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Bruce Lee smiled and wrote, I wish Li Guohao all the best , and while handing him the pen and paper, he said, What a good name.This is very standard, and while praising Li Guohao s name, he is also praising himself.Miao Kexiu on the side was also very surprised, this person had exactly the same name as Brother Xiaolong s son, curious and at the same time carefully looked at Li Guohao, he looked like a young boy.After returning the paper and pen to Li Guohao, Zou Wenhua urged a few words aside, and Bruce Lee and his party turned their heads and entered the theater.This is the premiere of Big Brother Tangshan.Whether it is successful or not depends on the current situation.Zou Wenhua seems to be talking and laughing, but in fact, outsiders don t know how burnt he is in his heart.After all, he has invested so much money, not to mention making money.What is the family heirloom of the Lee family It is a cookbook written by the ancestors of the Li family when they served as the imperial chef in the Qing Dynasty.It not only records the traditional eight major cuisines, various pastries, but also the most famous, the production process of the Man Han Banquet.The ancestors of the Li family once served as the royal chef of the imperial palace during the Qianlong period.As the saying goes, companions are like companions to tigers.In his later years, Qianlong lost the enlightenedness and talent of his youth, and ordered the ancestors of the Li family to be beheaded because of a cold and tasteless food.Since then, the Li family has left behind family rules, not being allowed to be an official, not allowed to be a cook for dignitaries.Relying on this cookbook, the descendants of the Li family returned to their hometown and opened a local restaurant.You can win a black and white TV set worth up to 1,000 Hong Kong dollars Really Could it be a liar Liji Tea Restaurant I know this store, don t they run a tea restaurant Why did they sell wife cakes again A group of people chattered endlessly.Aunt Wang, who first brought up the topic, said mysteriously, This is true, my son does business there, and it s not because he is a neighbor that he bought a catty of wife cakes.I got a lottery ticket, what did you guess What did you win I won a 500 Hong Kong dollar shopping coupon for Hong Kong Department Store The aunt said that she was very proud, as if she had won the 500 Hong Kong dollar shopping coupon of.500 HKD shopping voucher Can it be used Others expressed doubts.Seeing that everyone didn t believe it, Aunt Wang, who was about to show off, was in a hurry, and quickly found out which Xiangjiang Department Store shopping coupon from her bag, and said, Don t believe me, I just went to the department store to confirm that it is indeed They got shopping coupons, and they asked me if I wanted to buy something It s true 500 Hong Kong dollars, which is equivalent to half a month s salary of my son Seeing this, all the women were envious.When the lottery was biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews drawn, he was also the last one.I touched it casually from the box.When I took it out, it said Congratulations on winning the first prize.A group of passers by who hadn t left, or were about to leave, ran over excitedly to join in the fun when they does cbd gummies affect birth control cbd gummies 300 mg heard that someone had won the big prize.Hey, someone actually won the big biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews cbd watermelon gummies prize.I thought it was just a gimmick He really won Then I will try it tomorrow.Could it be that this store finds someone to win the lottery Some people were happy, while others questioned.Li Dexiao and Li Huifang were also taken aback, this, this is not our script, how could someone win the first prize Just as the two elders were stunned, Li Guohao walked out of the shop.Li Guohao also never expected that this kind of shit luck could meet this person.The old man who had always supported Li Guohao also said at this meeting, Guohao, I probably understand some of your ideas, but we don t have the capital to do it.Rongji has also opened in Nathan Road for many years, back and forth How many bakeries opened there and were knocked down, and there are too many, I think it s better to find a safer place.Li Guohao, who was silent, biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews cbd watermelon gummies folded his hands and put his hands next to his mouth.rear.He said, Papa, Mom, and Grandpa, I know and understand what you said.Why did I open directly opposite Rongji On the one hand, the market entrance there is really very good on the other hand, on Nathan Road, people We only know about Rongji Bakery, so even if we found a safer place nearby, who knows Who will come to our shop to buy pastries The three of them fell silent bolt cbd gummies drug test biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews immediately after saying this.Sister, come here, come quickly Suddenly hearing someone calling herself, the elder sister turned her head Go, see my sister Ah Zhen standing in front of the bar, waving at herself.You girl, why are you running I m so worried.Let s see if I will take you out to play next time My sister walked over and said angrily.Sister, I know I m wrong, don t say it, look, 100 mg cbd gummies for sale what a big panda puppet My sister exclaimed, pointing to the panda puppet hanging on the wall, which was a circle bigger than a person.Wow, what a big doll My sister looked up and also exclaimed.Chapter 19 Opening of Business 2 The two sisters were amazed at the cbd gummies for dog does cbd gummies affect birth control huge puppet in front of them.Hi, miss, is there anything I can help you with The staff at the side saw the two standing does cbd gummies affect birth control cbd gummies 300 mg there for a while, and then stepped forward to biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews ask.My sister came back to her senses, glanced at the person who came, shook her head and said, Oh, it s okay, I m just curious, where did you buy such a big doll Is this Our boss specially went to the toy factory to make this , this panda puppet is the label of our store, and he also has a nice name, called Po.The top priority is to expand the pastry shop quickly.Although it will not be possible to open all over Xiangjiang, some important commercial and residential areas must be won.Xiangjiang has a total of 18 districts.As long as it can firmly grasp a few key markets, then Li Kee will be the overlord of mid to high end dim sum shops.After chatting for a while on the second floor, they carefully sorted out the money, stuffed it into Li Huifang s satchel and took it home.After returning home, Li Huifang hid the money under the bed, and when she was sleeping, she lifted the sheet from time to time to see if the money was still there.I said there was no end to it, and I kept lifting the sheets.This is at home, and no one stole it.What are you worried about Li Dexiao, who was woken up by Li Huifang bolt cbd gummies drug test biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews s actions again, scolded dissatisfied.Li Guohao came here just to have a look.In the publishing house, Shangguan Xiaobao, who was discussing with a few assistants, glanced at a person standing at the door from the corner of his eye, looked up and said with a smile, Ahao, you are here HCMUSSH biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews Well, working How about I wait a moment.Li Guohao asked.Nothing, just to talk about the plot of Kung Fu Panda, it s good that you are here, come and biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews cbd watermelon gummies see the plot we planned.Shangguan Xiaobao took out a piece of paper from the table as he said.What plot Li Guohao took it and watched it.After watching the plot of the first part, Li Guohao had a what are cbd gummies for kids strange look on his face.how to say The plot is roughly about a panda named Po, whose parents were killed by villains.As a newborn, he accidentally came to a small village, and was adopted by a big white goose.Brother Yuan, do you know any newspapers Li Guohao asked.Yes, what s the matter You want to advertise It s not an advertisement.Yesterday the biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews governor s wife, Ms.Deng, came to my store and asked me to attend the banquet held by the Governor s Mansion on biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews Christmas Day this month.It s not that Li Guohao is bragging, it s just changing the facts.After hearing this, Shangguan Xiaobao was HCMUSSH biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews surprised and said Really The Governor s wife invited you to a banquet Li Guohao explained Hehe, it s a banquet, but it s not just asking me to make pastries for their upper class people In fact, this matter is a supreme honor for ordinary people, just like inviting you to cook for the country s leaders at the state biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews guest banquet.But for Li Guohao, a time traveler, thinking about the demeanor of his predecessors, he always feels aggrieved and panicked.

