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One walks, one chases.She concealed it well, and he was very patient.Taking the opportunity of wiping away her tears, Gu Mingzhu took out a candied fruit and put it into her mouth.The man in front of her was really not that easy to fool.Fortunately, although he suspected it, he didn t have any definite evidence.The bronze mirror in her hand is from the Golden Pagoda Temple.She has been holding it and playing with it.The mirror will shine the sun on the man s eyes.It is purely coincidental.As for why she pushed the man, it is naturally because she saw a 2022 best cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies stranger rushing She panicked in her heart, so she stretched out her hand to resist.Although these remarks cannot come from her mouth, everyone will sort out the whole thing after guessing and checking.People in the temple will also say that what she holds in her hand is the Zhunti mirror, the Zhunti Guanyin.Lin and Gu Mingzhu.The Gu family searched around, but found no trace of other people.Mrs.Lin looked at her daughter worriedly Is someone following you Gu Mingzhu nodded.Mrs.Lin wanted to raise cbd gummies for anxiety without thc her throat with all her heart Then did he do anything to you Gu Mingzhu thought about it carefully, and then reached out to touch the place where the rope was wrapped around her waist Hehe But he didn t know what to say, his little face was full of eagerness.Mrs.Wednesday and Zhou Ruzhang came over just in time.Seeing Gu Mingzhu s distressed appearance, Zhou Ruzhang couldn t help but feel happy.This fool finally suffered a lot, and the depression that had been accumulated in her chest for many days suddenly dissipated.Standing aside and watching for a long while, Zhou Ruzhang became more and more happy.The government office has no evidence that the stolen goods have entered the city, so it will not spend a lot of time doing such a thing.Feng Anping swallowed, saying so, but these boxes are in his room, how can he sleep.Wei Yuanchen looked up at the paper kite again Why did you buy your house next to the Gu family Feng Anping panicked, and blurted out the truth Actually, that yard was originally bought by my ancestors.I wanted to buy it back, but later I just cbd gummies with delta 8 found out that it was bought by the Gu family, since the yard can t be bought back, I can live next to it and take a look at it from time to time.Feng Anping s words didn t seem to be false, Wei Yuanchen didn t ask any more questions, turned around and walked away with Chu Jiu out.The two walked out of the alley, got on their horses, and went straight to the are cbd gummies good for type 2 diabetes yard where they stayed.Mrs.Lin stroked her growing belly with a smile on her face.If the master was here, everything would be complete.Thinking of this, Mrs.Lin opened the letter from Beijing again.The master asked her how she was, and asked the members of the Gu clan to pick her up and go to Fenyang.She knew that the master promised her to come to Shanxi for ulterior motives.On the surface, he asked her to come to the Cui family for information, but in fact he wanted to send her back to Shaanxi For her natal family, the master was afraid to tell her directly, and she would not agree, so he arranged it like this.Otherwise, why would she go to Fenyang again Fenyang is so close to the ferry to Shaanxi, if there is any trouble, she can go to Shaanxi by boat.From the very beginning, she felt that this matter was not easy, and now it seems that it is indeed the case.This is the way to get all the stolen goods.Once you are caught, it s useless to justify yourself.Wei Yuanchen raised his head and looked at the bright moon, Is there any movement in the Taiyuan government office The personal guard replied There are government servants coming here, but the Taiyuan prefect and Dingninghou took a lot of people with them when they left the city, and the Taiyuan government government has already asked the guard for help.Wei Yuanchen nodded Before the government comes, let them not be caught.When everyone is here, I will see how they wrong my people as bandits.The personal guard responded, turned and left the cbd gummies with delta 8 cbd pain gummies boat.Chujiu offered a cup of tea, and Wei Yuanchen took a sip.The HCMUSSH cbd gummies with delta 8 tea was sweet and sweet, like the breeze on the lake, blowing his wet clothes.Nie Chen looked at Mr.There seems to be a supervisor behind the third master, whipping the third master to work with a small leather whip.First let Liu Su go to Lu Guang s side to find the eyeliner, and let his personal guards stand by Lu Guang s side, and then order Liu Su to lead those who want to catch the Pearl Thief to the courtyard, and then go to the temple to invite those monks Come forward to rescue the innocent people detained in the Iron Mountain Mine.Seeing those monks go up the mountain, they rushed to Mrs.Lin Tai s Zhuangzi without stopping.In a place like Taiyuan Mansion, they can t use too many people from the Wei family, otherwise they will be caught and impeached.What the emperor was most afraid of was that the Wei family had soldiers and horses in their hands.Back then when he fought for the Great Zhou Emperor, hundreds of famous generals under him were invincible.Wei has a bad reputation, and if he goes against Mr.Wei s intentions, there will be no good results.Mrs.Lin said Where s Anping Where did he go The steward continued Young Master Biao went to the Zhou family village, but he hasn t come back yet.Gu cbd gummies with delta 8 Mingzhu rested her chin and thought, Cousin Feng is really well hidden Is this the Feng family s way to save their lives Cousin Feng had already taken refuge in Mr.Wei, but she didn t show anything strange.It wasn t until today that Cousin Feng brought someone into the Zhuangzi that she saw the clue.Cousin Feng comforted his mother with a determined face Madam, don t worry, the imperial envoy is here, nothing will go wrong.Cousin Feng, a cowardly person, can say such words, which shows that someone gave him great courage.Who is this guy Cousin Feng has already given the answer in his words.So who is the person who appeared on Mrs.Lin s Zhuangzi Why did he impersonate The Pearl Thief Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on the sleeve arrow.The sleeve arrow is easy to carry and is often tied to the arm.Why did it fall on the tree after attacking the prefect of Han Unless someone stays on purpose.In one cbd gummies with delta 8 case, something resembling a murder weapon appeared, which was usually used to confuse the real one, making people think that it was the real murder weapon, but the real murder weapon had already been taken away.It s just a sleeve arrow, why bother so much Wei Yuanchen stood up, he wanted to go to Mrs.Lin s Zhuangzi to have a look again.Mrs.Lin s Zhuangzi has been guarded by the Yamen, and no one can walk around in Zhuangzi until the case is cleared.Wei Yuanchen went all the way to the elm tree where the Xiujian was found.They thought that the Pearl Thief was the nimble knight errant and the portrait painted by Lu Shenzhi.In fact, the Pearl Thief was dead.The pearl thief who attacked Han Yu was no longer the same person.So, how can they find it This new pearl thief knows the past of the pearl thief, and now he wants to avenge and avenge the former pearl thief.Wei Yuanchen s eyes have been searching the tree and the ground, and finally found a shallow mark on the branch.There are two leaves around the branch that were cut by something.Look at the cut, the damage to the branches and leaves.It shouldn t be a sharp weapon, and this thing is not sharp, and it didn t break the branch completely.Wei Yuanchen told Chu Jiu Go and stand where Han Yu was attacked.Chu Jiu s figure soon appeared in the room.The height cbd gummies with delta 8 of the damaged branches and leaves was exactly the same as the position of Chu Jiu s shoulders.Marquis Huaiyuan inadvertently opened the curtain of the big case in Shanxi.When he came to Taiyuan Mansion from the capital, Wei Yuanchen suspected HCMUSSH cbd gummies with delta 8 that Marquis Huaiyuan was not as stupid as he appeared on the surface.After discovering the strangeness of the Gu family, he became more and more sure of this.However, Marquis Huaiyuan is far away in the capital at this time, Mrs.Lin seems to know nothing about the inside story, and the Gu family does not have a staff member, who is helping Marquis Huaiyuan manage the overall situation Think again about the things Nie Chen and Liu Su said.Liu Su was rescued by the doctor, and Nie Chen made the elder to pretend to be the Pearl Thief to investigate the case back then.All these happened after Huaiyuan where can i get cbd gummies near me Hou came to Shanxi.Now the clue to the person who attacked Han Yu also led to Miss Gu.Really know how to play.Seeing this, the servants next to her relaxed their nervous expressions a lot.They still remembered the last time Mr.Wei came to the door and made the young lady cry.Missy s miserable appearance really makes people feel distressed.So this time Mr.Wei came to the door again, and they kept their eyes on her, for fear that Mr.Wei would bully the eldest lady again.Three grass rabbits stand in a row.Gu Mingzhu naturally sat next to Wei Yuanchen and waited for the fourth one.Now they are very close, and Master Wei s tall and straight waist like a lonely pine is not far away.Although Master Wei s expression is still at this moment, as if her every move cannot escape his eyes, but her hands It s also very fast, and he shouldn t notice if he accidentally touches him by playing with the grass rabbit.Madam Lin picked up the tea and took a sip.Although Zhuzhu was taken advantage of, she was anxious and angry, but Zhuzhu would suffer even more if she made things big.Third Master Wei is still asleep, and it seems that he won cbd gummies with delta 8 t remember what happened just now when he wakes up.It s the safest way to deal with it now.If Third Master Wei thinks about it, she will think about it again.Mrs.Lin stood up and walked to the window.The weather has been bad for the past two days, overcast and gloomy, and the sky is getting darker.Mrs.Lin said Wait a while and take your third cbd gummies with delta 8 master away while it s getting dark.If your third master wakes up and