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Don t worry, Major.Wang Weiyi s voice was equally firm I know where my responsibility lies.Okay, still Do you have any requirements Major Dunxiwei asked.Originally, he wanted to say no more, but for some reason, Wang Weiyi s heart suddenly moved Major, please allow Corporal Adolf Hitler to join the third company.Major Deng Xiwei did not expect the other party to make such a request, and glanced at Hitler Adolf, are you willing I am willing Hitler said without hesitation.Well, from now on you will be assigned to the third company, Corporal Adolf Hitler Then, he saluted Wang Weiyi All for Germany All for Germany Wang Weiyi also saluted, replied loudly.War is nothing but a continuation of politics, and soldiers are nothing but its executors, no matter who started the world war.In World cbd gummies price herbalife cbd gummies War I, there was no just or unjust side.Instead, it aroused the tank s vengeful anger, and the muzzle of the gun was quickly aimed at the place where the gunshot was fired.A shell flew out of Breda s muzzle, drew a trail of death in the air, and then fell towards the enemy s position Hold on, counterattack, counterattack Lieutenant Colonel Carrington Roaring loudly, he must not let his troops collapse Suddenly there was a boom , and the smoke filled the air.Lieutenant Colonel Carrington was pure cbd gummies scam lying in a pool of blood.The shell exploded right next to him.Lieutenant Colonel Carrington died horribly, or he still can t believe that he will die here until now.How could the enemy appear here No, it s impossible There should be no enemies here But no one could give him an answer.The demons from hell slaughtered the Prince of Thorberk s camp, and now it s the turn of the 19th Welsh Infantry Regiment The barracks is full of explosions and machine guns, and flames everywhere.If possible, he would never make the decision to pursue.But it s too late to say anything now.Conk raised the revolver in his hand He suddenly found that the corner of the German military officer s mouth was cracked, and he seemed to be smiling there.The revolver rang out.But once a person has an uncontrollable fear of the target, it will seriously affect his psychology.What s more, Lieutenant Conk is not a person who is good at shooting.All the bullets in the revolver were emptied, but none of them hit the opponent at all Wang Weiyi smiled again, is it his turn now He put down his rifle, drew out his bayonet, and walked slowly towards Lieutenant Conk step by step.The terrified Lieutenant Conk threw his revolver at the opponent with all his strength, and when he saw the opponent turn his head to avoid it, he originally wanted to escape, but the British officer s deep rooted sense of pride and honor made him hesitate again, and then Pulling out the command knife at his waist, he roared and rushed towards the opponent.God Wang Weiyi was really dizzy.Elena is actually the adopted daughter of the well known German aristocrat, Admiral Livinsky No wonder she is so familiar with people like Manstein and Richthofen.Wang Weiyi managed to recover from his surprise I heard she is Rommel s cousin Yes.Richthofen nodded Elena s biological mother is Erwin s mother.My cousin That is a distant relative, Wang Weiyi thought while listening to Richthofen After Elena became the adopted daughter of General Edward, the two families still have contacts.The reason why Erwin was able to enter the Danzig Officer Candidate School as a civilian, in addition to the needs of the country, the Livinsky family also played a certain role.Of course, this does not hinder Erwin s reputation.It s too complicated.As if noticing their whispering, Elena smiled and said, Lieutenant Ernst, do you still hate what I said If that s the case, then I apologize to you again.Now I am friends with her, but God knows what will happen if I turn my face At this time, Depusey walked over calmly, first glanced at Wang Weiyi meaningfully, Then he said to the Countess Madam, Colonel Nicholas of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff requested to see you.He said that he asked for your help in something that might endanger the security of Germany.Oh, is that so Ray Oni smiled and didn t care at all Do you want to come when I hold a banquet Well, let pure cbd gummies scam Colonel Nicholas come in.Then she said to Wang Weiyi Baron Alexon, if I don t If you guess wrong, the colonel must also want to see you, if you have nothing urgent, please come with me to see the colonel.Okay, ma am.Wang Weiyi replied calmly.What should come will always come, there is nothing to avoid, but I did not expect Colonel Nicholas to come so soon.Everyone knew that the Jew he was referring to was actually Hall.Is Hall bad He is not bad.On the contrary, he still cares about the soldiers.But the feeling he brings to the soldiers is always a bit weird, and En Captain Sturt s feeling when he was here was completely different.The veterans of the third company knew pure cbd gummies scam that after the former company commander was wounded and left the battlefield, Hall was the most hopeful to be promoted pure cbd gummies scam and directly take over the third company, but he didn t expect However, a new company commander was sent from above.From that moment on, Hall s impression has somewhat changed.He became unwilling to talk much, and became a little depressed.The promotion is not all, but it is the right The recognition of a soldier s honor.Everyone be more energetic Hall s voice came over The British s new offensive will start soon, don t stand here stupidly, show some energy, damn it, it s all being dragged down.Stark saw it An incomparably brave German police officer is stabbing the enemies who rushed up one after another with a bayonet in his hand, while a Chinese is always by his side to protect him.Captain Ernst Brahm and his Chinese friend Guo Yunfeng Stark s eyes lit up Ernst Captain Ernst is finally here The last piece of the puzzle of the third company has also been put together The soul of the third company is back Steck couldn t help but burst into a loud cry Captain Ernst is back Everything is for Ernst The officers and soldiers of the third company didn t seem to believe pure cbd gummies scam it, but when they saw clearly, there was an instant sound pure cbd gummies scam on the battlefield.There was a wild cry Captain Ernst is back Everything is for pure cbd gummies scam Ernst Could it be imagined a kind of fanatical worship An unimaginable shock An unimaginable spiritual power At this moment, all the Germans on the battlefield seemed to burst out ten times, a hundred times more courage.For the Baron Skeleton.The soldiers were startled, and then cbd gummies price herbalife cbd gummies they realized what Richthofen meant, and everyone couldn t help cheering.The Skeleton Baron Hooray Elena looked at these cheering soldiers and said in a low voice Ernst, the fanatical support you have received among your soldiers is very surprising.In my memory, only generals with outstanding military achievements can get it.This kind of treatment.I m not a general, I m just an ordinary person.Wang Weiyi didn t think it was anything special I fought with my soldiers and shed blood together, that s all.In Elena s eyes There is a strangeness, such a man is undoubtedly fascinating.There are a lot of suitors around Elena, many of whom are nobles with titles higher than Ernst, but compared to Ernst Brahm, Elena feels that none of them have any bright spots.And have you forgotten This Chinese is a German sergeant appointed by His Majesty the Emperor himself, and the recipient of the Iron Cross 2nd Class Marklin was speechless, indeed, he had really forgotten this.Schlaf said suddenly I still have many witnesses to prove Baron Alexon s bravery in the miracle of the Somme, such as savage cbd gummies and tinctures the second army Commander in Chief General von Galwitz Crazy, this little lawyer is really crazy, he actually wants General Galwitz to be a witness But what is even more unexpected is that General Galwitz said I am willing to stand on the witness stand and stand for me His subordinates testified.General Galwitz, you can refuse.reminded Felix.I agree.General Galwitz smiled and said If a general s subordinates have been unfairly accused, but I care about my identity and are unwilling to testify, then what is the difference between me and Second Lieutenant Hall Applause broke out in the auditorium General Galwitz sat on the witness stand, and then said slowly That was a day I will never forgetThe British attack was very fierce, We were forced to back off At this point, I heard a voice on the phone, he asked me loudly Damn, where are you I told him I am Galwitz General, that very disrespectful voice said loudly again, Gain What to add Hell, state your rank The brash guy freaked out when I told him I was Lieutenant General Carlos Eltripe von Galwitz, 2nd Army up A burst of laughter sounded in the auditorium, and the tense atmosphere was also diluted a lot.Wang Weiyi said confidently Now the French are in a mess.On the front line, our army is attacking bravely.In Reims, De Sade is desperately arresting us again.They will not mobilize a large number of troops to guard the tanks Moreover, De Sade never dreamed that we, who were supposed to be hiding everywhere, would actually seize their tanks.Rommel thought for a while, and did not continue to raise his objections.Ernst.Brahm is such a person, there is nothing he dare not do.This is a bold officer.Ernst, since you have made up your mind, let s talk about your thoughts.We will act after dawn.Wang Weiyi confided the plan he had thought up a long time ago The French will definitely be strict at night.Surveillance is the most dangerous at this time.After dawn, the French who have worked hard all night will definitely be very tired.Major De Sade is not willing to choose this opponent as his enemy at all, but prefers to be his friend.At least being his friend is much more enjoyable than being his enemy In the wilderness, three tanks stopped, and a group of people hurriedly cbd gummies price herbalife cbd gummies got out of the tanks, breathing in fresh air.You asked me to command this thing in the future Major Guderian, who was fed up with the torture of the tank, asked in disbelief, pointing at the tank.Wang Weiyi shrugged.Manstein sat down on the ground Adolf, give me some water, I m dying.Hitler handed him the jug.Then he turned his attention to the diary.Wang cbd gummies price herbalife cbd gummies Weiyi looked at what Hitler did.If he