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Officer Han, you can t just listen to cbd gummies and eliquis her side of the story.What s the hurry, I have a chance for you to speak.Han Chaoyang gave him a hard look, followed into the room and locked the anti theft door.It is inappropriate for a single man and a widow to live in the same room, first turn on the electric fan, ask the caller to sit down first, take out the key and open the front door what happens if a child eats cbd gummies cbd gummies and eliquis of the police room from the inside.Okay, let s talk about it.This wasn t even a security case, it was obviously a civil dispute, and Han Chaoyang didn t want the grumpy Jiang Erhu to wait too long in the backyard, so he sat down at his desk and got straight to the point.Officer Han, cbd gummy flavors that store really belongs to me.Zhang Beibei took a deep breath, took out a plastic document bag from her bag, unzipped it, and pulled out a stack of wills drafted by lawyers, materials stamped by the notary office, and identities.It is not because the wool came from the sheep, and all the money was spent on the property fees paid by the residents of the community, and it was not paid for by yourself.Following him into the office, Han Chaoyang stood under the air vent of the air conditioner to cbd gummies and eliquis cbd gummies canada cool off, took the disposable paper cup filled with water, and said straight to the point Manager Zhang, I have two things for you today.I wake up, and I want to ask for a favor.What s up, I can t talk about helping, just ask if you have anything to do.Everyone said that the property management is very strong, and the owner is very weak, but in fact the property management is not so easy to do.The owner of a community fired the squid from the property company.Manager Zhang also wanted to establish a good relationship with the police station, and handed him another cigarette.The first one to grab is the richest man.The king of luck is Police Officer Han.You are all rich people.Why do you want to grab our poor people s red envelopes, and think that the Gini index is not big enough 9494.Chen Jie is so funny, Han Zhaoyang raised his mobile phone and started a voice Stop complaining, I will borrow flowers to offer Buddha later, and put the just Spit out the big bag you snatched, talk about the business first, and report the situation first, Hong Liang, you come first.Yes, let s talk business, I m talking to the boss who talked about it last night, and I just arrived at the train station now On the flyover at the north exit, she not only issued false certificates, but also sold invoices, and when she saw people at the bridgehead, she would ask if they needed a certificate or an invoice, and if she saw anyone in uniform, she would hide.Hold on, everyone, and act according to the original plan.I got it, I will act according to the original plan.Officer Han, don t worry, I won t do it in the last two or three hours.It s a surprise.After reporting the news, Han Chaoyang turned on his laptop, plugged in the data cable, and saved all the photos and videos sent by the combatants today into the newly created folder.Then I looked at the monitoring records of Factory 527, and intercepted photos of the three men who showed up in the afternoon.Xiao Han, you just said to act according to the original plan, what was the original plan Assistant manager Xu asked curiously as he handed over a buy 25mg cbd gummies online cigarette.Once all the peddlers have returned to their lair, Lao Xu will watch over there, and the others will go back to the police station in a bright car to change their uniforms and get their equipment.Don t let anyone pick you up, watch the suspect.Yes Chapter 31 Personal Hero In order to let the director understand the case more intuitively, Han Chaoyang asked Lao Yang, the security captain of Factory 527, to go to the security department to get the laptop.Xu Hongliang was not idle either.When he was answering the phone, he turned on the lights in the two adjacent rooms, and found that the inside was more magnificent than the outside.There were piles of cardboard boxes full of blank fake evidence.In the entire warehouse, there is only one aisle that is barely accessible and two wire beds.It s not that the evidence cannot be collected, but that there are too many evidences, which are dazzling Han Chaoyang came in to take a look, and immediately asked Deputy Manager Xu for help.He took out one or two false certificates from a cardboard box, and placed them neatly on the tea table in the small living room that had just been cleaned.There is something wrong with my character, no wonder I haven t even been a police chief for so many years.Ding Ren There is indeed a problem with the character of the friend.He likes to flatter the leader.Although he has done a lot of work, solved a lot of cases, and arrested suspects a lot, almost no one in the police thinks highly of him.Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, and asked, What s the matter with Ge Baohua I didn t offend cbd gummies and eliquis him., when he was in the army, he liked to tell stories, and he even made small shark tank cbd gummies for diabetes episode reports from fellow villagers.Yang Yong had a chance to be transferred to cbd gummies and eliquis a non commissioned officer.Harring others and benefiting oneself The forest is big and has all kinds of birds.I would rather offend a gentleman than a villain.I couldn t control it this morning.I couldn t help but yell at him.If the security cbd gummies valentines best cbd gummies for hair growth team of Dongming Community can be included, not only the strength of the security company can be strengthened, but also some security fees can be earned to maintain the operation of the security company Lao Jin believed that Director Su and the street leaders would help to find a solution, so he said confidently cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies and eliquis As long as you have the determination to cut off your wrists, the community and even the street will help you find a solution for other matters.I will pay you back how much they fine you.You will pay me back Manager Zhang was dubious.Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and confirmed Manager Zhang, Lao Jin is now in charge of the establishment of the security company.After all the procedures are approved, he will be the manager of the security company.He will also be the captain of the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community.Wang Bing subconsciously asked Is he shorter than me, wearing a white T shirt with a few English letters on his upper body, and gray shorts on his lower body It seems to be.Han Da, it s him Search, search carefully There was nothing cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies and eliquis in the room, and he wanted to run when he saw someone in uniform.There must be something wrong.Pay attention to the mouth, pay attention to the checkpoints, I, Han Chaoyang, please pay attention to a young man in his early twenties, about 1.65 meters tall, wearing a white T shirt with English letters on his upper body and gray shorts on his lower body.Report your whereabouts immediately.Received at checkpoint number one, received at checkpoint number one.Received at number two, received at number two.Before the reply from the third checkpoint came through the intercom, a sudden message came from outside.Look at the police and confirm with a positive tone.There is no such person Han Chaoyang put down the police pass, looked at the room again, and said sharply, I can t read, I don t know why I buy so many evening newspapers, cbd gummies and eliquis cbd gummies canada and I m talking nonsense with my eyes open.Tell me honestly, what is your name, and where do you come from The young man looked sideways at the well and began to pretend to be deaf natures only cbd gummies para que sirve cbd gummies valentines and dumb.Jiankai, Xiao Xu, keep an eye on him.The preface didn t match the preamble, and now he s pretending to be deaf and dumb.If there what happens if a child eats cbd gummies cbd gummies and eliquis s no problem, he ll go to hell.Han Chaoyang gave him a hard look, turned on the law enforcement recorder, and started searching his phone with Wu Junfeng.After the search, the house he rented was searched.The result was surprising.Neither the ID card nor any suspected stolen goods were found.He smiled and said, Small community, big society small policemen, great achievements Secretary Ma, Secretary Yang summed it up in twelve words.It is both catchy and very appropriate, and it can be called a true portrayal of the work and life of our grassroots policemen.When I go back, I will ask the Political Department to use this two small and two big as a slogan to motivate community police.Okay, don t delay the anxiety any longer.For the chief s precious time, let s go to the punishment scene, Comrade Xiao Han, please show us the way. Yes Han Chaoyang climbed into the electric patrol car again, and turned on the police lights to clear the way for the leaders convoy.Guan Yuanyuan could only follow behind, clenched the steering wheel and gritted his teeth in anger, thinking to himself that so many people did the work, how could he be the only one who cbd gummies and eliquis cbd gummies canada deserved all the credit Thinking about how Secretary Ma and Ju Hong hadn t looked at him just now, the more Guan Yuanyuan thought about it, the more aggrieved and guilty he felt.Sister Su, what instructions do you have How can I, an aunt of the neighborhood committee, have the right to instruct you who sit in the office to turn on the air conditioner, Yingying, sister has been so busy these days that I forgot to ask how the last kiss was, yes Does Xiao Han feel it Huang Ying, who was about to get off work, laughed, and said with a chuckle Sister Su, stop joking, that unlucky bastard, how can I feel about him It is called a talented man and a beautiful woman.But people nowadays are very realistic, and the pressure of life is so great that people have to be realistic, especially when it comes to marriage.Although Huang Ying is not a HCMUSSH cbd gummies and eliquis second generation of officials or second generation of riches , her family conditions are still good.And with a degree, good looks, and a sonic imports cbd gummies stable job, you can find someone with better conditions in all aspects.Three patrol members who went out in plain clothes were tiptoeing out, and a member in uniform was entering the police room through the back door, opening and closing the door with the same care.Huang Ying thought to herself that what happened to him caused the patrol team to panic What s wrong with the bad luck, life is not easy, how can it be without ups and downs, a big man can t stand the setbacks too much.She slandered secretly, and pushed the car door lightly, unexpectedly, when the door opened, there was a sad, lingering, melodious, poignant, but very touching music sound outside.It is a violin piece with piano accompaniment.The beautiful piano sound is like a soprano singer singing softly, singing a series of forbearance and confiding melodies in a low voice, which is well proportioned, long, slow and calm.Who made you eat this bowl of rice Gu Guoli smiled, Just as I was about to say something, a few more cars came.Director Gu, who was guarding