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I think I, Li Dexiao, was a bully in the past anyway.Let s go The little brother followed, if my dad hadn t stopped me, I would have become the big brother in Tsim Sha Tsui.Li Huifang sneered, and said mockingly, I m still the big brother in Tsim Sha Tsui and fighting with your father.I know your crap.I lived next door to your house back then.I don t know how you were beaten by your father when you were young.If you weren t the only handsome boy in this where can you buy cbd gummies nature one cbd gummies review area, you thought I would be with a flower in Tsim Sha Tsui.you Hehe, that s that, my wife is unparalleled in beauty, rare in the world, following me is a blessing from my previous life, no no, not from my previous life, it s a blessing from my third life Li Dexiao respected Po Bianma Slip down and don t talk back to Li Huifang, this is something he has realized after so many years of marriage, don t talk back when you quarrel with your wife, otherwise you will be the one who suffers in the days to come.The accompanying crowd also followed suit and laughed.That s right, in terms of today s film companies, Shaw Brothers is number one, but Golden Harvest has gradually risen in recent years.If you want to talk about the gap, it is the background and the first brother.Shaw Brothers has Ti Lung, a martial arts star, and other martial arts actors are like the contrast between Mingzhu and Haoyue.With the support of TVB TV station, it is too difficult to fight Shaw Brothers.But Zou Wenhua is someone who has seen Bruce Lee s real kung fu, and he spent a lot of money to go to Thailand to shoot the film on location.Zou Wenhua is full of confidence in defeating Shaw Brothers and Ti Lung.It can be said that this movie, this Big Brother Tangshan is Zou Wenhua s last blow.If it fails, Golden Harvest will not go out of business, but basically it will good cbd gummies cbd gummies for ear ringing not be able to compare with Shaw Brothers.Today, Li Renzhong heard his daughter in law say on the phone that Li Guohao not only taught himself wife cakes, but also do cbd gummies work good cbd gummies invented and innovated that roses can be used to make fillings.This originally dim mind has also become active.Li Renzhong hung up the HCMUSSH where can you buy cbd gummies phone, feeling uncontrollably happy.Regardless of the store proprietress s inquiry, he said to himself, Okay, okay, my Li family s craftsmanship has not been defeated by me at last Li Guohao s home is in a high rise building behind Tung Choi Street.The high rise housing complex jointly built by the government and real estate developers was built to alleviate the housing difficulties in Xiangjiang.Lee s.Li Guohao was still sound asleep.Li Huifang pushed open the door and saw that her son was sleeping soundly, so she didn t bother her, so she turned around and went to tidy up the living room.You can win a black and white TV set worth up to 1,000 Hong Kong dollars Really Could it be a liar Liji Tea Restaurant I know this store, don t they run a tea restaurant Why did they sell wife cakes again A group of people chattered endlessly.Aunt Wang, who first brought up the topic, said mysteriously, This is true, my son does business there, and it s not because he is a neighbor that he bought a catty of wife cakes.I got a lottery ticket, what did you guess What did you win I won a 500 Hong Kong dollar shopping coupon for Hong Kong Department Store The aunt said that she was very proud, as if she had won the 500 Hong Kong dollar shopping coupon of.500 HKD shopping voucher Can it be used Others expressed doubts.Seeing that where can you buy cbd gummies condor cbd gummies for ed everyone didn t believe it, Aunt Wang, who was about to show off, was in a hurry, and quickly found out which Xiangjiang Department Store shopping coupon from her bag, and said, Don t believe me, I just went to the department store to confirm that it is indeed They got shopping coupons, and they asked me if I wanted to buy something It s true 500 Hong Kong dollars, which is equivalent to half a month s salary of my son Seeing this, all the women were envious.Sister, come here, come quickly Suddenly hearing someone calling herself, the elder sister turned her head Go, see my sister Ah Zhen standing in front of the bar, waving at herself.You girl, why are you running I m so worried.Let s see if I will take you out to play next time My sister walked over and said angrily.Sister, I know I m wrong, don t say it, look, what a big panda puppet My sister exclaimed, pointing to the panda puppet hanging on the wall, which was a circle bigger than a person.Wow, what a big doll My sister looked up and also exclaimed.Chapter 19 Opening of Business 2 The two sisters were amazed at the huge puppet in front of them.Hi, miss, is there anything I can help where can you buy cbd gummies condor cbd gummies for ed you with The staff at the side saw the two standing there for a while, and then stepped forward to ask.My sister came back to her senses, glanced at the person who came, shook her head and said, Oh, it where can you buy cbd gummies s okay, I m just curious, where did you buy such a big doll Is this Our boss specially went to the toy factory to make this , this panda puppet is the label of our store, and he also has a nice name, called Po. that night.after get off work.The sanitation is done, right Everyone, come and gather before get off work.The boss has something to tell everyone Zhang Dong glanced at the staff who were cleaning and said to the pastry chef who was cleaning the pastry counter behind.I won t disturb everyone s time to go home from get off work.Let me just say a few words here.Li Guohao glanced at the state of everyone, and they were all tired and impatient.Having worked part time, he naturally knows what the employees think.Let me tell you this time, our Lee Kee Court Dim Sum is about to open a second branch in Central Papa papa Zhang Dong took the lead and applauded first, and the staff on the side reacted and applauded.Okay, don t make these nonsense.In addition to the opening of the branch, there is one more thing, and that is the position of the manager of the new store.Real kung fu, have you does cbd gummies cause constipation seen it Dakoufa looked at the headlines and said in surprise, It really is.Not only did Dongfang Daily report the news of Big Brother Tangshan.Ming Pao, Xin Pao, and Sing Tao Daily all published this news on the front pages of the newspapers.Xiangjiang s new box office champion A new actor breaks the box office record Who is Bruce Lee The most capable person in the film and television industry A series of eye catching headlines were published in can you take cbd gummies while on blood thinners major newspapers.If we talk about the place in the world that is most interested in kung fu at this time, then it must be Xiangjiang.Before that, there were a series of popular martial arts novels written by famous martial arts masters, and later there were various martial arts films made by Shaw Brothers.There are texts, movies and TV shows, and different ways to hit people s attention.

Li Guohao directly shook his head and threw the outline on the table.Suddenly someone interrupted and said, The beggar gang Hey Hearing this, Li Guohao laughed, Yes, this friend is right, it is indeed a unique skill of the beggar gang.The young man who interrupted first With a panicked face, he didn t mean to say that sentence, but just blurted it out subconsciously.It was a fluke that he didn t scold him when he met the big boss.As soon as the voice changed, Li Guohao said again, It is indeed the unique skill of the beggar gang, but is there really a gang of beggars in this world It is just a fictional gang in Mr.Jin s martial arts novels.Our Kung Fu Panda Comics are about talking, so they shouldn t be too divorced from reality.I also told Brother Yuan before that apart from the main character being Panda Po, there are also a few more important supporting roles.Not to mention labor and rent, but the cost of materials is also quite a lot.Li Guohao opened a branch so quickly, mainly relying on Members money is used to support the store and employees.It is a bit similar to MLM.To put it simply, it is to rely on the money collected yesterday to support tomorrow.The working capital in the store is almost equal to 0.Compared with Rongji s nearly 100 Ten thousand in cash, it would be nice do cbd gummies work good cbd gummies for Li Ji to have one miracle cbd gummies reviews hundred thousand now.It has to be said that Rong where can you buy cbd gummies Bingcai is still good at doing business.He guessed that Li Ji has very little cash now.In fact, Li Guohao has almost no money that he can use now.Lee Kee, Nathan Road store.The ingredients in Ahao s store are running low, HCMUSSH where can you buy cbd gummies shall I buy some tomorrow Zhang Dong asked as he walked into the baking room at the back.This time she cbd calming gummies saw her favorite panda, Po, standing on the street, and the shop next to her was still exuding an attractive fragrance, and she asked curiously Mom, is this the pastry shop opened by Papa Goose Palace pastry Does this store really exist Mom raised her head and glanced at where can you buy cbd gummies the signboard, but she didn t pure vera cbd gummies where to buy expect that the store in the comics actually existed in reality.When the little girl heard her mother say that it was a palace pastry, she immediately remembered the plot in the comics, and said excitedly Palace pastry It was made by Father where can i buy cbd gummies for stress Goose I want to eat it, I want to eat the rose wife cake, and the secret honeycomb cake.Yes Okay, baby, don t make noise, mom cbd gummies blueberry will take you in to have a look.There were many people around, and the mother was afraid that the little girl would bump into her, so she picked her flying with cbd gummies up and walked into the store.When she came to the dressing room, Sister Wang glanced at Xiao Min suspiciously, then looked at the notice on the wall and asked, What is this It was posted by Store Manager Zhang Xiao Min said, Well, I just asked Zhang Store Manager, he said that it is some new regulations formulated by the company, let me inform everyone to take a look., Where is the store manager He has gone to the Central and Mong Kok stores.Oh.Sister Wang nodded , Skimming over to look at the announcement.The first half of the announcement is roughly about the establishment of the company, congratulations, and then Balabala will get better and better.The second half is about some new regulations after the establishment of the company.In the past, if you were late for work in the store, as long as you were not too overtime, most of the stores didn t care much if you were late for more than ten minutes.Job promotion, salary promotion 2.Job promotion, salary unchanged 3.Job job unchanged, salary promotion Employee promotion methods are divided into regular or irregular.Regularly means to promote employees uniformly at the end of the year according to the company s business situation.For example good income at the end of the year, general salary promotion for employees.Irregular means that employees who have made special contributions to the company and performed well at work will be promoted at any time.For example a certain employee performs well where can you buy cbd gummies at work, and will be appropriately promoted according to his ability.There is also a temporary worker.That s right, Li Qiang set up a trial period.Every new employee who joins the company has a three month trial period.During the trial period, the salary is a little lower than that of regular employees, and other things such as attendance bonuses are available.As for why the plot progressed so slowly, it must be attributed to Li Guohao.He specially instructed Shangguan Xiaobao to draw more daily activities when serializing comics, such as eating cakes, practicing kung fu, and some village activities.The comics are drawn like this, do cbd gummies work good cbd gummies and the animation company s production naturally has the same plot.One cannot be fast and the other slow.Part two Li Guohao immediately understood when he heard this.I talked with TVB about the broadcasting of animation before, and only the first Kung Fu Panda is that s all, the second part has not been discussed yet.This time TVB saw that the ratings of Kung Fu Panda are so good that it is about to catch up with the TV series.The ratings were high, so when the first part was halfway through, I hurriedly found Li Guohao, wanting to talk about the second part and even the next few parts as soon as possible.

