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After waiting in the hotel for a day, a young officer knocked on the door of Wang Weiyi s hotel room Are you Lieutenant Ernst Brahm Yes, it s me.I don t know why, the first Seeing this officer, Wang Weiyi, he had some good feelings for him.I was sent by His Majesty the Emperor.The young officer said politely Your Majesty attaches great importance to you, and specially asked me to change a place for you.Ah, forget about myself, I just came back from Belgium, I am a guard Lieutenant Adjutant Fritz Erich von Manstein, Second Reserve Regiment.Who Manstein King of strategy Manstein Wang Weiyi gasped, never expecting to meet Manstein here under such circumstances.The background of this future German Marshal is not inferior to that of Rommel and Richthofen, but even more dazzling.He was the tenth child of the Prussian nobleman, Admiral of Artillery, Eduard von Liewenski, and Helene von Shipling.After listening to the translation, Guo Yunfeng slowly moved from Two words No With a scream, the dagger in Pombestein s hand pierced into Guo Yunfeng s chest.Moving the dagger slowly, a long wound was drawn on Guo Yunfeng s chest.Only then did Pompestein stop Do as I say.You can t blame me.This is what Colonel Nicholas ordered me to do.It would be the greatest relief natures stimulant cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale amazon for us all if you could say it earlier.Guo Yunfeng gasped for breath, but still shook his head stubbornly.One slash, and another slash.In just a moment, Guo Yunfeng had more than a dozen wounds on his body, but he never betrayed Lieutenant Ernst.Not for anything else, I just feel that I shouldn t do this.Is it still a human being who betrays one s friends When another knife was drawn across his body, Guo Yunfeng suddenly said to the translator with difficulty Hey, you tell him that Lieutenant Ernst will definitely come to save me, and I promise to kill this damn bastard The translator hesitated for a while, but told Pompestein as it was.But the Germans took back the position from the British with only one counterattack.Now, a superstitious saying is circulating in the German army Only the presence of Captain Ernst Brehm on the battlefield is the guarantee of the German army s victory.His outstanding performance in this counterattack made Wang Weiyi remove the word agent from his head.He is now a veritable battalion commander of the supplementary battalion.And it is only one step away from the most difficult rank of major.Encouraged by such a victory, the German General Staff began planning a new green dolphin cbd gummies can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin offensive to win the Battle of the Somme.Both sides had been exhausted before, and no one could continue to expand the results of the battle.However, with the victory of the counteroffensive on October 19, the morale of the German army was rekindled.And under their cover, the fire dragons in the hands of the fire breathing soldiers roared out one by one, burning everything that could be seen in front of them Although there are not many people, it is these few people who have brought their fighting power to the maximum.Maybe the Germans are far from the opponents of the French when talking about the taste of clothing, but on the battlefield, German soldiers are the real kings of war Colonel Fargud has not yet figured out what happened, nor has he figured out how many enemies rushed in.With such a large scale, the enemy must have at least one regiment, right His subordinates shared his ideas, and the French absolutely could not believe that less than twenty Germans dared to storm a regiment headquarters of the French army.This is impossible.The can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin cbd gummies for libido Countess Leonie has made a very good investment.Kugla looks a bit reluctant.This is a real gambler.Although he is very frustrated when he loses money, this is the most real life.In the movies and TV shows of Wang Weiyi s era, people who lost tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of people without blinking their brows may exist, but they are really rare Have a drink Baron Alexon Kugla quickly adjusted his mood and invited Wang Weiyi to have a drink together.All alcoholic beverages are provided for free here.The countess had to meet his old friends, and the two men came to a large balcony.Your gambling skills are very proficient, Baron Alexon.Wang Weiyi was a little curious about this man.The anxiety when he lost money just now had been swept away from him, and he praised himself there as if nothing had happened.Baron Alexon immediately got to the essence of the problem.She thought that although the other party was famous, it was built on the battlefield.She didn t understand business, but she didn t expect such a result Hermione nodded Yes , Baron Alexon, when my father was still alive, he had already begun to transfer huge assets abroad, especially in the United States and now, I am just implementing my father s established plan, And now I am more determined Why The countess became more and more curious.Obviously, the relationship between Hermione and the Countess is extraordinary.In front of the Countess, Hermione didn t hide anything Because we don t think the Allies can win this war The Countess was taken aback, and even Yu s hand that was holding the wine glass trembled.A person who has dual identities of Germany and Austria Hungary, but is not optimistic that his country can win the war Wang Weiyi was also a little surprised, this woman s power of observation is so keen Hermione looked very solemn and cbd gummies for sale amazon better nights cbd gummies said Baron Alexon, I didn t mean to offend you and your army.Everyone in the German army knows this.At the same time, Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Brahm and his team members are defending a very important position, once the enemy breaks through.Then the deployment of the entire German army may be disrupted.Therefore, the contest between the German and French armies has been fully demonstrated in the artillery fire Under such bombardment, whoever s will will collapse first will lose the contest.Fortunately for Wang Weiyi.One s companions are trustworthy, and the artillery support of the German army is also trustworthy.In the day s shelling, the French artillery did not take advantage of it.When the darkness of dawn on April 16 was dispelled, Ben Weihao s attack finally kicked off It was the same 79th Infantry Brigade that had been defeated again and again, but this time the combat style was completely different from the past All the officers above the major have been replaced by General Ben Weihao.The Italians were helpless against the Germans.No matter in terms of strategy, tactics, or command of troops, the quality of those Italian commanders was so low that it was outrageous.Immediately, the German 14th Army crossed the Isonzo River in the Caporetto area and continued to advance.Then, the Austro Hungarian 2nd and 10th Armies, which supported the 14th Army, also turned to attack.The Italian 2nd Army suffered heavy losses and hastily withdrew to its rear positions.Feng.At first, General Bello couldn t believe that the German Austrian coalition s attack would be so smooth and the Italians would be defeated so quickly, cbd gummies for sale amazon but when the news of one victory after another reached his desk, General Bello didn t know what to say.That s right, such a victory is actually nothing to brag about.Skeleton Commando went on to be the brightest star in the Caporetto battle.But immediately, the French army, mainly with aviation and artillery, launched a violent bombardment on the crossings and bridges of the Marne River.The intention was very obvious to block the German army s continued offensive route and trap the skeleton commando When the French planes were raging in the sky, Ernst Brahm s most reliable friend that flaming fighter plane was dispatched countless times, and strangled with the French planes countless times.That was Manfred von Richthofen s fighter plane He shot down the French plane again and again, and loyally served Ernst.Bram defended the sky and relieved the pressure for the commandos time and time again.But only the Red Baron is not enough.At this time, the Allies have begun to mobilize troops to regain control of the Marne River, and it is the 30th Division of the US Army that has just arrived on the battlefield to undertake this task.

