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Thank you, Sergeant It was a moderate victory, and as soon as Elena left, the soldiers of the third company suddenly became lively.Bang Keleilei killed an enemy in this battle, but he didn t think it was so great.On the contrary, he pure cbd gummies 10 mg became very interested in the submachine gun on Wang Weiyi s back.Not only him, but everyone seemed to be interested.The submachine gun showed enough surprising power in this battle.The quick sweep and fierce firepower were enough to fully suppress the enemy.This is very suitable for individual soldiers.Wang Weiyi briefly introduced the submachine gun to his soldiers Soon ah, or in a year or two, it will be equipped with troops.Well, I want to use The power of the submachine gun can form a commando.Assault Sergeant Hall looked very curious.Wang Weiyi nodded, and he decided to tell the German soldiers what he knew in advance A submachine gun plus several grenades will become the standard equipment of commandos.The soldier staggered forward, barely trying to make himself stand still, but he couldn t do anything, and then rolled down to the ground, and soon became motionless.Now, Lieutenant Conker is left alone A huge chill emerged from Lieutenant Conk s heart.Eleven people, all eleven people, all of them died here.And they didn t even see what the hunter looked like Who is that person in the dark Lieutenant Conker soon knew the answer A figure came out of the hiding place and appeared in Lieutenant Conker s sight.Lieutenant Conker clenched the revolver in his hand in fear.He could see who was standing opposite him It was a German police officer.The German official uniform on his body was already dirty and tattered, but he didn t take it seriously.What surprised Lieutenant Conk the most was the Enfield rifle in the opponent s hand It was this rifle made by the British pure cbd gummies 10 mg that took the lives of eleven British soldiers Demon Hunter Wang Weiyi Lieutenant Ernst Brahm Conk s body trembled involuntarily.It s almost time for the appointed time, Wang Weiyi can swear that Xiaoling will never give himself even one more minute While waiting, he changed into the original blood stained military uniform.I have to see Guo Yunfeng in a while.When I was anxious and nervous, a figure suddenly appeared But he poked his head around and approached slowly and cautiously.Looking at the time, there were still five minutes left, Wang Weiyi gritted his teeth, stood up from his hiding place, and called out in a low voice Farmer The farmer was obviously startled, and looked suspiciously at the German soldier opposite him , did not meet immediately.The scenery along the Rhine River is still so beautiful.Hearing the other party read out the code, the farmer felt relieved and walked towards Wang Weiyi But the war destroyed everything.This is completely a rumor.There is only one woman William II loves most, and that is his wife.Seeing the Countess appearing, those girls shut their mouths obediently, discussed something quietly and dispersed.The countess smiled slightly at Elena, and then said to Wang Weiyi Baron Alexon, I am Leonie pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed Debier von Schiller, it is an honor to meet you.It is also my honor to meet you.It s an honor.Wang Weiyi said politely.Xiao Ling s words suddenly sounded in his ears again Although I can t see it, I can feel the hostility of the woman beside you.The woman beside you Wang Weiyi was stunned for a moment, and then looked at Elena involuntarily.Sure enough, a trace of displeasure flashed across Elena s face.What s the meaning What does Xiaoling mean by saying this Could it be Could it be that Elena fell in love with herself It seems impossible, he is just a baron who has just been canonized, but Elena is a decent nobleman.Such a person, he is not worthy of being a witness Schlaf began to chase after the victory On the battlefield, he can abandon his superiors without hesitation, and he is not even worthy of being a German.Lord Marquis of Yoxo, I ask you to deprive Hall of his qualifications as a witness, and at the same time I suggest that the pure cbd gummies 10 mg military immediately investigate Hall s despicable actions on the battlefield.I have the right to serve as a witness, and remind the military to conduct a thorough investigation on this matter.Chapter 103 I testify Hall was denied the right to be a witness, and he will be investigated by the military.Schlaf, a second rate writer and lawyer who is so unattractive and usually looks sloppy, finally started his own counterattack.Marklin, Nicholas, and even Prince Joachim s faces became ugly.Captain Crome looked at the diamond carefully for a long time.A satisfied smile appeared on his face.With such a diamond, any risk is worth taking.He carefully put the diamond away Mr.Moyol, I can lend you a batch of rifles and pistols for two days.Time, I think you have enough Yes, Captain.Thanks.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.His subordinates do non thc cbd gummies help with sleep have already got off the truck one after another, watching everything around them vigilantly.After a while, a batch of rifles and pistols were distributed to them.Mr.Moyol, there is a road from here You can pass the road.Captain Crome showed them the way It can reach the area controlled by Vandis Russia.We had a tacit understanding between us.Neither side is allowed to garrison there, so that everyone can communicate with each other.Because you don t have to worry about being discovered from there Of course, when you get to the Russians, you are on your own.Boys, Don t fight, don t fight.Mokdo is afraid that the people he brought will be impulsive, which may bring them death.The best choice now is to listen to the Germans, and everything will pass after they leave Wang Weiyi looked at his subordinates, and then pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed pointed to pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed the stretcher Mr.Manfred, I think your figure is just right for this stretcher Why me Richthofen said unwillingly.Because of this simple task you said, we got into a lot of trouble Richthofen was speechless and lay down until the dead It is not auspicious thing to be on the stretcher Several people appeared in front of the sentry carrying a stretcher, and the sentry stopped them routinely.On the stretcher, a The body of the white cbd gummies for flight anxiety pure cbd gummies 10 mg cloth was covered.A middle aged man sighed Poor Dirkthe major is waiting for his nephew Poor Dirk, he was all right yesterday.

During the war, reselling supplies on the black market was a huge risk.Even if they were not caught, they might be killed when they crossed the line of fire.What did you do before, Mr.Kugla Wang Weiyi asked casually.I have done everything, people have to live Kugla replied lightly Ah, tell me about you, Baron Alexson.You are not on the front line, how did you come to Berlin What is so special about you Are you on a mission Wang Weiyi s eyebrows twitched Kugla quickly said indifferently People like you are the focus no matter where they are.Don t blame me for talking too much, I m just curious I m here to attend the countess s birthday party.Wang Weiyi also said calmly The countess is a hospitable person While chatting there, the countess called out Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi was a little apologetic and said Excuse me The countess came to the countess.The countess looked at Kugrana, lowered her voice and said, Ernst, cbd gummies for foot pain there is something strange that I think you need to know.The butler of the Marquis Xindel just came to the club to fetch some things for the Marquis.I asked the marquis butler, guess what I asked The Marquis had another attack of rheumatism.He couldn t get out of bed at all, and he never gave anyone a letter of introduction during this time Wang Weiyi s expression changed.The Marquis never gave anyone a letter of introduction This Kugla used A fake letter of introduction Why did he do that Just came here to gamble because of a gambler s mentality Should we arrest him.Ernst No.Wang Weiyi shook his head Madam, you just pretend that you don t know anything Where are his people The countess suddenly cried out.Kugla disappeared An interesting person, isn t he, ma am Wang Weiyi didn t feel any curiosity at all.God, it doubled eleven times What kind of concept is this Of course, thanks to this war, the rest of steel will always develop at the highest speed in the war.Countess Leonie was not surprised at all, maybe it was because of her wealth, maybe it was because she didn t have much concept of money.We have acquired 70 of the shares of the Alps Metallurgical Group, but this year we are not going to continue to increase the number of shares we hold Hermione continued However.We are planning to acquire seven companies in the UK and the US, This will be a huge investment Do not increase the shares of Alpine Metallurgical Group pure cbd gummies 10 mg That is a company that can bring huge wealth.Britain and the United States What are you going to buy there the Countess was curious asked.But Wang Weiyi immediately understood Hermione is a very careful woman, and she could see something from Wang Weiyi s expression immediately Baron Alexon, do you have anything to say Wang Weiyi smiled Do you want to transfer huge assets abroad Let the Wittgenstein family gradually move out of Austria Hermione was a little surprised.Ernst Brahm, who has never surrendered on the battlefield, this Finally completely disarmed Two men and women s bodies were wrestling and struggling on the bedHeavy panting and moaning came out continuouslyWang Weiyi I only remember that at the moment when I entered the countess s pure cbd gummies 10 mg body, I heard the countess last words to herself I promised you, pure cbd gummies 10 mg even if I lure you into my bed, I will never pester you.One hundred and eighty seven.Alexson s Manor 320 votes plus more I didn t leave the countess manor until dawn Depusey, who got up very early, seemed pure cbd gummies 10 mg to know nothing, or he knew everything, but he didn t want to care about it at all.He just sent Baron Ernst Brahm out of the manor with a blank expression.Walking on the road, Wang Weiyi still felt a little absurd last night.The first of the three things he promised to do for the Countess was done just like that God knows what the countess thought.Rommel and Ernst.Bram also became a little crazy.He wants to capture Laner at this time Manstein said cautiously One month of fighting has caused us a lot of casualties.At the same time, the soldiers are very tired, and we have not received orders from our superiors.Wang Weiyi looked around.Indeed, the soldiers were going through Very tired after a month of war.His eyes fell on the map, he looked at it carefully, and after a long time he raised his head and said Laner is very beneficial to the defender.If the French complete the retreat and re fortify the position, then we The counterattack will encounter very big obstacles.He called all the soldiers to his side, and said the idea of the assault proposed by Rommel Actually, this has nothing to do with us.We are only responsible for defense.Wang Weiyi replied, and then made an excuse for himself I ve been thinking about it recently, should I cooperate with some fighter planes for the Skeleton Commando I m the commander of the Skeleton Commando, and I have to get familiar with flying first.Richthofen suddenly realized, and finally understood Ernst s intention.God, he actually wants his skeleton commando team to cooperate with the fighter plane This lunatic, in that case, his skeleton commando will really become the most powerful force in the German army Hey, Ernst, you can consider incorporating me into your air power.Richthofen said very seriously I have accompanied you in many battles, and basically belong to you.Wang Weiyi shook Shaking his head Manfred, you don t belong to the Skeleton Commando Richthofen was startled, but then he heard Wang Weiyi say You don t even belong to the Luftwaffe.

