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That s enough, don t tell me these things.Wang Weiyi interrupted Xiaoling s words with a little irritability In the future, don t share these materials with sun cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies review me without my permission.Heck, I know better than you what Hitler and Rommel were like.Emotions, understand mood You have to know what human emotions are and what they want to express.I don t know, and I don t understand.Xiao Ling s voice sounded a little aggrieved.I m sorry.Wang Weiyi felt that it was unreasonable to treat a machine with such an attitude I don t know why, I already have feelings for this place.Not only to Hitler and Rommel, but also to those brothers in the 3rd company.Ah, I taught them to say brothers , I taught them to use Hey, 3rd Company to express victory emotions, and I also told Hitler that there is a place called cbd gummies uk for pain pure balance cbd gummies x z ng in China, you said he would because Is it because of my influence that I send people to x z ng one after another I don t know, but I have to tell you that every word you say and everything you do in this era may affect history.Instead, it aroused the tank s vengeful anger, and the muzzle of the gun was quickly aimed at the place where the gunshot was fired.A shell flew out of Breda s muzzle, drew a trail of death in the air, and then fell towards the enemy s position Hold on, counterattack, counterattack Lieutenant Colonel Carrington Roaring loudly, he must not let his troops collapse Suddenly there was a boom , and the smoke filled the air.Lieutenant Colonel Carrington was lying in a pool of blood.The shell exploded right next to him.Lieutenant Colonel Carrington died horribly, or he still can t believe that he will die here until now.How could the enemy appear here No, it s impossible There should be no enemies here But no one could give him an answer.The demons from hell slaughtered the cbd gummies uk for pain Prince of Thorberk s camp, and now it s the turn of the 19th Welsh Infantry Regiment The barracks is full of explosions and machine guns, and flames everywhere.Guo Yunfeng kept holding the gun in his hand and refused to put it down.Two rifles alone can t stop the enemy.Wang Weiyi panted a few times and looked around.Although the British army retreated in front, they were not far away, and soldiers were left to closely monitor the place Obviously, as long as you show your head, you will be chased by enemy bullets.The situation is a little irritating.Walker At this moment, Xiaoling s voice suddenly rang in his ears You have an opportunity that is not an opportunity.I have detected two German planes approaching here, and the British planes are also approaching.We are approaching here, we will meet in 75 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies uk for pain about three minutes, this may cause confusion among the British, if you can seize this opportunity Wang Weiyi s eyes cbd gummies uk for pain lit up.It will take some time for the air ground coordinated combat to appear, but the appearance of the plane may give him a chance as Xiaoling said.It was captured from the British.With Ernst in the name too However, this Ernst identity is completely different from Wang Weiyi s Ernst sun cbd gummies identity.Ernst Brahm.August suddenly said to Wang Weiyi with a serious face, Is it Ernst Brahm, the creator of the miracle of the Somme Yes, Your Royal Highness.Wang Weiyi nodded, feeling a little uneasy.Ha, the pride of Germany August suddenly put away his serious face, and hugged Wang Weiyi hard in front of everyone, and then he let go I received a letter from His Majesty on the way here., he told me that he was planning to appoint you as a baron, and I think the status of a baron is completely unworthy of your military exploits.This is a person who doesn t like to hide his emotions, and his father, William II, obviously appreciates his son s personality very much , looking at him with a smile all the time.Pompestein, and four of his subordinates were despicably murdered, and at the same time, two members of the Intelligence Bureau disappeared Oh, what terrible news.Leonie put away her sneer Please express my condolences to the family of Major Pombestein.Thank you, ma am.Colonel Nicholas whats the best cbd gummies bent slightly and said.Leonie asked immediately But what I don t understand, what are you doing here Do you think I murdered your men No, no, I never meant that.Colonel Nicholas said while looking at Wang Weiyi, who was with the countess In any case, I will not cbd gummies uk for pain doubt you But, Baron Alexon, may I ask you Do you know something about this matter Wang Weiyi shrugged Are you asking me That s strange, I really don cbd gummies uk for pain t know why you suspect me.Colonel Nicholas was afraid of the countess rights, but he would not be so polite to Wang Weiyi Baron Alexon, I know that I have offended you in some ways, and I hope to be forgiven by you, but I Also for the safety of Germany.Pease lit a cigarette and took a few puffs If there is no major event, hillstone cbd gummies shark tank the 3rd Operation Bureau will not be mobilized.Major Dessard That s a freak, if there is no major event, he will not be used.Wang Weiyi began to know something in his heart If there is no major event, he will not be used , came to Lance There is only one big thing take Baron von Kierock shark tank cbd gummies for pain away Do you know the exact time when he came here and what he is doing here Wang Weiyi asked casually.Hey, I don t have that much skill.Pease threw away the cigarette, I m also affiliated with the 3rd Operation Bureau.Of course you can understand that I don t have access to such high ranking officials.Well, this information is enough for you to go back.Are you on business What about sun cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies review you, do you have any good information to share with me Wang Weiyi suddenly had an idea in his heart Although this is not enough to tempt me, since they are all doing this, I have to provide you with A particularly valuable piece of informationbut before that, you have to do me another favor.Seeing that the other party was finally forced to admit his identity, Wang Weiyi had a little more confidence in controlling him You are walking on the wire, which is very exciting, but also very dangerous.I know what a secret means to you, and I have no intention of betraying you yet Sidney Riley was a smart man, and he quickly interjected Then, do you want me to Do something for you.Yes, you re not wrong at all.Wang Weiyi nodded However, I am very curious, why did you go to Germany and why did you enter Russia At this point, Riley has nothing to hide I got in touch with the US intelligence agency, you have to know, I lost a lot of money in the US.Sidney Riley is a smart man, he quickly interjected Then, you want me to do something for you.Yes, you re not wrong at all.Wang Weiyi nodded However, I am very curious, why did you go to Germany and why did you enter Russia At this point, Riley has nothing to hide I got in touch with the US intelligence agency, you have to know, I lost a lot of money in the US.This lonely machine gun shot and killed countless enemies With so many corpses to accompany, the machine gun is not too lonely.The Russians found that the enemy s firepower stopped suddenly, and began to get up from the cbd gummies uk for pain ground one after another, rushing towards here.Sammy took out his pistol and fired several shots at the densely packed enemies, killing two more enemies.Now, it s time to end it allLoyalty, Unity, SacrificeThe last two words are the hardest to do, but they are actually the easiest He pistol It was stuffed into my own mouth, and my hand was trembling and trembling It took only a few tenths of a second to pull the trigger, but what I paid was the price of a lifetime Sammy found that his whole body began to tremble, and he almost lost his courage His eyes fell on the gold coin on the ground, but he still couldn t see the king s head.Some supplies are shipped there every day, and some supplies are sent out every day.It is the supply base of General Kasmidov, and there is a whole regiment of Russian troops stationed there Has Guderian actually scouted out Kasmidov s situation in the past few days Wang Weiyi was very worried.While feeling gratified, I also have some worries.The enemy has a whole regiment, and it is too difficult to break through there with only 36 infantry and three tanks.It is almost impossible to complete the task.But still There is good news Guderian said slowly Just yesterday, the Russians stationed in Kasmidov mutinied Wang Weiyi was stunned How did you know We attacked a Russian squad and captured a captain.Guderian shrugged At that time they were going to report to General Kashanov and ask for reinforcements Wang Weiyi was overjoyed, and Guderian waved back Hey, bring that captain here.Once he is lost, no one can know what the entire Skeleton Commando will become in the future.High speed update However, is it where to buy medigreen cbd gummies possible to return to the position where the Russian army has regrouped This is simply not possible.Now, the only thing left to do is to wait and pray, hoping that Ernst the Miracle can create another miracle, but the possibility of this is extremely slim.Elena didn t say much, she just waited silently on the battlefield.Her gaze always fell on the Russian position.She was expecting a miracle to appear again, to be able to walk out of that familiar figure at the position Major, I m sorry for dragging you down.Adolf Hitler fell into a deep self consciousness.responsibility.Adolf, if I am surrounded by the enemy, will you come to rescue me Wang Weiyi asked casually, watching the surrounding vigilantly.To April 26th, for a full twenty days, the French got nothing but casualties.Now, their morale is rapidly declining Reims Soissons French army has suffered a total of 50,000 casualties, which France cannot afford.However, if the battle ends , It means that the French spring offensive has completely failed.This will only make zh ngf more passive.In a dilemma, the French High Command made a desperate move, concentrated all possible forces, and launched the best cbd gummies sun cbd gummies the most ferocious and brutal attack on the German army on the three main battlefields on the Reims Soissons line.It was called the Ten Days of Madness in the face of the surging French army.The German army fell into a hard fightSimilarly, the Skeleton Commando, who had stood firm for ten days in Cinohi, also fell into a hard fight The French Supreme Command put all their eggs in one basket, and General Ben Weihao also put all his eggs in one basket.For him, all members of the Skeleton Commando, and the squadron commanded by Richthofen, their battle was temporarily over.Vacation has begun.The vacation of more than a month is enough for them to make good use of it Rommel rachel rays jolly cbd gummies went to accompany his new wife, and he always felt a little cbd gummies uk for pain guilty for not being by