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Li Guohao s is at most a little creative in the filling.If the secret recipe is cracked, people will basically choose to go to those well known dim sum shops instead of here.Jia Mingming has the signboard of Li Ji Tea Restaurant, but sells dim sum shop business.outside.What does this old Li want to do Instead of running a tea restaurant, buy wife cakes instead A neighbor who knew Li Dexiao saw that the entrance of Li Ji Tea Restaurant was full of people.He squeezed through the crowd curiously, and glanced at the banner above.After other people s promotion, I muttered to myself.Thank you for the fish balls, don t you know Old Zhang at the fruit stand next door heard the voice and turned his head to look.Isn t it the old Xie who sells fish ball noodles across the street.Fish Ball Xie asked curiously, Know what Didn t your family receive the wife cake from Lao Li yesterday Lao Zhang asked in surprise.

Do you want a TV set, or a discount of 1,000 yuan Department store shopping coupons in Hong Kong dollars Can you still discount shopping coupons The man asked with some doubts.Li Guohao explained, Of course.After all, some people already have a TV at home, or they don t really need this thing.We can give him a department store shopping coupon discounted at 1,000 Hong Kong dollars.Then you can buy whatever you need.Xiangjiang Department Store to purchase.This The man hesitated for a moment, his family condition is mediocre, and he has will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies not bought a TV set yet, so he will look at the latest brand TV set discussed on the table in the tea restaurant, and his eyes will be a little hot.But 1,000 yuan shopping coupons are also a good conor cbd gummies choice.Li Guohao saw this person s hesitation, and gave a suggestion, Actually, you can take this 1,000 yuan shopping coupon and go home to discuss it with your family.

That s right.Li Huifang slapped herself on the mouth twice and said in a low voice.Adong, go and close the door, close the door and come upstairs.For Zhang Dong, Li Guohao didn t want to be too extravagant, not mentioning the relationship between the two families, just talking about Zhang Dong who has been helping him since he crossed over.Holding the cash box, the three of them went upstairs.At the end, Zhang Dong also locked the door and came up.A fifty centimeter high cardboard box stands on the table.Such a big cash box Li Huifang stared at such a big box.Li Dexiao also muttered to himself, No way, son, it s full of money It was taken from the HCMUSSH alcohol and cbd gummies back to the front temporarily in the afternoon.This is also the fault of Li Guohao who didn t think that the money sold this morning would not fit in the small drawer, so he got a seasoning box temporarily.

Where are you going Li Huifang asked, wiping the sweat off her alcohol and cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in ny forehead with her arm.I have something to go out for a while.Li Huifang didn t doubt it, Okay, you go, there are me and your dad in the store.Mom, if there is anything in the store, you can tell A Dong.After a period of time, Adong followed me, and he was able to be alone.Well, Mom understands. Central, Central and Western District, Hong Kong Island.Mr.Mai, I m sorry to keep you waiting for so long.Li Guohao got off the bus, saw Mai Qi will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies waiting outside the bus stop, walked quickly and apologized.It s okay, I just came here not long ago.Mai Qi smiled lightly and shook his head.Which store is there Li Guohao was not polite, so he went straight to the question.That s right, will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies I came to Central this time to choose a place for the new store.

After all, more and more people live in this Xiangjiang Island, and every inch of land is expensive.Mai Qi fell into deep thought after listening to Li Guohao s words.Seeing Mai Qi s appearance, Li Guohao didn t interrupt him either.At this moment, a man with long hair fluttering came not far away.Are you HCMUSSH alcohol and cbd gummies looking for a doll book A doll book Li Guohao stared at the man in front of him suspiciously, only to see that his beard was scruffy, and his long hair in the shawl was also greasy.He could tell at a glance that he hadn t washed it for a long time.Head dress yourself up.That s right.After the long haired man finished speaking, he looked around, saw that no one was paying attention to him, and took out a book from his arms.Li Guohao glanced at the exposed cover, Pornography I ll go, keep your voice down.

That s right, the position of the manager of the new store is to be selected among you No, boss, since Choose among us one of the girls who was usually reticent asked in surprise.That s right, isn t the deputy store manager Zhang here One person glanced at Zhang Dong suspiciously, which seemed to mean that he was neglected by the boss.Zhang Dong on the side had known about this for a long time, but he didn t react alcohol and cbd gummies too much.Shop Manager Zhang will directly manage this store in the future, and I will no longer be the store manager of this store.Therefore, in the half a month before the opening of the new store, I hope everyone will work hard.You are the first batch to join us.Therefore, regardless of whether a new store is being opened in the future, everyone is eligible to run for election.Hearing this, everyone smiled happily.

Li Guohao.Boss Qi, how do you know that I am Li Guohao.Li is cbd gummies legal in all states Guohao also shook hands and asked with a smile.While speaking, Li Guohao also sized up the boss Qi who started a publishing house at a loss.He was about forty years old and had an obvious general belly.He didn t look like a well educated person.It s not that Li Guohao has any prejudices, the main reason is that this Boss Qi is very reckless, with a sloppy face, if he is not wearing a suit, at first glance, he would make people think that he is either a gangster or a butcher.Haha, Brother Shangguan mentioned to me before that Mr.Li is a young hero, and he opened two pastry shops.Why did he know it was you at the first sight The main reason is that the age of this gentleman in a suit is obviously not suitable.Boss Qi He laughed heartily.

Speaking of which, Xiangjiang was always very chaotic before the reunification.No Mention the rampant evil forces, but the Royal Police administration.This side of the government is also extremely corrupt.I vaguely remember a movie Chasing the Dragon starring Donnie Yen and Liu Dehua before time travelling, which seems to be about Xiangjiang in the 1960s and 1970s.In the movie, the underworld boss played by Donnie Yen hooked up with the detective played by Andy Lau.Black and white blended together, making it difficult to distinguish the colors.Well, I don t care about him.The soldiers will come and cover up the water.Let s talk about it at that time.It s better to give a little profit to others than to suffer for yourself.With a long sigh, although this era is the best era for me, it is also the worst era, and the only way to break through the clouds is to go head on.

Suddenly Cai Shaodong thought of a person, and said I do know A big guy who used to be in Heji, I heard from others that this big guy was very prestigious in Heji a long time ago, but he left early, otherwise he might have been a member of Heji by now.He Ji Zhang Dong was surprised, he didn t expect his cousin to know the boss of He Ji.Li Guohao alcohol and cbd gummies asked Zhang Dong in a low voice What is Heji Knowing that Li Guohao didn t care about these things before, Zhang Dong explained Heji is He Shenghe, one of the three major gangs in Xiangjiang.Chapter 42 Panda Craze 1 After leaving the Shaw Brothers studio with Zhang Dong, Li Guohao did not go back, but diverted to Central.Central, Panda Comic Publishing House.As soon as Li Guohao entered the office, he saw Shangguan Xiaobao sitting there with his head down, writing and drawing.

After Li Guohao made the special Christmas cakes , so he called Lawyer Fang, and after alcohol and cbd gummies consulting about the loan, he got up and went to Central. The next day, at the gate of HSBC Bank.Li Guohao said gratefully Thank you, Mr.Ma, if you hadn t helped to make a financial report overnight this time, I m afraid there really wouldn t be a way to make the loan successful My boss, these are all part of the job.Shangguan Xiaobao also laughed and said Ma cbd infused relax gummies Finance is thanks to you this time, if something goes wrong in President Li s pastry shop, our Panda alcohol and cbd gummies Comic Publishing House may be fine.Where are you going Now Panda Comic Publishing House is not self sufficient, and most of the expenses still depend on Li Guohao s money.But it is also a loss that there is a publishing house, otherwise the bank may not have given a loan to a small pastry shop.

This is also the informal banquet method used by most foreigners.Nick is about forty years old, with a sparse beard, and looks like a handsome uncle.He took a careful look at Li Guohao, and smiled slightly mockingly Although I don t know why Margaret Hong Kong Governor s Wife Deng Liting I will invite you to make desserts for this banquet, but I thought that the guests might not like your desserts, so I specially asked my staff to make our most authentic desserts in France.Hearing this, Nick originally took the initiative Li Guohao, who still had a alcohol and cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in ny good impression of him when he greeted him, was immediately annoyed.Isn t it obvious that he discriminated against him by saying this.This is not necessarily the case.Our Chinese cuisine has a long history.This time I will make the most authentic Chinese pastry for you, which is also the most delicious pastry with a history of 5,000 years in China.