didn t come from another time and space, he would never believe that the person in front of him would be the head of a country in the future.Now Hitler looks more like a student who just walked out of schoolOf course, Hitler at this time, as the war progressed, Wang Weiyi found that his nerves were much stronger than before.Ellie When Na saw Wang Weiyi, her expression was a little special.Don t guess, she must be wondering what happened to Wang Weiyi and the countess during this period of time.Wang Weiyi didn t explain too much to her.We talked about it, and these team members are a little tongue tied.The mission is getting more difficult every time, and this time they have to go deep into Russia It s not the same as Lance, once surrounded by the Russians, it will be too difficult to get out The materials needed by Wang Weiyi have been prepared, and the three tanks have also been transported outside Berlin.Now we are waiting for when Wang Weiyi will set off.The next task was who makes smilz cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam carefully assigned.Wang Weiyi s first unit was responsible for the main escort, Rommel and Manstein s units were responsible for the cover, and Guderian unified commanded the three tanks to implement the fire assault herbalife cbd gummies private label cbd gummies mission.Wittgenstein, it is an honor to meet you.Wang Weiyi said politely.Baron cbd gummies waterloo Alexon, it s an honor to meet you.Hermione also said very politely I m curious, why are you called Baron Skeleton Maybe it s the badge I wear.Wang Weiyi pointed to the unique skull badge on the neckline.When I entered Berlin, I saw many young people wearing such badges.It turned out to be because of you.It seems that you are very popular in Germany.Hermione smiled and said, The Countess has introduced me many times.Thank you, your respectable personality, and your outstanding performance on the battlefield.If there is a chance, I hope you can come to my house as a guest Hermione was very low key.Judging from the appearance and the tone of his speech, it who makes smilz cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam can t be seen at all that he is the head of a huge business empire.If I watched my soldiers sacrifice, but I could only hide behind, then I would rather die He smiled faintly But you are different, Manfred.I Why am I different asked Richthofen aloud.I can t tell either.Wang Weiyi really doesn t know what to cheap deals on cbd gummies say.Do you want to tell him that Ernst Brahm will leave this era sooner or later Ernst Brahm doesn t want to see his tragedy happen No biolife cbd gummies review , These are not reasons.Wang Weiyi thought for a while Manfred.How many enemy planes do you say you can shoot down I think I can shoot down eighty or one hundred, or even more enemy aircraft Richthofen said proudly.One thousand, ten thousand can you do it Wang Weiyi asked indifferently.Richthofen was startled, then shook his head No.I can t do it, no one can do it No Wang Weiyi also said a word no There is one person who can do it, and that is you Ernst, you really know how to joke, how can one person shoot down so many enemy planes Richthofen didn t believe this at all.Under such urging, Tolmezzo s Italian army finally looked a little decent They took up arms in a mess.Started to sweep without order.The officers didn t know what order to give.In short, let the soldiers do what they want to do Disorganized gunshots began to ring out The Italians didn t fight back.Well, a counterattack immediately drew retaliatory fire from the Skeleton Commando The 57mm artillery on the a7v tank was the first to speak, and the two artillery told the Italians on the opposite side with shells the shelling is not over yet Then, the Maxim heavy machine gun began HCMUSSH pure cbd gummies scam to spit out flames, desperately suppressing enemy fire.The artillery shells roared and fell in front of the enemy s position.Although it didn t cause any damage, it made the Italians confused again.Hell, the Germans are still firing The Germans are still firing Then came those dense Maxim heavy machine gun bullets, flying in clusters.Just turn around and run backwards.The officers ran first, followed by the soldiers, and the whole scene was chaoticwhile the German artillery shells kept chasing after them The first attack time was very short, even shorter than The Italians had already retreated before General Vogel s cup of English black tea had time to brew They lost about forty soldiers General Bivorge couldn t laugh or cry, what is this ah Now, he finally knew why the Italians were so incompetent on the battlefield.General Bivorge didn t want to listen to the explanations of the Italian officers at all.Instead of allowing them to rest, he ordered the Italians to re enter the offensive immediately in a tough tone Italians under persecution.I had no choice but to hold the rifle, and launched a second charge to the enemy s position in fear This time there was no mortar bombing, which made the Italians a little more courageous.Before General Kassel could react, Colonel Ernst Brehm pure cbd gummies scam had already rushed pure cbd gummies scam to the next position with his team members.Such a fast and ferocious assault method had never been seen by General Kassel, General, we and the skeleton assault The team lost contact What Lost contact General Cassel was furious What are you doing I m sorry, General, they rushed so fast that our troops couldn t keep up.They The anxious voice of the front line commander came from the other end of the phone However, the positions we passed through contained only dead, wounded, and surrendered French soldiers Among pure cbd gummies scam cbd gummies to stop smoking all the assault troops of the Seventh Army, Ernst The troops commanded by the colonel are the fastest, but they are too fast I don t want to pure cbd gummies scam hear this General Cassel roared into the phone I want to know where Ernst is now I want You keep up with his charging speed Hell, I don t want him to fight alone He has already fought alone once in Fanowei, and this situation cannot happen in my 7th Army Follow up, even if you are tired Death has to follow General Kassel threw away the phone in his hand.Maybe you can go to Morrell to touch Try your luck, according to our intelligence analysis, the skeleton baron and his commando are retreating in that direction Johnny, my dearest friend, but you have to do me a favor.Beasley smiled all over his face I need a car, otherwise I won t be able to catch up with the skeleton baron. Damn it, I don t want to see you again, I curse you for being held there as a hostage by the skeleton baron, okay, I ll help you go Got a car, damn it, I don t know if it s going to happen No, my friend.Beasley patted him on the shoulder contentedly, blue label cbd gummies and then shouted Langton, Quick, we re ready to go.240.Interview There is one thing that the Allied command was not mistaken Ernst Brehm and his commandos were indeed retreating in the direction of Morrell.The speed of their retreat pure cbd gummies scam was not fast, as if they were waiting for something there.It s the Northeast Army On the land of the Northeast, they have suffered disgrace They retreated without a fight, and handed over the entire Northeast pure cbd gummies scam cbd gummies to stop smoking to the Japanese themselves.For a while, everyone in the Northeast Army shouted like rats crossing the street, and even shops that bought sesame seeds refused to sell them even a single sesame seed The officers and soldiers of the Northeast Army dare not see people.They keep their heads down during the day.At night, thinking of my family members who are still in the Northeast, I can only silently shed tears back into my stomach The shame it needs blood to wash away Now is the best time for them to wash away their shame Blood worthless Life worthless Most Valuable It is Majesty The dignity of being an adult The Japanese army was a little confused, since the outbreak of the Battle of Shanghai.Retreat Even though he had made a promise of seppuku in front of Captain Maeda, as an cheap cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam experienced officer, Aihara Shinmatsu knew very well that with the strength of his own team, without the support of anti tank weapons, Not the opponents of those chariots at all But want to run not that simple No one can stop what Wang Weiyi wants to do More than a dozen trucks loaded with armed soldiers and machine guns mounted on the roof appeared.Leading these trucks was a jeep.Wang Weiyi held a submachine gun in his hand.Calmly looking at the Japanese people who are getting closer and closer.Suddenly, he turned around and asked, Who has a cigarette Sidao, who was driving, and Sandao Zhang, who was sitting in the pure cbd gummies scam back, shook their heads at the same time.Not to mention that they don t smoke, even if they smoke, they don t give them any cigarettes.He let himself hide in the dark again At this time, Wang Weiyi has become a bloodthirsty wolf, ready to pounce on the prey s neck anytime and anywhere He can see clearly , It is indeed two Japanese people, a HCMUSSH pure cbd gummies scam captain and an ordinary soldier.The captain seemed to be saying something to the soldiers beside him.Mosquitoes are meat too, right After all, he was a captain, and he could barely fill his stomach When he gradually approached, Wang Weiyi suddenly jumped out, and the bayonet in his hand plunged into the soldier s back vest, and then he stirred and pumped it, A stream of blood splattered out.He didn t kill the captain first, the delicacy pure cbd gummies scam should be saved for the last taste The captain of the Japanese army was shocked, and hurriedly stretched his hand to his waist, but Wang do cbd infused gummies dont work Weiyi rushed forward fiercely, and stuck it out.Hayi The Japanese soldiers in the headquarters rushed out under the order of Otsuka Zuo with their guns in hand.Iidazuo stared dumbfounded, hell, why would R himself listen to Tuanzao Let s go, what are you doing standing here Xiaozuo Zuo Wang Weiyi smiled and pulled Han Baiyang s hand, and rushed out of the headquarters.Tuan Zuo Zheng Shi, who was waiting there anxiously, saw Tuan Zuo and Han Baiyang coming out, and hurriedly shouted excitedly.People from China, over there Until now, Wang Weiyi has not forgotten to give orders to R ben s subordinates.Walker, the car and weapon you want are at the end of this alley, get out of here before R himself can react.Xiao Ling said lazily.Wang