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Is this the arrangement of Marquis Ding Ning Meeting her without hesitation like this, did you admit the relationship between the two in laws She would be cost of cbd gummies for sleep happy if the wax pills were still there, but now she doesn t know if it s a blessing or a curse.The curtain was lifted, and a tall figure stepped into the room.Mrs.Wednesday stood up subconsciously.Zhou Ruzhang s heart beat like a drum, and his palms were sweating.Sit A majestic and deep voice sounded, and Cui Zhen sat on the chair.Mrs.Zhou frowned slightly.According to etiquette, she is Cui Zhen s elder.Cui Zhen should salute her and call her third aunt, but best cbd gummies for stress smilz cbd gummies scam Cui Zhen did not do so.Obviously, he does not regard the Zhou family as in laws.If this matter is not confirmed, it may not be easy for sister Zhang to enter Cui s house.On Wednesday, the wife moistened her lips with tea and said, Ru Jun has been married for almost five years, and Lord Hou should go to Zhou s house to see the elders someday.The figure behind her gradually approached, but Gu Mingzhu didn t notice anything.Her eyes fell on a more beautiful wild flower, she stretched out her hand to fold it, and slowly leaned out with most of her body.Seeing this, the people behind Gu Mingzhu rushed forward immediately, with their arms straight towards Gu Mingzhu s back.Although they were dealing with a woman, he had to use all his strength to succeed with one blow.But at this moment, a strong light suddenly pierced his eyes, his eyes were suddenly blank, and he closed his eyes subconsciously in astonishment.The sudden change caught him off guard, and before he could calm down, a force came from his waist, pushing his body forward fiercely.There was fine sand and gravel under his feet, and he had lost his center of gravity when he swooped forward just now, so he couldn t control his body, and fell down the hill just like that.Very different.Hearing this, Cui Wei said, What if it cbd gummies and dementia s an accomplice Nie Chen pursed his lips, Then the Pearl Thief doesn t just steal, he also kills.Cui Wei smilz cbd gummies scam said After seven years, the Pearl Thief is naturally different from before, but what is a bandit going to do to buy so many dead men Is it possible to rob them openly Cui Zhen took two steps forward, suddenly stopped and turned his head Maybe the things they want to take are not easy to get, such as the Lumi silver that Shanxi will escort to the imperial court.I robbed Kuyin seven years ago, and now I want to take Lumi silver, Cui Wei snorted coldly, I just want Look at how this thief stole money from under our noses.My lord, Nie Chen bowed to Cui Zhen, I want to go and see that murderer again.Cui Zhen nodded, Nie Chen turned and walked slowly towards the murderer hemp bomb cbd gummies smilz cbd gummies scam cell.Chen stepped forward and covered Chen Er s mouth.Gu Mingzhu shook her head helplessly, and walked out with the medicine box on her back.Seeing the panic, Chen Er opened his mouth and bit Mrs.Chen That s how you are.If you want to see us all die, I hate you, I hate you to death.Then there was a bang , and the room was completely quiet.Mrs.Chen walked out of the door best website to buy cbd gummies in a panic Miss, go and have a look, my little girl has passed out.After briefly treating the wound on Chen Er s head, Chen Er also woke up slowly, and he stared at Mrs.Chen again.Seeing that she was sad, Mrs.Chen handed the silver in her hand to Gu Mingzhu Is there any good medicine that can save my son He opened the medicine box and took out a paper bag from it.The paper was wrapped in several layers, as if it was extremely precious.My young lady yelled loudly, and she was kidnapped by the assailants.He went to the Golden Pagoda Temple to check, and the platform has been repaired, and there whole foods cbd gummies sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me are only branches near the hillside, and the platform is covered with bluestones, which can only be seen on the hillside Lots of dirt.That is to say, Miss Gu once stayed on the hillside, the hillside is full of sand and gravel, if a person sits on it, it may be difficult to struggle to climb up again.The murderer dragged and dragged Miss Gu, and even tied a rope around Miss Gu s waist to take her away.How could the murderer use such a clumsy method It is more convenient to knock Miss Gu unconscious, otherwise Miss Gu s yelling will definitely alarm the people in the temple.The yamen only cared about interrogating the captured murderer before, but did not check these details.Zhou asked for it.The mother in charge will go down to make arrangements.Mrs.Lin Tai said again Tell the two immortals that tomorrow will be successful, and I will definitely give them more offerings.Mrs.Tai, the servant girl came in and said, Mrs.Madame and Miss Gu are going back.Mrs.Lin frowned, she woke up as soon as she walked away Let them go Staying at home is also causing trouble, and when they are gone, it will be easier for the housekeepers to find the stolen goods.Victorious thief Gu Mingzhu returned to the small courtyard of the Gu family and had dinner with Mrs.Lin.The mother and daughter had just gone for a walk in the courtyard when they heard the steward report Mr.Feng s cousin is here.Feng Anping came to deliver news of.Among the thieves caught in Yong an Lane, someone confessed where they hid the stolen goods.Before the master s case was finished, Mrs.Tai began to criticize them like this.In such a critical moment, shouldn t the clansmen watch over and help each other Mrs.Cui Si didn t dare to say anything, so she had to order her mother in charge to bring the smilz cbd gummies scam account book.Unexpectedly, Mrs.Lin didn t read it, but this hemp bomb cbd gummies smilz cbd gummies scam kind of news came from outside.Ma am, Wu s mother beside Mrs.Cui Si whispered, Could it be that Mrs.Tai did something Mother Wu saw Mrs.Cui Si being reprimanded just now, and felt distressed and uncomfortable.Now that she heard the news, she only hoped that Mrs.Tai did the crime herself, otherwise she would have to blame her for this incident.After all, Mrs.Tai came to Taiyuan Mansion Just for the sake of the ancestral grave, I was picked up by the ladies yesterday to Ya Sheng Ye and Yan are colloquially pronounced ya.Those who have not experienced the situation back then will not understand his choice.But when he heard that the bandits were cbd gummies third party tested going to be suppressed, Lu Shenzhi struggled as if someone had stabbed him in the chest.They re not bandits.Lu Shenzhi raised his head vigorously, and finally saw the person in front of him clearly.It was a young and stern face standing not far away, as if he had merged into the darkness, without any expression on his face , a pair of ink like eyes shone with a slight chill, which made people daunting.Lu Shenzhi s heart tightened for a while, this is Master Wei.Wei Master Wei After Lu Shenzhi was surprised and frightened, he seemed to see hope again, Master Wei has a case to report to you, please listen to me before and Lu Shenzhi replied Before he finished speaking, Wei Yuanchen looked away from him, then raised his hand, and slapped him fiercely with a whip again.Apart from the pain, what was even more difficult was the despair in his heart.Wei Yuanchen was an official sent by the imperial court.Inquire into the case, and the results of the investigation can be directly reported to the emperor.As .

do cbd gummies help to sleep?

long as the Shangguan thinks that the investigation is clear, no one will question such a case.Even if he is an official of the imperial court, he will be smilz cbd gummies scam treated like this, and the results of those common people can be imagined.Lu Shenzhi already smelled a strong smell of blood at the end of his nose, as if he saw those pairs of despairing eyes.Just like the mother who changed children seven years ago, suddenly went berserk and killed people, just because she took a look at someone else s child in the pot and thought it was her own child.She was already crazy when she gave away her own child.

