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Ma Li has obviously made the situation very clear They are commanded by a second lieutenant named Bimonai Bimengai Hearing this name, Elena couldn t help calling out, and then smiled with Manstein and Rommel.Why, do you know him Hope rose in Wang Weiyi s heart.Yes.We know him very well.Elena laughed and said Before the war broke out, our family would go to Lance for vacation every year, and even those sides with a very tense atmosphere did not abandon this tradition.I remember that Bimonai and his family also went to Germany that year and were treated very well by us.Erwin and Fritz were also involved, but they didn t have a very good impression of Bimonai.A pompous, self righteous man.Rommel said coldly, and then frowned again But he is very smart, it is not easy to save people from him.Wang Weiyi pursed his lips, but instead he saw hope.Aha, Frenchie.Just wait for our bombs Seeing the two planes pulling up, Wang Weiyi heaved a long sigh of relief.But I m glad it hasn t been a few seconds yet.Those two planes started rushing towards here againand then lowered their altitude Damn it, Manfred is going to drop a bomb, get down, get down Following Wang Weiyi With a loud cry, everyone fell to the ground.Boom , a bomb exploded in the distance.Fortunately, the accuracy super chill products cbd gummies 4000mg of throwing bombs by the pilot s hand is really poor.Mark s plane also rushed over, and the second bomb fell, but still failed to hit the target, but the dust splashed directly hit Manstein.I curse you, Manfred Manstein kept cursing, but he lay there and did not dare to move.A third bomb was dropped again, this time too close to those on the ground.The huge explosion and the impact of the air wave made Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian think that the bomb had killed them directly I don t know how many people were killed by the bomb, Richter Hoffen whistled and gestured to Second Lieutenant Mark, and the two planes left triumphantly.The cbd gummies for acid reflux Russian heart stopped unwillingly and stared fiercely at the two Germans in front of them.You are simply a disgrace to the Russian army The young Russian second lieutenant stood up and said, So many people beat two of them, and a few were knocked down, the faces of the Russian soldiers were completely humiliated by you.Now go back to Go to your place and continue to drink your wine The Russian soldiers resentfully helped up their injured companions In fact, they didn t think it was a problem, and fighting in taverns happened almost every day occur.Winning is triumphant, and losing is no big deal, and no one will look for trouble afterwards.Wang Weiyi and Richthofen also suffered some minor injuries.The Russian second lieutenant came to them Gentlemen, you are very brave and capable of fighting.But it can t stop the fleeing soldiers at all The combat effectiveness of Russian soldiers may be the worst among the participating countries in World War I.This often happens on the battlefield, and the Russians have an absolute upper hand , but because of the sudden appearance of a small incident, the battlefield, which was in good shape, could collapse in the most jaw dropping way.The Russians claim to be able to arm the largest number of soldiers in the shortest time, and there is nothing wrong with this statement.It is not difficult for the Russians to quickly organize an army of 300,000 or 500,000 troops, but the number of soldiers with real combat effectiveness is often less than half.The situation Vasilevsky is now facing is just another repeat of the countless poor performances of the Russian army on the battlefield.If he does this, the intelligence will not be so valuable in the eyes of the other party.Wang Weiyi still understands this way of doing business.Of course, the most let What makes me happy is that I can pay off that debt as soon as possible Super spy Of course I know who it is.In the Ziguang military base, Xiao Ling heard these words and said without hesitation He is the prototype of the famous novel character 007.The prototype of 007 Wang Weiyi immediately became interested.Yes, there have been many spies in the history of espionage.But compared with 007, all of them pale in comparison, only this super spy can make people cbd gummies turkey feel that he is the prototype of 007.Tell me, what s his name. Sidney Riley Sidney.Reilly Well, this person is quite mysterious.Xiao Ling said slowly He once told people in a serious way.The sound of machine guns was still ringing.Every shot was destroying Mashataf s body.Nervous After a long time, he finally got up from the ground in fear.After thinking about it, he took out a white handkerchief from his pocket, and then waved it vigorously above his head Stop, don t move The waving of the white handkerchief worked, and the two guns were quickly aimed at him.Seeing this scene, Mashataf was relieved.It is much better to be a prisoner than to be killed by a stray bullet He was brought before a Russian Sergeant , and of course Mashatav knew that the person in front of him could not really be a Russian military officer I am Major Mashatav of the Russian 27th Infantry Regiment.Major Ernst Brehm of the Deutsche Skeleton Pushing Team.Skeleton Commando Major Ernst Brahm Mashataf felt as if he had heard this name somewhere, but couldn t remember Fortunately, they didn t Not those horrible Bolsheviks Major Ernst.I was a laborer, and then I met Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Guo Yunfeng also roughly said what he knew.Kelly I was very surprised and unbelievable to hear that a laborer from China has now become an officer of the Germans.Do you want to stay in Germany forever Kelly asked suddenly.No, I want to go home, I think about going home every day Guo Yunfeng said in a daze But I can t go now, the war is not over yet, I have to fight with you.Lieutenant Colonel Ernst together The Lieutenant Colonel promised me that as soon as the war was over, he would personally send me home The Lieutenant Colonel said he would do it After finishing speaking, he stood up Kelly, come with me.Without further ado, he brought Kelly to Rommel, regardless of whether he could understand or not Captain, you have to release nurse Kelly.The murderers were quickly caught.They were two young Russians.According to the interrogation, they admitted that they did it themselves, but they robbed the wrong target Xiao Ling s words aroused Wang Weiyi s great curiosity.He listened carefully to Xiao Ling s words Their original target of robbery was a Russian old man.There was a gem, which aroused their greed, but because they did it at night and panicked, they didn t realize that they entered the wrong room, and the victim yelled loudly when they found them, and they killed each other cruelly Russians gem Wang Weiyi frowned Where is that Russian old man He disappeared According to the information I could find, it said that the police then went to the slums to look for it, but they couldn t find it.What France is most concerned about now is the outcome of cbd gummies turkey the war, not some robbery and murder.The Skeleton Commando endured the enemy s bombing for a whole day on the night of July 16th, and the order finally came due to the failure to continue the attack, the German High Command issued a retreat order.The German High Command specially commended the heroic behavior of the Skeleton Commando in capturing the Marne River, and at the same time demanded that the commando evacuate the battlefield immediately.The ferry that was not destroyed Then, he glanced at the commandos again, We just intercepted a telegram.Elena came to Wang Weiyi s side It was sent by Brigadier General Smith, the commander of the 30th Division of the US Army.Oh, the United States Is the person finally here Wang Weiyi asked lightly.As the war cbd gummies turkey progressed, radio technology became more mature.All countries have paid more and more attention to the use of battlefield radios, and have become more cautious and concerned about encrypting their own telegrams and intercepting enemy telegrams.The victory of the war is actually made of the lives of countless soldiers.Many families will be broken because of the war, many wives will lose their husbands, and many children will lose their fathers.No matter how great the victory is, it is nothing compared to these.Beasley was taken aback for a moment, obviously he did not expect the Baron Skull to say such words You hate war, don t you Yes, I hate war.Wang Weiyi replied without the slightest hesitation Except for politicians, No one likes war, everyone thinks they are on the side of justice, and desperately wants to exchange the lives of countless people for victory, I can t stop myself from being so small compared to war, I m not worth mentioning.But you have won one after another.Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette and took a puff silently Because I am a soldier, my duty is to obey orders.I only need the equipment of one regiment, which is not an excessive requirement.These aid supplies to China were originally used to fight against the Japanese, and I don t think it will affect your principles to which army to aid Keluer still shook his head I admit that what you said is very Makes sense, Mr.Major.But He was silent for a while, and then said Neither Hannah nor I have that much power Werner looked at Wang Weiyi and shrugged regretfully.Wang Weiyi He had already expected such a result, so he didn t get angry.Instead, he said suddenly, Then I can only give up He reached into his pocket and took cbd gummies turkey out a pack of cigarettes Just as the pack of cigarettes was being taken out, something fell out of his pocket incidentally The eyes of the three people looked there together, and suddenly, the eyes of the three people froze on got there Wang Weiyi was about to bend down to pick up such a thing, but Klore suddenly said loudly Wait, Mr.You damned Baron.The expressionless butler Depusey obviously guessed the identity of the baron You have made Madam miss you for so many years.Show up until now and you ll go to hell.But you have to die after Madam, otherwise Madam will be sad Wang Weiyi laughed Do you believe it, butler, I just returned from hell Butler Dempsey couldn t help shiveringdon t believe it.This damn baron may really just come back from hell, nothing is impossible for him When only Wang Weiyi, Leoni, Hermione and Elliott were left in this private reception room, Wang Weiyi slowly took off the mask on his facebut the young, familiar The incomparable face reappeared, and Leonie let out a cheer.If it wasn t for someone nearby, she would have thrown herself into the baron s arms.But Hermione let out an exclamation.It s unbelievable that the baron is just like the countess.Zhang Lingfu was the last to evacuate, and he didn t get into the car until his adjutant urged him repeatedly.Farewell to Jiangjia Village for the time being, maybe I will come back soon, the blood of the brothers here will definitely not be shed in vain.Here, it will inevitably become the place of revenge of the 305 regiment Zhang Lingfu adjusted his military uniform, straightened his hat, and said in a deep voice, Let s go Three hundred and sixty three.Kiyoko Wusan didn t know what to say to personally command and stand in Jiangjia Village, which was seized with great painstaking efforts.Just Jiangjia Village made his alliance pay such a price, and Changshu, although it was close at hand, Qingkou Wusan really couldn t think of how to seize it.Isn t this a great tragedy In fact, if I honestly continued my historical research at Waseda Academy, I would no longer have to face such sorrow.Five years have passed since the Baron came to the United States last time.He is always like this, coming and going in a hurry, so mysterious.It s not bad, is it My dear Hermione.Leonie said helplessly Last time, he disappeared for nearly twenty years, but this time, it was only less than five years So he is Baron Alexon.Hermione was even more helpless He explained everything, and then disappeared mysteriously, and God knows what he will do next.If one day he shows up in Europe, I won t be surprised at all Fortunately, he returned to Germany this time Leonie poured herself A glass of wine I heard that the German war in Russia was not going very smoothly.Nearly 300,000 people were surrounded.Those Bolsheviks completely ignored buy cure balm dessert cbd gummies human life and charged towards the German army layer by layer.Our casualties are very heavy At this time, Elliott, who brought the information to the two ladies, said Madam, the Skeleton Division is also surrounded by the Russians.They continued to launch attacks again and again, and continued to send supplies to them tenaciously.I even heard that the amount of the party Once the guard troops cbd sleep gummies side effects five gummies cbd entered the encirclement, they immediately cbd gummies turkey joined the Ernst battle group.Zhukov sighed This man s personal charm is too great.I have cbd gummies turkey best cbd gummies for dogs heard more than once that all Germans are willing to die for him, and all German soldiers are willing to fight for him.Comrade Chief of Staff, he has several times Do you know why I know, Vasilevsky said in a daze, the slogan has already begun to spread in the German army in Demyansk, and the skeleton baron will never give up the last one.German soldiers Never give up on the last German soldier Zhukov murmured He is willing to die for his soldiers, and his soldiers are willing to die for him.Supplement, but none of them have combat experience, and the German soldiers in the Demyansk encirclement are all veterans who have experienced many battles.Skeleton Division It is the leading force of the whole group and must be on the front line, which is very dangerous, I suggest There is nothing to consider.Wang Weiyi interrupted him coldly My headquarters will be set up at the front line , but to ensure my safety, all troops should appear in the positions where they should appear within the specified time Otherwise, even if I am here, I will be surrounded by Russians Yes, Marshal Then you What are you waiting for Do you want me to send you off Yes, Marshal, we promise to show up at the position that should appear at the stipulated time Watching them leave, Wang Weiyi looked at the map again Si Dao , ready to go to the Skeleton Division with me Guo Yunfeng seemed a little dissatisfied Baron, where is my armored army Hitler once wanted to give Guo Yunfeng a general, but Guo Yunfeng thought that his ability is more suitable for command A Panzer Army, Hitler also agreed to this request.Among these ghosts is a death knight riding a blood red war horse, burning with flames all over his body the striker of the god of death Hellboy He tapped the battlefield with the same burning spear in his hand, and the flames from hell swept across Kharkov Death Kharkov Terrible, endless shells are constantly falling on the position, the planes in the sky and the cannons on the ground are completely crazy cbd gummies for blood sugar control and wrap everything viciously in the dead space Those Russians had nowhere to hide, and were forced into the space created by the death striker.Then countless ghosts surged up to welcome us as our companions.The death knight riding a burning horse stared coldly at everything on the battlefield.He is a legend chosen by the god of death himself.He is a myth of immortality and an undefeated legend.Tanks are domineering on the battlefield, assault guns are invincible on the battlefield, and soldiers are invincible on the battlefield The Soviet army that broke through suffered multiple blows from the Germans.Unable to gather at all, they were forced to throw their soldiers into the attack one by one.But this is in the hands of the Germans Their defenders held their positions with ease, and their attackers happily annihilated the enemy.The balance of the war has been irresistibly tilted towards the German army.The Russians are obviously not reconciled to another failure in their breakout battle.Until the last moment, they were still working hard.Especially the 26th Cavalry Division commanded by Major General Nekkinsky.This is a cavalry division in the true sense.When the cavalry unit has become increasingly unable to adapt to the battlefield, and has been quickly eliminated, this unit is composed entirely of cavalry.We can t achieve complete victory on the battlefield alone, we have to let something happen inside the enemy itself.Of course, to achieve my goal, we must be accompanied by our victories on the battlefield one after another But who will I send to rescue Marshal Timoshenko What, you want to save Timoshenko General Kleist was taken aback.Don t make such a fuss.Even if Timoshenko is alive, Stalin will never let him command the army again, because he has lost the last bit of Stalin s trust.Wang Weiyi pondered there for a while I have to find some jewelry and information, and I need reliable people.Guo Yunfeng Seems like he s going fine.Go, call Guo Yunfeng in immediately Well, General Kleist must admit that his intelligence can t keep up with Marshal Ernst at all But he must firmly believe that anything Marshal Ernst does is to win for Germany.Everything Germany does is to protect its own diaspora.until justice is served.Germany will never withdraw its troops from Turkey At 1 pm on July 10, 1942, Turkey declared war on Germany and the Axis Powers Turkey has officially joined the ranks of the Allies This is the result that the Allies have always wanted before, but it is a bit embarrassing to appear under such circumstances.The United Kingdom must send additional troops to Turkey in the shortest possible time.At the same time, it must also pray that the Turkish army can stop the fierce German offensive.Ensure that its capital, Ankara, does not fall into German hands.At the same time, Inonu, President of the Republic of Turkey, also made a series of countermeasures in a panic.In addition to declaring war on Germany, Inonu hastily mobilized the 2nd and 3rd Army Corps, under the command of Marshal Goris.But less than an hour after the demonstration was dispersed, the German radio station announced a shocking news In Ankara, tens of thousands of people held a huge demonstration, demanding the dissolution of the Turkish government, but they were met by President Inonu and the Turkish military.brutal repression by the police.The patriotic Turks fought with it, resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries No one knows the real situation in Ankara for the time being, but under the cbd gummies turkey deliberate arrangement of the German government, this news is crazy.Generally spread in Turkey.Repression that s not what a democratic government should do Everyone has the right to express their voice this is what Kemal, the first president of Turkey, said when the Republic of Turkey was established But now his successor has broken such an oath first around Ankara, and then in Ankara also began to