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Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and then said You guys should put the money for the photos first.Remember to ask the owner of the photo studio to ask for an invoice.If you don t have an invoice, it s fine.I ll reimburse you when the time comes.Old Xu didn t say what he thought in his heart Reimbursement, to put it lightly, how do you report to others Not only did Han Chaoyang not know what he was thinking, but he felt that it would be no problem to reimburse this little money.He not only had to ask Director Su for reimbursement for the photo shoot, but also asked Director Su for more or less money.After all, the establishment of a voluntary security patrol team was originally community work.Just as he was thinking about how to speak to Director Su, the police phone rang suddenly, and it turned out that Xu Hongliang was calling from the caller ID.

The previous ones must also be made up.Understood, I will make up this one after I get it done.Don t take it seriously.If you find out that you really want to be fined, then you must not intercede with me, because it is useless to ask me.Okay, okay, don t worry, I won t make things difficult for you.Han Chaoyang s assurance to her was deep.I was skeptical, and was about to emphasize it again, when a familiar 75 mg cbd gummies voice came from behind Miss Boss, have my things been printed, and Xiao Han is there , Han Chaoyang hastily turned to say hello.Director Su dressed very vigorously today, with a white shirt on his upper body, dark blue trousers on his lower body, and short hair.While watching the proprietress help her print documents, he smiled and said, Xiao Han, let s go to Chaoyang Village together later.

The expenses required for handling public welfare undertakings can be raised from residents on a voluntary basis, and can also be raised from beneficiary units in the community.That is 75 mg cbd gummies to say, community neighborhood committees can carry out paid service activities Su Xian, the community party branch secretary, is only temporary, a bit like a government cadre at the grassroots level, and the community director is only a part timer.When Chaoyang Village is officially merged into Chaoyang Community, there will be a re election, and when the work of Chaoyang Community is on the right track, even the party branch secretary All have to resign.The term of office will not be too long, at most two years, Su Xian really wants to do something.She weighed it up and said When the start up funds arrive, I will buy three air conditioners first, two wall type and one cabinet type, and install them in the police room, security company office and collective dormitory.

He himself admitted that he didn t kill one person, but two people He has been brought under control.Now, I asked Xiao Han and a few team members to lock him in the car.Murderer Secretary Yang was completely sleepy, and got up subconsciously.Two were arrested in a row, more than two.Just now, another person with a drug record was found.Xiao Han said that when the people from the police station came, he would take her for a urine test and blood test to see if she had taken drugs recently.The scrap collector on the east side of the market may cbd pain killer gummies 75 mg cbd gummies be suspected of selling stolen goods, and five electric vehicles were seized in the small courtyard he rented, but he hesitated to explain the source.I knew that Chaoyang Village had a problem with mixed fish and dragons, but I didn t expect the problem to be so serious.

It s like willow silk swaying in the wind, with a mild and desolate charm it s also like colorful past events, and memories shuttle back and forth.The melody of the violin and the melody of the piano blend repeatedly, like waves of emotion beating the heart, vividly interpreting the lingering love in the world.Very narrative, very lyrical, very moving Along with the beautiful melody, a picture of tenderness and sweetness between lovers, whispering and whispering emerged in Huang Ying s mind.The invisible net, the more you want to break free from it, the more tightly entangled you are, the tighter it is, it s like weeping, making people s thoughts fluctuate in the music.Hello, who are you looking for Just as he was fascinated, he heard the one with ponytails running over from the two girls at the bottom of the wall.

I have only been working for a few days, and I have a strong sense of anti reconnaissance , please find out where this is, what kind of inquiry is being made, and think about it for yourself, for no reason we can ask you to find out about the situation, 75 mg cbd gummies can we bring you here Wow, I really think I am the black sheep Han Chaoyang wanted to laugh, but didn t dare to.The police must abide by laws, regulations and procedures when handling a case.If they have evidence, they will be arrested.If there is no evidence, they must be released.Although the internal investigations of the police by the Disciplinary Committee and the inspectors have the same procedures, you can t do anything even if 75 mg cbd gummies you don t follow the procedures.Are you really going to sue them, unless you don t want to mess around in the branch.

Secretary Tong, I know him, but he may not remember me now.If you can talk to the deputy secretary of the district committee, if you can find a way to transfer, you can wait until today Han Chaoyang didn t know how to explain it, so he thought about it and said, Why should I be transferred A small community is a big society, and a small policeman is doing a lot.I still want to take root in the grassroots and do something.Chapter 76 Artists Annoying things belong to worrying things, work is work, and work should not be affected by worrying things.The two drove to the neighborhood committee, only to see Lao Jin, who had been wearing the special service uniform highest mg of cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies these days, standing in the hall talking to Director Su, and Xu Hongliang and Lao Xu, who had already received the order, were standing in front of the patrol car talking to Li Xiaobin, Gu Changsheng and others.

The captain of the team, what does this mean This 75 mg cbd gummies shows that our police cbd pain killer gummies 75 mg cbd gummies have combat effectiveness, and all of our police officers are smart and capable.So Xiao Han, you must work hard, be a good captain, and win glory for the Huayuan Street reviews of keoni cbd gummies Police Station and even the whole branch.Chapter 78 PUBG Mobile At 11 o clock in the middle of the night, the left office on the second floor of the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee was still lit.The superior asked to work hard for 500 days, and the sub district cadres who were in charge had to work overtime almost every day.During this period, Su Xian went home once last night, and lived in the unit as usual tonight.The only difference is that I didn t take a bath to take a rest after preparing the materials to be submitted tomorrow, but had supper with Huang Ying in the office.

Gambling is not a gathering of people to take drugs, but a group of lecherous people doing body photography in a hotel room.I heard from Lao Jin that the two women are very good looking, naked, posing in various poses, and even spreading their legs for people to shoot.Why don t you say they re doing something wrong, they insist on doing this. I ll go, so you can feast your eyes on the unlucky ones It s not just him, everyone who went in has seen it.Su Xian snorted coldly, and then said The patrol team helped him send those people to the police station.After returning from dinner, he ran back and dragged them to some MLM den.Use people from my community for nothing, use me for nothing The car in the community uses the oil in my community for nothing, do you think I should settle this with him.

This kid, if you don t give him an answer, he will keep asking.Gu Guoli looked back at the passers by, and said perfunctorily, I used to like to eat it, but now I m old and my digestion is not good, so I can only eat something light.Bland, master, why don t we eat Huaiyang cuisine at noon.Gu Guoli s home is in the second community to the west of Chaoyang Bridge.He walks on Zhongshan Road to 75 mg cbd gummies and from get off work, and often passes by the gate of the Chaoyang Community Police Office.He is not ignorant of the restaurants on both sides of Zhongshan Road.Is there a Huaiyang restaurant near the police office Not near the police office, but there are other places, we can go to the city to eat.There is no need to be on 75 mg cbd gummies duty, there are a lot of things to do.Not being able to go doesn t 75 mg cbd gummies mean you can t eat.

No wonder Grandpa Gu can wear a white shirt when he is a police officer.He really treats the affairs of the masses as his own.Han Chaoyang admired him very much, so he followed him silently to visit one family after another.When he walked to the north gate of Dongming Community, Li Xiaobin called to say that Deputy Director Xing of the Branch Command Center and people from the Xinyuan Street Police Station had arrived.When I walked quickly to the police 75 mg cbd gummies office, I saw Deputy Director Xing and several leaders of the Xinyuan Street Police Station waiting at the door.As soon as he saw Grandpa Gu , Bao Yongsheng, the deputy director of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, came up to greet him and said, Master, I knew you couldn t be idle, so I went to visit again Grandpa Gu smiled, and immediately stepped forward to salute Hi Director Xing, why are you here in person Face, you re thirsty, drink some water first.