forgets, don t mention it.Chu Jiu nodded, didn t he let him lie to the third master He best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies with delta 8 has never lied to the third master in his life.Mrs.Lin, Chu Jiu said with a mournful face, Third Master can t walk, even if it gets dark, I m afraid he can t.Cui Zhen strode forward and was about to go out, Did you tell uncle about our incident in Shanyin Cui Wei said without hesitation, Of course not, then must not say it Cui Zhen stopped talking Let s go Brother, Cui Wei grabbed Cui Zhen s rein and said in a low voice, What are you hiding from me There was nothing we could do when we were in Shanyin Besides, those are the tombs of the nobles of the former dynasty.The property in their hands was also obtained by yummy gummy cbd squeezing the people.In order to defend Datong Mansion, we had to take their silver.The matter.Brothers will never leak this matter.If the court really finds out, the younger brother is willing to bear the charges, and he will never let the elder brother wyld cbd gummies 2022 best cbd gummies have any stains.Why did the elder brother mention this matter Did someone threaten you Cui Zhen thought of Cui s family s bombed ancestral grave, as if someone was reminding him of something, and he felt more and more dangerous around him.Zhao Gongren said after a long while The random guesses without evidence are just slandering me.What is the intention of Mr.Wei Wei Yuanchen glanced at cbd gummies with delta 8 Zhao Gongren indifferently, and his voice was a little more powerful You are just a newcomer.How dare you threaten imperial envoys with a foreign order Zhao Gongren s face turned blue and red, and he flinched involuntarily, looking at the two brothers Cui Zhen and Cui Wei.Cui Wei was embarrassed and stood beside him awkwardly, while Cui Zhen remained silent with a sullen face.Zhao Gongren swallowed, she knew this would happen, why cbd gummies with delta 8 did she come here, she had experienced Wei Yuanchen s horror in Gu s house, but now she is still recklessly approaching.Before Zhao Gongren knew how to speak, he saw another official walking towards Wei Yuanchen.Lu Shenshang went forward to salute Wei Yuanchen My lord, the officer led people to carefully inspect the inn and its surroundings, and also asked Wu Zuo to examine the body of the drowned man.The purpose of his banquet in the mansion is to deal with Wei Yuanchen.Cui Zhen refuses to take refuge in him now.He only needs to deal with Wei Yuanchen together with him and solve his heart first.The trouble is the same, since Cui Zhen has had a bad relationship with the Wei family, naturally he has no other way to go, he can only come to pay homage to the gate of the East Palace.The crown prince sat on his seat with a heartbroken expression on his face Before Han Yu came to Taiyuan Mansion, he was also a famous official.The court trusted him so much that he did such a thing for greed.Cui Zhen didn t speak, other officials of Taiyuan Mansion They all lamented along with the prince, as if no one cbd gummies with delta 8 expected today s result.Thanks to Mr.Wei, said the crown prince, otherwise the court would still be kept in the dark by Han Yu.Zhao Er.If it was Mr.Zhao Er, we will bring Let the soldiers go, and they will be caught right away.Yacha said with excitement on his face, and the case of Mr.Zhao Er would make progress, and their hard work was not in vain.Take people there immediately, don t use torches on the way, so as not to startle the snakes.After Lu Shenzhi finished speaking, the Yamen immediately retreated, and Lu Shenzhi also prepared to dress up and head to the north of the city together.My lord.Junior sister Nie Chen s voice came from behind Lu Shenzhi.My my lord can can you listen to me.Lu Shenzhi thought of the conversation between Nie Chen and his junior sister.The girl had some insights into the case, so he stopped and looked over.Gu Mingzhu whispered in Nie Chen s ear and asked Nie Chen to pass a message to Lu Shenzhi.Unless Mr.Zhao Er s affairs have been settled properly, there must be something wrong with Mr.Shen s plan.The prince cursed inwardly, this bastard Wei cbd gummies with delta 8 cbd pain gummies Yuanchen is still so rampant, on the surface he doesn t dare to cbd gummies with delta 8 cbd pain gummies confront him tit for tat, but behind his back he uses dirty tricks, after all he is the seed of that temptress natal family.Mr.Shen behind the crown prince has been silent all the time, because the crown prince has no choice now whether he speaks or not.At this moment, Mr.Shen was sure that Wei Yuanchen knew what happened outside.Although it seemed unlikely, the facts were there, so he couldn t help but believe it.Otherwise, Wei Yuanchen would not have used the only sharp weapon in his hand at this time.Without reliable information, he would have blindly cbd gummies with delta 8 guessed, and it was absolutely impossible to do cbd gummies with delta 8 everything so just right.Wei said.Then why don t you all go over and see the cbd gummies with delta 8 situation together, Wei Yuanchen said, With so many people going together, maybe we can come up with a better idea.Wei Yuanchen wanted to drag everyone into the water.It s not too late, Wei Yuanchen said, everyone get up and ride out of the city to see what kind of trap it is.Someone kidnapped Mr.Zhao Er, and Wei Yuanchen kidnapped the entire Taiyuan Mansion officials The backyard of the prince s mansion.Gu Mingzhu wanted to sit down and rest, but just took two steps but spit out cbd gummies with delta 8 cbd gummies 2000mg a puddle of filth with a wow.The servants of the cbd gummies with delta 8 Prince s Mansion were so frightened that they all avoided him.Zi Yuan immediately stepped forward with a panicked expression on her face Sister, how are you You haven t recovered from your illness, and you really shouldn t come to tune the piano.If you don t ask carefully, everyone will be let in.If we are punished, we will drag them along with us.Stop talking, The servant girl stepped forward to remind, They are all arranged by Miss Ruan Qin, we can t afford to mess with them.Miss Ruan Qin is a popular person around the prince.Even the princess wants wyld cbd gummies 2022 best cbd gummies to give her some face.This girl usually organizes the piano scores for the prince, or reads and plays chess and rarely goes out.The prince is here this time.In Taiyuan Mansion, it was hard for Miss Ruan Qin to agree to come with her, so it s easy to imagine the fate of this girl.The best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies with delta 8 mother in charge didn t dare to say anything more, and immediately ordered people Clean up all these pickles quickly, and throw out everything that Qin Niang touched.the sound of.Are you okay Zi Yuan asked in a low voice worriedly.The sound obviously angered the murderer, and the murderer raised the knife again cbd gummies what is to threaten him.The second master Zhao s voice stopped abruptly, and he looked at the blade in horror.Seeing that Mr.Zhao Er was silent, the murderer put his hand down.Master Zhao Er s tears were streaming down his face, his expression was distorted by the pain, and he was paralyzed there.If he could speak, he would definitely beg for mercy.As long as he was let go, he would not say anything to the Yamen.As the sky was getting brighter, the murderer finally couldn t bear his temper and grabbed Mr.Zhao Er to look outside, but at this moment he heard the sound of someone walking.As soon as the murderer s face changed, he immediately put the blade on Master Zhao Er s neck.With what is cbd gummies hemp bombs his posture, no matter who came, even if it was a crossbowman who shot him with a crossbow arrow, he would still have time to kill Master Zhao Er.Many of the officials in Taiyuan Mansion are the Crown Prince.The crown prince is very clear about the affairs of the Taiyuan Mansion.Now that the case has just come to light, the crown prince has come here and ordered the guards to kill the second master Zhao.Isn t it clear hemp bomb cbd gummies that these cases are related to the East Palace How about the crown prince Would you do such a foolish thing Who would dare to slander me like this, the crown prince frowned, with a calm expression, I recommended officials for the Great Zhou Dynasty, and now I came to Taiyuan Mansion to find out the case.Even if the words are brought up in front of the emperor, no one will believe them.People s words are scary, and it is always right to be careful, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly, not knowing who he was laughing at, Isn t there someone who said that the official and the prince The Lord best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies with delta 8 is the enemy of life and death, and he will kill each other if he has the opportunity.What kind of drama are the third master and that Miss Gu playing again Should he give more money Or should I pretend I have no money The third master didn t give any hints, which made him a little embarrassed.What can you do next Wei Yuanchen put down the paperwork in his hands.Now that the money has been calculated, he also wants to see if it is worth the money.Nie Chen said Let s investigate the Shanxi mutiny twelve years ago.Wang Da mentioned it.Besides, we will find out who the woman who was in contact with Wang Daochang is., but none of the ordinary people did well.It seems that Miss Gu wants to use these cases to make the ordinary people into a climate.From the beginning of Mr.Zhang s case to the present, she has planned little by little, slowly laying the groundwork, and now she has worked out such careful eyesight, which is really painstaking.Baotong nodded.Gu Mingzhu lay down again.If she remembered correctly, the white jade flower hairpin was on Zhao Gongren s head.What was going on Wei Yuanchen went all the way back to his residence.Entering the inner room, a lyre was placed on the table, and Wei Yuanchen immediately remembered the appearance of Chu Jiu s poking head, no need to ask, it must be arranged by Chu Jiu s order.It seems that there are fewer sticks in the Twenty Army.Pretend to be smart.Wei Yuanchen glanced coldly over the piano, turned around, walked to the table and sat down.What is the mystery of the music Can the prince care so much Could it be some incomplete Guqin score Wei Yuanchen is no stranger to these six arts since he was a child wyld cbd gummies 2022 best cbd gummies in elementary school, but he has no time to think about those things when he is working abroad these years.Lin and Mrs.Lin looked bewildered, and Cui Wei s expression changed drastically.Cui Zhen, who usually looked calm, couldn t help being moved at this moment, he looked at Zhao Gongren with dark eyes How does my aunt know what I did in cbd gummies with delta 8 Shanyin Zhao Gongren swallowed Yessomeone told me.Cui Zhen calmed down in an instant Who is it Zhao Gongren hesitated and did not speak again.Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen What happened in Shanyin What are you talking about Cui Wei hurriedly said It s all small things, it s my son who does it, it has nothing to do with my elder brother.As he spoke, Cui Wei looked at Zhao Gongren Auntie has something to tell me later, brother doesn t know.Zhao Gongren also came to his senses at this time, she really shouldn t mention this secret in front of many people, it s only because Cui Zhen kept pressing her that she would Dimensions are messed up.At that time, my mother was smiling and doing needlework.What a happy scene, the husband and wife are harmonious, the father is kind and the son is filial.When the father was buried, the mother wore the same jade hairpin on the father s head.You can 2022 best cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies t believe the woman s words, those so called deep love between husband and wife are all fake, and he has seen through it since then.Afterwards, he also became a relative, and he had beautiful wives and concubines by his side, but just by looking at them, he knew where cbd gummies with delta 8 their smiles came from and what they wanted to get from him.Cui Zhen heard footsteps at the door, he raised his head and saw Wei Yuanchen.Master Wei.Cui Zhen walked over.Wei Yuanchen saw that Cui Zhen, who had always been calm on weekdays, looked a little out of order, his eyes were red, and he was trying his best to restrain his emotions.Old Ding Ninghou stretched out his hand and pushed the door open.What was revealed in front of Mrs.Lin was not the gloomy Palace of the King of Hades, but even more terrifying than the Palace of the King of Hades.There were six or seven people standing behind the door.These people were old and young, and their eyes were all on her.A lamp was lit, and the faces of those people were clearly illuminated.They were the elders of the Cui clan.Mrs.Lin stood there for a moment.This was not a dream, nor a ghost.All heard She intentionally put drugs on to stop the old master, and to cover up for her younger brother Those mistakes were all known.Mrs.Lin turned her head in a daze to look at the person holding her arm.The person let go of her hand, threw the spear in his hand on the ground, and took off the black gold helmet on his head.Knowing that everyone was going back to Beijing, Mrs.Wednesday took cbd gummies with delta 8 Zhou Ruzhang to set off together, obviously wanting to get closer to the Cui family, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly with a sneer, Zhou Ruzhang was always ready to come forward.Before Zhou Ruzhang could make a move, Wei Yuanchen gave an order Let s leave soon after Xie, there is still a distance from the post 2022 best cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies station, so you can be safe when you arrive earlier.Wan took the guards around him and galloped forward.Seeing this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying Master Wei is really vigorous and resolute in his actions.Not only did cbd gummies with delta 8 he act resolutely, but he also didn t show any sympathy.Let s go, Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen and said, Master Wei is also reasonable, cbd kangaroo gummies we will be safe when we arrive earlier.Cui Zhen waited for the Cui family and Gu s family members to get into the car, and then led the guards to lead the way.In order to facilitate the investigation of this case, the Wei family helped him to work in the guard station near Beijing, and he was awarded a school lieutenant by the court last year.When Wei Yuanchen came to Taiyuan Mansion to investigate the case, Zhou Zesheng got the news.Hearing that Zhou s family members were also involved, he took leave of absence from the court and cbd gummies with delta 8 came to Shanxi.Before he arrived in Taiyuan, he received a letter from Wei Yuanchen , Let him and the generals of the Wei family search for private soldiers around.Zhou Zesheng took out a map from his bosom To the northeast is Zhenwuwei.Zhenwuwei has a lot of troops.They won t do anything there.Yuanping doesn t have many troops.Go southwest and go straight to Yulin.Wei, we also found a large number of horseshoe marks in the mountains near Yuanping.Princess Huairou nodded Then we will go to Xin Kouzhai, everyone gathers together, and the soldiers and horses in our hands can also help.It best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies with delta 8 s not too late, Cheng Yi said, Let s hurry on our way now It was getting dark.The guards and people on the village castle looked around nervously, not daring to relax at all.I don t know who will wholesale cbd gummy bears come tonight, but they are well prepared.Hey, tell me, does this look like our cottage Lu Guang poked Liu Su beside him with his elbow.Liu Su nodded honestly.I think it s very similar.Lu Guang breathed a long sigh of relief, Relying on the stronghold to defend against the enemy, we have some experience.After this incident, it will be considered a great achievement You said that when the time comes, can I talk to Nie Chen Do you want to be ordinary people Liu Su didn t speak.Afterwards, the third master started to work for the Wei family and became even more powerful, sheltering the Wei family cbd gummies for kids reddit from the wind and rain, as if nothing could knock him down.No matter what happened, the third master never said a word difficult.However, after coming to Taiyuan Mansion this time, the third master finally got better, and Chu Jiu also seemed to see hope, maybe by God s blessing, Miss Gu could drag the third master out of the quagmire.Thinking of this, the corners of Chu Jiu s eyes couldn t help getting a little wet.Wei Yuanchen s lips were pursed into a line, his face was icy cold, an hour passed, the spear in his hand was still stern, and the spear in his hand was powerful, standing like a mountain in the army, and the soldiers he brought were even more desperate.This vicious battle lasted for three hours.He has been stationed in Datong for many years, and he will definitely be able to defend the old camp.This is his promise.Cui Zhenwhy do you still work for the Great Zhou court Do you know who this crown prince has been wanting for many years It s your dead wife Zhou Rujun.Lin Sizhen s voice came from afar.Cui Zhen If I were you, we would rebel against the court together.Chapter 180 Because the Zhou family is in the forest ahead.Cui Zhen heard the voice ordering the people around him Surround the forest.The deputy general responded and immediately led the best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies with delta 8 troops to go.Cui Zhen also wants to fight quickly, and the northern border is uneasy.If we delay here for a long time, sun state hemp cbd gummy bears 500mg I am afraid that there will be troubles at the border passes.No matter whether Lin Temple can really take the prince to Aoerdusi, Aoerdusi these two The young soldiers are strong and the horses are strong, and there are people in Yulin Guard who are cooperating with each other, so they will definitely attack Dazhou.Judging from the pulse, it has long cbd gummies with delta 8 been exhausted, and I can only support myself with one breath.After speaking, the old imperial doctor Chai took a sip of tea Master Wei was very ill at the time.Great, although the old man reminded the Wei family to be prepared, but after all, there is still a glimmer of hope.Miss Gu is different, in my opinion, there is no hope at all, but suddenly one day, Miss Gu got better, and the Gu family invited me I went to check the pulse, and the pulse was really different from before, like a different person.He is still surprised until now.Wei Yuanchen said Does the old imperial doctor know what the reason is Old imperial doctor Chai seemed to be asked the last thing he didn t want to say, he sighed and said The Gu family actually said that they found their mother in law and shouted for their souls.Clean pot and cold stove, how do you live these days Liu Su turned her head and saw a few guards standing in the yard, and the third master was busy in the house.These people have hands and feet and don t know how to work.Could it be that they are all waiting for him to do it Liu Su walked out of the room, and Gu Mingzhu stood in the dark, looking at Master Wei quietly, Master Wei picked up the letter that was placed beside him, opened it up and examined it carefully, and didn t know what he saw, the originally stretched eyebrows and eyes slowly wrinkled.The lights on the table flickered.Wei Yuanchen said again Cut the lantern flowers.Is this to cbd gummies with delta 8 let her go Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand to tidy up the fence and gauze on her head, so she could take the opportunity of cutting the lantern flowers to look at the letter HCMUSSH cbd gummies with delta 8 on the table.Zhang Madam heard it clearly outside the door, but she just lowered her head and dared not make any further rebuttals.Mrs.Lin Tai said Look at her, she stands there aggrieved, and she is pitying others.She has been married to Cui s family for so many years and has no children, but she can still hold her daughter in her hand.This is Hou.There is no one in the mansion, so she will be allowed to manipulate it at will, and the Hou mansion will be defeated by her sooner or later.Cui Wei interrupted Madam Lin and said, Mother, don t say thatit s not easy for sister in law.Madam wyld cbd gummies 2022 best cbd gummies Zhang stood Weeping outside the door.Cui Wei kept persuading Mrs.Lin, and it took a long time for there to be no movement in the room, and Cui Wei came out of the room.Sister in law, go back, Cui Wei said, Mother is asleep.In the eyes of the Cheng family, are there