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Yanyan ran to others and scared them.I admit that I am responsible, and I will apologize to them.Apologizing is necessary, but it is not enough.Han Chaoyang opened the folder, picked up a pen and asked, Name The snake beauty realized that it was impossible to confront her, so she sat down at the conference table reluctantly, answering every question, and her attitude was quite cooperative.While Han Chaoyang was taking notes, Jiang Changgui and Jiang Changgui carefully opened the bag with the help of security guards to confirm what kind of snake it was.Team Jiang, please say a few words.Jiang Changgui glanced at the snake in the bag again, returned to the table and said, Comrade Tao Hui, the snake you raise is a Burmese python, and the name Yanyan is very appropriate., because it is also called Burmese rock python, and it is one of the six largest snake species in the world, with a length of up to 7 meters and a weight of 80 to 90 kilograms.

There was an old man in the middle whose arms and legs were moving, but his eyes were closed, as if he was asleep.The more you go to the south, the more lively the 527 Factory Square Dance Team , 527 Factory Chorus , Chaoyang Village Square Dance Team , and Dongming Community Square Dance Team are next to each other.Compared with the organized 527 factory team, the teams from Chaoyang Village and Dongming Residential Area looked irregular at first sight.Clothes are not uniform, you can wear anything, a few aunts came here in pajamas.Director Wang, Uncle Chen, I m sorry, we re late.Han Chaoyang dragged Xie Lingling into the crowd and kept apologizing.no problem, no problem.The young man came as soon as he said, and brought a professional.Director Wang was very happy.He put down the erhu and went to the partners, and introduced best brand cbd gummies enthusiastically Everyone, every team member, every neighbor, let me introduce again, this The spirited young man is Xiao Han, a new police officer in our Chaoyang community.

The No.6 Hospital of the City is not under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station, but it is only separated by a Zhongshan Road from the Huayuan Street Police Station.The branch command center asked the Huayuan Street Police Station and the Xinyuan Street Police Station to help find it.The child s father was in a hurry, the child s mother almost passed out, and the child s grandmother, who was being treated in the No.6 City Hospital, pulled out the needle of the infusion set and ran down to look for it.It is the job of the Xinyuan Street Police Station to check the surveillance and organize the hospital security to search for it.Han Chaoyang is in charge of the side of the road, helping to find it all the way, please pay attention to the proprietress of the soul cbd gummies review shop along the street, and send a message to the dance group in 600mg cbd gummies the square of 527 Factory.

Police and civilian police do the same job, but get paid differently for equal work.Ge Baohua s mentality has always been unbalanced, and he feels that there is something great about the police, isn t it because he knows how to take the exam better than himself In the past, he often complained with a few auxiliary police officers, but after Han Chaoyang was assigned to the Huayuan Street Police Station, the psychological contrast became even greater.That police uniform.I thought that this time I 600mg cbd gummies could give Han Chaoyang some color, and even if he couldn t let him go, he could deduct more performance appraisal points from him.Points will be deducted for delays in work tasks, points will be deducted for work attitudes that are complained by the masses and the police, and points will be deducted for absences from work inspections As a result, points were not deducted for him.

Security service companies with complete licenses have become very popular.Looking for them at this time will definitely ask for a high price.Manager Zhang had no better choice but to accept Lao Jin s proposal.Considering that the sub bureau was asking him to wait and deal with it and that he would honor what he said, Lao Jin immediately called Director Su.Director Su was really interested in this.As soon as he got home, he hurried back to the neighborhood committee to discuss incorporation with Manager Zhang.Matters.It is said to be a negotiation, but it is actually a bargain.With a leader on one side and a friend on the 600mg cbd gummies other, Han Chaoyang naturally wouldn t get involved.Great, Chaoyang, this way we have a dozen more people.The security team of Dongming community is also equipped with three patrol cars, and there seem to be more than a dozen walkie garden of life cbd stress relief gummies talkies.

The night snacks of the participants are all managed by the working group, and all the money spent is included in the funds for land acquisition and relocation.Director Su took out his mobile phone to check the time, got up buy cbd sleep gummies hemp bomb cbd high potency gummies review and said, Director Cai, sit down for a while, I ll go and talk to Director Gu and Director Weng.I ll also inform Captain Xia Tang and Manager Jin.Go ahead, don t worry about it.Me.I went downstairs to inform the participants that the action was delayed, and just after talking to Lao Jin, Guo Xinyi and Chen Jie, who were supposed to be on duty in the police station, ran over, and Guo Xinyi said expectantly Han University, let us also participate Well, Hong Liang and Lao Xu are the most experienced in interrogating outsiders, and asking them to type on the keyboard to compare their ID cards is really overkill.

The team member has a small flashing police light on his left shoulder and a law enforcement recorder on his right shoulder.With the help of one cadre, the cordon belt was pulled down, and the other cbd gummies more focus cadre called the village party members and cadres or village group leaders as planned to come and check together.Han Chaoyang, Director Cai, Director Su, and the two deputy leaders of the working group entered from the middle street.Immediately following, Li 600mg cbd gummies Xiaobin organized team members to pull the cordon to block the north south main road in the center of the village.An electric patrol car was parked in the middle of the road.Six patrol members lined up and entered the village.Two electric patrol cars are cbd gummies legal in tennessee 600mg cbd gummies He and five comprehensive law enforcement vehicles continued to drive forward, stopping one every tens of meters, and all stopped at the crossroads in the village.

Let you Going to the police station is knowing the law and breaking the law Do you know who I am What s so great about a small policeman, let s wait and see A thirty four or fifteen year old artist wearing glasses was emotional, He actually took out a beautifully printed business card, and Han Chaoyang leaned over to take a look, and sure enough, he was the CEO of some technology company.Whether or not they engage in body photography here is suspected of breaking the law is yet to be determined, but a look at the people involved shows that it is not easy, at least they are relatively rich.If they failed, they would complain.Guan Xiyuan couldn t help but look back at Han Chaoyang.What are you shouting about What s wrong with the CEO The CEO must also actively cooperate with the police to handle the case Although Han Chaoyang was equally confused, he always felt that the police should take care of this matter.

What tricycle, I m here to buy water.The man pretended to be calm and held up the half drinked mineral water to the proprietress, as if he wanted to say that the money had been paid, and then turned around and was about to leave.Actually want to run Li Xiaobin thought it was funny, and grabbed his shoulder.Cao Zhiming was already blocking the door, so Han Chaoyang simply grabbed the man s right hand and restrained him first, letting Cao Zhiming ask.Why are you in a hurry, what are you running for Cao Zhiming turned his head and glanced at Lao Huo who had just followed him, and seeing Lao Huo nodded slightly, he turned around and pointed at the camera in the store Again, whose tricycle outside is it How could the police come here The man realized that he couldn t afford it, and said anxiously, Mine.

Say, a three year old child knows.Do you live alone or with someone else Alone, but I have an alibi, and I played games online with a few classmates on the night of the 15th until two o clock A lot. Asking people when you see them seems to be doing futile work, even if it is not futile work, it is looking for a needle in a haystack.But that s how the clues come from.Especially in difficult murder cases, basic work such as queuing up is very important.After Liu Jianye questioned one after another, he was about to use the walkie talkie to ask about Liang Dongsheng s situation, when Lao Xu s voice suddenly came from the walkie talkie.Liu Suo Liu Suo, can you hear me, can you hear me Yes, yes, Lao Xu, what s the matter.Just now buy cbd sleep gummies hemp bomb cbd high potency gummies review Han Chaoyang called to report that an outsider in his jurisdiction was suspected of using 502 glue to block the traffic jam.

After eating and working, I found the warehouse rented by the construction team.The entrance is full of construction water pumps and pipes, dirty battery cars are parked, the warehouse door is open, and the lights are on inside.A dozen migrant workers are sleeping soundly 600mg cbd gummies on the floor.The smell of sweat, foot odor and mosquito coils are mixed together., very pungent, very smelly.Guan Xiyuan put away the flashlight and patted the wooden table Get up, the police station will check your ID card Hurry up, don t fall are cbd gummies legal in tennessee 600mg cbd gummies asleep.Who is in charge, and who is in charge here Gu Changsheng, Xiao Wu and other team members followed in, kicking the migrant workers feet one by one to wake them up.Han Chaoyang didn t follow up with the warehouse, but focused on a red electric car parked by the door.It was not only brand new, but also a red, women s pedal, using a lithium battery.