Ah Fa noticed this, but just as he turned his head, he saw the young man whom Sister Wang called the boss standing behind him.He looked angry, and it seemed that he had been here for a while.Thinking about what he just said, Ah Fa, like Ah Ming, was instantly frightened and stupid, and the dough he was making in his hand fell to the ground with a snap.Afa, Amin, what are you doing Why are you still making pastries at such a late hour Didn t you say that after three o clock in the afternoon, even if a certain pastry is out of stock, don t make any more.I understood Li Guohao s words, but when she came closer and looked, she frowned and asked, the dough balls and fillings that had been made on the table.I, I just saw that there were not many wife cakes in front of me, and I was thinking of making some.This is equivalent to taking the money earned by the company in the future, and using it as a one time loan from the bank to expand now.Li Qiang where can you buy cbd gummies told Li Guohao about the loan.Li Guohao came over in a daze and said, That s right.How much can we borrow The amount of the loan is not determined by where can you buy cbd gummies us, but by the bank.They can loan us as much as we are worth in their eyes.But if We can bribe the lenders in the bank, and hopefully we can get more loans.This kind of thing is where can you buy cbd gummies the same in every region and even every country.Let s ask first.In a few days, I ll make an appointment with Manager Zhang who handled the loan business for me last time, and find out how he speaks.Li Guohao nodded and agreed after thinking for a while.In Li Guohao s view, whether the loan can be repaid is basically no problem.Probably not.If he was getting kickbacks, he would have mentioned it to me in a cryptic manner, but when he called me this morning, he simply how long cbd gummies last said that the Standard Chartered head office is strict with commercial loans, and there are not many other things.Say.It s such a trouble He is not the only bank in where can you buy cbd gummies Xiangjiang.Although Standard Chartered Bank is one of the largest banks in Xiangjiang, there are still many other banks at the same level.Li Qiang nodded, agreeing with Li Guohao s words , Suddenly remembered a person, he said I know a senior where can you buy cbd gummies executive of HSBC Bank, he is a ghost, but this person is quite good, and his attitude towards us Chinese businessmen is not as high as other ghosts.Li Guohao asked curiously Oh Who Shen Bi.Chapter 69 Wait until I have a driver s license Please collect, please recommend Shen Bi, what Bi Have you read Journey to the West Bi Mawen s Bi.So much trouble Rong Binghua said Okay, when the loan is settled, I ll call you, it s still Yung Kee, and I ll give you the money when the time comes.Yes. the next day.Li Guohao put on his newly bought suit and walked on the streets of Tung Choi Street.Yo, isn t this Ah Hao Why is he dressed so beautifully Is he going on a blind date Suddenly someone beside him said something.Li Guohao looked over and saw that it was Uncle Li, an old acquaintance, so he smiled and said Where are you going on a blind date It s just going to work.The business of the pastry shop is very good, even the Rongji bakery has been suppressed by you.Lao Li said with a smile.What where can you buy cbd gummies s the matter, don t listen to my mother s nonsense, it s okay.After all, Li Guohao was a young man, and he was only in his twenties in his previous life.Whether it works or not is another matter.TV stations at this time are very domineering.Whether it is TVB in Xiangjiang or countries such as Southeast Asia, there are where can you buy cbd gummies condor cbd gummies for ed very few TV stations at this time, and they are often responsible for their own profits and losses.Like this kind of outsourced film, it will not be broadcast for ten or eight years, or To the point where no one is watching, they will not give up playing.I understand, but in my opinion, even if I write this, they probably won t pay attention to this kind of thing when the broadcasting rights expire.After all, the cost of cross border lawsuits is too high.I know they wait for the broadcasting rights After the expiration date, it will definitely continue to play, but I still have to write what needs to be written.Okay, I will tell Li s TV where can you buy cbd gummies station.We are contacting professional people to get specific things.Li Guohao doesn t know much about the factory, but under normal circumstances, when buying a production line, there are usually technicians who will come to guide you, and you still need to find a professional person for the specific operation.By the way, I remembered.Li Qiang suddenly thought of a person and said, The person recruited by the purchasing department some time ago resigned from the food factory Call him to ask You mean Luo where can you buy cbd gummies Bin Well, he worked in a food factory before. Then let me ask you.After a while.Robin came to the office.Chairman, are you looking for me Li Guohao nodded and asked, Manager Luo, I heard that you worked in a food processing factory before Luo Bin nodded Yes, that s right, it was made in a small food factory in Yuen Long, but later the profit was not good, and it was about to close down, so I was fired.