her side for such a long time.Manstein returned to Berlin, and Guderian and other team members also had vacation arrangements.As for Richthofen, apart from fighting, he was most interested in attending banquets and hunting, and those days back to Berlin kept him busy.Only Wang Weiyi and Elena were left.Elena invited Wang Weiyi to his home as a guest, and Wang Weiyi agreed, but some small things interrupted cbd gummies uk for pain the plan Xiaoling issued new instructions.With the end of the Reims Soissons battle, the self improvement and upgrading of the Ziguang military base has surprisingly increased to 35 , which is a speed that even Xiaoling can t believe.Wang Weiyi was a little surprised Colonel Nicholas, why are you here Now, those grievances between him and Colonel Nicholas have been written off.Prince Joachim was dismissed from the position of the head of the Military Intelligence Bureau.I heard that His Majesty the Emperor personally gave the order, and I was also implicated and was kicked out of the position of the Military Intelligence Bureau.Nicholas With a wry smile I asked to join the Skeleton Commando and fight side by side with cbd gummies uk for pain you, and my request was granted.Colonel Nicholas, you are also a fool.Wang Weiyi shook can you have withdrawals from cbd gummies his head We are the most dangerous place here now.You should not have come here.General, I have to apologize to you.Nicholas became very serious I used to think you were a traitor, but now I know I was wrong, no one Traitors are still cbd gummies uk for pain fighting for their country at the front line at such a time.Those soldiers who were about to turn around and flee, when they saw the division commander appearing on the battlefield in person, they returned to their positions one after another.Gunshots rang out again violently here.Everything for my lovely country two hundred and fifty eight.My name is Wang Weiyi.The Chinese soldiers have done their best.Under the repeated bombing by Japanese pirate tanks and planes, they steadfastly stood by their positions. A position cast sun cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies review with flesh and blood General Zhu Yaohua only issued one order The soldiers are over, the officers are going The officers are over, I am going Don t retreat Inspired by this order, the officers and soldiers of the 18th Division really went forward.The Neikou infantry brigade encountered great resistance.Since the outbreak of the Battle of Songhu, the Japanese army had to pay a heavy price for every step forward.It s impossible, the Chinese will never be able to deal cbd gummy cherries uk with the imperial army I hope we can meet them on the battlefield.Hasegawa Masanori smiled Okay, Noto kun, it should belong to you to seize it.Glory.Hayi Your Excellency, Captain, we found a Chinese army on our flank What We found a Chinese army on our flank, and they are moving very fast.My flanks cover the troops to exchange fire To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my greatest motivation.Two hundred and eighty.Infantry joint attack Mortar ready Eight mortars lined up.Although Xue Yue only agreed to give him six mortars, Wang Weiyi got eight mortars by robbing and cheating.Songjiang is already in sight In front of him was the 42nd Regiment of the enemy s 6th Division flanking the Japanese army.spread again in Germany.Following in the footsteps of Berlin, Ernst.Statue of General Brahm.The Aleksen Manor on the outskirts of Berlin has also become a holy place for young Germans.They came from all over and stood outside .

what does cbd gummies do for the body?

the manor silently watching with the most reverence.It seemed that General Ernst was also watching them from the estate.The butler Vidlio faithfully guarded the manor for the Baron.Everyone could not believe cbd gummies uk for pain it, but there were two people who firmly believed that General Ernst would definitely come back one was Adolf Hitler, and the other was Vidlio.I remember when the baron left that year, he left a sum of money.It was enough to maintain the manor for many years.With this money, Videlio did his job diligently, directing the servants to clean every corner meticulously and polish every set of silver tableware.The guard battalion turned into a guard regiment very suddenly, so the officer establishment is currently quite chaotic, and they are basically promoted temporarily.Even Zhang Sandao was temporarily appointed as a lieutenant.Guo Yunfeng looked at him and called him aside Zhang Sandao, did you hear what Jiang Huasheng said just now Too convinced.The Tuan Zuo ordered us to cbd gummies uk for pain pure balance cbd gummies guard Kuncheng Lake.If Qin Hebiao is here, things will be difficult to handle.Guo Yunfeng approached Zhang Sandao, said something in a low voice, and then asked in a low voice How about it, do you dare to do it Zhang Sandao stared If you dare, I will dare sun cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies review Old Meng, the situation is not good.In his regiment headquarters, Qin Hebiao was worried The Orientals fought fiercely in Shanghai.There are so many of us.The army has been defeated, I don t think Changshu can hold it.These two people will rebel sooner or later, especially Meng Konghua.Xiao Zhichu smiled lightly Why did I put cbd gummies uk for pain them in Changshu I dare not put them on the front line.The impact of defection on the front line is too great.However, they It is certain 75 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies uk for pain that they have contacts with R himself, but it is impossible for me to say that they will defect to the enemy now.Speaking of this, he glanced at Wang Weiyi, but found that the young lieutenant colonel had no expression on his face green lobster cbd gummies shark tank However, if you kill them, let s kill them.Keeping two people who will rebel sooner or later will be a disaster.I heard that Commander Wang is highly are cbd gummies illegal in louisiana regarded by Commander Xue.It would be good if he could temporarily help me control the regiment.Wang Weiyi said it as if nothing had happened, but he actually admired it in his heart.In the Battle of Songjiang, Wang Weiyi successfully joined the 67th Army cbd gummies uk for pain and dragged the Japanese Army under the city of Songjiang.He did not allow the Japanese to cut off the Shanghai Hangzhou Railway, and bought the maximum time for the Chinese Army to perfect Wu Fu Line, Xicheng line and other Chinese defense fortifications.The Japanese army must face the iron wall built by the squadron The attack was definitely not as smooth as Matsui Iwane imagined.On the Wufu line, on the Xicheng line, on the Zhajia line, and on the HCMUSSH cbd gummies uk for pain Haijia line, the Japanese army encountered the most powerful resistance from Japanese soldiers What they are facing is the national iron wall built by countless Chinese sons and daughters with uses of cbd gummies their blood and lives In Changshu, the performance of the 13th Division of the Japanese Army on the battlefield was a mess, and they even lost a regiment leader.Gustav s feet were trembling constantly, this was the person he was most afraid of in his life Even this is his nightmare He would rather face the devil than see this man Baron Skeleton Ernst Alexson von Brahm Although the skeleton baron looked a little older than before, with the best cbd gummies sun cbd gummies some gray hair on his temples, Gustav swore that he would recognize that face whenever he saw it Wang Weiyi is very satisfied with his makeup, he has to make himself look a little older, otherwise after nearly twenty years, he still looks the same as before, which will look weird.General Gustav, I don t think you will forget me.Wang Weiyi smiled and picked up the wine, opened it, and poured two glasses Would you like a glass Gustav s teeth chattered there No no thanks Baron Skeleton Baron Skeleton He actually saw the skeleton baron in the country God, are you in a dream now Wang Weiyi put the glass of wine on the table, then sat down with his own glass General Gustave, why are you scared when you see me Do I look scary Now, Gustave The husband can be sure that what he met is the real skeleton baron.He sat there for a while, with a smile on his mouth.Yes, the general is still there, and the general is still alive.The skeleton baron will shock the whole world Three hundred and twenty six.The whole world is crazy.The German Bild Our God of War is still alive Yes, there is news from the country that our God of War, General Ernst Alexson von Brehm, the Skeleton Baron, is very likely to be alive.On the streets of Shanghai, many witnesses saw the long lost glory of Germany the skull battle flag If His Highness the Baron is really alive, it will be a miracle, a miracle that the German people have been looking forward to for twenty years.The title of His Majesty the Emperor Although it is no longer there, the title of His Highness the Baron will live forever.This newspaper drove Berlin and Germany into a complete madness.Bo Watts, Hello.Wang Weiyi always behaved so politely If you don t bother me, I would like to take your guests to the next room.His guests said I will give you some advice, you must listen the best cbd gummies sun cbd gummies to them, or all of us will die.This is the first time that the guests have seen Bo Watts so scared.Who are these three people After all the guests were rushed to the next room by Elena and Guo Yunfeng, Wang Weiyi sat down and said, Mr.Po Watts, how have you been all these years Ah, it s okay, it s okay.Watts swallowed with difficulty What about you I heard that you died, and now it proves that those are all rumors.Should I call you Mr.Ernst Mr.Ernst, all your team members are here Have you Wang Weiyi didn t hide anything They are all in Germany, just the three of us.Mr.Po Watz, let s talk about the topic.With blood and brains splashing, all the German soldiers rushed in.Werner and William acted so bravely that the two of them seemed to be competing there.A Japanese soldier quietly appeared behind William, but the moment he raised his bayonet, his head suddenly split in half, yes, his head split in half William turned his head and almost vomited it out.He saw a corpse whose head had been split in two fell down, the blood was red, and the white brain.Then, he saw a man holding a Japanese army command knife Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi threw the command knife to William This knife is good, I give it to you On the battlefield, you must pay attention to the front and rear Thank you, General William, who escaped unharmed, took the command knife.Wang Weiyi smiled No matter the best cbd gummies sun cbd gummies what I do for you, you don t have to thank me.Time, but also successfully rescued 15,000 German soldiers.There are still about 150,000 German soldiers in the encirclement, and they are constantly approaching Radev, and this place has obviously become the hope for the survival of the Demyansk German army General Ernst Brehm issued a death order on the night of the 2nd must persist in Radev