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In fact, the first prize ticket was not given to Zhang Dong to pretend to claim it.After all, the relationship between the two families hemp bomb cbd gummies 20ct is so close that it is easy for some neighbors to suspect it.So he thought about it, and put the first prize ticket into the box.Just because you can put it in, it doesn t mean you can t do some tricks, for example, stick the first prize ticket on the top of the closed box with transparent tape.Under normal circumstances, no one would pay attention to this.This person was able to win the lottery, most likely because the scotch tape was not sticky enough, it fell off, and he happened to be able to touch it.Li Guohao took a step forward, stopped the excited young man, and said with a smile, Congratulations to this big brother for winning the first prize, a TV set worth 1,000 Hong Kong dollars.

From the very beginning, Li Guohao gummies cbd for arthritis positioned his bakery as a boutique.The downstairs is a place to buy pastries for some passers by, and the upstairs is a place where nearby white collar workers come to petty bourgeoisie.To put it bluntly, even if Li Dexiao doesn t understand, he still understands the general meaning of his son, which is to make the pastry shop into a combination of a coffee shop and a pastry shop.Okay, it s up to you, the money is spent.At this moment, Li gummies cbd for arthritis Dexiao felt that his son had grown up, not only had his own ideas, but also was quite courageous, so he dared to spend so much money without knowing if there was a store with a future.Dad, don t worry, this store will never lose money Li Guohao seemed to be full of confidence, but he was actually a little worried.After all, the price of pastries here is not cheap.

One time recharge of 300 yuan, you can get a doll for free, and a chance to draw a prize.The prize is the gummies cbd for arthritis huge one above.The puppet doll also has some other gifts. One time recharge of 500 yuan My sister listened patiently to the introduction, there are three types of recharge membership cards, one time recharge of 300, you get a puppet and a lucky draw chance , 500 is also a puppet plus a lucky draw opportunity plus membership discounts, recharge before 1,000, and there is a 10 discount on the membership day every week.Of genuine health cbd gummies course, if you spend 300 yuan now, there will be no discounts and other discounts, but when the consumption reaches 500 and 1,000 yuan in the future, these membership discounts will be available.Let s get a 300 one first.My sister thought about it for a while, but still decided to get a 300 one first.

Ah Zhen, stop making trouble This Mr.Li is Well, thank you for your kindness, forget about this puppet, we just want cbd gummies deals to buy some pastries here.Zhao Yazhi is not the kind of person who is greedy for petty gains, and hearing Li Guohao s other thoughts, she also politely refused.Ah Zhen glanced at the old sister with an aggrieved face, she heard the seriousness in the old sister s words, and said in a low voice, Sister Okay, go pick top rated cbd gummies gummies cbd for arthritis some pastries and see what you want to eat It s already nine o clock, and I have to go to the interview later Zhao Yazhi could not help but point to the dazzling array of pastries in gummies cbd for arthritis cbd gummies vegan exotic fruit 300mg the glass cover next to her.Okay.A Zhen replied sadly.It s okay, Ms.Zhao, these dolls were originally given to customers.If your sister really likes it, it s not a problem.Forget it, these dolls are worth a lot of money, and you are here for promotional activities.

Nodding his head, he didn t put down the spoon immediately, but directly swallowed the cbd gummies delta 9 near me gummies cbd for arthritis remaining honeycomb cake into his mouth.Woohoo Ah Zhen You little girl, why did you cover your mouth all at once Looking at her sister s bulging mouth, Zhao Yazhi shook her head helplessly.I m sorry Mr.Li, this It s okay, you have something to do later, right Yes, I have an interview at ten o clock later.After finishing speaking, Zhao Yazhi took her younger sister Azhen and the pastry she had brought out.Looking at the beautiful woman who was about to leave, for the first time, Li Guohao felt that it was a kind of sadness to travel to this era.md, no QQ WeChat, no mobile phone number, no Contact information, how does this allow him to meet again in the vast sea of people But the better thing is that Zhao Yazhi bought a membership card in the store.

It seems that this boss Qi Shanqi is not as forthright as he looks, and he still has a businessman s common problem of not announcing good news.report worry.Boss Qi, I don t know much about these things.You can quote a price directly.If it is suitable, we can talk.After the other party finished talking about the company s many hidden benefits besides losses, Li Guohao said directly.Qi Shan was stunned for a moment, he didn t expect this Mr.Li to be so decisive, a little unexpected, and broke his original plan, but he is also a person who has seen big waves, so he laughed to cover up, Haha, Mr.Li is indeed a young hero, well, I, Qi, am not a procrastinator, half a million The publishing house has all the resources.Five hundred thousand Li Guohao frowned, this price is the same as Fang Jian s previous evaluation But there is a huge difference.

No, we want to do this activity too Rong Bingcai gritted his teeth and decided to do a bloodletting, imitating Li Ji s membership activities, and gummies cbd for arthritis also want to do it. Opposite Lee Kee Pastry.In his spare time, Li Guohao called several pastry chefs in the shop together.Come here, I ll teach you how to make a new pastry.Chen Zhipeng came over and asked in a daze.Boss, what new cakes Is it delicious Chen Zhipeng, aren t you talking nonsense, the cakes gummies cbd for arthritis made by the boss are naturally the best.Huang He flattered without a trace.Li Guohao glanced at Huang He strangely, not because the other party flattered him, but mainly because the name was too eye catching.No one knows it now, but after 2010, it is believed that more than half of the people in China know this name.ZJ Wenzhou, ZJ Wenzhou, the Jiangnan Leather Factory closed down Now thinking about that rhythm, goosebumps arose.

Li Guohao s eyes were hot.That s right, he was fascinated by Miao Kexiu s smile.In the past, Li Guohao said on the Internet that the smile of a certain beauty is so beautiful that people can t forget it just by looking at it.He always felt that it was unrealistic, how gummies cbd for arthritis attractive a smile could be.But this time he really felt what is called a smile that is so sweet to the bone.Seeing Li Guohao staring at her without saying a word, Miao Kexiu stretched out her hand in doubt, and waved it in front of his eyes a few times, Hey, hey, I m back to my senses, what are you thinking Oh, it s okay, I was just thinking Some things.By the way, what do you want to buy Li Guohao turned red when he came back to his senses, he felt a little embarrassed to be caught peeking, pointed at the pastry in front of him, and changed the subject.

Before discussing with Cai Shaodong to visit the Hutchison boss, it was learned that the boss had gone to Wanwan as early as last year, and they returned disappointed.Cai Shaodong was going to Shaw Brothers, and the three separated in Central.Seeing his cousin left, Zhang Dong asked with a frown, What should Ah Hao do now Li Guohao sighed, What can I do If you annoy these people, it won t be worthwhile to come to the store every day to make trouble.That s the only way to do it.Zhang Dong also nodded aggrieved.It s not that the two of them didn t think about calling the police, but the police can t be there 24 hours a day, and it s impossible to arrive immediately.When those people beat up and run away, it s themselves who lose.Zhang Dong asked Where are you going now To the Central store Li Guohao thought for a while and shook his head and said, There is Sun Dafu in Central, so I am very relieved.

Chapter 59 Copyright Takeaway Then, Mr.Li, what do you mean Wu Guohua asked.Li Guohao sneered and said It s not what I mean, but whether you TVB is sincere to talk about.We sold the broadcasting rights to your TV station at a loss for the first one.If Kung Fu Panda hadn t become a big hit Will you come to talk about the second film Wu Guohua thought for a while, this time TVB executives only gave Wu Guohua a chance to infusion cbd gummies increase the rate, which is 30 , and he will apply for any more.But Wu Guohua, looking at Li Guohao s face at this time, roughly guessed that if the negotiation fails this time, then the second part of Kung Fu Panda might end up in another TV station.I don t have the authority to negotiate prices.Wu Guohua said honestly.In fact, relying on Kung Fu Panda cartoons to make money, Li Guohao has no idea in this regard, he just wants to recover the cost.

The main reason is that there are many time honored pastry shops in Xiangjiang Island and the New Territories.After all, crossing regions requires capital and manpower.Chapter 66 Loans Standard Chartered Bank Nathan Road Branch.Li Guohao and Li Qiang walked through the hall and came to the manager s office.Long time no see, Manager Zhang.Li Guohao greeted with a smile.Manager Zhang also smiled and said Yes, I still want to thank Mr.Li for depositing in our bank recently, which has greatly improved my business volume recently After a few words of politeness.Manager Zhang asked I don t know if Mr.Li is here to repay the loan In fact, there is no rush.Our bank can wait for the repayment time for high quality customers like Mr.Li.The longer the loan period, the more profits the bank will naturally make.

Is one million a bit too much Li Qiang explained It can t be less.A new store needs at least 200,000 yuan from renting the store to decorating and recruiting personnel.Not including the increase in rent and costs in some commercial areas.As long as With the two million loan, I am confident to open seven or eight new stores in Xiangjiang Island and the New Territories before the Chinese New Year. Let us turn our attention to the Nathan Road branch of Standard Chartered Bank again.Manager s office.Manager Zhang is approving gummies cbd for arthritis documents and preparing to write a report to the head office.Dinglingling Hello there Manager Zhang put down the pen and paper in his hand, picked up the phone and asked.Big Eye Boy Manager Zhang frowned.This nickname was his nickname when he was in school.Few people knew about it, and generally no one cbd gummies delta 9 near me gummies cbd for arthritis dared to mention it in front of him now.

