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Even the director and instructor will have to go to the community, and other jobs will not be done.Besides, in what era, who doesn t have an electric car, and who can t afford an electric car.Looking at the future car, Han Chaoyang thought it was very funny.As for weapons cbd gummies gluten free and equipment, it s not that they don t have them, it s just that they are relatively shabby.An invincible dung fork, which was issued last year when anti terrorism was the most important.One telescopic baton, two rubber batons, two white helmets, and a pair of handcuffs.The rubber batons and helmets are distributed to Xu Hongliang and Lao Xu, and must be worn when on duty.Don t even think about guns, only the director and members of the case handling team can handle guns.The law enforcement recorder is a standard configuration, and you don t have to have anything else.The case handling team is too busy, and the community team needs to help.When encountering fugitives being chased and intercepted or major events, the case handling team and the community team must all go to help the prevention and control team.Our police station is like a hospital.It is open 24 hours a day, so we It involves on duty issues.The leaders have on duty arrangements, and the policemen of several teams also have on duty arrangements.One on duty is 24 hours a day, which is very tiring.Others work up to 365 days a year.We count the on duty and overtime hours , It must be more than 365 days It turned out that not all the policemen sat in the office, and it turned out that although they were not usually seen, they were not idle.An old man understood, thought about it and asked, Young man, what does the prevention and control team usually do The prevention and control team is responsible for day and night security patrols, blocking ambushes, and checkpoint duty.Move it to the side.Whose car is this car There s no stopping in such a big place outside the office, why stop here Han Chaoyang put on his law enforcement recorder and squeezed into the crowd, Xu Hongliang tacitly maintained the order outside first.Facts have proved that although the image of the police has not been cbd gummies gluten free very good in the past few years, there is no news, and when there is news, most of them are negative, but the deterrent effect has not dropped too much.the meaning of.Anyway, they are idle and have nothing to do, and they can see the darkness when they encounter excitement.Han Chaoyang has long been used to it, wiped off his sweat, and walked into a courtyard with a large gate face.He saw that the courtyard cbd gummies gluten free was also full of people.Two women in their thirties were pointing at a girl who was guarding the main door and yelling at her.It s not that I, Jiang Xiaofang, are not filial, but he didn t treat me as a daughter., Zhang Beibei talked all the time, I didn t see that he would leave the house to his niece when he died. Xiaofang, what you said is a bit unreasonable.Did Lao Yu treat you and Xiaolan s daughter, the villager It s all in his eyes.It s not that he didn t treat you as a daughter, but you didn t treat him as a father.The things you did are really chilling Director Xie couldn t bear it anymore, pointed at them and reprimanded Put aside how Lao Yu treats you, after all, do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies gluten free he is your stepdad.As for your mother, it is impossible for her not to treat you as her own daughters.Chaoyang Village is so big, can you hide it from others Whatever you borrowed some money, what did you say It s not that we don t want to borrow it, it s because Yu Xiushui has money, and she is reluctant to show it to my mother No matter what, they are justified, and they can make up a story if they don t.Although Xu Hongliang didn t say it clearly, Han Chaoyang could see that he was interested in his junior sister.After eating the food in his mouth, he said smoothly, Lingling, don t take a taxi later, let Hongliang take you back.No need to bother, it s very convenient to take a taxi.No trouble, I just happened to be on the way.Xu Hongliang glanced at Han Chaoyang gratefully, and began to make up nonsense.His home is in the north, and Guangming District is in the west.direction.Senior brother s colleagues best cbd gummies for depression 2021 are absolutely trustworthy, Xie Lingling when to take cbd gummies for sleep didn t know why, so she asked with a look of embarrassment Is it really on the way Don t worry when you go back, that s it. Okay, I m full, eat slowly, I ll help you clean up here. No, don t get your clothes dirty, I ll let Lao Xu clean up later, I I m full too, let s go, the car is in the yard.What s the matter with talking to Liu, it s none of your business Ge Baohua looked down on both Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang, thinking to himself that it was just luck Did he encounter demolition If his house hadn t been demolished and he didn t get so much compensation, wouldn t he be the same or even worse than himself This kid always feels that his talents are underappreciated.If you have the ability, you can go to the civil service exam, or go into business and become a big boss.Xu Hongliang snorted coldly, put down the handcuffs and stared into his eyes It s really none of my business, not only my business, but also Lao Xu s I have to go back to work today, and Lao Xu and I will find you when we have time.Talk about it.What do you want What do you think Xu Hongliang asked back, walked out of the hall without looking back, opened the car door, got into the BMW and disappeared from sight in a blink of an eye.Since this is the owner s representative meeting, we will raise our hands according to the procedure and vote.Old Wang, what kind of mobile phone are you using for the meeting A owner s representative poked at the partner next to him., the first to raise their hands in agreement.The villagers of Chaoyang Village are smarter than each other, and the owner of Dongming Community is also very powerful.The few people on the opposite side were not playing just now, but were live broadcasting.They have a group of owners, and a WeChat group for each building.They are all very concerned about matters related to the property.Competent, Director Su believes in everything just said, and almost all the owners at home know.Anyway, the last program is over.From now on, the sixteen security guards in Dongming Community will become community security patrol members, and will become security guards of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company in the near future.

The Finance Bureau and even the District Committee and District Government.Secretary Tong, don t they think highly of you Han Chaoyang was skeptical.I m cbd gummies gluten free really convinced.Let me tell you, I just met them today.Shan Xiaoming s wishful thinking, everyone said that I was his girlfriend, and he dragged me to the restaurant.He couldn t let him down when he was so popular.It was so difficult cbd gummies gluten free to get there, but he introduced him to Secretary Tong, Secretary Zhou and Chairman Bai.Chapter 45 Someone is here Back at the neighborhood committee, getting out of the green farm cbd gummy candies car was like getting into a heat wave.After a morning of exposure to the sun, the concrete floor was estimated to be 50 degrees Celsius.Under the scorching sun, I directed Huang Ying to reverse the car and watched her drive the car out of the compound.I didn t pay attention to details in my work, and I was reported by others with plausibility.Zou Jingnan couldn t help but glared at him, and said coldly Comrade Han Chaoyang, although you are not a party member, you are a civil servant.Since you are a civil servant, you must be supervised.What s wrong with your supervisor Can t the superior ask you for information But, the bad influence on me has already been caused What kind of bad influence, I said I understand the situation.Go back early, cbd gummies gluten free don t delay work, it s the first time to touch this car, drive slowly on the road, pay attention to safety Section Chief Zou, you can t do this, and I can t just go back like this.It was the first time that Zou Jingnan had encountered such a thing, so he stared at him and asked, Do you want me to give you an explanation It s not that I insist on an explanation, but that you should give me an explanation.Huang Ying was stunned for a moment.She was a pretty girl, her tone seemed to be that of a street cadre, and she seemed to have an unusual relationship with the little apprentice.Gu Guoli didn t want to be a light bulb for the young man, so he raised his arm and pointed to area B Chaoyang, you stare at it first, and I ll go and relieve it.Master, I ll accompany you.No need, I know the way.Gu Guoli waved his hand and walked towards Area B without looking back.There are so many leaders inside, and I don t know if there will be any more leaders coming.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to leave his post without permission, and stayed where he was on duty, and asked calmly, Sister, what are you doing here Please, I m also a street cadre , All the people in the office can come, and the leader said, dare I not come What can you do if you come You ask me, how do I know.Mistake.No, Director Liu has personally been to the scene and participated in the autopsy, and Director Liu also believes that the time of death of Zhang Qiuyan s mother and child should be between 7 00 p.m.and 10 30 p.m.on the 15th.The judgment made should not be wrong, Xi Hongbo nodded slightly, and while motioning HCMUSSH cbd gummies gluten free him to sit down, he said coldly Comrades, the technical department has done a lot of work, found many clues, and even grasped the identity of one of the suspects.DNA, it depends on the investigation.Xu Wei, you come first and tell us your opinion. Xi Da, I want to ask Xiaopeng whether the DNA extracted from the deceased woman s mouth has been obtained by the police.comparison with the DNA database of ex convicts What kind of question is this Xi Hongbo was embarrassed by him, and asked back What do you think Xu Wei, the captain of the Serious Case Squadron, reacted, cbd gummies gluten free and hurriedly said Xi Da, I just asked.It is conceivable that she and Chef Cui met in a restaurant.The couple earn over 100,000 yuan a year, and their son lives in their hometown.Although the place where he lives is very ordinary, it is also a two person world.This small life does not need to be too moist, not only the fellow villagers, but even Han Chaoyang is a little bit envious.As long as they work hard, everyone in Yanyang, a provincial capital city with a population of more than cbd gummies gluten free cbd gummies for muscle relaxation three million, has food to eat.No one cares about eating and drinking, the main thing is to get together and chat.Xiao Ma, who has just graduated, is very active and has a good capacity for alcohol.After toasting one by one, he said happily cbd gummies gluten free Xiaoyu, Linlin, although Chenjiaji is far away, the transportation is very convenient.There are direct buses.Han Chaoyang, who you are most optimistic about, I also forwarded it to Moments.The specific situation is not clear on the phone.You can read it yourself.Okay, I will take a look first and call you after I finish.I don t know, but Du Ju couldn t help laughing when he saw it.His lover pushed his back and asked impatiently It s so late, why are you smirking Qun immediately picked up his lover s mobile phone and smiled while reposting Let me repost it for you first, and talk to your colleagues at work tomorrow, and help repost it to help publicize it.What do you mean you repost it for me Can I help you Okay, you can help me, but this is indeed worth reposting, and the masses reposted it spontaneously.The preliminary estimate is that the number of hits exceeds 100,000, and we have only a small population in Yanyang.