until the end of the month Never give up the last German soldier The Skeleton Master has no objections from anyone At sun cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies review the end of the month, when General Ernst issued this order, this was the deadline cbd pure herbal gummies reviews they had to complete In the early morning of the 22nd, the Ludwig battle group rushed to Sacrito and quickly joined the defensive operations.In the afternoon of the same day, the Paipa battle group and the Altino battle group rushed to the battlefield one after another.It s day, the Soviet army launched a large scale counterattack In the afternoon, the van der Vene battle group returned to cbd gummies uk for pain pure balance cbd gummies the battlefield This battle group serving as the vanguard of the whole division suffered heavy casualties in several days of battles, and they successfully broke through Soviet positions one after another.They could have easily left Demyansk, but when Van der Veeny said the words Let s go back , it actually aroused huge cheers from the entire battle group.On the night of the 22nd, the SS second level commando of the 3rd Anti tank Destroyer Battalion of the Waffen SS Skeleton Division, which served as the commando of the whole division, returned to Sacrito under the leadership of the captain, Lieutenant Blank.When the team that was the first to break out of the siege came back, there were only 29 people left In a few days, Lieutenant Branke led the SS second level commando team in 37 small battles, completed nine breakthroughs, destroyed 33 Soviet tanks, and killed about 1,200 to 1,500 Soviet troops.He won t leave us, especially when we re in such a difficult time It s me, and now that the general is back, he won t leave.unless.On the day of Germany s victory, like the front line, the whole of Berlin has completely fallen into madness.Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm is back What a shock It is said that Baron Alexon had died in the battle at Montforkon, but now he not only did not die, but continued to come back to lead Germany have to say.The German zh ngf s secrecy work is really good In fact, there have been some unconfirmed news before General Ernst appeared in the Skeleton Division.And is commanding the German army to fight bravely But to be honest, most Germans don t believe this news.In the past, there were countless reports of such and such a baron appearing in such and such a place, but after verification, there was no such thing at all.General, I don t think I am qualified to serve as the head of state.When he said this, everyone was surprised.Although everyone knew that General Ernst Brehm could get anywhere he wanted if he wanted to, it was unprepared for the words to come out of Hitler s mouth.You are more suitable for this seat than I am.Wang Weiyi said lightly I came back not to grab some position, but because I couldn t bear to see Deutschland suffer another defeat This time, Deutschland cannot afford to lose again.It will be a catastrophe for us So, generals, prepare to readjust your strategic deployment.The generals were relieved, God, General Ernst really wants to come back to 75 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies uk for pain command the German battle again In fact, Wang Weiyi didn t have much confidence in his heart at this time.Do you have the ability to lead a country from defeat to victory He s not very sure.God, since the outbreak of the Soviet German war, how many prisoners have the German army captured Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Such a voice suddenly sounded on the battlefield Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm appears on the battlefield Baron Alexon, holding the marshal s scepter, kept nodding slightly to his soldiers.This 75 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies uk for pain group of brave soldiers completely defeated the two Russian armies in just two days The Russians once again paid nearly one hundred thousand losses on the battlefield Yes, there are indeed many Russians, but if this kind of battle happens a few more times, maybe the balance of victory will be tilted.The losses of the German military were so small that they could be ignored.It is not that the combat effectiveness of the German and Soviet armies has reached an irreversible point, but is caused by a series of problems.What did the Marshal mean What does it mean to liquidate him without harming his life Faith, this is really a strange thing.Wang Weiyi smiled even brighter It can make countless people die for it, but when they find that their beliefs have been reversed by some people, their beliefs will be shaken Ah, no, They will reverse their beliefs to what they think is the right track Kleist swallowed hard Marshal, I really don t understand what you are talking about General Kleist, as a soldier, you don t need to understand so many political things Wang Weiyi still smiled there What you have to do is to defeat the enemy s troops And what I have to do is to consider how to shake the enemy s rule.We can t achieve complete victory on the battlefield alone, we have to let something happen inside the enemy itself.As soon as the car she was in left, Wang Weiyi flashed out from the darkness.Did he promise to cbd gummies uk for pain come to Song Ziwen s banquet, but he didn t promise that he would come with Miss Ruiman Hi, I m Mr.Moyol, and I want to see Mr.Song Ziwen and Mr.Tang Naian.Moyol Do you recognize this person Song Ziwen asked curiously.Several people shook their heads, but Tang Weihong frowned, as if she had heard the name somewhere.How many people did he come One person.Song Ziwen pondered for a while Let him in.A figure walked in slowly.He is wearing a hat.Covering most of his face But why is this figure condor cbd gummies ed HCMUSSH cbd gummies uk for pain so familiar to the Tang family Tang Weihong stood up suddenlyit was too familiar, this figure was too familiarin her dreams, she had dreamed of this figure countless timesshe never I believe that person will leave me because of the plane crash, never believe cbd gummies uk for pain it Mr.Klingenberg nodded in agreement, You can also hang our liberty cbd gummies for diabetes dead bodies on the streets of Joblu.Then say, Look, this is what happened to the Germans.But what will you get Revenge, I am sure you will get the worst revenge from the German army.Field Marshal Ernst Brehm will definitely bloodbath Joblu Who are you talking about Major General Yiliglu didn t seem to hear clearly.Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm Iligelo s complexion became quite ugly.He would never have thought of it anyway.It was the Skeleton Baron who commanded the massive German invasion Now.For General Iliglu, the last glimmer of hope has also been shattered.No one can stop the Skull Baron, no one The air raid alarm sounded again, which made people feel nervous.You re running out of time.Klingenberg suppressed the smile on his face, Listen, what we want is Joe Blu, cbd gummies uk for pain not too many dead people Wait, wait, Please give us five minutes to discuss it.There are not many generals like him who are willing to fight to the death for their own country Qukasia, facing the German attack alone, is in danger of sinking at any time if it is a small boat in the wind and waves.No more miracles will happen, and all that remains is death and destruction.The sound of cannons kept ringing, and the enemy was already marching towards Qukasia.All the outer positions are lost, and soon, the German army will appear in Cukaxia.Kulimans hurried back to the headquarters, reported to his father the harsh situation cbd gummies memphis tn on the battlefield, and suggested to his father to evacuate this terrible place immediately.Are you afraid, my dear son Greruman asked calmly.No, I am not afraid.Kulimans answer was so loud I am willing to die for my country, but you are different.You smokiez gummies cbd are the chief of the general staff of the Republic of Turkey.Mafa was not in a hurry.Instead, he said patiently However, you have to face a problem.Opposite us is the German army that swept across Europe, and they cbd gummies uk for pain are commanded by the legendary Marshal Ernst Brehm.It is impossible for Ankara to hold , we are not doubting your ability, but worrying about reality General Kistafa began to vaguely guess what they wanted to do now.He was a little worried about his safety Tell me the real purpose of letting me come this time.Kistafa said coldly.Save Turkey in collapse.Deputy Chief of Police Guyenrim answered this question for Mafa We believe that Inonu is no longer suitable to be the leader of Turkey Do you want to launch a coup Ki Staffa immediately became wary.It s not a coup.No.Mafa shook his head It s because of our infinite loyalty to this country, we must save Turkey.Ramesses did as she said did, and thus he himself and the rest of his children were saved.But his two sons were burned alive.Ramesses then returned to his own land and took revenge on his brother.Mr.Baron, do you know how Ramses took revenge Wang Weiyi shook his head.Queen Farida s words were full of fear Rameses took out the Blood Stone and opened its seal.Thirty thousand resentful spirits surged out.In an instant, his brother and his clansmen died horribly.Yes, their death patterns are different, but no one who has seen it does not vomit Then, Ramses sealed the Blood Stone again, and it only took gummy cbd for ed a few minutes before and after Wang Weiyi involuntarily picked up the gem and looked at it carefully, but no matter how hard he tried, the so called Blood Stone was just an ordinary gem in his eyes He suddenly thought of a question What is your relationship with Ramses Why is this gem in your hands Queen Farida was silent for a while I am a descendant of Ramses, my family I am a descendant of Ramses This jewel has been passed down in our family for ages.Hasn t the fuel supply arrived During the few days when Ernst left, the first and second batches of fuel had been delivered, and Rommel was sending someone to transport them to the front line.Wang Weiyi didn t have time Explanation Erwin, stop fuel delivery to the front, await my order.At the same time, the Enigma is still used to generate electricity, and now the German soldiers on the front line are how long do cbd gummies last for distracted.Mostly unwilling to continue fighting in unfamiliar landsour tanks are out of action and we only have enough ammunition for a medium sized fightthe italians are considering whether to surrender if The British are giving them a hard blow add such words in my name.Colonel Fels has been successfully rescued.From the intelligence analysis he provided, the Allied Forces are planning a strategic offensive.But the terrible thing is that no matter what Montgomery wants to do, Field Marshal Ernst Brehm always seems to have a sense of the opportunity Such a commander is the most terrifying.In the 12th Armored Australia When the division began to move towards Kidney Ridge, Field Marshal Ernst Brehm ordered the Italian Armored Trio Division to continue its attack