circulate such news.It was you who brought the war to an end and you who brought peace to your country.I think when cbd gummies turkey the war was over they were even willing to erect a huge statue of you, what do you think I ll think about it, I ll think about it.Kistafa murmured.Wang Weiyi took out a few photos at this five gummies cbd buy natures boost cbd gummies time and handed them to Kistafa General, you can probably take a look at this.Kistafa took it in cbd gummies turkey doubt.But after only one glance, the expression on his face changed drastically.The one on the photo is his own son Mota Heis he in your hands Kistafa s voice became trembling.Yes, he was seriously wounded in the battle.But don t worry, our doctors are doing their best to save his life.Wang Weiyi nodded We didn t know he was your son before, thanks to Mr.Marfa General Kistafa, do you still want more young people to fight in such a war cbd gummies turkey die This is the most fatal sentence This made the heart of General Kistafa, who was already shaken, seem to be stabbed into the most powerful knife again Do you still want more young people Died in such a war Kistafa thought he was a good general and a good father at the same time He even seemed to have seen that the shells were flying across Ankara, and the flames of war were completely igniting Ankara.A commando force of hundreds of people is enough to turn Ankara upside down.Even General Kistafa can imagine that at the height of the war, hundreds of commandos suddenly made a big fuss in Ankara.So what kind of terrible situation will it cause I can provide you with all the information on the security brigade, and where President Inonu will be, including the entire situation of the presidential palace.General Jistafa decided not to hesitate any longer.Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction, and then he set his sights on those cbd sleep gummies side effects five gummies cbd senior Turkish officials As for you, after the mutiny in Ankara, I need you in the first place.For a while, he expressed his support for the mutiny soldiers and General Kistafa.Gentlemen, can you do it certainly.Mafa s answer was very positive We will do our best to cooperate with your actions, stabilize the existing Ankara government, and win enough supporters.Hermione and Elliott are completely capable of completing these tasks better than Wang Weiyi.In the U.S.Wang Weiyi got a lot of what he wanted, and now, his trip to the United States should come to an end.News had already come from Germany that year that the Soviet army was completing its build up.It was possible to carry out an offensive in the autumn to defeat the German forces on the Russian battlefield.Then focus on the Turkish battlefield.Manstein, Guderian, and Model have already completed their preparations.With them guarding there, there is no need to worry at all.On the African battlefield, the British army commanded by Montgomery also meant to prepare to attack.Perhaps they were preparing to cooperate with the Soviet army in the last strategic offensive.The delicate balance in Africa is about to be broken.After losing a necklace, she even sent someone to steal it back Why did the Queen steal this necklace back Is there any secret in the necklace I don t know, sir, I really don t know It seems that this necklace is very important to the queen, she always wears it in the past, but lost to you today This What the guy said didn t seem like a lie.Wang Weiyi pondered for a while, and asked Elena to untie them You can go back and tell Queen Farida that if she wants the necklace, she can send someone in person.Ask me for it, and I will never be stingy Wang Weiyi is telling the truth.Although the necklace of Queen Farida is precious, it is nothing in Wang Weiyi s eyes.Winning the necklace back was just for fun.But Queen Farida wanted to get back the necklace by such means, but it made Wang Weiyi think of not returning it.Lieutenant Colonel Zieger s 3rd Dive Bomber Regiment suffered heavy losses.Fourteen Ju87s were lost in one week due to the attack on Bir Hakam.To make matters worse, although the air force dispatched planes to carry out the bombing, the ground force s storm could not keep up, thus rendering the air force s painstaking efforts in vain.The commanders of Rommel s troops urged him to step up the offensive, but Rommel stubbornly refused to invest more troops in this desert fortress.General von Waldau, who was disappointed with Rommel, reported to Kesselring that due to the poor coordination of land and air, dive bombing was not only almost meaningless, but also only paid unnecessary sacrifices.Kesselring immediately flew to Rommel s garrison and said to Rommel This is not going to work After a few days, Rommel transferred the 135th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment commanded by Colonel Fultz to Bil Hakam.However, no one thought that he was talking big, and no one thought that Marceiu was showing off himself.As usual, everyone praised him for being a good guy.From the head of the regiment to all the staff, they all liked this young man with slender blond hair, and everyone affectionately called him our John.The next morning, the third squadron attacked twice, but Marseio did not encounter any enemy planes.Afternoon air safari before landing at the new Al Ghazala base.That evening, the ground crew went to visit them.Sergeant Pedergen, the wingman pilot of Marseille, greeted him happily and said Four more have been destroyed As a witness of the air battle, Pedergen was responsible for counting the number of enemy planes shot down by his superior and recording the crash site of the enemy planes and time.September 1881.Arabi army uprising, surrounded the palace, won the support of the people.Dufik was forced to convene Congress.In 1882, the Motherland Party formed a cabinet.Arabi served as Minister of War, abolished the dual supervision system, and passed the 1879 Constitution.It seemed that Britain could not control Egypt through the governor and cabinet.decided to intervene armed.In order to realize its long planned ambition of occupying the Suez Canal and the whole of Egypt.On July 11, 1882, the British squadron bombarded Alexandria.This squadron consists of 8 armored ships, 5 gunboats and 1 destroyer, equipped with 69 large caliber naval guns, 88 small and medium caliber naval guns and 70 Mitrajoz guns, with a crew of 5700 people.At that time, the Egyptian garrison in Alexandria had 7,500 poorly trained soldiers and poorly fortified positions.Montgomery sighed softly.He knew very well that with the strength of the Irish Army, it was impossible to defeat the Germans.On the contrary, the entire army might be wiped out.But this is his only way at this time.Use The sacrifice of the Irish, to buy Cantara the most time Sometimes in war, there are always sacrifices that must be made Sure enough, with Montgomery The advancing German army did not expect the enemy to turn around and attack.The German troops rushing to the front were quickly thrown into chaos under the sudden attack of the Irish.About one battalion of the German army was attacked by the Irish The crazy attack.The loss was very serious.If the German commander had no battlefield experience that the Irish could not match, maybe all the German troops in this battalion would have died here.It didn t cost much to talk.Murray simply promised the colonel that his 6th Panzer Regiment would be treated kindly once Cairo was broken.And after Germany occupied South Africa, it was guaranteed that no property of the colonel s family would be moved.At the same time, Murray gave Colonel Toppler a huge sum of thirty thousand pounds.The conditions are also very simple, at the most critical moment of the Battle of Cairo.Choose to help the Germans Colonel Toppler, who had given up all hope of the Allies winning cbd oil gummies alabama legal the war.After careful consideration, he agreed to Mr.Michael s conditions Not only that, he also decided to bring in the 25th, 27th, and 31st South African Engineer Companies to join him in this operation.The 6th Armored Vehicle Regiment is all white from officers to soldiers, so the South African authorities, an important combat force, don t believe in blacks.Edim received the same orders as Heisenberg.Commandos are soldiers who are issued more grenades and bullets.The commandos were taken to a mock fortress.The imitation fortress is startlingly detailed, almost exactly as the commandos saw in the photographs.Commando trains again and again.In order to increase the number of daily exercises, the commando replaced the parachute with a special glider.Every day, commandos climbed into gliders with full gear, glided cbd gummies for hair regrowth to rooftops, practiced setting explosives, and launched attacks on sites expected to be resisted.Commandos used blank shells and simulated grenades and explosives.Some infantry hid in the fortress, acting as Belgian defenders.The commandos rehearsed at least ten times a day until the invasion launched on December 6.Everyone knows every room, every door, every passage in the fort like the back of their hands.After the grenade exploded, he pulled the trigger and swiped at the target.Then he motioned for the others to follow.In the adjoining room, two circular perforations faced the commandos, and Heisenberg was immediately fired upon.Fortunately, no one was hit.Give me a hollow charge, said the nimble paratrooper, holding out his hand, and another paratrooper slipped him one.He pulled the fuse and threw 2:1 cbd thc