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Tang Shuang expressed displeasure at Tangtanger daring to expose his scars, and provoked Are you still a child Mom and Dad don t want you, and you don t want to cry Come on, cry Chapter 5 is a good plan Candy s son didn t cry, he is a strong and optimistic baby.Tang Shuang took the opportunity to pinch her chubby face wildly.Don t move, let my brother study it, are you a child or not, why are you so spooky Tang Shuang was very embarrassed by Tang Shuang s study, and said cbd gummies fx coyly Mom said I m getting cuter Tang Shuang said ruthlessly, I think she is lying to children.Although Tangtanger is small, girls nature of loving beauty and listening to praise remains unchanged.She akimbo angrily, gave Tang Shuang a kick, and then ran around in the airport hall.There were so many people here, Tang Shuang was worried that she would lose it if she was not careful, cbd gummies fx so she hurried after her in two or three steps, and picked up the smooth cbd gummies candy.Shall we play the wooden man s game Tang Shuang suggested.Playing games playing games Candy clapped her hands and yelled.Tang Shuang came to the study smooth cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies internationally with Tang Shuang, Tang Tang hid left and right, and finally got under the desk, Xiao Shuang, come and catch me Whoever speaks will lose, and if he loses, he will snap his fingers Tang Tanger Ah Tang Shuang We are all wooden people, we are not allowed to talk, move, walk, or laugh Huh finally quiet, Tang Shuang laughed silently, work He uploaded the written 2000 words to the website.Chapter One The Man Who Killed the Killer 1 Dust in the Desert.The horse s hooves soared, almost shattering a person s chest Dozens of elite black armored cavalry rushed in a fan shape across the desert, closely guarding them.There is a carriage in the middle.The iron horse is golden, and the sharp blade is shining.More arrows shot through the walls and windows, and flew randomly above the heads of the three hundred disciples in red who were practicing calligraphy.Puff , poof , poof , poof Long black arrows shot at all parts of the house, the ropes hanging from the sand table were broken, the bottom basket was shot through, and fine sand rose up like smoke.The inkstone, water basin, cbd gummies fx and pen stand were broken one by one.Ink splashed, water splashed, and broken brushes flew around.Even the stone inkstone can t stop Qin s arrows The three hundred disciples wanted to persevere, but fear forced them to leave their seats and rush towards the door.Suddenly, with a bang, the door burst open, white light leaked in, and a red figure blocked the doorway, behind which was a smooth cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies internationally dense rain of black arrows.At the time when the country was ruined and the family was destroyed, the gray haired old curator shouted to the three hundred disciples solemnly and solemnly Remember, no matter how strong the arrows of the Qin State are, they can destroy our city and destroy our city.The three dogs came from behind and jumped up and down around the three little masters.Tangtanger ran into the flock of birds, and a group of pigeons and seabirds flew in a fright.After hovering over his head for a while, they descended one after another.Tangtanger cbd gummies news anchor chased after him, deliberately scaring and driving them away.Tang Shuang told her It s okay to chase pigeons, but you can t hurt them Otherwise, cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects the mother bird will be sad.Tang Tanger stopped, thought for a while, just cbd gummies legal and nodded, Yes I can t hurt my brother Tang Shuang was a little worried at first The three dogs will catch the birds, and it turns out full spectrum cbd gummies 500mg that they are really overestimated.The Chihuahua lost the dignity of a dog and was chased by several seagulls Scared the shit out of me Erha became very playful, intentionally scaring the birds, but he didn t really jump on him.And Girl s Day on the same stage was deserted and rarely mentioned.It s very bad for Girl s Day that the last sudden scene was aired as it was and not cut.Tang Shuang believed that the brokerage company must have negotiated with the TV station, but they failed to convince the other party in the end.What the TV station considers is the ratings, and those programs that can bring ratings are all good programs.As for the negative impact on a certain guest, this is a secondary issue.Poor Girl s Day thus became a background board, bringing out Li Yuzhang s radiance.Of course, Li Yuzhang cannot be blamed for this.Without him, Girl s Day would not be as simple as a background board, it might be a pedal board.Tangtang er doesn t understand these things, she only sees her sister s boundless beauty, she is so envious that she is drooling.The strong wind suddenly picked up, the flags flew, the wind and clouds dispersed, and the sky was thousands of miles cbd gummies fx away The King of Qin watched him off, with tears in his eyes, and whispered to himself Under Heaven After reading the last chapter, Wei Tingting couldn t help asking, who is the hero Is it Wuming, Changkong, Canjian, Feixue, or King Qin, or the old pavilion master and three hundred disciples What is a hero She was in a daze as if she had fallen into a magic barrier, and she didn t realize it until Li Xiuli noticed something strange and pushed her awake.Is Dad in the study I ll go cbd gummies fx find him Wei Tingting hurried to find Wei Daqun after finishing speaking.Wei Daqun was sitting at the desk, staring at the computer, and Wei Tingting yelled as soon as she entered the door Dad Have you watched Hero It s over today.Bai Jingjing circled the edge of the bed very envious, Tangtang er hugged it with a smile, and rolled on the bed together.Then, Tangtanger, who was looking around, .

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saw a what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd gummies fx white jersey hanging on the wall.She knew this dress.Xiaoshuang treasured it so much that she wouldn t even let her touch it.snort I want to touch and wear it.But she was too young to reach the jersey.Bai Jingjing came to offer advice and brought the pillow over.Although she didn t need it, Tangtanger still patted the dog s head to express her appreciation.She first climbed onto the bed, then climbed onto the bedside table, and then pulled her little hand, and there was a clicking sound, as if something fell on the ground.Candy was startled, and stood quietly, not daring to move, and listened for a long time with her ears pricked up.Tangtanger held the candy in both hands, and said pitifully, Xiaoshuang, can I give you one more, I still haven t got the white one.Chapter 52 is all thanks to you Ye Liang triumphantly said to Guo Zifeng Look, Guo Zi I m good at dealing with girls.I earned a hug with a bag of candies.Candy is sticky to me now.Let s look at you, little girl I didn t pay much attention cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects to it, stuffy gourds are not good, you have to spend your time, you know Guo Zifeng didn t bother to talk to him, but Tang Shuang said angrily, Can you stop bringing candies when you cbd gummies fx see Tangtanger in the future You do this every time, little boy If children eat too much, they will grow moths.Ye Liang laughed and said, It s called doing what you like, this is how the relationship between me and Tangtanger was cultivated, you don t understand Here, Tangtanger is walking on short legs He ran over and spread out his little hands Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang Give me another one, okay Tang Shuang I m an adult Is it worthless to talk If you say five, it s five.The old man in front of him is a person who came from the battlefield and has rich combat experience.Dynasty is now humbly asking for advice and learning.How to practice from bright energy to dark energy The transition from bright energy to dark energy is a qualitative leap in boxing.Most people who practice boxing will not be able to find this state in their entire lives.The old man said that dark energy is the harmony of heart and mind, and the harmony of mind and energy.The combination of qi and force is the result of the operation of the inner triad, and the heart cbd gummies fx koi cbd gummies reviews and mind are the source of the dark energy.So, to practice dark energy, one must first train one s will and understand one s heart.However, Wang can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa Chao didn t know how to practice the will and clear mind specifically, and cbd gummies fx he hoped to get some inspiration from the old man.The young man still likes to sing love songs.Looking at the lyrics and music again, Chen Ding hummed in his heart, the more he hummed, the more he liked it, and cbd gummies fx he couldn t put it down.Li Yuzhen and Chen Ding each held a guitar, and they played the guitar at the same time, but the songs were separated and then sang together.After getting ready, the two looked at each other, and Chen Ding asked Li Yuzhen to come first.Li Yucan moved his fingers flexibly, and a relaxed and beautiful melody sounded.Both Liu Yilian and Lin Yu s spirits were shaken, as soon as the experts made a move, they would know if there was any.Judging from the prelude, this song Love is not a last resort is not bad.While playing the guitar, Li Yuzhen sang in a soft voice It s hard to forget the first time I saw you, with a pair of charming eyes, your image is in my mind, and I can t get rid of it.Tang Sanjian has a super sense of smell.Tang Sanjian came out with snacks, and she followed