the door, greeted him, and walked toward the hall with several leaders who looked like he was reporting.The district leader is here, and the one wearing glasses is Deputy District Chief Lin.Master, do you know District Chief Lin It s not really acquaintance, I just met in a meeting.The master is not just a second level hero model in the national public security system , and also a representative of the Provincial People s Congress, Han Chaoyang realized that he was secretly complacent when a familiar voice came from behind him.Unlucky girl, did you see Sister Su Why are you here Huang Ying appeared here, and Han Chaoyang was very surprised.Everyone who can come from the street is here, this what happens if a child eats cbd gummies cbd gummies and eliquis is Just now, she was only paying attention to greetings, but didn t notice that there was a senior police officer standing beside the unlucky guy.The entrance of the Guan vegetable market occupies a place, and the fruit sellers are also taken care of by acquaintances, let her do it there first, and I can work here for cbd gummies and eliquis a few days.Yangguan vegetable market seems to be in the third and fourth teams of Yangguan The intersection.It s at the T junction between the third team and the fourth team, Officer Han, have you been there He maintained order there for nearly six hours last night, but it was too late, the vegetable market had closed, and he didn t see his wife, or even his fruit stand.Thinking of Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son being brutally murdered at home, and thinking that Wu Wei s villain had sneaked into the task force with his master Guang, and he, the first policeman who arrived at the scene, knew nothing about the case.Liang, asked calmly Boss Wang, do you know that two people from the third team of Yangguan died She s only five years old The proprietress knows a lot.I know you re coming.Han Chaoyang put down his chopsticks and pushed the freshly opened Laoganma Beef Sauce in front of him.He worked overtime every day and stayed up late every day.Nothing tasted like anything, and he couldn t eat without spicy sauce.Tang Junwei secretly thought that his own people don t need to be polite, so he simply smiled and said, Okay, I ll go wash my hands first.Hurry up, it will be cold if you don t eat.Just as Tang Junwei walked out of how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last the conference room, the phone rang suddenly, and Han Chaoyang smoothly Pressed the hands free button and asked, Zhen Chuan, have you come back Where have you been I ordered takeaway.Come back and eat together.On the scene.What s going on cbd gummies and bloating Han Chaoyang was surprised how a police case that wasn t considered a police case could be so troublesome, while Chen Jie, Li Xiaobin, Xiao Wu and the others found it inconceivable and looked at the phone in unison.The mobile phone cannot be immersed in water.Han Chaoyang put Jingwutong and his mobile phone on the desk, and asked eagerly, Zhihu, where is Director Su Get out, our mouth has been sealed.Let me check the monitoring first.Han Chaoyang took the towel and wiped his face, and ran into the monitoring room inside, only to see the brightly lit underground parking lot on the monitor, Director Su , Manager Zhang and the traffic police who just arrived are directing the owner to drive out the car in an orderly manner, and wait for them to drive all the cars away before dragging the vehicle that cannot be contacted by the owner.Sure enough, from the second, third, and fourth monitors, it was clear that the rain was rushing down what happens if a child eats cbd gummies cbd gummies and eliquis the ramp from the ground to the basement.A female car owner saw that the ramp was flowing down like a small river, so she didn t dare to drive up, and she forgot to pull the handbrake.It s connected.As long as the situation is clarified, Guan Yuanyuan was afraid that Grandpa Gu might misunderstand, so he hurriedly said, Old Gu, I have no other intention, just to confirm.The Political Department is waiting for a reply, I will report to the Political Department first.Chapter 112 The Most Handsome Policeman 3 Dongming Community, Room 1602, Building 8.Aunt Mi greeted her daughter who had just arrived home for dinner, while making a phone call Baoshan, Yunyun is home, don t worry, just take a detour, the food is reserved for you Director Wang, I, Mi Xianghong, along the way Can you go to River Park, rehearse at night Oh, oh, let s take a day off.Li Yun thought about it more and more natures only cbd gummies para que sirve cbd gummies valentines funny, and couldn t help raising her head and said Mom, I see that you go to Yanhe Park to play, and you are more active than you used to go to work.The office is too busy to deal with the four guys suspected of gambling for now, At the same time, in order to teach them a lesson and let them have a long memory, Gu Suorang closed it first, and then deal with it at night, and it is estimated that it will not be released until tomorrow.When Lao Xu got off work later, he was worried cbd gummies and eliquis about handing over Xiaopangdun to others, and he was even more worried about letting him go back like this.Han Chaoyang simply took him to the police office.The little guy was very upset, jumped out of the car and said angrily, You said you wouldn t arrest my dad, you lied Walking into the service room, he smiled and said This is not arrest, this is detention.Your dad will be back at noon tomorrow at the latest.You will be in the fourth grade in the second half of the year.When mentioning living on campus during the summer vacation, Han Chaoyang suddenly .

how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last?

remembered something, and said in a low voice Zhenchuan, the students who used to rent in Chaoyang Village are mainly students who have graduated, and several of them came back to rent cbd soul gummies beds.They say that eating at school is cheap and cbd gummies for alcohol addiction affordable, and living in a safe place.Except for the smaller space, other aspects are better than outside.This involves population management Yu Zhenchuan was taken aback, and subconsciously asked There is such a thing It s not news.Many senior students have no classes in their last year, and they don t plan to stay in Yanyang after graduation.They think it s a waste to rent out beds.Subsidize the tuition fees, and advertise on the Internet for rent.The rent is not expensive, just the one year dormitory fee, like 1,600 yuan, paid in one lump sum.On the surface, there is nothing suspicious about the owner, but he cbd gummies and eliquis cbd gummies canada My brother in law, Chen Yabing, has a criminal record and was forced to rehab for three months because of drug abuse.Later, he was arrested in Xindong City for trafficking, raising and smoking and was sentenced to three years in prison by the Xindong Intermediate People s Court.He was released in March the year before last.Director Feng looked back at Xi Hongbo who was still on the phone to give orders in the conference room, and continued According to the security guard of Hairun New Village, he and Gao Junfei were the ones who went to check the monitoring in November last year, and were in charge of the building of Building 5.The chief was there, because he said that your house hasn t started to be renovated, HCMUSSH cbd gummies and eliquis what materials are there in it, he quarreled with the building chief, and was very excited.Teacher Ma stood in front of a van downstairs in the cram school, looked at a former parent of a student in his forties with a smile, and said happily Chaoyang, you know who I met, I met Miao Haizhu s father, You should have an impression of Miao Haizhu, two years older than you, and I took you to her house for dinner when she was admitted to university.The name Miao Haizhu is not only impressive, but impressive Not very pretty, with outrageously good grades, one of the most promising girls in the town, almost all the parents of those students used her to talk to their children.My mother was her homeroom teacher when she was in the third year of junior high school, so I don t know how much I like her.At that time, her parents wanted her to apply for the middle school entrance examination, so that she could become a teacher and make money after she graduated from the normal school.Although the whole family is out to make money now, although the house what happens if a child eats cbd gummies cbd gummies and eliquis is deserted, it will definitely be very lively next year.He has just started working, how can he have the money to buy his own house, and at such an old age, it is really a big problem to think about it.Chen Xiujuan was helpless, and immediately changed the subject Since there is no one at home, let s stay in the camp.At least you don t have to cook by yourself in the camp.You re not left handed, and you can t even take notes until your injury heals, except to help the suspect downstairs to see what the suspect can do.Chen Xiujuan is planning to suggest that he go out to find friends, and see if he can use the few days of vacation to find him.One person, Guan Yuanyuan walked into the reception room with porridge.Morning, instructor.Han Chaoyang glanced at his girlfriend, and then said One more thing, I prepared a board of watermelon cream lozenges, a small pack of tissues and a small bottle of mineral water for each of you.If you have to sing for two or so hours, comrades with an uncomfortable throat can take a piece between the two songs, when the host is speaking, and when the light hits the host.You can sing one less song, But keep your mouth in HCMUSSH cbd gummies and eliquis place, wait for the lozenges to dissolve, and continue singing when your voice is comfortable comrades who are thirsty can also take advantage of the host to drink a few sips of water quietly, and spit on a tissue if they want to spit.You can move your legs and feet quietly.In short, make full use of the gap between the two programs.Xiao Han, you are so thoughtful It should be, right, once the lights turn on the stage, crappie gummies cbd you cbd gummies and eliquis won t be able to see the stage The audience is off, please watch my gestures when the time comes, don t be nervous, just like the usual rehearsal, okay, that s it, there are still ten minutes, hurry up and get ready just finished explaining here, the street invited The second group of guests has arrived.Leukemia Deputy Station Master Chang subconsciously asked.Well, the initial diagnosis is acute non lymphocytic leukemia, but the diagnosis, especially the specific type, depends on the results of the bone marrow aspiration.Leukemia, one sounds scary Thinking that the baby is so small and cute, he will be tortured by a serious illness, and even his life may be in danger, Han Chaoyang s heart suddenly became heavy.Director Su is a woman and a mother, and she felt even more uncomfortable.She raised her head and asked, Director Pang, when can the bone marrow puncture be done, and when will the test results come out It can be done tomorrow, but the baby s parents need to sign.Is there any risk in doing this test The risk is not very high, but bone marrow puncture is an invasive diagnosis and treatment item, and a consent form is required.Another example is that those irresponsible parents who are interested in