still monarchs and ministers I am too weak on weekdays to let you come to the princess mansion to make trouble.Ialthough I have lost my mother early, but there is still my father who can make decisions for me.I will enter tomorrow The palace apologizes to the emperor, I can t support this princess mansion, I can either take back the princess mansion, or reward the Cheng family as a Cheng mansion , old lady and master, what do you think Master Cheng s brows showed A bit frightened, Princess Huairou had HCMUSSH cbd gummies with delta 8 never lost her temper like this since she married into the Cheng family, and if she really got into trouble, the Cheng family couldn t get the slightest favor.Did you hear that Princess Huairou said, Send the old lady and the grand master out of the mansion.A tall woman carried the thin Bai Gongren into the house and placed him on the soft bed.Bai Gong hurriedly asked, Is it my sister s business Yuan Zhixing said, You don t feel comfortable, what are you doing out there I wished to offer incense, but I accidentally fell down the steps and broke my right knee.I found many doctors to see that the injury has not been good.At the beginning, I was able to walk with the support of my mother in law.After that, my right leg shrank even more.It is short and small, and can only be carried back and forth by servants.Bai Gongren said softly The whole family is in chaos these days, how can I ignore it Before Cheng Yiren arrived in Beijing, he went to the memorial to take my sister in law s order.It s all Cheng Yi s aggressiveness.Bai Gong didn t go out, but she knew all the inside information, and now that something happened outside, she immediately came to relieve the master s worries.The arrangement was good, how could they all be arrested all of a sudden.The clerk of the yamen stepped forward and said Madam, please move into the yamen.I will be ordered to come and ask your lady.The words sound polite, but their attitude is very tough.Yuan s fingertips were cold Let s go back to the house.She is Mrs.Yuan.After returning to Cheng s house, she hid in the inner house, and she didn t believe that someone could cbd gummies with delta 8 come and arrest someone.Ma am, said the clerk, Ma am, do you really want to do this Yuan Shi squeezed cbd gummies with delta 8 her veil tightly Who gave you the courage to interrogate foreign wives at will If you really want to get me, you have to show evidence.She believed Brother will definitely save her, as long as she returns home, everything will be fine.After Yuan finished speaking, the Cheng family carriage moved forward.Princess Huairou said There is news from the palace.The empress said that this matter is easy to settle.As long as you send the documents from the Cheng family and Li, it will be clear.Zhao was a little surprised.Gu Mingzhu, who was sitting on the side, also raised her head.The empress helped Mrs.Zhao.Given the current situation of the empress, how difficult it is cbd gummies with delta 8 to say such a sentence.The Wei family is behind the scenes of Zhen and others in Chalin Temple, and the people behind the scenes are most likely several other princes.Now that the people behind the scenes have repeatedly suffered setbacks in front of the Wei family, they will definitely find ways to fight back.Empress Wei is in the palace.Every word and deed was monitored by others, and whoever said it would attract the emperor s suppression, and the people behind the scenes might take advantage of this to deal with the empress.The mother in charge sighed, it will be a long night, and they will have to spend another night with Mr.Gong.Chapter 227 The Doctor Goes Online Gu Mingzhu changed into her clothes and came out 2022 best cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies of cbd gummies with delta 8 Gu s house.Liu Su immediately greeted her.The little apprentice Liu Su walked quickly to Gu Mingzhu.The two walked out of the alley together.Nie Chen ate the banquet, but did not drink.Seeing that Miss Gu still had a lot of things to report tonight, he waited on the street not far from Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion.The two figures were getting closer and closer, Nie Chen opened his eyes wide, and it was Miss Gu and Liu Su who came over.I had already thought of it before, and the doctor s wife was probably related to Miss Gu, but I still couldn t help but be surprised when I saw it with my own eyes.Moreover, Liu Su s legs are no longer lame, her movements are quick, and her feet are windy.He came in.She couldn t let the master see her like this.Palace man, here comes the Tamba wild rice, you can use some Tamba wild rice first.The servant walked in quickly.The sun dried wild rice bag was lighted with fire, and the mother in charge took a deep breath, and then blew it into Bai Gong s mouth through a jade tube.Bai Gongren took a deep breath, and the smoke of the light wild rice spread in her cbd gummies with delta 8 body, as if it made her forget the pain for a while, Bai Gongren stretched out her hand, signaling the mother in charge to continue, if it wasn t for her brother to get these things , she may have died long ago.It took a long time for Bai Gongren s restless mood to calm down, and the steward immediately ordered the doctor to come cbd gummies with delta 8 to see the doctor.Several doctors were invited into Bai Gongren s residence together.Walking through the hanging flower gate, chirping birds can be heard from the green bamboo forest next to it.Some of the birds voices are clear and some are tactful, just like the singing of warblers and swallows, which sounds very lively.That s where my second uncle raises birds.Madam Yuan said to Madam Lin with a smile.These birds are not so noisy on weekdays.Today, for some reason, they are vying to be the first to raise their voices.I m afraid others won t notice., is it possible that the second uncle is also at home That s really strange, Mrs.Yuan thought to herself, people who hadn t seen her all day, unexpectedly stayed at home today.There is a ginkgo tree in the middle of the courtyard of the main room of the inner house.The tree is hundreds of years old.Now it is autumn, and the leaves are slowly turning golden, which is really beautiful in the sun.Seeing Miss Gu s curiosity about the ginkgo tree, Mrs.Zhang said with a smile This cbd gummies with delta 8 tree was planted by the elders of the Wei family.It was accidentally struck by thunder, and the ancestors were reluctant to remove it.The next spring New shoots sprouted again, kana cbd gummies and although it couldn t grow back to its previous appearance, after careful pruning, it looks quite different now.Gu Mingzhu nodded, no wonder she felt that this ginkgo tree looked a little different, the Wei family kept it This tree may have other meanings.When a big tree grows, it is easy to attract thunder, but as long as there is a glimmer of life, it can flourish again.After walking through the corridor, it is the back house where the female relatives live.There were quite a few servants standing in the yard, and the door of the wyld cbd gummies 2022 best cbd gummies main room in the back house was opened, and a figure sitting on the main seat could be seen in the main room.However, seeing may not In fact, for such a smart person as Mr.Wei, who knows what he is secretly planning in his heart Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but continued to speculate on the case.Will you make eight spring locks when you make Pisces locks Bai Guanzheng has passed away, has he passed on these skills to his children The Yuan family is anxious to kill Zhao and Peng Liang, and they don t want them to continue to investigate the old general Zhao This case is beneficial to Lin Sizhen s master behind the scenes.The Bai family may organize a mechanism, and the crown prince used an eight spring lock to harm Mr.Wei, but it may be Mr.Na Shen who arranged these.Mr.Shen and Lin Si are really in the same party, so inference Well, the Yuan family or Bai Gong s people are probably related to the person behind the scenes, but how are they linked together I always feel that after clarifying this, many people will be involved at once like the war horse case.Gu Mingzhu stood up and said, Bao Tong, let s go out and have a look.She was very worried about her father, although Master Wei Er s temper didn t seem that strong, he was more like a ripe persimmon hanging on a branch, his father didn t care much 2022 best cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies about it.It may be a disadvantage, but everything in this world has a just in case.Gu Chongyi walked into the mansion quickly, and the steward immediately came up to meet him.Seeing how long do cbd gummies last before they expire the situation of Lord Hou, the steward was startled.Why did Hou Ye look so disheveled, as if he had been rolled in the ground several times, and the corners of his robe were all shattered It s torn, cbd gummies plano tx and it looks pretty messed up.The steward hurriedly said Master Hou, what s the matter with you It s okay, Gu Chongyi looked into the main room in the inner courtyard, green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies with delta 8 and then at himself, Is it sloppy The steward nodded Master Hou , You didn t suffer, did you How could he suffer, he beat Mr.She is truly a housekeeper s wife who can help both inside and outside.What this means is that my mother has helped a lot in Taiyuan Mansion, what exactly is Mrs.Zhang doing here Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes to meet Zhang s, whether she had other intentions to please her mother.Mrs.Zhang saw that carefree young girl, she didn t seem to think about it at all, her eyes were as pure as a bronze mirror, which could only reflect the shadows of others.Mrs.Zhang smiled at Gu Mingzhu first, and the girl then raised her lips slightly, returning a brighter smile.Several people were sitting, when the green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies with delta 8 steward came in from the outside and reported, Ma am, something happened to the Cheng family.Chapter 247 The people in the Hanging Flower Hall were startled when they heard this, the Cheng family s case of framing Peng Liang was not yet closed , what happened again The mother in charge said Princess Huairou sent the news that Mrs.His deep eyes