Cao Mingzhi realized that this person should be what Han Chaoyang said The crowd looked at it curiously, did not 75 mg cbd gummies stop, and continued to chase forward.Old Cao, over there, the tricycle is parked in front of the small shop.I see.The police car braked suddenly and stopped behind the tricycle, and there was indeed a brand new red scooter on the tricycle Han Chaoyang slammed open the co pilot door, and rushed into the small shop with Li Xiaobin who got off from the door on the right almost at cbd pain killer gummies 75 mg cbd gummies the same time.There were only two people in the shop.The man in the advertising shirt is drinking the iced mineral water he just bought, while enjoying the cold wind from the store s air conditioner.Three policemen broke in at once, and the man was taken aback.Is the tricycle outside yours Han Chaoyang asked, staring into his eyes.

Thinking about how many merchants with rolling gates in the city, the workload is not small.Gu Guoli pondered and where can i buy eagle hemp cbd gummies said To us, that kid is blocking the keyhole.To the urban management, he is posting small advertisements everywhere to cause urban psoriasis.Aren t you familiar with the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade You can ask them to help, and the two of us will investigate together.This method is good.They walk around the street every day and deal with merchants along the street.It is not difficult to understand these situations.But the soup team is only responsible for the city appearance and sanitation of our street, and he can t manage other streets.He knows people, they They re colleagues, we don t know him well.That s right, they often join just cbd gummy cherries forces, I ll call what mg cbd gummies and ask Team Tang.Psoriasis in the city is very annoying, and Captain Tang, who is in charge of the city appearance, hates posting small advertisements everywhere even more than Han Chaoyang.

What are you thinking Su Xian asked curiously.Han Chaoyang didn t care about whether the ladies hated the smell of cigarettes, so he subconsciously lit a cigarette and said sincerely I never thought that such a thing would happen, I didn t prepare for it, my life was completely disrupted, how will I live in the future Yes If cbd gummies for sale near me 75 mg cbd gummies it s a star, 75 mg cbd gummies it s a good thing if you re in the showbiz, 75 mg cbd gummies but I m cbd edibles gummy worms tampa not the problem People are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong.Being famous is really not a good thing for the police.People are staring at you everywhere you go, and you can spit on a cigarette.It was photographed and posted online.Chen Jie adored him as the captain, not because of his career as a policeman, nor because of his charisma, but because he admired and appreciated his versatility.

He works in a bank.He has a good job and a good family.His family has two A suite, not even that, what the hell are you looking for.Now not only women use beautification, but even men have begun to use beautification.Real people are not one or two grades worse than photos.Besides, what is so great about working in a bank I only listen to him boasting all night.I really didn t like the best cbd gummies denver one in my room, so while packing my underwear and pajamas and getting ready to take a shower, I said weakly, Mom, I m only twenty four, not thirty four, why are you so anxious, this hemp bomb cbd gummies highest mg of cbd gummies is really inappropriate tonight, I really don t feel it.Don t worry, don t worry, you ll be thirty four in no time Understood, I will hurry up.You go to bed early, and I also have to go to bed early.I will go to work tomorrow.Mom shook her head and sighed and went back to the master bedroom.

Okay, put it here.The same as the police and civilian contact card It was a small card.Looking at this impatient look, one could imagine that the police and civilian contact card would be thrown away by him soon.It was not easy to visit once.Han Chaoyang didn t want to do wasted effort.He saw a picture with a calendar hanging on the wall and a bottle of glue in the corner of the counter.He simply picked up the glue and stuck the police contact card on the calendar while reminding Boss Le, there are many out of town people in the village, and there is a mix of fish and dragons.Although your store is not big, the things you sell are not cheap.With so many high end tobacco and alcohol, you must have a little awareness of safety precautions.Thank you, I will pay attention.It s not enough to just pay attention, and we need to take some necessary precautions.

Xiao Han, these medicines are urgently used.There are anticoagulant medicines and hemostasis medicines.You can figure it out.Director Pang, I m in the probationary period, and my salary is only more than 2,000 yuan a month.I don t have any money Then It s your business, anyway, we have done our duty.Chapter 151 Avoid seeing The situation is very clear, the patient s life is not in danger for the time being, but it will be life threatening if the treatment is stopped.It doesn t matter if you don t know, the key is that you not only know but also that you sent the person to the hospital If a person dies in a hospital, their relatives will not only go to the hospital but also to the police station.If they go online, if the media intervenes, the public opinion will definitely be one sided, and the most 75 mg cbd gummies handsome policeman will become hard hearted overnight.

She didn t know anything about such a big thing Han Chaoyang was taken aback, subconsciously took out his mobile phone, and prepared to call his junior sister.Xu Hongliang hurriedly pulled her back, and said in a low voice She has just recovered, don t rub salt on her wounds, and she will come in the afternoon.Classmates for four years, and depending on each other in the same city for more than half a year, the relationship is not one or two It s a little bit deeper, almost like brothers and sisters.The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more annoyed he became, and he gritted his teeth and asked, That guy is Chen Shimei, how did she know He went on a trip together with him, and sent the photos to one of his classmates.His classmate was in China, at the Normal University.He knew Lingling, and felt that the bastard was sorry for Lingling, so he secretly told Lingling and sent the photos cbd pain killer gummies 75 mg cbd gummies to Lingling.

What In pairs, sweet and sweet.Embarrassed by what she said, Huang Ying said with a blushing face, Inspector Gu, your apprentice is a good looking talent, so there s no need for me to help him pay attention.What s the use of a good looking person Grandpa Gu really hoped that both apprentices could find girlfriends before he retired, and said with a chuckle, I think the Tang Xiaoxuan who came last time is pretty good.Isn t she your classmate Can you help introduce me It s an honor to be a police wife, maybe a girl would like it.What s the use of glory, glory can t be eaten.Not on the same channel, and the generation gap is not one or two points deep.Huang Ying was so confused that she didn t know what to say.Grandpa Gu helped his big apprentice mess up the mandarin ducks, Director Su also found it mellow out man cbd gummies funny, and urged Chaoyang, Yingying, Aunt Tan has brought all the food here, don t waste it, and the food is good tonight, I won t go either Hurry up, don t let your classmates wait.

Director Su, what if you don t go If there s anything wrong with you, don t whine about it.Han Chaoyang is really embarrassed that the master won t go, and director Su won t go.Just walking like this, I didn t know how to persuade the policeman to ring suddenly.Hi Liu Suo, Liu Suo, do you have any cbd gummies for sale near me 75 mg cbd gummies instructions Han Chaoyang was surprised when the director called in person.Just after receiving the report from the task force, Liu Jianye was in an extremely good mood, and said excitedly Xiao Han, the murder case in Yangguan Village has been solved, and the two suspects have been arrested and brought to justice.Go to identify the scene, although there are special police involved in the escort, but considering that there are too many people in the village, you need to immediately organize patrols to maintain order.

Seventeen people have actually arrived, but four people are on duty at the original unit, please instruct Without red sleeves, they are security guards, but with red sleeves, they are voluntary security patrols.Since he is a patrol member at this moment, he will assist the police in carrying out the task of maintaining order, and he will report according to the establishment and title of the five cbd sleep gummies patrol team.Li Xiaobin has changed from the first squad leader of the security company to the squadron leader of the patrol team.It became well deserved, and he didn t feel embarrassed when he just arrived at 75 mg cbd gummies Liu s Office and the trainer, so he raised his hand generously in return Arrange your clothes and check your equipment.Yes Liu Jianye was not very familiar with the situation of the patrol team.Understood, just thinking about how to come here, Gu Changsheng led more than a dozen team members to arrive, 75 mg cbd gummies riding electric bicycles, looking like a martial arts team.

It s not interesting.Is it interesting to be transferred to the government Huang Ying asked back, and sighed softly It s like eating civil servants dinner.After all, there are only a few who can be leaders.You can see at a glance that decades later, I m not the same, it s really boring to think about it, and sometimes I really want to quit. If you do one job and complain about another, maybe you ll find it boring if you change jobs. You ll have highest mg of cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies to wait until you change to find out. Yingying, why don t you Do you really want to resign My parents won t agree, if I really resign, my parents will definitely be anxious to me.My parents are just like your parents, otherwise they wouldn HCMUSSH 75 mg cbd gummies t force me Exam for civil servants.Some people want to come in, not just someone, but many people, so many people apply for the exam every year, if we let them know that we want to resign, they will definitely think that we are standing up and talking.

