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Commander of the First Army Lieutenant General von Bello, Chief of Staff Major General von Kalon Commander of the Second Army Lieutenant General Carlos Eltripe von Galwitz, Chief of Staff Colonel Rolle cbd thc hybrid gummies It is really incredible to have these senior generals from the first and second armies appear here together.And the reason why they appear at the same time has only one purpose to meet the creator of a German miracle can i fly with cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies At this time, two Albatros fighters appeared in the sky.The two planes lowered their altitude as much as possible, as if they were also welcoming someone there.On one of the planes was Lieutenant Manfred von Richthofen, who shot down four British planes in a row in this counterattack.He was not at all proud of his outstanding achievements in the air.Compared with the man who had created miracles on the ground, all his achievements were simply insignificant.Elena smiled and replied But that can t directly feel the frontline Fighting, the Military Intelligence Bureau is the only place that is willing to accept a woman like me to go to the front line.Wang Weiyi felt a little dizzy when he heard it.What is the relationship between Elena and them At this moment Elena turned around Hey, Fritz, Manfred, hello.Ah, and you, Ernst Brahm, who doesn t always like serious talk.All Everyone laughed, or they had heard about Wang Weiyi s character from Elena before.Wang Weiyi looked a little embarrassed, and asked Richthofen quietly Who is she I thought you already knew, didn t Erwin tell you Richthofen looked a little Surprised Elena s full name is Heinrich Elena von Liewenski.He was the adopted daughter of Artillery Admiral Eduard von Liewenski before his death.So you think this is a good game between me and the British wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap gummy bear cbd edibles Wang Weiyi said lightly Colonel Nicholas, I really want to know through you which country would do this.At that time, I was only a company commander, and I hadn t even been knighted.Would the British make such a big sacrifice for such an insignificant person Nikolai was afraid that it would be even more detrimental to him if he continued talking, so he hurriedly asked, I heard that you captured three British tanks successively during the battle Yes, that s exactly right.Wang Weiyi s answer made Nicholas narrow his eyes What a coincidence, when you finished killing your enemy, three British tanks that surrendered were also destroyed.Do you think there is such a coincidence, Sir Alexon Wang Weiyi s heart was turning rapidly.Didn t the farmer s information be sent to the Military Intelligence Bureau No, it must have been sent.You can t blame him, because he is an upright German military officer.He is indeed an honest German military officer, and I have never I don t mean to blame him.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly But I don t need to admit or deny it, you have no right to ask me to do so.Don t you want to speak to the French, Baron Alexon Nicholas forcibly endured asked angrily.If it is necessary, I am willing.Wang Weiyi replied cbd thc hybrid gummies with a smile.At this moment, Colonel Rolle stood up Colonel Nicholas, the one hour set by the general has come, and now I order you to end this inexplicable interrogation immediately.Nicholas glared at him bitterly, but he was helpless.Chapter four will be updated today, brothers, please go to the Sanjiang page of the starting point, get today s Sanjiang ticket, and then vote for Infinite Military Base.The materials stored in the base are not endless, and they will also be consumed.If there is only consumption and no replenishment, sooner or later we will have nothing.I have to prepare in advance.Little Ling, you always refuse to tell me To tell you the truth Wang Weiyi sighed As far as I know, the materials stored in the base are enough for us to use cbd thc hybrid gummies where to buy smilz cbd gummies for a long, long time, but I don t want to ask HCMUSSH cbd thc hybrid gummies why.By the way, you then Are you sure I can make it through Berlin Don t forget, you re a wanderer, how are you going to get home if you can t handle something as simple as this Simple things Wang Weiyi could only smile wryly.But the word go home seriously stimulated him It seems that someone has spread the news on purpose, and the whole of Berlin already knows that the creator of the miracle of the Somme , the hero of Germany , the nobleman conferred by His Majesty himself Ernst Alexson von Baron Brehm will be tried by a special court in Berlin for treason.Ernst, you have to be careful.I will.Wang Weiyi nodded thoughtfully.Some don t quite understand, why did William II send his two sons to sit in and supervise This has some meanings.William II saved the life of one of his sons by himself, but the other son colluded with Nicholas in an attempt to frame him.I m sorry, Ernst.Elena said suddenly I didn t see Nicholas conspiracy in time Don t feel guilty about it, Elena.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Even if you can find out, so what cbd thc hybrid gummies Standing behind Nicholas was Prince Joachim.This sentence made several of his friends silent.Yes, Prince Joachim was standing behind Nicholas At this time, the guard at the door came in There is a man named Ge Zell Schlaf s people ask to see.Gerzel Schlaf Manstein frowned.Wang Weiyi had never heard of this name, and Manstein seemed to recognize it Gerzel Schlaf is a lawyer and a well known writer.His first thought was that bicycles should be banned throughout Germany his second thought was that making friends is actually very important cbd thc hybrid gummies It would be a disaster to have a friend like Ernst Brahm.Several French soldiers came up to meet them.They also heard wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap gummy bear cbd edibles that there was a battle on the front line, but they didn t know exactly what happened.Hey, have you been stabbed in the ass by the German guy A French sergeant said while walking with a smile.He saw a big fat man on the back seat of a bicycle at first sight, and was about to continue to sneer.Suddenly seeing clearly that it was Colonel Gustav, he hurriedly stood at attention Colonel You, and you, come quickly, help me down.When there were many people, Gustav resumed the colonel s posture.Wei Yan I was injured, yes, I was injured in the fierce battle with the Germans What a braggart, can i fly with cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies Wang Weiyi thought to himself.At that time, their defenses will also relax.Staker, you and Elena, Adolphe, Boncre Lei stays and takes care of the people who live here.As long as they dare to act rashly, you are welcome.The rest of cbd thc hybrid gummies the people are ready to act with me.Wait.Manstein suddenly raised his own question Which of us will open the door Tank Wang natural grow cbd gummies Weiyi was stunned, he had thought of everything, but he hadn t thought about this terrible question.With the guidance of Xiao Ling, and I have also driven tanks can i fly with cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies before, although the tanks of my era are completely different from the tanks of this era, I can barely drive away, right But what about the other two tanks I don t know if driving a car is the same as driving a tank, but I can give it a try.Okus said suddenly.Okay, you count as one.Wang Weiyi felt relieved, at least he could have two tanks.Jurgen said with a smile.Private Jurgen, please accept my respect.Colonel Thomas stood up and saluted.Jurgen wanted to return a military salute, but he tried hard, but found that he couldn t do it The battle on the battlefield was very tragic, and the French A wave of attacks was launched.Although the Germans were at a disadvantage in numbers, they cbd thc hybrid gummies cbd pain gummies were firmly nailed to the position and refused to retreat a step.They had no way to retreat.Major Wolfe to them Having made it very clear, the condition of their targets, the impasse they were in, and the fact that they might not be able to wait for reinforcements, so fear and illusions were cast aside, the German soldiers were left with one last thing to do fight Bite here, desperately waiting for the final judgment The heavy machine gunner was hit by an enemy bullet, and he fell to the ground.Major Wolfe straightened his chest Colonel, if you insist on us surrendering, it will be a shame that we will never wash away.If we die here, we will be honored to have fought with Colonel Sylvester Thomas.Fight side by side Colonel Sylvester Thomas silently watched his soldiers.He knows now.No matter how much he persuaded, these soldiers would not leave here He heard the whistle of assembly coming from the opposite side.Colonel Thomas smiled slightly I am very grateful for your courage.Germany will remember our feats.Now, soldiers, fight. Now, soldiers, fight No longer have any illusions.Those soldiers who were still able to move entered their combat positions one after another, staring at the opposite position, preparing for the final battle.No one wants to run away, and no one wants to surrender.Rommel did not Knowing cbd gummies new york city what was in the box, he took the box and said, Okay, let me start a new chapter in my life.Looking at Rommel s back, Wang Weiyi smiled slightly, heartbroken for the future desert Fox silently blessedSuddenly, he found that his companions surrounded him, and the expression on his face was very unfriendly What Wang Weiyi asked inexplicably.Ernst, I have a very interesting question.Richthofen cleared his throat After this task is completed, each of us can get two thousand gold coins, right Yes.Wang Weiyi thought This question is as stupid as it gets.But where are our gold coins Manstein helped Richthofen ask this question that all the team members wanted to know.Wang Weiyi stayed there hell, gold coins That box is full of gold coins He really wanted to call Rommel to stop and ask him to return the box cbd thc hybrid gummies to him, but Rommel was already waiting there to welcome the bride Baron Alexon, you should get You still owe us 28,000 gold coins.You must know that in the minds of these Russians, Germany is full of gold.As long as you can reach Germany smoothly, you will no longer have to worry about salary in the future.In Kasmidov s supply base, in addition to the winter supplies, the members of the Skeleton Commando also found a large amount of explosives.These are all good things, enough to blow up this supply base to the sky.Not much fuel was found, but enough for three tanks to drive back to Germany Explosives were installed at vital points, and long botanical infusions cbd gummies fuses were pulled out.Mr.Officer, grownmd cbd gummies wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap are you going to blow up this place Anna asked with some fear.Yes, Anna.Wang best cbd gummies for arthritis pain Weiyi nodded We are going to blow up here He said, he took out two gold coins wyld blackberry cbd gummies from his pocket Thank you for leading us, these meager little I hope you can accept this gift Mr.Rommel was awarded the first class Iron Cross, Manstein and Guderian were promoted Adolf Hitler was honorably promoted to sergeant, now, it s time to call him Sergeant Adolf.Elena was awarded the rank of Second Lieutenant As for Guo Yunfeng, he was also awarded the rank of Second Lieutenant of Germany and the Iron Cross 2nd Class for his outstanding performance on the battlefield.This is not something every foreigner can i fly with cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies can get Manfred von Richthofen envied his friends to death, on the ground, as long as he followed Ernst Brahm , will be able to create countless meritorious deeds.Unfortunately, what I love more is life in the blue sky With the arrival of winter, the battlefield has fallen into silence, and none of the countries participating in the war intends to take the initiative to attack.Didn t this arouse Prince Joachim s strong jealousy But it is a great harm to Germany.What are you going to do, Colonel Nicholas Wang Weiyi was a little worried.After all, in such an important department of the Military Intelligence Bureau, there is a power struggle, which is definitely not a good thing for Germany.What can I do Nicholas sighed As long as His Royal Highness does not really harm the interests of Germany, I can only watch him do so.But Nicholas expression suddenly became firm If he tries to disturb the normal work of can you take cbd gummies on the plane the Military Intelligence Bureau cbd thc hybrid gummies and affect our information provision, then I will definitely stop him at all costs Wang Weiyi nodded I wish you good luck, Colonel, and see you on the battlefield. Good luck to you too, Baron Alexon, see you on the battlefield.Those who participated in the banquet would not know that a discussion on the future of Germany s destiny took place in the office.Captain John Dundee ordered the squadron to join the air battle without hesitation.1o 2 The situation is completely reversed Even if Richthofen and Wang Weiyi are really the gods of the sky, they can t kill so many nu hope cbd gummies enemy planes There is no possibility of even escaping, and there is only one possible ending for them death But Wang Weiyi and Richthofen smiled at the same time.When the two planes were side by side, Wang Weiyi gave his best friend Richthofen a thumbs up Richthofen, like Buck before the crash, did it buy cbd gummies suffolk county ny to Ernsteffen A military salute Colonel Ernst Alexson von Brahm, it is my greatest honor to fight alongside you Manfred Albrecht von.Captain Richthofen, it is my greatest honor to fight alongside you Let us face death with pride There is nothing more fortunate than fighting to cbd thc hybrid gummies the death with your best friend in the sky this moment.Damn it, he would have known that this ungrateful guy would have died cbd thc hybrid gummies in the sky.He immediately said loudly Report to the general, it was Captain Manfred who provided me with combat aircraft, so he also Should be locked up Under the threat of confinement, two good friends who are incomparably heroic and invincible in the sky and on the ground chose to betray each cbd thc hybrid gummies other General Galwitz is a little confused, what s going on These two The guys are so lawless, they don t know how precious their lives are, and cbd thc hybrid gummies cbd pain gummies they don t even know how much their mistakes will have a great impact on Germany.No, they must be taught a lesson General Galwitz With a straight face You all violated military discipline, so you should all be locked up Come, take Colonel Ernst and Captain Manfred away, and confine them for seven days Colonel, Captain, this Come with us.Therefore, in this situation, it was no longer necessary for Monfoucon to continue to hold on.The army headquarters ordered the skeleton commando to break through.At the same time, you were stimulirx cbd gummies exceptionally awarded the Grand Iron Cross, but unfortunately, I cannot personally wear it for you.Wish ya ll good luck.All for Germany.Feng.General Garwitz.Everyone of the commandos heard the telegram.Wang Weiyi let out a long breath.Breakthrough Is it finally going to break through But how Just relying on the bayonet in his hand Maybe, maybe his team members can complete it.He took a look at this miracle.After more than a month of fighting, there were only the last thousand soldiers left by his side.What kind of tragic battle has reached General Ernst, there is a hero The official came and a reporter asked to see you.These damn Japanese monkeys, why don t you always reassure me What are they trying to do Immediately report to the Chinese government At the same time, China Give them the weapons that zh ngf needs in advance F hrer, I m afraid this is not good Listen, I order you to do this Yes, F hrer.There are do cbd gummies help with claustrophobia General Ernst s Any news No, F hrer, we estimate that General Ernst is no longer alive.No, he is alive.Hitler disregarded the Treaty of Versailles and the Treaty of Locarno by sending troops to the Rhineland.Germany rises again At the same time, the German zh ngf and the Chinese HCMUSSH cbd thc hybrid gummies zh ngf secretly signed a large number of military cooperation agreements.The German military officer advisory group and countless German made weapons entered China continuously.Germany is re emerging, and there are still many difficulties, but Hitler rejected all opinions and resolutely approved a series of aid agreements for China.Turn defense into offense Under the fierce firepower, the Neikou Infantry Brigade, which had already firmly gained the upper hand, was beaten to pieces.Suppress, suppress The captain was still yelling loudly.In front of the combat team, the Japanese army had already fallen to the ground with corpses The first row, change the magazine The second row, press it up The soldiers in the first row quickly squatted down and replaced the new magazines, while the soldiers in the second row continued to suppress the Japanese with firepower.Jun.R himself was beaten dumbfounded, and the captain of Neikouyan Temple was also beaten dumbfounded.Where did the Chinese army come from Why is there such a violent firepower Their fighting quality seems not to be very high, but their firepower is absolutely ferocious, which makes up for this defect very well.They were neither questioned nor answered.Wang Weiyi was a little confused for a moment, where should cbd gummies producys he go Although he successfully assassinated Zhang Xiaolin, but now he is like a child without a home.Captain Suddenly, someone from behind shouted in surprise.Wang Weiyi turned around Ouyang Yu Captain After confirming that it was the captain, Ouyang Yu rushed over in a few steps, hugged Wang Weiyi, and cried like a child Captain, captain, brothers all thought you were deadyou are still alive, great, great Hugging his subordinates, Wang Weiyi also counted his nose and almost shed tears grownmd cbd gummies wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap Come After finally letting go of the captain, Ouyang Yu wiped his eyes, feeling a little embarrassed.Where are the brothers Wang Weiyi asked the question he was most concerned about.After we withdrew from Sanhuqiao, some brothers returned to the establishment, and some brothers were assigned to other units.Even if they are seriously injured, they will definitely try to pull a back.The battle is indisputably about to be won, and Wang Weiyi will not let his soldiers suffer any unnecessary casualties at this time.The greatest victory for the least cost applies here.The issuance of this order has indeed benefited the soldiers of the guard battalion a lot.Long Yin fired a barrage of bullets at a Japanese soldier who was still squirming in a pool of blood, and after confirming that he was dead, he kicked the opponent s body.A grenade that was almost pulled away rolled to the side Long Yin took a breath, if he approached out just cbd gummies australia of curiosity or any kind of compassion, there should be someone on the death list now His own name Don t take prisoners Long Yin gritted his teeth and yelled out Battle Commander, look at that Zhang Sandao said suddenly, pointing forward.Although Xiaoling can also know these answers, it is not as pleasing to hear from the son of an old man.Of course, such as General Rommel Werner told the whereabouts of the members of the Skeleton Commando that he knew one by one Rommel, the guard at Hitler s wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap gummy bear cbd edibles base campRichthofen, has actually been promoted to the grownmd cbd gummies wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap commander in chief of the Luftwaffe Poor Goering, if there is no Ernst Brehm, he is the commander in chief of the German Air Force Werner, we need weapons and ammunition.Wang Weiyi suddenly said at this moment Since you are friends with Kroll and Hannah, can you ask them to provide them to us Hey, this is my Not sure.Werner said honestly You have to know that this batch of supplies is aided by GermanyMajor, I am not mocking you, with your current rank Wang Weiyi knew he was telling the truth, how could he, a little major, ask them for arms Unless he reveals his identity as the Skeleton Baron, that is absolutely impossible.He is one of them.Listen.Wang Weiyi called several officers under his command to his side The first battalion is based on squads.Each squad has a light machine gun or submachine gun, one with good marksmanship, one grenadier, and three ammunitionists each.A battle should not exceed three minutes, and no matter what the result is, you must retreat immediately.The team leader can choose the way of fighting.But there is a premise that priority should be given to shooting and killing the enemy s officers.Only the Huben regiment can are cbd gummies legal in kentucky fight this way of fighting afford it.After explaining all this, Wang Weiyi immediately said to Long Yin Long Yin, you lead the second battalion and immediately set up defenses in Jiuhu Town.We will try our best to contain the Japanese army on the front line.There is one more thing you have to do It has to be done, tell the people in Jiuhu Town to evacuate immediately.Let you three.Stop talking nonsense, see you after the fight.Guo Yunfeng said coldly, and then waved to his team members Let s go way of fighting.He was sure he could succeed, those soldiers had gone through a lot of consideration.Now my words have been firmly imprinted in the hearts of those officers