Seeing Wu Guohua staring at him, Li Guohao shook his head and said.After the waiter left, Wu Guohua picked up the teapot and poured it for the two of them, and said while pouring The Tieguanyin tea in this Longfeng tea house is still very good, and they are all very authentic teas.I have been here since TVB opened.I started drinking it, and it s been five or six years in a while.Picking up the teacup, Li Guohao took a breath, took two slow sips, and then put down the teacup.The taste of tea leaves is fine, no matter how good or bad it is, Shangguan Xiaobao drank it with relish.Li Guohao couldn t bear his temper, and after the tea in the teacup had cooled down, he drank it dry in one gulp, and asked, I don t know why Mr.Wu invited the two of us over this time Do you want to be romantic, or talk about it Glancing at Li Guohao, who was obviously immature in a white shirt, he 8 count cbd gummies for sleep chuckled inwardly, he was still a child with no hair yet.

As for why the plot progressed so slowly, it must be attributed to Li Guohao.He specially instructed Shangguan Xiaobao to draw more daily activities when serializing comics, such as eating cakes, practicing kung fu, and some village activities.The comics are drawn like this, and the animation company s production naturally has the same plot.One cannot be fast and the other slow.Part two Li Guohao immediately understood when he heard this.I talked with TVB about the broadcasting of animation before, and only the first Kung Fu Panda is HCMUSSH alcohol and cbd gummies that hazel hills cbd gummies reddit dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies s all, the second part has not been discussed yet.This time TVB saw that the ratings of Kung Fu Panda are so good that it is about to catch up with the TV series.The ratings were high, so when the first part was halfway through, I hurriedly found Li Guohao, wanting to talk about the second part and even the next few parts as soon as possible.

It can be seen that Rong Bingcai is quite filial.People in this era still will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies attach great importance to and care about filial piety.I don t lack money.I can share whatever Rongji earns, but now I want the position of the head of Rongji Rong Binghua is not short of money.He has shares in Rongji.For better or worse, you get a nice bonus every month.Rong Bing was shocked What On the other end, when Rong Bingcai was entangled with his younger brother Rong Binghua.Li Guohao also came to the Nathan Road store.Actually, I wanted to write about stores 1, 2, and 3, but I was afraid that some people would not understand it for a while.Xiao Min, where is Miss Wang The rest of the people don t know anyone, including the pastry chef who is making pastries inside the glass wall.Boss Xiaomin looked back and saw that it was his own boss and said with a smile Sister Wang seems to have gone to the Mong Kok store, store manager Zhang, by chance, it should be Manager Zhang, he asked Sister Wang to go to Mong Kok.

The main reason was that he had no money.In addition, his family was not very good when he was a child.As a result, he always knew how to save money.And because he had been an apprentice for several years and worked part time.For some part time workers I have some compassion and sympathy in my heart.I feel that everyone is suffering, so this is why he has always treated his employees better.He always raises his salary or something.Li Qiang has been in touch with Li Guohao for more than a month.I also know his Personality.This kind of person is suitable to be a boss, not a businessman.He is a good boss, not a good businessman.Suddenly, Li Qiang laughed again As for what you said about sending pastries to sanitation workers, it s a good idea, but we don t alcohol and cbd gummies need to throw them away.Every morning, as long as the sanitation workers outside our store come, no matter who they are, they will give two pieces of honeycomb cakes and free hot water.

Li Guohao knew that Rongji was going to open a branch, and Rong Binghua naturally knew about it too.Didn t you get stuck with their loan Why does Li Ji still have the money to open a branch Shouldn t it be opened with members money Rong Binghua thought about it and thought it was impossible.Some time ago, members refunded The frenzy has just passed, and Li Ji probably doesn t have the guts to use members money to open a branch at this time.If there is a refund, the loss outweighs the alcohol and cbd gummies gain.Did you get a loan from another bank Rong Binghua thought to himself that this was the only possibility.Damn it, if I knew it, I wouldn t have given Big Eye Boy a 5 point rebate.It didn t help at all Rong Binghua cursed, feeling very unwilling.Originally, he wanted to get a loan from the other party.Let it be a step later, and the good stores in other districts were rented out first, but who knew that when I went to Xiangjiang Island with the staff to inspect in the afternoon, I found that some stores waiting to be rented in Haoshikou had already been rented out.

For Li Guohao, natures only cbd gummies ceo who has lived in the south for more than 20 years, spending the winter in Xiangjiang is simply not too pleasant, there is no such damp and cold, and the whole person does not need to wrap himself up like a brown bear in clothes.We have already started preparing for the expansion of new stores near Kai Tak Airport, Temple Street, Queen s Road, Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, etc.We plan to fully open the store before the end of the year.We are opening five branches.A total of ten stores will be expanded within three months.We cooperate with Maggie Decoration Company, and after deducting the rent, the average decoration cost of a store has been reduced to about 30,000 Hong Kong dollars.Of course, some stores are larger, and the cost will also what is full spectrum cbd gummies good for increase.The overall price is about 30,000 Hong Kong dollars.

Li Guohao thought about some companies that have adopted the strategy of franchisees in the future, and the best of them should be Braised Chicken and Rice.Relying on the strategy of franchising, it has successfully landed Chinese food in the United States and successfully listed.Although the market value is not high, it can be regarded as the leader in the Chinese food industry.If you want to truly make the company bigger and stronger, and become a multinational enterprise, 25mg cbd gummies for pain there is only the strategy of franchising.Didn t you object to me being a food processing factory at the beginning Why are you talking more and more vigorously now Li Guohao glanced at the excited Li Qiang and asked with a smile.Li Qiang said cbd to quit smoking gummies I am opposed to food processing factories, mainly because I am opposed to selling pastry packages to shopping malls.

Our Li s Huosheng was originally a radio station.I believe Mr.Shangguan should be clear.I know, I used to listen to Li s Huosheng Radio Station.Director Gao continued We are establishing Li s Huosheng TV Station At that time, we joined forces with the Xiangjiang Department of Education to establish an educational TV station, but you also know that the ratings of our Lidehusheng TV station have not been very good in the past one or two years, the company has suffered serious losses, and the board of directors is planning to cut it The education channel must be broadcast every day, but the Education Department does not agree.So I would like to ask Mr.Shangguan and your comic company to make an educational cartoon, which will not only satisfy the Education Department, It can also boost our ratings a little.

Recently, our company has cooperated with several second hand real estate companies, and the decoration of second hand houses is also very profitable.The two chatted for a while, and Mai Qi will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies suddenly asked Is Manager Zhang dating my Xiao Min Eh As soon as these words came out, Li Guohao didn t know how to respond.He said he was in love, and he was afraid that Zhang Dong would scold him.After all, Zhang Dong had an agreement with Mai Xiaomin before, and he couldn t tell his parents.But seeing Manager Mai s situation, he should I know.I know it even if you don t tell me.This girl talks about everything every day, and she has to answer the phone every day.Once at home, when I was about to answer, she scolded me for eavesdropping on other people s privacy.Although I knew she might have a boyfriend, I didn t expect it to be Zhang Dong Manager Mai already knew that his daughter might be in a relationship before, and originally planned to find a time to have a good chat with her about puppy love.

I don t understand.Now that my husband said that, I finally understood, and said This girl is really filial.She knows that Dad is alone, so she hides this matter.Okay.I will talk to Xiao Min.After Zhang Dong said something, he went back to the room and closed the door.This child, just say a few words like this.I really don t know whose temper it is.Father Zhang shook his head when the door was closed, and said that the child s temper was too anxious.Zhang s mother said nothing to him, she ignored him and went back to her room to sleep.Seeing his wife and son leaving, Zhang s father was also dumbfounded, and went back to his room with a wry smile.Lee s.Li Guohao took out the key and opened the brooke hogan cbd gummies door.My son is back Li Huifang s voice was mixed with the sound of the TV series.Well, I m back, Mom.

A company, he opened the store where I often go to buy pastries, and there are three branches in Xiangjiang Oh That palace pastry Mother Zhao asked.Li Guohao nodded with a smile, Yeah.That s very good.The pastries in your store are delicious.I often ask Ah Zhen to buy them.Zhao s mother said in surprise.You must know that in her opinion, Li Guohao The most common job is to work as a clerk in a certain company.After all, it is difficult for a person of his age to get ahead unless he has a background in his family.Auntie likes to eat, next time alcohol and cbd gummies I ll ask Ah Zhen to bring some back for you to taste.Originally, Li Guohao came here, although he meant to save the situation, but he also had some thoughts in his heart.When facing Zhao s father and Zhao s mother, , Naturally, I hope that I will perform better.

By the way, I haven t asked the lady s name yet Li Guohao was at a loss for words for a moment, and then remembered that he hadn t asked the names of these two girls, but it seems that they are of mixed race.He came with Ms.Shen again, wondering if he was a descendant of some British nobleman.Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce you.Ms.Shen on the side slapped her forehead and said, These two are the daughters of Mr.Ho in Macau.This is Miss He Chaoying, and that is Miss He Chaoqiong.Hello Li Sir.He Chaoying nodded politely.Hello, hello.Before Li Guohao could react, he responded when he saw the other party greeting, and suddenly thought of Mr.Ho in Macau, plus He Chaoqiong and He Chaoying, thinking to himself, could it be the daughter of the Macau gambling king in later generations Seeing that the other party was in a daze, He Chaoying asked politely Mr.