The Chinese aerial heroes who have been fighting persistently since Shanghai, reappeared in the blue sky at this time.And they are here to carry out a special task to cbd gummies stay in your system bomb the Japanese army s supply unit in Baishi However, the 13th Supply Wing of cbd gummies for sale amazon the Japanese Army never thought that the 10mg cbd gummy effects danger was emerging When the large group of planes appeared, the 13th Wing suddenly discovered it, but what made them seriously puzzled was, how did the Chinese Air Force Know they are going through here bombing The bombs fell one after another, and in an instant, a series of explosions burned on the ground, setting off billowing smoke and fire.Those mules and horses were can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin cbd gummies for libido bombed and ran around.The Japanese army lay down on the ground one after another.once.Japanese military planes once controlled the blue sky, green dolphin cbd gummies can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin but now, the Chinese Air Force is back.The German tanks were the first to react, and they The cannon roared crazily, and the shells slammed into each other crazily.Wang Weiyi, who was also on the battlefield, witnessed all this with his own eyes What an excellent soldier this is After twenty minutes of fierce fighting.Twenty four T34s were destroyed, and four Tigers met the same fate.about there Wang Weiyi decisively ordered to retreat at this time.In such a narrow place, the advantages of mobile warfare cannot be exerted.All Tigers are like a well trained machine, and quickly began to withdraw from the battlefield.These German tankers are all veterans with rich combat experience.They have galloped on the battlefield since the beginning of the Soviet German War.Their rich combat experience and their assessment of the situation on the battlefield.Now, it must be the turn of the ace unit of the Soviet army the 3rd Panzer Army under the command of Magfriedlov.No matter what, the enemy must be blocked The 3rd Armored Engineer Battalion of the German Skeleton Division.When Colonel Chris of the Captain armored engineer battalion called out the word captain , he always felt a little awkward.The cbd gummies for sale amazon countryman standing in front of him Guo Yunfeng, his legendary story is also well known in Germany.If he hadn t been killed at Montfaucon, he d be at least a major general now.But the problem is, he has not been officially appointed yet, but it is not appropriate for a school to report the cbd gummies for sale amazon battle situation to a captain, so Major Chris said to himself and changed his title The colonel supports the Russian armored battalion.Let s get closer Hearing the name Colonel , Guo Yunfeng was stunned before he realized that he was calling himself Kill them Let the soldiers lie in ambush, gather Molotov cocktails and cluster grenades for me, let the boys Get on with it.3 Armored Army headed, a large number of Russian troops were wiped out Russian general Magfedlov s 200,000 Russian troops were wiped out Victory belongs to Germany, victory belongs to Ernst The skull battle flag is flying again, and the undefeated myth continues No one, then or now, can beat the Baron Not England, not France, not Russia Our barons shall be invincible, our Germans shall be invincible Long live, Deutschland Long live the Wehrmacht and the SS Long live, Baron Alexon The official Berliner Zeitung also used an entire page, but only a few words were written on the entire page Welcome home, Baron Welcome home the Baron Enough is enough, these words are enough.Berlin is mad, all of Germany is mad The Baron has returned with honor The F hrer s Office issued an order that the Baron is about to return to Berlin, and Berlin will use the shortest HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale amazon It s time to organize the best welcome ceremony Without mobilization, the whole of Berlin has started to act The streets of Berlin are full of fanatical German people, and countless pilgrims have also begun to pour into Berlin.Don t worry, when you leave, you will definitely get your new leather shoes.Thank you, Mr.Nuenmass, I will send you the leather shoes and shoe repair tools in the afternoon.Wang Weiyi smiled and bowed slightly to Louisa I wish you, your husband, and your child happiness.Happy to you too, Baron.Luisa was completely overwhelmed by the Baron, and can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin cbd gummies for libido she swore that when can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin cbd gummies for libido she returned home, she would immediately ask her husband not to join that damned resistance organization again.But he didn t know that her husband was thinking the same way now.What about you Wang Weiyi turned his attention to the other released persons Do you still want to go back in Convinced that they were really released, they quickly ran to their relatives and hugged them tightly.When they were a little quieter, Wang Weiyi said to these French people Anyone who needs tools to make a living can register with a special agency, and you will get what you want.Yes, General, I will do as you say Four hundred and twenty eight.Nurse, Wanderer, St.Mary s Hospital has finished searching.In the utility room of the hospital, there are twelve people hiding, carrying submachine guns and grenades.Xiaoling s words fire wholesale myrtle beach sc gummy cbd made Wang Weiyi laugh, which is why he dared to announce himself so boldly.The foundation of the itinerary.When the car stopped at the entrance of St.Mary s Hospital, Wang Weiyi suddenly said before getting out of the car General Ovitz, can you help me with something There will be some good discoveries in the hospital, of course, you need to bring more people and weapons.Ovitz was surprised God, I have already sent someone to check carefully in the hospital. The enemy is always unpredictable.Yes, right Wang Weiyi walked out of the car with a smile.Wang Weiyi said With a relaxed face, he said Where is the place This name sounds familiar, but I don t think I will be caught by the Russians.Little Ling said you are a lunatic, you are really a lunatic.Guo Yunfeng muttered helplessly Voice Since you are going, I have to accompany you to save you from doing more crazy things.Wang Weiyi carefully looked at Guo Yunfeng s can cbd gummies cause failed drug test face Hey, you have to put on makeup, right cbd gummies for sale amazon Your picture His face doesn t look like a European.Although Xiao Ling s makeup skills are questionable, it s not a problem to fool cbd gummies for sale amazon those Russians.In Ziguang military base.Xiao Ling and Elena have long been accustomed to the decision of Wanderer , and they didn t take it seriously at all.The robotic arm was there to make up for Guo Yunfeng.This made Guo Yunfeng very uncomfortable.But taking advantage of this opportunity, Wang Weiyi suddenly said to Elena From now on, I am a colonel of the Soviet Union, and I think my name is Kantelsky, which is a good name.Britain, France, and even the United States are looking at what happened with such a strange and complicated mood The direction of such a war in Russia, whether it is the reaction of Germany or the United States in Europe, and Ernst Schwartz who is commanding the battle at the front.Bram has nothing to do with it.All his attention is now on the Kharkov battlefield Victory was firmly in his hands.To achieve the greatest victory with the least cost is what he cares most about.On April 21, the redeployed German army launched a new offensive against the besieged Soviet army in Kharkov.The first to be hit was the 49th Cavalry Division of the Soviet Army.This force is of special significance to the Soviet Union.In the battle against the so called White Guards of Kolchak, the cbd gummies for sale amazon better nights cbd gummies 49th Cavalry Division of the Soviet Army repeatedly made military exploits.

We can t achieve complete victory on the battlefield alone, we have to let something happen inside the enemy itself.Of course, to achieve my goal, we must be accompanied by our victories on the battlefield one after another But who will I send to rescue Marshal Timoshenko What, you want to save cbd gummies for sale amazon Timoshenko General Kleist was taken aback.Don t make such a fuss.Even if Timoshenko is alive, Stalin will never let him command the army again, because he has lost the last bit of Stalin s trust.Wang Weiyi pondered there for a while I have to find some jewelry and information, and I need reliable people.Guo Yunfeng Seems like he s going fine.Go, call Guo Yunfeng cbd gummies for sale amazon in immediately Well, General Kleist must admit that his intelligence can t keep up with Marshal Ernst at all But he must firmly believe that anything Marshal Ernst does is to win for Germany.Yes, Marshal, I ll get him at once.Biljanlowski never imagined that he would be reactivated, and he was directly received by Marshal Ernst Brahm.After becoming a prisoner, he was very worried about his life, and he was even willing to carry out a war against the Germans.When he was persuaded to surrender, he chose to surrender, but cbd gummies for sale amazon it is a pity that no one came to him When the Z y u Army was established, they selected officers with certain military qualities.People, no one came to answer him.But now an opportunity has appeared What surprised him even more was that before he met Marshal Ernst directly, he was assigned to an obvious In the redecorated room.In addition to filling the room with good wine, there are two Russian women God, real Russian women And they are taking off naked in the middle of the room The big bed was waiting for himBiljanlowski never thought that as a prisoner of war, he would encounter such a beautiful thing When the satisfied Biljanlowski came out of the cbd gummies for sale amazon room, He saw General Kolkorok standing beside a young marshal.Of course, I guess his image in it is not as tall as in The Baron Rose , right He thought for a while there Help me make an appointment with Frank.I need to see him in the meantime.Tomorrow I ll be at your place.I need your help with something.It s an honor to work for cbd gummies for sale amazon you, Mr.Baron.As for Deputy Director Frank.I just talked to him on the phone yesterday, and he will go to New York tomorrow to monitor Mr.Chaplin s movies, and the German side has put a lot of pressure on the American government.Wang Weiyi nodded.He was about to return to the ballroom when he suddenly turned his head and said, Kasanovic, please treat ladies like a gentleman in the future and don t bother Miss Ruiman anymore. Ah, yes, Monsieur Baron.Back in the hall, Miss Ruiman seemed to be waiting for green dolphin cbd gummies can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin cbd gummies for sale amazon better nights cbd gummies Mr.Moyol to come back.When she saw it, she immediately greeted her Mr.The reason why Britain did not continue to firmly support the French movement to hold a military parade is because of their domestic political struggles.Churchill will never succumb, But this does not mean that other people will unconditionally support his decision.Under such circumstances, a compromise is the best way.Now, Adolf Hitler understood why the baron wanted to cbd gummies for sale amazon stop the bombing of London bread.Sometimes it cbd gummies for sale amazon works better than a bayonet.Not only in Britain, but also in France and Germans are doing the same thing.They treated the French with more friendliness, and treated the captured resistance members exactly as the baron said, with the utmost mercy.Give them food, give them shelter, give them what they need, any cannon bombardment will do the trick Marshal Ernst s use of troops is admirable.Mayor Salesac wiped the sweat from his forehead.Klingenberg patiently gave them five minutes, and then Mayor Salesak asked cautiously Captain, can you really guarantee that we won t be massacred after we surrender You What do you think we are Devils Klingenberg shook his head and said, No, the one who commands us is Baron Alexon, the most upright gentleman in Europe, my God, when I hear such words, I feel like You are insulting the baron there Irigelu smiled awkwardly We just want to confirm it.Well, we agree to surrender on the premise of ensuring that Joblu will not suffer more losses.He didn t think it was embarrassing.I have only one brigade, but the enemy has hundreds of thousands of people.What s more, the man who commanded the German army was named Ernst Brahm Four hundred and eighty seven.Guo Yunfeng and Myristel looked at each other and smiled.This operation will be dominated by the Guo Yunfeng battle group, and the Myister battle group will act as an auxiliary.Wang Weiyi straightened his face Gentlemen, you can start now.I have ordered General Kepler to support you.Everything you need will be replenished from General Keppler.Yes, Marshal Guo Yunfeng and Myristel s answers were still so firm.When they left, Wang Weiyi turned his attention to Kahn again Mr.Kahn, you can also go back to Ankara.This mission is very dangerous, I am considering sending an operation team to pick you up from Ankara No need, Marshal.Kahn acted very calmly I am just an envoy to convey the message, and war has nothing to do with me.If the Turks really want to cbd gummies for sale amazon do me, I am willing to accept the danger, and it will be my greatest honor to die for Germany.From Mr.Kahn s words, Lafke knew that there were not many Germans who came this time, only ten of them in total.Relying on ten people to rescue Prince Karami is really unimaginable.You have no choice but to rely on us, right Wang Weiyi saw what Lafke was thinking at a glance Of course, you have another choice, wait until the German army takes down Ankara, but do this , may force the Ankara government to take action against Prince Karami in advance Lafke s eyelids twitched, and this was what he was most worried about The prince must not make any mistakes , except that he is the only heir to Sultan Hamid II, and he has a secret that Rafke desperately wants cbd gummies for sale amazon to know Prince Karami is imprisoned here.After a long time After some consideration, Lafke stood up and took a map In Chulejk in Ankara, there is about one platoon of soldiers guarding the prince.He carefully installed amazon cbd gummies reddit the explosives and looked around.The members of his assault team were busy there, placing pieces of explosives on the ground.They were where they should be.About 20 Turkish soldiers were killed.These unlucky Turkish soldiers probably never dreamed that there would be enemies here Ten minutes later, the team members came back one after another, and they finished what strongest cbd gummies for pain they were supposed to do beautifully.Baron, we are done.Okay, gentlemen, you have done a great job.Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction Now, let us welcome the coming German army with a grand fireworks show.This is The Night of the Ankara Explosion.On this night, a violent explosion occurred at the pier in Ankara, and more than two thirds of the supplies that had not yet been transported were destroyed by the bombing.

