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But after waiting for a long time, no one appeared, and I was so frightened that my whole body went numb.I stood still and didn t dare to move.My pale face was bloodless.I don t know how long such a posture has been maintained in place.As soon as the footsteps stopped, I quickly ran forward and closed the door, then returned to my room, and wrapped myself in the quilt.As soon as I was out of breath, the phone rang suddenly, breaking the tranquility around me.I took a deep breath, picked up the phone, and found that the caller turned out to be my uncle.You must know that I have stayed in this city for so many years.Although I have to live in his house recently, the number of phone calls with my brother in law before can be counted on the fingers, but my brother in law has never called me once.

Mian s bleak complexion, just about to pick up the phone, but I remembered the policeman who showed me the death certificate of the landlord s old lady I still remember that the policeman looked at me with a meaningful look before leaving, and left a sentence, if there is anything, remember to contact them.Now this resurrected landlord old lady asked me to meet, is it a big deal Because I had already alarmed the snake once before, I didn t dare to make it too public this time.I just set up a quick call on the police s phone and went to see the landlord s old lady.When I arrived at the previous rented house, I remembered that I had never met the landlord s old lady in broad daylight, either when the sun was setting in the evening, or it was raining and cloudy But at this moment, I was standing at the door of the rented house, not taking a single step.

You know, the few times I saw him before, I could feel it from far away.There was a strong police aura about him.It wasn t until the watermelon juice I ordered was brought in front of me, and I finished it, that Qin Zheng opened his mouth to answer me, he was cbd gummies louisville ky are cbd gummies good for inflammation really holding his breath What s in that bag of yours It looks so bulky When he said this, gold harvest cbd gummies 500x reviews he raised his eyebrows slightly, which made me feel guilty.Could it be that he knows what s in me He squeezed the hand on his lap hard, which was a way to cheer himself up.He closed his eyes, smiled at him, and changed the subject.Appoint me so late, what s the matter Can t I ask you out In one sentence, I choked to death.How can there be such a difference between wearing a police uniform and taking it off Seeing that I didn t speak, he smiled again, and stretched his hand behind his back.

As if he heard my footsteps going downstairs, he looked up at me, and then completely ignored me.Guess, I said yesterday that Chu Lianqiao s son was mad at him I lived at Junli s house for several days, and I felt uncomfortable all over.Before living in Qingjingzi, I was imprisoned and free, and I couldn t get out.But in Junli, he is not imprisoned and free, so he dare not go out What if I was caught by that mysterious uncle when I went out Or, if Gu Yicheng and Chen Yanjin caught him, wouldn t he die in an ugly way The more I live, the more I think of the sentence my grandma said to me, don t go back to her, the more I want to go back to her.Grandma must be hiding something from me, otherwise it would be impossible to prevent me from going back to her.A thought came up, instead of being led by the nose like this, it is better to let yourself discover some clues first, and give yourself a vaccination.

I looked at the usually proud and immortal old man, but now he became so embarrassed, and felt very guilty.Although he has been helping my uncle imprison me, he stepped forward at such a critical moment.I will remember this love I .

what is the difference between cbd oil and gummies?

offered to come with me earlier, how could there be so many things In a word, he left his relationship clean, took out a handkerchief from his pocket, and wiped his hands clean.It s not the first time I ve seen him do this.It s the first time I ve seen such a clean freak.After wiping his hands, Gu Yicheng raised his slender and powerful hand to hook me.Come here.I bite the bullet and walk towards Gu Yicheng step by step.There was a strong yin qi around me, so cold it almost made me suffocate.And I just walked in front of Gu Yicheng, but he touched my hair with a smile like a flower, and kissed my forehead lightly.

Angry I ignored him.he said again.Then let me ask you, how is the matter of you being framed going Did you ask at this time can you take tylenol pm with cbd gummies I pushed Junli away, just about to turn around and roll my eyes at him, but I felt a heat on my lips, and the next second, I froze in place.When I turned my head, Jun Li happened to face me, and accidentally bumped into it.A few seconds later, when I realized that when I wanted to push Junli away, he held him in his arms.I was so frightened that I wanted to scream, but the moment I opened my mouth, I gave him a chance to go deeper.From a light taste to a deep kiss, each other feels each other s breath, and this breath gradually begins to rush.I was so kissed by Jun Li that I almost lost my consciousness.It wasn t until I was let go by him that I realized that I was taken advantage of by him.

Uncle didn t talk to me in a hurry, but concentrated on reading the newspaper in his hand, but with sharp eyes, I suddenly found a white jade pendant on the table This white jade pendant is cbd anxiety gummies what do cbd gummies make u feel like almost exactly the same as the one left by the mysterious man who raped me that night Chapter 35 Late Night Visit I nervously touched the piece in my pocket, and found that I was still slightly relieved.If I remember correctly, Gu Yicheng also has this white jade pendant on his body.Could it be that the one on my uncle s desk belongs to Gu Yicheng After holding back for a long time, my uncle kept flipping through the newspapers, ignoring me cbd gummies louisville ky at all, and I almost lost my temper and asked cbd gummies louisville ky directly.It wasn t until my uncle finished reading the newspaper in his hand that he raised his head and looked at me.Don t you want to come back to live I shook my head, didn t speak, but kept staring at the white jade pendant.

It was Junli I just raised my head, and saw a trace of forbearance flashing in Junli s eyes.Just for a moment, he seemed to notice it.My gaze will soon be hidden away, and the pair of yo he pupils are like a bottomless ice pool, completely calm.Obviously there is no emotion in it, but I just took a look, and I was almost sucked into the darkness under his eyes.I was so scared that I took a tight breath, and immediately moved where can i buy royal cbd gummies near me my eyes away, and then wanted to look at the man who looked exactly like Junli just now.Suddenly, he disappeared And the red oil lamps around have faded away, only the circle of red candles is left to remind me that what happened just now is not illusory.The surroundings suddenly became quiet, and there was no more sound.It was so quiet that one could even hear the sound of burning candles.

The silence was terrifying.But Junli suddenly let go of my hand, which caught me off guard for a moment, and when I was about to say something, Junli had already walked into the center of the circle of red candles.The light of the candle swaggered over his body, which made me feel like a dream but not a dream.I saw Junli stretch out his hand gently to me.Xiao Xiao, come in.I took Junli s outstretched hand, walked into the circle of red candles, couldn t bear it anymore, and asked Junli.The people in this circle just now were hallucinations or ghosts, why did they disappear out of thin air Jun Li didn t look at me, but fixed his eyes on the burning candle in front of him, and said two words.Illusion.I looked into Junli s eyes, and found that the candle was burning red in his eyes.Taking a deep breath, I was just about to ask Junli cbd gummies louisville ky why there are hallucinations here, and why the man in the costume in the circle looks exactly like him, but Junli grabbed my hand and looked at me eyes.

There was no sound other than the bump.But my already manic heart suddenly calmed down.The only one who can save me now is myself.Ordinary people would not engage in such a big fight if they want to kill me.The only person who wants to marry me is Gu Yicheng except Junli.If Gu Yicheng is really playing tricks behind the scenes, then there is still hope for my life.After all, he also knows that I am innocent and has been plotted by my family, so HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky the grievances between him and the Xiao family have not been involved with me for the time being.Is this a stroke of luck The corner of my mouth hooked slightly, and my brain gradually regained its sanity and began to analyze.This is Junli s tomb.It is impossible for Gu Yicheng not to know something that grandma and uncle know, so it is not impossible for him to set up an ambush here in advance.

I closed my eyes and tightly held the white jade pendant hidden in my hand.At this moment, only this white jade pendant can give me a sense of security.The next second, Gu Yicheng loosened his hand on my lower cbd gummies yummy cbd abdomen, took my hand, walked does cbd gummies cause hair loss back to the center of the auditorium, picked up the fireworks that fell on the ground and handed them to my hand.Said to me with a doting.Stop making trouble, be good.I was disgusted to death by HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky Gu Yicheng s words, but I was really scared and dared not do anything, my whole body kept trembling, I wanted to escape, but I didn t have the courage anymore.If I don t escape, I may still be alive.If I escape, I can guarantee that I will die a miserable death.The surrounding air has long been frozen into ice by the strength radiating from Gu Yicheng s body.He is obviously smiling, but it makes me feel that he is furious from the bottom of his heart.

No.After hearing this, my uncle sneered, and asked me to bring the kit with me when I went to Fuyan s tomb.If there is a way to make the kit open automatically, it would be best for him to open it in Fuyan s tomb.Listening to my uncle s tone, I really can t guess whether he knows that the landlord s old lady gave birth to me.I always feel that if I continue talking with my uncle, I will be fooled by him and find a reason., and hung up the phone with my uncle, cbd gummies louisville ky before hanging up, I asked my uncle.If I go to Fuyan s Tomb, how can I go alone My uncle told me not to worry, go to Suxiu, he will help me arrange everything.After hearing this, I kept sneering in my heart.In this game of chess, I was really counted to death.But there is a voice in my heart telling me.Forbearance, forbearance, enter the tomb of Fuyan, everything will come to light.