Li Guohao said with a helpless smile It s just something I said casually at the time, and I don t have a alcohol and cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in ny good idea yet.Li Qiang pondered for a while, and after thinking about it, he said a little excitedly Then you can think about it recently.If this activity is done well, in the future We have the final say on the pastry market in Xiangjiang, whoever is allowed to participate in this event is allowed to participate, and whoever is eligible to participate in this event is up to us Don t worry too much, wait until the association is registered, then let all the pastry chefs in our company apply to join the association, and it s best to invite more famous chefs to join the Chinese Food Promotion Association, so that two pronged approach can promote better This is our association.Li Guohao on this side of the Xiangjiang River is discussing the affairs of the association, and on the other side of the ocean is the United States.

If he does this, how many pastry chefs will lose their jobs Li Qiang nodded Yes, according to alcohol and cbd gummies my opinion I know that in Yuen Long, New Territories, many pastry shops have fired pastry chefs, including restaurants and tea houses, and almost a hundred people have lost their jobs.Liu Peilin has played this skill very well.He relied on the secret recipe of the remaining 14 shareholders, the old signature pastry shop, and cooperated with these pastry shops, teahouses, restaurants, tea restaurants, and icehouses, playing a good hand.These places will more or less sell some pastries in the store.Even if they don t sell them, they will be added to the menu of the store because of Liu Peilin s promotion.For Liu Peilin and these bosses, this is a win win situation.Liu Peilin earns half of the profit after the sale, although he has to pay the wages of the employees and the rent of the factory building, he can t stand the small profits but quick sales.

Forget it, Ah Hao, I will look for it myself.Zhao Yazhi smiled and said, Now that the economy is so good, it is not difficult to find a job.All industries are in urgent need of talents.The way I see it, sister, if you stay at home, brother in law will take care of you.Right brother in law.Ah Zhen laughed and raised her eyebrows.Upon hearing this, Zhao Yazhi s blush hit her cheeks again, and she secretly glanced at Li Guohao.Seeing that he was a little lost in thought, she breathed a sigh of relief, and then gave A Zhen a hard look, as if reminding her not to Nonsense, otherwise I want you to look good when I go home.Stared at by her sister s imposing eyes, Ah Zhen shrank her head and didn t talk too much, she buried her head and ate what was ordered on the table by herself.I thought of it Suddenly Li Guohao s mind flashed through, remembering an event he had done a long time ago A Zhi, I have a job that is definitely suitable for you What job Hearing what Li Guohao said so confidently , and said by name that it was absolutely suitable for him, Zhao Yazhi asked curiously.

The method that Li Guohao gave Huang He to make snowy mooncakes before is suitable for personal production in shops, used in places with strong assembly lines like factories, and Not very appropriate.So Li Guohao asked Huang He and Huang Yaohua to take care of this matter.Go in and have a look.Li Guohao walked in behind the two, and the rest of the dozens of workers standing at the gate of the factory also followed in a hurry.Let s open a line first, let the chairman have a look.Because the production wyld cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit is still uncertain, Huang Yaohua didn t dare to do more, so he asked a few workers to open a line first.Okay.A worker in white overalls called a few people to wait at the production line.He walked to the back of a very modern machine and pressed a button.The sound of humming mechanical wheels suddenly alcohol and cbd gummies sounded in the factory.

Snow skin mooncakes Mr.Jin looked at the mooncakes on the table curiously, and shouted towards the door, Xiao Liu.What s wrong with Mr.Jin The secretary Xiao Liu outside the door came in and asked.Who put this mooncake here Oh, this was sent by Mr.Cai before.You went out for lunch at that time, so I helped put it on your table.Cai Lan Well, it s Mr.Cai Lan.Chapter 135 Liu Peilin s ambitions are all over Xiangjiang, most of the newspapers, weekly magazines, etc., Li Guohao sent people to send snowy mooncakes to them one by one, and also discussed with them about advertising in the next week things.For this Mid Autumn Festival event, Li Guohao has made great efforts to promote it.company.Dingling bell Hello Li Guohao grabbed the phone handle.Ahao, I m Cai Lan.The person on the other end of the phone is Cai Lan.

This Why so many trucks HCMUSSH alcohol and cbd gummies Damn, how many fucking cars are there At least hundreds of vehicles One after fundrops cbd gummies alcohol and cbd gummies another, one after another.After a full three minutes, the tail of the convoy has not been seen yet The pedestrians waiting for the bus to pass by are all amazed.Those who are interested have noticed the palace pastry advertisement on the truck body Advertisement.I smacked my tongue secretly, my good guy, I actually used hundreds of trucks, how many goods are there to sell Passing this road, more than 200 refrigerated trucks, dozens of them, went to other places in the New Territories area, and the rest went to Kowloon Kowloon.Doo My God Why so many trucks Yes, and all of them are pasted with advertisements for palace pastries, which is really ridiculous Manager, come and see, our company s motorcade is here Amazing The chairman is 3:1 cbd:thc gummies really amazing, he actually mobilized so many cars Pedestrians on the road looked sideways in surprise The cbd gummies to stop marijuana panic Red Sea Tunnel connecting Xiangjiang Island in Kowloon.

This makes him, who has always been careful in business, how can he not feel heartbroken.Including the money to buy shares from other previous shareholders Have you had enough noise Have you had enough noise Liu Peilin asked calmly.Not yet Lao Zhang continued to be dissatisfied.Then go on talking.When you calm down, I ll talk to you.The people next to him also wanted to hear what Liu Peilin wanted to say, so they kept pulling on Lao Zhang s clothes and told him to sit down calmly.Talk alcohol and cbd gummies slowly.Talk slowly.Lao Zhang was also in a daze just now, seeing everyone in such a state, he also sat down and said, I d like to see what you want to say Liu Peilin looked at this scene and shook his head helplessly.After the office quieted down, Liu Peilin said This Mid Autumn Festival moon cake market, it s not that our moon cakes are not good enough, it s that Li Ji s people are too smart, not only let Mr.

Mom, I ll go back tonight and tell you, my company still has things to do.You can do your work in that line.Remember to bring the girl back.It s best to bring her home tonight for my mother to have a look at. I know Mom.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao hung up the phone.Since the new house was renovated, his parents and grandpa lived for one night, and then he went back to the old house.Li Guohao lived in the new house alcohol and cbd gummies nearby because of work.He didn t deliberately want to hide the matter of getting a girlfriend from Li Huifang, but he was afraid that she would be a little embarrassed if he proposed to bring Zhao Yazhi back to see his parents, so he kept putting off talking about it.In addition, he was busy recently due to the Mid Autumn Festival.Over time, I forgot about this matter.Ding Lingling Hey that one.

It s okay, I m sorry, too, for not being able to make a dress for the lady that suits her.As a tailor, Zhang Nan saw that Zhao Yazhi had changed several sets of dresses, but he was not satisfied, and he felt very guilty.Perhaps only a dedicated tailor like him can achieve such a big name in later martha stewart gummy cbd generations In the end, he found a dress that was most suitable for Zhao Yazhi in a store called Zhongji Women s Clothing Shop.In the store, what Li Guohao never expected was that he also met a well known actress in later generations, Hong Gu.It s just that Hong Gu is still a twelve or thirteen year old kid at this time, and her dress is relatively rustic, without the appearance of a sexy goddess in later generations.On the way back.Ah Hao s dress is so beautiful Zhao Yazhi recalled the dress she tried on before, and looked at her dress in the mirror.

After listening to Li fundrops cbd gummies alcohol and cbd gummies Qiang s words.Li Guohao smiled, that s right, he agreed unabis cbd gummies shark tank to grant the copyright of Kung Fu Panda to Warner, a large part of it was because he wanted to use Kung Fu Panda s soft advertisements to try to win the reputation of the palace pastry shop.It s just that he didn t know at the time whether this Kung Fu Panda , which was more than 30 years ahead of schedule, would be as popular in the United States as it was in Xiangjiang.But looking at Li Qiang s appearance now, he seems to be quite good.Go to America to set up shop Li Guohao pondered for a moment and thought a lot.Whether Americans like Chinese dim sum is a question, but how will you do cbd gummies make you constipated know if you don t try it.I I will lead the team myself As soon as Li Qiang heard that Li Guohao agreed, he recommended himself.You go Li Guohao was surprised and said If you leave, who will handle the company s affairs Now the pastry company and the food processing factory are mostly handled by Li Qiang.