behind, muttering, drooling, begging, please let Xiao Shuangzi go, leave his snacks, and leave them to me for safekeeping, okay Okay It s you who are guarding Early the next morning, while Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen were leaving for the signing ceremony, Comrade Sanjian forcibly picked up the candy that fell to the ground and went for a run.It would be too late if he didn t exercise.Life is already so difficult, why do these adults make things difficult for Tang Tang s children s shoes Last night s snacks were scraped and confiscated, and Tang Tang had already lost three liters of blood.This morning, it was even more inhumane.The child was still sleeping, so he was forced to run I really can t move, what should I do Comrade Sanjian said, walk around as you go.The light flew over Weiwei Snow Mountain, swept through the thousand year old snow, and finally landed on the cliff of Wanren Mountain, where a blue snow lotus flower was opening its buds and blooming brilliantly.Facing the rising sun, the petals fell like rain, floating on the screen, and finally gradually formed a line of text.At the same time, Shi Yu s solemn voice sounded Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, Ms.Tang Zhen joined Orange Mai The signing ceremony of the music company starts now We invite Mr.Li Huaming, the general manager of Orange Wheat Music Company, cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects and Ms.Tang Zhen Everyone applaud and welcome After the voice fell, Tang Zhen joined Orange Wheat Music Company Signing Ceremony appeared on the screen typeface.There was an uproar at the scene, keoni cbd gummies reviews and everyone s faces were full of disbelief She never expected that it was Tang Zhen from Girl s Day Cheng Mai made such a big splash, but it was only for one Tang Zhen Just after Girl s Day announced its disbandment, Li Xiaozhi and Tang Zhen switched jobs one after another.Tang Shuang put the candy on the ground, and the little man ran to Chu Mei to complain, and the child s cbd gummies fx face turned red.Qiqi walked over, held his head high, and said to Tang Shuang, You are not allowed to bully Tang Shuang, otherwise hum What to do if you can t do it.Tang Shuang I didn t bully her Qiqi said angrily, I clearly saw you pinching Tangtanger s face hard Bad guys like to do that Tang Shuang That s not bullying, that s it It s love, I pinch her face because I love her, and I don t use any force, I pinch her gently.Qiqi was a little bit deceived, but he couldn t lose his momentum, so he said Anyway, you can t make candy holistic greens cbd gummies reviews anymore , and walked away.This is my sister Tang Shuang was speechless, candy is fine, there are helpers everywhere.Tang Shuang caught up with everyone, and said to Qiqi who was walking beside him, Seeing that you are so strong, you should like playing football very much.At this time, Tang Shuang had been completely blackened in the eyes of children Tang Shuang dragged the three snow skiing circles up the hillside with a wheezing voice, and the three cute babies sat leisurely in the snow gliding circles, happily discussing how brave they were.So and so won the first place just now Xiao Shuang, are you tired Tang Tanger broke away from the discussion and asked Tang Shuang, who was bent over tired.Tang Shuang didn what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd gummies fx t want to talk anymore, so she waved her hand.Candy was having so much fun, her chubby cheeks were flushed like two big apples.Xiao Shuang, are you tired Tang Shuang felt a little warmth in her heart during the cold winter and twelfth lunar month.It was her own baby who knew how to care for others.Tang Shuang stopped to take a breath.The design of this indoor ski resort is too unreasonable.Can it be said that they have no talent Of course not But why haven t they fulfilled their original potential Wei Daqun believes that it is because they are difficult to stick to the original intention heavenly candy cbd gummies of writing.In their early works, although there are various shortcomings, there are more shining points that make people s eyes shine, and the flaws are not concealed.In the later period, although the level of writing has been greatly improved, the cbd gummies fx works have become mediocre, and their pens are no longer sharp, but become secular.After all, they first wrote books for their dreams, but later they were surrounded by all kinds of fame and wealth, and the books they wrote were eager for quick success.An author who can t be stubborn, but finds ways to cater to the taste of the market, will can u bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies fx only write worse and worse in the end.Standing up involuntarily, he nervously looked at Tang Zhen who looked like a snow lotus flower.This is a musical elf The passage just now completely moved him, and it was the most touching moment he heard this year.The free world in my heart.So clear and lofty.Blooming never fades.Blue lotus flower Through the dark years I also felt hesitant when you bowed your head moment just realized the road under my feet She got out of the car, hiked up the snow mountain, walked through the wind and snow, stood in front of the cliff, looked at the infinite vast world, and the eagle above her head screamed couldn t help but let out a loud voice sing The free world in my heart is so clear and lofty in full bloom never fades blue lotus in my heart free world so clear and lofty.Never fades Prior to this, the singing was all softly chanted, occasionally with a slightly longer drag.Tang Shuang began to be smug and smug, and felt uncomfortable if he didn t write anything, so he wrote in the comment column of Blue Lotus Parallel Universe cbd gummies fx Edition The songwriter is simply a god, and Tang Zhen who sings is even a fairy.It is said that Tang Zhen s new album is basically written by Yu Xiang.Such a pair will definitely sweep the Chinese music scene.Like complimenting him, he is very satisfied spiritually, even better than ascending to heaven. Woke up at three o clock in the morning and heard this song by accident.At that time, my eyes were closed smooth cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies internationally and I was half asleep.I seemed to have experienced this wonderful journey with the song.I came to the top of the snow mountain.I saw the blue lotus that should only exist in the sky, so holy, just like my goddess Tang Zhen, I thought, this song should be closed eyes and listened to with heart.If Zhang Yu couldn t participate, then he had to have a second choice.The remuneration of these few can u bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies fx leading actors alone exceeds the entire cost of most of the film.From this, it can be seen that Zhang Fei has spent all his money, and Hero will be a big production.It is inevitable for Chinese language films to enter the large scale production mode.Hollywood has been operating for decades.If we don t take the initiative to do so, we may be impacted by foreign cultures in the future.Zhang Fei said that he has a clear view of the situation.It is very clear that Tang Shuang agrees with his point of view.In another world, Hero opened the chapter of Chinese language film production, and this world will look the same.The film s new film launch conference and opening ceremony are currently being prepared.Ye Liang said that Tang Shuang was listless, and there was nothing wrong with his words, he just It s bad, and without Tangtanger s knowledge, it s plotting against children, it s simply not caring at all.If Tangtanger non melatonin cbd gummies heard this, she would definitely grin her teeth again and rush forward to bite Tang Shuang fiercely If you don t bite him, the flowers will not stop.Haha, even if she knows that I have bad intentions, it doesn t matter.She still can t help but play.I m a conspiracy.I m upright and majestic.Tell her, my brother just wants her to become thinner and more beautiful.She will appreciate my good intentions, and she may thank me with a lot of tears and snot in the future Huang Xiangning looked at the father and son calculating the little baby at home, felt sorry for her, and walked over and said Actually, Tang Tang is now It s not bad, it s not too fat, children are cuter if they are fleshy, and they will lose weight naturally when they grow up, she is only five and a half years old now, it s too early to worry about it.I shouldn t be criticized, but what Mom and Dad said is never wrong, so I decided to accept it, and said in a low voice Oh, I see.After speaking, the little girl began to act coquettishly, and asked Tang Sanjian with concern Dad, do you have a toothache Tang Sanjian kept covering his cheeks, and said in a muffled voice Yeah Tangtang er was such a considerate little padded jacket, immediately jumped off the chair, came to Dad s side, and beat his back for him.People have a toothache, so what s the matter But brother Sanjian is very cbd oil gummy bears for pain useful, his teeth don t hurt anymore, his waist is straight, his back can lift a thousand weights, he can touch the melon seeds on the little man s head, and like it.Huang Xiangning said on the sidelines that Old Tang was angry because he had quarreled with people in the newspaper these thc or cbd gummies 10 mg two days.Find him so he can hope to escape from his cage.Tang Shuang Your thinking is very bad.What is a cage If you pass math, why would your father control you to death If I failed math back then, I would have to be dragged in purekana cbd gummies side effects smooth cbd gummies front of the whole classBy the way, have you finished your homework, I didn t see him start writing.Tang Yu was startled, and .