After hanging up with my uncle, I called Su Xiu, and when she heard the word worse face , her tone instantly became a little higher.When I saw this, my complexion paso cbd gummies instantly eased a lot.Su embroidery seems to know the face of cbd gummies louisville ky disaster Chapter 51 Let s go Su Xiu told me that she and her master followed her uncle to an ancient tomb, and saw the inscription of Huo Yan on the inscription of that ancient tomb.Yan, after returning, specially collected a lot of information about Huo Yan.After she collected it, she found that Fuyan was like a fan.She couldn t find any information about her no matter what historical documents she checked.In the end, it was her uncle who told her not to waste her efforts.Hearing this, I was very surprised.Didn t the cbd gummies louisville ky tomb of Fuyan come into being only recently Could it be that my uncle brought Su Xiu and Qing Jingzi into Fuyan s tomb a long time ago Involuntarily, I asked Su Xiu, where is the tomb that he entered with my uncle that time, and who is the owner of the tomb Su what do cbd gummies make u feel like Xiu replied to me that she didn t know who was buried in the tomb, but that tomb was in Xiangxi.

The moment the door was opened, what came to us was not the thick yin energy as imagined, but the strong anger that could not be contained, permeating the cbd anxiety gummies what do cbd gummies make u feel like air continuously, making people feel refreshed when they smell it.Behind the Jingmen, a very spacious hall appeared.In the center of the hall was a Sima Road inlaid with white jade.Around Sima Road were rows of stone figures and beasts, symbolizing the status of the tomb owner during his lifetime.After taking the first step, the three of us stopped at the same time as if we had discussed it, and no one stepped forward.Su Xiu pointed at Sima Dao in front of her with a dumbfounded voice.Master and I have visited so many tombs, but we have never seen such a large tomb.At the end, he added.The bigger the tomb, the more dangerous the things inside, but I m becoming more and more curious about the true identity of Huo Yan.

With just one glance, it seems that I have fallen into the Nine Nether Hell, unable to break free, unable to escape.I can clearly feel that the person in my body can t help but tremble.My uncle frowned slightly, as if he was cbd gummies louisville ky a little frightened by Jun Li s words, but he still didn t stop, pulled me back and continued walking towards the altar.The roar suddenly sounded, and my uncle and I stopped again, but Junli s voice came from behind.In the vast capital of Fengdu, there are many mountains of diamonds, and the immeasurable light of spiritual treasures illuminates the caves and flames.Hell, purging ghosts, gods of heaven, ghosts and gods of all lands I have seen such an ancient dharma week in evil books, it is called the curse of breaking hell, this spell should have been lost in the long river of history, I did not expect He even read how much cbd is one gummie it out.

When I finished crying and read the contents of this letter again, I saw the last sentence and almost tore this letter up Chapter 65 The last paragraph of the letter of being targeted by her was written, which actually told me that although this pill can hide some breath in my body, it can also change my appearance and cover up my fate, but they are very likely.There will be other ways, find my position, let me be careful, don t expose Also, if I really want to have my own strength, to fight against everything, don t think that I don t have the ability Before protecting yourself, contact any one, the friend you met before, including Junli here.Well, I added a sentence at the end, if she gave me so much shelter I would still be caught and found.Then don t call him her apprentice, she finds it embarrassing.

A while ago, the villagers in the nameless village above the tomb of Huoyan all died overnight.After she heard it, she groaned, saying that she had heard the news, but she asked me with her eyes wide open in the next second.How do you know that place is called Fuyan s Tomb My face turned pale for a moment, and I laughed hehe twice, and hurriedly interrupted to ask, besides the Fuyan s Tomb, which other tomb would dare to hollow out the eight hills After staying here for a while, I heard a little bit about it, and it was so spectacular that I remembered it in my mind.As soon as the words fell, she nodded and was fooled by me, and asked me a question before leaving.Then have you ever heard which door is the safest to enter I subconsciously said, fx cbd gummies cbd gummies louisville ky Jingmen Xiaoji is also neutral.After saying these words, my back suddenly felt cold, and only then did I realize that I seemed to how many cbd gummies can i eat at once have spoken too much.

Rich conditions.But now, besides cheating me, cheating me, before apprenticeship, after apprenticeship completely changed the style of painting After saying this, she laughed at me twice and hung up the phone without even saying goodbye I almost smashed my phone, but when I thought that I didn t have any extra money on me, I couldn t bear it.Although I don t know what Tang Maru s status is in Xuanzhen HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky Sect, and whether he is strong enough to make bleeding women, but no matter whether he is strong or not, I dare not live in this room for a second.But I just opened the bedside table and saw about 3,000 yuan inside, so I shrank back immediately.When I rented this house, I gave him three months rent and one month s money.The days are still so long, and I don t have much money left in my pocket.

Forgot to tell me that it cbd gummies louisville ky will be very painful for a while, even more painful than before, so I have a mental preparation in advance.Before I could react, she had poured the bowl of blood directly into my mouth.The moment I drank it, I only felt a cold breath from my mouth all over my body and reached every vein.This kind of pain is completely different from tell me about cbd gummies the scorching pain just now that made me die.As this cold breath continued to wash through my veins, I was so stimulated that I lay on the ground and twitched continuously, without any intuition in my whole body.I don t know how long the convulsions lasted.When I stood up from the ground, I felt that half of my face was going to be crooked, but there was a black line on my wrist.This black line represents the contract between me and the blood girl.

I suddenly wanted to avoid it, but the thought was hard Life is suffocated in the bottom of my heart.At this time, if I hide, I will really be suspected.Little girl, your hands are a little cold.Grandma s voice sounded again, and I was so scared that I didn t dare to lift my head.My breathing became a little tight in an instant, and I kept controlling my trembling body.Grind all his teeth.From the bottom of my heart, I kept praying that Master would give me the disguise pill, which changed my fate and my palmistry.I hope she cheated me so many times, and don t cheat me on this matter Grandma held my hand At the same time, she kept using the other hand to repeatedly touch the lines on my hand, stimulating my sensitive and fragile nerves, until she let go of my hand, and the doubts in 500 mg of cbd gummy her eyes disappeared a lot.

I scolded Yunjing fiercely from the bottom of my heart, but I smiled awkwardly on my face.I always felt that something had been knocked through by someone inadvertently Only then did I look around After a few glances, we found that the three of us had fallen into an underground corridor.The cbd gummies louisville ky surrounding walls were filled with ever burning lamps, illuminating the entire corridor, and a beautiful three story ancient building appeared in front of us.The building is like an exquisite palace located under the ground, with glazed tile roofs exposed on the palace, just like a golden island, with two golden dragons coiled on the cornices, with golden scales and armor, vivid, as if about to fly into the sky.This palace was clearly built underground, but it still shone with dazzling light, making people unable to take their eyes away after just cbd gummies louisville ky one glance.

But within a few breaths, many corpses emerged from the coffin one after another.If it is said that Junli threw Yunjing into the coffin array to find the way.It would be better to say that he used Yunjing as a guinea pig to step on all the organs first.There are only a lot more corpses here than on the first floor, and it seems that the level is much higher than that on the first floor.Yun Jing s strength is not weak, but the strange thing is that in this formation, no matter how he tried to kill these corpses, there was no effect at all, and even the smashed corpses could be put back together.If there weren t too many corpses blocking the way between him and Junli, he might have rushed to hug Junli s thigh for help.Junli, I m dying He had just finished speaking.His complexion turned extremely white in an instant, and it could be seen from a long distance that he had been exhausted to the point where he had only exhausted his energy and had no energy to breathe in.

The moment he was about to ask me what I saw in the hallucination, there was a sudden sound of bang Sound.In the next second, Jun Li was blown out of the tulle by someone Before I could recover, I suddenly found out that Junli, who was knocked down from the tulle, looked a little strange.It wasn t until I suddenly discovered that the Junli who was shot down to the ground was a man with black hair and a shawl, wearing an ancient costume, with silver red eyes crossed and flashing with strange lights, then I realized that he might not be the Junli I knew.Footsteps sounded next to my ears, I followed the sound of footsteps with my gaze, only to see that Junli s aura had already been released, and an arrogance of king s dominance arose, enveloping his whole body.As if, he was born to be a king.The light of the night enveloped Junli, adding a bit of dazzling light to his thin shell.

You really don t want to know I didn t want to say it just now, but the moment I said it, it turned into a look of fear and adoration and said a word, thinking.When Tang Maru saw my appearance, the complacency on his face instantly rose, but he didn t know that his complacency was like a monkey show in my eyes.I am the envoy of the outer courtyard of Youlan Palace, Zhang Chunxia, if you dare to wear the teaching robe like this, I am the only one who can save your life now.If you kneel down and beg me, I might be in a good mood, and I can t help you.Report this to the leader, and spare your dog s life.When he said this, his nostrils almost turned up to the sky, and he looked like a dog looking down on people, which was so disgusting.As soon as he finished speaking, the attendants of the Xuannv Palace behind him were directly angry.