Do you have any public security in your eyes Do you know what this behavior is Officer Han, They want to do it They want to do it, and you are not a vegetarian, otherwise you can call a dozen people, and one of them has a tattoo on his arm.Han Chaoyang really didn t cbd gummies gluten free like Tao Hui, who raised a boa constrictor.He picked up a pen and opened the folder and turned around, Did you bring your ID card Didn t you register last time Your name, ID number, and phone number are all there.Yes.Last time was last time, hurry up.So you know each other The big bald head directly thought that the police would help cbd gummies gluten free Tao Hui, and was very unconvinced.Just as he was about to say cbd gummies gluten free something, Grandpa Gu who was answering the phone suddenly asked loudly, Lawyer Yan, which law firm do you practice in The big bald head thought it was a lawyer He would explain the matter clearly to the old policeman in a white shirt, but within three minutes of the call, the old policeman handed the phone to him, The lawyer you hired has hung up, I suggest you go to the law firm and ask Without him, is he a lawyer Comrade policeman, what do you mean Although Gu Guoli is not very proficient in the law, he has seen too many debt disputes and has some legal common sense, so he called him to the On the one hand, he said persuasively Zheng Jindong, from the IOU, you are indeed not a usurer.All in all, the future looks bright.They are a couple full of longing for the future, and even plan to buy a house in the city just like Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang was just joking just now.I don t know what she was thinking.He stared at the computer monitor and muttered, I almost forgot.There is an anti drug task this month.There are no drug addicts in our jurisdiction.How can this drug be banned Like Chen Jie asked subconsciously.I m talking about a strike mission.This is troublesome.The woman with a previous drug abuse record that was investigated last time has moved away.Otherwise, you can look for her and see if you can collect some clues to the drug case.The mission could not be completed.Points will be deducted, although a lot of points have been added during this period, but Han Chaoyang still does not want to be deducted, he touched his chin and said There are three hotels in our jurisdiction, and we will go to make a surprise inspection at night to see if there are any passengers who have not registered. Thank you. What s there to thank, you re busy, I should eat too.Just as Han Chaoyang hung up the phone, he heard cbd gummies gluten free the old man Mom asked from behind Chaoyang, what cbd gummies gluten free is beyond our family s capacity Mom, why did you come out I came out to refill the water.Ma Fengying handed the water bottle to the waiter and asked, Who did you call just now What s the matter on the phone A friend, her friend has a suite she wants to sell, it s not suitable, I ll return it. Why not suitable The door of the box opened, and the master, Director Su, Manager Jin and senior brother do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies gluten free all went in.Look here, it s not good for the two of you to whisper outside, so Han Chaoyang could only accompany her into the box, then returned to his seat and explained, The house in Splendid Garden was introduced by Accountant Huang of our street finance office.After hearing what you said, I think Zhang Qiuyan must know something.No matter what happened to Qiao Xianhong or what he did, it is impossible to hide it from her., Even if you want to hide it, you can t hide it And a normal woman can t be as calm as her when encountering this kind of thing, Director Lin also joined in, analyzing seriously and professionally If my husband ran away, a I don t call home, I don t know where he is, I don t even know if he will come back, I must plan for myself, otherwise how will I live alone, how will I raise the child Director Lin, if it were you,what will you do Look first, if you can t find it, call the police.I don t know what the law stipulates.Anyway, if you don t come back after a long time, you will be counted as missing.Then you can remarry and start over.On the way to the Physical Evidence Identification Center.Okay, pay attention to safety on the road, He Zhi has coordinated, and the technical brigade will help us prioritize the inspection and comparison.As soon as Xi Hongbo finished speaking, Deputy Director Feng walked in and asked Hongbo, the acquisition How cbd gummies gluten free many have you arrived I just collected Gao Junfei s daughter, and Xiaomao s group should have arrived at Chen Yafei s parents home.Since there is a possibility of drug involvement, it can t just be used as a homicide investigation, Bureau Feng is calling Vice captain He handed over a cigarette, sat down and said, I hope that kid is not at home, and I hope that kid hasn t gone far.There s news from the intelligence side.Vice captain He put down his phone, flipped through the text message he had just received, and said, They found the flight records of Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing.Liu Gong reacted suddenly and couldn t help asking Officer Han, what did you contact just now is Captain Tang of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade Do you know him Yes, Captain Tang just came to check a few days ago.The Miao family doesn t know anyone else, come here, smoke a cigarette first. Thank you, I m quitting, I won t smoke. Officer Han, it s too hot outside, the office has air conditioning, let s go to the office and tell. Not going in, Our people and people from the comprehensive street law enforcement team will be here soon, and I will wait for them here.Officer martha maccallum and cbd gummies Han, I know you are anxious, but this really has nothing to do with our construction unit, and I really don t know where Xia Yunkui is going.Now, aren t you embarrassing us Embarrassment, what is embarrassment Han Chaoyang stared into his eyes and asked sharply, Gong Liu, if Luo Chunjun fell on sunday scaries cbd gummies cbd gummies gluten free the construction site, then it s none of your business If I didn t remember Wrong, the labor department has clear regulations on employment.