and soldiers use the least cost to achieve the greatest victory Three hundred and seven.The hunter and Wang Weiyi judged exactly the same.After experiencing the cruelest fight on the first day, the wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap 4th Brigade could no longer stand it.They had already suffered huge casualties in the Battle of Shanghai, but now, under the frenzied attack of the Japanese army, they still used huge sacrifices to defend their positions one after another.In the first day of fighting alone, they repelled nine Japanese attacks, and the price they paid for this was Chief of Staff Luo Yu killed 1,231 people.Rorisa s face, but that beautiful face may have obtained the mysterious power from hell, stubbornly resisting the erosion of the years, and it is still so smooth, young and beautiful.Even beautiful In the West, there is a legend that when Death s cbd thc hybrid gummies attendants collect enough souls for him, Death can grant him immortality, and in order to prevent him from being alone in eternal life, he can let his beloved People will always remain young.This is cbd thc hybrid gummies just a legend, a legend passed down from Danish mythology.But now, these guests have seen it with their own eyes.In fact, there is nothing particularly magical about this, it is just that Mrs.Rorisa The superior environment and good maintenance gave the countess a tendency to reverse growth.There are many examples of this in real life.But the nobleness cbd thc hybrid gummies cbd pain gummies and mystery of Mrs.Several people were fighting there, holding what looked like knives in their hands, and two people were lying in a pool of blood, moaning in pain.Gradually, the few people couldn t resist, and ran around.He got up with some injuries, and ran towards here in a stumbling grownmd cbd gummies wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap manner.The two of them followed closely behind.With the help of the light, when the injured man looked up, Wang Weiyi could tell who he was from his face Sara Kasanovic Desimov Looks exactly like old Desimov Go away, go away Kasanovic yelled desperately.However, he staggered and fell to the ground.The people behind caught up and raised the knife in his hand to Kasanovic.Kasanovic closed his eyes in despair, Hey, Gentlemen Suddenly, a voice made them stop, garden of life cbd gummy bears and the two gangsters saw a gentleman dressed as a gentleman aiming at them with a pistol in his hand, and then they heard Gentlemen, please put down The weapon in your hand, and then, turn around and leave here.The 91 type grenade it uses is only 0.45 kg, and the eight rounds in an ammunition bag are only 3.6 catties.Including the grenade, the entire combat system is less than 7 kg, which is much lighter than a light machine gun.Due to its light weight, the grenadier team will not be able to fight with the front line infantry in time due to the heavy load like the mortar team or the heavy machine gun team.In actual combat, the grenadier team can even charge with the infantry.So this is what Wang Weiyi attaches great importance to The three grenades in the hands of William, Yannick and another German fired at the same time, and the Type 91 grenades fell towards the Japanese machine cbd thc hybrid gummies cbd pain gummies gun position one after another, continuously Amidst the loud explosion, the front of the Japanese army s position was in a mess.Wash away the shame in one fell swoop Hayi Tani Hisao responded loudly, and then seemed a little hesitant Your Excellency Commander, your grandson Sugawara kun Forget it, forget it, don t talk about him anymore Matsui Iwane s complexion dimmed all of a sudden After rescuing him again and again, he was captured by the Chinese people again and again.Maybe this is destined.Everyone, as long as the whole of China is defeated, Naomasa will be truly rescued.They came out.Several division heads straightened their chests together Shoot Changshu, take down Nanjing, cbd gummies купить rescue Sugawara Naomasa Let s all go prepare, three days later, we will officially launch a full scale attack Matsui Iwane waved his hand.After all the generals left, Matsui Iwane s complexion became very ugly again, Tsukada Kou knew exactly what he was thinking Your Excellency, Commander, I think it s better to send someone to find Naomasa again, maybe he Now it has fallen into the hands of Wang Weiyi again Mr.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly They are human beings, not machines.I insist that people s memories cannot be completely erased.Especially when it comes to the unforgettable emotional part.For example, Guo Yunfeng and his family, for example, every time Elena hears the word dancing, there will always be different Response Maybe you re right.Little Ling was a little helpless, and then said, Wanderer.Now some strange problems have appeared.After the Battle of Jiangjia Village, the self reform of the base has risen to 65 , and even more strangely, when Guo Yunfeng s family members appeared, the self reform of the base inexplicably increased by 5 , and now it has reached 75 This cbd thc hybrid gummies cbd pain gummies caught Wang Weiyi s attention Why I m not very clear, this is beyond my understanding.But I guess the reason is that Guo Yunfeng actually belonged to the previous twenty years.Ah, Traveler, how do you know Ouyang Yu asked in surprise.Oh, I have intelligence personnel from R himself Wang Weiyi casually found an excuse to perfunctory.Setting up an ambush in Wujiadao was originally a very important part of the whole plan, and attacking the Ueno detachment was full spectrum cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies just an introduction.This is a tactic designed by Wang Weiyi, Xiaoling and Elena together., to attack the Ueno detachment, the Japanese army must be reinforced.The Huben Guard brigade retreated immediately after completing the attack, and the Japanese army that arrived would definitely not return.At this time, Zhang Lingfu was decisively ordered to abandon Jiangjia Village, and The Japanese army has only one choice to encircle Jiuhu Town from two directions Wujiadao is the only way for them to go on the right But the only thing Wang Weiyi did full spectrum cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies not expect Surprisingly, the head of the Numata Tokuju brigade was also among them.Everything today is enough for them natures relief cbd gummies shark tank to remember for a lifetime.They couldn t forget the 609 tank commanded by General Ernst, shooting the T34 majestically, they couldn t forget General Ernst s calm and calm command, and they couldn t forget the Baron s heroic posture of shooting with a submachine gun at the most critical moment.All of this is enough for them to savor a lifetime.However, the sound of guns from Demyansk continued.Now is the time to test whether General Ernst Brahm can successfully bring his troops out of danger.Three hundred and ninety nine.The baron s family Madam, there is news from Germany that Baron Alexon has appeared again At the head of state s office, our insider reported to us that Baron Alexon is commanding the Skeleton Division of the SS.Breakout.United States.When the news of Baron Alexon s rebirth reached Leonie and Hermione s ears, the two couldn t help but smile wryly at each other.Dempsey Butler was excited The beard trembled.These were the most moving words he had ever heard from the Baron.But can i fly with cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies he immediately calmed down his emotions, and said very seriously Your Excellency the Baron.Your idea is really ridiculous.I am just a servant of a relatively high ranking earl.How can I do such an unreasonable thing Wang Weiyi haha laughed Eliott, tell me about the affairs of the country.Yes, Your Excellency the Baron.Eliot said quickly After the decisive battle of the country s defense line, the national government immediately The Battle of Nanjing was held again, and many newly formed troops were mobilized.We sent a large amount of weapons and ammunition from the United States to support the National Government s war of resistance.In the Battle of Nanjing, your Huben Guard Brigade performed very well, ah , I forgot to tell you that your subordinates have now become very good commanders.First, the baron suggested that the various opposition groups negotiate, and then he planned to release the arrested members of the resistance organization What exactly did the baron want to do in France As I said just now, the so called resistance is nothing more than causing France to suffer unnecessary losses, destroying the lives and property of the French people.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Dietrich told me just now that the resistance organization has formulated a Regarding my assassination plan, I can tell these people that I am waiting for their arrival and will personally kill anyone who tries to assassinate me, but will never implicate innocent people.As for this assassination Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Plan K , isn t it I heard that the resistance organization hastily formulated a so called Plan K with only one goal.The German army is preparing a new offensive Sling smartlife cbd gummies immediately appointed General Kolkorok to command the 1st and 3rd Soviet Army to deploy in Kharkov to block the German attack.And this battle plan was opposed by a person, that is, Marshal Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko with outstanding military exploits In the telegram from Marshal Timoshenko to Sling, he elaborated on the various disadvantages to the Soviet army of the early battle in Kharkov.The German army, which passed through the Demyansk breakout, is currently due to the return of enemy legends.The morale is high, but the Soviet army in Kharkov cbd thc hybrid gummies is weak and ill prepared.Under the torrent of steel from the German army, it is impossible to resist.The best way is to give up Kharkov immediately, ensure the vitality of the Soviet army, reorganize the elite army, and start a new offensive in Kharkov.He replied firmly Please Remember how to speak to the victor.He secretly divided the British French Italian alliance, and sought public opinion support in newspapers, enumerating cbd thc hybrid gummies the damage done to Turkey by the Allied Powers, and stated, I cannot accept a plan that damages Turkey s territorial integrity, and I cannot accept a plan that is equivalent to The status of a slave.Through strong public opinion pressure, the opponent was placed in an embarrassing and passive position, and through some small concessions, the Treaty of Lausanne was finally signed, and Istanbul was recovered without a fight, opening a huge gap in the Versailles system.But after Kemal passed away and Inonu was elected president and lifetime chairman of the ruling Republican People