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Like last time, we did not find any benefit of cbd gummy suspicious clues.However, we found that the owner of this house had been in the You died a year ago, you are an old man living alone, you have no children, how did you rent this house Chapter 2 Scarlet Wedding elderberry cbd gummies Dress After hearing what the police said, I was completely confused After being dazed for a long time, I quickly shook my head and said it was impossible.I have lived here for three months, and the old lady would come to collect the rent every month.The policeman smiled and took out a piece of white paper from his pocket.There was a photo on the white paper.The policeman asked me if I knew this person I nodded and said yes, unabis cbd gummies shark tank elderberry cbd gummies this is the landlord.However, as his hand pointed down, my face became paler and paler.This is not an ordinary blank paper, but a death certificate.And judging from his acquaintance with the kit, it is not difficult to guess that he and the landlady s old lady are together.I always thought that the man who raped me was the one who married me in my dream, but from the way he looked at this jade pendant, I felt that something was wrong.Could it be that someone else raped me Who will he be Early the next morning, I was woken up by a phone call from Qin Zheng.The first thing he said was that he died again.I didn t realize it for a while, so I let out an ah, and then asked a question.Who Qin Zheng didn t talk to me in detail, but asked me to get up and go to the police station.This matter has something to do with me I didn t leave the house all day yesterday When I arrived at the police station, I didn t know what the sentence about me meant.Xiao Jue, long time no see.Gu Yicheng s voice was pleasant to hear, like a breeze in his ears, but he could feel a sense of unkindness in his heart.As the saying goes, it s good to stretch out your hand and never hit a smiling face, but Gu Yicheng, this exquisite smiling tiger, has no effect in front of my uncle.The uncle raised his eyes, and a murderous intent flashed in his unruly eyes.You want to marry the Xiao family, have you got my consent Gu Yicheng seemed to have not seen it, looked at his uncle carefully, and then burst out laughing, with no trace of ridicule on his face.don t hide.Then when your Xiao family plotted against her, elderberry cbd gummies did you ask her for permission Just for a moment, the spearhead was pointed at me, but I was confused.Wasn t elderberry cbd gummies the person who plotted against me always Gu Yicheng What s the matter, Uncle Guan The uncle s face turned cold in an instant, and there was no trace of warmth in his tone.Chu Lianqiao walked in the front alone, and I was a little apprehensive, so I asked Junli.What if you don t pull him and he falls Junli replied with a gloomy expression, I can t die.After walking for a long time, he finally reached the door of his house and heaved a sigh of relief.He was about to go up to knock on the door, but Jun Li grabbed him firmly.Xiao Xiao, do you think there is something weird about your family I turned pale at what Junli said, looked around and asked.What s weird Junli s face sank and he was talking, but he quickly pulled me into the dark, and at the moment when I was about to speak, he covered my mouth with one hand and said shh to me expression.Then I looked at the gate intently.I followed Junli s gaze and saw a commotion coming from the gate.With a bang, the gate was opened.Before I figured things out, I thought, I still can t forgive them.Sitting in the back seat, I didn t say a word to my uncle.Instead, I took out the gold encrusted kit and examined it carefully.I really wanted to open the kit.But when I thought of the landlady s old lady, I still endured the thought.I have been groping for that piece of white jade pendant in my pocket all the time.Maybe it is selfish.I always feel that this jade pendant has something to do with Junli.Take your hands out of your pockets.It was late at night, my uncle put me down, and only said four words to me before leaving.Care for your baby.I suddenly felt a little funny.Normal people hope that their children can grow up healthy and healthy, and find a good family to marry.How could anyone give their own child a yin pregnancy and a yin kiss With a click , the door of Qingjingzi s house was opened, and it was Suxiu s cute baby face that came into view, and she shook her head at me.Sure enough, seeing that I didn t respond, he added a sentence in the next second.I m afraid there will be no living people here in a while.Compared to such a domineering and direct Gu Yicheng, I would rather he was playing tricks on me behind my back like before, and plotting against me.After all, the choice he gave me was not a choice at all, but coercion The next second, before I could think it through, Qing Jingzi attacked Gu Yicheng directly, while turning back to let Suxiu elderberry cbd gummies take me away I can t see that the old man who is usually cold and doesn t talk to me will come forward at this time.But what Gu Yicheng said just now didn t look like a joke at all.He didn t have any worries at all, he just wanted to, take, me, go.Su Xiu s whole body was extremely stiff, as if she was struggling, she wanted to take me away, but she didn t want to leave his master here alone.When I passed by the third to last room, I proposed to open the mahogany coffin inside to see if it was as empty as the last room.But Junli said something to me with a smile on his face.It s also empty inside.Chapter 43 Silver Eyes I still couldn t believe it when I heard it, but I didn t know how to be afraid anymore, so I strode in and opened the mahogany coffin in the elderberry cbd gummies center.The moment I opened the coffin, I took a few steps back, for fear that a big zongzi would pop out from inside.But the inside is really empty as Jun Li said Involuntarily, I turned my head and asked Junli differently.How do you know Junli smiled and didn t answer me.He dragged me towards the stairs on the third floor.He didn t say anything until he reached the door on the third floor.The corpses inside are the ones we encountered before.The walls and the top are all carved with lifelike patterns in gold.What kind of grave is this I believe it is said to be the imperial palace Before turning on the flashlight on my phone, I was prepared for a bumpy journey surrounded by coffins, but the scene that appeared now made me somewhat at a loss as to how to go on.Jun Li Who was he before he was alive Why do the tombs after death have mass graves for burials, and even more burial objects of incomparable wealth And why is Junli s tomb under the west building Although not very greedy for money, who wouldn t want to take home after seeing so many treasures I just wanted to bend down to find some treasures to stuff in my pocket, but I suddenly withdrew my hand, instantly alerted.Junli is not here, I d better not touch the things in the tomb Swallowing my saliva, I retracted my gaze and walked carefully on the path in the elderberry cbd gummies middle, and reached the end after a while.But why is this village called Wuming Village I would like to be nameless, so what does it mean to be crowned with your surname I can t help but think too much, Suxiu has already dragged me into the village, the whole village is full of lifelessness, and the simple and small houses are pitch black.When I walked in, I found them very clean.The person died not long ago.Picking a decent room, Su Xiu took out a few pieces of yellow talisman paper from her pocket, pasted them on elderberry cbd gummies best cbd sleep aid gummies the doors and windows, and buried three small broad spectrum cbd gummies 2000 mg wooden signs in the four corners of the room, and then took do you have to be 21 to buy cbd gummies them out of her backpack.I took out a bag of lime ash and sprinkled it around the house, and then what do cbd gummies help with pulled me into the house.The room was pitch black, and the half eaten food on the unabis cbd gummies shark tank elderberry cbd gummies table had gone bad.It could be seen that the owner of the house left in a hurry.The moment the stone door opened, a gust of cold wind blew through it and directly into the back of my neck.I couldn t hold back the cold, and shivered all over my body.Seeing this, Junli took off his overcoat and covered me.What came into view was a secret passage.The secret passage was very spacious and clean.The moment the door was opened, the ever burning lights on the secret passage seemed to encounter the air, and all of them lit up instantly, reflecting all the things in the entire secret passage.The secret path is long or short, and at a glance, you can just see the bottom of the secret path.Only a few steps into the secret path, I elderberry cbd gummies heard the voices of my uncle, Gu Yicheng, crackling and fighting, and the sound of coffin boards being thrown away, even if it was so 60 mg cbd gummies far away, I could still hear It can be seen that the battle ahead is fierce.When I got back to the room, it was already noon, the sun came in from the window, and I slept very peacefully under the sunlight.Bai Yupei, pictures of beauties, evil books, and that piece of amber, I put them on the bedside one by one.The moment I lay down on the bed, elderberry cbd gummies I forgot everything and fell into a dream.Sleep.When I woke up, it was already late, I turned on the light, ran to the toilet to wash my face, then put away the things beside the bed, and just wanted to find the landlord old woman, but found that no matter how I knocked on her door, she always knocked on her door.No, I hesitated for a moment, but suddenly found that there was a letter under my can you take cbd gummies while on blood thinners feet This letter is very long, but the sentence that impressed me the most is that enlightenment is nothing more than enlightenment.The landlady s old lady not only left while I was sleeping, but also let me practice by reading the contents of this evil book Suddenly, ten thousand muddy horses galloped past in my heart.A while ago, the villagers in the nameless village above the tomb of Huoyan all died overnight.After she heard it, she groaned, saying that she had heard the news, but she asked me with her eyes wide open in the next second.How do you know that place is called Fuyan s Tomb My face turned