If TVB hadn t been so domineering before, Li Guohao would still like to advertise on TVB.Even if they had a falling out, they could only buy advertising space on Li s TV station.Okay, I ll go back and ask the manga club later, and ask them to contact Li s TV station executives for you.Yes.Xie Honghe nodded and agreed.As the manager of the public relations department, he naturally needed to go there in person.Talking about advertising with Li s TV station, he asked again What about the newspaper Is it published in Ming Pao or multiple newspaper offices.Let s consider advertising in Ming Pao first.After all, Ming Pao sells best in Xiangjiang.Li Guohao thought about it for a while , instead of advertising in many tabloids, it is better to spend more money to advertise directly in Ming Pao.No matter how many do cbd gummies work good cbd gummies tabloids there are, they may not sell as many newspapers as Ming Pao.I think they should be seen on the market in the near future.Take a look, this is our doll.The contract with Datong Toy Factory.After receiving the document, Li Guohao opened it and read it.Wei Mo was surprised and said They really promised to only produce for one year, and they only sold it in Xiangjiang Disney s dolls, so I have a lot of worries about whether I can make money. Well, it s good, I seralab cbd gummies review talked to Liao Bufan, the manager of Li s TV station, and he said that Kung Fu Panda will be in Thailand and you in Singapore soon.As long as the ratings are high, we will delegate the production rights of Kung Fu Panda in Southeast Asia to others.Li Guohao had already thought about it before, where can you buy cbd gummies as long as Kung Fu Panda can become popular in other countries, then Doll stickers around Kung Fu Panda can be sold at a where can you buy cbd gummies good price.In order to better In order where can you buy cbd gummies to manage the franchise stores, as well as to improve the company s reputation and honor, we decided to establish a brand new association, the Global Chinese Pastry Promotion Association , which is dedicated to promoting Chinese pastry to the world.Speaking of this, Li Guohao paused reviews cbd gummies and said Now there are more and more western style cakes in Xiangjiang, and they have occupied a lot of the pastry market.In the past, people used to eat birthday peaches, red eggs, longevity noodles and other traditional foods, but in recent years, Western style cakes Invasion of the invasion, many families have become popular to eat cakes.Yes, last month my girlfriend celebrated her birthday, and I was asked to buy a cake Zhang Dong raised his hand and interjected.Li Guohao is the same as Zhang Dong.The oriental scenes in its cartoons, such as architecture, musical instruments, weapons, and even kung fu, are all places that attract their attention OK, I m going to buy a ticket today and check the nearest flight to Xiangjiang.Speaking of this, George patted his forehead and said You really should know about Xiangjiang s airport, otherwise I m going to Hong Kong this time.Xiang Jiang, you must be willing to give me a raise I ll check it out.Although James didn t understand, he agreed with a smile. At this time, Xiangjiang is at night because of the time difference.The Li family was sitting in front of the TV series and chatting.Li Guohao suddenly asked, Grandpa, what is the name of the restaurant in our hometown Huh Why do you ask this Li Renzhong glanced at his grandson and asked.It s nothing but curiosity.It was after the where can you buy cbd gummies condor cbd gummies for ed Dragon Boat Festival, so we opened it earlier this month.People in Xiangjiang generally believe in Fengshui auspicious days, so for such a big event as opening a store, it is natural to open on the auspicious day of the zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store at this time, but Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.In addition, the money at this time is still very valuable, 500 yuan can maintain the living expenses of an ordinary person for a month, so it is inevitable for some people to ask for a refund.S.dollars for each book.Fifteen percent of the total price of the piece.The author checked a lot of good cbd gummies cbd gummies for ear ringing information on the copyright share of comics, but couldn t find any specific ones.It can only be calculated based on books published in the United States. the next day.Lockhart Road, Wanchai, inside a tea house.Liu Peilin, the owner of Daronghua Bakery, stood up, glanced around the dozen or so people in the teahouse, and said, This time, Liu invited everyone here to discuss with you about the newly emerged palace pastry shop in Xiangjiang Since We lost a lot of business when the Palace Bakery opened But the Rong Kee Bakery in Kowloon was crushed by them.From an old shop with five branches in more than 20 years, because Closed due to food poisoning Maybe everyone thinks that this is Rong Bingcai looking for death, but in fact I have a relationship with Rong Bingcai, and we have met several times in the early years.

There are still many people in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island who haven t cooperated with the other party, but if you simply let it go, I m afraid it will grow up in the future.Tiger infestation.How much money will Liu Peilin make by doing this Li Qiang shook his head and said, I don t know, but I heard that the cost where can you buy cbd gummies is removed, and the profit is half of the selling price.Sell Li Guohao asked suspiciously.Li Qiang explained Well, why so many shops cooperate with Liu Peilin, it is because Liu Peilin promised that he will share the profits after the pastries are sold.That s why more and more people are cooperating with him.Li Guohao suddenly what effect does cbd gummies have on the body where can you buy cbd gummies had a flash of inspiration, but he was a little unpredictable, and he said, That is to say, if the pastry cannot be sold, he will bear all the losses by himself That s right, but it s generally difficult, because the number of pastries that each store needs every day will be announced in advance, and no one will intentionally falsely report the figures, so that Liu Peilin will send more, and then fail to sell, causing Liu Peilin to lose money.Because there is no special place in the technical department for making dim sum, so when where can you buy cbd gummies you have a good idea, you will come to the Nathan Road store to make it.What is the chairman going to do Seeing that Li Guohao was preparing materials, Huang He asked curiously.Moon cake.Moon cake Huang He heard the word moon cake, and looked at the ingredients prepared on the table in surprise, No, why didn t you use flour Li Guohao said This is a new one I made.You don t need flour to grow mooncakes.You don t need flour to make mooncakes Huang He was a little curious, so he just stood aside and watched.About twenty minutes passed.Li Guohao poured all the steamed ice skins on the chopping table after the steamed ice skins had completely cooled down.The thick white glutinous rice balls exuded a light glutinous rice fragrance.Not to say that it is used to where can you buy cbd gummies condor cbd gummies for ed store moon cakes.The main purpose is to give every customer who comes to the store to taste the best snow skin mooncakes.Skin mooncakes are stored in the refrigerator, and the best refrigeration temperature is 0 degrees Celsius.On the other hand, the best temperature for eating is at 4 degrees Celsius.So the previous refrigerator was specially used to store mooncakes, and the other one was used to store edible snowskin mooncakes.The ice skin mooncake after freezing is absolutely delicious in taste, just like eating a cake like ice cream, it is refreshing, sweet and not greasy, and it can be easily swallowed by chewing lightly in the mouth Early in the morning.It was still daylight.Zhu Qiaomei came to the bus stop with a yawn.She stayed up late last night to watch TV dramas, so she didn t have a good rest, so she would be sleepy in the morning.How can they be so optimistic Unpredictable.If you don t understand, you don t want to.When I went back in the afternoon, it was almost four o clock.In another hour or so, the company will count today s mooncake sales.Ahao, where did you go today Why didn t I see you when I came back this afternoon.As soon as he returned to the company, Zhang Dong walked into the office and asked.It s nothing.I m busy with some things.By the way, have you seen the new house Well, I saw it.Your father and mother are very satisfied, and they said they will live there tonight.Zhang Dong said with a smile.For the decoration of the house, Li Guohao handed it over to Manager Mai, and he never went to see it.Now, after hearing Zhang Dong where can you buy cbd gummies say where his parents will live at night, he asked curiously Even if the decoration is done, it seems that I haven t bought furniture yet.That s right, the Governor s wife invited me to a charity banquet, and I need a female companion.The Governor s wife invited me You attend the banquet Zhao Yazhi said do cbd gummies work good cbd gummies in surprise.The voice was a little loud, causing Melwani in front to look back.Is there any question, both of you No.Li Guohao smiled.Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.My name is Melvaney.You can also call me Zhang Nan in Chinese.Melvaney said with a smile.Okay Zhang good cbd gummies cbd gummies for ear ringing Nan.Chapter 146 The Sweetness of the Kiss 1 3 Maybe it s because when this Indian guy named Zhang Nan in Chinese was studying in London, England, his understanding and conception of dresses basically came from British style, so most of the styles in the store are British dresses.Li Guohao told Zhang Nan very clearly that the tuxedo he made for himself should be as close to the body as possible, not like some suits, even if it is a standard fit size, it will feel like one size bigger after wearing it.Even if the other party wanted to use abnormal business methods, as long as he didn t make mistakes, it would not be a big problem.Although the influence of the Chinese merchants at this time was there, it was only in the local area, far less than the 80.As prestige as it was in the 1990s, most of the most powerful and prestigious businessmen in Xiangjiang at this time are British capital.Why are you looking for information about the Jardine Group Li Qiang asked again.Do you know about the Jardine Group s acquisition of the Milk Company recently I read some information in the newspaper.Why This doesn t seem to have anything to do with you.It s not that Landmark, a subsidiary of the Jardine Group, wants to acquire the Milk Company.For the dairy company itself, but for the large amount of land in Pok Fu Lam and Causeway Bay held by the dairy company.