Director Su, what if you don t go If there s anything wrong with you, don t whine about it.Han Chaoyang is really embarrassed that the master won t go, and director Su won t go.Just walking like this, I didn t know how to persuade the policeman to ring suddenly.Hi Liu Suo, Liu Suo, do you have any instructions Han Chaoyang was surprised when the director called in person.Just after receiving the report from the task force, Liu Jianye was in an extremely good mood, and said excitedly Xiao Han, the murder case in Yangguan Village has been solved, and the two suspects have been arrested and brought to justice.Go to identify the scene, although there are special police involved in the escort, but considering that there are too many people in the village, you need to immediately organize patrols to maintain order.You know what they say, they say to maintain society.Public security is a matter of public security, they have paid everything they should have paid, so why should they charge for it. I didn t say to charge public security and defense fees. You may not know where the money comes well being laboratories cbd gummies from if you don t charge security and security fees.The building was built with the help of others in advance.The rent can only be collected a year, and only a little can be paid back a year.All the income in the village is used to pay off the debt.If you don t pay it back, you will be sued in court.As the saying goes, Officials don t build yamen.As a result, a village committee actually spent more than one million yuan to build an office building.But they can t blame them, because this building was built by the previous village committee.Borrow the basketball gymnasium of the Polytechnic University Well, how good is the environment, with central air conditioning, lighting, and a large venue, not to mention one or summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett two hundred people, four or five hundred people can be seated.Wu Wei just entered the backyard At that time, I deliberately went around the health care room.After all, I was a comrade in the same unit.I wanted to say hello to Teacher Ma and Dad Han, but I didn t see anyone.I didn t expect him to come back.At the same time, he discovered that it is good to have a skill, and the branch bureau and the sub district office actually entrusted him with such an important task.This thought just flashed by.Wu Weiren was in the police room, but his heart was not here or even in the police station.He kept thinking about 7.17 cases.The funniest thing is that just after forwarding the news about tonight s show on the patrol official account to Moments, dozens of people liked it, including Liu Suo, Guan instructor and other colleagues in the unit, as well as Zhou who just added as a friend last night.Game Chaoyang, let me take a look, yes, that s it.Su Xian was not at ease, and actually checked one by one.After reading them one by one, she said with regret It s still too late.If I thought about it earlier, if you The Most Handsome Policeman was launched when it was the hottest, and now it has 80,000 followers even if it doesn t have 100,000 followers.Since you missed it, you can only make up for it, Xinyi is trying to find a way to attract people who used to follow you.Director Su, what if there is one more smoke shop cbd gummies near me follower and one less follower, we are applying for registration in the name of a government department, too many advertisements will have a negative impact.No, what I m doing now is all useless, no matter how much money I spend, it will be in vain.Parents should be fine, right Not necessarily, the most worrying thing now is this, in case the bone marrow of the child s parents is not good enough, The bone marrow bank can t find a suitable one, so it s troublesome. Why can t the parents This is not a blood transfusion, anyway, that s what the doctor said.They take bone marrow for examination.If it is not worthy, and if the bone marrow bank can t find it, then there is no need to continue to raise cbd organic vegan gummies 3000mg donations.It s so pitiful.Who says it s not, so we will get married in the future, cbd gummies gluten free and you will get married cbd gummies gluten free in the future.Don t play with mobile phones when you re pregnant, don t get close to computers, I just searched online, and it s said that electromagnetic radiation may cause leukemia in pregnant women s babies.Sister Su, what are you doing for such a serious concert How could Su Xian not know that the jealous jar was overturned, and she took her arm and snickered, Promoting the WeChat official account of the Patrol Team is also a job, please be generous.Don t be petty.You re asking him sunday scaries cbd gummies cbd gummies gluten free to sacrifice his appearance Just take a photo, just take a photo together, don t worry, he stands firm and can stand the test.Chapter 207 Finale If you don t participate in such activities, you don t know how many units there are in a district After the procuratorate finished singing, it went to the court, followed by the Audit Bureau, the Local Taxation Bureau, the National Taxation Bureau, the Radio and Television do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies gluten free Bureau, the Quality Supervision Bureau, the Statistics Bureau, the Earthquake Bureau, and the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau interspersed with several streets and several large companies.

At that time, you were the one who changed the way to lead the red line, It was you again who made him attract others just now It s true that Xiao Heyue chased Han Xin down, and Xiao He was also defeated by Xiao He.Huang Ying finally understood the true meaning of being unkind, she pouted and muttered, I want to eat hot pot.No problem, I know a restaurant that is open until midnight, so go after singing.Now go to the queue, the power company The choir is already on stage and will be with us in a minute.This matter is not over, your account will be settled with you later.Singing was important, Huang Ying didn tko cbd gummies wholesale t want to mess up, let alone make people laugh, she gave Han Chaoyang a murderous look, and ran back angrily to line up.It s okay, just go back and coax me well.Su cbd gummies gluten free cbd gummies for muscle relaxation Xian smiled secretly, and pushed Han Chaoyang to the position where he was about to go on stage.The policemen from the sub bureau went to the backstage to gather again, Zhou Ju was also elated, seeing Deputy Secretary Gong looking this way, he quickly nodded with a HCMUSSH cbd gummies gluten free smile.Zhou Ju, Secretary Yang is whispering to the city leaders, what do you think he will tell the city leaders Yao Mozi couldn t help laughing in a low voice It s not important what he said.What s important is that our policemen are in command and our policemen are performing.Facts speak louder than words.Nothing he says will help.There are our branches all over the world.Several families were happy and others were sad, and the most depressing one was Director Hua of cbd gummies gluten free the Education Bureau.Every cultural activity takes the first place, and this time the Education HCMUSSH cbd gummies gluten free Bureau Choir, who also sang very well, did not have a chance to be the finale.Mama Huang backed down as expected, as long as it involved Yanyang s affairs, Mrs.Ma always followed her lead, so she could only retreat and change to a long term lease, but she was not in a hurry to rent it out, she had to take good care of it.Investigate future tenants, reluctant cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg to rent such a good house to people who don t know the basics.Seeing off Teacher Ma, Huang Ying became more and more depressed as she thought about it.She leaned on the co pilot and looked at the South Gate of Polytechnic University and muttered If you are so .

does cbd gummies show up in blood test?

bold, you will starve to death if you are timid. Short term renting is illegal, it has nothing to do with being a policeman.It s okay, it do cbd gummy bears help tinnitus s okay, you go online to see how many cbd gummies gluten free people are doing it.They are them, we are us, and you think they make some money Are you sure, if you are found out, you will be fined or even detained.Scream, no one will come to save you if you scream Han Chaoyang kicked off the shoes on his feet, held her in his arms, and kissed her hard.She became more flustered and flustered, her tightly closed teeth were pried open in an instant, and a tongue invaded in.She was in a daze, when suddenly she smelled a pungent smell, and pushed him away It stinks, Go take a shower, wash your do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies gluten free socks, and throw your shoes on the balcony, your feet smell worse than my dad s I was so excited and hungry.Han Chaoyang also smelled something wrong with the smell in the room, so he rolled out of bed in a hurry, and said with a chuckle, My wife, I m sorry, I ll go take a shower now After taking a shower, deal with the source of the smell that disrupted the mood, climbed onto the bed again, Huang Ying seemed to be a different person.Video is available at night, and there s internet and wireless in the office Just finished talking here, Jiang Li, a household registration policeman who went out to do errands, came back, and Han Chaoyang hurriedly greeted him.Go up and say hello.Welcome, welcome, sorry to keep you waiting.It should be me who said sorry After all, you are from a big city, so you are being polite.Xiao Han, don t be shy, come in, and today I invite you to try our Longdao County s special dishes.Thank you He Suo, instructor, Chief Chang, please.It s not so much a restaurant as it is a food stall.There are three large round tables in the hall , with no chairs and no super chill cbd gummies 3000mg tablecloths.Not only are the tables very greasy, but even the plastic stools are dirty.The menu is hung on the same dirty wall.pasta.He Suo and the trainer didn t look at the menu, they directly opened the curtain and went to the kitchen to find the proprietress.Well, eating is also .

do cbd gummy bears get you high?

important Jiang Li was completely convinced, and resentfully opened the door and went downstairs.Brother Jiang, I ll help you.You should trust your comrades in arms, but you can t tell lies with your eyes open.Han Chaoyang felt very guilty and hurriedly chased him out.Chapter 248 Drug Dealers 3 Facts have proved that all the policemen in the Xinying Police Station can cook.Lunch is also very special.Jiang Li makes saozi noodles.First cut meat, radish, tofu and soaked day lily into cubes, add soy sauce and stir fry to make saozi , and then pour it on la tiaozi noodles., it can be seen that whether you can make tiaozi noodles is a very important basic skill.The taste may be different from that of the locals.Compared with the more distinctive water noodles in the morning, Han Chaoyang thinks Saozi noodles are more delicious.