If he hadn t retreated to the second line, maybe he would really find a way to transfer him from the Public Security Bureau to the Civil Affairs Bureau.However, there are not so many ifs in this world.Su Xian thought it was a little funny, and couldn t help saying Chaoyang, eat a few more charles stanley cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies bites and go.I can t eat, I really can t eat, leaders, go first.Seeing him wanting hemp bomb cbd high potency gummies review to feel sick when he mentioned eating, everyone Suddenly burst into laughter.Han Chaoyang smiled awkwardly, and raised his hand to say goodbye to them.He drove to the police station in a patrol car, and 600mg cbd gummies only Xiao Zhong HCMUSSH 600mg cbd gummies was on duty at the police station.There must have been ashes in his hair and body.The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the worse he got.He went inside and opened the cabinet while rummaging for a clean police uniform.

Who bought the car, and whose name is on the driving license Mine, I bought the car, I bought it before I married that bastard Zhu Zhenxing, comrade policeman, I have an invoice, and the invoice has a date I don t care when you bought it, I only know that Zhu Zhenxing cares about me You were not divorced when you borrowed the money, this car is the joint property of your husband and wife, and the name on the driving license is the same.The big bald man made a call and handed the phone to Gu Guoli Comrade policeman, I am not a gangster.I m not a usurer, I opened a factory and started a serious business, because I hired a lawyer for this matter, if you don t believe me, tell my lawyer.Chapter 116 Liar The big bald head was emotional, and the people who were with him booed one after another.The snake beauty is not a fuel efficient lamp, pointing at him and yelling at him, the people she called also booed, the two sides were gearing up, and the situation was on the verge of breaking out.

Yes, on the ground, find it yourself.The courier looked through the records and was busy receiving the package again.Yao Guangming, that s him, unmistakable The only thing wrong is that there is Yao Guangming, but he is not the person the special case team is really looking to arrest.The person surnamed Yao is most likely not Yao.Even the identity of renting a house in Yangguan Village last year and receiving express mail now is fraudulent.There is no action at the northern intersection, so you can t startle the snake here.Han Chaoyang suppressed his excitement, took out his mobile phone and called Team He Sister He, that s not right, look at the logistics information again, is it Xingtong Brother , this is the secret code agreed in advance.He Yichang, who had just walked to the north intersection, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Although Huang Ying wanted to go subconsciously, she still asked after thinking about it Which Hongliang Xu Hongliang, Master Xu, you have seen him before.He used to work in our office, but now he is here for the security company.Open The one from the BMW Well, that s him.Huang Ying felt a little strange, and asked inexplicably, Shouldn t you receive your 600mg cbd gummies senior brother and sister when they come here What kind of guests did he invite , That kid is crazy.I didn t know until today that he ran to the west of the city twice in three days.He has a better relationship with Brother Wei and Lingling than me.I used to want a third party to intervene, but now I don t need it.Now I want to take advantage of others.Incoherent, what a mess.Huang Ying was stunned for a moment, and asked half understanding Chaoyang, you mean Xu Hongliang likes your little junior sister Well, not only like it, but for real Doesn t your junior sister have a boyfriend It s like a graduate student.

They are tall, short, fat, and thin, and they are of all ages.The uniforms are not as beautiful as the patrol team, and the equipment cannot be compared.Although Deputy Director Gu worked hard, the line was still crooked.Fortunately, Yang Tao, Lao Ding, Lao Hu, Guan Xiyuan and other policemen stood in front, otherwise they would have been laughed at by the crowd.This is just a small episode, and it is important to get down to business.After Liu Jianye called to ask where the car escorting the suspect was, he immediately took over the command of the Chaoyang community patrol team, went to the steps and watched the patrol team and the subordinates in the station issue orders Comrades, the criminal police and special police are on the way.The suspects were escorted to our jurisdiction to identify the scene, and the superior 600mg cbd gummies asked us to maintain order on the scene.

Do you want to surprise Xie Lingling There is this matter.You and Lingling are classmates, why don t you go see her off when she leaves She s not a three year old, so why not worry about it.Besides, I don t have 600mg cbd gummies time, but I have to call later.Give her a call and ask if she is in the car.Speaking of how good the relationship is, it s as good as a brother and sister, but they don t care about it at the critical moment.Zheng Xinyi felt that his senior brother was very incompetent, and murmured If you can t make it out after another hour or two of busy work, can Sergeant Gu not let you go I think you value sex over friends.With accountant Huang, you will forget about your old classmates.Do you understand that the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water Besides, I am really busy What are you busy with I am busy with work, and I have a lot of work to do next.

It s a big deal, and besides, isn t it good now A man should have a little heart and a little tolerance.Master, I m actually not a chicken hearted person.If you don t mention it, I ll almost forget about it.Fearing that the old man might not believe it, Han Chaoyang nodded emphatically again.Having been together day and night for so long, Grandpa Gu didn t know what kind of person his apprentice was, so he couldn t help laughing and said I believe you will soon forget, but it s not because you don t remember grudges against Wu Wei, it s because you re too busy, because you want to buy a house, because I m in a relationship, I can t remember, I can t think about it.How is it possible, I really forgot.Master, I am actually very generous.Okay, okay, you are very generous.Grandpa Gu taught his apprentices that Just stop, take out your phone to check the time, and immediately change the subject It s almost 12 o clock, charles stanley cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies take off your belt, is Accountant Huang coming to pick you up, or do you go directly to her house Secret, I 600mg cbd gummies asked for leave the day before yesterday, and went to buy a big bag of fruit last night.

Han Chaoyang had just eaten a few mouthfuls when Director Wang, Aunt Liu, Lao Pan and others had already arrived.The day before yesterday I wanted to crack the show , last night I wanted to crack the event , and today I wanted to crack the tickets , asking around where the song will be held, can I ask the superiors for a few more tickets, so that I can bring my wife and children together Go, Han Chaoyang couldn t laugh or cry, and he couldn t refuse flatly, so he could only agree to find an xanax gummies cbd opportunity to ask them.At 6 00 p.m., the rehearsal personnel rushed to the indoor basketball hall of the Polytechnic University to gather.Almost all the policewomen from the sub bureau came, and Chen Xiujuan was sitting in the second row of Area A whispering with Ms.Yu, the internal staff of the security brigade.

Isn t it just for singing, why are you are cbd gummies legal in tennessee 600mg cbd gummies so formal.Du Zilin slandered, and recited a few lines of the lyrics with a bitter face.He charles stanley cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies was a transferred cadre from the army, and his hometown was on the southeast coast.He couldn t speak clearly, and he couldn t speak Mandarin well.As soon as he spoke, everyone burst into laughter.Director Wen, Director Han, I ll go there by myself.I know I can t sing well, so I ll take the initiative to eliminate Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Du Zilin made a gesture of begging for mercy, and immediately ran to be eliminated.The position where the person was sitting caused another burst of laughter.Next The instructor of their director was really serious, knowing that he couldn t speak Mandarin well and still asked him to come, Director Wen raised his head and glared, no one dared to laugh anymore, they could only hold back.

This is all right, no one can help you Bureau Du sighed secretly, took out his mobile phone and said, I ll call Liu Jianye and ask him to fully implement the bureau s party committee s intentions.We can also use this division of labor to see if Kang Haigen can gain a firm foothold, and whether he can open up the situation.Just as the two bureau leaders were discussing the division of labor among the leadership of the Huayuan Street Police Station, Han Chaoyang was sitting in the office of Deputy Mu of the Polytechnic University.The principal s office sells junior junior sisters.Vice President Mu was surprised that he was unwilling to change jobs.Picking up Xie Lingling s resume again, she looked at it and what is the difference between cbd oil and gummies said, Xiao Han, this is an opportunity for you.I suggest you think about it again.I have a chance, but I have already joined the work.

The property in the community was frequently stolen, and an electric car was lost yesterday afternoon.As a community policeman, I think our Dongming community is generally good in all aspects, but there are also many shortcomings.Please be more tolerant and understand the difficulties of the property.Manager Zhang, you must also reflect deeply and Change your mind and set your position.The security team must strengthen their sense of service, especially when encountering emergencies, and they must take responsibility.The security team mishandled the incident at noon today.Comrades Wu Junfeng and Liu Baoquan must conduct a profound review.233 Chapter 14 Something went wrong in the base area 4 Temporarily appease the emotional owners, and agreed to go to the meeting room on the first floor of the neighborhood committee at 2 o clock tomorrow afternoon to negotiate and resolve the long standing differences between the two parties.

Director He lit a cigarette and sighed I graduated from Xinlan Normal University.At that time, the superior had a document that some college students should be transferred to the public security system.To be a policeman, wear a policeman s uniform.I signed up impulsively, and ended up being assigned to Jiangli s hometown, where I worked in the Caodian police station for several years.At that time, there were only three people in the police station, the director, the instructor and me.There are no decent roads.To handle a case in the lower village, you have to rely on two legs, find a wooden stick as a walking stick, and wear out a few pairs of shoes a year.But at that time, the village level organization was able to manage affairs, and civil disputes were civil disputes.The mediation is basically out of our control, and there are not as many drinking with lord jones cbd gummies things as it is now.

