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Work is one aspect, personal issues You also need to serve some snacks, it s almost enough, don t look too high, I think Lingling is good, you are classmates, and you are both in Yanyang.You know everything, you have a common language, it s good to be together, don t you think Mom , Didn t I tell you that she has a boyfriend, and she came to Yanyang for him. Has a boyfriend Han Chaoyang didn t lie this time, and explained Her boyfriend is a cbd gummies for sex reviews graduate student of Normal University., my hometown is not only a county, but also the same town, my classmates in junior high school and high school, my real childhood sweetheart, and I have a deep relationship.Han Ma felt very disappointed that such a good girl had a boyfriend, and was about to say a few more words, Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Mom, I m going to work, I ll call at night.That kid was lucky, he destroyed the den, and caught the main criminal.There were many crackdowns before, but all he caught were small fish and shrimps.There is not much evidence, so we can only arrest and let them go, and those fake certificate dealers will always come back.The opportunity is rare, this time we must hit the chain, and we must go all out to arrest the previous family and the next family.I have to admit that Han Chaoyang The kid is really lucky.Chen Xiujuan felt that everything was so unreal, and dosage cbd gummies asked in a murmur, Old Tao, can our police station handle such a big case Lao Tao, the policeman on duty, looked up at the police photos posted in the hall, and said meaningfully Instead cbd gummies for sex reviews cbd gummy bears for sleep of Half a year ago, we definitely wouldn t have handled such a case, and it wasn t our turn to handle it.He immediately reported to the security brigade of the sub bureau.The person on duty in the security brigade said that he would come back tomorrow.Help Lao Tao take photos of the stretched, dirty, beaten, and grabbed arms, and wait for the people from the security brigade to arrive tomorrow before going through legal procedures and sending these guys to the detention center.There is a shortage of people in the institute, so I can t leave when I come back.After everything was busy, I was hungry and was about to find something to eat.The big troop came back.Police cars and cbd gummies for sex reviews cbd gummy bears for sleep private cars drove into cbd gummies for sleep amazon delta 8 gummies vs cbd the yard one after another.Under the command of Liu Suo, the suspects were escorted out of the car one by one., There are men and women, the female suspects are struggling cursingly, and the male suspects are all disgraced.Oh, it s really flooding the Dragon King Temple, and the family doesn t know the family.If I had known you earlier and known about this relationship, we would have been wronged like this Jiang Xiaolan believed that as long as there are acquaintances in this world, there is nothing impossible to do, and she suddenly regained her spirits.Sister, this is not a place to talk, let s go to the alley and talk.Okay.Jiang Xiaolan suddenly felt hopeful when she had a relationship.With snot and tears, he scolded the dead Yu Xiushui, scolded Zhang Beibei, scolded Jiang Erhu, scolded Han Chaoyang who favored vixies because of their good looks.Jiang Yifei was right, he was just an auxiliary policeman, and the one surnamed Han was a civilian policeman.If you don t kill him and let him get out, one day he will take revenge.Xiao Chen from our unit also went.She started working last year.She may be a year or two older than you.She is a very quiet girl.I will push her WeChat ID to you, add a friend, and have a good cbd gummies what is chat tomorrow.Sister cbd gummies for sex reviews Wang The more I thought about it, the more amusing I was, I picked up my phone and sent a WeChat account.Is this the fourth or fifth The Huang Ying introduced by Director Su has been a friend for three days and has not been able to chat the two girls introduced by Director Yang of the District Federation of Trade Unions and Section Chief Li of the District Letters and Calls Bureau also joined in the past two days, and they also have no time to chat.Han Chaoyang was really embarrassed.He looked at his phone and said embarrassedly, Thank you, Sister Wang.Just talk, if it s not suitable, just make friends.Since this is the owner s representative meeting, we will raise our hands according to the procedure and vote.Old Wang, what kind of mobile phone are you using for the meeting A owner s representative poked at the partner next to him., the first to raise their hands in agreement.The villagers of Chaoyang Village are smarter than each other, and the owner of Dongming Community is also very powerful.The few people on the opposite side were not playing just now, but were live broadcasting.They have a group of owners, and a WeChat group for each building.They are all very concerned about matters related to the property.Competent, Director Su believes in everything just said, and almost all the owners at home know.Anyway, the last program is over.From now on, the sixteen security guards in Dongming Community will become community lyfe medi cbd gummies security patrol members, and will become security guards of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company in the near future.I met several foreigners without ID cards in the past half an hour, all of which were accidentally lost.Although I don t have an ID card, I can report the ID number.Even if I can funky farms tropical fruit cbd gummies t remember the ID number, I can t remember the name, age and home address.I just need to use the police to check the information and call up the photo to see if it s me.That s it.Wu Junfeng insisted on letting go, which meant that the person without ID card he just found was more suspicious.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment, drove the electric patrol car to the yard where they were, and saw a middle aged man in his forties standing silently at the door of a bungalow.Han Da, he said he is from Menya, but his accent is obviously wrong.Wu Junfeng pointed to a team member who also rushed over not long ago Chang Jiankai is from Menya, I might misunderstand, Jiankai is impossible. Can you go in The meeting room is not big, and there s no room for everyone to go in.Old people and children can go in.Young people can t do it, respect the old and love the young.Then can the punishment be reduced The old man grabbed Han Chaoyang s arm with an expectant look on his face.Han Chaoyang was so dumbfounded, he motioned to the nearest team member to help him to the conference room, and said with a smile Uncle Lian, you can respect the elderly and love the young in other matters, but punishment is not acceptable.Everyone is equal before the law, over there The poster says, there are laws to abide by, laws must be followed, violations must be punished, and law enforcement must be strictly enforced.If law enforcement must be strictly enforced, you will know the fine.You can t say that, you know the fine, How much money will be fined and it will not fall into my personal pocket.It sounds like mourning.I ll go and see.Where did the woman come from Chen Jie trotted to catch up and said, Miss, Han Da doesn t want to be disturbed by others I m not someone else.You are Can I be his girlfriend Huang Ying With a secretive smile, Chen Jie was stunned and did not dare to stop her.When Huang Ying walked to the door, she thought she was going to smash the door, but found that the anti theft door was ajar, so she just pushed the door and walked in.I saw Han Chaoyang wearing a T shirt on his upper body and a pair of big shorts on his lower body, facing the door with his back, shaking his head and playing the piano mesmerized.Sure enough, there was an automatic speaker with power amplifier next to the bed, with a USB flash drive plugged into it, cbd gummies from amazon and it was playing a sad and beautiful piano accompaniment.Fool old men and old ladies to travel, go out with a group, don t spend money, travel expenses, board and lodging expenses All are borne by their company, not only the old men and women from Factory 527, but also those from Chaoyang Village and Dongming Community.Old Xu paused, then cbd gummies for sex reviews added I have seen this kind of thing a lot, they are high level liars, using The children of the old people are not around and there is no chance to care for them.They talk to the old people, go to the mountains and rivers with the old people, ask about their health, even serve the old people to eat, wash their feet, and play the card of warmth.In the end, the old people are really sorry , Those who didn t want to buy it would buy tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of insurance from them.Those guys are not only high level liars, but also legal liars.As soon as Yang Tao left, Lao Hu grabbed Guan Xiyuan who had just come back from the outside and asked, Xiyuan, Han Chaoyang was taken away by the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the inspector early in the morning.Do you know why It was absolutely explosive.News, I heard it when I was downstairs.Han Chaoyang had no right to make any are cbd gummies legal problems.Guan Xiyuan was HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex reviews full of confidence in Han Chaoyang, and asked back I don t know, do you know I asked you because I cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies for sex reviews didn t cbd gummies takealot know.Why ask me, if you want to know, you should ask Liu Suo and the instructor.In fact, not only did they not know, Liu Jianye and Guan Yuanyuan, who had just brought the inspector of the Disciplinary Committee of the sub bureau to the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee to find Han Chaoyang, were also unaware.For Guan Yuanyuan, things couldn t be simpler.The Municipal Bureau judged your meritorious service and awards.Isn t it the best way to say that you will receive awards for your meritorious service in the future Zou Jingnan was completely convinced, looked at him like a freak and asked, What do you want to explain Reputation, how can I work in the office in the future, how can I hang out in the community How can I hang out in the community, are you a bastard Section Chief Zou, I don t mean that, I mean that this matter has indeed caused damage to my personal reputation.Bad influence.What the Disciplinary Committee and inspectors do is to supervise you.If I ask you to find out more about the situation, and I have to apologize to you, then how will the Discipline Inspection Commission and the inspectors carry out their work in the future, who will be afraid of the Discipline Inspection Commission and the inspectors.Yes Get in the car, let s go.Following Han Chaoyang s order, the team members opened the door and got in the car at the same time.Thirty seven or eight people, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex reviews including Xu Hongliang and Lao Jin, couldn t fit in a police car, a Santana official car, a pickup truck, and three electric patrol cars.Not to mention that there were so many equipments, those who could squeeze into the car were desperately trying to squeeze in.If he couldn t fit in the crowd, he climbed into the pickup truck, and Lao Xu simply drove the police electric car originally assigned to Han Chaoyang, and brought a team member with him.What can t be done with so many people What s more, there is an assisting police officer on the left and an assisting police officer on the right.His attitude is very clear.Guan Xiyuan glanced at Han Chaoyang gratefully, got into the driver s cab without even putting on the seat belt, and turned the steering wheel in reverse, taking the lead and clearing the way ahead.If the situation is no longer under control, a stampede is likely to occur.