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Then an idea popped up in Tang Shuang s mind, the more she thought about it, the more feasible she felt, that is, just give it an eunuch Open another one.At this time, he suddenly saw someone replying in the comment area, and he clicked on it, and it was a reader called Walking a Wolf Way who scolded Tang Shuang s reply.Of course Tang Shuang couldn t show weakness, not to mention that this buddy scolded Brother Sanjian This couldn t be tolerated, so they got into a fight with walking a wolf s path.The two scolded each other in the comment area.Although they scolded fiercely, there were no crowds watching Xiaoshuang Xiaoshuang Jingjing is pooping on the balcony Candy s voice came, and Tang Shuang realized that he had been at war with someone for a long time, and the comment area was in a mess.Candy squatted under the table for a while, and finally couldn t hold back and ran out.I saw Xiaoshuang .

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playing with the computer, and she started to move a long time ago She was very angry, and asked loudly why she lied to the child, and jumped up to flick her brother s forehead Chapter 9 The little girl wants to rebel because she feels cheated, the pure little girl Tang cbd gummies carry on Shuang was so angry that her trust was tarnished, she ordered Tang Shuang to squat down, and she wanted to flick his forehead 100 times 100 times, 100 times Willing to suffer this humiliation again.Tangtanger refuses, and insists on continuing to impose punishment It is too much to lie to children You are dishonest lie Why lie You have to accept legal sanctions, sanction you, lock you up without food Tangtanger was filled with righteous indignation.The story is integrated into the history of Huaguo, and it is serious.Based on his experience, Li Haonan feels that Hero has the potential to become popular, because it is so special and very different from the most popular martial arts novels at the moment.It doesn t describe any moves, and it doesn t talk about the grievances and grievances of the Jianghu.The opening chapter starts with the idea that the six kingdoms will be destroyed, and the unified layout of the Qin Kingdom has a grand layout.This is an advantage, but also a disadvantage.If the author s skill is weak, he will not be able to control it, and it will be reduced to empty and pale, with nothing to say.Accumulate slowly Li Haonan dr hemp cbd gummies guessed.He decided to pay more attention to Hero these days.There have been some comments in the comment area of Heroes , and the response has been very good.Tang Shuang got the answer she wanted, and she was happier cbd gummies carry on eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus reviews than she took a bite, and she was habitually jumping again, but Tang Shuang held her down in time, Don t jump, the ice cream will fall, eat it quickly, or it will melt.Chapter 15 One Two One Candy looked at the ice cream in his hand and kept swallowing.Under the tension, excitement, excitement, joy etc., he licked it lightly, Hee hee hee Wow, good It s delicious, so sweet Tang Tanger looked at Tang Shuang eagerly, waiting for Tang Shuang s second approval.Tang Shuang s ice cream was basically finished in two or three bites.Seeing the little guy s appearance, she bit into the ice cream in her hand like a mischievous one, causing Candy to scream.Tang Shuang said quickly I didn t eat it, I didn t eat it Oh, really, I ll get one myself, I won t eat cheapskate s.After a lapse of one year, the company once again created a new album for them, hoping to make persistent efforts to enter the ranks of first line singers.The new album kiss me can be mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummies carry on said to have high expectations Ashamed to cbd gummies carry on say, this is the first time Tang Shuang has heard this title song.In all fairness, the quality of the songs is not bad, but nature one cbd gummies review cbd gummies carry on it is just not bad, and it is very reluctant to say that it is the title healing hemp cbd gummies for ed colorado botanicals cbd gummies song of an album.But the choreography is great, it s stylish, it s provocative.Tangtang er has already followed suit in a decent manner, but she can t find any beauty in her dancing except for being comforted by cuteness.At the end of the song, Candy stopped wheezing, but since the dance genes were already boiling, how could it be possible to stop just by saying stop, so the little guy danced an inexplicable dance that he didn t know where he learned.After asking Tang Zhen, the host continued to throw the topic to Li Yuchan.The setting of the director team of this episode is mainly based on Li Yuyu, as for how to distribute the weight, it is all determined by the host on the spot.According to the latest monthly hot song list released by Hami Music Network, Yu Cun s The Drunken Concubine has entered the top ten, congratulations Yu Cun The host complimented, in fact, this list was released a few days ago, this is not What new news, but the audience was still very enthusiastic and applauded enthusiastically.Li Yuzhang also thanked very happily, and Bai Yanger sat beside her with envy on her face.Their title song kiss me didn t even enter the top 50 of the hot song list Although this is an old question, Yu Yu must have been asked many times in the past few months, but I still want to ask Yu Yu, can you introduce us to Yu Xiang, the songwriter of The Drunken Concubine Tang Zhen et al.The author needs to work harder The collision of Chinese martial arts and firearms The reason why modern martial arts are rare is that Because it is difficult to write about the battle between Chinese martial arts and firearms, I practiced hard for twenty years, but a teenage boy beat him up with a pistol, and even wrote a fart, which is not at all refreshing.The author dares to challenge this It s difficult, I admire it I hope it can be written in a reasonable and reasonable way.Judging from the reactions of these readers, Tang Shuang already has a relatively deep fan base after Heroes , and with the new design of The Romance of the Dragon and Snake.It is stable and topical, and I believe that when this book actually starts to be serialized, it will definitely trigger a greater wave of readers.Said Sister, Candy er is so exhausted from crying, I m so lonely My brother is killing me After a long time, Tang Zhen finally stopped crying under the comfort of Tang Zhen s dry mouth, and after hanging up the phone , Tang Zhen called Tang Shuang immediately After finishing the phone call with Tang Zhen, Tang Tanger pressed the number 2 button again, which directly leads to Tang Sanjian Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning are in Austria at the moment, it s 10 o clock in the morning over there.They went to see an opera last night, and the repertoire happened to be Huang Xiangning s favorite La Traviata.This was planned by Tang Sanjian a long time ago.When planning the itinerary, he pinpointed the performance time of this opera, and the careful arrangement really Having won the joy of Huang Xiangning, Mrs.

These big koi were raised by Professor Yang.He used to be the vice president of Guangdong University.He started to raise them at that time, but it was not a climate at that time.Later, he retired.He was bored and spent more time.The pond The more you raise the koi in the garden, the bigger you grow.These koi are his darling, and he visits them every day to take good care of them.As a result, he transformed himself into a king of koi carp, in charge of everyone s wishes, with greater power than when he was the principal, almost to the point where everyone worships and every family worships.The students of Guangdong University changed crop after crop, but he and his koi had a good time, serving generations of students and leaving behind many legends.Every year when freshmen report, seniors and sisters will suggest, don t go anywhere, first go to the Wishing Pool to sign in, pray for safety, love, and grades for the four years of university life Candy heard that you can make wishes here, and shouted To make many wishes.difficulty.Wow Mom and Dad live in the princess s castle, I really want to go Tang Tanger saw the photo Tang Sanjian posted on Moments, it was a photo of him and Huang Xiangning in front of a castle in Austria.Candy looked at the castle enviously for a while, and then remembered what his father had told him to give his photos a thumbs up.But because she is not familiar with the business, she clicked the wrong thumbs up, and when she clicked on the comment, she couldn t type at all, so she clicked on the phone randomly, and when she saw a few words, she clicked OK.There have been many times since the first time.Candy thinks this is fun, and keeps posting comments in the circle of friends, never tired of it.Suddenly seeing Xiao Ye Zi, aha Candy clicked a few more characters for him, then closed WeChat, opened the address book, and searched for Ye Liang.open He clicked on the cbd gummies carry on eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus reviews illustration, Crazy With the update, the plot cbd delta 8 gummies review gradually unfolded, attracting more and more readers.Apart from discussing the plot, everyone s biggest hobby is to guess when these four illustrations will be opened.At the beginning, everyone guessed whether the characters appeared before opening it.But the protagonist Dynasty and Tang Zichen appear at the beginning of the chapter, but their illustrations are always covered.Later, everyone guessed whether it must meet some conditions to open it Some people even speculate that it may be revealed after cbd gummies carry on the number of clicks, recommendations, and favorites has reached.However, the author remained silent and completely ignored the readers who kept petitioning.What should a person who is not a mortal be like The illustration shows a dark and narrow room, with a gas light bulb dangling from the ceiling, dispelling the darkness under the light and allowing Wang Ming to see clearly what kind of place it is.Tang Shuang s hair was glued, and Tang Shuang s hair was sticky, Tang Shuang was very dissatisfied, and made a long nasal sound in disgust, and pinched it casually I squeezed it, it was really sticky, so the little girl quickly wiped it on Tang Shuang s face, and said, Xiao Shuang, why do you have a snot on your head Tang Shuang Don t wipe my face Come down, I won t be a horse for you.Candy No I m going to ride a horse, drive drive There was a chuckle around, and the people who picked up the plane together heard the conversation between the two of them, It was so much fun.Tang Shuang endured and endured, and said Don t jump around, sit down if you want to, Mom and Dad will come out soon, pay attention to observe, remember to wave, remember to act like a baby, and then we will kenai farms cbd gummies cost present flowers to make them feel at home and happy.What should you do if your stomach hurts again Candy uh I hate it I just don t want to bring Tangtanger to see my sister, what a monk Xiao Shuang, you stinky sock The Lun family is going to take care of my sister, and my sister wants candy, so you have to let me go Tang Shuang Stop making trouble, it s late, go to bed, hurry up Candy Son I don t You have to take me away Tang Shuang Don t bother me, cbd gummies carry on or you will be in trouble if I get angry.Tang Tang er put her hips on her hips and was furious, but Tang Shuang pushed her small body out of the door, and then the door closed, and she was kicked out by Tang Xiaoshuang, a super villain Well uh uh Monk Candy was angry and sad, and left crying sadly.The little guy was sobbing as he walked Xiao Shuang was so bad.She clearly said that she used to bring candies everywhere, but now she doesn t.Tang Shuang s helping hand really helped them a lot.After understanding what happened, Tang Shuang accepted their thanks with a smile.Sometimes I extend a helping hand and do what I think is a small thing, but in the eyes of others, it may be a big thing The plane was about to land, and Tang Shuang proposed to take a group photo of the two old people.It was the first time to see her daughter on a plane.Of course, this kind of happy moment should be kept as a souvenir.The old couple declined shyly, but their bodies involuntarily got together and faced the camera.After showing them the photos, the two joked with each other, but their shy and smiling expressions already revealed their satisfaction.However, cbd gummies carry on they encountered a problem immediately, that is, they did not have WeChat, so Tang Shuang tried to leave his phone number and told them that their daughter could contact him when they arrived in Shengjing, and he sent the photo.Tang Zhen rolled her eyes at Tang Shuang, cbd gummies carry on wanting to take it away, but she endured it, forget it.Tang Zhen has a hobby of composing lyrics and music.Sister Xiangning taught her, and she has been writing songs and composing colorado botanicals cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies music by herself since junior high school.Tang Shuang was ignorant, she used to laugh at her a lot, and was chased and beaten by Tang Zhen a lot because of this.Although Tang .