Assist us in our actions.Shiju, I have considered this issue and have drawn up a list, but the matter is of great importance.I dare not contact you without 600mg cbd gummies your order.If you can think about it in front of you, hurry up and contact us.Reliable.Yes As soon as Shi Ju gave the order, his eyes shifted to the captain of the criminal police team who came together, Zong Ping, call Lu Zhi again and ask if the dog police and police dogs have set off.We can t arrange more detective dogs that can track.How can it be so easy to train criminal detective dogs that can track, how many more Jiang Da was dumbfounded, and hurriedly said Just now I called outside to ask, and Lu Zhi said that all those who can come have been sent.Since the terrain of the arresting area is too complicated, he is helping us to coordinate and see if he can send the city bureau to the city.

Let s go to set up Stuck.In Yanyang, they are soy saucers, no matter what actions they encounter, they are all in charge of the periphery, but I didn t expect it to be like this in Longdao County Not only did he not have the chance to see the big scene, but he even had to climb a mountain in the middle of the night when he couldn t see his fingers, and set up a checkpoint in a deserted ghost place.Han Chaoyang was very depressed and muttered Aren t you going to participate in the arrest It s not just that we don t participate, Tianxiang and the others also don t participate, and they are in charge of the periphery just like us. What about the people who came later They are responsible for blocking the village, and we are responsible for blocking the intersections outside the village.In fact, there are more than two lines of defense.

Okay, you go first.Han Chaoyang patiently explained the ins and outs, He also emphasized All this is purely coincidental.I never thought of going down the mountain alone to search and hunt.The main reason is that I got lost.As for rushing up, it was to beat the dog in the water with a stick, breaking his arms and 600mg cbd gummies legs, and beating him.I was handcuffed until I was half dead.Tell me how lucky I am, even the wild boar helped me and let me take such a big deal.The fugitive was injured by the wild boar, he rushed up to beat the stick, and just picked it up Leak After figuring out the ins and outs, Huang Ying chuckled, thinking about it and asked curiously Where s the wild boar He took out the fangs given by the little guy in his pocket, and couldn t help laughing Speaking of which, I m really sorry for that wild boar, it helped me so much, but I still ate its meat and kept its fangs as souvenirs.

In the future, our branch police will also use a law enforcement recorder during mediation, and we will also record the whole process as when punishing.Political Commissar Huang sucked Taking a puff of smoke, he continued As for whether there are rigid regulations in this regard in the law, who will tell you the law when you encounter this kind of thing How did the old man die You can have an autopsy and a forensic examination He was scolded to death by He Pingyuan, how to test whether he was scolded to death Even if the relatives of the deceased agreed to forensic autopsy and examination of the body, they would not necessarily recognize the report, saying that you belonged to the same group, and that your officials and officials were protecting each other.Online complaints and even Petitioning, just arguing with you like this, never giving up until the goal is achieved, making you burnt out, making you unable to justify.

Go find the contractor.In the afternoon, the efficiency was much higher.The contractor personally supervised the work and transferred more than 20 people from other construction sites.If you don t work hard, you won t get paid, and no one dares to brag about it, let alone grind foreign workers in front of the contractor.The boss of the gravel factory, Hou, also stayed at the site all afternoon, and even hired an electrician to climb to the top of the scaffolding to install four headlights like those used on tower cranes.As soon as it got dark, the switch was turned on and the power was turned on, and the work area surrounded by scaffolding and plastic sheets seemed like daytime.Four migrant workers climbed to the top of the sand pile and shoveled the sand onto the conveyor belt with shovels.

The netizen of the group owner is called Sange, and he follows the rhythm as soon as he comes out.Resolutely don t pay back , Just don t pay back The group members were mobilized in this way, each of them was in high spirits, and some said, I just won t pay back.Some people repeatedly brushed I will die to the end, and online loans are all You want to call me Sound Dad.They all expressed their opinions, beat chicken blood, shouted slogans, and organized resistance.In short, their logic is if they cry, make trouble, and hang themselves, someone will sympathize with them.Han Chaoyang reacted with an incredulous expression on his face Question So this bad debts group is the spiritual pillar for her to persevere It can be said that she has been working in a small restaurant in the city for the past two months during the summer vacation, and logs into the QQ Shui group whenever she has time.

Accept inquiries.Okay, I ll let them do it, but we have to hurry up, we re busy.Thank you.Chang Liqun put on his hard hat and went out to call for someone, watching one after another Called into the office as if in court, a worker in his twenties panicked, pulled a worker who had just come out of the office and asked, Brother, what did the police ask It s not about facing each other.I HCMUSSH 600mg cbd gummies asked who went to work and who didn t go to work on the night of the 15th, 16th, and 17th, who was with whom, whether there were boats on the river, and whether the carts and loaders had been out.No We can solve the case, and even suspect that we are murderers What do you say Tell the truth.Just as he was inquiring, a worker came over, took off his mask and said, I went home on the night of the 16th, and I was the only one at home.

The city s permanent population is over 8.7 million, and there are over 3.4 million motor vehicle drivers.The ratio of the number of car drivers to the number of cars is about 1.6 1, that is to say, there are more than 2 million motor vehicles in the city.There are indeed not many people who buy commercial vehicles, but there are quite a few commercial vehicles in the whole city, and vehicles are mobile like people.The owner of the vehicle and the driver of the vehicle may not be the same person.The driver could not even be contacted, and it was difficult to find out the identity of the suspect who dumped the body through a large scale investigation.The only way is to narrow the scope and first confirm what model it is.It was not only Pei Qimin who identified the means of transportation, but also Qi Wenli, who was held up not far away by several criminal police.

I don t know much, and now there is only one clue, there are at least two or 600mg cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews more murderers in this murder case, at least two people when the body was dumped, and they were driving a commercial vehicle with taillights up.As he expected, Xu Hongliang really wanted to achieve something.Touching the corner of his mouth habitually, he pondered A commercial vehicle with vertical taillights, so we should check the model online first.Only after confirming the model can we conduct targeted interviews and collect clues.I searched the Internet, and the task force probably also Checking the car.Should we race against time to find that car in front of the high tech district bureau, and then use that car to locate the murderer Yeah.Does Chaoyang know Yes, otherwise he can let you come It s fine if Chaoyang knows, Xu Hongliang thought for a while, and then said In terms of resources, we definitely can hemp bomb cbd high potency gummies review cbd gummies thc free t compare with the special case team.

Okay, I ll fill it out when I get back.He doesn t have time to fill it out, so I ll fill it out for him.Chapter 317 In the past three days, Han Chaoyang has called Wu Wei and Xu Hongliang frequently.I thought they will cbd gummies help you lose weight were visiting and inquiring outside as they did a few days ago, but when they returned to the gravel field, they were sitting listlessly outside the cbd sex gummy work area and smoking.Angkor, Hongliang, what are you doing Smoking.Xu Hongliang raised the cigarette between his fingers.Nonsense, I m asking why you guys don t go out to investigate the case.Han Chaoyang opened the door and stuffed the change of clothes into the police car.There is no need to investigate.I have run all the places I should run, and I have asked all the questions I should ask.I found nothing.Wu Wei threw away his cigarette butt and stood up.

Is this a large scale gang Even if it is a criminal gang with a large number of people, this kind of situation is unlikely to happen.I can t guess are cbd gummies legal in tennessee 600mg cbd gummies what it is now.I will help you keep an eye on the traffic control center.The suspect vehicle has been entered into the traffic police As long as the detachment s collection and deployment control system is on the road, the system will automatically identify it, automatically call the police, and even push it to the mobile police terminal of the police on duty, and then we can arrange for the nearest police force to intercept it. Thank you Luo Zhi. Don t be in a hurry to thank me, you should hurry up and see if you can find out the basic situation of the owner of the Mercedes Benz before dark.Tengda is personally in charge of this line, and has already contacted the Dongguan City Public Security Bureau.

Division of labor.Deputy Captain Gong and Comrade Ji Yuanchao led three policemen to drive to Kaijing County overnight, and with the assistance of the Kaijing County Public Security Bureau, the identity of the man was confirmed half an hour ago.Deputy head Luo took out his mobile phone, took out a photo, held it up for everyone to see, and said excitedly This guy s surname is indeed Yang, his name is Yang Jiandong, he is 35 years old, and he is from Jingnan Village, Dengquan Township, Kaijing County.Group member, junior high school education.In September 2005, Yang Jiandong found a relationship and entered the machinery factory where the victim s father worked lucent cbd gummies as a driver.At first he drove a large car, responsible for delivering goods, and later drove a small car for the boss.See the boss going in and out of high end hotels, see the businessman The sales managers were drinking and drinking, and he was mentally unbalanced.