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to hesitate any longer, leaned over to take the loudspeaker, and shouted to the crowd Attention all homeowners, attention all homeowners, I am Han Chaoyang, cbd gummies for sex reviews a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.For your personal safety, please protect your rights rationally., please protect your rights rationally shouted, this trick has not been tried just now.Liu Jianye turned his head, looked at Han Chaoyang who was standing on cbd hemp gummies 300 mg 0 thc the pickup truck, and thought to himself, this kid is showing off again, the key is, is this the occasion for you to show off As expected, the owners who were closer to the pickup turned around and pointed at him, the little policeman.Rational rights protection, you can stand and talk without back pain, how can you be rational We have been to all the places we should go, and we can t even control the courts.What will happen.It should be, Director Gu, take a breath first, I ll ask about the situation ahead.Stop drinking, I ll go ahead and have a look.This is just the beginning, Director Gu dare not be here After staying for a long time, seeing that Grandpa Gu and his senior brother had followed the last row of owners on the road, Han Chaoyang simply put down the walkie talkie, opened the door and called Director Gu and street cadre Zhang Yuling to get into the car.They rushed to the front to make arrangements, while Grandpa Gu and Yu Zhenchuan slowly followed the big troop on foot.Yu Zhenchuan looked at the urban management law enforcement vehicles that passed by, and couldn t help saying Master, Chaoyang is fine, and he rescued the street leaders in a few words.See very clearly.He looked around and said nonchalantly, If you were you, you could also rescue the street cadres.It was pure luck that the blind cat ran into a dead mouse.The capture by the Pian cbd gummies for sleep amazon delta 8 gummies vs cbd er police is completely different from the capture by the criminal police, not to mention that this is a trainee Pian er policeman.The young reliable cbd gummies police officer in front of him was in the limelight these days, Jiao Da couldn t help stretching out his right hand, and half jokingly said Whether it s luck or not, catching the murderer is a matter of skill.Come on, hold one, let me touch you too Good luck.Jiao Da, don t laugh at me.No joke, you are the hero of our branch now.After shaking hands and patting his arm, Jiao Da turned around and asked, Xiao Yu, the Sixth Court It should be in your jurisdiction, are you familiar with the medical staff Yes.It s good if you are familiar with it, help me find the duty leader of the emergency room, and ask them to give priority to the X ray of the suspect in front, who has hidden drugs in his body.He ran back to the police office, grabbed his things and climbed into the police car parked at the door, only to see Grandpa Gu directing the security guards of the No.Patients, relatives of patients and faculty members of PolyU can reach the sidewalk with higher terrain smoothly from the bus stop sign.He didn t know where to find a rain cape, but the rain cape used for riding an electric car couldn t stop the rain at all, and he was completely soaked.Han Chaoyang really wanted to go to help, biogold cbd gummies amazon but now there are more important things, he drove the car to the side of the road and honked the horn a few times, said hello to the master, and rushed to the north gate of Factory 527 again.Yu Xucheng actually took out a license plate from the water, held the license plate in one hand, and gestured with the other to guide the police car to drive forward.Don t come in I don t know, I was taken aback when I came in.Passing through the dormitories of Han Chaoyang and Yu Zhenchuan, and entering the police room, there was a girl cbd gummies for pain canada whom she had never seen before sitting beside the cbd gummies for sex reviews cbd gummy bears for sleep police station.People are very close Su Xian was stunned, Huang Ying felt very uncomfortable, she really wanted to turn around and leave, but she also wanted to see what the girl looked like.At this time, Han Chaoyang, who heard the movement behind him, turned around and was really surprised to see the two ladies get keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews who had helped him so much.He hurriedly greeted him, Director Su, Yingying, why are you here This is the community police department.Room, can I not come Is there any mistake, this side is trying to help you lead the red line, you actually get together with other girls, Su Xian is really in a bad mood, talking to him, but staring at him Zhang Beibei just turned around.Being held here as a hostage is really nothing.I don t even have to worry about a few million mortgages.If it s a big deal, I will pay it back slowly in the future Just reminiscing about everything that happened at night and planning a bright future, there was a loud noise at the door, and a middle aged man ran into the hall with an old lady on his back, and the women and a girl of eighteen or nineteen who came in together shouted doctor.Rescue is important Lu Jiaxi couldn t care less about monitoring the handsome policeman and hurried to push the wheeled hospital bed.Together with relatives, she laid the old lady flat on the bed, helped send her to the emergency area, and then took relatives to the front desk to complete the formalities.This side was not finished, and the sound of an ambulance came from outside.Arrogant, but unfortunately he got the wrong partner Called to report to the leader, Liu Suo really became angry, and immediately ordered the prevention and control team patrolling nearby to support.Didn t he want to drive by himself Let him drive by himself.Those who had beaten others were counted as one and all.By the way, they also checked the ID card and residence permits of the hotel staff, and brought back four people who did not apply for residence permits.The police handling the case have all returned, and the auxiliary police of the prevention and control team have also returned.Han Chaoyang didn t have anything to do next, so he went back to the police office in Guan Xiyuan s car.I didn t rest until 2 o clock in the morning, and slept until 9 o clock in the morning.I was about to call my prospective girlfriend when my mother s phone came in first.The person surnamed Bao was a waiter surnamed Fan who had been beaten, but the injuries were minor.The stinky boy surnamed Fan gathered a group of people to take revenge, but he was caught before he could implement it.This kind of case can only be handled in this way.Han Chaoyang thought about it and asked again No matter how bad the restaurant s business is, it doesn t cost that little money.Why don t you owe it to others, but to that kid One month later, the two brats went at an untimely time, and there was cbd gummies for sleep amazon delta 8 gummies vs cbd a problem with the method of asking for salary.It was very embarrassing, so people coaxed them out, and then they started fighting.It s a big deal, it made us run from left to right, and let us go until two o clock.Gu Grandpa appeared behind him without anyone noticing, looked at the two of them with a smile, and said, Chaoyang, if you don t run away at night, something as big as a fart may become a big deal In fact, many big cases, including some homicides, are It was caused by something big, so if you can prevent it before it happens, you must take precautions as much as possible, and you must not take it seriously.The main reason is that the funds will not be resolved in a while.He said slowly There is sanitation fee in the village, and you can get a little rent for the facade of the downstairs house, but the money is all used.The cleaners need to be paid, the widowed and lonely elderly in the village need to be supported, and the poor and extremely poor Relief is needed.The villagers are smarter now than before, and they all keep an eye on how much money they have in the village, so don t expect to take money out of their pockets like cbd gummies for sex reviews before.The dignified village committee was stumped by 20,000 yuan, Director Cui I also felt very shameless, and explained with a wry smile No matter what construction is going on now, as long as it involves collecting money, you have to discuss one thing at a time.I talked to a few village representatives yesterday.Okay, you help me squat in the middle of the night, I won t be polite to you.The crime rate in the jurisdiction is too cbd gummies for sex reviews high, and the police force in the office is tense, Yu Zhenchuan really has no choice.That side is also under the jurisdiction of the comprehensive police platform.This is not doing private work , and I am not afraid that the police will know.Han Chaoyang was very willing to help his senior brother.Just as he hung up the phone, the long awaited factory manager Wang came up to him and said with a smile, Xiao Han, let s get down to business first.I ll congratulate you on finding such a beautiful girlfriend as Xiao Huang later.Thank you, Director Wang.Alright, let s get down to business first.Xiao Han, the street asked us to put on a show, but we have so many people, and