Yes, just like any Italian army on the battlefield, they have an absolute numerical advantage, but they have no advantage on the battlefield.Can t play it either.The German army crushed every position held by the Italians like tanks, and nothing could stop them from advancing.The Borza infantry regiment broke up and Udine appeared before the German soldiers.The a7v drove in, the Mark 1 drove in, the trucks with the machine guns drove in, and then the skeleton commandos also entered Udine It s over, the battle is over here Udine s Italy People looked at these Germans in horror, and no one dared to come out.Resistance is even more impossible.The only thing they pray for now is that these Germans will not be too vicious.Whoever is here is the same can see the Italian soldiers appearing in patches, they didn t come to fight, they just came to surrender In a medieval style house in Udine, two heavy machine guns were erected there, Although the Italians have failed, the Italian soldiers here are still faithfully performing their duties.Just relying on the 1,200 people of the Skeleton Commando is not enough.What Wang Weiyi has to do is to exchange the least casualties for the greatest victory.His subordinates are a little strange.Judging from the performance of Colonel Ernst, they seem to have expected that a big battle will break out in Udine.God knows why Colonel Ernst always knows in advance what will happen in the war Wang Weiyi even hired a large number of Udine locals to join in the renovation of the fortifications.He wanted to make Udine an iron wall.Most of those prisoners of war were sent to the rear camps.Since the outbreak of the Caporetto battle, the German and Austrian troops transferred tens of thousands of prisoners, but a commando of more than 1,000 people could capture so many Captives are really rare.Some Italian soldiers stayed in Udine because of need, including Lieutenant Colonel Stino, who did not have time to escape, and he also became a prisoner of the Germans.General Von Bello said indifferently Even our own people think so.After more than a month of fighting.We are very tired and ammunition is almost exhausted.Now retreat is the only thing we have to do.The sudden attack Attack, the British are unprepared, their doomsday is coming, killing them will stop the British and the French from pursuing, and also taste the taste of defeat in Italy.Colonel Ernst is afraid that he will win the battle in Udine Very hard.Yes, but he can complete the task.General Von Bello smiled slightly Don t forget, he is the skeleton baron who will never be defeated Yes.Ernst Brehm, the skeleton baron who can never be defeated Now, when the German Austrian coalition forces are retreating on a large scale, no one would have thought that a battle of annihilation against the British infantry pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed division has already begun on the fourth day of the Battle of Udine.And the exploits of the Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen, who has an impressive record, are constantly accumulating.Come June, he was promoted to major.Wang Weiyi knew that he had successfully changed a period of history the Red Baron was not shot down, but continued to win on the battlefield.The Red Baron, the Skeleton Baron, has become the two most important symbols in the German army The Skeleton Commandos who occupied Fanowei did not wait for the reinforcements that should have arrived.But the counterattack of the British and French allied forces began.The Skeleton Commando endured the fierce artillery fire from the enemy and steadfastly defended Fanowei.During the three days of 9th, 0th, and riday, they repelled more than 20 enemy charges one after another.Fanoway is red with blood Reinforcement Where are the reinforcements going On the 2nd, the British and French allied forces concentrated the strength of three infantry regiments.When departing from Tokyo, he announced at the station to Prime Minister Konoe Fumimaro and Sugiyama Motoroku and others who came to see him off This time, we will go to Nanjing no matter what So please understand me, Prime Minister.Konoe Fumimaro A little surprised, because this is different from the previous idea The task assigned to him by the Japanese headquarters in Regarding the Order of the Dispatched Army is Sweep the enemy forces near Shanghai, occupy its four corners, and protect the lives cbd gummies without thc pure cbd gummies 10 mg of the overseas Chinese in Shanghai.The scope of operations is limited to the area around Shanghai.Therefore, occupying Shanghai, the established operational goal of the base camp has been achieved.Before the fall of Shanghai, the base camp organized the Shanghai Expedition Army and the 10th Army Taiwan into the Central China Expedition Army, and Matsui served as the commander of the front army The military operations of the Front Army cannot exceed this limit line.Wang Weiyi did not tell him the real reason Sandao, there is There are good people, and there are bad people, and they are members of the Youth Gang.But I can guarantee that these are members of the Qing Gang with a conscience.And they will help us.Zhang Sandao muttered, anyway, he did not believe these people.But it s nothing, Wan was really betrayed, and if he couldn pure cbd gummies 10 mg t do it, he would fight them, and die for the country.They are not afraid of Little Japan on the battlefield, so are they still afraid of these people here Thinking of this, Zhang Sandao touched his gun.Three hundred and fifteen.Lu Mingzhai and Wang Weiyi walked into the main hall of the Green Gang for the first time.There is no such scene as in the imagination where there are many disciples of the Green Gang and the frying pan is still burning.

The cost will also increase greatly.That s not a problem at all.Lowelow Don t care about it And I can give you a suggestion.I heard that you have a batch of obsolete weapons in your hand.They are all second hand goods that were not used more than ten years ago.You haven t been able to sell them, right After getting Gustav s affirmative answer, Luo Weiluo lowered his voice Gustav, I suggest you sell all these weapons to China Will they want it These weapons are older than my father Gustav asked suspiciously.I will.Luo Weiluo replied very positively The premise is that you HCMUSSH pure cbd gummies 10 mg are willing to spend money in the early stage to bribe those Chinese officials who are negotiating.As long as their requirements are met, even if you tell them it is a mortar Cannon, they will pretend not to see it.Aha, I like it.He should fight for the soldiers, but why can t he do it Is it because of the fear of the general s order, or because of the satisfaction brought by the so called victory Qingkou Wusan couldn t answer himself at all, Report to the brigade seat, Zhang Lingfu has returned after completing the mission In the secret temporary brigade headquarters, Zhang Lingfu said aloud.Wang Weiyi, who was pure cbd gummies 10 mg looking at the map with his subordinates, raised his head and said with a smile Zhang Lingfu, you did a great job.You not only sniped the Japanese army for three days in Jiangjia Village, but also completely vented their anger Come and see He called Zhang Lingfu to the front of the map Information just came that the Japanese army has entered Jiangjia Village and will spend the night there tonight, and the opportunity to annihilate this regiment has come Hearing the word annihilate , Zhang Lingfu s eyes lit up Traveler, I request to be the striker No Wang Weiyi shook his head unexpectedly.The housekeeper Depusey said If the countess knows you cbd gummies without thc pure cbd gummies 10 mg You are back.She will be very happy.She has been thinking about you for the past two years, and of course, William misses you very much.Wang Weiyi trembled when he heard William s name, it was his own son.He calmed down How is William now He became the speaker s assistant, but obviously that s not all he wanted.Depusey seemed to value William far more than Baron Alexon Respect I think his achievements will be very high in the future.I wouldn t be surprised if his achievements exceed yours.No wonder.The butler Depusey was never married.He entered the earl s house as an apprentice since he was 9 years old, and sat in the position of butler step by step.He spent half his life with the earl and countess, and he has long regarded himself as a member of the family.Dempsey Butler was excited The beard trembled.These were the most moving words he had ever heard from the Baron.But he immediately calmed down his emotions, and said very seriously Your Excellency the Baron.Your idea is really ridiculous.I am just a servant of a relatively high ranking earl.How can I lemon gummy cbd tincture fire wholesalers do such an unreasonable thing Wang Weiyi haha laughed Eliott, tell me about the affairs of the country.Yes, Your Excellency the Baron.Eliot said quickly After the decisive battle of the country s defense line, the national government immediately The Battle of Nanjing cbd gummies for flight anxiety pure cbd gummies 10 mg was held again, and many newly formed troops were mobilized.We sent a large amount of weapons and ammunition from the United States to support the National Government s war of resistance.In the Battle of Nanjing, your Huben Guard Brigade performed very well, ah , I forgot to tell you that your subordinates have now become very good commanders.Wang Weiyi sighed softly Call back Marshal Timoshenko for me.General Karetov and his subordinates acted bravely, but now they are almost dead.I don t know how to describe it.Quantitative The corpse is right in front of me, and my boots are already soaked in blood.There is no hope of continuing to resist, and I think you know what is a wise choice Ernst Alexson von Brehm.After finishing speaking, he He sighed again Get ready to kill more enemies, my officers and gentlemen.There is no hope of continuing to resist, I think you know what is a wise choice Ernst Alexson von Brahm.Timoshenko put down the telegram in his hand, looking sad Comrade Karetov has accomplished what a Bolshevik should do, cbd sleep gummie but we failed to succeed.They all acted heroically.His staff officer Chief Warwork said After the successful breakout, each of these fallen soldiers should be given a medal.Each of us is a warrior, each of us is willing to give all of Germany for our country, and we will be invincible The applause of the reporters once again sounded Ernst hurt The pure cbd gummies 10 mg news of the establishment of the Disabled Soldiers Fund quickly spread throughout Germany.All Germans were deeply moved by Baron Alexson s donation of three million marks.This does not mean how rich the baron is, but that after the baron s victory, what he thinks of is not personal honor, but all those soldiers who have lost their ability to live normally.This is the most important thing.In a short period of time, pure cbd gummies 10 mg the Ernst Fund for Disabled Soldiers received a large amount of donations and began to operate quickly.This fund cannot solve all the problems of disabled soldiers, but it clearly conveys a confidence to the whole of Germany When you fight for the country, the country will never forget you To be continued.