The daughter is promising, and the old Miao looks proud.Teacher Ma was both happy and envious, and raised her phone again Haizhu is in the legal team of the Public Security Bureau.You know this team, right Her sister.Okay, I ll check WeChat now.To be able to get admitted to the provincial department is really a golden phoenix flying out of a mountain nest.Her father runs an illegal car, her mother is an illiterate farmer, and her family has no background.She was admitted by her real skills, and her grades were good since she was a child.Han Chaoyang is not unconvinced.Click on WeChat to see , Sure enough, a person applied for a friend.Not only the application, but also the remarks, clearly written the words Miao Haizhu.As soon as the verification was passed, the other party sent a grinning smiley face, followed by a nu natural cbd gummies text message The most handsome policeman, long time no see, let me call you, is it convenient to answer the phone now She not only has good grades, but also has a very cheerful and bold and unrestrained personality.

Do you want to surprise Xie Lingling There is this matter.You and Lingling are classmates, why don t you go see her off when she leaves She s not a three year old, so why not worry about it.Besides, I don t have time, but I have to call later.Give her a call and ask if she 75 mg cbd gummies is in the car.Speaking of how good the relationship is, it s as good as a brother and sister, but they don t care about it at the critical moment.Zheng Xinyi felt that his senior brother was very incompetent, .

can cbd gummies help with sleep apnea?

and murmured juicy cbd gummies 2000mg If you can t make it out after another hour or two of busy work, can Sergeant Gu not let you go I think you value sex over friends.With accountant Huang, you will forget about your old classmates.Do you understand that the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water Besides, I am really busy What are you busy with I am busy with work, and I have a lot of work to do next.

The street leaders think highly of you when they ask you to help rehearse, this request is hard to refuse, Han Chaoyang asked Secretary Zhou, have you confirmed the specific people and songs that will participate in the chorus A Folk Song for the Party and I m a Soldier are all fine.Starting from next Monday, the street side will spend two or three hours rehearsing every night.On your side, you can arrange the time, practice first, and watch it when the time comes.Decide which songs to sing.Han Chaoyang didn t want to offend people because of this, so Han Chaoyang thought about it and asked Secretary Zhou, my problem here is not very big, but is this activity a problem Should it be organized by the cultural station You should know the old Hou of the cultural station.He is tone deaf and doesn 75 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews t understand these things.

The young man is now a relative., Of course, we must consider the future of our relatives.He is neither a police student nor a transferred cadre, so it is difficult to get ahead in the public security system.As for Yanyang s most handsome policeman , it is just a gust of wind, and no one will remember such a person in a long time.Gao Yueqing felt 75 mg cbd gummies that the young man could make full use of his strengths, and he could find another way.He looked back at Su Xian who was smiling and said nothing, and said lightly Chaoyang, I deal with groups like the Writers Association and the Music Association every day.I think you should apply to join the Music Association.Association.You are a third level performer in the country, and you are going to guide and even direct the choirs of the sub district and the sub bureau to participate in the activities in the district, so you are fully qualified.

No Wanting to play with batons, Han Chaoyang looked back at his girlfriend who was holding back a smile, and simply took off his cap and put it on his head No batons, I can lend you a hat to wear for a while.None of the little boys became policemen Xiao Pangdun was so happy that he took off his hat to look at the police badge on it, put info on cbd gummies it on again hastily, and imitated the TV station to stand at attention and salute Thank you, Uncle Han Okay, let s start patrolling.A salute to signal him to go ahead.There was a majestic brat in the front and a beautiful woman beside him.Not many policemen came out to patrol like this.Walking all the way to Yanhe Park, I don t know how many pedestrians attracted their attention.Han Chaoyang didn t the best cbd gummies to quit smoking think it was embarrassing, cbd gummies for sale near me 75 mg cbd gummies and he wasn t afraid that people would take pictures of it and post it on the premium cbd gummies 750 mg Internet.

Notify all HCMUSSH 75 mg cbd gummies squads when it s over, please gather at each duty point.Yes Dongming Community is not far from the Sixth Hospital of the City, and 75 mg cbd gummies in a blink of an eye He rushed to the door of the emergency center in no time.Not only Lu Yatou was there, but Director Yu who was on duty tonight and Lao Gui, the security guard of the Sixth Hospital, were also there.Han Chaoyang didn t get out of the car, but just turned off the siren, leaned on the steering wheel and asked, Director Yu, is the patient who ran away alone or someone else Is the patient seriously injured Three people brought it in, two men and one woman, both young and the patient was about 20 years old.The left cheek was bruised, and a large area was wiped off., there is a scar on the elbow, and the left arm cannot be lifted.There are obvious bruises on this part, the expression is painful, and the sweat is so painful that it should be a fracture.

Just listened so absent mindedly, listening to his whining.Before I cbd gummies charlotte nc knew it, I arrived at the intersection of Yangzhi Street, and I saw several policemen from the Xinyuan Street Police Station talking around Grandpa Gu.In front of Grandpa Gu, Lao Hu didn t dare to say anything wrong about Han Chaoyang, so he hurriedly got out of the car and went forward to report.You guys came just in time.The leader did not come, the highest police rank is the leader, HCMUSSH 75 mg cbd gummies and this involves two police stations, Grandpa Gu transformed himself into the commander of the search and arrest operation , pointing to the map on the phone and directly assigning tasks Comrades, the branch command center is investigating traffic Monitoring, at least until now, four suspicious people have not been found to drive or leave this area by car, which means they should be in this area.

Celebrations, commercial performances, opening ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, ribbon cutting ceremonies, groundbreaking ceremonies, opening ceremonies, foundation laying ceremonies, cbd pain killer gummies 75 mg cbd gummies and move in ceremonies.They have experience in cbd gummies for sale near me 75 mg cbd gummies this field.They have brought all the audio and stage equipment.Hurry up Come over to see how the stage is doing, mainly to check if their sound is working.Then see if there is time after the stage is set up, and if so, see if you can rehearse on the spot.The street attaches so much importance to it.The show screwed up.Han Chaoyang hurriedly got up Okay, I ll be there right away.Okay, I ll wait for you at school.After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he said hello to the master, and hurried to Huayuan Street Elementary School without even thinking about eating.

You can ask the media to appeal to the public who are enthusiastic about public welfare to donate.Now even WeChat can donate, and the child is so young, anyway.I don t think living people will be suffocated to death by urine, as long as they face it correctly, there will always be a solution.Now it s really different from the past few years, I don t know whether it s because Internet technology is becoming more and more popular or there are more kind hearted people than before.Every few days I get calls for help on this.Those who donate a few hundred or even thousands, and those who donate less than a dozen or twenty.Some people donate money, and some people not only donate money but also help HCMUSSH 75 mg cbd gummies forward it.Every time he sees these requests for help, especially the long and constantly refreshed profile pictures and amounts of donors below, Han Chaoyang feels that we Chinese don t only care about money as foreigners say, we are just as caring.

Thank you Officer Gu, thank you Director Su.Don t thank me, eat quickly.Knowing that the old man would not ignore him, Han Chaoyang was thinking about how to help them solve the problem together, Wu Wei walked in quietly Whispered a few words with Grandpa Gu.Okay, this is the best way.You can call Xu Suo again, and please rest assured that Xiao Wan and Xiao Xiang are sensible people.They have realized their mistakes and will not do such stupid things again.Yes , I ll report right away.I m not going to pursue the matter of 75 mg cbd gummies them abandoning the child, but 75 mg cbd gummies this kind of matter is not easy to pursue, the child is in the hospital, and the parents of the child are locked in the detention center, whoever takes care of the child.Grandpa Gu sent Wu Wei away, took some certificates issued by the village, township, and county levels brought by the young couple, and a long list of well meaning people who had donated money to them, and sent Director Su, Han Chaoyang, Cao The doctor and Maid Lu took them to the meeting room on the first floor of the neighborhood committee through the back door, which was convenient for talking and also allowed the young couple to have a good meal.