pale for a moment, and I laughed hehe twice, and hurriedly interrupted to ask, besides the Fuyan s Tomb, which other tomb would dare to hollow out the eight hills After staying here for a while, I heard a little bit about it, and it was so spectacular that I remembered it in my mind.As soon as the words fell, she nodded and was fooled by me, and asked me a question before leaving.Then have you ever heard which door is the safest to enter I subconsciously said, Jingmen Xiaoji is also neutral.After saying these words, my back suddenly felt cold, and only then did I realize that I seemed to have spoken too much.I was so frightened that I suddenly took out the evil talisman I had drawn, but the moment the corpse walked towards me, this talisman burned out of thin air.scald.The person who died wearing a red dress carried an evil spirit on her body.After death, she was very easy to turn into a fierce ghost, and her resentment was also very deep.But I haven t learned the contents of the evil book, so I can t tell what level of ghost she is.It s so powerful Her appearance was not as complicated as the ghosts I encountered before, but very light and peaceful, but it stimulated my senses even more, and it scared me so much that I didn t know how to fight back.When I lived in this house, I felt that the house was very dark, but I searched the whole community, only this house has a terribly cheap rent, and I lived in it for so many days.But I just made this action, but I saw a bit of irony from the bottom of his eyes.After the irony, the previous exploration in the eyes was also a bit less.Are you asleep He asked, and I rolled my eyes and nodded.Then he asked me how I lived here these days, and if there was anything uncomfortable.When I unabis cbd gummies shark tank elderberry cbd gummies heard it, I pretended to be different and shook my head.No, what are you doing here at night Impatience flashed across his eyes, after all, anyone who is woken up at night by a strange man would want to kill someone, so how could he cbd oil gummy bears costco have time to talk nonsense with him These reactions of mine were also reasonable.He kept stretching his neck, wanting to see the situation in the room behind me, and asked me if I could let him in to talk, because the wind outside was a bit strong.I immediately blocked the door and smiled at him.Thank you, Chunxia.I nodded embarrassingly and didn t say anything, but I was speechless at the bottom of my heart.Zhang Chunxia s name is really uglybut I haven t waited for my breath.The blood girl s complexion changed again.Oops, Tang Maru felt that he and I had unraveled the secret contract and came to the door.When I heard this, I trembled all over, looking at the messy room, and the smell of blood in the air was a little bit At a loss Take several deep breaths.What should I do if I ask the blood girl But the bloody girl walked to the gate, took off the yellow talisman paper with new characters on it, and cracked a small hole in the upside down yin and yang formation, but also closed the only life gate, making people I can only go in and out Then the blood girl asked me to play a scene with her.After hearing this, I couldn t help swallowing, and complained to Gu Yicheng from the bottom of my heart.What the hell is Sangong Liuyuan, thinking that he is an ancient emperor The Youlan Palace princess who was assassinated by the Lord was the Chen Yanjin I knew before, and Tang Maru, the bloody girl s scumbag boyfriend, was also one of them.So if I sneak into this so called Orchid Palace, I will be easily found out, and I will be particularly restrained in my actions.In the end, there were only Hanmei Palace and Xuannv Palace that were the main sources of information.However, Xuannv Palace was always mysterious and no one knew how it was collected.In desperation, I had to choose Hanmei Palace.But it is already night, and I want to sneak into Xuanzhen Sect.You can only wait until the next morning to act.I have raised her for so many years.The kindness of nurturing her is unforgettable.She was tricked by me and obeyed my orders.Yes.She should.As soon as I heard this, I was so angry that I almost got up and looked for a knife to kill Xiao Jue.You should be the fucking one.If I knew that you raised me to plot against me, to make me your pawn, I would rather starve to death than eat a bite of rice from your family But I still can t figure it out, Xiao Jue is plotting against me to revive Huanyan, why is it so troublesome, plotting against Junli and me, plotting against me and Junli s marriage Although the yin relationship didn t form, but something really happened Besides, didn t he care about the child in my stomach before, why did he kill the child in my stomach in the end Maybe it s because my mood fluctuated a bit, Yunjing looked back suspiciously at me, my heart trembled instantly when I saw this, only then did I realize my gaffe, and quickly adjusted my mood, only to see that Yunjing was right Looking at Xiao Jue, he smiled and replied to Xiao Jue.But this time Xiao Jue regretted that his bowels were turning green.You must know that Jun Li s jade pendant was in his hands at first.But he made a deal with Junli, tricked me, and then returned the jade pendant to Junli, and helped Junli recover some of his is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate cbd delta 9 gummies memories and undo some of his seals.But from Xiao Jue s face, I can also know that the deal he made with Junli didn t get any benefits.I guess he calculated that Junli recovered part of his memory, and he would accompany him to plot against me.My life is to pay homage to Fuyan s soul, right But God gave him a hard time.After Junli recovered part of his memory, although he was familiar with the name Fuyan, he was quite unfamiliar with it.In turn, he helped me beat his face so hard that his face was swollen.When Xiao Jue left from here, he gave Yun Jing a hard look, and then walked away, but Yun Jing didn t care about his behavior, and instead invited me to the dinner table for dinner.But after entering the Xuannv Palace, apart from studying the Qimen Dunjia with Yunjing every day, he never said a word about taking me into the Xuanzhen Sect.Don t panic.Coupled with the matter of the blood girl, I always feel that if things go on like this, it won t be long before Tang Maru and that beast will come to the door.That being the case, why don t I act first Chapter Eighty Eighth Seeing Junli The next morning, I went directly to Yunjing, and when elderberry cbd gummies I walked to his house, I heard the sound of Guzheng.Unlike the previous song, this song It sounds a little sad.Sad to feel my involuntary slow pace, I want to wait until the song is over before appearing in front of him.But when I walked in front of Yunjing, I froze in place.Beside Yunjing, I saw a familiar figure that I couldn t be more familiar with.The moment he finished drawing the picture, Yunjing asked Junli with some concern.Will you draw pictures here to tell Xiao Xiao s grandma too clearly that you set up these formations Jun Li raised his eyes.With an evil smile on the corner of his mouth, he put the stick in his hand to play with, and said something to Yun Jing.Her grandma can t guess what elderberry cbd gummies s on me.Just as he finished speaking, he added another sentence.Even if you guessed it, so what This sentence was quite domineering.The moment the words rang out, Junli had already lifted his feet and led us towards the darkness.I thought Junli would take me and Yunjing with him Go back from where you came off.But I found that Junli has been leading us around in this tomb passage The hexagram of Yunjing has been made very clear earlier, I may be exposed, and Xiao Jue and Gu Yicheng are very likely to appear, but Junli seemed to be doing it on purpose, and didn t take Yunjing and me out.Even if I can t escape, at least the blood girl is with me, and I am not facing it alone.The moment the blood girl appeared, she let out a wow and looked around before asking me.Xiao Xiao, what are you doing When she said this, the bloody girl s eyes hadn t turned to me, but the words were only halfway, the moment the bloody girl s eyes turned to me, she stared in disbelief.With big eyes, he kept pointing at my face, and couldn t even say a word.I looked elderberry cbd gummies at her in surprise, and I was about to reach out and touch her head to see if she had a fever and she was crazy, but she said something to me in the next second.Xiao Xiao, you are so beautiful.As soon as I heard this, I felt a thud in my heart.I dropped the thing in my hand suddenly, touched my cheek with both hands, and touched it several times.Doesn t it mean that my fate is no longer covered up, and anyone can figure out my position Even if Junli s formation can keep me safe for the time being, but now I can t move an inch.Yamaru Demon.Fortunately, the pictures of beauties, evil books, and Bai Yupei were not in the bag, otherwise I would really die here now.Xu Shi saw that my face was terribly ugly, and the blood girl asked me what was wrong, and it was a good thing to restore my appearance.I smiled at her awkwardly and asked her if she noticed where I lost my backpack She shook her head, saying that she knew that I was going to a dangerous place, and she had been recharging her energy in the blood amber, hoping to help me.After I heard this, I sighed.Did I hit Yunjing s prophecy that I might be exposed It also hit the master s prophecy, saying that when I see Junli again, I will escape death.After I heard it, my complexion changed instantly.Ever since Yunjing said that the guzheng was left by his sister, I had some doubts about his relationship with Fuyan, but now, he told me directly that he is Fuyan s younger brother Seeing that my complexion changed a little quickly, Xu Shi asked me what s wrong because the cloud scene was unclear.I shook my head in embarrassment and said it was okay, and then said something.The friend who gave me this yellow talisman once told me that this talisman was painted by Huo Yan.I have also heard a lot about her before, but now I hear that she is your sister, and I am a little surprised.Yun Jing smiled after listening, and asked me, is the person who gave me the yellow talisman related to a Taoist temple I nodded and said nothing, Yun Jing suddenly asked me if I could get in touch with the person who gave me the yellow talisman, he wanted to visit this Taoist temple.I