It was after A Bao found out that he was not the biological child of Papa Goose, he asked Papa Goose who he was.The secret recipe mentioned by father goose is to let Bao go to a mysterious place to learn about palace pastries, and that place is Liji palace pastries on Nathan Road, Xiangjiang.This kind of strong contrast makes people who have watched this episode of cartoons laugh out loud.You must know that this kind of obvious interaction between the second dimension and the third dimension has never happened before.The characters in comics are mixed with scenes in reality, or the words are intertwined, which is not present now.It was originally a blunt advertisement, but in everyone s opinion, this is a big joke. Wing Kee Bakery.Rong Bingcai was sitting happily in the rest area behind the shop, lying on the armchair, holding a small teapot, and drinking sizzlingly, while an old fashioned biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews radio beside him was playing a piece of Cantonese music.In addition to ordinary melon seeds and candies, pastry is also an indispensable thing for every family.A tea house near Broadcasting Road, Kowloon.Mr.Wu, I m sorry for being late Li Guohao brought Shangguan Xiaobao to the second floor, and he saw Wu Guohua, the director of TVB Variety Department, from afar.Wu Guohua glanced at Li Guohao, then at Shangguan Xiaobao, and said, Haha, Mr.Li, I have just arrived.What would Mr.Li want to drink Wu can you take cbd gummies with lexapro Guohua asked again.Li Guohao glanced at Shangguan Xiaobao, saw him shaking his head, and said, Just two cups of tea.Dude, have a pot of Tieguanyin Okay The guy next to him heard something, quickly brewed a pot of Tieguanyin from the bar, and walked over with a teacup.Your Tieguanyin, what else biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews do you want asked the man.No need, I ll call you when I need it.The method you said is indeed effective.If we develop to thirty or three hundred stores, can you see it If a store manager conspires with the employees hemp bombs cbd gummies in ohio under him, we will Normal pastries have become expired pastries, so you can sell these good pastries at a low price, you know After listening to Li Qiang s long words, Li Guohao suddenly came to his senses.Indeed, according to what Li Qiang said, at that time, even if some shops do this, they may not know about it.Even if they know about it and deal with it, it will have a certain impact on the company.You can read more of the management books I gave you recently.Li Qiang suddenly said.Fuck you, what do you mean, you think I m stupid Li Guohao gave Li Qiang a white look.The two have been in contact with each other a lot recently, so they often joke with each other.The people at the bottom told me that there were also people looking for a store just like them, and after some inquiring, they found out that it was an employee of Wing Kee.Okay, I see.Li Guohao hurried out of the office and went to Li Qiang s side.Do biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews you know that Rongji is going to open a branch Well, I just learned about it from Manager Wang.Li Qiang nodded.How did Rong Bingcai of Rongji think of opening a branch Li Guohao was very puzzled.According to the fighting in the past six months, he had a general idea of Rong Bingcai s character.Spend big money to expand business in other districts.Hearing Rong Bingcai, Li Qiang was surprised and said Don t you know that the boss of Rongji has biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews changed Li Guohao was puzzled Swapped Yes, his brother Rong Binghua.Bing will spend money to open a shop in Xiangjiang Island.Of course, the most eye catching activity among them is the free return activity.From February 1st to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, for a whole month, a lucky customer will be drawn in the store every day, and the money for the pastries purchased that day Full refund, and ten lucky customers will get a half price refund on pastries. End of the meeting.As soon as Li Guohao and Li Qiang left the conference room, they saw Xie Honghe from the public relations department walking over.What happened to Manager Xie Li Guohao asked.Chairman, I contacted the person in charge of the advertising department of Li s TV station yesterday.They welcome us to advertise on the TV station, but when they asked if it could be cheaper, the person in charge said that during the New Year, the advertising space I was already very nervous, so there was no way to get cheap.That restaurant Li Renzhong asked with a frown.Li Renzhong knows that his apprentice s craftsmanship is also ranked first in Xiangjiang.The carving technique is a skill that has been honed for more than ten years.In addition, he also taught many secret recipes in the palace back then., the Li family s original secret skills should not be weaker than others in terms of cooking skills.Lianxiang Tower Guan Yunfei said.It s him Zheng Yuan Li Renzhong frowned when he heard the word Lianxianglou.The head of Lianxianglou, Zheng Yuan, is a descendant of the imperial chef of the year, and also the person mentioned in the previous article who opened the restaurant under the name of the palace.That s right, master, it s Zheng Yuan.Li Renzhong asked, Didn t Zheng Yuan open a restaurant on Xiangjiang Island Why did he come to the New Territories again Guan Yunfei said Zheng Yuan has branches in Xiangjiang Island and even Kowloon, and he only came here in the New Territories in the middle of last year.Six people people stood at the door of the palace pastry shop.New store Abao said This is the mysterious palace pastry The most sacred place in the legendary pastry world And why do the surrounding animals all look the same People When several people were surprised, Father Goose came from Walked out cbd gummies for dog does cbd gummies affect birth control of the store.Seeing the crowd, Father Goose shouted excitedly Oh, you guys are here too It s just in time, come in quickly, a new event clinical cbd gummies reviews biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews will be held in the mysterious holy land, come and participate Then he The addresses of eight branches appeared.Finish.Eh, cough.Xie Honghe coughed, turned off the TV and said, Well, it s not bad.At least these comic characters, A Bao, blend in with the people around them, and they don t seem so obtrusive.This is Xie Honghe watched the official version for the first time.I saw Li s TV station report on Rongji cakes last night.Food poisoning in the store, I heard that many people have been sent to the hospital, and some have entered the intensive care unit.Food poisoning, indeed, has dealt a big blow to the food store, Ah Hao, you have to take this as an excuse Warning, you must never make the mistakes of Rongji, and the problem of substandard sanitation mentioned earlier, although it is the people of Rongji who made troubles, but we must pay attention to this aspect.Li Dexiao said with a rare earnestness, and said Business is stressful.Peace is the most important thing.You know why the Rongji Bakery is targeting you.As the saying goes, cutting someone s money is like killing one s parents.In the future, you should try to avoid some streets.Fortunately, Rongji just sent someone to throw it away.

, do hemp taffy cbd gummies reviews you have any connections You are stupid, find a manager to help you operate, I just let Lao Fang s son downstairs make it, his son works in a securities company, and recommended me a few Stocks are said to be bull stocks, and they will always go up and not down Hearing that an acquaintance works in a securities company, Li Huifang thought for a moment, then gritted her teeth and said, Okay, I ll go back and discuss it with my husband.The fat woman He smiled and said, What are you talking about It s about investing.Now you can make a steady profit by investing in stocks.If you earn a sum of money, you can retire.What kind of tea restaurant are you still doing Mom Li Guohao walked over and yelled.My son is back Li Huifang smiled when she saw her son calling her.Hey, isn t this Ah Hao Now that he s developed, your mother said he s starting a company The fat woman glanced at Li Guohao, who was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, and her eyes lit up.After returning from Taiwan after the year, Li Guohao also went to the driving school to register.But for some reason, when I reversed the car into the garage, I couldn t get it in.Although you can buy a driver s license with money at this time, Li Guohao doesn t have the guts to drive alone when his skills are not up to standard.Li Guohao took a car and rushed to the securities company that had been booked in advance.That s right, Li Guohao is going to buy some stocks.This is what he decided after careful consideration.Although Li Guohao knew that there might be a big stock market crash next year, but before the stock market crash, the Hang Seng Index of Xiangjiang stocks had been rising all the way.Although it is not clear how many points it will reach, it should not be a big problem to sell the stocks before the Chinese New Year this year.I think that no one is worthy of me except myself.In addition, Zhao Yazhi s age should be much younger than her., should not have much ability in terms of career, so I stayed confidently Ah Zhen told the whole thing.Li Guohao said with a strange expression Ah Zhen, you are not afraid that your sister will strangle you to death I bolt cbd gummies drug test biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews am not her boyfriend at all, so your parents have misunderstood you by saying that.Tch, I am not afraid of my sister Ah Zhen curled her lips in disdain and said, You don t like my elder sister I can t even get into a horse Ah Zhen looked Li Guohao up and down, and said with a tsk tsk.Li Guohao rolled his eyes, why is this girl so precocious.Stop talking, hurry up, you have to behave well After speaking, Ah Zhen dragged hemptrance cbd gummies have thc in them Li Guohao upstairs.A table side.Mother Zhao put a chopstick of broccoli into Zhao Yazhi s bowl, and asked in a low voice, Ah Zhi, when did you get a boyfriend Mom, why didn t I know Mom I told you I didn t have a boyfriend Don t lie to mom.Indeed, the Xiangjiang stock market at this time is simply not too profitable The fat aunt who talked about stocks with Li Huifang before, heard from her mother that recently the fat aunt is going to buy a store on Nathan Road.All the money is earned from the stock market, and she eats some expensive ingredients such as abalone and bird s nest.Li Guohao wanted to call Li Qiang together when he sold it.Thinking about it, it shouldn t be a big problem, so he said, Just remember it.By the way, has the franchisee agreed on when to open Li Qiang shook his head Not yet.Everyone thinks that the day they choose is an auspicious day, and they will make money when they open their doors.This has been a stalemate for several days.After the decoration is completed, we will take advantage of the opening on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, and I will contact Li TV Station and Ming Pao to interview and promote it.Shen s car below, and shouted excitedly.I see I see how excited you are Isn t it only one hundred yuan Here it is Li Guohao angrily took out a hundred dollar Hong Kong dollar from his arms and threw it to Zhang Dong beside him without looking at it.Haha, I told you a long time ago, all the rich and powerful drivers are wearing white gloves now, you still don t believe it Zhang Dong stood there in desperation, as if he had had a private driver.That s right, Zhang Dong was betting with Li Guohao.Before, there was a lack of a material in the store, so Li Guohao called Zhang Dong and asked him to deliver it quickly.After arriving, Zhang Dong was not in a hurry to leave, saying that he wanted to meet Ms.Shen, but in fact he wanted to eat dim sum made by Li Guohao.Speaking of which, after Zhang Dong opened the pastry shop with Li Guohao, he only ate his secret pastry once or twice.Several people quickly sat down and tasted it.Wow, Sister, this is delicious He Chaoqiong was impatient for a long time, and as soon as she sat down, she picked up a piece of white pancake and bit it down hard, her mouth was immediately filled with the fragrance and sweetness of the stuffing.Li Guohao explained from the side This lady ate a secret recipe handed down from our palace.According to biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews legend, it is also the favorite cake of Empress Dowager Cixi.Because the skin is as thin as paper and the color is snow white, it is very similar to the Yunfuling slices in traditional Chinese medicine, so it is called Poria cocos cake.Not only delicious, but also nourishing and beautifying, and it was also the favorite of the concubines and princesses cbd gummies define in the court at that time.Where did He Chaoqiong care Asked What about this Tao This one is called Yihesu.If you lose, how about buying me coffee for a week no problem The two were talking about the cooperation with Xiangjiang Film Company.Suddenly James caught a glimpse of the briefcase George had brought.What is this James stepped forward and pulled out a book from the briefcase.After reading the contents of the book, he said in surprise, Oh It s a bear, a panda Yeah, it s a panda.I saw it at the newsstand on the other side of Xiangjiang.My daughter Sally pestered me a while ago, asking me to take her to Watson s to see pandas.You know I m busy with work.When I saw this comic book with pandas, I bought it.It was a gift for Sally.When George was talking, James flipped through the small comic book.Although the text on it was incomprehensible, the comics are images, and the meaning of it can be guessed based bolt cbd gummies drug test biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews on the content of the pictures.Okay, when you grow up and you marry Baobao Feng, I ll be Baobao Feng s mother in law.The boy s mother didn t bother to argue with her son.The Wanchai store had Feng Baobao joining, which immediately set off cbd gummies and drinking a peak at the event site.This time Li Guohao invited Feng Baobao s money, which was all provided by the franchisee of the Wanchai store.He didn t have the time to invite movie stars to help out, and if he invited a star for a store, other franchisees would definitely not be happy.Other regional franchise stores, although they didn t have Feng Baobao s help to promote, they also invited lion dance teams to parade through the streets, or some weird celebrations.Thanks to the recent upsurge in the stock market, many people have made a lot of money.Facing a series of large scale activities jointly held by ten franchise stores, they are naturally willing to spend money to buy some pastries to take home.