Is Tang Maru here too I nodded and asked her.Want revenge She nodded and said yes, but HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky not now.Because she was able to sense the exact location of Tang Maru If she guessed correctly, Tang Maru s current position can almost be regarded as the most central position in the entire Xuanzhen Sect.But after she finished speaking, she returned directly to Xuepo, and the next second, her voice sounded in her mind.She told me that although she didn t know why she could sense Tang Maru s location, she could sense Tang Maru, and Tang Maru could definitely sense her.It is very possible that Tang Maru did something to her body during the few days she hadn t come out.After I heard this, I was immediately outraged.It was exactly as I expected.If I don t look for Tang Maru, he will come to me sooner or later For a while, I scolded the eighteen generations of Tang Maru s family in my heart.

This black robed man obviously came prepared, he was very familiar with all the roads of Youlan Palace, while dealing with the snake woman.While dragging the snake spirit girl into the dark.Coincidentally, there happened to be an alarm at the place where the black robed man retreated, and the hulking burly man rushed forward to where to get cbd gummies for pain press it, but just when everyone thought the black robed man was about to die, an alarm appeared beside him.A few figures directly knocked down the burly man, and cut his throat the moment he was knocked down Seeing this situation, the snake spirit woman kept saying huh huh from her frightened mouth, but this It was already a dark place here, and the burly man was dead, and the remaining men in black robes were all newcomers who hadn t been cataloged yet, and they were so frightened that they collapsed to the ground.

After all, whatever Zhang Chunxia did was hers.Her face was ugly.It s passable no matter what, and it s a bit on the table.Using his own identity, he cautiously wandered outside like a thief, but nothing happened, and the moment he returned to Junli s house, he was completely relieved.Junli was sitting on the sofa, seeing me like this, he suddenly laughed, I was immediately annoyed by his smile, and asked him.What are you laughing at Although he said nothing, the obvious mockery on his face still stimulated my senses.My petulant temper suddenly came together, and I was about to argue with Junli, but he 100 cbd oil gummies looked at me seriously and asked me.How long do you want to play with your own identity I shook my head and said that I didn t know, if I could kill Xiao Jue and solve Gu Yicheng, I wouldn t change it back.

After leaving the police station, I called Xiao Jue.I really never thought that I would take the initiative to contact Xiao Jue again The phone was connected quickly, but no one took the initiative to speak, until after a few breaths, I took the initiative to ask Xiao Jue.Xiao Jue, is Bi Se one of yours Just as he finished speaking, Xiao Jue said mockingly.Is that how you talk to my uncle When I heard this, I laughed in my heart.Uncle, do you deserve it I ignored him, but asked the question again, Xiao Jue sneered twice, asked me to wait, and then gave the phone to Bi Se.The moment Bi Se picked up the phone, I just felt a cold air go through the phone directly to my palm, it was so cold that I almost shook the phone in my hand.Have you figured it out Are you planning to cooperate with me As soon as she finished speaking, I didn t answer her directly.

Blood kept flowing into my mouth.Bi Se and Xiao Jue had already left the altar.They stood at the side of the altar and looked at me in a state of embarrassment.It was like watching a monkey show.twitch.Discuss Pakistan with macro.Xiao Jue was wearing a bright red groom s attire, while standing beside him, the scheming bitch who had been protected by him was wearing a wedding gown.I understood it instantly Are they planning to make fun of me Hehehehehehe.When did I, Xiao Xiao, get reduced to the green roads world cbd gummy bears review for anxiety point where people would be overjoyed But in my mind, the image of Junli s dagger cbd gummies louisville ky stabbing my chest kept revolving.His face was so ruthless, his eyes were so frosty, as if he and me were like two unrelated strangers.Come, come, tell me before you die, what did you see in the memory of your soul, can you be so afraid Looking at me twitching on the ground, the woman standing beside Xiao Jue who had been protected by him suddenly She opened her mouth, her lips were red and her teeth were white, and she smiled sweetly, very charming, but what was hidden under this face was a heart of snakes and scorpions.

I wanted to get up from the bathtub, but suddenly found that the water in the bathtub had already wet my body The exquisite figure was immediately exposed.I blushed and cbd oil gummies in midland tx just wanted to push Junli out of the toilet, but he unexpectedly He left without looking back In my heart, ten thousand muddy horses are galloping past.Is he a monk Come on brother.Although Zhang Chunxia s face is a little ugly, but this figure needs a buttocks, a chest and a chest, so it can t work, Jun Li turned around and left If I didn t know that Junli s sexual orientation is normal, I would really think of Junli and GAY together.After a night of fighting, I entered the ghost village again, went down to the tomb, and stayed in the coffin of the dead for a long time.My body was really dirty, but I just washed myself, and the moment I walked out of the bathtub, I suddenly found that , There wasn t even a bath towel in the toilet, just as I was about to call Junli to deliver the towel for me, Junli s voice rang from outside.

Then the calm and composed appearance just now returned cbd gummies louisville ky with some excitement.Xiao Jue said a word.Impossible Xiao Jue sighed, and said something to Yun Jing very seriously.Whether you cbd gummies louisville ky believe it or not, I really saw Huo Yan although it was just a remnant.Yun Jing didn t answer, his face suddenly turned pale, and he turned his eyes to the tea set on the table again.Xiao Jue saw it, and said a word Without saying anything, the steps of getting up and going downstairs were a little trembling, accompanied by a bit of coughing.It seems that the last time I evoked a disastrous face in my body, it frightened him a lot.After Xiao Jue left, Zhao Yijun saw that the situation was not right, so he hurriedly said goodbye to me, and even took out his mobile phone and shook it, motioning for me to call her back afterwards, I nodded to her, and she ran downstairs without hesitation.

Junli s jade pendant was taken back from Xiao Jue with great difficulty, so it stands to reason that he would not leave him.How could you just leave it in your room like this It is impossible for Junli to be so reckless, to throw away important things at will, unless Junli did it on purpose.But what I can t figure out is, does Junli have other intentions in doing this, or does he want me to take it away, but he can t say can you mail cbd gummies in the mail it clearly Otherwise, how could this jade pendant emit a white light just when I was about to leave the room Sighing, I put this jade pendant in my pocket after much deliberation, and then walked out of Junli s room.Three full days I ve been making up for the things in the evil books at home, cbd gummies louisville ky but apart from reading some entry level, relatively simple things that I can understand, most of the content in the evil books really seems to be reading without words.

The scene of blood flowing into rivers.The moment the painting was opened, although Yunjing didn t express much, he could still tell from his subtle fluctuations that the painting was real, and Yunjing really wanted it For a while, I didn t notice the scene on the stage.The woman presiding over the auction had already copied the eighteen styles of martial arts, cutting with a knife, splashing water, burning with fire, and even adding gasoline to prove this beauty.The picture is a real cbd gummies holyoke painting, invincible.Seeing this, I was inevitably a little surprised, and asked Yunjing in a low voice.Why is she so troublesome, wouldn t it be over just to summon some Yin soldiers with the beauty picture Yun Jing stopped what he was doing and raised his eyes, and answered me sarcastically.Do you think that everyone can use a beauty picture to summon Yin soldiers In one sentence, I was speechless in an instant.

And just after he finished speaking, he didn t know if Gu Yicheng choked him on purpose, so he directly increased it to 30 million, doubling it But at this moment, a voice came from another private room on the third floor, 31 million The person sitting in the private room, Yi Xue, told me that he is a particularly powerful person to intimidate the party.This time, in addition to watching the excitement, I also want to study the magic of this beauty picture.Xu Shi saw that the price was constantly stacking up like a diving board.The people sitting on the first floor basically held a wait and see attitude until the price of the beauty picture was added to hundreds of millions, and the second floor was basically closed.He shut his mouth, and all his eyes were fixed on the dozen or so private rooms on the third floor.

Yeah, Huanyan and I are nothing, you are Xu didn t expect that I would dare to speak hard when I was about to die, Bise laughed twice, stepped forward and pinched my face, the thin The long nails pierced directly into my flesh through my wound, and I couldn t help shivering due to the pain.Who are you talking about Bi Se s voice suddenly dropped a little.I imitated her appearance, laughed twice, and a cbd gummies louisville ky are cbd gummies good for inflammation trace of murderous intent suddenly burst out in my eyes.You.Angrily, Bi Se directly inserted the dagger into my heart.The moment it was inserted into my heart, I suddenly widened my eyes, but her wanton laughter came from beside my ears.Hahahahahahahaha.Another one died, another one who looked like a disaster.I only felt my consciousness becoming more and more lax, and I was thrown to the ground by Bi Se, feeling weak all over.

When the time comes, I will naturally be able to practice the content in the evil book once the time comes.When you are bored, don t forget to read that book more, practice Qimen Dunjia more, and then hang up on me directly I feel like I m going crazy Master didn t directly tell me why Junli killed me in his previous life, but asked me to find Junli and Xiao Jue to take the beauty picture and regain my memory cbd anxiety gummies what do cbd gummies make u feel like by myself But if it is really like what Master said, Junli approached me for a purpose, then what should I do With a sigh, I tossed and turned on the bed for a whole night, until the sun was about to rise, and I fell into a deep sleep.The whole New Year s Eve was very peaceful, so peaceful that there were no waves.It can be said that it has been the most peaceful period of time since I was involved in these things.