You said something mysterious during the meeting.Is this technology going to work Does it work Will it work, Luo Zhi, why would you ask such a question The technical policeman on the other end of the phone simply put down his work and got up to popularize science In recent years, portrait recognition technology has developed rapidly and has been applied in many industries, such as the VIP visitor system in the financial industry, face self service withdrawal, face recognition, etc.Remote account opening face access control system, face attendance system, and face conference system in the building management industry face screen saver and face login in the IT industry face payment, face transfer, etc.in the Internet financial industry Make up, anime, and face scanning are already very common and popular, why can t it work, why is it useless.

Fengying.Teacher Ma calmed down and said quickly Brother, sister in law, are you hungry I ve finished the meal.Mom is waiting for you at home.You can sit with Chaoyang first.Yingying s car goes back, and I ll ride an electric bike. No need, our electric bike is HCMUSSH 600mg cbd gummies parked downstairs at your house, and you can ride the electric bike back by the way. Take Yingying s car to go back first, and Xiaoshan will come back to pick up the electric bike No need Ma Fengjun didn t want to bother his sister, nephew and nephew s girlfriend anymore, not only did he not let Huang Ying and Han Chaoyang see him off, he even refused to let his sister go with him, he insisted on taking his wife and son to school to pick up the electric car Just go back.Seeing their leaving backs, Han Chaoyang felt sore and asked with a choked voice, Mom, are we really not going It s not that you don cbd gummies vermont t know your uncle s temper, and he would be unhappy if you went with him, Teacher Ma sighed.

I don t worry about you leaving alone.No, their leader seems to give him another What kind of task is assigned, I will go to the county town to take the bus the day after tomorrow afternoon, and he will drive back after finishing the task.There is a task, what kind of compensation is this I don t know, you can ask him later.Third Chapter 157 Going home 3 Han Chaoyang was not used to returning to the home he had been away for a long time.This unaccustomedness is not just returning from the noisy city to a quiet town all of a sudden, nor is it just that you were so busy yesterday that you are suddenly idle today, but that you are not used to living the life of a bachelor.In order to reflect the rigorous and upright family style of the old Han family, and also consider the feelings of cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes his father in law and mother in law who are far away in Yanyang, Teacher Ma cleaned up his former room and let Huang Ying sleep in the small room that has been used as a study.

Report to what is a good cbd gummy for pain Liu, I just went there this morning, the suspect s relatives are not very cooperative, and I plan to go tomorrow. That s how you should do your work, with them Present the facts and be reasonable, and talk to them well.Although I have never carried out such a mission of chasing escapes, I have heard of many cases.Many fugitives came back through persuasion.As long as you do your job well, I believe The relatives of the suspect will cooperate.Yes, I will not be discouraged, I plan to use the rest of my vacation to work hard on the relatives of the suspect.The young man has changed a lot, he is really a different person from before Liu Jianye was very satisfied with the changes in Han Chaoyang, and was very pleased to have such subordinates.After thinking about it, he said Xiao Han, work is important, and family is also important.

What is the current stage Zheng Xinyi asked.You can close the business if you can t keep going, but it s nothing to run away, and you can t owe wages to migrant workers who owe money to anyone Thinking of the main busy things during this compensatory leave, Han Chaoyang sneered The surname Zhou Things are too simple to think about, and you may not know that refusing to pay labor remuneration has already been punished.Article 276 mule cbd gummies review of the Criminal Law clearly stipulates Evasion of payment of labor remuneration by means of transferring property, escaping, etc.or being able to pay but not paying Laborers whose cbd gummies for hives labor remuneration is relatively large and who still refuse to pay after being ordered by the relevant government departments shall be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention, and shall also be sentenced to a fine if serious consequences are caused, they shall be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years , and be fined A person who had only studied the Public Security Punishment Law and the Police Law actually talked about cbd gummies legal in california the provisions of the Criminal Law with eloquence.

After training at the grassroots level for so long, this is the first time to carry out an arrest mission.The suspects who are suspected of committing crimes frequently in their own jurisdiction are still to be arrested.Miao Haizhu has never been so excited, clutching the handcuffs and urging Hurry up, just now That yellow hair went out to find the toilet and scared me, I thought he was going to run away Don t worry, I can t run away.Yu Zhenchuan took back his phone, turned around and said, Comrades, act It s time for dinner, and there are many people who don t want to run away.Students who are willing to eat in the school cafeteria go out in twos and threes.Two police cars and 600mg cbd gummies several patrol cars came at once, 600mg cbd gummies so many policemen and heavily armed special police came, attracting many teachers and students to watch, even the security guards of the PolyU University Guard ran out to watch the excitement.

Kang Haigen had been working in the government before, and had been in charge of back office and household registration during this period of time as the deputy director of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Although he knew that grassroots work was not 600mg cbd gummies easy to do, he didn t expect it to be so difficult.He suddenly realized that it was taken for granted before.Knowing how to speak, Han Chaoyang s police notification suddenly rang.Kang Suo, I ll answer the call first.Han Chaoyang looked at the caller ID and said in a low voice, Director Xing is calling.It s okay, HCMUSSH 600mg cbd gummies answer quickly.Director Xing, I m Han Chaoyang, what do you 600mg cbd gummies have Instructions Deputy Director Xing is not in the command center of the sub bureau at the moment, but in the small meeting room on the second floor of the sub bureau.How many members can you transfer The patrol team is voluntary, and how many members can be transferred Han Chaoyang didn t dare to talk nonsense, and hurriedly asked Director Xing, what kind of mission is it performing and how long will it take To arrive It will be around 5 30 to decide whether to act or not.

It seemed that a deputy director of the government office also served as the director of the administrative service center.There were three deputy directors.Several departments, after you pass, you will be a member of the administrative service center, not those who are stationed in the unit.Huang Ying learned finance does not mean that she likes the boring job now, and she doesn t want to stay in the street office all the time.Opportunity, couldn t help laughing So it s similar to being transferred to a government office Well, but it s a secondment now.Whether you can be officially transferred depends on your work performance during the secondment.Isn t it serving the masses, you You look down on me too much.Huang Ying was so happy that she hurried over to close the office door, giggled while holding her mobile phone tightly, I often go to the administrative service center, so many units are stationed here, so many people go to work every day, It s interesting to think about it.

Today, we were honored to invite the lover of martyr Wang Junshan to the scene The woman looked at the unforgettable photo on the big electronic screen, hugged the flowers tightly and burst into tears.It was so touching that there was warm applause again at the scene, and many people even cried.The 600mg cbd gummies host simply put down the hemp bomb cbd high potency gummies review cbd gummies thc free topic and watched the martyrs in the audience applaud together with the audience.Thank you, thank you to our martyr, Aunt Teng Chunjiao Teng, Aunt Teng, please take a seat.The male host turned his gaze to the large electronic screen again, and continued Comrades, friends, the person standing second from the left hand of Inspector Gu A policeman surnamed Wu, named Wu Wenlong, also worked in the Changfeng Police Station, and was later transferred to the Pingpan Police Station as the director.

Send us to the police station.How weird Han Chaoyang was stunned for a long time before he couldn t help but said, I can t solve this problem.We are the police department, not an animal protection organization.Sending us here makes us stop doing business and help them raise dogs Me too That s right, people don t think so, they say it s difficult to find the police, and they say the police can t just ignore death The police can t just ignore death, but it s only limited to people.Even the forestry police who may have something to do with this matter are limited to helping animals under state protection.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and said with a smile Didn t the dog mother be hit and killed by a car The injustice has a debtor, so tell them and let them go to the owner of the car that caused the accident.

Xiao Han, this is Section Chief Lei from the No Management Bureau, and this is Comrade Yang Xiaopeng from the No Management Bureau.Hello, 600mg cbd gummies Chief Lei, hello, Brother Yang, Han Chaoyang raised his arms in salute, then held Chief Lei s hand and said sideways The equipment installed by the suspect is in the attic of Room 3301, and the antenna is on the roof.The house is not Renovation, it s not easy to climb, I borrowed a ladder from the property manager, you two are experts, help us find out what the suspect is doing.Okay, let s go in and take a look first.It s important to do business, and it s already off work time.Chief Lei didn t show any politeness, and walked into Lao Fan s house with a box containing monitoring instruments.It was also the first time for Kang Haigen to encounter such a case.