s Party, his character suddenly changed drastically.Wang Weiyi suppressed the smile on his face During the first Great Depression, the Morgan family not only survived unscathed, but also expanded their empire.Then, in crisis after crisis, you continue to grow stronger, and many things that were unimaginable in the past have all become reality.The economic crisis has had very little impact on you, and you can even say that you are eagerly awaiting the next one I remember a famous saying within the Morgan family, Without a million bankruptcies, there will be no There is a financial empire is born Morgan was a little surprised.Where did Baron Alexon hear this sentence This sentence has only been passed down from generation to generation among the heirs of the Morgan family.No outsider can know.But think about it carefully, sitting on your own Opposite is Baron Alexon, the Baron Rose who can create any kind of miracle Naked capital plunder, isn t it Wang Weiyi looked so calm and calm The financial empire is built on blood and corpses, which is no different from the battlefield.Wang Weiyi calmly said After the trip to the United States, I plan to go on a trip to the UK What President Roosevelt had an expression of disbelief on his face Are you going to visit England Lord Alexon, perhaps the English will seize you, perhaps kill you For grownmd cbd gummies wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap the sake of peace, I am willing to take a risk.Wang Weiyi smiled And you, President Roosevelt, will have the opportunity to become a great president who brought peace to the whole of Europe.Maybe the next Nobel Peace can i fly with cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies Prize will be shared by you and me Roosevelt The President laughed out loud.A humorous baronhe doesn t think that a myth of invincibility on the battlefield will be able to win the Nobel Peace Prize.The main enemy of the United States should not be Germany, Mr.President.Wang Weiyi said slowly at this time I have told you all about my position and decision.Kraken Captain Klingenberg, that is your mission.Back to Ernst at the headquarters.Marshal Brahm officially held his first military meeting This is a very important person who carries a large number of British military confidential documents.You must bring him back here.Yes, Marshal Klingenberg stood up and said loudly I cbd thc hybrid gummies cbd pain gummies promise to bring him back safely.Very well, get ready to go, and set off secretly tonight.Wang Weiyi nodded The British s big attack is about to come.At first, our task is to stop the enemy s attack here.Gentlemen, the cbd thc hybrid gummies second battle of Alamein is about to begin.For the glory of Germany, work hard.For the glory of Germany All the officers participating in the meeting stood together up.Another piece of history, the upcoming Second Battle of Alamein, finally determined that the German army was powerless in Africa.Standing on the standpoint of justice, What do you think is the future of Egypt I think Wang Weiyi was about to continue, when he suddenly checked the time Ah, the 20 minutes we agreed on is up, I think we can meet again next time Tell me No, no.Canlemu hurriedly said, Leave 20 minutes to hell.Sir Andrew, I really want to hear your opinion.Elena who was on the side looked Seeing the Wanderer pretending to leave, he couldn t help laughing Wang HCMUSSH cbd thc hybrid gummies Weiyi sat down again In my opinion, Egypt should not be ruled by France, nor should it be ruled by the British.Rule, Egypt is the Egypt of the Egyptians Egypt is the Egypt of the Egyptians Canlemu murmured and repeated.It s not easy to hear such words from an Englishman Wang Weiyi then said The Egyptians once relied on their own strength to drive away the French, so why ah, I think it is not very appropriate for me to say these words as an Englishman, please forgive me, Kan General Lemoux.If it is true, then this telegram is enough to completely push the soldiers involved in terp nation cbd gummies 250mg the riot cbd thc hybrid gummies to death.I want to double check the authenticity of this telegram When he said this, General Canlemu s voice was not as confident as before.General Canlemo, this was sent by the Germans using their special code Montgomery said coldly There is no doubt about the authenticity of the information.Now, even if you don t agree, I have to use my power to order the suppression Well General Kemmerson gave the rioting soldiers three hours, and now the time is running out.If our officers can t be released, then I will have to deal with the situation by force.Therefore The Egyptian side must bear full responsibility for all casualties caused Responsibility General Canlemu left here angrily.He couldn t believe that the Egyptians were about to shed blood on the land of Cairo, but the British wanted to shift all responsibility to Egypt.As a result, Britain and France also took the opportunity to take charge of Egypt s financial power, with Britain managing Egypt s revenue and France managing Egypt s expenditure.Both countries have their economic lifelines firmly in their hands.So far, Egypt is actually controlled by Britain and France.The Egyptian governor was nothing more than a puppet.The Suez Canal, which is the lifeline of Egypt, is also the lifeline that Britain, France, especially the United Kingdom, rely on to safeguard global interests.The two countries that control the lifeline are responsible for the daily management of the canal through the General Canal Management Office set up in the Canal Zone by the International Suez Canal Company.The company also has representatives stationed in Cairo who can contact the Egyptian government directly at any time.He tried to break through a few more times, but all the gaps had been tightly blocked by Germany, leaving him no chance at all.The shouts sounding everywhere seem to be blowing the funeral song for the British in North Africa Montgomery now delegates the command to the officers, asking them to defend and break out according to the battlefield situation, without having to go back to the battlefield.report to him.It was the last thing he could do.In fact, Montgomery has always had a wish.He wanted to write a memoir and tell everyone what happened in all the wars he participated in.He also wanted to focus on introducing one person HCMUSSH cbd thc hybrid gummies to others Ernst Alexson von Brahm.In World War I Or to be more precise, during the European War, the young Montgomery met Lieutenant Ernst back then, and he almost died at the hands of Lieutenant Ernst.F hrer, cbd thc hybrid gummies Cairo is calling, Marshal Ernst sent it himself.What are you talking about Adolf Hitler looked up from a pile of papers.At this time, I am standing in Cairo watching the heroic German soldiers enter Adolf Hitler listened carefully, then stood up, and shook his fist vigorously I said that the place where General Ernst appeared , Victory is not far away F hrer, it is Field Marshal Ernst No, that s what you call it, I still like to be called General Ernst Adolf Hitler s face showed Tell the good news of this victory to the whole of Germany At this moment, I am standing in Cairo watching the heroic German soldiers enter When Marshal Ernst Brahm said this After this telegram was known to the whole of Germany, the whole of Germany was boiling Victory victory victory From one victory to another.This time, he was knocked straight to the ground, his eyes widened, but But all the sights in front of me are disappearing quickly, only the sound reaches the ears more clearly, besides the howling cold wind and the terrified chirping of birds, there is also a woman s voice Yumu, do you still want to get that information Duan Yimu, director of the Harbin Police Department, dug his ears subconsciously.He clearly heard the sound of smashing the table on the phone.There have been four assassinations, and your police department is full of food Yes, yes, I will send people to search immediately Duan Yimu responded hastily, ignoring the sweat from his forehead.On the other end of the phone, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, the chief of the Kwantung Army s Harbin Intelligence Department, snorted sinisterly, Our Kwantung Army Gendarmerie is in charge of the search and arrest.George VI announced the start of the rowing in the most concise language, and the bugle sounded That s the order those rowers who compete.They raised their own rowboats and rushed into the water.The annual Royal Regatta has begun Sir Monlington and General Rosen did not go to see their rowboat.Instead, they set their sights on the Royal Princess.This rowboat may be the most expensive rowboat in the world.Its owner is Princess Elizabeth, future first in line to the British throne, and its rower is Field Marshal Alexson, Baron of Germany.Is there anything more valuable than this rowboat What worries the two even more is the reaction of the whole of Britain once the incident is made public Sir Monlington s Prince Daubert rushed to the first place, and its cbd thc hybrid gummies rower Blos But the rowing master who was born in Cambridge even participated in the previous Olympic Games.Even more damaging were the repercussions in America President Roosevelt had shown great enthusiasm before the operation Gao, always regarded him as an inexperienced, reckless low level general officer and a British puppet.This is the beginning of the irreconcilable contradiction between Britain and France Six hundred and thirty nine.There are irreconcilable contradictions between Britain and France at the ball held by Mr.Duke.When the war comes, such contradictions will be hidden, and once the crisis is over, all contradictions will surface.De Gaulle was facing such troubles.Baron Alexon came at a really bad time.His appearance disrupted all the steps of De Gaulle and the organization he led.The attitude of the British has become so ambiguous now, especially after the Royal Regatta, and even a little indifferent to the French.De Gaulle s words were harsher, and he used the words warning, reminder, and destruction many times, which was unacceptable to Churchill.Now, de Gaulle had to prepare for the worst., De cbd thc hybrid gummies Gaulle was already preparing to relocate his organization to North Africa, but due to the sudden turn of events of the Allied forces in North Africa, he had to temporarily dispel this idea, but now, the idea of relocating the organization has become urgent.The British responded Indifferent.The presence of the Free French Movement and the French National Liberation Committee in London is also a very embarrassing thing for the United Kingdom.This attitude of the United Kingdom also made de cbd gummies louisiana Gaulle feel great disappointment Following the Free French movement came the Soviet government.Before, with the loss of Iran, the most important channel for