I heard that you are now in charge of the Danzig Fund Yes, Mr.Robben, I am in charge of the Danzig Fund, And I m going to launch a small attack on your King Rank fund, are you willing to accept such a challenge Williams smiled, as if he saw a fool God, are you really sure you want to invest in King Rank Fund A challenge Yes, Mr.Robben, Garcia replied in the affirmative.Williams and his mates laughed out loudperhaps the funniest joke they ve heard this year.Garcia, who was overwhelmed, wanted to challenge Mr.Williams Look, our Mr.Garcia is back.Williams replied in what he thought was the most humorous manner Well, I d be happy to give you a chance to turn around.How are you going to beat me Garcia He said lightly I know that you and your King Rank have bet all your funds on Joe Cole gold stocks.After the bombing, there was a dead silence on the defenders positions.Rommel s infantry began to charge.The company commanders and platoon leaders all stood up and blew the whistle to advance.They rushed up through the suffocating dust and gunpowder smoke.In a short while, the gunfire sounded like popping beans.The engineers also acted quickly, and by 5 minutes, they set up an impact steel bridge on the anti tank trench, and the tanks rumbled up.At this time, Rommel had also arrived at the front line of the 15th Armored Division.His armored personnel carrier drove all the way to the breach in the minefield, watching tanks and an infantry company pass through the minefield and attack the bunker behind the line of defense.The artillery fire of the defenders fell near him from time to time, and the vehicles near the breach huddled together.Wang Weiyi replied very positively There may be a more concealed wayor they use pigeons to convey information Under such a severe situation, Marshal Ernst still made a joke This made Colonel Fels couldn t help laughing.He likes Marshal Ernst, a successful general, no matter what kind of critical situation he can always keep his calm, which is very important on the battlefield of Mayum.It was completely dark.Klingenberg and his team had arrived at the designated location, and after waiting there for half an hour, a black shadow appeared through the moonlight.Captain Klingenberg Yes, Siren Yes, Captain.The person who appeared in front of Captain Klingenberg.About forty years old, wearing a British military uniform.Kraken, we ve got you.Get out of here now.Captain, there s someone Klingenberg s voice hadn t finished cbd gummies high reddit yet, and cbd gummies for sale amazon the vigilant voices of the team members had already come.An ordinary telegram, which stated the number of supplies needed by the 90th Light Armored Division.It s very common.Everyone knows that the green dolphin cbd gummies can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin 90th Light Armored Division, like all the troops of the African Legion, urgently needs green dolphin cbd gummies can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin a lot of supplies.The only difference is that the number cbd gummies for sale amazon of supplies required by the 90th Light Armored Division is written very carefully.Accurate figures for how much fuel each company needs.The consistent rigorous style of the Germans.Wang Weiyi handed the telegram all natural cbd gummies to Rommel Erwin, did you find anything wrong Rommel looked at it carefully for a long time, then shook his head I don t think there is anything wrong.Wang Weiyi Standing up, he smiled, What a clever way to secretly convey information Now, he cbd gummies for sale amazon finally knew what method the fighter used to convey information Five hundred and fifty three.If they are not suppressed as soon as possible, it will cause more riots.General Canlemu, I hope You can trust the integrity and judgment of the English Integrity General Canlemu sneered inwardly.If the British are upright, there is only one person, and that cbd gummies for sale amazon is Baron Andrew whom I just met not long ago However, the current situation is imminent, and General Canlemu must do his best to fight for the most basic right of survival for his subordinates.General Canlemo staunchly opposed any plan of repression.Just when the two sides were in dispute, a telegram was sent to Alexander and General Montgomery.After the two British people read the telegram, they passed it to General Canlemu, and then General Alexander asked sullenly General Canlemu, do you have anything else to say now This is a German telegram that has just been deciphered, in which the Germans excitedly inform Berlin that the z plan has begun and has achieved great success , the Egyptians began to riot, and the German army will choose the opportunity to launch a large scale attack on Egypt General Canlemu s hand holding the telegram began to tremble.These simple minded Indians never think about the consequences.But doing so is tantamount to directly exposing the British army to the enemy s attack The current situation of the 8th Royal Irish Regiment is very bad.No matter how powerful Major General Aleman is, he cannot stop Germany human attack.Major Aleman will make the necessary choice, all of them die here, or flee this hellish battlefield like the Indians.This is a very painful choice It will even affect the development of the entire battle situation Major General Alman made his choice Evacuate Konlawef In fact, this cannot be said to be a wrong choice.Under such an unstoppable German attack, forcibly holding on will only cause the 8th Royal cbd gummies for sale amazon Irish Regiment to suffer more losses.Retreat can protect the vital force to the greatest extent.as an ally.Kanlemu didn t feel that there was anything inappropriate in the decision to send cbd gummy dosage for anxiety reddit troops.Since becoming the deputy chief of staff, Kanlemu felt that Tamusta had changed, and he even dared to object to his own words.This is not the attitude that a subordinate should have.What Canlemu is most worried about is to anger the Germans He is full of gratitude to the Germans, especially Baron Alexon.Without the Baron, what would he be like now Maybe he has died at the gunpoint of the British.And without the Germans, I would not have the status and prestige I have now.Now, everything in Egypt is handled by itself, which fully demonstrates the trust the Germans have in themselves.It shouldn t be Tamusta s attitude, it shouldn t be and in the ensuing vote, what disappointed Tamusta was.Almost everyone is on the side of Canlemo Tamusta also felt that General Canlemu had changed, that he had become so strange that it was hard to understand the generals of the past, who regarded the interests of Egypt as their highest honor.5 Operation Plan , which was scheduled to be implemented in the spring of 1943 Attempts to extend the clutches of aggression to China s strategic rear and completely destroy China a major battle that plots to penetrate directly into China s heartland and companion capital Chongqing is about to start.At the same time, it decided to carry out a sweep of the Dabie Mountain guerrilla area in central China, which threatened the most at the cbd gummies help with anxiety chest pain end of December.It was also decided to mobilize the main division, with a total of more than 50,000 people, and appointed the commander of the 11th Army, Commander Tsukada, as the commander.On the 18th, the sky was gloomy and gloomy, and a Japanese military passenger plane No.025 flew from Nanjing to Hankou.At about 10 a.m., when the plane passed through Taihu County, it was spotted by the Kuomintang security forces stationed in the county because it was flying low, and it hit the fuel tank with a salvo of light and heavy machine guns.