Li Guohao remembered the situation of the franchise store recently, so he called Xiong Yi from the franchise department to the office.Chairman, are you looking for me Xiong Yi knocked on the door of the office and walked in and asked.Li Guohao, who was reading the newspaper today, saw Xiong Yi biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews coming, and said, Is there any problem with Manager Xiong s franchise store recently Xiong Yi thought for a while and said, There are no major problems, but there are still many small problems., Franchisees still have a lot of complaints about throwing away some of biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews cbd watermelon gummies the pastries every day.In their view, it s just overnight, and there is only one day.These pastries are actually not expired and can be sold again. You didn t follow Did they say that the taste and quality of some cakes will change a lot after they are left overnight Yes, but they said that the change in taste is something ordinary people can t eat, and they said that we are wasting food by doing this.Seeing that Xiong Yi was a little perfunctory, Li Guohao said heavily I don t know It must be done well I will definitely monitor it Yeah.Ten franchise stores opened, Naturally, it includes a membership system, but Li Guohao told these people in advance biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews that all members money must be deposited into the company s account and must not be kept privately.It is mainly used to offset the money purchased.As for the reason, Li cbd bombs gummies Guohao was afraid that members would get more and more money, and some people couldn t bear the greed, so they ran away with the money.You must know that clinical cbd gummies reviews biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews when Li Guohao had only one store, the members alone had hundreds of thousands of money in their cards.With such a large amount, it is hard to guarantee that no one will be tempted.Of course, compared to the stable development of the store, these people are not so short sighted that they run away with money, but there is biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews cbd isolate gummies 50mg no guarantee that some people will be tempted.Li Qiang understood it, so he kept his mouth shut.On the contrary, Zhang Dong looked at the mischievous eyes of the two, and asked suspiciously, Ahao, are you hiding something from me No.Li Guohao looked at Zhang Dong innocently and shook his head.Then what did Manager Li mean when he said the loan just now Did you take out another loan No, it was about repaying the loan before.Li Guohao laughed.Really Why lie to you.Well, don t lie to me, or I will tell Aunt Li.Yeah, I didn t lie to you.Li Guohao assured.Li Guohao didn t intend to hide it from Zhang Dong, but this kid might be afraid of taking risks.If he knew about his loan, he might go to Li Huifang and talk to Li Huifang.Li Guohao didn t want to face his mother s scolding.It s a big head.Chapter 123 Foodie Cai Lan After Zhang Dong left, Li Guohao asked, What were you guys talking about just now Shen Bi said that there is no problem, as bolt cbd gummies drug test biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews long as the balance of the previous 5 million loan is settled, biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews the second loan can be made, and he will send someone to the company to check the financial situation of the specific amount.We will pay once a year, according to the annual land price.Rent.It seems that you are sure that the stock will fall Li Qiang raised his eyebrows when he heard this, which obviously predicted that the stock market would have a major turning point, otherwise it would be impossible to use such an obvious loss.Method.Almost, if you believe me, all the money invested in the stock market will be recovered before the Chinese New Year this year.Li Guohao did not say clearly.En.Seeing Li Guohao s swearing, Li Qiang also believed in what the other party said Central, Lu Yu Tea House.Sorry for being late, both of you.Li Guohao biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews looked at Shangguan Xiaobao and the other man sitting green otter cbd gummies price opposite him and apologized.There is no president and we have just arrived.After Li Guohao sat down, Shangguan Xiaobao introduced By the way, I forgot to introduce you.If he does this, how many pastry chefs will lose their jobs Li Qiang nodded Yes, according to my opinion I know that in Yuen Long, New Territories, many pastry shops have fired pastry chefs, including cbd sour gummy bears 1000mg restaurants and tea houses, and almost a hundred people have lost their jobs.Liu Peilin has played this skill very well.He relied on the secret recipe of the remaining 14 shareholders, the old signature pastry biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews shop, and cooperated with these pastry shops, teahouses, restaurants, tea restaurants, and icehouses, playing a good hand.These places will more or less sell some pastries in the store.Even if they don t sell them, they will be added to the menu of the store because of Liu Peilin s promotion.For Liu Peilin and these bosses, this is a win win situation.Liu Peilin earns half of the profit after the sale, although he has to pay the wages of the employees and the rent of the factory eagle cbd gummies building, he can t stand the small profits but quick sales.Stared at by her sister s fierce eyes, Ah Zhen felt a little wronged.Isn t this because of you, sister Work Li Guohao touched his chin and thought for a while, and asked What kind of job do you want, Ah Zhi what When Zhao Yazhi was about to have a good talk with Ah Zhen, when Li Guohao asked this question, she quickly shook her head and said No need, I will find a job myself.secretary Zhao Yazhi shook her head.Her education level is not very high.Although it is simple to be a secretary, there are still some things to understand.Manager No.Company clerk no.Li does cbd gummies affect birth control cbd gummies 300 mg Guohao said several times in a row, but Zhao Yazhi kept shaking her head and refused.This can be a bit difficult.There are some positions in the company that are quite suitable for Zhao Yazhi, but Li Guohao doesn t want her to work so hard.I have never seen someone like you in Xiangjiang who sent people to deliver pastries cbd bear gummies sold in gas stations every day.Being praised by Master Wang, Li Guohao He smiled and said If you have the ability, please help more.You can t just look at those children alone.Sin, those who killed these days are all my own flesh and blood, so I m so willing to abandon it Master Wang cursed , since he took this job, he who always thought he had a normal heart gradually became sentimental biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews every day.Li Guohao doesn t make many comments, everyone is different.Ahao.At this time, Zhao Yazhi came from not far away, dressed in a bright and beautiful manner.Boss Li, is this your friend So pretty.Master Wang looked at Zhao Yazhi and praised.Yes, my girlfriend.Li Guohao responded with a smile.Good luck.At this time, Zhao Yazhi also walked to the side of the pickup truck, glanced at Li Guohao, then nodded at Master Wang and asked, Where is Ah Hao going The driver s seat was opened, and he said to Zhao Yazhi Get in the car first.I hope so.Li Guohao thought about what the two said, and it really made sense, as did the advertisement on the TV station.It has only been replaced with a new one today, and it may not be popularized so quickly to let more people know.Li Qiang stopped the car suddenly, turned a corner, and came to a temporary parking spot.Before a few people were puzzled, Li Qiang smiled and said, Here we are, it s really, you can find our sales point within a few kilometers, haha.Following Li Qiang s pointing, he saw a corner of the sidewalk not far away.A refrigerated truck was parked on the side of the road, and a group of people were gathering there.A few people got out of the car and walked over.Suddenly, a piercing soprano came from the crowd.Stop making noise Immediately, the crowd fell silent, and even Li Guohao and the others who had just walked over were startled.