Ziyuan was full of doubts, Wei Yuanchen would definitely gain something, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help feeling envious, at least he worked together cbd 10 gummies to investigate the case, but this man was stingy and didn t give her any benefits.Go Wei Yuanchen ordered.Only then did Gu Mingzhu move her footsteps.Ziyuan has a lot of dresses, but the young woman s clothes are a bit close to her identity of Gu Mingzhu.Maybe Wei Yuanchen will associate the doctor with Gu Mingzhu because of this, which really makes her embarrassed.Wei Yuanchen waited for a long time, and finally heard footsteps.Wear jingle bells around the ring, wear wind and clothes on the water, and move forward step by step.A figure slowly walked hemp bomb cbd gummies smilz cbd gummies scam around the screen and appeared in front of him.Wei Yuanchen glanced over, and his face immediately became extremely ugly.When the doctor woman appears again, Mr.Wei will definitely become suspicious.How to do things under Mr.Wei s nose without being exposed is a difficult problem.She managed to get a clue from Mrs.Chen, and she couldn t give up her identity as a medical woman, so she could only plan carefully.Gu Mingzhu tried to break free, but her hand didn t move at all.In terms of strength, she had no chance of winning, and the result was the same when Mr.Wei released her.With his swimming speed, she was no different from being in the urn.Wei Yuanchen knew that the doctor s wife was full of tricks and would run away after entering the water.It was impossible for him to wait for his questioning honestly.When he personally came to arrest her, he found that the doctor s wife was more difficult to deal with than he expected.Wednesday is interceding with the official, hoping that the official website will be lenient and protect the Zhou family How could such a crime of covering up fall on the Zhou family.Nono Mrs.Wednesday hurriedly said, I m not Master Wei misunderstood.It s better not.Wei Yuanchen s gloomy voice came.Mrs.Wednesday swallowed, barely daring to catch her breath.Wei Yuanchen came back to his senses and found that Miss Gu had already brought her servants to play with the leaves of grass.Gu Mingzhu raised her head and glanced at Wei Yuanchen inadvertently.Why did she feel that Mr.Wei s face was slightly red, which was a little abnormal, and the redness was uneven, like patches Maybe it was because of Rabbit fur has moss, right Gu Mingzhu hugged the Lantern Festival on the ground, and Gu Mingzhu ran to the depths of the garden with Bao Tong, in case Mr.Mrs.Lin frowned slightly.She remembered clearly putting it in the box.How could it be gone Chapter 52 Trouble making The steward s mother took the maid and searched Mrs.Lin s house carefully again.All the valuables were there, except for the fish scale book.Ma am, said the mother in charge, or tell the Cui HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies scam family that you won t go if you feel unwell.Gu Mingzhu yawned at the right time, indicating that she was tired and didn t want her mother to go out.When she came back from Cui s house yesterday, she thought of the fish scale book in her mother s hand.Mrs.Lin Tai of Zhuangzi kept it all the time and waited for her mother to send the fish scale book.For my affection, this one hundred mu of land is worth it.But she couldn t watch her mother buy a fake.This sisterhood cannot be returned or exchanged, and their family s money is not blown by strong winds, it is precious.All this trouble Mama Wang said softly, You, Master Hou, and Missy together are not as scheming as Mrs.Lin Tai, so you have to be careful.Mrs.Lin nodded I know.The Lin family these years It s not easy, she doesn t want to make any more troubles.The Gu family s carriage went straight into the Lin family s village.Mrs.Lin stood on the high pavilion and watched Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu get out of the car.For some reason, she felt a little uncomfortable when she saw Gu Mingzhu.That child can t do anything else, she is the strongest to cause trouble.Mrs.Lin Tai told the mother in charge Be careful of Miss Biao, don t let her touch things.After she finished speaking, she looked around, and the gentleman who helped see Feng Shui back then told her mother quietly that within three generations of Zhuangzi, there must be a very good fortune.Why did the magistrate Han, who is thoughtful and considerate to others, come to Zhuangzi today Did he happen to meet Cui Wei and want to ask Mrs.Lin about the case What a coincidence.After Wang Zhifu died seven years ago, the biggest beneficiary happened to be Han Zhifu.Han Yu came to Taiyuan Mansion only after the Pearl Thief case.It stands to reason that he didn t know what happened seven years ago, neither Lu Shenzhi nor Yan Hao would tell him the truth.Let her test it now to see if Han Yu really knows nothing.A person who concentrates on the layout will ignore some small details, which is why when the mantis catches the cicada, he neglects the danger approaching him.Mr.Wei has worked so hard to get what he has now, if she can t make use of it, she will feel sorry for Mr.Wei.Now all the troubles on her body have been shaken off, and her shell has shed a layer, which can be considered relaxed.Gu Mingzhu brushed the dirty dress, she should be happy, she will replace Master Zhang and smile until the end, but the tears just blurred her vision.Han Yu saw the flustered servant of the Gu family, and was about to go up to inquire, when he suddenly felt something strange about being shot in the left shoulder.A feeling of numbness spreads.Poisonous, poisonous, he quenched poison on the arrow back then, and now Pearl Thief has done the same thing.Chapter 60 Enthusiastically repaying the other with the way of the other.This sentence appeared in Han Yu s mind, so the Pearl Thief ran away after shooting him in the shoulder, because he didn t need the second arrow, which was poisoned and would kill him.This is true revenge.Han Yu s whole body was cold, only the wound was hot Quickly pull out the arrow from my back.I took people to check, and found footprints in front of the attacked window of the prefect of Han.It was the trace left by the fast boots, and there was a fallen sleeve arrow.Feng Anping said and handed the sleeve arrow to Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen held the sleeve arrow in his hand and looked at wellbeing laboratories cbd gummies it carefully.This kind of arrow florida cbd gummies case is light and easy to carry, as long as it smilz cbd gummies scam is tied to the arm, it is suitable for sneak attack.There is also a bamboo tube.Feng Anping mentioned this bamboo tube with a proud expression on his face.He searched all the way from the place where the prefect of Han was attacked, and finally found this bamboo tube in the grass.There are no rain or mud spots, so they must have been placed there deliberately.He looked at it and knew that there must be something wrong with the bamboo tube.

Mrs.Lin ordered someone to vacate the guest room, and smilz cbd gummies scam Chu Jiu helped Wei Yuanchen lie on the bed.Mrs.Lin said What should I do Why don t I ask someone to hire a doctor.Chu Jiu thought of Mr.Sun, was about to speak, but saw Wei Yuanchen on the bed opened his eyes and shook his head.Chujiu understood Wei Yuanchen s meaning, turned around and told Mrs.Lin My third master is just tired, so there is no need to invite the doctor.Madam let him rest here, and he will be fine soon.He will leave, if he walks by force now, he will have to carry the third master back, the weak appearance of the third master will definitely be seen by others, fearing that shark tank pure kana cbd gummies someone will take advantage of it.Mrs.Lin was a little worried.The appearance of Mr.Wei was not caused by fatigue.If something went wrong, she couldn t bear it, but Mr.Madam Lin slowly walked back to the chair and sat down Master Wei s.Which Lord Wei Zhao Gongren asked casually, but she quickly realized, Could it be that Wei Da Zhou still has a few Weis.Mrs.Lin agreed by default.Zhao Gongren suddenly jumped up Where is Wei The Gu family Why didn t you tell me earlier Mrs.Lin sighed, not knowing what to say, when Gu Mingzhu ran into the door and obediently sat down beside her.The bamboo ball in Zhuzhu s hand made a crisp sound.Mrs.Lin remembered Master Wei came to inquire about the case.The case involves the elder sister s Zhuangzi.The head of the Zhuangzi was brought by the elder sister from the Lin family.Zhao Gongren had already heard about this.Mrs.Lin continued Master Wei came to ask questions, it should be related to these matters.Zhao Gongren s face flashed alert What did Mr.Ding to open so many Tieshan mines.Wouldn t it be easier for Han Yu to mine more mines than to be greedy for fodder Han Yu is covering up.Wei Yuanchen put down the paperwork, Feng Anping swallowed and said, Master Wei, can you take away the stolen goods from my house Looking at the money, he couldn t sleep all day long, really afraid that he might lose it.Actually, Feng Anping said, If this kind of thing happens again, adults can leave the money in the Gu family to ensure safety.Wei Yuanchen was a little surprised Why This matter, thinking about the stolen goods, I couldn t help but my heart jumped, and I was about to say it.Feng Anping said Because that house has good feng shui and is solid, unlike my yard which is really thin, with ventilation everywhere The feng shui is good and strong.Wei Yuanchen looked indifferent, and continued to pick up the documents to read I don t think so, your yard is small, but it is easy to guard.Don t talk about it, Cui Zhen said, solve the matter in front of you first, maybe everything will be clear by then In the courtyard of the Zhao family.The steward of the Zhao family whole foods cbd gummies sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me watched these uninvited guests shuttle in the yard, and the Mr.Wei suddenly took out the key just now, his expression couldn t help changing, he probably saw his panic, and Mr.Wei ordered the servants to break into the house to look for it.Yachai, Nie Chen and others searched for a long time, but they still couldn t find the lock that matched the key.Gu Mingzhu grabbed Nie Chen and pointed to the roof Let s go up and have a look.Nie Chen was a little surprised, could the smilz cbd gummies scam kozmic gardens cbd gummies lock still be on the roof Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice Some doors may not be on the surface.Look at the structure of this house, you can probably know the direction of all the houses, and then compare it with the reality.Cui Zhen and Pei Shangqing had several long conversations.This person is beyond the reach of ordinary people in terms of knowledge and vision, and his temper is also very stubborn.Unless he is willing to assist, otherwise even if the imperial authority pressures him, he will not obey orders.The Pei family is like this It is clear that there is cbd gummies or oil for anxiety a quarrel with the crown prince, so naturally there are other considerations.Based on this alone, the crown prince s position as the crown prince is not stable.Tao Duo reported The suspect of Mrs.Zhao has not been caught yet, and Mr.Wei is probably busy with it.As soon as Tao Duo finished speaking, he heard the steward come forward Mr.Wei has arrived.Go to meet today s guest of honor.Wei Yuanchen walked into the courtyard, the prince also left his seat, and the two of them got closer and closer to each other.Don t worry, Gu Mingzhu looked at Liu Su, I will think of a way to find a good martial arts master to teach you.Liu Su responded.Gu Mingzhu and Liu Su walked forward, unaware that there was a general of the Wei family lying on the ridge not far above their heads, and Wei Yuanchen called them secret guards on weekdays.The secret guards of the Wei family followed quietly all the way, knowing that the two had been talking, but their voices were very low, and they didn t hear the whole foods cbd gummies sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me slightest bit of what they were muttering.The dark guard felt very strange.Didn t hemp bomb cbd gummies smilz cbd gummies scam is 25mg cbd gummy a lot Chu Jiu say that Liu Su had ear problems How can people with ear problems still whisper to others The dark guard was thinking about it, when he noticed that the two people walking below were looking at the roof together, he sank down hastily, and he really can t be careless in the future, if he is noticed, he will lose face Gu Mingzhu and Liu Su went into is it legal to bring cbd gummies on a plane Yizhuang together and met Nie Chen.Not only did he find an opportunity to send his entourage out, Wei Yuanchen also deduced that Zhao Er was dead in front of everyone, and Wei Yuanchen would use this reason to silence the crown prince in a while.He still underestimated Wei Yuanchen.Mr.Shen looked at the people around him Go, check all the people who smilz cbd gummies scam have been to the banquet.Among them must be Wei Yuanchen s eyeliner.When Mr.Shen ordered, the crown prince responded with a smile Of course, Mr.Wei is an imperial envoy.It is up to Mr.Wei to decide.Hearing the crown prince also said this, most of the officials at the meeting breathed a sigh of relief, and no one wanted to see it.Watching the crown prince and Master Wei fighting here, it is unknown how many people will be involved in the end.Cui Zhen sat there calmly, tonight he was just a spectator, and only by seeing the situation in front of him clearly could he make a judgment on what will happen next.The old lady, who was depressed, was inexplicably gloomy.Princess Huairou is just in her early purekana cbd gummies ingredients twenties, what happened to make her look like this Rong Niangzi taught her a lot.From the dress and face of a woman, HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies scam one can guess what her situation is.Princess Huairou must be tightly entangled in the trivial matters around her, and she is almost drained of energy.Leaving Princess Huairou s situation aside, the Princess is probably here today to witness the battle between Wei Yuanchen and the crown prince, right The prince wants the princess to be a witness to see how Wei Yuanchen framed Donggong.It s a pity that the high platform is still there, and the scene has been changed.I don t know which side Princess Huairou will stand on After thinking about it, Gu Mingzhu had already left the back door, and was helped by Ziyuan into the carriage.