Chunxia disappeared this time.I didn t even say hello in advance, and it was your house before I disappeared.If I don t look for you, who should I look for Junli didn t reply, and the scene was a bit awkward.I was a little surprised, from the moment he HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky came in and talked about things with Junli, it made me feel that he and Yunjing came to Junli s house so peacefully for me, or in other words, for me Woe to face But the more they are like this, the more curious I am about what happened in the previous life, why Xiao Jue and Yun Jing justcbd cbd gummies for sleep are so nervous about Huo Yan, but cbd gummies louisville ky Jun Li seems to be very ordinary, with some rare fluctuations.Not big.Nong Jiecai.But the strange thing is that until Yunjing and Xiao Jue left, they were still chattering and not getting to the right point, which surprised me, but Junli s eyes were very deep, cbd gummies louisville ky and the smile on the corner of his mouth made me even more angry.

Looking at Junli like this, I sighed and stopped struggling.She actually just sat in his arms until dawn.At dawn, I asked Junli a question.Have you recovered your memory When I said this, my voice was a little trembling, but Junli said he wouldn t lie to me, and he really didn t lie to me at all.He hummed softly and said he had recovered, but it was gone.below.As soon as I heard Junli s answer, I immediately became nervous and asked Junli.I remember when you went to get the main body, didn t the ghost attached to your main body say that you can only choose one of strength and memory Choose one of the two, but memory and power are his things, if he wants to get it back, there is naturally a way.What about the main body I didn t know HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky which of my tendons was wrong, but I actually asked this, and just as I finished speaking, Junli shook his head and said that he couldn t get it back for the time being.

The impression left by this bi color in my heart is really not a little scary.Sighing, I asked Xiao Jue.How do you want to cooperate Xiao Jue sent me an address, asking me to talk to him in the past, and the location of the address is a bit remote.If I guessed correctly, it should be in the most suburban area of Kunming.in the mountains.Although Xiao Jue didn t say anything, I could still feel from the inside and outside the words that he asked me to talk to him, he must be alone, but now it s past ten o clock in the evening, and I really didn t have to go out so late by myself.question I wanted to go upstairs and talk to Junli, but when I thought about what Junli had asked me earlier, I resisted the urge.Before I got the picture of the beauties in Xiao Jue s hand and recovered my memory, I would not ask Junli for help.

What do you mean Zhang Chunxia, do I know her very well Before the words finished, Bi Se s laughter subsided, she lightly brushed her loose hair, and said something to me.I don t know if you are familiar with me or not, but the divination you did in the taxi before you came here is pretty good.I understand now that this is a pit that has been dug for me to jump into Although Zhang Chunxia and I have no similarities at all, but I must have exposed something to Bise, Bise followed the vines to find out the secret between me and Zhang Chunxia, and the last time I came out of Yunjing s house, I met Bise With Gu Yicheng, it is very likely that Bi Se has persuaded Gu Yicheng to take Gu Yicheng to Yunjing s house to set up today s overall situation.My waist was straight and there was no fluctuation on my face.

The moment the blood hole spewed out, the sound of rumbling and rumbling continued to sound in the sky, and black devil clouds covered the previous blood colored dark clouds This is a sign that the demons came to the world, and the heavens will not tolerate it Streams of devilish energy could no longer be concealed, flowing out from Bi Se s wound, but I grabbed the air lightly at this moment, and smashed Bi Se out of the window.The scene outside the window was horrifying, the surroundings were pitch black and it was near the deep mountains, and the thunder that streaked across the sky was like sword energy splitting the sky into two halves.At the moment when Bi Se was thrown out of the window, I leaped forward suddenly, and even brought Bi Se under the thunder light with one kick Bi Se was trembling with fear, although she was covered by the demon energy a lot, but what should be exposed was still exposed, I walked up to her lightly, and smiled at her bloodthirsty.

I ran towards the palace suddenly, but I saw the king of Chu cruelly put the baby just out of the palace into a basket and handed it to an eunuch beside him.The moment the emperor gave the baby to the eunuch , sighed helplessly, and closed his eyes ruthlessly.I stared blankly at Emperor Chu, and I couldn t help but spit out two words.Royal father.But in the palace behind him, a woman s heart piercing cry came, the voice was so familiar that a mist formed in my eyes.I just wanted to follow the eunuch who took Feng Jiu cbd gummies louisville ky away to have a look, but the scene in front of me suddenly began to change, and the change was very fast, almost spanning most of my childhood.The familiar scenes in front of me suddenly passed through my mind, and I rolled on the ground in pain, gritting my teeth, the smell of copper in my mouth seemed to tell me that my teeth had been bitten out of blood cbd gummies louisville ky In the end, the picture stayed on the picture of the small figure of Princess Rong Le, Feng Shitian, shuttling through the Chu Palace, and a maidservant kept following her behind her, still shouting.

My princess asked you fire wholesale gummy cbd oil something The eunuch and the maid looked at each other, although their faces were a little pale, but the satisfaction in their eyes could not be hidden at all, while kowtowing, they said that they had said the wrong thing, which made Rong Princess Le must not tell the emperor and queen, but what she thinks in her heart is that she wished Feng Shitian would follow their words, right Feng Shitian closed his eyes and sighed, and I sighed even more when I looked at the look in her eyes.Although she bears the name of a princess, her life is not as comfortable as ordinary people.80 e book www.txt80.CoM Stop talking nonsense, and invite the truth, otherwise don t blame the princess for being rude When she said this, the eunuch and maidservant who were kneeling beside her suddenly trembled in a sharp tone, and the frequency of kowtowing became more frequent.

Quick, jump Master s voice sounded again suddenly.I gritted my teeth and jumped directly.The cliff was so high that I couldn t see the end at a glance.I just felt like I was floating in mid air for a long, long time, the voice calling me to stay with him kept ringing in my mind, until the moment I fell to the ground science cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies louisville ky and thought I was going to die, I woke up.When I woke up, I cbd gummies louisville ky found myself lying on the bed, and the picture of a beauty was hugged tightly in my arms, and there was a faint devilish energy in the room.Junli knocked on the door, and the glass in my room was shattered by an unknown force, and the whole room was in a mess Even the eight flags that I set up earlier to reverse the yin and yang array They were all blown up and down, and even a few sides fell directly to the ground.I sat on the bed stupidly for a long time, only to hear a bang , the door was kicked open by Jun Li.

The difference is that I was the one who was embarrassed before, but she is already the one who is embarrassed now.Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, one day you will have the power in your hands, and kill all the people who rebel against me in the world CauseCause, you can t kill me The moment Gu Yiyun spoke, his whole face couldn t stop trembling, and the fear in his tone was extremely mocking in my ears.Why How can the name of Huanyan make people fear to such an extent, but my name is Xiao Xiao in this life, Xiao Xiao is such a living person, standing in front of her, she dares to make calculations with peace of mind.I am Xiao Xiao now.God knows, the joy in my heart when I yelled this sentence, how excited my blood was, but Gu Yiyun kept backing away as if he couldn t see the thick sarcasm in my eyes, Shouted in the mouth.

Therefore, even if I tell the whole world that I am a bad face, no one will believe me.Master once warned me not to disclose my identity.Obviously, the exposure of my identity at this moment has disrupted the chess game I set up in my previous life.I really dare not think about the consequences.Seeing how calm I was, Xu Shi once again taunted me Two innocent people died because of you, you should come to save them, right After all, the proprietress has guarded the key for you for ten years.How many years.Before the words fell, Bi Se added Ah, you still have five hours to think about it, if you don t bring the key to me and Gu Yiyun at dawn, then the two wipes Soul, I don t know what it will become.I was so angry that I was about to curse, but Junli squeezed my hand tightly in the dark, telling me not to act rashly.

Although I already knew their general titles They all use titles, but when I heard that Gu Yiyun s title was Anyang, I was still disgusted.Just her, and Anyang What a waste of words.Gu Yiyun suddenly turned his gaze to Yunjing, fx cbd gummies cbd gummies louisville ky and twitched the corner of his mouth at him.It turned out to be the national teacher who is traitorous and collaborating with the enemy, Lord Yunjing.You didn t speak, and I didn t realize that you came with me.The unstoppable sarcasm in the tone made me want to hit her, but Yun Jing seemed cbd gummies louisville ky to be unable to hear, and smiled brighter than anyone else, and before speaking, he took a special look at Junli s ice mountain face.Are you cbd gummies louisville ky are cbd gummies good for inflammation sure you want Xiao Xiao to open Ling Shun s seal Gu Yiyun looked at Yun Jing suspiciously when he said this, and said, What s the matter, she sealed Ling Shun s seal Now, can t Ling Shun s seal be broken Unlocking the bell requires a bell tieer.

As soon as Bi Se saw Yun Jing rushing to save people, she suddenly wanted to stop Yun Jing, while manipulating the demon energy, she gradually tore the souls of the proprietress and sisters into pieces.But she also knew that if the souls of the proprietress and sisters were really torn apart, then she and Gu Yiyun would lose their last support.Even though I am weak and Yunjing is not too strong, Junli has recovered all his memories.Just one Junli has a strong deterrent effect.But the moment Junli caught me, a cloud of black devilish energy instantly swept away the key in my hand, and I was so angry that I gathered all my strength again and hit the cloud of devilish energy.But my strength hit that group of devilish energy, it was like a child s medicine, and it couldn t play any role at all.