Chen Chen thought about it, this is very simple, then nodded This is fine.Chapter 159 Cards from Childhood 2 3 Dong Dong While discussing changing the appearance of the cream sandwich cake, there was a knock on the fundrops cbd gummies alcohol and cbd gummies door of the office outside.I ll go out to the chairman.Chen Chen said.Yes.After Chen Chen left, Li Guohao discussed with several people from the technical department how to make the cream sandwich cakes more beautiful.After a while, Chen Chen led a person in and said to Li Guohao Chairman.Ok what happened Li Guohao looked back and saw a man in his thirties next to Chen Chen.Chairman, this is the pastry chef who came to work today.Manager Huang He has interviewed before.After Chen Chen finished speaking, he said again He is proficient in pastry.Oh Do pastry Li Guohao looked at the man in surprise.

Zhang Zhi alcohol and cbd gummies tore open the exquisite packaging bag, and rummaged through the inside without caring about the biscuits that smelled of milk.The attached card, after a while, you can see a panda card wrapped in a small transparent plastic bag at the alcohol and cbd gummies hazel hill cbd gummies bottom.The little hand reached into the bag, fiddled with it for a while, and then took out the card.On the back of the card, there were four large characters of Kung Fu Panda.Zhang Zhi flipped through it Seeing the front of the card, Zhang Zhi opened his eyes suddenly, gasped heavily, the veins in his neck bulged, his whole body trembled with excitement, and finally shouted Ah I won I won a rare card rise cbd gummies It s A Bao , oh my god, I won the draw Show me A Bao Wow, I m so HCMUSSH alcohol and cbd gummies envious.Zhang Zhi, you re lucky, and you actually won the A Bao card I m so envious The classmates next to him looked at Zhang Zhi with envy or jealousy.

The guests invited this time, in addition to Cai Lan, a big foodie, Wang Zheng also relied on Li Guohao s face to invite Mr.Jin, as well as Yi Shu, Ni Jia, and many other literati and writers.At the same time, Li s TV station also showed its power, and asked the artist department under the TV station to select a few popular artists, regardless of gender, and asked to participate in this competition.Because it is still in the planning stage and no formal publicity has been carried out, basically no one knows about Xiangjiang.Wang Zheng also talked about the planning of the competition.Li Guohao was quite satisfied after listening to it, but he felt weird about the schedule.At the beginning, he was just talking about the Super Girl competition in the future.He didn t expect Wang Zheng Actually added it.

In the stalemate, Hongkong Real Estate contacted the parent company Jardine Group.The senior management of Hongkong Real Estate negotiated with the parent company of Jardine and decided to exchange five shares for one share.Forced acquisition of Milk Company.What does it mean to exchange one share for five shares It means that for every share of Hongkong Land, Hongkong Land will distribute five additional new shares as a gift.That is to say, if you buy one share of Hongkong Land, you can get additional Five shares of stock, a total of six shares.What kind of concept, it is HCMUSSH alcohol and cbd gummies equivalent to buying stocks for 100 yuan and earning 600 yuan Damn Is there such an operation After reading this newspaper, Li Guohao was shocked.He didn t expect that there is such a game, one share can give five shares as a gift, which can be used to increase the stock price Chapter 185 Milk tea, on TV Sir, your stocking milk tea is ready.

At this time, the waiter walked over quickly holding a tray, and after avoiding pedestrians, he put the milk tea on the plate on the table, and set up the refreshments one after another.Stockings milk tea.Looking at the milk tea in the glass in front of him, it looks a bit like coffee with alcohol and cbd gummies milk.Li Guohao picked up the milk tea, took a few breaths, and took a sip slowly.Why is it a bit bitter Frowning, Li Guohao only felt that this silk stocking milk tea was completely different from what later generations drank, and this tea seemed to be brewed in a teapot, with a strong taste and a slight burnt smell.After drinking a few more sips, Li Guohao also gradually tasted the taste, feeling pretty good, although it is very different from what later generations drank, but the taste is not bad.The milk tea Li Guohao drank the most in his previous life should be Taiwan style milk tea.

No, I didn t hear anyone say it Li Guohao kept staring at her, Zhao Yazhi blushed, and she said again I just heard it casually when everyone was resting and eating at noon.Ordered takeaway at the company at noon today At that time, Zhao Yazhi ate together with a few colleagues, and everyone raised their mouths indifferently.No big deal.Li Guohao said with a smile.Oh.Zhao Yazhi snorted softly when she heard this, and with a pair of knives and forks in her hands, she casually cut the steak on the plate.Seeing this, Li Guohao smiled and said, Azhi is really fine, don t worry about me, I know you are doing it for my own good.Really Zhao Yazhi glanced at Li Guohao suspiciously.Yes, don t worry, eat it, it won t taste good when it gets cold later.Li Guohao smiled and said After eating, I will take you to the movies.

Fortunately, he was smart and found More than a dozen people were at the gates of various stock exchanges, borrowing the news from the newspapers, deliberately claiming that it was a conspiracy between Landmark and Nanshun, in order to let the stockholders sell their stocks and get them back at a low price Boss, you are the best.The original crisis was easily resolved by you David flattered.William said with a smile on the corner of his mouth These stupid people follow the trend blindly.Losses are inevitable.Inform the people below to sell all our stocks within three days as soon as possible.Now the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index is too high.I think A stock market crash is very likely Yes Chapter 201 Falling and jumping off a building William is very smart.Ever since the newspapers came out in the morning, William knew that there might be a large stockholders queuing up to sell stocks today, so he sent more than a dozen people at the gates of the three stock exchanges early in the morning to publicize that this was a real estate conspiracy.

60 year on year.But the Hang Seng Index fell yesterday, and it continues to fall today.Combined with the situation of the stock market, I think it may still fall, at least to 1,000 points The highest peak of the Hang Seng Index is between 1775 1776 Hesitating, Ni Xingqing speculated that the Hang Seng Index would fall to 1000 points, that is to say, it was clear that the Hang Seng Index would continue to fall.No, I think the HSI may fall even more Li Guohao said firmly.There will be more falls Ni Xingqing was shocked when he heard Li Guohao s words.That s right, haven t you noticed that the stock market in Xiangjiang is filled with a lot of junk stocks and three no companies listed These companies with no company, no profit, and no industry are all created by those capitalists, using the influence of public opinion , to drive all the citizens of Xiangjiang, and let those who don t understand stocks think that as long as they buy stocks, no matter what stock they are, they can make money Even some people who understand stocks will follow blindly when they see such a crazy stock market Buy those junk stocks Recently, Li Guohao has also learned a lot of information about stocks.

Colorful lights shine on the dusty but charming Pearl of the how to 3rd party test cbd gummy Orient, Xiangjiang.Sitting in his private car, Li Guohao looked at the lights on the signboard through the window.Now the night in Xiangjiang is getting brighter and brighter.In the past few years, there were not so many neon signs.Zhao Yazhi sighed.Yeah.Li Guohao recalled the year when he just traveled here, and went out to play with Zhang Dong at night.At that time, most of the streets in Xiangjiang, except for street lights, rarely had such radiant signs, but in the past two years, there have been more Out a lot.not for a while.The car arrived at Kai Tak Airport.The driver Zhang alcohol and cbd gummies Guangming said at this time Boss, we re at the airport.Yeah.After Zhang Guangming parked the car, Li Guohao led Zhao Yazhi s men out of the car and walked to the airport hall.

In the same year, he opened a company called Palace Pastry.In 1972, he took out a loan from HSBC to invest in a food processing factory Oh Bao Daheng listened to his subordinates report , surprised and said It seems that this Li Guohao started from scratch He has created such a big career in less than two years, what a formidable young man Well, it is said that this Li Guohao has a good relationship with Shen Bi of HSBC, Recently, I got a loan of up to 70 million from HSBC.said the subordinate.A loan of 70 million yuan Please also ask He Qianjin, the daughter of the gambling king, to contact Ah Rong to find me.Bao Daheng smiled and said, It seems that this young man has a lot of schemes.I checked, and recently this Li Guohao seems to be You have been buying Nanshun s stock all the time, so you are here to find the boss this time, don t you want to get Nanshun s shares from you Nanshun Bao Daheng was stunned, he thought Li Guohao wanted to With the help of his own shipping company, he sold the packaging videos produced by the food processing factory to the country, but he did not expect it to be for Nanshun.

Investigate it as soon as possible Also, get me a copy of Li Guohao s information.Xu Deming said with a gloomy face.Yes.After Xu Guanghe finished speaking, he turned around and went out to investigate Li Guohao Li Guohao was not like other companies.After submitting the acquisition report, it was not announced in the newspaper until more than ten days later.In order to acquire Nanshun Company as soon as possible, Li Guohao published the information in the newspaper early the next morning.Normal commercial acquisitions are very normal.Although they don t happen every day, they can be seen in newspapers from time to time, but acquisitions of listed companies are much rarer.The most eye catching event in the past two years is the incident of Landmark s acquisition of a milk company not long ago.

