nie Chen and Gu Mingzhu whispering in the corner, Wei Yuanchen frowned subconsciously, not knowing what tricks she was playing.Master Wei, Nie Chen said, I heard that something happened to Zhao s shop, so I asked people to search around for the news.I learned that Master Zhao s younger sister, Zhao Gongren, came to Taiyuan Mansion.Zhao Gongren lived outside the city the day before entering the city.In the inn not far away.I don t know if it s a coincidence that there is a river near the inn where Zhao Gongren lives, and someone found a corpse in the river early this morning.

The next one to be tricked might be the crown prince.Sun Langzhong said after a long while It s old after all.Now the dolls are better than each other.Even if Miss Gu is pretending to be stupid, her heart is not bad.Besides, she has saved the third master.Maybe they will be friends with the third master in the future.Not an enemy He didn t say anything later.After being said by the third master, he felt that Miss Gu was a talent to be made.Chu Jiu nodded again and again outside the door, he now understood that the third master went around a lot, just wanting Sun Langzhong to say this sentence.I really didn t see it, the third master kept saying he was on guard against others, so he gave away his waist card, if he didn t guard up in the future, then it s okay, and he couldn t wait to stuff everything into people s arms.

Just like this time, the third master said that he was here to try the case, but he was obviously here to support the Gu family, and the result might be counterproductive.If I knew it earlier, I should have communicated with Mrs.Lin in advance so that Mrs.Lin could be prepared.Thinking of this, Chu Jiu cast a glance at Mrs.Lin and Miss Gu, wondering if Mrs.Lin could understand.Madam Lin couldn t help frowning, and the servant beside Master Wei winked, reminding her of what happened that day again.The two masters and servants are more worry free than the other.Gu Mingzhu looked sideways at Wei Yuanchen, what kind of medicine is sold in Master Wei s gourd Since Lin Runzhi was in Cui s house, Lord Wei would naturally arrange for someone to watch at the Cui family s ancestral house.Mrs.Lin took Lin Runzhi away with her front foot, and he would know about it with her back foot.

If you mention such a secret in the Gu family, you are not afraid of being heard Unless the mother in charge feels that the matter is too urgent and has to take this risk, the mother in charge is too concerned about Lin Sizhen s situation, it should be Lin Sizhen s eyeliner in Cui s house.With such an inference, I am afraid that what Lin Runzhi knows is not conducive lord jones cbd gummies cbd gummies for enlarged prostate to Lin Sizhen.So she took the opportunity to report a letter to Master Wei, so that everyone would avoid detours.Gu Mingzhu ran to the door of the study, and rushed in without saying a word.Chu Jiu, who was standing there, stretched out her hand to stop her, but before her hand touched Miss Gu, she felt as if she had been stabbed by a needle., immediately retracted his hand.It s dangerous, Ah Jiu is covered in white sweat, he almost did something wrong, anyone can stop him, only thishe can never do lord jones cbd gummies it.

There was a lot of blood, and my uncle dragged the man away from the inn.I was terrified and couldn t sleep at night.I went to clean the room in the middle of the night, and when I walked to the window, I saw a figure walking outside.At that time, the window was not completely closed.Seeing that person s facehehe was the one my second uncle knocked out, hedisappeared in the blink of an lord jones cbd gummies eye.My mother told me not to tell what happened that nightbut I just forgot No way There will be wind lanterns in the corridor of the inn at night, and the light is enough to see a person s face clearly, so what Lin Runzhi said may be the truth, Gu Mingzhu thought about it a little, the second Master Zhao knocked out was Si Cheng, they inferred Si Cheng After fainting, he was thrown into the river by Master Zhao Er to silence him.

Lin said, If Master Wei doubts the old man, let him come and meet you.As soon as Mrs.Lin finished speaking, the curtain of the main room was lifted , and then several 2000mg cbd gummies women walked in.What do you want to do Mrs.Lin raised her voice, trying to intimidate these people, Enter the door without waiting for the pass, is there no rule No need to pass.Wei Yuanchen s indifferent voice came from outside the door I obstructed the official s investigation time and time again, ignored the court s laws, and according to the law stick twenty, because Mrs.Lin Tai has an order, let s change it to slap her mouth five times What Mrs.Lin s eyes widened Youyoudare Before she finished speaking, she do you have to have a prescription for cbd gummies saw several women coming forward.Who dares to do anything, Mrs.Lin said, If you dare to touch a single hair of my hair today, I will never forgive you.

Wei cbd gummies from the whole plant said.Then why don t you all go over and see the situation together, Wei Yuanchen said, With so many people going together, maybe we can come up with a better idea.Wei Yuanchen wanted to drag everyone into the water.It s not too late, Wei Yuanchen said, everyone get up and ride out of the city to see what kind of trap it is.Someone kidnapped Mr.Zhao Er, and Wei Yuanchen kidnapped the entire Taiyuan Mansion officials The backyard of the prince s mansion.Gu Mingzhu wanted to sit down and rest, but just took two steps but spit out a puddle of filth with a wow.The servants of the Prince s Mansion were so frightened that they all avoided him.Zi Yuan immediately stepped forward with a panicked expression on her face Sister, how are you You haven t recovered from your illness, and you really shouldn t come to tune the piano.

My lord, Feng Anping stepped forward, usually he didn t dare to speak too much, but now, taking advantage of the crown prince s bad luck, he could go forward and say a few more words to his lord, If it wasn t for your lord, I might not be able to catch lord jones cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin that murderer, Don t take it to heart.After Feng Anping finished speaking, he glanced at Chu Jiu next to him, who looked like a pissed off daughter in law, probably because he failed to save Master Zhao Er was blamed.Poor ninth day.Thinking of this, Feng Anping decided to feel sorry for Chu Jiu My lord, don t blame Chu Jiu, I have seen it just now, Chu Jiu s bow and arrow are not bad, I am afraid that the result will be the same for anyone else, and the people in the yamen are also careful Be careful, you didn t disturb the murderer in the end, and the Zhao family stewards did what you said Wei Yuanchen twitched his eyebrows again, and turned his face slightly.

Baotong nodded.Gu Mingzhu lay down again.If she remembered correctly, the white jade flower hairpin was on Zhao Gongren s head.What was going on Wei Yuanchen went all the way back to his residence.Entering the inner room, HCMUSSH lord jones cbd gummies a lyre was placed on the table, and Wei Yuanchen immediately remembered the appearance of Chu Jiu s poking head, no need to ask, it must be arranged by Chu Jiu s order.It seems that there are fewer sticks in the Twenty Army.Pretend to be smart.Wei Yuanchen glanced coldly over the piano, turned around, walked to the table and sat how many 1000mg cbd gummies can i eat lord jones cbd gummies down.What is the mystery of the music Can the prince care so much Could it be some incomplete Guqin score Wei Yuanchen is no stranger to these six arts since he was a how many 1000mg cbd gummies can i eat lord jones cbd gummies child in elementary school, but where do they sell cbd gummies he has no time to think about those things when he is working abroad these years.