Weiyi smiled again.At the end of the alley, there is a jeep and cbd euphoria gummy a machine gun mounted on the car that he needs.I heard Tang Weihong say Do you remember that you promised to ask me to dance A little embarrassed Miss Tang, I m very sorry, it s a bit late today, I still have something to do, can I do it tomorrow Tang Weihong said at this time Well, then I can forgive you for being busy Tomorrow, at the Russian Ballroom on Rue Joffre, Mr.Lovelleau, Counselor of the French Consulate, will hold a ball to welcome a friend of his from France.Are you free to join me Wang Weiyi was about to refuse, but Qiao Zhihe poked him.Wang Weiyi could only say helplessly Okay, Miss Tang, I will be very honored to accept your invitation.Dez vouspas.Tang Weihong said in French, It is impolite to miss an appointment.Just now she took the initiative to ask Wang Weiyi to invite her to dance, but Wang Weiyi did not show up, which made Tang Weihong feel a little uncomfortable.He didn t get along well in pure cbd gummies scam the army, but he did This arms dealer is very prosperous Lowell, why should I stay in the army Is it just to get those poor salaries Gustav would never tell his embarrassing things on the battlefield Look at me, how good it is now, I earn enough money to buy a palace Luo Weiluo smiled slightly, but he scolded this fat man in his heart.Could it be that no one would know if you didn t tell me Back then, you were the one who introduced the Skeleton Baron to Lance, and it was you who kept failing in front of the Skeleton Baron., and even implicated General Raffarin.Just a loser on the battlefield Of course, Luo Weiluo is now thinking about how to cooperate with Gustav, earn more money, and let himself retire in the future Life after that can be more comfortable.Thinking of this, a smile piled up on his face again Gustav, my friend, let s talk about serious business.1 A type tank And on the tank, there was a battle flag flying this is a blood red flag, a huge white skeleton, located in the middle of the flag, staring at the world in front of it with its empty and cold eye sockets. Skeleton Battle Banner Fly it, skeleton battle flag The two g13 machine guns sprayed a terrifying fire net, covering all the Japanese in an instant Bullets spewed out of the machine gun continuously, sweeping toward the Japanese army like a storm.When Major Takahashi collapsed holding his shot chest, his eyes were still fixed on the battle flag Skeleton battle flag pure cbd gummies scam Fly it, skeleton battle flag The machine gunfire finally stopped, and all those lying on the ground were Japanese corpses.A chill cbd gummies review total of twenty eight corpses Ernst Brahm came out of the command tower, lit a cigarette, and looked coldly at the corpses in front of him.When Luo Lisa returned to the room.His gaze stayed among the guests again for a while.How much she wanted to see that familiar figure among these guests, but she knew that this was simply impossible Lucas came to the pasture late, when the piano music sounded.The guests are all dancing.Lucas stood there calmly watching for a while.Some male and female guests who passed by him couldn t help but take a few extra glances at this guest wearing a strange mask.Although it is a masquerade.But there s no need to get such a mask Can you play A Midsummer Night s Dream Lucas came to the pianist and asked.The pianist noddedLucas took out a ten dollar bill and put it on his piano Can I play a piece The dreamlike tune of A Midsummer Night s Dream quickly Sounded Mr.Prossie, I need a break.Okay, ma am, would you like something to drink Ah, no Mrs.But what the national government doesn t know is that there was already someone who did this for them Wang Weiyi In Germany, he has another name Ernst Alexson von.Bram When Wang Weiyi returned to Changshu, Ouyang Yu hurriedly found him Tuan Zuo, Commander Xue has been looking for you for two days, and all of us have been scolded by him.Hurry up, if you don t go, just go I m afraid the phone call will come again.Wang Weiyi blinked his eyes, this Xue Yue, when is it not good for him, he insists on leaving here to work Report to Commander Xue Sir, Wang Weiyi, the head of the Huben Guards, was ordered to come here Wang Weiyi, where the hell did you die Xue Yue, who was looking at the map, turned around suddenly when cbd gummies price herbalife cbd gummies he heard the voice, and said angrily As a commander, if you leave your post without permission, ten shots are enough Report to Commander Xue, I went to Shanghai to scout the enemy s intelligence Wang Weiyi replied loudly.As he said, he put the necklace in front of the teacher It s not something valuable, it s just a gadget.Gadgets As soon as Kobayakawa Hongyi took the necklace in his hand, he already sighed Do you think this is a gadget Seeing his student nodded in a daze, Kobayakawa Hongyi smiled wryly If I m not mistaken, this is something that only a certain royal family would use Hiroshi Yamaguchi s complexion cbd gummies megyn kelly changed drastically I think you can t afford this pendant pure cbd gummies scam if you serve in the army for the rest of your life Kobayakawa Koi just said this, and Hiroshi Yamaguchi was already in a hurry He said, Teacher, I really don t know.I grew up in a very poor family and never touched any expensive things.It s the same at my wife s house I know, I know Kobayakawa Hongyi put down the necklace I think you have been fooled.I said we would meet again, didn t you Wang Weiyi smiled.Yes.Yes.I knew you were a trustworthy person.Tang Weihong kept nodding her head.Brigade Commander Wang is really haunted.Tang Nai an praised Although there are Japanese people everywhere in Shanghai, for Brigadier Wang, he can come and go whenever he wants.I am very impressed.I have a brigade Wang.With such a talent, defeating Japan is just around the corner It s still early.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly I m coming to Shanghai this time.In pure cbd gummies scam order to do something, I stopped by to visit Mr.Tang.Excuse me.Where, where.Brigadier Wang, please take a seat.Tang Naian greeted warmly.Wang Weiyi sat down and looked around Where are my uncle and miss Ah, they have gone to Ningbo.Tang Naian smiled and said Although Li Zufa is a little arrogant and doesn t think much of others, but his His heart is still good, and he also wanted to fight against Japan.At this time, Akasaka Jijia rushed in Your Excellency, Captain, we can t support anymore, Shina People will rush in soon Captain Nakagawa has pledged his allegiance to His Majesty the Emperor You did your best, Akasaka kun.Qingkou Wusan didn t panic too much We have to bear a large part of the responsibility for the failure.But it is definitely not all.There are too many places to summarize about this war.Akasaka kun, can we finish now Finish Akasaka Yoshika was startled, but immediately understood the meaning of the captain No, Your Excellency the captain, we still have the ability to fight, please allow me to break the jade for the empire and His Majesty the Emperor Please take care, Akasaka kun Qingkou Wusan stood up and bowed deeply to him.Farewell.Your Excellency, Captain Akasaka Jijia strode out.The call back from Dizhou Libing came so quickly, there were only four words in the telegram No retreat At that moment, Numata Tokushige was completely desperate.Not allowed to retreat Do not retreat He threw the telegram on the ground, and then drew out his command saber The command of the division commander is not allowed to retreat Soldiers of the empire, for His Majesty s sake, smash the jade For His Majesty, break the jade took his command knife.Even if they die, they will not understand where the two strange telegrams from Dizhou Libing came from.Now, R himself has stopped pure cbd gummies scam talking about tactics at all.The order of Yu Sui has been issued, and the battlefield is irreversible, so let everyone die here The Japanese with guns in hand rushed forward desperately.There is no doubt that this is a suicidal way of charging, but now, do they have any other choices They have completely become targets for Chinese soldiers to shoot, and they don t even need to aim.Their goal was only one to break through breakout At the forefront is the second level commando The soldiers commanded by Lieutenant Blank had even charged can cbd gummies help you stop drinking alcohol into the depths of the Soviet army.They even discovered the Soviet rocket artillery cluster Kill them Lieutenant Blank didn t hesitate at all.He understands the meaning of these rockets too well.If they are allowed to fire, the skeleton division in the breakout will suffer huge casualties With the support of a Perzf IV tank and a stalker tank destroyer, these crazy German soldiers actually launched an assault on the Soviet rocket artillery cluster Crazy, really crazy Blank II Assault Squadron is completely insane The 75mm semi automatic KwK42L70 artillery on the Perzf IV tank spit out shells like crazy The Perzf IV tank is here at this moment, and its ferocious fangs are completely exposed at this moment And the two G34 machine guns fired bullets like a torrential rain without stopping for a moment.Magfedrov quickly took the telegram, read it carefully, and then said to his chief of staff Comrade Sling told me in the telegram , the German army is conducting the most ferocious counterattack.They are trying to jump out of HCMUSSH pure cbd gummies scam our encirclement.He asked our unit with herbalife cbd gummies private label cbd gummies a glorious tradition to resolutely resist the German counterattack and completely annihilate the enemy on the opposite side Ma Comrade Gefedlov, please let me go to the battlefield to command the battle No, I will personally command the battle Magfriedlov said decisively My soldiers will be prepared for my presence.Inspired, I will personally defeat Ernst and completely break what does cbd gummies do to the body the enemy s confidence Comrade Kimilovich, call Comrade Sling immediately, I will go to the front to command the battle in person, and victory belongs to the Soviets Yes, Magfed Road Comrade Commander Husband Kimilovich went out and quickly sent the telegram with a top secret code, and then hurried back to his residence under the pretext of something.Then, another burst of gunshots sounded, and those figures seemed to have all fallen down.After that, he could clearly feel that the bayonet was stabbed hard in his chest.After Vesniak died, the sound of guns on the battlefield gradually faded away, and after a while, everything