Okay, are you two going to work in my store, or go somewhere else Our family lives nearby, and we want to work nearby.We chatted, and then we talked about salary.Ah Fa is not very satisfied with the salary given by Rongji, and there is no holiday every month, and money will be deducted for vacation.If you do a good job, your salary will naturally increase.You two just applied for the job, so it is impossible to compare the salary with the old employees, but I promise that as long as you do a good job, your salary will definitely increase Rong Binghua saw the two Not very satisfied with the salary, he casually promised.The two of them can t help it.Although the salary here is not much different from Li Ji s, the corresponding treatment is much worse.But there was no good place to go, and the two agreed to join the job with the idea of doing a job at Rongji for the time being.

Not just advertisements on TV and newspapers.Li Guohao also took out some advertising plans he had seen in his previous life and discussed them with Xie Honghe.The easiest and most cost effective way gummies cbd for arthritis how long will cbd gummies stay in your system is to distribute leaflets.The second is to swagger That s right, it s just a group of people walking around holding a sign.I believe many friends have seen it.Most of the temporary publicity jobs are students.During the holidays, a group of people are often wandering on the road holding publicity signs.It was novel at first, but as more and more methods of publicity were used, it became clich d.It s just that there is no such alternative publicity plan in this year, so Xie Honghe also said that this method is feasible.Xie Honghe also gave some advice, that is, everyone put on the clothes of the characters in Kung Fu Panda, and then held the sign of the opening of the palace pastry to publicize in the bustling streets.

Of course, the most eye catching activity among them is the free return activity.From February 1st to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, for a whole month, a lucky customer will be drawn in the store every day, and the money for the pastries purchased that day Full refund, and ten lucky customers will get a half price refund on pastries. End of the meeting.As soon as Li Guohao and Li Qiang left the conference room, they saw Xie Honghe from the public relations department walking over.What happened to Manager Xie Li Guohao asked.Chairman, I contacted the person in charge of the advertising department of Li s TV station yesterday.They welcome us to advertise on the TV station, but when they asked if it could be cheaper, the person in charge said that during the New Year, the advertising space I was already very nervous, so there was no way to get cheap.

At this time Television sets are not available in every household.But the bus is the means of transportation that basically every person in Xiangjiang must take.After all, taxis are very expensive, and there are not many private cars.Xie Honghe is not an idiot, so he doesn t know how effective it would be to advertise on the body of the Kowloon Bus, but if he mentions this proposal to the Kowloon Bus, if there are smart people in the Kowloon Bus, I believe it will be possible soon.Understand the benefits.It may be difficult to spend less money on publicity.Xie Honghe asked But if we talk about advertising with Kowloon Bus, will they increase the price We don t do long term advertising, we only need the advertising space from the New Year to the Lantern Festival.What s more, they I never thought of using buses to advertise, we helped them As for how to talk about it, you have to deal with it.

This is not the general manager of your company.You have to rent a car with your own money.Let others know that our company is very mean Li Guohao also discovered a problem, that is, the general manager of the company is still To rent a car, it would be embarrassing to let others know.Well, I see.Here, is this right Li Qiang stopped the car and asked, pointing to a restaurant not far away.Grandpa Li Renzhong was a little motion sick.After getting in the car, he chatted for a few words, then sat there and pretended to squint.When he heard what Li Qiang said, he also opened his eyes and looked Well, that s right.After Li Guohao helped his grandfather get out of the car, he said to Li Qiang Brother Qiang, I ll ask you to go and see it by yourself today.factory place.Yuen Long is the flattest place in the entire Xiangjiang River, and it is also where most of the factories gather.

Among the established restaurants in Xiangjiang, apart from Yung Kee, Lianxianglou is the oldest, followed by Jinhua Restaurant.Of course, there are some well known restaurants, such as Fengcheng Restaurant.What do you mean, Yunfei Li Renzhong asked.I hope the master will come out and help me platinum x cbd gummy Guan Yunfei took a serious look at Li Renzhong and said sincerely.Li Renzhong thought for a while, but did not immediately agree.To be honest, although his cooking skills have not fallen, after all, he has not been a chef for more than 20 years.He is not allowed to work in hempdropz cbd gummy bears a place like the back kitchen.At this time, Li Guohao asked, Uncle Guan, when did the Lianxianglou shop open Guan Yunfei heard this, thought for a while and said, Probably around July last year.Uncle Guan has I never thought about it, it s not just a matter of craftsmanship, it may be related to other things.

The above is basically the introduction of some special pastries of Liji Palace Pastry, as well as the development history, and some promotional activities during the New Year.In order to better expand the publicity.Li Guohao discussed with the person in charge of Ming Pao, and made a new event without paying a penny for advertising.Propose an activity that is beneficial to the interests of Ming Pao and the company.With the newspaper from February 1st to February 15th, everyone can use the newspaper of the day to receive a piece of honeycomb cake for free in the store every day.That s right, it s free, as long as you need a piece of newspaper, you can get a piece of honeycomb cake about the size of a fist for free.This will not only increase the sales volume of Ming Pao, but also expand the effect of publicity.

If you want to make your voice heard, you can only contact TV stations and newspapers.Fortunately, Li Guohao only had some grievances with TVB, and did not have any unhappiness with Li s TV station, otherwise it would be very difficult to find a promotional media.Although the newspaper is not bad, but it is not timely, it is published cbd gummies delta 9 near me gummies cbd for arthritis only the next day.Because the company has cooperated with Li s TV station, and the cooperation amount is very large, so Li s TV station also decisively sent a reporter from the evening news to interview, and decided to broadcast it that night.There is no way, whoever let the TV station broadcast the advertisement of the palace pastry, thanks to the inspection by the Department of Health, otherwise, Li s TV station may also be hacked by the old rival TVB because of the problem of the advertisement.

It is reported that a batch of about one ton of problematic flour was seized from the Mong Kok branch of Rongji Bakery gummies cbd for arthritis yesterday.Star Island Daily From the substandard sanitation of palace pastries to the food poisoning incident at Rongji Bakery, it reminds us that we must strengthen food hygiene and where can you buy cbd gummies for anxiety safety issues.I hope that relevant departments will pay attention to this incident The front page headlines of the newspapers for the next day were basically about Rongji food poisoning.Since the opening of the shop in Xiangjiang, there has never been such a serious food poisoning incident that is related to human life.Many newspapers and TV stations have discussed this issue Court Company.I didn t expect Rongji to make such a big fuss this time Li Guohao looked at the news that the newspaper was discussing the food poisoning of Rongji, and he felt a little thankful.

You must know that if you go to the mainland to build a factory at this time, the cost will be very low.Not only will there be government subsidies, but also a series of Preferential policies.In addition, China is a major exporter of wheat, and the price of purchasing wheat is purekana hemp cbd full spectrum gummies much lower than the international price.The two places are very close, and the transportation cost is not high.This is one of the reasons why many businessmen from Hong Kong and Taiwan will invest in the mainland.The two chatted again, and Li Guohao said, You can drive back first, I won t be going back to the company beforehand.Well, do you want me to see you off Li Qiang asked.No need, I ll just take a taxi.Oh, I ll go now.Yeah.Watching .

is cbd gummies good for migraines?

Li Qiang drive dog gummies cbd the company s newly bought Ford, Li Guohao was a little envious.Haven t passed the test yet.

But we don t seem to have authorization.What if Bruce Lee sues him Li Guohao asked with some concern.You must know that this kind of behavior of directly using the other party s name to draw comics is very likely to be the defendant.I know this.I sent someone to contact Bruce Lee recently.It s just a name anyway.It shouldn t be a problem to buy a portrait right with a little money.Shangguan Xiaobao naturally considered this and sent someone to contact Bruce Lee early in the morning Well, that s good.That s right.Shangguan Xiaobao suddenly said, Didn t I tell you about the Datong Toy Factory last time What Shangguan Xiaobao put down the pen in his hand and walked from the table Pulled out a document from the previous pile of documents and said The other side has agreed to our request.Recently, it seems that dolls of the same style as Kung Fu Panda have been produced.

Moreover, our company will directly cancel the franchisee s qualification for franchisees who import raw materials privately, and the franchise fee paid before will not be refunded.As for why, do you remember the problem of Rongji flour not long ago So, I would like to remind everyone here that you must not import raw materials from other places.The raw materials we provide are of absolute quality and safety.Our company is responsible for all the problems.Of course, the premise is that you follow the regulations and make the pastries according to the production process.Don t try to rush and let any problems occur in the pastries. We will send supervisors to the stores that you join from time to time.Inspections, if any problems are found, they will be reported directly to the headquarters for deduction of points.