Unfortunately, it is still useful to keep the Emperor of Japan The idea of killing him can only be temporarily suppressed in my heart For Wilde.Being able to see the Emperor, Shimizu Dong was very envious.After drinking one after another, he gradually became stuttering, and even clapped his hands and sang Japanese folk song.With a smile on his face, Wang Weiyi looked at the man in front of him coldly.He will never forget what happened when he was interrogated.Since he started following Ziguang Military Base, Wang Weiyi has never eaten so much Big loss, almost lost my life in Japan.This revenge will be reported sooner or later, sooner or later Emperor Showa of Japan, whose real name is Hirohito, is the 124th emperor of the Japanese Empire.It is a great honor for the Japanese to be interviewed by him, but for Wang Weiyi, he has no other thoughts except a strong urge to kill him.Before the enemies in the room could react, Heisenberg rushed in.The room was full of Russian soldiers who were killed or dying.There is also a door at the end of the room, which also has a small gun hole for firing into the passage.Heisenberg looked through the perforations and saw several Russian soldiers rushing towards the door.Heisenberg immediately put the mp40 on the perforation and pulled the trigger on them.Heisenberg fired continuously in full automatic mode, keeping the muzzle at chest height, cbd gummies for sale amazon and turning the muzzle left and right.Several Russian soldiers were shot and fell to the ground, screaming in pain.The nimble paratrooper who had hit the grenade like a cricket earlier opened the door and threw a grenade outside.He slammed the door shut and waited for the grenade to explode.Ah, am can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin cbd gummies for libido I suspected of treason when I say this Sir Monlington shook his head No, we are not traitors.On the contrary, we are true patriots.Because we can clearly see the plight of the UK.We are doing everything we can to save this country He glanced at Wang Weiyi, and his voice became low The British Empire used to be extremely glorious, but now that glory has passed, we will have to face many challenges.Including the resistance of those colonies At least I agree with one point, the war between Germany and Britain should not continue So, what should we do now General Rosen asked in a low voice.Use our influence to end this damn war.Sir Monlington replied very quickly In England, I still have some friends.I believe they know the current situation in Britain as well as I do.Why not let them put some cbd gummy packing necessary pressure on the government As for you, Baron, I think you should also exert yourself a stronger influence in Germany.He stunned all his colleagues by announcing his resignation from the National Council.When de Gaulle accepted his resignation, he declared that he would continue to serve as the commander in chief of the Free French Navy and this time, in addition to Mollet, Rabat and others, he also received the full support of the British Secretary of the Navy Alexander.more importantly.All members of the war cabinet echoed Alexander.They even passed a resolution We must firmly insist that Admiral Miselier should continue to be the commander in chief of the Free French Navy if General de Gaulle disagrees with this opinion, we will have to take the necessary measures to make this The opinion takes superdrug cbd gummies effect.Thus, an cbd gummies for sale amazon internal conflict in Free France turned into an Anglo French quarrel.Anthony.Eden was a veteran of the previous two Miselier incidents, and this time he was invited to convey the cabinet s position to de Gaulle.On that high ground, the Russians had two machine guns and even a t34 tank as their defensive force.Myristel, who was not well prepared, lost two of his men in the first attack.This annoyed him a little.In his view, the life of every German soldier is extremely precious, and it is impossible to see the Russians shouting Ulla and carrying out a suicide charge in the German army.But the lethality of two machine guns and a tank is too great, and the commandos who lack heavy weapons obviously cannot find a good way for the time being.Hey, do you need help Just as Myristel was about to find reinforcements, a Tiger tank appeared.Weidmann s head got out of the tank, and the ace tank player with outstanding military exploits looked at Myristel with a smile and asked.Hey, damn it, why did you come here Myristel said angrily, I only lost two soldiers.But the winners are pitifully few.But once these collaborator brigade guys appeared, it became a breeze Don t be surprised, Ludwig.When Wang Weiyi heard this, he smiled and said This is the power of traitors.There is nothing more terrifying than the lethality caused by traitors.Of course, you have every reason to be proud.If our troops hadn t defeated the Russians, cbd gummies keanu the Russians would not have surrendered so easily.Laying a solid foundation, Biljanlowski and his companions just made the battle easier.Ludwig nodded, and now it seems that it is not only the collaborator brigade , but also what Those organizations, including the Free Russia Alliance, are likely to play an increasingly important role on the battlefield.Perhaps a long time ago, Baron Alexon had anticipated the arrival of this day.One will be from the Political Department, and the other will be from the Intelligence Bureau.For a while, people from the Anti revolutionary Department always cbd gummies for sale amazon come one after another to secretly interrogate Avrona.Poor girl Jemiko came to Avrona s side and said a few words in a low voice.Avrona s expression dimmed, and she followed Jemiko and Avrona helplessly.Leaving the cafeteria In the security department, Demiko met the superior of Major Massarov , a colonel, and he saluted Comrade colonel, the person you want, Avrona I brought it.Thank you, Comrade Major Jemiko.Wang Weiyi nodded I need to ask her some questions, no one is allowed to enter this office without my order.Major Jemiko understood Withdrew with Major Massarov, and closed the door Only then did Wang Weiyi see Avrona clearly.This is a young, rather beautiful Russian beauty, probably due to long term labor, and her figure looks very fit.A series of natures stimulant cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale amazon fire snakes swayed their coquettish and terrifying figures in the air, and then silently submerged into the enemy s body shells one after another were like wraiths released from hell, ruthlessly taking countless lives.Wang Weiyi was watching the battlefield coldly, and Malinowski was also watching the battlefield coldly The collision of steel and steel could not stop their determination to win, and the loss of lives could not stop them hold back their determination to win.The cathartic cannons were there to explain their determination to win.They are using the most manly way to tell each cbd gummies for sale amazon other what dish is war The extremely familiar Ulla sounded overwhelmingly on the battlefield again and again, and countless familiar figures appeared overwhelmingly on the battlefield.A large number of artillery and a large number of tanks fired at each other, German or Soviet soldiers.

The defense here is the troops of the 1st Battalion of the Stalingrad Workers 1st Army.They really only had one submachine gun and one light machine gun.You know, in previous battles.The Soviet army lost too many weapons and ammunition, and under the crazy blockade of the Luftwaffe, the supplies could not be effectively delivered to Stalingrad.Therefore, under such circumstances, these civilian troops can only get very few weapons.The German army outflanked from the two wings, and the workers battalion fell into a passive state at once, under the attack of the German army s intensive firepower.They soon suffered heavy casualties.But these civilians don t seem to have any intention of surrendering at all They seem to have a lot of grenades.Under the fierce attack of the German army, the workers holding the grenade stood up and tried to throw the grenade out, but they stood up without protection, but were shot and killed by the German army immediately.They were less fanatical than the SS soldiers, but more rational in war.Their officers knew how to organize an attack as well as how to organize a defense.They calmly organized the defense on the position, and calmly resisted the wave after wave of attacks from the enemy.Even, in the fiercest moment of the battle, they were able to deal can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies for sale amazon with the wounded with astonishing calmness As long as there was a chance, they would never let those things die.But now the Russians can t take gummy cbd side effects care of these anymore.They desperately need to recapture the port and re open the lifeline of Stalingrad.Casualties are simply not within the scope of their consideration.They drove the soldiers to attack again and again, using human lives to try to open the way of life.But the land of death turned their countless efforts into a waste of water. No, that s not the case anymore.Wang Weiyi s answer was so firm During the Demyansk breakout, Germany needed me.During the Kharkov counterattack.Deutschland needs me.Germany needed me at Stalingrad, but now.Even if Germany leaves me, it can still win We have taken the absolute initiative on the Russian battlefield, our army has occupied the entire Caucasus, our soldiers and tanks are rushing towards Moscow from all directions, but Russia has lost all the power to support them We have plenty of oil, we have enough planes and tanks.We have an inexhaustible supply of bullets, but these are what the Russians are cbd gummies for sale amazon better nights cbd gummies seriously short of now.all.This is no longer my war, or, to be more precise, it is no longer the time when I alone can decide the outcome of the war.If the most dire situation does arise, losing me.Came to Timo Lenko s side Comrade Deputy Director Timo Lenko, can we go When they saw this person, the faces of Timoshenko, Volwork, and Belekov froze for a moment.Filled with expressions of trubliss cbd gummies scam shock, disbelief, ecstasy oh my god.Who is standing next to Dimilenko How could he appear beside Dimilenko No, it s ridiculous, it s incredible Ernst Alexson von Brahm Baron Skeleton I can t believe it, it s really unbelievable, he is actually with the deputy director jolly cbd gummies to quit smoking shark tank of the Soviet State Security Bureau in a big way Could it be that Dimilenko is also one of his people Well, that s really scary.Moscow.How many people does the Baron have How many other forces exist enough to destroy the entire Moscow They didn t know at all You can go.Timoshenko said coldly Timoshenko, Volwork, and Belekov will ride with us in the car, and the others will share two cars.The base tanks began to hide, quietly waiting for the prey to appear.At around 5 o clock in the afternoon, news came from Xiaoling a train full of gold and other things is coming A kind of excitement suddenly rose in Wang Weiyi s heart.Probably what Xiaoling said is right, he is a money fan. The sound of rumbling wheels hitting the rails began.Then the speed slowed down significantly, and then a train stopped here.At this moment, three planes suddenly appeared in the sky powerful fighter planes far ahead of this era The fighter plane bombed the train immediately without hesitation.The rails were blown off, the front of the train was blown up, and the train lay paralyzed there like a long worm whose spine had been pulled out. then.Those hidden tanks appeared Cannonballs and machine gun bullets flew towards the train like raindrops, and screams continued to come from the train.My generals, I know that among you Everyone in the world is looking forward to seeing the day when the war will end, so now you are about to fulfill your wish.I thank you, thank each of you, for allowing me to lead this battle, Let me witness the glorious moment with my own eyes He was silent for a moment, and then continued I don t doubt that the Kremlin will be conquered, and I don t doubt that Stalin will escape from ours.The only thing I m thinking about is what kind of carnival the soldiers will have after the war.The glory of Germany will be best reflected in that one.Now.I order you, go forward, great Germany Finished, He raised his hand straight Everything for Germany Everything for Germany Everything for Ernst On September 5, 1943, the last war in Moscow broke out In the frenzied cry of All cbd gummies for sale amazon better nights cbd gummies for Germany All for Ernst , the heroic German soldiers launched a frenzied charge towards the Kremlin.The Romans receded like a tide, and the noisy battlefield just now became so quiet Those Germanians obviously didn t know what happened, but what about the Romans What about the enemies Where are they all gone We won a soldier asked uncertainly.Probablywe have won His companion also said in an uncertain tone.Victory Is it really victory Suddenly, a voice resounded through the sky Germany This cry completely awakened the victorious Germanians.Immediately afterwards, a loud and earth shattering cry resounded across the battlefield Germanic Germanic The corpses on the ground.The blood on the battlefield, everything is telling everyone Germanic victory Although, this is not a big battle although, this is caused by Callaini s underestimation of the enemy, but regardless However, the first battle of the Germanic Alliance was still victorious.If you want to deal with him, what excuse can you find Even if you can barely find it, you will definitely be met by those who have regarded him as the new hero of Rome.The opposition of the citizens, even the Senate will exert strong pressure on you.You must know that you have a bigger enemy who is watching everything that happened in Rome in Gaul.Would you like to let him seize this time Chance That man in Gaul Caesar This hit Pompey s weakness.The person he fears the most is not Servius, nor the Senate or Roman citizens.There is only one fear in his heart Caesar He was on guard against Caesar day and night, day and night, worried that Caesar would take away his power one day, even though they had seemed such an cbd gummies for sale amazon better nights cbd gummies indestructible alliance before.But once an ally involves its own interests, it will be the biggest enemy.