If we go public, we will definitely make a lot of money At that time, we will eat hot food and drink hot food.Do whatever you want.Following Xiangjiang stock market Gu Yonghe has long been dissatisfied with the company s meager profits, and now he only thinks about going public.With the help of the stock market, the company s market value will rise, and everyone s shares will be valuable at that time.I know that the company is very profitable to go public, but you know that going public is not that simple IPO.At this time in Xiangjiang, listing a company is very, very simple.As long as someone buys your company s stock, it can be listed.It s outrageously simple, even simpler than registering a company.Let me think about it again.Liu Peilin sighed.It is unknown whether the company s listing is good or bad, but he knows one thing, that is, after the listing, what he wants to do will be subject to some restrictions.But I never expected that this stock would go up so badly.The issue price was 1 yuan a share.It took only two months to rise to 40 yuan.Although Li Guohao didn t buy it at the issue price when he bought it, he bought it when it was quite cheap.Ninety million When Du Deye told himself yesterday that the stock price had risen to 39.4, Li Guohao didn t care too much.To him, he had no idea how much the stock price had increased.Now he suddenly heard Du Deye say that five million became nine thousand Wan, while shocked, was also very happy HCMUSSH where can you buy cbd gummies in his heart.There is indeed such a stock in history, which rose from one yuan to fifty.Do you want to continue to put it in the stock market Maybe it can go even higher.Li Guohao silently calculated in his heart.Du Deye also persuaded from the side, saying that the stock market is booming now, and it is unwise to sell stocks now.At this time the Zhao family.Sister, hurry up, Li Guohao is here too Ah Zhen looked at the boring introduction, and suddenly caught a glimpse of a person sitting on the left side of the camera out of the corner of her eye, and pulled Zhao Yazhi in surprise.Stop shaking, I know Ah Hao is going to participate in the finals.At the same time, the Li family, Zhang Dong, Mai Xiaomin and others also saw Li Guohao on TV.Next, let us welcome the organizer of this competition, the president of the Chinese Food Association, the president of the Chinese Pastry Association, the founder and chairman of the palace pastry, Li Guohao, Mr.Li Chen Fa read a series of titles, just now Introduced to Li Guohao.Introduced by the host Chen Fa, Li Guohao was taken aback for a moment, then Cai Lan next to him pushed his watermelon slice cbd gummies waist unobtrusively, then Li Guohao woke up, stood up quickly, smiled bluntly, and waved at the camera embarrassingly , and sat down hastily Zhao Jia, Ah Zhen looked at Li Guohao on the TV, saw his stiff posture, laughed and said Haha, Li Guohao looks so stupid.Ah Shui immediately walked in from the front and took away the fried Ushikawa carried it up.Li Renzhong asked when he was washing the sink beside the cauldron, By the way, Ah Hao, why hasn t that girl from the Zhao family brought you home for dinner recently Oh, Ah Zhi is busy with work.I m busy with work, so forget it.If you have time, remember to call people back for dinner, do you hear me Yes, I see. In the afternoon, in a teahouse box.Mr.Jin Jiashi, right Li Guohao looked at the man in front of him and asked with a smile.Yes, Mr.Li, you are much younger than I imagined.I always thought that the headhunting company recommended me to a mature middle aged man, but I didn t expect to be a young talent.Jin Jiashi laughed replied.Jin Jiashi is almost fifty years old.In the early years, he had been doing transportation in various countries in Southeast Asia.I don t know the specifics.I haven t looked much recently.The company How much is it worth with the food factory Huh Chairman, don t you want to sell the company Wang Zhenzhen asked.No.Li Guohao smiled awkwardly and said, I m just curious about how much I m worth now.Wang Zhenzhen burst out laughing Hold Sorry chairman.fine.Li Guohao twitched his mouth.I don t know exactly how much the company is worth.The value of an unlisted company is very difficult to calculate.In addition, our company is a leading company in the pastry industry, so there is no comparison.The goal.If you compare it with Maxim s Cakes and Daronghua, it s not very good, but our company s revenue has been growing.Although it has declined recently, it is still at the top of the industry.It is worth at least 30 to 50 million.Chairman, do you have so much money Jin Jiashi asked.No, but I have a lot of livberty cbd gummies distributer confidence.Li Guohao didn t disclose the stock market crash, and even Ni Xingqing, a financial consultant, didn t know about it.It was just that Li Guohao asked some relevant information the day before yesterday, and he found some related books to read.After looking at it, it was decided.The supply of food raw materials, Li Guohao prepared to get involved a long time ago, but suffered from lack of capital and money to get it, now there is a huge opportunity.When the stock market crash breaks out, no matter what company will be affected, especially for these listed companies, the probability of market value collapse is even greater.As long as the operation is good, there may not be no chance to swallow the big with a small one.

Many people listened to this statement in the newspaper, some understood it, some were ignorant and at a loss, and then they heard someone say that if they don t sell stocks, the stock will continue to rise.This is just a normal decline, so they nodded.There is no running on stocks.The crowd is where can you buy cbd gummies condor cbd gummies for ed not far away.William of the Jardine Group sat in the car, looked at the scattered crowd, and frowned, What s the matter with David Why is our plan known to others David wiped the sweat from his forehead and shook his head.Boss, I don t know either, maybe someone got it blindly, you must know that only a few people know about the stock sale this time, and it is absolutely impossible for these few people to betray you, boss Hmph, no matter what , This matter must be investigated William snorted coldly, selling stocks at a high price was a plan that the fun drops cbd gummies phone number company had formulated long ago, but he never expected that someone would be the first to leak it in the newspaper.The more stocks there are, the more beneficial it is for us to control Nanshun.Okay, I understand Dad.Xu Guangming didn t care much In fact, the people who are currently buying Nansun stocks in the market are not from the Jardine Group, where can you buy cbd gummies but Li Guohao sent people to buy them.No matter whether the amount is large or small, they will buy them all.At the same time, Ni Xingqing also lived up to expectations from the Singaporean and returned with 7 of Nanshun s shares.It cost a full thirty million.As for the authorization of the general agency of Palace Bakery in Singapore, the other party did not care too much.This also caused the Ying family to regret it later.To be honest, 30 million has exceeded the current share price of Nanshun, basically a lot of premium.There is no way, the people in the Ying family don t care whether they sell the stock or not, if they don t buy it at a premium, the other party may not necessarily sell it. Outside the gate of the villa.Sorry, Mr.Li kept you waiting.He Qianjin saw Li Guohao standing at the door of the villa from a long distance, and when the car drove closer, he got out of the car and said apologetically.It s okay, I just arrived.Li Guohao smiled.I forgot to introduce you, this is Bao Daheng s second daughter, A Rong.He Qianjin recalled the friend next to him and introduced to Li Guohao.Hello, Miss Bao.Li Guohao extended his hand and shook hands with him in greeting.Just now, Bao Rong looked at Li Guohao from the side, and he had to say that he was very young, wearing a decent suit, looking very energetic, handsome, and quite a gentleman.Seeing Li Guohao greet him now, he responded with a smile Mr.Li is indeed a young talent.I didn t quite believe it when Chaoying told me before.What clothes can t fit anymore , I saw Zhang Dong and Mai Xiaomin walking slowly in the aisle of where can you buy cbd gummies the company, and walked over with a smile when they heard cbd gummies with b12 a screeching smile.Ahao Zhang Dong raised his head and shouted happily when he saw that it was Li Guohao.Speaking of which, the two haven t seen each other for several months.It has been almost three months since they got married last year.A Dong, you are so mean You are going to be a father soon, why don t you tell me, I still got the news from my mother Li Guohao complained.Aren t you busy recently Besides, it s not a big deal.It s my wife who is pregnant, not Ah Zhi After speaking, Zhang Dong gave Zhao Yazhi a funny look and laughed.Zhao Yazhi s face turned red, and she walked forward and took Mai Xiaomin s arm and said, I said Xiaomin, Adong doesn t seem to be in order, you still need to train him more.Okay.Quick frozen food is not as simple as quick frozen meat, and the stuffing inside the food must be considered, and at the same time, how to maintain the taste after quick freezing No change, these are all technologies, and they are all patents that can be applied for.Thinking of patents, Li Guohao also thought of some snacks and stuffings he made, and considered whether to apply for a patent.After thinking about it, he decided not to apply.Most of these innovative pastries and fillings are slightly enhanced and improved by Li Guohao based on some common pastries of later generations, combined with his own ancestral secret recipes.The real important palace secret recipes are still in his mind, as well as those of the Li family On the family recipe.The secret recipe, unless you don t want to expand your company or shop, can never be kept in a state of absolute secrecy.Of course, in addition to giving you the best treatment in terms of money, there is also your family.Whether you were disabled or died unfortunately because of protecting me, I will help you raise your family and give them the best.Good education, the best treatment.In addition to these, where can you buy cbd gummies condor cbd gummies for ed I will also give you more opportunities to develop in your career.After a while, I will set up a special security company where can you buy cbd gummies where can you buy cbd gummies to provide the best quality security services for the whole of Xiangjiang and the world.As for the private bodyguard business, you, as the first batch of people to join, have the best chance to become veterans.As Li Guohao s conditions became more and more attractive, not to mention the enthusiastic eyes of those students, even Chief Zhou was moved.This treatment is simply too good, not to mention the basic salary of 3,000 yuan, but if something goes wrong, even the boss at home will take care of it for you, and the child will help you go to college for free, and your parents will help you support you until you die The one thing that man desires most is life.