walked up to him and just sat beside him, but he rushed towards me with his whole body and hugged me in his arms.Chunxia, let me give you a hug.The moment my hands embraced me, I froze and wanted to push mayim bialik cbd gummies reviews is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate Yunjing away, but I heard soft sobs from my shoulders.Yunjing s crying voice rang in my ears.Chunxia, you are not allowed to tell others that I am crying.I mayim bialik cbd gummies reviews is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate let out a long sigh.Finally, she stopped the hand that wanted to push him away, put her hand on his back and patted him, and asked him.What s wrong His voice was so small that only the two of us could hear it.He said he missed his sister.Although he expected that his loss of emotional control was related to Zhao Yiyun s box, but hearing him say it himself was another matter.Yunjing hugged me for a long time, until he was full of elderberry cbd gummies tears, then he let go of me, and the first words he said when he let go were.The color characters on the jade pendant are extremely eye catching under the moonlight.I dreamed of a woman who looked exactly like me.Is it the evil face, or me Chapter 123 Jun Li is Jealous do cbd gummies come up on drug test From the very beginning, when I got the jade pendant of Huo Yan, then I saw Huo Yan in the illusion, and now I dreamed of her in the dream, who can tell me, who is she and me what relationship There was a struggle in his eyes.But Yunjing s words flashed in his mind from time to time, Junli finally took the blame.But in the next second, the dream flashed again, what the woman said in her heart.In this life, she has only kneeled three times.Once, it was to ask my teacher to forgive me.Once, it was for Yunjing s survival.This time it was for her own life.I can t wait to rush to Yunjing s house right now and ask him what s going on.But I remember that before I changed my identity, I specifically told Yun Jing that my master had something to do with me.Got to go away for a while.Junli glanced at Yunjing indifferently, without too much look or expression, but Yunjing rushed to the dinner table like crazy, just when I thought Yunjing was going to fight Junli , but he stopped directly mayim bialik cbd gummies reviews is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate in front of me.Yun Jing s gaze was so fixed on me that he almost saw through me.I was covered in cold sweat when he looked at me, and I couldn t help muttering in my heart.Could it be that he recognized me But in the next second, what Yun Jing said directly shocked Junli and me.Didn t Chunxia live in your house before she left Why did she leave as soon as Xiao Xiao came back She also told me that her master had something to do and she was going to leave for a while, so I said how could I leave for a while Dead or alive, benefits of cbd md gummies no direction can be determined.I couldn t help but sneer twice.It s really not a big deal to watch the excitement.If they knew, the people who died here were killed by ghosts., it is estimated that it can scare away directly.Lifting the cordon, I got in from the inside.The police outside knew what do cbd gummies help me, but they didn t stop me.I walked straight towards the murder scene, but when I got to the corridor, I smelled a disgusting smell , Only then did elderberry cbd gummies I realize that it was the policeman who came to handle the case who saw the murder scene and was disgusted and vomited outside.I covered my nose and continued to walk up.After walking a few steps, I saw Qin Zheng who came downstairs to look for me.He handed me a mask, and the moment he handed it over, he said something.It smells especially bad when you wear a mask.After saying this, he pointed to the vomiting policemen beside the corridor.A pair of eyes bent into the moon, but the smile in the eyes is only understood by herself.God, you are really playing with me.No wonder I was involved in all this, no wonder Master was always behind me to help me, no wonder the pictures of beauties, white jade pendants, and evil books were all by my side.Because of me, I am the face of disaster.The beauty of poppy unabis cbd gummies shark tank elderberry cbd gummies is heart stirring, but behind the cbd gummies for sleep online elderberry cbd gummies charming fragrance of poppy, there is an unbearable toxicity.Knowing that it is poisonous, but unable to get rid of the deadly temptation, once touched, there is no way to escape.And this Poppy and Huoyan are really similar, it s no wonder that Huoyan likes Poppy so much.The mischievous face of the world, confused the king s heart, and messed up the world.Walking this small distance from the birth gate, the blood girl didn t look away from my body for even a second, and kept asking me a elderberry cbd gummies lot of questions, all of which were prevaricated by me.Finally, I elderberry cbd gummies sighed and asked Junli, can I not speak Junli was stunned for a moment, and replied with a good word, and then asked me to send mayim bialik cbd gummies reviews is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate him the specific coordinates, he wanted to come and find me, after much deliberation, I still asked Junli to come, and I went back by myself.As soon as the voice finished, I felt obvious displeasure from the other end of the phone, but in the end he compromised and only asked me to go home quickly after I went back.I said um and just hung up on Junli.Yunjing called me.When I saw Yunjing s call, I was taken aback.I didn t want to answer it at first, but I remembered that I am Zhang Chunxia now.Would it be bad if I didn t answer Yunjing s call I just picked up the call from Yunjing.He just kept asking questions, and didn t ask me until he had finished asking all the questions in his elderberry cbd gummies heart.The accident you mentioned won t happen, right Junli shook his head, but stopped at this moment.Only then did I realize that Junli and I had already reached the top of the mountain.January weather.Changbai Mountain is very windy and frosty, but Junli standing in front of my eyes is like a picture scroll, beautifully blending with the surrounding scenery.Just as I was about to say something, the scene of Huo Yan kneeling suddenly appeared in my mind.The place where she knelt down seems to be Changbai Mountain Involuntarily, my eyes widened suddenly, and I always felt that there was some connection between them.But at this moment, Junli pointed to the mountain peaks under his feet and asked me.Did you see anything I nodded and said yes, Mr.Junli stood here and stretched out his hand, but he has a regal demeanor, which makes people feel an urge to look up.I just finished saying this, but Junli laughed, and he was still smiling, with a smile on his face.I headed for the third peak to the south.I was a little puzzled, so I asked Junli.Didn t the hexagram show that the thing was stolen Why are you still doing it But when I said this, I was still a little guilty.After all, I know how capable I am.No one knows what to do with this half baked level.Not allowed.But the look on Junli s face is not because he thinks my calculations are inaccurate and he is dragging me to that side, butintentional.I didn t understand why Junli was doing this.I was about to ask Junli, but Junli asked me.Do you think that the person who stole the beauty picture shown in the hexagram is more similar to someone around you I shook my head and said no, it really didn t After all, the people around me are all like snakes on the verge of death, talking nonsense when seeing people, talking nonsense when seeing ghosts, and I can t see their faces clearly.I couldn t even get in touch with Master, and Yunjing didn t take the initiative to contact me.Until the eighth day, I couldn t bear it anymore, and set up a game for myself.I was dumbfounded when I saw the Fuyin game in the situation The master of Fuyin is quiet, the master does not move, and the master cannot break through, but apart from the Fuyin bureau, I can t even figure out anything else.Is it good or bad for the Fuyin bureau to appear at this time At night, I tossed and turned on the bed non stop, and finally couldn t help it, so I called Yunjing.I thought Yunjing was angry with me that day, but he didn t take it to heart like a normal person, and instead asked me why I didn t contact him these days.I replied, I didn natures stimulant cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction t contact you, won t you contact me But Yun Jing replied that there are a lot of affairs in Xuannv Palace these days, Gu Yicheng has been looking for other things, he will not think of me for a while, it happened that I lost my temper that day and asked me to be quiet.Isn t it easy for him to get it back His amnesia is such an idiotic question that he can only deceive Xiao Xiao.Why do you take it seriously My face changed instantly, shaking non cbd thc sleep gummies stop The corner of his mouth was curled, and a sentence came out after a long time.But last time, when we entered Junli s tomb to help him get his body, didn t the ghost attached to his body say that he could only choose one of memory and power In the end, we brought out the evil face, Junli.Did you compromise As soon as this sentence was finished, Yunjing s car had already driven to the door of Junli s house, and the moment it stopped, Yunjing said to me.Sometimes what the eyes see is not necessarily true, it may also be acting, isn t it Then his face tightened, and he asked me if I fell in love with Junli When saying this.Yeah, Huanyan and I are nothing, you are Xu didn t expect that I would dare to speak hard when I was about to die, Bise laughed twice, stepped forward and pinched my face, the thin The long nails pierced directly into my flesh through my wound, and I couldn t help shivering due to the pain.Who are you talking about Bi Se s voice suddenly dropped a little.I imitated her appearance, laughed twice, and a trace of murderous intent suddenly burst out in my eyes.You.Angrily, Bi Se directly inserted the dagger into cbd gummies for sleep online elderberry cbd gummies my heart.The moment it was inserted into my heart, I suddenly widened my eyes, but her wanton laughter came from beside my ears.Hahahahahahahaha.Another one died, another one who looked like a disaster.I only felt my consciousness becoming more and more lax, and I