What are the savages doing Are they tired too This was probably the only judgment Senardi could make. After daybreak, when the Roman legions were about to attack, the barbarians fled before them again.And at noon that day, the barbarians even stopped and fought the Romans again.But the Roman soldiers, who had greatly increased their confidence, repelled the provocation of the barbarians again.These strange savages. Senardi shook his head helplessly. As the pursuit progressed, the surrounding terrain began to change, and the open plains gradually disappeared, replaced by dense forests and complex terrain.When the third day came, Senardi and his Roman legion entered a more complex terrain the can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin cbd gummies for libido surrounding mountains gradually increased, but Senardi still had nothing to worry about.In his view, the barbarians have been pushed into a desperate situation by themselves, at most this afternoon, the powerful Roman legion can successfully pursue the barbarians.It was here that the disastrous scene exhale cbd gummies review of the Roman XV Legion took place The fire enveloped the valley in an instant, exactly as it was the day their bridges burned.The entire Fifteenth Army was in complete chaos HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale amazon In the raging fire, they wailed tragically.They desperately wanted to avoid them, but the fire refused to let them go at cbd gummies for sale amazon all.The soldiers in front pushed the soldiers behind, and the soldiers in the back rushed into the soldiers in front.The scene was completely out of control.The fire is also burning more and more intensely at this time It s catastrophic, it s green dolphin cbd gummies can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin devastating.No one can escape the punishment brought to them by the demon messenger, no one can escape such destruction.Ahead is fire.Behind is fire.There are fires everywhere.The burning soldier let out a heart piercing cry, waving his hands and begging his companions for help, but who can help them Those soldiers who have not been ignited by the fire for the time being, looked at the miserable appearance of the burning man in horror, and avoided in panic, lest they would end up in the same end as their cbd gummies online shopping companions.Rice s price.Crazy, the savages are really crazy, Centumalus HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale amazon is definitely not worth thirty Aures And what made Caesar even more terrified was that the barbarians knew how to use hostages to cbd gummies for sale amazon better nights cbd gummies ask for ransom.They are becoming civilized and getting closer to the habits of the Romans, which is full of crisis for both Caesar and the Romans.Caesar did not rebuff the barbarian emissary, but carried the news back to Rome.Let the Centumalus family and the fellows of the Senate worry about it.At this time, his legion had quietly crossed the Rhine.At first, Gaius, who followed Caesar on another expedition, thought that Caesar was going to help Centumalus.But he soon found out he was wrong.After crossing the Rhine, Caesar headed in can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies for sale amazon the opposite direction.And the goal they went to was the territory of the Germans who were still subject to Rome.At the same time, Pompey also urgently ceased fighting with the Parthians, Let the legions that are fighting in Parthia quickly return to defend Rome The great war is about to break out on the Rubicon River Rubicon River.The battle flags of both sides were fluttering there, and every Roman who was about to join the battle never expected to choose his compatriots as opponents.And in these battle flags.One side is particularly eye catching.That s a skeleton battle flag that s where the Germanic spirit is that s where the Germanic beliefs are Caesar saw Servius as Servius saw him.Then Caesar rode to the front of the two armies.Loudly said to those who had been deposed by him Servius, do you really want to become enemies with me We have already been enemies, Caesar Servius did not show any weakness You have become the national enemy of Rome, and I represent Rome to defeat you Represent Rome Caesar snorted disdainfully Why do you represent Rome Only me, Gaius Julius S.And tell them, please inject this tube of injection into their bodies before they die, and then enter the cold storage to preserve their bodies forever.Because, he doesn t know when he will come back, and when he comes back, he still hopes to Seeing these friends appearing in front of him lively and vigorously, he let out a deep breath Then what about in North Africa Who is commanding the German army Otto Moritz Walter Model Marshal.Wang Weiyi cbd gummies for sale amazon was completely silent there and couldn t say a word There are still a few votes to be on the list, please ask for a monthly ticket.Brothers, there are still a few monthly tickets to be able to be on the classified list.Do you have a rich monthly ticket Seven hundred and ninety three.Infantry Battalion Otto Moritz Walter.Marshal Model Iron Wall Model Wang Weiyi no longer knew what to say.Before getting in the car, Colonel Chelus asked What about you, Major Moyol or Prie Special baron I still have some work to do to deal with the aftermath.Wang Weiyi calmly replied See you the day after tomorrow, good luck.Good luck to you too.The car drove away, and Wang Weiyi looked at it again Time, 9 20.There is still plenty of time.He calmly walked back to the main road, and his car was still there.Get into the car and start the car.He took out his ID and looked again Brad Pitt.Wang Weiyi still hasn t figured out which nerve cramp Xiaoling actually gave himself such a name.He smiled, and then the car left here unhurriedly.Seven hundred and ninety nine.Escape plan What Carl.Chelus was rescued When he heard the bad news, Major Davyn almost collapsed.He had no time to pay attention to the scene of the explosion.Yes.They are unarmed at the moment.But what does that matter They have a weapon the enemy has never had Major Moyol.Everyone in the commando firmly believes that as long as Major Moyol is there, no matter what kind of difficult situation they encounter, the major green dolphin cbd gummies can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin will be able to take them through calmly Is there anything going cbd gummies for sale amazon on here, Major Ah, no, Lieutenant Colonel Kars.Henner shrugged.To tell the truth, he was extremely disgusted with these Americans, they always look domineering.What is this Kars leaned down.Picking up a cigarette butt from the ground, he put it in front of his eyes and looked at it.It s an American brand of cigarettes Major, do you smoke American cigarettes Ah, no, are these American cigarettes Major Henner was taken aback, A farmer who lives nearby gave it to me just now.Sergeant Max, who was in charge of opening the way ahead, turned back The Canadians defense is very empty, and the command headquarters has no more than one company s strength at most, and they have no idea that there will cbd gummies for sale amazon be an enemy here Wang Weiyi touched his chin Then let s start 1st Canadian Rangers.At the time of World War I, Vimy Ridge was can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin a mountain range near the town of Vimy, north natures stimulant cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale amazon of Arras, France.This place was the best guarded by Germany on the entire Western Front.Because Vimy Ridge was high ground, both sides considered it a strategically important place.Both Britain and France attacked Vimy Ridge in 1915, but both ended in disastrous failures.In the French army alone, 150,000 soldiers were killed.In 1917, the Allies decided to attack Vimy Ridge again.The offensive mission was carried out by the Canadian Army.

