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But Wang Weiyi couldn t care less.Since the task of holding on to the B position can no longer be completed, then simply leave a reputation of being crazy in this era.attack attack Leave the most brilliant reputation with the craziest offense.The three tanks are like three monsters on the battlefield, showing ferocious fangs, waiting for the master s order at any time, and then tearing apart all obstacles in front of them There is only one problem now.The sudden appearance of three powerful tanks will attract the attention of the British, French and German high level officials sooner or later.How will it end then Won t this wreak havoc on spacetime It s just that these issues are no longer in Wang Weiyi s consideration.For a person who is about to die, who cares if the sky will collapse A plane appeared in the sky, it was a German reconnaissance plane, flying very low, aiming at the position of the destroyed Prince Soberk s battalion.This is the result of the most brutal training in a long time Then, Wang Weiyi grabbed Boritz s hair with his left hand, and punched Boritz s throat with his right hand several times.Boritz died instantly like a chicken with its throat cut.In the blink of an eye, Wang Weiyi killed his opponent.Manstein and Richthofen were not so quick.One of them is an adjutant and the other is a pilot, but they are not killers.But it was clear that they had their opponents under control.At this time, Pompestein had already been cornered.Too fast, really too fast, there was no time for him to react at all.Pompestein once again saw the Chinese who had been interrogated by him, but this time their positions were completely reversed.Guo Yunfeng became the judge, while Pompestein became the judged.Pompestein stared at the knife in Guo Yunfeng s hand.Then, he said to the crown prince as if he remembered something Your Highness, we need to wait for reinforcements here, and now I need you to throw away all your luggage Although August did not understand, he still followed Enns With Te s words, he threw away everything he could throw away.reinforcements It seems that it is still surrounded by the enemy, how can reinforcements appear here But August may not be an excellent commander, but he has one advantage, he will never interfere with other people s methods.He is full of confidence in the creator of the miracle of the Somme.However, there are still some doubts.This is an open space, relatively open, with a clear view of the surrounding area, and there is no place to hide.Once the enemy catches up, what will they rely on to resist Time is passing by every minute and every second, and the British will soon catch up.But I am a soldier, and I will never do such a thing as running away.Then you have only one choice, and that is to go to can you take cbd gummies with advil trial.If you are convicted, even your title of baron will not be able to keep you.You must know that no matter which country you are in, traitors are hated by all indica cbd gummies uli cbd gummies the people in cbd gummies 500mg can you take cbd gummies with advil the country.No, I will not be convicted by them Wang Weiyi replied confidently I know what I should do.To deal with them, and know what I should do.You may be a hero Xiao Ling said such a sentence unexpectedly.Wang Weiyi was a little dazed when he heard it.In his memory, Xiao Ling had never praised himself.He rolled his eyes Xiao Ling, I said that you will love me sooner or later.on mine.Humans have a problem, they like narcissism.This problem is particularly prominent in your body.I suggest that you take a comprehensive mental examination after finishing this matter.Because the Germans are nobler in will, character, and morality than any of our enemies Most of the Germans who were watching showed satisfied smiles on their faces.Ernst s words made them feel so proud to be a German.And what I do is what every German can do things.Justice, mercy, integrity.Wang Weiyi finally told everyone present what he really cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies wanted to say That day, after we captured the enemy s position, we captured a large number of British people, including Lieutenant Colonel Rosen.There is nothing wrong with the accusation against me.But Colonel Nicholas seems to have deliberately ignored the fact that one of Lieutenant Colonel Rosen s arms was blown off by the powerful German artillery There was an exclamation, and Nicholas His face became even uglier.Quiet, please keep quiet Felix made everyone quiet Baron Alexon, you can continue talking.Wang Weiyi nodded And I was originally responsible for receiving this batch of gold.It s a pity that my friends and I encountered some troubles on the way and were delayed.We didn t get into Lance until yesterday.My mission couldn t be completed, but I don t want to just go back empty handed Do you want to embezzle this gold for yourself Watts is now beginning to understand what the other party means.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly This amount of gold is enough to make everyone crazy.One hundred twenty five.Prepare for action This amount of gold is enough to drive everyone crazy.When Wang Weiyi said this, he was already strongly implying something to Grandma Watts.The flesh on Watts fat face twitched, a flash of ecstasy flashed in his eyes, and then he tried his best to look calm What are you going to do, Lieutenant The gold is in a very hidden place now, but Relying on my strength can t take it back.Let the soldiers pay attention to saving ammunition, and tell them the dire situation here.Colonel Thomas said lightly.Yes, Colonel.Major Wolf hesitated at this point Colonel, please allow can you take cbd gummies with advil me to organize can you take cbd gummies with advil all the soldiers to cover your breakout.Major Wolf, you are wrong.Colonel Thomas smiled slightly A commander is not a good commander if he abandons his soldiers when times are difficult.I believe that if you are the supreme commander here, you will certainly not do this.Major Wolfe points Nodded Yes, I understand.At this time, a sharp whistle came from the opposite side of the position, and Colonel Thomas pointed forward Go and command the battle, Major Wolfe.Gunshots and explosions It came quickly, but it didn t affect Colonel Thomas.He turned around and walked back.There were some seriously wounded people who had lost their ability to fight.Then we also noticed it, and warned Fandis in time, but what we never expected was that you rescued people so quickly, leaving us with no time to reactNow I finally know why the Skeleton Baron is so scary Wang Weiyi put down his cup Now Are you going to kill me No, no, I m not that stupid.If I want to kill the skeleton baron, maybe I will die first.What s more, this is the territory of the Germans Samokski waved his hand Since the Skeleton Baron cannot be defeated, it is better to have one more friend than to give us one more enemy Friends A Russian actually talked to himself about these two people Wang Weiyi smiled lightly and said nothing.Let s talk about the super spy.Shamoksky finally brought the words to the can you take cbd gummies with advil eagle hemp cbd gummies official website point This is a very terrible spy.Do you know the war between Russia and Japan in Lushun, China Baron Alexon Of course Wang Weiyi knows that two shameless countries are engaged in a war for interests on the territory of another country. Hitler s firefighters, who caused Zhukov to suffer a disastrous defeat Iron Wall Model Never thought that the first confrontation between the sharp Offensive Spear Zhukov and Defense Shield Model would happen ahead can you take cbd gummies with advil of schedule Perhaps, all this is because of his own appearance Well Baron Alexon, my mission is complete, I have to go to Russia to do my own business.At this time, Lai Li s words interrupted Wang Weiyi s train of thought I hope you have good luck. Thank you, Sidney.Wang Weiyi smiled and said We will meet again, I am very sure of this.If you need any information, you can come to meOf course, I will go to you when I have time Riley politely agreed, but he didn t take it seriously.Only Find Ernst by yourself, Ernst can t find himself no matter what Omjet.Colonel Fritojak has been waiting here for three days , but there was no sign of the enemy at all, which made can you take cbd gummies with advil him gradually anxious.Did you have a good time last night Xiao Ling s words were full of contempt Okay, Merry Rambler, I have to give you your Mark and the gold and jewelry you got from the cursed manor, turn right, You will see a carriage, which is filled with what you need.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, this is not very good, and he will have to turn off the tracker when needed in the future Found that He rushed to the hotel with a carriage, and transported the three suitcases into his room.Not long after, Hermione came as scheduled.Seeing that what Baron Alexon said was ready and exactly as he said, Hermione showed a shocked expression again.It turns out that Baron Alexon really has so much wealth After a rough estimate, the do cbd gummies help with stress total value of that batch of diamonds and gold jewelry has reached more than two million Reichsmarks.He didn t believe that the troops he personally commanded could not break through the enemy s obstacles Since the establishment of the 21st Infantry Division, the most tragic offensive and defensive battle broke out on April 19, 1917.The well prepared 21st Infantry Division was under the personal command of Romand Benweihao.Xiang Ci Nuoxi launched wave after wave of offensives In two days, no matter how many tactics General Ben Weihao changed, the final outcome was the same Ci Nuoxi, like an indestructible giant That skeleton battle flag has always stood on the German position At the same time, the German Air Force cbd gummies 500mg can you take cbd gummies with advil has also stepped up its deployment.German fighter planes frequently appear in the sky, providing all possible support for the army time and time again.That red fighter plane is the most conspicuous no matter where it is placed, and every time it can you take cbd gummies with advil appears, it always attracts cheers from the skeleton commando.Rommel Did not forget to remind.Wang Weiyi picked up the binoculars and looked towards the opposite position.Those Italians had no intention of repairing the position at all.A large number of hungry people were huddled in the position and did not dare to move.This made Wang Weiyi laugh Erwin where can i buy smilz cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies with advil , this army is actually pretty good, and it didn t collapse.But their morale has been shaken.If my judgment is correct, after the second bombardment, the position there will belong to us.Rommel shrugged noncommittally However, he must also admit that since he met who sells cbd