stopped.The battle is over.The Vesniak Armored Regiment was destroyed with more than two thirds of its strength A large number of tanks were destroyed, and countless Russian soldiers were killed When the Siege of who makes smilz cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam Demyansk happened, the Skeleton Division had never fought such a hearty battle A total victory this is a total victory Wang Weiyi s figure appeared, and the German soldiers who were searching for the battlefield stopped their movements, and then they raised their right arms high and cheered like a mountain tsunami Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Hey Ernst The undefeated German god of war returns The undefeated myth of Germany is re enacted Seeing these soldiers whose emotions were so high, Wang Weiyi also raised HCMUSSH pure cbd gummies scam his right arm Hey, Germany Glory comes to the Skeleton Master Glory to Germany Colonel Capulo walked over excitedly General, we killed Vesniak, the commander of the armored regiment, I have confirmed it You did a good job, Colonel.Actually, Russia is not as unified as they seem on the surface.What do you mean Hitler seemed to think of something.When the whole of Russia is in crisis, they will unite.Wang Weiyi said indifferently But Russia has Caucasians and Ukrainians.They are also full of contradictions with each other.Russia s rule is not so strong but it is necessary to shake them.Divide them , must be based on this foundation, we must achieve a beautiful victory, so that Russia will not have the strength to launch a large scale counterattack in a short period of time pure cbd gummies scam Everyone here became excited.Obviously, the baron is determined to fight a few good battles in Russia this time The first battle herbalife cbd gummies private label cbd gummies he came back was to command the siege of Demyansk, where he successfully led 200,000 German troops out of the encirclement.Even if they can break through, they will inevitably receive the most severe punishment from Moscow.Kharitonov wrote his suicide note, which praised the Soviets and expressed his determination to die for the great Bolsheviks.At least, this can save your family from being involved, right When the dawn comes.Kharitonov got the news he least wanted to hear his loyal subordinate, Major General Frariakush, was killed.He sighed, it was his turn now, one bad news after another.The Ninth Army has completely collapsed, and the soldiers are being massacred by the Germans.Masses of soldiers died, were captured, surrendered, and Kharitonov s best illusions were shattered.It s time to end this pain.Kharitonov drove away his subordinates and let them break out by themselves.Even the chief of staff was driven away by him.Under such circumstances, it is cbd gummies price herbalife cbd gummies extremely pure cbd gummies scam beneficial for the stock market to revive the stock market if the top executives of the exchange launch a star in a timely manner.of.Maybe, Robben.Williams is the candidate.During these three days, Williams was also complacent.In just three days, the commission he earned from the stock market exceeded a thousand dollars.He found that when he entered Jinranke Securities Consulting pure cbd gummies scam and Investment Company , those colleagues pure cbd gummies scam who used to dismiss him now began to look at him with reverence.Success Probably this is the beginning of success.He bought several sets of replacement suits, leather shoes, and ties of different styles for himself.He also pomaded his hair to shine.Because that s what Manager Garcia is like.There is only one car missing, but Williams believes that he will soon have a car that really belongs to him.Wang Weiyi had already prepared an excuse They sent a plane, pretending to be the plane of the national government.On the way, I found the loophole, killed everyone on the plane, and then parachuted, it was as simple as that.There are some loopholes, but Song Ziwen can t say much General Wang, I shouldn t ask more about the army, but after you recover from your injury, you should return to the army immediately.Why did you come to the United States again Personally, I advise you to return home immediately and report to pure cbd gummies scam your superiors, and I will intercede for you.No need.Wang Weiyi said lightly.Song pure cbd gummies scam cbd gummies to stop smoking Ziwen was stunned, a little annoyed in his heart, but then he heard Wang Weiyi smiled In the United States, I can help China do more things, I can help China defeat Japan, and I can also save China s losses.Hermione s voice with his own ears.Hearing Mrs.Hermione s promise to herself with her own ears.And Mrs.Hermione told him on the phone that the first batch of aid had already left.God, who is this Wang Weiyi What kind of connection does he have with the Wittgenstein family He has such a strong connection, with the support of the Wittgenstein family, that he can turn the United States upside down.Why bother to risk your life and risk your life in the Chinese battlefield Song Ziwen couldn t get the answer even if he tried his best Of course, since this is the case, the cooperation between China and Germany he mentioned must also be carefully considered.Don t ask me why I did this.Wang Weiyi s words pure cbd gummies scam sounded in everyone s ears again I will tell you my purpose, but not now.Moreover, don t always rely on the United States, choose a few more potential cooperation Partner.Baron Ernst, who shouldered the future of Germany and the United States, reappeared in the United States with the help of Xiaoling.In the Ziguang military base, Wang Weiyi carefully described all of his trip to the United States Arranged, and told Xiao Ling what to do.Now Xiao Ling feels that the walker is getting more and more powerful.This is very different from when they completed the first crossing.Sometimes Xiao Ling is even there Consider, who else can stop what the Wanderer wants to do There are still three days before he meets President Roosevelt, and these three days are enough for Wang Weiyi to accomplish many things he wants to do.The first stop is the familiar New York The New York stock market is booming, almost all stocks are soaring like a demon, and the stock market has a great boom Mr.Miss Elena, I have a question Colonel Firth, who knew Elena for the first time, was obviously not so trusting How did you get such detailed information in such a short period of time He had every reason to suspect that even a good spy would not be able to make the enemy s temporary defenses so detailed in such a short period of time, and he even had the number of the enemy company.Elena looked at him One glance I m not a spy, but I have my own intelligence system Ah, I don cbd gummies price herbalife cbd gummies t doubt you.Colonel Fels said hurriedly But any slight negligence during the breakout may cause the destruction of the entire team.Trust Elena, Fels.Wang Weiyi interrupted their conversation Elena s intelligence is worthy of our unconditional trust.Well, gentlemen, now let s start the tour of Hibinko.In order to successfully break through the enemy s blockade and return to the German positions, there is only one last way left break through Behind them were the pursuers who soon discovered that the German spies had rushed out of Cairo, and in front of them were a large number of British intercepting soldiers.Then.He waved his hand forward 21st Armored Division, attack In the sky, a German eagle flew by on the ground, a torrent of German armor rolled in.The magnificent attack has begun The African .

where to buy willie nelson cbd gummies?

Legion let out its strongest roar at this moment Planes appeared over the minefields, and tons of bombs fell.This is the most terrifying scene the British tanks are crowded together, and the road is completely blocked.They have nowhere to hide.With the fall of the bomb, the sound of the explosion that terrified the British also sounded.One British tank after another was ruthlessly destroyedand this also plunged the British tanks into greater chaosAirplanes appeared in waves.And the British didn t think of it at all.The Luftwaffe did everything possible to select the best pilots for night combat.They used the night as a cover to catch the enemy by surprise.In order to win the Second Battle of Alamein , the British mobilized almost all the forces they could use.Even if there were reinforcements, General Woodrow was sure that they were improvised troops And what s more terrible now, the supply problem that had plagued the Germans for a long time was also tightly entangled with the British.Due to the bombing of the supply base, the British were in crisis after replenishing their fuel and ammunition, and in a short period of time, new supplies could not arrive at all.Things in the world are really difficult to say A series of camouflage and deception has now completely adjusted the supply situation between Germany and Britain General Woodrow is not sure if he can wait for reinforcements , but he decided to follow General Montgomery s telegram Please remember your honor, please remember that you are a British military officer Even if you want to die, let yourself die on the battlefield you love In the disadvantaged situation, General Woodrow issued a very bold order Attack attack the Germans This was beyond the expectations of Rommel and the German commanders, so passive, the British actually launched an attack The sudden attack caused the German army to suffer a lot of losses, which also made Rommel admire.This is the first time that Wang Weiyi officially met Montgomery with his real identity.His previous identity was Baron Andrew Toxon.Actually, we have met before, Your Excellency the Baron.Montgomery said suddenly.Oh, really Wang Weiyi suddenly remembered that he had injured this person, so he laughed Is your injury healed now It s been so many pure cbd gummies scam years, it s already pure cbd gummies scam cbd gummies to stop smoking healed.Montgomery smiled Your Excellency the Baron, I have to admit that your guts are really too great, Baron Andrew Ha, I once had a chance to capture the Baron Skeleton alive, but I happily chatted with you about the war situation.Baron, please tell me, were you not scared at all at that time Of course I was afraid that my identity would be exposed.Wang Weiyi said flatly To be honest, I was terribly scared, but I had to keep myself calm, no Let you see any flaws.And his comrade Stalin told him that after three months, all the newly formed legions will be