This situation never happened before.While cbd gummies louisville ky walking, I was not idle at all.I sent a few text messages to each of the three of them, made several phone calls, and then called the master who had been out of touch, but there was still nothing I could do.In the end, the moment I was about to give up this trick, I saw a name in my phone contacts.Suzhou embroidery.Suxiu has helped me many times and saved me many times.She is a kind hearted girl, but she is also a little girl.But she is one of Xiao Jue s subordinates, she can be said to be Xiao Jue s confidant.Even though she was only a little girl, she had been to so many dangerous places with Xiao Jue from birth to death , if Xiao Jue s grandma s corpse fraud was really the trick, she should have received some news here, right With the mentality of giving it a try, I called Su Xiu.

Outside a cave on the cliff, his breath suddenly changed, and he jumped directly into the cave on the cliff together with me.After that, he and I sat in the entrance of the cave for a long time, waiting for Yunjing to climb down from the top, and then walked towards the cave.I don t know why, the more I walked into the cave, the more excited my heart became, maybe it was because of my sudden advancement the night before, maybe it was because I went down so many tombs, but I never saw anyone The tomb was built on this cliff, right This cave is very dark and damp.Every few steps, you can step on a small puddle.The sound of water keeps coming from your ears.Even the shoes under your feet are mostly soaked.As I walked, my eyes suddenly became enlightened, and a slightly circular cave with a radius of about ten meters appeared in front of my eyes.

I forgot to mention that only this bridge is real and you can walk on it.Everything else is imaginary.Jun Li looked at it.With a look at Yunjing who was in a state of embarrassment, the corner of his mouth rarely twitched on his face that has never melted for thousands of years Then Junli pulled me and walked on the chain bridge where Yunjing was.But at the end of each chain bridge is a stone wall.I really want to see what mystery lies behind this stone wall, but Yunjing passes through the stone wall in front of me like a wall, which scares me a lot Until Junli pulled me through the stone wall, I looked back, only to find that there are eight transparent chain bridges behind me There is only one bridge suspended in the middle of the cave like a stone.have to say.Although this tomb was not as amazing as Junli s tomb and Huoyan s tomb, the builder still had ulterior motives, as can be seen from the fact that he has integrated into the phantom formation in the yin and yang eight coffin formations.

Finally, after breaking all the organ cbd gummies louisville ky arrays in the tomb, Yun Jing stepped forward, ready to push open the door of the main tomb Chapter 249 Junli s conspiracy is strange to say, the previous one Some of the stone gates are not easy to open, but the main tomb in front of me, the stone gate of the last level, was opened with a slight push by Yunjing but the moment Yunjing pushed the stone gate open.A black and ferocious zongzi face suddenly appeared less than five centimeters away from Yunjing, and Yunjing didn t pay attention.Frightened, he sat down on the floor, and before he could react, the big rice dumpling had already knocked Yun Jing down.When I saw this, I couldn t help but laughed again.I just felt that Yunjing didn t read the almanac when he went out today, and made a taboo And Junli stood aside, didn t even show Yunjing an expression, and directly pulled me towards the main tomb, leaving Yunjing screaming on the spot alone.

rice.And the moment he left, the group of snakes also moved, and they all moved towards the position where Yun Jing was standing before, that is, the position where I was standing, and rushed towards me with their bloody mouths open, making my legs and feet limp in fright.up.Is Yunjing fucking tricking me Seeing the moment when the big mouths of these snakes were about to bite me Chapter 257 Feng Zheng I was suddenly pulled up by a powerful big hand, and when I looked back, I found that it was Yun Jing, I pure cbd gummies with no thc immediately breathed a sigh of relief.But at this moment, Yunjing grabbed my collar and jumped up from the canyon like a dragonfly in the water, and rushed to the top of the canyon.The herd of snakes down the canyon wanted to chase us.But I was thrown far away by Yunjing, and until I fell to the ground.

And the dragon s snake gall is either he is willing to give it to you, are cbd gummy bears effective otherwise he can only plunder it forcibly.However, although this flood dragon still looks very similar to a snake, its name has at least a character of dragon, and it has escaped from the body of the snake.So taking his snake gall didn t do him much harm.How to estimate skills.But after listening to these, especially hearing Feng Zheng will damage my cultivation.Junli sealed Jiaolong again, always feeling that this is a trap that kills two birds with one cbd anxiety gummies what do cbd gummies make u feel like stone This is the person who threatened us with blood amber.On the one hand, not only does he want to get the snake gall of this dragon, but on the other hand, he wants Junli to weaken his own cultivation, right But at this moment, a text message was sent from the other end of the mobile phone, asking if we were on the top of the canyon As soon as I saw this text message, I felt a lot of cbd anxiety gummies what do cbd gummies make u feel like vigilance in my heart.

Said When she said this, the desolation in her eyes made her feel extremely distressed, but her tone of voice was serious.No matter how I asked, I just didn t say anything.Who instructed her Gradually, my fiery heart was also extinguished by her, and then I asked who manipulated her, and after she didn t tell me, I couldn t bear it no matter how much I could bear cbd gummies anaheim ca it, and I suddenly got out of her confinement The middle one came out flexibly, and turned around to subdue her, but she pushed me out of the candle circle the moment I started Before I could react, there was a click in my ear, like Something fell at my feet, and I subconsciously looked down, only to see that blood amber was thrown out of the candle circle by how many cbd gummies should i eat to get high the blood girl.How is this going Puzzled, I raised my head to ask Junli and Yunjing, but I saw a raging flame in their eyes In an instant, I turned around suddenly, only to see that the flames from the circle of candles all ran to the bloody woman, almost Within a breath, the blood girl had been burned into a burning man.

I opened my science cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies louisville ky mouth and was about to say it, but suddenly remembered all kinds of instructions from Master before he left, telling me not to trust the people around me, and even telling me not to trust her Involuntarily, I almost said what I said, but I hesitated to speak again.Seeing my appearance, Yunjing and Junli were no longer surprised, they didn t say anything, they were busy with their own affairs, obviously it was up to me to say or not.After all, this child is mine However, I can still see from the loneliness in Junli s eyes that he still cares about this child very much.Finding a free time, I sneaked into my room, and with the mentality of giving it a try, I called Master.Unexpectedly, the call actually got through As soon as I saw the call connected, I froze in place.It wasn t until Master s voice slowly came out from the other end of the phone that I came back to my senses.

He can also be regarded as the only innocent person among so many people around me who was temporarily involved.If I asked him to help me investigate the matter gold leaf gummies green apple cbd of sending the child to the Niangniang Temple, would he be involved After much deliberation, I still called Qin Zheng, and the call was quickly connected.We exchanged cbd gummies louisville ky some pleasantries, and then I explained why I came.I don t know if I saved his life before, but when I said I wanted to ask him for help, he didn t say a word, and he responded directly, asking me to wait a few days for him to check the specific news for me.Not long after I hung up the phone, my phone rang suddenly.The person who called me turned out to be the wana gummies cbd same suspect, Gu Yicheng When I saw his number, I didn t know whether to answer it or not.When the phone rang for about thirty seconds and was about to hang up, I gritted my teeth and answered it anyway.

I replied No.Then the master sent me the exact location of the Songzi Niangniang Temple.I looked at the location and thought, It s really specific After that, the master also told me Go to the Temple of Songzi Niangniang, remember to go alone, you can t take anyone with you, when you go to Songziniangniang to ask for a child giving amulet, remember to kneel down sincerely, use your faith to influence Songziniangniang, and let her give you a child.No I don t know why, but I feel more and more that there is something wrong with this master It s already very strange when the previous sentence can t bring anyone, but Master actually asked me to worship such a weird evil god And let me bow down sincerely, use my faith to influence the concubine, and let her give me a son It s not that I don t have children, why what do cbd gummies make u feel like condor cbd gummies para que sirve should she give me a child Besides, in my previous life, I was a dignified princess of the Chu Kingdom, and the owner of the famous Xuannv Palace.

My face turned pale in an instant, and I said with a stiff smile that it s okay, if the wind is stronger, it should be stronger, but before I finished speaking, I was halfway through, when suddenly there was a bang in my ear, behind me That mahogany door was directly shut cbd gummies louisville ky by Xiao Jue The moment the door was closed, a sense cbd gummies louisville ky of depression rose from the tip of my heart.Although I really wanted to know what happened to the concubine, Xiao Jue, and Master, but I wanted to leave here more and more.The right eyelid kept flickering, as if an accident was about to happen in the next second.This feeling was very bad.I gritted my teeth and raised my head slowly, but the moment I raised my head, my whole body directly Stunned, the flashlight shined on the table in front of where the statue should have been, and asked Xiao Jue.