No, what I m doing now is all useless, no matter how much money I spend, it will be in vain.Parents should be fine, right Not necessarily, the most worrying thing now is this, in case the bone marrow of the child s parents is not good enough, The bone marrow bank can t find a suitable one, so it s troublesome. Why can t the parents This is not a blood transfusion, anyway, that s what the doctor said.They take bone marrow for examination.If it is not worthy, and if the bone marrow bank can t find it, then there is no need to continue to raise donations.It s so pitiful.Who says it s not, so we will get married in the future, and you will get married in the future.Don t play with mobile phones when you re pregnant, don t get close to computers, I just searched online, and it s said that electromagnetic radiation may cause leukemia in pregnant women s babies.

Even if I leak it, people may not be able to remember the account number and password at the same time, after all, it is so long, and there are capital and small letters.Account number It s an email address.The password has many characters, including uppercase and lowercase, letters and numbers.It s not easy to remember once you say it.Han Chaoyang pondered for a moment, then asked How many of your classmates use iPhones Have they ever encountered such a situation , Their mobile phones are fine, so I just met them.There are quite a few people in the Chaoyang community who use the same mobile phone, and even the factory director Wang uses an Apple.It is a case.What should we do now PolyU is under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Could it be that they called Lao Tang and asked him to come and take over.

We are not.No sympathy, we just found someone talking nonsense with their eyes open.Okay, okay, I m busy, I ll call you when I m done.Chapter 245 Special Features The reason for Xinying Police Station There are two reasons why there is no shortage of water.One is that the police station and the office building of the township government next door are newly built.Water storage was considered during infrastructure construction.Not 75 mg cbd gummies only were several large water cellars built underground in and outside the yard, but the entire ground It is made of cement, and the water collection measures are very good.When it rains, clean the ground, and the rainwater can flow into the cellar.The second is that God seems to favor several villages in Xinying Township Yesterday afternoon, it rained sporadically in the hometown of the trainer in Hangzhou.

They all spoke the local dialect, and Han Chaoyang didn t understand a sentence.He Suo seemed to be aware of his language barrier here, and smiled in Mandarin Xiao Han, I m sorry, I don t usually speak Mandarin.We are not used to you coming here, and we are not used to speaking Mandarin all of a sudden.He So, it doesn t matter.My Mandarin is not very standard, and it becomes Long Dao Mandarin as HCMUSSH 75 mg cbd gummies I speak, can you understand me Although he can only understand half of it, and the other half is basically guesswork, Han Chaoyang still smiled Said Yes.It s good if you can understand.He Pingyuan glanced back at the instructor who was on the phone at the door, then turned and pointed to the kitchen, Just now I asked Lao Chang what he had for breakfast, and he said he would let you try it.Our specialty here is water noodles, you probably haven t eaten it, maybe you haven t heard of it.

Two years ago, Feng Changdong approached Feng Changqin and asked Feng Changqin to help him bring the goods.Changqin went to junior high martha stewart cbd gummies discount code school and was more sensible than the rest of your family, so he didn t promise him and didn t help him.This matter Within a few days of the incident, our public security organ obtained conclusive evidence of their drug trafficking, and organized the police to close the net.Feng Changdong was lucky to escape.I don t know what he was thinking, but Feng Guoguang did not escape, and Feng Changhao did.They didn t run away, the father and son, including your other relatives serving sentences in prison, thought it was Changqin who betrayed them, and Feng Guoguang scolded Feng Changqin until he went to the execution ground.He came back to look for Changqin Feng Guobao really didn t know these things, and he looked incredible.

Jiang Li took Han Chaoyang and led four armed police soldiers, carried the drinking water and food prepared by the headquarters for the big guys on their backs, followed the hand painted map provided by the headquarters, and searched southwest along a path full of weeds.Instructor Hang led the other five armed policemen to the west, heading straight for the farther and more desolate Nianpangou.Tanjiagou is more remote than Lijiayao, and is really located deep in the mountains.Before the villagers moved out, they seldom went out of the mountains.There was no decent road.Besides, the villagers moved out long ago.Almost no one came here in the past two years.The maps provided by the headquarters were almost useless, and there was no way to walk.up Fortunately, there is a satellite navigation.Jiang Li put down his phone, looked up and looked around, and pointed to a mountain in the distance The direction must be correct.

Excellent, one who worked tirelessly to help the masses carry water and fell down while helping hemp oil cbd gummy bears the masses to push and pull water on the slope.One assisted our police in uncovering a case of illegal reselling of ephedra grass, and seized more than 120 kilograms of ephedra grass on the spot.The party committee of the bureau studied It was decided to reward these two comrades at the ceremony of Fire Line Meritorious Service and Fire Line Joining the Party.At the same time, three policemen were awarded for meritorious service, which was different.A total of twelve people came, one was awarded second class personal meritorious service, two One is rewarded, and the real reward is rewarding Although Bureau Fan felt that this plan was acceptable, he still smiled and said, It turns out that Xiao Guan and Xiao Ning also performed very well.

Not only me, but Ning Junde s lover Ke Jing has also come, and your branch office booked air tickets for us.The bureau leader was really thoughtful, The bureau leaders are so nice Han Chaoyang was so happy that he couldn t help hugging his long lost lover as soon as he entered the elevator.Huang Ying habitually thought that there was a camera in the elevator, so she 75 mg cbd gummies pushed him away, looked up at the scars on his face and neck, and murmured, It s dark, and there are so many scars.It s dark Do you Take a picture yourself.Han Chaoyang looked at himself in the stainless steel mirror, turned around and smiled and said, It s tanned.The altitude here is high, and the ultraviolet rays are strong.The sunscreen you bought was applied when you first came, and you went in later.I didn t pay attention to the search and arrest in the forest area.

Han Chaoyang looked back at Old Tang, and asked, Teacher Hua, how was his performance during school Hua Yugang took a peek at Zhang Beibei again, and said bluntly Zhu Youwei is very smart and active.No matter what activities the college organizes, he actively participates in it.His academic performance was very good at the beginning, but later Later, he joined the School of Chemical Engineering.Song Yaping got a job with him and started doing business in the school, selling this and that, and he might be sold tirelessly, and the students in the class didn t like to play with him.Doing business in the school, such a classmate Han Chaoyang also met been.It is really annoying to kill familiarity specifically.In fact, not only did he meet, Huang Ying and Zhang 75 mg cbd gummies Beibei were also familiar with it, but Lao Zhu and his wife were very embarrassed, watching everyone not knowing what to say.

He was very busy when his cell phone rang suddenly.When he checked the caller ID, it turned out to be Factory Director Wang whom he hadn t seen for more than 20 days.Chaoyang, I m at the door.Where are you I searched around but couldn t find you I ll be right over, please wait a moment.The old factory manager didn t call unless there was something important.He was used to sending WeChat messages.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to neglect, climbed into 75 mg cbd gummies the patrol car and hurried to the south gate, only to see him standing in front of the patrol booth talking to Huang Ying.Chaoyang, I know you are busy.To make a long story short, there are only two things.Director Wang didn t want to make trouble for the young man, so he ran to the patrol car and said, The first thing is to treat you to dinner.Teacher Liang is too busy to come over.

The bleeding point cannot be distinguished due to the corruption.There is no mud in the mouth, and there is a small amount of yellow sand , the skin of the neck surface was red due to corruption, there was no fracture of the hyoid bone, thyroid cartilage, and cricoid cartilage, there was sheet hemorrhage in the anterior cervical muscle, there was no mud and other foreign bodies in the trachea, there was longitudinal strip bleeding under the tracheal mucosa, and there was no mud in the esophagus , No foreign matter.The surface of the chest was stained red due to corruption, the chest wall including the back had no soft tissue damage marks, and the ribs had no fractures.The heart became soft is cbd gummies good for neuropathy due to corruption, subepicardial hemorrhage, and the heart cavity was empty.The lungs shrank due to corruption, and the lung lobes royal brand cbd gummies There are pinpoint bleeding points between them.

We don t divide them so clearly.When the mixing station is busy, we transfer people from the sand and gravel plant.If the sand and gravel plant is too busy, we arrange a few people to help.Now there are too many gravel materials, the gravel factory is not very busy, just arrange a few people to help load the trucks and check the weighbridge.How many cars do you have here There used to be a lot of cars.We had a fleet when the business was the best.Now the business is not doing well.There are only two dump trucks and four pump trucks left.The other cars are all private.They get business from us outside.buy concrete.We also have salesmen, but our salesmen are all on large construction sites and large projects.The mixer trucks that came in just now were pulled for us, and we paid for the freight.