suddenly changed, and cbd gummies with delta 8 he stared blankly at the person in front of him.When she was in the prison, she also broke the millet cake into his mouth piece by piece, but Now the millet cake has become a snack, and she has also become Miss Gu.Gu Mingzhu looked at Master Wei who was gagged by the dim sum, and smiled flatteringly.The soft and glutinous taste melted in Wei Yuanchen s mouth, and Miss Gu s smile was all in front of her eyes.She had a sincere face, as if she acted purely for his sake, and part of that smile was true and part false.Gu Mingzhu blinked, for some reason, Master Wei looked a little aggrieved at this time, Gu Mingzhu lost her thoughts, remembering that when she was in her grandfather s village a few years ago, her illness had just recovered, and her mother forbade her to eat too much What a sweet, she and Baotong stole a plate of almond cakes and sat on the ridge to eat them.He best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies with delta 8 will take the imperial examination next year, so let him go The old cbd gummies with delta 8 lady Gu complained I don t go out when there are guests at home I also ask for peace on weekdays.I just went back to the house, and I don t know how to say a few more words.As a result, just as Gu Chongwen s two ladies got up, a voice came from the door Miss is here.Gu Mingzhu trotted and cbd gummies cause constipation appeared in front of everyone, holding her skirt.The old lady Gu couldn t help but startled when she saw the smiling figure, was it cbd gummies with delta 8 really Zhuzhu Why is it so different from her impression, the eyebrows are still the same, but the feeling is completely different, the beads in the past were like pinched faces, untouchable at all, now it looks darker, and the little face is extraordinarily red healthy.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to salute Mrs.After Gu Mingwan finished speaking, she was about to step forward and pull Gu Mingzhu over, but Gu Mingzhu seemed to be frightened by her words, suddenly pursed her mouth, and tears rolled in her eyes.Bao Tong immediately stood in front of Gu Mingzhu Miss, don t be afraid, this servant is here, and this servant is protecting you.The master and servant were in front of the people, one was trembling, the other was about to burn the boat, green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies with delta 8 looking pitiful, as if wronged The only people are them.Gu Mingwan gritted her teeth even if she was like this, she couldn t back down, Zhuzhu splashed the incense ash first, she stepped forward as the eldest sister to teach Zhuzhu that there cbd gummies with delta 8 was nothing wrong with it, it was true that she had a dementia disease, and she offended the third prince and concubine, the Marquis of Huaiyuan couldn t bear it.Hearing this, Bai Gongren suddenly became nervous What s wrong with Houshan Zhenren Sun was about to When I opened my mouth to comfort Bai Gongren, I heard a commotion Master, there are people from the government office on the mountain.Mo Yangming looked at Sun Zhenren Before you are taken down by the people from the government office for interrogation, why don t you talk about it What kind of medicine did this good man of the Yuan family use Chapter 289 The immortal asked that Sun Zhenren was about to take someone to see the back mountain, but was stopped by Mo Yangming.There are other brothers and sisters who are busy in the temple, so don t worry about it, Mo Yangming said with a calm expression, I think everyone in the quiet room wants to see my brother s medical skills.Healed, just now I carefully inspected the wound of the good man, and found that the blood of the good man has been cut off from the kneecap, probably without any consciousness, I really don t know where the pain of the good man came from, and how did the master perform his mastery Hearing Mo Zhenren s words, Bai Gong also looked at Sun Zhenren fixedly, and wanted to say something, but Sun Zhenren saw it and HCMUSSH cbd gummies with delta 8 swallowed the words involuntarily.The two halls in the front were cleaned by her juniors, and the things in the back halls were very important and she had to do it herself.Xuan Wei entered the hall panting, and was about to make a move on the clay sculpture in the hall, when the clay sculpture of Shouxian Niang in front of her suddenly moved.Immediately afterwards, a crisp voice scolded Bold, who are you, how can you be so rude.Chapter 290 Is it delicious There were countless pairs of eyes staring at her.Just now when she was taking things from other temples, she felt something strange.The enshrined statue moved in the blink of an eye.At first she thought it was cbd gummies with delta 8 because of her panic that she had an cbd gummies with delta 8 illusion, but now the Shouxian Empress in front of her is speaking with absolute certainty.Xuan Wei stepped back.Suddenly there was a voice in the hall, the voice was male and female, and it seemed that two people were talking together If you practice meditation with one thought, the six sense organs will be entangled, and the three karma will not be noticed, and the ten evils will accumulate.He is really an old fox.fox.After gradually approaching, Gu pure organics cbd gummies Chongyi recognized Cui Wei who was standing in the front.Why did Cui Wei also come He also got the news before him.Gu Chongyi got off his horse, Cui Wei also saw Gu Chongyi, and hurried over to salute Uncle, you are here.Gu Chongyi said You also know that something happened to Shangqingguan Cui Wei nodded It s also a coincidence, green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies with delta 8 I happened to be with you The brother of Wucheng Bingmasi was eating wine.That brother was the younger brother of a lieutenant general under my brother s command.The lieutenant general was killed this time.I also went to comfort him.I heard that something went wrong here, and I thought that the Gu family and the Cui family had female relatives in the audience, so I went to see the situation.Cui Wei made the ins and outs very clear.The queen mother smiled again, showing a loving mother s heart, for fear that her daughter might go wrong when she enters the palace, and if something goes wrong, I hope she can remember the old love.Although she rewarded many things, some of them are remembered very clearly.This string of red sandalwood is something she used.It was about seven or eight years ago when she met the female family members of the Marquis of Huaiyuan in the Palace of Compassion and Ning, and found that Lin s brows were full of sadness., Knowing that there is a sick daughter in Lin s family, she understands that feeling, so she called Lin to her front, and gave Lin the bracelet blessed by Master Pu Luo, hoping to give Lin some comfort, but unexpectedly After many years, she saw this child coming wearing a bracelet.However, if it is said that the third concubine is the master behind Sun Zhenren, Gu Mingzhu feels that it needs to be verified.He has fought with the person behind the scenes several times, and Gu Mingzhu also knows this person in his heart.The city of the third concubine is not deep enough, and If the Third Prince s Mansion holds Taiqingguan and Sun Zhenren in the palm of their hands, why should the Third Prince concubine show her favor to Mo Zhenren The third concubine recommended Sun Zhenzhen in front of the empress dowager like this, and if something happened, he would be burned, unless the third prince had something to hide from the third concubine and deliberately let the third concubine look like this to confuse others.Mo Zhenren obviously also thought of this, she said softly The third concubine is going to Taiqing Temple, and wants to give a gift to the Taoist.Looking at the two nets in her hand, Empress Wei was very satisfied.Empress Wei sent one of them to Gu Mingzhu We made two together, and this one is for you.Gu Mingzhu happily put it away, and Mo Yangming reminded him that Gu Mingzhu remembered it thank you.Okay, Empress Wei was very happy, I will come with the real person again in the future, and I will do needlework with me next time.to urge.Gu Mingzhu bowed to Empress Wei again Your Majesty, please take care of yourself.Next time, the servants will accompany you to untie these these knots, no matter what kind of difficulty they are can be untied or weaved.Gu Mingzhu said and waved the net in her hand.As if thinking of something, he took out another object from his purse and handed it to Empress Wei Empress Empress, this is an object I often play with, and I also give it to Empress.She needs to check Zou Xiang s identity.The same is true cbd gummies with delta 8 for Zou Linshi.Why did Cui Zhen be mentioned just now Zou Linshi has brought Zou Xiang in Beijing for so long, and has not shown up, because he is afraid of causing trouble to the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu always feels that Zou Linshi kana bears cbd gummies is not telling the truth.Gu Mingzhu put the light boat in her hand in the water, and a small stone flew out from nowhere, and fell into the water with a plop , causing ripples in circles.