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General, I need to know where I should break through The sound of machine guns rang suddenly and fiercely on the other end of the phone.General Galwitz couldn t judge the authenticity of this information We we are attacking Reward, thank you.Also call for recommendation tickets again.24.Attack from Hell Recommendation please We are attacking There is silence in the staff, not only General Galwitz, but everyone Judging the authenticity of this news, Galwitz s voice raised involuntarily How much longer can you hold on I don t know, general, please point me to the location as soon as possible Hold on, Lieutenant, your bravery will be rewarded with the highest reward We will give you the fastest reply Okay, General, I m on the phone here.I don t know how long I can last, but I ll do my best.All for Germany Hey, damn British, come on The eagle hemp cbd gummies and tinnitus person on the phone stopped talking, only the roar of guns and Lieutenant Ernst continued.

Upon hearing this, General Smead immediately focused his attention, and Lev s expression became even more solemn That s one of our ace spies.When he transmits the information, maybe we can find out some secrets of the Germans.Okay, Sergeant, I will cooperate with you.General Smead nodded Nodding Where is the pick up location The map was brought over, following the direction Lev pointed, General Smead frowned That s the border with the Germans.Yes.Sergeant Fu nodded He can only reach that place, he is deeply hidden from the Germans, and he must not be too far away, otherwise it will increase the risk of exposure.General Smead thought about it carefully Ronnie, find some people for the sergeant, and make sure to bring back that information.Now, things have turned a little bit better, and if we can find out the secrets of the Germans, it is bound to bring great benefits to the British in future wars.

After graduating in December 1908, he joined the Royal Warwickshire Regiment stationed in India , as a second lieutenant platoon leader.After the outbreak of World War II, Montgomery entered France to fight.In 1916, when chasing two German soldiers, Montgomery was unfortunately seriously wounded.Thereafter he did not show any performance in World War I.Montgomery He is not an excellent soldier, not even qualified.But this does not mean that he will not be able to do anything on the battlefield in the future.There is no equal sign between a soldier and a generalWang Weiyi would never have thought that Montgomery would appear here, otherwise maybe he would spare Montgomery s life here at all costs.Under the order of the supreme officer Montgomery, he fled out of this terrible forest in embarrassment after leaving a lot of corpses.

They don t care who they work for, as long as they can save their lives, let them realize their dreams, open a winery of their own, and make their own brand of clothing.Speaking of this, Xiao Ling was very curious Wanderer, don t you really know who these two people are I don t know, who are they and what does it matter to me Wang Weiyi replied inexplicably.Xiaoling s words were full of sarcasm You are an excellent soldier, but you really have no taste.Pipondu is the descendant of the famous Chigon family in France.You may not know the Xigon family, but you must know Lafite wine Lafite wine The Lafite wine that has been sold at sky high prices period.But the quality of Lafite still does not disappoint.After Sir James Rothschild won the bid at a public auction in 1868 with a sky high price of 4.

The countess friend actually killed the German spy who was in charge of connecting with him.A dumbfounding result.The Frenchman looked at Wang Weiyi, and then gave him another wink.Wang Weiyi didn t know what he wanted to do, so he followed him to the side silently, and the Frenchman looked over My name is Pease, what about you, sir Moyol.Juy de smilz cbd gummies dosage Moyol El.No, your name is not Moyol.Pease smiled mysteriously.Wang Weiyi suddenly became nervous, and his hand moved.Could it be that his identity was discovered by the other party If this is the case, you can only evacuate here immediately.Your name is not Moyol, but I think you don t want to tell me your real name Ah, then I will call you Moyol.Pease pointed forward You are from the Germans.Where did you come from Wang Weiyi suddenly felt relieved, it seems that the other party regarded himself as a German spy Now I understand why the above let me live in the Lance Hotel.

Colonel Thomas is in trouble murmured Manstein.Wang Weiyi remained silent, his eyes fixed on the location on the map Novac Rommel quickly understood the expression on his face Ernst, are you ready to do it Yes, I am ready to do it.Wang Weiyi smilz cbd gummies dosage stood up If there is no Colonel Thomas review on cbd gummies Assist, maybe we won t complete the task so quickly, I decided to rescue Colonel Thomas.How about you Come on.Rommel waved his hand Since smilz cbd gummies dosage you have decided to do it, then we have nothing to say That s it.All the team members had the same thoughts, and Second Lieutenant Ludwig s eyes showed gratitude Thank you, Major, all of us will remember you.Let s save the words of thanks for later.Wang Weiyi looked around We now have forty two people and three tanks.I think the biggest advantage is these three tanks.We have to think carefully about how to fully exert their power The French s third charge was repulsed again, but there were more than a dozen corpses of German soldiers on the position.

They were taken aback when they saw that it was extremely lively, there were everyone there, and there were actually a few Russians.After ordering two glasses of wine, Wang Weiyi kept observing the surrounding situation.They don t even know where Mistanov s family is being held, so where should they start I have to ask someone who is familiar with this place.Wang Weiyi asked to himself.What did you say Richthofen asked loudly as the noise in the tavern affected his hearing.Something went wrong with the question, Richthofen was speaking German.It s not unusual for the Germans to be here, but a drunken Russian soldier stood up unsteadily and came to Richthofen s side Hey, German, buy me a drink Why Richthofen asked rhetorically, in Russian.He didn t like the Russians very much.Because you don t buy me a drink, you German guy will be beaten up by me.

We can t interrogate a German admiral We have reason to believe that the Countess Leonie must have learned some information from her husband We would be very grateful if the Countess would provide it.And we also learned that the countess has a good relationship with you You really remembered that Wang Weiyi sneered in his heart when he asked me to collect information from smilz cbd gummies dosage the countess.In fact, it is not necessary to find out the super spy What is difficult, just let Xiaoling adjust the information, but why should I help the Russians Wang Weiyi said indifferently Mr.Samoksky, what does this have to do with me el camino cbd gummies Why would I beg the Countess for some super spy I have nothing to do with To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.

Maybe there is some secret hidden here In the past thirty five years, any secrets have been hidden Wang Weiyi smiled This is a Russian secret, not to mention that we are soldiers, not detectives, murderers or anything else.cause of their death.It has nothing to do with us.Having said that, Wang Weiyi still maintains a certain degree of curiosity about this mysterious manor full of death.Guo smilz cbd gummies dosage Yunfeng, Stark and several other soldiers carried a lot of firewood.They have to rely on them to keep warm at night Stark, who didn t hear Wang Weiyi s conversation with them, pointed outside Hey, Major, we just found a few corpses, all turned into skeletons.Skull Commando Looks like we ve come to the right place.This remark caused a burst of laughter.They are elites in the German army, and they are never afraid of any mysterious and weird things Come on, everyone, hurry up and rest, Stecker, Bon Cray, you are in charge The police alert in the first half of the night smilz cbd gummies dosage cbd gummies cheap Wang Weiyi didn t want to waste his energy on these boring things.

When are we going to get out of smilz cbd gummies dosage cbd gummies cheap here I don t know, it s all the work of that corporal named Zhukov.Hey, you ll have to call him Sergeant Zhukov now.He s Free Colonel Toyak s treasure.The company commanders smilz cbd gummies dosage of the two companies were talking there, revealing serious dissatisfaction with Zhukov who planned the ambush.Logically speaking, they should be handing over now, but the keoni cbd gummies official website smilz cbd gummies dosage two company commanders probably forgot about it for the time being.Lieutenant Kudrich, Lieutenant Mikhail, you should complete the handover now.Closely monitor, not chat here.A polite voice sounded.Kudrich and Mikhail looked there, with displeasure suddenly appearing on their faces.It is the Zhukov they just mentioned Sergeant Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov, please pay attention to your rank.Lieutenant Kudrich cbd gummies for quitting alcohol was very dissatisfied You are talking to two lieutenants now Yes, lieutenant, I I apologize to you.

No need, the Baron Skeleton is trustworthy Yes.Mistanov took the heavy box contentedly Mr.Ernst, it blissful days cbd gummies is really a pleasure to cooperate with you.If you need anything in the future, you can come to me.I will do my best to help you I think you and Mr.Shamoksky have something to talk about, so I won t bother you Watching Mistanov leave, Wang Weiyi s eyes fell on Samoksky Now it s time to settle our matter.I think I already smilz cbd gummies dosage cbd gummies cheap have some information about that super spy.Shamoksky smiled bitterly Mr.Ernst, His Majesty the Tsar has suffered terrible things, and my intelligence agency is now out of my control.Those Bolsheviks hated me so much that they wished they could send me to the gallows today, and this vital information had nothing to do with me Speaking of this, he cheered up After a moment of concentration However, if such a tragic day really happens, this information may be able to save my life.