able to go to the battlefield, and the final victory will belong to the great Soviet.But when Comrade Stalin left, Marshal Zhukov worriedly asked his friend how sure he was of being able to hold the Caucasus.Vasilevsky replied with some helplessness I don t know.Comrade Zhukov.If we confront each other on the frontal battlefield, I believe that I am sure that I can hold out for three months or even longer.But will the reinforcements promised by Comrade Stalin arrive in time What unexpected attack methods will the Skeleton Baron adopt I am not sure about these.More importantly Yes He was silent for a while, and then said in a low voice Will Comrade Stalin completely trust me Will the tragedy that happened to those generals continue to happen to me Speaking of which.Baron, I miss you You also have your own beliefs, if you were in my position, would you choose to surrender I will not be in your position.Wang Weiyi s answer was full of domineering I am sure I will not fail, and I will Can t fail.So now we are discussing your cbd gummies price herbalife cbd gummies problem, not mine.Lindelof shook his head, he had never seen such a domineering Marshal Well, I admit that I am a loser now.Lindelof tried his best to calm down his tone But a loser who is about to have his own dignity, doesn t he Mr.Baron, you can Shoot me, hang me, but you can t betray my loyalty to the Bolsheviks.These words are just making excuses for yourself.Wang Weiyi said unceremoniously When it comes to your doctrine, I probably know it better than pure cbd gummies scam you.Profound.I think if my guess is correct, with the defeat of Erklin, first, Moscow will strictly block the news second, they will continue to drink the same as they did after the Battle of Kharkov, eagerly Do you want to find a scapegoat Who will this scapegoat be Ah, I think it must be you.The enemy shells continued to bombard the commando camp, but did not pursue the commando.Heisenberg rushed into the darkness, only to trip over something.He fell face down hard on the ground, trying to grab his weapon.He looked down, and it turned out that what tripped him was a piece of barbed wire that had been run over by a tank.Heisenberg scrambled to his feet and caught up to the commando tank.After running for about half an hour, the commando came to a place about one kilometer away from a forest.With the twilight of dawn, Heisenberg could already see the forest.Not long after, the tree line was clearly visible, and at this moment, countless muzzle flashes appeared in the woods.Lie down Heisenberg shouted loudly, and immediately fell to the ground.Only about a second later, bullets rained down on the commandos.The grenades were thrown continuously, making the sound of explosions always fill the battlefield.The two Tiger tanks advanced arrogantly, and they were quickly stopped green otter cbd gummies phone number by the Russian T34.The two sides greet each other with shells, and the chug of machine guns is their special way of greeting.A T34 was destroyed, but in the smoke, more than a dozen Soviet soldiers rushed up holding explosive packs.The machine guns started to fire, but they couldn t cbd sour gummies online stop their progress.The dozen or so Russians were still trying their best to approach the Tiger.However, the firepower network of the German who makes smilz cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam army was too dense, leaving no chance for the Russians jar of cbd gummies at all A string of bullets sank into the bodies of the Russians, bringing more than a dozen corpses When this group of Russian squads was wiped out, the Germans hardly took a breather, and new Russian squads appeared again A completely suffocating battlefield Human life is here The most humble thing Under the protection of the infantry, the Tiger tanks kept advancing.But Wang Weiyi is very happy to see such a situation.At 18 00 in the afternoon, Wang Weiyi issued an order all German troops made great strides to withdraw to the third line of defense.At the same time, another order was issued German troops on the outer lines a large scale assault It started, finally started.When the assault group was fighting bloody battles here, it was for the arrival of this moment.Fight Germany The flames of war are burning the will to fight is burning The war belonging to Ernst Brahm will soon appear in front of the Russians Where is the monthly pass Brothers, it s almost the middle of the month, do you have a monthly pass in your hand Don t hide, it s about to enter Stalingrad, and hide the baron again and enter Moscow.Hehe, thank you for your support Six hundred and eighty four.A new world order has emerged.Although Japan is under heavy pressure, in order to express its support for its new allies, Japan has actively formed some troops and wants to give the Russians some form of help.However, Wang Weiyi, who had been prepared for this, immediately dispatched his own generals to strongly block the Japanese army attempting to enter Russia.On May 11, the day the Russo Japanese Alliance was established, the Free French Movement and the French National Liberation Committee led by Charles de Gaulle, who fled London and established their headquarters in Moscow, announced their membership in the Russo Japanese Alliance.Of course, the joining of de Gaulle, who now has almost no soldiers in his hand, is more meaningful than formality.However, the British were outraged.They thought they had helped de Gaulle in his most difficult time, but de Gaulle had betrayed himself.This is actually thanks to the unstoppable offensive of the Germans.Now.The whole of Moscow is working hard for the upcoming defense battle.I don t have much energy to manage these fallen Soviet Marshals anymore.So the guards have become more relaxed.Those from the Political Department and the State Security Bureau now pay more attention to whether there will be traitors in the city defense forces Timoshenko, Volworkk, and Belekov all waited in a room for the German negotiators, and Temitav served as their sentry.Timoshenko was no less astonished than two of his fellow negotiators when they saw the German negotiators.Too young, the German negotiator is really too young.Please rest assured that pure cbd gummies scam I can represent my country.Wang Weiyi tried to dispel their doubts with these words.Timoshenko quickly calmed down I was thinking, who will Germany send to negotiate with me Now, it seems that this question has been answered.These bold merchants, no matter how fierce the battlefield is.You can always see them.Ernst Brahm continued Unfortunately, our adventure was not successful this time.We were attacked by barbarians on the road.We lost almost all of our goods and property, and our companions were all killed.The barbarians were killed, and only Manfred and I ran outMy lord, although we have no way to prove our identities for the time being, when we return to the province of Dalmatia, the local The Governor will be willing to prove it for us Actually, no proof needed.Gaius had completely trusted them.Such an accent and such a style of conversation are not something that enemies can impersonate.Damn barbarians.Crucify them all Gaius obviously sympathized with their experience Don t worry about me, I will send a team of soldiers to help you regain your property.Beyond the bounds of the captivity, no matter how much you search, you will find nothing but seas, uninhabitable wilds, tribes of hostile savages, and chiefs of independent lands who would be more than happy to sacrifice a loathsome Fugitives pure cbd gummies scam in exchange for protection from Rome.But I am not willing to do this, I want revenge, natures stimulant cbd gummies I swear that I must take revenge, for revenge, I will not hesitate to pay any price, I will herbalife cbd gummies private label cbd gummies lurk by Caesar s side Liya woke up suddenly from the dream.She opened some heavy eyelids and found that she had sweated a lot, but her body that was extremely heavy was now relaxed.What happened Ah, Thinking about it, she was sick, and gradually fell into a coma.Now Is she better now She suddenly found a person who had fallen asleep sitting next to her bed.She saw clearly, That s Caesar Nelia struggled to sit up, this action immediately woke up Caesar, and he cried out in pure cbd gummies scam surprise Are you really healed My favorite Nelia Yes, my Caesar.What can you do for me Anything, as long as I can do it.Wang Weiyi smiled and said For example, I can spend a lot of money , to bribe those powerful Romans to ensure that in case of crisis, you and your family will not be implicated, and I can also be responsible for relocating you and your family to a safe place, as long as you can agree I m afraid it s impossible to transfer them.Gaius sighed, I have to tell you the truth.I owe cheap cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam a lot of debt.Even if those people in the Senate are willing, I m afraid My creditors will not agree.Wang Weiyi smiled, this is a very common thing in Rome.in Rome.Even the most powerful people, their wealth is not huge.Their sources of funds are limited, and military generals can quickly accumulate good wealth through plunder through various wars.But not enough to cope with their profligate luxury, so almost everyone is in debt.Are you teasing me, Nelia Wang Weiyi said calmly.Nelia s hand movements became louder and her voice became murmured Yes, I admit, I m teasing you Don t you think I m a beautiful woman, Mr.Baron Are you not interested in me at all After she finished speaking, she fell into Wang Weiyi s arms and consciously untied half of her clothes that were not much.Most of her breasts were exposed, and I had to admit that the scene in front of me was too tempting.Such a beautiful woman is appearing half naked in front of you at this moment, what choice should a normal man make Wang Weiyi embraced her with his strong arms, and then tore off Nelia s clothes with a few strokes.Immediately, a naked, perfect female body appeared in front of him.This is Caesar s woman, and this alone is enough to make people s heart beat.This is a truly elusive killing, this is a massacre that people have no way to avoid Abis s men are rapidly decreasing, but he has no way to change all of this, and he doesn t even know where to attack.The assailants finally appeared when half of his soldiers had been lost under such casualties.And leading the three of them, they were immediately recognized by the Romans Skeleton, Vulcan, and Blood Devil In an instant, Abis and his subordinates suddenly