The imperial court thought that these generals had military exploits, and the mutiny was also aroused for a while.Fortunately, they lost their way and repelled the Tatars to defend the Dazhou pass.Tombs are not allowed to worship, and future generations will never be able to become officials.This incident finally hurt Da Zhou, and then caught up with famine, mutiny and rebels caused small scale civil strife, and some people in Shanxi put up a banner to tell the grievances of those old generals, saying that they were framed by others for their wholehearted defense of the country.The turmoil continued for two or three years.At that time, the commander of the Shaanxi Xingdu Division who quelled the Shanxi mutiny came to quell the rebellion.Although he killed the rebels, he was seriously injured by the rebels and died a year later.Mrs.Lin Tai kicked Cui Wei Go away, you have nothing to do here , Is it easy for the Cui family to have this title How did he promise me back then The Cui family should be the most important thing, but he did it When he dug the grave and robbed the grave, he thought of it.If something happened, how would he keep the Cui family My son had already thought about it at the time.If the incident happened, my son would go to accept the crime, Cui Zhen said in a deep voice, Cui Wei didn t know anything about it.The imperial court took my title and let Cui Wei inherit it, so mother doesn t need to order natures only cbd gummies Using family law, I am worthy of the Cui family, and only the imperial court has the right to convict me of this matter.Mrs.Lin s face turned red and white when she heard this, and her expression was complicated, obviously she did not expect Cui Zhen to say such a thing.Cui Zhen wanted to say a few more words, and then mentioned the situation back then I was ordered to deploy troops in the suburbs of Beijing, and I happened to meet Wei Sanye, who ended up competing with Cui Wei in the school field.At that time, Wei Sanye had just killed Cui Wei.The guards around Wei, I was afraid that Cui Wei would be resentful, so he didn t care about the severity of his strikes, so he paid extra attention to the situation on the court.Unexpectedly, Wei Sanye made a fierce move, and Cui Wei was not his opponent, so I stopped and took Wei Sanye s attack The ultimate move, and because of this, the third master Wei has failed.Cui Zhen opened the palm of his left hand as he spoke, and there was a clearly visible scar on the palm.Mrs.Lin didn t expect to have this episode, although Cui Zhen said a few words lightly, but looking at the wound, one can see the thrill of the time.I don t have a mother anymore. Brother, Cui Wei reached out and grabbed Cui Zhen s maryha stewart cbd gummies arm, Brotherthat s my motheryouhow can you bear itit s okay if you re still a family member, don t you It s too impulsive, let smilz cbd gummies scam s discuss it first.Cui Wei clenched his hands tightly, and tears welled up in his eyes BrotherBig brother Cui Wei s voice reminded him of being outside the yamen more than ten years ago.The same as before, but this time Cui Zhen did not waver, he looked at Cui Wei steadfastly What did you see when you went to Suzhou Weidu Did you see private soldiers hiding Brother, Cui Wei didn t want to answer this Question, I m talking about my mother, brother, you Father was killed by Lin Sizhen on purpose, Cui Zhen said, If you are still a child of the Cui family, you should know what to do now.Cui Wei looked unbelievable, and he turned to look at smilz cbd gummies scam kozmic gardens cbd gummies Mrs.Gu Mingzhu also thought in the same way, maybe even the Yang family was related to Tatar.Closely related to Yang and others is Yulin Wei, and this time Yulin Wei is the most critical.Take people to Yulinwei, Wei Yuanchen told Zhang Tong, look for traces of Mrs.Yang and others along the way, and if you find them, don t startle them.Zhang Tong took the order.Gu Mingzhu was a little relieved, the Wei family would go out to contact cronies, and would try every means to mobilize the soldiers and horses of the guard to deal with it when the critical moment came.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips Will Lin Sizhen want to submit a certificate She also thought of the certificate, Wei Yuanchen said For such an important surrender, the Tatars will entrust Lin Sizhen with a heavy responsibility, naturally You need to vote for a certificate.Zhou Zesheng s father was washed away by the flood to protect his family members.After the flood, his mother also caught the epidemic and soon followed his father away.In the Zhou clan, there was a childless member who wanted to adopt Zhou Zesheng, but the etiquette had not yet been fulfilled, and that member suddenly died of an emergency.Afterwards, everyone said that Zhou Zesheng was hit by punishment, and no one dared to adopt him again.Although Zhou Zesheng was young, he also understood that the Zhou clan hated him.He took a few clothes and some dry food from the kitchen and ran out of the Zhou clan.He heard that there were hunters in the mountains who could hunt for a living, so he went straight up the mountain I want to support myself on my own.After all, children have little strength, and the times were not good at that time, so it was so easy to catch prey.Chapter 158 Kidney Injury Wei Yuanchen stood HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies scam quietly.The scene in front of him was like a picture scroll that people couldn t bear to break, and the person in the kitchen was blurred with the person in his heart.Suddenly a shadow jumped out from the kitchen, it was a majestic five black chicken.The five black chickens strolled in the yard, flapping their wings, with a proud expression in each feather.Wei Yuanchen hadn t noticed before that these five black chickens were indeed somewhat different, and they didn t feel wronged by the name Xiaobai.The yard was very small, and the two houses were very close to each other.He moved to the side and saw her face.It really is Miss Gu.At dawn, Miss Gu can find a reason to run around.From a distance, Miss Gu was bending over to watch the food in the pot, her downcast eyes blocked her thoughts, but she was actually talking to Liu Su.Now she has three sons and three daughters.The daughter she and Zheng Bian had won the trust of Jinong and stayed in Dazhou.Mrs.Zhao and I searched everywhere, and kept looking for the whereabouts of Zheng Bian s concubine, because she frequently inquired about Zheng s family affairs, so she was smilz cbd gummies scam targeted.Mrs.Zhao knew that she was very funky farms cbd gummies 50mg dangerous, and her own son refused to recognize her when she came to her.Although we found out about these things , but there is not much evidence in hand, the Shanxi mutiny involved too much, not only cannot reverse the case for General Zhao with these things in hand, but the fact that Mrs.Zhao is alive will also be leaked.If Mrs.Zhao is arrested, who will defend Mr.Zhao Redress While we were hesitating, a group of bandits captured Mrs.Zhao.The crown prince glanced at Mr.

Once caught, he will be dealt with by military law Peng Liang would not have made such a choice if he hadn t felt compelled.As I speculated before, Peng Liang and Mrs.Zhao stayed here to investigate the case of the Shanxi mutiny.Whether he is a civil servant or a general, this is not good for his official career, so he is still only a centurion.If there are disadvantages, there will be advantages.If there are obstacles in the official career, it will make it easier for him to inquire about the case back then.Peng Liang is now in the Ningwu Institute.I think Peng Liang found something, and because of this, he was suspected by the other party, and Zhao s identity was exposed.He pressed on with the investigation in Taiyuan Mansion, and Zhao was arrested.Arrest, the son in law came to Taiyuan Mansion, maybe they were afraid that Mrs.The guard is in chaos now.If there is no more rice and food supplies around, the rebels will not be able to support them for long.The purpose of building city walls and military forts was to make the captives helpless when they walked below the city.If they could not enter the city, there would be no supplies.Can you talk to the surrounding villages Zhou Zesheng frowned, Time is running out.Liu Su said You can try, we have the help of the people, and the result will be twice the result with half the effort.Zhou Zesheng knew that this young man named Liu Su was good, But he didn t expect his mind to turn so fast.Even if the people don t want to come, at least tell them to go away to avoid disaster, Liu Su said.It s good for the people.Don t worry about these things, Zhou Qiye.Among the people in the town, there are some people who occupied the mountains and became bandits.Believe them for the time being, I hope what they say is true, we have not been used by the court.The head of the village sighed again, and took the Pu knife in his hand.Back then, two of his brothers joined the army and died, leaving him to serve the elders alone.During the war, as the head of the village, he delivered food and grass to the guards, and witnessed the heroism of General Zhao.After the war was quelled, he asked General Zhao for this broken simple knife as a memory.After General Zhao became an official, he also said that he would come to this village and work on the fields with him.He specially led people to build a house for the old general.Before the house was built, the old general went to Yulinwei and never came back After the old general left, his body was never found.I heard that the people in northern Xinjiang hated these collaborators and hung the dead general s body outside the city tower, and then burned it.Zhou Zesheng took the torches from the people around him Everyone is ready to resist the rebels attack Mrs.Lin fell asleep and became much more energetic.There was a lot of noise, and then Gu Mingzhu entered the door with Baotong.Ma am, Baotong said, Zhou Qiye brought Mr.Lu into the village.Mrs.Lin couldn t help but be delighted, it s best that everyone is safe and sound, but the rebels are coming too Mrs.Lin just thought of this when she heard shouts from outside.Sure enough, it started.Don t worry, ma am, Baotong said, We have catapults, Master Lu and Zhou Qiye both said that the rebels can t get in.Mrs.Lin thought about it carefully, and took Gu Mingzhu s smilz cbd gummies scam hand Zhuzhu will follow mother to prepare some cloth strips and herbs, okay Gu Mingzhu nodded.Mrs.Lin said Ask Liu Su if there is anything we can help to prepare together.The girl took out a cloth towel from the medicine box, before he could react.He wrapped the towel around his arm.Wrapped tightly, the bleeding will soon be stopped.The girl lowered her head, her long eyelashes were like a small fan, and it looked like a butterfly had landed on it.Nie Chen couldn t help swallowing, and wanted to say something but couldn t make a sound.Gu Mingzhu fastened the cloth scarf Let Liu Su give you some wound medicine in a while.Now, they don t care about treating these minor injuries carefully, and there are still many seriously injured patients waiting for their treatment.Gu Mingzhu ordered again Don buy cbd gummies gainesville fl t forget to check the identities of the soldiers who entered the village, and let the people keep an eye on them, in case there are rebel spies among them.After all, many of the rebels are from the guard.But he was very honest, standing there waiting for his wife to fetch cloth strips to re bind the wound.After finishing all this, Huaiyuan Hou had no time to change clothes, he helped Madam Lin to sit down, touched Madam Lin s swollen belly, and then strode out the door.Gu Mingzhu was afraid of delaying the conversation between his father and mother, so he hid outside the yard with Bao Tong.She looked up at the sweet scented osmanthus on the tree, smelled the fragrance of the flowers, and felt indescribably happy.She thought that the family would be reunited after returning to Beijing, but she didn t expect her father to come to pick them up earlier, which was a surprise.Gu Mingzhu heard Baotong shout Master Hou.Just as she was about to turn her head to look at her father, her body suddenly lightened and she was already hugged blush cbd gummies by her father. , , Feathered arrows shot towards Lin Sizhen and others.Stop The crown prince saw the arrows raining down, and shouted anxiously, I am here, all stop Lin Sizhen only saw the team blocking him, the leader only wore Wearing light armor and armguards, with a silver spear on his back, and a longbow in his hand, he straddles the horse s back, draws the bow and shoots arrows.With a muffled poof , the lieutenant next to Lin Sizhen was shot.Wei Yuanchen s face was condensed, and he continued to shoot with his bow.His whole body was as sharp as a sharp blade.Lin Sizhen frowned, and the soldiers and horses around him immediately came to protect him.Wei Yuanchen, Wei Yuanchen, don tdon tcome here.The prince shouted when he saw someone coming.Lin Sizhen gritted his teeth and sneered, it turned out that Wei Yuanchen was waiting for him here, this yellow mouthed kid was so insidious, he didn t believe that the Wei family dared to disregard the prince s life or death.Lin Sizhen heard the silence outside, and felt that he had hit Cui Zhen s mind If Zhou Rujun hadn t died back then, you wouldn t have married her.Hi, but many people are thinking about it, Wei Yuanchen is one of them.Hearing this, Cui Zhen frowned suddenly.Lin Sizhen looked at the prince Your Highness, are you right The prince subconsciously wanted to speak, but immediately swallowed it back.No matter what he said on this matter, it would not do him any good.The lit torch shone on Cui Zhen s face, and Cui Zhen s expression became darker.Think about it, Mrs.Zhou, because of your Cui family s death, how could Wei Yuanchen let you go Lin Sizhen said, Now Wei Yuanchen smilz cbd gummies scam has set this trap to let us kill each other, and you will not let me die.There will be good results, and the Wei family will benefit in the end.