on the British 51st Division, and then ordered Bert Obrich von Koons General Nobu s 15th Armored Division met the Australians at Kidney Ridge Disasters often happen like this When the Australians were halfway through the march, they were suddenly attacked by the enemy, and the Australians instantly Then I understood the embarrassment of the 30th Army in the Devil s Land.The shells hit them like crazy, and the entire ridge was filled with flames.Prior to this, General Belt once again asked them to surrender, but was still rejected by General Kim Bates.After sending a telegram to Marshal Ernst Brahm about what happened here, it took five minutes for Marshal Ernst to telegram back Use shells to fulfill their bravery of sacrifice, but I hope that each of them All the corpses can be properly placed, I must let everyone know what happened here It seems absurd to exaggerate the heroism of the enemy, but Wang Weiyi still decided to do it.He can t bury what happened here.Similarly, he wants to use the bravery of the Australians to inspire more courage in the German soldiers What the enemy can do, so can the German soldiers When the final offensive began, the Australians made their last effort.They fired back with tank shells, they fired back with machine guns But their numbers dwindled Finally, the guns on the battlefield stopped Almost 90 of the besieged Australian soldiers were killed, and only a handful were captured.Please rest assured, General Canlemos, victory The light will soon shine on Egypt.Wang Weiyi said solemnly.General Canlemu let out a long sigh of relief.Now, he must cooperate with the Germans unconditionally Five hundred and eighty two.Egypt s Response Monthly ticket for the fourth update General Canlemu, who came to the mutiny barracks without any hesitation, immediately used the radio to issue an uprising order to all the troops he could control.The speed of the movement is unimaginable.In the best cbd gummies sun cbd gummies Egypt, there is an even more unimaginable situation the fanaticism for leaders.Or, to be more precise, a kind of religious fanaticism.The Ahmed family that Canlemu belongs to is the largest, most powerful, and most respected family in Egypt.When Canlemu issued cbd gummies uk for pain an order calling for an uprising throughout Egypt, the whole of Egypt was completely boiled.And several German planes also desperately bombed and strafed the British positions Cairo became a huge battlefield The demon tank was rampant and fearless.If the British are not afraid of those mutiny soldiers at all, they are always full of fear of this demon tank flying the skull battle flag.They always have an idea in their hearts this tank is definitely not something that human power can stop Gradually, in the southwest, the British defensive position was shaken under the repeated impact of the rebel army.Wang Weiyi was keenly aware of this, and under his command, the Egyptians were assembled and launched a life threatening attack here.After all, Cairo is not a real battlefield.It is difficult for the British army to fully reflect their combat quality here, but Egypt s superiority in numbers has been brought into full play.This made Egypt Erwin Rommel and the German soldiers were astonished They never imagined that such earth shaking changes would take place in Egypt in just a few days How did it happen No one except Erwin Rommel knows cbd gummies uk for pain what Marshal Ernst Brahm did in Cairo.Keep it secret, even if you want to speak out, the Skeleton Baron has performed miracles again, but for the safety of the Skeleton Baron, Rommel also had to keep cbd gummies uk for pain this secret in his heart.At this time, cbd gummies uk for pain General Montgomery also knew the critical situation.He didn t have time to mobilize all the troops, so he could only concentrate all the troops he could mobilize in Kantara to Iraq.He must contain the German attack here, otherwise, Cairo will be exposed to the rachael ray cbd gummies amazon Germans Rommel and Montgomery, a pair of natural enemies who may not be able to coexist from birth , This time we finally stood together face to face again.This is the first time that Wang Weiyi officially met Montgomery with his real identity.His previous identity was Baron Andrew Toxon.Actually, we have met before, Your Excellency the Baron.Montgomery said suddenly.Oh, really Wang Weiyi suddenly remembered that he had injured this person, so he laughed Is your injury healed now It s been so many years, it s already healed.Montgomery smiled Your Excellency the Baron, I have to admit that your guts are really too great, Baron Andrew Ha, I once had a chance to capture the Baron Skeleton alive, but I happily chatted with you about the war situation.Baron, please tell me, were you not scared at all at that time Of course I was afraid that my identity would be exposed.Wang Weiyi said flatly To be honest, I was terribly scared, but I had to keep myself calm, no Let you see any flaws.Dirty dealings, dirty politics.When Wang Weiyi left Mussolini s residence, Mussolini was still in deep thought.This blacksmith s son may appear to be a rude person on the outside, but in fact, since he can sit in this position, there is always something special about him.What he has to consider is how to minimize the impact of this matter in Italy.It is a good way to calm domestic public opinion with the help of the Germans, but will I always be controlled by the Germans in the future This is what Mussolini must consider.At this time, there was a sudden explosion of thunder outside, which startled Mussolini, who was in deep meditation.Is there such a terrible thunderstorm in Africa At this time, Wang Weiyi, who was sitting in the car, also heard the thunder.He knew that a storm Hitler holds a formal meeting to delineate Germany s and Italy s respective spheres of influence in Africa.In the same year, he was employed by the British Balloon Army Factory as a designer and test pilot.In 1912, the be 2 biplane he designed set a record of flying altitude of 3960 meters.During the First World War, de Havilland developed the dh 2 and dh 4 fighter jets, which were widely used in the war.The U.S.government ordered 5,000 dh 4s as postal and passenger aircraft.The advent of World War II is Germany.Haviland provided a rare opportunity to fully demonstrate his personal talents.His most famous work during World War II was the Mosquito bomber known as the Miracle of Wood.Almighty player , undertook various tasks such as reconnaissance, night air combat and tactical bombing during the war.He went deep into the enemy s territory many times and made outstanding achievements.carriage , the outcome of the Second World War may have been different.At the same time, Germany compiled an 85 page Swiss Military Handbook for such a tiny place in Switzerland.If Hitler didn t want to attack Switzerland, he didn t need to spend so much time and money doing it.In 1940, the German High Command formulated several plans for the rapid occupation of Switzerland by means of surprise raids, collectively known as Operation Fir Tree.It s not that Germany was not prepared to attack Switzerland, but in the end Switzerland was spared from the war.What s the reason According to the Swiss government s explanation, the inviolability is due to Switzerland s status as a permanent neutral country.This was an agreement signed at the Vienna Conference in 1815, but the history of Swiss neutrality did not start at this time.As early as 1291, when the Swiss permanent federation was established, Switzerland has always played the role of a neutral country.Know how to put yourself in a more favorable position.For a whole night, Colonel Menzies did not get any information from the mouth of Lieutenant Colonel Naris.However, what is strange is that Colonel Menzies was not angry, but said indifferently Lieutenant Colonel, I know you do cbd gummies go out of date are a very successful person.I also know that I can t get anything from you.But what have you done , I think you must be clear Ah, I forgot to tell you.Do you know Mr.X Ah, I think you will continue to deny it, but what does it matter We just I summoned the Viscount Erille from France As he said this, he quietly watched Lieutenant Colonel Naris, and he found the Lieutenant Colonel who was as stable as a rock.His face twitched unnaturally.Now.Colonel Menzies had the bottom line in his heart What a romantic and brave story, a viscount built an airplane by himself, and then risked himself to come to England for the country he loves What s more unexpected is , the viscount s servant, was actually a German spy, and then was spotted by Lieutenant Colonel Naris of MI6, and a possible bomb was completely ruled out.However, it seemed that the Baron was not prepared to take him.At this time, Guo Yunfeng and the others had followed the Baron s instructions.Instructed to make preparations and came to Wang Weiyi s side, Guo Yunfeng said in a low voice Xiaoling and Elena will provide us with all round help in the base, and Elina also said that it is a little bit difficult to go to Moscow with us this time.Sorry At the same time, Elena also contacted Sidney.Riley, he and his death squad are in Moscow to give us all the help we need.Wang Weiyi nodded, Sidney Death Squad has been sent to Moscow by himself for a while, and now it s time to use them.Dangerous, in his opinion, this is just another small trip in his countless adventure career.Thinking of this, he couldn t help touching his pocket.It contained some money for his daughter from General Lindelof A letter full of emotion with his wife and sister.Before the preparations were completed, Voroshilov, the former commander in chief of the enemy, couldn t wait to issue an attack order.He had to use a victory to tell Comrade Stalin that he was trustworthy.The 56th Army and the 81st Panzer Corps acted as shock forces.And when these two troops took on the main offensive task, even the generals of the German army couldn t believe it.Although the 56th Army did not suffer any serious damage, the 81st Armored Army was disabled in Janklar.They lost more than two thirds of their tanks and had already lost their assault power.The officers of the German army couldn t understand why such a force was used as the main offensive task And while the two Soviet troops were attacking, the Terek River Army commanded by Malinovsky was also attacking.Attacks were launched at the same time.You guys Klingenberg murmured in his heart, if he really did that, even if the baron didn t shoot him, I m afraid the head of state would not easily spare him.But as long as the baron can be rescued, other things are ignored When the flames of war reopened, everyone on the battlefield knew that on this day.The two armies strangling together will be victorious.It is already difficult for the middle assault group to hold on, and what they now rely on is their strong will to fight.But the will to fight will eventually run out, especially when all the troops are lost.There is no such thing as a will to fight Even so, the assault groups in the German army have reason to be proud of themselves.They killed dozens of .