What s the matter, Mr.San Dreaming about the beast tiger Or the emperor It s like meeting a nemesis, unable to move anything, and can only freeze there as if facing an enemy.Chu Jiu thought for a while, then pulled out the short blade from his waist and handed it to Wei Yuanchen Third Master, if you are afraid, just hold the sharp weapon and continue to sleep Before he could finish speaking, that cold gaze fell to Wei Yuanchen.on him.Wei Yuanchen sat up, as expected beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.He was covered in white sweat, thanks to him being able to figure it out, since he is so good at talking Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu Come with me to the front yard, sweating a lot.After sweating and taking a shower, those messy thoughts will disappear.Wei Yuanchen put on his boots and picked up the long sword on the table.

Such a big matter can be handled by a small 2000mg cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies lieutenant general like you.Undertake it If your brother hadn t nodded, how could he have bought a war horse Then Wei Yuanchen wouldn t believe your words.What you did was to cut off the back of our Cui family and to kill me.Sin, I ll hang here immediately, and I won do cbd gummies stay in your system 2000mg cbd gummies t be able to close my eyes until I die.Cui Wei was shocked Mother, you can t do thisI Mrs.Lin Tai said coldly You have seen how your elder brother has treated me all these years.You also disobeyed me.What s the point of my life Please keep this in mind, your biggest shortcoming is that you are too gentle, Renyi, no matter what time comes, you should think more about yourself, this is your filial piety to me.Cui Wei refused to answer My mother doesn t know what s going on outside the house, so I have misunderstood my elder brother Lin Mrs.

How could I do those things that dig my own grave Please let Your Highness learn from you.Mr.Shen said and kowtowed deeply.Hearing these words, the crown prince was troubled.He still believed in Mr.Shen.Maybe Mr.Shen accidentally fell into the trick of the other party s confidant this time.If he made a mistake and killed a confidant, I m afraid no one would be willing to serve her The prince thought this way and took two steps pure cbd gummies 25 mg greenhouse research forward to help Mr.Shen up Mister s hard work, I have seen it in my eyes, and now I am walking on eggshells, and I can t make a mistake.Right now we are at a disadvantage.Next You have to do everything possible to win the game.The behind the scenes staff immediately think about countermeasures, Mr.Shen said, We must make up for the mistakes and repay His Highness s kindness.

Seeing that she was about to jump off, suddenly a figure quickly passed by, running towards her.Wei Yuanchen frowned.Gu Mingzhu was about to jump off the top of the wall when she heard the sound of clothes ripping through the air and approaching from far away.She guessed that someone was following them, and if her guess was correct, it should be someone from the Eastern Palace.Dong Gong s eyeliner followed them all the way to this place, and they definitely wanted to know what was going on, so they came to arrest her.After all, she and Nie Chen were ordinary people, and it was much easier to get news from them than to deal with Cui Zhen.The East Palace is very difficult to deal with.If she resists, she may cause trouble for the people in the market.If she does not resist, she will spend a lot of time and effort.

Lin tremblingly stretched out her hand to touch the tip of the gun in front of her, the cold touch made her withdraw her hand immediately, she looked at the man in armor, wanting to see his face, but Because of the timidity in his heart, his eyes only passed by.The man s can i make cbd gummies face can t be seen clearly, it vaguely looks like the old Hou Ye when he was young.The desire to survive made Mrs.Lin Tai pluck up her strength, and she said in a mournful and soft voice Master Hou How difficult is it for me after you leave What kind of life is life for orphans and widowsWhich woman does not rely on you Husband, which woman would like to support this house by herself Symptomsbutyou are too badly injuredyou can t be savedMaster Houin fact, you are goneI don t want to live anymorebut I am worried about Ding Ninghou s Mansion, cbd gummies usa Daer acted recklessly , my son is too benevolent, the two of them can t support Cui Shi, and Cui Shi really made a mistake, so I really don t have the power bank cbd gummies face to see you.

Quite popular with the elders.Hearing these words, Marquis Huaiyuan knew that Wei Sanye was both civil and military, but if he treated people kindly he wouldn t be called Wei Yanwang in private, so Second Master Wei came lord jones cbd gummies to him Words must have deep meaning, why mention these Could it be that Wei Yuanchen found out that he deliberately exposed the cbd oil gummies 1000mg war horse case, so he asked the second master Wei to come and test it To describe Wei Yuanchen as an amiable young man is also to want him to be more intimate.But he is a casual person in the court, the Wei family may be disappointed, Wei Yuanchen can t be that simple, only the Wei family can believe this.Oh, Huaiyuanhou suddenly thought of something, I seem to have forgotten to lock the birdcage when I entered the lord jones cbd gummies palace in a hurry, Second Master Wei forgive me, I have to go ahead.

Cheng Yi, son in law of Huairou, unfolded the note in his hand, and there was lord jones cbd gummies only one sentence written on it Go all the way east.Cheng Yi held the note tightly.My son in law, Mr.Lu whispered next to him, this matter has not been right until now.We have been led by the nose, not to mention that we haven t seen my wife s face until now, even who tied it up.Madam doesn t even know.Cheng Yi pursed his lips and said nothing, he knew that this matter was not simple, especially now that his eyes seemed to be covered in a layer of fog from beginning to end, without any eyebrows, he now felt that it was not just this time His mother was arrested, and he had been plotted since he found her a month ago.Mr.Lu ordered the others to step back Keep an eye on the surroundings, and come forward to report if there is any trouble.

Zhou Zesheng supported himself in the mountains for more than ten days, and was dizzy from hunger.Seeing a human bear walking towards him, he thought When he was about to reunite with his parents, members of the Zhou clan rushed to rescue him.The person who found him was Zhou Rujun s father, Zhou Zecheng.Zhou Zecheng 2000mg cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies brought Zhou Zesheng back, and told him a lot of truths, telling him not to hate his clansmen, just after the catastrophe, everyone planned for themselves, for fear of another disaster, it was inevitable that best cbd gummies for sleep amazon they would think too much about themselves.Many elders missed him, otherwise they wouldn t have been looking for him for more than ten days.Hearing these words, Zhou Zesheng still felt resentful.If his father hadn t died for the sake of the family members, how could he be reduced to such a state, and his family must still be together well.

Wei, and the two started fighting outside the inn.The prince still regarded it as some serious matter It is inevitable that there will be anger along the way, so don t worry about it.Don t worry, I ll just call them up later and talk about it.Cui Zhen and the Wei family s quarrel is a good thing for him, and he is happy to see it come true.I moved my weapon, Tao Duo said, It looks like he lord jones cbd gummies s about to see blood.Then the prince got up from the couch, I ll go out and have a look.Don t miss the opportunity to win over Cui Zhen, if he Support Cui Zhen secretly, and Cui Zhen will have his heart for him.The prince walked out of the posthouse, the two people at the door were fighting vigorously, no one would intervene when the generals were discussing privately, but it would be different if they were desperate.

If I didn t In the past, I am afraid that lynching has already been used at this moment.The crown prince was surprised How could this be This time the case was clarified thanks to Marquis lord jones cbd gummies Ding Ning.Without Marquis Ding Ning, how could he have asked for Zhao s confession.Cui Zhen said Soldiers and horses guarding the border are not allowed to leave the pass lord jones cbd gummies guards unless the imperial court ordered them to do so.I came to Taiyuan Mansion to give my approval to the imperial court.How could I bring soldiers and horses to follow me Wei Yuanchen is questioning me for raising private soldiers.How can Ninghou Mansion be convicted of such a crime I HCMUSSH lord jones cbd gummies can afford it.The crown prince frowned and said Although Wei Yuanchen is an imperial envoy, he shouldn t be so presumptuous, and I will call him to ask him about it later Cui Zhen stopped him Your Majesty, no, it is not advisable to have extra problems on the way.