the Soviet Union to obtain assistance from the United States and Britain has been cut off, and Germany is obviously preparing for a new large scale offensive, but at this critical moment.In the telegram the F hrer criticized you severely Oh Wang Weiyi became more curious.In his memory, Hitler never criticized himself for anything.Paul Hauser and Ludwig glanced at each other, and said carefully The Marshal hopes that you will stop being so reckless in the future.Deep behind enemy lines, he draws your attention, you are the Field Marshal of the Reich, the only hope for Germany.So Ludwig, when did you become so talkative Wang Weiyi smiled and turned his head to Ludwig.Needless to say, this guy must have reported the information to Hitler.Ludwig straightened his back Yes, I reported it, but I also hope that you Don t take such risks in the future, we cannot afford to lose you again.Wang Weiyi shrugged and said nothing On February 9, Tasotsky, the commander of the 190th Infantry Division of the Soviet Army, did not wait for the return of Major Waderos.He bowed slightly to Dimilenko and Anna, and left here He didn t need the couple to answer him.He knew they would.What kind of choice did you make If you want to use an inappropriate metaphor, then it is a deal with the devil.In the eyes of the Russians, Wang Weiyi is a devil, and Dimilenko once cooperated with him, which is equivalent to can i fly with cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies a deal with him Signed a contract.Once you sign a contract with the devil, you will never be able to get rid of the bondage of the contract for the rest of your life Although the people in the team are not sure whether they can successfully move from the west of the city They had doubts about leaving, but the resolute expression on Marshal Ernst s face had told them everything Where Marshal Ernst is, there are always miracles, isn t it like this Ready by Riley, kidnapped in the back of the truck, were Ksenia and Avrona, and of course, another Colonel Holdwich Poor Colonel Holdwich, when he When I got home, I probably never thought that there was a terrible person waiting for me in my home Guo Yunfeng Now he knows.A series of fire snakes swayed their coquettish and terrifying figures in the air, and then silently submerged into the enemy s body shells one after another were like wraiths released from hell, ruthlessly taking countless lives.Wang Weiyi was watching the battlefield coldly, and Malinowski was also watching the battlefield coldly The collision of steel and steel could not stop their determination to cbd thc hybrid gummies win, and the loss of lives could not stop them hold back their determination to win.The cathartic cannons were there to explain their determination to win.They are using the most manly way to tell each other what dish is war The extremely familiar Ulla sounded overwhelmingly on the battlefield again and again, and countless familiar figures appeared overwhelmingly on the battlefield.A large number of artillery and a large number of tanks fired at each other, German or Soviet soldiers.The British reacted extremely violently at the first time.They announced that they would no longer recognize the Charles de Gaulle regime, and instead officially recognized the Vichy government as the only legal government in France The world was in chaos, but the world was heading towards a new one.The new situation Wang Weiyi is happy to see such a thing happen, and it can even be said that all of this is within his expectations Now, it is time wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap gummy bear cbd edibles to end the war as soon as possible After the Battle of Stalingrad, the German army began to actively prepare to cross the Volga River.The Manstein Group and the Guderian Group also began to move towards Moscow after initially completing the sweep of the Soviet Army.Soon, Moscow will be wrapped in a terrible war.The days to end the war are counting down Stalingrad, the night of May 10, 1943.Even if I die, I am willing to die in his arms Leonie, Leonie Hermione found that her eyes were already wet, and she didn t know what to say.In this world, Leonie was the closest person to him.Once she really didn t come back, Hermione didn t know what to do.My friend, take good care of yourself.Leonie also shed tears I know I will miss you, no matter where I go, I will miss youyou, William, Elliot At this time, she saw the butler Depusey in a wheelchair coming, and she came to Depusey Why don t you recuperate well.My Mr.Butler.From two A month ago, Depusey fell ill, although he was cured.But his legs have lost the ability to move.Since then, it may be a wheelchair that accompanied Depusey.Depusey did not answer the lady cbd thc hybrid gummies s question, but said Countess, I know you like to be called a baroness, but I insist on full spectrum cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies calling you a countess.After an hour, the Soviet central position had been breached.The strangling battle of the German army has begun The roaring earth watched all this silently She used her body to carry countless corpses The war will always end The Soviet Army s 11th and 12th Group Armies were broken through across the board at 1 p.m.and were wiped out on a large scale.The failure was so fast.Shaposhnikov HCMUSSH cbd thc hybrid gummies actually expected this moment to come, but he didn t expect it to come so quickly.At 1 20, HCMUSSH cbd thc hybrid gummies Shaposhnikov committed suicide on the battlefield.This was the first Soviet marshal to die on the battlefield after the outbreak of the Great Battle of Moscow.In his life, he made countless contributions to the Soviet Union, but on this day he committed suicide in complete despair.Just like the equally desperate Soviet Union.That was Klingenberg Greg and his commandos.They must find a way to rescue Sergeant Matthewman and Nurse Linda, no matter what the cost.Pintorov and his soldiers immediately threw themselves into the counterattack.The terrain here is very favorable for the defenders.In a short period of time, the German army was unable to break into the position.When the German army s first attack was repelled, there were more wounded here.The few medicines in the ambulance kit had long They ran out, but Sergeant Matthew Mann was still trying to save the lives of those wounded.In the eyes of a real doctor, there is no such thing as an enemy But at this time, Kapusky s The situation became very serious.He was already in a dangerous situation.He couldn t last incredibles strawberry cbd gummies an hour without drugs Even if Pintorov pointed the gun at his head again, Matthew Sergeant Man still said calmly And even if there are medicines now, I m afraid it s too late I don t have medicines, no Pintorov yelled furiously.Forcibly crossing the Erguna River, Heilongjiang River, and Ussuri River, entered Northeast China from the Transbaikal, Heilongjiang Coast, and Binhai areas respectively, and launched a powerful attack on the 5,000 kilometer frontal battlefield.The end of Japan has come The strength of the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS, which have experienced the individual gummy frogs cbd baptism of the Russian war.It is no longer something the Japanese Kwantung Army can resist.Especially under the command of the three famous German generals, full spectrum cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies Manstein, Guderian and Model, the German offensive was absolutely overwhelming.The Kwantung Army s defense line began to crumble In order to cooperate with the German offensive against the Kwantung Army, the Chinese Army and the U.S.Army launched a strategic counterattack cbd thc hybrid gummies against the Japanese army on several battlefields at the same time.The Marseille Squadron has completed its preparations.Richthofen looked at the busy airport and said, Ernst, is the atomic bomb really as powerful as you said Yes, Manfred , It s so powerful that you can t imagine.Wang Weiyi couldn t see any smile on wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap gummy bear cbd edibles his face, but said very calmly It s enough to destroy a city, enough for Japan to remember the price of the war, and it s not worth it.An opportunity to remember again Richthofen and D nitz shivered involuntarily.Although everything related to the atomic bomb was only heard from other sources, when the words came from Marshal Ernst It depends.It also made them feel inexplicably afraid.The atomic bomb, what kind of terrible weapon is that What kind of destructive power will the atomic bomb bring to Japan You will know soon As if seeing their thoughts, Wang Weiyi finally showed some smiles on his face I can assure you that you will never forget what you saw today in your whole life Marshal Doenitz, a telegram from General Nimitz of the United States.This group, a new adventure is about to start at this moment Seven hundred and twenty six.The first minute when German Wang Weiyi led his team to leave the Ziguang military base, a new legend began from here.Xiaoling s work is very Excellent, she produced weapons and armor for Wang Weiyi and his companions that are far superior to this era in terms of craftsmanship and sharpness.Especially their armor, just from the appearance, is similar to that of the Roman Legion The chain mail used is not much different, but it is very light, far from what the Roman chain mail weighing 9 kilograms can match.Moreover, it is strong enough to resist the stabbing from the short sword in the hands of Roman soldiers.Not grownmd cbd gummies wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap cbd thc hybrid gummies only In this way, Xiaoling also gave safe drug injections to Wang Weiyi, Richthofen, Guo Yunfeng, the three main fighters of the team, and Elina, making their reaction, explosive power and endurance far beyond ordinary people.Wang Weiyi did not give up at all, he led Elena, Guo Yunfeng, and Richthofen into the siege of the Romans again and again, and solved those companions who were in danger time and time again.He worked hard to regroup most of the Germanians to his side Whether they are alive or dead, they are always a group, and no one can change this The battlefield suddenly became a little quieter, and the quietness made people a little scared.In the middle of the battlefield was a group of Germanians who had been fighting all the time, and around them were densely packed Romans.There is no gap in the surrounding area.But what does it matter From the beginning of the battle, who thought of running away It is our greatest honor to fight with you.Anluges said respectfully, Although we are all going to die, we will never forget this day Fighting with you is also my greatest honor.The sole consul, please don t worry, all the expenses of your adopted son will be borne by me, not only that, but also all the bonuses in