Chairman, you are back Xiao Liu stopped immediately when he saw the chairman.What There are guests inside Li Guohao and Xiao Liu have also worked together for more than half a month, and they know that the other party does not like coffee.The plus cbd relief gummies pineapple coconut coffee in their hands where can you buy cbd gummies is obviously because there are guests in the house and they made it for them.Miss He just came here not long ago.When I said you were out, she said she was waiting for you in the office.Xiao Liu said.Miss He Li Guohao pondered for a while, thinking to himself what he was looking for at this time, he opened the door and walked in.Miss He is far away, why do you come to me when you have time Li Guohao saw He Qianjin was sitting in the rest area, holding a magazine in his hand and looking at it with relish.He Qianjin looked up at Li Guohao when he heard the voice, and said where can you buy cbd gummies with a coquettish smile, Why aren t you welcome If not, you should have notified me in advance.Without me Order no one to stand up, otherwise don t blame me There were seven people in this operation, except Brother Qiang and a younger brother who drove where can you buy cbd gummies a van and followed Li Guohao s car, there were four people here, and one person was On a secluded wharf in Kowloon, where there is a dilapidated diesel boat.For the kidnapping of Li Guohao this time, they have already prepared complete countermeasures.As long as Li Guohao himself can be caught, a group of what drug stores sell cbd gummies people will sail across the sea to the slums of Macau for a few days, and then they will call Li where can you buy cbd gummies Guohao s home or company, let them prepare the ransom.Damn it, who told you to shoot Raptor walked over quickly with a submachine gun and a gun in his arms, slapped Vietnam Boy, and cursed angrily.Vietnam boy was slapped in the face and the whole person was stunned.Food, clothing, housing, and transportation have been carried out in people s minds since ancient times.Whether it is the East or the West, these four things are recognized.Li Qiang mentioned the real estate in Xiangjiang ten years ago.To buy a house, it only cost a few dollars per square meter.With the development of the economy and the depreciation of goods, the current housing prices have reached hundreds of dollars.Some good locations It s even a few hundred dollars, and the villa is even more valuable.Because the subsidiaries of the Guohao Group, although not to mention all kinds, also have comics clubs and security companies, so in the future, they will definitely involve some other industries.Now it is necessary to lay the foundation.Other industries can also quickly form a team to support it, unlike the current situation where it took nearly a month to fully control the acquisition of Nanshun.At first, Li Guohao was planning to buy diamonds, but Zhao Yazhi said that diamonds were gifts from lovers, which dispelled Li Guohao s idea.No way, the classic diamond advertisement, Diamonds are forever, one piece will last forever has gradually become famous in Xiangjiang, but this advertisement is basically used as a diamond wedding ring.He Qianjin s mother is He Duwang s first wife.She has been in poor health since she fell ill ten years ago, so He Duwang married his second wife, Chaoqiong s mother, and held this birthday party this year.On the one hand, the health of the gambling king s wife is gradually improving, and on the other hand, it is also related to why the daughter chooses a does cbd gummies test positive on a drug test good son in law.These days, no matter if it is a wealthy family where can you buy cbd gummies or an ordinary person, it is where can you buy cbd gummies relatively early, unlike later generations who marry late, almost as long as they are well connected and have a good relationship, they will get married in a short time.Di Yimin smiled and said, Mr.Li, you made your fortune from a pastry shop, and then set up a food company to produce packaged food.It s really amazing.When I was in the United States, I also came into contact with some companies related to food or catering.Without exception, they all control the source of the production line, that is, the supply of raw materials.Take the most well known KFC and McDonald s as examples, they all where can you buy cbd gummies have their own farms, slaughterhouses, and processing plants in the United States.Of course, these are not the key points.The most important point is that their two companies control almost half of the chicken industry in the United States.As long as they are related to the food they sell, they are involved in almost all of them.This not only saves resources on raw materials, but also establishes industry standards and suppresses other companies that can threaten themselves.All the disciples of Wong Tai Sin will gather in the main hall of the temple at noon to participate in the worship of the Xiangjiang people.One of the busiest and busiest attractions.At this time, the Wong Tai Sin Temple was not as imposing as the later generations, but it was still a large ancestral hall with two entrances and two exits.People came and went, and the incense was flourishing.There were mostly middle aged and elderly people around, and they all came with their own expectations.Burn incense and pray.There is an open space outside the Daxian Temple, and there is an open space of more than 200 square meters filled with cement in the middle.This is the place where sacrificial activities are held during Chinese New Year.Now almost all of them are occupied by small stalls, all kinds of snacks, melons and fruits, all kinds of incense, etc There are also many old men wearing sunglasses and sitting next to the old man in a long gown.

It was his first time directing a film, which wasted Many movie films, in order to make up for the loss of the crew, also secretly subsidized their own money.After all, Li Guohao only gave 100,000 yuan to make this movie, and Cai Lan, the producer, was in charge of the money, so Xu Guanwen didn t dare to play tricks.Li Guohao nodded slightly, thinking about the theater, he also asked, Have you already contacted the theater Yes, we have signed a guarantee agreement with Mr.Zou s Golden Harvest.Xu Guanwen was afraid that the boss would not know what the guarantee agreement was.The meaning is also simply explained, that is, the so called amount of films that are rented out by theaters.Suddenly, when Li Guohao was about to ask again, he saw Cai where can you buy cbd gummies Lan walking over with a tired cbd gummies natures only face not far away.Chairman, why are you here Cai Lan was taken aback when he saw Li Guohao, then walked over quickly, and sat down on the rest chair next to him.Chapter 280 Remote Ping Shan New Territories Yuen Long District.Near Ping Shan.Seven or eight cars slowly drove in from the road in the distance.a long time.Finally, they came to a temporary parking lot where can you buy cbd gummies built beside the wall.Huh, I told you, Ah Hao, your place farm full spectrum cbd gummies is really hard to find, and the road is still so bumpy.Zheng Jiachun glanced at the gate, only to see the sign on the left saying Guohao Security.It s my first time here too, so I didn t expect it to be so remote.Li Guohao got out of the car and looked at Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin who were following him with embarrassment, I also asked them to buy a more remote place.I didn t expect to come to Pingshan after setting up the training ground.He Qianjin shook his head slightly and smiled, expressing that he didn t mind, and also said, The environment is good, with green mountains and green waters.Okay, okay, it s not you.Seven or eight people were chatting happily.As soon as they walked up to the second floor, they saw Zheng Jiachun and Xiao Bai standing at the door, and they all laughed.It s nothing, do you want to go up and wash There is a shower above.Zheng Jiachun shook his head slightly, smiled and pointed upstairs.Then I ll wash it first I go first.Fuck, that kid Xie Jinghui ran up first.At this time, Li Guohao came out of the house, looked at a group of people wearing can you od on cbd gummies where can you buy cbd gummies colorful clothes, and said with a smile, It s okay, the upstairs is a public shower, there are many faucets, and it s okay for you to go together. Okay, everyone, stop arguing.Let s all go up and take a shower first.We will have dinner together later, and we will go to the Big Rich Nightclub tonight.I ll treat you.These things pile up There are already a lot of people what effect does cbd gummies have on the body where can you buy cbd gummies in one place, and they have already had conflicts of interest with many companies.If they set up a soda factory again, they will offend more people.You must know that the largest soda factory in Xiangjiang now belongs to Lijia, and Lijia is an old brand in Xiangjiang.Rich family, TVB TV station is jointly opened by Lijia and Shao Liushu.Lijia is the dominant position, and the sixth uncle is just a dickhead.Li Guohao frowned, looking at Huang Yaohua s uneasy look, remembering that he learned about his family background when chatting with him.It is clear that if the other party directly refuses and hits the other party, if the other party agrees, the group will be too complicated, not only difficult to manage, but also difficult to transfer personnel.A rich man worth billions is now worried about 10 million.At first, when discussing with Zheng Jiachun and Qianjin He, they planned to wait for a few months, but never thought that it would be so fast, and they would discuss how to get the club in half a month.Forget it, let s talk about it in a few days.Li Guohao thought to himself that if he couldn t do it, he would go to He Qianjin to borrow it once.I believe that according to the relationship between the two, the other party should borrow 10 million.As for why he didn t ask Zheng Jiachun to borrow it, it might be out of face.Compared to He Qianjin, although Zheng Jiachun had a good impression on Li Guohao and took good care of himself, he was still inferior to He Qianjin, a wealthy daughter whom he had known from the beginning.There is another way Ni Xingqing said suddenly.After all, he was an idol in the past.Now that he saw a real person, besides the initial excitement, he gradually calmed down.To put it bluntly, if you walk on the street and meet a young man who looks good, you may be an actor or entertainer in the future.Kang After hearing the sound, Li Guohao looked sideways and saw Jian Fu walking out excitedly.Master is really amazing It s really worthwhile for me to come here this time.Jian Fu held Master Dong s hands behind him, and couldn t help praising him.He almost said that Master what effect does cbd gummies have on the body where can you buy cbd gummies Dong was Yuan Tiangang, and he was a living god..Master Dong said earnestly.Yes, I must follow the instructions of the master.Jian Fu looked taught.Looking at the appearance of this pair of masters and disciples, Li Guohao s ability to fool Master Dong improved a little bit in his heart.