felt a sense of despair.Even if the enemy has appeared, they are still desperate God, why did I allow myself to meet them here It s too late to escape Germanic When this voice came out, a new round of massacre started here again The Germanian warriors ruthlessly slaughtered every Roman they could see, and at this time.The confidence of the Romans was gone.Spurius When the name came up, another discussion rang out.Spulius, please stand up and meet everyone.In Pompeo s voice, Wang Weiyi stood pure cbd gummies scam in front of everyone.Opposition soon appeared Pompey, we heard some rumors that most of the expenses for this Sea God Festival were paid by this Spulius out, but this pure cbd gummies scam is not the reason for his election.Yes.Then another said He is not even a true Roman citizen.I have heard that his ancestors left Rome very early to undertake this adventure in the East.How can a man who is so unfamiliar with Rome be able to sit in such an important position as a member of Parliament Opposition began to increase gradually.Pompey waited patiently for everyone to finish speaking, and then said to Wang charlottes web calm cbd gummies Weiyi Spulius, do you have anything to say about these accusations have.Wang Weiyi said calmly Yes, my ancestors left Rome very early, but no herbalife cbd gummies private label cbd gummies matter where they were, they never forgot the city of Rome.Poor Singroa couldn t say a word, she could only shed tears silently, and watched everything in front of her silently What else can I say Not long ago, these people saw that they were still flattering.They thought that when their husbands triumphed, they could get back their investment to the maximum extent.But when the news of her husband s failure and capture came, the expressions of these people changed all of a sudden.They appeared in their own homes like greedy wolves, first they kept demanding debts, and after they had exhausted all of Singroa s money, they recklessly made plans for this mansion and the things in the mansion.They are literally robbing Natis, the former supreme consul of Rome highline wellness premium cbd gummies and the only spokesperson of Caesar in Rome, the Governor of Gaul Province, has arrived When the voice sounded, the creditors stopped their actions.The first battalion stops advancing Put up shields in the front row Yakulius majestic voice came from behind.Hells, who was standing in the cbd gummies milwaukee first row, grasped the handle of the shield and stood it on the ground.The shields of his companions were immediately joined tightly to his shield.Almost at the same time, the sharp arrows of the Parthian cavalry began to pour on the Roman defense line.The first battalion, form a turtle formation Yakulius calmly gave the order.The first battalion quickly gathered its formation, and Hells and the Roman soldiers in the first pure cbd gummies scam cbd gummies to stop smoking row immediately put their shields on the ground in a squatting position.Soldiers in the second row put their shields on top of the shields in the front row.Soldiers in the third row and behind raised their shields above their heads and stacked them like tiles.According to battlefield analysis, more than The troops of the three divisions, under the cover of aircraft, artillery and tanks, are constantly attacking the Skeleton Division.The Skeleton Division is in a precarious situation.Wang Weiyi sneered Could it be that even the Skeleton Master can be bullied by the enemy now Although I don t know why it has become like this, but the Skeleton Division is still there, and the Skeleton Commando is still there No one can beat us Xiao Ling, I need you to provide me with twelve fighter planes, can you do it Of course, all the fighters I personally control are ahead of the generation level of this era.Xiao Ling replied without hesitation However, I need a lead plane controlled by a person to accurately provide me with the battlefield situation.Wang Weiyi s eyes naturally fell on Richthofen Richthofen also said naturally Strange, why do I think I can do this job Yes, of course you can do it, and I have prepared a gift for you Xiaoling smiled and opened a cabin door.Have they all come back And Alan hasn t come back.Five minutes, I only gave them five minutes.Wang Weiyi s tone was emotionless No one can destroy the plan, let s pure cbd gummies scam do it.Yes.Guo Yunfeng took out a detonator, glanced at the walker, and pressed the detonator forcefully.With a sound of Boom , there was a violent explosion, and then, those gasoline barrels that had been placed by the German commandos in various places exploded, and the fire burst into the sky.Such a fire is extremely terrifying.The gasoline drums that had been deliberately placed were ignited one by one exploding.Most of Longenberg was instantly submerged in the burning fire Let s go.Wang Weiyi said lightly, looking at the sky full of fire.These dancers in the dark, hunters in desperation, came here quietly, and left here quietly, leaving the Americans with only terrible flames and explosions New Skeleton Commando The team members were already waiting for Major Moyol.The astonishingly beautiful baroness, with her noble temperament, made people dare not look directly at him.In an instant, The sergeant believed their identities Although he had never seen any baron, who else could have such a temperament except a real nobleman When the sergeant passed by the baroness, he found his heart was beating very fast , he felt that asking the baroness to leave the car for inspection was simply an offense to the lady.Now, he understood what the word unreasonable meant by Butler Vidlio said.The sergeant inspected in a hurry After a while, blushing, he said nervously in an unusually apologetic tone I m sorry.Ma am, trouble for you, you can now enter Dessau.Thank you, Sergeant.The baroness s nice voice made the sergeant pure cbd gummies scam s heart beat faster.Baron Preet Wang Weiyi didn t mean to get into the car immediately Sergeant, who is your supreme commander here Ah, it s General Jonson of the 6th Marine Brigade.Then, he looked around and lowered his voice Baron, is the treasure of William II gone There are some clues, but further research is needed.Wang Weiyi also lowered his voice If you are free, I hope you can come to my place with General Johnson tomorrow.I have some very interesting discoveries.A look of joy flashed across Davyn s eyes Wang Weiyi also smiled.Most of the whole plan has been successfully completed, and the pure cbd gummies scam rest is how to send Carl Chelus out of Germany smoothly.He didn t tell Colonel Chelus that he actually had a plan, and he didn t like to let anyone know what was going on in his mind before the plan was implemented.Whether it was Brigadier General Johnson or Major Davyn, they all One of the biggest weaknesses of human nature greed.Wang Weiyi is the best at grasping this weakness After sending Major David away, Wang Weiyi smoked a cigarette outside the house.General Westmoreland personally issued orders to himself Why did the Allied Command know these things so quickly He hesitated and asked, Is it an order personally issued by General Westmoreland Yes, it has been confirmed.He had no other choice but to resolutely carry out the order of the headquarters All troops gather and pursue the enemy When Brigadier General Budger issued such an order, the US Marine Corps The 3rd Brigade became the first Allied force to pursue the German SS Nordland Combat Regiment In fact, at this time, General Westmoreland, who was sleeping, hadn t gotten here at all The message Wanderer, I have successfully sent the wrong command to the enemy Xiao Ling s words were not without pride The 3rd Brigade of the Marine Corps is setting off.Wang Weiyi rubbed his nose.Should he be grateful to Xiaoling or scold her After learning about her battle plan, Xiaoling used some of the power of the base.The tragedy of Lieutenant Ross Celtic was that he was unlucky enough to meet these veterans As soon as the two sides met, those German veterans took the lead in shooting, and Celtic, who had long lost his will to fight, The lieutenant and his men hid in a dilapidated building in a panic.To be honest, Lieutenant Celtic was ready to surrender, but he was still a little worried.He couldn t imagine what kind of bad luck would happen to him once he fell into the hands of the Germans.Those Germans would kill themselves without hesitation Lieutenant Celtic was sad, but he was also lucky.Because just when they were facing the fate of destruction, Wang Weiyi appeared beside those German veterans.When he discovered that Stephen and his team had surrounded a group of American troops, and the resistance of the American troops was not fierce, he quickly guessed that the American troops in the house were hesitating to surrender or not to surrender.Elliott smiled But you remember the Wittgenstein family Does the wealth belong to who I always remember it firmly.It belongs to Baron Alexon.Paris said respectfully We are just the acting managers of the baron s wealth.Yes, we It s just the person in charge pure cbd gummies scam of the baron s wealth.Elliott s face straightened Now.The baron has returned, and I am ready to return the Wittgenstein family to the baron anytime and anywhere.But before that, we must do something.He paused, and then said word by word Start the New York Union Paris gasped, and started the New York Union Previously, the regime in the United States was basically controlled by two groups the Hornets and our group.However, then another more powerful organization appeared that is the New York League , the New York League created by Ernst Brahm It was in In 1942, Morgan and Rockefeller decided to formalize their alliance with Baron Alexon.He replied loudly without hesitation Of course, General By the time Buschman and his cheap cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam cohorts were brought in, the erstwhile Kroller s favorite had lost all of its splendor.Poor Ernest especially.Both legs were broken and simply bandaged.After a while, he was forcibly pushed onto the chair.Fels, who was sitting in a wheelchair, was immobile, but he had a certain majesty.He looked at Buschman and Ernest Then he said slowly General Bushman.General Ernest, I almost forget when we last met.Ah, the only thing I remember is that General Buschmann once said to me, who lost all power at that time, that I was only worthy of staying in a cell forever, and I would never dare to appear under the Berlin sun.General Buschman, may I return this sentence to