We are ordinary people, following Mr.Wei lord jones cbd gummies to investigate cases in Taiyuan Mansion, Nie Chen saluted Mrs.Lin, I just went to the front to check on the situation.Mrs.Lin nodded Is there a place to stay Nie Chen said Not far ahead is Xinkou Village.You can take a rest there.The servant next to Mr.Wei is quite skilled in medicine.Let him treat Mrs.Cui Si s injuries.Mrs.Lin nodded Thank you for your hard work.Nie Chen again They saluted.Originally, their plan was to bypass the rebels and escort the carriage team northward, but they heard that the Cui family s female family member was injured and needed to find a place to stay.He took the people in the surrounding area to investigate and felt that Xinkou Village was the most suitable place.After saying this, Nie Chen went to look for Liu Su again.

Mrs.Lin sighed a long time.Gu Chongyi stood up I ve come here, Madam don t have to worry about these things anymore, I ll go outside to have a look and ask about the situation.The nearby guardhouse was in chaos, and on the way he came, he encountered soldiers who were about to join the rebels Ma, although the village is quiet now, the rebels may attack again at any time.He still had to ask about the whereabouts of the crown prince, where Wei Yuanchen and the others had gone.Since he came, he had to find ways to stabilize the situation together.Before the reinforcements from the imperial court came, the northern border could not be in chaos.Mrs.Lin watched Gu Chongyi leave Your Majesty s wound hasn t been healed yet.It s healed, Gu Chongyi smiled and looked at Mrs.Lin, The wound is very shallow, so there is no need to deal with it.

After Lin Sizhen finished speaking, he paused for a moment, as if to give Cui Zhen time to think The uncle will give you another advice, you lord jones cbd gummies just need to guard your Datong Mansion, don t force me, when I leave the old camp, I will release His Royal Highness, and when you escort His Highness back to Beijing, the court will understand your painstaking efforts.Cui Zhen stood there motionless, as if already I agree with Lin Sizhen s words.Lin Sizhen looked at the lieutenant beside him, and the lieutenant picked up his horse and walked to the north.What he said was passed on by the young master, and he felt a sense of enlightenment when he heard it.No wonder Wei Yuanchen always targeted him for no reason these years.Brother Cui, he did not believe that Cui Zhen would remain indifferent.Men are the do cbd gummies work for smoking same, even if you don t like the woman around you, you still need that woman to keep her duty.

Under such circumstances, Zhuzhu was not afraid at all, and ran around the village all day, as if she was very happy and at lord jones cbd gummies ease.Zhuzhu s behavior also affected Madam, and made Madam feel better.Every time she saw Zhuzhu, Madam smiled happily, her brows and eyes completely stretched out, and her face gradually became rosy.Gu Chongyi watched his wife and daughter talking together I always feel that during these days in Taiyuan Mansion, it is lord jones cbd gummies not Madam who is taking care of Zhuzhu, but Zhuzhu is taking care of Madam.Besides Zhuzhu likes to be busy in the village, she always sneaks to the village castle.During this period of time, the guardhouse gradually became quieter, so he didn t restrain Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu wanted to go and watch as she wished, as long as there were people around her to protect her.

I haven t seen her for a few days, but she has learned to draw a bow and shoot an arrow again, and she is very accurate.He was only wearing light armor, and her arrow was heading towards his chest.If he didn do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction lord jones cbd gummies t dodge or evade, her arrow would go straight through his heart.When the arrow reached his chest, Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand to grab it, the tail of the arrow was beating in his palm, as if it was alive, trying to drill into his heart with all his strength.As heartless as her master.If he had known earlier, he would have gone straight back to Beijing, so he didn t need to take her arrow.Wei Yuanchen really wanted to just turn around and leave like this.Since Marquis Huaiyuan is here, his cooperation with Miss Gu will come to an end.She do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction lord jones cbd gummies helped him solve the case, and he also gave him something in return.

If half of the credit comes to her, she will turn it into ten points.Even if it is plain, she can tell the truth.Now The letter only said that she almost met the rebels, there must be something else in it, and now I am afraid that she will play tricks on the way and cause disaster, and I will scold her, so I vaguely pass it on.Mrs.Zhou said The words were so penetrating, as if Mrs.Wednesday was standing in front of her eyes.Zhou Ruyue and the others didn t know what to say for a while.Although Princess Huairou and the others have not arrived yet, the news in Beijing has already spread all over the sky.The chariots and horses of the women s family met the rebels.Mrs.Huaiyuanhou took people to guard the village castle, took over the government s soldiers and horses, and joined forces with Princess Huairou s son in law.

Stay here for a while.When Mrs.Zhao heard this, her whole face seemed to light up a little I am really a lucky person, she looked at Madam Lin, I made Madam laugh, I originally invited Madam to come over as a guest I didn t expect my wife to look at our family.Mrs.Lin couldn t help laughing That s because the princess, son in law, and wife don t avoid me, and the whole family is just as good.Mrs.Zhao took a look at the steward.Mom, the mother in charge immediately sent some pairs of embroidered shoes.The shoes are very big, and they look like they are for people who are full.Mrs.Zhao said with a smile I have nothing to do to make a few pairs of shoes for my eldest sister.The craftsmanship is crude.I hope Madam will not dislike her.Putting it down How good is this, you have to work hard for Madam.

The clerk stepped forward to stop him, but Yuan said coldly, Drive him away, there is no rule.Seeing the carriage go further and further away.Stop, stop quickly.Master Cheng s voice came, and the steward of the Cheng family had to rein in the horse.Yuan s nose was sore, her eyes were full of tears, and she wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief when she saw Mr.Cheng Master, the yamen actually wanted to take me for questioning.What did I lord jones cbd gummies do wrong The one who should be questioned is Mrs.Zhao.That s right.Yuan Shi said that she was going to pull Mr.Cheng s arm, but she didn t expect that Mr.Cheng didn t cater to her and stood there blankly.Yuan raised her head and looked at Mr.Cheng s face Master, you What s the matter What s going on Master Cheng said, When did you know these things You called those two merchants to Beijing Do you recognize the Tatars next to the merchants Yuan Shi s expression froze, and a teardrop hung on his cheek Master, you how do you say this I I am Suddenly someone told me these things, and I thought about it for the sake of the Cheng family s face.

This world is very big, but small is also small, avoiding and avoiding, always get together, Master Wei is willing to rescue even Peng Liang, and will never make things difficult for a little girl like her.Besides, there lord jones cbd gummies are still so many enemies in the Wei family.She and others have been helping Mr.Wei all the time.If there is no credit, there will be hard work.If Mr.Wei has done too much, it is inevitable that he will lose people s hearts.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu dejectedly turned around and walked back to the chair.If Mr.Wei insisted on revealing her identity, then she had no choice but to cry to him as a last resort.It s not easy for her lord jones cbd gummies either, she just wants to investigate a few cases in private, and she disguises herself because she is afraid of causing trouble to her family.Besides, she is a house lady, if she is found out, how should she get married It s best for Mrs.