money go to the police office and first cbd gummies valentines confirm the relationship between them and their children in a business like manner.Have a good cbd gummies and eliquis cbd gummies canada talk.As a result, plans are not as good as changes, and it may be more appropriate to describe it as it depends on people to make things happen.Everything was ready, but they didn t bring their children, at least the colleagues in the office and the eyeliners all over the street didn t find them.It s worth mentioning that Yu Zhenchuan and Wu Wei s luck was not very good, they went to Xinmin Community whenever they had time, but the guy who stole the battery car didn t go again, and they spent so many nights in vain.The only thing that is gratifying in the past few days is that under the leadership of Auntie Ye, the Foundation for Helping the Distressed and the Poor has done a great job.If cbd gummies and eliquis he resigns, it will be a big joke Master, I know this is not a trivial matter.I know that the bureau leaders want to train him to be your successor and set him up as a model, but it depends on whether he is willing or natures only cbd gummies para que sirve cbd gummies valentines not.We live in a real society, and we must use reality It is really an opportunity for him to be a university teacher, and to be able to engage in music that he is good at and he likes.The leaders of PolyU really need teachers to recruit from the talent market, and Chaoyang is not the only one who studies music.It s useless to say these things now, he has already set his sights on Chaoyang, and has already talked to Chaoyang.No, I can t pretend to be confused on such a big matter, I have to report to the bureau leader.Master, Chaoyang is your apprentice, yes You are very respectful I know, I know I shouldn t spoil his affairs, butbut such a big matter can t be hidden from the leadership of the bureau, public and private must be distinguished, if he hates, let him hate me.I have at least four opportunities to be transferred to the district committee to work in the organization.The Ministry has already talked to me, and it would be a lie to say that I am not tempted, but when things come to an end, I am reluctant to take off my police uniform.The young man did not disappoint, and Director Du was very happy and gratified, pointing to Grandpa Gu You Not to mention the master, with your master s qualifications cbd gummies and eliquis and contributions, now you don t have to go to work, and you don t need to record attendance.But your master is still on the front line until today.He doesn t want to let go of anything.The masses.Du Ju, I m not as exaggerated as you said.I can t be idle.If I can t be idle, I can go fishing and play chess.I can travel and see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.That s a good idea, let Xiaohan ask.Should we transfer Xiaohan from the Huayuan Street Police Station to the Xinyuan Street Police Station Old Du, we should think about it in reverse.There was nothing wrong with them, so their jobs are different.However, Xiao Han can t just ignore everything when he becomes the police stationed in the school.It s too troublesome, so I ll tell Liu Jianye later to adjust Xiao Han s work, Yangguan Village will let other cbd gummies valentines best cbd gummies for hair growth policemen take cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies and eliquis over, and Xiao Han only needs to be in charge of Chaoyang Community.It s arranged like this, no transfer, just adjust the division of labor.Zhou Ju smiled while tidying up his desk and getting ready to leave work Sometimes a loss is a gain, at least in this matter it can be considered a win win situation.They want to use Xiao Han This most handsome policeman raises the school s popularity, both to help us publicize, and also to increase the popularity of our branch.Although riding an electric bike is not afraid of traffic jams, it s quite a long way to and from it.It s so convenient to live here, and you do green lobster cbd gummies work can get there in ten minutes.What do you mean, what do you want to do Huang Ying knew him too well, and hurriedly hid aside.I just want to be with you Don t be a hooligan Han Chaoyang really wanted to be a hooligan , but there was nothing in the dormitory, not even curtains, so he didn t have the conditions to be a hooligan.Looking at her eyes, she said very seriously Yingying, move here, I will tell our mother when I send you back later.You tell our mother this Huang Ying was so confused.Well, we should not only tell our mother, but also our father.We are adults, not seventeen or eighteen year old children.They should understand.You don t ask me if I want to.Less than three days after I bought the property, the owners committee split up, and the owners stood in line, and then scolded and teared each other up.Some said the members of the owners committee were corrupt, and some said they were lazy and slack in governance.Anyway, what did they say All of them.When they were united to the outside world, they were really united.We sweated and even bleed together, but we didn t shed tears.However, after driving out the black property, many owners shed tears, and some even sold their houses and moved to other places.I don t want to be neighbors with the owners who once fought side by side, and I don t even have to be friends.The situation in the community is even more messy, with cars parked chaotically, small advertisements everywhere, and no one to clean up the garbage.The train will kill other passengers. Water is so precious, if I don t wash it, I won t wash it, I ll keep it to smoke you. How dare you Han Da, I m Xiaobin, would you like to send you a few barrels of purified water Water I said, why are you people like this During the meal, I heard from the leaders of the institute that more than 40,000 farmers suffered from drought.Not only did the summer grain harvest fail, but the autumn grain harvest was probably not much better.They couldn t even recoup the investment in seeds and fertilizers.Now even domestic water is in short supply.In some disaster stricken villages, the villagers have to spend money to buy water outside, and the cadres in the county and township are all helping the disaster.You are lucky, you have no sympathy, benifits of cbd gummies and you actually talk sarcastic.The big guy hired a car to pull it, Dongfeng big truck, and it cost more than two hundred to pull a can of water at that time.I only knew that there was a shortage of water in the west, but I didn t expect it to be like this.So you are lucky, born in A place where there is no shortage of water.While chatting and observing the movement of the surrounding mountains, there was a slight rustling sound from the bottom of the slope.Jiang Li s heart trembled, and he hurriedly put down his water glass and took out his baton.There is a situation Han Chaoyang was startled, and cbd gummies and eliquis quickly took out the stick.There are so many people at the bottom of the mountain, and those who may be climbing to the top of the mountain may not know whether they have guns.Jiang Li holds a baton in one hand, and takes out a police officer with the other hand to find the cbd gummies and eliquis instructor s number, ready to call at any time, staring at the bottom and shouting Who I, give you a power bank Sure enough, someone was climbing to the top of the mountain, and a childish voice came from the bottom of the mountain.There are no farmers in the forest area, and there are few decent roads.He can t run far with two legs.Just as he was speaking, the car drove away.Han Chaoyang staggered and almost fell because he didn t support him just now.Fortunately, an armed police soldier had quick hands and eyes, otherwise he would have fallen off the car.Instructor Hang didn t bother to tell him to be careful, and continued Although he can t run far, the terrain in the forest area is cbd gummies valentines best cbd gummies for hair growth complicated, full of mountains and mountains, and the vegetation is relatively lush, and there are only so many police forces that can be invested, so the superior decided to do as much as possible.Reduce the scope of the search.We are the vanguard, and our task is very difficult.After arriving at the Niangniang Temple, we divided into three groups and divided into three groups.After the secretary of the county party committee Gong finished speaking, the Wang Bureau announced the end of the ceremony, and ordered the police who participated in the ceremony to go back to the checkpoints to continue to check the passing vehicles to strictly prevent the ephedra grass from flowing into illegal channels Sequence boarded the car and returned to the detention center to continue on duty.The 15 day study and exchange period for the Yanyang policemen has expired.According to the arrangement of the county bureau yesterday, after the ceremony, everyone will go to the large conference room on the third floor to have a symposium with the policemen of the Longdao County Bureau, and then participate in the farewell banquet at noon.After dinner, go back to the hotel to pack your luggage and check out, and take the bus contacted by the county bureau to Xinlan.You know what the relatives said, people said that the old man was scolded to death by cbd gummies and eliquis you, He Pingyuan I scolded him to death What You didn t turn on the law enforcement cbd gummies and eliquis recorder, and there is no law enforcement video.Jiang Li and Zhang Tianxiang did not participate in the mediation outside, even if they participated in the mediation with you, their words would not be convincing without the law enforcement video.They need to intervene now Video, you can t get the video, a big living person entered the police station and died after returning, it cbd gummies and eliquis wasn t you, He Pingyuan who scolded him to death, but you, He Pingyuan, who scolded him to death. Secretary Tang, what kind of person cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies and eliquis am I, He Pingyuan , others don t know you can t know I know it s useful Secretary Tang slapped the table with a bang, pointed at him and roared What did I tell you, how did I train, and how did I usually How did I remind you We must enforce the law impartially and also protect ourselves.Han Chaoyang looked back at Old Tang, and asked, Teacher Hua, how was his performance during school Hua Yugang took a peek at Zhang Beibei again, and said bluntly Zhu Youwei is very smart and active.No matter what activities the college organizes, he actively participates in it.His academic performance was very good at the beginning, but later Later, he joined the School of sunshower gummies cbd review Chemical Engineering.Song Yaping got a job with him and started doing business in the school, selling this and that, and he might be sold tirelessly, and the students in the class didn t like to play with him.Doing business in the school, such a classmate Han Chaoyang also met been.It is really annoying to kill familiarity specifically.In fact, not only did he meet, Huang Ying and Zhang Beibei were also familiar with it, but Lao Zhu and his wife were very embarrassed, watching everyone not knowing HCMUSSH cbd gummies and eliquis what to say.Grandpa Gu and Old Tang didn t dare to stay for a long time, and they didn t even bother to eat the boxed lunch provided by PolyU.They .