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Shuang s words were joking, they still dealt a great blow to cbd gummies carry on Tang Zhen.A little girl needs encouragement and approval, but there is a brother who is annoying, who likes to make fun of her writing songs, and often sneaks into her room I rummaged through it, and then publicized it so that the whole world would know.Tang Zhen thought that Tang Shuang was going to laugh at her again, but she didn t expect that what Tang Shuang said was really good.

Tang Zhen didn t need .

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a rational analysis at this time.What she lacked most was emotional warmth and support.After a while, Tang Zhen suddenly said, Accompany my sister to climb the mountain.Huh climbing Now It s raining now.Tang Zhen likes mountaineering.It s been a hobby since she was a child.She has a whole set of mountaineering equipment at home.For the sake of safety, Tang Shuang wanted to refuse, but seeing Tang Zhen who was restless, forget it, let her go.Climbing high and looking far cbd gummies carry on may broaden your mind and relieve the depression in your heart.So Tang Shuang replied succinctly HCMUSSH cbd gummies carry on Okay.Tang Shuang drove the Beetle over and said to Tang Zhen in the co pilot, Go home and change your equipment first Tang Zhen looked at the rain outside the window and remained silent.Tang Shuang decided to go home and change clothes first, but Tang Zhen said, Go directly to Xiangshan, and don t go home.Like Bai Yang er, her eyes were empty, as if A marionette with an empty soul.Seeing this scene, the director waved his cbd gummies carry on hand, and the manager took the two girls and almost ran away Yesterday on the rainy Fragrant Hills, Tang Zhen had already cried, and with the help of the pattering rain, she could pretend to cry , and even deceive myself that I didn t cry at all, it was rain, not tears.Yesterday she had already vowed that she would never shed tears today, she did it, gritted her teeth, clenched her fists involuntarily, and competed with herself.If a person is not strong, who will show weakness There are too many people waiting to see her jokes, she must not cry, must not cry Where is Xiaoshuang She needs Xiaoshuang now.Bai Yang er was crying so hard The manager, a professional woman who was almost forty years old, finally couldn t hold back, and wiped tears with her.Tang Shuang didn t know this.When he came to the dormitory, there was no one there.Although her home is close to the school, Tang Shuang actually lives in the dormitory more often, especially after talking about her girlfriend.Now, he is the only one left in the dormitory where the four live, and everyone else s things have been cleaned up.Tang Shuang came to take a closer look, there was a row of students from the Chinese Department, the door was locked, the door was locked, this room was also locked, and another room was opened, and there were two people sitting inside, eating meat and drinking wine listen to music.Seeing someone coming in, the shirtless, burly young man turned his head, Tang Shuang is here come, let s drink together Seeing this person, Tang Shuang was taken aback, as if she wanted to turn around and leave, but it was obviously inappropriate for this occasion, so she blinked.Tangtanger has a special room here, which is usually cleaned cleanly, just to make Tangtanger feel at home when he comes.Tang Shuang put her small backpack in the room and looked at it enviously.There are so many dolls, all of which are pink.The uncle and aunt really spent all their money to attract Tangtang.Tang Dajian has always wanted a daughter, but his wish was not fulfilled.In the end, there were only two boys, Tang Jin and Tang Huohuo.This made Tang Huohuo, who was only a few days behind Tang Shuang s age, a very pitiful childhood.The biggest dream of this poor child was summer vacation Hurry up so that he can live at Tang Shuang s house As night fell, both Tang Huohuo and Tang Jin came back, and Tang Jin still stood beside his girlfriend, Li Meng.The two have been in love for five years, and they are going to get married this year, so there is no hurry, Tang Tian, who is one year old, has an eight year old son.It looks too fierce.Then, Xiao Niuniu twisted her buttocks, and Bulling Bulling ran away, haha, the woman in leather clothes couldn t catch up at all.Do you really want to take off your shoes and chase children What s the cbd gummies carry on point of competing with a child, it s embarrassing to be seen.So the woman in the leather coat stopped, and Tang Tanger stopped instantly, watching her start to blah blah again, cbd gummies carry on eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus reviews why did you blow smoke at me just now, it made me feel so uncomfortable, you know Xiaoshuang hates people who smoke Your adult s name is Xiaoshuang Where is he I ll take you to find him.Tangtanger thought for a while, and thought that she could find it by herself.The small mobile phone was hanging around her neck.Xiaoshuang s phone number is number 3, she remembered it.So Niu Niu shook her head and said, You have to apologize to me.Guest teacher Jia said Zhang Fei is where to buy kana cbd gummies a banner of Chinese art films, he represents not only himself, and now he is compromising with commercial films, which means that this banner has turned against it, which is of the same nature as war and mutiny.Guest teacher Lu said It s too much.This metaphor is very inappropriate.They are completely different things.The so called commercial films and art films are just our forced classifications.For the audience, there is no difference between these two kinds, only good looking and bad.Good looking, good looking movies are good movies, bad looking ones, no matter how artistic your filming is, it s self admiring, what s the use Except for showing off when it s released, you can only lie in the warehouse.Teacher Jia interrupted You surnamed Lu, do you nature one cbd gummies review cbd gummies carry on really understand movies The two guests almost had a fight, and the host quickly mediated.Tang Shuang hadn t spoken yet, and Zhao Yayi He was already unhappy, and asked the young man not to talk nonsense, I said I didn t want you to see you, but I wanted to come, Li Yu, can you leave first Li Yu looked at Zhao Yayi with tenderness, and said I know there is a family nearby Let s try a restaurant that serves good Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine.Zhao Yayi took a quick look at Tang Shuang upon hearing that, and seeing his expressionless face, she felt relieved and disappointed at the same time.She said angrily to Li Yu, I ve told you many times, whether you don t want to go or not, you go back first, okay, I m talking to my friend.But Li Yu said directly to Tang Shuang, Senior, now It is difficult to find a job, and it is even more difficult to find a job in Chinese.The salary is not high and it is hard.