everyone is very enthusiastic.Xiaokang has no choice but to raise his head and say, Okay, I ll call Officer Han, wait a moment.It s ridiculous to alarm Han Da, Xiaokang doesn t want to alarm Yu Zhenchuan gently pushed open the door of the inner room, tiptoed to the bedside, and patted Han Chaoyang on the shoulder.Han Chaoyang woke up from the dream, rubbed his eyes and sat up, saw Xiaokang through the light from the outside, realized that there was a police call, and hurriedly put on his clothes.Yu Zhenchuan was probably really tired, he slept soundly, flower of life cbd gummies snoring like thunder.Han Chaoyang put on his police uniform and walked out quietly, closing the cbd gummies for sex reviews door with his backhand.Officer Han, you are in the police room.My wife ran away.When she was angry last time, she opened the car door and jumped out.With her temper, I was worried that something would happen to her in the middle of the night It was the first time for Xiaokang and Xiaodai to encounter such a thing.But it is also a case for our Yandong Branch Bureau.As early as two hours ago, our police found clues, and our branch command center began to organize Force search and arrest, don t be in a hurry, we ll go through the procedures here before handing over.It was a case that happened at night, and it took only two or three hours before and after, so why should it be so formal Deputy Director Qiu realized that the Yandong Branch wanted to use these four suspects to make a fuss, and realized that his weight was not enough, so he hurriedly apologized and ran to the side to call the director.The vice magistrate and head of Public Security Bureau of Fengyong County, Hang Yihui, knew Zhou Ju very well.How could he not know what Zhou Ju was planning thing However, now is not the time to hold the Criminal Police Squadron and the Development Zone Police Station accountable.There is really nothing that cannot be without money, whether there is disease HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex reviews or not.Han Chaoyang was not sure what to do when Grandpa Gu s cell phone rang suddenly.Xiao Wu, what s the matter I found it Okay, let s take him to the police room first, and we ll be there right away.Master, did you find it I found it, and I hid in the alley west of Boss Deng s restaurant.The child s mother came to inquire about it just now, and Xiao Wu thought she was suspicious, so he quietly followed to the alley, and the boy was hiding inside.Chapter 197 Abandoned Baby 3 There is no rescue station for parents looking for babies what s the matter.There is no need to report to the superior, no need to contact the Children s Welfare Institute, and no need to even consider the medical expenses incurred by the Sixth Municipal Hospital for the treatment of the baby.It s funny to think about it.Liu Jianye didn t like him at first., actually ran to me from cbd gummie no thc left to right to say why I want to change.Liu Jianye was very clear about what kind of person Zhou Ju was, and asked with a smile Now It s embarrassing for him, but it s not that he doesn t even have this measure.Well, Liu Jianye is still capable of doing things.The trainer Guan Yuanyuan is not very competent.The fast speed of the train depends on the headband.The grassroots officials must be selected and appointed.Tomorrow s party committee will study and study, and adjust the few people who should be adjusted.Let s go.This was not an impromptu idea of the director, but a long awaited schedule.Commissar Huang nodded and said cbd gummies for sex reviews nothing more.Comrades sang well just now, now it is inappropriate to talk about the adjustment of cadres, Zhou Ju tilted his head back again Mr.For safety reasons, I appointed a waste collector, and I went cbd gummies for sleep amazon delta 8 gummies vs cbd to the police station to file and register.Compared with outside personnel, it is easier to manage.If a waste collector can come in, what if things are lost, the security of the community is not good You speak better than you sing, you only have money in your eyes Aunt Liu, it s chilling for you to say that, and I m doing it for the good of the community and you owners.The management fee has fallen to me personally Pocket, the management fee, as a variety of operating income of the property, is mainly used for the construction of public facilities in the community and to make up for the lack of property fees, and it is announced to you every year.Who can understand the journals you announced, who knows How tricky Aunt Liu, it s meaningless for you to say that.Officer Han, it s so late, why are you here Wan Xin was standing at the door of the aseptic cabin, when he heard footsteps behind him, and when he saw Han Chaoyang, he came up to meet him.Come and see, where is sister in law Inside, Wan Xin said, thanking the Yanyang police and the cadres of the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee from the bottom of his heart.He accompanied them to the glass and picked up the phone that could talk to the inside., Reminding Yuqing, Police Officer Han is here.Sister in law, don t get up, I m just looking around.Hello, Officer Han, Officer Han, this is My girlfriend Huang Ying.Hello, Police Officer Huang.Xiang Yuqing shaved her head and was wearing a hospital gown.She may cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies for sex reviews have stayed in the sterile cabin for too long, her skin was getting whiter and her face was even a little pale.The two have never been separated for a long time since they confirmed their relationship, and they met once every two days on average when they had no conditions.The night before was also very full Hurry up, don t go to buy breakfast, this bag is full of food, go to the train station first, and eat after getting on the train.Okay, then I m leaving.Let s go, if you don t leave, you won t be able to catch the train It s gone.After thinking about it, Han Chaoyang still couldn t bear it, walked to the door, put down the suitcase and plastic bag, ran back to the bedroom, put his arms around his girlfriend who was still lying on the bed, and kissed her.If the two feelings last for a long time, how can they be in the morning and evening.After all, rationality overcame impulse.Thinking that Deputy Chief Fan would personally lead the team, the dozen or so comrades from the sub bureau should all have arrived at the train station.Up there.Except for the inconvenient traffic, no one is less lively than a big city, and I don t think it s worse than a big city in other respects It s not enough to be less lively than a big city, don t believe me, just wait and see, he s definitely not used to it. When he arrived in Longdao County, Han Chaoyang finally understood what it means to cbd gummies for sex reviews have a large land and few people.He finally had an intuitive and profound concept of the area under the jurisdiction of the Longdao County Public Security Bureau.It took 16 hours to take the train from Yanyang to Xinlan City, and it only took 7 hours to wait for the high speed rail under construction to be completed it only took two hours to take the car sent by the Longdao County Public Security Bureau from Xinlan City to the county bureau., the distance is not too far, and the road conditions are not bad.When he was almost halfway down, he suddenly felt his legs blocked by something warm, and suddenly smelled a pungent smell of blood.Prickly hair.If you touch it again, your hands will be covered in blood.boar It turned out to be a walgreens cbd gummies wild boar Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, suddenly realized who was the moaning person in front of him, suddenly realized what happened just now, he was nervous, scared and excited at the same time, and thinking that the guy s injury might be serious, he was suddenly ecstatic.Chapter 261 Manhunt 10 The person in front was still moaning, panting cbd gummies for sex reviews heavily while moaning.Maybe this forest is located in the leeward area, or maybe the wind has stopped, and there is silence everywhere.Han cbd gummies smilz Chaoyang can clearly hear his breathing, which is cbd gummies for sex reviews very rapid, accompanied by groans.He can feel cbd gummies for sex reviews cbd gummy bears for sleep that he is in great pain at the moment, and he can imagine his injuries.Night roads and mountain roads are not easy to walk, so we didn t arrive at the county seat until almost 12 o clock. Did Jiang Li and Zhang Tianxiang drink the prosecutor pressed.No.Jiang Li and Zhang Tianxiang didn t drink alcohol, why didn t they go to mediate, but the director personally mediated This question is a bit of an amateur Han Chaoyang frowned slightly, stared at him closely and said, Jiang Li is a registered policeman, not a case handling policeman.Zhang Tianxiang is a community policeman.Although he often assists in handling or even sponsors some cases, he doesn t know much about this public security case.It happened at noon yesterday.At that time, there was no one in the institute.He Suo personally dispatched the police.Say he doesn t understand the situation, and ask him to wait in the car with us.Since it is a public place, anyone can come in and go to the toilet.Is it okay to smoke a cigarette in the toilet PolyU is really a public place.It seems that it was closed for a period of time before, and then it was opened to the public, and anyone can come in and visit it.It s just that cbd gummies are they safe to take administrative buildings, teaching buildings and dormitory buildings are not allowed to enter, and cars are not allowed to enter.Many people watched, and some people took pictures with their mobile phones.Han Chaoyang didn t do cbd gummies show up in urine drug test want to attract more people to watch, so he simply signaled to the security guards to take them into the Aichi Building again, found an office with an open door, motioned for the three of them to lean against the wall, and immediately showed his work ID See clearly, I am the Yandong Sub bureau Han Chaoyang, a policeman get keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews stationed at the University of Science and Technology, this is Miao Haizhu, a policeman from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, it is the duty of every citizen to cooperate with the public security organs cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies for sex reviews in the interrogation, please show your ID card.I don t know if you ever played pranks when you were young.Anyway, I did a lot when I was young.What do you mean The corpse may have