Reporting to Bureau Qiu, I am a member of the task force, and I have been involved in the 9.18 cases were solved.The time on the monitor shows that the last time Yang Jiandong and Fang Yaqi went upstairs was at 7 48 p.m.yesterday evening.The surveillance video was watched back, which means that Yang Jiandong is in the community, unless he went upstairs and went downstairs from the fire exit without taking the elevator Or abscond by climbing the downpipe, but this possibility is very small.Director Feng finally let out a sigh of relief, and while signaling Han Chaoyang to continue watching the video to see if the other two suspects are there, he notified Liu Da Old Liu, the surveillance video has been tuned out.Now, Yang Jiandong was in Fang Yaqi s house, and immediately organized special police to go upstairs, ready to break in and arrest her at any time.

Multi pronged approach, as long as he gets one, it can make him serious or even extremely serious Han Chaoyang took Wu Junfeng and other eight team members to the Food and Drug Administration in two vehicles, and the law enforcement officers from several units who were about to take part in the operation had already arrived.Han Chaoyang opened the car door and found a colleague from the Economic Investigation Brigade.He found out that the middle aged man standing among several leaders was Deputy Director Xu of the District Food Safety Office.and a list of drug distributors.Name, address, contact person and contact details are all there.This is what Deputy Director Xu was waiting for.He took out a pen from his pocket and marked cbd jelly beans gummies it, then turned around and said, Director Zhang, Director Qian, please hurry up and deploy personnel.

Han Chaoyang thought it was a little funny, and couldn t help but turned his head and said, Sister Miao, why don t you set up a number withdrawal machine here, making it look like a bank.I m handling a koi cbd gummies nighttime rest case, be serious.It wellness cbd gummies s clearly asking someone to do something. What s wrong with following the rules, how can you ensure the quality of the case if you don t follow the procedures Miao Haizhu asked back, and then muttered in his native dialect But the attitude of these people at the window is really bad.We are serving the masses, and they are serving cases.Isn t that the same as service Since it s service, we should have a better attitude. The masses can complain about us, can we complain about them Han Chaoyang sighed and said helplessly in his native language Said And they are not serving us, they are reviewing and supervising us, since they are reviewing and supervising, how can they give us a good face.

Han Chaoyang didn t know the first level police inspector who accompanied the city leaders to inspect, but the first level police inspector standing next to the city leaders knew him.Looking at the back of him leading the team to run, he walked to the city leaders and introduced Mr.Commander, the Comrade Han Chaoyang who led the team just now is very famous on the Internet, he is the most handsome policeman in our Yanyang.You may not have heard of him because you are so busy with work, but you must know his master.Who is his master Comrade Gu Guoli, a second level hero model in the national public security system, a provincial labor model, and a deputy to the provincial people s congress.It turns out that he is Comrade Gu Guoli s apprentice, so it s no wonder.Mayor Chen smiled, and then turned to point to a red flag in the distance The community vigilante patrol is also kind of interesting.

There are rooms available., It s just a big room, and you need to live with other passengers. If you live together, you can high dosage cbd gummies live together, it s okay.The tall man was about forty years old, his hair was half gray, and he looked at Han Chaoyang and Wu intentionally or unintentionally.Wei, immediately took out the wallet from his arms, and took out the ID card from the wallet.The short man was very young, he looked only in his twenties, he also put down his bag, and leaned over to find his ID card.Strange things happen every year, especially 75 mg cbd gummies tonight Those who come to stay here are not literary youths who are looking for poetry and distance , college graduates who come to Yanyang to find a job, or parents who bring their children to experience the atmosphere of the youth hostel.Female , two more people who don t look like living in a youth hostel are ushered in.

With Xie Lingling, Sister Wei, who was following them, might mistakenly think that Miao Haizhu is also a PolyU teacher.Kang Haigen felt that such an arrangement was more reasonable, and immediately picked up his mobile phone to call Miao Haizhu.Grandpa Gu was not idle either, he took over the command without hesitation, and raised the walkie talkie Chaoyang Chaoyang, Sister Wei followed Haizhu and Lingling to PolyU.You can call Hongliang quickly, or Xiaobin, let them Prepare in advance, we don t move here, so as not to overwhelm others.Yes, I will contact them immediately.It takes more than ten minutes to walk from Dongming Community to PolyU, which is enough time for Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin to prepare.As soon as Xu Hongliang received the call, he arranged for the team members to go to several intersections to wait.

This job should not be difficult I believe his job is not difficult to do, the key is that cbd gummies boulder if he stays in Yanyang, he may be found by Zhang Boyu, and his mobile phone number can t even be changed.Why can t Ling Bin s mobile phone number be changed It was only then that Han Chaoyang really came to his senses, and suddenly realized that Ling Bin and Xinxin were used as bait to fish Wan Xiaoxia out.Next, we will continue to use Ling Bin and Xinxin as bait to fish Zhang Boyu out The burly captain of the criminal police in front of him was not worried that Zhang Boyu would find Ling Bin, but that Zhang Boyu would not find him Seeing Han Chaoyang s sudden realization, Wang Jianping said, Opportunities are rare, we must seize them, and we must work together.You have a good mass base, and we can rest assured that Ling Bin and the children will stay with you.

It s fine, Master Yu emphasized while taking out his cell phone, Comrade policeman, Haichao is not a person who likes to take advantage of small things.He was very generous.My hometown didn t what are condor cbd gummies have enough money to build a house, so he lent me 50,000 yuan at once. Really Yes, the villagers know it all.Master Yu called Nie Haichao s cell phone in front of the two of them, and Han Chaoyang was really a little nervous, worried that Nie Haichao would turn off his phone again, but it turned out that the worry was unnecessary, and the call was connected quickly.Master Yu spoke in Xichuan dialect for a while, and then turned on the video for Nie Haichao who was on the train to watch.Look at the police who came to the door.How could Han Chaoyang miss this opportunity, took the mobile phone and said with a smile Master Nie, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the police platform on Zhongshan Road, and I am also a policeman stationed at PolyU, and I live in the campus.

Han Chaoyang didn t know cbd gummies best seller what to say, when Xu Hongliang knocked on the table and said Since Junfeng and the others insist on joining the anti pickup team, let them and Lao Wu catch the thief.But there are gains highest mg of cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies and losses.The team is an anti pickup team member, and they can no longer get the salary of the squad leader and deputy squad leader.As for what to do after three months, we will 75 mg cbd gummies talk about it at that time. Hong Liang, it s not good to lower the salary Plus, Xu Hongliang looked back at Wu Wei with a smile, and said meaningfully Old cbd gummies vitamin shoppe Wu, you either don t come, or you will poach all the backbone of my place when you come.I support your work.If you don t say anything, you will You have to think for them, otherwise who will obey you and who will work hard for you.Hongliang, you think highly of me too much, how can I have the qualifications to raise wages for people Isn t your branch going to allocate tens of thousands of supporting funds Well, you are the squadron leader of the Anti Picking Squad, so you have the right to say how the money is paid.

We ll start after dinner.After going out for a walk, a thief was caught.Xiaokang, Chen Jie and Wen Wu Wei, Miao Haizhu and others who came to hear the news were full of admiration for Lao Wu.Looking at Lao Wu s eyes full of admiration, Ji Kaiyuan was very depressed and humiliated, and said angrily I ve been arrested, I don t care if I think about it.No Old Wu, I m not talking about you.You still like to steal the limelight at such an age.What kind of antihypertensive drugs are you buying, you re making a fool of yourself Han Chaoyang has never seen such a funny thing, and hurriedly motioned to Wu Wei escorted the thief into the room, and then changed the topic Uncle Wu, electric cars are very advanced now, and some 75 mg cbd gummies of them have remote control like cars, and they can be opened without inserting a key.