After the burning, he helped pick up the ashes with little patience and put them in a box for me.Fortunately, the carry on backpack I brought was big enough, and it was quite empty, so it would be no problem to put an urn there.It wasn t until HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky I put the urn away that the cbd gummies louisville ky three of us continued to walk in oh no, it was a group of four, and Bi Se, who was pulled by Yunjing and tied with a rope here we are Buddha Hall, we just stopped, the three of us looked at each other, then Jun Li asked me and Yun Jing to sit in place and wait for him, don t move, he went up to have a look.Junli walked around here very carefully, and then paused for a few seconds on the corpse of the empress, squatting down, not knowing what he was doing, and then walked to the coffin where the master had previously cheated the corpse.

walk around.I didn t cbd gummies louisville ky expect that Bise would be poisoned by someone, and the poison this time was obviously not an ordinary poison, otherwise, how could Bise, a demon saint, be poisoned like this It is very possible that the poison fed to Bise is extremely poisonous, and it is a poison specially developed for Bise.It s just that I couldn t think of it after thinking about it, how could anyone other than the three of us want to kill her with poison cbd gummies louisville ky Of course, I wouldn t turn my suspicious eyes on Yun Jing so stupidly, after all, Yun Jing brought him back, if something happened, he would be the most suspicious person.Thinking about it, a sentence that Jun Li said to me before coming suddenly flashed in my mind.He said, what the three of us need to do most now is to protect Bise I didn t understand what it meant before, but now I understand, my eyes widened and I suddenly realized, and I even glanced at Junli and Yunjing with my eyes.

If it weren t for the bloodstains overflowing outside, I could really think that everything just now was an illusion The moment the scars healed, his expression was gradually withdrawn, but before he could catch his breath, his expression suddenly changed.Changed, his eyes widened, as if he had seen something unbelievable.In the next second, his throat continued to roar, but because his jaw was removed, he couldn t make any sound except for the ugly roar Is it cool Yun Jing s voice suddenly sounded, and the moment it sounded, the other three also experienced the process of resurrecting from the dead , but after this process, the pain they experienced seemed to be more than doubled.I saw it on the sidelines, and I couldn t bear it.But these four people are really men, even though they have been tortured like this, they still don t say a word, and even look at me and Yun Jing with viciousness in their eyes as if they want to swallow us alive.

I glanced at Yunjing suspiciously, but I couldn t think of a reason, but the moment the jaws of the four people were connected, one of them got a little emotional and seemed to want to tell me the truth.But at the moment when he was about to speak, another man interrupted him, using his newly connected chin, he said indistinct words One of them sings about the red face, and the other sings about the bad face, don t believe them.I didn t understand the meaning of this sentence, but Yunjing and Junli laughed together.The man who wanted to speak was suddenly silent.After quieting down, he looked at me eagerly, as if he wanted to say something, but he hesitated a bit more than before.But I didn t care too much, I took the cup that Yi Xue just brought in front of them, fed all four of them a sip of water, and sighed deeply.

The moment Junli grabbed me, he asked me in a low voice Can the picture of beauties be used I nodded and shook my head again.Not sure After all, I haven t used it once But when Junli saw me like this, he smiled faintly, pulled me behind, and said HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky in a low science cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies louisville ky voice I ll give you a wink in a while, you throw out the beauty picture, and summon the Yin soldiers to come out to block the rear for us.Road.When I heard Junli s words, I was so scared that I peed, I was so nervous Is he putting all his cbd gummies louisville ky cards on me Could it be that he and Yun Jing s calm, unfathomable, and inscrutable appearance, which had already prepared their hole cards, was actually just pretending Moreover, this pretended to even deceive me My mouth, opened wide, was shocked Fortunately, in an instant, I had already reacted, my face adjusted instantly, and I stood behind Junli with a vigilant expression.

With a little understanding, I looked back at Junli, but saw Junli s face was indifferent, as if he was following my disposal.Seeing this, I was about to follow Su Xiu into the crowd, but all the surrounding villagers suddenly fell silent, and all of them turned their gazes to the outside, and Su Xiu and I followed their gazes and turned to the outside of the door.The moment he cbd gummies louisville ky turned his eyes to the door, he saw a very old man walking in, and the moment the old man appeared, the villagers all made way for him and greeted him one after another., Call him the village chief.As soon as I saw this scene, I immediately understood that the village head in front of me probably has a high prestige in the village, which is why the villagers value him so much.As soon as the village chief came in, he took a look at Qingjingzi, me, Suxiu, and Junli, then he bowed his hands to us and said very politely Welcome everyone.

But no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn t think of a reason.Someone should not be so bored and come to the grave to sweep the glutinous rice for no reason, and the person what do cbd gummies make u feel like condor cbd gummies para que sirve who cleaned the glutinous rice was probably a villager in this village.But when I thought about the villagers in this village, I felt a little unlikely.Logically speaking, the villagers in the village hoped that we would get rid of this corpse and restore the stability of the village Do you cast giant blood.If the person who cleaned up the glutinous rice would be a villager in the village, then it would explain one thing The villagers in this village have ghosts in their hearts He doesn t want us to get rid of the corpse at all, or in other words, he wants us to retreat in spite of difficulties I just don t know if the villager who wants us to retreat is one person, or all the villagers Thinking of this, I raised my head and glanced at Su Xiu, whispered in her ear, and discussed the does hemp gummies use cbd interest relationship with her, but unexpectedly, she thought the same as I thought.

When Qing Jingzi heard this, his face suddenly became a little nervous, and he asked Jun Li, What is it Play But Junli replied, The time has come, don t you know it Afterwards, science cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies louisville ky Jun Li didn t say anything, but his meaning was quite obvious, and he wanted to see off the guests.At this time, the night outside was already deep, and Qingjingzi and Suxiu couldn t stay longer, so they left our room directly.Before leaving, I didn t forget to ask Junli Do you think the person hiding behind the scenes is this village The villagers here, or Xiao Jue, or is there a third person But Junli said lightly that it was all possible, and then he didn t speak.After Qingjingzi left, Junli locked the door, and the moment he went to bed, he hugged me directly into his arms, as if he was planning to fall asleep.But what a coincidenceJunli s breathing was right in front of my ears, gusts of hot air kept stirring up my emotions, I wanted to break away from Junli s arms, but when I moved, Junli But hugged even tighter.

The night is about to rise, and if Jun Li s words are true, then tonight is bound to be an extraordinary night.After Junli appeared, the whole living room fell silent.About ten minutes later, the aunt also came back from the outside and cooked us a seemingly simple but extremely sumptuous dinner.After eating dinner, the village chief seemed to be holding it up , hurried in from the door, and asked Qingjingzi, What are we going to do tonight Qingjingzi HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky glanced at the village head, and asked the village head to take all the villagers to the place where he was last night.When he said this, he bit down all the two words very hard, and listened to the village head.He might not southern organics cbd gummy candy be able to hear anything., but after I heard it, I twitched the corners of my mouth extremely sarcastically.Is he still suspecting that the villagers have a problem, or is he suspecting that whata are cbd gummies these villagers are not telling the truth, just like Jun Li According to the formation that was arranged yesterday, Qingjingzi and I set it up again, and then left Junli in place to ensure the safety of the villagers, and then took Suxiu and me to the grave.

As the saying goes, there are only three things, and this cbd gummies louisville ky are cbd gummies good for inflammation is the third time we have come to this grave If I can t get the soul out of the grave three times, even if I have that patience, Qing Jingzi probably won t be able to wait any longer.The soft ones won t work, and the ones who salute first and then fight, then let s play the hard ones Come to the grave, Qingjingzi Instead of burning incense or lighting candles, I took out a stack of paper money from my backpack and started burning it in front of this grave.After burning for about ten minutes, the surrounding air was getting lower and fx cbd gummies cbd gummies louisville ky lower.I felt trembling all over, as if something dark appeared around me.But when I looked back and forth carefully, I couldn t see anything All the paper money has been burned, Qingjingzi just burned three incense sticks, and deliberately burned two long and one short incense candles, holding them in his hand, standing in front of the grave, and said faintly I m not coming out yet.

All the clothes I wore before were taken out.After taking it out, before he opened the pile of clothes, Jun Li taunted and asked the young man, Is the person who changed your father s clothes here The young man gave Jun Li a suspicious look., Ask Junli what is going around After asking this sentence, he looked around again, and saw that the moment his eyes looked around, there was a gradual change From the suspicious fox before, it gradually turned into a bit of shock, and then he answered tremblingly.A sentence from Junli It seemsnot here, I ll send someone to look for it Junli smiled and shook his head, and said, No need, you asked me before, I know who killed your father, but now you don t say Believe it or not, when your father died, there was a yellow talisman in his clothes, which was used to seal his soul, and you don t have science cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies louisville ky to look for the villagers who washed and changed your father s clothes.

, all have their own spring and autumn.But I went around the entire hall, only to find that there was only one person missing how often to take 25 mg cbd gummy bears That is Xiao Jue Although Xiao Jue blocked the sword for me just now and helped me repel Master s berserk soul body, even if he died, there would always be a corpse, wouldn t he After all, when grandma died, there was still a corpse in good condition How could this Xiao Jue be coral reefer cbd gummies so ignorant and die without a whole body Suppressing the sadness in my heart, I took a deep breath and asked, Where s Xiao Jue As soon as the voice of Chapter 309 leaving me fell, the eyes of the three of them were all averted, as if they didn t want to Look at me, and I don t want to mention Xiao Jue to me I suddenly jumped down from the high platform, ran through the whole huge hall, and asked Junli with a bit of luck in my heart Xiao Jue Was he taken away by my master s soul body, or by Ling Shun But Junli shook his head, his usual tense Bingshan cbd anxiety gummies what do cbd gummies make u feel like face, unexpectedly at this moment, changed into a somewhat guilty and incomprehensible look.