was thrown to the ground by Bi Se, feeling weak all over.When the emperor of Chu State saw this scene, he immediately asked Yun Qi.Since the catastrophe cannot be killed before they come into the world, then after she is born, if I kill her, can I seek good luck and avoid disaster In the hands of this disaster star.Yun Qi did not approve of the emperor s move, but gave the emperor an idea.When the catastrophe was dropped, didn t a phoenix also drop Misfortunes can bring disasters, don t put her in the palace to affect the fate of the country, wouldn t it be enough to throw her in the folk Then the emperor secretly arranged for Feng Xing to cbd gummies highest dose meet the disaster star, so that Feng Xing could influence the disaster star.When the emperor heard this, elderberry cbd gummies he felt that it was the same thing, and quickly agreed to the suggestion of the national teacher, and directly threw the disaster star into the people, making her reduced to a beggar since she was a child.The unabis cbd gummies shark tank elderberry cbd gummies two even said that they talked elderberry cbd gummies about everything as brothers and sisters, and is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate no one knew what their respective identities were, even Feng Shitian s identity as a woman was unknown to Jun Li.On the one hand, Yunjing contacted Junli secretly, on the other hand, he began to slowly hinder their contact, HCMUSSH elderberry cbd gummies and even single handedly took the catastrophe princess Feng Jiu, who was living in the world, directly back to the palace.The reason is very simple, as Yun Qi predicted earlier, he does cbd gummies give you munchies was inspired by Princess Rongle Feng Shitian, and even now his fate is better than Princess Rongle Feng Shitian can lead the Chu Kingdom to prosperity.On the night when Feng Jiu was taken back to the palace, he and Feng Shitian directly tore apart their skins.Although Feng Shitian discovered some clues at that time, they hid it so well that they didn t even reveal a trace of the truth, and they were directly deceived elderberry cbd gummies to the bottom of their hearts.Junli said he would pick me up immediately, but I quickly said no, I could go back by myself, and then hung up the phone.But as soon as I heard Jun Li s voice, knowing that he HCMUSSH elderberry cbd gummies cared so much about my whereabouts since I was almost killed by Bi Se, he felt that Yun Jing and Master s suspicion was superfluous.I m facing Junli with all my heart now, if he wanted to kill me, he would have killed me long ago, and he can easily get whatever he wants from me, there is no need to be so tired at all.But how much he loves Fuyan, although I haven t heard or remembered it, I can still feel it after all, so no matter whether Junli says he loves me or Huayan, I still have a lump in my heart.If Junli loves me.Didn elderberry cbd gummies t you betray my previous life If you love my previous life, wouldn t you be lying to me When I got home, Junli had already prepared dinner and was waiting for me, but the more I looked at him like this, the more lumps I felt in my heart, and I didn t even dare to look up at him while eating, Junli naturally saw me This weird behavior.Until I got up from the ground, this female corpse had already walked in front of me.My hands fumbled up and down my body, trying to find something to defend myself, but I only found a white jade pendant The moment I threw the white jade pendant out, the voice of the blood girl resounded in my mind asking if I wanted her to help me I want it too But do I dare to call the blood girl out now Once I let the blood girl out, wouldn t it directly expose that I am Zhang Chunxia I threw Bai Yupei very accurately, and elderberry cbd gummies directly hit the female corpse.The female corpse was thrown far away, and Bai Yupei stuck to her body like a piece of adhesive tape, and the sound of tearing kept ringing.The sound of tearing and the rancid smell in the air became more and more intense.I was turning around and trying to escape, when a window in front of me was torn open, as if the curtain had been lifted by someone, the moment it was opened, a ray of moonlight directly poured in from the window, illuminating a small area in front of me A blood red cheongsam stood in place out of thin air.ear.Are you thinking that you can bluff me If you have any cards, put them away.I want to see what you can do The moment the voice fell, I directly raised the white jade sword and stabbed at her., but Bise seemed to be on guard.The moment I made a move, she retreated to the side, and the moment she retreated, bursts of hee hee hee laughter came from my ears.The voice is very immature, it sounds like a ghost baby The surrounding lights have been dimmed, and pairs of red pupils are flickering in the darkness.I backed away second century premium cbd gummies nervously, wanting to wave the white jade sword in my hand, but only a few times, This white jade sword became very heavy, as if something was attached to it, only to hear a bang , the white jade pendant slipped from my hand and fell directly to the ground, and my ghost babies crawled When it got to me, one even strangled my neck directly, and threw me to the ground.A servant, asked.Are any of your family members still alive The eunuch shook his head and said no, but just as the maid was about to shake her head, the eunuch pointed to the maid and said she did.The maid stared at the eunuch viciously, but had no choice but to bite the bullet and say something.I have it elderberry cbd gummies at the servant s house.Feng Shitian took a hairpin from his head, and held it in front of the servant girl.Can your family accommodate my sister The maid did not dare to respond, the Emperor Chu only arranged for Feng Shitian and Feng Jiu to meet, but did not say that Feng Jiu would cut off the life of a beggar and live a life of a commoner.Huh The moment Feng Shitian finished his sentence, he raised a few touches of threat, and the frightened maidservant knelt down in front of her with a thud.Instead, he HCMUSSH elderberry cbd gummies changed the topic and said The royal family of Chu State is thin, and several princes can t stand up to the great responsibility.Le has been a blockbuster since he was born, and he has the potential to keep his eyebrows in check.Although Emperor Chu didn t say anything later, everyone present gasped, although they had heard earlier that Emperor Chu loved Rong Le very much.Princess.Listening to the words of Emperor Chu today, do you want to pass on the throne to her If someone really got the eldest princess Rong Le, wouldn t he have all the country of Chu in his pocket All of a sudden, all the countries were boiling, and all the envoys from big or small countries knelt down and begged for marriage.Feng Shitian swept across rachael ray cbd gummies for sale everyone present with a sarcasm on his face, and his gaze stayed on Jun Li.If it weren t for her dull eyes without a gleam of light, I would really think gold harvest cbd gummies reviews that Feng Shitian was resurrected.But what was even more frightening was that she was obviously dead, crawling out of the corpse like a walking corpse, with a dead body empty, without even half of her intelligence inside.But the three lamps representing Yanghuo on her body is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate cbd delta 9 gummies were all lit up the earth formation Zhuang technique.It is absolutely impossible to light up a dead person s body What exactly is going on I followed Feng Shitian s corpse cautiously, wanting to see how she turned into a disaster, but the moment I followed her up the Changbai Mountain, the dark clouds in the sky suddenly began to roll When I got up, the clouds dispersed piece by piece, and a pair of blood red eyes appeared in the extremely dark night sky I just raised my head and looked at this eye, but I was terrified by the magic light in his eyes.I didn t say that, I just said this.The moment I grasped the key, I felt that the key was very cold, and there was even a faint breath of magic flowing in it.What does grandma mean This step was arranged more than ten years ago.When I come to Changbai Mountain, I will meet this proprietress But why didn t grandma give me the key with her own hands It took such a lot of effort.I m afraid that after more than ten years, the proprietress escaped with the key Before I pulled back from my thoughts, the proprietress said Oh and said, By the way, the savior who saved me also gave me a letter.I almost forgot Afterwards, the proprietress took out a well preserved envelope from a side cabinet, but the traces of time can be clearly seen.Chapter 182 Yunjing Fanwai 1 My name is Yunjing, and I have reliva cbd gummies 100mg been an illegitimate child since I was born.Born in the state of Chu, but a native of the state of Wei, my father, Yun Qi, was originally the ninth prince of the state of Wei, but because he was born of a maidservant, the maidservant who gave birth to him was executed by the emperor of the State of Wei when he was born Because of humble status.Even in the name of the prince, he is still unpopular.It is almost a copy of my childhood, growing up in the Wei Palace and being bullied by the other princes.But even though my father lived helplessly in the Imperial Palace of Wei, he met Yun Ye, the teacher of Chu State at that time by chance, and even recognized Yun Ye as his father and changed his name to Yun Qi, and left Wei State with Yun Ye.The palace came to the state of Chu.The difference from me is that since he was a child, he has had the status of being able to walk in front of people with integrity, the closed disciple of the national teacher Yun Ye.And I called her sister, and I even gradually faded away from my sinister, calculating appearance, forgetting that I am a person walking on a wire.I m just Huo Yan s younger brother, Yun Jing, not a master of the elderberry cbd gummies Chu State, and I finally have no hatred and burdens on my shoulders.I quietly watched Fuyan collecting pictures of beauties in the world, and quietly watched Junli who broke up with Gu Yicheng to divide the world.Fu Yan asked me Do you want to take back the things of Wei State I shook my head and said no.It s mine, it s mine, it s not mine, and it s useless to snatch it.Since Wei Guo can prosper under Gu Yicheng s hands, what s the point of me still fighting for it Aren