As he himself said in many cases, it is definitely not a shame to escape The Germans are preparing to retreat, and Lieutenant Colonel Kars, who has received new reinforcements, has decided to settle the battle within two days.His troops were actually dragged here by these Germans for four full days.This is simply unimaginable.However, Lieutenant Colonel Kars clearly saw that the Germans could not hold on for much longer.As long as these Germans can be eliminated, any shame will disappear A new offensive is beginning.As with every attack, the U.S.continued to suppress the Brest German oros gummies cbd position with a lot of firepower, and then under the cover of tracked armored vehicles and a tank.Carefully advance towards the German positions.This is the favorite of the Americans, but it is also the only offensive method that can be used.Of course, what you are dreaming is not a beautiful dream I will let you just see beauty I think it s a great shame to pretend to be a Staff Sergeant Bob gasped.Colonel Guy will be mad when he hears this.Of course, he didn t dare to say no to the enemy.Let s go, let s go back and convey these words intact.Wang Weiyi waved his hands Tell Colonel Guy again, he will see me soon, and he will regret seeing me Enter Bob I have never heard such cbd gummies for sale amazon confident words Eight hundred and twenty three.Chaos in the U.S.military I ll make you feel a huge shame just by looking at beautiful women s clothing Ernst.Bram made such an oath.At this moment, in Ibor, all the power he can use has been mobilized.The Manfred Commando and the Elder Combat Brigade have a total of more than 500 people.The number is not large, but it is enough.On the right side of the statue, there is a rose.On the base of the statue, Engraved with this sentence When danger befalls Germany, I will come back No one needs to be introduced, every German knows who said that, and every German knows who this statue belongs to Some people like to call him Baron Rose He finally came back when Germany needed him the most The cheers that broke out on the German frontline in Berlin were no less than in Berlin.The soldiers cheered uncontrollably, celebrating what they had heard.The faith in their hearts is far deeper than that of ordinary Germans.He s back at last their Field Marshal Ernst is back All for Germany all for Ernst St.Ernst long live From this minute on, no one can defeat the German army again, because they have the magical Field Marshal Ernst, because they have the invincible Baron Skeleton Those positions that were in jeopardy under the attack of the enemy.The Baron returns.Miracles are not far from Germany After the robbery, Ibor fell into a strange carnival.Not just German soldiers, but German civilians as well.God.It is really unbelievable that the Baron really came back, and the Baron actually appeared in Ibor.Everyone was eager to see the thc vs cbd gummies for sleep Baron, and they crowded the streets, watching the German troops entering Ibor.When the Baron appeared with his should i take cbd gummies during class team, the shouts also flooded the small city.Wang Weiyi kept his right arm raised, and at this moment he was as excited as every German here.The Germans have not forgotten themselves, they will still fight with them without complaint or regret.And this is the most important thing Baron, the evacuation work is ready.After finally bringing the Baron into the temporary headquarters, Fels said We can retreat at any time.Those four women were all so young and beautiful, especially the woman in the front, who was so glamorous that people dared not look directly at her, especially her aura, which made the men at the scene hardly dare to breathe loudly.Who are they What are where are cbd gummies sold over the counter they doing here General Oliver The woman stopped in front of Oliver and asked.Her voice was not northwest arkansas cbd gummies loud, but she had an irresistible majesty.It was so strange to appear on such a beautiful woman.Oliver nodded unconsciously.Then he suddenly realized that he was showing weakness by doing so, so he quickly put Straightened up I am General Oliver, who are you The woman did not answer him immediately, but turned her attention to Colonel Poole What about you Colonel, do you really treat your fellow citizens Shoot No, no, murmured Poole.Tell me who you are, or I will arrest you immediately Feeling that his authority was redeem therapeutics sleep gummies cbd challenged, Oliver suddenly raised his voice.He felt that he should force himself to survive, and then tell others what happened here.Someone has to record all this.This magnificent war It was finally completely dark.At night, the Allied forces would not take the initiative to launch an attack except for shelling, and this also gave the German soldiers a rare chance to breathe.Mario opened his notebook, and the words Mario s War were written on the title page.He was almost halfway through the book, and when he turned to a blank page, he wrote Today is December 14, 1965, and the war is going on very hard This morning, best cbd gummies in uk the Allied Forces A large scale attack was launched.In the cbd gummies for sale amazon better nights cbd gummies face of the enemy s overwhelming firepower, the German soldiers behaved so bravely, and their bravery was even shocking.After a bombardment, a soldier s legs were blown off, but What makes me unbelievable is that when the enemy launched an attack, he threw another grenade before he died.Who knows what the Skeleton Baron is HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale amazon thinking Kerrett stared blankly at the battlefield outside.What he hopes to see most now is to have the opportunity to stand face to face with Ernst, and to be able to see clearly Ernst s true inner thoughts.At this moment, Ernst Brahm was also looking at the battlefield.His heart is also not at peace.It s about to start, and the moment when the whole battlefield changes suddenly is approaching Eight hundred and sixty six.The sky of the Red Baron When the Legion of Heroes has been awakened, no one can stop green dolphin cbd gummies can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin the progress of Germany Ernst Schwartz, Generalissimo of the German Empire Brahm, December 22, 1965.Now, the preparations for the counterattack are ready, and all German soldiers are waiting for the official arrival of the counterattack with an unbelievably strong fighting spirit.An American deputy shooter next to him was about to come over to take over when the sergeant fired another shot and killed him.The German army and the American army began to throw grenades at each other.The German army was relatively small and scattered, which took advantage.One German army was killed and four American troops were killed.Mick used a machine gun to suppress the U.S.military who wanted to replace cbd gummies for sale amazon better nights cbd gummies the machine gun.Gyunthal, Thomp and Martin took the opportunity to rush up, ran to the side of the U.S.troops, and killed several U.S.troops with submachine guns.Then the German riflemen also shot several.Under such an attack, the U.S.military couldn t resist and retreated Eight hundred and seventy four.Mr.Ernst When I first met the Baron, I couldn t believe that he was Field Marshal Ernst.

His eyes were fixed on the churning river the Iron Cross was in the river Heisenberg s eyes revealed the fanaticism before death yes, fanaticism.The fanaticism that no one but the German soldiers could understand When the tip of the bayonet touched Heisenberg s body, a burst of intense gunshots rang out The burly man The Russian fell into the river without saying a word.Heisenberg didn t know whether he was alive or dead.In fact, it made no difference to him He saw so many brothers die in front of him.German soldiers, those good brothers who fought bloody battles with him His heart had already died Before he fell into a coma, he heard a voice Colonel Heisenberg I was ordered by Marshal Ernst to reinforce you Heisenberg let out a long sigh of reliefMarshal Ernst.He heard the name of Field Marshal Ernst again When he was most difficult and needed help the most, Marshal Ernst could always bring him the greatest miracle The gunfire was still ringing desperately there.Wang Weiyi straightened his military uniform Let us compare with the Italians.Let s get to where we should be earlier.1 p.m.The German Italian forces launched a general breakthrough against the Russian forces.Their purpose is very clear, not to annihilate many enemies, not to completely destroy the enemies in front of them, cbd gummies for sale amazon but to break through here quickly and complete the rendezvous with Robin Stell.A large number of German and Italian soldiers swarmed forward, completing breakthroughs again and again, and those feared Leopard 9 and Destroyer 3 models completely became demons on the battlefield.There is no power that can stop these brave soldiers We are being broken through, and my position is collapsing.Lieutenant General Boschek almost wailed The enemy s attack is too fierce.Repeat again, cbd gummies for sale amazon the enemy s attack is too violent General Boschek, I must warn you again not to forget your duty.He ordered the tank to move quickly, and the infantry entered the building to clear the harassment of the small German army.So 10 or so SS6s drove into the north of the city in such a rampage.Pay attention to the downstairs, the target, the tank gunner, the visual distance is 200, fire at any time Leave the gunner to me.This is what Wang Weiyi said.His sniper rifle caught the cbd gummies for sale amazon Russian tank gunner wearing a tank cap and holding binoculars Boom The bullet fell from the sky and hit oros gummies cbd the top of the tank gunner s head directly, and he just fell into it.After entering the tank, SS6 stopped in an instant, while the surrounding Russian troops searched around, shooting aimlessly.Get ready, armor piercing projectile, 3 o clock direction, fire The Leopard 9 tank commanded by Major Love moved quickly, and opened fire on the SS6.Prior to this, the heavy losses of the 13th Armored Division of the Russian Army, which had been the main force, made their commander, Lieutenant General Taborski, cry several times.What was even more frightening was that the 26th Armored Brigade, which had not been used, was put into service.The battlefield turned can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin cbd gummies for libido out to be all dedicated to the Germans, which was simply unacceptable to Taborski.And now the attack of the Baron s Guard has arrived an attack as unstoppable as Thor s hammer.Those swaggering German tanks and assault guns quickly formed a terrifying barrage in the cbd gummies for sale amazon better nights cbd gummies first place.Flames and explosions intertwined on the battlefield.The Russians of the 13th Armored Division in chaos had lost the confidence to continue fighting.A large number of Russian tanks were quickly destroyed.As for the surviving tanks, some of the tank soldiers even gave up fighting and got out of the tanks and scattered.The Second Battle of Berlin God, you want us to deal with the Grand Duke Bierstoka Several people exclaimed together.In their can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies for sale amazon can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin cbd gummies for libido opinion, dealing with the cbd gummies for sale amazon Grand Duke is the most incredible thing, and