These supplies are enough for them to persist here for a long time.This is thanks to the Italians.The positions dug by the Italians before are being re reinforced.On the frontal battlefield, Wang Weiyi has arranged a large number of machine guns, and their density has reached a terrifying do cbd gummies show up smilz cbd gummies dosage level.Once the enemy launches an attack, Udine will become their nightmare.A large number of mortars are also in place, and the roaring shells will make the enemy regret why they launched an attack.And the tanks have all entered their combat positions, just waiting to show their prestige when the battle starts in the future.Arranged in the front line, Wang Weiyi unexpectedly chose Second Lieutenant Model.It s time for Iron Wall Model to show his majesty.The 62nd Infantry Regiment commanded by Colonel Stodella smilz cbd gummies dosage will also be deployed in the defensive battle of Udine once all supplies have been delivered.

It s absurd for me to stand with you.You are a perfectly assembled body.A war machine, but my greatest ideal is to save people A perfectly assembled war machine This is the first time Wang Weiyi has heard someone call him that.Lieutenant Colonel Stino said self consciously When a person who saves lives encounters a killing machine, failure on the battlefield is naturally inevitable, but I think one day you may ask me to save lives as a doctor.The thing is so strange, what do you think, colonel Wang Weiyi was taken aback by this remark.Yes, maybe one day I really need this doctor s help, who knows what will happen in the future Not smilz cbd gummies dosage only Lieutenant Colonel Stino, maybe those enemies in the past smilz cbd gummies dosage will need their help sooner or later.For example, the former British Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, without Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, he would not have been able to get out of court so easily.

Rommel and the others still don t understand why they sent all of them They were all transferred, but this was a death order from Colonel Ernst.Dead order cannot be changed We accept the order, Colonel.Rommel gave Wang Weiyi a standard military salute Ernst, take care of yourself, we will wait for you to come back Take care, Ernst said everyone who was about to leave.I ll be back, I promise Wang Weiyi answered them with a smile.Elena suddenly hugged Wang Weiyi tightly Ernst, you must come back alive.I am still waiting for you to take me to Paris again.I will never forget that night in the manor.Saying, There was a blush on her face, and then tears fell uncontrollably.I will.Wang Weiyi hugged him tightly I will definitely come back safely.This is the first time Wang Weiyi and his good friends are separated on the battlefield.

It depends on Naomasa s own good fortune Matsui Iwane has issued an order to continue a fierce attack on Matsui.And Wang Weiyi who was in Songjiang at this time.In fact, it was not at all planned that Japan would give up Songjiang.All he wants is one thing time On the day when the Japanese army stopped attacking, he had bought enough time for himself.The remnants of the 43rd Army and the security team were all incorporated into the Guard Battalion, and now Wang Weiyi has 1,600 troops under his command.Some weapons have been distributed to the new entrants, and the battle to fully defend Xiguan is about to begin.This is the lifeline to stop the Japanese army from directly attacking Songjiang The fortifications were rebuilt overnight.Especially under the command of Wang Weiyi, a large number facts about cbd gummies of simple air defense fortifications were built.

m., the flanking position of the security team was breached, and the situation was already in jeopardy.When the enemy s attack was repulsed again, Huang Xibei took a look, and there were thirteen brothers left including himself.Four hundred people, four hundred people That s all there is Huang Xibei took out a cigarette and smoked heavily.At this time, the guard battalion in Xiguan sent a soldier to inform Xiguan that the deployment had been roughly completed and they could retreat in advance.Retreat Huang Xibei cracked his mouth and smiled Brothers are gone, Wang Weiyi told us to retreat now Don t go, don t go, just stay here with the brothers Captain Huang, let s go, keep the green hills here, don t worry about running out of firewood No, no, no.Huang Xibei repeated his words smilz cbd gummies dosage again, and then said to Lao Liu Old Liu, are we not leaving Don t leave, just stay here.

The Russians were startled and stopped in a hurry.Wang Weiyi Pointed at one of them with a gun, and said in standard Russian You.Go and turn on the gramophone and play me some nice dance music.Ah, I hope you will do what I say, or I will be very unhappy.Under the threat of gunpoint, the Russians verma farms cbd gummies review came to the phonograph how long do cbd gummies take to take effect 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep with fear Soon, the music started md choice cbd gummies Now, I want to dance with this lady, please leave.Wang smilz cbd gummies dosage Weiyi still said so politely.The Russians are very smart and turned around and ran away.Tang Weihong was really not afraid at all.Instead, she was full of excitement Mr.Moyol, are you going to smilz cbd gummies dosage kidnap me Ah, you can say so.Wang Weiyi put away the gun Of course, I will not ask for any ransom, the only condition is to be able to dance with you again.Then.When the dance music is over, I can leave.

real Anna s eyes showed excitement.She didn t know why, but she always felt that as long as the officer said it, it must be true.Really Wang Weiyi smiled and encouraged her Trust meah, by the way, just wait for me to play.As he left in a hurry, Anna was a little puzzled, not knowing what the officer wanted to do After more than ten minutes, Wang Weiyi came back, and he stuffed two gold bars into Anna s hand Now, you Just go back to the Soviet Union, sell these gold bars, and then bribe those Gulag guards, which will make your husband s life easier.No, sir Take it Wang Weiyi s tone is unquestionable.Anna gratefully accepted the gold bar, and tears rolled in her eyes again Suddenly, Anna seemed to think of something, and sighed softly Unfortunately, I can no longer gain the trust of my comrades.

Roosevelt He sighed with regret But tomorrow, those damned bureaucrats will report to me, and it s still a hell of nr3 cbd gummies a night.I really can t spare time.Madam Hermione, please accept my most sincere wishes and my most sincere wishes.My apology.Bankhead accepted the invitation immediately, and then asked, Does this masquerade ball have a name Yes.Hermione smiled slightly, and then said, Baron s Night Three hundred and forty 1.Antique furniture store Ziguang Military Base The task has been completed, Wang Weiyi himself completed the order, which increased the self improvement and upgrading of the Ziguang military base by another 5.However, this obviously cannot be abused.When Wang Weiyi gave an order jokingly, the base did not respond.This also convinced Wang Weiyi that not every order he gave was effective.

When Luo Lisa returned to the room.His gaze stayed among the guests again for a while.How much she wanted to see that familiar figure among these guests, but she knew that this was simply impossible Lucas came to the pasture late, when the piano music sounded.The guests are all dancing.Lucas stood there calmly watching for a while.Some male and female guests who passed by him couldn t help but take a few extra glances at this guest wearing a strange mask.Although it is a masquerade.But there s no need to get such a mask Can you play A Midsummer Night s Dream Lucas came to the pianist and asked.The pianist noddedLucas took out a ten dollar bill and put it on his piano Can I play a piece The dreamlike tune of A Midsummer Night s Dream quickly Sounded Mr.Prossie, I need a break.Okay, ma am, would you like something to drink Ah, no Mrs.

Yoshiro Miyamoto has no room for resistance.When he was taken away, Kobayakawa Koi said with a cold face Shanghai is completely sealed off, and no one is allowed to be released without the order of the Gendarmerie Command Hay Hiroshi Yamaguchi became a little worried about Wang Weiyi.How would he leave Shanghai for the night Three trucks drove slowly, and the searchlights at the city gate turned on.Stop Following the call of the Japanese military lieutenant, the heavy machine gun smilz cbd gummies dosage was set up in an instant.Mr.Wei, we have a pass.The individual quickly jumped off the truck, took a pass and handed it to the lieutenant.The lieutenant only glanced at the pass No, no one is allowed to pass except the pass of the Gendarmerie Command Yeah Another cold voice sounded Can t I even be responsible for it myself no Wei Cai said this, turned on the light, saw the man s face clearly, and quickly stood at attention Mr.

And Zhang cbd edibles gummies how long do cbd gummies take to take effect Sandao also made a six to him.These two natural rivals always wanted to compete with each other on the battlefield, and the Fanchina also showed a powerful role In a short period of time, so many Japanese officers have been shot and killed Chao Gangxi frowned, but it didn t affect him.He was an excellent sniper, and nothing could affect him.He was like a jackal smelling blood.Evenly matched opponents have a sense of challenge.Now, the target on the west side of the chaogang is no longer those police officers, but the new national sniper who appeared on the battlefield.Kill him In addition to allowing more imperialists to survive, it can also further damage the morale of the Chinese people.Chaogangxishang made such a decision in his heart.Chaogangxishang was looking for Guo Yunfeng, and Guo Yunfeng was also looking for Chaogangxishang.