In that case, she will pretend that she doesn t know anything.Gu Mingzhu stretched her eyebrows, her eyes were still blank, and she gently twisted the dog s tail grass in her hand.Wei Yuanchen dropped a black chess piece again, just when a gust of wind blew over the chess piece in his hand, he raised his eyes to look at her.She frowned, as if she had made lord jones cbd gummies up her mind, no matter what he said, she would act according to her own will, even if her secret was revealed, she didn t care.Wei Yuanchen said Do you know why I called you here The girl held her cheeks, her long eyelashes drooping, she didn t nod or shake her head, she just listened to him quietly, there were pavilions in those eyes, Scenery, but there is no shadow of him.When I was in Taiyuan Mansion, I suffered from an old illness.After I came back, I recovered a lot.

Gu Chongyi frowned slightly Shuntian Mansion, Isn t the Ministry of Criminal Justice and Dali Temple both investigating We ll just wait to hear the news.After saying this, Gu Chongyi looked at Cui Wei You are very concerned about this case.Cui Wei has lost a lot of weight since he was injured in Shanxi , In addition, the spirit of serving Mrs.Lin day and night seems to have been reduced by half.She used to look warm, but now she looks more modest.Cui Wei looked at Gu Chongyi Uncle also knows about my eldest brother going to the tomb before Shanyin s private robbery, and because my mother believed that Lin Sizhen was ashamed of my father, she was inevitably implicated by Lin Sizhen.At this point, the Cui family If I can make some more contributions, maybe the imperial court will exonerate my eldest brother, and my mother can also save face.

He raised his head and saw the girl from Getting up on the ground, tears were all over his face, looking how embarrassed he was.Cui Wei was stunned, when did Zhuzhu fall down secretly Why didn t he see it, it seemed like he didn t care about Zhuzhu.Mrs.Lin and sister in law walked over quickly, Gu Mingzhu jumped back to Mrs.Lin s side like do cbd gummies stay in your system 2000mg cbd gummies a frightened little rabbit, leaned on Mrs.Lin s shoulder aggrievedly and began lord jones cbd gummies to cry.Gu Mingzhu s crying resounded throughout the garden.Mrs.Lin comforted Zhuzhu softly I poured water all over your second elder brother, why are you crying, you child Baotong hurriedly said Miss is kind, you didn t see that she fell and died Holding that teacup, Miss has never dropped it since she returned to Beijing, this is the first time Gu Mingzhu silently praised Baotong, Baotong said this as if Cui Wei was a bastard.

We can t take the things in the Hou s Mansion as ours.Even Zhuzhu knows to study and relying on himself is the right way.In the future, if you have a future, you have to repay Lord Hou s kindness.Don t ask for things that you can t reach.The Tan family is willing to make this marriage, and they will let Baoshan come without the presence of Lord Hou.If you don t want to sister, don t force it.If you force yourself to marry, you will suffer.Gu Mingwan looked at Gu Ziyan in disbelief Brother taught me a foolish girl How can I believe what a foolish girl said Besides, this marriage, am I doing it for myself Mr.Tan is the nephew of Mr.Tan, Minister of the Ministry of War.We are married to the Tan family, and the elder brother and the second younger sister will have a good future in the future.If I hadn t been wholeheartedly trying to please Mrs.

Mu Qiu was thinking about it, when she suddenly felt something strange, then turned her head, and saw a chrysanthemum on the head of Third Master s big white horse.The third master s eyes fell on the horse s head, the third master was HCMUSSH lord jones cbd gummies looking at the big white horse Dai Hua, did he look good Mu Qiu subconsciously stretched out his hand to touch his bun, he didn t want to wear another flower like that horse for no reason.Get someone to make some cakes, Wei Yuanchen ordered, don t forget to go to the red bean cake at the lady s house on West Street.Mu Qiu came back to her senses and went to see the big white horse again.The chrysanthemum was gone.He was the one who got it wrong just now, they were both Chu Jiu If it wasn t for Chu Jiu s words, he wouldn t have misunderstood the third master.All the way to the small courtyard of Wei s house, Wei Yuanchen got off his horse, and Zhang Tong, who was waiting in the yard, immediately handed over the document in his hand This is the record of Qin Tianjian.

Qiao Song smiled Wei Yuanchen doesn buy 250 mg of sugarfree cbd gummy bears t have many people in his hands.The Lu family is in Beicheng, and the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion came to arrest him.People are more logical.Qiao Zheng bowed his head It s because my nephew is not good at doing things.Qiao Song pulled his hands out of his sleeves and combed his robes I said that Wei Yuanchen is very powerful, and those ordinary people who helped him investigate the case It s no small matter.Qiao Zheng said Although Shuntian Mansion has come, we are not left behind.We got the servants of the Yuan family, and the interrogation of Yuan Zhixing requires uncle to come forward.No matter how much evidence Shuntian Mansion gets, it will not be the end of it.Leave it to us.Qiao Song said and looked around You forgot one thing, we are all here, where is Wei Yuanchen Qiao Zheng wanted to say that maybe Wei Yuanchen was hiding aside and waiting to be accepted.

In this way, Master Wei should not want to taste it.toothache Wei Yuanchen frowned slightly, it seemed that he had to put less sugar next time.My lord, Chu Jiu said, it s almost time, the people from the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion have arrived.Baotong stepped forward to help Gu Mingzhu off the altar Miss, we should go too, something happened in the temple , the mother in charge must be looking for the eldest lady.Gu Mingzhu nodded, and left the next thing to Master Wei.She looked at the box behind the statue.It would be more credible for the box to be taken by Xuanwei and the people from the government office.Walking out of the hall quickly, Baotong leaned over and said in a low voice Miss, just now Master Wei asked you for candied fruit Did she hear correctly The candied fruit in Gu Mingzhu s mouth moved from the right bone to the left cheek Master Wei is just curious.

Thinking this way, she served Gu Mingwan and walked forward.When Gu Mingwan was carried away, the old lady Gu lowered her voice and said, Zhuzhu is with Mo Zhenren, and our trip was not in vain despite the adventure.That Mo Zhenren likes Zhuzhu very much.The old lady Gu was afraid that Gu Chongyi would not know the inside story It s the real Mo who always goes to the Palace of Compassion.I don t know why Mo Zhenren fell in love with Zhuzhu.Could it be that Zhuzhu ran around and got lucky Sun Zhenren was arrested.From now on, this Taiqing Temple will be presided over by Mo Zhenren.Everyone else is safe and sound.Zhuzhu is a blessing in disguise.It would be great if it was replaced by Ming Wan.In this way, Ming Wan s marriage is of no use She s here to worry.Gu Chongyi was a little surprised, everyone said that Mo Zhenren has 2000mg cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies a very strange temper, he must have seen the benefits of Zhuzhu, it can be seen that Mo Zhenren is a clear mind.

Mo Yangming cleaned his hands, and told Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu, bring the medicinal wine in the blue bottle.Gu Mingzhu searched the medicine box for a while, and then brought the medicinal wine to Mo Yangming.The female officer put down the curtain, and Mo Yangming skillfully kneaded the empress dowager s shoulders and back.The empress dowager closed her eyes, feeling pain and comfort at the same time.Thanks to you finding out about the Taiqing Temple, the queen mother said after a slight pause, Is the medicine used by Sun Zhenren imported But what s wrong with that medicine Mo Yangming kept moving his hands, but he was a little worried How long has the queen mother been taking it Is there any discomfort after taking it The queen mother shook her head Ai s family felt that after using the medicine, his illness was much better.