Now that the Germans have proposed negotiation conditions, Turkey can completely bargain.Ernst The smoke bomb released by biolife cbd gummies review what cbd gummies were on shark tank the marshal, this how mamany cbd gummies should i take is the real reason There is also a third condition to be added, Turkey must break away from the Allies and join the ranks of the Axis Powers.To this end, we can help Turkey arm a million troops.Wang Weiyi added new content to the negotiation conditions This will make Inonu hesitate a bit, right It is more hesitant.Kahn also showed a smile on his face Marshal, in order to ensure that the Turks believe that we are preparing to negotiate, the German troops that have advanced to Sakarya and Yenishesheru should withdraw immediately I quite agree with you.Wang Weiyi said and picked up the phone on the desk Pick me up General George Keppler Yes, I am Ernst, and I order the Imperial Division to evacuate Sakarya and Yeh immediately.Ah, Major Henry, the head of the British spy organization in Ankara.Who The head of the British spy organization Wang Weiyi asked in surprise.Ah, yes, Baron.Herbert said nonchalantly, This is the case in Ankara.It is different from other places.Our living environment here is very relaxed, even a bit boring spies from some countries They are very familiar with each other, and because of the attitude of the Ankara government, they can t do anything to each other.In this case, why not just sit down and have a cup of coffee and exchange everyone s curts concentrates cbd gummies views on the war Let s put it this way, apart from mastering each other We don t talk about the information, we talk about everything else, and we talked about you many times What kind of magical place is thisWang Weiyi was a little dumbfounded He has been to too many cities in the world, but this is really the first time he has seen a city like Ankara.The Germans will soon be able to launch a direct attack on Ankara without hindrance.Once Ankara is lost, the Turkish government can continue to retreat.Even retreated all the way to Russia, but what about Turkey It is bound to fall into the hands of Germany, and this geographically important chess piece will be completely controlled by the Germans.And all the previous efforts of the Allies in Turkey will be in vain Both the British ambassador and the Soviet ambassador secretly reported to their governments what happened in Turkey, and suggested the possibility of sending troops directly.Relying solely on the Turkish army can no longer stop the Germans 3 pm on the 26th.The invincible German army has completely broken through the Turkish defense.Successfully entered Ayash, and started street fighting with the Turkish army in Ayash.This can of course be explained as street fighting for the possible arrival of Ankara, but what to explain here You see.The infantry of the two brigades has blocked this place.This is the only way to connect the Presidential Palace with the 2nd and 3rd Brigades of the Guard.What is even more worrying is that General Kistafa has still Some tanks and artillery were mobilized, which should be used on the frontline battlefield Not only that, but more troops are entering Ankara.I don t know that General Kistafa is focusing on this time.What is Ankara doing The smile on Inonu s face gradually disappeared He is also a soldier.Also found something wrong with it.But he still refused to believe that his most trusted subordinate would plan a mutiny.A large number of troops are being mobilized frequently.Money for life.Thank you, Mr.Moyol, you are my greatest benefactor and I am still waiting to see what happens to Williams, although I don t know what you are going to do, But I think his end will be very tragic Look, Miss Carlos, what do you think of me A man s future depends on himself.Mr.Williams also In this way, everything about him is actually caused by his own greed.Yes, I completely agree with your words.Five hundred and twenty one.The beginning of the conspiracy Robben Williams didn t know that he was going further and further in a huge trap, and the Americans also didn t know pure cbd gummies 10 mg that they were in a huge and dangerous trap.1942 was called the golden year by Americans.There are two meanings in this.One is that the economic situation in the United States was quite good in 1942, and the other refers to the degree of turmoil in the stock exchange market.This ability can only be mastered by very few people, and most people have large shooting errors in that position.And Marseille has a special inspiration for time and space.After he has undergone strict training on himself, he has developed a superhuman keen feeling.Whenever the 3rd Squadron came back in formation, he always asked to be allowed to fly alone.After getting permission, Marseio drove his beloved plane around his comrades, practicing in various states over and over again.Ways to shoot from a variety of different angles.It took Marseio a long time to master the tactic, the entire summer of 1941.On September 24th, he made the first miracle.Shot down five enemy planes in one fell swoop.In the morning, a Martin Maryland aircraft was shot down, and in the afternoon between the top of Halfa Mountain and Sidi Barrani, after half an hour of fierce fighting, four Hurricane fighters were shot down in succession.

Attack on the flanks, and I will personally meet the challenge from the British The German officers in the staff were cursing the incompetence of the Italians, which caused them to lose so much money, but at this time they heard These words are all inspiring Baron Skeleton I m going to do it myself Enemies, will have to face the one they fear most The undefeated myth on the battlefield is about to be re enacted on the Kalman battlefield Ask for a monthly pass in the last two days.The last two days of August are over.Brothers, those who still have monthly tickets don t need to hide them.Just throw some to the spiders.Thank you, thank you again.Five hundred and sixty fourth.The capture of the 22nd and 23rd highlands in the Kalman tank battle made the British see the hope of victory.The Italian army has been defeated, and under the pursuit of the British army all the way, they now have only one goal left to escape, and get out of this damn place Every second you stay here increases the chance of being killed or captured by the enemy by one more second.Thisis this the root cause of the escape But the subsequent words of Colonel Abigail confirmed this point.This is the root cause of the Italians fleeing I couldn t believe it, asked again and again, and confirmed that the only reason they escaped was that we didn t provide coffee, so the Italians decided to flee to another prisoner of war camp, one that could provide coffee.But we didn t have a real prisoner of war camp at that time, so the Italians could only temporarily find a British army.Honestly, I ve never heard anything more absurd in my life.Gentlemen, I had to get in touch with Colonel Kettering, because these people belonged to his captives Colonel Kettering promised to provide them with coffee as much as possible, which satisfied the Italians request, let them return to the previous detention place This is also the most ridiculous story I ve heard General Rosen shook his head repeatedly These Italians , obviously had a chance to escape, but the only choice they made was to find another prisoner of war camp that could provide coffee Unlucky Germany has chosen such an unlucky ally.And his proposal was also agreed by General Montgomery.In the eyes of these two British generals, this was not an accident, but sudden, organized and premeditated, and the possibility of German intervention was not even cbd gummies w melatonin ruled out.No, it must not be suppressed General Canlemu, the chief of staff of the Egyptian army who hastily felt the British army headquarters, said loudly After my soldiers waited hard for two months, they received a pile of waste paper.Can you Can you imagine their feelings They are just venting, venting General Alexander, General Montgomery, I demand that a joint investigation team be set up immediately to thoroughly investigate this incident, to find out what went wrong and how the wages were exchanged Yes General Canlemo, we respect you, but I hope you can respect us as well General Montgomery said with a gloomy face, The British Empire will never use counterfeit money to pay salaries. Oh, that s good, that s good Farouk I heaved a long sigh of relief It s just poor Kanlemu, why would he do such a ridiculous thing Seeing that His Majesty the King was still sympathizing with his political opponents at this time, Emn was somewhat displeased Your Majesty, Kanlemu is a trouble for himself, and he even threatened your safety, Your Majesty.I think so.Those people are not worthy of your sympathy at all King Farouk I nodded slightly, and at this moment, Queen Farida who cbd gummies for flight anxiety pure cbd gummies 10 mg was on the side suddenly asked But I heard that the Germans pointed out that the soldiers have changed , and the German army is advancing into Egypt.Do how many royal cbd gummies should i eat you think, Mr.Emn, that the British, who have just been defeated, can meet the challenge of the pure cbd gummies 10 mg Germans Of course In the emergency meeting held, Wang Weiyi told the Egyptian military officers very frankly I observed the deployment of the British army.Watching the gate of Pia.When he saw Mussolini s car approaching, he rushed out.Unfortunately, it was discovered by the driver early.The driver initially tried to run him over, but saw him with a grenade in his hand, and then increased his speed.fly away.Luchetti threw the grenade out forcefully.Unfortunately, the throw was too high, and the grenade exploded 50 meters away from the car.Luchetti was sentenced to 30 years in prison.Later, a new law was promulgated that anyone who attempted to murder Mussolini should be sentenced to death, and Luchetti was executed.This was the last thing Mussolini wanted to mention, but now it came out of the mouth of the German Marshal.Wang Weiyi calmly said Let s say it frankly and honestly, there are many forces against you in Italy, and the same is true in Germany, and what we have to do is to completely eradicate these forces against you.Even Colonel Menzies learned about Baron Alexon s secret mission later Colonel Menzies slowly raised his head What about you.Major Rogermin, why were you chosen to be in charge of protecting Ernst Brahm Is it because you have a lot of experience, or do you have any special talents I have no idea.Major Roger Min replied honestly I have not joined MI6 for a long time.Experience in this area, even if I myself think that I am lacking.When I received this cbd gummies for flight anxiety pure cbd gummies 10 mg assignment, there were still some who wyld pear cbd gummies review couldn t believe it.You know, I haven t even protected anyone before.During this escort, I carefully considered my own mistakes.I should have arranged a few more cars, so that the assassins would not know which one was the real Baron Alexon No, it has nothing to do with you.Colonel Menzies smiled If there is really a ghost among us.