Qingkou, you will be the hero of the 03 brigade Put down the phone.Qingkou Wusan sighed deeply.He didn t know why these two words were so harsh to his ears now.In the phone call just now, he originally wanted to ask His Excellency the General to order his wing to temporarily withdraw from the battle in order to get sufficient rest and supplies.But I don t know why the words came out, but turned into another words that were completely opposite to what I meant.War is really a strange thing.Before being able to turn an ordinary person into a hero, but also turning a normal person into a devil, when I was teaching history in Waseda, I never thought that one day I would become a soldier.I never thought that I would let so many people die by my own hands.Is this a crime Does the 65th Infantry Regiment still have the ability to continue fighting Qingkou Wusan is not particularly sure, as a former teacher.

This veteran named Lao Ji was actually not listless at all, but he was more tactful than anyone else on the battlefield.Don t expect him to charge bravely, but after a battle, his number of kills can always rank among the top ten.This has also aroused the curiosity of many people, but no matter how you learn, you just can t learn his unique combat method.Others can t learn from him, and he will never learn to fight with gestures.Therefore, in terms of qualifications, this combat team was undoubtedly the captain, but the captain was given to Zhou Wenhao, who was more proficient.Xie Laolan watched Zhou Wenhao make a movement, and asked in a daze Wen Hao, what do you mean Zhou Wenhao couldn t laugh or do cbd gummies show up smilz cbd gummies dosage cry Left, left Xie Laolan muttered Left Just turn to the left, what to do instead of gesticulating with the dumb Three hundred and sixty five.

When he traveled through time and space with you, and Another time and space met a person from the previous time and space.It is that Lu Daxiong, there may have smilz cbd gummies dosage been some mutations This passage is a bit like a tongue twister, Wang Weiyi nodded, maybe there is such a possibility.The transformation and upgrading of the base is very fast now, which has surpassed the first German crossing, and, remember the Yevgeny gem you brought back from Paris Look Following Xiaoling s order, a mechanical arm appeared holding a gem wrapped in a special transparent material Yevgeny Gem the second Y element However, there are some changes in this gem , its whole body began to show some flickering light, and it seems that it has some similarities with the Y element, the core component of the base.It is regenerating radiation Xiaoling s In a word, Wang Weiyi almost jumped out.

The secret telegram in Matsui Iwane strongly hints that Dizhou Libing should use a decent way.To recover the impact of the fiasco.decent way Dizhou Libing soon understood Commander, you want me to commit seppuku.Dizhou smilz cbd gummies dosage Libing sighed.No, your Excellency, Division Commander, the responsibility for the failure cannot be completely borne by you Tsukuda Yusaburo said in a voice No matter who it is, it is impossible to do better than you here.Besides, I have not completely failed yet.It s irretrievable, and now even His Excellency the Commander is about to resign.Dizhou Libing smiled bitterly Now it is not a war decision, but a political decision.Those factions in the country are fighting each other for power.Any victory or defeat , may be caught by them and used as a powerful weapon to attack each other.

Bombs fell like raindrops.Thousands of Soviet soldiers died in their sleep.Facing the sudden and violent German bombing and shelling, the Soviet army fell into an extremely passive situation for a while.By noon that day, the Soviet army lost 1,200 planes, of which 800 were blown up before taking off at the airport.By evening, the German army The tank force had advanced 50 kilometers into the Soviet Union until 7 15 that night, when the Soviet Union officially ordered to open fire on the invading German army.A ship launched a full scale attack on the Soviet Union on the 1,500 kilometer front from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.The German army was divided into three groups.The granary situation in Ukraine is very dangerous for the Soviet Union the German army on the North Road penetrated 400 450 kilometers into the Soviet Union s belly within 18 days.

Where have you been, General He cried like a child, and many people in the Skeleton Master began to faintly know the name Who is the strange general No, that s unlikely.Why is this man s face different from the one on the statue Why is he still so young after how much cbd for gummies is normal so many years Ludwig wiped away his tears, and said with all his strength, Skeleton masters, all assemble The skeleton masters were all gathered, and those who didn t witness all this with their own eyes didn t know what happened here.Ludwig, the lieutenant commander of the skeleton division, turned out to be like an ordinary star duty officer.He ran to the young officer in the old fashioned military uniform and reported loudly Report to the general, the Skeleton Division has assembled Ludwig, do what you have to do Yes, General Ludwig Xi turned around and said loudly to his subordinates Soldiers of the Skeleton Division, in Germany, there is only one God of War In the whole of Europe, there is only one God of War That is the Skeleton Baron Ernst Alexson von Brehm He has been away from us for too long, and now, he is back After speaking, he stepped aside slowly General smilz cbd gummies dosage Ernst.

Wang Weiyi knew that the Skeleton Master had killed all the war horses to satisfy their hunger, and they also maintained the European habit of not eating animal offal.Difficult for the Germans, cbd gummies la crosse wi more difficult for the Soviets.The Germans threw away all the guts of the horses, and the Soviets in the encirclement took what the Germans didn t want to live.So it can also be said that the Germans indirectly saved the lives of many Soviet soldiers Bury all these internal organs, and don t throw them away.Wang Weiyi pointed to the internal organs on the ground Sometimes, especially on the battlefield, certain habits can be changed.Even if it is really impossible to change, it cannot be left to our enemies.Yes, General.A sergeant replied loudly, and then asked carefully General, do the Russians really eat these things , but it can save the lives of many people.

Skeleton Division It is the leading force of the whole group and must be on the front line, which is very dangerous, I suggest There is nothing to consider.Wang Weiyi interrupted him coldly My headquarters will be set up at the front line , but to ensure my safety, all troops should appear in the positions where they should appear within the specified time Otherwise, even if I am here, I will be surrounded by Russians Yes, Marshal Then you What are you waiting for Do you want me to send you off Yes, Marshal, we promise to show up at the position that should appear at the stipulated time Watching them leave, Wang Weiyi looked at the map again Si Dao , ready to go to the Skeleton Division with me Guo Yunfeng seemed a little dissatisfied Baron, where is my armored army Hitler once wanted to give Guo Yunfeng a general, but Guo Yunfeng thought that his ability is more suitable for command A Panzer Army, Hitler also agreed to this request.

Ernst s plan The failure of the Soviet army in Kharkov is inevitable.The last breakout operation organized by Marshal Timoshenko also suffered the heaviest defeat.Beginning with the defeat of the Ninth Army, smilz cbd gummies dosage the Soviet Army suffered terrible losses, and such losses are continuing.The encirclement of the German army became smaller and smaller, and on the 24th, the Soviet army was surrounded by an area 10 miles long and 2 miles wide.A large number of Russians gathered here, and the German air bombing and artillery bombardment could easily hit a large area of targets.Scores of Russians die every minute and every second And what is Moscow doing at this time At this time, Moscow is promoting the great Battle of Kharkov The wise Marshal Timoshenko is commanding the heroic Soviet army to deal a heavy blow to the German army Countless Germans died under our attack, and the victory is firmly in our hands In his hands, victory belongs to Marshal Timoshenko, victory belongs to the Soviets, victory belongs to Stalin Moscow is boiling, and all Russians are celebrating their upcoming victory At this time, what are the Soviet troops who are killing the German army doing They were low on ammunition, they were out of supplies, they didn t even have food to eat.

A supervisor in his thirties was loudly preaching something to the Soviet prisoners.How Red Moscow brutally suppressed dissidents, how the high ranking leader of Moscow cleaned his opponents Then, after he finished speaking, another supervisor appeared.He was telling the captives the meaning of freedom, equality, and justice, and telling the captives why Russia has no future and no hope under the leadership of Red Moscow.Tell them why they must stand firm against tyranny and build a new Russia.Their voices are impassioned, and their gestures are constantly dancing with their voices Doing so can enhance the effect of the speech.The captives seemed to have some emotional changes following the speeches of several supervisors.At this time, Bill Jan Loskey stood up.Now, even Wang Weiyi s attention has been attracted by him.

Sometimes they were filled with righteous indignation, and sometimes they cried bitterly.Biljanlowski has completely controlled the situation smilz cbd gummies dosage on the court.Wang Weiyi did not expect such a brilliant effect Now, an opportunity is in front of us After the emotions on wana cbd gummies 1:1 the spot gradually reached their peak, Biljanlowski suddenly said loudly Join the Z y u army We don t fight for any doctrine, we only fight for our own z y u, fight only for your own family Go and solve our wives and save our smilz cbd gummies dosage children They are waiting for us The wives are waiting for the return of their husbands, and the children are waiting for the return of their fathers For the family, for the Z y u Let s fight HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies dosage For the family, for the z y u More than a dozen self men who had been arranged among the prisoners of war by Biryanlowski stood up abruptly and shouted such slogans loudly.