Really George was pleasantly surprised asked rhetorically.Of course.James nodded noncommittally.Okay then, I m going to Xiangjiang.My God, this plane is really uncomfortable George agreed helplessly.guarantee, but flying across oceans is still very tiring.At the end, George asked again Why are you so interested in this comic James smiled and explained You have been in Xiangjiang for more than half a month, and you may not be very clear.What s the welcome animal Could it be a panda George asked, glancing at James and then at the comic book on the table.That s right.James said, Recently, a lot of news in the United States has been reporting these two cute little pandas from the mysterious eastern country.You must know that these two have lived on the earth for 8 million years, and they are the oldest discovered so far.

When Li Guohao thought of the word 520, he thought of a good promotional event.520 couple event What do you mean Li Qiang repeated this sentence in doubt.Forgetting that the word 520 appeared herbivore cbd gummies on the Internet in later generations, Li Guohao thought about it and explained You read 520 ten times in Mandarin.520, gummies cbd for arthritis how long will cbd gummies stay in your system 520, 520I love you Li Qiang read it ten times in Mandarin After top rated cbd gummies gummies cbd for arthritis that, the tone gradually changed and gradually became I love you.Li Qiang said in surprise I love you 520 It s very interesting.How did you think of it , let s hold a couple s event, not only young people, but also elderly couples can participate, you can discuss the specific preparations with Gu Qianqian. Okay.Chapter 112 Franchise stores jointly opened in the blink of an eye, six or seven Days passed.In the past few days, Li Guohao has been busy with opening a store in Macau every day.

S.dollars for each book.Fifteen percent of the total price of the piece.The author checked is just cbd gummies lab tested a lot of information on the copyright share of comics, but couldn t find any specific ones.It gummies cbd for arthritis can only be calculated HCMUSSH gummies cbd for arthritis based on books published in the United States. the next day.Lockhart Road, Wanchai, inside a tea house.Liu Peilin, the owner of Daronghua Bakery, stood up, glanced around the dozen or so people in the teahouse, and said, This time, Liu invited everyone here to discuss with you about the newly emerged palace pastry shop in Xiangjiang Since We lost a lot of business when the Palace Bakery opened But the Rong Kee Bakery in Kowloon was crushed by them.From an old shop with five branches in more than 20 years, because Closed due to food poisoning Maybe everyone thinks that this is Rong Bingcai looking for death, but in fact I have a relationship with Rong Bingcai, and we have met several times in the early years.

The last ferry crossed the sea to Macau.Chapter 117 He Qianjin s new store opened at six o clock in the evening.Li Guohao stepped onto the shore gummies cbd for arthritis with one foot.Looking at the Macau pier at this time, there was a lot of voices.Apart from my own ferry, there were actually several other ships waiting to dock.Boss At this moment, Gu Qianqian shook her hand and shouted loudly from not far away.Seeing this, Li Guohao led Zhang Dong and Mai Xiaomin, who had just landed, to walk over quickly.Manager Gu really troubled you.Li Guohao greeted with a smile.Gu Qian smiled and said The boss is too polite, he should come to pick you up.Miss He here knows that you are coming today and specially booked two rooms in the hotel for you.Miss He Before coming again, Li Guohao I called Gu Qianqian in advance.After all, he was going to Macau for the first time, and he didn t know the way.

It is not a problem to make ordinary pastries.In addition, the 14 old shops he cooperates with have many employees.All Gather together, at least there are forty or fifty people, so it is not a big problem to eat these places for the time being.Li Qiang continued gummies cbd for arthritis In addition, some shops already have pastry chefs, who gummies cbd for arthritis have been in Liu Peilin s place, Many of them have been resigned, and Liu Peilin will recruit these people to expand the scale of his factory, and then open new factories in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island to meet the needs of various stores.Then can we preemptively hire these people Recruited Li Guohao frowned and said.But we don t need so many people In addition, if Liu Peilin continues to expand like this, more and more restaurants and tea restaurants will be recruited, what should we do then Li Guohao has no idea of expanding and joining, and now There is enough manpower, there is no need to recruit more people.

Giving things to the family is a matter of course.It s all from the toy factory, and it doesn t cost any money.Hearing what Li Guohao said, Ah Zhen murmured quietly with her head buried in her head, That s right.Ah Zhen spoke in a very low voice, but Zhao Yazhi heard it When he arrived, he rolled his eyes at his sister and didn t say anything more.On the contrary, Li gummies cbd for arthritis Guohao asked in order to ease the atmosphere Ah Zhen, what good news are you going to tell me just now Oh, gummies cbd for arthritis it s like this Just as she was about to speak, Ah Zhen glanced at the old lady and said intentionally, I know a person who quit a good flight attendant job for gummies cbd for arthritis his boyfriend, and plans to find a job near home. Who is it Ah Zhen, do you want to introduce me to work here dog gummies cbd watermelon cbd gummies Li Guohao couldn t understand.A person Ah Zhen knew quit his job, why did he tell himself Could it be that he wanted to introduce me to work You big fool Seeing Li Guohao so dumbfounded, Ah Zhen gave him a blank look You know this man, and he is sitting on your right hand side.

Not to say that it is used to store moon cakes.The main purpose is to give every customer who comes to the store to taste the best snow skin mooncakes.Skin mooncakes are stored in the refrigerator, and heady harvest cbd gummy bears the best refrigeration temperature is 0 degrees Celsius.On the other hand, the best temperature for eating is at 4 degrees Celsius.So the previous refrigerator was specially used to store mooncakes, and the other one was used to store edible snowskin mooncakes.The ice skin mooncake after freezing is absolutely delicious in taste, just like eating a cake like ice cream, it is refreshing, sweet and not greasy, and it can be easily swallowed by chewing lightly in the mouth Early in the morning.It was still daylight.Zhu Qiaomei came to the bus stop with a yawn.She stayed up late last night to watch TV dramas, so she didn t have a good rest, so she would be sleepy in the morning.

Brother Lan, thank you very much this time If it weren t for you, Mr.Ni and Mr.Jin might not have accepted my mooncakes.Li Guohao said very gratefully.Lan, if it weren t for his help, it would have been extremely difficult to give mooncakes to those well known literati in Xiangjiang.Haha, it doesn t matter, as long as you don t blame me, it s fine that I gave them a Mid Autumn Festival gift, haha Cai Lang said with a hearty laugh.How can I blame you, Brother Lan.Next time, if you still want to eat snacks, you can call me fun drops cbd gummies for sale directly.I will be there for you.Okay, it s a deal Daronghua Company.Liu Peilin looked at the snowy mooncake brought by Gu Yonghe, frowned and asked, Is this the new mooncake launched by Li Ji Gu Yonghe nodded, That s right, I passed by a patisserie pastry shop this morning, and there was an advertisement at the door, The new mooncakes cbd gummies riverside ca were on the shelves, so I went in out of curiosity and bought a box.

You must know that there will only be five of us shareholders in the future.With only a monthly profit of 600,000, our family will If you can get more than a hundred thousand, it s millions a year Then it won t be a year before all the investment money can be earned back Gu Yonghe asked happily.You know, in order to get rid of these shareholders this time, the remaining five people each paid nearly 800,000 yuan, a total of more than 4 million yuan.This is not all used to send away these shareholders, most of it is used to make moon cakes.You must know that the company always delivers the goods first, and then recovers half of the profits of the joint costs after the other party sells them.It is equivalent to advance money first and then collect money.It doesn t take a year, half a year is enough.

That is a company called Xiangjiang Antenna.That s right, a company that specializes in installing TV antennas to customers.Chapter 136 The Fleet seeking first order 4 Geng Yishu The first time I ate the dim sum of the palace pastry was around September last year.I vaguely remember that the first shop of the palace pastry had just opened.It was a chance , passing by Nathan Road, happened to catch a glimpse of the crowds at the door of this store, and on a whim, I went in and bought a copydessert.This is the first time I taste palace pastries, the taste is much more delicate than other pastries.Whether it is the shop decoration, or the appearance and taste of dim sum, they are all among the best in Xiangjiang.At that time, I bought wife cakes, a very common pastry.Unexpectedly, the owner of this store relied on his superb technology and pioneering innovation to make roses into stuffing.

Except for the establishment of the factory, he did not participate in it.A series of publicity programs later came from his hands.It can also be said that since the soul wear, apart from the few branches opened by Li Guohao, this is his biggest handwriting so far, and it is also a place to demonstrate his ability.By the way, Manager Wang, has there been any news from the shopping mall and the franchised stores Li Guohao asked.Although the street sales of 200 refrigerated trucks are the focus, the shopping malls and stores also have a lot of business.Wang Zhenzhen shook her head and said I ve already done top rated cbd gummies gummies cbd for arthritis the calculations at the store.It s a little better than the day before yesterday.It sold a total of more than 200,000 yuan.After all, we drove the refrigerated trucks to the streets, and we have already eliminated a small number of them.