When Li Guohao heard this was the reason, he shrugged and said casually.Then will you accompany me I I will not go.No, why don t you go with me Zhao Yazhi glanced at Li Guohao coquettishly, and said sweetly.I m afraid this is really not possible TVB and Li s TV station have invited me to participate Immediately, Li Guohao told the two TV stations that he good cbd gummies was invited.Zhao Yazhi was a very sensible person, nodded and said Well, I can only go by myself.Well, it s just for fun.Li Guohao has participated in the Cake Contest program of Li s TV station, and he knows the general process.The guests used to just sit there and watch, and didn t need to do anything else.Chapter 291 Maxim s Fast Food Maxim s Company.Recently Wood passed by very unsatisfactorily.He thought that with the high branch of Jardine Group, his Maxim Company would be able to thrive against the big tree.Some Middle Eastern countries even sent troops to fight in person.Under the offensive of many Middle Eastern countries, Israel retreated steadily.The U.S.stock market saw a large scale decline for the first time today, but this also made the public think that the U.S.will definitely send troops into the war in a few days.From October 6th to October 13th, it lasted for seven days.The U.S.stock market has been falling steadily, and the decline is not very fast, because more and more people are buying up.In the eyes of many stockholders and financial institutions, this is the eve of an explosion.At the same time, the US State Department officially announced that it would provide military assistance to Israel on the morning of the 14th.Watching the US President Nixon s news about what effect does cbd gummies have on the body where can you buy cbd gummies the war in the Middle East on TV, and seeing that the US military was about to participate in the exhibition, Ni Xingqing couldn t help but said, Boss, why don t you withdraw now If you withdraw now, you won t lose much money Li Guohao said firmly Said No It s just where can you buy cbd gummies these few days.It may be a pitiful day.Just in the last hour of the shutdown.The broker also called over there, saying that if there is no capital injection, the position will be closed in half an hour, and Li Guohao is required to pay them a handling fee of 500,000 US dollars.Less than two minutes after Li Guohao hung up the phone in despair, the reporter he contacted yesterday afternoon called.lee Xingqing, listen to what this foreigner has to say Oh.Ni Xingqing casually walked over to answer the phone.Hello Mr.Li This is Felke from the New York Times.Oh, what s the matter Just now I got the news that the six Arab oil countries headed by Iran, not long ago Announced that the price of oil per barrel will be unilaterally raised from 3.08 US dollars to 5.11 dollars.real As soon as Ni Xingqing heard the news, he immediately asked in surprise.There is a risk of saying the wrong thing No matter how emotionally idiotic Li Guohao is, he can also understand that he has indeed said the wrong thing just now.Secretly exhaled, relieved.As soon as my heart let go, I saw a seductive arc in front of me, and the two clusters of charms revealed by the bath towel slipped slightly because I sat up.After suffering from the hungry wolf for more than a month, I finally couldn t bear the hunger and thirst, and took a hug each other.Don t Uncle and aunt are still next door It s okay, the sound insulation effect of this villa is very good Suddenly.There was a beautiful and moving pop sound in the house The next day, around nine o clock in the morning.Li Guohao waited downstairs for his father to come down.Zhang Bowen also drove to the villa early and waited.It has been issued, but Li Qiang looked up at Li Guohao who was sitting in the chair, and said slowly It s just Manager Di said earlier that you should take it easy and build it when you come back.Li Guohao looked at Di Yimin on the left in surprise, and saw him wink in a cryptic way, and he immediately understood that he presumably took away the two items of the group.The tens of HCMUSSH where can you buy cbd gummies millions of funds led to a serious gap, which delayed the construction of the school.Okay, let s start building the school now Speaking of this, Li Guohao glanced around a few unfamiliar faces and asked Who are these Oh, the chairman forgot to introduce you.Only then did Di Yimin remember that several people were recruited during the chairman s visit to the United States.He stood up and introduced them one by one This is Qi Baiheng, the general manager of the real estate company.That s natural.If the franchise business is not good, do you think I will open cbd gummys near me a school Li Guohao smiled and said It seems that there are still hundreds of people who apply to join our company s stores and wait in line for arrangement.So A lot He Qianjin was taken aback for a moment, and then said with joy.You must know that it was the first time for her to do such a big business after she graduated from the palace pastry company, and she was very happy to see that the company s business was getting better and better.Well, it s because there are too many applicants and the company has a serious shortage of manpower, so I plan to open a school to train pastry chefs.Li Guohao just finished speaking, only to hear someone calling himself behind him Mr.Li.Turning his head Looking around, he saw that the man was wearing a suit and leather shoes.

There are three floors in total.There is no distinction between levels, mainly for the sake of safety and cooking speed.There are more than 20 canteen windows on each floor, and it is estimated that 5,000 people can prepare meals within half an hour.Meal production is cbd gummies cure ed also done by the back kitchen of a team of more than where can you buy cbd gummies 100 people recruited by the group.It is not outsourced to others like later generations.The main reason is that the concept of contracting canteens has not yet been established at this time.The person I recruited Li Guohao glanced at Huang Yaohua, thinking about it.When Guohao Food Factory was first established, he also wanted to start a group can you od on cbd gummies where can you buy cbd gummies meal company similar to Qianxihe.However, because the supply chain has not yet been perfected, and the introduction of raw materials for meat products and vegetables has not yet been negotiated, it is temporarily abandoned.Looking at the band name on the record wrapping paper, Zhao Yazhi asked suspiciously Wenner Band Well, it should be a band that was formed recently.It sings pretty good songs and has many fans. fan It means fans.It was only then that Li Guohao remembered that the word fan will not rise until decades later, and now it is popular to call it fan.Oh.Zhao Yazhi nodded slowly.At this time, only a classic melody sounded from the record player, My heart go sha la la la la, Sha la la in the morning This song has a brisk rhythm, which makes people have an inexplicable magic that wants to stand up and dance slightly.Zhao Yazhi shook her body slightly, smiled and said to Li Guohao It s very nice.I don t know if I can have the honor to ask Ms.Zhao to dance a dance Li Guohao smiled slightly, bent over slightly, and made a gentleman s hand gesture.However, many newspapers in Xiangjiang later reported the news about Li Guohao, so it was avoided.Self initiated requests for interviews.Until now, almost a year, Li Guohao has not accepted any media interviews since he became famous.It has been almost half a month since the publication of Daily Daily , and the sales volume has been hovering between 5,000 can you od on cbd gummies where can you buy cbd gummies and 10,000 copies.It is good and bad, which makes Pang Heshuo very worried.After all, it is not like in the past.There are all types of newspapers, which makes people overwhelmed.If a new newspaper wants to become famous, it must interview a celebrity who is well known in Xiangjiang, or report a sensational news that other newspapers do not have Or, you can serialize novels in newspapers like Mr.Jin.Chapter 326 Interview 1 After Li Guohao made it clear to tell reporter Qin Feng not to regard himself as the boss, but as the owner of rice, Qin Feng also swept away the tension in his heart.Chapter 337 Gold Jewelry for Mother Li In my previous life, I only saw Zhang Daqian s portrait in textbooks.At first, I always thought he was from the Republic of China period.Later, I learned that he was born in the late Qing Dynasty and lived until the 1980s before he died.Li Guohao felt very honored to be able to meet old Mr.Zhang Daqian.This was more exciting than seeing Bao Daheng Huo Daheng and others.After all, Mr.Zhang had been living in textbooks, and he had heard and read too much about him.s story.When communicating with Mr.Zhang at the banquet, Li Guohao always spoke to each other in the tone of a junior, which greatly benefited Zhang Daqian.The where can you buy cbd gummies two chatted very happily.Before leaving, they left each other s phone numbers.Zhang Daqian also invited Li Guohao to participate in his art exhibition held in Xiangjiang Town Hall in June this year, and Li Guohao readily agreed.The boy with the black rope could only protect the opponent with his hands.The knee bump came from the attack, but due to the force, his hands were already red and swollen.Counterattack Cha where can you buy cbd gummies guess and fight back quickly The coach next to him was instructing the black rope boy to try to fight back in Thai, but helplessly, the red rope boy s knee bumps continued like where can you buy cbd gummies waves.As long as he relaxed a little, his belly cornbread berry cbd gummies might be pushed.You must know Muay Thai The knee bumps here are not soft persimmons.A little touch doesn t hurt the muscles and bones, but at least it will hurt for several days.Now it s the stomach and ribs, which are the weakest parts of the where can you buy cbd gummies human body.Knee bumps lasted for half a minute , the red rope boy gradually exhausted himself, and the black rope boy also seized the opportunity, and pushed his opponent away in one fell swoop, and a high whip kick in Muay Thai hit the red rope boy directly on the cheek.Therefore, in modern society, how to keep the secret recipe intact is absolutely irresistible to the reverse deciphering of technology.The worst thing is that there is a slight change in taste.But before Red Bull went out of Bangkok, where can you buy cbd gummies out of Thailand, and rushed to the world, Li Guohao took the lead in launching functional drinks with capital, so the name of the father of Red Bull might be placed on Li Guohao s head.This method is more insidious, and it is also the routine used by most capitals.Li Guohao does not want to use this method for the time being, after all, it is too easy to be choked Seeing that Xu Guangbiao disagreed with the purchase of the formula for 1 million baht, Li Guohao frowned and said, Mr.Xu, why don t we find a place to sit down and have a chat Xu Guangbiao glanced at Li Guohao and saw a dozen people behind him.