gummies it around the corner.The hollow charge hit the iron door, making a sound of metal collision, and then adsorbed on the iron door.The explosive power of the hollow charge was so powerful that Soviet Russian soldiers fired The area led by the aisle outside the door extends all the way to the side of the mountain.Heisenberg saw a Soviet soldier hiding around the corner, so Heisenberg quickly raised his gun and shot HCMUSSH cbd gummies turkey him in the chest.He saw white smoke and scattered bricks as many bullets hit the building s exterior.The glass on all the windows has long since broken.A mortar shell 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through the scope on his rifle, searching for targets.Heisenberg shot him in the forehead.At dusk, a large number of Russian soldiers surrounded in the city center raised their hands and surrendered.They were disarmed and headed south, escorted by several hundred German infantry.630.Biscuits, not bombs.On December 12, 1942, something that touched the nerves of countless people finally happened The honorary Grand Marshal of the German Empire, His Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm personally conferred the title of Baron Alexon Ernst Brehm Arrival secretly arrives in London.You refuse to accept the challenge.Your Royal Highness, maybe you can spare my life.As soon as Wang Weiyi said, Sir Monlington and General Rosen couldn t help laughing.The current Elizabeth is far from the Queen of England in the future.She is not so majestic.Sixteen years old, dog loving, innocent, childish girl who regards war as the most romantic thing.Elizabeth did not understand what the three men were laughing at, but said very seriously Are you really scared Skull Baron You are young, so young that I am amazed.And you don t look scary at all.Accept my challenge, Your Excellency the Baron I.Represents the glory of England, and effects of cbd gummy you represent the glory of Germany, I hope you will not back down, do not refuse to accept the challenge of a future Queen of England She is the first in line to the throne of England, and she is fully qualified to call herself the Queen of the Future.He did not like to see the enemies of his country having fun in his house.There was no shame in losing a battle, and working with a conqueror was out of character with his philosophy and education.He rejected the suggestion.Weeks passed, still at a loss, and the Viscount had no choice but to agree to the driver s suggestion.Invitations were sent to Kohugo and his subordinates.The parties are held again and again.Gasoline storage in Marcel is growing.Taking just five liters from each tank at a time, he had enough gasoline to fly across the Channel in about four months.Once, a German driver suddenly came back to pick up something he had left in the car, and Marcel was almost caught red handed.Fortunately, the German was too drunk to notice that he was squatting behind a car and making trouble.Whoever wins will completely change the trend of the battlefield.Under the guidance of false information, Linde Lieutenant General Rove made a wrong judgment.He firmly believed that the entire German army in Erklin was falling into a kind of chaos, and this was a great opportunity for the Third Army.They needed a beautiful victory and needed Capture Elklin to lay the best foundation for the entire decisive battle The shells roared, every cannon screamed, and the sound of rumbling explosions drowned the battlefield.Everything, the deafening sound, as if Thor is swinging a sledgehammer to hit the ground.Terrible battlefield, terrible death Tasotsky used all the cannons he could use to bombard the German position without interruption, but on the Erklin side, there were very few counterattacks, which once gave Tasotsky the illusion Is it true that, as Major Waderos said, the German army had a big problem in Erklin If this is the case, then the victory may not be in vain Just as the war is in full swing, a person is watching all this with cold eyes the Skeleton Baron Although he himself is also facing great danger, this is just a routine for Wang Weiyi.Now, I am not worried about your own safety, but what will happen to your family Labor camp Or Siberia General Lindelof, maybe you know this ending better than me Lindelof was silent Indeed, as Baron Alexson said, he himself He knows best what will happen to his family.There are no generals who are victorious in all battles, including me.Wang Weiyi said lightly Victory or failure on the battlefield is nothing more than the level of command ability, and this is not a reason to implicate family members.But, Your respected Comrade Stalin always likes to do thiscleaning, one after another, countless cbd gummies turkey former comrades have died in this constant cleaning.I heard that with your qualifications, you can I got a higher military rank, but why am I only a lieutenant general now On this point, Lindelof did not hide anything During the last purge, I did get involved, so the official position I have never been promoted, but this does not hinder my belief in the Bolsheviks.Instead, you have to rescue your daughter and your wife s sister.Ah, what are their names Xenia and Avrona.Ksenia is my daughter Oh, that s a nice name.Wang Weiyi nodded Cooperation is mutually beneficial, so tell me, what kind of return can you give me after I rescue them Lindelof was silent for a while, and then slowly said All the unit numbers, personnel and equipment, specific deployment of the Caucasus Front Army, as well as the names of all officers above the brigade and their personalities Ah.Priceless.Wang Weiyi was satisfied I can start preparing to rescue Xenia and Avrona now, but how can I make them believe me please wait.Can I have a pen cbd sleep gummies side effects five gummies cbd and paper After taking the pen and paper from Wang Weiyi, Lindelof carefully wrote a letter and handed it to Wang Weiyi.Mind if I have a look After getting Lindelof s affirmative answer, Wang Weiyi opened the letter and took a look at it ah, cbd gummies turkey how touching how I want to be like you when you were young, when the sunset shines on the earth, I will feed you HCMUSSH cbd gummies turkey Take a bite of an apple Please trust the people who come to meet you Take Xenia and leave together General Lindelof, I think I should write this letter To Avrona Yes, Mr.This is what Dawamirski did not think of.The constantly assaulting German tanks and the constantly attacking German commandos rushed up violently, completely tearing apart the 56th Army, which had already suffered heavy losses.Dawamirski s flanks were seriously lacking in effective protection, and the Soviet troops were very far away from him.This caused the 56th Army and the 81st Panzer Army to be completely exposed to German fire attacks but could not receive reinforcements.Davamirsky was in a hurry, and while organizing resistance tenaciously, he reported what happened here to Marshal Voroshilov and asked for immediate support.But Voroshilov remained silent for a long time for now.It is necessary to temporarily rely on the personal strength of Dawamirski and Straff to stop the German offensive The German army swarmed up, and the war became a one sided game for the Germans.When he walked into the headquarters, he found that Marshal Vasilevsky was looking at something at the map, and Khrushchev stood behind the marshal without saying a word.Comrade Military Commissar.So far, we have sacrificed more than 20,000 officers and soldiers Vasilevsky turned around.With a deep pain on his face More than 20,000 people, when the battle is over, I really can t imagine how much loss we will continue to suffer If we can win, all losses can be borne Yes.Khrushchev said silently.He still has nothing to say, if it cbd gummies turkey fails, who will bear these responsibilities If my judgment is correct, then Ernst Brahm will evacuate his first line of defense later today.Vasilevsky said calmly The task of blocking the first line has been completed, They will retreat to the second line position and continue to delay our time, and then he will order all the German troops on the outside to attack.Timilenko said immediately I know you will inspect the Moscow Tractor Plant No.The murder is going on quietly Stalin s expression changed.What he feared most in his life was murder against himself, and in order to avoid murder, the security guards around him worked to the point of being impeccable, but even so, Stalin still felt that there were enemies everywhere around him.So when he heard that a murder was taking place against himself, Stalin s anger was ignited Arrest them immediately and shoot them all We can t catch them yet When he said this When speaking, Timilenko noticed that Stalin s face changed again, and said hastily This enemy is very cunning.I learned of this conspiracy by accident.Before I was about to arrest them At that time, the enemy seemed to have learned the news in advance and fled.They can convert the attack into defense in the first time, and then inflict heavy damage on our assault troops.So I did not follow your one point on this point, guilty I made a big mistake, so I would like to ask for your criticism.Now is not the time to pursue any mistakes.Zhukov kept his eyes fixed on the front We are completely behind.Seven hundred sixteen.Three Days of Tragedy The Judgment Day Plan started on March 1943, and when it lasted until the 15th day, the battlefield began to change.Under the strong pressure of the German army, the positions of the Soviet army