Li Guohao.It s a matter of face.Li Guohao shook his head and said It s meaningless to simply advertise.What you said just now made me think of a good publicity method, which will not only increase the number of members of the association, but also increase the popularity of the association.Oh What is the way of the president.Wang Zheng asked curiously.Hold a Xiangjiang Chinese pastry competition Pastry contest Wang Zheng said in surprise.Li Guohao said with a smile Well, not bad.To make the association famous in one fell swoop, the only way is to hold a large scale pastry competition, calling all the well known or unknown pastry chefs in Xiangjiang, and selecting the final winner Only in this way can the popularity of the association be greatly improved Speaking of holding the pastry competition, Li Guohao suddenly remembered a very well known movie The House of Gold and Jade in later generations.This is my classmate in Australia, Zhang Nana, who is now working in a food company in San Francisco.Hello, Miss Zhang.Li Guohao smiled and called Hello.Zhang Nana held out her hand and shook it, Hi, Mr.Li.Okay, let s talk later.Li Qiang clapped his hands and said, Let s go back quickly. On the way to Chinatown.Looking at the streets of the United States in the 1970s, I have to sigh that San Francisco is indeed one how to soften cbd gummies of the top cities in the United States.The development of urban transportation is completely the same as that of later generations.The only change may be that it looks a bit old, and it is still asphalt roads.After looking at the street scene for a while, he felt a little bored.Li Guohao approached Huang He in a low voice, and asked, What is the relationship between this Zhang Nana and Manager Li I think they are very close.Uncle Chang, you are welcome.Li Guohao replied with a smile.Okay, okay.Not bad.Uncle Chang smiled.Li Qiang said from the side Uncle Chang, sit down.Uncle Chang shook his head and said, No, I have something to do.Alright then.After finishing speaking.Li Qiang suddenly thought of something and asked By the way, Uncle Chang, why do I see that the business in your store has decreased a lot Oh What happened to Uncle Chang Seeing Uncle Chang, Li Qiang asked worriedly.When Li Qiang brought up the sad matter, Uncle Chang sighed, feeling extremely irritable.It was rare to meet an HCMUSSH biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews acquaintance at the moment, so he sat down on his own, looked around and said Then I will sit down and chatter Li Guohao took a deep look at this old man named Uncle Chang, and after sitting down, he was thinking about another thing why does this old man look so familiar It s like seeing it there.More than 500,000 people came to participate.It s crazy 500,000 people attended the music festival Li Guohao was taken aback by this number.In his previous life, except for one or two big promotions in shopping malls, he saw thousands of people rushing into the shopping malls, and thousands of people doing HCMUSSH biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews morning exercises in high school, he really never saw it.Thousands of people gathered together, let alone half a million people That s the world of hippies I don t like hippies, I like rock and roll Zhang Nana made a common V shape gesture for taking pictures.That s not bad.I also like rock music.Li clinical cbd gummies reviews biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews Qiang smiled.rock The bewildered Li Guohao was taken by two people to the temporary music venue Somewhere in the park.As soon as he got out of the car, Li Guohao glanced around the venue, there were only about a hundred scattered people, and most of them looked relatively young, probably either students or young people who had just started working for a long time.4 billion.Even if later, Nanshun s market value has become 200 million, it just so happens that Li Guohao has enough funds, it doesn does cbd gummies affect birth control t mean that the acquisition can be acquired After all, if the other party also used funds to buy back their own company s stock in the stock market and compete with Li Guohao, then it would not be a problem that 200 million yuan could solve.You don t have to worry about this, I have a plan for the specifics Li Guohao laid out a lot of plans early in the morning.As long as he can win the stocks held by HSBC, Singapore Yingjia and Bao Daheng, the acquisition of Nanshun is already a certainty Okay.Li Qiang didn t have much to say.After all, he was just the general manager of the company, and he couldn t restrict Li Guohao s personal acquisitions.He could only give some advice as a friend.Coupled with the rise in various prices, the entire trading market was in a sluggish state.The same is true for palace pastries, and their business has dropped a lot.Da Ronghua has basically ceased production.There is only one workshop barely surviving.There is no way for everyone to have no money.Who else would go to restaurants and tea houses for tea.In the pastry biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews industry, the worst one should be Maxim s Cakes.Many people made profits due to the stock market earlier.Most of the money these people earned was used to buy houses and daily necessities, which once caused housing prices to rise.As for Maxim s Cakes, no matter whether they were rented or purchased houses, they suffered heavy losses due to the stock market crash.New Territories Land Purchase Li Qiang looked at the report handed over by Li Guohao in his hand, and read out the name with a strange expression. Outside the gate of the villa.Sorry, Mr.Li kept you waiting.He Qianjin saw Li Guohao standing at the door of the villa from a long distance, and when the car drove closer, he got out of the car and said apologetically.It s okay, I just arrived.Li Guohao smiled.I forgot to introduce you, this is Bao Daheng s second daughter, A Rong.He Qianjin recalled the friend next to him and introduced to Li Guohao.Hello, Miss Bao.Li Guohao extended his hand and shook hands with him in greeting.Just now, Bao Rong looked at Li Guohao from the side, and he had to say that he was very young, wearing a decent suit, looking very energetic, handsome, and quite a gentleman.Seeing Li Guohao greet him now, he responded with a smile Mr.Li is indeed a young talent.I didn t quite believe it when Chaoying told me before.Originally, some of Li Guohao s winter clothes were quite suitable.A heavy biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews suit jacket with a cashmere sweater and shirt mixed inside was quite warm, but this year s The temperature suddenly dropped a lot.It s a bit cold to wear these clothes at this time.Yesterday when Li Guohao went out to eat with Zhao Yazhi at night, he casually said It s so cold , and the next day at noon, he was dragged out by the other party to buy new clothes during the lunch break.Listen to you.Li Guohao smiled.He doesn t have too many requirements for buying clothes, the only thing is that they fit comfortably, not tight clothes, but Li Guohao doesn t like to wear looser clothes.Miss, this XXL size should be very suitable for your boyfriend.The clerk next to him walked over with Zhao Yazhi s favorite black coat and said.