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times more than themselves when they were dozens of times behind the enemy enemy.This is not something every team can do.Did it happen by accident, or did someone tip off the Skeleton Baron in advance It is also said that Zhukov was very loyal to his former Russian military officer and had put forward many useful suggestions.As for joining the Soviet Red Army, that will be a matter of the future.He probably didn t expect that Tsarist Russia would be overthrown in the end, right Is it a wise choice to give him all the rights to defend Moscow Or should I personally direct it Stalin thought a lot, but at least until now he has not been able to make a final decision.702 Red Warrant There is a strange smell in the air of Moscow, something is about to happen.The streets are also full of people coming and going, everyone s footsteps are in a hurry, and no one is willing to stay longer.The faces of the soldiers who came and went were full of tension, as if the enemy was about to appear in front of them.The Nordland battle group s offensive was stalled. All Wang Weiyi s interest was kicked up.who is it Predicted his attack position again and again in advance Or cbd edibles gummy bears did Zhukov himself come up Such an idea suddenly appeared in Wang Weiyi s heart.But he was not very sure, maybe Zhukov really came in person. Order, Klingenberg Commando, Myristel Battle Group, and the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion of the Skeleton Division, cbd gummies uk for pain to launch an assault on position G.Order, Paipa battle group, to launch an assault on position G at the same time after half an hour Assault Wang Weiyi decided to have the most direct confrontation with the mysterious commander on the opposite side. Comrade Marshal Zhukov, our position at the No.1 Cotton Mill was attacked by the Germans, and the attack was very violent.Ershakov s report did not cbd gummies uk for pain move Zhukov in any way It was a feint attack by the Germans, and the position was ordered to All officers and soldiers stand firm.Now, the German army and their allies are too powerful for the Soviet army, even so strong that they cannot be defeated at all.The only thing Zhukov and Vasilevsky can do is try their best to delay time.The enemy s footsteps are gradually approaching the Kremlin.The situation is very dangerous, Comrade Stalin.Zhukov must tell Stalin the whole truth The enemy currently occupies an absolute advantage on the battlefield, and a large number of Soviet soldiers are suffering sacrifices, but we cannot find a better solution.method, perhaps the enemy will soon appear outside the Kremlin.Stalin s brows were tightly knit together. It was a completely different situation from the first defense of Moscow.Although the difficulty of the Battle of Moscow had been expected before, it was unexpected that the situation had developed so badly.But when Wang Weiyi and Leonie walked in When those improvised and crude dwellings were being built, Depsey s butler s heart piercing voice suddenly came from behind him What, you want me to live with Videlio No, never Hey, look, you re always so exaggerated.That was the voice of Steward Vidlio The Germanians have done their best.Don t you see them themselves still living in the wild Do you want them building a dwelling for you right now no no I d rather lie on the damned ground like those savages than live with you That s up to you.Butler Dempsey, I hope you won t be sick tomorrow, good night, Butler Depsey.The quarrel made Wang Weiyi and Leoni smile at each otherthese are natural enemies My dear baron.We can finally be together again Although the so called residence and the environment couldn t be more shabby, it still made Leonie feel extremely happy.In that era, people had no way to get exact confirmation.Gradually, he believed what Caesar said.So, Caesar used this method to finally make himself one of the heroes of Rome.Seven hundred and thirty five.Caesar s scouts found traces of the barbarians, which also excited Caesar.The closer he was to the barbarian s lair, the closer he was to his exploits.He seemed to be able to see his soldiers playing the music of victory, and he seemed to see the citizens of Rome cheering for him.Everything was so wonderful, and so exciting, that he gave all his generals a feast that night when they set up camp.Originally, carrying women and drinking were not allowed in the Roman legion, but the military action to conquer the barbarians was not worth mentioning in the eyes of Caesar.He could even foresee that the barbarians would be defeated at the first touch in front of the powerful Roman legions.If victory can be achieved today, it will usher in a long period of peace for the Germans, and Wang Weiyi will have plenty of time to do what he wants to do.And once it fails, then.The final result would be hard to imagine He took a deep breath, and took off the round shield and knife on his back.Hold it tightly in his hand.He slowly inspected his subordinates, from their faces, he could not see any fear.Then he said aloud The Romans are coming These Romans who deserve to be killed ten thousand times are coming I want you to cut off every morsel of their flesh and drink to the last drop of their blood.I want you Drive cbd gummies uk for pain the spears in your hands through their mouths I want sun cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies review you to hang their corpses on the highest point in the woods I want the Romans to tremble when they hear German s name from now on, and they will obediently offer Their lands and women There is no reason, not even vulgar and barbaric words.This dream has never been realized.He became suspicious again, in order to fulfill his dream.He has made a lot of efforts, but none of them have been successful, and it is only because of this that Spurius, who has not returned to Rome for a long time, can he really do it As if seeing his doubts, Wang Weiyi said slowly If you trust me, I will be able to solve it.But you must be patient, and you can t hold such a grand and luxurious banquet anymore.I don t want you to give the elder I don t want to leave a bad impression on those people in the academy.At the same time, I also ask you to stop publicizing the victory of this naval battle, and act as if you have never participated in a naval battle Seve Us listened very carefully there, and Wang Weiyi nodded his head when he said something.As long as he can return to the battlefield, he can agree to any conditions.Going forward, it gradually becomes more open, and there are more people, old people, women, children The old people were picking the freshly picked grains, while the women were playing with a strange machine, and the laughter of the children kept coming.It s a kind of weaving machine that can weave soft fabrics and make comfortable clothes.Guo cbd gummies uk for pain Yunfeng explained, This is also brought to us by the consul.On the other side, a huge machine.Surrounded by dozens of Germanic people, heroic laughter is constantly coming from there.What s that Kai Luman asked cbd gummies uk for pain curiously.Germanic trebuchet.Guo Yunfeng s casual answer surprised everyone.Germanic trebuchet.This is the Germanic trebuchet In HCMUSSH cbd gummies uk for pain the battle with Caesar, the Germanic catapults exerted tremendous power, which dealt a heavy blow to the once mighty Roman legion.I think you should be able to explain something in front of the Senate Thank you, Senator Spurius, you always try to help me when I need it Pompey forced a smile, and then briefly asked about the situation on the road.Then he quickly turned to the topic Mr.Spulius, have you heard about the terrible disaster in Germania You mean Centumalus and his Fifteenth Legion Seeing Pompey nodded, Wang Weiyi sighed, It s a terrible thing.Roman soldiers have suffered such a terrible thing.I heard that even the governor of Centumalus fell into the hands of barbarians.Here, I don t know how horribly he will be treated by the savages.That damned idiot, he completely failed my expectations Mentioning the name of Centumalus, Pompeo felt some resentment If it wasn t for him, I wouldn t be here now.so embarrassing.Hulls and his comrades let out a deafening cheer.The first battalion lost very little in the confrontation just now, and only a few soldiers were injured by the bows and arrows shot through the shield gap.Amidst their cheers, the four battalions of the second column quickly passed through the gap between them, forming a new first column, allowing the previous liberty gummy cbd three battalions to recover their strength and nurse the wounded.Seven hundred and eighty.The victory of the Roman Legion Hels looked back, in the middle of the pin formation formed by the three legions, hundreds of cbd gummies uk for pain catapults were placed there, but they were obviously much larger than the catapults he had seen in the past Next to each catapult, there are almost seven or eight auxiliary soldiers of foreign nationalities who are busy.No wonder it can throw the stone bullet so far Hulse thought to himself.what about you Would you agree with Senator Spurius Agreedagreedagreed One after another the senators raised their hands.Not out of their own pockets, and have not yet landed a good one on Centumalus Why not do it This proposal proposed by Pompey himself was easily passed.But Pompey is obviously not satisfied with this Let the gods give the Governor of Centumalus to persevere The power Yesterday, I received an accusation.It is directed at Caesar, the governor of the Gaul province that we also respect The senate fell silent again.Caesar, this name is known to everyone in Rome Caesar, this name once made Romans and senators The Senate placed infinite high hopes Caesar, the same name, now makes the Senate feel a kind of fear The greater the military exploits Caesar achieved, the more important it was for the Senate and Pompey himself.Have they all come back And Alan hasn t come back.Five minutes, I only gave them five minutes.Wang Weiyi s tone was emotionless No one can destroy the plan, let s do it.Yes.Guo Yunfeng took out a detonator, glanced at the walker, and pressed the detonator forcefully.With a sound of Boom , there was a violent explosion, and then, those gasoline barrels that had been placed by the German commandos in various places exploded, and the fire burst into .