fell one after another, and the German army began to control the initiative on the battlefield.The continuous, high intensity oppressive attacks prevented the Soviet army from getting any respite.And the high density bombing also plunged the whole of Moscow into a kind of mental panic.That was the atomic bomb the world s first atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima In an instant, the city rolled up a huge mushroom shaped cloud of smoke, and Hiroshima was turned into a sea of flames.About 70,000 to 80,000 people were killed in the world s first atomic bomb explosion, and nearly 100,000 people were injured.The power brought by the atomic bomb is completely shocking If the Japanese think that all this is over, then they are wrong, all this is just the beginning At 9 00, the second and third squadrons took off one after another.This time, they were carrying two atomic bombs named HCMUSSH cbd gummies turkey Artemis and Athena , and their targets would be Nagasaki and Ogura.The Germans are crazy, Ernst is crazy They will drop three atomic bombs in a row on September 18th Nagasaki and Kokura, like Hiroshima, were destroyed in a giant mushroom cloud But is this the end No this is just the beginning Three atomic bombs destroyed three cities, but the Germans cbd gummy miami had not three, nor the eight predicted by the Americans.Well, is it Gaius seemed to be a little polite to the chief centurion, and after a short thought, he said decisively No, this cottage must be captured within three days Now the army in my hand The number is not enough, I can t let six battalions of troops be trapped here Go prepare, and attack again immediately after lunch The Roman officers in the tent looked at each other, and finally the chief centurion was more courageous, Excuse me , Consul Gaius, I think it is cbd gummies turkey basically impossible to capture it within three days, unless Mars, the god of war, descends purchase cbd gummies among us.Didn t you hear me I ordered you to attack immediately after lunch You Do you want me to repeat it again Gaius said impatiently as if he didn t hear what the centurion said.Hearing these words, the officers put their right arms across their chests and gave a military salute, then silently exited Gaius command tent.Otherwise, it is difficult to say whether this punishment battle will be carried out.But in any case, at least Caesar is clear about cbd gummies turkey one thing, he cannot stay in Gaul forever.Otherwise, his influence in Rome will continue to decline.Caesar can still remember the happiness that the supreme consul brought him.If there is no term limit, Caesar is willing to keep doing it. Seeing Ernst riding a horse not far away, Caesar, who was in a good mood, asked him to be called into his carriage My friend, what do you think of my legion Although I have seen many Roman troops , but this is the first time I have seen such a powerful army.Wang Weiyi flattered I believe that under your command, those barbarians will soon surrender.I accept your compliment, my Friends.Caesar smiled and said, I think, this time I won t let them go so easily, I have to kill a thousand people and nail them all to the rack to shock them, you probably still No idea, after suppressing the riot of the mob Spartacus, I personally killed a hundred of those who participated in the riot, and then nailed them to a stake that meant shame This is actually Caesar putting cbd gummies turkey gold on his own face, including Gaius saying that he followed Caesar to quell the Spartacus uprising before, which is exactly the same.What they were about to face was the Romans who were attacking with all their strength, and what they were about to face was the pride of the Romans Caesar The Roman soldiers took their steps and pressed towards here little by little.From here, it was so dark that it was impossible to see the end.Wang Weiyi pulled out his saber Manfred, would you like to attack the Romans with me later That s my honor, Ernst.Richthofen said grinningly But In fact, I still want to pick up a submachine gun and give them a hard shot.Wang Weiyi laughed There will be such a chance, Manfred, the long time and space will give you the opportunity to use weapons Roman Legion Gradually approaching There was no sound in the Germanian team, everyone was waiting there quietly The ground seemed to tremble under the neat steps of the Romans., I think here we will encounter an unprecedented hard fight.But the victory is still ours.Calini HCMUSSH cbd gummies turkey said respectfully Because cbd gummies turkey we have your command But Caesar was not happy because of such words He knew very well that the bitter battle of the Roman Legion was about to come The trap was quickly destroyed by the efforts of those auxiliary soldiers Filled in, and the Roman soldiers who had been closely monitoring the enemy and protecting the auxiliary soldiers started to attack again.Are you ready, my warriors Wang Weiyi shook the saber in his hand.At your command, Ernst.This was Richthofen s answer.Guo Yunfeng didn t say a word, but slowly drew his swords.It s our honor that the Germanians can fight with you. was the reply of Anluges and Thebius.Let us, then, prepare to teach the Romans a new lesson Wang Weiyi said lightly.all goals.So did Anlugus, so did Thebius.This is true of every Germanic warrior. But probably Senardier would never have imagined that there were actually only three tribes of the Germanic Alliance fighting on the battlefield.And not all warriors in these three tribes If there were more of them, I am afraid that their legion would not take advantage of it today.Such thoughts arose in Senardi s heart.He had to admit that the savages were far braver than his soldiers.Even less afraid of the threat of death.There seems to be some belief in their hearts.Driven by this belief, they completely ignore all fears These barbarians must be completely defeated. Not long after the start of the battle, Senardi quickly invested his reserve force, and at the same time ordered the auxiliary army to prepare for the battle The skull battle flag on the battlefield suddenly swung left and right again, as if it was giving some order, and the barbarians soon showed signs of retreating.The attack of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division had to be slowed down.The entire supply convoy, plus the twenty four American soldiers stationed in Schrottenburg, just disappeared.How many Germans came How on earth did they do it Lieutenant Colonel Karls, I will give you an infantry battalion and a motorized battalion.We must find these Germans in the shortest possible time.It doesn t matter whether they live or die, but they must not be allowed to escape Kerrett said.The general issued such an order viciously cbd sour gummies for sleep At the same time, I will order the plane to conduct aerial reconnaissance and capture the figures of the Germans as soon as possible.Yes, general, I don t think the Germans will escape.Kars is confident He completely gave his general an answer.He didn t think the Germans had anywhere to run, and the whole of Schrothenburg was under the Allied blockade as long as they remained in the encirclement.Gnapoli Burr has been waiting for you for a long time.Seeing the Baron come back , Butler Videlio greeted him, and then he glanced at Agent Annette with disheveled hair, as if he understood what happened.Aha, my dear Baron Preet, I m waiting for you.How about it, is Anhalter Castle interesting I have brought you some historical introduction materials of Dessau, I believe you will like it.Gnapoli stood up from the sofa and said enthusiastically.Thank you, Mr.Gnapoli.While speaking, Wang Weiyi took off a dead leaf from Annette s body, and then said in a low voice, Agent Annette, I think you should go back to the room and tidy up.Annette s face flushed again, and then she quickly regained her composure, and calmly went up to her second floor Seeing her enter his room, Wang Weiyi straightened his face Housekeeper Videlio, I need to use your room, help me keep an eye on Agent Annette.These things were all buried by himself, and they were the most insignificant part of his huge wealth in the base, but.These treasures can solve some troubles for themselves.He was sure Jonson and Davyn would take the cbd oil cbd gummies treasure for themselves.Wang Weiyi could have left Dessau with the help of the base, but he did not intend to do so.He decided to give some treasures to cbd gummies turkey the two Americans, and Jonson and David discovered the whole truth of the matter.Because of their greed, they absolutely dare not speak out about these things, otherwise, they will probably go to a military court.Even after they left, they pretended to continue to search for the whereabouts of Colonel Cherus in Dessau This is tantamount to buying themselves more time More importantly, maybe I will still need them in the future.Of the 12 members of the Council of Elders, only 5 are still alive.Marshal Manstein and Marshal Riedel is in remote North Africa and the Middle East.General Ludwig hasn t left his home for a long time.Marshal Paul Hauser is seriously ill, and now you are the only one who is still here.You can represent the Council of Elders.I can t Representing them.Bon Crayley s voice was still so calm Yes, only five of us are left alive in the Council of Elders, and when we were preparing to select new members, the war broke out without warning.But no matter what, the 5 people must pass unanimously before the .

are cbd gummies illegal in pa?