Forest The sub bureau and the forest police station are not in the same unit I remembered this, you finally came here, if you can successfully catch Feng Changdong, if you have time in the next few days, I really want to take you to Longxing Mountain Just for fun.Longxing Mountain is a national nature reserve.Although it is in our county, it is not managed by the county.It is directly under the provincial forestry department.The Shan Forest Sub bureau is not just forest police, but also has jurisdiction over public security cases and criminal cases in the nature reserve, including traffic violations.Unexpectedly, there are two public security bureaus in one county When Han Chaoyang asked this question, Guan Xiyuan, who was assigned to study under the class at the Caodian Police Station, was also making frequent calls.Uncle Han, have you ever eaten wild boar meat No.I have.My dad used to hold one end in a tong, but later he refused to do so, and even the tong was searched.Wild boar is good.Do you want to eat Han Chaoyang asked with a smile.Delicious The little guy grinned, thought about it and said, Don t rush away, eat meat at my house tomorrow, there are two fangs in total, one for each of us.He is not only enthusiastic, but also reluctant to get along day and night People go for a few days.Living in the barren mountains for a long time, there is no one to talk to at ordinary times.Han Chaoyang can understand the little guy s feelings, but he can t help him, so he pretends to be relaxed and cbd gummies for anxiety uk amazon asks What s the use of fangs It can ward off evil spirits.Wear it with a rope and hang it around your neck, it s very effective.Xiao Han, let s go first, you accompany Fan Ju well.By the way, I will let someone Two sets of new uniforms have been prepared and have been sent to Niangniang Temple.Comrades from the Forestry Bureau are coming to do the work of Uncle Yan.The political commissar just called and asked the comrades from the Forestry Bureau to help bring them over.When the clothes arrive, we can take a bath in the village.Put on a clean police uniform and go down the mountain.Thank you Bureau Shi, thank you Jiang Da.You re welcome, this is what we should do.Watching the county bureau go with him, Bureau Fan took out his mobile phone and handed it to Bureau Zhou, Political Commissar Huang and Bureau Du called to announce the good news.Chai Shuxi walked aside in a tacit understanding, whispering to a policeman from the political department of the county bureau.Our economic detectives usually have little contact with the masses, so we pay so much attention to how we complete HCMUSSH cbd gummies gluten free the tasks.If we don t complete it, we can t do it.It is linked to salary.Now it seems that every task is linked to salary.You are the most handsome policeman with so many fans , the relationship with the masses is good, our task is a piece of cake for you.I will send you a few QR codes cbd gummies gluten free later, please scan and pay attention to your fans and the masses in your police office.It doesn t need to be much, just complete the task, and I will treat you to dinner later, and HCMUSSH cbd gummies gluten free you don t need to treat me.Such a thing happened As long as the police have all the tasks, what should they do if they sit in the office every day and don t have much contact with the masses Even if all relatives and friends are mobilized, they may not be able to complete it.Xie Lingling knew very well that the band couldn t get it going, and she wouldn t be able to work as a counselor for long.Seeing the reinforcements coming, she immediately put down the violin and said in front of Han Chaoyang, Why didn t you come here until now I m missing you.On duty The most cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg important thing is to be on duty or to recruit players, and besides, you are a specially appointed lecturer of our Art Academy.How could Xie best cbd gummies for weight loss canada Lingling miss this opportunity, handed the violin to summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett her senior, and immediately turned around and said Everyone, I would like to give you a hemp bomb cbd gummies 375mg btl 25ct bottle grand Let me introduce, this is not only the most handsome policeman in Yanyang City, but also the resident cbd gummies gluten free policeman of our Polytechnic University, and also a special lecturer of our School of Art, Han Chaoyang.You can call Police Officer Han, or Teacher Han From Most of the freshmen from all over the world don t know Yanyang s most handsome policeman.Today, I will help you with the mat first, and when I have time later, I will go to Chenjiaji to take a picture for you, and help you go to the administrative service center to get a card for free bus rides.It turned out that she always reported false police to trick the police to send her home Second Sister Gui Thinking of the unlucky things that the unlucky guy said, Huang Ying burst out laughing.After waiting for five or six minutes, the bus cbd gummies gluten free arrived.Han Chaoyang helped the old lady into the car, asked a little girl near the door to let her sit, said hello to the driver s sister, and made sure that the old lady could get home safely, and then returned to Polytechnic University with Huang Ying.The old lady must be very disappointed that I didn t take a special car today.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing again.

Wu Wei suddenly leaned over and took a few handfuls of sand, and ran to find some more A piece of pebble just sifted out, squatting on the ground like a child playing with the sand.Han Chaoyang was stunned .

can cbd gummies make your stomach upset?

for a moment, then reacted immediately, folded summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett his arms and smiled, Experiment Rebuild the site A dead person is neither easy to climb nor take advantage of concealment if this is the first scene, it is equally impossible for the murderer to climb to the top of the sand pile to kill, and it is even more impossible for the dead to climb up and wait for someone to kill.If I were the murderer, I would If I want to hide the body in this way, I will dig a sand hole here and stuff the body in, and then get some sand to cover it.So we should sift from here.But it cannot be ruled out that the body slipped from above possibility.When you pick up the kiss, just pick up the kiss well, what kind of underworld are you pretending to be Ask him.Chaoyang, what s going on.In terms of dealing with negative public opinion, the efficiency of relevant departments is astonishing.Han Zhaoyang realized that the cbd gummies gluten free trouble was serious, so he didn t bother to explain to his senior brother, so he hurriedly said Brother Wei, I have to report to my superior quickly, Lingling will explain to you, cbd gummies gluten free cbd gummy side effects reddit and I will call you later.He was anxious, and Xie Lingling was even more anxious.He urged Hurry cbd gummies gluten free cbd gummies for muscle relaxation up and tell your leaders that Hongliang will take the civil service exam next year, so he can t be disqualified because of this.Don t worry, he ll be fine.Han Chaoyang summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett didn t dare to delay for cbd gummies to reduce blood sugar a moment , hurried to the police room.Old Tang and Miao Haizhu happened to be shark tank true bliss cbd gummies having dinner, and Grandpa Gu was standing in the police station on the phone.For him to wear the rank of third class superintendent, Han Chaoyang is not surprised.He is cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg a policeman handling a case.If he wears a crutch as required, it will be inconvenient when handling a case.Some difficult parties will ask him to show his police certificate or even his law enforcement qualification certificate.The policemen in the leadership and the case handling team never regarded him as a newcomer in the probationary period.This police rank was given to him by the leader, and he was also asked to wear it by the leader.For Wu Wei, this is just for the convenience of work.In Han Chaoyang s view, this is the importance and trust of the leaders and colleagues in Wu Wei.I thought to myself that although I have made dosist cbd gummies a lot of achievements in the past period of time, and even won second class personal meritorious service, my status in the office is still not as good as that of the workaholic who just drove the police car out.If Shanggang went online, it would be disorganized and undisciplined.Not daring to show even a hint of a smile.In fact, Teng Jiming had a little opinion of him, the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.He said that he didn t know the details of the case, he didn t know where the project headquarters was, and there was no phone number Instead of reporting to the project headquarters immediately, but reporting to the leaders of your sub bureau, this is not what asking for credit is.Too vain, such a person can t become a master Teng Ji cursed secretly, looked sideways at the suspect squatting in the corner of the two offices through the window, walked to the side and asked, Who is planted, summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett who do they want to frame Reporting to Tengda, Boss Hou and Chang Mazi on the opposite side are deadly rivals.Wearing a special service uniform, wearing a multi functional belt, and wearing a law enforcement recorder on his shoulders, he looks like a special police officer of the special patrol brigade, much more powerful than when he was an auxiliary police officer in the office.I thought that he would dumb around like his good brother, but as soon as he arrived at the gravel field, he let Xiaokang, who came with him, into the work area, and he volunteered to be the driver to investigate the case with him.Hong Liang, I m just visiting and asking.Wherever I go, I don t know when I can come back I know, it s not like we haven t cooperated before.Besides, I have nothing to do when I m idle.People.If you don t leave people, don t you have a well off life.A well off life is not made of iron, and you can t stay here 24 hours a day.Hong Liang, take the police car back cbd gummies gluten free later, don t go back to the police office, go directly to the auto repair shop.What are you doing at the auto repair shop It s the first insurance.Go install the driving recorder.Han Chaoyang raised his hand to greet the master migrant worker who was smoking outside, and explained On the way back from the mission of the Criminal Police No.3 Squadron, a traffic accident happened.The collision was serious, but fortunately the person was not serious.Now it is time to judge the responsibility.The criminal policeman who drove the car thought it was the other party s responsibility, and the other party said it was their responsibility.Anyway, the public said that the public is right and the woman is saying that the woman is right.Wu Wei reacted and subconsciously asked One person is sick, and the whole family takes medicine Almost, the bureau leaders think that we should take precautions and make amends.