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the sky.Such a fire is extremely terrifying.The gasoline drums that had been deliberately placed were ignited one by one exploding.Most of Longenberg was instantly submerged in the burning fire Let s go.Wang Weiyi said lightly, looking at the sky full of fire.These dancers in the dark, hunters in desperation, came here quietly, and left here quietly, leaving the Americans with only terrible flames and explosions New Skeleton Commando The team members were already waiting for Major Moyol.Or to be more precise, there were actually more than two people who assisted them in the battle in Dessau Your Excellency, now that we know the purpose of your coming here and that the treasure is in Dessau, how about you How long will it take to determine the exact location Brigadier General Johnson couldn t wait.It will take me about three to five days.Wang Weiyi quickly gave the brigadier s answer However, in these few days, in order to determine the location of the treasure as soon as possible, I need to be able to act freely in Dessau.Joan Sen and David exchanged glances, and Agent David said, Of course, I will send an agent to assist you in your work.In Dessau, you can go anywhere except special departments.Wang Weiyi understood very well, The so called agents sent to assist them are nothing more than to monitor themselves.Marshal Paul Hauser seemed to become a little emotional, but he then managed to control himself very well Never forget our Responsibility, forever Ludwig nodded silently.At least, the seeds of hope have germinated in their hearts Oliver said sympathetically, then poured himself a cup of hot coffee, and brought it to Colonel Chelus But sometimes, my way of interrogating is more terrifying than that of Americans.After finishing speaking, the cup of hot coffee in his hand poured all over Colonel Cherus s face.Colonel Cherus uttered a miserable cry, covered his face and rolled on the ground in pain.Oliver watched indifferently The painful body on the ground Please forgive me, Colonel Chelus.Personally I would pura kana cbd gummies hate to do that to you, but it s a question of Germany s survival.That s why I received an order to say goodbye, no matter what method I use, I must let you speak.Hart quickly said Your Excellency, in my impression, your guards haven t performed missions for a long time, right Why now Hope you understand my curiosity.I have also received the secret order from the head of state My trunk is full of lists of spies oh Well, since you have also received a secret order, I am sorry to disturb you.Hart suddenly turned around and yelled at the soldiers behind him You idiots, how could you embarrass His Excellency the Commander of the Guards for so long Don t let it go yet Of course, scolding them like this is just for show, Hart winked at the soldiers.They made way cleverly.The old guy drove away without saying a word, Hart waved his hand, and countless gunfires followed.The silence of the morning was broken.His car tires were all broken, and suddenly the trunk cbd gummies elm grove wv opened, and a middle aged man jumped out of it holding a pistol and fired two shots in Hart s direction, and a soldier fell beside him.This is the best opportunity Hart lowered his voice Let me tell you, naive little girl, I just got the news that the Baron is preparing to seize power in a bloodless way, but I don t believe those guys from the Empire State Building, We are ready, once the baron fails, we will mutiny on the front line, march cbd gummies uk for pain into Berlin, and help the baron Pu Silin s eyes widened.She never thought that her brother, who usually seemed to be doing nothing, would be planning such an important event.The removal of spies is nothing more than an excuse.Hart told his sister the whole truth This will allow us to enter 75 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies uk for pain and leave Berlin conveniently, but before that, you must not cause me any more trouble.I can t take care of you.Thank you, brother, for telling me this.There seemed to be some tears in Puslin s eyes But, will you die What if you fail I may die, but what does it matter if I fail At least we died for Germany.If it continues, it will be extremely detrimental to the defense of Berlin.Probably the Skeleton Baron is at the end of his rope.But what can I do Germany has come to this point, who can perform more miracles than the skeleton baron It is already very good that he can do this step.However, perhaps only Wang Weiyi knows how far the war will go.Wang Weiyi has been commanding the war at the forefront since the beginning of the battle.Amidst the sound of the guns, he stood still like a statue.And this is also the determination of the German soldiers to fight to the end Maybe miracles really can t happen, but what does that matter Being able to die for one s beliefs would be the happiest thing in life.Now, the center of the battlefield has shifted from the front to the flanks, where both sides frequently deploy troops.He knows where this is, and cbd chill gummies chill plus he knows what kind of ending Corrett will face.No one can play wild on their own territory The Allied forces daily offensives are almost insane, and the bombardment of artillery fire almost completely submerges the German positions.The same thing is going on every day.But under such a terrible attack by the Allied forces, the German soldiers here have never been afraid.Wherever the Baron is, I hope to be with them forever.Time is constantly passing by.Every day the Germans suffered huge casualties, and every day the Allies seemed to see hope of victory.But only Wang Weiyi can know the truth of all this When Xiaoling completes all her tasks, the hope of Germany will truly come because.Twenty years ago, I left behind the what is cbd gummy cubes hope of a great revival at the Konstan base Corrett and all the enemies will never know these German secrets Lor, doesn t even know what s hidden in the Constance base On December 17, Kerrett concentrated all its artillery fire and troops, and launched the most powerful attack on the opposite German position.There were four corpses HCMUSSH cbd gummies uk for pain of American soldiers inside , and a machine gun returned to parts, outside the bunker.A large number of German tanks are driving by.The tanks are so powerful, why do we need to clean up the bunker Thomp was a little dissatisfied.Well, Thomp, our tanks know how to steal our limelight.Go back the way you came.Gyunther took his squad and left.There was an unnoticed side door in the passage.It was locked tightly.There was probably no one inside, and the German army ignored him.At this time, three or four people with U.S.soldiers with pistols, Gyunser knocked them down with a single bullet.Before they rushed in, they heard screams from inside.After they entered, several standing soldiers raised their hands and said Sir, please don t shoot, we have wounded here, please.Those soldiers seemed to be medical officers.As a result, two shots were shot away, and more than a hundred people were disarmed , not shown here.There is no way, the combat effectiveness of the Italians is really not flattering, there is nothing to say.Lieutenant Geyunser came over with his deployment plan for the enemy artillery positions.He used the radio to guide the artillery and destroyed most of the sea artillery Fortifications, their efforts were not in vain.In the afternoon, the coalition forces began to attack continuously.The French army s control center for monitoring them had been destroyed, and most of them lost their fighting spirit and surrendered.They were wiped out one after another.It is time for Major Ludman and the others to return to the team.During this period of time in North Africa, they have gained a lot of knowledge.Deed for house at 296 de Blasio Avenue, Bronx.60,000.65,000 70,000, I m paying 70,000 80,000., hey, I offer 80,000 The offers rang out, as if they weren t worth the money.In the end, the deed for 296 de Blasio Avenue in the Bronx was won by the guy who offered 80,000, a middle aged man.His There was a look of great excitement on his face.He paid 80,000 dollars and signed cbd gummies uk for pain koi cbd gummies reviews a contract without even taking the contract that should belong to him.Mr.Why don t you take twin elements cbd gummies cost the deed Wang Weiyi came to the man and asked.The middle aged man looked at the young man in front of him like a monster Are you crazy Tomorrow, no, this cbd gummies uk for pain contract will rise to more than 90,000 US dollars in the afternoon, why should I pay an extra handling fee ah.young people.You re probably in New York for the first time, and nobody here cbd gummies uk for pain takes away the deed.I will take full responsibility for this defeat and surrender No, Cheno General Ke.Your performance is very brave, and even this kind of bravery is not inferior to the Germans.Wang Weiyi said very seriously, and then he suddenly seemed to think of something Chenoke Sidi No I knew an Italian lieutenant colonel in WWI, just in Udine, he 75 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies uk for pain was also in the Borza infantry regiment, I remember him well, he was cbd gummies with pure hemp extract cbd gummies uk for pain a man who preferred being a doctor to being an officer A proud smile appeared on Chenock s face He is my father.In an instant, Wang Weiyi understood everything It was the First World War, Udine, Italy.The war is over, and the heroic Lieutenant Colonel Stino has become a prisoner.Some Italian soldiers stayed in Udine because of needs, including Lieutenant Colonel Stino The lieutenant colonel did not have time to escape, and he also became a prisoner of the Germans.Their clothes were ragged, and they were all wounded.But looking at them, as long as they are needed, they can fight anytime, anywhere.They see When I arrived at Raff, who cbd gummies uk for pain was wearing the major s uniform, I saw the man behind Raff.He was only wearing the black SS uniform, but he didn t wear any identification that could identify him.I m Rocco, Private First Class.They are Yolam and cbd gummies uk for pain Philip.The leading soldier saluted Thank you for your help.Major, or we re all going to die here.Although Major Raff admired their bravery in his heart, he still said coldly It s not that I helped you.It was your bravery that saved yourselves.Then, he sought the consent of Marshal Ernst with his