She poked her head up to see the hands quickly threading needles and threads, with a strange expression on her face.Did I embroider it wrong just now Your Majesty made a mistake.But I don t think I am any different from you.The palace man couldn t laugh or cry My Majesty messed up all the threads at the back.Empress Wei said I can t see the back, why not just sew a piece of cloth on the back I wear this dress again, and I don HCMUSSH lord jones cbd gummies t dislike it.The empress does not dislike her craftsmanship, but the palace people really don t like it.Zhou s queen, how could she do so well.Empress Wei took a sip of tea and continued to watch the palace servants at work.Kunning Palace was very quiet, there were only two palace servants in the inner hall accompanying Empress Wei, no one spoke, and needles could be heard in lifestrea cbd gummies need to get their phone number the room.

It was a small fancy lock.Empress Wei stretched out her hand to take it.There were several small drums on the fancy lock, which looked very delicate.Empress lord jones cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin Wei nodded.Gu Mingzhu left the Kunning Palace with Mo Yangming.When the people left, the palace door was closed again, Empress Wei turned the tumbler lock with her fingers, Miss Gu s innocent face was still in front of her eyes, and Miss Gu s voice was next to her ears These knots, whether they are Anything that is difficult to solve can be solved, and it can also be compiled.Empress Wei raised her lips slightly, with a smile on her face, she looked at the female officer beside her What do you think of Miss Gu The female officer whispered Not as stupid as the rumors, but It s different, every gesture is a bit childish, but fortunately Huaiyuanhou and his wife taught them well, and they behave properly.

The war in northern Xinjiang was stable, and the imperial court ordered Cui Zhen to return to Beijing as soon as possible.Inquire about the situation of the Beijiang Guard.When she came out of the palace, Cui Zhen had already entered the city.The triumphant return of General Changsheng, although this battle should not be publicized, and the common people did not line up to welcome the triumphant soldiers, but there must be officials from the Ministry of War and Rituals to welcome them, which must be very honorable.After the glory, Cui Zhen will deal with the affairs of the cbd gummies legal illinois Cui family.In the guest room of Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Zou Lin couldn t swallow it after a half meal, but she urged Zou Xiang You have to eat more, so you won t get sick, lest I pass it on to you.Zou Xiang nodded obediently.

Mrs.Lin looked outside It s getting dark, how can I see clearly.Cui Zhen said indifferently It s okay.Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu Your eldest brother just came back, and you tormented him.Cui Zhen said I happen to be fine, and I relax cbd gummies amazon don t have any children at home.It s rare to have such an opportunity.Mrs.Lin turned her head and told the steward Since Master Hou said so, go and get the bow that Master often uses.Cui Zhen walked into the yard first In the prison of Shuntian Mansion.Wei Yuanchen has been interrogating the Lu family and Bai Jingkun, Bai Gong was locked up alone, and he still refuses to say anything, but seeing that she is getting more and more anxious, I am afraid that once the medicine wears off, the old disease will recur.will tell the truth.After the Lu family was captured, Qiao Zheng from the Ministry of Criminal Justice followed him to try the case.

I will ask the family to lead someone to investigate.Gu Mingzhu happily poured a glass The tea was given to Wei Yuanchen Your Excellency, you have worked hard.Wei Yuanchen took the teacup, this time the tea is not cold water, as expected it will be different after work.Wei Yuanchen said I heard the trial together with Qiao Song.Bai Gong confessed that Yuan Shi s death was also arranged by Yuan Zhixing.Yuan Zhixing has no way to deny it this time.The Ministry of Criminal Justice will also investigate Ah Yu and the Lu family.The imperial concubine party has always wanted to arrest them.The people who harmed the prince will not be idle when they get the news, and if we have more people to arrest those people, we can save some effort and continue to pursue other clues.Gu Mingzhu smiled and said Your Excellency should be far sighted.

Third brother, this case has to be investigated.Let s see if the third prince, King Huai, can do it.Brother Zhen, don t talk nonsense, Mrs.Yuan frowned and glanced at Wei Yuanzhen, What do you know, your third brother is naturally thinking about it.I have something to say.What s wrong, Wei Yuanzhen said, the third brother went to Shanxi to investigate the case, and someone in Beijing secretly let out the rumor that the third brother deliberately targeted the prince in order to avenge his no sugar cbd gummies father.At that time, King Huai and King Su were huddled in the mansion, refusing to show their faces, or they were just watching the show in secret, hoping .

how much for cbd gummies?

that both the prince and the Wei family would suffer, and now they should suffer.Madam Yuan said But the youngest son had no choice but to look at Wei Yuanchen Brother Chen, do what you want, don t listen to your second brother, he doesn t understand anything and is very reckless.

Without those stupid reputations, this child should How powerful is it Mrs.Li nodded repeatedly, her grandson really had a good eye.Talk for a while, it s dawn.Mrs.Li looked out of the window, her troubles were all gone for a while, she could sleep peacefully, as for the emperorhe should also start to enjoy his own evil results In the courtroom, the Ministry of Criminal Justice presented the case, which immediately sparked a war of how many 1000mg cbd gummies can i eat lord jones cbd gummies words.Zhan Shifu asked the emperor to thoroughly investigate the case, the Fang family is just a chief envoy to consult, where did they have the courage to do such a thing, not only smuggling imported goods, but also designed to frame the Minister of the Ministry of War, implying that it has something to do with the Huai Palace.Because the East Palace was abolished, more than a dozen officials of Zhan Shifu were dismissed.

A lot of money was given to the Beijing officials, and the money donated to Anjiyuan every year is not buying reputation for you, otherwise how would you have such a reputation Also, don t you want to know the truth about the old general Zhao s case Maybe After hearing this, you will feel that taking refuge with King Huai is your best destination.Tan Dingfang said calmly, In that case, you can tell me.Chen Weicheng said, You found out who was in charge of weapons under General Zhao s command back then.The principal and I are from the same town.Tan Dingfang said Not only are you from the same town, but after his death, his parents have been taken care of by you.Chen Weicheng nodded So you suspect that I am also his fellow party, I I know about those cannons in Daning City.After saying this, Chen Weicheng paused for a moment, and then said bluntly I know that s right.

I can see and heal.I was healed well in the village castle and Anjiyuan.Just after Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, Wei Yuanchen put on his robe and bowed to him.Gu Chongyi saluted and said Uncle, don t blame the eldest lady, it s all my fault.Chongyi, if you have something to say, the eldest lady is the benevolence of a doctor.The voice of the second master Wei came from the outside, Gu Chongyi said Only then did I realize that at some point, Wei Congzhi hid outside looking for peace.This bastard, if he is watching here, how can Zhuzhu break into the door, it is really unreliable at the critical moment.Gu Chongyi couldn t help sighing, not long ago he accompanied Zhuzhu to Anji Hospital to see patients.Since he learned medical skills from Mo Zhenren, he would inevitably encounter such a thing, and he was prepared in his heart.