The negotiations between Britain and Germany are unstoppable At this time, Wang Weiyi knew that he had completed his mission in England.Now.It s time to get back to the front line yourself.There is one last battle waiting for you Prime Minister Churchill held a grand farewell party for Baron Alexon, with the participation of Princess Elizabeth, the representative of King George VI, and British political celebrities.Colleagues at the banquet, Prime Minister Churchill and Baron Alexon received a congratulatory message from President Roosevelt.In the congratulatory message, President Roosevelt congratulated the ongoing negotiations between Britain and Germany, and expressed his personal thanks to Baron Alexon for his efforts for peace Although the negotiations pure cbd gummies 10 mg have just begun, Germany, Britain, and the United States seem to have stood on the same front.This is a baron who is always creating miracles, whether on green relief cbd gummies the battlefield or anywhere else.After his return, he quickly implemented a truce between Britain and Germany.From then on, the light of peace will pure cbd gummies 10 mg soon envelope Europe again In this war, Britain was hit hard, and what is urgently needed now is how to recover.From this point of view, the British should thank Baron Alexon.Without his efforts, the war continues until now Part of the colonies will be returned to Britain When facing Churchill alone, Wang Weiyi said But by no means all , I hope Mr.Prime Minister can understandHowever, what I can be sure of is that British interests in India have the strongest recognition and military support from Germany Baron , now is not the time to discuss these things, we have already had plus cbd relief gummies review enough headaches before.On the same day, the United Kingdom announced that it would send an expeditionary force into the Far East to participate in the United States combat operations against Japan.Now, the British have been able to free up their hands to teach Japan a good lesson , Japan has already formed a serious challenge to Britain in Asia.Wang Weiyi fulfilled his promise, and he helped China in his own way With the war between the United States and Britain against Japan, the pressure on the Chinese battlefield is bound to be greatly reduced.And this also It was the result that Wang Weiyi wanted to see The first to protest was undoubtedly the French National Liberation Committee led by Charles de Gaulle.He issued a serious warning to the British side, but this was another setback The self esteem of the British Empire was damaged.Skeleton Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm The only one in the German Empire Generalissimo The eternal legend of the German Empire They never .

do cbd gummies with thc make you high?

thought that they would meet the baron here Corporal Edim, Second Class, Heisenberg, Private First Class.Now Marshal Ernst is speaking to you Major Klingenberg s majestic voice woke Edim and Heisenberg from their hallucinations, and they quickly stood at attention again Marshal, please forgive our rudeness, we didn t expect to see you here I m just going to visit Elklin.Wang Weiyi smiled tolerantly I heard from Major Klingenberg that you want to ask me to borrow a car Yes, Marshal It didn t occur to us that this was your convoy, excuse me, we ll figure it out ourselves.Don t rush to apologize, tell me, what are you going to borrow the car for Wang Weiyi seemed a little curious about this matter.I have to make him submit Xenia and Avrona are our best weapons Klingenberg shrugged, Now he and the team members fully understand Marshal Ernst is not just pure revenge.However, once Marshal Ernst decides to do this, I am afraid that Moscow will usher in his most terrible anger and revenge.At that time, Avrona will regret it, Lindelof will regret it, and all Muscovites will regret it With the introduction of Lieutenant Colonel Tenkovsky, Heisenberg entered the Third Military Factory without causing any trouble.On the contrary, Lieutenant Colonel Baglovic also showed special enthusiasm.Heisenberg was placed in the logistics department, which was a very relaxed department, and it also allowed Heisenberg to have enough time to study the weaknesses of the entire military factory.This is a big machine.For Dim, it was unforgettable for a lifetime.Now, for them, the adventure is over and a new war has begun After the Battle of Erklin, the German attack on Stalingrad has begun, and Heisenberg and Edim, who returned to the Brandenburg Commando, soon joined the attack on Burstein in battle.For the once adventure with Marshal Ernst.They swore they would never forget it.This is also an extremely important experience for their future.Of course, everything that happened in the past should be forgotten, and how to do the things in front of you is the most important thing.new challenge.Are waiting for these two brave and fearless German fighters The shouts woke Heisenberg up.It was still dark at the moment, and Heisenberg heard the explosion.The sounds were very close to where he slept.The explosion was loud, much louder than a grenade, and a little deafening.

Large scale capitulation and flight began to occurit was inevitable.When an army is completely desperate and has no hope at all, they will naturally give up resistance and end this meaningless war.Now, the German army can easily advance on the battlefield On the 27th and 28th, the German army launched six large scale operations in succession, annihilating and capturing a large number of Soviet troops, and at the same time, the German army began to prepare for the forced crossing of Terez gram river.Across the river, at Malinowski, it was equally clear that the fighting could not stop the Germans with their current strength.The war that took place here has come to an end.Voroshilov and his men had lost, even lost confidence in breaking out.Under such a dense siege by the German army, probably not even a single mouse could escape, right At the same time, Voroshilov also lost control of the troops.Terrible shells poured out like a torrential rain, and bursts of explosions were accompanied by countless corpses.This is a devastating blow The Russians had been waiting in line for the German attack.But what they my natural cbd gummies rachael ray ushered what cbd gummies were on shark tank in was not German infantry, but waves of artillery attacks.They finally organized a position.It was completely smashed under such crazy artillery fire.The so called troops they assembled were blown to death and wounded under such crazy artillery attacks.War is not won by willpower alone.But it is obviously too late for the Russians to understand this truth now.The civilian army is in such a miserable situation, and the regular troops of the Soviet army are also having a hard time.Those ubiquitous German assault teams kept appearing like ghosts.Accompanying them are biolife cbd gummies review what cbd gummies were on shark tank often a large number of German tanks The Soviet army organized fortifications on the broken walls and broken tiles, and blocked every place destroyed by cbd gummies 50 German artillery fire, stubbornly blocking the enemy s cbd gummies without thc pure cbd gummies 10 mg advance.There is only one thing that is required of him, that even if the summoner dies, he must absolutely guarantee the safety of Marshal Ernst.This also made Klingenberg feel heavy pressure for the first time You know, pure cbd gummies 10 mg it is not the first time that he and Marshal Ernst have taken such a dangerous adventure, but Marshal Ernst summoned him in the past Don t even care, let alone them Are you scared Wang Weiyi asked with a smile.No, I ve never been afraid.Klingenberg seemed to have been greatly insulted But I m only worried about your safety My safety is fine Wang Weiyi said After saying these words, there was a knock on the door, Guo Yunfeng got up and opened the door, and it was Sidney Reilly who came in.Hey, Baron, I really don t know if your guts are solid.Sidney Reilly said as soon as he came in You are simply crazy.A truck A car full of three Soviet generals and their families just drove out of the place where they were held Looking at the direction in which the car disappeared.The captain sighed Poor Marshal Timoshenko, I wish him good luck At this time, Timoshenko and his companions, who were sitting in the car, knew that they had finally left.That prison.Now they are full of confidence in the Skeleton Baron.Is there anything else he can t do Maybe.He might even have a way of showing up in the Kremlin when they drive down an alley.A black car also joined their queue, and Anna and her children were sitting on it.Get out of Moscow perhaps soon, they ll be back When the incomparably miraculous skeleton baron appears here, there is nothing he cannot do.One day, they will come back with this baron, and that day will not be far away A red warrant issued by Stalin himself.Before waiting for a response from below, Wang Weiyi continued to say word by word Mo S Ke Yes, 160 kilometers away, the capital of the Russians, Moscow That time, We are also like today, so close to the Kremlin, but countless brave soldiers fell on this cold land That time, we suffered an unprecedented setback under the city of Moscow.Among you, never Those who survived that battle felt it more than I did.There was a feeling that even if we took Moscow, the long front would wear us down, and in 1941, there might have been some truth to that But now, we come back here to save ourselves and save more comrades in arms Today, we come back here to wash away the shame of the past and create a new history soldiers Wang Weiyi suddenly raised his voice In the name of Germany With the weapons in your hands, tell the Russians that victory will eventually belong to the great Germany pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed Long Live Germany Victory victory victory Hi Ernst Saint Ernst This time, the disgrace will be wiped away, and meritorious service will be made in one fell swoop.He opened cbd gummies without thc pure cbd gummies 10 mg the cover of the cellar, and then tiptoed down Dim lights flickered in the cellar, Heisenberg rushed in, raised the gun in his hand, and shouted in Russian He said Don t move, raise your hands Heisenberg was stunned by what appeared in front of him A Russian woman was taking care of a man who lost a legWhen she saw a stranger rushing in, the woman hurriedly blocked the man with her body.Horrified, No, don t hurt us However, her pure cbd gummies 10 mg body was pushed away by the man behind her, and the man s face was exposed in front of Heisenberg.His face was full of beards, and he looked haggard under the dim light, so thin that he almost lost his human shape.However, Heisenberg still had a vague feeling that this man was very young.What shocked him even more happened, the man actually said in pure German Are you a German soldier Yes, Heisenberg, first class corporal and third rank squad what cbd gummies were on shark tank hemp bombs cbd gummies reviews leader of the SS Bradenburg Commando.