Because Liu Peilin s mooncakes are sold in bulk, unlike Li Guohao who packs the mooncakes into boxes and sells them one by one.There are several flavors of mooncakes, and the prices are also different, so the calculation is more complicated.Some mooncakes are sold by the catty, while others are sold by the piece.Sold 200,000 mooncakes The total sales are more than 500,000 Liu Peilin shouted happily when he heard the financial report Gu Yonghe and the other three shareholders are also extremely excited.You must know that this is the first day, and they sold more than half a million yuan.After removing the cost and profit sharing, they can make a profit of at least one hundred thousand yuan, and one day HCMUSSH gummies cbd for arthritis can gummies cbd for arthritis how long will cbd gummies stay in your system earn more than one hundred thousand yuan., It s incredible The profit of moon cakes is actually very high, just like Li Guohao sells moon cakes with three prices the price is not equal to the taste, there are several flavors at the same price , the most profitable one is the snow skin moon cake with rose filling for 35 yuan a box.

I never thought that only tens of thousands of them were sold today gummies cbd for arthritis how long will cbd gummies stay in your system Daronghua Company.How is it possible Liu Peilin looked at the financial statistics report in disbelief and lost his voice.Boss, boss, there are indeed so many.There are only so many sales from more than 300 stores.They also told us not pure cbd gummies uk to make mooncakes.There are not many people who buy Ronghua mooncakes.They all go to buy snowy mooncakes., even they themselves bought a lot of snowy mooncakes as gifts.The finance minister said tremblingly.Impossible, this is will cbd gummies help anxiety absolutely impossible With a plop, Liu Peilin slumped on the ground with a face full of disbelief.Gu Yonghe on the side also softened, and kept saying, It s over, it s over Why did Da Ronghua s mooncakes suddenly sell so little.There are many reasons, how long does cbd take to kick in gummies one of which may be ridiculous to say, but it is an indisputable fact.

You must know that the people invited by the Governor of Hong Kong to participate in the charity banquet are all celebrities, wealthy businessmen and senior officials.Although Li Guohao has some property now, he is completely incomparable with those rich businessmen who have been in the business world for decades It stands to reason that even if you want to invite some young talents, there are many companies in Xiangjiang that are larger than Li Guohao s palace cakes.yes.Li Guohao was very happy to be invited by Ms.Shen himself.He thought that he was invited to Hong Kong top rated cbd gummies gummies cbd for arthritis Governor s Mansion last year to make snacks for those guests.At that time, he was still thinking that he must be a guest when he came here Entering through the main entrance, I never thought it would be realized in less than a year.

Suddenly, a question came to mind, and Li Guohao asked By the way, do I need to bring a female companion to the banquet I have never participated in this kind of banquet.I used to watch TV dramas and movies, and it seemed that I had to bring a female companion with me.I don t know, I haven t participated in it either.I think I need to bring a female companion.Li Qiang shook his head.He is not a high class celebrity, so if he has the opportunity to participate in a banquet of this scale, he has attended some parties in the beginning dose of cbd gummies United States, but they are all entertainment parties.I will ask others later.It s the first time to participate in this kind of charity banquet, Li Guohao naturally doesn t want to be like a fool who doesn t understand anything.Hmm.Li Guohao recalled the previous incident at the securities company, and asked You said that a company that has nothing and has not yet opened has announced its listing, and there are many people who value it and want to invest cbd gummies delta 9 near me gummies cbd for arthritis in stocks.

Ahao.What about Brother Zheng You don t have to take care of this matter, and you don t have the ability to take care of it.When you come here this time, just take a look and go through the motions.Zheng Jiachun had only met this man twice.The little brother still has a good impression of him, and he is afraid that his head will get hot, so after listening to Zhou Xinian s words, he also joins in.Well, I best cbd gummies for tinnitus dog gummies cbd see.Li Guohao didn t care much.Although what Zhou Xinian said just now touched him a lot, it was just a touch.After all, he was short and weak, so there was no way he could help.Chapter 151 Vampire 3 3 The next day.morning.Li Qiang knocked on the office door, walked in with a stack of documents, and said, gummies cbd for arthritis I have found the Jardine Group information you want, but only part of it.Bring it to me.

It was daylight.Li Guohao went straight to Zhang Dong s house.The starting point for this wedding reception is Zhang Dong s old house.There are more than a dozen rented wedding cars parked at the door downstairs.Ahao is here.You don t need to change your shoes, just come in.Seeing Li Guohao arrived, Uncle Zhang said hastily.Uncle Zhang, where s Adong Li Guohao didn t change his shoes, he raised his head and looked around, all the relatives of the Zhang family were on the sofa in the living room.I m putting on makeup in the room.Uncle Zhang said with a smile.Makeup Li Guohao chuckled.That s right.A Dong s boy heard people say that he would look better with a little makeup on and take pictures, so why don t he ask his aunt to do it for him.Uncle Zhang also said cheerfully.Then I ll go in and see him.

Ahao.At this moment, Zhang Dong came over.Li Guohao asked strangely Huh A Dong, why are you here Aren t you going to accompany the guests Drink a little too much, take it easy.Zhang Dong laughed.How is it Are you happy getting married today Why are you unhappy When it comes to getting married, Zhang Dong has a sweet look on his face, remembering what happened in the morning and thanking him Ah Hao, thank you for that Rolls Royce Isn t this what you have always wanted As a brother, if you can help, you will naturally help.A Rolls Royce is not very expensive now, only more than 200,000, which is nothing to Li Guohao.In addition, Zhang Dong was the only person who traveled closer to him through time travel.Ahao, let me tell you something.What I m going to resign.Li Guohao asked in surprise Why Manager Mai wants me to take over his company.

Uncle Chang Did your hometown used to be from Anyang Li Guohao asked.Huh Do you hear the accent Hehe, speaking of gummies cbd for arthritis being born in Anyang, he has only been there for about 20 years, and he has been in the United States for 40 or 50 years, and he still can t change his accent.Uncle Chang said with a smile.Li Guohao shook his head and said, It s not because of this reason.Uncle Chang, do you know Li Renzhong Anyang before, when the mainland was still in a chaotic and turbulent era.Chapter 169 Sweet person Li Renzhong Uncle Chang s memory instantly returned to Anyang more than 40 years ago.At that time, Ying Shengchang was still a promising young man who wanted to save the country, but for some reason, he went to the United States to help his father, and by the way joined the Anti Japanese Salvation Association in the local area, relying on the strength of overseas Chinese to contribute to the Anti Japanese War Blood and hard work.

Boss water Qiqi next to her handed over the water she had prepared long ago.Li Guohao didn t hold back, took the water glass and drank it in one gulp, finally suppressing the nausea .

what will cbd gummies do for me?

of this sweet person.Obediently Li Guohao looked at the table full of American dim sum, and suddenly regretted letting Huang He buy so many How can I finish this A person who is sweeter than eating a Snickers bar in his previous life It is indeed so sweet.Although the author has never tasted it, there are mentions of American desserts in the search information.Most of them are too sweet to make people sick.How does it taste Li Qiang looked at Li Guohao with a smile, He didn t talk too much before, just wanted Li Guohao to taste these American desserts himself.It s delicious Li Guohao gritted his teeth and glanced at Li Qiang, as if asking him why he didn t say it earlier.

Thinking about it, it shouldn t matter.After all, when the people from the cleaning brigade passed by, they should have swept away the paper and could not reveal any information about themselves.Street at this time.Garbage Worm was still acting on the road with the cleaning brigade, and was beaten by a group of people with brooms in front of the camera from time to time.OK That s fine, let s stop here today.The cameraman who filmed the no littering campaign made an OK gesture to the people who were performing, and didn t care about their responses, and directly took the camera on his shoulders and got on the bus back to the TV station.went.It s okay, Ah Fei, take it off.Wearing cleaning clothes, a middle aged man in his top rated cbd gummies gummies cbd for arthritis thirties patted the garbage bug that fell on the ground.As soon as Ah Fei heard that the shooting was over, he quickly took off his heavy and stuffy headgear.

Therefore, they should be given the opportunity to withdraw 2.The shares held by major shareholders have the value of controlling the company, and should not only belong to the major shareholder holding the shares, but to all shareholders of the company.Therefore, the acquirer is The premium paid for controlling the company should be shared equally by all shareholders gummies cbd for arthritis of the company.Countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, France, Singapore, and Hong Kong have adopted the compulsory tender offer system, and the starting point varies from 30 to 50.The starting point for Xiangjiang at this time is 50 , and a mandatory tender offer can be initiated when half of the shares of the listed company are reached Nanshun Company is holding an emergency meeting at this time.The conference room was also full of people.

After all, it was He Chaoying himself who led Li Guohao to acquire Bao Daheng s shares at that time Now the newspaper said it was a wholly owned acquisition and would apply for delisting in the near future It is conceivable that this is something that can only be done by spending at least a few hundred million in cash.Aying At this time, He Daheng came down from the second floor.What s the matter, Dad He Qianjin asked.I heard that you have shares in that palace pastry Hmm What is your relationship with that Li Guohao It s just ordinary friends And he already has a girlfriend.He Qianjin couldn t hear what best cbd gummies for tinnitus dog gummies cbd his father said Meaning, frankly stated that Li Guohao has a girlfriend.That s it He Daheng thought for a while and said, There will be an event in a few days, since you know him, invite him to come and have fun.