Have you informed him to attend the case analysis meeting, and have you given him a chance to speak Boss Feng, I Old Teng , I didn t blame you for what you meant, and it s even more impossible to make trouble on the case.I just expressed my feelings just now.Closer to home, Comrade Han Chaoyang called me five minutes ago to report an idea, to be precise, a possibility Since the other roads are impassable, I personally think that this road can be tried, and if there is something to gain, don t you think so The driving recorder is equivalent to a mobile cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg monitoring platform The video captured by the driving recorder can t be saved for long, and it has been twelve days since the two suspects drove and dumped their bodies.Teng Jiming realized that this was indeed a very cbd gummies gluten free good idea, but he reported it too late, thinking to himself why he didn t think of it at the time But Director Feng is right.The technical investigation department has already taken technical measures against the people the two suspects may contact.As long as they call, we can Lock their location immediately.But if they don t call, or don t communicate with the outside world in a short time, it s useless to use technical means.Xiao Han, Xiao Wu, you are the police of Yandong Branch, and you are tasked with tracking down Cai Xiaofang s whereabouts.I will leave it to the two of you to go back after the meeting in a car with a local license plate just sent by our sub bureau, to reimburse the expenses for handling the case, and to report any situation or difficulties encountered in a timely manner.But one thing must be kept in mind, you must not startle the snake before the truth comes out.Fengjie Street is the base of Master and his old man Master, his old man has such a good mass cbd gummies gluten free cbd gummies for muscle relaxation base, not to mention insinuating to understand a person s situation, even mobilizing the masses to help deploy control is a piece of cake.Seeing that Bureau Feng s cup is empty, he simply picks up a paper cbd gummies gluten free cbd gummies for muscle relaxation cup and goes to the corner to help the leader fetch water.Just halfway through the reception, another mobile phone placed on the conference table by Bureau Feng rang.Director Feng was too busy answering the phone, so he pointed subconsciously.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, put down the pen and paper in a hurry, picked up the phone to answer the call, and picked up a pen to take notes.Feng Bureau, I, He Yichang, comrades from the Agricultural Bank of China helped us find Fang Yaqi s debit card, bound a WeChat account, and opened the mobile payment service.In the past six days, there were 27 mobile payment records, of which four transaction records occurred.In Century Lianhua Supermarket on Yangtai Road, and the second of these two transactions happened this afternoon.Don t worry, I won t talk nonsense.Maybe it s not a big deal cbd gummies gluten free cbd gummies for muscle relaxation to mention the deputy department before the age of thirty, but it is very, very important to the grassroots police not easy.Even though this was just an opportunity and it was far away, Han Chaoyang still felt that he had to make preparations now, so he called Liu Suo again after thinking about it.During this period of time, I first went to the Northwest for exchange, and then I was transferred to the 9.The 18 task force has not been in the station for a long time.If this continues, the leaders may really forget that there is him.The branch will set up a police station in front of the station in the future.Considering the leader of the station, the attitude of the Huayuan Street Police Station is also very important.After all Chaoyang Community has always been under the jurisdiction of Huayuan Street Police Station.Knowing that Grandpa Gu and Han Chaoyang didn t smoke, he would be fine He said with a smile summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett while pointing it up cbd gummies gluten free for eating a lot of cbd gummies himself Determine the target first and then coordinate, otherwise there is nothing to cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg coordinate.Inspector Gu, Chaoyang, when we came over, Lao Ding and I walked around the neighborhood and found that the memorial hall do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies gluten free is in a good location.Others think it s unlucky.We don t mind it, we can definitely borrow it.Did you make a mistake, you fell in love with the memorial hall Han Chaoyang stared into his eyes and asked in a low voice Kangsuo, the Chaoyang Village Committee is quite big, can you coordinate with the engineering headquarters and let them borrow a few rooms The Chaoyang Village Committee is quite big, but There are more people in the engineering headquarters, so it may not be possible to coordinate, and even if it is coordinated, it will be inconvenient.Faced with this shocking reversal , Hang Weilan s attitude changed drastically, and she also denounced Hang Weifang, and together with Director Su, Miao Haizhu, and Chen calm gummies with cbd Jie, comforted Ning Junmei, and then forced Hang Weifang to admit his mistakes and pleaded for Hang Weifang, and finally made peace.This is a family conflict caused by emotional disputes.It is better to be a peacemaker than to persuade them to leave.Although she was a little partial to her brother, it was understandable to do so.Han Chaoyang didn t think the marriage between her younger brother and his sister in law could last.Hang Weifang was too much of an asshole.He was exposed this time, and he didn t know what would happen next time.And Ning Junmei s attitude is very firm, she is really disheartened, she said no more at the first opening, and divorce after asking and persuading, and even reported the case as a victim, asking the police office to uphold justice and help her get Hang Weifang Transfer stashed money cbd gummies gluten free back.

But now is not the time to think about these things.I followed the director into the house and saw that the living room was empty, the three bedrooms and the bathroom were also empty, and Xiaokang was still sharp eyed.I only heard him shout Liu Suo, summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett there is something in the attic Here we come.Liu Jianye came over and looked up, then turned around and said, The man surnamed Bi definitely climbed up the water pipe.His fingerprints should be on the water pipe.Don t touch the water pipe, and you can t go up the water pipe.Young man, go up the water pipe.Hold your hand, let me go up and have a look.Okay.Before Xiaokang could speak, Li Xiaobin squatted with his back against the wall, and stretched out his hands to support Liu Suo s feet.One look at this posture and you know that you have been a soldier, and you have been a soldier Liu Jianye smiled slightly, and took advantage of the opportunity to go up., Bi Xunchang took a peek at Miao Haizhu, and confessed honestly.How many hours do you broadcast every day 16 hours.What content is broadcast This is also undeniable, and Bi Xunchang said anxiously Advertising.There are hospitals, and there are drug sellers.To be more specific, which hospitals are advertised for which aspects, and which drug distributors are advertised for which drugs Bi Xunchang did not dare to hide anything.Must answer.After Miao Haizhu finished recording, Kang Suo changed the subject Bi Xunchang, where did you illegally set up the radio station before you moved the illegal broadcasting equipment to Washington City Officer Kang, I I am the first Time, never done it before Never done it, just a first time offender Kang Suo asked coldly.Bi Xunchang was obviously guilty and didn t dare to look directly at him.Han Chaoyang had to explain patiently I don t think it s such an exaggeration.Whether he can get parole depends mainly on his performance during his sentence.I made it very clear to him that I will do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies gluten free keep an eye on him in the future.He also regrets the past For the things he do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies gluten free has done, he said that he will come to the judicial office to apologize to you two when he finishes his report.Can he apologize to us Branch Secretary Zhang was skeptical.I ll find out in two days.Han Chaoyang smiled, and continued Secretary Zhang, we should not only guard against criminals like him, but also care about them.There are cbd gummies gluten free only a few people in the judicial office, and they are being beaten by what store in tallahassee actually carries cbd gummies the street all day long.The leaders were transferred to do other things.It is hopeless to expect them to provide assistance.You are different from them.You not only need to Evidence should also be collected to assist in the investigation.This involves whether the case can be successfully cbd gummies gluten free filed and whether the criminal responsibility of the suspect can be investigated, Han Chaoyang blurted out Understood Lao Tang, who took the initiative to ask Ying to help, also divided his troops into three groups.Kang Haigen and four team members took Bi Xunchang to Zhonggui Building to identify the scene.It was clearly written in the transcript that he used the first set of equipment seized to set up a black broadcast in Zhonggui Building, but the only confession was that Not enough, there must be evidence.Miao Haizhu and Chen Jie went to Yanyang Airport together, and asked the airport control tower and the airline operating the Yanyang route to find out whether they had received the broadcast signal transmitted by the suspect s illegal occupation of the frequency before, and cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg if they had received it, would there be any impact on the airline dispatch, especially the flight Taking off and landing caused an impact Lao Tang took a team member to visit summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett Yanyang Railway Station, Provincial People s Broadcasting Station, Municipal People s Broadcasting Station and cbd gummies gluten free other units.Xie Lingling took Huang Ying s arm, and said with a chuckle, Don t look at me, I m Poorer than her, and less courageous than her.It was really different, Zhang Beibei sighed softly Okay, you guys go to sleep, I will figure out a way by myself.Thinking slowly, I thought of being with us Just say it, let us help you be happy.Chapter 419 Contradictions Plans are always better than changes However, Han Chaoyang likes this change very much.As soon as he got to work, he received a notice from the office to go to the Party School of .