gummies in wilkes barre pa Ernst, his judgment seems to have never been wrong.How should I put it It seemed that Ernst had a powerful force capable of foreseeing the future.Half an hour cbd gummies summerville sc later, the German bombardment started on time The terrified Italians had to face this terrible thing again.Getting along with the Germans these days made the Italians feel that these German soldiers were not so scary, on the contrary, they were very kind.It is indeed a good idea to spend Christmas with the enemy Wang Weiyi spent Christmas on the battlefield with his men, Elena also drank a lot of wine, her face was flushed, It looks very lovable.When they walked on the streets of Udine, they saw a large number of German soldiers and Italians coming out, talking with each other in simple German or Italian with hand gestures, with cheerful expressions on everyone s faces can be seen clearly.Who is a friend and who is an enemy can not be distinguished here Hey, Colonel Colonel, here, here Seeing the Colonel, Steck and the others laughed and greeted him loudly.Elena s head rested on Ernst s shoulder, and at this moment, there was no need to deliberately hide where can i buy smilz cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies with advil anything.And once such an opportunity arises, the mortars, heavy machine guns, and reserves are used so perfectly in his hands Iron Wall Mordel The British retreated like a tide, and at this moment, Model, who was in charge of the front line, actually issued a jaw dropping order Pursue A sharp whistle that was completely different from the defense sounded.Urging the soldiers to attack The German soldiers did not hesitate at all.They jumped out of their positions cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies one after another, and launched an incredible pursuit towards the retreating British Hundreds of people chasing thousands of people, can you imagine this scene I have to transfer Model to the second team.Ernst can indica cbd gummies uli cbd gummies t take all the advantages.Rommel put down the binoculars.muttered.Come on, tell the colonel that I want Model, yes, from now on, Model belongs to the third team Yes, move quickly, Erwin must be thinking about this too Manstein is a A person who is clean and tidy has to get things done right away.They aimed accurately, and then pulled the trigger accurately.With the sound of gunfire, the officers one by one became the souls of their guns.They only hit the officers, not the soldiers On one side is the German army sweeping like a whirlwind, and what is cbd relax gummies on the other side is a group of sharpshooters who are almost full of bullets.Americans have never seen such a combat method.The trials of veterans and recruits are quickly reflected here.The Germans also had casualties, but when they faced the casualties, they were calm and calm, as if nothing happened.And once someone in the U.S.military is shot and falls, there will soon be a burst of yelling, as if the doomsday is approaching, which makes the already panicked mood even more frightening A volley of grenades was thrown, causing a cascade of explosions among the American troops.However, although Li Lu made a rash attack in the end, the overall results are quite satisfactory.The Japanese army dropped more than 20 corpses in front of the position.It seems that the number is not much, but if the last attack can you take cbd gummies with advil is not counted, in this defensive battle, the defender only killed three people and injured two people.This is can you take cbd gummies with advil oros cbd gummies tinnitus really an exchange of the smallest price for the biggest victory that I didn t even dare to think of can you take cbd gummies with advil before In the same way, the cbd gummies 500mg can you take cbd gummies with advil troops commanded by Wang Weiyi repelled the Neikou brigade s three charges one after another.During these three defensive operations, the officers and soldiers were highly unified in their thinking and resolutely carried out all the orders issued by Wang Weiyi.They never raised their heads when it was time to hide.When it s time to fight back, there is no fear of death.He was always there too.Hannah sighed softly Father never showed his feelings in front of others, but there were a few times, I remember when I was a child, I slept at night No, when I get up, the light in the living room is always on.I secretly look at my father and find him crying quietly Do you know, general, in my impression, my father is so strong, I heard that even though we were defeated, my father firmly told everyone that one day Germany will rise again I asked him why he was crying, and he hugged me and said that he lost a best brotherand when I grew up, I realized that his best brother was General Ernst Everyone misses him Stark also began to be emotional.But Kroller said loudly General, I think we should shift our thoughts on the Baron to the great cause of revenge for him Every German misses the Skeleton Baron, every German respects the Skeleton Baron, but we will not be sad, we will only use the most furious iron fist to complete the unfinished glory of General Ernst Conquer all of Europe Stark smiled slightly.If you like this work, welcome to the starting point qidian.Vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support is my greatest motivation.Two hundred and ninety eight.Chinese Air Force 1500 monthly ticket plus more We can die, but they can t.When more and more students know this sentence, they begin to know what kind of ruthless major he is people.He is fierce, he is ruthless, and he did not hesitate when he drew his gun, but his heart was there to protect all the students.Listen to the major Don t bother the major Everyone get out of the car and where can i buy smilz cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies with advil give the car to the soldiers The shouts began to spread.The students jumped off the truck one can you take cbd gummies with advil after another, and can you take cbd gummies with advil gave the truck to the soldiers without any explanation.Soldiers can die for them, and they can die for soldiers What s going on here A car drove by, Guo Yunfeng jumped out of the car, and asked loudly in front of a group of cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies students surrounded by everything.But you have to know, what can they do So I asked for my opinion, I think, they can be arranged here for the time being, and then they are fighting the Japanese themselves while looking for the baron.This was quite a surprise hair condition.A group of Germans came to find themselves from far away Germany Wang Weiyi felt like laughing Okay, let them come to see me.Yes, I ll go and talk to Claire and Hannah now.Werner left in a hurry.After a while, Claire and Hannah Hannah appeared in front of Wang Weiyi Colonel, we haven where can i buy smilz cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies with advil t seen each other for a while.I heard that you have been promoted.Congratulations.Thank you.Wang Weiyi nodded.Look, I think Werner has already told you Kroller looked a little embarrassed We don t know what to do, so we thought of you and hoped to get your help Wang Weiyi smiled slightly I am willing to accept them.The two Chinese policemen standing at the door were also yawning.Those Japanese people stayed comfortably inside, but I still had to stand here.It should be said that after the Japanese came, the life of the police was not as easy as before.Over there, there was a noise of fighting.The two young men who were wrestling with each other arrived at the gate of the post office, cursing and beating each other.This kind of thing happens often, and I often watch it with a smile, and I don t have the intention of coming to persuade me at all.Seeing them beating and cursing, it seems that these two people are still working in the French consulate and fighting over a woman.Hey, it s more lively now Baga Yalu Suddenly, an angry reprimand came out.The police quickly stood up straight, it was Major Miyamoto who was in charge here.Tsukata.Matsui Iwane sighed long and loudly We have expended too much energy for the direct administration, and we have given a lot to the people of China in vain.If this matter is publicized, it will cause an uproar in the country.For the sake of the future of the empire, leave him alone for now Yes, Your Excellency, Commander.Matsui Iwane reviews on trubliss cbd gummies stared numbly Looking at the sky outside One day, I think I will meet Zhizheng again Three hundred and seventy.He wants to fight, fight with him The Jiangjiacun victory pushed Wang Weiyi s reputation to a new level And he also became the first recipient of the Guoguang Medal This chapter is awarded to soldiers of the army, navy and air force who have defended against foreign aggression and defended the country, and who have one of the following special military exploits Annihilating all or most of the enemy s army, and capturing important places of the enemy s army, as well as flag artillery or important armaments, etc.The main purpose of the Soviet Union s aid to China was to keep China tightly entwined with Japan, so that it could not move northward, and prevent Japan from attacking the Soviet Union.Therefore, at this moment, the Soviet Union s military assistance to China has always been kept within certain limits, but the situation will soon change Yezhov, chairman of the Soviet NKVD, lost Stalin s trust and was Forced to step down, and the previously lost members of the Yakota faction were reactivated, including Anna s husband Timilenko.He resumed his position as director of the Political Supervision Department of the State Security Administration.He will play an increasingly important role in the Soviet Union s aid to China And Wang Weiyi, who has attracted much attention, also feels more and more strongly that this will be his last battle in China.Now that China is conducting a strategic counter offensive, I think we should focus on some other things that the baron told us Yes.Leoni sighed softly Although we have also been giving support to Germany these years, our main focus is on China.It is indeed time to focus on Germany.Now they need our help even more They were discussing there.A young man walked in excitedly outside Hey, mother, Aunt Hermione, Speaker Rayburn has hired me as his assistant.That s really good news, William.Leonie looked at her son approvingly.This is her and Ernst s son, the best son Ernst Wilhelm Alexson Von.Bram Tomorrow, Uncle Franklin invited me to have lunch with him.Ah, I have to prepare, Uncle Franklin will always ask some very tricky questions during meals.William said happily.You have to call him President Roosevelt, my William.This is a very professional and difficult job to train.They have always regarded themselves as senior soldiers in the team, but this is not the case at all now.The snipers around All those German