t the common people in the world suffering In this, I have experienced too many disputes, and I have also seen too many joys and sorrows.Don t you think life is too boring if you don t create some excitement If there is a hole in front of me, I really want to go straight into it Thanks to my hard work at that time switching between the two identities of Xiao Xiao and Zhang Chunxia, Yunjing actually knew everything a long time ago Soil clip HCMUSSH elderberry cbd gummies winter skills.Then what do you want me to do My face turned cold for an instant, and Yun Jing s expression changed from the previous cynical to very serious.Chapter 188 The old friend Chunxia, are you willing to believe me For some reason, Yunjing already knew that I was Xiao Xiao, but still called me Chunxia, which made me a little flattered.I didn t know until a long time later that Xiao Xiao s misfortune face belonged to Jun Li.But Chunxia spent the longest time with him, and in his heart, Chunxia belonged to him.Did you force her to ruin her country and die in the end Have you recovered your memory I knew you It s A flash of joy flashed across Yunjing s eyes, but I stopped him before he finished speaking, after all, it s better for fewer people to know about my recovery of most of my memory.You forgot, you asked me to go to your Yun s mansion and told me in person.Yun Jing s eyes were filled with disappointment and embarrassment, and he was about to say something when a female voice came from beside his ear.Yunjing, what a coincidence, you just finished sending me home, and I ran into you here again.The person who came was actually Zhao Yijun who just met two or three hours ago, and she turned towards us unceremoniously Walking over here, he sat down beside Yun Jing.This scene, no matter how I look at it, feels a little strange.After all, I am real now, with my own powers I just got up from the ground and wanted to walk up to Junli and give him a hug excitedly, but he abruptly stepped back a few steps, and I missed it.Smell it yourself.You left your mouth, and I said ah , but the stench from the tip of elderberry cbd gummies my nose came into my nose again.Only then did I realize that my whole body was sticky, not to mention dirty as hell Why am I so dirty Before I woke up from the difference, Junli, who had previously disliked me and retreated, picked me up and threw me into the bathtub.Hot water was sprinkled on my body, washing away the dirt on my body, revealing the incomparably smooth elderberry cbd gummies skin.Then I suddenly realized, am I washing my marrow The moment I walked out of the toilet after taking a shower, I felt that if I had a hundred catties of RMB in front of me, not only would I be able to afford it, but I could also lead it to run a dozen laps in Kunming without panting When I came out of the toilet just now, I fell directly into Junli s arms.coffin.The moment he fell into the coffin, Gu Yiyun s wanton laughter came from beside his ears Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.Are you clear You still have 200mg cbd gummy the face to ask me why The moment her words fell, the coffin boards on the mahogany coffin were suddenly covered, and the divination I had made with Yunjing before suddenly came to mind among.I counted her before, she was married, and the person who married her was already a second marriage, and she was a man with five elements belonging HCMUSSH elderberry cbd gummies to wood and emperor, capable of elderberry cbd gummies both literature and martial arts And the more you look at this man s palace, the more he looks like Junli They are similar, so after Jun Li divorced Bi Se, that is, Feng Jiu, he married another one Local handsome skills.Did you marry Gu Yicheng s younger sister, Gu Yiyun Suddenly there was a sound of fighting around, I wanted to push open the lid of the coffin and get out from here, but the moment I raised my hand, I suddenly found that my limbs couldn t move at all As for the dantian, it was as if something was suppressing the strength in my body, and I couldn t even exert half of my strength.Scolding contrived, hypocritical.But those who are wearing real clothes and telling lies are praised for their high IQ and self cultivation Is it because I can t learn how to deal with others, I can t blend in, or I m really artificial and hypocritical.But the moment I was about to step out of Luofeng Village, I saw the middle aged man who was on the bus back to Luofeng Village earlier, and he was yelling at me to wait, while walking towards me I rushed, but the moment I rushed to my side, I was suddenly kicked away by a foot.A scent of ink spread into my nose, and before I could turn around, I saw this middle aged man turned into a puppet on the ground, and from this puppet, there were bursts of evil spirits accompanied by demonic energy.Qi Gu Yiyun, it s Gu Yiyun again She was responsible for even the blood dripping from the car when it broke down earlier.Gusts of cold wind slapped around me from the hole in the tomb, and I was numb from the cold.I always feel that entering Lingshun s tomb this time is not as easy as before.Chapter 210 The trick Walking in front of the tomb, I swallowed, took a deep breath, and then followed Junli, Yunjing and walked towards the tomb passage.I don t know if it s because the mood of entering the tomb this time is different from the previous few times.Not long after entering the tomb, there was always a feeling of being watched.The more you walk in, the heavier the yin around you, and the more clear the giggle giggle laughter next to your ears.I know that this is the pressure that Bi Se and Gu Yiyun want to put on me.It wasn t until I arrived in elderberry cbd gummies front of Ling Shun s main tomb that I saw Bi Se and Gu Yiyun.The gate of the tomb has been opened, and the two of them moved a stone chair and sat in front of Ling Shun s coffin.I rolled on the ground violently, and Junli s voice came from my ears, but I felt very Repulsion, and even want to shut down my five senses.I don t know how long I ve been rolling on the ground, I just feel that something is slowly entering my body, trying to seize the initiative of my body and drive me out of it I gritted my teeth hard, and opened my eyes suddenly.The moment I opened my eyes, I saw these soldiers kneeling on both sides, with vague sarcasm on their faces These are not soldiers and horses of Chu State at all How could the soldiers and horses of Chu State ridicule me I wanted to get up, but Junli s voice sounded next to my ear again, he said to me It s all fake, illusion Xiao Xiao, wake up There was a click , as if something fell on me On the forehead, and my mourning hall has also returned to clarity.Did Ling Shun call me what He asked, I nodded and said I remember, calling you Lord Yan of the Ten Palaces Junli said hmm.It is said that if he gets his main body back, it is very possible that he will return to the Yin Division.After all, the Yin Division has no owner for so many years.Once he gets his main body back, it is tantamount to telling the Yin Division that he is about to return When I heard it, my heart trembled, and I scolded all eighteen generations of Ling Shun s family.Damn it, he was so ruthless that he even played this trick.I want Junli to return directly to Yin Division Afterwards, I swallowed my saliva and asked Junli, Then why didn t you tell me before There is another word.I didn t ask, and he didn t say anything.I thought there was something wrong with Junli You are worried.Let me ask you, am I not filial He looked at me sullenly, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up, his eyes were very frivolous, his whole person was as weird and terrifying as if possessed by a demon.I shook my head in embarrassment and said no.But Xiao Jue yelled at me viciously You re lying I was quite frightened by his sudden action, and shook my head nervously, saying it was really not, Xiao Jue s aura gradually subsided.Then asked me, are you still afraid that the soul shocking nail will make my grandma s soul fly away I cautiously nodded my head in fear and didn t say anything, but Xiao Jue raised the corners of his mouth and asked me lightly Are you scared I knew that if I continued talking with him like this, I would become insane, so I swallowed, wanting to turn around Open the topic and find an excuse to leave here, but after much deliberation, I can t even think of a mayim bialik cbd gummies reviews is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate way.Ask him Is this Gu Yiyun your real sister But he replied to my message, seemingly emotionally I want to know too.Looking at this text message, I feel more and more that Gu Yiyun is your sister.It s not too big of a deal to watch the excitement in the city, and it seems like I can t wait for this thing to become cbd gummies for sleep online elderberry cbd gummies more and more troublesome.When we arrived at the small town near the tomb, the sky was already getting dark, but Yunjing and Junli didn t react much.Instead, they told me that I should be mentally prepared to draw without accidents.It should go down overnight.When I heard that they were in such a hurry, I quickly asked, Why But the one who answered me was not Yunjing, but Junli.They have set up so many organ formations for us.If we don t go down sooner, how can we be worthy of them Inexplicably, the more I listened, the more I felt that if Junli and Ling Shun met down there, they would definitely have to fight However, I heard that both of them have been suppressed by most of their strength in the mortal world, and they don t know who can beat the other.Anti Spa.But I also understand that doctors do not heal themselves, and those who do calculations do not do calculations by themselves.In this case, I set up a game for myself, and my position was chaotic, and the calculations may not be accurate.But as soon as Yunjing finished speaking, Junli still asked him to start a game to see who stole the blood amber.After hearing this, Yun Jing sighed, and said in a low voice, I m really afraid of you.But there was still a lot of concern hidden in his eyes, presumably, Yun Jing was also very anxious, right It s just that Yun Jing is good at disguising himself, using a skinless, chow cbd gummies heartless appearance to disguise himself, but in fact he is more delicate than anyone else.After the start of the game, Yun Jing did not directly end the game, but showed me the paper, and then