what is cbd gummies for pain?

the District Party Committee tomorrow to participate in the last session of the 2015 Yandong District Party Committee Party School jointly organized by the Yandong District Party Committee Party School and the Yandong District Government Work Committee.and training courses for party activists.Start memorizing it carefully.Grandpa Gu suddenly opened his eyes, sat up and took out a small notebook from his arms Use this one for me, if you say you retire, you will retire as soon as you say it, and there is no time to hand it over.The superiors may also feel that there is nothing to hand over the community work, and they can t do it.I was not asked to hand it over.Although it was late, the handover is the same now.There are a cbd gummies gluten free lot of unfinished and completed things in the cbd gummies gluten free notebook.If you have time, you can look at it and help with it.Han Chaoyang felt that some trivial matters of the masses were precious, and hurriedly said Master, don t worry, I will take care of it seriously.Okay, just send it here, I will go in by myself.I ll drop it off again, and it s HCMUSSH cbd gummies gluten free only a few steps away.It s all at the door, what can I deliver Go back, Secretary Cao who just arrived lives in the neighborhood committee, which is Director Su s former office.

You have an absolute advantage in this respect, and you must win the first place He didn t react, Xu Weizhong added Don t you have a public account, hundreds of thousands of followers, as sunday scaries cbd gummies cbd gummies gluten free long as one tenth of the netizens vote for you, as long as you mobilize cbd gummies gluten free the teachers and students of PolyU, you will basically be fine.Another vote Opening WeChat is all about voting.Gentlely post the voting link in Moments or WeChat groups, and brutally directly chat with you the voting link, which makes people tireless.Han Chaoyang didn t even think about it and had a day to solicit votes for himself, and said with a bitter face Liu Suo, instructor, we have a WeChat official account, I can shamelessly ask the community and teachers and students for help, but not now In the past, nine out of ten people with Wechat hated this, so it would be counterproductive to pull this vote, and even if you pull it, you may not be able to get the first place., and I really like being a policeman, and I feel safe looking for a policeman.You can ask me anything, as long as I get along well, it doesn t matter if she gets divorced or not.And then Huang Ying asked cbd gummies gluten free eagerly.As a result, I went to the western restaurant to see that it was my classmate in junior high school and the class flower of that year.What a coincidence It s not such a coincidence.She lives in the same community as my aunt, and she is related to my aunt.It s just that when she was in high school, she thought that her previous name was not good, so she changed her name.When my aunt introduced me on the phone, I I didn t expect it to be the same person.Han Chaoyang subconsciously said, My junior high school classmate is good, she knows everything, and she was a class girl back then, so she should be very beautiful.That is to say, the newly established parent company is cbd gummies gluten free equivalent to a small SASAC , which includes all the community s shares in security service companies and youth travel.scale and market value.Since it s not listed, how can it have any market value Han Chaoyang realized that he wanted to build a big company, so that he could write materials for the report in the future.With such a large scale and so many assets, it would be nice to write.Cao Zefang didn t know what Han Chaoyang was thinking, and he didn t care what Han Chaoyang would think.He looked back at Zhang Beibei with a smile and continued For the sake of the community and the company s development, Beibei decided to participate in the election of the community committee members as a candidate.As for The work division will be studied after being elected.After several years of working as a community worker, Zheng Xinyi found that there was no future for her to continue working in the community.Zheng Xinyi, who finally jumped out of the community, was successfully elected as a member of the neighborhood committee and became a community worker again.Manager of housekeeping cleaning service company.What s even more funny is that not only did Xu Hongliang no longer want to be a police officer, he even ran for the neighborhood committee just like the two of them, and was successfully elected.Now he is the security director and general manager of the security service company in Chaoyang Community Civil servants cannot do business, they are not civil servants, they can, all of them have become official businessmen cbd gummies gluten free , who said that there is no future in the community.They have the phone number of the driver of the passing bus.If they can catch up and send people to the car, they can earn a dozen or twenty yuan.They are honest scalpers.If you can t catch up and you can t get people on the bus, let them pay them the fare first, and then run away while they are not paying attention, cheating them of the fare, and only pick honest migrant workers to start.Imagine how messed up it would be Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, raised his head and said, Brother Wang, our community patrol team may be involved in the Spring Festival travel security.No one could do anything about it before.After we come, this kind of thing can t happen again.If you find anything, you have to remind me, remind me That s enough, you don t need to take care of other things, and sunday scaries cbd gummies cbd gummies gluten free you don t need to come forward.Master Yu, we won t go around in circles with you.We came here to find out about Nie Haichao s situation.It s not a big deal or a trivial thing.He picked up a mobile phone when he left PolyU.The number and some documents stored in the phone are very important.If he refuses to return it, he is suspected of embezzling, and he shall be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not more than two years, criminal detention or a fine Stuff is also against the law Master Yu was stunned, and subconsciously asked Comrade policeman, does Hai Chao know How could he not know about the mobile phone he picked up by himself I mean, does he know that you are looking for it He called, and he said he wanted the boss to pick it up from your hometown, and then hung up the phone.So he doesn t know Master Yu felt the need to speak a few words of justice for the fellow, and took out a pack of cigarettes to explain Said Comrade policeman, that boss s words don t count.

Chaoyang, Haizhu and cbd gummies gluten free I will interrogate Hu Qinglin.You and Old Tang will work hard, and bring that boy to the meeting room for interrogation.Okay.That kid keeps committing big and small things.I don t know how many times he has entered the palace.He is very cunning.Be patient.Kang Suo, don t worry, even if we pry him, we will pry his mouth open.Idle is idle, something to do is better than nothing to do, Old Tang thought he could take Lu Shaotao down, so he agreed With a sound, he opened the car door and dragged Lu Shaotao out of the car together with Han Chaoyang.Chapter 482 Solve the case and stay rooted According to the case handling procedures, Hu Qinglin must be handed over to the public security organ who wanted him on the Internet.But before that, it is necessary to find out what happened during his absconding in fear of crime, and whether he committed a crime in Yanyang.It s really not a big deal for Bao Suo to be the director.Besides, he has been working for so many years.In terms of seniority, he should have been the director.Anyway.From now on, we will be a family, so it s nothing to transfer a few suspects.After thinking about it, Old Tang sighed The leadership team should be adjusted., Haizhu is also the instructor, and the anti pickup jurisdiction spans the security jurisdiction of our two polices.Why do you only add the signboard of the plainclothes anti pickup auxiliary squadron of your Huayuan Street Police Station, making it look like it has nothing to do with our Xinyuan Street Police Station The leaders don t pay much attention to it, and they don t fight for HCMUSSH cbd gummies gluten free it like Liu Suo.Even Lao Ding knew the news that the branch bureau cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg was going to adjust its leadership team, but if they didn t know, they might have talked to them a long time ago.Try to find a way to get someone, anyway, you are just tricking him into giving him money.Chapter 518 Send someone here While they were eating, Zhang Jinhai, the captain of the PolyU campus guard, and Ke Xiao, the security chief of the Sixth Hospital, arrived, and Han Chaoyang hurriedly stood up to greet them.Han Da, let me introduce you.This is the Mei Tiejun I mentioned to you before.Minister Jiang specially transferred him back from the new campus.Shen Xin does not need to be introduced.You are familiar with Xiao Wei.They are all party members and our school guards.The elites, who will be on duty in the police room and who will join the anti pickpocketing team, you look at the summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett arrangement.Hello, Han Han Da, we are here.Welcome, don t stand outside, come in Say.It was only then that Han Chaoyang noticed that Zhang Jinhai had brought three young men.People, you can just follow the arrangement according to .