Third Master, there are towels and hot water prepared here.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, took off his armor, and looked at Chu Jiu in the room Looking for all kinds of clues here, it s like begging Hanako looking for alms everywhere.Wei Yuanchen frowned slightly, slightly angry, Chu Jiu was fine on the battlefield, why did he become like this when he came back If this continues, Chu Jiu will be thrown to the battlefield, and he will not even think about returning to Beijing for a year or so.Chujiu didn t dare to make a sound anymore.Zhang Tong arranged for the brothers, and a smile appeared on his face.Everyone had a good rest these days, and everyone had new clothes and hot water.I heard that the kitchen was still making meatloaf.It is really surprising to have such treatment without returning to the Wei smilz cbd gummies scam family.It s going to make things worse.Mr.Wei is concerned about Uncle, but he doesn t understand these things.When Uncle is in a daze, he may drink the milk.The question is, how can I say no Gu Mingzhu looked towards the yard On the ninth day of the ninth day, the goat s milk was boiled and placed on the table, and the cook also made a bowl of crispy cheese for the third master.The goat s milk is a bit hot, it will take a while to eat, and the crispy cheese is just right, the third master will use it in a while After everything was ready, Chu Jiu said Third master, I m going to see the injured general.Wei Yuanchen Nodding, he turned and went into the inner room to look for official documents, and was going to take care of Zhou Zesheng while reading the official documents here.There was no whole foods cbd gummies sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me one in the house for a while.Mu Qiu didn t understand, is it normal to take a bath for so long The Second Master Wei only felt that the people in the yard were hopeless, and if this continued, they would not be able to get their daughters in law.Whoever said that you can t do something else after taking a bath, thinks back to when he Second Master Wei was about to speak when a voice came from the room Mu Qiu, come in.I won t go, Second Master Wei stroked his beard and handed the booklet in his hand to Mu Qiu, This is Brother Chen I want it.I m afraid the elders will be ashamed if they encounter this kind of thing, so he might as well get some soup and water to make up for Brother Chen.Second Uncle doesn t need to feed me those things.Second Master Wei had just turned around when Wei Yuanchen s HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies scam voice came from the room If Second Uncle was thinking about the Wei family, he would get married earlier and have seven or eight children.He shouldn t have married Mrs.Zhao, his father in law is not enlightened.When he followed him to fight against the enemy in the frontier, he had seen his stubbornness.At that time, she knew that with his temperament, he would lose the battle sooner or later.Unable to defend smilz cbd gummies scam the smilz cbd gummies scam pass, and unable to shrink back with elites, it is Tan Dingfang, the Minister of the Ministry cbd hemp gummies do they work of War, who turned the tide and stabilized the situation on the northeast frontier.Tan Dingfang also became famous because of this battle.Later, the Wei family was implicated in the case of the second prince.After Wei Congcheng died , the position of minister finally fell on Tan Dingfang s head, such a person is a capable minister, what is his father in law Mr.Cheng regretted it very much.Back then, he was so cruel that he asked Mrs.A Fu Yin , even those old censors have to give him a high look.Master Cheng found that Su Fu was still looking at the criminals in the hall with a straight face, and his palms couldn t help sweating.Su Fu said in a deep voice, Why did you come to the capital When did you arrive in the capital When the important question came, Mr.Cheng hardly dared to take a breath and listened carefully to the words of the two merchants.Hou Yongdao The Shanxi guards had a mutiny, and the imperial court sent troops to quell the chaos.At this time, the person who kidnapped our wives and family appeared, and he let people put our wives back, leaving only a few children as hostages.The family earns a sum of money, and when the money arrives, give half of it to him, and he will put our child back.Hearing this, Su Fu s face became more majestic These are the facts You didn t Lying Those Tatars didn t promise you any favors Did you just release your concubines and let you work for them willingly Hou Yong s eyes flickered and he didn t dare to look at Su Fu, Qian Yunsheng was so frightened that he trembled all over, Without caring sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me about anything else, he stammered and said Yes, they gave us land, a big house, and maidservants.Don t cause trouble.Mrs.Lin murmured, that child Baotong was careful, since she said that, she couldn t be wrong.You, it s your life to worry about.Gu Chongyi put the pillow on Mrs.Lin s waist, It s just a matter of asking someone to ask at dawn.Finally, at dawn, Mother Yang came in and told The manager outside is here.He replied, saying that Princess Huairou s son in law beat the Dengwen drum.Mrs.Lin completely lost sleepiness Who does the son in law want to sue Mother Yang said I haven t found out yet, Madam, don t worry.How can I not be in a hurry, Mrs.Lin said, I have someone go to Princess Huairou s mansion to ask smilz cbd gummies scam Amitabha, I hope Mrs.Zhao is safe and well.Don t worry, Gu Chongyi comforted, I ll go outside Look.As he spoke, Gu Chongyi strode out, and as soon as he left the yard, he saw a figure in the green bamboo forest.Qiao Song smiled slightly at Qiao Zheng I know everything, you step back He saw Xue Laotong going to trial smilz cbd gummies scam at the gate of the smilz cbd gummies scam prison in Shuntian Mansion.After counting, Wei Yuanchen handled the whole case very quickly.It can be seen that he had already understood the intentions of the Cheng well being cbd gummies review family and the Yuan family, and he would definitely find evidence.Master Wei is getting better and better.He is meticulous and measured in his actions.Qiao smilz cbd gummies scam kozmic gardens cbd gummies Song looked at Qiao Zheng.If you can learn half of it, you tasty froggies cbd gummies can use it for a lifetime.Qiao smilz cbd gummies scam Zheng felt that his uncle thought too highly of Wei Yuanchen.Besides, those ordinary people who help Wei Yuanchen are also very important, Qiao Song said, In the investigation of the war horse case in Taiyuan Mansion, there have always been those people.He couldn t help saying, That s just some eyeliner.Wei to pretend not to know, she does her part, he takes his stage, and when the show ends, everyone gets a penny, and no one loses.Wei Yuanchen heaved a sigh of relief, watching her sitting on the chair, holding the box tightly, lowering her head, resting her chin on the box, pitiful, as if the child of that family accidentally got into trouble, and was afraid of being raped.Sue in front of the adults at home.Although he thought it was a good idea to take her back to Gu s house, by the way, he would be rejected when he thought about his abrupt behavior in Gu s house that day just think about it, and let the cover go slowly , people have to catch slowly.Stop running Wei Yuanchen said in a low voice.The shoulders of the figure lying on the medicine box trembled, and there was a sobbing sound from his throat.