Got it, Xiaoshuang, go quickly.Tang Shuang went back to the kitchen to get the mop, leaving Candy and buy cbd gummies for arthritis Bai Jingjing in the living room, and the floor was spilled all over the place.milk.After a while, he came out, but was stunned by the scene in front of him.Tang Tang What are you doing Are you stupid Are you a puppy Tang Shuang, who came back, saw the scene in front of her, and was speechless for a moment.Tangtanger, the little girl, was lying on the ground side by side with Bai Jingjing , licking the spilled milk, and on the other side of them, there was a parrot named Tang Xiaowu, pecking the floor cbd gummies cause dizziness from time to time to moisten its mouth.Candy, who was licking vigorously, heard Tang Shuang s yell, raised her little face with a smile, and said plausibly, Xiao Shuang, Teacher Zhang said that if we can waste food, every grain of rice is a drop of sweat.Tang Shuang glanced at the muttering villain, and said, I know you re scolding me, don t let me hear it, otherwise, hehe Tang Shuang made a grimace, and ran away in a flash, arranging Tang Xiaoshuang while running.Little Zhen, lift up your face and wipe it off for you too Tang Shuang said, and was about to cover Tang Zhen s face with the towel that Tangtang had washed her face just now.Tang Zhen looked at him HCMUSSH cbd gummies carry on indifferently and said nothing, meaning, come on, I ll put my face here, if you have the guts to cover it up like candy, you should cover it up I am most afraid that the opponent is too calm Tang Shuang thought again and again, feeling that it would be very risky to do this, so she retreated Haha, I m just kidding, I m going to entertain the guests first, you go back to your room and change your clothes.This time, when a big star comes to the door of the house, there will be a knife falling from the sky and a meteorite will go Tang Shuang s love for beauty broke out, and since she woke up in the morning, she was trying to figure out which beautiful little clothes she should wear, whether she should wear pants or a skirt, whether her shoes should be cloth or leather, pink or black Tang Shuang Suppress backhand, wear what you give, stop muttering, pick and choose, or you won t have to wear it These words sounded fierce, but in fact they were useless at all, because Huang Xiangning, who was in charge of food, clothing, housing and transportation, was I decide the big things , and it was not Tang Shuang s turn to make irresponsible remarks.So when she finally went out, Candy was still dressed up by Huang Xiangning in a shiny buling buling.For a short distance, she seemed to have walked for a long time, with her heart hanging high, and she made up her mind that tomorrow, oh, no, tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival, and after the festival, I asked Tang Shuang to come out for a chat.Invite father Wei Daqun to come out.Xiao Li saw Wei Tingting came back and asked to read Tang Shuang s column story.This time of the week is story time, and today is no exception.After hearing the story, the colleagues around put down their work and came over.Before reading it, they already started to guess what kind of story it would be.Wei Tingting was not in the mood to talk to them, so she quickly opened the mailbox, luckily The first time I saw the unread mail lying on the top, the sender was Tang Shuang, and the sending time was just now Wei Tingting didn t know whether to laugh or complain, forget it, let s ignore it, and talk about it next time we meet.Tang Shuang looked at the oil bottle speechlessly, and clicked his tongue, expressing his disgust.Zhuzhujing raised his head, grinned at Tang Shuang with a smirk to please, hee hee hee I want to continue buying snacks Tang Shuang s promise for this pig spirit has not yet been obtained, so he refuses to give up.If you can have this kind of tenacity in doing homework, you will get a little red flower every day.Tang Sanjian Broken Soul Gun Does it have something to do with your grandfather Tang Shuang s grandfather, Tang Hongjun, joined the army at the age of 15 and fought in the army.At that time, the army was poor and not everyone had a gun.A kid like him could only carry one Long guns go into battle The body of the gun is wooden, and a rough iron gun head is set on the end.The iron gun head was made, and the gun barrel was chopped by himself on the mountain.She couldn t even see her shadow, yet she still yelled to catch up and colorado botanicals cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies teach the scoundrel a lesson Tang Shuang said to the muttering Tangtanger Let s go back Tangtanger murmured to herself in a low voice, to the effect that if she put pedal wheels on her slippery car, she would definitely be able to catch up with the bad guy , let him apologize Why bully children Children are little suns, flowers of the motherland, shouldn t everyone love them, how can they be so heartless, why is this person so bad It s a hundred times worse than Fatty s back then The two rode back to the car, Tangtanger took off the equipment on his body, and sat in the car sullenly.Tang Shuang asked, Are you still angry Tang Shuang pouted and said, Very angry Before departure, prepare to have a heart to heart talk with the little man.The intensity of this desire exceeds that of Professor Tang.Every time he talks with Tang Shuang, he will always be interrupted by situations, and 99 of these situations come from children at home.For example, one night, Li Haonan communicated with Tang Shuang on WeChat, While chatting, Tang Shuang said, Wait a minute, I ll put cbd gummies carry on the children at home to healing hemp cbd gummies for ed colorado botanicals cbd gummies sleep first This time it was to put the children to sleep, next time it was to tell a story, and the next time it was to play with her, and the next time it turned out to be Participate in her small animal story conference What is this thing Li Haonan once felt that he could not keep up with the brains of young people in the new era.Do parents care about the children at home Why do you have to worry about being a mother and a father Also too much.

Tang Shuang s father, Tang Sanjian, was Zhang Tianfeng s colleague.He didn t look up and look down.He didn t want his son to be so condemned in the salon he hosted.So Zhang Tianfeng thought for a while .

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and said, Is there a misunderstanding Tang Shuang s family lives in Guangdong University, and his father is a teacher at the school.He is a very humble and how much are trubliss cbd gummies polite boy.The latter boast was fabricated by Zhang Tianfeng , He had never met Tang Shuang, so he didn t know what he was like.As soon as Zhang Tianfeng finished speaking, Shang Hui exclaimed in a low voice, unexpectedly, it was really that Xiaoshuang Chapter 305 My little friend has something to do, Tangtanger excitedly followed Pan Fugui to the woods for a walk, Xiao Niuniu s glasses had been taken off, leather gloves were also confiscated, but she was wearing a black cat nature one cbd gummies review cbd gummies carry on hairpin, it was the Mid Autumn Festival I bought it at Breeze Square during the party.He didn t dare to disturb his father, otherwise he would definitely be locked up at home again and not allowed to go out He s had enough of being aggrieved by this small domesticated animal But looking at the meaning of the uncle in front of him, don t even think about leaving without asking the parents to come.Pan Fugui was racking his brains to find a way, and then he saw the great savior, Brother Dashuang is here Behind her is the smiling little princess Tang Tang with her little hands behind her back, and behind her is the alert puppy Bai Jingjing Tang Shuang was familiar with this group of security personnel, and after explaining the matter to them, she led them back.As soon as I got back to Old Tang s house, I saw Ye Liang coming When I just talked on the phone, I said I was running a business, but in a blink of an eye, I was on duty Xiao Shuang Xiao Shuang Come on, come on Ye Liang urged anxiously.Complimenting people pays attention to skills.Zhang Tianfeng has been in the film and television industry for so many years.The family education is profound Tang Shuang said that she must have conveyed these words to my father verbatim, which made him happy too.After my father Tang Sanjian delivered the sweets to the kindergarten, he went straight home.First, he wandered around outside the awards hall, wondering if he could get in.Obviously not It doesn t matter, he just tried it secretly, if he is really allowed to go in, he still doesn t want to.So Sanjian brother Shi Shiran came home, pretending to be sitting in the study reading and writing, but his ears were pricked up, listening to the sound of the living room, why he hasn t come back yet, it should be over.It seems that she cbd gummies shelf life didn t win the prize, otherwise, with Xiaoshuang s virtue, she would have jumped up and taken off long ago.What s the intention It s probably because his communication with Zhang Fei was not smooth during this time, and he hoped to catch the opportunity of Tang Shuang s presence to discuss the soundtrack with Zhang Fei.Tang Shuang Last time I heard Mr.Tan say that he was making a song Wind.He has already recorded Wind , which is the first soundtrack composed by him.The reason why he came to Jiuyedong is to communicate with Zhang Fei about this soundtrack.Because it is the first song, Tan Si is extremely cautious.If Zhang Fei agrees, then he can rest assured to do it later.If it is difficult to reach an agreement with Zhang Fei, then there is still time to modify it.But the result of the communication was very unsatisfactory, and Zhang Fei was not satisfied As for what is unsatisfactory, what needs to be modified Zhang Fei couldn t tell either.Wearing this short cheongsam on her body, it shows off her figure, especially the exaggerated S curve on the left and right sides.The narrow flat waist and wide and plump buttocks form a heart pounding contrast, which makes people unable to help watching Look again.Her long hair was coiled up high, showing off her temperament.When she is not smiling, she is sacred and inviolable.When she smiles, she is charming.This is a .

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naturally charming woman.Lu Yingying said with a smile, I ll just wait for you.Tang Shuang apologized for taking some time to find the way, and at the same time praised Yingying, you are so beautiful today., Tang Shuang took a look, and quickly looked away.Seeing this, Lu Yingying thought that Tang Shuang was overwhelmed by her beauty, and she was pleased with herself.In fact, when Tang Shuang saw the collarbone, she couldn t help cbd gummies carry on but think of Zhang Yu, that ecstatic woman.Tang Zhen turned back with Tangtang, the people in the car couldn t turn around and could only leave resentfully.Fortunately, he was gone, and if he really dared to follow, Tang Shuang could use the wrench in his car. He Zhenyi studied hotel management in university, but instead of entering a hotel after graduation, she accidentally applied for the assistant director of Orange Wheat Music.The reason why she was able to apply for the job was that the interviewer was interested in her good manners, knowing how to advance and retreat, and knowing how to measure, which is very important for the administrative department that often has to deal with celebrities.However, He Zhenyi is only healing hemp cbd gummies for ed colorado botanicals cbd gummies good at this aspect, not professionally competent, so one month later, she became an ordinary administrator.The saying at cbd gummies carry on that time was to train for a period of time and study while working.Tang Shuang said, We re all brothers, so why are you talking outside the box It s just for you to look at it from the audience s point of view.If you have an opinion, you can raise it.If you don t have an opinion, let it go.Then Guo Zifeng sat down, Pick up the paper and start reading, only to see two words on the cover grandma.The script was about 10,000 words long, and Guo Zifeng couldn t finish reading it in a while, so Tang Shuang and Ye Liang chatted.Tang Shuang said The Other Shoe focuses on warmth.This Grandma is strictly a horror film.Horror films are easy to make a big deal out of small things, but in fact it is very difficult to shoot and requires a lot from the director.Otherwise, The film can t show that kind of temperament, it s very solid.Ye Liang nodded.The horror film was decided after a long discussion between the two of them.