eyes, and said to the three surviving soldiers Now, please stand at attention, soldier Rocco, soldier Julem, and soldier Philip.When Hewitt s crosshairs were slowly placed on the Russian officer s chest, he suddenly thought of an extremely despicable combat technique, and he finally did that.Muzzle up, Hewitt took aim at the junior officer s brandishing pistol.Hewitt fired the trigger and loaded a bullet.Then slowly pull the trigger The bullet flew hot to the officer s palm, Boom With a scream, the surrounding Russian soldiers were horrified to find that the officer s palm was completely broken, and the palm fell to their feet, still holding the pistol in the palm.The Russian officer let out a terrifying scream, and the man s screams cbd gummies 25mg froggies could be heard thousands of miles away.Several Russians were immediately retreated by this officer, and the rhythm of the attack was completely disrupted.Hewitt s target became the soldier with the wounded on his back, but he didn t intend to kill him.After they opened fire, All of their ammunition was quickly exhausted, so the company was seriously low on ammunition.Existing anti tank weapons are only three anti tank cannons and a small number of anti tank grenades, so it is difficult to penetrate the cbd gummies uk for pain frontal armor of American tanks, unless it is at a very short distance.Kiritz realized the seriousness of the situation the first line of defense might not be able to withstand the next attack from the Americans Kyritz ordered the first company to immediately replenish ammunition and distribute anti tank explosive kits and asked the first company to observe the long range artillery that directed the coordinates to the defense zone to bombard the assembly point of the Americans.The second company quickly built fortifications and replenished anti tank mines and infantry mines.Wang Weiyi has no intention of gambling.For him, it is nothing more than a pastime.A stack of chips is quickly left with cbd gummies uk for pain few left under his careless betting.At this time, he noticed that in Sitting in front of a table playing baccarat was a beautiful young woman sun cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies review in a purple dress.When Wang Weiyi saw her for the first time, he had to admire her beauty even more than Tatiana.Especially occasionally The pair of eyes that come into contact with are full of seductive magic.The only thing that makes people feel a little strange is that there will always be a group of apprentices around a beauty like this, but her side is empty.The young woman s luck is the same as Wang Weiyi Not very good, there are 3000mg cbd in gummies means not many chips lost.The young woman took a sip of wine and pushed all the cbd gummies uk for pain pure balance cbd gummies chips up.She got a six points, which is definitely not a good point.After finishing speaking, he took out a document and put it in front of Poldorf.Poldorf opened the document suspiciously, but after only one glance, he could no longer look away Look, Robbins The most authentic scene of the Battle of Tell, I knew that Marshal Waltuksky escaped Ah, the records are too detailed, as if I witnessed it with my own eyes Ah, damn Huatuksky, he actually made so many stupid mistakes, what qualifications does he have to say that he tried his best This is all the information about the Battle of Robinster, which is more detailed than any battle report.After reading it for a long time, Bordov reluctantly left the document Thank you very much, Mr.Moyol , where did you get this information I have many friends, cbd gummies uk for pain and many secret ways Wang Weiyi said indifferently But the only problem is that I need to find someone who dares to break the news I Pordorf didn t even hesitate for a second I am willing to be the first person to break the news, but the prerequisite is to encounter a newspaper that is willing to publish the article.Air support Oh, familiar sound Russia The main firepower of the people, Nuoqier, is not limited to the two raging Maxims.Their firepower is enough to make the grenadiers give up the idea total pure cbd gummies of counterattack.However, they are exposed.If Nuoqier does not order to shoot them down, He thinks those grenadiers will curse his 098 to death, although Nocher doesn t know what they think of the guys sitting behind him watching the battle The shells are loaded, the first target, the first shot Machine guns.The shells whizzed out, accurate and neat, and the high earthen walls rose from the ground.The Russian soldiers who operated the machine guns were smashed together with their machine guns.Nochier has already praised his 098 vehicle group for the excellent shooting in the bottom of his heart And cheers, many of the grenadiers saw that the machine gun that had suppressed them was reimbursed, and they cheered.Whether it is will or spirit, they have collapsed But there is a type of army that fights in despair The Russians are like this, although they know that there is no The hope of winning, but they are also fighting to the death For cbd gummies uk for pain some reason, a different feeling sprouted in Nuoqier s heart Nuoqier seems to be admiring something that does not exist, but that feeling is real in existence.Their 098 is continuing to move forward, and they have overtaken the infantry who overtook them while they were stranded Nocher saw the two Blasters , they stopped at a safe distance, and kept firing high explosive grenades at the Russian position.That s right, infantry support tanks don t need to rush too far And the armored support tanks of the German army are now about to surpass them.Klaus s Leopard cbd gummies with pure hemp extract cbd gummies uk for pain 9 is cbd gummies uk for pain at the forefront of the entire attack queue Nocher saw those bullets that posed no threat to it hit its thick car body violently, and was bounced away without any suspense.Otherwise, this will remain a serious problem for Germany During the whole day s offensive on the 20th, the Russian 21st Panzer Corps suffered huge losses.Most of their positions fell into the hands of the Germans, and now they could be given protection.There is only one Belsota left.Although General Nestasrov knew that his troops were definitely not the opponents of the Germans, it was hard for sun cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies review him to imagine the defeat so quickly.The loyal and almost blind General Nestasrov, don t think about other factors, he shot two officers who gave up their positions that night, and 75 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies uk for pain then told everyone Belsota must be defended, and no one endoca cbd gummies is allowed to take a step back.The order issued by the Grand Duke of Bierstoka was to stay here for 20 days, and there was no room for bargaining for this order.Stubborn General Nestasrov is almost maddening.The most important thing is a list on me Marshal, to be honest, the prospect of war is not particularly optimistic, so we have selected a large number of Germans in Germany who are willing to cooperate with us and let them lurk, Provide us with intelligence, sabotage.Moreover, we have sent many experienced spies to guide them and lead their actions.This task is code named Peace Dove and I am solely responsible for it, and only I know the names and contact information of all HCMUSSH cbd gummies uk for pain of them.Unfortunately, all kinds of accidents made me stranded in this city, all of us will never allow me to fall into your hands Operation Peace Dove One sounds full of An ironic name.The hidden and sabotage operations were given such a code name.This is a very important list.Once it falls into the hands of the Germans, the institutions that the Americans have worked so hard to build will suffer a devastating blow It is completely reasonable for the Americans to take such painstaking efforts to rescue General Rennes But regarding his answer, Wang Weiyi still had some doubts in his heart.The Axis army roared like never before, the planes roared, the tanks roared.The soldiers are roaring Germany is roaring The fighting enthusiasm in the whole of Germany has been completely ignited, and all Germans whether soldiers or civilians clearly know that under the leadership of Baron Alexon, victory is not far away from them.Maybe a year, maybe tomorrow, the goddess of victory will appear in front of them.July 5, 1966.Battlegroup Ernst captured Hannover, Battlegroup Manstein captured L beck, and German units at Teden.At the same time, an attack was launched on the important German city of Hamburg.The commander in chief of the campaign Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm At this time, the Allied forces had given up their offensive posture and were forced to retreat to the first line battlefield centered on Hamburg, shifting from offense to defense.Lantes knew that the time had come to decide his fate I deny any false accusations against me, and I have never done such despicable things.Whether it is Dodoan or Sam, any accusations against me It s all nonsense.Gentlemen.I must remind you that I am a leader.In the position I am in, I will always be envied by some people, and everything I do is in my heart.It seems that you have a clear conscience Really Sam said coldly, I have recorded all the orders you gave me.Mr.Deputy Leader, dear sirs, I can provide them anytime and anywhere.Recording Longtes knew he was doomed, and he never thought that Sam would still leave such a trick.Before Sam gets these recordings back, I suggest temporarily removing Mr.Lantes as the leader of the Yetiri Revolutionary Party.Litham HCMUSSH cbd gummies uk for pain said coldly Of course, if all this is against the If Mr.Now, the only thing they can rely on is probably General Robertson.There are not many choices we can make General Robertson said frankly But to be honest, I don t know what to do So.Today I invited a very A special guest, let him tell us where we should go, let him tell us what is the most correct path for us The officers had no idea cbd tumbled gummies what kind of guest General Robertson had invited A young man appeared, but General Robertson s expression seemed to show special respect for him The young eyes slowly swept over these judicial judges, and then said in a slow and calm tone I am Ernst Alexson von Brahm, the German Marshal Among the officers again It exploded once oh my god.They cbd gummies uk for pain didn t