can i bring cbd gummies oil on a plane?

hurried back to Chaoyang Village, which was undergoing a big move , to patrol.Turn left ahead and you will see the gymnasium.The school has prepared mats for everyone and provides boiling water.The locker room and bathroom are also open to everyone.There is air conditioning and you can watch TV.However, all those who live here at night must register.In addition, consider There are quite a lot of people today, parents please take good care of your valuables As soon as I walked out of the office building of the Security Office, I met several parents of freshmen who had fainted on campus.Han Chaoyang simply sent them to the entrance of the gymnasium and asked the PolyU security guards on duty to register them.Miao Haizhu suddenly realized that she was a quasi police wife and would only look at these issues from the perspective of a police wife., do you want to prepare some change of clothes for him I didn t dare sleep gummies yummy cbd to call, I don t know what he is busy with.Go ahead, it s all right.Really all right Huang Ying asked in a low voice.It s okay.You don t want to hold him back.It s not convenient to hit him.I ll hit him.Miao Haizhu said to hit him, made a face with Huang Ying, stood beside the patrol car and dialed Han Chaoyang s cell phone, Chaoyang, What are you busy with Han Chaoyang is still in the gravel factory at the moment, but he just drove the 110 police car to the side of the sand pile and was dozing off on cbd gummies and eliquis the lowered passenger seat.Iwe are protecting the site, Han Chaoyang looked back at Wu Wei, who was dozing on the steering wheel, and then turned his eyes to the big sand pile in front of him, yawning and asking, Sister Miao, how is the PolyU Have the parents of the students stayed here, and did anything happen at night Everything is normal here, and there has been no police incident since you left.Zhu reminded Brothers, strong dragons don t overwhelm local snakes.You d better take it easy.Don t act fake.I have to go to work tomorrow.I don t want to go to the police station with you.I know what we are doing, so it s okay.While speaking, cbd gummies and eliquis the No.3 car had overtaken the front of the convoy, and had to slow down in less than two minutes after overtaking, and cbd gummies and eliquis cbd gummies canada slowly stopped at the crowded village entrance.What are you doing, get out of the way, all the fuck out of the way for labor and capital Before Xu Hongliang could give an order, security guard Cai Shijie from Class 4 and security guard Zhang Yuchen from Class 6 pushed the door and got off the car, with stern faces and wide eyes, pointing to stop The villagers in front of the car asked cursingly.Two burly big bald heads There is a gold chain hanging around the cbd gummies stop smoking shark tank neck, bracelets on the hands, and a black Tang suit on the upper body.A master said that a person died at a construction site.The boss was afraid of fines, so he searched for a car overnight to put the dead person in a quilt Wrap it up and send it home.The dead people you brought over look like construction workers Not really.Don t call the police if you know it doesn t look like it, even if you call the police like a migrant worker Uncle policeman, I was wrong, we drank a little wine that day, our brains were not clear, and we were confused for a while.Do you remember the license plate number What license plate Number The car that threw the corpse is the one that transported the corpse to the bridge I don t remember, it s so far away, and I can t see clearly.How far away It s quite far anyway, it s here.The Red Star Store is so far away.Teng Jiming really didn t know where the Red Star Store was, so he could only ask You should know what kind of car, is it a car, a van, a small bread or a big bread It s quite long, no The car is not a small bread, nor is it an ordinary big bread, it is a kind of high end commercial vehicle.Speaking of this, Han Chaoyang s eyes lit up and he stared at the police car.Wu Wei asked Angkor, how long can the video taken by the driving recorder be saved It seems to be a loop shooting, one section covers another section, it should not be stored for a long time, maybe only five or six minutes.You are an old calendar By the way, you have a driving recorder installed in your car, how long can you keep it Han Chaoyang cbd gummies and eliquis shifted his gaze to Xu Hongliang.The memory of my driving recorder is 16G, which can record for about 240 minutes, and then overwrite.My memory is not too big, which is similar to that of a mobile phone.There is also 32G, which can record for a longer time, and can record for about 480 minutes., That s 8 cbd gummies valentines best cbd gummies for hair growth hours.Xu Hongliang paused, and then said There are more advanced ones, my friend just bought a car, and it is equipped with a cloud sharing driving recorder, which has an emergency lock function, choose to save Even if the memory is full, the emergency images will not be overwritten.It pure herbal cbd gummies reviews s urgent.The police car is parked at the entrance of the police office, and the driving recorder has just been installed this morning.We are not allowed to drive a police car or reveal our identities for the mission we are performing.Okay, I ll be right there.Three hundred and second Chapter Eighteen Tracking and Surveillance 1 Han Chaoyang asked Xu Hongliang to borrow a car, not to show off, but out of financial reimbursement considerations.The four online hailing cars just now were called by Tengda, and they were also taken by Tengda.No matter how much it costs, no matter whether the online car hailing driver can provide an invoice, Tengda will find a way to reimburse it.It was not Teng University s request to chase after Wu Wei.To put it bluntly, it is self assessment, and there is no certainty how long it will take to follow and monitor.After thinking about it, he lowered his head and glanced at the fuel gauge, planning to use as much fuel as he wanted to refill, anyway, he couldn t let his good brother suffer.The exit of the airport expressway is in Yandong District.As policemen of the Yandong Public Security Bureau, the two are familiar with the road conditions in Yandong.Although he knew the way, Wu Wei still turned on the electronic navigation on his mobile phone.Today s Internet companies are really powerful.Navigation software can not only plan routes, but even know which road has more vehicles and which road section is congested.It can directly catch up with the traffic management center of the Municipal Bureau in the application of big data.Han Chaoyang listened to the prompts in the navigation, avoided traffic jams and slow moving sections, and finally arrived at the exit of the expressway at 6 21.Yes.Whether the three murder suspects can be caught aside, there is basically no problem in the investigation of the gambling case, judging from HCMUSSH cbd gummies and eliquis the current situation, at least they can be seized Seven or eight million gambling funds, or even more If nothing else, this may be the first case of gambling in the province seized in the form of chalak , and it is also the case with the largest amount of gambling seized by the public security system in the province this year.Zhou Ju was really refreshed on happy occasions.Holding his teacup, he said with a smile, Xiao Han, you did a good job I just encouraged you to make persistent efforts and make new achievements in the police officer training cbd gummies and eliquis center a while ago, but in the blink of an eye, you have achieved such cbd gummies and eliquis a great result.Zhou Ju, in fact, I didn t do anything, I didn t do the work alone, even if I got results, I didn t do it alone.My father and my mother passed away one after another.If you want to talk to them now, they won cbd gummies valentines best cbd gummies for hair growth t cbd gummies valentines best cbd gummies for hair growth be able to hear you, so don t imitate me.Liu Suo, who is so serious, can say such emotional words Han Chaoyang was surprised and moved, and hurriedly said Thank you Liu Suo for reminding me that I want to be a good policeman and a good son.I also want to be a good apprentice While looking at the desk calendar, he said Xiao Han, your master will retire honorably in just over a month.Although he has not been transferred to our office for a long time, he is a role model for our branch and even our city s public security police.I discussed it with the instructor.I plan to hold a ceremony to congratulate him on his retirement, and you should also help to think about how to do this ceremony, whether the big guys join in and find a decent restaurant for dinner, or hold a farewell party.You know Wei Haicheng, all of them took their wives with them.Kong Xuekun likes to play on WeChat, and even sent the pass to Moments when the pass was issued.Counting their wives, there are already more than ten people Han Chaoyang asked calmly Old Song, do you know who started it Ding Songkang started it.He has a relative who works in a travel agency, and that relative helped book the air tickets.All the people who went there Have you gambled It s rare to go to Macau once, and I will play two games when I go.They seem to have played all of them, but they are not as big as Hang Weifang.There are losses and wins.Chu Hongbao won more than 6,000, and Jiang Yuan He also won, and the others seem to have lost, but they only lost three to five thousand.Where s Wei Haicheng Wei Haicheng is so smart.The master didn t mention that Han Chaoyang almost forgot the Fox Hunt of the sub bureau, and almost forgot the contractor who worked under Huo Xuebin.I called a few days ago, three