appeared in other places at first, and was deliberately transported here by the murderer or someone else, and buried in the sand on purpose.It may be to disgust or even revenge on Boss Hou, or it may be for nothing.Fun.Usually there are only gravel carts in this area, even if the surrounding villagers wander around, they won t be able to visit here.In other words, the murderer is unlikely to trick the victim into this gravel factory.But this area is cbd gummies for sleep amazon delta 8 gummies vs cbd a It s a good place to dump the corpse, there are few people, and it s not cbd gummies for sex reviews easy to be found in a short time.Do you think my analysis makes sense Han Chaoyang asked with a smile.There is a possibility of a prank, Wu Wei s cbd gummies for sex reviews eyes lit up, and he said while clutching his arm If it wasn t a prank, it would be difficult to cbd gummies for sex reviews explain why the corpse appeared here.It is rare to find me once.If you don t have time, you have to find time.Where are you, I will go cbd gummies for sex reviews there now.I was eating vegetarian food in the village.The old father of Ding Zhuozheng, the second team, passed away.He was close to my family.Everyone in my family would go, and I had to come for their funeral.Come quickly, Lao Cui and the others are also here.No wonder there was a lot of noise on the other end of the phone, it turned out to be the scene of a funeral.Han Chaoyang reacted, and quickly said I ll go right away, I ll call cbd gummies for sex reviews you when I arrive, I ll wait for you at the intersection of the second team.I want to go, but I have to go.With an extremely complicated mood, I rushed to the familiar Yangguan Village, stopped at the intersection of the second team, looked at a brightly lit house in the alley, and called Boss Tian again.No hard work, don t worry Tengda, we are determined to colorado cbd with thc gummies complete the task.Xiao Han, considering that you have a relatively heavy workload, send a list here.You can check from the top down, and I will arrange a few people to check up from cbd gummies for sleep amazon delta 8 gummies vs cbd the bottom of the list to improve efficiency.Yes, I ll send it to you right now.This kid, he didn t blush when he made up nonsense, but it wasn t completely nonsense.It seemed that he just lied about whether he had made progress, and the rest was all the truth.Satisfied, Zhou Ju got up and smiled delta 8 gummies vs cbd joy cbd gummies Xiao Han , I didn t bother to eat dinner, and the broad spectrum cbd gummy political commissar and I didn t eat either.Let s go to the cafeteria to have some food together.Thank you Zhou Ju, I have eaten. Really eaten It s delicious.Don t eat, don t force yourself.You went to PolyU to be on duty as soon as you came back from the Northwest, and then went to special projects.He was planning to find something to do for Han Chaoyang, who was eating inside and out , as the deputy leader of the special case team.Feng Ju suddenly said Old Teng, Our Zhou Bureau just called.Considering that the two cases we are investigating are related, Zhou Bureau asked the security brigade to assist you with all our efforts.Xiao Han will not be involved in the next investigation.The security brigade arranged for cbd gummies for sex reviews two people who are familiar with the case.The policeman replaced him.Boss Feng, there is no need to be so troublesome to replace, Xiao Han is very good, and the young man is very capable.The young man is very good, but continuing to follow you will definitely lead to bad results How could Director Feng not know that he was on fire, and said calmly, No trouble, the police from the Public Security Brigade have already set off and are on their way here to meet you.Officer Han, I don t agree with this.I protect my legal rights, so how can I break the law Ms.Li, just now I made it very clear to Boss Jiang that the same principle applies to you.If you sell the valuables in the hotel to recover the economic loss, what should others do I m different from them, they re just the immediate loss, if this matter is not resolved and my house can t be rented out, how much rent will I lose The landlady was very anxious, and looked back at her husband, anxiously Said To be honest, the delta 8 gummies vs cbd three storey shop was bought with a loan, and the bank loan was paid back with the rent.They can afford it, but I can t I was so emotional that I burst into tears, but before Why did you go For a cbd gummies for sex reviews three story shop in such a good location, at least half a year s rent must be collected first.Understood, but What else is there Master, I m worried that neither side will be offended, and maybe both sides will be offended.It must be admitted that the little apprentice s concerns are reasonable.The bureau also asked the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Alarm Reception Platform to reimburse the invoices from the branch command center, and allocated vehicles to the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Alarm Reception Platform.It made it clear that the alarm reception platform was treated as a unit.It became a small police station, and it was responsible for key projects in the city.It would be fine if Kang Haigen wasn t so impatient , but if he was a little impatient , Liu Jianye s temper would definitely be a good show.I didn t expect to encounter such a thing when I was about to retire.Grandpa Gu couldn t give any good solution.He is about to go back to the police office.Director Su changed the subject Director Gu and I Manager Jin has studied this issue for several days, and has worked out a plan for employee equity incentives, and decided to change the nature of the company from a sole proprietorship of the neighborhood committee to a joint stock system, and give priority to selling 60 of the shares to our employees Director Su announced that after the security With the company s restructuring decision, Lao Jin then introduced the share incentive rights plan to the participants.He actually took out an asset appraisal report, claiming that the company s total assets were about 1 million yuan, and planned to sell 60 of the shares, and planned to split into 200 shares at 3,000 yuan each.In principle, each person can only buy two shares.The reason why I got up at 6 10 was not because I was thinking about work, nor because I didn t want to sleep in.It was because Huang Ying dragged me out of bed In her words, a film policeman like him works overtime every three days.When he is not working overtime, he is also busy from morning to night, with irregular work and rest, and irregular meals.Just eat and drink, let alone go to the gym to exercise, so many grassroots policemen are fatter, that s not rich, that s an occupational disease Huang Ying didn t want cbd gummies for sex reviews him to become a fat man, and she didn t delta 8 gummies vs cbd joy cbd gummies even dare to imagine his fat head and ears.No matter what time of night, she had to get up at 6 10 in the morning, pull him into sports clothes, and accompany him with some vigorous people.Polytechnic students who have nowhere else to go go for a run on the playground.They were all here to help.How could delta 8 gummies vs cbd joy cbd gummies Han Chaoyang leave them behind Turning back, he said with a smile Chaoyang, we are here, don t worry, go quickly, don t let Shiju and the others wait for a long time.Just go.Director Wang also thought that he should go to the gathering of brothers and sisters, and urged him together.How could Han Chaoyang not know their good intentions, and he was not hypocritical, so he thanked them again and ran after them.Shi Ju, the morning sun is here, let s go Where are you going Shi Xiangrong motioned for Han Chaoyang to sit beside him, and asked while holding the front seat.Baosuo looked back at the crowd and suggested, They re all wearing police uniforms, so going out to eat won t affect you.How about going to a hotel, ordering takeaway, and drinking in your room Alright, let s go back to the hotel.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing when such a thing happened, Shiju, so it s really hopeless to work in the institute You re thinking wrong.Working in the institute can really train people.I have benefited a lot from the experience of working in the institute with my master.I was still very relieved of my junior brother Shi Ju, and my eyes suddenly shifted to Yu Zhenchuan.He said meaningfully cbd gummies for sex reviews Zhen Chuan, master never mentioned Chaoyang to me, but he mentioned you more than once, saying that you are very similar to me back then.Shi Ju, I Yu Zhenchuan was embarrassed by the words, wishing he could Find a crack in the ground and drill in.Being a policeman means becoming a criminal policeman.What s so embarrassing Shi Ju said with a smile as he greeted his juniors for a drink.Transfer to the police station, and there are relatively few transfers from the police station to the criminal police team.In short, there are many tasks, and it will be specific to you More.After confirming that you are an active member of the Party, the bureau will arrange for you to go to the Party school to study.The probationary period will soon expire, and you will be arranged to go to the Police Officer Training Center of the Municipal Bureau for training before you are awarded the rank.You have to be mentally prepared.Yes.Then there are merit awards.Liu Jianye and Xu Weizhong looked at each other and said bluntly Yesterday, the Municipal Bureau awarded your community voluntary security patrol team a collective third class merit.Several patrol members recorded personal third class merit and awards, and the trainer and I were very surprised when you called to report, and the trainer even went to the bureau., the case has been on the way , overdue, and finally can only be dismissed.No matter how stupid Han Chaoyang is, he understands, Thinking to himself, no wonder Liu Suo rushed over excitedly, and hurried back after finding out the situation, so he knew that this was a very troublesome and even futile case Then what should we do Han Chaoyang asked with a bitter face.It s not difficult with me here, Miao Haizhu said with a smug smile, Chaoyang, it s not that my sister is bragging with you.You can t find anyone in the sub bureau who is more familiar with the laws and regulations in this area than me.The cases in this area are even more serious.Needless to say, I ve studied more than all they ve heard combined.So there s an ambush here Han Chaoyang realized that the big sister wanted to participate in