Mrs.Li said with a smile Bai smilz cbd gummies scam Guanzheng is a very interesting person.He shut himself in a small room all day long, tinkering with his little gadgets every day.Later, he went out to sea with the treasure ship as Qin Tianjian, and when he came back, he insisted.What kind of dry compass should be changed, smilz cbd gummies scam kozmic gardens cbd gummies it is said to be of great use in the sea, and the direction of the boat will be more accurate, but unfortunately, a serious illness took him away, and the dry compass has not been finished yet.Madam Li took a sip of tea and continued The officials of the Qin Tianjian of the Great Zhou Dynasty are all hereditary.They have learned astronomy and calendar calculations since they were young.When they see them on weekdays, they will feel that they are unpredictable.Bai Guanzheng is different from them.What does the appearance of Luo Zidai in the eye sockets mean The old Wu Zuo couldn t figure it out, it didn t seem to have anything to do with the autopsy.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mr.Wei, Mr.Wei had deep eyes, as if he didn t quite understand.At Mr.Wei s age, how could he not know hemp bomb cbd gummies smilz cbd gummies scam anything about it She shouldn t say this too clearly, so as not to be exposed when she uses it in the future, but fortunately she doesn t rely entirely on dressing up.Gu Mingzhu explained A woman covered her face with powder, her eye sockets were smudged with Luo Zidai, and her lips were not puffed up.There is only one purpose for doing this, which is to make herself look haggard and pitiful, in order to win the love and affection of others.Madam Yuan If you want to die with all your heart, it would be superfluous best cbd gummies for stress smilz cbd gummies scam to put in effort to do this kind of makeup.Chu Jiu said in a low voice It s my good fortune to be able to do something for the eldest lady.It s just that I can t tell the third master about this good fortune, lest I end up with the same result as five black chickens.Seeing Chu Jiu s excited expression, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but feel a sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me bio life cbd gummies for sex little strange.She didn t give anything good.After a while, she asked Liu Su to give Chu Jiu some repairs, but Chu Jiu was the general of the Wei family., How should she repay Master Wei Cheng Yi was invited by Chujiu to speak in the hallway, and saw a woman wearing a fence standing there.Chujiu had said in advance that this was an outsider invited by Mr.Wei to help investigate the case, and Cheng Yi knew that that person Nie Chen helped them a lot This also explains why Mr.Cheng has no fear.If no problem can be found out, Mr.He, Su Fu, was the same as those poor children, he climbed up the imperial examinations step by step.The emperor promoted the poor family disciples, and he was considered to have a smooth official career.He soon became an official of the third rank, and he was quite trusted by the emperor.Why did the emperor set him up here Disciples from poor families set an example.There has long been a saying in the official circles of the Great Zhou that the noble concubine was born in a poor and humble background, the emperor can favor the noble concubine and the empress, and appointing the eldest prince as the prince is paving the way for the disciples from poor families.They should be grateful to the emperor and the noble concubine.But in these years, he has seen the Concubine Party relying on the support of the Concubine and the Crown Prince, and has done a lot of misdemeanors.Master Wei Er was exactly the same as he was in the woods that night.It s fake, Gu Chongyi thought about it repeatedly afterward, the Second Master Wei didn t seem to be suffering from any illness from fainting to waking up, and now he used this trick again, obviously to deal with Yushi.When such a thing happened in front of the palace gate, the censor didn t have the face to mention Wei Yuanchen again and blame the Wei family, otherwise it would be like deliberately embarrassing the Wei family.The Wei family couldn t suffer much from this stuff, Gu Chongyi glanced at Wei Congzhi on the ground, just in time to see a censor raising his foot and stomping on Wei Congzhi fiercely while taking advantage of the chaos.Gu Chongyi couldn t help trembling in his heart, he seemed smilz cbd gummies scam to feel the pain, and Wei Congzhi on the ground remained motionless.In addition, the war horse case has not yet been concluded, so it is very natural for Wei Yuanchen to appear in Gu s house, and no one will say anything if it spreads.Master Wei Gu Ziyan couldn t think of which Lord Wei it was for a moment.Baotong said from the side, It s Mr.Wei from the General Secretary, the imperial envoy who went to Shanxi to investigate the case.Gu Ziyan s face became more respectful Mr.Wei is not very old.He looks about the same age as him, but the gap is also small It was too big, he would be praised wherever he went when he was a child, and now thinking of those compliments, he felt blush.Just now Gu Ziyan saw it clearly.It is conceivable that he has worked so hard to practice the iron spear to such an extent.The children of the aristocratic family are so diligent, but his father only wants to find a shortcut to wealth.This is a cure for drunkenness, and it is very HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies scam useful.As for Ajun Those two words Gu Mingzhu hasn t had time to think about it.At this time, a figure gradually approached, not knowing who it was, Gu Mingzhu picked up the fence and quickly put it on.Chu Jiu vaguely felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange.The third master was standing under the tree, not as straight as usual.Miss Gu was straightening the fence above her head.The two of them were four or five steps away.The appearance reminded him of him.After a fight with Zhang Tong, I felt a bit ruthless, and I was embarrassed to see the other party s wounds.But this kind of thing will naturally not happen to the third master and Miss Gu.The third master has always been calm and self restraining and will never suddenly lose his temper.Even if he could he would not use it on Miss Gu.The big fish is majestic.Compared with it, the hills in the distance are like mounds, making this big fish extraordinarily huge.Mo Yangming couldn t help but smile on his always rigid face I often eat candied fruit to watch Kun.As Gu Mingzhu spoke, he took out a candied fruit and fed it to Mo Yangming.Looking at the girl s smiling eyes, Mo Yangming opened his mouth.The candied fruit was sweet and glutinous, and it was really delicious.Gu Mingzhu also ate one, and the two of them looked at the Kun on the purse together.Kun will become a Peng.Gu Mingzhu flipped his hand over, and on the other side of the purse, the same fish really had a pair of wings.Mo Yangming knew it was fake, but he also stared at it for a long time.Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou also took great pains for this child, no wonder Miss Gu can remember these things.

Who brought these Tamba wild rice back from the sea Has the Bai family improved the dry compass The court of the Great Zhou Dynasty prohibited privately going out to sea to buy and sell goods, but there were still merchant ships that ventured into the water.These merchant ships ran around when they were captured by court ships, and it was easy to lose their way at sea.If there is a more accurate dry compass on the merchant ship, it will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.Wei Yuanchen said Keep an eye on the Lu family.The Lu family quietly went to the Yuan family to report the news, and they also had contacts with the soldiers and horses of Wucheng.There was also a dark room in that courtyard, so no matter how you looked at it, it was related to the Bai family.Maybe the person behind the Lu family is Bai Gongren s elder brother, Bai Guanzheng s son who has not been an official.Even if clues are found, they can only find out the current results.If they want to understand the whole thing, they have to peel it off layer by layer.The Taoist temple and the Lu family have conclusive evidence of hiding imported goods.First, the real Sun must be interrogated to see what can hemp bomb cbd gummies smilz cbd gummies scam be asked from her mouth.Even if Sun Zhenren refuses to say anything, Mo Zhenren can help find out the situation.Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, It s almost here.I should go back to the Taoist temple.I don t know what s going on with Daoist Mo.The road to the Taoist temple smilz cbd gummies scam kozmic gardens cbd gummies It was not yet dawn, and when she came here, she was run under the arms of someone, so she didn t have time to distinguish east, west, north, south, but she had precious pupils.Gu Mingzhu turned to look at Baotong, but Master Wei blocked her sight.Family.Then do you have any children One question after another was asked, Bai Jingkun could hardly bear it, but he still clenched his fists tightly and denied No, I don t.A chan can do eight things.Spring lock She will, Bai Jingkun said, she makes the best eight spring lock, and no one can match it before.Gu Mingzhu s mind flashed like a flash of lightning, and suddenly it lit up, Master Wei s interrogation The method was really good, instead of pressing Bai Jingkun all the time, he went around in circles with Bai Jingkun, asking some easy to miss questions when Bai Jingkun let down his vigilance.Bai Jingkun said that the eight spring lock made by Ah chan was the best, and no one could match it before, so what about now Is there someone already as good as Ah chan in craftsmanship When Mr.Wei mentioned the inheritance of the Bai family, Bai Jingkun became inexplicably nervous, and there were all indications that he lied on this issue.It is.The female officer raised her eyes, and saw that the palace man turned his whole head to look at Fang Sheng, and finally found a suitable angle, the palace man nodded Come and see, this way it won t look crooked.It s gone.The female officer also tilted her head.Sure enough, Fang Sheng on the web is no longer crooked, but if this continues My neck is sore, let s stop watching The emperor sat in the Hall of Mental Cultivation, listening to the eunuch Huang Chang report.Huang Changdao Mo Zhenren from the Taiqing Temple took the eldest lady of the Huaiyuan Hou family to show the empress the waist injury.Before leaving, the empress rewarded the Huaiyuan Hou family lady with a string.The emperor frowned slightly The Huaiyuan Hou family Miss Who summoned her into the palace They reported this matter to the emperor, but the emperor obviously didn t care because he was busy with government affairs, Huang Chang said The empress dowager summoned her because the eldest lady of Huaiyuan Houfu is a new lay disciple of Zhenren Mo.Baotong also helped carry Mo Yangming s medicine box.Gu Mingzhu was about to follow Mo Yangming to treat the child s injuries.Cui Zhen looked at Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu is going too Gu Mingzhu nodded seriously I have to help Master, and Master still wants to teach me medical skills.Cui Zhen said Do you know how Mo Zhenzhen wants to heal Gu Mingzhu Said I know, Master said to clean up the wound.Cui Zhen s eyes were deep It might bleed, aren t you afraid There was no slightest hesitation on the girl s face Don t be afraid, we have seen many in the village, big brother don t worry.The girl s face was clear, as if she was comforting him It made Cui Zhen feel ashamed for a moment It seemed that he was too self righteous and underestimated the person in front of him.After speaking, the girl waved to him Immediately caught up do cbd gummies work for diabetes with Mo Yangming s footsteps.Cui Zhen said Uncle has something on his mind It s okay, Gu Chongyi said, Maybe there are too many things in the court recently.Annoyed, Wei Congzhi appeared in front of him just as he was about to enjoy two days of leisure and leisure, pulling him to talk nonsense.Gu Chongyi took a sip of tea and looked at Cui Zhen That day when you pleaded guilty in the court, did the officials of the Ministry of Rites arrange it in advance No, Cui Zhen said in a deep voice, I guess it was King Huai.Gu Chongyi frowned slightly Then what do you think in your heart Cui Zhen s eyes deepened a bit Now that I have no official position, I will not show favor to anyone.If Prince Huai expresses it, I will politely refuse.Gu Chongyi was quite relieved It s good that you can think like this.The servant stepped forward to refill the tea.Or someone intentionally burned this hidden weapon together with her body so that we can identify her.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she was about to wipe the hairpin clean and put it back on her back.Your Excellency, you might as well show these things to Bai Jingkun.Gu Mingzhu pointed smilz cbd gummies scam to the two hidden weapons, Perhaps Bai Jingkun can see who made these things.After Gu Mingzhu said this, Baotong at the door lightly With a light cough, Gu Mingzhu knew that Master Mo was looking for her.My lord, I m leaving first, Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, If there is any news, my lord will ask Liu Su to smilz cbd gummies scam send it.Gu Mingzhu raised his feet and walked out, but when sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me bio life cbd gummies for sex he reached the door, he thought of something and then retreated.Wei Yuanchen smilz cbd gummies scam kozmic gardens cbd gummies was overjoyed, she thought of something, he straightened his sleeves and was about to reach out to pick up her candied fruit.What s more, you have just been left in the Shuntian government office, and the official department has not officially Please be more cautious when you get the papers out.Feng Anping nodded and obeyed Master Gu s words.In fact, his grandmother is only a member of the collateral clan of the Gu family, and he has no contact with Hehua Hutong.To be prudent, please invite Mr.Ji, the promoter of the government office, to preside over the overall situation, and he will follow Mr.Ji s instructions from the sidelines.Chongyi.A call came, and Mrs.Meng helped Old Madam Gu out of the door.Seeing Gu Chongyi, the old lady staggered even more and almost fell to the ground.Seeing this, Gu Chongyi rushed forward.Chongyi, Mrs.Gu s eyes were red, what s the matter What does the government want to investigate can you travel with cbd gummies internationally How did such a good person come to our house Do you know where Chongwen is Gu Chongyi s smilz cbd gummies scam face remained unchanged and he ordered the steward Someone will come from the yamen in a while, and do as the yamen ordered.