His idol is Flash This idol is Flash s Little friends, I encountered a big problem at the beginning of the game.With a whistle, the barrier on the starting line was lowered instantly, and the participating young knights rushed out like a swarm, with their short legs full of flying pedals.The only difference was Zhang Yifan.Although his idol is The Flash, he However, he did not inherit the speed of the Flash, not only fell to the mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummies carry on end, but also cried and pushed the slide car back.When his parents asked, it turned out that he was stepped on by a child next to him before he set off.He was very sad when his shoes got dirty.His parents and the host comforted him one after another.Children are very concerned about something that seems small to adults.This also reminds the organizers to pay attention to details and take good care of children.Not only that, but this microblog account has communicated with many celebrities microblog accounts, so all those who have communicated, such as mutual comments, likes were dug out one by one Fans of many other celebrities came here to claim their own celebrity s trumpet, and then involved more personal information Although the stars are more or less careful that the content posted on Weibo will not involve too much privacy, but there are always people who are negligent or lucky, and some important personal information is still exposed.For example, a male singer casually complained on Weibo in March last year, and then his fans analyzed that he was undergoing circumcision in the hospital that day It s Chen Ding Pan Wenling held back, but couldn t hold back, and said with a suppressed smile.As soon as her words fell, the audience watching the scene was in an uproar, the host was stunned for a moment, and the director reminded her through the earphones Hurry up to smooth things over, and then I came to my senses, thought for a while, and said calmly What Sister Chen said is that many people want to sell cbd gummies carry on people s designs, just take Fang Yu, who was so popular not long ago, because of the net household divorce, the establishment Started with an infatuated character, and built a humorous and eloquent character through variety shows, but was exposed by his ex girlfriend as a fake, only to find out that he was a scum, and such a scum pretended to be a good man in the new era.It s unbelievable.Chen Shenfeng originally pointed the gun at Tang Zhen, but after hearing the host s words, she said angrily That Fang Yu is indeed a scum, selling miserably, making fakes, messing with the relationship between men and women just not good Singing, in fact, his songs are not bad, he has very good creative ability, but he is talented but scumbag, such a person is even more disgusting.Kick what door Candy walked around Tang Shuang, called Dad affectionately, and rushed into the room, looking left and right with her little hands behind her back.She was the first The first time I came here Look, Xiao Shuang, there are so many paintings Tang Shuang looked at it and said, This is not a painting, it s a word.I can t recognize the words and paintings Did you kick your little head in a daze by yourself It s gone.Tang Shuang was holding a grudge, and seized every opportunity to retaliate.Is this a word Tangtang er held her head up and looked at it.It looked crooked HCMUSSH cbd gummies carry on and looked like her graffiti, and asked a little unconvinced What word is this This is emmm Dad, Mom is calling you to go home for dinner.Tang Shuang didn t know what kind of characters were hanging on the wall.What kind of writing was it I couldn t understand it at all.In winter, there were very few pedestrians at night, and there was only one car.A car roared by, and a bicycle rode under the street lights.The white air exhaled by the two people, one big and one small, was clearly visible, and their figures were reflected on the ground.Tang Shuang glanced occasionally, and saw the figure of the little guy behind him shaking his head, It can be seen that she is in a particularly good mood today.Candy is lying behind Tang Shuang like a kitten, cheering him on all the way, shouting chant, singing, and after singing, there will be a fairy tale.Do you want to hear a joke after the story is over think Then I ll get you one In short, I haven t stopped, and my hard work is no less than that of Tang Shuang who rides a bicycle.It s also hard work for HCMUSSH cbd gummies carry on this one.The journey is not too far, and it takes half an hour to ride a bicycle.The little people were surprised, can people fall from the sky Then he asked Sister Lin who she was, and Xiao Jin tried her best to persuade Tang Shuang, If you fall from the sky, mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummies carry on you will fall flat.Tang Shuang refused to be persuaded, and argued, Sister Lin is so weak that she can fall safely.I am so strong, It will definitely not fall flat.Xiao Jin put down his schoolbag, found a book inside, turned to a certain page, asked Tang Shuang to squat down and read together, pointed to a certain picture and said, Brother Xiao Shuang, look It is said that a soldier from Java came down from the sky in a balloon.This man, his balloon leaked, fell into the sea and died.Look If there is no balloon, he will definitely die if he falls from the sky.Tang Shuang took over his book, titled The Kingdom of Java Across the Ocean to Fight You , and it was about the country of Java, a country of archipelagos, who took a balloon to visit Shundong, a powerful country on the other side of the sea, and talked with them.At the beginning, Tang Shuang s intended tutor for graduate students was also him.It is undeniable that Jian Siming is very good in terms of knowledge.This guy, together with Lu Dewang from the Philosophy Department, scolded Brother Sanjian for getting angry and had a toothache.Tang Shuang contributed to the flames and prompted Brother Sanjian to write an article that made him famous A Maverick Pig , which will The two were so sarcastic that they had nothing to say, and the cursing battle ended.Jian Siming, who was originally knowledgeable and highly respected in Tang Shuang s heart, had an abominable face when he quarreled with Tang Sanjian.The so called laughing and cursing were all articles Jian Siming s image in Tang Shuang s heart completely collapsed.Tang Shuang was magnanimous for not asking him for trouble, let alone asking him to be a mentor.

Tang Zhen glanced at him, thinking that today is his younger brother s birthday, so it is inconvenient to hate him, so she said The Lun family can t.Tang Shuang choked for a moment, why not, this sentence is quite good, although it is suspected of plagiarizing Candy.On the other side, the candy has already come out, what is this little guy doing in the kitchen Take the knife She really ran out with a kitchen knife in her arms, and Huang Xiangning quickly followed behind.She took the knife away without paying attention just now Candy Children can t hold a knife, give it to mother cbd gummies and statins quickly.Tang Sanjian rushed up to meet her , Tangtang er relied on her small and nimble body, she hid her, and ran around the living room with a smile on her face.Seeing this, Tang Shuang saw that the child was holding a knife, it was dangerous, so she hurried to block it, the little man became more energetic, and went everywhere, Tang Zhen had no choice but to turn on the light in the living room, and joined the team of catching the little man, Bai Jingjing couldn t make a fuss Knowing what was going on, he thought the owner s family was playing peek a boo, and ran back and forth excitedly, Tang Xiaowu laughed, jumping like chickens and dogs for a while emmm To be precise, birds and dogs jumped.I can see the dawn.Teacher Zhang, Teacher Yu, and Xiao Liu The teacher looked at each other, emmm this kid is talking big, she can t even recognize the words, and dare to talk big and watch all night, do you want to expose her Teacher cbd gummies carry on Yu said tactfully emmm Tang Tang, you are so good, can you recognize those words Candy s big eyes rolled around, a little annoyed by Teacher Yu, asking such questions makes it difficult for children Do can cbd gummies cause stomach upset it, really Is it intentional Humph The Lun family doesn t know so many characters, so won t you let the elder brother of the Lun family read it Xiaoshuang often sleeps with the Lun family in his arms.Teacher Yu tilted his head at what do cbd gummies use a 45 degree angle, thought about the scene, and wiped his saliva , Enviously said Brother Xiaoshuang is really tired.Telling the story of the night to the children is really a good cbd gummies carry on brother, Tang Tang, what did you talk about at night, you don t just tell stories Candy is about to come, But suddenly braked and looked suspiciously at Teacher Yu What do you want to do This is the secret of the Lun family and Xiaoshuang.The girl who asked the question asked confusedly The low level martial arts world Low level High level What is this Not only was she confused, but everyone on the scene was also confused.What does it mean, even the word, low martial arts world, they Tang Shuang said God has mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummies carry on actually reached the end of martial arts decades ago, but since it is the end of martial arts, it means that there is no cbd gummies melbourne fl way, or the road is broken.GOD considers himself a god.Since he is a god, of course he does not He will resign himself to fate, so he found an opponent like Dynasty.Their struggle has nothing to do with grievances.I am looking for a way out for the future generations and fighting for a great future.The ultimate goal of the martial arts conference is to gather the strength of the world s top martial arts masters and explore the future of martial arts.When they left, everyone showed their concern one after another, which warmed Tang Shuang s heart a lot.But before satisfying all the book friends, Tang Shuang glanced at Luo Yuqing s location and found that no one was there, immediately pushed aside the crowd, looked for people everywhere, and at the same time said sorry to the book friends who were still there, he was in a hurry.Haonan, don t you have some books signed by me I ll distribute one to each of you.I m in a hurry and I m leaving first.I m sorry, everyone See you next time.Tang Shuang ran out of the lecture hall while He turned around and said to everyone.He was in such a hurry that everyone was startled, thinking that something urgent had happened, and Li nature one cbd gummies review cbd gummies carry on Haonan was going to finish what Tang Shuang had asked him to do, and he couldn t leave for a while, so he ordered a staff member around him to follow up, maybe he could help Tang Shuang.If it hurts, you can make a sound.Tang Shuang couldn t help saying, Yuqing, take off the mask.Why are you wearing it while eating Don t worry.The privacy of the guests is absolutely guaranteed here, and our secrets will not be revealed.Luo Yuqing had just untied Tang Shuang s bandage, and let go of her hands after hearing the words, keeping her hand away from Tang Shuang s injured wrist, lest she accidentally touch it while talking and hurt little Shuangzi.Wearing a mask is definitely uncomfortable, but this is the price of a public figure.After hearing Tang Shuang s words, she was really moved.After thinking about it, she took off the mask and asked Tang Shuang at the same time Did I feel very uncomfortable just now Weird What s weird Tang Shuang asked, while staring intently at the beautiful woman in front of her, Luo Yuqing, who took off her mask, fascinated people with every frown and smile.They couldn t imagine that it involved many twists and turns.Being put together by the two of them, if he hadn t considered being a man and staying on the front line, he would have been completely out of the game.Actually, the biggest surprise is today.Tuzi Entertainment and Chengmai Music tied the knot.This is the biggest surprise, don t you think Tang Shuang and Xiao Na shook hands and said, everyone laughed and the atmosphere was quite harmonious.Tang Shuang joined Apprentice Entertainment, and for Orange Mai Music, there was a natural sense of intimacy.Not to mention the friendly traditional relationship between the two companies, Tang Shuang was inextricably linked HCMUSSH cbd gummies carry on with Orange Mai personally, and his sister was in the Orange Wheat.In the first snow of the new year, we ushered in double happiness.So Huang Xiangning closed the door and let the little piglet do whatever he cbd gummies carry on wanted at home, as long as he didn t lose it.Old Tang s family couldn t live without this little piggy.Our little sister is angry.She is very angry.Xiaoshuang is going to suffer tonight.Come and see, the little sister looks so cute when she is angry.Huang Xiangning was a little worried, a little funny, and a little worried.Gossipingly said to Tang Sanjian.Tang Sanjian said to Huang Xiangning with a funny face Keep your voice down, your door is unlocked, Tangtanger will hear that you are going to cause trouble.Looking back, it was clearly closed, and seeing Tang Sanjian smiling, he glared at him, what a trick This glaring look is exactly the same as Tangtanger s.It is conceivable that Xiao Zhuzhu is Huang Xiangning who learned from him.