Zhao Yazhi put them on Li Guohao s neck one by one and looked at them.I don t know whether Zhao Yazhi did it on purpose or not, but she chose a white knitted scarf among scarves in several colors, including black, brown, white, and gray.Just this one After examining Li Guohao s appearance again, Zhao Yazhi chose a white scarf with satisfaction.Uh, okay, let s just do this.Li Guohao shrugged and said indifferently.A gangster is like a gangster, anyway, the aesthetics of this era is still a little different from that of later generations.The gangsters in today s movies are basically images of hooligans, and they are not as heroic as they were later.Wearing a set of clothes should not make others have too many associations.Then this set of clothes, plus the scarf, I ve chosen to wrap them up for me too.If Zheng Jiachun hadn t relied on his father, he wouldn t have been qualified to join at the beginning And the recommender is related to the recommender to some extent Kind of like the form of an ancient faction chamber of biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews commerce.Since this little friend can develop to this point in a short period of time, who knows what will happen in the future.Now that you know him again and have a good relationship, it will help you in the future.Zheng Yutong pays attention to casting a wide net, He never underestimates successful young people, but treats them with courtesy.After all, business is all about personal connections.I biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews know Zheng Jiachun nodded Xiangjiang Hejia Villa.He Qianjin looked at the news about Li Guohao in the newspaper, and felt a little incredible Although Li Guohao revealed to herself the plan to acquire Nanshun, at first she just thought that the other party was just thinking about holding shares.Dingling Suddenly the phone rang.Li Guohao subconsciously picked up the phone and said, Hello Ahao Hearing Zhao Yazhi s voice on the phone, Li Guohao cbd gummies strange delivery scams or warnings asked in a daze, What s the matter, Ah Zhi Mr.Cai came to the company to look for you, I ll see him I was a little anxious, so I called and asked if you have time to go back to the company now.Zhao Yazhi said.Cai Lan Li Guohao said without thinking too much I ll go back later, you take brother Lang to my office and sit for a while.Okay.After hanging up the phone, Li Guohao glanced at Ni Xingqing and Jin Jiashi Someone asked Is there anything else Ni Xingqing asked Um, and the name of the group Guohao Guohao Group The industry established a group, but I didn t expect the name to be Guohao He has been unable cbd gummies for dog does cbd gummies affect birth control to complain about Li Guohao, anyway, except for the first company, Palace Bakery Company, all others are Guohao, Guohao Really narcissistic enough.Don t look at Li Guohao s horseshoe disease in the spring breeze.In fact, he still has a lot of troubles in his heart.Although Nanshun was successfully acquired and delisted, the debt of nearly 100 million still crushed Li Guohao.There is no way to sell HSBC in the short term.The loan was repaid with He Qianjin s money.Fortunately, Li Guohao still has nearly ten million funds to mobilize.In addition, he has not moved the income of the food processing factory and the pastry company in the recent period, so the company s daily consumption and expenses can still be maintained.Nanshun Company, oh, no, it should be called Guohao Nanshun.Yesterday, Jin Jiashi sent someone to change the name of the company at the Commercial Administration.The Xiangjiang Flour Mill is revising the signboard uniformly.As for the mainland, well, I won t say muchBecause Nanshun Company bought an entire floor of the building before, and the location is near the reclamation of the central ring of Xiangjiang Island.The terrain here is superior, and there are many commercial buildings around.Here, I didn t move here because the office here is big and bright.After taking over the business of Nanshun, Li Guohao also shifted the focus of his business to this side.There is no need to worry about Li Qiang in the pastry company, Huang Yaohua is also in charge of the factory, and Shangguan Xiaobao has always been in charge of the comic agency.Editor in Chief and General Manager.Chairman, this is Nanshun s overseas business.I simply integrated it.Jin Jiashi planned Nanshun s overseas business yesterday, and when he was going to show it to Li Guohao, he remembered that he had gone to a pastry company.It turned out that after Li Guohao passed out yesterday, the people from the special operations mission company also quickly sent him to the nearest St.Mary s Hospital.As for Yu Weicheng But he was taken back by the police station to make a record.That night, a large number of policemen searched the mountain, and at the same time, a gun battle broke out with Brother Qiang and his gang.Four gangsters were killed on the spot, and one was seriously injured.He died after being sent to the hospital.Another brother Qiang was also caught.Does that mean the matter has been resolved Li Guohao was delighted when he heard that among the six people chasing him, cbd kangaroo gummies five died and one was arrested.Mr.Li has been able to cooperate with our actions recently.certainly.That afternoon, Li Guohao was discharged from the hospital and went home.At this time, Wei Chengzhi also walked around most of the audience, and each of these dim sum was indeed made.They are biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews all exquisite and beautiful, even he, who has always disliked sugary food, is envious.Oh, so what if it looks good I can t eat it again Wei Chengzhi sighed after watching the exquisite French desserts on a display stand.I m afraid I can only see these desserts today.Where can I buy them on weekdays Hey brother, come here have a look Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded, Wei Chengzhi turned his head to look at a display stand next door, and saw several yellow skinned Asians standing beside the display stand, and asked in Cantonese in surprise Are you Chinese Yes brother.Huang He looked at Wei Chengzhi with a grin.Just now he made a bet with Sun Dafu on the side, saying that the one in front must be Chinese, not Bangzi and Islanders.Cakes originated in the 13th century in the West.At that time, only kings could eat cakes, but as time went by, they gradually spread to common people.Until now, almost every person on the European continent, well being cbd gummies for smoking reviews when celebrating their birthdays, as long as they have The condition is that a cake will definitely be ordered.Even more so in the UK.And the fondant cake made by Li Guohao fully fits their combination of art and cake.It should be clear that the predecessor of the fondant cake is an art cake invented in Britain, and the more beautiful, spreadable and innovative fondant cake is It is more in line with their requirements for cakes.Chapter 263 Gold Award At noon on the second day, when Li Guohao went to the Victoria Hotel to see the competition venue, he learned from Huang He and Sun Dafu that since morning, many people have asked if they can order this kind of translation Sugar cake, and Gravity was promised Are there really many people asking Li Guohao asked in disbelief.

Not long ago, the group borrowed 100 million Hong Kong dollars from HSBC.The funds are still sufficient, Li Guohao thought about it carefully, and felt that it is necessary to establish this department early, he glanced at Di Yimin who was looking forward to it, Are you confident that this food research and technology department will be established Chairman, no problem at all.Di Yimin said excitedly.Okay, I ll give you a chance.You can build up the manpower of this department as does cbd gummies cause a positive drug test soon as possible.I will notify the finance department of the funds later.It s the chairman Chapter 274 Life and Death cbd gummies for dog does cbd gummies affect birth control of Bruce Lee Part 1 The summer morning always comes much earlier than in other seasons.It was only after five o clock, and the bright sunlight shone on the land, and Li Guohao, who was sleeping soundly, was cbd gummies jane also caught A phone call rang.After all, a good person often meets.Compared with other men, it is inevitable that there will be some ripples in my heart.But after learning that the other party has a girlfriend and is engaged, I also strangled the slightest confusion to death.Inside the cradle.Ah Ying, why didn t you say anything Zheng Jiachun caught a glimpse of He Qianjin s sloppy look and asked.It s okay, it s just that the sun is shining on people lazily and wants to sleep He Qianjin chuckled softly.Miss He Zheng Jiachun said with a blank look Ahao, why thc and cbd gummies near me are you called Ms.He again, either Chaoying, or Aying like me.Oh goodthen call it Chaoying.Li Guohao smiled.He was used to being called Miss He.He was almost always called Miss He when they met.Even though the relationship between the two was already good, he didn t ask him to change the name.These things pile up There are already a lot baileys calming cbd gummies of people in one place, and they have already had conflicts of interest with many companies.If they set up a soda factory again, they will offend more people.You must know that the largest soda factory in Xiangjiang now belongs to Lijia, and Lijia is an old brand in Xiangjiang.Rich family, TVB TV station is jointly opened by Lijia and Shao Liushu.Lijia is the dominant position, and the sixth uncle is just a dickhead.Li Guohao frowned, looking at Huang Yaohua s uneasy look, remembering that he learned about his family background when chatting with him.It is clear that if the other party directly refuses and hits the other party, if the other party agrees, the group will be too complicated, not only difficult to manage, but also difficult to transfer personnel.The martial arts hall is not very big, only about 300 square meters, except for the positions on the ring, other places are full of people who come to watch the battle.There was even a Chinese fiddled with the camera, preparing to take a picture of this scene.When Li Guohao saw someone playing with a camera, Li Guohao s heart moved, and he asked Chen Sheng and the three to push away from the crowd, walked over and asked, Who are you Oh, I m going to take a picture of Xiaolong biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews s match with that person.You Do you make movies No, I just have this hobby.I bought this one from the second hand market for a thousand dollars.Although the quality is not very good, I really like to shoot things with a 250mg cbd gummies for sleep camera.Can you Give me a backup where to buy not pot cbd gummies Li Guohao asked.Many people in later generations said that Bruce Lee had no real materials, and they were all flattered.At that time, there was a San Francisco karate champion who came to challenge him.At that time, the master took a long time to defeat his opponent.However, as more and more people challenged him, the speed at which he beat others became faster and faster.I sometimes asked him why he defeated his opponent so quickly.The master told me best cbd gummies for pms that each of them s starting moves are almost karate standard moves.In the eyes of others, their punches and legs are very fast., but in the eyes of the master, it is very slow.Knowing the starting moves, and the opponent s speed is very slow, defeating these people is naturally easy.After hearing Takeyuki Kimura s explanation, Li Guohao understood in a daze.No wonder Bruce Lee said before that he had defeated many karate champions, and he didn t want to compete with karate masters anymore.It turned out that he had already figured out the opponent s offensive moves and skills.Mike s students also felt ashamed when they saw that Mike had lost his mobility, but they still went to the ring and picked him up and sent him to a clinic not far away.Takeyuki Kimura looked at the high spirited Bruce Lee on the ring, and said fascinatedly Master, he is really powerful Especially his muscles, I may not be able to exercise them in my life.Bruce Lee has been around for almost two months , Did not carry out intensive training, the muscles on his body have become bloated, and he has gained a lot of fat.He is also very helpless.The doctor said that he should not carry out overload training, otherwise the symptoms will aggravate again.Isn t it enough to eat muscle powder Every man wants to have the same muscles as Bruce Lee, but Li Guohao is really lazy and doesn t have the perseverance, so he said casually when he heard Takeyuki Kimura.It may be a pitiful day.Just in the last hour of the shutdown.The broker also called over there, saying biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews that if there is no capital injection, the position will be closed in half an hour, and Li Guohao is required to pay them a handling fee of 500,000 US dollars.Less than two minutes after Li Guohao hung up the phone in despair, the reporter he contacted yesterday afternoon called.lee Xingqing, listen to what this foreigner has to say Oh.Ni Xingqing casually walked over to answer the phone.Hello Mr.Li This is Felke from the New York Times.Oh, what s the matter Just now I got the news that the six Arab oil countries headed by Iran, not long ago Announced that the price of oil per barrel will be unilaterally raised from 3.08 US dollars to 5.11 dollars.real As soon as Ni Xingqing heard the news, he immediately asked in surprise.Instead, he asked the group to issue an IOU for himself, explaining that Guohao Group borrowed 200 million Hong Kong dollars from Mr.Li Guohao.Fund for group development.As for the interest, it is slightly lower than the bank interest.When transferring the money, Shen Bi had also learned some information from HSBC in the United States.He heard that the 300 million US dollars in Li Guohao s account was money withdrawn from the US stock market.This directly reminded Shen Bi of the complete cessation of oil transportation in the Middle East in mid October, which caused the US stock market to explode Combining the daily life cbd gummies for dog does cbd gummies affect birth control and comparing the money received from Li Guohao s personal bank account, it is not difficult to guess that Li Guohao should have taken a big gamble by shorting oil related stocks or futures in the U.