times in total.The contractor surnamed Chu said that he was at a construction site at the intersection of Huanghe Avenue and Nanxing Road in the development zone.Okay, I ll go to the office first, then go to the sub bureau, and then go to the development zone from the sub bureau, and try to get back before two o clock in the afternoon.What are you doing in the office Grandpa Gu asked puzzled.Didn t the sub bureau allocate another police car for us Liu Suo wanted to borrow it for a while because the car was in short supply.Others went to pick up the car, and the police security office didn t necessarily give us the keys.So it is more promising what happens if a child eats cbd gummies cbd gummies and eliquis to work in the institute, Shi Ju smiled, and raised his arm to point to Han Chaoyang Chaoyang is a very typical example.He has natures only cbd gummies para que sirve cbd gummies valentines indeed made a lot of achievements since he joined the work.But if you put a criminal policeman or an old policeman on him, the superiors will definitely not pay as much attention to it now.In short, if you really want to be transferred to the criminal police team, I can help you greet the branch leaders.Stone Bureau, I, I am still here Let s do it in the office.The elder brother has already made it very clear, what else can Yu Zhenchuan natures only cbd gummies para que sirve cbd gummies valentines say.It can be heard that what he said was insincere.Han Chaoyang hurriedly changed the topic, and said half jokingly, Shi Ju, master is too partial.He often mentions Zhenchuan to you, but never mentions me.What do you have to say You are already the most handsome policeman in Yanyang, cbd gummies with turmeric and spirulina and you have already won the second class personal merit.Xiao Han, this is Section Chief Lei from the No Management Bureau, and this is Comrade Yang Xiaopeng from the No Management Bureau.Hello, Chief Lei, hello, Brother Yang, Han Chaoyang raised his arms in salute, then held Chief Lei s hand and said sideways The equipment installed by the suspect is in montreal cbd friendly gummies the attic of Room 3301, and the antenna is on the roof.The house is not Renovation, it s not easy to climb, I borrowed a ladder from the property manager, you two are experts, help us find out what the suspect is doing.Okay, let s go cbd gummies and eliquis in and take a look first.It s important to do business, and it s already off work time.Chief Lei didn t show any politeness, and walked into Lao Fan s house with a box containing monitoring instruments.It was also the first time for Kang Haigen to encounter such a case.I think you have been working cbd gummies and eliquis for nothing during this period of time.Look You are awesome Han Chaoyang was about to say a few more words when Xu Hongliang walked over and reminded in a low voice, Kang Suo, Chaoyang probably won t have time tomorrow, he s going to the provincial hall to attend the award ceremony for meritorious service.Ah Kang Haigen I really don t know, I can t help but look at Han Chaoyang.It seems to be commending 7.17 task force, I am not a member of the task force, I have not made much contribution to the investigation of the case, it does not matter whether I go 50 mg broad spectrum cbd gummies or cbd gummies and eliquis cbd gummies canada not.Han Zhaoyang thought to himself that this was his own case, and he couldn t drag others into the water but act as the shopkeeper himself.Seeing that Kang cbd gummies for sleep near me Haigen hesitated to speak, he continued Kang Suo, I have participated in several meritorious cbd gummies and eliquis service award ceremonies.It looks like a Chinese restaurant, a Western restaurant, and a dessert shop.Chinese fast food such as milk tea, fruit juice, fried chicken, French fries, steak, chicken chop rice as long as most of the snacks that can be seen on the market are sold here, the taste is neither good nor bad, and the price It s not expensive, the working class can afford it, and the decoration is very stylish, but the business has never been good since it opened, and there are not many customers no matter day or night.The young proprietress may feel that the store is too deserted, so she plays light music as usual.Sitting by the window on the first floor, Sister Wei looked at her phone for a while, and then looked up diagonally across the street.She barely drank the milk tea she bought.There is heating in the store, so she may feel too hot, or she may be worried that she will catch a cold when she goes out later.Maybe she was too old to work outside, so she came back and opened this farmhouse. We want The female drug dealer who was arrested may have been known by her during her part time job.Team Wang, there used to be two waiters in her house, and they all left when the mountain was closed in autumn.Can you see if it is these two people Tan Sifang called out Vital records, turned the what company makes cbd gummies computer monitor around.No.Wang Jianping glanced at it and said with certainty It s not these two girls.The female drug dealer we are chasing should have been here for less than a month.Maybe she didn t come to your station to file for registration.Although the scenic spot police station is a deputy department A level organizational unit, but not much better than a temporary unit.When the scenic spot is open to tourists and there are many tourists, the bureau will arrange for the police to come to support.Finding out her trajectory is just a matter of time.Already.Thinking that it would be soon possible to confirm whether the woman who sneaked into the community is Wan Xiaoxia, Grandpa Gu couldn t help laughing, and thought to himself that the boys are very professional, and high technology is good.The old man was about to sit down when a young man in the front row suddenly turned cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies and eliquis around and said, Da Han, Inspector Gu, I found it At 7 17 21, she entered the underground parking lot from cbd gummies and eliquis the east exit at 7 21 33 , into the fire exit of Unit 1 of Building 13 at 7 24 36, she came back the same way Han Chaoyang and Grandpa Gu immediately walked around to the front row and leaned over to look at the monitor.The woman in the white down jacket did not look suspicious at all.Judging from the trajectory of her activities, it was almost certain that she had a problem.With Xie Lingling, Sister Wei, who was following them, might mistakenly think that Miao Haizhu is also a PolyU teacher.Kang Haigen felt that such an arrangement was cbd gummies and eliquis more reasonable, and immediately picked up his mobile phone to call Miao Haizhu.Grandpa Gu was not idle either, he took over the command without hesitation, and raised the walkie talkie Chaoyang Chaoyang, Sister Wei followed Haizhu and Lingling to PolyU.You can call Hongliang quickly, or Xiaobin, let them Prepare in advance, we don t move here, so as not to overwhelm others.Yes, I will contact them immediately.It takes more than ten minutes to walk from Dongming Community to PolyU, which is enough time for Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin to prepare.As soon as Xu Hongliang received the call, he arranged for the team members to go to several intersections to wait.Ling Bin was surfing the Internet.When he saw Han Chaoyang standing at the door, he subconsciously stood up.Miao Haizhu squeezed into the duty room, sat on the bed and pointed to Xinxin who was sleeping soundly, and then pointed to the door.Ling Bin came to his senses, grabbed the cigarette and lighter, walked out of the duty room, and went to the kitchen with Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying.Officer Han, is there any news about Ziyue Ling Bin asked eagerly.Say it, I m dying of anxiety Huang Ying was more anxious than Ling Bin, pushing his arm to urge him.Han Chaoyang didn t know how natures only cbd gummies para que sirve cbd gummies valentines to organize his words, so he just gritted his teeth and said bluntly Brother Ling, you have been with Xinxin s mother for so long, in fact, cbd gummies valentines best cbd gummies for hair growth you have discovered that she has many abnormalities, but you didn t think about it.Hongliang, the anti pickup team originally only had three months of funding, and they will be disbanded when the three months are over.Then let Junfeng and the others go back, and now let a few good performing acting squad leaders, and the acting squad leaders don t need to raise wages., and they eagle hemp cbd gummies dosage are definitely willing to do it.You let someone replace you now, and after three months, you will kill someone else s substitute squad leader, will it dampen their enthusiasm, and how will you lead this team in the future Han Chaoyang sighed secretly, what a butt Deciding on the head, Xu Hongliang s views and thoughts on issues after he became the general manager are really different from before.Although Li Xiaobin has also been promoted and is now the deputy manager of the security company and the deputy captain of the community voluntary security patrol, his views on issues are far from comprehensive.Although the lads have just started to engage in counterpickups, Lao Ji and Lao Wu are not newbies.They arrested four crimes yesterday and arrested seven suspects.The Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station dug in and out Checked, and arrested three accomplices in one go.Zhou Ju was amused, and laughed This kind of property infringement case is solved in a series, and it should be able to solve several small cases.Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station The police station is investigating, and I don t know how many cases will be broken. It was just established yesterday morning, and the results came out in the afternoon.Boys from the Anti Picking Squad.Okay, when will you go and tell me.By the way, how many did the Fourth Squadron catch yesterday The Fourth Squadron caught three yesterday, and Lao Feng just beat Jiang Guangdong in the morning.I was going to buy a ticket to go back.When I arrived at the station, I saw that child., exactly the same as my nephew, I I was just confused for a moment How could Mr.Ji believe his words what happens if a child eats cbd gummies cbd gummies and eliquis easily and continued to cross examine.Wang Xiande is also cooperative, answering every question.It s easy to check whether the situation he explained is true, but it doesn t sound like he s talking nonsense.Wu Wei thought it was pointless to continue the interrogation, so he walked out of the police room and called the head of the duty to report, with a somewhat disappointed tone.What s the matter, I m sighing.Han Chaoyang looked at the mother and child sitting inside through the electric sensor door.It turned out to be abduction in the end.I thought it was abduction.Han Chaoyang really didn t understand, and asked subconsciously, Is there a difference First, the object requirements HCMUSSH cbd gummies and eliquis are different.Before they left, they talked with Liu Suo and the instructor in the yard for a while, and it seemed that they had not yet decided on the candidate for the deputy director, so they asked Liu Suo and the instructor to study the division of labor of the leadership team of the next institute.One carrot, one hole, no position, no way How cbd gummies and eliquis can you not arrange someone to take over if you have a position You have to ask the bureau leader, I said Han Chaoyang, do you have any ideas Sister Chen, this is a big joke.It s not up to me to have an idea, you have a great chance, think about it, you and Sergeant Yang both have chances.People walk to high places, water flows to low places, since wearing this police uniform, who doesn t want to make progress.Chen Xiujuan really had some ideas.After all, several deputy department level cadres in the sub bureau were raised from the cbd gummies and eliquis internal staff, but these thoughts can only be kept in her heart, and she said calmly Why are you talking about me I think Sergeant Yang has a chance.I will now interrogate you according to law.Please put your mobile phone and both hands away.Put it on the table, where we can see it, no whispering, no small movements, you can raise your hand to ask for leave if you need to go to the bathroom I m going to the bathroom.hand.Old Ding, please arrange for two people to take him there.Yes There is nothing wrong with it, and it is almost certain that there must be what happens if a child eats cbd gummies cbd gummies and eliquis fish in this net.Instructor Gu took out his mobile phone to check the time, and walked out of the restaurant calmly.Run to the explosion proof car and knock on the window.Han Chaoyang realized that the old leader must have something to do, so he hurriedly opened the door and jumped out of the car.Chapter 514 Large Inquiry 4 Instructor, what s the matter Instructor Gu looked back at the lobby of the hotel and said in a low voice, Chaoyang, there are so many suspicious people to be interrogated, I don t know when we will get them.Our security guards The company is really a hidden dragon and crouching tiger, there are people who know some crafts, some who have studied machining technology, and some who HCMUSSH cbd gummies and eliquis have even studied medicine.Who has studied medicine As the manager of the security company, Xu Hongliang really didn t know that there was such a subordinate.Zhang Beibei smiled sweetly and said, Fan cbd gummies and eliquis Zhiyang from class 6 has attended health school before and studied Chinese medicine for a few days.He was a hygienist in the army.I didn t know it at first.Once he was on duty in Dongming Community, and he went to the hotel to see Lingling and the others after get off work.During the rehearsal, Lao Guan suffered from frozen shoulder, and his arm hurt badly that day, Fan Zhiyang helped him pinch it for a while, and after pinching it, the pain was gone.I almost made you feel wronged.What wronged you, I was there to help, Believe it or not, I really never thought about making shark tank eagle cbd gummies any contribution.Chaoyang, it s not too late for you to think about it now.Wu Wei, I m glad you think so.But today, even though I m retired, I still want to talk about it.Speaking of you, let s talk about Zhenchuan later.It s dangerous to arrest suspects suspected of robbery and murder.How can you catch them like you did this morning It s lucky that nothing happened, and we can t do this in the future.When encountering troubles, we must calm down and think about it.Act after careful consideration.Chapter 545 Netizens questioned that the Spring Festival is approaching, and people have to go home for the New Year.Literary and artistic youths who do not want to live with each other and want to find poetry and distant places while they are young are no exception.On the way back to the cbd gummies and eliquis police office, I kept reminding myself to maintain a normal mind.However, Huang Ying had a hard time keeping calm, so she sneaked in to make a phone call.Have you gone to the police station Yes, just came back.Han Chaoyang greeted Old Tang, and without rushing into the police room, he stood in the police car and held up his mobile phone and said, Didn t you say yesterday that this This kind of thing is that if you care about it, you will be chaotic.It is best to do nothing, and you have to trust the organization.I am also willing to believe in the organization, but when public opinion comes out, it is impossible for the department monitoring public opinion to not see it.So far cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies and eliquis there has been no response.That s abnormal You re working as a clerk, and you re thinking of being 100 mg cbd gummies for sale a leader.Qian Nana lost no time in saying Officer Feng, Yanyang Online is not like our Yanyang Daily.The website has many pages.If the branch is interested, you can create a column.You can provide the content, and even give the branch permission.What does the branch think When it s time to publish, you can publish whatever you want, and you can edit it in the background as you want. Yanyang Online is one of Yanyang s several portal websites, and the owner of the website seems to have jumped out of the provincial newspaper.Not a small amount of advertising newspapers.Although the current traffic of this website is not large, it is cbd gummies and eliquis cbd gummies canada still very large compared to the branch s official website, official Weibo and official WeChat public account.Propaganda has tasks, and it would be great if a column for the Yandong branch could be opened on the portal website.Seeing Miao Haizhu heading towards the gate of the ticket office, Han Chaoyang simply stopped in his tracks, held up his mobile phone and asked with a smile, Qi Suo, I m Han Chaoyang, what instructions do you have Are you kidding, what instructions can I have.Director Qi looked back at several subordinates in the institute, and said happily Chaoyang, I just saw the video of you catching wanted criminals with guns in the Northwest.The leader has also seen it.It s too late, the fugitives didn t hit you a few times, you are really lucky, you will have good luck if you survive. What video Han Chaoyang was busy washing his face at the East Long distance Bus Station., I really don t know what happened on the Internet, and I was confused by what was said.You caught the video of the Ministry of Public Security s A level wanted criminal when you went to the Northwest to communicate.In short, the next step of publicity should be around the newly established voluntary security patrol brigade.Okay, no problem, the materials are ready made.Political Commissar Huang looked at Director Wen and couldn t help it.He said with a smile The video of leading the team to patrol the streets is imposing.The few videos of them catching up with the squadron against the squadron are shocking and have a strong visual impact.We will pay close attention to the reactions on the Internet, grasp the rhythm, and choose the best It s cbd gummies and eliquis a good time for further publicity Chapter 562 The news pushed by the police station s WeChat public account must be forwarded as soon as possible.The community s WeChat public account Chaoyang Volunteer Security Patrol has a lot of followers.A few months ago, I helped the sub bureau, Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station attract traffic.Mr.Han, stop kidding, no matter how popular I am, I am not as popular as you, no matter how hot I am, I am not as popular as you are, and without you and Teacher Xie, I am not as popular as Zheng Yutong today.Youzhi s parents suddenly changed the subject Mr.Han, can you say a few words to my dad He doesn t support my live broadcast and is worried that I will learn to be bad.You said I am the kind of person who can learn to be bad.Is it It s really pitiful to the world s parents, but her parents worries are not unreasonable.Since she participated in the flash mob and became popular on the Internet, and since she was hailed as the campus beauty of PolyU, every time she broadcasts a live broadcast, many netizens watch it.Among them, there are many wealthy local tyrants and morally corrupt bastards.After waiting for nearly two minutes with lingering fear, Han Chaoyang took a few deep breaths and dialed Jiao Qin s cell phone again Mr.Ms.really can t get away, and