When I came back, I was robbed of all the food and grass by the Tatars, so General smilz cbd gummies scam Zhao was impeached by the censor after he returned to Beijing.Tan Dingfang smilz cbd gummies scam nodded Victory and defeat smilz cbd gummies scam are commonplace in military affairs, and General Zhao is not alone in defeating battles.What the Metropolitan Procuratorate questioned was why General Zhao did not defend the strongest city in Daning, and whole foods cbd gummies sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me wanted to abandon the city Previously, the imperial court ordered the old general to defend the city, and the censor who accompanied the army reminded General Zhao several times, but General Zhao did not This will be the case if you go your own way.However, General Zhao s secret memorial had already entered Beijing.The memorial stated that he did not abandon the city and flee.The old general led his troops to rescue the people and handed over the task smilz cbd gummies scam of defending the city to the deputy general.The gunpowder and combustibles were loaded but could not be launched.In this way, the opportunity was lost, and the lieutenant general had to rush to fight.Someone in the city spread rumors that the old general Zhao led his troops to flee and left them to die.There were generals in the city with ties People fled, so morale was hurt, and the city gate was broken down.Gu Chongyi knew more or less about these things As expected, there is a problem with the Hongyi cannon, and no wonder General Zhao, at most, General Zhao made a wrong decision and didn t keep more troops to defend the city.Tan Dingfang said But the Ministry of War said that there is no problem with the cannons, and the former city of General Zhao was breached.When we defended Beigukou, we also used the Hongyi cannons and gunpowder issued by the imperial court.In addition, we also used Some damaged artillery in the arsenal, it is by these firearms that the city was defended.When Tan Dingfang said this, he let out a long sigh Moreover, the officials from the Ministry of War and the officials who went to manage the weapons joined the soldiers and horses of General Zhao after the city was smilz cbd gummies scam broken.The official was killed in the camp.Although it was later found out that it was a centurion who killed the official of the Ministry of War, who ordered the smilz cbd gummies scam centurion The censor suspected that General Zhao was afraid of being impeached by the officials of the Ministry of War, so he ordered people to attack the officials of the Ministry of War.Tan Dingfang thought about it carefully Since Old General Zhao got the news from the lieutenant general that there is something wrong with those artillery pieces, can someone go to check after Daning is taken back Tan Dingfang nodded However, those artillery pieces have been taken away by the Tatars.Gu Chongyi looked at Tan Dingfang firmly That s true, and if it weren t for that battle, you wouldn t have been appreciated by the Ministry of War.You have shown yourself in the court these years, smilz cbd gummies scam cbd gummy side effects reddit and it is closely related to firearms.Tan Dingfang s expression was calm That s why I said, this matter is aimed at me.They have already found out the relationship between me and A chan, and when this matter can t be covered up, they will lead me step by step.With so much evidence on my head, I really can t argue with it.Gu Chongyi frowned Then you have you Of course not, cbd gummies help with inflammation Tan Dingfang said, If I did this, when Aunt Zhen died, I should have covered it up, why did Aunt Zhen stay behind In Anjiyuan This made sense, Gu Chongyi picked up the tea to drink, but stopped there, raised his head and looked at Tan Dingfang You didn t think of these strange things until now Then why didn t you mention your relationship with Miss Bai to others before Tan Dingfang said A chan is gone, what s the use of mentioning these things Chapter 354 Entering the door Tan Dingfang lowered his head, sadness and exhaustion flashed across his face.At the critical moment, they put the crime on the crown prince.This is their method.That s why Master Wei handed over the case of King Huai s Mansion to Qiao Zheng of the Ministry of Punishment.Cao Huai turned around twice do cbd gummies help quit smoking and finally entered a yard.The lights in the yard were turned on, and then a few figures flashed out from the yard to guard the whole yard tightly.Gu Mingzhu looked into the yard, who lived here After a cup of tea, Cao Huai came out of the courtyard, and the courtyard was quiet again.After a while, Zhang Tong came to Wei Yuanchen and told him, The accent spoken by the people in the courtyard is from the north.When the Tamba wild rice is transported near the capital, someone will come to take it over.They haven t been able to find the person who took over the goods.Maybe they have a clue tonight.The noble concubine used Dowager Mi to inform King Huai, but Dowager Mi died too quickly, so it didn t look like a noble concubine s handwriting.The imperial concubine knows the emperor well, so it s fine to use tricks in front of the emperor, and she can t go too far.Concubine Mi is dead, although there is no evidence that the concubine contributed to the flames, but it is not clear whether Concubine Mi really took refuge in King Huai.The case is unclear, if he can seriously injure King Huai now, he will also kill the imperial concubine in the future.Contributing to the flames, what is the guilt of uncovering the truth, and what is the guilt of killing the concubine, how could the concubine not know Maybe it was just like dealing with the East Palace, someone secretly deliberately caused the imperial concubine party and several other princes to fight among themselves, and he would come out to reap the benefits after everyone was hurt.Mrs.Lin smiled and said Please bring Brother Zhen over here.Cui Zhen came to deliver some New Year s goods to Huaiyuanhou s mansion, and asked the steward to move the things into the mansion, so he went to greet Mrs.Lin.As soon as Cui Zhen walked into the main house, he heard the laughter of Mrs.Lin and Zhuzhu in the inner room.The cheerful atmosphere was like the charcoal fire in the warm cage that could melt the ice outside.Brother Zhen, sit down quickly.Madam Lin said with a smile Don t worry about this place if you are busy at home, smilz cbd gummies scam how is your mother Cui Zhen said The family is fine, auntie, don t worry Madam Lin wanted to ask Cui byolife cbd gummies Wei But she still didn t speak.I heard that the relationship between Cui Zhen and smilz cbd gummies scam Cui Wei brothers is not as good as before.Although she is an aunt, she doesn t know the inside story and it s hard to persuade her.Have you been diagnosed Gu Mingzhu came back to her senses after hearing Master Wei s questioning voice Not yet.She raised her head and looked at Master Wei with a little guilty conscience.I saw Mr.Wei leaning on the pillow, the indifference and indifference of the past were missing between his eyebrows and eyes, sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me bio life cbd gummies for sex the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, with a gentle smile on his face, that shallow smile gave people a feeling of breeze.face feeling.No rush, take your time.Gu Mingzhu s heart warmed inexplicably, and it took him a long time to concentrate and take a careful look at the pulse.Gu Mingzhu said Judging from the pulse condition, my lord is much better, and I don t need to take medicine anymore.Wei Yuanchen nodded, Except for not sleeping well at night, the wound doesn t hurt much anymore.