Very energetic Little Piggy said without hesitation, children are perpetual motion machines, especially now that it s so fun, Xiaoshuang is about to appear, and the battle is about to start, she feels the blood in her whole body is boiling, gurgling and bubbling up.Mom, can I give the baby some snacks Little Piggy asked awe inspiringly.She wanted to eat snacks not because she HCMUSSH cbd gummies carry on was greedy, but because she wanted to fight., What should I do if I die, Mom, give me some.Huang Xiangning couldn t refuse what he said, if he didn t give him some snacks, the baby might be killed during the battle, and who would take the responsibility at that time The little baby is not only the mother s, but also the father, sister, brother, Dabai Erbai, grandpa, grandpa, grandma and the others, many people So Huang Xiangning said Okay, I ll take you to find some snacks, and we ll go to bed after eating.Rain phase, his Dream Flower created a musical whirlwind on the first day of the new year, and this whirlwind is getting more and more intense now, just like a storm brewing on the sea at this moment.If they can get the favor of the rain phase, they are equivalent to taking a shortcut to the south.However, just when they were looking forward to endlessly, the voice of broken dreams came first.Ding Xiaoquan called the two bands together and clearly told them that the band would be disbanded.Whether they could stay or not would depend on their performance in the future.If you want to impress him, you will be eliminated.Ji Yanjie looked at Ding Xiaoquan, this smiling and kind man, in the eyes of the nine of them at that time, he was an extremely stern magistrate of the underworld.His sternness and merciless poisonous tongue made them suffer a lot.Breathing.She went in from the door, and just took two steps when she felt soft under her feet.It turned out that she had stepped on a little turtle.There are not only little turtles, but also little rabbits and raccoons, and many dolls are scattered on the ground.This little guy threw dolls around again.Huang Xiangning picked up these dolls one by one and arranged them neatly.Then she saw a very small sky blue suitcase thrown on the ground.She picked it up, opened it, and found that it was also full.All kinds of dolls are full, except for the dolls, there is nothing else.If you guessed correctly, this should be the suitcase that Tang Shuang packed up by herself last night.She is going to go to Lushan Mountain with Tang Shuang to see the snow today.It s just that this little guy doesn t bring any clothes, but he brings a box of dolls, which is obviously not acceptable.Tang Shuang led the little piggy away how many mg in a cbd gummie bear while talking, went out, stepped on the snow, and was about to walk along the door At this moment, snowflakes began to fall in the gloomy sky, slanting and falling in bits and pieces in the breeze.Wow it s snowing Wow I m on TV Little Pig finally saw the scene on TV, and it s snowing She looked up at the sky with her little head cbd hemp extract gummies up, and a piece just landed on her nose, yawned tickled, sneezed, happy Throwing away Xiaoshuang s hand, bouncing on the spot, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing outrunning forward, running bud pop cbd gummies madly, bouncing, little rabbit bouncing, leaping frog, pony chugging, hee hee Hee hee run quickly it s snowing speak louder, let people all over the world know it s snowing It s so fun in the snow, crunching, like stepping on cotton candy.Turning back to Tang Shuang, she shouted cheerfully Xiao Shuang, you big villain, come and catch me la la la la la la ah Come and catch me, you can t catch me Big villain, Uh making a grimace.I don t know why, she can t beat the adults alone, but she can beat Xiaoshuang.So in the end, the two attacked and defended each other, and both of them were also hit.The worst thing for Xiao Zhuzhu was to be hit on the cbd gummies carry on forehead, and he was hit by the impact with an ouch, and sat upright on the snow The worst time for Shuang was when she was hit in the face.Although Little Piggy got hit for some reason, it didn t stop her from laughing like a little devil.She was happier than giving her a hundred dollars The two chased and beat each other, and colorado botanicals cbd gummies it took them half an hour to travel ten minutes away.As they got closer to Guling Town, tourists began to appear sparsely, and the snowflakes in the sky became more and more dense.When Tang Shuang and Tang Tanger appeared on the street, the whole Guling Street was like a market in the sky.It only needs to be a lot bigger.Although it is not a small milk voice, its voice is clear and gentle, but it is obviously out of breath.Let alone scaring people, she has not been scared by others Thank goodness for that already.Hey, what are you thinking The big water monster approached Tang Shuang and asked, his usually cold face was now smiling, like a child, it seems that the whining with the little fool just now was very useful.Tang Shuang splashed the water, giggling, and started circling around Tang Shuang again, splashing water on the faces of Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen.Tang Shuang was unable to float on her back, and leaned against the cbd gummies carry on edge of the hot spring pool.The pebbles at the bottom of the pool and around the pool were smooth, and it was very comfortable to lean on.Tang Zhen also moved to his side to avoid the villain s pranks.He gummi cares cbd listened in the room for a while, but he didn t feel anyone coming upstairs, so he tiptoed to the railing on the second floor, right below was the storage room, and at the moment, the old Tang family s sun, villain and tengu were inside.Forget it, forget about the old Tang s Tengu, this is a victim, he was finally happy to get drunk for a while, and this ended up like this, tsk tsk tsk Tang Shuang only heard the sound of turning over things in the storage room, and an excited little voice.Not long after, there cbd gummies carry on was the sound of footsteps, and Tang Shuang shrank back, only to see Sister Xiangning walking in front with Brother Sanjian, who was already drunk, followed by Little Tang, who happily hugged a The small box, needless to say, the small box is Brother Sanjian s Tengu treasure This is really a small scourge, you are still so young, you know how to catch the words of adults when the time is right.

Everyone was expressing their opinions one after another, and there was a very representative sentence Men all over the world want to be Tang Zhen s husband, and the next best thing is to be a younger brother.As his alma mater, these juniors learned Younger sisters and older sisters are very concerned.Although Tang Shuang has been in the school for a long time, there are many legends left behind.Not to mention the love anecdote with Xihua, the achievements in career alone are a proper success.He is a role model for young people.Tang Shuang browsed the Internet, and suddenly felt that something was wrong.After thinking about it carefully, what was wrong, emmm, it was because the environment of the study room was wrong, why is there no small voiceless sound The little piggy by the door is gone Where did the candy go He had been lingering by the door before, but at this moment, there was no one at all, except for the door that was opened a crack.Although she is always fierce whenever she appears, the Lun family is still a child after all It s a child who loves beauty.Seeing myself smelly and dirty, I want to cry, I really want to cry, I want to eat meat The little milk tooth is itchy The little man in white clothes Wow ha ha ha you big villain, we must have love, we are little pigs, super loving little pigs, we can t ignore our little sisters who are younger than us, Xiaoshuang said that there must be love, and everyone will give a little love, and the world will be peaceful and united.As soon as she finished speaking, there was a bang, and a puff of green smoke burst out of thin air, instantly enveloping the little man in white.When the green smoke dissipated, the image of the little man in white has changed from a little man to a miniature pig with white hair.The heavenly king that Qiu Sen likes is Huang Hui from Xiangjiang.He has singing skills, popularity and qualifications.If he sings, he cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract will definitely be able to bring up the topic.Qiu Sen and Huang Hui have been friends for more than ten cbd gummies carry on years.Many of his movies have had Huang Hui sing the theme songs.They are old partners.Tang Shuang was also very familiar with this Huang Hui.Speaking of which, this person had a close relationship with the old Tang family.Huang Hui is Huang Xiangning s favorite singer, Xiangning sister is familiar with every song of his.Because of Huang Xiangning, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen often played Huang Hui s songs when they were young, and Tang Zhen even sang his songs over and over again.Tang Zhen also had some friendship with Huang Hui.When she participated in The Masked Singer , there was this Huang Hui in the same issue.Along the way, I spent the time amid Tangtanger s yelling and singing.When I arrived at the village where Grandma was filmed, the crew was filming and there were not many people.The conditions were very simple, and Tang Shuang felt a sigh in her heart.It was really cbd thc gummies not easy for Xiao Yezi to live in such an environment for several months.Ye Liang waved at Tang Shuang from a distance, Tang Tanger happily jumped up and waved at him too, but unfortunately Ye Liang didn t notice her at all, which made the little man a little disappointed, but she quickly shifted her attention, which is I m making a movie She was very surprised, if Tang Shuang hadn t told her not to run around, she wouldn t have known where she had gone.At the shooting scene, there was a beautiful woman in a baseball cap running up and down busy, that was Miao Wen.After the exam is over, we will arrange snacks according to the results.Hey Little Zhuzhu was caught instantly lucent valley cbd gummies charles stanley Seven inches away, whispering can only accept fate.Tang Shuang approached her, and heard her muttering that her father was taking revenge because she dug out his treasure chest, hum, how stingy.Tangtanger thought that this year s exam was not easy.Unlike previous years, the previous exam was just an exam.This year s exam also included taking revenge in it.Sanjian s father would cbd gummies carry on definitely dig a hole for her.Because if it was her, or Tang Shuang, at this time, if you don t dig a hole cbd gummies carry on eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus reviews cbd gummies carry on or dig a hole, you must dig, dig a little deeper, bury your opponent, and then sing and dance on the shore.Thinking of this, Tangtanger felt that life was full of gloom, and the flowers that bloomed in her heart during the day immediately began to wither and drop their leaves.Indistinct.At this moment, the figure turned his back to the window and faced the bookshelf that occupied the entire wall.The bookshelf was full of books, but he couldn t tell what the books were.In the lower h pure cbd gummies part of the cover is the red brick wall below the window.There are dense red and black palm prints printed on the wall, layer upon layer, countless, as if countless people want to climb from the red brick wall.came out, but was sealed by an invisible force, so that he could only stretch out his palm, as if accusing.In the corner, there is a black cat squatting.Its head is sideways, its mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummies carry on HCMUSSH cbd gummies carry on eyes are shining, staring at the cover, as if it is staring at every reader.On top of these patterns is a seal, which reads The World is Wonderful and then signed, Written by Tang Shuang.The entire cover looks extremely mysterious, making people want to take a quick look.This is only less than half of the time, if all the people are dispatched, there will be no way for human beings to survive.Tang Yu and Pan Fugui were chased and intercepted by a group of dogs, and fled to Tangtang er again, crying and apologizing to Xiao Zhuzhu, again and also No hit shelf La Again hit shelf At once No yes people I m sorry, I overthrew the little princess, I didn t do it on purpose, cut off one of our hands, and take it as an apology.One Tang Yu and Pan Fugui stretched out their left hand and the other their right hand, begging Tangtanger to chop it off to calm the anger in their hearts.Candy grinds her teeth, ready to bite them off with her baby teeth.When Tang Yu and Pan Fugui saw her, they wailed and howled behind her.The little princess was so scary, and so was the cbd gummies at gas station group of dogs in front of her.