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then remembered that there is still homework Tang Shuang said with concern You must do it, you swore it.Tang Yu said with a sad face, I m not human if I can t finish it, woo, don t tell me it s going to be all night tonight.Tang Shuang You guys have so much homework Didn t the school say that the burden should be reduced Tang Yu hurriedly smooth cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies internationally took out his schoolbag, took out his homework book and pen, and began to race against cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects time while sitting in the car, just like a can u bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies fx five bar boy who is addicted to homework and cannot extricate himself The little monkey was delivered safely.It took him a while before he realized, no, this chick was the first to bring the rhythm, and now she is the first to comfort her, this is a typical stick and carrot Also, what did she just say She accompanied me to the parent teacher meeting This is taking advantage of me.Who is the elder brother and who is the elder sister Wow Tang Shuang found out that she had underestimated this girl, and even she was being played with, this villain Early the next morning, Tang Shuang walked in front wearing a peaked cap, followed by Candy, who was carrying a small schoolbag, getting ready to go to school.Candy was forced to wear the hat, and she thought it would be too ugly if she didn t wear it.As soon as Che arrived at the kindergarten, Li Haonan called and said that two film and television companies had been in contact with Xingkong Culture recently and wanted to purchase the film and television copyright of The Romance of the Dragon and Snake.Hearing this, Zhang Tianfeng smiled and said to Ye Liang, So confident Xiao Yungui and the others acted like they were watching a play.But I heard Ye Liang say I do have some confidence.This time I hired a great writer to help write the screenplay.I think it s very good.Xiao Yungui snorted, which meant disdain and disbelief.What great writer Give you an amateur screenwriter Who are you cheating I don t know who to spend money to hire.Which great writer, Ye Liang, tell us to open our eyes.Miao Wen looked at Xiao Yungui, looked at Ye Liang, understood, the two fell in love.Interestingly, she took off her sun hat and smoothed her bangs, revealing her baijie forehead, her heroic appearance revealed her charm.Zhang Tianfeng asked curiously Oh Which can u bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies fx great writer Ye Liang looked at Xiao Yungui inexplicably, and said, Ah Gui, I heard that your nose is leaking.Hustle and bustle, and you can do your own hobbies, and there are a group of friends with the same interests around you.It is because of this that you can continue to operate.However, if there is no introduction from acquaintances, it is generally unknown that cbd gummies fx there is such a place, and it will not publicize it.It s small, and its reception capacity is limited, no matter how many people come, it won t last.Luo Yuqing I really want to go and see what you said, but it s hard to find the place.Tang Shuang s heart moved, and she said with a smile You When I have time, I can take you there with me.Hearing this, Luo Yuqing stared at him in surprise, her eyes were beautiful, and seeing it in Tang Shuang s eyes at this moment, she seemed to be smiling but not smiling.Okay, after finishing the Mid Autumn Festival party, there will be a break.Candy is very cbd with cbg gummies novel, clamoring to pretend to be like this.Tang Shuang My sister is a big star, and she is worried that people will recognize her, that s why she is like this, and why are you like this Tang Shuang I, I, I am so cute, what should I do if a bad guy likes me Tang Shuang Several people laughed.Seeing that Xiao Niuniu was serious about arming herself, Tang Zhen took out another mask from her backpack and put it on Tangtanger, but it was for herself.It was too big for Tangtanger to wear.Falling off the face like a black napkin tied around the neck.Tang Shuang You and sister go to the bathroom.I ll watch you here.If any bad guys take a fancy to you, I ll go to rescue you as soon as possible.Go, can t you hold back Muttering, smugly tied a napkin, took Tang Zhen s hand and left.Huang Xiangning took Bai Jingjing around, and Tang Sanjian talked with her.So the little girl held back with a sense of the overall situation, and obediently listened to her grandfather s speech.It was nothing more than some happy festivals.If everyone is happy and healthy, I especially wish Tang Tang s children s shoes happy every day and happy every day What are you happy, what are you happy about , the baby is very wronged now, so wronged that he wants to cry If he is not happy, he will say it out.Candy bears it, but finally he can t hold back, and asks Grandpa, can I hit Xiaoshuang Luo, Tang Shuang was dissatisfied, Are you ashamed to ask for such a request Today is the Mid Autumn Festival, a good day for family reunion.You little man wants to beat your brother.How can you be polite Candy Although I can t beat him, I m not afraid of playing tricks, so I started to fight back You pinched my face just now, why did you pinch my face, you are not good cbd gummies fx to children, I want to HCMUSSH cbd gummies fx pinch your face too Huang Wei Wei gloated and said Xiao Shuang, come on, stretch your face over, be generous, let Tangtanger squeeze it too, I promise I won t make you cry Tangtanger Yes You stretch your face over, do it Brother, please be more generous.Seeing the changes in the expressions of everyone present, Liu Weiru sneered in .

where to buy cbd gummies in olivehurst ca?

his heart, and continued Although martial arts novels lack cultural background, fighting and killing, there is not much cultural nutrition, but it is undeniable that young people nowadays love to read, not only novels, but also Movies, TV series.We are literary creators, and the weathervane of writing is the preferences of the people.We want to create literary works that the people like to hear and see, but now the direction of the people has changed, and the market for traditional serious literature is getting smaller and smaller.Especially among young people.Our Writers Association conducted a survey some time ago and interviewed 2,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 35.The statistical result is that in the past three years, 75 of them love to watch Or have read martial arts novels, and the proportion who have read traditional literary works is as good as 10 There was a lot of discussion at the scene, Liu Weiru kept talking, and then he said So I think we should embrace change, embrace pop culture, and not Look at it with colored glasses.At present, The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is ranked first, and the second is a fantasy work called Cultivation of Civilization.The difference between the two is 500 monthly tickets, and the ranking may be reversed at any time. Tang Shuanghe When Wei Daqun left, Lu Mingyi left behind Broken Soul Gun.This short story will be published in the November issue of Huaxia Literature.Lu Yingying sent them away, and when they parted, she said with a smile Come and sit when you are free.Wei Daqun smiled and didn t say a word.He needs to be sensible.When Miss Lu spoke, her beautiful eyes stared at the young man beside him.This tea house was opened by Lu Yingying s grandma, and Lu Yingying would often come here to drink tea with Lu Mingyi read a book.Lu Mingyi and his wife have been separated for more than ten years.It would be great if she had one too, so that others would not be able to pinch her face.No wonder my sister often wears a mask.It turns out that many people pinch her face, huh Even if you don t give me a small one, I m also very cute.You see, Candy is super optimistic, obviously it is a The troublesome thing, but she thinks about it from another angle that is, she is really, really likable, there is no way hee hee hee There is no mask, so I have to find another way.Tangtanger s eyes lit up when she saw Tang Shuang, and she asked Xiaoshuang to stand in front of her, then supported his leg, and just stood at his feet to watch the exciting square dance If someone comes, she will hide behind Tang Shuang, or circle around his legs, playing hide and seek with him, and at the same time muttering, don t pinch my face, don t pinch my face, can u bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies fx it s not my fault to be cute.It was equivalent to emboldening herself and cheering up that timid Candy just now Can I have another bowl After asking, Tang Shuang took Candy s bowl directly, added half a bowl of carrot porridge for her, put it in enveed cbd gummies what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd gummies fx front of her, touched her little head, thought for a while, and said Brother beat your ass yesterday, are you still sad Tang Shuang didn t expect that although the physical blow was insignificant, it was so serious mentally that Tangtanger thought about it all night, even her favorite sleeping I didn t sleep anymore, I suffered from insomnia for the first time, and my eyes were bloodshot.Tang Tanger dug a full spoonful of porridge with a spoon, ate it into his mouth in one gulp, chewed with his small mouth puffed up, and looked at Tang Shuang in amazement, and nodded.At this time, Tang Sanjian had already sat on the sofa to read the newspaper, and Huang Xiangning took the time before going to work to sit in front of the piano and play The Wind Blows Pinghu leisurely.Qiu Sen and Shi Man spent a lot of time thinking about this, but their daughter has cbd gummies это grown up and ignored their words.University is an important growth process, and it must not be sloppy.Qiu Sen didn t want to leave his daughter in Hong Kong to continue fooling around with their cronies, and he was reluctant to send her away, cbd gummies hemp bombs reviews reddits so she aimed at the neighboring Guangdong Province.There are several well known universities in Guangdong Province, which are not inferior to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, etc., and even surpass