The case can be overturned, but if the life is gone, there is no way to get it back.Cui Zhen was even more silent.He resented his mother for harming his do cbd gummies stay in your system 2000mg cbd gummies father.In the end, he also despised human life.Perhaps his children died again and again, which was God s punishment for him.Gu Chongyi said I heard that Zhang s father and brother have arrived.Cui Zhen nodded When I enter Beijing today, officials from the Ministry of Civil Affairs will go to greet you.There will be a banquet in the yamen, and I will rush back to have a look later.Then I won t keep you, Gu Chongyi said, If you need anything Let someone come to inform you.When Cui Zhen came out of the study, he do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction lord jones cbd gummies saw the bustling scene of the Gu family, the servants were busy coming in and out, and a few beautiful lanterns were hung in the yard, which was very different from the desertedness of the Dingninghou Mansion.

It s like two worlds.Cui Zhen rode away from Gu s house on horseback.On the road, he met a man who passed by him.Cui Zhen turned his head to look.The man was sitting on the horse s back, his body rose and fell with the horse s hooves.He looked like teenagers in company.Going out for a spring outing is both self satisfied and casual.Anyone who reads it will sigh What a dude.Isn t it the second master of the Wei family Except for Wei Yuanchen, the rest of the Wei family still had contacts with the uncle.The Wei family really wanted to win over the Huaiyuanhou s residence Gu Chongyi stretched his robe, and just came out of the study, when he saw the steward coming to report, but before the steward could say anything, there was a loud noise from the door.Chongyi, look what I brought here.This is a bird that came by boat.

Baotong looked curiously at the young lady in the mirror.All the makeup on the table was opened, and all kinds of bottles and jars were taken out.Baotong has never seen the eldest lady use so many objects, why is the eldest lady so interested today, is it because of the new year Bao Tong began to look forward to the appearance of the eldest lady after lord jones cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin she had carefully dressed up It will take a long time for the eldest lady to finish insa cbd gummies it, right Gu Mingzhu nodded Don t let others in.Once it s off, she can sneak out of the house.Looking at the makeup and clothes on the table and bed, Gu Mingzhu hesitated, where should she start Wei Yuanchen stood in front of the window and looked at the street scene in Beijing at night.As usual, there will be a curfew in Beijing half a month before the New Year.

During the war horse case, his father s news helped Mr.Wei find out Lin Sizhen.Tan Dingfang suspected that his father had contacts with the Wei family in private.In fact, it was not her father but her who was investigating the case with Mr.Wei, but Tan Dingfang was right.After all, he is a thoughtful person who understands people s hearts very well.People with gold harvest cbd gummy the same purpose must gather together.Even without her, Mr.Wei would not Will find his father because of the war horse case.If Tan Dingfang wins over his father, he will be able to find out the news about the Wei family, so that their every move will be controlled by Tan Dingfang.What is Tan Dingfang going to do Is Tan Zigeng an associate or has he been used by Tan Dingfang Gu Mingzhu said to Mrs.Lin Mother, I ll invite the grandma of the general clan over here, and the banquet will be held in a while.

Ziyuan turned around and backed out.Second Master Shen picked up the tea, and before he knew it, he drank half a cup of tea.He began to answer Nie Chen s question Second Uncle found out that I asked Yan to investigate the case, and Second Uncle scolded me for asking someone to investigate without authorization.The affairs of the Shen family, and the second uncle also let people find out.The fifth uncle in the family has long colluded with the pirates of the Naxiu family.The fifth uncle privately ran a house in Quanzhou.I just want lord jones cbd gummies to suppress the reputation of their branch, so that I can hold the entire Shen clan in my hands.Nie Chen said So you don t lord jones cbd gummies want to investigate.Master Shen Er nodded Since the result is like this, further investigation will do harm to the Shen family.Nie Chen finally understood why the eldest lady was so wary of the Shen family.

Mrs.Lin took the female relatives to the flower hall, and Gu Mingzhu took Zou Xiang went all the way to Zou Lin s residence and walked out of the Aquarius Gate.Seeing that there was no one around, Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice Zou lord jones cbd gummies Xiang, you want to kill Mrs.Dingninghou Why Zou Xiang bit her lip refused to speak.Gu Mingzhu lord jones cbd gummies looked at Zou Xiang Do you think you will be happy if you kill Mrs.Zhang, and so will Aunt Zu Zou Xiang still didn t speak, his arms trembled more violently, and finally squeezed out a few bites from between his teeth.One word She is not a good person, she deserves to die.Then you shouldn t kill her, lord jones cbd gummies Gu Mingzhu said, the court still has laws, no matter who is really guilty, the court should deal with it according to law.Zou Xiang shook his head.No, the imperial court will not care about it, and the death of the lowly man will be in vain.

After an unknown amount of time, a hand finally reached out and took away lord jones cbd gummies the silver pot, skillfully brewed the tea, and then placed a cup of tea in front of Gu Mingzhu s eyes.The aroma of tea burst into her nostrils, Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes and saw Wei Yuanchen.Your Excellency is here.Wei Yuanchen nodded and said, Then Qiu Hai is in a hurry to return to the Zhang family first.After the Zhang family hears the news, they will find someone to report to the imperial court and ask all the ministries of the imperial court to start the matter of reopening the Shibo Department.Decide on this matter earlier to avoid complications.Gu Mingzhu said In this way, we can find out the depth of the Zhang family, and it is also convenient to find out the accomplices of the Zhang family.Wei Yuanchen said I will also let people keep an eye on Qiu Hai and the Shandong coastal shipyard.

Empress Wei nodded Empress Wei s expression seemed to be as calm as water, but her heart couldn t help but move.When Mo Zhenren came to Kunning Palace to treat her injuries last time, she had guessed that Mo Zhenren meant to help the Wei family, but she was not sure at that time.Unexpectedly, Brother Chen really invited Mo Zhenren.Empress Wei thought that Miss Gu s smile appeared in her mind, it should not be due to Brother Chen alone.Mo Zhenren said The Empress Dowager promised to ask the Guo family to help investigate the case.Mo Zhenren did not explain the cause and effect to Queen Wei in detail, but Wei Queen already understood Are they going to use the navy Mo Zhenren went to twist the needle The empress dowager was really smart, and she didn t need to explain the inside story, no wonder the empress dowager was willing do cbd gummies show in a urine test to extend her hand.

I m leaving.Wei Yuanchen stood up, It s almost dawn.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Fortunately, everyone in the family was looking after her mother tonight, and Yang s mother couldn t care less about coming to the small study, otherwise she would have to Block it straight.Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand, Gu Mingzhu hesitantly passed it over, Master Wei s hand always seemed to be warmer than hers.The two walked to the door holding hands and looked up at the sky together.It is said that the sky is darkest when it is about to dawn, but now that the moon is in the sky, Wei Yuanchen remembered that today is the Lantern Festival, and the lanterns in the courtyard of the Gu family just happened to be lit, so he stood with her to watch the lanterns.Wei Yuanchen looked down at Zhuzhu beside him, and the girl raised her head slightly, wondering what she was thinking.

I want to find that person to avenge Yan Can.Gu Mingzhu looked at the old man Did you find the clue The old man s eyes lit up Not only did I find him, I also know that he is hiding in the capital now, managing a house for others.I also know that he may have been a town caregiver in Jinzhou Weiqianhu for more than ten years.Lied to the imperial court about his death in battle.Jinzhou Wei.Gu Mingzhu thought of the navy, so finding out about this person might reveal all of Qiu Hai s secrets.Chapter 429 The True Face The early spring in the capital is still cold, lord jones cbd gummies but there seems to be a wave of heat steaming in the small room of the people in the world.This heat slowly gushes out from the heart and flows into the limbs.The old man knew that there would be some temptations in this lord jones cbd gummies room, but Nie Chen and the girl didn t deal with him too much, and told the case directly, so he also told his part logically.