soldiers became sharpshooters.Flesh and blood flew everywhere, and stumps and broken legs would fly up from time to time, and then hit someone s head.Magfedloof will have no idea why the Germans are here, and they seem to have been prepared.Now the entire Vesniak armored regiment has been completely divided, and it is in a mess here, unable to advance or retreat.However, the well prepared German army is quite clear about firing dense bullets at the Soviet army Magfedlov without a break.Under the current situation, it is difficult for him to command the troops to rush out completely.The only hope is that his troops can hold on here, and then wait for reinforcements to arrive.After you left, a lot of things happened.Hitler became a little excited again Those damned Jews were finally eradicated by me.Ah, do you remember Stephen The one who betrayed you and the Skeleton Commando Yes He s a Jew And Hall So is he I ll have my revenge Jews don t deserve to live in this world, no He gradually became a little excited, waving his arms non stop, as if there were countless audiences standing opposite him.He cursed the Jews loudly, cursed Britain, France, and Russia Judging from his expression, he seems to want to trample HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies with advil the whole world under his feet.From this level, Hitler really changed a lot.It was no longer the shy messenger at the beginning, How is Hall now Wang Weiyi asked when he finally calmed down.Aha, he s not bad.Hitler shrugged He should be lucky, because just when I was about to punish him, I suddenly got the news that you appeared in Shanghai, I pardoned him, and also Send someone to send some money to him every month.Congratulations, Marshal Rommel, you have achieved a great victory in Africa, and you deserve the rank of Marshal.Wang Weiyi said seriously.Thank you.Rommel s face was equally grim As you expected, the British sent Montgomery as the commander and greatly increased the defensive force.With my current strength, it is difficult to complete a new breakthrough.Enough.Wang Weiyi said coldly We don t need to continue to attack now.Marshal Rommel, I order your army to stop the offensive and build a defensive line on the spot.Montgomery must be dragged until October Yes, Your Excellency Marshal What about the Russian side Marshal Manstein stepped forward But after we won the battles of Kharkov and Sevastopol fortresses, the strength of the Russians was severely damaged.Weakened.According to your order, we have built defensive lines everywhere.In their view, an order is an order, and once the order is issued, there is no possibility of any change can you take cbd gummies with advil At 23 30, the first raid team was detected when it was trying to approach the Turkish defense line, and the Germans opened fire quickly.The Geinick battle broke out Guo Yunfeng unreservedly threw all his troops in his hands, and all the machine guns, submachine guns, grenades, and flamethrowers of the German army opened fire.Fortunately, the German army lacked heavy weapons, and the Turkish army also did not have heavy weapons.Geynik s defense line was temporarily built before, and its weakness is appalling.After Colonel Bernaha arrived, before he had time to catch his breath, the German raiding force had arrived.Marshal Greluman s judgment is correct Everything the German army has done before is completely covering up their real strategic purpose However, Colonel Bernaja was given too little time.In the presidential office, President Inonu of the Republic of Turkey received General Rosen from England and expressed his welcome.The German army is rapidly approaching Ankara.In President Inonu s vision, relying solely on Ankara s own strength cannot defend the capital of Turkey.Britain and the Soviet Union are the forces he must rely on Now, the first batch of British aid has arrived.If the British and Soviet troops can directly participate in the war, then it will be much more secure to guard Ankara After briefly introducing the situation in Ankara to General Rosen, Inonu couldn t wait to ask General, when will the British army be able to join the war We need to prepare.General Rosen s expression was very Seriously Ankara has to persist for more than half a month before we can wait for our first batch of reinforcements.I learned through other channels that the senior Turkish officers on the front line have received orders from the general headquarters.Without direct orders from General Kistafa, no one is allowed to mobilize troops.It even includes the can you take cbd gummies with advil president.Kassadis words made Inonu s complexion stern No.It s just too scary.Is the general I trust so much really going to carry out a mutiny Give me a call from General Kistafa.Inonu said slowly.When the call was connected, Inonu first asked about the situation on the front line, and then turned the question to HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies with advil the answer he wanted to know General Kistafa, I have noticed that a large number of troops have entered Ankara, you Why do you want to do this To ensure the safety of Ankara, Mr.President.The most important thing now is the outcome of the front line, not Ankara.Rommel hurriedly reported to Hitler The entire fortress of Tobruk surrendered, and a total of 25,000 can you take cbd gummies with advil enemies were captured, including some generals.The whole of Germany was boiling.Five hundred and thirty five.The biggest challenge the third one Rommel s series of dazzling victories in Africa made him a marshal of the German Empire and pushed his personal reputation to the peak.But this does not give Germany a victory in Africa.The British appointed Montgomery to command all Allied forces in Africa.Erwin Rommel met the greatest enemy in his life.On cbd gummies 500mg can you take cbd gummies with advil August 12, 1942, General Montgomery flew to Africa and was ordered to take over the command of the 8th Army.Montgomery has a hawk like face, and his high pitched, English nasal voice doesn t sound very friendly.He is similar to Rommel in many ways.Even if some people are unwilling to return it, they will always find that the gem has disappeared the next day.Of course, it was stolen by the people sent by Queen Farida, but this time her people missed it.Monsieur Baron, I can you take cbd gummies with advil eagle hemp cbd gummies official website hope you will not speak of these disgraceful events in the palace. Of course, of course I would.Wang Weiyi smiled and said.It turned out to be the case, and now he has a bottom line in his heart.Unexpectedly, such a coquettish queen has such a bad habit of gambling.What kind of king s family is this.No wonder in Not many years after the end of the Second World War, Farouk I was overthrown by the insurgents, and even the British could not save him from exile.Five hundred and forty two.General Montgomery tenth Faro Although the ball held by King Ke I was just to satisfy his desire to live a luxurious life, can you take cbd gummies with advil it brought a little relaxation to the tense war atmosphere.He knew that everything Miller said was true.But, how could he do anything to his own people At this time, the five minutes set by the British had come, and Germany, which refused to surrender, The people quickly attracted the enemy s attack.Amidst the gunshots, Miller became anxious Hurry up, Captain, hurry up I m colorado hemp cbd gummies not a strong person, I can t shoot myself Klingenberg can you take cbd gummies with advil took a long breath, and slowly pulled out his gun Your name is Miller Bach, right Yes, Captain.Germany will remember you, when we win, I will tell everyone, tell your family, you are Germany s real, ace spy Miller smiled.This is his dream, to be a real ace spy The Klingenberg unit is being attacked by the enemy.After the radio silences, we The only secret radio station that is still working has received a telegram from the captain.France has long been frightened by Germany.In the European battlefield, in just a few days, the French team can you take cbd gummies with advil that was once known as the number one in Europe.It was a disgraceful defeat to Germany.When Liberty Law was reorganized.The French did not have much confidence, but de Gaulle did what he could to reinvigorate their morale.In the first battle of Alamein, the French performed relatively well.In a certain position, facing the indiscriminate bombing of the German army, the French actually persisted for a whole day.But when their morale and confidence gradually returned, they unfortunately encountered the Second Battle of Alamein This was a terrible tragedy for them At the beginning of the battle in Mann, the 2nd Free French Brigade still fulfilled its missions according to the deployment.He pushed the Indian battalion to the front line, but this quickly aroused strong dissatisfaction among the Indians.The reason for the Indians is also very simple.They have always been responsible for auxiliary tasks and have never can you take cbd gummies with advil eagle hemp cbd gummies official website really fought in Africa.Moreover, they only have one battalion However, Major General Alman categorically rejected all the demands of the Indians, and strongly ordered them to withstand the German attack no matter how difficult it was.The Indians, who kept cursing the Irish in their hearts, had no choice but to bite the bullet and go to the front line However, indica cbd gummies uli cbd gummies before they opened their posture, the Germans had already arrived.The tanks and assault guns that served as the leaders of the full armored division mercilessly launched an impact on their new opponents.Those commandos, under the cover of armored vehicles, appeared on the battlefield in large numbers Cannon fire and gunfire sounded on the Konlavev battlefield, and the Indians were frightened.In this way, the Suez Canal, which was built by 120,000 people in Egypt with countless bones, was a treasure trove that should belong to the Egyptian people, but most of its wealth eventually went into the pockets of the British and French colonists.The two sides of the Suez Canal is a 104 km long, 4.The 8 kilometer military base is where the British garrison is located.The flag of the International Suez Canal fluttering in the wind on the canal clearly declares the status of the state within a state there.In 1936, Britain pretended to consider Egypt s security and let Egypt sign a 20 year Anglo Egyptian Alliance Treaty with itself.In the treaty, it is written in black and white that the British army has the right to station in the can you take cbd gummies with advil canal area , and Alexandria is the military port of the British Empire.And this seems to be an unknown premonition.Perhaps it is heralding something The Cairo Monastery.When Lawson Heaton, who was hiding here, saw Major Watter appearing in front of him, he knew that everything was over.Lieutenant, you can always