said The overall game is Fuyin game, Heaven, earth, people and gods stay in place , the three passes are one, and the battle pattern elderberry cbd gummies It is a fierce character, and it also indicates that the first step is to find a starting point that has no results.Then Jun Li didn t know what text message he sent to the phone, and after sending it, he didn t even look at how the other end replied, he threw the phone to me, and then asked me to give him his jade pendant.I carefully took this jade pendant out of my pocket and put it in Junli s hand.The moment Junli took it, he went upstairs and returned to his room.It wasn t until Junli s figure disappeared in front of me that I carefully clicked on the text message in his cell phone.While clicking on the text message, another text message came from that anonymous number.What I didn t expect was that the two text messages from Junli were both empty, without even a punctuation mark.But the first text message on the other end of the phone was I ll give you three days.No wonder Junli said it was interesting when he saw this text message.But since entering the canyon, the color of the sea water has shown two extremes.When it was at sea, the sea water was still light blue, but after entering the canyon, the water turned black and black, as if something was falling on it.It seemed that the sea water was blackened underneath.I stretched out a hand, and was about to hold some water to have a look, but Yunjing grabbed my hand and said that this place is very evil, and there are some things that can t be touched, so don t touch them, so I gave up my thoughts.But just when I was about to look up and see what was on the canyon, Yunjing pushed my head down.The moment the word be careful blurted out, several hiss, hiss, hiss sounded beside my ears.The voice sounded a bit like the sound of a snake spitting out a message.It wasn t until a few sounds like bang bang bang falling into the water sounded next to my ears that Yunjing let go of my head.A snake that hasn t given birth to a spiritual snake and hasn t turned into a spirit snake is just an ordinary snake, and can t understand human words at all.In an instant, Yun Jing and I looked at each other, and we both had the same thought in our hearts, since being soft is not enough, we can only be hard As if we had made an agreement, Qi Qi slowly stood up from the elderberry cbd gummies boat.The wind and waves on the sea were very strong, and the blowing boat kept tilting.I almost fell off before I could stand still.But the moment the two of us stood up, I could clearly feel the vigilance in the eyes of these pythons elderberry cbd gummies deepened, and their standing bodies were much straighter and taller than before.Swallowing, I was a HCMUSSH elderberry cbd gummies little nervous, my palms were sweating a lot, but Yun Jing asked me in a low voice behind my ear Is the dagger I gave you still I nodded lightly, but Yun Jing suddenly He yelled Then go The moment the voice fell, a long sword suddenly appeared in Yun Jing s hand, using the boat under elderberry cbd gummies his feet as a relay point, he leaped several cbd gummies for sleep online elderberry cbd gummies times while holding the long sword.He took my hand before and said, It s okay, if you can t throw it out, I ll try to see if I can.The moment she finished speaking, the blood girl s face froze in place, but she also knew that if she If there is any more action, it will be tantamount to tearing faces with us, and in the end I can only watch me walk into the candle ring.I treasured Xue Amber from the ground, put it on my lips and kissed it, then picked it up and threw it in the direction of Junli, but at the moment I threw it, the candle circle seemed to form a circle Like a natural barrier, it directly blocked Xue Po inside Could it be that only a blood girl can bring Xue Po out of the candle circle With some differences in my heart, I glanced at Junli, but I saw Junli nodded to me lightly, the meaning was very obvious.I m sure that Yunjing and Junli have other ways to break the formation of the candle circle, but they didn t do it because they knew that the bloody girl is no longer mine, and someone else placed her in my place., and some things for sending your son off, I have prepared them for you.When I heard this, I asked, You even found elderberry cbd gummies the history books Qin Zheng said a little embarrassed Yes , saying that he didn mayim bialik cbd gummies reviews is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate t know What kind of information do I need, so I found all the information I could find for me.The corner of my mouth twitched lightly, and I casually opened the file to read it.After reading it roughly, I thanked Qin Zheng and was about to leave, but Qin Zheng suddenly stopped me Xiao Xiao.I said ah , looked back in surprise, and asked, What s the matter Still nervous, I was about to answer, but he said again You If you need manpower to go to the Changbai Mountain Songzi Niangniang Temple, I should be able to help.Thinking of Qin Zheng being so affectionate and righteous, he smiled and said, Thank you, no need, it s more dangerous there.Goosebumps all over his body from being disgusted all of a sudden, the villagers in Changbai elderberry cbd gummies Mountain must be mentally handicapped, right This is obviously not an evil god, but an evil thing.She looks so weird, how dare you worship her as a god But even if I have a general understanding of the matter of Songzi Niangniang, it is still useless.Let alone such a weird temple, I dare not go alone.Let me just say that the Songziniangniang Temple disappeared seventy or eighty years ago., I want to find her, where can I find her Involuntarily, I took out my mobile phone and sent a text cbd gummies make you test positive message to Master, asking her for is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate cbd delta 9 gummies the exact location of the Songzi Niangniang Temple.After the text message was sent, she didn t reply to my question immediately, but asked me that she probably didn t leave with Jun And Yunjing said these things, right My back felt a little chilly, after all I had mentioned this to Yun Jing with my big mouth, although I didn cbd gummies by martha stauert t make it very clear, but Yun Jing had long been suspicious in his heart.Then he said It s not all.He said half and half of what he said, and I was really confused, and the doubts in my eyes deepened, but the more Gu Yicheng babbled, the more I felt that he This is trying to tell me the truth.And this truth is very likely to make it hard for him to say, hard to say, so it is so difficult to speak.Suddenly, Gu Yicheng s expression changed, becoming very serious.He asked me, Xiao Xiao, can I trust you There was a longing in his eyes that I couldn t understand, but after a long, long time, I realized that this longing meant nothing to him., which almost violated his dignity.And what he wanted to tell me was something he buried in the deepest part of his soul, something only he, Ling Shun and Gu Yiyun knew about.As for why he told me.I ve thought about it and never figured it out.sound.As soon as the voice sounded, Bi Se said, You are courting death yourself.You don t care about my business, so you just ran away When I saw Bi Se s actions, I was so frightened that I couldn t understand.It was gradually taken back, but it was over.Behind me, at this moment, there was the sound of the coffin board being lifted, and the sound of heavy breathing seemed to come from behind my ears Chapter 269 Falling The amulet made my scalp numb from the fright, and I turned my head tremblingly, only to see the lady giving away the child, standing less than half a meter behind me And although this Empress Songzi s face is ferocious, covered with veins and blood, and her face is terribly blue, no matter how ugly she becomes.No matter what, I can still recognize it, this is my fucking master I backed up a few meters abruptly.If it weren t for the bloodstains overflowing outside, I could really think that everything just now was an illusion The moment the scars healed, his expression was gradually withdrawn, but before he could catch his breath, his expression suddenly changed.Changed, his eyes widened, as if he had seen something unbelievable.In the next second, his throat continued to roar, but because his jaw was removed, he couldn t make any sound except for the ugly roar Is it cool Yun Jing s voice suddenly sounded, and the moment it sounded, the other three also experienced the process of resurrecting from the dead , but after this process, the pain they experienced seemed to be more than doubled.I saw it on the sidelines, and I couldn t bear it.But these four people are really men, even though they have been tortured like this, they still don t say a word, and even look at me and Yun Jing with viciousness in their eyes as if they want to swallow us alive.I couldn t help it, but I became more and more curious about what kind of person this Ling Shun was.I just feel that he, like a fan, has not appeared more than five times, but he is controlling the chess game all the time.After Yang Feng died, I slowly turned my gaze to Yunjing, and then to Qin Wei.But Qin Wei opened his mouth at this moment and spoke.Chapter 275 Ling Shun Appears Bise s poison, it s not us The moment he opened his mouth, his whole face flushed suddenly, his eyes widened, as if he had experienced something, and he didn t finish how to make cbd gummies for pain his sentence.Immediately out of breath The moment he died, the other two fell to the ground beside him.I closed my eyes.Seeing this, Yi Xue stepped forward directly, sniffed them, then shook her head to Yun Jing and me, and said, They re all dead.When I heard this, I couldn t help but feel a little strange.However, although they have a large number of people, the congregation of Xuannv Palace are not vegetarians.When they saw these shadows attacking, they directly turned into sharp blades in Yun Jing s hands and blocked many shadow attacks for us.Moreover, Yunjing s Xuannv Palace does not accept idlers, and those who can stay in Xuannv Palace are more or less capable, and their coordination skills are quite good, and they wiped out many shadows in an instant, while Xuannv The people in the female palace, except for a few who were seriously injured, had almost zero losses I looked back at Yunjing in surprise, only to see