Sitting in the office, Li Guohao looked at the newspaper news in his hand, and frowned.He never expected that the news was transferred from the United States to cbd gummies in usa Xiangjiang, and he even vaguely pointed out that it was himself It shouldn t be They are not well known in the United States, even if they make money in the stock market, they can t go to the stock exchange to check their personal information And how did the media in Xiangjiang know about it Could it be Shen Bi Li Guohao couldn t help wondering whether it was Shen Bi who leaked the news, because only Shen does cbd gummies affect birth control cbd gummies 300 mg Bi knew how much money he had earned But after thinking about it, it s not good for Shen Bi, it s not necessary at all.After thinking for a while, Li Guohao also shook his head helplessly, and called Zhang Bowen, asking him to biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews fx cbd gummies 1500mg arrange a few more people to follow him recently.In this Middle East war, many countries in the lower half of the Asian plate are more or less participating in various forms came in.Whether it is the export of military materials or food export, it is an alternative kind of participation.And because the war situation doesn t care about money, money is the most consumed, causing merchants to drive up prices, causing the entire economy to gradually expand.In order to be able to obtain useful news as soon as possible in the future, Li Guohao thought about building a big newspaper, and set up newspaper offices in various countries to collect news information and other useful things in the region.Of course, this is only one of the larger opportunities, and the other opportunity is for the sake of publicity and advertising.The whole group, whether it is the Guohao Nanshun, the food company, and the palace pastry, etc.The entire Yongan Building was bought by Li Guohao, and the company s staff It was not enough to fill the building, and Li Guohao didn t want to rent out the floor, so he could only vacate a space, and even the aisles were much wider than before.Last month, the company was crowded because of the insufficient space., but now each management member is assigned an independent office.For this reason, Li Guohao spent more biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews than one million Hong Kong dollars on the redecoration of the building.Today is the day when the group officially moves.Li Guohao also asked everyone All the employees above the management level of the company went to the conference room to hold a large scale group meeting.This was the first time since biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews the establishment of the group that the largest meeting was removed except for the executive meeting.Those plastic bags and cartons The packaging must be tightly guarded.All of them.After all, Qi Boheng led the way.After entering the factory building, there is a hole in the interior.Unlike the roof made of cement in the past, the new factory building uses stainless steel sheds and steel columns as covering points to seal the top.A number of vents have also been biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews installed to avoid the problem of bad air in the factory building.In addition to opening many large windows on the walls of the factory building, more than 20 skylights have been opened on the ceiling, which are covered with tempered glass to avoid rainwater.Come in, and at the HCMUSSH biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews same time allow the sunlight to shine in, ensuring the lighting in the factory during the day.Bright, clean and large, this is the first impression Li Guohao walked into the factory.Well, we strictly screened more than 100 back chefs, as well as two high paying chefs.Following what you said, chairman, we want employees to eat and cook happily, so I specially recruited two chefs.Provide us with the weekly menu.Huang Yaohua flattered him.Well, this aspect must be handled well.Food hygiene must not only face the general public and consumers, but also our employees.They are also consumers.We must do our best in this regard The only cafeteria that Li Guohao ate in his previous life was probably the one in high school.It is a closed school, with high tuition and living expenses every year, but the food in the cafeteria is extremely rubbish.He often loses his appetite and can only go out to buy takeaway food yes.After a general tour of the food industrial park, in addition to the three factory buildings that have been built, there is also a five story office building, plus a canteen, and two warehouses have been built, one for raw materials Storage, one is used for good product storage.After he turned around, he asked When leaving, Lao Zhang said By the way, bring some newspapers.What newspapers do you want Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, and Oriental Daily, three copies.Drinking tea with friends in a teahouse One advantage is that you can buy clinical cbd gummies reviews biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews a few more newspapers, and everyone reads them in turn.The waiter nodded, suddenly thought of something, turned his head to look at the calendar on the wall, and asked with a smile Today, there is an exclusive interview report by Li Guohao from the Daily Daily. Old Zhang was taken aback, and asked, Is that the pastry king Yes. Then have one. Okay Soon, the waiter came over with some newspapers.Lao Zhang snatched the Daily Daily first.Oh, Lao Zhang, I want to read the Daily Daily first.I want to read it too.The guys wanted to read the Daily Daily first.Lao Zhang smiled and said, Why are you so anxious, you read the other ones first, let me see what this pastry king s interview is about.Read slowly.The others had no choice but to pick what is cbd what is cbd gummies up the other newspapers and read them.Li Guohao s exclusive interview is divided into three sections.The first section is about the beginning of Li Guohao s business after graduating from middle school.The second section talks about Li Guohao s construction of schools and buildings.As for the third section, it is the biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews embryonic form of Li Guohao s catering empire, and the expectations of the new head of state for the future.Lao Zhang started from Li Guohao s entrepreneurship, and he agrees with what he said about being favored by the goddess of luck.Lao Zhang also did business in his early years, but almost every time he was a little bit unlucky.That s a good thing, why don t you look unhappy Pang Heshuo said, Didn t you mention the report about your interview with the chairman I m watching it now.Li Guohao smiled and waved waved the newspaper in his hand.So I thought about doing a celebrity interview, or a celebrity special issue, which will report on some famous people, such as rich people, literati, officials, etc.Those companies called to order newspapers, and they also secretly wanted us to give them to their bosses.Let s have an exclusive interview.The Daily Daily has been warming up for a week, and through word of mouth, the news of Li Guohao s exclusive interview has spread throughout Xiangjiang.This can be said to be an invisible advertisement, and those shrewd businessmen would not understand the benefits of it, so they called one after another to inquire about it.