cleanse your soul in a monastery.Major Vatel looked very calm This is a country that believes in Islam, and there are too few monasteries here.Just now, I had a long talk with the dean , He has always refused to have a person like you, I am very disappointed, how can a devout monk lie before God Lawson Heaton looked towards the dean, and found that the dean s face was pale, constantly He muttered something there, so he sighed This has nothing to do with the headmaster, I coerced him into doing this.Look, look, what a touching scene.Major Watter faced With a smile To protect each other, ah, no, to protect each other, unfortunately, you all have to go back with me.And amidst the heart piercing pain, a scene suddenly popped up in his mind.That was General An s heroic smile before his death during the Battle of Songhu.Mo Guangzhi has never been able to understand, how can a person have such a bright smile before dying Now he understands General An died in a dignified way, instead of being beaten up like him If a person can stand upright and face Little Japan, cbd gummies amount what is death For a moment, Mo Guangzhi felt that the pain all over his body turned into an arrogance, and he almost rushed can you take cbd gummies with advil to the door of the cell, shaking the iron fence and yelling, but he just pulled his leg up and put it back, sighing in his heart I m too late It s useless to be beaten if you become addicted to mouth, and you can t do it Save your energy and think about how to harm the little devils, which is the right thing to do After thinking about it, he sat down on the straw mat and racked his brains.President, do you think it is better for Russia to become an enemy of the United States, or for a strong Germany to appear in Europe President Roosevelt nodded slightly, and then listened to young William continue After the end of the First World War, we were the only country that did not sign the Treaty of Versailles, which allowed us to eliminate the Germans.Hostility towards us has maintained good relations with the United States.Why not make good use of it We have only one enemy Japan William, you ve grown up a lot.President Roosevelt picked up his pipe again Yes, we have only one enemy, Japan We just declared war on Japan alone, I guess that s what you meanRed Bolshevik USSR Aha, I would like to see Russia in the Tsarist era But, we have to figure out the real attitude of the Germans, how far are they going to go can you take cbd gummies with advil eagle hemp cbd gummies official website to war Come on, we can do an experimentWilliam, England has accepted my proposal and approved a secret visit to England by Ernst Brahm, let s wait and see if the visit will be possible.Many houses are now bomb craters.It occurred to Heisenberg that the unfortunate residents were probably fast asleep when the shells hit the houses.They may have been buried below, life or death uncertain.The German soldiers ignored the scenes.As ordered, they marched through the city in cbd gummies for lungs pursuit of the Russian army.The trucks they had used as a means of transport the day before were now following behind in a long line.When close to downtown Lilberk.The commandos heard intense firefights.Heisenberg believed that the Russians were putting up a staunch resistance in the city center.The commandos saw many German infantry squads hiding in houses near the city center.Heisenberg walked beside Misha, Edim, and Sergeant Keller.As they approached the houses that the German squads used as cover, the commando saw a pile of dead bodies lying on the street between the houses.Then I took a sip and went on.He heard the baron say again There is another very important thing, which is the reason why I decided to let you go back Wang Weiyi was silent for a while, and then slowly said I have to inform you, you De Sade, the father of Desa, was captured Sophie s body trembled Speaking of which, she had expected this day to come.Although his father treated Sophie very harshly, he was still his father no matter what.Now she can fully imagine the pain can you take cbd gummies with advil of her father in prison, and the sorrow of her father s inability to complete the task.In fact, the capture of Wang Weiyi s old opponent, De Sade, was only a matter of time, especially when Germany and Britain completed the armistice agreement, and De Sade completely lost the support of the British.De Sade is unwilling to fail, just like de Gaulle.Marshal and Soldiers, El Klin, February 1, 1943.The cold was still the theme of all, for the Germans as for the Russians.The dire climate afflicts the humblest creatures on the surface, and even the most hardy animals are reluctant to come out to feed at this time.However, as the highest level human beings in action, they completely ignored the influence of the cold, or in other words, they wanted to use war to dispel the cold.The shells roared in the air, and when they landed, the sound of explosions and burning flames did not make people feel frightened.On the contrary, some soldiers even hoped that the fire would burn more fiercely.warmth.The soldiers have been praying, but they are not praying that the shells will not hit them, but praying that they would rather be killed than be injured.At this moment, he saw Comrade Commander open the drawer, then took out a pistol from it, can you take cbd gummies with advil and aimed the gun at Marovsky.Discoloration Comrade Commander, what do you want to do You are no longer qualified to call me comrade, you are just a traitor When he finished speaking, the gun in Lindelof s hand rang.Marowski clutched his chest and fell in a pool of blood in pain and the guards he brought were completely was stunned Marovsky has betrayed our cause, and I sentence him to death on behalf of the Supreme Soviet Lindelof said coldly Now, drag his body out.After speaking, he put down his pistol.He knew that Comrade Stalin would not let him go if he shot Marovsky without asking for instructions, but he didn t care.Now, he is thinking about the lives of tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers in the encirclement, even if he will go to a military court for this.Looking can you take cbd gummies with advil at the German major in front of him, General Lindelof was not too surprised Your officers are able cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies to do such things, especially in your I don t see any fear in my body, which is the rarest thing.Surrender, General.Klingenberg said solemnly The time is very tense now.Nervous What does this mean General Lindelof was a little curious.Marshal Ernst has issued an order to keep you alive.Klingenberg s words were very solemn For Marshal Ernst s order, HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies with advil all we can do is resolutely implement it.In order to find your whereabouts, Some German officers started shooting prisoners, which is strictly forbidden in German sergeants, but now things are getting out of control You have to know one thing, General, if you commit suicide and are shot dead alive, Marshal Ernst s order cannot be fulfilled, which will completely drive some fanatical German officers crazy, so a massacre is inevitable.Demotion to Kiev Warlord in September 1806.Sent to Moldavia in March 1808 Army Commander.In and Commander in Chief Alexander Alexandrovich.Marshal Prozorowski was divided over the continuation of the campaign, and in June 1809 was transferred to Lithuanian Overseer.During the Seventh Russo Turkish War, from 1806 to 1811, the Russian army successively changed several commanders in chief but failed to win.At this time, Napoleon was stepping up preparations to invade Russia, and the situation was very unfavorable to Russia.Alexander I had to appoint Kutuzov as the commander in chief of the war against Turkey.Kutuzov tried his best to use his ingenuity to completely change the whole situation.His strategy was successful.He immediately formed a lightly armed force of 7,000 people and quickly detoured to the south bank of the Danube, raided the Turkish barracks, and then surrounded them from both banks of the Danube River and the north.At this time, there were only less than 300 people left in the entire regiment.Liaokov told the soldiers with a heavy expression Just now, when we reinforced the 8th company, Comrade Colonel died.He behaved very heroically.Killed three German fascists The Soviet soldiers became confused when they heard that the regiment commander was killed.Liaokov raised his voice Comrades, from now on I will temporarily take over the post of regimental commander, and I will lead you to break through The Soviet soldiers seemed to have found their backbone Now, It s time for Liaokov to can you take cbd gummies with advil perform At this time, under the powerful assault indica cbd gummies uli cbd gummies of the German army, the 56th Army was in a bitter battle, while the 81st Panzer Army was completely in chaos.There are German troops everywhere, and the attacking and defending sides have completely reversed the order Liaokov led his troops and retreated westward.What fate will you face if you fail Voroshilov didn t need anyone to tell him.Maybe Comrade Stalin has prepared the judgment seat for himself He is not Marshal Timoshenko who has unparalleled prestige in the army.Even if Comrade Stalin was defeated badly, he would not dare to try him publicly.He who has been promoted to the marshal holding Comrade Stalin s thigh has lost the best chance that he could have gained more trust.He firmly believed that Comrade Stalin would not spare his own because of this failure Shooting the final outcome must be shooting, which is not bad.Even more frightening is that his family members will be implicated.Labor camps are waiting for them He lit another cigarette.At this time, his chief of staff Varennikov came in with a flustered look Comrade Marshal Voroshilov, the commander of the 28th Army Kiriyenko has surrendered.Therefore, the battle in the last ten days must be the happiest in the entire Stalingrad offensive and defensive battle.Ten tragic days.During the two days from the 1st to the 2nd, the German commandos launched no less than 100 attacks.They killed more than 20,000 enemies and captured countless prisoners.The Soviet army continued to start Shrinking, their positions fell plus cbd oil gummies into the hands of the Germans one by one, but until the 2nd, they did not see any intention of the Russians to give up.This was a headache for the German army but helpless.On the 3rd , The battle has entered a fierce stage.All German and Soviet troops are engaged in offensive and counter charges, and the most intense battles are taking place on every inch of land.The Reich Division, Skeleton Division, and Alcor Group of the SS All the troops are suffering from the almost suicidal frenzied counterattack of the Soviet army.Wang Weiyi didn t care what others thought of him, he just regarded this as a normal time for his countless