them.Qiu Sen and Shi Man made arrangements for this trip.First, they will watch Fashion Week in Shanghai, and then they will go south to Guangdong Province to visit Guangdong University, Tongji University, and Southern University.They plan to choose cbd gummies fx one of them to enroll their daughters.He is very familiar with this aspect, so he will introduce the operation mode cbd gummies fx to everyone.Everyone discussed enthusiastically for more than an hour, and Zhang Tianfeng suggested a 10 minute break.Wu Shulian seized the opportunity to ask Qiu Sen if he had any plans to make a film recently.Shang Hui was going to interview Zhang Tianfeng, but upon hearing this, he stood aside with great interest, keeping a distance that was just right enough to listen in.Wu Shulian took a look at her and had a good impression of her, so he didn t say anything.Just now, Shang Hui s flattering words were quite useful to Wu Shulian, and now they are effective.Qiu Sen said that he is looking for a suitable script, but it is still early.The two chatted quite speculatively, and gradually other directors joined in, until ten minutes passed, Zhang Tianfeng simply let everyone chat along this topic.The whole film will be divided into 12 episodes, each 45 minutes long.Although it is a TV series, the plot must be kept tight.and fast paced.Moreover, the Dragon Snake web series will be directed by Qiu Sen himself, and this will be his first TV series.The two parties agreed to shoot Dragon Snake TV series with the high standards of movies, and strive to set a new benchmark for Chinese TV series.Another problem brought about by this is that regarding the investment, the amount of money is too large for Starry Sky Literature and Black Forest to bear.It s not that the money cannot be paid out, but from the perspective of risk control, third party investors must be introduced in order to reduce risks and balance benefits and risks.The two parties packaged Dragon Snake s film and television copyright, including movies and TV series, as a large project.In addition to the maximum amount of compensation paid by the crew in accordance with the law, Li Ying personally paid 1 million yuan, and Zhang Fei and martial arts instructor Zhang Yida also each paid a condolence money.It s just that such a big event happened, it was a huge blow to the crew members, especially the martial arts director and stand in, who had been with the deceased for nearly ten years, and they were like brothers on weekdays.Speaking of this, Tan Si sighed and said Now the crew is very concerned, and the morale has plummeted Director Zhang has been under tremendous pressure for the past two days, and his temper is quite irritable.Fortunately, Mr.Tang, you are here, and Director Zhang can listen to your words.You advise him to pay attention to his health, we can all be lacking, but we can t be without him, if he falls down, the production team will really not be able to continue.Hearing this, Zhang Yu clinked glasses with Tang Shuang neatly, and drank it down in one gulp.After Tang Shuang finished drinking, she poured herself another glass, but this time it was not for Zhang Yu, but for Zhang Fei.Tang Shuang said My three wishes can come true, and I cbd gummies fx have to thank one person.I thank Director Zhang for going south to Hong Kong three times, and invited sister Yu to find this phoenix At this point, Tang Shuang changed the subject and said cbd gummies fx with a smile Actually, it was only later that I realized that even if I didn t mention Sister Yu at the beginning, Director Zhang would still mention it, and he was the first to mention it.In his heart, can u bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies fx Feixue is none other than Sister Yu.Others can t act like that..Director Zhang, do you think I am right Zhang Fei laughed before he could speak, but Zhao Yang, the human spirit, said first I can testify that what Tang Shuang said is absolutely true.Chapter 340 The car that won t disappoint my mother is heading west northwest of Shu Tang Shuang, Tan Si, two drivers, and two assistants of Tan Si are traveling with her.Tang Shuang and Tan Si decided to go to Shu to find Gucun.However, the car had just traveled 10 kilometers when Tang Shuang received a video call from Tangtanger.In the video, the little girl pitifully raised her little paw and said, Xiao Shuang, look, I m hurt.Her right cbd gummies fx palm was wrapped with a cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects bandage, and the palm was injured.Tang Shuang hurriedly asked Ah How did you get hurt When did you get hurt Does it hurt Seeing that Xiao Shuang had been walking for so many days, Tang Shuang still cared about her as before, and said with a smile It doesn t hurt anymore Then she said pitifully Xiaoshuang, when are you going home Then she said fiercely You don t mean anything, huh You ve been gone for many days Are you Didn t you want to run away from home and never come back again It must be Tangtang er was not wearing gloves when she was riding a scooter today, she fell and scratched her hands.Tang Shuang was stunned for a moment, feeling hot in her heart.It was the most beautiful moment for a beauty to come out of the bath, especially for a beauty like Luo Yuqing, I don t know what kind of beauty it is.Ding dong Luo Yuqing s message came, but it was not a text, but a recording.Tang Shuang clicked green sky cbd gummies on cbd gummies fx it and heard a gentle singing voice.You are gentle and sweet.It s like a bird flying cbd gummies fx in the sky.It s just because you and I love and hug each other Tang Shuang clicked on it and listened to it three times, almost forgetting to answer.Why only one sentence Sing a little more.Luo Yuqing Hee hee Nope Tang Shuang s heart moved, and Luo Yuqing s coquettish appearance seemed to appear in her mind, which was completely inconsistent with the appearance he had seen before., a bit confused.Since the other party was a bit coquettish, Tang Shuang mobilized her brain fully and felt that Luo Yuqing only sang one line, obviously for some other purpose, for example, antiphonal song Well, it must be so So he drank water to moisten his throat, and sang with all his might I said I only have you in my eyes You are the miracle in my life Singing again completely exposed his broken voice, and the loss outweighed the gain.After all, it s the end of smooth cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies internationally the year, and it s time to settle accounts.Little piggy wronged himself so much, why cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects Just because of a photo Tang Shuang smirked and said, Brother sees your performance.So far, it s good.It s worthy of recognition.Come on, little pig.Don t you care about the child s feelings at all Rabbits will bite when they are in a hurry Mom, dad, and sister like Tang Tang very much.Xiaozhuzhu was reminding Tang Shuang not to make Xiaozhuzhu anxious.If the little piglet gets annoyed, Old Tang s family will have no peace, and the big devil will be suppressed and smashed to the ground by the big devil.Tang Shuang took Tangtanger into the car, and carried Tangtanger into the car.It was already noon, and the children all went back to their homes.Bang He sat in the driver s seat and said, How can I miss my brother My brother also likes Tang Tang very much.With a sister like this, what extravagant hope is there Don t want it, don t want it, don t want anything, don t want Xiao Zhen either, just give me the little piggy.He opened the door, picked up the little piggy who had brought a small stool and was sitting at the door singing loudly, and hugged him in his arms.Looking left and right, pinching her face, pulling her hair, Tang Tanger was worried, is she going to tear her down.Are you sure you didn t change from a little fox You re so clever, amazing Tang Tang Xiaoxiao children s shoes, when you were your age, my brother only knew how to squat down and draw circles and pee in the women s toilet.Why are you so smart, this afternoon How about I take you to take an intelligence test, it is estimated to be 250 Candy heard it, and it was a compliment to her.Candy smiled without saying a word, and quickly stuffed it into his mouth, like a little rabbit gnawing on a carrot.The little monkey Tang Yu took a bottle of water from Tang Shuang, unscrewed the cap, and was ready to feed the stuffed little aunt anytime.Uh The little piggy eating with puffy cheeks was really cbd gummies fx full.Tang Yu carefully gave her a drink of water, while Tang Shuang squatted behind her and rubbed her shoulders., Lun s family is very comfortable, zebra cbd gummies hee hee.After eating the jerky and drinking the water, after the energy was replenished, the Flying Piggy was full of energy and was about to explode Tang Shuang put the helmet on for her.This little guy s braid was too long, and it was a bit troublesome to wear the helmet.Come on, have a fist bump with everyone, come on Tang Tanger clenched her fist and touched Tang Shuang, and then successively fist bumped with Huang Xiangning, Tang Sanjian, Tang Huohuo, little monkey Tang Yu, little Putao, little peacock one by one After touching it, the little man said ah, my little fist hurt so much from beating it.Tang Shuang squatted in front of Tangtanger and talked to her, comforting her not to worry, but the result hasn t come out yet, brother will definitely help her get justice, and never let the little girl of the Tang family get angry, so little piggy will be in a good mood Some, whispered I am a little sun, cbd gummies fx full of positive energy every day, so I don t cry, I want to laugh, laugh every day, woo woo.Through slow motion analysis, Tangtanger slipped away at the moment of falling.The skid car seemed to hit thc cbd melatonin gummies the finish line, but it didn t seem to hit it.The biggest controversy of the referee team is here, whether to judge the champion according to the result of crossing the line, or not to judge as can u bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies fx the second place according to the result of crossing the line.In the end, the referee team believed that even if they did not cross the line at the moment of the fall, according to cbd gummies fx