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look, and the stone seemed to be thrown in from outside the wall.Really accurate, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help sighing, the person outside the wall must be Lord Wei, Chu Jiu didn t have such a means, Gu Mingzhu was about to exchange information, when she saw Yang s mother walking over.Miss, the Marquis of Dingning sent some things to the mansion.I have seen so many children, and their eyes are considered vicious.You can t go wrong.Besides, Tan Shangshu s reputation is there.With such a big god protecting him, who what side effects do cbd gummies have would pay attention to it Can you mess around Baotong handed over a plate, and Gu Mingzhu immediately sat on the chair, hugging the plate plus cbd oil gummies benefits while eating and listening.Mrs.Lin took a sip of tea Tan Shangshu has a good reputation, but what we hear is that he is an upright official, but we don t know what s going on at home.I seldom go out to banquets these years, and I have no contact with the Tan family members I know, Mrs.Gu said, there is only one wife in Tan Shangshu s family, not even a maid.My brother is the county magistrate.Tan Shangshu will marry Mrs.Dong because during the battle in northern Xinjiang, Mrs.Dong s elder brother gave up his life to save Tan Shangshu.Let someone boil a pot of warm water first, Mo Zhenzhen said, turning around to prescribe the medicine, First we must find a way to relieve the fever.Nu Guanzi took the prescription from Mo Yangming s hand, and Mo Yangming continued to check on the child.illness.The man said He fell down, and I didn t take it to heart, so I took him to the pharmacy and applied the medicine, but the wound would become so serious.This morning, he was so hot that he vomited after eating something.It came out Mo Yangming carefully inspected the child s injury, the ankle was swollen high, the skin was bruised, and thick water dripped down from the injury.Carry it to the house, Mo Yangming ordered, boil some hot water and bring it.I m going to clean the child s wound.The steward of the Anji Institute immediately brought someone to carry the child.I have followed my elder brother since I was a child, and I have followed my elder brother to kill enemies in the battlefield these years.Does my elder brother have the slightest brotherly affection for me It is the same for my mother, and it is the same for me.In the eyes of my elder brother There are only official careers and meritorious deeds, and there is no us at all Big brother cbd gummies with delta 8 is too cruel.After speaking, Cui Wei stood up and stepped into the rain first.Cui Zhen stood where he was, and when the steward came to him, he reached out to take the umbrella, as if nothing had happened, and walked out of the inner courtyard of the Gu family with green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies with delta 8 his entourage.The raindrops fell on the umbrella, making a cbd gummies with delta 8 cbd pain gummies series of noises.Cui Wei had left long ago.There was only the brown horse galloping with him on the battlefield at the door, waiting for him quietly in the rain.What Just as Jiao Zhong asked, he felt that Bao er beside him suddenly held him tightly, and then, as if he was half frightened, he curled up in his arms.Chapter 332 Jiao Zhong patted Bao er on the back, soothing Bao er s emotions.A thunderstorm exploded in the sky, and the wind and rain intensified, even Jiao Zhong felt wyld cbd gummies 2022 best cbd gummies the slightest chill.Jiao Zhong looked at Gu Mingzhu and Baotong Who is the eldest lady talking about Just now the eldest lady went to see Aunt Zhen, could it be that she was talking about Aunt Zhen Baotong said Aunt Zhen, Aunt Zhen is dead.Bao er opened her lips and said in a weak voice Dead, dead.It seemed to be repeating Baotong s words, and also seemed to be muttering to herself.Jiao Zhong sighed for a long time Is it too late to go If I hadn t heard from Bao er just now, I wouldn t have known that Aunt Zhen was sick.When the queen refused to keep him by her side, she couldn t help feeling a little resentful in her heart I figured it do cbd gummies show in urine out a long time ago.Even if the Wei family is willing to assist me now, they will definitely control me in the future.It is best for Queen Wei to have no children.My younger brothers and I are all concubines, so everyone is the same.However, the appearance of Empress Wei when she gave birth to the third princess really scared him.At that time, they were still underage and they were still in the palace.There was a mess outside and I ran out to have a look.I happened to meet Empress Wei near Baojin Pavilion.Empress Wei had a painful face, which was very different from usual.My child, you have to be good.If you can t do it now, just bear with it.Where Queen Wei walked, blood dripped on it, so scary.At the moment when the blade cut into the flesh and blood, blood spewed out and splashed on Tan Zigeng s face and body.In the blood mist, the man stared at Tan Zigeng with a pair of eyes, and then fell straight most effective cbd gummies for stress and anxiety down.Before Tan Zigeng came back to his senses, the person behind him roared and jumped up and hugged Tan Zigeng s waist tightly.Tan Zigeng was caught suddenly, and fell to the ground together with the man, and the two rolled cbd gummies with delta 8 cbd pain gummies together immediately.After struggling for a while, Tan Zigeng finally got a chance to wyld cbd gummies 2022 best cbd gummies kick the man away.Fortunately, the man did not catch up again.Tan Zigeng just took a breath when a gust of wind blew and a chill came from his chest.There was a large bloodstain.The blood was not his, Tan Zigeng raised his head and looked at the person kicked away by him on the ground in surprise.Hearing this, Wei Yuanchen finally opened his mouth and said So Tan Sanye believed Aunt Zhen s words, not only did he not report to the officials, but also did not restrain Aunt Zhen, so Tan Sanye was not afraid that Aunt Zhen would run away Tan Zigeng pursed his lips Of course I won t believe it easily, but Aunt Zhen said that the rice grains I bought and sold with the Gu family were tampered with.If I sent her to the Yamen, she would bite me back, saying that I passed her Buying and selling imported goods with the Lu family, when the time comes, everyone will get all the stolen goods.I m afraid best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies with delta 8 it will not be easy for me to get away.Even my uncle didn t know about the rice trade between me and the Gu family, how did Aunt Zhen know about it It can be seen that those people have other means to deal with the Tan family.Mrs.Dong was a little surprised Brother Geng left the city Haven t you come back yet The steward said No.Mrs.Dong murmured Brother Geng didn t say what to do Brother Geng was alone in the capital, with neither uncle nor sister in law around.This child would usually let us know when he did things.What s wrong this time Mrs.Dong As she spoke, she looked at Tan Dingfang, and saw Tan Dingfang s solemn expression, as if something important had happened, Mrs.Dong was startled, but she didn t think about it at all, so she could only call out Master, don t scare me, this Tan Ding calmed down slightly It s getting late, and I ll send someone to find Brother Geng tomorrow.I hope nothing happens.Mrs.Dong knew that the master had something hidden in her heart and didn t say anything, but she didn t want to ask more questions.Although Mu Qiu moved fast enough, the rope still pulled the porcelain vase on the shelf, and the porcelain vase lost its balance and was about to fall down.Seeing this, the child s expression became ferocious again because of joy.Almost at the same time, Mu Qiu was about to go forward to pick up the porcelain vase, but a figure rushed over from behind and pushed him away.The person who is faster than him is the third master.Since the third master arranged this way, he must have thought of a solution, and the tacit understanding of cooperation for many years made Mu Qiu fly to save the other people in the house without any hesitation.The brocade is in the south room.Child only heard a woman s voice.In the flint and lightning, he didn t have time to understand the meaning of the words.Immediately afterwards, he felt his body was suddenly lifted, and his whole body greeted him.That dropped firearm.The firearm is housed in a porcelain bottle, and as long as there is a vibration, the falling stone on it will fall to drive the engine, allowing the flint hidden in it to ignite quickly, and then detonate the firearm.Child is not afraid of death, but suddenly the porcelain vase containing the firearm crashed into his arms, which still made him startled.He seemed to feel the stone falling from the porcelain vase, and then cbd gummies with delta 8 his body was thrown together with the porcelain vase.out.He was thrown to the South House.Child finally understood the meaning of that sentence.Firearms cannot be exploded in the main house, because it will detonate other firearms in the main house, while the south room is brocade.Even if the brocade is ignited, it will still endanger the firearms in the yard, but At least with enough time, the person they want to kill will definitely be able to escape.Wang Jing said.Do you want someone to search their homes carefully to find them out thoroughly.Cui Zhen nodded Don t make too much movement, so as not to overwhelm the snake.After enduring until now, we must not let our efforts fall by the wayside.Wang Jing responded.Cui Zhen looked at the secret letter in his hand When did he start And who is he working for Wang Jing thought for a moment and said Second Master exposed Prince Huai s mansion, so it can be seen that he is not the person of King Huai.Did you take refuge with the imperial concubine Cui Zhen shook his head Cui Wei acted separately from the imperial soldiers and horses on the way back to Beijing, so that Lin Si really caught his mother.Given Cui Wei s familiarity with Shanxi, he brought so many guards by his side.Said he would not make such a mistake.Cui Zhen picked up the tea and moistened his throat before continuing To be honest with Uncle, I will do this not only for Datong, but also because of the Zhou family..Gu Chongyi ordered the steward to bring some food and wine and leave Cui Zhen to talk in the study.Because it is time to welcome the new year, the family has made a lot of pastries and side dishes in preparation for guests visiting the house at any time.Gu Mingzhu watched the cook bring food to the study, it seems that her father will stay with Cui Zhen for a long time.At such a time, why is Marquis Ding Ning in the Gu family Naturally, he wanted to mention Cui Wei s matter to his cbd gummies with delta 8 cbd pain gummies father.Cui Zhen had been a border guard for a long time, but he was still willing to consider the people after all.If Cui Zhen and Cui Wei were on the same side, they might have to go through a lot of trouble.Zhang s murderous hand, so I placed her in the countryside and asked the doctor to go to see and treat Qing girl, butit was too late, Qing girl The body was too weak, and he went there before giving birth to the child.Zou Lin said and looked at Zou Xiang After Qing girl left, I asked someone to raise Xiang brother, and according to Qing girl s intention, I didn t tell anyone who Xiang brother s father was.Yazi twirled around in cbd gummies with delta 8 his hand, and formally took