baron guard can be used.Head of state, you can ask the opinions of Manstein and Marshal Riedel, and you can also go to General Ludwig and Paul Schwartz.Field Marshal Hausser, as long as they agree, the baron s guard will be under your command.Ah, I hope you will be so strong tomorrow.Colonel Chelus looked at him and said nothing Colonel Chelus was locked in a completely sealed room, quietly, without any sound.The pain on his face and body was constantly tormenting him.He almost couldn t uly cbd gummies en español cbd gummies turkey hold on today, and almost confessed all the secrets, as long as Oliver could torture him for another half an hour.He knew he couldn t survive tomorrow no matter what.Tomorrow, I will definitely not be able to bear the confession in front of the cruel punishment.He sighed, knowing what he should do.Major, thank you for your help There are several enemy spies in the German high command, but I can t tell you their names.But I need you to remember one thing, if anything happens to me, Somewhere in Room 317 of the Berlin Hotel, there are some people s names kept, on which you can find clues At least, he still had a glimmer of hope that the magical Major Moyol might Be able to take out this information and give it to someone who can really be trusted.When Wang Weiyi and his commandos, dressed as American troops, appeared in Ibor, cbd gummies turkey Major Mario became the key.Even though he appeared to be indifferent on the surface, Wang Weiyi quietly put his hand on the handle of the gun Sitting in the jeep, Major Mario, who was chewing gum, nonchalantly told the sentinel his number, which was accurate His answer made the sentry quickly lose their vigilance.He returned the ID to Mario Major, how is the progress ahead We will enter Berlin soon.Mario replied after putting away the ID.I hear there s a very strong German commando Yes, but we ll kill them.I really cbd gummies turkey want to go home.You can go in, Major.The jeep and the rear The truck slowly drove past the guard post, and Wang Weiyi heaved a long sigh of relief until this time, it seems that he made the right bet on Mario U.He still couldn t shake him at all.He knew that the baron was approaching, and he knew that reinforcements would arrive soon, and all he had to do was to firmly control Ibor in his own hands.The machine gun was beating tenaciously.The bomb exploded right next to the machine gunners, but it also couldn t make them shake or fear.The rocket launcher and the grenadier desperately threw the rockets and grenades at the enemy., Their faces were so solemn.A grenadier fell down.Soon his companion took over his grenade.Then he threw it out with all his strength.Here, everyone is working hard here, Everyone doesn t know what giving up is here, everyone is ready to die As long as they don t receive an order to retreat, they won t leave their position.This is their mission a German soldier s Mission Annoying planes appear one after another and leave one after another, but it won t take long for a new one to appear in the sky of Ibor again.I really can t believe my eyes, what kind of miracle can keep you looking Your beauty It uly cbd gummies en español cbd gummies turkey just makes me intoxicated.Thank you for your compliment, Marshal Paul Hauser.Leonie smiled and said, As long as the faith is not dead, there will always be miracles, isn t it Ludwig, cbd sleep gummies side effects five gummies cbd are you okay Is it Okay, I m fine.Ludwig s voice trembled a little.But when he saw Elena, he still couldn t believe what he saw Elena.I saw you shot with my own eyes.It was with the Russians, but now, you I was saved by the Baron.Elena also smiled there All of this, when the Baron returns, he will tell you what happened.Marshal Paul Hauser cbd sleep gummies side effects five gummies cbd let out a long breath.When the Baron returns, he ll tell you what happened Baron, he s coming back soon Then, he turned to Oliver Oliver, are you really going to arrest the baroness Do you know what you are doing and what kind of punishment you will receive Oliver also couldn t believe that these old soldiers were all Appeared.Sir, I am the sentinel at the west bank exit of the jurisdiction.A car was stopped by us just now.It seems to be the car of the Commander of the Kroll Head Guards.I rushed over to ask whether to let it go OrForcibly inspected From the sentry s tone, Hart could tell that the commander s deterrence was not as high as usual.Hart lowered his head and thought carefully, Kroll s army er It was still the Guards.This is what Hart commonly called Head of Kroll s dog.Not only did this group of people never really go to the battlefield during the Great War, their feet trembled even when they saw the enemy check Of course we have to check I heard that Baron Alexon has returned, whether he is in collusion with spies or not.He must be charged with crimes Thinking of this, Hart asked the sentinel to lead the way without saying a word.The shells fell frantically among the French, and the sound of explosions destroyed everything around them.The French, who did not expect this situation at all, suddenly became confused.However, the German artillery fire did not mean to stop.They bombarded the enemy round after round, destroying the enemy s determination to resist one round after another.Counterattack this is the baronial counterattack that everyone is familiar with Once the Skull Baron decides to fight back, there is no one on earth to stop him We are attacked, we are attacked.Masses of Germans Jean.Doss shouted frantically Yes, the enemy cbd sleep gummies side effects five gummies cbd has not been defeated.The artillery fire is fierce I need air support, I need ground support General Doss, this is Garden, hold on, you must hold on, air support is very important It will arrive soon.Putting on the uniform of the US military, divided into several trucks, and walked swaggeringly within the range of the enemy s control.This is a commander who has got the essence of the baron, and he is perfectly able to judge when it cbd gummies turkey is safe and when it is dangerous.They passed every checkpoint smoothly, and their goal was to destroy the positions of the French 91st Artillery Brigade It was an extraordinarily daring move, and the poor Frenchmen were hunted down exactly as they were by the 33rd Infantry Division.This is an artillery brigade quite close to the front line, posing a great threat to the German positions.Heisenberg had set his sights on this goal very early on, but never found a suitable opportunity to do so.After the Blizzard operation started, as the battle situation was not smooth, the Allied forces began to frequently mobilize their troops, making the battlefield look a little chaotic, which gave Heisenberg an excellent opportunity.The home of the gods was in ruins in the fire.Men, elves, and gnomes were few and far between after the Flood.The fire finally completely destroyed them The world tree was burned, and the world was destroyed.So far, the blood stained curtain of the Nordic mythology has finally fallen slowly after going through the ultimate tragic ordeal.But destruction is by no means extinction.After the twilight of the gods, with the rebirth of the world tree, the survivors of the three realms began the arduous process of rebuilding the world.Vikings from generation to generation continued to follow the footsteps of their ancestors, drifting in the rough On the sea, showing fearless life Atedler replied with a smile Life will always continue, and life will always have miracles, right, Mr.Pipondu Oh, yes, yes.But said To be honest, you kid is really strong, you actually fought hand to hand combat with the enemy cavalry, but you are really powerful, you actually held the enemy cavalry for more than 3 hours.By the time our tank units arrived your regiment was almost wiped out, and you were lying in a pile of corpses when I arrived.Haha, your kid has defeated the local cavalry lieutenant colonel, haha.Hearing Dollinger tko cbd gummies 2000mg s words, Slat was very grateful that his subordinates were able to contain the enemy cavalry for more than 3 hours.Seeing that the subordinates around him felt honored for them.By the way, Harvey, look What s next to your pillow.Dollinger looked cbd gummies turkey best cbd gummies near me at Slater with gentle eyes at this time The officers have already come when you were unconscious.They said that the courage and senselessness you have shown in battle is a manifestation of the honor of a soldier of the Empire, so you are specially awarded the Iron Cross as a reward, and you are awarded the Second Class Soldier Medal to five gummies cbd all of you in the d company.Time became the most important of all.Hunter Ernst at least now Wang Weiyi has another nickname.He has always been with his troops.After successfully killing the enemies behind him who were trying to chase him down, he found Colonel Versten, and made this place the command center of the entire Fabaman.Colonel Fan Siten also heard about the miraculous achievements of Marshal Ernst, and like any ordinary soldier, he was also full of admiration for the marshal.Danger is still everywhere.Just over ten minutes ago, the US military just launched a large scale attack here.Fortunately, it is.Colonel Versten and his troops who were in a critical situation received timely reinforcements from SS Aldridge s first level assault brigade in time, and only then did they repel the crazy American troops Crazy Crazy talent is the only way to describe Americans these days.There was almost no delay, and all the German troops who arrived at the Fabaman battlefield were immediately thrown into the general offensive.The 9th Armored Division of the U.S.Army was completely unprepared.They were on the offensive side a minute ago, and they quickly became the defensive side.The German reinforcements to Fabaman, the German soldiers and Bulgarian soldiers who insisted on resisting in Fabaman, launched a full scale counter offensive throughout the city.The long hidden Manstein and his German Middle East Army finally no longer need to hide any strength.In the sky, a large number of German aircraft formations suddenly appeared This is a day that Americans will never forget for a lifetime On this day, the counterattack code named Nemesis kicked off a grand curtain in Fabaman The first to suffer It was the 9th Infantry Regiment of the 9th Armored Division. five gummies cbd buy natures boost cbd gummies 40 2 2 cbd gummies turkey cbd gummies turkey uly cbd gummies en español cbd gummies turkey cbd gummies turkey 3 2205 2208 ss6 best cbd gummies for epilepsy ss6 2205 5 05 ss6 ss6 1 cbd gummies turkey cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg cbd gummies turkey ss6 five gummies cbd buy natures boost cbd gummies cbd gummies turkey s 5 30 cbd gummies turkey cbd gummies turkey ss6 ss6 9 4 4 0 8 1 ss6 ss6 ss6 ss6 uly cbd gummies en español cbd gummies turkey ss6 ss6 cbd gummies turkey ss6 cbd gummies turkey cbd gummies turkey cbd sleep gummies side effects five gummies cbd cbd gummies turkey ss6 ss6 five gummies cbd buy natures boost cbd gummies cbd capsules and gummy bears give same effect cbd gummies turkey best cbd gummies for dogs ss6 ss6 1 cbd gummies sandra bullock cbd gummies turkey 1 .

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1 3 1 s can you take cbd gummies while breastfeeding 1 1 1 1 1 1 cbd apple rings gummy canabidiol 2 uly cbd gummies en español cbd gummies turkey t s 3 1 1 cbd gummies turkey 12 2 y n 1 price of royal blend cbd gummies y n s 2 y n cbd sleep gummies side effects five gummies cbd 1 cbd sleep gummies side effects five gummies cbd 43 13 12 3 s ss6 cbd gummies turkey best cbd gummies for dogs s possible side effects of cbd gummies s ss6 s s sh sh ch n mothers market cbd gummies 13 355 1072 3 cbd sleep gummies side effects five gummies cbd 2 2 54 13 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 13 1 1 cbd gummies turkey cbd gummies turkey five gummies cbd buy natures boost cbd gummies what stores carry cbd gummies 1 1 colorado cbd with thc gummies kentucky gold cbd gummies review 43 13 355 54 13 43 355 54 .