At this time, Pompey came up with an idea.Before the barbarians on the other side were conquered, they couldn t wait to establish the province of Germania, and appointed Chorus as the governor of the province to divide Caesar s power.Of course, there are certain dangers in this, which will Wouldn t anger Caesar After all, it was Caesar himself who was conquering there.Caesar pure cbd gummies 10 mg was not one to give away his rights.But Pompey decided to try it in his own right .The next morning, two consuls and fifteen senators came to Pompey s mansion as usual.They were ready to wait for Pompey s call to start handling today s official duties, because although Pompey only slept Seven hours, but he hates getting up early.But today is a bit different.As soon as these important Roman officials arrived on the Palatine Hill, Pompey s most trusted subordinate Bilusis, who had been waiting for them, immediately brought them to Pompeii There, several important issues were discussed HCMUSSH pure cbd gummies 10 mg first, and a decision was quickly made to continue to deploy Roman legions from various places to the Danube region to support Caesar and .

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help him eliminate the rebellion there Commander.strange.Especially when Baron Alexon comes in.Those once extremely arrogant tribal leaders all stood up and greeted their consul lord respectfully.They didn t take their seats until Wang Weiyi sat down.Pilut, the leader of the Vandals, was the first to say My lord, the glory you have created.Even the bravest warrior can t do cbd gummy for sale online it.The hope you brought to the Germans, we have defeated Rome People, now, please allow me to make a bold suggestion, lead the warriors of all tribes, go and get Caesar s trouble We did not defeat the Romans.Wang Weiyi s answer was unexpected The sudden arrival The reinforcements only made the Romans feel panic, which forced them to retreat.However, the Romans still have a very strong strength, and they are fully capable of another major decisive battle.To save the defeat on the battlefield.Could it be that Pompey came to collect the interest on the house so impatiently Welcoming Pompey in, Pompey seemed to be very concerned and asked if they were still used to living here.After a polite reply, Pompey said slowly Today, the Senate will be open to the public, and we will resolve the issue of Rome.Some questions from the citizens.My friends, Spurius.Are you interested in participating, Spurius Wang Weiyi and Richthofen didn t understand the rules of the city of biolife cbd gummies review what cbd gummies were on shark tank Rome at all.They glanced at each other and asked tentatively, Can we also participate Of course.Pompey was very curious about their questions This is a meeting open to all, every citizen of Rome, except, of course, the lowly slaves.Ah, in this meeting I will also introduce a Roman Young man.The son of a Roman hero This quickly aroused the curiosity of Wang Weiyi and Richthofen.Wang Weiyi greeted him Hello, I am Major Moyol of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division of the United States.I am Colonel Tony.Major, your French is very good.Tony looked a little casually, and he looked around He asked How many people do you have Thirty.Wang Weiyi replied Please rest assured that there are no regular German armed forces here.Those Germans should be driven to the Rhine.Tony s tone was very arrogant, cbd gummies without thc pure cbd gummies 10 mg and then he yawned Ah, it s tiring after a day of driving, Major, the resting place is ready Is it Of course, Colonel, a hotel has been emptied by us, and you can spend the night there.Then what about the cars here I will send someone to watch for you, so that there will be no we are cbd gummies problems.Look, that s the benefit of being an ally.Colonel Tony laughed.Come here, take the colonel and his people to rest.Brahm Baron Alexon did not fall pure cbd gummies 10 mg asleep.He is patiently waiting for the arrival of Agent Annette, and this female agent will also be the most important point in his actions.He lifted the curtain and looked outside, the car that was always with him was parked outside, he really wanted to invite the cia agent inside pure cbd gummies 10 mg to come into his room for a drink.Otherwise, how would the person in charge of monitoring him spend the long night He opened the curtains and stood at the window with a wine glass in his pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed hand, so that the people in the car could fully see himself.The door was ajar, and Wang Weiyi had been waiting.He was also making a gamble, betting that Agent Annette would definitely open the door.In fact, he knew that he would be able to win the bet, because Agent Annette what cbd gummies were on shark tank hemp bombs cbd gummies reviews s task was to protect himself every step of the way.Repeatedly.The repeated failures made Lieutenant Colonel Carls suddenly feel a strong sense of frustration Lieutenant Colonel, our tank support has arrived Appeared.That is the equipment belonging to the Kals Rapid Action Team , although it came a little late.But after all, he arrived at the battlefield in time.Order the tank, attack Lieutenant Colonel Kars said coldly.The tank rumbling took its heavy and terrible steps Major, tank Captain Scherer called out loudly.In fact, German soldiers are not very afraid of tanks.After the end of pure cbd gummies 10 mg World War I and Germany s defeat, the German army was limited to 100,000 people by the Treaty of Versailles.The Allies did not allow Germany to possess any heavy weapons, but Germany secretly developed these technologies.Deprived of the right to develop offensive weapons, Germany vigorously developed defensive weapons.

Besides, even if the Skeleton Baron is really alive, I don t think he will What threat do we pose After all, he has been away from the battlefield for so long, and he is completely unable to adapt to the current war.Also, in the current situation in Germany, what ability does he have to turn things around The voices of the subordinates kept ringing, making Weiss Temoran felt a little more relaxed.Skull Baron Is that damned skeleton baron still alive Is Fels relaying the real Baron Skull s speech Assuming the Skeleton Baron is really alive, it would be a very scary thing.Not to mention the strategic sense, the confidence just brought to the Germans is huge.Those German soldiers who were already extremely tenacious will continue to resist frantically, and thatThe Germans in these occupied areas will inevitably break out one after another uprising.correct The soldiers were right That s our plane the German Air Force Luftwaffe Enter the War Something that annoyed the Americans happened.The German local air force, which was thought to have been wiped out, reappeared on the battlefield.And the performance of their aircraft is far ahead of the US Air Force.Those German fighter planes, like a group of fierce wolves in the sky, rushed towards the enemy plane viciously, and then the weapons on the fighter planes began to fire mercilessly.This is a punishment for Americans since you think you can control the sky unscrupulously, then let you know the horror of death One after another the American planes were shot down, and the pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed rest fled in panic.Those American pilots, like the former Lieutenant Turner, had no idea where these German fighter planes appeared from They cursed the cbd gummies without thc pure cbd gummies 10 mg commanders on the ground, they cursed the intelligence personnel, they cursed everything.I am equally eager to see the victory come.so.You will definitely see me in Berlin.Fels believes that when the baron promises you something, he will definitely do it.Marshal, what about those prisoners Wang Weiyi thought for a moment Bring Colonel Gay in.The rest are all ready to retreat.Colonel Gay was really lucky.In the bombings by the US military again and again, despite the heavy casualties of those prisoners, Colonel Gay was not injured.He saw the Lieutenant Colonel Moyol who captured him.But let him Surprisingly, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol was actually wearing a German marshal s uniform.God, these Germans are really brave enough to even put on a marshal s uniform on themselves.Colonel Gay, I Let me introduce, I am Ernst Brahm.When Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said the name, Colonel Gay pure cbd gummies 10 mg was stunned Who are you Ernst Brahm.Weidmann reports to you With these two voices, Wang Weiyi s proud assistants Klingenberg and Weidmann appeared in front of his eyes.The Creator of the Miracle in Belgrade and what cbd gummies were on shark tank hemp bombs cbd gummies reviews Death Knight , these two The German general who frightened the enemy, is now as excited as a child seeing his favorite candy.Yes.The baron is back, and he has returned with the pride that Germany lost.When everyone continues to be under the baron s command To cbd gummies without thc pure cbd gummies 10 mg be loyal to it, to fight for it.It will be an extremely enjoyable thing, even if they die for it immediately, they will not have any regrets.There is no smile on Wang Weiyi s face Klingenberg, Wei Deman, tell me, how much power do you still have at your disposal My commando, ready to enter the Empire State Building, according to your order.Arrest Claire.My armored force still has some strength Marshal, I will wait for your order at any time to attack the Empire State what cbd gummies were on shark tank hemp bombs cbd gummies reviews Building The two answered forcefully, but still did not make Wang Weiyi smile As I said, I will not let Berlin fall into civil war, and I will not shoot my soldiers, even if they are loyal to Kroll.General Bach, are you going to shoot me Oh, no, Marshal.It never occurred to me to shoot you.However, the F hrer also gave me orders for any unauthorized attempts to enter the Empire State Building.will be met with the strongest counterattack.You must know that it was an order from the F hrer to me.Kroller has been relieved of his duties as the head of Germany.That is an order I personally issued.Wang Weiyi was not angry General Bach, you are a general who takes obedience to orders as his vocation, and I also heard that Kroller is kind to you.But you must understand the current situation in Germany, no civil war is allowed, no bloodshed among your own people is allowed.Personal grievances or the future of the country.what do you choose I look forward to your final choice.There was silence on the other end biolife cbd gummies review what cbd gummies were on shark tank of the phone for a long time before pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed Bach s voice came again Marshal, is there any hope for Germany Of course there is.Originally, Wang Weiyi expected to find out some doubts in his heart as soon as possible by capturing Keluer, but now it seems obviously impossible.However, there is no need to regret too much.From the first day he betrayed the country, Kroller had already doomed his fate.As for those secrets, Wang Weiyi is not in a hurry, the secrets will always be exposed one day, it is only a matter of time.And now, there are still some things to do by yourself.The whole of Berlin was rejoicing at the Baron s return, and cbd gummies omaha was actively preparing for battle under the orders of Marshal Ernst Brahm.There is only one place, but there is no movement all the time Constant base Marshal Boncrele wanted to see the baron more than anyone else, but he had to stick to his duty to guard the base.Without the pure cbd gummies 10 mg baron s order, no one in this world could open the base again.