adventures.This time, he only brought Richthofen along with him.There were few people, and he could can you take cbd gummies with advil often make his enemies ignore him.And in order to reassure the Germanians, he also specifically said that once he was unable to return, Guo Yunfeng would continue to lead them to fight against the Romans, and become the link between them and the nonexistent Holy German can you take cbd gummies with advil eagle hemp cbd gummies official website Empire. In this way, the Germanians are completely relieved.From here to the barracks of the Roman delta 9 cbd gummy legions, danger abounds everywhere.The Romans, or tribes like the Germania, may launch a surprise attack on them anytime and anywhere.Most of the time, such an attack doesn t even give you a chance to beg for mercy.Wang Weiyi and Richthofen didn t know what kind of danger they would encounter.Calling and shouting, but suddenly changed Alexon Alexon Alexon The Germanians were calling indica cbd gummies Alexon s name, calling their baron This battle.The Germanians have thoroughly established their own strong confidence, they know that with their own efforts.You can also defeat the invincible Romans, and you can also defend your own land.This kind of confidence is more inspiring than any form of victory Those captured Romans knelt there in unison.They couldn t believe that they had become captives of barbarians.And their eyes were also full of fear the fear of the man wearing the skull mask A whole long night.They saw the man in the skull mask fighting like a god of war, and they saw countless Romans fall under his terrifying sword.In the midst of countless cheers and fearful eyes, Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of something.Maybe they are still not the opponents of the Romans, but offense and defense are completely different mayim bialik fox news cbd gummies concepts.Wang Weiyi is sure.The defense deployed here is enough to last until the arrival of reinforcements For a whole day, the Romans had no attempt to attack, they just kept adjusting their forces there.But the war came quietly where can i buy smilz cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies with advil in such a relatively calm atmosphere.Anluges and Thibius proposed night raids several times, but they were all rejected by Wang Weiyi.The success of the last night attack gave them a taste of the sweetness, but there was a big accidental factor in it.Once the Romans paid attention to this point, they would never make a second mistake.Hastily attacked at night.It will only cause heavy losses to the Germanians When the dawn gradually came, Wang Weiyi knew that today must be the beginning of the war, and Caesar, who was well prepared, would not wait any longer.Boyko and Siras, your warriors will be rewarded by me.But you will be severely punished by me Boyko and Siras were stunned, they didn t know what they did wrong.In this decisive battle, they took the lead, Killed countless Romans, but why did the consul punish himself Wang Weiyi looked at them coldly You have the bravest warriors.The Romans lost the will to continue fighting when they saw you, but you As the leader, I was really disappointed with his performance.At the beginning of the attack, the fountain of health cbd cbd gummies Cimbri were can you take cbd gummies with advil thwarted, the Teutons were on the side, but they didn t help them at all When the Hessians pretended to surrender, the Teutons were surrounded , but the Simbri people also did not lend a helping hand Boyko and Siras lowered their heads involuntarily Wang Weiyi continued You know why I want to Arranging you to attack the Roman flank together Because I know you have fought side by side.Then he can you take cbd gummies with advil eagle hemp cbd gummies official website sat down under the guidance of Servius.on the couch Slaves in light blue jackets first brought plates of oysters with pickled olives.This oyster is fat and tender.Like chunks of tender meat intentionally placed in a clam shell, it melts in your mouth, like a slightly salty sugar cube.Then a large silver plate was brought up containing a huge blue eel that was only produced in Lake Fusara.Gradually, after the clear and mellow wine flowed down their throats drop by drop, the people around the table began to feel hot all over their bodies, with expressions on their faces.A little trance, as if sunk in a mesmerizing, illusory dream.Praise the gods in the sky, and bless the great only consul.Thank you generous Servius, what a blessing to be a Roman Palermon, who was also a poet, beckoned the wine slave to fill his wine glass.He promised Centumaros that he would guarantee all food supplies for the Fifteenth Legion he led.But there is a catch.Centumalus had to pay for it.This is a reasonable request.The only unreasonable thing is that Caesar asked for money that was twice the normal market price This is naked blackmail.Centumalus was extremely angry, but what else could he do at this point If he doesn t reach his territory as soon as possible, then he will definitely go bankrupt, and by that time.own house in Rome.And the previous luxurious enjoyment will be in vain.Centumalus almost gritted his teeth and agreed to Caesar s blackmail After listening to this, Wang Weiyi smiled.If these Roman legions can work together, it will bring cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies great danger to Germania, but unfortunately, the many contradictions between them prevent this from happening.All the eleven reconnaissance teams are here, and none of them I can come back alive.Centumarus gasped, and took a step back involuntarily.Terrible, really terrific.If one or two squads cbd gummies 500mg can you take cbd gummies with advil were attacked, that s totally acceptable.But there are eleven, none of the eleven squads can come back alive.How on earth did these Romans do it We re in big trouble Even in this situation, Senardi still tried to keep his composure, and he said in a voice that only Centumaros could hear The barbarians are absolutely They are not as ignorant as we imagined, they have strong organizational skills, and what ingestion time for cbd gummy I can be sure of is that there must be a strong commander instructing them to do such a thing Are you talking about the three demonic messengers Sen Tumarus immediately thought of the name.Senardi nodded heavily From the moment they arrived in Gaul, they heard the name of the Three Emissaries of the Devil countless times.Jiangnar didn t argue, he knew that General Olitz was telling the truth.But what wouldn t happen to the Baron Skeleton He is a miracle worker at all, he is the baron who is not old Moreover, he still wants to Tell General Olitz that the Baron Skeleton left Germany for 20 years last time.When Germany needed help the most, he miraculously appeared in the Skeleton Division commanded by his father.This time, another 20 years have passed , Germany is at the time when it needs help the most, and it is still in the Skeleton Division, and incredible things have happened But Jonall still did not express these thoughts in his heart.After all, this is really incredible Yes But is there any other more reasonable explanation Jonal, we can t put our hope of staying in Berlin on the skeleton baron who is impossible to come back.Hasn t Britain always been an ally of the United States Why did Britain fall What about France He remembered that when he left that time and space, the rule of the Vichy government had been very stable with the help of Germany, and their biggest threat, Charles de Gaulle, was also sentenced to life imprisonment.So what happened Xiao Ling is still unable to give an answer Moreover, what makes Wang Weiyi even more troublesome is that he cannot directly ask those German soldiers, otherwise, they will definitely arouse their suspicion.A major in the German army, why doesn t he even know these things I can only temporarily put the doubts in my heart aside.To get rid of this French convoy, disrupting the entire can you take cbd gummies with advil deployment of the Allied forces is the first priority.Colonel Tony and his French soldiers were as slack as ever.There is a joke in the legend that when the condom came out, probably only the Dutch in the world would use the condom twice.Butler Depusey and Butler Videlio know the nature of these European countries too well, they must provide sufficient cover for Wang Weiyi, so that everyone can be sure that Baron Preet is an out and out Dutchman.Therefore, only a few small snacks, fruits, and red wine were prepared for the banquet, and the staple food was bread not much bigger than a fist.Germans and Americans are notoriously stingy with the Dutch, so it s not surprising that they don t come here for the good food.Brigadier General Johnson and Agent Daveyne were all focused on the treasure.As for the German guests, they wished that the banquet could end earlier and leave here as indica cbd gummies uli cbd gummies soon as possible.Leoni enthusiastically talked with Brigadier General Johnson and Agent David about the local conditions and customs of the Netherlands, asked about the situation in Germany, make cbd oil gummies and tried her best to help Wang Weiyi hold them back.S.military had been bombed to pieces in the artillery attack.Facing the fierce German attack, they had no intention of resisting at all.Therefore, in less than ten minutes after the Skeleton Master launched a counterattack, the front line completely fell into their hands.Then, the skeleton division did not stop at all, and continued to attack the core positions of the US military To the embarrassment of the Americans, the loss of their armored forces was too serious, especially the wreckage of the bombed tanks and armored vehicles seriously blocked the roads, congesting those vehicles that were still able to move.General Corrett s orders were completely ineffective.Although the Skeleton Division s armor strength is not much, it can fully exert its advantages on the road of assault.With an unstoppable momentum, they charged the enemy s position one after another.But from what we know so far, the German army is convinced that their skeleton baron is back.We cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies are planted in the German army This can be confirmed by our insiders.The can you take cbd gummies with advil attack launched last night, Admiral Stoke Olitz of the German Second Panzer Corps confirmed the counterattack order issued in the name of Field Marshal Ernst Westermore Lan was silent. He simply believes that the Skull Baron is still alive, but what if it s true That is an invincible myth on the battlefield.It is a feared military commander.He has magical powers, can touch stones into gold, can turn decay into magic, and can make all impossible things possible.Westmoreland had heard enough of these claims.It is precisely because of this that in fact, Westmoreland, like everyone else, has always had a