it s not like we can t refund it to you.Do you have time If you have time, it s best to come to the property office of Xingye cbd gummies and eliquis Plaza.We need to see your ID card, and we need your help to sign it.Then I will return the money to you face to face.I m very responsible at the moment, what are you doing I m sorry, we We considered the rental period of the venue on the one hand, and on the other hand, we really couldn t turn around at that time, but we still have Sincerely, otherwise I would not contact Ms.Jiao, and I would not contact the members who have applied for the annual card and half year card in our fitness center one by one.In such a cold day, wearing so little clothes, he was tall and looked very strong.Yang Bailing became more nervous and subconsciously stand up.Where are you I m here.I m inside, Mr.Cao, I ll go out to pick you up.Han Zhaoyang said the answer, but he didn t intend to go out at all.Instead, he guarded the door with Wu Junfeng and waited.The kid outside pushed the door and came in.The sound insulation effect of the door was not good, Yang Bailing could hear clearly, and hurriedly raised his arm and pointed in Hello, did you ask Jinshi Fitness Center to refund the card Yes, the young man looked at The environment of the office, turned around and asked From here Yes, the people from Jinshi Fitness Center are inside.Thank you.The young man walked over and pushed open the hidden door without any suspicion of fraud.mobile phone, and asked Where did do cbd gummies give you a body high this mobile phone come from I bought it, and if I didn t buy it, could it be stolen I bought it for some money Where did the money for expenses and other expenses come from You don t care where I got the money from Cao Wenjue gritted his teeth angrily even talking to the police like this, leaned over to pick up his phone and clicked on Alipay, and his head grew dizzy.Pointing where to purchase condor cbd gummies at her, he roared Jiao Qin, you are crazy You don t know how to repay credit cards, Huabei, and IOUs, and you dare to borrow money online, and it s still 10,000 yuan once you borrow it.What are cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies and eliquis you paying back cbd gummies and eliquis What are you yelling at, don t yell at me, I didn t use your phone to borrow it.The money has already been borrowed, and she has already spent thousands of dollars, Han Chaoyang really can t control this matter.Considering that our team members come from the community security service company, PolyU and the Sixth Form The three units of the hospital may not be able to communicate smoothly in case of emergencies, and the leader of the public security corps, who accompanied Director Wang to inspect, proposed to equip us with a brand new intercom system.The lines are separated like mountains, see Cao Zefang can t explain clearly, Lao Ding I couldn t help explaining It s the kind of walkie talkie made by China Telecom.As long as there is a 4G signal, you can talk.It cbd gummies and eliquis cbd gummies canada will cost a lot of money.But Director Wang said, he can t come for nothing, he can t just talk in plain language, the provincial department will match us.Really Can cbd gummies and eliquis it be fake Lao Ding said with a smile The secretary wrote it down natures only cbd gummies para que sirve cbd gummies valentines at the time, and I think it will be available soon.If I knew that I would not take the postgraduate entrance examination if I was beaten to death like this.Han Chaoyang didn t know what he was thinking.After the call, he put down his phone and asked, Xiao Guokang, you just brought your luggage here.Did the institute provide you with equipment I didn t expect to ask about the equipment.Chen Jie thought to herself that this kid was embarrassed, and said with a chuckle, What is Han Da He s called Master.Sun Guokang couldn t help but say embarrassingly I think Call Han Da more formally.Han Da is Han Da, it s good to be called Han Da.Han Chaoyang was not used to the new identity imposed on him by the leaders of the old unit, so he turned around and said, Chen Jie, Aunt Ye and Teacher Liang will come over immediately.Guokang and cbd gummies valentines best cbd gummies for hair growth I accompanied Aunt Ye and Teacher Liang to Taoyuan to have a look.Master is mainly worried about the police department.I don t care about your work, I just want to know what you plan to bring to New Year s greetings at noon tomorrow.Yes, For Chinese New Year, you can t be empty handed.Wife, what would you like to buy Huang Ying chuckled I cbd gummies and eliquis m just kidding, my mother prepared it for you, it didn t cost money, and it was given to our family.Yes It s nice to have a good family, to be exact, it s nice to have a good mother in law, and I don t have to worry about these things.Han Chaoyang was secretly complacent, Huang Ying suddenly smiled and said By the way, your master will give you lucky money for the new year.You cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies and eliquis are also a master now, and you also have apprentices.Do you want to give your apprentice some lucky money Sun Guokang s New Year s money Well, aren t you his master Are you kidding He s older than me.Han Chaoyang asked while the iron was hot If it is a criminal case, what if it was committed in our jurisdiction Then we must take care of it, what crime did he commit I don t know.What don t you know Zhang Zhi, you are experts in handling cases, and our public security police are assisting you.Just like you said just now Yes, as long as they are fugitives, we have the same obligation and responsibility to arrest them, but after they are caught, it is not our business in the Zhongshan Road Police District.I can hand him over to you.What about after the trial Zhang Xugang paused, and then asked, What if after the trial it is found that he did not commit crimes while absconding That s your business, you can hand him over again Give it to the competent unit, such as the Huayuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang took another puff of cigarette, and then changed the subject.The police handling the case of the Menbei County Public Security Bureau did not find out until later that the kid who ran away had never traveled far before he ran away, and he probably never left Menbei County.And he is not completely idle, he can drive a loader, If you have a job, you will do it, if you don t have a job, you will hang out with a bunch of brats, and .

are there cbd gummies for dogs?

the interview found that he had never taken drugs before reuniting with Qiao Peimin.Where are the other four brats No matter how they asked during the interrogation, they all insisted that the methamphetamine was given by the boy who ran away.Looking at Team Ni s thoughtful look, Han Chaoyang added The location of Menbei County is remote, and the county seat is very small.The suspect was arrested for fifteen minutes The former natures only cbd gummies para que sirve cbd gummies valentines came out of the foothold, and Xiao Sun was quite responsible and offered to follow along.Commissar Huang looked up at Director Du, and asked with some embarrassment, How did you inform them I didn t hide anything.Han Chaoyang grinned, and continued The other thing is about the situation of our branch office.I said that we are under a lot of pressure to handle the case, and there are many strike indicators.I found that the surname Qiao behaved suspiciously, so I asked the leader on duty for instructions., and then went to the bureau to open a letter of introduction, and arranged for Lao Hu and Wu Wei to come with them.Youth has its advantages, youth is full of vigor, and inexperienced, the old seniors should allow young people to make mistakes.The standard of 50 grams is too low, and it is an insult to the term principal offender Chapter 643 2.12 Task Force 2 Our sub bureau cracked a lot of drug cases a year, and there were very few cases where more than 100 grams of drugs were seized.The standard of 50 grams is not low You are in Yanyang, this is Beijing , The situation is different, so we have to treat it differently.The standard must be set at least 200 grams, and I can t talk to the leader if it is lower than 200 grams. Song team, although I am not a professional drug dealer, I have seen and heard about it.I have had many drug cases, don t fool me, no matter where it is, a seizure of hundreds of grams of drugs at a time is a big case.Song Kaiqiang never thought that he would have a day of bargaining with his counterparts from other places, so he couldn t help but said with a smile One hundred and fifty Ten grams, this standard cannot be lowered Han Da, you have to consider the morale of the team, we also have to consider the feelings of the brothers, and the next investigation must be dominated by us, at least we have to do more than you A lot.Even if we are from Qingshan, there is nothing strange about it, the county has a population of more than 70 Wan, it s not surprising that there are a few black sheep. Do you know where that little bastard is hiding I don t know, the people who provided clues met him the day before yesterday and the day before yesterday.No matter where the suspect is from, This case has to be solved, otherwise I will be embarrassed to enter PolyU in the future.Miao Haizhu came to her senses and urged, Hurry up and call Qisuo, and ask Qisuo for help, will you call or should I call The mobile phone of the director of the hometown police station This call is better if you make it early.The son of Principal Wu s family of Linshan Town Central Elementary School got married.He not only invited town cadres such .

what does cbd gummy feel like?