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10mg cbd gummies effects cbd gummies turkey 43 13 5 13 36 5 folium cbd gummies 1 cbd gummies turkey cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg cbd gummies turkey cbd gummies turkey ss6 .on one of the corpses my soldiers found me a bottle of vodka.Ah, nice stuff.Yes, vodka is always the best friend of a Russian.Tassos Ji took the wine glass bluntly, and drank it down It s exactly the same as we will always be your most loyal friends.Wang Weiyi refilled his empty glass with wine Well, now let s Let s listen to your information.Yes, Marshal, I will tell you everything I know.Tassowski calmed down The main attack on Robinstall was The Russian 3rd Army, commanded by Marshal Wartuksky.Among them, the 13th Armored Division commanded by Admiral Taborsky is the most elite armed force.Originally, according to the plan, the battle of Robin Stell had long been It should end, but we have encountered huge trouble.The resistance of the German army far exceeded our previous assumptions, and I even have to say that at some point we even felt hopeless Tassos Key told everything he knew Although a large number of German troops were wiped out, the Russian army itself also suffered heavy losses under the tenacious and effective resistance of the German troops.Kieritz stuffed the cigarette back into his mouth We Proud of you, Hoffmannwe your brothers, Kyritz, and your mother.Look at all of this You were born to fight.Kyritz watched affectionately, like a real father comforting his aggrieved son.Nine hundred and forty eight.Child, I hate war.No one hates war more than me.If there is no war, I would rather be a screenwriter, those Hollywood movies are rubbish, I would prefer to write a better screenplay myself. Major General Aveeno, Commander of the 29th French Infantry Division, March 1966.The war involved everyone, professional soldiers, civilians, a bunch of kids, and a rather scripted general.Major General Aveeno and his The 29th Infantry Division performed very well in the Second Battle of Berlin, which greatly exceeded the expectations of the Allied Command.The kid seemed to understand, but just took the bottle dully.Captain, please give me a cigarette.Simon put his head out of the window and waited with one hand outstretched.Simon watched Tuckot cautiously with his eyes in the dark, Tuckett turned away from his gaze, took a cigarette from his pocket and handed it to Simon.The latter immediately stuffed the cigarette into the mouth of the Russian child and lit it with his own lighter.Tucket noticed that the eyes around him became strange.Tucket reached out and pulled the sunroof of Simon s car off.Tucket called Lieutenant Jayne s name and asked him to ask the Russian kids outside about our current direction and the distance to the airport.As Tuckett did so, Tackett looked fiercely into Simon s eyes, reproaching him for so blatantly showing sympathy for the enemy.However, those children never made any request related to retreat.Guo Yunfeng has already stayed in the youth division.He told the Wanderer that he found Fu Yu s child Fu Yunfeng, and he decided to fight with the child himself.Life is really amazing.During the Chinese battlefield, Guo Yunfeng, who had been with him all the uly cbd gummies en español cbd gummies turkey time, met Fu Yu.But they can t be together.Then, after traveling through time and space, Guo Yunfeng met Fu Yu s child here.Maybe God has already arranged everything The fierce battle on the front line has reached the point of suffocating and collapsing, and every minute and every second is so important to everyone.Whoever can grit his teeth and persist for a while will be able to see the dawn of victory Persist for the last day.This is what Wang Weiyi told Guo Yunfeng.One day, it s going to be a crucial day.and protected by the police.What s even more frightening is that in order to win his support.Some people are trying to get close to him in an attempt to let him continue to exert his influence and influence the political situation in Italy I also got the latest news that Vittorio may go abroad to escape justice The trial The three of them became extremely angry at once.If they could cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg cbd gummies turkey bear other things, then cbd gummies turkey only this was unacceptable to HCMUSSH cbd gummies turkey them.In their eyes, Vittorio Mussolini is the biggest sinner in italy, he must stand trial and must take full responsibility for his own crimes.Before that, they heard things like the new government will not try Vittorio for his crimes , and even allowed him to go into exile overseas.But they are far away from the core class, but there is no conclusive evidence.Nuoqier nodded to Bodilla and the other two, meaning don t worry, I have my own measure Of course Nocher has a sense of proportion He doesn t want to be court martialed yet The top cover of the turret was opened by Hans before, so Nuoqier leaned out half of his body from the top cover quickly, and the submachine gun in his hand was not very heavy, until Nuoqier raised its thick and short barrel, The two motorcyclists seemed to realize that something unpleasant was about to happen The main driver of the motorcycle soldier put his foot on the power switch.Get ready to sprint.Crack clap clack Nochell is just a little bit short The submachine gun bullets broke the soil layer in front of the motorcycle into bursts of sand.The two motorcyclists were not moving.Nuoqier smiled Hans Take enough and leave some for them Hans grinned and looked at Noqier, and then stepped a few steps to the side of the two motorcyclists who were no longer moving.I will not shoot him , because I want everyone to see what will happen after failure.Mr.Marshal, if we don t take such a move, everyone will think that failure is actually nothing Marshal Donarski sighed in his heart , maybe His Excellency the Grand Duke will regret his decision soon The form of the battle is not optimistic.Do you have any good solutions Marshal Donarski cheered up On our two wings are the elite 11th and 15th armies, and their commanders are also brave and wise.Yes.I hope that if we can resist the enemy here for more than a month, the situation in Ukraine will change rapidly.At the same time, we should also order immediate reinforcements from the country to alleviate the current cbd gummies creating better days critical situation.Of course, the support of the Allies is also essential Not much.Your Excellency the Grand Duke.Soldiers, run faster.Do you see it The front is the Russian logistics base.Victory is in sight.Let s go.Come on.The main force ran ecstatically against the hail of bullets.Court was still a little slow.There were only a dozen people defending the weak left flank.The German army approached with all their strength regardless of the cost of casualties, and the distance was only two to three hundred meters away.Damn it.Court had nothing to do, the lack of numbers and the hasty preparation made him stretched.When things came to this, I had no choice but to bite the bullet.Fire.Fire.Court fired a bullet, not caring whether it hit or not.Immediately directed others.The closer the distance, the denser the gunfire, and the bullets scurry in such a small space.Whew.Elden, who was running, was hit by a bullet in the thigh directly because he was too forward, lost his balance, and immediately fell to is 25mg gummy cbd the same as the ground.She Lisa closed the door tightly.She wanted to cry, but in front of her daughter, she had to hold back.Alice, do you need anything else to eat No, mother.Mr.Moyol treated me to a lot of food today.Look, I can t eat any more.Alice said sensiblely.Then, go to sleep.Do I still need to get up early tomorrow No, uly cbd gummies en español cbd gummies turkey you don t have to get up early in the future.Xie Lisa suppressed tears, sent Alice to her own bed, and kissed her daughter lightly forehead, and walked back to his room.She sat there blankly.Nothing was done for a long time, and she felt like her mind went blank After a while.She found a pen and paper and wrote on it Dear Mr.Moyol, hello, I take the liberty of writing to you I regret not listening to you, and I am therefore bankrupt , I now have nothing but my daughter, and soon those loan cbd sour gummy neons sharks will appear in front of me and take away the only thing I have, my dear daughter Alice I cannot bear the pain of losing Alice, I am more It is hard to imagine the disaster she may encounter in the future Kind Mr.The wealth preserved by more than ten generations of Russians has now become the plaything of those American capitalists Gregory snorted coldly, what do those damn reporters of the Moscow Herald know Yes, he did embezzle countless Russian cultural relics and artworks, but his outstanding son managed to earn a lot of money for himself.What s the use of accusing them They couldn t produce any evidence at all.It is reported that the United States has confirmed this news the director of the office continued to read Some of the cultural relics were witnessed by our colleagues in the United States, and Ilya also admitted this fact , Of course, we are still not particularly clear about the purpose of Ilya s doing this Gregory almost laughed, these stupid reporters, do they really think that their lovely son Ilya would do such a ridiculous thing Can t stop laughing Ilya has personally put his name on the testimonyand this testimony will soon be in our hands by our American counterpartsshameless Corruption, shameless behavior, we actually put the country in the hands of a man like Gregory.The bodyguards looked at each other in blank dismay.Fortunately, Lord Marquis wore a bullet proof vest this time, otherwise no one would be able to bear this responsibility In the living