the Sea God Festival will be borne by me Take charge Pompey smiled, very happily.He was now convinced that he had read the right person.What he wanted to win over Spulius was his huge financial resources, although Pompey didn t know how huge the financial resources of Spulius were.But he just had the feeling that this person had wealth no less than that of Crassus.After Crassus death, the alliance between Pompey and Caesar was completely broken, and he needed to find a new rich man to form an alliance with himself and 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Pompey s face was full of smiles Then, how do you want me to cbd thc hybrid gummies repay you I don t need to repay your contribution to you.The two sides are not a level contest at all.Servius quickly set his sights on Yakulius, it was this man who deprived him of the glory that should have belonged to him Now, you can tell this hairy boy what a cruel and real battlefield is It is also time to let Pompey and all Romans know who is the bravest warrior in Rome.Of course, I must not let down Spulius kindness.God knows where Spurius got this incredibly powerful grownmd cbd gummies wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap warship.He walked towards Yakulius step by step.At this moment, Yakulius also discovered Servius plan, he didn t want to admit defeat so easily, he roared and cbd thc hybrid gummies rushed towards the opponent bravely Seven hundred and sixty five.The victor Yakulius knew very well that he had already lost the naval battle, but he absolutely did not want to admit defeat so easily.He had to fight on, and if he could defeat Servius, he could save some face.Crassus has long coveted it.What s more, conquering Sabbath can also bring him outstanding military exploits and endless glory beyond Caesar.He didn cbd gummies brooklyn t care too much cbd gummies and pregnancy about the refusal of the Roman Senate to authorize war on Parthia.Because in his mind, Anxi is just another barbarian tribe that is about to be conquered, and this war will end in a few months.He is already thinking about how to arrange the celebrations for his victory and return to court.When Crassus army was wintering in Syria, the ally of the Roman Republic, King Atabazu of Armenia, came to visit.Atabazu expressed his willingness to personally lead 10,000 armored cavalry to help in the battle.At the same time, he suggested that Crassus s army go north, go south via Armenia, and directly attack Tessiphon, the capital of the Parthian Empire.Only then did the disaster befall the fifteenth legion, causing the Roman legion to suffer heavy losses.The Germans called this victory Rocky s Revenge.Loki is the God of Vulcan in Germanic mythology, and it is also the nickname of Richthofen.Some Germans even believe that it was the messenger of Vulcan, Richthofen, who summoned the cbd thc hybrid gummies help of Loki, the god of fire, and ruined Rome.Fifteenth Legion.In the future, this myth was spread more and more widely, and Richthofen was called the main character in this war, which made people laugh and cry.Probably what kind of mask to choose to wear will always take some advantage Whether it s The Wrath of Hephaestus or Loki s Revenge.The nightmarish experience of the Roman Fifteenth Legion here must not wana cbd gummies 1:1 be can i fly with cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies forgotten by those who survived.They speak of this battlefield as the field of fire and death, where 3,900 Roman soldiers died.Men hope to recognize him in order to get some monetary rewards, and women hope to recognize him to increase their social status.Invitations came like snowflakes.Most of these invitations were ignored by Wang Weiyi.There was only one invitation that caught Wang Weiyi s attention, and that was Caesar s distant relative, Mark P.Anthony s invitation.This is an extremely important member of the Post Triumvirate.He is also the ruler of Rome in the future.After much consideration, Wang Weiyi accepted Anthony s invitation and sent his butler, Barras, to tell Anthony that he would be having a banquet tomorrow night.Just as Barras was about to leave with a message, Wang Weiyi suddenly stopped him Barras, my housekeeper, who is the owner of this house It s you.Master, you are the owner of this house.what do you want to do cried Annette.But soon.Her lips were sealed by the Baron s.Annette made a woo woo sound from her mouth.The body kept swinging there.But gradually, under the baron s kiss, her hands and feet stopped struggling.Even though the baron had let go of his hand, 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the support of tanks.Don t laugh at the Italians, the American soldiers under him are not much better than the Italians The current situation leaves him with no better choice, so he can only nod helplessly.He faces the opposite position.He raised the binoculars again, and suddenly thought in his heart How wonderful it would be if all those Germans became his subordinates Have you found Max and the Skeleton Commando After recovering the communication with Xiao Ling, Wang Weiyi came to a deserted place and asked.After getting an affirmative answer and the situation of Max and the Skeleton Commando, Wang Weiyi frowned.He pondered there for a long time before returning to his companions There is news of the commandos, they are surrounded.However, the muzzle did not intend to turn at all Then, the first shell flew out of the barrel and fell heavily among the American soldiers.With a sound of boom , more than a dozen American soldiers were suddenly blown up.Then, the second shell came out without any pause M60 tank, a well trained gunner can fire 6 8 shells in one minute, and now, the gunner in the tank is Guo Yunfeng an absolutely well trained gunner Cannonballs kept flying into the U.S.troops, and explosions sounded one after another.Pieces of U.S.troops fell under the attack of the cannonballs, which made the U.S.troops into a mess.Not only the Americans, but even the members of the Skeleton Commando were stunned.What happened Why did the Americans beat up their own people At this time, it was not just the attack of shells, the 127mmmm85 anti aircraft machine gun on the m60 commander s conning tower also crazily ejected bullets at a rate of fire of 400 rounds per minute.This is the best opportunity for us to delay the time Major, we will carry out your order unconditionally.Captain Scherer became excited.It was completely dark, and the flares of the US military appeared in the sky from time to time, illuminating the surroundings as if it were daytime.However, this did not shake the determination of Wang Weiyi and the commandos.They waited patiently for the effect of the flares to pass, and then quickly approached the US military positions.When a new round of flares appeared again, they would quickly lie down on the ground again, continuing to hide themselves in the darkness.To carry out a successful sneak attack, you must compete with the enemy s patience.Flares rose into the sky again and again, illuminated the surroundings again and again, and then disappeared again and again.Yes, Sally, you will definitely see your fianc come back with medals on his chest.At that time, everyone will be proud of you.So, will you keep your promise Of course, I will give you the most dreamy wedding, and I will make you my wife These words kept ringing in Major Abraham s ears.He has no chance to give Sally the most dreamy wedding, and there is no way to make her his wife He smiled wryly, then raised the pistol, and put it by his temple.Then, he closed his eyes and pulled the trigger hard After the gunshot, everything was over In this battle, Major Abraham of the U.S.Rapid Mobile Battalion committed suicide, and the entire battalion 271 officers and soldiers were killed and 126 captured.The entire battalion was devastated.Not only that, the Nordland combat group also seized a large amount of supplies, including the armored vehicles and trucks they urgently needed.In the spring of the following year, an organ repairer, Karl Maulach, came from cbd thc hybrid gummies Zillertal.He casually asked in the midst of the chat How did you manage Christmas mass now that the organ was broken Gruber just mentioned the piece, and he said It s such a worthless thing, I even forgot where it was put.In the back of the church there is a small cupboard full of dusty piles of paper.Gruber found the sheet music here.The organ repairer looked at the score, moved his lips slightly, and hummed the tune from his broad chest.Interesting, he said softly, may I take it back to see Gruber laughed.Okay, okay, just take it.Besides, after you fix the piano, this thing is even more useless.After Maulach left, Gruber forgot about it.But Christmas Eve resounded in the lovely Zillertal Mountain, and since then began its journey of spreading far and wide around the world As folk music, this song spread from Austria to Germany.At this time A soldier came in at the door, holding a telegram Colonel, the general asked us to continue to stand firm, and 500 people will be reinforced here tomorrow Although Colonel Fan Siteng is brave and good at fighting, he is also fully aware of his own strength.He knows that if he persists, the whole army will be wiped out.But wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap gummy bear cbd edibles he has no choice but to bite the bullet and continue to hold on.He waved his hand and said, Go back.US military headquarters.Colonel Nesko still had his sinister smile on his face, and asked the officer behind him Have our four regiments on the left and right wings arrived Yes.sir.Those Germans will be wiped out tomorrow the next day, 5 00 am.Boom Ahsoldiersget up, the American army is attacking us ah As soon as a second lieutenant woke Gattle and the others, his head was pierced by a shrapnel.Heisenberg called Zoff s name and told him that the German army was now retreating as planned.Hearing his order, the soldiers reluctantly fired their last shot, then helped the wounded beside them, and left the position.Everyone gathered at the gate of the church, ready to rush out together.Enemy bullets came in through the gaps in the bunkers, and cbd thc hybrid gummies the pillars of the church were shot by sparks from time to time.Hasen come here Heisenberg called the young man s name, and he ran to Heisenberg with a hot weapon, seeming to have overcome the fear just now.Stay behind me don t go far At this moment there was rapid shooting and shouting from the back door of the church those screams of horror that echoed repeatedly in the empty hall.Little Paul has done his duty.Quick Now Heisenberg ordered loudly, cbd thc hybrid gummies Get out The main entrance was kicked open, and dozens of soldiers moved towards the side entrance of the museum 30 meters away.Heisenberg tried his best to open his eyes.He wanted to move, cbd thc hybrid gummies