the normal inertia, Tang Tang s children s shoes should be the first to cross the finish line.You try to yell again Come on Come on Some people from outside have sneaked in They beat them up Come on This is not a shout, it is He yelled a lot.Tang Shuang was yelled at by him just now, but Xiao Shuang was there, not afraid at all.At this moment, she looked at the young man sitting on the ground curiously, and asked Tang Shuang strangely, Xiao Shuang, what is he doing Xiao Jin has never cried like this before.Hey, it s just the children in the small class.After being yelled at so loudly, the corridor suddenly became lively, and staff members came out of the room one after another to check the situation and ask what was going on.The young man blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, and described the matter with embellishment, to the effect that Tang Shuang, a wild fan, sneaked in to chase stars, and when he found out and stopped him, he beat him up.Tang Shuang thought that you finally got to the point, For him, these stories are taken out as scripts, and his ultimate goal is to put them on the screen, whether it is a big screen or a small screen, there will never be a shortage of people with discerning eyes.He had talked with Tang Huohuo before if Penguin Technology took a fancy to these stories, then how to operate the copyright.First of all, he did not reject cooperation with Penguin Technology.Although he has a close and good cooperation with Xingkong Culture, who can say what will happen in the future The thing is, don t put all your eggs in one basket, let Penguin Technology enter the game, and the triangle will be the most balanced, which will be beneficial to him, Penguin Technology, and Xingkong Culture After leaving Penguin Technology, Tang Shuang did not go home immediately, but drove to a cultural communication company called Ding Ding Dong Dong , which is a planning company that provides one stop professional baby banquets and themed parties.They are adults and know this.It makes sense.Tang Tanger put her arms around Tang Shuang s neck with a smile, and said solemnly, It s not harmful to learn more, and children s stories also make sense.It made sense, Tang Shuang suddenly noticed Seeing the little man s eyes, he asked, Why are your eyes red and swollen What s going on Are you crying Who bullied you Tang Tanger immediately buried her little head in Tang Shuang s arms and refused to let her see At the same time, he said in a muffled voice Still talking You have to pay for the tears of the Lun family You caused the Lun family to cry a lot.Oh, it s really sad to think about it.Why are there so many unhappy people They must be crying when they write letters Well, I cried when I heard it, and they must have cried even worse, oh, it s really sad to think about it.After listening carefully, they were more excited, shouting Zhang Minglu what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd gummies fx He took a closer look and saw that some of these people were holding signs in their hands.The characters on the signs flashed and flashed very brightly in the night, and there were the words little deer.His heart moved, and sure enough, he saw Zhang Minglu again.Three big characters, this group of people turned out to be fans who were waiting for Zhang Minglu before.He drove the car slowly and asked the driver of an SUV parked on the side of the road to watch a show.He learned that there had just been a rear end collision.One of the accident vehicles was a can u bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies fx koi cbd gummies anytime balance light passenger vehicle and the other was an SUV.Zhang Minglu was sitting in that light bus, and I saw her get out of the car.The driver said excitedly, the reason why he stayed here to watch the theater at night was to see more of Zhang Minglu herself, and Enthusiastically told Tang Shuang how beautiful Zhang Minglu was, she looked like a fairy, and a glance could make dreams come true.This sentence also applies to Yu Xiang, I believe he can understand.Chen Shenfeng was full of anger, how many cbd gummies to eat but still Endured it, and said You don t consider my feelings You came to invite me to come back three times.This made the people in Tuzi Entertainment look embarrassed.It was indeed they who tried their best to invite Chen Shenfeng out of the mountain.Use her diva aura to stabilize the territory.Over the years, with the rapid influx of capital and the rise of many emerging entertainment companies, even Orange Mai has felt tremendous pressure.For a second tier entertainment company like Tuzi Entertainment, the pressure is even greater.Chen Shenfeng s original brokerage company was not Tuzi Entertainment.That company had closed down the year before last and could not bear the impact of capital.Chapter 495 Catch the Little Man Tang Shuang and Tangtanger s birthdays are in the same month, at the beginning of a month, at the end of a month, as early as Tangtanger s birthday party Tang Shuang said when it was finished that his birthday should be as simple as possible, don t invite anyone, just sit down and have dinner with the family.What he didn t say is that he hopes the family can be reunited, that is, it is best for Tang Zhen to The reason why I didn t say anything when I got home was because I didn t want to disturb Tang Zhen s itinerary.She was very busy during this time, and Flowers in Dreams will be officially released on January 1st.Tang Shuang took the cake from Candy, and Ren Xiaoren led her hand to the dining table, put down the cake, and said, Why are potion cbd gummies review there so many candles on this cake The cake was filled with candles, it didn HCMUSSH cbd gummies fx t look like a cake, more like a candle dish.Luo Yuqing lowered her head and tore open the new medicine, saying Your sister must have had it too.It will happen if you sign too many people at once, but as long as you don t hurt your muscles and bones, your muscles will recover in a few days.When you sign in the future, you d better wear a wristband, although it may It s not pretty, but it s practical, and it can play a certain protective role Luo Yuqing carefully told Tang Shuang about her experience one by one, and then re posted it for him There are three doses in the box, one dose a day, usually It will be fine in three days, remember not to get wet.Tang Shuang felt the concern in the words Thank you, I will get a signature stamp for the next autograph meeting, and I will stamp it when I am tired of signing.Luo Yuqing smiled and said You think it s beautiful, at least I don t want the stamped book., this can save a lot of time, it can indeed be written, not all to cbd gummies fx make you happy, in my plan, martial arts will be written, this is a big project, there is no rush, I will write other types of books during the period, such as For the lighter urban novels you just mentioned, my dad asked me to write novels that are in depth and reflect reality, so while writing Kung Fu , I will think about writing other things.Luo Yuqing asked curiously Then do you already have an idea Tang Shuang Yes.Luo Yuqing wondered if this guy was making her happy.She had been talking about martial arts before, but when she asked, she said that she planned to write urban novels, and then Immediately I have an idea, hum, I don t believe it.I can tell from your little expression that you don t believe me.I ve already thought up the title of the book, so it s called Pounding Heartbeat.I bought the record, but it s not enough.These boys and girls still have to go to the Huaxia Bookstore, hoping that Tang Zhen s record can still be found there.The sweet girl waved goodbye to Tangtanger.Seeing that there were no adults around her, she asked worriedly Little Sister, where is your adult Why are you alone It s so dangerous.Tang Tanger immediately yelled, Xiao Shuang Xiao Shuang my brother Tang Shuang came from the video store She came out of the nearby grocery store, carrying two bottles of Bear Mineral Water, Here, stop barking, I ve been watching you.Candy said excitedly Xiao Shuang, I sold a piece of my sister s song For this young lady, she likes her sister so much, she said I am super cute too, look She has two dimples on her face just like Sister Meimei, she is so cute.Go to your house and have a look, I want to do it.Luo Yuqing was amused and said helplessly It seems that you really drank a little too much, drink up the hangover drink, I specially gave it to you It s served. Do you often have to entertain Otherwise, why would you serve this drink.Luo Yuqing said flatly, It s not me.Now it was Tang Shuang s turn to get nervous Then who The guy Luo Yuqing shook her head, Girl, I used to share a room with a girl who often had to socialize at work.Five or six times out of ten, I came back drunk, and over time, I learned how to drink hangover drinks.Tang Shuang was silent for a moment, and said, It s not easy.Luo Yuqing nodded and did not speak.For a long time, I wandered around in the metropolis of Shengjing, and I couldn t afford to rent a house alone, so I always rented with others and met all kinds of people.Mom hasn t talked to the baby for several days.You must have a lot to say to mom.Little Piggy Dazed and led away by Huang Xiangning, at this moment, the frightening puppy in the legend ran out from some corner and followed behind them.Huang Xiangning looked back, oops Be startled Bai Jingjing s dress is so scary Tang Tang, what is Jingjing wearing Tangtang pute cbd gummies pointed at Bai Jingjing with a smile and said, Ha Clothes specially made for Xiaoshuang Ha Looks good.Huang Xiangning called Bai Jingjing to him, knelt down and looked at the clothes carefully.The puppy with a particularly enthusiastic tail, I saw a hero sitting on this puppy, with a red face and long beard, wearing a green battle robe, holding a long sword, and sitting on Bai Jingjing puppy This is Huang Xiangning immediately remembered, Is this the dress my brother bought for Jingjing The clothes Bai Jingjing was wearing were bought by Tang Shuang.I feel so unhappy, can you help mother to make breakfast, tomorrow you do it, let Xiaoshuang do it the day after tomorrow, let the little fairy do it the day after tomorrow, we take turns to do