Several machine guns blocked the assault squadron s path.Von Kleiman found a Tiger tank, which is the most powerful weapon against the enemy s defensive positions.The shells were fired fiercely, and with a bang, several corpses of the enemy were blasted out along with the gunpowder smoke.Several soldiers of the assault squadron rushed up immediately.Several bursts of flames spewed out from the flamethrower in his hand.Then there were countless screams Some soldiers who were on fire stumbled out of their hiding place, and they were quickly shot by German machine guns.Kleiman thought that this would deter the enemies, but he soon discovered that he was wrong, and the enemy s resistance became more ferocious instead.Moreover, the commander of the Tiger tank also told Kleiman that the building could not make them put down their weapons and surrender just by relying on this tank Kleiman had a headache, he didn t want to waste too much time here.

Once attacked, it is unstoppable Under the loud order of Marshal Greluman, all the Turks threw themselves into the final fight.Soldiers fell one how long do cbd gummies take to take effect 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep after another, and one smilz cbd gummies dosage life after another was lost forever Marshal Greluman, who was calling, suddenly staggered, and then he stood upright suddenly.Blood was flowing down his chest The bullet still hit him For Turkey When Marshal Greluman called out, A few bullets went into his body Marshal Greluman was down anyway as were the soldiers who were dead Anyway, always To the end of his life he behaved bravely like a true soldier.He fought fearlessly to the last moment and the Turkish soldiers at his side did just as well.Tragic.Almost all of them died here.Klingenberg was the first to discover the body of Marshal Greruman.For a long time, he couldn t believe that they actually killed a marshal.

Official recognition of Turkey s independence and sovereignty.On October 29, 1923, the Republic of Turkey was officially proclaimed and Kemal was elected as the first president of the Republic.Ankara was identified as the capital.Two days later, the Grand National Assembly abolished the feudal sultanate on Kemal s proposal.In September 1923, Kemal established the People s Party on the basis of the Association for the Protection of Rights in Anatolia and Romelia.In April 1924, the Grand National Assembly passed a new constitution and implemented a one party system.In November, dr oz ed gummies cbd the People s Party was renamed the Republican People s Party, and the president concurrently served as the party chairman.The prime minister is the vice chairman, and the party state system is formally established.And now, the nascent republic faces its toughest challenge since its founding a challenge that comes from within The attack on the presidential palace by the rebels started immediately.

Hermione and Elliott are completely capable of completing these tasks better than Wang Weiyi.In the U.S.Wang Weiyi got a lot of what he wanted, and now, his trip to the United States should smilz cbd gummies dosage come to an end.News had already come from Germany that year that the Soviet army was completing its build up.It was possible to carry out an offensive in the autumn to defeat the German forces on the Russian battlefield.Then focus on the Turkish battlefield.Manstein, Guderian, and Model have already completed their preparations.With them guarding there, there is no need to worry at all.On the African battlefield, the British army commanded by Montgomery also meant to prepare to attack.Perhaps they were preparing to cooperate with the Soviet army in the last strategic offensive.The delicate balance in Africa is about to be broken.

He needs the keoni cbd gummies official website smilz cbd gummies dosage British army to achieve greater victories on the battlefield to teach do cbd gummies show up smilz cbd gummies dosage those invincible Germans a good lesson.An Erwin Rommel is tough enough to deal with.If it weren t for his supply cut off, Montgomery and his 8th Army could not have achieved the previous victory.Now, another Ernst Brahm has arrived.Once the former captains and sub captains of the two skull commandos join forces, how powerful will it be And Montgomery is more aware that the treatment is smilz cbd gummies dosage different from Erwin Rommel, once Ernst.Brahm has appeared on the African battlefield, and Germany will desperately give him all the assistance he needs tanks, fuel, weapons, whatever he needs, Germany will deliver them, and no matter purekana premium cbd gummies price what he asks, Germany will give it to him What is even more terrible is that Turkey has now fallen into the hands of the Germans.

Will Egypt s suffering never end After the British occupied smilz cbd gummies dosage Egypt, they were worried that France and Russia would follow suit and carve up other territories of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, which would harm their own reputation in China.Colonial interests in the Near East, so on the one hand, they declared that the occupation of Egypt was temporary and that the British army would retreat once order was restored on the other hand, they sent their agents to negotiate in the name of the Consul General.The dictator of Egypt and the spokesperson of the British colonial rule.He ruled Egypt for 25 years, destroyed the national industry of Egypt, rewarded foreign countries, mainly British investment, implemented a single crop planting system, and condor cbd gummies by ree drummond expanded the area of cotton planting, making Egypt the center of the British cotton textile industry.

General Kanlemu was startled, wondering why the other party suddenly mentioned Ramses II.But then Wang Weiyi s words made him gradually understand The great pioneering work of Ramses II is not his military achievements.achievement, but the contract he created, a symbol of peace.General Canlemu, I believe you will be as great as Ramses II.General Canlemu smiled wryly.Maybe this is what the Germans wanted most Five smilz cbd gummies dosage hundred and eighty fourth.March The troops also accelerated their pace of march.They received countless cheers and welcomes.The whole of Egypt seems to be responding to General Canlemu s call Armed, the whole of Egypt is insurgent, welcome the staunch ally of the insurgents Germany, smilz cbd gummies dosage put everything The colonists were driven out from the land of Egypt More and more Egyptian troops revolted, and more and more Egyptians joined the ranks of the German African Army, serving as their guides and fighting with them.

But since contact with the Germans.As if by magic, he was a completely different person He listened to the Germans in everything, followed the Germans everywhere, and what the Germans said was more valid than what the king said.There are also these ministers, all flattering and flattering, only knowing blind obedience Is this kind of Egypt the free Egypt that I have been pursuing Canlemu ignored smilz cbd gummies dosage Tamusta s mood, but quickly shifted the topic to tomorrow s welcome ceremony for Italian leader Mussolini, which was strongly opposed by Tamusta.It seemed to him that an Italian had come to Cairo for an inspection.what is this Did Egypt become not only a German colony, but even an Italian colony Once the welcome ceremony is held.It shows that Egypt has succumbed to such colonization Tamusta expressed his firm opposition, and even had a fierce quarrel with Canlemu for the first time, which would never have happened before Case.

The final direction of the war will end because of this battle.The soldier asked again IfI mean what do we do when we encounter great difficulties Son, what s your name Stella.Dom.Soldier Dom, you asked a very good question.Wang Weiyi didn t blame at all smilz cbd gummies dosage in his words Of course we will encounter difficulties, we may be strongly blocked by the enemy, and we may be surrounded, just like in Demyansk, but what s the matter What kind of troops wouldn t encounter these Worse things have happened to mebut boy, when difficulties arise, we have to figure out how to get over it, not give in to it.For every difficulty, there is always a huge opportunity, isn t it Ah, I think so, Marshal.Dom nodded seriously Marshal, can I ask you another question sure.Marshal, have you ever been afraid I mean on 15mg cbd gummies and beer the battlefield.

One night, taking advantage of the condescending advantage of No.3 Heights, the German gunners bombarded the Russians in a panic.To be honest, I have to thank the Russians, if they didn t try their best to transport the cannons cbd gummies review kotaku to the high ground , There are still so many shells left, even if the Germans captured it, it would take a lot of effort to make it work.The Klingenberg commando, who had completed the task brilliantly, was ordered to return to the original position for rest.However, they did not execute the order immediately, but found all fifty one companions who were killed in battle, and returned with their bodies.They sang in a low voice, it was a Bavarian ballad If youth does not Again, I have no regrets When I saw her lips when she smiled, I was desperate, in order to do cbd gummies show up smilz cbd gummies dosage kiss her, I must see her today, I have many reasons.

Erksam issued a series of erroneous orders to withdraw a Soviet anti tank unit, an artillery unit, and an infantry unit on the way to the front, which eventually caused the entire Soviet defense line to collapse This group is to cooperate with the German attack.The third team took on the task of protecting oil fields and refineries.This team successfully prevented the Soviet army from destroying oil wells and refineries, in order to achieve their goals.The team members accused the Soviet demolition unit responsible for blasting oil wells and refineries for executing orders wrongly and shot the entire Soviet demolition unit.On the second day of chaos caused by Fulksam s commandos in Mekemp, the German attack on the vanguard of the armored forces the reconnaissance battalion of the 13th Panzer Division arrived six kilometers from the Brega River, the second part of the German plan Begin execution.