that Yunjing looked at Junli s direction with a proud face, as if saying, Brother in law, praise me With a 65 degree no dead angle dogleg look, he immediately vomited a mouthful of blood, and wanted to use his strength to help, but Jun Li grabbed him.After all, although the person buried in this grave is already the only seedling in the family who was not married when he died, Both parents died, but the surname of this village is Chen, and all the villagers in the village have this surname, and everyone is more or less related.In the eyes of the villagers, Qingjingzi s move seems to be like wanting elderberry cbd gummies best cbd sleep aid gummies to ride on everyone.It seems to be on the head.But fortunately, the village head of this village is very dignified.Even if the villagers were not happy, they elderberry cbd gummies didn t dare to have any opinions when they saw the change of the village head s expression.But no matter how great the majesty is, there must be his reasons.After suppressing the emotions of the villagers, the village head asked Qing Jingzi Master Daoist, is it a little bad for you to directly burn incense and stick it on other people s graves like this After hearing this, Qingjingzi gave a faint hmm and said, Do you think that I put this incense on this grave to overwhelm your Chenjia Village The village chief s face changed, He said in a low voice I didn t mean that.After the incense candles were not allowed to reach the aunt s house, I asked Qingjingzi why he did this, but he said, can Letting that soul come out automatically and willingly tell something is a surefire solution.If it is to force a confession, what if he gives us false news, or is beaten to death and refuses to tell us After all, it s not our group of people who are looking for this corpse now.When I heard his last sentence, I was a little dazed and asked Qingjingzi What do you mean, what do you mean we are not a group of us Have you discovered something, or do you already know who is behind the scenes But at this moment, Qingjingzi turned his gaze to Junli.Junli seemed to be invisible and ignored him, but I could still see it.This is, when I was still sleeping in the morning, I passed my breath and discussed the countermeasures Involuntarily, I pouted and gave Junli a flattering smile Who is doing it Junli didn t answer me.It s not likely that he will reveal any news, his mouth is as tight as a seal.However, I ve long been used to him like this.After all, no matter what Jun Li does, it s all for me, isn t it In the afternoon, Junli went back to his room to take a nap, but I was sitting in the living room of my aunt s house, waiting with big eyes for Xiaoyan with Qingjingzi and Suxiu.We looked at each other in a daze, and in the end I was a little tired and wanted to go to sleep, but the sun had already set.Throughout the afternoon, the three of us seldom exchanged a few words.At this time, Qingjingzi finally opened the Jinkou and told us to be careful for two nights.If he guessed correctly, people from all walks of life must have gathered in this small Chen family village.After I heard this, I frowned, and asked Qingjingzi seemingly casually, Why do people from all walks of life come to this poor village But Qingjingzi, as if deliberately trying to get me to ask, said mysteriously I always feel that the mysterious black clothed woman who called Xiao Jue away that day was Liao Cuilian.Instead, he said, This village is getting more and more interesting.The tone of his words was playful, and I was very familiar with a black belly See I was even more surprised when I turned the topic to the village chief and asked Junli You said that if the village chief didn t tell the truth and kept pretending in front of us, why was he still so respectful And he was killed so soon Yes.But Junli replied to me Who knows I heard that, and I was so angry all over my body.Is there any difference between his gold bee cbd gummies near me answer and no answer I was so angry that I frowned fiercely, but let go in the next is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate cbd delta 9 gummies second.I was about to act like a baby to Junli, but there was a knock on the door outside Master elderberry cbd gummies best cbd sleep aid gummies Dao, someone died in our village again A very strange voice came from There was a sound outside, which should be the voice of the villagers in this village.Fortunately, when Jun Li lifted the straw mat, the village chief s son had already closed the door of the living room.Otherwise, the villagers outside would probably be frightened crazy when they saw people in their village die like this Have the family members of these villagers been notified At this moment, Junli asked the young man calmly.The young man shook his head and said not yet, these people died in such a strange manner, how could anyone use his fingers to cut open his abdomen and pull out his intestines to die Junli nodded, and said not to notify, but to appease the villagers in the village.The young man nodded, but at this moment, he asked Jun Li Why did these people die here And why did they die like this They probably hid the stolen goods here and planned to come here to share the spoils Yes, let someone search here, you should be able to find a lot of stolen goods.But Gu Yiyun didn t appreciate it at all, gritted his teeth, and wanted to get up from the ground, but Gu Yicheng didn t give her a look, sera cbd gummies cost and directly ignored her transparently.Suxiu and Qingjingzi elderberry cbd gummies can i buy cbd gummies at walgreens died.The tendons in Yunjing Gu Yiyun s hands and feet were severed, Xiao Jue and Bi Se were seriously injured, and they were lying on the side.Gu Yicheng has been scarred for a long time, but he has been holding on to nothing, with a resolute face.Jun Li and Ling Shun were still fighting, and the figures of the two became more and more mysterious, to the point where they were so mysterious that they were inseparable.Everyone s eyes were focused on them.But I don t know why, but I feel that this scene seems to be missing something It seems that someone is missing Before I could open my mouth to ask, Xiao Jue motioned and said in a low voice Give me the beauty picture.They go head to head.But this boss is quite righteous, even though Yunjing and Junli frightened him like that, he still gritted his teeth, shook his head, and said that he was sure that no one had really been here.As soon as he finished speaking, Bi Se, who had been standing by the side without saying a word, quickly answered in a very mocking tone There are so many people in this Rouge alley, you can do that to the two men and one woman we casually said.I have the impression that I haven t appeared in your store before If an ordinary person was pierced by Bi Se s words like this, he would definitely be terrified, but this boss has more or less seen many people in the market.As soon as he said that, he quickly smiled and said Miss, what are you talking about, although the small shop has a lot of people, the business cbd gummies 85015 is very good, and there are a lot of people who come to the door every day, but he is also a person with good eyesight.The moment I walked out, I looked at the mouth of the well at the top, then at the tunnel I walked through before, and asked in a low voice If this well is in the yard where Yin er lives, how can it be a dry well Just after asking the question, Junli glanced at me indifferently, but didn t answer, but Yunjing gave me a contemptuous look, and asked me, Don t you know that there is a saying in Fengshui called yin and yang reverse He The words were so profound that I didn t understand them at once, and I was about to continue asking, but Jun Li interrupted me, turned his gaze, and asked Yun Jing Do you think you should leave from this tunnel now, or from the mouth of the well When Yun elderberry cbd gummies Jing heard Jun Li s words, he pointed to the mouth of the well on his head, but he didn t speak, but his meaning was quite obvious.I sat in the car and put together the beauty picture I got from Yin er and the three volumes of beauty pictures in my hand.I wanted to try to merge them, but I tried.Several times, but can not be integrated into one.This surprised me a little.However, it is impossible is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate cbd delta 9 gummies for this picture of beauties to be fake like Ling Shun s cockroach before.On the contrary, it is a real picture of beauties, and the reason why it cannot be merged is probably because someone tampered with it.But I was not in a hurry, but put the picture of a beauty back into the backpack behind me, took out the ancient lamp, and carefully looked at the patterns on it, as well as the various veins in the ancient lamp.But the strange thing is that the longer I look at this ancient lamp, the more I feel that the scriptures on this ancient lamp are somewhat familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere before My mind kept turning my thoughts quickly, and many pictures flashed through my mind, so fast that I couldn t even catch them myself.Seeing grandma s coffin is not only not unexpected at all, but also seems to be reasonable, as if he elderberry cbd gummies had guessed it a long time ago You know, once the soil is filled, the grandma will be buried for real, and will remain in my memory forever.I will never see her again, so I really couldn t help it, and asked He said Why layer of haze I still wanted to say something, but the sound of Yunjing filling the earth sounded beside my ears, and Yin er s voice also elderberry cbd gummies sounded at this moment.One life, one autumn, since she wants unabis cbd gummies shark tank elderberry cbd gummies to see her grandma for the last time, why not let her open the coffin I was puzzled, but when I heard Yin er s words, I couldn t figure it out At first glance, Yin er is a very sera labs cbd gummies reviews smart and clever woman.At such a sensitive time, she should avoid it, shouldn t she How could she bump into the muzzle like this and speak for me When Jun Li heard this, he raised his eyebrows in surprise, and looked at Yin er Then you mean to let Xiao Xiao open the coffin and disturb her grandma s peace Chapter 338 Jun Li What Junli said was ugly, just as he finished speaking, Yin er s face turned pale, and she immediately closed her mouth, but I was still a little surprised when I