I want Zhao Yazhi to go into this kind of chaotic show business circle.Hearing the sound of the door opening, the four people in best cbd gummies for tinnitus dog gummies cbd the room looked sideways at the same time.Cai Lan stood up with a smile and said, Mr.Li, you are here The two people sitting next to him also stood up at the same time.Ahao, you re back Seeing Li Guohao s return, Zhao Yazhi happily ran over and said.Yeah.Li Guohao smiled at Zhao Yazhi, then turned his head and glanced at Cai Lan, Why didn t Brother Lan say hello in advance when he came over, so I could wait for you in the company, which would really waste your time.For Cai Lan, Li Guohao still has a good impression, and the relationship between the two is quite congenial.Cai Lang smiled and said, Mr.Li is busy recently, how dare I bother you In the past, Li Guohao was just a small company owner in Cai Lang s eyes, but after the newspaper reported that the other party spent several hundred million to acquire Nanshun , I became clear about the gap between myself and the other party.

A huge sum of one million was just a trivial matter in Li Guohao s eyes, and they could write a check easily.Cai Lan was also shocked by Li Guohao s financial resources When I first met Li Guohao, the other party was just the owner of a small pastry company, and the first mooncakes shipped by his food processing factory were advertised in newspapers by Li cbd vs thc gummies Guohao asking him to find some celebrities.Seeing the appearance of everyone like this, Li Guohao felt a little funny in his heart, and it was hard to see the surprised gummies cbd for arthritis looks of the future bigwigs in the film industry.I don t mean to belittle anyone, it s purely for plot needs.This story is purely fictitious, and any similarity is purely coincidental.Chapter 219 Instant Noodles February 1st, only two days away from the New dog gummies cbd watermelon cbd gummies Year, the stock market crash is gummies cbd for arthritis how long will cbd gummies stay in your system still going on, and the grieving people are still immersed in bankruptcy, but the New Year is still coming, even if every household is tightened due to financial problems The belt is worn, but the new year s goods and new clothes that should be bought best cbd gummies for tinnitus dog gummies cbd are still necessary.

Don t even say a word.What do you and Ah Zhi think I think that girl Ah Zhi is very good.She is beautiful and virtuous.You can t just drag it on like this, or you can get married soon.Li Huifang said.That s right, Ah Zhi is a very nice girl.Li Dexiao and Li gummies cbd for arthritis Renzhong who were next to her also nodded in agreement.Mom, how can this matter be rushed Li Guohao also smiled wryly when he was suddenly urged to marry.It s not that he doesn t want to marry Zhao Yazhi, it s just that he wants to see what the other party wants.You don t ask other girls, why should they let other girls ask you Li Dexiao gave his son a white look.Your father is right, you can go there tomorrow and ask if he is willing.Maybe all mothers have the same idea, they all hope that their sons will get married and have children as soon as possible, so that they can have grandchildren as soon as possible.

I learned that there will be many celebrities and wealthy businessmen participating, and some important government officials such as the Governor of Hong Kong and the Commissioner of Police will also be present.No matter from any point of view, participating in this feast is profitable left the new century.Li Guohao is always a little uneasy.He traveled from the mainland of later generations, and he experienced the most stable, harmonious and best era.Although he has no money, he is also a good young man with good equivalent of cbd gummy to oil health and correct thinking.He has never come into contact with these ghosts.Road.Most men like to watch gangster movies.After all, everyone has a gangster deep in their hearts, but when it really happens to you, apart from fear, there is only fear.Li Guohao is not afraid, but he is also frightened.

He thought Cai Lan was still thinking about it, but he gummies cbd for arthritis didn t expect to have finished the script so quickly.Several important actors in the crew also slowly approached at this time.That s right.Xu Guanwen slapped his head and said hastily I forgot to introduce you to Li Sheng.These are the actors of our crew.This is my brother Xu Guanjie, Mr.Li has met before.Hello, Mr.Li.Xu Guanjie was not joking like usual, and after seeing Li Guohao, he went up to say hello honestly.Ajie, I ve seen it before.Li Guohao replied with a smile.Ajie is my fourth brother, and this is my third brother Xu Guanying.This is Qiao Hong, Mr.Qiao, and this is Ding Pei, Miss Ding.After Xu Guanwen introduced several important characters in the crew, Li Guohao also greeted them one by one, but when he saw Ding Pei, Li Guohao gummies cbd for arthritis showed a strange expression on his face.

Hmm, do gummies cbd for arthritis you like it I like it very much.Zhao Yazhi looked at Li Guohao affectionately, and then took a sip on his cheek.At this time, Zhao Yazhi s hair was wet, and she was only wearing a white bath towel.In a trance, she could see some white and charming skin exposed, as well as a small part of her charm, which made Li Guohao look hot.Woo Being suddenly attacked by Li Guohao, Zhao Yazhi was stunned for a long time before thinking of trying to push him away, but after all, she couldn t resist the beastly Li Guohao.Wellnot here go to the bedroom Zhao Yazhi, who was secretly moved by the kiss, finally begged her opponent s fatal kiss, as if she was about to suffocate, she panted and said.Okay Li Guohao picked up the beautiful woman and went straight to the bedroom, and closed the door with his left leg.

First of all, factories that produce pastries, factories that produce packaging bags, factories that produce fillings, factories that produce quick frozen dumplings, instant noodles, and many other food plans in the future.Even the issue of chicken essence, Li Guohao has also thought about it.After the factory is built, will top rated cbd gummies gummies cbd for arthritis he build a condiment factory in the future, specializing in the production of seasonings for cooking After all, there are many secret seasonings and sauces in the recipes.If this continues, it will not be cbd gummies delta 9 near me gummies cbd for arthritis solved by a factory, and I am afraid that an industrial park will be formed in the end.hang up the phone.Suddenly there was a knock on the door.Secretary Xiao Liu also stood up and opened the door tactfully.Chairman, the headhunting company has gummies cbd for arthritis how long will cbd gummies stay in your system already found a candidate who meets your requirements.

It s easy to say, easy to say, according to Li Sheng s orders, the poor will definitely arrive Master Dong s face was as bright as a chrysanthemum with a smile, and he almost rolled on the ground in excitement.Perhaps it was because of Master Dong s good hexagram that Zhao Yazhi was in a particularly happy mood all day long.At night, she even unlocked a new posture, which made Li Guohao enjoy it, and the joy of the boudoir is inhumane three days later.The day of engagement has come.Li GuohaoThey didn t invite anyone too much, they just called the two families together and had dinner at Master Guan s Jinhua Restaurant.Brother in law.Because he was engaged to Zhao Yazhi, he basically established a relationship.When Li Guohao called sister Zhao Yazhi s husband, he also called her brother in law.

Which hospital is Bruce Lee in At this time, Li Guohao felt regretful for his inaction.Although whether he saved Bruce Lee or not had nothing to do with him directly, as a fan, he naturally did not want this man who has spread Chinese culture so early.death.Elizabeth Hospital Hey Hey President, are you listening Before Shangguan Xiaobao continued to say something, he only heard the blind tone of beep coming from the phone.Gascoigne Road, Yau Ma Tei, Mount Elizabeth Hospital.Countless citizens, reporters, and police officers who came to maintain order gathered at the gate of Elizabeth Hospital.It is roughly estimated that there are at least more than 500 people at the scene.The nearby roads were even more blocked, with the beeping of horns, the noise of pedestrians, the sound of questioning by reporters, and the sound of scolding by police officers, one after another.

I don t know anything.Please make room for me to go in and visit Bruce Lee.I don t know who is spreading rumors, saying that Bruce Lee failed to rescue last night and unfortunately passed away at four o clock in the morning.As a result, countless dragon fans rushed to Elizabeth Hospital, wanting to see the last side of their idol.On a road about a kilometer away.Boss, the front is blocked.Chen Sheng sat in the driver s seat and rolled down the window to glance at the congested road in the distance.Frowning slightly, Li Guohao said, Get out of the car But But there are too many people here.After working as a bodyguard for several months, Chen Sheng has gradually gained experience.Normally, he and Zou Yu only need to be about ten meters away from Li Guohao.This is the safest and also gives Li Guohao the greatest privacy.

Distance.Now more and more people gather on the road outside, not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.What are you afraid of In broad daylight, can there still be robbers coming in public Besides, don t you see that there are police not far in front of you Li Guohao pointed to a dozen police vehicles parked by the side of the road.Chen Sheng thought about it and thought it made sense, but he was still a little worried, and said to Zou Yu, Go and call Manager Zhang and ask him to send more people.Come to the hospital.yes.Zou Yu nodded in agreement, got out of the car and ran to the telephone booth not far away.Since he was almost kidnapped last time, Li Guohao also knew the cbd gummies buy one get one free ability of the previous Yu Weicheng, so he transferred him back to the company without a trace.I found a person who Chen Sheng thought was OK.