deep rooted fear of the baron in his heart.Kroll said coldly We can say that the news of Baron Skeleton s return is completely fabricated, and it can be said HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies with advil that the victory over the 2nd can you take cbd gummies with advil Armored Cavalry Division was achieved by your own command.The people are always the easiest to fool.As for you, Chief of the General Staff Werner, you will become the new Field Marshal of Germany because of your outstanding achievements This is a huge temptation, but Werner shook his head without hesitation I can t do it No matter what you say, I still can t do it I can t tarnish the glory of the German soldiers.You can kill me now You can even shoot me.But what you told me to do, I can t even think about it Really That s a pity.Claire shrugged Oliver, are you there Following his voice, Major General Oliver came in F hrer.Let s discuss the issue of General Werner.And here, the place that his father always liked to bring him to when he was a child, became the last hiding place Kroll could think of.Can you think of it An imperial head of state who used to be majestic, but now hides in Tibet like a stray dog.I think they will catch up here can you take cbd gummies with advil in a short time.Wolf said a little frustrated.But at least we can live here safely for a few days.No one knows about where can i buy smilz cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies with advil it.Kroller found his subordinates a little frustrated Wolf, have you heard the story of Ferdinand VII Startled, then shook his head.Kroller said in a daze Among the many Spanish monarchs of the Bourbon dynasty, Charles III is the one most favored by historians.Charles III felt the many abuses caused by the church s interference in politics, and used unprecedented iron fists to carry out the war within the can you take cbd gummies with advil empire.Sir, you can really joke.Ah, the major has been connected.Major Ludmann I am Ernst Brahm, and I will take over now The command here.No.You don t have to know where I come from.I will explain to Model Major Ludmann was taken aback, this man called himself Ernst Brehm What is the background of the guy How dare you call Marshal Model s name directly Major, I ask you to put all the reserves in your cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies hands into battle.I will launch an attack on the enemy s headquarters in ten minutes.Yes, after ten minutes, you must fully cooperate with me.No, don t worry about anything else.Also, try to get in touch with Model.Tell him that Ernst Brahm is commanding the battle in Aswan.Yes.Let him quickly approach me.The contact was broken, and Major Ludman was a little dazed Did you hear that This man asked Marshal Model to approach him quickly.Major, you made a serious mistake.Wang Weiyi said coldly You dare to arrest a German marshal.If the North African Army loses the war because of your absurd behavior, then your crime will be unforgivable Major Ludman was extremely frustrated Yes, Marshal, I beg you to shoot me Shot Nothing is that easy.Wang Weiyi tried his best to resist the urge to laugh Now I m giving you a chance to make amends, are you willing to seize it Of course, Marshal, we are willing to die for you Major Ludman hurriedly said loudly.Marshal Model, give him an order.When Marshal Model told Major Ludman about the task, the major didn t hesitate at all I understand, and within the stipulated time, I will complete the task excellently. You will have support from ground forces and support from the air.Marshal Model said lightly Well, let s go now.God How did these devils come from behind This is our own defense zone.Major Ludman said, holding his head.Every piece of land in the village that the US artillery fire is clearing, even the telephone poles have to be blown to pieces The artillery and machine guns of the tanks were raging against the infantry, and the soldiers of the US army rushed forward shouting and shouting one after another, but the coalition forces still fought back, and the corpses of the US soldiers were everywhere.The Americans are crazy, they know that we are going to guide the artillery here Major Ludman pushed away the corpse next to the machine gun, and fired wildly at the US troops rushing over.At this time, the muzzle of the tank was aimed at him, and he was so frightened that he hurriedly dropped his machine gun and jumped off the wall.Moreover, I will also Use all available power in the United States to try our can you take cbd gummies with advil eagle hemp cbd gummies official website best to win favorable opportunities for Germany.His eyes fell on Manstein Fritz, the battle here will end soon, you do well Are you ready to go to bed Anytime, anywhere.Manstein replied firmly.Wang Weiyi looked at his friend with a cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies smile In about two days, you will wake up, and like all our friends, you will also become a member of the Heroic Legion.Manstein is also smiling On January 19, 1966, Marshal Fritz Erich von Manstein, Marshal of the German Empire, came to Farbermann regardless of the danger, and completed the cooperation with Ernst.The reunion of Field Marshal Alexon von Brahm.They meet again on the battlefield.On the same day, Marshal Manstein announced that due to physical reasons, he needed to temporarily recuperate for two days. . .. 9 9 happy hour cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies with advil can you take cbd gummies with advil can you take cbd gummies with advil . cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies with advil 1966 2 16 . 2 17 52 . can you take cbd gummies with advil 52 .He shouted frantically.It was getting dark.Heisenberg watched all this and whispered to his comrades beside him This Maybe it s all hope.who Heisenberg was a little surprised, the big man would ask himself, Soldiers.Heisenberg turned his head to look at Zoff.Then you too.He pointed to the Iron Cross on Heisenberg s neck, smiled, and patted Heisenberg on the shoulder.It started.With the flash of the distant sky, bunches of twisted black objects pierced the sky, leaving ripples of air waves.Finally, they exploded on the ground.This wave can you take cbd gummies with advil eagle hemp cbd gummies official website of artillery bombardment could kill everyone in the German army.It s a pity The calculations of the Russian army were not good enough.All those shells hit the woods on the south bank of the river.Those poor trees were uprooted by the force of the explosion, and then pushed out by the air wave, burning to ashes in the air.Although in this 30 meter section without any cover, any moment of hesitation and slowness will be fatal.But for these soldiers who lived through life and death and lived with each other day and night, abandoning their wounded companions was an unacceptable choice.So did Heisenberg.Zoff Zoff Come on come on Heisenberg ran and shouted back at the big man.Zoff was like a giant, holding his machine gun and moving calmly in the hail of bullets.Whenever he fires, the cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies blaze lights up his shouting face Nine hundred and twenty one.At the end of the final battle, with the muffled sound of Model s assault guns, the Russian attack was finally completely suppressed.When the German troops arrived at the museum wing safely, Zoff finally rushed over without any danger.He almost finished firing the last round of mg62.The engine has been turned off, and the pile of waste wood perfectly covered the outline of the German metal.The small scout platoon The tall Paulus was puzzled by the address between them What did you call Lieutenant HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies with advil just can you take cbd gummies with advil now Dad snort I don t understand.Little brother Nash pulled the scout aside.He pointed at the people who were talking to them.Look, Lieutenant Kiritz is our father, and we are all his children.You see, Mel is the eldest son, I am the second son, and the youngest, Hoffman Jr., is the youngest cbd gummies 30 mg each son Nash, the loader, raised his head proudly How is it Are you envious Our crew is our family Lieutenant Kieritz is no ordinary man If you had come a few weeks earlier, hey, you could have seen the brothers from other families It cbd gummies 500mg can you take cbd gummies with advil s a pity that they are all gone.oh etc.etc Paulos shook his head and smiled, this state is very rare in this difficult battlefield You said that each of your car crews is a family Ha ha Probably notevery family has women.Although they did not achieve their pre war goals, their brave dedication was impressive.Amazing.Especially from the first minute of the battle, Major General Aveeno was always at the forefront.This is very rare for the French However, Aveeno and his French soldiers It soon became apparent that their opponents had changed It was no longer the stubborn, troublesome German regulars, but, instead, heck, they swear They actually saw a group of children Yes, children When they saw a military flag marked with a milk bottle flying indica cbd gummies uli cbd gummies over the German positions, they thought it was a joke made by the Germans during the war.Avano was even a little strange, the always strict German People, how could they make such a joke.But when the new attack started, they found out that they were wrong.It was a group can you take cbd gummies with advil of real children The childishness on their faces has not been taken off, but this group of children have already picked up The weapons were fighting for Berlin and for the whole of Germany.Nowday four Simon tilted his cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies head and glanced at Otto, who nodded gloomily.Tucket took out the map from his hand and looked at it.Well, kids, Tackett announced loudly, We re totally lost Simon dropped his head in frustration and let out a sigh of I knew it would be Otto retracted his cheeks into cbd cbn gummies indica cbd gummies his mouth habitually.Simon, come can you take cbd gummies with advil here.How much oil is there in the tank It s enough for three days maybe Simon looked a little dazed.Are you sure we didn t pass by here yesterday How far are we from this village can you take cbd gummies with advil eagle hemp cbd gummies official website Takot pointed at the map and looked at the young man.I, I don t knowIt was white everywhere yesterday, I don t remember what village we passed by Simon looked at Takot in embarrassment.No no, look here, didn t we walk through this side road the day before yesterday What that is Say we re not on this road at all Annoyed, Tuckett threw down the map, but when Tuckett looked up, from the observation port of the hatch cover, Tuckett saw the endless white outside.The turbulent snowfall blurred the boundary between the road and the woods The Russian boy looked dully at the surrounding