the investigation, so he couldn t help laughing and said, Then tell me, how should we investigate this case They assist and provide technical support, that is, ask them to go to the scene to see whether it is a black broadcast or a pseudo base station , and after confirmation, find out which frequency is occupied and how much the signal covers, that is, ask them to help get a certificate And then Then continue to investigate and collect evidence.Han Chaoyang could understand their feelings, and comforted him Secretary Zhang, Director Xie, to be honest, I met him at night and talked with him for more than half an hour.How should I put it, at least on the surface, he has reformed quite That s right, it s a good attitude to plead guilty to the past crimes.By the way, he is not released after serving his sentence, but on parole, and he will report to the judicial office tomorrow.That is to say, he is not only the subject of our police station, but also the judicial office.supervised parole officers.Parole, can someone like him be released on parole Zhang Zhishu exclaimed.It must be that his family got some money for the demolition, and he used the money to go to the prison to clear up the relationship.Director Xie was even more excited, and he directly thought that there was something tricky about it.There is no such condition.Excuse Well, cbd gummies for sex reviews it delta 8 gummies vs cbd joy cbd gummies s an excuse for us not to marry, why don cbd gummies for sex reviews t you settle I never thought of getting married so early, and I know my mother and his mother too well, if I really listen to them I will get married at the end of the year, and they will urge me to have a child after the Spring Festival.Having a child, becoming a mother, I am cbd gummies for sex reviews still a child, and I am afraid of people when I think about it It cbd gummies mississippi market must be admitted that her concerns are reasonable.Parents and mothers are looking forward to holding grandchildren.Xie Lingling couldn t help laughing.Just as she didn t know what to say, Zhang Beibei walked over with the tablet in her hands, glanced at the two of them, put the tablet aside, and took out her phone to make a call.Xiaogu, I m Zhang Beibei, I m serious, don t be joking.You can t get the first place after cbd gummies for sex reviews pulling 20,000 to 30,000 votes Go up Once sweet gummy worms platinum cbd cbd gummies for sex reviews I helped a policeman s child from the Economic Investigation Brigade win votes.You would never believe it.The child we voted for at the beginning was ranked first, and the number of votes has widened from the second and third.As a result, when the selection was about to end, the number of votes for the eighth child soared, surpassing the one we voted for in one afternoon, and the final number of votes was equivalent to the sum of the second, third, fourth and fifth.Swiping votes Everything can be smeared now, and some people take advantage of legal loopholes to do this.Compared with the possibility of smearing votes, Liu Jianye was more worried that the brand cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies for sex reviews of Yanyang s most handsome policeman was messed up because of canvassing, and pondered.His household registration is now in the high tech development zone of Fujiang City, but it shows that he is unmarried.Ling Bin didn t care what the police found.In fact, there was nothing to care about.He continued, I want to give them a real home.I plan to bring Ziyue and Xinxin back to their hometown on New Year s Day and prepare to get married during the Spring Festival.Ziyue didn t object, and she was quite I m happy, I didn t expect her to leave without saying goodbye a week ago, you said I m in a hurry, do you want to bring Xinxin out to look for her There cbd gummies for sex reviews cbd gummy bears for sleep is such a thing Han Chaoyang met it for the first time, and couldn HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex reviews t help asking Leave without saying goodbye.Did you send you a WeChat message or leave a letter before leaving , let me pick up Xinxin.Pick up Xinxin and go back to see that the house is clean and tidy, my clothes and Xinxin s clothes are all neatly folded, the real estate certificate, bank card and Xinxin s birth certificate are placed On the coffee table in the living room, there are more than 600,000 deposits in the card, cbd gummies for sex reviews which is obviously prepared, not because of any accident.I think Xiao Zhang It s fine, she s smart and steady, and from the transformation of the memorial hall into a youth hostel, it can be seen that she has a business mindset delta 8 gummies vs cbd joy cbd gummies that we don t have.Zhang Beibei is so amazing that she wants to royal blend cbd gummies be the CEO Han Chaoyang was taken aback, subconsciously looked up at Zhang Beibei.Zhang Beibei looked embarrassed and lowered her head hastily.Su Xian was not worried that Zhang Beibei would lose all the land acquisition and relocation funds of the old Chaoyang villagers in the future, she turned her head and asked with a smile, Secretary Zhang, Lao Jie, what do you think, do you have confidence in financing Cao Zefang treated guests last night, Pulled Secretary Zhang to reconcile Director Xie for a night of drinking and chatted a lot.Thinking of what Cao Zefang said last night, cbd gummies riverside ca Branch Secretary Zhang said with a smile As long as the management of the company can be determined, the articles of association, personnel management, and financial management of the investment and development company can be determined, and financing should not be a big problem.Ling Bin couldn t ask for more.He picked up his mobile phone and found a photo of Sister Wei holding Xinxin and Zhang Ziyue.Han Zhaoyang took the phone and looked at it, took out the phone and added Ling Bin s WeChat, sent the photo to his phone through WeChat, and immediately asked I don t know Sister Wei s full name, I don t know where she lives, what do you do in the morning How did you find it How can you find it Just try your luck.Ling Bin frowned, and said solemnly I ran to four districts, and asked the security guards and the people who entered the district to identify them.When I ran to the fifth cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies for sex reviews district, I suddenly thought of something.I came back when I felt something was wrong.What s the matter Han Chaoyang suddenly regained his energy.Although Fujiang is a prefecture level city like Yanyang, Yanyang is the provincial capital.In fact, it is the transition of the sanitation cbd gummies for sex reviews contract area of the old Chaoyang Village to the Chaoyang Community.The only difference is that in get keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews the past, the funds for cleaning mainly came from the sanitation fees paid by the migrants renting in the village, but now it has become street appropriations.Han Zhaoyang came to his senses, thinking that it would be hard to find a cleaner, Zheng cbd gummies for sex reviews cbd gummy bears for sleep Xinyi actually agreed, Okay, Secretary Cao, Secretary Zhang, since you two trust me so much, I ll try.Okay, we That s it.Kang Haigen was dumbfounded, and secretly sighed that the efficiency of the neighborhood committee was so high, and such an important appointment and dismissal of personnel was decided after a few people s discussions, unlike what the office wanted to do.For this report, you cbd gummies for sex reviews need to ask that person for instructions After talking about the community, Cao Zefang asked Kang Haigen why he came. Just know.Han HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex reviews Chaoyang was about to prepare Hit him a few more words, the phone rang, and looked down at the caller ID, it was Team Wang calling.Wang Dui, I m Chaoyang Is it convenient for him to talk if he s not here I asked Technical Investigation and Network Security about that incident in the evening, and they said that although the IP and the actual address do not correspond, the IP is assigned by the operator, so as long as the IP can be found, the operator can locate it at a specific time.Do you have this technical requirement Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.How should I put it, this kind of thing depends on who the other party is.If the other party is a very professional hacker, then this IP has to be tracked.It may be just a springboard to track down one or even several IPs, but Wan Xiaoxia obviously does not It might be a hacker.It s a long story.We ve arrived at the gate of the hotel.I ll explain it to you later.Clearly, Han Chaoyang hung up his phone and trotted across the road into the youth hostel.Before Huang Ying, who was approaching him, could speak, he looked at the duty room and asked, Is Ling Bin in there Just fell asleep, and Ling Bin was in there to accompany Xinxin.Miao Haizhu didn t know how to face Ling Bin, and calmly suggested Chaoyang, you call him to the kitchen and say, I will accompany Xinxin for him.Sister Miao, what are you doing You guys are easy to communicate with men, besides, Xinxin can t be left alone.Huang Ying realized that it was not a good thing, and asked eagerly Chaoyang, Sister Miao, did you find me Zhang Ziyue is gone, did something happen to Zhang Ziyue I found it.Han Chaoyang sighed lightly, and walked over to gently open the door without bothering to explain.Zhang Boyu must be worried that his identity would be exposed, and if he wanted to continue changing his name, he had to find her.Han Zhaoyang responded subconsciously marionberry cbd gummies and asked Ling Bin posted missing person notices everywhere in Yanyang, and even published newspapers looking for people.It s cbd gummies for sex reviews hard to say whether Zhang Boyu knew about it.If Zhang Boyu knew, he would definitely look for Ling Bin and Xinxin.Ling Bin is in danger This is what we are most worried about.Wang Jianping looked back and said expectantly Wei Dongmei is suspected of harboring and covering up, and she must be investigated for criminal responsibility.The detachment has arranged six comrades on the way to Yanyang.Escort the two suspects back when we arrive.It is not appropriate for Ling Bin and the child to go back to Fujiang like this, can you help us with the work and let him and the child live in Yanyang for a while longer.Han Zhaoyang didn t want to comment on the big sister, so he changed the subject immediately Is it right to buy a house now Now is the most expensive time for housing prices For Uncle Miao, this is just a need, and it doesn t matter whether it is expensive or not.And Uncle Miao has money, so the down payment is not a problem for him.If he wants to buy it, he can buy it.What do we need How can you help me I just want to tell you.By the way, your mother must live in our house.Uncle Miao probably won t go.When the time comes Let s talk about the arrangement, let s pick him up at the station tomorrow afternoon, and treat Uncle Miao to dinner.Okay, I shouldn t be busy tomorrow.Just as he was talking, the police phone rang, and another call came in.Han Chaoyang didn t care about talking to his girlfriend anymore, so he hurriedly took out his police phone, and when he checked the caller ID, it was Dui Wang calling.Han Chaoyang didn t want to hide it from his eldest sister, and was about cbd gummies for sex reviews to mention it when a police car slowly stopped at the gate of the police office.Two very familiar colleagues came down.Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, and quickly got up to greet him.Ji Da, what brought you here Come and see you.Miao Haizhu didn t know the two plainclothes colleagues, and smiled as she lifted the cover of the police station, while Xiaokang was busy tidying up Lao Tang and Lao Ding s office Table, ready to invite guests to sit.Han Chaoyang was far less welcoming than they were.In fact, he was a little afraid of seeing these two uninvited guests, so he said with embarrassment, Ji Da, what am I looking get keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews for He said deeply Xiao Han, it s not that I rely on the old to sell the old, but that you are too dishonest.Teacher Ma couldn t help but praised her prospective daughter in law again, put down her chopsticks and said with a smile, I never thought that Yingying, my family, could cook, and it was so delicious I learned it from the Internet.Huang Ying was very embarrassed by the compliment.Huang s mother, as always, did not give her daughter face, and couldn t help laughing Ms.Ma, it s not that she can t do it, she s lazy, and she s afraid of getting smelly, so she usually doesn t want to do it.Reasonable.How much charles stanley cbd gummies legit is the clothes they wear, and how much are the clothes we wear, so it s not worthwhile to oil hundreds or even thousands of clothes for a meal. Mom, my clothes are not so Expensive The one on you is more than 600 yuan, so it s not expensive Huang Ma didn t hesitate to expose it, and then changed the subject Miao Boss, Haizhu, I just have nothing to do tomorrow, I will accompany you to see the apartment.At 8 45, the establishment ceremony of the anti pickup squadron of the Chaoyang Community Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade and the plainclothes anti pickup squadron of the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Public Security Bureau officially began.Han Chaoyang took over the revised agenda from Cao Zefang and sat cbd gummies for sex reviews on the rostrum The far left hosts the meeting.First, Director Xie, please announce the decision of the community neighborhood committee on the establishment of an anti picking squad, and then, as a community policeman, announce the decision of the Huayuan Street Police Station on the establishment of a plainclothes auxiliary police squadron.Then ask Zhang Zhishu and Xu instructor to speak, and then ask Zhang Zhishu and Xu instructor to announce the appointment of personnel.Feng Ju, we are not afraid of him hiring masters Don t you want to know who the two masters he hired are Who Jiang Guangdong asked curiously.Wu Wenge, you may not have heard of it.Ji Kaiyuan, you should be like a thunderbolt.Han Chaoyang invited these two.I can also tell you that Wu Wenge can be Lao Ji s master when it comes to anti opposition.Jiang Guangdong not only heard After Ji Kaiyuan, he had also heard of Wu Wenge, but he had never seen it, so he couldn t believe it was true, and asked in surprise, Feng Ju, are you kidding How could he, Han Chaoyang, invite these two people An old ancestor of the anti pick up world With Lao Gu backing him up, who can t invite him Feng Ju secretly laughed, and still said very seriously Usually let you be more humble, learn more from old comrades, and humbly ask old comrades for advice, but you don t take it seriously.I was going to buy a ticket to go back.When I arrived at the station, I saw that child., exactly the same as my nephew, I I was just confused for a moment How could Mr.Ji believe his words easily and continued to cross examine.Wang Xiande is also cooperative, select cbd md herbal gummies answering every question.It s easy to check whether the situation he explained is true, but it doesn t sound like he s talking nonsense.Wu Wei thought it was pointless to continue the interrogation, so he walked out of the police room and called the head of the duty to report, with a somewhat disappointed tone.What s the matter, I m sighing.Han Chaoyang looked at the mother and child sitting inside through the electric sensor door.It turned out to be abduction in the end.I thought it was abduction.Han Chaoyang really didn t understand, and asked subconsciously, Is there a difference First, the object requirements are different.Han Chaoyang looked at Grandpa Gu who was coming towards him, and said with a smile The bureau decided to turn the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform into the Zhongshan Road Police District, and take me from Huayuan Street.The police station was transferred to the Public Security Brigade, and then from the Public Security Brigade, I was sent back to serve as the police chief of the police district.From now on, I will be a policeman who will stay at the grassroots level every day.Huang Ying laughed and said, Is this transfer interesting Interesting At least it is more legitimate than it is now.After all, this side of the road is under the control of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and the opposite side of the cbd gummies for sleep amazon delta 8 gummies vs cbd road is under the control of the Huayuan Street Police Station.I m not a policeman from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, I represent the branch office, and I can be impartial no matter what happens.The headline is the pre appointment announcement of Yandong District s proposed promotion and appointment of district management and cbd gummies for sex reviews leading cadres.Then, after research by the district committee, it was decided to publicize the 69 comrades who planned to be promoted or transferred to important positions, soliciting the opinions of the cadres and the masses.Then there is the notice of related matters.For example, within the publicity period, any unit or individual can report the problems of the publicized objects to the organization department of the district committee through letters, calls, visits, etc.Those who report problems in their own name are encouraged to report their real names and so on.The publicity list before taking office is very long.Each proposed cadre has a half length photo, then his name, current work unit and position, and proposed position, and then his resume.Han Chaoyang was taken aback, and subconsciously asked Have you reported to the bureau Take people back to the new youth Internet cafe to protect the scene, the technical police should be here by now, and I don t know if they can extract the suspect s fingerprints, if the fingerprints cannot be extracted, DNA can be extracted.China is so big, with such a large population, physical appearance There are many similarities.Whether the person who escaped is a wanted criminal can only be confirmed after the comparison of fingerprints and DNA.After Han Chaoyang realized it, he couldn t help laughing, If fingerprints and DNA can be extracted and compared, the bureau will have to give credit to those five brats who smashed up the Internet cafe last night.If it wasn t for them, how could they have found out The whereabouts of the wanted criminal Credit them, what are you kidding, you have to deal with it.Yu Zhenchuan looked back at Han Chaoyang, and said with emotion Tai Chunrong is willing to pursue, has no hobbies, doesn t smoke or drink, and doesn t have many friends.Whenever he has time, he reads the information on chasing escapes on the Internet, and reading the information on chasing escapes on the Internet every day has become a thing of the past.Out of his habits, he has developed a pair of sharp eyes over the years.Last summer, a short and thin guy went to our office to ask if foreign personnel could reapply for ID cards in other places.None of the people queuing cbd gummies for sleep amazon delta 8 gummies vs cbd up for the household registration business thought it was a problem Something was wrong, even Zhang Yan, the auxiliary police officer at our household registration window, didn t see anything unusual.But he did, and found that the boy was a little nervous, his eyes were erratic, and his words were always tentative, which suddenly aroused his vigilance.There is no security guard at the gate, anyone and any car can enter.Han Chaoyang came down to stop a resident from asking where Building No.11 was, cbd gummies for sex reviews and then trotted all the way to find Meng Lang s house.Is there anyone at home I m from the Yandong Public Security Bureau Who is it The anti theft door was pushed open from the inside, and a twenty three or four year old woman asked.We are from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Han Chaoyang showed his police ID, looked into the living room, and asked, Is Meng Lang there Do we have something to do with him Comrade, are you looking for the landlord This house is rented by us, and the landlord doesn t live here.No one knows how much money the surnamed Meng owes outside, or if he is deliberately hiding from someone looking for him.No one knows if the woman in cotton pajamas in front of me is lying, Han Chaoyang said very seriously What is your last name, what is your name, can you let me see your ID card My last name is Wen, my name is Wen Liping, the woman picked up the bag on the shoe cabinet, took out a wallet from the bag, and took out her ID card from the wallet, handed it to Han Chaoyang and said with an unhappy face I can still lie to you, but I am I want to be a landlord, but housing prices are so expensive now, and I can t afford it without eating or drinking for decades.Easy to get the news, how can sunshower gummies cbd 10 mg you miss this opportunity to ask the teacher, and asked angrily We understand that business is not easy to do, but it is nothing to close the