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your work needs, and you don t need to ask me for instructions. Liu Suo, you are my old leader I know what you want to say, but the past is the past, and the present is the present.Straighten things out, and the authority pineapple cbd gummies should not be messed up.Liu Jianye interrupted Han Chaoyang, and then changed the subject Chaoyang, there is something I want to tell you in advance, most of the foreigners living in Yangguan Village are going home for the New Year.They will come back as soon as the Spring Festival is over, and there will be new migrants renting houses in Yangguan.For the migrant population, the institute must make a clear account of the number and the situation, but there are only a few people in the institute, and we will definitely need your help when the time comes.It is mainly to assist the case handling unit in action.When encountering a case, we can only deal with it temporarily and have no law enforcement power.Old Zhou, stop making trouble.Liu Jianpeng thought for a while Becoming active, he walked to Han 600 mg cbd gummies effects Chaoyang and said with a smile, Old Zhou was just joking.I m not cbd gummies gold joking with you.Brother, I really have something to rely on in the future.Me, Brother Liu, you are just joking Listen to me, when you have time later, you can take your younger siblings to my company to see the business license, and you will know that our company has a wide range of business.Is the buddy who I partnered with me busy at night Come on, he has more contacts than me.According to our development plan, the auto show and company celebrations are only temporary, and we will definitely organize some performances in the future.The burden of these police officers can be used to better serve the society.On the other hand, it can also make the security costs of the show more reasonable, and can reduce the burden do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies gluten free on the audience with limited income.After all, these costs will eventually be passed on to the tickets.price.She spoke clearly and logically, and did not forget to add that this was her immature idea.Han Chaoyang didn t expect to be reprimanded after eating a meal.Seeing their righteous indignation, he took a deep breath and said very seriously Brothers and sisters, I am not very clear about favor tickets and public relations tickets, but I know a little about the security fees for large scale performances, because our patrol team has participated in the security of concerts.You say.The first question, should our police be involved in the security of large scale events Han Chaoyang looked around at the crowd, and said unhurriedly I don t think we can cbd gummies fda use foreign experience to describe China s national conditions, and the security of large scale foreign events is not as good as what you said just now, sister Qiu.

Director Feng realized that he was in serious trouble, but he was not particularly worried, and hurriedly said Bureau Chen, I don t know exactly what is going on with the anti terrorism, but there is a reason why the Xinyuan Street Police Station went to Guomao to arrest personnel, and it must be resolved quickly so as not to delay the opportunity of the war.What kind of case is so urgent No matter how important it is, can it be as important as a provincial meeting Murder case Director Feng took cbd gummies gluten free out his mobile phone, flipped through the surveillance screenshot forwarded by Hongbo and the arrest warrant issued by the Xichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau, and explained The suspect got into a fight with someone last night in an Internet bar under the jurisdiction of our sub bureau.After the fight, he absconded in fear of crime.Yu Zhenchuan, the policeman handling the case, thought it was inappropriate to rush into the hotel to arrest people like this.Yu Zhenchuan said that he didn t care about so much, so you didn t insist any longer.Is this how things happened Brother couldn t be betrayed anyway, but the inspector had already investigated clearly No, there is no such thing as selling or not selling.Han Chaoyang drooped his head, and said cautiously Yes.Do you still want to say that this is the case of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and you, Han Chaoyang, are just assisting If it was the past, I would not criticize you, sunday scaries cbd gummies cbd gummies gluten free but it is not the case now , you, Han Chaoyang, are no longer a community policeman at the Huayuan Street Police Station, you are now a policeman at the command center, and you are to be the chief of the Zhongshan Road Police District and the head of the voluntary security patrol of the sub bureau.But the clues to the suspect s whereabouts were indeed provided by the Huayuan Street Police Station, and there were indeed civilian police and auxiliary police from the Huayuan cbd gummies gluten free Street Police Station among those involved in the arrest, but nothing happened cbd gummy for flying anxiety to the Huayuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang could summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett understand the feelings of the do cbd gummies show up cbd gummies gluten free two old leaders, so he could only raise his head and say, Liu Suo, instructor, I admit that I thought about it and deliberately concealed it, but it s not because I have any objections to you two.In fact, I have no objections at all.The reason why I kept it from you two is because I respect you two from the bottom of my heart, I respect Bao Suo, and I respect Gu instructor.The same thing happened last night.You two asked me to help me go to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to investigate the clues of the suspect.Han Chaoyang was a little depressed, but he was relieved to think that the anti drug team usually handles major cases.As long as they are involved, they are usually the main ones.After all, they are professional in drug investigation.Just as he was thinking that since the anti drug brigade was going to be the protagonist, he would just stand aside later, when the phone rang suddenly, he picked it up to check the caller ID, it was actually the call from the mother in law.Mom, I m on patrol what s the matter Question What time will you go back to the police station I ve discussed it with your dad.I ll bring some vegetables and dumplings to have a New Year s Eve dinner with you later.Mom, there s no need to make such trouble.No trouble, Where should I eat I know there are many people there, and I went downstairs to buy some cooked vegetables just now, which must be enough.Can you see that too Did you see that smoking in the corner is Karotti s security guard, surnamed Chen , I don t know what it s called, we usually call him Third Brother.Although the salary is not high, he is quite responsible.Outsiders can t just park in the four parking spaces at the door.Every time I come here, I m asked to park here.There are not many afternoons in KTV My guest, whose car doesn t belong to those guys An Audi off road vehicle, a Porsche Cayenne, very domineering and conspicuous.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, thought about it and asked Brother Xu, is it possible for them to go out through the fire escape Back door Yes.Not likely.Why Old Xu looked curiously Glancing at Wang Jiayong, he explained with will i fail a drug test for cbd gummies a smile The back door leads to the cbd gummies gluten free market, and the market is closed.Even if they can go down, they can t get out. You boy, this is not here to pay New Year s greetings, this is robbery. It s not robbery, it s gnawing on the old.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, everyone He couldn t help laughing, and that little girl Ni Yujia laughed so hard that her branches trembled wildly.Chapter 602 Inmates 1 Huang Ying and Zhang Beibei are in charge of cooking.In fact, they only need to fry a few dishes, and the dishes to be fried have been washed and cut.The cold dishes have been served on the table early, and the big dishes such as chicken, duck and fish have already been prepared, and they only need to be heated in the microwave.After the dishes are cooked, the wife invites everyone to sit down.Maybe he took Ni Yujia s feelings into consideration, or he cbd gummie and metoprolol might have forgiven the second apprentice deep in his heart.