Tang Tanger was not shy at all when she heard that she was talking about her, and stood on a chair and waved to everyone Hi, guys, HCMUSSH cbd gummies carry on what do you want Shall we play together Beating the gongs and drums is really fun and exciting.Little, boys Everyone Chapter 714 Collaborate with the band for a song Li Yuanlin sees that the chairman is not here, he immediately feels relieved, he has a childlike personality, he likes to be funny, and he is also a funny person, since he is the bassist of the Tunan band , is also the team favorite, but it is not the kind of team favorite that is loved by thousands of people, but the kind that everyone wants to pinch and kick twice, the outlet for the whole team.He walked to the is just cbd gummies full spectrum candy with a smile Chapter 714 Collaborate with the band on a song Li Yuanlin saw that the chairman was not here, so he immediately felt relieved.Don t put her in the story as a little sister.Tang Shuang The little sister in the story is surnamed Meng, not Tang.Then tell it.Although it is a sad story, it may affect your mood after hearing it, but Xiaozhuzhu thinks she is very strong now, so she can come a little It was a sad story, but Tang Shuang stopped it in the middle of telling it.Don t talk, don t talk I want to cry to death, baby Don t listen to the Lun family Candy covered her ears and hid in Tang Zhen s arms.She was about to cry again when she heard this.The story is easy to cry, and I can t control myself at all.Chapter 729 Tang Shuang stands on the Great Wall and wants to cry.Everyone boarded the Great Wall.Tang Tang looked around, panting, and chased Tang Shuang for five or six meters.He said his story was a lie.Such a big mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummies carry on Great Wall, Which little sister can cry, there is no such thing This is impossible, let Tang Shuang cry and pour down a brick to try.She stepped hard on the stone brick under her feet and continued, Hee hee, leave a footprint Tang Shuang abandoned the two sisters of the Tang family in dismay, and they had no common language.He walked to the city wall alone and looked at the mountains cbd gummies carry on in the distance.There was a kind of loneliness that everyone is drunk and I am alone.This kind of loneliness squeezed from all directions and almost crushed him.A person finds out that I am a fairy, so why am I not a fairy when I crossed over Who brought this young master here If you have the guts to come out, you must ask him to eat 10,000 buns Just as I was thinking wildly, I suddenly felt that my ass was slapped, bold which one This son is looking for a fairy Xiao Shuang, what are you thinking Do you want to eat Tang Tanger handed Tang Shuang the half eaten bun.Tang Shuang was extremely mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummies carry on proud.Tang Shuang was not to be outdone My sister also often carries Candy.Tang Shuang chuckled and said, My cbd golf gummies sister often tells me stories when she sleeps at night.Tang Tang er rolled her eyes.The reason is that my sister is often not at home, and the second is that the stories my sister tells are not good, so I seldom tell stories, but she refuses to show weakness My sister also tells Tangtanger a story, and the little crab moves, hum What story Tang Shuang Pick your ears.Little Crab Moved Candy said loudly, and turned to Tang Zhen, Is your sister Tangtanger said before I won t tell you Tangtanger also echoed cbd gummies carry on shark tank invest in cbd gummies I won t tell you.Well, it must be a bad story, sorry Tang Zhen can t tell any good stories.Tang Shuang continued to show off, I used to go to school with my sister, you haven t, haha Candy couldn t make it up, so she could only hempworx cbd 180 infused gummies be extremely suspicious of Tang Shuang s words, looked at Tang Zhen with big eyes, and asked Sister Tang Zhen said My brother often fights with others, so buy oros cbd gummies my sister has to watch him and not let him fight with others.Tang Zhen had no choice but to leave.Tang Sanjian went out, without saying a word, he directly grabbed the little nymphomaniac and dragged him away Ah why is this why do you treat the kid like this Wow the kid didn t make a mistake, why did you Catch Lun s house I want to look in the mirror Dad, let me go I m a good person Xiaoshuang where is my brother Little Pig tried every means to resist, but he couldn t help it There is no resistance at all Chapter 737 I m an upright person In the car, Candy is nestled in the corner of the back seat.This car is temporarily rented, and there is no child safety seat, so Xiao Zhuzhu must sit in the back seat.He had to hide in a corner and let Tang Zhen watch over him all the time.If Tang Shuang was around, Tang Shuang would hold her, like a prisoner.It wasn t easy for him tonight.He came to strike up a conversation with a handsome attire, but his routine of not wanting to strike up a conversation went astray.He climbed a tree by accident, looking for a little sparrow, and found a spirited owl, which almost didn t die Because of being frightened, Shuai Guo was a little dazed and dumbfounded.Even when he saw Tang Zhen approaching, his stupid eyes stared blankly.These eyes, which were said to be particularly energetic, were completely devoid of energy at this moment, and were in a daze.Tang Zhen felt sorry for her, and was concerned about the other party s physical condition.After asking twice, the other party finally came to his senses, blinked, and forced a smile I, I m fine.Hearing this, Tang Zhen not only did not breathe a sigh of relief, but aggravated it.Grandpa, you and grandpa met, remember Tang Tanger continued to look at Alum, um, the white beard and white hair look familiar, the old man with the white beard always impresses her deeply, she tilted her head and thought about it, or can not remember.Alumni smiled, not at all disappointed.Tang Shuang reminded On the plane, Bread.Tang Tanger blinked, stared at Aluman and thought for a while, then suddenly put away the puzzled expression on his face, turned his big eyes, and said, Ha Grandpa with white beard , Little Bread On the handjob Right Grandpa, your beard is so white Alumni smiled wrinkledly, and couldn t help touching Tangtang er s little head, saying I finally remembered, Tangtang er has grown up a lot , Grandpa is getting older too, so healing hemp cbd gummies for ed colorado botanicals cbd gummies the white beard is even whiter.Seeing Tangtanger secretly looking at Xie Zhifei beside him, he introduced, This is my wife, please say hello.