watched Yin er like this.Should we shovel up the mound to see if your grandma s coffin is still under there Yin er The voice was very small, and there was a bit of cautious temptation.After hearing this, elderberry cbd gummies my eyes flickered, and I was about to say something, but Yun Jing s figure appeared in the forest again.I saw Yun Jing nodded to me, and then disappeared into the forest.When I saw this, I couldn t help muttering in my heart.What Yunjing nodded to me meant to tell me can I open the coffin But why did he agree to open my grandma s coffin, and why did he hide in the dark to watch Xu Shi saw that I was distracted again, and Yin er s voice sounded again Huh Xiao Xiao, what do you think I was suddenly pulled back from my thoughts by her voice, smiled at her awkwardly, and said Sentence Okay, but this is my grandma s grave.I looked at it with each other, and with a thud in my heart, I quickly grabbed him and walked to a farther trash can.Throw it directly, and don t forget to cover the lid of the trash can.seriously.The chicken was not dead and I threw it away.I couldn t bear it because it was a life anyway.But when I looked at the chicken s gaze on people, I always felt that if I didn t throw it away, it would be me and Yunjing Junli who were unlucky.After doing all this well, I turned around and suddenly realized, why did I come so far If it wasn t for my better memory and the ability to find my way back, I would probably have become Yunlu Chi No.2.When I returned to the hotel, Yunjing Yunjing arranged everything, and took a piece of yellow talisman paper folded into a triangle into my hand, and asked me to take it with me.As soon as I heard Junli s words.I was taken aback for a moment, and quickly took out the white jade pendant that Junli gave me earlier.After Junli took it, he put it directly on Yunjing s face and let Yunjing hold it by himself.When Yun Jing saw Jun Li put the white jade pendant on his face, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he put it on his face very obediently.I saw Yun Jing s bruised and swollen face, under the treatment of Junli s white jade pendant, healed slowly at a speed visible to the naked eye.I just remembered that Junli s jade pendant can heal wounds A few minutes later, Yun Jing s face returned to normal, and he was about to return the white jade pendant in his hand to Jun Li, when Jun Li said quietly, How do I feel, you are more pleasing to the eye as you were just now.The tomb gate in front of me is about three meters high.It is about five meters wide.Although it is very simple, I am not unfamiliar with the runes where to buy cbd gummies for sex on the tomb door.Isn t it exactly the same as the runes on the floor of this cave Without thinking about it, Yun Jing had already pushed open the door of the tomb in front of him.But the moment the tomb door was pushed open, I froze in place I thought it would be Yin er s tomb inside, or the structure of the basement, but I didn t expect that it was not only built with magnificent gold and jade green , It is even comparable to the tomb of Fuyan How is this possible You must know that the places where the tombs are usually built are relatively far away in the mountains.This is not only the capital city, but also one of the famous eight alleys in the capital city.She actually heard her hehe twice, mocking Yunjing and me, and asked, Is someone dead inside, so scared Yunjing and I ignored her, after all, we want to hide behind the scenes now , it s better to keep a low profile.All of a sudden, Yun Jing and I seemed to have made an agreement, and we all took a step back with a very demonic aura, raised our heads, and found a plaque on the door of the tomb.The plaque is made of wood, covered with a layer of dust, and some look like small holes bitten by insects, very old.Yun Jing gritted his teeth fiercely, and began to crawl from the HCMUSSH elderberry cbd gummies side wall of the cave, to the side of the plaque, and with his sleeve, shook the dust on the plaque, shaking off a large piece of ash, which almost made me blush Both are.After Yunjing finished these, he jumped off the cave wall.There are still signs of rot, but because it has been dried by the wind on the grassland, the rot has stopped.Grandma s corpse looked normal from the back, but when she walked in front of her, she could see her body wrapped in a black robe and making strange movements, one of her fingers pointed to the sky, and the other pointed to the sky.On the ground, the corner of her mouth was raised slightly, with a very weird smile, and at the corner of her raised mouth, there was a cut that seemed to be cut by a knife, which added a lot of weirdness.Grandma I was puzzled for a few seconds after seeing this corpse, and then let out a huge scream.I wanted to rush forward with my whole body, but was grabbed by Junli, and he angrily reprimanded me Xiao Xiao, this is not your grandma When I heard Junli s words, I was a little dumbfounded, what do you mean, this is not my grandma But after Junli said this, he didn t talk nonsense with me, and at this moment, my mind was already in a mess, the pain was so bad, how could I have the ability to think I had no choice but to keep opening my mouth to ask Junli, but Junli stood there with a sullen face and didn t move, as if he didn t intend to talk to me.I would like to ask, in this world, apart from Sakyamuni who dared to say such cruel words, is there any Buddhist or even a great master in the world of gods and immortals who can say such arrogant words However, the true identity of this old man must not be at the level of Sakyamuni.What s more, this fingering is more like a hint that the old man wants to get the beauty picture, and it is she who wants to get the power in the beauty picture.After all, isn t there a saying that goes well Whoever gets the beauty picture wins the world Without this sentence, who would fight to the death for a few volumes of broken paintings But even with this reasoning, the wax figure has nothing to do with the underwater world Involuntarily, I turned my gaze and glanced at Yunjing lightly, but Yunjing told me not to worry, it was because of this arrogant gesture, this magnificent palace, and how many maids and eunuchs , Is it more confirmed one thing When I heard his words, I raised my eyebrows in surprise, and asked him What s the matter Yun Jing twitched the corner of his mouth lightly, and replied, That old man wants to conquer the world.There was a sound of footsteps Gu Yicheng s eyes suddenly became serious, and he didn t speak, but the strange thing was that Gu Yicheng didn t speak.The sound of footsteps also disappeared, as if the sound I heard just now was just an illusion If Gu Yicheng hadn t heard it too, I would really think I was hallucinating A few seconds later, the surrounding area was still silent, Gu Yicheng opened his mouth, as if he wanted to continue talking, but at this moment, the sound of footsteps sounded again, disrupting our thoughts I heard the footsteps.Suddenly he took a deep breath, did not speak, but asked Gu Yicheng with his eyes if someone was playing tricks in the dark and peeping at us But Gu Yicheng shook his head, and whispered in my ear Pranks should be impossible, peeping may be possible After hearing Gu Yicheng s words, I didn t speak, but the seriousness on my face remained unchanged.Still laughing, as if I am just a useless ant in front of her at this moment.Are you pretending to be stupid Don t you know that the old man who adopted me, the dead old woman who made me look like this, is your master, Liao Cuilian While talking, Yin er stretched out her hand to pinch me She touched my chin, but was slapped off by my right arm in an instant, but her move was just a false move.The moment I slapped her hand off, she slapped my right arm hard, causing pain.My whole face is white And when I heard what she said, I was even more shocked.I opened my mouth several times to say something, but in the end I couldn t even utter a word.Master It turned out to be Master An indescribable feeling came from the bottom of my heart, I closed my eyes, and the scenes of Master and I once appeared in front of my eyes, and I suddenly felt that I was a little funny.And experience cbd edibles gummies review the reason why Yunjing trembled all over when he got off the lake and held Junli in his arms to drag Junli s pace was elderberry cbd gummies all because Yunjing elderberry cbd gummies was controlled by someone at that time, so he was in such a mess now.At that time, Gu Yicheng deliberately said those words to make me mislead Yunjing, and Yunjing, a fool, almost took the blame Do you give the beauty picture in your hand to me yourself, or wait for me to get it The master said again, with a bit of mockery and arrogance in his eyes, and the master in my impression is simply two people I looked at her with a different face, and didn t speak.My heart felt infinitely sour.Although I knew the fact that Master designed me, I never thought that when I face it formally, I will be so sad.And the master in front of me is too strange, the strange one is not like my master at all, I can t elderberry cbd gummies best cbd sleep aid gummies help it.Seeing that Junli and I didn t answer, the old witch got a little angry and stood up abruptly from the coffin.The moment she stood up, she didn t forget to step on the coffin under her feet, as if the person under the coffin was her.What an enemy it seems.Involuntarily, I asked her directly What exactly do you want What do I want, can you manage it , pointing to Chu Lianqiao who was hanging under the coffin, and said, Bring me the picture of a beauty, we can change it.Qi Qijuan s beauty picture is not aimed at me at all, but elderberry cbd gummies has other plans, and she did not show any killing intent towards me because, in her eyes, it is unabis cbd gummies shark tank elderberry cbd gummies impossible for all of us to escape I didn t answer her, and She looked at each other for a is botanical farms cbd gummies legitimate cbd delta 9 gummies long time, and after a long time, she suddenly frowned and asked me, Why, don t you want to change I still didn t answer her, but she suddenly let out a burst of laughter, mocking me in an extremely harsh tone, what did you say Do you still think that you are the aloof Nine Heavens Profound Girl I m not even as good as my previous life.

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