Their respective intelligence and adaptability.When the German positions were the most difficult, those German soldiers could always see a familiar figure gummy cbd peach rings appearing beside them.That s Marshal Ernst Brahm A great, legendary Baron He calmly commanded the most dangerous positions to resist, and compassionately comforted the wounded who were about to die.Therefore, every German soldier who closes his eyes always has a calm expression on his face.They have completed their mission, and now they can leave this world peacefully pure cbd gummies 10 mg with the blessing of Marshal Ernst.Victory must belong to the great Germany under the command of the Marshal I thought I couldn t make it through today When the enemy s attack was repelled again, Mario walked out In one breath, he was fearless on the battlefield, and it was only at this time that he showed an expression of fear.Fortunately, you have not let me down.Wang Weiyi is very grateful to Lai Li, with his help, the things he has to do will be much smoother.But before he could speak, Riley had already said Ernst, I think you know what I am.There is no one in this world who helps others for no reason, especially me.Wang Weiyi laughed immediately Of course, I never expect you to help me unconditionally.Riley, you will get the money you need.Give me your account number, and I will be on cbd gummies safe time every time I get your help as in the past.Put the money into your account.This is the simplest, most direct, and most effective way to negotiate with 3300 mg cbd gummies Sidney Riley.His loyalty is not to a certain person, but to money.Such hired spies are sometimes the most reliable.Look.Talking to you is always so pleasant.Riley took cbd gummies for flight anxiety pure cbd gummies 10 mg out the account he had prepared and handed it to Wang Weiyi I will secretly assist Fels in arresting all the spies who are still active in Berlin.What do you want to tell me, Leoni Wang Weiyi said lightly With a smile Restore the monarchy in Germany Welcome the descendants of Wilhelm II to complete a restoration I don t pure cbd gummies 10 mg know what you think.Leoni smiled Everything is in your hands.I want to use Your great prestige, cbd gummies for flight anxiety pure cbd gummies 10 mg even if you are quite the emperor, there are few people who object to it.Aha, I have never had this dream.Wang Weiyi said with a smile Even for the position of temporary head of state, I do very well.Reluctantly.I think the top priority now is to find a real head of state as soon as possible.It would be great if Adolf is still alive.Unfortunately, no one can know whether Adolf is still alive in this world Wang Weiyi invited many people to his dinner.The marshals and generals of the Legion of Heroes, Queen Elizabeth II of England and her husband, Prince Philip.This is probably our best chance.Okay, I ll do it right away, and I believe the queen is also very happy to see you.When leaving, Canlemu did not forget to say Thank you, Baron, I am very happy to see you coming.I am also very happy to see cbd gummies for flight anxiety pure cbd gummies 10 mg you again, Marshal Canlemu.Wang Weiyi said calmly.At this moment, Canlemu was full of hope.He knew that the omnipotent baron would definitely be able to help Egypt Six hundred and eighty one.The atmosphere in the palace of the Abid Brotherhood reached its peak.These guests attending the welcome banquet will not care about the current situation in Egypt, nor will they care about the occurrence of a major uprising or the occupation of Egypt by the Germans and Americans or the troops of any country.All they want is to ensure that their interests are not harmed.I appreciate your hard work over the years.No, that s what I m supposed to do.Elliott pure cbd gummies 10 mg cbd lion gummies was always so humble in front of the baron You have the history of the Wittgenstein family, I m just taking care of it for you.Anything that harms your interests.They will all be met with my merciless counterattack.I think.When the war is over, I can return the Wittgenstein family to you.No, no one is more suitable than you.Wang Weiyi said You keep this huge family running smoothly, and I am not as good as you in this regard.You will stay in this position until you no longer Until you can t do it.Elliott nodded silently, he knew that this was the baron s great trust in him Now tell me how the war broke out.Why did William do such a thing When the baron asked the question that Elliot was most afraid of answering, he was silent for a long time Baron, I have no disrespect to you. pure cbd gummies 10 mg pure cbd gummies 10 mg z y u x ng pure cbd gummies 10 mg . s . . 1916 16 . . what cbd gummies were on shark tank hemp bombs cbd gummies reviews pure cbd gummies 10 mg s j ng pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed how to make gummy bears with cbd oil cbd gummies para que sirve 1916 pure cbd gummies 10 mg sh cbd gummies without thc pure cbd gummies 10 mg 1966 2 16 .

Those, are they really Italian Lieutenant General Bosqueche couldn t believe that such a weird thing would happen on the battlefield In fact, he didn t need to believe it at all.Chenock and his men decided to use practical actions to prove that the Italians are by no means as incompetent as others imagined.They can also fight, and they can also use their bravery to win everyone s respect They they can also become real soldiers Marshal Ernst, my troops have broken through the C3 defense zone.Chenock proudly said loudly into the walkie talkie I am directing the cbd gummies for flight anxiety pure cbd gummies 10 mg troops to break through to the C6 zone Congratulations, General.Ernst.The voice of Marshal Brahm came Bodmer s first class assault brigade has broken through the c1 defense zone.If everything goes well, we will complete the convergence at the c6 defense zone.He ordered the tank to move quickly, and the infantry entered the building to clear the harassment of the small German army.So 10 or so SS6s drove into the north of the city in such a rampage.Pay attention to the downstairs, the target, the tank gunner, the visual distance is pure cbd gummies 10 mg 200, fire at any time Leave the gunner to me.This is what Wang Weiyi said.His sniper rifle caught the Russian tank gunner wearing a tank cap and holding binoculars Boom The pure cbd gummies 10 mg bullet fell from the sky and hit the top of the tank gunner s head directly, and he just fell into it.After entering the tank, SS6 stopped in an instant, while the surrounding Russian troops searched around, shooting aimlessly.Get ready, armor piercing projectile, 3 o clock direction, fire The Leopard 9 tank commanded by Major Love moved quickly, and opened fire on the SS6.The Orthodox Church spared no effort in promoting the tsar s political ideas, and the tsar was resisting the invasion of neighboring countries cbd gummy gift set such as Lithuania, Polish Catholic countries, Turkey, Iran Islamic countries and Mongolia and other pagan countries.And in the later external expansion, the Orthodox Church was also used as the banner, as was the conquest of Kazan.So it can be said that Kazan was conquered.It is both a political and military victory and a religious victory.The establishment of Basil s Ascension Church marks that Moscow has become the religious and political center of Russia.It is a milestone for the Russian nation to get rid of foreign rule, complete the great cause of reunification, and then gradually become stronger until the establishment of a multi ethnic centralized state I heard that a .

is cbd gummies good for sleeping?

lot of wealth is buried here Wang Weiyi couldn t help asking.Go in.There are people waiting for you inside.Ronanova had no idea what happened, and she walked into the church in fear.Then, she heard a familiar voice Hello, Ronanova.Ronanova s body trembled, and she almost suspected that she was in a hallucination.is it him is it him Is he really back Did he really return to his side No, this is impossible, I must be in a dream now But, that person still appeared in front of her.She smiled and said, Ronanova, in my impression, we haven t seen each other HCMUSSH pure cbd gummies 10 mg for more than twenty years.Yes, Baron, twenty years is really a long time Ronanova s voice was already full of tears.He is the baron Baron Alexon The first man in his life, Alec who rescued the Marquis Bierstoka s family from poverty Baron Mori The baron that Rona Nova will never forget in her life And now, he is standing in front of her alive Rona Nova forgot her reserve and threw herself into the arms of the baron Baron, I miss you, I miss you all the time, and I always fantasize about seeing you again.Guo Yunfeng gasped and said, For example, Marshal Ernst , I have participated in countless battles with him, and only when you see the marshal in person will you know what true bravery is.Fu Yunfeng was very stubborn No, you are the bravest person I have ever seen Miraculously, the enemy s bullets missed them, and the wounded soldier was dragged back to his position by the two Yunfeng.Although pale from blood loss, the wounded soldier was still alive.The wounded soldier shed tears, he didn t know what to doAt first, he thought he was bound to die, but now he survivedCan you imagine that a German who won two first level generals risked his life for an ordinary soldier Faced with such a great danger General, I am willing to die for you The wounded soldier cried.Soldier, put away your tears.Guo Yunfeng said coldly, A real German never sheds tears.Gort In fact, it is also very clear that the strength of an infantry pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed battalion is not enough for him to defend the position.But Gott is very clear about the direction of the war, especially after talking with General Kerrett.The Allies need them Hold here until reinforcements arrive.The new German offensive has begun again The b3 theater has become the top priority, and Brigadier General Gott and his 3rd Armored Brigade have also become whether they can make it possible The key to the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division waiting for reinforcements.No one wants to lose a war like this.From the afternoon, Wang Weiyi moved his purekana premium cbd gummies review headquarters forward again.This time, the German Marshal, who had never been afraid, directly sent His own command headquarters was placed in the headquarters of the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment.