expect Baron Alexon to appear in front of them Wang Weiyi didn t seem to notice the expressions of these judges at all I know that many of you want to kill me, The gun is in your hands, you can draw your gun and shoot me right now Then he looked at these judges quietly without saying cbd gummies uk for pain cbd gummies uk for pain a wordfor a few minutes.savior.Of course, the French National Provisional Assembly seems to have become a villain indistinctly It is conceivable that the organization that General Robito has been loyally defending does not seem to play a very glorious role in this incident RoleParisians are singing the praises of General Robito as the only hope cbd gummies uk for pain pure balance cbd gummies of Franceand the discontent with the Provisional National Assembly is running fast get thicker The suspects were dissatisfied one after another, and the truth was revealed step by step.And the dissatisfaction of the French began to make the members of cbd gummies uk for pain the National Provisional Assembly feel a little panic These politicians who started their careers by revolution, they are extremely afraid of another uprising.No one knew better than they the horrors of the revolution Arrest them, arrest all those HCMUSSH cbd gummies uk for pain who spread rumors The newspapers headed by these are delta 8 plus cbd gummies all rumors.Brigadier General Kakka put down the phone, and then carefully arranged his military uniform.He was as excited as a child because he was going to meet his childhood idol soon That is the venerable Baron Alexon It may indeed seem absurd to use the word honour in surrender, but Kakka doesn t care about it.What he cares about is what Marshal Ernst said to him Yes, I want you to surrender.A soldier would feel that surrender would be the greatest humiliation, but it is seriously irresponsible to the soldiers to still fight to the end when they know they will fail.Brigadier General Kakka, it is time for you to make a decision, yes Fight to the death cbd gummies uk for pain for your honor as a general, or save the cbd gummies uk for pain lives of your soldiers Fenton is the president of the puppet government, a government that is completely loyal to the United States.In the First World War from 1914 to 1918, about 6 million British adult males went to the battlefield, and their death rate was 12.5 , but the death rate of the British nobles was as high as 20.At that time, the famous British aristocratic school Eton College The casualty rate of the children of nobles who participated in the war was as high as 45.According to common sense, most of the British nobles served as military officers.Why is the death rate much higher than that of ordinary soldiers The answer is simple, the British nobles with a high sense of honor always charge forward and retreat behind, and they insist on not leaving the line of fire with minor injuries At this time, Captain Pattinson probably understood So the British do not object to the existence of the royal power and the aristocracy at all, because they have to bear more responsibilities than the common people.Can you arrange a meeting between me and him Of course, and I ll be able to arrange for you to meet in just two hours.Grislow nodded Your Excellency always goes for a cbd gummies uk for pain walk in the nearby park after lunch every time.As I said just now, his supervision is live well cbd gummies canada not particularly strict.With the Duke s current body, even if he escapes first, it is impossible.So there was only one personal nurse who followed him.Your Excellency the Baron.The Monrington family maintains a good relationship with the Duke.You will be able to meet the Duke soon if you wish.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly When Wang Weiyi met Duke Stephen for the first time, he found that the Duke walked very slowly, and he had to be accompanied by the middle aged nurse to move forward reluctantly.He calculated that if he walked from his place to the park and walked back a few laps, it would be impossible at the Duke s speed in less than two hours.It s also a big leap forward for the future.And it seems that Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is a very generous and kind man Security for President Fenton s party is shared by the FBI and the UK, and Nash will be at the party At the scene, this is the best time for Wang Weiyi to get close to and observe this person carefully.One by one, the great members of Fenton s administration showed up.Wang Weiyi, on the other hand, stood in an inconspicuous corner and observed silently.He must firmly remember the appearance of these people.It must be impossible for them to forget their appearance.These British people always like to have such parties.Lieutenant Colonel Mills came to his side I have forgotten how many times I have been in charge of security work since I came to London They must accumulate Improve your own morale.Today is a good weather.The continuous rain in London has stopped today.Wang Weiyi stared at the opposite side We will launch Plan B.This is the first time Nash has heard of Plan B.Listen carefully to what Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said We must figure out that once the war cannot go on according to our wishes.How many people in the Fenton government are willing to join the possible government in exile To find out how many weak willed people there are in the Fenton government.What worries us most is that, based on the information we have, some senior officials have secretly contacted the Axis powers, which may give us to wreak havoc on the entire plan of the Now, Nash has added a little more trust to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, which is almost the same as the intelligence he obtainedhis intelligence Tell him too.They have never suffered such insults from the establishment of the college to the present Did you hear that Bastards They They are all white bastards Huey pointed at Blair and shouted The insults we have suffered are now returned to them I swear, HCMUSSH cbd gummies uk for pain we will never suffer such insults again in the future I swear, never again No white man will ride on our heads and insult us I swear, I will lead you to find true dignity Huey Huey Huey All the black people are in uniform Shout out loud The Cassili College incident shocked the entire city of Auckland.The whole event is divided into two parts before and after.First, five black youths were collectively beaten by the students of Castri College, and then angry black people rushed into Castri College.Abducted more than 300 teachers and students from the college, including two police officers.A Only then did he notice that there was a truck in the middle of the truck line.A black car, after a while, the door of the car opened, and an old man stepped out from inside.Adams hastily greeted him Are you Mr.A Yes, I am.The old man showed a smile on his face Mr.Bert cbd gummies uk for pain Adams.Hello, when we are in touch.I am Mr.A, and Now, you can call me Tinland.Will Tinland.Will Tinland Adams thought the name was very familiar, but he couldn t remember where he had heard it before.The president of Montagut Group.Edward whispered in Adams ear.Adams was a little silly when he heard it.He couldn t imagine that Mr.A , who had been helping him all the time, would be the president of Montagut Group.The former president, now, my company has been handed over to my son to take care of Will said with a smile And my main job now is to help you realize your dreams.Then he gave the final order in a low but favorable voice Start On this can anyone buy cbd gummies day, the New Sea Lion Project officially broke out in the voices of Head of State Adolf and Marshal Rommel London, the Allied Powers Headquarters.There is no doubt that the landing of the Axis The battle has already begun Prior to this, the intelligence agencies of the Allied Forces also made a lot of efforts.They even succeeded in obtaining all of the New Sea Lion Project , for which the Allied Forces had already made full preparations.1966 Before mid October 2010, the enemy with the German army as the main force will launch a large scale attack on the cbd gummies for skin conditions Plymouth Naval Port and make a large scale landing at the same time.The entire center of gravity of the Allied forces has been placed on Plymouth.Intelligence is coming in one after cbd gummies uk for pain another, allowing the entire Allied command to The place looked chaotic.The 36th Brigade of the US Marine Corps, nicknamed the Blood Rose at the Battle of Southampton, laid down its weapons.In this war, they suffered huge casualties, but it was not too late for them to choose to surrender.Colonel Enrique and his soldiers chose a path of self salvation for themselves.With the failure of Blood Rose , Southampton s door has cbd gummies with pure hemp extract cbd gummies uk for pain been completely opened.After hearing the news, General Don Tanner did not blame Colonel Enrique, if he was in HCMUSSH cbd gummies uk for pain such a desperate situation, he would also surrender.The choice an officer makes at any time always has his reasons.Right now, Don Tanner is not considering who should be held accountable, but how to deal with the decisive battle that will come in a few hours.Southampton must not be lost to the enemy s hands, otherwise it will have an irreversible impact on the war, and until this time, Don Tanner is still full of confidence in being able to successfully defend the city.to be honest.No matter how hard he tried, he never knew what is so good about English black tea.Is this really the last cooperation Finally, General Gendra asked tentatively.Yes, once I make a promise, it will not change.Wang Weiyi put down the teacup in his hand However, it is another matter if you take the initiative to seek my help.I hope that after today I don t need to see you.General Gendra smiled wryly I will do what you said.Mr.Moyol, I have violated the honor of being an American soldier time and cbd gummies uk for pain time again, and I am ashamed of myself.I will do as you say.He stood up wearily.He didn t look back when he left the manor, hoping that he would never have to see Lieutenant Colonel Moyol again This is the tragedy of a general who cannot control the fate of his family.Now I can t even control my own destiny It s really a general s sorrow.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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