Manager Jin, are you seasick Li Guohao asked with concern.A little bit.Jin Jiashi nodded and said without opening his eyes when he heard the sound.Seeing this, Li Guohao couldn t help admiring Jin Jiashi s professional dedication, and he was airsick and seasick, so he insisted on coming to Thailand to inspect it in person.Ask the boss of the ship if he has any medicine just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take for seasickness, give some to green health cbd gummies dr phil Manager Jin, don t go anywhere, he will die.Li Guohao said to Chen Xuewen.Seeing this, Chen Xuewen hurriedly said I have prepared seasickness medicine.Manager Jin, why didn t you tell me you were seasick earlier Forget it, I ll get it. Around ten o clock in the morning.After taking a boat for four or five hours, the group arrived in Roi Et Province, and spent another two hours changing cars to drive to the predetermined village.Then you and the people below will tell the people below that after Ajie Amin comes back, let them bring them back from Thailand.Put the incoming water in the refrigerator, and let Manager Huang Yaohua know by the way.I see.Chapter 349 Sizhou Food Company At seven o clock, all the executives of the food company arrived at the company.meeting room.Li Guohao watched everyone sitting down and yawning as if they hadn t slept well.With a sullen face, he couldn t help scolding Are you all so sleepy I came back from Thailand overnight and didn t sleep at all Like a thunderbolt from the blue sky , suddenly woke them up, and they all said I m not sleepy Huang Yaohua asked.In fact, part of it is my responsibility.Huang Yaohua said guiltily In October last year, I signed a contract with Dairy Milk International Company to put food on the shelves.Although the court hasn t pronounced the verdict yet, Bao Buqi will order him to compensate the money.He s been thinking about it for several days, and there s no way out of his head.Huang Yulang before On the contrary, he went to find Shangguan Xiaobao, hoping that the other party would give him a break because of his previous experience of working together, but Shangguan Xiaobao just came and disappeared behind closed doors.Huang Yulang s pleading gesture made Li Guohao s heart move.Huang Yulang s status in the Xiangjiang comics industry is still very important.Based on Little Hooligans as the background, he created Dragon Tiger Gate , Legend of the Son of Heaven and so on.It is a classic.After pondering for a moment, Li Guohao said I still have things to deal with, I will give you a business card and you can call him in the afternoon.Li Guohao glanced at Master Wang again, seeing him Sincerity, and a little nervous on the face, he pondered for a moment, and said Well, your position will remain the vice principal, but I will arrange another vice principal.Your main duty is to train students in school and teach teachers how to make dessert.As for the vice principal I rearranged to run the school, hemp bombs cbd gummies 125 mg what do you think it is good.As soon as he heard that he wanted to teach students how to make dim sum, Master Wang agreed.After a while, Director Chen can you od on cbd gummies where can you buy cbd gummies asked the security guard to open the gate and led the reporters and parents to the spacious square of the factory.Seeing Director Chen coming to the back of the stage, Master Wang quickly introduced, Boss, let me introduce you.This is Director Chen Zhi.Hello, Principal Li.Director Chen smiled and reached out to shake hands with Li Guohao.After touching it, she found that it was actually swollen, and she said in embarrassment, Look at you, my mouth is swollen, how can I go back.It s okay, stay at my place tonight Li Guohao said with a naughty smile.Hearing this, Zhao Yazhi rolled her eyes directly, as if saying I knew you wanted to do this.The two laughed and laughed for a while, and Zhao Yazhi Only then did I remember my original intention of coming here It s all your fault, I almost forgot why I was looking for you.Ok Didn t you come to see me of course not.what Then I m so sad, my heart hurts.Li Guohao held his chest and pretended to feel distressed.Seeing Li Guohao acting there by himself, Zhao Yazhi burst out laughing, and could only say Yes, yes, I came here because I wanted you, but there is something small that I need to tell you.His initial request was only to test out the ingredients, but the what effect does cbd gummies have on the body where can you buy cbd gummies other party not only deciphered the ingredients, but also tested the ingredients.Three different flavors were produced after thousands of trials, and a new ingredient was added.This kind of professionalism is worthy of encouragement and reward.Chapter 366 Ohm Heat Sterilization Technology slightly apprehensively sipped what effect does cbd gummies have on the body where can you buy cbd gummies the third cup One sip, when it first entered his mouth, Li Guohao s eyes lit up, that s right This is the taste When I drank it in Thailand before, I felt that the taste was a bit weird, but it smells and tastes like Red Bull.After asking Xu Guangbiao about the drink, he roughly figured out that this should be the first generation of Red Bull.Yes, this is the taste Li Guohao couldn t help admiring Professor Huo has worked hard for you this time.

Hundreds of photos of Wu Lala were piled up on the table, which made Li Guohao feel a little nervous.He glanced around the photos casually, and found that most do cbd gummies work good cbd gummies of them were of the same style.Or maybe they all have something in common.Generally speaking, he can t tell which jewelry is good looking and not good looking.Only I where can you buy cbd gummies can own this jewelry set As soon as Li Guohao said that he wanted to create a unique set of jewellery, Cartier s Ellenske said with a smile Mr.Li, you have found the right person.Our Cartier Jewelry has natural paradise cbd gummies the best jewelry designer in the world.He used to work for the Queen of England.Tailor made a piece of jewelry exclusive to Her Majesty, which was worn at the Queen s 50th birthday party.We, Boucheron, have the best jewelry designer recognized in the world, and we will definitely be able to design a unique set of wedding accessories for you, Mr.Restaurant syndrome .

where can i buy organixx cbd gummies?