you now As a loser, Buschman did not know how to cheap cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam answer.Claire said gratefully.Combat is almost imminent.Here, William was able to command only a hundred or so men.But the other party has far stronger troops and firepower than them.In order to buy as much time as possible for Kroll, William was almost desperate there He desperately commanded his soldiers to shoot, and even pure cbd gummies scam shot a subordinate who tried to escape because of this.For him, his own life is the least important thing.He chose to stand firmly on Kellor s side.Regardless of whether such a choice is right or wrong, at least he is still a respectable officer.But the firepower of pure cbd gummies scam the pursuers was extremely fierce, and there were fewer and fewer soldiers around William who could continue to fight, and even William himself was injured.But William heaved a long sigh of relief.He persisted here for nearly ten minutes.There are also two cannons in the camp, both for anti aircraft and anti tank.The soldiers moved to a shooting position that was favorable to them.Captain Tupman brought Martin and several soldiers to a room of the US military, but was stopped by an officer who refused to let them enter.It was still not enough for them to reveal their identities.The officer looked at their name tags and finally grabbed the phone to check.Hello, is that the colonel Oh, sir, did General Baroque send a lieutenant colonel named Rive Luchel to our camp to inspect They are going to enter our room, oh, okay, I understand.The officer put down the phone , yelled Reeve.Lieutenant Colonel Luchel is dead, they are Germans.The two soldiers next to them also found that the rifles of several soldiers were not the same as theirs under the light.South Africa is currently in North Africa, and a few still swear allegiance to Germany One of the countries.In addition, there are a considerable number of British Army and Commonwealth Army.After the fall of London, the local British Army and the Supreme Commander of the Commonwealth Army, General Monrieta, rejected the surrender request of the Allies.And Instead, it continued to strengthen cooperation with the German army and established the North African Coalition headed by the German army to fight against the powerful Allied forces.The reason why the German army in North Africa can still maintain such a strong force is entirely due to Marshal Model.As soon as the war broke out, Marshal Model immediately ordered to stop the attack and start defense on the spot after realizing that the situation was wrong.road.However, in order to hide, they all crawled hard in the crevices of the ruins.Second Lieutenant Eric and Lieutenant Demri met on the road chatted while crawling to ease their nervousness.Hey, when do you think our reinforcements will arrive I can t tell.I really hope the war ends soon.Of course, that s exactly what I think.If in It seems to me that this war Demri suddenly stopped talking.He looked out through the gap, and several US Phantom fighter jets flew past.Dozens of bombs were dropped, and the few remaining buildings on both sides of the street were blown up.Then It was the second wave of ghost formation.This team began to throw incendiary bombs, and the two adjacent streets were blazing.Demri said in a low voice.As soon as the German bombers flew away, a large group of US troops appeared on the street.He is the last piece of the puzzle that I have been waiting for After the twilight of the gods, the magnificent Valhalla Palace collapsed, and the countless golden and emerald palaces of the gods were reduced to nothingness.Rubble.The home of the gods was in ruins in the fire.Men, can you take cbd gummies with alcohol elves, and gnomes were left in the flood.The fire finally destroyed them all When the World Tree burned out, the world was destroyed.So far, the blood stained curtain of the Nordic mythology has finally fallen slowly after going through the ultimate tragic ordeal.But destruction is by no means extinction.After the twilight of the gods, with the rebirth of the world tree, the survivors of the three realms began the arduous process of rebuilding the world.Vikings from generation to generation continued to follow the footsteps of their ancestors, drifting in the rough In the sea, there is a display of fearless life Life will always continue, life will always have miracles, will you, Mr.Heisenberg took out the cigarette case, knocked out a cigarette from it and gave it to him.Thank you, Captain.I don t smoke.Heisenberg took out a cigarette by himself and held it in his mouth.The priest was the first and only man Heisenberg had ever seen who had been in the army for many years and still maintained the 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loneliness hanging over him.The appearance of the beloved girl before death is still lingering in front of his eyes Hewitt was on the tower, witnessing the attack launched by the enemy.Seeing the flood of Russian troops appearing in his sight.The junior officers of the Russian army pulled the soldiers clothes, kicked and beat them pure cbd gummies scam to keep them moving forward, while they themselves shot blindly forward with their pistols.Kapunov, are you here to take my life Travert yelled loudly.He probably forgot that Kapunov was alone, and he was not only protected by soldiers, but also so There are many tanks Did you forget that when you went to my place the year before last, you got a grand reception from me Kapunov almost laughed out of his voice, this idiot and coward, he didn t understand this at all his condition.So he took a step forward General, my dearest friend, how could I forget your hospitality to me, and how could I forget the friendship between us It is precisely because of this reason that I can rescue you.Ah, my dear friend, come to me quickly.Travert s heart was relieved at this moment Tell me, what should I do now Kapunov came to him In front of him General, the situation is very bad.A large number of enemies have surrounded you, and do you know who is in command of these pure cbd gummies scam troops That is the Great Russian Division commanded by General Boschek.Duyoshenko carefully Opened it, and it was inside.It turned out to be a check for one hundred thousand dollars.A Duyoshenko s American passport, of cbd gummies day and night time for adhd course, the name on the passport has changed.This is you Duyoshenko asked suspiciously.Because I have some very dangerous things for you to do Khmelitsky sneered Very, very dangerous things, of course you can choose to betray me and report me to His Excellency the Grand Duke, but I can guarantee that when His Excellency the Grand Duke kills me, he will not keep you.You and I know the character of the Grand Duke very wellOf course you have another choice.Accept These gifts from me, and then assist me to do those things.If you succeed, you will become the Under Secretary of Defense.If you fail, you can take these and go to the United States I promise, no one will know about you Whereabouts Tell me, what exactly do you want me to do Duyoshenko suddenly became nervous Really Already discovered oil fields in Armenia Congratulations, Mr.The Dignity of Death March 22, 1966, was the day of judgment of fate.On this day, all soldiers who participated in the battle made great efforts for it.They fought desperately on the battlefield.They used their blood and loyalty to fight and sacrifice.If the war ends one day, none of the survivors will forget what they have been through.Wang Weiyi also will not forget what he has experienced.The howling artillery fire on the battlefield continuously deprived countless lives.Numb, cold, ruthless.And all the people have long been used to all this.They are waiting for the final can i take cbd gummies with other medication judgment of fate in numbness, waiting for bloodshed in the cruel battle, and waiting for the arrival of death in the ruthless fight.In fact, they are just a group of machines Once the button of the machine is pressed, they will not stop until the end of the work Wang Weiyi saw a large number of German soldiers fighting for the freedom and dignity of the country , charged forward pure cbd gummies scam one after another, and died one after another.If the revolution can succeed, then he will be a meritorious service.But what if the revolution fails He and his family will be forced to become exiles At this time, Pism pure cbd gummies scam said General.I have followed you for a long time, and I know that you sympathize with the rebels as much as I do, and I know what worries you.But.Just who makes smilz cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam like what we just talked about, why did Italy become like this How far do we want our 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will soon find out that the most terrifying thing is about to begin After waiting for half an hour, Xie Lisa came out from inside Ah.I m so sorry, HCMUSSH pure cbd gummies scam Mr.Moyol, today s transaction is more expensive than I have been active any day in the past, and let you take care of Alice for so long.I am really sorry.It doesn t matter.I am very happy with Alice Although Wang Weiyi said so, he was very worried.Want us to follow them Suppress, resolutely suppress Ah, what do the Germans need I can give them whatever they need, but I must tell them that I need pure cbd gummies scam their help now Yes A piece of bad news Andreas hesitated for a while Just this morning, the German army and the Ukrainian rebels launched an offensive again.Since we were defenseless, Kurt Skirk has fallen into their hands.Now, the German Ukrainian coalition forces are approaching Moscow.Gregory swayed and almost fell to the ground.The German Ukrainian coalition forces relaunched their offensive and captured Kursk Damn it, the Germans lied to themselves He felt that he had been betrayed, but he never considered that it was he who betrayed Germany first that led to such terrible results Gregory took a deep breath We can defend the Moscow It s hard to say.Many soldiers even thought of the massacre at Venus Airport pure cbd gummies scam cbd gummies to stop smoking that day.Everyone, don t worry We have enough space for you Each of you will be accommodated, and we will ensure your safety until the end of this war A soldier on the street shouted with a loudspeaker.The further the convoy goes, the more crowded the crowd becomes.When the convoy drove up to a checkpoint, the convoy stopped moving.The streets and alleys are full of