it, let mother rest and rest.Tang Sanjian said You Can you make breakfast too What purekana cbd gummies side effects smooth cbd gummies kind of breakfast are you going to give us This is not a problem for Candy, the villain said confidently Vegetable egg rice noodle well, that s it Pointing to the kind of food she was eating , It s super delicious, I like it very much, does dad like it I like it, but you can do it Candy said a little unhappy Can t do it, can t learn it Just use your brain and melon seeds.Really, Dad, why don t you trust little sister so much Little sister is also very smart, even smarter than Xiaoshuang.Huang Xiangning looked at the deflated Tang Sanjian with a funny face, and said, Okay, Tangtanger is the smartest, turn around Mom taught you how to make vegetable and egg rice noodles, Tangtang er will definitely learn it soon, it s super delicious, I m looking forward to it.Isn t it good now The Lun family is not a little cbd gummies fx villain like a little monkey.The Lun family will not steal money from a little monkey.Lie.Tang Shuang stopped and looked cbd gummies sugar and kush back purekana cbd gummies side effects smooth cbd gummies at the little man who was staring at him with a smirk The little monkey was beaten half to death for stealing cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects money, and almost hung on a branch.If you don t want to hang on a branch, you can Don t even think about it.Oh, it s really sad to say it.Tang Yuer also knew that Tang Yu was taught a terrible thing about stealing money, because the little monkey asked his uncle to intercede miserably, and his uncle, At that time, she was caught in the room to hold a small animal story meeting.She shook her head seriously, and said with fear on her face Tangtang doesn t steal money, it s wrong to steal money, the Lun family doesn t do that kind of thing, the Lun family has money, and the Lun family cbd gummies fx even gave the little monkey a hundred dollars.Tang Shuang tossed the little man for a while and let her go.Little Piggy lay on the sofa gasping for air, and after a long while, he straightened up and said loudly, I m going to pull out Xiaoshuang s beard Chapter 576 Love is Simple Tang Shuang You want to hurt me to death Tang Shuang You want to tickle me to death Immediately, she stretched out her hand to pluck Xiaoshuang s beard, Tang Shuang quickly blocked the little pig, Go away, go away You are serious You know How painful is it to pull out a beard Seeing Xiaoshuang s fierce resistance and seeing that she couldn t reach her goal, Tangtang er took the initiative to withdraw her hand, touched cbd gummies fx her non existent beard with a smile, and asked, Xiaoshuang, when will I grow it Beard You re a girl, you don t know how to grow a beard.Tang Shuang said, seeing the puzzled look of the villain, she thought it was over, a hundred thousand whys came, the next question must be why girls Will not grow a beard.Saying that, she sat on the other side of the sofa and practiced to stay away from a big pineapple with a heart of her own Tang Shuang You child smooth cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies internationally is too complicated.Weiwei and Xiaoxin are fooling you.They are jealous that you can talk to me and want to provoke our relationship.Tangtanger shook her head The Lun family thinks Wei Wei is right.Tang Shuang Then it s up to you, it s better to stay away from me, I can play with myself.As he spoke, he took out his phone to chat with people again, Candy was far away After looking at him for a while, seeing that Xiaoshuang really ignored her, she was having so much fun with herself, she couldn t be reconciled, she came over slowly, lay down next to Tang Shuang again, grabbed his hand with a huff, and quickly stuck out her little head I came over to look at the phone, and there was a picture of the two of them playing outside just now, and the picture of Little Pig squatting by the snowy big lake was displayed on the phone screen.Ding Xiaoquan said It s a pity for Xiaosha.According to your strength, there is miracle leaf cbd gummies 300mg no problem entering the cbd gummies vs vape finals.It can only be said that this is an element of luck.Tang Dong and I are very optimistic about you.Huyan Xiaosha s attitude is very good, He responded with a smile Everyone is very capable, and whoever goes up and down can tell the truth.I admire them.Ding Xiaoquan asked Why didn t Cheng Mai sign a contract with you Huyan Xiaosha replied They The focus of attention is on the finalists.Huyan Xiaosha understood that he was actually the one who was abandoned by the program group.Ding Xiaoquan said The draft is just the starting point, not the end.Being able to enter the finals does not mean that you are the final winner.Tang Dong and I are very optimistic about you.Let s talk about your future plans Chapter 640 Donation Event Huyan Xiaosha Signing a contract with Tuzi Entertainment, this kind of news is just an inconspicuous piece of tofu in the entertainment section, but in the hip hop circle, this is very influential news, because he is a contestant in My Most Hip Hop Among them, the first externally signed singer.Because the centrifuge is very close, cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects once these things reappear and are remembered again, the memories brought will be even more unforgettable.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning looked at each other, Huang Xiangning often whispered to Tangtang, and gave her psychological counseling and construction, so Tang Xiaoren loved to laugh, positive and cheerful, but I didn t expect her to be there The big event that I don t know, the little sister is so good at keeping it a secret, that she hides it until now before she plans to tell it.And the more this happened, the more traces this incident brought to her, and she had to take it seriously.Huang Xiangning encouraged So, Tang Tang, what did my mother say when she whispered to you If you have something to say, you can t hide it in your heart.Only when you say it will the matter be resolved, and cbd gummies fx you won t keep pestering us.Huang Xiangning took the naughty little sister There is no way, but the little sister called Zhenzhen, and Zhenzhen really appeared in front of her, calling her sister, calling her a fairy, shouting more actively than anyone else.Huang Xiangning said Zhenzhen s colleague sings really well.This sentence was said cbd oil gummie to Tang Sanjian, but Tang Tanger took the initiative to follow up and nodded solemnly Mm, cbd gummies sexuality what you said makes sense, it s such a fat thing, Zhenzhen My colleague, the sister in the red skirt sings really well, and she even gave the Lun family a sleepwalking doll, which is really a rare doll.Candy said loudly I don t remember I took things from others The Lun family cbd gummies fx wrote it down in are bolt cbd gummies legit the notebook.When she has a baby in the future, the Lun family will return the gift.Mom, don t forget, we have to be polite.Tang Shuang tricked Tang Cang er into washing the dishes, but she was lazy.Tang Tanger was also lazy today, um not only lazy, but tranquilizer cbd gummies also cheated.Rest.Tang Shuang smiled and said to Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, Mom asked you to cook lunch, ha.Tang Shuang Come on, it s us, not me.Tang Shuang It s you Tang Shuang said directly to Huang Xiangning Miss Xiangning, look at this child, she is lazy and lazy, and has very bad habits.She needs to be educated.Let her do lunch by herself today. Mom, Tang Tang loves labor.Labor is the cbd gummies fx most basic thing for a person After thinking about it for a long time, she couldn t figure it out.She vaguely heard Tang Shuang say it, and asked Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang Tang Shuang The most basic right.Tang Tanger Mom, Tang Tang loves labor, and labor is a person s most basic right.She also specially called Tang Zhen to talk about it, because she thought that the elder sister of the old Tang family had the most common words with her, her elder sister was already on the road to stardom, and she was also starting to walk, whether this road can go well or not depends on the younger sister.Why did Shuang and her sister help her For this reason, she first wanted to please Zhenzhen, and secondly, she wanted to please Xiaoshuang, so from the time they woke up and met each other, she yelled at each other very sweetly, and even if she didn t, she would look at him and smile very brightly.Get in the car, get in the car, let s go After breakfast, Tang Shuang got up and cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects set off with candy.Tang Tanger immediately threw Bai Jingjing away, and followed Tang Shuang briskly, super cbd gummies hair growth with a small hand still holding onto his trousers., Why is everyone jumping , Isn t it just a crack , It is said that it is connected to a different dimension , It s scary., Then why are you jumping , Could it be that they all jumped Is there anyone The hatch After closing it, on the way to the bathroom, Tang Shuang heard everyone whispering excitedly, as if they were exchanging something with a huge hidden secret.After listening carefully, it turned out that it was all about jumping.What do you mean by this Not only the passengers are talking, but the flight attendants are also curiously discussing Is there a problem with the cabin door today , Why are the passengers jumping up , New Year s is not the year of the rabbit , Maybe everyone who flies on the plane today is a what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd gummies fx Is it a rabbit , Ah, that s really fate , Would you like some carrots for buy cbd gummies legal mo lunch Tang Shuang returned to her seat and saw Tangtanger Balabala chatting with an aunt who was about 50 years old.Tang Shuang laughed blatantly now, hehehe hahaha Thinking of the moment the little piglet opened his arms and rushed up to hug Tang Zhen just now, he wanted to laugh, and at the same time he was glad that the little piggy was not one meter away from her.If you don smooth cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies internationally t want to be hugged, you would rather fall