It s here.Model pointed to the map.Wang Weiyi seemed to be very interested in the location of Myristel s assault.His eyes fell smilz cbd gummies dosage on the map without moving.After a long time, he said slowly General Model, May Ristel s bold move gave us a chance, you see.Is he now very close to the port of Stalingrad Model leaned over, looked carefully, and nodded.Suddenly, he seemed to understand something Marshal, are you going to seize the port of Stalingrad Yes.It is the most important base for obtaining supplies in Stalingrad Wang Weiyi smiled According to the plan, we are still unable to capture it for the time being, but now the action of Myristel has given such an opportunity In front of us Marshal, if we can seize the port, the Russians in Stalingrad will basically lose their supplies.It is also very helpful for us to win the victory, but Model hesitated, and said I think there will be no shortage of defenses Don t forget.

Even the workers brigade commanded by Yashinlev was involved in a fierce battle At the same time, Vasilevsky ordered that the few Soviet troops on the other side of the river also attack the port of Stalingrad at the same time.The only ones standing here are the Myristel battle group and the two thousand Russian Free Army commanded by Liaokov.They had to withstand attacks from both sides, waiting for reinforcements from the 123rd Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht to arrive.certainly.They had support from the Luftwaffe, and at the same time, they had captured Soviet artillery.This will build their solid and powerful defensive foundation.At this time, Wang Weiyi also issued a death order to the 123rd Infantry Division of the National Defense Forces.He cbd gummies para quê serve must rush to the port of Stalingrad in the shortest possible time, and hold on to the port to do his best for the final victory of the entire Stalingrad battle.

Wang Weiyi and the German generals laughed.Model asked someone to bring it and handed it to Somrov Hey, kid, eat slowly, these are all yours.Find someone to ask about the child.Taking advantage of this time, Wang Weiyi said in a low voice.It is not particularly difficult to find out about Somrov s situation.About his life experience, it was quickly sent to Wang Weiyi s hands.Because the children in the Soviet Youth League, the situation and Somroff is basically the same.Especially their commander Kokovsky, who knows the situation of these children well.In the war.Although Kokovsky lost an arm, he survived and became a Kokovsky was HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies dosage also brought before Wang Weiyi.He didn t hide anything, but told the German Marshal about Somrov s situation Wang Weiyi sighed Yes, he guessed that there must be many tragic stories about this child that he didn t even know Watching Somruofu put the last food into his mouth, Wang Weiyi said Your father was a captain and company commander, and he was in charge of defending a position during the Battle of Kharkov.

Not only themselves, Even their families are horribly implicated.Why do things like this always happen in Moscow Somebody has to step up, somebody has to stop these things from happening, right Enemy armies, now things like this in Moscow The less it happened, the better.Those guards who had epilepsy died because they could not get timely medical treatment.Vasilevsky entered Moscow with his body.At this time, he saw a large number of The guards appeared in a hurry.He looked as if he was facing an enemy.He stopped a colonel he recognized and asked what happened.Comrade Marshal, Dimilenko has rebelled What Dimilenko betrayed Vasilevsky was taken aback.Just two hours ago, he had seen Timilenko.Yes, there was a mutiny.Comrade Stalin was going to transfer Marshal Timoshenko, but he found that Timoshenko had taken him away.

The mysterious skeleton baron, every disappearance is without warning.It is for this reason that when the German army was fighting in Moscow At that time, Marshal Ernst Brahm had already appeared at the Ziguang military base.Guo Yunfeng and Elena were also full of expectations for this hunter operation.You must know that such a large amount of wealth is not for everyone Everyone can see it.Why do I think we have participated in a certain treasure hunting operation In the Ziguang military base, Elena suddenly asked.Wang Weiyi felt sad.Yes, Elena should know that the seizure of Kolchak s gold was also in that operation.Lina almost died, and then she became a member of the base.He smilz cbd gummies dosage has no way of knowing if Elena can recover her memory, if she can fully recall what happened One hour We will reach the combat zone.

In fact, by this time, Zhukov had also considered the possibility of surrender.But the dignity of a soldier still prevents him from taking this last step Look, this is the battlefield.Volwork pointed to the battlefield and whispered Do you think there is still hope No.Zhukov said frankly Even if you give me ten more divisions now, I have no way to save the war.Perish Zhukov shook his head slowly No, I don t want to see perish here, but I still have my own responsibilities.Responsibility, smilz cbd gummies dosage do you understand General VolworkComrade Stalin and our The Party, entrusted me with the glorious task of commanding here.Then what I have to do is to complete my task Comrade Stalin and the party Wolwork smiled sarcastically Before the Battle of Kharkov, Comrade Stalin also said the same thing to Marshal Timoshenko, but later never mind.

Wang Weiyi asked to resign his post as Generalissimo of the German Armed Forces, but was rejected by Adolf Hitler.He announced that this post will always belong to only one person Ernst Alexson.Feng.Bram Richthofen has also decided to follow Ernst to explore the unknown and mysterious world.On that night, Ernst only asked him one sentence Do you believe me, Manfred I believe Richthofen still gave such a firm answer.Have you said goodbye to your family Yes, Ernst, my family and I have said goodbye.Am I still attached to this place No, I would rather follow your footsteps.You will forget everything you have experienced, your memory will be erased, and you will not regret it No, I will never regret it, but you can tell me that I will forget what we did before friendship No, I promise you I won t forget, because I have a wonderful doctor who has made a breakthrough in amazing medicine that we have never seen before.

The lives and properties of their own people are threatened, and they will decisively invest in a huge army.Completely annihilated and wiped out their enemies.In front of their army, there were no survivors, no Because of this, there is also a .

what would gummy bears with cbd oil do for you?

saying in their country, Those who bully us, even if they leave No matter how far away, I must give them back ten times the hatred Those who bully us, no matter how far away they are, I must return them ten times the hatred Nelia repeated this sentence softly.Wang Weiyi s words completely stimulated her curiosity.She really couldn t imagine that such a huge and terrifying country existed in the cbd edibles gummies how long do cbd gummies take to take effect far east What s the name of that place Nelia couldn t help asking.Han the Han Empire.Wang Weiyi s eyes showed longing.Have you been there At this moment, Caesar s voice sounded, and then Caesar strode in, and behind her were the two maids with fear written all over their faces.

The retreat soon began. My lord, the barbarians can t stand it anymore.They are fleeing.Caesar s report didn t make Caesar very happy.Yes, it looked like the Roman legions were on the verge of victory, but only a look. These damned barbarians have killed too many Roman soldiers, but they have never been surrounded.The barbarians have firmly protected their rear from the beginning of the battle.That s their way of retreat Who says savages have no mind Never think Anyone who says such things should be crucified They may have considered the retreat route from the beginning of the battle. Even when retreating, they still behaved so well organized.Especially the Blood Devil He personally led some Germanian soldiers, protected the large army to retreat, killed one, and another, damn it, the third Roman soldier was killed by him again.

They were a very special group of people in the Roman legions.The Roman legion only needs to be responsible for combat, and these cbd 5mg gummy auxiliary soldiers, in addition to fighting.Still have to take on some work.After finally clearing a road, most of the time has been consumed.Su Keers let out a sigh of relief Re attack, re attack.Those Romans walked on the road that was not wide.Although they passed these obstacles, the formation has been completely disrupted Wang Weiyi knew it was his turn to act Germanic the cry rang like thunder in the ears of all the Germanian soldiers.Germany thunderous cheers resounded through the sky Wang Weiyi was the first to rush out followed by Richthofen and Guo Yunfeng Germany All the bravest Germanian warriors followed in their fearless Behind the leader, he bravely charged towards the Romans how long do cbd gummies take to take effect The Romans were still rearranging their formation.

Enough, these days, under the leadership of the consul, they have achieved countless victories, and countless Romans have now become A dead body.Nothing to be prouder of Even the sentries joined in the carnival.They knew that on a night like today, the Romans would definitely not carry out a sneak attack.Those Romans liked to kill their enemies during the day.What if it is a sneak attack The big deal is that everyone will die sooner.It was the first time for Wang Weiyi to feel such a tragic atmosphere.But it was extremely heroic When the first ray of sunshine hit Germania, every soldier was ready.They found out the unfinished wine last night and poured it all down.Then wiped his mouth and held their weapons tightly.Warriors of Germania, are you ready When the consul Wang Weiyi asked such a question, Germania burst out the loudest answer Germania Germania Germania Germania Ready, every Germanian warrior is ready Then, the Roman legion is gathering, at a glance.