If you work hard, you might become another city bureau leader.Grandpa Gu was also very satisfied with the little apprentice s performance, so he couldn t help laughing and said, cbd pain killer gummies 75 mg cbd gummies What does it mean to look like a leader He is the leader now, why not sit on the stage.Look at you, there are not many promising apprentices , although Yang Guanjun is already the captain of the detachment, he still has to be polite and call master when he sees me, and he has to bring two bottles of wine to my house to pay New edipure cbd gummies Year s greetings at the end of the year.Grandpa Gu looked at the excited boys on the stage and asked suspiciously Is Yang Guanjun, the head of the Public Security Detachment of the Municipal Bureau, your apprentice You don t know, if you re not my apprentice, you can still be your apprentice Old Ji had a rare chance to show off, and his voice was a little higher than before.

Han Chaoyang didn t want to tire the old man, so he subconsciously asked, Uncle Ji, would you like to take a rest and take a nap.How can we take a nap in our line of work, Ji Kaiyuan said happily, holding a peanut in his hands, 1 00 p.m.So in the future, we will show up at the same time as the office workers.Lao Wu just said that the first group will go to the bus station, and our second group will go to the bus station., that person is very likely to be a pickpocket, so we should keep an eye on him calmly, and if we 75 mg cbd gummies find that he has made a move, it is best to attack decisively the moment he succeeds and catch the current one The expert will know if there is one as soon as he opens his mouth.Wu Junfeng, who was assigned to Mr.Ji s group, was not as disappointed as before, and said excitedly Master, we are all at your command Hurry up and eat How exciting to catch a thief The boys really ate combat rice.

Okay, I Listen to you.This is hemp bomb cbd gummies highest mg of cbd gummies a positive signal of formal reconciliation , Han Chaoyang was chatting with Minister Jiang when there was a cbd pain killer gummies 75 mg cbd gummies knock on the door, and then the door was pushed open from the outside.Director Wang, Xiaohan helped you find your phone.Take a look, it still has power.But I didn artemis cbd gummy thc free t look at the contents of your phone.Even if I wanted to, I couldn t unlock it.It doesn t matter if you look, I What kind of person do you still know, there is nothing shameful in the phone.Director Wang took the phone and unlocked it, clicked on the phone book, and confirmed that there was no missing phone number, then held Han Chaoyang s hand tightly and laughed Said Chaoyang, thank you very much.If it weren t for your help, I would not have a good year this year.During the Spring Festival, I have to pay New Year s greetings to the leaders and friends.

What are you running for Can you run Ji Kaiyuan didn t look like a sixty seven year old man.His legs and feet were outrageous.He even jumped over the luggage placed on the ground by the migrant workers and shouted after him The ones in front Comrade, help me stop him Passengers on the square looked towards the southeast corner one after another, and the two girls closest to the guy hurriedly hid aside in fright.Liu Chengquan, who was chasing up, realized the seriousness of the problem, and shouted eagerly Catch the trafficker, the one wearing the leather jacket is a trafficker Although I was chasing very quickly, I didn t dare to chase too closely.I was worried that the guy would drop the child in order to run faster, worried that the child would 75 mg cbd gummies be injured, and even more worried that the guy would jump over the wall and take the child as a hostage.

I will now interrogate you according to law.Please put your mobile phone and both hands away.Put it on the table, where we can see it, no whispering, no small movements, you can raise your hand to ask for leave if you need to go to the bathroom I m going to the bathroom.hand.Old Ding, please arrange for two people to take him there.Yes There is nothing wrong with it, and it is almost certain that there must be fish in this net.Instructor Gu took out his mobile phone to check the time, and walked out of the restaurant calmly.Run to the explosion proof car and knock on the window.Han Chaoyang realized that the old leader must have something to do, so he hurriedly opened the door and jumped out of the car.Chapter 514 Large Inquiry 4 Instructor, what s the matter Instructor Gu looked back at the lobby of the hotel and said in a low voice, Chaoyang, there are so many suspicious people to be interrogated, I don t know when we will get them.

For artists on the running field, night is the busiest.Sometimes there is work at noon, for example, a couple set the wedding banquet at noon.There cbd pain killer gummies 75 mg cbd gummies is basically nothing to do in the morning and afternoon.As for running around, it is normal.Sometimes I have to run three or four games a night.It is really like a war, and I don t even bother to change the costumes.Kang Wei reconfirmed that the event time will be from 2 00 to 5 00 in the afternoon, and agreed immediately Okay, I ll help you find seven or eight people, and it should be no problem to produce five or six programs.Brother Wei, this is For public welfare, there is no money.Han Chaoyang said embarrassingly.I know, I know without asking.Kang Wei greeted the mother and son who just came in to go to the piano room first, while holding up her mobile phone and said with a smile Xu Qian and the others must be interested in going to the Public Security Bureau to perform, and we had supper together a few days ago At that time, she also said that she wanted to find a police boyfriend.

Got it, and I ll go home with my mother at night, not the dormitory.You re not here, so it s boring to go back alone. The volume of the phone doesn t feel very high during the day, but it seems a bit loud at night.People nearby can hear it all.As soon as Han Chaoyang hung up the phone, Wu Wei couldn t help but tease It s boring to go back alone It s boring to eat alone, Han Chaoyang grinned, stood up and said, Master, aren t you going to measure your blood pressure , I will accompany you there.You are on duty, and the police room cannot leave people.Leave me alone, you are busy with your work.Grandpa Gu put on the winter duty uniform without police armbands, police ranks, chest badges, and police numbers.Picking up the big teacup and lifting the cover, he walked out without looking back.The old man said one thing, and he couldn t send him off if he didn t let highest mg of cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies him go.

Instead, he will be disciplined by the police as a criminal suspect.Discipline.It s a pity that this is China, and the national conditions are different.What we pay attention to is that filial sons are born under the stick, and those who are disobedient have to be beaten. Chinese parents can t beat their children.Don t think I don t understand the law.You know the law and break the law. I certainly wouldn t say that to ordinary minors.But you are not an ordinary minor, you are the child of my colleague.I am talking to you as an 75 mg cbd gummies elder, not as a policeman.These.The brat realized that he was in serious trouble, and was about to continue begging, Han Chaoyang raised his phone, clicked on WeChat, and said with a smile Think carefully, if you don t tell the truth, I will send the photo to instructor Guan Okay Okay, can I say okay The brat got up and ran to Han Chaoyang, and said pitifully, Uncle Han, you don t know me, I know you, you are the most handsome policeman, you have the best heart, the most Sympathy.

For the convenience of passengers, the East Bus Station has launched a telephone ticketing service six years ago, but few passengers know the telephone number for booking tickets.In order to facilitate the purchase of tickets for passengers and to reduce the pressure on conductors, there are QR codes for mobile phone ticket purchases in the ticket halls, but there are still not many passengers willing to scan the codes to download ticket purchase applications.Because of this, although the conductors were so busy that their mouths were so dry that they didn t even have time to drink water, there were still long queues in front of the twelve ticket windows, and they moved very slowly.An elderly migrant worker managed to get to the window and asked eagerly in Mandarin with a thick accent, Comrade, is there a bus to Yixi Hi, I ll check for hemp bomb cbd gummies highest mg of cbd gummies you.

Our factory used to have an armed department and a militia battalion.I have my own arsenal, not to mention pistols, rifles, even machine guns, and I often organize target shooting, and nothing happened What was the security environment back then, and what is the security environment now Can this be compared Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say when the police phone rang again, and hurriedly said, Director Wang, I ll answer the phone first, and we ll talk later.You.Before Han Chaoyang could explain that he would continue to assist the urban management at the station in the afternoon, the old factory manager hung up the phone.Just hang up, anyway, the old man has nothing urgent, if he had said it earlier, Han Chaoyang looked at the caller ID of Jingwutong, it turned out to be an unfamiliar number, at least it didn t exist in Jingwutong.

Meng Lang looked at Han Chaoyang and the two of them as if they were looking at the god of plague, and hoped that they would find Little Fairy soon and took out his mobile phone The vest is called Little Fairy, right Officer Han, you start from the beginning, and I will help you from the back You search one by one.Thank you.Saving people is like putting out a fire, Han Chaoyang is very happy that he can help, think about opening WeChat first, and let him see the WeChat screenshot of Little Fairy , to be exact, 75 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank Little Fairy s profile picture.The three of them just gathered in front of the computer, constantly typing in their phone numbers and searching on WeChat.The time passed minute by minute, and one after another was searched, until the last number of all three searched did not find the little fairy.