Cai Lan glanced at the rather shy elder brother Long and Lin Zhengying, and also greeted with a smile, Hello.Originally Thinking that Cai Lan would take the initiative to best cbd gummies for tinnitus dog gummies cbd introduce Li Guohao to himself and others, but he best cbd gummies for tinnitus dog gummies cbd didn t expect that Cai Lan just greeted him briefly.He seemed to have no desire to introduce him, so Hong Jinbao also licked his face and asked, Mr.Li Guohao, who sat on the sidelines and watched for a long time, secretly laughed in his heart, he is no longer the young man who didn t understand anything at the time, since he saw Hong Jinbao walking over with his eldest brother Long and Lin Zhengying, he already knew that the other party was running after him He came, and now hearing Hong Jinbao take the initiative to mention himself, it also verified what he thought in his heart.

Haha how could be Socializing.That s fine, I just have something to do, so I ll leave first.After that, He Qianjin waved his hand and walked downstairs.I ll see you off.Li Guohao was about to go forward to see him off, but he only heard He Qianjin say, No need, a driver will pick me up when I go down. Well, be careful on the road.Ok.night.Big Regal Nightclub.In Xiangjiang in the 1970s, there were not many ways for people to entertain themselves.Apart from TV and movies, there were only nightclubs where they could have fun.Unlike justcbd cbd infused gummies the later generations, a computer can solve all boredom.But for the rich, there are more things to do.Nightclubs are the lowest consumption.If you go up, you can go to horse racing or go to sea on a yacht.If you can t, go to Macau to gamble.The nightclub at this time is roughly the same as in the past movies.

What do cbd gummies and test for drugs you want me to do Li Guohao looked at Ni Xingqing sitting on the chair in front of him.The affairs of the club have been settled, this is the contract.As Li Guohao s personal financial advisor, Ni Xingqing is often helping Li Guohao manage investment matters, just like he worked with Zheng Jiachun to open a hotel before, this time it is also Ni Xingqing who is operating.It s done so quickly Didn t you say that you are still discussing the club s specific plan Li Guohao looked at the contract in his hand in surprise.This matter has been discussed for half a month.Although the three bosses are very happy to cooperate, the people below are still busy fighting for the interests of the bosses.Not really What kind of shares or others are mainly due to some plans of the club, such as where the money is invested, and whether to set up a company to manage the club.

Think about it.Li Guohao decided in his heart to borrow a sum of money from HSBC Bank for his personal shares in the pastry company, and use it as an investment in the tea restaurant.Of course, Li Guohao did not tell his family about the mortgage of the shares to the bank, but only said that he would invest in a new company to gummies cbd for arthritis operate a chain of tea restaurants.Li Dexiao was very happy when he heard what Li Guohao said, and always felt that his hard work during this time was not in vain. two days later.Because Ni Xingqing went to the United States, Li Guohao had to call Shen Bi himself to tell him about it.Hearing that Li Guohao actually wanted to mortgage his personal shares to the bank, Shen Bi asked in best cbd gummies for tinnitus dog gummies cbd surprise, What Li Sheng, are you short of money Well, it s a little bit.Li Guohao cbd gummies that help with sleep chuckled.

Don t look at him saying that wearing this suit is a bit inappropriate, but he is still happy in his heart and face.Okay, you are still going to wear your dirty clothes to Ahao s company You don t want to be ashamed, but I despise it for Ahao.Li Huifang rolled her eyes at Li Dexiao, and finally helped him put The raised hems were smoothed with hands.After finishing it, he said again Don t ruin the clothes, Ah Zhi spent more than 10,000 Hong Kong dollars for this dress I can t afford such expensive clothes.Li Dexiao was startled when he heard that the suit cost more than 10,000 yuan.You must know that when he opened a tea restaurant, he only earned a few thousand yuan a month, and he was exhausted.Live a busy day.Okay, don t do it.Li Huifang gave Li Dexiao another white look, patted his big belly and said, You want to wear it for Ah Hao, you have to look at your belly first Did Ah Hao wear it Look When Li s father and Li s mother came out, Li Guohao turned his head and saw that Li Dexiao was wearing a suit.

In addition to actively expanding the flour business of Guohao gummies cbd for arthritis Nanshun overseas, he also increased the raw materials of flour products such as sugar, oil, and baking powder, which were not very important.Purchase volume.And there are plans to build new factories in Thailand, the Philippines and other places to process a series of food raw materials such as sugar, glutinous rice flour, etc.There are too many food raw materials, which cannot be covered all at once Yes, it is not something that a company can accomplish.If it is classified according to the natural properties of raw materials, it is roughly vegetable raw materials, animal raw materials, mineral raw materials salt, alkali, alum, etc., synthetic raw materials additives .These are just the four most basic divisions of countless raw materials.

Except for a few words at the beginning, Li Guohao and Di Yimin were the only ones who were talking.He didn t understand, and he didn t dare to interrupt.Di Yimin shook his head slightly and said, I don t know, this building is called Yong an Building.It was built by a private real estate company 20 years ago, but this real estate company has long since closed down.It was later transferred to New World Land Company.If the chairman wants to gummies cbd for arthritis buy it, he may have to discuss it with Mr.Zheng.new century Li Guohao pursed his lips, thought for a while, and said Then how about gummies cbd for arthritis how long will cbd gummies stay in your system we build a building by ourselves Build a building Li Dexiao finally exclaimed.Li Guohao glanced at his father Li Dexiao, smiled and said Yes Dad, how about I build a building with your and grandpa s names It is called Rende Building.

In this Middle East war, many countries in the lower half of the Asian plate are more or less participating in various forms came in.Whether it is the export of military materials or food export, it is an alternative kind of participation.And because the war situation doesn t care about money, money is the most consumed, causing merchants to drive up prices, causing the entire economy to gradually expand.In order to be able to obtain useful news as soon as possible in the future, Li Guohao thought about building a big newspaper, and set up newspaper offices in various countries to collect news information and other useful things in the region.Of course, this is only one of the larger opportunities, and the other opportunity is for the sake of publicity and advertising.The whole group, whether it is the Guohao Nanshun, the food company, and the palace pastry, etc.

Li Guohao followed Bao Daheng s assistant to the third floor.Mr.Bao is inside, Mr.Li, go in by yourself, I won t go in.After the assistant finished speaking, he turned and went downstairs to greet the guests.Li Guohao knocked on the door of the study.Boom Come in.Bao Daheng s deep voice sounded from inside the door.As soon as he opened the door and walked in, he saw Bao Daheng sitting at the desk laughing, stood up, looked at himself and said Long time no see, Li Sheng.That s right, Mr.Bao, best cbd gummies for tinnitus dog gummies cbd if you hadn t dog gummies cbd watermelon cbd gummies sold me the shares of Nanshun back then, I m afraid there would have been a lot of trouble.Li Guohao is still gummies cbd for arthritis very grateful to Bao Daheng.When he bought the stock, Bao Daheng only sold it to himself according to the stock price at that time, and there was no premium.This also relieved Li Guohao, who was short of funds at the time.

With more than a hundred employees, Li Guohao pondered for a moment and said I was in a daze just now, um, that s right, I was in a daze.Some people may want to laugh, or have doubts, why am I in a daze.Because I was thinking about one thing, what kind of company and group is Guohao Group Almost two years ago, in the summer and autumn, from August to September, relying on the Yinze of my parents and combining some of my own ideas, I opened the first pastry shop in my life, Palace Pastry At the beginning, with my own passion, I made dim sum from morning to night every day, making a delicious and delicate dim sum, so that every customer can eat happily.This was my initial idea.It may be that my sincerity has impressed the customers, or it may be due to A Bao At the mention of Abao, everyone in the venue laughed.

Chapter 319 General Assembly of the Manufacturers Association Li Guohao is a person who has experienced the era of entertainment to death and the entertainment explosion in later generations.He knows that the economic effect that an artist star can drive is very, very high.This is also why some small traffic fresh meat earns tens of millions of film and tens of millions of advertising costs.However, in the present Hong Kong, there is no such situation as the later generations of artists who have surpassed the sky.Even in the peak period of Hong Kong entertainment, being an artist is only a relatively special profession, and the public is not too blind to artists.Of course, there is a possibility that it is an island city in Xiangjiang, and there are so many entertainers and actors cbd gummies near me for dogs of all kinds, which also increases the chances of ordinary people meeting celebrities.

It s just that most of the hot artists in the future are not yet famous, and some of the hotter actors now, besides Zheng Shaoqiu and Miao Kexiu, Li Guohao also knows Xu Guanwen in front of him.In fact, Bruce Lee was a good choice, but he is still in the United States and may not return to Hong Kong this year, so he let it go temporarily After discussing the movie with Cai Lan and Xu Guanwen, Li Guohao called Di Yimin to the office to discuss with him the comprehensive promotional activities for this year s New Year.Big promotion Di Yimin asked.I m doing a third anniversary reward event.I don t plan to make money this time.I try to publicize all of our business including Guohao Group as much as possible without losing money.To the lowest discount.I will also discuss with the franchisees at the palace pastry company, and give the lowest discount as much as possible.