pine trees, and he found that some trees were even broken by the combined force of wind and snow Only a sharp stump remained standing there.He had never seen such a great power of cold.A thick rope is tied around the waist of the Russian boy.The thick rope was tied in a knot.The rope was pulled straight by the boy s body.It had a German assault gun tethered to its other end.Sir it s not right I mean it s not right.Simon watched the Russian boy pull the rope for a long time through Otto s scope He s leading us to a dead end.He s going in can you take cbd gummies with advil eagle hemp cbd gummies official website circles I can tell He s a good boy Tuckett wanted to take a nap in the seat, but was woken up His whole family is dead He didn t say anything isn t he a good boy Sir Wouldn t that be even more unbelievable The tank moved slowly in the direction guided by the boy s rope under the control of Simon Idiot.After a long time, he issued a new one.The order Let all the troops stop advancing and stand by on the spot What, stand on the spot The chief of staff asked in bewilderment Corret is waiting for us to arrive, and it is just now Just now, Westmoreland, the commander in chief of the Allied Forces, personally gave you an order.Taziwona looked aside and lowered his voice Chief of Staff, my friend, the situation may change.Maybe it is possible for Italy to withdraw from the war.The chief of staff gasped, and God, how did this happen We are not those politicians, and we will not know the truth Touchwater burned the telegram in his hand Let the domestic troubles be resolved, all we have to do is obey orders At this moment, he felt a kind of reliefOnce they go to the battlefield, the enemy they will face is the GermansFrom the First World War to the Second World War From the world war to the war that is taking place now, which time has the Italian army been able to win even one victory from the Germans Now the domestic order has saved the Akmot Armored Division, and it has also saved itself So, what should we explain to the Americans the chief of staff asked hesitantly.He does not need to study any history before the 16th century, and only the Germanic history of Germany after that.Don t teach him Latin, absolutely not However, the young Frederick was far from satisfying the lessons set by his strict father.When he was just 8 years old, Frederick proposed to his teacher to learn Latin.The teacher was hesitant at first, but under Frederick s stalking, he finally made a compromise and began to secretly teach cbd living gummies for sale him Latin, and at the same time began to teach him those words.Knowledge forbidden by Friedrich Williams, such as literature and music.Later, this secret was accidentally discovered by old Friedrich William.In a fit of anger, he yelled at the teacher, What bird language are you teaching my son While waving a cane to chase and beat the teacher.However, Frederick never gave up learning this knowledge, and he secretly bought literature and philosophy books by himself.At this time, they were full of confidence in their future Just as they were discussing enthusiastically, a member of the Workers Party left the venue under the pretext of leaving a black briefcase at his feet.Fifteen minutes after he left, a violent explosion suddenly occurred at the venue.Seven people including Manusia and Nadoff, the leaders of the Italian Workers Progressive Party closest to the violent explosion site, were killed on the spot, and Bejasinyuk, who got up to pour water temporarily, was cbd gummy treat recipe seriously injured.He also passed away after several hours of emergency treatment at the hospital.This terrible moment quickly shocked the whole of Italy, and the Italian people demanded that the government investigate the matter thoroughly immediately and arrest the perpetrator as soon as possible.Whether it is will or spirit, they have collapsed But there is a type of army that fights in despair The Russians are like this, although they know that there is no The hope of winning, but they are also fighting to the death For some reason, a different feeling sprouted in Nuoqier s heart Nuoqier seems to be admiring something that does not exist, but that feeling is puur cbd gummies 250mg reviews real in existence.Their 098 is continuing to move forward, and they have overtaken the infantry who overtook them while they were stranded Nocher saw the two Blasters , they stopped at a safe distance, and kept firing high explosive grenades at the Russian position.That s right, infantry support tanks don t need to rush too far And verma farms cbd gummies the armored support tanks of the German army are now about to surpass them.Klaus s Leopard 9 is at the forefront of the entire attack queue Nocher saw those bullets that posed no threat to it hit its thick car body violently, and was bounced away without any suspense.Once such anger is vented, it will be a very terrible thing.The Ukrainian army that was charging suddenly encountered such a violent counterattack.They did not expect The entire charging formation suddenly became chaotic Marshal, the front line has been disrupted.Admiral Demirasf hastily reported to Marshal Kolkorok who had just arrived at the front line.However, a faint smile appeared on the corner of Marshal Kolkorok s mouth Have you finally come to your senses Unfortunately, it s too late.General Demirasf, the German forward troops are only less than 20 kilometers away from us.Already.What.So fast Admiral Demirasf couldn t believe it.Marshal Kolkorok cbd day and night gummies was still smiling there This is an order personally issued by Baron Alexon.The German army marched overnight.The disaster for the Russians is coming soon The disaster for the Russians is coming soon Volunkatsky worked hard to reverse the extremely passive situation of the Russian army on the battlefield.I will not shoot him , because I want everyone to see what will happen after failure.Mr.Marshal, if we don t take such a move, everyone will think that failure is actually nothing Marshal Donarski sighed in his heart , maybe His Excellency the Grand Duke will regret his decision soon The form of the battle is not optimistic.Do you have any good solutions Marshal Donarski cheered up On our two wings are the elite 11th and 15th armies, and their commanders are also brave and wise.Yes.I hope that if cbd gummies 500mg can you take cbd gummies with advil we can resist the enemy here for more than a month, the situation in Ukraine will change rapidly.At the same time, we should also order immediate reinforcements from the country to alleviate the current critical situation.Of course, the support of the Allies is also essential Not much.Your Excellency the Grand Duke.They were hungry, and they had to eat when they were hungry.Unlike most of these people, their mood at the moment is extremely happy.What the collapse means is only clear to them Xie Lisa, do you want to have dinner together Wang Weiyi asked politely when he saw Xie Lisa who was stunned.At this time, Xie Lisa had completely lost the self confidence she had not long ago.Her complexion was gloomy, her eyes were dull, and she stared blankly at Mr.Moyol and shook her head.Destroy, everything is destroyed, my house contract is about to become a pile of waste paper Xie Lisha said in a daze, and suddenly grabbed Wang Weiyi Mr.Moyol, you said that the price will be higher this afternoon.Will it go up Until this time, she was still so obsessed, Wang Weiyi sighed in his heart Xie Lisha, listen to me, as soon as the market opens in the afternoon, throw it away no matter how much it is worth.Now, Gregory s only hope was Admiral Tangeloniv.The phone was connected, and when he heard the voice of Admiral Tangeloniv, Gregory seemed to have met a savior General Tangeloniv, the situation is very bad, I firmly believe in your loyalty, I firmly believe in your loyalty Will not betray me like they did.Now I order you.The 8th Panzer Corps is out, take control of the palace, take control of Moscow.I order you.Destroy all our enemies Do you want me to open fire on them Tangelo Admiral Neve asked on the other end of the phone.Yes, open fire, open fire on all the traitors Gregory roared desperately This is the power I gave you No, I can t do it.This answer came out I can t open fire on our compatriots, can you take cbd gummies with advil they are not our enemies.Gregory was startled Are you going to betray me too No, I never thought of betraying you.Wang Weiyi smiled and lit a cigarette, then took a puff, and slowly exhaled the smoke The most exciting scene is just beginning, and people don t like to learn lessons.Qi and Khmelitsky quickly forgot Gregory s lessonthey started to be unscrupulous so early, and even, they have not yet obtained the real supreme powerbut this What else This is exactly what I want to see.One of the most pleasing dramas in Russia Similov was caught without any suspense.The secret police did not embarrass him, but took him to the home of Khmelitsky, Marquis of Andjak.When he saw that the target he had assassinated was unharmed, Similov s face showed Horrified look.Look, you re disappointed.Yeah Khmelitsky didn t look angry at all Ah, why didn t the assassin die Why is there no injury at all I can give you this answer because I wear body armor imported from the US.I can also understand Admiral Wali smiled Sometimes, it is always necessary to give them more freedom.Your Excellency, a call from Germany.At this time, Turkish Prime Minister Miliwa said.Admiral Wali tidied up his military uniform and took the phone I am Wali, yes, I have been releasedwhat Marshal Ernst Admiral Wall E stood at attention Marshal, it s great to hear your voice again yes.They didn t mistreat meyes, all the Germans were released and our weapons were all returnedokay.I will personally go to the front to command these armiesOkay, I will wait for your arrivalMarshal, please allow me to express my excitement againLong live Ernst, Long Live Germany Admiral Wali handed the phone to Miliva.Miliva took the phone.Then he heard the same familiar voice Mr.Prime Minister, I am Ernst Brahm.At that time, a considerable part of the U.S.tanks had been only cbd gummies destroyed, while the German tanks were riddled with bullets, but did not suffer any substantial damage.Some U.S.tanks that tried to attack the German tanks were destroyed by the German infantry as soon as they reached the road.They achieved great results, and the U.S.military did not expect such a weak rear force to cause them such a big trouble.Boom can you take cbd gummies with advil eagle hemp cbd gummies official website Kaka During the fierce artillery battle between the two sides, a strange voice appeared.What s going on Whose tank was hit Steinman recognized that it was a metal sound different from that of a U.S.tank being hit.Russ car was hit It s already on fire Bentonson said in a panic, and drove the car in front of Ruth s car that was already on fire, and covered Ruth s backing while