Remember to call me when you Han Da come back.Okay, you go now.As soon as Kang Haigen left, Grandpa Gu highest mg of cbd gummies walked over holding a big teacup and greeting people he knew along the street 75 mg cbd gummies as usual.Chen Jie planned to introduce the situation of the police area to Sun Guokang, but the family called and asked when Li Xiaobin and Li Xiaobin would get married.Grandpa Gu walked into the police room, looked at her with his head, and shifted his gaze to Sun Guokang, asking curiously, Young man, what is your name A short and thin old man with wrinkles on his forehead and age spots all over his face , the back has begun to bend, wearing a winter duty uniform, with armbands but no police rank, let alone a chest badge and a police number.Sun Guokang directly believed that Grandpa Gu was an old auxiliary policeman in the Zhongshan Road Police District.

His surname is Han, and his name is Han Chaoyang.He is a good guy.No matter who encounters problems in our community, he will come to him.Leave the outside affairs to him, and we will continue to talk about our affairs.Tomorrow I invite the retired old chief physician of the Second Provincial Hospital to show you.For the Chinese New Year, how can you not prepare some New Year s goods Don t worry, we will help you buy the New Year s goods, and we promise to let you and Uncle Xu have a good New Year Just as he was speaking, Lao Xu s voice came from outside.Stinky boy, dare to come here.Do you want money I have a life.Believe it or not, I will fight with you Uncle Xu, don t get excited.Is there me Lao Xu, who wanted to fight desperately with the debt collectors, persuaded Go in and rest first, leave it to me.

Nao Desperate Saburo, this is the first time I ve heard of it.In terms of Desperate, Wu Wei deserves his name, Zhen Chuan is also good, I almost, this group s nickname is not very worthy of the name, it is more appropriate to change it to Three Musketeers.What three musketeers, did the bureau give you a gun I don t have a gun, but Zhen Chuan has one.With that said, the elevator door opened.Not only the waiter was standing at the door, but Tang Xiaoxuan and a polite young man wearing glasses were also standing at the door with a smile on their faces.Chapter 579 is nothing to Han Da Han Chaoyang and his lovely wife were at the Japanese and Korean restaurant on the 38th floor of the World Trade Hotel, eating a big meal while looking down at the night view of Yanyang.Sun Guokang, an apprentice, started the endless mode of picking up and dealing with the grassroots police before finishing dinner.

How did you solve it in the end Don t worry if you don t ask.Okay, I ll report first.Han Chaoyang briefly introduced the solution in the bureau, and then said helplessly What Liu doesn t know The Second Squadron took over, and the Second Squadron avoided it, and in the end it fell into his hands.Until his condition stabilizes and the demolition is confirmed, the detention center will definitely not take him into custody.After finally catching an online fugitive, it turned out to be a big trouble Bao Qingshan really didn t know that such a HCMUSSH 75 mg cbd gummies funny thing had been discovered in the past 20 hours, and said happily Chaoyang, this can t be blamed on the bureau.The suspect was caught by you, and the trouble is that you found it.If I were the leader of the bureau, I would let you be responsible to the end.

That s what I mean, Han Chaoyang pointed at Dai Lishi, and said with all his heart The annual treatment cost for uremia is about 60,000 yuan.If Dai Lishi goes to the street russell brand cbd gummies reviews to apply for evaluation and demolition, he can still get 500,000 to 600,000 yuan in compensation, but it s not worth it If the two brothers Dai can lend a helping hand, the compensation he can get in the future will not be less than one million.You may have some doubts, here I can express my opinion on behalf of the sub bureau, he is currently under residential surveillance under the supervision of our sub bureau Personnel, our sub bureau is obliged and responsible to help him with some guarantees.For example, you lend money to him in installments to see a doctor.The loan can be calculated as bank loan interest, and the term can be five years.

Okay, then I ll call and ask Mr.Liang, Let s see if Teacher Liang has a rest, and if we can come and 75 mg cbd gummies help to be a witness.You don t have to ask, I m right here with Teacher Liang, and the two of us will go there together.It s easy to do things in the base area , and it s easy to change to other places Not to mention that it is difficult to find someone to testify in the middle of the night, even in broad daylight it may not be possible to find someone.Because selling counterfeit cigarettes is not a small thing, and it is not a big deal.The inspectors of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau often find counterfeit cigarettes or cigarettes flowing into Yanyang from informal channels.One lives in the factory area, and the other runs a shop outside the factory area.Who wants to take the risk of retaliation for doing something that offends others Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang felt a little regretful, thinking that he shouldn t have promised Team Liang to help find witnesses.

Morning, Han Da.Excuse me, are you I didn t know him at all, and Han Chaoyang was startled.Sun Le, from the anti narcotics team of the Nanshan Branch.Xiao Sun turned to look at the corridor, reconfirmed that there was no one else, and explained When I checked in last night, Sergeant Hu said that you live in this room, and our two rooms happen to be opposite each other.Oh oh oh, it turns out to be a colleague of Team Ni.Han Chaoyang shook hands hurriedly, and then said with a smile We are about the same age, so don t be so polite when you come and go, you haven t had breakfast, let s go find a place to eat Order something, let s chat while walking.No matter what, the person in front of me is also the team leader, so Xiao Sun just pretended not to know anything and said with a smile, Okay, please, Han Da.

After returning, there will be arrangements after returning.The investigation of this case is getting bigger and bigger.Beijing is a battlefield, and our side is also a battlefield.Comrades Yu Zhenchuan and Wu Wei joined our task force.As for Comrade Xiaokang, I just coordinated with the Fengyong County Bureau in the afternoon.It would not be good to change my mind so quickly, so let him participate in the next investigation.And me Youyou took the suspect s rest after you escorted him back.Last year, you promised to let you take a good cbd gummies and drug test reddit rest for a few days, but you haven t been able to fulfill it.Now you can t delay any longer.Arrange compensatory leave after you come back, and go back to accompany your parents well.After the compensatory leave, you will be busy when you come back.PolyU will start school, and several key project construction sites will start.

Okay, pull over when you exit the toll booth.How far is it from your home Mama Huang looked out the window and asked curiously.It s not far, less than 30 75 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews kilometers, but the roads in the mountains are not easy to walk.For safety, the speed limit is either 60 or 40.It takes about 40 minutes from the toll booth to the town.40 minutes, in a blink of an eye Don t worry when we re here, drive slowly too.After paying the toll, he drove out of the toll booth, and Dad Huang parked the car on the side of the road.Just as Han Chaoyang went around the front of the car and got into the cab, he was busy fastening his seat belt when Huang Ying s cell phone rang again.Mom, we just got off the expressway, and we will be there in 40 minutes.So fast Teacher Ma used to go to Yanyang either by bus or by Boss Miao s van.

Some comrades know it, and some comrades may not know it.Although Comrade Han Chaoyang works in the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau, he is also from Qingshan.He is not only the pride of Yanyang City s public security front, but also our Qingshan County.Proud Here, on highest mg of cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies behalf of the Party Committee of the Bureau, I would like to express my gratitude to Comrade Han Chaoyang for his personal second class merit, third class merit, and awards in just two years.Warmest congratulations to the most handsome policeman in Yangyang and his promotion to the captain of the voluntary security patrol highest mg of cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies brigade of Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau I would like to express my warmest welcome to Comrade Han Chaoyang for taking time out of his busy schedule to come to our bureau to participate in the discussion And most heartfelt thanks Cowhide is not blown, and trains are not pushed.

There are even many deficiencies in the duties performed, and I need to learn from my predecessors and colleagues I thought he would talk about what work he had done, what achievements he had made, and what honors he had won like 75 mg cbd gummies some comrades in the year end summary.Thinking of being so humble, it s no wonder that the leaders of the Yandong branch regard him so highly.Deputy county magistrate Wang s mind once again recalled Zhou 75 mg cbd gummies Ju s complacent look at the meeting last year, thinking to himself why all the good subordinates belong 75 mg cbd gummies to others Chapter six hundred and seventy sixth from preferential treatment to the police The Xinying Police Station impressed me the most during the exchange in the Northwest.If we only talk about the office conditions, the conditions of the Xinying Police Station are very good, even better than the Huayuan Street Police Station where I used to work.