into a set of pancakes, or you might really fall into a pancake today.Tang Zhen is not him, so he may not be able to hug her.You re still laughing You don t have love Seeing Tang Shuang smiling so happily, Tang Tanger became even more monkish.Pan Wenling and He Zhenyi hurriedly turned around and hurriedly put their luggage on the car.Staying here was afraid they couldn t help laughing out loud, and then they would be remembered by the younger sister of the Tang family and punched bobo.Tang Shuang quickly comforted Tangtanger not to do anything, not to get angry, and helped her, patted Tang Zhen on the shoulder, and said, Excuse me, excuse me, two fairies, don t you think something is missing That s right, we Your little sister is at your feet, she has been waiting for a long time with open arms, Zhenzhen, can you hug her quickly, she will hit me if she gets mad, and she is going to cry.Chapter 775 Candy er and Tang Zhen came out after Uncle Spicy went to the bathroom, and Tangyue ran over briskly from a long distance.He rushed forward, rubbing his hands on his clothes.Hee hee Tang Shuang pissed without washing his hands, and rubbed it on Xiaoshuang, making you dirty and smelly.I wiped it Tang Shuang quickly dodged and knocked Tang Tang s little hand off, but the little guy was tight She kept pestering cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects him, and said plausibly, You just touched the Lun family s stomach without washing your hands when you urinated Tang Zhen looked at Tang Shuang in amazement.Set a good example.Huang cbd gummy bear supply usa Xiangning stopped Tang Tanger s evil behavior and said, Tang Tang Don t be so rude and unhygienic Tang Shuang and Tang Er started to hide and seek, circling around Huang Xiangning and Tang Zhen Turning around, Tang Shuang also used Tang Zhen to block the little pig.The owner of the store next door closed the door of his HCMUSSH cbd gummies fx store and stepped on the electric car to go home.It s too cold, it s better to go home and nest, there is no one else, go home early He said to Uncle Hot s tall and thin boss, although he advised him to go home early, but he knew that Lao Xu was not until 11 o clock in the evening , will not close the door and go home.Sure enough, Lao Xu was sitting behind the counter, staring at the TV, and said casually Old Xiong, you go first, I will sit down for a while.Drawing the lottery again The sound of the lottery.Have you ever been hit Lao Xu then raised his head, looked at the old bear straddling the electric cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects scooter at the door of the store, and said, Hey, I ll hit you next time Cai, by the way, give me a bag of Wuzhishan.Lao Xu funky farms cbd extracts gummies stared at the TV again intently Come and get it yourself.Let s go and see now.Ye Liang stood up.Guo Zifeng also stood up.Tang Shuang motioned them to sit down first She just fell asleep right now, little pity, she barely slept last night and kept crying.It was unbearable.Ye Liang said bitterly Damn it this black hearted boss You can t let this man go lightly Looking out the window, Ye Liang could see that the door of Uncle Hot was open, but he couldn t see the old Xu inside It s really black hearted, give children that kind of spicy strips.Guo Zifeng also said angrily.Yesterday when Tang Shuang was shopping, she bought several packs of black bombers and gave Ye Liang and Guo Zifeng a taste.They didn t dare to take a bite and threw up directly.Ye Liang Xiao Shuang, what are you waiting for, go find that old Xu now Tang Shuang waved her hand, and just about to speak, the waiter knocked on the door and came in, bringing coffee to the three of them Your coffee, please take your time.For this reason, Su Dingnan would tease him every time.Later, Tang Shuang was teased by Su Dingnan again, and he had an idea to call him Third Uncle.Uncle Hao , I concluded that it was Tang Shuang.Later, Su Dingnan left the south and went to the Shengjing Military Region.When he visited Tang Hongjun every year, Tang Shuang never showed up.Tang Jin accompanied Tang Dajian and Tang Erjian to receive purekana cbd gummies side effects smooth cbd gummies them.So speaking of it, they haven t seen each other for at least ten years.Tang Shuang has grown from a little boy to a young man.It s no wonder that Su Dingnan didn t recognize him all of a sudden.Chapter 796 means the moon destroys you, nothing to say Tang Shuang was in charge of the translation.Because Tang Hongjun couldn t speak, the children of the old Tang family basically knew some sign language, and Tang Shuang was the most proficient.She didn t know what stimulated her these days, but she thought of it and shouted to go there to play.Today, Tang Shuang showed great kindness and decided to take the kid there to have fun, on the premise that the kid would stop yelling at him about the director.It s true that Tangtang er didn t yell anymore, but it wasn t that she didn t want to yell, but her attention was diverted in an instant, and she was all focused on going to Yanhuahai to watch the lanterns, and she had no time to think about the director.Who is the director Who is the director do you know it If you don t know him, why keep thinking about him I don t want to Think fun, delicious, and beautiful Yanhuahai is not only a beautiful lantern, but more importantly, there are a lot of fun and delicious food there.Just thinking about it makes people drool, and I can t help it Let s go The little man ran between Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen.Tang Zhen glanced at Tang Shuang who was laughing in the distance, Tang Shuang was startled, and walked over and said, Don Tang, don t talk nonsense, where did I poison you Tang Tanger said weakly with an ouch The Lun family s stomach is so swollen, why is it always hurting now Xiaoshuang Did you do something to my sister, you little villain In the past, no matter how full she ate, she never had a stomachache.She is so strong, which makes her proud.She once proudly announced in front of the adults of the old Tang family that her little belly is omnipotent.But it s not working now, my stomach was crushed once by the spicy strips, and now it hurts again when I run.Tang Shuang came to Tangtanger s side, and saw the little pig whimpering on the sofa, but its eyes were darting wildly, guessing that it was probably pretending to be deceitful.Now the program group has identified 3 pairs of guests, and 2 more pairs are looking for.With last year s results, it is not difficult to find guests, but it is not easy to find the right ones.Li Xiulun is not dissatisfied with the 3 couples that have been confirmed, but she is also not particularly satisfied.She does not have the urge to feel overwhelmed with anticipation as soon as she hears it.The guest has confirmed that it is impossible for him to remove them temporarily, so he can only think of a way in the two vacant seats.The planning team put forward 5 candidates, he thought about them one by one, and asked, Can Feng Chaoqun be sure The manager who had reported just now thought about it, and said, It s probably close to ten, we ve already contacted him for two rounds., His intention can u bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies fx is obvious, there should be no problem.A boy said Happy birthday, my girl We really want to buy a few more, so you don t have to go alone, but you can t, it s so difficult, so we can only do it here Fan Dingming stared at him Stop talking, she s already gone Your girl Er Seeing everyone s unkind eyes, he quickly changed his words Ours Ours Hehe.Then what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd gummies fx everyone let him go, and Fan Dingming said abundant life cbd gummies Brothers, this month we have to eat chaff and dill.The big guys pool the money together, and everyone gathers firewood to make flames high.They don t want to HCMUSSH cbd gummies fx live, they just want to survive.I ll come first I still have ten yuan Xiaojing, how about you You still want to buy a few more, even if you sold your kidneys.Xiao Jing said boldly Aren t there 10 of us here If one person contributes one kidney, there are 10, which should be enough Chapter 840 Do I still need to work hard to be so successful After class, Huang Xiangning returned home, and the three children of the Tang family had already arrived home.For example, whether you can still learn the spirit of that generation of outstanding writers in a real environment where the literary atmosphere is completely different.It is not easy.Soulbreaker is an Short stories, but everyone who knows me knows that I have written super long stories and serialized them on the 1 gram cbd gummies Internet.This is an extremely long and arduous process that requires great perseverance and execution, as well as an endless stream of creative inspiration.It s like a literary marathon. Actually, the long journey for me has already started, and it will continue.So I will cherish all kinds of assistance and listen to all kinds of voices, just to write better in the future I have always been obsessed with writing, and I hope that a little imagination and a slightly different literary personality will take me further.Little Shuang Brother The little guy asked the big devil for help, jumping up and down.Can t you fly Fly up.Tang Shuang lifted the little man up and sat next to him, looking at the sea in the distance.The sun is shining brightly on the sea, and in the sun, the jasper like sea water is rippling and shining with golden light.In the distance, you can see the giant ship slowly passing by.Nearer, there are speedboats speeding in this sea area.On the shore, there are many fishing rods hanging, and some people are fishing in the sun.Not far from Tang Shuang and Tangtanger, an adult and a child were fishing.It looked like a father was teaching his son how to fish.Just now, the two of them were arguing, which alarmed each other, and they looked this way from time to time.Especially the little boy, when he looked over, Tangtang er grinned at the other party, which shocked him for a moment, and the fishing nuleaf naturals cbd gummies rod in his hand was almost dragged into the sea.From a distance, she saw that Xiao Lili and her father had