but immediately felt great pain all over his body.Don t move, Colonel Heisenberg.Your mission has been completed.An extremely familiar voice reached Hurt s ear.Then, Heisenberg saw that extremely familiar face.He smiled, knowing that he would be able to see this face again, and fight for the pride and dignity of Germany under shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking episode his command again Ernst Alexson von Brahm Marshal, many soldiers died Heisenberg cbd thc hybrid gummies said weakly Many, many, they died in front of me.I know, Colonel.Wang Weiyi said calmly You took Levto and held it tenaciously with little force.You did everything you could.They will not die in vain, now.Please leave this place to us.Now, please Leave it to us When the skeleton baron said these words, the Russians terrible nightmare came.Peter Goff quickly attracted the attention of people around him.There are constantly beauties chatting up with him, hoping to attract his attention.You know, such high rollers are in a good mood.Just giving them a few chips is enough for them to spend for a few days.If you are lucky, you can also spend a wonderful night with him.Then there may be several zeros in their accounts.As for those gangsters in the casino, they are even more eager to hook up with this rich man It s a pity that Wang Weiyi s thoughts are not on them at all.Mr.Rich, your gambling luck seems to be can i fly with cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies bad today.At this time, a woman s voice sounded.Probably another woman from another force.Wang Weiyi turned his head to look, and he saw a different beauty.About twenty five or six years old, sexy and beautiful, with red hair that was deliberately dyed.Even more striking is.She was wearing a red top, a red skirt, and big red high heels.This is very lethal to most men like a burning fire that is enough to melt the hearts of all men Ah.My luck is always bad.Facing this beauty who is different from any woman in the casino, Wang Weiyi said lightly But, I always feel that I can make money today.The red haired beauty said with a smile There is a saying in our place, if you are unlucky, you might as well have a drink.Chatting with a beautiful woman for a while, this can change your luck.At this time, Daniel s new chips have been delivered, and Wang Weiyi Taking the chips, he said, I ve heard an old saying in the East, that things are only three things.Daniel looked at full spectrum cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies the red haired beauty in a daze, Miss Tatyana.Daniel clearly recognized this woman, but Miss Tatiana looked at him He glanced at it, and then even if he closed his mouth, he didn t dare to say a word.He jumped up and was about to throw at Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi didn t even blink his eyes because at this moment, Ivan had already taken the first step to control Mr.Tukedov Mr.Tukedov, there is no People can cheat Migrosky stood up and took the ashtray from summit cbd gummies his son s collection Are you insulting me Oh, no, no, Mig Mr.Roski, I was just saying that he cheated.Tuckerdov said tremblingly.Then you are still insulting me, and you can t even tell that someone is cheating Ivan, please put the hand he was holding the ashtray on the table, please Before he had time to react, his people were already controlled by Ivan, and he put one hand on the gaming table.Mr.Migroski, please don t hurt me, poor man Shh, please don t talk.If you dare to struggle or resist, I promise you will not get out of here alive.Ramel roared in pain.Noqier shouted Hans Don t let the Russians approach us again Hans nodded to Noqier, and then pulled the gear of the mg62 machine gun he was operating There are not many bullets Nochell recalled.He had been shooting like crazy before Almost all stored ammunition has been used up Let s save a little this time Their 098 is still the only tank closest to the approaching Russian troops.Although there are four Destroyer 3 tanks behind them, as well as the previous two Blasters and Klaus s Leopard 9.Those Destroyer 3 types belonged to the armored support platoon of the German army, but they did not come forward to help the German army.They just stayed at a safe distance, and from time to time spit out a shell that could not threaten anyone.Nocher finally knew who had made those pillars of earth that rose around the Russians.Yes, it s going well.Khmelitsky hurriedly replied Gregory is completely in a mess.While he is constantly begging the United States to increase aid, he is even preparing to conduct secret negotiations with Germany.A smile appeared on the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth Are you negotiating Mr.Khmelitsky.Please tell the Grand Duke that you have some powerful friends in Germany, and you may arrange for him.I think you know what to do.How should I say it Yes, Your Excellency the Baron.Khmelitsky immediately understood the other party s meaning I will convince Gregory that the Germans are preparing to negotiate.Gentlemen.Wang Weiyi s gaze changed from These Russians were scanned one by one The heroic German soldiers and those Ukrainian soldiers who dared to resist tyranny are rapidly approaching Kursk and will soon reach Moscow.There are two ways to go.So, please accept my allegiance to you, and I can also hope that you can really guarantee the safety of my cbd thc hybrid gummies family and me Wang Weiyi smiled A smart choice, isn t it I like to cooperate with smart people, not those who go to the end of the dead road.So.Now you are my ally, as my ally, you can get even more than what you want.Do as I tell you He had a new helper.A new loyalist, and a very important pawn.He would deliver the deadliest blow to Gregory.Then, the ending I want to see will appear in front of me in the most appropriate way Is there anything more perfect than this Wang Weiyi carefully explained to Migroski what he should do, and Migroski, who had no choice, agreed to everything.at this time.His fate has been completely linked with Mr.Peter Goff.So.I think I baypark cbd gummies price can wish you good luck.Things will change too.However, there are never ifs in many things, and the mistakes that have been made can never be undone And this is the final fate of poor Xie Lisa Xie Lisa died, but Ilya absolutely did not have such courage.He was about to lose everything about himself and his father.If the stock market did not improve tomorrow, then the most terrifying thing would definitely happen.He was not willing to accept such an ending.He drank one cup after another in agitation, trying hard to find any way to redeem it.But what can he do The news of the collapse of the two major markets in New York was constantly broadcast on the TV.This made Elijah even more upsethe wanted to shut up all those guys on TV.The phone rang, and Elijah answered it angrily, and was about to reprimand the cbd thc hybrid gummies other party severely, but when he heard that it was Mr.At this time, a car stopped , Alice came out of the car accompanied by Migroski.She bounced and came to Wang Weiyi s side Dad, where are we going now Germany, that s our country.Wang Weiyi hugged Alice and smiled Let s go home We back go home A brand new Germany awaits his return home One thousand and four.The situation in the Turning World has changed a lot.Italy s government was the first to change, and pro Germans came to power.The New York stock market and the housing contract market collapsed, and the savings that countless people worked hard for a lifetime disappeared in an instant, and a new round of terrible economic crisis began to come unstoppably.A large number of factories went bankrupt and a large number of workers lost their jobs.This is a more dire economic crisis than the one in 1942, and even war cannot solve it.Boom Steinman s tank fired the first shot, blasting a turning American tank, and then 12 tanks smashed through the wreckage and came to the fork.Look for the wreckage to hide The infantry is close to the wreckage Spread out cbd thc hybrid gummies in a circular formation As soon as Steinman gave the order, a large group of US tanks appeared in front of him, and at the same time, a small number of tanks and infantry appeared on the left and right positions.The German tanks first arrived at the wreckage of the American tank, completely covering the body of the car, only revealing the tank turret with thicker armor and a very high egg jumping rate.Not only that, due to the dense tank wreckage, the German tank hardly had to worry about being attacked from the back, thus The groundwork was laid for the undivided attention of the German army.After a fierce battle, Samant Street has been quiet for nearly two hours, which is extremely unusual on the battlefield.Don t be careless.Steinman fell silent after only speaking three words.Listen The enemy is coming Rabbi s ears were sharp.He first heard the roar of tanks in the distance, and all the surrounding German troops returned to their combat positions as if reflexively.Steinman took out a detonator and squatted behind the window breach, thinking about something.Attention everyone, wait until they pass the bend before breaking their legs.Steinman gave an order calmly, and the rabbi took a machine gun to a short distance behind the window and set up a bipod.The German wheeled assault guns drove into a bunker dug on the side of the street.A turret cbd thc hybrid gummies was exposed, and the muzzle was facing the corner, ready to bombard the American tanks passing the corner at hemp bombs cbd gummies show up on drug test any time.bang bang The running enemy soldier was knocked to the ground, spattered with purple blood.Three more enemy soldiers ran past Lieutenant Pozik s view.Pozik turned his gun.Bang Bang killed the ally in front.When he was about to shoot the other two enemies, the gun jammed.Damn The lieutenant quickly retreated to the bunker to repair the rifle.Those two allies carried forward the rabbit spirit.Suddenly slipped into a building.An infantryman and a flamethrower from Platoon C also saw the two rabbits , and they ran to the building and leaned against the wall under the cover of friendly fire.The infantryman drew a smoke grenade, pulled the tab, threw it through the window, and then he drew a frag grenade, pulled the tab, snapped off the safety clip, paused for two seconds, and threw it through the window.The gunfire stopped, and when the team climbed up the ladder and came to the place where the enemy soldier was laid down, Pozik found that the guy was not dead, his belly was still sticking out, it seemed that he was still struggling breathe.The sight of Flotz s death immediately rushed into Pozik s mind, he thought of the bloody, smashed strawberry cake, he thought of the appearance of Flotz s family cbd thc hybrid gummies after receiving the death notice, he thought of The rules of engagement, the