Li Guohao didn t know if he would make money by doing this, but he didn t want others to intervene, just like Xu s father hazel hills cbd gummies reddit and son, who obviously didn t deal with him, who knows if he will be playing tricks secretly.In addition, if the impact of the stock market crash is minimized and the voices condemning Jardine come down, and when the people of Jardine return to support the Xu family and his son, and then propose a capital increase or something, Li Guohao has no money to talk to them Play.Although Li Guohao can use his controlling rights to refuse the capital increase, he alcohol and cbd gummies is also afraid that some irresistible forces will happen.Therefore, in Li Guohao s view, the full acquisition of Nanshun earlier, although it may cause problems in the capital chain, is much better than holding a controlling stake Soon, the two cars arrived at the downstairs of the building where Nanshun Group is located.

He, I will help you pass this on to the other party.Li Guohao glanced at Xu Guanghe coldly.He Qianjin has helped Li Guohao many times, without mentioning whether there is any relationship of interest, but Li Guohao has to admit it in favor of him.Now that Xu Guanghe is insulting He Qianjin, Li Guohao naturally needs it Stand up and defend.You rebellious son Get out soon When Xu Deming heard this, he was startled, and quickly slapped Xu Guanghe with his right hand, pointed at the door and shouted.Dad you Xu Guanghe didn t expect his father to beat him at all, and he felt aggrieved and ashamed in front of his enemy Li Guohao.At this moment, he felt as if everyone was waiting to see his joke, trying to hold back the corners of his eyes.Tears, looking at Xu Deming with a crying voice, turned around and ran out without waiting for him to reply.

Okay, I see.Li Guohao thought for a while and nodded in agreement.Chapter 222 The day after the wedding.Li Guohao went to Zhao Yazhi s house.Since the relationship between the two was established, Li Guohao would also come to the door with gifts during the New Year and holidays.In Zhao Yazhi s bedroom.Ahao, is what you said true Zhao Yazhi blinked alcohol and cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in ny her big eyes, looked at Li Guohao with joy, and was extremely happy in her heart when she saw him saying this seriously.Of course it is true My mother even asked when we will get married Li Guohao laughed.As soon as Zhao Yazhi heard the word marriage , she lowered her head shyly and blushed, she took a peek at Li Guohao and asked, Then So what do you think Li Guohao liked to see Zhao Yazhi s shy face the most, so he teased and said, It depends on what you mean, you can get married whenever you want, but don t wait until the seventies are talking about it.

Seeing the dilapidated public housing in front of him, Li Guohao was thoughtful.Speaking of it, since the new house was renovated last year, he has rarely gone back to the old house.Although his parents are still relatively young, they are also in their forties., Grandpa Li Renzhong is nearly seventy.There is no elevator installed in the old house, and it is very troublesome to go up and down the stairs.Public housing like this usually requires at least 20 or 30 floors.Tall buildings are built on the left, right, front and back, and they are connected together, roughly in the shape of a word.Zhao Yazhi drove the car carefully.Since she got her driver s license, she rarely drove.Recently, she took advantage of the company s bus to drive occasionally.He fixed his eyes on the front, frowned slightly and didn t know what he was thinking, so he asked curiously What s wrong with Ah Hao Ah Li Guohao came back to his senses, heard Zhao Yazhi s words and said with a smile It s nothing, I was thinking of a better villa area in Xiangjiang.

An ordinary pastry chef who works in a small shop on weekdays, and then accidentally saw the advertisement for the pastry competition Li Guohao said that the idea of this new movie is completely based .

are cbd gummies good for type 2 diabetes?

on the original pastry competition, almost an alternative movie According to the advertisement, if this kind of movie is left in the future, it will almost be a movie that hits the street to the hometown.A lot of other stuff, like using cbd gummy jar tai chi when making pastries and flour, or putting in an element of comedy.After Xu Guanwen heard Li Guohao s idea, he immediately understood that the other party didn t actually want to make a movie, but just promoted his company from the sidelines.Gourmet movies, not to mention the global film industry, but in Xiangjiang, it is almost the only one in the world.

You are wrong if you think so, the big hotel is not You only make money by quantity, but you make money by quality Zheng Jiachun said with a smile Recently, my company has a hotel project, and I have been looking for a partner.I think Ah Hao, will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies your ancestor is an imperial chef, do you want to invest a little Li Guohao After pondering for a while, Zheng Jiachun invited himself to do business together for the first time.Regardless of whether the business is profitable or not, he must give the other party face, otherwise it would be bad for the other party to refuse to refute the other party s face.Brother Zheng told me, I ll vote.Okay, you two He Qianjin next to him said cautiously If there is a good deal, don t bring me with you HahaAh Ying wants to play then go ahead Let s vote together.Zheng Jiachun laughed.

Soon, the two cars separated.Although Rolls Royce is commonly known as a classic car, this car is by hazel hills cbd gummies reddit dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies no means comparable to ordinary cars in terms of performance and speed, let alone does cbd gummies make you laugh the obviously dilapidated white van behind.Seeing the distance between the two cars, Li Guohao also heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that he could avoid this crisis.After all, the car speeds up, and as long as you pass this Pok Fu Lam Road, you will go straight to Kowloon, and the flow of people will gradually increase.With more, the other party should not be so blatant.But Chen Sheng didn t think so.The car behind was coming, but he was afraid that someone would intercept him.When he came in the morning, Chen Sheng remembered this road very clearly.It took about an hour to drive to the city.There was hardly any other traffic passing by, and at the alcohol and cbd gummies beginning there was a construction crew, repairing the road, where only one car was allowed to pass.

Regardless of other things, he stepped on the accelerator and rushed out.It was also bumpy all the way.Chapter 248 A sensational news report in Hong Kong.Pok Fu Lam is located in the west of Hong Kong cbd oil safe for kids gummies Island.It is an area spanning the Central and Western Districts and the Southern District.one.Pok Fu Lam is named after Pok Fu Lam Village.In the early days, it was a large mountain forest.Later, because of people s wyld cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit development, more than half of the area was gradually developed into a city.In addition to the mountains, alcohol and cbd gummies the other half also has a small Pok Fu Lam reservoir and a large area of milk.Company ranch.There is only one road between Pok Fu Lam Village and the outside world.Behind the village is a low barren hill, and further away is a field.The Xiangjiang Island Police Station received a call to the police.

This Raptor never expected that Brother Qiang wanted to search the village.The village is not big, and the search was quick, but this is no longer a matter of secret kidnapping, it is simply put in front of him.You willing Brother Qiang glared at Raptor.Raptor gritted his teeth, looked at the four younger brothers behind him, and said fiercely Go search, search one by one, find the kid surnamed Li for me Chen Sheng inside the house searched for a long time in the kitchen, and finally found two sharp kitchen knives, one is a Chinese style kitchen knife and the other is a Western style knife like a dagger.Take it, Weicheng Chen Sheng handed Yu Weicheng a kitchen knife.Whether it is useful or not, at least he has a weapon in his hand.Seeing Chen Sheng and Yu Weicheng observing the situation outside the window, Li Guohao also glanced at the owner of the room apologetically and said, Really Sorry guys.

This This is no good, boss, I hazel hills cbd gummies reddit dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies can t accept the check for 100,000 yuan.Zhang Bowen has self knowledge.He didn t do much at all.Isn t it too cheeky to collect money If you don t sleep all night, it s only a few thousand Hong Kong dollars per person.Li Guohao gave Zhang Bowen 100,000, mainly because Zhang Bowen sent people to protect his family decisively yesterday, and rushed to Pokfulam Village that day.If the police hadn t stopped him, they might have gone up the mountain to support him Spending a little money to buy people s hearts is also a truth that Li Guohao has understood recently.The money is not much, but it also represents a heart, not to mention how grateful the other party is, as long as they can do their duty faithfully, then the money is worth the money.Moreover, Li Guohao knows that being a bodyguard now is not like what happened in the future.

Li, I heard that you are applying for a gun license from the government.Is it because what happened not long ago made you feel uneasy More than 20 reporters swarmed forward, and everyone asked Wanting to speak out their own questions, trying to get the other party to answer, so they shouted with all their might.The voice was too noisy, which made Li Guohao very unaccustomed to it.He frowned and looked at the group of reporters in front of him.On the contrary, Zheng Jiachun had long been used to this situation, so he waved his hand to signal everyone to calm down.We will leave ten minutes of interview time for everyone, but not now.The ribbon cutting ceremony will be coming soon, so I hope you can wait for a while Apart from Zheng Jiachun and Li Guohao, there were also some shareholders who came to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Xu Guanwen also introduced Shi Tian to Li Guohao, Mr.Li is my good friend Shi Tian.He works in Shaw Films and is here to help me.Mr.Li, hello.Shi Tian said as Xu Guanwen Naturally, he knew that Li Guohao was the other party s big boss, and he had always envied Xu Guanwen for getting to know such a generous boss.After seeing him, he quickly showed his affection.Well, hello.Li Guohao didn t pay much attention to the future bigwigs in the film industry.He has seen too many future superstars and celebrities and wealthy businessmen, so he just responded lightly Soon, after getting acquainted with the important actors of the crew, they were led by Xu Guanwen to wyld cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit the place where the burning incense was turned on.There was an incense stand in front of it, on which a whole roast suckling pig was HCMUSSH alcohol and cbd gummies placed, with scissors, two lit candles, and some other offerings.