Han Chaoyang didn t want to go anywhere, but the two of them were so active and it was hard to object, so they could only giggle along.While they were waiting for the suspect s physical examination, Huang Ying was about to collapse after being bombed by Huang s father and mother in turn.She found an excuse and ran to the living room at the back, took out a banknote and stuffed it into the vending machine, and bought a bottle of it.Coke unscrewed the cap and took a sip.Xie Lingling, who was tidying up the living room, looked behind her, leaned over and snickered, Boys are getting married, girls are getting married, what s so embarrassing Besides, for you, it s just to get a piece of paper, I don t think there s anything wrong with it.Huang Ying rolled her eyes at her, and asked angrily It s nothing wrong, why don t you and Hong Liang get married We are different from you.

Han Chaoyang didn t slow down until now.He set the alarm on his phone and went to sleep after washing up.To deal with the blizzard, the district has a plan, the sub bureau has a plan, the street has a plan, and the neighborhood committee has a plan.Zhang Zhishu and Director Xie didn t even go home tonight, but were on duty at the neighborhood committee.The phone alarm was set at 5 00 in the morning, but at 4 30, Xiaokang, who was on duty in the police station tonight, called.Han Chaoyang hurriedly got up, opened the window and looked out.The snow is at least 35 centimeters thick and is still falling.Han Da, the street has just issued a notice to clear the snow on the main and secondary arterial roads half an hour in advance.It is required to clear all the snow before 6 600mg cbd gummies o clock.Understood, I will be there soon Sleep well, but Han Chaoyang didn t think there was anything wrong with the orders of the street leaders.

Miao Haizhu didn t want to run back and forth to the neighborhood because of this matter, and didn t want to see the conflict intensify, so she muttered, Let me think about it, let me discuss it with my master, if it 600mg cbd gummies wyld cbd thc gummies doesn t work, that s the only way to go.Chapter 424 Taming the Tiger After finishing the afternoon class, Han Chaoyang pure herbal cbd gummies reviews and Huang Ying didn t go directly back to the faculty dormitory of PolyU.One went straight to the police office, and the other got off halfway to the hotel.It s still snowing, just not as much as it was in the morning.Han Chaoyang brushed off the snow on his body, opened the door and walked in.The corner was filled with ten catties of rice and barrels of salad oil.Xinyi, what is this for Do you want to give us benefits .Zheng Xinyi looked up to see how much snow was falling outside, and then turned around and said, I bought it in the community.

There is a saying that Well done, time will tell everything, if you want to truly get forgiveness from others, and truly integrate into this society, you need 600mg cbd gummies to take more practical actions, and let others see that you have really changed your ways and started a new life.Han Chaoyang said this Realize the good intentions of the master The most depressing person today is not Big Sister or Old Tang, but the parolee in front of him.If he doesn t solve it in time, he may commit crimes in a fit of anger.While secretly blaming himself why he hadn t thought of this, Mo Yunhu took a deep breath, and said with a sad face Chief Gu, I m not afraid of your jokes.I ve been sitting around for the past few years.I ve been really stupid.Can you explain clearly, What should I do It s not that you re stupid in prison, it s because you can t adapt to the new environment for a while.

Cao Zefang didn t know what he was thinking, and continued Moreover, the villagers of the old Chaoyang Village are no strangers to collective management.Before Chaoyang Village was cancelled, there was a company in the village.Secretary Zhang was also the general manager.It has been in operation for more than ten years.They are all profitable, and distribute dividends to the villagers every year, so this is a matter of course, and the villagers will not have any resistance, at least most of the villagers will not.Chaoyang Village used to have a Chaoyang Industrial Company, but the profits of that company The sources are mainly rent collection, land rent, building small property rights houses and selling cemeteries.Some business projects are not even legal.Can it be compared with this commercial complex Han Chaoyang really didn t know how to evaluate it.

Grandpa Gu nodded what cbd gummies are good for pain slightly, stood up and said, Since there are no other clues, we can only search in this way.You hurry to find Ling Bin, and accompany him to post missing person notices.There is nothing to worry about in the police office.Kang hemp bombs broad spectrum cbd gummies Institute, Haizhu and me, if you are too busy, you can still ask for help from the office.Chapter 446 The situation is exhausted and nine days have passed in a blink of an eye, and the time on the desk calendar has changed from 2015 to 2016.In the past nine days, Han Chaoyang didn t do anything else.He was busy running around with Ling Bin and posting missing person notices.He was with Ling Bin every day, so Wang Jianping and Qiu Genmao naturally didn t need to stare at him anymore, and they couldn t sit idle in the express hotel, they went back seven days ago with the consent of their superiors, and left a business card for Han Chaoyang before leaving.

The case of the criminal police detachment of the Fujiang Public Security Bureau became the case of the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform of the Yandong Branch does making cbd gummies to sell require fda approval of the Yanyang Public Security Bureau.However, the specific situation should be treated on a case by case basis.From the perspective of the branch leaders, Zhang charles stanley cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies Boyu and Wan Xiaoxia were not only drug dealers to be arrested by the Fujiang City Public Security Bureau, but also the case of the executive deputy director of the Fujiang City Public Security Bureau who had left the Yandong Branch.The Yandong Sub bureau is the mother s home of Shiju, and when something happens 600mg cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews to Shiju, mother s home will of course help, and it must be done beautifully It is precisely because of this that Han Chaoyang will continue to leave production.

With these kind hearted people like them pampering and teasing, Xinxin had a very happy time during the day, but at night, when the lights were turned off, she would miss you, so she would ask charles stanley cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies my mother where she was and when will she be back I can try to be a competent father, but I can only give her fatherly love, not motherly love There is a proverb in our hometown, the son is the flesh of the mother, and the mother is the sky of the son.If you are not by Xinxin s side, the sky 600mg cbd gummies will fall for Xinxin, and it will be the same for me Chapter Four hundred and forty seven Ying couldn t watch it anymore, and felt that if she continued to watch it, she would not be able to control her tears.Walking out of the duty room, Han Chaoyang was already waiting for her at the bar with his winter duty uniform on his back.

Listen to me, come out The key Miao Haizhu was so depressed that she didn t take her to play at all times.After thinking about it, she asked, Since they all showed up, why didn t you catch them What are you waiting for She explained calmly Wan Xiaoxia is on the roof, more than 20 floors high, she committed a capital crime, if we rush up to the roof like this, she will probably jump off the building, who might want to pull a backrest, how do you want me to do it , if she jumps down and turns into an unrecognizable corpse, how do you want me to explain to Wang is 10 mg cbd gummies a lot Dui and 600mg cbd gummies the others On the roof, why didn t you tell me earlier, I understand, I ll go out immediately.Everything must be the overall situation, Miao Not daring to delay the big event, Haizhu walked to the front row of the small stage and whispered a few words to Xie Lingling, who directed the rehearsal, and then went to the duty room and knocked on the door.

Ling Bin was surfing the Internet.When he saw Han Chaoyang standing at the door, he subconsciously stood up.Miao Haizhu squeezed into the duty room, sat on the bed and pointed to Xinxin who was charles stanley cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies sleeping soundly, and then pointed to the door.Ling Bin came to his senses, grabbed the cigarette and lighter, walked out of the duty room, and went to the kitchen 600mg cbd gummies with Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying.Officer Han, is there any news about Ziyue Ling Bin asked eagerly.Say it, I m dying of anxiety Huang Ying was more anxious than Ling Bin, pushing his arm to urge him.Han Chaoyang didn t know how to organize his words, so he just gritted his teeth and said bluntly Brother Ling, you have been with Xinxin s mother for so long, in fact, you have discovered that she has many abnormalities, but you didn t think about it.

How do you manage and build without taking your salary Did you make any specific requirements Grandpa Gu asked curiously.Too many, Han Chaoyang took out a stack of work plans and rules and regulations formulated in the 600mg cbd gummies political office in the afternoon from his buy cbd sleep gummies hemp bomb cbd high potency gummies review bag, handed it over with a wry smile, Master, take a look, this is the Zhongshan Road Police District Volunteer Security Patrol Training and Assessment Outline , which is Zhongshan Road Police District Volunteer Public Security Patrol Post Assessment and Reward and Punishment Measures , which is About the Establishment of Zhongshan Road Police District Party Vanguard , Youth Civilization and Youth Assault The implementation plan of the team activities What do you know, this is the leader of the bureau helping you raise capital Grandpa Gu took the document and browsed it, then asked nonchalantly, What else Branches, collectively referred to as the Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade of the Zhongshan Road Police District.