King Huai was thinking wildly, when suddenly he felt a chill in his body, a window was opened at some point, King Huai s eyes just fell on the window, a white silk wrapped around his neck without sound , and then squeeze it out.King Huai s eyes widened, and he began to struggle non stop.He rolled his eyes to see who was behind him, and a familiar face came into view.It was a steward in his yard.King Huai opened his mouth wide and couldn t make a sound.He only heard the steward say natures only cbd gummies for dementia viciously My lord, don t blame me.I can t help it.The imperial concubine let you die, and the emperor also acquiesced.You will die sooner or later, even if you live another day.Suffering, you go, this old servant will send you on your way.King Huai struggled hard, but the white silk was lord jones cbd gummies tightened more and more tightly, and the despair gradually enveloped King Huai.

It may be that this person put on light armor and mixed among their people.While he was talking to Gu Chongyi, he quietly approached and threw the firearm.Now this person wants to dismiss him again.Take the opportunity to play tricks and bring men and horses to surround him from behind, and deal with the men and horses he brought out, making him unable to come back.I ll kill you first.Qiu Hai raised his sword and stabbed at the man.Gu Chongyi could vaguely see Wei Congzhi who was being chased and fled by Qiu Hai.This shameless thing, while he was shouting at Qiu Hai, quietly went over and fired a cannon.What would people think of him when it got out Conspiracy and tricks are omnipotent His reputation for frankness was suddenly wiped out.It s fine now, and Qiu Hai chased the crap out of him.

Qiao Zheng said I hope this time we can successfully catch him.It s better to get more evidence.After Qiao Zheng finished speaking, he spat out the hay leaves in his mouth.What is this called Wei Yuanchen was restrained at home, but in the end the Ministry of Criminal Justice still wanted to use those ordinary people.And those common folks all wore a pair of trousers with Wei Yuanchen, helping Wei Yuanchen investigate the case one by one, like filial sons and grandsons who are filial to their elders.Wei Yuanchen was silent for many days.He thought he had suffered a setback in the case of Prince Huai s Mansion, but he did not expect to secretly search for other clues, so in the end, they still lost this round.I don t know what HCMUSSH lord jones cbd gummies my uncle was thinking, and kept watching with cold eyes, watching Wei Yuanchen walking in front of them, my uncle was not in a hurry Zheng Ruzong walked patiently for lord jones cbd gummies another hour, and when he was resting by the official road, he heard people around him come to report.

Empress Wei arranged all these, turned to look at Gu Mingzhu, with a smile in her eyes, Miss Gu really likes snacks, next time she will ask the palace staff to prepare more.If there were no Zhuzhu in Yongchun Palace today, the case would not go so smoothly.Empress Wei s expression is more gentle, which shows that Brother Chen has a better vision than her.Gu Mingzhu felt Empress Wei s gaze, and she raised her eyes to meet each other.Are you still eating Queen Wei asked.Gu Mingzhu HCMUSSH lord jones cbd gummies wanted to say that there was still a lot, but she couldn t eat any more, but when she looked at the plate, she found it was empty.Gu Mingzhu sighed in her heart, because the glutinous rice cake was too soft, and it melted in the mouth.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips and stood up to salute the empress Thank you, my servant, I m full.

Mrs.Dong said Master, we are leaving, no one can restrain you anymore, you can be well Mrs.Dong s voice gradually tasty gummies cbd softened, and her whole body was on the verge of collapse.Tan Dingfang s eyes widened, yes, no mother is willing to lay hands 2000mg cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies on her child and kill her child, and she herself does not want to survive.All for him.Tan Dingfang reached out to catch Mrs.Dong s body Youwhy are you so stupid cbd sex gummies for men I m the one who got you involved.Ma Dai and the others were stunned as they watched this scene.Tan Dingfang s wife and son died in a blink of an eye., He went back and didn t know how to report to the emperor.Without the bondage of his wife and children, it would be difficult for Tan Dingfang to speak the truth.Ma Dai was thinking about it, when suddenly there was a sound of clothes in his ears, and then the voice of Yamen s servants exclaiming in surprise.

These people had already made arrangements, and they would decisively go to HCMUSSH lord jones cbd gummies sea once the incident happened.Fortunately, they noticed earlier that he, the Guo family and the Wei family lord jones cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin had used their connections, otherwise even if they chased to the seaside, they would not even see a shadow, let alone be able to quickly Assemble a fleet to follow and check the opponent s depth.Gu Chongyi stood cbd gummies in spanish at the bow of the ship, not far away were more than 30 warships of the rebels.The sea here is open and calm, and the rebel ships are gradually slowing down.They are preparing to fight with them here.Further east is Weihaiwei.I don t know how many soldiers and horses will help the rebels.It s a pity that I don t have a frogman in my hand, otherwise I can cover the boat close to the rebel ship at night, check the situation there, and check whether there are any changes along the coast.

Mother Tian couldn t help swallowing even more when she said this.I don t know if it was because of fear, or because she recalled the tragic situation of the eldest wife over and over again and couldn t help but feel guilty.Mother Tian said Later I found out that the back of the eldest lady s bun was full of blood.She must have broken her head.The blood dripped on the ground and on the eldest wife s dress.The ground can be wiped clean.That dress is absolutely not acceptable.I was afraid that people would find out, so I changed the clothes for the eldest lady, and took the dress to the garden and burned it.At this time, the old lady came.With the old lady in charge, I felt more at ease and disposed of the clothes.After that, I went back to the room, covered the scars on the eldest lady s neck and face with hosta powder, and then tidied up the eldest lady s room under the old lady s orders.

Now that he is suddenly released from a heavy prison, he definitely doesn t want to go back and suffer.Gu Mingzhu went to the duty room to drink a cup of tea, and carefully looked at the documents for the interrogation of Zhou s family.Baotong stood at the door and looked out, everything in the prison was so fresh, Baotong watched it with relish, it was better to come out with the eldest lady.See more and see farther.After a while, the jailer came to invite Gu Mingzhu.Xu Gui spoke.Xu Gui, lord jones cbd gummies who had been tortured so much, didn t have any good skin on his body.Cui Wei gave me money and asked me to deliver news for him.He asked me about the Zhou family a few times, but he didn t mention any traitors to me.I also took some money that had been sold, and later I heard that something happened to Tamba wild rice.

Huang Chang said Not yet.The lord jones cbd gummies emperor frowned This Su Fu has become less effective since he investigated the case with Wei Yuanchen.What s the use of not mentioning these things The emperor was about to He continued to think about something, but his forehead hurt again, which made him unable to cheer up.Okay, put the memorial there, I ll get back to him later.The emperor waved his hand as he spoke.Huang Chang responded, put the walker back into the secret box, and then took a deep look at Concubine De.This glance made Concubine De s heart tremble.The emperor fell asleep, Concubine De and Huang Chang retreated carefully.When he got to a place where no one was around, Huang Chang stopped and looked at Concubine De Your Majesty, something has happened.The Shuntian Mansion found out about Zhou Zecheng s case, and also found the Zhuangzi where the Cao family how many 1000mg cbd gummies can i eat lord jones cbd gummies placed those girls.