rules of engagement expressly prohibit the shooting of enemy soldiers who have been incapacitated.But, fuck the rules of engagement Pozik raised his rifle and fired a few rounds into the enemy s belly.Snapped Purple blood splattered out, onto the ground, and some splashed onto Bozik s face.Anyone else They re all dead I m in position, left Empty All targets eliminated Beep Lieutenant Pozik pressed the quantum walkie talkie on his shoulder Platoon A has cleared the corridor on the east side of the building, and two people were killed.They pointed nervously at the private car.Taylor stuffed a bee tail needle grenade into the gun mounted grenade launcher, and that Sarah Li s joke had long been forgotten by him.The surrounding civilians were in chaos.They ran and ran in the opposite direction screaming like a frightened flock.A considerable space was vacated on the street.Captain William raised his rifle and pointed the gun at the car while retreating to his convoy.I hope those refugees will not can i fly with cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies be harmed.The driver looked back at the scattered crowd It has nothing to do with them. Don t fucking wana cbd thc gummies denver cheap gummy bear cbd edibles talk nonsense Get out of here The soldier held the rifle in one hand, opened the door with the other hand, and roughly grabbed the driver.Boom There was a loud noise that shook the world, and the private car was blown to pieces.The living organisms around the car were engulfed by the explosion.Speech generously.He listened absently, or he wasn t listening at all.In any case, let s be a dead horse doctor for the time being, Eric is eloquent and eloquent.He suddenly and rudely interrupted Eric s speech, and asked repeatedly Do you know that you have a party without permission.What kind of punishment will you receive in the strictly disciplined German army He stared at Eric, and his originally gloomy eyes shot out two cold lights, pressing against Eric s throat like two sharp knives.The first time Eric knew.It turns out that the eyes can be so terrifying that they can make people s legs tremble.It was at that time that Eric knew what discipline in the German team was Now there are only Eric and Billy left, they are like two fish in a rut, and they can t jump a few times.The sun shines through the overlapping branches.These assaults have just advanced a short distance The team was exposed The French machine guns began to roar horribly Two commandos fell in a pool of blood Pisnoche knew that the attack was over Impossible, when the supporting artillery fire from the tanks behind him sounded, taking advantage of the moment when the French army was suppressed, Pisnoche stood up fiercely For the revolution, advance For the revolution, go forward These extremely cbd thc hybrid gummies cbd pain gummies brave insurgents, like their commanders, stood up from the ground one after another, and with the support of tank fire, they bravely rushed forward The temporarily suppressed firepower soon re emerged, Those commandos who charged bravely fell to the ground one after another, but none of them was afraid, they still rushed forward bravely like a lion.One after another, the team members fellBlood covered their feet The ground is dyed red must praise these brave commandos, as long as they hesitate a little.Cooperating with British intelligence.Major Barack originally wanted to refuse, but then he thought of his own money.If he made a fuss with General Gendra, he would be sent back to his was cbd gummies found in halloween candy country immediately due to the general s personality.And before his eyes, the charming face of the English widow appeared again.Under the temptation of money and beauty, Major Barack finally succumbed Since then, one after another, the most important information of the US military has been sent to Nash Although he learned from Nash He was rewarded with generous money and could continue to provide him and the widow with a luxurious life, but he was always worried that something would be revealed to the public one day.Nash protected him very well, and the general didn t know groupon cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies everything he did outside.However, this didn t mean that the general would never know.In 1912, the Unionists under can cbd gummies make you hallucinate Edward Carson signed the Treaty of the League of Ulster, vowing to resist devolution by force if necessary.To this end they formed formed the paramilitary Ulster Volunteers and imported weapons from Germany.Nationalists formed cbd thc hybrid gummies cbd pain gummies the Irish Volunteers, ostensibly to ensure that devolution after World War I was not resisted by the British or Unionists.But the Irish Volunteers were gradually overtaken by the Irish Members of the Republican Brotherhood infiltrated, such as Patrick.Pierce.In 1914, the First World War diverted the crisis and delayed the resolution of the issue of Irish independence.Devolution was passed by the British Parliament, but was suspended during the war.But the issue was sparked by the Easter Rising in Dublin by Irish Republican Brotherhood elements of the Irish Volunteer Army.It best cbd thc gummies s a very good start, isn t it Robert calmed down his nervous emotions Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, are you not afraid that I will bring someone to arrest you No, no, I don t Don t worry.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly When you appear nearby, there will be countless eyes and muzzles staring at you.As long as there is any abnormality, the gunshot will sound, and I can leave here calmly.Even though you, as the British national police chief, can t know my hiding place, but I can easily find you anytime and anywhere.Robert smiled wryly, yes, if Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is so easy He can be caught by himself, so how can he sit in front of best cbd gummies nyc him now Before we start the formal conversation, I want to show you a letter, which is written by your wife.The words of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol made Robert s heart beat violently, and he took it carefully.He even couldn t wait to command his powerful armored army to set off.This made General Gendra and their allied commanders more gratified, although some people said that General Cacchino was not trustworthy.But judging from his cbd thc hybrid gummies current performance, he still maintains considerable loyalty to the Allies.Yet none of the Allied commanders, including General Candra, knew what was about to happen that frightened them.The advancing speed of the powerful Second Armored Army was undoubtedly fast, but when they reached Deust, General Cachino suddenly issued an order to temporarily stop advancing.Until now, those officers have not had any suspicions.General Cacchino has always been a very cautious man in using troops, and cbd thc hybrid gummies he will not rashly launch an HCMUSSH cbd thc hybrid gummies attack when the leading troops are isolated.Dorset is less than half a day away from Dorset, once the main force arrives.On the front line, in addition to the German soldiers of the Armed SS, soldiers of the Dalian German Wehrmacht began to appear.And this new situation made Colonel Enrique s heart full of pride again he was fighting the SS and the Wehrmacht at the same time Even if he fails, he can leave here with his head held high The Skeleton Lancer was very eye catching from the very beginning of the battle, and Enrique also regarded it as his HCMUSSH cbd thc hybrid gummies main target.He knew the great reputation of the Skeleton Lancer , which was the trump card of the German army.But so what Your own troops are also the trump cards of the US military s trump cards Ace vs.Ace Even if he really fails, as long as he can keep the Skeleton Lancers firmly out of the position, he will also receive great honor.No, not only him alone, but also his beloved Bloody Rose In the honor room of the Blood Rose , there are pictures of every commander hanging.You and your troops are irreversibly defeated.If you continue to fight, many more people will die, and your decision will save their lives.Although this will cause some stains on your personal reputation.Colonel Enrique smiled faintly Yeah, my personal reputation will be tarnished, but I have already decided.Major Stroop, in an hour, I will take the 36th Marine Corps The soldiers of the brigade stepped out of their positions and cbd thc hybrid gummies surrendered.This cbd thc hybrid gummies was the final fate of the Blood Rose , the aircraft, artillery and tanks did not make them surrender, but a gentleman s action made them completely give up their cbd thc hybrid gummies determination to resist.Many times fighting on the battlefield is no longer everything.The Blood Rose unit Colonel Enrique was the first commander to surrender.But when he walked out of the position, Colonel Enrique didn t feel any shame One thousand one hundred and nineteen.I order you to stick to your barracks immediately, look for a suitable opportunity to take the initiative, and absolutely not let the guerrilla plot succeed.Jean hung up the phone without letting Bacchus make a decision In fact, he wasn t too worried about the battle situation at Bacchus s place.After all, the enemies were just some guerrillas, but Bacchus commanded an entire division of cbd thc hybrid gummies regular troops.Could it be possible that they would be defeated by the guerrillas What he is worried about is the situation in Southampton as a whole, and there must be no surprises at such a critical juncture.General, the guerrillas have taken over the television station, and now the leader of the English Free Army , Annuo, is giving a speech there.A favorable weapon encouraged the British in Southampton Her Majesty s subjects, the glorious day we have been waiting for has finally arrived Her Majesty s army is launching a fierce attack in Southampton.William shrugged I am in the position of President of the United States Leaving a disgraceful record, we started wars and lost them, and even I was impeached as President.My political career, from that day on, was over.Yet I think you did Very good.Turner said stubbornly No one has done better than you, you are serving this country loyally, and you have contributed everything for this country.You shouldn t bear those accusations Thank you, Turner.William stood up and stretched out his hand Goodbye, Turner.Goodbye, Mr.President.Turner left, and soon, William will also leave this office.There s nothing to clean up, and everything here doesn t belong to me anymore.William sent Turner out of his office, and then closed the door.At this last moment, he wanted to taste the taste of being in this office for the last time.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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