arrived and were waiting.Little Lily Candy excitedly waved at the little girl.Under her father s instructions, little Lili saw Tang Shuang and Tangtanger, and jumped up excitedly Tang Tang I m here.Tangtanger shook off Tang Shuang s hand and rushed over, holding hands with Xiaolili and talking.Little Lili s father greeted Tang Shuang respectfully, and Tang Shuang asked, Have you arrived early Little Lili s father shook his head, No, no, just arrived.Candy brought Lili up, and said happily to Tang Shuang, Brother, Lili brought us peanuts, would you like one Lili was holding a transparent plastic bag, which contained some peanut.The candy has already been eaten, so she peeled off one and ate it with relish, praising it while eating It s delicious Little Lili took courage, grabbed a handful of peanuts in the bag with her little hands, and handed them to Tang Shuang timidly Her father said with some embarrassment This is the peanut cooked by our family.Candy also looked forward to it It s the sprinkler chasing Tangtang.Sure enough, Master Kong, who was driving the sprinkler, arrived.After stopping to meet him, he happily cbd gummies fx got into the car with the two little girls.Tang Shuang stood on the side of the road, looking at the two little girls sitting in the driver s seat with a look cbd gummies fx of excitement.Xiao Lili s father told him beside the car Be careful, Lao Kang, drive slowly Lao Kang didn t like him, and said angrily, Have you ever seen a car that drives slower than a sprinkler Xiao Lili Lily s father said embarrassingly I just remind you, don t touch Tang Tang.Lao Kang I drive very steadily, so you don t need to worry about it.You should worry about your work.You are idle all day long.A man, the pillar of the family, doesn t look for a job all the year round.Li Guanping said with a smile This side is finished This side is finished Number one We won.Cao Kai announced that the dad and brother team had won, and the children cheered around Tang Shuang, while the adults asked Tang Shuang knew how it tasted, especially a foreigner like Xia Dashan, he was so scared to pee when he saw these things.Zhang Hsing thought that Candy had eaten a few in the end, and asked her Tang Tang, does Cicada taste good Candy laughed ho ho, it was seen Smack it, smack it, small mouth, aftertaste, nodded Not bad, um, delicious, crunchy, two more, hee hee.Zhang Xingxing was shocked You still want to eat Candy Candy immediately shook her head I won t eat it, I won t eat it, cbd gummies fx I won t eat cicadas.That s not what you said just now.Candy s eyes rolled around Oh, the Lun family is teasing you Yes, why do you take it seriously, really, and you still say you are an adult.As soon as she hesitated, Tangtanger walked past her with a gun in her hand, and said without can u bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies fx looking back, Sister, don t stop me, sister, I m very monkish, the Lun family wants to defeat the big devil Tang Tang Tang Zhen still decided to stop this fratricide.After all, she loves everyone very much, and she is very sad whoever is injured or killed in can i bring cbd gummies on a flight battle.Tang Zhen held Tang Tanger at the door of the study, but Tang Shuang, who what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd gummies fx was in the room, was startled and looked at them in surprise.Tangtang s face was stern, she looked at Xiaoshuang inside with hatred, then turned her head again, and asked Tang Zhen seriously Sister, when Tangtang er is about to be beaten to death, can you save the Jilun family Cough Cough, cough, cough Tang Zhen almost lost her temper.Although she was going to stop this war, how could she say such things at this time as the person involved This is the battlefield How can you say such hurtful words Looking at cbd gummies fx cbd gummy effects the appearance of the little man, it is obvious that the wind is rustling, the water is cold, and the strong man is gone forever.Hu Zhongyuan heard the words He smiled and said Don t follow the trend, you are still so young and beautiful, and the time is still long, don t quit in such a hurry, Orange Mai still needs you to guard.Su Lixian Orange Mai doesn t need us anymore.Tang Zhen in the stands, what an amazing little girl, and Yuqing and Yugan in the backstage are all can u bring cbd gummies on a plane cbd gummies fx rising stars.We don t need to worry about it.We should take care of our own affairs.Hu Zhongyuan smiled and nodded when he heard the words.It was the emergence of these young people that made him stop insisting and retreat decisively.Su Lixian Tang Zhen has a new song for you.It was written by Yu Xiang.Ah Tang Zhen s new song I m looking forward to the combination with Yu Xiang.Hu Zhongyuan laughed, No wonder that during Tang Zhen s rehearsal, Xiao Na wants to push me away, so that s what happened.Tang Shuang cbd gummies fx I m an adult, and I m the same age as Yuqing, so I can call you Yuqing.You are a child A child must have the awareness of a child and be polite.convinced.Tang Shuang Why Because we have traveled more bridges than you have traveled, and we have eaten more salt than you have eaten.It s that simple Candy rolled her eyes wide and thought for a while Seeing that her mother was also telling her with her eyes, she pouted, snorted, and stopped arguing.Although she stopped arguing, it didn t mean she stopped talking.Now she has a lot of questions to ask, such as Brother, what do you and little sister mean The big eyes started to look at Luo Yuqing again.What do you mean Tang Shuang was confused.Have you become a husband yet Luo Yuqing Tang Shuang No.Sister Yuqing is my brother s girlfriend now.What s more, Chen Ding s testimonials didn t include the image of rain It is unlikely that he forgot.It can be said that Yu Xiang has the kindness to know Chen Ding.Without Yu Xiang s appreciation, Chen Ding would not be where he is now.Ok This sentence is somewhat familiar.Thinking of what Chen Ding said just now, people with quick thoughts have already thought of something, but they just cbd gummies fx dare not imagine it.How is this possible This is impossible Chapter HCMUSSH cbd gummies fx 1010 Guess Who I Am The awards ceremony was divided into several sections, each section separated by a performance.For example, in the first section of the opening, in addition to the best newcomer award of the year, there are also awards for best composer and best lyricist in the performance category.The best composer in the performance category refers to condor cbd gummy reviews pure music.Tang Shuang took the initiative to say My Tang Tang is a Sagittarius, a Sagittarius girl Yang Huiru said pleasantly Sagittarius, let me just say it, I guess she must be a little girl of the Sagittarius, that s right, the horoscope analysis really It is the most effective Tang Shuang Tang Zhen looked confused, not knowing what Yang Huiru meant.Yang Huiru said Sagittarius girls like to jump around, giggle, cheerful and outgoing.Everyone is a little sun, and they are never unhappy.Isn t this talking about Tang Tang Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen both Nodded numbly.Yang Huiru didn t mind, and continued to ask Where is Tang Shuang, what is your zodiac sign Tang Shuang I am also a Sagittarius.Ah sure enough.Yang Huiru said pleasantly, The horoscope is really effective.Tang Shuang, you are a Sagittarius, and I guess you are a Sagittarius too.Huh Huang Xiangning looked at his little sister suspiciously, 1.5 million Tangtang er rolled her big eyes, with her little hands behind her back Hee hee, Mom, you are missing an egg, don t forget it.It s too much.Huang Xiangning said hesitantly.Tang Tang laughed Mom, I will give you 10,000, and 500,000 will be given to Tang Tang.Huang Xiangning was a little moved, and asked Then there are nearly 1 million left No more We have finished dividing, 1 50 , 150.Candy was eager to try, thinking that he might make cbd gummies fx a lot of money, Kaisen, Huahua cbd gummies fx in the bottom of his heart let out a happy voice of growth.Huang Xiangning looked at the child, judging whether she meant what she said.Is 1 50 really equal to 150 It s so juicy, Mom, there s nothing wrong with it.The child nodded his head at Xiangning s mother seriously and solemnly.Tang Shuang had heard that he suffered a serious illness last year and spent a period of time in the hospital before recovering.When Luo Yuqing was planning to go south to participate in the opening ceremony of I m the Hip Hop , because of this incident, she temporarily canceled her trip to the northeast.Half of the gifts Tang Shuang brought this time were supplements, and Huang Xiangning accompanied Tang Shuang cbd gummies fx to buy them.Seeing the unbearable smiles on her parents faces, Luo Yuqing was in a happy mood, and said, This is all Xiaoshuang s wish.The two old people welcomed what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd gummies fx Tang Shuang into their home, invited him to sit down, brought him some snacks, and chatted about some trivial things about their parents., Greetings to the parents of the Tang family.After chatting for a while, the two went to Zhang Luo for lunch, and asked Luo Peiqi to chat with Luo Yuqing and Tang Shuang, and the young people had more topics to talk about.Come on Xiaoshuang wait for the Lun family No child was seen upstairs, but the child s voice came.Tang Shuang called Tang Zhen over and put her arms around her shoulders.Tang Xiaowu laughed and flew over from the bird stand and landed on Tang Shuang s shoulder.Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian had already stood up.That kid hasn t come down yet, so it looks like I m going to drag her down.Just as Tang Shuang was about to rape someone, a white puppy jumped out and stopped halfway down the stairs.He turned his head and barked twice, and then he saw Tangtanger Bulingbuling jumping down, rushed to Tang Shuang s feet like a gust of wind, hugged his thigh, and said with a smile Coming Tang Shuang cbd gummies fx murmured If you don t come again, you can carry it with a sack.Tang Shuang Okay, stand up, have a smiling face, sister, have a smiling face, do you hear me Don t be so stern, just smile.

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