Considering the three views and positive energy mentioned by the chairman, Pang Heshuo also hastily contacted several professors of literature and philosophy at Hong Kong Chinese University.In amazement, they also made a summary of the three views and positive energy proposed by Li Guohao.It was published in the newspaper on the 25th This publication was unbelievable, and it completely caused a sensation in Xiangjiang You must know that in today s society, No one knows what the Three Views are, and no one cares, but Li Guohao brought them up to let people correctly understand what is the world outlook, outlook on life, values, and positive energy in society Even the famous literary master Liu Yichang The old man, after seeing the three views and positive energy reported by the Daily Daily , was filled with emotion in his heart, and wrote an article specially and published it on Ming Pao.The following is the auction item provided by Ms.Shen, the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong, a 1900 Lady Cartier diamond watch As soon as the auctioneer said this, the venue immediately erupted You must know that the Cartier brand has always been synonymous with luxury goods.Since its establishment in 1847, Cartier has been providing exclusive jewelry and watches for European royal families for more than a hundred years.Known as the emperor s jeweler, the jeweler s emperor.The 1900 Cartier ladies diamond watch was the first product that Cartier combined jewelry and watches in 1900.At that time, it was only provided to the European royal family, and there were only a hundred watches in total After so many years of consumption, there may only be a few dozen pieces left in the world, and after a few decades, it may be even less.Listen to me After being interrupted forcibly, Li Guohao frowned, and he couldn t help but increase his voice I will give Mr.Xu one million baht, and at the same time, I will invest fifty million baht in Thailand to set up a company.Specialize in the production of this kind of fairy water, and give Mr.Xu half of the shares.But I must obtain authorization from all countries and regions in the world except Thailand, and the formula must be signed and sold to me.Li Guohao said very straightforwardly , which is the formula of Red Bull, he must sign a contract to legally hold it.At the biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews same time, he will also set up a company in Thailand to produce HCMUSSH biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews Red Bull.However, Red Bull s authorization and profits in other overseas countries have nothing to do with the Thai company.It is equivalent to two companies with one brand, just like the American Palace Pastry and Xiangjiang Palace Pastry.At noon, they finally do cbd gummies actually work for pain arrived at their destination.It s really not easy to come here.In the temporarily biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews rented village house where the company was stationed in Roi Et Mansion, Li biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews Guohao took off his coat regardless of his appearance, and fell directly on the floor of the wooden house to lie down with Ge You.No way, we have been in Thailand for more than three months, and there are more things suitable for planting in Roi Et Province.In addition, there are no hills and forests here, and most of them are wilderness, so it is convenient to plant 10000 mg cbd gummies and harvest.Chen Xuewen smiled and finished, and said Chairman, this room is rented to you, and everyone else is around.If you are tired, take a shower and rest for a while.The environment here is not good, there is no shower, you can only Make do with the water in the bucket for dry cleaning. The next day, early morning.A ray of sunshine quietly rises from the distant rainforest in the east, and the scorching light shines on the green land.Jin Jiashi finally got out of the predicament of seasickness, stood outside the wooden house, felt the beautiful foreign scenery, breathed the fresh air not found in the city, let alone how refreshed he was.Li Guohao was washing up by the stairs, when he saw Jin Jiashi coming out from the wooden house opposite, he biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews greeted with a smile, How is Manager Jin It s over.Jin Jiashi smiled.It s really not easy for you to come to Thailand.You got airsickness and seasickness.You ll suffer again when you go back.It s okay, it s only a few days anyway.Jin Jiashi waved his hand He said it was okay, and recalled the conversation between the two of them when Chen Xuewen came back last night, and asked, Last night, I heard from Chen Xuewen that you went there to inspect the land in the afternoon How do you feel I look pretty good anyway.Most of the packaged foods produced by Li Guohao s food company are mid to high end products, which can only be purchased in supermarkets for middle class people with good families.If it is sold in those canteens, there is no holiday now, and it is almost difficult not to sell it in normal times.Li Guohao asked again Is this a breach of contract by Jardine I asked lawyer Fang of the company s legal department, and he said that Jardine Group does have the right to temporarily remove bolt cbd gummies drug test biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews products from the shelves.It was the milk company that signed the contract with us.But now that it has been acquired, the Jardines can find any excuse to trap us.Huang Yaohua apologized, I was negligent.Jardines will not take our products off the shelves properly, right Although we had conflicts with them before, it s not that his supermarket doesn t make money from us.Gradually, more high end mineral water than Nongfu Spring has appeared.For example, Baisuishan Yibao costs two or three yuan, Evergrande Bingquan costs five or six yuan, and foreign brands cost more than ten yuan.Seeing that the sales volume of Nongfu Spring is declining year by year, coupled with the booming high end mineral water market, Nongfu Spring finally can t stand it any longer.At first it was the main feeling, but it didn t work.Later, their plan was changed to turn Nongfu Spring into a luxury item.The mineral water that was originally packaged in plastic bottles was changed to a glass biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews cbd watermelon gummies bottle, and various patterns were drawn on the simple and clean outer layer of wrapping paper, which was garish.It s not that it s not good looking, nor is it that this kind of mineral water is not good to drink.Bao Before he knew it, the trophies of the seven people in front had been handed out to each other.At this time, Bao Daheng walked up to Li Guohao, looked at Li Guohao who was getting more and more imposing and steady, and couldn t help but chuckled Today biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews s Li Sheng looks I look very energetic.This is a trophy personally awarded to me by Mr.Bao No matter what, I have to dress up Li Guohao was familiar with Bao Daheng, so he made a small joke.Hearing this, Bao Daheng laughed happily, handed the trophy in his hand to the other party with a loving look towards the younger generation, leaned forward and said After the meeting is over, Mr.Li, don t rush to leave.Okay.After the last trophy was handed over to Li Guohao, Bao Daheng gestured at He Dongsheng before turning around and leaving the stage.

But after thinking for a long time, I still didn t take the initiative to go upstairs to ask the other party. Wing On Building.Glancing at his own newspaper in his hand, Li Guohao couldn t help but pick up the phone and called Pang Heshuo Hello.Chairman What s the matter Editor Pang, I know that newspapers sometimes need exaggerated rhetoric to attract attention.Reader, but this is too exaggerated Before you asked me if I was going to get married, I said yes, and you asked me if I spent millions of dollars on a set of jewelry, and I said yes cbd gummies changed my life But then I didn t Just hung up the phone, why did you say in the newspaper that I spent 100 million to hold a wedding After hearing Li Guohao s complaint, Pang Heshuo couldn t help laughing and said, I really don t know about the chairman.It s not that I don t know that I m mainly responsible for news and commercial content, and people s livelihood and entertainment are not handled by me, but by the subordinates.love story Chapter 369 When Ocean Cruises reported in the Daily Daily that Li Guohao spent a lot of money to build a luxurious wedding, Bao Daheng also sent employees to Yongan Building to discuss with biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews Li Guohao the plan to cooperate with the cruise ship.According to Bao Daheng s meaning, it is to connect Xiangjiang, Macau, Nanyang and other places into a stable tourist route, but considering that some small countries have unstable regimes and serious local turmoil.In addition, the He family and the Huo biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews family also have similar ship travel companies, so they only include the island country of Wanwan Macau in the plan for the time being.The specific matters need to be carefully quantified, but supreme cbd gummy bears review it has been discussed that Bao Daheng and Li Guohao each invested 50 million Hong Kong dollars to establish a new ocean travel company.It s better now.When I was just born, I saw it for the first time in the hospital When he saw him, he was taken aback, and thought to himself, was this born by me Why is he so ugly After all, he has inherited my genes from Mai Xiaomin.It s fine if the skin is dry, and it s wrinkled like a seven year old.She looks like a little skinny monkey who has shed her fur.When biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews cbd watermelon gummies Mai Xiaomin said this, she hempthy cbd gummies covered her mouth and laughed.Maybe it was because of his mother s laughter that the originally quiet little fat man immediately laughed cheerfully, like a baby like laugh, no, it was a baby like laugh, which made the nearby family and friends laugh too stand up.Li Guohao asked Have you chosen a name for the child Zhang Dong hesitated for a while It should be considered a name What else is there to call it a name Li Guohao complained.Seeing Li s biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews mother leaving, Li Guohao straightened up again, Zhao Yazhi broke free and quickly ran away from the bed to complain.I didn t know that my mother would peek by the bed Li Guohao had an innocent expression on his face.Hmph Zhao Yazhi snorted arrogantly, I don t care about you, I ll go down first.Li Guohao looked at the empty room with a wry smile, got up, changed his clothes and went to wash went downstairs.I saw Li s mother and Zhao Yazhi drinking tea in the living room, seeing Li Guohao coming down, Zhao Yazhi s face turned red, she lowered her head and dared not look at each clinical cbd gummies reviews biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews other.On the contrary, Li s mother asked with a smile Ahao, why did you let Ah Zhi come so early The wedding dress will be shipped from England later, I want to try it at home.The wedding dress The two girls were surprised at the same time road.He can hum a few lines, but he doesn t know how to compose music, cbd chocolates gummies and he can t remember a few words.He can t write classic songs casually like other time travelers.Chorus He Zuozhi wondered for a while, and it was quite good to have all the performers and the host come on stage together to sing a big chorus.It was not only lively, but also brought all the performers together.The chorus is not bad, but does cbd gummies affect birth control cbd gummies 300 mg what should I sing biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews He Zuozhi said to himself.Seeing this, Sun fun cbd gummies Yubiao next to him said directly, Why don t we go to the studio downstairs and ask those singers I think they know a lot of songs, so why don t you ask them directly.Okay. Jin Jiashi and Di Yimin looked at each other, as if they were asking who would speak first, and in the end it was Jin Jiashi who said first This is the chairman.When I first came to the company in the morning, I received a message from Thailand.Hearing Li Guohao said that there is also a selection, he couldn t help it Asked Choice How to choose Chapter 459 Rejecting the Queen From the selection of chefs to the selection of restaurants.Li Guohao thought for a while, referred to some information he saw clinical cbd gummies reviews biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews on the Internet, and the pastry association s pastry chef rating, he said First we have to grade the chef, and then grade the restaurant.Just like the pastry association, from first class pastry chef to super HCMUSSH biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews pastry chef, and so on.Thinking of this, Li Guohao said to himself But since we come up with this, we must set up a special gourmet weekly.The weekly magazine is published, so that people can see the magazine and understand the restaurants selected by us.Then Li Guohao chatted with Cheng Xizhi for a while, finalized the matter of the Food Association, and included the original Chinese Food Promotion Association into the World Food Association, which invisibly raised the level of the association.At the scene, the Xiangjiang audience in front of the TV saw that Zhang Qing was hit and blood was flowing out, and they were all very nervous At this moment, Zhang Qing s image was not good.The corner of his left eye was not only bleeding, but also swelled rapidly.The blood not only obstructed his vision, but also made his body gradually feel weak.Seeing this, Naikang rushed over in a big stride, he understood why he would kill him while he was sick boom The manager turned around in a panic and left quickly.Maybe he smashed something and released the unknown anger in his heart.Suzuki s mood gradually stabilized.He asked the other people on the side What did you find The team of lawyers suing us is headed by Luo Zhengfeng, a well known big and strong lawyer in Xiangjiang, who is very prestigious in the legal circle of Xiangjiang, while the remaining dozen or so are almost all elite lawyers from various countries.Anyway, he seems to be in charge of accounts.Li Guohao said directly without hesitation Okay, there is no problem in arranging Xiaozhi s work, but you But you have to tell Aunt Fat that if Xiaozhi can t work and is dismissed by other people s management, don t look for me.Although I am the chairman, the company has company regulations.In recent years, as Li Guohao s career has become more and more Growing up, some former relatives, friends, and neighbors have more or less found Li Huifang, hoping to arrange biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews some good jobs.In condor cbd gummies and ree drummond this regard, Li Guohao also agreed, but he also said hello to this group of people who came from the back door.In the company, he must follow the company s regulations and cannot biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews do things in biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews cbd watermelon gummies his own name.Although each fee may only be a hempvive cbd gummies few cents or a few yuan, the cost of a ship docking at the dock for loading and unloading is a considerable biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews sum.