She told her grandmother that she would go to the embroidery village to see embroidery samples., but quietly left the mother in law in the embroidered village and went to the calligraphy and painting shop.Who knew that the mother in law found that she was missing and looked around.She was afraid that her mother in law would sue her grandmother, so she wanted to return to the embroidery village through the back door without anyone noticing, and almost bumped into her mother in law.Fortunately, someone rode over at that time and just blocked her.At that time, she looked back while running, and vaguely remembered a young boy straddling a horse.The boy was wearing a long robe, and just looking at his back made him feel quiet and immature.Could it be Mr.Wei Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen, and it was difficult to put the two figures together, but there was a big difference between when Lord Wei was in prison and now, so she didn t recognize him at first when he was in Shanxi.Lord Hou, Wang Jing said in a low voice, The emperor has never summoned you to enter the palace, did he become suspicious of you Cui Zhen said When King Huai ordered the officials to intercede sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me bio life cbd gummies for sex for me, the emperor should have been suspicious.Now that Cui Wei has made great achievements again, the emperor will be even more suspicious, whether I am too incompetent to be inferior to my younger brother, and I can t see the abnormality in the Datong Guard, or I deliberately conceal it to cover up for King Huai.Wang Wang Jing became nervous when she heard this Then what should the Marquis do Cui Zhen said indifferently I wrote a secret document to the emperor before returning to Beijing.I will hand whole foods cbd gummies sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me over the military power and ask the emperor to secretly investigate the Datong Guard So, I did the same thing after entering Beijing.You must have never seen it before.Wei Congzhi s voice resounded throughout the front yard of the Gu family.Wei Congzhi smilz cbd gummies scam was triumphant Let the children in the family come and see, you see how quiet you are here, without the slightest atmosphere of Chinese New Year, and with such a bird it will be extraordinary immediately.Gu Chongyi frowned and moved forward Walking to the yard, I saw Wei Congzhi standing triumphantly in the sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me bio life cbd gummies for sex yard holding the bird cage.Wei Congzhi looked behind Gu Chongyi Where are the children Didn t I tell you to call the children Gu Chongyi s face turned dark, what children It s not just to trick Zhuzhu out, so that Zhuzhu can feed the flower cake made by Zhuzhu to his big fat chicken.With the sound of flapping its wings, a big black chicken ran towards the back house uninvited with its buttocks pouted.Yan Shen said that there was something wrong with the people above, but Yan Shen did not find any real evidence at the time, and I didn t want to ask these questions.I didn t know who Yan Shen was talking about.I would like to ask you to help me find out the details of these people.Cao Cao Both Huai and Ding have been arrested, and the court has not found any confessions from them, so maybe we can find clues from other smilz cbd gummies scam people.Seeing that Nie Chen was willing to accept the list he handed over, Master Shen s hands trembled slightly.It was as if there was light again in the darkness.Nie Chen put away the directory, then stood up You and I will do the paperwork, he paused slightly at this point, But we have taken over your business, you d better not mention it to anyone, you apply We have an eyeliner at home, best cbd gummies for stress smilz cbd gummies scam and if those people know about it and act in advance, we will not be able to find anything.Cui Zhen continued The sharp weapon in this child s hand is also Didn t hurt you Gu Mingzhu said No.Cui Zhen was relieved now, and turned to follow the manager s mother to Zou Lin s yard.Baotong stepped forward to check on Gu Mingzhu s injury, but Gu Mingzhu stopped her with her hand Don t worry about it, I m fine, let someone tell father and mother what s going on here, so that father and mother can rest assured that there is a mother in charge to watch over here.Hope nothing will happen, but don t show any clues in front of Zhang s family.Earlier Zhang s family was prepared to startle the snake, but now the most important thing is to let Cui Zhen figure it out.Baotong understood and went to make arrangements.Gu Mingzhu raised her feet and walked towards Zou Lin s residence.In fact, she already knew the answer, but she still wanted to hear the whole thing so that she could have a better understanding of Zhang and Zhang s familyZou Linshi woke up dizzy, and the maid who was guarding her side hurriedly served the water.Master Hou and Madam will give you a bite to eat.When you grow up, you will have your own family , why don t you listen I don t want to, Zou Xiang said, it s useless to live.I ll go with my mother.Zou Lin s breathing seemed to be stagnant, and it took a long time for him to cry You wolf hearted thing, you forgot how your mother is.She gave birth to you She risked her life for you, but you said that life is useless, I ll kill you, you bastard.Even though Zou Lin said this, he didn t hit Zou Xiang again, but beat Zou Xiang s body.The hands are getting tighter and tighter.Cui Zhen looked at Zou Linshi and Zou Xiang quietly, he tried hard to recall where he had seen Zou Linshi, until now he vaguely came up with a general idea.Cui Zhen waited for Zou Lin s crying to subside before saying My aunt helps my mother take care of a house in Shaanxi.This year s crabapple blooms must be good.Mrs.Li looked at Gu Mingzhu gently, Miss Gu knew what she meant just now She is such a transparent child, no wonder she was targeted by her grandson early in the morning.I didn t realize that her grandson usually doesn t talk much, but he is steady and ruthless in his actions, which is completely opposite to his second uncle.A few people were talking and arrived at the Chuihua Gate, just in time to meet the steward who reported The old lady and the wife sour gummy bear cbd edibles near me bio life cbd gummies for sex of the lotus alley are here.The old lady of the Gu family was walking towards the back house with her daughter in law, and bumped into Mrs.Li and the others head on.with.Gu Mingzhu introduced Mrs.Li to Mrs.Li, and they separated after a few words.The old lady of the Gu family looked at Mrs.Li s back Which family did Zhu Zhu say Mrs.Daddy.Hearing his best cbd gummies for stress smilz cbd gummies scam daughter s voice, Gu Chongyi raised his head to meet his daughter s clear eyes, thinking that his daughter had just eavesdropped on his conversation with Mo Zhenren, Gu Chongyi said seriously Did Zhu Zhu just overhear me talking to Mo Zhenren Gu Chongyi Pearl nodded.Gu Chongyi said Don t listen to these words.Why Gu Mingzhu said, Will Daddy tell me Naturally no.Gu Chongyi cleared his throat.Originally, it was his daughter who eavesdropped, but he lost his confidence.He seemed to be the one who did something wrong.Gu Mingzhu said Dad and mother used to hide many things from me.Sometimes it was because of my illness, and sometimes it was because of things in my father s yamen.Relaxed, uncomfortable in the heart and can t show the clues in front of Zhuzhu, but after a long time, how could Zhuzhu not understand Perhaps because of this, Zhuzhu would think of a way to eavesdrop on her own.

You said that evil will be rewarded with evil, and you deserved to end up like this.What happened to you today The new people who came to Beijing are very powerful.They helped the Shuntian Prefecture Yamen catch those murderers in the city, and they even uncovered the case of that year together with the Yamen.A few days ago, I heard that Xue Laotong was ordered to smilz cbd gummies scam go smilz cbd gummies scam to Shandong to investigate the case.He couldn t sit still.He began to try to find out about Nie Chen.Nie Chen used to investigate the case eagle cbd gummies para que sirve in Shanxi.The emperor sent Master Wei to investigate the war horse case together, and made a lot of contributions.After entering Beijing, he recruited people from the market, and together with the Shuntian government office, he arrested the Nalu family.Yan Shen once said that after he came to Beijing to take up his post, he would gather the people who were good at detectives and investigators who were scattered in the market, so as not to let those gold top cbd gummies murderers and eyeliners with malicious intentions mix in and ruin the reputation of the people in the market.How can he intervene in a case that even Yan Shen is involved in He didn t know if it was useful to do so, but he just couldn t stop, he had to do something to be worthy of his conscience, even if it was futile, it could bring him peace of mind.Afraid of alarming those people, he started not to walk around with any person who revealed the list, and he no longer revealed the list cbd gummies with vitamin b12 to investigate the case, just like a peddler who runs a single gang, doing small business to make ends meet every day, and like this day after day, he finally found him again.That person, and then he kept clinging on, trying to figure out what those people were doing.The old man said It was the winter of the year before last.It was extremely cold in northern Xinjiang, and many people died of freezing.Although the imperial court sent people to pay compensation, there were too many victims.When Zheng Ruzong thought about this, a group of soldiers and horses passed by.The shopkeeper looked at the officers and soldiers who were leaving What s the matter After coming out of the city, I met several groups of people.Zheng Ruzong s face remained unchanged, as if these things had nothing to do with him, but his sharp eyes turned Those soldiers and horses saw clearly.The team was mixed with yamen servants, who should be members of the Ministry of Punishment, and the Ministry of Punishment arrested the criminal.I don t know if Zhang s father and son and Qiu Hai cbd gummy testimonials youtube can escape smoothly.Zheng Ruzong stabilized his emotions, anyway, he was not the one the court was looking for, if something happened to Qiu Hai and the Zhang family, then he would have to wait until the Lord sent troops to avenge them.Jiang Gongren was thinking wildly, and refused to see anyone in the hall, nor would he listen to how the Empress Dowager interrogated other palace people.It s not good.The girl s panicked voice came, like a needle provoking Jiang Gongren s mind.The concubine de concubine is dead.Like a no cbd gummies on amazon bolt of lightning struck Jiang Gongren s heart, the concubine de concubine died.How could this be possible The medicine she administered was only enough to kill a child, and the concubine de concubine could not die.The atmosphere of the hall changed.Jiang Gongren raised his head subconsciously, his hasty eyes fell on the female officer next to Empress De Fei.The female officer also opened her eyes wide, and turned her head to relax gummi cbd infused extreme strength look at the eunuchs in the main hall.She wanted to go into the inner hall to see the situation, but the sudden bad news made her legs go weak, and she staggered and fell to the ground.Your Majesty, Huang Chang stepped forward to help, The body of the dragon is important, you should rest a little longer.The emperor looked towards the main hall, as if he could see Concubine De kneeling on the ground through the curtain.Can you rest Did they give him a chance to breathe That s all for the empress and concubine, and so is Defei The emperor s eyes became sharp again Interrogate all the palace servants of Yongchun Palace one by one, and see if Defei has ordered other people to see the secretary except for the female official.The eunuchs in charge of ceremonies, if they met, what would they say I hope Concubine De is just being used temporarily.Huang Chang nodded.There is also the supervisor of ceremonies, the emperor glanced at Huang Chang, How many of them still have dissatisfaction with me.She has been locked up here for six years, and she has never thought of going out again, but the empress set her eyes on the empress treasure book on the table.This time, she is not for the emperor, she is for her own child, her child About to go to the HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies scam battlefield, with her here, her child will not be easily calculated.The queen came back to her senses, and stretched out her hand to Miss Gu Zhuzhu is biogold cbd gummies quit smoking hungry, here are some dim sums I just made, you come and try them.It was too late for Gu Mingzhu to refuse.Kunning Palace was banned before, these snacks are all made in the small kitchen of Kunning Palace, although the style does not look as good as those in Defei Empress Palace, but the taste smells very greedy.The aroma of glutinous rice and red beans hit the nostrils, and Gu Mingzhu couldn t help swallowing.The three of them, father and son, gather less and leave more, for the day when the Lord s great cause will be accomplished.A sound of footsteps came from behind, Tan Dingfang turned around and saw a team of imperial guards entering the mansion, led by Long Jinwei commanding Tongzhi.Tan Dingfang opened his eyebrows slightly, there are smilz cbd gummies scam not many people the emperor can trust, and Captain Long must be overwhelmed right now.Long Jinwei commanded Tongzhi to stand still in front of Tan Ding Master Tan.Tan Dingfang nodded Why is this, Master Tongzhi Commander Tongzhi Ma Dai did smilz cbd gummies scam not answer, but asked Tan Dingfang according to the emperor s will The emperor ordered me to come here and ask smilz cbd gummies scam my lord to verify something.Tan Dingfang listened carefully.Ma Dai said My lord, do you know Qiu Hai Tan Dingfang shook his head I don t know.Chapter 475 Lost Soul Zhou Zejing s words are simply unimaginable to the old lady Zhou.What nonsense are you talking about, the old lady Zhou said, Where did you hear the news How is this possible Zhou Zejing also hoped that these were untrue rumors, and no one wanted to offend someone like Wei Yuanchen.Zhou Zejing said A few days ago, Wei Yuanchen went to arrest Tan Dingfang, Shangshu of the Ministry of War.Tan Dingfang mentioned his eldest brother and Rujun, which probably meant that Wei Yuanchen admired Rujun.Unfortunately, Rujun died tragically.Strange, I asked Wei Yuanchen if he wanted to know the inside story.Many Long Jinwei present heard it, and the teacher mentioned this to me, just to ask me if it is true Zhou Zejing s teacher is a bachelor of the Imperial Academy, and he went to the right When Chunfang took office, the East Palace was in turmoil and many officials were questioned, but Cao Xueshi was not affected.