What he has what cbd gummies were on shark tank hemp bombs cbd gummies reviews to do now is how to make the Republic of Turin To survive, if it causes a chain reaction in Italy.Then, it is the best time for him to implement his ultimate goal I think the United States is also waiting and watching Wang Weiyi said slowly The poor performance pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed of the Italian army on the battlefield has caused great dissatisfaction in the United States, especially with Vittorio.A new regime can make Vittorio continue to beg for mercy from the United States, especially when Vittorio Under the situation that the Austrian army cannot suppress the Republic, so my judgment is that the United States will never interfere with the Republic in the early stageMr.President, take advantage of this rare and precious time, you can send a strong message to the United States According to the information, the republic is only opposed to the great dictator Vittorio, not against the alliance with the United States.Rumer was not talking.But Hans laughed foolishly alone I went over there just now and asked for some bullets from those machine gunners.After that, he patted the body of the mg62 gun Don t worry about ammunition Everyone including Kyle.All laughed.The engine of 098 was turned on, and it moved its heavy body and wobbled back to the road.The large amount of smoke and dust produced by the rotation of the tracks made the grenadiers without masks cover their mouths and noses Noqill imagined that they must be cursing broken tank The ambush on the road was probably the only battle of the German army during this not so long march.The German army arrived smoothly, and now, the strength of the First Assault Army has grown with their arrival So it has the ability to attack.These reinforcements were reorganized into the 3rd Armored Support Platoon as personnel increased.I suggest that you call the Allied Command immediately and ask them to launch an attack on Berlin again Gregory nodded slowly Very well, I will follow your Do what you say.Marshal Donarski let out a long sigh in his heart, but retreating at this time is actually the most clear choice.But His Excellency the Grand Duke will never agree.Yes, he needs to win, even if such a victory seems so far away.Even, there is no way to achieve the so called victory at all And in the frontal battlefield at this moment.With the collapse of the Russian 12th Army, the initiative of the battle has been firmly controlled by Wang Weiyi.The Russians have no way to organize an offensive anymore, the only thing the German Ukrainian coalition forces have to do now.It s just how to fully grasp the victory as soon as possible.We have to gamble once.Troman touched his chin, replied lightly, and continued to think.Sweet glanced at Troman, and found that his eyes glanced at the soldiers on his side from time to time, and he felt awkward when he wanted to say something but couldn t say it.It seemed that he had a plan in mind, so Sweet immediately took out The two of them sang a double reed in the usual style Troman, I think we have a heavy burden.We don t know the situation of Colonel Eldon now, and the fate of the entire large army is in our hands.Troman was wondering, when he suddenly heard the familiar tone, he understood it all at once, so he pretended to be sad Yes, the Russians have such a tight defense, why do you want to attract their attention It s so easy, if we do something wrong, what we re waiting for is the destruction of the army.He really didn t understand why a small reporter had the guts to fight against him again and again, and what was even more unclear was why a small reporter would alarm the American ambassador.Is there any huge force behind this Poldorf I cbd gummies full form heard that he was protected by the tycoon Fristoya, but if this is really the case, it would be a little difficult.This damn Fristoia is very powerful, and I really don t dare to provoke him easily.Those friends around him are all real elites, and to some extent, even power is biolife cbd gummies review what cbd gummies were on shark tank more powerful than grasping.Such people are often the scariest His Excellency the Grand Duke felt that he was a little troubled.He was strangely appointed as the editor in chief of the Moscow Herald.Milosevic didn t seem to notice the change in the Grand Duke s expression and continued This is a very influential newspaper in Moscow.I will send your successor.I still refuse to relinquish my powers On the other end of the phone, Gregory could even feel Khmelitsky s smile My power was given by the Russian government, by His Majesty the Tsar, not by you, Grand Duke Bierstoka.I guarantee that if what cbd gummies were on shark tank hemp bombs cbd gummies reviews you are going to force someone to take over my power, you will be arrested by me.Good luck, Grand Duke Bierstoka.After finishing speaking, the phone was hung up Grigory was so angry that he almost vomited blood.Is this the Khmelitsky he was familiar with How dare he say such words to himself Turning around , He saw Similov, his captain of the guard Similov, you have followed me for many years, and now I have decided to give you a promotion, go to Khmelitsky, and take your guards with you.From now on you are the Chief of Police in Moscow.

And the US tanks at the fork in the road.Due to the excessive number, the actions were extremely inflexible, and they were attacked by the German rice heavy mortar submunitions, and a large number of tanks pure cbd gummies 10 mg were lifted off the sky After the large tanks suffered.Masses of American infantry began to fall to yet another victim.The machine guns in the bunker completely nailed the American infantry to the ground with a dense rain of bullets, while the German troops on both sides kept throwing incendiary grenades.A large number of American infantry were shattered by shrapnel.After the three way U.S.military suffered huge losses.Start to retreat quickly.Due to too much wreckage at the fork, the retreat was extremely difficult.Hidden cbd gummies for flight anxiety pure cbd gummies 10 mg in the dark, the British tank fortress relies on the fire on the road.This can be said to be the most extensive and domineering slogan in the armed forces, and for this slogan and belief.They all put a lot of effort into it.Desk.Let s go Soldiers of Company A and Company B, I will definitely take you home after the mission is completed.The German soldiers of Company A and Company B nodded slightly, maybe they were already ready Knowing what will happen on the battlefield in the future, maybe only a few of them can return to their hometown, but now.Not one of them disputed that this was the German Army the front line.Both the northern and southern battle groups of the British army were retreating, but the pursuit of the U.S.army made the retreat of the two battle groups not HCMUSSH pure cbd gummies 10 mg smooth.At this time, the two wings of the central group of the British army were completely exposed to the sharp edge of the two North and South Army Groups of the U.The reinforcements to Teton and the attack on Hannover were all fake.The Germans simply hid their real plan thunderstorm there Everything is nothing more than acting there.It s all there to confuse the enemy.Such a large scale landing operation is the real intention of the Germans The Allies are falling into a terrible siege But it is too late for them The only hope for the Allies and their commander in chief, Westmoreland, is now.It s just that L beck and the nearby Allied forces can do their best to defend there, otherwise terrible disasters will soon come.But judging from the dynamics and momentum of the Germans, they will never let their enemies realize their dream like this Victory has never been so close to me After finally getting the news he needed to wait for, Wang Weiyi was surprisingly calm Now.The whole scene cannot be described as bloody at all.Pozik shot a terrified little girl down with a rifle.Her distraught mother ran over to try to pull the little girl, but Bozik also killed her.Pozik s stomach started to churn.He wanted to vomit, but he couldn t vomit out.He had already vomited out the contents of his stomach.The magnetic firing pin in the rifle strikes the bullet hard, igniting the gunpowder in the case.The bullet flew out of the barrel with a bang, and the impact of the gunpowder pushed the magnetic firing pin back hard.The cartridge case popped out with a ding of the star powder, and the next bullet in the magazine was pushed up.The magnetic striker returns to the magnetic field of the receiver, and is pushed forward violently by the magnetic field.Hit the bullet.So back and forth, the guns in everyone s hands were roaring frantically.And they can call for support at any time, completely cutting off their logistics arteries.If the U.S.military occupies this geomantic omen.Then the U.S.military can unscrupulously throw shells at the German outposts, delaying the German combat plan again and again.However, the rainy season in Germany has arrived earlier.The heavy rain poured endlessly, muddying the road.This is not good for both parties.The asphalt coating on the road surface was smashed by the bombardment day after day, and the thin soil was exposed, which was watered like a swamp by the rain.Armored vehicles and tanks were stuck in the mud and could not be pulled out.The non combat accident crash rate of helicopters has doubled several times.Such weather simply cannot transport large scale combat troops quickly.However, the Second Reconnaissance Company of the Reichs Division of the German Waffen SS was one step ahead of the US military and established a firm foothold there first.call out call out call out The few German fighter jets that flew over just now flew back again All the German soldiers knew that the return of these fighter jets indicated that they were about to do heinous acts, and Donald immediately fell down when he saw this scene.The formation of fighter jets passed over the enemy s head at high speed, dropping piles of incendiary bombs on their heads like a goddess scattering flowers.boom boom boom Flames from the incendiary bomb exploded into the sky, dyeing the entire sky red.Once again the battlefield was illuminated.Apart from the eyes and the top of Donald s head, everything else on Donald s face was blackened.He raised his head, looked around, and found that the US military was in a mess.Donald pulled out the rifle soaked in the dirty puddle, then slowly raised himself pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed up and looked around.