Suddenly, there was a sound of firecrackers exploding, which made him startled.Lu looked panicked, the picture froze for an instant, the ending music played, and does cbd gummies affect birth control cbd gummies 300 mg the subtitles flashed one by one.If this movie is played decades later, it will be an out and out company promotional movie, and the advertisements will fly, but in cbd gummy bears plover wi this era, people will only think that this security company is powerful through the movie, shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis I won t think too much about it.Slap At the end of the movie, Li Guohao took the lead in applauding, and Xu HCMUSSH biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews Guanwen and others followed immediately, and the audience applauded.Ah Wen, this movie is well done.There are so many laughs, I have laughed many times.Li Guohao looked at Xu Guanwen encouragingly and said.Xu Guanwen said excitedly Thank you, Chairman This movie took Xu Guanwen a lot of energy.Although it is such a big house, it is very comfortable to stay., not only the room is warm, but there is such a big color TV to watch, but HCMUSSH biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews there is no fun outside.Not only Li Guobang was happy alone, but even does cbd gummies affect birth control cbd gummies 300 mg Li Siyan and Li Siping, two very well behaved cousins, heard that they were going out to play., I was also very happy in my heart, and my face was full of joy. Li Guohao said to Zhong Chuhong Ah Hong, help them pick out clothes.Then he said to his cousin Guobang, come out with me.Oh.Li Guobang turned and followed out.When I came outside the store, the streets were sparsely populated.Because it was the first day of the Lunar New Year, none of the surrounding shops were open.Guobang, how is Xiangjiang Great The houses here are tall, big and beautiful, and there are cars everywhere.Li Guobang said excitedly.I want to ask the chairman, do you have any intention to list Guohao Securities Is Guohao Securities listed Li Guohao glanced at Ni Xingqing, frowned and said, Hu Changqing meant it Did he say why Well, Hu Changqing said that Sun Hung Kai Securities submitted its listing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Please, I think it will be successfully listed within two months at the latest.He said that if Guohao Securities is not listed, it will be difficult to compete with the other party in this industry.Sun Hung Kai Securities listed When Ni Xingqing mentioned Sun Hung Kai, he immediately It biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews made Li Guohao think of Feng Yongfa s ugly face.If he hadn t invested in Sun Hung Kai back then, Sun Hung Kai might not have been able to rise so quickly Later, Hu Changqing was recruited and asked him to set up Guohao Zheng, just to suppress the opponent in the business of certificates.Chapter 769 Genetically modified food technology The theoretical basis of genetically modified technology comes from molecular biology derived from the theory of evolution.Before 2013, except for relevant scientific researchers or students studying this subject, most Chinese people were extremely unfamiliar with this vocabulary, and some people may have never heard it in their entire lives.However, since 2013, Teacher Cui and Fang Zi had a dispute over genetically modified food on Weibo, and then there was a mutual scolding war, the term genetically modified has spread among the general public.Genetically modified technology is a relatively important technical field of modern science.From biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews the most fundamental technical knowledge, there are gradually different branches, such as genetically modified crop technology, genetically modified biological technology, etc Humans have used artificial selection or selective breeding to modify the genomes of plants and animals for thousands of years.After a long time, I didn t even break through 10 billion You must know that the funds saved by HSBC Bank are at least tens of billions.If it is less, after all, it is impossible to announce how much savings funds a bank has.Perhaps seeing Li Guohao s dissatisfaction, Fu Zhengguang explained Chairman, almost 99 of the 8.2 billion is our group s own The funds, as well as you, the chairman, and our managers, as well as the money saved by the employees below.Hong Kong currently has a population of more than four million, and our savings customers and funds account for less than one percent.Once the reputation of Guohao Bank is established, I think there will be more savings funds in biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews the future.Well, you re right.Li Guohao s dissatisfaction came and went quickly.Indeed, Guohao Bank can have more than 8 billion funds at the beginning, which is already a lot more than many small banks in Xiangjiang.Li Guohao nodded with a smile.After getting the correct answer, Ni Xingqing s face was full of horror.He never expected that the chairman could see so far, and he could see the clue from last month.If Ni Xingqing was only terrified, then Qi Boheng was terrified.Since the end of the 1980s, the chairman had told him not to invest in any real estate in Xiangjiang.After what Li Guohao said just now, I was extremely afraid after careful consideration.Did the chairman predict that Xiangjiang Real Estate would collapse from the year before last Di Yimin raised the frame of his eyes and quickly collected memories of the Florida bubble economy in his mind.After a long time, he said The real estate bubble in Florida was the first real estate bubble crisis in the world in 1926.In 1925, the real estate transaction volume in Miami, USA shrank from more than a billion dollars in 1925 to 100 to 200 million dollars in 1926.Many high level buyers began to be unable to pay their mortgages, and people sold their real estate one after another, causing house prices to plummet.Bankrupt families abound.Manager Di, do you know about this Li Guohao glanced at Di Yimin in surprise, in order to convince everyone that he relied on knowledge and a little foresight, the economy of Xiangjiang Real Estate would collapse , deliberately collecting knowledge about the real estate bubble, in order to make the outside world mistakenly believe that he calculated the collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate based on a small matter.In addition to majoring in management in the United States, I also majored in financial economics.The case of the real estate bubble in Florida was mentioned by the professor at that time, and he said that it was the first time in human history that the real estate bubble was biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews ignited.The collapse of the economy led to the worldwide Great Depression in the 1930s.When Di Yimin mentioned the Great Depression, he suddenly thought of the Xiangjiang stock market crash in 1973, and his brows that had been relieved were tightened again.The Great Depression is not the case.Li Guohao looked at Di Yimin s frowning, waved his hand and said, Xiangjiang is still just an island city, and it can t achieve such a strong power, but HCMUSSH biolife cbd gummies male enhancement reviews the collapse of the real estate how expensive are cbd gummies economy, I think it is The inevitable thing is that I don t know how far it will fall.Among the three, Di Yimin has learned all about the real estate bubble in Florida, the United States, and when he was meditating just now, he compared the United States before the real estate bubble.It is almost the same as today s Xiangjiang, all land prices have soared, and it has reached the point where people can t afford houses.

That company is Li Jiacheng s Changjiang Real Estate.In the past few years, besides investing in Xiangjiang real estate, Li Jiacheng s main investment direction is to cooperate with Canadian real estate developers and bring Xiangjiang people there to buy houses.In the past two years, thousands of Canadian single family houses and urban apartments have been sold.But this time, Li Jiacheng has made a lot of money.When Xiangjiang real estate collapsed and the prospects of Xiangjiang were bleak, many middle class families and rich families chose to immigrate, and the first to bear the brunt was the United States, followed by Canada.Housing prices and consumption levels in the United States are still very high at this time, so many people choose to immigrate to Canada, where the land is sparsely populated and housing prices are cheap.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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