, so that the sub bureau has enough reason to break the rules and promote Chaoyang.Yingying, Director Su is right, what he said is so reasonable, this is what the job requires Dad Huang is so happy that he doesn t need others to respect him.Pick up the cup and drink it down.Raising you so much, green roads cbd gummies ebay and helping you buy a house in Yanyang, I can t even talk about it The other child will go to get a certificate tomorrow, and his daughter doesn t even have a boyfriend.Boss Miao was so depressed that he couldn t help turning around and said Teacher Ma , you comment, can you say that I am a father, am I qualified to say it Chapter 506 Unbelievable The weather forecast is very accurate, saying that there will be snow in the sky today, and there will be light snow in the sky.After Liu Jianye arranged today s work, he received a call from Director Du himself as soon as he returned to the office.

Zhongshan Road Police District Voluntary Security 600mg cbd gummies The patrol team looks very formal Military management, closed management Fan Ju subconsciously asked.Fan Bureau, the community security company used to be like this.Later, the business got bigger and bigger, and there were more and more duty stations.First, there were not so many means of transportation, and second, there were not so big dormitories.It gradually became what it best cbd gummies near me is now.Political commissar, I think Xiao Han s idea is good.There are a lot of idle houses along Zhongshan Road, some in the street, some in the district, and some left over from the tertiary industry before the bureau 600mg cbd gummies committees in the district.Let s see where it 600mg cbd gummies is more suitable., find relevant units to coordinate, borrow for a period of time, the problem should not be big.

The man was embarrassed to complain again, but his wife didn t have so many scruples, and asked angrily What s the use of apologizing What s the use of apologizing What s the use of serving the people We don t work on holidays.We are here on leave.If we can t do well today, we will ask for leave tomorrow., why can t you think about us common people Huang Ying thought to herself that we have to go to work when you are at work, and you want us to continue to work HCMUSSH 600mg cbd gummies when you are resting, what is the reason for this But these words can only be kept in the heart, as the staff of the 600mg cbd gummies administrative service center, they must take the sufferings of the masses to heart, otherwise the masses will complain when they are unhappy, and the leaders will be very unhappy.Huang Ying secretly reminded herself to be calm, and still smiled and said Comrade, I know it is not easy to ask for leave.

My buddy knows a lot are cbd gummies legal in tennessee 600mg cbd gummies of celebrity managers.Maybe someday we will invite celebrities to Yanyang Have a concert.Brother Liu, you re making it big It s not big, why don t you use these resources, don t you think so Liu Jianpeng smiled complacently, and continued I want to It is not cbd softgels vs gummies easy to hold a concert.This is not easy mainly because of the approval.It needs to be approved by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, and you need to be approved by the Public Security Bureau.We have 600mg cbd gummies done it once before, are cbd gummies legal in tennessee 600mg cbd gummies and it is really hard work.If you work in the Public Security Bureau, you will be a deputy department soon.Even if these are not in your control, but you know the person in charge of approval, you must help my brother.As Liu Jianpeng said, to hold a concert, you need to apply to the public security organ, submit business license and other materials, and fill in The Safety Application Form for Large Scale Mass Activities must be approved by the public security department of the public security organ.

As for how the security is arranged, will we let us assist like last time I can go to the branch tomorrow afternoon and ask for you. Please, This is a big business, if I can win it, I can give year end bonuses to my brothers.Even if you can t win this business, you still have to give it to others, if you don t pay it, can you keep people Han Chaoyang scolded with a smile.He said suspiciously Tomorrow I can ask for you, and I can help you fight for it.But you have to install air conditioners in the dormitories, and there is really no need to install boilers.After all, the yard will be demolished sooner or later, and the investment in installing air conditioners is not that big.Take back the courtyard and move the machine, take it down and install it in a new place.Huang Ying made a bold move while the iron was hot Hongliang, you are a big man, you can t listen to Zhang Beibei for everything Well, as long as you can If I get the security job for the concert, even if I fall out with her, I will install the air conditioner for the dormitory.

Chapter 536 Race against time 5 Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, and there are more and more express delivery points.I don t know if I don t come out, there are two more express delivery points in the jurisdiction, and there is a express company that I haven t even heard of before.After Lao Hu registered the situation of the franchise point, he checked the delivery and delivery records, reminded the boss of the franchise point to implement the real name system, and asked them to install the monitoring system as soon as possible.Before he knew it, more than an hour passed.Walking out of the what age can you buy cbd gummies express delivery point with Lao Mao, an auxiliary policeman, and was about to get in the car to go to the next one, a familiar figure came oncoming on an electric tricycle.Thinking that Han Chaoyang was helping the Xinyuan Street Police Station to investigate the chef at the Internet cafe, Lao Hu immediately walked to the side of the road and shouted, buy cbd sleep gummies hemp bomb cbd high potency gummies review Miao Si er, where are you going Miao Si er let go of the switch and lightly stepped on the brake , leaning on the handlebar and said with a smile Brother Hu, you scared me.

Han Chaoyang didn t say anything from the beginning to the end, just walked out of the best cbd gummies for dog anxiety small courtyard with Old Tang, helped him close the door, and then got into the police car.Old Tang signaled to drive, and sighed Old Xu may really not know Xu Weimin s whereabouts.Even if he knows, he may not tell him now.Haste makes waste.Let s do some work first, and see if we can get his mind to it.It s hot.As long as he can be moved, he will naturally help us.That s the only way, I can t think of a better way.Han Chaoyang admired him and said sincerely Tang Police Boss, I didn t come out with you for nothing 600mg cbd gummies today, I ve benefited a lot, and I ve learned another trick.Old Tang took off his hat, and said worriedly Why did I benefit a lot, if it wasn t for the fact that Dai Lishi, who was under the control of the Huayuan Street Police Station, disappeared and lost contact with him.

The reason why they have not been fined is not that they don t want to be fined, but that they are afraid of being beaten and dare not be fined.It will be different with our help.The fine should be refunded.I have to follow the Team Tang has a good talk, it s fine if you don t give salaries to you coordinators, we have to give you some bonuses. You can have this.Wu Junfeng grinned.The Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade has more than 100 law enforcement powers.They control the sky, the ground and the air.There is nothing they can t control, but they have no deterrent effect.Many behaviors that violate administrative laws and regulations can t be controlled.With the assistance of the police, they are definitely willing to participate in the rectification, not to mention fines.

Chapter 580 I was stimulated hemp bomb cbd high potency gummies review cbd gummies thc free The Japanese and Korean restaurant on the 38th floor of the International Trade Hotel is very high end, but Han Chaoyang was very unhappy with the meal.First of all, the dishes are not to your taste.The Japanese like to eat raw, but Han Chaoyang doesn t like it.Salmon is hard to swallow.It was hard to wait for a grilled fish, and there was only a little bit, enough to fit between the teeth.The portion of each dish was very small.I really don t know if the Japanese will be hungry if they eat these all day.Secondly, and actually the most important 600mg cbd gummies thing, the dining atmosphere is not very good Tang Xiaoxuan s new boyfriend is surnamed Mei, called Mei Jianqing, who looks to be only twenty five or six years old, but in fact he is already thirty.He has a doctorate in cardiothoracic surgery and graduated from a famous medical school in China.

Is it easy to find it after entering the fire exit The inside is not small, there are probably There are twenty boxes, I have been there from the lobby, I have never entered from the back, I don t know how to get there, but I have a little impression of the layout inside, and the people who provided clues confirmed that there are not many guests inside.Standing at the gate is too eye catching, Jiao Da called everyone into the car, and took out a small notebook from the storage compartment You went in, draw a floor plan, and mark the approximate location of the box where the suspect is.Okay, Han Chaoyang took the pen and notebook The notebook, while drawing, said with a bitter face Jiao Da, I have only gone in twice, and I still go to pick up people.I just have a little impression, and the drawing may not be accurate.

Gansuo didn t think the office was a black sheep, but he didn t want to be investigated by the city bureau because of this matter, so he pulled Han Chaoyang to the police car and said expectantly, Xiao Han, you are a big hit in your branch office, can you talk to me The leader of the sub bureau said something, help us, and ask us, can we return one yard to one yard, and the anti drug brigade handles their drug cases, how to investigate and deal with Karoti and hand it over to us This request is not too much, if Huayuan Street Police Station When such a thing happened, Liu Suo and instructor Xu would think the same way, and they didn t want to disturb the branch or even the city bureau because of this incident, so as to leave a bad impression on the leaders of the branch and even the city bureau.