But a deputy director level leader like you can t help it.What s the use of telling me, a deputy department level policeman Han Chaoyang was at a loss for what to say, and Director Qi took over again Chaoyang, your mother said that the comprehensive police reception platform of your police district is located in the Sixth People s Hospital of Yanyang City, and that you are very familiar with the hospital leaders.Lao Jiang has never made a request to the bureau, just such a wish, can you help me and ask.Qi Suo, it s okay to ask, but I can t guarantee that such a big matter will be done.I know that there are too many medical students now, and it is very difficult to enter a big hospital.Deputy County Mayor Wang said with a smile So I suggested to Lao Jiang to do Xiao Jiang s ideological work very early on, and to treat employment rationally.

Han Chaoyang slowed down God, just didn t know what to say, Liu Jianye continued Chaoyang, I just asked Xiao Miao, and Xiao Miao confirmed that Xiao Liu was on duty tonight, and he was hit while on duty, that is to say, he died on duty.Report, you have Zhouju s mobile phone number, you can 75 mg cbd gummies report later.Whether you were bumped while on duty is completely different.How could Han Chaoyang fail to understand Liu Jianye s implication, and said with tears streaming down his face Liu Suo, our anti pickup team consists of these few members., as long as they are in the city, they are on call I know, but I still need to confirm.Liu Jianye took a deep breath and said in a low voice Chaoyang, that s it, I ll call Bureau Zhou to report first.After hanging up the phone, there was silence in the car.A young man just disappeared, Huang s father panicked, took out a cigarette and lit a cigarette.

Two car owners got into a fight.The traffic policeman was dealing with the scratch and he was dealing with the fight.The two car owners are really serious.Since it is unlikely that they will not be insured hemp bomb cbd gummies highest mg of cbd gummies when buying a car, anyway, the insurance company will pay for it, so why fight.Han Chaoyang sighed, and said into the intercom Sister Liu, Tie Jun, Xiaomin, I, and I happen to be at the engineering headquarters.Please inform Xia Xiaolu to bring who owns natures boost cbd gummies the registration book and let Sergeant Ding get back to business.Okay, I ll call Xiao Lu.Returning the tools to the material worker at the high speed rail station project site, thanking them, and the three of them drove to the high speed rail new city project site together.The firecrackers have been set off, and five excavators are rumbling construction, loading the excavated soil into carts one by one, and pulling them out one by one.

During the investigation, some things that were not known before will definitely be found.The basic information must be collected and supplemented in a timely manner.The grid members of Chaoyang and Yangguan communities also rushed to the courtyard of the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee early to gather.Although Cao Zefang is only the first secretary of Chaoyang Community and has no control over Yangguan Village, he is also the instructor of the voluntary security patrol brigade of Yandong Public Security Bureau, so he still has to participate in such a cbd pain killer gummies 75 mg cbd gummies big operation.After dinner, he changed into the special service 75 mg cbd gummies uniform, and stood in front of the foyer with Xu Hongliang, who also changed into a black uniform, talking in a low voice, with the small police lights on his shoulders constantly flashing.

Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and said in a deep voice Okay, let s keep an eye on them first, and see what they do, and see how many of them there HCMUSSH 75 mg cbd gummies are.I asked Xi Yuan to check and see who are still registered in the village The workplace is the same company.Okay, let cbd pain killer gummies 75 mg cbd gummies s check first.If you don t check, you don t know, and if you check, you will be shocked After Han Chaoyang chatted with Kang Haigen and continued to check the ID cards of the outsiders for a while, Guan Xiyuan called and said that there were sixty seven outsiders from more than a dozen provinces and cities in the village.When they went to the police office of Yangguan Village to register It is the same work unit.The youngest is 19 75 mg cbd gummies years old, and the oldest is 58 years old.Most of them are not highly educated, and only nine have college or undergraduate degrees.

See if we can think of a way to solve the expenses of the anti pickup team.The hemp bomb cbd gummies highest mg of cbd gummies anti pickup team must not be disbanded.If I can t even keep the anti pickup team, I will have no face to go out to meet people in the future.How to solve the funds Alms, sponsorship, except What else can we do for alms.Han Chaoyang paused, and then said Director Wen said that if we make an application, District Chief Liu should be able to grant us 100,000 yuan.As long as we can get another 200,000 to 300,000 yuan in sponsorship, we can solve the problem.Junfeng Xiaogu s basic salary and social security and medical insurance, as long as Junfeng Xiaogu s basic salary and social security and medical insurance can be solved, I will talk to PolyU and the Sixth Hospital, and ask PolyU and the Sixth Hospital to be responsible for Mei Tiejun and the others as before Salary and Social Security and Medicare.

Chapter 769 Everyone has aspirations.Funding applications need to be approved by leaders.You can t be in a hurry, but from Director Huo s tone, it can be heard that the problem is not very big.Han Chaoyang had some confidence in his mind, and felt that the top priority should be to stabilize the morale of the army.Send Fan Ju away, go back to the police room, and talk to Mei Tiejun who is on duty today.Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened his mouth, Mei Tiejun smiled hemp bomb cbd gummies highest mg of cbd gummies hemp bomb cbd gummies highest mg of cbd gummies embarrassedly and said 75 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews Han Da, what you eat as a security guard is a bowl of youthful rice.In fact, I didn t want to do it the year before last.I handed in my resignation report, and Minister Jiang just refused to let me go.He said that working in school is as promising as it is, and asked me to sign up for the self study exam.After passing the junior college, I will apply for an undergraduate degree.

Transfer the beneficial right.Then the construction unit will hold the written materials of the beneficial right transfer and claim the insurance money from the insurance company.In this case, the insurance company will pay the insurance money to your construction unit.However, in several cases this year, the court has emphasized Article 39 The insured person purchases personal insurance for the laborers with whom he has a labor relationship, and shall not designate people other than the insured and his close relatives as beneficiaries.What is cbd gummies for sale near me 75 mg cbd gummies meant by not allowed is expressly prohibited by law.What you just said is in I don t know about other places, but it definitely won t work in Yanyang. But Boss Hu, there s nothing wrong with it, because even if the previous method highest mg of cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies worked, the insurance company wouldn t pay.

Now he is the head of the sub bureau, and the district requires the sub bureau and other units to joint law enforcement.They even asked the sub bureaus to participate in stability maintenance, and truly realized that these 75 mg cbd gummies seemingly unimportant tasks are actually very difficult to do.He rubbed his chin and asked hemp bomb cbd gummies highest mg of cbd gummies curiously, What s going on in Xinmin Community Xinmin Community is an old residential area in Xinyuan Street.It has never had property, and it didn t even have a wall before.Later, the neighborhood committee took the lead and mobilized the owners.The family paid some money to build the fence.As a result, some owners opened more than a dozen holes in the fence for the convenience of travel.There is only a guard in his 60s at 75 mg cbd gummies the gate, and anyone can enter and exit, and thefts often occur.

I stalked Donghai for more than a month, and I didn t come back together until I caught up What do you think of back then, this was last year Okay.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.Yu Zhenchuan even scolded with a smile It s shameless enough.What s the shame, I am willing.Xu Hongliang smiled, and continued In short, the man should take the initiative You don t do anything, just say no, Just sit and wait, what can you expect The words are rough and the rationale are not rough.Wu Wei thinks that Xu Hongliang s words have some truth in his heart, but his character is difficult to put the shameless spirit into action.He is about to speak but doesn t know what to say.There are not many passengers here, and the stewardess is signaling that they can get off the plane.Luo Weixing, get up Get up, be honest It s important to get down to business, Xu Hongliang stopped joking, and together with Yu Zhenchuan carried Jiang Yonggen and walked in front, Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei carried Luo Yonggen behind, Shi Junhua was responsible for helping everyone take baggage.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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