they will even be smashed to pieces.Wang Weiyi knew very well what they were afraid of, and he smiled slightly.They said, Are you really afraid Natalia, Rhonanova, tell your husbands how Gregory came to be the Grand Duke.It s entirely up to you, Your Excellency the Baron.Natalia and Ronanova replied without hesitation.No one knows better than them how their father got to where he is today.Without Baron Alexon, there would never be Bell in this world.The Grand Duke of Stoka without Baron Alexon, there would not even be the current Russian Empire.All this was given to them by Baron Alexon Yes, Gregory relied on me, and I was his whole life.Thank you, brother.Tuckot nodded impatiently at the officer and walked away.Okay.It s time to take off take off This is the last one the last one today.The officer closed the hatch and patted the cold fuselage twice.Watching the life saving Junker 52 start to move, the wounded people crowded around began to feel agitated.Most of the wounded were soldiers of the Wehrmacht, and there were also many SS infantrymen among them.Howling, cursing, pushing each other in painsome even trying to grab the wheels and wings of the planethey understand that if they don t leave today, many of them won t have a tomorrow The Junkers 52 took off at the end of the runway.Nine hundred fifty.Living on the entire Berlin defense line, the contest between the German Army s Junior Division and the French Army s 29th Infantry Division soon became the focus of the battlefield.A large number of enemies were destroyed, a large number of enemies were captured, and a large number of enemies gave up resistance.All the enemies on the entire front line are in a terrible collapse The night is like a huge ghost constantly devouring lives one by one When the sun rose on the 23rd, the air was filled with thick blood, and the breath of death could be smelled everywhere.Probably Reaper is the most satisfying one.Hell will soon be full of people.The Baron from Hell natures stimulant cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale amazon whom he had personally blessed was rewarded once again by Death.He endowed the baron with great strength and immortal youth, for the arrival of countless such days.early morning.The sound of guns that never stopped day and night became more violent, and the German soldiers who fought for a whole night did not feel tired at all.There are many butcher generals in history, I hope I will not be one of them Although he didn t answer directly, his attitude was very clear Gentlemen, then wait until Prime Minister Bertrul arrives.Catadona made up his mind that he would never be such a sinner, even if he lost his position as mayor because of it.At least, this can be worthy of my conscience.Yes, wait for the arrival of Prime Minister Bertrol.Di Nakale said What makes me strange is that there were serious differences between the leader and the prime minister before, and there were even rumors that the prime minister s status might not be Bao, but in a short period of time, Mr.Prime Minister has regained the trust of the leader.I think Bertelul will be able to solve all this.Catadona nodded, he and Bertelur are the same He is an old friend, but what happened to his old friend made him have some doubts How did Bertelul regain the trust of the leader Mr.

Nocher found the anti tank door He even saw its black muzzle rushing towards him.It cbd gummies for sale amazon takes almost that easy one shot There s no way cbd gummies for sale amazon they could be reversing faster than the shells it fired Noqier didn t speak or give orders, but just waited blankly for the arrival of that moment, and Bodilla raised his head.Looking at Nuoqier Whyreverse Nuoqier shook his head The tanks behind them still had no intention of supporting them.The muzzle of that anti tank gun is slowly lowering, and even Nochier can see that the chance of its gun firing is very small The size of the Destroyer 3 tank is really not difficult to hit It has already fired a lot of cannons, and Nochier was thinking, maybe even luck should favor cbd gummies for sale amazon it, favoring that it can blow up its own tank to pieces in the next second.Boom WhoopsNokiel closed his eyes Just don t want to look death in the eye boom Boom boom boom how Serial explosion deafening.The first time it reached Dalkrenf s ears Here, as the commander of the 11th Army, and especially as a friend of Volyn Katzky, Dalkrenff s inner sadness cannot be expressed in words.This is a tragedy.It is HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale amazon a laughing stock.You can Shoot a commander for his failure.But he must not be humiliated for it.He can t HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale amazon figure out why the Grand Duke Bierstoka would do this Does he want to provoke the wrath of the entire army Your Excellency, Heyelaf begs to see you.His chief of staff, Midoff, interrupted the mournful Dahlcromf.Hayelav Didn t he surrender Dahlcroft frowned.Yes, he has already surrendered.I think he came to persuade us to surrender this time Midoff said cautiously.Dalkrenff smiled coldly A commander who surrenders will never be worthy of being called a real soldier.I should arrest him, but he was my subordinate after all, let him get out of here immediately Your cbd gummies for sale amazon Excellency, Commander, I suggest you still meet.You must know that there is a Russian stronghold less than 5 kilometers away from this stronghold.The blockade of these people is not natures stimulant cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale amazon a good word., if some go to attack the stronghold, within 10 minutes, the other stronghold can rush over, and it will be a problem to run away.Besides, we don t know the actual situation of this stronghold.If the mines were planted long ago, And there are many people staying in the stronghold, so what should we do, we only have more than forty people in total.Troman looked innocent I said that I am not sure, the two strongholds of the other party are so close, you let me know What way.Wait.As Troman was talking, his mind seemed to have a flash of inspiration, and he suddenly thought of something, but he didn t seem to think of anything.He closed his eyes cbd gummies for sale amazon cloud 9 cbd gummies and thought about it carefully.Murderous.Before Naba could draw out the bayonet, he felt a gust of wind cutting towards him amazon liberty cbd gummies from behind.Almost an instinctive reaction, Naba immediately abandoned his gun and jumped.A wise decision saved the Killed Ending.Sure enough, the attacker from behind looked annoyed at the missed attack, then looked at Naba who was empty handed, and continued to press.Pfft.Naba had been waiting for the opponent s attack for a long time.Seeing the cbd gummies for sale amazon opponent stabbing straight at him, Naba dodged calmly, grabbed the opponent s gun with both hands, and then pulled it hard.Sure enough, Naba, who was strong and strong, naturally had a great advantage.The gun was pulled out of the opponent s hand, and he was tripped to the ground.He stabbed hard into the opponent s back.A few seconds later, there was another corpse on the ground.What did you just say Sweet was still looking around, with a trembling right hand moving the cigarette to his mouth, and then took a deep breath.Ah, you are our leader, and your words and deeds directly affect the people under your command.You are too flustered.I have noticed that your expression has been wrong since just now, and this will not work.What s wrong Si Whit still didn t seem to hear clearly.The solemn brow has never been relieved from the beginning to now.Troman walked straight up to Sweet, and turned his head away from looking around.They looked at each other Calm down, calm down.Well, calm down, calm down.Sweet repeated, but then asked Where are the Rudocks Haven t come back yet Shall we go immediately Evacuate here Troman lowered his head and sighed, Rudock had just left, how could he come back.Relying on the memory of Moscow, Gregory miraculously came to camino cbd thc gummies a location outside the city.Ah, walk a few hundred meters and you will be able to leave this damn place.However, he soon discovered that there was a checkpoint in front and several soldiers were guarding it.Gregory wanted to go back, but he didn t have the strength to find a new way again.Gregory gritted his teeth, messed up his hair, then found some mud and smeared it on his body to make himself look more downcast, and then walked towards the checkpoint.Stop, where are you going The sentinel blocked Gregory s way.Gregory was convinced that others would not recognize him in this way, so he put on a pitiful look Sir, my child is sick, he is just outside the city, he is very sick, please , let me go out and see my child.The sentinel seemed to have some pity I sympathize with what happened to you, but no one can leave here now Ah, I beg you, good sir, I can t see My children need me.He sat down on the ground.Huchihuchi panted heavily.It was a nightmare experience for more than two days.It kept appearing in front of his eyes.Is there anything more terrible than this Gregory looked around blankly, and there was no one there, which added to his fear He looked on both sides and saw some grass not far from the increase, He recognized these grasses and they were edible.He remembered that he had heard before that some poor people who really had nothing to eat would often pick these grasses to satisfy their hunger.This has a side effect.It is easy to cause diarrhea.But in order to survive, those poor people can t cbd gummies for sale amazon care about these.They took this herb and got diarrhea, took it again, got diarrhea cbd gummies for sale amazon again, and finally they could even bleed.Quenching thirst with poison probably means this Gregory pulled out a handful of grass with trembling hands, and then stuffed it into his mouth At this point, he couldn t care less about anythingHis tears flowed down as he chewed, when did a Grand Duke of Berstoka actually fall to this point The grass swallowed cbd gummies for sale amazon it, and barely made his stomach feel better, Ge Ligaoli struggled to get up After barely walking forward for a while, his stomach suddenly started to growl, how long does a cbd gummies stay in your system and Gregory knew that this was the side effect of those grasses In just two hours, Gregory felt that his whole body was about to die.Removal of Milosevic and Khmelitsky from their marquis titles and all positions held by them.Since the removal of the title must be approved by His Majesty the Tsar, I will submit our decision to His Majesty the Tsar for review as soon as possible.Of course, now I also have to exercise the powers of the Special Investigative Committee, the police, arrest Milosevic and Khmelitsky All these changes came too suddenly The nature of the questioning meeting that was originally aimed at Milosevic has completely changed Milosevic, who was in handcuffs, glanced at Khmelitsky, who was also in handcuffs Are you satisfied now Yes, are you satisfied now The final result may be a loss for both sidesKhmelitsky originally thought that he could completely kill his opponent Milosevic, but what he thought of with great satisfaction is that now even he cbd gummy bears from colorado himself has become a prisoner The other two resolutions of the Special Investigation Committee are to immediately restart the investigation of the Kasjivov massacre, and at the same time, to appoint Mr.