The chairman is asking this Hearing Li Guohao mention Chinese restaurant syndrome, Huo Zheng smiled and said, I also know about this.technology department.Professor Huo, I m sorry to bother you even though I m off work soon.Li Guohao apologized.Although Professor Huo is working under Li Guohao, he is still a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Xiangjiang University, so he does not completely follow Li Guohao s face.It s nothing, I just cbd 9 gummies have something to do, I m going to work overtime today and go back.Huo Zheng smiled and asked, Chairman, who are you looking for Do you know MSG MSG Do you know what s the matter Have you ever studied MSG, and whether it is harmful to the human body Huo Zheng wondered, Why did the chairman ask about MSG I don t know if Professor Huo knows about MSG.This radio station is now the famous Xiangjiang Commercial Radio Station in Xiangjiang.After more than 20 years of development, this commercial radio station has experienced hardships , and eventually became one of the famous Wutai Mountains in Xiangjiang.According to history, he will get a TV where can you buy cbd gummies license this year, and establish Jiayi TV station early next year, becoming a new TV tycoon.And Zheng Jinghan who talked with He Zuozhi is not a simple person.He was born in 1946, almost 20 years younger than He Zuozhi, but relying on his own talent and seeing him as a brother and brother with He Zuozhi, his personal career should not be underestimated.The Paramount Company, which was just established last year, opened three large nightclubs in a row.And next year he will secretly marry a popular female singer Xu Xiaofeng.His main business is in the catering industry.If he wants to enter the TV industry, it must be for the sake of his company.You don t have to worry too much about cooperating with him.But with Run Run Shaw If you don t, it s like raising a tiger where can you buy cbd gummies for trouble, and sooner or later it will explode and hurt people Aren t you afraid that Li Guohao is also an unfamiliar cub Zheng Jinghan asked with a smile.He Zuozhi suddenly laughed and said There is nothing to worry about.If you know that Li Guohao invested one million to establish the Friends Film Company, gave up half of the shares to the two main persons in charge of the company, and never managed any business within the company.You will understand that cooperating with him is the happiest thing for every power hungry person Is there such a thing Zheng Jinghan has never paid much attention to this aspect, so he is naturally not clear about Li Guohao s investment in Friends Film Company The thing is, you must know that Cai Lang and Xu Guanwen are the envy of many directors and producers in Xiangjiang.After all, there was no big conflict between beauty pageant programs and singing programs.What better beauties should sign up Luo Jiufeng said There are a few good beauties, and two of them are the most dignified beauties, one is Lin Lianghui and the other is Zhu Lingling.During the interview, I asked some questions.Very generous and decent answer.It seems that the quality of this year s beauties is very good.Hearing that there were actually two good quality beauties, Uncle Shao Liu was quite happy.Sixth brother, why are you smiling so happily At this time, Fang Yihua was holding a cup of brewed wolfberry tea and pushed open the door and walked in.He happened to see Shao Liushu laughing, and couldn t help asking with a smile on his face.Luo Jiufeng immediately got up and called out, Manager Fang.After some refusal, Guan Yunfei also agreed Come down, but still buy it back at the original price of the money Li Guohao invested.After the chat, Li Guohao also went to the box where Xu Guanwen and others were.During the meal, everyone saw that the boss had a bad face, and they couldn t let it go.Li Guohao didn t stay too long.He ate a few bites of food, chatted a few words, and said that he had to go back beforehand.On the way back, Li Guohao couldn t help sighing that people s hearts changed too quickly.What he said to Guan Yunfei before was half true and half false.The truth was naturally about the acquisition, and the false one meant that Li Guohao was going to talk to Guan Yunfei about it in a few where can you buy cbd gummies days.When he mentioned this matter to Guan Yunfei, he was only relieved.He wanted to give this Uncle Guan a hand and develop the Jinhua Restaurant into a brand.

After walking for a while, the two came to a small studio in the company.Pushing open the door marilyn denis cbd gummies canada and walking in, I saw more than 20 people sitting densely in the room.I looked up and saw all the actors of Modern Bodyguard , not only Xu Guanjie, Xu Guanwu and others, even the heroine Brigitte Lin was sitting quietly.Over there.Brigitte Lin had long been troubled by Xu Guanjie s courtesies.Now when she heard the sound of the door opening, seeing Li Guohao and Xu Guanwen coming in, she also stood up immediately, trying to use these two to interrupt Xu Guanjie s courtesies.Mr.Li Director Xu As soon as Brigitte Lin finished speaking, Xu Guanjie and other supporting actors and editors stood up and said, Chairman Manager Xu Li Guohao raised his hand and motioned everyone to sit down Sit, Sit down and talk.Chen where can you buy cbd gummies Shao ran so anxiously because the factory didn t allow cars to come in, he smiled and said, Okay, don t be so anxious.Director Zhang, please find a place nearby, I have something to tell you.yes.Upon hearing this, Factory Manager Zhang immediately whispered a few words to the entourage next to him, then raised his hand, pointed to the distant factory lounge and said, Chairman, Manager Chen, please over there.Soon, Li Guohao and Chen Shao followed Factory Manager Zhang to the staff lounge in the factory building.Seeing the words staff lounge on the door, Li Guohao stepped in and saw that the room was quite big , about 50 square meters, and there is no rubbish on the ground, it is very clean.There are two small curts cbd gummies diabetes beds and several rows of long wooden sofas inside.Director Zhang said Chairman, the place is quite leaky.Ni Xingqing nodded subconsciously and said, Good boss. After the affairs of the Guohao Group and the Hutchison Whampoa Group are settled temporarily, and what should be explained in advance, Li Guohao is ready to pack up and go to the mainland.In the past this time, in Li Guohao s opinion, it would take ten days and half a month to keep everything in order, or it might take a little longer, so what should be ordered and explained in advance should be said early.Fu Shengkuang has been sending telegrams recently, stating that the mainland has officially approved the opening up policy of Guangdong and Fujian, and the relevant preferential policies and tax free policies for foreign companies have also been implemented.The time is in July, and this is the best time to enter the market, and it is not appropriate to enter earlier or later.Although it looks interesting, the singing program should ultimately focus on singing.The screenwriter of the TVB program made such a move, and those contestants who participated in the competition only focused on arranging their masks, or the instructor chose a song that they couldn t sing at all, and they collapsed.The song he sang can you od on cbd gummies where can you buy cbd gummies was horrible, and fortunately, the people from TVB revised it in a timely manner, and arranged the mentor s song selection for the contestants in advance, otherwise they would lose more viewers.When the ratings of the two programs of the TV station completely crushed TVB s full time programs or new dramas, Liang Shuyi and Liao Bufan cbd gummies for pain reviews also saw the importance of entertainment programs to the ratings.And to a certain extent, engaging in entertainment programs is more profitable benefits of just cbd gummies than making TV dramas.This would cost HSBC a large sum of savings funds, as well as savings customers.After the publicity of these experts, the stock price of HSBC Bank fell a few points in response.When Guohao Bank officially opened its first branch in the Central and Western District of Xiangjiang Island, the people queuing up to open bank accounts that day were blocked from the street to the end.These also caused the stock price of HSBC to drop a lot again.Facing the stock price of HSBC, which has never fallen since 73 years, some people on the where can you buy cbd gummies board of directors are also a little panicked.You must know that HSBC has fluctuated a little during the stock market crash over the years.is on the rise.This time it has fallen so much, and it is their shareholders who have lost the most.There was no way, the members of the board of directors could only ask Shen Bi to go to Li Guohao again, hoping that he could cooperate with HSBC to hold a press conference.Whether it is a bank card or a passbook, there are numbers.We can learn the same way as the Mark Six lottery.We can make a ball transfer, automatically draw 5 balls, or a few balls, corresponding to the mantissas of the account number, and draw 3 10 people, how many are drawn The mantissa, how much money will be given to him You can send what effect does cbd gummies have on the body where can you buy cbd gummies as much money as you want.In this regard, whether it is Fu Zhengguang, Ni Xingqing or Hu Changqing, you don t have to think about it and just set the mantissa within the mantissa of 5.The mantissa of 6 where can you buy cbd gummies is too much, and 100,000 is six digits.Number, 990,000 is also a six figure number, the difference is too big, if such a big lottery is held, I am afraid it will cost a lot of money.This method is feasible.Ni Xingqing was the first to follow behind Li Guohao.

I want to use the resources of the Huo Yingdong Group to cooperate with Zheng Jiachun s New Century Real Estate and Guohao Real Estate to win the properties on 13 subway stations along the Hong Kong Island MTR.right to development.At that time, Huo Zhenting had already obtained the approval of his father Huo Yingdong, as well as the support and funds of the Zheng family.When Li Guohao agreed, the three consortiums led by Hang Lung Group jointly invested huge sums of money to compete.The development right, which could have been won for only more than 2 billion yuan, was abruptly raised to more than 3 billion yuan by several consortiums headed by the Hang Lung Group.At that time, Li Guohao had already ordered the people of Guohao Real Estate not to engage in any real estate investment, but in the face of Huo Zhenting s repeated invitations, he could not refuse, let alone disclose the collapse of the real estate to him, so as to avoid the butterfly effect.In June, house prices in the central and western districts of Xiangjiang rose by 28 year on year.7.For houses with the same area, last year it was about 210 yuan holistic health cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes per square foot, and this year it has risen to about 270 yuan.In July, land prices in Hong Kong saw a large scale rise for the first time after the real estate collapse.The stocks of major real estate companies also rose a few points from stagnation for the first time.In August of can you od on cbd gummies where can you buy cbd gummies the same year, during the gradual recovery of real estate, the Tengfei real estate company invested by Li Guohao, Zheng Daheng, Huo Daheng and others carried 5 billion in cash and made a heavy blow.After the first investment, it completely drove the Hong Kong stock market and property market to turn around.At the same time, the second round of the 10 billion bailout plan was once again publicly mentioned by Li Guohao.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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