firing guns.Cole Hit and go You have been exposed Steinman s roar came from the headset, but Cole remained unmoved.He raised his sniper rifle again and aimed at the tank.The tank turret below was rotating, but since no attacker was found, the tank began to speed up and tried to pass through.A dangerous area.Cole was hesitating about how to deal with this tank.At this moment, something appeared in his scope, a lumpy object buried under the road rubble, and those objects should be buried in the ground before the war.of dynamite blocks.You, it s over.Cole sneered, and put the blocky object into the cross ring of the scope.The tank was not far from the object, and he pulled the trigger.Bang Crack The bullet hit the blocky object.Detonate it, and the huge power of the explosive block directly cbd gummies erectile dysfunction reviews blows up the front half of the tank, and the barrel is useless.Medsen writhed in pain, kicking his legs.One of his hands was on his neck, and the other was firmly grasping Pozik s collar.His mouth and neck were covered with blood, and he couldn t last much longer.Finally a medic ran over and began to rescue Medsen.Pozik held Meidesen s blood stained hand and kept saying, Hold on, breathe fast, you will go back alive and start your small Austrian farm.The lieutenant turned his head and looked at it subconsciously.Look at the bombed tank next to it.Suddenly, he found a familiar figure appearing behind the tank, and he took a closer look, it was Sergeant Flotz Flotz lay on the back of the tank and shot at the enemy soldiers.After a while, Flotz finished all the bullets in the magazine.He drew back, slammed the bolt down, and removed the empty magazine.He raised his head inadvertently, and happened to spot Pozik too.Shooting on the beachhead.Johansen sat behind the bunker and watched the dead soldiers in HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies with advil front of him.He looked around and saw more chargers died one by one, many without arms.Without legs, can you take cbd gummies with advil they lay helpless On the beach, some people were crying, some were scolding, some were looking for their mutilated limbs Seeing all this, Johansen held his submachine gun tightly.Sir, what should we do, sir The private first class and several soldiers not far from Johansen were approaching him.Sir, are you okay I m fine What should we do next Johansen saw that the first batch of landing troops behind him had begun to charge, he slowly stood up and said loudly Gather all of us Those who can fight, let s go up together It s sir A soldier hurried to contact the soldiers of his unit.We will cooperate with you A captain shouted to Johansen in the distance.It is said that Robespierre was so slow to sign the order to attack that he picked up his pen with difficulty, wrote the first three letters of his name, and put it down again.Why Because Robespierre was a lawyer, and many important figures of the Jacobins were lawyers, the principles and spirit of the law were their beliefs, and their terrorist policies were all passed through the legislative body of the National Convention.implemented in the form of law.Randomly pulling people out and shooting them is permitted by the law.If Robespierre ordered can i travel to mexico with cbd gummies an attack on the legislative body of the country, the National Convention, it would be a real coup d tat and a trampling on the spirit of the law.As Rousseau As a disciple of Montesquieu, he couldn t do it.Therefore, he finally chose to sacrifice himself to achieve the spirit of the law.They hurriedly got into the car, and then the convoy set off quickly.Now they can probably feel cbd gummies white label uk more at ease.Sitting in a saloon.President Khatri said to Sinager who was beside him Mr.Prime Minister, what is the next plan We can go to Lyon first, where there are troops loyal to us.The reason why people are watching and still refuse to send troops is because they are worried that the situation has completely lost our control, but in Lyon, as long as we can regroup the army and counterattack Paris, I believe that the US government will definitely send troops to intervene directly I hope things go as you say President Khatri sighed, HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies with advil telling the truth.He doesn t trust his prime minister very much now.The prime minister always told himself how good the situation was.How much Parisians love themselves, but the real situation is not the case at all.One night, the nearby American military officers held a party and invited some German military officers from the prisoner of war camps to attend.Many American military officials performed their own shows one after another, while the German military officials sat aside, quietly watching the performance of the victors.Only one of Schmidt s German majors was unimpressed by the performance of the American military officers present.This sentiment was seen by an American general.He asked Major Schmidt, Why The major said your musicians made many mistakes in playing Tchaikovsky Even if the Americans didn t know this story, only Mr.Moyol s voice sounded in the restaurant for a while The American general didn t think so, so he invited Major Schmidt to play.The major was hesitantly accepted by the American The man pulled to the piano, but when he finished his military uniform, he took a deep breath and started his performance.Major, ten minutes, I have already asked Mr.Lopez, It only takes three minutes to walk from here to your guest room to pull out the pocket watch and back, and seven minutes is enough to do many things.Mr.Major, can you explain to me what you have been doing for seven minutes I m looking for my pocket watch Major White became angry I declare again, I forgot where I put my pocket watch, that s why I was delayed for so long But the pregnancy watch is in your hands now Director Pascapa s tone suddenly became severe Please tell me, since you forgot where it was put, how did you find it Mr Major.It s hard for me to explain why.Major White s face turned red with anger.Everything he said was the truth, why did Commissioner Pascapa refuse to believe it If can you take cbd gummies with advil you don t mind, I would like to send someone to your room to check In fact, Major White did not need to agree at all.Gandra s support is very important, which represents With the opinion of the US side.For those French officials, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is indeed a good choice, especially for the dispute between Prime Minister Wilkins and Minister Capanon.No matter which person they choose, it will cause the other party s unhappiness, and choosing a third will temporarily calm such arguments.This is exactly the kind of situation that President Fenton wants to seehe will not favor any one of his subordinates.At such a moment, his preference will cause serious dissatisfaction among his subordinates Prime Minister Wilkins and Minister Capanong also remained silent.To be honest, they also did not want to make their relationship so rigid, and let Lieutenant Colonel Moyol take over the power vacuum left by Nash.Myers sighed But you have to promise me.Never allow any how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i take student of Castri College to be harmed I promise, I promise to rescue everyone safely Myers said solemnly.The police were assembled again.This time their preparations were obviously much more complete.The armed policemen watched the movements in Castri Academy vigilantly.A soil digger The machine is also ready to start.Start After Chief Douglas issued this order, the Oakland Police Department s second assault on Carsli College began The excavator roared, moving its bulky and huge body to dig the ground that the black people had set up.The barricades.Looking at everything in an orderly manner, Director Douglas showed a smile on the corner of his mouth.On the commanding heights of Castri College, Naderman also smiled.He made a gesture to his companions, and his companions Quickly took out a bazooka.Lieutenant Colonel Mills, now hand over your ID and your gun.Lieutenant Colonel Mills was completely stunned.He tried hard to think about what was going on, but he didn t have any clues at all Lieutenant Colonel Mills was suspended, and he became one of the biggest suspects in the Galaxy incident after Captain Eduardo.Who can get rid of his guilt I m afraid not.The position left by the FBI was temporarily replaced by Captain Pattinson.At this moment, the captain was extremely grateful to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.If there was no reminder and help from the lieutenant colonel, he would probably be facing the same problem with Mir.The same ending as Lieutenant Colonel Si Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Captain Pattinson said sincerely This is the second time you have rescued me.The last time you rescued me from the hands of the guerrillas, and then again, I really don t know how to thank you.Of course, we said three years ago that I would definitely come to visit you if I was free, but now, I m just here to fulfill my promise.Will.There was a smile on Tingland s face Why, my dear Tarrant, don t you even have a cup of coffee here Colonel Tarrant hurriedly invited his old friend to the office and poured it for Will himself.A cup of coffee Hey, my old friend, the coffee I drink here can t be compared with the one in Paris.But the coffee made by friends is always the best.Will took the indica cbd gummies uli cbd gummies coffee Tarrant Moyle is such a beautiful city, sir.As soon as I set foot here, I thought I liked it.Oh, you ll like it even more.Speaking of his beloved city.Colonel Tarrant was in high spirits I can be sure that you will come here for vacation every year.Will said, Yes, I hope to come here every year for vacation, and every year with me I would like to chat with my old friend and have a cup of coffee, but unfortunately, I am afraid this will be the last time I will be here.General Don Tanner did not give us a chance to choose, and General Candra also did not give us a chance to choose, ignite cbd gummies reviews but I can give you such a chance, life or death.The soldiers were silent, No one spoke.Colonel Depra smiled bitterly Yes, this is what we are facing now.Tragedy, but also very ironic.Our faith has been devastated, and everything we thought we had was suddenly It collapsed with a crash.What can we say Gentlemen, choose.The soldiers continued to maintain a terrible silenceSuddenly, one of the soldiers stood up, stood up like this, maybe at this time Somewhere the enemy s sniper is hiding, and the bullets will hit his head anytime, anywhere, but he doesn t care at all Colonel, now I m Not surprisingly, when they heard that they were actually a group of outcasts, all the American soldiers stopped fighting.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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