Brother Xiang to me.Thinking of Qing girl s experience, Zou Lin raised her head again Master Hou also wants to know how Qing girl escaped death Let s start with Mrs.Zhang s vicious schemes.If Qing girl hadn t experienced it personally, it would be really hard to imagine that your wife Zhang is so powerful.Cui Zhen shrank his eyes, but Zhang s gentle cbd gummies with delta 8 appearance appeared in his mind.Let s go talk in the main house, Mrs.Lin said to Mrs.Zhang and Mrs.Shen.It s too big and not warm enough.It s better to sit on the roof.Mrs.Zhang said, Don t 2022 best cbd gummies you wait for Zhuzhu Mrs.Lin sighed Said Zhuzhu is taking care of the clan sister.I can feel at ease with the current situation of the clan sister.Several people left the flower hall, and the mother in charge told Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu cbd gummy candies wyld ordered Take good care of mother, and keep an eye on the people around Mrs.Zhang.After the mother in charge left, Gu Mingzhu took Baotong to the front yard.Father was talking with Cui Zhen and Ge Zhenning in the study.Ge Zhenning also brought a box of things.She guessed that there were maps of wyld cbd gummies 2022 best cbd gummies the sea and territory green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies with delta 8 in it, as well as warships and sea ships of Dazhou and surrounding countries.Persuaded his father and played to the court to prevent the court from rushing to open the sea.But the body was firmly suppressed by the mother in law.It s me, Mrs.Zhang said, It s me, Lord Hou, I admit it, it s Mother Jiang who I gave the poison to kill your son, you kill me, take my life and the child s life It s for your concubine and concubine, I just ask you not to implicate others.Zhang s mother finally pushed away her mother in law who was suppressing her, and shouted I did it, they killed the child in the wife s belly, I can t make them feel better.After the incident, I told my wife that she put the blame on Miss Yao Qing in order to keep me.Is that so Cui Zhen looked at Mrs.Zhang, So when the bastard died You didn t know anything before Mrs.Zhang shook her head with ashen face No, I know, it s all me, I did it.Zhang s mother fixedly looked at Cui Zhen Master Hou, what are you doing If you want to force Madam to death, Madam didn t do it, Madam will recognize it now, don t you understand Madam Zhang went to Madam Zhang after she finished speaking, Madam, tell me, what kind of poison was used on the concubine Who bought it Mrs.It was really careless, Mrs.Zhang frowned slightly, But It s a time like this again.Grandpa Zhang said Yan Niang has inevitably been inconsiderate in recent years, she is alone in Beijing, and it is difficult for her, fortunately, it is Zhang s mother who did it, and she will cbd gummies with delta 8 not go to the Yamen.Take her to the prison, but Cui Zhen may lose his heart, and Cui Zhen s way will not work.Cui Zhen is really a tough guy, said old master Zhang, his uncle, his mother, he has nothing to do with him in Shanyin, if he knew it, he wouldn t have agreed to let Yanniang marry into Cui s family.Grand master Zhang said Then It s Yanniang s own choice, if you don t follow her wishes, she won t be able to live, and if she wants to use her own methods to get revenge, that s all she can do.Mrs.Zhang stopped talking.The empress dowager stood up and walked around in the inner hall There is a layer of belly and a layer of mountains.Although Ai s family helped the emperor ascend the throne, the emperor still guarded our Guo family.The naval division is too involved.After the emperor ascended the throne, he ordered the sea ban.One of the reasons is to take back military power from the Guo family.The Ai family understands the emperor s thoughts.The Ai family is also tired after fighting.In order to change the emperor s peace of mind, the Ai family Let the Guo family move to Hangzhou to live in.Now the coastal guards have been left alone for a long time, and it is time to reopen the Shibo Department and tidy up the coastal guards, so that the emperor can naturally deploy his own people.These calculations of the emperor are sad Everyone can see clearly that the emperor s art has always been like this, if it is made clear, it may not be a bad thing, one emperor and one courtier have been like this since ancient times, but if they are used by others, the consequences will be disastrous.Walking into the inner room, I saw Mrs.Li holding a swaddling baby, talking to her mother with a smile on her face.Chapter 422 Getting close to Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to salute Mrs.Li.The atmosphere in the room was inexplicably warm, and the haze that was weighing on Gu Mingzhu s heart was blown away at once.Mrs.Li looked at Mrs.Li Come and see Zhuzhu, from now on Zhuzhu will have a younger brother.Mrs.Lin watched her daughter walk carefully to Mrs.Li, a smile appeared on her tired face , Such a scene made her heart warm, and her cbd gummies hawaii review eyes were blurred for a while.How can it be so small Gu Mingzhu couldn t help muttering.The younger brother s cheeks were not as big as hers when he was a baby, his eyebrows and eyes looked like his father s, his nose and mouth were small, Gu Mingzhu wanted to hug him but didn t dare.Although there is no problem now, Madam is injured after all.Vitality, you need to take good care of your body.Gu Chongyi nodded.Mo Yangming continued Madam, it is best not to conceive again within two years, lest the body will be empty, and rebirth will be more dangerous.Gu Chongyi looked at Mo Yangming gratefully I really bothered, buthow should I take care of it better The prescription left by the imperial hospital is enough, Mo Yangming said and thought for a while, I will come here a few more times these days, and I will help my wife check her pulse.After finishing talking about his wife, Mo Yangming had no intention of leaving.She drank a few sips of tea, and then said slowly There is one more thing, the Taoist walks around with Zhuzhu, and sometimes some private matters are involved.The Shen family wronged Yan Can, and when they saw Yan Shen die unjustly, we should have thought that today would happen.However, we still continue, It s not for the Shen family, but for this case.I think it wasn t for the Shen family when Lord Yan Can went to Beijiang with injuries, because the Shen family is not worth it.The Shen family is not worth it, not as good as Yan Can s.The faith that you hold in your heart.The old man s lips trembled and cbd gummies with delta 8 he still didn t speak.Gu Mingzhu continued This case is complicated, and it is not easy to find out the truth.It would be of great help to us if we could know what clues Yan Shen found back then.We guess that after Yan Shen was plotted against, he must go to northern Xinjiang again.We will make some preparations, Yan Shen is no longer a member of the public, without the help of the yamen, he can only find help from ordinary people, so we asked people to ask around for information.Yongping Mansion is a matter, and then it is the turn of the Metropolitan Procuratorate.After Shen Tonghuai was arrested, he concurrently served as the censor of the capital of the Metropolitan Procuratorate.Not only did he start to oppose Kaihai, but he also criticized the officials he elected to go to Kaido.The emperor was already dissatisfied with the Metropolitan Procuratorate, but now he was cbd gummies with delta 8 disturbed by He Shou, and he also began to summon the officials of the Chief Secretary to reconsider the matter of opening the sea.Tan Dingfang closed the official document in his hand.In fact, he didn t need anyone to check him to know who was behind the arrangement.It was Wei Yuanchen, and Wei Sanye had the demeanor of Wei Congcheng at a young age.It s just that Wei Yuanchen targeted the wrong person.And that person is almost certainly Cui Wei.Cui Zhen said This is not the only thing about Mrs.Zhang that made me suspicious.I thought about it carefully.Before I returned to Beijing, Ms.Zhang had been in contact with Princess Huai.I suspect that Mrs.Huai s mansion HCMUSSH cbd gummies with delta 8 helped me speak in the court, which aroused the emperor s suspicion.It s because of Mrs.Zhang.Gu Chongyi nodded When Zhuzhu went to Shangqing Temple that day, he met Mrs.Zhang and Concubine Huai.Cui Zhen has been checking the case files of these days for the past two days, and found several strange places Mr.Zhang asked Zhenren Sun from Shangqing Temple to see my mother.Sun Zhenren also gave my mother a fairy medicine.My mother felt that her condition had improved a lot.If Sun Zhenren hadn t been arrested so early, my mother would be sick now.Wei Yuanchen hasn t had time to report this matter to the emperor, Zhang Congju said, otherwise the imperial court would have sent someone to the door.Grandpa Zhang looked at Qiu Hai, thanks to Qiu Hai s timely detection, otherwise they would not have discovered Wei Yuanchen Intention of et al.Now that they knew everything in advance, they couldn t wait to die.The coastal guards were very important to them.They had been planning for more than ten years, and they couldn t just fall by the wayside.Zhang Congju looked at Qiu Hai I can t wait any longer, let people inform Mr.Tan and your father, let them do it Qiu Hai nodded, and there was another wave of ups and downs.He just pressed General Zhao and the Lu family.The case was now taken to the shipyard again.At this time, he had to use manpower to solve the immediate troubles.The emperor raised his head, with cold sweat on his forehead.He stared at Huang Chang and said in a deep voice, Is what they said true Could King Liang be alive Was Wei Yuanchen lying to him on purpose, HCMUSSH cbd gummies with delta 8 or did it really happen Huang Chang didn t dare to say.The cbd gummies and drug interactions emperor struggled to get up Let Huairou son in law go to Yongping Mansion immediately, and send him a thousand light cavalry from the Beijing camp, so that he must guard Yongping Mansion.Huang Chang responded.The emperor looked at the memorials on the imperial case, one of which was presented by Tan Dingfang, the emperor squinted cbd gummies with delta 8 cbd pain gummies his eyes, his Minister of War could never be from King Liang.Otherwise, his Jiangshan Sheji would be just a joke.Your Majesty, Huang Chang hastily