After reading it, Huang Yaohua and others got into the car with cbd gummies delta 9 near me gummies cbd for arthritis Li Guohao and prepared to go back to the company.On the way, Li Guohao suddenly thought of something and asked, Have you visited Lei Hongren s machinery factory After the chairman told me last week, I took people to see it.The only machines that can be made now are packaged food and stuffing mixers, and other machines do not meet the requirements of our products.Have you ordered Ordered a few.As long as it meets the requirements, don t be ashamed just because of me.Order useless things back.Li Guohao was deeply afraid that Huang Yaohua would think that he wanted to order machinery from Lei Hongren s machinery factory, so he would order everything from him.I know this.The instant noodle machine in the island country will return to Hong Kong in three days.

Since Guohao Group borrowed 200 million Hong Kong dollars from Li cbd capsules vs gummies Guohao, it has already started to deal with raw materials.In addition to planning to build a special sugarcane processing plant in Thailand, there are also rice processing plants.It will cost at least 100 million Hong Kong dollars in total from the farmland to the factory building and various supporting fresh keeping transportation.If you want to expand market share in Southeast Asia, you need more money for publicity and opening branch companies Wait.Okay, then chairman, when do you think we are going to leave Jin Jiashi nodded and asked.Well Li Guohao pondered for a while, and he said After the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, there will be a charity auction at the Governor s gummies cbd for arthritis side in a few days.I want to participate, and I need to know about the sales of instant noodles.

Then he publicly recruited the general manager of the catering company, Cheng Xizhi, who was carefully selected from dozens of highly educated and experienced people.Chairman, sorry for being late.Cheng Xizhi panted.The title of chairman does not mean that Li Guohao belongs to only one person, but in this case, he subconsciously thought that it was Cheng Xizhi who called him, and was about to respond.I just heard my father Li Dexiao say slowly It s okay, it s not here yet, how are the other branches Other shops are ready, and the twenty lion dance teams we invited Ready, just wait 8.At 15 minutes, the salute will be fired, and the business will be officially opened.Well.Li Dexiao nodded, thought of one thing, gummies cbd for arthritis turned to Li Guohao and asked Ahao, did you say that the advertisement in the newspaper was effective Dad, it will definitely work.

Mr.Li, you should know my painting Little Rascal.You came to me for this matter Li Guohao had roughly guessed the reason why Huang Yulang came to him before, and seeing that the other party took the initiative to speak out, he said directly I don t care about this matter.It seems that the Panda Comic Club has issued a court summons to you , the specific matter is handled by the court.As soon as Li Guohao said that he should deal with it according to the meaning of the court, Huang Yulang begged on the spot I know I am wrong, I should not use Mr.Bruce Lee s name, but I did not mean it, I hope Mr.Li can give me a way out Walk.Last year Huang Yulang s Little Rascal was sued by Shangguan Xiaobao to the court.It was only two days ago that the court officially announced that Huang Yulang was suspected of infringement, and compensated Panda Comic Club with 200,000 Hong Kong dollars, and all of them were sold on the market.

The school has been making equipment and equipment, so it has been delayed until now.In addition, the auxiliary student program needs to be screened, which has delayed it until now.Alright, I will go there in the afternoon.You can make arrangements.yes.The catering school has been in preparation since the beginning of this year.Li Guohao invested 8 million Hong Kong dollars in the construction of teaching buildings and dormitory canteens in the West District of Kowloon.The name of the school is the same as Li Guohao mentioned before, and the word Guohao is not used., but named Rende Catering and Cooking Technology School after his father and grandfather.The school now only has three subjects, namely pastry, cooking and catering management, and all of them are one year semesters.The principal of Rende Catering and Cooking School is naturally Li Guohao, but he is only an honorary principal.

He didn t mention the wedding to me, only that I will be satisfied when the time comes.Zhao Yazhi said a little shyly.Ah I best cbd gummies on amazon for anxiety m so envious of you, Ah Zhi, a wedding of 100 million I knew I shouldn t have married Zhang Dong so early I should wait a few years to let him earn more money, so that I can have a grand wedding.Mai Xiaomin looked at Zhao Yazhi enviously.The wedding that gummies cbd for arthritis was built for a hundred million yuan, you can guess how grand this wedding is with just your butt.It is definitely more grand than the 20th anniversary celebration of the Queen s enthronement last year.Dong is also very good.Look at how kind he is to you.He has been working hard since he got married.I heard Ah Hao say that you are planning to buy a villa in Mid Levels Ok.Mai Xiaomin said happily Yes, we plan to borrow a little money to buy a set in the lower half of the mountain.

This time I returned to Hong Kong to pay homage to my master.Can t forgive me.Hearing that it was about Bruce Lee s master Ip Man, Li Guohao didn t know how to say it.He has read related reports and news in later generations, but it cbd oil gummies amazon is still different from the reality.It is hard to say who is right and who is wrong.speak.Bruce Lee sighed, then looked at the couple with a smile and said, Okay, let s not talk about it.I haven t congratulated you yet, Mr.Li, happy wedding.Thank you.Li Guohao smiled.Next to him, Bruce Lee s son looked at the beautiful Zhao Yazhi, and couldn t help saying in Cantonese that he wasn t very fluent in Sister, you are so beautiful.Little brother, you are also very handsome.By the way, what s your gummies cbd for arthritis name The child said that he was beautiful, and immediately asked the little ghost while stroking the little ghost s head in delight.

Come on, Mrs.Li, let me measure your waist.Mrs.Zhong did not forget her duty, she picked up a soft ruler and walked to Zhao Yazhi s side and said.Okay.Zhao Yazhi touched her belly immediately after hearing the measurement, Oh, it s so annoying.Since I gave birth, I can t lose the belly fat.Mrs.Zhong said with a smile Mrs.Li is fine.It s normal to have a little flesh after giving birth.When I gave birth to Ah Hong, I was fatter than you.Having given birth to several children, I couldn t help asking Ms.Zhong, how do you maintain such a good figure It s actually very simple When it came to a topic that women love to discuss, the two began to discuss how to lose weight.Zhong Chuhong, on the other hand, had nothing to do.Watching her mother chatting with sister Ah Zhi, she sneaked out of the villa and went outside to play Chapter 537 When Zhong Chuhong came in before the singing competition, she didn t pay much attention to the scenery in the villa because she was accompanied by her mother and she was too timid to look at it.

Guan Yunfei glanced at the shop, and said happily With the help of the master, there are Ahao, your investment, since the new decoration, the business .

how many cbd gummies should i eat in a day?

in the store has been pretty good.After chatting for a while, Guan Yunfei said Ahao, do you have anything to do with me Guan Yunfei is not a fool either, Li Guohao just came to eat with that group of people, and the two of them were almost talking about the past, they should have gone to the private room, but they never saw each other intending to get up.Haha, I still can t satisfy Guan Shishu s insight Li Guohao said with a smile Guan Shishu, I m planning to set up Fumanlou as a company recently.I don t know much about it, only the management and finance of some restaurants.That s right.Originally, I wanted to come alone to Master Guan.You are here, but today I happened to be in the New Territories for business, and I came over for cbd gummies delta 9 near me gummies cbd for arthritis dinner again.

Li, after all, I I haven t worked in your group, and I don t know top cbd gummies companies 2020 much about your group s internal situation, so I don t know how to invest and what to invest in.However, what I want to talk about is the disadvantages of Guohao Group that I know so far.An investment consultant refers to a person who is specially engaged in providing investment advice and is paid.That is to say, it is the person in the stock exchange who guides you to buy and sell stocks.In layman s terms, it is like an ancient military adviser who specializes in giving advice to the lord, which city should be attacked, how to attack, and where the attack is beneficial to him.This Hu Changqing is also smarter.He didn t know a lot about investment in the catering industry, so he avoided the important ones and chose to start with Guohao Group s current operations.

This is also one of his usual routines and abilities.Disadvantages Mr.Hu said it s okay.Li Guohao waved his hand.As far as I know, Guohao Group currently has several subsidiaries, namely Guohao Nanshun, Guohao Food, Guohao Security, Guohao Real Estate, Guohao Dairy, Palace Pastry, and Panda Comics Co., Ltd., Daily Newspaper, Jiajiale Chicken Essence, Red Bull Company, Snow Skin Mooncake Company, Chinese herbal herbal tea the other side.Cheung Kong Industrial Building.In Li Chaoren s office.Ma Zhengkanghui, the real estate general manager of Cheung Kong Industries, reported Chairman, the plastic factory in Tianshuiwei, New Territories has been completed.When you see it, do you want to go there in person and participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony Oh It s already built Li Superman nodded slightly, and pressed the internal phone.

I saw Chen Shao, the general manager of the food company, propping his knees with his hands, panting all the time, perhaps seeing Li Guohao turning his head, he said out of breath Chairman ha you look for me After seeing Chen Shao, the factory manager next to him shouted General Manager.Li Guohao looked at Chen Shao s panting with his mouth open and tongue out, and asked with a slight smile, Why are you running in such a hurry Huh Chen Shao gasped for a moment, finally managed to calm down, and said with a long breath Isn t it afraid that you, the chairman, are in a hurry, so I ran all the way here quickly.After saying this, Chen Shao stumbled subconsciously in his heart.He didn t say that it was because he was afraid that the chairman would find something wrong with him in the food factory, so he hurriedly called himself to come to the industrial park.