Through the Arc de Triomphe under the wall of Sevea Tullia and the streets of Rome, this field is the holy place in the hearts of Roman soldiers Mars Square, God of War.Only heroes who have made outstanding military exploits for Rome are eligible to be buried in this square Around the Field of Mars.Hundreds of thousands of Romans are gathering here.Twelve expedition priests the priests who served the Mars God of War on the expedition appeared first.They all wore embroidered short jackets, with broad bronze belts for combat around their waists, daggers hung on the left side of the belts, and a gorgeous purple robes, with stihl cbd gummy bear products eureka calif shields in their left hands and an iron baton in their right From time to time they raised their staffs and struck the sacred shields carried on poles by priestly servants.Behind them, several Roman legions were marching in formation these teams were extremely mighty and majestic, showing neat order and strict discipline.

As a veteran, Hulse certainly understood this truth, and hearing the smilz cbd gummies dosage soldiers arguments made him feel restless.Okay, shut up and watch your posts Hells growled, and the sentries obediently stopped commenting on the new commander, and focused on their duties.Hels looked at the sentinels disconsolately, and then at the Parthian rangers who were swaggering and robbing outside the wall.It seems that I can only stay here until I retire, and my original hope of becoming a Roman citizen through meritorious service is estimated to be 80 in vain.Think here.He was not in the mood to stay on the stone wall any longer, turned around with a straight face and walked towards the legion camp.Hells, who returned to the camp, unexpectedly saw another scene the centurions who had just returned were all sweating profusely, and sets of brand new weapons and armor were piled up in the center of the camp like hills.

The battalion fought together.To be honest, at that time, I watched my comrades fighting desperately with the Parthians behind me.Many familiar figures fell under the Parthian horses, and my heart was smilz cbd gummies dosage as anxious as a cat scratching Yes.I can t wait to rush over to share their pressure.But the chief centurion didn t give an order, so we can keoni cbd gummies official website smilz cbd gummies dosage only watch helplessly.I m really afraid that the brothers of the eighth and tenth battalions won t be able to withstand it more and more afraid of something, the 8th Battalion and the 10th Battalion gradually became unable to support The 4th Battalion only intercepted half of the cavalry rushing over, plus some turned around The shooting of the catapult blocked the cavalry behind.The eighth battalion and the tenth battalion and the Parthians who had rushed over formed a complete melee.

He is well aware of the weaknesses of his legion.That s the left side.But the lack of troops made him unable to change.The only thing he could hope for was that the enemy would not discover this huge loophole prematurely.However, the more you worry about something, the more something will come those people on the horse.They are obviously savages.They swung their giant hammers or short swords and spears and made smilz cbd gummies dosage cbd gummies cheap a ho ho sound, which sounded so scary.The cavalry was getting closer Servius gradually saw clearly that the man in the front was wearing a terrifying skull mask.That is the skeleton archon Fight Before Servius finished giving the order.The barbarian cavalry had rushed in front vegan hemp cbd gummy of them.The giant hammer and dagger swung.Constantly impacting the weak left wing of the Romans, under the strong charge again and again, the left wing of the Servius Legion began to waver.

The three Leopard tanks disappeared Just like they appeared on the battlefield like ghosts, now they disappear like ghosts We didn t find them, not anywhere.Coleham s tone was full of surprise No one saw when they left the battlefield.What s going on Jonar murmured talking.This is simply a huge mystery for him General, General Olitz of the Second Panzer Corps of the SS wants you to rush to his headquarters immediately.In the command of the Second Panzer Corps In the Ministry, Jonall saw General Olitz, and the general was very excited Well done, Jonall, you repelled the enemy s attack again.I know your father, General Ludwig , What an outstanding and brave soldier.You have not dishonored the reputation of the Ellierst family.Thank you, General Olitz, for being able to command the Skeleton Division.

There are different troops coming in and out here from time to time, and they often leave after spending a night here, no big deal.Sergeant, gather your soldiers Wang Weiyi said very solemnly You are so lazy, if the Germans launch a sneak attack here, you will all be killed Well, I met another pretending guy up John murmured in his heart, but he didn t dare to offend a major, so he managed to gather all his subordinates together, a total of twenty four listless soldiers.Americans are constantly cursing this damn major in their hearts.What a lovely afternoon, completely ruined by this prim major.Is it all here, Sergeant Yes, Major, all my people are here.Follow me into the house, all of you Wang Weiyi said, and came to the nearby building without looking back.In an empty, abandoned house.Probably he s going to exercise his majesty as an officer again John murmured, and led his men into the empty house behind Wang Weiyi.

Wang Weiyi said Said With the help of Papasolovsky s convoy, we can send our supplies out It s so easy to trust others, unless you can be more greedy than him.He has a creed that only people of the same kind as himself can be friends.What kind of creed is this Wang Weiyi smiled involuntarily.I can only be responsible for sending you out of Shamotuwei.Chekwellski said slowly But how to pass Frankfurt, you have valhalla cbd tropical twist gummies to rely on yourself.I am very grateful for this already.Chekwellski Mr.Ji.Wang Weiyi calmly said After leaving Shamotuwei, we will figure out a way by ourselves.Then, let a greedy Major Abel show up in front of Papasolovsky at night When the sky gradually dimmed down.Colonel Papasolovsky showed up at Cekowelski s home during the calibration.He is very concerned about smilz cbd gummies dosage cbd gummies cheap the safety of his treasures, and there are constant rumors in smilz cbd gummies dosage the country that his enemies are about to attack him, and may deprive him of his position in the army.

As far as I know, after the enemy attacked Berlin, my father lived in the base.That s why I need you to go with me.Kroller said coldly Maybe I can t mobilize the Baron Guard, but I can order you, Chief of Staff Werner Heisen Yes, following your orders.Werner said with some helplessness.At this time, General Olitz s face showed deep worry keoni cbd gummies official website smilz cbd gummies dosage A country, a nation needs faith, and the faith of Germany is Baron Alexon.But it seems that the head of state has never taken the baron to heart.It even gives people the feeling that the head of state still has some contempt for the baron.This is not good news for GermanyKonstan base.The sound of artillery outside Berlin came here faintly.Although it was only intermittent and vague, one could still feel the intensity of the battle outside the city.Outside the base, a large number of machine guns were erected , more than a dozen tanks vigilantly monitored the surroundings, and behind them were cannons watching all the movements.

They only have 1,700 people, but looking at them now, they seem to have a full 17,000 soldiers.And this is what Wang Weiyi wants to see The night always makes me feel happy, I like the night to wrap me up a feeling of.Soldiers, take a good rest and ignore the enemy s bombing.When night falls on the battlefield, tell our enemies that their dentists will have untold business The laughter kept ringing.If people who didn t know saw it, they would probably think that this army had just achieved a brilliant victory.The enemy s planes appeared again, and the enemy s artillery began to roar, but this did not affect this group at all.Soldiers who are about to go on an expedition.They fell on the ground, covered their ears, closed their eyes, and forced themselves to sleep.They must be well rested in order to teach the enemy a good lesson Wanderer, did someone say you are crazy Richthofen and Rambler stood side by side on the ground, suddenly asked.

Who s right You or me I was right, and I always will be A nation is going through turmoil, and we, are being favored by the god of luck.We should be happy, the future will definitely belong to us Germany s tomorrow depends on you, Germany Young people We must grit our teeth and do one thing with all our strength otherwise, we shall accomplish nothing.They must be careful, the day will come when our patience will run out, and we will let those shameless Jews Shut up I don t believe that those who used to laugh at us are still laughing now You must follow me and solemnly swear what we need is peace, what we need is dedication Perish for the weak in our cause The Germanic nation shall perish if it is no longer strong enough to defend its own existence with blood.Extraordinary minds will not coexist with mortals.

He made effective reforms.He decreed the expulsion of the Jesuits, banned the order of monks, dissolved them, and confiscated their property.The famous action of Charles III, most popular with the people and most hated by the Church, ended the inquisition and cruel torture.Compared with his father, Charles IV, the son of Charles III, has been criticized by historians unanimously.Charles IV reused the jester Manuel Godoy.The government lasted for 25 years.Under the instigation of Godoy, Charles IV formed an alliance with the European upstart Napoleon.This decision making error led to one of the biggest defeats in Spanish history.In the famous Trafalgar naval battle, Nelson The British fleet led by the admiral almost completely annihilated the Franco Spanish combined fleet, and the smilz cbd gummies dosage cbd gummies cheap Spanish Armada has since degenerated into an ironic historical term.