Yes.I m going to the company in the afternoon and I have something important to report to you. it is good.Chapter 267 Yulang s Little Rascal At noon.Li Guohao sat in the office eating lunch, watching today s newspaper news while eating.The buildings under construction are in a state of suspension, and many real estate owners have gone bankrupt.Who will bear the losses The world s first Chinese Bruce Lee went to the United States to shoot Hollywood blockbusters.When Li Guohao saw the unfinished building, There was a flash of inspiration in his head, but it was fleeting.When he was thinking about it, the bell on Secretary Liu s side rang.This made Li Guohao frowned.Secretary Xiao Liu answered the phone and said something in a low voice, He also covered the phone and said to the chairman, Chairman, Mr.

Shangguan is at the front desk.Hearing that Shangguan Xiaobao came, Li Guohao was a little surprised, thinking that he didn t mean to come in the afternoon, so he told his secretary Xiao Liu, Let Mr.Shangguan come in, and make two cups of coffee by the way. yes.Soon, Shangguan Xiaobao opened the door and came in.As soon as he came in, he found Li Guohao was still eating, and said apologetically, I m sorry, President, for disturbing your meal. It s okay, have you eaten yet If you haven t eaten, I ll ask someone to bring some food over Since the company vacated a space as a restaurant, almost all employees eat here, mainly because the price is affordable, the portion is large, and the taste is good.Li Guohao also often orders a few meals in the company restaurant at noon in the office eat.Speaking of which, I m really a little hungry.

Now You can only prosper, it doesn t matter, in a few years time, your son will will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies definitely be rich and powerful Well, let s stop here today, the secret must not be leaked, I have leaked too much today, I need to rest and recuperate.My son Will it really develop in the future The woman continued to ask persistently.Yesdon t ask any more.If you ask again, I m afraid that my fate will be lost again because of the leakage of the secret.Okay I will stop asking, thank you master.As soon as the woman obeyed her fate, she immediately covered her mouth, nodded repeatedly, and thanked her before leaving.She also took out ten yuan from her bag and put it on the table, saying, This money is for thanking the master.After finishing speaking, the woman turned around and chatted with the young man behind her before leaving.

That is Think about it, what is the most valuable thing in the Middle East Li Guohao finally told the story.Diamonds gold land Ni Xingqing thought a lot, from gold to diamonds to land, and finally woke up Oil The Middle East is the largest oil producing area in the world, and almost every country in the Middle East has rich oil resources That s right Seeing that Ni Xingqing finally came to his senses, Li Guohao continued From July to the end of August, I checked a lot of information and found that as early as 1960, more than a dozen Middle Eastern countries including Iraq had united to form a It s called the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.And just at the beginning of this year, the oil countries oppressed Western countries including the United States, and raised the price of a barrel of crude oil from two dollars to three dollars, almost doubling the price This is a new fiscal revenue for the Middle East countries that have been poor for many years With money, they can assemble their own army and develop their own country After hearing Li Guohao s long speech, Ni Xingqing suddenly came to his senses, thinking about the reason why the boss insisted on coming to the United States.

I remember when I first asked him for a loan of 100 million Hong Kong dollars, I never saw him with such a surprised expression.Manager Shen, are you kidding If I best cbd gummies for energy 2021 rob the Bank of America, do you think I can alcohol and cbd gummies come back alive Well, since I didn t rob the Bank of America, then I feel much more at ease.Shen Bi patted his chest and pretended Relax, actually just said he robbed the bank just to show his surprise.Seeing that Li Guohao didn t answer this question directly, he didn t continue to ask.Because Shen Bi knew that if the other party had no intention of answering, then the question would stop here.Manager Shen, the 300 million Hong Kong dollars I borrowed from HSBC before, can I repay directly from HSBC Bank USA Li Guohao deposited all the money in the branch of HSBC USA.United States.Of course Our HSBC has the function of withdrawing and depositing across borders.

He had been working in Sun Hung Kai Properties before.Hello, chairman.Hearing introducing himself, Qi Boheng immediately stood up.Looking at Qi Boheng, he should be around forty years old.Seeing him standing up, Li Guohao also said Manager Qi, sit down, there is no need to stand up.That is Chen You, the deputy manager of Guohao Real Estate. Hello, chairman.This is Xie Lixin, the deputy general manager of Guohao Group.Hello, chairman.Following Di Yimin s introduction one by one, Li Guohao nodded slightly at them, motioned for everyone to sit down, then turned to Qi Boheng and asked, Manager Qi, how long will it take to build a school and how much hemptrance cbd gummies money will it cost This It depends on the size of the school the chairman wants to build, is it a primary school, a middle school, or a university Qi Boheng asked.

, we are only responsible for factory construction and production.To put it simply, it is to separate the production of raw materials from the sales of raw materials.The main business of Guohao Nanshun is only the production of flour.Now it not only produces flour, but also sells raw materials such as imported sugar and oil in large quantities.It is more complicated.If there are meat products, aquatic products, vegetable products, and rice products in the future, the workload of these products will be too great.It is not something that the Guohao Nanshun family can eat.And if all of them are included in one family The company is not a good thing.Instead of that, it is better to set up several subsidiaries.We will discuss this in detail later.OK.Li Guohao temporarily stopped this topic, and continued to listen to some reports from other people under his command.

He really didn t know about the release of Ghost Horse Twin Stars , and no one reported it to him.I reported it to the chairman at the beginning of the month.It seems that your secretary Xiao Liu answered the phone.Cai Lang said hastily.Li Guohao was the big head when the friend film company was established, but he also gave Cai Lang and Xu Guanwen dry shares, that is, bonus shares.They had the right to dividends, but they alcohol and cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in ny had no right to buy and sell., the shares will be returned automatically.Cai Lan and Li Guohao have a good personal relationship, but they are very sensible, and usually only call him the title of chairman.Xiao Liu Just as Li Guohao was wondering, Secretary Xiao Liu came in with tea.Xiao Liu, did Mr.Cai call at the beginning of the month to talk about the release of the movie Secretary Xiao Liu thought for a while, nodded and said, That s the case, and I reported it to you, the chairman.

Speaking of this, Liang Zhixun said with a smile Not long ago, I just heard that Li Sheng was planning to build a school for training pastry chefs, so I wanted to learn from Li Sheng.I don t dare to learn from the experience.I also ask my friends to help me with school affairs.I don t know the specific situation very well.It was Jian Fu s help that Li Guohao obtained the school certificate.After thinking for a while, he said But I can lead the bridge for Chairman Liang.It should not be a problem to build a professional technical school.There are very few people who can go to college.Those middle school students go to work after graduation, it is better to learn a little technology.Yes, that s what I thought Chairman Liang immediately sensed himself when he heard Li Guohao s words.For a year, Xiangjiang s economy has been not so good.

Yeah, there are new clothes to wear Hearing the new clothes , Ah Xing exclaimed excitedly.Just as Ah Xing was alcohol and cbd gummies cooking quickly and thinking about going out to buy clothes, her sister Zhou Wenji opened the door and walked in with a happy face.What s wrong with Wenji Didn t you go to class Mother Zhou frowned, instead of scolding, she asked alcohol and cbd gummies instead.Although Zhou s family is poor, Zhou s mother has always wanted to provide the best education and environment for her children, so the money earned from part time jobs is basically spent on tuition and will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies daily life.Mom, read it quickly Sister Zhou stuffed a newspaper into Mother Zhou s hand.Mother Zhou took the newspaper and glanced at it, Daily Daily The name of this newspaper was a bit unfamiliar, but thinking about the many newspapers in Xiangjiang, she didn t take it seriously and continued to read the content.

Chen Sheng said.No need, this is in the hotel.Li Guohao smiled.That can t be done.Although I have never been here in Thailand, I have asked some alcohol and cbd gummies teammates who have been here.They said that there are often people in Thailand who knock on the door of luxury hotels Immortal dance Almost, in addition to seduction, you may also pretend to be a waiter and knock on the door to rob. So messy Does Thailand care about it Li Guohao said in surprise.Immortal dance is fine.After all, this kind of scam can at least be seduced.As long as you can withstand the temptation, you won t fall into it at all, but if it s directly a robbery, Thailand doesn t care It s hard In Thailand, the military management was officially lifted last year.After the Thanom regime was dismantled, the prime minister was finally selected by the parliament to take power.