door.Not only are people going to the building, but even the phone can t be reached.You are not cheating.Are you a consumer Ms.Chen, please listen to my explanation.I don t have time to listen to your explanation, I just want to know whether you will refund the money in my card Refund, refund, definitely Refunds will be given to members who spend all their card money, Han Chaoyang looked back at the embarrassed Meng Lang, then leaned over and clicked the mouse to check Chen Yuexiang s card application and consumption records at Jinshi Fitness Center, clutching the phone tightly.Said Ms.Chen, you have applied for an annual card in our fitness center, recharged 3,000 yuan cbd gummies for sex reviews when you applied for the card, and spent a total of three times in our fitness center.If you catch someone and leave, what is that You are at the end of Zhongshan Road and we are at the top of Zhongshan Road.If you encounter any problems in the future, you will not cooperate or deal with each other Han Chaoyang thought to himself, of course you are now Saying that, but you can t show it on your face.Instead, you said helplessly Gan Suo, if this is a case in our police district, I will definitely contact your office as soon as possible and ask for assistance.But this is not our case.We are also assisting in the case of the police district.You don t know how mysterious the anti drug team handles the case.Before departure, everyone must turn off their mobile phones.Only when they arrive at the place do they report the situation and tell us what to do.How to do it.The case of your sub bureau s anti drug brigade Well, the one just now is the deputy captain of our sub bureau s anti drug brigade, and it s not their case.I know, Lao Xu is watching him for you, and this call is also made by my old Xu Rang Sincerity is as good as gold and stone If they hadn t done so much work before, the two old men wouldn t have made this call.But now is not the time to be proud, and Han Chaoyang didn t care about taking his wife back to the PolyU dormitory.As soon as he hung up the phone, he got into the police car, threw down the sentence Go to Taoyuan Community, to Uncle Xu s house , and then called Liu Suo s phone.Liu Suo, I, Han Chaoyang, and Xu Weimin showed up.I came back at night.Guokang and I are on our way to his house.Which Xu Weimin I didn t respond for a while.Han Chaoyang said eagerly That Xu Weimin who is with Dai Lishi.Liu Jianye suddenly realized, and stood up subconsciously Okay, great, you go first, I can t leave now, I will give Kang Suo and Lao Liang cbd gummies for sex reviews Call and ask them to meet you as soon as they finish their work.But Joe has seen me, so I can t show up, and the main work depends cbd gummies for sex reviews on you. Don t worry, leave Joe to me, and I ll be responsible for losing him Old Hu didn t want to just go back in such a despondent way, he didn t care about rubbing the dog shit on his cbd gummies for sex reviews shoes again, and said sincerely Chaoyang, I m sorry for letting you come here and throw this person because of my bad idea.What s the matter I m sorry, I have a thick skin and I m not afraid of being cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies for sex reviews laughed at, and Team Ni cbd gummies for sex reviews didn t say anything just now.You re different from me.You re young.You ve just been promoted to a deputy department.You have a bright future.It doesn t matter how I lose face.You can t lose face.Besides, you re helping me take the blame.Again Okay, okay , I HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex reviews won t talk about it, anyway, I will write down this favor.Knowing that Han Chaoyang didn t have a good rest last night, Lao Hu turned and pointed to the front and said, There is a hotel at the entrance of the village.Sun Guokang thought for a while, and added The girl s father is a professor of PolyU, Jiang The Minister and Director Zhang came to look for you yesterday, and Sergeant Gu happened to be there, saying that you were on a business trip and handling cases in other places, so they didn t call you.PolyU is now also a base area and a basic base.The property of the people in the base area suffered losses.Han Chaoyang felt that it was necessary to intervene.He immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of Vice Minister Jiang of the Security Department of PolyU.Xiao Han, are you back Minister Jiang, I just got home.As soon as cbd gummies for sex reviews I came back, I heard that the daughter of a professor s family in our school was robbed at cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies for sex reviews Yanxing International yesterday.There is this matter.It is the daughter of Professor Liu s family.Although snatching also has the word grab , it does not rely on violent coercion, but takes advantage of people s unpreparedness.It relies on suddenness, speed and agility, which belongs to that kind of crime.Although Han Chaoyang also thinks that there is no difference between robbery and robbery, he still pretends to understand and said seriously Did you hear me, I have to learn more in the future.Stuffed into 2.The 12th task force will not be able to come back for a while, and even if they can come back, they will not be able to stay in get keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews the police office for a few days.Chen Jie is helping the police office these days, but she will report to the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau in a few days.They used to be not only the security guards of the Chaoyang Community Security Company, but also the back staff of the voluntary security patrol team.I just called to ask, and it should be about half an hour away.Where Han Chaoyang turned around and pointed to the direction of the east gate Before 10 00, all the patients and their relatives who came to see a doctor came in and out through the east gate and north gate, and the hearse also entered through the north gate just now.After picking up Cheng Quan s body, come out from the gate.Our patrol team arranged for a police car to clear the way for the hearse, and six electric patrol cars to call the hearse until Cheng Quan was delivered to the funeral home and then returned.I will arrange two more cars to go with you Send it off.Director Xing took out his mobile phone to check the time, and said in a low voice Comrade Cheng Quan s relatives knew that you were going to send Cheng Cheng a ride, so they insisted on coming.They were recruited through open recruitment according to procedures.She has good grades, so she can compete for employment according to procedures.Dean Chen, can you help me and give her a chance In the past, when encountering such a thing, Vice President Chen would definitely find various excuses to refuse.But now is not the cbd gummies for sex reviews can cbd gummies make you fail a drug test past.A young man just died at the gate of the hospital on duty.This incident touched the leaders of the Sixth Hospital, including him, and the medical staff.Many people cried during the farewell ceremony.Heroes are not so easy to be, and the same is true for heroes and models.And the story of the hero model Han Chaoyang mentioned was equally touching.She lost her legs and could only sit in a cresco cbd gummies wheelchair for the rest of her life.Vice President Chen was silent for a moment, then put down his phone and said, If not, let her come over for an internship first.He thought he was justified and felt how wronged he was.I ran out to work, but I didn t expect the local public security bureau to go online, so it was in our hands. In any case, since they bumped into someone, they have to bear the responsibility, and how to deal with it is the responsibility of their hometown s public security bureau.I will take the person away first.Take it away.Oh, by the way, how many team members can you send out for the night s operation One hundred and sixty team members, I have greeted Hong Liang, Captain Zhang and Section Chief Xiao, and they ensured that the personnel participating in the operation will gather at the opposite side on time at 10 30.Suo Liu and the instructors don t have time.I will lead the team, you gather at 10 30, we will definitely be here before 10 30.My mother Said your dad called her again.My dad called your mom To my mom Huang Ying couldn t help putting down her glass and said with a smile Sister Miao, what are you thinking Procrastinate.I haven t found a suitable one, what do you make me think, do you want me to grab cbd gummies for sleep amazon delta 8 gummies vs cbd one from the street How about Wu Wei, he can get in the door backwards, and he can have your baby with the surname Miao in the future.Where are you talking, can you be more serious.Miao Haizhu was dumbfounded by what was said, and said dumbfoundedly Leave my affairs alone, call my dad cbd gummies for sex reviews later, and tell him not to bother your mother anymore.Don t bother you any more.Chapter 719 Adjustment of the leadership team of the microservice private visit branch.It would be a lie to say that people s hearts are not floating.It s just limited to cadres above the department level, and it really doesn t have any impact on ordinary police.The murderer must have been nervous or even scared at the time.He wanted to hide the body first and forgot to look into the dead man s pocket., Later, when I thought about it, I dared not go to the scene of the corpse dumping again.There is such a possibility.Wu Wenge suddenly raised his head, and said casually Most cases feel complicated before they are solved, but after they are solved, they often find that they are actually very simple.You can t think the murderer is too stupid, nor can you think the murderer is so cunning. Is not this nonsensical Old man Ji glanced at him and asked There are many ways to destroy corpses and traces.Just dig a hole and bury them, put them in a woven bag and throw a few stones into the river.You can even dismember them and throw one here and there.Tell me why the murderer chose this method, why did he want to throw the body by the river of the old fertilizer factory You ask me, who should I ask Old Master Wu picked up Ji Kaiyuan s cigarette, lit one and said, However, judging from what Chaoyang said, the murderer may have committed the murder on a whim, not like a premeditated crime., I didn t have time to say hello to Feng Ju when cbd gummies alexandria la I was busy.Feng Ju also tacitly didn t disturb his work, so he and Grandpa Gu studied and found out the personnel one by one, and analyzed and judged them until .