After all, smilz cbd gummies dosage this was his best friend who grew up together.He was the biological son of the Baron and the Baroness.They had spent so much happiness together.time.If time could go back, Elliot swore that these things would never happen.The Baron s return may be able to solve these problems.Elliott sighed again Gentlemen, in our lifetimes, some things can be fixed, but some things must be dealt cbd living gummies review reddit with, and this is the harsh reality.The President will not listen to any of us.As a human being, he has his own ideas and judgments, and what we can do is to prove him wrong.Good luck then, dear Mr.Elliott.Gates and Lawrence said at the same time.It s good luck to all of us Eight hundred and fifty six.Old boy If an unknown boy dares to challenge your authority, you can choose to ignore it, because the unknown boy has no scruples about winning or losing, but you can t afford to lose.

Can you show me Air defense positions Anne Marie carefully made this request To be honest, I haven t seen those air defense forces with my own eyes.Ah, I m afraid it won t work.Punet said in embarrassment This is absolutely We must not let anyone know about our military secrets.It doesn t matter, General.Anne Marie didn t care General, are you free tonight I m going to attend a military meeting, what s the matter At home tonight, I m having a small private party, Private party At such a time, probably only Miss Anne Marie was able to hold a banquet.Anne Marie went on to say The esteemed Mr.Andert Krupp will also attend this banquet You know, he is the only heir to the Krupp United Enterprises Division, and I paid a lot of money It was because of his thoughts that he was invited.Andert Krupp is the sole heir of the Krupp joint venture.

Really Is there a safe place in Germany now Of course, if you think it is safe, then it must be safe.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Even if the enemy invades Berlin, Berlin is still safe.Michael smiled You are exactly the same as the baron my father said.I never know what fear is.After inviting His Royal Highness and his wife into the car, Wang Weiyi whispered to the adjutant beside him, Inform Fels to investigate the authenticity of His Royal Highness and his wife s identities.Also, invite Leoni here.At such an extraordinary moment, He must be cautious, he will never allow himself to make any mistakes.When he came to his office, Wang Weiyi asked Michael and his wife to sit down.At this time, their identities were a little awkward.Although Michael and his wife are the heads of the Hohenzollern family and descendants of the former German emperor, Wang Weiyi is theoretically their subordinate, but at this moment, the status of the two parties has undergone earth shaking changes.

Americans are not as easy to deal with as spaghetti.It will keoni cbd gummies official website smilz cbd gummies dosage soon be night.Captain Tupman and his company arrived at the American camp by car.They all wore American military uniforms, with submachine guns tucked into their clothes, and identification tags ripped from prisoners of war.Captain Tupman dressed as a lieutenant colonel, a lieutenant colonel visiting the camp.He knew that military officers would come to inspect the camp in the next few days.Of course, the U.S.military did not know who the inspecting officers what does 25 mg cbd gummies do were.They were stopped by the US military sentry post, and Sergeant Dali explained their identities to the sentry post in fluent English.The sentry let it go without suspicion.The camp is heavily guarded.If you attack, you don t know how many casualties you will pay.There are almost two companies in this camp, and there are watchtowers and outposts.

Kyritz growled and moaned like a dying beast, tears blurring his vision.He staggered forward dragging his injured leg which had not fully healed.Da da da Another fighter was strafing the street.A nationalist soldier running with a cat on the left of Kieritz fell in a pool of blood, his rifle smashed on Kieritz s boot.He picked up the assault rifle conveniently.The street in front is the defensive stronghold of the German army, where a Leopard 9 tank, a Destroyer 3 , a Model smilz cbd gummies dosage assault gun and an anti tank assault gun and about 300 soldiers from the SS, A garrison battalion composed of police, national army, and boy scouts.The battalion commander is Captain Hans Meyer in the reserve.A bomb exploded not far from Kyritz.The huge air wave overturned him and knocked him unconscious.I don t know how long it took, but the sound of rumbling artillery woke up Kiritz.

It s not too soon, but it s not too late either.Wang Weiyi said lightly.Others smilz cbd gummies dosage hate war, but I like war Wittmann said suddenly I thought I had no chance to be promoted to field marshal.But now maybe our enemy has given me such a chance.Wang Weiyi smiled, this damn death knight.Ideas are always different from others.His enthusiasm for war is hard for outsiders to understand Marshal, do you remember the first time we met Wittmann asked, raising his binoculars.It was in Demyansk Wang Weiyi also picked up the binoculars Order the 2nd Armored Squadron to reinforce the b3 front, and the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment of the Skeleton Division launched a general attack on the enemy.Yes, I ll give the order now Wittmann came to the phone, gave his order, then put down the phone, and returned to the Marshal Yes, right in Germany Myansk, I smilz cbd gummies dosage fought with you, and then I found my purpose in life Wang Weiyi turned his head to him I remembered, you entered Demi without the permission of your superiors Yansk, was there a court martial for your actions Wittman was taken aback, then laughed Marshal, I have to beg you not to mention this matter again, they probably have forgotten it.

After he handed over his power, he was free to go abroad for asylum, etc The coupists headed by Marshal Dilgaro accepted all his demands.subsequently.The Italian interim government was established, and former Italian Prime Minister Bertrol served as the interim government president until the arrival of new general elections.After accepting the military and government s allegiance to him, President Bertrol declared that all rebels are patriots and they will not be held accountable.At the smilz cbd gummies dosage koi cbd gummies reviews same time, it is suggested to dissolve the Republic of Turin and restore the unity of Italy.In return, he invited the officials of the Republic of Turin to join his new government and lead all of Italy.On that day, the president of the Republic of Turin Catadona announced that the revolution had been won, and the Republic of Turin had completed its historical mission and ceased to exist from this day on.

Where is the target Chaos everywhere Some soldiers ran wildly towards the deserted farmland on the right, while more squatted on the ground, raised their heads and raised their guns to shoot Raise the gun Nocher spotted it through the periscope.Many grenadiers were shooting with their rifles in the direction of the high slope on the left.on top The turret rotated, and Nocher finally found his target.This is also the first battle of Nuoqier since he came to Ukraine The firepower of the Russians is very fierce.Although they don t have any heavy weapons, they are condescending.Just using some submachine guns and grenades is enough to kill and wound those Wehrmacht soldiers who are crowded and exposed.Rapid piling sound.The large caliber heavy machine guns almost tore those grenadiers who could only rely on military uniforms to protect their bodies to pieces.

So.I would like to ask, where did the special military funds to aid Russia go Mr Kim Walker.Can you answer me Of course Kim cbd edibles gummies how long do cbd gummies take to take effect Walker couldn t answer anything Poldorf s voice gradually became harsh Mr.Kim Walker couldn t answer, but I can tell youall the aid funds fell It is in the pocket of the big bureaucracy headed by the Grand Duke BierstokaI have a document here, I can give it to everyone hereI hope you will read it carefully Look how much the Grand Duke Bierstoka has.How much has this grand duke devoured us In November 1965, the U.S.government aided Russia with 70 million U.S.dollars.In December of the same year, it provided Russia with 100 million U.S.low interest loans again However, our people did not see all the funds, and we The army did cbd edibles gummies how long do cbd gummies take to take effect not see the same Can you accuse our people of being unpatriotic Can you accuse our soldiers of being unpatriotic No, we have no right to accuse, the ones who should really be blamed are the Grand Duke smilz cbd gummies dosage cbd gummies cheap Bierstoka and those Russian moths The applause rang out in the venue again Poldorf silenced everyone Moths, I can only describe them in this way.

I will send your successor.I still refuse to relinquish my powers On the other end of the phone, Gregory could even feel Khmelitsky s smile My power was given by the Russian government, by His Majesty the Tsar, not by you, Grand Duke Bierstoka.I guarantee that if you are going to force someone to take over my power, you will be arrested by me.Good luck, Grand Duke Bierstoka.After finishing speaking, the phone was hung up Grigory was so angry that he almost vomited blood.Is this the Khmelitsky he was familiar with How dare he say such words to himself Turning around , He saw Similov, his captain of the guard Similov, you have followed me for many years, and now I have decided to give you a promotion, go to Khmelitsky, and take your guards with you.From now on you are the Chief of Police full spectrum cbd gummies recommendations in Moscow.