Oh.Bao Daheng didn t get too entangled in this matter, and instead sighed sadly I don t know why President Liang asked us to come this time.It s not that Has the itinerary changed It s because the itinerary has changed, and I don t know if the date has been changed, or I won t go.Bao Daheng was worried.He finally made up his mind to visit the mainland after Li Guohao s complaints and President Liang s strong invitation, but he came temporarily.There was a change in the itinerary, so I was naturally very paranoid.this Li Guohao didn t know why Chairman Liang called the two gummies cbd for arthritis of them to come to the party this time, so it was difficult to say anything.Boom.At this time, someone knocked on the door of the box.After Li Guohao and Bao Daheng exchanged a glance, he passed the door and shouted Come in.

I saw a man who was about forty or fifty years old, his eyes were red and red, and his heart was filled with anger.Regardless of the dissuasion of the people around him, he took the stone picked up from the ground and slammed it towards the gate, roaring as he smashed it.Said Return my hard earned money gummies cbd for arthritis how long will cbd gummies stay in your system 739 1980 TVB TVB does cbd gummies show up on drug tests gummies cbd for arthritis gummies cbd for arthritis 1980 2 15 2 14 gummies cbd for arthritis cbd gummies 25 mg each 2 14 10 cbd gummies afterpay top rated cbd gummies gummies cbd for arthritis gummies cbd for arthritis HCMUSSH gummies cbd for arthritis gummies cbd for arthritis gummies cbd for arthritis how long will cbd gummies stay in your system gummies cbd for arthritis .

Countless young men and women went to Fenghuang TV or Li s TV station to sign gummies cbd for arthritis how long will cbd gummies stay in your system up for the competition.Whether it was those who sang well zuri well cbd gummies review or those who sang badly, or those who were handsome or ordinary, almost all flocked to see if they could I can use this to soar into the sky and become the second Young Master Rong, or Xiangzi.Liao Bufan s preparatory work was done very quickly.In less than a month, the first issue of The Voice was quickly broadcast on Li s TV station.The new four mentors are Alan Tam, Luo Wen, Teresa Teng and Jenny.Since the disbandment of Wenner Band two years ago, Alan Tam has faced the loneliness that is very common after many bands break up.Winner disbanded in 1978, and Alan Tam was forced by life in 1979, so he had to go to the Gulf to develop.He released his first solo album Anti Douxing.

, only a few hundred copies were sold.This disappointed Wanwan Polydor Records and directly terminated the contract.In desperation, Alan Tam, who returned to Hong Kong again to seek development, received an invitation from Phoenix Records to be the mentor of this year s The Voice of Hong Kong.For this, Alan Tam was ecstatic.You must know that when The Voice became popular, Rong Shao, who became famous in one fell swoop, was no less famous than the Wenna band in the booming period.Of course, to be invited to participate in The Voice as a mentor, there must be a condition, that is, you must sign a contract with Phoenix Music.After all, he is different from Luo Wen, Teresa Teng, and Jenny.The three of them are very popular at the moment.Joining The Voice will only increase the topic of the show.

If we want to continue to develop, it will be difficult to grow outside of the mainland.I and Manager Huang chatted for a while, and felt that the group has sufficient funds at present, and can try to develop most of the group s business to Europe and the United States.The gummies cbd for arthritis first consideration is Guohao Foods and Guohao Nanshun.The files on the desktop are data reports on food wholesale and wholesale import and export of raw materials in Europe and the Americas in various countries in recent years.As soon as the words fell, dozens of people present opened the files on the desktop one after another, Swipe Lala can be heard endlessly.After everyone watched for a few minutes and had a vague idea, Li Guohao continued For some reason, I will suspend the development of Guohao Group in Xiangjiang in the last one or two years.

Then let the rice be rich in vitamin A and provitamin beta.But those who oppose it think that this may be a conspiracy by those who own genetically modified food technology.After all, the research on genetically modified food technology is the deepest and the most developed are in Europe and the United States.You must know that the capital consortia in Europe best cbd gummies for tinnitus dog gummies cbd and the United States are the most in the world.Just like a widely circulated saying Once there is an appropriate profit, the capitalist will be bold.If there is a 10 profit, it will dare to guarantee that it will be used everywhere if there is a 20 profit, it will become active If there is a 50 profit, it will take risks for a 100 profit, it will dare to trample on all human cbd gummies delta 9 near me gummies cbd for arthritis laws if there is a 300 profit, it will dare to commit any crime.

Li Guohao nodded and asked, How many people have accounts in Guohao Bank at present Chapter 775 Bank Opening and Operation The wealth management business is only attached to these two points.Fu Zhengguang lifted the mirror frame that had fallen to the tip of his nose, and said Because Chong Hing Bank and Guohao Bank have not gummies cbd for arthritis how long will cbd gummies stay in your system yet merged, so if the total number of account holders of Chong Hing Bank is not counted, the number of account holders of Guohao Bank has reached 31,000 at present.People, including our group s savings funds, as of now have a total of 8.2 billion Hong Kong dollars.Only 8.2 billion Li Guohao rubbed his chin, not very satisfied with this number.A few days later, he not only deposited the group s savings in Standard Chartered Bank and Swiss Bank into Guohao Bank, but also brought his own private treasury cbd gummies delta 9 near me gummies cbd for arthritis , I also took out more than half of it, about hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars thechive cbd gummies were deposited in.

Whether it is a bank card or a passbook, there are numbers.We can learn the same way as the Mark Six lottery.We can make a ball transfer, automatically draw 5 balls, or a few balls, corresponding to the mantissas of the account number, and draw 3 10 people, how many are drawn The mantissa, how much money will be given to him You can send as much money as you want.In this regard, whether it is Fu Zhengguang, Ni Xingqing or Hu Changqing, you don t have to think about it and just set the mantissa within the mantissa of 5.The mantissa of 6 is too much, and 100,000 is six digits.Number, 990,000 is also a six figure number, the difference is too big, if such a big lottery is held, I am afraid it will cost a lot of money.This method is feasible.Ni Xingqing was the first to follow behind Li Guohao.

On the contrary, Ni Xingqing had the illusion that he was a local tyrant, and if he didn t agree with him, he would just buy, buy, buy.500 million yuan seems like a lot, but in the real estate plummet in Hong Kong, it is just a small stone, still in the pond, stirring up waves, that s all.But when Qi Baiheng announced through the newspaper media that Guohao Real Estate had gathered Huo Daheng, Zheng Daheng, Chartered Ship King, and He Gambling King, and the five joined forces to invest tens of billions of Hong Kong dollars to save the Hong Kong stock market.The real estate industry, which was originally lifeless, seemed to be back to life.In the afternoon of the same day, many intermediaries, real estate developers and individuals slightly increased the prices of houses that could not be sold in the past by 10.

With more and more overseas funds pouring into Hong Kong, the property market has been soaring.During this period, in order to alleviate Guohao Group s increasingly tense capital chain, Li Guohao asked Qi Baiheng, Ni Xingqing and others to disclose the development project of Tengfei Real Estate in the next ten years of Xiangjiang Real Estate.Since December 1983, when the bottom hunting began, with a total investment of more than 20 billion in cash, Tengfei Real Estate Company not only acquired a large number of buildings, real top rated cbd gummies gummies cbd for arthritis estate, office buildings, shops, and residential areas, but also successfully won most of the current government opened projects in Xiangjiang.The undeveloped official land left to the outside world has become less and less.The Hong Kong government has control over the right to land development and opening up.

And those large real estate and best cbd gummies for tinnitus dog gummies cbd venture capital companies with strength and capital, such as Landmark, Wheelock, Weichuang Capital, Nanyang Investment Company, Singapore Lee s Capital, etc.all set their sights on the seven lands of Xiangjiang Island and Kowloon Peninsula.After two hours of bidding, two pieces of official land on Xiangjiang Island located in Repulse Bay and Mid Levels West were finally won by Landmark and Lee Capital of Singapore.The Kowloon Peninsula was acquired by those powerful venture capital and real estate companies, and several companies also cooperated to acquire a piece of land.The competition in the New Territories is even more intense, and there are a lot of small and medium sized companies present.Many of them sought cooperation from people they knew when they saw the fierce auction.

In this foreign exchange speculation operation, he made almost hundreds of gummies cbd for arthritis billions of dollars with interest.If he hadn t thrown it halfway, he might have earned even more.In 1987, Li Guohao s Guohao Real Estate cooperated with Ascendas Real Estate and took out 20 gummies cbd for arthritis billion Hong Kong dollars in cash to develop all the remaining official land of Ascendas Real Estate.In the same year, Maijia, Shi Tian, Huang Baiming and others from Friends Film Company left with a group of artists and employees, and jointly funded and founded New Art City Films with Lei Daheng from Jiulong Group.Xu Guanwen knew that the management was poor and took the blame and resigned.He recommended Tsui Hark s wife Shi Nansheng as the general manager, and Li Guohao nodded in agreement.At the same time, it has increased investment in film companies, and even established the first brokerage company in Hong Kong, signing many artists such as Zhou Runfa, Zhou Xingxing, Mi Xue, Hua Tsai, Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung and many others.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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