Xu Weimin had no face to face Mr.Xu, drooping his head Squeak again.Han Chaoyang 600mg cbd gummies didn t expect that Dai Lishi wouldn t go back home, and would rather pick up trash outside than ask his relatives for help.But such a person must not be allowed to continue wandering.He must be arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible, regardless of whether he commits crimes after escaping control.Get up, Han Chaoyang pulled him up again, and said sharply, Go, come with us to the west of the city, and take us to find Dai Lishi.Why don t you send him to the hospital for treatment Old Master Xu was angry again, pointing at his can i take expired cbd gummies nose and growling If you tell you to go, go, why are there so many things Chapter 592 New Year s Eve 10 On New Year s Eve, only half of the police officers and auxiliary police officers at the Huayuan Street Police Station were on duty, and there were even more police officers than usual.

The bureau leader probably has nothing to do.If he is not in his position, he will not seek his own affairs.I will go back first.You must go to your husband s house at night, so I won t call Come to my house for dinner at noon tomorrow, bring Yingying with you, your mistress will not be happy if you don t come. Definitely go, definitely come, I have to send you and my mistress a New Year s greeting. Sending off Grandpa Gu, Huang Ying rode The electric car has arrived.Hearing that Grandpa Gu has been here, and that he came here specially to give out red envelopes, Huang Ying couldn t help opening the red envelopes, 600mg cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews took out two brand new hundred yuan bills from inside, giggled and said, You re so serious, how can you make the master a big boy I came here early to give you New Year s greetings, and I even sent New Year s money to your door.

Later, I simply had a showdown with me and asked me if I had a crush on Jin Chuan, and if I could get along with him first.There was something hidden, Huang Ying asked with a smile, What happened next I just met him a few days ago.He was in the police station and I was in the police office.He was busy handling cases all day long, and I didn t see him a few times.I didn t know him at all.I forgot what I said at the time, Gu The sheriff may feel that there is no hope, so he didn t mention it again.Han Zhaoyang reacted and couldn t help laughing That s right, the old man likes to give people red lines, but just introduce him, it s nothing Why do you hide something shameful from me.Your master may consider that we will see each other with our heads up and down.If everyone knows about it, it will be embarrassing in the future.

One can fight and the other is very clever.You should also have a little impression of Xiao Gu and Liu Chengquan.I will let the four of them come back to report with Wu Wei.Okay, counting Lao Hu, there are six That s enough for one person.Liu Jianye thought for a while, and then said, There s no need to come back, let him prepare and stand by in the community, so as not to run back and have to rush back After dinner, Liu Jianye called in gummy candy cbd front of the two of them.Fan Bureau, who is on duty today, reports.The drug case was not any other case.Although there was no conclusive evidence or even clues, Bureau Fan still agreed.The suspect cannot be locked up for too long, otherwise the suspect will become suspicious.As soon as Liu Jianye hung up the phone, Han Chaoyang called Wu Wei, Wu Junfeng HCMUSSH 600mg cbd gummies and others, telling them to go back to the dormitory to pack their luggage, and then stand by in the meeting room on the first floor of the community.

Chapter 612 Borrowing money 1 If five people are transferred at once, the work pressure will double in the next few days.Some things that can be done now must be done quickly, otherwise I will not be able to take care of them when I get busy.Han Chaoyang asked Miao Haizhu, who was with Boss Miao after dinner, to be on duty in the police office, and came to the temporary ward from the back door to wake up Dai Lishi who had just fallen asleep.Officer Han, it s so late, what s the matter It s nothing serious, how do you feel today Han Chaoyang asked with a smile while gesturing him to get dressed.It s good.I haven t had a stomachache since I moved in.Dai Lishi looked at the door and saw that there was no one else, so he asked a little nervously, Officer Han, what s the matter Do you want me to go to the detention center Surveillance How can I send you to the detention center so soon after the residence is settled.

Ke Wenhong, the security guard of the No.2 Squadron, had already arrived.He leaned over and checked the anti theft door of the Tobacco Hotel with a flashlight.Han Chaoyang pushed open the car door and ran to him, asking eagerly, What s the matter, has it been pried No.Ke Wenhong looked at the keyhole, put down the flashlight, and grabbed the two handles under the rolling shutter Pull it up, and the rolling shutter does not move at all.How could you call the police if you didn t get pried Han Chaoyang took a few steps back, looked at the shops on both sides, made sure there was nothing suspicious, and asked in a low voice, Does this shop have a back door and windows at the back The shops in this circle There is no back door, but there seems to be a window at the back.Just as he was talking, Tian Xiaobin arrived with 600mg cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews his electric car, picked up the rubber baton held between his knees, held the handlebar with one hand, and put his foot on the ground and asked, Han Da, The door hasn t been pried, right The door hasn t been pried, so it s hard to tell from the rear window, let s go around and have a look at the back first.

Usually at the store in the People s Shopping Center, my wife looks at the store on Fengshou Road.The store at the Electromechanical Market also invites people to look at it.It must be a little girl.She thinks the salary is low.She called yesterday and said she would not come after the New Year.People.Business is hard to do now, and people are hard to find.Really, I m having a headache.Boss Zhang sighed lightly, and then changed the subject Officer Han, Officer Liang said when he left just now that he took away the cigarettes.I want to ask the price department to estimate, how to estimate this value, based on wholesale price or retail price Boss Zhang, I m not afraid of your jokes, I am a security policeman, not a case handling policeman, so I really don t know how to estimate it.You don t know I haven t touched it before, so it shouldn t be too troublesome.

Running all afternoon, I must be hungry.Let s go have a meal first.Wu Wei and the others Don t be in a hurry to eat, you should talk about your next plan, otherwise I don t know how to help.Lao Hu discussed with Wu Wei on WeChat just now, and said with a bit of embarrassment Wu Wei just went to observe Terrain, there is only one gate 600mg cbd gummies in that yard, just keep an eye on the gate.We plan to work in groups of two, take turns to stare, and each team will stare for three hours.This is the only thing we can do at night, and we will talk about tomorrow s affairs tomorrow.Let s talk about tomorrow s affairs tomorrow, like They handle the case like no one before or since, it s ridiculous to the extreme Xiao Sun slandered, and asked calmly The alley is so small, you can t drive in, you can only see half of the alley in the car, and there are so many cars in front of you, you can t move if you want to.

Liu Qingjun was very stubborn, claiming that this was a first time offender, that he bought the drugs from the Internet, and there was only so much.Qiao Peiming showed his police certificate from Wu Wei, and realized that his psychological defense line was defeated from are cbd gummies legal in tennessee 600mg cbd gummies the moment Yanyang was targeted.He confessed to the crime of drugs.Wu Wei and Xiaokang took him into room 605.Song Kaiqiang confirmed that Xiaosun held up his mobile phone to take pictures and turned on the law enforcement recorder, and took out his police card from his jacket pocket again Qiao Peiming, see clearly, I am Nanshan Public Security Bureau Anti narcotics team leader Song Kaiqiang is now interrogating you with Comrade Han Chaoyang, the voluntary security patrol team leader of the Yandong Sub bureau of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.

As soon as the policemen arranged by Team Song made progress, they would start from here to arrest Liu Qingjun s accomplices.The big battle was imminent, but Han Chaoyang felt very uncomfortable when he had to drive his brothers away at this critical moment.Walking around the soft Zhonghua bought specially for hospitality , he pretended to be relaxed and said with a smile Junfeng, Xiaogu, Chengquan, I can t go back for a while, the police room is all up to you.There are no big things, but there are many small things.You have all met Uncle Hong in the Taoyuan community.His wife passed away last year, and his children are all out of town.He is very lonely, so he always runs to our community during this time.Our community is lively, he Come, come, what else can you do Liu Chengquan was in a bad mood, took out his wallet to look at the ID card inside, and smoked listlessly.

The man suddenly crossed the zebra crossing, ran to the sidewalk at the entrance of the shopping mall and followed him.After following for about two minutes, he suddenly quickened his pace, ran up and yanked off the bag, and ran away as soon as he got it The girl was stunned for a moment, and then she came to her senses, shouting and chasing after her.However, she was wearing high heeled leather boots, so she couldn t run fast or run at all, so she could only watch the little bastard get into the crowd and worry.With such a big commotion, it was impossible not to startle passers by.But the passers by who almost noticed 600mg cbd gummies her yelling stopped subconsciously.Some looked in the direction of the suspect s absconding, some looked around without reacting, and some walked over to talk to her.The whole process was quick, less than three minutes before and after.

The family has not had a good year, and now he finally knows that he is probably in Yanyang.Where is it What is worrying is that he committed a crime outside, and it is not a trivial matter.It turned out that he ran away from home, no are cbd gummies legal in tennessee 600mg cbd gummies wonder he couldn t even eat, so he rummaged through the trash can to pick up leftovers to eat.Now It is becoming more and more difficult to control the children.We also have a brat and a girl in Linshan who have been out for several years and haven t given any news to the family.One has reported to the police, and the other hasn t come to report.After Bao Haibing left, his parents I didn t go to the Huangyu Police Station to report the case, otherwise I could have HCMUSSH 600mg cbd gummies verified my identity last night, so I don t have to wait until now.Qi Suo, thank you very much, I will call the criminal police team.