What s going on here How is this going Sinager was furious Mr.Berkeley, what is going on Turn off the horn.Turn off the horn immediately But poor Berkeley didn t know what happenedhe hurried out, trying to figure out the situation, but Yeti s voice still came from smilz cbd gummies dosage cbd gummies cheap the tweeter France has nothing to do with this smilz cbd gummies dosage war.Our so called government is completely on the wrong side As we all know, France smilz cbd gummies dosage cbd gummies cheap has always maintained a close ally with Germany.During those golden years, the governments and people of the two countries put aside their prejudices, united closely, and supported each other , the domestic economy is advancing by leaps and bounds.Paris has been hailed as one of the most desirable citiesbut see it all now, citizens We have chosen the wrong path and the wrong allies.The war has cost us so much.

Gentlemen, rumors are always going on and on among the ignorantDaily I was worried, thinking about how I should deal with the second run.To be honest, I didn t think of any good way.The worst plan was that Dewey Bank went bankrupt the next day, and I would use A bullet ended my goddamn life No one laughed out loud at a joke that didn t sound funny.What Rodini said was entirely true.Once Dewey Bank really went bankrupt, even if he didn t want to die, those officials would never let go of this guy who had brought them a lot of wealth.At that time, absolutely no one can protect him However, when we are desperate, miracles will always appear Rotini s spirit then became uplifted My dear friend Mr.Moyol Wittgenstein appeared in front of me when we were at a loss.To be honest, those were indeed my darkest days, but Mr.

On the one hand, it narrowed the social base of the Jacobins, undermined the revolutionary dictatorship, and led to a political dead end the policy of economic terror was not only strongly opposed by the old and new bourgeoisie, but also could not be achieved because it seriously damaged the interests of the lower classes.Recognition deprives Robespierre of his power to support the regime religious terror increases the number of internal and external enemies and puts the republic in a difficult position.So, in my opinion, the key is how you use it.Yes, I completely agree with your opinion.Wang Weiyi stood up How is Langtusi now He has been imprisoned, and Sam is going back to get the evidence, but Langtusi s mood looks very bad.Litum immediately replied Besides, he refuses to plead guilty, or even any crimes committed by the evidence.

Maybe some people would rather die than surrender, but it does not mean that all people will.When the time came, there were already eight people smilz cbd gummies dosage who were fully willing to cooperate with Berkeley, and they were willing to do whatever Berkeley needed them to say.Enough, the required prerequisites are completely enough.At the same time, the newspapers began to make a big splash, at least on the issue of the assassination of subordinates.Robito has already fully won the favor of the public opinion circles, he is regarded as a symbol of democracy and law abiding.Therefore, from the very beginning, the tendency of public opinion has been very obvious.And in the process of handling the case in smilz cbd gummies dosage Berkeley.He has always kept in frequent contact with the press, intentionally or unintentionally revealing to the reporters some information they need to know.

The situation is rapidly tipping in favor of the Axis powers.After Ukraine, Russia, and France broke away from the Allies and joined the Axis Powers, Her Majesty the Queen issued an edict in Berlin, asking all the British to take action to overthrow the Fenton government and welcome the return of Her Majesty the Queen and the real British government.The whole of Britain is boiling over this.In desperation, they saw the hope that belonged to the whole of Britain The UK is in a melting pot Wang Weiyi entered London under such circumstances.Unlike in Paris, in view of the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States, it is in the historic city of London.You see FBI agents and CIA agents everywhere.They are almost everywhere, watching everyone in London with suspicious eyes.

God, I can t do this.Major Barack said in panic It s all in the hands of General Gendra, and it will make me Go to court martial.Aren t the things you did before enough to make you go to court martial Wang Weiyi was not angry Major, I think you have to be clear about your current situation, or you have to deal with us.Continue to cooperate, or I will tell General Gandra everything.You can think about it carefully, at least cooperating with me is more pleasant than cooperating with the British.As for you saying that there is no way to get it what are the strongest cbd gummies on amazon Ah.I suppose it s your modesty.You shark tank smilz cbd gummies have many ways of obtaining these documents.Money I can give you a lot of money, three hundred thousand pounds I think is a very reasonable price Barack The Major s breath stopped Three hundred thousand pounds Three hundred thousand pounds No matter how hard he worked, even if he died on the battlefield and received double the pension, he still couldn t get that much money.

Mars almost thought he had heard wrongMayor of Auckland Does Huey think that such a thing can be done with a black man and an organization he leads that are running around Mr.Marrs, I know your heart is full of doubts and concerns about us No trust Huey smiled But you probably don t know who is behind us.Supporting our organization.In Oakland, you are a very rich person.But your Assets are completely incomparable to the power behind us.Their power will make you feel fear smilz cbd gummies dosage and trembling.Their power will shock the whole of Oakland and even the whole of the United States.They can easily do whatever they want To tell the truth, Mr.Mars believed Huey s words and how In any case, the person standing in front of him is a black man, how can a black man say such a thing Crazy, he must be crazy.Huey came to the phone, dialed a phone number, said a few words into the phone, and then said politely Mr.

My friend helped you solve the debt crisis, you provide some information, some very trivial information.Then everyone is happy, isn t it good to do this Captain Roger smiled bitterly As long as I provide you with the first information.Then I will never be able to escape your control from now on Captain Roger s mind is still very clear about this point.He understands what the final outcome of such cooperation will be for him.But can you really do other things Wang Weiyi sneered Yes, you can take what I said to you as a threat.As long as cbdistillery anytime cbd gummies my friend is willing, your wife and cbd gummies champaign il children will be forcibly evicted from your house by the court tonight, and even You are not willing to cooperate with us, and many people smilz cbd gummies dosage cbd gummies cheap are willing to take your place.what can you do Captain To be a poor martyr Captain Roger s body began to tremble slightly Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is not threatening himself, there must be countless people who are willing to cooperate with him The reason why I found you first is because we are friends.

Brahm.If you want, I can write out all the plans and goals in one night. Our cooperation is very pleasant, Mr.Olawiecki.Wang Weiyi smiled and said This adds weight to my promise.You may be able to return to China in less than three years.Of course I need all the plans, but before that, there is one more thing I need you to do.Wang Weiyi asked someone to bring a phone Olavitzki, I think you have a special way of contacting the country, then, just do what I said.He handed Olawiecki a note, and Olawiecki looked at it.He knew that his fate was completely in the hands of the other party, and all best cbd gummies for social anxiety he had to do now was obey.He dialed I got a phone number, waited there for a while and said, Washington Morenz Private Detective Agency I m Mr.Billf.I need to speak to Mr.Morenz immediatelyMr.Morenz Yes, I m Billf.

And he is even more convinced that even if reinforcements can arrive in time, cbd edibles gummies how long do cbd gummies take to take effect it is impossible to stop the enemy s attack with those meager troops.Maybe retreating is his only option The advance speed of the British Royal First Division is astonishing.A large number of tanks and armed personnel carriers continued to pass on the road, and the intelligence transmitted from London played a huge role at this time.The commanders of the Allied Forces knew exactly which road was to be followed which was closer, safer, and easier for most advances.They don t even have to worry do cbd gummies show up smilz cbd gummies dosage about being attacked.And all this must be thanks to one person Baron Alexon Without his efforts.Without his intelligence, the coalition forces would never have advanced so smoothly.Although he wasn t on the soldiers side, his influence was everywhere.

Yes, this is a grand festival for them.Her Majesty has always held a high place in their hearts, no matter how much time has passed.And what the Fenton government has done in the past two years has really made the British heartbroken for this government.They are no longer willing to continue to live a disgusting life under the leadership of this government.it s here.Romeo made his speech in front of all Easton Britons We are back His first words elicited a huge and treacherous cheer, and Romeo continued People of England, we Back, back with the dignity of Her Majesty.From the first day we left here.We were ready to come back.Every one of us was so desperate to return to this land Every single one of us so desperately wants Her Majesty s Flag to be raised again on this landand when that day comes, I praise God for the honor that has been bestowed on us.

So with this mentality, the fighting enthusiasm erupted by the British is amazing.Frank also knew that he could not fall into the hands of those British no matter what, otherwise he would have a very tragic ending.Even if the battle is the last one, he must do cbd gummies show up smilz cbd gummies dosage fight to the end Standing on the ground, Frank saw a terrible scene through the binoculars two captured Canadian soldiers.Being beaten by a group of British civilians.It seems that these how long do cbd gummies take to take effect 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep British are venting their anger from the two Canadian soldiers.Terrible, really terrible.Frank saw.The two subordinates were still dodging at first, but then they gradually lost this ability.They lay motionless on the smilz cbd gummies dosage ground, and the beatings of the British didn t mean to stop at all.These two Canadian soldiers were beaten to death like this Frank closed his eyes in despairGod, if he falls into the hands of those British, he will be beaten to death General, our left wing has been breached General, Major Marull is dead.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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