Yun Jing hurriedly nodded with admiration on his face, and at the moment of nodding, an invisible sarcasm flashed in his eyes, but I happened to be looking straight at him.It has to be said that Yun Jing sometimes becomes witty and talks to people when he sees them.To hell with talking nonsense, it s terrible to be cbd gummies louisville ky able science cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies louisville ky to bend and stretch.Afterwards, Yunjing was like a curious baby.When he heard the boss took the initiative to bring the topic to Yanzhi Hutong, he quickly asked The boss is dissatisfied with you.Before the cbd gummies klarna three of us came to Beijing, we also heard a lot about Beijing s Eight Great Hutongs.The one I heard most about is Guangde Building in Yanzhi Hutong.You have opened a shop here for so many years, do you know Guangde Building Unexpectedly, when the boss heard the word Guangde Building , his complexion froze instantly.

It turned out that the boss was curious when he was young, and sneaked into the courtyard at night, but the moment he was on the cat, he saw a playful woman in a well attire sitting on the well.Just like Yin er in the past, he was so scared that he ran home that night, wearing all the antiques at home that can ward off evil spirits, which was not enough In the early morning of the next day, I went directly to the temples and Taoist temples of great virtue and respect to ask for amulets, and posted them all over the room, so I felt at ease.It was at that time that the boss fell into the problem of love for talismans.When others go on a trip, they like to engrave XX on the wall to visit here, but this boss has to go to the famous local Taoist temple to ask for talismans no matter where he goes.

The moment I walked out, I looked at the mouth of the well at the top, then at the tunnel I walked through before, and asked in a low voice If this well is in the yard where Yin er lives, how can it be a dry well Just cbd anxiety gummies what do cbd gummies make u feel like after cbd gummies louisville ky asking the question, Junli glanced HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky at me indifferently, but didn t answer, but Yunjing gave me a contemptuous look, and asked me, Don t you know that there is a saying in Fengshui called yin and yang reverse He The words were so profound that I didn t cbd gummies louisville ky cbd gummies while breastfeeding understand them at once, and I was about to continue asking, but Jun Li interrupted me, turned his gaze, and asked Yun Jing Do you think you should leave from this tunnel now, or from the mouth of the well When Yun Jing heard Jun Li s words, he pointed to the mouth of the well on his head, but he didn HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky t speak, but his meaning was quite obvious.

I crossed my legs and drank several cups of tea while sitting at the square table.After they finished talking, they walked back towards the square table.When I walked back, the boss s face returned to normal a little bit.If it weren t for the cold sweat overflowing from his face, I would have thought that I had misjudged the scared boss just now.As soon as the two of them sat down, the boss turned his gaze directly to Junli, and asked him tremblingly, Are you really the King of Yama in the underworld , interrupted the boss What is Yan Luowang, he said so vomit, he is the famous Ten Temple Yama.I don t know what this Yunjing said to the boss, the boss not only sat down with the first sentence That s what I was asking, even looking at Junli with fear and admiration But Junli didn t pay attention to him, nor did he drink the tea on the table, but a pair of cold eyes, staring at him all the time.

Looking at the boss, the boss looked at Junli for less than two seconds, and he was so scared that he quickly looked away.After that, he kept taking deep breaths and swallowing, as if he wanted to say something, but he still lacked some courage.At this moment, Yunjing raised his eyebrows at me and made a joke, the meaning was quite obvious Did he ask me to say a few words to provoke the owner of the antique shop I raised my eyebrows back at him, understood, and said to the boss You can say what you want, the person sitting in front of you is really Yan Jun, the tenth palace cbd gummies louisville ky of the Yin Division, if you don t believe it, let him summon some Yins Let me show you I said this purely as a slap in the face, after all, Yunjing used Junli s fox to pretend to be a tiger, but Junli ignored him, so I directly asked Junli to summon the ghost, and Junli probably did the same Don t like to talk to me.

Yes.After science cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies louisville ky hearing this, I couldn t help showing a little shock in my eyes, took a deep breath, swallowed, and asked the boss Then this authentic As soon as the words fell, the boss sighed I said I really don t know, do you believe it If the boss had said this to me before taking out the lamp, I would definitely not believe it, but now for no reason, I believe his words.But if I m not wrong, this courtyard is a thing passed down from the ancestors of the owner of the antique shop.It s actually a thing from his ancestors.How could he not even know about a tunnel that suddenly appeared Xu Shi saw a bit of doubt in my eyes, and the boss suggested that he take us out to have a look.As cbd best cheap gummies soon as I heard his words, I quickly got up and walked out with him.I have come to the courtyard of the boss s house several times without saying anything, but I have never seen what the back of his house looks like, and I always thought it was a mechanism made by some consecutive rooms.

My father explained it before he died.After a pause, the boss gritted his teeth, and continued My father held this lamp and studied it for most of his life, but he never found a reason.Instead, he did it one night before he died., I dreamed of an old man who asked him to return the lamp to Yin er, otherwise our old Huang family s incense would be cut off.My father was very scared when he heard that, but at that time he was already exhausted, and he didn t have any Knowing Yin er s whereabouts, I was afraid that the old man in the dream would come to the door, so I told me to ask for more talismans from the person who got it after he died to keep him safe.People of the older generation, especially those who are in contact with antiques, believe in ghosts and gods.Moreover, things related to Yin er are so evil, so when they dream about Yin er, they will naturally pay more attention to it.

Based on my understanding of Junli, he should not do anything he is not sure about If Ling Shun and the cbd gummies louisville ky are cbd gummies good for inflammation others are really in that yard, it can only be said that they are lucky It seems that they are already going to Yin er Looking at the simple and thick gate at the gate of the courtyard where I used to live, I was about to go up and knock on it, but Jun Li directly stopped me.In the next second, he glanced at Yunjing, the meaning was obvious, he wanted to knock on this door Yun Jing cbd gummies louisville ky are cbd gummies good for inflammation didn t want to knock on the door at all, and he was naturally upset to be stared at by Jun Li, but he didn t dare to confront Jun Li head on, so he gritted his teeth secretly and knocked on the front door.I don t know if it s because it s late at night and everyone in the yard is asleep or something.I knocked on the door for a long time, but no one came to open it.

As soon as I saw this what kind of cbd gummies are best for anxiety extremely pale face, high cbd gummies the vermilion like lips, and the convex and convex cheongsam, it was not the other junli and I met who lived in the yard a few days ago Fengchen girl , Granny Su said fx cbd gummies cbd gummies louisville ky the more mysterious woman whose stage name is Tong Xin If the person is a young girl in her twenties named Tong Xin, .

how much are eagle hemp cbd gummies?

I can still call her out, but for such an old man in her seventies, I really can t associate her with this name.go.Who are you As soon as Tong Xin came in, her tone science cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies louisville ky was a little harsh, even unfriendly, and she didn t treat herself as an outsider, so she moved a stool and sat beside Granny Su, narrowing her eyes slightly, not too friendly.In fact, if Grandma Su didn t say anything, I would also feel that the old lady in front of me is the most mysterious one who lives in this courtyard, not for anything else, just because of the fact that she opened the door and waited for the sound that night.

flick.I m probably saying in my heart that I m obviously going to mess things up by appearing so domineeringly When did it stop you from admiring the moon And Junli, you don t look like someone who likes to admire the moon at all, okay I looked at the changes on Ling Shun s face with some amusement, and felt that his face was as if ten thousand muddy horses galloped by, and the expression on his face changed very quickly.Ling Shun took a few deep breaths before ignoring Junli, turned his gaze, and smiled at Yin er for the first time, but said in a harsh tone Talk I don t know if it s because Ling Shun forced his way into the courtyard several cbd gummies louisville ky times before, which left a very bad impression on Yin er.Yin er ignored Ling Shun, but glanced at Junli, then at the lamp in cbd gummies louisville ky are cbd gummies good for inflammation Ling Shun s hand, The meaning is obvious.

Seems like you know a lot How do you know I can t I don t know what Ling Shun was paying attention to, maybe he wanted to bluff Yin er, but he pretended to be confident and asked Yin er back.But Yin er didn t want to talk nonsense with Ling Shun at all, she gave the three of us a wink, the meaning was very simple, let the three of us be prepared, if Ling Shun gets angry, he might come up and grab someone directly, let us protect it she.I have to say that Yin er is the wisest woman I ve ever seen, otherwise she wouldn t have been stuck in the whole world for so long, and still best cbd gummies 2021 have such good luck.But at the moment when Yin er changed color, Ling Shun seemed to be patient to the extreme, and no matter how Yin er responded, the science cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies louisville ky moment he handed over the lamp in his hand to Gu Yiyun, he rushed directly in our direction.

It is precisely because of this that the later incident happened.Yin er suddenly disappeared.Everyone searched the whole city of Beijing, but they couldn t find it.The things she traced When she left, she didn t want to take the picture of the beauty and the life extension lamp with her, but in the endChapter 332 The man behind the scenes She didn t know which muscle was wrong, and she actually took the beauty The picture is on the body together.At first Yin er fled, she was very worried, afraid that she would be discovered, but as time went on, except for the boss in Guangde Building who sent many people to look for her.The weird old man who adopted her never showed up even once Only then did her vigilance relax a little.The days passed like this day by day, she hadn t thought about hiding her name like this, and living the life she wanted without any ties.