Concubine De s panicked voice sounded again.Within half an hour, Concubine De had already yelled more than ten times, Huang Chang didn t have the patience to coax Concubine De, he stood at the entrance of the main hall, carefully paying attention to the movement outside.Officer Huang, it s not good.The empress has brought people to kill outside the Hall of Mental Cultivation.It seems that Captain Long s men have defected to the empress.What Huang Chang heard the screams from outside, and then It was the sound of swords clashing, Huang Chang clenched his fists and was about to go out to check.Huang Chang What s the matter What happened Huang Chang The voice of Concubine De came again, Huang Chang wished to pour a bowl of poison on Concubine De, so that she could keep company with that stupid king, but soonHe just needs to be patient for a while, and when King Liang enters the capital to quell the rebellion, he can kill this woman with his own hands.

The emperor searched everywhere for the faults of the Wei family and the queen, and even scolded the queen in front of her, trying to isolate the queen.What the emperor did was to play tricks on everyone as fools.In fact, it was not others but himself who was stupid.She has been enduring this fool all the time, hoping that one day she will find a chance to help the queen, and now she has got her wish.The queen mother looked at Mo Yangming Is the emperor seriously ill Mo Yangming nodded, I m afraid the emperor s eyes will disappear.The queen mother nodded It doesn t matter, the eyes are not important to the emperor.The person who is so lord jones cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin innocent, it is better to be blind than to let him look around and regard the mud as gold and jade.Mo Yangming continued The Emperor was so angry that he suffered a stroke, and it will be difficult for him to move around in the future.

Thinking about it this way, she couldn t be frightened.With a bottom in my heart, I will no longer be so flustered.Madam Lin took a sip of lord jones cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin tea, and finally waited until the master returned to Beijing, and she waited to see how the master would handle this matter.Chapter 529 I forgot that Mrs.Lin was thinking about it in the room, and suddenly recalled that Zhuzhu went out to meet Lord Hou, why didn t she go Beijing is very peaceful, she doesn t need to take care of affairs in the mansion, and she has recovered well, she can go out and walk around, she didn t lock up Zhuzhu but locked herself at home instead.What a fool.Mrs.Lin told Mama Yang Hurry up, get someone to prepare the car, and let s go after Zhuzhu On the ninth day of the ninth day of the lunar new year, I hurried out of Beijing to meet the third master.

He has done so many things and put so much effort into it, why doesn t the third master praise him It would be nice to give two taels of silver as a reward.Third Master is injured, Zhang Tong reminded Chu Jiu a little bit, be careful if you get angry with Third Master, you will have no master.Didn t this idiot see it The third master is afraid that the Marquis of Huaiyuan will not agree to this marriage, and if the third master s status in Miss Gu s heart has not improved, it will be bad.Hearing what Zhang Tong said, Chu Jiu remembered something not very important Miss said that she would pick up the 2000mg cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies third master at Shiliting.The third master almost forgot when he was happy, and he felt that there would be more surprises if he didn t say it.It was written like this in the scriptures, so it was absolutely unmistakable.

Individuals can do it.The reinforcements from the imperial court have arrived, Cheng Yu said.The Li family of Goryeo is also attacking King Liang s lord jones cbd gummies army in Liaodong.The rebels will not make any big moves for a while.Master Wei sent a letter to Cheng Yu, asking them to straighten out the troops Ma, King Liang has been defeated, and the rebel army has lost the best opportunity to invade the Great Zhou.Next, Wuliangha may annex King Liang s men and horses.When Liaodong is in chaos, the imperial court can go north and take back several cities.What did General Wei say Cui Zhen looked at Cheng Yu.Cheng Yu handed the letter in his hand to Cui Zhen.Master Wei did not let him hide it from Marquis Dingning.Smart people can see the current situation.If the political situation in North Korea and China can be stabilized, they can make a difference in northern Xinjiang.

In a small courtyard in the capital.Zhu Wu was dressed and ready to kowtow to his adoptive father.Nie Chen reported his affairs to the elder, and the elder agreed to meet him.About to 2000mg cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies enter the door to kowtow to his adoptive father, Zhu Wu looked at Liu Su Look at me Is there anything wrong Liu Su nodded Everything is fine, let s go in Zhu Wu was very happy, this time This time he was the only one who came to see his adoptive father, and even Nie Chen was sent away.Who can compare to this honor Looking at Lu Guang s envious and resentful eyes, he felt indescribably comfortable.Finally what are fun drops cbd gummies he got up the courage to open the door and walked in, vaguely saw someone sitting behind the screen, Zhu Wu walked around the screen.Not daring to look up at his adoptive father, Zhu Wu knelt on the mat and kowtowed Father, my son greets you.

His .

where to buy cbd gummies portland oregon?

last filial piety to his mother is to send her away.At the moment of his mother, he was no longer Cui Lin s son, but Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning.When Lin Qicheng heard this, he knew that he didn t need to reach out for help.Cui lord jones cbd gummies Zhen thought it over clearly and handled it properly.Cui Lin, no, since she was expelled from the genealogy by Cui, now she should be called Lin.Lin is a fool from beginning to end.The younger brother, youngest son, glory, wealth and honor she cared about are all gone.Mrs.Lin and Cui s family members also came to offer incense sticks.Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen with concern Brother Zhen, you have to take care of yourself.Cui Zhen bowed and said, Don t worry, lord jones cbd gummies auntie I won t keep my grandfather, uncle, and aunt.Madam Lin nodded, and Cui Zhen let When people come to the mansion to send news, they say that the funeral should be kept simple, and there is no need to come to express condolences, especially the younger generation in the family, which means to avoid saluting to the elder sister.

That is the result you deserve.Luo Yu s eyes contracted violently, and he felt the killing intent rushing towards his face, he finally couldn t hold on anymore, his body began to tremble.Looking at Luo Yu who was sluggish, Mrs.Zhang wanted do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction lord jones cbd gummies to laugh again, but she couldn t.Cui Zhen is still so upright and decisive, he lord jones cbd gummies deserves to be the ever victorious general of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Take him back to the prison.Cui Zhen ordered, and was about to follow out of the room.Mrs.Zhang stepped forward and wanted to grab Cui Zhen s robe, but in the end she couldn t.Master Hou, Lord Hou, Zhang looked at Cui Zhen expectantly, Master Hou, I know I was wrong, and I was also killed by King Liang, I beg Lord Hou to save this concubine, who is pregnant.It is Lord Hou s child, and I will give birth to the child well, Lord Hou will give me another chance Cui Zhen looked calm Your Zhang family followed King Liang to rebel, and the crime is unforgivable.

Even though Brother Chen went to the side hall, it looked very different in the eyes of lord jones cbd gummies others.Besides, it was King Qing who presided over the sacrifice, so it didn t follow what King Qing said afterwards.In the future, King Qing said that he took his clan to the Taimiao for the sake of Brother Chen.Can they refute it Without giving Mrs.Li a chance to object, the old King Qing looked exhausted Where is the guest room For tomorrow s big event, this king should also nourish his spirit.The old King Qing did worry a lot, no wonder he was tired, Mrs.Li looked at Mrs.Yuan Let someone invite Prince Qing to go and rest A group of people from the Dazhou clan followed the old King Qing to the guest room.Looking at the backs of the clan, Mrs.Li let out a long sigh of relief.What comes will always come, she already knew it in her heart.

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