entered the door and reported, The soldiers and horses of the five cities have had an accident.Concubine Jiang s hands trembled slightly, she looked into the inner hall, she was going to find the answer carefully, to see clearly.In the nave.The emperor hugged the weak Concubine De, the dragon robe was stained with the filth that Concubine De had vomited, he stretched out his hand and gently patted Concubine De s back, Concubine De had her eyes closed and had no strength to speak.The imperial doctor nervously took the pulse of Concubine De, he could tell that if Concubine De had a mistake, all the people who came to the imperial hospital to check her pulse would die.The emperor stared at the imperial physician with gloomy eyes Is the just cbd gummies for sleep imperial concubine poisoned What kind of poison is it The imperial physician couldn t tell The situation of the empress of the imperial concubine should be similar similar to Pueraria mirifica, also known as mountain arsenic, or it may be something else.Huairou s son in law Cheng Yu led the troops to defend the checkpoint, and at the same time had to deal with all the rebels in the guard., thanks to Wei Yuanchen arriving in time, otherwise Cheng cbd gummies with delta 8 Yu would have died in battle.Originally, according to the emperor s arrangement, Wei Yuanchen was asked to contain the rebels.He sent General Dong to lead troops to detour and raid Daning.He caught Liang Wang by surprise and won the battle as quickly as possible, which boosted the morale of the Zhou generals.As a result, General Dong was ambushed by the King of Liang before he arrived in Daning.Five thousand elites were killed and wounded, and the rest were captured together with General Dong.Wait cbd gummies heartburn for someone to rescue him.The man was rescued, but the strategy he had planned in advance was useless.If the elder brother could go there by then, she would tell the truth.Feng Anping listened nervously After two days, will Mr.Zhou go Zhou Zejing nodded Brother went, but he couldn t see the lady again.The lady said that the inn caught fire and killed several royal blend cbd gummies 750 people.One of them green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies with delta 8 was a female family member, and there was a burned lyre in her room.Gu Mingzhu probably knew the result when he heard this.Since his father mentioned the lyre, he can roughly confirm that the female family member who was burned to death was the female gentleman.Zhou Zejing said Eldest brother has been unable to let go of this matter since he returned to the cbd gummies with delta 8 cbd pain gummies capital.My sister in law said that my elder brother wanted to inquire about the Cao family, but she didn t know how to start.At this time, the emperor went to accompany the capital, and the Imperial Academy arranged for my elder brother to accompany me.This pot of Wei Zi was originally her favorite, but she didn t expect it to be infested by insects.Although she took care of it herself, it took a day It s not as good as one day, since it s hopeless, you don t have to worry about it anymore.Empress Wei just walked into the hall and watched the palace servants bring out the flowers.The female official closed the palace door, and the queen mother raised her head and looked over What curts concentrates cbd gummies review Is there something difficult Empress Wei nodded, I m afraid I need your help.The queen mother did not say much, but took out a few letters from the female official Guo Guo Everyone trusted by the family is here, and some of them are in the Beijing camp, why don t you take these letters and order them to do things as soon as possible.Empress Wei bowed to the Queen Mother The emperor dispatched the soldiers and horses of the Beijing camp to King Su.Master, Gu Mingzhu watched as Master Mo was fascinated, Have you thought of a Taoist name for your junior sister Mo Yangming woke up like a dream, and she was almost persuaded cbd gummies with delta 8 by Zhuzhu.The next moment, Zhen Mo told his beloved disciple righteously The does cbd gummies cause constipation Taoist should meditate, and don t talk to the Taoist anymore.So as not to disturb her Taoism.Gu Mingzhu rested her chin, and when Master Wei came back, she would have a new identity.When Master Wei saw her wearing a Taoist robe, he didn t know what she would look like.Chapter 514 Marriage Gu Mingzhu first sent Mo Zhenren back to Taiqing Temple, and then returned to Huaiyuanhou s Mansion by car.Baotong reminded Gu Mingzhu in a low voice Miss, on the ninth day of the cbd gummies with delta 8 cbd pain gummies ninth day, it was said that Mrs.Li from the Wei family is in our Hou residence.She also sent people to the guard to keep an eye on it.As long as there were patrol boats going down to sea, she would receive news.This night was very peaceful, and it seemed that the Great Zhou court did not notice anything unusual.Ma am.Ziying entered the door with the hidden guards beside Prince Liang.Seeing the hidden guard, Tang immediately said, Is the lord here The dark guard shook his head and said, Not yet, but the lord told his wife to get on Li s big boat first, and he will be there later.Hearing this, Tang felt a little more at ease, but she insisted I ll wait until the prince goes with me.It will slow down the speed.The dark guard s words stopped short.Tang understood what it meant.After all, she still had a few female relatives with her, and she was burdened when she was in danger.Yes.The imperial physician withdrew respectfully.Empress Wei looked at Old King Qing Uncle, you have seen it all, the most important thing right now 2022 best cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies is to take good care of the emperor, stabilize the political situation, and when the root of King Liang s curse is completely pulled out, the frontiers will also be stable, and perhaps many things will be resolved.It will be solved easily.Lao Qing Wang said There must be someone to inherit the country of the Great Zhou.Empress Wei was not in a hurry The emperor still has a few princes under him, and they will grow up by then, and they can take on the responsibility.Heavy responsibility.Empress Wei finished speaking and looked at Old King Qing Maybe the old uncle has other plans Do you want the Ninth Prince who will now establish Concubine Jiang You know, it s hard for the Ninth Prince to convince the public.Gu Mingzhu went up to pass the scarf Zou Xiang, your father is back and is in the cbd gummies for pain management guest room.I heard that he was injured a lot.Would you like to go and 2022 best cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies have a look After my grandfather came to the capital, he often called Zou Xiang over to talk., did not directly mention Cui Zhen, but explained to Zou Xiang what he had experienced in the Lin clan in the past six months, and let Zou Xiang know that although Cui Zhen had done something wrong, he was not confused in major matters, and he was worthy of being at the helm of the Dingninghou Mansion.man of.Zou Xiang s face sank I won t go.Even though Cui Zhen won the battle and saved many people, his mother still died, which can never be forgiven.After Zou Xiang drank the water, she followed her mother in charge to change clothes.In the blink of an eye, only Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu were left in the yard.What day is it today Jiang asked the palace man.March 22.The palace man responded in a low voice.Mrs.Jiang stretched out her hand and wanted to do the math Is it true that Mrs.Wei s son will get married tomorrow Wei Yuanchen was born of Mrs.Wei, and the news had already spread throughout the palace.After hearing this, Mrs.Jiang knew that everything was over.Mrs.Wei had her own son, and the emperor had his eldest son.Who would fight for the throne for her child Damn the old King Qing, he actually helped the Wei family take the child out of the palace, no wonder the Wei family was willing to confine the Kunning Palace these years, because the Wei family had planned a long time ago, showing weakness is to protect Wei Yuanchen.She was completely kept in the dark, allowing Wei Shi to play around.That s right, you can pretend you didn t hear about it.All the cbd gummies with delta 8 clan members in the room could hear the cold sweat all over cbd gummies 14221 their bodies.Can they pretend they didn t hear Can it be regarded as disbelief What about the result Who will bear it If it is not done well, disaster may be imminent.Why is the emperor still in the prime of life This matter needs to be settled before the death of the old King cbd gummies with delta 8 Qing.Even if the sky falls, the old King Qing has to 2022 best cbd gummies dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies support it.Don t want to lose the blame.Chapter 557 During the ugly wedding, Wei Yuanchen put on his auspicious clothes and went to the main room.Mrs.Li had been waiting in the main room early, and when she saw Wei Yuanchen walking in from the outside, a smile immediately appeared on her face.Seeing his mother s smile from ear to ear, Wei Congzhi sighed in his heart, after all, Brother Chen is the heart of his mother, but Brother Chen is worse than him, he is the tip of his mother s heart, just this little difference, Brother Chen Even riding a horse can t catch up.Half a year after entering the palace, I moved to Kunning Palace, Empress Wei said to Gu Mingzhu., and planted the wisteria with his own cbd gummies with delta 8 hands.Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu listened quietly to Empress Wei s words.The empress was handling government affairs in the palace all day long, and rarely chatted with others.Today, she talked a lot when she was happy.They only needed to listen carefully.Empress Wei went on to say In the beginning, I felt bored in this palace, but later, with Brother Chen, I was more concerned about it, and life was not difficult.Brother, I feel that there is nothing to regret.In fact, God has treated her kindly.The saddest thing for her is her brother s death.Empress Wei looked at Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu with gentle eyes Be filial to Mrs.Tai for me when you are outside, and take care of the Wei family children, especially your eldest aunt.

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