It takes a day to take a car, which is a waste of time, and the road is particularly bumpy.At wyld cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit this time, Jin Jiashi led his staff and bodyguards, and more than forty people came downstairs to the restaurant in a mighty manner, causing some foreign diners nearby to look sideways, thinking that they would not encounter the Thai underworld.Sit around and order something you like.Seeing this, Li Guohao frowned and asked them to sit separately.Jin Jiashi came to Li Guohao s table and sat down, complaining Chairman, you came down so soon, I have been waiting at your door for a long time Aren t you hungry I came down after taking a bath.Li Guohao smiled, and finally said to Chen Sheng You go over and talk to Amin and the others later, let them go separately when they leave for Li Et Mansion the day after tomorrow, and don t get together, there are many people and the goal is big.

This is too fierce The snake tasted very good.The village chief who was called Abba took the long snake from the boy s hand, pinched his head, coiled it in a circle and put it on his hand with a smile.Seeing this, Chen Xuewen couldn t help but take two steps back before following the translator eat snake Li Guohao was taken aback, he didn t want to eat snakes , held a grand fire ceremony.Many young and beautiful girls with East Asian style wore traditional Thai costumes and twisted their waists heartily by the fire.Li Guohao, who was sitting in a corner by the fire , took a slight sip of the local special rice wine, watched the employees and the girls dancing alcohol and cbd gummies there, and said to Chen Xuewen beside him I think we are here for tourism.Chen Xuewen suddenly laughed and said This is normal.Roi Et Province can be said to be the poorest place in Thailand, and alcohol and cbd gummies Pathum Rak County where we are cbd gummies wichita ks now is the poorest county in Roi Et Province.

I saw dozens of people standing in Ulala at the entrance of the village.Looking at the posture of each of them with their general belly upright and their hands behind their backs, you can already guess who is coming without asking.It is obvious that they are leaders.The leader of this gang of officials asked Chen Xuewen a few words when he saw Li Guohao approaching, and when he heard that it was the big boss from Xiangjiang, he quickly stepped forward and held his hand and chattered a lot in Thai.Chairman, this is Madam, the chairman of the Investment Promotion Department of Roi Et Mansion.He just said that Boss Li is very welcome to invest in Roi Et Manor.He has been looking forward to meeting you three months ago Chen Xuewen was helping with the translation.After listening, Li Guohao nodded with a smile and said Hello, President Maddam, I am also very happy to meet you When the two of them said a word, they had to wait for alcohol and cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in ny Chen Xuewen s translation, so they just stood there and chatted dryly for a while.

As for the removal of the food will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies from the shelves, the lawsuit still needs to be sued.Even if the milk company is acquired by Hongkong Land, the contract signed before is still legally valid.Suing the other party will definitely win the case, it s just a matter of review of medici quest cbd gummy bears time.According to the terms of the contract, there must be compensation.Li Guohao said to Huang Yaohua Later, you go down and go directly to the legal department, and ask them to arrange what cbd gummies to buy for someone to file a lawsuit directly with Hongkong Land.If they want to drag them alcohol and cbd gummies along, we still need to get the compensation.Huang Yaohua nodded, He asked again Chairman, should the factory temporarily suspend operations for a period of time Stop work Why stop work Aren t we cooperating with Ms.Zhang s food export company Ask them if they want to increase the quantity.

Soon, only Li Guohao and Huang Yaohua were left in the conference room.How many soda water fundrops cbd gummies alcohol and cbd gummies companies are there in Xiangjiang now Soda water Huang Yaohua s eyes lit up, and he mistakenly thought that Li Guohao had agreed to the soda water factory he mentioned last year, and asked quickly The chairman wants to build a soda water factory Yes and no.Li Guohao said with a smile, I m planning to start a beverage company, not only producing soda, but alcohol and cbd gummies also fruit juice, tea, etc.Beverage company At this time, Xiangjiang, most of the The sodas are all glass bottles that we used to see when we were young, the kind that cost 50 cents a bottle.In addition to the initial lemon flavor, with the development, the orange flavor, soda flavor and so on were gradually added.Those various diversified beverages of future generations have not yet occurred.

When combined together, it makes people feel that it is a good brand.There are a total of 21 Lee Kee Tea Restaurants in Xiangjiang, except for the Kowloon Peninsula.Except for the old store on Tung Choi Street that has been open for more than 20 years, most of the remaining new stores are concentrated in the Kowloon Peninsula and Xiangjiang Island, and only one has opened in the New Territories.The main branch of the Kowloon store is in Yau Tsim Mong District hemp bombs cbd gummies 75mg large pack , that is, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok.Xiangjiang Island is concentrated in Central, will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies which is a commercial area with many buildings, so it is the focus of attention.At this time, Zhao alcohol and cbd gummies Yazhi also drove to the tea restaurant Outside the door, he took out two three legged toads one by one from the rear compartment, and walked in quickly.

When the second hand of the clock moved to 8 14 57, Li Dexiao, who was beckoning the seconds, instantly told those who had been waiting at the door for a long time to light the salute to light the firecrackers.The two second fuse burned out quickly, and with the sound of a bang salute, there was a clamor of gongs and drums, and red flags were fluttering.The lion dance team, which had been dressed in red costumes for a long time, was also holding a salute.The moment the gongs and drums sounded, they walked quickly to the entrance of the store and started a wonderful and vivid lion dance performance.The new store opened, and the store opened.Twenty Lee Kee tea restaurants are located in different areas of Xiangjiang.At the same time, salutes are roaring, gongs and drums are beating, and lions are dancing, attracting pedestrians and passers by on the roadside streets.

, which gave them the urge to shop again.Zheng Baoxing s words made Di Yimin feel a little confused.Li Guohao understood it completely, mainly because he had almost experienced what Zheng Baoxing said.I used to go to the supermarket with my family to buy things.I just wanted to buy some rice.Later, I saw that vegetables and fruits were very cheap, so I bought some fruits and vegetables along the way.I also found that cooking oil was on sale, so I went to buy a barrel of oil.I just finished buying oil.I saw mops buy one get one free.At the end of the toss, I was thinking of buying only one bag of rice, but what I took home was a few plastic bags full.After talking a lot, his mouth was a wyld cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit little dry.Zheng Baoxing took a sip of coffee to moisten his throat and said There are very few supermarkets in Xiangjiang now, but they will definitely become popular in the future.

Regardless of Li Dexiao s depression , Li Huifang looked at her precious son with a smile and said.From the moment he got the news of the store s sales, Li Dexiao has been nagging at home, and has been talking with Li Huifang there.Li Huifang is happy, but she has never had a leisurely time in her ears, it will cbd gummies help with ed alcohol and cbd gummies is really annoying, so she will directly bury her husband as soon as her son comes back.Li Dexiao s face flushed when he was buried, the money to start the company was indeed paid by his son.On the contrary, Li Guohao smiled and said Mom, I just paid for this catering company.Dad decided to arrange the location and decoration of the store by himself, and he deserves the most credit.Seeing her son speak, Li Huifang was gone What to say, in fact, she is a typical knife mouthed tofu heart.From the beginning of organizing the store, seeing alcohol and cbd gummies her husband get up early in the morning and go out at night, and come back alcohol and cbd gummies late at night, it is very distressing.

In the early years The blockade between the mainland and Wanwan was probably twenty years ago.Can this ship still be used Seeing what Li Guohao was thinking, Bao Daheng said with a alcohol and cbd gummies smile Mr.Li, you need to know the ship It s not a car.A car may become old after more than ten years of driving, but a boat can last for more than 50 years if it is maintained and maintained One third of the ships under my banner were purchased more than ten or twenty years ago, and they are still in good condition.As long as the price is reasonable and there is no problem with the ship, then I will help Uncle Bao solve this problem Li Guohao laughed directly without thinking too much.Haha Seeing that Li Guohao agreed so readily, Bao Daheng immediately laughed and said I really didn t misread you Regardless of Li Guohao s sluggish face, Bao Daheng said again Actually, I am not looking for you this alcohol and cbd gummies time to sell you my old ships.

The Government of Hong Kong Li Guohao muttered in a low voice.Did the chairman hear something The government intends to issue a third TV license Well, I heard someone mentioned that the government intends to issue a free TV license.In the afternoon with Wen Guoyang While drinking tea at the Peninsula Hotel, I heard people at the next table talking about TV licenses, and they talked about it in a colorful way, which made Li Guohao think of the third TV station in Xiangjiang and the fastest bankrupt TV station, Jiayi TV Station.Speaking of Jiayi TV Station, it can be said that it opened with glory and closed down sadly.TVB has made a large number of actors popular, and Jiayi TV Station has also done the same.The TV programs it has produced include Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Legend of Condor Heroes.