Steinman was knocked down directly, and Cole was stunned to the ground by the direct shock wave.What s going on It seems to be a mortar fired by the enemy infantry.Cole held his head and guessed casually.Quick, get out of here.Steinman forced himself to stand up, and then helped Carl up Carl, you go to defend in the building opposite Steinman pointed to the abandoned building opposite with his right hand.Cole nodded and picked up the sniper rifle again Captain, who will cooperate with me I.I will cooperate with you in this building and defend your shooting blind spots.Steinman patted the rifle on his body, and the corner of his mouth curled.Cole smiled with satisfaction.He turned and ran to another building.It s a scuffle here Carl and Rabbi rushed to the main road.Since there were guns and guns everywhere, they didn t know where there were friendly troops and where there were enemies.He sniffed.Blinking his eyes, he took off his goggles and wiped his face with his hands.Wipe away the tears.The convoy staggered on the bumpy and muddy road, shaking the people in the car drowsy.The sound of the guns gradually faded away, and the surrounding scenery moved back quickly.The convoy rolled over the potholed road.Drove about ten miles.Drive out of the ninth area.The street scene outside the car window was desolate.Gradually, refugees suffering from hunger and cold appeared on the road.There were one or two at first, and as the convoy moved forward, more and more refugees came, gradually turning from a sparse group to a large group that filled the streets.Like migrating birds, the wave of refugees with their families and their families moved slowly towards the direction of the convoy, and some even reached out to the convoy to pray for food and water.However, But I see great hope in these tragedies The trouble that besets you now is the lack of funds Wang Weiyi suddenly interrupted his words There is no need to go around in circles, Mr.Rotini, what you see is not a huge hope.It s your fear of a second run.Immediately caught by the other party, Rotini felt uncomfortable.He smiled awkwardly, not knowing cbd gummies for sale amazon how to continue the conversation.Wang Weiyi said lightly There is nothing to hide, Not long ago, your Dewey Bank suffered a terrible run, but fortunately, you successfully survived this crisis with your experience and connections, but what if there is a second one You simply can t make it through.Well, let s get straight to the point, you re looking for me to provide the Dewey Bank with the necessary funds Yes, now that you know everything, I don t think there is anything to hide anymore.Wang Weiyi said lightly The wealth of Dewey Bank is rapidly increasing.Is it increasing Ah, maybe.Mr.Rotini.We have to discuss your problem now.My problem What s my problem Rotini paused.Wang Weiyi clicked on the list he had shown Salam Have you noticed, the 125th name on this list.Is it you, Mr.Rotini Rotini never had a complete After reading the list, under the reminder of Mr.Moyol , he tremblingly looked at the list.For a moment, his complexion was so pale.Yes, the cbd gummies for sale amazon better nights cbd gummies 125th name on the list is written by myself These damn thugs Rotini cursed, and then forced a smile You will protect me, won t you My respected Mr.Moyol.Of course I want to protect you, but you My most capable assistant.Wang Weiyi smiled cbd gummies for sale amazon ambiguously But this involves a problem, just as I said to Director Salam, it takes a lot of money to deal with those revolutionaries, everyone You have to give, no one can be an exception.At this moment, all the soldiers cheered in unison Long live the revolution Long live the revolution Long live the revolution The faces of the officials changed at the same time.They knew instantly what was going on.Bodyguards, bodyguards Sinager yelled out in fear, but he soon discovered that the bodyguards who followed him had all been subdued by the soldiers black muzzles.Mr.Prime Minister, don t call those bodyguards anymore.Berkeley appeared in front of them at this time Now, this cbd gummies for sale amazon is where the revolutionaries are Sinager stared at Berkeley angrily Berkeley Lai, I used to trust you so much, but how could you betray me I always choose the side that is more beneficial to me.Berkeley was completely unafraid cbd gummies for sale amazon of the other party s angry eyes I also want to keep my own.Power, no, maybe you want more power.Wilkins quickly proposed the candidate in his mind He is in Britain has been in the UK for a long time and has very rich experience, I suggest that he take over all the intelligence work in the UK immediately.No, I think Colonel Jade of the CIA is the most suitable candidate.Minister of Defense Kapannon quickly put forward a different view The CIA has more power and has closer ties with the US government.I think it is a more appropriate choice for Colonel Jed to control it.Mr.Minister of Defense, I don t think this is a choice worth showing off.Wilkins said coldly I have always heard that you maintain a close relationship with Colonel Jed, but this is for the British country.Considering our interests, we should not affect our country for some private interests.So what about you, Mr.Prime Minister.We will attack the air force can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies for sale amazon base tomorrow night, throwing the entire base into chaos, in order to cooperate with the baron.action.Your Excellency, I am willing to fight for England, and I am even more willing to fight for Your Excellency the Baron.This is the greatest honor in my life.And I will personally command those guerrillas to participate in the combat operations tomorrow night It s a pity that I m old, and I can no longer follow you to the battlefield I long for Duke Stephen sighed deeply The only thing I can do is wait for your good news here.This is probably the sorrow of an old man.However, I still feel lucky that in my lifetime, I was able to witness Baron Alexson s great and brilliant deeds with my own eyes.Your Excellency the Baron, please receive a greeting from an old man.After finishing speaking, Duke Stephen actually stood up, and then bowed to Baron Alexon.Tuna glanced at Captain Roger as a greeting.Then he quickly asked Have you made a plan Yes.We have made a plan.Colonel Jed nodded and replied Tonight, the resistance organization will conduct a secret operation in the urban area.Meeting, I will ask Captain Roger to lead people to surround cbd gummies for sale amazon it, and what you have to do is to rush in and successfully rescue the guys from the resistance organization Will there be a shootout Tuna asked these details very carefully.There will be a short gunfight.Colonel Jed explained the whole plan in detail, including how Tuna should rush into the venue, what identity should be used to appear in front of the members of the underground resistance organization, and what kind of method should be used The guys from the resistance organization went out is it illegal to order cbd gummies in utah of the venue smoothly.

The Irish government army fell into chaos In particular, General Rolando simply could not believe that such a terrible thing cbd gummies for sale amazon would happen.He had long known that Colonel Reeves was a sympathizer of the so called revolution.But it never occurred to him that Colonel Reeves would actually betray The government has betrayed itself.What is more terrifying than this And what is more worrying is far more than that.After the defection, Colonel Reeves quickly commanded the 8th Brigade to launch a fierce attack on the government forces.After receiving reinforcements from Colonel Reeves, the Irish Republican Army also launched a fierce attack at the same time.The situation on the battlefield was suddenly reversed, and the government forces that had been on the offensive side were forced to temporarily switch to defensive operations.Maybe this night, maybe tomorrow morning, this tragic city can no longer hold on Layers of defenses have been breached, and positions one by one have fallen into the hands of the Axis forces.For the Allies here, their final doom has come.This is the last battle in Britain, and it will be the last battle of World War III.When the last gunshot falls, everything will return to calm.Decades later, it was as if nothing had happened.Suddenly, there was a violent explosion, which was the factory area of British Industry.Ash Project When London determines that it cannot continue to hold on, the Ash Plan will be launched as soon as possible to blow up all targets in the plan and cause huge damage to British industry.And now, the final moment has come.General Gendra was a little surprised.He originally thought that the implementation of the Ash Project would definitely be obstructed by the British underground resistance organization, but it was strange that the Ash Project was implemented so smoothly.However, the phone did not ring, and Baron Alexon once again resorted to a method that baffled him.Perhaps, the baron has guessed what he was thinking.Or, we can make a phone call to them.Sherlock said after a moment of silence We can carefully discuss with their supreme commander how to surrender.I think they are not willing to surrender after victory has been controlled.I will not let my soldiers suffer more casualties when I am in my hands.General Gendra did not speak, and there was still a last sliver of fantasy in his heart.Yes, the phone will definitely ring next minute.The other party knows what to do, and they must not allow their own destiny to be completely controlled by the local government at this last moment.But time passed by every minute and every second, and the phone seemed to be completely broken, and there was no sound at all.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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