It sounds very tall, a whole group of companies Han Chaoyang didn t expect that the ex prisoner would be so powerful, even stronger than the second senior brother, so he couldn t help asking He used to work for others, and he made such a big business as soon as he jumped out.Where did he get the money He invested Also financing, I read the business license, he also has an investment fund management company, which is dedicated to financing.Others invest money in him, he reinvests in business, earns some money for others to share dividends, listen to the two vice presidents It is said that their return on investment is very high.They have not been in operation for a long time, and now the calculated return on investment is already 109.About 5.For fear that Han Chaoyang would think that the inmate was committing fraud, Mo Yunhu sunday scaries cbd gummies cbd gummies gluten free emphasized again He is doing business in an upright manner, and he is not a liar.How do you know Lao Hu asked.asked in surprise.Liu Suo asked the Menbei County Public summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett Security Bureau to assist in the investigation.Han Chaoyang continued to walk along the bumpy concrete road in the village, and asked in a low voice, How is Team Ni, can you talk It s easy to talk now., as soon as the surnamed Qiao found the Northeasterner, Team Ni sent Xiaosun to the Fuzhong Police Station to confirm his identity as a Northeasterner, and he was driving around the village just now, planning to help us find a place to live.Now it s easy to talk Yes, in other words, once people know the ins and outs, it may not be full spectrum cbd infused gummies easy to talk about.But until now, I can only face it.Han Chaoyang made up his mind and said lightly, It s best to speak well, so what if you don t speak well.He can t control us, so he can at least show some face.The investigation was on a drug case, and both sides were reporting to their superiors for supervision.It would not be right to let Wu Junfeng and Liu Chengquan stay cbd mg gummies here as they are now.Suitable.They are in high spirits, how to talk to them The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more he felt uncomfortable.After a while, he asked in a low voice Jiao Da, can Xiaokang stay If you want to go back, why keep one Wu Junfeng and the others are different.Xiaokang has just been admitted to the police and civil servants, and has already received the employment notice.He asked to report to Fengyong County Public Security Bureau on the 23rd.It seems that our police department is not manned enough to stay on the initiative.It is really an opportunity for Xiaokang, who is about to become a full fledged policeman, to be able to participate in the investigation of major and important cases cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett before entering the job.One of you is in charge of the cbd gummies gluten free interrogation, and the other is in charge of researching the clues and evidence collected.Xiao Han, you comrades in Yanyang are also divided into two groups, one group participates in the interrogation, and the other group studies together Analyze the clues.It is now 4 28, and try to get the truth out before dark.Yes Following the order from the leader just cbd gummies 500 mg of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Nanshan Branch, everyone immediately became busy.Self knowledge is what counts, so Han Chaoyang did not dare to join the interrogation team, and joined the research and judgment team with Lao Hu, Wu Wei and Yu Zhenchuan, walked into the case handling area with Team Ni, and came to a large conference room on the second floor , and suddenly found that there were thirteen packets of methamphetamine and forty or fifty bags of imported biscuits neatly placed on the conference table.Understood, let me understand first.A leader is a leader, and he does everything without leaking.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, opened the back door, walked to the carport of the medical staff of the Sixth Hospital, and dialed his senior brother.Bao Qingshan was looking at the WeChat transfer records of cbd gummies gluten free two suspects in an office on the first floor, and when he received a call from Han Chaoyang, he couldn t help laughing and said Chaoyang, the information is accurate, these four guys are playing really well, Judging from the WeChat transfer records of two of them, the winning and losing are as high as hundreds of thousands So many, big fish To us, it s a lot, but it s nothing to them.The four are construction bosses, all drive luxury cars, and all spend a lot of money.Bao Suo, how to deal with it is your business, the top priority It is to turn the case into an iron case.Kang Haigen was about to discuss with everyone how to sunday scaries cbd gummies cbd gummies gluten free investigate the suspected MLM gang when Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Excuse me, answer the call first, Bao Suo s.Answer.Han Chaoyang swiped the call icon and raised the phone to his ear Bao Suo, we just closed the team cbd gummies gluten free cbd gummies for muscle relaxation and are in the police room, tell me.We have found the registration records of 19 foreigners working in Xingtong Technology summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett Development Co., Ltd., three of whom rented in City Garden, seven rented in Xinmin Community, and the other nine rented in Taoyuan New Village Bao Qingshan looked down at the record made when he answered the phone just now, and added Xiao Sun, the grid member of Taoyuan Community, has a little impression of these nine people renting in Taoyuan New Village, to be precise, the impression of the situation when they registered Profound.

Seeing Grandpa Gu, Ji Kaiyuan and Lao Ding looking at him at the same time, he quickly said Chief Gu, Mr.Ji, Mr.Wu, what you found is very helpful to us, just as what Mr.Ji said just now, summer valley cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for anxiety holland and barrett as long as we can confirm The grass was not picked up by our police, which means that it is likely to be picked up by the suspect.It is several meters away from the scene of the body dumping, and the side of the septic tank is relatively flat.There is no need to hold or hold anything to maintain balance.Why did he pull it It means that he probably wants to throw the corpse into a septic tank This was speculation several days ago, and I ve been looking into it.Compared with discussing these, Ji Kaiyuan was more curious about the work of the task force in the past two days, and couldn t help cbd gummies gluten free asking Liu Suo, have you made any progress there, have you found any valuable clues No.The police station checks the ID card, please open the door.Oh, here we come.A man s voice came from inside, and the voice was a little weak.After waiting for about a minute, the door opened from the inside, and a man in his forties appeared in front of him, with an unshaven beard, messy hair, and dirty clothes.He had obviously not showered for several days, and a sour smell wafted through his nostrils.Come.Not only did Jin Qingrong recognize at a glance that this was the suspect in the photo, but he also clearly saw that the man s right trouser leg was rolled up, his feet were bare, and the tops of his feet were swollen, very swollen Jin Qingrong was so excited that he subconsciously yelled Wei Ping Ah The man seemed to have some mental problems, so he let out an ah, still leaning on the door frame and looking at him blankly.Will it delay time Yes.I thought you didn t know What Bureau Liu, I made a mistake, I will review it, and I promise not to make the same mistake in the future.First go to the command center to do a review of violations of gun management regulations, and then write an inspection.Yes Wait a minute , Don t talk nonsense about things here, if anyone dares to inform others that Comrade Zou Jingnan and I are here, the party committee of the bureau will hold him accountable Yes.It s terrible Who would have thought that the director would hide in the communication room and wait for someone with a courier to throw himself into the trap, and who would dare to tip off others after being caught In the past, I always felt that the police in the agency were comfortable, but now I find that such a new director is not easy to mix in the agency. Master, I don t have time to read these, and I don t have time to give them likes Time is squeezed out.Grandpa Gu lifted the lid Ban walked into the office area and said with a smile Old Kang is best cbd gummies for anxiety reviews a cultural person, he likes to write poems, and he hopes to be affirmed by others.Director Wang is concerned about current affairs and often forwards news about policies.I hope everyone will pay attention Mr.Liang compares Care about education, Auntie Ye cares about education and likes cbd gummies gluten free to forward some life tips, they are the people who support your work the most, and you should take their interests and hobbies into consideration.Looking at Han Chaoyang s thoughtful look, Gu Grandpa continued Besides, it really doesn t take up much of your time.You just click on Moments, give a like, and write a sentence or two of your thoughts.Lao Ding couldn t help laughing That s true, anyway, it s nothing It s not a big case, at least not for us.What if Jiangzhong doesn t accept it Miao Haizhu asked in a low voice.If you don t accept it, we have nothing to lose.Anyway, the case has been filed, and this escape must be pursued.Please, you are also the captain after all, so you can be motivated Miao Haizhu rolled his eyes at him, and opened the information Said Let s get down to business.The suspect s family situation has been clarified.His wife s surname is Liu, and her name is Liu Chunhong.She has a primary school education and has been working as a farmer in her hometown.They have a daughter who is in the second year of middle school in her hometown.I think they should go to a Go to his hometown, work with his wife and children, and see if he can be persuaded to surrender.Detained by the No.3 Detention Center of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau As soon as he finished speaking, Wu Wei leaned over and put handcuffs on him.Han Chaoyang walked around to him to help him clean up the dishes in front of him, then took out a pen from his bag, and put it in front of him together with the detention certificate Look carefully, sign here.Jiang Yonggen was dumbfounded and thought to himself You have been very careful and cautious, how did the police find it Seeing Luo Weixing signing the detention certificate with a pen in his handcuffed hands, and seeing his hands trembling involuntarily, he couldn t help but say, Comrade police, it s worth two hundred thousand yuan.It s nothing in engineering.Besides, you want I ll give you the money, if it s not enough, we ll find a way to make up for it, as for going online You re still interceding for others, think about yourself.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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