how many cbd gummies should i eat reddit?

after nine o clock in the night.Long distance bus The East Railway Station does not leave at night, and Lao Dai got off work early but did not go home.He has been busy assisting Lao Ding and the others to find out outside.I don t know if their team s investigation tasks are not heavy, but it is more efficient to have him join.Those who came back in batches, as soon as they came back, they went to the cafeteria with Feng Ju to eat at Grandpa Gu s strong request, and then went back to the conference natural organic strong cbd gummies room to analyze and judge together.So busy.Just as I was about to say hello to Bureau Feng and go to the cafeteria for dinner, Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu also came back, and reported as soon as they entered the door Report to Bureau Feng.You are a policeman, you don t sleep most of the night, you are so distracted, those who don t know think you are a criminal policeman of the criminal police team.Stop whining, ask Personally, are you familiar with Wei Ping We are a relocated community here, and people who have not moved out after moving here, as long as they live here, not rented here, they basically know each other.Wei Ping, I am very familiar with it.Carpenter, my old man asked him to make birthday materials when he was still alive, but he asked for cremation as soon as it was finished.At that time, the money was worth a lot, and even the wood and get keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews labor cost thousands of dollars.It was done for nothing, and it was useless.How to deal with it, you can only sell it to a junk cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies for sex reviews collector who is not worth two pennies.Do you know his wife I said, Old Tang, you are a policeman anyway, why do you always miss his wife What are HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex reviews you kidding, I m telling you something serious Jiangshan Yichang s nature is hard to change, his old friend is still the same as before, and Old Tang is made to laugh and cry.Zhou Ju probably felt that drinking with Han Chaoyang was boring, so he didn t have a few drinks.Zhou Bureau and Du Bureau were not in their positions and did not plan for their own affairs.They tacitly didn t talk about the work of the branch office, and they were all talking about their parents idiosyncrasies.Although I didn t drink much, there was no alcohol to add best cbd gummies to the HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex reviews fun, but the meal was enjoyable for the guests and the host, especially the four ladies, chatting and laughing happily, so lively.On the third day after Zhou Ju left, Liu Ju was nominated as the candidate for the deputy district chief, and the Standing Committee of the District People s Congress approved Liu Ju as the deputy district chief of the Yandong cbd gummies for sex reviews District People s Government.The style of the new and old leaders can be seen from the titles.I said, but those ministries and commissions can have a few people, and their work can t be delayed, and the streets along the way are kats botanicals cbd gummies on amazon the same.We mainly have to rely on ourselves Liu Qiuping lit a cigarette, frowned and said, The Municipal Bureau will dispatch traffic police and special patrol officers to help maintain order, but this is a marathon with a total length of more than 40 kilometers.Then what should we do When the new official took office, he encountered the first large scale event.Obviously, he couldn t complain that it was difficult.Liu Qiuping raised his head and said, So please come and find a way together.No, we have to hold a marathon, we are not gods, and we will not cast beans into soldiers It is useless to say these things now, the most urgent thing is to find a way and try to come up with a plan as soon as possible.Last year in the development zone, a migrant worker also died of cerebral hemorrhage.I think his wife and children are pitiful.Out of humanitarianism, I proposed to give him 100,000 yuan.In the end, his son bit Lu Dongbin and messed around with me, and it was just a lawsuit, who 20mg cbd gummies for anxiety is afraid of whom Sanjian Company is the general contractor, and Hu Songping is responsible for contracting Sanjian Company.Although the migrant worker who just died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage was a subordinate of Yang Jinjin, the small contractor, the Sanjian Company and Hu Songping are both jointly and severally liable.Hearing what Hu Songping said, Mr.Tao couldn t help asking What happened later Afterwards His family filed a lawsuit, and I asked a lawyer to respond to the lawsuit.The judges in the development zone court were all legally illiterate, and they sentenced me to lose and let me pay 370,000 I won, and I still remember the verdict, saying that the migrant worker died of his own illness while working, and the injury suffered while not working, our construction unit has no causal relationship with his death, and our construction unit should not be liable for compensation responsibility.Yeah.Director Huo nodded in satisfaction, and continued Second, the progress of the project should not be affected by this.The aftermath personnel work in the neighborhood committee, don t take the relatives of the deceased to the construction site, and don t take them to the headquarters.Okay, I ll send .

how long does cbd gummies effect last?

people to the neighborhood committee tomorrow morning.It doesn t need to be early tomorrow morning, Director Huo looked back at Han Chaoyang again Xiao Han, please take the time to help arrange it.It is best to assist the Sanjian Company to deal with the aftermath.Director Huo s implication is very clear, the matter has already happened and should be resolved as soon as possible, and the relatives of the deceased should not be allowed to petition and cause trouble.Taking people s money is necessary to eliminate disasters for others, so Han Chaoyang could only bite the bullet and say, Yes, I will arrange the place.Is there any mistake in asking the community cadres to go cbd gummies for sex reviews to the police The leaders are justified in whatever they do, so we have to be careful in the future.Han Chaoyang heard clearly, but he didn t know how to evaluate.But there is one thing that makes me deeply moved.Now the Yandong branch is really struggling with the police.Not only are the official policemen living in fear, but even the auxiliary policemen at the grassroots level are having a hard time.The performance appraisal is stricter than before, and military training is required.Anyway, the auxiliary police officers from the Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station have to shout one two one in the yard every day at noon and walk in line for at least an hour.Director Xing reminded that the Zhongshan Road Police Office should implement the spirit of the bureau s party committee.All aspects must be considered, otherwise there will be big mistakes.Then what should we do Zheng Yutong asked subconsciously.I ll help you figure it out.He Qiyuan took out a plan as if by magic, and said happily, Isn t our event based on celebrating May Day, so we invite model workers and front line workers.The school Here, the Youth League Committee and the Student Union are in charge.We invite our school s model workers, the school workers, cleaners, security guards and dormitory managers who usually work hard to watch.Mr.Han has a good relationship with the Sixth Hospital and Chaoyang Community.We can go to the Sixth Hospital Leaders and community leaders don t want them to spend money on tickets.If they are invited to the concert for nothing, they will definitely be willing, and they will even give the tickets as welfare.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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