room of his family, Fritoyaf in pajamas Frowning, he listened to Khmelitsky s whole story, and he seemed a little disbelieving That assassin really said about the Marquis of Andjak Yes, Fritoa Mr.husband, I use my reputation to guarantee that he really said that Khmelitsky s expression was sincere and painful I have always regarded Milosevic as my best friend , but he treats me like this, I really don t know what I did wrong Your biggest cbd gummies turkey mistake is that you are also one of the candidates for the future grand duke Fritoyaf cbd gummies vancouver wa smiled faintly No one will allow their competitors to be far ahead of their own..The Marquis of Underjac has always been a bad tempered man.Colonel, please get this damn guy out Yetiri was dragged out.Even so, he still hadn t forgotten to shout something to his inmates over and over again Yetiri was taken out, but when he saw When Pratt and his companions were together, the whole person was stunned.Wang Weiyi saw his mouth move, and immediately slapped him severely Don t you want to preach something to the secret police Although his face was in severe pain from the beating, Yetili understood it all at once.He just pretended to give Major Moyol a hard look It s a pity that I couldn t see it.It s time to shoot him The colonel seemed very regretful But.No need to bring his body back.Good luck.Major. Good luck, Colonel.Wang Weiyi smiled and took Yeti into his car It was only now that Yetiri understood what had happened.What made him unbelievable was that Baron Alexon himself came to rescue him.Yetier s best friend, Lang Tess finally said with difficulty Sam has been following Mr.Yetiri, and he has witnessed the whole thing It can be seen.Sam s eyes were red.He said in a voice that was almost choked with sobs The secret police suddenly surrounded us, and we left the place where we lived through the secret road, but suddenly some more police appeared, and they were led by our greatest enemy Berkeley himself.At this moment, Pratt actually shot Mr.Yetiri No, it s impossible.Pratt has always been an admirer of Mr.Yetiri.Yetiri shot Someone yelled.Lantes looked at the man.Oranger, one of the elders of the opposition.He sighed Mr.Orange, I understand your mood very well, and I can understand your doubts.You discovered Pratt and you brought it to the team.Although I didn t witness the scene to the end What s going on, but I know Pratt the guy You know, Pratt likes to drink, he likes to gamble, he owes a lot of money out there, and he once asked me to borrow money, but I rejected him.He ordered me in very strict terms not to lose the Nordic military base no matter what.So I m ready to fight and die here.Brigadier General Kakka didn t know what he should say at all He knew Lieutenant General Carson too well.Once he made a decision, no one could change himAnd the only thing I can do is to wish him good luck Brigadier General Kakka hung up the phone with Lieutenant General Carson, and then picked up the previous phone again Marshal, are you still there Yes, it didn t take me an hour to make a decision.Marshal, I am honored that my troops were able to surrender to you, although it is ridiculous that I use the word honored.There is nothing ridiculous, General Kakka, and I must thank you for saving their lives for your men.I ll be here waiting for your arrival.I believe you won t be waiting for long.Grislow replied without any hesitation Baron, is there any big plan to be carried out General Vincent, I must help General Vincent.When Baron Alexon uttered these words, it was a matter of time.Grislow was taken aback for a moment, but then he understood.General Vincent, just like himself, also shoulders a special mission.And five gummies cbd buy natures boost cbd gummies suffered the censure of the world.To be honest, he also despised General Vincent infinitely, but now he can fully understand the pain that General Vincent has in his heart Mr.Grislow, everything must Start preparing Wang Weiyi said calmly The new sea lion plan will be implemented soon, and you and General Vincent will be the key to the smooth implementation of this plan.Any mistakes that occur At the same time, I know that you are in charge of the secret intelligence network in London, and uly cbd gummies en español cbd gummies turkey the entire intelligence network must be put into operation quickly.Get some very important information Of course I would like to participate.Lieutenant Colonel Mills nodded.Then he introduced Wang Weiyi who was beside him to him Major Moyol, the new assistant sent to me in China.This is an agreement between Wang Weiyi and him, no matter where he goes, he can introduce himself as Major Moyol , a new officer sent by the FBI to London Major, it s a pleasure to meet you.Nash and cbd gummies cured my anxiety Major Moyol simply shook hands I hope the atmosphere in London will not let you down.You don t feel happy.Of course not, I enjoy the air here very much.Wang Weiyi returned with a smile.Lieutenant Colonel Mills immediately said The FBI will work with you.And our leader will be Major Moyol.Mr.Nash, I hope you have a pleasant cooperation.This made Nash a little curious Although it was his first time seeing Major Moyol , it could be seen that Mills had great trust in this major who had just arrived in London.But in all fairness, the incident in Oakland was too serious , especially not long after the Luci s death incident , a large scale black armed riot broke out in Oakland.The leader of any country will lose control no cbd gummies turkey matter how strong he is in his heart I I think the current situation is still within the range that Mr.President can barely bear Paris continued But if we continue to delay, I can hardly imagine what kind of changes will happen.In my opinion, with the current situation, Mayor Duila and Mayor Douglas have no more than two options.One is to negotiate with the black people in Carsley College, and then some of their demands are made, and the other is to Ask for the support of the federal army.I think the appearance of the army will allow Carsri College to return to the Oakland City Government soon.And this also allowed Bert Adams to see the possibility of winning.More than a dozen trucks appeared slowly, and when the trucks stopped, Edward, Bert Adams capable subordinate, jumped off the first truck and came to Bert Adams Leader, a new batch of combat The members have completed the training, and our allies have also sent new weapons.Edward, I see the dawn of victory.Bert Adams suppressed his inner excitement.There is even more exciting news.Edward said immediately Our ally, our staunchest supporter, Mr.A has fallen.Bert Adams was taken aback.Mr.A, the code name for the largest provider of IRA funding and weapons, meanwhile.This Mr.A is also in charge of the overseas military training bases of the Irish Republican Army.It s just that Bert Adams has never cbd gummies santa maria ca seen Mr.A.When he heard the name, Bert Adams quickly asked, Where is Mr.Is a new war about to break out But what I want to tell each of you is that this European Union brahm.Some call him the Skeleton Baron, others call him the Hellboy.No matter what kind of name.Nothing can hinder his greatness.Whether as his friend or as his enemy.And this concept he once said to me even as early as the Second World War was still going on a united Europe the European Union No, I think some of you may have misunderstood.Is a new war about to break out But what I want to tell each of you is that this European Union brahm.Some call him the Skeleton Baron, others call him the Hellboy.No matter what kind of name.Nothing can hinder his greatness.Whether as his friend or as his enemy.And this concept he once said to me even as early as the Second World War was still going on a united Europe the European Union No, I think some of you may have misunderstood.President s words.He was just a little surprised, why is Mr.President so sure that the main target of the enemy s attack is definitely not in Plymouth William didn t tell his subordinates everything, but he could believe that his father, Baron Alexon, would never let his enemies deploy troops so comfortably and happily You don t have a keen intuition, and you don t have any Extraordinary judgment, this is just a son s understanding of his fatherbut he can t do anything about what is about to happen, yes, the moment his father, Baron Alexon, appeared, William already felt everything It s all out of control Mr.President, what about cbd gummies turkey Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Colonel Jed Turner decided to play down some unpleasant conversations.They were all five gummies cbd buy natures boost cbd gummies wronged, I can be sure of that.William regained his composure a little They have worked in the UK for too long, and in my opinion there is nothing doubtful about their loyalty.Brigadier General Luke nodded When we attack, you can take a Unimportant people leave to prove your loyalty and to ensure that you can continue to lurk in the underground resistance organization.Brigadier General Luke knew very well that even if the leaders of the underground resistance organization were captured, he would not be able to stop the war s failure.When Queen Elizabeth II returns to London, he still needs reliable people to continue lurking.For example, people like Mr.Tuna Olaviecki A group of people, led by Brigadier General Luke, quietly approached the venue.Not even a single guard.When he came to the door, Brigadier General Luke made a gesture, and several agents and agents dispersed.Then, Captain Roger and Captain Pattinson kicked open the door, Commodore Luke was the first to rush in Gentlemen, I am Brigadier General Luke.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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