In the end, Tangtanger missed her puppy, the little parrot, who was being taken care of by Tang Huohuo, emmmmm, Huohuo is not here yet.On the way home, there is a section of Yanjiang Road, along the Shengjing River all the way to the west, the coast is very lively, many people put Kongming lanterns in the Chaojiang River, one by one floating into the night sky, twinkling HCMUSSH cbd gummies carry on on the river, so pretty.There are also flickering lights on the dark river surface, and there are many river lanterns floating on the water.Some people put Kongming lanterns on the scene, and many people put river lanterns.Tang Tang lay on the window of the car, yelling in surprise, Tang Shuang pulled over, and Tang Zhen took Tang Tang to the riverside to watch the lights.The night wind was blowing gently, which shook people s spirits.Tang Shuang took Tang Zhen s lotus lantern and held one in each hand, while Tang Zhen approached the girl, and just about to squat down, she heard the girl say without turning her head, Thank you, let me be quiet for a while, please The silly girl came back without saying a word, Tang Shuang said amusedly, You don t know how to say a word of comfort before you leave Are you stupid Tang Zhen cbd gummies carry on was stunned, wrinkled her nose, and snorted softly , didn t speak, and had to admit that Xiaoshuang was right, and couldn t refute it.But she has such a character, she can t speak, and she doesn t talk much, and if others don t want to listen, she really doesn cbd gummies carry on t say a word or a word.Then you go Tang Zhen thought that Xiaoshuang was very good at talking, so it would be better if he went.Tang Shuang shook her head Forget it, she obviously doesn t want to listen to other people s words.A note Yes, a note.Very important Very important.What did you write Ye Liang It was written on that bank card password.The policewoman suddenly thought, no wonder this young man was nervous.Why did healing hemp cbd gummies for ed colorado botanicals cbd gummies you write the password of the bank card on a slip of paper and put it together with the card Ye Liang I m in business, and I came back late yesterday after urging the account.This bank card is the account I just wanted to get back.Because I was afraid of forgetting the password, I wrote it down on a piece of paper, and I wanted to find an ATM to withdraw the money immediately, but then I came to this store to buy cigarettes and won the lottery, so I forgot it when I was happy.The middle aged policeman was curious.Ye Liang asked How much money is there Ye Liang Fifty thousand and one hundred.Ye Liang looked at Lao Xu, this old man went to the bank in the morning and came back with a bunch of money, wish him good luck, If he really moved the money in the bank card, cbd gummies carry on it would be bad luck, and Xiao Shuang would make him peel off his skin.Xiaoye and Xiaoguo, they had a dispute with the shop owner, and the police came.Tang Shuang pretended to be surprised and said, Oh What s going on The old Tang s family didn t even know that he and Ye Liang Guo Zifeng were working together.Tang Shuang didn t want them to know about it.Huang Xiangning also asked curiously greenroad cbd gummies Really Xiaoye and Xiaoguo What s going on Why did you have a dispute with someone Tang Sanjian said Xiaoye left a bag in that store, which contained mobile phone, cash and bank card.Now Xiaoye has called the police and sued the store owner for credit card fraud, which is a felony.Tang Shuang was stunned for a moment, but she didn t expect to come to this point.Huang healing hemp cbd gummies for ed colorado botanicals cbd gummies Xiangning said Xiao Shuang, why don t you go down and take a look.Tang Shuang Okay.He was worried that he would not have the opportunity to see the progress of the matter.After returning home, he found out that the tombstone was two vertical kitchen knives, implying colorado botanicals cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies that General Tang Jingtao held two kitchen knives to make a revolution The group turned around and went back.Today s New Year s Eve ancestor worship is all over.The so called ancestor worship, for the old Tang family, is to pay homage to grandma and General Tang Jingtao.Old Tang s family has no ancestors, or they can t find their own ancestors.The root is broken.Tang Hongjun didn t know where he was from, where his hometown was, or even his surname.His surname was Tang, which was given by his company commander at the time, who is now General Tang Jingtao on the tombstone.Tang Hongjun joined the army at the age of 16.On the first day he went to the battlefield, he stabbed three enemies to death with a shoddy spear, and survived the roar of the guns.Tang Shuang and Mingyu stood outside the crowd.He went out on a mission at the end of the year and didn t cbd gummies carry on come back.Ah went on a colorado botanicals cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies mission Where Mingyu obviously didn t expect that Tang Jin would go out on a mission.There are not many people who really want to go out to perform tasks.Tang Shuang I went to Africa.Mingyu was a healing hemp cbd gummies for ed colorado botanicals cbd gummies child in the army, and he roughly guessed that it was a dangerous mission.Hope to come back safely.Tang Shuang Thank you.Mingyu looked at Candy who was bouncing around with Xiaoqing, and asked, Is that Candy It s so cute.Cute.Xiaoshuang Xiaoshuang Tang Huohuo also came, carrying a big suitcase, and beside him was Tang Xin.Tang Xin greeted Mingyu and said, Ah, it s Mingyu.Mingyu, Tang Xin, and Tang Huohuo all knew each other, and everyone greeted each other.Tang Shuang looked at the cardboard box Tang Huohuo put on the ground and asked, What is this Tang Huohuo I bought fireworks.Tangtanger pretended to be discouraged and said, Okay, Tangtanger agrees, Xiaoshuang Take me to play.Tang Shuang No problem, give me a punch for the dog in your arms, and I will take you to the TV station tomorrow.Bai Jingjing in Tangtanger s arms whined in fright, she Now I am very regretful, I shouldn t have said so much, now it looks like I am going to die, the little master is going to sell it for profit, woo woo woo It s so pitiful to be a dog.Tang Tanger gently patted the dog s head and comforted Bai Jingjing.At the same time, her eyes rolled away, and she handed Bai Jingjing to Tang Shuang with a smile, and said, Here.Smash Bai Jingjing s little head.But when he was about to beat him up, Tangtang suddenly hid Bai Jingjing in her arms again.Tang Shuang What do you mean Don t let me hit you Tang Tanger said seriously, You can t hit Jingjing, and my brother can t hit my sister.

She ran to Tang Shuang s room, so even though Tang Zhen was at home, she still subconsciously looked for Xiaoshuang.However, with what happened last night, there is also a possibility that the reason Tangtanger came to climb Tang Shuang s bed is that Tang Zhen s room is locked at night Tang Shuang couldn t fall asleep anymore, so she closed the window and stepped out of the room gently.There was a shadow floating around in the hazy living room, it was Bai Jingjing The puppy was refreshed and was jumping happily.When it saw Tang Shuang, it immediately pretended that nothing had happened, and walked around briskly, sniffing here and there, as usual.At 7 30 cbd gummies carry on eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus reviews in the morning, the family has had breakfast and is ready to go to work on their own.With cbd gummies carry on his hands behind his back, Tang Sanjian walked leisurely along the path of Aixi Lake, admiring the spring scenery colorado botanicals cbd gummies cbn cbd gummies just emerging by the lake, while walking to work in the academy.Reaction Until the picture freezes cbd gummies and afib Flowers in Dreams In Huayuan 2020, Tang Zhen chooses to be Tang Zhen.The background image is cbd gummies daytime the cover image of the album.Tang Zhen was wearing a white long dress with floral prints, standing on a green avenue, the straight avenue stretched endlessly, with lush trees, flowers and plants on both sides of the avenue, with the breeze blowing, countless flying flowers fell.Tang Zhen stood pretty in the flying flowers, looking back at the camera, gazing at the 2,000 fans and guests at the scene As the video ended, there was thunderous applause.It is indeed a miracle for a newcomer to achieve such a result in their first album.Before this, who would have thought of it The light in the theater gradually dimmed, the blue light disappeared, and it became pitch black.snort Tang Shuang stretched out her hands, grinning as she wanted to pinch Tang Shuang s face, and stretched it out Tang Shuang dodged, and almost swallowed her little hand with a groan.Tang Shuang smiled triumphantly You know how powerful my brother is, come on, and sing with my sister.After finishing speaking, he took the lead in singing loudly but you have to admit it now Tangtanger thought for a while, no Complaining with Xiaoshuang, he also sang along It s just that the little rabbit doesn t admit it now Rabbits appear in groups.Since the first rabbit appeared, it means that a large group of rabbits in the grass are queuing up for the concert.Chapter 856 How many carrots should be left for the rabbit Tang Shuang glanced at this guy and changed the lyrics without authorization He sang along with Tang Zhen on the stage Love is sometimes a kind of perdition Candy also sang along with a smile Love is sometimes a little rabbit What the hell Tang Shuang was puzzled, and continued to sing The thing that disappoints is the relationship itself Tang Tanger sang duet with a smile The rabbit that disappoints is a bad rabbit Tang Shuang wanted to hit the child a little bit.The sales of the album Flowers in Dreams have not yet ended, but it has been a long process, and the water flows slowly.In addition, there are many other sources of income, sales are only part of it, and the bigger part is copyright income.This is a cash cow, which will bring Tang Shuang a steady stream of rich income.A song supports a composer for a lifetime.This phenomenon is not a fairy tale.Tang Shuang is not the first and will not be the last.Xiao Na was talking to Tang Shuang when suddenly someone approached her and said something.Xiao Na was taken aback, looked at the person, cbd gummies carry on eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus reviews it was her secretary, then looked at Tang Shuang, and said to Tang Shuang, The owner of Chenghai Hotel has arrived at the door, I ll go and meet him.This five star hotel is Chenghai Hotel, Tang Shuang nodded, but said nothing.Candy has a body odor Milk fragrance, it smells so good.Hmm , I also think it smells very good, like a little suckling pig.Oh, you said so, I think it may come from Tangy, I was holding Tangy all the time during the concert., Said, he Sniffing her sleeve, she said, It really smells like milk, mixed with a bit of jasmine, it was Yuqing who left it in the car just now.Tang Zhen believed it, and didn t think about it any more.Candy is really an excellent shield.Tang Shuang breathed a sigh of relief, and suddenly parked the car on the side of the road, stopped for more than ten seconds and started again.Tang Zhen asked suspiciously, What are you doing To verify something.What is it I ll tell you later.After speaking, Tang Shuang drove away.He parked the car on the side of the road, got out of the car and bought a cup of hot drink from a shop on the street, returned to the car and handed it to Tang Zhen.She ran out of the room, took Tang Zhen s hand without saying a word, and followed along, as if everyone had agreed that she would go too.Actually agreed.Even Tang Shuang was called to take charge of driving.Huang Xiangning was also warmly invited, but she refused with a smile, telling everyone to have fun.Such a group of people would definitely turn heads 100 when walking on the street.Even if Tang Zhen and Luo Yuqing wore masks, they couldn t hide their figures, not to mention Bai Yang er and Shang Hui were eye catching enough.Even with Tang Shuang guarding him, he still couldn t stop the men who were as enthusiastic as the sun today.From time to time, someone would come to strike up a conversation and ask for their contact information.Even Candy was approached by someone, but it was a child who approached her.There was no Flying Pig in this restaurant before, but when Tang Shuang and Tangtanger came to visit the restaurant, they added such a wooden sign after discussing with the boss.The prototype is Tang Tang.Anyway, Tang Shuang thought so, but she didn t dare to confront Tang Tang directly, worrying that the relationship between brother and sister would fall apart.This pigsty is equivalent to a cubicle.A half person high red brick wall separates the room from the corridor.The door is a wooden fence that can be pushed and pulled.Tang Shuang opened the wooden fence to welcome everyone in.Tang Tang was the first to jump in.Tang Shuang A little flying pig.The little bun followed closely behind and jumped into it.Tang Shuang Two little flying pigs.The little peacock smiled at Tang Shuang, and entered the pen third.