as Lao Han, but also invited several middle school teachers who got along well, such as Mr.There s no rush when this kind of thing happens.Drive slowly on the road and be careful.What a pity for the parents all over the world.Han Zhaoyang thought about it and added I don t have time in the evening, I ll ask another fellow does herbalist cbd gummies really work from my hometown to accompany you to have a meal, and then ask her to accompany you to apologize to them.I will arrange the place to live, so you don t need to book a hotel.Okay, thank you Officer Han.It s good to have a relationship, Bao Changzheng felt a lot more at ease, and after thinking about it, he said Officer Han, there is one more thing, even though I have been driving for decades, Yanyang I I haven t been here a few times, and I don t know anyone here, so I don t know what kind of lawyer to hire.Han Chaoyang also had no experience with lawyers, and thinking of the Chaoyang International Youth Hostel he just passed by, he blurted cbd gummies and eliquis cbd cbn sleep gummies out This is not necessary.Their car was parked in Shuimu Nianhua, but Mr.Tao was not in a hurry to send them to get the car.Sitting in the car and waiting at the gate of the police station for five or six minutes, seeing Han Chaoyang coming out in the police car, he immediately honked the horn.Mr.Tao, why haven t you left yet Waiting for you.Mr.Tao turned his head to look at the four nominal subordinates, and introduced Songping, Lao Song, let s get to know each other.This is the one who is in charge of our construction site.Police Officer Han, if it wasn t for Officer Han s help, you would have been fined not only this amount, but you might even have to go to the detention center.No wonder the guy surnamed Guo was very polite afterwards, it turned out that Mr.Tao had helped find someone.Hu Songping pushed down the car window and took a look, and found that the policeman sitting in the police car looked very familiar, so he couldn t help asking Officer Han, have we met somewhere Han Chaoyang smiled while holding the steering wheel Yes, last night I met you at the cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies and eliquis youth hostel, but you can t remember Mr.Their Han Chaoyang didn t dare to eat, so he looked at his phone again I have to go back, there is something wrong with the unit, bosses, see cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies and eliquis you later.Han Chaoyang said to leave, Hu Songping asked curiously President Tao, what are you doing Found him I don t know him, I m looking for Director Huo of the engineering headquarters, and Director Huo called him.I knew he was a policeman earlier, so I don t need to alarm Director Huo.Hey, it s embarrassing this time.It s really embarrassing. Do you still know how to be ashamed Mr.Tao turned his head and glared at him, holding the steering wheel and said Go, first go to the water to soak up the years, and take a bath to get rid of bad luck. What kind of bath, I I need to talk to Boss Yang.If you spend more than 100,000 yuan a year, you will be reported if you play a few rounds of mahjong.The person who reported the case was a man in his forties who lived in Taoyuan New Village and liked to catch fish and shrimp.Last year, someone electrocuted himself to death in the Chaoyang River.He learned his lesson and bought more than a dozen ground cages instead of electric fish.Considering that the cleaners who are responsible for river management and cleaning work during the day, he went to work every day.After dinner, I ran to the river to release the cages, and got up in the morning to collect them.Every year, the district puts its own fry into the Chaoyang River.Now neither electricity nor net fishing is allowed, and even fishing is not allowed.It is conceivable that he will harvest every day.Although Han Chaoyang also served as the river chief, that was in the past, and he was only in charge of the river section south of Chaoyang Bridge.It was not known if it was a murder.Deputy Director Xing was taken aback, and hurriedly said Chaoyang, protect the scene and contact the Huayuan Street Police Station as soon as possible.I will report to Xi Da immediately.The criminal police, technical police and forensic doctor will be cbd gummies and eliquis here soon.Yes Chaoyang called and learned that a dead body was found in the jurisdiction.Bao Qingshan got big and said eagerly Chaoyang, don t let the informant go, I ll be right there.Master Luo is by my side, he won t leave.Okay, wait.Lao Luo didn t expect that the person lying on the grass was a dead man, and he was so frightened that he couldn t keep his wits about him.He took out a cigarette and wanted to light it.Over there.Forget it, if you can t smoke, don t smoke.Tie Jun, don t cbd gummies valentines best cbd gummies for hair growth worry about it here.Go to the gate of the factory and wait for Bao s office.Han Chaoyang went around fighting fires like a firefighter on the night of New Year s Eve.He was so busy that he didn t even have time to eat lunch.He was so busy that he dragged his exhausted body back to the police room until after 7 o clock in the evening.When Jiang Xiaomin took over, he went to the cafeteria of the No.6 Hospital to make a meal for him.As soon as he came back, he took it natures only cbd gummies para que sirve cbd gummies valentines to the security room of the No.6 Hospital to heat it in the microwave.Han Chaoyang sat down and took a sip of water, opened the drawer and took out the work log.Just as he was about to write beyond cbd gummies down the things he did during the day, two old men, Ji Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge, were carrying a bag and a big thermos in a bag.Walked in leisurely.Chaoyang, what are you up to Writing a diary, Han Chaoyang looked up at them and asked curiously, Uncle Ji, why did you come back so late Did you really go to the fertilizer factory today Go, Stayed at the scene for a while, then wandered around the fertilizer factory, unknowingly turned around all afternoon.Institutes and teams, which are part of government affairs disclosure, must be posted on the official website of the branch bureau.Lao Ding s news was as good as ever, and he called Han Chaoyang who was in Chenjiaji just after the party committee meeting of the sub bureau.Chaoyang, I said Bureau Feng was in charge of the part that Bureau Du was originally in charge of, but I didn t expect to adjust the division of labor in generation cbd gummies Bureau Fan.How did you adjust it Han Chaoyang asked knowingly.Assist the director in charge of party building, emergency response, targeted poverty alleviation, and key project construction, assist the director in charge of the national security brigade, voluntary security patrol brigade, and food and drug environmental brigade, and contact the Huayuan Street police cbd gummies and eliquis station and Xinyuan street police station. But except for those who sent out the assisted investigation letter and haven t received any feedback yet, after being excluded by you, there are only three people cbd gummies and eliquis left Ji Kaiyuan picked up the remaining three personnel materials , stared at Han Chaoyang and said And one of them was doing business in other places, and he didn t come back for the Spring Festival, and no one saw him come back.He went to work in the south on the ninth day of the first lunar month, and the cbd gummies and eliquis cbd gummies canada other was arrested a few days before the incident.The unit sent them on a business trip, and the two of them went together.No time to commit crimes Han Chaoyang asked absently.Not only did they not have time to commit crimes, they were not lame, and they cbd gummies and eliquis were not found to be related to the victim during the investigation.Han Zhaoyang said so much just now that he just wanted to go back to sleep early, but Mr.Ji Kaiyuan said without hesitation Even if it is gout, what does it mean Isn t there something wrong with his feet Lao Ding was cbd 250mg gummies also very surprised.He stood up and leaned over to take a look, and pondered Wei Ping s situation is also very clear.He went to learn crafts as soon as he graduated from elementary school.He is an ordinary carpenter and honest.Not to mention no criminal record, even He has kanibi cbd gummies never blushed with anyone.His wife is a foreigner, and she used to be lazy.Maybe when the child grows up, she can no longer make money, so she goes to work as a handyman in a restaurant in the city.It is also unlikely that their family has any contact 2400 mg cbd gummies with the victim.Since it s impossible, let s go Han Chaoyang was muttering, when Miao Haizhu suddenly asked Inspector Ding, Wei Ping was investigated by you, do you know where her wife is from I really don t know, this is not the focus of the investigation.Afraid of what will happen, the good brother really wants to take a drastic action.Han Chaoyang s head got bigger, and he said with a bitter face, I m trying to figure out a way.You can think of a way slowly, but Junfeng and the others cbd gummies and eliquis can t wait, Zhang Beibei took over the conversation and said seriously, Junfeng and his social security and medical cbd gummies good to sell insurance are The Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security deducts it from the account of the security company on a monthly basis.Now it is different from before.It cannot be in arrears, and under normal circumstances, it cannot be repaid.If the file is interrupted due to our reasons, it will directly affect Junfeng and the others when they buy a house in the city.Now The house price is going up gradually, let alone a year, even half a year Han Chaoyang was confused, and asked puzzledly, Bebe, what does this have to do with buying a house Yes, and it has a lot to do with it.The relatives of the deceased signed the agreement and wrote a letter of guarantee.Liu Qiuping put down his bag and added On the way back, I called to ask Next, the body of the deceased has been sent to the funeral parlor for cremation, and I will assist the engineering headquarters to solve the problem within 24 hours.If I were Director Huo, I would call him to ask for credit.So it was this matter, I heard Lao Fan mentioned it, and I didn t expect it to be resolved so soon. I thought you didn t know. Yes, the original plan was not to arrange for Han Chaoyang to go to Jiangcheng to observe and study with Feng Ju and the others.Because of this matter, he didn t go.Regarding the security of Yandong International Marathon, Liu Qiuping subconsciously asked It s not a big problem that Han Chaoyang didn t go, did the manager of Chaoyang Community Security Company go Anyone going with Lao Feng Go, Xu Hongliang from the security company, Zhang Jinhai from the cbd gummies daytona beach fl school security team at the PolyU security office, and Section Chief Xiao from the security department at the Sixth Hospital.Many people held up their mobile phones to take pictures.The street leader who was the loudest just now realized that the situation was out of control.He was so angry that he turned around and asked angrily Your name is Sun Guokang, right What did you ask you to do Do you want me to give it to you personally Your bureau leader called Director Wang, there is no need to alarm our bureau leader about this matter.It is fine not to disturb your bureau leader, I will wait and give pure vera cbd gummies where to buy you five minutes This is for Sun Guokang to take a few stabs first.First, Han Chaoyang realized that he could no longer hide in the back and watch the excitement, so he hurried to the front and smiled, Hello, Director Wang, sorry, sorry, I just finished handling a police case, so I m late.Xiao Han is here Xiaohan, it s just in time.He looked back at the purse full of money behind him, put down the wine bottle and said, Anyway, they will find them sooner or later, why don t we just go back cbd gummies and eliquis and give them the money.As for Jiangzhong s money, I really have no choice but to go to jail at worst.Brother Xing, you can t be confused Jiang Yonggen was startled, and said sternly At that time, it was fine as soon as he left, and he owed money if he owed money.If you don t cbd gummies and eliquis pay it back for a thousand years, it s not bad for ten thousand years.In the middle of the river.Going back now is at most a surrender.If they should be arrested, they will still be arrested, and if cbd gummies and eliquis they cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies and eliquis should be sentenced, they will still be sentenced, and the sentence may only be reduced by a few months.When the money is returned, will they be arrested and sentenced Brother, in this world, having money is different from not having money If you have money, you pay back everything that should be paid.You like to do unfinished projects You took the entrance fee from Jiangjian Group and the project deposits from several bosses in Jiangzhong.But he ran to Yanyang to pick up the project without helping others finish the work.Our Yanyang project disappeared after a few days, which is not good Officer Han, listen to my explanation, I was also forced to There is no way There is a problem to solve the problem, and you have to face the difficulty when you encounter difficulties.What s the point of leaving Han Chaoyang gave him a sharp look, and asked sharply, Why did we come all the way from Yanyang to find You, you should know it in your heart.Attitude is everything now, let me tell you a happy word, where are the wages of the two hundred thousand workers Is it a blessing or a curse, and the disaster cannot be avoided.

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