people, just like the vegetable market.A red card was hung on the checkpoint, and a car stopped at the checkpoint, completely blocking the queue behind.Three soldiers from the 70th Infantry Division were inspecting the car, and one of them, an cbd gummies price 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mobilized, but for two full days, there was still no news about Robito.Fertim Berkeley was under heavy pressure for this, and he didn t know where to start the investigation.What should we do Hadley looked at Johnson gasping for breath.This small charge made more than forty people incapacitated.Engineering team.I need sappers yelled Johansen to Hadley.Hadley shook his head.How bad Johnson saw the private first class not far away Hey, private first class, find me an engineer, no matter how many I need The private first class searched.Only two sappers were found I only found two great.dear God Johnson said Bring them here The first class soldier and two engineers quickly ran to Johansen s side, and Johnson glanced at the first class soldier intently There are only two enemy machine gun bunkers left, and they are less than 30 meters away from us.distance, but the bad thing is that the sniper can t hit the cunning enemy, so Johnson was silent for a while I accept that you will be the team leader of this blast, and you will lead the remaining engineers to blow up their bastards, Private First Class No problem sir The private first class puffed up his chest and prepared to die.If we said that the previous ones were all small troubles, then this time it was the death of two federal agents Lieutenant Colonel Mills, who was furious, wanted to leave and catch the murderers, and then shot them on the spot.One case after another is constantly unfolding in London.In just one day, there were 19 attacks.This caused Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Nash to be overwhelmed, and a large number of agents and police were quickly dispatched for emergency response.However, the attacks did not stop because of their high attention, but intensified.Seven or eight cases occurred in a row that night, more than half of which were aimed at those British and American agentsOf course, this time the prepared agents did not let the attackers succeed, but they also failed.Successfully catch any attacker.What do they need Maybe all the traffic conditions in the UK are What they are most interested in.For example, which road is kept open for 24 hours, such as which road is about to be bombed.Or which HCMUSSH pure cbd gummies scam road has adopted some special policies La Torrefort fell silent Yes, he is fully aware of what Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said.In order to cope with the upcoming landing operations, road traffic across the UK has been re deployed, and some Especially important roads and bridges are even ready to be blown up.This will delay the enemy s advance to the greatest extent.Also, the smooth cbd gummy effects flow of major traffic passes is also crucial.Once these conditions are mastered by the enemy , they are equivalent to giving their army two eyes that can see everything If it was put in the past, La Torfort would never agree to such a condition.What s the use of sending your family back to London When the enemy enters the city, let them first Will I lose my freedom for the second time This is what Latorfort is most worried about The current situation of the war is already seriously unfavorable for Britain, and there are probably few officials who are optimistic about whether London can be held of Latorfort suddenly thought of something, and a glimmer of hope rose in his heart.Do you have any good ideas, Lieutenant Colonel Look, a bottle of champagne has gotten me into so many things.Wang Weiyi shrugged But who made me a nosy person Minister Torfort.I have some friends in Switzerland, and I think I can send your family there.It is a neutral country, and the Germans cannot extend there.Would you like to Latour Ford s heart began to tremble rapidly, but he couldn t make a statement right now Wang Weiyi knew exactly what the other party was worried about I will let your family members talk to you as soon as you are released.By the time they understand, it s too late.At this time, the sky in London began to rain again One thousand one hundred and three.The continuous ferment of Captain Roger s Galaxy incident was something that no one could have imagined before.With the release of President Fenton, Prime Minister Wilkins, and the family members of President Kapannon, who makes smilz cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam the incident has become more serious, and even the Fenton government has lost the trust of its subordinates.More and more people dare not place their hopes on the Fenton government, and Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has become their greatest hope.This omnipotent lieutenant colonel has every means to solve all kinds of troubles for you.You have to believe that I can save your family, but at the same time, I need your assistance, and the assistance depends entirely on what price you can pay.but.It stipulates that the country, like Canada and Australia, is a self governing dominion within the British Empire, with the British monarch as head of state, rather than an independent republic like most nationalists advocate.The treaty also stipulates that the members of the new Irish Parliament must read the following Oath of Allegiance I.Solemnly swear to obey and allegiance to the Constitution of the Irish Free State established by law.Constituent countries of the Commonwealth of Great Britain, loyal to His Majesty King George V, his heirs and rightful heirs.The oath aroused strong opposition from many Irish Republicans.The new country under the treaty was not called a republic but a free state and consisted of only the 26 counties in the west and south of Ireland.The remaining six counties remain within the United Kingdom as Northern Ireland.Attack, the situation is very critical now.Please tell me how I should answer General Gendra.General Cassano did not immediately get up to answer the phone, but asked his subordinates.There was another silence.After a while, the colonel who herbalife cbd gummies asked the question first said General, we have followed you for a long time, and we know that 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Weiyi s idea.With the entry of the 9th Division of the Wehrmacht.The 1st Division of organic cbd gummy the Royal British Army and the Skeleton Lancers began to focus on the attack on the 52nd Division of the Canadian Army.Frank had no way to expect reinforcements from the Americans, and Don Tanner s situation was not much better than Frank s at this time.As for General Denardo himself, he is actually very clear that his fate is completely connected with the pure cbd gummies scam Fenton government, and he has no way out.No matter how difficult the battle is, he must fight here until the last moment.His family members were also on the Galaxy , so far there was no news, but General Denardo didn t care.In pure cbd gummies scam his opinion, the life of his family was far less important than his personal career.On the afternoon of the 12th, the troops of the Skeleton Lancers appeared in Oldford under the command of Major Stroop, and immediately launched a tentative pure cbd gummies scam attack on the British government forces.And the propaganda offensive of the Axis powers has never pure cbd gummies scam flying monkey cbd gummies stopped, and a large number of leaflets have been scattered on cbd infused gummy candy the positions of the government troops, but it seems that they have not achieved much effect.Therefore, the entire battlefield, the British government HCMUSSH pure cbd gummies scam forces appeared to be in chaos.However, although they were full of complaints about the changes in the headquarters, the officers and soldiers of these governments, like their commanders, were quite loyal to the Fenton government.Even though the situation was so passive, they showed no sign of giving up.Falling into the hands who makes smilz cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam of the Axis forces, these British soldiers will desperately launch a counter charge, trying every cbd chill gummies chill plus means to regain their positions.No matter what their position is, at who makes smilz cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam least one thing is, from the first world war to the second world war to the third world war, the British army has never missed any war.They have accumulated a lot of experience in the war, and the performance of the British army in every battle is actually very good.Those British soldiers have done their best, but under such a crazy attack, what can they do They were like lonely boats in the sea, they were thrown high into the sky by the roar of the terrible waves, and they were already torn cheap cbd gummies pure cbd gummies scam apart by the time they fell General Raden Rom stared blankly, he He found that his mind was blank, he didn t want to think about anything, and he didn t have the energy to think about anything.Die, let everyone die here.From the first minute they set foot on this battlefield, their fate was already doomed.The general put down the binoculars in his hand How many reserves do we have One regiment, where to buy natures boost cbd gummies General.Oh, is there only so many There is actually less than one regiment left in his hands.The powerful combat power of those terrifying enemies is simply frightening Go all in, all of them.They fought for Germany, they fought for England, they fought for all of Europe.When the war finally draws the curtain, they can finally go home.Germany, Germany, above all, above all things in the world brothers always stand together, to protect and to defend Rommel softly sang the German national anthem Germany above all.Soon, the German officers and soldiers around him also joined in the chorus Germany, Germany, above all, above all All things in the world no matter when, brothers always stand together in order to protect and defend.From Maas to Memmer, from Esch to Belt.Germany, Germany, above everything, above everything in the world.Deutschland as Maiden, Deutschland as Loyalty, Deutschland as Wine, Deutschland as Song Reaching the world, yet forever keeping their old and noble fame Inspiring us to noble deeds, even if it takes our lives.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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