Could it be that, what Junli said before, it was not us who were discovered, but someone else, meaning that besides us observing the old man, there was another team that is, Ling Shun, Gu Yiyun, Bi and the others Without thinking about it, I turned my gaze into the yard, only to see the three of them also cbd gummies louisville ky walk into the yard.For a while, my breath suddenly picked up Chapter 349 Meeting an old man by chance giving red envelopes At this moment, Yun Jing also sat next to me with a telescope, looking at the yard intently.I saw that Gu Yijun, Lingshun, and Bise ran towards the well without saying a word as soon as they entered the courtyard, but the three of them didn t go down directly to the well, but took a look by the well.After that, they walked into fx cbd gummies cbd gummies louisville ky the hut in the courtyard, and the three of them didn t know what they were doing.

I was about to ask Gu Yicheng if he saw anything.But Gu Yicheng said suddenly a second before I spoke Look up.As soon as I heard his words, I subconsciously wanted to raise my head, but before I raised my head, I first meowed He went up, but was froze in place disgustedly.The roof of the temple cbd gummies louisville ky is an arched structure, surrounded by various white silk threads, and a woman is wrapped around it.To say that it is a woman is cbd gummies sampl prep already flattering her.This is so obviously science cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies louisville ky a spider Wai Le to blood.It was still a big white spider, but the head of this big white spider grew into a human head, which was weird and disgusting.Xu Shi noticed my gaze, and this big white spider suddenly spit out a mouthful of spider silk at me.If Gu Yicheng hadn t pulled me cbd anxiety gummies what do cbd gummies make u feel like back quickly with his sharp eyes, I would have been spit out by her.

The sound of the coffin being broken continued to be heard behind me.I wanted to look back, but I was afraid that what would I do if I got distracted cbd gummies louisville ky and was attacked by this dead spider I couldn t help it, I had a cold face, I stood on the spot and looked at the spider s foot, wanting to see what kind of trick she was trying to play, but she saw that Gu Yicheng and I didn t move, so she didn t even move, lying down He stood less than five meters away from us, staring at us.After staring at each other for several seconds, I asked Gu Yicheng in a low voice What the hell is this spider and why did it appear here It is used to deter tomb robbers, so that the tomb robbers will never come back, if I guess correctly this spider spirit is something to deter this temple, and there must be something more precious in this temple Gu Yi The city answered me unhurriedly, and I nodded lightly after hearing it, and I roughly understood the situation, but even if I was killed, I couldn t imagine how the owner of the tomb put the cbd gummies louisville ky spider and the human head together son The sound of the coffins falling behind me became louder and louder, and there were even a few footsteps.

I want to see what happened next to me, but I feel that my body is very tired, as if I will fall asleep forever in the next second, my heart is constantly roaring, shouting, as if I want to tell someone my existence, Unwilling to fall into a deep sleep at such a time.I was very uncomfortable, and my heart was in a state of chaos.In this darkness, I can t find myself, I can t even find a ray of light, as if the whole world is in darkness At this time, how I long for someone to appear, who can give me a piece of light, take me To escape this predicament, but the time passed by every minute and every second, it seemed to be slapping me in the face, as if telling me that the light and everything can only be given to myself.I was really scared and panicked.The roar in my heart has turned into a scream, and I can even feel the blood in my body roaring.

Seeing this, I started to walk towards the door of the tomb, where Ling Shun and Gu Yiyun were standing, but as I was walking, Ling Shun s roar came to my ears.It s an exaggeration to say it was a roar, but he did say it with a roar.Xiao Xiao, don t come here, get out What he said was merciless, but what I heard was very strange.Ling Shun has always been our opponent, but now he looks like he is doing my best.And it seems the place behind the tomb gate is like hell, he doesn t want me to set foot.The more he is like this, the more curious I am, the more unstoppable the steps under chi cbd gummies my feet, and Junli, Gu Yicheng, and Yunjing also followed me the moment I set off, as if they were afraid of me What hurts inside.As I walked towards the inside step by step, I could clearly feel the extremely excited emotions on Ling Shun s body, and there was even a strong murderous intent in his eyes asking me to leave here.

But I also know that this kind of thought of mine is just a desire for me now.I remember miscellaneous.Standing on the position that Gu Yiyun gave me, I looked at Ling Shun motionless, but Ling Shun smiled at me, with a bit of innocence, a bit of innocence, and even a bit of innocence in his smile, his eyes There is no distracting thought in the book, it is very clean, and it is completely different from the legendary demon who kills without blinking an eye.It is said that people have many sides, such as the evil side to the wicked, the pretending side to the enemy, the relaxed side to the relatives and the naive side to the people one wants to see.Actually, I still like to call you a woeful face.Ling Shun s voice sounded, and he spoke unhurriedly.During the speech, the blood dripping from his body continued to fall, and there was even a ticking sound when it landed on the ground I looked down following the sound, only to find that what I was stepping on was full of Ling Shun s blood, and Ling Shun s blood was not as hot as human blood, but rather icy cold.

In front of me, the face that seemed to be a smile but not a smile, extremely horrifying, was facing me, quickly changing between the faces of master and grandma.I was so scared that I wanted to run away, but at this moment I couldn t move, as if I was imprisoned in place by something, I could only sit there blankly, looking at this unpredictable face, I was constantly crushed My nerves After looking at this face for a long time, my consciousness suddenly became a little loose, and I even started to give up struggling, and the look in my eyes became misty, and even lost the previous light, like a dead person.It seems that at this moment, if someone who is proficient in soul hunting technique is in front of me, he can take away my soul with a single tap.And Junli s voice also rang in my ears at this moment Xiao Xiao.

This wax figure was made so realistically that it was impossible to tell that it was actually a wax figure without seeing the real face of the entire wax figure No wonder, Junli angrily said to me just now that this is not my grandma, and the moment I saw cbd gummies louisville ky are cbd gummies good for inflammation this wax figure, I couldn science cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies louisville ky t help but breathe a sigh of relief.Fortunately, it s not my grandma, but why does the wax figure of my grandma appear here It seems that it s not just me, even Junli and the others are aware of this problem.All of them had stern faces, but they all looked at the wax figure with deep meaning.But at this moment, Yun Jing actually opened his mouth, suggesting that he should break open the wax figure to see what s going on When I heard Yun Jing s words, I was a little surprised.How could he propose to smash the wax figure What I didn t expect was that Gu Yicheng also agreed at this moment.

Instead, they kept their mouths shut and walked around .

can you get fired for taking cbd gummies?

the lake.stand up.The two of them checked around the lake in a tacit understanding for a while.Only Junli and I were left beside the wax figure.I glanced at Junli and wanted to say something to Junli, but I was a little embarrassed and couldn t speak.Seeing this, Junli asked me directly What s wrong I saw Junli asking me, so I said to him It s nothing.But as soon as I said this, I regretted it a little.After all, I really have something, and I especially want mota cbd gummies canada to ask Junli, why did I Grandma s wax figure will appear here, and why, my grandma s appearance on this wax figure is so disgusting In the end, someone knew we would come here and deliberately gave us hints.Or is it some coincidence, or maybe Grandma s dead body is cbd gummies louisville ky around here But wasn t my grandma s body cremated by Xiao Jue And my grandma s body is useless, what can a dead person s body do There were a lot of thoughts in my mind, and it was very chaotic for a while, and I didn t know how to speak to Junli about it.

Unexpectedly The moment we walked to the other side, an accident happened Not only did there appear huge fluctuations in the lake, but we could clearly see people walking around in the lake while standing on the edge of the lake.It looks like a huge palace, resplendent and magnificent Outside the palace, there were rows of maids cbd gummies louisville ky and eunuchs walking around, wearing ancient costumes, which were too gorgeous.Seeing this, my entire face turned pale.You must know that we stood beside the wax figure and looked at the lake just now, but there was nothing in it in the silence I know why At this moment, Yun Jing suddenly opened his mouth and said with a smile.His words naturally attracted the attention of all of us, and for a while our eyes were all focused on him, but Yunjing was acting mysterious at this moment, he only said half of what he said, and then stopped, even He also put on a very mean expression.

Junli replied to me lightly, but he didn t even bother to raise his eyes, and stared at the cloud scene under the water with all his attention, but I can also understand, after all, Junli has always said no He will help Yunjing, but if something happens to Yunjing, the first one to HCMUSSH cbd gummies louisville ky rush forward must be Junli.Yunjing underwater has already swam to the side of those court ladies and eunuchs, but Yunjing who swam to them seems to have discovered something, his eyes are full of shock, not to mention, even the movement of swimming is unbearable.He moved a lot faster, as if something was chasing him from behind, and swam in the water suddenly.Seeing this, I was a little worried, and asked Junli in a low voice, Is nothing wrong with him But Junli didn t answer me, his face was full of vigilance, as if something happened to Yunjing in the next second, Junli could jump into the water immediately.

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