This is his phone number.Okay.Bruce Lee took the paper and put it in the bag inside.Sleep.Bruce Lee s youngest daughter, Li ingredients in pure kana cbd gummies Xiangning, said timidly, rubbing her big eyes.Linda heard that her daughter was going to sleep, so she hugged her and put her in her arms, coaxing her softly fundrops cbd gummies alcohol and cbd gummies Be good, baby, sleep, baby, sleep well Soon without knowing it, Li Xiangning lay on her mother Linda in a daze and fell asleep.This loving scene made Zhao Yazhi want to have a baby instantly when she saw it, but when she thought of Mai Xiaomin saying that she would give birth The child was in extreme pain, and there was always a lump in his heart.Daddy, I want to sleep too.My brother saw my sister sleeping so soundly in her mother s arms, and it was also due to sleepiness.Then let s do this first, the child is going to sleep, Li Sheng, we will go back first.

Seeing the nervousness and respect of the three of them, Li Guohao chuckled and said, Don t be nervous or too restrained I watch every match of yours, especially you Zhang Qing, your fists are enough to avoid top boxing in Europe and America.I ve got it.Zhang Qing is a heavyweight contestant, and he is good at punching with one hand.Hearing Li Guohao s praise that he is no worse than European and American boxers, he felt a little elated.However, you have a very serious disadvantage.Before Zhang Qing floated into the sky, Li Guohao called him down with a stick.Li Xiaolong took the words and pointed out I have watched your match video.Although your steps are very brisk and your body movements are very smooth, you are not a boxing professional after all.Moreover, this match not only includes boxing, but also many strange things.

Li is joking, this girl is usually like a tomboy, running around like a tomboy, she is very crazy, now she is only with Mrs.Li, It s quite quiet.Ever since Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi to buy a beautiful dress at Zhongji Women s Clothing Store a few years ago, Zhao Yazhi has fallen in love with this women s clothing store that alcohol and cbd gummies is cheap and easy to see.Before she was pregnant, she always went to Zhongji Women s Clothing to buy clothes.After she became pregnant, because of her figure, Zhao Yazhi went there very rarely.But recently, Zhao Yazhi, who had managed to lose a lot of the little fat on her stomach, looked at the clothes she wore in the past with ease, and looked at her still a little fat stomach, so she thought about buying a new set of clothes.But the baby is still small and it is not convenient to take it out, so I can only call Zhong Ji and ask the shop owner to come over and help make tailor made clothes.

The average speed of a new store in two months will not be more than a few years.I want to come Panda Express is available in most states across the United States.A few days ago, I visited the painting boats of Zheng Daheng and He Gambling King, which gave Li Guohao the idea of expanding Fumanlou.Fumanlou is a Chinese style restaurant.It is still difficult to develop abroad, because the tastes are different after all.However, Uncle Chang s Cheong Kee Restaurant gave him an idea before, which made Li Guohao understand that it is not impossible for the United States to develop Chinese style restaurants, as long as there is a little change in taste.After listening to Li Guohao s words, Guan Yunfei frowned, and said worriedly Ahao, alcohol and cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in ny you mean that you want to buy Jinhua Restaurant Uncle Guan is not an acquisition, but a merger Li Guohao said HCMUSSH alcohol and cbd gummies I am planning to set up a new catering company, Fumanlou is just one of the brands, just like my Guohao Foods, there are dumplings, glutinous rice balls and snacks in various packages.

Oh.Bao Daheng didn t get too entangled in this matter, and instead sighed sadly I don t know why President Liang asked us to come this time.It s not that Has the itinerary changed It s because the itinerary has changed, and I don t know if the date has been changed, or I won t go.Bao Daheng was worried.He finally made up his mind to visit the mainland after Li Guohao s complaints and President Liang s strong invitation, but he came temporarily.There was a change in the itinerary, so I was naturally very paranoid.this Li Guohao didn t know why Chairman Liang called the two of them to come to the party this time, so it was difficult to say anything.Boom.At this time, someone knocked on the alcohol and cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in ny door of the box.After Li Guohao and Bao Daheng exchanged a glance, he passed the door and shouted Come in.

It was quite a hurry to come all the way from the port before, and Li Guohao didn t take a good look at the environment outside the guest house.Looking through the window of the stairway, he found that there was actually a big artificial lake outside.When he approached the window sill, he saw a figure standing by the lake, and he took a closer look, wasn t it Bao Daheng Li alcohol and cbd gummies Guohao stepped downstairs and walked directly to the artificial lake, and shouted from a long distance Uncle Bao.Chapter 656 I am your second brother Ahao, why are you here Bao Daheng glanced sideways.Li Guohao smiled and approached and said It happened that I was bored in the room, so I wanted to wander around in the guest house.Bao Daheng nodded and said Well, I was also a little bored in the room, so I went out for a walk.

Really Since Li Guobang met Li Guohao last year, he admired this second brother very much.After he came to Xiangjiang, he heard that the tallest house in Asia belonged to his cousin, and he admired him even more.No end, but I have always been skeptical that Baoan County will surpass Xiangjiang.Trust me.Li Guohao didn t say anything more, but put his arms around his cousin s shoulders, pointed to Wu Xiaohua who was happily choosing new clothes, and said Xiaohua is a good girl, but she is dressed a little rustic.She is going to get married soon, and I don t want you to think otherwise.Li Guobang s heart hazel hills cbd gummies reddit dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies sank when he heard what his cousin said, and he looked at his cousin carefully and said, Second brother, I like Xiaohua very much, and wyld cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit I will definitely treat her Okay.Well, I believe you.Just as the two were chatting.

5 3 alcohol and cbd gummies 2002 do they sell cbd gummies in hawaii alcohol and cbd gummies smilz full spectrum cbd gummies alcohol and cbd gummies alcohol and cbd gummies wyld cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit cbd sour gummy bears 1000mg alcohol and cbd gummies koi cbd gummies effects 762 29 35 35 450 alcohol and cbd gummies 1000 CEO cookies cbd gummies alcohol and cbd gummies alcohol and cbd gummies 30 10.

Some confused viewers got a thrill of digging into the entertainment news.Undefended Tonight , which started broadcasting at 11 00 midnight and ended at 11 30, not only broke the previous ratings record for the first broadcast of cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar the midnight show, but also alcohol and cbd gummies got the proud rating of only 10 less than the previous day s Midnight Talker people grades.The next morning, the headlines of the major entertainment newspapers not only reported Fazai just cbd gummy party pack s love affair, but also many hypocrite writers questioned the show.They questioned whether drinking in the show would affect minors.With the two topics intertwined, with this, Undefended Tonight can be regarded as a complete explosion in Xiangjiang.What s more important is that Undefended Tonight did not go through the slightest bit of publicity and promotion, and it was broadcast entirely by Lu.

If a small bank can be acquired first and merged into the next applying bank, Whether it is for business, savings or personnel, it is of great help.Li Guohao doesn t know about the opening of the bank, but he also understands that the bank can t be opened if he wants to.Since Fu Zhengguang and the others all mean this, it is necessary to think about it.He nodded and said Then buy a small bank , Do you have any alcohol and cbd gummies suggestions This question is based on Fu Zhengguang s strengths.As the former president of Standard Chartered Bank, he also holds multiple important positions in the investment department and finance department.Naturally, he knows how many big and small companies there are in Xiangjiang.bank.At present, there are more than 140 banks in Hong Kong, and more than 40 small banks.These small banks include family banks, joint stock banks, etc.

From a small pastry shop back then to a multinational catering HCMUSSH alcohol and cbd gummies group today, as the chairman of the group, Li Guohao, every investment he made , Every important decision has traces to follow, newspaper records, and performance proof.Many financial experts and financial experts directly stated that if all the companies of Guohao Group go public, it is very likely to change the current pattern of what store sells cbd gummies rich businessmen in Xiangjiang when they made speeches on TV stations or newspapers.At this point, many citizens who eat melons nodded and agreed.When the palace pastry was listed, there were not many stocks issued.So far, all those who invest in the purchase have almost earned what they don t want.The current stock price of Palace Bakery is too high, and a simple investment is not worthwhile, but they have a chance to alcohol and cbd gummies invest in how other subsidiaries of Guohao Group go public Seeing that all the news in the newspapers was advocating the listing of Guohao Group, some people even suggested that Guohao Group opened a bank to facilitate the listing of the group.

46pm, it was over.There are too many people to thank, so I won t name them one by one.I know that the content of this book is actually not very good.The main reason is that when I first wrote it, I just wrote it casually, but I didn t expect to be able to sign the contract.Interspersed with a little later thought of the plot.There are many, many problems with this book, and there are many poisonous points.Even the ending is a bit sloppy, but no matter what, it is already finished and cannot be revised.The new book is still in the process of being prepared.I have already written more than 20,000 words.I am going to submit it to the editor tomorrow.If it goes well, it will be published in a few days.The subject matter is infinite sci fi, and I feel like I have made a big breakthrough.In terms of the character of the protagonist, I am also trying my best to find a way to write it well, and try to avoid being mediocre like this book.

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