The whole of Paris.His name is being proclaimed everywhere in the whole of France, and some people even look at him It has become a new European myth after Baron Alexon.Some people firmly believe that he is the hope of a strong French revival.How should such a person be recruited and replaced in the future What is the purpose of the Baron in doing this Lantes never figured it out, but one thing he was sure of was that no matter what arrangement the baron made, all he had to do was follow the baron faithfully.Wang Weiyi seemed very satisfied with Lantes attitude Lontes, silence is sometimes safer than being in the limelight, and I like you like this, listening instead of putting yourself under the gnashing of teeth of the enemy like Yetiri.Mr.Yetiri still doesn t seem to understand this point After Wang Weiyi finished speaking, he turned on the radio, and Yetiri s new speech came from it rise up and overthrow our brutal government Let the light of liberty come to France againwe will do whatever we think possible.Eric felt the bullet hurt him, it almost passed his ear., It s a pity that the person who shot was off by a few tenths of a millimeter, otherwise Eric s life would be reimbursed.Damn it Phantom sniper Eric couldn t help cursing secretly, and his fear and nervousness pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed also rose.He quickly hid behind the wide spruce tree, holding the sniper rifle and dared not move again.He had to calm his brain first, and deal with this life and death sniper battle with a peaceful mind and great patience.The shooter was U.S.Second Lieutenant Ryan.He was a fanatical supporter of the war.Just the day before yesterday, he killed two German soldiers with his own hands.Ryan wears a camouflage and hides in the ground, holding up a sniper rifle, his whole body is integrated with nature, his camouflage skills are very good.Turner, you know what, the last thing I worry about right now is the general election.William didn t seem to care I did what I should do for the United States.Whether I can continue to stay in this position, I won t think too much about it.I will not think too much about what choice my successor will make.The only thing I care about is that as long as I am the President of the United States for a day, I must continue the war firmly This is a stubborn and somewhat paranoid presidentTurner sighed quietly in his heart.With a cry In this war that should not have happened, the power of the United States has also been severely hit.And what s more terrible, those former allies of the United States are defecting one after another.The efforts of the United States in Europe and the world for so many years are gradually being lost.Aw Da da da Oakes let out a high pitched howl, wanting to shoot down the helicopter, the muscles pure cbd gummies 10 mg of his two arms formed thick lines to resist the recoil, Full of powerful and sturdy.Ochs, withdraw Pound grabbed Oakes who was being cut off with heavy firepower, and shouted loudly This is an armed helicopter, the fuselage can withstand machine gun fire, withdraw, withdraw Eyes fixed on Yue Feiyue Oakes didn t care about Pound s yelling at the nearby Tiger helicopter, and continued to shoot the Tiger helicopter with Gatling steadily.Under the action of his powerful arm strength, the fired warheads formed a circular impact point and hit the cab directly in front of the helicopter in a dense manner.Da da da Keng Keng Keng The bullets pouring wildly hit the bulletproof glass of the helicopter cockpit in an instant.Rommel regretted why he made such a suggestion, which has greatly stimulated Ernes A fanatical adventurous gene.I m afraid no one can stop his actions now.In fact, if you think about it carefully, there is nothing to worry about in Moscow.In Paris, the baron completed impossible tasks time and time again, and used his genius like actions time and time again to make the war easier.If there is anyone who can make the New Sea Lion Project more perfect, then there is no pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed other candidate except this person I will leave early tomorrow morning.Wang Weiyi said biolife cbd gummies review what cbd gummies were on shark tank lightly After the L beck counterattack began, a large pure cbd gummies 10 mg number of Americans are evacuating Germany one after another.Britain is a very important transit point for them.Tomorrow I will take the Americans.The warship arrived in England.This is a novel idea of Wang Weiyi, before he wanted to reach any city, he would always use the power of Ziguang military base, but this time, for some reason, he suddenly had such an idea.When Major Schmidt finished playing.The whole hall was silent.Then there was a burst of prolonged and warm applause.The American general asked Major Schmidt, which conservatory did you graduate from The major gave the general a surprised look and said that I had never been to a conservatory.I am a regular German military officer from the Military Academy in Upper Silesia Frau Decker was completely immersed in the storyeven until Herr Moyol finished telling the story It took him a long time to realize the story Gentlemen, most of the German military officers are of noble origin.They have practiced equestrianism, played the piano, drawn sketches pure cbd gummies 10 mg steve harvey cbd gummies for ed and oil paintings since they were young, and read a lot of books.Because of their good education and high average quality, the officer corps survived the defeat of the First World War in the form of various clubs.

Wang Weiyi pointed to the direction he was in charge cbd living gummies for sale of The house on the left, I hope we will not encounter too much resistance.But this time Wang Weiyi s judgment was wrong.When the British police and the US federal agents jointly started the attack, they were actually blocked by the combined firepower of machine guns and submachine guns.Imagine.Wang Weiyi originally wanted Grislow to notify the members of the resistance organization to evacuate, but he quickly gave up this idea.Nash had already surrounded the place, and he would never let his enemies escape so easily.Yes.Instead of taking risks, it is better to use this opportunity to get close to Nash and gain his trustsometimes some people have to be sacrificedand when the two sides are engaged in a fierce exchange of fire, Wang Weiyi has quickly found a breakthrough with his rich experience in the battlefield, and while he asked Captain Pattinson to lead the federal agents to shoot and cover himself with firepower, he quietly approached the breakthrough.Looking at the wreckage of cars and the body of Mr.Special Envoy, General Gandra s expression turned extremely ugly.He couldn t imagine how he should explain to Mr.President, how he should face all this.Colonel Jed and Lieutenant Colonel Mills had some schadenfreude.What the hell are those people in the White House thinking The responsibility for protecting the special envoy is not given to the FBI or the CIA.And handed it over to a group of soldiers who have no experience in this area.General Gandela looked there for a long time, and then said wearily pure cbd gummies 10 mg I have some urgent matters to do, please investigate the scene carefully.Write a specific report and give it to me, and I will I reported to Mr.President at the first time.Seeing the back of General Gendra hurriedly leaving, Colonel Jade said very dissatisfied What is this He caused such a big disaster, but he wants us to Come to wipe his ass Who made him a general, and we are just poor little people Lieutenant Colonel Mills shrugged But I think General Gendra must be busy when something like this happens.The two sides exchanged fire with constant sporadic shooting at the beginning.Test .

can you buy cbd gummy with foid stamps?

each other s bottom line, on October 4th, when the main force of both sides arrived at Hisrafa.The war was inevitable.Early in the morning, the government forces dispatched two helicopter gunships to attack the stronghold occupied by the Republican Army, while the well armed Republican Army returned fire with rocket launchers.A government helicopter was injured and barely managed to fly back to the base.However, Bert Adams knew very well that this was just the beginning.Mr.President, Mr.Will Tinland has arrived.Just as Adams was thinking about the war, this good news diverted his attention from his heavy work, and he personally greeted Mr.Tinland own headquarters.And came here with Mr.Tinland.There was also a young man with a stern face.Moyol, what do you want us to do I believe you all know each other.Wang Weiyi smiled 10mg cbd gummies for sale lightly Now we can cut to the chase, you are all serving me.You, Captain Roger, and you, Mr.Moyol.So you are colleagues in that sense.Colleague Captain Roger and Captain Pattinson had wry smiles on their faces at the same time one from the CIA and one from the FBI.The heads of the two most important departments of the United States in London have become some kind of colleagues.And what s even more absurd is that they are actually serving an enemy s spy at the same time.If this news leaks out, it will become the biggest scandal in the history of American intelligence.There is nothing to pure cbd gummies 10 mg be surprised or blame yourself.Wang Weiyi probably saw what they were thinking The progress of the war has completely out of the scope of your control.General Gendra smiled wryly.No one in this world can know how the Skeleton Baron did those unimaginable miracles At least General Gandra himself believes that he has absolutely no chance of becoming an American Skeleton Baron Be brave.Let the soldiers be braver.President William continued to cheer up his general I will continue to send you all the assistance you need.Of course, I need sufficient time.You have to do Yes, just to ensure the dignity of the United States cbd gummies without thc pure cbd gummies 10 mg in London General Gandra pursed his lips Mr.President, I heard some rumors in London, and your situation seems to be the same.Don t worry about these things President William said quickly Impeachment is impeachment, but I am still the President of the United States, and I have all the rights granted to me by the U.S.Constitution.Long live the Queen Long live England Everyone around him said so.I have been waiting for this day to finally come Duke Stephen was also rarely excited And I know this day will definitely come.Nothing can stop our determination, nothing Gentlemen, Her Majesty s order has been issued, now, let us create our own glory Baron Alexon, how about you Are you joining bison cbd gummies us Wang Weiyi smiled faintly I have joined you from the very beginning.Gentlemen, there is no force that can stop the victory.Bless England, bless Germany, bless the victory we hold tightly Duke Stephen nodded to Sir Monlington, who stood up, glanced at the faces of the leaders of the underground resistance organizations, and said in a firm voice I declare that the Great London Uprising has begun On the night of October 17, 1966, at 20 00.

Burning London The new book starts uploading today.The title of the book is The Beastmaster of the City , ISBN 3198578, or the portal in the recommended works of Infinite Military Base can also enter, Please support The entire London has been ignited by the anger of the uprising, and the vigorous uprising completely ignited London into a battlefield.As for General Gandra, he knew how bad the situation had become, but he no longer had the energy to care about these uprisings.He had to ask himself to put all his attention on the frontal battlefield.The Axis attack, dominated by the German army, seemed so violent and rapid, devastating the Allied forces like a storm.Their attacks again and again shook the Allied defenses, and their uninterrupted bombing kept the spirits of the Allied officers and soldiers in a state of high tension.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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