This was enough, Zhou Zesheng let go of the rope, Zhou Zejing coughed violently, finally calmed down and said, Concubine De may have something to hemp bomb cbd gummies smilz cbd gummies scam do with Pyongyang Lee.People s reactions are expected by Zhou Zejing, isn t this the secret that Zhou Zesheng wants to know He stabilized the person first, and then made other plans.Zhou Zejing was thinking about it, when he saw the female family member walking a few steps forward, calling out a person next to him, that person was Feng Tongpan, who was wearing an official uniform, followed by two Officials in the yamen.Zhou Zejing opened her mouth wide in surprise, the dresses of the people still fluttering freely in the wind, like the clouds in the sky that people can t catch, she didn t know what she was going to do next.Gu Mingzhu said to Feng Anping Master Feng, did you hear what Master said just now on Tuesday Feng Anping nodded I will ask the civil servants to write it down and present it to Lord Fu Yin.Eldest brother and elder sister in law He said that if he had the opportunity, he would ask the Cao family for confirmation.Unexpectedly, the eldest brother would never come back after this trip.The sister in law suspected that the death of the elder brother might be related to this case.Eldest brother took action, and sister in law asked me to help investigate this matter, and there is indeed an inside story, and she is determined to avenge elder brother.Hearing this, Zhou Zesheng stared at Zhou Zejing Eldest sister in law trusts you, but you told the Cao family in private, that s why Cao s Someone will kill my sister in law.No, no, Zhou Zejing hurriedly said, No, I didn t tell the Cao family, I just let people watch my sister in law, and found that my sister in law went smilz cbd gummies scam to the alley in Dongcheng by herself, and there was a place in that alley.She wanted to say something, but she opened her mouth but couldn t make a sound.No matter what she said, it was useless.The emperor knew the truth, and they all fell into Wei s hands again She is probably gone.Chance of survival.The emperor s lips opened and closed, and a vague voice came out of his throat Bitch The woman he liked the most in the past was just a bitch.If he had the buying cbd gummies strength, he would have jumped on her and strangled her to death.Concubine De burst into tears, but this time no one felt sorry for her.Several imperial physicians hurried over to the Hall of Mental Cultivation.In order to conceal the emperor s condition, Huang Chang asked his servants to tie up the envoy of the imperial hospital, so the imperial hospital did not know about the emperor s condition.Step forward to diagnose the emperor s pulse.The emperor is inside After pouring a bowl of medicine, the emperor looked much more energetic.Empress Wei ordered Take the emperor to change clothes.It s almost time to set up Wufeng Tower.After finishing speaking, Empress Wei looked at Concubine De Take Huang Chang and Concubine De with you.Of course Concubine De knew why the Wei family With this arrangement, Wei Shi wanted her to watch her son being captured.The emperor is insideThe waiter helped her to leave, and Zhenren Mo let out a long sigh of relief.Although she had experienced many turmoil, it was not as serious as this one.The empress wants to subdue Captain Long and take charge of the matter in the name of the emperor.If there is a mistake, there will be danger, and she will also be nervous when she is with the empress.Zhuzhu, on the other hand, still looked the same, she reacted faster than her at critical moments, and the few knocks smilz cbd gummies scam on the emperor s chest were accurate and ruthless, without any hesitation or flinching.Pierced the body with a spear.King Liang s army was in chaos.Wei Yuanchen charged in with his soldiers and horses, holding a spear in his hand.Wherever the spear went, blood spattered.My lord, it s Wei Yuanchen.Someone recognized Wei Yuanchen first and rushed to report to King Liang.Wei Yuanchen seemed to have no intention of staying in the army for a long time, but made a surprise attack all the way to smilz cbd gummies scam kozmic gardens cbd gummies where King Liang was.Capture the thief first, capture the king first, the king of Liang is anxious to enter the capital, he just wants to enter the palace to capture the king, and Wei Yuanchen also thinks so, but Wei Yuanchen only needs to wait here, and he will have the opportunity to face the king of Liang.It doesn t matter that all the soldiers and horses brought by Wei Yuanchen were killed, they were just soldiers of the Great Zhou Dynasty, but if something happened to King Liang, the entire King Liang army would collapse in an instant.She also sent people to the guard to keep an eye on it.As long as there were patrol boats going down to sea, she would receive news.This night was very peaceful, and it seemed that the Great Zhou court did not notice anything unusual.Ma am.Ziying entered the door with the HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies scam hidden guards beside Prince Liang.Seeing the hidden guard, Tang immediately said, Is the lord here The dark guard shook his head and said, Not yet, but the lord told his wife to get on Li s big boat first, and he will be there later.Hearing this, Tang felt a little more at ease, but she insisted I ll wait until the prince goes with me.It will slow down the speed.The dark guard s words stopped short.Tang understood what it meant.After all, she still had a few female relatives with her, and she was burdened when she was in danger.We brought Brother Chen out of the palace.Mrs.Li looked at Mrs.Yuan I will be raised under the eldest daughter in law, and I will live with the children of the Wei family.At this time, Mrs.Lin thought about the cause and effect, so Wei San Grandpa may inherit the throne in the future, does the Wei family mean that Mrs.Li went on to say When Brother Chen grew up, Cong Cheng handed him over to the Pei family to teach him.The Lord Hou and his wife smilz cbd gummies scam are also aware of the current situation.It is not certain what will happen in the future, but since Brother Chen wants to ask Marrying Zhuzhu, we have to explain all of this clearly, and we can t lie in the slightest.Madam Yuan nodded beside her, she felt that Mother was right to do so, otherwise, even if the Gu family agreed to the marriage, they would feel uneasy.Cui Wei was surprised That will implicate the elder brother, who may lose his title and years of military exploits, as well as the Datong Guard Cui Zhen said Those are nothing more than It s all external things, so it s not a pity to have today and tomorrow.As long as you don t do the heinous things that Da Zhou said, and you haven t taken that step, big brother can save you.If he wants to save Cui Wei, he must To save Cui Wei, as long as everything is not irreversible, he can figure out a way to drag Cui Wei out of the mud.Cui Zhen clenched his hands tightly, and the scene of him stabbing a sharp weapon into Cui Wei s body suddenly flashed before his eyes, blood spattered, so scorching hot, it was the blood of his closest relatives.No, no, he didn t want that.Cui Zhen resolutely shook off the thoughts in his mind, he looked at Cui Wei again and said firmly, Brother can save you.

Gu Chongyi was about to walk forward, but Wei Congzhi hugged his thigh.Brother, you saved me this time.I am willing to be a cow or a horse.Get up, how decent are you Are you afraid of losing face to the Wei family , smilz cbd gummies scam Wouldn t it ruin his reputation if people saw it Wei Congzhi held Gu Chongyi s trousers tightly There must be some place in the Hou s mansion where the golden house hides the beauty, stuff me in it, and let me hide for ten days and a half months before the Mu family left me.Just come out, from now on I will belong to you, big brother.Fart.Hearing these words, Gu Chongyi s hairs all stood on end, is he his Bah What else did you say that he is in a golden house It s really unlucky, how stupid is he, to think of such an idea Gu Chongyi ordered Please ask the steward of the Wei family to come in, just say that the second master Wei drank two glasses of wine in my study, and now he is drunk, and needs them to help him back.When he reached the post station, Wei Congzhi saw a carriage from a distance, and there was a deafening snoring sound from the carriage.It was obvious that the driver was sleeping in it and was going to look for work at dawn tomorrow.Wei Congzhi got into the carriage and woke up the coachman, and handed over five taels of silver Let s go now, go south.Seeing that Yinzi was awake, the coachman immediately went to lead the horse and harness the cart.Not long after, Wei Congzhi sat in the car.It seems that something happened outside.The coachman faintly heard shouts.Hmm.Wei Congzhi responded.The coachman said When I came here, I heard that a little girl was going to the river to find her husband tonight.If she couldn t find her husband, she would jump into the river.Wei Congzhi was surprised How do you know The coachman said I came from the middle of the capital, passing by the river, and that little girl was looking for someone to arrest her husband in law Oh, what a pity.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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