He won the best newcomer last night Last year was the first year of Chen Ding s debut.In the first year, he achieved achievements that many people could not achieve in his lifetime.The starting cbd gummies carry on point is not low.In Shawna s office.Here is the income statement for the album Flowers in Dreams.Take a look.Xiao Na took out a list and gave it to Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang glanced at it, a little unexpected.Didn t say 20 million when I was in Guangdong, how could it be 5 million more.Xiao Na smiled and said, It was only a preliminary estimate last time, gold leaf gummies green apple cbd and it was this number in the actual calculation.Tang Shuang signed, and the money will be transferred within 24 hours on his account.In fact, nature one cbd gummies review cbd gummies carry on he also urgently needs the money.Tomorrow, he will sign a share transfer agreement with Alumni, and the money will come in handy.Tang Zhen s participation in the Huaxia Literature Awards and her absence from the golden microphone is one of the real hammers.The so called cheering up Tang Shuang was just an excuse.In fact, Tang Zhen and Xiao Na had fallen out, and Disciple Entertainment and Chengmai Music represented by Tang Shuang had already collapsed because of the issue of Tang Zhen s ownership.In addition, the current situation of Tuzi top hat cbd gummies Entertainment is not good, and the need for Tang Zhen is even more urgent, which directly accelerated the split between Tang Shuang and Cheng Mai.These analyzes are well organized and seem to be true, but in fact they are just rubbish.Right now, both Tang Zhen and Tang Shuang have their own hotspots, and anyone who touches them can bring traffic, so why not do it.Not long after, Tang Zhen and Xiao Na appeared in front of the public together, breaking the rumors that the two were feuding.Zhang Huxing stopped, looked at him and said Stand up by yourself.Humming and chirping, Zhang Weitong got up from the ground, swayed, and fell down again.This time he fell from the steps into the yard and rolled.Ask him to stand upright Can t you even stand up Stand up stand up straight You are a man You can t walk up even one step Zhang Weitong lowered his head instantly, looked at his feet, and said nothing.Seeing this, Zhang Martian s HCMUSSH cbd gummies carry on anger rose further, and his tone was a little aggressive Speak Don t play dumb again Every time I talk about you, you keep silent Did it solve the problem without saying a word Zhang Weitong lowered his head and continued to remain silent.What do you mean Speak Speak This time it was almost a roar, blushing, thick neck, twitching face, startling Candy in the distance.Zhang Weitong was the first to rush over, Seeing that the loudspeaker in the principal s hand was very novel, he jumped up and wanted to see it.Cao Kai said that he would play the game when it was over.You, you can give it to me.Don t forget, director.Show me, director.The little friend stuck to the director s side and wanted that megaphone.He didn t notice that his father had a gloomy face not far away.After all the staff arrived, Cao Kai smiled into the loudspeaker and said, Now our game is over.Look at everyone s bamboo baskets.They are full.It s a good harvest afternoon.They nature one cbd gummies review cbd gummies carry on are very capable.Xia Dashan said There is a young lady like Tang Tang, she even helps me push the boat.Oh, Tangtang s face is so bright that it can compare with the setting sun on the sea.Cao Kai It seems that everyone likes Tang Tang very much.Tangtanger took Tang Shuang pulled down, Tang Shuang squatted down and let her kiss him warmly.It seems that Tang Tanger was very worried and worried because she went fishing last night and did not return for a long time.Tang Shuang s heart was warm.Come on, I ll comb your princess hair.Tang Shuang saw Tangtang s hair was messy, so she took out a wooden comb from her trouser pocket and brought two stools.Candy was sitting on a small stool in the bad reactions to cbd gummies yard, and he was sitting behind her, combing the little guy s hair.It is now 7 o clock in the morning, and the sun has jumped out from the sea level and jumped into the air, red like an egg.The yard is full of sunlight, which shines on the stones paved on the ground, reflecting the light.In the yard, where the sun does not shine, the ground is still somewhat damp.Candy has learned a lot, and never thought that the fragrant wine is made of such a smelly thing, but she still wants to drink it.Tang Shuang wanted to keep an eye on this guy, otherwise don t really let her drink.Their room is on the second floor, a kind of wooden attic with a balcony.Outside the balcony is a plantation, full of banana trees, the sun is shining, and the lush plantain leaves stretch out into the house.It seems that it has rained not long ago.Green and dripping, cbd hair growth gummies shining with moist luster, full of vitality.Wow we live in the forest.Tangtanger hurriedly lay on the fence to look at the banana tree outside, there were plantains on it.She pointed to a clump of blue plantains and said to Tang Shuang, Brother, bananas, you bastard Tang Shuang thought this little guy was scolding him, so she endured it.After eating, Cao Kai told him.Liu Yanping secretly ran to the side and vomited.After a meal, other dads also asked the program team not to let everyone eat anymore.Cao Kai laughed and said Don t worry, everyone, this time it s not about eating, but about melting ice.We have a jigsaw puzzle here, which is divided into 6 pieces and frozen cbd gummies carry on in ice cubes.Dads and brothers need to melt these ice cubes in the shortest time and take out the jigsaw puzzle inside.Which team will complete it first just win.Chapter 950 The big devil game to please girls At the beginning, each of the 6 adults had a piece of ice.Although the weather in the southwest is warm, and even a little hot after being exposed to the sun for a long time, and sweating, it is still unbearable to hold a piece of ice.Everyone When Tang Shuang just took it, she was shivering.

The big rooster not only pecked Tang Tang, but also snapped at them.The three children went fast and came back even faster, yelling and crying.Candy fell to the end, rolling and crawling.Tang Shuang took a big step, stopped the big rooster cbd relief gummies who was chasing after him, and drove him away.Immediately, Tangtang rushed over, hugged his leg tightly, and acted pitifully.Xiao Qiao was also protected by her father, and Little Comb muttered in fright behind his father, turning pale with fright.I told you not to mess with big cocks, they are not easy to mess with.Tang Shuang said to Tang Tanger who was on his lap.Hey The Lun family wants to make friends with it.It bites the Lun family.Look, Xiao Shuang, Tangtanger s little hand was bitten.The little man stretched out his pecked hand, and saw a red dot on it.They saw with their own eyes that Little Butterfly stepped into the stool by herself.Candy accidentally stepped on it, and Little Butterfly stepped on it.I stepped on it by myself.What is this for The little butterfly puffed up her little face, hummed, and nimo cbd gummies raised her little feet in the poop, dirty and smelly.She came to Tangtanger and held Tangtanger s little hand , comforted her watermelon gummy cbd rings and said Miss Tang Tang, little, little, little, little butterfly, too Seeing that she was struggling to speak, Tangtang er reached out and pinched her little face, gently tugged on both sides, and said Let s talk about it, okay Little Butterfly s big eyes are full of tears.It s not painful, but sad.It s not for anything else, just because there is poop on her feet.Thinking of a lot of poop on her beautiful little feet, Little Butterfly feels sad I want to cry.The name is decided like that, from now on it will be called Xiaotang.When meeting such a fierce and powerful brother, what can a little person say, he can only accept his fate.Okay, listen to my brother, everything my brother says is right.Hehehe, brother, can you let the Lun family go The little shoulders of the Lun family are about to be broken.Tang Shuang let her go.The little man immediately rushed to Huang Xiangning s feet, hugged his thighs, and whispered Mom, you don t care, Xiaoshuang bullies the small ones just because of her size.Huang Xiangning let her be blah blah, and said Tang Tang, Xiaohong is going to have a baby.We are going to resettle her a new home now.Would you like to help me together How nice is this big pond to resettle. The baby fish must be protected and not allowed to be with other goldfish.Not only that, but there is also a big sock in the pocket, and there is a little girl lying on the ground acting like a baby on the sock.He lifted it up to his eyes, looked at it, and laughed.Tang Zhen in the corridor secretly blushed, her bare left foot shrank involuntarily.Chapter 980 This Crazy Woman This confrontation was very stalemate and lasted for a long time.The old Tang s house was noisy, and fighting might break out again at any time.Although it didn t explode in the end.The situation is fairly manageable.Thanks to Tang Zhen.If Tang Zhen didn t exist, Tangtanger would definitely have a negative IQ, and she would risk her life to charge.But it was also because of Tang Zhen that the battle could not be decided for a long time.Until Sanjian s father came home.Sanjian s father was thinking about the eldest daughter and the younger daughter, seeing it once was not enough, he couldn t sit still in the office, thought about it, and slipped back home again.I feel that these musics have their appearance, we just restore them as much as possible.The days when I made the album for Dream Flower was the happiest and most fulfilling experience for me.Thank you Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen for giving me such an opportunity, really, I feel very, very honored Thank you, does purekana cbd gummies work thank you for your vote.After speaking, Deng Ke handed the trophy to Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang respected him and let him take the trophy first.This is because he is being polite, and he has to be self aware.Tang Shuang didn t say anything more, and after thanking her again, she went backstage with Deng Ke for an interview.Today he nominated for four awards, and now all of them have been announced, and he won three of them, which is considered quite satisfactory.Next, it s up to Tang Zhen.Her nominations for Best Album and Best Female Singer haven t been announced yet.That s someone else It s not yours Ji Yanjie gave him a white look.I really hope we can get it in the future, cbd gummies carry on it s really majestic to stand on the stage with the trophy.Li Yuanlin looked forward to it.Ji natures boost cbd gummies prices Yanjie was silent when he heard this, and didn t say anything about Li Yuanlin.He was also hot in his heart, but it wasn t as obvious as Li Yuanlin cbd gummies carry on s expression.In order to join the Tunan band, he almost collapsed himself.Because of his hard work and the fastest progress, he was favored by Ding Xiaoquan and recruited into the band.The recent experience proved that all the hard work at the beginning was worthwhile, and a song Until the End of the World made them completely famous.And this is just the beginning, the future is infinitely bright.Because behind them is the talented Yuxiang Look at the five golden trophies in front of him, all won by Yu Xiang alone.Not only did it not exist last year, looking back at history, there are not many albums comparable to it.Dream Flower album sales ranked in the top ten in history, and this is not counting digital albums, only physical sales are counted The winner of the best album of the year is Blue Lotus , Tang Zhen Chapter 1016 The next stop, the Golden Melody Awards Ceremony came to an end amidst the hustle and bustle, and Orange Mai became the biggest winner unsurprisingly, winning six In addition to the awards received by Tang Zhen and Chen Ding, there are two other awards that are less important.Regarding the hard work and efforts, achievements and shortcomings of the past year, it finally came to an end, and the music circle began to look forward as a whole.Tang Zhen was without a doubt the brightest star in the Chinese music scene last year.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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