Make it clear, the local police station should not ignore it.Yes, let s do it like this Kang Haigen s thoughts were all on the suspected pyramid scheme gang, and he didn t want to waste time on this trivial matter, so he said with a final word And It s not that there is no law on the protection of minors, we can report to the local police 600mg cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews station in writing, the local police station can t just sit are cbd gummies legal in tennessee 600mg cbd gummies back and watch, if his alcoholic and gambler father dares to abuse him again, he will be punished by law.Yes, there are minors.Personal protection law, but China has China s national conditions.Let alone a father beating his son, even if a husband beats his wife, in many places it is a matter that the people will not sue the officials and will not correct.Miao Haizhu opposed contacting the local police station from the bottom of his heart, but Han Chaoyang and Kang Haigen both said so, and Lao Dai and Lao Tang also nodded in agreement, so they could only sit on the chair resentfully.

And at night, it is used to deliver meals to each duty point.All in all, the security company s logistics were impeccable.Han Chaoyang had nothing to worry about, he couldn t help laughing and said, Aunt Tan, I don t know how many people will have dinner tonight, but I m sorry to trouble you.While chatting, police cars drove slowly into the compound one after another.The 600mg cbd gummies yard was not cleaned up, and building materials were still piled up in some places, so Xu Hongliang hurried over to direct the car to stop.Han Chaoyang asked Lao Qian, the security guard of the Sixth Hospital who came from the police office together, to take up duty and let him be on duty in the duty room on the left side of the gate.From now on, no one else could enter without permission.Just after the explanation, several law enforcement vehicles from the Market Supervision Bureau followed in.

They were busy one by one, making calls in the car, and they continued to make calls when they got off the car.They should be talking to the police who were monitoring the pyramid schemers at the front.Han Chaoyang hurriedly pointed to the meeting room, and together with Feng Haijun, he led them to the meeting room.Report Come in.Liu Jianye, Bao Qingshan and others walked into the meeting room.Seeing that there were not enough chairs, Han Chaoyang hurried to the next door to bring two more.Fan Bureau presided over the meeting without hesitation, first conveyed the instructions of the two district leaders, and then asked the three of Liu Jianye to report the latest situation.As of five minutes ago, a total of 146 people suspected of pyramid schemes were buy cbd sleep gummies hemp bomb cbd high potency gummies review identified, 38 of whom were women.They rented in 7 residential areas on our two streets, with a total of 8 large and small dens.

How many MLM personnel are there in which den, and information such as the gender, age, home address, and ID number of the MLM personnel are hemp bomb cbd high potency gummies review cbd gummies thc free all available.As long as there are enough people, it is not difficult to collect the network.After listening do cbd gummies help to stop smoking to the report, Zou Ju raised his head and said, Ju Fan, the MLM gang has 8 dens in total.We will set up eight teams to act separately and collect the net at the same time.The bureau looked at Liu Jianye and other subordinates, and said unhurriedly Now we are facing two problems.One is that the 8 dens are located in 7 residential areas in two streets.If the timing is not good, this group will close the network.Some of the pyramid schemers and even the main culprits of the gang may escape before the group arrives at the designated location second, some of them are in the den, some are outside, and some are attending classes in the rented office building.

3.Case 14 was still under investigation, Han 600mg cbd gummies Chaoyang smiled apologetically, and together with Old Tang and Miao Haizhu lifted the cover of the police station, walked through the case handling area and opened the back door to answer the phone in the backyard, allowing Huang Ying and Jiang Xiaomin to talk inside.It s always like this Huang Ying muttered pretending to be unhappy.It should be the case of the fertilizer factory.Jiang Xiaomin murmured.In fact, she was only half right.As soon as Han Chaoyang connected to the phone, Feng Ju smiled and asked, Chaoyang, did you wake you up No, Feng Ju, I woke up early.The police office is planning to go to dinner.That s good.Director Feng walked to the window, looked at the lights of Wanjia in the direction of the city center, and said enthusiastically, First, let me tell you the good news.

I was afraid again, so I took a taxi back here.What shoes were you wearing at that cbd gummies 300 mg time That pair.The handcuffed hands pointed to the pair of dirty shoes in front of the bed.Many details must be clarified, Liu Jianye asked Where is Yu Xiufen s cell phone Throw them together.Wei Ping took a deep breath, and said through gritted teeth, I don t want to see them again, and I don t want to see their things, I threw them all into the Chaoyang River, just behind the fertilizer factory.The truth came out., a murder case caused by emotional problems, and the case is not complicated.Liu Jianye looked back at the carpentry tools in the room, and then at the simple lunch boxes he had left over.He sympathized and felt sorry for the suspect in front of him.After thinking about it, he asked, I was afraid at the time, why aren t you afraid now Anyway, you will find me, I m afraid it will be of no use.

Well, if you want it, you should fight for it.It s all for work, not for individuals.Okay, let me help you find Liu first.The tone of the bureau.Hanging up the phone, Liu Jianye felt that he should help his old subordinates to fight hard, looked back at Wei Ping, who was like a walking corpse, went outside the office and dialed Liu Bureau s mobile phone, first reported that the suspect had been escorted to the airport, and then It is unlikely that the boys from the anti pickup team will be keanu reeves cbd gummies scam transferred to the auxiliary police.Liu Qiuping was really surprised, and asked suspiciously PolyU and the Sixth Academy will not let go They were all selected from the security company of PolyU, the Sixth Hospital, and Chaoyang Community.In the past, they were either the security squad leader or the deputy squad leader.

Xu Hongliang looked up at the meeting room opposite, and said in a low voice Brother, I know this is a bit embarrassing , but no matter how embarrassing it is, we have to focus on the listing ceremony.All the leaders we want to invite must be invited.I will be in charge of the street side, and you will be in charge of the Sixth Court of Polytechnic University.How about it Han Chaoyang was confused and couldn t help asking Brother, Why did you suddenly become so active, have you been bribed It s okay to be bribed.Since your District Chief Liu gave us face, we have to give him face.After all, he is the leader Xu Hongliang smiled, and said mysteriously Brother, if I knew Director Huo s background earlier It s so big, I went to hug his thigh a long time ago, but you snatched him first.But it doesn t matter, you hug him like I did.

He was not a policeman, but an auxiliary policeman.He was very young and a very good guy.In order to save you, he gave his precious life.He died that night.Yes, he is only twenty two years old this year.He is the only son of his family, and the white haired man gives black hair, so you can imagine how sad his parents are.Thinking of his good brother, Han Chaoyang felt like a knife was twisting his heart.Miao Haizhu was on duty that night.It can be said that she saw Liu Chengquan sacrificed in front of her eyes.She couldn t control it purestasis cbd gummies anymore and said with tears As an auxiliary policeman, he fulfilled his duties and used his blood and life Fulfilling the oath of the Public Security Auxiliary Police.But just left, he left too many regrets, he couldn t be filial to his parents, he never had a girlfriend or fell in love, and his soul in heaven didn t even know that he was saving Who Sacrifice The news was like a bolt from the blue, and Wang Can was frightened out of his wits.

It s quite strange to think about it.But Luo Weixing didn t disappear suddenly and lost contact.Think about it, he took Jiang The money from the construction group was not given to others to work.They took the construction deposits of those small 600mg cbd gummies contractors, and they also did a little work, but charles stanley cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies they did not settle with them according to the subcontract, and it was not a small amount of money.That is to say, he had already been mentally prepared for this, and the absconding with the money was premeditated.That s right, he had thought about it long ago and had a plan in advance, the question is where can he run and hide He works in engineering, and his social relations are very complicated.He knows many people from all over the world.It is not easy to find someone to help him escape.It is easy to find a place to avoid the limelight for a few days.

After eating, I will find a hotel to put my luggage down, and then go to the construction site Stop making trouble, am I that kind of person, Okay, good boy, let s talk later.Jiang Yonggen was afraid that Boss Qian would ask about the project again, so he simply changed the subject, looked up at the rearview mirror and asked curiously, Xiaoshi, is your girlfriend worried It s not that you don t worry, the main decision to come to Le Ken is temporary, she didn t know in advance. Where does she work She doesn t have a job, she s still in college. College student, she must be pretty. Pretty talk No, ordinary people.Shi Junhua said very modestly, but he acted not at all, and even clicked on his girlfriend s profile picture and held the phone in front of him for Jiang Yonggen to see.Jiang Yonggen took a look and found that it was really beautiful.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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